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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/20/2024 Liberty Essentials & MI Election Crisis Stephanie Beltinck

Published March 20, 2024, 9:02 a.m.

9am Bill Mohr II will be teaching his Dad's perspective on religion in government. The Mohr family has a long history in the study of the Constitution and lawful self governance. In our new series of Mohr Minutes, he will be teaching current issues and apply the Constitution for guidance. 10am Stephanie Beltinck Stephanie Beltinck election investigator Stephanie Beltinck has been working with a team of people on the election fraud in Michigan. We will be showing you the anomalies in what they found on everyone's voter histoy. She is a Business Owner, Mom, Elections Researcher, Information Sharer Stephanie began with involvement with our elections process in 2021 as being appointed by the local Republican Party as a County Canvasser. After learning about the fraud in the system, she realized she could not certify any election with data from the State. Stephanie joined the Scott Aughney team & EIF, and dove into our local electronic poll books. This was when all of our eyes became wide open. We have been sitting on this data for over a year, trying to get it into local courtrooms to no avail. "Thankfully we have patriots like Dar Leaf & Stefanie Lambert to help expose the fraud." X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it's the 20th day of March 2024 and welcome to our show. We're going to jump right into this here this morning with Liberty Essentials because we have Bill, Ralph, and Karen here. How are you guys doing this morning? Pretty good. Good. Second hour is Stephanie Beltink. I don't know how to say her name, Beltic. It looks like it's a Polish name because it's got CK and such in it. But anyhow, I'm going to have her correct me here when she gets on. But anyhow, welcome to the show, everybody out there. And we have a lot to talk about today. The Michigan election crisis is really ramping up with Dara Leaf and Stephanie Lambert getting arrested and then released and such. It was unlawfully done, which is why they grabbed her and detained her. And she is a hero, in my opinion. She's doing a really good job, and so is Darlene. And I would encourage everyone to go to his Twitter feed to see the documents he dropped, because it is, in fact, very shocking. So how are you guys doing this morning? Oh, cold, actually. This is Michigan. We can expect that right about now. But I did not expect to see snow when I walked outside this morning. Yeah, if you don't like the weather here in Michigan, guys, guess what? Give it 10 minutes. It's going to change. I actually went through 100 degree temperature change at one point in time in my life. I was flying back from a tropical area and flew through Minnesota and went from 97 degrees to below zero. And that's why it's a shocking thing. Michigan, I don't think we've ever had something that was quite that swing, but I've seen it drop 40 degrees in an hour. I thought it was pretty nice. We had some 70 degree weather there for a little while. Yeah, and I couldn't complain. yeah well we're looking forward to it again because uh later on this week we're supposed to touch almost 50 again so um be able to get outside get some more outdoor work done I know I'm way behind on my cleanup I don't even think I cleaned up from last spring yet so uh you know everything in its due time but uh nobody's yelled at me yet for it so we'll just keep going until somebody does apparently Hey, you know, you got to look at it this way. Leaves on the ground, if you didn't pick it up in the fall, you're just enriching the soil. It's just natural fertilizer. You can't get too bent out of shape about that. That's why they're called leaves, right? Yeah, leave them. What are we talking about today, Bill? Well, we talked a little bit last week and several times beforehand about education. This is a very hot topic right now, and I think people need to get educated about what their role is in education, right? I think everybody on this panel can agree the U.S. Constitution provides no clause that allows the government to deal in any sort of education. Well, they still don't, even if they claim they do. It's just indoctrination. Yes. Because we haven't gotten smarter yet. It's usurped authority and everything that they do around it is pretended legislation, as our founding fathers called it. And even in the state of Michigan, the closest thing we have that was given to our government here is Article 8, Section 1. And that is religion, morality, and knowledge being necessary to good governance and the happiness of mankind. Schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged by that does not give them any authority to deal in it or dictate or regulate it. It is that they are to encourage it. They are to support it, to help it along in any way that they can. And I know you dealt with this, Donna, a long time ago. I think most of the kids are all raised up now. But when homeschooling back in the 80s and early 90s, A lot of parents fought a lot of these issues because back then, Michigan not only required some registration, but required parents to qualify as teachers to be able to teach their own kids. And saying that now, that sounds absolutely absurd. It was crazy because there was the DeYoung case was going on at that point in time, and they were trying to take kids away from parents who did not enroll them in school. So there was, there was a few of us, you know, I'm 60 years old and, and, uh, you know, you're, you're about the age of my kids. And, um, it was a different scenario there. I, if I, if I would go in the grocery store and have to pick something up during the day, someone, uh, people would sit there and stare at you because kids were out and about and, uh, the, the threat was real. And there was a bill that came out that they were threatened to take our children away. So what happened is we were, we were standing together with homeschool legal defense. And they did a really nice job. And honestly, it was, we shut the homeschoolers, the Christian parents and grandparents shut the switchboard down in Washington, D.C. for three days. It was completely locked down. They turned all their fax machines off because they were running out of paper. There was that much response to it. And it was the hugest response in history to that date that they've ever seen in D.C. They threatened our kids. And we got together and we won. And so like Michigan right now is one of the best states to homeschool in. And Whitmer, with Whitmer's ridiculous threat to be able to come into families' homes to see what they're doing, basically without a warrant, just walk right in there and decide what they can see in a homeschool family. I'm going to tell you right now, we fought this fight already. And everybody out there needs to get in the game here and just flood them with a response of, no, you're not going to do this. And you will not be coming into our homes. You will not be questioning what we do and how we raise our kids and the homeschooling and do the repeat of what we had done in the early 90s. So, yeah, there's a common phrase. Everybody knows it. Those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it, right, or at least repeat the mistakes that were made. And it's the same thing. Now we're not quite 40 years beyond that. And guess what we get to do again? I mean, you just touched on it. So I received an article from Capital News Source. I'm going to read through this real quick. So right out of Lansing, it says, homeschool families in Michigan say they're worried about a proposed requirement to register all school-aged children with their local school district or public agency. However, most homeschool families want the current system to remain with no mandatory registration. Now, wanting and demanding are two different things. Keep that in mind. Currently in Michigan and 10 other states, it's optional for homeschooling parents to notify their local school district or other agencies about what their children are learning. That policy has been in place since 93 when the Michigan Supreme Court reversed the requirement that homeschoolers must be licensed teachers. Other regulations were later dropped, making Michigan one of the most lax states in overseeing homeschooling. So the Michigan Supreme Court got involved and ruled this down, all right? So we shouldn't even be dealing with this again, but here we are. So a new proposal from who else, but the education department here in Michigan is meant to safeguard student safety and ensure all children get some form of education, says Michael Rice, who is a state superintendent of public instruction or public indoctrination. He was a criminal at this point in time for what they have done in our schools and our school systems. So from a letter from Mr. Rice, the department said a legislative priority is to register every child being schooled, whether public, private, perioccal, or homeschooled, right? So they want a list of all the children, right? And the state has done. Homeschooling organizations called the policy proposal categorical discrimination against the families they represent. israel wayne is the vice president of michigan christian homeschool network representing 11 000 families he predicted thousands of families who moved to michigan for homeschool friendly environment will leave if the regulations change wayne said those families disagree with the department's proposal saying it's geared towards increasing opportunities for public school students rather than homeschool student safety Wayne claims that Rice has been looking for a way to get students back into the public school system since when? The pandemic or plandemic from 2020. And that homeschool students represent a significant financial loss in state aid for public education. All right. However. When asked about increasing regulation beyond registration, the chair of the Senate Education Committee, who is none other than Dana Polonke, I think I got that right, from Livonia, said, not on my watch. So she wants to just limit it at registration, which is what they always do. Polonke said there is no legislation yet based on the department's proposal, but some bills are in the pipeline. She said she believes the legislation will focus on counting students rather than surveilling them with the goals of ensuring there are no missing children and that instruction is happening in those homes. What a liar. What a liar. I mean, that is flat out. Call it what it is. She's a liar. It has nothing to do with that. in any way, shape or form. If she was so concerned with counting children, why wouldn't they go after Homeland Security? Child protective services, CPS for all the kids that they've lost and all the kids coming across the border, they're liars. Yeah, you remember the no child left behind phase that happened not too long ago. You remember the school choice programs that happened not that long ago. Those are all to promote public indoctrination, right? It's a convenience factor for the people, and we'll get to that in a minute. You have the right to grab more kids to throw them into that pipeline because they're all a bunch of human traffickers. Well, so Polaki explained the ideal process, according to her. The Department of Health and Human Services anticipates, based on birth rates, how many students should be entering school and then compares it to the notifications of students starting school. She says it's a simple counting thing and then the state leaves it alone. How well did that work in the 90s? Another concern is student safety. So in December attorney general Nestle charged for adoptive families in Clinton County with child abuse for allegedly homes using homeschooling as a guise to appeal to children. Congratulations. We did something right. Right. I don't know the case facts, but if that's the basis, I'll congratulate that we did something good there. After the charges were filed, Nestle tweeted that the homeschooling environment allowed abuse to go unnoticed. Oh, listen, we're in communities, right? See something, say something thing. Even if you're homeschooling, there are people watching you, right? All your neighbors, your friends and family, they know, right? How do they know that the ones that they're watching over aren't being abused when you lose that many people? Health and Human Services, 850,000 kids. So this is like the pot calling the kettle black here, only it's actually a grab the kid move is what they're doing. Yep. Yep. You're absolutely right. So after the charges were filed, Nestle tweeted that the homeschooling environment allowed abuse to go unnoticed and that implementing monitoring mechanisms, remember Polanski just said that the state was going to leave it alone after counting. Nestle says implementing monitoring mechanisms is crucial to ensure that all children, including those homeschooled, receive necessary protections. They're not pregnant kids in the school. I mean, you've got teachers sleeping with kids and getting pregnant with kids and shooting kids and all this sort of thing. I think they got enough on their plate right now to deal with to handle just that one issue in the schools without increasing their scope. That's right. A 2018 study by Connecticut's Office of the Child Advocate found that 36% of children removed from school to be homeschooled lived with families with a record of reported child abuse or neglect. Connecticut is also a no-registration, low-regulation homeschool state. Wayne, remember Israel Wayne, argued that simply having a registration of homeschooler does not in any way prevent child abuse. This guy's got his head thinking straight here, right? Registration does not fix that issue if there is one. He said homeschoolers pull children out of public schools for a myriad of problems that parents believe they can fix at home, right? And there's a lot more to it than that. We'll get there. Lindsey Perry, a member of the Grand Traverse County-based Michigan Homeschool Enrichment Network, that's a huge name that doesn't seem to mean a whole lot to me, but she pulled her third grader out of public school because she felt her son's individualized education program based on medical problems and autism wasn't being carried out. So right there, we also have child abuse happening within the public schools. Perry said she found it easier to teach her child at his own pace, able to take time for physical wellness and customizing his education. Perry said she worries that if the state starts regulating now, she and other parents will have to stop their unschooling strategy, which she explained is a holistic approach to learning, picking up life skills along with standard public school education. Her position is simple. I don't think it really is any of their business. I like Perry. Good work. Ben Schultz of Traverse City, another father in the Michigan Homeschool Enrichment Network, was homeschooled himself until he graduated in 98. He believes that the department's interest in more regulation came with a huge jump in parents pulling their children from public schools due to the pandemic and mandates like mask wearing that parents disagreed with. He's absolutely correct on a lot of that. The numbers reflect this because in the first six months of the pandemic, the number of homeschooled children in Michigan more than doubled. I did not know this. It went from 5.3 to 11.3% according to the U.S. Census. That's incredible. Congratulations, Michiganians, right? We're on the right track now. That's awesome. And to your point, can I break in here just a minute? To your point is that we proved to the whole world, first of all, that they didn't give a rat's rear end. about the kids during the pandemic. Stay home, be afraid. They taught them to be afraid, fall in line. And they didn't care. They didn't offer any services. They went home and they got paid big dollars for going home. The amount of money that was shuffled into these indoctrination camps is shocking. I have the spreadsheet for what they paid them to stay home. And they didn't care about the kids. This is all, and I mean all, about the money. That's number one. And number two, we proved that the education part of it, where there's been no push to say, we've got to make up for what we lost in those two years. Nobody's saying a peep out of it. So therefore, we didn't need it. And the reality is, is that if you don't school your kids until they're Like, I don't know, I think I heard one time a study, 12 years old, it literally takes two years for them to catch up. Let them be kids. Let them learn the world and stop having them sit there so that they're so bored and so just like disengaged with life that they're going through the motion that it takes two years to catch up with all the nonsense that, you know, or with actual education. We have all proved this. We do not need them. Kids become smarter when they actually are engaged in the world, not numbed and dumbed down. That's right. And you touched on it there. During the pandemic, they weren't worried about kids being properly educated because they did send them home. And, Grant, there was some online stuff, too. But how did that fare for the kids? You look at the results over the last, well, not, you know, three and a half years ago, those couple of years that they were forced out. Look at the results of what we have now. I personally know a lot of kids that I've had to come alongside and help out. I've got some family members that were hugely affected by that, and I'm still having to deal with a lot of it. But it certainly didn't help the kids none. It certainly didn't help the parents in regards to education. Right. It just put a huge burden on everybody. And now all of a sudden they're backtracking saying, oh, hey, guys, we made a mistake. We you know, these people kept their kids out of schools. Yeah, you're darn right we did. And there was a reason for it. Well, I tell you what, you know, you get a good homeschool parent and I'm just going to I'm going to, you know, toot my own horn here a little bit on this. But one of my kids was graduated and I tested. I've got quite a bit of college. In fact, I could be K-12 certified if I took just a couple of classes in student teaching. OK, so and I'm not saying that that makes you a better homeschool teacher. It doesn't. In fact, it works in the opposite because you've got to shake off and start thinking in a different way. One of my kids by testing was done with high school at the age of 10 years old. He tested out. And then he started college at 12 and he four pointed. And I took the classes with him because I knew what he was going to be facing. So I just went in and took another, you know, took some classes with him or took classes, but I was with him every class that he was in. And, and, or I was, I was, I audited some of them just, but I was there and, you know, to know what was going on and to see what was going on. And we took engineering and, industrial robotics, as well as computer programming. And I'm going to tell you that right now is that homeschool parents are the best choice for educating the children because you know your kids, but you have to make a commitment. You're going to have to make that your priority in life. that this is the most important thing that you ever do. And it is my opinion that anyone who has children, the most important job you will ever have, hands down, the most important job you will ever have is raising your children. The most important job anybody ever has is being a mother or a father. And I mean, you can take people underneath your wings And if you don't have children and help other people with, you know, enriching, experiencing experiences and such like teaching and farming or, or helping that community to have opportunities in the areas that you are familiar with. But this is something that's a societal thing that we have got to put kids first. And I, and I mean that in a, in a very real way, because used to be grandparents helped raise the kids. It used to be, The families, the extended families stepped in so that it worked as a unit for everyone's best good. Yeah. And you had just said that it's your opinion. And we're going to go into that. And I'm going to remove the word opinion from that. And I will prove to everyone listening that it is not an opinion. It is a duty. It is a duty. We'll get to that point here in a minute. Well said. Yeah. Ben Schultz from Traverse City said, it seems like they're coming in and trying to come after our children on the heels of that, the heels of parents pulling their kids out during a pandemic. Representative Colzar from Plymouth, who has spoken extensively in favor of homeschool oversight, so those in Plymouth, you've got a guy to take care of, said any regulation would simply ask parents, what is a regulation here? You're not asking, the state's demanding. He says it would ask parents to check a box and wouldn't stop them from homeschooling. Liars. I've heard the argument that this is a violation of privacy. And I would remind people that you also file a birth certificate with the state. Colazar said, not me. You also claim children on taxes in a lot of cases. I'm brushing up on this one as well. Birth certificates and that. And I'm understanding a lot more of that, but for him to use that as a guise of regulation and registration shows his ignorance in the matter. This guy swore an oath to the Constitution, and it's about time he gets held accountable for it. Well, and I guess I would add to that, too, that if they've already got this data, why do they need to extend it to checking an additional box? Yep. He says, use him of believing all homeschoolers are abusers. Instead, he only wants a safety check for homeschooled students. So you can see where we just went. We went from just a simple tally account number to we need to make sure we check a box like birth certificates and file on taxes, right, paper trails. And now it just went into a safety check. Well, you can't safety check a homeschooler based on a checked box, okay? You can see exactly where this is going. He says, I think a majority of homeschooled parents do a fantastic job. And to me, this is about protecting kids and accounting for kids, Colzar said. So you can see the progression of what they do. And this is how tyrants work. They will never come right out and do what they want. They will slowly indoctrinate and slowly siege the minds of those that they have to eliminate, right? In this case, it's homeschooled parents, um, And little by little, they keep attacking and keep attacking, just like gun issues. And I'm not going to get to that today, but that'll be next week's topic because I just learned a bunch more. But it's the same thing. They do it every regards, and we have to stop it at the forefront, right? Before any of it happens, it needs to be stopped because once we're in it, it's a lot harder to get out of it. Well, and they pick small groups that they see are indefensible, just like a wolf would. they would they they try to you know you look at a predator and a predator does is they will break off something from the main flock and that's exactly what they're doing and they'll go after them for the kill shot on that one group and take them out and now all of a sudden they'll go after the next one and the next one until they have they have the whole the whole flock you know indefensible but that's exactly what they're doing and uh it's it's a shame but people up there that here's here's the thing okay in your face nestle your criminal and all the rest of you criminals out there in your face when we we will talk about this because guess what we don't work for you we don't answer to you and we're not putting up with any of your crap when it comes to our kids it's like let's talk about this because you're a bunch of of uh you know mutilation experts and that you have mutilated and destroyed the lives of how many kids in this state with the trans nonsense, chopping kids' bodies apart. You're guilty of crimes against humanity. So before we even talk about this, I think we should throw that out there and say you're liars. and you are guilty of treason, and you're guilty of crimes against humanity, and so help me God, I hope every one of them goes through a Nuremberg 2.0 here, because this is outrageous. Yeah, they are not qualified to speak on this matter at all, nor do they have any authority to speak on this matter. Nessel is a felon, right? She's a butcher, a butcherer. Yeah, you can you can point that out all day. And this is our chief law enforcement that we have in the state of Michigan. Why can't we get things done? Because we allow her to stay there. Right. This needs to end and it will it will come to a head eventually. And if we ain't picked the hill to die on yet, I'm telling you, this is one of the hills I'll die on because nobody's going to tell me how or what to do with my kids, right? I don't care who it is. I'll take advice from elders that know better than I. But when it comes to a state-regulated agency or state official, right, a servant that we hire, you don't have that authority to tell me what I can and can't do with my kids. Unless there's detrimental harm, which you ain't going to get out of my household, you can leave that alone. I won't listen to it, right? It's not that they're supposed to be administering. They are supposed to be telling us anything. They have rules for the job category that they're in, and they refuse to stay on the rails. Go ahead, Karen. So I had heard once upon a time that under common law, children are considered the property of their parents. Is that a familiar concept to you? Right, yeah. Okay, I just didn't know if that was true or where I could see a reference for that. It's just something that I remember hearing from some time ago. Well, you look all the way back, uh, back in the scriptures and, uh, uh, the children were always subject to their parents, right? There was nobody else that they were subject to. Not once will you find that anywhere in the scriptures. Um, and that's where our common law is based on, right? It's laws common to all men. Uh, that is the law common to all men, right? Um, Same thing, our founding fathers, the flags that they flew during the war for independence, right? We have no king but King Jesus. He's the king. Those are his laws. Those are to be followed in all governments. When you look at it, the smallest form of government and the highest form of government on the planet is the family. And so no one should ever step in front of. The government of a family, that is hands off. You may not like what people are doing. It's up to the community to protect also if they see something go wrong and you go and you talk to them and such. But that is not up to the government. The government is not. It's a contract for services that are common to all of us. That's it. That is it. So let's bring this around into politics a minute, right? Because this is usually where we have to go. It is election season after all, right? As chair of the U.S. Taxpayers Party, I can tell you simply, we call for the abolishment of the education departments, right? They have no authority to exist, and all education should be returned to the local communities, right? So the families in local communities determine the education of their own children. It's as simple as that, right? Abolish it. It all goes away, including all these laws. The pretended legislation they're trying to ram through and run down our throats. But I got a letter. On this letter is a little Kent County GOP seal. So John, I think his name is Schaut, S-C-H-A-U-T, the chairman of the Kent County Republican Party. He thought it necessary to send me a letter regarding this. And he says, on behalf of the Citizens for Traditional Values, I wanted to share information on their upcoming homeschooling freedom forum, which is going to happen here at the Grand Rapids Church this month. But he describes this. He says, this Ring the Bell program is vital to raise awareness to all our homeschool families that the current – Their current rights to homeschool in Michigan will change if the current legislature is successful in changing our Michigan law and require registrations of homeschool children. The draft bill has been written, so it's just a matter of time. John, I hope to God that you're listening to this, all right? Because you need to be educated. The homeschoolers know they're right. They know what they're doing for the most part. And I don't care what legislation goes through that corrupt body we call Lansing, that big house that we built for them. I don't care what legislation comes through there. It is pretended. It holds no force of law. They cannot remove our rights unless we forfeit them. People, you cannot forfeit this. I don't care what the so-called law says. This is a ground that Michigan has to keep because we led this back in the late 80s, early 90s, and we got to make sure we keep this one. So, John from Kent County GOP, you need to get reeducated on the Constitution. Definitely shove it, because the point here is that he needs to sit there instead of telling us, excuse me, guys, things are just going to change. You're just going to have to roll over and deal with it. This is the problem I have with the entire Republican worthless party of do nothing, say nothing and go along, get along. They literally are an abysmal failure. And I can honestly say that I have seen. in an area where they should be educated and know what's going on, it is shocking to me that they follow anyone who's got a headline instead of, actually getting in behind the scenes, knowing what the law is and knowing who the people are presenting this. Why are they not stepping in front of this? They didn't with President Trump, the rightful president of the United States. And the reason why I defend him as I would anyone is they didn't follow the law. They didn't follow the process. The whole thing was a sham. And now they're doing it the same thing. They're just saying, oh, it's OK. We're the Republican Party. It's going to be fine. Just follow it. We say it's okay. Go along to get along. No, this is absolutely unacceptable. And just like not contesting the elections, none of them stood up strongly and had a plan to go after him. I heard nobody standing up. in a meaningful way for president Trump, other than using his name, no one was going after the legislature. No one was quoting the law on this and actually going after it of the people that are standing, sitting the seats for the Republican party. I'm not seeing it. And so, so in this, this goes on to this, I'm going to, I'm kind of, I'm kind of, I'm angry over this because they, they pretend. that they are all for everything being righteously done, but they are part of it. Be afraid of the government. Be afraid. Be afraid. They're going to come. They're going to do. They, they, they, they're going to. Well, Bill just made a point. If you do not allow for it to happen, it doesn't happen. Period. End of story. But why is the Republican Party, you know, This is just an example of why they are proving to be a uniparty system, because they are doing exactly the same as the other party. Be afraid of the government. They have control over you. You don't have any rights. If the law says, if the representatives, the majority of the representatives say, then therefore it is... rather than saying all the power is inherent in the who? The people. Well, look at what they did with Christina Caramo and Hoekstra. I'm sorry. I'm not a fan of either. Christina had to be removed, and I get blamed for that by a lot of people of being on the side of removing her. Well, good. She needed to be removed. She absolutely needed to be removed. But it wasn't Donna Brandenburg's fault that they voted in Someone who broke the law and committed treason, that's Pete Hoekstra. He, and I don't care if it's a different time. I don't care anything about that. That's the problem. If he wants me to talk to him or give any credibility to him or the people that voted him in, they're going to have to say, we broke the law. He broke the law. And then we voted in someone who committed treason, except responsibility for it. And this is what we, as a group, are going to do to right what was wrong, going back and stop the surveillance. It is we who will go after Nestle and all these people who are going after homeschoolers. No, no, no, no, no. They're just giving them an endorsement. They just get, John just gave them an endorsement to go after our kids. Yep. Yep. He would believe that if that legislation comes through, that we just are going to have to abide by it and then fight it off at a later date. Right. It ain't happening in my house, in my community. I've said this before on this show. It ain't happening. Simple as that. Send whoever you want to send, but that's a hill I'll die on. And that's how you're going to have to take it, right? I don't make threats. I make promises. That is one. My kids are my kids. The state doesn't own them, all right? And that goes back to birth certificates and such, too. We'll have to do a show on that at some point because I've learned quite a bit on that. Yeah, they have a trust behind every one of them, and so every one of us is being traded. I think part of it, too, you look at this in more of almost an economic way. The reason that they have to do this is because the actual schools can't actually compete with homeschooling. If you looked at this as two businesses competing for for parents' business, well, they're losing and they know that. And so the only way that they can actually continue on is by legislating a monopoly, basically. Like private partnerships, only this is just full on. you know, public, we're just gonna, we're going to go after all of you and there's nothing you can do. And if they can't, if they can't, uh, go through and check and make sure that you're teaching everything right, how would they, how would they know whether you're, whether you're, uh, teaching them the ridiculous common core math standards that make no sense whatsoever, unless you're going into mathematics. Yeah. So the, uh, the point I wanted to come across there, um, was the division, uh, what separates us, right? The U S taxpayers party from that, which we call a Republican party, which is not Republican in any form of the word. And that is, we both hold to the same ideals that we are granted God given rights, right? That's found in our declaration of independence and that governments are instituted to protect said rights. Okay. Both parties will agree on that matter. However, when it comes to the application of it, what makes the difference? Because John is saying that they can do whatever they want, and we're just going to have to abide by it. All we can do is fight it. But if it goes through, it goes through, and that's just the way it's going to be. The U.S. Taxpayers Party says, no, they can do whatever they want, but it's unenforceable. Because they have no authority to do so, right? We go ahead and pull up the Michigan constitution. Tell me where they have authority to set up schools, where they have the authority to take children from parents. I mean, the list goes on and on. Somebody prove that to me, please. I love being proved wrong. So if it's not found there, where do we find proper education, right? Not the U.S. Constitution, not the Michigan Constitution. And if it's not in the Michigan Constitution, any statutory law is null and void, right? So where do we find it? Well, I'm here to tell you, just like we said, we have God-given rights. Based on common law that came from the original Torah, we have the law that stands in contrast to what they're trying to do. Now, I'm just going to pick some of these out, right? And hopefully it stirs up a little duty in the parents to understand this. Deuteronomy, the second giving of the law, 6-7, and thou shalt teach them diligently to thy children. What is them? the laws, judgments, and statutes of the Lord, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up. All the time. Education is all the time, okay? Leviticus, the original law. I don't know why I added that one in there. I'll be right back. Oh, yeah. It says, do not prostitute thy daughter to cause her to be a whore, lest the land fall to whoredom and the land become full of wickedness. I understand this is talking about a physical sense, but an application. What do we have? We have people prostituting their children out to the desires of a state government. And the land has become wicked for part of that reasons. They're all being indoctrinated. We all know this. We can talk about it forever. Moving on, let's get a little bit of application to what we should be doing. So in Psalms 127, we know that children are a heritage of the Lord. The Lord gives it to us. And the fruit of the womb is his reward, right? We have a duty to raise them up in that regard. Remember Article 8, Section 1 of Michigan, right? Religion, morality, and knowledge being necessary to good governance and the happiness of mankind. Proverbs 13, 24. He that spareth the rod hateth his son, but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes. Um, we are to discipline our children when they do wrong, right? That is a duty of the parent. Uh, Proverbs 15, a fool despises his father's instruction, but he that regardeth reproof is prudent. Children are to listen to their parents. Um, only a fool would, uh, would cast their parents to the side. And there were other, other ways to deal with that as well. And, Deuteronomy as well. Um, And Proverbs 19 as well, chasing thy son while there is still hope. Let not thy soul spare for his crying. We have too many weak, inmasculine, feministic men out there that are afraid. I said it, afraid to raise their children. That is what we have in America today. Praise God, we have many out there that are willing to stand in that gap. But there are too many that have been indoctrinated by the public education system over the last several generations that were left with a feminine masculinity. Yeah, there's a double negative. A feminine mankind that will not take up the rod to train their children, right? Proverbs 20 says, even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure or whether it be right. how do they get this information? Through their parents. Proverbs 22, train up a child in the way he should go. When he's old, he will not depart from it, right? Another instruction, parents, it's your duty. This is a command. It's not optional. If we call ourselves Christians and we continue to send our kids off to our sworn enemies to be indoctrinated, you got to be out of your mind. Where is the love there? Where is the love for the Lord? Where's the love for the kids? Proverbs 29, the rod and reproof give wisdom, but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame. Proverbs 29, 17, correct thy son and he shall give thee rest. Yea, he shall give delight unto thy soul. Isaiah 54, 13, and all thy children shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be the peace of thy children. If we have unrest within the homes and the parents want to blame the children, whose fault is that, parents? Where have they been? Well, yeah, we go to church on Sunday morning and they listen to the sermon for 45 minutes. How many minutes are there in a week, parents? What percentage is that? What are we teaching them? Well, and the schools are teaching the kids to hate their parents and have contempt for them. And that's pretty, that's pretty easy to see if, and I, and quite honestly, our nation has abandoned its children and put them in the hands of everybody else, but the families to raise them. And I don't care, you know, you shuffling your kids off to, to soccer gymnastics, you know, one thing after another, after another, they don't even know their parents. And I, I would have to say that one of the best things I saw during the scamdemic was I actually saw people sitting in their driveways with their kids, with their neighbors. They have like a little bonfire and such out there. It actually brought people closer. There's some really good things that happened through the scamdemic to bring people back home again and decide, hey, who are you? I've lived with you for how many years? And I don't even know who you are. And the kids got to see their parents and actually spend time with them. instead of just being in the indoctrination camps. So they basically obsoleted themselves, but we really need to, the good things that came out of something bad, we need to carry that on and spend time with our children so that they do know and see the people that we are. And if as parents, we're not good people, it's going to come out in those kids and you're going to see the fruits of the labor of somebody who doesn't have, it's going to come back and bite us. And or them if they're not doing the right thing. So hang on a second. I think my mom's in the hospital right now. So I'm going to grab this a second. You know, one of the biggest concerns of mine, and it really hit me hard probably about six years ago, is we have church buildings, a lot of large, large church buildings. And within those buildings, there are rooms. And within those rooms, there is stuff, just material stuff, storage. And I actually left a church building recently for other reasons, but they used to hold a school there, right? There were probably six rooms that were mainly unused and especially not used during the week. And they closed that school down back, oh, I don't know, 20 plus years ago. And I look at these church buildings going, why are we not using this? Parents, we need to get in there. If you don't have the resources to do such, by all means, churches, step in. Good grief. We have the room. We have the opportunity. We have the people with time. Let's set this up and get it done. I'm so sick of the excuses. It's ridiculous nowadays. Ephesians tells us that fathers provoke not your children to wrath, but what? Bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. The third book of John, he says, I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. And as a warning to the parents that think I'm just full of crap this morning, if you call yourself a Christ follower, Listen to what the warning is in 1 Timothy 5.8. But if any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith and is worse than an infidel. What are we doing with our kids, parents? What are we doing? Well, I would say too, for anybody out there that doesn't have the confidence to think that they can educate their kids, because that's been something that culture has drilled into parents' heads is that, oh, you're not qualified. I would encourage everyone to go and look at what came of the Common Core math curriculum. And look at the train wreck of especially that component of it. And then ask yourself, do you think you could teach your kids math better than this? Because it's utterly ridiculous. They're doing the same kind of thing that they did with the new math push decades ago. And they're trying to teach mathematics as abstract concepts like you would use in higher mathematics rather than practical mathematics of what is a number. You know, one is always the quantity of one. Two is always the quantity of two. It doesn't go into the higher math kind of thing where there was a paper years ago where they formally proved that one plus one equals two. And they did it using set theory. And it was a really long paper for what it is. That's not the kind of thing we need to get kids entangled in because it just muddies the waters and makes mathematics useless for them. And that's just one component of Common Core, but it's one of the most egregiously terrible, in my opinion. And easiest for parents to look at this and say, oh yeah, I can do better than this. You got to take it to real things for kids. You know, what, how do you apply this? You know, it, it, and do you, how do you use this to build things to, you know, how, how do you put this in a regular everyday experience? Like teach fractions, do baking or cooking. You can do, you can do fractions by doubling, tripling recipes or dividing recipes so that they've got their hands on. They see something real to go into the process. There's all sorts of ways to incorporate math in your everyday life so that they learn how to use it. Not just something that they, okay, I did these numbers. Now I'm off doing something else and I'll never think of it again. And I don't know how to use it. You can calculate values in a grocery store by looking at the price per ounce. You can do all sorts of things to... actually teach them how to apply it yeah there's no reason there's no reason why a 10 year old kid needs to be taught mathematics in base eight again we have this culture of fear you don't qualify to teach your own children you don't qualify to feed your dog You have to have a kibble that's prescribed by a veterinarian and a food manufacturer that gets their ingredients from who knows where. You don't qualify to self-heal. Using natural remedies that have been used for centuries, thousands of years. No, no, no. You have to listen to big pharma instead. You have to go to the pharmacy. You have to go to a doctor and not just any doctor. You have to go to one that has a certificate on the wall. You can't go to a naturopath because you don't qualify to know what is better than You don't qualify. That is a fear that they have put in our culture. And that is one reason why I think, Donna, the men haven't been stepping up. Because they don't know that they can be good parents. And the mothers are forced into it. They learn by experience. So... They kind of, I think, have to get over the fear by the pains of birth and so on. They learn by doing it. But there's so many other things. Wouldn't it be easier? to let somebody else teach your kids because you're trying to work in order to raise the funding to take care of your family because chances are your husband is non-existent or not doing enough or can't, even with both of you working, provide for the family. This is all fear. It's all a systemic issue and not based on faith. Look at all the scriptures that Bill has just provided. That faith overcomes the fear. Be a good courage. I would help anyone who's a single parent. homeschool their kids, honestly. And, uh, you know, even when I'll tell you the dynamic, cause I did this right. And I did this, I did this for all of my kids. They, I only had one of them that I put in, in a preschool for two days. And I was like, this is ridiculous. I'm not doing this. And I don't, didn't even know what homeschooling was at the time. And I'm like, this is the, this is when I, when I watched my four-year-old who could add four columns of five rows of, of, uh, of numbers. And they got them in there in preschool doing little bunny foo-foo. And I'm sitting there going, you've got to be kidding me that this is such a backwards trajectory. I can't even believe it. And, um, But I'll tell you what happens as homeschool parents is that there's a huge amount of ostracizing that happens by people that want to justify their positions of putting their kids in school. Well, you know, you just homeschool. Your kids are going to be socially inept. They're not going to be able to... You know, to actually relate to anyone. I'm going to tell you what right now. Homeschool kids have a better ability to relate to people of different ages instead of sitting there on their phones going, I just got to talk to my friends and I can't hold a conversation. And I can pick them out a mile away, homeschool kids. And then you get people in the schools that they get together and it's like it's like crowd stalking the homeschoolers. And they ostracize them. They ostracize the homeschool moms as lesser people. And I mean, this is really what you have to be a really strong individual, not only in homeschooling, but in anything to step away from the crowd. And that includes the political parties that are leading us astray. Instead of caring more about what God tells us to do, our duty before God is and doing the right thing that you know is right in your heart, then to follow along and accept the ostracizing that you get from the crowd and say, badge of honor. I'm great. Go after me. I don't care. You're just telling me that I'm on the right path right there. So, When you homeschool, and this is out there for all the homeschool parents, it is kind of helpful if you go ahead and you arrange groups so that the moms aren't so isolated. So that they can talk to each other. So they can, if they have a problem, you can overcome it. Like I got together with a bunch of homeschoolers. I had between 25 and 75 kids in my yard every week in the summer. And I ran something called Game Days. And I can visit with anybody. So I don't really have a problem networking or talking, as you all well know. So I would set up an area for the other moms who don't have that skill. And I'd have coffee and cookies for them. And I'd take all the kids. I had a whistle and I've got a big voice. So I got a 20-foot parachute and I scheduled them to do, I had five activities every day. It took two hours to run through. And we would do cooperative games. We would do skills-based games. We would do all kinds of things. And it was just fun. And I went back to the old school games and such. But we had one boy who had severe learning disabilities and he had Tourette's and he had some other things wrong. And he wouldn't get involved in anything. Well, one of my sons, who I'm very proud of, really, really took this young guy underneath his wings. And they were about eight years old at the time, maybe 10. And decided that they would, in fact, he encouraged him. And he finally got up to bat. We were playing softball. And he decided to finally get up to bat. And it was really painful for him. But with my son's encouragement, standing right there with him, he got up the first pitch that was thrown. He hit a home run. It went over the fence. All the moms were crying. Because it was just amazing. And the kids came from all over the field and they're like, David, you did it. You did it. And it was so beautiful. And you know what? This is what we have the duty to do for all of the people around us who have that talent to step up and not ostracize them, but to come alongside of them and say, you're doing great. And what can I do to help you? Are you struggling? Not just just, you know, sit there and fire at them. And I'm going to tell you to all the homeschool parents out there. I'm proud of all of you. I'm so proud of you because I know what you're going through with, you know, with the ostracizing and the the the because there were so very few of us at the beginning. It's actually more acceptable right now. And we were standing there watching them look for every opportunity to take the kids away because the Dion case was going on. You're going to have to fight this battle again. And, you know, standing together, you can close those switchboards down. You can absolutely get a plan to inform all of your public functionaries of what they're not going to do. And don't be afraid of this. Feel empowered. The law is on your side. The only way they win is if you walk away from this and let people like John and the Republican Party, the Kent GOP, tell you what's going to happen, that you're just going to have to take this. You don't have to take this. And support each other and be there. So let me offer some words of encouragement because we know. The majority of us want liberty, right? We want the liberty to do what the law permits. We don't want overburdensome regulations. And we all know that where the spirit of the Lord is, there's liberty. We're to go out and proclaim liberty throughout the land. It's written right on our own liberty bell taken from Leviticus. So let me offer some encouragement to those who think you can't do it. Um, I've been there, I've been in and out of public schools. I've been in and out of homeschools and all my kids now because of that are raised at home. Um, a lot of them have been born at home because of that. But think about this for a minute. If you have kids and their school age, and you don't think you can do this, who was the one who taught your kids how to eat? I was, I was talking to a lady this, or I was listening to a lady this morning. She called a, she's called the common core diva, uh, Lynn. I forget her last name, but she was, she was talking about this when she first started going, it was who taught your kids how to eat. It was you, right? Who taught your kids, uh, how to use the bathroom, right? It was you who taught them how to tie their shoes, right? More than likely, it was you. Those are three of the hardest skills to learn as a child is growing up. And you did it without even thinking about it. It just happened, right? You knew it was your duty to do so. I'm here to tell you it's still your duty to do so. And if you can do that, you can continue on. I will tell you, I have so many times where I come home after work, And get to talk with my kids and they would start talking about, I'm a math guy, right? I'm analytical, I'm math and science. I'm not the history and English guy. So they'd come to me with some math problems and such, and they'd start using some words that either maybe I had forgotten or that there's some new word that's being used that I didn't understand. And I wouldn't have an answer for them, right? And they would be confused on how to do this. So I get to sit down. This is exciting, right? I get to sit down and go through their school book over the past several days and figure out what it was that they were dealing with. I got confused over and I get to learn it. How cool is that? I'm 36 years old and I'm still learning this stuff, right? That's really exciting to see. It's not just my kids that are getting the education from it. I'm also being constantly refreshed in that when it comes to math and science and such. And it is a blessing to have that experience. Don't think you can't do it. There are co-op groups all over the place, especially in the state of Michigan. If there's not, good grief, start one. Find another homeschool family and say, hey, let's get together. As long as we're like-minded, let's get together and let's help each other out. Take some turns. Maybe you're better at these subjects and I'm better at these subjects. Make it work. You will find... that people will start coming and saying, hey, can we be a part of this? Can we help out a little bit? What's your skill set? Let's get you plugged in and do this. And like I said earlier, churches, where are you? Where are you in this? All these empty rooms, put them to use. Those church houses should be full all week long. They're 501c3s and they were the ones that shut down like a bunch of cowards. So it's time for them to step forward and honestly do something, not just sit there and talk. They have to do something in the community. What more of a great opportunity to prove the God of Israel that we claim than to publicly stand up for our own kids? It should be easy. We should be able to do this. And so I encourage everybody listening. If you got kids in there, let's do this. If you don't know how, call one of us. Call Donna. Call me. We've both been in it. I'm still in it, right? I'm still willing to fight that battle. Donna's still willing to fight that battle. This is all about our posterity. The entire reason why America exists is because of our posterity to secure the blessings and liberties to our next generation. Don't forget that, Americans. Do not forget that. If we do, it's over. Nothing else will matter. There you go. So that is essential to our liberty, my friends. Yeah. This has been an awesome discussion on this, in my opinion, because it needs to be said and we need to talk about these issues. We do not need to be afraid. They come after our rights. That's when we have to stand stronger together. and not be afraid and back them down because they will back down if you instruct them because they know they're wrong. They have just sat there and tried to make us cower with this whip of fake lawfare and run us around, okay? So we're going to stop their horse training, which is what they've been doing, and we're going to make them move their feet. That's what we need to do. So anyhow, well, thank you guys. You guys want to say a few, I see that Stephanie is on here right now and I'm not even going to try her last name because I know I get it wrong every time. So I'm going to let her say her last name, but Stephanie works with an amazing, and I mean, amazing group of people in the state of Michigan who have been tirelessly and selflessly working behind the scenes to find all of the election integrity nonsense. that put these people in the place of position to write what they've done because they're criminals. And they're finding all of the evidence of exactly what they did. She's involved with an amazing group of people whom I have an incredible amount of respect for. So we're going to be talking about that so that we can, in fact, remove people that have overstepped their jurisdiction and who have gone after the rights of Americans. So any last words, Karen, Ralph, or Bill? I got a light bulb in my hand that I found this week, right? This is really cool. But it is time that the church body steps up and becomes the light of the world. Because without that, everybody walks in darkness. We are the light. Let's be that light. I don't care if it's by action or by words. We can all do something about it. Karen? I think I pretty much touched. I think the fear is the biggest contributing factor to the neglect of duties and responsibilities that Americans have. You know, as parents, as grandparents, nieces, aunts, uncles, as community leaders, you know, we have more duties than we have acknowledged in a long time. We've been taught to have all of that depressed. You don't know your rights. You don't stand up for your rights. You don't have the courage. You are supposed to be fearful of the government. And we've got to turn that all around. And that includes within the churches as well as the school systems. Teachers need to be empowered too and not just say, well, I have to teach this because they told me to. You've got to be more courageous. Ralph? Oh, just I would encourage parents to look into what, you know, if you don't think that you can teach your kids better than the schools, look at what the schools are trying to teach. It's not hard to beat. So have confidence that you could do a good job of it. All right. Well, thank you guys for coming on. I'm dealing with my mom right now. I think I might not have unmuted right now, but they're moving her from the hospital to another facility right now. So I'm sorry I had to take the calls that were on this morning. But you know what? We all have lives. And this is real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table, kind of. So at any rate, you guys have a wonderful day and be encouraged. God's in charge of everything. And he's not going to let us fall on our faces. He is going to have us exercise our wings just a little bit here and to strengthen us and show us what we need to do as we walk forward into this life and the next. So you guys have a great day today. I love you all so much. You're amazing people. And I'm so proud to stand with each and every one of you And I'm just humbled to stand here with you guys. You're amazing. So we will see you next week with Liberty Essentials with Bill, Karen, and Ralph. Have a great day. And I will be bringing Stephanie on right after this. Thank you. Good morning. Welcome to the second hour of Brandenburg News Network. I'm on with Stephanie, and I'm not even going to try saying your last name because I know I screw it up. But welcome to the show, and I'm so glad you're here. Thank you. It's Stephanie Beltink, and I am at my kitchen table right now. I don't have a little office to work from. Well, this is funny because, yeah, I was in my kitchen, and we printed this off, which is... The background where I came from for continuity sake. And so now I'm actually in an office and I can actually change the lighting and all that fun stuff. And so I'm still working on it to get things evened out. But it's kind of nice because I have the ability to have a little bit of privacy here. So I'm not sitting right in the middle of my kitchen every day. and talk. But I'm so glad that you're on today. And I got to tell you, I am so honored and humbled to stand and know you and the people in EIF and the people in the Locust Standing Investigation, Scott Ogney's group and such, because I have never seen a group of people that's done more work and has tried to stay Just on task. And it's not just been all about getting in front of the camera all the time as you guys, because you're always willing to come on. And I'm really thankful for that because people need to know what you're working on. But the amount of incredible hours you guys have put into this to bring the truth forward and to get in behind the scenes and dig up truth is just incredible. And so you've got a lot to talk about today. Now, what I did is I put all of those screenshots on my Telegram channel. So if you want me to bring those up, I can do that. Sure. We do have a lot of data. And speaking to what your panel was talking about previously, it takes getting involved in your community. And I know when we were discovering this information about our voter history records not matching county versus state and trying to have clerks understand that, we got a lot of pushback. But it does start in your community for your local government to get involved and correct this because the state and the federal government is not going to solve this. It's got to be each individual county rising up with the data and the information and explaining why we are not going to participate in this voting system like this anymore. Would you like to go into talking about Stephanie Lambert? Because Stephanie has been working on this behind the scenes, and everybody knows that she was arrested unlawfully, or I should say detained unlawfully in D.C. And would you like to talk about this? Because I did a few posts here on what happened that I knew, but I know you know more about it than I do. You've got Hilson behind the scenes with GBI Strategy. Democrat voter registration operation failed to prosecute a single charge in the election fraud case that was handed over to the FBI and yet remains an act to this day. This is attached to what's going on with Stephanie. That's why I'm putting it up there. And the Muskegon prosecutor who was hand-selected by AG criminal Dana Nessel to be the special prosecutor for the grand jury. There's some weaponized crap going on right there against AG opponent Matt DiPerno and Antrim County Election Case Co-Counsel Stephanie Lambert. And I'm going to, with that said, everybody just take your time, take a breath and breathe over this because there are good guys playing bad guys, bad guys playing good guys and people that are great at infiltration going behind the scenes. And we need to hold our tongue and listen before we sit there and get on our box and go, I hate DiPerno. I hate Lambert. I hate this. The facts are facts. We're going to go through it. The absurdity of going after your election opponent for questioning the election should be shocking. But with Nestle's failed track record, it is reminiscent of third world country banana dictator in place. Banana public crap going on. So I posted a couple of letters and we're going to go through that. And then I want to get into what you showed here. And I thought this was kind of funny. them going after Stephanie Lambert. Karen the Riveter made that, by the way. That's great. Yeah. So what went on there, Stephanie? Well, just speaking with Stephanie Lambert a couple times about some posts I was making regarding her situation. I don't know if many people know, but her attorney that was representing her in the case that the state was bringing against her for the Antrim County situation, her attorney had been cyber attacked a few days before his office where he held papers had an explosion. And he was dealing with that. In the time that that explosion happened, she had a hearing that he was suggesting he wouldn't attend because he wanted to deal with this explosion matter and was emailing her regarding that. And they didn't connect. Well, he ended up not canceling the hearing and showed up to the hearing, which made her be in contempt of court. I'm not sure exactly the term, but she was an unshown person to her case. And so then she had a warrant for her arrest because of that. Her attorney did make statements to her that there was going to be some bad things happening. So he was forewarning. I don't know what he knew or what he was being threatened with. What's his name? Mike. It's on that email I sent you the picture of. Yeah, it's Mike. I can't think of his last name right now. Is it Mike Smith? I think so. And something else that I found out about this is that he actually contacted, I believe, her clients and tried to tell them to reach out to him to perhaps garner her client base. So I think that there's a lot of questions that need to be asked here on all levels instead of just, you know, reach out to him and blah, blah, blah. I'm not sure how I feel about this right now, but it seemed a little odd to me that somebody who didn't let her know that the trial was not canceled would all of a sudden there's an explosion in an office. And from what I understand, the files could have been on a pallet on the roof. And then when. I don't know. I don't know anything about that. I just know. I don't know. It's like I think that there's some real questionable, real questionable activities going on there with us that I don't know about you, but I'm kind of not buying any of the bull on this because this is this seems to be. from the outside not having all the information that we need to look into was the sabotage on Stephanie Lambert right from the beginning to the end. Well, the thought I have is why is it she is being arrested in D.C. by U.S. Marshals when this is a state matter? You know, if she were pulled over in the state of Michigan and she's got a warrant for her arrest, I understand that. But why in a different territory is she being arrested? It's puzzling to me. Well, it seems like D.C. likes to go ahead and try to kidnap people for crimes that they perceive or their setups that they perceive against others. Troy Smocks was kidnapped from Texas. into DC, which he's suing for like 230 some odd million dollars, the federal government, because it was an unlawful arrest. And he wasn't even in the Capitol. He was out on the Plaza and J six, but you got it. They had to have somebody who was a black guy going into, into prison. And this is what came right from his words in order to push the white privilege, not narrative nonsense, hoping that there would be some problems in there. And there wasn't, but, uh, This whole thing. We've got such a group of clowns sitting up there doing the wrong thing on every single turn. And I've got some real questions about this explosion, too. I mean, a lot of them. None of this is making sense. None of it. I wish that we had people that were discovering who the J6 bombers were able to track the phones or track what was going on there. They have them. They have it. And as Ivan Raiklin said, all they got to do is for Mike Johnson, Speaker Johnson, to do his job and go after all the communications within the Capitol Police. Because they're hiding it. These people are hiding evidence. Oh, they for sure are. They're trying to suppress everything that we have. Everything that Stephanie Lambert has. Everything that Dara Leaf has. They don't want it known to the public. Well, I really want to know, and this is just based on something that I know. I want to know why Stephanie's attorney didn't inform her so that she was noncompliant. Shouldn't this go back on the attorney rather than her? Maybe somebody should go to the Judicial Tenure Commission and say, look, not only did he not do his job, but if he can't do his job, then he needs to be removed. Go after it. It looks like she was kind of set up. It sure does. That's what, that's what I think too. And it was, it was by, you know, bar attorney, potentially by a bar attorney. And so I don't know that to be true, but there should be a lot of questions asked there. And, and if he failed to protect his client, Then it's time for judicial tenure. And I mean the same thing with Nessel and Benson. They both should be disqualified and disbarred. But we won't do that because the Michigan Bar is a club. It's a go-along, get-along club, just like the Michigan Republican Party right now. Go along, get along, shut up, don't say anything. And I encourage everyone to file grievances that were participating with the Locust-Standy investigation of voter history record manipulation by the state to file grievances against our Secretary of State. With judicial tenure. With those grievances that it has to go in front of the bar. Well, I think they can go right to the Judicial Tenure Committee and seek to get them disbarred. Yes. So that wouldn't be a bad plan for everybody. Because I hear rumors she's anticipating a Supreme Court seat. Nessel? Benson. Benson? Oh, yeah. There's a good choice in no universe. Right. Right. So I might drop for me right there. Well, let's go ahead and I'm going to go through these these screenshots one by one. And I'd love for you to talk about exactly what happened. And Scott Ogney is the one that really started this whole thing up. And I like Scott a lot. I think he's a good guy. He's great. He's smart. He is full of fire. He does not take a backseat to anyone. And if he sees crap, he calls it. He is full of fire for sure. I love that about him. And he's not worried about making anybody mad. He says whatever he needs to be said. So I love, big love, shout out, love for Scott Ogney out there. So I just want to point out that this file that we're looking at right now is is what is on the electronic poll book, the laptop that is at the precinct level where you vote, you give your ID, and they scan it in. This is the first record that is created, and it shows your voter ID. His is highlighted in blue. It shows the date and timestamp for the record. And it shows his name. It does, I think, have like 12 different points of information per voter. But right here, you're just seeing these few pieces. Well, you can see the redacted too. They're redacting certain things. Yes. Some of it has to be redacted. Driver's license number and then day and month of birth. And I do know those have to be redacted. But the year. can be on there. And your voter ID is public information. People think that it's not. I even exposed to my clerk that all of her family has at least two voter IDs that we're finding. So if you go on to the next. So they've got duplicates for people so they can steal the ones that are the duplicates and rig the election that way is what I'm hearing. Yeah, so we've discovered I think up to 10 voter IDs attached to someone. I feel that every time someone moves or they change their name, they get a new voter ID and they don't know what the old one is doing. The individual doesn't know that that one could be a bot requesting ballots. Or people that are within a party or an NGO or anything. Yep. or somebody that's sitting right there in Lansing for that matter. So this one is from the Bureau of Elections. This file shows that from the state record, it's showing that he voted with a registration date of, I can't read it, 2017, it looks like, Leone Township, and then it shows all the election dates and the timestamps are all zeros. So when the clerks are uploading this information to the state database, why wouldn't they have a time? If the clerk has the time, where's the time? So let's go on to the next one. So this is from his county clerk or jurisdictional clerk. So, you know, whatever place he was at and it shows his history and it shows he voted actually since 2009, three different precincts he has lived at. So you can see in this record, this is completely different than what the state has. The state has that he voted in Leone Township since 2017. I think that's a fail. And if you go back to the state record, one slide back, you will see that the voter ID number, so you can see his identification number here. I can't read it. Three, three, two, whatever this is on the top right under his name. Yeah. You can see that number and then go back a slide. One more. Oh, go back. Sorry. Well, that was the one. That one. This one. Right here. And then go back another one on the poll book one, the raw data file. Which way would you say raw data file? Yep. One more. Let's see that one. This one. This doesn't the blue highlight there. It does not match. So the clerks have a different number that's being installed into their poll books. So this is a complete free-for-all. Yes. It's full of bots, just like social media is full of bot profiles. Wow. This is crazy. So who knows what these bots are doing? It's all controlled by AI. And I think it's through the ERIC system. That's the main brain for the bot voters. And isn't it unusual that we've got Jonathan Brader, the director of board of elections and a chairman of the board for Eric? I can't stand that guy. Okay. I'm just going to say that. I hate that guy. You know, it's like, it's like, you know, you go, you go up in front of the, of the board of elections and all he's got is a smug little smirk on his face. And you know, cause he definitely wronged you. Yeah, he's like, let's lose 10,000 of Donna's signatures and then sit there and twist in your chair like a fourth grader on Red Bull, not able to answer any questions. Oh, by the way, we were going to write a dime store novel after Donna Susem in Supreme Court of Michigan. Oh, sorry, we found it. It's in a different room that we never keep ballots. Sorry, guys, not buying this. And then it's too late. And then it's too late to recourse. It's too late to retract. Yeah, too bad, so sad. We made a mistake. You're off the ballot. And it didn't matter anyway because we're just going to cancel all the signatures anyway. And I want to know, I think if you look into signature gatherers, it's going to lead right back to that department. Oh, for sure. For sure it is. And so somebody's protecting somebody there. There's no two ways about it. And there is probably not a way to FOIA those companies because they're not government, right? Um, well, you can subpoena records, you can subpoena things. And I know that like right now I'm working with the attorney general's office, uh, to, um, I shouldn't say I'm working with them, but I'm a victim and I have a victim advocate there. And I testified in hearing and, uh, You know, so so it's kind of one of those things. But they keep pushing the date off. This month, we're going to have a trial. Next month, we're going to have another hearing. Oh, somebody can't show up. Oh, somebody can't show up. Somebody can't show up. We can't do it. It's like this has been going on for how long? And they're going to do the same with all these other election issues. Stall it out. They just stall it out. Michael Butts, things are just getting stalled out and pushed back and. Yeah, they just call it out. There's no there. And honestly, at this point in time, they're all in violation of due process as well as having timeliness in your cases because they can. They'll stall this thing out for years and years and years and years, hoping that everybody involved dies. We don't need to do it. It's not important anymore. So and. Let's have to get involved in your local community where your, um, commissioning boards, your sheriff, your prosecutors, your clerks can all stand against this. I think they're scared. A lot of them are scared. They know what's right. They can see it. They don't want to lose their job or they don't want to upset the voters. Yeah, I'm sorry. Or they're actually involved in it. Or they're involved. I hate to say it, but I'm more in that camp that these, you know, that they're placed. It looks just exactly like what happened in World War II with Nazi Germany. The clerks were the ones that took it down. And I know our clerk hung up on me when I was trying to hold her accountable and said, why did you, who destroyed the data? Because they didn't have any in the township. And she started doing the normal, you know, the normal, we're going to just talk over somebody so that, and then she talked and then hung up. Yep. That's what they do. That's a, that's a great first, first clue that we've got somebody in place who's working with these people. They're brainwashed at these seminars that they go to. They, brainwash these county clerks into everything is on the up and up and legit. And when you try to reason with the clerk and show them the information, they just can't seem to connect it. They won't because they're more worried about staying as part of this little subversive organization that we call our Bureau of Elections and or our election systems. then servicing the people in their area and provide and protecting them. It's treason. It is treason. Our records should not be destroyed. And we have email letters from the Bureau of Elections telling these clerks to delete the electronic poll book seven days after the canvas. You can't audit it. Can you send that? Do you have the ability to send that letter? Because I have a copy of it, but it's easier to run four scenes screens right now. Do you have the ability to, I don't know where it is. Okay. That's the files. Yeah. It would take, it would take a while to find it. That's how I am too. So that's, that's fine. But we have it all. I mean, ever, you know, we, we have it all. There's no two ways about it. So even the clerks should, you know, to the clerks, I would say to the clerks, if you don't want to go down with a ship, you should probably be coming forward and singing like a canary. regardless what their threats are. Because if you don't stand up and defend this and start singing like a canary, then we will assume you're part of it, a criminal organization running this nation. And it takes the community of putting the pressure on. Right. Well, I started, we're starting something right now and we're going through something on Tuesdays where we're putting together a case to go after the townships. And I'm asking for people to stand with us and provide, go ahead and stand in front of your township and hold them accountable. We'll provide you with all the laws and the paperwork to do so. And even coaching them on how to do it a little bit to stand up there and put them on notice and tell them you need to get rid of these machines or these are the laws you're breaking and you will stand trial with the rest of them. It's not now. At some point in time, you're going to stand trial. You're going to be removed and you will be counted among the traitors unless you come forward and start singing like a canary and standing on the right side and say, I was in fact blackmailed. I was coerced. I was intimidated. They went after our family. And you know what? We know that there's 1.8 million records over on the servers in China. Of all the election workers, their families, their kids, their social security numbers, all of it. This is a blackmail package that went through this, through the electronic method and having access within our voting system. It's malfeasance. It's a felony. Well, it's treason, which I'm kind of a fan of the punishment that goes with it. We can't let this thing go. I don't want to go for felonies. I want to go for treason. Because that's what it is. They fall in behind these guys and we all, unless you're completely disconnected from reality, we know what the punishment of that is. And there's going to come a day where every single one of them who refuses, you want to talk about a real consequences of outcome. It's not losing your job. You commit treason, you lose your life. Agree. And, and, uh, I, I, you know, I'm, I'm not going to be apologizing to them because they made the choice to do the wrong thing with full knowledge of what they were doing. And I don't care how scared you are. That's not an excuse. Come forward, be loud, say something, and then you won't be committed. You won't be counted among the traders. Well, it's these election laws. They keep getting bypassed and extended out into something that they're not supposed to be, like this nine days of early voting that we had on this ballot proposal, Proposal 2 in 2022. That is not for the voters to decide election laws. It is for Congress. You can't step over the Constitution either. Congress decides election laws. So now they're traitors because it was one day election. It's election day. And states only have right to decide the time during that day. Are you starting at 5 a.m. or 7 a.m.? And what time are your polls closing? It's that day. It's not nine days of early voting and two weeks later of counting. It is a day. And I think I posted that law to you, too, that shows that spelled out on the slide. Let's show them the law since none of them seem to follow it and they feign ignorance. I did call last fall my clerk and asked her questions about that. And I asked her who represents her, like who... um what attorney represents her she said that they work with cole stoker and toski in lansing they're a municipal council I spoke with uh timothy perrone there and I was asking him why this law was overridden by our state with a ballot proposal And he seemed puzzled and said, well, I guess because nobody's contested it. So until things are contested or until people take a stand, they're just going to run right over all of our laws. Yep. So here it is on Tuesday next after the first Monday, November and every even numbered year. is established the day for the election and in each of the states and territories of the United States of representatives and delegates to the Congress commencing on the third day of January next thereafter. this is a screenshot from a electronic poll book csv raw data file so the the poll book at your precinct this is one we have several of these throughout the state and this is an error log so this shows that this software that was installed on this laptop was attempting to send a file out called voter details. And it appears by the timing that was calculated, it happens about every 15 minutes. So this is programmed into the software that the clerk download onto their laptop for the election. And in that software, it is programmed to share and network data. And I was in on that call when we were looking at the 15-minute intervals on that. There's absolutely 100% uncontested truth that these machines are passing information over the Internet. And it is my opinion that there's a dual set of books being run. Yes. From what I saw, from what we saw, there's a dual set of books on records being run through these machines. And every IT professional I've shown these to that has any networking ability says the same thing. That there was a down firewall or no firewall running and that this is the error report because on other ping reports that we have and areas where there's more availability for wi fi you have less error reports, so this one has a lot of failures and this one came from a. a township that is more desolate and not in a city. So this has a lot of errors. Yeah, because the ones in the cities, they sailed right through and never detected the fact that it was connecting to the internet every 15 minutes. So if you're in a town or city that has good internet connectivity, you wouldn't see it unless you compared it against the the information in a smaller areas where the connectivity isn't so good that's what the clue was on this to find this and it was fun to watch it unfold it really was yeah I'm not sure how all of the technology works but someone explained to me too that it can go through other individuals wi-fi hot spots So it might not look like it's available or connected online, but it can maybe Bluetooth through voters' phones coming through or other signals in the area. Oh, that's kind of that's kind of sobering. So they can use somebody else's, you know, connectivity and just automatically connect unless it's unless it's protected. And it's going to get out one way or the other. Well, looks for it by the clerk standard, they're seeing that their laptop is not connected. But there's still a way for that software. It's just like malware. Yeah, and with all the stuff coming out on Serbia and the connectivity on Serbia, that was pretty sobering. So I want to go back to this because there's a couple other screenshots that we have. So public officials can be sued for blocking users and political expression on social media. Posts by public officials are considered part of their job, and blocking users and comments on official accounts violates the First Amendment. And Trela, you were blocked by Benson. Yes, I was last fall. I only posted on her Twitter post when she was talking about anything in a government capacity and I was asking her questions and I was showing Scott Otney's voter history records on there and asking her if she could explain this to the voters. I posted several times those same screenshots with the same questions and eventually she decided she didn't want me around anymore. Yeah, I can, I can see that. And, and you're a very nice person. I've never seen you ever be in a situation where you're hostile or, or, you know, even, even for snowflakes, you would make the cut on being professional and, and a nice person to talk to. So she had no reason. I'm persistent. I know I was that, but. Yeah. Yeah. Persistent isn't a bad thing. Persistent is a good thing. So, so that's, that's kind of, That's crazy. So let me go back to this here a minute. And let's talk about this from Stephanie Lambert. Matt and Jacob have been talking and emailing to each other, and Jacob has called the court and are waiting for Brian to get off the court. Jacob indicated that I was going to the building and would not be able to attend the hearing. I need to confirm that that's okay with you. The building has over 237 of those bomb explosives. canisters and has done considerable damage to the roof of the building and the perimeters of the wall there's been no power for two days at the building those are the facts awaiting your response mike and that's mike smith law so I want to go back to this little little screenshot gem here that I've been saying for a while that I'm not buying that this was just a normal situation and the canisters that I saw you know people say oh it's a vaping thing I don't know about that. So there's a lot of questions here where, you know, people are saying, well, it's butane, it's this, that, and another thing. He's flat out calling 237 of those bomb explosive canisters. This is kind of breaking actually to look at this because this is the attorney, Mike Smith Law, who failed to tell Stephanie Lambert that court was Or to cancel that it was still going on. And Stephanie's an attorney. So she wouldn't blow a court date because she knows that. And he failed to tell her that. And let her walk into this and have a charge brought against her. And now he's admitting in this email that there was 237 of those bomb explosive canisters. Yeah, and in speaking with her, she... was making statements that he was mentioning that he felt followed or that someone was kind of knowing a little bit about him or stopping and asking him questions about his whereabouts and that he made a statement to her that some big big problems are going to be coming So he had foreknowledge, it sounds like. Well, in those statements to her, I don't know everything. I'd like to see those written down because this is something that I think we need to look into. I mean, who would make a statement like that without... I just have to say it. I mean, the whole thing stinks. Oh, for sure. I think he felt threatened or something. I think he just ran. Yeah. Maybe, but why would he contact your client list? If in fact he did, I mean, that's what I was, that was what was reported to me. So now we've got another layer of, I'm not necessarily believe in any of this that I'm hearing none of it because, uh, we've gotten admission that the building has over 2,237. How did he know the exact count of those bomb explosive canisters and has done considerable damage to the roof of the building and the perimeter walls? There's been no power for two days. Didn't let her know that court was still going. Yeah, he made it sound like it was going to be dismissed and rescheduled. And then he shows up. Not able to attend the hearing. So I guess my point is, is that if you couldn't, maybe there was, it should be a little more clarification here on is, is it canceled water? And maybe, maybe some more questions should have been asked too, though. But I mean, what there there's something weird here. There's how would he know the exact count? They call them a bomb explosive canister and tell her that something big was going to happen. I had a time according to this. I think there needs to be some investigation into this. I'm a little, I'm a little curious on all of this. Yes. Who can do that though? And, and why? Yeah, I am. I can, I can say whatever I want. Cause I don't work for anyone. I'm just a, I'm just a, you know, an American out there that is not going to shut up on these issues and say, I want to know, was there a palette on the roof with the files that, I hadn't heard that. I don't know to speak to that. I don't know anything about it. I want to know. See, I've got a lot of people around the world that I talk to. Everybody is like, how does Brandenburg know this? Because there's honest people out there that know that there's not a chance. There's not a snowball's chance in hell I would ever give up a source. I don't know. I forgot. Not a chance. At this point in time, I don't recall. You know, so, but I think this is really amusing and I think we should get into it and look into this because there's nothing about this that stands the sniff test. I do know there's an active investigation happening with it as was reported in an article I read, but I don't know who's. Let's hope that they do the right thing because the attorney general's office from what I can see destroyed evidence in my case. And I know that there are people that are being coerced and threatened, no two ways about it. And just, just so that everybody knows if you're being coerced and threatened, come forward and say something, I'll give you a voice and we'll put it right. We'll shove it right in their faces. If you're being coerced and threatened, let's throw it out there. Let's give them that. Let's give them the storm that they're asking for. You have to shine a light on it. Yeah. And let's give them nowhere to hide. They need nowhere to hide on what they've done. Destroying evidence. I've got another guy at the AG's office, and he's got a pretty good documentation of them destroying evidence in his wife's case. Absolutely. Absolutely. And then they remove people and then destroy evidence. Evidence that I was told they had in my case. And all of a sudden a new guy comes on. No, that's not the case. That never happened. We never had that bullshit. You didn't. And they remove the investigator that was on the case to boot. I'm not buying any of it. None of it. And I don't care if I ever get a dime out of this thing. I want my country back. And I want one of these people that are lying their tails off to be on a one way trip. Vacation to a nice, warm, sunny spot in the tip of Cuba. Bye bye. You know, and but it's going to take everybody coming forward and saying I was threatened. I was threatened. And before that, before you shut up, come forward and say something. Don't let them threaten you. You know what? Let them threaten you, but throw them out into the light. They will be so afraid to squeak, they'll back away. In their base nature, they're cowards. The only way that they're ever going to get any gain is because you step down. People that threaten are generally cowards. Most of the time, they're all talking. No, no action. But besides that, even if they do, why would you why would you let them back you down? I'd rather I'd rather, you know, say the truth than to be told to anyone. I also was on a phone call with I can't think of his name. Can con from Twitter. And I was asking him if he knew if there was some sort of NDA with all of our elected officials, especially the Republican party to not discuss election matters. Because if you heard one of them bring up anything regarding election matters. My clerk told me that they were point blank told that they were not to discuss anything with any of the voters, any of the people in the community. but send them to the Secretary of State. They all are sent to the Bureau of Elections or Secretary of State. And they were told not to talk to any of us. They were told that they may not talk to voters, to anyone in their counties, nothing. Yep. But I think there's actually, and CanCon said that he does know or he has seen one that is an NDA for these elected officials. For our representatives. Yeah, we were told that they were signing NDAs, a lot of them. Now, I would like to hope that that's because there's an investigation actually going on by the good guys. But regardless, they should never have signed an NDA to keep the truth from the public. That's a gutless, cowardice move. They should have absolutely gotten right in their faces. and gone right to any media that would have shown it. And if the media didn't show it, then they're traitors. It's full of traitors. Yeah. Isn't that crazy, though? I don't understand. Well, I can tell you right now, I'm so proud of you and everybody else that's done this work in Michigan. The Election Integrity Force, they're going to be on tomorrow morning at 10 and talking more about what happened with Stephanie Lambert and this nonsense behind the scenes. But we're not going to be quiet and we're not going to back down. And quite honestly, you know, we've done enough work here to keep being on up. Even when last week, again, there was another outage and Odyssey was down and a bunch of the other ones were, providers were down. And we have so many paths to get the information out there anymore that if they were to knock us off one or the other, we'd just come back in 100,000 other little incarnations somewhere else, you know. We're going to get the word out there. And everybody that's standing with you, anybody that wants to come on BNN, I will flip the cameras on any time of the day or night, and we will get this information out there. Anybody that needs something live broadcast so that they can't say it was manipulated or lied or anything, we'll flip the cameras on. We'll make sure that you have a path to having your voice heard hurt. If you've been threatened or intimidated, come on, be an N. We'll put it out there. And it doesn't matter if it's two in the morning, eight in the morning, 10 at night, seven, seven o'clock, three o'clock in the afternoon or the morning, doesn't matter. We'll get it out there. And you know what? We'll stand together to protect you. And if anything, if anybody even thinks about coming in your direction, we're going to throw it in their face and even name names. Who threatened you? What did they say? I had somebody in the Bureau of Elections that I went back and I taped, and her name is Lydia, that came forward and said to me, oh, you just go ahead and copy the petitions off. Go ahead and copy the petitions off. I went to the county, and a very nice young lady there said, no, that's not a prescribed way of doing this. Well, I absolutely have the evidence that I was told to do that. You need to name names if you're being threatened. Name the names. Throw it out there because it'll put them in check because the next person that they go after is going to be the one that actually did any damage. And if everybody knows who they are, they're going to crawl back into their corner. And then if we grab a hold of them and shake a little bit of truth out of them, they're going to get 50 contacts outside of themselves. it's our silence that's killed us here is in having a voice. It is. And I can see it on various platforms. I'm on sharing information. So in on Facebook, I'm more, um, my contacts on there are more of my community members. And when I blast anybody on there, um, locally, for not doing their job properly or not following the law or exposing that they have multiple voter ID numbers, the community attacks me for that. If I share things on Twitter, I get lots of shares and I got a lot of engagement and people wanting to understand. Facebook is worthless. It's absolutely worthless. If you want to look at puppies and kitties and share birthdays so that intelligence agencies know exactly where you are and what you're doing, boom, you've accomplished your goal there. When you're in a community and have a lot of community friends and you're attacking an elected official on matters of law, people don't like you to attack the people they like because they're not liked. These people are viewed as good people in the community. And when you're attacking their job performance, they don't like it. Right. Just because you know somebody doesn't mean they're a good person. And conversely, you're going to the political parties. And all they're doing is attacking everybody. Somebody's attacking one, but it's all a popularity contest. They never quote the law. I've never once in any of these chats. I take that back. Stephanie Wheeler. connect or Bethany Wheeler, Bethany Wheeler calls out the law. So does there's another gal named Maggie, Maggie that's out there. She quotes the law. There's a couple of them that actually quote the law that I really appreciate these people a lot. But, but we have this issue in Isabella County last summer. And I know you're aware of this when we were trying to bring this matter to Um, to the forefront with our prosecutor and our clerk and our sheriff. And we did a protest against our not following the law and our Republican party here, um, really shot us down and didn't support us and, um, made us feel like we were doing something wrong. I was there at one of the, I don't know if it was that particular one, but that one, I was there for that. And it was kind of crazy. But, you know, the political parties, like what I see from the political party activity, it's, oh, I like this one. I like that one. It's like reading a Tiger Beat magazine for 16-year-olds. But you're not quoting the law. When somebody's broken the law, whether it's your brother or somebody else, your responsibility is to correct it and to say and to call it out. Like, you know, I've been talking about Pete Hoekstra. Pete Hoekstra was voted in. He committed treason by signing the Patriot Act. All right. And I don't expect everybody to be perfect. However, and I will work with everybody, anybody, if they realize and they say, I made a mistake and this is how we're going to correct it. Okay. We can play ball with it. Okay. People are going to make a mistake, but then they have to correct the mistakes that they've made. But you don't just, you don't just brush it under the rug. It fests up to it, fests up to it and say, say, you know what? We were living at a different time. We were afraid. We wanted to protect everybody. Our knee-jerk reaction was not appropriate. But because of that, we felt threatened and we felt like we needed to protect people. I can be okay with somebody that says that. And then this is what I'm going to do to correct those actions. And I want everybody to know that. I'm okay with that. I mean, if they correct their actions, that's fine because they have the right and we have the right to inform them. And then they have The process is to correct their actions. And everyone makes mistakes. It's more respectful for people to call it out and be like, hey, we thought this way then. And now we realize that we've taken away people's rights, their First Amendment rights. And we're going to rectify that now. Yeah, and that's what the Constitution prescribes. You go to them and you instruct your public functionaries into what they're supposed to do. And they have an opportunity to correct those ills. It's not just to get rid of them because you don't like them, because they're not on the right page of the Tiger Beat magazine or whatever it is. And they haven't given you enough kudos to make you feel good about yourself. That has nothing to do with it. We need people who are more interested in running the country doing the right thing lawfully than have anybody like them personally. I mean, we don't have to go sit down in a coffee shop or go out for dinner with these people or go to these events. We need to know that they're running the country and they're doing it in a lawful way to protect and defend us. And then they can go home and hang out with their own friends. You know, we can hang out with our own friends that we like. We don't need to be in this little club, popularity club. And we have local government for a reason. We have county governments for a reason. And they're supposed to be doing right by that community and those voters and following the laws and making sure our state, the big government, follows the laws. It's from the bottom up is the way it's supposed to be. It's supposed to be we the people instruct our public functionaries at the local level who instruct them on up instead of all of these rules and dictates coming from the top down, they're out of order. It's not their jurisdiction. They can't even stay within their job categories. Nestle is not supposed to be interfering in the lives of people. That office, that's the office of the sheriff that acts as a peacekeeper. It's not the AG's office. The AG is supposed to be involved in commerce. And the sheriff's office is supposed to be the one to carry out investigations and to make sure there's peacekeeping going on. They have no right to send any of this in the executive branch at all, sending down any orders to we the people. They're an administrative office and that is it. And the legislature makes the laws. To my point to this is that it was the legislature's failure. It was their treason that they allowed this to be certified knowing there was enough information out there. Nestle passed it on to the state police and just decided to go back to her office and go, I don't know. I did something. It's like, really? Then you're unqualified and you're an idiot. And or you committed treason and you walked away from what your oath of office was. You allowed. And once again, we've been telling them this. They have the right to change and to right the wrongs that they did. Crickets out there. It's been crickets for how many years now? Four years we got going on on this. We're going on four years. Crickets. And the evidence was right there in front of our faces. And the pieces of the puzzle just keep coming together more and more. And I think a lot of Everyday people are starting to understand and realize This is exposed. And thank goodness for people like Stephanie Lambert and Darlie for dropping all those files the other day that everybody could pick through. Your posts on Twitter. So I had a grudge match against Twitter because I got nuked off the same day all the Flynn's did. And I didn't really trust it. I'm like, I'm going to sit back and watch and see if this thing actually performs or not, because I'm not going to waste my time on another failed system. And I don't care who's behind it. So I finally decided to get back on Twitter again and get past my grudge match on it. And I've been watching your tweets. And I got to say, I am very honored and grateful for you and very honored to stand with you. You tell the truth and you put it right out there. And you're very you're very to the point. You stick with the laws, you stick with the law, the leave the legal processes. And I have not seen one thing that's a popularity contest or that's trying to divide people up into silos. You just want the law followed. And I appreciate that. Your tweets are amazing. So tell everybody what your Twitter account is because they should follow you. I'm at Steph Baltink. I think it's on there as at Stephie. Yep. Spell it out for everyone so that they can- Let me look actually, because I don't have- I would encourage you all to support Stephanie because she has done an amazing amount of work, unpaid, just coming forward, just like everybody else in Locust Andy. There's some wonderful, wonderful people there that I've had the privilege to talk with and meet. And, you know, just that they spend full time digging into the, doing the tedious work, the work that nobody wants to do, going into the files and tediously going through these files and finding exactly the What went wrong and putting it out there for people to see this is where it failed. This is where it failed. This is the law that the clerks broke for election laws. Scott, Scott can rattle them off the top of his head. Like nobody I've ever seen in my life, the election laws. Scott Ogney knows them and he'll rattle them off, you know, just quick. It's amazing. He's great at that. You know, I never want to be famous or known, but I do want people to be educated. And so that's my whole premise. And I share a lot of my information with people on Twitter that have big accounts that can look at that and then also push that information out. Let's see if I can bring it up. I'm going to see if I can bring it up here. Tell me your Twitter handle. It's just at Steph, S-T-E-P-H, Belting, B as in boy, E-L-T-I-N-C-K. I-N-C-K. Okay. I think I got you here. So, oh. That one didn't work out so well. Let's try it again. Here we go. And I think this is important. I don't have the feed on this computer, so I can't just go write down your posts. I don't think I'll try. How about this? How about we try it? I mean, I don't know. This is all the way live works, which I think is amazing. is just to be able to go on there and, and see. So here it is at stuff. Belting. Yes. Right. Didn't I? Yeah. Right. Like tinking the glass. Yeah. Like belting. Yep. Yeah. So there's their stuffs. Um, think, let's see if I can get in here. I'm going to see if they'll let me go to your, Oh, your constitutional is fantastic. And here you go. Let's see if it'll let me see your feet or not. Oh yeah. Here we go. Um, you want to show this, you want me to show this video? Well, it's a long video. People can view it there. It goes through exactly how our elections are infiltrated, I guess. It was a good broadcast. I think that was, was it Joel Altman that did that one? Yeah, I met him. You know, he seems like an awful nice man. So section four, article four, section four of our constitution requires a government to be to protect and defend our borders if government does not the Constitution by virtue of the named part herein authorizes the free citizens to defend themselves and their state in place of treasonous government. Note, in not defending our borders, government gives aid and comfort to hostile foreign invasion. And this under Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution is properly labeled treason. And that goes right down into the townships. This is a township issue where they are absolutely giving aid and comfort to a hostile foreign invasion through our elections. And it's been proven in the state of Michigan, beyond any shadow of a doubt, with our elections and what we found out and what DAR dropped, in all of the... It is 2000 pages. And I do see people are starting to pluck some of the info out of there and share it. So that's great. Macomb, Michigan prosecutor confirmed Dominion CEO lied under oath. The Macomb sheriff sent a perjury complaint to Lansing because John Paulus lied in Michigan. Lansing, Michigan. Lansing police think the perjury is a huge statewide matter, so they thought the AG should review it. And the Jim Jordan letter, this is a, or not the Jim Jordan letter, the letter to the judiciary, yeah, to Jim Jordan, and this is to him, not from him. So there's a lot of information here, guys. And you're not going to find this, any of the stuff that we put out in fake stream media. You're not going to find this in the news. You know, people always ask me, you know, where do we go for good information? Well, I give you sources out there. Darleaf is on Twitter now. It's a good source. Stephanie Belting is a good source and puts out a ton of source documents and information. Jonathan Cagle, who's going to be on Friday again, puts out- He's on Twitter. What? He's not on Twitter. He actually was good enough to get banned from Twitter. I mean, you want to talk about getting the highest honor in the world. He even got banned from the new app. He's a splethora of data, for sure. He's untrue social, though. But I guess the point being is that these are all really good sources that you can follow. Election Integrity Force is amazing. Sandy Kiesel, Joanne Bacali. They are amazing. Not everybody in that organization I feel is, uh, I'm okay with. Okay. Just so you know, but I, I stand with the organization because Sandy and Joanne are going to make sure that the right thing is done every single time. Every time. What's that? Every single time. I feel like those two ladies are unsung heroes and they're going to be on tomorrow. And, um, you know, there's another Donna Brandenburg, um, uh, uh, chip shot to information that if you follow them and support them, that's a great place for information. And I really am proud to stand with Sandy and Joanne. I think they're amazing. Scott Ogney, he's a wild man. I love this guy. He absolutely will not back down. He won't back down. Michael Butts. I think Michael is doing an amazing job. I had some questions about him when I first met him because and I got to tell you, I had to apologize to him because I was so sick of everyone that were given anyone any leeway for for not, you know, for for understanding them. And I was like, hey, I've been immersed in this for how many years now? And I'm done with it. I'm totally done with it. And we collect a lot of great people, very smart, dedicated backgrounds. And I got to tell you, I love Michael Butts. We've been talking and such. And I'm like, and I apologize to him. I said, I'm sorry for my hostilities for your point of view. And, you know, I will I will. Correct my ways here, you know, and and let's let's start talking. I feel the same way with Pete Hoekstra. I'd like to talk with him. I'd like to hear a plan on how he's going to correct the Patriot Act and the damage that was done. How we're going to I'll work with anybody that wants to turn around and say sorry. And I hope people are the same way with me. If I if I'm wrong, I'll admit it and we'll we'll, you know, correct it. But I think the work that Michael Butts has done and he's a very kind person. And there's all kinds of different people that have to come forward. You know, some of us are like savages like myself and Scott, you know, we're going to be savages. And hopefully there's going to be some nice people like you and Michael Butts that are going to help with the carnage after we go after them, you know? I can't remember what township. He was at the township board meeting just last week, I think it was. And he made an offer of $100,000 to their parks and recreation department. if they could do an audit of their poll book voter history files and compare it with the state voter history files and that they matched. He made that pledge. Michael did? Wow, that's like really throwing it down. Wow, that is throwing it down. I can't remember what township that was, but I thought that was excellent. And I kind of extended that out here, too, because I know that they don't match. I know they don't match. Well, give us exact wording on those things from you and Michael Butts, and I think we should put it out there and have everybody. The court case that we're putting together to go – to go to the townships and demand that they remove the electronic machines. Yes. And it all starts with that poll book. The tabulator is just a big calculator, but it's that poll book that has the nefarious software on it. Which is ERIC. Yeah. Which is Jonathan Brader with his smug little smile that he sits up in front of everybody, turning like a twist and like a fourth grader on Red Bull in his chair. Yes. Well, listen, Donna, I have to run. I have another appointment coming up. Well, thanks for being on so much. I'll let it go because we'll let it go. Do you have time for saying a prayer right now? Sure do. Okay. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so very much for Bill and Karen and Ralph and Stephanie and Scott Ogney and Joanne McCall and Sandy Kiesel and Michael Butts and all these wonderful people that have stood with them behind the scenes, not looking for their own glory, but looking for truth and justice and and righteousness to be carried out on this land that you've given us. I'm so grateful for them, and I ask your favor to rest mightily upon each one of these people. Help people to get behind them, to support them, to pass their information on, and refuse to be silent. We ask that anyone out there who's been threatened, coerced, and who has been intimidated by this unlawful, tyrannical government, of which, you know, is going to come out. Your justice is going to ring through this land. And the last one of them is going to give an account for the crimes, their crimes and their things that they've done wrong. And we are grateful. We're grateful for your compassion. We're grateful for your mercy. And we're grateful for your justice. When evil is trying to hurt your family and those that you love, the children of God, your children, your creation, And we're just grateful. We're grateful for being born at this time. What a great time to be alive. And the path that you've set in front of us, we wholeheartedly embrace that knowing that you're before us, alongside of us and behind us. You are making our path straight and we are willing to follow you and do whatever it is that you ask us to do, regardless of the consequences that may result in doing the right thing. It's okay. We're willing to follow you because we trust you and all your paths are good. We want to be a wonderful friend to you. You've been a great friend to us and we love you in the name of Jesus Christ. We pray. Amen. Amen. So with that said, go to because I'm the best non-conceiter who has ever not conceded to these liars, cheats and thieves. And with that said, God bless you. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Make it a great day. Starts mentally tough. You know what? This gal is tough. She is tough. And give her a follow on Twitter and say your Twitter handle again. It's at stuff or I'll stop belting. Sorry. Right here at stuff belting. Yes. S-T-E-P-H-B-E-L-T-I-N-C-K. I'd love to see at least a couple hundred followers hit her account today and jump in the arena and help everybody and let her know how much you love her because she's doing a great job. Have a great day. We love you. Sandy Kiesel and I think Joanne Bacall is going to be on from Election Integrity Force. I love these ladies as well as Professor Clements from the Professor's Record. I know him. And and from any of you that are wanting to do the popularity contest and get on teams, forget it. I know General Flynn and I know the professor. He stayed with us when he was here. And we're going to let everybody talk and we're going to stop this this right cancel culture that's going on. Let's listen to people and hear what they have to say and work together. Have a great day. Thank you.