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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/18/2023 Bill Mohr and Karen Murray

Published Oct. 18, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Bill MohrII will be teaching his Dad's perspective on religion in government. The Mohr family has a long history in the study of the Constitution and lawful self governance. In our new series of Mohr Minutes, he will be teaching current issues and apply the Constitution for guidance. 10am Alaska Contitution Party Acting Chairman, Karen Murray. Karen Murray is a statesman and the author of Quincy Valley (Images of America), America Needs a Third Party NOW, The Constitution Minute, Lena, Pioneer Girl, and new contributor to the Faith Column at the Frontiersman in Wasalla, Alaska. The Alaska Constitution Party just recieved ballot access in August of 2023. Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the eighteenth day of october twenty twenty three welcome to our show to day and we're going to start right off right off the bat with bill moore with liberty essentials and we're going to be going too keronah is the acting chairman of the alaska constitution frojus received balances is really exciting for every one morning bell he doomring doing all right if you sosoeteti morning and you know you i bought you and i i think half a michigan has got a cold going on right now and i reject everything being called it mean what happened the floor calls the now nowhere not going to go there not dinyai woke up this morning with the coffee is hot will see how well i do right now i think i passed the worst of it so in your feeling better ah ah ah mines mines just about take her out a little bit lost in the lungs but the o but it's not too bad at all so congratulations to you and maginn your new deberth year new daughter oh thank you up another little girl on the family for more one more of the posterity that our founding fathers told that word were to secure liberty for pretty citing isn't it is it is i think that's my favorite job bihad was just been aa most important of in the whole world so so make sure tell meg in that that i'm congratulating her on and anxious to meet the new ones the let's call so were we going to go to day bill and a last week with great i really liked doing liberty as sunchales talking of just started right out at the first menentang these are not constitutional rights but that their god given rights derived from our creator and they are listed in our constitution only because the states feared that without them being stated that the federal government could step in infringe upon their liberties that gate given them the last week we talked about the halcones couldn't establish a religion of that was lost up to the states and in the state of michigan we had the right to worship god icing to the dictates of one's own conscious ah we talked about the freedom of speech and the press a hotete is removed that we like sheep will be led to the slaughter a numerous colts from our founders regarding that and the one thing we didn't have on how much was the a the right peaceably assembled we saw a lot of that tried to be suppressed over the last three years especially during the tyrannical lock downs in the draconian orders from our state governors and governors all across this union every one of em is as complicities the day we're just going to go right down next to the list regarding the second amendment of our us constitution a lot of people understand that is the right to keeping bear arms but there is so much more to that it is not just the right to be able to carry out this color carry a rifle around definitely not just for hunting there's so much more involved in that when it comes to our duties of citizens not only of the union but each one in our state and so well as will just head right into that oh orenoff the second amendment the us constitution states a well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed as he tried to be interpreted by congress many times every time this comes up somebody has her own opinion their own words of their own interpretation of it but if we just take it for the text what the founding fathers rope we can understand it a little bit better and that is in a well regulated militia a wild to find that just a minute necessary to the security of a free state the right of the people this is not the right of the state it is not the right of the militia is the right of the people eachvery individual citizen a to keep and bear arms so as was to find the word arms women arms is derived from a latin word arma which is the fine as weapons of war it does not define as fire arms it does not define just as the knives projectiles plosives it is the finest weapons of war and if you look around what weapons do we currently use in war though actually let's go back what weapons did they use in war when it was written at that time we're talking about a sword's horses all and cap pistols rifles breech load such like that but i don't live that but they had glinsteren machine guns they had pistols with speris that fire most rounds at a time how the pickle gone as a perfect example of what i'm talking about here that was not later on they had the knowledge of what could be capable in the making of fire arms at that time though armed as weapons of war it's so right of people to keep him bare weapons of war and we'll go into why that is it a little bit and that shall not be in french that is the key word because we have a people like jill biden currently ah and trunk touched on this as well a flittin they infringed upon it bushes and print to pan eating right back down the list every president that i can even remember even before my time has hit on the second amendment in one way or another and infringed upon it others really not a clear definition and law for what infringed it right it's pretty common sense but i like to go back to water forming fathers meant when they wrote the words i believe that each word was inspired by them for a specific reason they didn't spend hundreds of hours in the convention to just write down frivolous words that could be changed on a whim according to man's man's mind at the time so thomas jefferson actually wrote a of in the virginia statute for religious freedom and january sixteenth seventeen eighty six he had wrote in his transcript and clearly defined the word and fringed at that time it is it is the last sentence in the whole thing he says yet we are free to declare and do declare that the rights hereby asserted or else the natural rights of mankind and that if any act regarding a law any bill to be passed any act shall be hereafter passed to repeal the present or to narrow its operation such would be an infringement of natural right he defined that word and frenchmen clearly desists ate the removal of or the repeal of that right or to narrow its operation anything that would restrict the exercise of that right i so the gun control act of the national fire arms at any state laws that narrowed the operation of an individual's right to keep and bear arms weapons of war is an infringement upon the second amendment ah so it's going to the militia little bit ah article one such on a close fifteen and sixteen of the us constitution regarding the powers of congress ran they shall have the power to provide for calling forth the militia at the military the militia to execute laws of the union the suppress insurrections and repel invasions so the three purposes of the militia right and to provide for organizing arming and this appointing the militia and for governing such part of them as may be employed in the service of the united states reserving through the states respectively the appointment of the officers and the authority of training the militia according to the discipline prescribed by congress it means the states are responsible for organizing their militias for setting up the officers above them and congress is responsible for organizing arming and disciplining them when they are in the service of the united states and will will touch on why that it is in a minute so if states are required to organize their own malicious and irresponsible for setting up the heads of them the officers let's go right into michigan here article one section set so the michigan constitution is the same as the second amendment listed in the us constitution so that is every person has a right to keep and bear arms for the defense of himself and of the state once again we have the right to keep weapons of war we have the right to bear which means to carry to occupy weapons of war for not only our own defence but for the defence of the state the founding fathers knew that a militia was required if you remember in the second amendment required and necessary to the security of a free state that is our right though article three section four of the michigan constitution a little farther down there ah states that the militia shall be organized equipped and disciplined as provided by law the one when they're not in the service of the united states that the state of michigan is to organize equip and discipline the militia the people who are bearing arms weapons of war and they are to do that by lawful statue there was article three be section for i came almost there takes to the time eraserthere right and no nobody listening take my word for it go find it i prove it to yourself there have you got on a little bit farther and article five section twelve this one now can split the difference a little bit talks about the military and set of the militia but it's the same practice the same wording because we're not we're not to have standing armies when in a time of peace right to the militia is our state military right and i'll i'll prove that by law and little bit article fives section twelve section section twelve work in not then go that's for yep i think we're in for the so in for on going out i got is there i am out of ports for miles so i have to use the the pad and it's always a little quirk oh no don't have yes i've got like four screens going on so i have to work with this the little old pad to slide things around and i think i've made out the cape or bility there your so they go the section twelve says the governor shall be commander in chief of the armed forces and may call them for what purpose they may call them out to execute the laws suppress insurrection and repeal invasion the same thing that we saw in the us constitution congress has the power when the militias are in the service of the united states to execute the laws suppressing direction republication it the same wording is the same militiathe same people that are bearing weapons of war well all that to be said oh each one is supposed to be provided by long rank or supposed to have statutes that organize equip and discipline the militia oh so you are the look is is there a little more difficult difficult to get through sometimes but in michigan law a m c l thirty two point five zero knock is the state military establishment so let's look at who is in our militia in the state of michigan this divides it up into two and why they did this am not sure but none the less that's the way the statute reached also such an one o nine thirty two point five on the organized militia of the state taken collectively shall be known as the state military establishment and constitutes the armed forces of the state the organized militia consists of the army national guard the air national guard and the defence force when actually in existence as provided in the sack the unorganized militia an that was the organized militia is our national guard the unorganized militia consists of all other able bodied citizens of this state and all other able bodied citizens who are residents of the state who have or shall have declared their intention to become citizens of the united states who shall be a we shall be a seventeen or over and not more than age sixty tergoressi your frendlyer don't worry about it ah says and shall be subject to state military duty as provided in this act back that free shall be subject to state military duty is important because it clarifies the need for the state militia oh when we need to enforce laws or execute laws suppress insurrection repellion every able bodied person capable of bearing weapons of war between seventeen and sixty are required it is their duty to stand in defence of the state were not just here living wollentine from the state the love the best life possible we have to be willing as are phoning fathers did to put up our lives fortunes and sacred honor in defence of our own state if we actually say that we love this nation that we care about this nation and we care about the people in it we got to be worn to put up or shut up here well and thirty two point five five five ah this is just for the unorganized militia it says the governor may order in the defence force any members of the unorganized militia in case of riot tumult breach of the piece resistance of process or for service in aid of civil authority whether state or federal or in time of actual or imminent public danger crisis does aster catastrophe or other public emergency within the state let's go back to twenty twenty or was the and twenty one we saw riots we saw two all we saw breech to the piece we saw resistance of prosternal election process eh we saw simple authorities being border line almost overrun by some of those people oh we had state of emergency right public disasters being declared by our governor through an unconstitutional executive orders eh there was crisis there is catastrophe may we saw everything in the last three years and how do you correct such things how do you be able to control the outcome of such things so that we we justify the righteous and condemned the wicked as are laws are supposed to be and right there declares that that the governor may order the members of the unorganized militia that you and me everybody listening between seventeen and sixty capable of bearing weapons of war right to deal with all those issues i'll tell you we saw no nobody called this out right that the people did it on their own over there conocia that was a big one that i watched for a long as i called up to protect private property it however you want to take that it doesn't matter commonits done over with except just this was never served eh i carried house as a free man now and and he's all over the media because of the but none the less they went up their to protect private property from riots tumults breach of peace resistance of process and to aid in the civil authorities is exactly what they were supposed to do are these talander own instetten called up by the given and ah amatowe did the same thing in michigan there was a lot of us that we're out in twenty twenty for the same thing when we saw the potential riots a and a breach of peace a man on all of those self was it wasn't in the news but it was being posted all over societies you know these groups of get together and say ha we're going over here and let's let's make an example to no justice no piece gonothing so there were several of us groups at went out and all tally went out to a property i was asked to i didn't go on my own i was asked to go out and protect property that the night before had been shot up oh they're both hole through the sides puolestas broken windows doors and such and so we went out there with a team and during the height of it when they said that they were going to move out in that area and continue oh they're riot for all practical purposes we would out there put a stop to it and now one time while we were there did we have an issue besides people yelling and costing and driving by and making vain threats and such but we just a oversuppose to we protected our own people and that that is the proper use of the militia we were out there in forcing the laws saying you are not going to do this and our neighborhood it ain't going to happen we'll put a stop to it right so let's look at water founding fathers had to say about this little bit and when i at congo there for just a minute cause of hats that i saw a mounted to temper tantrums childish temper tantrums of people that just didn't that wanted their way or they were paid to create chaos that this was not an this was not an organic type thing it it was heavily funded and be allowed as a corporation that added two billion dollars worth a day of and they should have been responsible for that damage of the corporation for the herpidites on the people that took part in their activities absolutely don't deny that one bit oothers lot lot of people that were paid out there and then a lot of useful idiots had just went along with it on cornele in law enforcement im an i tell you are the major told the police and grand rapids to stand on is a friend of mine is a detective and i said why didn't you guys go after these people an grandads and they said we were told to stand down and they sat in a stare will as these lunatics out there you know made made everybody everybody out there you know taken me in all this other nonsense to there to their antics you know and and a yeah not not going to happen it should never have happened on we were out there i like the work of law enforcement when they do their job frenetically that's fine so when we got out there we actually and in this as in grids of was read here in tacony and my home little county the we actually got a hold of the police chief and grenades at that time we pulled him exactly what we were doing where we were and that if he needed us we were only a home callista five minute drive we youright where we were he needed us and and he told all of us that he will not be calling us that we're not needed and that we should just go home ye because they were part of the insurrection he yet it was all it was all set up play that the media could just blow up in our faces and and caused a huge uproaring sigh out to make people i don't make you lerassi just cause more division oh let's go into the why then why do we have this whited our founding fathers put this in play and make sheered that the government couldn't touch it oh it's that outright with comiston a love this man ah for not being a a a big speaker not being very eloquent this man said more than i could ever get out of my mouth ah he says no free man shall ever be debarred the use of art a free man in those country is somebody who is who is not under servitude of somebody else who is their own sovereign individual controlled by none other than the creating they shall not be the bard the use of arms once again and latin arma weapons of war he said what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance what them take arts he says the laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such nature they disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes it what's hit that again as we see a lot of gun laws we see a lot of a potential what they call red flag laws you know take the guns rescindings later and a thing which once again that in violation of our fourth eminent he says the laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such nature they disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants they serve rather to encourage them to produce homicides i am sorry that they served rather to encourage than to prevent homicides for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man you posted somehow for the last night of the morning let's see if i can find that regarding what this kind of amazing how all of a sudden israel decided to get rid of their gun control laws when they are attacked and ah i thought i thought that was kind of pretty calling when they realised that it's not just the people that they they are fearing that this point time it's unrychteous that they perceive as such i've got a real prominence i think there i think it's kind of a design situationand there probably finding both sides of it in order to just kill people and keep the war machines going they don't want peace absolutely you put out a post yesterday from lieutenant colonel jeff cooper a from the united states marine corps right he said if violent crime is to be curbed it is only the intended victim who can do it the felon does not fear the police and he fears neither judge nor jury therefore what he must be taught to fear is his victim and that is as true as the day that he said it is as true as mankind first came in to play that the first responder is always the victim if the victim cannot defend themselves the committer of the crime as preparing were to use the assailant oh he doesn't care what's going to happen after he commits the crime he only cares about being able to commit the crack right so he's right he's not fearing judge jerry he's not fearing the police we have to be able to each people to fear the victim right prevention is better than cure let's let's get to the knowledge that we the people possess this right and that we are passed with the defence of ourselves nobody else is passed with that right and the defense of our state we need to get busy and understand our role in that position if if you get somebody break me to your house you can call the police sure but you still got a few minutes there at least you five minutes three minutes maybe if you're close ah before they can get there in do anything what what can happen in three minutes i can tell you i can tell you a bullet can get out of a gun and to the assailants twenty five thirty feet away before you can play if this fast for them three minutes so we need to be able to defend ourselves to thomas jefferson said the constitution of most of our states and of the united states asserts that all power is inherent in the people and we can read that or the beginning of our u s constitution ah that they may exercise it by themselves that it is their right and duty to be armed and all times pretty simple falthose aren't my words thosewere his george mason ah he addressed the the virginia constitution whenever ratifying their constitution and june fourth of seventeen eighty eight george mason says i ask who are the militia they consist now of the whole people except a few public officers ah that's clarified in her michigan constitution as well that the certain public officers are not required and military service or in malicious service we put them up to do his specific job and if i put them there to do us specific job i don't want them to be pulled off doing something else that's that's pretty clear common sense james madison said the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed a well regulated militia composed of the body of the people trained to arms is the best and most natural defence of free country he was just stating the second amendment and clarifying what is the simple is that patrick henry in the bad boy isa's gard with jealous attention to public liberty suspect every one who approaches that jewel unfortunately nothing will preserve it but downright force whenever you give up that force you are ruined the great objective is that every man be armed every one who is evil might have a gun this was just before the ththe revolutionary war how when horebout to take out the largest empire known in the world the largest military force patrick henry seas it is important that we understand that if we want to preserve the liberty at a public liberty that we have to do it by downright force there is nothing else that can preserve it unless we the people stand up and say no you're not doing it you have to get through us if you want to try to accomplish your agent eh oh see representative elbridge gerry of massachusetts oh once again it is also right in that time frame when they're trained to reestablish it a figure how they're going to defend their state she's what sir is the use of a militia it is to prevent the establishment of a standing army the bane of liberty whatever governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people they always attempt to destroy the militia in order to raise an army upon their ruins we can see that state the state we have established now standing armies whether in war time piece we have standing armies here there there becoming less and less of a militia of the people alexander hamilton is the last last fall is as the circumstances should at any time obliged the government to form an army of any magnitude that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the people while there is a large body of citizens little if at all inferior to them and discipline and the use of arms who stand ready to defend their own rights and those of their fellow citizens this appears to me the only substitute that can be devised for a standing army and the best possible security against it if it should ever exist i'm here to tell everybody listening it exists and it is now and don't be fooled to say that the government will not try to not only continue two and fringe of pon your right right they can't take it away you can only forfeit it but they will continue to narrow its operation until the point they can repeal it that is the goal and when they pull the arms from the citizens and raise their own armies up you can sure but that they come after you to silence your speech and like silent dumb sheep we will be led to the slaughter so give bessy understand the rules here and we need to make sure that we as people as communities are townships counties state wide that we are organized and equipped i know there are a lot especially in the state of michigan i mean work kind of known for this right with with the old mischief militia and timothy mcbain penned up for you almost see boring and that big nonsense messaigier nment took on a missinabee known for the weird militia state right but the issue is as we have militias in the state and they are organized they do train they are fairly whipped but world divided ah very rarely do they do they get together and work together there can of their own little sacks of of militias under their own heads and and wee forgotten or rolls it becomes more almost like survival training camps right than regular militia duty so we may be get back through the way that we used to do things because if we want the results we used to get what's the good of america we have to be willing to do the things we used to do said my father right and jeremiah six sixteen we get a seek out the old paths swearing is the good way pretty clear we cannot fix this mess with new ideas and new laws or statutes and wine we can't fix this with constitutional conventions right we can't we can't fix this by any means other than understanding what it was when our founding fathers framed this nation under god and get back to the print the corps principles that they made necessary to the security of a free state if we wished to remain that way if a people wished to be ignorant and free ah there wishing for something that has never existed nor ever will be i forget the man who said that that oh at the true statement possesses my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge man that's that's what it is we have to be now as for with understand this we're going to get right and it is up to us to enforce laws repelled asion suppressed in direction though if we want things to be fixed we have to be willing to bring justice and we the people hath be willing to get out of our little comforts on our little sanctuary of home oh our man is for pieces if i got to talk to men gerdeman cases guys make a library make a study the way it used to be oh let's get into the old ways reading books get into the scriptures understand how the station was set up as a republic an start holding meetings it groups together wasting time and a man gave watching a football game what it sees or say about that i think it was i think it was csar he says he ah give the people a spectacle on a piece of bread and a paraphrasing is not direct it give give them a spectacle on a piece of bread and you control and as the same thing we see in america where we put up sports as the spectacle when we put up all these fancy foods and beer for peasants we got breweries all over the place up here in michigan now eh though we genoese tacle a piece of bread something like like and they become lack of better words slaves of the state and not slaves of a sunset or being charged with specific duties being beaten if you don't be those duties on talking slaves then the suns where they have americans sitting down on a couch doing nothing the stop these criminals that keep pushing forth the agendas right we got to get up off our seats and we got to get busy doing some though i encourage you find your local even if it's the little patriot group as long as they're doing something get out there and do it oh we got to be willing to teach people what it is to be in merrick right so what's there to be american astona would say dare to be american now to get rid of the parties and ah go back to making individual choice as there's sought there so many problems with that it's incredible right we have to dare to be americans and that this is the whole subject the militia is is very interesting to me and how it supposed to function his were not supposed to have a standing army for more than two years were not so teasing army in times of that anoward time which means that we had either been in war for a very very very long time continually or they have broken the the attention of the constitution not nor portmanmote can be used for that purpose for a period of more than two years the three as constitution the only thing that they can provide for is their naval forces right and that is for what purpose to protect her borders what are we not doing or protecting our borders it's right you shut up standing armies and a camp salacots or forks all across the the earth all we've got eight hundred stentered fissori petrolleros other countries and there there's no constitutional provision for this if we're going to war it's understood you go out there you set up bass but you go in and do what you're supposed to do as soldiers and as generals is oh you go an do it your supposed to do you fulfill your orders you eliminate the threat in you remove you let the people just like worse suppose to hear you let the people of that country rebuild their country we need to stay out of their way then think goes with the ah any any more men all these wars are funded in my life time but the same thing goes for the view with israel right now oh he with me crane oh i ran the entire war on terror i grieve oh all the time we've been on a rack desertstar be it nor what what are we do we go in there eyehighest we go in there make a giant mess o things and then we stayed there why because her government sows were helping them rebuilt into a democracy into not a democracy how can we make somebody else of democracy he come on we are a republic established by laws given by our constitution you have functions and duties that you are required to do anything else i of that you are not its pretty simple here but we're letting these people get away with it we need a boer troops back home we need to eliminate the standing army and less there's an evident threat but if there's an eminent threat let them call up the state militias an i know thousands of men who would gladly take up weapons of war in defence of their own state in defence of their country it indefenso their country men but instead we have standing armies our founding fathers never purposed it that way we just read all those they never purpose our country that way and we need to make sure for the sake of our posterity are children our children's children that we get this right now so that we don't pass this giant mess this giant war into that if troubles got a come let it come in my life time that my children can live in peace that's the goal here america the oars in the dull population that's willing to sacrifice their lives for the posterity and it's it's it's truly as a spiritual issue and we go back to that i do believe that we we are definitely in war there is no that's about it they're fighting it on economic terms and public enemy number ought one right now is in and the bidentato with money laundering all of olofarne like money fitting all over the globe to find these things which which is its at the base level it's an act of war what the united states have done in these countries in that on the to be very very sobering it's like an you look at you look at what i'm going to say i've got no hero's right now at this moment in time in any of these conflicts cause if hers to me that nobody is doing the right thing to be able to say too well you know all the panels soondie cause that's what they're shouting it's like this is a civilian population so should they be killed because their government is his done his instituted terror while the processes that it's our government is the cat and made the started most hengistenton that to a couple of people a last sunday in church and of course i knew i knew what was going to be mentioned from the pulpit i just i knew it i see it every time and i mentioned to a couple of people right before when they were talking about this hole is relishing and i told them as i do you understand that do you and israel helped put hosspower right why did they do that because they had a threat is name was yasser arafat right israel wanted to get rid of gosceaft so they put up somebody who they knew once in power would handle that the problem is they also knew that woman the mass was going to be a threat and once i took power guess what a moss became a threat but they put him there we helped them put them there whether whether directly or indirectly we wanted to make sure the palestinians could hold the democratic election and they did they like it amos and her most is now this huge problem that they see right in it it's funny looking at it it's not for im sorry it's wrong were to use but looking at it oh what does israel have the nation of israel right at the people but what does the nation of israel have in defence of something that they themselves helped create and that is the fact that their people are armed right i believe in the nation of israel that they require military service and i don't know what the stipulations are but at least to me at least the majority of their populace is required a certain time in military services he two years to and that is to properly trained disciplined them in the art of war as they call it it is not really an art the blood but the train them in defence of their country in it the same thing we talked about with ukraine just recently and i'm not saying i'm for any of these it it's it's it's all a giant like you call it a war machine right under both sides to create the vision it's a theatre and enter the the people that are finding in her finding both sides and creating it their creating the chaos and then they want to provide the solution it's just like the military contractors i've got a real big beef with us because it used to be that we would contract a company to design you know the heyresse hing out for bed to come up with the best design or to design that they what they were looking for by their specks this is what we may we need the this type of missethat could do this wellthat's what we're looking for someone put on to the design they get paid for the design that's it they didn't get to hold the patentand so now what will you do so then they would put that out to all the contractors and you'd have multiple suppliers building the same thing which was great because if one of em couldn't get good get parts or couldn't get part of it they could reach out to another supply or that was bollingtons move it did on down the supply which is what we have their choking down the supply and so now you know you'll have you'll have any one of them i reckon amentioning as we all know of the big ones are they they design things they have exclusive right to it and they charge us load of money for things that they should be looking at the stroke the cost out of and those proposition they they can literally charge whatever they want i remember when president trump was looking at the air force on and though the monomonee that he stripped out of that contract was just unbelievable i don't have it my hand right now but i remember watching how much he stripped out of that whole process he cancelled the contract and i like beautiful you you should cancel a contract if it's odd to control or out of line or you know it's just a money making venue avenue for these contractors the whole lot system is massed you know tapped bottom and and quite honestly i i've quite honestly been praying that you know the economic things that the thetes if we if the if the money system flat wines perfect all the wars are bankers wars and when you look at how many people are sitting behind the system making money in only talking this coming week end at the constitution partieswhat work when going to be talking about is the money in politics and why this is so bad and how they've really created the laws they taken advantage of to entrench themselves and just make it a complete disaster for self gain these people should be removed and they should never ever be allowed back into anything that has any any power or any control over any of the stuff because because the one that are in there now they're finding both sides in even doing it for a long time don't inolo at afghanistan you go on in line close mary mild traffic in back of for this world i probably made the whole air world mad at me with that one but you know what i mean it's like they this is this is such a a human trafficking travesty what's happened there eh let's throw down who who these people are that were talking about when we say that these people are finding both sides of the war this is this is our government america saronno government that you are funding understand the money that comes out of your pocket that goes through these unconstitutional taxes on your personal income oh all of that money is funding what you're seeing it you are finding it out of your own pocket that's what's happening here that is why it's why i say over and over we need to stand up and we need to put a stop to this madness because nobody else will an it's a business for self gain i mean look at the money these people leave office with and some save her comes that all they were great investors know they weren't there insider trading and there the effecting the markets that they they there engineering this whole thing by favour look at look at toforan hole does the astroscope and i'm a tell you what her portrait in the inland is a joke it's got little windmills on the table and little electric cars and such they were telling us before she even left what she was going to do she's she's the one secretary right she does even now how many barrels of oil we use the day let alone and then she makes a one point six million dollar gain stockdealers is criminal and inopinment all over the globe there setting up these private public private partnerships there were in knowtenderloin corporation and hold their tide into the theatins and all this this is criminaland the sated it by allowing it to happen through the laws and the policies that they write for themselves ye are right there you hit the nail on the head i mean when when you can invest money in something that you can control the policies of and you are you know supposedly elected by the people to her it's an ostensible cause we're getting so lacked here by these people there's those absolutely no no voting that's gone on and not in my lifetime and i'm six years old then the all been in illusion they chose him the gates and when people figure out what they happen with the man's sureand candidate the canon obama there we really shocked without one and i got to do is look up red white and blue spray and see what he did to earn a position that earned him the position to be president kolossaler the centre presidents are not elected there selected right it's absolutely true it's been that way for quite some time they they put up wood they want anybody that makes the main stream news is part of the system it just this plain and simple they are part of the system and onstmettingen attackdashed and pushed to the back of the line and that sort of thing casteleone the people that that you plant to listen to the hands you know it's it's so if they're trying to silence some one listen to them because there they may not be completely on entre you know this is not about creating that you know the news the new or improved saviour of the nation or personal savior when our we have won that jesus christ's mass okanogans it's it's the the new self styled sage that's going to be the new savior now people are flutist en for content so like i got a pitcher taken with robert counterbraced last week i got to meet him and it was really neat and i love to i like listening to hindignent a tremendous our people and i always get knocked for this cause i talked to every one republicans democrats to party doesn't matter people they're all the same and so you listen for ideas you don't listen to say oh i'm going to create my little soon my little team and then i'm going to you know i'm going to make sure i pushed my little team of selsilis now you listen for ideas and take the best ideas everybody has great ideas you may have to dig a little bit to get to the nuggets it's not the person necessarily it's the ideas and how you want to see it done and whether that person is ethical enough to carry them out you look it we look at actions here on overwelled the judge by somebody's fruit now what they say it's what they do you can even just go back you can research anybody nowadays every almost everybody's got internet and get on there and find something about an individual somewhere right or you just watch him for a little while you can see what they do and if they are actually a matter women of character that will hold to their values if they're just speaking if they're just appeasing the people you know tickling their ears so to speak oh in regarding regarding candidates specifically oh you know albert pike i tell you just postes upper cently about him to contest than the other the cults the thirty third degree mason right eh he said that when the people need a hero we will deliver him up right it's all set up there just playin playing in this big game and there using us as little ponds to make things accomplice i'm telling you i'm out of the game i'm knocked off the table i'm i'm building my own little pond up here into a king little by little i don't know everything but i'm going to build my point up to a king and i'm a get back on the table and i'm all let them all know you're in check you don't make another move right that is what we need to do i'm right there with you we have to serve notice we have to have to do prose cases against them because the justice department is completely worthless you know how he and the tired justice department who has a ninety eight per cent money judgement on the cases cause why the prosecutors are determining what gets in front of the judges and so out of those that night at for some of the money judgments these guides and michigan there taking eighteen per cent under the civil action jurisdiction to go into the retirement funds that's why they're only doing cases that will result in a money judge the rest of a you're not important justice is not important because it not making money off of it because they have or completely and utterly bankrupt moralsthey have no one tagerman it goes back to that self serving and you know what the you know i had i not run for cover and be kicked off the ball twice you know you don't my boys that was was twice because that was one of the republican party and then i got kicked off from the tax fires party and hessels place it was twice i got kicked off this time as had been a real threat because they they kicked me off not just once i had the distinction of being kicked off twice still got back on got up and just kept punching a cousinwas on the ball at that was quite a feat considering i was like public enemy nor one to the establishment we got a shot brandenburged up she might say something that we don't like it likely you know and cause you don't me i'll say anything i don't really care i'm not i'm not ought to make friends with people that i have no respect for and most of em i don't because they're playing a game instead of i know this this is another promotive with the whole thing i am concerned because even if a good person got an office the people are too apathetic and the political machine would target them and eat them alive setting him up in making making they would set him up you even even if you have a completely fitly record which i do ye know they could find anything on me which was a real problem you know and it's like it's like not that i've always made the right decision cause we're all in perfect you know these things and i go back and i would change my life tis true but we learn from those mistakes and we go on but they would set off that's one of the reasons why for me i'm saying you've got it you can't go after it let's to save her example dr for drops you don't go after the users you go after the dealers donation go past your car and throw a bag is something in it if your windows are on and all of a sudden called the corps and possess it they do when they sat people up so right now they're doing his distraction they go after the users and they used as the way to to harass and to chew and travel to its extortion or elimination it is it's an you don't leave the game it's absolutely extortion and such and so so the there's so many things that are wrong but you know what you and i discocephali about this stuff because people are actually listening and i really may day that he actually read my post you have sundays on a goot isoleth ee that may be made on a two crockets and he in a mouse in the corner who knows you know i think it's like like that you know that doesn't mean that we we can't stop talking we can't stop fighting for for what we believe it because because if we if we stop fighting for it and we stopped talking more complicit you you don't there's no there's no engine to the fight here you know she i got into this and i kept having people lomenie's crazy crazy tastables to see what i would do right you know it's like okay lest let's love another balbinus like thinking but woven balls at me i'm never going to stop in unless you don't windlass than if one thing is not working i just like i've told people you know with rantoones nor oh they can try to knock us off if they do they're going to get about a hundred thousand little reincarnated and news networking of all over the place cause i we can do that so it's kind of its kind of crazy oh no that's where you and i are are so much alike here because the positions that both of us are now in neither one of us want it right i mean i had plenty of stuff going on and he and i didn't i didn't need it i don't get paid to do it right there's zeroone involverebbe going into this at all i go i have no spot you'll notice case people kept telling me you need to get a sponsor onothis and i'm like going every time i went to god and i asked you know about it in like well i'm not feeling real comfortable with this way you think and it was just to resound and i knew it wasn't supposed to happen so like okill just keep doing this freendship is one of my thoughts and i have two people that are in office i think we should have those officers come up and be treated more luxury duty pay it like jurity and half people called up in it in a map matter of jury duty or or kind of almost a drafted and in pay them the same way pay them for when they show up go home in a pot a pot a stallion so when i was doing research for ones talking on this week end and how much money as of course we all know the off shore cork counts of sane palosian hillary clinton enjoyed bank twenty nine million dollars as singapore all that sort of stuck on on on the globe we we are we have to get the money out of politics we have to do things differently because the only people are going to politics or losers and i mean nosesthe that can't make it in the private sector and i'd take him all on with my hands tied behind my back and i don't have to sit here and scree and langing to have final privileges i'm going to be a female on business now wouldn't do it not good ocho it and wouldn't do it because i can win without the pity money are you know and i'm not i would never admit to being that stupid that i had to have pity on to make it because that's what it is it's an admission of i'm pathetic i'm stupid and i'm a victim and i'd never do it not for all the money in the world what one of our late the constitution party members here in michigan to yousecretly passed away he was then one of the he was fannythis very smart too one's better on since the beginning now to be anything of time but the beginning of the party but he said that to be able to fix the issue in our representation here in michigan both house and the sun ethered with you you stickoey out of it but he said once he's people are like it you give him a pencil and you give him a desk and that's all they get the one and ain't i would go as far to say you know you could easily give him a pretty um i travel expenses and such ill because they do anseime all you do dost cover the expenses yeh yeh they they don't they don't need to be paid all the people we the people if they are doing their jobs can take care of them right i have no problem donating to somebody who is running a little short on funds if they are doing something good i don't donate to two campaigns based on what they say i'll never have never will i don't at two campaigns based on what they do what i can see something tangible in their actions and it's the same thing if there elected the same thing could be put into place we can take care of our own people the moment you step out of line guess what you no longer being taken care of now what right well yeh well care in murray is that begegnen bring on just a minute caring we got on a tangent here and so is the whole the whole thing to as crazy and i is goin put this out there and i an okimono make the entire political structure man at me for saying that so because it was all of them i go nonsense and the paper work is there the other bank counts the receipts and thinglike i'm like you won't publish it screw you i'm going to publish it because you affect the elections of every single person in this state you you don't get protected stations so i published it right you know jim and everybody likes the solos the sound of freedom its great well it's did some good things so because it raised the thing of the human trafficking on to say what it hasn't gone far enough i mean i have published i would it write out there in the cameracenses anything then weremoving organs from a child you want a feinroth and what's happening this is what's happening he went up the back and her inocence and if this moment time i lost all respect one hundred and ten thousand dollars to speak yes i saw that oh and i'm real sure that this is for the good of the nation of this point time it's like you know what we got to stop this book deals in all this nonsense you either stand for the united states of america which were losing or get out of the game say and one hundred per cent and you know what it's it's it's funny because you could be you could be my son which i think is funny cause you're the agent you're the age of my one of my sons right and it's so funny because you and i are caught from the same cloth and we both lost our dads like within months of each other to maibut isn't it amazing how god puts people together that have the same heart to to work together on things and you don't enter families are friends and it's just such an honour to know you and somebody who is you don't you know almost thirty years younger is in me who has been educated so well and is willing to stand i'd stand a standard fight next to you any day and i'm i'm proud of that so we're we're all poor for a purpose right we're not the we're not just this giant mass on me both slimy thing that developed the new is human front process brain we are put here for a purpose and that purpose will always be for such a time as this up we each have our own designated rolls and we need to get busy doing those rollstone on the car in mary here imactually excited i don't think i've ever met her so leslie to meet her openraiser he care and how do i do what i hear you i build one he can how are you and i did know your dad a little this at me in the repose really great oh thank you thank you yes well it is a pleasure to have you on to day and bill will see not we wednesday on liberty essentials were we just beat up everybody out there that stephanotie of the constitution and the god given rights that wants take gestation hospederia is your liberties so you're right cannot be taken they can only be forfeited it is only the curl of the fetal position like what happened with cadono it again absolutely come out some way and stand round oh thank you very much done we'll see you next week thanks to see an next week the care and how you do it all right how are you this morning you and very very wet your sound is just a little that muffled i don't know if you can get a little closer to the microphone or not but better i mean it's just my lap top that is perfect that sounds great wits so nice to me you owe to so karisthti share of the constitution party in our last and she's an author of several different books on the pole operate because i had had them up i was i don't normally do this this way it we're going to do it this way to day carnis written the books quincallera needs the third party now the constitution in years let's see a lesse constitution minute it lalienation girl and you're a contribute new contributed to the faith called at the frontiers then and i was sellalas so it's nice to me you can you can trace the gradulations a ballad access on elasaid's hard one though we hear get help he that's thismake sure you stay close enough for that to the microphone like on hearing place yet that he even inches makes the difference here wherewith tis okay so it was so what we tell you share with everybody about what's going on in the last were it excited because when wisely incorporated or party or state party here and so were we building because it was never fully organized before and it's never been affiliated before and so this week and were hoping to attain affiliation with the national party well be there and i'll be there and i'm very very much looking forward to that will you be there to sweeten no i won't thou can well that one i'll be there celebrated in your sad won't thank you opiniative than that spot i can if you like or would you be able to lend me the hopefully when we're accepted i don't know i i think we can i think we can get little poll for alaska will see how cookiesoh a going to do lightest i think it were going to do as well do some tapping and then maybe release is a little bit later just in in short segments cause it is reallyfond for people to come to the meeting so that they can meet everybody and that work in that sort of thing we can form kind of a little little comrade there i'll i'll see if they'll be okay with me tapping that moment of victory of you guys eliseand i think he will move us forward a more we once we get that established will start working on pushing for registrations oh because of we have five thousand registrations in the state we can become a full party of right now we're just limited party that's awesome not not normative usa which is michigan right now you have to have they told this even to change our name to match the national filiatione thousand signatures oh well yeah they know in your guts have a bigger populations so percentagewise it might be similar yeah well effort rises still you know still probably a war it's with just such a such an over so we just say that you steepers party which toltecans titution party stayed out or started out so what else is one of this happening there of concern now in real interested in your book it's time for a third party now time with her part what else does happen and in a last and how i've got all these questions because any time somebody is a new fellati's really inspiring to see the process well it's really small right now we have seven hundred people ridersthere in the state already we don't have very much activity at all cause it was holdall depart completely so were rebuilding from scratch em or setting up a structure that's precinct by precinct and trying to focus it on to the people we and we going to have to deal more with electronic communication on were so spread out and some of the communities are so small i have a saying here that all roads lead to rome but no roads go to nominate laska which is a fairly good sized city you know ratively speaking for alaska what's fit i don't know the population but it's probably round ten fifteen thousand at most oh my oh so you can only get there by plainer by boat or dog sled cause that's the iditarod race every year the dock side race we have so that's kind o how it is i mean i live in the anchorage is the largest population area with a fair banks and the map so valleys second thoroughly kind of close to close june is way far away i mean it's very hard to get to juno the which is the state capital so i wondered always is this son herothat nobody can get there except or plain are you really can't get to the state capital without doing one or the other and so where i live is in a madness cavaliere as so it's very pretty conservative em i think we'll get some interests have already spoken with one of the state legislators who was a former constituary member and so there's a lot of interest there will see how that goes on john miller's from the area but i have an actually had a chance to meet him yet you know i only lived here since twenty twenty but i then coming up here a lot longer than those very soon well well let's talk about this a your book it's time for now the time for third party think i said it cracky didn't i my america needs up their party now merican have hawes we produce that book for the constitution party sees a ghost so it's probably a bit out dated as far as like party contacts and stuff like that that were included oh but it's a collection of essays that would put together of different people in the constitutionality on trying to remember was in it right now but i garoon t know if you know gary or no of garry we had dug campbell who was out of colorado bob pack out of washington where i used to live and used to be active in the party there and in various other people regard or davis set of georgia and a there all on various topics and solutions like taxation or he again that a drop like we so i wrote one on duverger's law which is this social law that supposedly that means that if their party camp wind but we showed how it could actually when and so it's his various collections of things like that it's unlike said we used to put it out there quite a bit but it probably needs an update by now its parente year since we put that out i think the time is now sense were watching the complete destruction of the republican party yet it's followed part him madly and meshigan that and i think it's really good because people are giles and harder on ferrets that their working together and there not serving with the people and present washington wore toss about this so we went exactly where the founding fathers told us that it was going to go and his unfortunate but i think i think the time is now really for people to start looking there there already looking at new new ideas and going in different directions as what were gives here i think and i think we need to make have people understand and this is kind of the couple but i thought i could i heard from you bell genere there oh is that we need to it's our responsibility as individual person so we need to bring it back to starting with the foundation of are you living liberty do you understand the principles of liberty are you living them in your life are you working on them in your community here we have community counsels better all even if you're on an incorporated area if it's an area they like where i live metal lakes is not a city is not incorporated or anything but it has a community council and that's like that all over a last and even so those are there a lot of things you can do on that level that can help promote the principles of liberty and then once that's establish an think once the people understand and have it in their hearts then they can then they will start affecting the legislature the more and we want to train them how to deal with the legislature how wrong you that how what what is your counsel look like and then how do you how do you work with that counsel to effect the legislature i'm really interested in us on my don't know if we could use the council to effect the legislature individuals on the community councils can do things like here in alaska we need to have food food security because everything comes in by barge there is no train from the lower forty eight to bring anything up so it's truck or barged so we do have the possibility on their are a lot of farms here and last that grow food what would trying to encourage people to grow food in your own yard or wherever lots of green houses around here lots of raised bed gardens cause that's almost the way and lots of fences because the moose bellator food or at an so one of the community councils recently was able to find funding to do an orchard for the area so there be planting in or a fruit orchard so and the words already under way and so that's a thing that it communions can do to help what liberty or principles of liberty is by make helping people understand how to become more independent and their resources and not so reliant on the outside world how did they get in a position in the community councillor they aided in or as they discoloration the volunteers can get into a council or on the council pretty much it was one heroson you're on the council right ther up in your poles to have a voice that it's more like people sitting round talking it's not like there's a formal table where there's a panel of people when audiendis more like let's have a port lock you know in hanging out for a while so that's an they do things like they each area will have so senior housing this particular one where i live has a senior housing her the solid adjacent to a park and hiking trails and gazebos and things like that were the comunity can all come together and so fortheach other and probably more than anywhere else have i seen is the support for local support for helping senors housing and facilities and things like that and that doesn't come from outside that's not a fairly funny thing that would be state and local landed in just a lot of support for people who were up here their whole lives and a different world so it isn't like can just take off and go to another state or something not easily and so they help each other a lot more suggests that the proximity that others sources really forces the communities together to help each other which i think is really beautiful you know and i'm i'm a farm kids so cannot i kind of the same thing as like you know we all know all of our neighbors and in somebody had a tractor of bold those on they go and help so you know somebody down the street and i know my dad was busy doing that sort of thing all the time so you know a kind of i can understand but i don't understand exactly the proximity issues that you have of course consistentand we don't have moonin the lord oneoneoneone one came through our yard the other day is i don't know what he was running from there's a lot of dogs and round her and sisily he didn't like them barking a heteneste and hanotin and seen him dry i've seen i've been in downtown anchorage which is partly that an hour's drive away from here and a stainless jogging along the traffic on his one sidewalk so others funny yet we once in at once in a while i have a bearer that'll be down here but usually you are to the you know the offer you have to go to north michigan in order to assedisse that type of wild life except we do have we we get him round here usneaceae got a lot of coyotes and deer here and sing so don't you have croisade well we have wolvesthere have and round where i live there is no caribou but there are massive herds of care of me more north and also muskox but mostly there has been wolfhezen around here there is the bar once a while but i've not seen one in housing areas in all when i've been out on a river or up in allegabant closer than that yet we have we have kidwells here and a sow the wolves on the coyotes breathed and you'll see have read which is really crazy i was out on ivories so out in the woods and atennonteron we came up on a i don't know exactly what they were but it was you could smell him a long long ways way it almost looked like a man wolf which is is i believe it's more canadian but it wasn't a wolf it wasn't a coyote so it could have been some weird breed to wall or something like that might my guess is that it was man wolf which is canadianshow somehow they find their way you know is always a surprise what special challenge is besides creeling the idea the community counsel i think it's great of what other other big issues do you have up in a last was the political climate up there and what negosshes for the revival of the constitution party in the last was there with the gold furs their fools this get meeting started get rig get the cresting sword and has no just one person all you are is just one person in that pressing year just as local as you can get and sometimes some communities are whole pre saint just by themselves and aselli in the larger are of more one and this kind on work on the organization and training and building a network people and helping them understand how they can actually take positive action oh from wherever they are and be inclosed inclusive in the sense that you know we focus on the madness cavalli on anchorage on and maybe fairbanks that's where our chairman is now going to be living or lehash up there jim climber and so am try to get those larger areas on more organised and but also not in neglect the smaller places everybody can do something even if it's just a right of letter and teach them how to do that sometimes i've noticed over the years that people are afraid to write letters and they just want to send a quick one line a mile but sometimes a letter is better and gets more attention so i want ready get them into that idea in more mad from that i will develop that i probably work with i plan on working with the state legislator to trina i her out what is the best and easiest way to do that and as for as issues we always have a natural resource issue here balanced between preservation and on exploitation if you want to call it or use of the resources on the permanent fund demadent dividend is an amount of money that each resident of the state of alaska receives each year is sure it's thirteen hundred dollars per person other years it's been up to five thousand dollars per person and that is based on the amount of income generated for the state from one say like oil leases i think it's world yet i can i've been watching that for years and it's like i don't know why we've got nicely down here and meshigan and they they for two hundred fifty dollar permit they have hauled millions and millions of gallons of water off of this state the people of the state of michigan should be getting as in giving a payment or sidon from that this in that we're just there just walking off with the resources that we all ray and that also finds our state budget so the people we don't have a state income tax there is no state sales tax the only sails tax exists within the nicipal ties like as solo or a or an chichesterit was so and i believe palmer whittier couple others on the business i work out we when we do service there we after no charge tax or that and the the very few communities have even assails tax in their area the want of pity think about this because this is the way michigan i've said it for a long time this is the way michigan should be run out property tax is is a legal it's a lease and income taxes only there's there's a very limited way to actually taxes and income tax and that's not on the people that's on businesses are commerce as a camisole don't kneel charge income tax and shouldn't you it's it's not it's not constitutional to be able to charge individuals income tax it they do it any way nobody stops the what am i agreed on in anchorage the property tax is so high it's unreal i don't know any one can afford it at all really they can't in fact there's a crisis right now starting up for going housing being so expensive and the property taxes or so high and cities like anchorage but yet in massilla which has structure and everything that needs to be paid for just like anchorage oh they charge us sales tax but their projects is then way way much lower like nine thousand four house like mine two hundred thousand dollar house and was teloogoo be paying around thirteen hundred and for property tacks whereas it might be nine thousand dollars a year in acridinic is high how do they justify that oh anchorage is actually very liver also choose your just aprehensions your money law norins in londoniensem hy laundering into into issues that if for pertected ascites yes and you wonder why where it goes or what happens because they have a big scandal every winter with the snow removal i mean you can have mountains of snow and tomorpeth lots all over the place wherever there's an open spot but yet the roads are almost no pet not passable because they don't they have to call it off and dump trucks but they never seem to budge it enough the snow off the streets so it's a pretty much as scandal in that regard they say their hopeful this sheer will be better you know we don't go to anchorage in the winter very often how much now do you get a year where you're at a quite a bad i mean so my yard with probably three through feet deep most the winner last year an it'll be idle star we already had our first dusting of snow and the mountains have what we call termination does that's when you know that i know summer well there was a bit o that may be made to seventy degrees two days is over and it's coming so follows very sure we baldy had snow on the ground here it won't stay until probably the end on november alcoholis califony his were i am avowed or twenty five miles from lake michigan in lanigan it were has so much like effects snow the tottell give you the weather for the state of michigan and is like hold on her maniocan actorthe lake affect areas like here in offload husband h is for iowa and i told him i said i said when you come to michigan even though we're about the same latitude we at nolanda lot more than you get in iowa if he was like a sure you do and then he can't comes over the first winter and i've got like five feet of snow on either side of my drive we helouan kiddin where he hasn't no i'm not kitwater like of fact where you don't see the sky at all and it's the big reliefless i think that we're the second darkest state in the nation and i think castesthe recognized that the messages must cosmic cold for them yes it is too long it costs so we get a little bed moderation on the weather currents yet we we do not and if the the lake is really really effects or weather just incredibly and selling but even in the summer the summer you go to lake michigan the temperature will drop ten degrees from where i am and in the winter time it's it's a going to be is going to be a little bit warmer for a little while but once it freezes and now you know you have the big chunks so you know you have the big things ice alter it's gold sessionfaith winter time or as consistent ocasin he elastreon as wotan the night it but we can focus on different things that we can do in the words rather than outdoors and organizing of the party and tried to help reaching getting some failings out and just working on building holding a structure and i think if we have a good structure built then we will have people interested if we we look like we know what we're doing now people might be more interested to sheer m we have marythere as a federal con congress representative inches the first native person woman to serve in that position a however politics here can be very questionable one on how it how people are elected or chosen as you say oh joe miller experienced that first hand with his mercosur a few years ago he won in the prim at republican primary against leamer cowsky whose senator from here now and then that she did a massive writing campaign it because her name was so difficult for people to spell she i remember it being a huge thing my kids might some of my for my children live up here and so i've been coming up for quite a while and i watched this happen how he lost in the in the general to a right in campaign because they really did not want they really wanted least of mere cask the powers that be and as we see how can things vote in congress eminent laska's far away as we seemed to be from the halls of congress and major politics we still have corruption and manipulation i don't eruption as the is that of active human nature following human nature and people will go is just like panopides will go to work children are people who will victimize the system will go where they see a flower weakness in a system and whole system is slowtheth nk it lends itself to corruption no matter where you are and you can see how it is very again with her and maybe that's the right word where you have this one group that only appeals to the one group i like people and they forget about everyone else so their own honoris yeah they're only looking for it the voters that are in their category of person similar to them socioeconomic lies or whatever and they forget about every one else unless they want to use them for something and i've seen that happen wait a bit then they will talk the talk to the common average person the rest of the time there only trying to peel to and in this case i'm thinking of the precentor and general up here there appealing not to liberty issues not to the constitution by money in a money going after money sometimes we have politicians people coming up here from out a state and running for office you know the love of pereforest or a time in and immediately they were running for office and you know i've heard oenothere to this first and come from who sat in northnearly so it's it's been interesting to watch how that place out and now we have ranked choice voting a per how there are or oh that's an no one likes it no one on the common people like it shall we say not much they thought that it wouldn't work i mean it was appealing that oh we get to then have a better word times we can choose the candidate that we want that's not exactly how it turned out and if you counted him different for instance a ballad access news put an article out about how rank choice voting verses mary petella verses nick beggetch that ran a for that office for state wrapped and had the numbers dispen counted slightly different then nick baggage would have won and not mary pelt tolla so it's leven till very manipulative in just the moth of the counting he just changed her your algorithm slightly and no other outcome what happened and that makes it conoscere that's not like one person one food it's this this this is just how we're going to miss just changed a bit of the formula i again on itself to more corruption i think that endearing are you guys usin the machines of there no see paper ballots heathery do your paper ballot you put it in the counter and that's that now that's machine that you seen towning it that's tethion titution all by itself because he supposed to be able to vote in private but it has some counted in public soon as that belt leaves your hands it's in private and not there's no countability so they can flip things anyway that they want you to i had a gentleman on here who testified in front congress it was really really very interesting he actually wrote an algorithm or hneiconto i think i got it right is concernsand he wrote the allgrethe asked him and in florida to write an algorithm to show how they could manipulate or cheat the vote and so he thought they were doing it in order to show what to look for in an outlet wasn't it so he said we yelled this is what it is in the said we want it we he said if you want if you're looking for you know somebody to do this they said no but it's not what there that wasn't what they were easy they were looking for us at invoicin yes i'm the i believe that they had a vote in the mat they had was so aromtico soul and there was big controversy about banning electromotive i believe that for minisection they banded that's what i believe that they did that's just for the city elections not for the borough we don't have counties here we have boroughs and i believe her the brolettos it still i i you paper and you put in machine i did give you a receipt they did give you receive and send were you a wasp he's got a cruel so so her's a question so how can people how can we help you i'll fenlason for what do you need for petypanel can they get in touch with you how can they help you and i don't know that you know if you know some one in alaska than have him contact as contact us through our website at alaska sheep though or or in fo at alaska p do work those are the two ways that even get hold of us there more website is up and running i've been testing it a lot and the last week or so but it seems to be okay it's not for fictile and a tax sir you see if i can call it polite up here a man have alaska see p door i have trouble getting up with google and being they seem to put it low in the last when we tried different one here it and get and to actually like add millie three different browsers on my computer i usually use edge don't want none take it there either alaska teachingat or yes they got ill last you say they've got his weary out asked what i found me i stared i sol type in alaska constant ishorty and see what he is got face back there yes face book there is an older page there that has our name on it but it's not us any more and we've tried to get the person to change the name why he's a no he doesn't contact his back i may have to go through face book to do take care of that is so why yes they not footing up with them with it at all i have not seen it come up here but to do it as book package so the cat pakehas well that page is not good so just try to be i jaborandi see if that hopes let's try that will try something different here we endeavor to persevere it didn't do this in the beginning it just started to his oh pat o ka got it forded at eel but search engine after ization half in to hear i think heathwort on the right solenoid the last sea jump on a healthyand see if we can often mis her side a little bet the log was designed by my son in law it was strong in some for also as this collision a lot of work on this said he truly have have a don't you i don't at button an election self governance media contact it's all still rely bacchile we'll get more i go well this awesome you know if it's great to see we don't we don't have to know wooooood something and to kit to make a difference you know and to start somewhere you got you got to start somewhere so this fantastic and got a lot john the looking forward to what you're going to do from here so that's that sounds exciting so with that seiscentisto talk of her otherwise he was in the plan i no i think we're goin to they cleared dear haven't le foghting on much for caron iowell at all coincide cides step forward to do something to return her motion to what you intended it to be yet to us as a great book and it requires some maintenance and i think worth the maintenance part of it and thank you for every single person who has decided to step forward and break break the the the normal way we do politics which just is not working and try to help help restores nation or what worked which is going back to the constitution and with the founding fathers had intended to be an we know that they lived through this tyranny that tyrian it were living through right now is the same tigranes so they had some experience on how to move forward in and break that bondage to the crown and were in need to do that i think again and the biggest thing is we want to bring this nation back under you as one nation under you division your orders is your sand box and we're willing to play by your rules because you are the yourfather god almighty and were so thankful that you can give chosen to come and walk with us to lead us through our lives as we follow you and we turn our hearts swords you we thank you for love and the people in our lives and are bilittera ask for your kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven we are so thankful that you are friends we ask your blessings on president we ask your blessing sidheoges and general finally one in every one who desires to see your purpose is being achieved and worked on here we're just think reach every one let her know how important they are that the important you that you love very much and that all he could do his turn to you and you'll give the answers to all these things in their lives that their struggling for you are great friends sandown to be friend to you and we just well let you we love you in the name of jesus christ we pray sassenay out there god bless you every one that's listening we love you others many people that are other fighting for you they're fighting for this nation don't feel like your along because you're not there'stoo here who are doing stuff so any onguess you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america make it great day starts here metallogenic educated and being willing to do those things that you don't think that you can do you you may get called at some point and i like to do things that you could never imagine on what to kagoshima whatever you called you for he will acquit you to that jones don't let her overtake you dive in run towards the fire and make it make a real difference in your daily life to stand the lindencron went on the broadcast and we will see it to our were going to teck time to morrow and care in the river is and then after that it'll be i'll be off on the road to the constitution parmeating which is october twenty and twenty one an you go to the constitution of party i for the national constitution party you'll be able to see his general fleda's or are kenspeckle there which i look forward to i consider him a very i justamere him so much and he is a good one good friend to all of us in this nation and deserves our respect he's he's an amazing individual so i look forward seen him again he's a friend of mine and i just wish all of you wonderful day to day and will see to morrow