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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/25/2024 Karen the Riveter and Ralph the IT Guy

Published Jan. 25, 2024, 9:04 a.m.

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Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and it's the 25th day of January 2024. And glad to be back. Got to tell everybody, it was kind of a crazy, crazy week for myself and my family. And I thought I'd talk about it a little bit this morning. But in the meantime, let's bring on my very special buddies, Karen the Riveter and Ralph the IT guy with a new avatar. That's kind of cool. That's about that's about accurate right there. Good morning. The typing scene from that movie, I've heard my typing described like that. It is. I'm not kidding you. This is Ralph. It's like you got keyboard clicks everywhere and it's like, I could never work right next to you. It would drive me up the wall with all the, you've never seen anybody that can type as fast as Ralph. It's crazy. I've had a little bit of practice. I would say so. I tend to use very loud keyboards because it actually kind of helps if you're typing a lot. Having a mechanical clicky keyboard helps a lot because you don't have to bottom out the keys to make sure that you've hit them. You've got both tactile feedback as well as audio feedback. So you don't actually have to press the keys all the way down like you would on a normal keyboard. So you don't have all the shock force on your fingers. And yeah, over time, it actually does help your hands if you're typing a lot. Well, you know, that's how they started all of us out with typing when we were in high school. I took typing in high school and shorthand. I had Greg shorthand because I'm old. I'm very old. And yeah, they started us all out on manual keyboard because they wanted to strengthen our fingers. So you had to have like, I think, a year of typing on manual keyboards, which, you know, a manual keyboard before you could go to the electric typewriters. And man, that was an upgrade when you got over there. You could really fly once you were on the electric, the electric keyboards. I don't think we had electric in my first class. We were old school. That surprises me that you had that because we just had this, you know, tick, tick, tick, ding, everywhere in the room. And I still remember my teacher's name was Mrs. Robinson, like the movie. You know what? That's what we had. We had to have the manual ones, the ones that were the, you know, non-assist. You had to push keys down for a whole year where they would allow you to touch an electric keyboard. which it's a smart way to go. I mean, you need to have the, you need to train for, you really need to train for any job you have in my opinion. So anyhow, well, I'm glad to be back guys. I really missed, I really missed being here and talking to everybody today. And I came, I came back to my son who likes to create things. I got to show you, cause I got, I got my toys here. Okay. So we have added to the toy collection. Okay. There's Pepe. There you go, Pepe. We love you Pepe. To all the Pepes out there, we love you, Pepes. And then we added to this because he wanted to make sure you had an avatar, you know, so he could see you, which is kind of cool. Okay, so I think this is cute. Unlike Pepe, you have pants on. Nice little, you know. Here's Pepe the thinker with his little beanie. Were you about to say I have a nice little butt? No, because I can't see it because you have jeans on and I wouldn't look at your butt anyway because, you know. I'm seeing the Riveter statue that you got in your hand. Yeah, no. So anyhow, anyhow, now this is the next thing that my son did. So you can have now, now Karen can have heart hands. So now. We have actual, our action figures here. We've got regular Karen eating a sandwich and heart hands, Karen. She loves you. She has no hands. And I'm the only one with hands here. Now, Karen, you actually have hands. So that was a happy thing. And then we went to, of course, my little, my little award for, for morons out there or people of excellence I'll I'd say that if I gave that to any any of my buddies out there they would think that was the coolest thing in the whole world they'd be like oh man I want one of these in fact we've got a call that we're on um on Friday nights and uh it's it's probably everybody most of the people that y'all have heard about out there like uh Brian Cates Beer at the parade. There's most of the people you hear out there that are influencers or anons are on this call. And it's a lot of fun. So that's kind of fun. So anyhow, I get surprised. When I got home, I got surprised by another, yet another toy that honors one of my heroes here. the rightful president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump. And now we've got all of a sudden here, I put it here, we've got President Trump on Mount Rushmore. So here's the prototype for all you people out there that want to add the greatest president in the history of the United States. Right there, the man, the myth, the legend, President Donald J. Trump. And I wish I had my sound effects on right now. So now we added him. If they haven't added him to Mount Rushmore, we got the job done. President Trump is now on Mount Rushmore right here. You heard it first on Brandon Berger's network right there. There he is. There you go. So anyhow, I thought that was pretty fun. Got to have a sense of humor when things are going to hell, right? So, so, I got so many messages from all of my supporters out there and people I didn't even know were really listening because I really didn't put anything out there publicly, not too much. So clearly I have people that are making sure that I'm okay out there and I want to thank everybody for that because it was kind of a rough week, I'm going to tell you. So my husband calls me on Sunday and he's like, yeah, he's like, I just drove myself to the hospital. He's out in another state working. And he's like, yeah, I just drove myself to the hospital. He goes, I don't know what's going on here. He said, I've got complete numbness on the left half of my body, down my arm, can't feel anything. And I can't move my arm. I can't move my arm. I can't. He said, it's just like somebody split me right down the side of my face and the left side of my face is just gone. And I'm like, Okay. So he said he was in the hospital and it was shortly thereafter that they moved him from the small hospital to a larger hospital to check to see if he had had a stroke or heart attack, because that would be the logical thing to think, right? Can't Can't really walk. He couldn't walk. He couldn't really get his arm up. I mean, he was in pretty bad shape. So I, of course, packed all my stuff up, threw everything in the car in a mad flurry to get out the door. and drove out to the hospital. And he got there to the hospital where they transported him. One of our daughters was there with him, which was a good thing. And thank you so much to her. And she's wonderful, by the way. She's wonderful. So we get in there and they had done a CAT scan on him. They did an EKG on him. They checked his heart out. They did an MRI on him. nothing. I find it nothing. And, uh, so finally we had this doctor that came in, came in who I believe is a total and complete angel. I'm not kidding you. Um, this, this man was absolutely unbelievable. I wish he were practicing out, but he only works for the hospital as a neurologist. Cause, cause my husband was in the neurology department and he came in and he, he was, he was kind of funny too. I mean, he was really, he was funny, but he was, he was, um, absolutely wonderful. And he said, you know, he said, I've had something like this before. And he said, I really think that this is a viral attack on your nerves. Because my husband had a, he had like a cold for, you know, a cold or a virus. I'm not going to say the COVID name because none of us believe in that crap anyway. So he had a cold or he had something going on for about a week or so. And he was pretty, he was pretty sick from it. I'm not going to, I'm Yeah, so apparently it was some sort of a viral attack and it was enough to make him kind of collapse. So he'd sit up on the bed for a while and all of a sudden get dizzy and boom, he's like right back. At one point in time, he was sitting in the chair and it was kind of on and off. It was really weird. It was on and off and my daughter or our daughter was sitting there. And he said, he's like, I got to lay down right now. So we each grabbed an arm as he tried to get back into bed. And his left leg wasn't, wasn't, you know, all, all together there. And so, so, I mean, it was, it was, it was just kind of weird and he had trouble swallowing the whole 10 yards. So he's, he's doing a little better. We drove, we drove back. Well, I drove back and he passed in yesterday. I'm like, you're not driving. You're not driving. I'm sorry. Not happening. It's like, this is, this is where you, you know, this is where it's like you get the hell no card from Donna Brandenburg, your wife. And so we got in the car and drove back. I'm glad I drove because he was struggling a little bit on the way back home. And he's just got to rest. And I think there's going to be a time to, I'm going to tell everybody at some point in time, some of my health history, because I, in fact, years ago got diagnosed with something that they said was incurable. And I went off the grid. and decided to do things my own way. It turns out it is curable, but you got to be willing to not be afraid and not always listen to what we know now are not so accurate, not so to be revered, not so to be worshiped. Big Pharma and medical monster that's out there wants to tell us to do. And the story is really funny. It actually shows my personality, my stubborn personality, my stubbornness, and just saying, yeah, okay, you guys got no plans here. So I guess I'll just be making my own plan and works out pretty well. It's a good story. But at any rate, I'm going to show you what popped up this morning. I would have a lot more faith in a lot of the medical stuff if there wasn't such an incredible profit motive in treatments right now. We've gone from, we used to do pure research where government funded stuff was for the public benefit. And anymore, so many of the government grants for research are not being treated as a public benefit. resource they're getting privatized by the universities and by the companies that the grants are going to who are taking out patents on stuff that we all paid for yep I have a big problem with that and you know pure science is different than applied science pure science is a beautiful thing but boy some of the applied science that we've got right now that that's one of the reasons why I have uh That's one of the reasons why I have a whole lot of suspicions about a lot of the stuff that gets published nowadays is because who's funding it and who's making money off of it once it's done? Exactly. And you go back to the Republican candidate who should never have been stepped in. We're going to go there, too, with what's happening with the Republican Party right now, because I'm taking a lot of hits for exposing things with Christina Caramo. So we are going to go there today, guys. We're going to go there. So at any rate, you look at how many people, including Tudor Dixon, were pushing this public-private partnership crap. All this is about is for the government, which is a bunch of little mouse brain idiots who can't make money on their own. So they've got to find ways to grift, steal money, launder. Let's just name all of them right to actually approach and give grants and such to the private sector so they can kind of own it, so they can kind of kind of have a say in the direction of which way it's going to go. Private public partnerships are nothing more than a way to steal money. our taxpayer money. And that's what it is. That is what it is. It's basically forcing the public to give money to corporations under penalty of imprisonment, you know, because that's basically all it is. When you get into, when the taxes are going to it, it's you're forced to pay companies through the government to under threat of imprisonment. With no benefit. And then they copyright or patent all of this technology that you paid for, that we paid for, right? They patent it. So now we have to pay for it again. This is insanity. Well, it's not insanity. The criminals sitting in the seats know exactly what they're doing. And you know what? And this guy was not one of them. Not guilty. Not guilty. This guy was not guilty. The rest of them, you know, not on Rushmore per se, but the ones that are sitting there now, guilty. And I mean really guilty. And in what universe should the government be taking out patents itself on things? Right. You know, I mean, we've looked at some of those patents in previous shows that are held by governmental agencies. Yeah. How can this even be possible? Yeah. Yeah. Because nobody said no. I'm a big fan of if any research takes any taxpayer funded money, then it should not be protectable. And it should be something that any publication based on that needs to be publicly available without cost so that all of this research that we're funding actually becomes open. We're paying for it. We should get the benefit. I agree. I agree with that 100%. So here you go. So after talking about my husband's thing, this article comes out on January 25th. The Arctic zombie viruses could be released by climate change from thawing permafrost, some scientists claim. And lo and behold, when you start looking at the, let's see if we can get down here. I think we've got to listen to it. Look at all this crap on Fox. Fox the fraud. Fox fake news Fox. Let's see what we've got here. Let's see if fake news Fox will come up. They're also incredibly aggressive with copyright enforcement. Oh, are they? Yeah. Can we? Can we use genetics to fight cancers? Yep. And also they're not allowing me to share anything on there for whatever reason. So at any rate, we all know what's happening here. Yeah, even though you're supposed to have a fair use exemption for criticism of things. Can't do it because you can't find it. You can't publish it. Can't put it on any other site so they control all of it. Fake Fox News. So there you go. Don't listen to them, guys. Fake News. Total Fake News Fox. That's what we're going to call them from now on. Fake News Fox. So at any rate. I don't know. I think actual foxes are better. That is in fact true. Foxes are cool. As long as they're not going after my chickens. Yeah, there you go. Or you can just change the lettering from O to AU and then you have faux fox. Faux fox. Oh, that's kind of cool. That's cool. I used to do that with faux Biden. Yeah, I got to show you guys something in a minute. So this is kind of cool. So we have been freeze drying. I'm going to tell you what, like crazy people. All right. So here's blueberries. I don't know if you can see them. I'm going to put them on my hand here. Okay. There's blueberries. And these little guys are great. They're like, you know how the marshmallows and the cereals, like, I don't know, Count Chocula. What's another? Lucky Charms. That's kind of what the consistency is. So you got, like, actual fruit blueberry. For everybody that was panicking with my Skittles that I did, I ate two of them. I'm not a sugar eater. But, man, I can eat these things all day long. These are great. Did peaches. did apples, did avocados, have done cheese, have done onions and potatoes and all that kind of stuff. So this whole freeze-drying thing is working out pretty well. I'm just going to tell you that. And this weekend, I did pick up some resealable Mylar bags so that they're not all in Mylar. So that was kind of cool. And one of my sons, the son that likes to do this sort of thing, And give a nod to the rightful president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump. It was getting into the freeze-drying when I was gone and put up some more food while I was eating out here. So now we've got two of us savagely freeze-drying food. So there you go. So let's see what else is going on. So where do we want to go from here today? Because I got, you know, just getting back in the saddle here a little bit. So, you know, backing up a little bit, you talked about CAT scans and MRIs. Yep. So I had, when I was 18, I had cancer. And one of the things with that, they gave me the option of chemo or radiation. And I told them I didn't want to do either of those because it pretty much guarantees that you're going to get a secondary cancer. And like, I think it's 20 to 25 years. And so I didn't want to do either of those. And they said, well, if you want to do that, then you've got to get in and get chest x-rays and blood work and CAT scans and stuff. And I told them, okay, we'll do that then. And so I had to get all of that stuff done, like everything. I think it was every three months for a while, and then it was every six months for a while, and then it was every year for a while. And after a while of doing the CAT scans, I got thinking, boy, this is an awful lot of ionizing radiation. Can you guys do MRIs instead? Because MRIs were actually developed for troubleshooting cancer, for finding, you know, detecting cancer and figuring out where the margins of it are. And so they had to check on that, but then eventually they said, yeah, we can do that. So they switched me over to MRIs. Well, when I started with those, and this is why I bring it up, is there's a strategy for getting MRIs to work well. And it took me a while to figure it out because at the start, it was like probably about an hour and a half for each MRI. And that's part of the reason why they don't do MRIs by default is they take a very long time. CAT scans, you're in and out in a matter of a few minutes. Um, but, uh, MRIs, they take a long time. Well, you go in there and one of the things that it says is, uh, they, they tell you to hold still. Okay. I'm good at following directions. So I'm, I'm holding good and still in there and I'm doing nice, slow controlled breathing to try and have as little movement as possible. Right? Well, after a few of these, they, they took forever after a few of them, um, Partway through one of them, they actually shut the whole thing down, sent one of the lab techs in there, and she came in and asked, are you okay? The machine isn't detecting you breathing. Mm-hmm. And that's when I found out that those machines, what they do with the MRIs is they take a low-resolution scan where it scans because it does the pictures in slices, right? So it does a low-resolution scan very, very frequently, and it watches for your breathing so that it can match up the slices – in your breathing cycle so that they're all in the same position in your breathing cycle so that the slices match up when they put it all together. So it sits there and does a low resolution scan until it hits that point in your breathing cycle. And then it snaps a high resolution picture and then it'll advance a slice, but it'll sit there. If it, it'll sit there watching for you to breathe until it can detect that you're in that same spot. So when I found that out, I'd come out of there hyperventilated, but it'd only take about 20 minutes. Because you can actually listen to the machine. This is one of the kind of advantages of having to get scanned every three months is after a while, you can kind of listen to the machine. You can hear when it's doing the low resolution scans versus the high resolution scans. So you can figure out once you get that figured out, you can figure out where it thinks that point that it needs to take the slices is because you can hear it doing that. So then if you just breathe in just a little bit from there and then breathe out just a little bit from there and go right around that point, man, you fly through an MRI. So if you need to get an MRI, there's the strategy for you. And I'm clear to cancer now. I got through it just fine. Doctors are like, we really don't know what's wrong with you, Ralph, but Somehow the machine likes you. We don't get it. Continuous process improvement. That's what it is. That's what it is. Hey, you just got to learn to, you know, we've talked about learning to speak chicken. You got to learn to speak MRI. That's right. Understand the equipment and then just go with it. Okay. So we're going to go into this, this thing. You guys have seen this bunch of nonsense out there. And I'm going to say, I'm going to call it as nonsense right now. Okay. And the reason being is I think it's kind of cool. All right. I really do think it's kind of cool for people to show up and do this sort of thing and support and secure the boards. But I've got some concerns here that I think we need to talk about. Big, big concerns at this point in time, because how many states now have sent National Guard down there? Do you guys know? I don't know if they've sent them. Like recently, if they've sent them or they're just talking about it. I don't know for sure. Florida, I want to say Arkansas, California. Certainly not Michigan's not going to do it. Michigan is the destination hotspot for all of these people to jump into the state and then go out through our border because we are a border state. So that's the entrance point. We're the exit point right here. And so this is a problem. But when I look at this, I've got some concerns, and I'll tell you why. This smells like feds all over it, in my opinion. And the reason being is it's like time for we the people. They've got we the people. They've got a picture of Jesus on a truck at the top. So we're going to make sure we have all the marketing points on this that you can possibly have. And we've got a really nice staged photo there with people holding arms where the border wall has been cut. So we're going to turn ourselves into superheroes and that sort of thing. I'm not saying that there's anything necessarily wrong with us guys, but there wasn't anything wrong with J6 either. And this is a very much something that gets into an emotional response by people. And the other problem that I have with this is that, you know, they're even calling all truckers, bikers, law enforcement, veterans, military elected officials, business owners, ranchers, and freedom loving Americans. Well, that's great. And I, I, I applaud everyone for standing up for what they're doing. My big concern on this is that this looks like such an easy thing for the feds to set up again to be an entrapment scheme of Americans. That's not even funny. We have other states that are sending their National Guard down there in a military organized manner. And I don't think it's necessarily though it can happen. And what they're doing with the farmers is a great idea of what's happening, what's happening in like say Germany, France and Netherlands and such and what they've done. I think it's great. I think what they're doing there is great. I like the trucker thing. I was, I really thought this is a great thing. However, we're talking a situation where people are, um, I think I think this could be something that could be a flash, a flashpoint of triggering some really bad behavior. And I would say that that right now we should be we should be absolutely encouraging the National Guard, the the the military, you know, a military type. organization to go after this and they've got like hey we've got three events go to eagle pass go to tucson go to san diego show up there you know february 3rd and and uh they're rally locations now so now these are rally locations in the very places where my illegal immigrants War-mongering men are, right? With guns. That's great. Are you going to go down there and start a single war all by yourself? Good luck with that. Without any organization, it's like anything, guys. I really think that the best way to handle this is, first of all, our elected officials are not doing their jobs. They're absolutely not doing the job. The military, in my opinion, needs to step in. And the National Guard is a great, that's a great first step in getting things moving. But all I got to say is, hey guys out there, and I know that there's some of you listening to me, it's time. It's absolutely time to throw it down and take this nation back. It is your duty to protect us. It's our duty also to stand and put good people in place, which brings me to another subject. I have a fair amount of concern right now over what I'm seeing in the Republican Party. Because, again, I'm getting attacked for saying something about Christina Caramo being, you know, having... being removed and the necessity to remove her, which I stand by. She needed to be removed. You don't just stop dealing with problems just because it's difficult. And she needed to be removed. But what I'm getting right now is it's Brandenburg's fault that she was removed. Okay, that's actually come up. Okay, well, good. Blame me for that because it was the right decision. I'm sorry, but it was the right decision. But putting putting somebody in place and I'm not going to I'm not going to beat on Pete Hoekstra too much here. However, I think that this needs to be brought up because and I will I will give anyone a chance to, in fact. Answer a question if we made a mistake. And he can say, yeah, I made some bad decisions here, and I'm sorry, such as that Robert F. Kennedy did. And I heard him. It was a heartfelt apology on the border and admitting that they created one of the greatest humanitarian crises in the history of the United States. So now, though, I want you to realize this, that now the RNC, headed up by worthless Ronna Romney, who should have immediately called for DeWittless' removal, but he got out of there quicker. But it would have been smarter for her to say, Don, you just bribed Carrie Lake to step out of a... to step out of a Senate race. Well, he was smart enough to step down, but there should have been a condemnation letter from this and a promise that he will never again serve in any position of power in the Republic. No, nothing. Crickets. It's crickets. Watch this guy reincarnate like a game of Mario Kart and come back in another form. It's going to happen. What's that? I'm agreeing with you. I noticed too that it was fast, but I mean, whatever happened with Pete Pete Hoekstra. One of my followers agreed with me. I completely missed his bringing brought in his chair. If you're not following the GOP really closely, you're going to miss every move they make because there's so much of a mess going on. It's a mess. They removed Christina and they're going, no, she was removed. Yes, she was removed. No, she wasn't removed. I'll never leave and that kind of thing. It's like a mad scientist at this point in time. So anyhow, she needed to be removed. She had to be removed for failure, for failure and for the lack of transparency. Let's all be trans now, guys, but we're going to be transparent. Give a little shout out to Ivan, my buddy, Ivan Raiklin. I love Ivan. So anyhow, there was a letter that was put out by the council's office for the Republican National Committee and said, basically, it looks like it's kind of like an apologetic letter from a little girl. Oh, my. It kind of looks like they removed her and it was legally done. It kind of looks that way. But. They're not going to acknowledge Pete Hoekstra either. Mm-hmm. And because they are... Their argument is in case more information comes out. Mm-hmm. Okay? So they've completely... neutered stopped any input from michigan from oh I don't know let's just say uh the new labels of trying to uh trying to mislead grassroots I completely disregard that right now because most of the grassroots groups that I saw when I was running for governor and I called mary flynn on this and said I got this thing figured out most these grassroots groups are being run by the same people that destroyed the tea party they're deep staters and she was like yep looks that way, doesn't it? I'm like, it sure looks that way. So I'm not saying all, but I'm saying a large majority of them. So, you know, that green indoor, outdoor carpet stuff. AstroTurf. Yeah. Well, AstroTurf anymore is a little better quality than that. I'm talking, you know, the old style plastic green stuff that's designed to kind of look like grass, but be as cheap as possible. Yep. Just as real as the roots of that stuff. Yeah. Yeah. I guess I got, I want to clarify. I can't say that she necessarily agreed, but she was just like, huh? Yeah. Like she was listening. Okay. Um, that was for Mary Flynn. Not, not don't take it as agreement. Take it as a, huh? Yeah. You know, like she's listening. So at any rate, we're going to go back to this whole nonsense. So now hook, straw, And Caramo, they could both go. They can they could both show up. But but nobody can participate. So I'm going to read my post. It's like, well, the ineffective, neutered, worthless RNC decided that Caramo was properly removed. Good decision. OK, good decision made there. However, will now not allow anyone in Michigan, the Michigan party to participate. This is pure obstruction and gutless stupidity. Once again, from the RNC. So we'll just say RNC, DNC, doesn't matter. They're all the same. Throw them in a bag, you know, empty it on the table. You got the same organization all working together. Hey, that reminds me, the taxpayers party meeting is this weekend, is it not? It is, and we can bring that up. So awesome thing to remind because we do have alternatives and we should have many alternatives. We should either abolish all political parties or, or have as many of them as people want to make out there so that there's true choice. Let's just say that a few people from a neighborhood decide they want to get together and put together an organization. Well, we're going to stop this obstructionist crap that's happening at the Board of Elections, which is basically there to make sure that either a Democrat or Republican or both, because they're the same thing, gets in, but that we have no choice. It's all selection. But we should either have lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of parties and no funding going into this. In fact, I heard I heard a really good way to do it. I believe England does it. The way England does it is everybody's taxed like five dollars for election type processes. And which I don't know why we need to do that at a 70% tax rate right now. I think we just get rid of all this nonsense and we'd have plenty of money to do this and have the money returned to we the people, right? So it's all a bunch of crap. All of it, all of it's crap. But anyhow, listen to this and take that money and put it in a fund that is split between everyone. And anybody that wants to run split it between whoever wants to run by a certain date. You got to say you're going to say you're going to run. And that's all the money that you have. That is it. See how good they are with managing their money or or putting sheer effort in this. I think it's a great idea. And we're going to test them, test them in the run. There's no tests. There's no tests that are meaningful at all. So we test them and see what they can do. So anyhow. We just have all candidates take a U.S. citizenship test. That should be part of it. Let's see how well they know the job that they're applying for. Is it just can you debate? What a dumb question. That is such a stupid test to see if somebody can be in office because we're going to debate. What's that mean? Well, when I saw Whitmer and Dixon doing all it was is a freaking cat fight. and to tear each other down. There was nothing. And so we say, oh yeah, well, Dixon won this one or Whitmer. No, they didn't. Neither one of them won. They were both stupid in these debates and they didn't talk about anything meaningful. They just tried to see who could be, who could tear each other down the most, but there was nothing meaningful talked about in any of these debates. And it's a dumb metric anyway, just because you can debate doesn't mean that you have management skills. That's it. So it should. On top of it, the the entire conversation gets steered by whoever's asking the questions. Yes. Yes. They're all rigged. I was President Trump did the right thing by just saying, yeah, we're done with this. This is stupid because once again, they're not. There's a lot of things, too, that that even if they weren't rigged, that even if the debate questions weren't rigged, you're still limiting the topics of conversation to only those that the moderator wants. Exactly. And there's a lot of issues out there and limiting people to only talking about the most contentious or anything like that. Yeah. You're eliminating a lot of the actual problem solving that needs to happen at deeper levels than all of the surfacy level that everybody likes to talk about in news bites. Well, it's like you guys saw the disaster, that one disaster interview that I did that I was like, I'm so done with this. You know, you need to take my survey. No, I don't. And then all the questions, they were like, they were like three pronged questions. As I said, I'm like, well, your questions are stupid. And it's like these questions are stupid because if I answer one, I can't answer a pure question because you've got three rolled into one. So there's no way to answer any of these questions without either contradicting myself or not having a full answer. So if you want an essay, I'll give you an essay on each question and tell you why this part of the question is stupid. I agree with that one, and I disagree with this part of it. A Morton's Fork. Yes, and it was like, well, just answer yes or no, and I'm like, I refuse to do it. I'm like, I'm not going to answer yes or no. Your survey is stupid, and it's just meant to be divisive. So anyhow, let's go back to this whole thing on and why Donna Brandenburg is now getting attacked again on this because nobody wants to get rid of anyone who is failing or hold them accountable because we got the cult of personality going on out there, people. And, you know, God forbid, should we actually make a decision that was going to go anywhere and find somebody good to replace them? No, no, no, that's not it. We just go from one cult personality to the other. So at any rate, I have a problem with anybody that's been in office for a long period of time. The rest of my post here was... OK, so it's a pure obstruction by the by the RNC. Hookster was voted in. Not my choice. Not liking the deep state Bush job connection there. But intelligent life doesn't appear strong in politics in Michigan. So now the RNC won't let anything labeled Republican in Michigan have any voice or be representative in case in case more information comes out. OK, so we do nothing now. Now we're going to all do nothing because we're afraid that more information is going to come out. So we're just going to sit here on our little log like a turtle and do nothing. On the other hand, the implication is that there is some information there that they probably know about. Good point. True story. That should come out. So my point on this was run away, quick, quick, quick, true Republicans, my little Republicans out there that are true Republicans, such as Donna Brandenburg, who Christina Cromwell said is not a true Republican. Okay. Run away, my true Republicans. You're getting screwed right now, big time. And you're getting screwed by your party. So anyhow, not a fan of violating the Constitution. We're the Patriots. And I'm going to go in and talk about. Yeah, go ahead. I wanted to say that my response to the GOP thing was in part, the delegates, when they got in, a lot of them were like me when I became a delegate. So you're begged to come in. We have all these empty seats. We need you. We need to represent the people. This is the grassroots effort, and we can control everything. Baloney. No, you can't. Because now you don't have any say. You may have had a say with Karamo. That's what the national level was saying, that that was the lawful, legal answer based on their bylaws and so on. If that's correct, then the delegates who voted against Karamo to unseat her were in the right and did the proper process for that. But how many were there? From the whole state. Who participated in that. So now you've got the national level telling all of the delegates in the state of Michigan what's what. You all lost your power to a higher authority. Is that how you wanted your party to work? Is that what they told you was going to work? That's true. Nope. It's all centralized. The whole thing is centralized. And I want everybody out there to think about this. We've got, what, somewhere between 10 and 11 million people in the state of Michigan. There were about 100 people showing up at each of these meetings, max. And they're determining who you get to vote for. That's it. And it's going to be people that are in their little club rather than let's look at let's look at the resumes. Let's see what we have out there. What do we what what do we want done? What do the people want? They did the exact opposite. And you're right. Having a top down dictate like that is really the opposite of how a republic is supposed to work. Yeah. Republics are supposed to be bottom up. Now, everybody's got this idea that the incumbent president should naturally run again as long as he's qualified. So, of course, Biden is going to run again. It doesn't matter that he's an incompetent old man and et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And he's a criminal and all that other stuff. That doesn't matter. The only thing that seems to matter is that he's incumbent and he has another term constitutionally. If if that were to apply to a CEO. But anyway, the Democrat Party is not giving the Democrats another option. In some states they are. But in other states, they don't even ask the delegates. They're saying, well, Biden's our guy. Everybody has to vote for him. And so what are they doing? They're, they're voting for Nikki Haley because they're so desperate because they know that Biden can't win. 70% of that. I read somewhere. She got 70% of the new Republican votes. voters went to Nikki Haley because they're all Democrats. There's no reason to vote in a Democrat party. They just come over and they're picking the Republicans now, which not, they're not Republicans anyway, you know, not, not a chance. So anyhow, so let's take a look at, at Pete Hookster because I, I, I'm like you said, guys, I'm a little concerned here that we're. To that point too. I think it, this is going back a while, but, The Democrat Party has the same kind of problem because you look at 2016. Hillary shouldn't have gotten the nomination. You know, if they actually went with the voice of the people rather than the superdelegates, this was reported all over in the news at the time. You didn't even have to follow it terribly carefully. You know, the Democrats, the superdelegates pretty much pick all of it. Well, neither should the Kenyan. The Kenyan shouldn't have gotten in either. And so this isn't just a one party issue. This is both sides have taken away the voice of the people. Yeah. So so let's go back. Let's go back to Pete Hoekstra. OK, I'd like to have him answer some of these questions, because if he has if he has said, you know what, we made a mistake and I'm going to get in there and make sure that this stuff is is is fixed. This is what we're going to do. I'm going to go after the Patriot Act. We're going to see if we can get this thing turned around. It was wrong. It was a bad decision. It violated the rights of Americans. OK, and they did it through fear. So this is kind of interesting. And there was a gal on my on my channel. She beats up on me all the time. I don't really care. But she does, you know, I'll listen to anybody. And she brings good facts. I'm not looking for heroes or demons or anything like that at this point in time because most people are a mix of all the above. And so anyhow, so Sabrina says, here's some facts. Why did Pete Hoekstra enthusiastically endorse and campaign for John Kasich in 2016 if he really is American first patriot? He claims to be. Remember that John Kasich is one of the founders of Never Trump movement within the Republican Party and that he appears regularly on the Clinton News Network to bash Trump whenever he can. And she says, I will tell you why. First, Pete Hoekstra was instrumental in whipping up support for the passage of the Patriot Act in 2002, an act that has shredded our Fourth Amendment rights and has given the globalist intelligence community access to all our private communications, including this one. And she's got some sources on here. You can go to my Telegram channel to see it if you'd like. The second hookster was a cheerleader for the Iraq War in 2002. He unashamedly and willfully advanced the big lie that Iraq was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction and that it was complicit in the 9-11 attack. His efforts helped persuade his colleagues to support the Bush administration, the Bush the traitor. administration's unnecessary, costly, bloody, brutal wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Those who lost loved ones in these nefarious global wars can thank men like Pete Hoekstra. He can claim that he is an America first, but the blood of these lost in Iraq and Afghanistan speak otherwise. Third, as an award for his service to the globalist agenda, Hookster was appointed chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, where he continued to advance the big lie that cost so many lives of many. And that would be the weapons of mass destruction. And he uses a pretense to the 20 or the 2003 invasion and added insult to injury by reauthorizing the Patriot Act. And so there's there's a few other things in there. So I think I think it's it's interesting. So a lot of the people were beating on beating on me for saying, see what you got by removing Christina Caramo. I didn't vote for anybody. It's like you take out someone who's failing and you find or you put in somebody that is going to get the job done that you want to get done. Now, my fault, it's not my fault that there were other options out there. I mean, I looked at I looked at the resumes of the people out there. I'm going to tell you right now, I probably would have voted for Lena Epstein. I thought Lena Epstein was great, was a great candidate, but, uh, you know, so I'd like to, I'd like to see, I'd like to see an answer to some of this. And if he changed his mind on it and says, you know what, we did the wrong thing. And the Patriot Act was absolutely an attack on America, a surveillance attack. There there's a, um, I, I wrote, I'll see if I've got, um, Let me pull up my chat here a minute. Because I went into a little bit more detail on this, on what exactly was violated here. Let me see if I can write it. It's kind of long. But I understand not seeing the problems that panic created because Warren Carpenter said something. It's like, yeah, people have the right to change their mind with what they don't know. I get it. But we need to hear it. retraction or condemnation and a promise to help fix what they broke. We don't just go forward, we have to fix. If we made a mistake, we have to fix it or there's no repentance on what's happened there. The Patriot Act was unconstitutional immediately and anyone who signed it first off violated the law using fear to coerce Americans to give up freedom for a lie over safety and security. It increases the ability and scope of surveillance on Americans and allowed violations of unchecked quartering of troops in homes, which is what the surveillance was all about. Your cell phone, you're quartering troops. When you're surveillance, it's surveillance in your home. Anything that, and that's a violation. Violates the Fourth Amendment, which says the government cannot conduct a search without obtaining a warrant and showing probable cause to believe that a person is committed or will commit a crime. Violates the First Amendment's guarantee of free speech by law, prohibiting the recipients of search orders from telling others about those orders, even when there is no real need for secrecy, violates the First Amendment by effectively authorizing the FBI, the feds, fedsurrection, to launch investigation of American citizens in part for exercising their freedom of speech, violates the Fourth Amendment, failing to provide notice even after the fact, to persons whose privacy have been compromised. Notice is also a key element of the due process, which I never got when I was removed from the ballot, by the way, because nobody does it anymore, which is guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment. And this is just scratching the surface. It was weaponized against Americans immediately. Increased bureaucracy. TSA has an 80% failure rate in catching anything going through security. No accountability and forced intimidation or restriction of travel upon Americans, another violation of the Constitution. And really, I can add to all of this, but those in the seats need to stop before making a knee-jerk reaction, which trades freedom for a failed promise of security or overturning unconstitutional laws when they have perspective of time. No one has addressed this obvious usurpation and fought like hell to take back the ground lost to fear. So with that said, if in fact, if in fact, Mr. Hoekstra wants to go back and explain himself a little bit to all of us, I would be more than glad to listen to his explanation and then say, okay, you picked the right guy. But until then, we have no proof. And we went back just like a dog to its vomit as proof. the Bible says, until we hear differently. So there you go. So at any rate, I think this is a huge deal. I would very much love to hear what the answer of this is. But to all of you who are blaming Donna Brandenburg for removing your little cult personality who was failing Christina Caramo, not backing down on this one. Get smarter and get somebody better in. If you don't like who has voted in, address the process and remove the people that are creating the problem within the party. It wasn't me. I just pointed out the fact that y'all had a problem in a big one. And and I'm going to stick with that. It needed to be addressed. It needed to be removed. And y'all needed to put somebody in who was both qualified and who was a good fit for what you wanted done. So how's that for an answer? Yeah, I don't get how people think it was your fault. Sorry, she's powerless. She's inside the party. It's your problem. If she was doing a great job and wasn't getting censored by the court and putting people in jeopardy as racists, bringing them into court cases without their knowledge and consent I mean come on you guys she was bringing in the party members without their knowledge or consent into a court case and you don't have a problem with that you're still going to support her like I'm sorry I get if she if this is that's on that's on paper you can't deny that so if I think the lesson to be learned here is that people can make mistakes. And I think that they probably did the right thing by voting her in. The grassroots delegates did their job. That was the best choice at the time. Maybe there's a better choice out there, but a party can't pull people in when they're operating like they are. The good people in the state of Michigan are not going to want to participate in a party that they can see is corrupt. So that's why they're having a struggle finding somebody who can take control of the party. Because they're up against a whole bunch of corruption and anybody who can see it doesn't want to be a part of it. And anybody who wants to be a part of it can't see it. So that's the problem, right? It's the basic of it. Well, these people voted her in. Well, they want to believe that they were right to do that. But sorry, guys, you're going to have to let go. Sometimes the thing that you wanted to have, your goal, your decision, may have been right at the time, but it's not anymore. And you have to make a new decision. And you have to be able to let go of your hopes and dreams in one path. and go down another path when what you thought was going to happen is not the best anymore. It's okay to let go and try something better. But that's been really hard for Americans to do. We haven't had the discipline, self-discipline historically And this new generation, this young generation especially, has not been properly disciplined. They don't know how to correct their own mistakes or to make proper choices. It may not have been a mistake to vote her in. But it was a mistake not to vote her out. Yes. It's okay. Let go of it. But listen to, well, the John Kasich problem there. Do you remember the video where he said, he said, come on, John, it's only been, he said, I got to think how he said it. It's only been 24 hours since John McCain was put to death. He had some very specific words in that video, which tells me. the good guys are in charge. Okay. The part of it, part of it, you have to, you have to listen to things where, where they are. But if he was supporting somebody who is a never part of a never Trump or Meg organization. Okay. I got concerns. And then we just had somebody that came on the chat that said the same thing, a little bit of a concern that he's just like everybody else using the name of president Trump. Who's got the love and admiration of the people. to get in and fight against him. I don't know this, but I've not seen anybody in, you know, I've seen a couple of pictures of him with President Trump. I hope it's the case. You know, I really do. So anyhow, Michigan Homesteader said, don't get me started on the Republic. Tired of Republicans, including Trump, calling it a democracy. We are a constitutional republic. And Donna for MIGOP chair. Thank you. You're funny. And then RaffRN said, good morning. Thank you so much for putting our state and government first and risking everything, Ms. Donna. You're welcome. And when is Widnut's term over? Not soon enough. Now she's, we've got another, we've got 2026 and her term will be over. So there you go. We'll see what happens between now and then. I'm kind of hoping that there's a, oh, I don't know, let's just see a complete meltdown of things and that we start over again and get rid of all this crap that's out there. But with that said and talking about whatever, since I am the vice chair of the Constitution Party in the state of Michigan, which is the U.S. Taxpayers Party, we will clean out and eviscerate anyone who comes into this party to absolutely use it in a criminal way because we are also trans-transparent. So here you go. Join the Taxpayers Party, which is the Constitution Party in the state of Michigan. We would be able to have the name of the Constitution Party to match the National Party if we didn't have Jocelyn Benson, who is an obstructionist, not helping us accomplish our goals, but obstructing it. Our speakers are Dar Leaf, and he's going to be talking about the militia of the several states. Paul Urban, Referendums for Michigan, and Food and Fellowship will be provided. We have some activities going on, and we're at a range, Center Shot Indoor at 2 p.m. on Saturday, this Saturday. So come and visit. We're getting a lot of response on this. I think there's so many people that are so done with what they're seeing out there. And we're going to be working on settling the rest of the counties in the state of Michigan. We need more people that will take a county. and help us to help the candidates, good candidates, individuals, not establishment type stuff, but because we do a process. We do an interview process and such. So, I mean, I think it's a... And I personally, I do some background checks on people. I want to know who I'm talking to. And boy, does that make people run. I'm going to tell you what. We had somebody came in with ax my tax into our meeting, tried to take over our meeting. Wouldn't shut up for over an hour. She came in. It was probably one of the rudest guests we've ever had. And never involved in politics. Well, guess what happened? You do a check right there where they're shooting their faces off and find three pages of of donations, a lot of which was to Christina Karamo in the, in the, this is a casual, this is a casual person who never was involved in politics. A couple of $1,500 donations to her. Right. Right. Good luck with that. So don't let the door hit you in the behind as you leave the meeting. And don't expect me to soft pitch this one to anyone because that's not going to work. The riveter says compare and contrast. Yeah, look at how Donna runs as vice chair of this party versus the Republican Party. Oh, yeah, we like this person. Let's get our Tiger Beat magazine out and make sure we get the, I don't know, we're going to have a little cult Tiger Beat person in there. Right, that's exactly what, you know how many idiots I heard out there saying, well, we want Tudor Dixon because she's really something to look at. Okay. You just proved that your IQ is probably less than 75. You know, it's like, it's like, okay. Yeah. Yeah. You know, 14 year old thug on, you know, 14 year old thug life with your puberty in full swing. Let's all, how about perhaps we turn into adults and manage the country as an adult. So, but that, that might be, that might require some thinking by somebody with a 14 year old mentality and I don't know. Wish I could make it been recruited for cutting and splitting wood. Oh, come on. You could do that another day. Come on, Michigan Homesteader. Show up. It would be great to visit with you. And Charlotte said, and the party just put someone in to replace KK, but we didn't vote. Sounds biased. It sounds crazy. It's crazy. You guys had like 100 people choosing for the entire state. This isn't just a Republican thing. This is everyone. They're going to pick the people that run, that they install. They're going to make sure that they carry on that globalist agenda. It's the craziest thing I've ever heard in my life. And there's too much money involved. I yield. You know, people like to complain, but they don't want to participate. Right, they want to sit back and, like, sit there and eat their popcorn and watch it and do nothing. I mean, there is a time to enjoy the show, but there's a time like this that you get involved on a local level and say, you know what, guys, we got to get loud here and do something. Do something. Do anything. This is crazy. Looks like we got some comments on the BNN live chat as well. Yeah, I was just looking at that. Okay, Ralphie, Ralph and my boy. My man, my main man, Ralph. Ralph, the IT guy. Did we get any more than that? It said, good morning. They're talking about, I was confused as to the purpose. Are people actually patrolling the border or just cheering on the National Guard? I don't think the National Guard needs a pom-pom squad down there just saying of a bunch of people. You know, just saying. Yeah, maybe we need to put some cheerleaders down there and scare the immigrants away. Yeah, yeah. I don't think the national guard needs anybody down there cheering them on. That's not, that's not a professional process. Do you, you know, it's like, I, I don't, I don't think that that's a case. Support can come online. Support can come. They were trying to get me to go down to the border the whole time I ran. And I'm like, what purpose would that serve? other than just a media whore moment. I'm not, I'm like, I have no reason to be down there. I can sit up here. I said, because you got to think you've got one more person for logistics, one more person to protect. I'm 60 years old. I am not going to be a person that's going to be like a 25, 30 year old Marine. That's going to be able to throw six Donna's over their shoulder and carry me five miles. All right. Not going to happen. It's like this is going to be called getting in the way of somebody who's qualified of the job for Don to get down there on the border. And it's stupid. And so I was like, no, I'm just going to I'll make sure you're supported from up here. But I don't want to add to the problems. You're not going to be a help in these situations. And, you know, you see all these these political idiots going all over the globe and they want to show up and they want to walk through, you know, the wreckage to make sure that they're there. That's great to a point. But do we know how much do you know how much money it costs to accomplish that? One of these actions, it's crazy. Have you ever looked into how much it costs to fly the President of the United States around? I have, in fact. Why don't we just bring that up a minute, Ralph? Because I think this would be shocking for everyone to see. It's half as interesting, isn't it? Yeah, I think so. All right, let me see what I got here. I love all these. Yeah. I'm not working right now. Yeah, I don't like the noisy keyboards because my musophonia can't handle it. If I'm doing it, I can tolerate it. Oh, my favorite keyboard I've ever typed on is my old Apple IIe. And I've still got that computer and it still runs. But that thing has got just... If you took the keyboard out of that thing, you could use it as a bludgeoning weapon, I'm fairly certain. It's a fairly heavy-duty keyboard. The keys are loud. I actually woke somebody up one time typing on that keyboard. and woke up another family member across the house typing on that keyboard years ago. But that's a great keyboard. It's got so much feedback. You can type like crazy on that thing. I've seen a meme with a keyboard turned into a long gun of some sort. Yeah? That comes to my mind. Hang on a second here a minute. Oh, I've got like phones and crap going off everywhere. She's got like 10 phones stashed around. I actually have a lot of phones. That is actually an emergency line. I'm just going to, I'll get it in just a minute here. All right, let's see. We'll have to see. It makes me laugh though. Yeah, the Apple IIe is actually not the oldest computer I have. The oldest one I've got is an old Heathkit. That one's kind of interesting because it doesn't have a keyboard. It doesn't have a screen, really. It's got numeric digits on the front panel, and it's got like 16 buttons on it. And you would program the computer through those buttons. And then you could record your programs onto an audio cassette tape by plugging a tape recorder into it. That's kind of a neat computer. Not real practical anymore. All right, nerd. Let's see. I'm trying to find things here. Problem is, is true nerds find that to be an absolute, the best, the best ever thing that they can be called. Okay, nerd. They're like, oh yeah, I am a nerd. So hang on. You know, this is, this is not allowing me to search this well. It's crazy. Is it, is that, do you think that's in half as interesting? Sounds like something they'd do. Yeah, it was either half as... Let's see. Let's see. I think the computer I'm using is probably... Looks like maybe Wendover. The U.S. President's... Wendover's good. Yeah. Great sites to... If you're a nerd, such as... I'm a nerd. Okay. How the President Travels. It's the I think that's it. I think it's the U.S. President's $2, 614 per minute transport system. Get your domain before it's gone with Squarespace. Moving the President of the United States from one location to another is a logistical nightmare that happens every single day. The American president is one of the most powerful persons in the world, and there is no time when the president is more exposed than when they're in transport. Two of the four successful assassinations of American presidents were when they were traveling, Garfield and Kennedy. For that reason, the Secret Service devotes an enormous amount of resources to ensuring the president gets from one place to another safely. The presidential motorcade is perhaps the most impressive method of transportation. It includes up to 40 or 50 vehicles and over 100 people. Let's take a look at some footage of a motorcade. This is the lead car, or in this case, motorcycle. As the name suggests, its job is to lead the motorcade, but it's not actually the first vehicle. What we don't see here is the route car, which would have come through about five minutes before the lead car. The route car is always followed by about 20 or 30 motorcycles, which play the essential role of clearing the route of cars. When driving on a highway, they'll speed ahead and close exits so that no cars can come on the highway, although they have to use a different technique in cities. When driving in DC, where other drivers are used to frequent motorcades, the motorcycles often drive in a V pattern pushing cars to the side to clear the way for the motorcade. This leads to a disruption of only about 2 or 3 minutes. Outside of DC, drivers are less used to motorcades, so the motorcycles will typically completely block off the intersecting streets to create one continuous clear path for the president. The entire first section of the motorcade isn't actually run by the Secret Service. It's run by the local police jurisdiction of wherever the president is. The fewer Secret Service cars and individuals needed for motorcades, the better, since both the cars and agents need to travel to wherever the president is visiting in advance, which is, of course, incredibly expensive. The next part of the motorcade is what's known as the secure package. It's the essential core to the motorcade because it's the group of cars that directly secures the president. In case of attack, this group of cars can detach from the rest of the motorcade and function as an independent unit. The most important car in the secure package is the president's limo, but one can never be sure which one that is because there are always two limos. These two limos are identical. They even have the same license plate. That way, an attacker can, for example, have a spotter tell them which car the president left their origin in. The limos themselves are no ordinary limos. They weigh between 15,000 and 20, 000 pounds. Okay, I'm going to pause this one second and we're going to go over here and we're going to go back over here like magic and see if we can thwart the copyright strikes because you know that's what's going to happen. built on a modified truck bed the entire car is bulletproof including five inch thick bulletproof windows the only window that can open is the driver's window reportedly so they can pay tolls the entire car is hermetically sealed oh I'm sure they're paying tolls right are rocket-powered grenades, night vision optics, a tear gas cannon, pump-action shotguns, bottled oxygen, and two pints of the president's blood type. This car, leading the secure package, is the United States Secret Service Electronic Countermeasures Suburban. It leads the secure package because its purpose is to jam any remote-activated explosives along the route. These two tall antennas do that by sending out a huge range of radio frequencies that would block any bomb activation signal. The two domes on top of the car are most likely what's known as electronic warfare sensors. They're essentially radars that can detect when a rocket-propelled grenade or anti-tank guided missile is launched. When it detects a launch, the car would most likely activate a number of smoke grenades spread out throughout the secure package, which would help throw off the grenade or missile. Okay, I want to stop just right here. And we can always come back to this at another time. But I want you to think about how absurd this whole J6 crap is that happened. In fact, I've got another video I'm going to edit and put my watermark on. I'll maybe do that today because it's more information on a video that no one else has ever seen. So I think we should just go and harass a few people in the feds that are out there and let them know that, you know what? we're watching you and and that sort of thing, which I think is kind of fun. But think about the absurdity when you look at the motorcade and how much time effort to protect the president is in there. And now you've got what happened at J six. They came in to 20, 000 pound magnetically sealed doors and with their torches and their $15 flags, a flying, you know, And it's totally absurd. If we don't think that this thing was a setup, anybody that doesn't realize this is stuff has got to be like they got it. They got to be under 50 with an IQ because there's there's nothing. I mean, barely breathing mouth breathing idiots. There's no burning down cities is mostly peaceful, right? Oh, yeah, that's a peaceful assembly right there. Let's just go there. So there's no way. We're not talking that nobody just walked in there without help, coercion, and encouragement of them flinging the doors open. Come on in, guys. It's your capital. Bring your flags in here. And the threat, there was no threat there. There was no threat other than what the feds created. So there you go. This is why I said that I knew people who were planning to go and I'm like, I'm not getting on that bus. I wasn't going either. When you go in there, that's a foreign land. You don't know what's going to happen to you. I mean, I understand why people want to go see Trump and he's telling them to go and support him and that's all fine and dandy, but I'm not going to be going into that foreign land and wondering what's going to happen to me when I'm there. Turned out I was right. Now, there were millions of people who went And came out just fine. And there are some that did not. So I was kind of right. And that's what I'm thinking about with this border event that they're creating. Are they creating a trap like J6? Are they going to start something down there? Are they going to send some Antifa there? Probably. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest bit. Absolutely. Turn it into a riotous situation that harms people one way or another. It's like you said, I'm not going to tell people not to support their country, but there's more than one way to do it. And if you go, if you decide to go, then you better be really, really aware of where you are and what's happening. Recognize that you may lose cell phone service. You may be on your own without a transport. You better be armed. Hopefully legally, so you don't have problems there. You better know the law. You better know the law. And if they're asking you to do something that's a setup, not just follow like sheeple into a trap. Yep. Mm-hmm. Because there's better ways. There's always ways of doing this. But I don't know. I just feel like they're baiting everybody into let's grab our torches and pitchforks and let's go out there and let the shooting begin kind of nonsense. And I really think that they're trying to get a reaction. And if we don't play, I'm not going to play. I'm not going to wear the mask. I'm not going to get a vax. I'm not going to go down there. But if somebody comes on my land, we might have a problem. you have the right to protect your property. And we're supposed to help and back the other states. Am I correct on this? Let's have a discussion here. Because my interpretation of this is that the states are supposed to stand with each other and send help. Is that correct? Ideally, yes. But I don't think there's necessarily a... Prohibition? What's that? It's not prohibited not to do it. I mean, you can do whatever you want to do, but just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do something. Right. The states are supposed to be able to stand independently of each other as far as defense, though, and can be called together to muster an army temporarily nationally. But there's no obligation, as far as I've ever seen, for the states to defend each other outside of a national action. There's no prohibition against it. Well, Michigan's a border state. We're all border states at this point in time. So I think it's an important thing that we stand with the other states because we're kind of all connected and they're dumping their people, you know, they're dumping these people off on us. And I've got a serious concern that a lot of these people are actually human shields for the cartels to get in here. I think there's a lot of victims that are that are in this pipeline. So, you know, people are, are, they're trying to get, sell the narrative of, Oh, they're going to wreck our voter rolls. They can do that without immigrants. They've already done it. So that's, that's one of those things that it's a look over here while we're screwing you over here. That's it right there. I agree with you. I've been thinking that the, the immigrant vote thing, no, they're not here for voting. They're not here for a vote for Biden. It's bigger than that. They don't need them to cheat. But if you go, if, if imagine you get a bunch of Patriots, just like at DC, a bunch of Patriots. And by that, I mean, nationalists. I mean, people who are really true Americans and angry and, um, really fed up about what's happening at the border. And they go down there and a lot of them would be armed and they create some kind of, let's say a riot. Um, how would that affect everything else going on in the news narratives? So add that to a quote unquote pandemic, maybe a virus, which affects people's nervous systems or immunity, then people are going to be talking about Biden not being, um, qualified to run for office they're going to be talking about what's going on in southern border and they're not going to be talking about it in terms of immigration they're going to be talking about it in terms of these people went down there and created a problem and look at how many americans are dead because those maga trump enthusiasts right-wing extremist terrorists went down there and created a problem and killed a bunch of each other that's what the narrative would be So America, think about this. Do you want that narrative? Or do you want, how about we stay home, let the military do what they're supposed to do and vote for Trump? There you go. So, and help educate people. I mean, there you go. Yeah, there's more than one way to do it in America. Okay, so you know how you have things that are favorites, right? Well, I had this stupid little spatula for cookies and such that I lost. And one of my sons just walked in and he had the spatula in his hand. I'm like, wow, this is going to be a good day. It's been gone for like a month here and I'm like, where in the world? I can't wait to talk to him when I'm offline here. So anyhow, back to the regular. Spatula City. Spatula City. Spatula City. Ah, Weird Al fan, I see. It's a good day. It's a good day. My son found my little cookie spatula that I love using. Spatula City. We sell spatulas. Spatula City. Those small things in life, right? And because we eliminate the middleman, we can sell spatulas factory direct to you. So should we bring this back on here a minute and take a look at the motorcade here? I'm trying to redirect back to politics. Yeah, we'll go back to politics instead of having my spatula walk in. There's another really good video, too, by the Not What You Think channel. OK, that's more centered on the air transport. This one is really good, too, about because I've seen this one before about the ground transport. But that one is also a very good one. I think I've seen that one, too. When you're a nerd, you kind of look at everything, right? Fellow nerds out there, researchers, digital soldiers, anons, whatever you want to be called. Patriots. Americans. Let's lose the labels. Here we go. It carries the most essential staff, like the president's military aid. There he is, the canyon. Essential to the president, so they break off with the secure package. These last two cars are both filled with Secret Service agents. The closer one is called the halfback. It carries the president's personal Secret Service detail. These are the agents that are on the president's person at all times. The second one is the cat car, the counter-assault team. you can always identify these cars since they're the ones with a back window open that's because the agents are sitting in rear-facing seats with automatic weapons ready to respond to threats while it's hard to see you can just make out the counter-assault team in this car in black battle dress uniforms and the president's secret service detail in this car in code and time in the event of an attack the president's secret service detail is in charge charge of shielding and evacuating the president while the counter-assault team would generally stay and repel the attack these vans following the secure package are full of the press pool reporting on the president this car is called the id car and the secret service agents inside are the ones that communicate with outside counter surveillance teams okay so there you go guys I think I think I'll I'll go ahead and put that isn't that interesting It's really interesting. I think there's such a fascination with this. We have a number of movies about protection of the president. Yeah. Make it a big, a big heroic concept. You ever meet any of these secret service guys? I don't think I have. I know you've talked about it. Yeah, kind of an interesting group of individuals. Had one guy, when I was like raising all kinds of cane from them not having water at that Michonne Maddock electioneering rally over there in Washington. uh, in Washington, the other side of the state. Right. And, uh, but no, no water. So I start going through the sheriffs, the police, anybody that looked like they had a uniform that could actually possibly help. And they're all sitting around there going, I don't know what to do. So I finally see some water underneath the table. And there was a guy, big guy standing there. And I'm like, that water's mine. Give me that water. I need it right now. And he looks at me like, and the other guys, they're like, who the heck is this? And, uh, and I'm like boy that should be that pail of water and I'm like are you secret service he goes he goes security I said okay your secret service now I need that water now so he looks around like can she do this? It gives me the water. They're like, why are you giving the water? He goes, well, she told me she needed it. And I'll be back for the rest of it. Cause we've got people in there dying. Somebody's got to get some water and nobody's, nobody's doing a thing here. Two o'clock out of water by two o'clock. President Trump's always late. He is always late. And so think about the J6 thing. Was he on time? No, he's not on time because he's always late. That's okay. I don't mind it. He is the president of the United States. If he's late, the president, the rightful president of the United States, let's see right there. There he is. If he wants to be late, we're going to sit there and we're going to honor him. That's okay. Not a problem. But when the people on the ground can't even make an allowance for having, oh, I don't know, say hand sanitizer in the port-a-potties, no water up whatsoever, run out of food and then run out of water at 2 o'clock and he's not there and they're not going to get out of there until after 8 o'clock. Let's see. We could make the clock, you know, go. That's like six hours later. with a group of people with no water. People have to take their pills, which disappeared and such. I mean, this was such a well-run organization. It was just, it was amazing how well-run that this part, this party was at that moment in time. I couldn't even believe how many people. He was, was poorly operating. Oh, I don't know. I don't know. I heard so many times, you know, this is all about making the delegates feel good. So they'll vote for who we want. I heard that. I was invited to go even after I resigned as a delegate to one of those Trump events. And I was like, I can't go, but, you know, it'd be nice to be sitting behind Trump or whatever and pretend to be a delegate, but I'm not like that. I'd resign. And they're like, well, I won't tell you who told me this. Well, you're considered a delegate until the end of your term anyway. And I was like, no, I'm not. I resigned when I resigned. That means I'm gone. I'm out. Yeah. I don't get any special treatment. Well, I'm going to tell you what, another person that showed up there that I had done some interviews with, Christina Bob, and that is one spooky chick. That's all I can say. You want me to talk about that for a while, too? That is one spooky chick. She was there. I could go off on that for about an hour of the interaction there, you know, you know, talking through her teeth. don't you just leave to me like that oh really really that's how this was gonna go A little bit of a lizard tongue coming out on that one, I'm pretty extra sure, but we'll see. They don't treat these phones close up to your ear like, let's see, what do we got going on here? So Michigan Homesteader, come on, forget your splitting wood thing. You can come to the meeting, it'll be way better. Ralph, how about it was Apple iPhone 12 Pro that produced controversy because of the high SAR level. And they don't test these phones close up to your ear like people use them. In fact, I only use the speakerphone to talk. Yeah, I think that's probably a pretty smart thing. Keep it away from your face. Yep, that's a real good idea. Yeah, and let's see. Charlotte said, Alex Soros should be in jail. Yeah, he's a Soros. That's all you got to say about that. One of the other things, too, for RF exposure is, you know. Right there. That's what they are. People talk about, oh, you have the Bluetooth things that are right up next to your head. Well, that's a whole lot less RF transmitting Bluetooth to your phone than it takes for your phone to reach the towers. If you can keep your phone a little further away from your body because you're using a Bluetooth headset, that's a lot less RF exposure. There you go. Charlotte says, Alex Soros should be in jail. Law is law. If they put a journalist for First Amendment and memes, then Alex needs to be charged. Hitman, bribes, and memes. Yeah, he's not my favorite person there. And Charlotte says they'll probably put out pipe bombs, so on and so forth. Rinse and repeat. Election year. Eyes over here, not there. Fraud. Trust no one unless you're 100% sure. That's exactly it. And Michigan Homesteader, yes, I have a friend who was arrested for J6, but I didn't go. I didn't go either. You know, it's like we should be able to go. It's like, you know, we should be able to do those things. But we're in a war, people. The rules are changed. This is fifth generation warfare. Yes, some of it's open warfare. Some of it is absolutely open warfare. You think that the shooting that's going on in our inner cities is just random? Not a chance. I heard a story about some kids, I don't know, a few years ago. I thought it was really interesting. I should dig it up. I've got everything. I save everything. But these kids found some weapons and ammunition by some rail lines in Chicago. And they were young kids. They weren't real old, I don't believe. And so they picked it up and they decided to turn it into the police. The police threw these kids in jail overnight, kids, for turning this in to the police station. And the next day they were out, went right back to the tracks. The very same ammunition that they turned into the cops was right back there again by the rail lines. So I'm not buying any of this crap. You know, you look at burn, loot, loot and murder out there, black lives matters, which has nothing to do, nothing to do with race whatsoever. This is a corporation. It's a corporation. This is not a grassroots. This is not a, this is a sham. And anybody is once again, makes that under a 70 IQ class. And you look into the shops that were looted and burned and a lot of them were black owned. Yep. You know, you want to talk about something counterproductive. That is absolutely counterproductive to even their stated purpose. Well, the color revolution dictates that it's privileged white kids that go to college in the indoctrination camps that were probably some of the main actors in that mixed in to create the problems on the ground. It's color revolution. And color doesn't mean race. And so it's the same thing that they were doing in the Bolshevik Revolution. Same thing they did with the brown shirts in World War II. The playbook's the same. You've got stupid kids that have grown up as privileged and mommy and daddy telling them, trying to give them everything so they're spoiled. And they go out there in their little snowflake gloriosity and decide that they are going to be the saviors of the world. And they're not. They jump onto anything that promises that they're going to right all the injustices in the world, whether they're real or imagined. Homesteader. Donna, did you see the notice by Chuck Grassley? I did not. Where do I look? Yeah, you talk about saving stuff off, too. Right, man. Make sure that that is a great thing to do. Save stuff off because online, so much stuff gets disappeared over time. You know, there was... There was one recently that I was trying to look up that back, I think it was around 2003. It was right when they were getting the airport switched over to the backscatter x-ray machines. It was really, really well known in the tech community that that entire purchasing process was incredibly corrupt. And there was a fair amount of... People writing the rules, basically, then leaving their jobs with the government and going to work for private corporations to then fulfill the contract bids that they themselves wrote. And I've tried to find that in recent years, the actual evidence of that, because it was pretty widespread and available at the time. Man, you can't find any of that online anymore. So save stuff off. So it looks like Chuck Grassley was in the hospital in Iowa, which is actually where we were for hubby there with an infection. Let's see what it says here. I did not see the notice. I'm looking for it. There's nine days, eight days ago and such. So he was in Iowa with something going on there too. Treatment for an unspecified infection, the officer said. Fake Fox News. Let's see. We got Fox fake news. Let's see what it says here. Oh, we got it. Thank you, John, for contributing here. I'll just put it up on my telegram channel a minute. Let's see what it says. Okay. Shadow of Ezra. Let me see here. I'll throw it up on my telegram. You know, the easiest way for me to do this is just to get it on my telegram channel, quite honestly. Okay. and we shall share this is what you do when you have no staff on staff here we go so senator chuck grassley sends letter to dhs and fbi demanding action to find children placed by hhs and orr after discovering what he says is new evidence of suspected trafficking of migrant children Can I say big duh to this, but that's, I'm glad he put it out there, but, but. Dear God almighty, this could have come out a couple of years ago. My office is working diligently with whistleblowers to identify as many missing children as possible in hopes they could be found and safe. I expect the cooperation of DHS as well as a full cooperation of HSI, FBI, HHS, and NGOs involved in this critical mission. Grassley's letter summarizes several cases of potential human trafficking and vetting failures. Where are the missing children? Nice, he's calling out the NGOs too. Yeah, that is nice. I'm really glad. Thank you, Senator Grassley, for putting this out there. Now go after them with bared teeth and let them have it. There's no excuse for this. This is something that needed to be handled. What, like all of us digital warriors out there knew this crap was going on like what, how many years ago? I mean, but I'm glad it's happening. Get it to the mainstream. You know, this is the other thing is that you look at how poorly the parties are run. It's so hard for people to come to terms with this kind of evil. It is beyond our ability to comprehend that this is going on. And there's a pipeline. The pipeline is going right straight through Michigan to that international port over there in Detroit and the islands that are around Michigan. They can make these people disappear so quickly it's not even funny. I want a complete report on where they're going. I want to know where these kids are going. And we need to start talking about, oh, say, crimes against humanity. I'd say that we might want to look into, say, oh, I don't know, Catholic services, Lutheran services, Bethany Christian services, any of these little do-gooder organization NGOs that perhaps can fly under the radar because nobody wants to say, but they're a Catholic organization. It's a Lutheran organization. It's like, no, no. These people are not like us. And there you go. They use the labels for protection. It's like they use the term shield earlier. They use it like a shield. Look here, not there. Doesn't mean that all religious entities are bad or evil or involved. The bad guys just either infiltrate or they just use the label. Well, and I think that's just it. Okay, here we go. So Senator Grassley, love you at this moment in time. This is very cool. Keep up the good work. And there you go, Grassley Alerts. Evidence of human trafficking for immediate action to locate and rescue migrant children. Well, there was 80 lost at the border. I found that a couple of years ago. And where did they show up? Oh, yeah. Bethany Christian Services up here in the state of Michigan. The ones who I went through their 990s with Chris, with women, women fighting for America. So anyhow, Washington, Chuck Grassley is flagging new evidence of suspected trafficking of migrant children for federal law enforcement agents and calling for immediate action to find and rescue children placed in dangerous situations by fed, fed, fed officials. Grassley's referral of law enforcement action is based on a review of legally protected whistleblower disclosures, including health and human services. Probably probably Tara Rhodes wrote us. I was just going to say it's time. I think it's time that you get some of those people that I met at the conference on the show to talk about these things. Yeah, friends of Mary Flynn and what they're doing. Tara's real nice. I've met her before. And of course, I know Mary and such. So they were unaccompanied alien children who entered at the southern border who were eventually placed with often poorly vetted sponsors or lost in the system to who knows. God only knows where. And so here is his. Well, there's a key word in that sentence to unaccompanied. Why were they brought here if they were unaccompanied and these are, you know, actual refugees? Yeah, so they were like, yeah, children who claimed they were distantly related despite claims to the contrary. The male had attempted to, how many of these kids have been raped coming across the border? A lot of, this is a human trafficking pipeline. information on a male subject who purportedly to sponsor a minor female with evidence that the supposed teenage female is much older than she claimed to be. and may herself be human trafficking minor females. This is not just a guy thing. This is a sickness. You know, we can even go back to that. How many, you know, they're not talking. You know, they talk about, you know, the pedophiles. How many teachers, female teachers, have come out in the news having sex with their male students? I can't even believe this. i I I'm it's like so so far out of the realm of what we even thought was possible these people these people are sick totally go yep this is a this is a scourge upon our nation sickness and I'm sorry just it's like they think they can I i don't I don't get it I don't get it But I suppose predators go in to places where kids are. Moms and dads, keep your dang kids home. Keep them home until we get this thing figured out. There's no way. But of course, I didn't put my kids in school. I homeschooled my kids because I was done with it back then. I'm like, this is nutty. Totally nutty. So anyhow, did anyone watch Governor Whitnott's State of Address night? She was just blowing smoke. Michigan is in trouble. World Economic Forum in Detroit is only one in America. The only one in America. Also, she is taking all toxic garbage in from other states. They're destroying this. And you know what? They want to destroy this because what is their business? It's to kill human beings or change us. They'd love to change us into their little drones. They need us, but they need us controllable. Minute you get somebody who's not controllable, guess what? Out you go. We're going to kick you off the ballot. We're going to kick you out of anything where you can get in there and mess up our little machine. You know, a bunch of bird brains sitting on the top. criminal bird brain. What's that? Trump calls Nikki Haley bird brain. Yeah, she's a bird brain. It's not even a real name. You know that? They had to make her name palatable to Americans. She doesn't even have an American... They had to change her name to make it more Americanized. Like a country singer? Yeah. Nikki Haley. Whatever. that's not country. That's far back. Liz country. Now you talking backwards country. Cause isn't that what we all do? They have horses. Well, did you ever look into that? We all look alike. It's cowboy boot and hats. Did you see that government research from, boy, I'm going to say it was probably back in the 80s, maybe the 70s, somewhere in that range, trying to find and supposedly cure the genetic component of people's belief in religion? Yeah. And it was a thing, and they've got it on video actually talking about trying to figure out how to cure people of their belief in religion through genetics. Well, that's what Harari, that nut job Harari was talking about with World Economic Forum. You ever listen to that guy? He's a crazy man. Totally crazy. These people are sick. Oh, they hate God. I got to say, though, Mr. Argentina talking at the World Economic Forum was great. Oh, you want me to play some of that? Sure. That'd be great. That guy has done some amazing things. Yeah. You know what? I think that this is a great thing because quite honestly, it's like everybody that's doing something has got like his wild hair. guy's got the greatest hair I think you know it's like it's like I guess I guess if I ever got into office it'd be great because I look like a long-haired cat and severely licked by its mother most of the time savage savage cowlicks I can do an afro easy oh can you How many minutes? Here's the live address. Yeah, you'd be able to do that, wouldn't you? My ears are terrible. So let's see. It's not the weather to some degree, I guess. How many minutes was his speech? It was really long, but even if you watch the first few minutes of it, you can pretty much get the gist of it, of basically him telling everybody at the World Economic Forum that The World Economic Forum is pretty much the root of all evil. Okay, let's see what we got here. It's going to be the prostate thing first because they always have to put on some sort of a... I'm here in the streets of San Francisco to report on a controversial new trend that I believe will change America. Oh, no. Good afternoon. Thank you very much. Today, I'm here to tell you that the Western world is in danger. And it is in danger because those who are supposed to have to defend the values of the West are co-opted by a vision of the world that inexorably leads to socialism and thereby to poverty. Unfortunately, in recent decades, motivated by some well-meaning individuals willing to help others, and others motivated by the wish to belong to a privileged caste. The main leaders of the Western world have abandoned the model of freedom for different versions of what we call collectivism. We're here to tell you that collectivist experiments are never the solution to the problems that afflict the citizens of the world. Rather, they are the root cause. Do believe me, no one better place than us, Argentines, to testify to these two points. When we adopted the model of freedom back in 1860, in 35 years we became a leading world power. And when we embrace collectivism over the course of the last 100 years, we saw how our citizens started to become systematically impoverished. And we dropped to spot number 140 globally. Having the discussion, it would first be important for us to take a look at the data that demonstrate why free enterprise capitalism is not just the only possible system to end world poverty, but also that it's the only morally desirable system to achieve this. If we look at the history of economic progress, we can see how between the year zero and the year 1800 approximately, world per capita GDP practically remained constant throughout There you go. So I love Javier. I think he's cool. Yeah, that was great. Just taking them to task for basically everything they stand for being wrong. Yeah, right in their face. I love it. It's like right in your face. You know, World Economic Forum, get out of the mitten. We don't need you here. You know, you're a sham organization and Michiganders. I heard you. Yeah. Michiganders. Michiganders reject all forms of world economic theft. Forum theft. The thieves. The Klaus Schwab. You couldn't even make this stuff up to be a better villain. It's crazy. It's crazy. Let's see what we got here. Yeah, I don't know. With being Michiganders, it might be time for us to take our rightful places. The only kind of really common geese that we have in Michigan are Canada geese, which are some of the most vicious birds out there. Maybe it's time we start taking that to heart. Yeah. That's right. Ganders are, my dad almost got himself beat to death trying, when he was younger, he thought it'd be really cool. So he snuck up on a goose, right? My dad was kind of a savage kind of a guy. He was funny. And he decided he was just going to catch that goose and bring it home. He was about 10, 12 years old. He grabbed her on the neck. He said, man, I never thought, he said, I never took a beating like that when I was in the military. Yeah. Oh, you think you think they don't look like much. And if you know anything about birds, like if you ever pick up a chicken, they're pretty like a laying hen chicken. They're pretty lightweight. Owls are notorious as far as the wildlife rehab community. They are like chickens without their feathers. They look hideous and they're very, very skinny. you know, they had this big poofy network of, well, I have, you can stick your finger in the feathers that are, you know, this big bushel of feathers around their neck. And they got like this skinny little neck in the middle of it. But I got, um, I moved chicken on the way to slaughter one of our meat birds and meat bird chickens are, they have really small wings and, Most of the meat is in the thigh and the breast. Their wings are not very meaty. And they look really small and fairly harmless. But if you don't pick them up right, And you let one wing go loose. This wing was closer to my arm as I picked it up. And it beat the snot out of my arm. I was like, ow! It felt like I was going to have a major bruise the next day. It's remarkable how strong the bones of a bird can be. Oh, man, he beat the crap out of you. Here we go. Let's see how this big goose attacks here in a minute. See, we go from rescuing seals to a geese beating the crap out of people. Run, run, little one. All right. I have no idea what Buddy did to piss off those geese, but they are not having it. You've got to bring your clubs. You don't just leave them there. Oh, are you golfing in winter? How do you slip like that? Let's go. Ha, ha, ha. It looks like the staff of 2007 isn't quite the predicament. Oh, no. Oh, no. What's he trying to do? Why is he trying to get them to bite him? They will. That's what gets me. Why people try to do this with their kids. Geese are so cute, but yeah, not a good time to get your camera out. You know, I've gotten attacked by a regular blackbird before. Those things can be vicious, too. Blackbeard, I thought I told you this. I said no more cat food. I want goose food. Goose food. I don't know why you always insist on buying the cheaper products. You know that a Russian goose is more angry than a regular goose. That's funny. And that's when I said, Okay, Tony, I'm going to have to call you back. I've been attacked by Karen Axel here. Uh-oh. Oh, that's disgusting. Best families are the ones that laugh at you while you're being attacked. That's not just an attack, guys. That's not okay. At least he's checking your hair. That is not acceptable. No, that's not okay. You're a fine job. Don't do it. It's trouble. Hello to you, too. Well, I like food. Let's be friends. That's not much of an attack right there, but I wouldn't have my kids go up to a goose. No, there you go. You went by those babies, you idiot. Jeez, these geese came straight out of the Matrix, man. He's trying to help us. Oh, come on, little buddy. You can hop the curb. He's trying to help him. Yeah, I feel you, bud. That'll suck. i think one of the scariest ones was a great blue heron that I had to catch got attacked by dogs and it was in a it was in some brush because the beak on that thing is a spear definitely these things are enormous too They don't look like it until you see them flying. And here we have someone praying to the geese gods for her safe passage. All right. Kind of crazy. These aren't much of a goose attack, if you ask me. I've seen worse. Some of those look like pet geese. Yeah, they're just playing with them. I think the worst bird attack I ever had was while I worked in a rehab. I just got there and the boss was going overseas that weekend. And she's like, you got to clean the cat cages and you got to clean the barn owl cages. The barn owls used to be outside. These are permanent residents because they're both permanently injured. And They kept getting parasites outdoors. So they decided to keep them inside these cages. They have like a net across the front of the cages, the wood. And they knew I was new and they knew I was a little intimidated. So the one they called wild man came at me every day. Every time he'd always try to surprise me. I was just like passing by minding my own business. And he would throw his body at that net and scream. And then he would go back to his perch and he'd sway side by side with his neck going up and down. And at the same time, he'd clack his beak and his tongue would come out sideways on either side of his mouth. And sometimes he would scream when he attacked. And he was only like three, four pounds, probably more like three pounds of a bird, not very big. Well, after a while of cleaning the cage, because it took me a while of learning how to do that repeatedly over the summer, The first time I had these gloves on and I was trembling, I had so much adrenaline because he was scaring me so good. But after a while, I was like, you don't scare me. And he stopped doing that to me, but he still did it to all the other new people. Well, his partner next door was named Sweetie. She had an amputated wing on one side, so she was off balance. But she didn't want any trouble with me. She never was aggressive. And I had a parakeet when I was a kid so I decided in order to clean the cage you have to take the bird out put them in a transport box and clean cage and then I would just put the box up to the cage and let them hop out on their own rather than handle them. I decided I'm going to open her cage and instead of grabbing her feet I'm going to give her a chance to come with me because she already knows what I've done with him. She's seen the whole process. She knows the routine. So I put my hand underneath her chest and kind of pressed upward like you do for a parrot. And she stepped up on my hand and her eyes were looking at me like, what is this? I was like, yeah, yeah, let's do it. And she stopped. perched on my hand and I brought her out and I set her in and she took a step back into her box and she's looking at me like I can't believe it I was like yeah I don't have to grab you every day so I started doing that with her and then I wrote it in my book of notes for the next people don't have to grab her and make it a really unpleasant experience him on the other hand And he did. I transported him to the fair where he had a cage at the fair where people could see a few of our wild animals there. And I had to catch him out of it, which meant I had to stand in the cage. It was a bigger one. And he was just flying around. He scratched me on the neck with a talon. But so I got taloned by an owl, but it was an accidental attack. He didn't actually attack. He just moved like. more about intimidating and having power over somebody than anything else but he was he was scary and um great horned owls are really scary because they stare right through you like I will I will kill and eat you and kill your children that's the look that they give you but barn owls to me were much scarier that's a fun story That's a fun story. Let's see. I really think from Charlotte, I really think we have a Trump-Tucker 2024. Just a feeling Tucker in Canada. He says no to VP, but I don't know, guys. Tucker has the freedom fire going on. I don't know. I'm not investing too much in it to really take a guess. Some people have said Ben Carson, too. We'll see. So I don't know. I'm still wondering. Tell us when he wants to. Yeah, well, we'll see. God will tell us exactly what he wants us to do. You know, it's like God's going to lead us out of there, you know, and we're going to know when we're going to know what to do right now. We're doing what we're supposed to do. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Learning. then everybody else is doing what they're supposed to do. If they come to the U S taxpayers party on Saturday in door, Michigan at two o'clock in the afternoon. In fact, I'll even help you find it. And I'll even, I'll, I will, I will do that because I love you people so much. I will even help you find exactly where you need to go to be there or be square. And Karen and Ralph say, she's right. I have been to door center shot. It's a nice range. I don't think I've been to center chat. I like Center Shot. I like the people there. There you go, guys. Be there or be square. This will be Saturday, 2 o'clock p.m. in Door, Michigan, 2638 142nd Avenue, 142nd Avenue. Darleaf is a speaker, and so is Paul Urban at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. And we will have food and fun and all kinds of fun stuff going on there. It's going to be awesome. We actually have fun at our meetings. We don't do things like Republicans do. We don't sit there and scream and shout like a bunch of idiots, you know, try to get stuff done. Try to one-up each other on Robert's Rules. Yeah, we sit there, no, Robert's Rules says this. But we can slap somebody, so let's slap and kick somebody because that's okay as long as we follow the Robert's Rules. You should have a slapping contest just for fun. Yeah, we'll do this. You know what we're going to do? We should do a contest. Let's see who can be the best Republican. All right. So how many times can you disavow President Trump? There's a winner right there. That's the best Republican right there, right? And then how many? We get really ridiculous on this. Let's see. We're going to have a President Trump disavowing. I don't think you get any participants in that one. Not in our place you wouldn't, but, I mean, let's see, that's what we do. The one who can disavow President Trump gets a Republican award. The one who decides how many babies they can kill gets a Democrat award. Well, I don't know. You know, the other thing, too, is that since corporate money is considered speech, I suppose you could just make a motion and wave a bunch of cash around, right? There you go. Let's see. It's speech. Yeah, see who goes for the cash option. That's what we're going to do. We'll just go for the cash. We'll waive money and whoever decides to jump in and try to take the most amount of money. Well, they'll get both the Republican and the Democrat points. So actually, we could actually do this in like a elimination round, okay? So we have all of these tests that you can participate in to see who in fact is a Republican in the room and a Democrat part of the uniparty. Okay, so if you go after the cash and you run out the door quickly, as fast as you can, There you go. You got points. Congratulations. You're a politician. If you're sick of politics, if you're sick of politicians, come and join us at the U S taxpayers party meeting this weekend, because we're going to try to repeal these gun laws and say, you know, the gun control laws that are unconstitutional and anything else unconstitutional out there, we're actually going to work to do something, not just, but I did, I did, I did, I did, I, you know, I like the saying that I heard last week when it was so cold that, It's so cold out the politicians have got their hands in their own pockets. I like that one, Ralph. So yeah, that would be fun. We got to come up with fun and games. Maybe if you guys want to join me tomorrow yet, I'm still trying to get back on the ground after this whole hospital thing. So if you want to join me tomorrow, we can come up with fun and games for the U.S. Taxpayers Party to see who gets the Republican Democrat Uniparty Award. Well, let's see. We'll have to have like a punching bag. That would work. Remember those little clowns that used to bop in the nose and knock over? We'll see who decides to pick up the challenge to slap it. Have a scoreboard up there with tally of the Republican and Democrat behavior. Do you disavow Trump? Well, okay, you just got a point for that. Someone has to bring a literal straw man. Yeah, there you go. We'll have to do a fake straw poll to start the electioneering off right, like the Republican Party and the Democrat Party have done. Let's see what else we do. Yeah, I think the boss level game should be the one where we see who is going to disavow Trump the most. How many times can you disavow President Trump, the rightful president of the United States in 30 seconds? There you go. You get the Uniparty Award for the day. For the rest of you, like the rest of us who absolutely hate politics and hate anything to do with this nonsense that's going on. Come and join us because we're here to have self-governance and act as statesmen to read, you know. to restore the United States back to what it was supposed to be, which is a what? A what? What am I hearing, people? A constitutional republic, not a democracy, not mob rule, but is one nation united under God himself. So here we go. With that said, you guys want to listen to some scripture a minute? Sure. All right. These are so agreeable. It's amazing. Psalm 27, verse 1. The Lord is my light and my salvation. Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life. Of whom shall I be afraid? Joshua 24 verse 15 But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Proverbs 24 3-4 By wisdom a house is built is established. By knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches. Psalm 34 7-8 The angel of the Lord and delivers them. Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. Matthew 7, 24. Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. Second Chronicles 7, 15 through 16. Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayer that is made in this place. For now I have chosen and consecrated this house that my name may be there forever. My eyes and my heart will be there forever. Okay, guys, I guess that's a good place to stop. These are so gracious with your time. That's awesome. So how about many last words here and then we can go in prayers and head into our day. Sounds good. I think it's a time of great learning. You need to show grace and kindness to one another. Recognize there are people in a different place in their learning journey than the rest of us. I've been saying, you know, try not to mock others that are catching up. It's okay. They'll get there if they want to. And if they don't, well, let them go. Move on. Do the right thing. Rise above it. I yield. Ralph, you good? Yep. All right. Well, we might just be back at this again tomorrow. So dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for Ralph and for Karen and for everybody out there. Let them know that you're with them. And I, we know there's so many people out there whose hearts are absolutely distraught and breaking with what they're seeing out there. It just, everything seems wrong. It's confused and it's just not right. And those of us who follow you know it in our hearts and it grieves us so much every day. But we know that you're in charge and you put all this stuff here. If you wanted to have ended this, you would have done it a long time ago. But we know that you use all things for good. And we trust you. We absolutely trust you. We trust the path that you have us on. We know that you will never leave us, forsake us, or abandon us. And that we can go out today with a smile on our face knowing that you're in charge of all things. that you love us beyond measure, that you're good and faithful, that you're not like human beings, that's for sure, because human beings are so flawed. And so instead of looking at the human beings around us, we're going to look at the policies and procedures and say, yeah, this doesn't seem exactly right. This is kind of wrong. And then keep our eyes on you as the standard, the only standard. The one, the perfect, the most, the best friend we've ever had. You've been a wonderful friend to us in good times and in bad times. You carry us, you dry our tears. You redeem us, and you are always with us. We trust you in all things, with everything that we have, have ever been, will ever be, and that we have. It's all yours to do with it what you see fit, what needs to be done. And we're willing to follow you, listen to you, what you tell us to do, be there for other people, and care about your world in all times. We thank you so much. You're a great friend to us. And we want to let you know that we love you so very much. In Jesus' precious name we pray. Amen. Amen. There you go, guys. So it is that time once again to go ding, ding, ding, ding, go to because I'm the best non-conceiter who has ever not conceded in the history of the world. Maybe this guy will come close. The rightful president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump. And Pepe agrees. And now I am... Now we can do it. Now I can do it. I'm not the only one. Let's see if I can do this. I got to have something to set it on. No, now I'm screwed. Here, hang on a minute. I'll put it on top of my... Here, there you go. I got to sit it on top of a jar here. There's Karen with her hands. Because I'm not the only one. And Donna with her hands. Ralph, you got to catch up. She's going to say, look, she only has one eye. She's doing the one eye. Oh, go, just go screw yourself. How many times have you listened to me? So I'll put both eyes up. You're sending me a complaint. So there you go. So anyhow, you guys have a great day today. Know that God loves you always. He will never leave you. He'll never forsake you. And I mean, Our Heavenly Father, the God of creation, the God of this universe and anything else that's out there. Your love beyond measure. God bless you. God bless all those whom you love. And God bless America. Have a great day. Make it so. Karen says so. And she's got the heart hands to prove it right there. Heart hands, Karen. And so have a wonderful day today. We'll be back on tomorrow, you know, talking about the United States, what's going on here. We got nothing to worry about because God's on our side. It's the bad guys. When they see the world's coming to the end at some point in time, I'm kind of wondering if it's the bad guys because God's kingdom is forever. And I think this could be a real interesting few months ahead of us. We just got to stand there. You see something that needs to be addressed. You just run right into the fire and deal with it. That's what we're going to do. And we will see you tomorrow. Big love to you all.