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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/29/2024 Easter - Ralph the IT Guy and Karen the Riveter and Grace!

Published March 29, 2024, 9:01 a.m.

Easter Celebration!! 9am News and Encouragement and Tech Time with Ralph discussing how to protect your data in the unstable world of technology and News and encouragement with Karen the Riveter!! 10am Grace - Insights on life conserning how we relate to each other to bring love and healing to our world through understanding, empathy and truth. Researcher into many topics including world events to get to the bottom of the truth. X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and I'm going to invite Ralph and Karen on right away. Good morning, guys. How you doing? Good morning. We need to start out with a celebration coming into Easter. Easter has always been my favorite holiday. holiday celebration. Okay. So I'll tell you why in a minute, but I wanted to play this this morning because this is one of my favorite songs. This is a Celtic version of it. And let's listen to this. Thank you. They called him Jesus, he came to love He led for a king, he lived and died Told by my pardon, an empty grave is there to prove my savior lives Because he lives, I can face tomorrow Because he lives, all fear is gone Because I know he holds the future And life is worth the living just because he lives. And then one day. I'll cross the river, I'll fight like fire, in no war with pain. And then as death gives way to victory, I'll see the lights of glory and I know he lives. Because he lives, I can face tomorrow. Because he lives, all feelings grow. Because I know he holds a future. And life is worth the living just because he lives. We're going to stop right there because I'm going to get a strike on YouTube. But isn't that a great song? I remember going to church as a little girl. Well, not super little because there was a point in time where my dad got saved. And we started going to church. And my mom would play the pipe organ. So we had this big pipe organ that was being played. And we would all sing this song in church. And it was wonderful. And Easter was a huge celebration for us. our family for our church family at that time. And it was just a little small country church and it was a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful experience, wonderful memories. And I still love the, the old hymns and such, and this is kind of a nice little remake. So I thought I'd play that this morning. So Easter weekend, we're here. Yeah, that's cool. It's a nice rendition of that. I think so too. I love, I love, oh, excuse me, my voice. I love Celtic music. I just absolutely love it. And it's, uh, it's just a lot of fun. Yeah. That song when I was a kid too, it's for me, I'm a musical thinker and I remember things a lot by art and music. Um, So that kind of thing, like I moved around the country a lot when I was young, lots of different church congregations. And so there's some that had particular songs they were fond of, and maybe I didn't hear them again for years. And so when it does happen, I get like a well of emotion come up because it brings back memories. And just that connection with people that it... flushes up again. So it's always fun for me. Well, we're family. I mean, we're all supposed to be family. We're supposed to be part of the body of Christ. And so, you know, the nice thing is, is that we have so much to be grateful for. And in even looking at the problems that we have in this world, it really, you know, you can look at it and say, okay, it's time to fight. I mean, there's a point in time where you're like, we're done with this, guys. We're just done with this nonsense and such. But underneath solving problems, problems, we're going to have problems. Problems don't go away. You just have to be able to deal with them as they come up. But what really holds us up every single day is the fact that we can walk on this earth with Jesus. And that's what's amazing that we can, in fact, walk through anything because he guides us, he protects us. And we know that everything is in his hands. So we don't have to be afraid. We don't have to worry. We don't have to lose it. We can look around us and go, yeah, okay, I'm not happy with this now. Now that bad guy, that bad guy, that bad guy, I hope they turn to Jesus. But if they don't, justice still has to come for that. But at the end of the day, It's taking care of God's business and knowing that the joy never has to leave us, even when we look at things that aren't true. You know, I'm going to bring something else. If we didn't talk about this, because we never know we're going to go with this, quite honestly. There's real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table. So that means we're kind of like on a Mr. Toad's wild ride here most of the time. I posted some videos and I think that this is, a great place to start because I'll tell you why. The things that we see in this world aren't absolutely representative of reality. Oh, let's see. That's one. Hold on a minute. All of the people that have. And I think that this is a great time to bring this up. I believe and I believe that what we're being shown is not reality. And most of it. And I'm going to show you why I posted this. And I'm sure you saw it, Karen. I'm sure that Ralph probably didn't. But what we see here, things here that are made of the world that is unseen, both good and bad. We have good and bad things here. What we see with our eyes and what's on fake stream media is representative of the things that we even see in real life may not absolutely be what we think it is. But what we do know is that God is good all the time. He sent his only begotten son to pay the penalty for our sins and the things that we've done wrong. And he wipes them away as if they never existed. As far as the East is from the West, it's gone. It's done. It's over with. He finished it. And we can walk with him knowing that he forgives us. And that, that he's working to perfect our faith. But with that said, here's some videos of president Trump, and I want to bring this up. What if a lot of people are putting a lot of faith in president Trump? I love this man. I really do. And I absolutely love what he did for this country. And the fact that he was the right and lawful president. What's that? The right and lawful president, you mean? He is the, he is the rightful and lawful president. of the United States of America because they cheated. And how many people still believe that Biden is president? And how many people still believe that he won the election? This is a significant point to bring in and especially on Easter, the Easter weekend. But I want to show you this because this video right here, I believe is a deep fake. And I'll tell you why. There's many things that you can see. Look at the resolution of this, how in focus he is. There's not one person around him that's actually in focus as much as he is. But we're going to go through this because there's things here that I don't believe to be true. And if you continue to look back here in this area, I'll point it out when he comes back. There's stops in the video, constant stops. And all of a sudden, this guy just kind of like appears. And I think that this is significant because we can't always trust what we see, but we can trust God in all situations to carry us through even when things are not going well. Worked so hard to make this area beautiful and safe. And this is what happened. It's such a sad, sad event. Such a horrible thing. And it's happening all too often. And we're just not going to let it. And he also has a cut line around his head. There's a cut line where the rendering of this image does not match the background. And it can't, the rendering of the CGI can't keep up. It happened. We just can't. 21 times arrested. Mm-hmm. And the person in the car with him was arrested many times. There's also a disparity between the whites in his shirt and the whites in the shirt of this gentleman to the left. But the lighting is off, too. Just keep going. And they don't learn because they don't respect. They're not given the respect that police are the greatest people we have. There's nothing and there's nobody like them. And this should never happen. I just visited. with a very beautiful wife that now doesn't have her husband. Stephanie was just incredible. Their child, brand new, beautiful baby sitting there innocent as can be that doesn't know how his life has been changed. There was a, it skipped, it was all skipped. And then this guy just kind of show, you know, it's moves over here. Now, did President Trump skip in that video at that point? No, he didn't. The background skipped. So I'm fairly suspicious of this. And if you zoom in at this point, you'll see that that hand overlaps his coat a little, just a little bit. It's better than the ones that they did for Biden. But this is the deep fakes that they did for Biden with the microphone go right in front of them. But if you pay attention, it doesn't fit. And also, even the balance of color between President Trump and those around him is off. And so I'm going to go back just a little bit, and we'll look at that skip just one more time. It's quick. You're going to have to pay attention. But it is there. It's been changed. There you go. Did you see it? I can see it, yeah. Yeah. And so we have to ask a lot of questions with this. Where is President Trump? Because I'm not believing that he was in this shot. No matter what anybody says, this is a deep fake. And there's that guy that if you zoom into the video and watch him, all of a sudden, boom, he either moves or he's there. But President Trump doesn't skip a beat. And also, you can look at the lighting there. It's off. You don't have studio lighting like that. Let me see if I can go back a minute. Because there was more that I posted. Oh, it might have been past this. Let me see. 29. No. Okay, I'll have to go back. But I have several of them on my Telegram channel that shows that. And there's lots and lots of evidence out there that there's a good deal of CGI going on around. We saw the ones with Biden with a microphone coming in front of them. Some of them are better than others. But if you really pay attention, you can see it. Well, the thing I find most interesting about the whole thing is that you would think if somebody else did it and it was against their will and everything else was real, that Biden and Trump would be the first to jump up and say, somebody made a video of me that was false. And they don't do that. So, you know, I think that those videos that Trump puts out from time to time, quote unquote, Trump puts out, I think they're they're completely CGI and playing well in advance. I've talked about that before in my channel where there's suddenly he's wearing the same suit. His hair is combed exactly the same way. as he had in a video he put out days before. But he's talking about a specific topic that had just come out in the news. Well, how did he know in advance that topic was going to happen so that he made a video and then timed it so that it was released at a certain point in time? But he's not out there jumping around going, that's not me, that's not me. So either he's controlled or Or he knows and he's okay with it. Or he's being protected. Or he's being protected somewhere. But we don't know this. You know what I find kind of interesting is that YouTube, not too long ago, I don't know exactly when, but they introduced a new thing where when you upload videos, it asks you if there's anything in the video that is in some way synthetic. Mainly targeting AI-generated deepfakes. And this goes right along with what I've been saying for a long time, is that one of the downfalls right now of AI is that they launched it too early. Because they... AI has to be trained, which is basically just feeding in data to tune the statistical model. And... early on there wasn't AI generated content all over the internet that anyone acknowledged anyway. And so the data that was being fed into it, it could be trained on what could be reasonably assumed to be human generated content. The problem is, is that when they launched it and they put it out there to the public, now the AI is generating stuff that is similar, but not quite perfect. to actual reality, which now is getting fed back into other AIs to help them learn what's real. So you've got this basically infinite cycle of the AIs being trained on previous AI content instead of reality. And, uh, I think that's what they're trying to combat with YouTube asking about that so that they can start training AI models on things that people have asserted are not synthetic, not AI generated, so that they can try and curtail that problem. But there's only so much you can do for that because they've already got it in effectively a feedback loop. Well, and they've tried to make us really afraid of AI. AI is a tool. There are certain things about it that are bad, but there's also some things that are good. And I'm pretty extra sure right now that the bad guys are scared out of their mind. Why do you think they want to regulate it? exactly so so to for for total transparency as well as I think we should point it out when we see it so laurie allen posted this and this is really significant to me mcconnell's sister-in-law that recently drowned in a tesla is listed as the ceo of the company that owns the ship that hit the bridge and where did this come from this came from grok and an xai bot and uh Even Bongino is accurate when he says that the elites are scared to death of AI. They don't control because of its potential to tell the truth. So there's Grox talking about it. And then within two hours, thank God for Anon friends who copied this and got it. They updated the file to reflect that it's owned by Grace Ocean Partnerships Limited. However, it was updated two hours ago. So they manipulated it and scrubbed the record. So we got to be quick at finding this stuff. And archiving it. And archiving everything offline. I mean, Q said that. I'm going to go ahead and give a shout out to Q. Q said that. And to all the people who call, everybody who followed Q, Qtards. Here you are, guys. Q was not to give us answers. Q was basically telling us, you might want to look over here, but there was no answers given. Q told us, go research for yourself and find it. Anybody that commented on Q is like a Bible commentary or somebody that says, well, this is what the Bible is saying. They're directing you into creating fanboy clubs and girl clubs and to get people to follow them instead of following God and what was written in his word and letting him tell you, because he'll talk to you if you reach out to him, he will talk to you. And so if we go to the source, we go to the word of God instead of the people, tell us what it's saying and read it and ask God, what do you want me to learn from this today? He'll tell you and you can go to the source instead of, A manipulator. I'm going to go to another one here a minute because this says, oh, this is nice. Go back. Has anybody told you that you're beautiful and that you're loved lately? We love you. You're beautiful. You're beautiful. What's that? You're beautiful. You look lovely. You look lovely. You look beautiful. We can enjoy the day today. Okay. So we got a bunch of nonsense out there, but here's the video. Another deep fake. Now you can't see it because it's small here, but if you go to my, my telegram channel and you watch the video, watch what happens back here. Cause a guy just appears and disappears and look at the difference between how a higher resolution president Trump is. He's got a different, he's got more yellow. And it's not because he's using a tanner. It's the image is imposed on the background. Okay, so here you go. Look at the cut line in his hair. There's a cut line there. That's the way this image does not fit with the background. And further, this dude here, he just pops in out of nowhere. And there's a glitch in it where it just kind of the background stops and it readjusts. But there's President Trump. He just keeps on going. And there you go. You can see the cut line here. I circled it. I do a lousy job of circling things, but that's the way it is. And this guy, he just, he's there. All of a sudden he's not there and boom, he's there. But President Trump doesn't skip a beat in the video. So it's the background that's changing where this image stays the same. Now look at it again. See? Look at the difference between the colors of white, even. And it wouldn't be there, even if it's under an umbrella. And this guy's hand, there's some weird crap going on with his hand on the umbrella, going in front of and behind the image at times. But you can see it if you look at it. But don't believe everything you hear or you see, because... Good and bad. Good and bad. And I guess I'm of the opinion right now. It's my opinion for what it's worth, which is nothing, but it's my opinion. And I don't have any inside knowledge on this. This is just looking at what's happening. But I'm not believing that the bad guys took that bridge out. There's way, way, way too much to question there. And so I don't know what's going on here, but honestly, anybody that was a true leader that wanted to fix that bridge to get us up and running again could have that thing cleared out in two weeks. The bridge didn't kill itself. What? The bridge didn't kill itself. That's good. Oh, Karen, we need a meme. Yeah, my mission for the day. Yeah, what's that? My mission for the day. Your mission today, the bridge didn't kill itself. Somebody else did. I'd like to also point out that Trump has put out that he's supposed to be here in Michigan, in Grand Rapids, on Tuesday. But he's also supposed to be in Wisconsin at 5 o'clock that afternoon. And he hasn't, I don't know... Oh yeah, they did put out it was a convention center. DeVos, I think. But exactly why and what audience are their tickets, he hadn't put it out in the same way that he usually does for rallies. And I'd be like, I'm going even though I believe that it's going to be a Trump. I do that sometimes when I post about it. Look, there wasn't Trump. There's there's golfing Trump. There's. And it could be the same guy, but there's a guy in Florida that does a thumbs up pictures. And there's a traveling Trump and there's a speaker Trump, but I don't know how they do it. I would love to see the movie. What's that movie called? Dave? where there's a guy that gets roped into acting as the president because he looks so much like him. And he doesn't know anything about politics or anything going on, really. But he looks exactly like the president that just got injured. And he's like in a coma or something. And they're like, we have to keep this going, this status that we have right now. You have to just show up occasionally and not say a word. And he starts to get into it. It's a fun movie, but I'm like, there's how many different Bidens are there and how many different Trumps are there? And I'm OK with it, you know, because I think it's just a necessity. But I go and see a fake Trump and maybe, you know, if I could whisper, if I got close enough to whisper, hey, tell Trump that we really love him. Yeah. And we love you, too. We appreciate the sacrifice that you're making, whoever you are. Yes, truly, because whoever has stepped into that role, whoever stepped into that role is brave beyond all measure. Because of the fact that that person. It's significant protection. It's significant protection. There's no way that they can have him out. I should find the screenshots or look at when he was at Mount Rushmore. It wasn't him. On your desk, you mean? What's that? On your desk, you mean? Oh, yeah. Yeah, Mount Rushmore. There you go. The rightful president of the United States. Let's see. Oh, I'm looking backwards. Here he is. But I went through that video and I probably went through it. I can't even tell you how many times. And I screenshotted the shots and I I've done, I've done, um, production work. Um, I used to produce, produce video and such, uh, when I was a little less busy running companies and it wasn't him there. And if you, if you go in and I, what I did, I screenshotted, I moved into it. I looked at the gate of the guy on the stage. and also the supporting shots that were there. There's only three or four different camera angles that you will ever find of that event. And the same is true about the Biden inauguration, if you want to call it that. I didn't do Mount Rushmore, but I did pretty much the same thing with that one. The interesting thing with that one is, They have multiple. What I did was I went to YouTube. So you might still be able to do this. I looked at ABC, NBC, CNN, all the ones that I could find that filmed it. And they all have their own camera angle. Until you get just to the point of the inauguration itself, there's about two minutes. Every single one of them switched to a particular camera feed angle. And it wasn't just one camera. It was a set of cameras. But they had the exact same sequence for about two minutes. And then they switched out and went back to their own feed. That means every single one of those entities knew what they were doing. They were playing a tape. And when you look back at them now, and separate out their, their different angles and such. Then you got a girl in a pink coat. That's in one. She's over here. She's way over there in another feed. There's a guy that's not supposed to be there and he's there in another feed. So it's, it's kind of like the CGI, except I think it was real, but they just filmed it multiple times. Well, and Kate is a real significant thing too. I mean, we've talked about before the, uh, the technology to recognize people's gates from a satellite based on the shadow that they cast. And I think we had the study that we pulled up a while back showing how you can do that. But that's something that they've done in espionage for a long time, too, is add just a little bit of weight or a little bit of height to one foot or another to make it difficult to recognize that. they know exactly how to alter people's gates to try and make them less recognizable and how to recognize gate. And that's something that I think a lot of people discount the significance of how unique people's gates are. Well, and here's another thing. So I've gone to Mar-a-Lago three times and I was able to see within Mar-a-Lago, Like 24 hours, I was between Mar-a-Lago and New York City. And what I saw there was different than what perhaps I expected. But not only that, when we were in D.C., I was kind of like, I was kind of like, heck, you know, so President Trump gets up or the President Trump lookalike because he didn't have the height of President Trump. And there's no two ways about it. You know, I've been around a lot. I'm a smallish person, so I'm pretty significantly aware of height, okay? Except when comparing my height to yours. Karen's a smallish person. I'm going to quote that. She's a smallish person. And I'm huge, Karen. I'm just huge. I will remain quiet for this. You're a smallish person. What's that? You just said you're a smallish person. Yeah. I might be a smallish person. I'm not a huge person, but, but in, in the funny thing is, is that most of the people in my family are huge. Like, like, I mean, really, really, really huge. Right. And I don't know what the heck happened to me, but I'm smallish. But, but the people in my family, they're like six, five. I mean, my, one of my cousins, my female cousins, she was, she played center for Virginia Tech. She's six, four. I've got a cousin that's seven feet tall. I've got, they're, they're all big ish people. They're large people. And then there's me. Okay. So, so, uh, I, I take more after my mom's, uh, my mom's side of family, uh, when it comes to height, but I'm more like my dad's side of the family in every single other way possible. Right. So, which is a good thing in my opinion, but, uh, they're, they're kind of like gladiators. And so it's, it's kind of funny, like scaled up human beings. You know, my, my one uncle, he was so huge. It was just, just amazing. Not, not like in a heavy, like out of shape, huge, like absolutely one great big piece of muscle. That's about six foot six that had to buy every piece of his clothing because it wasn't just tall and thin. He was just tall and massive. Right. And then there's me, which is funny, but, uh, But what I saw there was not a man who was six foot four in any of those situations. And then he got up on stage at Cipriani and he's talking about all the graffiti in D.C. And I'm sitting there going, I was just there. You know what? There's no graffiti there, guys. In fact, and it's not a it's not a dirty, crappy graffiti. unsafe. I felt very safe there, like incredibly safe. And when we were, we were out all over that place and there was no graffiti anywhere. There was nobody doing anything that was disruptive. There was a quiet sense of awe. of what this nation stands for. We went to the memorials. I posted the pictures of it because I was there. I saw it. I, Donna Brandenburg, can testify what I saw. It wasn't out of control. It wasn't frightening. In fact, two of the people that were with me got on scooters and they were tearing around the city looking at the monuments lit up at night. They never got in until two in the morning. Dripping wet like a bunch of drowned rats, I'll add. But, you know, I'm not going to go out in the rain. But they came back and they had the best time ever. But they were out during the night. There were no disruptors there. There was no garbage there. There was nothing to be afraid of. Well, what I'm thinking is maybe this Trump was – was like the Dave in the movie and he just went out on a limb and said something he wasn't supposed to. No, I think that, I think it's, I think it's under control guys. I really do. There's more, there's more here than what we're seeing. And so at this point in time, we can look at this stuff and we could say, yep, just like the assembly and, and everything else out there, you know, there's, there's things that, that we can see. Just like the, I don't know. I mean, there's so many things that we can see. The common law stuff that is out there. I happen to know several organizations that are out there. And I got some questions. I think that there are things that have definitely been set up by feds. I see it all the time. I had that call that happened this week. That wasn't a random call by somebody who does the news. This is someone who definitely, it was a setup. It was an intentional setup. And you have to ask some questions. Now you got to ask some questions about the both arms of the MIGOP. There's so much lying going on out there, guys. It's not even funny. But that's okay. We can look at it and go, hmm, what's really happening here? What are these people actually doing? And that's okay to look at that. We're learning every step of the way to discern, to flap our wings for discernment and not believe everything from everyone that comes to us because there's a lot of wolves in sheep's clothing. And you can see some of the calls that were made by a gentleman named Destry. And I'm going to call him out in the assembly. He did a recording and he flat out misrepresented what happened. I was there. I saw it. I was there. Karen saw it. Karen was there. But I saw it with my own eyes because I've traveled around to see some of this stuff and not everything they're telling us is real. So now you got to go to the next step. Well, are they all a bunch of lying bastards? Well, a lot of them are, right? But we're learning to see the spin they're putting on things and going back to the truth. The one thing that stabilizes this entire thing is the fact that God never changes. God himself never, ever changes. But the things here, there's all sorts of things that parade as the truth that are not. This world is very, very temporary. And people lose sight of that and get too attached to this world. But we are here for just a tiny little blip of time. And it really causes a lot of problems to get too attached to that little tiny blip of time. And back to the song, we can live without fear because he lives. And there's so much. If you've never read the book, The Resurrection Factor by Josh McDowell, it, in my opinion, provides one of the greatest defenses for the resurrection of Christ that is out there, that he goes through the whole thing, that you have to come in a logical sense. And you can even go to creation, the creation of the world. Well, whether you believe in the Big Bang Theory or whatever else you want to believe in, who created that? Or where did this come from? It is completely illogical, even from a logic perspective. It is completely illogical to think that, oh, yeah, this just kind of happened. Well, matter and energy has always just kind of been there and it keeps going through cycles of expansion and contraction and it's all eternal, but God can't be. It's like it's totally and completely illogical. And it's a pick and choose. It's pick and choose. So, you know, you can go through the whole thing that either Jesus was a liar, a lunatic, or he's the Lord. And that whole, that you can't, you can't have, there's logic, there's logic exercises that we can go through that will always come up the same way. And it's a logical conclusion to what we're dealing with here. But anyhow, let's talk about Easter a little bit because my favorite holiday. What's your thoughts on Easter? Because having studied Messianic, which we celebrated all of the Jewish feast days, and the fact that every single one of them aligns with the life of Christ. Every one of them. And the only one that really hasn't yet occurred is the Feast of Trumpets. Yep. And I'm going to go... I'm going to go out on a limb here and say... Let's question everything. I tend to believe that... You know, it's Good Friday today, right? So... conventionally jesus was crucified on friday right that's that's the mainstream view I tend to lean more toward the camp of people that think that he was actually crucified on wednesday I've seen some evidence for thursday and it's compelling but I tend to think it's more in line with wednesday and uh It's interesting because it lines up so much better with Passover to have it and with the three days and three nights in the tomb. It lines up so much better with Passover to have it on Wednesday instead and have the resurrection happen right at the beginning of the first day of the week, which would have been sundown on Saturday. and that they came to the tomb on Sunday, well, yeah, but it was empty at the end of the Sabbath on Saturday. It lines up so much better that way, in my opinion, because to have him basically crucified at the time that the Passover lamb was sacrificed, at or around 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, it lines up the timeline of it all lines up so much better with the traditions of Passover, in my opinion, and that having Passover really be kind of the, the prophetic lead up and preparation for the Messiah. Um, and if you look into that, that the timeline of, uh, of Jesus being crucified on Wednesday, there are some really significant things there. Now, does it actually matter to your faith in him as a Savior as to the little quibbles about the details over the times? Not at all. No. But... There's a lot of significance there that I think gets lost if you don't study that and consider it as, you know... I don't know. A lot of people like to rag on the old Testament as being, you know, completely different than the new Testament and the new Testament, uh, obsoletes the old Testament. And it's, you know, Jesus isn't the, the God of wrath from the old Testament. No, you read through the old Testament. The whole thing is about forgiveness and it's, it's no different from one to the other. God's personality doesn't change. And it, And there's a lot of significance there in the Old Testament, the ancient traditions, the feasts, all of that. It leads up so well to Jesus and his life. And there's a lot of that significance that gets lost if you don't actually go back and study all of that. But yeah, I don't know. I'll let you know. I'll stop talking about it, but I think, I don't know, I get a huge bang out of looking into the significance of it being on Wednesday instead of Friday and how that really changes things. Yes, and there is a continuity between the Old Testament and the New Testament. Jesus was the fulfillment of that. And when you look at the Old Testament, the amount of grace God gave people there's like no heroes in the Bible, really. Everybody wants to talk about the heroes that are in the Bible. They have shining moments in their lives, but that doesn't mean that they're perfect. They're just like us. They were struggling. They were not always doing the right thing. And they also needed a Savior. And they believed God was going to send a Savior. They knew He was going to save that the salvation was going to come. And they trusted that God would forgive them. Yes. Even before the Savior was there, that God was a forgiving God. Yes. And they knew he would provide that, the Messiah. And so even back then, Jesus was the fulfillment of the law and the prophets. The law was sent to show people that you can't keep the law. You really can't keep it. And you need a relationship with God. And so it helps us to see, yeah, we're kind of like imperfect here. And so is everybody around us. So we can look at people around us and go, you know what? We're here to help you. If you really want to be a better person, we can help each other. And nobody's a project. You know, I got to say, so this is like questioning the piety contest that's going on in the Christian world. I'm fairly disgusted by it, actually. I'm really disgusted by what's happened in the Christian church. An example of this is, a friend of mine and I, we were celebrating Passover. We went to a church, and so it's Messianic, so it's that we are Christians, but that we also celebrate the Jewish traditions as they point to Jesus. Every single thing. When you do Passover, it When they break the bread and such. When you're talking about breaking the bread, well, the bread itself is pierced. And so when you're talking about breaking bread, everything in it points to what happens to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. There's significance in everything that's done there. So we walk in there and I'm standing with one of my friends and I really don't change, okay? I'm kind of a goofball really. And I'm comfortable, very comfortable in my skin with being a very imperfect person who's trying to be perfect, but also realizing that there's Christ's perfection and God's perfection is all around us. You just have to look to see it. And that's why in the Bible, it says that no one is, is with excuse for their behavior. We know what's right and wrong. And you can see it. We know it in our hearts. God wrote all of this in our heart. He gave us conscience and all of this sort of thing. But this woman comes in and she's got this beautiful friend that was with her. And the friend was just like sitting there like this going, so uncomfortable being there in this venue. And the woman puts on her best little Christianese face, the one that brought her, And said, yes, this is my friend, Pam, and we're praying for her. And I sat there horrified at how she approached this woman who was really doing a little struggling and made her feel ostracized or like, you know, we're in the piety contract test here. You know, we've got this figured out and our behavior is above reproach. And this woman was mortified. And I looked at her and I flat out cussed because I wanted to shock this little Christian, pious, fake Christian right to her core. I'm like, we don't play those games. We're all in this together. And there's only one that was perfect. And that's Jesus Christ. And the rest of us are trying to get things right and do the right thing. But We're no better than anyone else. And some days somebody's going to fall and somebody else is going to fall. And we better be there to catch them and help them because there's going to be days. And if we think that we got this figured out, God's going to knock us right off that little pedestal to show us exactly, you know, just exactly. And look at us and go, how's that working for you? So she came in and I'm like, look at her. I said, come on, you come and sit over at our table because this is the center saved by grace table over here. And we're all trying to get things figured out and trying to walk every single day together. And the horror melted off of her. And she's like, we're praying for her. And I looked at her and I said, well, F and pray for me because I don't have this figured out every day either. And the minute you think you've got this all figured out, God's going to teach you a lesson that you don't know anything. And the minute you think you've got it all figured out, well, right there, that's pride. And ego. That's what I was saying yesterday about the ego mind versus the heart mind. That's really what it boils down to. You know, we were given, the Israelites were given the Ten Commandments. Only ten things. Ten things. Follow these ten things, everything's going to be fine. What do they do? Count the fingers here. Count the fingers. Ten things. They immediately screwed that up. And then he gave him a whole bunch of rules and he explained everything. If you accidentally hurt your neighbor in a certain way, this is what you do. This is how you wash yourself in certain situations. Everything was laid out in rules. Did that work? No. It's like they are children. And I explored that word children a while back. I wrote a sub stack about it. We are the children of God. He gives us simple rules when we're little. As we mature, we're expected to be able to handle more. And the Old Testament was also designed to show us, I agree with you on the difference between the Old and the New Testament and the purpose of it. One of the purposes was to show us how to live a life in a godly way recognizing that we are not perfect and that no sacrifice could cleanse us of those sins quite well enough as Christ's sacrifice because he was the only perfect one. You had to have the best animal. You had to have a pure, unblemished animal. You had to have the first one born of the mother. There were a certain set of rules for all those things. And what a sacrifice that is. I know what it's like to raise an animal that was birthed and watch it fall right into my hands, literally, and it means something to you when you do that. You put your hand on that animal and you sacrifice that for the remission of your sins, it's not the same as Christ's sacrifice, but the old Testament set them up to understand the value of Christ's sacrifice. So for me, Easter, the term Easter isn't a biblical term to me. It's just, it's just a thing that like everything else, people turn into whatever they want it to be. But every Sunday, um, we have the opportunity to take a communion with other people. That's the word communion means so that we recognize as a people, the humility that it takes to recognize that Christ did something valuable for us that nobody else could ever done. That's that God gave his only begotten son to make that sacrifice. He died for, For our sins. He was so dead. He was dead for three days. So there's no mistaking. There's no magic to this. He died. Gave up his spirit. He gave it up. It wasn't taken from him. He wasn't just murdered. He gave it up. And in doing so. And then reviving again. He proved. His special power. purpose to the people so that we finally have an opportunity to breach that gap between us and God to make it in heaven and if you believe that you'll have no problem here believe repent confess be baptized that you can join in that as well if you believe that you've got nothing else to fear so what you die Like Ralph was just saying, life is so temporary here on Earth as we know it. I've started to kind of think that when someone dies, we shouldn't refer to them in past tense. I think that's kind of a bad habit because they still live. Where do they live is the question. And we're not going to know until hopefully we can reunite with those we love and Christ gives us the ability to do that. And what do we learn from the Old and the New Testament above all? You can't do any of that with an ego mind. You have to have a heart mind, meaning you love others. And if you love others, you love Jesus, you love yourself. You will behave in such a way that supports your desire to not only get there yourself, but to bring others with you. That's what that sacrifice is all about. And we remember that every Sunday. So to me, Easter as a holiday is a little different. It's not just a special, it's like Christmas. I don't think of Christ's birth that often because to me, His birth, while very special, and God certainly pointed it out as such, it's also not as special to him as the entire Bible is about Christ's death and resurrection. That's where we should be focused on most of the time, every single day. Well, I think that, I think that it all points to Jesus. The entire thing does points to this one pivotal, one pivotal man that, you know, God and man in the history of this entire earth and all of it points to him. And so like, to question the days and such, I think it's significant because there's an awful lot of things that we've been taught that aren't exactly accurate. And we have to be okay with that, realizing that when more information comes forward, it doesn't change our core beliefs, but things that maybe give us a better picture in living color and full color, right? It is highly unlikely that Jesus was born in December. Highly. Most people who study it and study the things around it believe that he was born in the fall. And that puts it actually most likely in Sukkot, which is the Feast of Tabernacles, where God came to dwell with man in the tent in a human form. And so when you look at why is it in December, the holidays that they put the actual events on are mostly pagan. Easter was a pagan holiday. And so to move the resurrection and the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on Sunday, Easter Sunday, that was a pagan holiday. So to question that a little bit, go, why would they... Why would they move that in that direction? Hang on a second. I got a no-caller idea. We're going to keep talking. Just talk amongst yourselves. Yeah, well, there are so many of those things where the events of Jesus' life are both predicted and mirrored in the old traditions and holidays. It's really amazing. I hope I didn't just turn the microphone off. I might have. Is anybody out there, could you hear Rolf talk while I turn the microphone off? I hope he did. Yeah, we heard him just fine. You know, Rolf, what it makes me think of is it's like the Bible is a Q-drop kind of thing. Exactly. For those who aren't maybe new to the concept of the Bible, it just kind of occurred to me that it's like, study for yourself, study to show thyself approved, study it yourself. Don't believe everything you see. And don't believe what people tell you about it either. Go read the source documents, you know, go read the Bible itself. Don't rely on somebody telling you what the Bible says. Yeah. I'm going to bring up, see if I can bring up a video here. I actually do think that, that these are, these are, uh, that the world may know is some, it's a series that Ray Vanderlaan made years and years ago. And I find it to be incredibly informative, just incredibly informative. I'll play, let me see if I can play. Here's a faith lesson. I'm looking for the old ones, but let's see what I can find here. Yeah, and to your point about self-righteousness, so I've been studying Job lately, and that's actually one of the key lessons that I've taken away from the book of Job. Everybody always tells about how Job was all put upon for, you know, God let Satan tempt him, and he did. held the faith, go read what Job was actually saying, and then go read what his friends were arguing with him about. Job was all kinds of self-righteous, and his friends were basically saying, shut up and quit your whining. We are all sinners. We've all fallen short of the glory of God, and you are no different than that stop your self-righteousness and start, you know, actually following God. And it's interesting if you read it from that perspective, because there's a lot more of that in there than there is about Job being put upon. I'm going to play this real quick. We'll see if we can. Okay, where's the... Yeah, let's see if it goes here. Set 2 of That the World May Know looks at the later history of the Jewish people in the Hebrew Bible. The kings of Israel and of Judah in their setting, in their culture. It also focuses on the pictures that came out of this land, particularly in the desert and the oasis in the desert. I think you'll discover a very great relevance to your own life in terms of the failures of those kings and their successes. The great heroes like Hezekiah and the failures like King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. And in that way, the Bible will be more than just a history of an ancient people, but will be a relevant source of information, of learning, and application to your own life. And I think you'll find the pictures that come out of the desert and the living water of the oasis will help you to appreciate the greatness of God. so so um uh ray ray I don't know if he still does it but he used to do tours of the holy land and show people what their it what they're actually what the people at the time were looking at geographically and uh and the the culture the culture that they came from in context which I think that we have to remember that, that when we study the Bible, we study it with an Eastern or with a Western perspective, which is very different than the people that were there at the time. You know, we'll say God is grace, God is this, that, and the other thing that is a very abstract concept. The people at the time would say, God is like a mountain and sit there and ponder that. What does that mean? Huge, immovable mountain. And then you can find the tangible characteristics and go, oh, okay, I know what God's like. And how you can understand the world around us that maybe we can't see and relate it to a physical world that we can see. So that's a baby step into actually being able to walk with God himself and have the Holy Spirit within us through that through accepting Jesus Christ, it's, it's an amazing transformation, people that haven't gone through it. And it sometimes it's like, like, boom, the whole world changes for people. And sometimes it's a slow walk. And then all of a sudden, you realize, Everything changed. But it's different for everyone because God knows that every single person is different. And he gives us what we need, not what we want, but what we need because he knows us. He knows everything about us. He knows where we came from. It's not like anything's a secret to him. He's sitting right here. You know, he is sitting right here. So, you know, to come to terms with that fact that, you know, instead of running away from God's righteousness, because we know the sin within ourselves, run to it. And that's where things really change because he'll open his arms up and invite you in. And then the world changes and you walk in the world of unconditional love by God Almighty and through Jesus Christ, his only begotten son, resurrected and walking with us every single day. He knows what we go through. He absolutely does. He lived it and loves us anyway. Any last words, guys? I see my next guest is back there. Grayson on is there. So we're going to bring her on in just a minute. But any last words, guys? I would like to say that a lot of times people focus on the torture that Jesus went through on the last day. But if you read his commentary in the garden, everything that he said there, he said, And I always go back to Genesis 4, too. I've talked about this before, where Cain is really upset about having to be separated from God. Well, that's what Jesus was concerned about. He was not concerned about the thorns and the lashings and carrying his cross and being hung on the cross. He was concerned about being separated from God. And when you recognize that as being the worst thing and not some kind of torturous death, That gives us the perspective that we should have. We should not want to be separated from God. And Christ had to be in order to take on the sins in the world. It was sin that separated him from God. If we don't want to be separated from God, we have to separate ourselves from sin. And it's a continual washing process, but Christ is the only way to get there. Yeah. Yep. We're all screwing up. We're all screwing up a lot. We have screwed up. We're going to keep screwing up. And that forgiveness is our is the only the only way out of that. And so you keep trying to do better and better. It's a continual continual process improvement, you know, but you're going to screw up and you have to count on that forgiveness. You don't just move on and go, well, I'm going to sin and God's going to forgive me anyway. That's not true. That is not a person who truly believes in God. That is certainly not a display of love. Not at all. That's like in your face, God, I'm going to just keep sinning. I'm going to hold you to a contract that you've got to love me anyway. Well, that's neither faith nor is it love. And I don't think shoving anything in God's face and saying, we're going to keep sinning anyway. And you're just, he's going to forgive me. And so I just got, I just got to get out of jail free card. So I can do anything I want in my life. And that's, that's not, that's not the way it works. And I can tell you right now that, that if you love God, he will walk with you in this earth, but he's not stupid. He knows the difference. And I think that too, walking, walking through this life, that we have right now, there's great discernment that's necessary. There are people who have thrown in with Satan himself, whom he controls. And then there's the rest of us who just trying to get through life, doing the right thing, loving our families, loving this great nation that he gave us to protect us and our rights here to be able to worship him the way we choose to do it. Not the way somebody tells us to do it, but what God puts in our heart. He puts everything right inside of you that you need to walk through this world and into the next pretty much flawlessly. It's going to be like stepping over a threshold and a door. In fact, probably the door of doors, right? I was with my dad when he died two years ago. And I think, and I don't know why it is, but some people have the ability to kind of live between two worlds. There's many examples of that in the Bible where, where people could see, feel this discernment there. And it's a gift. But I felt my dad and I experienced my dad leaving his body. And it was an amazing thing. My dad was a huge faith-based individual. And he prayed. I asked him one time, how do you pray? He said, I pray every minute of my life. And when he got saved, it was a true transformation. And you can see the difference between someone who was wracked with problems before that. But when Jesus came in and he would be proud of me, me telling you this, when Jesus came into his life, everything changed. There was no greater testimony to the saving grace of Jesus Christ and my father, because he was a rough person before that he, it was a, it was not, it was not a good place to be. And after that, it was like flipping a switch and, and it, and everybody knows, and we'll tell you that too. So, When he left his body, it was amazing. The light in the room was incredible, just incredible. And we can know that when we go to be with God, our hope is alive, living, and walking with us every single day. And that's Jesus Christ, God's only begotten son, who gave his life that we could be together forever with them. So I'm going to let you guys go because I know that Ralph has got an appointment and I'm going to bring on my next guest Grayson on and we're going to have some more discussions here. So we'll be right back. Thanks guys. Thank you. morning and welcome to the second hour of brandenburg news network I am donna brandenburg and it is the 29th day of march 2024 and I'm going to bring on my friend here grayson on hello good morning how are you good morning how are you good how are you doing good I hear a little feedback on uh on your side here um I can hear my voice coming back through so I don't know if we can make some adjustments or whatever we have tech expert extraordinaire there eric We were having issues on our end too. I don't hear it now, so I don't know what changed, but there you go. He's like the type of guru. Yeah, seriously. Every one of us is out of our league when he's around. He's like way, way, way, way, way above our pay grade. So what are we going to talk about today? We just got done talking about Easter and Jesus, our Lord and Savior, and celebrating it. And I had a video on. I'm going to go back to this because it's a cool video. It's a Celtic video, and we'll just play this and celebrate that. Because he lives, I can face tomorrow. Because he lives, all fear is gone. I'm gonna stop it there so I don't get a youtube strike or something like that but anyhow what do I want to talk about today well I just wanted to tell you I i was loving the conversation you guys are having like it I actually you know how you have dreams And you don't, sometimes you wake up with that in your mind and then other times you don't remember it at all. And then later something triggers the dream that just occurred. And that's what happened to me when you guys were talking about this. And it really resonated with me. I was raised Catholic and I went to a parochial school. And so I went to church anywhere from two to three times a week. And I was an altar girl and, um, you know, Easter. And the Stations of the Cross, that's like the longest church service ever. And to be an altar girl, it's like a lot of work, a lot of things to remember. But as a Catholic, that was very impactful, watching the agony and the gruesomeness. And it was very powerful. But I remembered a dream I had last night. And I was at a church that I'd never been to. And they were... they were doing the Eucharist and I went up to go get the communion and I wasn't allowed the communion and they blessed me. You know how like the little kids that come up that haven't had their first communion, they get a blessing and that's what I got. And I was like, I felt like, okay, I'll honor this, but I don't know what that is supposed to represent. But I had a dream about communion and I'm going to a new church and a A new community. It was, I don't know. I have to reflect on what that means, but were you, did you go to church as a child? Is that a part of your upbringing? Well, we started going to church when I was, my neighbors all felt sorry for me. And so they would take me to church with them when I was a kid, because that wasn't going to be a thing, right? And I really can tell you it was because my dad was burned so badly in the communities. that he was absolutely done with all of it because he's, he was, he and I are very similar in the fact that if something's not right, I'm, I'm kind of done with it. Right. I, I, there's, there's a hard line for me with certain things and he, he was like that. So he didn't want anything to do with it. And he's like a bunch of hypocritical, you know, losers. His dad died when he was 12 and the community, basically wasn't there and so he was really abandoned and then as he grew up you know he heard all these words about how much they loved everybody and and only came with condemnation but they didn't step in and do anything which is kind of where we're at right now in the christian church people sit in their churches in their little eco chambers and they do not go out and reach out with love to people to help them they judge them And this ain't going to work well because I'm pretty extra sure that when God says that the first thing that's going to receive his judgment is going to be the church itself, that's real clear that that's where it's going. And so he didn't go. That's interesting. My dream kind of, I guess, maybe in a way reflects that, going into a new community and not being embraced the way I would be used to. Yeah. My dad's dad died when he was 12. Oh, wow. There's no coincidences because the things that happen to people are very almost predictable. But anyhow, we started going to a church and there was a pastor there that didn't play the I'm better than you piety game. And my dad got saved. And when he got saved, it was like. He was the first one, anytime something went wrong, my dad was the first one there and the last one to leave. He was probably the bravest individual I've ever known in my life. There was never any thought. to whatever he was going to charge into. And he lived his life. I mean, you want to talk about somebody that studied the Bible? It was every day. If he wasn't working, that was where his focus was. Unless there was a Western on TV. He liked Westerns, you know. But his focus was on Jesus Christ and living it every single day. And he was amazing. You are your father's daughter for sure. used to make my mom pretty mad. She's like, you're just like your father. I'm like, Oh yeah, there is a God. Thank you so much. Well, my dad's family is from this area. He never left. He never moved anywhere. He's from, you know, Grand Rapids area. Um, he comes from a big Catholic Dutch family, six kids in the family. And so he was the second youngest. Um, and his dad died at age 12. His dad, um, was a designer at Herman Miller. He actually designed some of the legs of those famous chairs. But anyways, the what? Oh, no, I'm thinking Kindle furniture. So yeah. Like the office, office furniture, right? And then to look at the bottom. But anyways, my dad went to Catholic Central, the whole, my entire family, all my cousins went to Catholic Central, except for me. But yeah, Like being Catholic, that was like a huge part of my upbringing. And I think that helped shape who I am today. And I have had lots of awakening moments, even in my childhood. When, you know, there are things about Catholicism or just Christianity in general that resonate totally in my heart. And I know that's true. There are other things that did not resonate with me that did not feel right. But we did it over and over. You know, being Catholic, it's very ritualistic. And you're looking at the cross, you know, it's then you have the Catholic guilt and all that. And that never really resonated with me. But I was always like a I was the altar girl. I was in the choir. I loved playing the bells. And that that moment, I think, reflecting back really taught me that I was empathic. So in other words, when the music would vibrate in the church, I felt it in my soul and it resonated in my body. You know, the whole body chills, you know, up and down your spine. And some people call that Kundalini. It has lots of different names, but that taught me that I was connected in a way I could not explain. And I wish for everyone to have that connection because it's easily there and you don't have to go far. to get it. Um, and you know, the good Friday and Easter is a good reminder of, of how precious life is and how we all play a role. If we make promises, we need to follow through. And if we all do that, even just a little bit, this whole world will change like in an instant. Comes down to the individual. And, uh, you know, we may not, we all, may not agree on everything because we're looking at, we're looking at, we have different gifts and we have different ways of looking at the world because we're not sitting in the same spot with the same experiences that the people around us are. So I think, I think one of the ways that we, you know, honor each other is just to listen and not listen to respond, but listen to learn what people have to teach us. And that's a, that's a, It becomes an art form in the world where everybody's arguing their points on everything. And it goes back to the free speech and will and such. But I was at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York. And that is, I believe, the only basilica in the United States. There's only like seven of them around the world. And what I was told when I was there was that the entire thing was built for the resonance of And for healing and such, it was really interesting to me because not being Catholic, that was a new thought to me, a very new thought. And it was kind of a cool experience, excuse me, that to see that being built into the church, into the Catholic church there. So there's more here than what we, that we've been taught. And I think that God talks about it clearly that we've been given milk, but there's still more. We don't know everything. Okay. So I think too that, you know, I don't even know where I'm going to go with this right now. So we can switch gears on this. But I think that the main thing is, is that God does love us and that he is unchangeable. But I'm kind of looking forward to what he's going to do here in the next couple of years. See if she can hear me here a minute. We're going to Oh, we're going to put it on like headphones. So we're having a little bit of a sound problem here. That's okay. Let's go listen to the music here a minute. We'll put that on and I'll give him a chance to get that working. Fear is gone, because I know, it was the only future, and life is worth the living, just because he lives, yeah, because he lives, I can face tomorrow. Because he lives, all fear is gone. Because I know he holds the fuel. Just because he lives. Because I know he holds the fuel. See if we can bring, bring grace back here a minute. And if we can't, we're just going to continue to continue to punt here because that's what we do on Brandenburg news network. So there was a, uh, Oh, there's a couple of other ones that I wanted to show you the video. of Ray Vanderlaan. We can go there back there again. Cause what I find is really interesting with, let's see, we're back. We're back. Sorry about that. Yeah. The speaker stopped working. Oh, no worries. I mean, that, that happens. It's live, it's live broadcast. And, and that's, that's kind of something that we expect. And if you want to stay with us, that's fine. If they, if they can't, if they can't be patient, then that's okay too. Then, then they've got their, their choices there. But yeah. And so, I think that we all have that sense, though, that sense. And you were talking about vibrations and such. Everything that we touch has a different feel to it. And you can use different words, a spirit or whatever. And I think those of us who lean towards discernment a little bit can not only feel that, but it's almost like an expanded sense of the world around us. And to your point, when you said you went to St. Patrick's in New York City, you know, and as a Catholic, like going to the Vatican, you know, that's like the ultimate Catholic experience. And I did this in 2008. And I had no expectations other than it was going to be glorious. And I studied a lot of art history in college. And that was like my passion at the time. And so seeing Michelangelo's work, you know, going to the Sistine Chapel just felt like the ultimate opportunity. and once I got in there I didn't have the experience I thought I would in terms of it being positive like overwhelmingly I had not good feelings like some icky kind of foreign feelings in fact and uh then there's the catholic guilt like I should not be feeling this way but I remember like going into the sistine chapel which is if anyone's been there You know, it's magnificent. Looking up at the ceiling and every corner of this little building is painted and adorned. I mean, you know that picture where there's someone holding on to a skin of someone and they're just like flesh versus an actual physical being. That's very profound. And there was some kind of ritual being done when we walked through and I just got the worst feeling like I just wanted to get out and when we're down here I was like oh it looked like they were doing some kind of service but we just happened to be in I mean it's a really small building and so we were just like spectators and like let's get out of here but the catacombs was even worse it was um just thinking about all of these Pope in this, in this space in the basement and all, and seeing all the bones and stuff, I was like, oh my gosh, I don't like it here. So I had a conflicted feeling. Yes. That, that famous picture that is huge. It's huge. And it, um, and there's other depictions that are very gory. I mean, you could get like nightmares from it. Anyway, so it was a cool experience, but it was also creepy at the same time. And I think I started to really question things at that point. Well, you can look at things like the statues in Switzerland where they're eating children. Right. And it takes us into a place to have to reconcile what we are actually living in here, what we see, what we're not seeing. We talked about this morning the deep fakes and the fact that I've been calling. I called them out a little bit. I've seen them for a long time, but I've been hesitant to call them out because you never know how ready people are to hear the truth. Because there's some hard truths out there that are going to be very, very difficult for people to come to terms with. And we're not even halfway there yet. When you were at the Vatican, what else did you feel besides the creepiness of the art? You're muted again. Oh, you can't hear it? Oh, that sounds to me like God doesn't want us talking about this, or not God, that somebody, God wants us talking about it. Somebody else doesn't want us talking about this. So we'll let you get that thing figured out. And I'm going to look at some of the Vatican art here. And this is interesting. probably best tech guy in the entire world, and we're having glitches, so this has got to be intentional by somebody from the outside. I like looking at the artwork, though. It's beautiful. You want to call in and do a call-in? OK, I think we got it. So this is off path a little bit. But some of you that know me, I have been struck by lightning twice, in fact, 10 years apart. Now, Eric, he's right here. You can't see him, but he's here. He is like the tech guru, and he fixes everything. But I come in, and everything goes haywire. First light bulbs all the time. I'm always, yeah. Making computers go wonky. I'm pretty sure that's the reason, but anyway. Yeah. I understand what you're saying. You ever go under streetlights and all of a sudden the streetlights go out? I thought that happened to everyone and it doesn't. So yes, all the time that happens to me. There's a, there's a, There's a word for that. They call it sliders. Sliders. Street light something or another. Well, what else? Tell me more about this. You know, your experience as an empath. How do you see the world? How do you see the world right now? So I feel energy a lot of the time. And I have to remind myself that it's not of me. Okay. So I don't have internal conflict. I'm, I'm in a happy, happy space, happiest I've, I've ever been and safe feeling, which is, that's like a new thing for me. And so the feet, like when I feel these energies, they feel like this all the time, like we're being pulled. And, you know, I think we're very conflicted right now and more and more people wake up every day and as exhausting as it is for us to Some of us have been awake our whole life and we've just been dealing with other people's issues, you know, and some of us have been awake since they found Q like five and a half years ago or whatever it is now. More and more people are still waking up and that's it can be tiring, but I think. we got to get over a certain threshold, but it is very difficult at times to be an empath. And I, I currently work with little children and it's, it's a lot to take on a lot of energies at once. Or even if I go to Costco, it can be very hard for me after, after a certain point. So I try to shield myself, but I'm not always the best at it because I, I need to be open and receive and, Um, but yeah, being an empath, that's, that's always been the way. And over time I've discovered that's what it was. And I always thought it was normal. I thought other people could feel other people's emotions, even when they're not speaking. Um, yeah, I tried to embrace it and I oftentimes get, I call them impressions. I don't really have the right vocabulary for it, but I'll have premonitions or dreams or inclinations. And one time I, last summer, I did not honor this feeling I had. And I will never forget it because a friend decided he didn't want to be here anymore. And he followed through on that. And he was in my mind, like so predominantly, and I was so busy with things going on and, and I should have reached out to him and, you know, something as simple as that. I, I think it's like kind of picking up. Um, if you think of like radio waves, you're picking up other people's frequency. And sometimes I think empaths can pick up on someone's inner thoughts that they don't even know themselves. If that makes sense. You're like echoing. I think it's God talking to us individually where he literally tells us, you know, exactly, exactly what's going on around us. And, uh, it's not necessarily words it's you know you know as you said it's feelings and and lets us know exactly what's going on and I think we're all connected I really do you ever have a friend that all of a sudden they always will call right at the right at the time that that something's that something's going wrong and you're like how did you do this I had that yesterday that was really that was a really crazy thing I was studying sheep I didn't get a chance to tell you this because Grace and I are friends. Okay. So Grace and Eric and I, we're all friends. And, and so Grace is listening to me talk about my sheep experience or that I'm out there trying to, you know, figure out how to do sheep. Right. So I called the farm that she found a link and she sent it to me and I was like, Oh yeah, I found my sheep link. Right. You know, there's a farm around here. So I'm kind of excited about, as I was talking to the lady in that farm, another friend, Who I didn't know this about her. It's an acquaintance. Let's say that somebody that I met while I was campaigning and such. And I haven't talked to her hardly at all. At that moment that I was calling this lady, I get a text from this other lady and I'm like, it's odd that she texted me right now. And I'm like, and I don't know why it just struck me as odd, but I called her. She has sheep and she has a lot of them and she's got a network and it's not the sheep I was looking at, which is like the bougie expensive sheep. It's actually sheep that are doable. in mass and she knows everything about every breed the wool and this and so I'm going down there to her house next week and we're going to be talking sheep and she's got people all over the state not just one little bougie type of sheep which is cool I still want my little bougie sheep but you know that has this like a mentor that she knows yeah and she's got them and she called she's like oh yeah you can get them here and you can get this breed here and this has got the real soft soft stuff, but it was just so crazy because it's probably been, I'm going to say six, eight months since I got a text. And that day, wow. At the moment, I'm talking to the really expensive, bougie sheep, and she's got all kinds of sheep, and so do her friends. And what I'm looking for is being able to have a few milk sheep and then have some wool, and she knows everything about the shearing and everything. So I'm going to talk about having a resource drop in my lap. Like, if that confirmed that you're definitely getting sheep, I mean... Yeah, to my husband's chagrin here within the next two weeks, I'm probably going to have some sheep hitting the ground. Well, it's that time of year for sure. But how amazing is that? You can spend, you know, it's kind of a hobby, right? When you take on these projects, that's why they call them hobby farms, right? But you need to know things. You can't just go and do it. And so to have a resource with someone that really knows what they're doing. It was a God thing though, because you couldn't have planned that sort of an interaction. in a million years you know there's no coincidences and all of a sudden she's texting me and I'm like this is crazy but I'm loving it so well someday you might consider uh interviewing our friend our mutual friend ryan because his story is like the ultimate story of how god works and the interconnections that sometimes take place long ago. And all of a sudden, this whole picture takes shape in a way you could not have even imagined. I mean, if you want to say Christ, some people say Christ consciousness, it could be the second coming. And maybe there's even a physical manifestation of Jesus. But regardless, the energy of Christ being manifested so pronounced on this planet is we're at the cusp of that because when you have an experience like you had, um, and you witnessed that with, with Ryan, um, at this event, it was what a few years ago, three years ago, you can't, I mean, that is like church, that energy. That's to me what church is supposed to be like that, that community, the communal, the love, the acceptance, the zero judgment, um, Like I could be you and you could be me and, and just bearing witness to another and honoring each other. And that's how I see the world moving forward. And I hope that will be soon, but it's going to be painful before we get there. Well, and we all use different words for things and people are at a different level of growth and we need to be patient with each other and not realizing that if somebody's struggling, that's our cue to step in and be Christ in this world and to help people around us because, because they're not our project, they're God's. So we're supposed to be, you know, what we're supposed to be doing is doing good works that glorify him, glorify him by serving the people around us where they can see the, the character or, or God coming in at just the right time through another person. I, and I feel so blessed being a mother to a beautiful eight-year-old and she, she bears witness to a lot of these things and she understands deeply those kinds of implications and how God works. And being a parent of a young kid right now is, is I don't know any other word, but crazy. It's crazy. You almost can't shield your kids from what's going on. Um, And there's kind of that dichotomy of like, should I shield them or should they know about things like moving forward? I don't know. They kind of need to know what kind of world they're going into. But being a parent of a young child reminds you yourself to be the best you can be, not just for you, but for your child. And, you know, you have to love yourself. And I think that people forget to do that. I mean, you can be like really dorky. What was the SNL skit where he looks in the mirror? It's like, I, I love you. And I'm, what do you say? You're the best. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's kind of over the top, but I mean, even if you do look at yourself in the mirror, you tend to look at maybe all the things you don't like, but if you just say that you, I love you, me, or give like an actual, you know, hug to yourself I think that is just a great start for people like you have to love yourself before you love others truly and I'm just reminding you all to tell you yourself that you're perfect you're made in perfection then you can even if you've made mistakes you you're forgiven you're washed away it's funny my I showed my daughter oh brother where art thou little little clips And you remember that movie? Yeah, I do. He runs into the water because the song is like going down to the river to pray and to be baptized. And he's like, he don't washed away all my shins. I am in perfection. And there's truth to that. You physically like imagine being shut of all the things that you didn't do right. And just starting with a clean slate. It's a good mental practice. And he gives us that every single day so we can start out our entire day turning to him and saying, you know, I don't have it right. And I'm sorry for the things that I've done that aren't quite right. But today's the day I'm going to celebrate because the day you've made and we're going to rejoice and we're going to go forward and we're going to do good works. And I'm going to try to get it right today. No, I won't. But I know that you love me anyway. You know, you think about how we love our children and our pets and things around us and such. And how much more God loves us that we can relate to that. Well, here's a good practice. Now, some of you might just think this is so silly, but there's someone here and I'm going to introduce him. And I'm wondering, can we all love him and forgive him? Let's see. Hold on. Let me go get him. Okay. Oh yeah, there you go. This is Trumpy Grumpy, but can we forgive this guy for all of his transgressions? For all of his weird things that he does? I don't know. That's like the ultimate test right there. He seems like the biggest super villain right now. I ask myself that sometimes. Can I grant compassion to someone that is... I mean, from what I have seen... Seems to be a pretty terrible human. Can I grant him love and compassion? That's a hard test. I'm still grappling that. We can certainly pray for him. I mean, the Bible talks about it. You know, you go back to God's plumb line, which is the Bible. And he says, pray for your enemies. Pray to bless them. Blessing them is really bringing them into God's presence. And God cleanses them. So, you know, when we pray for others that have hurt us or that have done the wrong thing, we hope that they will walk away from evil and do the right thing. Now, I think there's also complete justice when someone does unspeakable crimes. That doesn't mean that God's done with them yet, but they can't remain to continue to hurt the world here. So there's a balance between justice and love. And I think that that's, The only true judge is God himself. But when somebody breaks the law or does the wrong thing, they have to be held accountable. But forgiveness, the way I understand forgiveness is it's really for us. When we forgive other people, it's not about not holding them accountable or anything, but it gets that poison out of our hearts so that we can go on. I feel like I'm a living testament to that. I've gone through so many phases that most people, I think, would not be able to survive. Let's talk about that. Let's talk about surviving bad things in life and being able to come out on the other side as a victor. Yeah, you can't skip to the end. That is the thing. And I mean, talk about painful process. So I've been through phases of that, the pain. The most predominant one would be getting into a very abusive relationship with my child's biological father. I mean, he's like, he really is the worst. And, you know, when you're empathic, you don't always see the bad. You try to see the good in others. And I probably was emotionally in a bad place at the time. So did you see his flaws and think I can save him or that, you know, I want him to be better. And so you were willing to walk with him. So that some people call that like, you know, a fixer, a fixer spirit. You know, when you're empathic, you want to love and see good in others. And yeah, so that that was definitely the case. And over time, you know, I started seeing these red flags and I think I ignored it. And when it got to the point that it was unsustainable, I called my dad. And I asked him to come get me and I, my, my newborn was a week old at the time. And so that's not a time when you really want to jump ship. I mean, you know, I was the first time mother, you do the nesting thing and you want to be cozy, comfy and safe. And that's all the things I did not feel. And so my dad, he came to get me and I basically never went back. And my dad put a huge brick wall between us. It took a lot of time to get to that point. But so I had a newborn baby and I had slept on my parents' couch. They were getting their kitchen remodeled, which is in like the same space. And it was, yeah, I could have never dreamed that that would be my situation. And every stage I was in, I took it step by step. Um, and at the time it felt right for the father to be involved and have access to our child. And I, you know, regrettably even, um, on the birth certificate, which is that felt totally not right. I needed an advocate at the time, but I, you know, her last last name is we have different last names. So that is, is stung my soul so deeply. And, um, basically. he tried everything to attack me. I mean, physically even attack me. He, in Christmas, the first Christmas we all spent, he came over to my parents' house. He put a key logger on my phone. So he actually gained access, backdoor access to all like my social media. So he was able to go through Facebook. You guys didn't know this was a thing. He could turn on my location and see where I was. And he, This is amazing. So basically where I live now, where he, I knew the moment, a hundred percent certain that this guy, the psychopath, literal, actual psychopath, because he got a psychological test. We made him get one. He knew my location and it was at this park that is nearby. I won't say exactly where, but There is no way that anybody, not even my mom, would have known where I was that day. And I was drawn to this area that I'm living now. And I knew for certain he was getting my information somehow. Reading my messages, sending messages, sending me fake messages. I mean, I was already like sleep deprived, you know, being a young single mom. I thought I had psychosis. I truly thought I had psychosis. I'm trying to grapple with that, but I didn't want to say it out loud. But what he brought into our house was an energy that I don't really have the vocabulary for this. It was an energy. It's a demon. Yes. I'll say it because, you know, when we talk about energies, energies are absolutely the way that we feel it. But they're absolutely energies that people have are entities. And even sometimes you can even name the spirits that they're carrying with them. And it does, it can invade your space. They can invade your space, both good and bad. That totally happened. I'm a testament to that. And I know that he called that into his life at a point long before I knew him. And this energy, this demonic energy entered our space and our living space. And I lived at my parents' house. What started to happen was my mom, my dad, all of us, we started arguing about nonsense. And somehow I was able to step out of myself and say, look, there's something else here. And we all eventually recognize that. And then you feel helpless. Now, my dad is very sensitive the way I am. And there was one night we both came out of the room at the same time, kind of in a frantic. What are you doing up? Oh, did you see that? And we both saw the same thing and felt the same thing. And I'm like, this is it. We have to do something. I ended up researching at the time. It felt because it's paranormal. That's what it is. was it is but there's other terms for it as well and we ended up having this team come to our house they we left we you know we talked and then all of us left including the dog and they went through the house kind of like those ghost hunters they're similar to that but it was also the spiritual aspect to it and we're exorcists yep and we need a lot of that right now by the way but um anyway um They ended up coming twice. And what was really interesting is this lady, her name's Rosemary. She was an amazing lady. She literally echoed the things I experienced. There's this one area I would go to, I just felt so I couldn't even go there. And this was like near our bedroom. And this one time my dog and I both saw the same thing. Both of us trailed this thing and I'm like, okay, I don't have psychosis. And I had to like come to truth within myself and love myself and say, it's okay, this is not your fault. So that was like the first stage of forgiveness, forgiving myself for being a part of this. I didn't call for this in my life, but that's what it is. And it affected my entire family and tarnished our relationship in a way that I don't know if we can recover from. We have as a family, but those things are still there. And so what ended up happening after the two times they came into the house is I decided to do this myself and I had my family leave and I opened up all of the cabinets in the house. I made anointing oil that I blessed myself. I wore my grandmother's rosary and I had pre picked a couple of prayers and actually do you remember monkey works? Of course. So he actually had a call to prayer for anointing your home. And I did this thing he suggested and I said, you should pin this on your account. And he did for the duration of time until he was banned. And I can send a link if you wanna share this with others, but it was so effective when I went through every room and I basically blessed my entire home and pushed out. This energy. And when I got back to the center of the home where I had begun, I said with all of my authority that it will leave out the front door and it will never come back. And at that moment, I claimed my sovereignty as a human and as a spiritual being. I stood in my own right. And I'll tell you what, the front door slammed shut. And I was like, what? It was so powerful. I just was overcome by the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit was ever present. And that's how I got rid of it. And it did never come back, though I think it tried. But we set a periphery around the house. And yeah, so that was like a really big part of my spiritual evolution. I felt raw and scared, but strong at the same time. And that's where the devil... goes right to the door and is knocking. And he's waiting for that moment that you were so down and out that you could not bear another moment where you give up. And that's, I think, people get these attachments is when they relinquish because they're so tired. And sadly, I don't think a lot of people are strong within themselves to stand up. in their own. And those are the moments that we, many of us have been through just in a variation. So that's one story of, yeah. Well, and the society, the war on God that's going on right now. I mean, there's such a war on God that I think that he's, God himself in our society has been turned into a broad concept, a thought or an idea instead of the reality that Christ is with us And that God walks with us every day. He's not real to most people. He's like words on a page, going to go to church, get the butts in the seat. And then I did my duty and I'm out of here. I go home and I do whatever I want to do. Instead of the fact that he is here, he lives. And it's a hard thing for people. And we can really see how our nation is crumbling because of the fact that we have walked away from God and are trying to live in our own right. It's only by the grace of God, by the truth of his walking with us every day that we can do anything right. And the nation is struggling and it's so hurt. People don't even know where to turn because the corruption that's out there, the infiltration in the churches, the hypocrisy was all there. It's always been there. The infiltration into religion, all religion, we've had infiltration. You can see that in the Jewish religion, which is mostly, you know, we've got the people, the Jewish people, and then we've got the Talmudic Jews, which is straight up Satanism. And you look at the true Christians and you look at those who are driven by money and that are nothing more than, you know, cash after, I don't even know what to say. I'm going to make up words here. And there's a difference. And because they've obfuscated the truth, we rarely see people or see religious institutions which are, in fact, representative of God Almighty. Right. These institutions should really just be a modality of how you get to your place with God. And I kind of just... I'm like, how do I explain this to a young child? Okay, well, having the visualization is a good start. And I would say to her, like, if we're not together and you feel scared, this is what you do. Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking up these stairs and then you're in a garden and you go and sit on a bench and you call for God, God will be there. And I've had these experiences in my life, throughout my life, you know, in eighth grade, I just thought God couldn't hear me. And the most amazing experience happened from that. And God showed me never, you know, I, and I promise I would never doubt the ever presence of God ever again. And I do think people need those moments sometimes to be reminded, but it always just starts right here. Like even this, this is just, this is not virtue signaling, right? This is just like a visual reminder to go to start here. You have to start here. And even like when Flynn says, you know, local action has a national impact. Well, you could do that with your own spirit. It starts here and it reverberates out. You know, that's where it starts is to be right within. And I think forgiveness is a huge part of this, which is a part of salvation too. Forgiveness, I think, was the hardest thing for me to battle. How could I forgive someone that did so many bad things to me? It actually continues to, to this day. How could I forgive someone? Well, definitely not forgive or accept the wrongdoing. I will forgive myself for getting into a situation like this. And I will forgive the actions he took. but I won't accept them. So the weight gets lifted off so quickly, but it's hard to forgive somebody that really has done you wrong. And someone like Biden too, he'd probably be a good example to say, well, how could I ever forgive him? Well, you're going to have to start, is he redeemable? You know, assuming he has a soul as we do, Forgiveness does not go to the person we're forgiving. It cleanses our heart and stops that bitter root from growing. And if you've ever met somebody who cannot stand with somebody that they disagree with or they can't forgive within their hearts, they put up all these barriers and they're part of the problem. Even if they're virtue signaling, it's a problem. You should be able to talk to everyone. And if somebody you disagree with them, then that's probably the person that you're supposed to be ministering to. that there's you know you go you go to them to break those walls down and uh and uh start that's called like mirroring sometimes when someone triggers you in a way it actually could be mirroring something back within yourself that you're not happy about may not be the same thing but there's something clearly that you can't retain your composure and they're triggering you to do just that you know you have some work that you need to do. We all, we were forever meaning to work on ourselves and improve and tinker and we should never be complacent with who we are. And I think you guys talked about that earlier in your chat. You know, you, you don't just sit there and you're okay. It's forever work throughout this short period of time that we're here. And, and if you think you're doing good and then God will throw something at you and throw you off kilter and, Forced me to grow just a little bit, right? And I think that's funny, but he does that to all of us. We think we got it all going in the right direction. All of a sudden, God's going, how's that working for you? And sits back and just kind of sees how you can handle that. What are you going to do? Are you going to grow? And hopefully we get back up on our feet fairly quickly and adjust our attitudes and move forward, not for ourselves, but for him. Right. And we are so much stronger than I think people truly realize. You are so strong and important. Like all of us are that important in this whole world. And what a crazy time to be alive. We have a, I've got a video I like to play here. Let me see if I can bring it up. It's the spark of life at conception. love that I do too isn't it great because this is this is inside of all of us this is god touching us and truly let's see if I can find a good one I usually I i had to close all my tabs because I kind of got to uh too many of them going at the same time you ever do that and then all of a sudden it's like oh man my computer just slowed down to a point of unsustainability and uh let me see if I can Well, I can tell you that I don't believe anything they say in science. I knew the second that life entered my being. It was weeks before I tested positive for being pregnant. I knew the moment. There you go. God creating a human life. And I think that's so... Can you do that again? Yeah, of course. Yes. Life at conception. So I don't know about you. I mean, everyone has a different experience. Some women don't feel pregnant, which is odd to me. I mean, it's possible. From my own experience, I can't even imagine that. Now, I knew Evelyn, my daughter, before I knew her. At that time, she visited me in dreams. She showed me her her personality in different moments. I knew she'd be hilarious and sensitive and love music. And so I started playing my belly music and she'd get all wiggly and everything. And I could hear sucking on her thumb and she goes, I could hear this sound. It was bizarre. But I tested, before I tested positive for being pregnant, I felt that moment. And it's similar to, as I described earlier in church, that Kundalini feeling like, first what happened was, you know, when you muffle your sound in your ears, you can hear what's going on around you, but now you hear what's going on inside, you know, and everything kind of muted. And I felt this washing over me and my whole body was tingling. I remember looking at my arms like, what's happening here? It's I like lightning, but not in a dramatic sense. And I just, I knew I was forever changed and I knew, I think this is what this is supposed to feel like, you know, until you get that positive, you know, stripe, the stripes on the pregnancy test, you don't really know. Do you think you're making it up? So when not to go down this rabbit hole, but you could never convince me that there's a stage in which a life is viable. It just doesn't make sense to me. Well, I think that spark there in the video really proves out that when does God actually create human life? There's that spark of life, and that's the finger of God himself right there, that he puts some of himself inside of us. He puts life in us. He breathes life into us. And it's not even a debatable thing. It's like, you know, you listen to people talk about, you know, life and that, oh, it's just a mass of cells. Really? Is that what we're talking here? I'm pretty extra sure you're wrong on this. And I'm pretty sure if we actually look at the facts, instead of wanting to go forward and live my life the way it is and don't tell me what to do, is we're going to find out that no, pretty much that's when it starts and God does get to tell us what to do. because it's his sandbox. That's an amazing video. I just, I didn't even know something like that existed. That was like a depiction of what I felt. It was like, do you see how it kind of like this, you know, like a solar eclipse is like gradual. And then all of a sudden you see it all. I mean, it's like a flash. Wow. That's really, I don't know. How did they do that? I think that there's so many things that we don't understand here. And we really just need to be really tolerant with each other and realize that everyone has their purpose that God put in them, not what we say it should be, even though You know, we could say, well, you know, in a very compassionate way, well, this is for people that are trying, not people that are like psychopaths, like your ex, you know. And isn't it funny? It's like we all have different gifts. You're very empathetic and such, and you will go and help someone even if they're abusive to you. You will go in that direction. And I think every one of us has a little bit of that in us. But then there's also some people who are going to be like, not today, Zerg. And it's like, you know, who will stand up. in the way of somebody who is wired wrong or has fallen in the wrong, you know, into the wrong side where it's like, you know, you had your chance and now it's time to put the brakes on this. A lot of people who have experienced abuse and severe abuse, I did too. when I was very young. And to be able to come away from that and be able to put it into perspective and how God uses those experiences to create what we are today for his purpose, not for somebody else telling us how we need to be or the words we need to use or whatever. This is the journey God set in front of them. We can be a part of helping people, but that doesn't mean that they're our project, especially when somebody's hurting us. You have to get away from those people, and that's okay. If the world worked the way that it was supposed to work, there would be no divorce. If the world worked the way that it was supposed to, there'd be no crime. But that's not what we've got right now. He tells us how it's supposed to be, and we should work towards that end. But we're going to have to deal with the failings and the things that are still here. That's very true. And, you know, I think I think my daughter chose me as her mother. I truly believe that. She's like, that one seems great. And we have this soul connection that goes beyond the space and time. If there is such a thing as time, the way that we understand it, I think time is not linear. But I think we both, as she chose me to be her mother, I chose her to be my daughter. And we all chose before coming here, I think, to have certain adversities and certain lessons to re-remember who we are as a child of God. We all literally are children of God. And those moments of adversity are the reminders that aren't always instantly known, but gradually are. and um it reminds me of I i listened a lot of books on tape while I drive to and from work and I i studied a lot of um about buddhism in college and then I learned about hinduism and islam I wanted to learn everything I didn't know anything about and in a lot of these religious um books there are commonalities there's strings that have similarities And so kind of circling back to religion where I think it's just a modality to get us there. There's common themes that exist. And when I was reading, you know, the Dalai Lama talking about anger and, and I've said this for a long time, there's, and I believe this to be true, that there are two types of anger, the anger that's rooted in, you know, the, the nasty kind of like my daughter's father in the reactionary, the, the controlling, the gross anger. that needs to be controlled. Whereas there's the other anger, which is called righteous anger. And I think that's what is going to awaken the lion in some people because there's a righteous anger to be had right now. Just thinking about how children are especially being targeted in various ways. We need the adults to have that righteous anger and you put God in your sword and that whole combination and you put them right on the spot, God will take care of the rest. And that's what local action really has. I've seen this in action where all these people are doing their piece. Some people are meant to be more in front, like you, you're really in front, but you are- Kind of like in a big way, right? That's really, really- I'm like, I need to be in the background, but I'm going to fight the fight ruthlessly too. We're all doing this together. And that's how you gradually- make the big change and before we know it a lot of their institutions and things they're going to crumble it's not sustainable and I hope those lions wake up soon I tell you, for standing out in front, it's amazing how many people attack me for saying she's not a real Christian. She's not Christian enough. She's not this. She is this. I'm like, guys, you realize how many hours I have of just talking with no script? talking to all different kinds of people. And I mean, seriously, having no idea what's going to happen on camera and being able to navigate different ideas, realizing that we're all kind of wanting to go in the same direction. But a lot of people don't know exactly how to get there. I've been straight out with my beliefs. My beliefs are we should be able to work with everyone. My personal beliefs is that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God, and He is the way, the truth, and the light to God Almighty. And He covers our sins and makes a straight path to God Himself that we can go with boldness to the throne of grace and go talk to God. We've got an open door to God Almighty, and He takes us in as His children, unblemished, perfect, and saved to go into eternity. I mean, I want everybody to think about this. You know, we just listened to you talk about what it is to be a mom and that connection to your kids. That connection to our children is so amazing that a father who knows how to love way more than we do. God almighty does. I mean, we're flawed in every single way. We can't even love the right way. The only reason why we know how to love is because he first loved us and he shows us the way he gives us a better way to, um, deal with the truths that are around us. If he wanted to stop this, bam, it would have been that fast. If Jesus would have wanted to call 100,000 angels in to get him off that cross, he could have done it. He made the choice to die for our sins and to follow the will of God saying, your will be done, not mine, whatever that brings. And when we look at the incredible The incredible sacrifice that God made. And think about this. Think of an absolutely innocent, perfect person and watching who killed Jesus. Who killed Jesus? It wasn't the Romans. It was the pious, religious Jews that killed Jesus, that sentenced him to death. It was religious. It's funny because Pontius Pilate, I mean, that word sounds the same. He was like, I wash my hands of this. He goes, this is an innocent man, but the Jews, and he gave him an extra chance. He said, would you kill your savior? And they let Barnabas loose, who was a murderer, a criminal, a murderer, and let him stand. And they sacrificed God's only begotten son, an innocent man who went after the liars, the cheats, the thieves, not only in government, but more so in the church. He went after the religious, the Pharisees, the Sadducees. He called them out. He made whips. He made a whip, a cord, and drove them out of the temple, the money changers. I love that. That's one of my favorite things. Like, what would Jesus do? He went after the religious people that were leading people astray and said, not today. That was righteous anger, too. I mean, there was like... a totally like Zen dude. He, you know, he, he was a provocateur. He went in there and he poked people. He said, you want to fight? You got one. And he didn't back down from it. They had to kick him out of the, they're kicking him out of the cities everywhere. He went, he got kicked out of for telling the truth, kicked him out of the temple. They kicked him out of everywhere. And he just kept going. He kept shoving it in their faces. He's like, he's like, you know, this is, this is the problem. And, and they're the ones, that were putting the unjust government in position because they were all working together. It's the same thing that's happening today. Sounds very familiar. It's the exact same thing, but he didn't lay down. He just kept poking them. Oh yeah, you think you're representing God? I'm pretty sure you're not. And they killed children. Children understand this whole concept. My daughter's been doing Bible club and she, which is amazing. She actually made a meme out of one of her little pages that she, you should get that off the fridge. Cause I love making memes. You guys, it's just, I need to, it makes me feel funny. And it's a way to deal with the crazy. And everybody deals with this differently. And that's okay. There's not one perfect way for each one of us to approach every situation. And that's the body of Christ. Some people are hands. Some people are feet. Some people are mouths. Some people are hearts. Some people are actually rectums that get rid of the waste product. We all play a role. Kids that have been exposed to the life of Jesus understand that he is the way, the light, the path. And it is actually that simple. And if we could all just do that a little bit each day, my gosh. And respect the fact that God created us all individually. And we don't have to sit here and argue with people. You know, I've got a gal on that's a good friend of mine on Wednesdays, Courtney Turner. She's Jewish. And we got offline the other day and we talk and I say prayers every time because she's not comfortable praying out loud. So I pray in the name of Jesus. And we got offline this week and I said, I really think I have friends that are gay and lesbian. I have friends that are in different churches. I reject all denominational nonsense that's out there. It's all bullshit. I think, you know, it's one of those things that this is the stuff that Jesus was fighting against. He was fighting against this religious heresy that has been going on, and he was the truth of God himself. himself coming here living with us did you know okay studying messianic which is really different it changes your perspective than going to a normal uh western framed christian church jesus there was no wood in the holy lands they did everything out of rock jesus was not a carpenter as we think about him he was a tecton the word is tecton tecton he's a he was stonemason And he was very tall. That was actually written about by a Jewish historian called Josephus. He was tall and he was Jewish. He wasn't Gentile Jesus with a lamb sitting on his leg. He was Jewish. And so where he was born, which we celebrate Christmas very differently and Easter very differently, I think, than a lot of people do. Jesus was born. There was no such thing as an end as we think about it. It was a family house. They would stay with family. Their family kicked them out and made them sleep in a cave. They didn't have a stable. The animals were kept in caves. On about six feet of shit is where he was born. They just kept piling on top, but they didn't clean them out like we do. They kicked them out so they have baby Jesus born in a cave where Hundreds of years of shepherds' fires burned and darkened the top of the cave. His family rejected him. His family rejected Joseph and Mary. Even a pregnant mother turned their back because they didn't follow the rules because they rejected the fact that Jesus was, in fact, the Son of God. fathered by God himself. And this is really significant because that meant that God's, the blood comes from the father. Jesus had God's blood in his veins as a unique individual. There's only two in the history of the world. He was born in a cave with the animals on a pile of manure and in the most humble surroundings possible. And when we accept Jesus Christ as our savior, he comes into our hearts, our filthy hearts full of sin, where we don't get things right. He's willing to be born into our hearts, come into our hearts, our body, and walk with us because of his intense love for us. Now, whenever you think about this, how many people out there do you actually know can love people to that extent? And accept them with their flaws, with the things they do right, their flaws and everything. And say, you know what? I'm willing to walk through the mud, the nastiness of this world with you. And he didn't need to do that. He could have stayed in glory. He didn't have to come down here and do this. But he did it because of love. How many people do you know that can love like that? Not very many. I will tell you that in my opinion, though, I do know someone. And she's ultra rare. That's actually Eric's mother. She is that person. And it's the most inspiring. Yeah, her love is endless. That's why Eric is the way he is. As an empath or somebody, we'll call it by the terms that a lot of Christians out there know. What that is, is someone who has discernment. And discernment is a gift that has far, far reaching implications. It's a double edged sword. You can see both the good and the bad. And it's a clear shot to what's really going on that is out there. And you can see it. If you have discernment, no matter what people say, no matter what they provide or themselves as, you can see right through everything physical to the reality behind what's being said. Including that's loving with no condition. Yes. If you're given that gift, it is a high honor, but it's a heavy, it's a heavy burden too, because you feel everything and you can see everything in kind of like living between worlds. And it's a terror. It's a, it's a heavy burden because as you said, you'll walk in places and you feel the hurts of every single person around you, their intentions. And then once in a while you get a breath of fresh air of somebody who truly is got the intentions of God. And it's a beautiful thing. Do you see auras too? Oh yeah. Yeah. I think everybody's born with that. Somehow we learned to unlearn that. Yes. There's good there. If people are interested in trying to figure that out, you know, it's really, you're seeing it from your periphery, at least for me. Um, and you learn if you can train your eyes to unfocus a little bit, you can see energy around people and it's, it's fluid. It moves and, you know, the colors are interesting, you know, when they say you're feeling blue or you're red, angry or feeling yellow. I mean, there's actually emotion behind those colors too. Or green with that green with envy. Yeah. Yeah. So, I mean, Things that I've learned throughout my life, they're all kind of mushed and blended together. They're not any one thing. They're things I've learned along the way. We are energy all the way down the center. And we have to do tune-ups. We have to have more self-care and self-love. We need to go back. And I believe that's going back to God. And God gives us that break. He gives us that protection where we can rest in his hands and be shielded. from some of this evil and such. And I would agree with you. The world is a mess right now. The only answer to fix this is for people to get away from the crazy a little bit out there and go hide in the arms of Jesus Christ, in the arms of God, and he will heal. all of our hurts what you're doing when you're doing this eric is sitting here I don't know if you guys you guys can't probably see him but what's interesting is I um this this guy um I wanted to get a guardian angel and it's blown glass and anyway I wanted it a certain way I saw he had a few variations of the same thing and it's a angel in prayer And he ended up texting me, which is interesting. And on Etsy, I don't have a lot of experience with that place, but this guy said, I'll make it any way you want. And I was like, what? Because we're going to gift this to someone who is like an angel to us. And that's exactly the way this person made it is someone in prayer like this. And, you know. Yeah. And yeah. Yeah. Well, think about it. When Jesus died, he imparted his righteousness to us. He put his when when we stand before God, he sees none of our sins because we are literally covered with the blood of Christ, which cleanses us. And so he's just like, come on in. And it's and opens his arms. And it's it's a it's a miraculous thing because we see it from our perspective. of all the flaws and the hurts. God sees the end of the story and covers us with his righteousness, which is a beautiful thing. And we can't do that ourselves. He's got the blanket. He's got the blanket or the prayer shawl. Jews use a prayer shawl. They cover their heads, right? And while we have the righteousness of God covering us, and we can go back to God when the world gets to be too much for us, And say, I need your protection. And we go like this. And literally, you can literally cover. When my mother-in-law died, I felt like, God, I knew the moment she died. And I wasn't there. She was somewhere else. And I literally felt like a rain of sparks, sparkles that just kind of came all over me. And I didn't know she had died at that time by human means. But I knew she died. And it was like this rain of just brightness and love. And it was amazing. And it was at that particular moment that she died that, you know, and there's times too that there's a lot we can talk about on this. It's hard for people who have been brought up. with thinking that this is evil that's in the Bible. But guess what? A lot of the people that talk about it from the pulpit, they're trying to be your new one that you follow, just like the Pope. They want to tell you that they've got the answers and you've got to go to an intermediary. Well, Jesus destroyed that. You can go straight to God and he'll tell you everything you need to know. He'll protect you. He'll take away all of the stress of the world so that you can stand he's like a big tree that protects the little tree that he planted and then then all those trees are related they're all in the family and he protects us I'm gonna go play that spark again hang on a second because this is cool and remember this is him breathing life into us and every single one of us has this life begins at this moment You were not a mistake. You were intentional, planned life that God breathed into you. And this is what we celebrated at this time of the year when God resurrected Jesus Christ. He can resurrect. He can create life where there is none. And he can redeem us. And he can bring us all home. That is an amazing image like if I could have given a a visual of what I felt when that happened like I said remember I said it started here and it like washed down that's kind of what it looked like and someone someone that has discernment too no matter what anybody says they can lie their tails off all they want if you're standing raw before god almighty you're fooling nobody And it's an amazing thing. That is a gift from God. Oh, here's another one. Let's check this one out. Here's another cool one. Let's go with this one. It started. Let's try that again. All right, we'll bring you back to center here. Oh, see, this is how science has got to make an excuse for it. The zinc spart is an ionic structure of human egg activation. What the hell does that mean? But they have to acknowledge it. Now they've got to try to cover up the truth and put it into their words that keep them in a position of power over this creation. They can't even explain it. There you go. You think that we got a lame excuse for the crap that's going on with the COVID and the death shot of stuff? Science is not science. It's an excuse for trying to explain things that they don't understand. Eric and I have talked about this many times, but they're eventually going to have to really embrace the fact that there's an X factor, which is the God factor in science. They're going to have to deal with this divine aspect that isn't easily explainable in scientific terms. Whether in this life or the next, truth is truth. You don't get away from it. You're not going to change it. You can't create truth. It either stands or it doesn't. That's true. You know, when I was 13, I had just this massive awakening. It was one of the many waves I've had of awakenings. But I went to this old record store. What was that called? Vertigo Music. I don't know if you remember that. I do. It was a record store. And The Vision, right? Yeah. I found... this album and it looked interesting to me. I had no idea who this was. His name is Bob Marley. And I got a, that was like one of my first CDs with a big joint, you know, this one was the blue album. That's like the legend album. So it was like his last album and no, I had none of that. So I had no context, but when I listened to this music, it just awakened my soul in a way that the only thing I could compare it to is the music I would hear in church and singing and being part of that. it was like a religious experience for me. And listening to the words and the lyrics, which a lot of them are biblical in a sense, he had a really amazing gift to weave in biblical scripture. And he was a very religious man. Granted, it was a different type of religion than people are used to, Rastafari. But nonetheless, the song I remember always really stuck with me and it's called Babylon System. and over and over he says tell the children the truth and he often talked about that we are all children of the light but to tell the children the truth to do it even if it's hard and he actually talked about vampires and sucking the blood of of the sufferers like that's a really heavy idea No, I mean, we know that they're doing injections and all of this other stuff. This is this is the this is Satanism that we're dealing with. It is pure form. It's it's a Luciferian system in the fact that there's a hierarchy. But it's Satanism as the religion that is the primary religion of this world. Which is a complete inversion of everything we've talked about. Total perversion. Yep. And so when I ask myself sometimes if I'm supposed to be, this is just my opinion. I may not be right, but this is how I feel. I often am conflicted with, am I supposed to shield this beautiful eight-year-old pure soul? Or am I supposed to tell her what's going on? And I remember this song from age 13. It's to tell the children the truth. And you can tell children the truth. the truth in a way that they can understand. They don't need to know all the details, and certainly they shouldn't, but they should be equipped to know that this world is not a perfect place yet, and this is what evil could look like, and how the devil, Satan, I don't even often like giving a name to it, evil. Evil can make itself look like it's perfect and wonderful and And so how do you, as a child, even discern what is right and wrong or what's evil or what's not? If it looks like it's good, does that mean it's good? But what is the feeling? Like, if you can teach kids to feel their feelings rather than, unlike Elsa from that movie, she says, conceal, don't feel. That's what it says in the song. Conceal, don't feel, which, you know. Conceal your feelings. Now, if you feel your feels and it doesn't feel right, you listen to your heart, you listen to your gut. And these kids will be generation alpha as they're called. Apparently they'll be. Yeah. Got to divide us into another group so we can't talk to each other now, too. You know, that's what I thought when Gen Xers came on. I like Gen X, you know, all of these different things. It's like, OK, we got we got to make sure that we, you know, we we divide us all up for another another thing. The kids are kids, though, you know. And the Gen Z, like I thought that was the last generation, but. Yeah, I was like, dear God, when is this going to end, right? How do we need to have another class to funnel money to for their problems when problems are pretty much universal between all of us? But my gosh, we got to have another class of people that they can use to money launder for solving all their problems. It's crazy. It's Luciferian. It is. There's something, and not to keep going, we could go on and on about it, but something about 2030 seemed like a very big deal to them, which is why they've had all these meetings and overseas and Switzerland and Davos and all these things that they have been working towards. What is 2030 significant of? We can't know exactly unless we're in these secret clubs, but it seemed like they're definitely trying to set up the world and humanity in a way that makes us extremely vulnerable and susceptible to them controlling us, but it's, it ain't happening. It is literally in COVID. Hopefully it was a demonstration to people that understood and kudos to all of you that just flat out said no, and never once considered it never once. And despite that, you probably were met with that adversity. We've talked about you, maybe even your parents, your siblings, your best friend, a lot of people have lost their, meaningful relationships for this one topic. And, um, there'll be people that come back around and they'll say, you were right. And if you come with open arms, there's the forgiveness and the salvation, um, we got to have compassion for people. They, they made the wrong choice for various reasons, but for those that didn't make the choice and never was a choice, kudos to you. That was a demonstration of the power and that you have like no means no, it's never going to happen. This world is very temporary. So the things that we focus on are those things that are eternal. And even when we, even when we lose somebody, you know, you can, you can, uh, uh, rest assured that they're going to be in the presence of God. I could go there a little bit. That could be a much longer discussion on when the people that we love, that we know are in Christ, are standing in the presence of God. And those people that have done extreme evil, even if they're different in different religions, there's a really good example of explaining this When God is a righteous judge, God is a righteous judge. He knows who's made mistakes and who's trying hard and who has rejected him entirely and is thrown in with Satan. He's the only one that can do it. And so we've got to be very, very careful. I've actually been around people who are Christians that if somebody commits suicide, they'll say, well, they went to hell. They committed the greatest sin. And I've heard him say that flat out. Or when somebody dies, I've heard him say stupid stuff at funerals. Like, well, that person went to hell. He didn't have Jesus. It's like, are you kidding me? This is like what you just did right there is extraordinary. It's just because you got the right words doesn't mean you've got God living in your heart right now. And you just injured a whole bunch of people sitting there right now. with your extreme grasp of, of the world, which you don't have. And so there's a lot of times that things are said, said that are, are, uh, uh, that are terrible that people don't even know how to frame them correctly. Yeah. I'll tell you a story. I had, I lost my first baby and, uh, it was, uh, it was a very, it was a horrible experience for me. It was absolutely horrible. I'll never forget when I knew, because like you, I knew I was pregnant and I knew when that baby was no more. And I had to go through, of course, the process a little bit of the baby not being there anymore. And I actually had somebody that I confided in. And I said, about three months later, I said, I'm really having a little bit of a hard time with this. I feel really sad. And I didn't really talk about it. I'm like, I feel really sad. And that person is an injurious person who's very much a psychopath, which at that time, I actually trusted that this person cared for me. But this person has no ability to truly love. And someone that should be close to me, that was with me my whole life, but is not She has no capabilities of love. She looked right at me. Well, it wasn't just there. It was really the fact that, you know, I had to come to terms with the fact that this had been the way it had been my entire life. She literally looked at me and said, you know, you're going to have to get over it. It wasn't like it was a real baby. And it was like one of those moments that, you know, you look at those times, and I don't know exactly where I was going with this, But there are people that are injurious and they just don't know. And we have to realize that somebody like that, who even is intentionally injuring us, they may not even know how bad it is. And as Christians, We have to be very careful what we say because people aren't indeed, most people are very fragile and that most people that are good people, they're so fragile in this world that we can injure them and not really realize that we've done it. And so treat each other with kindness and pray for each other. Yeah, that's like definitely a moment that is warranted for compassion. That's like a very awful, awful experience for any woman to go through, let alone, you know, even for the man that might have been excited for it or not. I mean, we all go about it different ways, but that is like a total loss. And that's not a feeling that can even be measured, I could imagine. Yeah. Interestingly, when you just told that story, one of the, when Eric and I, I can top the thing too on this. And I had another person who came at me as a Christian and said, well, that's just God's way of getting rid of junk in those exact words. So, you know, it's like, it's like, so as Christians, you know, sometimes people want to put their religious piety, uh, And they say things that are stupid. That's so crazy. And it's like, because of the, because the ego gets in the way. Yeah. And it's really, and I apologize to anybody out there because when you have somebody that says something like that to you, they're very, very, they're either a very immature Christian who's probably just getting their legs being a Christian and, you know, someone in Christ that shows incredible spiritual immaturity. And honestly, a lack of of they're saying all the words they're saying, the Christian words, they speak fluent Christianese, but they don't have the heart of God nor the Holy Spirit to say something like that. Typically, there's like no word response to something like that there. I mean, it's just like, oh, I mean, even saying I'm sorry, just doesn't feel right. You know what I go to? I go to prayer when something like that happens. I've been asked to speak at funerals and that sort of thing. And I go to prayer. And immediately go to prayer and say, you know what, let's pray and pray for all those hurts and your hurt of your heart, because those hurts are justified. It means that you love and that you the loss you actually love. You're human. And that's a good thing that God built into us. And now, you know, guess what? The people that committed suicide or those babies, they're sitting in front of God and and he's going to be the righteous, righteous one. who they have to look in the face, not necessarily for judgment, but perhaps healing. We have this whole spiritual family that we can't see in the physical sense, but they exist in another space and time. And I think that some people can feel that, that people that you were close to and then you lost, you can still feel their spirit around you. And interestingly, when you're telling your story, is when Eric and I very first moment that we first started talking and we were texting and immediately when he texted me and our mutual friend gave him my number, he texted me that it was instant snap. I got this immediate impression and I wanted to ask this question that is so bold and not my business whatsoever, but I had this I had this overwhelming experience, this impression of a little girl, a spirit, this little tiny spirit. And I just knew that this was a child that was lost. And so eventually I kind of asked him as tenderly as I could and try not to be offensive because, you know, people don't often receive these kinds of things very well. Like did someone in your family and I knew who it was, but I didn't say, and I, but I basically said, did someone lose a child in your family? And he was like totally stunned because in this person's that experience that I'd said their, their name, even like, there's no way I could have known any of this, but I, the, this little spirit wanted me to let him know that like she is that hurt his spirit family and around his family. And she's such as like little, I don't, how could you even, you couldn't make that up. Um, and it was so overwhelming and then she kind of just, she left, but she was this cute little bubbly little spirit. And she was just like, like I could actually see her hugging him. It was like, how do you, this is, how do you see this in your mind? You know, it's, it's like, it's a memory that I lived, but it's not mine. It's an expression. But these little souls that have gone this way, it's so sad when the physical, you know, the mother has to experience such loss. But those little ones still, they're like your little cherub. They still exist around you. And it's in that way, it is comforting if there could be a comfort in it. I'm sorry that you went through that. Oh, don't feel sorry for me at all. Thank you. You know what? I take all these experiences from the hand of God. And God means everything for good to those who love him and are called according to his purposes. And so for me, you know, you have the temporary sadness. You know, we all have that. We'll have a temporary sadness and loss. Though I never felt that with my dad when my dad died. I didn't have that sadness. I was very happy for him. that I had tears for about a day and a half just remembering the good times we had together. He was a really, really good man. He was a very honest man. He was a very brave man. And I feel like I had the best dad on the whole planet. I really did. And, you know, and I felt really happy for him because I knew he was looking right straight in the face of Jesus. And he was, all of his tears were dried over his life. all of his hurts were done physically. He was, he was always really strong his whole life. I mean, he was very athletic and very strong. And when he got older, you know, when he was, before he died, he was probably 110 pounds. And so, you know, and so dementia is a terrible, terrible disease. And so anyhow, he was real small and I was like going, Oh yeah. Dad always used to brag that he was the fastest runner on the planet. And he really was. I mean, the guy could, he could run like a freaking gazelle. And even when he was in his fifties, if he took off running, he was like a frigging track star. He could, he could outrun just about anybody if something happened. And I'm thinking, Yeah, he's up there and having running around with a horse I had just put down like a month before. I'm like, oh, he's up there with Napoleon. And it was his favorite horse. And he died a month before my dad. So I'm like, yeah, dad, Napoleon, they're up there running through the fields and it's going to be great. The circle of life, it's like sad, beautiful, amazing, wondrous. It's all the things. It all works for good. Well, I think that was like a pretty, I didn't know what we were going to talk about today. We could have talked about a bazillion things, but it was fitting on a good Friday to talk. And Jesus is the ever-present topic. Death and resurrection. You know, I got a feeling that when Jesus died for three days, he went down to hell and he was kicking booty down there. and letting everybody know this is the leash you're on. You can only go as far as you're allowed to go. And that is it. So at this point in time, you know, there's only so far evil can go. And when he came back, it was in, you know, as a triumphant, the king of the world, our savior and prove that God resurrected and can redeem and resurrect anything. And through his righteousness, it's not ours, it's his. He does it all. And that's great because it's perfect. Like that was a big thing too for a lot of Christians, the fulfillment of a promise that was made that seemed impossible. The miraculousness of God's divinity. Yeah. This is just a sweater. This body is just a sweater. And it's going to be people calling a meat suit. I don't like using that term. Yeah, we're in a meat suit right now. We're kind of like we're like contained in a meat suit walking around here for for who knows what exactly he has in store for us, because every day is going to be a new day. We wake up. And today people are more glowing for itself. Don't worry about the future. Don't worry about it. Don't worry about tomorrow because you look at what God's done. Their history is there. You know, he stopped. He parted the he parted the sea. He stopped the river. He raised Jesus from the dead. And tomorrow he can do things you can never even imagine. Even when we're facing all the difficulties in the world, our trust is in him, not how smart we are, how much we've done, what we know or anything like that. We can help, you know, we're going to, we're living, we're supposed to help, but we don't have to be afraid. And we can walk forward knowing that, that this is a, did you ever have anybody explain the two dimensional or the three dimensional playing around? See, I believe in the multidimensional universe. Absolutely do. We're living in a 2D, we're living in a 3D space. And I'm going to show this, you know, see if I can, I've got some recipes here I printed off, which I'm kind of excited about. Because, you know, being a farm girl, I'm always like staring to think, I want you to think about this. All right, we live in the third dimension. But what if we lived in the two, let's say that this is a three dimensional universe, but that we're, there's a fourth or fifth dimension. So I want you to think about this. Let's just say that there's an object that we can't see because we live on this dimension, but it's sitting right out here. We've got my iPods, right? We've got this third dimension, and it can see us. We can't see it. But what happens if that third dimension or the fourth dimension biceps the third dimension? Well, first it starts looking like a spot, and as it passes through, it changes shape. goes through but it's still there but whether it's outside or intersecting it now what happens if we have I'm going to use the I'm going to use pepe okay and we have we have my pepe the thinker here and we say that okay we're going to intersect we're going to intersect that second dimension that dimension with pepe well guess what hits it first oh the knee the hand the knee And we don't even realize there's stuff on the outside. But when it fully goes through, we're only seeing a slice. We're still not seeing the full picture as it passes through and disappears one way or the other. That's easy. If you think about like a stemware glass and you see like parts of stemware going through, let's say, I'm not gonna, that's a devil horn thing. Just forget it. I used the wrong thing. Let's just say, I'll use, I'll use, hey, let's do it this way. Let's just say we have, we have like, Party on, dude. We're going to be the turtles here. And let's just say that we have, oh, I'll use these two fingers. Peace. Okay, whatever. Now I've got another one that we've turned into something. But let's just say we have the two fingers going through and we don't even realize it's part of the same entity as it's passing through. We do not have the ability without the spirit of God to see those things for what they are. we'll see a point and such. Some people can perceive it, though they cannot see it. And some people can see it. And some people have no perception of it whatsoever. And that's kind of the whole idea of, you know, as above, so below, what that means. There's the, you know, I think even the fourth dimensional reality, as we know it, might even be our dream state. It's a place where we can access all the time it's within our periphery but it's not the way that we physically understand right and we don't have to even agree with this you know on any of these points it's the way people think so when we listen to people we're listening to think to find out how they think about things and that you know but think about it jesus walked through walls yeah I saw somebody posted recently like are any anons walking through walls yet Yeah, so I mean, there's just a lot we don't know and there's a lot of grace we need to give each other and tolerance as we're coming to terms with our experiences and our brains and the way we think and what we grew up with, what we were taught to come forward. And you know what? The real great thing is that we can have faith in God that he'll lead us through all of this because it's following him, his leading, No matter where we are, he comes and he walks alongside of us, comes into our heart, will talk with us, and we can, in fact, walk with God on this earth. It's an amazing process. Well, this has been really fun. I like talking about all sorts of things. And you're getting sheep. You're going to be leading the flock as well. Isn't that funny how that multiple meanings too. Yeah, we can talk about experiences like this further too, because I have some stories that I think make it very real. in the fact that we are spirits living within a meat suit, you know, a physical world, but we are spirits. We are not who we see. We're much, much bigger than that. And we're part of God's creation. And when you see the spiritual world, which is where God, you know, God inhabits, he can also come into our hearts. Well, that gives him a lot of, he can walk through walls, but he can come into our hearts. So I just like to encourage everybody today, no matter what you've done, turn to God and he will walk with you where you are. He does all the work. He changes us in the ways he wants it to be. And I tell you, hypocritical Christians out there, they got to put the right words to everything. Speaking, you know, Christianese full-time, pretty extra sure that that that was the spirit that crucified Jesus Christ, our savior. Pretty extra sure. So check yourself and your egos. If you are walking in that space, we all have to do it. I have to do it as a Christian. There's none of us that's above this. We're all subject to the same thing, but we need to check ourselves. And I'm saying that as sister in Christ, check yourself. We need to do that. I need to check myself. You are welcome to correct me anytime you'd like. I love that because the goal is for truth. It's not to protect our egos. And when we're wrong, we need to say we're wrong and we're all wrong at times. And so in walk in grace and in love with each other. Let's say a prayer. I do that. Yeah. Okay. Do you want to pray first or do you want to pray out loud or do you want me to pray? Go ahead. Okay. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so very, very much. for all of our brothers and sisters that you have put in our lives to walk with, our families, whether they're part of our family that heals our spirit or that causes us a little consternation or troubles, we pray for every single person out there. We pray for Biden. We pray for Hillary Clinton. We ask that you bless every single person out there, whether they're on the right path or the wrong path. We ask that you bring everything forward, that everyone would see exactly what's happening here and turn to you in our times of trouble, celebrate with you in our times of joy. But all of this, we just acknowledge and we declare your righteousness. All of this comes from you and you're allowing this to happen. And we thank you for your purposes are good always. You're showing us what we need to know and you're transforming us into your image, the firstborn, your resurrection. Thank you so much for this weekend. What a glorious time to be alive. And we celebrate your righteousness, the fact that you gave everything up to come here because you love us and the righteousness that was proven by your resurrection on Easter. And we are, you know, that we celebrate on Easter, whether it's that day or another day, it's a representation because it happened. 2,000 years ago, 2,000 plus years ago. And we celebrate that day, that day that changed the world, that you provided your son, our savior, as the atonement for our sin. And it is finished. This day, it is finished. That day, it was finished. This day, we celebrate that. And we ask that you would let every single person out there to know, and experience walking on this world with you. They would turn everyone's heart to yourself. They would open their eyes. You take the scales off of our eyes to see you and your glory and walk with you and feel that joy of everything you've done for us. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You paid the price. You've done it all. And you provide for us. You protect us. You walk us through dark places. And even when we're walking through the dark places or the valley of the shadow of death. You're with us. We don't have to be afraid. And we thank you for that courage, the bravery and the strength that only comes from you. The peace that passes understanding, which comes from you. It doesn't come from us. The knowledge which comes from you doesn't even come from us. We can claim nothing and we lay everything, all of the anything that looks good in us at your feet because you've done it all and thank you so very very very much and I'm going to say um let everyone out there know how much they're loved and that that spark that you put in them at conception that was your very breath of life you put into each person and how specially you created each one of us and we honor that that creation. It's not our will, but your will be done. Thank you so very much. We love you so much. You've been a great friend to us. Thank you for sending us great friends like Ralph and Karen and Eric and Grace to be together at this time for such a time as this. In Jesus Christ's precious name we pray. Amen. Amen. That's fun. He is risen. So we can talk more about this. I mean, I love talking about all this kind of stuff. I love it because I think you and I have a very much a lot in common, tremendous a lot in common. And that's a great day to be able to talk about things that maybe, maybe... Other people don't see the same way and that's okay. That's how we, they teach us things and we teach them things and that's the way it's supposed to work. So anyhow, everybody, we're going to end it here. Go to because I'm the best non-conceiter who has ever not conceded. President Donald J. Trump, the rightful president of the United States in a debate on this issue right now, but he's a pretty great guy, you know? So, but, but at any rate, I'm thankful for him standing too. But with that said, And there you go. The rightful president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump. Well, with that said, God bless you all. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Make it a great day. We have all the hope in Jesus and no fear. It's going to be a great day. So go out there and don't let anybody, don't let the satanic crap chase you down. You stand there in the righteousness of Christ going forward with joy and knowing that it's all going to be okay. Well, no matter what, we'll stay online a minute. We'll talk. I'm going to end the stream. Happy Easter, everybody.