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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/23/2023 Chuck Ritchard & Scott Aughney

Published Oct. 23, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

9am Monday Morning in the Mitten! Blowing the Lid off Michigan Politics with Chuck Ritchard The amount of conflict of interest and connections between people engaged in politics is astounding. Truth and encouragement for the world we live in! We have to know the truth and have transparency at all levels of government. 10:00am Scott Aughney - Curren political climate in Michigan and the Locus Standi investigation Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the twenty third day of october twenty twenty three of train get things set up here was gone the sweet and that the constitution party meeting it was wonderful and i thought what i would do is start the salt with of general plan who was a keno speaker and friend i absolutely ah have so much respect for him it's amazing and what he's given up for these i told pethion here play the right he sows her to back ground on mistascasoo and in coming here then he conistonesands of as o that prestigitator one wonderful ownrecommended oh i was told people that do you know somebody's tears as societies andandwhat o you saw what did yourself was i teletaton thus pologs to her sermonettes say how or your son right orat i thought of oeconomist tears of sadellys they really are what you just saw on like i just said what you just felt as all in a sidenote mination trees something like that i run that butter i seen that we charles right here dolly and righteously because nothos enoughthe to america but that care world and to world and i was doneonpurpose intention he sat collingtree now there were at herpointing randal i ran a ononaria estormento some of the remarks that i may or i prepared on because there is so the toowhat thought about coming here the constitution part friends and to jim clambered i had no tealafrance can we just met to day a touch which ichother on the fallen cold it friend estanca and back to the recantation the hall so so browns other and our smothers there others of her so long in the tooth people ride and now on her were he so here's what my shilling isabel cut walking in your no one and that i think that your wonderful set i think that you an incrusting organization constipating and back to the tachbear in justice and i i wonder now how many people i believe that i snowhouses a probe no i i think people in line for grass would a rentrolle yes and so you hornestone she get out of the store we kind of assistant he just can't let go right the man is just the it is just the end of the other country all the arts to matters of punishin epatica and why did generals keep pointing one one not all else fails so why did you fight you osooyoos and so we do if we do which you have to believe that any there's a client recostadas person and reineman of my remarks was really to i the castration because you're the constitution the trivet the imagionable discs and others so much out inside no great great ossorians over many many years about how ilgreat or how the old allo costuses strictly on the five the honestis on is one thing and i i think it's in this and in i say i say assortre first twenty two of the framers and our power frames now that trite but in the hot even first as he says the lord is oraclesthe laurens are longer as are i have another one of play later because there's a continuation i broke this up into a like five minutes segments and i did it that way so that it would be easier to upload and get to people right away so i'll bring some more of that up in a little bit because he expands on that a little bit and in the meantime i'm then bring on the fabulous and the ah the always interesting and ah in my body checkered doing any forgot would you care and controversial i love i love generally he neverbecause he is right home to where i can pushing for for a long time republican platform is based on the as to issues that are the progeny to it have not issued by one of documents on he talked about the bible in the constitution i what he really talked about their head on its site remedie of the bible cushions no comitis and so now come of the laws of man so great greatly in another hole on for you to meet might become in to a close or maybe a closes my kiss what no it's not a foretelling it so well i you know i i've been getting a little ornery thank you i've been getting a little ornery about listening everybody there's some people out there that are looking to either have a the next ahorhaga there hanging people based on assumptions which may or may not be true and i got order with every like i'm done with i don't want to hear any more president trunk the rightful to present crop the rightful present of the united states fishing i don't want to hear any general plan bashing because you know what the conclusion that i have come to if somebody is not and in a space or who is a public functionary is not doing their job it is our fault from the lack of instruction and talking to them holding them accountable we could have you know it's like it's no matter who sitting in the the failure point is and there because we have to hold them accountable and we have been absent from our old we absolutely had been absent and at e thodic on on this sweet were not talking to them we just get up and it's like the protest i saw some protests to weaken that were out there and i'm like all it looks like is a bunch of children throwing a temper we are not were not is not with the constitution was talking about about the right for peaceful sembly first wall is not peaceful not in close and second of all it was the right it was the right to full right for peaceful semble and to be able to redress green will you don't do it like jumping around like a bunch of idiots in the street and to end starting fie that that's not ok and then the there's been a lot on miss there at any rate when you got opened up how about general plan the alopee know general friend who he really is who he really was and not content gander stand what happened to him and how that became and became count of a battle cry of speakers postponas like man because when you look what they tried to do to him how they tried to cure their cassine it is absolutely deplorable one parable is it is called are it disguiseso highly decorated the fact that he commanded so much presence in the inter world arenero combine turned around and tried to grace greyridge rid of almost sucked and i goes into the other part of what we're trappolier will talk of it to day is like wissiniwin his errand kellyite would ever agreed to oh to pracically was sitting halconensis agreed to oh what she said was wrong go it was a wrong staying up for the truth is not roncevalles stood tall and all this even after they went after him in his haste drew on his word and incidental help do that it's now to continue in the to continue because his flight is not over or so pines evil and they tried their hardest to standing up on principle he has holes of the bible the constitute what cut er documents can or acisclus for truth yeah and you know i i know him he's he's a innisfail the wonderful people and a lot of pete are made a lot of people are making assumptions based on ease and false information and onatak about this generation warfares if people are out there talk and crape is based on a headline at they've heard your weapons when it comes right down to it i think it's really funny when people stop for to go all i do exactly what what i'm doing because i've listened you don't felonously who you know was twenty six years old that i've got the court documents and had sex with a fifteen year old student in the school right so molestados right what anethesan therein there so many people out there that are spout and off to try to build audience as sue and that oh i know exactly what's going on type of mentality not o on because the people that really know what's going on they are at also the ones you you know we can look at the news and that sorting to say this was what happening right now i mean after there's a tone of i mean that's how cego co he was in it was a drop that basically didn't tell you what was going to happen it it gave you a little clues to go rest but then all of a sudden people jumped on and it turned into canon and there's an uns but canon were just people that wanted to build audiences and you know it and i'll give you that ye we all were well and i listen everything even listened to people that go off and put their own thoughts into oritur as heck not but the fire in any of it because those people you and think about if the people are top told everybody what was going on don't you think our enemies would know too i mean the first that spy and in warfare on a one you don't tell what's really going on but you drop the whole lot of stuff out there to keep distractions so nobody knows what hasanowane your hand is coming holding cards right onto your plea or had you play your hand when you're ready i mean is of yessince which you don't do it before the time in his ready so all you may not play your hand all mantletree sonelse but the point is that of i cannot put your hand out there because if you do that good not come me dose where you're coming from sons too are the war under caedere what on every heart to be now on your point of eton even now keep him guessing it has exactly the military strategists way is to have multiple points of its i do not know where the real attack on great others keep occupied ingestion and then bring up then then delivered and being the fonder agnes under the biggest prove that we have as is the population of e who will it just like god got his plans right this is we live by faith we are in a war where in a spiritual and the casualties of war there are for you know the spiritual rule that those are those are those are things that are or so but when when we live by faith as a face faith based person as general flint said we don't have to necessarily know every that's going on in areas that we have no control but we came we can do is and let's let's talk about the st local action equals national impact i know and i don't have to the ukraine the money wandering going on over there weolewe don't have access to those he so too so to occupy ourselves with thinking that with as long as we know what's going on then were in control now you not when i can he we don't have control over yet yet you so pray give it to god and do the things around you that you can actually do and sitting in these crazy not so bitching meeting is not top on my list on affected you know i talked the sweet end it i had twice that i spoke at the national constitution one and oh the meeting that we had you have to have a gold of in focus on the goal and have actionable well unless you can figure out one some way to stop this nonsense money laundry and you crane or in israel with pack palestine and and you know a rich it's good to know what's going on and not seen just like you know turning to little house on the prairie in your cabin and sitting sitting there shooting off intrudors offer front ports church he spent so much time on that that you forget your family you forget your community and the things you can do locally maybe maybe not the best place so focussing on on goals and action this kind of important and anybody can do it i've got no utopians going for for for this are because i think what i'm i'm focusing on in that got a bunch of people now that are willing to work forward on p as setting up a relief in areas and honestly kind of goes along with the local mamaligia we think of the militia as a as a in armed sonbut really community care and so of militia can honestly serve multiple and it doesn't have to be hostile you know hostile everybody grab your torches and pitchforks and grabbed you gontier thing it's like how about wisest's going on in our communities because the government share is hockessin do in it and as we watch the impending collapse coming forward what you going to do in your own community to save your friends and family in me be proactive so let's kind o how i'm looking at it foodfood don't help care that sort o in waters commencement people like mine and as what it really gets back and when you talk about money londres jack colored but you really need to look within your own community to see what really is the curing and i reason i mentioned that his coneentrated is because when i start digeito all this o that's worth began begin in negbase that's all i depositedaccording say how was it that the ordinization had no incoming monies cape nine or eight thousand dollars to the negoco nty canine i felt posed by that because you want to the gentle school of bodinschen monthmen we're not plus oecos doubled not so i may not be able to decide for rowell but i know this if you don't have any incoming money coming in athesera get have money got help right in on the city look at these guys did up at maccailen they do know they had thirty thousand dollars in their bank account and they end up somehow paint coves hundred jim cobeslound ed and ten thousand dollars and i've got em gogogouin ex to grind over that it comes once in your boy go watch the previous week i go get you a i was there when unless these lighted the i got to tell you that i was seashorefrom socinios the vice president i can tell you an excellent job bolnande give all the details may be not but i dare question to ask i think they need to give back because i think he did point by point in presentation that i have never seen any one to the end re youpeople need to look at that if you haven't seen a gin ye need to watch the radioif you were there because i'm telling you right now he was what they put up i give all the credit to the district mind people whoever loot out there did the only thing i would not is allowed a point a counterpoint and the reason anyway did because he did it he had webeforewe born carpenter and now it was the reputed but i almost like almost in debate for that so with the moderator some katalabo those on get out the rod a care of any dispute of might exist because i got to tell you i think the condition my opinion strictly that but i got to tell you i think joe it more shop and now kelly carter who was worn carpets wife said no but she was attently this goes practally comments on the coral and all things we must maintain cor why because if we do we will then progressed to isabelita and if we do that nobody is listening at all nobody will enlist each other it is why we had a have a problem and republican party is because we do not listen teach other we refused to do you hit it on the nail headed when you talked about so these talking has they've got the answer i always said there's a a latin term at boyer's us i don't look particularlike lawyers i think you know that but he turned the use is called rest ores i peer see you have i think it is part reforestation what it is is let the facts speak for themselves we and we could have dialogue in radio then we can go back to the fact you're starting with the bible and the constitutionalist excellent thing or with the general plan because of reflects back on what we as people hold as inherent belief we believe that because that is will thing we have to base in a right cato better way to do it to the bible the constant well we've got we've got some real questions though because when you start stacking an organization with felons i i you know it's the indore when you deities kind of crazy don't you find other i mean the the my problem with this the republican party affects the entire set because of the sheer numbers and the little and of people thinking that just followed go along and get along and a hopefully we were seeing the breaking of that so that there actually listening to what the candidate say and not just picked because the part of the call but because of the best candidate ramsey rice but when when you see what happens with stacking the deck with felons takes all the intimacy for me away i mean that's the corporations do they get people in it that are the criminal back grounds who are either easy to control or have no ethics and then you see for how long they refuse to publish on the information and ended up coming out through people like war carpenter you know who would you did at the last the last meeting income of the other people that added it all contingenciesto oregon question on the problem of car in love poem he can agree with you on the corterato long i would have put it out right away one yelling on no dodo unless tokoshinahe release of pre people mind as the criminal behavior i al i'm appalled by that i die like john smith this chair the fact that he was criminal to actooated can still there as eleven istachar and a criminal of a baggage a large and but we got but we've got so many others the other i have been prosecuted that our clearly behavior is criminal caste talked about the second district we talk o that group we talked about the fatally over in kincolith behavior the behavior the lack of decorum the fact that we been breakin down to community of community of believers to face it is really a reflection on all of us how it codelegate hood when his hawk about us it is i tell is a swiss his parents we would never allow this behavior in our own family or should not well what how could would behavior so not apeings to not to with the just become worse and we see that in the second district which see that in him can southeast to the metope absolutely the inside the publican party as have no creed we know responsibility to brentford for the truth and do and feel within and one of the mechanisms to deal with it orthosiphon his co god i hopes though not at all did he go to the job i don't know i don't know i honestly don't know but this well i trust he probably not why i have my reasons great cold be getting red foreweeting that of that side do we have faced show his what do we know about i don't know a misuseis cample who must stand not at the made him i did cheer i don't know many other than me a pure others he arabella you made a fight it's here and three chapter abide contrary bolotoothe am i dop seriously i mean seriously i mean i don't care i had not really care what they do at this point tactless i cannot take him serious any of em will because they have chosen to hire people who in any other sense business owner would look at that sort of background to set as this is the only person we have all there to hire or are we going to ecclesius and higher somebody who actually has qualifications in the removed people who had excellent qualification to hire people who were on and he continued to her fellows how can we possibly take them series on the way i think with one of his or a tree making his i think you i published should cold excellent job and thursday night essenecca no joy at oiteiros question he answered i don't know there are a lot of questions he answered in the end i believe that he did a marvelous job that if you were as she owed you kogus you you know what i say is true god he went through point by point i had to tell you i do not never seen his conversos gonococcic he was recognicione an happeningsthe allspace a people in the industry i can tell you right now that i am impressed with what should it i don't say that easily now that i'll be critical where i need to be it will be supported where were his bei agree with you i would not have hired people on questionand that is where we get in trouble incorporated when we do not get me we do it the political realm just the same master this how is it that the nucleus to as consistent how did they get pep because that becomes crucial how do you pet of colors and soon from comestor party or or got even fellows what about what about smalls what about plans yet put about i being as the close of the questions we have to get at is how do we sure then terity of organization you've got to de back consicous like candidates their is no batting for candidates so you get people who are who are in with say globes you got people in there all the time we got political operatives all over the and there is no standard for hiring anyone in these political parties because they exist by and large to to to protect their power stand has nothing to do with the united states america who is going to play ball with everybody who is the out who is going to pass the money around or who is going to stand for we the people that's unwatered and you know what i am like the only one out there that i see functioning right now is the constitution the only one we actually cleaned the state party out there were some issues and it got cleaned out to and it's going to continue to get cleaned out there's question easy outgoes what are you what are seagoing side what are your controls on that to prevent it as we find men by his nature has his propensity to evil so you have to put what we call controls we like espec sucesos atropace shall going forward one refined in his shoe a correct accent if old when he could make sure as the japanese were tell you that there are pokiok in other words he won't have to revisit this history can because it can occur grit well i ween tell you what it's like we had somebody that came in and and she's on the person that's behind the ax my tax then which i am i'm not supporting it at all it's completely half cocked and wasn't wasn't well thought out i don't i don't but there's more than that when this first in candor presented the the claim was that i've not all i've never been in politics flooso immediately got in to see who she was in the street page donations and a bunch of de christian koromo and ring collect and so it's like it's like i can't take somebody series that says one thing but the history that history in and what i can find on line support and sangrado now i i'm going to look things up it's like i had somebody that we had somebody that was was running and i'm going to tell you what i started doing some checking around in the person has six aliases he and and i am going along well here you go when you find stuff like that it's like like how is some he would be an omen to say enough in a man as recipes to hire not one fell in not two felons but allow the other fallen and it is going in the republican part that fell inaccount against them and their background and so i know what i don't and the reason is to be done and i don't like it either i i mean i'm not sure what that is look at radnorok in the background on robert once look at the back ground on a of the backgrounds of the look at the background i'm not going to i'm not going to give anybody a chip shot right now and see his cause it's right out there than people can get the stuff figured out and that's the problem to know under its onybody o to think i'm to say go out and do your own research i did mine i know what i feel about it good i also know some of the coconino the order eighty five million dollars you don't mean to work that holy how like i know bout i done smith and breaking and entering the cars and i mean that so there we know about others oh we know who i prenatal it is an unlucky integrity and undoubted grandhaven i could go through a line oh certainly we've got a weed a out there's no doubt about it it's not happening now and that's the problem get you clear pastinatine that these keepe are the only ones in the state they can fill the positions and there on criminals he goes because i like i don't know the answer unfortunately one that answered but i want to take why ask you in sporting positionit's walls we have to have this problem i was going to look up the article on my casque where he talks about why it intrudes a french glass gorgiously he really gets better than i or act and talk about in his always about this cross money money and power it is but man has his a propensity of being over lord the in something greater oneinto be like god and so because of that early have this evil so you have to have the sick balanced his en plain or we will be back at it does he matter was republican party democratic party as to some party whatever as we still have ee his people based his sash evil side of man it is dried in a got to stop it we do how tablenot rols on le so the question is how do we do that within a party you have she started a local after kit back to the very basic level tickled neodioica so that in all politics is local while basicly said these people didn't just turn evil they were that way all rate then beginning at the eareable to ply their craft if you will and to go to a biger i get better at it more of the republic harecoloured of republican party in the democrat parties are nothing more than big money a big money special es and i'll take the lady one of them is not criminal occasions save myself from any liability here but you know what it's it's the reality of it is is that these organizations absolutely at war with me the pope absolutely they all need to be fashed and we'd ever better system a system have is you you will never ever reform these political parties the constitution party right now i believe i but that doesn't mean pray that it's not going to get infiltrated doctored her as i was asked i dare that's my holdings generality yes you don't know all the variable you ascospore my pen allpeople you cannot say better a plainer because unless you do so at statement is not it is a statement of indian but not at there is a difference between a pinion in fact on i can show you the basis where comes from work where i can show you temple of red an opinion is he in my opinion yes i do my opinion i can tell you that both republican and democratic parties or they have their evils son of their good is i cannot tell you that under your costumes or cause they'll know what i'm getting at is not trying to assertion i to make the contrast as long as we have the same variable the same oh elements if you will how do you control that from changing answers you don't because the same people the same pipe of people were talking about man may mean mankind is to say that the values haste he can say they changed but are the man has his montescudi god has sent into bible many times a man it has an able side of a wanting to be like god the rule over others and as had he will dark side well one thing i see in the constitution party that's really different in the the special interests republican and democrat calls is that nobody really wants the jobs you so you'll sit round and nobody can pains for offices that's not hold works you go to the meetings and everybody just wants the best person for the job so nobody's train to get money raised money tried to gain faint favor anything everybody takes this very solemn solemn moment when people are chosen for and nobody sits there go i want to be in charge i resents quietly going i want the best persons and then somebody will quietly say i think this person is well suited for this job and i'd like to nominate them because and riders there's no campaigning that's how it's place it's pecson it's based on actual through its really different if you haven't sent in a constitution party which i've been in both often i you know i really do think that the processes far far improved what then what the republican party is lately he to see it in action you can make certain you can make certain a a judgment calls just watching the the structure of it is completely de the leadership costiveness the problem it all understand the difference peculators stop commanded the i think management is leadership conviced verse there not one can be a subset that as ecan be a subset of leadership what is not the same be clearly as it war gradiebatur is staining scot as sophistae i saw going to direct with clear direction with go on and then then to trying to convince others of what a other natural that shall catotohin the way it is correct ignition of the strength of that individual to lead with the idea with it generated a a pathway formed it sometimes in as was getaison a questions cease i don't know that why you or why would you say that the constitution you have a comparison is anybody got a side by psychopathischer parties with the constitutional party but we don't have that we do not we only have like a two people that are paid staff for the entire national party is no money in and sold by a vow telleriano done is here and he raised her colthood be interesting in case oh how they give her polycarte reconcentration of the three on three particles of the party deofolseoce course adonisation individual pers who are in in positions of a leadership we don't have it stacked with fallen and i think that that's kind of one of those key things that to me is is fairly and in you know i sat there i watched the finances being put out by the party at the the national meeting and it was completely transparent it wasn't this cat and mouse game of trying to be like your public and party was what we don't want the democrats to know because because then they know our strategy no it was laid right l after ogivethat old go um i we've got it in i think we've got one vero i don't know but i viedomosto anatolie she i can recognize man between them base i never going to gogo it might be plecotine resting these while they ran they ran professionally a had the entire books in the entire books and all the reports were come and there was no hiding of anyone and that's not has not what happens with republican party they've tried over home and meetings to hide putting that information out nobody got to complete pack in a financial it's a one disagree i would go to decently i would i would give sardoniosque peer hide and formation if they do get a don't go thatagree with you on that goodnone with your compositor i had there he in information and they did it over alone can say to so beautiful job of going it's solid vide oh there can tell you can do a lot of presentations and go on o i was told in as by now that's why i said if you have a pided like to see it on spicelike calcrond my contadino say he telonock at this illicit really like you same ting with a delicate when you do a contrast and comparison the new start change strengths in you well know that's one of the things you go after straight opportunities in she should be look at that and i would want it you that if i was to head of it would do loke what is it we need to approve an where's our or cocos supreme the past in other solid more to be done i do disagree and i agree with you and many of the elements i don't think that it was timely i think that led to issues or if you're getting darts thrown at you all the time how do you go on you run right indefined you publish it and that didn't happen for months which still tells me either and he in confident or they were hiding there is no other excuse or explanation further he gather as there is solde still fighting every a counter group running under underneath the idea of you will people like wesson manic people like man to borneo people that we talk about sour grapes the dec committee the here all talk and how do i know that what we do that i was to people the connected to the devil we know detwold cold make a lot of hone calls i can tell you right now gonothecae don't realize other falcons peoples on serpenthad you know that you know this will guide you and you know that my food has been tapped many times when they make these old cause they think do not be insane but they are so then we start say asked him questions like ochorithe connect in the only star seen drawing the lines just like peter slicer did with the sea she pe the lethe noted although your color after he did that on his own he was able to show and it really botteford the how the front organizations as she keeps him filtrated this on that same of manner could you mean her if you will shine these guys do i got across the state i don't want this state cling on you're not wont to clean getcommon folks going to and got on you're a per year kept control ascobolus like you said the connected whose as being gored and all this money folks they wondercan to power over we hope all the talk about we the people could i you look gold of her hotheaded you see it was really going on which is why then asked you about the costers party how that's controlled because then it is evil side was to control he well when you get see the deference cassotis is where united discontents is this seems like it's kind of political tam hancin here because honestly i just really think that the recall that the political parties are completely corrupt and the they are they are a bad it's never going to work the only one that seems like it's not corrupt right now that's working in this system has failed const in out ant stand i don't need a dig any further than to know that it is with felons they refused to put the information out for how long months i wonder how that would work if we gave that answer to say like the rester the other organizations that were she if we went to them and said you know what i'm not going to have my self i don't arrecare about being time here i'm just going to wait for that long and then ends and not put it out in tow and toll whenever we felt like an unpretty exeter that wouldn't fly and that's really all i need to know that it is his last batista as we know of the do you know the felons of the constitutional there are the the not nation not nation wide but i can tell you the state of michigan good i start going through their peer of hinds colson and people in knocking see there there may the mankind disciple other we know that and the question that is how do we prevent which is why i was asking that question if we look goetheaner wool befind the same thing in the costus byidont know i would so say i would take has gone on man yes well i go i like to do that if i have any suspicion i start doing hack and in its all public information so you can look out very easily the could i know conceito e di don't exist because there soared you mean that the felons down took collegewith ones in michigan we have i've gone through those we've gone through this pretty well so you know that's the tale i know don't be so dabsters that's okay we'll go ahead and we'll do this together he goes because all i would do his elisavetpol offered doing our research we can tell you here it is cause wordes i just know that man by his father i dislike west cosi look out my own one and i see by ian copple's eyes are opened up here to be can it's happening to cold happie his good happe in her own arnoldian on county which is a republican county so that's what i get in at his stashie to help to do his well regargarde less if you got somebody at the top that a start tiring people that are found i i can't take this seriously i just can't take the sere i want down whether repulican party be credoolity got a bear honest do you have the same thing cried and the custerson what's really impressive to me with the constitution party though honestly kit's effect that most of the people that i know there really believed that the party system has to go away there there serving it with what we have right now but most of em don't believe in the partys but it's that we have to work it cause it's conquisto to easy to corrupt and we were warned by washing so we have to work to try to take this back but what we know as we know what's and so he can start taking the low hanging foot fruit and said here is the low hanging fruit let's get rid of it and then we start working our way up from there to have a better process what are the safeguards of these worewas going for his i agree with the lot of that i understand it you can order to say one quiclye that were better and you have to show how your better and why why you don't what i've got a great idea everybody come and the check out the us tax though his party and michigan and you'll see for yourself and you can do other own checking and that'll be grey so you should come to the next to i do think i think we need to do that i honestly do and i think the sinabos you since otiose i know that i am i've been in polemics when the way do you know that people came to me and tried to get me to back off on a yeclothed do that all the time too there constantly trying to get me to that not me to back of it the usually tried to tell me do you know see if you'd get chucked back off a people with a sethinge and there is no whitherso time stick to the issues instead of like personal attacks on and i know a lot of times you do it this is a humour and i do not at i wanted to make because i don't go up for boys you got i know because i bring him out if you notice i don't attack people that we i disagree with i attack people that are going after people and let us o how cost if you love tattooed kate county there some of the the they continued to do with their doing we do have a choice but to bring it out we live in choice the time ouerlooke because like a parent you correspond ability numbers possibilities to mankind his civilised god i said commented no doyleon or he'd got what i should it is told as those stand up against evil and as what were our doing to bring out we can have that discussion we should have we should be able to disobeyers to leave it in the one coissins it straight now what we've got his well if you don't agree with me you're my enemy oh no no no no that should never be that should not be weshould say but i see terkaleon wewe can see things different in idol that is a long and as for shipeos should be devised his right to rome i was gone people decided see you can make the case as we say we contrast and prepares let people decide for themselves they got minds their capable of knowing as discrepance or doesn't it we otocousticons well i know i not you to come over to it and expectedwithout told me it was i got through i olive a lot of these deformities to no no i try my best to make oncempoalli that could i trifolie the people once even there one yes so so i kind o like the fact that you know i like to go to a lot of different things to just see how things are wrong because you know we can truly see what's happening just by by going there and getting some ideas and then of what you're seeing an then go check it out i think that's a good way to do it so that would be that would be out stinging yes so lots lots of stuff going on here i'm so were else do we want to go with us cause this is one of those things that we're going to chase our tails wild because i'm not gonniac out without on the end of the republican and domcrat parties it ecco come on the virtues as to mellor deteli could do restore to olores i'd like to go into it on particularly on people because people are as once gorentrych tear we talk of loratoire and coalsthe par crochette he really was a minor player which is why i onderstand what copies cogoiol go back to guy like on cask you who shall be pikes was a wise titoli ropper what is a prince philos he really talked of the checks and galls of the three levels had government is three bridges and govern he really was employed or a nous disentwine that piece on we talked about man's propensity to because that really initialled so much more is the main purpose of government mister maintain law and order political liberty and the prosperity of the individual on casco opposed the absolute monitors home country and favored the english system is the best policy does ambled at one as literaneous like a for the peace cause i had it saved and if i can find it and do time as we coming up on my hour and i'm going to have to or one hole my behind and for begone for three days a gay i got it at something on the chair here says esther turf said with some one have to put in a wood some one have to put in quite a bit of effort to enter with the felony with the question mark it's not like you can get one by acts well no i lise's thought but what is a fellow sofisticaciones what about those who have been closeted talk about all these human travers we talk pointothers people out there that he ecclesius have been court yet so when we talk about people that's where i was going with all this too and that the dollar thank you for the question i think what we have to look at is we have evil commons thus pure evil some are caught some are not summer not in cold all we have we'll have a way to catch em over overtime and givenother are a lot of people all or i don't care the democrats republicans ah whatever part of the cone give that's where i was going with all this so takes so the question of i would tell you fittednow fell now you wouldn't you shouldn't never never do that what is the point right there that's the common sense answer right there for how do you know that to start questioning the stock start there in the entre his other i control the place though thou after also the thing biblically if we believe in the bible that also think does he of or do they get hargate i don't know that answer i know this we should give a chance yes what is a felon he made choice i made a bad decision as likely hood to make him another bannisters and controls you don't you don't you have apparent washes over asturian gives him direction and in their life alone a cry choices she always recur get rid of that child you don't say well you're not my child any more she's still after guidance you're still offer we pathway forward so i roll is christians also seeshould forgive and how direct them to a better path so that's why i'm torn alittle bit on estas well oh but i do believe that we have to not hire them in high positions and we that was my point right there that that is absolutely my point right there as that just come and set you don't even have to you don't even have to compare in you don't have to go to any further than that stock one they're felons they are disqualified devint into possession control the amount of money that they are handling and that's just common sense i don't have to compare to other parties in it to compare to anything that's common so and and i am axially not torn about that at all that's a pretty easy one donethough i love i love that you is still it right down to the a valuation contradicting her wemember this i saw only point was bake a responsibility you better job absolutely we hire em and ascent where i was hitting people got mad at me as i was the reserve show poor get a grip o because i dare ask me less man than in particular as you go to tammy i always call it care everything clark a girl you were and christ making callie because when i hire some one i want to know who they are because the reflection of me will you hire some one yes said isak and about shoe because if you may guess your cable making bad mistake are you doing enough times it shows that your decision making yes show is permitted as absolutely that that's something that is the core issue of this whole thing is the decision making and associating with a i mean this is the problem with our entire government right now how many people do we have set in these that have committed incredible incredible cried the sot there so many as not even on and there's no score card that's accurate because they're all there to try to hide it you know when you look at the money laundering going on and in in the state of michigan itself there is no accountability or integrity excorio there and so it is incredible in all this stuff is common in all makers of the guys that allowed this lawson at a low this i adinkerke talk about the love and accounts had held that supposed to be for bodenstadt of purse a couch really not a regulated pundita and i mean these guys can up giving money here and there well what's the return under money if they gave a million dollars with the returned what are they looking for return this law changed with that law change accelerated when you talk about the guys that were just prosecuted with rick johnson and former speaker the three lobbyists who was it they were doing the one dicavit eight thousand dollars cash oh i think it's tonellio of it was an open but also the ponded things like a prose the ponded ah they gave trichere there i mean it just so credible these levels should be run out of town to should be run over telestik to old days he areother but here's a kicker they're going to prison all all four of them i ka they're they're doing time in re a just as do rotting but in the end he then her back that the keen the come back yes where is going with that where's the rehabilitation the th they should just be its carobe done in certain things that they do as sesif they go in that direction the it is done down in her government then don't get a second does stand i unfortunately there coming back they are because we're lowing he venipont rols prevent that if you almost like with the men open a pass on antisaucer untoothed we gave them oldish boys or rode point of fouilletourte i do i do that to as i get yours like well you get cennesseris if your fellow who i anoiance i can't speak of anybody else i rely speaking hopes i wasn't impressed when she had money interview i will be on the teeth i wish very old pet about that i said logion think this guy is what you think he is in when i listened to those held i work under was like a where in your point is where all the good people going to reason a good people don't get involved there are few of us but the reason we don't is because normally because why why would you want to beg your head against the wall and how could i give you good example i will not assidooities said he calls and we know there the idea about change in what is unwholesome appearing your working with the bunch of questionable people you might look over that wall and take your head and racket against because that's what you all against you had gostrong personality looking at a pater and anger longer turn callitrichace and make things be because that should be our cold when we leave this earth we should try our areshould be the try to make things better than wave they were when you entered how were they what can of things were going on or go should be the society as a whole is for those who come behind this in others are no song and there's a son of release we all those who come behind us by this panel that's the key that is really the key that leave it better to live or faith the peep better people to be what all we can be across for the larger group for the passing thought i'm goin to read a couple of comments here and oh it's shaking her wouldn't you go with the odds known fellows should be ineligible allowing them in politics as above and beyond forgiveness its bordering its sandy also this is the game of clan of the left with trump right now tells me that they know it's right and shows why they do nothing to those who commit them on the left and try to frame the open so there you go so glovelike head boisterous criminals in sold the contabat right so thanks chuck for coming on to it and epositone it all that's the way we had you have i mean look how he handled his roseye i still love chukchansi loved on its leodisc ssion it outcottons we andthis way see mannerthat we have the disused in each other i owe still have that same thing because that rather sister you still love your brother and sister with sometimes you just like you know so to go in i cityhorse i've got so much to do to day dowsell things coming on to day and i hope to have a great day and we'll talk strength and you making you ooooooooooooooooooooooo in the second hour of grneberg news networking the twenty third day of october twenty twenty three and i'm in to bring scotomaniac there has got you back there peter walked away so any of well chucks it here and checklists hiisi's he there scot skot i've got to that i say cakesthough one laconically we needed as we know don on the well i put that the evil ahathis there were things that wrong that were clearly wrong she could call it this to that she could call it whatever because the potter the cocks here things were not done correctly there were hairs made and cochetel is called there they should not be called erasbec use there they are clearly anomalies biteless you they will never get true true story in the waiting for scott here i think i haven't some internet problems so shadowed out here we go i've got a cold coming and hold out in halensee kit cat coming in these his cot haydon okay hang out and out on which one with the with the go now you and i've got you both on my phone here so they got more is caius progged with eertie so i i don't know why i no have got with whom trying by just like struggle with the i got constrinse i'm sorry about that i can bisonthe other line this says i a checker shirt he said keep fighting for election integrity benoiston to one congress to coin now grand rapids all kind of actually oceana i often noneapart or unearth of the that region because we believe we have show some prosecutors that wol poppily look the anecodote materia but on the can i be is opening before we did in grenadisto whereat a presentation garwannee we've come over at top jamdanee will other no ye remember the presents dear you have to give a shock you will have to castoff the bone i do you because i i thought we had taught since then letterewe have in pigeonhole to get connected with the people as she had a county that the counterindicated in the also tomorrows the state to wealth to anchor no donothings do for me and in so nightinteresting is keep the fine teas as long as we keep a lection integro their people understand it it's not going away no problem goes away lest we dress it if we don't look ourselves as henlarging of boot comprises within people of plundered one i coloring to her on the show to day i had these discussions with one not everybody consisted election integrity people that includes to holland and the missingopen not everybody is behind the lection integrity and that everybody is interested in working together and i tell you what i sinif we want to shoot this thing down o what you one got to judge to do it and the ruling that happened i believes this day which the deepened the painting is terrible to the terrible bias she will that cold look as patiestic tions everybody ought to be curaged and perry mcboing on the gateway content she the michigan i chees the michigan most sotyltee me pontisse was pushes to cover the logisticians and the evidence we have she is corrupt she's tried to allow the cointises to the openings not want to touch it you have cast her you would think everybody would get on board when telling condiments against people in the misconduct and the secretary and i to his complaint about the six came in and died about men of costume labored dear randoming a died donald stumping and died but you want to know what we have struggled immensely in getting people to fire to work in a loisteliaasti ation to gild the critical point against we had some very good collies and and we have some commended we have some commended people who would become investigators and now in the possessor becoming more because we happened to find some legal motions poses but i tell you what had we had the geopenod and this chantillon and the trees johnson ah she has no problem supporting scolanda and she has people under heningham better bonny who do go on the website checked my molosol data of me of collection integrity ford they've no problems supporting them the boy getting behind the colonel vestigation o the mother storehouse herself with why do they not helping us to criminations because as the gel people behind his head many ties aleged electron terratype ople then behind his we will have them indicted by now but no there any one the wife because there's one behind it no gostar talking about this insigniawith gone and i tell you what i do start with a guy and i don't care everybody who claims to be conserved in caneseated claims to be a christian i am cured paybody thordson stones and rocks on me and collarwhich be called out as to be called out publicly and in detestari in reasons what this gas rotten and tarragon is not behind his criminal vestigation at tel he posted the event of my endeavors another to he does so give vent with my cintolesi of would not bring up this citie tostication michigan at all they will not they rolled out the new election climbed here let sit where you can recollection cried but they won't get behind they would not talk about the locust in you after as quite i tell what is it not one it is about money it is about done at will can call back is about he's a politician he was escaped one once a politician always politicians and i tell you what i'm really go public with this i instatement and do i would hope that you will consider reaching out he can coverglasses original on his website wechselseitige it which he has no intention of doing it though instant likes okay eveningon his book it is documentary which she spent how many months well i caromahathe was working out in either one to be as if he will be in working out his pocket his move skies opaline okay he's a basel his organ cried he's connected and i tell you what you don't do as erself because pad colbanesson the bill of awaiting i was with the up tables story him with the potent township corliss why you can not be a died i got somebody explained to me why this guy has not been died i prepared be less i'm prepared to die and now what i have put my doneyou know this and many locustae people know this is at i give up a lot of my living though my contracting set to become a whole time election of best gear in a base line godio on the side and the feats maybe or a compiled work on the side but i don't you paid for this i've gotten help in donations for people to open with gas or maybe a whole tone on be i had to go up north i got some help of my room up there but you know what a hold actual to cast herself and it's about money why has he not renniedo why has he not been edited and what people need to know what people ought to be deeply concerned about capital he is heavily collected to the bishop's people gave her the people connected to latticing and the seceders scott onochilis suggest was scott to icaught des oneattention a cold itleave it cold acanthocepola ask question well i think it's a good idea to talk to every one when in i typically tlamathcall like to put people on that don't have a microphone because they the the people have a microphone they've already got a chance to be heard but people like scott nobody nobody listens to him and so i give it people chance because they want to sensoriness he he's doing work so but i'd not in it desafiando on i put anybody in here onderstand that the way to do this having to be on riotorious is it instead of a poor cadi think that's fair good i picktooth in an can see where it is it is a logical espino i have no idea i've no cold but i know that's what's got it on to his consistorial don't call it scrupose i know the people then in the albacete are connected to the croptpowled cackwhat the old everdeepening the of the venetian am i depotentiation to the other just as crockaneetion look well were it got me agree with witheton crop to know that could as one thing to not do it and you know and got his sire you do on the godhead i would not serve by another election i was born to canisters how not because because of that took the goodlookin there are people that quite we just have to be able to to in my those creeple so that i mediating and hang on the second kiss i'm not going to be able to manage to hold on to the withoute you ike like a cold that he's not a word with hascolleagues if not somebody to be mined with he is not interested in getting them cost you know what he puts his men after not thy wanedthere per oenanthes show good lesson to me and pacoltishall you are the debate of me an donacola her debate i would rose to make us some pensionthat the different point of an me i would rather into to convention he would rather debate that that's a good point okay chuck im i can't manitobans to your guys so minagination a right thanks i will get you guys both on wiclifian get scot of the one connected to the computer and olethan okay your time scots what's going on here i tell you what i'm i'm only in i called back then you don't want i had people they got picked off at me he's not as he notes you don't what satan to days it going to come with a bunch of horns in all green emperor his nose and everything else i not saying that calicoulan my point is that many people disguise things other being nice and cold back was a politician i think he stole okay if connected the money is connected to the michigan state police who are corrupt okay they have no intention of the donor told what the age tells him to do in he noatice after me revengethe complaint i put towards the anybody think come on to the case of point on those guides on musketooning those balls what they is the cording them they went to the serapeion you know what we goin to local enforcement as well there are local cops in the cold beans for you i think he probably the least and king to be cold in many the serfs the cropped the on such a step with they should have done it's pushed it on sheridan hemischista polystelechon list of interest because he corneagen ral fineness is legal counsel this she gollections reach him stickles can't investigate that is to conflict of inter but they did push it in a cosmometaphysical to hold doesn't intestate the law i don't care you know what they care about they care about being perceived to the end the difference then in musingly we would like to get the stamping on down they would like they have gorgones with hills and and of menthon come better i come disconcertion to treasonable cometieron soon her social event done we won't what is my what is like a allendolo hoped at them from my charge if the going after him the gold that osotouoy else the look of stanehouse shot is about getting them and by the olemas well not what even to comfort and for a well as number one we have in culturable structure going on number two or attestation to how the best teewinot want to testinesse going on down as we had rewrite this in the cold going last week and just concealed concitat police or we come in with the complete we told him which consoled like sire believe that behind all transistors and no don'tthis constantine no one porticobello insinevated to us everything else and of calling a insuspect for treating as casual reconciled it comes to no one i told to the little wooers okay and then don't say with prosecutors where we are i gloriatine on a legal action identicalbut who did the same thing they ignored the rules of evidence nobody to many these cops and posters ignore rules about the one the wise because they want a horse consecution mates what is it that what was gosose used to have they want long posment sodomite and prosecution predominatesthat they want and i don't want investigating obstruction of justice or tetering conspiring at the highest well to mistake of rent is not easy and i tell you what the locatio le these people that had gotten all and you have witnessed in costand inscutchen and the problems that we have been faced with no witness to costand in your own terse and i tell you what that is what will last a colonisation this treshonors from carleton now behind his itsasoa this he could joke christianeque she lassellee antegrediens of solution i rediscount of people she just depended meeting that was it chunder stand the suchsland it out she had never invited us in the talk about this molestation investigation in colester men and schottisched doesn't want matesthe people after so to one why why are they not during it all is gustigato oppose andsidenote officials indicted and i tell you what astrolaba together they're all protecting they're all protecting they're all in bed together can they're all in bed together they're all protecting the other honor why is he called back you don't want i tell you what dear was a something of an your show she once and it was it was a thing that was submitted by a continuous one and it is a real they recoiled once and it was done lawfully and the non horsemen agent that it was turned into the pit that it was dunolly and behold i come out and in hangabout on something to have to brunoneletter the tugs me a breaking the war even though a long posonthere we do and help now he didn't like low idahoensis i need these clepid i need to apologize to longford and he and the tone was trying to steal somebody else as idea try according to the contamination i had with him i was going to i thought on't ingoli of investigation and weed introduced him to let somebody else a red more tonocotes in these and i think it be compared to that wonota credit for it that's what i believe was behind it and he called in chinon eustathius me a releasing on i didn't really had one i had really fit any chime of doing it and he chides me in breaking the law it conformytie people tohopesate thing sick o critical me the yield me at de how can you say that of torcellani heononsi knowing is her colegislators increesed not engonasin these repeating colocarse is the son leaves lichens i reached out to michael now as the trouble then in felititous twenty two and he blowed i knew the television possente other everything else told me that evidence of the crimes and he grew up later that year i go through crackledom ho evidence that i had obtained wilfully because it was so strong evidence and my now her everthing i grettirsson it fed i as at whose want to me i mean he went on to help me out and as a well because my codonosiga against the antonico any one sincere the jackoons with derones houdin's people operate dona the feel of the people's work one of taste there name on it draw money from doors because of these areas these people election integrity segment is divided there as the trumpeters while the loosened people and dispeople needs county are one the doing the lodestone there doing it with courage and cried most of them do not understand this technology but one to what he took to sandloaded in the pool i can't say that about per pollock i won't say about that cold thatbecause he won't take his sandals off and jump in the pool because pack on back into the leasehold serving a lie and i tell you what i hope so did the poor round i do the said island because i want everybody to know and holbeck is the land cod i welcome any debate with the scot i woke on any to make i asking you to send adalto lenses is one fightresulting him the colonisation happy to be he wants to the barons benson i want to get johnson bentonite and as soon about me i'm not in spite of contenting to queen trying to get myself stabilized began instead living minute by minute because i don't work enough in my own job you're white of pancolonel we contesserarit that maybe i wouldn't have to do as much but now goomsur on i christina i be in heart nonoticed disappointment that attorney on campochiaro interested in getting these people indicted in the not congosto his cup the lengthiness less then die which leads me to the other old aman named astico and donatello know are come every one heard of him and heard his report and i just calaisthen wind down up i ran in head and order michigan over the weekend and it was that in a band indelicati i which is a main teether city a yehonala one up there and i was invited to to the delicate lincoln day a wondering and one sees there was edward reed and they had other speakers there burned upset the annicerei cannot remember her last name she is the nurse of dexterity running preesoner we had a a a a when elated or i you have congressman jack borgman another michigan and there were the caterers entedido trying to repress name its parts for the pea he is come ponomo and i ah the given when and you know down at not one of them not one of them thought of anything about the election insertion a question answer the diconti chair i reserved the question answered chando the speaking period and they went round and there unpeople had questioned and everything else and then i was tordiantan i raised my hand and i i got up and i spoke before the don coconino le in something i'm just as pentlandite and then i pointed to ally too those five speaks on and i said to them you all come up here and you talk about all these other things but now one of you not one of you and talked about anything election of desication or election integrity and i want an answer is a people with delicate desired an answer and had been picked up the mice and i stunned him it was quite clear because he went into a cloud he went as an none o why do want him to pause because he had to come up with his and it come up with his son and imposed the land base collection of egoity he proceeded the lambas and he offered to get them charge cheapeside lambasted and euer to get rid of machines erected the lamb base all those echoes me being liar and in everything else he hasn't gone to the other then he is not looked at the evidence in talking to lowertype le need to know about it the groom and peace to garbage from the hills till jack cleonymi searchedthe time was the highest ranking republican in the state of michigan he enlisted at mcgill to do in a vestigation had become as a farther by trade here one by three and the politician is not investigate is not an investigator and he thinks he connected he then sheergehat no technology back on whatsoever on carepatience any kind of training he has in hand okay is not love the cat the electronic pool which is where the criminal activities is crying out that behind the tea we all know there coinoperated iv old on the absence and bible made every excuse on the bolt and lambasted but the worst thing he got up there along with the stateroom in nomine i'm trying to be trying to remember the gentleman's name other no one trattorerie comichingones to earnesthow can they say that when every single person in the state that i know is like the only ones that want to have the machines in vo are these idiots set in these nobody wants a the tell you why with we have been investigating aprobado earning it and he is i the i can't go into details some his crooked his helm okay he is crooked as dale comeing he said he was good for to the cold back i would like to call parolewill here's competence who so to the coast comers won't you ride so tell me about i tell you what a colder i ran i think he has cutiale with prehistoric why has he not then indicted i believe i got his crooked i think he has been foolish cooked and you know what you have wordescape there knocking but a bunch of pathological lies it's about money one of his about money and power and i to what had been grown if not conservative is too patriot is a posological water and i tell you what he's going to come a day when one gardeningthe come out about as we go there's going to be all one stuff that we've been invest game is going to come to the surface is not going to keep the truth now i hope that basked here hisself and and watches the street i don't that call that does as well i hope he comes on your soul and answered but i know you on to like you and me i tell you what i don't think he will be copiednot thin packcloth i don't think he's got the gods to what politician once opposition always apologise and you have a bunch of cole drinking legend conservatives you inconcerning liopatris thinking to greatest things and places it i felt electioneering in a what whatyoudoing helped at the anilit has he will see and this is the whole common sense thing you know we we can sit here and weaken investigate investigate and look in and comparing contrasts in the end frigidam and st tells us when we see something that looks rock it's wrong and it's not based on anything else out there right is right and wrong is wrong and when you see something that's wrong you don't need to justify it by looking at a million other things that are matters it is wrong it's rush you know i had one thing one thing that i heard and this was told to me by melishikhu before a before she they hated her post and that's another thing that's kind of an interesting this kind of interesting to me seven thousand dollars keeps coming up that number just keeps coming up here there and everywhere and i think this is going to come out at some point time to some big money changing hands he eradicated in the election egregorotas she comes to me one day and she sat down i don't know what to do i was supposed to go to my lindell's a thing to be in a documentary so she said i was supposed to be the airport seven o'clock in the morning said i went to the airport at seven o'clock in the morning and i got picked up with a lindell's plain pickny up and she said ah pat called that was on it as well as matter and she said they were laughing and saying he we got a quick stop to make me for we had down to miss are i think it was misordering and so they went up to antrim county and picked up a machine one of the elections shane's loaded it on the plain and took off with she told me this and i said she is what i do in montell the truth you have to tell the teeth cause you were you were there you saw it and so she as well a okso i gave her a few days and i'm like okay i'm going to pass the son so i contacted dan harte he is up there and as the danes said i really you know as in the tourney i said okay i got i go as told something i gave her a chance to tell the truth on this and you are the only one that i know that would have any and put on it or whatever i don't even know what's going on here and i don't know who i should talk to her no no no it was okay it was under the it was under the blessings of these and unlike okay before i really started seeing how corrupt in how far it went and so he had not with the blessings of the sheriff and his finest fine hesitates a little little low camped up when i asked him the question so at any rate and i've been speaking out on this i don't know because i don't trust telling anybody anything any more because they're all involved in it and so but i have put it out the and so anyhow there was there was machine from antrim that was the loaded on to the plain and that was at coldback to ferno and most the crown were on that plain on according to when i was told by melissic antich now i don't know anything more than that so for to tell every one that no one is being transparent on a damned thing they're all hit there all hiding it and it's like white as it somebody just come forward and end and make these statements instead of me planes cat and mouse of of let's look at everything else i see you know an i'm sorry i don't need to have any more information than that the amigo p is stated with i don't need have any more in one i don't have to have any more information than what was going on with the people that are involved with the gen p i don't need any more information he there there was a nough money changing hands there's a nothing's going on there that we can look at this and the whole damn things corrupt i don't need any more information to make it a an assessment somebody was picking up some sort of voting machine that was trying to fly under the radar and nobody wanted to talk about it houston we got a problem and why did this come out in front of all of michigan why is it there all this of the nose was hiding all this stuff behind the scenes on the on the voter registration why didn't he get the thrown out and shipped out to the public why are they highvery thing from their bosses who are we the peep let me tell you i'm going to go to a woman named harding mesmer come the gately ponte ivory consororities she refuses the turn in calls in his penmarran she's not the chiseled she is an evidence she not a patriot she used to have a lot fightingnews called i and she claims to be the spectator she went insisted of satistaction hopedale she will come on me tell you about the ruling of thorsdatter was rolling where where i tastes and was about to get oh do with about direct and it was cooled by great and jacobite we use me election agressors he not for the man moriantsiane more ah and i go holandano and let me take it the ruin i leave when titrating one peels court in you want to what we've known to these people can plenkonscie glove and then took off his end rochanskis to ain't they called to the ministrations and secure do not because they were long against some is not going to silliston them of directors and making along you do want to holland and he got with me and the look of standing people and these tots we could strickenthe case we could go out things with the holston to hollandthen in elegant a makololo anything they do she will cover anything the acolchados greenewiche story the boat come pack cold back william complywith lincoln and the swastikain on the lincolniensis et was never never had the distal tineture why didn't he take that up to pherae why did he go bring it why with that just go up in tastes why wasn't something like that he's misslingen lessened why would that not one up in the beginning i may go on to stop further as to loss sitagon three weeks so the centimetre and time sheets of fat as michaelis diseasecancer todesart she won't come to walesand at all that's the game change when you're trying to indict the secheste of she won't come okay and i own a mine men and light or anything else but i tell you what it is treated is quite clear to me we have held it of the election and titles and tagetes he does not have the same purpose as i would i do we won't go these we want truth we want these people indicted there's money behind the times in lectionary is based on which proticipating and capitalism what can be produced to me lately i want to oneiromancy told donelook it went the woncoose the witoto how pastoreo why don't you know pantiselea causes for these or do not get a fine dosidenote the politician is there too to see the cool and tickles and then he therefore to get money something of trichosanthes collection i have been scorse doesn't collantine now the balance again in the monticelli that is not a onstore with no bottles a couple years what do i ascititious did by the mistresses which one ossalaise people called the complaints of tenotomies state police and on the show of competent that's why we melisande started using local police investigates state or that he was any one force montanser note one it is a crime to compose on computors to not in close and uncle go and see some concession one of the misdemeanors or by six months in jail and i believe it's on the five hundred dollars fine and posted he comesalone thing into that one one are you going to do how one grab now are you going to say to monaganous cristalinos grapnel and the one succeeded to import one a piece officers opposed to investigate election canonicate proceeding as the man factors of elected by the mission dilection the came up just passed the twenty twenty that any election crime shall be investin by local ofcourse for and prosecuted by local post but you want to what they did the committee do any steer and catered awaited the waitedwaited we honestiores people or over and over again at edict and you went when the still on to colleton had most of the long horse are not entered into a law when their calling a suspect and crime or tornadoes the bullets to get i can get clarification on the charges that were brought against her the allegation so sir will shed they called lord bourbonais out of instead of too investigating the complaint against her they went to have keblan why she did it he could not open in the truth or the factor interest i think in all postponatis scottron up to the wall that i wish her toll there s a e like the doctors with a shot why exactly and i know what recopilacin to the treasonand an hog i met in stockers up onto me is she in stock cards of course sepessing of tholouse the thought his oootonoole drinkers and cold there be cool he traced the sunset not the more you had a figment in jackson that was trying to organize the dementiens a chanceful besowian going there trying to church siding twenty five dollars in this i davenant think they were doing lunch and i was enticed out so beyond it because i once come jackson and when trying to get the locustan people here in dancing i got checked i do concomitant think it's because they don't want me in because think the trees so some mawmetrie all the clotpole that cold at the trees sansonate colagrosso club we have an election integrity so now we have some very excellent people and like sintiremos does man cast the word would very limited resold i don't get the money he makes sorgeloch on dog but miss him conlectio recluded people come etiopicas he wanted day o they didn't have it i come potestolate thether i telling this time and time again i'm going to try to get that i charge the eighteen thoght and i tell you what it homecomfort i cobiseconte tell me about it do you know what is goswell because i got some up for divination and for my own i own my receipt that i paid for my day to sit because tom better argument and ebony and probably denotes probably told is perfectly fine o you are entitled to public to the data but not entitled to the day of st you have coquetted you have to pay for them on your you cannot steal them on somebody else these are what hoopakele alleged christians and you got the concoction to e by god because i also they would hate kids let me cos jesus was hated despised there was a lot of christians as this laticis oh nothing more than motitations and even i her which one called they would reach her quescican esquisses coming peeled and i tell you what i am the lot of christians they don't let no lot of christians and i wont thensince and in the tone and i tell you what but the lot of christians he would reject quite come on and we cousins going to be in trudaine when they meet it and i tell you what montesinos because i got a pass coming battle with the tin like come that wondertales the loopehole with passes because he critical me because he thinks i being devised he thinks i'm being devised we need to stick together now or not going sick together pack culhacaneses in clerewell not stephin criminal indictments of the sectors ate of people divisibil elections and i think it completes condel i think he's got a deal to voracement himself as white doesn't give behind this and the corsican is opinion only i'm not good pelooshis behavior master i don't be seizes i don't think come after me i'm not speed to be executed by cecco and i tell you what we have a culture of wise it's going on the election tastesome excellent people and some excellent but the doleful a bad work time and deceit going on it continuing to logan how dare you go i'm going to her i cartesian you do ondeslic particle is to the tree consentanea all the rest of the coolies i'll dare you scott i'll dare you because the coolies i smith i i is made the pastor and fail like one's melicotone is now so plain how is the pastotherwise hessonite is isnayan he is the passedrather and he started weaving county and say like recasting the poisoners and not on the one i went on not mean to anybody in the beginning oh i tell you what when you lie to me when you think that i'm concediendole or stole when you sat there and ignore the faceseemed and you self osirified and why or come and hold that know what when i meant that god and when he started tell me to basely your mother may be one working on my documentary my and to think i walked up the months with the cathemerinon and i told to what is surgoff insaneand dorothea soul it is busted and i tell you what that could you be kind of man to pack colecktion what i'm goin to hear i daren't you scot you remain you when after peckholdt can you remain you remain or may to tancoloured what are you going to visiscope my slip consayle one come on let him with my co i don't care i am not included to be executed by these people as are lighters in the other more of modenacost sense and to the whole bunch well if there is coursecertainly of piston of the gibe of the diligent patron coops cotocoto an end and now i'm sorry to mean to go off their down it's a case cotterby's got a can get what's on her heart out you know and i don't don't censor people all debate a on things you know a little better it is casten but everybody has a right to their opinion and to say with on their heart and that's part of the problem that's wrong with the united states whaling cassion even if we disagree with thanks it need for beable to come out you know and and i have a lot of questions about everything that's gone and honest state of michigan you could not get away with us in the private sector you couldn't you can go away without notbut these people in politics here all playing games and the rome that i have it on ogoto what is so when you've got the entire indian that his hiding there either hid things constantly and in their the act like a bunch of i don't know abandoned orphans or something like that where they want to crawl on top of each other trying to get to the top of the path for money for power for whatever they don't care who they hurt or they stop they are all you have to do is the is look at the of mount of criminals that are sitting in the but but you know what you can look at the entire the entire structure of our nation only how many people if you look up the the amount of people a guilty criminal sexual conduct that the it is epidemic its incredible to me that we have this much criminal behavior in the united states of america and their not getting really prosecuted they're just let go put on his so i'm sure they'll be to be fine we just got to forgive the and let let them all go now we're going to have to put some boundaries on them so they can't continue to hurt we've got a recognized them and if if the judicial system is not going to do it some one has to call them out be the adult and try to put this corrupts back on the rails cause the cause the train is off the rails and i'm talking mass of it is in skews for holy people accountable or associates not excuses for these people because they tell you what i was told this in the elections integrity segment than they have been criticized for being devices okay when me the locassent people re enditement ous american remanseritis most of whom i think are a developer to jesus cried i think the ecole of people of the jewish faces but i tell you what they make excuses i perdiccas is for pack holdbacks or to hours for all ores i don't get him all it is something to get these people in linedied well we've all got different things with doing well doing working hard the same thing nowherenot we are trying to you and i and others have been cling to get justice because of the law breaking this going on yes i think mentioned because the excuses of being made why do not involved in the locusts you want to be a complaint on this it doesn't take much it's it's very metalundergoes it is usually me and and the county leader wetertoun leader is the tolbooth work all you do to do one to do is all a criminal plan a gesteigerter state all three you acted okay a lord conceding now because the raininductive but a onontowanea o what excuse making life that to one let ordo want to be portincluding cold back on talkativeness they have as cominciato before the state central committee costendose in shortened home she glided she turned she delighted that's that's my consultation on the foot we can see as we isocicutine see that there's a lot of stuff that is not coming for it and being being out there you know i don't just put out their why are they hide in so much stuffone bosses which is we the people tell me why they are lines games with us though the matter whether party leader col otis they see themselves as above the well in here i'm going to throw the southern men skaill go back to what was i was talking about with chalk and i say that whether he's here or not and he's going to listen to it she my question is if we know that these things that are not right like felons and the amigo passes me on and valence and the gean p that are known why are we deflecting and say would about the constitution party well you know what we can look through the entire society and secondnow what the know as certainly know what are you that soothing it's like you know what i don't know and there's low thing in ffruit that we can go after right here and so these people are felons this common we see it we don't justify it say in the well yeah maybe there corrupt but what about this other organization i'm sure they've got problems that but we're talking about known facts and problem that we can apply a i don't know maybe just a little common sense too houston we got a problem here and you know the stuff that you brought forward as the houston we got a problem and in these groups in st talk and bitch and talk and beth and and try to have the new pariah that's going to walk in and such but what are they what are they doing you know look at look it by binas an office for like i don't know like nine million years and we were expecting him to jump in as president and do the right thing well the track record was pretty bad i might say and if you was going to do something he would have any deaden and it's just this political gain it if if somebody that has been in politics say a long time at coldback was going to do something he would have it's just like i watched roncalli go from one thing to the next to the next if they were going to do something they would have they just go from one bill board to the next to the next to stay rowantreewell you they just want to stay well ootside notethat guy going to one more throwover i tell you what would ride colly is another one in any thing to do with the loose to get them he died o what an corsincon cerned he deserves to go to jail just for being astecas he has some contemning after him but he wist be part acousticon but and you know what i know he knows about me i knowing knows about ivestigation and he had gone ostoboining out his got its waiontha i dion to think much o know what i'd like to find out what the loosenessby the nowcomplete i would like to find out what i can do to help at the privy charge if they okinawa i'd like to do my part to see the man forces you're not going to hear them for my complaint long and he can cry and put in jail now i don't know he's going to aposotis going to call i held sympathyfor the gods well i may put it a go find me scot for him and i'm like the guy i think just bought a new house and and i think it was in a cringing the harriot i think he has bought a new house in the lot of begotten now but it's like it's like ok ah and i just sit here and i go the effort the average person that's out there trying to make a living so far the these people are so far removed from the pain and the the problems that every day people have and what do they do they chase their tails round in it trying to be this cult to personality and failed political cults and they don't care about anybody but staying rollin and not getting anything done to keep the power structure the same were not more changing this were changing this and i'm i'm goin to tell ye we we have to do it in a lawful process and i love which is said once crosseyes we have been learning new processes you and i and a lot of people out there having i am sending notices as well as doing a prose process because yang etagen it down in the court system there are all working together on this stool i i got you to the information but i think you will find these two guests come in northern michigan county very compelling what is heaven a joltiest to day i get from contact with companyanderi just of the so they've got the sepels we just piled and we just called the major legal actions in that county and we had to do a coseyled out to do it and i think we rodestone and we wrote or ocean so i will cut your couch but you mentioned is about we haven't learned we have to learn on to this of consience face what we've had to do we're going to have to learn how to do police differently it's got to be gone and can't be politics we have to the or we have to treat our governance as a as a process beproud of i don't know what you donnot proud of any of it it's not me it's not something that any of us should be proud of right now all all it is his posture for people with an a pole the industry politics is it money big money in and there not interested in or thorgist keep in that power and its if is a crying she i don't you know what i think we're post america wrought right now i don't even know if america i think therebecause the covenent before ansigisel one about money to have nothing to do was of the truth in and help is apolloneatis don't i get her cut out to her because i've got to go redecorator shortly i can let you go and then i'm going to play a little bit more of the of the interview with general flanges i started out with that and so i'm i'm in to say say you know heavenians for coming on and i really have a lot of respect for you being able to get up there and say what needs to be sad because so few people will do that and interfere it intreete locke standing efondamento perch oh i love sandy the sances i think sandy is just amazing and joe and bicallose these women there soanesoane people you know has a congratilatin without the quite well purslowthe real good election interwork coping gone she you don't penbecause others people and i tell you what i took osteocope to the cow keep wonderful appetite of the albigerises they are wonderful i believe i had to call them patriots and i'm proud to be working hand in hand with them and not a reseave activity going in the several periods right now we're as toinot twenty to twenty two counties it cures segments were have singly glacealis the couple of ontonagon is and ostentatiously by ah we're actually becoming very confident nor ability to write a certain lead on motions and oh i'm just going to be optimistic that we're going to get results that's close to take a coasting the interloper electors and agreepeople were not the more in escorted i am it would be nice to have these people on board too but they're not going to get on board because of lessonssomething dayanother name on they don't want art of it eh well we shot those they would rather dwell and complained and complain of the plain whether then taking the samples of insolent pool to encresen il point is i think i think the jesus came to polly or a person leave for my life it is a practice no one he said pick up the cross at the colume you want the people woostade have been punished by local cocomica there two women in his belconti a woman grasscountry a woman of very county a man and several other men and women in the conconi i am we have we have some atony in which they have been pushed back by the public officials by these wantingpublic official not combine a republican he won't want to german jacksonare ejection he keill not go behind his old they have a corrupt chair i know kirk by i tell you what he got a lot of legal activity and his only business his wonderful and demanded much of coating can called in christ concessions when i wore priceyou know what there not some taught there nothing is more than then i a confections are what denouncement i colonel oncostoma concernedbut the comforts that they are going out to make him the sacrifice will care we serviniere circuit shore and look at what people do and make some good dose dame we don't need that we don't need endemic for that way to trust so with that sad ah i think i'm going to move on nomeno put this interview of and i know you've got to get ready for use so what's talk again scott let me know when you can come up and you can visit i went out rocketport reconnoit yekas i want to see how you gastaron these good i thank you so much done and thank you have i said all right let's go to this a minit i'm not to finish up here what we were to what what gentlenes said i in play a couple of these because i thought they were really good and i love genifrede's good guy and ah ah really really a a genuine individual so heringto go hand plate what would that be in our govern yes she the long giver satisfied cried those the natural cast showing the bible down the bible and i say is prim pretty popolocas tedectif of my sect chilbil he talks about that the tactless it's why why don't we have something like countries that traded that passage the signorina organpoint one purse even the french system of justice the frenchmen were in others from any years and christianity ticklings oh she french hororigis the french costotome a datestone jury and execution in the french stomachosus as kind or joe was talking about the console and he became the judge curran executions yet no no authority to do anything that he and he was going after my case was dismissed gerald giratory herodot when we have a frenologa still serving on the vested oneself too while the founders so the translate i say i as the founders realized that their gills with met i merely met i for gelithian and i now a god the new rosaries and knew that they were dealing with people cletus he trusted mentioneth misdesert elementa the small protettore of the sante gather the newer they were coming from an anetothite knew the likes o of whom they were dealing with stationery went apostolo we had for genoesevery night determine for every ton the sweet i thought the work or on it may be undoneso or whatever or our lives on and on some travel different resides country has been seldom so are complacent and frankly lay the last fifty years any o you know crane well corncobs doing what pangs corsaries and all defeecient esorjie upon on the political life of this one have and how he gave up out o be gave up one of because he kindersalters people in washington as people in the knowwherever your state capitalist or butchers protension in we just go about the maybefor again stoneback in office and we can't even find we can't even fire as leader i amabout a personal thermometer to be speaker of the house third in line to be the president dogeetah come this country locks to toobecause the country are the ye the world does not understand in no ostendisti of amer as most astounde stand the world cultures the more going on one but acted i've i i understand most people nay i for neither sent on his cot don't understand she her mind what can i in our own halls of congress part of my message to lithodomous li so strong or message and i thought i was going to come in he soli talked in different groups of people in this holethermopolis hot and i have gone over watchlike one time time and i i am no open enough here and open for questions cause we have near you like astropecten about anyone of the ship whether a man entered her home take your question no i won't you stop scrooched ashantee i have a question i will ask the question and i will forget you socrates song of founders understood as colorsthat he other one decided to have priest hannesson official warning corsicane of ascot hottentot what the a lordbut stanchon restored of more than than we do now in our education sustentationis absolute corupedion susette and when i looked into however involved in politicians and archangelical the poltroon as no body that in savile i get above the devolved on them and after reasonwhile you sent him you should banish you said that you should be in this contre you don't have an in a psycho elections all psychoelectric assisted horrible standard are at oligosiderite the twenty twenty two elections that we just a single men tore ah tis a non presidential election year and we have elections all selections all the time is probably some going on to the state you don't some conelike make this one schoncold be on so many guide and officers are and have another they're goin to have another election specimen intention it was octalacorys elections so idly to the years of the presidential electors raveling a monentur out nationally of like thirty to thirty five en he registers to and and i know what's worse is that a lot of people don't go and father with the primary sidesas i smite the general assoloos'oos cultores into latinto completion i have forgotten to which as i have been in in my life i forgot to the sacrifice of what so many lies an artist tree has notes country and now and then conversation that i had with forgive me prestige he if he recognized your children when you ran for office and look at that the geneway back convent no i was thought cookingwhen i set in however had like an ran for like eight faeces and as every one and then ran for president every able here to the caste because we understood hester just got the cone sericothea contrister of the country clearly now it would mean when it devising assedation not in here i broke down to flipper on fortune for chance the penny on the fire the first shot we would have a completely different course to history in this one all the condottire the first shot had been the elder so borosher like a cornish peridotite and his present geswicode in strangerin the difficult to console fontenoy and in oersted cespitose of the see having now that and why she knew that people that were there are the incoepit and country his were shown divided right now as nor divide his parties were divided as as communities as families now an a ductless orgies so here is good that you know you could not divide what the god or day hansteen not with men or dan now with the constitution said like it was politealmost quinn president reverted and god to president with precedence george washington george washington in he was only to one on her right on to noaeseos for in present and don't have that almost a brilliant were and i shall do touchstones with you keep your other turning on don't keep your dog we're not before not ready yet his country are ready and westhonest ll rang astolaine tennessean or an now you till represent you know this is i can as i caught it figured his figure head of a father general and espantoon the greatest army the greatest name in the greatest country on the history of the of the world at that time and defeated one more he got to round the four years sec to this president he had too and now some are like not then think of deals the day model that others are i think about where be on where we have to day no i don't have cordierite oultrecrier from a adelaisie crastinatine whither the whole her son became president evenly he traveled with his father so abide adams i should here socrates or husband his father over endure and your miscolours and talk times those these continentthose sholto him my chalonitis fashioning see you learn as free our country not just from onesurrounded years later you one reads the letters the faces faces you read the letters of the direct the orontes then but buteron their espouses or wise throat politers to theirs she socialists to her son things were so bad as for still so bad here the united states too rare she she calls him to ulcers to us was times that we are experiencing at all god you may god bring bring to us strordinary people the rise to the occasion of these tumultuous times has she telling her sadness because she so reminding him who he might and what you might do in the country because he was clearly part of the founders equation of the rome the bed rock of our foundation as a country he stated that the whole the other certain potion but i called the loyal nine up in that part of the country is part of control cooperi revient cottages for no children her father as poor to grey or bed osterman smart with a scholarship to brown university coming out of high school shooting valedictorian shooter in a provisoo class rule or two oscooche gets scratched his school distracted and the armorlike a lot of people cause is to the european campaign you go on those through the hole dormit an invention he comes back and my man no there are love and so as to marriage that i be going off to some no i elischoa that's critically competence to that we are as kitty more later on it round round inverse at the time come from cat salsolae and shall siesta about that and you think about it was a he oratorie to we have in this country to rise to the occasion and in how much in the stopper case with the speaker of the house the march of his den all these like to official and with all the a party stuffone cause representing to another election here right over presidential and in there on the presidential elections not deter out as the average turn up for like the lash setting his last ten presidents wallets the efforts trovereste le soc stores about sixty ironrust voters in this turn out the one to president do not estate to america foresaid of the contra don registered on the top about people that ere the cool note isoelectric loosener as the question charomonte ooever single lachincos italynot at not as she if i had tired tintometer an when i never more to president he were early on the other gonsquence i did not want feeling i was posing for somebody that i like to respect the following ones as i first time i took the constitution which i shows what i was in college to will take on ours be graduated universal island right he intrusted valenaria in monteleone goonight of the civil war for a higher some more well now everything's going grace torpor as a casualties that all other words in artistry combines ondott the revolution happened turned at one word but turning the hightower or is a perham lichenstein off you see both endite grassangrains the lad grandest after so i inherit storri he became one of the first plan grangeriser the covenant said were on to often crack stairsto encourage people to go to college there one more thouchrist protectors uncouth i saw you on willinto school was three years at because i wanted to from english for my own it don't you look at people you look fleeters look at what's happened wavelike people running from in the year on the republic but i have changesthat all combined don't add up to a themselves are course conois telling telling of out now then father and then try to convict i think the men tried to come in jail if you have so didn't know that this judge one of the chine satin prognosticators while in judges came at five heatherdale soloeis in because he began or read to the gathered solitude state when you think about thanking you say what happening it is now which happening in you crane there are millions to i stay on this ere since day helped to one coleorton here and then and the armored araethure are one million the is waiting in central barcariol ring up to day at that this morning registmonten swinging there 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class such shall teachers teach gelinote chers teacheth ospringe answer all the questions all right well i i just really is really wanted to play a few of the clips i've got em all on my telegram channel which is at brandenburg the number four am i on one telegram and i just want to say thank you to everybody in the constitution party who made this a wonderful wonderful week on confortand i'm really sorry for anybody else that didn't make it because we had an absolutely wonderful wonderful time but you know what to have another chance and april where we're going to have another conference and i'm going to tell you what i really love these people they are so wonderful they don't fight they don't debate they don't turn it into a circus they really want the country put back together and no one of things general flint is such a nice person and so gracious to every single person a very non non bias in his actions with people he's disgracious to every one in the aniwan thank him for that and in old people that came with him too and i did pulsometers with so with that so let's say a prayer and i'm going to go ahead and play the rest of these clips later in the week we have many the speakers that that recorded so will be e put that out there and the gall as is to educate all of us into bring us together and we can all come together as one nation under god in the visible with liberty and just for all and what unites the constitution its where we stand together fighting for each other's rights where we stand together as one family and once we get it figured out here we can go across the world that the whole world should be united not a global ist way but in a way where we are actually acting and behaving and carrying out the wishes of god our father this is what is whether we agree with people or not were here to serve god he's got us off we there so diverse as it's amazin and has a pre for every single person out there you were created exactly the way god wanted you it's not for me or anybody else to have a discussion with you as restowal along with each other and tried to help each other on this walk come even of the rest of it were i to worry about this a sand box he's gone he's going to move people and the direction he was not in the direction that we as people think they should go because honestly i don't know if i've ever met or met many people that are able to love others in help them in what god has in mind for the without putting part of their human nature and to the into the equation we need to stand with god and make sure her chief for each and every precious soul he has created whether we agree with them or not there are certain things that of course that we know are right and wrong the tenth memento gave as we can all agree on that and men even even look back to the we gain a long discussion about the religious that the major legends they all go back to the same book why are we fighting and when we go when we go back to core principle when we go back to the core prince ole then we can start having discussions on the point pete beyond that the you know the but we're going to have to love god with all our hearts with all our minds very very first and love our neighbour as are isn't say love those sheep we agree with this as love are neighbor and with that some say a prayer dear henley father thank you so very very much for a general plan for all who stand with him and i ask your favour your blessings or protection on each on everything that he does anything that his hand touches that you would bless him that you had opened doors that you had confused the plans of the enemies which are the enemies of the united states of america and the chobanata gene he's fighting for that in my opinion and i appreciate that so very much i preciate very much all of those people that you have set before us people who were in authority over us and those i have stepped up to the call for it for a president trump the rightful present me the united st for all whose or fighting for election integrity for this nation for the doing things the right or the right way regardless of what anybody else those people that are willing to stand up she his raw and i'm going to call it out until we see the process and and things that are set right we love you and we love the fact your leading us his captivity to a very very evil evil system that this in place right now we ask that you would help us walk out of the socit on the individual basis that we would introspectively look at ourselves and that good choices help us to do that to and also help us to see the people around us and then needs that are there stalk with people to let them talk i know sometimes i let people talk and and sometimes i know people people are always happy with the fact that i let people talk for one time i i think we all need to i think that we need to listen to each other i think that that's one the callings that that you've given us there's an awesome keeling that can have and with a listening heart to listen to others and more specifically to listen to you we want to listen to you we want to do what it is that you are asking us to do no matter what it is if you ask us we're willing to go in any direction you ask us without knowing the next step without having no where this because we have a in you your good all the time and we love you so very much whatever it is that you want us to do to day we commit ourselves two you everything that we have is yours our breath is yours are life as yours how we walk and talk and what we do or financial gifts that you've given us their all yours and he lay that at your feet and if there's anything that we've done that god we also lay that at your feet because it's only because you have accomplished this through us and we thank you we we want to be part of everything good that you have going on and we want to let you know that we love you we love you so very much thank you for dying for sense for pain the ultimate price to have a relationship with us that we can walk with you on this earth and throughout eternity you are just beautiful and we love you and the name of jesus christ our lord saviour cry so gaslogs we're going to heckford and going to have a great day you're loved by so many people and by god almighty enough that he died he died o pin penalty for anything you've ever done or will do all we have to do is turned to him and he'll lead us out of our sin and everything else he'll show you exactly what you need to do he has an for anything that's going wrong in your life just turn him he's not going to condemn you he's going to help you and that's but we should all be doing anyhow have a great day it starts with metal tough here god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the make good choices don't like cheeter steel that's a great place to start and we can go on from there so we'll see it's morrowletters tuesday with john tater and courtney turner again with real is great day and going to render for governor dot con i'm the best not conceder who is ever not conceded and i do not concede the twenty twenty two the