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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/24/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Dr. Tim Parker

Published May 24, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg and it's the twenty fourth day of may twenty twenty three welcome to redeeming grace every body on here he termidon pretty good donna good miss near hat i me to since i go over to carry it wasn't like a fast turner on half way over here was talking one of my sons and like o my goods forgot my head very well he oh i i am got to go to the chant once in a while and i say that let's see we've got the love is on and garry loves this is so weird i could not find you anywhere on rumble yesterday that is really and yes it is even even as care if you had mentioned anything i telegram yet was in telegram i posted the link on telegram yesterday but of others a low weird things sampnen even the poles i don't know if you guys have known ice this but they're dropping a lot of calls and or sometimes i'll call people and i had didn't get through have even if my husband how if he sold in bow i can't even get through to him or the call crow which is really and ha ya gary pay anyhow good morning what are we doing to day to we are going drew on first peter and his god be i won't say a fly over but it's we're not going to sit any to a hard in any one play so i was telling him this morning that i have to get some legal things on that of shouldn't have had to happen but we're going to be doing that to day so i've got as interact with some turn there you go go half they're ooreahs or keep both shrine of so that in organwere on after around the sod at somewhere about ten o'clock to day cause i've got to get a bunch of documents to yesterday i met with he detect and turn over some evidence in can't cone for the locust and ah invested and then to day it's on its way over to detroit and hopefully we're going to keep beating on these people enough yet somehow oh ah justice here but we just got to keep swinging so anyhow ten cans okay so if you can hit the down to bottom right should be a conlow that upset i see a percentage in hers a bar but see we got automatic homer here lose home that work as to hortensia plus there onewhether he i'm learning skills look at that now as secostris ed over what did he do then edwards perfect looks perfect he gave as his real news for real people thought riggleton at the kitchen table downside as i could get a case she lets a lot's o perdonare prayer and on our heavenly father we ask you to be in our midst to day we we know that we're in a war in our one the country is fallen around this every day it seems but lord we we thank you for your goodness cause we do feel a e so maybe even hard to understand or expect the lord be it done to day in her business and all the things she asked to do protector and things done for your glory lord because we're we're fighting justice in his late we just prayed to peter's words would help us what we can do we lay our before you and jesus name i pray okay so kind of as an ultimate backdrop is mica six at everybody's primus pamir with this but i want to read it he has told you o man what is good and what does the lord require of you to do justice and so love kindness to walk humbly god a mine a focus at least into those things ah to do justice and walking humbly with god kind as a fact dropped for quick look so i again i know don you what longs like to have them stories i i got to say that the message that's before you is something that i never really saw its more an application but as i chewed on historic realities of peter and paul they could have both been martyred in rome and i could have been very near the same window of time ah we believe both of them were certainly a martyred before the fall of jerusalem ah so there are some historians it would say they were both martyred in sixty four a ah peter wrote i mean when you think about things heeding up here he was when he wrote this letter in prison and likely didn't know when his life would end we know that almost all the apostles fled jerusalem after christ's death of maybe to get away for the persecution but i think more so to do what jesus commanded in matthew twenty eight eighteen and we going all the world in gospel making disciple and i believe that's what they did so here's peter in very first verse she's based or this is acting the end of the book but oh it's i believe five thirteen but he says he actually makes a reference he who is in babylon elected together with you greet you so he's basically say of me i'm in babel well so i retook it unpacked babylon to lo bit later but there's so many biblical references to babylon not only as a historic place but as a metaphor for a lot of things and so we know the peter really wanted people to reflect christ and i i love his teaching at sosis queer ah so go down in the next paragraph or peter opens his epistle with to the pilgrims of the dispersion it's like so what dispersion heretalking about was it from rome and daytime ah was it from jerusalem that he's talking about was it the exiles from either of the two when they were exiled either to battle on or to assyria he could have been all of the above but he his pogram's exiles or sojourners and i i just remember michael horton's book a systematic theology for pilgrims on the way and i just i do identify with that we are pilgrims in this line and so it's like to peter russel with things yes he backed and as what we looked at brieflywith i think sometimes down the cure these reality that's a little bit skewed and were to see don little bit more men to talk about my mother and hatregard but it's like we we tend to think that the apostles had an altogether the day did russle wild things they didn't rustle with or or god's reality i think they did weigh more and i i don't want to put words in peter's mouth but i will i will suggest things that to me you pick up from the and may be blow that a polite but so i want people to rely may be put your god hears an to day and think a little bit differently may be with oh i think that people may be didn't understand what i did last week end and looking back i was like a boy i would have told the change things cause i would have put a back a cup from potopic tion in the back and a kind of head that but i'll hold you say sometimes i get mixed up in my mind and meeting everything is a process yes you know it's like we're we're all trying to figure this thing out together and we've been taught so many things that are that i think going forward we don't have to be afraid of that we can go forward and areas that we don't know and be a key with making this his gods in to take us and go come on you can do and as move is a long s i think you did get so here's what we're workin run through a lot of scripture to day and it kind of going up for the most part just read em not give a lot of commentary only one section will i really break down and there's a reason why i'll do that eh so let's get into a rate there numbered one peter encourages disperse pilgrims so we're just read passage ah i don't know coreyou want to read some cause there's plenty to read oh i'm here just to be helpful okay so some to you you are read some to say to a reed but here peter and parsloes s christ to those who are like exiles of the dispersion according to the foreknowledge of god the father and i just potter gods not surprised a we see that in james what what do you think you know you're our trials are outside of gods now it's no in this spirit sanctification for obedience to jesus christ ah and i would say again the spirit designed sanctifice for us through obeie oh a lot of the church that is anti nomian i don't even know if they think about them being antinomian again as the anti god's law ideas and he come in all kinds of varieties it's almost like death adils you can find him in just about any kind of color oh so i says in forspeking with his blood made grace and peace be multiplied to blessed be the god and father of our lord jesus christ according to his great misery caused born again to a living hope christ resurrection from the dead two and adherentes citizenrich le undefiled in unfading kept in heaven for who by god's power member that grace it's god's power that's what we need all the time our being guarded through faith for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time in this sea rejoice though now for a little while if necesary you've been grieved by various trials yes we have peter we've been grieved by various the so that the test a genuineness of your and more precious than gold it perishes the tested by fight and i just pause here a little bit can't you think about all the tests we've been through in the last few years oh my gosh it's been incredible hasn't it i i don't know what time down on the dreever been the bombardment of i thinki think we've been through it just listen to i never listen to babylon be but i did hatch a program yesterday with the dog wilson was on and they were talking about quite a few he very very good ah hour but he did say he felt like to hold coveting was the bait to test to see how we would respond to tyranny and he said the church folded like a like a bad card table and god so we think about on our faith has been tested and i want people cause i do think down and i'm not accusing anybody i do think that we we like to sometimes put on a happy face and i'm okay and yet i think you so lot of people that are really hurt inside so i used to encourage people let's talk about it take it to the lord but so in says that it may result in praise and glory and honor th revelation of jesus christ they haven't seen him you love him i know that sometimes were so close we think to his word and to him we almost think i've seen him we we have but ah though you don't now see him you believe in him and rejoice with joy this inexpressible and filled with glory obtaining the outcome of your faith the salvation of your soul concerning the salvation the prophets who prophesied and he asked her to minor profits ah the major prophets a lot of people that we might not call prophets moses might have then called the prophet they prophesied about the grace that was to be yours remember the hoo the asinelis ah serched and inquired carefully inquiring what person or time the spirit of christ in him was indicating when he predicted the sufferings of christ in the subsequent glories it was revealed to them that they were serving not themselves mate in the things that have now been announced to you through those who preached the good news to you by the holy spirit sent from heaven things into which the angels long took peter offers soothing words and selina last phrase which angels long to look if you remember it goes back we used that rovre speak about the angels that i believe it came spontaneously to celebrate the birth they wanted to see so all through history they wanted to know who is the christ who who is that god that's come and it's like i just get so so excited about what what we do and we think about the sufferings of christ paul and in one glaciers for four talks about in the fulness of time it's like time was pregnant for the birth of and he was burst so any rate ah there are are many new testament references to exiles pilgrims or soldiers wicked we can extract of a difficult theme from thee so here's a few points here and i find out just message to me litabit so they read better but prepare your minds for action and be sober minded do we need to hear that to day during that that's his roof it as you could get ah for what we're dealing with to day we've been bombarded and sometimes we've we've passed it i won't say flying colors but other times we haven't done so well set your hope fully on the grace brought by jes brought with jesus christ was revealed to you so what what is that men we're talking about new birth her is christ was revealed to us when we were new so anything that's why i love go ations could poll and pack some of those ah that's where he says spirit bears witness with our spirit it were sons of god is the only only writer of scripture that uses at phraseology and he does there ngations and once in romance as obedient children conform yourself to christ's passion in a reason faith and i told he shifted it from a negative to a positive because we don't want to live off of the passions of our former life which is what peter said so what are we do we we conform ourselves to christ passions to his mind wrong i mean now philippians too hot as he called you is holy be holy and all your conduct in its written you shall be holy from holy and if you call on him as father who judges impartially according to each one's de conduct yourself the fear of god throughout the time of our ex set me right now peter he had been dried now cause i think it were you don't our home is up there scripture talks about word we're just passed in through this point where gettasse in through this is not our home so it's like wouldn't when our seventy eighty hundred years sixty years pare to return he had its nothing i a great essayed but yet at the same time i sometimes think about this in may we read no believe that humanity is pretty much beenround for six thousand er but i mean to keep it real sample of everybody loved to a hundred that's all he's sixty people back to and and yet some of those men backed in the almost the thousand years so we sometimes think who a history so many years but as i really am stopped at many incredible so we see the peter links there being pilgrims with a command to be holden in the fear of god and that's what we've talked about i want god for yours i want to teach gun fer and even when we come to christ new birth we should still weep to be that's really one were god fearers but i think we see i just back up lebenwold we see that people were god fearers o go say that said in the new testament as spatially it seems like dolls of the ones that jesus christ went to and redemed so i won't say that that's that's like a formula scripture god spirit says god fearers christ came to them so you get lady in the book of that she was a god fear zacheus as a god freer and hesse he is climbed up in the tree but jesus said come down on one goto your house oh dwell with you to ah so it's that god freer thing is i think the ivy ever heard that word fear is act i've heard that the fur is not like a necessarily a you know terrified of god respect and respecting him enough to listen it's sir it is is that is accurate and absolutely done on glechoma get point because yes there is a fear like a boy i in i don't want to see uncasing you know ten foot from me i would fear that his fears is that reverence that i am going to bow my knee and my mind in my capability to this god knowing now in our position yes mesentery and we are not yet so there there are two sides of the word fear and one were talking about the fear of god now i think there is a sense even within that reverent fear that we should fear oh ah now that does it mean that we cower in the corner but but like jesus said ah you'd better acknowledge the one who can literally throw your soul and held so it's like god god talks about it he is a when he shows himself if you remember the apostles on the back of the boat when the storm came so jesus we cupidamente son don't you know where but readyandand his rebuke the storm quite i believe like glass he said they were sore so then there is a sense that was you've got that kind of power so yet not not a good idea to mock god i don't think that's a good plan for him to do and i think that i'm glad you bought at word of one i think a lot of people mock god to day in what we we put things in god's face order rebellion and were sarabot that when we get one we on back babana little bit so maybe try to remember to bring it back up so in idessa torishidete sometimes co we think we trust god in most things but we struggle in chaos trials so i think this is what what a back it was really struck in with last week god i understand you're going to bring justice does it have to be with the babylonians the areas it's a common so it's like sometimes we we wrestled with the same big and so peter says having purified your souls by your obedience to the truth presence fatherly low lavorano her earnestly from a pure heart and seven born again now a perishable see but of imperishable gods living and abiding and so we see that grief grace truth that that were new born by to me i just i am in awe every time i think about that and i just wanted courage people i think that paul i is i think he he was the same way when he talked about grace he couldn't help himself but dick to go into it historic we see he'll be et me teach in some many gets tripped over grace and he has to exalt god for the so i jest it said imperishable that that new birth or soul i i will never apologize for getting excited about dat so i want to bring out this harmon note coerulean his so somebody said tim what are you talking about her you don't have to get all excited about a big word but that's really just a rule of interpretation so i want people to hear this because with talked about it before just at last lying near donna when we think about narrative passages and let's say didactic passages a didactic would be the so narrative would just be a description and as why port we we have to interpret the narrative passages by the didactic so a lot of people look at narrative and no create all kinds of see ology or doctrine and yet it violates the didactic we can't do that so we have to we have to understand that prescription it was sc so i put it in a different tone but it kind is the same thing so we we have to be careful when we look at scripter we should ask ourselves those questions is this a narrative description or is it a prescription in a didactic for instance that what we when we read my cassiet that would be a didactic that's from if you will the most of god challenge in us are you doing are you walking humbly with your god so relates to an action an actual is there an action the talk my understanding that well what what i am saying what let's all just use an illustration when he talked about the jesus went down to the sea and he preached to the crowd oh that's description of what took place now can we extract at times principles from that yes but we have to be careful because when jesus did go down to the he set people down one he talked so while we read the teaching passengers that's where we could really draw out principles and commands real solid so understand some people may be gone ever look in scripture to that degree but but we have to be careful to to let the in passed the fine clarence the narrative as settat making sensethat does make sense sometimes clarity on things i owe these these are like big principles telocritus yes so when we talk about the exiles it peter was talking about in a weather there were hebrews or jews and and i put down her never whether they were blood abraham our faith abraham and i that was just one distinction we could make many is people of abraham but that is to me that's one of the biggest were they just bloody or him genetics or were they faith abraham by the spirit of non that's one distinction but they all claimed he were god's pee and i think americans are the same way there are people in and outside of christ's faith but we all claim when you talk to people about being patriot all were the people or everyone's made in christine as yet they might spit and god's face and reject his law christos ah so we we do have to look at the new births statis and on convinced that that is where we are an able we are literally recreated to likeness satire five seven and it's also i believe what genesis one twenty so i just throw this in here too i like to speak of not we the people but we had and as peter's folk is so ye when i say that when i read we his we though people in our founding documents i believe are founders full well knew that they were talking about we his because people in general we know that we're all so that we cannot produce holiness in and of ourselves i think people think they can but it's a boy so i think that there's a lot of depression its unrealistic expectations and thinking that we can become little god's ring around this planet with and that's not reality so then when people fail it goes in so when reality is it's the ill be better to give the whole step or just go to the fact that you know we're sinnersand by grace we'll just skip all this now since you know it what what you you make a great point got isn't that what people are taught you all let gods you make up your own rules you you you're the authority now would he can tell you what to do and hasn't got a thin yah i think people were just were taught to and that they live it and i so in the cot on myself and yet you're right at the struggle that they did do have to rest and a waggon the world is too big for us to know everything with why we need each other scald put us here as brothers to help each other but but not one person has the ability to do a god does easily we the god does it easily we will never be able to do what he does we have limited yes so let's open and the fly through some things bride jump over some things but i has one at least some people might see well cause i made that that point it's peter's focus somebody in my sanaiset talking about like we his people and i going to say yes because he is as the then versus now status selous read this section and this is where is that from see down ah sir peter to for attend so here says as you come to him a living stone where do you get that livingstone from peter rejected by men but in the sighted god chosen in precious you like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house to be holy priesthood to offer spiritual sacris acceptable to god though that's kind of what rome is twelve one and two talks about oh be a living sacrifice paul tells a swill once a living sacrifice while similar to a living stone so it's like a that's a metaphor that releschen at us for it stands and scripture behold olennon stole the cornerstone chosen imps whoever believes in him won't be put so sow honor is for you and who's the you you believe y for those who don't believe the stone that the builders rejected is become the cornerstone and aston is tumbleand a rock they and i put there in epilogues installed a ponente den never to be re created in christ inertest led because they disobey the word as they were destined to do and i put down her dinning things theology check you're a chosen race a royal priesthood a holy nation of people for our own possession that you may proclaim the excellencies of who called you out of darkness to his marvellous light once you were open but now your gods isn't it almost like we his people i say absolutely don't let me tell you that once you had received mercy but now you have so ah let's fly down to while he does say what is read verse love then there which is on the backside of ton beloved i beg you as sojourners and pilgrims or stain from fleshly lust which war against so peter is principles to follow when we speak of evil fol to do justice and let me just frame what i have in mind when i say that we are living in a day we know the magnitude sin we i mean just the drug running the death the final death this extra organ harvest yes i mean you name it slavery everywhere heard forty million people around the world are in slavery rate now and yet america were so skew not that we think there's no more slavery and i said half of those or sextile they had it is it's enough to turn our stomachs and so my point is when when we want to do justice on convincerlo we we got to forgive we in a roof we get a play with kid gloves and if we treat him kindly though they'll change no some of these people absolutely won't change and god exalts some laughing in our faces as well as laughing and god's face and mocking god you that that is not something that you just talked to him and in expecting to be a good person or not going to do that they know what the and i i love my mother she was both my parents were great people then built in me what what i held so much and i know my mother would all end save can't say something nice don't say anything at all i mean you know there's a lot of surprise up that was my mother said that to turn the other he and those words were well intention but i think miss guided at times i think there was times that i became very angry because having to take abuse from pepe and so i think that there at times no reason sometimes we have to do that so i think he's environment it may be we do and it's got honoring but i would the same time the thirsting there's times that we cannot do that so less dog this is the passage said amenront and i'll unpack a little bit more ah maybe sacred time done a just one kidgoing down and i'll ontariothis next week two i can honestly say this is my favorite show we've done to alfred now i am really loving this message and i you know am even though we have to a few legal things to day to keep the fight going i'm i'm absolutely loving the message and i wouldn't mind going through it again because i on the several times in continue all things out yeah what an maybe will more down may be well just a cause i did want to go through second peter maybe would take a couple of weeks to do that cause he follows it up but i oilsay this here on de cosse going through this passage it may be well well go through here and would make some summary statements i was blown away when i started to think about what if peter was talking about may be more than anything we don't know i mean there's a chance that he and paul were in the same self that it could have been he were in the same prison and he yelled back and for ah we do believe that may be paul was martyred before peter i could have been a nero got so excited with all the hurrahs of killing paul may be he killed peter the next day i don't know there's a lot of things i've just thrown some things out there but i know i can see that the peter is going gone worse to justice he as we know we felt before we were new birth and you corrected our thinking we felt you were going to be the king right now and you were going to overthrow rome and here we are under the thong of rome but ready to be executed god where's your justice now say he does screamed nat but i just i heard something completely as i went through this myself ah so i throw that out some lots lots do down a whistle down woke will make your work or come back and finish it up next week and going to maybe second peter so he says finely all of you have unity of mind in understoodnot reach to this just ro pastbecause i'm going to unpack it and below this have unity of mind sympathy brotherly love a tender heart and a humble mind don't repay evil for evil or reviled for reviling but one contrary blessed for you were called to the that you may obtain a blest for whoever desires to love like see good days let him keep his tongue for me vile in his life let him turn away from evil to do the sick for the eyes of the lord are upon the righteous and his ears are open to their prayer but to face of the lord against those who do the we believe that now who is there to harm you if your zealous for what's god even if you suffer for righteous you'll be blessed have no fear of them nor be troubled but in your hearts honour christ the lord is wholly always being prepared to make a defence to any one who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in yet do it with gentleness and respect having a good one so that when your slander those who revile your good behavior and cried for it's better to suffer for doing good that should be god's will for doing now i won't eat one overview statement before i really unpack that past do i think in any way when we when we ran earlier that the prophets and any apostles could almost be lumped in when peter was talking about the prophets looked see what would take place with cries they did live in a roman where the state i mean the state believed that caesar was and when they killed the christian in the roman coliseums they set a way with the the because they rejected the roman god and that's why they were called atheists when they said jesus his lord they were accused of being the when we think about that i'm just thinking maybe peter is sin nissel thinking god christ what will you do at a later time peter heaven visioned what was going to happen in america in the ages say this when we think about america being called i do believe that what our founders was the greatest concept of government that could be and my point is that we have been born in a different culture then a roman how were we comment a roman called and as scarce on narrow as a pad ophile and all you have to mislike the people that are sitting in office right now and on londonworks and they've gone right down the same path to absolute evil it is as you know being putrified in them when they're done with the kids the cold nero were off a cliff you know ours paramount for for ye so so my point is this is what if i could use to work some revived my sad to have to say that but i get frosted i'll see it that way with the nice way to say it i'm looking is the whatwithin the church cause i've i've had passed hers tell me tom awoke that america goes down i'm not i'm not cause i believe that god created america no less than he did israel and i'm not so sure that he didn't create america for to the i i hate here in that kind of nonsense too of let it go down because it's like first of all it's pretty cowardly and second of all its base on on better than you and i know everything and god's going god's going to take all those evil people down where you don't what i think that the fingers going to point right back at all of us as we didn't work hard enough and we left this half and it'sahemit's going to come in every single person for certain failings now jesus saves us from the but you know what i'm i'm pretty extra sure that he's going to give all of us a good talking to on when we didn't do the right thing and as that is again down at my my over arching for this most from the mica six at do we do justice i got to believe cause i did this when i first started relitions it's kind o like what god what is doing in my doing that in my instructing our government to do that our county leadership my township leadership everybody is called to do just any rate so let's just let's unpack these words and we've talked about this many times done it will be difficult to be to be unified in justice in mind and doctor while he ate the problem is is that that people are focussed on the the purity you know the purity contest of that's going on out there and they think that they are going to be saved by their knowledge that they that they've got some special knowledge that those people don't have and instead of saying you don't want if we are going to have to get together and work together on this and stop trained to divide people up by by race or sex or purity or whatever it is yet you know whose more pure than the other in these popularity can because we have all fallen short of the glory of god and that stick to the to the issues and navigate this in the try to help each other along the way so a wide gap exists between empathy and what i called justice by mere and peter years toward see my point is we don't understand gods mere because we don't understand his so i got through it in bold god's justice and all used if you put co created we don't have justice without christ conarton i i mean i hear a lot of people say oh he all begonias and condole forgive us i don't read that inscript it is the cross of christ he gives god if you will the ability so if you reject across the christ guess what in my mind you're not getting for because you spend on god's only begotten son who had a horrible doth that got offered him up as the tenement for i mean think about that what would you for would would you would any of us offer of our children to atone for a and i say you know for that would be a difficult thing to do when i think only one that connect could actually do that would be god himself you know it's and in what would you feel like if you had offered up your son he spins you have think i don't think that that's you know it's like i cannot imagine the anguish that god feels over and a retortedbut this town is the terror people that are so evil so cold this to witness to god to his law it's like and yet there are people that that are in christ and concerned about those things and hear people that seem to be in the fear of god and may be some words before new birth or somethin but yet there's a divider between people that are at least noble people that are just absolutely and so it says brotherly love requires and peter himself talks about justice begins in the house of god the assembly never withhold justice from those we call or so he talks about a tender heart it gives compassion but when we think about let's say capital ponies that breve extreme and god requires capital punishment this is where i think there it's like people's thinkin it's murder while god doesn't call it murder god calls it ness why in it almost sounds like a contradiction from god that he would say thou shalt do no murder and yet kill somebody because they took life god exalts the giving of human life to a degree if we don't understand and so in somebody does take a human life god easily and injustice requires life for life this is the i know that we get a little on oh because even in capital punishment god didn't command the people take blood for blood but you know this for some people will say that was more like a mosaic in in one he suggested to little bit more than a mosaic thing because god basically set it if somebody murder somebody in your family it's almost like he he at least approved that you could go out blood for blood this is why god commanded sanctuary city so that it say that if somebody dead let's say eh a negligent homicide while somebody's brother could say man you killed my brother they could go to the sanctuary city and the people there would be like judges supreme court justices or whatever name would decide that it is o that you stay in the sanctuary said if you go outside we can't protect so it's we we got to realize that that god commanded the punishment and he had acted kept what do you we think about oh can't tinker the two names oh sophie the th to people that i sold land and lighted bout de de money and the holy spirit struck i think the husband dead in a wife come in right behind him said one this such happened it's a great fear fell upon the church so god does do capons ah so i want to just at what peter was tired but evil is repaid justice good in god's may sound a little sing but i think if you chew on that to michael oh what will well well well well you know as a work ah have you no gossoonhood say so but it's like yes are we supposed to take vengeance on her own hands i might say what may be not but but at times i i think not so sure what we have a justice system that won't give justice i i would not have a real problem with that ah we can do justice without evil or de and i would say speaking truthfully of god's intent we show that we love life and desire good day so they're almost seems to be a contrast here are you going to let in justice go if so don't tell me you loved life and desired good day so there's an saying it peter shows a bell at that we have to do justice order to long life and desired good day i would just say to one we turn away from evil when we refuse to allow in just i said in my turning point you stalk satan only does what we has a lot and i'm just said when i say that it strikes me right to the do i do just and me we osteolysis evil people did i say did dessendede despot my goodness people we in america have the right to certain things that i just think like you said earlier they too often work were full of fear were cowards and we don't want to do that so ah why do we fail to do justice we do good peter talked about do good we don't good when we do and i say encourage others to do that he pursues and in it were when god says look his face shows annos he almost says you're clinging in his sight if you zealously and i think peter was said have no fear if you suffer for i mean in some ways isn't that what the apostles were in prison or when we preach the gospel we the ass such a blessed message i just i just love what i what you've written here and i know you put so much the and to such a macinoise ons because there really there and this this is just a marvellous marvellous a message to day and i just really want to thank you for such a blessed this which i think we're all right now hungry the and things to be right as so much evil round is incredible i want to go to the chap fits people a chance to a honestogod know the word or were going to wind it up so overencouraged down now if you can posettetake i sense to pe o fie tagetos done line maybe people could could get into it read it the one for a week pray a bonnet go to the word checked his passages out see of what i'm saying is right if it if it matches what god's spirit teaches us ah in and will will get in finished up the rustics we but i do think donethe dis is a mass the hard to hear but i think we need it because every i think everybody would say we were looking for i think that this is the message that everybody wants to because we're sick of being beat off and watching all this evil just run run a muck everywhere we go in so i don't know i'm blessed by it i think it's owes a cameo to the chat here just met them will come back to that garricks phone and onodorate so mrs lepsines half dicens good morning dona and tim hide fifty senators had been issued sound like sulphones what to the election he grace bible church grave how do offer might win olhaye ah good morning i ah elder the hand that's funny good morning you say good afternoon you ah eve men down on her i think so eh nice to hear from me it only shows one shell so i think as a something with rumble with weird yet to day will get back up we have we have copies of every single episode or ever single show that we've done and we are of their all saved on brandenburg news network at consecon always gold on that and then refreshed them so zero indeed entered i love says i feel slam from all sides almost knives and i yes seegoo brain bornes ne with that come and everything is there as well as will check into what happened with rumble and see what's going on together and noticed a lot of inactivity so i do something was up that's okay they can keep me at no trying to knock us down we're just goin to come back bigger and better and strong and is all right so arises to what is god's specifically call us to do to day as we await his soon coming revival and restore charles's whitmer bring bringing the illegal in as the leleges grant that donotpot brighten and alma the camp for young fighting age brighten has government house they know they rotate every two weeks words to house there not mexican some and sophisterian to blame mexico where i come southern border there not me for candapoor chinese not there not mexicans some other nationality stores are having problems and residence have to lock up their stuff at night they're not good people living in the woods behind skyshone there he got somebody get out through the camera and less exposed thus because they they're putting them everywhere its it they're just lotinos these are this is where general in it really got targeted with exposing the gun not works terrace basis within the united states of a is exactly what his chinese and venezuelan are yes went to my city to get my voting rockers and you would have thought it was asking for the world that at the person even questioned my pitcher idea i remained friendly and gracious oh you're not going to believe what happened here with me because they actually admitted to the destruction of evidence and my township this is going to be i beckons happening all over the the clerks are involved in it and i am onto tell you right now people are saying you know it is be friendly to the cock clerks of the they will work with us not a chance if they broke the law they broke the law and i don't care saidthere's there there falling in with well the secretary of state told me to do this and so their following orders rather than following the low and we were eareeoies right now with the entire secretary through the locust and investigation yesterday i brought documents down to the detective and can't county and we we are absolutely throwing these documents out there for every one to see we are not going to give up on this we have we have absolutely we caught him dad to right and so and were not were not giving up on the yesterday yes in fact i did i liberton the echevin the sheriff's and to day were we doing more work i so were we absolutely not giving up on the spot and we caught o anyhow she then thank you too lectionary fond force these people are amazing a check in to what's going on there because these are the ensueos that are there doing all the heavy lifting and thank you to all of them am i i send i see and firmly with them you i did the locusts am i segments and that communication i had with our concept clerk was absolutely if flip on speaker phone and i had a witness that sat there and listened to this conversation and we just both looked each other going their hiding their hiding everything and their doing it under the guise of the intothe secretary of state's office the which is the board welcon in john and re oh je joscelin bone the whole rat's nest of criminality is going to come crashing down around just waits to charlotte she bring the men at night on a boss one find out the names of the bosoms transporting a legal case to be a violation of commerce ex somewhere oh it's not just of a commerce act its human traffic in its violation of human rights and it's also of foreign interinterests of our nation so this is its illegal immigrants is by nature ileal okay selects it that's a pretty easy thing to figure out transeant bander still is the exposing a lot of the illegal coming here to you i like and i know and she's good oh miss foresaw a patriot i i enjoy him bandese every i'm so anyhow it's all good but i realize that no matter what we do this evils then going on for a long time they were just under ground where we didn't see the satanic rituals we did not see things like nero throwing he called the eight he called this little is his voice he he liked he boys round young young boys like save seven years old ten years old this has been going on for a long time and our leaders and government are no different only near or just he got done us in he called it his copies e kept him in the pool or remember remember the wicked leaks where they were talking about keeping of the three kids and the pool that we're going to show up we all of us had havebeen researching for a long time will be able to show you exactly the evidence of this as well as the fact that this is the going on now it's our turn to stand and end the nonsuch these people are said babylon is satanic is the satanic and the paterollers an or a right there dead center what were it so it's all it's all these that the migrant trafficking in is about human about the in the killing the organ the and yet the crimes yes humanity and we were going to do with that is going to be interesting but listen to this we hunger and thirst for which is your message i'll stand and i love it and i look forward to going back in his i love the way that you did this he nominal so let the prayer and i'm goin to go a start getting documents and order the moon and i weren't you say too i always want and formed reason in front and in now with us like split in this manuscript please digest the manuscript cause if you came back armed with what i got down here i think we'd get some very very good comments and and people would chew on some good stuff so pleased please do that avail yourself of what we what we offer and so let's exerting go longer too so we can go back and hit the seventeen up and then we'll deep dive into it a little bit deeper this is the core message of christianity with and and i think that you know you you were over the target on this big time and i used ossifraga you done a cause i don't think you're going to hear from too many people but i think it is wise this is god's word so lots of less pre or happenethe we know the donna has been things to do to day that i need to get down lord bless her and her going checked her open open the flood gates of people and things it need to occur lord i'm just up pre for every listener that either reeds or st a lord may we all russel with your word and an obey your word and some of this stuff lord i know is felt the challenges are sold may be we've never heard i stuffed before but when we think about doing help us to learn that as to be willing to go out and put action to what you bring your souls order so much does his need and we don't get it from so many places that we believed that we should get it from but the question is still what do we do it is we russell may be with what the apostles rustled with fore to reflect his name dear homely father let every one see you to day let them walk with you what then be blessed let know that they are loved and left to know that you are just as is going to come and is going to write the things that are wrong because you are always ring and your character is always the same and we can rely on you when we then there seems to be nothing to rely on in this world you are or focus and we can rely on you celebrate you praise you and keep our eyes on you above althe and that anyhow here go go to dine meaning brandeberg govenor dat come cause i'm all there just poopoopooh yet now her day the bad guys and that will not be down and don't give a rat's whereon if they like me or not to hear the job has if i were genshosho there ye her hands during the town her hands we loved you god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless all right enapled my innermost i follow to behind a post in his tedious i apologise is just the one little down at here producer director scheduler researcher run in for screens i chinthere is the human limit to this i am not god i shore i had a little bit more more a few more hands but we're going to do what we have to get with what we have so god bless you have a wonderful day thank you tom you're a man and this was big fun to day so have a great day everybody got blessed