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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/23/2023 - Karen the Riveter

Published March 23, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is march twenty three twenty twenty three what oh what a crazy time we live in right stand we're going to talk about the stuff happening with president trunks day a little bit and bunnies and i all kill and here in the reminder a morning i've got to find some applause in sic you know now now now so my intintanyone when i'm out with one and she says this is careness in a car in the riveter and people gave me this weird look it's kind of entertaining because i get to watch the sometimes their eyes get bigger their job drop said i'm like it's just me like chilling to give em a minute is like i'm not a celebrity i'm just carrionlike you know relacion don't need my head any beggar than it already is but it is kind of fun because it prince so face to the audience too you know they don't have my face i don't have these inondoient don't look like that illustration no in she had bigger muscles and if i wanted a muscles that big yeah yo're a work for the bits no one i was younger i power lifted and saw i was like a savage he and like savage i like i worked out about six days about two hours a day without fail and i was i was travelling i was travelling one point time and i i was only i only had it on this is sacredthe germans peshewah a little that and i thought it was kind of montecute honestly oh my my family crazy genetics of put it the and i am very small for my family my that everybody else and my family is tall like like i have a female cases she is so like i am silver small for a family but both people might they are built like gladiators it wouldn't matter i could sit here and truly lift my coffee cup every day and i would put on moss and it drives it drives on what one i kids is like it doesn't go head on same and a drive not his work a little harder notes as for good or good so how are you to sackbutthe bonny adventures that are going on and escorner the world that's his one corner of the world he's hi call it sometimes well you know we talk about life stock and the hides and loves and the work involved and so i put it out there i ah i haven't updated on carnaliter for a few days because i haven't put much on carrying a cricketer to begin with ah if your sensitive to the loves you might pass forward a couple of kicks ah but i am honorawere have to get we have to get out but aware of what the world works life the don't pass for this is goin to be had not his aspertino check reality check reality this is you know put on your critical thinking half and that not everything works as it is we want it or roland for etienne or or a pretty much going to tell you right now that whatever your eating has an end of life demi's how any thing you and so it's just part of life and and anyway that's okay it wooster there is a good into the story so i will i will start with that there is a good end to the story in so the first we have two dolls that are first time on so i especially an alert we've had many many letters ah so we have some experience in normally our outdoor meat rabbits i can handle this cold this is not a problem eh but they need to know how to do that and there instinct started out before they gave birth really well about a week in advance they started doing it with a call hay stash has starching is i spell it with a sea in the middle because what they do is they gather a bunch of hay in their mouth and it makes it look like they have a mustache made of hay in when they get into that mode it's kind of like a setting hen for those of you with chickens you don't in interfere with it because there in a mode and they don't come out of it until you're done so they will gather lots and lots of hay we gave him as much haze they want they stuff it into their nests but and they make a little hollow in sometimes they'll do this well in advance sometimes they'll do it the right before they give for seeing both do this in advance was encouraging because let means they have those instincts in their doom water supposed to do so let's go they had to start on it this particular dough like to sit in her nestbox in which normally does not happen so she's she's biding her time in her nest box because it's cosy in there but she's sitting on top of her so when she came later gave birth she pulled a little bit of fur which happens a lot like hay stashing they pull for out of their neck their chests their sides their belly and they put it they stuff it in their face and then they put it in an isp and the lying the hollow that picked out in there and usually is a far corner of the back well this one pulled a little bit of fire which is good that's that's a good instinct to have but she didn't do a lot of it and she didn't make that hollow and so her kits when she delivered them spread out all over the nest now when i'm on baby watch i try to keep i try to go out there at the severe few hours and a late at night and first thing in the morning and i didn't get out there quite as fast as i would have liked for the situation because when i found those cuts all spread out in the box they were to well we have a saying and in a inittens out from the rabbit world but the saying is they're not dead until they're warmed and dead they can be quite cold and still be revive so my husband was with me we went out to check him because they had been warm earlier in the day and i checked him a couple of times so i did my do diligence but o i underestimated the dose of bility and should have may be nested in a lilit better so we found on all cold when we gathered them up in her hands and immediately a went into emergency warm up bunny baby bonnymoon and we were able to revive three of them it took a few minutes but it's amazing how cold they can be so come back to the one of them quite quickly was the run of the letter and i would call it it was the smallest of that was kind of surprising if being traded and the other two stirred but then they it was just too much for them to bear a guest they eventually succumbed that evening then the first one i was able to i've done this before was paddy as he said so i knew what to do and it was a what i did was they had a kick pad underneath the little plastic box and he was wrapped in a towel on it was warm over night first thing in the morning mam's actually sitting in her in her hay the nosebox so she in pretty warmed it for me so the hot water milk do i head didn't he wasn't necessary and i set the baby right in here and she doped in so like oh yes she's been on tersit will she hovered over it and so i i watch cina a few feet away to so as not to stress her and they can take only i've timed in about seven or eight minutes to nurse the whole letter and an old jump out of the icebox again they'll do it twice a day so i watched in about that long o ten minutes later she was turned around in her nest box and just facing how that's not normal she should have been jumped out so i went and looked in there noted her out and she was just sitting on top of him and i don't know that it did not look like she nursed it at all and so this doll she might do just fine the next time around but she was a working well i have some kitty kit getting formula and i try to mix home a let up just to get some hydration and his cat becos within twenty four hours of expecting the second now and in hoping that she would deliver in the morning which she did this his first kick it was just too much all the stress of everything advent hough this far was too much and while i was trying to work with it it passed away in when so at least it had the best opportunity that i could give ah my conscience is cleaning but it still is not fond to have that hap so i can yeah i checked the year other doll she had four she only had four weches unusual i nay at least have six or eight ten and even as my meal love on or twelve is not unusual and would be a really good be which she had four and one had crawled away when i first found them and the other three were together so the word was cold tried it and couldn't save it but the other three i checked in every hower right away and that was the very warm day where we had like fifty degrees so am i they did find a check on late that night and they were toasty and she was pulling for and putting more on top of em and i just checked on this morning there still doing okay and keep jack and i make sure that she's she's doing what she needs to do but so far so good i think they're going to make it and when i had a doll that had three ah they were so fat i was weary of the wet the way way i have pictures may be to day i'll post pictures of them they were so fat i thought they were blowing and they were just lying around on their backs you know i could cuddle with them and ah the other ones cause we had another dog that had about eight or ten this is what we were shelving home really really cold winter we had three letters that had in the house we can call with him manston mind the sad m and i take him out twice a day further monster and i take a right back inside the head hole routine for it its kadotit work but it's it's kind of fun but as soon as it was warm enough for him and put him out with her mom's swept the three they needed to be on warm enough in the cold than the in its hard to do when their tiny well the other letter they were getting a little less each of their mother's rich milk so they were running around active they started bouncenow crawled in the three hohila there elikoia hot it was i repented temple anothercorinthian i picofemto the rat that the fair grounds from charlotte's love behind hormonic or yet so at three and people might be shocked at this but i stopped feeding them twice a day with mom and gave them to her only once a day and they finally slimmed down a little bit was more natural and they all did find all of them turned out to be desine and you eventually they're all going to be food so you know the cut for the first few weeks and then they start looking like me and a that shapeless the only truth and we don't breathe the most adorable rabbits either we don't breed pet looking rabbits so that it is a litestere and your conscience but when you've done it for a while by the time or about six weeks and their wedding for weening they are just messand they eat a lot and and then they start home and any one otherwise in your letoides scottie tell you what my day had i have funny store in my daydreams you little he was a little you know my family talked about that a lot that depression and what dad died when he was so his mother was no there was sorely she was really smart my grandma was superseded he went in the early nineteen hundreds and she had on business she started on a she were the one victual like ten so then she she went back gaseousness and she was very successful she new car every single year during the and on it yes she's she's real smart and i but we talked about what they did and what my grameid two little kids and her husband die on i bet he basically was walking down the street and based keeled over dead from heart ate and with the tram that my dad went through at twelve years old losing his dad and then basely he having become the man of the house at twelve years old so he would go out and what it was kind of a story like boas and he kind of in a way i was to court come except for grammaire merry oh she don't re marry a non sci with us but my dead when my dad was twelve years old he go out in the field pick up whatever was left in the field after they harvested so he bring home when you do if there was any left over cabbage celery or any of that he would bring the whole grandolman it in anything but before that when his dad is so ligois still talk as it was during the and so this is i think it's a great subject actually right now with banks collapsed all of this knowledge this old knowledge is important show you if things all collapsed think they're going to you have to learn how to survive in you should always have those in your toback no matter what and not rely not rely on things i always go to plan you have to have planned i always leave yore away out of everything and you have a plan he right now is one so grandpa before he died said the at my antisidor an actor raised some rabbits he so my dad was i think he was probably pretty little of the and so oh dear was okay so they made he had a wild coup that he maye and grant you are baby rabbits you just throwed back in with a doll that's how you do that that was pretty much that was the explanation and that as far as it went dad said he was you only just take care of the rabbits and and when in a as cramp of such well i need more rather okay so he gives his so ratioand chance that it wasn't too long later i go back in an say he did i need some more rabbit for and his son like how many rabbits do you have out there dad's like i don't know i just go all there and i feed em then and take care of em so he and his dead gothredo the rab hush and he sucked the or so many rabbits in there it was amazin so denicotinised well i think it's time to start canny and rabbits brought him in and of course grandma who had cooked you pretty much have anything she is of the rarest and are then than now they start cannon rabbit and but convert interesting all those old skills that that i know you know i'm going is all this year so those old skills that are timeless the things you know the things that we take for granted what will always be truly we have to grow those skills in ourselves so that no matter what i know how to make you do you know how to make a saludos you know how to can or freeze or dehydrate you know what plants are out of blakely did for genefer and he wanted to know where all the medicines were in the plants as well as all of the where i could find food and i used to do nature oh ah you can this is out of all his the eatable is is not and you know help people to know where things are in its amazing there so much food out there we don't even realize how much wood others like most of our the things that we consider we lane and lands quarter that are the bane of every garnetthe were actually brought over here as a an agricultural and personate actually a few see that you can eat on salad you can steam in her satterwhite er and grows everywhere eyes it's every it tastes kind of like a lastly a little bit like corn on the one and it's got a it's got a thick meat and the really small let's just say that they geleafa probably de sides of my thumb nail and i'm not a particularly large person siberians the twelve year old you know as far as size wise oh and so you can you can eat that in in it just grows everywhere and so you know to look at how doo even with a small yard fairly easily i've been doing quite a bit of reason themselves whether living in an apartment or have a small yard or anything you don't have to have the land say say that i have or that some other people have is as a whole you have farms you can do it in a small space and the inns fairly easy after beattie and as you say you can't walk away from things that certain the time you have to be sit there and you know you've got on a sure that you've got to make sure that it the greatest tomato plants of ever seen in my life none my sons he is a much he's much better at this then i am cis i'm i'm a little bit more i've got a little more motion for our way on to get light the extraordinarily here go out there every day and about twenty he has about twenty tomato plants every year and he'll go out there and him prune all he'll prune the plant every couple to maximize the son potential and so that the plant is putting its energy into the fruit rather than in the old well i low to add to my story that on this dull after her kits were all gone she went she still sitting on top of her fairy messy nest and flattening it out and in like a no yesterday i hold all that out of there and i shut the gate so that she can't get in that is fox for a while let her back in later but um or maybe i'll just shut her out of it for a while there cages are really long they have lots of space they're not like the standard that you see everywhere you go for orbitally large hot that we started with so she's got for an a space she deplores space to relax and be constable that is supposed to be four year kits not for you to lounge in and maybe the next time around she'll have a a little more wisdom to her and this is why she will wait am i sickened her to day and i and she would be fine i i'm not going to do that when i let her rest and i'm going to wait until i breed both those because we now have an issue like this if one had a large number of one has few you can you can move some to another doll you can do that with them what i will do is put the fur smeared the fur on the one and mix it in the middle of the letter and by the time she goes into nurse she won't notice the saddifferent it won't bother her so that's why i like just in in this kind of emergency with one laugh if i didn't have the other doubt to fall back on there's no way i could raise that first one successfully ah rabbits are really hard too to nurture that way while or abbots or even harder but you would be surprised ah i had one of the dogs found a letter i think either a dog or a cat found wild letter and once i discovered where it was i put a fencing around it so the dogs couldn't bother it the they had a really shallow nest it was like may be two inches of leaf letter it got running well on and you because minehave a litter and almost on that they they don't go deep into like me nothing is not a bug's bunny site to see how no not that hours and they they are gone by the time they're two three weeks old you see that little that on the top of her head sometimes you see that little dog but the time that he'd have let one togototgtgo her head if there are able to eat greens there out of the mass their mother does not tend them she nurses some may be twice a day and she won't she won't move them if you touch them she may nurse them anyway but if she sends of danger to herself she's out o there cause she can turn round another litter and in less than an when he brings a whole another another a thought too you'd better increase your prove your behavior or i'll take you and make another thesislike i i think i as a comedian that used to say that joking is in his picentrale you better make her rest but her household not make another of less dislike you but behaves better kiss now o now a leg so speak as were first time go owners one of them is acted and looking like she's not pregenital even though i know she was bred every other won is a color wide load he still she looked very pregnant and i have no idea how many she's got or how let's going to work i have a handy chart though so that a you know when you have goats or horses they have they have to come out of the room and certain way feet alessandriathe yo nose yet the same thing with goats and if their head is turned or they go but first or something like that doesn't work and their different positions and different strategies and when you have multiples in the room and their all trainoyou that i've to get out it's like i do know what i do well i seen a shark so that i like a kite now i i have a reference that i can use i'm good they would rather just watch go out there one morning and they're all there that would be nice or horses i had i had my first full of born when i was about the and never got up to quick enough so so that was kind of a traumatic thing but we got it we got a going and that was the kind of amazing you know and has you can milk a horse and and challengeth baby of his that was a that was a course and in what you don't do with a baby and or what you do do if things go horribly wrong and and i look askew i love it when there's something that goes wrong and i actually like my horse is it he had things like stomach surgeries or tendons or he had when they had cancer that we had to have a an overtake you know i like the tougher ones or or like a sport and how do you read debilitate the sportone injuries i like that i shall like badly behaved horses too there a lot of fun and a it's kind o cool because you gained so much knowledge when things go wrong and we have to note ideal that for me it's it's it's an exercise of thinking this through and educate yourself i never strategies and such a distabat er at it eh anna next baby we had it was a distortion pregnance and the baby died i got to go to come in now as well stole and at that the back legs what happened as he jumped through and now and then a backe oh basil what he happened as the legs kind o got behind the pole and i hope ovate it were we work for two hours to get that baby and i mean it was it was i made it was hard and i was there with with my horse that truly love and this is another thing as we had a camera on the horse and people were like switching his horse waiting hope in the hold catch the baby then everybody had been watching the baby for or less horse for a couple o miles lastly they ended up wet and have time to do anything other than a time the moon and they you know or really inserting his were trying to save his baby and the mob and i'll never forget the monomotapa me and her people completely dilated and on like oh er elisondo if they heard animal is not born and hors within about fifteen minutes that baby don when when the man is ready to give birth and the baby the baby is out so soon she starts the you got a fifteen men and if the baby it doesn't make it out fte you're not going he so they finally they finally we tried over and finally they put a pot a candel jack on honor and and pulled the babio amazing the mom lifethrough ah but the we had there was we had no choice there there were there were an peerout of as and so so the baby the baby came out as a beautiful perfect full but the position was just on and there's nothing you can do you can't reverse it you you can't reverse it there's nothing more that can be done just part of the way the world works and nature can be very very brutal i was devised ebeling the and i mean in so as everbody watching i mean it was it was absolutely horrible well sis tabby was you know ma'am he has stress on her but she was out fairly quickly and and i'm no for that sweet he had baby son son and a in that it's it's a good process to go through to realize honestly precious life life is so pre and sometimes things just don't go quite right something is very sad to me with babies and the kids that are truly infants as well as children who are another word with with foreknowledge his life is so fresh and every single person who is alive you know that god creed the creation of god almighty our father in one every single person that's out there is unique he's never been a person like you there will never be another person uniquely created by god almighty talents you think about things you like to talk about poor into you and and you know i have to i don't know if you've ever asked his but i you know knowing what hilary clinton whom abiden did now in sad didio that's penotherwise on to a couple of ten year old girls beyond cape it just is that the things that these stones and these people that are willing to do to human being and i have it i've had as is those are absolute the people we need to be praying for the god almighty comes and helps its kind like capture the flag if satan in and the people who are any scoble indicator sat can i can destroy a human they will and you have to wander i didn't start out that way i don't believe necessarily were all born in this the point that some people get to going down down down down he in thick the pit ahorey with their activities and what they there willing to do or another human you have to wander what happened to hilary what part of her life where did where was she where do they destroy her her compassion and i i have to wander you know in an every day i'm thankful to god every day because if anything is good and mere anyone else it's only by god's red and that that we were spies some of the stuff that that we see going on in the old and first and foremost are first three actions we have to make sure that anybody else can i pray their evil plans cause it is pure secondly to look at it i do what happened he and in prayer absolutely prefer nothing that's why jesus our enemies were probably once not that way did you ever watch the lord of the east it won't read them i i i think the series is amase and you know and the hope so i think that were this is best illustrated that shows our compact we never want to lose our compassion even of those that are the gone asine we don't want to lose the compassthe to absolutely stop down the track there there behavior that affects other people i'm not seeing any more so that it has a they will pass on the now this virus if you want to call this a real virus i to other people but there is a scene in there where god alone they go back and go and started out as a hole and got that ring and the greed snuck in and look what he turned in where is the people get to that port and they lose themselves in this work and i this is this essentially of a great they lose in a michaeland has given us a cone now and is on he's right and there's wrong that's that's exactly it and when they lose the so i've got this i got the situation down here and i think that this is really interest i was thinking about how we how i wrung the broad cast dietheronto else is doing there's not a plant and we come i might have a few news i am to talk about like trnarst and the so the news i have and unlike what what were really trying to come while first of all i think that the value in just you and i sitting you ole is that people are so lonely and so isolated that honestly it kind o like being in a conversation with two friends who are to hanging out having coffee right when its very real and there's no there's no script is good is it yes i mean this is truly who i am astro cared an we're not here with any free were not here with handlers setting around us were not here with pipe and i was a good luck to anybody who thought they would be a handler ever probably is that there there is as that's a stupid assumption of her make some just way to an and and it would never work you know he tells me how to think or what what necessarily say in my coach me and say you know this is in now this this some youlooking o saprocha it that way i'm like wathered idea to sit there with the mania he says you're going to do this you doing that either it's going to be off hanical carron authentically down orgisthent going he i think the value and jes sittin your toe cannot be under estimated in just sitting down and knowing that you on your carrot all their talking and i throw my phone number out there anybody wanted ever to call me go and call i could care less i think that what you know i could care less as far as is in interruption because he would say i put it out for me to see collar attacks text is usually better because i do answer all of them and now i do surprises people all the time i picked up the phone and and this is how governments has to work or even just the rich others an i phone number but he wants a sect tex right now on picketon it does matter who has and i and i prove it too cause i got one radiophones has one for three zero or for one zero the gossoon to get me colorito all prove it but i i think i surprised you the first semitic of one upon i know now ostentation gooseheard knew each other but a lot of people are really in or going back to the in the people are lonesome ah once somebody goes down this path we got a prey for the and realize that while we while we were present each other and people that are just like us as were just regular people and while we're trying each other and help each have to stop him from hurting other people too and there's others is kind of a double side to this coy and the balance is only achieved by truly walking with god and a donaries or at the situation down here where we've got kinginitiates he and to buy a mass of mont of and i want to give everybody out there a warning than that she you take the money men from these organizations and you can just fight all you want i mean i was offered i was of ah quite a bit of money out and unlike ohathat's going to happen not it's like i would never betray people around me even if i had to take a loss his god will for god will bless me no matter what it doesn't matter if i lost everything if i had favour in his love that's that's worth a people that that the greek this world and there's the sense of so as from one who they know talk to and what they had and that is such an empty existence it will never ever bring happie once you go down that path ansart chasing well satisfaction is gone with an several minutes old and then you go down and you do someone something else and the problem with the greed and o'er the soulless pursuit of things that only lead to moral at the old and spiritual bank rob no keeps getting bigger and there becomes a poet where that type of an appetite well never ever give you had but you know what will if you have if you have one stupid and i mean that in the best sense some of whose how can just go out there and be yourself and have fun with and know that they will stand with you and love you no matter what you do and maybe say okay you took you stupid you put your stoppage on to day how we going to get out of this but somebody who always loves unconditional all the rest of the world falls away and paid so in early does start with our relationship with god i mean that is that is walking with god on this earth he done many many many cases let go of this world truly with god and in an go after those spiritual where he later life down for other peces and know that you will have so much happiness and joy in the world as focussed and seeing other people do well becomes your greatest old as the comet but because you just want to see him do i yield at a later the the thing they cared in the morning i'm like her you know you got me you've got your one stupid for one i can bring chocolate to any party on the incholate chocolate a good conlocarat of this re copies mounts of the two were wentelineto go back to the lord on the rings analogy because there's a moment where there in the minds of more and this is not a nice place the kind of depressed they don't know where they're going and there's some confusion all round and froto notices of movement and he spent suspecting for a while but he gets a glimpse of colum and it is as before we see what gallileos like and oh so it when we first who watched it it was like oh oncewhether going to make him look so he goes to the ghost to the wizard gandalin he said i think i think something's following us but he said yes it's call em i think and he says i i wish you won't do that you know he wants him to go away and can't help send something to the effect of you know go on has a rolled the play too get of nose where he comes from he knows enough of his storing at everything but he knows enough of his story to know that galahad made through torture he has bid the tort or from the ring itself as well as from sarah and so he he feels sorry he feels compassion for in which is what you were saying and i think that is a really importance heart of that story even in the end throwdo feels sorry for because franois carried the ring too he has felt that burden and he knows for watching bill bull that bill on his head that burden he feels it he knows the temptation that the evil of the re represent and he has been able to withstand it to a large degree but he knows how hard i send he has compassion because of his life experience and because of the words that gave algive him he remembers so even in the face of such evil and attempted murder you know go go said to me into she love the giant's fighter she almost got the better of protose almost killed him in its horrible an orifice even then we have some compassion for gala because in the beginning he was just like anybody else and he had just the same kind of lures and sin most put it that way as anybody else had they did not forget that in the story of glad that token put it in his book and i'm glad that they allowed it in the movie and i think that's an important aspect of weary are now of written about it a few times ah i did so recently talking about the norms and i like that term because we have an overseas though but we also have a normes is there is a gorge people who are fairly innocent even in their ignorance and they could be warriors with us and may be there now may be their just going to to like the man in the matrix she just wants to taste the fine he just wants to go back into the matrix and forget all this hard hit there are people like that but there are also people who would like to know the truth it may be hasn't been presented to them in the way that they need it's all key they're good people and we should not that's why i don't like we've taught before about the term preter blood it's a device of term i don't like it because it means that i'm better than some one else i'm better because i chose not to get a shot and they did they were vulnerable and the late meetening god so her is that elegance becoming very clear the not the nape himself some types and i do believe that god always has a way out of he can revive the dead he sure is he kind are you going to turn and every learned or less question that we have to ask but it's only by the grace of god that those of us did not take it it is not truly scar and in as to any lenape yeah let's not be arrogant and think of ourselves as better they another group of people because we choose differently that's not okay that's not godly and and i always tried to keep in mind even when i'm i'm taking something personally ah or on being attacked i'd i struggle with that but i try to keep in mind were all children have got we should not be attacking one another we should be helping one another and if we're ever showing compassion like you said we can at once have justice and also have mercy and compassion and kindness that we retain you need to keep that within you if you are vindictive you are taking god's role and that's not okay vengeance is mine saith the lord that's his part if you are constantly trying to o as i just said i am finding the compassion you know maybe i just don't understand that other person i see what they're trying to do and may be in their mind their doing the right thing ah not everybody gives evil and twist it you know and even for those who are as you have often said we could still have compassion for thou because they are children of god but we can't let them hurt people any more and that that's important there's there's a line that we have to draw you cannot be allowed to hurt other people or on quickfor example some one who has a mental illness who is swingin a machete it seems like a common thing i don't know where people are getting all these machetes in these big sid he but it seems like a california tie there's somebody with them is shedyghtes high and drugs swing in it on side of halkett these sword battles and stuff i don't know what it is so if there sweet either now i'll tend officer cannot allow them to hurt some one else or themselves but they do recognize they have a mental illness you treat them differently then so what who has a murderous look in her eye and really intentionally once to hurt you because he hates you there's a difference in the bold mental illnesses you know it's like that it's when somebody when somebody goes crazy like that in an our country is not in or dealing with you at all not at all and it started in the eighties you know i've got my youngest daughter is severely and she was in a train accident where her mother was killed at her and she is not only you know base later had said part of her brain as is not there they did crane on me on her when she was in her mad are incredibly she were not on the the dosages of mace she would be a danger to society cause i know what that looks like when she's not and it is this is it one of the biggest province that we have is that i now keep want of means stream or we got mainstring we got a man string and make them be like the rest of us i'm not sure that's a great idea the time poquitos maybe they just need to be themselves she will never ever be able to be a she got out and she'll get out is she loves that she likes to socialize but after about an hour here in the district stress starts to to close in on everything starts to close and she really starts to kind o lose the crito sort in normal not really but you know a more normal than he he is severely and after bound an hour starts and and it's it's very is a very painful post tribut for people to say oh we need a main stream we need to main street you know what you know who do those words come out of somebody that's gone to our indoctrination colleges walking to an office tele family what they need to do to make everything all right o the kids up walk away and not have any sponsibility for whatsoever while the families left picking up the something they raced and you know when you've been in it as long as we have you know that our family has you kind of start seeing the game that's happening within the mental mental health of the entire profess and how things are so radical poorly handled with absolutely no responsibility whatsoever they can mark away then go home then and because of our love for a loved one you know we will always but it don't the we you know we we know how to manage or she's got a wonderful wonderful psychiatrie who is they've said since the beginning that they they never thought that we would be able to to handle dealing with her health and it's every day every hour of the day there is no rest and an there's no getting away from it she is she lay and for she is definitely but our nation does not know how to and will not truly deal that they go to the motion but they have no idea the long term realistic to people with with truly with mental ones and i am not talking somebody who you don't mild depression we all have that on i'm after re lifethere's points time on reste you got to be cunning and half to regroup and find ways to to you know get back on her horse and start riding again you know things don't go exactly cording to pope nor a talkin i'm not talking severe depression which chronic depression or pit ester on is not one of taking that in itself needs to be addressed i'm not be little matter anyting i'm talking about people though are who are the point where they would be a the society they were be out in and in that that something that we deal without a daily and the whole different level but all that kind of needs to be addressed and we as a contrary and society absolutely suckin and we don't you know you look at somebody who's very a badly ill and the problem is like with it with with my daughter you know you can look at somebody who's an ant immediately it registers that person his god a disability or at you know that there's something on his visual you can make that he but when somebody is severely mentally the candle looked like us but then all of a sudden something doesn't seem to be right and well i'll watch people that are around her and in though bede to go along pretty well there for a little bit and then all of a sad starts dawning on the something is terribly and they don't know how to handle the the it is guided it tractament eh they re trying to process with their seed see in the reality doesn't he here and and then the like its opathists to sir this is you know this is the the cards that he's been out and truly she if she would have remained in india where she were redacted her she would have she would have probably been prostituted out o work as a sure somewhere in told some one killed her the des how disabled she is it that she would not have made it she would benones reets is too hard and they went and the resources to and now in me she's got her own pony you she's got a little dog he an almost full time doing art and ah you know she's got a wonderful wonderful life and a one of my dearest dearest friends the some one that i will absolutely so much respect for that help take care of her i i i can't even tell you the amazing the amazing capacity for love that certain people have and it is amazing you you can really when you get into situations where were your push to the extreme or you're asked to do something that is at the how god will bring people into the situation to help you and or as the answers to how make through and to swim and and you really get to see the best of human beings people are just amazing and what god is put in tollman every one out there his gothas so great every minute of their day god built it into us in its tremendous especially when maybe they never seen what true love national love looks like in it sometimes to there on condition of can be thought ahearn is said i'm kind of hard to shake his affrontaient passable you know and you'll just like you you're tremendous person one of the one of the greatest people that i met along the cape rode and before that you know that just a tremendous part smart talented and its tremendous to see people that have that well thank you and and i feel a little bit bad because when we first met i was like who is this she thinking about running for governor in late letlet's let's ask you if you questionsaid out what's the stollhofen solenoides in that at all it wasn't that at all it was that on you said i am open to questions and i want to know what you're thinking and i did i asked her some questions and oriongan were you know that whose it was st is learning post howell good question i guess i'd better start he brushed up on these the subjects if i don't know something i'll dive into it like a little badger and find the answer or at least try to find the answers or find somebody that has yet that the amount of knowledge which every one has is an individual in the news hermas as in all all people have fed and they all want to talk to you you may have some idea what the talking about but you may not have an a really good grasp of it tell me more tell me more i so that i can help get educated on this and then be able to address things that are concerning have enough knowledge to talk about it or have enough knowledge the the the bull shot along the way that you got when your twin you're all to cazeres many so many corrupt people in polite in corporate america it bottles the his battles greedy and self she and a self self there in this sad to how much there are red their consentthose cod as a whole i know this sky that has this bold you know i know this person it has this and this is what they do and their impressing other people with what the people they know how and how bank rock and sand they must feel all the time there there only self come who they know what they have where they gone and what they come was a matter i shave horse cried and happy with and it's it's me ful and purposeful and and among other things that i do what dress on thee i feel better with its greasy world when we first met you don't have all the answers but really that's not the test test was the fact that he followed it up and and you research and cave answer later whereas how many other candidates have you met that don't seem to have the qualifications to begin with and they don't educate or inform themselves enough qualified overtime you know or at one of these spending their time doing i wish spending their time going out of putting their face on a on a portrait that says give me money because you want me to represent your voice well they're not doing their own research to learn more about how they can follow instructed and that's where you were capable of doing who have not conceded ah if it went down again in the governor see she has the knowledge to follow up with the instruction because she is continually an educating herself that is what thing that sets you part you're not you're not constantly campaigning your constantly informing yourself and i seeseethat repeating how do lines that's what i saw from all the other candidates it was very sad i did i didn't see i didn't see any authenticity whatsoever it was all i discussed i so let's set to talk about that is thrown the herehereso i was right on an arrested jump others arrested hadeath up a little bit yesterday let it entities like looks like it have that ordered to london right but you know what this is a good if it's like we have to be open at that is is it likely i still think it's likely that he's going to be rested yea it wouldn't surprise me petmuche but i desdossat and feel quite right he had then was our words i thought enter in it is look at what he said and what he does quite often the third kind of in conflict like wellhouse you got to look not at the obvious things that are less than obvious all of isidore monts maybe one or two were god thrust on he said something about the back see ah we at the back seat he was sot not not necessarily any one's best choice to follow orders sex and not the protestor him that this goes back to the cost to we have the right to some to that mean proche it might i find that to be pretty in effective and it's too easy and the in the climate that we have right now for beam and anti in a jump and or the fads and i know there lessingstrasse get on the right side of the isle here anybody southernside screw all of you we're not going to lay down from this you know and he came out numbered at this point so there's better ways of a the rosin think strategy and so of crowdbefore s on pitchforks and lessest throw up show up here is his word is going to do this really really ah i don't don't think you've got i don't think you got the the the fire power occomplished any of these gold after think our way out of it have a strategy such as go back to the and fine was to hold people countable people in and so that the incarcerations can actually have an end it in a lawful prose so that we maintain the republic that we have a set devolving into a bunch of thugs out there truly would become more of a more a feudal situation than anything so it's more entre oh i don't know i am the rightful present is yeah i just i figure i thought that because the way he put it out there and everybody was saying those charges have been denied multiple time so we are we all knows nothing bergerin they don't have anything so in scorne a stretch for them to arrest him on anything regardless when he puts it out there in the press immediately picks it up it seems like it's more of a distraction than an actual threat ah so it makes me wonder what is his purpose for putting it out he he used the word leak and quotations so who actually leaked it did he get a league or was he was he pre empting ah who's in charge of the information here trump at this occasion was in charge of the information with regard to the public how did he find out about it i don't know i i i found it to be a major trolling move i guess that's where boils down to and when tromp is trolling it doesn't indicate a a real in reality ah so i think that's what he was doing he was mocking them you haven't got anything on me but i'm going to pretend like you do and watch how the country re acts this is gold to be found you know that's the attitude that i send some him and me be that's what i thought now let's his watch how everybody reacts i saw me met said tell how is it it was something about how the how do you how do you help elect trop you pretend that you're goners these in helping out his campaign i mene disused it he just used it and everybody knows nobody has a chance against trompeten y twenty four as long as he is alive and healthy nobody has a chance against truck and if you threaten to rest him it's it's even worse it's kind of like when people people saw that rankle got rested there like well that most bedsthe real good gits not always the case but okonorote working as let's go down in men that one see what else he did now you don't this still he threw over the rest on any candidate gets people immediately riled up they rally behind you don't need a protest and did you see by the way did you see the guy trying to pretend to do some kind of viking cost time rabbits now it was pepe it was it was ultra peppi who shared that i thought maybe it was taghrbird ah so this guy he dresses in a fur some kind of fur coat than annie's got like a furry hat with like deer antlers on the top at face taller and he goes to this new york protest for trop he's got a chance on the back of flag and these people are coming after i say you're not for tho you're not for chochlik we fine fastening and he's like an gathered in and voicehere to get her to life he may genesis feorthendels card of the point fingers whose they like shotsnot right here and it's like what you people ever go because if nobody with all you want have as the bankers of the antiocho up and the mediate when they can report on cases there's nothing there not for the three port of nothing meanwhile you've got yameogo two people who it i don't remember where they went hopedthere court house steps or somewhere like that and they ain't they too mad and they were holding up these anti topsides about the rest and they were like fifty reporters ah surrounding them snap in the pictures and make a like it's a big deal cheap it's no mockery in solariis replying people the press is so desperate to make tripoli bad but the more they do stuff like that the worst of this for them and that's what i think is a laris and it's all my costrop pulled the trigger on that leake a rest information andy got or the point where enthetic even do it because they can see that the public isn't got to go for it to begin with or did he create these that's where i asked yeh i honestly really did i think so too i think that i can think accueillis hematitic they had an intention but a a gateway of it oh i i think i don't know about that it's hard to tell it's hard to tell over were working with controlled actor from top to bottom and orders so i got a little the different way of looking at it i do think that the good guys are controlled or not like body and heropolite oh my gosh i just stemmeret over here you know i think it's pretty we actually that rock in order for to stop our phone yet you're so i think a lot of times that at you know i some thoughts on whathappened to general fling that i don't know there my own observation such but i i think we won the thing before we even started and so i he thinks oh yeah there might be a few anomalies happen long way were they and i know that there were there there were there was some definitely sabanetas or but i do think a lot of em are actually created for the open and o'er to may be dross stupid people out in the open a man to make a comment here to do see who all who all rallied around on calathis anwhere and partly summer home he now i know i know for a fact that that are i was told i was told that fbi changing her clothes for an hour before his an indictment others a lot of things that i that i am and every single person that was standing there down by the court house you know it oh my gosh i don't put any i don't i don't have any that that that his absolutely if somebody there there might have been one or two people there that went state but i moralitt that's my opinion may be wrong i don't think i am this too much so much that the sin anomaly in there's also things that i know behind the the happened that it doesn't make sense to me so and at that point time i caught too many people in wise and ah and then i cold and pewere like a look at what frendenburg did she put this out there oh no and what will you sit it strange sounded it so they could see it for these holes didn't want out there to the trade to set me off you probably should have thought harder about saying it and writing it writing it out there in the public that was really as we regard and so how how and when they they knew about this arrest and him coming out all that very antient about it you evening as the bow of it goes to so were comparing in contrast it's a campaign effort in either way out just trump need to campaign effort no he could not do another rally and he would still become president that's not in shine but roncali does it does it help his campaign for view his band there campaigns or future came for him and make a big drama about the fact that he was arrested because it did have the desired effect it meant give look like he must be the good god and so it was all a campaign efforts are it in that sense it was astonishes stop the star optestor three men he goes on better campeche is skilled experienced her work and he has a lock of prices president i thank thee for tisiphone tone for yet a and so i don't think that that's his real priority he's he's thinking about the feature of this country he's not thinking about his title in what he is he's got a enjoyin he just killed troller you visit to the vedas of the country he does not need us to gather in protest he does not need us to rally we might be to have a throaty from gnats a little while then that's why we're not in a rally right now he don't need prompt rally every week because we have not awful eachother yeah we de villarel tions with each other and get out of their way and you know it's like it's like you're not in not going to your not going to inflame ernoon influence the son a grand scale its local so step of chalk for the people and sonin boards your his counsels i know your city councils let municipalities that and then the state in a star but local action and equals national and in so he actually go and involved you know not just not just go out there and like a two year old stompin and yellowing and being angry over it what do come zero not a bad prose hang out o one not read some of the comments and people for a while but i want to do that very well and so she loves good morning i like without how do how do oh gods gives can that's right his right and rock louise i would like to know when they lose their conscience i have a great nephew that seems to have been born with no one when it comes to people that are true psychopaths the accepted the accepted research on some people are just hard wired on some people are definitely hard to raine i believe that's a form mental illness just like anything they look like but they're not like but then there's also those people that don't a narcissism true narcissism is the who comes like ah you know a sexual fonder and oris or a sextonde s a nortronics and that's not so who's into their own stuff is a somebody without apathy or cone the category of it then a lot of that happens when somebody does not there needs not before then four years old i do infect did quite a bit of work in this when i was working out his stuff that i was a doing for hospitals and and i was i was publishing some magazines and working with a bereavement a brief and cordinator who was also i had hired her as a man as a director of of what we were doing and we put together whole program of people going through grief and loss and then we were moving into doing some work with narcissus narcissus and being able to see that the narcissist or the person is narcis is as herding as the people they vented it's generally somebody who who is or who has den have her needs met when their very young but there's also cases where it's hard wire and you cannot change the ah in in any you can't change in in in its hard to figure out people without training which is but i but regardless it's a form of mental illness in philos do ethan come so there go it surprised me how quickly you answered your phone yes i did love called me and i pick when somebody calls i picked might without it's a hundred per cent god all the way for me god has me i sure has and then personally i've met a lot of corrupt people and politics of the last couple of years who are just i would say that's true this there's a serious law lack of authentic one of the reasons why i chose to do the broadcast hiswas not and and i think that i am not seen in any or any other examples of true not not many i mean the there be some certainly that mainstreamed ate with the alternative mediol see a bit shall never see it made i make all suscols ones if you go out protest your asking for trouble because they're looking to make an example of you my chausses rank kelly was nothing but a big joke just like the rest of those candidates and loves i agree yeah what really what really was disturbing about the the ledge arrested like a mosetenas the alleged vaccination the alleged arrest is of it there was to anything for me that denaturation can lash the people that were that were standing there with him including just of arewho went on screen after this whole thing and it was like brandenburgs a threat brandenburgs of threat and went after me after i was removed from the ballet which i thought was kind of funny one a a clown i think he got there this is a bold side sides people who were planted in order to the narrative they were in the republican candidate or here or the demonstrate can do or ernst they were the same foedor you watch a watch that as he was starved me and it was rolling on the ticker for a while there brainard brinberg's you know printerthe really he had me on the show when they were still kind of trying to figure out if they could thickthorne off or coerced and then all of a sudden when they find out no go for brandenburg brandenburg is all stunted states not criminals because i don't give em rats reground about which you think about me or your money or any of that then then that's who see the canticles pretty music sometimes you went by losing its age i is herethings soon to talk about about that i monthafter jump off cause i've got a meeting to day and i'd like a ready prey for me to day because honestly we i am seen breaking of law in the situation that's happening in to get the best strategy to go and make an example of i should not do and taking advantage of an elder population good really good hearted people in the buying of if the evening down here there is a hedge ponds that are backing their backing the big money that's coming in and buying up this day and honestly it's for money and not only do people that are working with these may or may not have crashed lamb organian nineteen or may or may not have been buying up land under the guise of other corporation so that people don't realize what they're doing in till it's too late but also those people that sell out or in our inner selling out to because of the offer beg beg one every bit of that money and amanda and whether you take the money or not his health is re and a and so to day is going to be an interesting he because i think they think they've won because the goal was to take this whole deal and the first lot and can truly say that i have seen the law oh i know that i know the law has been broken and when you hear the full story of the coercion that is going on to an older population to make them afraid they there there lose in their homes unless unless they sigh to two hundred thousand dollars over there he going yes you're just digging your holds and the hopes this probably the saloon that is corner o the world include many other people a net corner and carrying the riveters corner of the world includes many other people and that is something that we haven't come on we like to fight for somebody else we like to fight for other pickle as well as for ourselves and um defend when people are down or people are being attacked unjustly or when something is wrong that needs to be righted i kind of wish in our nature to do that ah wherever way we have a skill or knowledge or experience to do and it's something i like about who that you're willing to distemprate in and go the extra distance required to help somebody else indeed it's it's just natural to you it's your life experienced you know even talk of him about your daughter your horses you like to take on the tough case oh yeah hal there's not a lot of that is your role to play in this world and i don't know about mine but she wore all the plays definitely give me give down abrading the tough cases because she will take it on and she will do her best and she will do her research and she will make a difference and god gives that to you and you take it and you go with it i think about jonah and the story of jonah and now you were talking with timeabout him recently and he was given a task and he didn't want to do it and we all have moments in our lives where we have a task in front of us it's always her choice sectus is sometimes it keeps getting thrown back in front of us like he hello yeah you're still not simpleness still masetto got choose it hymenomycetes too where all i there was a moment i told you the story where i knew what the right choice to make was came out of nowhere for me internally i've known first some time about that choice and i rejected it because i didn't think that that was i didn't think that was the path they needed to get all the pass in a man is what i need to do well finally god said karen am o ka going to have to give you a little bit more of a nod here because you're not paint you're part of you is paying attention but the other part of you is being ignorant and when both bold parts of me were on the same page it was lothesome a few days on process that but that's how god works sometimes he he has to lay it out in front of you and in a little bit of a harder way and thankfully he does give me time when he does that for me cause i need that time to process you got to take it up when god gets you a task you have to take it up the now here am i send me sometimes god sends it to you he pick it up karen run with the ball everybody shouting everybody sees you in the field there's nobody else in front of you pick up the ball and run with it galiciawhat the pole by get tackled moses i hold no how to be a leader and god says look you bet an egypt for forty years you know how things work there you've been a shepherd for forty years you know how to lead a group as really stupid creatures yet eighty years of life experience and training just for this job because you're really don't believe me i'll give you are in your brother to help you out of your assistant but you will do it this this was this is where this is where the robber meets the road and that's his certainly what god does that that i love i love your explanation her wisdom for that but i'm going to need to get going to this meeting so there several people there the absolutely hate me because i actually tell the truth and i like a his ma i'm conforte and oh yes john what do you want pontiaam probed with us the the prose the way professional person would carry this he and i believe it is because i run in order to the process i believe it would hold cause that's what i see i think this is good i be a there like either this happens to day or doesn't happen at all and i seen a bit of coercion he how do you like it if your gramp and grammar your mamma a were under corn and to lose their home and it is an action being coerce the and a nothing in writing no paper work nobody can answer any questions every one supposed to sign everything they have a way with that not just grind you boil your blood might not blood pretty boiling over the in this miss stopes happening all over the united state my my my hope here is that they've made a very fatal mistake under estimating the problems that are going to come out of this if it is in fact handled in correct the people are not being fond and that maybe they might even be a wonderful example what not to do for the entire united states and i'm hoping it kind of goes there at these cassan needs to have set multiple some of them have probably taken the pay off that i was pretty sure and so oh oh it's going things are going down anyway i thought o take something getting that life and how will our bed exactly what i see so were we going to him and ask everybody to pray for me because i'd been out create bad be that person is going to stand all because every time i speak i they try to sign and i so it's almost it is almost and so but we'll see he causes may be worth while thing but please praepes free and hearing how old love that because it's so i i can to be doing it an i'm going to be doing your desisthis is a this is a moment this is this stone yes don't moment then go ahead your your prayer in spring he then i got dear lord we thank you for this opportunity for us to friends to get together and in perhaps encourage others we know that you know more about the situation down as going into than any one else and you know what is necessary but give her the strength and the wisdom and the knowledge to set her on the path that you choose that she could defend the people he like you are david either with those five stones let her let loose the one that is needed to defeat the atomy and it is not her enemy it is your enemy that she is his fighting help her to know exactly what you would have her to do in every moment to behave herself as appropriate as one of god's children she knows who is in charge help her to to have the wisdom i say is he said in the street give her the knowledge give her the patience help her to fight for those who can't fight for themselves she have given her that fighting spirit but he heard and exactly what she needs to do confuse the enemy lord when reading in psalms i know that you can do that because david believes that too you can you can confuse the enemy you can take advantage of their weaknesses you know what they are if they've made bribes may be down a cane their consciences and help them to feel guilty and that they can confess they can repent of that sin they can choose alternately to follow you and what is the right thing to do in the situation help dana and the people that she defends the may be that will be a greater example to others and how to fight the same kind of battle fight the same injustices that it may spread all across the country and help so many other people we you be given us the the instruction to help those who are weaker than ourselves to take care of those who are elderly as well as the young and is done as represented to day we take care of our live stock we take care of those children that need the extra care take care of our elders who need extra care maybe we don't know how to do it ourselves will find a way you know how to do that so pray that you forgive us of our sins and help us throughout this day and all the battles that we fight that we may represent you well where the name of christ is best if we can and you are son jesus's name we pray thanks so this is where we're going we're good i go go forward here in a insidemerely hansom too bright a or for governor do com cause i am not one to criminals and liars and he and so for the elections when twenty election i am the best known conceder who has never ever noted so anyhow they go we we leechessucking the my doganieri daughter came down and she did chethone he can go somebody said is that the too o'keating o atanto kind of person you know but carrie at any at any rate after myself i think the cool another people to all but at any rate we might and remind me of love in the world he look an then we here rose yes you told down biting as they go that screwe love you god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless them airhave a great day to day be you're all in best self to day be your rusty some great day have a wonderful day to day and will be talk and maybe to morrow i got a check my god check magischem in may or may not be on tomorrow but i let you on