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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/27/2023 - Monday Morning in the Mitten - with Chuck Ritchard

Published March 27, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i in fact donna brandenburg and it is march twenty seventh twenty twenty three and i just want to welcome everybody to monday morning in the mittenheim going to bring out my my good friend the amazing ah mister chuck orchard here's just shortly but we want to talk about a lot of things the the bat the promise between behind everything yet start with base props right the brace promised behind everything in our society right now as that god is in fact is in control and this is what the war is about the war is about taking god out of our nation and a leading us unprotected and indefensible for the enemy were you were hearing a lot of attacks for cemented attacks were haven are second temerits attack and so i want to start out this morning with a with the video here ah by president ragon and i think that this is pretty pretty significant because he lays it right out we are fighting evil we are fighting pure evil and we are not backing down and i'll give you more information on that just menoison no i here my little i can i said the isle it under i would rather the girls did not he grew up under communism and one day died the pray for the salvation of all of those to other they will discover the seaware the vile preached the supremacy of the state the claret one divided over individual man the isassociation of all peoples on the earth they are the forces of evil in the modern word it was she as lewis whenas unforgettable scrutine waters the greatest people is not done now the short of them surprised the dickens loved to it is not done in concentration can elaborate there was we see tidorese but it is conceived in order second carried him in clear carpeted to london well lighted offices by quiet men with white collars and cut finger nails as sooth the shapes the raised their voice but because these quiet men do not raise their voices because they sometimes speaking soothing tones of brotherhood see the cause i got the dictators before them there always and their final territorial de some would ever accept them at their word and the comdie ourselves to their aggressive impulses but it is reteaches it teaches that simple might othereach be too wishful thicket about our adversaries such folly he betray of porpasses the squandering of ore shall i rhodope out against those would place the aided states in the position of military and one inferior give always believed it ch sure of his best efforts for those of you with a church shall we hear discussions of the nuclear frees proposals ire should be where the temptation of pride the temptation of blithe declaring yourselves above the dog table chaetopod ignore the facts of history of the aggressive impulses with evil and higher so simply quo the arms race a giant misunderstand and thereby remove yourself the struggle between light and wrong what a great inspiring speech by president a ragged it's it's amazing how if you go back in history and study history how much there is for us to learn and for us too to realize that history does rich and with that said i'm going to bring in the amazing mister chuck richard i do inch oh the wine down his sathan is very long went on one and it will be in lewis noted apellas week the less i esormon ever went on his election integrity meeting for those and in that same poetcomes of being coffee cascading cedarapids flatwise then again chokhis folk to fail there about whereas it are present and he joined not ah adams hero as across grace as goand i one seven to five one is governed fives or lance or a on one the poormany people are going to be there again this toll i seven p m jim and being coffee cascade rossel his creepits see that say the phone number one more time shocks so tis that we can get that out there no i once his and the other is lance or eight now i and called the day also the holotype becoming his disease idea sirenical no i love those guys i mean it scotsman on on my show many times and and i really i really like scott in the work he is doing the inections force as there these people are just amazing i probably will be there to morrow night the seer of all rocanato a college or university sorry standish because their soul may people expected last time we actually were over pomposity with no one to if i were going to be there as on the ghost and dotterela the chinese are coming the chinese are coming we need to be halvers with me to was that word of the chinese or come in here we've got to resist the chase are here that the chinese are absolute here it's not like it's not like the third coming it is like there here and there here in mass not no small amount to your point everybody get out there and and show up endelees one other point there corroborated i know some people no question or i am as many times in cold remember on the county thomas because i have to prove in an positionthat wound in the side of promising in it and the reason is because the canetoli ics nor any one egotitis you because i have to prove it this last week and i can read into it is this one thing it will give to the later i hope osiris one last week was coventriens i am poor cot this rot that mementoes oh i depends on her with lay out why we will come then specifically to let so when you hear why i'm saying understand what my role is his suprenetis truth out always his so we that i don't have a angolin for i don't have a position nothing i merely tried to help and help educate people nothing more nothing was less so good kiritin to your speech with the rondgegaan wanted to your point it's like i like downington sees in you are definitely a doubting town this i am you know biblically downing thomas not only did he he oh he was the first one to declare jesus as god he doubted it and tell it but when he did he came right out and side what was out there so was questions were his questions were answered and i i find that to be a very the very profitable process in order to question everything his when we stopped questioning things it that's that's really when that's really when we got into trouble and just taking things at face value that's that's how they turn us into lamings sorores i we got here and sollevato and i get criticized for that oh you know they are the negative there's a set in a word not we are absolutely making them prove themselves not giving any one a pass and and i'm in to go there in a very budmore brutal way farther in the shell but let's go ahead and talk about president ageean were gone today people have a clear understand hals we forward because we're going to reflect on the past where were we got so on the things were got talk got on mesatisceles in speech and so you lead on and i will if you want me to this justeeciary and this is quisisteis coming to it ponderous at he called it able and partnerthere to grow up and start words we know that he will empire we know the carcases but the carpenter is inidividoals it is a crocesegnati the nobler this monstrous ticals people get orsino criticised in presentation o lord in that's our job is tried to help or how can his people get so thin only to find out later these people are curable as the mittelfranken in his speech really laid it out and i am i really in was amazing to see a hot aquenting got into this peace what he brought forth in the speech he really he criticised the son be union and later on some people say he went off that all you never went shopton him it was this house o mister dog or top onto and sockemanemot co upon antevenient on this and the case eisenbahnstation tear down their walls what he was doing to his lay in the path way forward for the green gown of communism and the oceanic but we have another enemy out there and as to chinese rule to into that but his speech was come if you look at it i can was got assisiensis three and from yale he talked about of the cold war and at the that was exactly the reason to ton after rottobroken con cleaned that in his death we can save it break it acheson that asked back got down communists of becanceld the fool ocsenad who called it up on that disgising apprecatin i don't know if of all thoesoever back icann some people like them some people didn't is a very brilliant man i like any one whose controversial because you kind of get closer to the truth especially if people are attacked that's the person i want to listen he did and and it was a guy named as his name i don't think within the as in caresses not the one or shoot if i can see he gascoigne the credit on bringing also later back again it by laying how all these things and italy what he was describing his every thingle boletas doing civil empire to hassan madestatements hominis ration really is he was evil and for not not the souniot and if we will pack is absolutely right a that the russia was clean after that they weren't compound by abovewas doing if we look at pornography we look at same separates we will coanabo and with it all those peoples across the theists fragoso malominis tration who is continuous to day i administration has nothing more to the thensomething so where sakesince i mean you know you look at you look at it and it's honestly it's the same death called that that jesus was talking about fighting in the bibles and talking about it and fighting for ever you know i mean this is where this all comes from the theophoraethenta of the family and that the tearing down of god and our society sosteady called in the same street coralthat and his interesting because who used the same term in nineteenth remember those in the russia and even the old excitement picking then came king down the vente the rosciused the mentor oh be longing to go to to you i should be put into the dust and in other words into the trash that's what ronald ragewas saying in his speech in this cooperates heap of his i got that from crocheman interesting that is in in a not with their rosenroth on it lightened if i may i even go and farther gold breaking went on and in inapreciavel her head is the pre pride to the salvation of all who live in that to tell her tyrians dark he was going to almighty god rain for the salvation of those be better on her sunken a darker beneath the light with god's great and what is the deleterious i do lopepe don't tell this talk about what that is too if we make government than with that centralized incoporeal approached another words there were no individual rights so familiar a yeah if we go through everything represent and he remembered collint think that he is going to forget that in the in the lies in order to manipulate every one i mean we had we had extortion we had racketeering their so many there so many a prosecutable charges that could be brought for everyone involved from top to bottom is the pianist when we look we see in even the reason history and we have to the heart a star on the side by wind after speak of we have to be in those eyes in studenten have pefore like a onoistik a montricher like a doranport the very one second can this a portion of the people through these peaks will get into the intolerable been called them the ungarbled accidisset use in termless use at terms clearly fenton she is queen gretchen the first queen correcting the first it a miracle as in whose place of whither the legislature may comes take all of now but a lot of a pavement call them and the th there all involved hopped bottom that if nobody seroit always it always shocked me that not one of them stood up and then the reaction when it when i looked at the reaction christina's ah ah attacks on christina cronethe week i was watching people come out and see against it after the fact are against her pressed and i like going the hell oh if you didn't stand it when you had a chance you you you and my opinion just lost your open yet lost any credibility with me entirely because her jumping on it now as a way to politically push themselves up rather than take the stand and take the criticism with her no they didn't they didn't do that he didn't stand they did not stand at all they waited until after she took all the heat and the boat was done in order to some tools on waters which were probably correct but the time in tells me that there's the third saw a little lack of credibility there oriesis jumped into a withinplanning got a clip over here i can play on it because i thought this was not this was amazing and the other thing that i thought was amazing to it was a was a we're going to get into this a little bet i'll go i will in fact get into this non with a i i'm getting to some of the non suns with criticising christine over what she saddled first well anybody that look at and his criticism was not listening to what she said whatsoever and they were once again you sinit as a way to further a political and i'm in to say religious at this perspective to gain favor and that is absolute crop i it was it is absolute and total craft oka here we go less less thisnthat fox but i'm not a fox and but once in a while you know you got to get your news from somewhere sonontouons how why to ancestor warning no shiruan party drank a pre soc the democrats disarmed the people of michigan somehow senseorigins sotelo at certe from the mishregi the shortness of the first thing the government does once total control over its the disarming with a from president regenthe controversial parts his picture before they collected all these wedding rings they collected old a reference to the genocide of george people to remove word two intances to gibelin of the hollow house entranceone a triblation and hate randedbacon executive to reckerlect was committed the relations counsel was a enstance as charwomen provo to explain i happened to be sitting next to or and caused some of her extreme there's the diportre learning from exploiting his trety and trivializing histrion to know yet you are proof ask and the jews let me ask you this day you speak for every jewish first obsolete it retains yourself no harclensian not iowareasons on the scale if you speak to exert his the for yourself plates people who are green with me certainly no professionthat several things on those crops have come out against the tweet including michigan democrats and members of coomasaharn like the republican jewish coalition twining there are many ways to make the argument without invoking holocaust what a holy donned down forsooth history that ecrastite senator charles he also on member of the jewish community he sees no acceptable parallel between the holocaust and gongs you have never once heard in a single jewish person in discussing the impacts of the hall a cost which that grandmothers and planned fathers and in fits and children who were cast to the wished that they only had firearms devoratis will be distraction i will not allow my province to create this fraction that's why i kept the focus of his show i speak here as this side of le my family experienced governmentbusiness really not interested in the lecollect as of course you might imagine it i ask whether or not coronais going to take out the tweet and she says right now she has no plans to do that the leader of the jewish community come to this news covered set there rabbi located its with the josselins counsel two thousand people attended to tend events of the last couple of years with that crowd he clerely represents a large number of us in our area maybe she should have been to respectful to the fact that he was trying to speak out for more than justice not well that i thought it sportinteresting things to say and we went in datewithin after that exchange the you saw during the package become wanted to know what is the line it's true that there are going to be historical facts we have to reference things that are absolutely dark parts of our history that could have potential parallels to to day and i think he said that the line is crossed here because obviously gen aside is not the same as gun control so there you go on one on to bring that on here to day because i think that this is this is maybe a powder keg do i blow it all up right now because i'm like a crag it you do i get to blow it up right now this whole nonsense that was ordering ing i i am more than willing to defend christina and honestly below this thing out of the water because whose asking for gone control look at his asking for gun control what she corrects she was absolutely correct and what she said because what she said was that that disarming is the first step to what happened to an let's be very clear about this the holocaust was not just about the old we wanted all we want to all go down that thing and and you know it and such there were there were how many five million non jews who were also executed it was any one who spoke out against the establishment and i knew it likepeople i'll go down that people because i know some people who were not stood with the juice you know that that defended them and am buried themselves in ditches to avoid the nazis this was a humanitarian issue this was this was not one sided this was about all human beings and i'm sorry but where are we go on we go on when they attack one of us whether it's being jewish african american or some people black of sawsome people say his panic only latinos la la latins i mean i've heard every ridiculous label on the planet given to human beings or you know and they've all been infiltrated all of the republican party the democrat party the the all these coalitions all of these non sensegrown that are out there there all they have all been infiltrated i say most i should say mostly all because soothest won't wear not it may well maybe you're not but i'm going to say almost all of them had been infiltrated in order to deceive and destroy the true and i and and i don't care i don't think any one should be above being questioned and what she said was historically accurate she was not saying or to menacing anything happened with the jews or i am horrified by it and i know every one as i'm also horrified but what happened to the and the non jewish people that were murdered at the right alongside of her oh you know it's this is this was a humanitarian thing and to enotake this sinsay that this is about one group it was about it was about one german it was about a bunch of groups and any one that stood out in order to find human beings they were targeted and execute with history it was his history and what we know odistor wanted with heteroplasia region to the dealers our doom repeated in the ever repeated so everything in his talk moment is distinct from those pass however we must learn from one escapes so that we do not run the risk of priggery so saintly put it and that is what we are in to day and revictualed tower to chot as he did soon because chammerly pointed out its thoralfson i'll get into that her memoiralmost went my point to a well you know it's like you and i i mean if if the german people had stood with the jews think o think about this right now i don't buy that they didn't know it was going on there's not a chance that they did didn'tquiteone you know when you when you look at when you look at what's what's happening the united states if anybody tells me that that they don't know what's going on i'm really not buying it and i would stand with that i would stand with people who are jewish i would stand with people who are african american let all of us because we are one people under god we are one people and we need to be united under god and if if something happens to one of us and i wouldn't ask for favored status because i'm a woman i wouldn't answer favorite status because i'm a christian i would answer any of them if it happens to want of us happens to all of us and we all have to stand for each other when things go wrong what of the things you mention is a good friend of mine i won't say his name his mother was not ither livedanother ance he's touched mother is he young girl ah and a friend gildone of the noses sympathisers and he did it she distracted the guide and she distracted him while the other one put the poison in his drink and she the killed because of what they were doing was taking these people a man away from this the town in his tiwas doing it then which voice they would he can kill themselves but they took the teinte resist cape with himself i risked as young girls and lentilhons no wasn't all choose to handle than take them away you know and who knows what they're going to kill him or use his labor who knows but the pactiser losing them from the town a alverdan here we have we have yeswelli've stories that we could tell going on and on and on and i mean we oi've friend who her mother her mother took in jewish kids in the netherlands my background you know i've got some doting my background and such quite a bit actually and so the ah the hthe mum they took in jewish kids and they would prouide their hair so that they could hide while the kids were playing out in the front front yard and a and the storm is soldier came and walked i walked over and reached over the fence and picked up the isachar years old picked his kid up and and picked him up to hold this it you know in the mob came out and and just gave him all kinds of and of a behind shewing grand the kid back an oman the kid back in the house just chewing the skies tail and the guide got tears in his eyes and says i've got one at home that looks just like that but the point being is that if they would have been caught if that child would ascend one word that soldier would have hung them all out of the window and an hung him out publicly to die and execution style because she was protecting a jewish it is the presentment we care to get scornthough the people got what she really said into wife and why i came out so strongly for on these letters because a crisis she took his own but it wasn't as a packet some people you said don a remained sine can't remain violent we must os orden i will i will read a poem albitlte in what is mine is and you will see what i'm going with his in ronaldses that i would to take it point by point of the prison is comtefor mansurpet cincolo once told control the first thing they do is disarmed them have some ly onequite lyre you look at it you manton the jews of what about what happened up in boston we will get him that in in a golliada this the ogons on boston they will seasonthey were on their way to lexicon in concord at the same time eight hundred troops in him and his hat i can do patriceham and edified with is the more the the battle was secondary started so to get into that of an horsestinger on the fruit point absolutely cut she said as i oregontai we lose freedom the hear there is nowhere then i fully correct you rather the east is holding on her on the evil empire cortinas reflection exactly this is where the hard oh a freed of lies nowhere else in the world but here if it's not on what is he nitiation here for right coregoni while we stay for but we don't want to here we'd like one gone it is the last and under no doubt good burst is able do you think hillindon and i don't assoillen it's not just happened and in germany this is happened like you said and cambodia in russia in a locking ostralia right now look at what happened in poleidons pall and got a got on their feet an i would love to stand with somebody you know i've got i know a lot of people are polish to sit and or from directly from poland and there horrified at what they've been seen in the united states because they saw before this isn't this isn't necessarily a country every country every religion has been used at some point timethese evil people which is basically a global christenedthese going on it's a death called this has been going on for a long time this is nothing new nothing nothing that a recess oh this just happened now this has been going on for a long time and you know when we pay attention lebwe can see on the north coleorton accord on to miss montedicroce out and i look at it the go but it's so far shall before the court to go his queries after bottom they clicked on the consonance notice one of the tepitoton obliterated that he collected all the guns i believe that was obliterated with an all eighteen there wouldn't do ye this is the median isiswhat mainstream mediate does the circethe come meritthat they want a free no no was answered so on the first level christiansor squatters here's my posie were creating a class and now we don't have a egotoles incisive do it to rest your mother for or greeted out but the fact is and oloron the personal here get to the sacred modeccoideae six madepointed then and lo behold sashes hedonists of america the aconitate angel fight to put isn't that what americans are schools to do isn't that what we're to do so stand up salute that place god costingness america because we believe in it if we don't believe it don't we then other leaves cuntry is t'that why all these immigrants wantaam here the very freedom that we a welieved by the wejincte here because of that and yet we are willing to give it up to these charlottes as i think they are lodimer because of the the promise of a free ride rather than being an american who is willing to work for this nation and build it together as one united family i don't know that all new certainly there's an almasta pointsone by the government at their doing and by other entities eichekier to this country and you want to leikataan your whole hand don't come here and pose those hind of living upon his case we don't want it we want or freedom or liberty goes back to our founding fathers and what happened so i think a lot of the s to drain is is an apartment act of war where its invasion rather than a true immigration i don't i support oregal immigration i don't support illegal immigration as soon as somebody comes here as an illegal emanating invader of this nation to drain our coffers and to norbitons from away from americans they have a better they had better benefits than the americans who were born here and and i'm not talking anchorite's another thing that needs to be shipright out of this country immediately there there there absolutely on those who come here a legally they broke in the law already they they have no respect for this nation and for the laws of this nation and thereby are disqualified immediately forced citizenship in this one onion these people got on oposed control and i don't like your withepool come here and the content i don't think on your consent and take the locks of their door right you two cases and i said toothache i said you guys will i leave my example all you including the doctors security came every one of the the security and forthtraitors and first one called leadership by example to astronomie that you can do it and go over the british model i got it does other to go tell you that it does the work you and they now because why what do they use to us things like steepinesse peephole killed it will not i oceanthe armor is my shades machetes and i on pick your pick pick at i mean others more doth by hammers than there are from you know ah other other forms that are considered weapons i can youherei was had to collegestick on his bell santocalli to echo to the leading it designed had corcasi that finisterrae because when they came those sides in a clever i shortened iestingly throw her fast with a few know that reeling i could use it i told her succotash fromheap en i turned to this state through coronacion he can warn and now you have because i am in threatened by her an don't know that he took into serious i was i was very serious i need to tell him that those corrugates ones were dangerous if you talk out odontes one that most people don't even say but that is it tisical back on that alois orodinatovo time yet keep going track notecontinued in honestee in our history has in play black americans disarmed of its armed and murdered native americans through japanese american and entering camps and forcibly sterilized the mergansers or madeantica from certain case i take this cussingest point i don't know that it was nothing intestional iwerddon anybody so that was the only thing i think you and i now the donowat grand i am pleased you has every reason to too is thickabout it because we all do we all speak of her heritage of more of our families and other lives and i think that's been a proud american we told mericans but we want to be proud o americans and hats which he's doing sheepnose that consenesco et have to if all is there she's so eloquent isn't half to a merely pointing that out it did happen okay she's right so get another point this streetepisodes middle ingenuin tolerances of his citizen and as not only happened in wild history on american history and it is happening to day i don't think any must is out that we see before him you dissusist em in our own or old people his sepoys how can because we allowed our legislature to stand me or love i have not stay if not on a thing the quiet there complicit their working together to take this nation down because the enemy is within you're right and standing down as a loud me judicial atheists to take control loss there three branches of government or reason the legislative judicial and de except okay an executive commission of one francis costiform the laws of the maker makes the judicial pistol branches or to intrepid not make new law but tissitinas utes or not nothing rule nothing more yet we below them to do this to recast if i was a legislature legislator i would be stand up to say you don't have that right it's not constant he however i will have conchological michael balahis case hood see me and opinion judged to resprin getting her thrown into prison i because of of all this bridgeport all this then and so has of him and takes that kind of adonis not a lawyer i wasn't but he knew that he was being wrong and wrong semetimes by many people so i just mentioned i can't another point as for performing this one eine will not be silent as you democrat party the very party that enslaved black americans in curly placestoothache felititous to dishonest or the quivocally correct life because who wore the white ape who were the people that that really the place that killed them in all this man then in all the therston the croppart we know exactly was the democrats in the adelie well everyone in their goes back to that infiltration point though with these as they give us a label and it's like a colt mentally they give us a label try to get us to believe in something as they as we watch the death by a thousand cots of anything that is truth and makes us effective the biggest of countenanceother people in their so as a kacheras ottolenghi he resents state is taken his mangoient hear any gal and memberge in after his catchedi you now so who do they work for in fact who did be alone and tie a work for did they work for a cause hack now be loves a corporation that should pay back every single set of of the damage that their employees and they are employed and in agents of destroyed there there there all cured of it they're all pared of this criminal enterprise child on my granaries i can't father this my daughter hates sir because i say i don't hear sohoolcraft urination it's in the nave so in not indoctrinated the know of this nation in the world into what's good and what's bad they tell us what's good is all upside down this is good that is bad and all of a sudden the next thing you know you know everything that everything that is truly evil floats to the top is well we don't want to challenge it because somebody told me that this is a good thing instead of realizing wait a minute he sat up organization on all that the collations that are out there what are they out therefore to divide people so that we can't stand together and we have the inndividu opinion that were right and started you know i don't care what label your under a fore an american you know yea what stand together and fight together you know we can't we can't be divided in two and to all these little facts to and then the last point i thicket he was six point was our second amendment was put into protectors aspiring irons gratton queen groton all this all this weputation that in the constitution against hiring against balkeman it's not about honey no lot of people misconstrue i say or soonabout a hundred oh if you believe that an evil for guns don't give them off because i take the loss of your door please you don't need to work under cos youfeel that securities okay you believe that the police can contend you take and thereafter the back and if you don't do that constitution is cold statsforfatning about he could enclose her woman of the idea there you amos i have to tell you she's a hundred percent is not what he is so correct and i tell you you look atis and fore and points pretendant get any better get my word how to percent there you go christina just knocked it out of the park and we stand with her and anybody else can come talk with us and we will in fact be exercising our first amountethe and that includes queen gretchen the hesitancy queen queen grace in the first nessler squire and benson the court just or do you mean now i'm seen squire in like puttin to into like royal terms he she's that she is the queen nestles the squire bringing her scoff for her to ride the horse and benson is the court just he got it to the reason when i chose yet the destiny i ride really does talk about what really means that i will explain it what it means after i read it is printing comes it's called in a release apo where we are to an history you're not goin gentle into that good night old age to burn and raved at osertasen against the din of the light the wise man after and no dark is right because their words had for no lighting they do not now lighting they do not gentle into that do not go dance into their good night good man the last way by crying now at the gale i came retreated might have chanced in a green way green trees against the dying of the light while men who caught and sang the sun in that place and learn too late they grieve it on its way do not go gentle into that good knight grave men never never clear death who see we'd liningit blind eyes could blaze like matiers and be gay retrains the dying of the light and you my father there on the sad high useless he now at with your fierce tears i pray do you not go gentle into the good knight rerage against the dying of the life what is talking about his life this precious and she kecoughtan every turn and every turn it is too precious we are attenderet now this is passion is not a facing us some people thought it was not facing dot no quite the contrary it is about standing up or for freedom in a rice because if we don't i will be gone this right and we will probably be dead and that box of wettings will be also containing hours that was the point the point being as that you disarm you can pretty much throw yourself right in the same category of what happened to the jews i eespot agree so let's on a dos you know the more streets the won were talking about the intelekto jewish historic didn't like to detected campanese they wanted to set and how complete after which the learned from it is wiser we need to learn from our mistakes we need to learn what was going on with that we need to arejust as costing talked to go about her errour family and in the great grandfather whatever all of us have an history but we have to learn from any we don't learn from a reogon to repeat it churchill she sees talk about men grudge in the first and the unbearable acts and the speaker reflection back on in algoa his whole bank that we called the merican treat him and liberty is indiscrimately touched on copiolo into depth on each of these points there were four active nature five natures things on on the nogoa not of these had had the most intact in one i will wake it santo then i discreetly cothrom the impact seventeen sixty five the boston port act i closed the port o ka o by the way he set the stamp paciscentes five was repealed in seventeen seventy six or yes secentisti six as it led to the liberty pole and i will describe that a lowborn wide as significt and i gewitenemot on poured aft a closed the port the cording acceedent five i told his head to coneshaped for in hostrup's for protection in some ways that wasn't a tatting was titleespecially for us for our peter but in a way it wasn't done that way at all it was done to control the colonies so there was an evil behind it and there was the massachusetts over an act which this would release are getting to people's hearts it took away self control and it put a person in charge of the desertone as a general a giagage he o he would promiscuousness but then there was the comeback act which is on you don't hear ah and the comprecatio in northern america maninnas cotobato the catholics to dominate the o that we really rated a lot of the protestants because that's why they came to america so that was like that was the thief the of and costoletta itit wasn't correlated there was a six point and that was the easing of the guns when they win the pretty starts seizing the guns because of an impendent waltheof con first before he taught both the seeing the gun ever been talked about the liberty pole and you do know about the the bosson massacre there is an eye that occurred for that you must be for it called the battle of golden hill what was the battle of golden hill there was that what we call a liberty pole and that people piperelli ery pole up and that liberty pulled with thee where you put a dinners or or notifications to or like were doing on on the lantern the intonations inselreich time he polishes somascan down organstep was cut off when that happened a mild ah to send it on this oestrous a troops to being quartered in golden hill a mob estemed and a person was killed down there is no knowledge of curethat person was but there was a place put on a building in eighteen sixty eighth a commemorating a capitoline god tore down the did not know where that black is to the so that's only mention soothes the liberty pole at golden hill those proceeded the boston asked her which is where the the snowballs were thrown and his troops shot acostarse black american not forsooth that the party is streetthere and deposed all you can't talk about that but that's reality but the whole point here is the livery of became the sons of liberty here was the drive now did it dies like god shame you out of you john hand dissilient came time into gases because this is what was going on they were going to seize to chatham adams was her cousin of john adams and john hancock echoes the s were the two primary of rabelaises they were back grobler's and because they wanted freedom they love and they stood up against it so they were on their way to the seas then there ain't the eight hundred a priest to under way and get the large cash of tons to the newer there but they were met by sir patris et patris died and i don't know how many oh oncobatis soldiers but the rouer this was what we were faced with and watery seen to day on the doctor one under conster yes this ever taking the guns and and you know they're using every excuse on the on the thethecet in order to seize and disarm the people of america because if we eat don't by and large most battles are won when with the witegunga i mean that's where that's where you finished it off right so so honestly this is the only thing that's actually holding back as living under the type of tyranny that is over like in china or in other places where they just eat if they don't like what jobsay they just executed as right as is excitacou couple quotes for a couple o a good pace one brings to meeting now i say weatherthis to his crisis good friend was the the last known of a tree general british attorneygeneral and masters in departing to the convention in convention to states or it was called connectionthis called the then the fontaneto gress he hesitating or swim live or die survive or perish i am with my country at the back you may depend on it very forceful to his friend who was a pretty a price and he told him he was on his way it had it he seemed the what they've done and be honest you hame out is the way he got in the pies with the closed the port they stopped the chopinist the ships coming in until what and fill the colonists pay for the ninety two thousand pounds of tea that were dumped in harbor of course i would have nothing to do with that and that is in it old continental congress on the one even told her to day what was within tried to focus on christina and what's gone under estate he would like that and one more go if i cannot pathogenic a little of the coming of the revolution in the recent i mention is as we see the same thing here in miss and if we don't you thinks differ we will push is to the brink there is no question he might stay alas treason is knows that but i can tell you this what is treasonous it would her government is doing womanishly and i and i can i'm going to prove that i'm going to prove that clean just to what country a lot of people's remember what he said about gevelberg or giving to it the axis much more and that is act more or optional in light in light so dear or pale so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery prediality god i know what course others may take but as for me give me liberty or give me one the sickly landed out his life so dear in pesoses not to be purchased at the price of change in slaves what these people are doing whether money they're getting money or power there beasley and they don't see and that is this that in east he segretario his pickeruppers to god and then we are out to similar cross rooms there's no doubt about it these umbearable acts o queen clutching the first are just under one rightly was to destruction but what but look at what happens we the people get together look at what's happening and israel right now am levering up a good point israel's untold locked down right now when we stand together it would we stand together these these people who are a global crime syndicate they have no chance then i've a chance anyway because god is in control they do their kin themselves they really are but it's it's interesting it is and i see this peril is my see what's coming up on with the chinese and you talked about the earlier talk but a war and what kind of war what can a war we talk about floreat now we're in it were in an information where we're in a where in an economic war where in were in a war for the war on god and their using any mechanism of available to them to carry out what they really want to do and that's decrease population to about five hundred million and h in havenevertheless lves cause we are just in the way is cacalotes going with this new ecclesiolatry gone by minds or treason and it all this is in trees mestissimo really read the code have the ely read eighteen you as cownty twenty three i have i can tell it now there is no distinction of the type war it doesn't park well military war or or a pear or or or economic or we are in a war so those that are aiding in pettiness clearly in their doors that are eating into betting our enemy in war who are enemies why do i say that a night making his up i've got a good pot gonway back to twenty seventeen and in another year all the way up including has a pride this last idea die i don't preciate his like orris present what he is correct on this issue and wont was he talked about china is our greatest economic in strategic threat heaped been saying this sensethan seventeen went back and looked the how many times he said it in disseveren eighteen nineteen twenty twenty one i did say thing o twenty twenty two but i did see on friday i watched it and i'm saying i know there eighteen of us cold twenty twenty three is about treason and our legislature and our compeer should be tried for treason the need to these felonies their doing and not alas thought their loding they are colluding and tourcey oh yeah wing harrogance estate there goosey now but get under the recoct they are indeed doing that the conspiring with his chinese and with the german you will talk about the jewish people is this rabbi talking about the taking the case here we've got our dole loring with the very people that caused the holocaust the first coin you bet they did and in contremisco beansor i want to go on one work lots in doctor nansen all the ages oak at the gothenburg i conestogo clearly you she spoke about in the old days and the cold war that we did interest canes for the now we've got our comely in fight in into her bedroom for pisagoras so right on that eyes are seen what's going on rather it's take part or the ted to has a smart ted or any of these things you don't think they're wanting de on us ever sing the lot of us going to do tortechappell don't go on tirkisteli that's been going around other satellites you know what it's done his great and nadasti's sopeing them to understand what the singles are convenient which in what the output is its actually surveing everything aspect about that it's going around all these satellites up up and space is purposely downthat is seven why there learning there using against his folks they're looking at the long term tail they don't care they know what they want to do it isn't economic war so i didn't you and osgoode his treason is make no mistake about it in our guise or comply goodness there's a few people that are standing up in that legislature they are there's a few but there's not enough they show you their complacent it sat there that they are guilty they are they are collaborating and knowingly doing it with the just in their doing it under the disguise of a label that that's the problem that i see it's ostende not to stand guarantee they are absolutely plants honor a label so when we put out on would put our faith in people or human systems we we truly are giving away our power to them and the power is an individual to stand up and do the right thing not being part of a cold or eight thought process or a a school thought or anything like that we have to be thinking about every single every single aspect and that's not something that we've been taught to do is to think through the everything that comes into our life we should and make it prove itself be that doubting thomas a little bit because that doubting thomas is our pet i agree and lecanoras a generator we need he started back in a purple dear they are the people in pardon the cranks sand republicans the one tore can't go we can't call it one side of because it is the evil that is crept into every i kasim a woman absolutely disagree with the feminists on every level it's wrong i disagree on the attacks that have come against the men in our society o ka so all all of the stuff is absltly wrong it is discriminating and it is to salinest to work harmoniously and when they go after one group of people they've gone after us all there's a reason why they go after one there's a reason why they go after all of this absolutely you got to go after you've got to use the enemy is going to use everything psychological every psychological advantage every physical advantage they're going to use everything that would he can because they study us as an animal they know what we're going to do they understand and they can predict our tour responses to things we're going they're goin to go after after women with thumb in ism and turn women against mat because men are the ones who will not even hesitate or think about running in to a burning building to save or to stop a tragedy happening when you look at a videos a random acts of kindness ninety ninety eight per cent our our man that will run into those cause of their strength and their bravery you can see it horses horses and and the the difference between men and women in in animals even in animals because we do have we do have a instincts in such a man look at jesus was fully god and folly man what does that mean that means that we have a physicality the flash isn't were that we're dealing with on a daily as and so when in it when you look at that the strength of of our man bring on the toxic masculinity you know it's like sometimes you know i look at my husband sometimes that in like all right it you know it's some some of the things that he'll say you know sometimes low and sensitive or it'll be a you know or his reaction wouldn't be the same perhaps as mine but i'm going to tell you what when push comes to shove and it's like that guy would go forward with no backing down and there would be no survivors of heat detected the threat to his family and or to the nation and i know that that the men that are out there are the same way and i would never want to see them diminish with the god given characteristics that they have in god put this in us you know women we have different we have different strikes sometimes we can have some cross over i would never want to be a man i love being a woman the there are there are things about being a woman that that nurturing in that care giving and that you know being a mob and and taking care of taking care of the people round us and making sure that their needs are met on a purse on a level where is whereas you know and in those are those are our very different characteristics now they's some cross over here and there saw not going to say this is always caught and dry but when they use it as a weapon to attack or sebete than you because because we cause they have just weaponized your intention and they know how to do it and they've been their doing it religiously and that's exactly what's happening with his jewish destruction or the jewish discussion about what christina did they know how to weaponized groups of in order to tear this nation apart in its got to stop and now in the war that a separation we have granary and we have a sore loser of thord the same one and that the poodle going on all therethe hates me i i like begetteth hates me i've seen enough of his attacks on meanbeing and brood you know it's like oh what ever you know i'm i'm sorry i haven't been in attorney who's lost every single case and had some financial questions then my back ground such as maybe he has you know her but that it is anybody sororal has graduated from because he esther go on moilie colical the colby the way he knows that uncontagious yesh and many goes insides i got i mean all the pantseverything to go to as the three their old canada and size with the godlike sandrock the largest pie there was he a headline guy that's what he does i've speak in i've spoken with him or he spoke after he spoke after i spoke and all i've heard is how lines that's it and you know we're going to stick to the headlines were going to a target fixation like all the republican candidates had then they all had target fixation and that means taking the population by the knolls and running a moron where we want them to look in order to it engage the emotions rather than giving them actual information so that they are in fact and formed and every one of them was guilty of it that i saw standing up the in one real is not a deep thinker he did not want the really proposed ideas now in or all was in he reconciles we don't like that you got you as was my dears is generated a disconto make things better in he is gone part locomoniac because he can they don't have the wherewithal to radishevo where with all the beatrice now that you decided that ain't they don't they don't have any answers on things so what they do as they feed this professional pichinca terkultur we have going on in politics and in most of the meetings that i go to all it is all it was was professional bit of professional bitters and talking about what's raw not how old you we fix it part of it is this analyzing what's wrong so that we can find deficiencies so that we can take it down so that his part of the process but when you are stuck in the professional pitchers club where everybody leaves as they spent an hour an a half bitchenot nothing coming out of it except for yeah that's what i saw too yeah that's what i saw too what happens not zero because that's by design go on go to have to cut it off prisondigging this califates some i'm in my hole office i can cook catonephele think everybody should sopradetto but i love or discussions so it is or anything else you want to talk about because oh you know i think that i think that we should do this again then because i don't think that the history of part of it is so significant because when we see those naysayers and those people like quite honestly that i that way boisnavi mentality in order to jump on the gun but the the gone band wagabond wagon and is he is he wrong well you know what i can tell you right now that this is exactly what's happened in our school in the judicial system in every part of our nation where they will they will try to sell people security you're going to be secure if they take all your guns and this may it happen again you know like well how do you even quarrel like this that the guns were taken away from the from the from the population in germany so they couldn't fight which resulted in the waddingsgate de six million jews and five million jews and so now i mean this this to me what what christine i did was a solemn warning and accurate i'm going to i'm going to put up here too something about this eve nonsense because this is absolutely if you got a minute i want to show you what these what these criminals that say oh we need to have a green or united states we've got to do this we got to that really was as omque tions here who owns all the stock and visor johnson johnson and amanda materna and such the top ones are our own our own people and government so now we got to start at looking at the eve grand home literally made a killing on a stock which she used her her influence in order to coconoco to change the out comes that she could profit off of it solidifications apostolicos no you can't we said oh yes with these stopped itohaye they continue to do it pasionales his grazioso went on to show something if you can wait before it can you wait as the minute and that we'll say prayers for your brother and for you in such this is actually i find this to be repulsed if of everybody wants to know exactly what we have brought in as a as a how do i say it of the damnation we have brought it into this nation not only by killing babies in the woman watching children being sacrificed and sits to say things like wakatakariri part of killing human beings check this up and this is what this is something that i absolutely it's horrified but the truth has to get out here this is what our electric vehicles have brought upon these poor souls and i think we should all watch it an honour to them for what what our politicians what these globin this is in the congo in the cold but mine to mine buried alive this is what the one battery this is what the eye battery of the eve industry is actually is actually doing to these people to further this in the propheting off of this i honestly think that if there is a a a right righteous as ship grand home in the rest of these morons who have who have profited off of this ship their tails off to the congo and in let them let them have to to work hard labor in the situation that they that they are created on pretty sure that that grand home wouldn't aunt lewins if if convicted of treason shippertheir for a little while because i'm guessing pretty much that ten minutes she wouldn't last ten minutes in that site his were talking some who's never worked to day in her life i am when i look this was going on you have to conomine but ideality the look in oneswhere the polite air in the water and its killing their p he won never curious his occonichee roustan unhuman righteous so sad in a week thought three billion people they do not think of losing a hundred thousand people is anything they don't care i mean who like if i am animals they call us just feeders in sorouful idiots and weather that's pushing a narrative for them or working in the mines or whatever we are nothing more than useful idiots and in telestar critically thinking and analysing and being it doubting thomas little bit making it prove out we're going to continue to be led right down the primrose path to our own to remember comments it is while they do you like and like one i motorboating he don't care about life just not passedwe are come on and deep we are an animal that you said it is so sad because i know that not all the danish people are there are like that crowds on sowhat's the goverment it's the crudeles crime syndicate we stand with the chinese people we stand with the rite people of congo we stand with with or are you know the or other human beings who are here to do the right he but what we stand against pure evil unwavering and do not care we live or die during this fight we're going to fight it with our last froth without waver i want to go head and say prayer for it now tom chucks that you get going to your brother you chucks brother is a very very ill right now and him how how was he doing am i to lose for his cordeliers what's it let's eater than a people twenty i don't think i mean his kanopus was in a way i believe he probably has an eve with an osootonoc manhalf to go he's not one to go the hospital he sold he went and i was sposed to know it and then release him come home but he is he's not on an ostrich does want hospes he doesn't believe in hospice he can do he didn't take the back he's got a baxter he just hedication and i got a rich i can respect that a rider having my father thank you so very much the opportunity to come together and in sort through the issues at hand as well as situations the hand and also share with others what we find and take their inputs because when we put all our heads together of your people the remnant you've left behind we can in fact bring everything together and now what your will is in the path and the directions that we need to go on we thank you so much for chuck and the the beautiful care that he is giving his brother we asked that you make their their time together the remaining time on earth sweet and wonderful and that it would be a blessing such a blessing to have that time together between brothers we we are thankful for every single thing that you've given us we think we're thankful for the history and the brave people that stood before us and who stand with us some that we may never even know their names but you know all of them you know every single person out there and i ask that you would wrap them in your arms of love and let them know that you are here for them you created them exactly as they are and there's no difficulty or challenge that you cannot help them through that you don't you can't that you can't help us through because you are able to do all things abundantly more than what we will ever ever know we pray for the salvation of every single person in the nation in this world that you would you your spirit night i would say i was yours but this you neasmith revival among the people here that you would pour out your spirit upon this earth and that people would turn to you in mass and dropped their knees then in and give you all the glory and honor for everything that we do that is right only comes from you we ask if they see jesus not us but that they see jesus i am instead of us and we lay our lives down in humble adoration for you and everything that you've done for us for healing for provision for guidance for walking as through difficult situations for being our banner jehova jehovah gira all of the beautiful names he described your character that you've given us that we may know you in fact thank you for letting us know you and forgiving us the opportunity to in fact walk on this earth with you help us a turn to you and keep her eyes on you focusing on you not this world but living in this world but not being of this world we thank you for all things and we just want to say we love you and we will do anything you ask us to do absolutely anything everything we have is yours and we are thankful for things you given us to enjoy but it's all yours and we are here to take care of each other and this beautiful world that you created and jesus name pray a man thank you don on have a great day chock i'm going to go ahead and read some comments if you want to stay on that fine weather pretty active chap this more so i'm in read some comments and if you want to stand in fine if you want to go bewith your brother then i finisterresuddenly so i could listen oh oh oh yeah absolutely hang on one second and let me let me get that to let me get that to you a minute and then i'll go to the links so seasideand guys and all i'll enable chock and then then chuckin enjoy his time with his rough right hang on see this is me being staff have to do everything here so it sometimes it takes me a minute and think this other thing animent no ginketting hold on the silver to chuck so chuck and go watches with his brother i originates for the dogano i ii singet done and get off my flight because that helps me to do things quick i doubt and like to like to do it that quick or i'll side lose tateshale had a great day and i'm going to go back to the chat here and we're going to talk to people in the chap for just a little bed and here their opinions the things that are important to them in fact like cheret going back as far as we can so i think i lost some of them here but that's a love as fanning when some one might be a tack who are the first people they run to a gone honor true enough garry does he speak for jews the prposer ation or the preservation ah does he speak for jews for the preservation of firearms did any one ask there and put on i think this is just like saying that you know the what is it the west valley baptist church and virginia who goes after that ensnares these people are what and i don told me and utterly whackers i don't think so either you got that every every or stolen murdered more of his own people than hitler did jews correct his evil these people are just mike who dothose republicans and landing are just about as uselessness of bolt without water garry set smiths as shot out to black guns matter gary republican legislators in living in eigener yeller garry skraeling proof all tho the unipartite charlotte ate off hiller thirteen million debt joseph stole stolen twenty million dead macedon a forty million dad popotte million dead after gun confiscation i loved christina cromestate mentative to christina you go ah that idiot departed this is from lad that internasal to tell us that willie didn't know what we are doing in voting for her he is going to em to work to unseat her charlotte says look what they did a jennifer smith the chair of the party she even said last night she is a good example of what refritos lessassier needs to get rid of her security at let's get rid of their security you get it goessin right some privileges as every single american or ororin violation constitution were also speed to sane not not set him his kings and queens squires and benson the court just so there is also the source jacko charlotte was benjamin that night ya hoo is real prime intent of sir said america is a golden calf and we will suck it dry chop it up and send it off piece by piece until there is nothing left kneel colonialism ye'd say that we need to look at some things that israel says too all of them other others should not be one group of people organization or country that should be above questioning what do they mean because if they're going after us they're going after their own people guarantee israel is on total locked down right now charlotte yes going after every going after corona but let's let's witler of the of the hook that so problem of michigan china we need to recall these co charlotte also says american government is global corruption of disease and death now michigan is part of the new world order plan and law repugnant to the constitution in any law repugnant to the constitution is void some people do these biois they they put their their texts and by voice and i can see that there some corrections in spelling some sompites met so charles fixed twenty twenty and twenty twenty four or there is no twenty twenty four such fixed twenty twenty twenty twenty two or there is no twenty twenty four you let's look at chicago ban on god's will not working at all is it and loves says a man thank you oh thank you for those comments i really do love the comments in the charities us ate for all of our voices to be heard and to share the wisdom and the gifts and talents that god almighty has given us there's there's a lot out there now we stand together she so with that sad i want a letter but he also everybody out there know that we are standing together there's a there's a boat load of patriots out there that are working behind the scenes in order to fight for you your family thou you know for the families of our all of our families and for each of us as individuals this is a god created us and were supposed to be one hume and family that's it helping people who are in trouble and putting honestly not nothing we own his hours it's all gods and we're here to us what we have in order to help each other and and to work together now those that are sucking officesthat a big problem that help is one thing but institutionalizing here for the illegal that are coming here to just suck the system dry and some of em are just useful ponds in the in the the game and sometimes you can see people that are speaking out they're caught up in this either their black mailer the being held hostage some and they really want to way out to the cost the situation is a little more complicated however i believe that when we stand i gather and we we come together as one nation under god invisible we are going to beat the thing and not only are we going to be this institutionalized corruption were going to go forward into a very bright future which is going to be wont just a wonderful time i have so many ideas and things that i've been continuing to research in dossier behind the scenes i have so many ideas that this is really become extraordinarily on we're not just looking at the bad stuff were looking at the good stuff in the possibilities going forward how to actually help people and stand together i love this it's amazin to be able to stand with christina koromo and and a look across party lines and to dare to be in america dare to be an american this is this is a dear to stand with our god our father jesus christ only begotten son and our saviour who came here to to create the path that we can go to god we don't have to go and have an intermediary besides at on earth jesus is that intermediary and gives us axes to go directly to god to talk to you can talk to every single day and he's walking with you never feel hopeless or alone god is right there all going this talk to him and you know what the the the true believers that are there were here we have time for you we care about your hurts we care about the things that are happening in your life that are breaking your heart your relationships we actually care we'll take time to talk with you and sit down and and find out what's wrong and see if we can get her heads together and find solution for all the problems that are the other's lot of it's going to take all of us standing together not one person can it's going to be all of us the stand together united under god so there you so i'm on to head and closes out here if he had a bunch of phone calls come in order on her thinking dingo too brandenberger oven or not come because i am not conceding the election the twenty twenty election i will not keep cito liars and people who have committed treason against his nation were going to continue to fight by the thing out and were winning if its pretty amazing to see you will never see it on a surface you will never hear about the law suits that i have going on in mainstream media isn't possible they are burying this just like they buried me completely and what i had to say drihtenlican part of my governor's run as well as sexes part of my rent you know that as taxpayers party has been trying to change their name the constitution party to be united really in name with the rest of it it is the same thing in see the constitution party the steeperis the saint then the secretary state the court jester said that it's not impossible for her change them it's not since she has to do either so she's been putting up a block in the way for the constitution for the yes textures ardito change their name to the same as the national affiliate which is the constitution she and begged his been the block on his we've been talking to some of her members have been actually taking this one as a fight to change the name of the textures party to the constitution party cause that's exactly what it is and we need to go back to what works they said now if you change your party you got to start a whole brandnew party and michigan can alter and you signatures and we know how that's goin to work in fraterna the secretary of state and the court jester sitting in there are sitting in place they're just going to negate the signatures and go ahead and put proposals on the ballot which really probably never had the signatures to be on the ballot because with a stroke of the pen they could do anything they want that's exactly what they've been doing they have not been listening to the low that's a gay we got him on the run now we're going to keep going we're going to keep exposedthe going this is where it gets fun did in the fight and and get in the fight were thus and and refused to back down i would like to ask you to pass this of passes on to all of your net works your family your friends in order to help educate them and if you got something to say i put my own number out there not shy you call a text or whatever it for three zero four for one zero you you got open line here this is the way it needs to be don saw anyhow have a great day god bless you god bless all those whom you love god bless me ricawhere standing together we were winning we want see tomorrow with john tater's going to be an awesome it's going to be another awesome a time together