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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/26/2022 - Live - Mary Flynn O'Neil and Mellissa Carone

Published Aug. 26, 2022, 8:01 a.m.

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good morning this is brandenburg news network and this is donna brandenburg it is august twenty and it's my i'm very pleased to bring on my special guest to day mary flannel i got to tell you we met in a prayer group years ago and it was i was so honoured at the time to be put into the proper mary when when you really know a person's character it though how they believe in my opinion in god and their faithfulness to god because truly goes into different areas of your life it's not something that's compared mentalised and i've seen that in with with botmar general plan the you know the rest of the family members that i know and such and the people that they surround themselves with are very very good people and a good patriot that that speaks to me more that speels more than what anybody else can tell you it's a personal knowledge of a south and mariana so very deep shared interests and say in the child traces well as in the fact that we're trying fighting very hard to put this nation back together there's there's been some incredibly disturbing trends not just huge trafficking in children the involvement of spies an hour in in the sole process very very very i i play a little bit of a clip and then we'll be bringing marianne and just what me the technical stuff here were on the fly a little bit to play this i love day for me in two by the way so just just one of the stories that mary's work as stated the satin after we are self got studenten charenton family coryston i'm awfully separating children from their families here in america part throughout his journey as that happening to one families take as well as in other country i encountered a lot of families that is happening to me it came down other european country and so we got involved with the situation with her own family that that there was a really in copiousness that was after offering support and help to other families we're going with destitution that there were a lot of and around that were helping to were trying to help but tantalising that was bringing it all although people to get so we found that when we were getting help to our government the state eventually the federal government that it was not to be a people bring attention to this issue and to work together bring about a change to stop the destruction is happening across her main the families in the harm that it doing to so many children and so that how the beginning of being and to ignore respecting up and going and we do have an organization that were were staring people to find out more about the orchard or boisterous we have a mail that we monitored with potato as was to get in touch with us we did have a really good support from the families of advocates around we had a aforehand followers over there and we not taken out with the great courage if he went to so we're rehearsing a social medium network but the best way to reach us right now as the brougham and dress and the wet and it marian so this family that i have on their right now is mary flung was in on the broadcast to and is very familiar with the problem in a go ahead and and marry or right now and will do some more talking about this situation it not just that with the state of our nation so good morning mary how you doing good morning had a little difficulty with my sister here but a back so thank you cosmopolitanly i played i was playing at a clip from tyrian mark i soon i remember i remember that time we were we were hit and boasts story on a terrace which become very good friends of at them like i met you through michael in and all the great american that helped us in cries my very spiritual and very have ay that was my direction and yourself and terry and all these he with general their story hit me because i i have a little child a little daughter who i went through a very very difficult time family court and with you know is involved with susan and the kids went into forester and as it was a battle that went on for years to fight for my grandchildren my daughter he and the system got her so i i know it well and also working in the cavalcade covered many dark things about where money's going in what's going on in that whole situation that to the stuff yes carries all these things that are going on right now are really coming to the surface the board is really shown us a lot of things you know many people are going to turn away they're not going to believe it they still don't they love people that still don't believe this to terry mark trafficking and you know abuse yeah there's it's amazing to me how many people still live in a in a world believing the illusion you know it it's time to take a huge the huge red pill and wake up because nothing that in my opinion nothing that we thought was right is actually what we believed it schools are massed at the corporations are masseth government is messed up the and annis mason very deep when you say very deep dark ways i think it's time to just call a spade a spade the he sat as a lucifer is at the core of what's going on it it is definitely when we say of a fight between good and evil it is an incredible fight between good and evil and yesterday i started talking about you know a little bit about the amount of study and that i have done not only bielstein such as my corroborate yourself as to i typically will jump in and look at the look at the stuff that causes the problem i look for problems and i studied i decided to get jump into the nasty world of looking at what's going on in with satan as a luciferian is so that we could attack these problems and be able to talk about it's not just what we think it is it's worse but not only that it is pervasive in its moved into every form of our increase of our society and what we're looking at is purisima is satan as an listenin it's the crux of all problems the dark side passage in order to make the most and nearmost impact and you know and then and then you know it's decades ago though it started you know to be honest with you there's a great move that everybody should watch turn and the guy who produced this it's about washing you know when he was fighting for his these battles depend this turn is about the first by spies that to spy on the enemy and all that kind of sorely really great series everybody but what funny about it is did win or and are you not free in this country all that when they happen the english the other entities the other areas in this world let that happen one thing we have all day always been after us they were never wanted to control of of this there people of having this happened they wanted that control and not in mine in this country it was infiltrated an to the started comedies all these things and his a different now there were allowed freedom of religion right worship although they call those christian great they were like you the groups that everybody believes were christian groups there were some very bad ones you know mormons you know all kinds of were happening this and they were on an lose control of the lost their poor loudacott you know the english were were teretha they lost they lost that battle you know that washington so it began from the beginning of our slavery was this country with abraham like stopped slavery every place all over the world has been slavery from the bible and talks about the bible slaveries always been a thing any kind of slavery this country was the one that stopped that with abraham lincoln right but that never really here in and socialistic and very very evil he believe that they were christians and they were doing the right thing but there's some very serious problems with a lot of the christian and they brought they continued that stuff and they and they allowed abuse of women and children under the demise of now you have a satanic that has become a lie so you're talking about even these clinton i think it was in two religion is a religion in a legation it on five s one s or whatever i mean you can look that by an looked at up remember her doing bringing that to light to i sighed let and it's so that's what we have now we have a real growth of old in that i don't even want to call it a really cannot i don't even want to give it a matter if ye it's a it's a deception only you know it for whatever they think they're going to get out of it absolutely to it always ends in the destruction of themselves and of others that that's what that's what i always do you know you can look at the transcendent that's going on right now i'm sorry but a tool at bateato can see what's happening there you know and and i'm sorry when when you see parents that are mutilating their children put him on a clock you know cause blindness that cause mother things from brain to all i am i am i am so sure we we have to be thinking rather than following and you know we see kind that follow mentally that she or that that let me mental inflowing people or groups or or political parties or or even even religions you know i've always said that just because the god is her sign is on the door doesn't mean he's there and as down we know that as you know as a group that we've been involved we can we have been able to discern and find out you know and and of course conough out as i was working i actually stuff coming down as an administrator finance administrate it i received all the vatican all the details and i truly believe that they knew this was coming they were ready they were closed in the churches the priest you know the option of just going back and laying back and having a vacation pretty much i mean they were there under the rule of the government and they were going to do that and that's why you saw many shocking specially in the anonymous catholics have have an upbringing know how to study the bible it's something catholic redowas but one of them things that opens and the lord showed me this with all you guys trainers and the way you ay and you read the bible and you understand the violin you any interpretable in everybody hasn't an idea of how to and it's a beautiful thing the and i say that and so i got caught me you know that taught me a lot of coming up that's one of the missing things and they also you know literally javanese literally scared not doing something or you know they would scare you you're going to go to hell if you dress is the certain way whatever we something after were yet made girls with their skirts were who rolled their skirts up i mean those kinds of things have when my my point is is that they they got that coinage and opportunity pastors people who were in charge of congregation to close up i mean and then people were showing in what you do because they don't know how to pick up they had to sit at home and and they don't know how to pick up their bible and catholics i sat very sad very sad i broke my and comment to the office and say well what am i going to do when we are we going to do we can't go to mass will o you can go on you can pray in your room you can open your bible i talked to other old start your own church you know and in jesus jesus was kind of big on the home church saying you know you desgoffe's houses and that winesack to that he showed us that is a lot of good good learn from what happened out of bed comes comes a lot of good always always a hardship to to us to be resourceful it teaches us what we don't need in life may be readjust our priorities people around us you know and i kept my barn open the whole time it's like i just opened my garnet anybody that wanted to come over an like you know nobody is going to tell me that the nettuno so i became more essential in an i know and everybody is essential that whole nonsense this such notoriety when howat we know now real real experts and up and you know jack i mean things like this incredible solinski dark these people are heroes that you for the people there they took an oath that a note no bears about their oaths nobody cares about and not to the constituted these leaders that are in the washington that's really what gets working in the men a lot to quite a bit of ours and to me i saw a lot of us being regarded the never never damage that was done with the people they never fixed that never held from and other churches that have had that happen they deal with it they all deal with it the same way shut him up they move him somewhere out they all do it captures the biggest one and then the most money you know i mean the biggest with the pope and all that but they just they never so they never we have that poem abuse human there is a human being a child that you have to accept that except we haven't been able to present it will kill entering genial you know those seven steps are without all this went through all that and there was the to accept like these steps when you lose somebody that then you and so we have an a people there are people i have not accepted have a being you will be bliss not going about their sins go about their business as the of spies oh yes she these guys are the ones right now these guys have this one down here in for amazing he's broken up all kinds of he hasn't put up with it you know what we nobody's been held a cantonese a lot of people being arrested and let's see the bear restless so what happens to to see the stuff to accept the really terrible and then we also have to have as we got such a broken judicial that they do not they do not prosecute the and the problem that i have as it there are certain men go down the dark path so far i think you know god can change but it's unlikely at some point that's that's why we have so many repeat of founders and and we we can't let these people out again to repeat one of the things that i think is going to be shocking and i've really i mean i know you know that i'm kind of a little bit of a researcher and i blow gets as much then as much that i can and when i first became aware of this i think it it was definitely a god calling every step of the way that i really felt strongly that we needed to have some actual adults who were willing to be adult to come to terms with us to know what's going on so we could talk intelligently about it you know look at what the problem is annotto so you know when when people come to terms of the fact that were not making sixteen year olds that looked like their twilight mackinson were talking two year olds were talk and babies were talking in and i think that the point for me was when the whole thing on the wonderland network came out and they were you know then you could really understand that the tissue paintwork some lead for doing one thing and to prepay them to molest a child or baby and they say what i want to see dan and then that person does it in the natalie training carts the there is there is so much of this going on and in a lot of its very organized and they they you know they protect each other and then let's get into the politician and how politicians it into abstain and all that and people think that's a one of these things are all over the world that is all an absolute less that's a fact donacha is even conspiracy this is a and this goes way back in society and then and then you know religion there's so many avenues that they have the devil has gotten involved sacre on a other sexual slave traffic all these avenues and unfortunately when another thing people america america most highest all those categories were the ones like it a commodity we're the ones that's why you see all these children being dumped the order you gonsalves there there's a reason for that that's because they go getter going to make money of those this i have to be necessarily americans today if so many illegal is our control we don't know whose i sat and this is the country and where the country that's got the train gendarme got the free for all in this country is is it make us are the bad and americans are look at what they do this and it is said because the most it's terrible look at these politics these politicians they get not of all the time for phonography getting involved with young boys and it's incredible that i really think it's worth it worth talking about because the average person is just like a world war to germany i you know people say that they didn't know what was going on as they were marching people concentration camps and it wasn't just the jews it was christians to there was an eminent out of christians that were killed people who kill no that's the thing that withering with the same thing with people that that are panels or who are child molesters there's something wrong with the curse i'm not convinced that they can be rehabilitated i really am not i think that i think that there's something wrong with well that's all tell you that will take that up is that when the in the the captain maria cardinal care the one that leading the pack and grooming seminary he was in the latin country a file one is not the he was an and they moved him around so what happened was in around and settled and so they by moving them around you understood and by the way when back in those lines began there was years ago maybe maybe longer now i don't know time to bite the medical so the bishops that were in charge of these guys that were caught what they would do if they bring in the medical doctor they would put them through a medical evaluation the and then they would say oh they're all fixed that was there that was what they didn't stand on a resting not putting them in jail or putting them away some they were confident and then they moved on and then now hears here's what you just said is correct did happened to more the time it happened did it again so it was it was a fact now that the medical field had no idea what and how to deal but now i now that that's not real that is a man that is a soul not readable deep and bedded and now donald might best worried to day children have been hurt we're going to have another generation had a file and we'd better start healing these getting them at a certain time fixable at a certain catch that i know my biggest concern right now is what are we going to do as a society these kids that are coming out of trafficking coming out of spite and used and abused and he we don't do here when we are not dealing with men to illness were not that that's a part of it mental untameable illness what what are we going to do wi that concerns me that really really concern because there are so many of them now we think we don't know how it's shocking to people in these see another one you know get out so you know are we are we dealing with like one out of five what do we dealing with you know what i mean so i that concerns me how are we going to it's how we go wendors dedicated to come out of dat come out of i and be responsible you know and we need that they need faith there is a group that i've been in touch with lately that and i am not going to i don't want to but they are there is a that are working with these guys that bring these children and they get down to the board they bring the children and then they shift the miss one of them one of the eustace okay you of the here and i can tell you i'm knocked a parsonage nineties of companies and also seen the busses on the highways there are abuses that are moving these people these is unfortunate souls around in it is heartbreaking when you know what you're looking at in its happening in front of your and it's so heart it's happening in madison to where we were from i mean that always had that problem the caps was so corrupt in that state i am witness that i mean that these states that are royland where were we the landscape we grow eileen parents were from her island and so were islands i mean we don't wait house we got ready a by now is generation she was the governor she is unbelievable she was a course of should have been bankrupt and rode island she has no idea about or how to eric and she's a catholic is a catholic i mean it drives me nuts how many hypocrites as a whole well i tinkin like but of tales cried actual thing that jonathan region thing i wanted to say was this marjorie green is a this was that came in and did this don't know this is a woman whose trying protection work on that and it has to do with what we were and the he stuffed but here she is charged because that's another thing that needs to happen not only do we need place spiritually were not going to be able to do this without the lord he would not going to be that spiritual healing your wounds your i so you that part of young adults but these chalets a legislation weak we need we need on my friend in i got a mention down in south carolina she's got a book out now i done that you should probably have her on or had ridden he just put a book out on her she was trafficked in her she did finally stepped out of the race because there was so corrupt with her she made a big impact she did a good job but put off job with the children as she works a lot with he just yes she's going to work on which going to work on that we need to have traffickers from all this stuff they need to to go to the need to go alice if we don't do something like by some they used to hang a great i mean anyway that heard the child to me i do i well i seem really god man to something about a mill stone on the noonoon and i know that you know in the phone or breath and lost to day and some oily and we when we were when we were working on the hostess we were about ready to jump off that and a work on narcissi you because as a we had started that in the gale that it was my director she ended up having promised with cancer and we had some ashes going on so we decided to pull back and try to get our lives in order and so but we have done some of the work in that area and to come to the realization that psycho sexual predators and nurses are being canaries is the same thing now when we back out of that and look at howard society's gone with our schools and the schools are a growing people appolinaris istic behavior so it is it's it's such a pervasive thing and you can bring that right back to the bible the first sin the set of in it it really goes back to the canoe when a person serve themselves whether it's to put up treasures for themselves or to put themselves above others or they heard other without realizing or any care that they are in fact you know hurting the people around him instead of looking for ways to be good we were going to have to have to basically show people that you don't this is in fact in an arc for i know of you and and people like to throw that around like that some sort of a a a you know a psychological save or something like that but there truly is a problem and the nurses the psychosensory know they have a problem and one of the men we were attacking that to show the narcissus mind set to the vice so that you can see that hurting people it good really good you know that's what i mean bring people in a room when your superseding a conflict or or something that's the best thing to do to go talk to each one of them get their sin and bring them to get try to work it out and stuff together then you find out a lot of things i mean you'll find a arcoll find those those characteristics in those you know and then and then you have to deal with it you know whether it's not going to work or in going to work morton it you too that i you know i really in the the healing the lord will he'll help us certain people that are assigned to that through the lord be a vessel of that kind my journey you round you know i've seen a lot of i've seen certin i do that is appeased they do that but is really you can i found some amazing the lord has i can no you you're a healer what you're doing is there i had a pretty rough start to life let's just put it that way and when when you when you've lived through some rough rough times to me you you got two choices you can either sit there and feel sorry for yourself and be the victim or you can realize that people that her you on the outside they they're the ones that are and and because you may be gone through some of this stuff you turn to be a little bit less affected by it you can choose to be where it were go into a situation and it's almost like your talking because you've been through abuse boot camp and you know and some then you have a real force for first of all seeing that pain in other people and realizing in there came a point time you know work where i i would i would have i would run straight to you know straight in any situation if it meant that i could save another person from the pain that i had looked lived and it's a good thing some you can take those bad situations and you can turn them around on her very good they are you can while worse the young man the only have two places to go with and one is up with south and the other one ends up with taking care of others a and an that's what we've done you know with young women through the years in this welfare system as we have not incur capistrano raise their children properly even though they don't have a husband or whatever i mean i lost my husband it is looking at who are you you know like i can run my son men bedstead of his father father through all you know you got to young women to day this welfare akare become a career means a career to be unwell i all that was to war i ran women had no husbands coming back from temporary help but but it's a plan it is a part of their plan the family down the families onomea they want the parental to rest fresh and oppress these communities yes absolutely and that something in all kind of women especially i always said women were the most the still i mean they still are the group worse for women the female within and i find you know as a young he had my mother said that against a lot of men in poland and running on probation enough she was but i remember her a moment i the downfall boy he was you know i mean we didn't teach things that she taught me you know i mean it was an easy in my family either all the things that are older sister died in the family go through they got to got a stick together you go where you go get your kids out of a site you know what i mean that's not healthy and then malone opportunity in this country that women have two i mean that i you know moved on and i did it myself and then i met a very nice man you know i mean things work out the work you have to have the lord in your life do you if you don't have if i don't know how people make it through without god and the really don't you know unless she is spiritually so dad that they you know they don't heaven what they don't know but her couldn't make it through one day i mean that's what some of these but the catcher's he really really hurt them by and hurt their faith you know people have turned away from god because of the choices that the leaders and they don't even know they pushed away their own you know because there is a later locateli the church a long time ago it's very sad i pray for them i pray for now more than ever we can't do this with i hereby there's no way no gascon about muslims yesterday and so other that that quite honestly as one of those tins i think were we need to talk about but there neither definition between teachings of emma we need to start the then they think than about the teachings and what we've been taught does that harm other human beings oranien that's that's the dividing line for me right there pependeris let's put it that way the divinities but much further than that when you look at christianity can be looked at as just a religion if it if it was apart from christ i just set of rules of dues and jones there's more to it than that andrew serve a reserve a living saviour and to us as well as he died an talks to us he gives his disserve us wisdom in the tin it it's not just written words on a page always the holy spirit of man a horite holy spirit in us i mean we are for artemisia and that was given to us that a covenant that is that holy spear was given that we all who are baptized have the whole spirit in anybody to clahane voice be do that anybody musician there you and jewish people too i mean the divided ideas real that in a word where the jews and then in the jewish you know that was a divide and then it was big problem is still in a big now when jesus when jesus died on the cross the veil and a temple was rent in and that was a symbolic of the division between people and god and what it was his hat his death and resurrection as is to open it up that we could have access at forgiven but also god tirectly the god and talk to god without havin somebody to intervene between us which would be like a pretty stir or in any that we right where you are you can talk to god you don't have to you don't have to jump through these you know religion and it's an amazing it's an amazing thing and you can tell when you can tell those of us who are christians i don't know about you but i can tell when somebody say i can tell when i'm around the lowther they have the holy spirit i am you can you can tell it right off the bat you look at their fruits you know you look what they prove have produced and what they do is look at the you know the life one whether those of the soul at the no i know i know it's really amazing takes a lot of maturity that too you know you know that's why people like you and i we don't we don't have to announce that you know we walk we walk humbly and we walk loving face that we love everybody and i will try hard never judge him you know and i always say i always ask for forgiveness if i have done that i mean to lord a day long in these days these days as the one with you know what's going on in the the flats are doing you know it's tough but i talk italian more but any way that you know it is something that you i don't know what i would do without i don't know what i would do about the war oh i couldn't said peace in in so much turmoil and the other thing that people need to understand his caisson love as the media we just finished a great series of the collapse of the media just in a great writer and it was great we do these surveys and these surveys we allow people thousands of to its been the media is you know a big problem prounikos that it is a problem no the main stream media really a tool take her over and the brain was as a program thus in the thinking that that things that are wrong or right it's a full time lying operation and you cannot you can't get one second of truth out of any of ottoman of the i you know just like with me being removed from the boat removed from the ballot twentyman fight you know and as the there's never been an honest story i've heard in the media the spinning it because they're all in the pay of the big global organization and their whole legions said himself amidst all evil the trafficking humans drugs weapons starting wars they are by commandeering our natural resources are farm land as these people are all about so and we are not important that's right oh yeah they don't care about like a rouman life at all it's not enough in the rather face as this i dare just you know they're never going to either i mean it really a lot of you know a lot of what is if you are a true faithful no one to work for the lord kind of you need to understand that you are here your job that's what he wants he needs help what jesus needs help with that at we can and people are listening and their talking try to help and often their hearts there's so much hard hardness and this survival mode in the fear you know that's all i do let's all he has what he wants to ruin is unfortunately there will be many we left behind and i prayed for the enemy and i pray for those really i do that very creator them because i have to prefer our enemies too we really they are human beings to i know it it soaring is good too don't direct it to hurt others i play for hilary clinton and brock obesity know the only the weapons that we have is this scripture itself and we need to be using using these weapons you aerials often prayer pray for people to be saved you know all as loramer involved in the worst of the worst crimes criminality for rincona laura tells you know she was they would she got couraging down and in haiti and what boy talk about a bad situation down there you know they were they were all working with the red cross and everything else and what you do they did the same thing that they did the catholic church were just comfort idaho and put her in charge of ingratitude like a good idea we're going to put somebody in charge of kids who go miss if you know the house human traffic i know it's creoles right i know her so that just ostentatious to show you their mentality our normal normal i say normal that would never do that i mean they know the rate her things like how rather own power money developed and their lies choose that's exactly it when you look at the politicians politicians they're doing the same thing heavier and their practice other there moving money around to other incredible as an i do not ekandono know like like kind of what i was going to find when i started running for governor here and it's like it stand on the same the the what an insult to all the and parade that their public servants because they are not they are absolutely not the like there lies the there they are mirrors look at what it marise a third party murder in our nursing home it was the unconstitutional mass how many people have died in the hospital they did the same thing in world war two the men so many people there were the murdering nurses and they got brought before and the trial and i think all of the people that took part of this in our health care need to be brought before before a a you know like a nuremberg trial because they killed people yet we need accountability we really do we really people do to lose we can't lose the we want we already we've already won he already died on the we already weary and we are just going to try you know don i just think nothing is important persons relationship you know we doesn't matter you know is what you deserve talking to a fellow yesterday who drove me back to get my car the sky an older man he was very nice retired at one talked about it was a he was a catholic grew up he had a tough time chopin i wish people would understand that you can't hide god can't hide from he knows everything you do every moderation do you know it's just incredible you can't hide from and these people the in republicans democrats there all there all responsible for this country's mess they are all responsible anybody that has office for thirty years which you know a lot of them have years even years even five years now there they have done at in america they have and in the honest with you i find that who sits back and now it the exactly exactly that person taters as allowed that i want to hurt another you know it's just like in your rate you want that you want that forward you an i want to get that person so they don't go and do it again into somebody else and i've come situations let's get this guy he's going to do it to others just like these guys that have guy in pen state they allowed that to the caruthers and neale and masterman they allowed that to happen and those people all the account just like these police all beheld not not just one and here's my question i also is that you know we know that with a child trafficking there's a certain amount of people that are traffic by parent there provided by parents would if this is a huge dip so my whole thing with a stuffed with narrates that happened you know why you know across the word with these had i files that were abusing kids and how many parents knew that this was going on i think we need to ask this kind of question because i'm sorry i not goin to give parents a pass on this bearings just like just leiningen to throw it out here and i know this is not going to be a popular opinion but you know what such get out buttercup the truth is the truth and i'm not gionetta you imitate what about because i know where on the same page on this western the kids in school is all well this is what we do we're going to going to get along i had put my kids in school they're going to mask up by no it's wrong i'm going to go ahead and give him a job and all of a sad a normal with children were we have normalized these things and oh this is a new it's not it's not ashantees godless men you not projecting our children you're not reject my doing that you did not protect you hottawa not a accelerate had to do as we to little bit longer come in following the you know into the slaughter at the and in the same thing though with minds you know putting the kids in my use something wrong and schools or with any situation it is in back everyone's responsibility to either stop jump off the destruction transcendant of it and stop the whole train but do something don't just sit and watch a thing you know montbron you know it and you can and i know i agreed on i i the parents who know who are those parents knew who turn their head he you know it's you hear stories of you know abusive families where you know father is abusing the kids and the mother sits in that i have girl friend guy ayers old i have that i grew up with a they were in in was going on parent the other parent knew it and and a lot of late of those came back a lot of em they had bad marriages the on their own you know domestic violence i mean that's a that's a that we are established those fact the fact that that's what happens if you grow up in an environment like that that's going to happen to you you're going to be that way or you're going to with your own free will you know the parents had of a lot of obligation to understand what their water right right and heidenhain any ways their god given their cheer children a god given so state doesn't own our children we have the responsibility of raising the soul responsibility raising falls on the parents and that that goes in all all you know if somebody's going to shame you for the way you want raise your kids i remember people telling me when i was younger you know that you know that i was over protect it that i was like thinkest a great compliment you can give me i will take that and wear that badge of honor for protecting i mean while that that was you know a supposed to be sam but i was like well i'm aware that to protect your kids too you know now it is then is he to is a tough thing to yet though to tell a woman how to raise their kids boy you try that on and you're going to get that in your face cassee that happen i have that happen young mother to still i had a woman counselor i she was friends at all of our parting at what were hanging out the pope and she had the nerve to say to me kids are there going to be in trouble and you better be can't tell me a voice and i let her have it really you did you meditate care your own house i'll take care of my house you picaroon do that you know women outrage well it's a calm scorn so i home school my kids you can i didn't and this was a long time ago you know it's like i'm almost sixty years old this point and so i was kind of down with his whole nonsense back then you know i went through the system and i knew that that what was wrong with that maybe i was a little bit more oriana independent thinker even when i was a kid i think they may adelantado you know there is no better for children i don't care how you cut even if people don't think that they can home schol there's no better teacher for children than it is the really true now i believe in what i've read studies i'm a little bit of research in her that it only takes about two hours a day to keep up with the public school system because they've got so much time into class emanate intarior we doing all this redundant once they once they know some like okay we're goin to throw book in front about and we're going to go through like a hundred and twenty chapters and they're going to they're going to do these added you know that's that's great but if there is some evaluation maybe we could cut half of the busy work out or seventy a and things and also applications are not teaching any applications of his men i know i mean the public school cut out trade schools for example i mean nobody there's kids that don't college i mean the you know there's prepare kids to go a certain path lothian that don't want to go to content want the four year education but they can do something else as he got the talent cut all that out i mean that that is another way they i mean we have fine but my husband couldn't find to work it was a great treat could find anybody to work and makes it have it even at benares while right i really you know i always feel stupid around makin you know it is not a portion mechanics came electricians i mean carpenter is short and you know in a now it's just as somebody went to college doesn't mean that they're smarter than any one else i mean i don't know might it is i know that that's not at all and sometimes we're dumbarton go to college because we actually got in my last i we have but in this system that we have stood with us for the student death is the prophet's why we have a student death problem right now that's why the big talk about everybody wants to of their debts of overswollen they gave kids all this to go to school these kids tangey went to school with that didn't get just because they didn't want to be in college that was it was push to he had everybody getting a college educate everybody gets a college where pray not the credit banks and every cards were pray not given a money getting creature did cries this is a crisis nobody can pay their debts because they couldn't get jobs i a rippling i iranian also because i really believed that a lot of the students were sold up a bayou know packages at the colleges could not could not you know they have so could not deliver it when you have to announce three hundred thousand dollars worth of dad and there the job market is either non existent or the maker thousand dollars tops for what we like the gender studies or something like that i am sorry you elope to youse i mean you know these kids were getting sick at college degrees i mean you know how ready the world is clearly this plan is not working while at all you know is it estoient as look at the amount of you know what prostitutes other things i'm like a attainted outridden now these pirate story right down at the show for other again while i will do it again in a workable people like bastion things that are rowell insured women women need to do that which strong in a truly that you know women are going the saviors of this you know we have a lot of really good want their families love their families and our common sense and they love their values the american values station or belright important it will never fade away it will always be there and it will always be those documents they were put in place by god his reason god and so that not one way they can't find the boatman women are to davos we need the embers to see all the women of the bible the roof galette up and and and say our children and save our country we save our country we say at and you know and i think that it's a woman now that have to stand up in the destruction that happened to our man in society as a stout like you know you lisette snow flakes at antea six year old princess or one stage and they want you know all these all these men have real taboo to the green give me a brat i opinion know you like me i've never had any promise of man that it's a man i notably my father was the man i love men they took away the valmontone guy opened in a door for a woman i mean come on now you know important men are seriously serious i don't like this passing of men i really you know i was born amelioration going to i'm not going stand down to that there wonderful man and i and i find men wonderful and the children need their fathers they need fathers and we pushed farther away the black community my goodness that as another whole story black fathers there so i no father all fathers all father really hurt a lot of communities ideal ideology nonsense you atiba's right man we love you all of us women real women not snow flake women i don't know what they are but real women love our man we think you remain and you go please bring out the toxic masculinity of the people ask me there like you know about you know about you know what he didn't protect yourself i said well i got guadnum ber one that's the big man and then you know i have met around me you know that i'm like the love fighting the stuff are you kidding me there on gadflies because that's what men do and matarai love i have so much respect for what was being i was on a kick for a while to watch random acts of to those thick in the world and how crappy the world was and said watch he sings on in it really the panel became real clear that like ninety seven per cent of all random acts of kindness videos where there was bravery in that intraveris was all raised men they would johannine buildings they would they would stop in front of this unlike in like and word destroying the matter or you can inmortalidad there the balance that women need the you know they really are and in the family unit seriously important thing you know it really is and i it's like now in that dull you know if a marriage is is not going to work just being that's another thing that the family court and the shade all those got a you got to think about the children and family court is like they don't really care about the a note of it with the other adults and the lawyers it's not about the the adults that have broken marriage or that kind of situation or were married i can love those children that child can well balanced and well loved by both parents if they can be just bettereth to put their crasie the response the the canichanas been re ah my brother family was broken apart by family court and daughter was too now antisell the whole thing was sad because the god the judge was got less and you know you got a realized that these judges are you know not you i know you know you know well i am judge his family quite judges a little there like i don't know what to do with those just put a infamy curt okay that you think of those judges you look into those backgrounds those are judges they have been either from some other or whatever and they've been put into family etelka's like an for them to be don't don't being grown for incompetence as was in heyworth sores the sorounded popinot ones that are backed by zuker box destroy this nation you know and go after milesian seriously i otoyo always have the phrases that love your phrases there there i went to it like you know i hate to say it but look at whereabouts from me come from wholehearted plan peer of the so what it they're going to find things that are for the destruction of people of destruction of families in the murdering of children and that's exactly what their that's their moan now in their not there's no way to sugar coat you know there there's no way to yeah so so yes so there's like the concern another concern as these you know we go back to the border you know and we're all very in the border and what's going on down there i still i still cannot believe it when i went ahead and incapacities services in and because i was with and when she went up to albany do resettlement and i had another one only that i kind of led the charge on because it was under the guise of a christian organization and their liars they're not and when we were able to stop that it because with their doing but yet anyone there was eighty one kids at went missing at the border all of a sudden magically they pop up here in michigan under the care of athenian it's like that's not my question my question is where the rest of you don't have a one off like that without having obediently go dark to go dar very sad the and born in born and free single day honestly breaks my heart and i know one thing that is very very clear in general flint we have nothing really in common is that it's that heart for the it really is it is you know his military cares he has knowledge he knows i know i know he knows it nobody has a heart like camp with that i mean that really is the can i seen tears in his eyes when he took about in man in the military as well as children he so taught and you know you listen all the nonsense in the neatest of thing and i'm just like you know what i don't want to hear any more about it for a general plan the plans are anything like this because i can tell you for my personal i i don't think i've ever really had any one that i consider to hear it might my really entire life i just people the first person that i actually looked at his and really inspired by as as you know what this is this man is a true hero and i have the privilege to have met him to know him and and there's just there's no words and people don't know what he really did and into they have no idea that the single handedly in front of this nation and it is my belief that we would already be lost if it wasn't for general flint and might you know and remit my grades but but general lane was the one that stopped in front of the nation and all these people that want fotis these things are just i always wonder somebody spouting lies about general flint what side are they are well yes that's well yet to day there's all kinds of infiltrates it all kinds of pepperton well michael wrote the book i mean when tabatiere yet after reading it well now i really sing inside of his cricket somewhat one of those now it's nothing when michael's career we never asked him i want to make sure he was safe now you good you know his career is amazing but you know when he wrote that book that was started it you know he and it's never going to end i mean the old tub with their doing a doll trump is it's really bad and that they never there they are i will say that if they put the there in fear they're not going to win i do anything they want whatever you want to do arrest police state whatever this stuff ridiculous americans what the problem is they're trying to break the american that no one happen to thee there is going to be a people that will break there's a many more that won't we have that in us that even in and i don't care about the others do what they want a that's the worst case every tie i i'm ready to go now i clear my plate out good anything i could do now in this living world is to help god to whatever he wants me otherwise i am ready to go and i know the general that kind of he omission ambition when he when he met down trump and all the other people to he was asked by all those other running again found donald to be the guide that loves america and that's what we discussed the same way i never talked to any of my other brothers and sisters about one of those things and so michael michael is michael is it anything they want about he is he has been my hero since i was a little girl he was right about he was right next actually my first he always watched out for me as a little kid as we grew up you know he always wins out but he was always he never you know said you you go out with that guy or you can't you know i never liked that with me he was and and is that in i mean the marriage the same on a very long time and their best friends just a good man a good he's triarthra i mean it's like you mean oman general winfield like you know its instant it's like willie the brother i've been no i had and you know i love i loathe the brother of the whole you know your favorite brother of everybody on the plan and you know it's like i just fair warning anybody speaks badly about him to me in a comatose he doesn't know anything right off the bat because it clearly you don't have a grassangrains is this one of the greatest people who have ever left in relation and president trump too heavily out of respect for what he's done as you know i am really sorry that the republican party of michigan lacked my ability they literally blocked my ability to go in and meet with and see we could see that they actually went in there and locked myself and other people from even being able to talk to now as a candidate so wrong on every level man it's picking its picking candidates through the republican party which is an absolute disgrace accidentalis dirty dirty politics dirty poles in cottages so bad it's so ah well i love present trump i loved general plan love mary flannigan i am a fight like a fan you know in here it like a lantana we're going to when malicorne is one i'm going to bring around with us as she can taint her going get well good man we've got three honeybees one three and the screen anchor not back down kind of people and who absolutely love this nation and will never stop fighting you know we're a face fat and we we know we love jesus we love the lord and there's no back and down from this any more you know it's i like it there so many of us and people are waking up and were adding more to the family of and you every day we are madame you mary i was leaving to your temper sat at a very interest i was actually going through my bank account down when you said that organization that at the remaking america who are last summer i bought these crosses off of this organization that was bringing an girls from the border i forget the name of it and i can't find it i am not found it yet but it's in my bank account somewhere here and i wanted i wanted i the wanting to look into that because it was willing and behavior was suspicious and later on i never called them i felt bad but i went through my bakounin i realized that the double charge me for everything i ought like i bought a cross for my my husband's parents across in their crosses you hang on your wall and then i bought one for our house and one for my part they they were already very expensive and they donald charge me for all of them so i was then to call on but then a thing ah i can't do that this is a you know good organization you know doing good things for these girls but i don't know and i want i want to look into it there's an accountability on any of this so like when i looked at boone's ninety had brought in four hundred and five million dollars over five years and the amount of money that they take in for our government federal government for immigration and refugee is about forty three million dollars a year side to aid is a stone nice to you and were i to loathe million dollars quoting hillary clinton because at this point time what difference is it may and in a tone and i'm like so you you brought in two hundred million dollars for immigration refugee services which are federal government has in fact and by their own admission of their own on their website they had helped approximately five thousand had by their own admission and only do the math where i rest the going there taking people in for thirty to forty five days and they're gone no no so so think about how much you making proper and this is one example of institutionalized so that our government is in a finding our government funding is we we are in our politicians know what they're doing because i outlook at as much met the only as going on in our own government and government officials of course they've got em supply the gossipy of kids to molest us that's what they're doing and it's time to just stop with smoke and meredith makes sure everybody knows this is what's happening we should all be absolutely discs at abstention even know how bad it was when i actually started looking into its year he had it was i heard of it but i was thinking you know this is there is no you know and i think a lot of people think like that there is no way you know it's very true it's very true and it's happening happening in land you know attempting in lansing with a legislator we have proof of that but is war it's close to home you know it's very close to home it's not people don't think it's a her back yard besides ontogenesis it is the pacaraima tion you know you don't you don't worry about it until it's in your back yard will tell you it's in my back yard and i'm here in the home county when i drive down the street i have now seen three different families standing on the corners holding up signs saying refugees you know no more latitude and they're all muslims i cannot believe it the police drive white right by i i just don't know where it all the same it's amazing it's like they got their little house like a set up on the corner its incense well let's go back to the fact that how majors are actually out there most of us have businesses can find people to work there's got to be a way to get people because there's just not a labor force out there to be half people have gotten too many entitlements understand home rather than jumping in and realize the true american hero right now is the one that gets up every single day and goes to work take care of their family and holds a job well okay so my cousin and tell me about the and keep by any way so tell me about the money that they put on the car the last couple of months they been putting thousands and thousands of dollars on the food cards while average americans as well middle class the milder their jardiniere bells but these people are there given everything they everything will they can't read now because of the election they cannot have people that are on wealthier and they cannot have to come out of their houses and start complaining and protested can't have that they have to keep them happy so we can get through these miniatures and get them to love it's all about there in those communities i asked several and have these organs several founders in presence is ever what are you into the inner talk to the at limone what are you their minds help them to help them know the with all these funding conservative can't just we have to help to help the man in the families on welfare have to educate i just don't see how they're going to see any differently i mean how can they how can they look at what they're getting to you know it's like me how can leave in it through to him and even when like the medical insurance that they have you know i'm so i will say that when my son was born i was a single mother in call so i was an help insurance through the state when my son was but not any more now that was for a year by the way but i got everything but that when we went and got an insurance now you'll pay these huge deducible everything is outrageous and you know it's like but to bernenstein the tax payers a lot of money these people on the dartaway those services are directed by political people that are in by the and the democrats drive those welfare they drive the family courtesanship tom they drive the airs a drill and by the way before dona party oh alisaunder there there there is no different there working together and you know we've been taught that there is two different parties one party stands for this and the other partisan to the sweet they don't stand her anything neither neither party stand for anything it support corruption than on in in resonance the middle class montespan in the master destroying the middle class in this world the greatest part of two the greatest thing that we have in this we have public education as public education was a great thing no other country has a the other thing is the middle class there's no middle class as another you have a leg rich rich rich and poor poor poor you know there's a whatsoever is a beautiful thing to get behaves middle class that holds this small business all this country these are very import eristic of america and that they know that they have to they have to be full in the middle class but your spending money where pain and after that i am tired of people not understanding that that's what's going on we recession noriniere passed that i would say were passed a question or unattended presentment when you look at how many how many weeks the stock market was down in a row and and the inflation of there not even commiserating they they won't even give you the real numbers on it inflation you know they'll prive heard you know a person of her twelve per cent i like are you kidding me goethean don't listen to his pen this we we have lost fifty per cent of our buying power we have we're heading in venezuela where heading toward there that they have to break our really really what's going on here the breaking american we have that's why we have to fight we have to fight the spirit of life not each other understand help each other get like a cat through general plan they up they got my my family through the american people got us through that persecute great example this country what american a hero for a person who is a good person three years of his life the service of his country and they came to his side came to our side do this we each other strong by doing i grasper and take our money and destroy our kids it's insanity can are what they're doing to our children is that material for rangoon know how you people raise children i have these four grandchildren and i just can't believe the cost of milk i mean i used to a raising mine three children my mother follow good lord we had night two gowns one came home my father picked up two gallons of day it was even my ghost rebuilt was five hundred dollars you know i painted how the doing it i just well it really rationalised in our sex in two and an so as in a private school except private baptist school and men are daughter just started day care there and incline you know this the tenant dollars a month an cowells and men grocery bills at i mean it's incredible i can't well my man really think that i really think that we i think we have to feed our people that's the way that i think the state of michigan needs to be run is that we need to get away from these big corporate irritations and have local farm and be able to feed our people treat the state like it intonation and a local farming you know to give the deferential farming rather than big corporate army keep that in our communities now why did they do development the development is about the destruction of of honestly farmland and putting us all into little apartment boxes where were plugged into the instead of protecting some of that firm land so that we can have so that we can have in fact the ability to feed the people in our communities of of what god's may you know that there berenstein and i got a friend out o and there his keen was reported you know on the chinese by an able allowing that you know and that they're doing in there killing crops they're doing the really they're doing sometimes i take state different things you're going on it's really really it is criminal activity i like it it's like the mob and it granow england now uniting the naebody at that their door came money and riou won't be in business you know dirty coal world economic form has a food division and so when you look at world economic form and the evil that's come in here thank you to governor witless there that has made a deal to bring it into the state of michigan along with our crenellations on both sides of the idol this is not one party this is the entire opera they have made a deal to bring electic form had quarters in the state of michigan they are after the alfereces in our food in order to start out in half control so the way to bring it back as you continue to have local growth and people locally and then we're going to just choke them out i think we choke out the oeconomica form and let him go back to to how are they below he has got to go we don't have to epimetheus to stand on his own like this you know the rest of the world is following me to the other thing to his ever remember what we do in general is you know what we do is the rest of the world is you know what we do in this the waking up their protest all over the world their sick of it they have been in control more so than we have ever been been in control people by bad people you know it when we talk about this country and what we do and god spread this if we this we spread throughout the war and like the it's going on all over the world happens to be americans people like for children here a lot of aces to they have very sinful going on where they want to be well i got a gitano you've got to go mary thank you so very very much as friend for coming here to day you you are such an inspiration to me and i got a tiniest love you as a sister so much and i'm thankful for your use and all the work that you can and that the sacrifice is that both you and your family have made and we this is this is the flannan club right here despise a sense of humour as what you got to do it you tell him i broke a sense her here you do because he has it is tough work were every day we go on and and even now in the good reporting is like is the truth on this stuff you know he i appreciate you donna you're wonderful let avancer much for coming on i'm glad to meet you destiny please i love come back i'm getting my full blasted upright now with words though there the looking on the one found at nicotiana melissa and they found the dragwell know they usually in the outcast's another's this is great on friday afternoon at one adoratorios and may be reassured ular thing and have anither gular things we could talk about him now marabout god family and country that's what i was to originate god family country because it's kind of like when i get on here it's kind of like in a metal we kind of like ships that it moves around early don't know that always goes in a good surprise to the melocotoons a great platform a great to do that women need to do that then come on and talk about we need to yes and you know i have a respect for each other and you know even the other side you know there's people good that just need to you know be treated verily i mean there's no more debate any more you get a good bat you can pederstone understand a lot of them don't understand if i might truth derangement endroits not distrained titanotherium tolleston's crazy sometimes and sometimes you just need to take a break and give him up you know and herbatious down that no better about consoles i think it i think that's a healing for all snow flakes are well let the pieces marian in unattributable on you're going to be out here i mean i say to explain i think we could have enough to tell to identical so much work to do in like a geneticist this week at that moon to miami i had a peacocky stay here with us itineration menials from the general you know he's safely four o'clock on a horn sometimes nosie ay and i got to coming back i got all i mystiffio go on a book that we are a book and a book that totalists and in the separation of powers so we are being the great things that were doing a lot of it a court in the newer piling a lot of images i were waiting a lot of court case or two were overturning a lot of not and then you know the court system is actually where were really stuff we not we can win in the court but this stuff is so un i mean down i'll drop with what happened to him i mean my i look at some stuff they knew the more stuff they do i shows everything how corrupt everything thieves that shown everybody who corrupt the it probably unfortunates so much you know i that man entertains everybody appeared so much we know at how much it cost to go to easter's groups i getaway you know jack can't liberty townhouse guys they on that there are no profit they have been representing the air force able that take the facts they didn't want their religious you know and so if they want on another hero to the amazing he just as you know amazing those kinds of groups the relentless thank god you know every desolate project verities all of these lonely day for a twenty two i think dave from excites not over way to start the day this is daydreamer i always listen it was i'd like to meet him sometimes we come to the extent report you know water guy his voice is very different than what he looks like to its character funny guy really i oliveira individual so maybe some day he you cannot help me maconachie to talk with him some time to open it so heroisms over you when you meet some of these people that are to madhava know he offered the anybody just to decent two report in lifeful get better quickly you'll you'll feel gadabout was very positive he what a tadpole need it they do and blassemare and netted yes loveliest errand you know were all excepting our team from now until forever solutely i the color she is amazing she is so amazing when she said that her brother her hero that made me cry well there's i get it i mean you know i think that the flints of given so much country it's just and you know he has a heart you know i see things that you've done for this country that people don't even know how much you have put on the line for this and you just never stop fighting and i got to i want to be standing next to you if there's a fight because you know how to find an i haven't met many people that are is badger ask as i am who will not fit who will not lay down with when there is something going on and that's what it's going to take it's going to take everybody's standing there and the never give up never backing down to these this is a global est criminal organization there's a lot more structure there than what people believe there is and i don't i don't think they really come to terms a lot of people have not come to terms and waking to the fact our political parties are an arm of his in monster we've got geseline a squid and the tails go on for ever an lots of different directions you know and and it creates never ending and outstations or the chairman of the republican party the michigan republican party is tied in so the world economic form in the atlantic council enough for everybody to understand i know that he is not on our side he has the actual opposite as republican the republican bernadotte tonsorial you know i'm just wait in front of that the bear the bear but pitchers to come out here like they did with hunter bicause i mean you know i'm kind of sick of that i'm kind of sick of the bear but pitchers of a pantermime how how how many pitchers of a man's behind tantalisation know it's it's weird it at weather it disgusting is what it is because i had actually met thought hold her and it was so i did he was an impressive the first picture i like it not now undone with annot's oh it's really grows and then did you read the odd daughter that might and daughter actually bidandari yeah i read that to there was antony know you know what real interesting that people don't know down on as the by and whiplashes both with his i read and drug read reaper he announced his run for both of these kids were in due throw them both in drug read that's where she wrote that diary and i was in dread like so he provisioned and then i think about that you announced you know i was i talked to runyon how he he actually feels really bad for the bile children and because they were born into because they were born waterproofs and their father a goin gives them conceited of these huge responsibilities and other country you know i'll be business dealings and his like will that would you ever do that to your child i mean you know he has a drug problem and how but you give these responsibilities that he can even you know the guy can't take care of himself there i was in the godfather you know it really is a lie here's a dead protection and do the tatanemance right the jack pot loser lottery for a dad right with her riding dead and in the family are you kidding me and he talks about how much he loves had and all this and and we have to care about people you don't care about your own family you got a politician for over fifty years done nothing i and now you go all somersault to be president and your wife is a that is no you have all times as meditating you stay the american people look at the high everything wrong with down a rail we are they won't find anything around with him with widening of a white now i feel bad for people that have medical issue just and the person you know that once you get older everybody is going to suffer something an you know and well get it when we get older and you know i said never going to make fun of somebody that has a medical he definitely as a medical definitely should not be making decisions in the ah you know and anybody who says any otherwise as they're not paying attention or they don't in the truth as as abilities you owen it's you know we've got a clown government and you know the oh bunch of glories running around and it's a poem i was closely on iglesias terday i was not a glow i was on a glowing mission for exposing glow colinet a tax by a glow at like kalondai your little hole you know that well i'll you paper were gone i was going through this paper work from san man has so much nerve i will tell you the man is full of thee he he has all unnerving the world actually because i don't know anybody that would so one of the most spoke in individual over something that they actually so i talked about it so you're going to turn around and you're going so outrageous yes every post i've ever put on passbook about him on her mind you he left the one the one he came in in he set about me that i tried to cheat an election ah my having explored theologians no they weren't they were they were explained but everybody there had eat then the state party it was a special election so the state party did update produce but they did offer to do a ten minute of day so in the in the hallway when they fell out about the issues when all about issues that we are having but and he went late so he says i had tried to cheat in election how are you cheating an election when you're standing and watching people alice don't don't you love hell throw these terms out there they they throw terms out like they've got they've got you know pattisons contempt never know what these terms mean it's like fraud they'll throw fraud around the throat you know they'll throw these terms around and there's no there's no accountability to what they say and if their lion through their teeth it's just a political hit job you know i watched it half and yesterday that the political hit john that was going on and it's like are you kidding me all their doings some showing their collars and the fact that they made a deal with the double somewhere along the way they sold out and i bet you if you if you look far enough you're going ahind out that they were promised a job they were promised her or or there was a reaction deal or some look at look at the houses and in fittletetot be right out there but all you got to do is look look at the out portion therein the lifestyle there's no possible way these people made that kind of money so they're doing most longings or giving the favor for monetary game where you'll find what you're going to see as you'll see those certain individuals all the sudden move up in the party and the new and it happens quick and then everybody but when it does happen everybody had forgotten about when what they did to and in position to memory so you know i don't know i think i'm going to start a time line i really do i started a time line two years ago great also it's i actually sent it to a lot of media by so they don't care because we're in the pay too you know that's right the story was the big yes basuto do it was but the man as you know a pain a pain that was it was a pain a pain no during andromeeda that's what it is they can't lie so the care that their media outlet is going to actually you know lose a ton of ore that people are going to not that they are going to lose their company if they if they put something out if they're the first to fit them they don't mind being the bad don't want to be the the putout efforts put out but they will not interesting once you have the information and the proof in the document as to refuse to put everybody can just imagine i contacted every single media or and there was one person it was going to put that out and that was rather roger stones media the guide does his media ja that and rather dead on his social media and in any gaditanian believed the people in the party that were calling saying can we have a private conversation this is not true you know under under alias a and social media it was outrageous contacting his reception people that he works saying that you know it's not true it was just outrageous like her here's one of the pieces of hers one of the documents he has in the last this is a post i put up an says please pray for tenaciously always an acquaintance michel smith pretorian others that orchestrated a communist takeover of the maconochie all suffering severely that was i and that i'm sorry and asking so i making people to pray for certain individuals and this is a fact it happened a sorry that you don't like it but here's the piece of paper that sandringham ed the delegates toinette and economical county chairman eric castalia then you can not give how people who vote for period do you cannot just like an intellection when you're working in election you can't wear a sure that says voodoo rum or i i can't i can't be out in the front can you cannot interfere with an election so i posted and i put sangrado to his dog so that's a fact it was his not one of them gave it to someone i have i have a bunch of documents like that that was given to another candidate to infect how every one who voorhout overthrow a convention as well as to set i hear negotiate one as and if somebody that we shot and i does start the convention and storm the convention was about subverting a people's choice and basically bullying everyone into voting for a candidate and i know that there were pressing delegates will right now there marion pressing delegates who don't who won't fall in step but not only that they were threatening and coercing people at the delicate level for county conventions as well as a state convention this been going on so there is there is no choice because they are the party is absolutely determining who is going to run it is not coming from the presidente cause their stake it's not coming delegates they are literally taking away their and they were on which is taking away from the constituents they should be getting their directions the constituent not the state party and there was a rally it was a trump rally in the city you know in washington it washington right or the town of the washington or on the east side of the state and i been calling that a the electioneering rally and had nothing to do with president trump i was so ashamed of how he and the people that came there were treated i am still on still discussed by the whole thing and i heard over and over again from state party people that the entire go the purpose of that rally to make the present delegate feel good and boat for who the party wanted to run that was a stain gold for that rally when people say now who was behind can with one i know who it is you now who is when the people find out they're going going to be the same person that wrote that document that you're talking about it is outrageous outrageous that somebody would actually if if you think about it this individual but entire reason why made the decisions that they did the rout their campaign to get the accountable being most delicate in the that is nonsense okay and an end who ever went i heard that whoever wins chamouny will so why they're so concerned about but i believe going to happen in the inter as that i believe this is what i believe nobody but i think that they are going to the state parties going to have to drop the votes of all the delegates at the end of this because of well what we have like right now i think that my running to of interactions and only two of the metric astate hearing this command over and over again which kind of shocking to me quite honest people are like well you know the party can't win and lovable blandly out of ten different venus we get information out to people worth tracking two of them and i'm over i'm getting over or we are getting over thirty million interactions a week you know this is the next closest candidate is carried lake on those two almost two measures and she's at eight million i'm a thirty she's the eight million and then the next closest governor cadastre hundred thousand are you kidding in the lock but but but i'm like what's the but here this is these are actual numbers so so how to even make a statement like that in an once in a while at a sudden you see the right go on you know in the he micolo at the real number as the real numbers are pulled numbers it's not somebody from the party telling you who you got a vote for it's not some grass roots goro who has actually working with the party and in the pay of the party and getting donation dollars from the party because some of them are and not all of them but some of them are it goes to the little clearing house of of a structure criminality right down to the people is so who's getting paid that's palmyre going to find the answer right there but now look at this and it's like you know and i'll hear this you know people haven't people haven't heard about you in like yama be in the republican echo chamber because the republican euchar finding of but a matelote got so many disfranchise voters and democrats and republicans that are sick of the party that its kinfolk watching raftsmen of the titanic heraus they know the ship's going down on the republican party then the democrats are it's it's a unitary of disgusting criminality dear election if they cared about our elections they would raise all kinds of a commotion at the twenty twenty election in stop word on time out yon one of them did nobody tootal go along to get along which is now that were seen in the voters of the now we got we got a hot republican we got a vote democrat because we've always owed to probe always go to don a print so we're going to go along to get along and who is going to hand the election over to the unpartisan to be the voters who are not brave enough to do what they instead of family a party in other making this party there their saviour their god for saving the state of miss to get and out to do and what's right and bonington come on people were smarter than this and hopefully were braver than this were michigan forgotten you got to be a man to live in michigan so cold up here that you know you got to be a little cool though as to people people for michigan talk really far and we have we leave letters out of words and i'm like there's a good reason for that you know what the good reason is because if we don't talk fast and it's in the middle of winter or what's your onofre together at good it's like you know you got to get it out and get in you know get it out it across that now anterior right you know why do we need why do we need a state party i just want to know no political parties all their special interests or no better than important rest out there that's right there is no nobody needs anybody that's tell them whoever nobody need anybody to make decisions for them into you who you are you know who you are nobody need anybody to die on and you know now what it is is it illegal finding its laundering money being an harrovian its election interference on a huge scale and go claims to be a republic he is a republican seeing several republican so in a whistle blow that came forward and risked their family their children their under their very young children my career and had to move three times on a licentious there all winter answered here he is there women you know why because stangrave one of those men who believe that they are above women they how how he is his old school like that it's not even an old school thing but that's how he i been able to see it and stands in the day i nathaniel down on women a look at his wife his wife won't even answer her campaign than she won't talk at all he answers that rating he does all of everything for everything she cannot do and she doesn't debate nothing so this is what i wrote on face this invites are a bullet points in these are and this is why he is showing me this is all in all retinas february twenty seventh and i got the quickly thirteen points and i was not going to let people but without seeing because it's so and i was asked i was asked by the one of the top candidates in the state to the back off of stand barter the sale one of their yet i was at the baron he said please stay away from grant don't don't get involved in with him entered i said i said in my county i love he said as they can help your action and i said no i said but it's doing what's right i said why would i stay out of it you know terry has and to be honest what he said was pretty much we can lose a state house we can't lose the attorney general so there you go anyway so i put on her but let me just tell let me just lay out some facts to the voters of strict thirty number one stand great as a political sallow to stand as stand ostensibly as a male ordered bride with absolutely no education number three sylvia gravely speaks english you refuses to a your face look life or show up at the base before stan is known for telling candidates support then or it's not their time and they are not qualified for the possession yet he is running his wife who has absolutely no idea what's going on she has been last with her husband and grace eruptions and and in all at number five stand but sent out absentee ballads with a rat as the candidate to confuse the voters and rotation dollars and bribe to drop out of the secretary of state race he lies to the people and the mediator two years saying he had quite family and sees the contribute grain the michigan top was released to the public by the previous of the party at has remained silent a silence see ratisbon recruiting delegates for years now number a rat was proud state house he was advised he has i leadership to stay out of district the november election number nine rabble he is the king maker of macomber a candidate files to run they are advised to contact and roberval that i was a nice that's a stanotte very first person i called when i announced my run that was that was through my old manager and wetmore who is the mad ox mamache of staff he said here is a list of the people to call said moncreith se are very big people he called the pipes and the party a sinawa number one is the very first person i called if you don't call stand gray when you decide to run for office and get his blessing he will destroy you and it's a known fact at the time i didn't know i was just thinking whose titorelli i don't care rapprochement her one it's very interest so and i didn't know who he was when i first called them but then i started learning this and i might oh no oh this i'm not going to let people go by without knowing this number ten sylvia dried took ten thousand dollars from a liberal path that support beam and gobion i posted about and and said you are just jealous no mister grant i'm not jealous at all i actually have morals and respect for for my constituents number eleven stand braaten nearly a hundred thousand dollars and mealers landing and defaming terry make bets three times the room the remaining salary for the special election it was only a six so number twelve sylvia gray plain to support election integrity yet her eye voters survey what would in the election process she says well i support voter ide and i well we just had the most important election of our lifetime so and for us how about a prentice audit of the twenty twenty presidential election and going back to hand counting the ballots stand bruto be a was asked by an illegal immigrants to turn a lot to turn in a lottery ticket he percentage of the money and an dainopoulos life is a school lunchroom assistant with no previous work education history the michigan go perillus it the bride i what you need and thirty thousand dollars of his own money and to his campaign and that's why and that's why he was paid that amount to drop out of the race how does a wine cup hampton hundred and thirty thousand dollars to drop into a and that was there and here's a outdistancing up that oot the you know you know it's really sad about all of this is that we need just not politicians but leaders who are willing to stop in and take these positions but it so stagin you if your if you're from the outside that he and the amount of abuse and the fighting that comes against you on real it's just one and in they sit there and they say on top of it you know we're christians in the open extra spurt that their actions are not indicative somebody that actually cares about this country and treats it as a gift from god when you hear the stuff that comes out of their mouths and i don't mean given a past of people that are criminal that's not it i mean just manipulative hit job on people and they don't want the best for this country they want the best selves and it's yes as a person you can not other people that way can't i can't treat other passamonte is a lot of people in this state party and that are involved in all this that i do not care but i would not treat the like that the only reason i got so so mean withstand brought as because these are these are facts and he is lying people and all we do it i'd rather have a democrat in the seat before stand rather as my opinion and depositary said the title doesn't matter any more it's a unitary and we've really got to stop jumping back on democrat or republican because it really just italy it's not represent to them of truth at all it is it's a unitary and they're all in it to protect each other in their little little organizations and it's just really unfortunate really as it's very nowther they can go well hopefully hopefully this will be resolved quickly and in the truth he is to come out you know and when when people know the truth about something too they do a really good job at trying to shut people up and tell them what they can't talk about you know and a teat they can say it though and i i that really i honor oh yeah well you own business as though too but i don't know i don't get sore and i've never seen anybody well that's for for something i've said it oratoribus ness i've never been so also but when i stepped into politics i'll tell you i've gotten so left and i tell you it's like it's like you get when you're in business you get sued because people see you as a bird for you to that they can griff off of it sort of like it sort of the same thing some intent of the government so i'm kind of a fan of fighting fighting losses are frightened issues on principle and there's been times where i've discovered out in said you know i made this and you can go handsome if you want but but but i will win and i'm going to drag this out just as long as i can to make it as painful for you as possible and and so that so that the next time you think you your thinking about harming another human being you're going to have to think twice because one of these days you're going to come up against some omahas get some real go as a patriot who absolutely will not stand down back down to your bully and when this in his transceiver you're going to think twice about doing it to another purse and i know there's there's a couple of them that that i can't that i can even i can't even honestly talk about because it of course when you do well in cord they don't want to telling what had actually happen so you can say things like we came to a mutually beneficial result on the if you ever hear me say that a financier and so by the because they want to the other party does not want to have the truth out of what they did but don't you think that as that that's the that the right of the people to know that i think than to be able to know but that's part of our museum court system right there so sometimes when you when you fight a battle you you fight you advance the line that win and now that you're going to you're going to get him again and on on probably a future day that that it will present self again unless the behavior changes you know it's like you know it's like a court i love i love to say this statement this is not a physical statements anybody out it's going to quote me in this and say oh she's forester that just you know it's like in court it's like the beating will stop when the behavior impure around you know because i kind of an interesting it's an interesting time but you should never never shy away from that in any way shape so i just got a message my husband needs me right now because we are in fact when we doing some acompanying such such tomorrow's going to be a big day for us we got we've got an event to morrow and i'll post it so pocahontas our plan is to do the metro cruise to morrow and incoherent the there's a lot of truth to the young trees and pray i'm going to be in the end the peach vastolla or day week and and so there's the lot of these last things you and i were putting together a speaker series too and i expect that there's going to be some sour candidates who have who who threatened yesterday to show up at whatever even it i have and it was a clear and present threat i scream shot at it so that they were sit there and talk in these go and quite honestly these people are stupid because i of course am goin to run run around and i'll coutance in a while but they may not know it's me i've been writing for years under other names and so i've got a dust screen show right now with her is a clear and present throughout that was lodged by my another another selected he and i and you know promising to find out where i was going to be and having people show up that is that was that was not was not necessarily laid out exactly but the rest of it is putting out his statement was another one a hit piece and a statement was another but that's okay they may want to think this thing through really well because because ghost donna moves around quite a deathly and gathers in form and obscurity with you all the time so i crawled out her well so at any rate kind of an interesting and interesting stupid it shows their stupidity that came out yesterday and i don't negotiate with lies cheats and thieves and so we've got a problem there you so butler i have a screen at he come from down by the way was that if i'm going to young good and just keep the right in my back pocket a little bit but but it was i got it i collected it from several different areas and if i'm not there there's a whole bunch of people that are out there keeping their eyes on this and now who the other come assets are in which group because i'm pretty extra sure that even when president trump said we have at all he meant and there are ways of that information coming back inviting people in is going to bite him hard that well says where you know that people are getting nerves when they start the threat the rest stared rolling out that not for a soft nobody should ever get three never nineteenth lined with and what their true character is there just the justling himself and so so kind of interesting very very interesting to me very very interesting but i too it's going to be interesting because if anything ever happens as what we had a tree of names and and probably an organization that's going to have the finger point at those individuals very quickly and when that we will not be in negotiating with the outcome of where he is going because you know it's just the negotiating time stopped stupid started coming out of their mouths and the threats that ended the negotiation right there at any rate kind of interesting so anyhow hume for projects concerning what we're doing to morrow so so i need he had had over there given on things and you why we pray to day and we got a weekend to go into i think it's going to be a great weekend and are now that i find this stuff really all of it i really find i kind of feel like i was i was born for this fit i enjoy the reality defender and protector of the universe is what i feel like god's kind of i like open front of things like this to its kind of i not my in raleigh some for and you the only one i could the rest well i'm sure as how that stupid enough to put a throat out on social media i can tell you that which you know i wouldn't threaten anybody any one but i'm going to tell you what you can see the iole to come out to the poorest arouse in their hands when they use pretty fast and now that they just disqualified themselves on a low he level right there winner when so little bit because i know they have their spies yet as i have metromanie your ticket no i will sir near it in a real soon but at any rate there is done in front of god almighty and other is no they can't hide from that and so there's going to come a day recoinages they probably make an about do the thing because every word every thought every action is going to hit be held accountable to the as accountable so the asteroidal about things instead of treating people's life the poheful but low iole that still are children in adult bodies can't usually carry that out very well so i do statements make whatever you want and and the hounds a half all are going to be on leave at some point in because of the rath a god you know for for sure it's going to be the real gods going to become an on your door step so just keep it up you know and and and we'll see how this turns out and you want to look at the prayer and sun esthesis a time to be brave is every one needs to be brave going forward and standing for something and not backing down do not madonnas if we would have all stood together when when when white as when witherill her little cronies of their in lancia i mean conisby the unitary because every single one of a bunch of gut was little cowards that reason up and not right thing in defence of of the people the constitution the bunch of gutless cowards and the gottingen front of em and they become the biggest political horrors because that's what our interest in a and you know some arriere not going to back down you know and and there is no backing down the animal you natalie we shun who are lenity question not their highnesses who set themselves up in this rig all proof their own greatness you know it's it's incredible so yea but it at any rate it's time for every one to absolutely step forward and be brave be that hero that you want to see we can be that person you know as god as god for for protection as god for wisdom and going forward he will give you he will give you what you want i mean first turn a jesuit had blood a christ around you all the time and once on that step salvation stuff as is made and you got the blotchy around doesn't mean that things are always going to go great that's not part of the deal but the deal is is that you will stand no matter what and you won't back down and this is the time that every single person has an opportunity to and fact be that hero and stand and stand in front of the people the present trump they're not after me there after you i'm just standing in the way very clear of that and true leaders that's what they do they stand in the way of the people that they are there to protect in the and now you know there's lots of us but every single person can stand together in the way of these criminal politicians is criminal these criminal organizations that are trying to take our nation down steel man torture are children destroy our families and white god of the face of this earth that's what they want the tapeworm were at once get rid of god guesswell you know those people are in a fringe of protection right now in the faith that this gonawak out while they're kidding himself anything that stands in the way of good you think you're going to be in the pay of evil and that's going to work it really will probably estoient they're going to be maison as that use is done your toast they will eliminate you just as quick as any one else they will not negotiation they not have sprouted don't kid yourself that you know they they should not be out there kiddie in the sand all were warparty muttered us up they they give me all kinds of flattery to put me in a position of power they've given me money they've done this i am important you your only important enough and while they can use you and compromise you once that moment is down in that moment of truth is goin to happen you're disposed go to god none of us are disposable and to true christians every single life matters every single person we believe in that sang to the of life we believe that you are indeed created by god and that you are lovemore sure we will stand with you for ever in the name of jesus i so do and prudence you can print at one to well dear heavenly father we have so much going on right now in the fight around us is very very thick in its real we ask for your protect please send us warring angels to be all the way around us not just not just like the ridiculous masses most to keep us safe at speak of you know six feet below six feet on the side six feet behind the number should he told everybody right off the bat what was going on here but we have you we have your holy spirit we are so thankful for that we are so thankful for the angel two to camp all around us and we ask for a hedger around each and every person out there who truly loves you and serve you as a and works to your good purposes we asked the outer down all strongholds that you would create confusion in anything that has to do with sat and his purposes for destruction the if the destruction of life the destruction of liberty the destruction of the the senate states these united states of america and the constitution which pre those rites and stands in the way we ask your protection over all of that week through protection over our minds that you would give us clear that we would be able to think critically in all situations and not take what is this garbage that is being spoon fed to us by these very very evil people in order for them to continue on the rampage of destruction and murder thank you so much for walking is forgiven us your holy spirit give us all the bravery to walk forward and to protect those around us in the and not be silent when we see things that are wrong but to be that hero that person that stands up for others were so grateful that you hear leading us in these god we love you so much we asked that you would bring many to salvation in christ to day and for them to understand that they are precious to you that you care in that all they have to do is come to you as for forgive as in that you know and accept your your your son your saviour jesus come into their lives and that they had you you understand the atonement of his death and that you paid the price that we can be together for ever because you love us so much that you would send your only begotten son we are so thankful were so thankful that christ accomplished on a christ or on the cross and that you raised him from the dead and that we will in fact be together for ever were so thankful for the police shut every mouth of the mass that are out there and people speak evil against your purpose i shut their mouths at the kiss confuse their plans and it of any one that is that is not serving you and we just want to say we love you so much so much for the day ahead of us we are thankful and grateful for everything you've done for us names christ were a a man a man take you so much done i will be sending you this schedule today later today i had the sedan yes so so if you're going to be here to morrow let me know we've got a full day of athens that are planned and that i napoleonana post or were going to be and where people can actually say high and that sort of thing and tobe yea it will marrowskying day party at late because my parents are in town they live up north and their intended wanamee hold it off so adept freak thirty so i am going to come to the the crew for his party and then had to they sat just amazing that's awesome so fantastic so everybody come to my website and our website its brandenburg here it is again the name tinplate brandenburg for governor dot com i am in fact on the ballot i had no member twice removed and twice renominated to be on the ballot and in november i told everyone i was going to be on the ballot and that's my goal is to keep my promise of every of every promise that i made and so i'm still considers yes and so so we are on the ballot i write every single word and do all the posting on telegram which is at brandenburg the number four am i and you can come there and actually communicate with me asked me questions it may take me a while to get back and give you a good answer i'm not a person who will shoot my face off like say another stupid candidate that wants to ah you know us emotional response as i want to have a good response to you so that it is thoughtful and answers your questions completely i've two murderer you to give you a bad answer in or for shooting on the if i don't know or if i need to look into it further or formulate an actual professional response that's my goal there but anyhow the brandon bird for governor don com we i would like to ask everybody to day we do have some financial men and we do have some financial needs and i would ask everyone that we all need to get in the spite in one way that you can do it right now because right now we have some financial and that is to go and done if you go to at brandon are you got to i do out brandon bird for governor not come there is the son button which the linen if rome arion initiation want this nation to go in the right direction you know if you if you everyone has ability to give i would hope give some and i am not talking about the big corporate donations because i'm not taken the picture medication and we need to lily right now his there is a need of injun board and an donating today if you want to know what to do make you grow the contact to people and say i'm going to take that indian forward this antechapel and we're going to see how much money we can raise over the week at the weekends going to be foundering and i would ask you come part of that will and not you know your donations are important that all the people you know put that donation that wink and to your posting into your social media contact tax email call people with ever you can he had waited there began ray eight one of moliere translated we want you to put a commerce of we want to to do billboards well good then help me make this happen wenaston and added you porticoes by otanes one person we we can't do this on our own he says he appreciates every day i have a family i am doing as much as i can do as outraged use a lot of her own resources or in pain so far and not everybody can what millions of dollars and dark a campaign you know not everybody's periods that throws a levellin dollars into a campaign before they could isolate stupid because of the swords the payoff never not one that to be something that all of us stand to gather and the start of that is by pledging your life your fortin underscored honor that means every single person has to get the just before us to the past and the big corporations running and being our election doesn't mean that's right if we want things that i start now it starts to day it starts with us i starts throwing throwing some cash behind a candidate you believe that now the political parties cut them off to we could cut out these criminal political parties and it anticipate the last load looting exactly right and you always ask yourself why did a candidate put that much money into a they will never get that money back from it doesn't but that the salary for that seat doesn't even come close to what their putting into it so why why would you do that well i would say that that canada is corrupt from the beginning yet he they know that they are going to get in there and they're going to actually abuse their to make it it's paid to play at some day sure them in order to get the first union it containeth it was stuck on we looked at the tricolours as has all gone palomides it if it doesn't look right if not right it's not right in so many we love to us that all your own our thoughts and prayers every single day as well of all love whom you love to bless you and god bless america later they i gradisca and but they