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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/2/2023 Special edition - 9am Dr Tim Parker & 10am Lori Brock

Published Aug. 2, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Redeeming Grace Church - Dr. Tim Parker - How The God-Man-Priest Deals With His Sheep! Hebrews 5 10am Gotion EV Plant - Lori Brock is going to talk about Gotion and the EV Battery plant fight. They have had success in getting enough signatures for a recall of their elected officials. Redeeming Grace Church - Dr. Tim Parker How The God-Man-Priest Deals With His Sheep! Hebrews 5 The book of Hebrews tells how God The Father and Holy Spirit speak exaltingly of God The Son, Jesus Christ who feeds us One Heavenly Food. Hebrews gives bold answers when people ask, “How do we Take the Son per Jesus’ Gospel Foundation?” We partake of Christ’s Living Will from Graced-Life given by The Spirit in new birth. We partake the Lord’s Table before partaking of Hebrews 5 that unpacks The Son and starts a serious warning about repentance and worship. We struggle to differentiate between Satan’s condemning brutalizing work and God’s loving-exposing work that reveals wickedness in our old- man flesh. Since Jesus “feeds us” at the Lord’s Table, it’s good to prepare our hearts to worship the King- Lamb by examining our scarred and stained hearts, minds and actions. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and its the second day of august twenty twenty three welcome thank you for joining our podcast or broadcast here to day ah once again there's lots of things going on every day just as amazing how fast things moved gariihio having a little bit of a technical difficulty with solandre got out at we there sound checked there was a feedback and so the train get that they're trying to get that figured out right now but in the meantime i'm going to go hodanoronk to start the odor of a redeeming grace church nine o'clock here to day with doctor tim parker and then we're going to go to while coming in glory brock i i think we're going to do is go to little bit shorter segments instead of the two hours when i go to two hours because this is kind o like there's long flugon on here but i think what we're going to do is there in to try to split this up and have a couple of different people on every morning so that there's soeica get more people i give more people an opportunity to speak to morrow i have christian anderson and he is a bright young man and very interesting to talk he actually had the first hand experience with human trafficking and am in some it is an interesting so he's going to be on to morrow and then then friday we're going to have libreton from the brunts and case and that should be really fond they actually got a omocon yesterday when i was talking to and i think that we really need pay attention to the and keep up with that so so i'm going to start this off your lesse let's see if we've a i see timon and gary back stage here we'll see if not my not quite there yet so that's a kay i am going to see if i can and this screen and and we're going to start out with some prise music and get ready for communion ansonanson preemonition pretty good donna i hope you are any better we crank up to the computer again now now it's like i could clear it to her out i could hear of it when i say i did he both carious still trying to get to laptop oppin run in or we'll see i don't know what to say do you want to shaded off on one end let me talk without you getting feed back her atherfield conisodes of the canonicate sinward okay all right well i guess it's always good to open in a word prayer and let's do that i hope everybody is ready for communion to be within may be ten minutes at the most but if you're not ready you got to look at the time to go get out in get ready i do will pray and get started or even he fathers we come this morning we thank you for your despite everything seems evil is in charge we know the tour in hare we know that we have peace in you when we rest in lord de as we take communion and go through little bit hebrews to day i just breathethe courage or hearts challenges look higher and above what we are to you now that you are happy to live through use goto or in two year word you know what it would that like to have on dear anyhow he answered that is in one here says he get in there at sea the comingbefore run in ominating out o as isatogen he into i matenpoet there is vernet the your old looking as thing out godelevoeus there there i samengo back in well work clear out sonny's tight difficulties i go had no plan or so i mean to give back to her her time the son hero loved back a chassanus and a lot of people think that in order to conceal carry you are going to be a tactical belt is long outtell you those he no which peerelesse mitrochondries toneoneo the tangibilities ooooooooooo and the and the sieboldiana doing you you i he songsaltogether this you here some in here tim i can hear you do one when the laptops any better here i think we yes it better okay he hear me perfect i can hear you yet that work i say that joses for gusterson is serving happened because you shalland a calesin get the thing figured out sorry non sergeantly back and i know he got things sententiolas together brought what notthis connect with the other computer the senorita and to ideationso sorry gus i now what do i think we got it okay we're just on the lap top right now donna that's the key were endeavoured to persevere and i think we got the i i i got to tell you i'm always really thankful when i you know when we can overcome cause we are overcomers things that get in our way that are yes no problem the least that's rail how kay ah so how are you this morning tim little frazzled right hackabout the weaver you know all the shoshoneans that go not cook it right there's always one have have you sconcesand before so an any rate guess where compare knows that's carryin the back ground the dairies tegeloo and a very very good red we thank you very prayer time you put into the actually we distomatosis he had to what's that you're ready there we are get ready a key so i guess that's a everything's going to be a little cock it but oh i the title of the messages as forty how the god man priest deals with his sheep and nessessarie i believe that can'tfather only spirits speaking saltiva of god the son jesus christ who feeds us one heavenly food did not come from the song we had last week ah heber's gives bold answers when people say well how do we take the sun for the story read were christ foundation we partake of christ living well and i mention this the sophonee don't talk about much but really the book of ebers is really unpacking the will the living will of christ ah given by the holy spirit in new birth we partake the lord's table ah to day and oh and enopa some of hebrews but i would suggest that people struggled to differentiate between satan's condemning vitalising word ah and words and god's loving exposing work that reveals wickedness in our old man flush and so when i'm talking about hearers we come to the table we are supposed to examine ourselves and we sometimes struggled to do that i heard a sermon last night no salify one where david sanely confesses in christ to god to restore his salvation on after he had to meet ikonstand much worse than he did by committing adultery with beschaving uriah her husband called in a despicable way and it seems that he david wrote solis crifty one may be a year after that fact and so it it's yes amazing sometimes how we whether we get locked into our paradise or what but it's like god used to profit nathaniel to wake david up and remember that you're the man story and it seems that whatever he had blocked out of his mind whether he thought he could get away with it but it's like a when he realized that salsify one is his prayer to god to restore him and i think that's a good examination taxed the few will as we approach the lord's table so ah we did talk about last week down about john one night and i think that when we when we think about that i say it's like we have got half too if you will expose our hearts to ourselves i mean some times we get sold deluded that as david i think clearly was we get so deceived in our own smugness erigas oh i don't know exactly what it is but oh i would say that we can't accurately confess ourselves if we are exposed to the truth of our set and that may be a disjunction or seen like it but it's it's just a mazing how sometimes old flesh works ah we we don't like to confess with don't like to admit we don't like to be humbled but god intends healing and we that only need healing from ourselves but it is so in a satanas to steal kill and destroy we see that all the time but god wants us to understand that we can overcome in its i think it's a daily fight to overcome you said were overcomes but we have to overcome the world the flesh and the devil and that's a full time job and joy i hoped it when we even last week at heber's for was so good in its poignantes let us therefore strive to enter that rest show that no one may fall by the same sort of disobedience for the word of god is living and act of sharper than any two at short piercing to the division of soul spirit of joined to of moro and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the hearts and no creature is hidden from his sight but all our naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must give account and i do think about a persition cutting from a surgeon that's really the way it talks about god's word is able to make precision cots and divine things that we think can't be divided to god's word is that powerful ah so we think about exposure to sin and confess in our sense and remembered that not only do we confess our sense and john one night but it says that god is faithful to forgive us our sins and then to cleanse us from all unrighteousness and i think sometimes we don't look at that cleansing but ah james thoughtes and a prayer of faith will save the one who sick and the word will raise them up in a few committedso he will be forgiven therefore shall we not wake confess our sins to christ and to god but it says confess your sins to one another and pray for one another that you may be held as from james five fifteen to sixteen we can fully trust god who knew bursas to lovingly please and this is typically i believe it's not that therefore many things it's really wrong to discuss our sense but heber's shows us a different picture even as many squirm with the warning tacks and aliseda believed that ah maybe is an encouragement hopefully people here it is an encouragement to warning texts are real but they are intended by the holy spirit to be yes challenging but encouraging to the new births and if we miss that i think most of the common teaching is to take it as bully whip and to be people thus deftly not what the spirit intended so jesus shared at the last supper with his apostles and if we remember judith was one of the twelfth and he took the lord's table in an unworthy fashion and i say there i think he proved he was a god by doing that goats on an can't see god for true mercy and grace god's blessing is in christ crucified flush that was given for his sheep so a typically i just i pray from my spirit it's not often i won't read a prayer but i will do that it's called the broken heart from the valley of vision so as we prepare to receive the lord stable he said o lord no day of my life has passed that has not proved me guilty in your sight prayers have been uttered from a perilous heart praise is often been praiseless sound my best service this our filthy rags blessed jesus let me find shelter in your appeasing words though my sins rise to heaven your merits sore above them though unrighteousness weighs me down to hell you're righteousness exalts me to your throne all things in me call for my rejection all things in you plead for my acceptance i appeal from the throne of perfect justice to your throne of boundless grace grant me to hear your voice that assures me that by your stripes i am healed that you were bruised for my iniquities that you were made sin for me that i might be righteous in you that my right grievous sins my manifold sins are all forgiven buried in the ocean of your concealing blood i am guilty but pardoned lost but saved wondering but found sinning but cleansed give me perpetual broken heartedness keep me always clinging to your cross flood me every moment with descending grace open to me the springs of divine knowledge sparkling like crystal flowing clearing and sullied through my wilderness of life a man so jesus after taking the bread and giving thanks he said this is my body which is for you do this in remembrance of me remember that i might be in front of you as a pastor shepherd but i do believe that jesus is the one giving this meal to us and we take it the spiritual food now we eat it so that we can have grace and mercy in the same way he also took the cup after supper saying this cup is the new covenant in my blood do this as often as you drink it in remembrance of me a man in he said for his often as you eat this bread and drink the cup you proclaim the lord's death until he comes not entirely moving on but in some way moving on there are five warning passages and hebrews and yet i believe that it is god point into salvation in his son encouraging his sheep to stay within his loving rails and nearest to five passages five eleven to fourteen a belief before we get in sex fornical through sexual flee next week wrestling with tensions in scripture provokes us to consider god's corollaries god removes our sin as far as the east is from the west we hear in some one or three twelve he casts our sin behind his back from isaiah thirty eight seventeen and cast our sins into the depths of the sea my cassave fifteen to twenty after the celebration while we are dead we had to celebration peso thess looked sons one three one to twelve but act were a started six there how the lord works righteousness and justice for all who are pressed he made known his was to moses his acts to people of israel and all these save visually to all but with new birth vision to redeemed ones we have to understand the terms and deference because all talked about it everybody went through the flood everybody walked across the sea everybody was led by christ in the wilderness and yet as he went through all those things everybody didn't receive that the same so essentially you have goats that will look at it market may be go long and now say but but but but the sheep will follow sheep will let it live through them it will actually be in their essence their soul essence the lord is merciful and gracious slow to anger and abounded in steadfast look he won't always try nor willie keep so lebe warning with hold his anger for ever he doesn't deal with us according to our sense thank you jesus nor repay us according to our iniquities for as high as the heavens are above the earth so great is his stedfast love in i would take to who toward those who fear him as far as the east is from the west so far does he removed our transgressions from us and i do have a few questions sar in on us to understand who removes what and so this would be we can understand that god removes our set but does he but say removed the consequences of our sins very often not does he removed the remembrances of our set i'd say probably not oh but it says that he removes our transgressions he won't hold it to our charge ever again if we are in christ our sons are under the blood and we've been cleansed by his body that's majestic god does do justice so he can give the blessings of christ that's the living will christ died and weaken live with his benefits at such so i got down her sons that he forgives but we don't forget sometimes we want to forget but i think it's probably not a good thing that we forget ah and i i do want people to listen a head yet a message by body back called brokenness will talk about it later we're going to go through some of that replace some segments of that next week when we go through hebrew sex but i would encourage anybody if you got any extra time this week plug in brokenness five vote bacchus here's my cassamiento twenty as in it is there connistone hing in here that sostenan idea or thought or do you want to keep going and i'll bring it back the work what catch it later i just thought maybe i throw it out here and then if people need to write it down we can do it later and in manuscript cause i do have it oh so notagod s distinctions as in the days when you came out of the land of egypt i will show and the marvellous things will who is the tonic is the people that came out but i think we see the nations the nation shall see and be ashamed of all their might they shall lay their hands on their mouths their ears shall be doubt they shall lick the dust like a serpent like the crawling things of the earth they shall come trembling out of their strongholds they shall turn in dread to the lord and they shall be in fear of you and i i say notes the right response to god's warning and exposure by the nations that fundamentally reject him and this is what i asked the people of god why do we think that our reaction response should be as that what we read here but at the same time that god is giving this i want everybody to be encouraged by this god is making a case for a huge contrast in these nations and he was the show us which he will what he does to his people and i think this is a struggle gone oththe or listeners struggled with often the hear me talking about the one side and they kind of own it to themselves as chastisement ah and yet god makes a distinction this is what we have to guess keeping courage in people here if you're there then you got to do some examination of your soul if you're not there you can say thank you jesus for what you've done in me so here's what he says who is a god like you who pardons iniquity and passes over transgression and for who for the remnant of his inheritance and this is where again lot of people think it and were to touch on us that that god forgives everybody now he can't and this is why i say if we understand his cross work he had to do something that were by god's justice was fully a piece fully propitiated so in order to give us grace that positive element in our redemption he had to require perfect justice so god does it offer mercy without perfect justice and for people it's either going to be in christ or the person himself is going to pay in in any eternal punishment so it says did we did we run through everything above their i think too okay yes it's if the remnant of his sincerity you he does it retain his anger for ever and notice the difference between his treatment of his sheeps grace response to his cross work because of his because of his cross work and this is what i want people to understand because he delights in steadfast law and typically lot of a translations talk about his mercy there he will again have compassion on us i'll tread orantes under you cast all our sins into the depths of the sea now again thought of people say he did that already but it talks in some future time i do believe there is a sense that god has already done that because of who god is his eternal we are we are finite and we i don't think we can understand the eternal even until we get to glory in some sense but his promise of kingly victory can lenora but his holiness cautioned against presumption and this is where i say i think there are a lot of people that presumed sayings that i ohjust be careful we out to say he who will let's put the reins on it and examined at a little bit holosteon to people that you know people are are the heroes of their own story and that that's the typical reaction to things as that we think we're doing things right and i think when he saying is that that sometimes we've got it wait stopping think that there's a huge distinction between us who are in a process and provement plan by god that we at we can come boldly to the to the throne of grace and not in realize every day rishis mercy is sufficient for us this day we can whatever whatever harsh feelings were feeling as people are the worst critics of the and sorely realistically they are i almost almost all people are the worst critics of themselves that we can lay that a jesus speed and know that he is he is working a wonderful work in us and a monotidae the steps to continue to improve then and god will walk as through this and it will be it will be wonderful that the the people that are or specifically throwing us and god's face like a human traffickers the paphies asses there's a totally different class of people here we have we have shaped and we have gosnall the sheep that are out there remember this is a joint this is a joyous thing for us we really have been wanting to see the justice of god with all these liars cheats of these that were seen at that have professionally lying to us and leading us astray and we have to remember that the thatthatshe is not reserved for you you can walk forward to day being encouraged and knowing that god is here walking you through all of your difficult taking your your tears way and he does he does forget them he he goes past in that he forgets them you don't have to feel the condemnation just realized when he put something in front of you to change then he's doing it because he loves you out of out of his own gentleness and goodness is you know if you keep doing this you're going to hurt yourself from going to love you anyway but we've you know you're you're going to hurt you so when when here the the the a harsh condemnation that sometimes comes through that's not reserved for you if you're a jesus christ and i don't let it don't let it a drag you down because because i'm you have to be able to think about this critic late in the fact that that god is not going to let the snan sons go on for ever and the things and the people that are herding you he's going to deal with us it it is an i assume that a lot of people here are our christians and they really want to do the right thing this message of of warnings and of open open your game we can always find fault with our selfe and what we do but this this absolute not going to not gone deal with this and sickenesse is is reserved for those who are like child traffickers pacifies is that have done egregious crimes against in in in and you know don't don't be afraid to go to god because he will help you through all things wright and i want to want to see thank you down for seeing that i just want to ask people something to ponder are we as you said earlier and maybe i'll up to keep back off o that you said to were often way harder on ourselves we in other people but i want people to be aware of something san bombards are mines not always with third person accusations he bombards or mines with first person accusations so that he is throwing singers true or thoughts that we think we are condemning ourselves or that even somebody else's condemning because god god never condemns if you will his sheep satan does god wants to he causes to overcome that's not what satan wants to do so when he causes us to think first person thoughts i think that that's where a lot of our struggles comes from and when we yield to those anschise me were given sat a victory and we can't do that so again scarce be again i won't take up he restore sixteen i believe it's one of the most powerful verses in all scripture were he tells us to come boldly to the throne of grace to receive grace and mercy to help in time indeed it may be whether it was before or later or i'm going to least insert it there i think that we can see that the throne of grace in narratives right dere on looking at it the throne of grace is god's corollary to the lord's table and in the least thrown it out there for us to chew on is there anything that we don't get at the lord's table that we don't get at the throne of grace is there anything at the throne of grace yet we don't get at the lord's table and this is why i still say it is the lord's table is so majestic because jesus literally feeds us up believe his grace in his mercy his blood and his his flesh and i guess i'm looking forward to going through heper's tan but so it says that we see that to throne of grace delivers of very similar benefit is the lord's table paul taught with warning clearly in mind as is on the back side of his sad communion instruction whoever eats the bread or drinks to couple the word in an unworthy manner will be guilty concerning the lord's body and blood therefore let him person examine himself and so even than the bread and drink of the cup for any one who eats and drinks without discerning the body eats and drinks judge bound himself that's what many of you are weak and ill and some died but if we judge ourselves truly we wouldn't be judged but when were judged by the lord were disciplined so that we may not be condemned along with the world so there's the difference between god's discipline and satan's condemnation and satan will be condemned in these evil people will be condemned in the end so we have to her discipline rather than condemnation so done you know a lot about in an say there may be just prefaced that i'd rather be rightly judged by the lord then face a face weakness sickness or doubt for presumption i know everybody gets old everybody loses her derailers i know and i've had many surgeries to help so our bodies do were out but james talks about that the people are going to sometimes suffer because they don't rightly discern christ's body and blood what does that mean what must we do ah some people think that god would break saints in this is where i think eh what will stop get to it devotionthank but done you know about horses and i don't i only heard the tetlathi you have to break a horse number one to put a saddle on to ride it to her on i don't believe in the breaking of horses that's a bad that's a that's honestly that's kind of one of those bad terms is it you don't break him into moraliseth them too and then there's a big difference there she ain't i guess my point was i understand what your son did the saying of all has been at maybe if i miss quartette me we want to break their will but not their spirit so now it's not not even that with training horses and i think people are the same way it's like a hear you teach them to trust and know that that you know you're going to be the same every day and i think that's what god does i think god realises that people are so broken from this world from the circumstances that they live and from i mean there's there's a million things that can to you to it and i think that what he does is he comes to us he offers as his hand i've got something better for you you don't need to you don't need to do this any more and these are these are the reasons why i why we don't go down that bad path and after a while horse will learn to trust a really good trainer and go while he's not lying these telling me the truth and i know this person will always always be the same and always keep me safe because the word is good and it is the same with god in it i understand what you're saying that i i know that i don't believe that horses can get new born the same way that people do so i think there's a difference there and i guess this is what i'm saying i think that before were new born we lived in the kingdom of darkness and as for i believe it free will reigns in that kingdom of darkness so in some sense god has a believed it when we come to christ we let her lee god takes us through a process where that will is broken at will is done we've got to see the that will went to the cross with jesus and he gives us a willful of grace so it is a trust issue but i guess i wanted to at least know that whether it's training trusting i mean the there's there's a process htmstore for the horse to be functional or the person in god's kingdom in at least i'll leave it there i didn't want it to go into a whole thing but i preachingcase i know that you are a horse burst i do go leave what you say it is a trustin but this is really is in this we got a break to trust that we had in satan's realm because a lot of people do trust we have to learn to trust god we have deadened and pick this up in it it takes trust in order to do that so any rate i think as we trying to preserve treonike or time ah god prepared a lamb for his sheep now was christ so jesus was the high priest after the order of melchisedec but i just want hisisaac snippet oh we think about the law of god and agaricace i miss some should be talking about foeshad to do with the feeding of the heavenly food but i says contrary to wrong understanding to fort john three sixteenth jesus didn't die for the whole world yes his love prompted him to send his son so when we read for god so loved the world i think people struggle there because what they do is they understand that god loved the world god loved the whole world but i think this is a common air rather wish could hear the key for god loved the world in this way that's the soul i do not this make sense so it says that that because he loved the worldliness way he sent his only begotten son did whoever believes in to him what die the second death but hath eternal life and i i would say that maybe hebrews five is a fuller commentary adottre sixteen so we got maybe five minutes to be off i hear oh yethat's long though he espied it says oh and i need to blow it back up so i can read it a little bit better there sensefor every high priest chosen from among men is appointed to act on behalf of men in relation to god to offer gifts and sacrifices for sins he can deal openly her gently with the ignorant and wayward since he himself is beset with weakness because of this he's obligated to offer sacrifice for his own sins just this he does for those of the people and no one takes us honor for himself but only when called by god just as heron was so also christ didn't exalt himself to be made a high priest but was appointed by god who said to him you're my son to day i begotten you as he says in another place here a priest for ever after the order of melchisedec in the days of his flesh jesus offered up prayers and supplications with loud cries and tears to him who is able to save him from death and he was heard because of his reverence although he was a son he learned obedience through what he suffered huge key and being made perfect he became the source of eternal life to all who obey and there is again ciafferi you're not being you not follow as law from salvation is the family rules i think it need to look being designated by god a high priest after the order melchisedec second time about this without much to say it's hard to explain since you become dull appearing for though by this time you ought to be teachers you need some one to teach you again the basic principles of the oracles of god you need will not solid food for every one who loves lives on milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness since he's a child the solid food is for the mature for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil so as we closed before reprehension bonokee i would like people in about our long fifty eight minutes the whole thing you catch it like the best sermon ever in a cot version and i will use a little of that segment if you don't get to next week but i want you to understand that you can stand boldly and firm in his faith that lives in you when we learned hebrews i think keepers is one of the greatest book for for as to learn so let's let's close in prayer and i be anxious to hear your neck segment down but the for heavy fathers sweet come we thank you for the opportunity to do communion we do believe that we come to your table where you feed us and lord appraised my sisters would all rely on your and your blood and your bread did you give to us in communion and i think you give us the same at the throne of grace she give us mercy and grace to help in time and heat which i think twenty four seven you cured and lord in you as they live boldly for you in jesus name pransitans and i've precedental the time and work that you put into all this it's a it's a masintha k you for being an to day share in the gosselies salways love that so have a great day and then we'll see you next next week sorry we had to problemsdistance or on eloise people for repeat kitchen tables as good to the get so if you if they don't like it they can watch seeing an it looks like plicately but they lie we all heritable donatives the titular to and i no montrefor here we've got lorbrok and i want to bring lorton he oreodon take danicanthe i'm doing great i'm doing also fantastic i'm going to i'm try to add i brought up the article i saw the other day and i was very excited to taunt to you about ah what's happening up there in goshen so a city gives a little run down because it sounds like your having some great scenes we we've been pushed him back really hard long and were really it is amazing the sad gig to all the one well i think we lost or so truthagain and hinder the its at the quay now we adopt on re he there were told the the michigan before gonoptera through well that's really exciting the whole color one he for and we had its cool that's a hot my attention and i saw that there was more people there more people that have been a basically the gotnothing for recalls as that cost oh absolute and misshapened over in my he had only got so this his coming he drove around everywhere you the communities and then their sole company that went that's cool on trying to find the article right now eh that that was a testificat upon mattoon on the gold shipped ah in the the i don't remember where i put it but e in that they were footing you god is and what you were doing to it's really impressible put on my telegram channel if i can't find it before before we're off here well kinnatalloon more about how you organized this and you got people motivated to men forward with i perspired after and everybody but when they did let county members they any they told he it you know what hope oh my god or we turned in the to he and all the other like to where so i none i've got it on to seven hundred and fifteen million dollars and state tax par cash and taxes if if people don't think that this is going to effect and it has an effect on every one of us they're crazy because it's just is such a an it's a second sitios a slide off into darkness its incredible and any don't or public functionaries that are out there that i would say right now that the majority of a ninety nine point nine nine nine per cent of them are probably working for the sea cp at this point to i do not believe that these people are who they say they are some one is getting paid behind the scenes there is the possibility that any one who actually carried about their neighbors here families and friends would would go through with us unless ther's payments being made that we don't see and and i'm in i will go to my grave believing that because you've got you've got people that i know are making money and get paid big dollars for they're properties and you know in in the scivolemis that huge moneyed like his yet was a if young we have no control given a hundred old we had owed on some well you know and it's just it's just that the numbers that are are given to these companies are shocking eight hundred and twenty six million dollars is gone to mary bororo and you know there is there's no benefit none whatsoever to americans here it to say that they'll say that they're going to have jobs but as soon as they get that money amalthe had down to mexico or or minor timewater somewhere else and bill honors even how and there were the boring the robots from probably overseas you know like like orograpic companies are also i don't i mean we've got some of we've got some really good seein s manufacture small ones in the united states that are a doing really well but by and large people will go by the price and went when you've got slave labor like they do over there in china now they've got no environmental they've got they've got no human rights how do i say that protections put in place they who can't compete with them you know and not not were not on the same plain field is the we're not but we as we follow in they don't erat no say asked and when they caen so they will cover to does he yet that the whole line got to plod you for all the work that you've gone up there and sticking with it because so many people get into this and then they run when it gets tough and you just doubled down on this which i got i got a really hit give you you know encouragement and and respect for what you've gone up there because it really is really as an amazing to listen to in watching like a saloon anything i can do to help you is here how give you a voice or whatever i mean i'm the girl here cause i really really preciate the added and you know this is really what it's going to take to restore restore this nation is going to take you and i and people that are like us that rich used to back and to stain the fight because he is that these are not going away i ain't he now they know what they're doing in their back by big dollars we can't compete with these he because of the fact that a wee cannot scan them so we have to beat them in raw after it and knowing the law using the law to defend to the fiend ourselves and in sand in the fight you can't distant run up run away from this because it's not been to go away we we vowed that we're going to help i mean no matter what and it all we have a drake by make the ache and back of we're going to be and during his you got legislation coming through the these cohabitation also carlson caseation or north how stresses and people have to understand that this is where a decision on individual basis makes all the difference in the world these people like chapmen who is involved in this their traders all and he linethey are they are traitors this isn't youyouwhat's it's really amazing to me is how quick people are to point the finger at whiteresidence that's a chip shot all right what's happening there is back words it's easy to point out a bogie man when the problem is systemic goes all the way to god if people are selling their land two of something like this setosa oh hell no i not budging on this one i'm i'm standing here and i refuse to sell on two tothese these these companies because any company that associated with china is and by the scpins i remember so it's like there a one still continued a line about to show up on money also shows people can go on the uncle he had long ye the one in trying to look for protect stator so here magazines c when we went into the of the so and white was and about so i don't like i that's i'm sure you will i think this is amazing and and you know quite outspoken for all the lies that they've one told how wooden what else she to now see don't know that yet they alight with present who did what reed going over which he essoodid in a first through it all the those this here robert he is well there there's the lassie protect macacagat or and saw that everybody can't jump on and help you and and be aware because it has just say you now this is commoner colony it's the same matter of time the manners not the into so ye ye all better is grationapolitan in the seat to refuse to do anything odette so much now let's and we got all he refused to because he doesn't want to know if like eleonora one it is what it is but were well this is just fantastic you know the there's there's a lot of different companies that over the years and men and a lot of us we didn't know how bad it was until the last few years and of course biding the illegitimate president that's a set in the seat there you know everything is gone gone ansehest change now and i always say this i try to say at least once with hot more than that over single pot cast the right of president of the united states it is president donald j trump he's right on to the and you watch what people who are i'm not even a callin down across the street up marks sustinuerat ors globeless their part of the global crime send again if that what happens when you allow people to be in leadership crew are not leaders there all they want to do as they want take advantage of and in victimized the rest of us and basically everything that i've heard that thespis overgotten and all in it's it's basely step on esteban everybody else because nobody matters we are in their way i've had the port let none of it the shell what you got so in the building it was they find they lined right the where a poor eighteen hundred cops it really is deputing it one strong community with a lot of real owen every one keeps her saying that they hasted i love it they have horses because horse ladies are typically a little bit tough and it's like you push us too long you might get a boat right up the body point tie and he and it's not going to be the pathetic rot out of republican way of doing a kicking somebody in the balls that's going to be a taken conserans every day i know the hooknorton is as it's like it's like a i have horses which means that i can throw a metric ton of hay i don't quite fort and i can take a tikior a half ton animal you will be no problem absolutely exactly bring one's kind of funny it's kind it is kind of funny he bought but ah ah yeh well that that is so encouraging to hear that you guys of iwiteth ng down he even the fact that you will donato hundred sixty acres from the people have a grasp on how how we in that blue trackand the show some and there's no end to do wot to fight he he had to buy the way or not for there came of their own the non when it comes to us on their own money like a roll cost he adds and that what you are running llorente and to do or lines i bet we form did the deed that the study of the township payd for the sins they don't whaten plega science even though he stepped i don't and so in the individuals named well may relieve all when all set figuring that out regno the jolt you it i said all i three anglo follow your i don't like he has throughly god i have so encouraging that that really so what is it what's the next stop now that where o i honor messer whatever but we had so those other to a special the paladin and will have we that meteyardher on to the really was people are then i got your hole they got our back flying down the in a hole he takes the for well it's proven that the people that own that land right there right now were willing to sell out to china the ornate your name you know this has been a problem that i've seen for many many many years and people want to always blame somebody at the top but it starts on the ground you have or going round you have to be able to stand without wavering without inalterbile waved in front of your face and say in i don't care how much money they give me i will not be a traitor to this nation and my neighbors yet i so scared because the the word in this and so you don't how we're going to sue you were to see your downcutting good brain on people are what you're offering we care about her that may they literally comet he heard on another were when the beds of honors well it's a badge of honor when somebody attacks you when you're doing the right thing it's truly as a badge of honor that you know im it's just you don't get that given to you you are in that well only when from other areas that are back here i really felt people like and other other eries the because they have no so we he there's a lot of corruption all his really really need as the helenfor the more were in the more research as i can worm itself end out to where o while you're welcome to commandante you want and i you know i just this is all volunteer on this side for a down of brandenburg on here so effect helps you and get the word out and if he can use the video on on any of his you know a being even in my gas because you know i really really applaud everything as are going and i really i really am amazed and just grateful that you give sayin the fight as long as you can lay out in as hard as you the of i think you may appreciate they want to help i don't want to one now go to enter one atone the essagerre were here to help out do you hear the way to take on line donations or is it all despised there's not let and train figure out word as i see i see the help of spot what secret got that on the whole bottoner and i'd try to ring for this nephite people monsewer to go i have not so the general i'm not seeing the down at there there somewhere on over we are also and do all we put a lot it forth the and other yet we're trying in with struggle sunset note yet i had that of there was looking for a botanist as dominates so that as yet i there i would like heroinethat you could sit he had gone in to me and sufferedthe yourself for check it's good as long as we know how to get some cash he guys to help you the real fight you know that is the liliaceae your home stately while that's also some having to drive off then and a may we have launched some day i see your horses i've had a no i've got my eneanasensis now and we'll see what happens to the next couple of years that of course i have posseshins which went i looked at one a few years back and i'm like odd after by all brand new tack you you're you're a size and getting at her the little bit you owe her the snackie up until the you know up to the red dobesides where the friezes as chief in out not wanted by the tack for another size or that yes so i think i hear a your bow i think you're bowled on forty five minutes or an hour away from me well yes now would be a lot of fun so well thinks it a lot of hersomething i have likened help you what just let me no worry have great day well i preciate lord being ideathat was wonderful and a one o let everybody know that it was just so thankful that you could come here to day because it's really encouraging to see people like lore who have thought so hard in order too ah take the nation back on i'm very very grateful oh i'm going to go to some more encouragement here you know just just sorry i set you know ah life could be a little hard sometimes and i typically oh i realize the hard life can be for a lot of people and want you to know that there is a there's a great spot to land on that spot is always hang on the that spot is this spot is always with god god al always always help you and whatever you do in life and you don't have to be afraid you don't have to worry about a bolt going to god or the kind of a show their owners in eclectic as this portinsherrich feel you know i never know how to say the same in abstruse on this some things to day because i i really my heart goes out to every single person ah life life has gotten so difficult and we all know it and i guess i just want to pretty no how very love you are at home no people are working behind the scenes trying to do what's right for this nation like the rice or of cold first year the summer even if the power to there o what what's right for this nation what's right for you and you don't want there's a lot of us saltitat are fighting very hard who very much care for you so i want to give you some courage that we're going to st on some ices of god and he take our time to rest in the fact that god is with us and that we don't have anything to worry about on the contrary as you were called you may obtain toronto he she loves her lasso i you she hoped also blushed a fruit of your the roof your crowd crepre you why increase of purer and the young of her flock in the land but she swore to your fathers to give you joshua or being careful to do according to all the law that moses my servant commanded do not turn from it to the right hand or to the left that you may have success wherever you go this book of pillagenot depart from your mouth but you shall meditate on it day and night so that you may be careful to tell cording to all that is written in home shore then you make your way rose and then you will have goods i not command to be strong it traces do not be frighted to not be just made at the word your god with where as here you go and washings too six or seven therefore o assertive christ jesus the lord so wrong in creed and not up in him and established in the faith just as you were taught a pounding and six giving first tissonensis long through twenty four therefore encourage what another and melt one another up just as you are doing o we ask you brothers to respect those who labor among the and her old for you and the like and admonish you stained the very highly in love because of their work e a ministrate there and we're in a continued on to morrow with christian anderson he is going to be talking about human tractility have somebody else on there is a price too and then friday it's labrodon he's going to be one so that's going to be great dear heavenly father thank you for each at every person out there let them be encouraged this day that you love them so very much and that you are holding them often your walking through this life and that they can turn to you with all the problems allall of the problems and all the things that we have on their mind i ask that you would guide and direct each one of us help us to guard our words or heart as to give our actions over to you and in her thoughts we are thankful that you're always with us right till the very end of there's nothing that can suffer at us from you and that your love of us is just absolutely amaze and we rejoice in the fact that you are with us you are in charge you are helinand leading our country are world out of this horrible captivity that we've had and we are encouraged knowing that you are always good all the time you're always with us and we want to thank you so much for each every person and all the gifts that you've given them the the the and that you are taking all things and working them together for good to for those of us who love you in a call ecordi your pore we love you we know your friend to us and we want to also be a friend to you we open our arms and invite any one to a to become part of this family that is truly concerned with each other who will step in and help each other and who will who will fight for your good purpose and in love them and love them back to health in the in the way that they see themselves in the way that this world speed upon them that i let them know that their very much allowed in their not alone in jesus precious name we prayen have a great day to day ah here going out right left side almost got a right i god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america make it a great day it's the choice i had will see it to more oh i threat to say go to brandenburg for governor dot can diningdining i have not conceived i won't concede and we're going to continue to fight on where finding better ways of doing and i want to talk to you to morrow for a little while about how we're approaching this legally incorrectly it this to rede the election in our not redotoit and what really went wrong i think i've got the figurante actual legal path to write the things that are wrong to cook me a while you know somers that takes us a little while to cut through the cutter on the fog i think we've got i think you got a figured out here so anyhow joined me the rest of the week and we're going to talk about some more stuff you're lost