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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 4/6/2023 - Ken Nash

Published April 6, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

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morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg and it is the sixth day of april twenty twenty three ah and i got a lot of confusion of there isn't as i can a crazy what's going on out there but you know what i really believed that that we're in a wonderful spot right now where god is truly cleaning out the corruption and uses of very good to accomplish his goals like every day god hes on throat and to be a great day to day and i thought i thought i i enring on my very special gas to day mister can they hide you gain having our you nor i need a great i got to show you something this is esliers i am i posted this yesterday and i'm snoring nose i've got a really work sometohori i find things a long kinds be fondants i ritesthat do that a minute because we all know ste so so it he's got he's going to be on the the the arfak president is going to be on the poster with the wall of hate where though the rest of the cone dictator murderers that have been in the past and the sothink that's pretty funny and the rightful president of the united states is donald j trump and on stickin a story in ofte so how are you this morning i'm out standing in working away whether change in as you know you're in all the birds beautiful sunsets he has i mean i'm in a stout my camera men it but i got to go get up out of charge for my for my other screen here menaces one of my seso just were just going to keep talking you'll be able to hear me in such and then soon as they get that poggin or come back so i so yes so it's it's fond o fond to see spring come around in materializes in it you oh you are you're it's nice to casa for travel like to day hand down to hastings for that meeting with the sheriff that ben gone on for years the the first time i had turned at the meeting where with all the guys see quite a while and it was so is so funny come back now or is so funny to me de see the different groups of people that are out there and when somebody knows what's really going on and you walk in there and of course they want to test you on their knowledge that they've spent an entire lifetime and your late i don't know these questions when i willing to learn and the group regis that are down there with sheriff or their funny you know their incredibly intellect incredibly intelligent i love the screw be guys and talk about that they all even though none of the maritornes they all act like is like there arguing these little tiny words you know in a in the law and in that kind it really is kind of it kind of one of those things that honestly everybody should just go and see an honest meaning because it's so informative and a and a and these guys know the law on like on like the sitting in office in the state of michigan right now who don't know the law number one and number two they want to know is the other noticed that that they will not ever talk about the constitute example its outdid it or the law they never ever lay out law they never lay out the cons in i mean never in in in any way shape or oh i maybe they do once in a wile but i mean it will be to west disheritor they like him typical attorney when josh it's a legal is the legal license to steal from e you know it's charge on way too much for for playing a game or other than for working for jos so but but they never talk about the constitution the left doesn't he mancoles the commies the tho these guys contentions itation they don't talk about the law they don't talk about nothing except for how to get money back into their port he telanthropus is neat for so many reasons there's people from multiple different groups that are there people that come on your shower parts of the different work ganization and grew blank a the choral assembly the karens part of a couple other uppers you know part of that people from that show up there a people from like come we've the county show up stand out take back the depend so many different words our people if you will there also part of all these fens flowed through that meeting if you will he come down to check it all is that everybody sold and we should in a surprised actually that more don't because of that dialogue might i care speaking of their so many knowledgeable people there that its place to make that in her connection and explore some posthabendus and alleys we all have questions of well it's conditionating to sit in there with a group of guys that have like the entire once memorized of well as you know it's not we're not talking hexcuse me man i need to look this up know no no no that doesn't happen it these people have it memorized in their minds insidewent argue they actually are the law and in the lawful process but its real is really really fond so one one of those runconfound group really on whatwhatoh things i've noticed going the past several months of the side you say that you guys the rogues down there its kindbeware mineminemine more and more ladies or showing out more regularly again that cooperates from michigan at that's the other thing all other meetings and hastings and very county and there's a surer for very county the majority of the people that show up to take the portecochere throughout these it's really a ne focal point how kase when i use the term guys i speak michigan right hard i i might the wind i went over i speak just say i'm not changed in my words are not changed my pronouns but i actually michigan was his general new gender neutral a dialect dinklage and kiteguen isagis for michigan haggis in all its like every one it's not men or women is gisors the desert the and owes peridineisios est you like the i got a guy that'll do this or i got a guy that i know all this way it's like i got you know you like it's weehawk on otherwell the guy could be a girl doesn't matter it's now i agree it watching the group of all over time you know he is starting we were talking about the twists you mount to detail at to the low and the crop started by merely men did that one studied the stuff and wanted to be compliant had to question about how that law was interpreted and applied and the sheriff is responsible for the law enforcement of the county what more appropriate authority to go and ask how do you read this law this was the way that i'm seeing it can you help me correct my understanding so i can be compliant or tell me how you're going for dar was the sheriffs of the or the first as far as i know across that was willing to say now listen to your question about how to be law abiding and see if i can get an answer for i like our dorset and i i think his govindachandra thedeacon i'm not holding out against some entirely but i know he did it through through the sheriff's sociation but i'm not holding entirely against some bud but it always but it is but don't you know he a yougot a gal i insidi ferentinates i got a guy there's a young guy and there who happens to be a gale manwho's in the growth i absolutely adore her she's from a just south i think of land and oh in a county and she now sosias she's a she ses i don't want to see her name on camera but i just adore her shoes a sweet and i know she got into the group and she's been there with you guys sir while ye then he just is kind of a kind of fun group though put any hotelpeople where you goin to be because people could come in and listen to it and that would be hot but remember if you don't know what your material and you she you are in fact going to hand have your behind handed to you by about thirty people who actually know the subject and well yes so the location is right and down town haste one twenty one south in it at noon i it basically a public building is right there on the corner there's parting all the way around it and these in from noon or new to about two thirty ah the doors have betokened its a open to the public there's not it's a very loose knit to comegather gathering the hotelmodern there's not an official group that's writing it so there's hot up particulars a political party to home and majority his common law at one twenty one south there's a ritchie's coffee shop con shoes a parking lot with it while the people get together cannot the hour before and kind of talk over coffee before hittite you may have really you copy there too in that you do i've been over there a couple of times and you just go over to walk over and but i as i've a triste tremendous amount of respect for every one in this god and because of it it's not just the knowledge they have its then the intelligence to be able to handle the knowledge as well as on a well as the integrity like a very selfless integrity of the red just when you get to the on back and in its it's a great thing so even if any colonies decided to step in and decide to be a smart alec in that group you goin to have your but hand because these guys actually know the law and so i think it's kind of on i had guessed apensement he had never that is on the bottom the guy that was the showman guy that jase eh and he got out some he's out not walking free and and he on knowisn't he is being a thing that i can to think he this kind of all a part of the plan and right but i thought that was pretty funny i loved the sky i think it's guys ansley absolutely olaria and and is dis kind of fond i thought of bringing out josie the theorists so is it not that boys good boys i think i thought that was so funny paris some days i make those means were i do i'll do like the length of the lip thinking ones said i i like to send him to my kids and my husband because the disinteressment if i can get him if i can get him to in some so something i thought of going to go head bring us up one on are you familiar with with a cap cannon i think i am i'm going to i'm going to pull us up here a minute and i this is contonet when resource and i think it what kind of interesting about about this when if if you were sitting here next to my computer and watched me i through things as i looking him just like you you know how to research i know how to resent i look into things a fine subject in then i get real super annabut it i have to know everything at all the outer well i find that i you know ah it's michigan capital concomitantia they have articles effect to michigan and i found that the most of their articles are fairly serve so i don't see a ton of a a you know the things that like gate went condados agathon is throws things in there but some of its good some its bad i don't think that there's information and there but at lesos i don't swallow it whole i sit here and think about it too onetano figure out where their holes and and their massage because there are so with with cap come here i think that they do at a fairly balanced approach it and loved her what other people think about this this kind of interesting so this came out marked twenty seven for a company will lose five billions of two years on electric vehicles now my problem with this is that this is such a heavily subsidised industry and why is it that a that a married one marriagethen himshadows one of the biggest contributors to whitman's and oh and then we were comes back and gives it like eighty sick you know it was like it was it's an obscene amount of have to look it up eh i've got something numbers ring around my head where it now and act laden running through to the costessey for our public functionaries and why that's a big problem and how we could hotindian term the budget right oh so white and giving a whole bunch of a of a insinuator as they worked to try to steel from the american people and and and condense consolidate our energy all of our energy sources through electric electric vehicles which the grid will not take and there an come back to us for more money to make up grades on the the grid which they are actively trying to break right as they give ford motor co money for in the forward and then now you know where after giving him like hundreds of millions of dollars in a in like seen a mouth we'd got for more company will espied gillian in two years of electric vehicles now there is no chance a company or corporation like that is going to lose the money the rocking alos they are going to pass those losses on to the rest of us poor saps opin the fragan bill after we've all ready in san oie then to go in this direction because they are planning failure this is what they do so i thought this was kind of interest and i thought we should bring that to the poor front as i know you you've done quite a bit of looking into the eve and the street too and now you're in to rail which yeh yeh transportation the movement of of our products or services are energy released a bottle i control mechanism from the cars and moving as surround the over all we have to keep creating economies and places for people to work in order to the create shanmnoor energies we constantly askance the when we start to flat in even globally the next industry has to be created in order to give us a a raison detre an economy and then from all that effort energy of development and that economy that energy is transferred over to those that are working to use that energy for their right and when you look at the energy i think ninety per cent of of the energy in michigan you know ah it's is combination of dtancourt is ninety per cent in the state that is in fact a monopoly and a centralizing so i might my question so i haven't seen this but you know i have all these questions make sense onless you frame it with the intention of what the trying to do right and so if we're pushing things to you know the eve industry which people in office hamp are or owners in the stocks most of em is just it in the whole ah the fte or how many people in office actually have you know and in such an in the aft how much of the industries did they actually own so these people give an office as they own its owners of these corporations to stocks and now get stock and some which i had a really interesting or kind of thought in this all goes back to a foreign ownership in the united states land which should be absolutely illegal but is kind of cruel because i'm seeing how this little gold rode works you know so we can do bogged but they're trying to centralize our power grids they keep giving more power more power more power into these energy monopolies which gives them the ability to a csicserics control what are you want to call it because the judges are ragged they're not going to call them all nor do anything because they're all getting kicked backs on any prosecutions they do it so we don't want to take time to prosecute people who are actually guilty and i you know when and people are been sold about this old we're going to run out of oil and gas which is nonsense isis a remuable it this is a renewable resource that the earth just makes and i believe that it comes from a deep ah a deep earth or a deep water bacteria because his bacteria on the on the floor of the ocean which actually creates a salary not looking into this all because we can't we can't take get money out of any of these things god has truly given us all over the place as something to burn and keep ourselves warm as and the pollution part of it is so much less in the pollution in the green energy eve lie that's going on that that you can't even you couldn't make this stuff up and the fact that we buy into it i got to tell you guys everybody's everybody needs to take a good deal of sceptics on the intentions of any of these more ons out there who absolutely she soon kill olof us take we have to serve us as public one so i thought that was kind of interesting to hear his cap and this is so all agodown these things that i've got de and so this is kind of encouraging her own room miss county saw most population growth in two thousand to never is you got to something else's really interesting i looked in too how the states money was being distributed into for covet in troth col systems right and i'm in to tell you here is the years a a a a breaking news from donnernder because i'm sick of the craft right when i went through the spread she and where the money went and which schools i started going why is the scoring oswick detroit pot proper his head a population drank like a tremendous population i think that it's right now it's around five hundred thousand and detroit but we have it in our minds that detroit is a huge urban populated area a it's kind of like mont moshette along it the ghost town people moved out in its call is sexually called like an urban jonot is what's happening there were the urban area through our taxes through the blighting in its intentional blighty by those in office keep moving out a super suffered so you know and they grow that well they've got like five hundred thousand population and detroit grand rapids is about one point two millions okay i want you think about this we have and that's grown up its proper the greater grandairs there is about three points for something like that and i don't know the greater detroit area is cause to me detroit just kind o like it's a mystery to me you drive round the and you go on and on and on and on now and they're wonderful communities there and i'm boonthe side of the state we think of detroit being anything from you know the thondathon three hundred miles or something like that i mean i'm trying to be funny about this but you know what men but all of these wonderful communities like rome and i you know in that that there there beautiful they're just beautiful communities that are there in such well i i look at i look at the money that went to through cove and it was something like forty million dollars was allocated it grand rapids got about one point i don't know as one point a under five one point a three or so million dollars at went to grand rapids and i'm looking at this going was the only watching why why it was there like a thirty million dollar desparity which should have been based on population so i look at this and go guise and i an gis in the michigan white all dangers you know doesn't make any difference guisaron those of us who are walking up for it on the plan you know that maybe or half shanot lost her mind and her saying let's hope they that way it goes is this is this is such a a it desparity and there's no explanation for it except for its money one and in two little casinos no accountability for it i don't get it i don't get it so who were the payouts to where they careened als were told to city governments for lee to economic development corporations and your capital where we see money went to no i can't i didn't get into it that for all he saw his were the money i saw were how much money was going and so i got all that in a red to see where they went so nor is his conperus in going down and only est you know and it goes back to for everybody if something doesn't make some herself and in so when you go and recent ask so you don't if i'm going to bring out let's see i'm emerges kept control nothing that i wanted to hit not believe a word i say and were i to go here and then find a well for all what was the intention of the arc why are the writing this articles of a truth or is it because they got another another oh intention so here i go a itmoratoc to you don't i vehicles and michigan arcuato your mind what what are you to do in the middle of winter when you're stuck in the snow bank somewhere or if there's a you're going to wait for somebody like me with a pick up the in a tolstrup the coyote the ditch and in it you your pick you up will you vehicle has no where to charge you can't go get i can't aghast you can't do anything your soft so i look like to look you this and go you know after he power to peckforten days between the ice storm of late febuary and the thunders under snow of march i can't mean ross of royal testified michamac rs that she would not accept an eve right now he gave her one i wouldn't either i think a stupid pert and i'm in it and besides that it destroys the environment is such a destructive you know you look at the cold wall mines and fact that those batteries are only good for what twelve years and then you got to replace them again and and the the pikes make one battery this is a stupid purchase ah so nigh in the battery as though the majority of the costs of the nepeta so restless to refrigerator loads of groceries and had to in in other homes during the outed and electro of the ice would have come mounted a problem she told long makers with no reliable way to charge the coleseed have obtained for overrides from work almost they had a lucrece ah i report in ruts lasted towards another problem for the electro vehicle durability after cress pacifically the electric vehicles battery is a poet so we're buying electric cars is sustainability reasons said monthevery archedecon of automotive risk intelligence but in eve isn't very sustainable if you've got through the battery way after a minor collision and the expense would be horrific we've learned that for melos all this ministrelli but the newest articles five on it or no that for austhree billion on e visscher alone on top the two billion in losses last year though losses are happening even with the profits of fords are more reliable in turnip conviction vehicle sailed and massive and few get fusions of federal pass for is turned into u crane a money do you know a part from the murdering of people you know it's just a money don't for them to stasch at his that's what i'm sent imagine imagine what your insurance rates are going to be right like all your treason you touched the electric vehicle is not let total loss so now your insurance company asked to pay out the sixty thousand dollars for you but again if i travel is gone o be regulated and people are going to succumb to regulate a travel then they're going to continue using regulations to tighten at olmeto mean alefric electrical that cospirato to implements such a thing could create a generation in no time that it isn't familiar with travel and there it's a lost desire lost skill lost art lost the pendent upon their infrastructure to electric cart you around wherever they deemed while they're really good packaging things and selling people disney world you know like i his fantasy land of all this is going to be great it's going to be wonderful the birds are singing varies running around to persver there on the pond it's goin to be fantastic but what they the reality of this is we can't even make a wind mill to be effective and cost effective in not polethe environment more than then petroleum products have ever ever you know what you talk about petrolisthes is actually a natural source and we break it down a comical refined that you've got you got a little any combined it he got some problems there but it's a carbon base you know it's a carbon it's it's all carbon bake so this is this is something that fairly not it's not a problem really and it breaks back down none of the stuff breaks not though the blades in the wind mills it's made of a composite material i didn't optimization study that i fonded and an started with university of our western university and i got a much grand students and we've started working through a couple of different issues it is omikron to know when in talking about here the blades can not be broken down if they composed at material and so we were looking and to i wanted to look in to see if there were opportunities for doing something with these blades nothing you you can use them for phil you can't do a thing with these things a composite and then the noes cone of a windmill they have to use the cant hold the seal for the cool and in there and the cool of their using is more damaging than free on was in the refrigerators which we can't use any more but their properties things in you know like like pope potato chips in your mouth a rope cord all over the place and their family they then so many of em have been have collapsed because they can't hold the breaks on them and not only that it does take the bird population the predator birds down and so you've got a rat problem underneath or road problem because the balance of the balance that god created his men up net and in theirs is somebody problems with so we go back to this i carry out there get car and i we get a togonatee see i know come here as how do ostrefeld one here have the perotto the whole prison set don't know i got very much into a its retakes some time and we'll see what happens yleisest little wit i skin go and i saw in trying to nurse from his mom but the singer and last night as i watched one forward to bed so i had it would see his good last night or timoleon him i hold i don't take me the indoor bottle baby all contaletto work and i don't have the time in energy to that level but a bit in the stall with these kids so much since they were burst an i telergic to straw i think is what's happening so besides the climate in an hour of the error and everything it's a i jus like cat prevet's exhausted the first night to night to geliegod about a couple of hours of sleep but i got to witness the mere good life was to go and is kind of cool i was there to help catch a couple of em and that was pretty cool it's a really interesting in medespelende and oh i'm glad that she tolerates me as well she does if you partieron tom but all they are so adorable no i onput your good time expected that i expected it ever to sun comes up and things more up to it to be bounced around and that will be really fun to see as we got to take like a current got here his sorely cool a very so this is so funny there is so huge i go one second in mom's me that's so throng i love that made out tonesmother lit again just as he makes me hate that's the boy that's the boy of the right as the girl the beekeeper a moment would have to be her he had wagontrail we the beggars you has he mestengo today if the biggest the one the one that was still more resolved for pretty despise the other the right when he was the first one and he a or a man she was she was screaming when she gave birth to him cause he was a big boy no but he came out just likings composed too with the front feet and in head first bring out into lake givenoticeto to others and i would hold on to him before his hind feet and cleared the way and i let you go through other pershouse was trying to clear his face and stopped which was good so that i don't want the pole and hoping to gain some some more daylight pictures to the case love of pictures i have or die or there's the infrared lamp i talked to the breeder yesterday and put a lamp on and on roman heat beryl and they really like the heat arillated up it's like a little hot and above i find all of you is a king regulate their body temperatures supperwill i can get down the i took on it didn't more than well the first night so you had to tenasco to find a sick on trying i'm workin in a most and doing one of these that is so awkward as to work off of your computer and of course i've got so much sitting here on the desk that i try to avoid the mouse and i hooge might my opticians in running on the leg or see and we're goin to fight were going to find go go videos other hereselfe this little guy the silly guys grand okay with story him asserteine one of you he even named for him now a quei consider calling her marble inspired by your video share few days ago ah let not a heading or in what yeah it wasn't really cool if idio i don't know marble doesn't see like a really good name though but he said the last hopes from it like its inquola yet the moon on a like a hazy night they call a romano in some people thus love the moon port that's the decorate outside the other side is more plain the but he is easy work to a term marble i think marble is cool so i love that a marvelous cool had for i posted on kind of obsessed with ideas and processes and so jist cause i find that really fond right and who got i think that's really honor the marvel vitalis really kind of cool and of this a couple of channels that i watched it or like it in ovation but that one was kind o that was kind sidenote part of marble piteous there is one of the one that i watched yesterday was a bow how much it cost to move the president around and in that not like to think of that a really good processes you got to valuate after thing because every single process for how you take care of ye or the cigarette batson and a na i know a king on or whatever you know what they call those who you put this cigarette butts i don't smoke so i've got a few of morone you know the receptacles of the see and though even even how you do that he every single thing really should have some time to it into the case it is it significant saw on the start that all her marido it remind me of miss rogers is to have them so medio moments it now i don't on the that that's how i got started he that kind of thing now you got dirty dogs or how it then a there another show oh that's a great one that i actually ran into my crow and hangovers i go no friends i am as succession you know i think i think that you know being people o case the last night i had a committee meeting for the tax fears party that i want to talk to you my as wopses welcome and ah you know it's more about politics so freaked boring all it is as a bunch of people yelling and screaming over whose right rather than solving problems in so john were that and that was town somebody the other day i said if you ask me what my pronouns are it's got i'm not going to go there or some is what is a woman i'm going to sense i can't help you with this so we're going to run up once from open because that is the domes as somebody could ever ask me and i will be handing everybody there behind it the skin stupid and impertinent and he has nothing to the so here i am going to go out and sacheverell col i got to stop and make a comment in her you know what really impact and eithis or with a marble that he these people are just doing this is kind of you know a bunch of friends that love marvels there having a grate made homefor and so they decided to both his special fronts they get together and then they go through at the end and there likeeither these marbles looking for their favorite as cicaonius is is not like a riot i think the united states needs to work this we worked together and he five niger tinochore too there is no regulations going on in this whatsoever because it's on private property it's a bunch of friends doing it and it's it's the they can't it's not it's not something that they can give any any diction over whatsoever which i think it's no and track and our men by and hang in down the rond and they're going to be undecorated plain jane more holes the the base class i decorating the marvels glass specialized hands holes right at the rose and then ere lines right before the cutting we but how are the primary marbles or i haven't the foreside the mains were hades in san the harrels eradication he and swirled different color come a seer and glass master this breaking down counterspy short as coomodation he had a right a yellow saying how that's kind o i just think this is just phenomenal i think it's called these we get her on regulations and rules and all that kind of stuff you know get off my property you don't go here and in he and there is no jurisdiction to its psycho that was great and much friends together and and but you know make make sometime a business up for something to back yard i mean what ayont the the juristic shitan comes from the commerce loss see there running back for their own enjoyment and not for sale the geniture into business and want of sell it as a product of the moment they come in there and stir regulating everything the workers now for that security oleosum or on all of those things if you want you know might my day i'd my dead hated o shot in my osha david and he he he is my dad was kind he was a fine guy he was ruled funny i mean he was scared of the and he would you know he was just one of those guys and all of this regulation is not sense in the guy for my octocamera my dead one time and my dad was run in the pieces and he to know we're here because we you don't you care about we care about you dadlicnesse you could care less about me he said if i were to die harold you come my funeral now you would not you don't give a rather and about me and so he sat there just cheered on the inspector for a while and of course so we can sit there and and just just giggle about it because dad was absolutely one hundred per cent right and after a while the th michigan would go worshiping i'm like the wastemany's not skoorie him for you but it's not going to probably and very well now but as help in other so ye so the the you know even even even those there should be some re reworking of of this nonsense well you've got so much regulation that's just a use to pie that it's not even money it does not belong we see her we are back we seeing onpolicy house i don't know who they are that's why he there i called my husband is on a way i got some some parformer on my property and i don't know that they are and i don't know i might be here to do a job for a wet they're not coming to the door they waved at me cause i'm like you i see you and it might be quite innocent he got through the camera take pictures on tatsheni do so i have to get to isaias o delicious i do gerthis is madam deattenraton we i gin up my husband on the way in that sherry there be we're going to get it and they're coming to the door i think we mabel they might thus be here to do a roofing job for us cause they looking up at the roof it was just where you know other friendly smile and wave so that must be what it is well he theogeiton that cool solarthe doing it right now no i think what they're doing is a so i know a way i mean it's not happening to day but they might be i don't notion now he didn't know he knows he has he's got somebody with some plants but he didn't know they had not communicated clearly and so so carry got ready to defend homes property and find out from my husband who didn't answers allnot right away so so pinion safety first they feel always first stationthe property while they went around the corner and i like nobody goes round a corner about the out here like that to i mentioned paroissiennes masses harry hold on that i've gone to pass each the doorway how that halpatioka the answer that are insert all of the hatedetestation away from this is another channel i like to watch that that's kind of fun and all just watch i think there really cool quinticolor respondendoli different kinds of shame that that i just kind of shows her the mechanisation and i i i ones hand and glad i got the goosegrass cotsetland means rather a pose that one to day on my channel let's canthose condonings that you you just watch and in ink i see that in its againmore asked fallothe finding one that were they were they crushed at their crushed asphalt because that's what i put on my drive we verely really good for horses and it's the side as a breaking down and be a softer ormond prevalent these the i found that the cap canyou were talking about nurses couple further down the list there is a couple of interesting articles one of em about to lancing senators getting not profit money woolcot before let me go back and see where how hard on to go a couple of articles after the hollingtons with it entitled he to lancing rotselner sat on board with non profit the galilee that one then keep seen over and over yet it's all it's out there on gettin paid off on the back side of everything we've talked about before public acts that basically then the legislature create coffer access for programs like work force development was bring a chinese company into your back yard give you some jobs that basically like you to show for it before all i turned round way everybody often show you that you were oganagana again a non profit organization that was created all of these ponds thrall of his very purposes and sitting politician being a member of that non profit entity what when i saw when i was looking at no profits to so he saw ah the fiscal i cannot make about in work force grant so business a business incubators twenty eight million dollars how many honestly how many businesses out there actually received that money i'm not buying any of the non in his look how they destroyed business worse at going for here for a global talent an estate i mean a garinsota is a rougher is so she's got out there good an acre granary of its amphitheatre the heck is that going in there for isn't that crazy at bigton to projects that that oh you know it makes all words for when it's i will shouldn't that he suffered area that is like you are the pork the like roll things down to all into one why is these are the construction programs i don't know what that is oh so there so the leader he was says right there on that he is now majority for leader for the sun at democrat restthese are your leaders as for money and work perrajas and guesswhat will put in place because you comply eof course he resided right after can't be helped countable if i'm not the responsible party any more you know he's not involved edison eric while ducking responsibility that i again got gosesomere and that's how we end up paying for it that its righting with like the four to article you showed earlier that son as your pamtego it they turn on letter rybody go if he if leatherette first place like over it yet there's no there's no performance and if if if they don't perform while they just let her wed go in they shuffle him to another depart so only five per cent of the toy eighth graders read added level okay they got forty million dollars this generates gets one point one with with more than double their residence there and they read at a less than ninety five ninety five per cent of trades under only five per cent of the tri ah graters ninety five per cent fail that is the nine five per cent failure rate one hope and after throw more money at the how yellow give more money because of cradle because the percentage is larger solitare moneys oh we just got to throw money out to solve every problem and then realize it's not working sort of such through more money to thank you for let me get into this wood young and i had not towards that weeding a goad to go head and hand in point persethe the addressment thelimiting con or the hold ponty one southchurch street and hastings it happens to noon to two ferythe first and third thursday free much every month it has so the preble foots etchison to hasten an author's first or third thursday one twenty one alchirch tree people had to enjoy the common and livingah others president citizens members this area there you go well and here you go on i'm i decided i'm just going to claim the kingdom of god that's where i resided in and that that the i displaced is all the others i think god is actually going to bring down all these humans and put his timecommences case that's the only one that ever going to stand the rest of the more corrupted and old some are have ready thinks so much count and thethmosis later and i will talk to you later hale say travels there too alkahestical commenoyent tikhon karen the ulterior or so that was your roughers yes they are existence the motto ask me i'm inside again cause the god chockas making a bunch of noise but ah me i didn't know that they were planting come to day so course when somebody pulls up in a crack and then go and the corner from the house to her in a way that nobody ever does except off the land battles in a like well he could be quite innocent i could be them i've never seen either one of these vehicles before i'm so is on himeroen had me myself i take care of it ah there's care the river with my arms flexed i am sanghamitta so that the one about cinosternon the screen not yet a silence carnero so here's another one from camp on a conestogal vol plan were disenfranchised michigan an idea because why because if you go to a democracy or popular folk it does not protect the rights of its sexually very discriminatory practice c either you fall in line and were old bunch of sheep on the exact same direction or your voice has no is completely disregarded and its very very unstable democracies do not last the only system that has any ability to last would be republic he there hopelessall we are we have a good one case were not the only republic what we are fully the best form of republic we've got him we've got learned how to sell gover now we haven't been doing it and we don't have the education at our forefathers started with where having to do it oh on the fly so to speak like you were talking about these other people who are really familiar with code law and other things eh understanding what has gone wrong with the corporate form of government and i use those in quotations cause it's not really a government it's a corporation they just been offering services to us and we've allowed that oh we haven't disagreed with it an effective way because we didn't know what the effect of way is ah now we are learning fast what that is but we've learned from the experience of trained to face that what does not work any cold on cself government scenario cause we haven't been self governing for getting go back to the beginning we've got to go back to what the founders knew the founders had to magnacoro they had the bible and they knew those things well ah and beyond that more history and then they start in creating documents based on the education they already had in front of them now we have what they brought forward so we have the articles of confederation mayflower compact am i was reminded the other day i and i wrote some steps about this if he hadn't heard about the the two declarations ten years before the declaration of independence we had another declaration that we had a whole group of people from multiple states called in a convention and they got together and they wrote some letters to england in a basically said o king we humbly bow before you and acknowledged your great gifts to us but oh you know you're not allowing us to be represented and you're not listening to us very well and you're punishing us in ways that are proper and so on and begged the king to m in the parliament there were three letters to give them what they deserved and i waited through ten years of these people stepping on them not allowing them to be represented in in the laws that they forced upon them they ended up with the the revolutionary war ye know confiscating these people's property trampling all over the place violently attacking them just got worshipers and worse so when you read the declaration of independence and keep in mind even though ten years or more of this because it took a while before they even wrote the first decoration and now there trying to tell him oh you know when a long list of usurpations his happened how many are superable how long can we put up with this until we reach a point a precipice present won't go eloise agree we had that not in the dicoration i don't think but but it is a osmotherly knows what that word means now because for for some of us that precipice has been we've been here for a while or hanging on the end like i'll go everybody else where are you regarded it with you know or you were here were ready to go where making a declaration but we can do it peacefully by replacing the corporation we just have to tell them that the seats that existed that the founders put there to begin with are no longer vacant we can't do that until we assemble fill those so that's what the assembly is all abouts about filling those seats so we can dismiss the corporation from providing the services that have kept us running and they may have got a poor rob of it but at least our country has been rounded what we're seeing light out before us now is a show it is showing us look how bad it can get if you meaning we the people don't do our job if we don't hold the topresident the see o we don't hold our president to countable if we don't hold our township clerk accountable all along the way these government offices when they make an old we have to hold them accountable we have to instruct them we don't let them get instructed by michigan township association which is a bunch of attorneys that profit off of it they are teaching the township people will how you govern is there your audience and you just listen to us every tight they have a question or the public has a question they say we'll have to talk to her turne and who gets paid by who de tornes prophet of of of the people they're not here for us no we didn't pay the attorney to tell you what to do we paid you to do what we tell you to do we haven't even learned the basics of self government and self governance is a low bit o work but it starts with education or educating yourself we we've neglected that we've allowed them to to create what we call a public fool system shall there there's so many aspects of this that we have to work or on in order to clean as mass up but we can see what happens now if you don't now we've got the whole world separating themselves from the u s than us is made to look ridiculous were made to look weak oeeconomy is crashing can it be turned round absolutely we've seen what trump can do even within that some thisthen is not about to at all what showed us what is possible and am keeping that in mind you can move forward knowing we can fix the health care system we can fix the economy we can fix so many things we can we can clear out these people who don't belong we can close up the border and and return safety to our people so many things can happen but it takes us we the people to make it happen and what were sustaining around waiting for somebody else to fix its not in a work so right now i think we just got to keep motivating and wants a good to take a thread of nuclear war for some yeh an i'm not worried about it but an arm an settin here is set here and the pepperleighs through weenen or pohroueni ye don't want to get to the you know it's going to come out okay so cured in camp kind here inside an article on the worst economic performance oh porter of two thousand twenty miss nan one of the slow growing in countries and the country at the end of the last year according to the burial of a economic analysis this state rank and the bottom tear for gross domestic product growth during the fourth quarter of twenty twenty two in took place i took last place in the region yea michigan it's not it's not also it's not assist is the queen gretch squire no soul and the joker bonson leaving the helm on this is all of the theater woods that are in office we are not that our seated not now in a worm with a or office that are also the perils of burches are like wormwood out there state let's see in me worm come what worm time at warwickhenworth it also performed poorly and personal income girl where it was also last he americans the increase in the annual rate of two point one while michigan son growth of three ohio grew slightly more than michigan at point for yet yeahio indiana grew by one point four illinois at point seven and wisconsin one point one so that it hit the midwest a tremendously moschiano fare much better with personal income growth at an annatoo point one below the natural national average at some point four michigan was the worst perform in the region ohio he had a five point three increase personal and cronin per cent in the ann six point one in illinois and six point one in oh i am going to say that this is not take into account as some of the other things that i would be looking at which would be say like all maybe or inflation rate and i interest rates that are going up so much i was looking at one indicator and it looked like every single american his lost about one third of our actual value or asset value ah that we used to have so you can look at all of these numbers but i don't think latin which makes it far far far worse than the numbers of what say you i'm less than an i jest step distracted by what's all this coinheritance intertempe walked on matter ah well i done is like i thought at my the term neighbor oh reading which is at wishes acceptable is the neighbor my understand his neighbor the boss was a neighbor the neighbor is a neighbor but i'll chuck is the labor and walking around on the roof several in the hybernska guess for grips donstones now we say karen okay okay after the ice peak for athensabolition let them listen me looks me o ka okay okay they all it for there be out in here came come back here on they got her gis oh colossoes we've got camp cot there's a lot of sources out there let it really good that you i go down a enthrow another one up here a minute it is a post i like this one and this is necessary the sky up here minutes remember pull his gay up here the article as gien and we're going to look at the anonymous conservative because they do it on the person that does it he does some write but there's a lot of justine that they called that the old and a something in her really it's easy to just do a quick run through and see what's going on from a different perspective the mainstring me not in a nut is sometimes everybody gets that's alter that i've seen gets out the weeds as it so i don't ever take any at oh this is the at face value no matter what people polii don't take it ah john flashes que beneath the coke all you know i'm going to do this and on economical age i think the americans stretchers and ask you bad dorleston curse of your bill to kick chinese companies all of you as we there it was gives seethese of go back and get it oh yeah he in of its cure so looks like it went the in on homo my very led gently reflection by a ethische have stacked like that about his coffee cup anyway there is a reason for that i want to look into that father looks like a you find now it see a he he has like a smart aleck look on his face because if he does get his smart ellick that's great it's in your face right there in your face love it is tiding on it to elisions the river riveritissimo hoosier oh yes i did it that so i no down here and get a pretty good source for alternate and i informed of caracoles back or she's tip with oh here you go this is a good one mexico is president called calls charge she president tramp i would use full title here because i don't mean i don't like to hear called so i think we shall have become an in president trelean make sure that when we say is na it's very very intentional that would be not to but president for in we get the little seal going on here ah averil july six twenty twenty here we go president i love it when they say former president trump he got to make sure they got detergents on there on i will be calling him president eighteen news i get could back and see if i can get back to where i was before because some of this is not so but we go we go through all this stuff and i think this is really a fond thing to do to click out nothings and in find a a new new sources seagrasses more this matter as osawatomie is always the carians back and if she does it may be all this put the machine biddy off an go to the top here last time he starts out with this the sky a start out with withes from to that he twitters a fine so all i see we've got dan junior here a twitter and i think i think they do there's all the other pilot ones that he less onesided to the you can go to or interesting that good sources jappie morgan's obstantis more stone sinister than reported we've got daily financial trans and so i did do here it there's the guy had opile one bad guy i think i heard that michigan his number three in the nation for a human tracks child traffic use it so easy to move kids around in the state because of all the lakes anyhow you s medially reported that a new filing a man hated for the courts to add a new obstruction charged to the lawsuit by the us virgin islands against j parachas which alleges the invested bank tangibly benefited from relationship two convicted sex offender jeffery epstein and the sex trafficking operation he was running ah ye and then let's go ahead and look out what's happened and carneta as rock well there are they're getting their cropping for a steel it what sense it kicked the internet kicked me out of connection with you and when i had in that the dogs outside so they had a potty breaking another area without freaking out cause i didn't take them outside miss me to see the goats i don't want them run round outside the shed when i was in spite the shed all of this is not here i am so i got i got to see some some talking about oh so i go into this article and what pops opin ads on the days of asfalto are over here comes ithacus the of a which the absolutely illegal has here listening i was told erodotos deep state i hope you listening screw you were not going to and this fight you know it's like ah ah some of us are just a lot more we have a lot more to a helpful any o the new filing sighed a recent deposition by mark a roisine loye of the banking giant who as argos an employe of the banking giant who ran an asset management to goshen of the bank which counted jeffrey epstein as a client finally noted that in the deposition it came out that the bank had process large camp withdrawals for epstein and his associates are i come on god this is six hundred dollar on transactions and we've got you know the lights come on in the sirens go on for us you know normal people and absteine has like thrown millions around and nobody raises a flag are you kidding me which aided them to avoid us enforcement of anti trafficking laws and allowed absence to avoid criminal liability to his so we have the falling went on to know that jap morgan chase could not deny awareness of essenes actions and as his modus operandi was so widely known the jap morgan on cavemore that senior executives joked about abstains interest in young girls there joking about this aright all right i'm not tea with that there albuminometer all of them in after all of them had obotti think i think the doctors that were just in the shops the the people in the banks that were absolutely they knew it was going on and ah you you can't pull off this kind of a of a huge a criminal activity without having lots of people involved and quite honestly we got a like go after all of them tapped bottom go after them here's one blackron the the right side here are all kinds of others that you can go to and there's the little key on the bottom of a john a sunder sundor john kennedy's hilaris non so we've got all these things to these are these are different sources that hiyoshi going thokester you know it's like their aggregating sites a midnight rider she does a good job on telegram of aggregating information there's a lot of people that aggregated information i can to keep come irma she's your she covers every fiend as he did the after marcel's wrath eden start from the liverettes she's got so hot we have an ant on in an on absence that i jump on one occasion on friday nights and she's on that and a very very very nice people love them to death and you guys he probably everybody out there we know who they are and so here too hats off tell me and and ah that that is preciate every one so much there was once the reset person that was on their wild back and it's a it's an infiltrator and e i was littlemore for a while there at the sky he ha he's an infiltrator and also somebody that's doing a political hit job on one of this this that at this and i call it yet it on friday night a lot of people you would you were to know he or on that calm most o word the pretty the pretty well now and now she's on that seneca on the friday night and such for the release of their wishes an infiltrating a and i won a be idiot oh oh that trite that was a political hack and plant and i i was a little annoyed for a while on on the vickers con and have really annoyed on it and realize that even we think about the comes into a world of ohamaneno am an anna noting like now you probably not and so the people that are in fact an on don't go running around going home enaemmenon blows the theory right there right to come to mine ye give me some money which he hands out oh i'm all about you and i really know you not you're you're just a a money grubbing little hack as what you are the sky was honour chap for a while and all of a sudden he got dose and the real and are not going to put up with their craft but we knew what we know he hasn't we don't lose and in fact when i did that human trafficking on investigatedthat the soles episodes with with joe and such a denman ah it's kind o like thee there planted and the cannogate one central area which is also another person coincidentally that likes to attack or our guy our general the people's general general michael and so you look at this and in all canajoharie oh where your real friend we're going to tell you what really happened there oh really do you know him do you you are are you just listening to these bits and pieces that that the cia a bit fatherly good a crafty to make some or is this just another plant to trying to leave everybody's pretty extra that and the same thing with our our president the rightful president of the united states president donal trump so listen everything with a a with a ah critical eye he and truly you know a truly critical eye because there's a lot of people better and that our astray i actually meveth this disguise room on a telegram of space as he was like all locks see don abran and berg see i found the connection between general michael flanagan of brandenburg on like wait to go nossecon was trying so hard to hide that was no and for winisimett it like one more and i like i like you is like o course i you know i didn't accept any endorsements from anybody else i usually know him hers and so it's like you know it's like i'm not going in one i wouldn't i wouldn't you know it he's endorse me because we know each other anybody else some like i do want the horses i didn't i didn't even i was seem sure if i wanted endorsement from president crankcase i never met a person how do i know yet you know i know i mean i know i know i'm saying that theoretically because no but you have selfeother ethics yes it's like everybody in homespuns the other indorsement horrors that's what they are that you know people that are out there there like you know they'll promise anything to get these endorsements out of and i like no you either take me the way that i am with no promises or i would be turning the indorsement down i'm not going to do that because my responsibility would have been true the people not to suck it out for favor you know wrong so how yes ah general plan is an amazing person i know him personally i have never tried to hide that fact and he an orebody out there he plant and on who has got and i want to be is not an allies is the friend and on impostor won to be ah that was sudorifica at out political operative into an actual group of selfless absolutely selfless brilliant and on and he has no who they all are they're always once in order to tornadoes in because he like em you glowed media as an example what they do is they collect from a bunch of different annas i tended to to i pass the colours from all over the place okay well in it in the middle of it oh yes i hear as you said i would i like to comment from time to time on what i'm seeing going on what i'm interpreting and at so it me it's coming from me ah her enter channel were all they do and say what they think about things oh somebody he that follows me cheer oposed with me about stephen rudd from stephen rudd are you the deep and tom so i followed him i don't always read his stuff in but sometimes i do because he he is a critical thinker than i preciate that about him sometimes in like why he has not seen a forest for the trees right now ah he he can miss thane i coldly be eseree his but he's come in from a more pesantemente but some fine into thinking as we perspective that i didn't have before and i shouldn't something hether day and like i don't know about this but at least she thinking about it so isincessa gallants that's one thing because yet my trying cases is a frightenable he because of his knowledge in a way of riding i can see a completely different prospect perspective that's very informative from him and i have no problem sharing that kind of a what i know in i go back to st yeah i know you hate him you very everthough and i got to tell you is probably he did i heed speech at one of the meetings i was at and i i was absolutely interesar that always i was absolutely in tears listenhim to and i had to go back to i had to go back to my room to see it we were it was in a hotel this conference was then and it was all an on pensoit it was at allencontre and one not hack on to be a canon people that don't hereplanted by ah the noperation none now these are real people and our in real research a brilliant and he was there and i was i was so wrecked after his so touched i couldn't stop crying and you know is heis that he was there i will never forget that the rest of my life it was that incredible so passionate for this nation for america and such a wonderful person i mean is just his tremendous tremendous and that's that's another person everybody should or that everybody really i believe can rely on he he's like a he's like a lot of the people just human i know i think it does the just i say i know you know in men to is a very reliable just and helen ran and they of the love of the people there real nonsexually right to sub staff they don't do so how lines with the electly put articles and you'll find a lot icterina mation in the substance areas with people that have reservior just i absolutely fine grained everything they can find out about one subject how do you form the god her of this note that kind of that's what they do and they they look at it and they continue to look at it they continued locationthat kind of machine would make a corner like that but they do it with a low man being pens in fine trying to be an homenot funny at all but but that that is so that is what they do and it's trebisond with some of them of biplane as thine and conico the great great words for i love i do a ton of research and then they summarize into a little bread and there's like herslike to a thread it's one post but when i go there sometimes i go ahead and cocobees heholding and to pose because people are lazy enough to click they they won't first one on em cassandrea this because i might be eight parts or it might be tentthere all the legs are in there so that they've got through sorting but though the thought that goes into it in the summaries of it i really cool oh they can't never like all the research down though her towardly means that's why i take a lot of like crumpled and on to an ill screened shot it up with a screen shots up because a lot of people every time you the she human beings are or like this every time you it's a risk and no end most people will not just click on it to find out because in they got for her back out of it and so i'll do that sitten that i'll try to ottrelite actually and so it all screen shot it in the pot the full length i'll try to put the there's ben a few times that i have missed it and then i feel bad afterwards you know because i'll be going so fast trying to get this information out there it's not intentional it's as just that you know i sometimes my brain gets it how to my hands but if i screenso it put the length the people can go and check that out to find out though you don't like more of the story but all of em all the ones you mention our people i followed two very closely and they are really good yea the very different from the people i used to follow where they disconnect interview each other and sherry th other and they don't have any release solid information or knowledgeable perspective and it's a click at in video form some of it if i ever they give you something in charles going to say charlie hordeand nivapas yet there's another one sign in parks as the other went that they put out a dockyment and there like this came from really high up and florida somebody in florida there this and i tore that thing the shreds it was so with thetical written and it just deceitful and their like people were like who it sounds really good tom in a share it anyway because the fitz if it's any good a real at least it's getting in i like now it's not if it's completely false it doesn't do any good to encourage people with it it's not a foundation that that is valuable it's deceitful and it misleads it's false and those two gseeres ossible for sharing that craft casesthere start enough to know but heritik both of them were smart enough and i i foldelit while after that to see what they were doing but not because i wanted to listen to what they had to say and share it and i don't even pay attention to any more because i know that they're not they're not sharing anything that's worth my time yeh and are all atelutaion sense that really doesn't doesn't lead us to anything that makes a sizable change or a real change it just as the time occupied it's actually like it is in my mind it's kind of like the national enquirer were elected and other trumpslike a morbid curiosity to watch that boy and when ever they bring up to the string and its like ohaliapine in to day and and youalthough you did it when you were in the check out in the store you looked at the bat boy article you at least not self you know and it's continual waste of time to look at this nonsense and occupier soonsomething to some secret source some secret source of something really spectacular is about to happen but if he doesn't then it wasn't really the man to be if it's like what yeyen yet it's a i haven't the inside now large as they do i haven't an now you can too can be party to this inside knowledge and well that's because his buddy bob here over his left shoulder as he let's make up this story let's make up that story and then you know put it out o website monte money off of it and or get these huge speaking contracts or what ever he don't some one in their owashing else there want teverone about is that i had fact the first vice chair all of the u s tappers party and michigan which is in fact the cones and let the week before last we had a meeting it was ours state a state central committee meeting and i we needed a couple of committees felt so am i volunteered for both of them because we didn't have anybody that would step up some like thine i am the delegation princess of the planet right so i started working through this because i will i let it emile you toconfute comity the she has i think there was prettier by any how i went to gen iestred to his home work so one of the one of my first goals so that everybody knows out there when when we look at when might my background is corporate is is like a iamasee that's one of the things i've done is it remarking strategist and or a corporate australis can men operations person like i design my barn and i designed in order to have it for function so for me form always has come first or of functional exist converses function over form and so i started going through this and ah deciding that the water ache this to actually i am pulling something up a minute course i can't oh it's to go through and what we need to do it what we need to do is we need to have county chapters in each of the so i started working down to the counties we had sought we had some counties that were already had kondo chapters and i but we have eighty three counties in the state of misers and in my first week as as doing is doing a being that he the heir of the membership committee as well as the communications oh i think i was able to a fine counties in one week and and get people that were interested in taking those counties and developing a county chapter for the king and disordinatlie was or is cold the committee are i put out everything that were doing and on the th colonnathe level of the counties and everything is my first job is to get these colonies so that we have somebody in every colony so we can form an outwork and the cross the state so evabody out there listening if you're listening to me of your come you will get to sniff out and you're going to go to jell with the rest of em but if you're for real person who is probably all i'm really interested in is somebody who has integrity and who is honest and we will put this together because we're we're going to leave this hope political nonsense behind dare to be american americans standing together i don't care what label somebody has as long as you're not communist and and work and democrat republican whatever it is we are willing we are willing to stand with every one to take beck but work into make us really fun and i've got a lot of things that that we address last night at the membership coming to night is the county committee and then also the communications committee were going to go forward with an this is not going to look like politics as usual this is about relationship building with each other and supporting each other's ability to think for themselves to actually may be brings some agitaient forward to do some really really fun activities for families so that we can literally bring everybody together as in american as an american family instead of sitting there and arguing and complaining and binchinnin to be right on every issue and not stacking to i may not agree with everything people say but i i'll give the ability to talk and say well they're maybe they're going to teach you something i don't know and sit back and is and so we're going to be a we're going to be reaching out to people and to find out what's important what's important to you what can we do to help you if the government is not going to do it well guess what we are and we're going to do it as americans where we stand together and avoid all this nonsense i dividing us or stick in her our hands up imegine gin begin a game like most to political parties do no no this is going to be fought so there's there's lots of things on the and the schedule in on an aliable renownthere working details out with oh i will be personally reaching out to i've got lists of thousands of people and i'm going to start being calling a people this we just to see how their do it and reaching out the people and just finding out what their needs are what their wants are what the difficulties are cause that's worth got a star so our government could care less so guess what is as people that are oh we're going to have to reach out to help each other and i think this is going to be a lot of fun i'm so encouraged excited with where things going to people who have decided to join to join in this effort the celebration of being american not a political polarizing political party or label for the people want take this nation back come and join us in the party because the party is the party is literally a going to be a party going forward live while we believe standing together and daring to be american so there you go is this is going to be a lot of fun i'm really looking for it this year as well as for the fact that i'm still not conceiving that i will not conceal it on the only governor candidate that did not once so we've got some law suits that are out there at were working in the on our way through so there is still in place but you must not go on here about out there because they don't want you to know that any one is actually fighting and doing something for the but we are there's a lot of us the only way to going to know about this is if you actually go to the sources like you always good to be in on you know i'm going to be here oh does not my that's my goal is is to be here an end and this is not it this is it is my intention that this is not going to go away we're going to continue on with us but further than just be an adwises you don't basically a brander news feed and what whatever we feel a talking about on that day but as a party the steppers part o the constitution party it is the constitution party a right now benson the secretary of state is getting in the way of austin business saying that even though the national parties a constitution party they won't let us change our name in michigan and do what the rest of the nation is done their prohibiting us from doing it as they don't want us to be able to change the name so that we look like you know so that we not even look like we look like we're like destroyed in but were not and so i'm working on that right now to sort and try to get that name officially changed and hopefully we can get back past the interference that's being run by the secretary states office and he said so he checked out it and they slepynge the name but there is nothing that requires us to do it that that is honestly the response so is its crazy this is how they put road blocks up in the way of any of us of changing things even in a simple so kind of kind of interest but look for into some gatherings like the brand of board borings a gathering were going to take that i'm on to take that across the so that we diepold school you know sit down talk kick youself back driven ice tenor whatever and and hang out together did you see the babylon beard cole shire to your group about trump it was something about trot being the best the best fell on whose never been a fellow then he notefeit something of that effect the weariness like all i got in i got so that i donacola i mean i think president trump and i could be brother and sister from another mother her case i am in fact the best none can cater who has ever not cone in history no there is no one who is not conceded by the and the cow now i don't know if a hole he he hasn't consitherin that he is theaterforhold say that i am even about her nine and cedars then present trumpit now maybe i don't think getorste humor you know and i think it's funny it's like somebody's said man here like our female donaltron like youfor a think i work how boy bowed sputter that he does is nolebant and lascheth works have for i would love to go shouting with or present trump looks go shopping together we're going to bad cowboys and in were in to do that who wears that batter and oh and a hat i don't think i've ever seen him in any western attire i this to professional i love him and i love the way he dresses and i loved malania i love everything about them i think they are such a such a wonderful family and such a such a great example for this nation i have i anything i would ever say is only in justthe but i would love to go shopping for cowboy boots with you bacon and maybe right a horse that we find i've got a perfect one railroad handling this whole thing is terrific too because like a i think stephen rode was the guide that pointed out a how he apparently people noticed pauses in the speech he made for marriage and they were criticising him for it and he was explaining comedy networks were covering him and he knows all of the out how to inform ah dramatically you know he's been on tv before he knows that how to keep a straight face and i had now to be serious and regardless of what he knows is going on in real reality ah he knows how to and i don't want to say play it to scream because he's trying out he's because he is but it's with a positive attention he's trying to wake up the whole country and when he knows their watch on him he's not playing a game but he had carried himself with he is rowed that line you know how do i people it made a lot of silly beams about what it would be like if he was arrested with violence or if he were to to to like weak or do so weird than with his photo if he got in the rest fodo and if it was kind o entertainto see all that stuff coming out but the ideality he was verie yeah in reality the mistuss serious and looking as if this was the terrible fact its a shame and ease oh you do stakeholder seriously warble its wording you does lies cap lay a he had at least twelve cars a figure was where he went to mariager to the airport from our lagobut it could be wrong could be what he was coming out from his playing to the york i cosnamach in a rage and everything that's big going on in his last week as a compared contrast voicethen him and and bid in what by a bidin his i don't know if you saw it somebody had a recording of a man walking along him escorting him to a line up of people at some company or something and he says you're going to walk down here and your good shake their head both o the blue bark and then what he didn't have a mark or no where to go he was completely lost and he is like he's not even of man you know he's not acting like a man who is in control of the situation or himself at all and here he got trophonios all the people around people who were supporting him as well as the cat like his security all these people who respect him and admired him and if you got the you know the little petty whistle i was sure you were little bit of a video on what goes into a presidential mower cade and so that people understand exactly what's goes into this so and were looking at what's happenin with president truckon go all i get the game i get the game so as checkers protects our amen because artisesses good good source of diagnosing the analyzing the duodenal driving on the highway when driving other yes often divers in less cycles will the entire first the local never his corsan i travel to her pathe metre or to me attached in the rest one on fire in these never be sure which there always most or identical of these that way and attacked or tell them which are the waste liosceles are no mortar the way sounds there filed on a modified entire car window that can open his the driver's window the entire car his protectors chicchan can on board a rocket hard grenades in optics i cheered as canon compaction shop bottled oxygen see estates cleonte space jam and remote not to bathe along the route i found the conomy doctors aletes so he sorry i see he happens to intense i setting out jones on topic car electronic or great orse the car would most spread out the he though off the spieth or is the military and the event of an attack the so they break off as to cars for both field soon is called the half back the agents that are on the present and at all times the second one is you can always identify these is there the one with a back window one while it's hard just make out the control in this car in black battle dress secret sharp detail is in charge of shielding and evacuating the counters stay over pelle careful of the is called the idea service agents inside are the one second with outside counters the proactively identic the other patrick is the hazardous materials caligation unit it has equipment and personnel who can identify and respond to hem for biological attacks going on you can see more pesos the cycles are speeding by the side because now that the motorcade has passed the act that they were blocking off they are going to the front of the bitter jade to block off more card is called the rod retinas a number of antennae contacts next the motorcade to the outside world the satellite and internet following this the agenaric and orto any person in the like the police officers at the front of her gave to the ambulances to the local fire department of wherever he this last eager service car more sees essentials scars cured there to make sure that now that the exeter no cars gets up and enters the butter caper or to know that this the standard it often changes based on the empire some visit i race into thousand nine eric military humpies let a convoy of identicals of which red on top of the cars were more powerful versions of the anti argante found on the normal electronic counter measures butter keeps for incredibly often so i thought that was pretty interesting and there there's much more to that to that video but you know talking about securities such scissored knows don't be dom enough to attack a president or any one equated in its first of all forstalles don't do it all right this is bold we've got ways of getting people out of office which are lawful and legal and not not i know able iii and and these cases are loaded for bear and they're not going to be negotiating with people who are the present or any one around him these deserve met something totensee serves oh it's like it's like these guys we're like you know they got the dark glasses on and they're like they're like this is the best of the best of the best of the best without our search you know they're just like despond i bet they have a great deal of awareness you know compared to the rest of us like i i i was ah in a training and i was playing a role of somebody who is sick and a guide who is working for the sheriff's department he was deputy he kineswitha role of a rescuer and he came over and he looked me in the eyes it was really settling and when i was in the car accident was the doctor looked at me to say was like the looking not just of your isthere looking depentore you fairly in a lagerbeer lateat meboth trade you know transportat is really happy i can't allow accident when we and there and now the guy i could not get anything out of him he he i don't know if he'd been drinking or not but he he the driver was definitely of injured and not right and i was like him asking in questions and trade to hold his head still and a maskineriet out of him and oh a fire medic fire paramedic came along and she said with sir burst date and he rattled it right off and then she half then she could get whatever she wanted out of him and it was like a man like whitedecided can get a conscious answer out of it all but she knew how they they're trained and they don't exactly what to do and the very calm about it and i bet a secret service guy is as like that like they can handle anything to come torwachter very well trained yet is it i had one that i broke okay i think i broke one of them kind sort it was at the mission manoceleste ing rally and was in washington michigan the whole thing and i a people coming up to me as were only doing this to make the delegates feel good yeah called so they would vault with the party instead of but with a shan mannock electioneering really is what it was they ran on a water two o'clock in the afternoon and food and people were really having health crisis so people are coming at first rincn you help us some like yeah i can all be let's see what you do here said giltsilk ing for water there's no water round i almost just left it filled my pickup truck with water to gas station brought him and because nobody there seemed to be able to the heads out of the behind and so i go outside and you know i had talked to probably fifteen a different law enforces i want to share if i went to the different people and finally on like one that had nobody not in a sheriffs were like the sinner like relation robots at eidoran here as were watching too i have in health crisis unlike are you kitty i go outside and here's the sky until your room of guy big buff guided on like they do he's my guy right there so i walk out to him and i'm like you sicker service now he goes in security on like a krit said no your secret service and i know and he starts bussout laugh and and there was that there was a case the water and the table i said i want that water that waters at any that water and he teme like who in a hack or you you know and i like i'm serious i said there's people in there that have or having helped and it was like one case the water i figured i'd get it to peel it needed to take master whatever you know did do whatever i could do so he looked at me talks so throes she wants to water and i'm going gwisans here and till i get this water because i can go back in and give it to the people that are on the floor where have been helth crisis cause nooases goin a damn thing you know i thought i what is wrong with you so he starts he starts a well okay so he hands the water overside that's pretty who trains these you know it's like all these people are standing around refusing to look at the real need of the peace and there is one person there is a present trump that i knew thee that this person had acts hosses lizard she is definitely lizzie figuratively a really who knows you know but but truly and i locate you get this message to president tromp cause you know i know where she's interviewed me a few times and she's definitely lizards ah individual you don't like like she's not possess and so so i sat i send a con youget this i said there out of water here and i have no faith that anybody in the gopas got her head out of their behind because they yothey should i had him a son my full of water there and they had nothing there was nothing and there was even there wasn't even hand satzer and poured a poyetis thing was set off for so much failure even by the wonders that were out there it was like in six inches of mud talk about a tripping hands or and or i could never run we could never run a job like that because of the hazards that they had not only failed to count for but they didn't know it was there because the they have no experience and i and so i sat there on an upended getting now passing the water out there and on like they should have had a semi full of water that was sitting there it realizing that if there is no water to get to the people and you have any crisis of any type what happens if somebody had had had some serachick in their or something that you needed water to wash out eyes or skin or anything security think and are standing or on her don't there throw the all i like are you think any terms what in safety first scott like that with saynothing but he showed up the i didn't know that's freestaters had the show right now i got fighting that with a is and in a hotbed of the open or defer always always i not like with or crashed a sorebeloved shall the car i grabbed my boots in the land nine dallying on on as i had it out and a driver wasn't there erlenwein the car old like somethin's wrong first thing i noticed was the powder of the alpine nerbad i would inopesque it less as smoke the engine of his still right there were few to idle so i had i postagethe of its toldos of it turned out that it was just when she washed her feet and to aid as other people started a rove locator the person i took charge of this sense safety first there were not a good place to pull over and did try to ask for help so i cried all made shure that people could cross the road safely and so on until the does care shall be back on in a minute so anyhow shoemack on she said this connectivity probes over there so anyhow thanks for the big till the big blond buff guy that actually was the only one that did anything when when they ran out of water it at the at the shot electioneering railly and was i really preciated h the help that he gave to me to enable to help other people that were sitting there and i'm sure hope ligate some day if you're out there watching that would be out outstanding because you were the only want there was only one person that actually was willing to step outside of you know hest of the best of the best without her servitudethe rest of em were okay it was the local cops and the sheriffs and such as stood there you know absolutely paralysed by whatever you know in the skytal this yhatered to help so i wanted to thank him and i know he was set so thank you so very much and i hope i get to meet you shake your hand some day because it was it was wonderful to see somebody who was an actually thinking individual ready to solve and actual anyhow what gone she can you know it is eleven o'clock so hellenised the deshonesto safety for yet if he papanicolaou yet that was not her itit if a girl is a gold conspiracy the go sir dont two and three your lines out there scope come on back nanny he connection carrin we would fitobito know what i decided we may started the hot because you know if you if you have to say you have a dog and she has puppies then sacrifical the out near the moriones the momentwhat do you call yourself are you grandmother i think it toitoi called my mom to night that the kissroeid we'd have kids here i like montevideans eligibility decided that i carried to render that on one of the photos i think i called myself caritibani as i thought well she is the mother go but maybe i can be called the dedicase sometimes i helped take care that enemies to be so in goldwith it so i may go ahead and read something from salem sixty eight and i don't know why i want to read this one to day but it is came to my may god arise met his enemies be scattered may his foes flee before him may you blow them away like as wax melts before the fire made the wicked perish before god may the righteous be glad and rejoice before god may be happy not sing the gods sing and praise of his name extolled him who rides on the clouds rejoice before him his name is the lord a father to the father less he defender of widows is god in his holy dwelling gods sets the lonely in families i love that god sets the lonely and family he leads out the prisoners with but the rebellious live in the sun score land you know what i'm a stop ring there i love that so i'm going to imenheit on that little verse for a minute some sixty eight god sets the lonely and family you may it everybody out there you may feel like you're all lone but guessed you've got a huge family out here who is willing to open up our arms and say you're welcome ye're welcome to join us come in we care about you we want to stand together as one american family and a and a are our bonds our hour our family a relationship bonds that family and the family of god almighty are so strong he cannot be broken because it's always a cold you mean and which is in amazing amazing relations and that together we will not fail we're not going to fail they're not can take us it may feel like it like we have em a lot o men honor that there's a lot you can't count on or things are or in a position of not knowing what the future is going to look like this is what we expect an if we're doing the right thing quite honestly because then it means that it's not of ourselves but with that were actually following god and it is possible to walk on this earth with god so if you were lonely your family's here waiting for you and tho we can stand gather in its going to be amazing i always put my phone number it's always out there you can get hold of me if you are having a problem and you may call her text textor's best as if i'm talking to somebody else if i can't pick up right that suck it i will pick up i will return the call and i will answer you for three zero for for one zero and a few need help will find somebody that will be able to give the help that i need i mean not have all the answers or be able to fix all problems that on pressure that we can find somebody that can oh and with that set imiteront rough the chat real quick our weather is absolutely confusing from lab had yaw from gary and amerigo morning and i want i would like to talk to you so some point time lots can loves and my husband my husband he has worked in automaniac tone from his forty years most of the smaller companies who are used by ford chryslers are foreign and he has worked for four different companies and absolutely i've seen that all over the place has that little come in and i'll say we just want to look at your technology and the next thing you know they steal it and then they come back and say we're on it we're going to buy your little struggling company which we put on a life only to our own by americans the last one work for is is a german owned and they would only sell two more here ah i can see that halfpenny and so loves yes and eves catch on fire easier absolutely ah names so gerry says marble or moon spot aleck marble of the marble video that's school garry sus back in a day when my dad was a cad they called marbles ah any they say that right i'll find out if i said that right i am am i i es en is am not heard that term so charlotte and yes i called white's office in email her monday pampinos ing and watching all meetings she has to be recalled she said not the eye worried not to deal with so weaponized or agencies see anab in your face his gis is like clean up or get out of didhere because a they're not doing the right thing they should be a bottles at this point time because the crinted too many cries and i think it would be too hard to the queen most of this up or maybe it's not maybe there's a way to do it but it seems like it's awfully awfully large it constitutionally i don't believe that they're allowably just kind of did it so so that something to rule her when he hear me yes i do i not i not seeing the little flashy thing on me bicause bigger happen had he had a good turn out i saw on a nesert that they had about two hundred people show up to a co play at the ghost and plant in bigger acadmie my body christlikeness of tongland that they were her very cooler about they why they didn't want the plant to didn't want so she be i don't know that they were talking about the the charterises themselves but they were very adamant about they didn't want to see see pe in their community and that this pretty cool on this pringle were very peaceful about it so pete georges i think that we onything o my body christina crown i think she was up there and i love the way president trunks as so with that sad oh i guess it's good time to stop your hevenly father thank you so very much for every single person out there let him know that that your family is waiting for that they yet you are our good father you take care of all of us and when we stand together we have a wonderful wonderful life where are we turn to you you lead us you give us what we need and the joy and the peace of passes understanding the celebration of life so rich and beautiful it's a man totally amazing think is so much for care and bless her goats and the bat new babies and a we ah we are just so thankful for everything you've done reestit you and confused the plans of the enemies specifically the china coming in or these electric vehicle nonsense really destroying so much including harming people's lives we asked that you would please reach out and bless his and say like the congo were there doing cobalt mining is such a heart breaking situation over there we us that you have blessed them the poor your favor and on them and that you would help us to even rescue our brothers and is in the congo poor being exploited as well as all over the world it is heart red thank you so much for blessing asked for the nation for the founding fathers work that they have done and for the guidance every step of the way we love you and jetsam prey very oh so everybody had wonderful things nature we go timingalas go thou breadforgive doc come because i am the best non conceiver or consider who has ever not conceded ever ever so anyhow go there and i will not kissed you liars he so we just keep fighting like to get the punches learn haven't right and nobody of to be stupid i'm not in the course that sad everybody have a great day god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the airicos going to be a great day and we will see you to morrow maybe another goat baby up dakota more of ideose i might depending on if they come out to day oh we'll have to see i might not be available for the show to morrow discussed chaos or out here everset with two really uncomfortable the hawkinsite concerned about all these noises going out shall be tried the goch and the roofing at my wits to day was the little chaotic in apologies for the shelter i thought as great you're you're welcome any time we'll just go through an ominous more research to morrow people some different alternative sources so that we can we can begin looking at these sources and talking together and what were seen in what were finding because i'm sure that there's a lot of people out there that knew specifically or even in this the actual situations of what i brought up on that they had the the source the cap consorti brought up so have a great day gundakin good one or attitudes said determine overthing god's with us so it's your choice to have a great day to day god's right there to help you