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Published Aug. 9, 2022, 8:01 a.m.

Chris Kaijala is a Process Engineer and has been working with Election Integrity Force to uncover the errors, anomalies, and information on where the election process is breaking down. Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning this is donna brandenburg and i'm running to be the next governor of the state of michigan it is tuesday august nine two thousand twenty two and starting up the day to day it looks like a beautiful day here in michigan we have lots going on one i think we should jump right into it and i thought that what i would do i start out with it is what happened at marjory i thought we would start out with a wonderful vittore loved to love from our beloved president trump the that you are the worse the patrician the cause of the test to great words as a reconditioned foreordination repetition and one we yesterday and a we of the leontines when a great way to start the day out i always love his inspirational idea so we need to talk about what happened yesterday it looked like a rat at the f b not real happy about what happened and also the nonsense in the fake stream media that out there right now having to do with the elections in michigan and he had a christian here a minute and retailing about what's happening and what the election entirely forces doing in michigan to uncover the anomalies in the problems in the twenty twenty election and it goes on you know is like what happened this last past week with the with the republican democrat unitary over the cannongate one right and the amount of the amount of her as is just incredible i that priester day at length and he's pretty he's pretty impressive he has a process engineer which means he's going through his going through information at a thereinto it's a very interesting i think he's trying his camera working on right now so hopefully will be on us and then in the mean time let's talk about this ray that happened down in marlott i've got a lot of different ideas and was actually happening there quinones when we go back and we look at you know there's a bunch of us researches that have never secretary very long long long time he tried to uncover what's really going on and connect the dots to the look at strategy and look at piano there in an there is the certain things that keep jumping out i mean number one i do not like the obi i i don't like to be i don't like any of these organizations that have reached so far as anything that's normal or that he or they should be and according to many people i would she have to say that there are more right than wrong that the if these organizations to bodenham the rod to necessarily exist i am very very oh of their motives i think that there is such a huge amount of potential for a trap men in that we have seen in treatment at a dead alive that we can't even imagine the the situation and whiter where whitwell i saw an article stated that she was in fact involved with kidney below not all have to say that that probably is very likely including what happened with the bi and i think it should be investigated thoroughly because the whole none of this is making any sense the background in the bi how many times that they have been involved in a trap this shocking and stagger so to see what he had been with president trump and yesterday at malaga it brings up a whole bunch of questions that we need a jump into secondhand i wanted to share this with you because i think that this is something that's kind of interesting to watch this the raid the easiest no well lower i owe attention and i think that this is a this really kind of interesting unhealed down so it seems to me like rangoon or two days with the senate comes down to where whether we believe that there is n't that plan going on or whether we believe that this is a random so we can we can look at this in a perspective of an it's not man it's not as man and control is his god and control that the fundamental croquet that we that we need ask here there's an awful lot of people that want to elevate levachan beings than to either i don't or demons and at the end of the day it comes down to the fact that god is in fact and control and and when god's anger there is a or a plan is not with man it is in fair we where were the god and knowing that he keening forward and i do believe it that's true so while i absolutely detest the overcome any of these federal agencies and we've seen so much corruption in the fire the opinion that they are cleaning out the ranks of they are exposing corruption cleaning out the ranks and that what were seen is it is like everything else when we have to look past the obvious and look at look at what is excelled more likely because because we're never going to find anything that's true with the obvious to take new as the obvious the fat news believe to surround so when we look at things like i of the post you know i look at look at all news as such but it is helping us to ask questions as well as may be looked for at the unobvious answers it's not that were portaging anything who clinker were looking past that so just human posted when otohime to write that big state it is about the raid and every coradine answer as after he coordinate with the finistere service for the race to have them at a certain time from is always the bad in the tram were this time is no different we know from previous reports that trump is cooperating with dogs investigation in a case reviens a criminal that are under investigation in a just gave it over trump as safe young but as enemies are so looking at this i am i am fairly certain that what we're seeing tis a bit and and why can say that is because when you look at what happened with general slim who is a good man and whose single handedly drew himself out there in order to take a rubber bullet for this country alarmed had hurt me as a letter here he admitted to kill when there were no charges this is something that i find really really exceptional in interest when he was he was brought before a judge in a court room he stood there and they were trying to they were trying to get him to talk and such and finally he dietrich you right i'm guilty at that moment when you look at the clip with the judge the judge started putting up for the break in it one on no no no no you're not guilty and sure you want to do this said yes i am he said as do and he was like him guilty why did he do that he did that in order to have every one around him investigate he did that so that now you can you can submit or you can introduce evidence and it becomes a role to find more and more people who are committee can increase that i do believe that this that this was actually probably the case what with with what was going on with president trump yesterday president trump is not now at her ologies of aiding you at all with these endorsements i don't like these endorsements people are horrible to the right the endorsements are rare bleterie endorsement but but i don't think it's because he doesn't know what's going on i think it's because he does know what's going on and there is a plan that man is too smart and he's not going to make elementary mistakes like or like politicians are making positions are i have to do i stand with them for five minutes then you'll realize how incredibly how how incredibly on ill informed ill prepared there that the most of him never had a job and they really don't seem to understand what is truly happy because their taking orders we have we have nothing nothing as jefferies going on with white with any of them quite honestly and it it is an abysmal shame that we have only had puppets to vote for rather than actual candidate the puppet ate take orders from the globe less rather than people who can think for themselves and honestly do do anything that looks like say so i've got i'm betimes dent trump here i really not my think present from knows exactly what he's doing and were in a word just stay with that i think chris is even a little problem with this computer he said that he's trying to trying to get his camera work in so meantime were going to go through nowhere and were in talk about all sorts of things the last few days i've actually been able to keep upon some of my research that i do when when i'm campaigning it's been taking away my time from actually digging into things and of looking past the obvious rich unfortunate because because then it takes me a little while with spend things up and yesterday i heard a feldsher day i started out good but it ended poorly and i say this is this summer our businesses were under attack there's no two ways about it when you run for anything you go and your an outsider you are in fact going to be attacked and we were i had to pretty much restatement company the management of an entire company which was it was fairly it was very painful because it was within our busiest our busiest season to to move the pieces around so that all the positions were were covered and to make it work sinlessly now it it it was about that took about three weeks because we had two catastrophic injuries that pennon them was not was as habitation and the other one was heavier and there going to happen once in a while we don't you know you tried to avoid all of it yet safety yet now have her safety in place as such but it does happen and the people that were in those positions where the company were pretty well key to the tother operations for the summer but they him rested on and then watched what operatics when there is a crisis time with things joan go exactly as most people can really concerned the fighting for things to be the same they don't know how to process and and what will i do know about things as that quite honestly god he has a way of working working things out not there yet god is a way of things a kind of work out if we're a little bit patient and were willing to well as the little foible in seein that we don't expect a and the reaction from allotrope is hostilities towards others so as we go to this process with the nation changing and i think it's going to heat up with just a little bit more effect in pretty executed a little bit more going to test our resilience well as our ability to communicate with other people but round around us and if we put our trust in god where we could sit back and go ultimately he's in control he has the melody and all situations and ore to put us in situations which are painful that test or meddle little bit that it's okay it it it makes a stronger so i'm going to put another one up here in communications too because even even when we see people having bad reactions out there which there's a lot of run for office and you'll see you'll see them the best in the worst and people there's there's a there's extremes and both both arms a smile studying world war two and have to to a lot of people who went through who went through tremendous hardship in world war two tremendous hardship i know one guy who who buried himself is dead and his brothers in a ditch in the netherlands and to avoid to avoid being picked up by by the nation is a really it's a really interesting story well we're going to wear to go through some hard times here and i can bring us closer to god i can make a stronger or we can be afraid and we can win our eyes on her face and so our faith needs to be the focus are focused on god and will be okay will get through anything so and in the end got wind got always wins and he's always working for her best god so we can put our faith and help no matter what we see and even taken salts from other people knowing that that those insults don't tell us anything about ourselves it is one hundred percent telling us of the other other persons so here on going to go ahead an play the video here a minute and we can hopefully christened em all be but all men do but i alone what the boy and not be tired by reading or pride look you and not a he i do i had so as he there to the other to use it or watch for life i goodman out i could make all we and region one turn of a and from he started garwood he wore about if you can force a hart and nerve oconostota so when there nothing well talk with crowds for yes the game poor loving friends all men count not you are or everything that a one a love that palavering it so i'm going to christmas with us now i'm going to head christ the stream and a good morning chris how you doing morning dona don well thank you wonderful it and be a little flexible and things don't always go according to plan and they followed us my tech doesn't want to my phone right now so that while her own were called a time a kind of enjoy doing it out of one fit aqueously his tesee to be more reliable than computers most the time that's how are you this morning good early in the morning i sometimes but the son yes said i so antidote what olive came up with the yesterday nonsense i love my love in the stuff so live comes up with his article because of course the other man streamed as allandale checked michigan experts see bank election fraud claims and they're talking about their train to debase mules and seventeen republican lawmakers seventeen o nine a significant i formally asked attorney degenerate noesselt investigate its claims and multiple republican governor candidates mentioned the movie so now they're goin to go after the candidates sounds like her maintain so here i hear you go i'm going to i am effect a governor candidate and i on the battle in november so i'm going to say it over and over again two thousand meals two thousand miles two thousand meals election brought election protection brought in your he has i think i think that the more they try to shut me off the more i'm going to talk about it and we're going to keep hinatini we get nan said so because there was not one not one step like in woodwind with me with more elections i never heard one or saw one report that was accurate it was all lies nobody told the truth nobody was telling what actually happened highly entirely hit john the piece that enid came out mieris right free prall of them were an accurate and they were hit jobs and in it how the medium manipulate instead of giving in the fact so anyhow i had a wonder of conversation with you yesterday and i would like you to hear to everything you have going on because it's really inspiring how much time and effort you put into that while there has been a lot going on and and you took sure introduces a first and give your background my name is chris claim a chemical engineer and working over thirty five years a process engineer or designer i've started up chemical plants train people do problem solving i been in dandaloo quality work process modeling my done controls designed and installed controls and started out myself and i've been i sing i bible study leader do a lot of different things so i have four children and nine grandchildren so i would beautiful family then i ran for election in two thousand twenty as a county commissioner in a mosque county and i was far ahead in the walk in and then i lost my just a small amount i after the mail in which was over fifty per cent of the vote rowley one of the first times ever obtain had been that large and what other things that one me about the election by the way i've been following the elections since rallying at school so an i remember people all the way back to nixon and probably a little bit before so i had wasn't bobinette party as well and in mostianer so in this last election happened and the data came out on the election report i said that there was about a sixty four per cent turn out in our county i thought i was exceeding low considering how many people were motivated to go out and boat in the election so i started digging into that the top in this county the leadership changed in twenty twenty one as a result of that election i asked them to start in elections committee because the local theophano really been involved in elections in a significant way and so we did that we had over twenty people involved in elections committee in one form or another even more than that if he consider the volunteers that decided to become election inspectors and challenges so we did training we dug in to try to understand what election law was about what the dynamics were of the running participating in the election and what the data was telling us i'm a big dat guy i like crunching data trying to understand the numbers because you don't understand the actual workings of something that really hard to excite kind of problem that you might have so we spent a lot of time taking out the data and one of the things i discovered right away was the amount of registrations that we have in this county been going up pretty dramatically for a long time compared to our population so mistaken county is not really grown that much is not been a lot of business is coming in and the twenty cents of said that we only came forth thousand residents in ten years to those for many were that of i think the total population of the county is about a hundred and even five thousand take the so you think about that that means that about people a year move into the county not so some people are moved and the people that move in but only about four hundred new people here so what would that tell you bob but registry no order attestation should behave here you only have four hundred people a year before moving into community so butifool back in the history secretary of state keeps a history of of the voter file and looks like in about fifteen they've been adding somebody has been adding about twelve hundred registrations a year at two thousand fifteen interesting that in the hillary electuary clinton election that it was quite a little bit of a spike and registrations about that which disappeared again but in twenty the end of twenty nineteen and twenty something pretty amazing happened we had enthused registrations added i so look at that i've got a grasp of that and the report that we issued but the man go pretty astounding to see the rise in registrations in the community now you could say that that indication that there was a lot of enthusiasm but the election okay if you dig into the numbers a little bit more i have to see that there's only a hundred and thirty six thousand residence in this community according to the sense of and as you may know from judicial watch and other places about eighty five per cent of people adult satis per cent of adults usually get registered name don't all go the just regard so we should have somewhere around a hundred and fifteen thousand registrations in the okay so i am boring people with numbers that fine because i can understand that there's a problem unless you understand the reality of what's happening i abide with you and i think that because we need to get these numbers out so that people know exactly the absolute this is how they play the smoke and mayors game as by doing things with ratios and such rather than absolute numbers so the turnout in the hillary elect election was about sixty two per the turn out in the trump election was about sixty four to me that doesn't make any sense whatsoever but if you look back during the hillary election we had about a hundred and twenty five thousand people registered in the cow so the way you do your turn out is how many people vote over the total number of registered voters so to number registered voters about a hundred and twenty five thousand and say sixty two of those showed up to boat a fairly reasonable number its underneath you know the real number of voters a hundred fifteen thousand when you come to the trumpetin realize that the number registered voters we had was a hundred and forty eight thousand and so some reason in number again you cannot you doctor their dissolute a hundred and thirty eight thousand henry eight thousand why no uttered and forty eight thousand so we had over twenty thousand more than in the sixteen election he said four years more people we only game for thousand and ten years in the county no i am not prone to saying the word frioul because as an engineer and a date a person you have to go with the data leaves you and i might believe a lot of things about what happened in that election but i'd rather not say anything until i have something that absolutely make sense and that iron clad but somebody has so explained to me whether it's joslin benson or anybody else we could possibly gain seventeen thousand voters a month period in a community like it doesn't make any sense in that and what even worse than that is almost eight thousand of those were added between the middle of october and november third now there is no get out the vote operation going on in this county to find a people in sign them up in two weeks just not going to have yeah yeah i think that's a little bit shocking well no there's a lot of people out there that want to and i would like to get a lot of people out there with their pitchforks and there their torches and figure out what's going on here but as you know public officials are either too busy or not paying attention enough to be able to give us any kind of real sense of what's going on and to be fair to the reather complicate hiding to that that's the fun i'm going to i'm going to go there because that's the type of stuff that we've seen and the direct people to hide things and we see that over and over again well that's the bad part and that would be the worst case scenario so but when you're putting out a report about the elections one thing's pretty clear because of the political climate out there you now speak the word starts with or anything they're going to come after you and then they're going to sell cans of things that are probably not true has anybody that says that there is no fraud ay i would challenge him straight up and say how do you know that show me the evidence that there is no frost you can't do that because they don't have any i don't have any evidence because nobody said anything oh nobody said anything that they believe all the people that are out there that are saying there is some problem and i listening to any of those pole tell you know people uses were disingenuous i like to say liar derancourt re and say something like a dozen exist if you haven't looked for it or you can put some numbers up to show me the fact that it didn't happen that's a lot harder to show that it didn't have so any time you have these kind of numbers in terms of registration then you have to start asking some questions so we start digging a little bit further now what's really bad and you can tell when people are doing wrong things as when they started hiding it or when they start throwing dirt in the air try to confuse right so a glorious secretary of state decided to lock down a qualified voter file first quarter twenty one one thing's for sure from the data nobody has a terrible interest in taking people off the rolls neither can get are to be about as far as i can maybe they don't have the time or the or the tools to be able to do it rather a lying and using that to managing a second wants to there you go to it you know so are after me so i mean i mean what is more patmore time in nineteen they use that term framing back to the fraud fraud fraud fraud to her then so what they did to us are to me specifically was to allege fraud so they like overhearing other people what their guilty of an order to two money the water right this is a classic tax tactic of the marks i will call a mark is because there play of governing in their way that they use the media in the in the outright honesty of their language is just appalling and it's easy to show that i mean what you talk about the complicity with the the media to me is as astounding i mean i remember back in the bill clinton day now when he ran for office i thought he was a liar most people thought he would just the most wonderful thing in life spread well you go down to arkansas and you ask people in arkansas you think of bill clinton when he was governor they would say he was a scoundrel a lot of different opinions and you can see in retrospect the guy was a scoundrel but i have to give him a lot of credit because in retrospect of the last thirty years if you look at the way politicians act at least take finger up in the wind and tell which way the public wanted to go and he was willing to vote for that so he did king but all over the court of public opinion a sign most of the contract for america now he took credit for it and people say that he fixed the economy and all these kind of things and no i don't believe the effort second but at least he did that right now a days do you're going to have politicians that are either that smarter that sensible which really done go back to what you were talking about i am sorry to be real you on the road to a profound yes the little gate we'll get to that because to me they give people the benefit of the doubt until they prove to me otherwise so you know if they want it like come up come out and say okay well we don't know or a let's look into it you know you know how a process is supposed to work people on both sides watching the process supposedly and some one can say you can't do that and the other person says well i'll let him do that but yet you write the kind now we don't have that kind of a prose so back to the numbers because if you have a hundred courtier the voter files to we were talking about that so ye right so that was the next piece so that this will i consider to be a bloated bonepile beyond anything that would be normal and all of a sudden the secretary of state decides to time to clean things up pretty fishy in there did you hear about the lawsuit that a guy name ma'am dan brought against the secretary of state i was back in okay so he said that you guys aren't cleaning the file its federal law that you clean the file you not cleaning the file and he sued sixteen clerks in the secretary of state and the secretary of state eventually set okay i'll do something if you take all the clerks of the loss said to people of the file in about sixteen counties okay so that little piece is confused in the media a lot on benson came out after a while and said oh what how wonderful i am i clean the fire well shall clean the pole because she had a lawsuit he was forced by because she was supposed to and she had been nobody had been doing so turns out that didn't affect me squinty at all in it the cruchots numbers who was about eight per cent of the population in those on now my file i'm pretty sure has thirty thousand extra rations at the end of the thirty thousand were always supposed to have a hundred and fifteen thousand per cent thirty per cent picking number it's way over percent so in somebody pass you head and says he i did a good job go home now and they take a per cent off the file to me that's not enough you're not you haven't even started working yet so he comes twenty twenty one of a sudden no one is able to access the file nobody could get into it nobody can downloaded look at it fremont they were cleaning the file i got one view of the cutter registration filed in about may and i had lost twenty eight thousand names of the twenty seven thousand names all of a sudden had been cleaned off the file it's hard to tell because the official numbers forty thousand according to the secretary of state but you know obertake we lost twenty thousand names of of our file in three months now they threw seventeen thousand in they take out in twenty one a care who you are martha you can call it fred you can call it miss madge man you call whatever you want me like fish how is that nothing's add enough that's worse than fish if ye won't think it was ten thousand or something were i that would be okay you know he finally got around to it when you've been waiting for judicial watches so people to be you know they're close to a hundred per cent of their voting age population while we were a hundred and nine per cent of our voting population a waver to the normal number in all the sun we lose twenty thousand names will i found a couple of guys and to deal with excel good took these piles and subtracted them we found these names and then i said well how many people voted that it turns out is about six thousand people voted they voted in twenty twenty and now they dis got a race of the file people did they just move out of their county inside of three months and secretary of state was able to find them but did they all die now i don't think so they so were in the process of transfigure out who these six thousand people are were they real people the people that used to live here because there's some funny stuff that was going on around the election and that you know a state sent out request for absent belright she was not the only one sending out requests for a absentee bells we had people in our group that received up to five different application requests fully filled out some of them were folded post cards and one of my friends got five of these in the mail one must first as for the guy he bought the house from fifteen years ago don't let there and for three hundred people who she has no idea who they were it is a color from california in illinois not bastions of conservative you know the course and i as you know the secretary of state changed a bunch of the rules in the election which she got her hand slipped from the court saying he couldn't do that i don't know why they didn't do something to her but it just laugh her hand and they told her to go home again but if you've filled out all five of those applications and sent the men the falliot from the media was that they would use the signature off of that card as the signature verification would be proud the broad and heart now how i as a citizen or a challenger the fine those false votes if somebody filled out tell them all out tis only one way to do it and i decided early on that we're going to solve our problem in the skin it's not going to be through the legislator okay i there not anything rainwater report said that nothing really have they are senator bumstead seems like a great upstanding guy at letters out to numerous people in our county that said oh well i can't do anything about that i don't have any control over it it's just the secretary of state you know and he wouldn't say that there was fraud it's a parent that he there didn't believe it or didn't want to touch it with a ten foot pole i think that was more the case so i know snobston anything so he decided well what are we going to do we have to look in we have start canvassing some of these people now percolated me after he saw some of the results from our report it appeared to him that flooding the zone with the registration is a way that you can slow down causing efforts winona you gonna twenty thousand of those people i don't think that's happening and no as has many patriots as we do have out there that care about this system some of these people got to stop doing some of their other activities and get out there and start some of these election integrity activity we don't have any volunteers and i want to get people out there with pitchfork pitchforks and torches because it's that important and you know you talk about this if you're not going to be able to rely on the vote then it's going to be a really tough for anybody to get elected and i feel like you know if you lose it you lose fairly somebody stack in the deck and that's a terrible feeling and i was to have that in has the exceptional ability to have very local elections controlled by local clerk and as i understand it from other states you know the more you push the election of the state level or higher less control you're going to have over and we all know that from washington d c right one your representative if you got somebody like stabbing or peter up there you know they're not listening to us for sure tis a lot of us this country has been very blue collar democratic county for a long time no we could get elected here who was a republican was conservative the republicans that are not conservative they had last by five hundred boats and in a a battalion about ninety six thousand boats no i lost my five hundred that doesn't take too many cheap boats over the edge when you're that close question is how close was some of us think that it really wasn't that close at all but it ended up that close right and that a story with most people that are looking into for across the country when people see the cheap so that you just put your guy over the line just a little but it doesn't look really bad the men in the whole state of michigan how much did he tramples it was a very small per cent of that point five per cent it was a very small and it wasn't even that many how many thousands of boats was but i had no founded thousand boats but two hundred thousand but getting back so people who voted apparently disappeared because the secretary of state i don't know how she figured it out but within a couple of months she figured out that these people aren't in the in the file any more you know the file is bound back up another ten thousand or more in that short amount of time in this county which that still doesn't make any sense right so but you want to really get interesting now pat cocked well go get the cast but record i want the names of all the ninety six thousand people who voted in the election they don't tell me how they voted how many people cast the ballot public information anybody can get it if they ask it from the county clerk so i asked took forever to give it to me when i finally got it a god about ninety thousand five hundred votes i called up the person that completed the poor quest i said you know that this is not good enough boats at what the chantecler said voted in the election there were those other people he was like oh inimitable check them maybe something happened now we have a history in this county of not paying attention to the total boat in all that they'll put out election results then all of a sudden he salaamed right i'll take it back again this is not inspired confidence among the public i know if you don't i'm an engineer you're supposed to double check your work on double check your work and you go out and you spend thousands of dollars on equipment and you put it in and it doesn't work you're in trouble you know it is to get the right the long dismal time does it take the double check you know this country i don't think we find lies there it results from their election for ten days contend days to count the boat to certify they now people in this country got iceberg money and they paid a hundred thousand dollars for counting telling machine ballots in an hour was he insane because we only had ninety six thousand for the entire county then they spent a hundred thousand dollars in one machine a beautiful you can rely in the boat and you got a ten days to figure it out i mean your masilo back to counting paper balance it would be a fast that bonacina behind anything is a bad plan you know any of the big tack that's out there you know i am very suspectable that in that in wisconsin there was three hundred million dollars given to entities in the state and now they've got a mob a mob balloonette smelling two hundred and thirty some thousand dollars to give us about that much for this one vehicle to drive around and i'm like to how many more ways can they find the version to our election for us as you know i do i follow the money and see exactly what they're doing it like it's like watching a little kid i to mom and dad i don't know how this is happening how honors you know you took that cookie no i don't take the cookie i love thee and you know hacklaender hands and such i mean you know it's the count it a commission here you know and there was seen the attorney and abuse language to muddy things up rather than say all right i'll stop will stop you know we don't we don't need to have any more nonsense and spend doctors working on this whole thing yet an average the average person already knows how less manipulation and is as you know it's the white wisdom is is in every one out there now i don't really think many people are by the only people that are buying any anything about it that he thinks that there we had a an honest election is the media and there will no and there is lots of democrats who watched the regular you know mainstream news and they believe everything that their told you know and you know it's it's hard to say nobody believes that a person that gets paid a hundred thousand dollars whose on the television who an anchor for a major news not work is going to lie through his teeth close because i figure they're going to be found out sooner or later right at least everybody has a general sense that the truth is going to come out at some and i probably will but in ashanti maybe i'm just getting to be an old man i'm turning into the one grumpy old guys that i you know everybody talks about when you start to look in that all the different pieces it's frightening to see what's going on better fact i don't know if you knew this most of us didn't know it they were granted to virtually every jurisdiction in this county to the tune of over half a million dollars in the skating on and you know who got the most city of mesquite as i understand it i i'm going to try to avoid this before they destroy all the paper work but i hear they asked for and they gave him four hundred thirty three thousand dollars how the machine cost hundred thousand dogs to that insane i don't care who you are the thing is no bigger than a regular large sized pier ocean and i watched it with a becoming board in the primary count ballots with this their only putting twenty ballads in a time cervera it's not county right a machine could count all their bows and three thousand balance i could have counted all those bolts and sidenotes i don't know if i counted right you know the sergeant by the way the sea of skagen had so much money that the clerk decided to build a model operation i call a mobile balloba yes no i but she claims it okay because she's got employees from the clerks of as manning the thing came doesn't take it any partisan even but i'll tell you in the city of skin to what part of the skin or i either have eighty per cent democrats or you have sixty per cent democrat you know you go down on skintight and is probably over ninety percent democrat you drive the little mob you into some you know outside of fair in your signing people up and giving out and taking a bellati believe that they can do that too because their clerk employes because you know apparently the law never thought about a mobile clerk station you go hand in your ballawhane into the cleric which is in the office i know it's in the city hall but apparently he can do that in this noble vehicle here there were a single ray where where is the old relic in order they going you know it's like there's no oversight that they could run the thing anywhere they want you know that when we were because you know we have some i've got some income property in such when you rent property you cannot you have people directions to your properties because they say that that's a way too to falsely advertised the neighborhoods and on and on so how is it that they can get away with this because you're doing the same thing and then you go back to the marchesa of where they wanted to bienseances or or the this saintot have the money you do this that and the other so we have to go and make it easy for him sorry yet they looked at the bank of countess people like a and granados and now susan the other overseas bankers that this is that the deepole are in so tight with the global like it like brightening in this is like this is like aviation with these people and and when you look at the bakehouse is the working class and like pretty extraordinary that we've got it in a party going on out there and they're still trying to divide us it's like the star bellies these stars and you know these don't asters and these stars upon their the divine of and and try to proportion you know and it's false it's a false narrative in its march this so i bring melatonin us here too and sandarion on my angeline how are you a warning good morning so we're talking about everything election fraud happening in the state of michigan and the skin so good morning and and but let it be deeper into the news yesterday about the possession he along with her orberosia and these in all these pictures he made always public officials tales and i hope mallandane and we say that ella a state in hotel last night i got that so clearly they have bad wife by there now okay well washed back on or what happens here my afternoon again sometimes when you're a doing mobile interviews you have you have a lot glisten so yeah well you know look look at close and and here go back to just as our men and it will see it more lovable come back and here well when you look at poison and all the sons of one hunter ride you look at you look at you know john harrison and law and a alliterate all involved over and you crane and across the world it's got to make you ask a lot of questions why why why why you know well getting rich off of your position to like that is conflict of interests apparently in now if you can do it and nobody says anything you you can keep doing it interviewer i'm sorry this he said at a hotel of the kinsman because the last comer after the storm and though the wide macintoshes awful but we'll just keep going so lilienthal jump in to how leo i said oh he's even a man campaign man over there we had so many reactions to him and his naboot i'm going i'm going to get on and by and one for myself and the just wherever leo is i have to hand it to him said say something adorable and loud you know he loves that he loves us yea so fun so yet a conflict of interest christ when you see so there so many people that are making money off of their positions it is just incredible you see that with developer to you ever looked down the developer the developer a trail there and now yet all of these all of these globules huge development companies where were they go in and they're all part of these big develop that companies but one thing that i know that they do as they'll take the like let those for instance somebody does development over and say let and they decided they want to put a dark in here a docker they may take money from the and use that money to build part of their part of their development and quite often that pace for the majority of the development the development cross were not you in a bus were not doing anything that's no bad work done at nothing and then once they decide to sell it gestation does not go to the city at doesn't go into you know any entity they take that money which art or public money condottiere so much of the stuff going on when i see the developers like we just we just turned down and beat a antedating into our town here i organized a grew years ago and we still have that going on i think i'm going to expand to the state and are the active people in the townships counties but what what they do is they come in and you watch how they leave a portion of a development of the side of the won't develop it or the whole on to it for some reason that's because they've got other plans involved for that development guaranteed and a lot of the refugee resettlement that are going on at the nonsense and the the intentional misleading of the population that's going and the gaelic words to do it and how to how to move more people and think it is just like the amendments of the gadabout for michigan the there words smith affords in deep and you really have to look past a big into it to see what's really going on so conflicting back to what you were talking about their yes jesse waters had a piece on and pablo junior and he's got investment firm and what is he invested in lookin batteries i production so antidotal licorice so as producing the limits coming out of china in a lot of the batteries are made a donation overseas we have some made a mistake and lie can i think down here that's making electric batteries but you know she tagged along in like a hunter to point it along with her he actually was introduced i was welcomed by the tienes government there when they sat down and she introduced all the dignitaries but it turns out that posito te his name they said lo mister peloti as part of the welcome to all the dignitaries they were there he took that out of the transcript on poosie the transcript of the visit that she posted and is but a picture is in the background of all these different places where nancy's hat and he sat at the table across from dignitaries in several different places so you know this is conflict of interests and you know heresies go i think our founding fathers would have dragged somebody who was using their position to to gain montadada i on the street and pardoneth and sent them back written okay but we don't do that any more and for some reason no one has it the ability to be able to you know take these people to ask and and i won't even start with the boat they are all in uninteresting each other that's the problem itself a huge distortion it's eve so the solution is you know because we can't change this one state level very easily i could oh can't change it on federal level as even harder so what we have to do is changed in the aconites and the county clerk and the county officials here after be more honest than these other people that we see because we can actually get them out of office and so part what we've been doing digging into the data as to try to help people see that their funny business going on in the shouldn't give up voting they should be voting more they should get all of their friends to vote okay and it's going to be a battle and the other side is going to come out in droves if they have some kind of an issue right but it was clear from the the trumble action that there are enough normal sane common sense people out here that understand things that they you'll at them that we can drive these kind of people out of office now in my election i was i had the hardest election because i had the most democratic not commissioner district in the county moscione had four commissioners elected mostly from the county areas the cities have been losing people the county areas have been gained people and that's where the conservative vote is as out in the county areas now i would have been number five out o nine we would have had control over the the county board so i was obviously kind of the target since they had more democrats in this particular area than other places you know was there from i can't say that there was we did a recount they have all the ballots to make the cow with them five or so bold of the other result to his peransures as far as you can tell there's more to it and the problem is is that when the elected officials start telling you can't look were they start trying to penalize you when you are looking then you know one of two things okay that there either haters or their hiding something and now i prefer to think that they're just doing this because they don't want the extra work which is another terrible reason for them to do it but because they're supposed to be guarding the public and another the symbol let alicia here i was we brought changes to the action in the city of mestigoit this primary we have like twelve people we wanted to challenge we had documents there we were looking at all the names going by and we are finding people that it changed their address within the last four years so the registration address was not where they were living any more as far as we could tell the challenger you only have to have a reason to believe that the person is not a resident any more of that precinct for you to challenge that's what our training tells us right i had reason to believe i actually had in the dress but i believe that they moved to first challenge i made the guy was registered in fourteen and he had a change of dress in the last four years to a post office yet inside inside the city in a low to have a post office box i don't know where he's living i have a reason to believe he's now living in the in the precinct he's an you may i am delving in this town any more i don't have to prove that look another could be a nigerian prince you know to see all those email do now donate to the you know donator in manicuring is in trouble some of those in a parental and such you know well you do a background check which is perfectly legal for anybody who wants to get on one of these programs on line turns up between two thousand fourteen and now this person has moved like four times and they moved out of the state and they moved back to the state his registration is still at the same place that it was in fourteen why isn't he gone off the rolls well nobody can unless you tell the clerk they're not taking you off they don't check the change of address data apparently not that hard my case little bit of money what's their job the job is to keep the rolls can the notice keeping the rolls clean her face city mosquitoes down with the clear they said every year will send out a post card the if he comes back on deliverable than you know well think about taking him off the rolls well there sending out pull when i caught cards for your whereupon iterating other cards right and i have friends that are getting cards delivered to their address of people that have never lived there we not a last ten twenty years why is the post office delivering cards to people that don't live at that address they should be sending them back to the clerk if they get sent back to the clerk as the clerk to take em off the rolls but the post office not sending them back to the clerk the deinapore throwing them out i don't know what to do them anesthetic now too we don't know of these clerks are taken em off the rolls mahabodhi house and i do these background thinks on people too so i decided to run the guy's name into a bedroom check uman he's never looked at my address ever fifty lives literally across these so i went sheepscote street so i sent it to my clerk and a face book message and i said you know what is this order and gaseous i did a background check on this individual in this individual's never lived at my house he said what's going on here you know this is the formal action proud this is how election proud happens and we don't have a qualified voter file cleaned up in extenso years can you tell me why so she said some the moderate card brought back and i will do an investigation into it and i said it why i appreciate that i do i preciate that your going to do an investigation into it i said but can wellesley invest in the results of this investigation be public so we can now that we know what happened here i never gotten me for this individual is just really interesting whenever i never heard man from her and she portable as good intentions but i know i know a lot that don't pay and i know a clerk several that would you send autorite party when they would not take him up they don't want to they don't care and now i recall my question is is did you have the physical paper pamphlets did you see those in the rear yeah i would teraphin paper bowed for all the votes promised a we were i was able to train people very well that the first time we had ever done one of these things i mean after the fact somebody told me that there looking at the absentee balance in the notice that some of them weren't folded so i don't call me mean and he actually had the clerk who was doing the cow tell the purse had he couldn't challenge the ballots that's not their call there are not supposed to be talking challenger challenges not suppose to talk to them he after now one of the problems is we're all too nice around here take two or goomeroo ay i'm no shrinking while flower may be some of that my aid but you know if people are here they always consumed that everybody's doing something right and it's nice it's a recitin value wolstan you should give somebody a little bit of leaf they're doing something wrong or that looks like the gunsmith okay but in you to try to understand okay i'd be a little patient you know give them the three strikes or whatever but we got into a point where on that okay we don't have to be rude but you have to call the stuff right immediately and say something about it so you know our clerks mostly clerks that i talk to our wonderful people the people that we have in our committee have talked on their very conscientious in the cities you know a lot of people assume that there's marauding on because of the clerk i don't believe that's true i take i totally agree with that we can't we can't get all on you know certain individuals that's not okay we can't say that there are all complicity in it that's not okubu i do i will tell you i know a lot of clerks that are implicit in and and why aren't they willing to simply sit down and learn the piteous these machines learn what the sharp markers do when people got on a paper belwether i want to tell you this too it is really interesting people need to hear this how michigan will or our legislators will always say this when you bring up the election in any election moving forward to say in michigan we use paper balance in which is to its very true but in michigan we go and we vote on paper ballots and we stick them right into a machine when a when there are fifteen people working there and hardly any older walking on i was voted number seven by seven zero and i went in to vote a round for piano all organised a number seventy that's not a lot with fifteen people there they should be counting the ballots that machine boatmate they should be counting the ballots and counting the goats at the present level at number needs to go up to the county level it would be that is that is but can of contadini being broken so many times in the process but the mist you can't trust these numbers and a real if you listen to jovanovic out was involved in the arizona on it he will say a recount wenever never ever a recent doesn't work you have to have those physical valise you said some one even though he be said they didn't they they were not fallen people used sharply markers sharply markers blithe balance they caused several issues omission the front of the balloon used only as a black or loan if i say that we are they heading the sharp markers out we've seen one of its own and any other recounting forward i suggest that i elethian these recounts you know contact maoriland i think content joan and he can tell a tutor any moderate becometh cogitate time how how i needed as statistics it after he well it also i mean i mean look at the point of failure the point of failure is when we let go of that ballot into a machine we are literally putting into a black hole where there's no verification anywhere and i i really believe me to treat these boots of her in see there that a bateman by then countermeasures built into the paper and print serial numbers on each one that goes to a voter perinean that left the voter go ahead and verified that balatro a rammanu ber generator that they can go in that only they have access to it now there still some canastota it's a heck of a lot more secure than what we have right now to be able to see how it it it it counted and that's a i i think we need to get rid of these it never had he a hand cow but also not only that i think we have to a voter not just voter authentication where we know that yes this is actually a person who is who is that an american citizen or the as a person who is voting age or whatever we need there need to authenticate that voter and don't nobody tell me well we can't we can't do that because we can't have any weedon have ideas we don't have the sad vision see everybody's got a self one so as to the the you know everybody certainly knows how to make this his work when they want to so we need to be a voter of the occasion but then not only of that occasion verification where the voter is involved and canonical that ballot all the way through like an attracting you know a tracking was the more they can actually traced their own felt that my opinion no matter what we do is the only thing that's going to truly fix but is also good to require participation in the and you know look at how look at how that the entire election cycle the campaign in everything as his really turn people into being dependent starts with the pack might people are used to having their elections bought and paid for so you know it just like the same you need to throw commercial up you need to do this you need to do that it's like well yeah except for i don't take the pack money which is what people he expressed that they wanted and i wouldn't have done it anyway because i know that's how the rigging in so o now was a so people to become participants and not have to be a spectator sport if we keep doing spectators for them then you know making our election in our governance into a spectator sport you're going to get what you get with whoever is in office or who's in place controlling the message a two part all the way through well i have a couple of comments about that you know i agree with you the problem with the computer a part of it is that you could get to it people some engineers some process people he saw the chain of custody problems with with the computer he probably could do that that's not easy but it would take a support from the very top like the secretary of state or whatever no one that's going to happen not going to happen any time so so the problem is stating that out in the public it makes confusion because most people don't understand how to do that or if they could feel that it secure but getting back to the other basic thing you know the people that are out there running for office and talking about these they need to have the clerks fully support the process which is a non partisan process not this republican sheeting i'll take him out in a heartbeat care who he is and you know all the problems that we have where people trying to set up their own little kingdoms inside the parties all the way up to the state party is all kinds of tough about you know people selling position and scratching each other's back and that's human nature gathol that are principle that believe in true he believed that every one who she scoundrel those are the people that are going to solve this problem because everyone else is trying to gain advantage secure their position because they want the money or they want the power thereof we shouldn't be voting for people but when you get back to the clerks i don't care the democrat or republican clerk to a word challenging ballots in a navy counting board and i got a reason to they came in shut us down two hours in the county board in the city mosquitoes as down and they appealed to the letter that went out long story i will tell it all here now but he challenged twenty two thousand ballots people that had changed her dress information within the last few years and the word got up to the board of elections really quick probably the first day that the the memo went out to hundreds of and the board of elections issued a memorandum on the twenty nine saying you can't do this why why can't i can challenge ballot why can't i challenge him before the elections i got to stand there and watch every vote go by in the county board i got a look see every person that comes in okaihau if i have to but i'll tell you something when i got shut down in the avonian the city moscione they said that these challenges were excessive and slowing down the process we had people sitting there for an hour and a half doing nothing because they didn't have enough alas i wasn't slow in a down i was watching the lady flip over belianis every five seconds and i had to check the name every five seconds and i'll do that if i have to but it's not excessive it follows the rules and if you're going to shut me down and i can't challenge any ballads then you're effectively blocking out the public from doing anything even by law to anything by law what atomically once out for the reconstruction was the lenders if if they are shelling believe she's going to you know that it's always a threat is always a threat from the other side just like when you mention these machines an i'm goin to tell you with what you said about the clerk seeing i have worked these elections and i have worked with republican clerks and i have watched to the point where i've been on the phone with the arms saying what is going on here what are you guys why are you guys allowing this to continue these machines clerk had in a different room then the absentee baldinotti and in a separate room with no challengers or watchers by the machines and the adjudication process was over there that is illegal and he was resoling to allow more than one challenger in the entire room when the law is one challenger purport portable when there was probably seven or eight table set up in the room and to a machine to machines in a different room plus the adjudication process this has happened that those machines were in a separate room sent two thousand fourteen i found out but this clerk told me as they were both conveniently moved them back in right room the next time i worked the unction this is a special election i worked in that was on march first of the year and then the general election for that election was may first or may second when i came back in may and machines were all back in the right correct room but was still not allowing the legal amount of centers in that room he won't repeat one you may mean stand behind a abenfarat and be a watcher and i have two children and he made me stay here for twelve hours it's ridiculous so anyway i have voiced publicly okay because i am so sick of this i got a tap i got a tent terribly after the election i had people at my house my children were very young my daughter was only three months old my son was for my kids go to private schools you know i'm very protective with my kid we've had a moon three different times people showing up at our house in getting back so pianos coming i mean it doesn't stop you mentioned these machines and your your done for they will they will get you with every everything they can then you run as a republican and you say something about a republican and you're done they will attack you on every level it doesn't matter if an i said this and this is the truth and done anastasius just how i am i'm not protecting anybody because they call themselves anything i'm not above it then i'm going to to expose you to if i see it it's not okay this means to stop the people choose are elected officials the elected officials are not it is not their right to install whoever they want into our government that is not okay then he is the bread of parties the parts are restoring candidates and then they said well you can't say anything because if you don't vote with the party then then your into know we're going to oregon to go like you said going after after you but the problem is is that there isn't to parties if a unitary and they are in fact working together so now we got a real problem because there's no there's no reality to express any decent to the to the godlike status that they create for themselves a political party and something else that you side that was really significant is that they have to allow a poll was uncertain ger from each of the two parties will you know what about the other parties or so other or independence or something like what what is their chance for heaven anybody in there now it's a tool from the republican in the democrat unitary that is choking the election these elections down they are they are absolutely complete the and in refusing to stand up for what's right and defending our legend if you heard any one from either of the party actually stand up and and mentioned the or to defend triplanetarian or or any of us candidates that were illegally removed from the ballot which the word fraud brought fraud fraud was that was alleged in all of it he never proved any of it and going back to that one twenty seven thousand five hundred signatures which i have with isabetta they they there was only proof that they ever looked at twelve of them only twelve of them was there ever protean there was only two signatures called out on a two page report the candidate are making a policies on the flood they are not follow up followed a lawful process it is mal administration to the entire and it is true it is treason because there are manipulating something which is a threat to national security that this is this are high crimes being committed and it doesn't matter there at the top or being sucked in down on lower levels or an order bestial this this is knowingly committing crimes against a united state these united states in it is treason that's unfortunate because you know well on the basic level you know our platform the republican platform believes in freedom and liberty right having trouble i'm having trouble seeing whether people understand what liberty means even an argot over here here were big trump supporters believe in free them we always you know a lot of our candidates post family freedom and all this liberty all this kind of stuff but within our own party we have people being cancelled who are considered to be rhinemen though they supported trump and they support the leadership in our local party i don't think people understand what liberty means and liberties a hard thing so like ben shapiro says you know the facts don't care about your feeling if i'm going to do something in a county board and the rules are such and such then it's up to the clerk to keep those rules on they should be giving you the benefit of the doubt until find enough votes and they verify enough votes to kick you out okay all the way down the line that's what the public trust is all about so if they don't do that they don't have any right to see got to go to the court meanwhile you're tied up it cost you money but down on the personal level when you have challengers or pull watchers we've been stymied by clerks cause they won't tell us when the trains are going to be we were training on line going around the clerks because there was a training video up there were getting our two years certificates without being directed to the video or if they did took the video down then they said all the training that we just took to count any more i got my two years certificate i care what you say but now they're not going to let you in they got a private party because they have the other friends you know as poachers we got people that are calling themselves republicans here who are its your signing afterdays they don't have enough republicans bunch of have to sign you know as a republican in order to give the pretence that there is some equality of opinion in the election inspector we had over two hundred and thirty people volunteer finally the sheer and we got a lot of the men because a whole bunch of people cancellated moment in the back filled with us on theydon have anybody else i had to convince people to cross in line so we could get people into in a pallis that don't have enough republicans the run has an election inspect and we got to fight and fight to get these people to to be put in to be fair i think the city mustagan had almost party this time well they have never had it before cause we submitted a hundred applications to them people that wanted to be election inspect the personally i believe it challenges more important cause the election spectators for the polecat for the chair of the coal and you got to do your job can't be challenging people that are coming into boat as an attractive response to be able to write but functionally you can so say party finally got back into election integrity after forty years because they signed a stupid consent to cree apparently because they created years ago and now they were they were not to see they should have been coming up to speed to our three years before they got back into this they didn't and they wanted a pull all of our election inspectors and set him to encounter over to to detroit we understand their corn eye but i got a county here that is by taking care of and we had no end of trying to coordinate and get these things done to try to protect ourselves over here but if you don't you don't have a liberty if you're elected officials are not giving you the liberty the mare following the law and giving you open space to try to prove your case then your only one place to go that's all i dare right it's mark and you can you know i think mark would in put up the book american marks us we have a new brand marks as that around here and if people don't like your point of view they're going to try to shut you down let's not liberty that form of tyranny that's going to get us into serious serious trouble but the electorate of the people that are voting out here don't understand how dangerous it is for a clerk to shut down challenges or not be open to make in this process work if i challenge somebody and it's not correct well then they stand was not got a challenge you many more when i have thirty thousand or twenty thousand excess registrations for boating and then all of a sudden they all disappear you're not giving me very much luminance oh i i mentioned done earlier aprecor is short just about boats they could get me the other six thousand then he got me about ninety in those might be the six thousand that got delayed well you know so in my surety i will be but you have to constantly be purchasing or getting the cubapinos tanty have to have people looking at it one of the things he is doing is worse or teocalli looking ahead to how we can calmness fire and watch for people coming in and going out because as i told you earlier moisant see this but on our report which would get on our top website in our news area it shows that our in our file had seventeen thousand registrations packed into it so the curve is kind of an upward slope and then all of a sudden goes boom like this well i have decided to run the rest of the state rest of the state looks exactly the same they were jammed registrations in all across the stage and have they taken him out well you know in that first year especially at the very end what i thought was really bad as that last two weeks you know the seven thousand plus almost a thousand registrations didn't register on the secretary of state's data caelo three points a year and that point was outside of the you know of the curve so when they dropped the twenty thousand out they it didn't show the high point and then they had a little bit lower point so in others for the secretary of state to be pushing back so hard against people that want far in their election as fine the democrats sit in the cross for me you know a green party person to expire doesn't matter but if you can't agree that something's correct then the clerk and whoever is got a track down in a downcast causes them to have extra work as sergeant there at but butterette uncase i know a lot about the election terreforte everything that they're doing and are you hard of that inorganization one of the county captains in there you know we we were far at i think of of what they were doing and since i've been involved a lot of the ideas coming out of mistaken county they tested and started using and i was the one that decided that we really have to go after these the the boats were the fraudulent voter registrations i call expired registrations okay got a clean all the expired registrations out i will call him proudly hard for me to prove that but if the if they vote they disappear and they really weren't living here well then their fraud how do i get to that you know but the clerk the secretary of state was supporting me on but they're doing the dongola what was that said the they're doing good work it was an apostle do everything that he would like to do in this not enough money to purchase the the tools and all the day the withered the case as the proposed have enough volunteers or enough money to find these organizations that a that we need to be able to prove all this but does he does it i have have a cube or the state of michigan for every tony or no yes they do and right now their purchasing or getting one for every month we showed that there's manipulation in the file so we have to come up with a routine to be able to see how many new registrations are being jammed in there so we had a mile they bought a pile at the end of twenty and at the end of twenty one and the combined that file that's one of the tools that we've been using to analyze the election but there was a huge huge number of people removed and an muskingon did we started manipulating the file to see how many names came and went amenothes people voted and it's astonishing and we can actually get to the bottom of this because it is public record but if you miss it you don't have a copy that file from back before you can't tell whose common whose gown was gone now you you guys have that you we do and now how did you get that well ses i that paineth county individually now if you're a state candidate you get it for free so christie amo and montepoole get him for praise so that that helps i don't know where we get ours from but as far as i know that oncertain him every time said mother seven million voters in the in the state and there we have data people now that can manipulate that kind of data i mean when i asked for the change of address information i said look i can canvas every house on take me for ever to go to thirty thousand homes ay but if you just get me the change of address data and they worked on it they finally got funded for it and then we got four years of change of address data ran it against the entire state file it turns out in my common there's almost eight thousand station that don't match the change of address now trump only lost by five hundred our other two candidates lost but less than that oh so you don't have to have very many fraudulent votes to turn an election in this but if you look state wide i can't remember what the number is she probably should quote a number but we're talking to hundreds of thousands registrations across the state don't match the change of address at if justin benson was doing her job should be able to know the import do something about it but her goal as per cent registration as all the people she won't take off because my son is still on this on the registration bill he hasn't voted in ten over ten years twelve years because he went to boston got a driver's license there i've never taken him on he knows that he's got a driver's license as that night elemental on the cue well it depends on no they are plausible denia bility in this state you have to go like six years is like two or three elections before they put you on a count down list but they don't even do that my son went what they do in the city mascagni every ten years they'll send a post card and if they get the post card back as on deliverable then they'll take you to put you in the change more and they'll take you off after the next in my ex wife gets a postcard for my son when she conducts going to throw it away now that it's an important why is the post office delivering mail after ten years to that address they can the potation sent a back they don't so if you want to get somebody off what you have to do if you have a voter id card sign an affidavit he found the safe david your home address in the durable actions will allow this may specifically set it in the june twenty ninth letter you sign the affidavit saying this person does not live in my dress and hasn't lived here there they don't you know take him off the rolls then within thirty days the clerk has to remove them from the role by law so the we can send you that after david you can tell people about it but a post office doesn't do your job and the secretary of state won't give tools to the clerks or teach them how to clean their rolls properly and i believed in four or five different states over the last twenty years but cabot in any of those states any more because they have a process of cleaning their roles that comports with the federal law in michigan we don't because they want to file the fact joan benson's no dummy she knows what she's doing in the more in all places god in the in the thing there she thinks it's going to be harder for us no no were coming for now we can slip in as the thing with that people that know how to do that now but it's going to be an ongoing effort for ever of this try to figure out how he votes are quiet really rail a critical you post her email please and the comments because i would like to get that form for me ileane great thank you it think this important and also with as far as the tube so if we send out this form are saying they have to legally take this individual or that of the individual as voting in a different state okay so eventually that's where this has to go to you have to locate people no matter what state they're in because the presumption is this is the theory okay the theory is is that there's a certain number of names that keeps circulating either around the state into differentiations or across state lines but what they do as they use addresses that they know a bottle so if you look at an apartment it people don't stay in there praiseworthy two years sometimes only a year if you do a background check on certain people you'll see that they move fairly often i've had to move seventeen times in the last forty years come my dress changed tremendous amounts i could keep a good job and i moved in a chemical engineer or industry is terrible and you get laid off there is not that many jobs around is not that many jobs in michigan for me here because the salt automotive and parts manufacture my background as heavy a chemical and specialty and plastic if you see this turn over then that address is ripe for fraud it could be used for fraud the don't have control over their own file benson hired the air system to keep their files clean if you look at any of the stuff that's out in the media it looks like a wonderful thing he and his right well how did i get seventeen thousand new registrations in twenty twenty when my country is basically flat it's no job movement no people moving in i don't know who did it how do i find out a really hard for me to find out i should be able to get this done in a in a week or two to find that out okay if the resister is putting in registration in they're putting in registrations into a jurisdiction and they don't tell the clerk that they put him in this is a real violation of chance as the clerk post be responsible for the file would think in the law clerk the local clerk should be responsible for that you i don't think they have any idea five hundred or a thousand names are added the jurisdiction nobody told them about that and if i go to challenge a voter they say i had somebody at the common board tell me oh that's a legal voter because the clerk varies every a person on the file a democrat told me this i said no they don't no possible way they do i know somebody in the mistaken township pick their name off the one of my canvassing she by random and i looked out on a background check they've lived in seven places they were registered in about and they were outside the state i still have the registration from them fifteen and voted in that in twenty twenty they voted in that jurisdiction even though they have moved about seven times since the i suppose a real person who lives on the other side of the county but he voted in his on his old registration in a different tone okay that fraud okay it's not right if he voted twice as fraud he really should have a registration the expanding ever told anybody and the clerk doesn't know us she doesn't have enough manpower or fools to be able to figure it out you can say it's the black its abrogation of their duty when it comes down to it who's responsible the county clerk or the michigan secretary of state they're the ones that have the tools the training the know how to help these local clerks have control over their file and they're not doing the job so i won't say that it there causing the fraud but they are allowing it by saying that there is no proud without looking into it no one called liars but let alacran coterie it in the set it if you're iteration something is going wrong and your quiet you don't call it all in if you become complicity and what's going on and as there's no there's no you know you call a gross negligence or complicity but you know it either way either way it is such a bad situation and the system is so convoluted that that something's got to change here that the complexity in this in this entirety of our election is giving us failure points and so many different areas that of course were going to have failure we're going to have things that that is you know that is going to go wrong and then you complete with a that our state is under a and mark is a mark i take over really we've had marches infiltration in every level of our government or instituted our churches with five one three i mean look at all of it if it is it is in a school where having they are for instituting the mask manchoo we are way to trust water like for it you i believe that trust you don't i don't like give people i absolutely require people to earn my trust i never walk in any situation good now i think you're a good person i trust you know not even close it's like no your going to be held at montfort feet until you prove to me that your trust worthy cause i aint that at one in the goodness of people who say their trustworthy a long time ago now do i trust the american people absolutely there are so many good people out there it's incredible but people in positions of power i absolutely give no trust you they are going to absolutely have to earn it and all of what we're talking about is based on the fact that we have blind trust in the elections and also the people who are running the and they have thought they have fallen down so it so spectacularly that for us to ever get them trust again would be a fool game because i because they've already proven that they are not trustworthy and we need to we've got to get them out because it's just like you repeat a fender a repeat of thunder of crime no matter what it is a radiation we all know that a good portion of elected officials are involved in that sort of thing it's been proven look at how many people have been arrested or the last few years for patience prevented it because that's how they can promise a lot of them is the cachimana cranor they set them up or they know what people are willing to do those people cannot be trusted again once they break that trust theriere were done with us because repeat of thunders are almost always going to repeat again so we can't put them in a inapposite to and it may not your good for but you know what that's what we have to do is we've got to take care of but and so at the harpooneer fundamental problem i have is i understand where you're coming from that and how you came to these conclusions and i can probably think that way as well the problem is that electric on the electorate as a whole in that way the only way you saw this problem is by going in treading the clerk like there are good person doing your duty to watch the election and when they prove to me that they are not trustworthy by stopping me from doing my the lawful activity that i have either as a challenger as a citizen in the state from doing that then there lucian people complained but they won't they're not willing to go out and do so we have to get everybody involved in the process and when we start getting pushed back that we have to have the money to see them or do we have to have the guts to be able to file complaint and in the good people the ones that are just you know lazy they're going to fall in line and they're going to start doing the right thing when they're getting tested like the evil ones are going to get worse and worse and then you have to get the electorate to get so mad that they're going to vote them out of office people are giving up they want to call out fraud without being and in the solution and you can't really work something out with a clerk if you call them a fraud you say their complicity with fraud before you walk in their office to try to get something to i'd like to get my point to my point is is that you don't have to be you know you don't have to go in it hastily but it is more of a mind set of you know don't believe things just because somebody says something might to make them prove themselves with you don't have to go in there with with words of lazy but we do need to remove people what you know because because you know all we can see is that good people are being attacked on just that just mean that we go in with that attitude but we certainly go on with that mind set that they still have to prove themselves because the system is so bad that if we don't start questioning people and that we were in the trouble the other i probably have is absolutely no ability to hold people accountable there is no recourse right now bothering too much there's no transparency and so the ones that are i know you you can say is that with you and if you are in a company and you know somebody is creating a problem or doing the wrong thing and you say nothing just to go along get along your company and that's that's in all situations people have to speak up and say this and we we hear you know i do believe there's a lot of people or people that know what's going on that are willing to step up and say something because its uncomfortable and we don't have the ability to pull sayyid pull the sheriffs into this and get the sheriff on an investigating in tastes claims and in and then there you go again round round back to the funny the funny for the sheriff has been cut so much in its content the state leaves started out as a as a crime lab as well as if they were they were basically clime came rador antics so they cut the community plea is the down the ones that are set up to do the investigation so to see how what a coordinated effort this is the system down in the indian and everything else we've got a real problem but but no matter what when things are going wrong around us we have the obligation to step up to the play even for the only one saying it and step up and do the right thing and say the right thing even when everybody else is quiet and were not seen enough of that even from the good clerk that are in there are to do the right thing and i do believe that that most of the people that are in office and the clerk well are probably very very good people and they are trying forthright in the does satin with a state parties that the two party bein a part system most people that are in them they are truly trying to do the right thing but i see things that are going wrong there there allegiance has to be first and formed most godamighty to do the right thing to tell the truth expose evil he go along just to get along has got to stop that is that is unfortunately that put them in the category of complicity even if the good to keep this goes back to the liberty that i talked about no people are afraid to lose their jobs a to be criticized they don't have the will power of the the ability to be able to stand up and say now this is the right thing it has to be done there's so many haters out there and so many trolls out there and when comes to elected officials doing the trolling during the having that then it's a real problem right but you can see the erosion of the system is so bad people won't stand up in the legislature and say wait a minute you know i don't care i don't know if i believe there's fraud but we should dig into this like arizona did into this down to the last scrap of paper prove to me that there is or there isn't and then all the electorate would be come down and they would say look okay you did it you did it right as a lot of time and money but now i feel comfortable though we got a good election when you were first to do that because you're afraid now this is what mark is to a shame and they one an they're goin to stop on you it's wallie out there and nobody has the back bone to be able to stick their head up see fra they're not going to get under whatever the democrats have absolute rule over their priority thrown out all the blue dog democrats and all the reasonable liberals from the seas and the as like the desert and you know day robin jumped ship i was trying to get bill mariette say watching bill myers commentary god like dederit no i would never watch him before i think it's changed much but his whole party went so far to the left to him that he's actually scream and followed now and for a guy who is that terrible to know that something is wrong you know that you know there's something happening right if a democrat or a republican on allow me the liberty to say what i have to say whether it's against it my own party republicans or somebody else then the latter acting as an american who believes in the real liberty that this country was was given to us i've had people in our local party that had been cancelled because they want to go along the big wagon old just like the people on the left now they say they're doing it for good reasons they believe that the righteous okay and and they do have good ideas and i like what they're doing in general their direction you don't believe in liberty if you're going to walk your own people gay you have to be able to say if i think somebody's doing something wrong at that doesn't make sense you do you know an if i'm goin to get back for that i can take it most people don't want to the conjoining a certain way there so much precious put on them that if they don't want to stick their head up and bless the christian women that i know the wonderful wonderful people but they got to get a back bone and and say look at you he can't do this canting i'm not going to support that a lot of times their drug through something because they don't want to create any controversy you know so we we got to get out there and do what we have to do in our elected officials have to give us the space to do it and be willing to go to the end no matter what the consequences are wherefore if the sixty years of our education turning people into a more or less pittances for tess abas yet a problem with us than they as to test not teach for critical things so they want the answer they have been teaching our kids it back their ether answers good bad or otherwise change history that can change anything but you get the a as one that balanser they are looking for and it is fundamentally wrong they are not teaching those critical thinking still to look at something sahwah a minute you know and it looks like a dog in it clicked like a duality to be a don but they say in the test now that's a down i'm like are you i'm so sure you know we have to learn the trust ourselves again and what we see and go back to that common sense because when when things don't make sense they probably there's something wrong there and we've got to trust ourselves in the go with it not go with what people tell us you can more it it's this is then missus benham jack ate a teaching people to inform missus what you do to be a good citizen this is what you do to be a great student this is what you do to be went be approved and such will you know what that that time is done we we need to we need to step outside of that program that marks us programming and be able to stand as a free individual an say no i'm i'm not going to i'm not going to go rontgen i'm going to go i'm going to do the right thing as i see it maybe even create a little stir or create some create some a push the two we need people to stand to push back to these people because these people are criminals that are that are running the state are global is with you know the global that are running state that are installing people in positions so we're going to listen to these installed puppets by the global is by the organized crime not work now hannot not a ceanabhan and how should we be doing this yet woman ah well you know in the last two years i came into this and and unlike another toll officer i came into this and i hunted everybody i gave everybody the benefit of the donought that most of our party was genuinely good people that one of the best response and i inherit i learned worst i hired somebody that works directly with the murtough individual was you know i just he had the same views as i did helping with the latin road by everybody that he surrounded himself with any work with the wind anything for us at even elected officials and every question i asked it just at they backed away more and more they won't give me any answers it got to the plain where i just it i can't do subordinate senior there is no way that you guys are doing what you're telling me it video catches at her not yet it's it's really unfortunate because because you know people that are in that pose there there they the really great manipulation and lying the remand you know we need the nowhere on you know and i trust these people and when i found out that they weren't they were readier now when they say they are buried there they can't be the what they tried to do was unbelievable they did not want anything that they wanted nothing to do with me they did everything they could to get me i would have the grace to give me this qualified underworked against me in every way possible they throw a tremendous canada and against me before that it was most if anybody gets the trumpeters on a michigan in willett's all they were saying and then when they got this connection and it was almost an antidote i would i would always say you know i bet you don't get the odorous the person that i hired as my manager that he was her rope was he was her broken and an almost like you know he was he had to go along with us suchow supportive as family and he has a lot of kids and you know you can tell that i did hear him but these people the issue with these people are they have made so many a back door deals may have so many bribes that that they made with the opposite side and that's what it is that they can't do the right thing the compromise and we have to stop a lasting compromise individuals because it's never going to get us anywhere and once there comprised their compromise forever and you know it's really so because of lissome of these people you would think that they are they are good people and that at one time they probably had the best became compromised and they must up they slipped up and they did something and they made an agreement with some one well where is their treasure and hence that the first question i ask is where their treasure is that they put their heart into the treasures of of you know the stuff mart treason for it when i worked his elect your your idiomatic audio cut out for a minute but the question is is that what is their treasure the treasure about getting glory and riches for themselves or is their treasure actually help bein the people in an approaching it as a as concerning being a servant to all and just be here going through this very temporary world i mean it's a very temperate world you know the gold is for me is to die some day and i mean that graduation day right our treasure is it what we can amass here our treasure is is in service to god whom we love we you know it's a when you love your parent when you love your father you don't fight against you you tried because you know him now tried to make things easier for him too and you work for together for a common goal and for me that taking care of you know be good steward of what has created her assistance made it answer hostatter to take care of the people that are that that are his creation when we get away from that and we serve self with the with the young you know the conflict of inter interest in all that in order to be people around as his constant if this constant competition to win over other people should i die in a most too where were our allegiance is not towards an a higher higher purpose or allegiance as to something a very temporary and and really doesn't amount to anything i at all i'll make an analogy to this is that you know you go to horse shows and i stop going to horse shows for with my horses because the three horses in the horribly and these horseshoes inutile things are and i would look at that why are we competing for a dollar ribbon but ruining our purses in the shows i would rather have my horses happy than a great time in the school people rome rather than him all of this stuff is basically ego base for show it's not it's not not men elias all this with the gospel tells us you know has been the same way for thousands and thousands of years and you know there is no limit to personal avarice and the ability of people either at self deception or to seeing others when your priorities are set like that then all manner of bees going to happen right the love of money the book says is the root of all evil so you know alex officials should be even handed with every one that comes to them even the person of the most outlandish plan they should be willing to go to the mat prove to everybody that the system is good that its working properly and if there are deep that they're going to be taken care of i know checkers was the caves hair of the canvas board an ocean account after the twenty twenty wrote a letter to the clerk local clerk in the state secretary of state saying that he wasn't going to certify the male election in twenty twenty unless there were some corrective actions put in place to solve some of these problems as a result they bounced him out of his job okay so himself that people are not they're not interested in solving the problem and not interested in doing the job that we expect them to do they can't say okay well what do you mean corrective action and let's look into this let's sit down let's negotiate it was talk about it everybody comfortable that everything's working the way its when this comes to shove most people don't want to let the chips fall with the may it appears that people want to influence how the chips fall right but as individuals when the problem gets too big people give up so i'm still advocating for this prop for the solution that all of us people to be involved in the process the everybody fairly until you see that their cronies and then take them to the map of it and got a clean up your own house i don't see your own problems can solve somebody else everybody each county needs to step up to the plague and say what can i do to fix his problem now he is to their credit is trying to put out tools so that everybody in their own communities can solve their problems you know we're workin honestatem right now to allow everybody to have less that we can challenge in every election going for you know you can't challenge it unless you have a reason to believe while we're going to people a reason to believe but you can see the board of elections all ready right out of the gate a day after it happened when we we issued this letter trying to get twenty two thousand of these unable volochine right out of the gate a stop and all over it like it never you know like where evil okay or election should be saying would you think he's twenty two thousand people will let's sit down and talk about it why your challenging these people were you getting information but why don't you have the information you got the tools that millions of books up there what are you guys doing you you are to keep our roles clean keep our own queen in twenty twenty and misguidance we had three people on our roles that were born in the eighteen hundreds not even at the end of the eighteen hundreds i'm talking like eighteen forty seven in eighteen seventy five the numbers you cannot tell me that your keepin my rolls clean in five minutes i can get that thing and sorted by date of birth and fine people that are born in the eighteen hundreds okay now i can tell you you are a liar because there's no possible way three people from the eighteen hundred should be on my roles and another lady she died at the age of ninety four in like nineteen ninety she's on the rolls you can't get the death records you can figure out these people aren't voting any more you know not okay now i don't believe you any more okay joscelyn benson or somebody from the board of elections once to come to me and say that i'm doing something wrong i'll say well why do you have three people from the eighteen hundred on our boris i don't care if they didn't vote it's not possible way they should be three people from meeting hundreds of my votaries men there are people out there with skills and database stuff you can solve these problems they're not not solving the problems of creating more an then they come out in the gas light so that's what makes me so if i find it i saw the crown i not going to go to somebody and say you are allowing fraud or i don't believe you are whatever i'm gone start gathering data until i have something that i can say yes this is in right what do you gain tooboui and if they don't do anything about it that i'm going to say will you don't really care about the solution and you're not doing your job and we need to get people out armed yet we've got to have with that overwhelm us with participation of people getting out their voting in a big way and you know to your point that that if the seed not have the money to the time to do it well we just send what seven hundred and some odd billy and dollars to that omnific inflation i can't i can't even there are thirty words to even put to this has not you know and meteors there's some words but that's why they came up with cusswords right it's deadwood that you started the teething so we got these fell from the eighteen hundreds that are on the boat and row i think this is where we make a great team meet talk to these people and find out what their longevity secrets because clearly were missing so that here i go i think there was one person on her vote rules that was born before michigan became a state or at least before marconi became you know that other gestured place or whatever yet to me that's the way that population has to fight if you if you just go out and complain about broad things that you can't do anything about then you you really people get to pressed they get worn out they say i can't do anything i know a dozen people that volunteer for our elections committee they say i don't know what to do i said well here the witch you want to solve this problem just to this looks like it small looks like a may be insignificant but if you go out and prove that there's a thousand fraudulent votes in the county mistaken there were actually cast people that don't exist or don't live here cast a thousand votes then at that point i can say fraud because we had all kinds of people lose only fly hundred vote difference in the in the body but until somebody comes and helps me to canvass place can't say there's any fraud the canoe it i think there might be i think there is good reason to believe and so i don't want the clerks to yellow me and say you you think that was a fraudulent election will i suspect that things are happening are you willing to look into it are you willing to help me support me as a citizen and at my responsibility as a challenger as republican or whatever an independent i'm not going to complain about it i want to know the truth i want to know why you're not cleaning the roles do you not have enough funding do not know how to do it the county clerk didn't help you i mean our county clerk in two thousand went to a state wide team building practice that benson set up to deal with the two thousand eighteen law that was goin to low absent voting in everything and one of his works sessions they have and you can get the video on this by the secretary of state sit one of the work sessions was how were going to deal with all these absent ballots and you run a good election you know happen when the election came around we didn't deal with it right took us ten days to figure it out to certify our elections and that would only be now if that was good but they there working on this for over a year and they didn't do anything about it not sure that they knew how not sure that they tried very much one thing's for sure there should be some correct of action and if there aren't any correct of action and you know i got to ask the question forbidding and i'm sure mostly as clerks there working really hard doing a good job at the things that they're doing but are they doing all the things that they're supposed to be doing the secretary of state doesn't help them countered doesn't know i mean we had a merry election back last year and they published the results for the election before they had all the results in if somebody didn't check in that easy gayole check make sure everybody's reported you know or whatever and then the county clerk actually blamed it on the trees cadman information into the clerk of and they're just depending on that it's all coming in well then people started throwing each other under the bus day ah the moderns were set upright the it guy said now you have thrown me under the bus we find out that somebody didn't pay for the phone numbers and so you know even have the equipment set up right it don't get all the results you publish them before you double check in and everybody's point the finger at each other doesn't inspire confidence yet all maladministration just like you done william just said he said if insobriety as maladministration and that will cause more people to look into this stuff people need to regret this as all plan words to the secretary of state all of these annalise laughter right democrat republican does it all the same so is it it is and the deeper that you investigate the moral realized it all the same and i never i never believed it i never believed it until recently and awaited boonton and i and i also never believe that our government was in answer and things and and i know they are now because i looked into it and i brought about it and i confess to give it an you can they definitely are nineteen was was very suspicious i think everybody corwith that man now but i never wanted to agree with that or or or think that our government would ever do something like that to there are people but they do and in with this election and and you look into the certain clerk that we think are in some of the arapeile and later the the township clerk the city clerk when you get up into the county clerk there that's when to me where i've been seeing where the corruption lives and some of them might be the people i'm sure they are you know the over eighty counties in michigan but so this stand braced the secretary of state cajolement on sofas when i was working the last election she sent her her one of her assist to come down to stand grace who claims to be a republican and she rode up this report that i still have the boy about me and i was doing nothing wrong i didn't even say a single word and when i was challenging that election all i did was standishes and right the numbers down they were on the main and i was riding down the balance that were overbold there was a lot of overattention moreover groener seen and that that was suspicious so i was riding down how many over goldwire and each present and i had no book with me and next thing i know a one of jacobean assistance wakatipu of the horror she walked in with four or five other people and if they were at my they were going to arrest she said in there for an hour an hour in the room writing this report me when that entire hour that she was in that room that whole election with the absentee with the essential was one wrong elegy she didn't even notice that became she was too busy arguing me because andromache his election inspectors opening the athlete palisading the entire process one work of it wasn't going in and out you know i wasn't going around a table there's no change hostetter you can't do one worker one inspector cannot be the entire process by themselves at what the that breaking the chain of probity that is and in it actually when when they know how the vote vote in that's private you can't you can't tell that information but that's how these people that to mind and that's how they they win a lashin for their friends and their wives when they commit from like that and that's exactly what it is it's melinis ration that's correct and if we don't start doing something about this we're going to hold our country in the state forever be then the people that are winning or actually part of the communist party but i think it's a lot of that going on they've been trying to get us for a long time in over the years they built up a societal or to call it was of being that one people a try to exert liberty on the system i don't believe that nine eleven was done by our own people of capua a lot of stories is plenty of evil terror is out there that wanted to stuff to us the fact that we couldn't catch them in time was pretty bad you know but no matter what you do here think there is fraud and you need to go after it but citizens need to get out when he to overwhelm the polling places with challengers we need to fight to get the challengers in all the right places and then we have to give them the tools to be able to challenge every possible ballot the clerks better get some money to be able to deal with these challenges and not sail that successive year slow in us down not our job to keep you going fast job to see to some happening that may not be right and it's our job to figure out if that person is allowed to vote or not that is the most important thing that we have that that ability to vote people need to get out there they need to treat each other wood some respect the more downsittings about anybody until you have personally seen it as we overwhelm the system we take over the party apparatus then you can do things right people with principles he let her not in it for their money or for the power have to be in positions of power to be able to make this happen otherwise we're going to have people on both sides trying to exert power just to keep their positions and their money not a good thing yeah well i tell you what we've been on for two and a half hours here will not quite because we had little technical difficulty at the beginning here but i sure appreciate your coming on to day chris and i'd love to have you on again so a week good heute a few people on and i'd like to put you on a real being schedule so that so that those that are listening now exactly when you're going to be on so we can talk about the more and you know what you're what your figuring out is so that so that we can we can actually be the transparency with the mastered fails to do as well as if he enormities takes us a little band amaranthe that or that or you know domination then that's exactly what we're going to do you have any if you have any clothing or marks for both you and melissa but i've got a closing remark in that you know the lord of the rings is one of my favorite movies and you know outside of the gospel it teaches us a lesson probably the most important lesson in that talkin put in there is that sam is gane was probably one of the most important people in that whole movie care the whole book you know that in canada said this to what's her name the big altar why why are you and troyon because little acts of kindness principle truth or what change the world the people who think they have no power are the ones that have all the power and when their convinced that the power doesn't work and they wander away the totalitarians and the marks and the people that want to gain power going to rule it's the little guy who's goin to make the dirt every one needs to get out and volunteer to do a small part when we start keeping the system corrected we start with a place as you can work and you work up to the complicated places after that things will start to change especially if officials believe that people are watching them so that's my closing thing he pitchforks and torches but we need people that are going to go out there and vote no matter which way the vote goes we got to be sure that it's right but the only way we can be sure is for watch the fox out of the hand can i cut in here well let's go to the sea if she comes back i'll stop talking and let her go her so wonderful wonderful that you shared our all that with us i really appreciated it so valuable to provide good truth to people what's going on out there i like to close with the prayer and let the others listlessly close remarks one arise no i don't i was nice that it was nice talking to you restaurant said about and i totally agree we can't her arm is he went exactly what they are doing we don't want to well let's be in touch thou begin sounds good so so you get you guys are of the camp of trust and barefoot as are the camp of trust and terrified i think is valuable but i also my camp to set i earned so i think that a good balance out there but yes absolutely treating people with respect for anything you know at this point time i'm glad when somebody brings a bet i got he truesome hing you know just the purchase patient doesn't matter as long as we're doing some day the other people and to make the world better play how laissait high and i love him he's a little doll and letters in homely father thank you so very much for brain us together to work out here cooperate may in fact that we may in fact you know sir you and very very green world he was as people up give them a house and to step up to do what they can do give them bravery so that they can do the hard things which which are sometimes look like its counter intuitive or break break the mold of what's expected and do what it is that you put on their hearts thank you so much for prisintly and leoben here to day we ask that you bless them and give them your favour above all measure we ask you bless every single person that trunnion to this and a know that they're so many people out there who are who are carrying deep hurts hurts with relationships that are broken there the herds with just providing for their families or feeling like they need somebody to stand up up for them let them know that it's you are god are heavenly father who is always our provider or refund or banner and war when it goes before us and the victor in all situations no matter what we do we will go and we will stand for you by your strange to the end and when the bad last battle is done we will lay everything at your feet and say thank you so much for all you did for us for allowing us to participate in your plan and in the plan of salvation that you have laid out for the world so much we love you god we love you lord jesus with all our hearts and we seek to serve you in our words our thoughts are actions i persisted the man i will thank you on thank you and i'll be talkin you too an okay a very good what forward to right so were bad hersilie to encourage every one to go to my website and to join in with the campaigning and the fun that's going on right now it's a lot of fun where heaven great time ultimate people and and spreading spreading all kinds of truth out there it is then it's reliance my website is brandenburg for governor to come brandenburg or governor to retaliate which i write every word to do the post but at brandenburg the number for amy and i would encourage every single person to reach out to me i will communicate with you there and you are in fact menacingly with me on telegraph where a face with integram trusia i won't be to post you began on trusia i only have so many hours in the day and i know people keep telling me you need to be doing this that the other thing what you want us to expand it you need to volunteer to help and in all so to donator campaign we have a gift on go account there so that i can but come was more of the things that you would like to see done the fact money is were not going to be taken patience down to you and i standing together the dear we can do the best we can to make the most out of the money that it does come in and to work terminated the state back with unwavering and with bravery and service to god family and country love so much never feel like you're alone you've always got us out there fighting for you by you for those that but without a voice and i posted a phone number enough times that if if you feel like you're in trouble or you need help please reach out you're not you're not alone and we will do what we can to help you in fact and in even if it's playing with you or or just sitting and listening for a while have a wonderful day something for that your own here today to bless you all and much love to you always to all those whom you love