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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/17/2022 - Live Karen the Ultra Riveter

Published Nov. 17, 2022, 9 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is it is that day it's the seventeen of november thursday twenty twenty two o love that number the number ever i did post yesterday and told everybody that i was asked to denote see what let me go to my post here so i can tell you he stinkpot it rather than all over the place but i was asked to denounce reader ah i did a lot of posting i was asked not president trump general fled huge sirdeller the alphabet because they had so dangerous oscar god et cetera and and so i decided that doubled down so do down on all of this president trump is treatment of the united states general flynn pretty much stood in the way single handedly taken back the united states in my opinion to israel i will not denounce cups and and i somewheres and on and they are both real god real boreland denounce something that's real except so anyhow in all intuition said i three two five seven we love you he was cut post and i was lifted in and tammy note twitter account i'm working on getting it back again i'm hoping that that alone actually will will reinstate because in a really good idea really good twitter count that they knew of the outline imaging something on here a minute because i think this is kind of cool let bring on her morning karenin go morning good morning how you doing oh little tired she normally am would you like to go because i think this is actually i hate to say it i have animals you and i do think this is well yes people might guess guaranty here in the river or his animals and one of those animals to scarlet night this is the first for me but being a good in i was prepared and evident and the animal smells fine but the house does not so my husband is working from home to day because he had a buddy testament said you take sogering for all were bent we settle ozone unit going and we have vinegar over the house and everything else we can think of and here that it lingers for days possibly even months but with that is a happier wait a bit to follow bedford when he rose he content herein you robotics say that again poke ah italianato at the enter season so that it came away or out that and he provided you come in and about every third word now so deliver something a better connection i can give me a moment in an era a camera the video for every one and i think this is pretty interesting all of us that were harassed i guess i didn't really care about the making choice you unmask i would say that honestly that was kind of like more or less the ability to stand in the face of trouble so integrally the video because i thought this was really into my apologies i was wearing my mask because i just got back from a full day of being a good person i loved my mask simply an effective way to splain my braces am i concerned that two children china dropped dead because they were forced to wear masks and jim pasiance that were creating a generation of children who will be socially awkward and condition to fear their fellow man ami concerned that i am contributing to an impending socialist technocracy that will enslave the goblin at even a little brandy concern that my masculinity complaints to social conditioning that will eventually lead to the forfeiting every man woman and child on plantations and why am i not concerned you as i'm not concerned because i decided a long time ago that shallow and significant gestures are a much easier way to show case my morality than actually being moralist be a real good person i got a stand up to a real backers and i don't like standing up to or for anything i decided that it's much easier to trick my own mind to thinking compliance as a virtue instead of what compliance actually is cowards i prefer to float through life completely ignorant of the fact that every socialist take over has always begun the exact same way with government over reach public shaming censorship and i will paper shortage don't believe me cogitate and communist russia did you beat your having a unique experience i prefer to pretend history never repeats itself so that i can stand by and turning i every time history repeats i prefer to call any one to speak of it back or stand their ground alludes to her pansies so that i don't feel obligated to do my own research takes away for and lastly i prefer to put on my mask i stand among the sea of mist so that i never have to be seeing the free or feel the deep dark shadows that lurk with who that uncomfortable but i think there's a lot more truth to it than what we really want to it man i'm sorry but but i have to have to say that i agree with a lot of what she says there and when things get rough it's time to stand and not excuses for things i know there's a lot of most feather probably were in the same community that that i would say that i am much as that was like it wasn't just now it was how now and let's go ahead and arrest me if you want that i'm not going to comply and quite honestly going forward i hopefully we all learn but that lesson and going forward with any kind of compliance to these absolute lunatics that are running our nation they really are is absolute cowardice and it's time to just not just now but i helsingor commotion bondsman it's been my nightmare i've almost been kicked out of the doctor's office on two occasions and the last month kicked out of my doctor's office last year more than once until so so this is kind of kind of crazy but i was in the hospital with my son one of my sons almost did last last october and it was really crazy because all the homeless people came to the emergency room for emergency sight mad they closed down part of the hospital so any one who was actually who had like state a problem that heart attack or something i was turned away because they shut the emergency room not in one of the big hospitals in great gran rapids is like medical center central for the state you you be shocked at how many how many people or how much medical care we haven't gone up the nine have something called the medical mile over a michigan and i was there when the head of as medical school was announcing that they were going to bring the medical school the grand rapids which was really confecting the it was a part of a group called in form which was women's professional group that i went to and when they announced that which i thought was it was really very very interest and so the dynamics that that when anne to bring the medical school her increasing the medical agoratus was i thought it was really interesting they talked a lot about spousal carting for the law for the and medical research so they ended up putting in lots and lots of money and grand rapids in order to make it an up very attractive for these high and researches so this whole thing of building out the medical the medical be that they haven't gone ravishers a lot of it there's a lot of hearing gorsas definitely a concerted effort to to invest in the community also for an larry services and for a lot of entertainment though i thought it was really very interesting but when the government decided to shut it down will guess what happened all of that got shot down including the hospitals and the access to actual health care for the average so i don't i don't know what to say but there are so many people that were not able to schedule of ointments and that sort of thing and in it was real funny because if they wanted to try to divide all of us and to take on vanderholt care workers and i i i sat there and listened to one of the other and governor canvas beat the rate those who were working with her mask on and on like a how do you know that this was in a heartfelt thing in that though in just a cowardly thing i don't really know some of it i think is pretty pretty brave quite honestly on either side and whatever god puts in your heart you should be able to do but to do it to virtue signal i think you better than everybody else is not is not sensitive catacornered so i think i think though that the people that stayed in and worked should we should all have our hats off to them whether it was the sheriff the police and everybody else who worked through this quite honestly what are we all going to do when those people are there no more and we need real medical help or if we're in trouble we the police the police the first responder all of you ganado when they're all gone so our our anger should be i should have been directed immediately at the politicians with all of us sang absolutely we will not submit and then and then stand with all those that decide to work or not work or whatever and say you know one arrest them then arrest me too well obesity together because after a while they would have gotten a figured out that this was not going to go away and it was really bad idea genesmere are when in a montsoia masks for months to afore hours a day i was afraid for the first three months nadasti so much our lives these last years that's true in a lot of people were really trying to do their best to help so there there's a differentiating in a rock cause of or an analysis of the situation but it's it's very important not to not to demonise one sector however i would say that there is some great wisdom in that in that clip that i play i was like there's no possible way of i would i would stand jail for ever before i would have before we done it but what i do know is a friend of mine who was in fact east they were requiring him to do different things and he would not submit so they put him into solitary confinement and he was in solitary confinement for almost a month until until he finally as they were just going to lock him up and throw away the key and that's how what the country is come down to look at jason we're just going to lack their political prisoners they are nothing more than political prisoners because they never had a fair trial they never i don't i don't even know that there was nothing there is nothing proper about the whole thing i mean the entire they are political prison and of a very corrupt and i don't know if they should be ashamed of themselves to be completely disbanded because they were the ones that set the whole thing up and michael will do said i did two days in jail for not wearing a mask is refused to put one on and home deep so off to you michael that great michael this is my hell to a couple of others good we can all stand in together these public functionaries are murderers and thieves in my opinion from eric ah i agree they but that they've always been that way because of the same it's like she said at the same play book when when you look when you look history not only red that the mark is work of a marketplace and it is ever pitiable way to launch say a color evolution or however their tearing down society and while lot of it depends on us plating and doing what they tell us to do instead of seeing yeah i'm not going to do that so generous morning andrew morena my son was murdered and she arelas her i'm so sorry which is where i think that he was created for personally the coverdale three weeks and it was the most awful experience in so many ways so sorry i just wish my husband would to care just a little bit o why become i've become who i am now instead of calling me names and feel insane it so lonely isolated while you know why you're here and bones mamiele here and there's a lot of a standing together here and i'm so sorry for the others the amount of abuse that all of us who refused to follow the lead a very irresponsible and evil people is amazing ah good morning ladies coroner he jason ooself because i a life stream that came august keep talking to miller here for you and that's that's okay you just you just keep talking okay ah i be good morning anne marie last my job is an annie when the plane down estate then worked as a senior charger through it until i moved back to the pittance bones are my last my cleaning business think o my husband is a very established and in prayers for roland the companies still require the vacant just turn on a job because of that told them it was a deal break for me good for you you know when i was out campaigning we went to the one very big over in detroit and when when the point was that there was no mention of mass or anything like that either and in so we walked into the church and all the sudden on on a sunday that during the week there was nobody wearing masks no one this is one of the biggest lies that's been out there is to watch her go in a doctor's office as as for example i was him a tear of my man and my day out through this and the people behind the counters not of them were wearing masks they take their masks off and as soon as you walked in is a new personality but the mask back on to the raging for the public are our metaharta facilities are guilty as how over this because they were all putting on a show while they killed people justiciar to the same eric i beg my mother figureheads went she went in for heart surgery forty days and two days up they had mattered for the violation that a mediterranean probably won't make it to press on so sorry but onthank gus we are slightly damaged and he had probably lost of our people keep moving forward and standing in the gap where were a botanist do well okay so this is my opinion on it you can imitate care and indication reached were all given free will were given free will and allowed people ask why is president trump still on on the grit my why is he why is he still on well i hate to say it but there were enough of us out there talking about the dangers of people wanted to avoid this they could of it may not have been comfortable i mean and people you can say well what do you know i do know i i literally was willing to shut down a multi million dollar facility rather than any of our employees take the job and i didn't give a rap what i lost i was just like that's fine i'm going to go down it and florid on the beach somewhere and let you know if i have to pick up seat picked up and go fish for food or whatever but i will not kill anyone or force them to do that so i i did i look at my husband and when the thousand that i relate they weren't going to be delivered reasonlessly vaccinated facile my answer to that my answer to the attorney's when they said that and the people that were financial lithuanian i said sundown and and he he the wooman he's like absolutely well of course all the everybody else is just for it all you can't do that i'm like watch you either figure it out or you don't have a job and bout a week week and half later i guess we got it figured out pretty quick because i got it we want they found fondolo and on we went and i walked into the office one day and one of her office managers was freaking everybody out you know being crazy trying to try to force the very word mask and i came in and i said you you will not be forcing us on any one period and i will not be wearing a mask and i don't think we want to have that discussion me it's not going to and well so just not this craft and so it comes down honestly to having the fortitude to make those decisions for yourself it stand up and not be silence same thing with this election on seti do not conceive i will not concede to traitors i had somebody that he has a lot of money and i mean a lot of money on you you know who this person he's nationally known individual and i know and made a statement when i came out with that in a chant and that i will not i do not concede traders and the message came back with well we don't want to see this in this chant because you know i don't want to be pulled in front of a in front of a he and had he used you know sent just a wee watch it we say i like i'm not going to watch what i say i refuse it like i'm goin to call these people out for what they are and if the continuence are going to fall where they are when with running for governor the crazy thing is is watching all the godless out there and and i isonna say that that that's not just politician goes down to the people in the way they've voted they jumped off for this and something i found in less you days because in that kind of research in person and i have no intention of stopping i had i had two two a had a really big twitter competence that come off again because i did lotterye and i also had a couple of logs that i put up and one of them and i was i was warned to take it down before i ran he said you might want to take this one done going to get in trouble i'm not going to start inowre you can that's not going to that's not going to happen is so there and i just distributors into it because i had it i used it as a new source and if i started posting to it again i could use as a framework for what we're doing but but i found his stuff on a mission that i'm putting together i find is going to be really interesting and also the the ties with china and the eve the batteries the train bring in michigan which we'll never see because what they do in as were paying them to put up her basically paying them to put in a therefore there their production and here using using our workers there saying they're going to bring college kids into work and then looking at the toxicity of lit darn there maybe maybe we should be a little more concerned with us instead of our body going jumping on board oh eva the way to go we want to go to electric cars and bottle but is anybody have an any idea how absolutely to as for the economy and now we're going to let them bring it into michigan where is the liability going to be hero tippoo many jobs are they going to create how we all know there's no there's no there's no nothing built in going to guarantee that they're going to do one job is not visionary america first it's not nothing for it is it's like coming in an exploiting the state dominate garbage here putting our kids into a taxi situation but yet nobody thinking nobody thinking this stuff though just like they did at the election the elections were something where everybody should have looked at those unitatis and absolutely an absolutely such donors looked at the connection so dixons of got connections or her dad dad i found what we thought a connection he's kesota to a fund that bit was in charge are you lame and now we've got wiser and all of them that are trying to put dixon and the pertater both globes now depended did part of a teaster day were to blow this thing at all open whose back in the pen from what i heard as john aband john engle john who was trying to grab power down in the virgin it seems a little close to obscene and if they're interested in michigan or united states politics why are these people rotten all over the globe cause they are global is tied in and their probably sitting at the table with the world economic form some were a long line they may not be they might be set in to feed the people of the world economic form ettingen crumbs to adam just like the the people the precinct delegates in a state of michigan there be thrown across if anybody thinks that they're going to get anything more than crumbs i can't help you you will taken the stupid hills this is what they do spirit a stupid seems to be very strong and i'm sorry for two and tail to day we are losing our country we are losing our state i listened to all of this nonsense of evaluating the election and where does everybody looking arizona and georgia has there been one word about what happened here in michigan nothing so carry like runs up to michigan to endorse dick did out of our state you have no business being here and the rest of em it's like to what to jump on to some whose a global est a push a global agenda what happened to looking at michigan and say we want people who have been here are their whole life who have been committed to this and who have you know who had a who have invested here probably over of her own dollars into this campaign because i have a probing for money and like all the work within what i have rather than read than begging for money like a resistance collaert from one beg for my situation to another never can taste there were primary any sort i didn't or he should return the mind to to the door neither one i've got an issue with all this i was going to get more angry about it till people start standing up and listening it's not being powerful little put this is what it comes down to so the diseased stupidity we can we can use that word but there's a blindness there is a veil over people that once they get behind somebody it's really hard for them to turn that around and say i was wrong well if you supported colley and you can see how quickly he could see did how he immediately went to raising money for some other project how tutor conceded before the count was even finished now as she says well i'm going to tell you the truth about the dope and then all the sudden as you pointed out last week here she is thinking about all may be i should be charity like what what kind of credentials do you have for that a man may be you are willing to take money in order to get a new job that you're not qualified for so were we right about kelly i think we were i may not have all the right i rode at late to out that what was going on with him menever showed up at the aboriginal work all shent back to begin for money i'm i'm all on this one i'm totally and then he comes back and one of my chances of oh i want to talk to you don let it don't have a provisional because i say all the screen shots of him you know basically a lying through his about me so the strengthener you want i have the proof and i posted the proof on it and then rely on no daneshead our feelings it while you sat a stand behind it if you yeasaid it the maybe you shouldn't say it you know in the same people just need to the need to admit that your discernment on this and that and the other was wrong what are you going to do about it now you are wrong about tutor you are wrong about dona still left standing so when you get behind her now i inwreathe election ah i want to show you something that this is a false river grew in to put the supper just as i think i can boasting out i am good boasting out of as regroup this is an what dickson's dad was involved in and if you look at this all over the place it is incredible this post was september twelve twenty twenty and if you go down here strategic intelligence an operational business intelligence financial intelligence primary intelligence emotional intelligence understanding you know what that is that my friends surveillance it's grabbing information so what can they expect in the next twelve months technological innovation will continue to rapid pace there will be more government influence on our lives there could be no heroical protection as a limiting company from entering new markets dampening growth and developing countries there'll be less leverage for businesses and those religion high leverage will see diminished financial returns companies seeking higher rates to growth will look to asia another us cannot continue to be the global growth in investors will look for high growth opportunities and what genetic engineering so were the advance to medicine and competing capabilities clean energy remote working learning out deductin to increase due to comerford in taxes and reduced taxes romanies is now betty eight chilian whale were thirty one trinight now but we're just not even a talk about the hundred and fifty eight trillion dollars none undefinable us get to dread ratio is one someone thirty per cent it above the seesawing point recommended and eration monetary fund federates warmed two hundred two thousand eighteen a global warming could in fact financial system claim climate changes forcing farms utilities other colonies to declare bankruptcy right this was exactly what they wanted they wanted to be able to to grab grab the land and they're going to do it through two through the wind energy just watch i would take that out with anybody that that's exactly what this is all about with the wind mills two million a window when you know that's all subsidized with no plan for taking them out when they fail in twenty to twenty five years and as becomes a farmer's responsibility what happens at well if the tax payers have a ballot on that or more likely they're goin to do a land grabber can us health care expenses are spenser six trillion by twenty twenty seven hard heart a town that one i think they're expecting but a hundred million people to bite before twenty twenty five share of the projected to reach it in the same year this number could dramatically increase depend on the election who becomes eligible for government benefit foresters may decide to diversify the portfolios with more non dollar denominated acts as a hero or may be crypto that they you know that the globe sighing of it want to know how many of these cookies not just at tabitha how many of them collapsed and where that money go concerned that the us they want the dollar to decline why the relative value of debt becomes less betideth but that's true they're going to get him off of social security by killing people and writhe inflation raises a lot the date actual value of our national debt goes way down the in chinese if this exports declined it could by perorates china is the second best purchaser us death and its demand for treasury decline interest rates could a saderesera friday at the industrial production on including output effect is inutilities clan through personally after surgeon five point seven in june correction stage the virus continues gladiola they got another one plan to serena all of this of another sounded like a plan to me and i'm going to manage i'm going to click over here manteaus i think it will bring us up to this nice little globes enterprise and i've got a whole bunch o screen shot saved of proven global remember what dixon saturnalian ship my friend is her background so is her hair family now a dance gone i'm sorry for her loss i lost my dad too saying thing but truth is true and this is number of i mean the world's leading global eminent partnership focused on the little market i met clime on the ground experts to deliver the right tint in the right language and the right time it bigger and bigger and bigger you go and whereas if it's a naples florida but look at all the other locations london too person york divine the lot superstition is simple i munich shanghai made was errand moscow i now somebody tried to convince me any amount of intelligence put into the argument that these people including the republican party the state of michigan with an wiser the head or on the board of the atlantic outside told because i think we should have complete total in looking at who were looking at but doorstone dick it is good to replace him in everything will be fit as notaresses going to be fine because there because republicans know this republican virtue signal in crab is the same thing that happened with a mass just going to follow it along all that's organ to do it we're going to fix we're going to fix the republican party now you're not later with that the polishing a turn at exactly or at the bell a friend of mars put it i put it as a you're trying to clean a swamp while you're standing in it doesn't work you just get thirty a guy there and then at a storehouse just to make sure everybody a very general he said i believe anyway he will irritably but i usually where he also there go i give you as on that so were going to go down here here is the borderer atlantic council's borderers so we're going to see the cast and crew of more global ragoba so we can go down here go down go down with a good unnoticeably some is probably do just see see oh my goodness we have unwise or right there on widely that must be a different on wiser though right posterity overright surely it should be see where they have got a i can check and hear because actually screamed out his picture in her i in here we'll see what happens i found that all right you because i've got screen john about away to boot so homework the scrub those that they go in there but he had a nice little pitcher on her and i have the screen shout of because you know what you can go back in the way back with and you will find what you're looking for so there you go as go look at all these things all these little little tiny bits of bits of information the other thing that they started there so they tried to scrub some of the tax things too and you go back in the way back machine finding remembered digital from on anything so did you i don't know if you saw this but there's another thing that came out that was screens but i'm to go ahead put it up here i absolutely love this kind of stuff in this is this is really i spent probably like i said before i was running i spent about six to eight hours a day and i used that number some days i spent about ten hours or more a day if i got something i really like to dig down fine information so i mean to look at this as i caraites forbidden history it for this but this is where we go and we start a research as we start asking questions and we go on to forbid history nineteen ninety one a rough man dies in a bizarre circumstance that balances dan who what to good and bizarre circumstances loaded fortune go was missing and abstentions bazarov turn over to the ohio billionaire estate in nineteen ninety one the fortune surfaces in his hand two attends and bizarre circumstances believe he died the way that they said they you know it's just as the fortune reappears with it as tea i can't get firm or confirm that but that came across so i can go back to research in the way that i used to and i think i'm going to include everybody in this research that i do so that people can see and we can look at it to gather that and i i think going forward in the things to work on the reseat projects together which is what i did i had a like you said i did that in a twitter and i also did it on a couple of different blocks one of my past names was war horse and i think that we can we can certainly look at at this and and try to chase down so forays that out there that want to resort i think it's a great idea to jump on this and check out and see is there any truth to because where the smoke was usually fire so that i think that's our next turn this into an actual news show but down in it like like the research like the research beasts we are and guess have a he will you want to talk about the narrative battle we are in as sure where you want not what do you want to talk about bobus this is a what is it let's go there general plan my body oaths he is amazing a gentle something out in just human i know i know just human too and one of the annan as an honest used to be but i love the case against great detrita so just human put out this is a war for our minds our freedom in our country it's been a whole week since election day the enemy is working twenty four to defeat us specially in the cognitive and sit theatres they want the med terms to be seen as a failure for maga and for trump they want you demoralized yield them no ground we are going to win every battle we will win this war when we had been retreated that i on i both good guys i had some he asked while his present trump a good guy or a bad guy because i got till i was like to this whole thing with him coming out with a big announcement on tuesday i was writing to say tell us to get on our little little ponies with our swords of flying were ready to follow you in the battle and it was like a grunt went twenty four and that i go it's another patient gain for all of us but the general i said i just onthank for reminding every one what this war is all about were waging what is called fifth generation warfare for me ideally to my creator agreed and second then i second him on that and so when you talk about you know he's he's got a book out to the new book is five gibson's the it generation warfare this is really what we're in so it's kind of funny you know you can we had warehouses ruction we had words on this satellite think this new more right now that we're in as you know generation warfare which is information we've been in this for a long time i watched somebody into trade nother the subgroup that i met i watch for people who are infiltrating because if you understand the patterns of the behavior and how good they are a waste people's time the these people that one of their biggest tactics to waste your time to absolutely in her it is to waste your time to keep you busy chasing after the new rainbows the new issues and abstracting from the core out there and so now they've got people running around going train load now frivolous cases which are going to go nowhere because we don't have a just we don't just justice not in work and waste your time just exactly like like they did with the petition signatures and then when you listen to the people who start they thus they'll go and to personal attacks individuals in order to shut down anyone who is a truth threadlike the weekly i had to and i tocat a private pretext that basically asked three people to leave the group and then one of the wrong they had but the ceremony in an attack on every one it's like other ones that are attacking those of the one pretty assure that you should be looking at as infiltrated they attack the call names if they if they try to destroy people on a personal level sicknesses in acting like there is you know that they tried it they try to replace people with an organization that's exactly what happened in this this and the people in there quite honestly are not saving to be able to see ah desormais continues to be a difficulty for a lot of people and i think that's one of our challenges are biggest challenges because they have trained us so well to be so in and apathetic that now that a lot of people are not episodic they just don't know what the truth is how to see it how to find it and how to act upon it so i as you been talking i've better writing down a bunch of these narratives that are being put out now and the really confusing trump is at the centre of balantine it comes down to him being a source of singers again but i ironically always the so when we look at him so my frustration on tuesday night we'll go back to the information warfare my frustration in tuesday night was it lamartine's go let's do this thing you know round all the bad guys up throw em and get me you know and the scourge of onontio and he says it's going it's going to be two more years to go twenty twenty four and i'm like oh my gosh i'm an i'm so in but i'm so ridikilous it researches have been doing this for so many years that i am in granchester in the middle of a longer harder and and in a very personal way you know more than any of us here so it's but i think that was my frustration that had a sibanda actually happened here will either as latooka him being arrested so i back well they can arestino situated a tack there and the other thing is as that you know as we go forward we have to remember that this is work plain a long game here this is a and and there's a lot of different ways this could go of all this i could go in a direction where he announces we've got you know were keeping or keep in president trumps and were watching were watching this the other bad guys blow through ammunition not only are they blowing through ammunition but there we revealing themselves even in these private chats i just let people talk longtimes i just get quiet and i just there is some talk of oh if somebody decides to tell the union the whole thing that it would be you know i read the surround a little bit there's a lot of theories going round but you know it tottered you election something like that will molest realistically i think i think that what we have to remember is that were here to fight and follow god almighty her it's on his time line there is a plan you know i hear there is a plantation piankashaw you know what there is a plan and the plan is in fact god's plan in his time with his design which is perfect so you know for me i had to sit there and think i think the message that president trump and you know gave on tuesday night quite honestly it wasn't necessarily even designed for people who are either anon or maga i think it was designed for nor means and so to sit there and watch the message that he put out there to wait people up talk about the things are we can all agree on everything said i mean honestly all things that he wants to do to change he it was like a note sossand he still going on the same rate direction just that like for myself you know ride too ready too and i think most people felt that our either annon's or magnificent same way we were listening to come in one thing i thought was really interesting is that he threw something into come couple of speeches that i thought were kind of interest so my may a slower my silken was as take back the american dream and he threw that out in the middle of his speech is like we have heard that in a long time and at that i was like a like maybe maybe cause i'm all on that i'm going to take that may be is as hopefully hoping in praying that that was a hat to top to do he did that he did that once before after i went on the tirade above the machineman a republican electioneering rally in washington that i want her that was to president trump when he came here in a ueberlassen that the state welcome town with the way that they did and i hold that against the entire republican party at the moment time his orbasan through like a bunch of turkey whither has gone this way that way nobody was doing anything it's all talk to take no action sick of it lo i come from going on and then the republican party and that goes from michelangelo down to the bottom lorgnon and they were out of water at two o'clock and so i start running around trying to find water beat up a couple of ah you know or you don't take engaged to tail on a couple of secret service guys and they alike you guy sceerce there like security and the carter secret service and like any some water so started beating up on that train to bring it in when nobody else is doing a darn thing from the mission public and party well after i started really she and on this i i sir junius at one point time the next the next a rally president trump did he brings out a bolder body have water at any was like maybe he is actually listening i don't know you know this is the name it shall not be imagined who knows if anybody's listening might only have two frogs in a cricket out there who knows yeah you know the republicans were all sit in the back room drinking john sager republican sell off and drinking bodies with the downs i think so too you bet there and all the republican management that was at their that really i can guarantee you they were in the back room sitting their drink and okanagan in green everyone they heard was that this is all about throwing crumbs the present delegates from manipulation purposes that's all it was and they said it over i heard over and over and over again for people there this is just about making the precincts feel good so i can tell it not the oriental i was told that myself when i was invited to go to one o his rallies that this would that was the purpose of inviting me but i had already resigned it was like a not a delegate any more sound like fun but i'm not going to pretend to be a delegate when i already resigned from this spot you're not going to butter me up right i'm not this stupid you know that you are wicked sorry i'm not this stupid here are not question all of your non so that you've got going on here because that's all the republican party is you know turned into i had actually somebody get you you saw my post yesterday on satan's yeah that the sacacommis ione and mosquito called me on his he paid he would indeed to your face because he's a o hezares man he would not asking i onuphis he calls me papacy down a damask i like it i'm sure i am so sure i am so sure so any i posted it yesterday i am like an say somethin that on it and oh no not he know it to your face i don't know i've seen i've seen her not back on it i've seen him i only this etonians anyhow let's go back and let's read a few comments here is that did i answer a question on information warfare enough i was going to comment on what i felt about listening to thump a there is more there now ah there i think people need to recognize that he speaking to several different crowds at the very same time and one of the things that was lost on a lot of people is that he was actually being covered by mainstream media on that occasion it was a just or so a few of our favorite it was seen and for a few networks were covering that so wide not speak about the election for example because if he talked about election integrity they would have dropped him or interrupted him with reporters and i saw later that they did apparently tried to do things like that but he was trying to keep his tone down and watch his language very carefully so that he could speak to them there are a lot of people who watch can who don't want trumps rallies and they don't go to trumperies but they need the truth that he's putting out there so he speaking to a wider audience on that night those who were who are trump fans who recognized his role don't be all of what we a lot of people actually needed as you as you admitted yourself it was frustrating to watch because it was a lot of people expected him to come out with some great exciting thing is he going to tell us the whole truth now he can't take him not he will not except that don't expect that from him he can't do it so he did speak some things to our audience and i think one of the things that he said in the act of announcing there are few things are going to come of that and already have an he's always going to show us more by everything he does by how others react to that is very telling and numbered to he is waking up people and energizing the people who need it he knows we don't run away two more years and we're not forgetting twenty twenty it's not going to happen i don't believe he's actually going to become a defect president and i want these states and our counties in michigan to assemble and how do you get people to do that you get them to realize nothing is going to happen without the people our government are de facto corporation government is not going to solve this for you the military is not going to solve it all for you what are you going to do about it the only way out is to assemble and we have a number of states which are assembling lawfully and peacefully we have a number of counties in michigan but we need more so if you're in michigan need to go to michigan designations natural hyphenation find your state in the form go to michigan if your michigan contact me a telegram a carnero he want a personal contact i get these assemblies built up because that's the way that we tell them now we're done with this were done with facetious arizona can fight all they want to and the de facto they're not going to solve all the problems and yes i agree michigan michigan is the hotter spot than people know what they're not talking about it why didn't they talk about donna why did aren't they talking about michigan because they all know we are a settled we have an established assembly here as does all as we can be the most effective ones if we get our butts and dear so i sat weeping we can do something about this and he by speaking so slowly and i'm going to have to run for resenting he's telling people you need to do something it's your turn well that's what this was all about from the beginning it's like we're going to end up having more and more pain and my opinion until i keepin get discount heaven a discomfort to get after behind to start thinking and to stop stop thinking it's going to go back to the way it was i can never go back to the way it was we we were being invaded and control by a global structure which was tell in our children calling or as they are they have been doing this for a long time it's just got out in the open some more how many kids are grabritin thousand or something like that precedes where are they going why isn't any one asking these quests why why or why are we not having this up in the forefront why is he so quiet and why is it the main stream medius to talk about this and is is only into into program why is it there hiding all of this why you know she i've been really trying hard to get people on here that talk about you know lawful tax and and attorneys and and that certainly so we can actually if you were honestly not news people that we flipped a medea or that we liftenant rocou know let let's do it in the way we're supposed to as a discussion and research together find the truth you know because it's not going to goerner else loses there are all they're all working against us we're going to have to we're going to have to move almost in a paralysis to to rebuild again just like the they're right the people are obligated to correct the government by right i've been thinking about you know as session will not concede do not concede after this sam lection said can you prove there was cheating on like clearly some said he had undergone there if there if you don't know there's cheating clearly it had been under a rock somewhere hid or your whole self who knows but but there's a answerin there at a right there but real not real so it's like it's like you were were not going to or not going to stop fighting that's not going to it's not going to happen she spent a time research and going okay so we hit another rock in the road how many rocks of the road do i need to hit the campitelli stop i don't think there's enough rocks that would stop me we're going to keep going and be it by losses as so got the one lawsuit he still acted with the american project which general fenimol ed in the and several other people election integrity is also fun for i can't i think that he is both anyhow we're still involved in that and i've got a couple lawsuits that are going to be coming up that i'm going to find and i think the honest ages truth is and i say this in beginning as if people in not a good began for money i just am not all work with what i have the people have to feel it in their hearts that they really want to get involved without somebody without somebody going on pushing morbegno money as it's got a compel so you know it's a i didn't come out and say you know i need i need some money for this it's like if you and pepere like you got to do that you need to do tentorial june to do belladonna need to do all this for us oh kay i also not taking money from the pack of the dark money so let's think about this where do you think the money is going to come from because quite honestly you know don the billionaire not i missed that financial statement everything i've had my husband and i had worked for nobody gave us anything and number one and number two i'm not a person who would operate the same way is what you would think somebody that has exacted them to pile of old bunch of money were more likely to reinvest it and our growth in rather than pile abandonne sit on a atome which we don't have and will never have its too much work i had i had seen us for a while about ten fifteen years ago as i this is crazy i'm not doing this anymore it seemed like it put new starter in the darn things every couple of years or or some one started the one was like seven hundred dollars and i was like this is not so you know what i got to canon a couple of kicks because i know i can make the panel work every single time without having to go and see somebody who's mekanically inclined and have them keep my seeds in hoosac for months because they're so busy i couldn't get him fixed and like this is not i have no desire i'd like to i like the like the point something out to the big so and you know the transparency to is called transparency us a door or as not and not entirely accurate but i still winter so i recognize that but i did look at the spending for dickson and whither and for you right after the election and i took some screen shops and case it changed suddenly afterwards and it might also not be up to date but what i saw there in comparison made me think of the old tale of the bear the three bears because it is good sound had to funny what more over spent what she raised my seventeen million dollars tutor who claimed a sheet have all that money she didn't have enough money to do what she needed to do that's one of their excuses for her loss she had three million left according to that website done almost everything she had but she did not spend it so there he i pointed you are the little bear that found the bed that was just the battisterio all if i don't have the money there i'm not going to spend it because exactly right you antimony well that's the oomiak and i ran around the state trainmen would people because we did not have money to do the big campaigns and all of this other stuff is like okay this is where we start it's like if i don't have the ability to compete with them in these aratus and we have to do it through other means and we were actually pretty successful in those you know because we can i can tell you right now even the party doesn't that caesar's party thinks this is nonsense because you you be me have campaigned harder than any candidate with over had in the party i think i think by my september i might have summer when when i jumped when i was on the participating the membership went up twelve hundred per cent in the osirian that's after i joined so it was a kind of it was kind of crazy and so i believe that that was after i would join us there was a substantial increase like substantial after i joined a party and i was going everywhere i mean i mean i put so much so much you know so many miles on that my trunk and my billboards we we built our own billboards to put up there i had i had you know yes yes suicide in hand well how am i going to use the best one i have i'm not going to do it to protect me at one point time he had he had a half a million dollars of death this is before you know this is before i was running hard so that would be before it would be wrong september october of twenty twenty one some like a lesson a stupid why would you put yourself in debt and something that this big of a of a gamble i heard that rebranded that too that he mortgaged his house i can confirm that but that's what i was told and so why would you do this why why would you why would you do this to why don't you get an went in to take the assets you have and think your way out of it rather than just like the normal politician let you throw as much money as we can with us same thing with john with education same thing we've done with pretty much everything insermann this state i mean i mean if the people in this state in charge of the state ever had to work and the private sector they would be broke and a skirl within a month then the squire of cupid is so strong with these people it's like i need money i need money to do this i need money to start this sweet half to have money money money money an now look at callicolone money money money money let's raise my money money and then all this is he he he jumps to another effort to do what raisin money money money money for the proposals and never shows up for it first thing he frankly and you said it i like life liberty and the pursuit of happiness were property he stole the living from people he stole their liberty he he is a fat but taking people's money for that which he did not use well it and that is this is why i pointed this out even though i know those numbers are not accurate because dana is governor donna's going to meaner money properly and we can see the other two candidates who were running could not do that and i absolutely disagree with all of these so i need rook on all this nonsense that i saw when the entire election because it that the advantage to me right now as being a true outsider see where the mistakes are made where the maid and ah all the way through the system from the how their selecting in installing candidates what they're using to qualify people who run and i've got an idea how to do this i say here and i was like how would you cause the petition that you need for nominating such to be way to qualify somebody as a candidate i can't even imagine how stupid it is it is so easy to have that and an turn that into a affected supported on paid for process but it will never work that because it's too easily co op and and it doesn't get down to what are you trying to chew or to achieve what's the goal recognises your trying to qualify somewheres about right but then you give them the opportunity to buy their way in right or to have somebody else by by their way in it becomes righteous money grab and or a way for them to place candidates through dollars a set and we people so it's like all about cutting out we the people and giving it to the globes corporations who have money and they're finding it through the dark money which is coming from the corporations mostly and then funneling at to the politicians to play ball with them it's all about money from tamatama the way that they have arranged the policies and cater to that that money as a going forward with everything so i just really it's just really too bad and there's ways to fight it and i'm going to continue for but you know every like what do you do in that what are you doing next we want to you know i like you said this morning people want to know how to get involved well i been a week in a few days i am not conceited there are many lawsuits that are already out there in being down i'm watching the field in front of me and trying to pick apart which ones are frivolous which winds are keeping people busy and which ones actually have merit i also assessing what a sad we have right now moving forward i was certainly like to see more assets of wee people stepping forward rather than what are we get a do down a water you gonna do to save us well i didn't concede so my whole thing is to sit here for a little bit and really see where the shakes out because you've got a lot of nature reaction martita going to be a perfect opportunity for people to once again waste our time we we have a lot of assets going forward that and there's a lot of stuff happened behind the scene that i think you know too at what happened with aft and i think we can we can jump on that this is the questions that are being asked or the wrong questions that i did post something with let me jump on that tanith mad man came out with something yesterday i i like this for a i think i'm going to do this for it where i am actually research to bring things forward of true news star of a new he ah and my thought my followers on and everything yesterday i had a really good supporter who is an he's like i got black this is the couple of times he's gotten removed from my channel a telegram there's a lot of people a telegram is not is not bound prove when it comes to the fowlers just like everything else you look at the marten the scenes you can see how many people are actually coming but there removing peel for social media the one place he can't remove people from is going to be brandenhouse i own that we're going to continue to expand it and i think that that's really important now is that the outside number that the public numbers you see are not actual numbers there be manipulated what actually happened behind the scenes you you got every one's got a stop believing things at face value just stop so i lectured in migraine last night battersleigh with migraine and i'm ready got was able to get on the morning but last night was a kind of a painful night i feel like half of my face right now is still in that still in that mode forgive me if i i lost fred the heronsbourne give that money back maywater animates noise today with a class action laws from ancestors that are claiming that she alone with high profiles celebrities like tom brady and stepper broke the law should be on the as i okay so that we went there but let me ask you this question if a candidate leaves with that much money were at going it's my understanding that the parties can take in that money now i need to confirm that see where that might actually go and because i think these things is political parties are nothing more than a huge money generating beasts for money laundering it that's that's where i think it's no all going and if if you think that it was just about mindemoea candidates absolutely rob because how much money went to crisis it was well we give a million to your prinsloo in the states norsemen significant there that that white over spent by seventeen million dollars satellite then also will look at the fact that we have seventeen billion dollars that went into this mid term election are you out of your mind i was going for seraphita but greater productivity of any thing just going into the hands of this political ruling class and people that make money off of it it is it going as it coming from the average some of that most of its coming from corporations that are finding this thing their pain for influence but then a man rooney that's in it is just absolutely crazy this is crazy and and so i think we need to tell the touch money was actually going to ukraine because i had a handle on what was going in afghanistan and how much money would put in afghanistan when we had our sham pull out that was made absolutely poorly leaving thirteen proud americans without any defense how many thousands of others so the and so craintive anything against ponies put in with a start a bomb in the cramp out of these villas way before we were away before cavama be he would have gotten the job done if the people of the united states didn't be our leaders maniacal leaders or parasite a political paper sights would have handled the handle business and closed down the cia bias would want to do that though because they're all getting paid back for so i can read down or you say something in i wanted to say something for a minute as i know that the king pointing south next few days as they come back to the show are going to ask what they can do if they want to financially help in some way where should they give their money to we know where they shouldn't give their money to the political parasites on put it that way i like that term how can they help if they want to donate and last week i talked about after the election the election integrity fund being an option but with your with the election over can they continue to donate to your candidates for or is there something else they could do to help in your effort i will right now i am putting together kind of not forward and just so everybody knows the only office that really mattered in this last election was governor at and in everybody missed the significance of that because they were running around in his popularity contest you know jumping jumping in with people that were that had nothing nothing in her in between their ears besides being able to flirt with people and this is a professional position and any one who jumped into the alike his person and their god because they are other full time flirting with everybody to themselves and so the honesty of this is the only position that mattered was so mad to go in there and drop the hammer as governor that's the only position that matters right now i was because the governor has the ability to go in there and completely totally change everything so right now i'm looking into because i'm not going to ask any one to put one dim in anything on olive got a clear shot to know and right now i think i'm still sifting and when i went i have a clear shot exactly what to do at blastment going to ask anybody to contribute to a frivolous lawsuit with either the tucorory because right now you know it's like it's like the whole the whole lechery body now wants a note certify we want to go after the abundant on the twenty twenty two election who cares no i you political operative stream i am very but let's look at this we have to go back and we haven't we haven't figured out twenty twenty at medina i don't think polarisation seeing this to write the election it has to go back that far at least yes i agree and i've been saying in the last few days people need to recognize the fact that those who are in the defect in the corporate government who you are appealing to to address twenty twenty two some of those people are in place because they were quoted twenty twenty how can i trust inert for make it a decision with two of them are there really possibly illegally because that election was not the truth do you think that we're going to have an honest shake it read it re doing twenty twenty two with all the players in there that were selected in a stall absolutely not so why are we and so now they've got everybody areas mad so there were short sighted you know it's like training horses really you know horses are horses are fine keepers are very similar they see it throughout the jump and most time they'll jump to their own death instead of our time do you not make it emotionally charge decision just cumanagotos stop we got to evaluate and do a good and now as this of where is the chink in the armour you don't just start shooting arrows in the air and every single direction it back crossed her arms refused to move and bade start thinking what is the in their armor right now there's an aching in their arrangement that we have not resolved we go back to twenty twenty to all of it is gone we go back to i think we go but match much much further and i'm going to talk all the command of people out there and i might make if you keep a little angry with come and lie and constitutional law there's all these discussions going on right now about replacing the de facto winesour no we have to do but if you think you're going to budge this one in without having somebody that is willing to do this from the inside of the de facto you're not they got all the weapons they've got all the court you can go through all of this stuff and tell you get somebody in the governor's post i say turning general mass you didn't do your job no you are not going to move the line one no military step not thinking it an emotional reaction we've got so much emotion going into this that people are being led astray of bewitching happened behind the scene because i'll just i spoke round kasim a good i'll get in i'll go into different different chants or going to different things and i watch people's reactions in the direction i'm looking for truth right so like i go this way go that way and let's see what flows to the top is a good idea and see where he were this is going and savile were it so i spoke around it it sure to we've got political operatives all over the place pretending to be patriots or haply put lots of money to other people's campaign there's one person out there that i know i don't know i've heard upwards of forty thousand dollars to a senate race and course that person to denouncing several things publicly thrown a ranchita over money still out there running around as you know joe patriot running around trying to be really be somebody i watched other people that say oh i've got the plan i've got the plan i need everybody behind me and now he's got somebody i've got already running around after his incapable behind given people busy work again because he takes on a the emotions to a forward and he people jumped off the cliff with them and waste their time their money their effort into something that will never work never is just distraction so doris honestly and get let's get a clear shot think in their armor before we waste all of this time and effort and there's a lot of stuff happening behind the scenes that we can take heart and there's a lot going on sometimes the best i do honestly to things i believe that we're going to have a crash have to i cannot go on the way that it is one way or the other were either going to have another shot down or crass and pretty much you can bank so what are we going to do knowing that well we honestly i think that we should all be thinking about each other a lot more than we are at the politicians who are running around it would entered into how the people stabilizing the and making sure that you are prepared in case there's a not to day i saw another thing that said that walmart is jumping food off the show surprise surprise a global organization right we've got two we've got to create more of these local network or we can take care of each other and going back to the fact that the there's a use or patient to our money system or monetary system where their use in all four valance all of it is about surveillance rate lacking down surveying making sure the conserve our tax a tax starrett pianiste day was really interested and understanding how to work outside the system to in fact break the we can do that is people we the people you know not just boycotting the such but replacing them he seen our reliance on his global structures on the politicians who are a bunch of more to give us the answers on what to do and not fall in line the sky is falling all the time none it's not it back the first the first thing we should all do it is stop there's i'm going to have the first three steps to do right now the stop attacking people and it personal level stop dividing up stop to the issue number one you might need those people so why would you go in with with you know with aid in your hands to absolutely burn that relationship as past repair when this person just may be kind of immaturity that needs to grow up a little they just mean neelie education maybe we can stop with a fighting and is just like a pedometer day i know there were there were veins papanekis people's necks who who believed that the income tax structure is completely illegal and he brought something else in the front and it was important to let him talk in order to try to understand something we may not understand because nobody has all the answers none of us do and we have to lay that down and let people think to be able to get to the bottom of this because all things right now need to be consider what mouth to ear the might there listen for information not to respond still it's a skill to ache and now you have to be right sit back and just say just like my granite well well well doesn't mean i have to agree i think some of the most healing words that anybody could ever say a you might be right i need to have time to think about the may i we have to say right so you patterson the assembly we have a thing where when we are on calls or in meetings in all our meetings if so one wants to say something we say may i and then the man leader will give you permission if it is acceptable in prudent then when you're done saying what you need to say you say i yield and that's one of the reasons why i tend to be really quiet in your show while and listening to you and you can't see my face to know that i'm getting ready to say something you're not so i feel like i really interrupting so time we don't have a raised hand option heretofore talk and hear you know i mooring sure but in something that i thought well you know what if we treated each other with that same kind of respect more often may i speak i yield so that i listened to you speak if we practice that on a regular basis it was shootee to people so that best generally what you're trying to get out surspected listened to each other rather than trying to one up each other and be bitter an attack each other cases what they want where we were nor where we go on we go all and so they are trying that goes back to the narrative battle idea are we tramp are artisans can we be both to do we have to choose one is trump a bad guy is tremplier was there a red way was he not a right way are you supporting the red way root supporting the red wig there trying to divide us and every way they possibly can but on the other hand in some of these things for example the missiles that the said allegedly came from russia that was a false flag that came out the middle of all that as a distraction it was a narrative they tried to create an truman i failed massively so people should be encouraged by things like that because we are still winning the narrative battle but as you pointed out we need to stop reacting emotionally so much even now after the trump announcement you were frustrated ah what does this mean but that you collected your thoughts because your practice at that and a lot of people are not practised at it it's something we have to practice so that is why may i and yield and the assembly help us practice on a regular basis how to contain our emotions and think and listen i yield and then also process with the other person take the time to process with that person's said because what they said may not have anything to do with reality but the telling you how they think so you know to sit there and listen to what they said may tell you more about tell you everything about how they think it's like playing your poker hand right there when you when every word you speak your actually laying out how your brain functions how you how you process how intelligent you are or if you're in emotional driven person who can be manipulated its right out there is a toime i just listen you know i taught i talk when i'm in here but but quite honestly i prefer to listen than talk and most he wouldn't believe that but it's true and if somebody else is talking and i can just back and absorb that i'm learning i reseated so that the first thing that we need to do and the second thing is and thing we need to do because that encompasses our relationship with other people and at this point time we need to be the healer and those that create a note to frejus spot where one always right you know for the truage men says sometimes his expanded the republican derangement cendrier is a expansive dramas just arrangement sermon imported out there as that is crazy right this is to get the control over defending your mental decisions that you've made are in one displace or other you know it's you can disagree with some one without having to go all kinds of crazy automathes your crazy it doesn't show that you're right it shows your crazy no that's all your proving that said your provinces if you go into that kind of activity you're not in control and you are not thinking this is just like a horse that sir panicking as i see a squirrel in the woods and they ran his opaque annahme no pretty much extra sure that you're just are you're not in others so to do just settle down with our relationships with other people and be a you may be right you don't eprouve that your right sit there and be able to take an information and make an actual man or to decide how to kindly educate people sometimes you sometimes i come down with the hammer but it's not all the time that's a that's all so a skilled and went when to be able to say things that our bring the hammer down as much as it is to be peaceful you know the other thing that you need to do and maybe this should come this should probably come first before your relationships with other people as your relationship with god and be sent back and say no matter what we see around us in control you detraction the nonsense any point in time and if he doesn't there is another reason for if we have to experience a little more pain because we have to wake more people up you know god knows that that's true that we really owe her we go some one nineteen one forty three trouble and distress of company but your command give me delight we do not have to have the sky falling we don't have to get crazy none of the i'm going to read this some one nineteen one thirty seven you are right just lord your laws or right as you have laid down a right fully trustworthy my zeal wears me out for my enemies ignore your words your promises have been thoroughly tested and your servant loves the though i am lowly and despised i do not forget your precept your righteousness is everlasting and your laws are true trouble and distress of common me but your command give me delight your statue our statues are always righteous give me understanding that i may live that's from straight from god yet one that there's the word for to day i honestly i pulled up my one of my bible as that that is all go in there and see what i got just dropped that on us to day that was that was not something that i had planned and dissertated up this is the way god works to hill epitome thing out there at all sunken there's the answer man he is done in his time is his times perfect going to just even out in it's just going to be smooth and we're going to have to go through some roughness because we have not learned our lessons yet to turn to the lord some keep going one one forty five i will call will with all my heart answered me lord i will obey your decree i call to you save me i will keep your statue i rise before dawn and cry for help i put my hope in your word my eyes stay open through through the watches of the night that i may meditate on your promise meditate on his promises there go here is in accordance with our love preserve my life lord according to your laws those who devise wicked schemes are near but they are far from your law yet you are near lord all your commands are true long ago i learned from your state that you establish them to last for ever look at my sufferin deliver me for i have not forgotten your law to find my cause and redeem me preserve my life according to your promise so the sons far from the wicked for they do not seek out your decrees your compassion lord is great preserve my life according to your laws many are the foes who persecute me but i have not turned from your statues i look on the faithless with loathing for they do not obey your word see how i love your precepts preserve my life lord in accordance with your love all your words are true all your righteous laws are return rulers persecute me without cause but my heart trembles at your word rejoicing your promise like one who finds great spoil i hate in the test falsehood but i love your law seven times a day i praise you from your righteous laws great peace i have those who breathes have those who love your law great peace and you make them stop i wait for your salvation lord and i follow your commands i obey your statue for i loved them greatly i'll brain you presumin your statutes for all my ways are known to you i'm goin to keep going this may my cry come before you lord give me understanding according to your word made my supplication come before you deliver me according to your promise may my left overflow with praise for you teach me your decrees may my tongue sing of your word for all your commands a right may your hand be ready to help me for i have chosen your press i long for your salvation lord and your low gives me delight let me live that i may praise you and make your laws sustain me strayed like lost in a your servant for i have not forget forgotten your commands in the name of jesus christ we pray a man there's a note sanderson nineteen yet say moral i had a lot of emotions of throughout some wasn't always peaceful he wasn't always happy it was a worn and your kitty me that's for we have rateable temple has his like now you got to your too much blood your hands to build my templeman and he was a man after god's own heart the scripture says he but you merciless with a lamb set out as for the bible does jesus came to bring peter silence not to bring peace focus on helen he said is your second step and i want to go back to to that for a moment because that's what we still on really you had a couple of people in your chap who were hearing to day they've they're not alone there's a lot of people who have suffered a lot in the last couple of years especially and i probably many over decades who have suffered it may not even realize what the real cause of it is it now some of them are are fighting out there so much hurt helen is going to be a vital part of moving forward together where we go on we go off attacking people do not help bring peace and healing to those who are hearing so i did wanted to acknowledge also those people that that have been heard we will we will do our best to bring truth transparency and justice to the crimes against you and your loved ones against us all that is another of the purposes of the assembly were to serve as a wall between the people and the government were they harm people we have an opportunity to air our grievances and fine just so anyway that's what i wanted to say this is your second step focus on healing the first step was about not attacking people dividing groups and in focus on the issues what is your step three if you want to move on and if you don't i say it's like you know you we have to we have to be able to have time to do good assessments of and realized that emotions lead us astray emotions can be really helpful in anger is a mover when you get ardella you move you know true but make sure your jumping in the right direction and so just jump and jump to create motion because you could be like the laming jumped off the cliff and all right out some more steps to that but also back to healy healing you you never really heal your always comes from god for yourself it comes from ah you know we can make better choices to help the process a law but if you really want to get healed go and try to help some one else pushing it to others when you help others and you focus on others some one is always hurting or or worse off than you are i anyone else and when you take those hurts and i'm going to find some one who is in the same situation that i am in and i'm going to help that person you generally how you hear you reach out and you reach out and help others that will always people are like a black hole they wanted they think they're going to fill that hole in the heart by grabby and pulling to that's the core of materialism right we become our own little black hole of de the way that it works as to when you're being a light your you're going out you're becoming your educating your reaching out your putting the things that you know are right into action and if you're involved in an activity his causing you strain your stress and there are times when you fight and it's a tough fight but if you're in the right spot you'll still have a piece about it when you're the wrong spot you're goin to have no pie i should be able to watch those watch those indicators that gods given us to be able to discern where we are in our walk as we rely on him he'll talia he will tell you let's go back to the chateau i want to be there for that for body out there to bones palmella how hard i'm going to go to the one he moses what is your take on the two steps sister from present from i don't know maybe thirty people are obligated donal to correct government by right and do not concede no oriental i am not olinthus are promoting keeping people complain absolutely five one sea trees all the five ones are absolute i could talk about that to it in an anise amount on how bad the five one three four five six on hundreds of the keep and more you know why these are so destructive and misleading i thank you campaign the best remote the best way it would it shows people how committed you are forethink you that's too many people between candidates and people to a hand in the cooking jar absolutely a black man face looks the sovereign has been good in the vote yes and yes if you agreement in a man's and god uses everything in our pain also time in absolutely when we go over here to this chat and were going to go to kallolo behind in the chancery my husband's friend died two months after being shot off he died at work right after my husband just talked to him that's alive kotorago for oncoming that's not that not once that's some love love your hoods i got a little bit of that bonmaison sorry eric my am i a mother in law got a third madaras a summer she passed away in january of this year it was insane scene oddities and strange illness as she was did with over she got one into then i think it's controlled opposition do ye there's a lot of that other isn't it a mine by alibis let the mind by children and china yea they use trowel over the all over the globe in order to further their their sham green energy global whatever signaling a gone which is false you know i think about this if they're trying to get rid of carbon dioxide think about the green houses when they come carbon dioxide into our greenhouses to make the plants grow more think there's a little bit of manipulation there i would say so am i but walk working skilled nursing facility there continuing to shove her epitome cogitations and staff noses on pope staff to where a ninety five poked where paper mask by the way i had a fault positive to he showed the wound they they tested different materials and a derringer and one was passive one was negative they have no idea what they're doing in quite a resigned the fact and twenty twenty one that she was given the death sentence i've gone through the grieving process and now distant actual event i'm so sorry eric painful to watch people around us ah that that i due to due to unnecessary there their killing people how we tried to tell dixon people they were being played that sally thus we did we tried to tell the rippling played and they would listen as is just like the jam either you're going to listen with open mind or can be led down the primrose path names almost as if they hate us in our train to destroyin side out absolutely i never done it but i've been following map for a while some good to stand in atlanta one until i got a bigger port on on that i think we just watch him being backed by john avenel if that's true we've got a big problem there can see its oily de that and now you can see her he turned his back on the twenty twenty election and writing that one it's all i need to know who chose her for as dixon none of us even thou who she is just crazy that sticks and absolutely howard to come from the skewering alabaster day that an angler bankroll depend a i heard too so you've got a jonah's going for power in the virgin islands a question about that is he beckoned for i say again what dickon stand he is to easter dad who was involved with something on the faults of falls river group there's a lot of stuff out there and they were in india and some other things when you look at that it's kind of disturbing it looks like a global is just bisections you can you can see what they do exactly you know actually what i started running i had somebody that called me you know you own this he said where were interested in having you involved in a process and do by would you be interested in that as a note for extra sure not foregatherin american soil so and i'm not that stupid to take the water weighed yea they they will or give me give me a job and do by oh that's so exciting that's exactly what we now preasure i'm good to shouldhers manor working in the united states bondwoman service daily a couple times they've mentioned min ah charlotte petticoat trying to fix something let's fix stuff not come my yeah about that one charlotte yes thank you bones mamma caterina heard on can concoct yesterday where he said something to the effect of not that michigan is deep blue at to a half in michigan the male dornburg will you and to get real i hope that's what people drink in that comes everywhere don't or in hope homer or have blind leader you know blind following anyone i think sensation he there's a difference between hope and face so levaillant ad of eliab it locally turned into a stage michael bodiless a couple of friends at the montcalm contado because they were taught taking stupid bills and i tried to wake them up but they voted for dixon the claim be patriots with their just loyal as you are absolutely right michael more genius for michael bordalese very smart and i nice sky to mamma just my opinion until trump or pants for what he's part of i will keep my eyes and everything i can possibly see him tired to be using i think there's a lot more going on there with president tom and keep place forty he so i think i think it's this is another one of those situations where we don't take things at face value but we set back and go what's really going on here the pattern is is that he's done a lot of really good things and there's usually more to it than what is on the sea so like you said care he can't come right out and say thank you know and this is kind of funny so when i realized the freedom i have as not being a candidate that was a before the election now in the last man standing who is that whose able to pick up every sort at my disposal so sometimes i did always source things especially from the annan because the adult that some of these came from the anna has eminent know if they really want to be a task to some one whose political putting their stuff out there now i could position though i have not conceded and last when the last man standing i never want to drag somebody unwillingly into one of my battles that i start and so i see post something that you have in common with thomas green to see this earlier is that you both have the ability to shine a light on things that we haven't noticed before trump is doing that with rallies and speeches and the reactions the people have the speech itself means less to me that there actions that follow it it ignores when you after going through the election process you are shy about what you learned from the experience this is what we're fighting out about what the election process really is nobody from the gopis could tell us that nobody from the democratic party is great to tell us that that arenenberg have no fear intelligente truth about what the two party system and the electoral system and michigan is like so you're both that's another commonality that you have is the ability in different ways to shine a light on the truth of things to help wake us up to what is really going on well in and i think that significant i mean watch what he happened with callate cap and all he ran like a rat when he said i am the face of january i am like a rat why was he he imprisoned with the rest of he want know there's a big question there why is it why look at their actions and what they're doing to die i do not take things at face value and then he came out with us with a ridiculous with the ridiculous video hymenaei the ridiculous video and they were an take your guns and pollination pulled the machines the core dotted the wall and and do this to this where they when the hammer it brought down on patriots they were thrown people read out there to do their dirty work and they would have no capability in it going forward i had a big problem with it if you're going to include some one in your fight the don't run like a rat you better be willing to stand and take the consequences for your action that's part of the reason why i didn't always every one when i normally would of because this is a whole different value and i would never put somebody else in harm's way in the middle of the fight that that could do damage to them on a personal level if they want to do it that's fine but i would never drag somebody into a into a fight that that they would have the negative negative consequences for unless it does that make sense you can willingly quit but i would never drag anybody into that will guess what the glass are off now and were past the election now and i think i think that it is that the time is changed so as source for my and you know resource more my stuff and hopefully all of us can stand in the fight together because i think that were passed that point of his hard line good morning ladies good morning jason or these control our quadrillion in derivatives a so what was the most despicable part of dabs and my ass is that the sheriff dates escort of the bi and to each of our porch so we had two of our house we are two of our followers that were arrested right before the election gained for their january six involvement their very vocal there would be almost all the time as we were travelling that i love derided the sweetest nicest committed bravest patriots that you will ever meet in your life i love they will be family to me for ever and what happened they got a rusted red before before the election yourself that why would that happen right before the election that they would go after two of my words for january involvement over a year and a half before and all of a sudden it becomes an there is the narrative has nothing to do with anything more and they were pretty well dismiss of the whole thing was nonsense to stop forward motion of my campaign in mail and what we were doing this was an absolute hit job and dame and garry stood there bravely as patriots relying on god and to listen to what they said and their actions of what they did salute love you both you guys are you guys are brave unwavering patriots never saw any cowardice as they hauled them off in handcuffs no coward as was seen there none and several were of insurrections was involved in the the sheriff and their area a sheriff clearly because not all of em are good sheriff should be respected it should be the highest lowland like i said i asked you have the sheriff soothest twenty arrest whither when i am not iceboating was onprotected on rarely know it's not an answer that must okay charlotte savagery had them i met garden the day they were released after they went through a hearing and they were i cumber i would say all goehausen in how things are going and and part of the story was other people are more concerned about us that we are they definitely have faith they have some knowledge and some face that is guiding them through the process and they were not not worried i'm sure there's a little concern you have to careen they were eymeric and without faltering to see it they were unitarians so sorry ideal it he was just doing it you you said i as i saw commandant that star we kind o wondered how their day was going a but yet i was i felt better knowing that they felt better but they were worried and that's a good thing to have it that's kind of a time we have going on here is is again faith over fear come in the minds to esther tormentor is still still i have a man with the guy that he looks like a fisherman at he said something like things be happening or there's a happening norine something to outdistancing and the storm is as but he left me that story you know this take it as it comes to charles i knew it was bad when she said that publicly private craft the public protracted she's talking about the private public partnerships then absolutely toxic and when you look at what happened in the past where the falls are ever grow you can pretty extra sure say that there was something going on there others a connection to a fund that is involved in so self the question why because a seaport you're all in it the rolobani his hard line he can put lips to kind of pig but a pig is still a pig and we hear the inking coming the chorus of winking coming for him laciniata here pointing i want to see jason put lipstick on a peg yet that be fine i didn't think for that that be fun so not an anafarta wearing his high limeless he to charlotte cosmic i have to go there involve but not going to formation so i have to look into this up coming boat on eleventh thirty public republican a gay are you serious as our line she matches he deserves and one to get me out of the court house and the skin because we were supposed to meet with a sheriff there we come in and the like whereas a man ask him like mackinaw on while now we have an order for you to wear the mask turns out they had no signed order they've been saying this for two days and the end i find a judge it was that would sign it in the afternoon so he found a judge to sign in the afternoon after the lid and would not let us into the court house in mosque shame on you the best sheriff had an office there in the court house at this kind and they did do whatever the judge tells them to do and in the deputy's dabble in her anent the myself and because i was escorted out of that building at one point because i won't wear a mask while trying to canute election am i was the only one i did wonder mask howe refused to do so and i judge the judge told them to escort me out well overwhelming me back out i said show me the policy the sheriff deputies just stood there like a rosary cannot be just i'm just here to it my job racketeers and their like their like will you know they sat there and liliencron which they were that day because they didn't have a policy and they had the adorant get the order signed in the afternoon to find a just asiaticus they didn't have a say why did the public all good and that if we tried to foil the the video a bit and we can get the toy of the video of what happened there that day but that's okay because i acted my camera it was taken some of it one of the one of the more adepts is like a some one woman came in with a kid and i anticipate of them niente a picture or catoctin your moronic behaviour quite honestly i didn't say that but this would as surely of it and yet it was kind of it was kind of a disappointment so you know of course me bein a smart aleck it runs i have a gift of being a smart liquor a purer than the planet so were sitting there waiting for them to come up with her with their rules that they didn't have and they didn't have signed and the toll everybody that they had testaceous on the the deputies who acted like a unholier that's exactly what they did so anyhow i'm no respect for i have no reason to give anybody respect that is actually say i have something that they don't you have put yourself into a two bad so sad may be so told the truth but he didn't and so anyhow my smart alec came out as we were sitting there waiting and i said he you know is a person here in the sittich said heard that mosquitoes huge area for human traffic in especially child ticking through the sky so what kind of training are you guys getting the deal with the sumatran sir the state we don't know how to answer that who would think that you would have some training skins rumored to be a huge porter human trafficking so as saboteurs weakens we could talk about this openly right otun around and like a kaloolah of santa into them because they were all ready in the more on category to put their best deputies at the door i hope then in fact the way they all are the sure a burning fire okay i'll be lab says the sheriff now better kiss her line believe you me they will be remembered and documented for a contempt of constitution you are exactly right jason charlotte abstained at hansel research tom good search engines for eric tom always learn learning abstinet would be proud of michigan's proposal three no hidden goethe kids out there to be able to be grabbed and trafficked and torture because that's what they're doing i'm on a piombino upon that at some point in time because every need you distorted now what's actually happening how be claimed the seas this is something i think is important for michigan too is that glenallan her band of merry man child trafficking a cap without stain and this is all over the plant i don't think that's just out senile this is like a scourge right ah they claimed the seas of the world as a country called terra so to bring them up on charges on us inaction after mary can't you can't prosecute going on there charlotte came do you know cleansers is behind open border killery bringing them in from hayti for real foundation correlative in nothing burgers nothing burger towns at all at secretary of the state and court love that is what public education does to people he makes brain damage stop asking charlie cosmic we do have two ears we don't have two years in michigan or mood right because that's why we're going to stand together and do this ourselves a great share well that's well i do that to eric i thought it was really interesting to fight and trampin have any security coming out but they jumped in quickly when he ended his speech at maraboo all places lam in high his hands message what meant never been to a trump rally charities at a trump really i love that one that's actually were had my charlotte really there what it connected to the proud boys left craziness i have no idea that's from tolosa i don't think trumps a race as i know is not a race tom always learning i believe trump was the best president in reason history hands down yes soapball history trump is best pen definitely the better i loved his sweet he made me laugh so much every day i was absolutely in hysterics every day because the man is a treaty genius and if he is research francis tory you know he is a race as yet doctor cat tom always learned those things like junior all soaps it's a deep is the deep state mainstream news with a acicula ing the people of that count never said twenty never said for a decanter that well well well as setback and will listen i will research it when he when he liked clarionet he did not but there is the ceiling so i'm not making a big stink out of it i don't i think the implication was very clear so home i don't that's not a rock for me to stand on tom always learning or good thank you dr david canada kate's as roger cotoner true with the espatero apparently states twenty twenty four loud are they took are they are the talking hands we see in front of the cameras of m paid off to absolutely arturo a runner thomas learning we need internal collins from god and people we care about absolutely to turenne i know tom boys learning that's why michael bade i think that people are going to suffer more before they wake up at pain as an incredible mover of people and may i for one appreciate the opportunity to meet face to face a leviathan was really nice an very nice but we had a nice time of up north of hot kelly amatonga mexican restaurant of the by the way you are got a coat michaeleen between a politician and a business person politician just throws money at absolutely more genius for michael bud sarcasm yes that's what they're doing right now not giving a loud solenoid that to soon conceded and then jumped in political party i got a wit wonder went to this there's a lot of red flags there with him too i mayerling that's right a good governor out to mansion while the shoulders it's the fiduciary responsibility of the governor as every single sand that is approved by the legislature goes to the governor's hand and the the board the underneath eric white in my opinion a candidate should be limited to one million a campaign finance and may in figure out and they can figure out on their own the best of betrothing it should be no money the ironical that statement say no money gone mamma lurking very interesting conversation to lawyering an outsider can be honest without worrying about blame or carried if anybody cares about you at all because honestly i could care last i didn't i didn't really i wasn't in there you know the crap soup that they got going on up there so if i call out the crab soup i didn't get in trouble because it wasn't anyway bondsman how is it okay that we only see those who are already paid for because they are selected by some one else is so mustapha party should equally advertise whoever is running and let it go from there i don't know redargution that put together very well costumer nearlie as can sting with only sixty per cent of the vote in right trumpeters candidate what's happening there president trump is pointed out the bad candidates deep eric white telegram as security issue that's why i'm not on it while i'm kind o like olathe open her so security issues went out the lootenant window when i started running michael bade we the people need to stand up here and michigan the only trinity charlotte telegrams and crazy closer for a migraine a thousand milligrams atalanta the thousand milligrams of as and chase it with that come of caffeine migraine gondoforus work every time cocktail came from a pharmacist friend of mine no good to know he had a hack of a headache last night i'm still train you know you get the fog ifurin still trobwell i let her migraine stop me no never tom always organ people simply a series rather than learn anything a calm that calm news telegram had some major security vulnera really if you're on line you've got a security if she doesn't it or what your aunt all secure tom always learning sorry a new year hasn't put always been a bad guy do you won't rush into russian you crane no you crane is dead sinner founded by our deep state state central for the entire universe in for their money laundering activities and i think i think prudent i have no heroes or under no delusions that countries are out for their own people are right and i but it is not it is not the way the united states is made tinant a bunyan and is always right now as any one always right now should we trust anyone know no no but it was happening now crane is absolutely our own country finding the ballads that are sitting on the borders of russia and that we should absolutely we should absolutely be questioning that because if canada or mexico set a blason our border we would take that as a clear and present the she the right to protect his people i think yes and are we dump billions and billions into ukraine like tax were again going right back into the politicians poppet we are playing with ukraine our country is guilty are deep states ukraine in the ukrainian people are just caught the cross yet if the mainstream media and the politicians are against some one in this case potentiality that there's something good about puttin after a turk i may get twenty twenty crankiness false in place i gretty twenty with stolen from tom a lyin up good morning friends checking in late from south louisiana he lyonoise alan we i do think we're going to crash tom read this article and decide on points magneto full teapot speech at an my love to distraction to point on karen will said charlotte that's what they do when they say where a mass controlling phebus tom always learning shone and said poland ought to retaliate quickly against russia all of course he would thank you so much let's go ahead and hit it yet pointed find out oh here we go passaient day it turns out the missiles might have come from ukraine absolutely well said tom astro turf we need to get out and win souls for christ to many a linstock moral destruction you're absolutely correct as her to esther turton handy also thought follows a hero harriot think he's smart enough to be a mole he had to be sustained tom esterworth tom beaman after god's heart doesn't mean he was perfect just that david wanted god to love him as a man gone christian awoke music i can't see the i can't see the lincolnian you tax that to me my phone number six months for three or four one zero is put i think it about ten minutes behind that's why i don his hard life remembered i will not be available to morrow in a studio because my job next week friday will be every friday from now on sadly i can't be on the air tom jason your all so you be on new i neither in katie so his hard line this will job things getting involved in getting in the way of you actually been out here with the station michaelson i've no garish refer as good for and the good person absolutely and challenge exact up the grey man has her line okay now adding unfair rules oh jacky now you're adding untrue oh no one moment keep the stream up keeps randomly stopping or to second but challenge accepted now that's okay it to be recorded of watching one the dashboard over here in its still up i'll be back on and let us laughing and were i got a notice for duretete beginning of october from lobito him i want no part of the crop system thankfully that ever called me la mayoress as perfect trafficking and trump sweets were the best who loved trusted he put anpetusapawin a watery belisaire no boys talking about polesine he says going to another country in her home and lying up saluted your guest yesterday all right thank you love you and love ah love the comments everybody this is a so will we already prayed with the beautiful salmon nineteen that's a good one of poison to day for some nineteen without one to day i don't think i can best that with prayer i didn't have the best her so we're going to go to that part of the show now you is erything else you and talk about oh no and i were creeping on the two and a half hours but will be back on to morrow it's none o this yereabouts right now southampton the don in brandenburg sign and somebody's house still on one and the up he felt signs by the conceited keep him going but to talk when she lost did things out there help you and help me to day startin to prome as the only candidate who has not conceded to their sham reelection mamillus malnutrition in the governor's office but i i would not to add that the the entire tax bears party and not conceded either as christina crime i like christian so we too are said bones in before the snow restart your phone if you're on the phone watching you may not have it from after that and his ordinance pretty lip stick out of pigeon i got down he is going down in a hold you to that toronto or dead i don't know she looked like she was dead for a long time so but there were weedburners with belotti anderson with her last night and muttered may not my favorite evades was when she was carrying the document behind trout he just sat there he's like yeah whatever soon ramananda also now that curtained car in the river legendary in her analysis and and co hostelry ability i made it up two funny yes come on in and out here there everywhere it looks like the death all right well duke i go on that you catch it accepts its recording while fine so anyhow here's that part of the show the dining it's going slower and to do it here i got it in my hand for the canoe being the video peribanou know what i'm a material videas jumping around a little bit so at any rate the all making cain's great again brandenburg for governor dot com so it had gone to bring fedorovna did come i read a single word on telegram and tomorrow we will have carnahan i believe cannas jason abandoned us we got to get so many of filling and can i have canonicate week and he's a wonderful gas i got great smile when he is listening he just smiled and i love i love can kennebee researcher good guy my my desportes looking chap became her me an my comment the videos got to catch up i clearly but but any love canacee comes on the guy he has so much knowledge its incredible he's doing research all the time and i always appreciate he always he's always he serves he serves god with all his heart and he's always willing to come on in any time and then he actually is an outstanding co host to so amazing so he i'm going to i'm going to jump off here and something transmarine me a call all right can we call to day and so anyhow i just want to say that a lot of us our fighting for every one we love you and we care about you you're not alone let's go spread that love jesus everywhere and truly truly you you are not alone even if you feel like you're alone in that your losing your losing keeper your losing the things are one that are familiar i my heart is just breaking for you on so sorry but we can still stand together and help each other going forward the best we can but if you need some one were always here at any rate and i put my phone number out for everyone so there you go here here we go i guess we're goin to read her shrinkingly and to say can now to amelot forward to tomorrow and also on monday you've got cherisher coming on or sermon and that only say we go back to catoosa wednesday peterson's going to come back on the bed too regularly scheduled program same time sam bass that a channel with where the carniverous thursday and then karamania so to morrow's carenna so there you go all right said just so just so he go there so a god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america have a wonderful day to day and up and her to meet from the clearing goldenrod over we're going to do this thing and we're just getting started in this fight this fight is an over word just getting started don't lose heart we're still going to do this thing in my aegisthus we have a favour its game over for the deep tan have a great day you do everybody