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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/26/2023 - Monday Morning in the Mitten - CJ Ritchard-Scott Aughney

Published June 26, 2023, 9 a.m.

Monday Morning in the Mitten!! 9:00am Blowing the lid off Michigan Politics with Chuck Ritchard 10:00am Scott Aughney - What is wrong with prosecutors and more cover up exposed. Scott is working on the Locus Standi election election investigation. The investigation is taking some interesting twists and turns to include more and more people involved in obstructing justice in the State of Michigan election process. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

Transcript in English (auto-generated)

good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg it is the twenty sixth day of june twenty twenty three and i hope the body in a wonderful week and i'm going to tell you here we got our much needed rain which was mazeewe got the whole attack garden weeded their form must work in it his pre good sized garden and right after we finished weeding the garden thank you the the rain started the fall and i i could not believe how much rain we had coming down and it was it was a it was a lot i do i haven't checked the amounts but it was a lot but anyhow we had little change of plans this morning as chuck it called away kind of quickly and i thank god for karen i love karen because the ah we have become extremely good friends through all these how you go through bad ale with people and on the other side you realize who your true friends really are and when your friends and your binditan god we are by the thing got what's really amaze he brings people to us who are true family and that the family of god others assisters walking together and these bonds can be stronger than any bonds that you have with you or your birth family i in many many cases and that some a very thinkfor care and i've got some amazing friends out there that are watching that i that i i i hope this some day you can all meet them because there's some of the most amazing people i would rather hang out with real people like coronamiento irnfried virginia i've got a lot of really good friends that are lifelong friend people that people that are are special can't even tell you and it's because they have a heart her people they actually very much care they're not dis mouthing it like most of our politicians are there the real people and they very much care so it would that without such a mercer and on where to start because upon st where thou wert here and i doing the morning he don awakes me up sometimes and morning she gets me going i do and i said all right here i can't you come on it we're going to do old talking of scott omehas going to be and to day he was supposed to beyond it ten after the breaking news i had a check because there's a lot of news out there a lot of it has to do with the michigan gopi think what we're finding out is even more and more those people that would put our trust in that we have been supporting that we have been giving them achieve as he in giving them a chance to do the right thing or maybe not cool we think they are i think this is this is going to become increasingly more obvious than that the people that we really thought we're going to step in and do something they are not so it's going to be up to you and i and probably some very very smart unwavering individual say like general michael flinn who is friend of mine who i absolutely i just loved dearly like a brother he's he is exactly like what you would expect a brother to be like you or pronoced around with him and he just just lovely person his wife lore is just lovely mary plan friend o mine i spent weekends with her not too long ago and and there's some toffee i'm going to tell you what there there are the ben if you articles out on what i had said at the attorney general's prescot one of them a life said i was a little at me oh no i was met at calling out criminality isn't that terrible down granberg is me will remember president trump he had the men to eat to his just kind o me but he got the job done and this is not about fewings so having the most qualified person in place who was not afraid temple the criminal element in our government because there tired government so it's good it's going to take some contake some grit no take some no back down ah attitude in its contake on wavering resolve take this heron because that's what's going to have to happen and i believe we're all ready quite a ways into this quite honestly and that we are going to find out a exactly who what when where it why not i count on my pins have got to go get him an i'm in to stop the camera but mithridate or all is don't you dare to see me get up and get my other formal i otherness strait over here to digenfigen didn't i comes train of fine never day i did find a com a little clip of trump about loyalty but i think there is another one that i didn't come across that was actually looking for here he was talking about finding out her friends are who your enemies are i don't think the word my dog was the one i was aiming at will and i think that's more important it then then what people realize you know we can brain washing to running round thinking we need to do things that to be somebody or have thanks to be somebody you know what that self doesn't matter because the world does not care to see you when you do have so bird feed two try to i touching my husband said sotfast actually a one time we were having a dish e hasandelar it okay he's never graduated from high school and which i love a alhim he was really too smart for and we you know are a couple of our kids i would say are in that category too eh one of my sons was graduated at ten years old and started college twelve to four points so there's there's a lot of that intelligence o that i'm grace to be here and in what he said is that when you do has scot nobody gave us anything either one of us we were we were poor and we i mean when i tell people some the things that i did well was a kid like would take people's trash out they give me a dime which i was really excited about and or on in asked for they just offer and as they as they knew they knew whether we were struggling but i you know had a word business for as i found out that in the manure pile high duck in the manure pile i there was a lot of worms in their cases all organ latelins that the hostess what who claims a lot doesn't it and set i would go out there and and i start filling up containers with with jarnders and i saw them to that to athos anything that i could do that i fontoni was resourceful and i was pretty long you know it's like it's simple song to do as i can't you know and we'll have it laughing because my mono likes to tell me his story of when i was at in all three for whatever i was really young setting out in the yard and in i'd have worms that i dig up and i'd make them talk to each other such are out here on playing dolls with worms eoin that is making money while the conwenience your hot to make a business out of anything right i haint there's always if your saltinero you you know that's that's where you look for see is in solving problems and helping people in looking for the things that are wrong that's why i'm sure everybody's like i'm sick o lesson i do down o put all these bad things out here that we got to deal with we want to live in soft soft you know stefaniello led somewhere said in in the middle desniche col in all but o i hate rate downto the to the nittigrt an thing because that's where effects the problems and it's it's it's all opportune i went when there's when there's horrible disaster s were refined the most amount of opportune oh just because we're familiar with things isn't me it's the best place so let's go back to ah nineteen twenty nine and the crash that the great depression there were people like i had some grandparents that made a lot of money during the they did not they did not choose to participate and being a whining sobbing seticornes in field physician bungalowers so i'm not exactly guilty of heading personality that i have it did come down to the mike my grandmother she actually were my grandma's my dear she went to college in nineteenth with studied be you see the fire farm girl right studied to be a teacher so peter on way through i'm sure because that was the way she did things at an she could do anything we selected people used to say that that not only did she dig her own holes but she would probably be the kind of noise to joke which is that gentellesse maker digger on holes that she would make her own shovels to dig and she was kind of a force to be reckoned with you you did not cross now at night not of her i mean she i would hope i've got a little more a tax that you know but she was very very unyielding personnel and it was a good thing she was because my dad's dad died when he was twelve dropped down on the one side or so here she is in the middle rely still the depression and a while she went through it and and long back if she went through it and she decided she didn't want to be a teacher oh she and have i don't think she has the past and in quite honestly with some of the nonsense und now she was one of these teachers which take that out o the wood shading and if we conoloathe blood come back in a class and say now you can sit here and ushered better next calls good on your dad you dance on be worse and so but but she had people come back to her during her life all all the time that such you were the best teacher i ever had because he did to with pandering and nonsense they were there to learn and very no nonsense very sick she would make her own pattern she so she handed lace she turned on ah she did ah embroidery she don al kinds of things right all by hand and a franchelie rubies red shahshe was inch and i was shocked for some i saw her where pan because she always wore a dress panty hall was and was or was as for business and netis wishes very tall and very thin she was probably about five ten and on her worse stay she weighed bout hundred and twenty eight p she is modelling as he was younger and sharp you choose sir really really sharp cow and i missed her a lot i wished that i could talk to her she died when i was high and i miss her a lot i spent a lot of time at their house were but we learn from those personalities that our unwavering because of antell you what if things run the way i think it on to win because i think we're going to see a complete shot down i think we're going to things latine they condone can't go on the way that it hasn't it and i was told or i heard that it's going to worsen twenty nine with my grandmaitre i want those people who are tough on wavre having integrity to me was more than i want somebody that's just going to say it's going to be fine you don't it is going to be fine ultimately but right now what's the battlefield what resources do how do we help the people around us cranesman i forced for food i know how preserved for this you know i've got i've got the ability to create something out of nothing in most cases and i had some good teachers but i'm also curious and i do a lot of record there's a lot of people that don't have that they they don't have that mine suh so we'll do what they did during cold an goin to feel position said the coroner old low was me whatever shall i do who is going to come to save me young and i to say yourself so get some good people around you and no who your true friends are will stand with you in that last he has sathanica t help you in not neither can anybody else you're not going to be able to make it we are in a war we need to be able to set the battle field in all times in the he can't that's okay they are the people that canon which cotterel to assess to your true friends are and i'm pretty exercere it's not one of them sitting and landing not one of them in position down to the township clerk scott out one's going to be coming out to tell you what we've run into all of us who are standing with locusta ding investigation is more than sick i would have to say peltate do be nice to the clerks we don't want to make em make him upset so they don't cooperate they're all ready not co operating they're already changing they violated the law almost all the they altered they have gotten rid of evidence they've listened you know that nasal and and benson telling them what to do cause these i know right now of an investigation a pretty good sort through the ages office who was threatened in my case come forward or he has threatened so he stood down organized crime people and you'd better get it figured out real quick stop following these people and this is the political parties people sitting in the st we're going to have to do this on pretty sure from the outside and it's only going to happen if you and i stand together calmly and i mean really come please dear god people not turn us into a toilet paper craziness like i did last that was not repeateach other trying to get things ashorerushing the day after thanksgive are yet the datethat giving here we usually go to places like the farm store we now go to the more i used to go and do a minimal shoppy and this this is true i would go to minimal shoppy just to be in there and i have something call i would i would walk around it with talked to people i would smile a people i would try to say it wasn't about shopping from me at all it was about going hayonotes to do what the boy scout hand the original one hoteleven says which is he you know what we were not ours were were not the stuff that we have work in if you don't get something that you think you need right now sit down he can and as lot of good people working for this nation will be on the way but you're going to have to keep calm in this situation start reading your bible and start prayin and let people do their job so when i first got into this which is probably sevenor eight years ago and i would have been called an ant on by many people cause i grow ever itanother many names and such an lots and lots and lots are ah where we're going to have to remain in a sense of calm and e go back to your by read read this solves knowing that god is in charge nothing here i said this for a long time nothing here is going to be left standing when god himself gets done with us so you it in order to prepare its not to surcrease to have have some water on hand go get a few cans as soup don't go crazy and decide you have to you know do this in one day and the there are there is a plant and we are going to work through this now a cosisting out there with the cups and might dis go ahead and and play a couple of these right now oh i think that we're going to have disclosure on some things that are going to be very uncomfort really do i i believe a lot of it has to do with human trace the people there sit in the seat or were allowed to be there they've had to make some sort of ideal and the deals going to be a bad one it's going to be a very bad deal they've made there's an a bruno mars everybody that studied for a long time was told that he had to give up his mom as a sacrifice he left her three days twenty million dollars is in his bank setithat because they have to know the people will be more dedicated to them the global crime syndicate and even the people they love and if it's a very it's a very sad day when we have come to terms something and who are these he schwab and gates son and sores other part of it but it's bigger than the and it's it's bigger it's deeper it is its way more evil its way more evil in fact you know what levelet me run to my telegram channel and i'm going to play in your play a couple of video here i was not going to do it this way but this might be the best way to do it while i the same a few minutes to go reminds me of my subspecies the battle belongs to the lord there's all kinds of examples found in the bible a lot more than the fore i mentioned and the other scriptures i used in that series the so much inspiration in there not of this his new really and em and got his proven time on time again how he is in control and how he'd have to let go of the things that we can't control that each can entrust him to do what is the right thing to do in the redificre out what our reacting to do is i'm going to go home lay this instrum joe oh i think this isn't porton and i might just roll right to these videos to get people thinking about this we are we've got some tough times out of us ah we are responsible for partly for those soft ines not all of it i was accused as and so were all the candidates five idiot noses of having to do more checking back round checking and such an unlike really well what's your job and in prosecuting this she did she did not prosecute this at all and we we have she did not prosecute any problems associated with out there on i got off the other all that you get it in the vicar she did not prosecute anything so that their tried to gaslight and blamed the people involved for what happened and like i said in the an interview i said let me tell you what i said you're you're that argument is a stupid gives of report brought up he well let's at the can date a responsibility to check yet we did check we can't you he trust google was just cool that in it may be she should go to old action lost cause she's not following one on the official we all have been a victim of some very evil people and very evil one and they got got put in in her own government was just like thirteen minutes but worthless ne not of body has heard it slices have you ever wondered why we go you never seem to be able to get there is poverty division to there was a reason for i told you it was not one i told you that those who are ignicolist words if no i tell you so crescens of house testily to experienced crotalone way or another to totilas we know of those who choose personal gain of the rights of others and in no regard for the long but here is where you meet to experior thinking has consuccessors in politics and copulates he became the president imagined we could use the whole land of the ricercandolo coat much largesse that other friends were enriched to the fullest extent also no president to creative as weather arlesiens and then however it on more honorcontaining goes grogramshe crosierer makes the big boss the twentieth century was terrible with war economic disaster shamans and displacement the horse accepted these things as sussuratre simply away the world works something in and the weaknesses of feeature of the drives to these actions this is where we will all tragically old you are not a colonel i'm not a soil can we just to see that it is human nature that is providing almost mad and misery it was a human nature at all and as a resume something more deliberate were taught that apple was of shoals of a master richard togideres on or which in turn is reasonable cried historiation others were donned and nounism the system of non weltrasse was really to play the mess but you see folks in is not easily keshonoma ure to find the races it is not in our nature to wrong from others what she has learned is that it was the criminal yes he rose to the top of medico panis the controller muse and entertainment they sent to the top of the barchester also to the loss in process to the vatican to the crown leaders of agricultural companies who have cooler she raced we trust helps as recruited on cardinals first he came late the worse isostemony called several banking which worsemoney to governments what interest placing countries into eternal she already as rich as they can get and protecting overcooking changes become supriorit recentrecords for a major obstacle their supper canals meet prevent this so deivered detention to the latter meaning of better the people of the world we were not happy leontiades at having to work three to obstruct to support we want except so use holotrichaceae is one young egesta i gess as we are the promoter had to destroy ourselves doncaster he attacked all aspects of humanity of feasting you sing her and console culture they called her assinoboines and let the sorgenfri ossossane ones older shore hold he goth goust one to get married have kids may kill living any joy there ever the work at ihanine became president of united states to genuine engine sixte i know about these harmonson one of them gone now there touches forced one of the concert he had no idea how police what do you also have good intentions with the american people and now this worminster thing by the stakes including polefoote enceinte is economically a promising but the criminals needed a week americans whole locater power granmichele the growing osooyoos ressons were not with porson onclinchin them every prison to regan was one of these deeps to crimes and their nowogorodien stronger what is traversed in an cochliopod i collapsed into darkness one may to tell you how discretores declining job numbers since people offers destruction of the rock seriantes displaced of people in the europischer and the last governments are and nice total misery he was in our i know well here's where insorta in your turn peters to be not malherbe regarded as the greatest story of her to well here's for oline some good preposterosity power the vaudemont of the rule of all while the criminals discussed the gained plataeans the good guides were making clements other ones postwas coming to change histories he and happinesswore people started carrying turning and of the trinity to one in that tooralooral was encored he as for but shown just like he has some ososcica on matteredthat i axes by the re other orange to the police and the iron crimsoned in these randerson it was thought that the military should also have its own intelligence to see to focus on the side chinanpin as this the inessentiality ate he had every home all he aletaster device stored in our age some one making a doctor's appointment or the deep state sitting upon mashonalanders has from the talagan in the right hands it would be enough to permission to expose the entire sinister or mallochorion swine and wideness now and to the corresponding point to reclaim the world from the copularetur into the in all the wise was with the multiple countries sissonsville tracklines trade and other prestriction place that we need cooperation and on the enforces former won olitary coup to seize a government from which ever woomeras in the wide house of the time one take colonsay spose pernecare and arrested on obviously first of the whole veritably people soperchievole social issues it they would likely reposed she so in enchanting very states like california can so heavily in edited by ordinals and even the ponichets were electronically set up to swing hot indecisive recharter and the odoroscope worcesterinto periclitate without alarming he was a good choice so offices he opened can the olecranon s patriotwas loved admired he was not interested in joining in the long because they hated america he did not agree with him on the one as he showed interest in taking power officiously as when we saw the sun and could emerge even when he wants to the fall still i do you what was more of and the sophisticated there was about to one hold against shorthose mobilized her on the morselingen immediate and technology to try to take my lower the people at the top of the tajand asfaran puttogether pinecrowned have them in being ansswere we come tontines messages were stored and could be used to expose this pond ever then done so in chiropteran about the first two years of prospicience torticollis was samiards issanati on the tact sheres pointis concepcin to eofor portions literallyhis forces offered i can politicians when i can't say the peers the good iserwill had complete tool of a notary they eject the king dynasty took him one to chat work to build openclose of the trend cornudet bracing these lessiveuse the teach they were beaten and criminal isis was also destroyed at a year for owen scrooge the power now that in no time is posted the peasco concerns or starting to recede and peace has returning it is all evidence tahagoos will win in were still while lot is improving if still poses one than most of these known harmoniser still free his results the bushes are o the coming of the next chefteine story why we have the coaster the inner she began the terentilian dissemination program to invoke in onliness movement he ate on waking i started on underground the internet channels of in moved to the main street to has been defined distraction for those who follow orleans and desired but it is about to begin a much more important than necessary to see the oblation of the testator or on to the surface ignores yes folks the reiterations antossing or sees as lenore on our trust respect and adoration i am on very bad things there all the owner documented and they will become purely monished as we follow jesus the beginning of feature how pelisses of a comet we are among the first to listen having morticinis ons or just trivial distractions and we were all slated by a safe problem was never capitalis or socialism teratologie most of pristine now was just very powerful cardinals who had too much for thalassaes it's time to bucklers divisor true enemy and he gracitre that we all owe to the brave patriots who is generalises to achieve this victory against the greeks course as ever joe has not the son here well i thought with that was a pretty and portant thing play this morning considering a cerenceresse aside as he had a cancelations that he's here and i think cotones gone her to mine to i wanted to put that out there because you know what god is in no god will judge your enemies lestrange the and with that sationales come on and talk to you when we get checkerhe student karen a high do and the right i canonned ofor i gilded it an my noon in the course answered that all regolamento which cossipore was tapetisto while it has its way too rainy out for me so that's okay careful he castethe parties of pretesto o o said his wait is so we were answered the call but call was the needed cocatris he warsthese answered the call when matteo what you think what you think on the video heron i see it's a very very brief like the series the ten series of the cabal that oh that i watched at no caboter and a half ago or so and it was it was really overwhelming em and you can't do it all at once this is like a really really brief introduction two what happening oh i think it's i think he's something that people can swallow if they're already seeing some of that in their own eyes it wasn't too overwhelming that's how i see there go the there's a there's a a lot coming down the path i think all of us are ready for a change and if it it would be a great day to day would not so it would be a great day to day for chang so what's happened and shock all his talk about what i resolved this week we looked at other nasalevery see retires esibto the house and let us ridiculed this dream was told by her whole tones that repudiated these came at this cistophori think he's anything he got crosseyed by brackets i gess and any pig endocritic where class davis but the yetagain carriage they recognize his he is a integrity but they also criticised his report the report into parent because i know ertekene that these things were not true when the area finished on this so sequestered the questions he asks you think that for the crocuses em that his country is to on this totality be parricide pantowise he here sister i cannot exist we cannot exist as a country as long as we have to herd decantation or worthlessness of two handled ring and i absolutely creed with that redetos said el jadoor job for your fire or your deprison because they have gone in everything and as soon then i sent you gone also the piece on top is approached last night and he had on a sad but the price was wet too high for the aversion who letterette dollars to seven other honors have thousand i hundred dollars partition excuse me but i don't know what you could i don't have cavity paris later round i any time you put money in the anything it gets corrupted and i chose not to go last night i love president trump but but oh i love president trump but i'm really suspect of all the people it stood on stage with him over an old land open cony seems to be a nest of corruption and the last time i was there at the mechancially and washington i was so ashamed at the welcome this state gave him and i hope he's listening to this because i had a run in with christine bob and i asked for some help she just looked at me to some crittenton vinosus le is like that i have she good sospettoso and i was asking for help for people that needed water and she to three times she was absolutely through gritted bared snaky teeth yes that yes that out and in like mad i don't present trantows what's got sitting right next to him because i'm pretty nextsure that if you looked closely it would be it would be thus i read an answer that that be money it was a money pengasih yes the olden people were grabbing money were istorile what he thinks hundred people does and germany they had the sea to cower to get papeitha price the problem was that people love from both with the economy and in origin article and then i think those three people to interview work forsoothe talked about the lady that was a busdriver selling carnalitie of it is based eclesistico me she absolutely right if we look at two things and the economy we look at he retracted the economy because what taxes here was the other why because as conquesting is added on a surcharge of protose up every product we go by goes up we keep constantly on the phonetic when are we going to put a cap interfaces pole cap because it's all about scitatine as peningtons down it is the the the pulp the tribes the economy and orsatelli i mean he needs to it economy stupid moundlike i please it may sound lines in reality it is true in while in an it's it's so everything out there pee people are getting in getting smarter i hope every out there is old non other cash that's what i keep telling people you know i listened to people with in em that they're used to politics as usual even the u s taxers part of their like who we had a race some money on like i don't want to really be any part of this because in a time you get money involved in it it it is it is not going for salecod work they can not spend the sick got all the global money they want the as an individual effort that this is organites if we if we move this into a situation where these we focus on the money we got to raise money give us your money goes your money give us your money really what do they do in a withey haven't been able to manage it if this point why do we think why we keep going back to get kicked in the face or like lucy with an ah you know the football pinaot ball out from in front of charlie on i mean that's exactly what's happening i pray to god were smarter than this and that were cold eastertime ootnote or with it no smarter really when you look at it you to say in the peace you did on the cap and he not winning we are wanting we are lined we have to look at this little differ without to go back to seventeen seventy six we have to look at and after the declaration and independence was issued on scofettan poliscene and your washings spartan he had this read to every one of his troops because things were were really mad he had thirty thousand troops under his command and pleas august of a assumes i december i recount the three thousand three thousand if that that's a lot why what of cond was sickles stillness and ill prepared pro duty what was it comes can row he wrote in american crisis he wrote these of the time that the five men holds in sofas the shorter soldier in the war patriot occured about the summer's soldiers those who only go out in a nice weather in the winter patriot he was too real heart of bodetthere every one of us and requires us to be foes on what our corps in what organition is other government and twining we are we need more people to stand up against this tyranny how much jefferson told us the tree of liberty or freedom will be a niskepesim time to find by the blood of patriots in others all entitatively was not a revolutionary he was and that is where we are to day we we need to have a red she now of couleuvre purpose religis because great now will we got is we did we get a government he leadeth not a government for weather yep vs absolutely and a year to your point of everybody stopping up stopping up doesn't mean going and give it all your money to the government through taxes but which is a system we have right now or the political parties which are part of this they they are not separate from this the connections to sorrow money and i think we need to look at the getthebest i am really believe and i said this for a while people think that the democrat party is a problem they are a problem because of the color evolution that they have you now basely recruited for so it you look at it and you could see the military structure going on which includes both parties if it really does the democrat party is involved in recruiting for social for social things which are backed by george sorrels color of cotoleration ah a point though the repellant is so busy virshasena everybody say well we are bettered than them because leitneria sits in eleiston the different way and i have a feeling that we're going to find out that there are people in charge of the agewho are backed by sorley did you see i need to put the soup in one of these days i was going to do it to day but then when when when you said you couldn't do it to day i wanted of the sock oothere board of the agioitheodoroi and in its its for its is pretty serious and when you look at some of the financial things going on quite honestly i'll give any one a chance you know you son rate of the bath that christofero was a problem so as to soon me scot i loved scotomy he sent back stage right now he scathed beyond a minute but scottish this right right off the band pigit distinkson right now with the wascos he schoudon i do i have a terrible signal this morning i i don't know this work out if he will try in osnabrig out the poejust likejust like chocks right now checks on botocan see you i'm having trouble with the idiom i tell you what let me son there let me have triphon so so were going to an oi bring bring scott out of this end so he can he can see if he gets back on her and was scotistische beginning too i had on and i really believe right now that the opera it these gonethe same hang on ah so this is funny i've got both scott and chuck thank god i have two folds montworth nk it was toussaint is but does it does come in handy at a tiny cot we you doing cachemecan hang out the shop beget when we get the coin i got you send it next to check her so you guys are going to be able to perseestent so say this is what we have to do in arming you improvise you know you improvise and you do things whatever it takes to a things done but both of you guys now i will give any one a chance and hopefully they will make a good if they do not i will hold them on the spot i will fry them on the spot and it will be up it but i will give them an opportunity to do the right thing but what i've been seeing is not the righting it is absolutely here aristaque pitchthe streamin that reminiscite people can see or see her face there ah there go they could see you but the other going to go the autos for my falsities the leg that's okay what do we do we are in war we can we will put things together with leaves bolomen magicrain paper clips three half do so and that's that's the beauty of being atonic right the insidewell they were able to be corrected to the americans and worsetook perspectives the past a so so you hold you both have not been on the th you both have been holland tail on am i dope and i was given a a chance on like i'll try to play nice here for a little while and see you don't see what's going on you know we've got the nigonrotin shows out there which is in our true screw both the wheeler eh maggie i can't seriamente may you not job whenever he turning on their just absolutely um in crazy land all the time they're like they're like shooting at everybody and start off and set off a be tacked a hostesses long to see every one fail that's what's happening over there is that there lerestelle they're all part of this professional bitters c and that's all they do i just want to shoot at anybody is sick or hats up it doesn't they don't want to see anything fix he never come on with solutions all they do is complained that and so you know whe you goths were talking i'm going to let you tell me your opinion on what's happening with the gopas when i saw them put out that they are six six hundred forty thousand dollars in debt without really showing anything here and in some payments to consult his and i think there i think there were going to find out that the little colt later joe moss and his his stage studebaker over there or or honestly not the people that they say they are and i think there were some payments made should be concerning to everyone remember these people are good at leading other people as it then know of their great at leave ye and when you see like a colt like following were there not being told to think for themselves and prove things out we out of pop big problem so tell me what you guys think about christine and what's going on in my deep i don't really know rate now that's what interesting because they know nothing out there i mean i you know i was out there on the poor conal the time and i was concerned with a beginning like you i said i'd give her a chance taihape i've been looking for the plan i'm going to be out there and selling up ter my hope i ought have the plan that's no i think retinendo i don't know but i do know this that i don't see the results in the end we all are judged by our countability is by what we produced if in the end we have no better than what we had before what value is there for the cage and other words we all criticised personincluding and rightly so then okay what are you doing differently that should be out there what are you doing to rally his troops thorwalsden rallied the troops as what he was known for even in the midst of the biggest col i re biggerarmorial navy there was in the world an army and yet in one how did they win her the bearings and margoton's know i not on his good name program that they want entirely and i'm going to be one is going to sound the warning just like i did with a bad scene and coinoose that i didn't buy from the beginning as well as nine eleven that was centrolecithal got up blind not to see that or brain washed into motion landthey got that good naringarh they paid somebody or they got this that was created for this ere and i watched the sails job happen in the meeting that they asked me to leave because god forbid should anybody be altered that would tell the truth on what their doing and so this ap is there asking people in the republican party and my goopto go out their go door to door and be a good neighbor now all of a sudden really does it take some of the creed the act to make our good neighbour if you are your and if you don't know your neighbors and have a septette he then crawled finally people and so then the poles to bring their information back home or put it in the the person has a dog this is the dog's name flat out turning republican party the delegates and every one else entered a bunch of freak and spies suspition their neighbors i am out in ientlemen if you and gage and this active ratethe white hats are going to know who you are whether you were stupid enough to join and to this and nor without honour enough to turn this into spying on your neighbour as a complete and utter piece of crape in the night did i chacewater doing tried to characterize so you are whatever you are what's your economics are that specific area and going to your right down to the block will pentelikon here house and it's tidy through house it is tiento the energy great i don't know anybody knows this but the nine digits zoties you right down into the energy the energy roadthat's the tither i don't know i've never talked about it with anybody but that's the time with the ninetiesthe can take in target right down to the house don't use at night editaire rained for the iidon't believe it it there's a lot of stuff going on the people are in and pickard on mail box has for a lot of degrees i mean they are characterizing you everyone's way if you don't think so i goatthe pentorobos what this too i know you to don if both the profile that the republican party keeps in every one of us the noo how we voted on this to that brother we voted or not surely but they can't pinpoint is on conewagoes or against guns of rootenant seen the whole spreadsheets and the spread sheets the columns that they have on each with overperson is just absolutely sickening and so and so scott water pinion on the whole to my deperino cause you were the one that had i really want to get that he ran that you did and i love your ranks i love scot scot cool he's one of the few people who has the to actually stand up and do the right thing and i'm going to tell you what and i said this in my interview of the interview that i did with all reporters i got mobbed outside the ag nosotras ers press conference i imagine it the locustan investigation which scott any is ah really the one whose really doing the heavy lifting his scoto me as in it isn't investigator i'm going to tell you what i am so impressed with you and the amount of work he does how he can oories how he sets up the information for gathering information put into it is absolutely amazing and there the people like scots and that her in locusta are doing the heavy and i am i tell you what i will be proud that the people that are on this cold right now karen scot and chuck i will i would be proud standing back to back with you on my last day the men limestone on the deep down because you know what i got criticises that the gobion ventions i get boonthe stage for telling the truth it right em petellin the truth and i tell you what do you be or you don't want i got my own job and jucatan and licence as to where the bochiardi called bah republicans a globo republicans and i had to i a former in his tone and i love jesus courseand i assure i soon and i tell what i i believe jesus christ as the solution but i also live there many churches the treat faith in jesus place as morally could then then the truth and there are a lot of christians in the joke there a tightleaves met we have some wonderful wonderful people sat fortuito state cronolgica tion i know her jack and how he bitterly passed her bechoroth to jackson to algoa this church he refuses to get involved with this the peak wiesenstetten with our people our social called protologos day or people who go on be critical contention one to be a critical of long forcement and you have something less tight that i hope to tell in toinen hour i regarding an forcehonours abel colley a the bottlenose i you ease like good leadership and good leadership is is it takes courage to be a good leader and there are good to many people and christina i love christian comes woman she she's a wonderful and soon the poncas number one she again as it did to places i saw i will don't meet him by sorebecause i'm a free keeker i think the singles for you by i think inanition messengernot what may do it so restake off there some keep going all seeing nowoooo come in ah did you really mean me now i'm not for whatever reason you treated the tree in his red attersee some cabanis what i see i find it so he got everybody can recognize your voice of it this is scott on pitkeeper christina lord she lakelanders skills as far as in concert she needs to be doing her own thinking she has been people independence in reders and i tell you what i don't care i anybody wants to be circling did you he as far as i'm concerned has not been in all and they gave convalidated and enabled to produce good leaders to it would they do to you beyond this with you she cried if you have somebody this more than independent thinker the one problem with it the gibe is no different than hivesand i tell you what i don't get contact by the cup because i believe the reason is it i can't be consoled exactly honestnever and the sinking with the jackson gilpinthe jackson's sopeithes there's a couple of good individuals or very old the terricolae can i tell you what i what happening his country was biggest ate i don't blame to come cos i don't blame ah i blame christians come the joke because you have got and in too many of them had you not ah they do not have a beconsall to come we don't have to go to stand up to the coction and i tell you what the locative we have wonderful one of people and i don't want to take i want to take the cold for because it is we the people that's what it's about i can on the credit imagineyou a lot of cried on this to you or you because there's something calls for publicans datessolar fighting these cows does not to dont fighting republicans what is that tell you about there a roping parts do not waterconductor congratulates in isabella county and jackson calling it appear town i offishals what does he tell you it is no whit lovethese people having more do you think astelie in and i am i don't say don't tower about playing me back up to iidon't o what it is why goneevery it's like it's like you you're comin an goin right now we'll just this is this is for real you know real news by real people for real people at your intonation near my big so the republican party i saw this when i ran for their i need the search ristine is not a chicagohandsome personal i tell you what the idea of it forty thousand let me tell you i went to the meeting he was invited to meting with the opiliones cole in some of the financial of pre i don't you anything of these kind of numbers this is all new and i tell you what i don't know i don't know if it is he counting with the joei don't know in ile i will is in titus a i shall this before the republican party meets for out of wind without money as exactly at scott and the thing it is is that this is not taken care of business if i run wiser and the grand new party shells and left the party with that kind of debt that she inherited this is legacy debt for them why did she not go after them for having prosecuted you don't just say oh you know i'm just going to word tis got away we're going to have to dig ourselves out of this and tell people you don't that tells me that she doesn't have the gods to go eh to go after them she has to go after them and it incontinense does not strong behind her she has come in i tachista could thehenites o potensis one and she does not care of people of strength behind her you are severe or better than the thosethose but will never be invited to be in something to iligence down again as i believe this is part of the control of position keep the tolian party we that is he can keep in weaker you want to what it is district the georgian to these cells on the solistation mastications as the teleostomes icated yes the arittoscratic christina i you i was cast i questioned the day before the convinced from by the and from the way concentrated and she was as hugh question each candidate and it was could be posted on her show and i have the length somewhere that the question was if you're like to joe he there where do you see yourself epist on my response to that was i will be the most hated person amongst republicans in the mission house on the mission see because i was getting away after them i was going to go after them in what find a way to win without the money fake and faith repolished one shot these people are face we've got sacred publicans who got faith christians that the are just used to get or to get camera to you heard what care oscard the sweetens staines onore and peered to get see as a guide was leading the queen no part is part of it anything else the indians on the jackson ope invited him on i er into with him him and the other guide i i you know i came eguisse i beseech the folded reckoned in late summer lithesomely flight was only i you inside of the first week of my sober he folded because replied can leadership told them all to support the bill he wedded to give the sextary state to olydays to prepossessions oloft the cost districts and give the house intended to the democrats thisthisthis an idiot he has the historico classesteachers say at something that onetwentieth story but when i heard he gave his hat his heart to jesus two days before the prayer of well i'm really i'm so sorry but but i would hope that that he came i am more inclined to believe that this is blaspheming god in using lord save in vain and it's like this is going to have to prove out because are you don't just two days before prayer vigils soe good camera say something like that this is so very deeply personal conviction and and it's like ee go to your player prayer clods that stephen spends some time going if piereally not if you really mean it cause i i'm in you've got to have work you can your face off like that without having or does it mean that that there's always a point where we turn our hearts around for god in the one the first one to say that you and i can both admit that scott and so can all the sun is cold we are sinnersand by grace inesatto days before you know o pervigil seeking pap on stage someone i am i at the bad for steve really really bad form henanieshu like cocks chinoiseries which gossiping with i came a thing of where he has rendered his life to jesus christ and then jump on say one thinks so hang out as it likes such chestnotting sophists it would give the hongo they followed him just like a bunch of holiness are you kidding negrohead tacked he concocters it is bates pecan make homestake about it he's a poet i called his guilt on the substances when we did be of christes told to presles and the people who took it back he is never got a spying he's never stood up for anything he's going to poke it out there he's got the one stable i put this election with configurator that was all fake it never was not anywhere was going to be scaled from the beginning and it was no substance to so he is a complete pages cut is called him out scott i've been on the propounder one heated first the madani hope have been for almost three years like you i call everybody out regardless they don't like it because the truth hers yes but we will never get better unless we fixed it and that's the part they don't want to do because cold archeborde there casts all alamandine cardscompleted down integrity be iceshogle that stand with the purpose and one those are the things that are more this is not this is not about minor should be this is not a tiger beat fan club we are absolutely the election process should be that to find the the qualified he invites a job in review and they turned into a tiger beat than club bunched on she is it a slangily it is its instead called the isabel mony a social call whatever one god cos i calshord if the county when i greed and fifty per cent controlled opposition is told they are they are nothing more and bewle deny it to the day they die the so called christians out there on pontecorbo other people who play sankranti tell you what you want now osterlindis on of the state again see carl good not pose during the secrest to rely day's wide because republican leadership with circe of desonelle all support the school why because some of the corporate interest gathers some money out of it that's why they did that it was about money i here and i tell you what we in the locust gave me mastications are independent thinkers that seeks for this world in one and i tell you what a joke to ilius the fight here there are there are people in the geopenian but we are so few in number and what is going on with some of these or what is going on with some of these prosecutors republican hostis republican serves in the get i stedelas going after them i got news for you i think we will be progressing let smith though this christina como lacks the leadership skill okay play now she has potential and she doesn't apply them and she's got bad people feeding are base she doesn't have i don't know she's a nice person but nice seen cut it noted out we have to be determined we have to be fearless and sometimes when your fearless you you're not going to be nice we just lost checks so well see if chuck his style of back and their definitely screwing round with our internet and such and as well as the pole lines do you know i am i know somebody right now several reports are that some plans are grown in a knowthey weren't richmond the system wide failure down in richmond of virginia and so the the plains were grounded in theirs no ronald crownother suck out a friend down there right now in their so so i would expect to see more of that and i would see expect to see more of it after the first to july to line the telerpeton know what i'm going to do me i'm going to bring the screen up and were going to share the screen won'twith the the text that you providesand i think we should go through that do your and slowly i want you people i want to so can be reviewed in later time so people understand what is going on do our counties and was a long forcement well in and like it might has told me that they destroyed basically they got rid of all the election information from the twenty twenty two election they have none but and it was coming from johnston braved the board the lections which is under bonstettin their slave violated the law in many cases and you were talking about on the zonesthe it like you to go there but let's look at this as isabellahis office where we're going to be happy a rule of law rallies jump into this case the people a people had no idea how much hate as they hate us their total contempt but this is an example of what we're talking about yeomantry to find my copy of that she can read along with the conosimiento tinople out talking this self on line and you can deceive you know you can see where i may or yes that's fine were got trigonolestes in yore and i want to talk about two the laws that the county clerks have had and the township clerks that broken because they have broken the law although the gitanotheir trying to find and last the cheat her lot but i've got sense sixty seven down i know in my heart that you are good person i got compatriot you know how this one question have you ever wondered if the movement is another twist to bring the and w w h i believe in my heart of hearts that it is that it is not because i i really do i i am certainly i am certainly the things that are leading me to believe that the good guys are in charge and that if if ah if i'm wrong about this i will be the first one to say that i'm wrong but no there's too many proofs that things are going in the right direction things that have proved themselves out and i think that we are absolutely in a position that a that it is it is not i bly i believe we're going in the right direction i think come i think we are absolutely going in the right direction last word going in the direction we should be going and the provoste truth is a very new road jesus said that about having the odelsbonde the road to heaven in sterner and i i did also opposed to truth because even even with grouse or even with the mercantile or even though or even with a very things in the the truth is the narrow road and i i assent yes i got the truth is the narrow old and you're not going to have a lot of people they get it i tell you what he the i am i have as how cleopatre going to have the goodness ecology there's a lot of people that do not understand the technology find even people with a thick ocypete took me time to get to the olcunge stand what was going on and then you what they don't lie by understand wholethe why they've made it so count lacks and so disconnected in a bounder stand in all i batoude stand the manipulating our election re yes and i think too when you watch how long this has been going on the longer that you are in this asking questions of getting answers the more that you can see that the good guys are in control and that were working our way through the crash in the clean up right now and i tell you what this has been going on while a people don't understand what for good selections number one the tabulators ise goes brain by root chance she denominations into the state of ashanti wasn't the democrats it was a republican securitate but dominion then okay and the problem is this you have a house elections committee and a senate elections committee which basically rossendal this grimalditeuthis tell me how because you get liketo office come so calificador stand the fields that you are waiting bills and only do his raportis and spend money and rightmore bills and collect salary and collect gebilde consion well and hold these people do that's all they do and i want to throw something else out there right now that i think it's going to be critical because i with sometimes you know you do pregorono the art of war you bring your enemies close to you in order inkeep an eye out and sometimes it looks like we're losing when we're actually winning if you're a good purse and you are able to manage some of this and not let it change your trajectory which for me is following out on mighty i want to tell you something that i was told by elisha should be very concerning and i think it's concerning inhoushould know this she asked me second she told me about a situation were sitting there talking the situation she said was you know i got picked up to do a documentary as some clock the moriendi get to the airport and it was an mike wendell's plain showed up the airport at that i got on him now where we were going and they were kind of laughing and the people on the plain it was pete cold back as well as mat de pardo were on the one and she said i'm going to are they said we've got to go make a quick and they fought they flew up to and from county that area i don't know exactly the airport but insure melissa would be great to answer the question on this and so should pat and so should de vernon if they can't provide the answers their covering some and in exactly what was the pressel she said they went up there and they picked up a tabulator they picked up a tabulater machine and they left me and she asked her she said is this something do you think i should be concerned but unlike you should always tell the truth i tell the truth what happens so i gave her a couple of days to come forward with a truth and i never heard another peep out of this again so i called my torney dan hartman and such is the i said this is what was told to me as he so problemes like no no this is in a big deal in so hard the investigation which now throws everybody into a questioning post this point agobut he said he said now as his part of knowwas under the it was under the watch of the sheriff and like oke so i told a an attorney what was going on and decided while i this is wiltenhall this point the and he you know it was nasalised my curiosity cause he said no i said it was it was a under the he was part of it annie said that it was under a share of the sheriff saw watch but i felt that this was an interesting enough for people to know they took it down to missouri with these are questions that we are going to have to answer an answer more of them as they come out so i gave a couple of days and they didn't come clean that i did talk to the tourney and the tourney of it that this was part of an investigation of the sheriff was involved it i think i reached it now this because we need some answers on the and we need to see proof and we need some answers on him and hopefully the right people are listening to this to say okay this is part of of anything that was right good then we want to see that investigation come out and if it's not heads better frecine rolling for the and in rolling in a big way but anyhow it was they were they picked something up and it was it wasn't election it was a tabulator believe and she made out of had the exact right words for it which would shock me because melissene a lot on elections we still don't know if people are telling us the but i do know that there was a flight called back was on it and so was here an epic of talent to fight some of crimen i had experienced i i haven't talked to lisa crowing a i am not i'm not one that has any any kind of a regards from at the colonel and weather be ancorsetl and isle is very good morning that's why persephonion never wincing which have to think he's ever really want a case yea he will he he did die jugend for everybody knows he because he didn't like me bringing the south to a man when we ran for joecher i did not go in to answer counting in collections he within their unmerited the westweleschire to do made the protect a deal during the final recount the hand recent could deal asiento which would which was a prisonbroken by the secocoene good judge depeschons because the go and give me the monologist sing the ancona through okori tell you what go and end all these people i i personally i'm not i'm not convinced it that its specifically the title letters i happen to anseton i think the recounts support something else and tis in my particular tory i believe in fortunateseeing those machines oh beth that's my that is my thing i think they were loaded hire to the election without the allege of calinerie that's my personal pinion but i am even said what is happening to day how were manipulating the election possess to day i do believe it's coming as much from the tabulators as i do electronic poll book here fighting as to in the aldeire the loon okay i cold path key and i came here the third name and this particular law came is also representing isabella county okay dave represent isabella county government they repented graphically government gave oppositsioni government now why had not a conflict of interest as the eighteen nasal representing bona you think we're going to get we're going to get on as selection when you've got those constant notarios projection on siroiteltu what i welcome divinesthe try to come after me some day i welcome it give me in the cord so i get a discovery in everything you got give me an accord so ingrandimento to granerythmon down these polesstick there are good tops what i think they're very sewing number there and he went down weltorganismus singers so the people consense what hes going to his warneford within the prosecutors so i got it up great now isn't bellisoni share of office and i think this is significant how you know that i interviewed probably well half the sheriff's in the stay may be little outs oh but it is write talk to a lot of them in their answers were deeply concerning they should have known their office better and or upheld their old of office and i'm not seen that happen all but a very small handful they didn't even understand his i asked miss and why did you not arrest governor whitton what mere i guess tom all this jeering the cold would lock down sospitas unconstitutional violated that and there like none of em had handed except for well the only answer i would get is the prosecutors won't prosecute it so that brings us batto you think yes that was to flecknoe a good i couldn't leave it is here so any others go down here so this is from clarissa pillar fear and she went to the sheriff's office and fetch so i integration communication between ascertainable and alleged republican ah she follered a folicitations from a from tenos and this was between the prosecutor barbary and sherman and attention from the shires organscare he detective from a pleasant public safety named charles morrison and a chief the sistan chief of public safety i believe his name was dave pls and i'm prgrandibus shes me rendendo you and the chief of police of a small little on horse pragense in the village is shuttered in southern in southern isabella col these communications are very very very deeply disturbing and i think it goes the motive they had no intention of going anything with this case and i am trying to be fing so prereformation from the prosecutor to anything i think we have plenty of evidence to decases of malfeasance against all these public officials and choose there is he some one and the filing a complaint against with the misconceptions and certior against david barbary injustice in these cases the rule was the disrespect and these this text message a thread that you poia is absolutely is it is suspicable and course you look what is the discerning these people these men this stupid to think these people is no accounting one not going for other to medications and of falsheid neither cans and decrasser oh thank i don't know how you want to read this i do get importantthese with that first one come david barry do you have to start with a first munications of the letter this letter was in response to free of information questores june twenty twenty three on june third ten twenty twenty three i sent a notice to sounder sponse for time for for the new day responses june twenty eight twenty twenty the enterers exist in our possession control of the sabellian share if obseques de grandin park and the records are attached please advise that your request is denied in part will mind was flat out demandedin when i tried to get the poll book here in byronson by peggy or township she's a there denied in part and in isabella had made the following reactions to the incident telephone numbers are exempted disclosure it disclosure of this information would not have any bearing on the inner working of the government therefore how does she know i mean how is jennifer know but there you go there for the release of this information comes a clearly unwonted invasion of personal privacy i once fifteen point two four three she made a judgment call on that scot i agreed because it's too we need to see whether or not the soul numbers the countering paid for by the collieries it too this denial a part for as bellicosely a forpel form to appeal the deliverers your contact me for for future assistance jones first was so now were to go to the actual test rockers here we've got michael main and clarissa and here we got i love the one you want retroretro the first one here and i'll divide on i could why let me let me read i coseismal to chief sawyers sheriff man detective moreson and prosecutor biblieca se i think this is real important i like to i would like to receive a formal statement for each of view in respecte agencies documenting the ore closing the locustan complaint cases got four torturations alleging for by the mission secretary state jobs on benson the mission giration specifically the recovering john the greater additionally col from of information at presumcon of any and all written in obedire orde purple communications emil tachometer chip paper ahivasi by campos set between your jurisdictions elected and appointed office holders and employees to michigan department of state to miscibile tions and machinatory generals office and any and all other misconduct on sound sopitis counties etc of elective public officials and employees between marches twenty twenty three and guncotton twin tree regarding people locustan complaints that they defiled and goes to word be food why this is important prosecutor david barbary gave republican alleged coston i was contacted by somebody and outside counting i say this prosecute started talking about this case to the individual okay and started making much of comments well i wot way in a view from the state of michigan devideing this god do what he would not i like to win the calliand i in and you'll see that the tucson why because their motives was not to investigate this case was not too vile to bread stores one what this is an easy case to put together this is an easy case it is not complex we were trying to set up a a group of police on croupose tors toward the cat towards the case where each postscutello a couple supinas of a few individuals elsewhere these waites decided to him would he want to this the penwith okay go tell cops was for as i'm concerned to eternal prosecutor let's read the first of the first a texas from david barber again these eslite conk i confectioners me i hope he ceased give more coleman i tell him to me with the election fold he called it election folks o kanoron these are complainants then not folks on finding morning can look on a wristand on pursuing their matter okay i will also be addressing is suscitans to potential open meetings violations cork is refined to scott clark the detective from a deed is volcanoes cork as to hired cheerfully and when i tatermans get to me isislatonathe this is this is mocking scapini's making her cortes volunteered cheerfully to be present the meeting if you would like to attend or sunday representative please feel free i intend to do all the talking to me asked some questions i understand if you would this is what i understand if you prefer not to be as okay this is this astonishes is from david barbary the osculor okay the next the next in the trade is on spacethe detective come to selcaster volunteered and said questman i could live it was a director from the chief old horse streetoffice isabel a county atomless that's what miss tucker put a well which i room is loss last or laugh aloud let a loud oh say david garble muchtreated appreciated and a dam to come from go hilted think this is from deeps i appreciate the other go if not needed i'll pass that's from i think it is herthought be from corporeous morson it reproachesat do look sawyer this is the chief of police or win islingtoniensis anistanai forte appreciated unfortunately i have a rope conoscere in denmark that day and i don't care to it in her lernathe so him and so much so i can't even see him this is from a chenopodice stenonis at here is the prosecuted and david barber came in i thought the days were now for the gold band and prostrated it will he says all those now presently find themselves a subject to follow investigations esposicin statements from day barbarythe postice all those present almost to present many losers dam holland email this is from i i believe it more ah now that's so david more that still daybore barbara isn't to me be regard on carwithiel they make a statement that stupidsince like that all those carethat that is the abode and hers potrincourt to follow up investigations okay all those not presently loser the dim falling to evil okay here's baby again the county building is within the city suspicion right be look soontime is the meeting even boynothing come gustavere or to prison for some reason you so with thesisthat is the word starting with us so as to soils nineone as complete i contestacin i say i leaves it believe in his more i can't go i don't want you there since i didn't make any rest on the meeting ended uncle lot no you didn't know pulled the lock on shore i was attending on this group had borlasse colossial and scotian for no welsh was invited no well i be let him cause holy okay you sure i say i get the try to bring more good decision came bore meeting its olivaer well they were extremely understanding but they worked i i got to that we got the one called last night and even great eye and with grey well they were extremely understanding in from sanclamente were you in good deal you want please pass or i tell you what let's talk about the laws of benbrook and foote they seek a love okay there they are the leading there not retaining the electronic pool of contestaremos of the clerks and the calico resistance that is that once in the head god at eleven on came god says he i must retain his collected material for twenty four months a gay now there's a letter from john's comprador he was fellow two stuff he got the courageous a colored from billsno conning back in twenty twenty one i believe and in that eothaile ter tonsoress no you should believe the electronic pologies is included on the print reportsomewhere not gave her a donethere is ellis the very keen field not printed on bad report and are destroying the day that so there violation of one succeed that eleven there milton of the law they were trying to get prosecutions on sevenfifty itcomfort eight which polvilleen ancles to leaving to by altering pequeos se non come anton leave ancors of mileseuis title fifty two to seven or one which if he colleterio twine to monte in toilet two tools to lot to which politicsthe all three rolls on lecturers and the leading of federal lecturers pier to the completion of the revenciones that for laws that the clerks or milestop we now have evidence with the prosecutor of isabel county and detective stock clerk i did i bolivia ion colonel violation of a hendrik myself i want just deitical as well on ofthecon now knows about it where you find out whether not he as i tell you what you have a culture contained allotments can be people a cultural allegedfrom the beatitude to these cops and his prosecution i don't believe in way is isolated cotoneaster this she cevileetee deportano the cells in townships discobbolos completing the took an oath of office the lowestoft i hope dat baby if you go to his left side bore for cause peter even seething you need to know about the scotch he doesn't matter of ladyfather she doesn't want lacke and you have during doubasoff ce a at like those parchmentses present is miss conduct is a cherished geroestete on the part of each other one of them and i tell you what i am called when i readerwhen i renders a missussing the houseling on i was absolutely going away by because they quite clearly have made it clear do you not give him a claw good the factor to one to the one top i think it was more so even a week to the law no you didn't do into the low as you are you make any rest at the meeting and did i hold the law now you go we have lost a convict and now he wants to do it this rite problem the spaces i steterunt can you want i was hopin this swiencone to it with clonfort one begets it is as gosomewhere horn which is why we organized the rule on the rules all rally on monday i licentiosa way we are going to be picketing around behauiors and round the shires supported by would aslike to get small pagesthe polish safety office denaston in the village or shepherd on go to see if we may be may be able to organize a couple holocausts don and dishonestate of our country these for forcewith officers let the factory i had no respect for the complainants orseolo i don't want a him on me or them in from pio to to lecount that this is the law here to lot you want to what to see him we investigated controlled out position only was the reelected he put reelectionista can you know what geitfontein he called a cross corocorto consentiente line goes to lord overtaketh you want they're all seeming louthertree to worebington as peas told these cloaks the violetsimeon federal law and contemplated the same thing for trees a casual witness a suspect in cried can i tell you what i i am i am told i wish have topan i lost i i want in this whole process is not a vice it is the cottawoods that with secured to the capatases and i tell you what i'll think ther's many becos i really don't it's my personal pain there's not many how strother told that with the loss sosoeteti down on in grand rapids as he watched the city burn and i asked the detective that it or a copped that i know i said why did you why did you guys not go out there and uphold the law he that we wore point blank he said we were told to stand down and they sat in the star what they watched being ran sad do more wood is being rapidly disintegrate rapidly as saterated gave the barbary that the theric prosecutor of visible calificadores taken from jackson county we turns arrogant these people see themselves as untouchable dietelete and want to water so prosopois george gone like him because he proceeds to chantelle as being a red coming he claims the misfortune and he got my cash classhere maybe we could have set some of the south no do you mariposas one like a sail on the same to either but they don't want to get in the pool just the god twice they would rather this country be destroyed i am lost to me i came thing to the consent the prosecutors at worms seeming right now until we find the prosecutiontoo the otherwise it is pretty sad i mean i had i had a share of in one of the colonies when i was asking question and i was talking about an individual that was part of the go the county geop there he got in my face and i'm so people don't know how to stay in their lane and and that that was that was kind of all it was kind of a i aspect a lot of cold to see them as a threat shortest looked on as that about expected behavior from somebody who has come all complise criminal and the things of the organon in that county and also to bring back to something that's even more disturbing how much child train is going on in that county would make everybody absolutely shot it was really going on here because it's really going on here it goes back to much much more acidest of all problems and were going have to deal with these people are absolutely criminals we have to deal with is yes i tell you what gave a carrioling at his web site barbery or prosecuted the facebook website corette prose and you know what he's got his nice fool family his wife and two children i want to be delegating to them is your wife and the children and his puppydog can he constable all these things it's time we put our political differences aside as working together for the score created i'm ready and willing to work with your community leaders on all that consecrating a healthier safer as bellatorium or the whole cordavanier six you win he ran as camerians two elerpias there was a gown one democrat in three republicans that ran and i tell you what i'm watching this garbage from the man's web site his garden as he sat scott can you see oh i'm not under welfare now now this is a god mothahless like he's got me on when the same to templets that a runnelled when he was right ah and hanescombe a noveltoon to think but i tell you what some and ah here here lemme i got it i am pointers anyhow regardless the fact you want they want to take in one to do the case custos i quoted on you so there altering and destroying i is this codiciable behavior for polititical is this peisible behavior they believe is those chaps rossitor believed this policie behavior the monody to put them on when i because of self hid the sense pride they do one to make that they are wrong i do not want to admit that they are wrong grand i tackles from the corks as well god is at the these cops and this persecutor i come his canons i fear if asviatilo it is it is while of state and federal law girdle believe it's permissible they believe it you would be more his case homesitting with criminals okay can even for cold the constrinse i tell you what i don't care whether he went to catholic school it does mean to think come cinolis school goes with me to think and i just i think he's so algos people in the primary and his is not a long one prosecute swoon and i tell you what ah it just is deeply cut seely this serving god and braces my heart because those people a crisis company and corstophine and we on the cocos words the people had followed the complaint be wooried was noting the tall the republican party republican policical county is doing nothing helthy hell think anything long you like they may the selection system so complex and disconnected so nobody would understand it and nobody can win that's not it that's not inside that's exactly what dan en nestles sad and her press conference this is a new be mistake we need make sure that you do we have to have this process to make sure the people are serious about that they've got enough money that they've got enough a support that will controtulatore as i shorepartly exactly any one should be able to run and and it should be an equal plain field they have rigged us to the point where you have to have a lot of money even and learning and when you look at the election of the finance records how much money they put in different directions i had some on you staccarsi they were watching how i was pennymoney and they said they were really shot that i didn't give any to the party likeiamme why would a person give money to the party when i'm reading for governor for the part he now in a party chicket why would they be supporting me that is to make it i estas soon as i saw that even given in money the party on like how to make give money to party from running for governor they should be back in me and seeing that we want you as she wouldn't have even done on me to make a donation now in the beginning i made one donation for the part where i thought you know what i'm going to stand behind the skates i thought he was for real and i was going to give him a chance i take very long for him or for me to get figured out that he was one of them and so i had i was askin of like out but that the only donation that i really felt like you know that that was a good idea i think i gave him one i think i gave most but it was sort of a ithologin exactly see which one idea i think i've only think i only do and i i don't be right out there with it is the i will give any one a chance in hope some positivity going you know in the right direction i under night seven ninety eight per cent of my own camping and i wasn't out their calling around it made me sick to even think about calling for donations when when the american people we're all ready and i kept haripeyo had a call to get i make you know time for these dominations that i was like this is making me ill i am not mean do it i've got to figure out how to beat do this smartwayt out smart because we can't do it by money and so no i moonthere it's a bad process and it is all to many sickening apsley signpostless of become simply about me five honors in the elsiehow my and i tell you what i i and i got to quit myself i menassassent his people deeply disturbing when you see scum the prosecutors and caps as far as i'm dienot saying every hot but i think there's very few good cups i think i think it is a character issue there too many cons to think their title to be couscous they get military background or because they come there paled to gorse of the hind i seryouse all too often people like barbary it retorted work and a cord for a profit they think the collified some to be cofices this is the problem ever no heritage do you with parties in these people called himselves as cornelissens i've got is a gottshaw you something like cotoner because this is this is really interest the people want see and know the law there different resources that you could do till now the law but i think that this is an if you seen some of brings up on light sorry i played but i i am inclined to agree more than disagree with you because in the the whole system is set up to cheat and abuse power that's what some about so in the odd that you want to see some in an analysis of things going right or wrong this is a great channel and they actually throw logs holders so this year an ape thinking it to entertained and educated as to dive right in there's a great channel because it's it's not it's not bias it is i i haven't seen much visithis channel they will they will absolutely go through it and then they state the laws that are at their basing the signed the actually quoth the long and so an end show show a copy of the actual law that the penis so there's a couple of in her that are a problematic when they actually invaded people's houses illegally and they they quote the law that the in wherein he went when they went wrong and all so they also point out when things go right to so that's a that's a good channel the check out so i tell you what please peters and o forse he don't like somebody presenting a low to them with facts one that don't admenoit that is why bobbery in what me or or joan in her because they want be presented to facts because they didn't want to move case forward they wanted to come the case of no intention of doing it he had none his guilty of malfeasance he is guilty of metapectic okay in long acts is guilty of criminal i he has broken a fellow and it is a criminal violation i am a well going to deeply am i do tell you this ah ye were goin we're in find out who got more down the road with forgard that where did that we're going to keep going on it too and i think that's i think that that's something that everybody has to realise she people like caron scott see gang and i we are not going to stop em i am not going to be sigeian i know you won't i know you won't either scott and i really preciate that that we are not going to be silenced its like just keep kicking us down here just goin to come back biggerbite with more of dance against one because that's a goin on right now he was the wants tobacco i miss the point eh you know why i go on now it's really behind all this it's the child trickish an triptichi privythe people are absolute monsters of her show video here at the one has i think if this is is something that we should talk about i want to because people are going almost have to be shocked away at and i think the text message is you provided or pretty pretty damning to those people that were sitting up there and isabella and there's there's going to be no one that's going to be on the run away from what they've done at some point to but i'd like to show a video here that that kind o shows what's behind this because a lot of people that haven't been in it and really rested understand the depth of what's going on your an how much human trafficking is going on do you know don mission is one of the if they set the top that the top third state but i think it's higher because we i don't think they've got a real common it yet the human triumphant it's not to see elections they they use the elections there criminal enterprise by installing puppets that's goin on here and and they're all standing together in its pretty much talked about i don't think anybody that sit in a seat anywhere right now should ever be allowed ever ever ever the seat of power or hold office not one of em they were all part of it were going after place able think we want this plead out and the declaration of inpendentes this toright to do doorplane the video now or you have men away and do it after we're off cause i think you should see this earlythe you know wodenhamer in the the menetheus i've gone to age mencoming out by thinking for coming out to day to can we talk about those of shall we can no takeloth link and talk about a oi can get hold of the later it whittesend ed up with care and you can go on here get me your days started and then we'll finish up here in abolished saberton as i have to i have to go to a to ibertha party here at noon as for somebody very ses saw that consenting you for genoa for the locust andy and i tell you what is is difficult we all going through a lot of pain we have picked up the cost and on through the suffering through this all of us it because what we are trying to bring is the truth out there and the fact that those who took no office to hold the truth are not doing it that is what is deeply disturbing in this country now i do think me for having me on the poring thank you so much for coming on scatter really preciate you so much and i appreciate the heavy lifting that you've done and all the people that have jumped into the locustians met several of them i hear you the conference call at night usually is late at night and there's been times where i've just kind of then you do i come in and i am so exhausted by the end of the day i coteste in tell you what city in listening to everybody talk it also you know i brought some stuff down for the the detective he andaconda done what i can in my area i'm going to tell you these people are so impress its incredible and i'm very proud to know you and stand where everybody everybody that is involved in this this is a great group people and in if if oh you on three or four number of there if anybody wants to get involved in calling you across the state as i think the shot receive o five one seven i went on one seven five seven again it's five one seven five eight one one seven five seven and my evil is as is in sam is in ether as an anthony owes an octopus of hisplan and then the numeral seven a gemellions seem seven et je mailed at come ah i am more than hope to go and come discussions on this were trying to get some cases opened in order mission right now but ah i want to thank donationis all of our volunteers or holding out whose angustiato because we wouldn't we wouldn't have progressed to this point without them and be fighters bay or hatreds and i i am i am proud and privileged and bless to be working side by side with all these people of mire my family the smart there very smart people they know the law and their willing to step in and and make sure that it's carried to the end i don't see anybody in that organization or they the assoor sation in the effort i don't think any of any one person would ever walk away from the scolecite they are the true patriot so they escape on the let you go and then i'm going to get carnotite under play this video cause people need to see what's going on here because i don't think that they really get the true a pitcher of what's happening south olderhill ticketed by a much too you bet betoy so let's bring curiosity never patiently and to lessen i had like to point out one of the things that he just then when you go to battle with people and you were really hard as they be doing then it it bombs you in a different way it is a very special thing it's kind of like tragedies ego see tragedy with somebody together they're the only one that really knows that experience that bombs you that's a hole of the expence battle is the same way and the said the battle belongs to the lord but if you yoke with him that's a tight onright and dissenith you and i ain't think we're we're getting tighter as we go along because we start to understand each other better and better and better as we go and im that's really cool thing and what he seeing is as we were talking earlier there are some that you thought were on your side that you will discover or not and that is one of the purposes of this plan i think is the longer it goes the easier it is to tell whose who whose an yours shows on the side of the right and who is out for themselves yet on i dink it was also in fortunate that he was he was in describing so much doubt in law forcement system and i recognize it and it's to the degree it's true but ah i think if we think for a broadly lawn force man is no different than the rest of the world there are going to be bad actors or scringe selfish people they are going to be really really good people and those may be fewer in number than you expect there romethese for horses is the same way just because somebody says that they're there for good reasons may not be there redress at all yeah i can't happen in it's unfortunate but i alas like the the coat from thomas paine i put that in my sub stack too because ah that sunshine patriot character there there the tight that an you know we've talked before about how so many people are waiting for somebody else to do the work there fearful or their lazy and we been brought up to be those two things fearful and lazy we haven't been brought up in the faith that we should have some of us have some of us didn't really realize the importance of it we've never been tested to the degree that we are right now and the more we tested the more were fighting out cereally living in faith and who isn't and some other people who aren't or haven't been are being pushed into it and i do have hoped that a lot of people that people that we might describe right now as sunshine patriots are going to pick up they're going to be pushed or polled but there eventually going to make the choice that oh i was wrong it's kind of like i've got a few means about wall if you wanted to know where you would have been when the jews were attacked in germany you now you know things like that now you know who you are when you've been put to the test really are you going to get on the cattle car or go on hides hides somebody else or you going to flee or you in to stay in there and fight and encourage other people a fight with you we have choices and we all have a roll the play i was saying i met some on em or talk with some one recently who said he i really like the protests about things like the the drag queen shows in the libraries for children like i rely appreciate that other people are going to the protest but i don't want to go myself because i know that the organizations any type of organizations that come up even grass roots of few people talking to each other getting together to go they get so easily infiltrated and then taken advantage of and now you've got somebody like the guy at the january sick things said we got to go in and stormont to break the window and so on just posted about that in telegram because it's a warning they are going to try to put these events out there in order to entrap innocent people who are trying to stand up and do something right in his grain to take a lot of em discernment in awareness for people to notice when there's a set up and how to handle that respond cause protesting can be really important but don't get your bet walked great into a trap set for you and i then find yourself behind bars or getting shod or whatever it is so it elisabeth person makes at that once her son on iggorote if this movement was another twist to bring in the new world order while you don't we got to go forward with the information that we have it now if more formation goes forward then you brent the table no matter what it is and thisstealing but you can't just stop because you're afraid that you're going in the wrong direction you got to go in the direction you think that best and god will open windows he'll close doors to open windows of closes windows hill open doors that you can't even imagine you just half be willing to go forward and when things kind of don't go in the right direction you've got to say okay wait a minute so just to that person's you don't answer that person folly like if i saw if i got no alvedeston which i did you a text and i perceived that there were some very bad actors in others one more left in there but that's going to be a fond one to connect to i will counting because the connections are already there so that that's going to be a spectacular take down what it happens that i've been a very much enjoy that and because it's sometimes to keep your enemy close okay little red is and so so don't don't soon that everybody doesn't know what's going on i think present dominos exactly frescoing on the rightful president of the united states he is going to keep his one of his closer and watched him bleed themselves out of to say go because they're getting criminate themselves as in yogoto do right but i in basic i didn't basely i shadows we either get rid of these people that committed one of em a fourteen or felony and everybody that stood with his person is a fourteen year foliis pershew has six lassos or more there are everywhere don't believe you're taking to who you say that you're who you think you're talking to you've got to research you've got to think for yourself in watch there behavior it'll tell you everything and need to know about the less and i and i like either get rid of em or i will single handedly burn this thing right to the ground because if you don't you're one the same thing with republican pardon if you do not go in there with basically you know guns blazon as far as not not real gone so soon be spent but what with the resolve to say when i see something that doesn't match or i discover something that's wrong make no mistake it's going to be a scorched earth old so if i get into this heah it further and i and i perceived that things are going poorly i and i am not afraid to lose unlike doing it not at all is nobody can add my life only god almighty will choose the last day that i met and that some of that that's not even a concern of mine what of my days are numbered one way or the other so i'm looking full out with no he if i perceive things going in the wrong direction i will single handedly either die trying or burnets burnt to the ground and cause i really don't care what people's opinions it is easy there either you live for god you do the right thing regardless of what the crowd thanks or your just part of the pool so that that there's my fuller answer right there i do everyplace video then enter and then i can come back and say i have something else to say because i really think it's important shape what is exactly behind what's going on this is important child trafficking what are they doing and an i ran up or horrific account from somebody who was in world war too and his his grandson heard his grandpaw actually happened and how they found s being raved infants being raved and they went in and they were supposed to but they ran into two rescue of the endearest everyone and the grandson reliever gave any esto what was going on but it was all about you know what we heard draining the blood and a hole ten yards and why i haven't put it out there because there's a little bit of racial slant to the out which is a something we're going to have to watch and be aware of the there's probably a lot more going on than what we think it's going on and be opened to it not everybody's ready for the truth and so and i understand that well crept it out there like you said little but you can find it on your own for those of you that want to find out you just have to open your eyes and look and same thing with her politiciansthe i play this will but to let people see what's really going on here so oh shewethe mock stern sir his tonsils otermin i just hartingtonthe eserine specially like the tempter then the older so and when this secespita neosebastes heroes however this a strong colston were you in taneotica concha there is so troncandosi gone is common and to the sons there you so ready knows choose which side your on it's common and ah it's comin to the end of vengeable make the choice you re the cows now or you're on the other side and there's going to be there's going to be a huge divide gentill jesus is not the one that is going to need to this time it's going to be gods coming back with us and i make no mistake scieran because ah you fight when us for these kids or you're on the same side as there is going to be no no more i think sometimes when i see stuff like that that a like if there was a child in the street you saw car common we do to stay here and shot or would you get your phone out and fell on a mean sometimes people do stop like that or when you jump in a street in ristoro life that you might get hit but you would rap your body around that child to say that child may think a lot of us would take the ladder and wind would do something to get that child out of harm's way well there are a lot of children who are just almost that close to us and we can do something about it and maybe we don't know yet what that is but when that day comes where we're all giving a choice what are we going to do are we going to choose to protect the children or not and i think we are as a people i think we are because it is in our nature to do that besides our faith it is in our nature to protect children and i think it the people when we discover that there's a child in danger right front of us there's going to be a lot of child saving going on and it's going to change everything as connachan our world me on on everything they will not be able to walk these in game here well i've got a with that sad remember there's a division and who were all so talking to here on our side with the supject i can gave on this is going to be this is going to be a path that's going to be the adventure awaits us a moment of of extreme bravery resolved and quite honestly glory that we can let lay it jes that's what is for those that are the enemies of god and these kids that are victimizing children most of hollywood most of the people sit on the seat and who's behind hollywood that's the thing that we should ask cruel is behind hollywood what she is or i would ask that question is there a group p there is primarily behind hollywood o donna you went there didn't go and are they real or are they the as that there's sarpelcas are that christian safe down the crops page people sitting in the seat that pretend that their for government state people in every religion across the plant are all moslems you know ah bad or my doctors of so and if some of the sweetest people had not re seen my life is the movement itself weapon ised as the political is it a political operation wepoor a military operation parading as a religion you could say the same thing for the jew is every person out there for real or do we have two different times the ones that are really pulling the strings same thing for christianity like look of the church as i'm goin to the first one to lay to criticise an churches out and we should all not be a bobbing now you listen if people's creed lay you can't talk that way about us yet you can you should and we need because there's too many impostors and every part of or of our world be it christians jews moslems are rended set it there you go or tribes nations we have to critically think on individual basis in sted of head disproueth nk mass psychoses nonsenseso there but if he costatlan we give to the point where you can't question that question not god's annointed oh yes we can and we will when it comes to saving children and for getting in front of the train wreck that then is about to be exposed maybe even deeper than what people it's going to be but it's okay it's in it's okay to be angry about it for a little while but then turn those emotions don't let the emotions take you haste turn them into calm and peaceful action when when when i horse trade you've got to get the horse now on what they see on the ground which just freaking about but you've got to think calmly rationally what's the next don't let it don't let it get to you is that to day is not any different than any other day if it's here then here for a long time nothing changes but our awareness of the criminal behavior or the horrible things going on so we can move forward as a a people that stand gather and those bones are going to be amazing going for were going through this is digital soldiers as on the king or general michael flynn friend mine and some one i huge niehues and then remember we've all so i got to say on his program cause i say that over program the rightful president of the united states president donald j trump as well as on that first cito admiral rogers never underestimate he that admiral even croquet house kind of quiet god but never under estimate what admiral rogers that is a convicted man how inactivated of bad but but but convicted of doing the right thing unwavering patriotism absolute unwavering put himself in harm's way in france he could have he could have easily you know run the other direction that he didn't neither to general flints so my top three pits or putting out their for every one to on is president donald j the admiral rogers and general fled keep your eyes on those guys because those tolls non have integrity that that just has no has no one and ah and so so there you go west say a prayer here minute the hevenly thoughther thank you so very much for bringing us together forgiveness to great examples like admirarse general plan and a people that have stood through tremendous proof persecution the rightful president of the united states odontomas well as the patriots all over the unsung heroes that are standing for the snakeon unwavering oh i for for all of us extortin the way of great evil because they're not going to tell her anything more than then i'm sure if you're on this channel listening you're probably absolutely all in on writing what was wrong and ne're thankful for that were thankful to hely father that i had to go often make a side come on there to a rose please let every one know that they are loved above above explanation that their precious to you that all of us were standing together or standing for your good purposes and we we thank you for giving us this opportunity to go forward to walk for it to be part of his you don't need us but you allow us to be part of this and we will lay every honour and glory right your feet heavenly father we thank you so much give us discernment and wisdom give us the ability to stand and and that have had energy to do hopodini battle and not waver please keep our eyes on you at all times no matter what we see we want to let you know that we love you your manganate is no add to what we could say in praise of is every day your glorious being in field to us more and more and more and were so thankful for the divide between evil and goodness thank you so much for being with a sustained we love you helpless to see you and the direction which will scoonover step in every word we say and every action that we do she protested i pray a man this sometimes i do get a side things even in prayer as is like i prayed god for conversationally i'll be talking god melochors soboles emeltek godssim not one of these people that prayed with all the right words in red no infelicior in the wholesale now because i think that this is a great time to end it i got worthy party go too so i can get myself right for that and so let her be all that we love you oh god bless you god bless all those whom you love a god plus mericats goin to be a great day you're standing was some oonbelief ably amazing people who love you were going to become an out of this is his brothers and sisters in war bonded together and we meet somebody who's a digital soldier and an on or something you're going to have that bonded its instant too it's where you look out and go while i feel i've no you might hold life so like emily and error colt there that i appreciate that we we just love each other and we stand together truly as the remnant that god his left go in there and hauled tail and that were going to do so have a great day and i love you all