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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/23/2023 - Chuck Ritchard

Published Jan. 23, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg and it is the twenty third day of january a twenty twenty three and were i'm here to day with checkers i led off missing so much going on in the news the trip that i had to land seen on friday was a lot of fun there's a lot going on there and we can continue to see ah ah the melt down of the key players on our government which i don't know what you but i'm pinaleno ing watching the out of the outing of the it's not just sort of a small out there there's so much coming out and the mountain money at the amount of money that's behind all of this nonsense in his ah no telegram channel later about how much each of the on average with the dinothere actually had of some we know that broke their legs in a and a like a un motorcycle they as soon as they twitter in the back of the ambulance they said we've got a coven person coming in they never tested she basically sighed his canoa cow girl kind of person she does get me out of this ambuls you're not going to tell them that i had called it when i haven't even the and and if he is become a joke to these people and so any on michigan just saying that you have cold your thousand dollars alabama is one hundred fifty eight thousand dollars alas history hundred six thousand dollars per this is absolutely when the crazy things that have seen and then passed that there's that there's a doctor that kind of hit the scene here and i got to find her name he is ah i'm going to i'm going to pull more on with her an actually and her name is doctor tesla and she had some relates in things that came out to day on cancer as far as using i remake and other other modalities of the and a censer actually tries to i and that their different ways in fact that you can do this on an a and a and you know to help our bodies i'm not going to so you don't werereally think about it out loud right now but i've a little experice so i find this be really really interesting see and yourself two control of all this nonsense push it out there and find your own sole you're going to find the old or better health providing for yourself all of its so that's my my quest rate now is to continue to dig down through the pole as well as finding actual so is to problems that we love with and may basis and without sotimon to introduce chucker sard and he's going to be one falling this morning and we're going to start blowing the politic sadenwater what's happened ina how are you on beforeyou're already charged with see you on these in a row and a thousand aciedentatus and again to day on keeping score i have deschard over there by afternoonish that you know because of venereous and like two weeks in a row would be now going for the third one i got hit got to say i'm impressed because a lot of people can hang with me do that right yeah that's because he can't handle the truth and not thought that's what ensayo and i are here is to tell the truth we don't get a rats rear and not their little the personality non sets going on all the assets exactly what it is personality none people are more worried or more is where the approval that the gate from the these people there in these pits then they are about saving the nation and instantly its really unfold and dmichigan he's really cost read it a corsetiere representing this that's going on and you started out really well stalkiness and all that because in reality it will on the wife that is a medical field is now as you well know i came out of the medical field here to go but i still have it interest the question i have it and when you have all these foldouts coinoperated wise how come they list copied as the number one i need one well it's not why because as you have cited think it purity and when i discussed his boy life i asked her the question i should stop don't want can be the primary what could be the secondary what to the turstan she the wether they clearly will do that i should know the well on one on dino's counted it will be at assuroient to bee the something going on that we got asked the son i think i told you before as to cold it viris not here in this state i don't you know that it actually was in socrate the first death was sought arabia two thousand twelve theres a dissertation of there on it and might the male clinic to be talk availed plenty about it if he causes a clodomiro love at the elverson the lunch treasonspeeches of his this very phenomenes also cried with his battista these patients get it in die about heliasterid that her doctor albania consisted youse already on homer not why not you to be commonplace there are men as well as don't pay for to the these all timesince by the law they have to do if these patients the dial side the hospital you do not in the hospital they have to do for one of the things he heard dis he was going on in in the plan you know it all tops you nay to be borbottando bit to day i see really you bein real you know we've got it we got to go off in deal with these things and not you know and not sanitization the sand to tracing the news information has got so to do all comes historiae the things you could do it as a bed i do hope in other not exactly the you are are interesting things you know my question to oracle people out there is harmony on hopenapoleon that what do they look like what are the poor you find me there and i not kidnaping in your wine i truly am going to gas his penseroso as stones of the doctors doctors are allowed the same thing because then the loser drops it used to be there all independence the so my question is within all this cocconeis and what they all copses white's who menehould is in esoulee was was very good the talk about cove to talk about what's goin on this day the tribewere were golly that's what heavens scarier we all lies i mean the thing it isn't that all of us had to come to terms with and question everything because there's a money grab behind it's just like that more on that i pay i post in this more as is more on down in and a michigan her lines i can pull it up and this bothers me this kind of non sense bothers me beyond all the levictoire mixed in mixed racial and to anybody that sows anything out of rat you know rishis reasonwhich shut the howl of you know it's like it it's one of those things that i have now and i mean no patience love prance light up to slam woke mission school board member for saying whiteness is evil now that statement is and if we were to say if i were to say something like that what any other race it be burned at the free stasanor i'm sorry this was in noses what i basically what i said it's let honoremus here i am so offended by this because all that is is a is a money grab and an end personal failure and responsible o you lictorian i'm going to say that right out loud it can any time i hear any this race is not it's being in you know it's like this the races of other on the th is races the mouth but is that all is now gone to change or not going to change it by dictating how people have to think ignorant but second of all you know right now it's all it's all sundered or well how much money can i get by tenonitis a raised i destroyed that the woman is invalid unbelievably ignorant and unbelievable ignorance and outright race is nothing spirit device of the spirit device ivness clearly is marking mightthat in worse what color is cake color is carcages i don't know i'm kind o pink really but i don't know restorations on it's like its changing as the changing color the i mean i get really dark when i get the in one point four per cent nigeria do not ask the guy i don't know it is a chalk right or grand what i make it were all made up with a defect were all related or six people way from the world i alas are one so well the wind why is it we play this race as don't give any seleucus of ignorance and because her using it to to try to rise pity money yet even mananan and on sorry i'm sorry i grew up i was really poor when i grew and and i think i wrote this in here too i said marks his mind set of denicourt is all about the money i blame others for failure on me tell you what when i was in my teens i figured out that in my in the manure pile that i could turn a for cover and there would be just masseamon of worms that is an enterprising young well beyond woman that it was i would go out there and i was digging worms out and i literally i was digging worms so fisherman and i patagonero pet shop and i do i took the trash we castissos my white privilege right here i doubt through shed to get worse so to make a dollar and i mean i was bringing home melt when i was fourteen i you kidding me i'm like it so so i intestine is stinehour hood did have money how was it that i had a hand i for a friend of my grandfather's a nor to these so i would dig or i beg astonomers i got paid it a week that was big money back then i have to get into the night crawlers you were really good you know the ethe little we angle worms and something else like like ageometrtos like almost kottenforst a hundred of em but but didn't make any of as i was i was i found a way that to do that or like you know it's like i was taking people's trash out and going to neighborhoods and in you know and tried if somebody needs some help you know when when i was really little like i remembered you in this when i was like seven years old and some of the peon the neighborhood you know were it were really old and they did if i could go on into that neighborhood or in into the neighbourhood and go round sitoneet anything done and i was seven years old doing this we did not it we went up we went to the we were there we would take in and pull out old readers and copper wire now we get into a gonothecae the wire take all the readers and her cordon the ragged mettle of the cages and that's how we be a lot of money then we worked all so boblition were got boreshore we take our twenty cows and we shot rachenteges on which i could have americadecoying and we make money it is he got a little bit older than i went to work for the badenhorst and i i tribenot of money up right words but we knew exactly where to get red words we actually sold him across his ye got to go to him and do her pile they all have it in there if you got it if you've got your cake a nor can a type of manure and new life they like the straw battered than shades so anyway yes that's funny now that competitionally there that is turning so that that is funny you're an interprise enterprising young man in the worm in the word fire so it great now on kind of you know working on the sick and on any more chickens store chicken and a price but what i find is ruling finding he is a girls get done with i exinaniti never dared or idol so yes serotherapeutics as such fear that's the only a the dagoes are flying theodolite got hep o here with the old tied all the time sometimes we have accidental a look at it in the day of we can do better i'm in to a class is to gather to cleves i and put class is thegether to teach how to actually whether you live in the city or live in the country how you can actually grow your own food you know and in all that sort of things the we can come the count the strings of these globes as the politician you know can't or inept and doing it other than being a bunch of parasitic in o then we have to change the way we look at it do it from a deregl so it's going to be helpful no matter what so and i want a started running i said that serenissi don't really care i really don't care i mean they're going to change it from the inside or the outside and you might want to keep me busy by having me in an office because that i'm busy now busy with some administrative things on the outside stir the pot for volge i can out people further outright livery i can and last suit will have it a judge signed to it we can be an official case and that one is going to lead into one to two to three more which is and i actually write now cesspool time seeing violated their oaths of office as well as our committed crimes in the process which i think is really fine estate is a lot of suits going on and i can only briefly mentioned one i can't really talk a lot about it and that is the soup with the democrats orteler socinianising to cause tis she were then goes and all i can say is that i hope taken old egoistical i want to be why as as one it opens up everything i don't think up more than people realised in right now smiled and then in the ciconian the federal corps and nor wait for this to really get a little place is touched and i don't want to say a lot because i don't know that everybody's been served it's amazing that the press had he didn't really talk about everything they should have talked about the i read it i have dissected it i've got all kinds of commons i i really competent a bit to get started at ise i like you i've also got a i kilagai michon and shelter i've not my desire to go back at that and then and the judge is done that because of all the others come however now is she an her term altimeter he has so times he started in here casewhat the get me personally and his falltime to say okay let's bring it out in the open some people can see it he led judge for themselves yet well in la iscariote read some things from the from the charon quickenin will get into them and not in hanson on in michigan here caseslooking hatchery that's he always started a morning feeling under the weather to day blow also sorry love a vast good morning i'm a day less she i am day three sick black very on startanother and says good morning peter a good morning prayers oh then memory love sorry to hear that garry somebody sick out there right now to gary a covenient is a big scamp for michael when we had as last christmas the whole lastic doctor was a treaty personata blood thinner to keep so from getting the micro blood clots that can happen in the longs discovery and covers everything boom exactly and i said then go and cut counties slow yet there's this lot going on oh oh it's interesting so years ago i may go back to the this care nonsense so my first son and i almost died in the hospital and it was a pretty horrific situation the fact that we lived through his birth was really amazing and i was done with doctor and then after that you know life goes on inside sir figuring things out a bit more of in your sourness on as hand of motivates you to make defence while then here is later i got diagnosed with something that the allegedly said was in one and i went four times special at i was taking things up as it hey look at this this ecstasis roly pros don't even worry about it go you in one after about the fort oh time in there tell the story so it really is indicative of my personality it is just like a well also figured out whatever and so anyhow i went four times and after that i turned myself into a human genetic an i experimented and gaslit and there's good in a long along the way so you just have to be on us don't ha if if you're not afraid to the a blood clot something i know about because i'm a blue bit of a forger and also a natural health person you know i home birds all the rest of my and i was a cause i was dotted with i was done with medical community stantially at that one ah the last nail in the coffin for me was that diagnosis where i was lingered there is no truth in any of these this was many years and so whatever they said apparently on he and ah and so anyhow the ah there's something out there called if he start looking in ensigns i do a lot with onsince or it looked into an s and z and sides in the folk lore all kinds of then but there is one called sarah pate south there that is worth a second look carpets is also as it is is based on or one what the silkworms used in order to dissolve their cocoons to cut to merge other sthetically made now and carpeted through fiber ons so anything that's fiber on base in your body saliscs or o or o nonessential non within the it has the ability to enact son in so it's a it's really it's really interesting or several of that i could throw out this that i do have quite a better expert that one a nettle kindnes there's a poncho multi there is a a a i ah pancreatic and signs from that is very interesting and all these things we have to ask our own as when i do know about most things as the doctors can only cure if in the canter round so of all and the same selsale around your body what is it the takes care of these and you find that answer you'll have the answer and how to get ready and so in its non also not what they say it is so there you go out of god i could write books on these and it's very interesting think it's a new honours rewashed the movie all consent sin not upon facult the form goes and alle heard it however the old days as cosrou sanitol days grandma's medicine or or he shed his decastre ting stuff right half we all compotatores we propose is co edison and the forces come on at all but we got a better way what they had what they had is a better way now really what we did was provide you convenience okay but they charged you for at sorbie and in some cases it isn't he help you is to her you cried the wordyou to delay what would have been inevitable tolletane made a lot of money he put down a track in order to mind off of you and your dollars and the people round you or her elder terror still sillies are guilty of the same all it is is about mining taking a mass of people who were in a vulnerable situation and the goal as because the orders are coming from the top slide the doctors typically ah his regard or disobey these rules to kill bean and take everything on the way out she after the life is i a a on their way to in fact and i knowing that with my whole heart the oral stand down and do donationtwo because came in we sought in interacres john onsetthey thousand dollars for where a menacl a medical company out of i think we all come well then and what we see this week or last week we or ten dollars or legislator gave therapeutical come up and at more audible one little town of edward not in there gee i wondered if there connected how can desencantem rochensis as does it the tiger that he now you can see the connections and that's pretty it's pretty amazing ohthere the factually got in more more stupid the spirit of stupid that's help there with these criminals i mean it's almost it's almost our dance condino polster really reposted a of video and its its of the achaotinne on the coyote and it's all about you now whatever whatever the core does it that fires on but the plans are kind o like he planned out so he reposed this again a night very thingshis really pretty funny i can ecully pray bring it up if you want it yet if that this is its true i mean we're not talking about hiochupe ple here we're talking about parasite that and in iiving back to the cohosses people are stumped and you know i started runions like a man you know you have the idea of these people are in charge on such an after while you get in there and you look at this in our oh how how are they remembered of free you know i mean ones say to dog like that one time he looked really scary o kay was a siberian husky and he would he would never blank he would come up and he'd sithe displant and looking like never moved to tell nothing people were really concerned about him trust me he's working hard at remembering how to breathe he's not he's not plotting or evil to miss let me only see if i can find this all there because there give you little passage from the bible that cortright with it if i could she please to this comes of first corinthian what a person as first corinthians one first in think you were when you were cold not many of you were wise by you and is many were pencil not many were of noble but god shows the foolish things in the world to shame the wise god chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong he chose the lowly things of this world and in encodes ised things and the things that are not took no five to things that are so that no one they pose before him it is because the here that you are you are in christ jesus become cross wisdom comothat is a righteousness holiness in redemptores let him who goes close in the lord the passage is talking about these wise people that were talking about in medicine the wise god his god his meat all the war what rellison and he caused us to call us to stand up on as the wedwesone thing is not great here and when we were all starting out of this we didn't know for he suspected something was amiss and sure enough it is well what's what's really crazy it's just like i don't to like you and i were like worm diggers nomenuches and you know it's like that that sort of thing should make every two are these people and like jist just watch with a put out there in the these people acetico i've got this ontoss midnight rider which is in and carlyon and so i went with this or your sissasse pretty funny people were actually think really really think this is hilarious cause i don't know maybe it's my work some to humor but i think this is really one and other works on to the right ieauegoat the cave wore conomor obgenannten back to the inn sorry i was escorting the the trombone pencil neck shot sassafras i want to meet that guy some time sansovino i radote dan dan of hero there at some point time i would like to meet you and shake your hand i think i think that's a is an outstanding individual and and i love the supporting that video about sunset you know it's like we i put things out you put things out that looked like oh mine the disaster is upon us but the reality is more just exposing what's been going on for as and this is the first time that we had the ability exposed and take them down with the other own crimes we have the technology and they felt this technology in order to kill us on us and were using it against them and a pretty sure that when they say we have everything we have here because they were spying on us they have everything on a great go head spy on me i don't give a cent i like you now what are you going to find some some word cases and some you know shouters and forks full of the newer and an redonation of we could work case so to bed them into some tougal yeah he i got to tell ye my my manure piles growing by the day i'd love the enstacton it so that we can so that we can have thanks to grow out of you got to have a little manure in order to grow grass and they've accomplished that and lands and yet contado i was godogo back the thousand comparison twice did i get with that one in betting oh that went out her i was going there you my i oh no oh no it's that he got a problem because what to do with all this that he a farmer there and rode a land there and will say that's craft its coaches so our to that with atodor pile because their one growing wire the doings of make it a useful permitted those the money for this yet any some real farmers there not just blood sucking operarias tes istantly got we up parasites there and etta big so are ye so when let's talk about what's going on because things and mean then he shot and murder shinnecock that seem to as i got a new name for her we're going to mix shown over will you do would not hititin her name was with laura and the licence in oregon his raceanything or subdivision anyway she's listenin think her name did differ way so have all that excandescens shouted that if ever one we put it off no mysinger on i think she's a bit i think we'll just call her mixed shot comecon leocadia i did even when aventine which i called mad doctor cried bed he is so is comatose orationthe twenty five days we have twenty five more days of his radical leadership what they were to call leadership at oh go wiser he showed no revoke those three not just one not you but all three of them have have an elder well when we look at how these started his againand when they elected on agarics he went i say twenty twenty one when they got locked to lead in a son was gone wrong said well wisher let's come to let me have one to show that he's just could do pondration if he doesn't all resign as she quickly she quickly gave that up that was just employeesthe gold for what why i say that because in the what not even been one and on the sixth was the saturday he ropethe reluctant at noon i sonanthony then now that he is sundaythe are head jason rose on board so for those people who were altered by de listing don't know who chased on roll was he was the divers proper and in its present many were different ways out of california also was a endive defedation cockney all alterational popular old person your for that eminuerint the constitutions no mistake about it these people that are our pushing his empty e do not want the constitution why she it wos all the power in these why are the cheeseport because all these illegal emigrants that are coming will go and when they give a man the steed if what has he peill be be portion and we will be screwed when you know what else is as big problem there so i i had of one of the guys that comes on a inthe telegram shuddersome hing which i thought was interesting i love at one i'd love it when everybody out there sends me the manure shoveling worm farmer in happens onsenses cause i just threw with through my my work at the end to them that sort of on some that the document on how the coven money was spread around the and what was really shocking see how much money too the premisses we believe oh detroit this one they've had such a population drunk there like five hundred thousand people in dry and they had like forty the they had i had to look out on gertest they had so much money going under this lie about them the population and detroit and the need there we now grand rapids is like about one point two million people graneries got a fraction of what detroit get and landesanstalt and it's like yet the lagers that said that they need that their population is big enough to merit at all boy detroit me all this money because where so many people there lie the lie and italy and all this five irwell okay so with his tears money was being put it being considered to give out to the city good old gretchen greengrocer the foenisecii you know it so much different to look to day than she did understand that you got she's got on so close little bit away and over to his she got all that cris colter head if you look at her she shines like a i don't know what there is a whole pass who in genitoris i not by an an i'm looking at her going she is looks really different to me and i don't think it's cause she was away i just got to say i thought to tocache no i don't know we go so we don't make her more nasone i don't like care about her idol that that's her sins i care about her polishes and procedures how evils stones why thanks her about all the consensus spective operation seasonscurious chantepie i can get a little credit to give the o you wanted tennaunted toonotice and timber even though there's some sus with all of it is correctly the basically told a green brush now you're not going to have this free rein on his bloody as they saw this is an old money to crowd and i saw them they didn't sothenhey set it up o day the other she there using this potentate proud and may be connors stand out but then it was going to go to the to the house and the question was bowtetort the news to be cured with what will he do with it you know when he do the right thing or would he pithecoid with griesinger thing the only colelithiasis or old people lotuspond is it all issue we come a help hitler there too why he stepped down this because he used all this money in correctly to the city others shrieks attaches of but then the last when you give money like he gave three or thousand dollars to him on the shore the little i think it's colossal leaves and you came i think it's two million dollars in to a coming plump in chiericati i dinna be if we don't people that can he and keep my mother to the keeieyoot house ether houses and were given montinais folk you know is small or bunny and shopsstores openmore you now it is our money and we should be looking at one we should be looking at it this seriously i got it proposal it is to the proposal and gorton in nicoveran to help predicted sec it only getting a bassianus a couple ideas of mine but here's one he hasn't got on the and the idea here will talk wagelwater dies we need to put it no taxation bolted the county level de not to inappropriate on portable and then make the line within the reach all these other mechanism don't seem to work but headley had a grave se with what he put into place with thee with thee o had lived he in proportion i can't raise that up only to what is it three per cent or something to like whatever but my point is i often go in our legislature says you will not more than say a person of your sole about that the pen the kekepoort of alamo rock incisaso possible yet our guys at the county or state even local do the same thing all they think of avilissantes like bearing fifty henslowii continenter in her fear of sin i think i heard when i was in my once on was a volunteering when he was just a little guy and healers here and he was working with much of guys that would repair their call taking they are the talking books of the library he so put out right and season there he's like i do no ten years old or less with a whole bunch of guys that are seventy years old retired recent repairing they have other parts salt the sonian such a minute was there working with there were in as margerton the people should be able to have accesses of many years i was talking of library in one day and i wanted i really did and she came right out and sat it she said it's amazing what you can do when you have a whole bunch of tax payers come like that what that's the attitude is that old other tredway down there all run the same way they don't set yet they don't seates or money they don't see his arm like a way and in as our money to be a few onward over in a position of they don't see it that way they see it as there is this pile of money i'm going to go get it it's like watching a bunch of rats fighting over you know it's there they're fighting over our tax dollars to you purpose as they wont push start of being the error as humbly as a servant in secret you you the text years you were hard for this and i rise the amount of time and the you put into your jobs families the every hour you worked and you paid in faithfully your tame believing stay in all of these organizations which we thought the library the schools he you know it's on notion there the week that you are truly fine we are not going take advantage of your we are going to take that those dollars and we're going to put it in to cousins your money it's not our money it's not the government's tony what do you want us to do with is serve you to make the world a better place we're not going to throw it into all these entitlements or give aways or this none such the seton their behind or to be anesis how much more how much more dollars and attacks money we can strip away the every day is work their tales of to provide the reins therston idoeknow and these before noting wise because all their doing is waste in money dollar after dollars fell and at he woningen away through you cranewhether he given away keeping the event height to these organisations at isle other money to give away frank you ever do you remember i told you poimisanos store and he called salt price over over over lake and he caught we call it the plotting the florid cassatos there in portheous the girl bailey the moral prince and in the side good guy i don't care the sire with the businessher it was his pride with seven million dollars to cost to building break the bileafden they thought was going to be really ill really cold who has paid the away then a bridge is a brand only and i believe he had that selfish studied with the filtering in a way that made men it's me in tones greyover one but they had a thirty thousand dollar over em and i on legend as to what we contracted with and we're not go not pay that well it's not very much money i turned the the reason roomuneration do my thirty thousand right dosomewhat just hold me that we don't be foolish i should hear the pole here the more the matter spake that i merely said hester three dollars for every person in the state of meshes just so and overrun and you know it's like people are struggling to buy a cup of hot arising to because he had because of the inflation which the engineer it's an engineer inflations and insueta you are as a giveness this none had chicken crab that's going on out there i think we i think i've been talking to a lot of people they have chickens there's a mould that were in right now the chickens are not pre but i'm hearing this across the old people are replacing the chicken food with other and with other foods start land again and so i want to know what are the potent in the food as i am i'm curious cause everybody's kind of talking but i don't and i have some people say well it's the weather we got real cold you know and like but it's like this there's so many questions out there of what we've been told and even the the inflation this he engineered a shorter is the shortages are engineered through the supply line and it's like we we have got to these people that are in charge are not as the workers is like o esliebe hot think about it is behind were the drawings and were bringing back all the product these people make nothing they do nothing they'd never sent cinto paycheck they've never had to do anything to get themselves out of the type pinch when things don't go rough him the right way and it rothering they just say okay eh west screwed up here your sonapore taxes to dig a side of the probably created her smart enough to think real alternative ways to address the situation of our money the terrified and this the point i make it is so to rest so said we allow these people to have grenske with his contract with i was in there with god i came on are it was he knew that some one was going allow them to i'll pay the ovaries good the pithecometra fitfully i don't know for sure i can tell you this i surely came back and thirty thousand dollars over right over one ever authorized these guys all agreed and bold ilost the coat for his pet what he did interesting there some contesting on the bible two hundred firscorinthian he loved the beavers fred everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial everything is permission or permissible but not everything is constant nobody should seek his own good but the good others till then really is won haunting about there you hear half the sheet the goodness for others not for your own good and these nor arbors betteralas all about them their seeking admonesteth them not for others but why we do contrepied these guys a what the function and purpose right and then in the mesa you know i missed her there this is what i believe in well you know what the works read em out that they are not and you know it's like and when you listen when you listen the commandments in the bible in jesus added its like you now do and others as you would have them do unto you and they're not living by that rule there not living by love your lord the you know above all in the second one is love your neighbor as yourself you know and that all of the commandments are basically wrapped up he covets something somebody else had well you're just you're just looking at it as being the and i mean because you should live your own life and if you don't like the way you're life is going it is your fall then in other tail changed something work harder and i need not everything over done as bees as the same thing for you but you just swinging again you know the man one to rise he learn to walk and every mistake to make is smarter because honestly we i've learned more from things i fail that i think succeeded out in no orethrowes you take away right was to take jericho tell you about this age i just put my cup of pure i think is he is at keeper thomas from a show called ah the wife files which i find very entering and so that's what i think it's hilarious so i made i made another i betraying rescues for bride my first brought rosie of this or you going home derivado doris i'm in the town and the entered do so the first i had the first time i made was yet i don't cook in time i'm wealthy right and holy and in she came to where horsemen or one short course the new or taken or on the the gland the hair ready not get a gun sodelicate or because its spells the best i think old she pay sanfelice a son anyhow my my second particular recipe ham resounding success i had that i had thought the gluincen it the needing time and overthis seven was good that taste of more besttigte da aslacson more variety i couldn't i cut the melanippusall it more water and a nicesome she learned from the first run gonegonehe right home myconius and he is a doin life you know is estelle dotted centuriescauses and cornet continues to prove a get processes is exactly it called in its oojein and these to raise the standard right yes so iactator people in dolerite one yes and critical thinking the corinthian absolutely with it on oiesteen five the magic kolecon in particular we thought him other failures and it might say well that's unscrewed know is she brought all this stuff a hundred self by poole these latter people had he seen that he had the bisceoplican journal and by gedrehte story that i told you and if you look at it it's only a small portion of it there's a lot more i could grab it all in his orgies we get two for greeting and all but the fact is from dawn he out with his amesure they thought the cock the troll the people the state and i did a lot in evie's stop how do i know that wallandoon after they elected the ire disguised i said earlier in this stasandros turned out to be real a real and really the loweana one in this state of inscendere he sighed behind it seems some were working in somebody's campaign with his tone now what and quite honestly thereby cares he is out of the way for on but anyway so we shoresalt there in doing her thing call people dame stainderber or county pale taking the doorcalled out and that her tigers come and now look at the state of the party the party is in absolute disarray the to say that he that is what it is the point is that she asked the bearess pose oh an mister wiser in a dinasta right and diseases to get in much credit for this but remember that all these people are connected to that becos the colder to besported that which was breaking the long we used to be a party of law and now we find out these kids don't care about law all they care about is but he and if we look at it the sheet on the money side we see how it's really connected we see people how their donate money from this one woverman one and it's one stangate the to this so sad tatar so anyway so we talked about the show her days could be got here twenty five i more days of the myopia it then o ka who is going to run den by as some do we have to be determined to write down we got the coolest of candidates rakonteto or on beevery trolop this one i don't todogawa true will be to be evil be more pointed painfully truthful here it's atherly two people that really had the capabilities arointed routinist ance pers of the whole operations or talking about i had organizationsthere he's got to be restricted compromised mean pathetischen if we look at a people like man to colonel will rebuild back to pertene has no close is a just the lawyer lawyers or as mark as people take all they know where to go to get this to that they make a case on their doing good that aderhold and egolatry because that's how you make the case strike as a lover things are not dead not have i do not have grit and that he do these people to accept too that i know and actually a note won is his onstore oh those guys what is he conserved other is ah i told of us swathes like him i know of sense i think he's redoneco ge is an opportune not after wise in his actors in one classified the safes destroy is supersessor is a business there the only two that have what i take to ruineration to side colonel not as i call solid no caroline venatorial liveries or astrally funny it's the prone soltandolo is she wouldn't come out the onfortinate celeno now and i think all that i have i was used in that i diprotodon that in solid no right i cold solid do and he can do that and i come i olesnicki and i turn there are people out there on the oatstack behind an uncertain is well early on no shred is a mother trying to find out who it is to be what it is oninterested because i don't see olisin winds the the attack at so will i christina and i got to tell you the one with the pop of one very close be factual ininteresting case is one piece of the i thought there's not the people that fell that in provision i know and i think in one capable has in the i personally wonder if his coming out at the pardo procris grouped and the lady named conyhope handed i don't i don't call her lady to the distal and not atbarathe when i call relate really he isn't co chatenay shoshonean is anyways i call rout because i looked the battle you know it looketh i call her a dicti i did to day i really want to know he was using her once about a time she was part of the opera campaign he olafirritation doloire will gaed she left the old a cord but then i filled out discuss working for under contract and she said you will get him money get so wild in disrobe something worse he got paid like three thousand dollars or something o that ilesteth there is another guide too with all that or was usualdaily parsondes pete pepeeta pages they are in their so many other gardyn or defaced esther court therefore token battle i desent under own thee to the happies pain the other thing i bind the there is so many aliases out there and people don't even realize the people their voting for or an sly working under an alias dresses the misses these are the people that were voting for because nobody goes in and checks the and does that grown check who can there you know and and there they make up things about people and there's unsubstantiated in in the real facts about whose people really are staterights through cosmopolis looking at or believing any one you know what when you throw it out there it's kind of indisputable you thrown out there some by else finds it out there says by golly she's telling the truth persistedthat back to go in to leveraging to deliciashe tecolote poenalis ameer because what she was sellis i was going to afternote prive and tohonesthonest or was and then in the way were attacking me because i was going after then all anither this this saw emil i beneval save me instead i wasn't wrong after all shell back had destroyed or lie to them had deceived them and brought her ills and destroyed the party to the part of the county party and it was solcitos all are thrying to get the best odowas that his person or opener fat it is not we think in the we are the words send send besas she ran and got third place by she was evil but there many other die shall backlike that out there the shore is another halicoetes snans son that you as i loved your polistore to kind of defending me against the shan said propersition and i was going to get in that on the next point that's all the new party home marian write together there again the coolie i give you points for that and i should get some points thet you get points i give you that you're election i do like that let's get into that the new party the pre de party to say that again greenanahurla gothecore parislike the state prendre it is sound condyles guide soundlike a marking fail good it back there not one good the what beginagain was paid through after they had gone discuss or the co conosellas to satrethwate erotical three days gets each kept away from i don't know why but to get that arteida or violating campaign law they have this for this thing to do it body we were on it does it say a poor eye whatever with your quarter can be election addressed his own me god hold address his own then the idon't understand there richer morin a new part at that woman should resign resigned the cane at you and after marked porterbecause often this for degradation party take beer but god should not even acton not angel regis i don't care she's the star up down she wore once but that's a you can you do whatever you want but he doesn't do the peculators see in his creed depart or not republicans any more folks we don't know what they are but they certainly are day tried in the republican any more should they be booted out should they be stopped when the predestinator of dolet the entire should object point of order there are people on their diffuse in you have violated your or your of your bile we were you know what we had people all over the place that were that such i'm this i'm that and then they went back and forth i mean when i got kicked off through public and party cause i did not leave it then they refused to defend it even they refused to defend me when i proved in federal court that i was treated on fairly but that the drudge would not and they never set up peep there wasn't one of that stood up to defend to defend or to not one of em because i would not here there in what me there because they knew that i was going to tell the rest and that i was in one of mine without when they were there they did help the either time and on record deed did not stand up the even though i was it for stand ay and the dinoscitur in hostem one point read no party or the grand new part people need to be throwed out as they did to do and he too not be seated at the convention he called republican casino longer arthur than on different parts well and not only that i mean they never they don't defend actual publicans the delegates the people that are actually their doing some cause you know it's like in command is garry said that the gopis on lifes i have many good patriot friends there i loved me i i too the there's claypoole that are in this power in other that there there's so many people at the in the party expressed their absolute love and support for that are the people within the party it's the leadership that is the liberatorthe torpedoed the delegates they torpedoed the post because they are for the public a party there for themselves there not more make and there are themselves they are not for the united states emerich there for the globules they are not renonciation in re you find this sintieron ortuno then all engineries stipes you know then she got on a cocheforet office can refer to the last week to nose rodding preelection what enobitti yet probable donothing anyway she stood up or one of the eight i got grandstanding extraordinar onesyou correct as solely as to the right person do absolutely not why because all was your was was there cited i cowered and all the corn or jesus there of the cope patriot testily have a clue what a patriot is a costsacrifice about the fact of one of patriots as not there not patriots no way he coslany here that once patris a truth an action i ceaseless to take my name off your less because i don't want to be i don't want to be misconstrued as one of those people that don't do anything or those people that you say words that does its across the state and make sure that it be counted these people i can i got it more and in the one within two something with it to something constructive or scothouse the case or set in these close or suesco ogy wine wine and tell you die we ah a groups that they don't do anything over onygates that they've got a handle on because they go to these groups once a week and they all sit in the wine and that's a professional bitching but then one walk away from it nothing gets on gray's gone just like in realities and see the allies were great but you got to take it to the next level wolicki got andischosen when i when i got to that washington rally and i would do most to be there and it was really i've got a funny interaction with christine about which i've got a lot of questions a holy man is about i was and yet an wasteyea and i mean lots and lots of questions about about that that really and i had people that were in charge comrie out to me save me o wasn't once it was multiple the this rare is really about the delegate just try me but for their candidates if they have chosen to install the trouveres or to those tests no it was the one the washington railing and washington gastonand so that thanhateth the delegates the people in charge told me i heard a multiple times this was a bonmariage it was it was manipulation that's first and foremost my issue have the second one is of the precinct delegates are they are to represent the he sided with the special consistory and then i antonomesia colt it's a colt the tides the problem is the they did do that i did not go to that because it was be shone and i just do not support restrain anyways stripe ray down because she's not tell the people to set ingrafter all all the time she's come good able to cherry or etseastin fourteen to day and we're findinguntil rid of her assistance as churchill it is far more than note import reading else he talks about be persistent you overcome the whole we are over coming to her as long as we with so widual to her right well i got to tell you i was so ashamed of the of the welcome that this state gave to president trump at that railly i ii was a that when wischere keeps doing the same dog onething well i don't i don't know i've got no cries with president trumpligilo presenter but i was ashamed of this state they ran out of water two o'clock in the people were really having health it was so poorly planned out where the founders were it was it was in like angle deep mud and parts of the area and it was just like one of those things slipping trick all hazards there which they would help me responsible for on any job sight they abysmally trailed on the standard that they set up for every one and it was if they ran o food they ran out of water we i ran round trying to ask people you know i went to christine a bob and i said christine i said i as i been interviewed by her before him pretty much right there i was ready to be you know watch the whole thing for in right to the ground because i would solder is embarrassed handles these administration you know that my sharmanses is one named dieselbe it was a mass she might all and they shook in they should have some forward as she poor organizer to look at what the current the john did up at jackelland back o island was a disgrace we do the three i was here i was asked to do some things had i time i did so in followed it and i said now we all phebe hungers conspirators and thinking with wrongs the point was i said a lot of paying by their own rope exactly what we did we stood down and watched one laughed we laughed at them because der die died under their holding he now is that many other honest to the people were getting her and that's what that but i wanted to talk to more about a going from the show is itherwise and tom the getting to the deopeiam i chepitch are promthe current woods to looking to the future and what the required it or we need to give to look gileses state and what it is i look of it at its strikes its weakness is its opportunities and its we need to look at her the profiters spake in terms of patient how we want to see that in structure and organization is and get it to i meanly biteache they want to be able to create what i want to quit our doctor i do that for truth we cannot do that illustriertes because that's how we get cross and begets rosine build relations as the concoenatio have sobiectes we can't get there so we holehaven that we had the we are on complaint from these cries coming up the plan to pressthe eighty three counties she recounts looking i had to point twenty four when i've got already got eighteen blooms no counties on my going to attack those what nothing am i going to do who's going to do what's the or the point is this or all the things on about one expendable kakistaen detenido know what you need to do its cotlike iron a proportion dicelike a protoescapement in s the sanatruces a campaign he i have not seen it from any these candidates i only don't too they could do it when i said they don't have a plan that letter how it nobody know hosanna plan except for you know the thing that is as to watch what markedly seed over and deal and did you hear did you hear his hishis talk that he gave down in haste i wish i were going to go that was it great and i didn't go but i had somebody said to me and mark was dead an an he onderstands he understands the swamp and he also understands how to rally people in when you for me travel around the state i could see exactly who was actually a some one who could take the reins of anything and make it work in marking lessing handedly oh don't come up and it was probable it was the best invest county hands down that i went to as ever there is always a hundreds and hundreds litterateur i love i love i come county i'm like an i follow the coin all my retentirent there because everybody was so gracious and they liked what i had to say as they knew that i was not a stable and at that the support that i got from a cone county was just unbelievable and if it was it was because they were looking for somebody to the not just in establishment patres pro that's what it why and goldenreich iris though downwithit chairs in her running be people the rudder to perometers of build and that his appeal can encontrasen belies you do not tell the truth we know that we all receded because he thought all the lie about me at these we know that he is also supported to stand ran a guy that took the largest pride ever to get a agecardan orators in so electaria bit it this howellsing on or toastree boche was genesin strained rod to reach people and they were shaken hands in in an i don't say it on werther they had old pointers got to pericentres on the canteen up with another guy that's so he shall sustsai cantuesos i call a sneak coil sails deperino go way i say no way to the no in he got christina and anegoel is not to be trusted on pelliciari now she turned about my tower of a year ago a kneeling when the miser bobster will mister contestants very to jobs these untold i know that there is to vote she went up to the operosa in obsolete in the scoria in october a year while year half god reporting twenty sorry to twenty twenty twenty twenty one she went up there and got on that point and she was not the getting negative a boost we think it had to do with the presido we don't know for sure we don't people that were there and we know a lot of cattell there's still a kid share the case it would devolve sources but we know from that point on that she was questionable she's like a tyrant she's a little beshadowed i know that because i used to be friends with her an not now because i call her out here that had he in hentertaned asked why and the song he dared to or bethan she he enlisted has she for loredano doors for oleometer defies of pentecost in toconado that is just how stupid to work a good the with seething as meshon a poet a play aide play a and he patted play was his king county where they would take and say what you will have put your literature in or came and carters or signs you got a fat weetanohe settled as oi dated they are rights he is concorporal the rides his wise she asked me when i voice hartpence what have i now she said i should i don't know what you are as i can i could tell what you she was a telespope that i called a ridotto i think it i send you worse in a ride oltre because your harsh to aid in the petty but that aside the linda i did some one rolled a five page letter binedict mealy blinded sat get on they thought they swore that i wrote it i had no knowledge of it until i i heard about it and i don't even know who rode i do now i followed out i went bidebide my point the mind o my who so when i think that i found out exactly what was going on what gave waragainst ended so pretty when they first took over the part quickly not led under to the powers to be and became just like the predecessors which is really sad because they become what we thought they were to become we thought there would be honest now the not what she gain there there we are and in this is what happens with power and money it he lives you know your brother off to live honestly like you no i'm pretty high prose as far as i i'm hi producer but ah i would rather put that in my efforts into helping it there's a point time where you just want to make the world a better place and so in it's not like it's not like that you know have been alleged to be billing or i missed that financial statement is in case anybody knows you know and i'm still shoveling maners still doing that sarching and engaging out cichican crab and all that sort i sure me i'm sure billy nares do that you know i would not rather help he and he you know and all those things that nobody ever sees you know like giving away howse or transit or trying to help you know how to turn out you don't like a takes takes money to do those and i ought to be to be how able to help help the people around you because i'm like you i may happy with a shovel and out and a pilot doramin good to go with agemeso coffee and i'm going to go scolotian talk locating people that stood up opposing rod a letter to insidefor ed the states the names were not released i didn't want to tell him but why wouldn't you do that and great news tried by confinethe colde i'm validating knows those ultimates of last we i'm looking for people tell me oh yes i get is is actually looking for them to tell me they're not or the the what's going on there where i'll i'll do in that now so hopefully of as the verification of that yet so much going on in this and he might be a demi keeper was one raised that we are worried about we talked about that about ledwith going but let's talk about a local illescas we are in the second district or talk about some in all there we got a god running for her refer chair there ah we don't know what he is he should be or or arterietonen believe me there making them out more as he's not that i know alas to be his campaign vinatori can speak exclusively on this redecoration ocelli has no background and ready to try to act like he's a cake made her go edolios got of us he had got together with john rode god you may recover all john wrote to her again he was connected with angel reges or had we time the restaurant with angela oh he was in a restaurant with angela like feed yeah i sawe saw we saw him one time specifically and i think they weren't real happy that we actually recognise we know this we know that there's there was all in outer something but i always say take or people gentle the wolferton rods to glass cage my line is my tagliabue i go in doing it that asking suppression but he gave her of the career what five hundred dollars generalities campaign so i didn't see refused that i didn't see her turneddown at all so she must still support him as widerstreben the boians that the he ineode didn't want directoire knowingas at one of them adler's work then i did go into forgot to go in to the ticketed tankerore a real pas he is running this with these supposedly american the golis these people are tellin lie after lie after long the penetrator to first like all wonder really good builder not to get owenites his office as one woodpigeon of he seen it open it's weird it's weird could you go john won't you this cockermout so in cities got superman on is there in these super bad and and the other woman is it wonder woman what's to steele don't be sartorii when i when i see somebody dress and up in a costume like that to take it on a solemn old of running this nation all right and think of his are you you know it's like it's like so to send our dressing up you know i watched i watched that like you know the funny thing as is astias got a kick out of out a call cause i don't i don't really have a lot of good feelings there you know just just that there's anything with getimien fact i would be released surprised if he weren't not exactly he ses and being a hoterontatisnor at the face the garthing swooping in around a fake cigar and acting like church i think one of the funniest things that i heard when i was in the campaign trip as that my husband and i were up in maconian and now were walking round watching those in he's a my husband's a pretty quick wet and were sitting there watching the little goat robes the show going on up there he returned to me i put such as he goes i tell you what right now it goes they on one in church dilatatis laughing about it and lighteneth well i thought it was absurd now her words work you don't work going out or in and like the fat cat politician with our stage now you have let so and i was like i was like so ridiculous it's not even funny of me it was almost laughable and then bolander i does not he wasn't all my grete so he i got it i got to sit well yet and i mean i hate to say that i thought it the he came on my chat and he was telling every eye lighted gether with down to brand and burke so i had taken a whole bunch of screen shots of he sat about me on like yearonly he had that ship sail long time ago as you aren't railing is held and he got saw the i got this my husband this hand i got that up and back in our island as the ah when we were up there for the republican component of cenefas side picked a few things in the lamentiren you are should go privilege wimesii it i wasn't really invited either in section out that a lot of the pope had their very expense of hotel rooms at the of the the hotel of there paid for by the republican party and shottheodolite aircraft rising and i know a contoise entirety paid for all their little establishment rats while the rest of us had got there the dollars to even beyond the fragile i mean i i tell you i tell you what you know what a paid up he he i was i was doing in he got on the island i was over at the i be beentell to know whether we should shut it down shevenehod thing down it's a it's a big money its like and their trying to find out who the crowell the cometalety lino matter what they do no matter what they do to test stairs or anything else it's like well are you going to be loyal to the casethat you can in fact have your position yes and there's going to be money in that for ye and all these in all these degrees soon the day you can employ in knowgot as i got to say this secession deceive of all exactly what happened that the washington si and i looked around and going through out water and these people are really in people were asking the cause they knew i was running for and i was wise to be there i got out because tearing the cost at me a ticket in there because i was not in a i was not an invited gas i was not supposed to be now on to christian abbandon of the first thing i says you know i reely to talk to president troop because i've been blackballed here and nobody will let me talk to this and so on what a man is and out here and and you know by myself try to run up hill you don't carry it appertenit my back right i'm like crow that and an i was she said it just like it something later on i went up to her and i said i said you know i said i'm i'm really having a problem with this is said i is there any way i said i'm really as he of the ah the reception of that the states giving present trompes shameful thing to me and i like you know has we are not resenting our self and a respect for president trump the way that it should be done and i nobody has any water here and i was beating of the secret service and iverybody else trying to get a few miles of water and passed them up as other so shock i almost took my truck and went and got a truck load of but it i was you know i was it was kind of crazy so i said to her i said i said i would like you to get a word to present chaldi you what people are out of water and i the people are having truth there is one woman that i talk too and i prayed whether in the back and she was crying she's like a thick i walker there's no water here i need take pills in people were literally haven't taken they had been without water for a long time it was good it was horrible and she looked isjust over thus lines and i and i looked at her and i sat i said a few other things and i said i don't think you understand the magnitude of the problems that were having here and and she bit back at me through barber teeth again and the last time i was like you you know and i don't care everybody here is it is like i said i said i wore a measure of the people were fed and had water first so in the back there partan and and forgetting everybody others in its or go he that was at fault for she then acoose that became him she's fooled you just like and she said just like that in what the goringian rather take that rite there tells me we're dealing with the delicate right there and maybe maybe not exactly you know it's like it's not like not like in a real wizard people can aprs cold frigid on carry blooded don't give a crack about the people i was so disgusted with that i couldn't let there's no words to i like it a worm farmer could figure out how to bring in a truck load of water some infuriated had a tie no hand and these out of food out of water i'm within that land squarely on the backs while they were manipulating the delegate o lor dear that the am ideopathic shame on all the aetatis and take owen reson was elynton trouble because she wasn't getting the strength so did he also then bring in to to bring the dog to coincide to make a stories to the other or the same the check and double he brought his guiding back to protosomite there was onoatoa verquire the shan side of and mats i bet you didn't know that did you no i didn't guess what now were we see where is to pertect it swamps rates of remote swamp dat's what i gentethose odious in north last week man's a horn and antipolo i he tinkers been so i got to i've got arei've got as a fury about the see i got im i truly believe that god is in all the way i always is and i also when you look at patterns and see what president trump egomet be bad thousand on this one what i could guarantee that in your look at what he's when he was sad were giving us back to the what is the first stop is not given the reins over its teaching people how to think and critical the that they take responsibility for their own governess because if you don't do that first they will never ever be able to govern themselves their dust concorditer and i'm the governor there and this person stand that person is or say that hath and find out for yourself so i like that what president tropes doing write now and then the good guys right the lateral pointing out sam brats in order for us thinking i said okay he pointed out this pest a full stop were done with his well start let's start going to the people he's not nor and looking at them he clearly trying to get us to think through this and in research for ourselves so we now cowering on others for two years that the president anytime for had cost me there with that i tell you so you know this and i was an i went isabel you will take up a cake in less was indifferent reopen each i will be gotten orison like with what's good day by ammirato whatever dave was he does hoccasions and i'm told that from people inside then why has he here clothes i don't know that answered cried on this as the sea of this i will pilot of people long time to go said there had gone i anteway i i think he's playing a game here so this in what i think you because when you resonedest true word of me see you what a tattruani wait too long o i goniodoma pollicy hypothesis i think winnings do in case i had somebody that came up on one cheat the other knights so that on you know stop with a trunk a trump stuff going on and i said don't kick youshe's president i of the sky he had great policies and i'll never speak out after against the just arsicas never sat on seemnot going to do it so in irreligion so anyhow i think what he's doing in a hiss he sonhabilite to surround self o good people while as are in if you had to take this state over in michigan alone every one of committed that city there is public functionary the trees now you get the whole united states what's he going to do he can't go in there and say well you know mister on myself a good people just warn any setting up there with them bought some and that he had to get the thing figured out yet we had on one clean house to bottle and in order to do that you don't just start you don't do start counting you're going to have to have them in a situation where they ran out each of tell on each other and then also critically because if he did all the work for us we could never self govern i love the coyotero you ye have present trunk is the right wing present troops a rightful president united states big love them big love to his family i agree with you to set take leader centerwar or in war esilio back the military general detenerle gone away he could take the action now he's on conway through years to win this battle is now it is making very decisively i calculate on yes but his gun in a very short turn let's go back to arnold war with one and a plan educating people to the plan and excoecaria it out i think i don't know what all because even matter quite or to make a point he considers to us respirators showed us the same way as stones in his work becomes a common upon us to take this or by the horse speak what trumpeted he opened our eyes its now and covered upon us we don't lead trumpetings of his giornale need ourselves to stand up and say no more we need people to stand up with these and put these people sideand take over the range now that's the whole jectives what we're going to see what happens and that in a couple of weeks or inaction realisedwho got a ring o keep all you got to ween people off of this inculsis em that's there too and i can't think that you want sometimes by losing as though the when when you look at it i think that there's there's you know truly i think general plenis significant and what's going on right now general flynn admiral rogers the people that are in the military that are moving things round there is a lot going on behind the scenes that in talk and really smart i octoedrical i'll give the example in sin you cleared she and you lose we win is understand why you lost letter house strong on an enemy your open net the king away so that when you bowled you will win it i watched my grandson's hockey team in the same way what are the tankaways and their winning all the time they have standing sometimes the wind by little sometimes he wished by lot but the wind and the thing is i never never never stopped learning she has even if you tell him you got to have something you take away from that old good that can use or later like hokusai at a word of thrown on her head pot these is so as we restore the nation cause we have teach people a critically think not take what people say not look at these endorsements the indorsement should rohillasthe be levanto endorsed and all the boderia this spectre renown what if right now we're a stage of the that we had to what it would be like or giving them what they thought they wanted like an entirely give way socialist like giving away and not being not being involved what is what if we had with we show them the the results of what they thought they wanted and i i reliant on the th the inforty five deep chess player happened in right now that's exactly what i am where i met and i do think that i'm in on stand in strong with that i think we're i think we're going in that but i would like to see more and you i i think we need to see things moved you know into the next stage cause i don't most of research on it is like him were like oh for gods ah it feels like the true man shall you not like appetite of fattinesse day over and over and over again and you're like oh my god please dear god tell me that were there and pull the rip cord on this thing on tear the band at o let's his get in there and put it back to gather i mean i'm off for the channelge in likjest hear the band dadofalu the house carried fowl and rebuild this and i because we got you know you you we got enough manere there we can certainly grow a great garden and that she let's how i need to i've got i've got a somewhere in a little bit so may we got up apostles i have loved this i think just on monday i kiss you don't want chucking you are you were absently berlin and your connections were to go on trying i don't know where i met now i have the time i wish i don't say that i know where i had i as people hopefully to stand up and realize as the people in in degreased that was i don't need a public apology with so brilliant in to put out that message to some one the heroine i osmotic they finally were able to see what i was saying is true right when you see the truth and you you now see you realize it is the truth that is something all i want people to to take away i don't need a public apology i don't need money i don't need any that stuff i want the truth so that why we will be better as this society has people we can then move forward again continues some provements casscome yah and i mean i look it i look at present trovandoli i was never expecting him to be jesus christ come back and be the savior of the moral he is a man and we are all en and there's only one that's perfect and that would be jesus and so we have to look at his accomplishments and the things that he he did and the cares and what what their doing and be grateful is he in half the dew that and in or to to be grateful for the efforts that people forward but you know when i assure something before you go on what is there another good man asked intestines only we can close on walking in the light and its grim a first john in a sunburst massage we have heard from him and declared he you god is light and him there is no darkness at all if we claim to have the polishin with him yet walk in the darkness we lie and do not live by the truth again if we walk in the light as he is in the light we have collisionthe and the pot o jesus his son percies us from all these if we claimed to be without sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us if we confess our sins he is able and just and will forgive us for as sins and purifies from all unrighteousness if we claim we have not seen we may come out to be a liar and his word has no place on our lives the point i make theories about truth and in her pursuance of truth and our belief in him and i think coreyand an i know it's in you as well as what we're after were after he he hurting the sense of better than one putting the end of of belief and unpushed for the truth that is a bear well and i think you know the government and needs to rest on his shoulder and that means that we base it on god and hindered law his statutes on and what he puts for and i mean honestly wouldn't we can we can do this whole call to personality thing that's going on in our political rome case that's all scales what would every one give to have some one sitting in the see may be there's lots o that the person is there as a toper and defend self in your family a to be liked based on being liked or gained for them or what they can build up to make these faults idols that want of all down before the post that would stand in the way of great harm or detach sure a et whether or not people like the vices that are always made or not sometimes right now we need to hatch a man in there it's going to go through the government and stark of flashing into her every now reducing operaits always about adding as the government know it is in bolang problem readers the gouernment as long as a dozen effect me that's what it's about you don't use i intinded it over there and then i can go and grab their part of the pie and stick it in my little rat master and keep it all for my that's what it's all about instead of we get a warrior and there lost we have got to go in as i is that hatchet chop the thing back and get it back to where it started with a cone and the revered on the individual freedoms instead of the takes that out there that's what has he we're going to make mistakes along the way we will our going to make mistakes long away and if anybody thinks we're not going after people that are trying to help and set the nation back on were part that person as part of the problem you can't go after the people that are are willing to stand up there like present there is other threats that are much vigorous the lack of being able to assess a real we have got to stop going after people when they make the smallest is patty the problem is it well i didn't like the way he did that you know he didn't hold the silver or right in hedonism it's like we have a lot bigger threats out there and it's it is a pre to go after patty none and and you know and it's like a tedeschi sets his foot on this we got each other and we'd better learn to get along when each other and agere out that you know i was handing somebody brings a cookie to something any more it's like you know it's like somebody come in and bring a cock one one little i have a raspberry he do something like tithers any after put in anything i like wow that's great that you cared i'm so happy you know it they don't need a sale on the crops just as just something you know but big love to president the i love to general they love her too admirers and all the wonderful patriots that have put anything of themselves to none of them had to do any and in your periscopeare patriots which to because eltecon see i've got with him and am going canmore the people call himself pre in reality they are not the nything yea his worn they won't people say look at me on the unpatriotic it me handsels smart president trumpetown this that or the other thing he didn't do enough getting in the shot though how a consternation in there and it was in a heedie did a marvellous job and when we looked at it what the economy was like in the things that we the things that moved forward then they say you know what i gooseyoosy you were you are in fact one of those that named out in the bible made nay sayers bitters you know dese it's like the name theirs of the complainers of this that you of the girl what are you doing other than trying to be so smart and in criticised that put their lives on the line i'm done with this you know and generalement to tell my friends to think you down to border next time i'm going to hit the right oaksyou're going down where good order to defend some of these farmers good for deranged it for you go after the grafters that are down there i by what those like you know me i i'm not do this the next ecoondee with that's casesthat i had if i can drive my brother my older brother along as we both at policy actually both of my older brothers trygones chase of one kis't military always military i was corrected on that one inreligioso with like where it we have to get this ax out of the way this isn't like a marriage thing it's a life long all with one and the only ones that seemed to be able to keep that old not politicians he seems to be doing a job of let's go ahead we're going to finish the outright now ranger i i love you to pieces this chuck i absolutely love or discussion take and i think you're absolutely gilian and i love your ear you know you're the time in the middle escolano to see for her nodon't don't me down in case you're bad and cutthree weeks in the roller were rated oratorios and a genial going to it but you can whisper what in lisconnel i win gotten now in going the wedgeboro kind o thing i think i'm parenthesisi know i know you are but it's like is like no polik wool is the powers of observation that's what it is tenaciously and everything and average it he returned something doesn't make sense it doesn't make on the comedia on there's a lot of people that are following crazy stuff out there and i just want to tell you i i was on a sight and there talking about a lot of away off there the and i there talking about having like a a twin spirit in the second of thing and i literally watched this and on like one ten of his action this nothing to do with god and we have called this sort of thing out because you and jesus died the veil was rent into the week could go directly to god and i am adamantly age anything that that even looks like that i could show an example of it in like samenesses sion this has nothing to do the channeling that they were doing on this is deemed so we can go directly to god the father without i'm sorry i'm not buying that all of these spirits that are or actually good ones why would you go to something lesser than god when you could go directly to that makes no sad to me whatsoever just in a critical thought her so it's like keysgot got up here and you got all these other things that want is chirpin your ear down here so we're going to start chingalese spirit and it's like i don't think this is a good plan he gave us direct access to god the father we should be going to god the father to be talking with that relationship and not not channeling in honore spirit on the planet because i'm pretty sure the directive from god the father was voiret to god the father so made the way is made by way this is a really bad plan guys and the i'm going to stand on that i'm on to calvinista calling this nine sons we are to go to godthe cadetwas up there was a heavy price paid for us to go to have and do not go to that is like slapping god right in the end of hansford be when he his son on the chopping and cause that's rederif you pet your son or your daughters on a chopping block to save a whole bunch of ungrateful set on you think that maybe we should probably follow the directive of been able to go to god the father instead of channeling as the cannon and done with us this nonsense is critical thinking he has to go to that stuff there and it it's real red and then that i sogiagon all sorts of weird gyrations as such and i me i've seen in a christian that is nettement i'm not buying it i was nineteen i will continue to go to god the father and walk with him him alone on this planet without an intermediary case that's why why jes break that veil down and so that we could have have a relationship stewardess of guys attainder as is very very danger oh parisienne it let me go had said prayer dear him reather thank you so very much for shock in a wonderful time that we have together blowing let off she trying to bring the truth so many people out there that are lying and we ask that you would you would as the cone plants every plan of the enemy that you would show us the is before us and give us the feet to walk the path you lay before us expose the truth on all love as president trunk general admiral roses all the brave peters and the fighting for this nation be high in the scenes in a very thin less way taking all sorts of abuse for were thankful for them and we ask the every single thing that's happened that you would multiply every good work from every true patriots had whether it be bringing a half of a raspberry to or just telling the truth or pass not information were thankful or bring the truth to us so that we can see through that through it and be able to in and truth and honesty on all level thank you so very much for guiding us for druggist forgiven us with and always being with us every day for in every way please less every single person out there who scot whose may be dead or has some healths we help them to turn to you because you always have the ants and now that the answer comes from you and that they can walk with you or nestled her son jesus christ and what he did here on the cold he saw much we love you we love you so much we will stand with you unwavering with every day you give us at every breath we may may every one of those our efforts be honour and glorify you and you alone we lay or lives our feet we lay our achievements at your feet all because of you and your great a great so they are you go won't you have a great day thank you for having me on to day i hope that we her something meinfule people the great share get hold of you or me and ellis not because as all we want is so killing yet this is your volunteer media here you know check and i and all of us that are doing as his the kitchen table and talking i mean everything that were doing is absolutely he founded in volunteer that that if that's really what's happening here cause i i know you just might your country one like me i can at i know that her may be many people may not know what even fighting with my day here my day for once to control controlling god in on this solicitavit sprekelias i this told us guys go head into it you want to but and i will i will respond in the lightly i put i am three crosses on my property write down on res the three crosses are these very simple one there display of fate merton there display of orites where they come from or rights comeforgot there's no doubt about so i do i despise people wanting to try to control people in that way it is the same to me number three the going is like government and in essence he's like been like government he has to control people will you don't you don't have that right you're to call the bolides god yet as the hog he's doing so i'm in challenged and elben i know god will tell us the cord or but he also calls us then up against evil and there is clearly there is evil behind this so anyway so that's the point we got gonegone like cool on i'm going on as the same token we're within nastagio thing it's all great lomandra as do inherens here ah god bless you ah tebron out there we care about you god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless merica we tomorrow with a john teeter tee to day wednesday as with the redeeming grace church with doctor tom parker he's great you shall listening he just did a turn a sermon and such an then carin riveter thursday and friday carron and can these think we're going to do like surprise guests on thursday and such so that a ready now whoever shows up and i might just ask people also fly to come and join the conversation and may be called jump in at some point time too but anyhow big love to i'll have a wonderful day the you know god's on the throne he's in shore they will never kill the metameric an spirit and cause they can't you know it's a we are we are god family were god's children in our responsibility with much it's given much as asked and we are asked to give it all and we well oporto god bless the l