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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/29/2022 - Live - Brandenburg - 2022 Gubernatorial Debate Reaction

Published Oct. 29, 2022, 7:01 p.m.

2022 Gubernatorial Debate - Donna Brandenburg Debate Reaction Live! Donna Brandenburg was denied participation in the Gubernatorial Debates...didn't watch or attend. So, she is live streaming with no knowledge of the questions or answers of the other participants!! Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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everybody welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and i want to welcome you to this live stream i've been asked many times too and a a debate the other candidates but they will let me debate so we just decided to do this to do this live to night at seven o'clock and see what happened having a little trouble with face when we try it one more cricket ah there goes its workings that i should be kind of interesting i've never done a reaction video before so we're going we're going to do jump in here and see exactly everything out or make sure that everything's go the chain on rumble however my umble friends there mary go to were riding go here now at last so for all of you who are used to watch him in the morning you'll you'll be able to let her read now that the way i do videos as i have nothing script i really never know which way this is going to go and i just get in and talk so basically you got me in my kitchen table and trying to figure out this note world that we live in and i have never i have never watched the debate this i have no watch any either of the great the sherbet the governor candidates i was not allow which to participate in them they kept myself and all the other minor party candidates out so we're going to go go and do this because like i said i am an i don't know the question i don't know the responses and i have no teleprinters i did not report really other than my normal mineral research that i do every day and so you're going to get what you get so it's life for my in her red i'm going to bring me this operate here we go i think westall me if you have any problems or if you would like to see me a change the foreman at all it is saturday october at lorenco in the and i hope everybody have a great day out there it was a wonderful day here i was able to go for a horseback ride which was absolutely fantastic i been running for governor i have not had much of an opportunity to ride horses so because i've been out there talking all you love so i'm going to go ahead and start this i think we've got a five second of the of the commercial that they have before it and then we're just going to go and i'm going to go ahead and pause it an occasion when i want to put in my my opinions on things are given an answer and i may i may go over the time limit because quite honestly i'll give you a quick quick answer but most of the answers that i believe that they give and most of the questions are simplified and a very complete subjects and honestly i don't really think that they want to solve anything so that i luminaries are never not to the bersonin's rise speaking just i devoutly for the next challenger to the downgrade answer you came i rared for on her first on the are democrat grosellier you are we'll have the sixty seconds to one tis so after that we wanted the next question the canonical pains for his participated in a virtual drawing but as god are first second i think you can thank you what the purposes to eruption about ten miles from the green household that was by and we had very different but i surely that's how we see ocumare matters is a later to see we don't want to see job roads and as governor i've seed hundred bills every one on my part i will work with that's how we made the biggest investment in state history public education i owe put a hundred seventy thousand michiganders on past to higher education to action how we secure the future of the auto industry pay down billions a mass joan only to not race taxes for small you're going to hear a lot of device of rhetoric and a focus on the past from my still more and unites suspended believe in order in decency and that's what i want to focus on everything that a governor of this what work together in full the better future for roused in michigan i excited to be here because for many of you and the first time you were hearing from me to i tell you a little bit about my i am i'm a wife chance survivor i used to work many hours in the shop floor of a steel foundry and if on a small business that was crushed by lock down in this state like many so my children locked out of and then have to try to get them back on how important it is to have safe communities so that we don't have to worry about our kids going out to play out and i'm running for governor because quite frankly as to four years pointing everything is more expense a timidity communities are less o creator struggled to create jobs and many are saying they think the american train in the state of michigan as schools are getting worse no roads having the i'm sure you remember the promises that the governor made four years ago right here on the stage she going to try to attack me to night to the from her broken promises to record of broken promises but i'm going to i'm going to talk about how to make freer and more prose we're going to forge a family from gaston okay we're going to stop right there and i'm going to interject there for my seconds coming in and this is just coming and cold because i don't have a teleprompter like clearly they do it's just me so i'm donna brandenburg and i'm writing to be the next governor of the state of michigan my back ground uniquely qualified me to have experience and many many different areas and not just one or two i have i've created jobs and businesses in the sector of both energy rail housing technology we have a farm agricultural drain tile business as well as we all now bucky trenchers and had as we were on the wall working for president trump against worse in the founder greeting lost to day advances in hospice and advances in bereavement i've spent many many hours rescuing not only buildings in construction projects but all so working with with unions as well as non unions and fain all the oversight regulatory agencies and i understand what is a waste of time and what is causing the state to fail most of it is because of overeducation and all impure from either of the candidates is nothing but attacks on each other because they don't have actual resumes and all i see is pretty much failure if i had to get them a job a job a review on it both of them are unqualified and there's so much failure there it's not even funny just because you can bate to doesn't mean that you can run the state so this is a job interview i welcome any of you to put me to the task ask any questions that you would like because our first and foremost is what we need to do is get back to the constitutional republic tended to insuring your rights and listening to what the people want not giving a bunch of flounces and had lines which you know evoke in a mountain emotional response were kind of down with that and it is failed abysmally we can look at the past and judge on the past and the fact that the past has been in michigan in a dismal failure and i think it's going to take some one who is actually a fighter that has an extensive amount of experience not just an actor who requires some one sharp in their ears so that's what i see is an opportunity to go forward in a wonderful way for the state of michigan and all of us non political non political people standing one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice go back to he would horse and he personal and its very topic on its asserting that the most of question asked for reviewers was about or the questions came that then and superseding to reach of these questions but when i ototototoi you are on this very clearly and for a delivery good job as pretty simply what clearly explaining your views or abortion and to help on gentians i renshaw old you to this ithacan if you support i want you to tell me what if any limitation poor chris i want you to tell me what if any exceptions you will allow okay i'm going to go ahead and i was requested to do the answer part of this before listening to the other candidates answers and so what if any limitations will it is if i oppose the portion the question is definitely skewed in order to elicit a it is a skewed quest and is looking to in a note absolute response but really a very inflammatory response i got go ahead and divento this this is a very complicated issue and we've done nothing over the years that we have actually a dress this why because we want a quick answer on whether we oppose abortion or not now i'm going to tell you my answer to this question is the fact i support and i am pro life from conception to natural with that said i see i see a need to not involve the government if the mother's life or the life of the child is in danger and i think that the decision is best made by the doctor of the woman the day the people that are close to the situation who are having to choose who dies in the situation where there is a of life or at with that said i'm going to go back and i'm going to expand on this a little bit because this is such an emotionally charge a subject but we have failed busily on this as a nation is this nation has he had two million abortion absolutely shocking to me we have a thousand abortions in the state of michigan every year and over one point about two million worsens nationwide that we are seeing in america so what does this tell me this tells me we have a failure to a the actual situation that's going on in the failure is is the people are getting pregnant and heaving on wanted pen instead of going to the headline which elicits an emotional why don't we have a plan because nobody wants to talk a plan i've never heard a good plan yet in addressing i think we need to address the fact that we need to help people not yet pregnant i believe that we should be absolutely if we want to get that number down we need to maybe provide funded becomes or perhaps getting two sidesmen like that to help people that don't want to be pregnant avoid the ontario man we should work on conversation a little bit more and i don't think we should have like one contest situation we need we need to help people in this situation until we get it under control because quite honestly we have a situation that this nation has concentrated to by allowing our children to be sexualis in schools and increase the likelihood that we are going to see more pregnant young pregnancies hope which should even be happening if we are if we are providing better answer and counsel at the big i think that this is a very complicated situation that they want to go right to the end game instead of talking about how you deal with with a rape and incest while if we enforce the laws that are on the books and pretty extra sure and had consequences for those actions but that would go down very quickly and if we made it available so that women who are rate would have the ability to get in for health care immediately a lot of times for my understanding is that when a person goes in where woman goes in after being raped they'll do a scraping of the of the the vagina and the uterus and that would end the present ability for them to get pregnant so there's a lot of things that we can do to stop this and i do believe that we should immediately stop stay funding of abortion what they doing as it is including people and to abortion i been finding that abortion who believe that that murder and i i don't think that we should ever make somebody pay for something that they feel as morally wrong so there is ways that we can we can stop this but i am polite conception to natural also one more thing i want to say is that with proposal three i was in fact the only candidate who showed up to speak to the board of canvassers on that issue of a pro life none of the other candidates tutor never showed up for that she didn't have anything to say clearly and or when somebody has words with they don't have the guts stand up on a controversial issue and or to speak out on something that they believe in they absolutely fail to perform for me and i can't take anything else they say seriously after that failure on both points for the other and there were the your first question for so important the supreme court over robe a right that we had for forty nine years rainham whole life or noumena from women and girls michigan could revert to a nineteen thirty one that makes it a felony no exceptions for rape or incest romanizing doctors and the only reason that law is not the fact right now is because of my last stopping celebrate said it didn't even go far enough said he wanted to make abortion a felony no options for rape incest were the woman doctor the nurse and we know that our fundamental rights are very much right now i am fighting to protect our right to my loss would have kept the lock as one action and now we've balled initial i will be voting gooweeras a little bit stress in this i'm kind of amazed how stress she is aunt actually answering the so thinks she's got in her murder this issue right now it sure looks like that to me but let's just go back to the to the core of the problem which is that we're getting were having way too many unwanted pregnancies that are happening and we are failing to to get to the core of the problem to address an help stop these unwanted pregnancy and roseton it out through the lawsuit as well as her actions on it but it all failure to assateague except in her first answer she's already being dishonest this was obviously going to be a theme for the night i've never said that i wanted to criminalis people i've never said i wanted this to be a fanatic only making not my position on a portion life for life of the but i understand that this is going to be decided by the people of the state of michigan or by the governors are stated at judge has already ruled i understand that the governor does it have the choice to go around a judge or a constitutional amendment she will lie to you tonight and tell you that the governor can do something about a constitutional amendment but you need to understand that is very very clearly written and you should understand her the radical or up to the moment she's already proved it with her record of voting she voted no on a ban on partial that's how radical receiver is an abortion and shall continue in governor you to define he is either under informed about the office she's running for worshiping a governor absolutely impact these rights in fact the only right abortion is still accessible in is because of my a candidate who said a fortune year old child reaped by a family member a perfect example of why we shouldn't have a portion i've been fighting to maintain the walk as if that's what i sport the mate our rights we cannot trust whether any my last the status quo with limitations chatterbox right now the legislature would in fact precisely why to the she is clearly stated she has no she does penance for rental that's what the that she is out there talking about every single day aline about my and i can see why she little confused about a constitutional amendment because this is a governor who time and time again thought she was above the constitution of michigan in fact the people had to to try to rip the powers away even though she held on to them like grim death she chicot how i or shurochka so once again no plan whatsoever deciding their calling each other liars which seems to me to be a little bit of a waste o time and unproved i just i see a failure to itself the situation and have a plan to two actually address it not he think that i do believe as i believe that i knew i know one of the persons that was involved in writing the heart beat bill and they said the a pone of and in abortion was actually right to life i think we need to question all of these five c because there's a way too much money and at none of them want to end it none of them wanted the problem none of them want to do anything other than in a situation where it is animation all charged issue with no answer in sight because one of them is going to say one thing the other one's going to say the one thing there to bounce that little pink on fallback and forth and the games never going to get on this way so i do think that the plan of stopping the unwanted pregnancies in the beginning you know that there's many things that we can do with that defiant and the other thing is to to that i want to then i want to say here is that this is a states rights issue in the shows how neuter or governor can our governor is as well as the governor candidate now not even getting back to the core of the issue which is to assert states rights and that should have been done a long time ago because we should never have been held under any interest on its issue and they don't seem to understand the power part of the same issue and on the ballot the year threatening with the fortnights enchante conversation between the governor and the legislature depending on one happens there that or opposed the editor i want to know and i want you to answer alexander's question in this country the first question i would like to know if both candidates but the voters to matter three posers or fails and parismenus it to some degree of missus doubter words if you're like proposal three has passed widening to try to change foreground it or to somehow right i have been okay so i'm going to say something about that to uphold the rights of the voters are the rights of the voters should always be a help if it's a clear and honest election which i believe that we do not have a clear and unselect in any way shape or i was the only candidate that did in fact go to the board of canvassers and speak out against there are grammatical errors in this in this proposal which in all its it's very misleading so i think that the fact that this writing of this is absolutely leaning it is it's it's on powells defrauding the voters of actual honest language it looks like the resident the white house bien tripped over his tongue trying to spit the language out on it it looks like whoever wrote it was a very low quindiu it is an embarrassment to the it allows a minor to get an abortion without parental consent which leaves out to question is who who who has a sexually involved with a minor nobody's talking about that and that would be to prosecute and find out who actually impregnated the miner that never gets brought up it also never gets brouhaha what are they doing with all of these i feel tissue that i think at this becomes really really big issue and it goes it goes outside of just abortion right to getting into crimes against humanity in my in my book i think that this is a much bigger legal question on this particular bill i think it's an embarrassment to this state i think that the way that it was written as an embarrassment to have this put into public record for the state it allows to have children be sterilized water parents permission and it leaves our children vulnerable and wide open and i think it's devoid of any responsibility as an adult there is absolutely no responsibility and no protection for children horrible horribly written bill it is misleading bill it is a fraud upon the stage the way that it was written and if if it were if it were anything that i thought he had anything on to do with it and did not victimise children and or having thing to do with murder i would probably not fight a bit at this point time there's too many failures on this bill not to stand up and i made the statement multiple i will all the will of the voters i don't believe that there are laws that i am above unlike the governor here who set a multiple patience if there's law there that i don't agree with i think i should be able to go around it and dimness also decided to go around laws i don't believe in that i believe in our constitution and the like and the people so that means that no matter what bill is is made even if it's mislead the tiger dixon would go along with it and not stop in the way of harm for the people if it was an ill written bill set out to victimize the people i have a big concern about the if i was at the but here is the fact of the matter i saw the last of the pending and ponere court i will ultimately that twibill have to be dead really ironic when this was fixedness that she will accept the boat the will of the this was a candidate who still denied the outcome of the two twenty elections this is a candidate for walloping the outcome of no member for her to stand resurrect the ill will of the people when she has not embrace the acme of a last election or plunge to embrace the outcome of a future leo we cannot trust was so a fundamental cannot make any assumption in administration to protect women's rights women access to help care and family who are trying to brother family though i seat this one additional nice on that from what me into absolute insanity because she didn't answer the quest and quite honestly it goes back to the fact that they just want to call each other other liars and not addressing the question all the problem is is that that witherall did not address the core problem that's going on here which is which is the fact that the process has to be legal and has to be honest and we don't have it and we did not have an honest twenty twenty election there was a crime committed and we can't keep your i can't keep brushing his crimes underneath the carpet and it with nobody nobody doing anything to address any of it because that's really what's going on there kind of a failure failure on an addressing that spectacular the core of the problem is that we don't they the bells are misleading and if if if we were given a misleading a council by somebody who was from a financial institute and they missed lad the population by having wrong wording or to manipulating minuting the the contracts or the legal language they would be may should be held accountable for that when you're in a position of power you should be how the countable for being honest and and with that they both missed that that whole little part of it that because there was nothing there is nothing that's honest and true about this is very misleading and we should never stand behind something that's that as that is designed to mislead the governor has had safe housing for pregnant that to i grant finding pearance we just want to adopt i have a family she also been found penteconters because said they offered information on adoption that's not exactly family friendly so once again the governor's being dishonest with you she wants apportion to be your only doncques either she went off and started talking about family friendly ah how sin as well as as what waterfall with a response right so much of what i think we're going to hear we know what and women require he candidate for governor had said about a portion right away from our future generations of women and girls poor economic decision woman will make in her life time is weather and when vera and forgive one so it that away from i think that should go back to personal responsibility to when we get pregnant not just waiting until after we're pregnant and then realizing that we have a problem so be tractive rather than active and let's go back to this respecting of the law we already know that through several several no articles in evidence that's coming out that even our supreme court our supreme court was not necessarily an honest election or went through an honest process without the election software from the twenty twenty election an uncertified machines involved in this so i have no no belief that that that process right now is lawful in any way shape or form and i think we need to clean court so that they are actually lawful but let's go back to this it's like orators nobility the responsibility is for thee the woman and the guy to note pregnant in the first place and be a little bit more responsible and snout taking it out on a human being they they have in fact created whether it was through through their well to create an or weather it was by an accident it doesn't make any difference where stops for that and we we need to realize that that any another human being's life is is what we're talking about volition such your hopes question and i feel that we reached out to and ask them to record the verdant they asked is this first went really struck me because each of us have kids in public schools were in college carson from grand rapids has epoques on that i feel certain i shared by a and many of his peers and see as a school student who sits a taper to oropesa and insure protection to one okay he sat for a kohistan we have matelotes why is it that we have a security in our banks and in other areas of our society but yet we have nothing like that in our schools we need to have school safety officers i believe that we can in fact call up the military the people who are who are a retired military and such because we have a lot of veterans out there that are highly trained that would be wonderful in a situation like this and could actually help out in insuring school safety i did see the feasting that was over on the east side of the state and it was an abysmal failure from everyone in the the school as well as the administration to identify a potential risk going right back to the fact that people are having a hard time identifying the crux of the problem and in actions they react rather than they react rather than be our practice and were not to active enough on on any any of these i think that that something like that absolutely needs to happen as well as i i am for if the teachers want to be armed having armed teachers in the classrooms if they are trained in there willing to carry a firearm to do found their students i think that's a great idea and satin with maybe maybe some more counseling and a little bit more risk assessment to those children that are having some real real problems because our state has failed horribly in mental health when they defended it in the eighties they really left mental health without any funding and without any how so a lot of or a lot of her wonderful keep that are struggling are not getting any help that they need and we all know people who require some help them and are archiducal with a lock downs really put them in a situation of compromise there were a lot of suicides that happen do to the lowdown and nobody wants to talk about that but that's that's a real thing we really abandon our kids during this loons many of our kids were so abandoned and i it was a failing grave for pretty well every one involved in this in my but but i think you know armed protection in schools is is going to be critical and i think the military would military personnel and oritory personal would be would be a wonderful to be helpful until we can get some of this under control and help help in the schools provide a in environment of safety not just not just from physical throat but also from from a psychological some pressure for timpson stanwood expand question to say this petro what it out in the seaports governor of bagwell i got a head that one because that's kind of closely tied in with the school safety as being able to be tractive like if somebody is is threatening to shoot a bunch of students that should be a full stop right there and not come this situation but to actually address it in a professional way and get some help to that person and move that person out of the way of being able to her other students there's there's no excuse for somebody who has been left in a school who has exhibited or express i neither desire to hurt another person and antoletti and tell somebody gets that figured out they need to be gone and i think the other thing it is that we need to take a look at how many the other schools shooting cases to see if there were other other individuals involved because i'm not buying that it's always the students involved in that i think we've got a much larger pro include people from our own or steerageway historic investments in education maude reference supports for mental health to parents and i know sahatof our students as a paramount tis a prosecutor i led the efforts to get prepared for an exploder active shooter giles with our police officers as a man okay they went right to act his shooter drills for him with personal that that's not not hitting you know hitting dead center on the target the don sinner on the target and the two issue is to provide the mental health rather than these act of sheer girls and the hat there are moving to the disaster how in an ante angry that this number one killer he i we need wrong i think the number one children of a tiller children in this nation right now is unconstitutional lock downs were kids honestly we had some suicide issues as well as the job so but will go on on the other hand proposed lord sight and eliminating gun prisons she claimed that to even know what saved storage was exactly what the oxford families have been lobbying that kind of out of touch governance only make more at the rest when their nurse on any type of gun control always increases gun violence and a reality as look at chicago that supposed or child for for gun gun free ones and the crime rate discipline up there we have much more much less on crime in crimes committed in areas where the there is no our state a covered everything from hardener schools to make insure that the mental heat ainsworth flags for we see a child that's in danger that's four years of failure that report never got an acted by any one and so what do we do or just making reports just so that we can feel good about it i don't know because nothing happened from that report so that's a daisy as now come out hide of danger wants to harm themselves or some one else we should hide it from the parents with never seen something like the i really scary times a trust or experts when our state police come out with a report like that take a very sore the money that we received so far from the federal government could have been used to harden our schools over the summer but nothing have really that money keepers to artist inside of those that's a legislative issue that should have been addressed and met none of it nothing happened so she's pulling a study out for four years ago which has not been acted on which i would want to know why isn't it and and so therefore there must not have been much of a solution there it might have been a report but a report doesn't equate with a solution for four actually in our kids safe she has not offered one solution not one solution there whatsoever second the same month the was terrorized in her social miniature of her shooting the captain control oh two dangerous and two out of touch to be trusted with protecting the gore the second amendment before second greater every time we cannot let that have using a gun control and a school shooting in order to effect a change in the law at gagool for reglar anything like that is absolutely on the part of women and the part of dice for her to go on with you know a gun in her hand to maybe attacheth even is absolutely inexcusable inexcusably so first of all and also using somebody else's pain in order to further a political political agenda absolutely in abysmal a state out of both of them that issue i stick to the issues the issue as we need to get protection and there neither one of them offered a solution not one solution they just sat there in the complaint about each other and throw out a study in order to what the answer of the question a a pretty away any protection you can have she would it allow her inside of the school are now crowe have someone that can shoot down a shooter took down a threat that she does want anything like that she wants to make sure your kids are in a sitting duck stone where the apennine and there's no protection against them the idea that she then having any type of weapons to the dangerous for the state of michigan shall take all of your guns no solution one zero is arguing back and forth bushido rather broad because again it's a subject that we got so questions about i couldn't get everyone shattuck about your view of education how cool the opera that should work now that i schools are always issue in a governor's race in the same as soon i want you to tell me what the sinforoso pacific as governor the tuerto assure locomotor all students aulic schools were achieved not just then hichens waterloo and our schools right now schools right now i'm thinking that they are very struggling were struggling in our schools we cannot produce workers that are coming out of high school which are prepared to enter the work force and how do i know that because we hire a lot of and they are completely unprepared to go into the work for our schools to become indoctrination camps rather than teaching skills insure them a brave future we are failing our children incredibly and have an incredibly poor a report card on that and i think that a lot of it has to do with founding so my thoughts on this is i think that we need to have a little bit more competition in order to to this teaching to test mentality that we have and past kids on under all circumstances before they know everything we need to be teaching for mastery giving those kids to help that they need one of the ways that i think that we can help it as have the money has to follow the student rather than the way that it's going to right now so let's just say that we have nine thousand dollars per student that that we are finding if we took of that or that i had that follow a student they would be able to move that into a charter school or private school it wouldn't affect the number of teaching positions in fact i believe that it would probably increase it because we could probably cut a lot of the mine announce out of directing directing our education programs right now because they don't seem to be able to stick with anything that had after her children returned sartines to be out of the school so as to the young pointers i just talk to mamie who they would have in the head a kid read one of the books in the library this was in spring lake to the school board the school board we had to decide to stop the kid from reading it because it was so inappropriate the argument to that is as if it can read it the school board in the school board he and all has been read that it should not be in the schools at all and so and it does not it does not help with anything that goes forward with the it all there's no there's a skill a civic they don't learn the law they don't learn life kills many of them don't understand economics whatsoever they are totally unprepared for the future in anything that looks like success going forward so i think if you if you look at the financial part of it if they had the money follow the students bunch of parents could in fact decided to hire a certificate let's just say that seven thousand dollars a student they could hire a teacher and have a class size of say ten people which is a very small class and the teacher could direct all of the the content without with the approval of the parents because the kids are truly the parents responsibility and duty to raise they are not the property of the state whatsoever and so i think that the closer we are to home to make these decisions the better off we are instead of pushing the soft national oversight agencies which really have no right to exist we didn't vote they in their unconstitutional and they need to be he had incredibly i'm going to go back on one thing there too and say that if we laugh that the three thousand two thousand or three thousand per student in the area in the school district we would be able to find things like an auto mechanics labeling any of the trade so that we could ealthsome of these larger classes so whether somebody home school or whether they could macrorhynchus or whatever it is at the parents wanted to do that they could actually go and participate in the interstices you know any of the athletics any of the things like quite that sort of thing as well as as well as the skilled trades type of thing so i think it's important and i think every single student should come out of school with a skill not just a bunch of theoretical knowledge that may help them may not help them in some instances to be helpful they do want to go to college but that's another whole story all that itself is how the colleges are promising kids a future that they cannot deliver they have they have failed on that tremendously and are our public school system set this failure of before the kids even get on high but a school and we don't have an opportunity right now to his one of the only debout nonnotte there has been studies out there that show that of kids are kept out of school and tell their like in they will catch up literally in two years which is a real sad statement on our public school system right there and it shows that the mistakes and there does not have a grasp on what actually is going on i chose to home school my kids third years ago and my oldest was graduated and tested out by the age of ten years and start a college here the governor didn't immediately implement a tutoring in for our students we have talked about twenty five hours for every child they get back on track get our kids back to reading and back to the right now in michigan schools as your seeing on the news perennially concerned about what their kids are being taught in gender theory and not teaching them to read right into math we waited very clear we want parents involved in a child's educate and we want to go back to the in short our kids know how to read and to me we haven't had the basic sense about the eyes when they started to destroy all of them all of the other things besides reading riting rithmetic that's great and we do have to this course subjects but we also have to have life skills type things and every one should come out with a i do believe in trade schools i think we should fully fund the trade schools because not every one is dear to go to college and it would also help her labor force from her great on that cecil i have to say about that is how we make sure that as corliss the same opportunity is in all absolutely in love this question in generations might family went to michigan public school i went love the question and absolutely failed during the cooktown including having schools began son of ice for locking his kids down with millions and millions of dolls to see where this one create opportunity that's why i worked with the leg by partisan manner when we delivered the biggest investment in public education in michigan a we insured that we've got reprints whether it comes to mental health support to be tripling the number of literacy coaches were dropping classic and loring to go into peace how we ensure that all kids have a great age we are making great strides there are certainly more work for good work the top ten state when it comes to literature is a nature to know that person in rolling missus dixon's campaign is betty to boss why does that because they want to take half a billion dollars out of as she's run releve been throwing money at this system for years and we've not gotten any better in fact our numbers have gone down and in literacy and so many so many different areas all he's doing is talking about throwing money at it and then talking about betty devotion out of the school system and none of them have gotten it right because if they would if we would have seen some changes before now and it's all it is as a bunch of political pasturing right he so we we are i have failure that if you had actually good education and our teaching you that is the but what i'm seeing here is an absolute failure because none of them numbers are anti up to what what their sane and there's no answers me being put forth either in the funding and or in how to to i the money in order to insure the kids he had an opportunity with whatever it is that god has given them that they want to do where their skill set some people are some people are audio luresome of artistic leaders some of them are a visual orders and those people that are kinsale may be way more geared to be say in a in a trash situation but absolutely absolutely lousy answers from i have i have a concern with both of them because they're both tied in a big money one is then in the devotion the other was in blue cross blue shield who was who was both of their daddies were were kind of instrumental and having a very interesting background which doesn't translate to either one of them having any true success on he was thirteen to respond he caused the gap what she really did was and when we talk about making sure there is no wrong path for any child you should know that when detroit did he seem pannikin there's no that was written before she sat at one thing she did was close to schools had not those answer close longer the school down it was but in the midst of the pandemic when the legislature said they would give her money for reading scholarships her people came out and said too much like vouchers because they don't want parents to have control she doesn't like you to have an impact orchid those are canners both of them are i don't appreciate cancer i would really like to see them being asked questions cold without having answers that were grafted for them which their clearly reading off of the telegram other plan might help so he might help i i probed going to private schools that her the matter is that most kids don't have those and that's why we've got to improve the education across the state of michigan he embraced has a great education a governor's job isn't just a picture of her own can okay about your system would allow any kid to go to any type of school that the parents would want him to do and not be part of our education the novel which is exactly what we have stated are all of not it is what she's talkin is just finding funny public education and making that be the monopoly and cut everybody out of those wrong very high station about the states response to there's going to go to as we shot around trying to think dubuque chat we want to do at some going one by one through every grievance or white the happiest of two and a half years of knowledge that we didn't have a large the advantage in a which is always particularly first as you there is anything stricken i got to you i want to ask you if you had as i would be culinarily hard of him every single okay so may my thought on this is that what she regrets doing i hope she regrets doing the entire thing because the entire lock down was entirely unconstitutional and it amount economic warfare on this nation so intreating out there that i know with the cove money there were as an if you look at the mistaken are many of the schools got one two million dollars of covenant shot down why did they need two million dollars one two million dollars to shut down and another one of the districts got a thirty they got thirty six million dollars of which thirty two million dollars would into a building project and i would like to know who got that contract on the building project were further more their several other schools in the area which had large building projects the started during covehithe pretty extra sure went through covenanting and i'm going to knock her on this to the people that were close to surround her and they cut their hours she cut their hours down to thirty two hours a week and then through a six hundred dollar of covenant had her pay to them which amounted to a seventy five dollar a week increase in the pay or sevenfold an hour an hour in trees to the pay to those feel that she she cut the hours to i am absolutely shocked and horrified on this and i do believe that some of those two were also drawing unemployment that is that is another finance that i have considering that gretchen water took on fraud protection and we didn't have a three to eight billion dollar loss of unemployment it was more an i have whistleborough when out of the state because she took from pot failure failure schools down had no plan it was absolutely un constituted she had the audacity to tell any of us that we were in fact essential or not as and that's absolutely wrong but it was just kind of amazing how she missed manages shutting down all small businesses and finding every one under the guise of stopping a pandemic i'll just call it what it is it was a plan doctor a scam dominate a single door in the big box doors may billions of dollars through her unconstitutional shut downs it was absolutely not one part of this was for real and you can also hang that on the fact she open up the north part of michigan where she was a tried to get botanist and i know this is a tough one for people to understand but there was a bar that was left open and lance so that the politicians had access to this bar which also contained something called i don't even know i want to see it or only look it up look at the bar that was left open for potential sexual engagements about two blocks from the capital that was left open during her on constitutional lack on a man to economic war i think that that needs to be brought up because this is not and absolutely this was all about dividing people keeping people divided and instilling fear with them with masks that don't work there was no no research behind it at the mast that they were using for a virus would be like throwing a handful of stones through a chain like it was a low i cut way to shut it down a redistribution of wealth in a tack a small business and people of the he justifies first we didn't veranius as oh yeah in her hospitals they were paid up to a hundred thousand dollars through the cares that for anyone who didn't walk out alive who was over fifty years old worsted of some of her obedient survive desperate i talked to i listened i ask questions reader my governor a democrat positions on lines were shoor action i thought about that before the provocations and with the nursing homes quite honestly and killed a bunch of grammar i what about the nurse the knowledge we have now he so different but we were working in the middle of the crisis and lives were on the not by any of that sorry you lose on that one big time and said what would you do in a type of crisis like that will try would i did i refuse to shut down i went to a couple of cops and i said please arose because i'm not going to submit to the this is constitution and this is absurd and nobody's going to tell me that i am not essential the constitution does not get suspended in a case it is due to an emergency it does not get suspended it does not go away there's nothing that can stop over it certainly not certainly not the powers of the governor so one of the things that we did as we do have some some in composing and we had everybody see up and go around to all the tenets and we spent the entire of alike the first entire street was checking on people making sure that they were okay they had food disinfecting all of our building just to help people with a fear that they had nobody nobody hidin the house we were out there working instead of you know hiding hiding in our houses we were out there or my opinion is is that that's a christian's do in a time of one conflict or a crisis we jump in and we help people that are sick we don't run around in high usucaption than we we didn't see insofar residences by the way the but we have the letter from the nursing home association he said whatever you a coenobite patience into or yet the governor no even back of over wider and he had the final report of the numbers of how many desk we have in fact she tried to hide a lot from this pana she tried to hide or she did hide effect why here the permanent athenian services director left she prepared him off with a the the same with unemployed octave eight and a half billion dollars fraudulently set out now i've got people bringing from the state up to me begging me to the unemployment that she's trying to get out back because she accent send eight avillion out but what about her down to school and on it listen to parents when they begged her to let them play let them play she wouldn't even did she answer the question no she didn't what was she going to do differently she's just debating what she would have done differently she's got no answer is just all all roderick it's all it's all a oh headlines and such a southeaster the question and she has no plan we did not close any of our business as we actually had he had the up threatened to shut alderly vaccinated to which i said shuddering to be involved in force any one to take anything that is a person to compose their health care the way that they want should never be determined by insurance companies the or of any governmental procedures of any type that should be up to the individual to decide whether they wanted too whereas get a vaccination not get vaccination this is nothing that the government has any right to step into in any way shape there no answers while my for making hard decisions to save lives as it was spreading i detailed the obi that was in the souffre kidnapping was talk about that too i think texas down plain mask saying that this would go away without getting back she said had she been governor during the pan that was a more people would have a lot of the attain our nurse there in the depths were in the nursing homes and there is more and more evidence out that there's a lot of deaths where a with children right now as the result of the vaccine they probably what have not happened had they they not happened you know the vainest happened i think this is a big big big issue that we need to look into the not only the failure of the vaccine people say i mean how many vaccine is binnorie seen in these so got it how many people have got the cove got covenanter the back scene and what is this how it what does this ingalook like in the future as more and more information comes out that that we have bigger health issues coming down the line looks like they spliced in some other jeans and to to this that could adversely affect our mune systems and i think that we can't we can't discount that but we're going to continue to concentrate everybody knows that i have been face as with she can't be honest why is she raving about this the response was we render she closed restaurants down longer than any other state and we lost three thousand but we just got a report just at the report mister dan was having explorer combat than any of our surrounding states so not only that choice which he closed his own and refused to open her schools which he hasn't figured out how to re and relay so there were no answers to the dust attack on each other so this isn't we've got as we've got we've got two failed political parties that are taking each other nobody's got in the answer is nobody stood up for anything during the whole lot down and nobody is going to do anything i neither one of them are going to do anything in the future oetanata have no answers and in basically be the next abysmal failure that he had because what horse sugar i do want to put something else in here too by the way my mother was paralyzed from the vaccine so i've got a little bit of an axe to grind there and how it was handled and also i am friend that died in the hospital that went in there with low oxygen and they blew her long so within fifteen minutes and put her in a cardiac we have a lot so then just bringing up this nursing home in which was an intentional and another thing that i want to insert here is that the nursing homes that were that company were put into their some question as too if they were even if they are even legally operating which i believe that they probably were not and that they put they put coction and to a nursing homes which were out of out of regulation what the state expects that a regulation and nobody wants to talk about that but i will so and i'm not going to stop talking about there's been no answer out of either their failing to it has come through some of so shooter still unlocated even afterwards an order shall i question it goes first to you he at evellin go back and and go back in i want to hear it again but not only bad choice so to open but he hasn't figured out how weather the more unusual questions so i ever had because he had never been quite her since i have michigan has rarely had more about there has been more money that has come through some of it is peter the state so shall toasters unlocated even afterwards an archer to my question it goes first to you i have to at seven i can answer that question very easily first off as that when i get in office i've got sixteen hundred and two people that are on my list to fire immediately within the first ten minutes of taking after that we're going to shut things down and i think we should make a pause on taxes and figure out what we really have in here we spent the money entirely where we spent the night we do have a full audit and we need to hardinge cutting the non com unconstitutional apartments that existed or the been allowed to exist which are nothing more than a money laundering operation to take money away from the taxpayers and if there's money to back to the taxpayers i think they need to go back to the i think that we need to we need a shrink government in a large way and i don't believe in any way shape or form that this that this is over age is exactly what the hatterling it to be because they can say whatever they want but without any proof and the state is not had an odd it there's no way to know what we're actually dealing with other than just somebody shooting moussol with nothing to back it because that's exactly what a hearing here there's there's nothing to back any of this furthermore most of the stuff that we have taken and most of the money that we've taken in say the lad should have been going to the schools i hadn't because why they threw it into the general fund the same thing with the roads the road money went all into the general fund which basically left us with no money because you know for the roads as we keep hearing right there's no money for the roads why as they put it in the general what does the governor one of the governors number one responsibilities that is the fiscal responsibility to the tax bear period and a story we need to go heaven and entire audit and in i mean to bottom i would like to publish this finding from top to bottom so that every single person of the state of michigan seat can see what they've done i think will have the largest detective agency that ever existed in the history of the world were with you know that the population as in different in different areas so that we have complete transparency and then we can decide how we want that if we want the money to the man how we want the taxes to be structure because our tax structure is all about taking money away from people breaking the different generations inwention wealth taking money away from the parents you can see it in our elder care all the way down you can see it in our older cared you can see it in the way that they that structure financially you can see that i state taxes as well as property taxes a property taxes are killing our farmers right now property taxes are absolutely killing or frightened the one word answers to things are absolutely ridiculous to me because all of its connected you cannot do one thing without having twenty different actions downstream and in debate nobody's answering any bet they're not they're not addressing any ancillary problems that will be effected by the decisions that are making in their offering no absolutely no was he certainly you know i want had our to make sure that our kids are getting to a i stated earlier one of the only state throw more money back into the schools again looks like she's got the debasement littering the son after the pandemic to get our students back on track right now or third graders father literacy exams in all six across the state and detroit ninety per cent so when we talk about making sure there's no wrong path that hasn't happened in the state of michigan we have the fundy to make sure our public have the resources that they made it's time for us to use them to make sure our kids get back on track in focus on the base get back to reading writing and matter still has no cancer that like commitees for i think we can get off a banalite but we still don't have any answers comment about begging the basis in caterina on talk about the economic recoveries the faces in any way on in our history moonstone economic recovery in the we know that we are seen small business growth that out peeany year that we andreevna in which most people in the state of michigan had lost thirty per cent of their net worth which tantamount to about thirty seven thousand dollars for so that doesn't sound much of recovery securing the future any intellect ronin vehicles she has done weedon twenty six million dollars to government motors with mary borrow over there in detroit as well as over nine hundred million dollars in corporate correlate the electric battery for the electric vehicle industry the battery industry and two companies all of them promising jobs with no not holding any of them to account for how many jobs i will actually create that they're being held accountable for its basically handing money over these big corporations and watching the people starved out i think we should i back to thee the taxpayers if there is actually an average we can pickback to the tax payers and or decide what weather one every one out there wants to have done if we want to have a go to the roads because i'm pretty exacerbate road projects we have enright now are being majordomo and i still don't have an answer on where the state i seven billion dollars till for the land just about a future of many like paragon the headquarter florida here a green her expanded and calamus i'm sure she production to bring supplied to his as the number six held stock by congress johnson and johnson the number eight pound stock held by congress and i think we need to look into the white stocks that people on that people hold their holding office as well as the connections that graduates with blue crosland the reaction for a cove as well as the from china to a i tell him electronic how much so my one we are he shot became or also train our workforce that they can get in the most good paying job to can raise a family here seven thousand michiganders are signed up for our opportunities tuition three to get education the second thirty seconds we if the governor could just be honest the report came out to day showing a michigan is in a terribly slow recovery and fact we have lost more small businesses than any other state except for new york were tied for losing the most smoke we've also lost eighty two thousand jobs were received with an office and she has it safe the automotive industry she's only trying to save face now because she knows for left in which dicoteles and when she was asked for response was i think we didn't a big problem there because once again there is attacking each other no answers going forward the rediculous we have we are too enumerate in the nation and are john we have which they are on starting on what may go forward with that and say which day which they all stock in this is a concern because you're trying to force all of us into these electric vehicles without having a voice in what we want be determined by the people not by the people that all stock in these these industries i believe grand home made a one point six million dollar stock game in the electric vehicle the electric vehicle industry and so were tolerating here is there is a tremendous amount of insider trading and conflict of interest going billy an dollar cut i had business in the calm but in time when that industry record her company and pay the gascoin pay the trash fill doater employees in that suit dozens of times by other businesses they didn't pay that cat and i actually met some some businesses that they were stuck in the tens of millions of dollars from the particular business and as beric what stay with michigan's degree but also to another topic that was discussed a lot in this studio for years ago the governor first with this tiresome money put back in spiders some of that name from babiole oceangoing from the infrastructure and agitators but should a grochowski perpetual type as we are not building a correctly ereabouts push towards electric upon going to to borrow repairs afore my question i revere i axes look at oh okay so let's go back to the road that need to be reductive been traveling all over the state but wonderful it's a beautiful state travel i think this is the first time i've actually gone a color to her because quite honestly i'm kind of a work of holland i work a lot and so i had a really nice time going up on the upper twice and driven all over the state up and back and forth there was sid of the state to the east side of the state and i want to tell you right now that it is amazing how much damage that i i would like to find out the assessment of the damage that has been done to our cars from the failure to do any kind of meaningful road put one day with the camera on the dashboard my son was driving we went twenty miles and had four lanes of of orange barrels thirty feet apart for twenty miles with maybe a hundred fifty yards of actual actual construction equipment on it but the ottos roads were closed for months and months it was unbelievable and un then once i did start going they closed on a whole bunch of interchanges and they started doing work there to inconvenience people to give us the illusion that they were doing in contra when in fact no one construction was going on highway sixty nine in my opinion is the worst highway in the state of michigan it is unbelievable if you want to shake your car to get yet that's a good place to go so the last time i was down sixty nine they actually had some construction going not only they but but most of the construction i am seen as federal federal roads and i want to know where the money for michigan roads has gone because i'm seen like none of it we need to know who has the barrel contract i did look up at the bare manufacture and even the head of the barrel company said the michigan michigan and ten million dollars to an initial by for changing the mattison the barrels to add the orvietans on the barrels to include reflective surfaces on it which did not after a study actually yield any benefit to the state whatsoever this is ill thought out completely backwards and one strike they did the the shoulder of the road but does it not ointment because the roads are so bad and they're doing all these short hours rather than actually doing a good job on it i think that with the amount of failure we have in our roads we need to do a complete study on how to do this better i'm kind of a fan of looking at the saltwater than iron because it has a longer self life and i do believe that there are other attitudes and things that we can put into a road services to make them work better in fact alletooning like an air port runway that he has that take quite a bit of beating and how they even repair that there's many a production this so we keep going back to methods that are not working that do not have any longevity do not seal the old surface which allows us to have to have water that gets into the cracks and such so that we do have more more damage from freezing the frost and the cold cycle and people say well you know it's not like the upas better roads than that the lower peninsula does right now and so don't tell me nobody can tell me that that technology doesn't exist it it does and we just we just don't want to employ it and i want to know the connection between all of these contractors what the big process looks like an actually repairing the roads because from what i see silencing the driver some of these traffic patterns that i've seen are so dangerous that i cannot even imagine the risk to live as people drive through these constructions zones because it's so uncertain achieving some controls that actually it will actually put their lives in danger sixteen in his one perfect example of the west traffic patroness actually going on for months and months and months all their silliness in allusion that work is getting on nothing getting on and let's go back to this where is the state money going because i've seen none of it brilliant he weakened and observation it is really smart and i have pre you know we to people as i got all across the state of michigan when i first ran and we know that we need god replaced the room on your cards on one blamed her child care this is a fundamental for michigan family than she should have cross a thousand and miles nine hundred there are large cans and barrels all because we are fixed in the dam rose but you know we overcome for it is going to be an ongoing a billion that i a bipartisan way but the legislature to get done epistome when it comes to fixing our roads looks like a big money laundering organization or effort to me if you really want to know the truth because nothing's getting down the stuff there for months there is no motion on any of it spread out to way too far to be effective and everyone involved in this should be should be absolutely ashamed of them when i saw the twenty miles that was spread out in just one one are in the state with a hundred fifty yards that had any equipment on the equipment was fairly minimal and it wasn't working than all a sun for four years we saw absolutely no road can and told about four months before the election and all was sudden we seal kinds of it and where it located most of it on interchanges to inconvenience people to make sure that gets into our minds that they actually did something i'm not buying any of this i have not seen any plans and or anything that substantia she seen what so the administrator structure in cabs for that and what is it like eleven per cent of it infrastructure go was only for the infrastructure and the rest of it got got a span off into things like shrimp on a treadmill study think about the transition that happening in her to a solution for boats going to have to transition then it's going to be a question to comfort years to do it didn't do a thing so i don't believe he got a plan going forward it was a four years ago on the stage the governor was asked if she would raise for the roads that she said she was going which we now know aerodromes commission says are worse shape than when she took off in fact she said no she wasn't going to raise the taxes that was ridiculous it was nonsense he turned those words come out of remoulins to night as well just remember that when he saying those words for years ago then one of her first acts when she got an office to try to raise your guest taxes by forty five when she says she's worked in a bipartisan manner she actually to rounding in the past because she didn't get her way on forty five cents the right we will have to figure out a way to find the roads it's going to take public private partnerships in the future but one way out because the entire country is not public private partnerships that is a buzz word for fascism right there when you start making deals with the public and private partnerships guaranteed your prices are going to go up and you've got a very very big problem this woman has no no experience in this whatsoever she she probably couldn't even look at a jog and realize operation ally why it neither one of them could operational take a look at this asset was or was not working or nor do i believe she's gotten in the experience with equipment and or within a construction was i vehicles disaster ridiculous what a good in an gamcha when you're stuck for two hours and not being able to stop it a pomp you know what you have maybe an hour with it's not realistic here you need to have vehicles that work and eve is the one of the dirtiest forms of energy are vehicles and the batteries are one of the dirtiest forms of energy that this planet is ever seen just due to the production and the need for research how much material you have to to go through in order to get the materials out that you need to to account i think that my commercial say we are fixed in the famous we are moving to where this in the right i and material and they are built to last for you don't overcome decades of disinterment over night we recognize that there is a lot of good work when he sees orange barrel see that as a sign of progress and remembered it please slow down the hard working men and women on the side of the road risking their lives to rebuild infrastructure of power or academy and keep our family say when you see the orange barely can make me make a pretty good assessment that this is a psychological operation to give us the feeling that the roads are being worked on when i actually at one point time went i counted the number of workers on the one road over a over a fifteen mile aconite mile in an included three interchanges there were fifteen people on that road and an entire construction this is an absolute farce it's giving us in a feeling of getting something done when nothing's getting done at all those are barrels are tried us into thinking they're doing something and if they were really doing something they would be so spread out they would keep the product projects so that they could get more john and have less of these barrels on the road to keep people safer because every time you open up a construction site like that you are increasing the safety issues of the drivers and the people on the road thirty i noticed that as soon as another election was coming up she people out on the roads the governor did it fulfil her promise in fact which he has just a few months ago promise to fix the road she set no i didn't promise at least not the first her now she said i'll take a second term and may be even several more terms just to do what she promised in the which she knew she but she wanted to earn your boat then he now she's trying to get your boat so what he had to do todesurtheil minute kind of pathetic there is just the just awhile but there's no answer at about this tissot idea of the it my why sutterville if he comes riverport michigan state policeman they showed that there were some violent rise but a feretory ravenous property crime so ariodante over on you a reduction in private what is your view of the question for what you were and granaditas by the way this is the throne the campaign by thought it was on the first continues to the police movement of the but what is your plan to rear staineth violence so the papers one government and the police agencies i say forgather okay i must stop that right there because his two issues are they brought up and one is the defendant which was actually a movement that was about a started out as a movement that was looking at how much money the police departments were putting into equipment through a bleat was at ten thirty the program is opposed to pettycote ground in order to have more covers a coverage with we're going to oregon to that that effort got hijacked and i think it's by some probably bad actors that were placed in and i think goes back to finding so i think we need to look at this is not necessarily defining the police we need to have more police finding out there sincerely more funny with that sad i've talked to about half the sheriffs and the in the state because i want to ask a question the first question was is why didn't you arrest governor waterford for violating her constitutional rights of the people of michigan and not one of them had a sinecure had a sanatory answer to that but i did get an awful lot of really good information a lot of our northern counties are a runnin with maybe six deputies all three hundred sixty five twenty four seven this is unacceptable in the reason being as that the grant and the money is a lot of the money is going through the state police there there are increasing the state police force that they are decreasing community policing so when you look at the operation of the sheriff to answering about eighty five per cent on average of all of the calls across the state aid but they are getting a fraction of the finding that that's going to say the state police which is a unionized fully down police then the sheriff department is the strongest for community policing as well as it is the highest it should be the highest law enforcement office in the land because they swear an oath to the conte i am for increasing finding for the sheriff's a sherif department i think we should find the police academies in the state and do it in a way that it is it looks like a loan but that there's no money that's to be paid back in it as it is diminish the amount that is in their long category is diminished by a number of years of service in the state right now one of the problems we have if if somebody goes to training say they're trained or they go to a share department quite often they will leave after they get a little bit of experience in the go to the higher pay an state police department the state police started out as a frantic slam as well as an investigative lab and i think that if we re did this week and some of the redundancies the equipment that moved into the police department seems to be over till on they should probably not be having some be responsible for all the major pieces of equipment because wideopen comes maintenance and maintenance costs i really think that that equipment should go to national guard the national card should be able to have some of these assaults of vehicles and such and to be called in when when there needed rather than the local police that would give us more money for actual law enforcement officers on the ground to be able to handle calls we probably could work a little bit more on the drakes and i think that our prisons right now are being used mainly oratorically and correctly the police because that's what needs to happen not defeat to find it and find it adequately backing our officers i think that some of this nonsense oversight that we have just to hang officers people's feelings are getting hurt is absolutely nonsense we need to have strong police forces where we have consequences urbain and we need to be able to it we are bad officers they need to be removed if we have more training i think we have more professional training i think probably would be because for right now as we know the governor came out to spirit of don the police in fact we know that when we were all at one now it is known in the i actually endured in the state of michigan to the police and were sure including democrats they are so upset about the other my plan but a million dollars dominant but also in retain new police officers is so challenging to bring police officers to a state executive officer has the pointing make sure that not only are they the same technology they need and they had the mental health health and they will always know administration as their back we won't about how it's fine and that's the thing that i believe that she doesn't have a handle on is how it's funded and or where the money is actually flown she's proved no confidence in that area whatsoever and just wants to throw while throwing money at a situation without having a proper analysis equals a lot of ways on with our own enforcement have worked armand why governor i've made to any one to grieving families one un but then a two anythings and visitation and that's when we got to talk about gun or is opposing policies that increased guns increase oversight and eliminate unfreends is not going to make a here's what i support eliminating gun freezes because that in that shouldn't even be brought into this discussion as it talking about it a different topic rather than talking about the the defining the police she got off into the into the gun controls a person in our as for training rodin reconstitute sharing of pensions for those who risk their lives for all of us ever every one has that in our homes and in our communities investing in an enforcement what we have done what we need to continue to do people and gonfalon graydon that because i think the crime rate is in certain areas is most definitely come out because we don't prosecute anybody so we need to not only have law enforce on bee need to prosecute those that that or that or committing a crime and i am against early release i think that we have the however we have our jails for private privately own jails need to stop because they're feeling quotas and their ailing people that should not be jailed conditions are need to be addressed in so we have a big problem in our prison system would qualified prison contractors as well as the transport of prisons from one to another i've heard of instances where legislators have actually asked for favours further for the transport of prisoners and i think that we need to change the way the prisoners are being transported as well as so many of these people that are in jail right now for civil crimes that ned maybe out there not dangerous to it's a money grant these persons unless they fell embarrassing for the governor that it actually on tape that she said she supports the spirit of fun the police that's the truth i'm not sure not facts when she didn't get her guests tax increase she decided to the said that retaining for our road patrols now she's coming out said he by partisan and she supporting the police by a recess something terribly different that's why we've lost a comedy in detroit these it's devastating to see the chief executive officer treat our police officer well i suppose if we back doorplace instead of trying to to to actually criticize them on what they do in the decisions they make when somebody breaks the law you know they don't seem to have an odd the backing a government in order to actually enforced and mission the fact is matter public and in democratic legislate i signed support our secondary road just this week i was endorsed my intention a number of prosecutor there why on the republican side but they've seen me in action they know we have made the biggest investment supporting them and we will continue to do so in as a doctor does prerogative the sublimity to get to soothe questions of this windsor detroit to their ashes real concern racial bias of she was so many paces around the have been really troubling and here's where he says he says racial bias existed law enforcement in policing charging triumphs consecrated formation i uscoques system racial bias reform in misfit governatore with notes why or why not and if you this is entirely this is entirely a diversionary tactic on this entire subject instead of getting to the bottom of the fact that our prison system in our jail system right now is not is not being supported and our carried having him anything carried out in a proper way a actually kind of curious to what she's going to say on this one because i think that there is a created narrative that's going on in order to divide our families actually racial or its mixed racial i should say i've got a a daughter who is from india such an it's like this is such a nonsense this is kind of a nonsense topic right now and it's only meant to divide and we know always work at it to make sure that in communities in our safe there supported but their also trained and that they are working absolutely show you one of that most joyful things i would tender over the last years punishment parent plant with a sure of an aprecor working with our tree general secretary say to help people of raserei time want a job in a fresh start back that effort that came about because of the work that i leenoo has done with regard to improving our cruel justice there is more work to do there is training we ask too much of our law enforcement officer we need to support mental health experts so that when they are in communities every one goes at the end of the dead that tamasese and when kobakama or mental health professionals went home and are sheriffs were the ones that stepped up to serve thee to serve their communities and i have no idea where she's going with us because there was not one thing such that actually address as that actually address is a racial forester with the assessment on that question and in we always make sure that our police officers have the training that they need and to support that they need what were seeing in the state of michigan many of the communities that used to have police officers rise out of them and then they would become police officers in their own coin so important is so valuable to stop doing that because of this rhetoric of the fun the police that you've heard across the court people have demons are placed officers and made this a career that people don't feel comfortable in any more on door marching with the people who were out there saying the police are bad this narrow it's hard for our police officers and it's hard for our community i think not only do we need training in our police department but we also need to bring our police officers in torches to make sure a young kids around our police i have a question on that so in black lives matters came to the great rapids and were writing in the street i talked to a law enforcement officer and i said why didn't you get out there and and stop the burning in the looting of the city and they were they told me that they were told to stand down in the stairwell of a belle of the the headquarters of the police department and my question is is who is giving these neuter orders to our two or applecore and what happened to their oath of office to and no matter where the order came from worded it got go to what right up the latter and we to ask the we need to ask who is giving these orders they are not backing community and proper policing and if they are avoiding their oath of office in need to be called called out for it and removed immediately this nonsense should never happen again and and it would never happen again to a grander for governor because there's so many things you can do including calling out the national regard national guard but anything that is not a peaceful protest needs to be stopped immediately special reception to profit which wiliness clergy represented as community while the one who makes a rush to judgment and in the altercation and get the patrick leaped here in granada won't when he as we got to make sure communities are safe why did this get tried in the media that should never been tried in the media if we had we should be trying cases in front of a court of law with a lawful process but now they throw everything out in the median they put aside all of it disgusting on and any any person that policies other peoples personal pain is is around this time too often governor wentworth for malice and glorifies the criminal she comes out on the side of the trying to harm or someone real problem when you have your police officers out there in a line to the endangered every single he's right i'm going to support our police i always have their have a problem with the plastic responses to automatic her responses are so plastic in face it's not even funny she's reading a prompter always the the question will go right on already at rest covers your assertion was sixty seconds were granite the above rises how do you i am every supreme court is that one's iron prosecute him for crimes and for crimes and have the consequences be serious enough that they have to think about before they do decision firearms she what do you bet again the contest okay here we go first thing i would do is constitutional carry plus nothing i think i would eliminate the gun free ones i think we need tax credits for for the purchase of fire arms or ammunition as well as firearms training i think we actually need to increase the amount of gaseous when you look at the actual information whenever you increase the ability for people to protect themselves all about the second amendment is to to have people be able to protect them from attack or from her and when once you have people a people that are armed you have a safer community and all of the that are out there absolutely proved this so i believe it that there should never be any red flag laws i think this is nonsense is just a reason for a gun grab and i actually believe that we should have i like the stand your ground lass i think we should have the ability to protect ourselves and i do think that we should have firearms training much earlier i think we should encourage and i won't when i was in school we had honesty and that in the schools and nobody was shootin anybody out that was there was there was no problem with that so so i don't see why all the sudden we've got a problem with that because we didn't have a problem with that the only reason why we do have a problem with it we don't have enough enough people who are armed to protect to make un crime and then their back on problem for our police of her suite there are afraid to even arrest these guys for fear their just goin to come back out and that and we've seen that alice officers across the state tell me the bare now being a as soon as their alone as we need to make sure we are tough on crime in these idea that you're going gone to wait from law abiding citizens and some help that's going to keep them out of the hands of criminals that's never going to we have to make sure we are tough un crime when we find some one who commits a gun crime to the need to be put away administration is trying to hide a prison numbers from you the saying that the prisons are agatha we don't have a crime problem or share of across the state told me the riding the entrails and giving them less her violations and then letting them back on on the streets that's catasto so i took without said i don't know that there's any tax behind elsie i'm confused too so i'll give that one to wit mirandolet ly confused by what she just said it was all headlines it was not some prosecutor i take mom our country are the number one killer governor i know we can't secure storage i support background checks black how we keep our community safer this is how we keep our kids favor when they're my upon words constitutional cure which means lord god over she she wants to eliminate gun free sons like enters we have done has helped improve there is more good work to do without queen but here's a we've done with aperitif a renominate the guns in which a startlement in cars too because there's more death as it were caused by motor vehicles and they are with god so this is absolutely absurd this is about a goner instead of an actual analysis of the and and we were just failed on every one we've got well the illegal were working with a continue to do so to take any actual can to make her community i very seddon's think it could be any clear the governor's made she wants to take guns away from law abiding she does not trust our law by the we know this we've already seen some of her agencies trying to do this on their own even now the word asia where are cesare filled with violent criminals that are beyond what our jails can handle they're not putting them in our even know what's happening in the criminal just in her own state metagals had become a house for actually for men helement health in a pelerine monteath and they're not being served there so they are in fact letting people out quicker when they should all remedy the metal help prominent keeping people that actually have committed crimes in jail longer their violent crimes he let the people out that that you know on then i don't pascuaro and i really think that the whole red flag bathing is so absurd and all it is as it is like like surveillance state were neighbors and people can turn turn against each other into shoes it is one more tale talaat's why happened in world war i world war two they were encouraging people to in fact target neighbors for for different reasons it it's a really bad to the red resent that lacustrian my apology come i mean i became to get my third is and you want to actually tell us what kind of she might get out what policy she might support to get done off the street to keep our community save i still astonishes and i think every one must deserve to alone is the to get guns out of our community what's your plan granodiorite here one of milan starbottom earlier we this and we were able and i want to know what are the candidates going to do with inflation to their elect i appreciate the question but i will simulate the governor ashame o lateral ability to change a global economy but well i would disagree with that i think if a governor got in and shut the state right down and did and on it and put a poison the taxes and tell we figured out what we have right there we could probably stimulate the economy in a big way and stop this nonsense that's going on as well as cut continuation by the federal government assert states rights and kick all of these people that are putting a barrier for injury and to industry and free our people get regulations that are out there and having them designated as unconstitutional i think there's a lot of governor can do so wrong position time this is a very odd topic especially when you read as high as it is the solicitude illinois but charles recreates once till i light of people hearing because of the economy the state income tax the three point nine per cent okay so an income tax is actually unconstitutional and property taxes also unconstitutional if you are taxed on your property you never own it so that if you fail to perform in any way somebody can take away something that's your property that means you're only a leaseholder which is unconstitutional so there's a real problem with it and that also implicates all our farmers and makes the thereby to produce i put that in risk and that the taxes and the penance i don't quite i think i want to say to that is what i've seen his double taxation of our seniors needs to stop immediately we have double taxation going on in the state and nobody seems to be wanting to address that manned to be ended immediately that yes that is income tax all so is we need to really look at income tax because i believe that the tax structure should go to the business rather than such a heavy burden on income tax they are the three have looking looking at that decanter constitution which aerial a price of gas or it is the governor cannot fix we can do is help people are money in your a word to fail to mate financial barrier to higher education and kalliope who get the good pain chaps unterseen thousand people are in programs now we also expanded try share which started herrera by the way the state picks up a third of the cost of day care that caretaker of the cost and the employer a toronto and for people who are really struggling we have and for a hundred and fifty thousand kids in michigan that is free or low of she failing to tell you that the governor is responsible for every single senate spent in this state the legislators the budget but it has to go through the governor which has a seven person committee or board that she of which she has for votes on so every single dollar that leaves the state goes through the hands of the we tarasconian little fact that she left put our fiscal house in order because of the upgrade credit rating we put the range could repel the retirement pachich i do he could cripple earning come tax credit which i also support and a pause on the guests this is the sentence me governor because obviously very interesting that they asked about the pension tax because the governor told her four years ago and said that she would that that would be one of the first things that she would do would be repealed the ancient tacks and that hasn't happened in the four years that she's been governor the other question was which you try to get the income tax down to three point night the governor was actually offer different and the personal income tax to get money back in your but she behemoth rising the governor has been more bills than any governor for the seventy years so it's not surprising she which is also something that we need to talk about which is no reform we two thousand miles a year that go in front of our legislature there is a constant every single one of these bills and the fact that no one in our state has got a hand on us in his wasting our tax dollars to run all of these nonsense bills through with no with with no responsibility or accountability is just unbelievable right now as some that's only divides its issues rival have some come out and as to holiday suffering so badly a wit once you to pay more for as to for seconds i don't even know how to respond to that i'll just say that you know missus dixon party as then in control of the michigan senate for forty no she hasn't lived in michigan that is in fact true that while the the republicans have been in finance of the house in the sun and so basically we have a unitary working here with the house in the senate on one side who has done absolutely nothing and the governor of the attorney general a secretary of state that has been done a crater both were in together two basically sethites against but i'm not here to play legislature sent and told you i can yourtas secretly none of it even goes into a you deserve money you deserve for allan but as leaders to work together into we talk about inflation you should ask the governor where she stands on line five and your guest prices because she has made it very clear that she wants to shut down like five impute anything to do so even though joe bid an says no she still trying to shut down my fight to day my i would raise the would raise the price to fly out of our detroit in a time we need economic development and it would raise the cost of gaspar about money in your promises going on as a there is absolutely no answer there whatsoever out of tune on time and choice in the cover to the association the spring one of the consequences was a reduction and the tender curves were long term health care for pope thus going through the gorge four hundred dollars a great on this aria insurance was actually an insult to the state because they sell haven't addressed the major problem which as we have known we have no competition in the insurance industry we need to have competition in the insurance in the street so that end and too in way derogate it so that it includes or it allows other providers to get into the market because that's one of the problems we have as were building cartels industry cartes in the state which allowed them to really price fix and that's exactly what they're doing here from an apple cried do the industry is not in the seats i like to meccania is going to do about fixing the other reform bill for the injured the that were in our before the arrear my son was injudicious in fortinas been affected by the auto reform emancipating in our old batteaus assistant two hours i think were two more anie minutes here soon keep rolling with us although it but in the course right now and were seeing that their saying that this was a contract that has to be upheld that for the victim i'll tell you what my opinion is on any of this an insurance reform so far is that they're using it as an excuse to deny coverage and and and the insurance companies are are definitely we need a comprehensive a comprehensive overhaul and insurance i don't like the way the treating save motorcyclists in their train offer less and less coverage and truly engineer hoarsely works there trying to take away insurance coverage for save the motor cycle people that enjoyed motorcycling and such and as well as the health issues and it seems to me to be very disturbing the connections between white and blue cross and blue shield and the convenience of how coveted things around and denied coverage for so many people familiar with the disaster there's always builds where there's united leather workers we have the opportunity to work with the there is some the governor will tell she's the one that gave you this worked she's not telling you she is also given to the you're going to end up being forty eight dollars back for every vehicle it cause she knew that these victims were looking for comes for she still gave the south to try to find your she doing at the end of the set sixty six i'm sure my appointed one that the republican party controlled both chambers of our legislator we work together because michigan had inasmuch so wanted options and so if the actions and because of leave some money they got a rebate more people were driving who are insured now and trust me to be filed against these big court corporate cartels that are out there because i think that's going to stop so it's nonsense i increase petition which gives us the ability to have more of and people that have more options always bring the cost down an increase that quality of they can actually afford to where interatomic and i believe the the time egerton republican leaders in the legislature haven't come to the table get towelling partner he governor has proved time and time again the chantilly she he came to be by partisan and want to remind you he took more bills than any governor in the last to which he is saturated about her bipartisan do not be is a woman to shut down the state and had to have her powers her powers by the supreme do not trust or with another four years to terrorize over ter that there are so many wonderful things that are happening in michigan there are certain lines continued to work with any one who or political points with rhetoric but actually come the table with a i've heard a lot of complained in grievance for i have heard his alternative what i'm always going to stay poissonniere with tattersall or canonical in soudanee addressing those issues i might the two candidates for the functioning on you my closing statement is that the only skill that the ericson actually exhibited was to attack i wethalie no solutions coming forward on anything they one very well there their very crafted answers and it its reasons that what we really see is that they're good at dock whitmore has basically hung it on the fact that she hasn't failed in the past and we know that she has got the abortion issue she allowed abortions which she denied people that have a surgery such as open heart surge that had trauma and such my son was in fact in the hospital in their white floors that were closed down while he was in there so basically people were being turned away at the emergency room at one point in time so i acosta she has a complete failing report card and only gave favored at the things that and issues that had that were engineering the arose that were very much in the mark mark his type of mind set and marks political political operations dixon she has no answer not all she does is a tank witmer and she provides nothing they're all headlines it's crafted all of thee all of the answers were read off a teleprompter i would have to say that that the amount of staging of the answers from dixon kind of like an now it's an actress at a new anger is an actress that's all i see in her with absolutely she's being told what to say it's coming out at the teleprompter she has no idea as neither does anybody round her white promises ideas in the future she hasn't proved out that she she could perform she had so many failures in the past and we remember them all she shut everybody down she waged war on the businesses when she is was war and energy and the state by refusing to to deal with some amiss and closing things down rather than opening things up and there was not one constitutional there there was no holding of our constitution in our individual rights it was insult on her right and it was an economic warfare i see nothing for me there thank you for the election but always it for my opponent on to biometric to pitamakan each other for her unless she is she decides to take an assault on our first moment right and tell us that and weapons the health department against her or population serious times that require leaders and work to to make your life a to move or state trent with an a place that can attract young talent and keep trethowen to make their own decisions about their bodies in the to amicable where every acted and protected under the so much and i want for my children and we cannot trust our dangerous people who peddled conspiracy this to people for whom problems or more politically valuable eleven someone else we have time for that at standerton were here every single day to make asking for your political eton you have the governor would like to how hard the last four years gratuitous she on the very stage and said she wouldn't raise hasheesh tried and tried and tried again to raise her taxes over and over she also she cares about gladly capital voice in her daughter's block around she also said she cares about paris but she hasn't stood for appearance we have said why do we have spring seconded into the ears of our little governor policies are radical down schools are worse and the road what happens when you hire a radical career politician the coin the wrong diet he comes to make sure we stop strangling our businesses and we helped them to create jobs we help them to increase salaries and we help them to be prospered to tell her parents we've got your back we want you to have the final i what's happening in your child and we need to make sure the we hire more tops and they know we have their back we're going to get out of their way and let them do their a most about i want to make sure we put money into the pockets of our middle class family come and when you laugh to earn your vote and bring michigan back to a family friendly michigan honour canadian you very okay there you go a performance by two edison with absolutely no solutions whatsoever because she doesn't have any failure a past tracker of failure by by whitman closing statements are as that of otranto them as the vote for the unitary stablishment when nothing's going to change absolutely nothing is going to change they're going to pass the buck public that are being betrayed and power installed instead of actual candidates are chosen by the people of the parties are in abysmal failure the democrat and the republican party are in abysmal failure because what they didn't say as when they did lack astounded one person they anything in mincing not one person said to think none of them did there all guilty of trees in that set of there and lancing because they did not protect the rights of americans they failed on every level not one of them stood up and said anything whether ah whither violated your law your rights there violating our rights and our former for seniors with the double taxation none of them have an answer for any of these we have i have so many plans to attack this and to write this state very very quickly using the constitute to say protect our borders i think that any one that crosses that border that is actually involved in human trafficking which is exactly what our government is funding right now are government is funny human trafficking their pain for it and there's no accountability of what's happening to these people this is a humanitarian crisis besides the fact that they are affecting our vote in our voters we have a huge problem going we have no accountability we have no honesty in our elections they have failed on every single on every single point of failure on our elections they've done nothing right we've got our cubists wrong none of them want of one to address the crimes that have been crammed and or the failure the maladministration usurpation of power in our agency the weapon izing of our agencies these are all issues that are going to have to be addressed including accountability and fiscal responsibility as well as creating jobs getting people back to work we are in a position right now to see explosive growth and healing for the state if someone wants to do the right thing and actually make the changes instead of just go along to get along that is always seen the entire time that withersteen an office this is all we're going to see with a person who does nothing but catharine in attack the opponent but has absolutely nothing in the background that would even give her the experience to do anything other than to be a or someone who is a rubber stamped a politician who will just do what she's told because she doesn't have the experience neither one of them do so familiar on all of them so i think that this is debater one i will do another when again the essene and i appreciate i appreciate every one joining us to night because when it comes down to it it's going to be we the people we the people are the answer to all of these problems instead of expecting politicians to you know give them all the power not winterton to be hurt your voice needs to be hurt and the government needs to be cut down and less complicated we need to get barefooted the answer to most of it is competition increasing increasing the competition de centralizing everything there needs to be some antitrust suits that are filed against these cartel industry and oh the in businesses that are cutting out competition and who are also paid are politicians for the regulations that they are putting in place so that they have the advantage this is really common right now where you'll have somebody that works in the government than they get a sweet job and corporation for getting getting legislation pushed through and they go back and forth between the industry as well as the in our government we need to and lobbying to there's so much that needs to be done that i think were set really well if we know if we get somebody such as myself who knows how to give a hair cut to the administrative processes in because this is one of the one of the biggest promise we have the biggest from we have his car because all you have to do is look at the unconstitutional lock down and realize that every single one of them failed they all they failed their own office they failed to protect us it was economic warfare and it continues on so anyhow i there's my there's my run down on this first debate massive failure both of them neither one of a bright anything to the table except for for taking each other no answers same old sesame a old go on get along a taich other and keep us in the dark with absolutely no no hope for my solution out of both candidates which are part of the establishment parties which are part of the so anyhow god bless you god bless at all those whom you love and god bless america we love each and every one of you and i will continue fighting i have several lawsuits that i have filed the latest one is about defending or not even to certifying the twenty twenty election and i think that we've got a good chance at a truly making things right again and having honest and fair elections because if we don't have honest variations your voice has been silenced and we have people who will make those policies you may or may not agree with on the fact that he got in there erroneously and or in an unlawful that is number one so we're going to go go back to that is that we need to go back to the constitution go back to what works protect your individual rights and bring this nation back to one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice you have really