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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/18/2024 Election Infrastructure Crisis Panel & Col. Ivan Raiklin

Published March 18, 2024, 9 a.m.

9am CISA Election Infrastructure Crisis with cyber security and election experts, Jeff Buongiorno and Jason Ickes And Substance abuse expert Stanley Leszewski Jeff Buongiorno is a cyber and data consultant who has worked in the IT field for over 30 years. Jeff built a successful Cyber company that works with US Manufactures in implementing business process and computer systems to accommodate the processes. Jeff accumulated over 100 IT certifications throughout his career and considers himself to be a jack of trade and Master of none. He is currently running for US Congress FL District 21 for a second time. Jeff has been an election reform activist since Nov 4th, 2020. Today we'll discuss a National Crisis caused by vulnerabilities in our election infrastructure. We will try to connect the dots between a vulnerable election infrastructure and the anomalies found in the data, some reaching the odds as far fetched as one in 15 trillion. Jason Ickes - Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Jason Ickes developed a strong sense of duty and patriotism from an early age. His journey into public service began when he enlisted in the United States Army, ultimately earning a place among the elite ranks of the Green Berets. Jason’s military career took him to various corners of the globe, where he bravely defended American values and interests. As a Green Beret, Jason Ickes served in diverse and challenging environments, gaining a unique and invaluable perspective on the importance of fighting for America’s strength and security on the world stage. Ickes has personally fought terrorism and foreign adversaries while also rebuilding nations and fostering multilateral relations. Stanley Leszewski - Border and Fentanyl, Rehab Counselor Stanley R Leszewski, President, American Substance Abuse Foundation @SubstanceL7672 Helping America become "Clean and Sober" one day at a time in which will contribute to the growth and prosperity of our great Nation. Non-Governmental & Nonprofit Organization located in Jersey City, NJ. 10am Colonel Ivan Raiklin After observing the illegally certified 2020 election, he began using his skills and expertise to investigate this constitutional violation and all Federal Government and State Actors involved. Researching their wanton disregard for the constitution over the course of the last 6 years including their illegal politically motivated spying of a President, Retired Army General Michael T. Flynn and former Naval Officer Carter Page. Because of several retweets by a sitting President, and the Federal Government's blind hatred of that President--at the expense of the US Constitution--Ivan has faced at least ten investigations by the DHS, DOD, FBI, DIA, US Army, Office of the Secretary of Defense, US Army Reserves, at least two Contract companies and the J6 coverup committee for his legal analysis of remedying the illegally certified 2020 election in his off duty time in his personal capacity, while fearlessly exercising his First Amendment right. His most well known analysis was the #PenceCard analysis which exposed Mike Pence's Unconstitutional behavior on December 23. And also his investigation of the January 6 and the Federal Government's role in its creation. Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Ivan E. Raiklin, former Green Beret and Constitutional Attorney Served 25 years in the DOD, Intel and Special Operations Communities and DTRA as an enlisted, officer, civilian, contractor on active duty, reserves and national guard across 5 states: IA, NY, MA, MS, TX and 5 continents in five languages (Russian, Spanish, Arabic, French, English-naturally). Ivan served as a Green Beret Commander countering ISIS in the Middle East, Taliban in Afghanistan, MS-13 in Central America, countering Russian aggression as a military diplomat in the Republic of Georgia. Most recently he was an instructor at the Joint Military Intelligence Training Center teaching the US Intelligence intel community and international partners about intelligence analysis, national security and multinational operations. X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Thank you. Good morning, welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and it is the 18th day of March, 2024, and welcome to our show today. You know, I think we're gonna have a couple of really good weeks here with some awesome guests and lots of really good information out. And first, I'm gonna bring on our election infrastructure crisis panel here, the experts in what's going on out there. They're doing a lot of work behind the scenes. And then after that, it's a deep state marauder, Ivan Raikland. And I love these guys. There's such a fun way to start your day. I hope you guys had a great weekend. I had an interesting weekend, really interesting. I'll get into that later, but I want to bring these guys on right away. Hey guys, how you doing? Hey, good morning. Doing well. Thanks for asking. Morning. What's the bloodbath? I tell you. No bloodbath this weekend. How so? Well, you know, we heard Trump's comment. We heard he was clearly talking about how the automotive industry would tank and the dishonest, fake news, state-run media said that they're spinning it as usual. We'll have a civil war and because of Trump's comments, and he's so deranged, except nothing we haven't seen before, but they're really ramping it up. And, you know, recapping some of last week's news, well, you know, two things on the tech standpoint, which has been, you know, Jason and I's focus, and, you know, with Donna, and Donna, thank you for having us, you know, repetitively. I missed you for a week or two. It's good to see you. I'm glad you're with me. I'm feeling great. Thanks for asking. We're going to make America constitutional again. Hey, there you go. Constitution is the way to go. So since we last joined forces here, a couple of things happened, right? First thing is the Delaware, what was the judge ruled in Delaware on early voting? you know is saying that it's not constitutional and you know it's the they went to this to the delaware state constitution and it clearly states that election day not election season you know this is uh it's not a season it says the delaware state constitution says that the election will be election day shall be the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November. We have the same exact verbiage in the Florida Constitution, and they're pretty similar across all 50 states. And I'm not hearing anything, even in conservative media, about that because, well, what have we been talking about here? Let's get some lawsuits rolling. We have to counter Mark Elias. So that's the first thing. Second thing, lawfare-wise, The TikTok bill. I was texting and had a phone conversation with Congressman Brian Mast, and I told him the bill was a disaster. You know, basically, it gives them the right to. It's the Patriot Act for the Internet. That's how I see it. And so there's a negative there. So we have one positive, one negative. And the third positive is the great Mark Fincham and Carrie Lakes scandal. Court of Appeals decision, the Supreme Court will hear it. That speaks to software and how we have outdated technology, how there's open encrypted keys where this is a lot of... All lines up. About a year ago, two weeks ago, 54 weeks ago, we did a presentation at CPAC. We were all called tin hats. We were even canceled by the conservative media. But everything that we said happened is basically proven in this report by Fincham and Lake. So that's my recap. What I think the three most pressing important topics are in the last couple of weeks. Okay. I think those are all really good topics to talk about. Yeah. And then we have local news breaking in Big Rapids, Michigan, that the Chinese Communist Party is cutting down trees with eagles' nests. Did you hear that one? No. Are you kidding me? Yeah, they already started tearing up the land up there for Goshen. Wow, I'm taking notes here. They're filling in the wetlands and they're cutting the trees down. Yeah, so you have some kind of preservation agency called EGLE. Basically, they're breaking federal laws left and right. And the CCP, they're saving the environment with these electric vehicles as they destroy it. Well, you know, I actually wrote a report on that. The thing about that, the comical thing about the environmentalist activists defending that is that one, you're tearing up pristine farmland that, let's face it, plants eat carbon dioxide. If you're concerned about carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels, why would you destroy more plants? Why would you destroy more terrain covered by plants? When you have unused completely within, well, there's two different locations. In the UP, we have leaching ponds that are already in existence that are from abandoned iron mines that they could be using up there, or they could be in Detroit using some of the old factory space that's been abandoned and the land is already contaminated. Why not use those? If you're an environmentalist and you think battery technology is the way to save everything, Why are you destroying pristine farmland when there's plenty of alternatives in the state to use? It's a completely disingenuous argument. Instead, they're not willing to acknowledge the fact that this particular plant is going in just an hour and a half away from where Taiwanese soldiers are training with Americans. That's the bigger issue. This is a national security threat. This is a shame. Every day you look at their stupidity and it just gets worse and worse. Well, it's not stupidity. It's part of the plan. Did I just hear you right? Taiwanese troops training with American forces? What was that? Yeah. Jason, are we going troops? Well, we train with all of our friends out there. We invite lots of partner forces to come train with us. All right, well, you know, it's like you listen to this and it's like, what kind of weaponized bullshit is this, you know? You sit there and look at all of this. And you couldn't even make this up if you were writing a story. The real life has gotten to be so crazier than fiction. You know what else is crazy is that our elections are run by Serbians. Yeah, let's talk about that for a minute because that seems to be a really big, big deal that people should be screaming from the mountaintops. Well, you want to talk about jobs, American jobs, yet one of the most critical aspects of what the Democrats like to call a democracy is being exported to a country which, according to the Global Organized Crime Index, mafia-style groups enjoy significant protection by political figures and prosecutors in Serbia. As high-profile drug trafficking cases and murders have not been prosecuted or convicted. This is the country where the people running our elections, when we have to escalate tickets, trouble tickets, and everything else, all this stuff for this particular vendor that runs a third of the country's elections, and their website even says the specific number of Major counties across the country that they are in, this is where they go to resolve the problems in those elections. Maricopa is one of those counties. We remember all the issues that happened in Maricopa in 2022 and the Cary Lake, that case that just went forward to the Supreme Court. All of those issues, it gets escalated to the Serbian technicians. Well, in a country that I would say is probably Joe Biden's second favorite country in the entire world after Ukraine. Oh, by the way, he's visited Serbia in the past. Yeah, the pictures are out there. He's been to Serbia. Hunter Biden's been to Serbia a few times. There's some more digging to do here, but Based on all the just the outcomes of everything that we've seen in the last four years, I mean, it's pretty safe to say this is probably not the best idea for the security of our nation to have exported such a critical aspect of maintaining law and order, as well as our choice for our voice. Well, it's illegal. You know, it's against the Constitution because it's also a foreign intervention in our elections. I mean, you can quote the law right there and say that it's an illegal activity just based on that. Regardless, you know, it's kind of fun and important to know that they're, you know, breaking the law and they've got organized crime that's going on prosecuted. But at the base level, it was illegal immediately with a foreign intervention. Right. No matter how good or bad the intention is. Think about the TikTok ban. What would that do for this particular company? Trump gets in, he can weaponize that right against Dominion and say, sorry. Yeah, kind of all these problems, they all go back to the root cause of it. It goes right to what Jeff speaks about all the time, election integrity. It's so important about what politicians have voted into office and hold seats and have the power and You know, look at the word integrity. It means when you're by yourself and you're alone with yourself, you're behaving and doing the right things. And you take all these politicians doing all behind the scenes, back door wheeling and dealing. And, you know, Jeff, remember when I first came down to Florida a year ago, we visited someone that you knew and they had like a really high end infrastructure set up and they were foreign nationals on American soil with this really big network. of servers and hardware. I mean, it was unbelievable. And I'm saying to myself, I'm like, you know, why would somebody from another country have something like something so big, such as large infrastructure of a server network set up on American soil? So it threw a lot of red flags in my mind, and I had a lot of questions. And I'm sure if there's one, there's many more. And you take that and you look at it and like, what's the need? You know, what's it all about? Is it dual use? You know, is there something illegal going on? You know, they're not American citizens. Maybe they hold dual citizenship. But, you know, a facility like that, you know, to pop up, you know, in a world of, you know, in a professional world for business is one thing. But, I mean, it's kind of important to start looking at what's really happening. You know, if there's crime involved and, you know, Elections are being hijacked through infrastructure, through CISA and all the electronic voting machines. It's kind of important to look at everything as a collective, take all the information and really see it for what it is. America, they're pulling the wool over America's eyes. You get all these corrupt politicians. people out there and even like with all the narratives, like, you know, Trump makes a comment about a bloodbath. That's, that's the media injecting a subliminal message into or already hijacked society where, you know, Trump now Trump is he's, he's threatening. Well, you look at that, look at the power and the money that they're after. And the fact that most of the politicians are large shareholders in the corporations. And so they've got to have those elections go in their favor in order for them to stay in power and control the money flow. And I did a post this morning about an organization named Tent. And they're working with 200, I don't know, 40 or 60 different companies. And what they did is they wrote legislation. in order to basically give jobs to all the illegals. And I'm not going to say asylum seekers, because that's a bunch of crap. They're illegals that they're shipping in here to economically destroy this nation. And they're going to end up spending a net zero on labor costs if they hire illegals over Americans, displacing us from jobs. And this is all the corporate and economic warfare that's going on there. And the politicians are behind that because they own stock in a lot of these companies. I think Pfizer was one of them. And that's like the sixth or eighth most frequently held stock by our congressmen. You should boycott Tyson Foods. Tyson Foods, yeah. 42,000 jobs. They laid off 12,000 jobs and they're replacing them. Legals that are being hired through non-governmental organizations that represent these 10 cities. You know what's interesting? Americans got to work and 1,000 illegals being hired. You want to know what's interesting about that too is that Letitia James just brought a suit against JBS in New York. JBS is one of the meat packers. It's based out of Brazil. And what did they do? What happened? They brought Tyson in, Tyson's building, and expanding its workforce of illegals in New York. So this looks like this is just the weaponization of our legal apparatus to push a political agenda. There's a lot of political strategic implementation on the Democratic side. So think about this. Think about this. Think about what's happening with the – food supply chain. And think about the 24 or so food processing plants that were torched over the last, you know, since Biden's been in office. Think about China buying up all the farmland. Think about the Supreme Court just overruled DeSantis' law banning Chinese nationals from buying farmland in Florida. So now they can. Think about now they're basically unionizing the meatpackers in Tyson, one in I'm really worried about the November 8th to January 6th, that whole time frame before he- Hold on. Did you just say the Supreme Court overruled the ban on foreign national- The same judge, I think his name is Mark Lambert, he's at the US District's Court of Appeal, District 11. He overturned that. And he also overturned. So this whole scam with NGOs and third party voting organizations. We in Florida, we we passed, you know, actually one good law that said that you have to be a U.S. citizen to register U.S. citizens to vote. And they that went to the same judge and he he ruled against that as well. And that ties in, in my opinion, to I believe that these folks are being these illegal immigrants. They're being registered, registered to vote even before they enter into U.S. soil. And they're picking up the forms. And, you know, the NGOs have a whole organized syndicate. I call it the Phantom, the Phantom Ballot Cartel. that that's what they're doing. And so, yeah, so the U.S. Court of Appeals, District 11 said, no, China can buy farmland in Florida. And they said, yeah, non-citizens can register citizens to vote. So that's where we're at. And we, you know, in Florida, we have a Haitian flotilla on the way well you know this is like reminiscent of Cuba what happened in the in the 80s and I live I was you know living with my grandparents then would spend the summers in South in North Miami Beach South Florida and you know there are there are these Cuban refugee camps under 95 it was like the you know square face was based on that that whole camp When they came over, that was based on, you know, the reality that that was a thing. And now we're seeing it again. And, you know, I'm calling out again that, you know, the state rep, Mike Caruso, who I informed via text that I was approached when I was running for Congress in Palm Beach County by a Haitian organization. for $85,000. They said that they would gather up all the votes and ensure that I won the primary. I sent him a text, and he confirmed. His exact text was, yes, they approached my wife, Tracy, when she was running for mayor of Delray Beach. She didn't pay them, and she lost. But Michael won. So I want to ask Michael, did he pay? Well, I mean, look at what a lot of these people in office are doing. There's a lot going on. Ilan Omar and her allegiance to Somalia. How many of our congressmen are dual citizen with Israel and such? This is nonsense. You either represent the United States. You don't represent other countries. And they shouldn't be having this influence on our elections. And how many people have we seen cross the border that basically said Joe Biden brought us in and they're giving him credit for it. And they're going to walk right in here and vote for him because that was what the plan was. We're being overwhelmed, you know, the open door policy. No one's talking about the resignation of Matt Rosendale, one of the greatest fighters in the Freedom Caucus, because of influence and death threats to his family. He's resigning. I knew something was wrong when he dropped out of the race for Senate, but now he's packing up and he's leaving. So we're going to have a... even slimmer majority and I think that what they're trying to do is get hakeem jeffries to be speaker and on january 6th when they go to swear in um well 20th when is it when they swear trumping on the 20th that uh january 6th when they have the proceeding to to certify the vote that hakeem is going to stand up and do everything he can not to certify the electors I mean did you guys know about matt rosendale Resigning? I heard about that and I heard that there was another judge potentially that was threatened too who had small children and that was the judge that was associated with Fannie. You know, whatever you want to call her. You know we have a definition for what you just described, right? It's called terrorism. It's called terrorism. It's literally the definition of terrorism is is the threat or use of violence to force political change. And that's exactly what's going on here. So you have to ask yourself, where is our counterterrorism? Where is the Department of State? Where is the NORTHCOM? Where's all the rest of the apparatus? We spend billions and billions of dollars to support anti-terrorism efforts. And I'm sorry, but we have to face the face the facts here, and it looks like it's all been corrupted. It's all operating on the same premise and the same machinery and mechanisms to subvert the American middle class. They are trying to cut us out. They want a flat society, which is Marxist, right? I mean, this all comes back to forcing a Marxist society on us, but once everyone's this is equally poor and we're all slaves, then they don't have to worry as much about us rising up against them. I mean, this is, this is just. Yeah. Well, you can see in other third world countries and where they've destroyed it, like Venezuela. And Haiti and such, how this has been political destruction. And it was intentional. You know, Maduro has decided to hold an election to take over the country next door to him and just claim it. And nobody's talking about that out there. It was because they found oil deposits in the Caribbean Sea there and they in the ocean. And they just decided to hold an election and take over this country that has 800,000 people. This is, unfortunately, corrupt politicians will give away our country. They're giving away our jobs to the illegals that are in here, that they've shipped in here. I don't know how many people really think about this. How did they get here? I'm not buying the story that they walked from South America to you know, with their little sandals and their backpacks and such, I'm pretty extra sure that they're full on providing transportation, dumping them off and then, then turning their back. We actually have one guy that, that has worked for us and he said for $200, all they have to do is pay somebody on the Mexican side of the border. They walk right through and the people on the American side turn a blind eye. You look at also the Chinese and Russian influence, you know, in those parts and that'll, and how they're working behind the scenes. You know, it's just like, you know, connecting the dots with the Biden administration and the corrupt politics in the United States, connecting them with China and Russia. And you have China and Russia, you know, surrounding us. You know, Mexico, Venezuela, you know, less than 100 miles off the tip of Florida and Cuba, you have China building bases there. You have Chinese infrastructure in the United States. You know, you got the labs in California. You have Chinese police departments set up to monitor their own civilians, and they're allowing all of this. You know, it's an all-out attack on our Constitution and our country's sovereignty. And you throw all the other political ideologies on top of it, and we have a problem. You could sit here and talk about it for hours and days. Backing up to what elections and what did Chuck Schumer just pretty much demand? That is Israel holds another election. I mean, why? First of all, two things about Chuck Schumer. First of all, where does he get the audacity to even say that? And the second thing is I remember a video when Josh Ornoff and Raphael, what's his name, Warlock or Ornoff, when they both won the Senate, Chuck Schumer was dancing in the streets and saying, now we can change America. And then he went back and they cut it. They redid the clip. He said, now we can change Georgia. But I think that was, you know, a Freudian slip. And they're controlling the Senate. And, you know, from a... from an ease of retaining power, let's call it. I've been putting out this memo from the Department of Justice from November 7th, 2022, where the Department of Justice put this memo out that they're going to 64 counties in 24 states to ensure that the voting rights of the people were not infringed. And five states, Five of those voting jurisdictions are in Alaska. And there's less voters. There's not enough voters in Alaska to even have one real congressional district. There's not even 760,000. I think it's about 723,000. So that's a small amount of voters spread out over a vast landmass. where land mass, where they could control those two Senate seats. And I think that's why the focus is on that. And, you know, we have pretty much rhinos up there, but this is all, you know, getting back. Let's talk about Delaware when I started. So where's the outrage? Why isn't, where's the RNC? Where's Christina Bob? She's the new RNC election. I don't even like to say integrity because integrity is a, it takes, you know, it takes, um, logic and decision-making, right? It's got to be just secure. It's election security. So if we have case law in Delaware, for crying out loud, why don't all 50 states, 40 other states should be on that same path? Early voting is not constitutional. Election day shall be the first Tuesday after the first Monday. It's very simple. It's so easy. Even Joe Biden could understand that maybe. I don't think so. I have no faith in that one. Joe, you can't have your first ice cream cone until the first Tuesday after the first Monday of the month. He would understand that if he put it in terms of ice cream or maybe young children. You can't shower with your niece until after the first Monday, the first Tuesday after the first Monday. How's that? Or sniff kids. No more kids in the White House. Let's throw that in there too. Hunter, you can't have your first eight ball. You can't snort your first eight ball until the first Tuesday after the first Monday. You might go through withdrawals. I know it might be tough, but we're on a budget now. You have a lot of legal fees. You can't snort that first eight ball until the first Tuesday after the first Monday. So maybe that'll help the radical left sink in. You can't protest. river to the sea until after the first Monday, the first Tuesday following the first Monday. Okay. It's very, very simple. Okay. Why can't we just, you know, make America constitutional again? It's not that difficult. One judge ruled in our favor. That's right. Jeff, how do you feel? Do away with all the infrastructure, the electronic voting machines and just everywhere, you know, across the country, paper ballot counts everywhere. I warn against some of that because if we go to just hand counting and there's not good security measures, we already have problems with not having enough Republican challengers in certain districts as it is. The machines do afford some level of backup authentication. We need to do both in all reality. There needs to be a check and balance, but we need participation more than anything. I really like the idea of hand counting precincts with a camera pointed down on ballots with different people tallying in different parts of the room and then one call in and get those machines out because that's foreign interference in our election. I think the machines are a bad idea. I have a question for you. You guys have a lot more knowledge than me when it comes down to election integrity, but I kind of look at it like this. If we could put a serial number on every American piece of paper currency that's out there and detect if it's counterfeit or not and also have money counting machines that count the denominations, why can't we have a similar voting setup? There's no way for a Wi-Fi or any kind of network to hijack a machine that counts currency, you know, paper dollars. And as it's counting, it's pretty fast if we ever watched it, you know, also detox to see if there's a counter for billing there. So, you know, I guess it goes back into, you know, into the security of who thinks about it. I'll speak directly to them. All right. So, first of all, you can't serialize each piece of paper because then they'll know exactly how you voted. So, That cannot have a unique mark on a ballot. However, we do have ballot security measures. There's things called moon dust. There's different security parameters that those printers, those scanners actually look for to make sure that that's real ballot paper and ballot secure paper. So there's actually a very, it's a special kind of paper that is used in our elections. And the Maricopa audit actually found that they were not using the ballot secure paper that they were supposed to be using. It actually found out that they were using multiple identifiable sources of paper from Office Depot to you name it. All of the office stores in the area essentially had gone and uh, grabbed up as much paper as they could right off the shelves. And so you can actually tell based on the composition of the paper, where it was manufactured, and that can tell you exactly where the source was and what batch it came out of. So, um, this it's not, it's not because the security measures don't exist. It's because they're not being enforced. That's one of the problems that we have is the enforcement of election integrity. Um, when we go to file lawsuits to tell us we don't have standing, How does a citizen not have standing to bring charges? Isn't that the whole point of the judicial system is to give you the opportunity? This is ridiculous. So the Delaware court case, the Delaware court case is – The Delaware, the opinion that the judge wrote or the case that was submitted was 16 pages of why the citizens have standing. It was very thought out, very detailed. And that should be the template where we're going with. And we can't give them, you know, we can't have election season when, you know, it's kind of like when the, you know, you'll watch the, all these crime documentaries. Well, you know, when you wait four hours to call 911 about a murder and the air conditioning is turned on 65, you know, 60 degrees to hide, try to, you know, uh, obfuscate the time of death and all these things that are happening when we, you know, when you give them all this time, that's when evil permeates, it needs to be the election day. And I'm just like, I, I'm just surprised how it is that automatically there should be lawsuits filed based on the Delaware case law. And, you know, we came on here and we started talking about, yeah, I want to see a case number. So I was referred a lawyer up in Martin County. I'm in Palm Beach, the next county up. It's called the Law Patriot Firm, which is, you know, that's a nice thing. Hopefully it's not one of those leftist tactics where they, you know, they name it the Patriot Act and everything is, you know, opposite. But, you know, Show me the money. Show me the show me the docket number. That's all I'm saying. You know, we listen. If they can roll out and all this covid nonsense to change the way we vote. Why are we sitting back and taking it when we know covid was a bioweapon attack by the Chinese Communist Party? Why? Why? We could change it back as fast as they changed it. You know, we have a pandemic. We have to change the laws. Oh, OK. Well. We don't want to have a pandemic. The laws violate the constitutional rights of every American. Let's, you know, let's get the RNC involved. Let's get the people involved. Let's get some pocket numbers rolling. You know, we should have like a KPI system. How many lawsuits were started? Okay, we have 42 this week. Like Mark, right? Let's start doing that. We'll have an email blast. Yeah, I have 52 cases in 26 states. We got, you know, we got Mike Lindell selling pillows. Jeff, you know what, though? We need the cases against these people who are allegedly doing death threats against our elected officials. Those cases need to be like front and foremost, because you can't ensure the integrity of any system as long as death threats are allowed to go unabated against elected officials. You'll never have a just system because people will be too scared to stay in there. And that's what we're seeing. People leave office. Because of death threats. They should be rounding these people up and making examples of them. If you're going to pose death threats against elected officials, lock them up. Or worse. This is like a matter of national security. I mean, this goes so much farther than that. If they could get to Matt Rosendale, sitting U.S. Congressman, and even Nancy Mace came out and said, well, I get death threats all the time. And in a text to Brian Mast, he said, oh, I didn't hear. Was it an internal threat? I'm like, I don't know where it came from. Like, does it really matter? He said, well, we get them all the time. So no one's talking about it. If they can get to Congress, they can get to the local guys who have no protection, who serve as elections. Do you remember the guy that got shot for doing death threats to Biden? No, I don't. Was that in Idaho or Utah that the guy that died when they went to go after him, he was a LARPer or something like that, but he was out there posting on, I think, Twitter or something, death threats about Biden, about President Biden. You have to look it up. The FBI killed him. Yeah. I got something to show you. Yeah. I think that video is from Mike Pence days. Yeah, this is Mike Pence days, but it's great. So strike Pence. Pence is a tornado. So, but what? I'm Dr. Joe Biden's husband. And I ate Jenny's ice cream, chocolate chip. I came down because you heard there was chocolate chip ice cream. By the way, I have a whole refrigerator full upstairs. I think I'm kidding. He's hilarious. Just by doing that, we're considered extremists. We talk anything about the democratic ideologies and the political strategies and right away, we're MAGA. MAGA's extremists. They cannot tolerate losing. They are for winning by any means necessary because they believe the ends justifies the means. By the way, that guy was Craig Robertson out of Utah. Oh, is that? That's so funny. So, you know, it's this TikTok thing has got me a little cranked too because I heard a video by someone that is a political individual for another country, said Israel, I'm going to say it, and he said basically that they had to control the Gen Xers and that's what really started the TikTok bill is to control the narrative on The Gen Xers who are really getting things figured out pretty well. You know, people are people are waking up and they know what's going on. So they're they're trying to shut them down and censor it. Yeah, it was. Yeah. What's that? Reliable source. Seventy percent of the posts, the sentiment are are anti Biden on TikTok. Yeah, so we got to keep the CCP going there, which he's certainly not only in the pocket, but working with it. And the really sad thing is I really have a sneaking suspicion that it was Kissinger that really set up the CCP or was instrumental. I don't think he has anything to do with Chinese football. Oh, no. What do they call it? The people are good. And it's the Chinese Communist Party. But, you know, the bill that Congress signed, it gives the president the president. And I, you know, I blessed my congressman, Brian, on this. I'm like, Brian, you just gave an unelected – I mean, he's not duly elected. Maybe he's duly sworn. You just handed him more power. How could you possibly vote? How could anybody possibly vote for that bill when you're giving the president the unilateral decision to shut down a social media site? And the second, I think, moronic thing is you impeach – Alejandro Mayorkas, who is the director of the Department of Homeland Security, and one week you're impeaching the guy, and then next week you're approving funding for him. If you really were serious about shutting the guy down, defund DHS. They're the ones that are orchestrating this border invasion. Mayorkas, you said to criminals, so why are you giving the criminal a budget? Why are you giving Joe Biden, the Biden regime, more power to shut down social media? It's because they're under the influence of who knows what. And the thing is, they could, Congress could. I have to bounce off. All right. Well, thanks for coming on here today, Jeff. And could you share anything on Delaware with us that you have? I wanted to get Jason at you. Want to give you what? I will. I will. It's actually all in our chat that I'm seeing. No, you froze up. I didn't hear what you said. All that information is in our little group that we have. Go in there. I'll repost it so it's up front and center. Jason, you broke up. You said Congress could, and I lost you regarding the terrorism. I was about to say that Congress can actually allocate funding and designate the current border crisis an actual state of emergency and unauthorized all sorts of resources to be allocated to stopping that. But instead, it's become this political narrative that they're just allowing to continue on. I mean, if they were actually serious about ending this thing, they would show that they have and exercise the power they have and be the people we elected them to be, to be the leaders we need them to be. Prove that you know what you're doing, and go out there, declare this a crisis, place the Speaker of the House right now, while he has authority, he needs to do this before he loses more members of the body, because at the end of the day, if they do pull this trigger that they're trying to do with forcing more and more Republicans to back out, he's not going to be the Speaker for much longer. He needs to make the moves now. We are under attack now. that's right this is this is something that you should maybe continue the conversation I'm going to listen I'm going to bounce off here okay well I imagine ivan's probably like my uh hi but I've ivan ivan yeah ivan is a great person to bring this up with you know I know he's laser focused on on january 6th but he's you know he's there up front you know, in personal, in front of these folks. So maybe that's something we can, maybe I'll hop back on when Ivan is back, but I just need to prepare for my morning meeting that's recurring on Monday. So let's make America constitutional again, guys. I'll talk to you soon. I like it. Thanks, Jeff. I'm going to go ahead and remove him a second. So it's us. So let's continue on with this because, you know, this is, you know, to your point that it just seems like everybody's sitting back and nobody's doing anything. They're just watching this happen. They're literally watching the country burn. Yeah, they have the ability to do that, you know, and. And to your point on the threats and the coercion, too, how many people? So now we're bringing this up that this has gone on and has been going on. I think it's been going on for a long time. And you can go back to Epstein and the honeypots there where they threaten. They threaten people that way, but they threaten to kill people. And we know they're killing people. I have a feeling the guy that was testifying against Boeing that they found shot in his car. Yeah. You see that? I there's there's no way there is no way that this guy shot himself. He even said it. And so who took him out? And I think that, you know, we've been looking at K2 and some of these other assassination groups that are within our government who are sent there to clean up. And there and there's not just one organization for it. There's a bunch of them and they'll they'll get on it and There was another one I heard recently. I think it's FAC that we're going to hear more about recently. Have you heard about that one? No, I haven't heard about that one. Yeah, find, assassinate, and clean up. Basically, it started out with the Men in Black. After the movie came out, that department was actually scrubbed. I have pretty good sources that said that it was there that there was a buried source there and they just renamed it. It's coming out on our side. They said, remember this, you'll probably hear this in about 20 years, but they're there. Well, so I'm just going to throw it out there because, you know, screw all of them. And, you know, this also comes back to the point that all of us have decided to step in front of, you know, out in the open here. and not be afraid to stand up for what we know is right and let the consequences fall where they may instead of turntail and running. And I'm going to tell you, I'm really proud of all of you guys for standing up and putting yourselves in harm's way, regardless of the consequences, because they're definitely there. You know, the, the, the threat is definitely there. And I think all of us, uh, absolutely stepped forward in order to do this because I don't know about you but I would rather die than live a day under this tyranny or cower in the corner and do nothing I can't do it and I know you guys can't either no matter what the threats are it wouldn't be worth it for me to to bow to them we've got a lot of work to do we sure do More people, more voices, more people that count. People have to step up. We've got to get involved. We have to have good people. I mean, you know, look at what they did to President Trump, the rightful president of the United States. And people will say, well, why didn't he do this, that, and the other thing? Who's he going to choose from? And this is a discussion we had, you and I had, Jason, before we came online here, you know. We're going to have to have more people because this is the reality. If you know yourself and you know that you're the only one that you can trust in all situations, then tag, you're it. You're going to have to step up and run for something, fight for something, show up as a poll worker, maybe launch a lawsuit, and the threats are going to come. How many judges that are good, though, that are out there have had threats and coercion against their families. I would expect that there's a lot of them. And that means that every single one of these traitors behind the scenes, they are going to have to be brought to justice with merciless, with no mercy. There can be no mercy for this. I would just say that we know that Alejandro Mayorkas denied the, or, Maybe it was the attorney general denied the authorization of the use of the U.S. Marshals to protect the Supreme Court justices after the or actually during the leaked Roe v. Wade, which has never been solved. How is that so difficult to solve? There's not many people in the Supreme Court. They're all right there in D.C., There's only so many staffers. There's only so many ways that information could have gotten out. You're going to tell me with all the technology and everything we have that you couldn't figure that out? How about the J6 bomber? The list just goes on and on that it just makes no sense. The cover up of these manifestos, it's just there's so much that it's just complex. For people who say, oh, conspiracy theories, this and that, it's like, when will you just wake up to the reality that you are being undermined by your own intelligence community? We have been fully infiltrated by people who support antithetical ideology to our foundational principles. From top to bottom, too. Even in this state, it goes right down to the clerks. And there's so many failure points, it's not even funny. But it has to be dealt with. And we can't continue to walk away from this. We're going to have to think in a new way. We're going to have to do things differently in the future. And that probably is going to have to include redoing the way that the elections are held right now. I'm kind of a fan of of decentralizing, decentralizing, decentralizing, breaking up the precincts into more manageable, you know, they need to be broken up into more manageable sizes so that they can count, do a hand count quickly and have it reported up. There's no reason why these things can't be done in a way. Donna. A two hour window to do it. What? They have the election results being reported live. throughout the day, every time a ballot is tabulated, they're connected. Well, not all jurisdictions are connected to the modem, have modems that are connected to the internet, but a lot of the districts have modems. They're actively and reported live to these election vendors reporting centers. They know the vast majority of the election outcome results before the night, before the end of the night, when They actually close up shop. Or six o'clock. Most of them kind of know the direction it's going in. But if you want to do a hand count, I guess what I'm saying is get rid of these foreign interference in our election machines traced back to, oh, I don't know. Let's see. We've got 1.8 million election workers information over on servers in China. as well as the Serbian stuff and all of it, and designate them. I mean, Dominion, I'm going to say that. Maybe they'll sue me. Dominion needs to be designated as a terrorist organization who has helped hijack our elections. No, no, no. Please, let's properly frame it. Transnational criminal organization. There you go. With a squid-like structure where they go, yeah, there you go. I think that's the proper accurate. Transnational criminal organization. Transnational criminal organization. I believe that would be the more appropriate designation at the national security level. Including members of our own government. there's a lot of financial stuff that needs to be dug into all of that so we can identify exactly who's responsible for what's going on there. But I would like to also, before we get to transition to the next speaker here, talk about the combination there of machines and hand-counting paper ballots. Because I know I'm a huge advocate for hand-counting paper ballots, but As I've discussed, there are some flaws in the hand counting paper ballot system. And we do need to make sure that whatever election method we use, we implement all of the security protocols necessary for all of us to have, you know, trust in our elections. And that includes making sure that one, if you have a live camera, there should be a live camera covering all of the election infrastructure and what's going on. That shouldn't be a question of whether or not it's lawful or not. If you pull out ballots from a ballot box, there's no tie to whose ballot was cast by who. So there's no reason that you can't have a camera on that. The separation of the ballot envelope from the ballot, there's an inner ballot envelope. There's no reason that you can't have a camera on the opening of the outer ballot and the validation. That just confirms that that person actually returned their ballot. It was actually received. We in Michigan had almost a hundred thousand ballots that were requested that were apparently never even sent out. And that opens up a whole new reason to investigate what's going on there. I mean, we have issues within potentially the postal service. that need to be investigated. If you recall, in 2020, we had postal worker whistleblowers in Pennsylvania and New York and Michigan talking about backdating ballots, about trucking in pallet loads of ballots from out of state. So there's plenty of things that need to be looked at thoroughly. And we know for a fact that those cases were, we had the one whistleblower came out and said he was intimidated. He was coerced by the FBI to change his story. If the FBI is covering up GBI strategies investigation, if they're covering up malfeasance within the postal office, we keep coming back to the same conclusion and it's the FBI is not prosecuting the crimes. The DHS is not, locking down the border, doing proper limiting. How about keeping Remain in Mexico policy, advocating for Remain in Mexico? How about the Congress actually going in and saying, we're going to just institute the policy under a state of emergency. Our emergency services can't withstand the surge in violent crime within the inner cities and the disruption that's going on. there's so many I mean they called in the national guard in new york this is our country is falling apart from within and it's a result of our own federal government it's not because we have this is the consequence of not holding to account actual election malfeasance stone elections have consequences well we had a coup d'etat in 2020. We have the wrong people in office, and this is the result of it, of what's happening in our country. Well, and to your point, you know, you said that there's a lot of problems within the election. Well, the biggest problem we have is with, to your point again, no holding anybody accountable. The penalties for rigging election in the United States need to be severe. Well, it's treason. Let's be honest. And unrecoverable. If you commit treason, if you commit any crimes in our elections, it's treason. And that's an unrecoverable offense. Just like touching kids. I feel the same way about that too. Or human trafficking. Or drug trafficking. These are for knowledge. They know what they're doing. That's not a mistake. They didn't make a mistake. They knew what they were doing. And we cannot let crime that you know planned crime organized crime that's what it is organized crime well anything in this nation what do you think about returning the favor to all these countries who have opened their prisons and sent their comments here why not return the favor and uh excommunicate if you will all of these individuals who have enabled this crime spree and the disruption and destruction of our country let's just send them right back to where they came from Let's let them deal with that problem. Theoretically, that's a good idea. However, it's the people that are in the countries that will suffer because the governments don't give a rip. And so I think it's one of those things that if they refuse to deal with the problem, perhaps somebody needs to. And we can send them back, but we're just going to create more suffering that way because the governments are in court. Hold on. We know that most of these people come from authoritarian regimes. We think they're not going to. I mean, some of these places that they do in the street executions, I think maybe sending them back might force their hands to have to clean up their own mess. That's a possibility, but I just hate to see more suffering from the people that are in those countries anyway that can't get out because I think they're sending us like President Trump, the rightful president of the United States said. They're not exactly sending us their best that are coming in here. I think that we certainly have to have mass deportation day. There's no two ways about it. People need to be turned around, sent back, never given them a chance to come back again. I mean, if you cross the border illegally, why would we give these people a second chance? I don't see the reason to do it. We also have to hold the UN accountable because they're enabling this entire thing. I see a report here I'm reading now. UN report finds Haitian gangs armed with Florida's guns. FBI arrests Floridians for gun smuggling. And it's just not here. It's everywhere. Did you see the video in Manhattan? The Haitian, he shot the 15-year-old girl in the head on a subway train in front of all those people. I saw that one. Yeah. My hometown is Jersey City. And when I go back to Jersey City, you have people from Mexico walking around the streets. you know, with babies and a sack on their back, you know, selling food, you know, they're living under bridges just like they did on 95, like Jeff spoke about. And it's the same thing all throughout Manhattan. And it's, it's happening everywhere. And it's Florida's on, on a hit list. Now, you know, they're probably going to flood Florida and Haitians, you know, I, I believe, you know, like, like we spoke about, it's all being orchestrated, you know, by higher powers and all these surrounding countries. And, um, You know, we got the mark, you know, we're the ones that are going to take the hit and we're already taking a hit economically and our infrastructure as well. You know, it's it's a combination of so much the corrupt politicians, the corrupt voting, you know, everything is just it's right of war right now. And people just don't realize it. They don't see the bigger picture and. What do you do when you walk up and you're out in the public and you're talking about all these topics and it's so important, people look at you and it's hard for them to believe. It goes back to what you said earlier. Everyone thinks it's a conspiracy theory, but when you take the time and you go through it and you break it all down, you're like, wow, this is real. And, you know, how do you approach the public, you know, a public whose minds are already hijacked from all the false narratives and convince them, you know, what the truth is? You know, I feel it's so important, you know, bringing true logic, you know, to society and educate. And I'm like, you know, let's open our eyes. What do you do and say to convince somebody what's true is true and what they believe is false? Well, you just got to keep talking. It's just like looking at what they've done to hijack the economy. That's absolutely orchestrated. Just like the inflation and all of it. It's all orchestrated. The rise and fall of gas prices. It's to enrich the corporations, which enriches the politicians, which converts mom and pop operations in the community. How many stores? Watch what happened with Whitmer's unconstitutional lockdowns. But she kept, say, all the big box stores open, but went after the small businesses and shifted the power in one move to the big corporations. It gave them even more power, and they knew exactly what they were doing. It's to destroy our communities, to destroy us being able to get together, to function together, to be able to create business. And the backbone of the United States for Americans has always been the small businesses in our communities. I hope everyone out there is patronizing and going to the businesses and buying local instead of the majority. If you can't get rid of all of it, You know, you can get rid of at least a good majority of it. You can go to farms if you're you know, if you're if you look around, there's a lot of farms that you can get food from that will sell and they've got a good quality. And you don't have to worry about what they're putting in our meat or or the milk or anything like that. There's local businesses that actually supply those types of things or eggs. And try to cut down your purchasing and boycott these companies that let's just say are in that tent network. The tent network that is here. Let's see if I can pull it up a minute because I have several companies that are up there. There's like 500 and some on. Yeah, there's quite a bit on that list. There's a lot. And it's unfortunate, but here's the beginning of the list here. And it's a long list, guys. It's a long list. But here you go. Amazon, Manpower Group, Tyson, Blackstone, Hilton, Marriott Internet. Blackstone was involved in our area of putting these high-power antennas online. right in the schools. They're using the schools now to mount those on, and they already know that there's a cancer threat to that. Hilton, Marriott, Cargill, Gate Group, ISS, Hyatt, PepsiCo, Pfizer, and there's more of them. We need to be boycotting these companies because they're right in on it, and they're replacing American workers and our local economies with the the slave state that they all want us to be. It's like a beehive, right? They want us all just to be obedient drones who don't think, thanks to the school systems out there or the American education system, which is just an indoctrination. The colleges where they're money laundering through those colleges, like there's no tomorrow. That needs to be stopped immediately with self-appointed gurus that know everything and all they know is how to indoctrinate kids. to follow in their step to be great little worker drones and compound the problem. We need to have more people in the trade schools. We need to have people in the trades that can actually do something, not just have to go meet at coffee shops all day long and try to solve real problems with theoreticals, which they have no experience in. Try to hire people. I'm going to tell that out there. If you have a business out there like I do, try to hire someone. Try to hire people that, A, want to work, will stay off their cell phones, stay in the game and not create another safety issue because they can't focus. Or you give them a list of things. And there could be a dumpster fire right next door to where they're standing or somebody getting hurt. They'll go back to their list. And it's not on my list. So they won't even look off center. It is a shame. It's an abysmal shame. We've got a lot of work to do ahead of us. I don't think it's... I think it's something that we can in fact overcome, but it's going to take some work. And I think it's going to take some pain too. I tell you, I've been praying for this entire system to come to an immediate and abrupt crash or halt. And I think it's going to be God himself that does it. You know, he's got kind of a track record of throwing people in the desert, which is God's time out for a while in poverty. to have to figure out how they're going to survive here because they've turned their backs on God. God has abundance. He has the ability to turn everything around. But if we don't turn back to God, he's going to be like, you know, mom or dad go, how's that working for you? And throw everybody out in the desert for a while and see if we can get along and learn to work together again instead of just trying to be right on stupid stuff that doesn't matter and really write the things that are going on, not for self-interest or self-gain. but because we care about the people around us. And that day is going to be a glorious day. My hand is out to help someone up every day, everywhere I go. You do an amazing job. And I got to tell you, when you were on the last time you were on, I absolutely loved our discussion we have. And I really want to hear about your whole story about how you took off so much weight, got productive. I mean, talk about, talk about a, an amazing story of turning your life around and truly coming closer to God and having God walk you out of an incredible amount of pain. And it really is amazing. Yeah, I'm grateful for every day I wake up and every sunset I can look at and every sunrise. I should have been dead a hundred times ago. It's a miracle I'm here today. But I found purpose in my life. And, you know, my life is on the path to helping people in substance abuse. That's what I do. And, you know, that's my calling. You know, I don't run around with an S on my chest like Superstan. But, you know, I bring a message of hope and faith that, you know, if I could do it, anybody can. And, you know, it's a struggle. Not everybody's going to make it. But it's so important to bring the logic, you know, out to the younger minds within the school systems and prevent them from trying their first line of cocaine, smoke, trying that first pill. And it saves people their lives. It saves them the trouble of going through the years of substance abuse and how it affects their families, their loved ones. And it saves the economy a lot of money, the judicial system. Drugs is the biggest threat on America. An uneducated country is a less productive and a weaker country. You eliminate the substance abuse problem by at least 20%. You'll see an increase in the country's prosperity and growth substantially. These substances are hijacking the minds of Americans and preventing them from learning anything. They're becoming zombies. And it's been a concerted effort by our government because they have committed crimes against humanity because they're the ones that are bringing it in. Don't don't think that this is not, you know, that this is organic. They're shipping the drugs in. And I just got to say, I really think you guys are coming on here. Ivan's coming in here a minute. You want me to add Ivan? Yeah, let's add Ivan in here a minute. And I got to bring up his, hang on a second because I'm going to stop this screen here because we've got Ivan, the Deep State Marauder about to come on here. Let's see. I'm going to back up here. Let's see where Ivan is because I know he's there. Ivan, come find us. Oh, there he is. And so hang on a minute. We're going to bring him on with all of his glory and Ta-da. And it is Ivan Raiklin, the Deep State Marauder. How are you, sir? How are you? I like that. Oh, wow. Look at that logo. Nice. Nice. We'll be coming out with Marauder merch soon. No. Hey, I got to start off with Donna. Thank you. So I'm seeing here Jason Ikes. Your name has been dropping in my ear over the last year or so of somebody that I've been needing to touch base with. And I'm not sure. I think we may have been on one call, if I'm not mistaken. We've been crossing paths here and there. I know we're in the same email trails sometimes. Yeah, that's true, for sure. I think Velma, is that right? Yeah. So good morning. And then Stan, I don't know if we've ever met. Pleasure to meet you, Ivan. How are you? Good to meet you, sir. I have about three minutes left. There you go. Well, we'll make our transition. We'll make our transition there a minute. And thanks for coming on, Stan. And we'll see you come on again and get your story out. It's such an inspiring success story and just really touches all of our hearts. And I thank you for every single thing you do. in the world because you are truly a humanitarian who absolutely cares and loves people so much and gives them hope. So thank you for being with us today. Thank you for having me. I just want to mention April 2nd, I'll be hosting a venue in Jersey City for the community, bringing them some speakers and a message about substance abuse awareness, the fentanyl problem. and a knock-in training class, you know, and I'm looking to have some of these venues down here in Florida as well. But thank you so much, Isaac. Wait, Jersey City or New Jersey? Jersey. That's where I'm born and raised, Jersey City, New Jersey. You know Kitey, right? Who? Kitey, Real Defender 45. Doesn't ring a bell offhand. You need to meet her. I'm terrible at names. I'm good with faces. Yeah, so if Donna allows it and you guys are okay with it, I'll connect you two. She's definitely a patriot powerhouse in New Jersey. I'd love to connect with her. Thank you. I appreciate that. Yeah, I know Kate. I know Heidi. She's really cool. She's a very nice person, and she's well-connected. Yeah, so wonder twin powers activate. Yeah, there you go. Sounds great. All right. God bless. God bless America. Okay. So we had some questions that we're going to have like a overlap here with you and Jason that we talked about before you came on a minute, Ivan. I hope you have a little bit of time here, like a lot of time, because I'll keep this camera rolling until five o'clock this afternoon. If you're here a few weeks, I got a few weeks. I like that. How are you recovering? Oh, yeah. So I'm glad you asked. So I'm drinking skim milk right here for the calcium. Legs doing okay? No, I'm walking around. I'm almost to the point where I can walk without others noticing and then I'm limping. So it's getting there. Oh, good. I'm swimming. I'm biking. Yeah. You're going to let the deep state deep staters kneecap you last too long. I'll figure out a way to still, you know, just like in the movie. What is that? where he basically says tis but a scratch when he's paraphrasing. That's what I'll do eventually. That's funny. What did you want to talk about with Ivan here a minute? Because we had talked about Serbia and the problems in our elections and the border, and we were all over the place. We were all over the place. Yeah. No, we're talking about what Speaker Johnson can do from a constitutional perspective right now and how inaction right now is detrimental to securing 2025. Because if we allow more members of Congress to fall out, which it sounds like from Ken Buck's statements and what Dan Bongino was alluding to. Yeah, I already talked about this in December of last year, that they were going to probably do this going into January 3rd. So a lot of people don't understand the strategic calculus and the context under which they're making these decisions. When I say they, I'm talking about the China first Republicans and the China first Democrats, both of them, right? And what does that mean? So in order... Most people don't understand that the Speaker of the House is the singular most powerful individual on the planet. The President of the United States is not even close, right? And people are like, well, what are you talking about? Let me explain. The Speaker of the House of the United States the country known as the United States, controls over $6 trillion annually in the allocation of financing into the global economy. There's not a single human being that comes close. Elon Musk pales in comparison to the amount of power that a Speaker of the House wields in order to allocate when they rape and steal the taxpayer dollars of Americans to then allocate it to their whims, okay? whether it's funding 10% to the big guy through the Ukraine money laundering scheme, whether it's 10% for the big guy through the CCP, right? All that foreign aid, it's basically laundering money back to partially the military industrial complex to then be able to, you know, that whole corrupt scheme, going back to the Speaker of the House. When you have that power and you're the speaker for two years, that means you control $12 trillion plus over the course of your two-year term. So when Nancy Pelosi in the 117th Congress was able to facilitate the unlawful breach into the Capitol in order to consummate a parliamentary coup on January 6th, she was then in a position to go ahead and have her lackey in the White House, the CCP surrogate, right? in order to pass the CCP 19 relief bill. Meaning, thanks for stealing the election for us Gavin Newsom nephew. Thanks Cuomo and all the other states that participate in the electoral heist, 39 of them at a minimum. Here's the money that we promised to bribe you with now that I control the six plus trillion dollars. Thank you, have a nice day. That is the Speaker of the House. To answer your question, what can Mike Johnson do? And he also can bring to vote a declaration of war and emergency powers. Absolutely. So what can Speaker Mike Johnson do? I've been saying this for the last few days, and if you look at General Flynn's Twitter account when he responded to Byron Donalds, right now we have Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I like Mike Johnson as a human. I know him. I've communicated with him. He knows who I am. He's busy as speaker now, so he won't return my calls or texts because everybody's, you know, Paul Ryans are reaching out to him to influence and manipulate him. But he is genuinely, from what I hear from other members, they like him. He's an honest person, but he's not strong. He's not strong-willed. Do you think it's a potential that he's been threatened? Because we were talking this morning about the judges that have been threatened and such, and how many people within Congress have actually been threatened, and why isn't somebody going out there and putting these threats down? He's mentally weak. Now, he's not doing anything that I've seen that's illegal, immoral, unethical. It's not illegal. It's not unethical. But then you got to look at it's borderline immoral when he allows essentially the Ukraine funding in order to destroy our country. It's the part of the destruction of America. I'm going to say this. If you had the maximally courageous and unethical Forgiving. I shouldn't say for maximum political and constitutional authority that a speaker of the House does has. This is what I would recommend if Mike Johnson's listening. The following things. Number one. You need to appoint a house sergeant at arms that will go completely scorched earth. What does that mean? Scorched earth. You want bloodbath, folks? Let me explain to you what a bloodbath looks like. OK, number one. He has the inherent authority to enforce subpoenas on behalf of Congress and the Speaker of the House. Remember when Hunter Biden didn't show up and still is not showing up for his public? Well, he already consummated contempt. Why don't we use the precedent that has been set with Steve Bannon, Peter Navarro, Roger Stone? John Eastman, Congressman Scott Perry, Mike Lindell in the parking lot of Hardee's, right? Why don't we use that authority that, quote unquote, the FBI DOJ is using to conduct live stream swattings and raids? Why doesn't Speaker Johnson, under his inherent authority to subpoena, Mayorkas, Garland, Christopher Ray Epps? Mm-hmm. And so on and so forth. Hunter Biden and the entire Biden criminal syndicate. Why doesn't he appoint someone? that would actually physically enforce those subpoenas maximally? And why doesn't he appoint someone that would call on all those that were kicked out of the military that are from tier one special operations units that would be like-minded and happy to enforce the constitutional order to physically enforce those particular subpoenas? knock on the door you don't answer guess what we don't care if you have secret service if you're a white house individual right we don't care if you have fbi protection christopher ray epps and our personal security detail now it becomes a constitutional standoff that your security detail probably won't be in a position or want to protect you but But we will guarantee your physical compulsion to go ahead and go into Congress. We'll detain you until you are agreed to testify to what we have questions about for. That would be number one. Let me pause there to see if you have any questions. Does that take some political courage? Oh, I think it does at this point. That is a massive minimum. And a spine of steel. Right. So, number two. Who discovered us, maybe? Number two. What about, hmm, if the Capitol Police chief and the Capitol Police board are the one, by the way, the Capitol Police, or excuse me, the house sergeant at arms is currently the chairman of the Capitol Police board right now. That is singularly the most influential and powerful governmental group, entity, whatever you want to label it, in the country. And no one knows about it. Here's why. Just like I said, the Speaker of the House is the most powerful based on the money. Here's another reason why the Speaker of the House is the most powerful. Well, and the Senate Majority Leader. Because the Capitol Police Board, which is a three-member body, House Sergeant at Arms, appointed by the Speaker of the House, Chaired by the Sergeant at Arms on an alternating annual basis. So even years, it's the House Sergeant at Arms. On odd years, the Senate Sergeant at Arms is the chair of that Capitol Police Board appointed by the Senate Majority Leader. And then you have the architect of the Capitol. which doesn't ever chair the Capitol Police Board, okay? Just a voting member. So when you have two of those three voting members, you get to decide and dictate every and all law enforcement decisions politically on behalf of the Speaker and Senate Majority Leader through the Capitol Police Chief, because the Capitol Police Chief is the fourth member of the Capitol Police Board, albeit non-voting. So who's currently, let's back it up. Who was the House Sergeant at Arms in July of 2021? Would you like me to put a graphic up here? It's irrelevant because the answer is it was Nancy Pelosi's Sergeant at Arms. And who was the Senate Sergeant at Arms in July of 2021? It was Chuck Schumer's Senate Sergeant at Arms. So those are two or three voting members already. It doesn't matter who the architect is. Okay. So. What are we looking at here? If they want to appoint a new Capitol Police chief, they already have the vote. So guess who the current Capitol Police chief is? Thomas Manger. And he was appointed by Pelosi and Schumer. Now, do you understand why the Cannon Building insurrection in October, no one was really arrested or anything done? Because it was a Democrat op. What about in December when the DNC was insurrected? due to the Hamas caucus, because it was a Democrat op. But when it is a First Amendment free speech activity that exposes an illegally conducted, illegally certified election from 2020, then the Capitol Police Board just labels it an insurrection and then persecutes accordingly. So Speaker Johnson, number two, I'm setting the stage for the number two and the context for it. I've done thousands of hours on this, so I can answer probably any and all questions on this, because I've done this so many times. Number two, Speaker Johnson, in order to prove the Fed's direction that Ivan Raiklin has already investigated and proven, if you want to take it to the next level and explain it to the American public, all you have to do, it's simple tasking. you and your authority as speaker, direct the House Sergeant at Arms as the chair of the Capitol Police Board this year, right now, to go ahead and order the release of all internal documents, communications, filings, everything related to the Capitol Police Board and everything related to the Chief of Capitol Police, former former acting Yogananda Pittman, current Thomas Manger, as well as the general counsel of the U.S. Capitol Police, as well as anything and everything related to January 6th persecutions and document curation before it was sent over to Matt Graves, the U.S. attorney's office for the political persecution to begin and. specifically all communications with the General Counsel of U.S. Capitol Police and Chief of Capitol Police, with the January 6th select committees, staff, members, and most importantly, the staff director, David Buckley. When you look and scrutinize all of their communications and all the documents created, because you can't FOIA it, but Speaker Johnson can order it because his sergeant at arms is the chair of the Capitol Police Board. Bam! Fedsurrection proven and Fedsurrection cover-up proven. That's number two. What are your questions so far? So, Michael Stenger. That was the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms before he was died. Yeah, there was a lot of questions surrounding his... Lots. Yeah, I remember I was one person that immediately started saying, hey, I was crying foul the next day. As soon as I heard about it. You know when I cry foul? It's when, when was the last time a Senate sergeant, look it up in history. When was the last time a Senate sergeant at arms or a House sergeant at arms, who again, as I'm explaining, is one of the most powerful people in the country. And I'll explain why before I answer that. Think about this. If you control all the CCTV footage of the US Capitol grounds, buildings, inside and out, that's number one. And if you are controlling all the internal communications, you know that That is managed by the House Sergeant at Arms., that is managed by the Senate Sergeant at Arms. Can you imagine how much dirt they have on every single member of Congress if they can see all of their official communications and all of the video possible? I'll leave it up to your imagination what may or may not be going on that they can pick up on. And now they have dirt. You see how much power that creates? Are they a member of the Fraternal Order of Police? They have a, what's his name? Gus so-and-so is the chair of the Capitol Police, like Fraternal Order Police. There's a separate nonprofit, non-government, but he's always there at the different hearings, which I saw him last Wednesday. Remember, did you see the hearing for the three-year anniversary of the Pipe Mom hearing? Last Wednesday? Yeah, I was there. And guess what? Sean Gallagher was... I know the Capitol Police and the Capitol Police Board better than any non... I should say... I want to be careful how I say this. Better than any independent journalist, hands down. Better than any attorney that's out there, aside from the General Counsel of the United States Capitol Police, Thomas Tobias. And... Most members of Congress. Okay. Almost all members of Congress. What I want to ask now is, given what we've just seen in the whole Nikki Haley primary, why are any cases being tried in D.C., given the abundance of evidence that there is... Hold that thought. I've got to go to number three. I'm going to go to number three. So... if you control the budget, so like you see how he can leverage his institutions that he probably doesn't have a clue that this could happen. Well, hopefully someone explains it to him. I tried, but whatever. Number three is. Why doesn't. Oh, I don't know. Speaker Johnson ordered James Comer, who's the chair of the oversight committee to go ahead and in unison, because that's the committee that has oversight over at Washington, D.C. Kind of goes into your question here, too, by the way. And so if Jim Comer says, you know what, Mayor Bowser, D.C. ain't getting a budget until you release all the J6 political hostages under your jurisdiction in D.C. And then the next step would be Speaker Johnson under his sergeant at arms. You have the action arm that I talked about, right? You have the research arm. which is going to be staffed almost entirely, first dibs go to all J6 defendants and their family members and their attorneys. order to figure out the feds direction right and then they'll need a live streaming arm just like they did right with the roger stone style raids so he needs to create a a mini department of retribution within the sergeant at arms to unravel and reverse all of this and I'd be happy to lead that effort like don't get me wrong I mean I will volunteer and I i will take zero salary absolutely I'm retired I can I can scrape by as long as we get to the truth whatever the cost So that would be my kind of number three of a point of leverage if he wants to go maximally. Now, I want to hear from him his rebuttal of why he should. Can you have him on, Donna? I would have him on. Absolutely. So, Jason, go ahead with the DC. You just connect me in and we'll have him on and we'll ask him questions. How's that? So, you know him and I don't. Yeah, that would be great to set that up. Let's just say some of the stuff that I – some of the noises that I make, some of it gets to them, but – They all think that I'm nuts and too aggressive and crazy. And I just tell them that they're not even beta. I mean, these are like triple Z listers here in terms of their level of courage. People that are nuts are like a rare brand of genius going on right now. I'm just going to say that. Those are the people, the nuts people that are willing to get out there and do whatever it takes. Providing strategy for maximal lawful action. So now this goes to the next step. which was where I was going with my question, is if you have the sergeant of arms and you bring people in. Sergeant at arms, please. Sergeant at arms to bring them in at the discretion. If you're trying people, you're trying them in D.C., or are you convicting them in the Senate or the House committee? Okay, that's a good question. Let me kind of unpack it here. All January 6th defendants, to include Trump, to include Trump, if you're listening in, lawyers, Mr. John Loro, Moro, whatever his last name is. The reason why you're a J6 defendant is because the Capitol Police Board decided to do so. And they decided to do so because Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer ordered them to do so. Hmm. I just explained to you the Capitol Police Board and how it works. So they use their Title II U.S. Code Chapter 29 Authorities and Jurisdiction. Look it up. Read it. If you're too busy, read two sections. The jurisdictional component is Title II. Take notes, everyone. Section 1967. And when you ask the question, like, well, I asked for exculpatory and Brady material and I can't get it. I know I did this and all the video shows something else and only gets a portion of it. Yeah, dummy, because when you look at Title II U.S. Code Section 1979, the Capitol Police Board decides what video evidence to release, and if the courts, the judges, or the DOJ asks for more information, the Capitol Police Board will just respond with, that's security information, that we're going to decide is security information that we won't disclose to you under our authorities of Section 1979. GFY, kind of like what Mr. Elon Musk said. And so there's no mechanism to get the exculpatory evidence until you have a Speaker of the House that isn't complicit, meaning not Kevin McCarthy, but Mike Johnson, to start the sequence of events in order to be able to start the full release. Going to your question after I set the stage in context. I don't forget it. The reason why the Uniparty has to have these cases in D.C. is so that they can guarantee 100% conviction rate. Step one, curate and manipulate only incriminating or falsely manipulated doctored CCTV footage to fit the narrative. Create two years of a January 6th cover-up committee to create content for the court of public opinion, particularly directed at the judges in D.C. and the jury pool as they hold those hearings of manipulated, curated, falsified, doctored lies. and then coerce and compel U.S. Capitol Police officers to fill in, because there's no audio on the CCTV footage, basically tell them, hey, sign this document that says the following facts in order to support our narrative against our political target. Name your J6 defendant. That evidentiary package is then sent over to whom for prosecution? Jason? The... A U.S. attorney, DOJ, FBI, for then the FBI to stack on top of all that doctor-manipulated stuff their video of supporting evidence to continue to add to the layer of evidence. Meanwhile, the January 6th defendant... when he tries to use his own personal video footage or private citizen video footage that will counter that evidence, what is consistently being done? The judges say, no, you can't introduce that into the record. So what I'm getting at here is, The U.S. Capitol Police Board already stacked the evidence for 100% conviction rate, decided what charges to lay against the J6 defendants because they're the only ones that have the jurisdiction to go after someone that transgressed within their law enforcement jurisdiction. Title 40 charges. And then that is then used by the DOJ FBI to then lay your Title 18 charges because it's now sent over to the DOJ. And then on top of that, put their layer of TDS. And then it goes to the jury or a judge who has already been manipulated and biased and censored into seeing the January 6th public 10 hearings that say that this was the biggest insurrection in the history of humanity. So that is the entire scheme across the Article 1 branch of government through the Capitol Police Board, the Article 2 branch of government and its TDS and the DOJ FBI, before it even gets to the Article 3 branch of government for justice. So all these lawyers that are defending J6 defendants are complete buffoons because they're looking at the problem as a normal, conventional criminal defense case. Let me ask you this. And they don't even look into the U.S. Capitol Police, Capitol Police Board, which is the first layer to the entire problem. Once they show the fraud there, everything else collapses. The DOJ's argument. And the judges and all this stuff will have to start being reversed. Are the judges buffoons or are the people that are handling this, are they buffoons? Are they actually involved in this? The judges have no clue about the sequence either. I mean, these are like 40, 50, 60, 70-year-old people that have never dug in. This has never happened. This is such an inside of the insider's baseball game that the Speaker of the House, a longstanding member of Congress... Maybe like less than half a dozen probably understand what I'm explaining and leverage it to their advantage. I'll say this. When you look at the speaker, I don't know. I sent you some documents, but I have a PowerPoint slide. And it depicts the Capitol Police Board. So you have the speaker, House Sergeant Arms. The president appoints the architect of the Capitol who's confirmed by the Senate majority leader. The Senate majority leader, there you go, appoints the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms. So when you look at the slide, it says there January 6th of 2021. Of all the people that are on this Capitol, I'll call it the Capitol Police Board system. to give it kind of like the broader concept of who's appointing whom. And this is all entitled to US code chapter 29. If anybody wants to like check me on any of this stuff. So everybody in this ecosystem that you see on the slide, everyone since has changed out except for one person. The only person that was there before January 6th, on January 6th, after January 6th and remains in the titled position listed here is the lawyer for the entire Capitol Police Board system. His name on the bottom right there is Thomas Aquinas DeBias. D-I-B-I-A-S-E. His Twitter account is at the nobody guy. The nobody guy. Okay? So he's the one... whether it was Acting Chief Pittman from January 8th to July 23rd, or Chief of Police Thomas Manger from July 8th, 2021 until this very day, it is General Counsel Thomas Tobias' signature block that you will see on every document for criminalization. I can almost guarantee it before it was sent over to Matt Graves for persecution and prosecution. of all J6 defendants and everything related to Jack Smith and Donald Trump stems from two people, the staff director at the J6 Committee in coordination with the General Counsel of the US Capitol Police. Now, do you see how they did this? and how they covered it up and the process of which they did it. Like a lot of people say deep state, I could care less. I'm here to identify the individuals and then the actual actions that they did on the specific dates, times, locations, so that we can have them by the proverbial, well, what castration tools are for. Unbelievable. he a member of the deep state and crush the commies that's the motto of the deep state marauder there you go this is the next one that's from 2024 to the next slide so this is the one as of january 3rd of this year which depicts the current members of the capitol police board system now granted let me so that you're not confused Bill McFarlane, the House Sergeant Army, was appointed by McCarthy. He's still there for Johnson. So you see how much power still is wielded by McCarthy, potentially, even though he's gone? Number two, the architect of the Capitol is still an acting architect because the first act that Speaker McCarthy did when he was speaker and the chair of the House Admin Committee, Brian Stile, who is the committee that has oversight over the Capitol Police on the House side. Don't believe me? Go to Title II, U.S. Code Chapter 29 and fact check me and law check me. But the chair of that committee on the House side is a replacement for Paul Ryan, Wisconsin's first congressional district. OK, was Paul Ryan's district. And then he retired, went over to phone news to manipulate the digital ecosystem from there to provide cover for his operations and his TDS promulgation. And Brian Stile took his congressional seat. Go back the previous slide and I'll show you something, Donna. Who do you see in the top left by Nancy Pelosi? Ryan. Why do I have him there? And underneath him, John Boehner. It's because that Sergeant-at-Arms, Paul Irving, who was there on January 6th telling the Chief of Capitol Police's son that due to optics, we don't want to protect the Capitol because Nancy Pelosi said so, and we don't need National Guard. That Sergeant-at-Arms was Paul Ryan's Sergeant-at-Arms for four years and John Boehner's before that. You don't think that they communicated going into January 6th and leveraged their TDS to guarantee the facilitated entry into the Capitol in order to stop a reelection of Trump because of my advice that I provided McCarthy and Pence's chief of staff, which was to vote by state delegation on the objections, which the Republicans had a 27 to 20 majority by state delegation with three states tied up that would have guaranteed and triggered, well, triggered a 12th Amendment contingent election and guaranteed a reelection? You don't think those conversations were had? Well, if you don't know or I don't know, the only way to find out is for Speaker Mike Johnson to order the chair of the Capitol Police Board, House Sergeant at Arms Bill McFarland, to go ahead and disclose all official and private communications of everyone that I have listed there. You see how this is impactful? We'll see if he steps up and does it. Hopefully he's listening to what you're saying right now. If Tucker Carlson demands it, if Dan Bongino demands it, if Julie Kelly demands it, if name some names. You think all of the media is an archivist? If Joe Rogan, the thing is, is that none of them even understand what the Capitol Police Board is. So we still like, I've been spending three years trying to get them to understand that the Capitol Police Board is the most powerful entity in DC, in US. And when I say that, they immediately shut me off. I'm like, oh, this guy's crazy. He's an idiot. I literally explained it to you. Do they even really talk to you? The media, will they talk to you? No, no. They fear me because I've identified the problem that needs to be addressed. And so the best way to stop me from pushing forward with this is to censor me, to investigate, to find dirt on me. So after 20 investigations, folks, after three attempted entrapments, guess what they found? They don't like you. They found more than four middle fingers. And so when people do that to me, I mean, I just, I like to summarize it this way. Think about merging a constitutional lawyer with a Green Beret that also was a subject, like an instructor teaching intelligence analysis at our premier intelligence community institution at DIA. I think there's a term for that. And I don't know if there's a rated G version of that. Maybe there is. You messed with the wrong dude. And so now you weaponized me against you. And now I'm coming for you maximally. Do I have addresses and where these people live that are on my deep state target list? Absolutely. Do I know their pattern of life? Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, if you've got that, I got a question for you. Have I read the U.S. Capitol Police Policies and Procedures Manual to basically support everything I'm telling you right now? Maybe or maybe not would be the legal proper answer. I got an idea that that's your bedtime stories that you sit up all night and you read those things. That's their Krampus stories. I recorded yesterday on Cowboy Logic on Real America's Voice. They're going to air it in a couple weeks and hopefully by then we'll still have a Speaker Johnson. Oh, this answers your other questions about the Ken Buck thing. Back in December of 2023, which was last year, I basically said the way that they have to control the Capitol Police Board to continue the coverup, right? And to retain power. So in 20, think about this, in 2021, after the illegal election was consummated on January 6th, and then Schumer took over, the Capitol Police Board was in the control of the Senate Sergeant at Arms, Karen Gibson, you see there on the map, on that diagram. So then they're safe, right? Because the Democrats control it and they can continue the cover up and the video released and all this other stuff. In 2022, it was the House Sergeant at Arms. OK, Nancy Pelosi's chaired the Capitol Police Board. They can still cover it up. 2023, it goes back to the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms. Karen Gibson, once again. Chuck Schumer's Sergeant-at-Arms is chairing the Capitol Police Board. Great. So they've been able to, for three years, cover it up. But then in January 3rd of this year, the dynamics changed. So I argued back in December that the Democrats are going—the Uniporty is going to try to convince— Five Republicans to either retire, resign something right or switch over and essentially vote for Hakeem Jeffries to become the speaker of the House. Why would they do that? It's because. They need to control the chair of the Capitol Police Board. which is now releasing the footage, which is now gonna show the feds direction. The Oversight Subcommittee on House Admin is doing all the investigations, because they're the subcommittee that has specific oversight role and capability of the Capitol Police Board. They're getting close. So as that gets closer to fruition, and they're about to put out information to strike the January 6th report's record, from the congressional record, because that's what the evidence shows, I suspect you're gonna see, oh, I don't know, here would be my thoughts on who it could be. Mike Pence's brother might say, ending my career as a member of Congress early. So now we're down to a plus one. I don't know, David Valadao or Dan Newhouse could be one of them. Two of the 10 impeachment voters that voted to impeach Trump based on the Fed's erection. So they would be in a position to try to cover up their tracks, right? Who else? Don Bacon would be another one. And then the ones that didn't vote to impeach Mayorkas would be on the top of that list as well, because they're kind of done politically. One of them is Mike Gallagher already announced that he's not going to seek reelection. So it'd be easy for him just to say, you know what, I'm out. Because Mike Gallagher is yet another Paul Ryan lackey. So if Paul Ryan was in on the Fed's erection, he's going to call his lackey Mike Gallagher from Wisconsin and say, hey, buddy, I think it's time to retire early so that we can hand the gavel over to Hakeem Jeffries. And then he can appoint the next House Sergeant at Arms who will chair the Capitol Police Board. And we just by the skin of our teeth were able to stop the Republicans from exposing the Fed's erection. Or I should say from Ivan Raiklin from exposing in detail through the proper venue and mechanism, not the courts, not the DOJ, but through the oversight committee that has the authority to pierce that veil of secrecy and through a complacency compliant versus complicit Speaker of the House. I was so heavily involved in trying to block McCarthy from gaining the gavel in January of last year. And I was so heavily involved in the months leading up to that motion to vacate that Congressman Gates finally laid and we were able to pull it off. Because why? I identified the problem and where, where the crux of the problem is and how to solve it. It was layered. It was phased. Like we have to remove the complicit. We have to first win one of the houses we did with the house, with the house of representatives. Then we have to have a compliant, not complicit speaker of the house that took us almost a year to remove McCarthy. And so now we're up to October 23. Now we have to educate this, semi-compliant Speaker of the House and now the committee that has oversight to go down the path of where they need to identify some of the evidence to prove the Fed's direction. I'm not quite there, but I'm almost there. And luckily, Steve Baker finally realizes that he mentioned a week or two ago on The Blaze that he now realizes the Capitol Police Board's power. And so I have another journalist on my side. So now we're up to two people that understand. In addition to, when I say two people, I'm talking about outside of the system. And that, who was in the system? Like Chief Sund clearly understood it, right? The former Capitol Police Chief. Tarek Johnson clearly understood it. But like, they've been explaining this for years. And I've been explaining this for years. So hopefully with your help, Donna and Jason and those listening in, Maybe just maybe you can clip this out or take Cliff's notes to smack in the face your congressional representative in the House that they must get Mike Johnson to compel what I just explained of the House Sergeant at Arms. All three of those things to include all the internal deliberative documents of previous and current Capitol Police Board members to prove the Fed's erection. And it has to be done before Ken Buff retires, which is next week. And if he doesn't do it, then there needs to be an immediate demand for its motion to vacate. Immediate. I'd rather have nobody in there than somebody not doing their job. It's the same thing. I'd rather have no funding of the weaponized executive branch with no speaker for the duration of infinity. until we can get our house in order. They can't do any damage that way. Isn't there a vote next week? Isn't there a vote next week on funding for DHS? That's why the timing. If we can vacate them, then there's no vote. Jeff, if America decided to do what we're talking about right now, Jason, like, We would have already won by now. But the FBI censorship industrial complex has forced people into thinking that all of us here are wrong or name the pejorative and diverting them to like follow. Hey, why don't you go ahead and look at how cool it is? Or let's go ahead and look at to disrespect the flag. Hey, Jeff. That's all I got. And then what about the Flynn movie? Oh, that's never all you got Ivan. So, so I know that Jeff had some questions that you got, you got information for days and I know Jeff wanted to ask me a couple of questions too. And then we're going to go, then I'm going to move on to the, to the Flynn movie. So thank you. Ivan, what's going on with Rosendale? You guys talk about that? I bounced off the call. Matt Rosendale's resignation. What do you mean resignation? The coercion and the threat to him. Matt Rosendale is resigning from Congress. When did that happen? I saw an article in the Montoni, whatever, Thursday. Thursday. I'll shoot you off that info. Now we got Hakeem? Yeah. No one's reporting him. Let me take a look. He got death threats to his family, himself. Let's see. I'll shoot it off to you now. Drop it in the chat. Alright, so when is he going to retire? At the end of this Congress. I don't know if he's... No, it says at the end of the term. At the end of the term? I wonder who's threatening him. Exactly. I would say Kevin McCarthy's behind it. I don't know who McCarthy is. What do we call threats of violence against political figures to coerce political change? That's terrorism, isn't it? It is. It's called terrorism. We have a whole lot of money for that. Hey, before we go, I just remember one thing. If I may, Jeff and Donna, can you pull up the video, the Deep State Marauder video of me confronting the two most important people that we need to create leverage over in the Capitol Police? I believe I can. And before you press play, just pause it on that opening screen so you can read the text on the video. Is this, you sent me a bunch, is it Matt Gaetz? No, no, no, not that one. It's basically a screenshot with a bunch of text overlaid on it. And it was a tweet that I sent you related to the Capitol Police. So if you can pull it up and then just pause before you press play. Let's see. Hang on one second. Let me pull it up here. Technical savvy to do all this. Yeah, let's start with that. Tad Tobias, Hughes Capital Police General Counsel, instrumental to the Fed's direction cover-up and treasonous sedition conspiracy. The only person still there before, during, and after J6. What does he know? What is he hiding? Speaker Johnson can order his house sergeant at arms to go ahead and check it out. Now open up the other tweet that I sent you. Do you see this one? I've got a couple of them here for you. Yeah, the one on the left. Play that. Start it from the beginning and just pause it. because I want you to read through that. This was three years late, assessing the law enforcement response to multiple pipe bombs on January 6th, 21. Hearing date was March 12th last week, subcommittee on oversight. That's the committee that I told you about that's chaired by Barry Loudermilk that has the ability to look into the Capitol Police and oversight and make them squirm. That's why I've been working with them for over a year. All right, so here's the video. Bring it up full screen. Me in the hearing room. and then the chief. That was Mickey Widhoff, Ashley Babbitt's mom with Nicole Reffet, who's a wife of a J6er, goes up to the general counsel, Tad Tobias, as he walks away when he sees me bringing up the camera. He starts fleeing, and she asks him, Nicole does, when are you going to have what's his name? Michael Byrd testified to the murder of Ashley Babbitt and he walks away. And I try to catch up to him, but unfortunately I didn't have my scooter or anything with me and my bum leg didn't allow me to get, you know, keep up with him. So I'm going to weaken state temporarily as the deep state marauder, but you can see I'm still in their face. And as I sat down behind the general counsel, I whispered in his ear when I walked into the room, because I came in a couple of minutes late by design. And I watched the video on C-SPAN to see where everyone was sitting so that I can forecast where I could sit going in because most people don't show up. I sat right behind him and whispered, hey, Tad, Ivan Raikland sitting right behind you, bud. He looks back and he's like, oh, I'm coming for you, buddy. It's hilarious. Yeah. Absolutely hilarious. Well, I'm going to thank Jeff and Jason for coming on, and then we're going to continue on with the Flynn movie stuff coming out, okay? Awesome. Wait, what about that second video that you just had? I have another one. All right, guys. All right. You're catching up, Jeff. Thanks, guys. Hey, good seeing you, Jeff. Good haircut. So there we go. Okay, so do you want me to show another video here, or what do you want me to do? Yeah, can you play that second video? I think that's pretty impactful. Let's see. We've got the Flynn movie. We've got... No, it was in the same clip. It was in the same tweet that you just had up. Hang on one second. With that previous video you played. All right, hold on. As far as we know, the perpetrator could be sitting here in the room with us. All right. As far as we know, the perpetrator could be sitting here in the room with us, correct? Their identity is currently unknown. It could be the perpetrator who planted these bombs could be watching us on TV. I'm going to start that over again. Yeah, so this is one of my epic troll jobs. Sitting here in the room with us, correct? Their identity is currently unknown. It could be the perpetrator who planted these bombs could be watching us on TV, right? Correct. So there you go. A lot of Twitteratis, basically some of these big libtard CIA-affiliated accounts, want to basically pin on me that I'm the pipe bomber for January 6th. Meanwhile, if you did any sort of 10-minute search online and take a look where I was on January 5th when the pipe bombs were being placed, I was at the Freedom Plaza in the VIP tent. where there were speakers and whatnot. So I was there. She's losing it. She is losing it. Hilarious. Pause that right there. And I'll explain. So as you look here and you see where the guy on the, all the way to the left, just to the left of Mickey Witthoff, That guy right there is the General Counsel of the United States Capitol Police, Thomas Aquinas Tobias. He's looking at the TV up in the, it's basically hanging on the wall. He's looking up at it. See where his eyes are? Yeah. In that direction. He sees exactly what we're looking at right now. And he knows and sees that I'm sitting right behind him. And then as she asked the question, the domestic terrorist Democrat on that congressional hearing, and she asked, is it possible that the pipe bomber is in this room here with us since we haven't identified him? I was like, well, and the guy answers, I don't know. It very well could be. And then Tobias is looking up. And the reason why I smile is because Tobias knows. I argue that he exactly knows who the pipe bomber is, but he's part of that cover up to make sure that it is not uncovered because it was a it was a distraction in order to facilitate the breach of the Capitol to stop the reelection. and facilitate the coup that they did, right? And so when she asked the first part of the question, I point to him saying, oh, he knows exactly who it is, right? And then she asked, is it possible that he's watching? And I also smile and Mickey sees, she looks up at the same TV screen and sees my, you know, my Cheshire cat smile and knows that I'm trolling. Cause she also knows that a lot of Twitterati claim that I'm the pipe bomber and she knows exactly what I'm doing. Just to ruffle feathers. They really, they really have named you and said that they think you're the pipe bomber. Yeah, absolutely. Oh my God. You know what? Okay. So I know a friend of yours, Jonathan and Kegel, you know, Jonathan, right? think so yeah it rings a bell I think so yeah and uh he he was pointing out the pipe bomber plus I saw the footage of it really saw it and once I really looked at it I was like it's a chick that's a girl there isn't a guy on the planet that has hips a real a real a real guy okay that has hips like that it looks like a girl in the that's a pipe bomber Yeah, I don't know. I can't tell. I can only guarantee you that it wasn't me. But for the Twitterati, if it creates a little aura and more clickbait, then please, by all means, if you think I am, please make me trend. Please continue to make me trend. Pretty extra sure that what I saw was a girl, and I'm not confused. If you go back and play it one more time, you can see me pointing to the general counsel. I made this clip and I tried to focus in on my face looking at him because he's the perpetrator that knows exactly about the pipe mom. He looks scared too. In my opinion. He knows you're sitting behind him and he's scared. You've got that look on your face. What the hell? As far as we know, the perpetrator could be sitting here in the room with us. Terrorist. See my finger? I point to him. Let's see. All right, missed it for just a second there. Let's go back here. And then Mickey's like, oh, I've been strolling. Let's see if we can get your finger pointing to him. No, no, keep going to the right. We'll get you. Look at my hand. Keep going, keep going, keep going. See that? Right there. Identity, that guy. Yep. The General Counsel of the U.S. Capitol Police, Thomas Aquinas DeBias, or DeBiasi is how it's spelled. His Twitter account, The Nobody Guy. Elon, if you're listening in, why don't you just release all of his direct messages today? See, that would be another thing that would be real helpful is having Elon just put everything out there because we know that they're doing stuff behind the scenes. I'm even willing to disclose all of my DMs. I'm willing to disclose all of my DMs under the condition that he also disclosed the deep state target list DMs that I have in my list. Ooh, throw it down, Ivan. Like I'll match your DMs with my DMs. Let's go. If that's what it's going to take to release them. I'm absolutely speechless. I don't even know what to say. Like you said, very few people know what's going on. I wouldn't know what's going on if you hadn't been out there doing the investigation on this and putting this together because you are on the ground in D.C. Keep in mind, I talk to U.S. Capitol Police officers every time I'm up there to get a little bit here, get a little bit there. The people that were there January 6th, they're still up there. A lot of them, like I would say most of the Capitol Police know who I am. I'm sure they know who you are. And they know I play by the rules. And so even though they may have been ordered to like, hey, if Ivan scratches his head wrong, like do something to him. I'm sure that some of them were told that. But the thing is, I'm playing by the rules. And they hate it. And so they have to like run and hide. But I'm focused more on the executive branch scum right now. But it was good to see Tobias and the chief of Capitol Police. I spoke with both of them. And Tobias, he refused to even acknowledge me after the first time when I said, hey, I'm sitting right behind you, bud. He's got guilty as hell written all over his face. Oh, totally. I'm sorry. All you got to do is look at it. I have another video coming out soon showing him ignoring me. But guess what? I ain't stopping. That's funny. All right, Flynn movie, let's go. And then I got to roll. Special part of being a bullhead that works well for all of us. So here we go. I've got a couple things out here. We've got some trailers here. So Ivan asked me to be the point person for Michigan for the show in Michigan. And you have, I was going to talk to you about this today. So we're just going to do this live here. You have 32 different events going on, correct? Actually, there's more. We just added four venues because the demand is through the roof. That's cool. So I really I really any anywhere you need help, I will jump in because I had over 20 volunteers in less than two hours with more coming for Michigan. And we're going to be able to. Oh, there you go. There he is. Here's a guy general. Come down, deliver the truth, the flavor, the cost. That's right. And I'm going to. Yes, that's amazing. But I'll help. I'll help with this any way that you need. Awesome. You gathered it. Just send me that consolidated list so we have it and then we're ready to roll. Yeah, I'll do that. So anyhow, here, let's put this trailer up. We've had great leaders. They understood that there was something not right. And Eisenhower was really the first to warn the nation. There's this thing called the military industrial complex. We've got to be careful of it. Fast forward to to John F. Kennedy. He actually called out the CIA, made the comment, I'm going to break it into a million pieces. And you have to ask yourself, what did he know? So for 40 years, we have this Cold War, giant, giant programs that are being built. But that Cold War, it gave rise to the things that President Eisenhower and President Kennedy warned us about. The military industrial complex, the intelligence services at the time, We now know that Infinity's assassination were part of his demise. It's like, how did we ever get here? Okay, so that's trailer number one. Ivan, are you out there? Let's see. And we're going to go ahead and go to Trailer number two. Hang on. Yeah, I'm here. I thought you were going to play a couple trailers. Yeah, yeah. I'll go further. We've got this guy here. Takes me a minute. Hold on here. Oh, this is the... Hold on here. And we will get this one up. See, this is what happens when you're running all of the screens. Sound's rolling. All three cameras, we're good. And we're speaking. Is there any regrets that you have in life? I should sit here and say, yeah, I got a lot of regrets. But when I look back on my life and I understand the lives that were lost, I mean, I'm sitting here with Yeah, at the beginning where he says, yeah, I got a lot of Regrets. And he stops. I wonder what the beginning of, which is really funny. Yeah. I got a lot of, and then you heard in the background, Devin Nunez is talking about him and then Tucker Carlson. Those are those voices. Yeah. I like Tucker. I think Tucker's fun. Deliver the truth, whatever the cost. There you go. All right. That started in 2010. I got the story behind all of it. Here's Michael Flynn Jr. It's really, it's truly incredible. So, you know, we're talking about, we're doing the border. I'm going down there. We've got the show lawn border. We're exposing what the mainstream media doesn't want you to see. But when you talk about lawfare, when you talk about destroying somebody's life, you look at what they did. Now we're focused on it. Now what they're doing to president Trump, but think about what they did when he was president to all of the people in his cabinet as his advisors. I mean, they went after everyone and none more so than the general Flynn. I mean, what they put your family through is truly incredible. Yeah, so it's pretty incredible that it's been almost eight years since this began. Wow. And I tell you, 2016, 2017 was quite the whirlwind. I mean, it kind of got to the point where you never thought it was going to end because there was another legal filing or something else would happen. And you just kind of have to be as patient as you possibly can with the legal process to the degree that you can be because it's absolutely infuriating sometimes. But we got through it. I mean, we ended up, you know, switching lawyers kind of midway through because remember Sidney Powell, she kind of came to our rescue in 2018 and really, you know, got on a lot of the, you know, a lot of the news stations and was, you know, was really kind of calling out, you know, the corruption that was, you know, the Mueller investigation that really began in 2017. So, you know, once she kind of came into the picture, Bill Barr ended up uh you know hiring a u.s attorney to decide this guy jeff jensen to do a six-month review of my father's case ultimately uh they ended up dropping it in may of 2020 which you know should have ended it there but then because of the the election season we had a corrupt you know judge in dc judge sullivan that decided to hire his own lawyer just did a bunch of unprecedented things to keep the case open until you know the november 2020 election was decided so is is the book First time ever that a judge after the prosecution dismissed the case would not let the case be dismissed administratively. Because all it requires is a judge's order to be like, okay, since the prosecution drops the case, it's literally fait accompli. They just got to sign it. He wouldn't do it. Because Obama and Eric Holder said, nope, you have to force Trump. to pardon him so that we have some dirt on Flynn amidst all the curated bogus lies and the whole illegal spying scheme so that he's got some blemish on his record. So most people think that Flynn was in jail when you ask him. He's a convicted felon. Meanwhile, he was never convicted of anything and his charges were completely dropped, all of them. That's how the media manipulates the whole country. So now this is the opportunity, this documentary movie and the tour that he's going to be doing. And I'm honored to be part of the whole thing. You're helping out, obviously, in Michigan, maybe a couple other places, you're saying. We're going to use this as a platform to explain to the American public uncensored in person. because it's going to be a meet and greet. It's going to be showing of the movie. And then there's going to be a Q&A afterwards. And I'm going to be in some instances on the Q&A panel explaining, because I had a first or second row seat to all of this since 2014 for the last 10 years. And there's a lot of stories behind. Some of it's not in the movie because you can only fit so much in a couple hours in the movie from his family's perspective. And then me being kind of the voice of those in our Department of Defense, that are critical thinkers that saw exactly what was going on and how the Hussein and failed vice president Biden, a criminal syndicate weaponized against the most respected general in the ranks. I'm going to say that he's going to go down for some of us already. He has already got going down as the most consequential and respected general since George Washington in our, in our nation's history. But I think America is going to catch up to that once they see what happened. He changed the course of history and everyone, General Flynn did and Admiral Rogers did and a lot of really good people. But we can look at an individual who stood up and refused to capitulate. I'll never forget the video where they asked him to change his testimony and he set that jaw and it was absolute defiance and And it's one of the greatest moments in the history, in my opinion, in the history of the United States, of one man that just sat there and was just like in your face, would not fold, did not consider himself or the consequences that he was absolutely going to experience from not bowing to them. And I got to tell you, I am so proud of him and I'm proud and honored to know him. I'm so proud and honored to be a part of anything that sets that record straight to stand in, you know, no matter, you know, whatever the consequences are. And I'm going to say it out there for Michigan because I'm also going to help work. And I've already reached out to work with it with people down in Ohio because they are my friends, Judah and such. They're my friends down there. And we we all of us have to come out when one of us is is experienced something that is unlawful or or tyranny at the hands of our government or targeting or entrapment or coercion or anything like that. That's where we as the American family. not the unlawful government that we've been talking about, not these criminals that deserve to be tried and executed for treason. They deserve to be tried for treason. They deserve to be executed for treason. We cannot let this stand. And our responsibility as Americans is to come out and make sure that those voices are heard and not hidden, not swept under the carpet by these criminals, which you have brilliantly outlined in the Capitol Police in D.C. And I just got to say, I'm really glad that we have you in D.C. and people like you that are not just no, but oh, hell no. And we are not going to bend at these people's behest, coercion, threat or anything. We're going to stand and we're going to carry this thing out to the end. You threatened me. You just weaponized me against you in a way that you're not willing to withstand. I understand that mindset. I really do. Because we cannot fold to these people. If somebody threatens you, and I've always wondered about that. What would make a person fold for that? If somebody comes out and threatens you, you should be screaming it. Instead of running and hiding, you have to face it and run. Yeah, I sharpen my forehead so that I can headbutt with more force. I get my cowboy boots on because, you know, I'm pretty extra sure that all of this stuff, you know, we can put a boot right up the rear end amongst other places, you know. But that's that's what's going to have to happen with with Americans is we're going to have to come together and we're going to have to be on. Yeah. And again, the most peaceful headbutt ever in the history of humanity. What's that? The most peaceful and patriotic headbutt in the history of humanity, of course. Oh, yeah. And I'm sure that's going to be the case. No, so I'm glad you're part of the team and helping out with the movie launch. It looks like we're gaining some traction. Let's take a look. If you pull up that last tweet that you just had up with the last video, there were four pictures, I think. You can see there that good old, even commie Amazon is, if you look at the DVD category, And the pre-sales have started, I think, a couple of days ago, two days ago. Yeah, we've got number one. If you click on the picture, look at that. And special interest is number one. Let's look at some of the previous ones, the other pictures. No, not that one. But if you go to, I think I sent it to you in a picture. I do. Hang on a minute. We've got. No, I think I sent it just in a regular text to you. You know what I did? I put it on my number one in Amazon in all in every category. DVD presale. Hang on one second, because I know where I put it. I actually put all of your screenshots in my Telegram channel, which is at Brandenburg. The number four. Am I? I like I like Telegram because they don't they don't censor. And OK, let's go back here to these pictures here. Yeah. All right. So here we go. This is the kickoff event right here. And we'll have more of these coming up. Michigan is May 6th. So Michigan, May 6th, Ohio, May 7th. And everyone it's on your, I'm telling everyone to show up to that. We have to show up to these events and support the people's general, general Michael T. Flynn. He is such a hero. And, and, So many of us just love him so much. You know, he's family to us. And I couldn't be prouder to stand with anyone in my life. And that's true. Here's the bus. What a great face. He has a great face. That's pretty good. Yeah. He's got an unwavering. Try me. Look at the look in his eyes. Just try me. You're going to deliver the truth, whatever the cost. I love how they. That's exactly it. So there's the Amazon. Yeah, it's number one. It's good. I mean, they're going to censor it pretty soon. It's still number one. But look at it. In the category of DVDs, it's above Oppenheimer. Yeah. That's crazy, isn't it? So there's going to be. I mean, the people, people save them. So I remember he did an interview on Epic Times, one of his first one. When he finally came out public again, he said the American people were basically like a buddy when you're scuba diving and your tank goes out, you're out of oxygen, something goes wrong with your equipment and you got to start buddy breathing. Otherwise, you're not going to survive when you're scuba diving because there's no oxygen. So he basically felt as though he was in a position when the whole Uniparty deep state went after him. He was all by himself and he couldn't breathe. The American people basically mobilized and said, hey, here's our regulator. Why don't you start breathing? And there were millions of us out there and every single person that stood with him unwavering without being captured and be going stupid by the media. You know, they threw at him in the media. They threw at him. oh, he said a prayer, blah, blah, blah. I'm like, this was such a, this was- They're trying to find anything that's like totally- Anything they can to derail us. And I've said this for a long time. The greatest threat we have in this nation is the American people who stop thinking and stop going back to law, stop critically thinking and not just go, uh, like- Let me say something real quick. He knows where the bodies are buried. and he knows who buried them. This is the film your government does not want you to see. These people attempted a modern-day assassination of General Flynn, and he survived. Now it's time for him to tell the public about all of it. That's basically what the movie is about. I'm going to be on the tour, so join us live for the showing of General Flynn. Deliver the truth, whatever the cost. And you know what? I really love this because President Trump said it too. We have it. We have it all. I do believe that the good guys are in charge. That's what I do believe. I have complete faith in that. So last year when I had lunch with General Flynn. To a certain degree, though, it's going to take every single one of us to finish this fight. We don't just look at people and say, this person is going to step in and save me. Anybody that says that to Donald Trump, to President Donald Trump, in my opinion, is a traitor. Because when we put people in office, we are required. It is our duty to stand up and stand behind them and not move, not waver. And so the American people, I don't care if Jesus Christ came back and was walking on the planet right now in front of us. It's not for us to sit back and look at them like a bunch of baby birds waiting to be fed. Our job is to step up there and stand with each other as the American family, unwavering and refuse to watch any of us be damaged, character assassinated, assassinated. And to be smart enough not to be stupid and follow the narrative. It's required. A hundred percent. And so this is our opportunity to set the record straight in a way that's uncensored by the FBI and their surrogates over at fake book and, and Insta garbage and commie tube at the Washington compost at the New York slimes, raw sewage, Roy tards, or any of these chump organizations, whether it's all but chumps, ABC, nothing but chumps NBC or a chumps broadcasting system, CBS, right? We're going to take it to the people, uncensored, in person, and you're going to start seeing more on X, following up, Flynn movie on X, Truth, Getter, Telegram, Gab, Rumble, Clout Hub. You're going to start seeing more of it. We're doing a special on Friday on Clout Hub with Pete Chambers, myself, and the general. We'll be talking about the movie. Well, I tell you what, you give me the links and I will pass them on to everyone that I can. And I'm going to give everybody a task today, a job. Because we're doing the free speech platforms only. And that means those that exhibited the ethos of delivering the truth, whatever the cost. When the censorship regime started to escalate and these different platforms were created, we're going to join forces with all of them in order to essentially not only advertise, but use them as a platform of choice to get the truth out. I love it. And every single person out here, here's your job that we're going to give you today is take this information and pass this on to all your networks, the social accounts, social media networks, to your friends, to your family, you know, do it through text, email, call whatever carrier pigeon, you know, who knows, but give wings to this and help get it out there. And above that, say a whole bunch of prayers for the protection and for the opening of people's minds and hearts. The most important thing that we can do is turn to our heavenly father and ask for his blessing and his favor and on all of our activities to get this out there for the truth to be told and to stand on that truth with courage and strength and honor through the strength of our Heavenly Father, our Savior, Jesus Christ. I mean, that's where we have to go with this because He will provide for us. He will open all sorts of doors. And, you know, you want to see miracles. Sometimes you have to go into really difficult situations to really see miracles. You don't see miracles. You don't see the hand of God work quite as radically as you do when you get in tough situations or in situations that seem to be hopeless, where I know a lot of people's minds are there right now when they see all the things that are going wrong. Well, guess what? That's where we come to the end of ourselves and we start turning to God and things start falling into place. That's the first job of every single one of us is to turn to God to pray, put ourselves aside and understand that it's going to be him. That's going to give all of that could be him calling. What's that? That could be calling. Could be. You never know. He's calling. I don't know. I think it's an 844 number, so I'm pretty sure it's a spam call, but we'll see. So, well, I really appreciate you, Ivan, so much. And thank you so much for coming on here today. You could come on and I turn the camera on and let you just. No, I need that. I need the feedback, at least the facial and the verbal feedback. I just say you're shocked when you talk. I'm like going. Keep going, Ivan. Keep going. Keep going. Because I just want to hear everything that's in that beautiful bald head of yours that you've got rattling around in there, you know, to share with everyone. Can we list off real quick the venues that we're going to be at? Because we just added four new locations. Yeah, of course. Is there a place where I can go? and then go to live event. I will absolutely go there. Hang on a minute. Let's post it up. See, I will know where it's at. So Flynn get live event tickets here. April 5th, Venice, Florida, April 6th. The next day, winter Haven, Florida, April 8th, Savannah, Georgia, ninth Greer, South Carolina, 10th Nashville, Tennessee. 11th, Branson, Missouri. 13th, Wichita, Kansas. 14th, Oklahoma City. 15th, Las Cruces, New Mexico. 16th, Glendale, Vegas. Santa Barbara, Live Oak, California. Bow, Washington. Spokane, Washington. Meridian, Idaho. Billings, Montana. Rapid City, South Dakota. Fargo, North Dakota. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Rockford, Illinois. Noblesville, Indiana. Fairmont, West Virginia. Heartland, Michigan. That's your spot. Yes. Bucyrus, Ohio. Charleston, West Virginia. Just added. Blakely, Pennsylvania. Batavia, New York. Groton, Connecticut. Ronkonkoma, New York. Two showings. Newark, Delaware. Lincoln, Nebraska. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Just added. Grapevine, Texas. Olive Branch, Mississippi. And Jackson, Mississippi. Just added. I want everybody to pay special attention to this one right here. Because I'm going to bring it up here. Heartland, Michigan. Right there. Click on it. What's that? Click on it. Let's see. Okay. There we go. 5 o'clock. Showtime. 6.30. Yeah, there you go. It will be emailed when you get your ticket. Yes. We don't want to give them time to come in there and screw it up for us. So sometimes you got to wait for stuff like that. And I'm going to encourage the entire state of Michigan to get off your behinds, get off your sofa, and go in there and help General Flynn and everybody standing with him, like Ivan and such, to get this truth out there. It is truly an important activity to go to these events so that we can help spread the truth and bring friends. Get a bus if you have to. but bring friends with you. Don't just come by yourself, just like voting, bring friends, take it upon yourself to say, you know what? I'm going to go out there and I'm going to get 20 or 30 or 40 people all on my own. And we're going to go together. I'm going to make it simple for you, Donna. If you want to help castrate the deep state and crush the commies, this is going to be the path to do it. We need to have people in positions that have leverage to be able to I mean, the way we create leverage is through people understanding who the enemy is, what the problem is, so that then we can collectively go after the enemy. And I laid it out with the Capitol Police Board, but General Flynn knows a lot more about all the institutions. I always tell her, Bam, like he was head of military intelligence, for gosh sakes. You don't think he knows everything that's going on or has the ability to find it out one way or the other? I'm pretty extra sure that Donald Flynn is 100% of the time activated, and there's going to be some justice there because you don't make him mad, go after his family and his country and our God. He represents Donald. Remember, he represents the 8,600 that were kicked out due to the illegal DOD jab mandate. He represents the 80,000 of us probably in growing that left early because we refused to comply with the illegal DOD jab mandate. He represents the over a million current service members, which is over 90%, that regret being forced and coerced into accepting an illegal jab mandate. I'm going to go further. He represents business owners who had their businesses shut down. He represents every single person in this nation who watched their loved ones murdered, their lives hijacked, their businesses destroyed, their lives destroyed. He's representing every single one of us. And it's the least that we can do to not only show up, but show up in force with our friends to show him the love and the support The gratitude, the unbelievable gratitude we have for one person who had the courage to stand up and not change his plea. And now all of us have that duty to do the same thing. Not change, not capitulate, not bow a knee, not fall on a knee, not do anything. We have that responsibility to stand up just like he did. He showed us what to do. Just allow him to tell the story uncensored. I mean, it all goes together, but that's bringing people to these events is part of it. So I'm going to say a prayer here to end this broadcast. And thank you for coming on. So gracious with your time here. Okay. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so very much. for Jeff and Jason and Stanley and Ivan and all the work that they've put into bringing the truth forward and standing. And for the access you've given Ivan to be seated with these people front and center to see exactly what's going on and the courage, the fortitude, the honor, the integrity not to cave to the criminal element, the global crime syndicate that is truly running this world right now. And you know what? We're ready to turn back to you. This nation has had enough. And I think it's time for everyone to turn back to you and to follow you in whichever way you ask us to go with honor, with integrity, and with truth. And I ask that you would give every single person out there strength, guidance, and courage to stand up under any and all circumstances without feeling afraid or being overwhelmed or anything like that. Help us all to run right straight into the fire and standing together knowing that there are millions and millions and millions of us who feel the same way. No one's alone. Let everyone know that they're not alone and that you care And that you're leading the charge to right this wrong that's been done in the United States as well as the globe. We love you so very much. And give Ivan just your incredible favor. Be with him, surround him, and continue to give him your favor. And General Flynn, give him your favor. Let him know how loved he is by not only all of us, but you. And that you're standing with him and that there's nothing that's going to touch him or anyone else. that is working your good purposes on this earth. We thank you so much. You're a great friend and we love you so much. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen. Amen. Father God, give courage to all of those that are out there that need a little bit of boost in order to be able to deliver the truth, whatever the cost, with us. That's it. Amen. I love it. Thank you. Well, you have a great day today. I got to go to because I'm the best non-conceder who has ever not conceded in the history of the United States. I'm just going to claim that. Also the unofficial president of the General Flynn Fan Club. So with that said, God bless you all. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Have a great day. Make it so it starts here, here, and here. Always, always lead with your head and your heart and with God. Have a wonderful day and I'll see y'all tomorrow. Bye-bye.