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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/27/2024 Liberty Essentials - Bill Eigel & Lisa Pannett

Published March 27, 2024, 9:04 a.m.

9am Liberty Essentials Bill Mohr II will be teaching his Dad's perspective on religion in government. The Mohr family has a long history in the study of the Constitution and lawful self governance. In our new series of Mohr Minutes, he will be teaching current issues and apply the Constitution for guidance. Joined by , Ralph the IT Guy, and Karen the Riveter 10am Senator Bill Eigel is a Christian, husband, father, USAF veteran, small business owner, and State Senator for St. Charles County running to be the next governor of the great state of Missouri. Bill and his wife, Amanda, have two children: a son Kevin (19), and daughter Lisa (16). Senator Eigel is recognized as the most conservative Republican in the entire Missouri senate (ACU) and was a founding member of the Senate Conservative Caucus, and now, the Missouri Freedom Caucus. Bill was an Aircraft Maintenance Officer in the United States Air Force, where he achieved the rank of Captain and served for almost eight years at assignments in Louisiana, Arizona and Whiteman Air Force Base in Knob Noster, Missouri. He and Amanda were the Aircraft Maintenance Officers over the entire American B-2 stealth bomber fleet. During his service, Bill deployed to multiple foreign locations, including Ashgabat, Turkmenistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, where he was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal for service as the Officer-In-Charge of the primary U.S. airlift refuel stop between Afghanistan and Europe in 2004. After leaving the service in 2007, Bill and Amanda wanted to return home to be near family in St. Charles County. They purchased St. Louis Skylights, a small residential and commercial remodeling company. The company was renamed National Skylight Solutions and grew to service all areas of the United States. With permanent locations in Missouri and Illinois, and serving customers in all 50 states, National Skylight Solutions (and affiliates) remains one of the fastest-growing skylight installation companies in the country. Senator Eigel is a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars, Missouri Right to Life, the National Rifle Association, and is a volunteer for the Missouri Veterans Retirement Home in North St. Louis County. 10:30am Lisa Pannett is a Missouri Christian activist of the people, by the people and most importantly FOR the people. As a mother of three beautiful girls and wife of a proud alpha man. She dedicates her time to legislation to keep our Republic. Under the banner of Armorvine as a lobbyist she works for those that want to achieve that goal. She believes that by fighting to keep the republic, we are also fighting for the kingdom of God. She has a number of successes at the state level with both religion liberty and freedom legislation including the “Missouri Heartbeat Bill” that prohibits abortion once a heartbeat is detected. Training up the children has always been her heart’s desire and why she started “Phyllis Schlafly’s Next Generation Team Eagles” to equip those coming up to carry the torch behind us. In her words “Both kids and adults have God given talents to apply in meaningful ways to keep the principles of freedom enshrined by our Constitution. Sometimes we just need a little wind from others to direct our sails set our ships a sail? X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it is the 27th day of March 2024 and I want to welcome you to our show today. We're going to get right into it. We've got Bill Moore and Ralph the IT guy coming on this morning. Good morning guys, how you doing? Good, good. For a Wednesday morning, it's turning out all right. Except for, you know, the typical Michigan glaze over the sky so we can't ever see what's going on around here. Yeah, which is kind of amazing considering these morons are trying to put all the solar farms in Michigan in the second darkest state of the nation. And I want to know who's going to pay for it with our extreme weather when something fails because it sure as heck isn't going to be the ones responsible for it. They're going to dig into the coffers to pay for it again, just like Joe Biden did with the bridge coming down and saying the American government's going to pay for this whole thing. How about when an entire solar farm gets hit by a hailstorm? Yes, as it did this week also. Michigan, to all those out there who think this is a good idea, it's not. It's not even close to a good idea. Michigan is the worst place you could possibly put a solar farm. I'm just going to tell you that. We should do like a a cloud or a cloudy sky or gloomy sky report every day that we're on here and say, yep, it's Michigan, no sun. Yep, Michigan, no sun. This goes on for like eight months or in the wintertime, eight weeks at a time. We do not see sun. So I don't know what they expect to gain by this other than the place to launder money to themselves. So at any rate, I digress. So what are we talking about today, guys? Well, last week I had mentioned that I wanted to touch on a couple of, uh, a couple of further gun gun, uh, pretended legislation that they've been working on. Um, and there, there's going to be more to that as well. It's kind of a two topic thing I had in mind this morning, so we'll see where it goes. Okay. Uh, but we're all familiar with the, uh, the term red flag laws, right. Yeah. Um, where somebody. basically that would know you and has some sort of personal connection. And that even could be an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend that you may have lived with in the past, right? That's how far this goes. Or smashing a pumpkin. This is a harassment law. That's all it is, is just a way to say, oh, you know, have a snowflake jump forward and say, I don't like what they said. That's right. But anyway, somebody in that manner... can go to a law enforcement agency and say, hey, this guy's doing this and he's a threat to himself or a threat to somebody else. You guys need to go take care of this. And then the law enforcement would then go to the court and the court would issue a blanket warrant to pull the guns from an individual. So Michigan just passed something similar to that, right? The high, what they call it, the High Risk Protection Act or something. I really don't care. It's not law. It's all false. And I got to thinking about that. And I want to see how many of the rights of the people that actually infringes upon, right? So I'm going to go through the Bill of Rights here one at a time. And let's see if this so-called law reflects the Constitution. Let's see if it's congruent with the Constitution. Because as we know, if it's not, it cannot be law. It's only legislation that holds no force. So in the First Amendment... Everybody should know this. Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press or of the right of the people to peacefully assemble and to petition the government for redress of grievances. In the middle there, you have the clause that Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech thereof. One of the things that have been used in multiple states that have enforced the same pretended legislation is social media posts. Now, social media is an avenue of free speech. It allows the American people to broadcast information, allows them to talk, to let their friends or acquaintances know. know what's going on, right? And how many times have we seen it? We saw it in Michigan several times where somebody would post a picture of a firearm or actually more recently in Battle Creek School District, the kid was drawing a picture of a firearm, okay? We're talking about a child, not even an adult, but was drawing a picture of a firearm or speaking about firearms. They violate that freedom to use it to go after an individual. They use it as a self-incrimination to go after an individual to go take their guns. So it violates the First Amendment in that regard. The Second Amendment is pretty clear. A wall-regulating militia being necessary to the security of a free state. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The red flag laws hit that directly. They remove... the keeping of arms or the bearing of arms based on a perceived threat. There's no crime. There's no victim, no actions been taken by the individual. It is a perceived threat by an individual that turns into a perceived threat to the government. All right. So we have a violation of the second amendment, the third amendment. This one gets a little tricky. I had to think about this one for a minute. Because we don't regularly run into this, where it says, no soldier shall in time of peace be quartered in any house without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law. This doesn't necessarily reflect directly to these high-risk protection acts or extreme risk protection acts. That's what they're called. However, when you get to thinking about it, we know that Pretty much anything, whether it be TV or your phone or Siri or Alexa, all these things that people put in their house that the people of the 50s warned us about, right, regarding wiretapping and such. We know now that not only the NSA but the CIA and FBI uses this information from huge data centers, one of which they tried to put up in Utah, from huge data centers to collect information on the people. Um, we know that they've recorded cell phone calls and they can pull those back up. So what the American people have allowed in that regard is to quarter digital soldiers within their home or on their persons or in their effects. We heard this big thing where people were standing against wiretapping. We don't want the CIA in our homes. They shouldn't be listening to what we're doing. And there was a big uproar about that. And then 70 years later, you look in, I don't know, I can't say the majority, but a lot of homes I'm in has a little box that constantly listens to you. And they do this willingly. I'm not sure where the American people got to the point where we thought this was a good idea, maybe out of convenience, but convenience comes with a cost, right? So we have digital soldiers that we've implemented into our homes. Therefore, we're quartering the government in our homes, all right, or on our persons when we walk around. And that's done willfully. They didn't force that on us for the most part, except for cell phones have almost become a necessity in today's society. The Fourth Amendment, the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated. And no warrant shall issue but upon probable cause. We have to read that correctly. I'm sick of people saying that they can have probable cause to go in and search your home or your car or your person when you're out and about. Read it correctly. No warrant shall issue but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized. We need to keep this in context. It's very important. So these red flag laws, now we have a an affirmation by an individual, though never written down, though never signed. There's no valid accuser of a crime, but they take that and go get a warrant to pull your guns without due process of law, right? And we'll get to that one next. But they have effectively come in and they have searched and seized property that is not done congruently to the right of the people to be secure in their person's houses, papers, and effects. There's a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment. And you can't say that without going into the Fifth Amendment. And that is, no person shall be held to answer for a capital... I'm sorry. No person shall be held to answer for a capital or otherwise infamous crime, unless on presentment or indictment of a grand jury, uh, except in cases arising in land and Naval forces or in the militia. Uh, when an actual service in time of war, public danger, nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb, nor be compelled to be a criminal case to be witnessed against himself. nor deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation. So the due process of law, that is an accusation against an individual for a crime held to account by an accuser, By an oath taken before a court of law, not these injustices we see being, uh, being sitting on the benches, but taken before a court of law, all of the evidence gathered by our law enforcement and all of it looked at in front of a jury of peers or should be right. And determine whether or not the person has committed a crime. to remove such property or remove such life. In the case of murder, there is a life for a life or should be. So we have a clear violation of the Fifth Amendment. We're only dealing with one law here. If you just got on in the last 12 minutes, it's all about red flag law. That is it. We can do this for numerous other laws as well. So in the sixth amendment, the right in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime has been committed, which district shall have been previously asserted by law and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation to be confronted with the witnesses against him. to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor and to have assistance of counsel for his defense. Where is that being held? Uh, where is that being held up in red flag laws? You have somebody that has not committed a crime, but may have said something right or posted something or pissed off somebody in his past. that now they come in, take his property, rarely ever do they know who it is. They don't tell them who the accuser is. They have a right to meet their accuser here, okay? Understand that. If we're gonna accuse somebody, we better be willing to go in there and be the first ones to speak out against it. If you're not willing to speak out against what you're accusing somebody of in public, then you shouldn't be accusing. It should never be held to that standard. A witness is a witness for a reason, right? So they don't have the right to a speedy and public trial. This is all done behind closed doors, right? An individual in front of a judge. And most of the time there would be the law enforcement who executed the court warrant, right? Um, and then it takes them months, sometimes years. I think the, the deal with the kid up, up north, uh, in college, he's still dealing with that. And that was back. And I want to say that was early 23, late 22. Right. How is that a speedy trial? Um, and the other thing with trials going on anywhere in this state for any reason whatsoever. Yeah, the other clause with the Sixth Amendment is obtaining witnesses in his favor. When he's brought before a judge in this manner under red flag pretended legislation, he is brought in and there's no witnesses, there's no proper hearing, there's no due process of law. It is just one-on-one, he's being tackled by this injustice sitting on the bench. And we can go to the seventh amendment and suits at common law. And I understand we're not talking about common law in that regard. And that's where it's important that we are able to self-govern and self-law enforce properly as the people, the militia in the state, so that we can get back to that point. But it suits a common law where the value in controversy shall exceed $20 The right of a trial by jury shall be preserved and no fact tried by a jury shall be otherwise reexamined in any court of the United States. And according to the rules of common law, this is one of those important things because a jury are the members of your community or your district. As we read in the sixth amendment, that would have known you would have known your character, or at least would have heard about you, known something about you to be able to judge the case properly. Okay. An impartial jury of your peers is not complete strangers that are unfamiliar with who the person is. That's how they've been enforcing these laws as they use the jury as the prosecutor's hammer against an individual. Okay. And the, I don't know about you. I don't have any firearms that are under $20 in value. I may have a part of a firearm under $20 in value. So anytime a firearm is taken, the value has exceeded $20, and immediately we should be calling for jury trials in all these cases. The judge has no right to deny that. But they continue to violate that as well. Amendment 8 says, Excessive bail shall not be required nor excessive fines imposed and unusual nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted this one. I haven't really tied very closely to it, unfortunately. Um, but we do know that once these firearms are taken under this pretended legislation, that it is a huge expense to the individual, whether they have to go get an attorney or hire other counsel. All of the time lost for work, all of the amounts of paperwork that has to be filed if they get their firearms back, right? It's a fight for them. Well, it's because it's all about money. That's why people don't get justice in any part of our injustice system is that it costs too much to fight. It's too convoluted. You can't have access to the law unless you make it a full-time job because it's so convoluted and overburdening. But the money part of it is just incredible. And when you realize that we're in a civil action jurisdiction, And the prosecutors are prosecuting 98% of the cases are money judgments so that they can take a fraction, a part of that to go into the retirement funds. This is what's going on here. I think it's 18% of any money judgment, I believe, is what I heard goes into the retirement fund. Yeah, that's probably accurate. They have no interest in justice. They have interest in prosecuting cases that they can take a cut of it. That's it. Yeah. If we go back and look at common law, the way it's designed, and for those of us who would dare call ourselves Christians, you look back and see what proper judgment is. I don't know how many people understand this, but we have the entire law laid out in the scriptures for us through Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy. It's very simple. They're proper righteous judgments. And every single thing that happens, even in today's society, 4,000 years later, give or take, 3,000 to 4,000, everything that happens in today's society can reflect back to one or more of those issues that are laid out there. For instance, theft should be punished by restitution, not jailed. They throw them in jail, give them three aughts and a cot on the backs of the American people who have to pay for it. Where's the justice in that? Nothing's been done. The courts make the money. The victim makes nothing. And in the meantime, the individual is basically living free of charge. Why do we think we have... With TVs and whatever else. I mean, it's like going on a vacation. They don't have to do anything. Yep, yep. You know, sit there. But I know there's some problems in the jail systems too because you've got people in there that are basically in there being abusive rather than... I mean, that's a whole other ball of wax happening there. Yeah, the corrections institutions here in America just make a ridiculous amount of money. They continue to make money from the American tax dollars. We fund this. We have to admit that. We fund this, guys. And they continually have to hire more corrections officers. Why? Because Solomon lays this out, for the transgressions of a land, many are the princes thereof. The more transgression or the more lawlessness we see, the more agencies or individuals or correction officers, in this case, we have to hire to deal with that. And then you get into the protected contractors, too. Oh, yeah. Yeah, you have civil contractors as well that are doing it. Ralph, did you want to say something on that? No, that's what I was just going to bring up is all the contractors for the prison system and how we've basically – given a lot of them effectively monopolies by writing such restrictive standards for what they have to do that there is effectively no competition in some of those industries. And they jack the prices up. Yeah, very much so. Some of that stuff is incredibly expensive. Yep. Yeah, I don't doubt that they get paid a couple thousand dollars to change light bulbs nowadays. Yeah, no kidding. Hey, I'm going to welcome... Morning, Karen, how you doing? Good morning. Trying to unmute myself with my phone sideways. That'll bring me in here to the discussion. Okay, Bill, you want to keep going? Yeah, so let's look at the Ninth Amendment. The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. We just looked at several of the rights, Karen, regarding these so-called red flag pretended legislations that they keep ramming down the American people's throats. And going through the Bill of Rights explaining each of the simple rights that the government is not allowed to infringe upon, yet the red flag laws alone violate every single one of the first 10 amendments, right? Um, and the 10th one, the power is not delegated to the United States by the constitution nor prohibited by it to the States are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. That is a big one guys. That is a big one. The States have more authority than the federal government does. And we need to understand that because the States can easily correct what is happening over there in the district of criminals. I'm sorry, the district of Columbia. And, uh, And we can handle that in that regard. But for the federal government especially, there was just a news report, and I didn't have time to pull it up this morning, where the DOJ has set up a center, they called it, and it was a center solely for the purpose of dealing with high-risk protection agencies or something along those lines. I'd have to look that up and get more information. I haven't done my due diligence on that one yet. But they have set up a center to deal with this, right? Not by law. There's no legislation based on it. There's not even regulation through the ATF for this one. All right. The Department of Justice. What is this in effect? Summarize it for us. So it is an agency under the Department of Justice that is specifically designed to handle accusations for red flag laws. It is an agency that will actively go out and search for ways that they can take firearms. So it's an entrapment agency is what you're saying. This is an entrapment, coercion, and threat agency. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Versus Shelby County. It does not exist. Yup. Yup. Usurpation of power. Well, so does the DOJ. So if they didn't exist, they think they have the authority to make other things just exist out of nothing, right? Well, you know what? Here's a challenge to all of them. If you're participating in one of these unconstitutional agencies or these agencies, even anywhere in the government, which does not exist, you should be resigning right now. And I don't care if somebody says, well, I got to protect my career. Okay, too bad, so sad. I'm sorry, you made a bad choice to get into the first place. Now that you know there's a problem, it's time to leave, right? and strip them from the bottom up. But the doctors left their positions too when they were told to give people the bioweapon of the COVID jab. And a lot of them left. I'm not going to come too hard on them, the ones that decided to stay, because we have to have people that are actually taking care of people. And that was a personal decision people had to make. However, This is going to end up being a really big problem for this nation. From top to bottom, people that have participated in these organizations, they've gone right down the path of usurping the United States of America for a job for money. And I hope the 30 pieces of silver to trade out America was worth it, because that's exactly what they did. They betrayed all of us. Yep. So especially in the state of Michigan, You know, every officer that is not only elected, right, our elected servants, but every officer that is hired to do administrative process or every officer that is hired to work within an agency, right? We dealt with this in 20, 21, 22 regarding the health departments. Each one of them has to swear the same oath as our elected servants, okay? When they swear that oath, They do it frivolously right now, but they don't understand. They are bound by that oath. When a man swears or a woman swears an oath to the Constitution, they will be bound by it one way or another, whether or not the people rise up against it or whether or not when they fall under the judgment, they will... be held to account for that, right? Blind justice under the law. We're talking legal and lawful processes and it's got to be blind justice under the law. Well, there's a reason why Lady Liberty, you know, the, I'm sorry, it's not Lady Liberty. What is it? America, we had a statue and we use it occasionally in pictorial form of a lady holding the scales, right? I think everybody's seen that. And not only is she holding scales, but she has a blindfold on. That is the essence of proper judgment. We're not looking based on the outward appearance. We're judging facts in the matter, right? That is proper judgment. And that's not what we're getting here in America. And we have to get this under control. We have to put a stop to it. These laws that our legislature here in Michigan and our governor signed, these so-called laws, they're not. There's no justice. There's no proper due process. And not only that, but the legislation themselves deal in an area that is forbidden law. for them to deal in, in our constitution, not only the US, but our Michigan constitution as well. Because in Article 1, Section 6, the people have the right to keep and bear arms for defense of themselves and the state. All you naysayers out there that say, well, we can't just have guns all over the place. Listen, that is the security of our free state. It is the people. It is not a standing army that we've set up called the National Guard from statutory law. Whether you want to call them the militia or not, they're not. They answer to the governor only. The people are the rightful enforcers of the law. When it comes to that, they are, we, I'm sorry, we are the militia. We are the ones that should have the guns. We are the ones that should be called out when a defense needs to be handled. Okay. Any insurrection we see, uh, which, I mean, there were a lot of us that did that back in 2021. Um, a lot of us went out there and we were there willing to handle the situations. Uh, and we were shot down by not only law enforcement, police agencies, city councils, um, but the state government themselves. Right. I am absolutely for the fact that, uh, that our system is based on the Swiss system and how the Swiss militia works. And it's beautiful. Everyone is required to have a firearm and have training and proof. that they have a certain amount of hours of training. If a person decides not to protect their area, their community, then they pay a tax for refusing to join in with the people of the area and protect that area. So I think that that's a wonderful way to do it. And that's what we're based on. Yeah, and what does that tax go to? Does it go to some agency within their country? Does it go to foreign entities to help them out? No, it goes right back to the people that taxes used over there to further fund for ammunition and arms. Right. Right. That's that's the way it happens. If you don't want to take part, that's cool. The militia is every able bodied man. Right. That also includes willing because nobody can force you to. We'll get talking about tough stuff and watch Bill's camera locks up. See, he comes back. Yeah, there we go. However, we are all bound by the same law. So there are certain things that you cannot do, but there are certain things that should be done, but you don't have to do if it violates your conscience, right? The rest of the American people will take and pick up the slack for it. So that was just a quick snippet. I mean, we didn't spend much time on that. But hopefully everybody understands that red flag laws are not congruent to the Constitution. They do not exist. I don't care how many words or how few words are written therein. It's pretended legislation, and it's the American duty to say, nope, you ain't doing this. You will be met with the necessary force to say no. And it's your duty to eliminate what you've put into place, right? So that's that. So I'm going to do a real quick commercial here for the U.S. Taxpayers Party right there because we have a meeting coming up, a presidential debate on April 6, 2024. Whether you support another candidate or not, we don't really care. You need to make choices, but we are out there to put information out and give you different perspectives to listen to so that you're fully informed. I would say that's the best way to say it. Is that correct, Bill? Yeah. Yeah. So there's, there's actually a couple, uh, a handful of candidates here. Um, and I've only met two of them. One of them's not listed on here. Uh, but she said she would be coming and that's Sam Tittle. Um, and I've talked to one other one that's Randall Perry. Uh, but it is, it is a well-informed people that are going to be able to, uh, direct this nation where it needs to go. Jefferson said, if the people want to remain ignorant and free, they wish for something that has never been nor ever will be. We cannot be an ignorant people and a free people at the same time. Free people must be informed. I met Jimmy Harvey. He was at the last conference. And I think he's a very, very interesting man to listen to. And also Randall Terry and Sam. In fact, Sam's calling me today at nine o'clock. So we talk to everybody, we gain ideas, and then we make the decisions based on what, you know, what we feel as individuals on who is the best person, not the club, but who is the best person to run our country. And so I wanted to invite everybody to that conversation. We would hope that we would see you at that event with us and, you know, be able to listen to different perspectives. And if we walk away with new ideas on how to deal with situations, then it's a win-win for everyone. Yep. And just remember, I mean, if you go to Ballotpedia and look at the candidates that are listed for 2024, you'll find right around 1,000 candidates who have filed with the FEC. uh, to run as a presidential candidate. Right. And, and the media only, only sets up the same people every time around. Uh, they play the two party system and they've been doing it forever. All right. Yeah. Don't, don't fall into that. Go around, talk to people, find who you're best linked with, who is going to do the job or at least, you know, say they're going to do the job. Yeah. I mean, we've, we've been fooled in the past. Right. Um, Or at least a lot of people have been fooled in the past. Well, and we've got a fool in office now, so there you go. Because, you know, I hate to say it, but that's the truth. Yeah. Remember, able-bodied, God-fearing, hating covetousness, and seeking truth. Right? The four qualifications. And that's something you've got to be able to prove in their character. You can't just take people on their word. You have to take them by their actions. And I'm not going to sit here and promote one candidate over another right now because I want to give them all the same opportunity on April 6th. But that leads right into my other point, Donna. I don't know how you knew that, right? So I was talking with several people throughout the past couple of weeks, and we're dealing with some of the other issues here in the state also and trying to bring resolve to the people to handle this. And hopefully I didn't lose everybody there. Donna went away. So, um, but one of the things that continually gets brought up, especially in the, the church body. Okay. This is, this is huge. You got to understand this. Uh, and we can go into the 501c3 and the organizations and corporations through that, but I'm not going to, uh, I'm going to deal with it as the body in general. One of the biggest things I hear is that there's no political solution to the problems we face. And I agree with that because it all has to start with the American people, right? We all talk about the corruption. We all talk about the problems. And the majority of us should know the solutions by now. We should know that it's our duty to fix this, and we have provisions to do so in our Constitution and by law. We just have to be willing to do it, right? But I hear all the time that, oh, well, we're not going to talk about candidates. We're not going to talk about elections. We're not going to talk about campaigns and the such. And I get it. I get it because I'm not looking to prop up an idol in the place of something that I refuse to do. And that's for each individual to decide. However, let me put this point out there. Because I find it very important, and I tried to relay this over the past couple days to a few people. If we know that there's corruption and we know that there's treason being committed, we know that it should be dealt with. When we are willing to deal with it, when we are willing to remove the corruption from our seats in government, then what? I propose the question, then what? Because now you have a government full of empty seats, right? And I mean full. People have to be willing to run for office. And we have to vote and we have to have people that are willing to step up and serve this nation. Oh, now you're taking the words out of my mouth. But yeah, that's the point. We remove these people, and then what do we do? What did the founding fathers do, right? They put themselves up. They said, hey, if there's a spot that needs to be filled, and I know my constitution, I know the law, I know what needs to be done, then why not do it? Why wait for the same corrupt agencies and the corrupt corporate parties who are working hand in glove? Why are we waiting for them to put up another person? Because we're just going to make the same circles all over again. And here to your point, it's so overwhelming now because you can't know the law because there's so many of them and it's unconstitutional and they're all in conflict with each other. What has to happen is we got to get a bunch of people in there that are willing to nullify about 90% of what's on the books right now, the agencies and the laws, the unconstitutional laws, all of this nonsense that just enables criminals to go back to a part-time legislature, maybe be paid like a jury would be paid only when they perform. and go home and live your life and just make sure that the government does its administrative tasks that need to be done. It's a contract to provide certain services And then it's not so overwhelming. It's become so overwhelming that you have to have somebody that is lockstep with the industry and protects the industry and stays in the industry and helps grow the industry and keeps we the people out. That's all we have right now. The whole thing has got to be retooled, which is going to bring me to this next article. Can I shift right now or do you want to keep going? Yep, go ahead. because we talked about this before we got on we have this wonderful individual who called me this week his name is scott mcmahon and decided to write a hit piece article asking my opinion on things recorded the conversation I didn't know he was recording it but I don't care because I stand on what I said he does not know the law he does not know he does not know um very incredibly uneducated brought up the fact that the legislature can run elections at their discretion was going after me for a bad idea of removing the electronic machines. I want you to understand what was said here because we will lose Republican votes. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm pretty extra sure that those machines, you know, he's clearly, he's Republican and he's working for somebody in the Republican party. There's no two ways about it. He's been going after Christina Caramo, so that leaves you one option left with the party of who he's working with. But his whole argument was that if we get rid of those machines, that we will lose Republican votes. I'm like, I'm not sure what universe this dude's from at this point in time, but that is one of the most stupid, illogical statements anybody could ever say to me. And then he tried to put words in my mouth and say, well, you know, because I said anybody that touched that election, even with a little fingers amount of interaction, and I've said it online plenty of times, needs to be removed and they need to be prosecuted and probably for treason. And so and so he said, well, you're talking you're talking overthrowing the government. And I'm like, I never said overthrowing the government. You did. And you're not going to be putting words in my mouth. So he was he was gutsy enough to actually publish the recording right here. can say is thank you scotty the mi mi gop's boy for putting that that thing up because um I stand by everything I said he doesn't know the law he and so let's go back to those two points right there but let's go back specifically with you bill about the legislature I'm like they don't have the they don't have the discretion to run the the elections any way they want So remember that the legislature is a mini representation of the people at large. All right. So they make legislation, not law. Right. But they make legislation that can be signed into law. And part of their duty is to regulate by legislation how the elections are handled. However, that does not give them any authority to make a general revision or a general ruling or directive from their body to any of the elected servants tasked with handling local elections, right? So they've set up agencies like the Board of Canvassers, for instance, right? The Elections Bureau. They all have specific laws to follow. However, what's been happening is that they've gone and usurped authority through the Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, who has issued directives outside of the law. Well, listen to Jonathan Brader, the director of elections, his words, making up policy where we're making up policies on the fly. And he's also the chairman of the Board of Air. Listen to how they hijack the words. Look at this guy right here. Plot to overthrow the township clerks. This is not a plot to overthrow the township clerks. This is about holding them to a standard of the law. They broke the law. And so it's not overthrowing them. It's doing our job, which the gutless MIGOP will not stand up and do a dang thing to hold anyone accountable for the crimes against this nation that the people within our elections have committed. So they're complicit in the crime. Yep. Yep. At this point, here's one thing, and I'll give Scotty the benefit of the doubt. Here is one thing that the legislature can control the elections by doing. Impeach. Simple as that. All of these clerks or bureaucrats that are unelected, that are appointed in the administrative process in the Bureau of Elections or within the Secretary of State, that deal with the election and have been proven in fraud. Now, you can go look in the last decade in Michigan. There are hundreds of election fraud arrests and prosecutions that have taken place. Oh, that was a wonderful site for that, too, that I think you had that you showed us a while back. There's an organization that actually compiles that information along with the convictions and everything where it actually went through courts of law. This isn't just allegations. And I don't remember what that site was, but that thing was beautiful. Yeah, I'd have to go back and look that up. It's somewhere on my computer at home. But the legislature can impeach these people, right? They can hold them for a crime. remove them from office, and then prosecute them for the crime. That would also put the fear of us into their eyes a little bit to know that we're watching and we're not going to tolerate it to the next guy that steps into the seat, right? That's one way that they can control. Yeah, that's one way that they can control the election and do it properly. But as far as the legislature being able to, through some directive or resolution, change how things are done. It has not nor will ever exist because they do not have the authority to make general revisions of law. It all has to be done by the same process. Their policies are absolutely changing and completely disregarding the Constitution, the highest law on the land. They're disregarding actual law and stare decisis law, law that's on the books. But they're totally usurping the Constitution. They're just saying, it doesn't really matter. I'm going to, at my discretion, in Scotty's words, in my discretion, we're just going to do it the way we want to do it. So forget the one day voting, which is in the Constitution. We're not going to have voting day. We're going to have voting decade. And this thing is going to just keep getting bigger and bigger. You know, it's gone from day to week to month. to year do we still don't have the truth on any of this and and they're disregarding it and they're just going to look past the crimes not no no no we're going to do what nestled in we're just going to pass the crimes on down to the state police which is there to guard her not and and to protect her they're not there to protect the state not at all And so their job is to protect the governor. And there was a guy that I know who wrote a case to have her arrested. Turn it over to the state police for approval. And they said, yep, it looks perfect. But if you file it, we're going to shoot you. Flat out, that was what he said was told to him. Now, this does not protect the people. This protects a governor who committed treason. And it's a clear-cut case of what happened that she did to stomp through a lie based on a lie to take this entire state down. And there's more than one count. You could have a list of probably 200 actions, including the red flag laws. Yep. Yeah. And it's not just her. We're dealing with the entire legislature. Anybody that didn't put up a fight against it or anybody that if you're in a legislature and you did put up a fight against it, then where are the impeachments to follow? And the clerks violated the law. The clerks did it, all but two of them. They destroyed records based on Jonathan Brader, Director of Board of Elections, Chairman of the Board of ERIC, rigging our elections through these unconstitutional, horrible criminal organizations. What's that? Oh, but they were just following orders. Oh, yeah, we're just going along to get along. Anytime you hear that, to stay in the cult of personalities like the parties, the political parties, you got a big problem. And right immediately, they have put the party over the nation. Can we break it down just a little bit more? And if you think about the authority of the branches... And how many of these issues are where they're crossing the jurisdiction that they have within their branch? If you're a clerk, don't, don't those clerks, what, what branch do the clerks fall under? If they're in a county, do they fall under the, um, what they were looking for? Uh, Not the executive and the legislative branch, the judicial branch. That's the word I'm looking for. Because they're clerks for the court system, or are they administrators of the executive branch? They're not for the legislative branch, right? I believe that they're under the county, Karen. I don't think that the state has any jurisdiction over the clerks. But don't counties and townships also have some jurisdictions, right? And are they crossing the lines there? Well, the state shouldn't be telling them anything. Yeah, the county boards are. Well, that's what I'm saying. Like what I'm what I'm trying to break down is do the people know? I mean, here Bill's doing a lot of education on even even the articles. They're pretty simple, but the majority of the population don't know how they work. Do you know how your township works, how it's structured? Do you know how that differs from the county structure? Do you know how that differs from the state-level structure, where we definitely have those three branches and who's crossing their authority? With regards to the articles, as I mentioned in the chat, No, I'm not going to go there. That's going to take us off in another direction. My brain's not functioning at the highest level this morning. But do people know, and do the township clerks and the county clerks know where their authority starts and ends? Do they know what their duties and responsibilities are? Or are they just being educated by the... attorneys groups, you know, the Michigan Township Association and so on, if they're being educated by the wrong people and they don't know where their authority ends, then that belongs to the instruction by the people. And if the people don't know and can't give them instruction, then how are they going to be held accountable if they don't even know? They may not even know how much they're doing wrong until someone educates them and shows it to them on paper. I think you're giving them more credit for being innocent on this than we need to at this point in time, quite honestly. Because when you look at this entire system, it functions like organized crime. And an organism or organized crime is made up of cells. And so they'll have cells. It's like cells all over the state that are going in lockstep. You can see the language that comes out in the stuff that they produce. It's like copy paste, copy paste, copy paste. The pattern is there. that I believe that there's foreknowledge in this and that it's a criminal conspiracy. That's what my belief is on this. I don't think that they're innocent. I really don't. But that's one of those things that we can't try them in the media. We need to have an investigation and absolutely have the sheriffs be willing to investigate this and or turn them over to the military if there's a basis on that. to find out if they have in fact committed treason. This is a huge, this is not a small issue. This is so far past anything that we could possibly even frame as a as a minor crime going on, the theft of our elections. They steal the elections. They steal the money. They steal the tax dollars. They self-enrich. They're money laundering, threat, coercion, part of the drug trade, the whole 10 yards. And they're hiding things. It's incredible. So I think I found that page with the voter fraud thing. I think that was from the Heritage Foundation. Yes. That's right. Yeah, and they've got a whole database on there, which is interesting to read through because you can see some of the laws that were actually found to be violated in a court of law along with the convictions and all of the records that you need to to figure out all their court cases. Yeah. So what Karen's talking about there in Michigan is Article 3, Section 2, Karen, and that is the powers of government are divided into the three branches, legislative, executive, and judicial. No person exercising powers of one branch shall exercise powers properly belonging to another branch, except as expressly provided in this Constitution. And there's only, as far as I know, there's only... one area, uh, regarding like the executive branch that can write anything that has the enforcement of law. Right. Uh, and we saw that being violated during the, uh, the whole pandemic there, uh, when she, when our governor was trying to issue directives to the people, uh, That was the violation. Each elected servant, if they have civil servants or contractors under them, they can issue directives to change or alter how things are done or change or alter the people. to get the job done properly however when it has the enforcement of law for instance if they issue in a directive where they have to do something and if they don't it requires a lawful uh lawful punishment for it even something as simple as that has to go through the legislature because they are the only ones who can issue laws enacted by the people and The differences in county and townships, you're right, each one has their own jurisdiction in certain matters. And a lot of it's all being dictated by, namely, the executive branch of the state right now. And that's not proper. It's not lawful. They all have their own authority and should be exercising it, right? And that's all laid out in our Michigan Constitution as well. what the counties are, what they're made out of, uh, who the townships are, what they're made out of. And then everything else is prescribed by statutory law under the legislative authority. Right. So there's, there's a whole nother show. We can, we can break down how the townships and counties interact and how the counties and states are supposed to interact. Um, that may be kind of fun to do, but there, there's a lot of authority that they are not exercising and, And there's a lot of authority that they don't even know that they have. For instance, in my township, regarding the elections, I'm trying to get them to push into not necessarily removing the voting machines because they haven't got their heads wrapped around that one yet. But I'm trying to get them to issue... Oh, what's the word I'm looking for? To authorize a hand count or some similar method to verify what the voting machines say. Because as of right now, the township clerks have no idea what the voting results are. When it comes out of the machine, when it comes through the tabulator, all they do is take that data and send it on, right? They send it on to the county, and then the county gathers all that data and sends it on to the state. But nobody has any method of verifying or auditing those numbers. And that's where the problem lies with the voting machines. If you want to use machines, fine. I don't care if it makes it easier on you. I'm perfectly fine with that. But you better have a way to verify the machine counts. I'm sure Ralph can get in on this. If you let a computer randomize numbers for so long, and then I'm kind of talking out of school here, but there's always a glitch, so-called the glitch in the matrix, right, in programming that there may be an error along the way if you're trying to get a specific result given so many times doing it. you may come across an error. And how do we address that in the elections? There's no process that they allow addressing that. Now, the constitution says that the people can audit these elections whenever we want, right? We have the right to audit elections, yet they deny us that right as well. So that's what I would encourage everybody to do is to push for a A method of verification. Because we know they're not going to get rid of the machines without the force of the people coming up and forcibly demanding it. I don't see that happening in the near future. Any machine can be hacked. That's the problem. They can all be hacked. That's why we need to go to the hand count. Their convenience is not my concern. I could care less about their convenience. We have to have an honest election. The fact that the results that were coming out of those had decimal fraction, you know, fractional voting in the results means that they're being tabulated that way. And that shows, in my opinion, an incredible ineptitude in programming. If they were actually going to be complying with the law, which means that either you've got somebody doing the programming on these machines that has no business doing any kind of software engineering in the first place, or it's intentional. That's why we have to have a method of verifying this. If they're going to remain, we have to verify them. But in all honesty, they should just go away. There are better ways to do this. I don't care if you drop specific weighted marbles in a jar, all right? But there are better ways to vote than to input a paper into a machine and then just assume that a programming that we haven't seen can take care of the results and we believe that they're 100% accurate. It ain't going to happen, all right? I'm not that stupid. It's not going to happen because we have foreign involvement in our elections right now with Serbia and all that testimony came out. So not only are we having us programmers from Serbia, I had Clinton Curtis on here at one point in time, and he wrote a program about for West Palm, for the elected officials down there in West Palm, in order to show how they told them, you know, that we want to see how you can do fractional voting. And so he did it in good faith, saying, and he testified in front of Congress that he wrote this program thinking it was so that they could catch him. And they said, no, we don't want to catch him. That's not what this is about. They asked him to write the program to cheat the election, and he testified in front of Congress. And if this happened a decade or more ago, how much more sophisticated is it right now for them to be able to write and have programs that are like a Trojan horse in there and such? We will never have secure elections because evil people will find a way to hack things in the digital world. Not possible. I tend to think, too, that a lot of this stuff, especially any of the stuff that's digital, I tend to think a lot of it is developed in that way where it is being done in good faith by the people that are actually tasked with solving the problems. Yes. but they don't actually understand the purposes that their stuff is being used for. I think there's a lot of people that get caught up in that. There are people that I've talked to that I know have been involved in a lot of really shady things that our government has done. And they, I'm not even sure, I think they figured out later what they had developed and how it was used, but they never thought it would be used that way. And I think there's a lot of that that goes on. were lied to they were exactly that that this is the project that you're working on and they were like okay that sounds great we're going to solve problems and they get in and they do it and find out later that they just handed they just handed the program they handed the whole whole process over because the criminals aren't smart enough to figure it out so they use good people in order to figure these things out and hijack them because What we're dealing with right now, it's a parasite class. We have a parasite class of political, corrupt political action figures out there. not real bright, you know, plastic heads and the whole 10 yards, you know? So they got to have somebody else out there that can actually do the work, but they don't do it themselves. They're, they're a parasite. They take over the host organization or the host person or that work and put that in place. And I think a lot of those people that they just want to solve problems. They want to make the world a better place. They're real easy for those people to use because those, the people that are actually doing the work can't even fathom the evil that That is actually controlling what they're doing. And that's really unfortunate. And then at some point later on down the line, those people, you know, somehow sort of quote unquote commit suicide. Or blackmailed. Or they're blackmailed or their families are threatened or there's so many people that have been threatened within this government. It's incredible. And I would just tell everybody out there, start singing like a canary. Make them run. If everybody out there was throwing the truth out in front of everyone so they had to face it, this problem would be over. And it'd be over pretty quickly because they wouldn't be able to run and hide if people were ready to expose the criminality we need to do that each and every one well thanks guys for getting on my next guest is sitting backstage right now so let's end with some some uh last uh last words so we'll go ralph bill and karen let's keep it short and and any last words today no I'm good have a great day you know when the scripper says the wicked flee when none pursueth What is that entitled to? That is only brought to a nation whose God is the Lord, and we are properly judging and properly using our government to condemn the wicked and uphold the righteous, right, as found in Isaiah. It is when we get back to that point that the wicked will run. They won't want to be out in the public, whether we chase them out or not. When they are discovered, they'll leave. And we are just in the opposite right now. America is under judgment because of it. And thus the wicked are emboldened to remain in these seats and continually terrorize the people that put them up in their place. Well said. Okay, I guess it's my turn. I think that Bill makes a great point. And if the people are aware... Deformed what the roles and duties and authorities and powers are It leaves a lot less room for evil to persist and but I see hope every day that that is actually occurring I see a lot of the uh what is it the rats leaving the ship the sinking ship I see a lot of signs that that is happening because the people are learning and the people are becoming more aware and they are winning battles all over the place god is moving us out of captivity like he always has And I think we're learning new things and it's a beautiful process right now. So thank you guys so much for being on today. Love you all. You are just amazing people. And I love you so much. You know, we're all friends and we know each other very well. And I can tell you right now that I'm so proud to stand with Ralph, Bill and Karen. You have no idea. And I wish all of you would get, have a chance to get to know them personally because you would be so proud of of, of being able to stand with, with, uh, with us together as friends. And, and I'm going to tell you what, it's a, it's quite a day to have people, you know, that are as fine a character as you guys are. So thank you so much for being on. I'm going to go ahead and go to the break and I'm going to bring on Senator Bill Eagle. And so that's, that's our next guest. So please come back and join us in a minute and we'll see you next Wednesday on Liberty Essentials with Bill, Ralph, Karen, and Don. Thank you. Good morning. Welcome to our second hour of Brandenburg News Network. It is the 27th day of March, 2024. And BNN, Brandenburg News Network, is also going to be soon to turn into Bloodbath News Network as an honor to our wonderful president, the rightful president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump. And I'm going to bring our next guest on and say good morning. Good morning. Good morning, Donna. Thanks for having me. How are you today? It's an honor to meet you. I read your your bio and I I can't even go through the whole thing. It's just so amazing and it's such an honor to talk to you today. Hey, it's a great day here in the show me state and we're pushing. We're pushing this crazy idea called Liberty down here in Missouri and you know Missouri is kind of. We're a big red state, but we've got a problem with a lot of elected officials in our capital city, Jefferson City here that they don't like doing what they promise in campaign says campaign season. We're continuing to fight the good fight. Well, that's good. Yeah, I think that's a chronic problem across the United States right now. Everybody is everybody is struggling with this because we've got criminals in the seat. I mean, our own government has turned into a terrorist organization. And it's really it's really a shame because the war is on. on God and on the people of America and the world, honestly. You know, we're looking at all sorts of things. So what would you like to talk about today? You're running for governor of the state of Missouri. So I'd love to hear what you have to say. Well, I tell you, my entire candidacy is based on the idea that a state like Missouri, where the voters show up every two years and overwhelmingly embrace this message of a smaller, limited government that is focused on protecting the rights of their citizens instead of growing power for the special interests, we ought to be leading the country here in a state like Missouri. We ought to be right up there with the Floridas and the Texases and the Tennessees of this country, but instead, We have unfortunately really a center left coalition that is more than double the size of government in the state. The tax burden in our state has never been higher. It's causing our state to stagnate economically. Our two urban areas in Kansas City and Saint Louis are both in the top 20 for violent crime in a metropolitan area in our country, and that's just outrageous. We have a governor, unfortunately, who is in name. He is a Republican, but he's not doing anything to address those problems. In fact, he's the biggest part of the problem of expanding government in our state. So I'm coming along and I've been in the state Senate now for this is my eighth and final year in the state Senate. I don't know if there is a person in Jefferson City that is more hated by the status quo than I am because I have consistently made a habit of making this status quo uncomfortable because shockingly, I just try to be the person I said I would be, you know, supporting everything from tax cuts to protecting of rights. in campaign season. And gosh, Jefferson City status quo, they just can't stand it. So we're going to bring a new day to the state of Missouri. And pretty soon all those other big red states are going to get used to hearing about big policy wins coming out of the show me state right here. That's awesome. So what are you currently working on right now? And how's the campaign going? Well, the campaign's going great. I'll tell you the issues that we're talking about the most. This is a national conversation about illegal immigration. Certainly, President Joe Biden The guy in the White House has opened our southern border and opened up our entire country to an invasion. And right now, Missouri, we have an estimate of somewhere north of 70,000 illegal immigrants in the state of Missouri. We have sent some of our National Guard to help out states like Texas, but we haven't done anything in the state of Missouri. So one of the things I'm talking about, not only have I filed legislation to make it a state crime, a state level crime for you to be in the state of Missouri illegally, And with penalties thereof, I've also made a commitment that on the first day that I'm elected governor, I'm going to declare this for what it is, an invasion under Article 4 of our state constitution. And we're going to activate our National Guard, our state highway patrol, and every sheriff in this state to implement a policy that I describe as detain and deport. We're going to actually take our place alongside the other big red states that are defending their state sovereignty and be aggressive and bold about doing it. We also have a big issue in this state with we've got foreign countries coming in trying to buy up our farmland. They're coming in here and the reason they're doing that is very clear. They want to control our food supply. So we actually just took a vote last night in the Missouri Senate on an amendment that I offered to a veterans related bill that prohibits the sale of Missouri farmland to any foreign entity. I'm the only guy in this gubernatorial race, which is just nuts, that's saying that, hey, you know what? Missouri farmland, it ought to be owned by Missourians or at least Americans and not whether it's the Chinese or anybody else that hates us in this country. So We actually got that big, small victory done. And of course, we're talking about economics as well. We pay, you know, the people in Missouri, we actually pay, we spend twice per person out of Jefferson City for the people in Missouri than other big red states, whether it's Florida or you name it, twice per person. So we have a tax burden and a level of government that's never been seen before in our state. So we're going to be aggressive. We're unveiling a, whether it's a budget template and an economic plan to get rid of the income tax in our state, get rid of the personal property taxes in our state. And a lot of folks are resonating with that. We have seen, we have raised, today we've put together $2.5 million for the campaign. But here's the thing, we've raised $2.5 million at an average donation of 23 bucks. which means that it's everyday folks that are liking our message and coming out of wherever they're at, whether they're in Missouri, even out of the state of Missouri, coming and supporting a guy that's finally going to do what Donald Trump is doing at the National. If Donald Trump is out there winning the country on the idea of being a disruptor of Washington, D.C., we're winning the state of Missouri on the idea that we're going to disrupt the swamp that we've got going on in Jefferson City. So I feel great. Let's go, Missouri. Yeah, President Donald Trump, the rightful president of the United States. I have to insert that as many times as I can because they cheated, they stole the election and such. So we got a real problem. And the election integrity or having free and fair elections is probably, it's the biggest issue of our time because everything rolls down from that. If we don't have... I have free and fair elections. What's your thoughts on the, well, we just went into the electronic machine, so I guess I can pass over that. But are you familiar with the NACs, the natural asset corporations and the nonsense going on with that, with buying the farmland up? Yes. In fact, we've got two things there. One, yes, we've actually got a local chapter of the World Economic Forum that has opened a chapter right here in Missouri. So when people think of this issue, it's not just that we don't want China to buy our land. Of course, we don't want China to buy our land, but there's a lot of entities. The World Economic Forum is actually run by... You know, Klaus Schwab, that's a German foreign national. So we don't want any foreign entity buying up our land. So we're going to be bold. And for the land that we've already lost, we need to get that back, which is going to take a constitutional amendment, which I filed. But yes, you mentioned the election integrity machines. I was listening to the conversation you were having before I came on to the show. I'm actually the only candidate for governor that is supporting a plan to get rid of every one of these Joe Biden election voting machines in our state and go back to the hand counting of ballots that actually worked for every state in the union for more than a couple hundred years of our history. It wasn't until the 2000 election, we had all the hanging chads, that somebody got into their idea that, hey, if we have machines count these, that would be better. Well, that isn't the case. The swamp was able to install their guy into the presidency back in 2020, and look how that's worked out for us. Yeah. I call him the gazelle. He's the usurper and the gazelle because you look at Biden. I mean, give me a break. An 80 year old guy does not fall up the stairs three times to get on a plane. And like, you know, the justice tie and goes jumping up there like a, like a military soldier or something like that. So I call him the gazelle. Well, you know, the fact that he is so weak, his policies have been a disaster on the foreign policy front, on the domestic front. The silver lining here is that his disaster of a presidency has led more folks to engage in the political conversation than we've ever seen before. We have folks getting engaged maybe for the first time ever because they're disappointed, they frustrated, they're angry about the decline of their country. And they are going to, you know, Donald Trump's out there talking about a reckoning for Washington, D.C. I can't wait for that to happen. And we're going to have a reckoning here in the state of Missouri. And those folks that are angry and are showing up, they're looking for fighters. I mean, whether you like Donald J. Trump or you don't like Donald J. Trump, nobody disagrees that he's a fighter and he's not owned by any special interest in Washington, D.C. And with the trust level that the American public have with elected officials right now, which is lower today than maybe it's ever been before, in the history of our country, the desire for that leader that's not going to take any guff from any special interests, is not going to be bought by any special interests, and is actually going to be the person in office that they're talking about being in campaign season. The desperation for that leadership, I think, is at a fever pitch. There's a lot of afraid swamp creatures out there right now in our state, in Missouri, every state in the country, and certainly in Washington, D.C., because they know that their grift is coming to an end. And you know what? I couldn't be happier. I couldn't be happier because this is the year that we're going to take our country back. We're going to do it here in Missouri as well. That's awesome. I love to see the panic. And then they panic and they do stupid stuff. And it's almost comical once they're trying to run away from the things and the crimes that they committed. I personally think that this whole nonsense of people in a position of power in our government, in any level, The fact that they're owning stocks in these companies who have basically taken over our country through economic means. I mean, they're using all these means to take our country over and to aggregate the power under their little puppets. They're aggregating their power and they're using their puppets, which they place in office. So anytime you see anybody that the establishment is backing, you got a problem. So a person like you that has got everybody mad at you, that's a great place to start. Well, I'll tell you what, Donna, they have been so angry that the swamp, the Jefferson City swamp here in Missouri, they dislike me so much. They are so angry that earlier in our legislative session earlier in January of this year, they actually stripped me of my chairmanship of the Veterans Committee. So I'm an Air Force veteran. uh I've been I've been the chair of the veterans committee in the missouri senate now for a couple years they stripped me of my chairmanship they took away my parking spot here at the capitol building and it was of course this is trying to silence and punish me listen they're doing the same thing to donald j trump at the national level they're charging him with false crimes they're trying to kick him off the ballot in an attempt to silence him and guess what he's not going to be silenced and I'm saying the same thing in missouri they can take all of my trappings of power I don't care. Their day of reckoning is coming in Jefferson City. And we're going to start with every one of these corporate special interests that do not care what everyday Americans and Missourians are going through. They don't care that our property taxes are higher than they've ever been. And we've got senior citizens that are struggling to stay in their home just so we can feed the beast that is government. They don't care that the COVID environment Well, the scam-demic that was placed upon this country was probably one of the greatest instances of tyranny existing in America that we have ever seen before. It was shutting down businesses. It was masking children in our schools for eight hours a day. You and I were both children once. Can you imagine wearing a mask eight hours a day and trying to learn and reading, writing, and arithmetic with that kind of nuts, that insanity going on? And there are parents that are angry. There are grassroots activists that are angry. There are everyday Missourians and Americans that are so angry at this status quo and what has been done for them, been done to them, that they're ready for Donald Trump at the national level. And I think they're responding well to my message here in the state level in Missouri. Yeah, that's true. And I think everybody's waking up to the fact that our government is actually a bunch of murderers who actually murdered Americans through the, oh, I don't know, we could call it all sorts of things, the bioweapons that they've unleashed upon our own nation. And people know what's going on with that. We've gotten much smarter over the time going through some tough times. But I think we're really looking forward to some great, great times to come. And I love it when President Trump says, you know, the best is yet to come. Because I do believe that the cleaning of house is going to have to happen. And removal of any unconstitutional law mandate attack on we the people. It's got to come to an end. And so as well as, you know, the economic part, are you guys seeing a lot of closure to banks around you or or financial institutions? And have you seen a shift in economic shift away from the big corporations lately? Because we are seeing that across the United States at the local level. Yes, we have seen that. We're seeing, you know, the big corporation. you know, is not, I think, very popular in the minds of Americans right now. We're seeing folks not only looking to do business and bring their economic treasure to local small businesses that are not corporatized, that are not national. We're also seeing a renewal of relationships between individuals and local farmers. You know, the transition that's going through the minds of Americans is we are We are backing away from all these institutions of power. You've got governmental institutions of power. You have corporate institutions of power in the distrust that it was created through the COVID environment, through the 2020 election, quite frankly, has really changed the way Americans are looking at institutions that for a long time were very trusted. I mean, look at the medical profession. I don't know if there's an industry, the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, that has taken more hits, rightfully so, to the trust that the public previously had with them as a result of the COVID environment than that. So it's Yeah, we're seeing a huge transformation. And that is a reflection that folks are looking for something different. And they know that these big corporations are not putting what's good for them first. They're putting what's good for the corporation is first. So yes, we are seeing that at the very local level. Well, and to your point about the trust being down on the big pharma and the health care, it's justified. It's absolutely a justified position to take. And when you roll that into the fact that Pfizer is the sixth most held stock by Congress and Johnson & Johnson at eight, look at their stock portfolios. That's why they're giving the advantage to these industries, which is really sad. And in the process, they're giving the money advantage to them while they are absolutely watching Americans die and or flat out killing Americans. In the state of Michigan, we have Governor Whitless up here who were putting COVID patients into nursing homes. that's third party murder. And that was intentional. So I think, I think that, and, and she was being warned by other healthcare providers that this was a bad idea and they did it anyway. Yeah. So most of this stuff is with foreknowledge, which is really, which is really sad. So what else is going on there that, that we can talk about to help educate people on the process of government, how we can restore that process and such. And, uh, and, uh, get the United States back under a lawful operation? Yeah. Well, so first of all, I think understanding, you know, the first question, it used to be before I got into office, I used to be when we would go to a political event, I was always that guy in the back of the room that was asking a bunch of questions, right? I was always trying to put these elected officials on the spot, trying to find, why did you vote this way? Why did you do this? Now I'm the guy answering questions. And I always say that Whenever you have an opportunity to talk to somebody who's a candidate for office or in office, the first question that should be asked is, what does that candidate think the proper role of government actually is? And it's amazing if you ask that question, that very simple question to 20 different politicians, you'll get 20 different answers. And it's very insightful when you hear what they say that they actually inherently will tell you who they actually are. So when that question is asked of me, it's very simple. It's to protect your rights. The role of government is to protect your rights. That's it. We're not here to give you stuff. We're not here to buy you stuff. We're not here to make your decisions. We're not here to run your life. We're here to defend your rights. And on that standard alone, government has done a horrible job in this country and at the state level. You mentioned your governor, uh, uh, Gretchen Whitmer, right? She is a national villain for the things that she was doing up in Michigan. I don't understand how there can be anybody, regardless of what party you affiliate with, that thinks that she's doing a good job and would actually support her for a re-election. I think Gavin Newsom looked like Mr. Rogers, I'm telling you, you know? So she... so there and the the instances that you describe of what she was doing with those nursing homes listen let's let's call this for what it is evil it is evil in its most pure form that she is leading to the she is leading the destruction of her own population in those instances it is a it is a tragedy and it's an american tragedy story what's going on up there in michigan But clearly, I would argue that she has no idea what the proper role of government actually is. So what I always try to find out from any kind of candidates is, do you understand the proper role of government? In every policy position that I develop, lower taxation, less regulation, more efficient government actually derives from a very fundamental, basic understanding of what government ought to be doing in the first place. And what we've seen from that government has been so terrible, and that government has been empowered by the fact that it's bigger than it's ever before. The COVID environment occurred because we allowed government to get so big and so powerful and so involved in our lives in the first place. In fact, I often talk about there are two objective measures of government, right? One is the number of tax dollars that it spends on your behalf, and two, the number of lines of code that you and I have to comply with in order to stay out of jail. Well, by both of those two objective measures, Republicans nationwide have failed to hold back the tide of growing government. And so, of course, when government reaches the level that it's at right now, where we have instances like during the COVID environment, we had county executives in our big suburban and urban areas telling folks how many folks they were allowed to have over for Thanksgiving dinner. That's the level of government that we had actually reached in a red state like Missouri. But if we don't curtail this, if we don't push back on this by defunding the government and defunding the bureaucracies that are promulgating rules that are trying to control your life and my life, then we're just gonna see more COVID type environments. We're gonna have more repeats of the 2020 election because we've empowered government so much with rights that are given to us by God and are ours, not government. So we've got to be aggressive about that and understanding that proper role of government is what we ought to be looking for in candidates. And I think when a candidate has that proper understanding of government, they're naturally going to find a tremendous amount of resonation with electorates at the state and national level that want to support them. So we're doing very well here. Well, and I think the governor, the position of governor is the one that can actually go in and a governor can remove anyone from office from the state except for the legislature, which is, I think, one of those magic, magic bullets that the governor has to remove the corruption. Within within the state government, when you see somebody that's breaking law and it's and it is it is everyone's responsibility. If you see crime, if you see something, everyone needs to say something. Our legislature was the one that handed over the election to board of election, the board of elections in order to have a fraudulent election. certified. So whose fault is it? Is it the governor's fault? No, it was the legislature's fault in the state of Michigan, which is really a shame. And so there's definitely amazing ways to fix things. What other things are on your mind that you have had brought up or questions? Because I'm sure that everybody would like to know the types of questions that you're asked And what are the most common questions you're asked and what your answers are to those? Because people, it's like, you know, the fact things that are on the frequently asked questions. People want to know what other people are thinking. And quite often we think the same. Yeah. So as I've as I've traveled around Missouri for the past 18 months. The most common question I get about what we're, you know, the political question I get is why aren't we accomplishing more with all these super majorities of Republicans down in Jefferson City? Why do we turn our TV on in the morning and we hear about the big things that other governors are doing in other big red states far from the borders of the show me state? Why aren't we, you know, we actually send more Republicans to our capital than virtually any other state capital in the nation. And yet you never hear about, you know, what Missouri is doing. And the reason is the answer to that question is why are we doing more? Why are we doing a better job defending our rights is because we have a very, like many states, like almost every state, we have a very powerful status quo that is run by some very well-funded, powerful corporate special interests that we had formerly, you know, Donald Trump kind of coined the term the swamp, right? We would formally call it the swamp. I call it the uniparty. Yes, it is. So the swamp leads to the uniparty because the swamp, which wants everything to remain the same because they're actually benefiting from all the dollars that are being spent in our state capital, then work towards creating the uniparty, right? Which is kind of a collection of Republicans and Democrats that just want to keep things the way they are. It doesn't matter if the state is actually prospering at a statewide level. It doesn't matter if people are coming to our state or not. And expanding our economy. It doesn't matter that our urban areas are descending into chaos as long as the money keeps flowing to these corporate special interests. And so that uniparty does not appreciate guys like me that are willing to name the names of not just the legislators, who are voting wrong on these issues, but the actual special interests themselves who comprise the swamp, right? Folks say, well, who is the swamp? Well, you know, in the state of Missouri, it's our state level chamber of commerce, which is composed of some of the biggest corporate entities in our state that are advocating for legislation that tramples the rights of our citizens, increases the governmental and regulatory burden on our people and stagnates Missouri. It's the Missouri Hospital Association. In fact, you remember a couple of years ago when Joe Biden came out and he said, Hey, everybody's got to get the shot. Or if you don't get the shot, then we're going to come after you with the IRS, the FBI, and the federal government's going to pay you a visit. Well, the very next day, I actually signed a letter with several of my Senate colleagues asking our governor to call us into a special session so we could make it illegal in the state of Missouri for you to lose your job or have retaliation if you chose not to get the shot. Well, our governor said, he said, well, no, we can't do that. He did nothing. And then when I filed that piece of legislation, the Missouri Hospital Association, which is another big player in the swamp here in our state, derailed that bill because they were afraid that if such a bill went into effect, They were going to lose federal money from Joe Biden coming out of D.C. This is exactly the kind of maneuver that we see from that swamp that's leading to the Uniparty because it took the legislators to vote it down in the first place. And that's why people are angry. They're not having the protection of their rights. And so they want to know who are the bad actors and who can we support that's going to kick over all those apple carts of the elite, of the powerful in Jefferson City? I would propose that I'm going to be that guy because I've already been doing it for eight years and nobody's more hated or gets more uncomfortable around a guy like me down in our capital city. Okay. I got to say, I think this is really funny that they took your parking spot away. They did. So this is like a military veteran. I'm pretty sure that you could probably jog a mile if you needed to to get in there instead of, you know, the pathetic people that sit in the seats who you know that they spend most of their time just like hanging out at donut parties and such. You know, it's like bring some veterans in this and let them have at it because they can take it. Not only did they take my parking spot, they actually threatened to take the furniture out of my office. So this chair that I'm sitting in right now, the desk behind me, they threatened to remove all the furniture from my office as a punishment as well. But when the public found out that they had taken our parking spaces, the public turned against our Senate leadership We had Republican central committees all over the state come out calling for their resignation. And it was actually a really good moment for the grassroots of our state to get involved. But you're right, the pettiness that they're willing to go to to silence people, to silence anybody that challenges their positions of authority and their comfort zone is petty. know what we're we're not I'm not afraid of that this is like a pom-pom squad sitting there deciding you know who's first in line yes what what a childish ridiculous absurd I i I'm I'm shocked so I ran for governor of the state of michigan And I think I'm one of the most hated people here, too, because I just call out everybody. I have no heroes in the state right now because they're all fighting for supremacy and they're not fighting for we the people. And it's really sad. But I was told the same thing. If you don't vote. for the Speaker of the House, which at the time was Matt Maddock. I was flat out told this, that they will take your, that they wanted, well, they wanted, he wanted to be Speaker of the House. And so this was, they said, if you don't vote him in, they will take all your committee assignments away. And they're going to take you down into the basement of the Capitol and tell you how things work. And I'm like, well, kind of good luck with that. Because you know what? I hate to tell you this. I've got to be one of the most ornery people on the planet when it comes to being told what to do when it's the wrong thing. Pick another puppet because that doesn't work with Donna Brandenburg. And it sounds like it's not going to work with Bill. Bill, how do they find you? So if people want to find you and be able to say hi and have some have some interaction with you? How do you have a phone number? Do you have a website? Do you have something that they can, because I would love for people to get, be able to get in touch with you. And I'm just going to say, okay, guys, if you have somebody that's hated enough to have a parking space taken away and furniture, you know, he's going to have to, you know, go somewhere and, and pull a card table and chair out of a folding chair out in his office or something like that. How do they get ahold of you? Well, the first place to go to is my website, We've had more than 40,000 people sign up to be a part of our message here in the state. I'm also active at Bill Igle on Twitter. I'm active on Facebook, Igle for Mo. It is a, and I, by the way, I love going onto my social media pages. I'm not the greatest social media guy on the planet, but I love to interact with folks who are visiting my page. We're talking about the issues. So if you go to or visit my page on Facebook and Twitter, I interact every day with folks all over the state. And by the way, one qualifier, when you say, when you and I both say we're the most hated people What we're actually saying, we're referring to the bubble of power in our state capitals because outside outside our state capitals, we're actually the message that you and I are talking about is overwhelmingly popular. So. So, yes, we're we're very hated by the powerful. We're very hated by the status quo who's trying to take our parking spaces or threatening us, you know, to take us down to the basement and threaten us. I'm not afraid of that. But when it comes to the actual people who are desperate for precisely that kind of leadership, that kind of individual like us and again, like Donald J. Trump, that's willing to push back against all these corporate elites or governmental elites. I think that we're very popular with the people of our state and of this country. And ultimately, this is the key to taking our country back. Awesome. Well, I think you've got another meeting going on that you have to go to. You're a very busy guy. And thank you so much for coming on today. And I really appreciate your time. Let me know how else that we can get the word out there. And I try to give a voice to anyone who's been silenced. And I'm assuming you have been silenced. So at any rate, you have a great day and thank you so much. Thanks, Donna. It's great to meet you. We'll talk real soon. Awesome. Bye-bye. And my next guest, I'm going to roll right into Lisa Panette. Lisa, how are you doing? I'm doing great. How are you? Hang on a second. I got to get the sound up here. Ah, there you go. I'm doing wonderful. Thank you for joining us. We couldn't get the link to work today, huh? No, I don't know what's happening. Technical difficulties. At least it made me feel a little better, Donna, that it said it's not your fault. It kept saying it's not your fault, called the provider. I'm like, okay, at least it's not my fault. You know what the funny thing is, is when we do live broadcasts like this, there's sometimes some glitches there. And quite honestly, if you mention the word China or anything else that they don't want us talking about, we'll have interruptions in our broadcast. So there's a lot going on. When they don't want somebody's voice out there, they'll sabotage it on usually the other end. We end up when all of the... Different venues have been going out on or going down. We've actually been able to keep Brandenburg News Network up in the face of everybody else going down, which is kind of amazing. But they do interrupt some of our guests at the other end. So there you go. Well, Donna, you know, you and I were kind of just texting back and forth about what was going on here in Missouri. And I just started telling you things that I see that are the same around the country. Because we see these guys that, you know, they are the global elites. They hold these meetings like the Governor's Association, for instance. And they have all their ideas lockstep and they may implement them in the states at different times. But believe me, it's all the same agenda. I look at it as like they come in and they give you like three things every year. But ultimately, we're going to end up at the same place. So you may have three things that are implemented at a different time. then we will here in Missouri. But ultimately, we're all going to be standardized with the same thing. And that's kind of how we ended up with that discussion about getting together and talking today. Yeah. So I'd like you to introduce yourself to everyone so they know who you are. I had I put it in the description of the broadcast today. And do you have a website I can pull up a minute? Yeah, so I am part of Armor Vine, and that's And I am also part of Shield Maidens. of Missouri. And so either one of those things they can find me on, Shield Maidens for Missouri. We do a small podcast that's very informative on the issues that are happening within the state. And as far as Armorvine, that is a political and consulting firm that we started just this year. for freedom and liberty, because what we saw is within the Capitol, we didn't have anyone that was actually there to lobby for us, to have consulting for us, we the people. And you know, Donna, as a mother, as a wife, as a mother, as a homeschool mother, This was just crazy to me. When I went to go sign up, because you have to sign up as the lobbyist, they have boxes that you can check. You know, none, not one single box had anything to do with freedom or liberty. Really? That's really warped. That's super work. So I brought it up right now and I have Jodi Grace. I've got Shield Maidens. I've got Missouri Freedom Initiative and SCC Parents Association. So I don't know if you know, I know we've got to spend some time at a weekend event a while back. So and that was really an honor. We got to talk about the heartbeat bill and that sort of thing. And fun, fun time to spend with you. I also homeschooled my kids, but my kids are all grown and gone now. So I'm in the grandma phase of life. which is kind of interesting. But the whole schooling issue that's going on right now is just, it's a train wreck. It is indoctrination. And I'm not seeing education because they're killing critical thought in our children. And honestly, switching the focus on how do you have a heart for other people to focus in a very narcissistic way on their needs winning at all cost always being first first and in instead of taking the back seat as a servant's heart I do think that homeschooling does a pretty good job at accomplishing that well I mean homeschooling is amazing we have a huge fight here and and I believe that really this is uh across the nation once again right like things that happen here are not in isolation We see school choice that is ramped up across the nation. But the reality is it's what we call government school choice because they have intentionally come in and wrecked our public schools. You know, I was a correct of the public school. We had Jesus and Mary in the manger. That was our play. We had Jesus's resurrection there. as a play at that time, I would say we didn't have prayer in the schools, but we still had an emphasis on God. And now we can't even talk about, we can't say the words Christmas and Easter, right? We can't even say those words anymore within the public school. But that was an intentional demise from the inside out. This is not... Now they're bringing in teachers to align with that. But for us here in Missouri, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has been given wide authority through the legislature to come in and create rules and regulations for all the woke things that you see. So they're coming in and mandating through rules and regulation, not law, but the law allowed them the authority to do it. So it's almost like see no evil, hear no evil from the legislature because they just gave it over to them. And they're the ones, the entity of DESE, or the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, is here wrecking the school. And now, wouldn't you know, they have a solution. Their solution to what they have come and wrecked is now school choice, where guess what? If we end up with school choice, we'll end up with the same product in the private schools and the home schools. that we had in the public school that they were so they're just wanting to extend their tentacles into those areas explain that to me if you would um how that how that uh works or has a negative impact on schooling using school of choice Sure. So what you have is they're going to align under DESE, the private school. So say we're going to give you a voucher or we're going to give you money, right? Like the money follows the child. It always sounds so great, right? But guess what? There's strings that are attached because either way, those become public dollars. So once you enter the public sphere, then they regulate it. So let's say, for instance, here, you have to have a standardized test. Do you know, Donna, that with those standardized tests here that we have, the MAP test in the state of Missouri, but also other places have the same thing, they enter into proprietary agreements, okay, that no one can see those tests. So they're scoring our kids. They're testing our kids on things that no one can ever see. And when I say no one, I don't just mean the parents. I mean, the teachers can't see the test. The superintendents can't see the test. So they say, oh, your school is failing. We know that the kids are failing because we can tell they, you know, I mean, they don't know critical thinking, right? Like they don't know basic math. The thing that we don't know is where is that cheming from? And nobody can see the test. I mean, if you think about it, Donna, like when I was growing up, the teachers knew all the tests, right? And to say teaching to the test, they don't even know what's on these tests now. But the teachers then could help us. They could direct us. They could see where we were failing, right? and help to come and intervene. No one can do that now. And so what I'm saying is we have a very strong suspicion that what are in these tests are actually what's called social emotional learning. Oh, yeah. You know, you know, with social emotional learning. Yes, I do. But please explain it to our viewers, because this is very dangerous. It's programming them and in driving, you know, driving their answers or the thought processes by engaging their emotions. But go ahead and explain it. Yes. Well, it's value. This is common core. OK, so social emotional learning is a part of common core. So when they've said that they've gotten rid of Common Core in these places, they haven't. They've just renamed it and kept on with their initiative, the Common Core initiative. And the social emotional learning is measuring your values, your aptitudes, and your belief system. So for us as Christians, even our belief system, right, is not what they would call inclusive, right? We say that Jesus is the only way and you can't enter through these other gates, these other doors. And so if they're measuring that and they keep giving the student a different question because you're failing that question, it's indoctrination by continuing to to hammer at them, no, you still don't have it right yet. No, you still don't have it right yet. And if we can't see those tests and we have people like Bill Gates who have these tests and these are proprietary agreements, memorandums of understanding that are entered into and contracted with the schools, we never get to see that. So you've got a problem right there on how we're grading and what we're actually teaching um teaching these children and even how our teachers are graded Donna because if the teacher let's just say we have someone who we would think is a fantastic teacher but their kids are failing because they're failing a social emotional learning part of a test um then we were we're scoring those teachers as well with something they can't see because maybe They think, again, they're not inclusive enough. They're not diversified enough, right? They're not equitable enough. And therefore, they're not a good teacher. And they wouldn't score well. So we have this problem. And again, the solution is coming in, well, we'll give you money to go to the private school. Well, then what's going to happen is the private school are going to have the same thing. They're going to require, if that's what we're seeing, like in legislation, they're going to require the same tests. Well, homeschoolers too, and then they're going to get into requiring content and books and all of that. And we know that they hate America. Our education system absolutely hates America. They've proven to want to take flags out in general and basically make every other country on the planet more important. And, you know, we've got to get into white privilege and all that kind of nonsense in the schools. So I think it's absolutely toxic to not be able to see what's on those tests, including the porn that's in the schools. Yeah. Well, yeah. And when you talk about the curriculum, Donna, so we have class wallet here. and this came from Florida, and how you receive funds from these school choice programs is that money is loaded onto this class wallet system. Well, guess what? The class wallet system doesn't have any of your ABACA, your Saxons, your classical conversations. It doesn't have any of those things that We would consider conservative, right, on the class wallet. You know who has on class wallet? Amazon. Amazon's on class wallet. You have... Any of the woke entities, basically, you can look. They're on ClassWallet. So they're picking the curriculum for you, and then you're going to receive the strings of taking the money. So I even talk about, say, you're a private school, and you say, well, I don't really want any part of this, but the parent is going to use their money to bring the child into the school. And that's the parent's, you know, that's their... It's their prerogative. Well, if the school then starts to build out for these vouchers, guess what's going to happen? I mean, you're a businesswoman. You understand this, that if they build out and they take out loans themselves to, you know, to accommodate that growth, then when five years later, that there's strings on those parents on what that looks like and how they can spend that money. And they say to the school, well, the only way that I can continue coming to this private school is using this voucher. And now we have these strings placed upon us and the school has loans. Then what position are they going to be in? I mean, you're putting them in a position to either close their doors because they won't They won't, you know, do what the government requires of them. So they have to close their doors because of the great amount of loans that they have on them, or they're just going to have to succumb to whatever the government wants. So these are the kind of things, um, and I, and I would say even as in regard to classical conversations, they are, um, a big, uh, opponent, like basically a voice to say how dangerous these programs are. Um, And I mean, when we go into school choice, I just, I mean, I can't say enough that we're, we're putting ourselves in danger and the talking points sound good, but like most things, the reality, it doesn't match the talking points. What's meant to hide the truth. That's the problem with a lot of the bills and things that have been passed, even in the state of Michigan here, they were designed with very misleading language in them, but people typically don't get past the headline and say, oh yeah, it sounds like a great idea. Whammo, product of our government schools there have been indoctrinated to just hit the headline, looks good, let's vote for it. Well, OK, so I'll go on to another issue that we have that all the states that I see are getting into. Right. We hear this rhetoric about the WHO, right, the World Health Organization and pushing back. You know, I don't know if you're hearing there, but I'm pretty much hearing from every state about pushing back against the WHO treaty. But no one's talking about. the quiet infiltration that's been happening within all of our states. I can tell you because you can go on their website and see who is entering into these interstate medical compacts. So these interstate medical compacts that we have are all your doctors, your healthcare workers, and they are creating rules That in the bills that are passed, and by the way, your bills have to look the same as my bills. They have to be standard with this interstate medical compact. So that means if you find yours, it's going to look just like mine. Is that what they do is the rules then have the full force of law. So when we think of the COVID tyranny. We're now giving this over to a body, which, by the way, this commission is in D.C. And we're handing them all the authority to promulgate rules. And those rules then have the full force of law with our courts. Cause it says this in the bills, the courts then have to uphold the compact. So they're against the citizens of the state at that point. And now they are the employee that the court becomes almost the employee, right. Of this compact outside of DC. I've got the, I am interstate medical licensure compact up. Is that one of them or are there multiple organizations? There's multiple, but you have that there's the main interstate medical compact. And when you pull that up, those are going to be the ones that we're all unified with. But they're doing this everywhere. So they're building the scaffolding. And when they press the button, we'll have no idea where it came from. Because it's not only in regards to our medical. We have veterans compacts, interstate medical compacts. We have nurses interstate compacts. We have dental interstate compacts. I mean, it goes on and on and on. Social workers, mental health interstate compacts. So, I mean, what they're doing is they're building a scaffolding. And by the time we realize it, we're going to be in deep deep trouble I think we need to talk about this more because this is the first time I've heard of this yeah I mean and that's the problem right because they've they've waved the shiny thing over here of the who that through a treaty that is um you know that would have to get ratified And so they're waving that like, look over here, look over here. But they've done the quiet infiltration the legal way through our states. Because if our states decide to enter into this, then they can do that. That's a legal means to do it. Now, we can push back, Donna, because in our U.S. Constitution, it does reference that we're not to be entering into compacts of states. However, the problem is, It says that they can in times of emergency. So I believe that they're just building the scaffolding, then they'll create the emergency, and then they'll even be legitimate within the Constitution. Wow. This is so evil. It's incredible. I mean, we've got a parasite class of people running this nation and that's what they do. They infiltrate, they take over organisms and organizations and that sort of thing. They're parasites and they're finding, they're finding new ways of attacking. I had, I have not seen this as yet. So I'm going to have to do some research on this because this is, this is terrifying. Oh yeah, it is. It really is. And, And so I'd say there's another leg to that stool with it. And what Santan done with that in these different states are they're accepting their opening of law and where you had, let's say with, with sheriffs. Okay. I can't speak for Michigan, but here in Missouri. We had that it was illegal, it was against the law for us to allocate funds from the General Assembly or any other place to the sheriffs. Well, the reason why you would do that right is you don't want the sheriffs bought and paid for, obviously. But instead, what we're doing is we're now opening up those sections of law we're removing the prohibitions to give it to them. We're actually saying now that they can allocate funds from the General Assembly and any gifts or donations or bequests can actually flow into those entities. So sheriffs being one of them, I mean, do you see a problem with, I don't know, Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg, being able to privately give to the sheriffs? So you have that. You have prosecutors, same thing. Our waterways, our ports, same thing. Our forests, the same thing. So you see that they're opening this up. And here in Missouri, we had Zuckerbucks, and they went to the machines here, the election machines. They did in Michigan, too. This becomes a problem. Huge, huge problem. Well, and I think, you know, you look at the regulatory industries or entities in all the industries, that's all about asset capture there, too. They write the rules. They enforce the rules. They sell the rules. They protect it. They effectively copyright them, which we pay them to put together, which should not be put. I mean, what a mess. It's like a it's like a mess of like a. tangled mess of on your website vines you know you've got vines there it's a it's a tangled a mess in the government yeah I mean we've talked about here uh that we need to as the states unified together we need to start building a database even of these things that they're doing so that we understand and push back because when I get on the phone with my friends in other states then they then have their little spidey senses that can go up that can be on the look for these things. Right. But if you don't know what to look for, then you're just you're just blind to it. You know, you have your your one and done issue or maybe a couple of issues, you know, say it's protecting life or the guns or election integrity, whatever it may be. But You know, it's so much more than that because these guys are very skilled in what they're doing. And they're okay with even letting a couple good bills go through each session because ultimately what do the couple good bills do if they're creating this framework out from under us? Wow. Do you have a bunch of links to this that you could chip me when we're offline here? Because I think this is a great idea is to start compiling a list and adding to this and blow the whistle on this so that people even know what to deal with and say, hey, you know, these entities have got to be stopped. Yeah. I mean, yeah, I will be happy to do that comment because, again, I think, you know, this is our moment, right? Like this is our Esther moment. And we all have to do what God called us to do in this time because we're all uniquely fashioned for this moment. Yes, absolutely. Well, I really appreciate you coming on today. And I'd like you to come back on next week. Can you come back on next week and we can talk about this some more? Sure. Gives me a little time to brush up on this a little bit and become more familiar with the sub because this has been under the radar for me. I can tell you that. The advantage of talking to lots of different people is that you benefit from their viewpoint, from their purview, because we're all looking in different areas and we all have different areas of expertise. And I so appreciate that you're willing to come on today and share this with everybody because this is amazing. This is, this is important. It's that whole strategy. As you said, to your point of look here. So we're not looking at what they're actually doing. So this is, this is a important issue. And I, and I appreciate you coming on, but I'd love you to come on next week again. Sure. Awesome. I'd love to. Yeah, we'll get offline and we'll talk about that. But it's nice talking to you. I miss seeing you. We had such a lovely time when we were visiting at the one event that we were at. And we talked about all kinds of things like the heartbeat bill and the other issues that you've been involved in. So if you guys don't know Lisa out there, she has an incredible story. She really does. Very, very effective person in fighting for... God's good purposes. I'm going to say God's good purposes because you're part of the Phyllis Shafley organization. Yes. Yes, I am. Yeah. And so that's the Phyllis Shafley Eagles and their Phyllis Shafley Eagle Forum. And it has been such an honor to just know Phyllis and the time that I did and what an awesome organization they have. And Even training up some of the other next generation there and being involved in that has been, it's just been a blessing. That's wonderful. Well, let's say a prayer and end the broadcast today, and then we can go into our days. We'll talk about it when we're offline a little bit some more and bring you back on again so we can get into this issue in a little bit more depth because this is an important issue of our time. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so very much for everyone that came on today, for Bill, for Ralph, for Karen. I'm going to miss somebody here, I'm going to tell you. And Lisa and other Bill. We've got all kinds of people here. So we're just very thankful for everyone that's willing to step forward to serve this nation to your good purposes. And we ask that your favor would rest strongly. upon everyone who is fighting for blind justice under the law, for the future of our children, for things to be done in the righteous way as one nation under you. This is your sandbox. You created this. And we very much appreciate the great gifts that you've given us. And we're willing to step forward to maintain them. Those things need to be maintained a little bit. We're willing to do whatever it is that you ask us to do. Thank you for the path. that you've set before us for the tasks that you've given us to do. And we ask that you would help us keep our eyes on you, following you every step of the way, because we know that you provide for us with whatever you ask us to do. Thank you so much for showing us what shouldn't be done, as well as showing us what should be done. Let everybody out there know that they're very loved. They're not alone, that these battles are good to fight. It strengthens us and you send them to us. Every good thing falls from your hand, but also all things work together for those who love you and are called according to your purposes. And we accept whatever it is that you put in our path this day with gratitude, asking that your will be done above all things. You've been a great friend to us and we want to be a friend to you. In Jesus Christ's precious name, we pray. Amen. Any last words here, Lisa? No, I mean, it's just great catching up. And I mean, I share the admiration that you're speaking of me. I share of you because you're just a great patriot warrior. And I'm just grateful to know you. Thank you so much. It's just so nice. It's nice to visit with people who just want the right thing to be done. You know, this is what we're lacking here. What we're lacking is wanting not to win at all costs, but to win under the law in a lawful process in order to have a beautiful future. country that's based on peace and on individual rights, on helping each other in our communities, caring about the future generations and making good decisions, not based on what we get, but what we can give. I think that's what God's called us for, to have a servant's heart in that. in that area. So I'm going to go ahead and, and end this now and let everybody know, please go to, oh, let's see. I'm on the wrong side today. because I'm the best non-conceder who has ever not conceded to the fraudulent rigged maladministration. abysmal failure of elections that we've had, and we're going to continue to fight on this until we see that 2020 and 2022 election, fraudulent elections, righted because they missed the mark by a long shot. And I want to say thank you to the rightful president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump, General Flynn, Admiral Rogers, and all the wonderful patriots that have been fighting for this nation. There's just an untold amount of people who have been fighting for this nation that quietly without having a microphone, without having their voices being heard because they're silencing people who are fighting. They're taking away parking spots for gosh sakes. That's, that's about the most childish thing that I've heard yet. This, this is, it's outrageous. I'm going to actually bring his website up again. Hang on a minute because I think this is, Oh, I must've, must've closed it and lost it here. Let's see if we can, if we can bring it back up again. Um, I'll bring it up another day. We'll have him back on again. But at any rate, everybody's fighting for this who have a good heart. There's more good people than there are bad people. There's more people who care about God and love other people, have that capacity of love than there are bad guys. The parasite class is relatively small. They're just really organized, but that's okay. We don't care. We will take on this challenge without fear, without wavering, without backing down because we're going to take this nation back and we're not asking permission. They have no sway over any of us. Because we have a good goal. Our goal is to see the will of God be done within this nation, within this world, within all things. It's God's will be done. So with that said, I'm going to give you a little heart hands. God bless you. God bless all those whom you love. And God bless America. Make it a great day. Use every minute that God's given you to make an impact in this world. Tell people that you love them. Let them know that they're not alone. Find ways to be a blessing to others and give everything you have away. It's amazing how that works, that everything you thought was bad in the world all of a sudden will turn around and you'll find the desires of your heart, which may not be material. It may be the things of love. eternal value. So anyhow, I'm just going to let this go and we will be on tomorrow. We've got Ralph and Karen on tomorrow. So we'll be talking about technology things and all other kinds of things. So have a great day.