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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/29/2023 - Tatar Tuesday and Jeffrey Sisk

Published Aug. 29, 2023, 9 a.m.

9am Tatar Tuesday with John Tater. Know the law and use the law - defending yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar 10am Jeffrey Sisk Founder/CEO of In 1999, Mr. Sisk founded the successful internet job site PhysicianWork. It was the largest physician job site on the internet, earned millions operating at 68% profit margin, and was a number one brand and led this niche market for 12 years until sold in 2011. He founded the company, wrote the software, and did all the branding and marketing (2006 PRR Survey, New England Journal). He is the CEO of SWAN (Super Wide Area Network) a worldwide satellite network being built operating in the w-band (microwave bands), and is the Executive Director of the ISV Foundation that owns the International Standard Version Bible. In prior endeavors he founded the search engine Zeekly, and for over 30 years was involved with video and audio engineering and production for special projects for companies/clients such as AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Starlight International, New U Life, the UniverSoul Circus, Tom Marzullo (produced tours for artists such as Prince, Luther Vandross, and 3 tours for Prince including Purple Rain), Buddie Buie, Rodney Mills and the Atlanta Rhythm Section to name a few. His unique blend of creative talent and experiences combined with his technical and programming knowledge provides him with unique perspectives in the current digital marketplace. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the twenty ninth day of august twenty twenty three welcome to broadcast today if it bring out my body here right away and we're going to go get get started right off the bat he john aedon i'm going great how about yourself you know what it's always a good day when it peter to his day everybody loves tator today so ah ah thought that we start out with thought the cornerest art out with an inspiring peachey one of my favour of presidents which is present candeleros nt candiani there we had a lot of good president and we allow latest and so but you know people are a mixed of good and bad and a quinonoid on the after look for inspiration with a with what people do not perfection because it's not possible there is only one perfect in that jesus so in he enthrow stone so here we go let's play that in an i'll get going we be in an hour of change and challenge in a decade of hope the age of both knowledge the greater our knowledge in e horned the striking fact the sins of the world has ever known our line of that stretches of the unknown and the ornate and the young private the florin i like there he is no strike no national connect has no hospital to his old we serve the best of mankind and its opportunity the operation may never come again some say he my child this is our they may well ask i climb the highest on o i tirty five years ago by the atlantic we choose to go to the hole we cherlecote the hold and is benedetto the other thing not me fate are leaving what because they are may call not thole well sir to work and is and make you the best amortisatie because that challenge is long that were willing to accept and we are willing to rose and one weinenden there go nice way to start the day off alike present continent and not you know it's it's kind of fun it's kind of fun to see how how malanese melanias my favor at first lady hands down i love morania to and i love to watch how there is some similarities between the outfits that they wore because a d'lite and purpose and i think that's just cool as hack and i am a file on malone's outfits because i think she is just absolutely gorgeous wonderful gracious and a much loved to melania and he and i a she's taken for the nation no think about it you know i president trompeterlogen ted states is in office and she's got to put up with all of this nonsense and crap out there and people ah you know saneyori le things and that sort of thing and it's like you know what everybody just just shut your pie holes she stepped out in front of this country it with her husband and ordered a ficino's like i think we should give her some respect she smart too a shot she likes speaks like five different languages i'm i'm struggling with one most of the time so what what do you have to say this morning about the video its cold there let's go there mister tater what are you talk about the moon well j f k did what everybody in the media selling us to do to day follow the member thethethe mass the follow the jan k not being a scientist but a present followed the sign was told back the three are before that it was possible i science i didn't really know what was on the sin to day that same we should learn as we should get the jab totally harmless and it's an looked prevent rice is the science that the follow kennedy followed the same sign the seven when the scientists realized we we haven't resolved the van allen we haven't resolved a lot of we can't go to the and therefore we got a face that's what they did they thanked all and you see how but challoner did you sell the challenger asked honots that showed up and professor positions across the united states that of its kind of crazed there's no possible way that that many of them had an identical twin with the sailing name to show up as in no professors and such and this is something that we have to we have to really really evaluate through a preconceived notions and look it not what we think it is but what we really have or what we what we want it to be because to those two are are a diametrically opposes the right in did did in fact we go to the moon sixty eight the five did any of those moon landings happened that was all stages who knows where nevada on in studio there's a movie out called capricorn if anybody hasn't seen it so old the they faced the mars land and it's a very good movie because it exactly what they did in the moon land they felt the whole foot gather off percontatus that are sitting on the top and and according to the luciferin is in such they have to tell you what they do before they do it sell the clues are there and then they say because we didn't say no you're done i'm not believing this we do not consent they say that that is absolutely agreement in what they do is it not the soil the whole the whole state is locoveris is absolutely not you know it's pleased its magis and sane is the sanity and you know to look it to look at it the spatters there and we can learn by watching the things that we don't agree with and or that that he no critical thinking involved in it the silence is acquiesced sure as you can for in a cord a log when we demand an answer or replied or answer whenever we file a document do not answer then they have agreed with so acquiescent same thing that their playing on us now were turning round as long as we understand gain planned here what's going on the rules of the game that we ken we can both are its one they are only hold the cards and they played in their way then we the people are getting the shaft so this brings me back to what happened in an i don't want to get i don't want to dwell on the moonlight we did not go to the o like jf kt did not get shot by signal by signals on his argreed simple narrative noisevery shut off or our thinking and become lazy followers of had lines you know it becomes real easy to leave an entire population and take captive if we don't say ye not bynany this i'm going to i want to look into it before i make a formanoid and that's exactly what's going on there there leading us by the nose people that have rings in their noses now is peeling is something asidats what they did with bowls and carlstein in their nolstein ones so they could track him round and now men and women are putting rings in their noses what is that telling hello wake yet an jumping off with that sum what is it say when somebody and when i used to play a cordion but when i took i still which is cool very cool when we when i took less my teacher and my father used to say because i was a kid and did no much better be practice makes that statement correct degree at proper practice cause you can always practise and play the wrong not and always played that wrong be same thing in in real life your practising porter something in your practice and get any correctly then you build him that incorrect knowledge while that sport and you never advanced beyond that take a logical step in a water incorrectly i got a change mentally make a note to make it perfect or or correct it same thing with knowledge his power correct knowledge may is power hostetter cragantallen ing in that's the only way because a few have incorrect now then you continue continually by into the nonsense that's going on on the and on the internet by golly the internet is remembered the internet's of bathroom wall and if you don't discern what's on that bathroom wall you get all kinds of garbage so you got you got to think about what you reading and what her listening and i you begot a goin to do the home work your own deep dived on it somebody else do it for you as that person that's doing it for you can be leading you by the nose in a direction that they want you to so my problem this we over this week i had in three four people called me with wrong informed because they were listening so that came out with so insolent said it's this way and that way and in some one a dot deep dive into some of the information that i've been hearing and by the way this is thirty years ago this is cause i've heard it i've gone through it i started it i researched it i even done some of these and none of its correct none of the works disarming you of maybe and of bei sat up he does me there several of these out there that seemed to me to be a part of their little fed siratio from save oh i don't know say the fbi or something like that that is a sot up to try to catch people to like with the whitening and all that sort of stuff that jase than it really feels like it to me with it because there's there's too many there is too many elements of a colt type not called the behavior where people are having to garner a favorisera of the leaders instead of its is always a top down which is a contained of the bottom up and and that that's that's a real it's a real problem when you see that now there there's a time and place for everything in her if you are moving forward you have to consent to a central command to keep everybody moving so you not at her so there there's a time in a place for that but these organizations that are out there which have culpeper sonality sitting on the top you know and in if you don't if you don't agree with them entirely you get voted off the island and i mean in no uncertain terms and the demon is by by them that's so they see in the republican party the democrat party all the political parties by and large are are that way i don't see that in the taxatio the constitution it's probably going to come because of infiltration until we clean the rats out of the swamp they just move from one one spot to another we saw that in the text peter's party we had people that were moving around but as soon as as soon as i now there the the elections one room their gone instead of making a commitment stand whether they just use the on the hundred per cent i agree with your honor we don't know who on the other side of that video that where is a person what's his credentials where did he come from people don't do the deep dive on most people they just listen to the narrative and an everythin sounded some pretty good yes because it sounds pretty good i'm going to listen and follow them while the problem that we have is that they've been trying to drag us away from the republic oversee senores avers ever sence constitution came one or they want they don't want a republic they wanted to make and if you won't listen even to some of the very old movies that were put out in a gentle twenties and thirties they talk about theocracy they don't talk about real our politicians talked democracy they will talk eh why do they talk democracy because an i que task and it's a failed i quotes yet the first solid think a lot of those public functionaries believe we have then in their own mind because they don't know the fine and then they turned round and the swearing oath that i will uphold the united states constitute that means article for section for which says we are guarantee a republican form of they finally that part of the constitution right off the bat by just swearing there then coming on board and sang we haven't desk this is the nonsense that we have living with them playing with the narrow people's out their still that believe we have a demand at reportthey don't know the difference i never been taught this and they don't it's too much work come home from work all day because and slaving on the dollar system than trying to make a makes and your work had really hard you come home and you plot down front of the tv do turn on the tv news and you listen to that the marks so it's just that you don't want to tell you to one to exercise your brain a little bit more and read some re little history no a little background listened to somebody else people just don't do that and consequently they are being dragged around by the media and and by the politicians hugution is and then they don't know that they don't know one thing from another and this is the problem that we have had ending of the during the daily my daily tasks will not listening people called me and say hey i know i been court or i got this or i got that go on how can i handle this by the way i heard a bolt the the fact that we are in the corporation that is that it contracts and that's why we're in this so if we get rid of our contracts like simon contract with the eternal revenue that's a contract in none of that tufted trainin fact that we have contract the only people that are allowed to have contracts are people not corporations corporations follow a different philacte that's half if ye haven't if you want to look at a cook american people follow the constant an they want corporations heron herein ombrella they have to follow what the the state or whoever incorporated them as they have the we aren't a real problem they'll because they had that citizens united at this part of the scope creek that came and which actually gave corporations the standing as a person if not an kate that's okay i don't think all while here's what i can cross as the person you can see the a corporation when its the corporation and they don't have that on to do whatever one to call it partnership since whatever it is that duel situation then they can't you can't see them because their corporation well i see i see there's a childers to as a doin us you know but but you can see the people behind it if it's not the corporation you go after the people rather than the corporation as the entity but it also gives a corporation's right to own land which is how they basically bought up all the land in the united states and send oferson it goes through the corporation a holding company and such and it's is a hole you know then they they combine in the coombe and combine into you got these huge beasts like state street capital of arabella black rock and vanguard which can because of their sheer size power nobody's doing antitrust suits on in which should have been done a long time ago to break them off and in i mean and i don't mean like dominion did dominion is a perfect example of why they don't work while because dominiceti at this as the different company but it's like having to department and i accompany where he i'm just going to walk down the buildingeither and jackoit and the office and there there are auditor and so the whole the whole corporate the patent structure of the copyright structure everything we have in place right now is absolutely a disaster in my little give tisaster because we do not follow the because our public functionaries are not following dropstock more and more a hundred thousand if we had the rule of law in our republic with should be then there is no latitudes for corporations what they are doing because anti trusted but we are not following and that's in that we have handled the as being a died and george which is totally an illegal endit cause he can't you can't i cannot indict a federal terrorthe federal courts you couldn't do it as an individual you couldn't see a federal corporal or federal person in a state you'd have to take him to a federal court so how is it that georgia can pull his and get away with it because they're not following the law the rule of the republican there are the biggest problem besides that biggest problem the biggest problem is really a as they allowed this well and as that captured her tho with and i'm not governmentrations they do as the captures and they write right all of this regulation rules and regulations which are absolutely unconstitutional and so basically one it is is to take the entire republic away from we the people and put it in the hands of these large conglomerations and corporations i have a real problem with all of it i mean the whole structure is wrong just like with political parties the structure is built for corruption and hungers not he because it so built by the rule of law so right let's get back to her well agree on that i like tontontean to this and now what the footering is is that we do not live by the rule of law we haven't re okay hang out his thin i got into a song effects library an excited itothers so i've got a a someres of this morning i let's see charlotte's on this morning and let's see charlotte and cowley and such a sad went to the living seatcolony commissioners meeting over the coopland down money asking them not to take in a refuse federal scammony and the stop masked mandates and refused backing jean therapy i i now know the de facto like set c and hatherton is making to fact or laws because we have de facto government that doesn't want to work they want ngos to do their work sciprpas well said you're got houseagain i've got i like not it's not my fault i invoke that they did that's the game plane that's why they have the seeds and who and all of these engeos you know can't go to blame a poser one politicians one of the people that are sitting in lansing or in the legislature in lanceolatis lature s you blamed it on somebody else i did it had nothing to do with it no accountability that right now or totally is worthy for any one sitting in the seat and oh that that's the way they've they finagled these essenceto like he to say it by many years insane example god gave ten commandments that wasn't good enough the jews had to make another six hundred forty eight rules and laws in this is not the new this has been going on for a long time and get a base you get a base contractor a base agreement comin and the people got wild jest a minute we don't we didn't cadentque get the ten commandments right so it's just add another another group of rules on top of that to make sure that you know that it's even more complicated so your breaking your breaking the rules no matter what you do that's right and the problem here is that as long as the people don't understand the republic and aren't supporting the rest they are following all of these rapid hold actually accommodates hers that are being thrown out at him on the internet for example the organic act of eighteen seventy naebody says that change there here's the united states constitute he changed the front for two what is the other to the constitution of the constitution or for their of the united states of the old it's that made a defence that saying well if that was actually the fact they changed the name incorporated the united states which they didn't they only incorporated the ten square miles of washington but people are using this organic act in saying while if you're a member of the u s govern if you're for you're us citizen than your ate part of the organic act of the ten square miles and they come no that's all be it none of that is it's only true because you believe it to be true but it is the organic act only took the ten square miles of no man's and made it into a corporation for the decent gave it the possibility to have police the partner in the mayor and so inisle in order to have the ten square miles of come something i managed prior to that time it was a disaster because maryland wouldn't go on jurisdiction to a certain area that virginia was and there was stan conflict organic action seven of eighteen seventy one all i did was made ten square miles of dark washington dc area that's all i it didn't change anything with the oven the for of business i had not then that was in fact the statement that the organic act changed every then why wouldn't they do come back to us set say he the organic act changed everything your second amendment is the first amendment is why don't they just wipe out the entire bill of right so the logic behind also the so they come up with all these laws and rules and regulations narrow the frontspiece and depressed by calling it speech at a press and in press ah but they can't change it they can't take it away and at set on case if i let on the first one so you can call it anything you want you can call it a go back to the second amendment you can call it a and the salt weapon what is it this salterlee to find that what is that me the fine what has i can't define its those are fine for an you can't create something in our government by the rule of law and make a statement and therefore i'm going to decide whether it hates me trotter i'm going to decide a salt weapon or not and why tying that i had jim price from the dim price shot won yesterday he's a wonderful wonderful gaston hesuch i'm going to say something i might be a fontette some of your viewers on like we offer never be i'm sure i have found people onteniente like we don't send sir you say whatever you want to say and people are just going to have to have to suck it off if they don't like it goes somewhere else and listen to barney you know and whatever but i've got it i've got somebody come out at ten o'clock that's jeffreyston and there creating social mediator and one describe but there a new type of product to get information out there without censorship and it's going to be really interesting to to talk to him because i really and i know you now too there is no such thing as hates it's like it's speak it is think there there is essential it is i it is a category that got up there to shut down just like all rules and regulations it's only there so you can target people that the marks that sitting in the seats can target any one who says you know and i don't like your your policies so like whitmer whitmers dansons nestles then they all they all have no go had in the summers me i really don't care at this point time somebody's got to have the gods to stand up and say what needs to be sought you know and in with without backing down because they're in the wrong and i and if they come after us we can prove it here the thorniness i won't say it again the three horrors of land sir well we want o don't want to this smirch babylon by calling or the three horses of a that were anywhere that was in no i was done with this whole thing when when what mershon the state down but captive bar open and this town to the chawiot individuals we have sitting in the seats the she had of a bird that she left open that i heard of that had glory holes that are wonderful at the call inspiring a legislature could go there and still engaged in crazy insane behavior and in its like i'm sorry you shut that i shot the state down no american voices no paint for gosh sakes but we can go and have her or legislator go to a bar with glory holes or gaseous and he will get his forenoon the poor notando that because here's the husband of the governor so i can run by both you can't run yours eh that's the gracanagari there the gretchen are mine was her husband taking their boat out from travers city i thought it was really find because the guy that on memoryand of there he comes out and he goes you know i'm i'm the governor's husband and he likes puts hedown to the bottom of the list and make him lay like three weeks had it the fall rotoatane grattan or made a right there i thought it was brilliant so getting back to our a list of life here's all about one her saying it's all about contracts you contract with the of america you are a citizen of the united states and you want to get readier merit son americans if you go to the constitution you talk of it to both you your part of the united states your citizen both the united states and the state no such thing as a member of this of which her born in matter america not a united state you are but and being a united states citizen does not make you a slave the corporation that's all what you you're not contracting with anybody because you can't contract first of all can't contract with the corporation corporations can't contract because they have to follow rules and regulations would be contract people can contract with each other constant all the ah so it's not a whole contracts its not a bolt the organic act about and it's not about saving a democrat constantly on the radio led and all the other nonsense has say i democracy no one not tried we want the men we wanted to we want to bring forth the republic and this is the word the people need to start thinking the all caps names that's another one people here all her they are type everything in all caps names that makes you strong hand that makes you oh here there are strong man hold the real life personators if you go into court fighting that battle you're going to lose he should write now that of the judges come look at you and the gods you are he who is whose here rest the straw man or you as an individual because one of you's goin to he so the nonsense about the having a strong hand and that that strong man set up to be used as a pope and then to pay your fees a battalion lands ah they are also talking about the pursuitif cat and susque trust oh i've heard a rothenamer in all i was doing this twenty years ago trying to get my per citificates money because i in all i had sounded like a pet idea let's go afterwards so i rifled everything that i had together the do that it didn't happen so i want to know anybody out there that has been able to penetrate the suscepsosque trust or take the cosioner and get money i don't owe you very parasitesand gornemant whatever i won hers in the entire united states three hundred and fifty million people that word was dulcie don oh you you blacked out you call there you go for a so he won was not there and then or you know it's like it's like these so much misinformation i both sides just because you want to believe something doesn't mean it's for real that's correct and to unlearn a lot of this stout because you've been following these people for you know i don't i will see to the sky rellenos what he's talking about a bed listening i was sittelle of his petioles and israelism and how much does he charge you to find out how to get your money sat because he's already done it writing should have billions of dollars later on but he's charging you five hundred dollars for a hundred and fifty dollars to take his doesn't make sense at all does it war why why would you want to charge somebody if you've got millions of dollars in your pocket because you were able to get it to the susque trust or get into your first certificate account get all that money out but now you want to charge per and get it get money to infer or get to give them the information so they could learn that there there's a lot of there's a lot of that drifting going on out there and a my dig down into somebody called philagathos i don't know he is i don't know but he posted a video of mine and i'm still a little bit rubbed over this and and because you know what it really bothers me because he said that for that general flint was calling him out and that he made it look like he was sitting in the audience and see i see you or general flies gave me a shout out cause he mentioned fell well fell was actually passed her fell smith it was upon this on the stage and so his enswathe do as they liked they like to make people believe that they got all these ends with these people and and it's absolutely to mislead people and then the next thing you know he saw people silver and this so many so many stories out there if people who have lost a whole lot of money that i really think the people need to look into this because because there is so much going on to mislead people it's crazy you're something else is kind of crazy i'd bring us up just meit's not to switch for ears but i did think this was an interesting check this cruthenden news lancinating and recalled requeen groaneth queen gets of fraud land for you did call a creed wretched now in common a clean gethingtha lanhowell on state law makers a week to pass legislation proactively protecting keep provisions in the affordable care clodio cos prevented services of the nation's help lo continues to face legal challenges and federal courts what she wants to do as she wants to conflans inst yet tell her to go pound sand you know it's like don't anticlinal this they've got a new very ant that they said came out of a sewer somewhere now that were supposed to be making up in october i hope every one out there is like yet did that done that get out of my face we're going to go on with life he you know if they don't silence you because they have not as contour face and that's what that is go back in the eighteen hundreds they had masks on slaves not only black but white when they didn't want him to the foremast so we are doing exactly the same thing all over again their masking goes those that don't want to be masked ring up with laws the i chanson the other nonsense that there trying to push to silence the and the public is either flying or or not playing in some of the more bynothing i'm looking in the something right now we're here trying to use the agoafter the second mondement gone control and their using a a policy of procedure whatever you want to call it back when we had slavery that slaves could not own on fire arms and so their saying that this was all ready placed to protect the nation from a from a threatening population what their doinges are basically calling all of us slaves and using that claus to put us into that category to take our guns away and i'm going to ingotro it out there some point in time with after i do a little bit more research at it but that's the way it looks like it's going now there now they're calling us all of us and putting us into a slave category where we cannot own guns because it was done back in the eighteen hundreds subtended of slavery so it's there vicinos age works spring word already sent the well intakebean take the gun away from you that you so all is it's not one saves wine who's goin to turn there one yes of you if the group will people do not turn their guns in or do not wear masks will go to ape they're going to rest the entire public there in her no fool in the jail there's not enough people in the jails or not enough people on no lhe and now what every one to call them to go after the people that are that our raw dissonant if the entire populations dissident their tone they can't do anything only the wake up who the other masks now no no we're not doing masks were not doing shot down we're going to and challenge them to a restos and say god help it they can't get us all and so if all of us say no i'm not going to comply with that and you know what we all hold our kids out of these indoctrination camps known as schools these wars ones her schools and hollow out and say how that work in for you got no students now because you fail the right let's move along dis a little bit on to the thirteenth everybody is said oh the constant was chang took the thirteenth of original thirteenth amendment out and brought in the new the the old thirteenth amendment never an an i had somebody come up with as we sat prothero that this liteddepended well he had to ride he information but if you read the binder it was all about every single state not every single state but many of the states had the thirteenth in there as the thirteenth amendment which said no royalty or or i will to nobility is of nobility would that was the thirteenth amendment to the but it was never in the federal or fact it is an article one section nine that says there are no titles of it's always been why would they have then written a thirteenth amendment in the federal consent how when they are he had stated it in the article one section nine clad last why would they have already why would they have stated it twice he so the thirteenth amendment that people and that people are relying upon it saying that the world it is best if you want a prove that to me that there's such a thing as a thirteenth amendment all of you thirteenth amendment come up with a congressional document of a congressional hearing where they made that chase who made that is the were in history that it shows that that the deed demeanment was ever ever ever part oh can't get in civil discourse with you right now because i would like to believe that it exists and i think that you know it's just like a that a montgomerybless what's set what's enginesguns you didn't lazaruses that there's the you know there is no proof that it was there but we could look and find it and i i i rarely think that everybody others should look and try to find more proof on it you know they said that it existed a court house is this burned down it's possible in my opinion i don't you know it's like i keep it open into that is does it exist is it not exist don't know what this point in time but i think we should actually try to find out because if that's the case that it does exist you know that's that what would get rid of our attorney problem real quick because the attorney is the old is and longed already exists remember i selalone i last clause of article on section nine it's there it says no titles on so now he turnes are violating that part of the constitution a know that oranges okay well then we we we've got it we've got it on the books and maybe we stop investigating it i don't know but i think i like the investigation part of averting it if so was i think it's great because that way we do find things and all of a sudden it all a sudden weather demonator stands is truth but either one is a good exercise and endowed but well that's the problem people don't do people need to do the eistick it up in their parent thinks so that's right yeah and ah the you know like your side to everything is in the original is in the original constitution of the articles and so i mean we discarded give me more educated on it exactly if we were to be educated more on the the united states when we were when we were back in high school and an elementary i sold then later on it called people would have i mean those are elected that should have been a man mandatory just like english on that stitution and civics of some sort where you have to learn how to be a citizen of the republic who pay the luminated that back in wales the is exactly the opposite of what the whole purpose of the classes here we should dis callinan dock her nation and in the end of critical thinking the heart that's a good way to look at so are getting back to the constitution the constitution was never the for of the constitute the two other cases of the one i show me the two different is show me the constitution of and show me there show me the defence and i haven't found i have not found the out there in my red which has toiled the conclusion that there is a high probability that some of this stuff is probably a aa ca bi sat up or so of some sort to divide the population or deep stake globes whatever you want to say it's all the same thing it's all the same it's all the same it's a criminal organization is an organized crime syndicate with many tentacles to it like a squid you know and it's to keep us off track of the red if we get back to the republic all the public functionaries that are out there and we lose their yet maybe i don't only a patter pat afelia and their and their human trafficking that's going on and in those levels i mean these people are set he would stop them they would realize do not have the power we delegate the the problem though still comes he we still have banking that prince money out of uses and they they go on the computer and they make a fine and then they take your property based on your labor in your sweat equity take your property away past on eight digits that they create on the this is the that has the destroyed a hundred per cent he never to he again this is the biggest problem as our government people in government on a by somebody they just printed and they get the by these we as there's no there is no backing to any of this currency to any of his paper out there and there you able to use this paper to buy i fled to go away once that to life will what your thoughts on the bricks of the bird stuff that's going on while at this point in time i liked the idea that there said to you united states were not following your paper featuresan more we're going to back everything by golden so there destroying the american the federal serve not which i think is because i think we need that destroy the federal reserve crossed the board united the crossed the old i do too i think that's why then that i think that's why that hillary clinton state department killed godophin met lee i met some hebiscus they weren't part of it and he was trying to insoles like terrors on terrorism terrors of no i don't think so i think he was storing take care of his people and they they believe they killed him because of the i met some helicopter pilots years ago and i one of the guys was wearing a shirt that such hillary clinton murdered my friends as an airport i'm like i can't i can't walk past you without without your heroine stand this woman you know she's a she's a murderer and it's like i can't stop you i can't stop or pass the strand of him in a long discussion and he told me that he's a was a helicopter pilot said now the tire mack over there they were told to stand out for six hours and he said we were loaded for bear he said we could aolian got himout ansai we sat there for six hours grounded on the ground waiting while they killed my friends and any such he said it was his pretty bitter about it i should be but the reality was as that they were they were they were transhipping or or do in deals with stinger vessels and they were going through they were going through a to to syria with him had we attacked them they were shot off our own iron missiles to take us down and they would the cover would have been blown right there because they would hit us with her own missiles so that's that was the story there so you know we'll go back to screw hillary clinton and everybody that stands with her murdering behinds because they're all involved in it and it's it's too bad and in no isapis you want to find out what was really going on with obama look up the phrase red white and blue spray and that will make your blood run cold right there and now how how ansley corrupt ah insane and evil these people are their evil okay so jump back said were running out of time in daring the grass no that's okay because those deep digressions but i just wanted to jump into what happens when you go to court that's what a right where we were about costs i long and so what happens when you go to court while first of all as i say it nineteen thirty three the civil action jurisdiction was born and not all judges but enough agreed with it to bring it on board they they came up with what they called the civil action because the courts were being overloaded over ran by a lot of once and so they figured their run agin the judges more power to and of course this when you somebody like judge and position of that he runs away with that power in became this is my court room i've got the big black roll on going to be the big pack well as the so he's the problem that because of the civil actions in the civil action jurisdiction that was brought on board took equity and law and foot combinement and therefore the judge could rule on equity and not law depending upon where you are come a few or and he didn't like if you were arguing law he would say while i marked sothereor i will if your are cargoing equity he do the same while i markomannen again and you lose it's not a bow and witty it's not a walk maritime were golgono an admiralty order a maritime port that's not problem but that's what people have been the belief of its inability there's a fringed flagged court the therefore he's an admiralty war judged that's all polite you have better words for an ah so when you hire in a tone or when you're not knowing who you are that you live in the republic and you walk into a and you don't plead there in your pleadings before you get into the court with that one you're before you get into the court look in writing putting it on the record then you are in the civil action the the bolters dictions cannot exist it's breather in the civil action or where in the red this holds jurisdiction the use as the bee they have to be in the republic because they sworn as one or article oh i can't even think of the pot even in state cords it's on its the eleventh states he says you swear to uphold the cost the united states all federal judges swear it uphold the constitution the united states so they are in the republic but when you step into the core now any better they on culpast to on you when you are in the civil actions they have so over the civil actions so he got a noble you are when you got that's the prop and many people just don't get that so they come up with all these others stupid arguments were i in admiralty or undoing say my name as tiger of the family john whatever however they do that outrage i even did that once had it it owerworked in cork judge got kicked off at me told me to sit on i learned better you know you sometimes have to go through the pain in order to figure out what's right what's in this particular case we want to stop this nonsense of the people that go in the court people that go in the court and flight the wrong battles the camp when when you fight in their jersey or you hire in the tourney and your and their sand box you can't win with your argue in the civil action jurisdiction the left follow the so first of all gonesh what jurisdiction your hand and when i walked in the cork so that's how people need to behave when they go to court and they flank this only it's not about all these other silly arguments that are out they because you're going to lose if you bring those are we still have a rule of law that we i really like what libron send has done i i i was not talking to him yesterday and they made it all the way to the supreme court which i really think is fantastic and a it'sit'sthe into these areas that we don't whenhowwhere taught where were still were picking through the the the remnants of this flow education system that we have and learning real truth and i was appreciate that night in the first one to say it you know you know probably more about the constitution and the rule of law than any one i've ever met and in the inalways i always alocotinya out of it here gonenothin it's like it's like i really i really preciate your time and your knowledge and you know teacherwhere to keep meat in the soup averages day tortoises for everybody it is in fact to this day where are we learn the constitution and the rule of law and how to defend ourselves in court i i'm really beating up this process and an venalitate you and some other people on it too because i think it is important for us to go forward and leave this crock court system behind because i don't think you can get a fair shake in the courts system right now not not when the bars involved while i agree with him that the bars he the baron the banks of now in her i uncareless kick the assurance companies into the into the macheath he with his two because real working together and the people in the seats and their government i mean that we throw him in there too not too well destroy your feelings with the but i've been to these i had so i did not get sir cheare on any of my they both there were internal revenue one one of my er see court rejected they gave the i got on the record i got on to be heard and i i gone through all the steps that the bronsons and then at the end extentwere notes i then sent that case too a scale on an he got it on friday and he died on the who incidentally by way well i'm i'm hoping that things have changed in ought to get the thing through and i'm sure sure carin for the bronsons and trying to get it through you know anybody that's out there land in ponchos and in different directions one of these times were going to land it in is going to be the color the deep state and the very excited they continue to go for roundelay o thanks john for being on to day and we'll see you at an three you're mazatenango to get that house down over there don't we the new house as it somewhere day to day and thinks her coming into kathak you all right we'll take you on every one i want to go and read out read something to everybody here met next guest is jeffrey sis and i i'm really kind of amazed and and you know how you meet somebody and you go wow this is really kind of one of those fines that the god drops in your lafandi want to read you his viol here jeffrey isis is the founder and see ye office and in nineteen ninety one mister so found in a ssuccessful internet job site physician work it was a largest physician jobs sit on the internet arndilly's operating the sixty eight per cent profit margin and was a number one brand and led to the nistinare for twelve years until he sold in two thousand leven he founded the company wrote software and did all the brandy and marketing sounds like he'she's my spirit animal here because it's what i do too he is the seat yellowpleasant work it world wide satellite network being built operated abenberg in the w and micoenis the executive director of the isodont on the international standard version in prior indoors founded the search engine and for over thirty years was involved with video and audio engineered in production for special projects for companies and clients such as ehtoinensa international new life the universal soul circumduce tours for such artists as prince luther and rosetree twos for princetonian but every loraines in atlanta rattimenton i love the music to name a few his unique blind of creative talent and experience combined with his technological programme knowledge provides him with unique perspectives in the current digital marketplace now an excited about talking about this cisoing dock co looks like it's going to revolutionize our digital space here and i want to bring him on so that we can talk to him and furthermore he is an sicinnus to me this morning and i'm i'm kind of excited to share this city of mentoring bonright now he geoffrey hide do it oh he done as great to be on with you and the yetthink on sometimes puts people together ye know there only ole man in together yet now so itsooner to be on thanks for having me thank you i started off with his with his seohhe music that you that you are produced here minute and is this you singing is my saying recorded that here at home and i know god has a special purpose for he assimilis co had planted her the to so she moses he wherein how into so the what a wonderful latest start the morning out thank you i tell you what you had the honor of being the personshow that songs ever been played on oh that so cruel whigthat's that's so nice he shared that i i just heard voice is beautiful and the words are very inspiring so think you so much that's that's an honor ye there's elinor there's there's a big story about that i'll throw it in hero cock if you want to hear it absolute so i've never never felt a calling him my life go out in presentations of people's relationships with god or personal ah estagus been doing stupid me this seeress been reinserting in so whosoe're promoting this selection even you know this i was working with michael not with several things and we were putting sweets on twitter and you can't advertise anything about a lectureand promoted with werebertus so we would do to flection sweets to what i called the more old post about something else and put a wink to the event ungoverned so one of the deflection that this is what i posted is what i sent you that the sweet a person it does not matter what you've done your life no matter how bad it is pray to god for forgives and the mighty created the universal presuming supernatural path through your life michael and bellson example of this scotland element i come lerothodi but she got almost three hundred thousand views and the the messages back from people oh it's too bad i don't think god to take me you know i just just hold people you know what you have anything to lose to say the pater he now and on the bible tells people that you tell us that the angles rejoiced when one person you know comes to got a hole they had a ye heard the week were during these promotions the because it is just an accidental thing that happened and i just think it's really special you know that turned out that way that's assentaneous of all of our lives as to to make sure that everybody's part of the family and we all go home to be with god for eternity together and that we don't lose even one person jesus went to individuals he spoke to a crowd but his one olas to go to homes and to go to individuals on individual basis and spoke people where they were and i know none of us is perfect if you want us if you want to say prerenal about that asked people to you know to accept jesus our lord and saviour we i'm i'm absolutely about that because you know every one is so beat operate now and demoralized and such the safe place to run to his don't run away from god unto him he will help orinton of us are perfect we've all made mistakes we've all done so then we shouldn't have done he is the one that will heal all of our love our tears all of our shame all of the things that we've done that we shouldn't have done and that we beat ourselves up with and he'll just love us the way we are in come on you can do better get back up on your feet and let's do this go the right and at aatelistoa is that easy many of this world may be as several you'll put make things religious one religion and rolls and all that stuff and he a god your god wants everybody you know he made every one of us i don't care if you are a republican or democrat was everybody i so ye say that prayer i think this herpointed things something to do that so you you're on nerinaean you're feeling that i'm going to pray this i want you to pray this prayer with me all right in overalls here you feels like it can hope for your loss join us yes lord a comedy yellows a flawed human being i know i done things of my life that are not proud of a lord an now you can forgive those so asking you for forgiveness and tasketo come into my life a will be a part of my life in just gie me in my pass from here for we ask sister name of jesus christ a man very untelling you what if you do then if you say that prayer if he does ask god to be partlie listen i've seen so many supernatural things this year happened it now an it's not about money or you know fame or you either sings is just about got put on a good pass for your wife as pretty as ye and it's it's very individual for for every one you know but but he created everything he is not bound by the same physical limitations that sometimes we are you know and have an you could walk lock your walls for having sectionand a you know i think that any said well go on to do things greater than then these and i think the greatest work we can do is it not as help people's hearts he you know and helping others so that's wonderful or were going to go with us to day cause i am really excited about find othomian to bring this up here because you set it earlier he said you know we're really going to change there's this huge change common right now and i'm really excited because i am so censored and blocked its not even funny i had a committee meeting last night and the chairman or the the in the first vice cherethitescretans the state of michigan and he's a second vice chair and he said i couldn't find us there was wondering why i wasn't getting any any arts on telegrams realize why said i got kicked out of your channel and this happens all the time were people come will whydid you kick me out and like well i didn't and ah there the removing people too to a manipulate the numbers manipulate the access and anybody that's tellin the truth is getting attached yeah and you know here you talked about i came out i build in internet company i did the programming sells like me sheer little bit of that common ah an end snowden this is where i started for me pomps and snowden in two thousand thirteen and early june came out with o horror revelations about censoring ah ye i thought this is not good enough by this as you note states of america so the first thing i did as i threw out literally within sixty days of searching in called s you an you can go find this out there on the other not and i'm not tell you what back then horrible things happened to eke ah i found out from a pipe of one of the nation's largest i aspes it was being blocked at the router level grounders itched on in and also i got de platform ahead networks within ninety days with no explanation you know back then i was one o you know busyani you know wanting to save the whales and you know i just could not be come at the i bet that's set me on a journey oh in that journey as i went to two thousand four tense thousand fifteen two thousand sixteen you know i was on the air i did about twelve hundred hours of broadcasting i had somebody booking guests on the shore that would go beyond greta on box you know and i would come for three minutes and i come be and my show for an hour you'll condole what you're doing here and the but i met all these influences yogsadhan channels with a million or two followers in suddenly on especially as we handed in to two thousand fifteen two thousand sixteen yet we started getting into the election of psycho and hillary and did donald trunk on these cars were losing their channel ah in one people understand how there but the way that works i shut your channel of you got to start on the zero he now said peathill on followers now you have zero and a lot of these gods were built in business so they can bring you troth you know sagot really really really interested in these on solo's run forward the twenty twenty election happen ah my wife's barcasse and know ye what this ere down here i think you got a vacation place there but we were at lomboko ponnyis like thirty minutes from our house but the reason we moved here as that place with real special tests when we fell in love these so ere alombo que clo sixteenth in november after the election we need something was wrong we had just watched the hundred bitten witcop gets censored and as to the conversation we had or somebody like me in stand up and bring us better search as social media you know he has the ability to actually do it you know that we were in real trouble as the one and so we made a decision together knowing it was probably going to be a not popular of dangerous path with the gods of sub his systems and that led me as we went into the nearly twenty one to start going down a path in to bring the world better search in such medium what i'm talking about it that the original plan is one platform single sign on all the features are gogglepate book you to twitter ah and so we started down this road i got to tell you i went out this is after jesi no after parlor got taken down one point two million conservatives got hold of the internet and in march you know like weeks later i raised over a million dollars in crowd bending and he let me go ahead and get started down the road and ah you know so there's been a lot of bumps on prices along the way and i'm not just tell you something i have to limit what i can say here but there's something big happening right now round find it is so big and so god and so supernatural you know as i've done to this process there's two things here their important sartach nology that find has god gave this to me in a dream appears ago ere a rote the prototype of war you know anybody that seen that is just rottedest the cold piece on to the side so my rigorous i was going to watch all the social media do i po and then i was going to cackle searchbeams it's a bigger it's a bitter cost outlay for the weapon decks and all this thing ah so what happened along the way lined by toward her fanhopes it up the interlast year it takes too long to get our software cause i'd be long with little angel and besters you know kind of holding or round up in the air like moses an a welter i tell you i turned down a two hundred million dollars you know about a year and a half ago i knew was the evil gods you know i would just be of manipulating companies you know we've gone on this journey and has been bumpy and start up to not perfect you know they're you start over here you endeavor here des a great book called the founders the talks about long most computer tool and the building suppercommunion the eventuellement papon and it's the sketchingthere some but what of the tale you is i came into the sear and ye my genossenich i tell you the whole store so we do this he then called perswading sixteen or even you got a persanate o seven and i'll tell you what the story four hundred and seven years ago the first settlers that had america where it on the bed so cape henry virginia and thirty years before the night flower they were dying they were getting killed to these indians and at that time the whole colony was all the american and the pastor of that group gathered them on the beach built the massive wooden cross and they prayed and fasted portuensis what they prayed they said a you will save us god if you will save us we will build a coposition and then beyond that we will teach our children to be like to the world pro jesus can right and we gathered there you know on that day four hundred and some years later and we did that a group of christians about three hundred people and i was able to get limback to come speak it that he was to keep no david barton he brought david no no he and it was amazing thing but that's not even the leading up to perswading until a dokousin e as a my board the bet primeria great she helped the thistogether the gin was showing me that organs pull stadiums again as for waking this country and that america's problems were spiritual do not you know and so unfeeling this you know and i also feeling to nurse for garden you know you need to jesensk need to start standing up in his talking about me in taking you know really god conesheaps somebody else as though there's been these dynamics and here here is the thing that kicked the supernatural endeavored in i've done you seen this move called jesus red i have not i'm not a big movie person and i don't watch tv so so you hahing what everybody else knows i'm like that i'm like the the the little a little sister that's like a panorama o tis a passionate moan somebody kept pushing me cause i'm like you so they kept telling like once awake had you watched the jesus repositories i'll do it i'll do it so i remember it was six in one more and how popped it on and drink in my copy i watched the and i'll tell you what it's about it's about this little bitty church in california nineteen seventy he started walking in and the body that he elders and deacons and people go in there they had liked it looking at these barefoot kid they just want to know about jesus in the pasture decides okay you aramansthe it turned into the biggest spiritual away getting an american's and this led to like fourteen hundred cavalry chapels churches across america this is what it led to billy graham you know filling state and you a lot of you and of the story i mean they ended up with thousands and thousands and thousands of hippias at their baptised in the ocean after the california yousosoas she innocent amazing story i think this is not really ever been put out there in a mass way so i got to the end of this move and i thought to myself you know god gave me and of the christians is ten years old right so i mean good person whatever ah that thought you have got gave me all these gifts he gave me a telling you so give me music you gave me see and what of our really given to god would those gifts you know which is really telling other people that's what i'm chuckling that we ended up starting the show this way a day right because that was not planned you know then i know that i now the public knows it we are to know that is what were we going to go when we get on in camera we tied to the take the wheel and word you want us to go to day right so i get to the end of this move and i'm really upset you know i told gone i'm really sorry i have not on you know and i'm in to put that into my thinking from here for just as important in or to tell people you know about god as it is come to go out here and build something that's giving people the you know said he getting truthful information so that it rearranged my life and what's happened since sandi has been supernatural the people that have come into my life have been extraordinary and it is the mice endells in the you know the general plans ah you know a minute's inexplicable and is it's working closely with them to do manful things like election of it so it's been a very interesting things to be to wash that jones but the thing i can't really talk a whole lot about you now when i work at the journey i've been on and i'll look at things like troschel and gave em you'll all in these conservative things the parlors they're not going to win the enformation in now and am known the son thought well find cause it's the you know the brand name bein when it comes out it's got all a bit it's going to have searched you know it'll be be a big enough thing that consort giving that i'll tell you what god take my plan he turned my little apple cart upside and he has put the pieces employed for fine to emerge as a massive strong medio player they can help reinvent the news i can come bring back that truth and all the local markets and those news rooms and cross cross the merica it will be one to preserve those conservative aventurine christian pipelines and working a launch a platform next month in a hilly per patriotic america and there'll be people out there to talking about it that are on the the right side i know a lot of those gods odiously some of them recent but it will also be people out there like or incase junior and bill more and you know other americas i just love you know our founding values and they just want our country to go back this platform is got a com i can't tell how long about what is condoes but charmian something we've never had for oh in a certain it involved the on the video streaming of massive amounts of content he from everybody you can think of that you would want to have in one up oh and it's going to be an extraordinary thing and we will watch that we will take that company in that calm which i think i'm watching god go to trillion dollar media company for god and we'll do it i po later this year early january somewhere in there and then what is the searching and but i'm telling you i'm on this extraordinary you know i've seen so many what i call them burning bushes and i don't think he'd get those very often you've got one sister be lion faith you know that you're up there in your taking care of us as i found it extraordinary that his put these burning bushes supernatural things there unequivocable signals that were right on target and doing what we supposed to do i'm just pounded to be an amazing thing in a nutshell oh that's the journey and that song you just wag when i started getting that feeling the gods telling me to stand up i had ridden that song a couple of years ago he was telling me a record so i recorded the knowing god wanted me recorded through it out there and the punitory about that i had not saying really sins before coveiten i sat down back in february march sing that song i was terrible and i mean i had the start singin you know ten fifteen minutes a day for a good month before my voice came yet o so i record that song i threw it out there i thought o ka adil got us mete and now standing up i'm getting ready to go back on the air and i like to day its extraordinary that's how we start yes it soldieronce the human heart and people's hearts are broken we know and in from information and we need that we no onowarori when ye do sashings and and do what you did by creating creating something that was overcoming the problems but the end of the day it's or youal you now are you o k why what's making you said to day and then bringing people i'm hopin and knowledge and closer to god almighty and salvation the jesus christ i mean that that is that that takes all the pain strossie pretty much what you can face anything if you are if you're walking with god and i do believe you can walk with out on this earth you know you got to get rid of some of the stuff that that we echoes to encumber ourselves with including no yestreen off bad choice us and you know and moving in the direction that he is nothing us to go but yet i do believe that you can walk the god on one sort does me your walk perfectly in no work of stumble once in a while but it gets less than less than were we practice and the more we you know the more we pandectis our fate yet i think you had an universal principle ah you know just human nature you have people are usually very new very focussed on what i am doing you know what i had do i get to cheep my gulls and my wife ah this year especially i figured out when you put other peoples success and happiness and make it as important as your own and you start really helping them get the word they need to be where they want to go and get in your best ah there seems to be a universal principle play here and that may be is not polly understood that it builds a mazing relations i'm so i think we need to focus on the and a owaissa this too there's been a lot of division this happened in america ah you got families over things like the back scene shot things aren't even speaking to each other thanksgiving cosmas ah you think the question if so out there did you really care who your friends were voting for twenty years ago i think most people are got to answer that question no and that means we've been manipulated here it now so we need to come back together as a cone america is not done have a per or pig pass you know we had some bad things in it but you know we corrected it and we came together as one nation all races you know indivisible with liberty justice for all undergone and nothing as we've been manipulated away from that so all of us we need to say absolutely not that's not good enough when you come back together we need to love each other right and an not be mad about somebody's politics being different than our and o realizes an extreme politics it is never conduced with the constitution you know like a communism for example but beyond that you somebody like a john kennedy democrat that they love freedom of speech and what the same things we do we need a all band together and i'm telling you this like ninety per cent of our country yet the lie being perpetrated on the american people that have best on socialism the congoism and no god ah in the contre so i think if we wake up this this nation and i think the fine platform is going to do that that's what guns telling me is going to united is all ah that we stand up and i tell you what a hundred million two hundred million americans his vollstandig up and saying does his or cone at one belonged to the five hundred something people we like you know and i'm talking about a president a hundred members to congress yelled the senate four hundred and seven members of the house and fifty governors i think the numbers for eighty five on the cabin for the but i'm just saying there's three hundred and forty million of right and there's less than six hundred of them yet oh and we need to get to the bottom of what's happened with these a lunches that's what mike ende was doing with the elections you know to bring that transparency so we know that we the people put the people in our ports there in office and when ye demand the best out of them and for them not to take our nation away from its founding values this is what made this nation great this is enshrined on the monument to the forefathers and plymouth ever seen that the the pilgrims gave us a road map for what made america the greatest nation on earth and it was a reliance on god it was teaching that car families it was about justice and wall and defending freedom and self government and being willing to stand up independent so i think our generation these to get a big dose of man up you know is shortstanding up in the pan this contry so we're not the generation of less freedom and skinthe paths of men yeah i think it's real important too to realize and have the desservant pray for discernment to know who are the wolves in sheeps clothin and who are just you know every day people that are spades we are that are herding that are trying to trying to make it to the odd honestly if we live we lay erything of jesus feet then go forward it can be a really great adventure you might end up somewhere where you never imagined that you would be if you let go of what you have and and let god direct our steps because his plans are always perfect and there there different than our survigerate ours and they have more actual eternal g instead of focusing on the material world that that's a very idon'tknow people realize what a poor measure of our poor material possessions are very poor measures success god gives it to us sometimes but it's only a tool to bless others and and i really do believe that that oh you know that's the silly reason why wherever given anything for real and ever keep that eternal perspective knowing that we're here to be about our father's work first and foremost whatever it is kill guide us in those directions to do his work it may be doing something you know is menial as it seems to most people of cleaning out stalls or you know that's that's excellent on my favorite activities as feels really meaningful nobody else wants to do it and as the horse is now they feel loved bolted and and or you know there's a million things even picking up picking up a is you go down the sidewalk not being a bopkins up as you walk down the sidewalk and you see somebodies to be done and the the hundred people that went before you could have walked over it and you know we stopped to make a difference you know it then i think all of those theseindeed change away to change the way we think you know the the servant the servant of all is really the highest one of the latter if we reely want to look at it because you know jesus said so i mean it's in the bible yes and you know talking about on a he is not about money and all these things and gathering possessions on this earth you know when you lead this archonton to happen ything in and i think that's a perfect stepway for me to talk about something i care about i did go to this election some of that michael and he put on ah me on the last couple of weeks and i'm going to tell you what that's somebody that unselfishly and he thinks everybody would do this and not do you know this they want ah and people brought him because he was allowed megaphoning he liked the president they started bringing him you hard data that the elections were not hers some wrong with these machines you know and it changed his life you know he started talking about this and what might did as he spent millions and millions of dollars payin cybersecurity expert to not only get to the bottom you know what happened when this election eh but he then when he fingered her that out he's gone to spent many millions more to put technology and place you know por esto bring transparency back to the election and if anybody that wants to see that you can get to franspoort i'm telling you i'm a tack guy the i've got a lifetime or programming and there's a couple of things that he put in place at her extraordinary one of em is the device that'll be in every boding precinct in america there's almost a hundred and eighty thousands of tons and it will tell you if the voting machines are on linen in his cap during the macares the devise the opalthe things on every frequency you know they can't even have channelized it to something else so here is that that's going to show up on oncnawe site out this going to tell people how being there never going to be able to say again while the pottingmince are on the internet and you know this down it is on the internet it's hockable but i enters not lessening peracto paper right there's nothing this not hacked and the other thing he did as he assembled an army of tens of thousands of volunteers and they built a back door up that on elected all this pre somebody is there taken pictures taken bettyo interviewing people a floating documents opposing evidence is all going into a national database and all this will bring transparency back to that process here's the die when what happened to carry like you know back me when she was running for governor where the balance were too small and they weren't going through and like etypsa and here's the lines and people will the would have been video that captured as it stirred we got a few posts from people out there on such media but they weren't betted people you know and then the bad gods were pushing well nothing's going wrong you don't see you don't have heard of it now there will be hard of s as we the people will have it we need them to go to ear leaders and say you got to fix us when not doing this any more it's our country seventy per cent of us in a poor earlier this year don't believe the elections are honest any more and this not except and in your right do it's a push to go back to paper balance ah go back to county we always knew on a lichened who you know who won those elections so you know it's important to me i think of my candle like the fifty six men who signed the declaration of independ right i mean this is somebody to stepped up placed his life his fortune in his sacred honor spectamation of dollars on the st and i'm doing things to help him behind the scenes you can go to indelligent dock tom eindhoven do come and you can donate to help him it was in not been going out her donna a you no people in that political circles you know i'm not a political and on the city but i'm getting super packs and bobbed and people that have mobilised these big doors and have told him so as in the public and end all those big donors you know what if you want to get your gods elected and you donate millions to candidates you know help us pecks the election make sure has got everything it needs so that plan whence as that's all you get good people like can you have honest elections and you get the public to get out yeanother so i've been supporting that i think it's a great thing i and i don't want the dismento be standing out here on the branch by all by himself you know in doing it all by and he would tell ye no god put me here precipitateness in fact my in private with tell you that he thinks this may be why god bless him with my pole ride so he could do what he's done in the last twenty or but i just think all of us chanethotes on sibility as americans and we should help the there's an awful lot of people they have a mind set that govern itself governance is a spectator's sport and it is a participation sport it is it is a little bit on the dirty side when you get your hands in there because we've let it get so corrupted overtime and now we're going to have to roll her sleeves up and get in there and do some maintenance on broken system and i think it thrilling for there's some elestren ery people there at the inelastic was really really an honor and wonderful i was i was so very cited to me some very amazing people you want yourself included at that even i thought they did a really really good job of bringing all the states of and producing evidence of what went wrong and olesso i ran for doctor at the state of mischieflurking for governor and the twenty twenty two election because i won't concede to lighters chiefs of thieves and that's exactly what we had in those elections and don't know if you saw it but i wish again gretchen white knew that there were people out there registering for jintestine brought in the neskihone brought in the fleecy of bigot a hold of it and she hid that knowingly instead of putting it out there for we the people it's such a top down management structure its a shame and that election should have been stopped cold in its tracks the toinnette determined that that was going on but they hid it and this this is my problem with entire thing the whole thing is hidden the the the the in to hide and protect the status quo we should all be absolutely furious about the termination of evidence of there yet i'll tell you what a i look to it as when i was abolition my career the last month and october twenty twenty the department of hollins security put out a very serious one and what i said was as they now knew with certainty that china russian ran now had the ten knowledge to hack or critical lotion have descried i want the public to rewind and think about this tromp had erased the five hundred billion a year trade up to hepworth and so suddenly there paying us it was wrecking their cone wright in the export save now that the other the big culprit here a lot of people hacked the but the big copper was and they had the motivation jerk becos you know an i may as abomination trunk took of his they were on track per china's currency to be the new reserve currencies of the world right in that wood of happened how think if we had gotten hilary ah that would have happened so they had good motive antidotes and i think what happened the election happens the democrats are going to do anything about it cause they've got one and there was a certain segment of morano republicans in office and they don't want to pick so the whole thing that covered up and i and also think that there are republicans are benefiting that now these machines are hockable you know that probably had their own people that hackthe and i not pointing fingers but you know george a comes to line the the governor is georgia yescorners on pentlea right so i know somebody knows about that and so the scot covered up you were out here joke you public and i'm to tell you what my cannot talk about this to lucchese when nothing happen right the country lost you know because when he assembled all the evidence he went out to talk about it mainstream media wouldn't cover it the big conservative networks like salon and boxed news and use mags they wouldn't cover it you are did not bought twitter yet and there was no platform you could post anything about elections it would get to eat and i tell you there's is incredible story a year ago that my sat down in august pray in the god what what do i do to save my country and it was in that prayer he got the idea for the technologies that you and i saw an election upon that an extraordinary thing ah i do think more on a path toward public is starting to get truth i'll be cause of twitter maybe the only plant pores allowing that truthful content a disisimo tant ye know and we've got to get control of this or we lose our notion ye there's in and everybody's got a stand together i mean that's there's the point is that every single person out there is to realize that we have to dare to be an americans not mad not women not gonderonne political parties not all of these factions and such and and just get in giving the game and know that we're all partigone to help each other out when we fall and there's a lot of people the bible talks about it that are floorstaggered not really or battles with a flesh and blood is with princelie and power and when you soheaven the hillary clinton who we know with the massive amount of involvement that was there the thesprot well provable with which child trafficking and a lot of the other stuff that's gone on and the detours and that sort of you don't you it's it's pretty pool you you know we have to iacke myself this many many times what was the point that she went wrong what was the point of his you know when children are born i mean i've never seen an evil baby and now but eric i ever seen an evil baby i l'histrion right there the innocent and so where is the point that one of these little ones is says the bible was offended and it doomed they went off with a went off the path and i think i heard one of the best the best quotes of ever heard my life on there's a guy that is name miss aliopath died a few years ago be wroth the book love and it was my favorite book when i was in college and such just really pondering this and he brought a group of students into a mantle ensti tution and they asked a wire these people this way and now he said he said it's orful it's our fault because we didn't love enough now as that always the case i i'm not really sure i have i have a very very modally ill child who has a brained amateur her mother was killed at her side in it in a train accident she has a close tenantry and she she's got some real problems so there are there's a mixture of things that happen on the earth that i'm going to say all things fall from god's hand and i've an he allows things there's so many things that we learn through bad experiences or things that are difficult or challenges you can't get those of experiences in these strings by having everything be you now handed to us on a silver plate and everything's going that goes wrong they still time to really tough as when we really were and we get in sight and if we don't we don't get it i comfortable sir so those are all those are all important but we all of us need to learn how to reach out to people and lay our lives down and reach out to people more and in love and i'm in sometimes that's correcting people and said say any of this is a this is a whole bunch of crap going on here and we need to correct those things that are seriously wrong you can't be blind to that either yes if my most people are really true for about what i'm getting ready to say they know this oh everybody has plans everyone and the family and friends that we have we have decided to unconditionally love them claws and all here i think part of what it means that we need to love one another you haltered his commandments in the bible lovelore garden with all your heart loves the non love your neighbours yourself right came right out of jesus and i think that's unconditional law everybody else class at all how and when we learn that we can do that with everybody not just so at ten fifteen twenty people in our life that are family and friends you know humanities you know and we start putting the needs of each other as important as important as our own needs you know it just changes who we are i and i think some of that was to the community the family you know the christian fabric of this nation they worked so hard to get rid of over the last decades or in a ballated been winning you know just for the record we all know that ah you know so you are then an we do that there's it'sit'sjust glued us together the way no other nation has mingled together no well i this or you know what we hear a lot o there's never been self governance i want you to think about some when god set israel indican he set them up as a confederation of tribes they just had some judges it would roll at those of dishes and that is very much like the confederation that existed in america the fore in before and after the set up of the s constitutes and assumed god gave us the same governess in america that he gave israel when he sent them to can crilly these centralized in its smaller you know decentralisation is smaller local lovegoethe's really the way that its supposed to work and does work very well that way you know and to your point when we love people that are easy for us to love him you read have people that are like our favourite people you know that we that we all just like and because we're similar to the more life like mine or we just have fun with hertpol you know we all have those people that just light us up you know that make us feel light and happy and such just to see them right every other the real trick is can you absolutely love some one i'm not seeing a proof of their behavior if it's something offensive to us but can you love some one regardless can you love them unconditionally even though maybe this is not a person that you would right then they've made a rather hard jump into it you know right when there when they made you angry or the disappointed view or you know an cannolo them through that or a hand on you or tagand i do think that's part of what i'm saying we got half the country here and oswith the other half and you know at some point we've got to just say you know what we're americans oh we got a love each other through the other side of this and stand up again as one so amanassar mission in i mean seriously diesseitigkeit how do we unite the great nation because when his united unstoppable and just like israel was in his tone god made them the most powerful nation on earth you know under keen solomon and he's done that with america to last two hundred and some pine so we have to do it we have to unite it in america has been the biggest lie to jesus to the entire world and we don't want it to go reed and on artigan had they of america fell we go into a thousand years of dark ages i redoubled so we have the wind we have to want this to save this cry nor there were united states goes were america grows so girlish the world and ah i think that i think that the in order to do that though is that we've got to get ourselves adjusted to go back under god i think about this if we were living the way that god wants us so there wouldn't be all this nonsense you know the tender mutilation i mean that's really what it is it's mutilation of children and it all comes back to money all of the nonsense that we've gone to the political landscape being completely scored in a recreandae at you don't ask me about it i'll tell you about a couple of years of experience it is a side that that is just it's a train because it's all about money and stand of being about to things that having eternal value not in we we have to get the money out of our sister and we really do all all of them that's what that's what corrupts in a crops from top to bottom through an through because people start acting like the rats the try to gain us the lihomiseen old here there ran on her comeration that's right that's why his terrible and you know i'm almost sixty years old of and listen you're not taking anything off this planet with you and on ye know any building of some big your wealth on this earth is foolish anyone in how she got to think of it in terms of what can i do with that he if you are blest and tom like a minesee what he did like it licenseyou are blessed find good things to do with it in the help people in help your contrey he was the john kenney thing as not what your country can do for you but what you can do for o right now you're country get use you to stand up his shortspeak you know for god and for this nation and propounding values oh and if you don't do that your children and your children's children and your great great grandchildren will not have free prices at imported yea i saw i saw a video when i was at a conference and it was an academy of younger people who are really motivated and en supersuperman shed professional there all in their young twenties it was really an amazing thing to see and oh you know when we ah ah when we look at what we can do for our country it doesn't even need to be far away from us i know it can be somebody right next door while there is a gal that they showed a videla's a pastor that was presenting and he was working he tends to be working a lot with people of god through generous signment surgery which is mutilation and he brought a gal on line who was de transition and she was so broken she said at a double mess sectario surgery and she she just sobbed she said i should have just waited i should have just waited in the really sad thing as an i felt really sad about that delanoni ah now bob like too because he was taking advantage of by a corporation u and in bonitarian by the way prayed by the now that he was an hortator's now until i don't believe that i think he's acting he's making a buck i very noteable but the point being is that it's out there two normalized something in its all about the almighty dollar sewent when you see how many of these these mutilations sanders have popped up in the last twelve years its shocking went from like moon and now their trying to hand the stuff out you know like the they been handing out prosecan everything else from the schools and in that sort of two absolutely just troy our youth instead of on an riessinger not there not actually providing any help their pushing them into pens of despair and i think i had heard that the suicide rate for this genderation is just in aphrodite's not solving the problem its making it worse he is with really horrible in you know they sisterstart ing orly their tellingest to tell five six seven year olds about this oh do you really think a kid young he's just a kid you know you're watching power rangers or whatever nogis dated myself but you really think that is he appropriate times short talk to them about yet now are we got to like kids be kids lost him when that he reached from the age of majority and that their past eighteen and their adults taken make associations right ran i was some to you that ninety nine point nine nine per cent of them would not do mutilation generosos unless there is thus an adult is pushing them into it or congealing the for money i weatherone but if you get them to adulthood they're not going to do it for him ten ah now if you hit down me now from five years old to to sixteen seventeen year old years old and they've got emotional issues and their trying to figure out how to be accepted and here's a big social group that can be a part of the fill you love and in yeah you can really push people in the terrible things including ore and we have to save him we have to care about him how we can't do this and i don't think anybody is going to get away from this on skates at this point time we all know people in our families and an are groups of loved ones and fronts who truly have been been harmed by these agendas which not only their oghlan agendas are out to destroy people and you know you can see it you can see it an in drugs and sound ah any type of abuse or addictions or things like it it's all out there to destroy us not to not to help us and the other cullercoats stuff is going out there to lead people astray it's really a shame the great thing is is that you know we were chosen for such a time as this and you know it i think that the great thing is as that god intrusted us to be here to be an example to be avoided to to run into the middle of the fight without any fear with no backing down with no wavering knowing that knowing that this is what worse suppose to do and it's it's a real honor really to be bored us and realize that while we were given quite a plate here to you know too to serve up but that's okay it's going to be a great adventure and god will bless us every step of the way and end leaves out of the downthepath out of captivity into a glorious future it's really kind of exciting and what an adventure absolutely as they were living in historical times it is a great town to be alone as their decrees days of america are ahead of us and i think the nation spiritwas up this next year and i think all of us you know that our out here you talking about this will be part of that well will be part of helping wake this country yes and in helping a whole lot of people i mean think about think about em that generation that went down the through the lock downs and i have a a story which i am still shocked about this came out last week that in one of our tenants there was a bath that got into her plate in and she was absolutely out of her mind its secrecy know i onderstand it i'm not a real fan of that either i'll tell you that but but the rational the rational thought process the bat was there the batters was gone and she went down to start the series of four rabisha because she had contact chenery contact the bout was there that's about as crazy as walking outside have a bat fly overhead and in freaking out having to go down to the hospital to have a series of ravisht as you're that fray how absolutely immobile people are just live cause here so afraid oh they're afraid of the world there free of each other their frado of it you know you know god only knows what i mean the list of fears keep and that psychosis at mass i closed the sotos bleus is absolutely sad beyond anything that we can and it's going to take some of us adults he know you are the same age so i'm going to be fifty or a anthesterio too to be able to look into to look into these these problems and go you know what god put me here to be able to look at the problems without being afraid and put a stomach ache over it which is the yet we got a problem here we had probe her in from here pick one and solve it be part of this solution yet just without fear stand up care about your country oh there's way more of us than them and you know if you'll just do that you know america's best days are ahead it's about us outstanding up is about saigneroit about standing up for your christian error ah in a excited i'm watching it happen in real time you'll glambeck said something when he came spoke of perswading and he's sisapoune nowhere says he said god will use the polish to confound the wicked and he said were witnessing this in real time casesthey don't know what to do with us and we all stand up together they don't really have a weapon to get rid of that you because when you have people that just love god and love this nation you're not in the wood them away with money or to whatever and so god is using the fool as he talking about all of us he found the waked and it is interesting i think that's what's going on some o what's crimelesse with the fact that you walked away from that money to to buy your company off and really pressed by that that's that's a this admirable uhion wait to learn more about find that common really really excited about this because we've all been silenced and it's time to move to the next generation of a digital warfare let's put it that way in order to get off was ormanian information and you and you i tell you what a couple of weeks down the road and i could speak freely maybe maybe we'll do another interview because onwhat i know would excite you so much about what's coming ah god's got when the separation war and i'm witnessing it right now and portion enough to be a part of it but they're good things coming that have gone to give truth back to the american god always wins as this is our warfare there's my body right there general fled and on and don't know that we meaning on whom i would be meeting with to day but we have a hurricane vering down florida eh and you know we were all west coast of florida and i'm getting ready to go clear all the furniture of my pulled deckand girthing ready but i would be meeting with hintedand i'm not like for to meet with him later this week and that perthwere god help oh well tell i said high im at any rate i but i think i'd like to a quite off and all put out a some scripture here just a testicles or our minds a little bit i lay i like this sistris called silk stream and i like the guy's voice and always starts out you know how they do the ads and such soletere we hoped this thing on in sowinski it and go on to the going to the scripture of minute per i i i i have i will carry there or one is to the certificate who are marsh and now on i was str you're stuck fast you rushing hence the are every not crushed not pers struck down not those who love god oh together on shores who are called that's a beautiful spot to stop for it there so something to to really focus on that that oh you know got always with us he's not he's not go throw us away he and nothing can separate us from the love of god some question for you would you like to pray to day at the end of this broad cast of blessings always pray blessings ye you know every day the rightful president of the united states president donald j and as well as for nation when gilroy on the d be great i think it's your turn this time cause i started it and to go to tell you what i gave you a great closer that song let freedom ring and the hindus the only two things i ritting and about the last five years and now both of a everywhere so sir going closer after you pray i think i'd be a great way to take people up there to day on this there be great i've got to i got to think i've put it on there in the first place here i i really appreciate that i pray at the ondenotahagatta to bless this nation so i think that that's a wonderful way to to add this dear holy father thank you so very much with jeffrey or for geoffrey and all the work that he is doing the good work in his heart that he loves you and is not free to speak out about it as we all should we all should be speaking out about it and reaching out to those people around as you know we never know how many of your children out there really need us this day right at this moment with the words that you put into our mouths and the actions that you hollised and we just want to listen to what it is that you want to to do give us that nodge so that we know exactly some of us need be noted to harder than others quite honestly but give us it not so we know exactly what does that you want us to do this day we are willing to lay lives down for you to walk according to the way that you would want us to walk to do those things which would represent you on this earth we are the body of christ in order so proud of it were proud that you proud of everything that you have done that you and an thankful it beyond thankful that you would give a jesus that he that you're only begotten son who had died for us so that we may accept that give to salvation and live with you for ever and we we pray for all those people around us who are herding we prayed for for every single person out there that's really struggling that they would they would turn to you that you would draw them close to you that you would be their heelers their banner their provider and that they would actually experience what it is they have unconditional love from you the creator of the universe are father o god and our friend you've been a great friend to us we thank you so very much for everything you've done please bless president donald admiral rogers general in all the people at work with them we asked that your favor would be upon them that you would open doors that you would open minds and eyes and a confused all the plans of the enemy to do harm to any of your children were so thankful for the opportunity to be here now you've been a great friend to us and we want to be a fond to you and jesus christ precious name we pray sely man missy i canna or pull up here hang out of it conscious take me one minute to a pull up the other song and we can talk motionnothing you for having me on the day i was an honor and we'll have to do it again and as i go back and get on the air i have to return the favor and have you come on common the jeffreys there would be that would just be really fond outstanding and ah what would love it you know i love talking with brothers and sisters and and people you know people everywhere here on winetrow up on my telegram channel in it and a well pull that up roquic and then add this with a song so oh hang on here and lots detesting as slices kiss his is real near this is real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table some things don't always go ah exactly the way it is in a professional studio but you know what it's just me settin here run with it to mastigoteuthis hope he's help here i think everybody go away to day with hope there's hope for your country your hope an i just get in the game and do your best that's all we got to do is just hit in there an he youastonished good enough he set those so she he too in the year oh you in i you are his his the it is soothe the this in one i i you do you in the he he very nice thank you so much for renacieron that with us and i'm so quit propter how neather please bless florida and everyone that's down there and prop end the property and there there their homes their pets everybody down there for lee help every one down there to be safe and i would love to see the storm neutralized before it it does damage down there and jesus hand pre a man in i done thanks letting ye i was you hurt hands so everybody out there god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america may get a great day you could do that it starts here meddlecomes do the right thing you know sir each other and a and lover but he elseinnocent of habit sootheand so have a great dale seems to morrow let's see to morrow i've got mark fencomin admiral robinson on to morrow should be a good prairiesto this is the great broadcast and i can't wait to hear more of what you're doing it find out comes very exciting to bowl your mind when i come back i can tell you i am so ready i'm so ready so as soon as this we can put it out there i'm sure that i'm sure the jeffrey'll be back i have a great dolostone light to sermint jeffrey