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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/26/2024 Election Infrastructure Crisis and investigation

Published Feb. 26, 2024, 9:02 a.m.

9am CISA Election Infrastructure Crisis with cyber security and election experts, Jeff Buongiorno. And Massachusetts Secretary of State candidate Rayla Campbell Jeff Buongiorno is a cyber and data consultant who has worked in the IT field for over 30 years. Jeff built a successful Cyber company that works with US Manufactures in implementing business process and computer systems to accommodate the processes. Jeff accumulated over 100 IT certifications throughout his career and considers himself to be a jack of trade and Master of none. He is currently running for US Congress FL District 21 for a second time. Jeff has been an election reform activist since Nov 4th, 2020. Today we'll discuss a National Crisis caused by vulnerabilities in our election infrastructure. We will try to connect the dots between a vulnerable election infrastructure and the anomalies found in the data, some reaching the odds as far fetched as one in 15 trillion. Rayla Campbell is a native of Boston who grew up in Scituate. She lived in Randolph for the last 14 years, now back on the south shore in Whitman MA, and maintains strong family ties to the communities of Mattapan, Dorchester, Mission Hill, and Roslindale. She is a mother of three beautiful children, Josephine, Hannah, and Tytan. "I know what it means to struggle and to succeed. I want to show others, especially my children that in America, the sky is the limit, and that no matter who you are, or where you’re from, nothing can stop you from achieving the American dream. Massachusetts deserves a Secretary of State focused on fairness and transparency. We need a rule of law Republican that understands both the people of The Commonwealth and their aspirations to have fair and clean elections with accessibility to the office for a fast-paced and dynamic time. I will provide OVERSIGHT and not be an OVERLORD of the elections state-wide. Every vote will be counted and be 100% accurate. I do wear many hats but none is more important than being a steward of fair elections. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue." X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and it's the 26th day of February 2024. And welcome to the show this morning. I am in a secret undisclosed location, but you will notice that I'm a little tiny bit tanner than I normally am. So just wanted to say we did have to make a change out this morning. So rail is not feeling well this morning. We were going to ask, you know, Say a prayer for Rayla this morning because she lost her voice. So you can't very well be on a show where we talk without a voice. But my buddies who are faithful as the day is long, Jeff Bongiorno and Jason Ikes are on this morning to talk about, once again, the election infrastructure crisis and the nonsense going on in the United States of America. So now before we get on in the morning, we always talk a little bit on current situations out there. And, you know, I'm really proud of everyone on this station or on my show that watches because I know that you're a little bit more informed than the average person. OK, if you weren't, you probably wouldn't stick with it very long. And because we talk about everything and and the snowflakes melt, they get they get they touch this channel and they're like they like melt away. Right. So congratulations to all of you who are out there because you are truly the toughest people out there. And we were talking this morning about the fact that we are kind of in a crazy spot right now. And people that haven't woke up yet are probably unlikely to. But however, that doesn't mean that we stop. When they continue to attack us, that just makes us tougher. And we have more resolve, those of us who are absolutely committed to saving this nation. We just get tougher and we come back. We come back and we fight harder. So that's where we are this morning. So I just wanted to say good morning, Jason and Jeff. What is happening a lot, right? Good morning. Oh, yeah. Lots going on. Hey, did we talk about Jack Smith at all and what's been going on with him? I think we should talk about everything. So whatever's on your mind this morning, let's talk about it. Sure, sure. So, you know, I work with the America Project. General Flynn helped found it. Actually, I asked Patrick Byrne, found it. So Patrick Byrne. Yeah, yeah. And General Flynn, founder of the organization. We've been running... running well he actually kind of parted ways with the america project and started running um some information to ground on uh jack smith it was a little controversial so you need to leave the organization so he's been working on on that outside of us um with some of our buddies and pals and it turns out that jack smith is an extortionist who was an attorney working for the hag on behalf of the america on behalf of america Running around, finding out, and he was charged with prosecuting war crimes. And what he was doing was instead of actually prosecuting war crimes, when he had credible information, he would extort the individual and say, go put the money in a suitcase and we'll make you go away. What is wrong with these people? I mean, seriously, what is wrong with people that I've really been doing some soul searching on the heartbreak I see on people who can't seem to stand for anything, you know, it's like their, their whole entire focus is on money. It's on greed. It's there's, there's no purpose here that seems to be directed towards, let's just do the right thing and help human beings and live for God to serve the, in this world. I don't understand it. So, so what's, what's the, what's his path to, uh, to prosecution right now? So for, um, attorneys generals got packets of, with witness reports, witness testimony, videos, all the recording and all of the bank transactions to support these claims. So the entire case has already been provided on a silver platter to several attorneys generals. Those four were the first. After they had the first go at it and there was no apparent movement, it was sent to basically all over the country. So everyone has it. So there's no saying that it doesn't exist or it's not real or they don't have it or never got it. So essentially, this information is now in the hands of prosecutors across the country. And it now appears that the case against Trump, one of the two cases, the documents case is still there. However, the case that Jack Smith was trying to push up is now indefinitely postponed. So one of the cases is now off the table. That's great. I saw some information on that. Wasn't he using an alias like Halberman or something? What was that name? Are you talking about the one in Texas? yeah jacks uh jack smith over in in uh avi haberman or something h-a-u-b or something like that I don't I couldn't tell you uh I don't have the paperwork and I haven't reviewed it uh personally all I know is from what uh what patrick has told us uh from his work what he's he's uh uncovered now that those packets uh are already out there and I would not be surprised I've personally been doing some investigations in and around West Michigan, and I've passed on some information to people that were on the ground. And it looks like people in the State Department are actively involved in our elections here, which is a violation of the Hatch Act. They should not be involved, especially as an active member of the State Department in elections. They're all involved. And you know what? The thing that is, is that when you get in to politics, which I think that all of us were probably disgusted with it at some point in time, you can really see how connected everyone is out there. And it's heartbreaking. Somebody asked me about actually the guy that you're running against, Jason, Markey, because you're running against Markey right now, aren't you? I had a question that came up this weekend about Markey. And somebody was coming around with petitions. And this was funny because the person said, I basically asked him, what's your stand on Donna Brandenburg? And they pretty much lost their mind, right? And walked away. But this was a petition gatherer for Markey. And I thought that was pretty funny. She said, as soon as I said Brandenburg, they were just like, you know? And I'm like, good. I hope I pissed them all off, you know? Because at least I'm telling the truth, you know? I've ran into them. They're pretty shady fellows, I'll tell you that. I don't know if you had much time to talk to them, but I've had several comical interactions with them. They're very shady, to say the least. I'm pretty sure they're actively trying to get people to sign marquees after they've signed mine. Well, that's what happened with me. They were they absolutely did that. But we had Republicans on my campaign who were paying signature gatherers not to turn the signatures in. Now, you tell me how that works. They they you know, and we also had people there were a couple of articles that came out that signature gatherers were actively working for Democrats, seated Democrats in the state. Now I'm going to wager, I'm going to just like throw this out there because I think this is probably the situation. They're all working together to subvert candidates that are actual candidates because they only want to get their little foot soldiers in place. And so when you see the corruption that goes on in the signature gathering phase of this, this is a stupidly easy thing to hack and to manipulate in order to keep people out. They are selecting our candidates. If you are not part of their little money scheme or their little – You know, and I can name all of the crimes that are out there because I'm sorry they're going on in the state of Michigan as well as across the country. If you are not willing to play ball with these people, they're going to find a way to try to subvert you and keep you out. Yeah, it's there's so many different ways to keep out honest people from the election, the election process. And that is it's so in the first phase, it's candidate selection. narrowing the field, paying people off not to run or having them run in impossible races where they'll never win. So that's kind of like the first phase. The second phase is for the candidates that actually they couldn't get to go away or mitigate. Then in the actual primary phase is either flooding the primary, flood the zone with so many options that it's too easy to dilute the voter base that is favorable for that opposing candidate to their favorite. But we could talk about this ad nauseum. The point is, is that it's very clear that there's an entire operation outside of the party system that is functioning to maintain control of the votes in Congress. And I've helped educate a few different people on OSINT which is open sources intelligence uh being able to do research on on some of these people and see where the money's coming from and where it's going and how to vet candidates how do you how do you know whether or not somebody's uh you know genuine person or a real person even for that matter because as it turns out and like we were just talking you know there's a bunch of these people who who use aliases to uh set up shell companies and uh yes use um other identities and you know that's some of that is normal I mean I've had I've had a utility company have my name incorrect it took me a year to get it fixed but um so sometimes that's clerical error and and whatever but if you're setting up the company I think you'd want to have you know your name right on it but Sometimes you want to also not have something come directly back to you because you don't want malicious prosecution. Look what's going on with Trump. I mean, it's a never ending amount of nuisance complaints as they've continued this persecution of Trump. They're exposing all of these different corruption mechanisms that are used to go after people and to keep business in the clutches of a very elite circle. You know, we've gone, some people refer to a cabal that runs the country. I call it an organized crime syndicate. And it's a global organized crime syndicate that's running the country right now. And they are full on on attack on we the people. Yeah. So there's a lot going on here and we've got a lot to uncover, but the average person doesn't understand these things. And that goes back to what I was saying is teaching people OSINT training is just We can't rely on the news anymore. We have to actually build and use this skill set to uncover the truth ourselves. And that's why we're here because this is, this is the, uh, the fight back to, uh, their, their, uh, attack on free speech. You know, I had Peter on last week and to your point with these faking, faking names and such, when you look at the smurfing that's going on, I really enjoyed him as a guest. He, he's an extraordinary individual and I just, I just have high respect for him. Right. Um, And in looking at how many people have had their identities basically stolen, which goes back to my credit card being hit about a couple weeks ago in the denominations of $500 to $2,000 through WinRed, among others, and donating to other candidates that I didn't even know who they were. And if it happened to me and it was my personal credit card, how many credit cards or how many payments – venues or paths are they hacking? Because this is not a one-off. I don't believe that it's a one-off. And it needs to be investigated seriously. Because when you look at how much money is being traded back and forth between candidates' campaigns, and such, it boggles the mind. And then you get into smurfing where they just take a person's identity and they go after mostly people above 65 years old and funnel the PAC money and the dark money through their names. They don't even know they've donated. And then watch what happens when they look into people and want to know who's donating to who. I think it was a setup for me. I really do. Because if they can put my name on somebody else's campaign and all of a sudden they get caught for something criminal, they're going to look through those campaign donors and say, oh, look, Brandenburg is in with them. No, I'm not in with anyone right now. And I wouldn't put a dime. to anyone's campaign or anything out there, unless I know them very, very, very, very well, like Jason. You know, that's why I don't use WinRed. Sorry, Jason. And like Rayla. It's somebody that I know really well. I mean, it would have to be somebody that I've spent a considerable amount of time talking to personally. So Jason, Jeff, Rayla. You know, you talk about OSINT. And, you know, one of the things that if they steal your credit card, your name will be down as a donor even if they refund it. So they'll grab a screenshot and they'll say, well, Donna Brandenburg donated. They won't show the refund. You guys just did a perfect segue for a slideshow that I have. Another thing came up where I just opened my website, and we did some research on Brian Mast. And, you know, one of the things that he said was where they misspelled their name. Yeah, Mishon Maddock did it in Michigan. Mishon, Mershon, Mishon, whatever the heck he said. So what Brian Mast did was he opened up – If you look at Exhibit M, he opened up an LLC called 4M Properties of South Florida LLC. And when the entity was formed, it's called is where you go in Florida to create a corporation. He spelled his name Brain Mast. Oh, that's funny. Yeah. And when he filed his annual report, he also – You don't sign, obviously, it's your e-signature. He typed in Brain Mask. And this LLC owned a property that he paid $615,000 for, but he listed it right away on Zillow for like $3.2 million. And it's nine acres of developable waterfront property. So the only plausible explanation on how it went up fivefold is perhaps the zoning was changed on the property, which allowed them to subdivide or something along those lines. It's beautiful property. It's on Hutchinson Island. It's right on the water. But this whole section on my website, and I don't wanna come out swinging against the guy, but this is all the information that we found on him. And, you know, what's really interesting is that he plays on his, you know, kind of like I call it identity politics. I refer to him as a TV veteran. I respect all veterans. But, you know, there's a lot of pissed off veterans that, or there's 35,000 veterans that are homeless. I hear a lot of stories that he calls their office, never gets a call back. But what happened was, And helping a hero's organization gave him a grant, which it's a loan for the first 10 years. And it becomes a grant once he's lived in that domicile for 10 years. And he didn't do that. What he did was he took the $310,000, as you can see up here. And then he signed an agreement saying you can't refinance your home because basically you suck out the equity that they put down. This $310,000 went down as a down payment on a house that was, you know, basically built for a handicapped person. But then he went ahead in January. And he took a second loan. And then if you check out his house ethics financial disclosure, he bought... Get this. He bought CVS and Walgreens right before the pandemic. And then he became... Yeah. And then he became second in trades behind Nancy Pelosi. So on my website, I have I have all this information with the documents. And he basically is another thing. He was involved in a SPAC and it was called MDH Acquisition Corps. And. What MDH did, he sold his house, the house that Helping Heroes was supposed to have right of first refusal. There's no public record of him giving them right of first refusal. There's no record of him even paying it back, which the deal was you live there 10 years, it's yours. But two years later, he did all this stuff. He sold the house, and he just voted on a bill to – to disallow private equity firms from buying single-family homes. But what did he do? He sold his house to a private equity firm. And if you look at... So I get a big gripe about these developers and these equity firms. Because this is foreign money buying our land. Make no mistake. Well, it gets better. We checked the FINRA records. It's like a division of SEC where you have to report certain things. And when the house was purchased, the same time frame, there's a big chunk of funds missing. And they never really accounted for it. So... My team kept hitting the SEC and FINRA, and it was a whistleblower who came to me, so I can't identify the person. But what happened was this MDH Holdings, they were set up as a SPAC. Special Acquisition Corporation, like DWAC is for Truth Social. Yeah. So they were sitting off $50 million on investor money, and they had like two years to make purchases. So the SEC pretty much disbanded them and forced them to return the $50 million. It even gets deeper. The person who was now registered to vote at the House that this MDH financial, this investing firm was a known associate of Mast and he had these military LLCs, all military-based, registered at that address. So we think he was trying to get military contracts and then maybe have the SPAC buy them as part of this whole deal. So unbelievable. Yeah. Yeah. This sounds like the person that came to me and wanted me to ink a deal for them and showed me a 240. It was just a crazy amount of money. They had like a $240 million fund out there that they devalued down to like 130. And he's like, if you help me ink this deal, all I had to do was sell it to somebody. He's like, we'll deliver $4 million in your bank account within 48 hours. And he was asking me to betray people that I know. And I'm like, there's not a snowball's chance in hell that I'd take a dime of that. But show me what you're doing. And he got me in behind the scenes and I saw what he did and I screenshotted it. And then I sent him a text the next morning. I said, you might want to watch BNN. And I put it all out there and he's over here blowing my phone up. You owe me an apology. I'm like, Oh, you nothing. You're doing this all on your own. But these, these developers, if you see how they, how, and, and there's a lot of them, you know, look at, look at say like, um, uh, Some of the people in the Republican Party were in Michigan heavily involved in this. And it's crazy. It is crazy how they trade money around. Most people cannot even imagine the amount of money being traded around like what Mast is doing right in front of their noses. Yeah. Yeah. So, you know, you talk about how they all work together. I did a local radio show last weekend. You know, this is one of the things we're talking about, a criminal conspiracy and how these laws are being changed in lockstep. It's, in essence, federalizing our elections. And, you know, in turn, it's creating a threat surface that could be leveraged across pretty much all 50 states and. The main thing that I've been calling out to people, I was at a gun show all weekend talking to the folks on this, but it's the use of this four-digit social security number as ID to receive a vote-by-mail ballot. But what I want to call out now is another politician in Florida, and his name is Rep. Michael Caruso. He's a state rep, and his wife ran for the mayor of Delray beach. And when I was running as a candidate, I, you know, I did a speech in front of some folks and I had a, you know, a Haitian woman come up and say, say, Hey Jeff, you sound great. I want you to meet my, my associate. We have a radio station. We're a big part of a church. Come, come down and see us. Okay, fine. So I get there, we have a meeting. It's in an office with like no furniture, like two chairs and a desk. And, He said, well, you know, if you pay us $85,000, we'll go around and get all the ballots and put up lawn signs. You know, he painted a picture of it as a ground game, but really it was clearly... a ballot harvesting scheme. So this was now, let's rewind to April when the 70-50 election bill was on the floor. It's also known as resign to run. It gave DeSantis the right to stay as governor and run for federal office. So while it's being negotiated, debated on the floor, I sent Michael Caruso a text, you know, asking him if he would, you know, speak up. I wanted to bring this to his attention so here you have the text right haitian couple approached me blah blah blah told them where they're based so here's his response well yeah they do that he goes on tracy did not pay in her city election in del rey tracy got no haitian vote she lost so the question I have for caruso is well you won your election did you pay Secondly, is while you're debating this election bill, it's supposed to strengthen election security. He remained silent. So I was so I called him. I was basically, you know, irate. And I said he told me, so here's the date, April 25th, 507. Shortly thereafter, we had a phone call. I think that was a Tuesday. He said, Jeff, why don't you come up to Tallahassee? You know, it's a seven and a half hour drive from from where I am. on Thursday, and I'll get you in front of the governor, and we'll talk about this. So I didn't pick him up on it, but that Thursday, now I'm going off on Caruso. I'm putting it all over social media, blast texting. So guess where they both wound up that Thursday? In Israel, signing a, here's a screenshot, signing a hate crime bill for protecting Israelis. Take your current screenshot. I remember that. If you want to put it up, you have to take this current one down and then show the different window. I was showing, oh, sorry about that. Let me one second. I thought I was sharing the entire screen. Yeah, you have to. Let me go back in and present. So I guess you missed a few slides there. Yeah, we just go back and recover it. We got time. Window. There it is. Three, two, one. And when you see it. Got it. Yep. There's the election. Yes. Here's the text. Yeah. So so here. Yeah. So here's the text. Right. For me to him. And then he's telling me, yeah, I know it's true. And I my my wife tried it. and he didn't take them up. Here's the date. And then here it is on the 27th when he's telling me to come and drive seven hours, get in front of the governor. They're off in Israel signing a Florida statute, a hate crime bill. And there's Caruso. There's DeSantis. And It gets better. And the great wasting time. I had somebody in Michigan that wasted 16 hours on the road to tell me that I could talk in the UP. I get up there and, oh, I'm sorry, you only have five minutes. They love to make you chase your tail around. So in my opinion, this 70-50 bill that they passed basically allowed DeSantis to resign, not to resign, it was called resign to run, but it allowed him to remain as governor and run for president. And this is when they implemented some of these horrible laws. that are just weakened. It made it worse. One of the things they wanted to do, and I call it the Carrie Lake law, was they wanted to allow the, instead of signature verification, they wanted them, the signature verifiers, not to verify signatures, but to simply look at the signature and next to the signature, the voter would write the last four digits of their social security number And just look at that and then verify. Now, why do I call it the Cary Lake law is because she brought to the attention that supposedly something like eighty eight thousand ballots were signature verified by an eight hour shift by three people, which is it's simply not possible. So so so now what what do they do now? Now, Tallahassee is in session. It's the last week. Usually all the bills are. presented in the beginning. All of a sudden, out of the blue, in the last 10 days, they present this Bill 721 that makes it a potential crime to question an election. So to me, this is predictive programming, and they've weakened the law, and they know it's going to be a mess, and they're trying to protect the people involved. Well, I got to say here, too, the bigger problem that I have with this is they just say this allowed the governor to be disabled for the state and move up the chain. And that's a problem. How do you campaign to be president and run a state as governor? at the same time. I don't think that a person can accomplish that well because you are distracted and divided. And this also takes the focus of the governor. The governors should be the ones really running the states as a small country almost, right? Instead of having the perceived value or the perceived focus always on the president. The governors really should be independent and have so much more power through states' rights than the federal government. And that goes to your point of federalizing our elections. It's a problem. Well, you know, the people elected a full-time governor and he betrayed the people of Florida and he's paying for it now and he's passing these laws that are not popular. You know, and just to get back to this four-digit Social Security number, here you have the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections website. Now, these are the people that run our elections. And just let's take a look at this one thing first. Here they have on news, they're putting out that the presidential preference primary is March 17th, which is a Sunday when we know it's March 19th. So, you know, this is the kind of ineptitude that we have in our supervisor of elections. Well, they like to create confusion. Yeah, yeah. I'm not saying it's not intentional, but here you have it, the last four digits. So here, in order to receive a vote by mail ballot, a request must include the voter's Florida driver's license or Florida ID or the last four digits. of their social security number. That's not identifying a person accurately or securely. I could just write down the last four digits of a social security number, and we know what's happening in these states. I mean, Florida, we had 13,000 in 20 weeks. I have a graph of that. You know, in the first 20 weeks of 2023, we have 13,651 folks registered to vote just using, this goes back to the Help America Verify Voters, which is part of the Help America Vote Act. We talked about this in length in prior sessions. Hey, Jeff. Yeah. In regards to this now, as you and I know, there's a lot of different ways to cheat the system. But just to kind of open the scope on the discussion of the four-digits, Like if you really wanted to make sure that you're protecting someone's identity, you would have to have a second factor to authenticate that number because the combinations per four digits is only a thousand, right? It's 000 through 9999, right? So you only have a thousand combination for an entire state, right? 10,000. What's that? Would that be 10,000? Yeah, 10,000. Yeah, 9,999. Still not enough. For a population of how many million? 16, I think. Yeah, you got 16 million people and you only have 10,000 combinations. So you've got to have a second factor to authenticate whether or not those last four match up. And if you're not pulling, whether it's mitigating it down to the precinct level, or some other factor, uh, zip code, even zip codes too big because you still have more than 10,000. So it's very possible you get a false positive matches. Well, you've got duplication that can't be verified. Exactly. That's my point. Yeah. This is the scheme. And also, when you send the ballot back, you don't produce any ID. So in essence, we're voting by mail with no identification. There's no voter ID. And to your point, that's why they call it multi-factor authentication, right? It's not just one thing. Yeah, you can't do any transactions on your computer without having at least, you know, two two different verifications. So why? This is absurd. So this is what I mean. It also did. They did that in Wisconsin where you didn't even have to create an account or anything. You can request your ballot just by simply plugging in the address and saying, send me a ballot and a partial to know. Right. You could use there was partial addresses. It was absolutely absurd. Actually, Peter that you spoke with last week, that you did the interview with, was one of the people that pointed that out. When we were running operations at Eagle Wings, one of the partners actually showed that we had to let him go because what he did was request someone else's ballot, his identity theft. We had to cut ties after he decided to take it a little too far, but At the end of the day, he proved the point. He literally ordered the ballot of, I believe, Robin Voss and the governor and had them delivered to his home. So, yeah. Okay, that's kind of funny, really. I mean, it's comical, but it's still, you know, you shouldn't be doing that. But he did prove the point. Yeah. that is something that should be talked about. You have so many vulnerabilities. It's absolutely absurd for any organization, especially an organization with security in the name twice, uh, cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency. Hey, I don't think that should be, you know, that's the same. In my opinion, that's the same thing as doing a penetration test. What he did. Yeah. Yeah. Technically you're supposed to have authorization before you go that far in a, in a penetration, unless you're just doing, you know, surface level, uh, non-invasive, but, Well, we're in a war. Just don't follow policy, but we're in a war for sure. Even at the gun show where you would think you had some of the greatest fighters, they were like, oh, I can't. And I don't want to get involved in that. You know, I can't vote for you, Jeff. I'd like to, but I'm a registered independent. I can't vote in the primary. I'm like, well, you know, you're at a gun show and you're throwing away one of your bullets. Do you realize when people are dumb enough to make those statements, because they really are stupid, they're literally saying that I'm a Republican, I'm a Democrat, I'm an independent. You just gave up your citizenship right there because you swore an allegiance to an organization rather than the United States of America and saying I'm an American. I'm sorry. It doesn't make sense to me. You know, and that's actually one of the things that I have a contention with on the caucus side. I actually... Kind of agree with the idea of caucuses, but because of the centralization of two parties and basically no other party can get enough traction to do anything, you're forced to to eat that that really awful tasting sandwich without going into other language. Only because you choose to. Well, the problem is there's a huge swath of Americans who don't know any don't know any other other way. I mean, a lot of Democrats, if you talk to them, they vote Democrat because they were told they had to. As a matter of fact, it was beat into them at an early age. You're a Democrat. You vote Democrat. Daddy, granddaddy, all the way up, all voted. And this is how we do it. It's the same for Republicans, though. They don't question anything, which is the problem. Which goes back to my point of, We have to start doing our own due diligence, OSINT, training people to be more aware and actually digging into the candidates and finding out, oh, these guys are for all these different special interests because this is where the money is coming from. Or, for example, looking into the individual you mentioned earlier, who happens to be my opponent, you look into his FBC filings and you see Anthony Scaramucci made a contribution to him. And you're like, who's this Scaramucci guy? And you go and find out he just posted about how Trump is a threat to our country's financial well-being. He specifically pointed out Wall Street. He says, I don't understand why Wall Street. Yeah. Yeah. So he was saying Donald Trump's a threat to Wall Street. And so and this is the guy that's donated to my opponent. And you think, well, but at the same time, he's cozying up next to all these other people and Scaramucci. Yeah, he was actually what was it? Donald Trump's former. Yeah, for about 12 hours. Yeah, exactly. The very beginning. And he was gone. All right. So, yeah, well, I think it was probably one of the first fires. Press secretary? What was he, press secretary? Yeah, yeah. I think he was the White House press secretary or something like that. No, he didn't last long. But that goes to show that my opponent is trying to cozy up to all these people who could say, oh, I work for Trump, right? Because he's trying to get into that cohort of people who are solid Trump supporters because he has to show that he is something he is not. He's trying to create a false persona. And it's kind of absurd because I've got to say it because I have to say it on every single show. President Trump, the rightful president of the United States, who did he have to work with? When you get to that level and you're a true outsider, people say, oh, he should have done this or he should have done that. Well, who was he going to choose from? The people that were around him, most of them were absolutely establishment. So he had to go through and start picking through people and finding out who was real and who wasn't. And even if somebody was real, there's a process, there's a sifting process. He jumped in to a complete, and I'll say it, shit show of a government. He was on defense for four years. Yes. He was on defense and trying to run this country as best as he could. And he's the rightful president of the United States, commander in chief. I will give him that even right now. And and unless people that are just normal, average, everyday people will step up. You got nothing to say. That's right. It's like if you're going to sit there and have a bitch fest out there, you got nothing to say because there's not enough good people that are willing to step up and swim in this polluted environment. And so we got all of these people that just want to be career politicians. They're going to jump from governor to president or this or that. I mean, I've been asked to run for every office under the sun. to keep myself relevant. And I'm like, I'm not going to do it because I'm going to tell you what it's like. It's like we have got to write the crimes that were committed in 2022 and 2020 before. If you think you're going to jump to another office, you've just proved that you can be compromised. You've got to stand and fight where you are. And your ultimate, ultimate motivation. Look, I never, I'm running for Congress, which is in D.C., the DC Congress. I never, I'm a, I'm a true believer in the state and the state's rights. And I actually did absolutely not want to run in Congress. But when I did my set area assessment for my own home turf, which is West Michigan, I realized that we were throwing away the seat intentionally because of the party. And I was like, well, I can't have that. We have to have representation there. And when Trump gets back in, he needs enough critical mass in Congress to actually effect life change. Because if he doesn't have the critical mass in Congress, he's going to have the same stalled out second half of his term as he did the first time. So we have to get enough good people in there that are willing to take on the system. And they've got to not do it for personal gain. There's got to be some for God, family, country, for glory, rather than for anything that's material as a return. And then go home and run your families and your businesses and the things that you do once you, you know, a short term, something that's more short term than, you know, and it's like you look at the ridiculousness of Biden. Everybody thinks, oh, we got to put Biden in. He's been in there for 50 years. You think he's going to change anything? That's absurd. You know, it's like when somebody's been in for a long time, guaranteed they're part of the system. You know, and to roll back to the previous comments you were talking about on Trump vetting people and bringing them into the system, you got to remember, just like I said, I didn't want to go to Congress. I'm sure Trump had a lot of great people he had listed that he wanted to bring into the administration. They're like, I'm not taking, not stepping foot in that world. You know how bad that is, how toxic and all these different reasons. I'm sure there's plenty of great people he wanted to have, but they didn't want to touch it. Because they're going to be destroyed in the process. And so because, you know, you listen to the absolute opinion, no facts-based comments on all of us that were and have been very much designed to destroy. And I want you to think about this, everybody that's out there, to destroy another human being. This is exactly what is there so that you destroy good people in order to get the scum in. And it's unbelievable. They do it with no facts. They flip everything on top of it. Jeff, where'd you go? Where'd you go, Jeff? We have so many of these tactics, and I've been trying to point this out. um, uh, was it lie denying counter accused, right? This is, this is the tactics of the left. So if you, if you want to understand, uh, what is going on, it's a, it's a progress. Then this is how it works. The first step in it is lie. They will lie to your face. They have no problems lying. They will lie. Then they will deny. If you ask them something, They'll be like, no, I don't know what you're talking about. And then the last thing they do is they counter accuse. This is what we all refer to as projection. Right. Well, they're accusing you of what they're doing. And this is all the same tactics that an operative in the intelligence community, if they're caught abroad, would use. So they're using the very same skill sets that we teach, you know, spies. And you can't help but think. How many of these people are actually former agency spooks themselves or how many of them are being handled or trained by spooks? And that's one of the reasons why I was like, OK, I'm going to jump into this thing. I started looking around. I was like, holy cow, this is what we're dealing with. All right. Now I know God chose me to do this. When I prayed and asked and God said, I gave you all the skill sets. I put you through the crucible. You're at this place in life because I molded and shaped you to be able to take on this specific challenge. And, uh, and I looked around, I'm like, holy cow, how much of this have I dealt with in my life and learned and been trained, uh, to handle and deal with and do. And now I'm in an environment where I can identify and look and work within it. And I'm like, holy cow, this makes so much sense now, right? We don't have many people who actually understand all that stuff or have the wherewithal to be able to navigate that terrain. And have an allegiance to people rather than God, because people will let you down a lot. And being able to sift through to find out who's telling you the truth or who is also, I'm going to just come out and say it, not bright enough to pick out that somebody's lying to them. I know that I'm actually so proud that I lost. Because going through the process is actually very, very valuable to actually finding out what the truth is. And I never wanted the title. It was never something that I wanted to do to be governor, but I agreed to do it because we needed something fixed. And I knew the only one that I could trust was me at that time because I knew what I was capable of. And lying is not one of those things that I do. So. So like you, like you, Jason, one thing. So step up at this time. Right. Yep. Yep. Jeff, same here. So, no. Well, a couple of things. Can we can you put that screenshot up? This is an interesting picture. So this is before MAGA was MAGA. This was in 2009. And Obama was president. And I'm holding up a bumper sticker. I don't know if you can read it from where you're at. It says, one big-ass mistake, America. And that was for Obama. And if you look at the background, though, like nothing's changed since 2009. $6 gas. Are we safe? so you know that's that's just one thing so you know I've been fighting the fight not really politically I mean you know I've been in this and america first before it was cool but there's just one more thing uh I i wanted to display um how these cast vote records were in in in my race which you know which was a valuable lesson and if you You put that screen up. I have a slide deck here, which Phil Evans compiled. I didn't ask him to do this. He just picked my race, 13 precincts, where you see this line where Mass got the first 50 sequential votes. I'm the red line, and he's the blue line. And you'll see that neither of the other three candidates got one vote until the first 50 were counted. So I'm still trying to get closure on that and and then well here this is just another thing uh when during the motion to vacate I i text I sent brian mess the text and I asked him if he's still supportive of kevin and you know of course absolutely you know he was all for uh mass and finally I have to bounce do you have this is for jason do you have some kind of syllabus for the um osint training yeah I do do you have a past knowledge on that we're Yeah. Yeah. I, you know what, I'll, I'll, uh, actually, uh, if Donna's all right with it, we can set up, um, one of your future shows to do an intro to it. And, um, I'll have, uh, Monday. Okay. If you want to come on this week, Thursday, I could do Thursday. Well, I'm going to put you in touch with a individual. I think that would be the, uh, guys that teach the course. Um, and so you can meet someone else that's, uh, It's a good, solid individual that really knows what he's talking about. That's phenomenal. Yeah. Can we have him on Monday maybe? Thursday or Monday, I'll ask him and see which one he's available for. That means you're going to have to come back on, Jeff. Okay. Awesome. I got a confession to make here. Just realize that this is a confession to make. I keep forgetting. Honestly, I'm so focused on the information that you're bringing forward because I really have... I don't even think about candidacy anymore. I'm looking at information. And I keep forgetting that you ran because I'm like focused on the information you're bringing forward because most of the run for office are kind of stupid and they don't know how to research. They don't bring things forward. And you have brought forward so much. tangible good information that you don't even feel like a candidate to me. And the only reason why I remember that Jason is a candidate is because, you know, he's been to my farm and that sort of thing. And, you know, it's in a different scenario, right? But the two of you have brought forward so much information. And I mean, and truth. It is so it is inspiring. And and I want to encourage everyone that's out there. If you don't get behind these guys in their races, you're missing the boat because this is what we need in place. If I were going to hire somebody to do a job or staff, staff and organization. These two would be on the top of the list because they're not just out there telling you what all these lies about what they're going to do. They're showing you the truth of what's happened. And you have to have an evaluation of all circumstances before you can even think about talking about what you're going to do. Because all I hear from candidates is headlines. I'm going to do this. I'm going to do that. Okay, Scooter, how are you going to accomplish that? Yeah. What's the point? There is never a plan because they have no base knowledge of dealing with it. And both of you have got this into such a fine grain evaluation that you can remedy and back out of these situations and address them to stop them. And I'm just so proud of both of you. It's just amazing. I'm absolutely so proud of you. I appreciate it. Thank you for that. Thank you for that. Can we take that as endorsements? Well, my problem is, is that I absolutely, I absolutely stand against all endorsements because it makes people stupid. They start listening to people and go, oh, this person endorses them. So take it for what it is. I just said what I said. Yeah. Yeah. No, that's the best kind of endorsement, honestly. From the heart. Yeah. Is that definitely heartfelt? I mean, it's like it's like I know both of you guys enough to know your character. And if you didn't, I'd come looking for you. You know, it's like, you know, and but but the point being is that, you know, you guys come on here. It's just like me being on camera. And this is all live. I mean, that none of this is scripted. We just kind of get on here and talk. Right. This is not like a campaign speech where I'm going to put a chicken in every pot and I'm going to kiss all the babies and hopefully You know, not be a Biden. I can't stand stump speeches. Oh, my God. I hate them. They're terrible. And, you know, they're just like, oh, this is this all lies. It's all it's all bullshit. Well, in the page and all you see is I'm kissing a baby and like the stock photos of. Oh, my God. I can't stand the stock photo looks for the family stuff. We're going to create our family with the family. They have all their kids. They parade their kids. They're showing their threat surface. Right. How they're going to be intimidated and leveraged. Like to me, that's the thing. How do you do that? I never brought up my family or I'm like, you're hiring me for a job. That doesn't mean that you hire the whole family. It's like they're not part of this. And so I didn't. I think they rope them into it to show on their family who they are. Hey, I do have a photo of my family. Like one big photo. picture of my family but like that's the only one but the point of that is well no they're on there there's no getting around like at some point that's there you know but the point is that I can't stand the people who are single that are running for office to just run for office and they have no idea what it takes to run a family or manage a family or how costly it is and how time consuming and all the rest of that stuff If you how how can we elect people who don't even understand the way to save our country isn't through. Let's face it. Our population is imploding. The only way we save our country is either through immigration or through making babies. So if you are against making babies, then you are for immigration because otherwise the nation implodes and there will be no nation. So like at the very core basis of what we have and we're fighting for. If you're not for that, then what in the world are you doing going to Congress? Or to any office, for that matter. What you just said about not having a family, they're not vested in society, right? Bingo. We're going to elect people? I laugh. You have a county commissioner in Palm Beach County who rents an apartment. He's not even paying taxes, and he's a county commissioner. And it's funny. I worked with... with a, with a major, I think you may have met a mom. You may have spoke with him on, on signal, but they, they were looking for a way to, to, to grant, you know, high level security. And it wasn't about, did the guy get a DWI? It was like, does he have children? Did he ever pay for education on his own? Does he go to church? You know, all of the things that they look for him and, you know, instead of running a background and, and all, he got a DWI 11 years ago, we can't give him clearance. No. Is he vested in society? And, you know, they, they, You know, I kind of helped them with a little of the technical side, you know, behind the scenes. But that was a criteria instead of just doing a random background check and, you know, no, you're out, you're in. That's what they were looking at, you know, people being vested in society. Yeah, we give our bureaucrats way too much time in office and they do too many stupid things. At the end of the day, the bureaucrats just need to barely manage the system. Look, the rest of the country is going to run all on its own. If you actually allow, you know, capitalism, true capitalism to exist, not this crony capitalism run by a bunch of kleptocrats in the bureaucracy, you know, scratching each other's backs. But if you actually had true capitalism, the entire system would function all on its own. You don't need to manage it daily in legislative sessions or in any of these overburdening administrative states. Well, and I don't think, I think, you know, we're at a 70%. So I got to bounce. It's 10 o'clock. I got to get up. Let's start there and get rid of that. I got to get on my call. But here's the thing. If what what I what I want to do is go back and repeal laws. I don't want to pass any rights like all these laws. The longer we're a nation, the more laws that are passed, the more freedoms we're losing. We have to go back and do a 250 year look back and get rid of this stuff like the War Powers Act and, you know, uncapping the House and, you know, getting getting some closer representation to the people and. Well, HAVA. How about HAVA? It takes control of our elections away from us at the state level, at the local level. Isn't that a violation of the Hatch Act right there? Well, I think you might be on to something, I think. Well, it's repugnant regardless. All right. I got to bounce there. Yeah, they're pinging me. So, guys, I'll see you next week. If you can do Thursday with your guy, I'm down for it. Okay. Thank you, Donna. Thank you, Jason. God bless. God bless. Have a nice day. Bye. So there, there's a lot of, uh, stuff that can be taught and trained in the, uh, OSINT world and classes. You know, it just comes down to people being willing to, instead of watching TV for an hour at the end of the night, spend an hour looking into the people who are running on your ticket, go to ballot. Yeah. Get them involved. Absolutely. Um, Go to Ballotpedia. Pull up a sample ballot for your next election. Look at the names on it. And then go down and do research on each one of the candidates about them. Go to their About Me page and find out where they've been and what they've done. And then when you see, you know, for example, that's what I did. The first thing I did was I looked at my competition. Well, it wasn't my competition at the time. Before I even jumped into the race, there was only one person in the race. And I looked them up. Is that Marky? Right. And, uh, and I mean, I just started seeing things that didn't add up and, and I was like, what, what's going on here? This, this doesn't make much sense. And so, I mean, I've, I've asked people, I said, Hey, who, from what I understood, Ron Romney McDaniels propped him up, wanted him to run in this race, hand selected him after the governor's race. Um, to run in this particular race. But at the same time, I was asking the GOP, people within the GOP, I had been quoted by multiple people that the district was plus 24 Democrat, that it was too far to the left, that it would never be a Republican again and not to even worry about it. So I knew if that's what the GOP was saying, then Rana Romney was propping him up only to lose, to force the Democrats to have to campaign in the district and spend money. And so it was a defensive strategy for the RNC. And so I was like, okay, I get that. That makes sense, right? I can kind of understand where they're coming from and their big nationwide strategy of how do you handle the money and how do you prop up certain candidates and pick the zones where you want to fight bite in and where you don't. And, um, and I, I understood that and I was like, you know, that's great. But I was also doing my opposition research because on the other side of it is I didn't know anything about it. And I wanted to understand, um, the entirety of the race and potentially help them. So when I started looking into the other side and doing the opposition research, uh, I realized that the DNC, uh, the D and the D triple C, uh, both of Democrat apparatus of the machine, had come back with that the district was plus one to plus four Democrat. And anything less than five is considered swing. So if it's swingable, right, because essentially you've got two and a half points of voter disenfranchisement or voter suppression, right? If you have a really bad candidate, in that pool, in that district, you might have bad voter turnout and it could be swung. Or if you've got any number of amplifiers on your side, it might significantly pull people over to your side or whatever. So a plus five or a five margin, anything within five is considered swingable. And it's very ripe for information, information, whether it's through media or other engagements or whatever. Anyway, so I was looking at it, and I realized that the Democrats saw this as a top. In one of the papers that I read, they put it in the top three. Another one had it in, I think, number seven out of the top ten. And I might be remembering that wrong, but both of them had it in the top ten. One of them had it in the top five. And they threw a million dollars into this race right off the bat. Right off the bat, they put a million dollars behind Hillary Clinton. And they knew they wanted to keep this race. They wanted to keep this seat. And the Republicans had basically said, it's not worth it. We're not fighting for it. We're just going to prop someone up and turn our head, turn a blind eye to it. I looked at campaign financing. It doesn't raise anything in the first quarter. Second quarter finally gets money in there, but it's only like 100K. And they've already got over a million dollars now on the other side. They're way out in front of us and they're campaigning already. And, and, and we have nothing. As a matter of fact, we've got a party in disarray. It's just chaos. There's no real support there. Then I find out that, um, uh, McCarthy, the word on the street was that, uh, in, and there's some emails out there, but he, he said the only seats we're concerned about in Michigan were the eight, uh, 8th and 11th, I believe it was, or 7th and 11th. It was the 7th. 7th and 11th were the two seats. Redistricting has made it a pain because doing 2020 research and then doing forward research, the redistricting kind of causes some memory issues. But anyway, the point is, is that they wanted to put the, he wanted them to put the money into those two seats. And the third district was completely left without any support from the leadership money out of McCarthy, right? And McCarthy's the one that's raising the most money. He's literally the guy when it comes to the RNC and helping prop up turning districts and winning races. He's the one that's pulling in the money. And he's obviously using the candidate pool to go out and raise money for the, for that, uh, fund. But if you don't have that support, how do you, how do you win the race? And if he's not getting the, of my, uh, the person who was there, wasn't getting the money, then it just confirmed what my earlier suspicions about, uh, Ron Romney were about this particular seat. And that just, it irked me to, to, to my core, because I looked around, I knew from talking with people on both sides of the aisle and being semi in and out of politics ever since I got out of the service, keeping an eye on things. And I was like, there's no way this district is gonna be, if we just messaged here, if we just messaged, we would maintain this district on the Republican side. And I know we're not like, huge fans of party politics, but when it comes to messaging, if you want Liberty, uh, the, the message that the Republicans are supposed to be promoting, right. Um, then they would be promoting that, but they're not. And that gave me the, just the most frustration, uh, out of everything. And I was like, you know what, if the Republicans don't care about my backyard and winning this congressional race, and they're the ones that have the most money to put in and the most to lose, then I've got to do something. And that's why I jumped in. And that's, I mean, that's just absolutely admirable because, and going back to a point that you brought up, the biggest problem we have is the money in the elections because they have an unlimited amount of money to screw up this nation. They get it from dark, dark money. They get it from the PACs. They get it from anything. And they're literally buying our elections. And when you tie that into, I'm going to bring this full circle, what you said and what we talked about at the beginning, the political operatives that are in place that are affecting our, this nation, people from the State Department and the FBI. I mean, look at all of these setups that have gone on within the FBI, within, I'm going to say at the CIA, within the State Department, within, and I'm going to come right out and say it, Board of Elections. They don't even follow policy rules or the law. And they rewrite them to serve their own agendas. And then now you got all the Soros judges in place. They've got a machine to pick political candidates based on money, party affiliation. The parties are nothing more than special interests at this point in time because they're bought and paid for. Well, yeah. I mean, it's completely controlled by special interests. It is. And even when you get a good candidate in, and this is another aspect of it, is once they get into D.C. proper, there is a – the swamp is – It's real easy to get stuck and bogged down in the bog, right? Um, because they have a million ways to corrupt people. So even when we get good people in, it's only a matter of time before they become corrupted because they can only last against that, uh, so long. And that's why I'm all for term limits because eventually they're going to, they're going to get them in some sort of vote buying scheme or some sort of, uh, um, SEC violations or whatever, they're going to have some sort of trumped up charges before you know it, and they will control that candidate. Well, it's like they've hit my credit card. I completely believe that that was a setup. I really do. There was no mistake there. This wasn't a double transaction. This was transactions to specific campaigns and or to foundations. So it wasn't like they said, oh, we hit charge twice. No, this was absolutely... There was no mistake there. You don't make a mistake like that. You just don't. It wouldn't be normal. And how many people do they set up like that or threaten their families or that? I'll tell you the easiest one. I'll tell you the easiest one that's the most successful. The most successful is the honeypot. It is by far the number one tool used in D.C. to control people. And they set up, and you've probably heard of several different uh prostitution rings that have been busted you know the the dec between the new york and dc madams it is a uh ring of debauchery and you have madison cawthorne who called it out and what happened they went right after him great guy didn't deserve to be done the way that they did them but I mean he called it out and uh they they booted them from they ejected them from tc it's That is the number one way. And that's another reason why it's very difficult for married people to go into that environment where you're constantly being bombarded by people who are trying to cozy up next to you to get you to compromise your values. And then even if you don't compromise your values, they get you in one photo looking one sort of way. I've had this before. I've had where um a woman actually walked up and just grabbed my hand and there was people in a vehicle in front of me why too because they wanted to grab the photo of me walking down the road with my with some with a female not not my spouse holding my hand right the whole idea is to grab incriminating photos so then you can use them later whether they're real or not they can stage all sorts of stuff and now with ai it's, it's, it doesn't matter. They can take a screenshot of any of us at any point in time. And that's not enough of a reason to be afraid of it. You know, you, you know, so like if, if you go into this, realize they're going to Photoshop you, they're going to do all sorts of things to you and you have to be able to ignore it, get past it and say, you know what? God is my strength and my shield. And, and it doesn't matter. They hurled, they hurled, um, threats and insinuations against Jesus. They're going to go after you if you're doing the right thing. And you've got to stand regardless anyway, go forward anyway. But that's exactly what they're doing. And it happens on a continual basis. So when you step into this, you've got to be prepared mentally to know this is what's going to happen. There's almost no way around it, but you've got to be willing to stand anyway. Mr. Smith goes to Washington is one of those, it's a lot more evil and corrupt than back in that day when that movie was made. I think that was playing it nicely compared to what we've got today. Right. And it's a crazy world. It's just such a crazy world. And it just shows how when you take God out of society, it's going to crumble because people end up trying to make themselves into little gods and feeding the holes in their heart instead of feeding the world. It's really sad. When I look at, I believe that Marky, your opponent, because I will say anything and I don't give a rat's rear end when anybody thinks. I think he is for abortion and abortion rights. I think that that's something that he is not strongly pro-life on. and and I i find that to be disturbing considering that most of this nation is being run by satanic pedophiles and there when you look at the and I'm not saying that that's what markey is but what I am saying is that the the the people that are using this the you know the the whole abortion thing they're they're they are claiming now that this is a satanic ritual thereby it's a religious right to murder children, infants, and have abortions. And it goes all the way back in time to the people that have truly been Satanists right from the beginning. And, you know, the murdering of babies, there is a clear dividing line between people who follow God and who Have the motivation, the love, and the integrity to serve human beings, to serve this world, which is God's world, without fear, without personal gain. and without falling into necessarily these traps. But this is my biggest beef about this whole abortion thing is the fact that people don't even realize the trap that has been set and why it's been set, how it's been used, how they're selling baby parts, how they're injecting the fetal tissues in our babies. vaccinations, alleged vaccinations and such, and how much part of a satanic ritual a lot of this stuff actually is. And it's like, if you believe in women's rights and such and say, this is women's rights, I'm a woman that's, that's, you know, I've, I've had children and such, and, and I'm not buying any of this crap because you have to look at the underlying premises. They're not just the feel good. Oh, we want to, we want to give women the right. Well, you know what? You also have the right to say no. And, you know, and, and absolutely decide that you're going to stand for something. You start messing around with sex and, The natural outcome is going to be a child. I'm sorry. You know, and it's, and it's like, it's like, if you're not ready to take on that, that responsibility, maybe you should think twice about it and not buy into the cultural norm of you've got the right to go out there and screw around or do whatever you want. It's going to end up likely with a child. And, and so it is, it is it's the way it works. And, you know, we have to be smart enough not to fall into that trap. And that's why the stable relationships are so important too. You know, that makes me think about the immigration issue too. And that, well, the first thing I wanted to say was the biggest gripe I have with the Democrats and abortions is that it is literally a genocide against the people they proclaim to defend and protect the minority, the black community. They literally, it is a genocide against the black community and there is no ifs, ands, or buts about it. You look at the numbers, the raw data points out that this is by far affecting the black community. versus any other racial demographic. The stated goal by Margaret Sanger was to eliminate or take down the population of anyone who was not Caucasian. That is what's behind the whole abortion effort right there. It's absolutely, it's mind-boggling that that community hasn't woke up to that maybe that maybe they have maybe the black panthers have uh forced it out and then maybe that's how one of their uh control mechanisms and places like atlanta I don't know but the uh the other side of that uh is that we've got now immigration that they're unrestricted on and just flooding people into the country but if they had just not allowed abortion in the first place all of these babies would have been viable workers in the workforce and you wouldn't need the quote unquote, well, we need the low income labor. That's what they're fighting for. They want immigrants to be able to come in here so they can have the jobs that normal Americans won't do. But if we had a growing population, we would be able to fill all of these jobs. It does not make any logical sense Nothing that they're doing makes actual logical sense. If you break it all down, you can point to, look, this doesn't add up, people. You should probably reevaluate what they're telling you because simply on its face, it's not honest. They're intellectually dishonest on its face. Well, and look at what's happened in Sweden and Germany and in England, the amount of rapes from the immigration. This is a rape culture. And this is part of the problem with not studying history. Part of a warfare is to go in and rape the civilian population. It's gone on for thousands of years to eliminate. What's that? Rape and pillage. Rape and pillage, this is part of it. There's a reason why the amount of rapes go up when you have an invasion. It is part of an invasion, and there's no way around it. And people are not coming to terms with what we're in. We are in a war. And watch what's happening in these other societies, the amount of rapes of children. It is incredible. More than 60%. And they don't see it as wrong because it is part of the mindset in an invasion because they see the people there as just... More than 60% of the women and children coming across the border have been sexually assaulted. Yeah. And so not only do they do it within the countries, but they're doing it on the way in the countries. And they're using kids. They're using women and children as shields to to to usher in an invading army. Well, yeah, they use them as cover. I think some of these children. that are missing are actually being recycled. They're going back across, being brought back across the border and coming back and forth. And they're just using them as pawns for the fentanyl trafficking and for weapons and you name it. It's just helping facilitate the cartels operations. And these children are slaves in that industry. Whether it's simply for cover, whether it's part of the actual smuggling, Um, or if they're being used for, um, you know, in the sex industry itself, these are. It's just, it's absolutely despicable and disgusting. And I can't say politicians are part of it. They are absolutely part of it. They are enabling this. And, and I don't care which side somebody says that they're on there. Nobody's really doing anything to curtail this. That, that is being, I mean, I know we've got good guys fighting. I'll, I'll give you that. But, but this is something that is such a big issue that, You have to ask yourself questions on why didn't this end? Why hasn't anyone stepped up to end the imprisonment of the J6 prisoners? We don't have anybody that's like pushing this thing forward and saying this is time to end this. Why are they doing nothing to the issues that matter to Americans? Our rightful president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump did. But the whole system is completely owned and corrupted. Do you remember when after the 2020 election, they brought in the National Guard and they surrounded the White House and all the buildings in D.C.? They had all those National Guard spread out all around there. And they're back on Biden. Why hasn't Speaker Johnson or McCarthy? called them in, locked things down, and conducted proper investigations. How much corruption is there within that apparatus? Because I believe that that's one of the reasons why McCarthy never released the footage that he said he was going to release. He never actually blocked the funding for the IRS. He said, I'm going to stop those additional 72,000 or 76,000, whatever it was, IRS agents and instead It was never about increasing the authorization for more agents. It was simply increasing their budget, which equated to the ability to have that many more agents. They still increased it by 36,000 agents and the growing, and they didn't cut the budget, but by 1.9 billion out of 80, 78 billion or yeah, $78 billion is still what the budget was. What in the world? I mean, we, If you can't see the disingenuousness of the people in those positions of power, how will we fix the system? We have to start paying attention to the things that matter and stop getting distracted by all the little nitinoid things. And honestly, it breaks down to bread and circuses. I mean, they increase the price of gas for a reason. It's to extract the liquidity out of the middle and lower classes. The more money they can pull away from them, the less time they can spend doing research on their own, enjoying their lives, or contributing to organizations and candidates, right? So they turn up the cost on a whim. But when they know that they're losing traction and they want to apply pressure, and extract the liquidity out of the middle and lower classes, that's how they do it. They just turn up. This is why they don't, they want systems where they control the base unit. The base unit is energy. Energy is required for transportation, for production, for everything, right? And if you control through a monopolization of the energy, then you can very easy extract liquidity from the market when you need it. And turn it down when you need to surge liquidity back into the market. When you have someone favorable on power, you want to make sure that people are happy. So you increase liquidity. And when there's someone favorable on power and there's no negative news, people are going to go and enjoy themselves. They're going to go down to Disney World. They're going to spend money frivolously or supporting causes overseas like starving kids in Africa. People want to feel good about themselves, especially when they're doing financially well. But then when you start having controversy and the power is under attack, the power structure in D.C. and in the countries is being besieged by people finding out how corrupt they are and what they're doing. They just turn the levers of power. They just turn the cost up, increase. I mean, what I believe it was Snyder did was fixed the interest or the increase in gas taxes every year. to a fixed inflation rate. Essentially he created an inflation rate and I believe it was fixed at 5% year over year. So the price for your gas, the tax on your gas base unit goes up 5% every year, no matter what. And that causes in Michigan, this is in Michigan, mind you, you governor, former governor of Michigan. It forces a fixed increase of inflation of 5% on all costs every year. so until that gets repealed or removed michigan will always lose liquidity to the oil industry oil and gas so hopefully we have more oil and gas people here in michigan to keep the money in michigan I know that there's there's a handful and I love that and we need to keep the money in our communities um so it keeps coming back to us instead of getting pulled into texas or out offshore into Venezuela, right? Because now we're buying oil from Venezuela instead of buying it from here and supporting local producers, right? Now we're importing from our adversaries. I mean, we literally did not acknowledge the current president of Venezuela's election as being fair and transparent. Yet here we are buying their oil. Well, and they're thieves, too. He's a thief because they decided to have an election, and they took half of the neighboring country because they found oil deposits out in the ocean offshore. And so they just decided, well, they used to be part of us, so we're just going to vote that we're going to take them back. Well, that is so messed up. Because they ruined the entire infrastructure and oil industry in Venezuela, didn't put any money in it. so so if you don't put money into your infrastructure of course you're gonna you're gonna have a wrecked one so then they're just gonna go they're they're they're like they're a parasite they eat off of what is is close to them without any vision of the future at all. And it's immediate. It's very childlike. It's not an adult move. I think one of my favorite Bible stories that I think is really interesting was when Abraham planted a tree. Most people don't realize that in our translation it was dropped, but it was a tamarisk tree. And when he said he was planning it for shade, well, he would never see the shade. It's one of the slowest growing trees in the world. And neither would his children, but probably his grandchildren. And the lesson is, is that when we do things, we don't do them for necessarily ourselves. An adult does not do that. An adult does things for the people that come after us. And he didn't plant a tree for shade for himself or maybe, or even his kids, but potentially his grandchildren and future generations. And I think that that's a check on all of us on what are we doing? Are we doing it just to consume, to consume and have the biggest pile of, of material things that we can so that we can sit there and brag about that? Or are we actually doing things for others? Are we centered on other people and on God himself? Because he said, when you take care of the least of mine, you're taking care of me. That's, it's really, I talked about this weekend, or actually it was the previous weekend, I was at a event and I brought up the fact that our leaders are supposed to be good shepherds. We're supposed to have good shepherds. It's about being a good shepherd and shepherding the hurt, right? That's the average people. Not everybody can be a leader. Not everybody can be a shepherd, right? There's going to be way more followers than there are shepherds. And it's up to us to make sure we don't lead them off the cliff, right? So- and to protect them from the wolves. The sheep dog. That's right. Yeah, exactly. And so it really comes back to the teachings. And I, without going too far into it, the point is, is that I was talking and addressing everybody and I was saying, we just don't have good shepherds anymore. We have a lot of people who are self-interested and they're not interested in actually maintaining the flock. They actually see the flock as a nuisance. They think that it's become too burdensome for themselves. So what happens is the shepherd sits down and throws rocks and then all of a sudden the wolves come in and eat the herd or chase it off a cliff. And now the shepherd is without a flock. And what we have is a bunch of shepherdless leaders that are literally leading the flocks off the cliff. And if we don't start to regain the sense of responsibility to our fellow man, our, not just country, but society in the, in our global, you know, humanity crumbles in on itself. When we talk about, you talk about apocalypse and all the rest of the different stuff, this is literally that result. is derived from people being more self-interested than in the interest of the welfare of others. And, and we'll think about this. This is really kind of, it's kind of a, kind of a stupid, funny, whatever you want to say, but think about this as the flocks gone. If the shepherd or these leaders that have sacrificed the flock think that they're going to escape as soon as the sheep are gone, guess what? The wolves turn on, they will go to another food source. That's right. So they're deceiving themselves because they're going to be the next meal for the wolves. They will not get away from this. And so right now sheep got to get a little smarter. Well, and that goes to the OSINT, right? If we can start teaching people where to look, because that's one of the problems is most people don't know where to look. That's one of the problems. If people knew where to look, they would be more inclined to look. most give up at the very first contact of trying to figure things out because they don't even know where to look or what questions to ask. Well, there's so many sources that are lying to us, too. You know, so you got to be able to go. You got it. You got to say you got to kiss a few frogs before you find the prince there when it comes to information. You know, it's like, you know what I mean? Oh, yeah. You're going to you're going to make some mistakes. And I got censored. I got booted off of social media because I was pointing out back when the CDC was still reporting the flu numbers and stuff. I was pointing out the discrepancies and I was like, look, TV's reporting this, but the CDC is reporting this. And I started showing the discrepancies back then. And then all of a sudden. We started seeing certain things no longer being reported from the CDC. And all of a sudden, it was like, okay, we've got some serious problems now. We've all been sucker punched. There's none of us that haven't been sucker punched. We're trying to sort through this thing and wade through this thing. you know, every single one of us. And I think it's important to say, you know, you cannot expect anyone to be, the only one that's perfect is, is Jesus Christ and he didn't throw the stone. Right. And so in the meantime, if you know somebody who's trying to do their best to, to get to the truth, you know, you can bring it to them and say, Hey, look what I found and help them out instead of trying to, you know, do a character assassination on them just because you're afraid, you know, that, that reaction to is that fear reaction. you know, instead of just kind of sitting back a little bit and tell you, you got it, you know, you got it, you know, a little bit more control of the situation, but that doesn't mean it's going to be bomb proof because there, there are so much lying out there and almost nothing is as it appears. No. Yeah, exactly. Everybody's trying to paint their own rosy picture that benefits themselves. And that's, It's unfortunate as it is. That's kind of human nature. Sometimes we get into our own biases. We perceive things that are beneficial to ourselves because it's palatable and it's not scary. Right. So we have a tendency to want to drift in that direction. But, you know, we have to face and that goes back to being good shepherds. Not everybody's willing to face the information head on. The shepherds have to do that. The good shepherds have to face the bad information and they have to be the ones with the good discernment to actually identify what's real and what's not. And without those people doing that, I mean, this comes down to pastors leading their churches and not being in fear of the IRS removing their C3 status. If you recall, that was what Obama was doing in his first administration. In the Obama-Biden first run, this is the second run right now, But in their first run, remember, they weaponized the IRS against the church. And they were going after their C3 status so they wouldn't have tax-free contributions. This is going on. The whole reason for them to amplify IRS again is to go after the political enemies, not to go after the wealthy. It's comical to think that they can go after the wealthy and actually get their money because they're Almost all their money is derived from dividends from owning ownership of companies. And lots of them. Yeah. It has nothing to do with, they're not, this idea that the wealthy life, Elon, is a dragon sitting on a pile of gold. It's so fancical and far-fetched. The reality is, is they're sitting on a pile of paper stocks that get dividends from what they own. This is a great point because, you know, a lot of people are afraid of a crash. You know, a crash is like, oh, the power grid is going to go down. Oh, no. Got to pray, pray, pray. Well, why weren't you praying before? OK, why are we situationally praying? Because now we're afraid that something's going to happen to us. Whatever shall we do? You know, it's like, you know, the grid comes down or everything crashes. Bam! Prayers answered for Donna Brandenburg right there because I'm going to tell you what, the ones that are going to be hurt the most are the trust fund babies, the ones that are sitting on these kind of investments that can't do anything, that don't know anything, that have been trying to take us prisoner for years. Let it free fall. Let it fall because people like you and me and And so many people out there that have unbelievable skills, the welders, the mechanics, the ones that went through trade school, the everyday normal person, the people who shovel horse manure, you know, all that sort of thing. It's like, you know what we're going to do? We're going to get up the next morning. We're going to either drink our coffee because we were smart enough to prepare because we could see this coming, and then we're going to go to work. And it's not going to bother us for one minute. And we're smart enough to be able to know other people that are also like us, like Jason and Jeff, who know how to make trades in bad situations. These people that are sitting on these piles of paper, they don't even know how to cook a meal, most of them, right? And so I'm going to pretty much guess that the first chicken egg they have to pick up that's sitting in a nest that's got chicken poop in it is going to totally unravel them. And guess what? The tables will be turned in a very epic way. Yeah. If you spend a little bit of time in Manhattan or in New York City and you realize that everybody goes out to eat, nobody raises or grows their own food you know these are food deserts the the moment things start to shut down there's no influx of food there's no I mean it's just people will be turning on each other in in no time and and when you have immigrants that have flooded some of these sanctuary cities uh you have a language barrier now you don't know if that person's good battered or or otherwise and if power goes down guess what you don't have you don't have a translator app you don't have if you don't know the yeah or gps if you don't know how to get around and you don't know how to talk to these people there's very quickly um societies become tribalistic uh when when the order that everyone subscribes to uh is is no longer there right so once police are ineffective once uh government is ineffective um people create tribes and you're going to see all of the people from Venezuela and all the people from Columbia and all the people from Russia and China or Iran that are all in these little enclaves. They're all going to get in their clusters and they're going to, they're going to take certain sections of territory and they're going to, it's just like the ghettos and the melting pot. uh, when we first, our first European immigration surge caused, uh, all the strife in New York in the, in the first, uh, wave, I believe it was in the 1920s, the roaring twenties. Uh, it was probably the very first one was probably in the 18, 1800s. But, uh, when we had this, the surge and it turned into, um, you had the Italians and the Irish and, They were the scum at that time, right? Everybody looked down on the Irish and the Italians. They're like, they're, they're, they're beneath everyone else. And it's just what we're going. If, if things, the power goes down, you're going to see the society devolve and it's going to go right back into these tribalistic territories where you're going to have ghettos. And you're going to have, unfortunately, I think you're going to have a whole bunch of people in these big cities that are going to realize that money doesn't mean anything. And that you'll spend a million dollars to get a dang, dang on ham sandwich, you know, because your money's going to become worthless. And now what, what's the plan? Exactly. So you, so the whole time you idolized money, you made money, your God, and instead of building your skills and survivability and being able to, to, uh, you know, actually survive, take care of yourself, family, or what have you, you, you spent all your time chasing, uh, shiny right and it's antithetical to what to the teachings of christ but we we really need to get back to that that level now if things go that way and there's I think there's a really good chance that it's going to happen regardless of uh anything we choose to do in this country I think that between russia and china They're ready to pull the trigger. And this isn't just China. It's not just Russia. We have to stop getting into this blame game of it's one adversary or the other. They're in cahoots. They're in cahoots together. Who's the boogeyman now? Yeah. Stop with the boogeyman stuff. Like, let's be real. You should have cybersecurity. We should have security. We should have border security. We should be able to protect ourselves. But instead... Everything's hyper politicized about, oh, but we need to bring in foreign workers and well, that's fine. We have legitimate methods for doing that. They're called green cards. We have a system. But mass refugees, they've set up this entire system of asylum seekers. These people are not seeking asylum. They're abusing the system and our government is allowing it to happen intentionally. They're weakening us. Exactly. We are being subverted in so many different ways. This is exactly how the Chinese said they were going to invade Russia. They were going to send a million people across the border for seven days. After seven million people in one week, they would have essentially overwhelmed Russia's ability to take care of all those refugees. and they would have turned the refugees on the Russians, and they would have conquered the border territory, and they would have enough people inside the country to just steamroll it at that point. They were sneakier than what they are in America, sneakier than over there, because that was like right out there. They're just doing it here. They're just not saying it. And so, yeah. Yeah, so we have so many problems that we're not willing to admit are going on right here. We just need people to all come together and be like, hey, this is not political. This is for our own security. I don't care what side of the political aisle you are on. If you really want to see prosperity for your children, we need to get a handle on the situation. It's good versus evil. That's right. Yes, that's it. That's the entire battle right there. And I don't think people, there's a bunch of people who even bought into the whole communist ideology. I, you know, they go over to China and China's got these, I'm sure they've got a very sets like tour, just like in North Korea. If you go into North Korea, Kim Jong-un's got like, oh, I'm going to bring over a foreign diplomat and show them how great North Korea is. He's got everything staged and it looks perfect. So it's like going through a Hollywood set. Right. It's the same thing in China. You only see what they want you to see. It's the same thing in America. It's the same thing in America. I'm not buying most of what I'm seeing. Well, look at what happened when Xi came to visit San Francisco. What did they do? They cleaned up all the streets. They put up fencing and all that. Yeah, I would go a little bit further than that, but I'll shut my mouth right now because there's an awful lot. that's out there that I'm not buying any of this and that people are who they say they are. Nope, not buying it, not even buying it at all. All you gotta do is pay attention a little bit and you'll see the flaws in the narrative, which is really funny, but you gotta pay attention. And I have no intention of spoon feeding people. They have to learn by themselves on how to discern and look at what they're really seeing To find out if it's true, if it's false. If you see a speaker standing in front of a crumpled flag, you might want to ask some questions. Or even the crowd scenes. I don't buy a lot of the crowd scenes either. A lot of them are AI. There's so much you can do there. I mean, look at the backgrounds you can set on your videos and stuff. Yeah, there's a lot. I don't know if you recall this or not, but at one point in time, there was a lot of talk about being able to virtually project and hold concerts and speaking engagements around the world with 3D imagery. Do you recall any of that? Well, I do, and I actually know some people that are involved in a lot of the AI, and there's something called embodied AI besides doing the hologram projections and that sort of thing. There's a lot of things out there that can spoof a person if they're not paying attention. And even if you're paying attention, you might not catch it every time. But I saw it right off the bat with the Wuhan photographs of them spraying the people and such. First of all, the backgrounds were all AI, and that was real easy for somebody to spot who's been maybe in that world a little bit. And the other thing is they were using gaming software. It wasn't a camera. And so when I started watching that right off the bat, I'm like, they're using gaming software to create... this illusion and I should bring all those up because I save everything I used to spend hours watching crowd scenes and I'd go frame by frame or people or I'll do comparisons facial structure or that sort of thing there's certain things that they can't hide and uh they're they're not able they're not able to do it and if you're if you're paying attention you will absolutely be able to see exactly what's going on. But you have to realize and start questioning it and going, no matter what you're seeing, is this real? Well, if you're not there, there's no way to prove it one way or the other. First of all, so you can't automatically accept things as real if you're not standing there. And you may not even be able to pick it up if you're standing there unless you're really, really paying attention and such. But most of what we're seeing is not real. And I do believe in great detail that we are, in fact, watching a movie. And that's not because somebody said it. It's because I can see it. And I can see it with my own eyes. All the Wuhan photographs that we saw, it's gaming software. And the quickest way to see that is how they cloned the background buildings. That should have been the first clue right there. And the light bounce on them was inaccurate. And so most of what we're seeing in the news is, in fact, and I would stand behind this, either staged or you're watching CGI. Yeah, I think that there's a lot of stuff that people don't even, you know, there's especially in the older crowd, they don't understand where technology is at. So it's very easy to be duped. You know, anybody over a certain age that hasn't experienced or worked in that environment, they don't even comprehend the level of technology. Watch the speakers on a stand because even if they're using, and I know that they're using this, they'll use robots at times in order to present. They're pretty good, but they're not perfect. And there's some ways that you can spot them really, really quickly because they don't have the firepower to move with the degrees of freedom that an actual body moves in. They still can't clone the motion. They get close. But there's some telltale signs on that. And if they can only stay on stage for 25 minutes or less... Well, there's probably a reason for that. If it's longer than that, then it's probably not a robot because they've got to have the battery power that when you see the big military ones, they always have the big cells on their back. A short-term robot can charge for a short period of time, but within about a half hour, they're going to run out of juice with the smaller packs. And so those are all funny, but it's real funny because a human being will not hit the same point twice. Well, there's a way around the battery pack. I mean, if you know where the speaker is standing, you can set up. Yeah. But the point is that without going into all the details. Oh, I love going into these details because it shows. You know what it does? This is like the Wizard of Oz. This is like seeing through the freaking curtain, right? And you got good guys, you got bad guys, but everybody's behind a curtain right now. So you can't believe anything you're seeing or hearing unless you're there. Or you know the people involved. I'm just going to tell you that right now. I've had several people that have accused me. They're like, well, how do we know you're not a deep state? And I said, you know what? I'm glad you asked. By all means, do your due diligence. Question everything. I'm not telling you I am or I'm not because it doesn't matter what I say. If I tell you anything, you're going to believe what you want to believe. So if you, if I say something, you'll be like, Oh, he was, he was lying to me. Well, that's because you want to believe that because someone told you that and you want to believe what they told you because you have a relationship or otherwise. So you, you already have a personal bias or animus. At the end of the day, I tell every person this, if they think that I'm a deep state or otherwise, Just do your due diligence. And I'll answer your question. Ask me about a topic. They asked me about crypto. I've been invested in crypto. I believe crypto was the first way for a lot of us that believe that the financial system was corrupted for us to create an alternate system and find a way around the corrupted system to try to bring honesty and integrity to the system. Now, obviously, with any system, it can be corrupted. It has been corrupted. It has been corrupted. But the biggest thing that I see there that was a value is getting people thinking on alternatively, if things go down, how do you, how do you function? You know, all the cryptos is, is got a flaw with it right now. It started out good, but it did get co-opted. It was founded on good intentions. So, you know, and, and, That goes back to the whole CBDC, the centralized bank digital currency. At the end of the day, that is a horrendous idea. We don't need to go to it, but we also kind of already there because there's only $2 trillion in printed hard currency. Yet we have $100 trillion in assets. That doesn't even make any sense because that's not even proportionally accurate for the number of assets that in existence and valuation that versus hard currency. And then once you start to explain people, well, then how is that even possible? Well, because of fractional reserve lending, because you can borrow money against money. And at some point people are borrowing money against money that doesn't exist, which means it, which means the value is not even real. Look at what they just did to Trump. It's just in the process of explaining how you value property to people. I think they're educating people more than anything else. The fact that like, look, this is all just, you agree to this. I agree to that. All right, here we go. And then just write the one, the zero number of zeros behind it. It's, it's, The whole system is a simulation. It's all set up. I love that word that you just brought up there because there's a lot to that. There's a lot more to that statement than I believe people could possibly understand, but that's a great word. Things which are seen are made out of those which are unseen. Ponder that a little while today. Guys, just ponder that because there's going to be a day and time where the sweaters all fall away and you're going to see things for what they really are. We have so much to learn as individuals. And I think it really just comes back to having more good shepherds, people who are willing to lead the flock appropriately and put the flock before themselves and Um, that's where I think we really need to be. And that's where I think, uh, hopefully you, you know, we have, uh, there's another gentleman named Jason. I don't know if you've been introduced to Mr. Latt or not, but, uh, uh, and then Boone Cutler, I'm sure you've met Boone. Yeah. Uh, those two. I kind of met Boone. Let's put it that way. I kind of met him, but I'd like to, I'd love to get Boone on here. He's friends with General Flynn. Yeah, I've got his number. I'd love to get Boone on here. I really would. Yeah, we can make that happen. I'm sure. That's great. Well, I tell you what. So we're coming up on 11 here. And I'd love to say a prayer and end this. You want to pray today or you want me to, Jason? You know what? I am not a great prayer warrior. I say the stock prayers. But I'll let you lead it. I just like talk off the cuff. Most of the time when I talk to God, I'm like, Hey God, we're here right now. And we've got some issues going on and we really do need your help. I'm so thankful for Jeff and for Jason and all the people that just decided to step up to take care of your world. This is your sandbox, your world. And we are so thankful for everything you've done for us. We are thankful for this beautiful day ahead of us and the opportunities that you always present to us. And we ask that you confuse all the plans of the enemy and help us to see them. Give us discernment. We're not asking you to change the path ahead of us. We want to walk the path that you put in front of us because it is going to be good all the time. All the adversity, all the challenges, all those things that maybe we wouldn't choose as a path that were before us. but that you chose for us because it teaches us so much and it strengthens us. It's like baby boot camp for your kids down here. And we thank you for that because, you know, it's better for us to go through this and know the difference between good and evil and know the difference between your will being done on earth as it is in heaven and a rogue world that has turned its back on you and says oh we're too smart for this well you know what we decide and we make a commitment that we are not too smart we are your children and we're willing to follow you whichever way you ask us to go as you teach us as you as you show us different things as you strengthen us as you truly care about us well you know what we care about you we care what you think We care about your plan for this world. We care about your plan for us individually. And we totally trust you in all things, no matter what it is. We trust you. We trust that you're good. We trust that you love us. We trust that you made a way for us in the life, the death, and the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ, your only begotten Son, that you cared so much for us. that you would come and pay the penalty yourself for anything that would separate us from you because you just really want to be with your kids. And we are thankful for being your children. We're so thankful for everything that you've given to us. And we're even thankful for the challenges. Thank you so much for each and every person that's listening. We ask that you would give them the ability to see the world with your eyes, eyes, through your lens, that we would see the opportunities in front of us to serve, that we would do the right thing in all situations, that we would stand true. And it would be because of your strength upholding us and your discernment and your guidance that lead us as we walk through this life. Thank you so much for being a great friend to us. We want to be a friend to you and we love you so very much. In Jesus Christ's precious name we pray. Amen. In Jesus' name, amen. There you go. Thank you. So with that said, here you go. So vote for Jason, okay? Vote for him. And I'm still collecting signatures, too. So if anybody wants to sign the ballot petition for ballot access, reach out to me on the volunteer form, and I will make or accommodate. getting a petition to your door or a petition signer to come by and meet with you to add your signature to the petition. Litmus test right there. If they're coming there and like one of my friends had said, what do you think about Brandenburg? They'll crumble like little snowflakes they are. So yeah, make sure that, make sure somebody comes to you and wants a petition signed. Make sure that who you're signing, because they can negate your signature. yes and that goes back to what I was saying earlier about them going around and at the events they were uh they did it to me they were they were doing the same thing and so I uh again I don't want to give all show all my cards but you know I'm I'm aware of what's going on so Yeah. And there's people that are doing it with poor knowledge. That's fraud. That is absolutely fraud. Don't get yourself caught up in that. Okay. So, but with that said, go to because I'm the best non-conceder who has ever not conceded in the history of the United States. And I would love to have a discussion with the rightful president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump, about that. And in the meantime, God bless you. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Make it a great day. Starts here, here and here. You got to you got to you got to go forward with bravery. Get your get your mind prepared because things that we think are always going to be the way that they are or even are what we think they are. May not be so. So you have to put your trust in God and realize that he is the only thing that never changes. And if things change around us, maybe even radically, Bring it. What do we got to be afraid? You know, I don't know about you, but I don't want to be part of this pedophile satanic system that's going around around us with a bunch of politicians that hate you and hate your children and hate all of us. Right. We need to move away from that is standing in goodness and righteousness. And if it falls, it's going to be by the hand of God, the hand of God himself, because guess what? He has the plan. trust the plan. The plan is God's plan. So have a great day. And I will see y'all tomorrow with, with Tater Tuesday and, and the lawful defense of yourself through, through the constitution of law and real history with Courtney Turner. So let me leave one parting piece of information. And that is on the, the court cases in Georgia. We have an individual who is the attorney for uh ruby freeman you may recall uh the election worker pulled the boxes out from under the table um look into this gentleman I'm just gonna leave that he has to do with comment ping pong and and the the case there so yeah the pedophile rings that are going on and you know if people don't think that this is real all you got to do too is look into aaron schwartz james dolan And that whole bit of people who were killed for trying to expose their heroes, that were trying to expose the pedophile networks that Aaron found on MIT servers. It's a real thing and it doesn't stop there. This is much bigger. They were hiding it on military computers. This is absolutely so pervasive in Congress. There are good and bad everywhere. You have to question the people in these institutions. Because they're not all bad. They're not all bad in the FBI. They're not all bad in the military. But you need to question things and not just believe that these institutions are for your good. Question the church. And I'm a believer and so is Jason. because that's going to be the first one that God's going to sift out, guaranteed. And the punishment for people that take the Lord's name in vain, I'm extra sure that it's going to be a little unpleasant. So have a great day today, and have a great day today, and we'll be talking. Stand in line, please, Jason. Okay.