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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/21/2023 Gotion Fight and Constitution Party NH

Published Sept. 21, 2023, 9 a.m.

9am Corri Riebow and Kelly Cushway are candidates running to replace the current Green Charter Township members who worked to bring Gotion EV battery plant to Michigan. Local action equals national impact!! 10am Lloyd LeBlanc is the Chair from the New Hampshire Constitution Party and will talk about what is happening in New Hampshire! Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the twenty first day of september twenty twenty three welcome to the show in the broadcast he we got some very special gas sons to day we have quarry where i bow on and kelly cushman you know what this is kind of cool this is what we're talking about local action equals national impech and calling and corey decided to step up and run for their opposite in their township in order to kick out these idiots that have decided to work with the chinese communist party to bring and goshen into the state of michigan now have been talking about this for a while i talked with with an ah the gallop there that has the horse fire youremember lorrie bracebrig her on and this is this a big deal guy so kay and and this is skullcap so we're going to were to continue to beat the thing up a little bit because china is not a geographic location any more it's a global crime send igotit doesn't have borders and it's working with our own government or corrupt government who is he who right now has proven to be the enemy of the because they're all infiltrated all these truces or infiltrates the work on or bring were in to bring on this supinating if you guys know anyone who has honestly just a pest that's not a non politicians such as myself gazettethe same both that they were an where i i was asked on an i like why me i'm like the least likely candidate because i hate all of his wires achieves a thieves the people are in a self enrichment the whole thing it's wrong and in of these people that have committed acts of our ex leading the trees who have violated their oath of office who have committed things against one are we got to remove them we washed i'm going to go head recorin right now the second hour i have mosebacke who he is or the chairman of the newly formed stitution party are in you hamper so that that'll be really really exciting so i'm pretty in the constitution part is really really happy and excited to stepping up to actually do something not to sit talk about it curio is the residentee count on a charter town shop and she's been here for seventeen years i like that number that is in fact my favorite number of all times and she is a life time resident of a constancy wife mother grandmother if when you look at her you're not going to believe it because she'll is too young for that she's an advocate for the voice of the people in animals believes in honesty integrity transparency on apologetically authentic which is really important and in i went to her to start her story from the very beginning she was working as a allowed pope might know her from river round animal hospital work she were for ten years now she owns a jewelry business and she still running that she sat on artistname smith she's also been a girl scout leader i mean talk about all american gal here this is what we're talking about right now and i want to welcome corteswhere you doohoragen i'm so proud of you that you decided to step forward and do something so how so how did this all start and let's let's go and talk about this i think people are becoming familiar with his whole issue of goshen in what really happened up there all started with like what twenty five hundred acres and the dog lessen heard the down to two hundred and fifty acres about two hundred and seventy eight inches for i've heard they were trying to purchase of full square mile of but apparently that didn't work out so his two hundred and seventy acres and most of it is done light industrial o there's some of it that's agricultural or forestry i believe so they do need to stall reson some of that i don't know when i go pulling any puntos here because the people that were set sitting in the seat that he had been fighting to put this in i'm so very sorry they literally ushered the enemy and which is the cat chinese communist party just as is just as agreed to of the problem is gratton whatnwhatn and the world that canonicor and our every single one of these people in my opinion needs to be tried for treason i don't care how high up or or how low they are in government when they start dealing with the enemy of the united states which is buying up our land allowing china to buy out occupy and do business were worth finding this with taper they are traitors to the and they told us from the beginning back in september was about the first time they announced that this was happening and i went to the meeting the board meeting an october and corselet of people had questions and concerns and we were told repeatedly from the supervisor averything fine it's not a chinese back then we didn't even know it was a chinese company it wasn't until early this year twenty twenty three that we started i were digging into his company more in realizing all this is affiliated with china and we were still continued to be told now it is an it's not a chinese company and publicly traded all that kind of stuff and the more we dug into it and there was a fair report that was done back in april and it is listed as a foreign so an one a subsidiary of or subsidiary of china while china owns is e nationalizes all busines so so it is you know any business that's that in china is owned by the chinese communist party it's just the way it is so if the callacallas on we had a little bit of problem this morning where the sound so we decided to change the locations they callyhooting so is really glad that you guys were able to pivot a little bit here and and jump on jump on so so really nice thesis calycosa and is also running for office there soweringe situated in radnor of a youkousou probe this morning but guy you know what it is this is real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table so this is what you get it's athenic it's real and ah that's that's why we're going to keep it because we've had mainstream mebetter one lying to us in the only way we're going to get to the truth is if we have honestetee that are willing to come on and step forward so we're here help each how is let let's talk about how you got started into this and tell your stories right from the beginning his people need to get to know you so that you know we we have to get honest people in office and local actions les national impact and for me i was a trustee for four years and i now kept a close with green county politics and i watching newspaper i keep my ear to the ground i i hear things and my first heard about goshen it was probably last september i figured something was going to happen bigorre that but it was it was an ounce i believe in september and we got activation this here little for that and i heard about it in september or they announced it in the newspaper and like i said i went to the meeting in october where we were told everything spin they don't ple theirs they recycle everything they're just a wonderful company and of course i had just i was never okay with the idea i don't want to live anywhere near a factory which was why we live in the country and am attinere march i had a lot of friends and people neighbors at live in the area contacting these saying what can we do about this we don't want this here and in course the more we learn about it the more uneasy we were all becoming and so i reached out for a friend who i knew had and a part of stand up when costa when colias happening and she said well i'm going to meeting to night with a group of people if you want to join me and i didn't know if i would make it or knock it was like an hour like the gale are to be there and i'm so glad that i did because i had just found this huge group of people that is writing against this and continued to keep fighting it's funny she says that because as they count shortest i took a lot of fool calls and was in communication with you know constituents on a regular basis but when this saying had i received more form calls and work tracks and more emails than i ever had in the past it was a real big surprised me like i could do something about it you know i was no longer on the board and it was difficult for me to you know convey what could be done mister chapman said it was a one dealer was nothing could be done they wanted to know how it happened and why it happened and is i can meeting and find out yet i think i think everybody get inther heads together as is the best way o veteveria him whither voice and get loud and and that sort of thing and then the second thing is to replace people who are playing ball with china we we have to replace the people in office who are who are not carrying out the will of the and the first thing they should have done as i looked at you know had a meeting with the people not to argue but to hear and to and to gather information so he could carry the well to that even the informer in the first magnetawan available to the public was the decision making men all the people from the area of the townships the city the county everybody got together and gave us their blessing hundreder cent unanimous and yet on the cross us don't don't talk about this we've got your best interest and as they were going on on he had a lot of people and if you get on the midwesterner dog ho on ther you tube channel or their website you can see a lot of the past meetings and people want subulones which of course the board keeps an we can't bow on private land sailed that's not what we are wanting or voice heard about we want our voice heard about that we just don't want this here we've been able to vote on other businesses that wanted to come to the area and this or supervisor just absolutely refused to do a survey all the other townships in the area den a survey all of them the majority was against the factory coming in a survey doesn't mean it is he isn't going to happen as gathering data de char what the people want and pete we had people whose werenever residence of our township offered to pay for the survey because that was jim chapman's big thing was that it was going to cost too much money so several people offered to pay for it no not wean so running to listen to people and in the front thing is it's like that in the foe the the what so backwards about like everything is upside down you know it even to get information i've heard of people having a pace sixty thousand dollars to foind formation that is our information that is not theirs and it should be the therethere creating processes to hide it to make things difficult instead of having it publicly available with one click so that so that everybody has accessed and that it's a it's a complete and utter failure of management from time to buy em in our doveren to return the people or have the government in the hands of the so tell me on what else is going on right now and what what happened to lead up to this yet keep keep you the people more information so that they know your story and that how you're going to fix this going forth back to that toyonobu siness he would his talk on about as an elected official i made numerous freequent to get information disputed around that for a minute i was in elected official a member of the board and dated one to share information with i had to foot and sometimes i didn't get what i was looking their very secret of the rules or not applied to them that's another thing that we've been seeing a lot of with their campaigning there their breaking numerous campaign rules they are supervisor has put up all these signs all over the done'have the disclaimer aventicae and he rode on them all with a sharpe upside down like whateveroryesit the honinhonchenda like that i drove my like what is he doing and some one said his probably writing and on that you know paid for by and some one wasn't looked in for enoughwhich of it you broke in for by on his side is just a notion a while he bent over the side i'll try down to you can't write upside down you need didn't want to get down on his hands and knees and write it out so people could see it he is bound over it and rode up side down but another thing that is so important now is that the change ship clerk is distributing sides political signs from the township totally illegal cannot do that likeness is so says like just go ahead and filiation oh good god do after that left you know i really think he the clerks a county clerks that was actually the key in a note germany to to the you doto take germany they did it through the co that's it and and you know what there is that there's a whole bunch of clerks in his who followed the a the direction because it wasn't a law of the board of elections that's a legal and they broke michigan law by destroying evidence and i had i had something in it where i was flat out denied the electronic poll book because of the board of elections told environner they they were they were told to destroy to destroy or to pass it on so i'm going to say they destroyed in their hands they passed to the county went to the state that is a violation of about four in four it may be five laws right there in and there was only a few clerks that had the the gods the fortitude and the honesty to follow the law rather than a communist a sitting in office telling them what to do that's the way our board works right now the gun chapman is the supervisor and he's the one that is in charge of everything which i don't believe that's how a towneship or should work you should all be talking and bouncing ideas off of each other and what he says is in gaspedthis the way it is right now so you and he he will not speak to his constituents he will get on social media and character assassinate everybody on crime all of us be claims that i ran a business into bankruptcy that is not the truth at all so i was liable i've been slandered oh i haven't pursued it but he rose the truth will be not we we all have been he just was on there the other day saying an there's a group on face book that is run by people that don't even live in this township but they are so for goshen everything that they say is the truth nothing we say is the truth no it doesn't matter what we are searched and what proof we found everything that we say is true and so that's where he goes to stolietoff because no one will challenge him there and so he's that the other day that none of us were at the last township meeting when there were four out of five candidates there just because we all didn't speak we were using it as a campaign opportunity like he apparently thinks we should have the shorthorned and they wanted to shoulder face as the hanoverthe sitting right in front of him for rose back for long time i was there early so there was nobody in front of me for like ten or fifteen minutes and he sat right there and looked at me barely doesn't even know who am but he they put up signs the summer old heathen put up signs the summer with the names of everybody that sponsored their recall paper work and they had their names on one side with their years of service and then our names on the other side with zero and a questioners of service to wonderedthat i first show that when i first saw that my thought was all that experience god associent need that kind of expence one joiden how many years he endows that that dinosaur ben and off as neeble and i don't believe he was going to then i believe that we've had reggelations for years and years and years they have hittity to do that with the electorate you know the electronics if we have to go back to hand count paper ballot and if the clerks had the gods to take a stand and say you don't get to tell us how our elections are being run it's not top down it's infect you have the right to run at election anyway you want you in a clerk and kick the machines out that they don't have to they don't have to abide by those rules and in its just kind of too bad ah what's the face book group that's been slandering you only things gothon i heard about my my slander situation word of mouth by two different people ah the i believe it was posted in their betowelled came down from a church and there was a protest going on at the former pair of scarland they claimed that they got me shot down for polluting the environments putting toxins into the river and that is just not true that i ii closed down voluntary polarily due to excessive fees by the decennaries exorbitant fees on all car washes longer maps municipalities that discharge into the ground water and in eight bay carwash was the same as one bahar wash i have a small tube or wash and i was paying the same fees everybody else was niesing largest business expense nothing else came close to the fees that i paid to the the money grab because they had there you know i'm in the i worked in the i won the only female pipe line company owners in the united states we can start we don't own it rights and what people don't know if they don't work in industries are they don't eh they don't understand how things really work is all this stuff is a money grab all of it there's more pollution that comes out of the bottom of cars in a wall mark parking lot then you know and in that the cars in are left sitting and fields and such were leeks and such nobody wants to address that is there's no money involved and in some it is all it's all about where they can go grave my alkalis check the screw out here manguis and see who is actually posted tree how you robinson rule on tristith thee the battery saleweth she's the ruler don'there be ony other side she's sent to those even our township so we don't know why she is where she gets her information if you ask her where she gets enformations for block you there's the beginning to weapons the police force here and the corpse estate in we also ride after we announced we were running on everybody's information was foe at the sheriff's department and i believe the city police as well as and also some employers on with some false complaints made against some of us too so there in you had her ibiscures word from fair state university where i'm a part time and poe that my personal files have been requested i received word from me ecossoises department that my records have been requested i know that i have been voyagers of public safety and perhaps of the places oh sounds like china's live and while here in the united states does it artesano was behind it nobody will admit to it but other is trying to stir things up and intimidate and were osan scare i've got nothing to hide so i'm not worried about it so i don't think any of us do they they had not found anything the one complaint that they did make with so weak that the sheriff stepte showed up and talked to them about it and they explained what was happening and they could see right away that it wasn't true what wantele was accused the routineup mill i was there for a meeting two nights previous and every here single dog bark at need as open everything's well kept the mccocknie iff's deputy was extremely apologetic he stichehare to follow up on this stuff the ashot a complaint from new york from a fictitious person that there was a puppy mill operation he and when i was in that be besides intimidation and you know it's just that's the way they operate he had quite a few calls with people screaming on the other line and it's kind of kind of you not you know who you're talking to you know it's somebody if somebody's doing a political hit job on you you can expect that there probably part of the enemy the probably part of some one that's working for you know a for the deep stayed or something like that so yes she's so so it sore body over here trace as said tooterin announced could be the holy gravelet c vehicles on the japanese automate made her revealed plans to launch a new battery powdered car with the driving reins of nine hundred miles and charging time of only coined minutes yan hi you can to charge all those honey because you know what what does it take it you at this this is the thing that i see people is they miss that you got a burn something to make eccles in oronsay and an in that or education or indoctrination systems have made people's soul so am a dumb down that they don't even realize you don't just full up a switch and have it have it jumpo don't just go to the store and buy milk without coming from cow you don't go by eggs oil come ye from a chicken you've got a look at how you know where it goes and this is a this is not exactly a oh this is not probably exactly well research but it it sure looks like a orig got to do with all those up batteries once say oh you know are used up in spotted from my understanding as there's no way to recycle em what are they going to do with all that the material in those batteries and what do they get to do in the pollution that they come they have in associated with this day of a plan of the plant for mediation of it that was just sort of like the windmills the wines that are upon thing that most people don't read as the mediation of the windmills that they put up so they can put up like two million dollars in mellower in now it cost to put that with windmills to you know and is probably higher than that right now you've got all the soper chemicals in the notes canwhich is worse than then free on and they still can't keep him cool as compositae rial and they've got no plan to take them back out so i believe that the most of that's going to fall on the land owner to remediate their their problems so what is their plan to restore the land and ordeal with any of the pollutants at the have there and what about as if they if they pull at the ground water that this is what i have seen over and over again if they put pulletthe ground water now guess what everybody's got to get on city water which makes you once again to penitotes instead of the thai had that this the land where they are putting the factory is on the mosquito river water shed which is the third largest water shut in a state so any pollution is going to be going out to the moscian river it's going to go out to the great lakes they in all they claimed there is going to be no pollution but they there's nothing we're rural area there is there no factories in this area of the claim will now they're they're putting another goshen and illinois they just announced last week i think it was but they were claiming that the assembly factory cissus going to be a component after were there making the annals and cathos so their claiming that there's a factory the southern us where these are all in a ship these very fatal components a large majority of them will not survived shipping they're going to be trucking all of the materials here so they're going to come in possibly from a port in mosqueand be tracked here on us one thirty one you ollyett a hundred trucks a day i'm sure you've been on the roads in the middle of winter and horsing the pile ups that happens can't imagine rocking in these comically having an accident and what's going to happen to the ground what's going to happen to the water and the area of that happened some last turn that they make of nineteen miles of the exits off of the freeway a passes over a bridge that is younowhere the dells o creek is a tributary of the mosquito river water shut it flows right in two of the mosquito riverstone mile from weather's panisses to be built is a stream that could be effected by a potential environmental is yes it's super concerning this goes back to the whole eve issue so for all the that are not in michigan to see you know you'd better pray o god if you're if you're driving one of these ridiculous eve the vehicles that there's somebody such as myself who can come along in a track or that's poopful diesel truck its cassock and did it to pull you out so i'll because you're not going to get out with electric it there's the it's not you know i don't even know why anybody would think this is a great idea of messianitts not a good idea i then badges the the extreme temperatures we have like if you get in an accident and the winter or sarin the ditch how long is your argantes charged and sat there and keep you warm while you're waiting for somebody to come get you in all the these are all things that o i know that technology changes constantly but we are not anywhere near where we can mandate everybody to have an electric e the grant of can't handle it we are not in a good area for it it doesn't make any and was really interested is let's go back to the chorisochismus i know that's a chorus she write there do we really want and is it a good idea for foreign companies foreign a ford on investment took to buy out or buy up american american land an omination give you and who better information there is that you you can also or is on this case there was a an opinion a while back that changed everything and is called citizens united and citizens united gave corporate undoneyou familiar with it or not but citizens of united gave companies the right the rights or corporations of an individual and it's wrong there's so many things wrong with that that it's not it's night and funny my guess is as that he tactually what they're going to try to do is give corporations voting rights because it does it has rights as an individual and a you know how this slipper slope is that we're always on so we ought to keep an eye out for that too goshen high tack is the parent company of goshen and goshen as he fully home subsidiary of goschendeath by laws and the rules and i am reading is it says there chinese ownership and the ties to the sespe the corporate by laws of cod goshenite require the company to carry out party activities in accordance with the constitution of the communist party of china and a ghost onondata the things that they must do and he will argue those that are foregoing that will ageshave to say that that's just boiler play language that they just have to put in there because it's you know the parent company his chinese will o so the parent company is chinese and this is in their by laws like why do you think in a we just had that loud and california i believe it was that had you know all different it was secret and nobody knows happening and you everybody says will china if they come here they have to follow our laws they won't they don't have to they they do whatever they want so dismal were told by chuck fail and he was president of north ack american operations for goshen at this was not a chinese company on our supervisor said the same thing this is not a chinese company the farmerwho for a fact that it is the biggest concern for us he is the surveillance they want to do on us as the crow fires were about sixty miles from the largest national guard her for her basin the country stoops were trained there this spring do you think doesn't monkaton aston of horses do that part of the reason why i think that one a compote but that's a that's pretty good while i just put it that the lapsed up there for a minute and were in shanghai china ah that's that's a ah that there's there's a lot there's lot here guys we need to take into this because the dissenting to be one thing they've got you know we've got things that are popping up all over the united states he having to do with this clean green anergy which is anything buck clean and green but when you just listen to headlines you know you you're never going to get the truth i mean that's how proposition three pass has everybody thought all that sounds like a good idea and then all of a sudden everybody's like what will i didn't know that they could that they could now late my child without my permission or that have an i'm retermined our prenteris when we have look into these things a little bet researches kate a lot of people have been doing that on our side well i withington web site they used to lest their number of employees on when we first started digging into this and they had so many five u s employees and the only factories that they have will excuse a should not say factories they have research and developing facilities they have not produced a product in the us so everybody in his fourth thus keeps saying will they have a great track record they haven't made anything here except research so we're going to get to be they're getting pigs and recently twitterer they call it now they had a prosethey made it to a hundred employees in the sandlike this isn't even this is not even a big company in the last and where are they getting their money where while we are giving them lots of our tax money but their buying out you know hundreds of acres like i said they just announce that they are building another two billion dollar more they're getting two billion dollars in tax per money and illinois so how many more facilities are they going to end up that sets between two ah a military base is down near erthely they're always near a military so this is that this is definitely looking an awful at liking invasion to me there was a a large show serial manufacturing solito that wanted to under north dakota and that was twenty miles from an air force base and it was chinese they spent seven hundred million dollars on that project and military shot him down he is not that too close and the chinese still on the land but they haven't allowed them to build anything there so that was in grand forks totonohe curious and enters the thing that his half and recently as yesterday goshen announced that they were looking for employees or hiring through the local law michigan works office why in the world of the looking for employees already when they haven't even broke ground its optics they wanted make it look like they're here they're not going away there nothing you can do about it we're hiring people which i goersthe very beginning kainethence president of the north american operations had said if they don't want us here we'll leave will we've set it repeatedly we had a protest and april we had a rally later in april got pretty much no coverage of course by local press a worse we beside over and over and over we don't want this here the people that are speaking the loudest are the people that live in this township we did so the recalls we did a recall on petition over the summer i spent two months going doortodoor gathering signatures with a neighbor of mine and another friend of ours on an erlicor teen teams it wasn't just ossidine this it was a large group of people and we had added four hundred and seventeen i believe sweet this for each ordener and we did a referendum for his owning or that they were trying to put in we got almost six hundred signatures where each board member it was at least well over five fifty and then for the supervisor which we only had twenty days to do it because he appealed so we had to wait don took a big chunk of our time that we could have been gathering coleharbor to piedoso twenty days we had to collect signatures and we got six hundred and thirty the there's only about forty people that don't want this factory here and the recall won't necessarily stop the factory he sat thus in motion by ignoring the people that he works or and people don't want him in the office so as being elected isn't necessarily going to stop this factory but we are not or the type of growth in our area so the old thing is crazy it's too bad i heard that there was somebody else that was going to run and the position that that person was going to run for the person a decided to step down and resign so that the board could appoint some one else once again the board a centralizing all the power rather than letting the people des it happened again last week a second trusty and resigned now there able to appoint two hand picked trusty and that the trusty that they appointed after the first resignation was active in the township already you don't play there's no there's a a there's a rule others lie there that stare decisis is still landing called a sullivan verses new york time and ah i guess i guess here's the suggestion that you might want look into is that it's kind of in a way it's a personal fellow buster that if you thisthis help people have removed boards on the spot and what they'll do as they'll show up in mass and they cannot by law tell you that you only have three minutes you have as much time as you want and you can stand there and talk as long as you want infinitamente officer comes in to to remove you then there subject to to a violation and you could you could launch lost suit against every single one of us that may be something that you you could look into a little but that i bet that i know of so so i selvanus new york time and i've got the case if you need it and so you know that that's that's a great one to come in or if they tell you can't talk they are they have no right to do that because they're working re agreed one per cent they forget that there were on for us really rose said si thomas swore things that you would do differently if you know when you get in office what are you going to do to change or going to be honest and open and transparent we're going to have nothing to night were probably going to make some mistake there's going to be a learning curve for shure we're going to have to get the ground running and just do the very best we can for the people that we work for and i have no doubt that that won't happen there is a big lack of communication the board will not announce their agenda of this last meeting it wasn't posted until just a few hours before the meeting was actually happening that they violated the open meetings act numerous tines so that is definitely something we would change we would be posting the agendas early as possible being a lot more like callistrat and honest communications to me is a huge thing and mean i run a business so you have to communicate about your product and your materials how you make something and all that type of stuffs so this now that this is necessarily going to be exactly the same but their website is not user friendly you can hardly find anything that you're looking for a on it we would be probably overhauling that i'd love to see some sort of a to sepopa or other social media on if that's legal i'm not sure that something we'd look into but just different avenues for speaking to the people of this township so that they get the information that the end when i was a trustee i strongly encouraged our supervisor heaven a change made up place friday previous to the toes be meeting so you've got four or five days over the week end to do some research talk to people become knowledgeable on the subjects that are going to be on the gentoo you can make a informed opinion i never saw in a chain that before monday the day before the main oftentimes it's like corisid the agendas came out late on a toes depe cause they just wanted to keep in the dark they didn't want you to know what was come engroneland unprepared does it it was very frustrating one thing that we have noticed lately too going to the meetings as they know they have their agenda and they'll just kind of breeze through everything will they you know drive emotion to pay the bills will what are the bells nobody knows what the bills are hold it don't never want people to see the bill i saw to build thy knowit's know who's been paid there there's some definite bunny moses as silsbees but we don't we don't know what they're being i mean that is our tax money you know that we have a color group a small group of three preferred banners where all the money goes and it's never by a competitive bid they don't seek for pole those be vander gives them an astamanta they pay the bill that's really wrong or the very heh that's going on all all the cross the state there is there's a there's a bunch of stuff that's going on that way and a lot of the politicians are involved in it you know they you know the it seems to be the standard practice right now i know but you bet i don't think in in the privateer we could we could never get away with the things that they're doing right now you you couldn't get away for in there they should be a higher standard you know the laws are made to constrain the government not to put on us and he there not even paying attention to it so you have a plan between now and so the election is november seven right how how can everybody out there help you to ah get get in plate it getting the word out there were going to be going around and trying to meet in as many people in the area as we can i already did that once you know with the recall petitions organo be gone and speaking to a lot of those people again but there is a face look page keep michigan purehearted all of our files last week and so sharing all of that kind of stuff would be great there is a nothingnot the has a lot of information in their kind of the opponent of the only thing congreve a very short amount of time were going to have websites available eventually but we just have a very short amount of time to try to get all of this down and out there too people some one to be sending mailers as well will be mailers to informational males introduction of the candidates and holy ones and of the different do as to the electronic machines up there that the actual election will not be conducted in green township of facilities has been farmed out by the county clerk to other countships so beginning me all that the th they would not let it happen at green on ship which this kind of interesting so ah you know that's that's good for us we don't we don't the think there'll be any funny business at the green township all because they won't be handling any of the applications for the ballots any of the ballots at all in all goes through other counties well promthe promises the electric machines we've proven that they can flip anything i know they can slip bolts once goes in and constitutional leurs pis tavole in private with his most be counted and public and you might have another recourse to them with his two because it technically they cannot at the violation of the constant to actually use the machines on constitutional because their counting of in private concan and all the machines are for our foreign involvement in our elections so something something that you could probably you know help educate them on because clearly they're not educated or don't want to be on how to actually run an election it's unconstitutional to do it that way so anything else goes on to hark about we've got it yet another about a about ten or ten minutes or so is there anything else that's on your mind that you want to say her neighbor's family friends well i don't know if we should get into this i don't know if you want to hear about it but there's a private for he professor there to hear on getting there's a private for profit company operating out of the basement at the town i don't pay any ramp they don't be any overhead they don't pay any of the customary expenses at a regular company would pay they've been given hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of infrastructure to use for their benefit and it's costing the township residents an awful lot of money the name of the company is i as internet service is incorporated things control and manage the towers nothing comes back to the township now one penny you know the records were requested for the last two and a half years and the lots of money's going out hundred fifty seven thousand five hundred and forty four dollars has gone out on behalf of this company and another ninety seven the hundred thousand dollars has been given to them in the form of are there not honoring their contract and it sir it's just one of the many things that a goin on down there more more people are aware of it now hang out a minute that that's a that there's a piece ones for your right there how did that little jim get started as from going on for eight nine years i thought it the whole time i was on the board and you know they they a made excuses for this company they supported them at every step of the way they sent lots of money their way and i was just one golden thebad i couldn't i couldn't change your decision continuing to happen at the remaining that i mean we're training thinolite town ship for over a hundred thousand dollars to be paid out in the form of checks to a private company ah that's doing a lot of work that is no bad just estimates only you have to question that you know her rein funniest shot down my fire fox rather so funny that does happen on occasion where were things will shut down on me because because i hit a hit a nerve here it's kind o we that that this this is amazing combers a long rowing and a maintenance to the london i jerry got you got the news on this one collie i isaccording to green townships sorriso jim chet a man is a company that to the township to provide high speed wils intent to those in the community were wore could not reach however in the september on meeting green township celli cushwa made a motion to begin to the termination process of a contract with iside during two leged breaches in the contract the motion was seconded and passed unanimous they had no choice cerement that contract hundred on em to it and found out the discompany was required to have liability insurance workmen's camp and on another form of insurance to protect our towers in our grimaante weren't providing any of that they let everything last i went to the local insurance agent to ask some questions and i was pilloried by a person in the police for doing that none of my business never should have got into in the township was at tremendous risk if one of their employes was climbing the tower and fell it's going to come back on the township if a tree cakes that tower down the the entire tower was unprotected it would have been the township's responsibility to replace that they said it was an oversight and get there some months later in in the next meeting they said everything's been taken care of we're going to go to reinstate the contract within enservie is incorporated and they been alone township ever sense okay oesopus power and good conscience can't you continue to deal with the company that left you so lenoble and so unprotected risis how can you go back to them it was just an oversight everything taken fear of don't worry about it and now they want to to believe that you're going to manage an that there can be able to manage the fall out form an eve company even though it's a private company that they've done any researcher or going to do anything for the residence of there so sounds to me like there's a little bit of a disparity in the in the story they are going on in my my crest you're absolutely correct side every other examples of their abject failure that the that they've demonstrated to the area the pious problem is that they just want to be secret of about everything they don't want to share anything with the public a public input is not wanted they tolerated but they don't want to hear it they've made decisions and they don't want anybody telling him different it's just tu it's not the way governments give any develles aboard or me dearly did over sons wore not that i know how about the donohoe or private property that were was involved in the scotian sailor but oleostearine that was sitting on the ninety two acres that was highly desired by goshen and you know it was a conflict of interest for him to vote on a couple of issues because so much money was his state for him he did refuse himself from one important both that i am aware of but some other gods which were also very important ah he go to on those she this land didn't not being purchased at the moment anyways but yet he should not have been voting on anything to do and he did braconidae the bill that set you know we're going to take a hard look at purchasing anything far land when it comes to china they do not want china purchasing any more far much so about the time that this sail was going to go through the the property that the farmer had a trusty on the board as i know was not purchased and will not it's mostly a menimontant that i ornately yes as we hear that's kind of had to realise here going on but not have to look at there he was actually going to pay with absolutely going to benefit financially and you know there's all kinds of rumors about what they were going to be paid for the land i don't think we'll ever know because everybody signed non disclosure greements but i got to feeling that it was a lot of money they spent twenty nine million five hundred thousand dollars by land in this small area for turneven are so you know they were willing to put up a lot of money to purchase property and that was that was to have very golden seventy acres is what they've purchased to in correct on that number and twenty nine million dollars five hundred thousand is what they had botone in how much is the state been giving to orgies or are given to not to rise that go ocean seven hundred and fifteen million dollars is what the state is going to contribute and nurse thirty years of tax of basements in the township alone that total thirty million dollars so there's a lot of money being given to the change communist party to open an operate this factory the senator more it's her money yet i never cry their silent armeria a doesn't know this of this should have solutely be wrong should be prohelea governor on down from it's on while in that though the employment the employment agency the the right the right of demeter here men that herodoti to ask for important yet right place it seems like they're just kind o like you know you can roll right through these weaponized or agencies that shouldn't even exist i mean by law they don't exist but they only do because we can sentosa an him there so that even that is kind of st in my pith well there's ben a huge conflict of interest with a lot of that too because randy the line was the seal of the right place he's chuckling the presidents of of cochinoch america's cousin they didn't know they were related or anything like that but if you look at in our michigan allegience departments there's tons of talons in i guess it's a fairly common name but you would think that they would have had at least some light fall of moment like oh that's my last name that's not like a smither a jones or something like that and i'm so then randy talon was a pointed to the matchiche s the entity that's giving all of this money to everybody i watched several of their meetings be assume and has just discussing how they just hand out all you get five million dollars or you get three million dollars or here's a hundred and seventy five million dollars millions of our money going to all these different corporations but also our we have fair state university here and bigger aphids which as rat next doorto grangardes township and there president doctor pink hugh i believe is also on the medecin the right place i'm not one hundred per cent positive but he is voting to give money to paris em for different reasons and i'm sure as they're going to be working with goschen to train their people as well eh and then they greetingwhereas appointed a vice president anderthank is his last name but so all these people are being appointed to all of these different universities and boards and all of it you know the more you follow the trails or finding connections everywhere said these people that are involved in this and is just crazy agoes all the way to the tops some like it functions like the chinese communities party doesn't it and on even in her way want they sure do and don't you know that they hate or as they have no interest and not any of these people that function and that way they they don't represent as they hate does and it's it's unfortunate but i got to tell you i'm so proud of the two of you for stopping out and a and i am running for a i think it's wonderful and if there is anything i can do to help get the word out there and or help you let me know because this is this really is what needs to happen across the united states we have to have people that are willing to replace in his horror people who are really motivated by self interest for hiding things who are acting like little kings and queens sitting in the seat that have complete told contempt for the constitution as well as as american given last words to say here well we're going to need lots of help o wie sah for you know the november seventh election ah wise get hold of a saskatoons get active and in the fight and becoming for dear fanareyo can put out there or or email addresses shiro if if you if they go to keep michigan pure and message that page that he can get to us em so we would love to anybody that wants to speak with us and ask questions we would love to speak with you eh so you know like i said we'll be going around said people in the area and just letting them know that we are running you know welcome any questions that they have cause we rest we want an honest and transparent board and the why we're doing this i've always thought very hard for what i believe and what i think is right and i thought even harder against this that's one thing that i'd like people i will quit i will fight it that's arsenite i will listen to your concerns and i will do the best i can to as worded or will be working for the residence of were elected were not were not doing this for ourselves i never wanted to be in government um i had people non stopped telling me you should run for supervisor or whatever onlike i don't want to i don't want to be on the board i'm just i'm trying to stop otokodate doing all this work for the recall petitions and we needed people to fill these positions cowell i guess i'm going to have to if i don't want all of my work that i did this summer wasted em in also not have anybody running against these people would just be a total waste of our time so his thin inhorrescere honesty and integrity those above minethank that some ed up pretty well chestfrom asimino or little tag line thing that's bin out all of our sins all long all of our now gothinians and know our campaign signs and it's funny because the people that are against us i took a screen shot of our campaign signed and the whited out on the screen shot the shoes freed on part and the fore the people part just see could see our names with lily why would you why would you do that that's just that's another like reneregina theme from the startedport nice lying to the west till you know the the entities that are rings we we want to be to one to confuse to assure we we want to bring back the voice of the people to the township and actually now before all this happened you could go in and ask during the meetings you could ask questions and they would answer you will know they don't speak to you at all during the public common occasionally they'll answer something but for the most part you're speaking and they just sat there and stare at you or they play on their fall on or one again if you go to the westerner and look at some of the previous meeting you'll see the type of conduct that they do during the meeting so we want to change all that so not only are we choosing freedom our coinhere truly transparency were choosing honesty and wore truth bringing back the voice of the the do you have a deveniens coming up or people can go and meet eligante coffee shop or for breakfast somewhere that people can stop in say hi where work and on that so again keep michigan perers kind of or avenue for a news outlets and things like that right now so i'm sure it would be an outstone um once we are able to get all those things lined up and again it this is all happening in a short amount of time we all are regular people with busy lives and families and other jobs and things like that other responsibilities so so try to campaign and do you know all of our regular stuff too were were working hard grandage stuffed one ladled you guys are doing great thank you so much for coming on and and everybody that's out there past their information on healththese guys thou because you although the system is going to work against him if the from the outside they they will have a very hard time getting their message out there and at itit it's it's great if you're in the sister of your establishment you got all kinds of bodies that are deep state that are willing the throughout that are protector little money sis but people who are from the outside are going to be attacked clearly they have been you know investigated things that work in the whole ten yards so so help him on cries and a hopefully we'll get more grand people and think you so much a coming i you could come on brandenburg news network you know any time you want would love to have you on a regular basis and i think there's more stuff like this like this ah you know i assistance out people need to know the truth and so i mean if we can ring it than truth out there people to get good people in office you know signed me out for that because i think that's the way it needs to go so you guys have wonderful day and i'm pretty sure that you're going to have god's favor and and that you guys are going to be see and i you know hopefully when you get in the seats there you can in fact stop this arrest to the way and eh and you know make sure that the will of the people is in fact her we may return think you so soon and with that sad okay so let's go on to the second a hour of brandenburg news network is on the jackashore breaking will be right for hawanein his welcome to brandon bird news that work is a second hour the ten o'clock hour of the twenty first of september twenty twenty three and i want to bring on my next gas this is loyal both and he is from new hampshire while it's part of the constitution party on constitution party week we're we're talking about the issues that are important to americans who are our political landscape is devolved as you can see the previous hour i devolved into an absolute that the uni party system is not carried out what we the people want to have done so i like to every tallington stitution party and specifically specifically a vara because i think that that this is going to be a very exciting time for this neat for this nation morning loyd how are you i am well thank you good morning to you yeah well i'm excited they have you on to day and i i i think it's it's a wonderful opportunity and were watching the expansion of the constitution party because i think people are really sick of seeing what's going on in the republican party the democrat party and honestly understanding that it is two wings of the same bird as the uni party and a dozen represent we the people so let's talk about what's going on in new hampshire well i'm in the hampshire we have the recall shewethe goatherd canada discourage with the republican party and as on we thought affiliation with the and last april we are an officially recognized state party in he his five of us officers and rear starting to build members oh we've done things like em to get the word out right now a church and state something he then with us even a few of our own nations and which starting so other things with john borosity as well we been doing things and getting our name out there and foxes we definitely need an alternative to politics where promisedthe word out for now that his another i did i did i concolor come out to new hampshire in state or how did they do that yeah we had caleb coming out come out on ere morning see the afternoon with them there had an evening one where he rogavis presentation then he stayed over saturday night and on sunday i brought him to the state he had a canoe bit of meeting greed out on the capital long in a rather was great that's that's really that's great that's so exciting that you guys are or moving forward to that sort of thing and and its fantastic so let's talk about what else he gies are doing and the the party platform the constitution going on and on we have on that we do as i focusing on a couple of things one of them is education we have a committee and were concentrating on home schooling scoring for those that time otero do home school we also have some coming up in the pit where we're going to get a little lot of other these onethe liberty organizations that of prose he thought of one so we have a son if there spring and no her during to hampshire where a lot roscoe organsall beginning to gather post in st to have something on instead of his going to the typical government school we do not on a couple of her things too in the works now with talking about a liberty was on liberty grows in the hampshire connections with a lot of those osteosarcoma people together or going to be doing that liberty sommernacht years well stone work on the some things that were doing some types as we're working some county development retoc unties that wotan in to grow membership in the two counties merrimack and checharon that we have most represented as well so good local access or no pet the work on that on another thing that will work in on its balance i right now we're not convinced i had in ballads the lot were like the new guest prietos were all working folk families raising and were doing this asia volunteer von part time jobs and effete yes a lot of work how many how many signatures do you have to have to get ballad acts well my congressional district and no that we're up against right now how many congressional districts do you have the two congressional districts that we have the sole that that's awesome and very cool so what else is going on in your hampshire that you want to talk to people about that the constitution party in the hampshire is addressing besides education and the plan more on the plant with there's twelve there's twelve key points of the constitution party platform that typically people talk about or that its concern for for all of us so so where what are you what are your thoughts on the well what you said there is and we support all of them or size of sizes of or dolicho might now in on the thing that i met redolently have a lot to have a lot of a passion toward dumb of life in polite donehave i got up berattling noon one of things at focussing on we realize that how we realise or onderstand i fully understand and as we lined up here with the constution biting which that doing educating ourselves as the this connect his war were having trouble finding destin or liberty groups prior to this and defied up in oneone trinkle realised i then go latifolia then you help against the wall for a period of time trying to make change or effect change and being one resting on in one of the things that we really a trying to put an concerned lepers coeducated on how constitutional on and how our clearly does not he enlisted in even erythrosine doing things like that and we feel to jump into some others of her gindependence so we agreed what are we to on the same things over and over again the and to know the the movement keeps gaining momentum keep losing in one of our state hapantas on pickup the little slow one saying no when the problems here in meis you don't know the one and then he talked about elected representatives is theydon't known but on the following all the accountable if we don't all know in pedicating in small groups for five and one programs that are out there somebody john bird somebody hilda about consented and in what we can do no people solutions to how to get involved the reported partiesmen full of getting we in and the gratings they all agree nothing real which i offered to sites if we can do a good job in educating people the as to i i will get the constitution party oconostota on and that argonantikn do the same i educated as to how governments they get involved in some state levels every state could do that in whole the where we would have formed that local represented to do the federal governt as down something he overreached in the the then they know manufact article six of ours you has cost give all the states to nullify the government not one that practice has been exercised a little bit over the a lot of states now to relate give me the those behaved by that i will go in by that and the thecosomata more states they really don't have any power the fire goes to have any power until we are the state without an educated the elector staking and take that's going to be our so exspired up the offensore sources running in disappearing running and local things that's really awesome he goes are really active and inspiring amount of work you've done in a short period of time i know i am that you were now in april and saint louis are you coming to the to the saint louis sevenand october oh no we are not with the last of it said a lot of evipan and comino the next april one not able to make a this time around well i wish i was great seen you guys there and had you know that's the excitement was real so soon lot of how how did you gone about teaching the constitution you have a curriculum or are you what what are you what's your process on the ones that do wenedocus county of john birch sits program one was were going to use there are others out there we've with the academies biblical class though some of the things that were getting in the work until then on small snippets like through the church and state program we offered things like that and were also not doing a vide once we a little cliffs on the shool consolidated that names were working on a name for he and then may be get out she defn events and about one about what you know about constitution gonovese darted open our way is that way maybe some of those things we did that at that we weren't remarked in the independent day parade in a moral de parades in the hampshire to different ones she starting to talk to for tobosos type of things so it first and then leading up tree that that's re that's really that's really fun i love it so the groups to reaching out to to your reaching a deliberate groups and your reaching out to edication groups in that sort of thing artheries ways that people out there can help you and now hapse well i'm a lot of us that are formed is part the experience in the political so on one of the things that the you're getting bold acted josceline a dawning cast which is to be hopeful that ore may be pointed with their with their liberty party connections because it is a big libertinity now were in the hampshire maybe think they're lost side as gathered done lots where it in connected down to find out a anagles sinding has but we also may be from other neighboring it task of gating ossie getting the right pa for coroner states little something that one we kind galeotto the future then yet then it is a big task and i can't i tell you one of things i found on getting signatures too cause we were out there we we did pay for some of em but we also collected on we would be out in front of the lake on the street out in front of see sporting events or it's a rule i know other values that you own people are usually glad to glad to help if they then you know now who you are so you can get a whole lot of signatures real quick that way five hundred and a night is not uncommon oh no so is his to see now for that that might be really helpful oh is there are there any issues other issues that are not constitution party issues and hampshire the people should become aware of you know i've been till a year ago that some of these he even woke agendas willie and somewhere else not in her sing drachensted i'm sort of nora time of heron the idea that that's a thing never mind on we go to try posito schools were coming a thing now where on young children being shielded from their parents of the generisindeed not can think in systems are hiding these from the and so that that is an issue that seriously and on all my life these to think that happened some one else's no hint he is coming to every little small town the costhave somewhere out in right next door and writing front of my face during whatever her webs a word sais wo i have a lapse yeah w w w and torodnes the corean up for every one he's a coming up serried that again o w w the of she gave it to come up in her men they got now tell let me die veddas p dot and an age dacco yeah in espionage oh my goodness he does i can't i cannot here we did get it he yehoodit he has remained new hampshire there you go he that's a really nice lookin wopsie i get pop up to join the main of an aministrer thing hey this is cool guy checked the soul jackson and magan schmit put a lot of work in who you is doing great that's the taste go and look about it about us the goshoot do you have a oh if you're looking for a romantic as there it is every girl that first picture it there was a sad our very first meaning in which we adopted our by laws and there goes wid oh yes and the matter picked without the one oh in noting oh yeah there's itnow what actually i think i took the pitcher cause there's my glasses in the one in the corner as he there is christian and an admonition and dona leclair now thought that was really fond to be guys there you gasifying eat this is fantastic wonderful what we'll have to get in their explorer at a little bit o but i take it look ere you're a home scorious se good good to luxor all this here red befortune with his hampshire pole one of the in more sport as for home schooling in the everybody can do it did you home school you know no i did not matter at most of my life kind of oblivious to the political one the last couple a rude awakening on my kind go in landed whatever everybody else did and not the lot longer than most where the helping to i can in yet it were some people about with the st understand then the urgency where things are going because i was there for a lot of years and at all i think i think i know a people that they have good hearts can't even believe that there are people out there that are now the marks as some one called marks that really are not americans they do not the anus and they want to see this nation destroyed so that they can have a power and money there is there so much threat and coercion out there there's there's things that we never believe years and years ago i mean i mean that we never believed were actually possible or that we're going on and it's a hard thing to actually have to look at these institutions or groups or structures that we believed in were were good come to terms and how how could anybody to think that way you know and i think that's where a lot of the people in america you know have really woke outside of this sleep and decided to move forward because we we couldn't even imagine we couldn't even imagine what we were walking in the absolutely i pursued did not and in a lot of my wife and i did are kids are we have adult children with children of their own and concerned about nothing he be concerned about every raised these table you are an go ran or sheweth done loebener job or well well i think we're kind of an all all on the same roetteken t'have any devany last ah last words on an i'd like everybody to know how to get in contact with you have a pole number or do you have a so that people can call from all over the state and we've got the party o p and he do calm constitution part of new homes and a the national website is that you know the constitution party that come so that that's a we've all love bring that of amentet because we have a we haven't i'm going to show the that here in case anybody wants to come on our ear meet everybody than a party this is really cool we have an opportunity because general michael fane's given the keen out ogress on october twenty one and i think it's going to be a lot of fun we had a wonderful time last year the caliber of speak is just amazing devour the constitution part any this isn't like a small of that it's a really good that it's not politician actually issues and people who know the she and on friday we have a we have a fairly dean and there's joe millers on miller is cut quite a story and i think that that that's he's worth listing susan annibal is talking at home schooling john ferguson former us marine to constance scouts swimmer and he is the see of saxon on man which is he's working on the border you got linderith whose working with michelangelo has the hand countyyou know has a hand conington john for barker she's talking about the scenes we've got marshals martial wilson talking out nationals in franois capability or worth and i'll be talking of getting the money out of politics which i think is superpotent right now so if anybody wants to its constitution party domingo to meet me and saint louis again there's a tan therefore that we would like to courage or body out there to rethink you know you may be maybe we have more options than what we previously thought of and that there are ways to get involved first things first to go to get educated and that if you can get in a group of patriots who really are working to take the states back local local government pack to get involved in actually returned the government to the people we do have recourse laws on our side we disconto be able to absolutely and i back to the the meeting thing we were there last and inserted bring excitement of the to the meeting but we laughed in current then when we got there we got to meet the monteremo caleb color there the speaker and we are able to get him to earthians to come back we got to see and listen to an actually personal speak with the doctor robert alone we laughed with a lot of contacts we left with the otocoris ment on and reviews with called on toscane on paul venerable a few times he called on us really help not only to hear some one speak we made relations that what we're doing here in the hair we very regrettable concord one ameere going to go anyways anybody can go now we met folks down there that affiliated to any party any any ante you got a gentleman in south carolina where they not be represented antenor what the oh was he got so excited he's going back and using gentianworts on the respresented he was on edestone a lone ranger all by himself he just showed up and thrilled have been there he respected him on occasions speakers the networking connection a fact we met you there that's why we're the yet this very exciting and vital about a nice group of e just and it was really it's really statesman in the constitution party it's not political it's really you know i don't ever hear anybody bickering about anything it's all well what are you doing what are we doing can work on things together it's collaboration it's it's been with people who will love this nation and are willing to stand up and in actually work and do something so if you want to know some if you want to know what you can do get involved in the constitution parties a wonderful wonderful place to be its lot in it's a lot of fun i think it is yeah we that we had a great time you had one up with most in consorting they want his lines up really well it's god in country one we got the other what we're doing here in our country not yet there you go well i i'm goin to i wont go head and end it with the prayer always sound up with the prayer and then oh then oh if you have any last words after that said make sure people know how to find you that don't know there's any of this phone numbers or anything like that then will grow there okay dear happy father think so very very much for blessing us i ask your blessings and the beautiful people that are running for office up to fight the gochanant coming into michigan and the invasion of the a the chinese communist party to this nation we are so thankful that you are given us recourse in people to stand with who actually believe in one nation under god i thankful for lord and all the people that are standing with him up in new hampshire and ask that you would give them your favour that you would guide indirect them that they would be a powerful voice and for america in more importantly for you because we wanted to your will here or about your business and we thank you that you are that you're concerned that you've never left us that you will never leave or abandon us but that your actual leading us out of captivity for a very very corrupt and evil system thank you so much and we we are our thankful just even for this day and for the people round us for our animals are a family of the the son that can shine if we can be outside in it and all these wonderful things that you made for us to enjoy we ask that you would help us to see needs around us for our in our neighbors and our family and if somebody is feeling depressed and lonely i asked that you would send them your spirit to give them the peace of passes understanding that you would lift them up and that he would also bring people to them to help them in whatever situation that there and you've been a wonderful friend thousand we want to be a friend to you and live our lives in service and honour to you your or creation and to our fellow man and thank you so much for everything and the precious name of our versatory i enter that dear last words and then we're going to go ahead and get on with our days all right well in denman's loyd put up there my phones on as on the west the seven one zero we have several miles you can reach us that in chair for cavancha at he oftenest so go to one the need and making oscitare monsters out so those are available we have a oporto new hampshire just like the title on the west and he also have presence on most of the other mediator though hainline of in any them the big one abuses twitter act whatever is to day hochelega the others gab and so on i could find us on a lot of those here here in the hampshire shining when restore the of liberty that came before a started and of what were doing and we we could love to talk to any guys out he then ideas are it is reproaches one a little bit more about us that wonderful very good so ere the end of the show i was sendeth heart hands thank you so much of reinhard and god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america make it a great day it starts here metal toughness and get out there and getting the fight as it has so we have to have action behind our intense so go tic whatever we put out there and he can multiply it we don't you know we heat the revolution the american revolution was won by what three per cent and we've got a lot more people than that all there that are fighting the communists that have been trying to take the marks as of entrained that have invaded our nation and try and take it away all we got to do is just get together stand together the laws on our side we have we have wonderful opportunities in front of us and be encouraged to because we have a wonderful future ahead of us they can't kill the american spirit we are proudly standing together for this nation and want to know that we want you to come and join us so have a great day and i will see it to morrow things light you will come by