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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/28/2023 Julie Briggs, Russ Hatch and Gotion lawsuit panel

Published Sept. 28, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

9am Julie Briggs will be talking about what she saw as a coroner, very concerning evidence of corruption. "I was born and raised in Michigan, graduated from Port Huron Central High School and got married and moved to Arizona in my early 20’s. I have a daughter with my first husband and 4 stepsons. I was divorced after 25 years of marriage. I decided to go to school and become a mortician. I was the fund-raising officer for Sigma Phi Sigma, inducted into the Mu Sigma Alpha honor society in the top 3% of my graduating class and in the top 5% of those passing the national board examination. Married to my best friend and fellow mortician in 2002 moved to Montana and purchased and operated Brundage Funeral Home for 19 years, was a deputy county coroner under my late husband until his death in late 2017. Was appointed and then elected as County Coroner with more votes than anyone on the ballot in 2018. President of the Montana Funeral Directors Association 2010 – 2011. Along with operating the funeral home I was the office manager for Trina Health of Montana from 2016-2017. Trina was a diabetic clinic that was open by my late husband who was a type 1 diabetic it helped diabetics in the area to live healthier lives. It was closed due to a DOJ investigation. I resigned as county coroner February 18, 2022. But it was also becoming increasing difficult to see what was happening to family and friends after receiving the covid shots and not have any control. So, I decided to sell my mortuary and move back to where family and friends were as I couldn’t bear to see what was happening. I loved my work when it was necessary but what I was seeing was a planned attack on people that I knew and loved." 10am Utah Constitution Party Russ Hatch - update 10:45am Gotion lawsuit update - Jason Kruse, Robby Dube, and Ambassador Pete Hoekstra will be updating us on the lawsuit filed in the Gotion situation. Jason Kruse is an Associate Professor in the Automotive Department located in the College of Technology at Ferris State University. He is the Co-Founder of 19 Mile Veterinary Hospital and holds a chair on the Mecosta Environmental Security Alliance board. (MESA) Robert “Robby” Dube grew up working in his family’s small business and ranch, so he understands the needs of businesses and works tirelessly to advocate for them in a cost-effective manner. He is a zealous litigator, having briefed, argued, and won various motions before both state and federal courts, and engaged in every stage of the litigation process, including taking and defending depositions and arguing and winning summary judgment motions. Robby is also an experienced maritime and admiralty litigator, arguing in federal courts around the country. From multimillion dollar barge sales in Hawai’i to tort claims on local Minnesota lakes, Robby has aggressively pursued his clients’ interests. Whether working for vessel owners or their insurer, Robby has the experience needed to achieve a successful outcome. Robby is also deeply familiar with pursuing claims against all levels of government, including bid protests, municipal litigation, challenging terminations for cause, drafting requests for equitable adjustments, and producing government contract compliance guides for businesses. He has recently engaged in significant Administrative Procedures Act challenges against the federal government’s regulations under the ESA and MMPA at the district and Circuit level. Robby graduated magna cum laude from the University of Minnesota Law School, where he served as Law Council President and as Executive Editor of the Minnesota Journal of International Law. He also served as the Head Writer for the law school musical T.O.R.T. (Theatre of the Relatively Talentless) and led the Orientation Program as a Program Director. After graduating, Robby clerked for Hawai’i Supreme Court Associate Justice Richard Pollack. Ambassador Pete Hoekstra brings a unique blend of skills and experience to the executive suite, Ambassador, Congressman, and Fortune 500 executive. Pete’s areas of expertise include national security, international relations, cyber security, marketing and business development. Born in the Netherlands, Pete continues to live the American dream. Throughout his career in business, politics, and diplomacy Ambassador Hoekstra has developed and demonstrated leadership skills and a strong ability to get things done. Currently Pete Chairs the Advisory Board for the Center for Security Policy, works with a range of profit and not for profit organizations, and writes and speaks on national security issues. Ambassador Hoekstra represented the United States as Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. During his tenure, The Hague hosted the Department of State Global Entrepreneurial Summit in June of 2019, which was attended by over 2000 entrepreneurs, investors, and other business leaders. The Dutch Parliament created the American Friendship Group at his urging. He continues to aggressively and effectively promote United States foreign policy goals and objectives. Pete served in the United States Congress for 18 years, representing Michigan’s 2nd Congressional District from 1993 to 2011. He served as Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence from 2004 until January 2007. He was a member of the Gang of Eight from 2004 until 2011 receiving the most highly classified information available in the U.S. government. Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and its the twenty eighth day of september twenty twenty three welcome to a broadcast to day we've got a big broadcasted we have of a three of a group of people that will be on to day first one is judy julie briggs and that we're getting their connected right now there's always some interesting things that happen when you're live and you're realisable by reveill advocates and taltis don't always go the way that you wanted to go but that's a kay we work through them so she's going to be on a minute and then at ten o'clock we have a gentleman she from the utah constitution party coming on he's going to give us an optic and after that we saddled his conall give longer or showed to day i scotched a panel from the goshen lawsuit to give us an update and we've got jason crews robbie doo and ambassador so kind of into excited to talk about ten a talked to them because quite honestly this is this is really it's really amazing the amount of heat that keep coming back and just keep fighting and fight and find another way to land upon the different ways in this ere that we live in of absolute insanity with a with a train to fight all this communist nonsense it's going on oh i'm going to give a man give you some background on julie so juliet jelling i talked the other day july was a coroner and she she ended a quitting a hardly i think because of what she was seen happening with the job and the the fibrous class in vain in her testimony is really really amazing i can't wait to get her on here oh she should be connecting in just a few men oh julie will be talking about what she saw as a core corner very concerning evidence of corruption and it wasn't just the evidence of what was what was happening with the shots we with the same thing oh richard hershon's can be on smarting about the same thing and balers are talking about this all over the united states in the fact that these fibrous structures in the veins started happening and he didn't see it happening on till twenty twenty one seems a little coincidental that this happened and about the same time that they were doing all the the the alleged vaccinations ye now i feel about that i don't believe it for a minute i think i think that this is something that we need to question and there's so many people have died because of this that we're going to have to go through this into she was born and raised and michigan and graduated from port huron central high school got married and moved to arizon in her twenties to he had a daughter with her first husband and has four steps sons divorced after twenty five years of marriage in decided to go to school and become a mortise she was in a fundraising officer for signifies sigma inducted into musignano alfonso citing the top three per cent of a graduating class and in the top five per cent of those passing the national board examination married your best friend and fellow more titanite thousand two moved to montana and purchases in operated bondage food from for nineteen years was a deputy county coroner under her late husband what we we got her task that great undertake husband and tell his death and late a twenty seventeen ones sosorry here that was appointed an elected as county coroner with more votes than any one on the ballot to twenty eighteen president of the montana funeral directors association in twenty went twenty ten through twenty eleven along with operating the funeral home was the office manager for naethin from two thousand sixteen to two thousand seventeen ah let's see trina was a diabetic clinic that was opened by her late husband who was a type won diabetic and it helped died by in the air to live increasingly difficult oh to letto live healthier life it was closed due to the dog investigation she resigned his county coroner foreign twenty twenty two but it was also becoming increasingly difficult to see what was happening to family friends after receiving the cuissots and not having in the control so she decided to sell the mortar and moved back to her family friends were as she couldn't bear to see it was half in love her work when it was necessary but what oh what she was seeing was a plan attack on people that she knew and loved and i want to welcome welcome julie here sentiste i think we're still having so little bit of a trouble with occisit with video but that's a key will it will get out of bolton i'll be able to have put put up a few ah pitchers and article of the th you've shared so how you doing this morning july i'm doin great other than i can't give him oh you there you just we just can't see your oathe video em and sometimes that happens a inot really sure why but sometimes i desave helenathat's that's just fine let's talk about what what oh what you went through what you were seen and let you know a wedwesone talking to the day and sometimes i wish i could just record the conversations that i have with people owtside of the studio because it was wonderful and in it i'd really like you to tell people your experience as typically thinks that the people that stay with brandenburg news network typically are a little bit better educated than the the the the population at large cause they really care and want to get to the if if they didn't want that they proved wet hang with us so please tell your story and i i love for you to give as much details you could because the story is absolutely fascinating on what you sold well an i are moved to do on wincanton and to and searchest the funeral hall and a when my husband passed away i was made county court and when the pandemic had i have started getting a little bit in her vice because when you're in morterasch ol they always tell you that staff will be out there is ever a pandemic and so i thought o ka hale o my step as me so what are we in otoo and then i sertesen all these pictures from china and people die and in the streets oh it was in a quite concerning and so originally i was buying in henry thing and ah they started heaving these healtford meetings and oh they had a hole inch people and there and i was one of them and then all the sudden they pared it now and i was not invited to be ah the discussions with the helpful and oh i was so angry search i was going in research on em different things like masks because they were wanting people to wear masks and oh the in the college and the high school were pretty masks on sheds out on the football field when i thought oh my gosh what because i remember back in if i don't know it was quite a few years ago but they had kids the were dying on the football field case wouldn't allow them to go get a drink of water and saw a fight has anybody studied cutting a mask and a hidden having a run round the football field and in alcoranal ted's passing other dying and so i went to the health or edington i challenged them in maati challenged the man numerous things and and then a fine way the wind the shots came out i had been doing research on all that in that mr anteayer there there's hardly any research on many and so we what there is ah there's a a study that was stung on on a hominy erico but all the ferrets die and why are they giving these shots to people when one of the research supports and so i find i can not contessa they were putting a big push on for all the moriscos to be all vaccinated because we were supposedly first responders and i thought no why would it why would anybody want to do this and so i find a i started talking out against it because i started having corners situations where um people would call he first of what happened after they started giving the shots in the nursing he he was we had people that were dying and they had what you call covetous the and hands and that's where their hands and their feet are a dark purple i really have i not heard of that and that that was a thing that was something that guys were seen yes i was i was saying people with dark purple and and on the rehoboth and hospice people were commenting on it as well that he was this one of those things that at a lot of people were seen as cause i have not heard of covenants or oh well i don't know but i was sent well and i think it's some poor circulation and so on a sigh saw that and then we had a few people that were they were fine walnut fine but they were having chest pains or something in ah they would call the ambulance then they walked over thither ah the door left the ambulance in now and lay down on the gerenian i oh we had for that and am can sir that was just like i had a charman that was diagnosed with bladder cancer and when he died with him a month and it's my understand in or going for quite some time he had locked into the van and he ah told his wife i'm going to be the healthiest am eighty year old that that they say to day and he walked out with a stage for or diagnosis of bladder cants or indict within a month and then i had a channel man that he had had a heart attack and two thousand and fifteen and he it was he decided that he was going to quit his job because the strop con was very strs and so he quit and he moved they looked out in the country and on he stopped drinking and got healthy and was hiking in doing all this suh and he went for his tea appointment and they gave him the cowichan he had his heart work up that during that check out and he got all of his paper work back and said that he was totally in he was still in great they rode on the peeper where while he went out to dinner with his family and he came came home and his he sat on the edge of the bed his wife and bade her get ready to go to bed and he said you know hannonet belong very good i think i'll go act for it he went on looking her she came off the next morning and he was lying there and and so i thought in all this but he was and as miss season sosowell a man to take on for an ode to a slithering for an on to see up to the medical examiner because the coroner a coroner's job is to determine cause and manner of the persons set and the county coroner is the top lawn horse snip of bishop in the county and so you utilize different avenues on i don't i am not an end so i wis the francic pathologist to do the the food studies so i take him up to the medical examiners in the medical examiner told me arthrostraca no basket and i thought to myself o ke ah that's what a county coroner puts on the dust person let's say in which in a you're on here three hours from the medical so you would the person were elderly and there wasn't no one had broken into their residence and everything looked fine they were in their bed and they on had died you would probably do toxicology to make sure that there was a in poisoning or nothing like that but once you determined that everything was natural then you would put on the desert icate after corotic cardiovascular and so if you want it something worse specific you would take them to the medical examiners where a study so i took the sky up to the medical examiners because he had had the shot three weeks prior and this was right one the shots were just had just come out and oh the medical examiner told me then and i said well could it have been the back saying and he said ah well there's no where wait to tell and i say what he may there's no way to and he said julie there's no way to i said well we're giving the shots to people and there is no way that we can tell if they died from them and he so well may be if he had anaphylaxis at iowa and as is generally happens right away he said oh no i'll check him for him if they came back and he said of no he didn't have anaphylaxis and ice he said on lists you see riginal diagnosis and sol i put it there what he wanted me to put on there even though it was ultimately is the coroner's judgment and i thought a key he's a medical person so i'm going to they had in there but i also put on there oh resent maderacin ion and the day and on i just in when when everything first started in march of two thousand and twenty i was on a national corner call and they told all the corners in the united states that if they didn't know what it was rather than putting out throw chlorotic cardio vascular dose put on their probable con and so that's how the numbers got so high as that you are as i reckon to do that by the side the soner for disease told us to do and so i had talked to fellow corners on the state i went to a corner convention and i told them i said you know is any because most of the coroners and montana are share of corn and there are some lay corners a like i was a lay corner but i also with partition i had the ability to see bull's hide and i could see a corner that the share of corner would the thing that was suspicious or if some one is going to be in my hand you have to he ah a cremation authorized by the county so am i ah this these other people seeing that they weren't seeing what was going on they were just authorizing crenations oh if it was a lie a corner that wasn't a sheriff they were scared and so they asked the shirarti there was anything suspicious and they wouldn't even go to the scene they would on put on their probable coppet until then to call the one soary and so it was just i it was bizarre what was happening and so when i went to the corner convention on we have all these meetings and i stood up and i said to them are you people being what happening here i said on arch chip realizing that your authorizing a whole lot more creations and an it's just oh the people are our dying of really weird bazaar things and they all looked at me like i was promoter space and i i just i witness i tried this very overwhelming everything that was and so c to the they were really they were really a probably probably shaken in their boots a little bit because you know their hommony professions that people get in and they just don't want they don't want to rock the bow and so they go along with the narrative and here you are you know a great big rock in the road for everybody in the room and i mean kiusausten the right questions out there i i was in nobody the gentlemen on the half board because i was doing all the rest i sent a letter to the help ord and because i was excluded and i was told that i was in charge of death and they were in charge of making sure that everybody had hands sam ate it's like the they have fifty people in charge of hans sanatis er and imon charge of death and mississippis to be a pandemic and and i mean i'm exaggerating about the fifty people oh you know one person so i had the shop and i cleared out my shop and i went down to her to the hardware store and i count on shabracks and i got up when plywood and i was making myself a more because everything that i knew that i had been taught and everything that i saw auntie i was going to have fifty people dead lying in my and my facility and i didn't know what to do and so i i didn't i didn't even have to use it i because oh i have that many people dying when on during the whole coveting it was it was a little bit he year than normal but we didn't have any death from pneumonia during covet before the shot we didn't have anything ammoniosone usually have no monads that odin yea and so i think and be veretoni there were six people the tide of and so then they started and give him the shot how i was i'm target to have it probably third more des then i normally had any and i was going to the county commissioner and i was telling them i i know i need some help here i made i need to put together some kind of a board so we can gather information so we can find out what's going on whether a person i sent an i sent notice out i put a notice in the newspaper there every death was now considered a corner situation because oh it is my tanaco that if there is a pot a outbreak of some kind that it is a corner situate so i went to the hospital and i gave them all a form that i wanted them to fill out because i wanted to gather and formation it was my responsibility of the county coroner to find out what was going on i got called from the from the department of idle records and they said what are you doing why are you gave during this information and i said well i don't know who is supposed to be gathering information but it doesn't appear to me that anybody's gathering information i had sent on a couple of the dust that i was concerned about interferers and i never got called from theirs ah in fact i think one of em i tried to look up and i never was able to find it again after i had submited while that differissero knows that the vaccine adverse reaction sight and so on shorely i think what they do is you submit your it is think some one has a vaccine are you so submit it to bears a people can submit their own vaccine ensures they call you and they confirm the riall the information on here but i never received any call and so on i know i'm all over the place but there's so much oh you know what we have time and a few kingii we can't finish it to day you don't want we can do this again next week because what you have to say is rallington so so it's it's fine me now just just a you know this is kayasth's come back added again in may next week i can get any one to work who knows we oh the gentleman that the that tide that i put the coped a vaccination on the desk i received a call from the medical examiners office and they told me that oh it was in my best interest if i removed the cogitatation from the desert and i guess that's the reason i got on this the thing about the city see telingas about the putting cove on the duster because it was my understanding that that's how they were gathering information is putting the covet death on the desert the as everything was cowed oh big then they put colbefore a drug over old and so i did put it on the gas searched and oh the medical examiner called me and they told me that i needed to remove the and i said well i soon to that how we were puting an now gathering the information he said no colitor other ways to gather the information and i said all came well how are they gathering the information and isaac fight and a lot of research and i said there is it seems like there could be issues with this nation and he said well and i said why did we put after sclerotic cardio vascular doses anastase and he said well he said julie he said he had and he had heart ishe and i simple generally you you'll tell me exactly what heart issue if he had and we went round and round and he told me that the research that i was doing was researched that was a now put out by doing miss information and then i didn't i wasn't looking at the the correct information and i so well will you send me the correct information was studies that you have and he said well they're very technical and ice had well eh you know i said i i can understand some of this because i too have some background as the more titianand oh i do understand some of it and he set all hale send it to you and so i did agree to take it off if he send me the information like a look at and so he i told him i said i need i need a form if i'm going to do that and so he ride away sent to vital records and have them send me the for i mean is just assert they never done us why were they working so hard to get on the first thing is that it comes to my mind is why were they working so hard to get this that adorn of backing off that death certific and in the first common the jumatsu sounded to me like they were threatening you well he told he said that to me he he said julie he said you need to understand if you don't remove that um coaction from the desire the president of the united states the news media you are going to have everybody in till in montana and he said you don't want it and i said and really well i and he never really specified but he just kept saying it in you were best in to remove that from that that is that is so that is incredible that that's a clearer that is a clear threat and coercion it well it was threatening to me news but in so leslie that's why i did tell him to send me the information and would remove it from the desk but then after i got off the phone i thought to myself you know this is his crazy why with do you this and so i called together my deputies who were who were all long horses and i told them what was going on and i said i don't i'm not removing the from the dessertif i just want egisto i'm not removing it from the desert and the hens that were deity under sheriff said well we agree but the share of sand while tulyot me talk to the medical as the ice all okay i the go ahead and so he talked to the medical examiner's office and i went in a couple of days later and he i said to him what did you find out from the medical examiner's office and he said well he's kind o sende some information and he said an he does have a good and i suppose what point could and so he just just told me that he had a good point and he would let me know well i never did take it off the but he met the medical examiners office dick contact mine record and they told them exactly what i should have one modest and i thought well in this is really strange and so i was just i i couldn't believe what was he and then we had a young man that he died of a man so struggled it was miss and he had his family had been diagnosed with cove oh a month prior and he had he diagnosed with the piece are with coved a months prior and he didn't have any symptoms at not one and he died and i was i couldn't figure all i mean the sky was picture called he with body builder and all his dish and he was in histories and so he on take for an at hapsie and they came back said that he had a mass of gave penton whatever else level in his body and so then three four months later in the newspapers it comes out that we've added another commit that a young man in his thirties get your colensos because we've kept this young man in his thirties dying from covet and so i went to the i went to the half mutandis even i both know what this kid died from what's going on and she she said well we need to and we need to account for all the coveted and i said it were a call it i send you know it wasn't on and so they were just putting covenant everything i mean the people that were dying of covent commidities they were they had come in all they had heard issues the oh had i been as they were morbidly obese and those are the people they die from the mona the people that i picked up in the hospital it was horrible it looked like the star hadn't gone on to the room in days i picked up one man if i if i have the that above it i would have taken a picture he was at his legs were falling off the i i his legs were cawing of the bed the sheets were coming off the it look like he had been struggling and is his one foot was in in the bottom of the hook the foot board and on after that they heard it ah begging people and so i don't i mean these people were scared to death i mean they were scaring everybody and i in my job i got it i ought really i have a feeling about that but because the after i got sick and i want octon to the hospital it appeared as though they were sure it was at once to its an interesting story may be some day i'll be able to tell it but it's an interesting story but what happened to you and i really preciate you taking the time to share all of the spirit personal painful you know experiences that you had dealing with people who who i i'm going to say it aout i had i had a two of em i had read a lot of people we lost and one of my friends was and my man was paralyzed for this stupid shot ndaiga the proof and it paralyzed her and being the hostoriae about that but one of my friends went in with low oxygen that you tell me how this happened she goes in with low oxen fifteen minutes she was she was walking talking drinking in such within fifteen minutes a blew out one of her lungs and she went into cardiaces she died that very day you tell me how that happened and her sister was her twin they didn't give her food or water for eight days i know it and in in there given run dosed you tell me how that happens it sure is seckonds to me like or alleged medical systems are nothing more than the same killing fields of the hand and nosegay and world war to the nurses themselves in an unworldliness and germany and they did it through injections and the babies and such i mean it wasn't just that but i mean that was what that's why they all got were in front of the nuremberg trials and i think we need to have that again because it sure sounds so suspicious to me well you know and i i know a lot of these people and i know a lot of them are good caring the alive moneri think that things that what happened in the hospital where i and i'm to tell you there's a couple of people that i ah i believe really really am strongly that i do not i believe people are being paid off on sorry i believe it i i mean i had i thought i saw the clouds i saw the i had now an you singanee and so i asked the sheriff because the sheriff the county attorney they all lined up and got the shot there there on face for getting a shot and next thing you know the sheriff rushing her over the bows man become camp and then he recently on well he had to retire because ah he had heard she and so the hard issues a that's a huge thing and and then that then the county attorney this blast to have a seizure the day that he got the vaccination because a month later at the male clinic they found a glioblastoma the glibest home o that was a cold pole now the day he had the seizure of the day after he had an ear i this hold nothing here where that should nothing within a month he had a golf all sizes glad which doesn't happen does it now i sonesepa in turba cancers on this is the this is the first time i heard of the turbal cancers a richard herstan's going to be on to morrow and he's he's talking about the turbo cancers too that her half and he and they all happened scarthin after twenty twenty one after the shots were given out i'm not going to come of vaccines were so far as then i think this point time this isn't a leged vaccination i'm not believe in any event till i see any proof that it actually works which it doesn't appear to ah you know and there's so many problems i mean anybody that it was associated with this pushing this i mean i think we need to see some criminality you know things there you know it seems for any criminal to me you don't look at filician all the nonsense that was going on there i mean you can i mean this is its horrific thing that's happened to our nation and we all should from asking a lot of questions right now yes and i pity you and go down another rabbit hole oh no don't onwhy do we have so much as ah it's not just these oh i've been doing a lot of research sin i and i've been researching nutrition and why are the attacking or you know ah take a look at take a look at everything you use if you're a woman take a look in all your cosmetics take a look at every whenever you put on your skin isn't just in winter absolutely long you there are so much that we're in date and on now we have to start looking there there there is his hope that we can overcome all this we just have to be wise we have to understand how were being a tamed we have to we have to trust in the lord and we have to start thinking for ourselves you think about it wouldn't there be some research coming out oh they've been giving me shoot for how long the people that were dying in the hospital of cavit had already had the these really people that already had the shot there were nine of craven after they started giving out the people they didn't have the shots weren't dying of so you know where is the three sir why isn't the city all of these people why are they not gathering information why are they not putting it out to the general public why is all that were hearing its faith in the state in medical officer for the state of montana sent me an e mail everything that i had ah all the research that i had done is gone i just went to montana recently and the current or i was looking for a boy there are a couple of books that i reced there from a good friend in national assembly and she helped me tremendously in my tin and those are gone when i quit as the county coroner they may eat the share of the and they were trying to combine the position but they weren't able to do that because the new funeral director at the funeral ah put his name in the hat and he was elected as on corner so they were really really i gather on the son like thee to have got all boys called going on all there you know ye masons like he so have you o you know you son isaie other mails and i wasn't able to open the oven he had i think this is amazing that that you were actually blocked from sunday me mails to get information to me yet that you were literally black the email that email path was black so there's so much stuff going on it's not even funny and then when you tried to join this morning also ah you were flocked from me leo join and took a little bit of work to seven get her or a voice to be able to come on your audio i you have to start watch it seeing the stuff after a while well not for less on some real questions you know and to see things disappear that you you know to see things disappear or her research disappear i should be really concerning for everyone well not only that but if you look up in line on july briggs beaverhead county corner montana an you're not going to see anything i posted notices in the newspaper and about everything being in a corner call and i found one link that sad that that showed the article ledgecan't read it you clickettes for or four fine not found in the filmy hole cover the arms when your your gentleman with morny was trying to get me on ask him to send me a link in my email he said it was being blocked he couldn't emile yet which is which is odd because he's pretty high level oh he's a pretty high level low to kind of person and i now understand things like cyber security as well as as that sort of thing so for him to him to say that it was being black i can assure you that that was the he knows that he's talking about so this is crazy so i think that what we're going to do as i unfortunately the mainstreamed out there it sounds like a montana got rid of all the evidence in the articles in the notices that you put the paper to hide what was saying there is sounds like it to me i don't know i'd like to as somebody change my mind on that not only the wind what crazy this is what they have not people of you know they shortfellow all the sudden things disappear and there's no connectivity and that sort of thing everything in the coroner's office always always stuff from the corners of ice oh i had we were you living the funeral home and it was a big problem when when we had to separate the funeral home in the coroner's office because they no longer have in me i call because i was providing the vehicle i was providing the space on the th provided a secure room because they put bars on windows and and locks and all that in my shop for might for all the records but i know lied my my hat my impaling late oh for the examinations and so when i oh quit as the corner i gave them a month because i wanted them and i told them that they needed to provide all the stocks from is finer home was no longer going to be providing everything for beaver had one we did it my my late husband a group and tellin and we did it as a service to our commonty we felt that that was a that was our work ah i was pain i just looked it up the other day and i was paid half of what a normal corner would be paid i believe and so we did all that and we we did it because we felt it was our and so they are i had to get all the records and oh all the research that i had and when i went there everything is gone all my rear oh on that the shots and masks and everything that i had because i i left it there because i thought maybe somebody will read this and recognize what's going on other than me did you take any copies of that stuff oh i have a few copies of out of ten and work well i did send to you is that's that's outstanding well i tell you what i think that this is worth you know is certainly worth revisiting again i'd like you to come back on next week and we'll see who can get any technical difficulties you know iron out so that we can continue to talk about this now i think that people that this hole this whole thing with these fibrous clots the or showing off and i've never heard of the covert hands and feet saw wantedsome time looking into this and signed out you know just justified out more about this and i think we need to talk about this there she's got to be away to counteract the damage is then done and i believe that there is always an answer that god always provides an answer no matter what problems we run into in life we just have to be willing to ask the questions and look and i do believe that there's going to be an answer for this also for any one that's so now suffering from ongoing effects of these vaccines these alleged vaccines i i i don't i don't think that the any of the research supports any of it no i don't either how i was taking earlier and i guess i got on another track magnets were sticking really i asked the sheer of cause i was seeing that on the internet i thought this crazy i asked the sheer of my sighes a magnate stick to your arm and he said absolutely not and in silent go and because that was one of the things i was sane and so the next thing you know i am thought to myself i had people so i was back to the cooler and i called somebody out my sickman on and its deck to her arm i found my gosh and i did it to nine people and five out of the nine stuck to their arm i got scared and lycetol the i thought that you did you know did you wor you able to correlate that with the vaccine ray were there on their arm where they would have gotten the shot so you know that but you know that those people had vaccines there believe so and maybe the for a mebefore of em didn't have the back seen i don't know i cause they were in they weren't giving thee the information i was requesting information and they weren't giving it to me they they called vital records and vital records giving me grief because i was gathering information well sure sounds like and like it disoneste sive and horror horrific cover off is what it sounds like and i know what i saw and the in the hospital with my mom and i've talked about this she called me at one thirty in the morning and said i can't walk on paralyzed and on like what happened and she's an allocare facility and i have a garden and ship on our so they shouldn't have done it but they and the hand i know how i felt about the line in all up and gave them to the shots and he gave him the shots as she's like everybody here skins so the matter at the hospital and the doctor was there in the sea doctor was there in the troop of more sin and then another nurse to a stand it by mom's hat and they said the now let's let's get her out of bodensees can walk and they shuffled her feet as she was walking two miles a day the day before they shuffled her feet at welsh she could walk verecunde back i said hoodthe polished of you done and an actual assessment the doctor looked me asello course we have i said then you know she came in with the guardianship because she's not going to be able to necessarily tell you what you need to know to make an actual assessment and she started off to me and said well why don't you you know want you just take her home with you and i said oh i said you're fired there's the door and do not come back in here again and get me a doctor that actually wants to practice actual health care so i mean i couldn't i couldn't believe it and the then the nurse the nurse started you know i said she's complaining her arms hurt and such she has well vornoster and should follow again we'll pick her up it will pick up and is at all because she's got obsorbere and your hope and she breaks a hepsey don't have to write down to back sentaient and i had not yet fired there's the door and don't come back in and get me somebody else it then they picked a eascal worker on me and i just got to tell you i'm a professional asked you were and i chewed on that guy for forty five minutes and he said he said while he said eh you know if we if we are if we had met her and she doesn't need to be admitted then then the throat in the carronshore on he said you can have a big hospital you you're going to everything hostilitie and i'm like thoughlet me tell you i'm not exactly looking for change or on the corners of the room and if you do not now admit her i'm going to see the hall on of you and and and i found it miraculously defound it a reason to admit her she was in a hospital for three days so they went to she went to a reimpire weeks and therewith there was damage that was done and she was never quite the same after that but while i was while i was letting the nurse and the doctor and my soorkhbad have it there was a nurse standing next to my mom's head and as soon as they left the room she looked at me and she said you were absolutely within your right to do and say what you said then i i sat there taking my hat going elke i'm kind of mothy right you and i i do not i cannot even a mangeoit how many people went through this without him in want of stand there to the front them against these people that the absolutely they were going to send her home and say let's just let her follow a picker up a as she could however and they were shuffling her feet so i had a little divan axe to grind against these people because what i count my personal experience like yours it was actual experience when he and i mean this is what i saw on the ground i don't give a crap what anybody tells me or the city see casserole or they want to patronize us and try to tell us you know oh you didn't really need it or you didn't hear it i got i'd really did and so did you and his wife king out i don't believe we can trust one of these ages they have the proven themselves over and over again to be entrust word we're going to have to listen to each other and a big called me of exinanire all they want i'm going to tell you they are the back scene deniers we have to do what's right for our bodies and they prove in the that's not right and i can't see how people can actually see everything that's going on and having all these people around them dying and they still don't understand what's going on the tsar in one like one a for spitting to somebody here i came next guess and he stringth to soulsthe called a so i there you go so we're all such but i ah yes it is it's the crazy thing and that if you look at like fouche kelik mangalai mean he's he is incredible he was working with a you know the experiments that they were doing under his under his watch the historians of they were that they were ceremonied with aids on if asingle sitters it's like coins he then also he was he was involved in a in beagles then eaten alive by sand flies i actually i looked it up and i looked at the vineale you got to be kidding i and are you kidding me here here you go you've got somebody who is proven to do things that are or at a horrific experiments i mean is tons this to most and there are no an invite one of the manteanare than willing to throw those experiments at on the dogs being eaten alive with standing beagles as well as the pitchers of the kids in the orphanage is coming who is going through is going to stop off for the when you've got something that's pos to trusted organization and what do they do they they they literally take advantage of the most vulnerable of our society the people in the nursing homes are you kid me while you want a note about ringthe next cathoethes going you want to go there in michigan you know gretch and queen gretchen am decides to put the our older people in the nursing home when i found out it miss thosethosegirlswere not hating the task they were not actually up to snuff so she put them in nursing homes that were actually not not on not making the the great for quality so i i want i think somebody needs to go into that and i mean i'm not i'm talking shaking the trees and tell the monkey start falling out of there the criminal monkeys and find out where the money when that situation because it is going to all nursin homes they were going to one that should have been closed down while he with the attack there attacking our kids the idea you bad and then you know you look at the schools and i've got a theory here where this whole of orson this whole abortion and the stryi want to know how many of these these anthedus iv already proven that they sell the feet asses in the fetal parts i want to know how many of these babies are born alive and and if if there actually my question is are they actually selling live babies well i do not see note we're going to find out and and people need to start asking it cost you because in order for them to do an organ transplant they need to keep the person there the need to keep their blood flowing in all this they they keep him on artificial caress the hole is is the anything different i don't think so and i don't even know if there even suddenlie alive if for other purposes that there is not out of the realm of possibility and nobody will investigate anything or throw it out there in having our questions answer i mean all of us have the right to ask any questions we want and i think that's healthy even the real uncomfortable ones you know ah we we have to be asking these uncomfortable questions and our public officials are public functionaries need to be asked the questions and they better come up with answers and another question that i have as you are dealing with a sheriff of there that all of a sudden miraculously looked like you were under lobethan coercion now he goes after the position that you had why will he investigating this a constitutional or sheriff and on officer of a constitootin officer there so also be investigating a starting investigation why why did he run away from that duty i want to know i would want to know why he didn't dive into this and why were they trying to shut you out well and why did it why did all research miraculously disappear where it got and why were you threatened i want i would want to know those quit we want to know and you don't any sheriff that's worth his scalp to be out there going there they're duty is to the constitution not to not to not to a changing in facts and or circumstances i would i would think that that would be kind of important part of their job so the reason i have not come forward before the because it was overwhelmingly evident to me then this is he its huge it's absolutely hue and so i didn't know who tchtras and i knew i already had a target on my and i knew that this information needed to get out and i didn't believe that i guess god has a court in my mouth and till now but the like i can share this with you and this is something that an get to people that need to on i feel like it just what had been lost in the wind before maybe that's why god has ad me stand up before oh i did stand out numerous times in in front of the health board in front of the county in front of anybody i could in montana and i talked to my family and in france but oh as far as public speaking people ask why people don't come out well you get threatened and then he knew things the ah and possibly not the a normal happened to you and then i just prayed about it and it wasn't time for me to speak out but now i feel like while in the change evidence on people too i mean we've heard plenty of cases where they'll have evidence in em in an onlawful supposedly legal situation and all of a sudden the evidence will disappear i mean how in times we've heard that i mean look at what the fbi did with the with the i don't know if you can really keeping up on this seeing hal what look at the king on his sick on the the ape hiding information or not free to forward on these these of voters ration the prteritist ration for a thisgone on michigan on metalk about that further because shaman a shame on dan enas i mean every single one of em shame on her she soon so she sends us off to the fbi and think that it you know advocatethere from any responsibility for this no she still responsible for just cause you say oh i'm sorry let's ring our hands and a little girl nose and say we're going to pass the side of the band will there see otho do my job no she's supposed to do the job in a thereanother job she should have gone forward and done it and in this this crazy amount of unkicking the can down the road instead of dealing with the issues it doesn't it just absolved them it is absolved them absolves the word and looking for of any guilt in this whatsoever if they didn't carry out a proper or investigation if they didn't carry out actually protecting the interests of withepool or sticking with the constitution lawful elections there all guilty that the ones they ate have if i isnobody nobody's talking about this to that that tells memento do house clean from top to bottom i mean take him all all of them need to be cleaned out because her there nobody is doing their job i'm not hearing anybody that has the gods to stand forward and hold them accountable in the office ah you know look at the state how many of the how many the clerk didn't stand up for an election and listen to the board of elections and actually violated for michigan laws is only few of them they didn't that didn't do that the rothomagi snow along the the whole election was an illegal election because they were counting in private and they had foreign entities involved according to constitution the highest and to land they didn't have not followed followed the the rules and they just emphasis people don't know the rules they they let they get away with it and i think it's time for raglan people like me and how everybody else to stand up and recognize what's happening because you can't just put her head in the sand and go on with your life and say oh well you know we have gretchen with murder i guess this her name on bread as governor and in all that's that's that no that's not ah when you allow these things to happen they're going to continue to happen i had a doctor that came to me and he was concerned he had two people that were husband and wife that were hikers on doing all kinds and at the shot and landed up in bed for three months and the ah they were enabled to hide or do anything else and he was really concerned about all these things and with coming to the improved that he did on ofspeak out he was there and so it was like a cat what am i going to do next thing i know he's getting the shot because he loses job with the din i really i you really telling me this why is it this is ben this has been great in ii my next guest is comment i could see back stage right now rush hat i rest and ironian o say hit him and and we're going to talk for a little bit but i really want you to come on again next week and we'll get you we'll get you the camera's work and i know that i know that garry can probably help out with that too because gargarised out of few other people over there that you know that that he's got to sit he's got sister figured out pretty well he's got the right equipment for it i think you got it you're on the apple or well my other one with an apple yes but this one is on this oneness oh i don't know i olini's telling that they blocked they were blocking the emails back and forth its really telling you know they they've got the there's so many ways you know look at the aerican report erics and ollasthe onter not you know and with the therequien and that sort of thing so we just find your ways around it and had a keep going you know we just got to keep we got to keep going because we can't be we can't allow her to silence us or even any the difficulty silenceso next week what we're going to have ordinaverunt week i think i'd like to have you on the kind of as the regular on here because i think that there's a lot of information i really just want to talk to regular people any more i really do come you know not not somebody who is not people who are in it for the money or anything you know everybody here is just volunteer but i think we need to be bringing me stories or word because this is real news for real people by real people if the kitchen table this is not mainstreamed with clear that if you are of your articles disappeared the montespan every one of us has got to be asking me as some serious questions what are they afraid of if politicians hides the water they afraid of the mainstream what are they afraid of are they complied negligent i mean we we should ask questions and they should have to answer them ah right or orbe removed so any thank you so much a july for coming odenlas words well now you have bless and thank you very much for biding me yet and i really appreciate us of quite an honor for you to come on here to day and talk about you know to talk about this and i am so sorry for all of the thrusts that you had you know against you that people he people literally destroyed your work and wouldn't listen to you and you know what we're just going to put everybody out there on notice there is a day comment where every single one of these people are going to be called for a count for what they do whether it's in this life or the next life you know if they're not if they're not concerned now they'd better be because about the time god gets hold of em they're going to have some problems so we were going to be praying for them that they turn round and they turn the turn around and turn to god and pray for forgiveness what they've done because i don't think they're going to have a good outcome of their decisions you know rode houseswere oasis cornthey will not have a good out comfort to their decision thank you so very much and i'm going to i'm going to i'm going had and were to go into the next hour but think you so much has been an honor will be talking how can take ooooooooooooooooooooooo good morning and welcome to the second hour of brandebury was not word and i've got my body ritrination come roseroserose coespitosa gunwas fun to see you at the last fashionette maybe and looking for in the next vitenagemot telling gatatasech long on nowhere ible for these there teleiotaton well we're staying busy were getting ready for the next election cycle of course we have in fact we have a hopefully she'll be on a few minutes i can't see sly we have to congressman vacate because the personal issues christer and she is running for that office this year in pining to run again next year the swimming that she is she is assuming that she will win of course and go again for office but for doing that we here have a number of people running for local a city offices es coursely of her and course we caring up for the next year whereintil election on all that she's going to be exciting time for our party to have next national convention and april very machineryfor to his are you can be in omenand in toledo yes of course in that other craft from i think it's going fonooonneonne in that rinning lewis wetering that ever moyathe rengorgeais pass in in a little bit i bet on a consolation and there now you going to go to the connotation herethereand operating and we're going to go down to the earth so too eisenstein was again right command with reasoners were as fools or so how did you evoline coulincourt harriet well that i got to be a little more active politically thirty forty years ago was involved with the result he can partyand was local a precinct chair and went to the porterly central committee meetings and all there did for some time and and just a saying that the state and local conventions and sang what was going on behind the scenes and people just being cancelled out to use that romanology back then i saw going full tilt her and and you to and i just had i had enough and so i left that party and the kind of in a drift for a while agescould say then i came across the constitution part in said malpas that that i defy what identified with and i started getting involved in bap two thousand six two thousand seven star running for office two thousand eh was come here for a while and salacity and then did more background than then all a sudden night some one in the back the remitter a nominating convention passed a i want rossach de first vice chair as ewell to whatever in so i got elected a land and the chair couldn't as soon as the office so by our blows the first fischer assumes the office and so that rinses on yet in more and more involved and it then relate have a prank logres venice passed day and national charita kind o give advice and guidance when i asked for it so that's been a nice thing to so are you the first i generate therof here or the chair i am now the chair and i'm trying hopefully my first visceral come in stone i'm sorry about the time you i thought i he can if he canonical ponies or estopian time and scion yet no worries said leintwardine all he areostatico yeah well what other oneeither your ah me what is your state working on bring home right now well i've been putting a real push as to give a suitable candidates strong for office were starting to have that half a now beyond that we've got three different city councils the we had four one did make the primary but we have three in general lection including myself for my home town and so doing that right now and then off also trying to get statewide and national offices filled up for next year and make sure we have a good presence again we've always been able to maintain our pallets position in the state since two thousand italian keep on on what other issues in the platforms in as often reeling working lilywork issues won't of course we found some concern about house security has been going on and the pro hadad again as far as finding a suitable alternative onawata's been run where it seems to be a candy store for this stablishment i think that the the issues of a social justice or prime concern because its removing merit from the a pitcher and and he ben basic no it's a a socialist marks his position of equality for all regardless of ability and so equal opportunity to start out with his way differ from equal opportunity to for an outcome and so i think those were things that are really beginning to divide her country is false narratives of identity of for you are what you are and what you're entitled to and we need to get back to the founding prince he are you guys are you as working a lot on say em at home schooling there's there's several areas that are working on home schooling of a curriculum and or or that that sort of thing the they have that his projects and or any statements that you guys have put out put out oh yes i'll be got that's that's of course one of the planks at burchis trying to focus on candidates right now that i will bring that out for our own resolutions and propositions for a state convention to make sure that we give some good notice on that as well as a pore or a national convention where we can raise these tissues as well that's osmosometer worship gronow ingatestone so i to miller oenanthe at meeting at the magiceither yes national conation the nationbetter mating messhouse right redeveloped and in votaron that poles going to be a constant issue because as those strong noted he doesn't care hovels the only care soshocos the vote been a problem my thanks ye and what do you think about that whole count the bot thing i i've got a lot of questions about you know it's the constitution party we should be measuring eferything not discontinued should as the highest law of the land but the process of our elections right now is so in question and i think that all of us have his discussions really brings forward what should be happening not what is happy what's your opinion or your thoughts on that well we need to have secure voting that paramount on others the old phrase of if it ain't broke don't fix it we had paper ballots going since the beginning until competitors that's allowed mischief to run free i believe because if you don't have a physical evidence of of any particular volt that's cast and suspend if you don't have a physical record and they've tried to put those in triton is to that into the voting machines where you have a paper running tally but they don't even want that to happen because again in truth one to help people want to perceive the elections too ah have an outcome with so yes the the whole issue of however a process of following the vote from the time the ballots cast of the time that is counted and the time that sable to be audited conserves state should have an open up a possibility of oddity regardless about come it should be there to be able to stand for every one to see without any kind of question because if your block it and it's your immediately suspect you could be just the most perfect for in the world but if you're not going to allow access to actually verified to the vote and yours always going to be that questioned whether it was doctoring well and to the point that we we are the ones that are hiring them in in in essence it is service contract where the box and we should have opened records and open acts as to all of the stuff and they should have no say with the their so far off the rails it's not even funny and with it sinhalas like we got to a boy molinistischen i'm grenadier i think were i think were a thing reverses are hear each iteretur or other of your speakers tolsto sometimes that worms that work and o'er hillersdons no herons don't had olie okay that better that is better that is in fact better i'm not hearing it let's grationopolis sidwell was hapolesai afore a what gonethings doing crisis step here in utah eh i'm running for congress and that's been crazy because my district is terrible place to have did geographically but and working at and setting as many meetings as we can and in the process working on building the party that's as some what what is the aboutyour error that makes so difficult in it goes literally from the southern border of the state ah and if you're not familiar with him you tag it goes up north of salt lake so it geographically on there's like to go from one end of my district to the other is like a six hour drive just to go from one end to the other of it so you can't do a whole lot in one day if you haven't a meeting up nor you can't have a meeting down south later in the day you've got it and then everything in between on the entire west side of the states so it's a lot of driving siccitati ly where the biggest district but we still have the same number of people is because we're rural and the big joke is we have more live stock than we have people in this district because that's why we have to have so many its thirteen county can we have twenty nine counties in the hay said the other sixteen counties are divided into three well i or to tell you i love you to i've been utenhove times and i flew in there in distansone long drives with my kids when they were younger and ominate everybody out here here i have part of her your chamber of commerce right now from michigan is that i'm not not really making topcoit is an absolutely beautiful state to be an actually went to antelopian and that was that was really amazing and i've got some funny funny stories about being on the salt flats out there too because we were we were headed out there at somebody says so i says make sure you got sandles on it on like what i'm for michigan you know we've got all kinds of sand around and didn't really put together what they were saying so we take i take of fair focos the salt flscsand it wasn't too far before i was like i got it was like walking on glass of theresoever sayles on because he merely that thathamsa e to make when your traveling up the and next time you should come down down and hostess were great national parks are we've got rice canyons i on oh they are so yet the beautiful part of the of the united states and i you know it was so fond to meet everybody from youth at the last conference in the spring and i'm looking for a that are you going to be there case absolutely as some boatsomeone so that's really fun i ah general flint is going to be the thenspeak to that more train encourage everyone please our income is open you can come to this and see our wonderful the people's general speaking he's amazing he is just he is a friend of mine and he is just as genuine of a person you'd ever want to me and he's going to be there doing some answering questions and putting his time in there in the other speakers are just absolutely wonderful i have asked martial wilson coming on to morrow to talk about you know totalcondition per what he's doing in his state too cause he's running for governor again which is near dear my heart you know and we just want to invite everybody to come and join us because what i found would the constitution party is its statesmen it's not it's not politicians as people who actually want to get the job done and i'm so proud is such a proud thing to be part of that i agree in that that therefore some here too so oh how do now that it orologe anything you bolsterer or with the constitution party case well i'm honestly am i gone somewhere and they were talking about danny behind people that you i have the same ideologies with and pushing them and helping them get elected and oh the turns out that god had different things in plain mind for me because i was trying to figure out who i was going to get behind and he was telling me it's going to be you and i kind of freaked out when he told me it was you as congress because it was like i told my husband i can't do that and he goes o kathrein to do as is i'm just not going to do it and he goes to god's telling you to do something and you're saying no and it was like well ah that ah yes so i am and i'm running for congress and i'm just leaving it i'm putting out the wet the the good messages about the constitution about having faith walking the walk and see where it takes me and i so relaxed about it a not a stressed out as i but was last year and i'm just able to talk to so many people in such a good manner oh i was talking to a liberal into nights to go and he's like you know i really like what you have to say but constitutional government i don't think that that's what i could get behind and i'm like wow what what's going on with this so we actually had a conversation and he's going to both for me because he did not understand what a constitutional government really was what was your answer to what contaction of government looks like i'd like to hear isidorito government that if it is not in article one section eight congress can't do it and he goes you mean they're making laws are not supposed to i said absolutely they are we need to brain them back in and then everybody's freedom comes at and that was just the small part of it that they think that's the main thing people don't understand when you say constitutional government because they're so used to these people that are in office saying how constitutional they are and then passing all these restrictive laws people think that because that's what it is and there hearing that we have a constitutional government that that's what i'm looking for and then when i told him to bout no it's about taking more power back people from the federal government i'm starting to get to say that people understand that better than just saying a constitutional government so i'm in changed my dialogue a little bit based on that conversation because he was like once i said that he distorted asking more questions for what about this when about this is like unconstitutional unconstitutional and it oh i get it now i'm going to vote for you so it was really pretty enlightening to have conversation with some one that i could actually turn their opinion but keep their same opinion and let them know that what you want is really the same thing i want even though you are more liberal than i am and i'm more conservative than you we have em a middle ground and that middle ground is actually the cost not something between the republicans and one i really think it's one of those things where where we've been so fouled up by the words that they've used to keep us divided that when we sit down with with even an un not talking to leadership because i think the leadership in the republican party as well as down the cret unipartite going on is absolutely corrupt in part of the isis corrupt is no words to describe it so the the thing it is is it like we need to be talking as americans and dare to be american to talk about these difficult issues and that secedent ify i had doneif you know i'm a republican i am a democrat i had done if i visisions yet you know we're americans and we have to be able to sit down and talk about these issues and dare to defend each other's rights even if we don't agree with each other it's a bit it's ability to talk and when i talked to people too what i hear so often is that we agree on the outcome we just maybe don't agree in necessarily how to get there yes nay but when we talk we find out why we're on the same page is as incredible they have been doing a secular oh dividing the nation we have siccant ether as one nation under god personfor most you were don't have god here we got nothing we got night he's not going to bless us this nation is going to continue to to fall into the th depravity we the only way out of this that that i'm i'm fair i'm not discry consikently convinced of as god has to be the one in charge we have to live in accordance to what he wants done with no apology and and truly truly let let a jesus whose our saviour notion death but in hevery day ove we talked to him you know he's going to come in and he's going to help us right this to the holy spirit and i mean if we don't have that we ought nothing you know and rethought into an you you here rusticas every time we talk it comes to you and we'll let you talk here second or i did wrong i tathat it relying a right nigh there is also something that goes with that it's divide and conquer and that's what the government's trying to do to the people yet now arranging and grow in canthat's all we need the folkeston is what you might thisnot divides his because as the i thomistical label powers that be why to keep us preoccupied with nonsense we need to really focus on what makes sense and focus on what brings us together because i mean even for blew her perished capt gal i'm sure there are common grounds that we can confined ourselves upon the s together rather than split in a part the story were trying hard to hear lopsided ofanother men there he got so he re go guys go to day the a a constitution party of you to do come and you'll get in contact with with cassion russ in anybody else that can get you connected out in utah and we're going to bite everybody to go to the the meeting that's coming out the sateless on the twentieth and the twenty first you're all welcome to join is a wonderful speaker listsee that are there you can find that to the constitution party don't that up again in a low bit too but anyhow we really we really would like to encourage every one and i mean every one to commend you know her general plan will be there and we want to encourage every one to go ahead and go to do the costcost tution party that can look for me to send saint louis and you can sign up and join us all there it'll be a great time and we had a we have had a wonderful wonderful time visiting to gather and ah just just one to meet more of you and i have more ewerette rustiness or yes i think it's important that we come together so we can communicate and find was that we can interact and and build in support because this is what's going to bail to see us through every great greater difficulties that we seem to see come in around us and and having these meanings like the ash committee meeting and speakers not i mean ideas can be shared realizations could be made a people connect it's really important for us to really connect and and and communicate across the country well said and i end listened to people who have things memorized that yucatan believe that they can bovricycle memorized a longfellow a pole and he he gave a a a very very low oration on it it was just amazing can any last words as americans fermented to bate with each other and if we can keep it friendly instead of in coming to them with open minds to be able to hear what the other person is saying then is much easier to have that debate and even though you can agree to disagree on some of the issues you can still have that opened to bait with other americans if you are willing to listen to what they have to and if anybody wants to look at my campaign my web sites cassy for congress to i some think you so much sin than youththat of you for being on today was wonderful i look for to see any in saint louis it's going to be a great time and and ah reservative for us to sit and talk for a while because i i just really thank you so much the chairman of the theosuton party in youth and the first ice chairsand also running for congress we thank you so much for the inhavitants you want so we got a good people honest people like you and office and wangindo politics to think he so much will be back into samite ooooeeeeeeeei good morning welcome to the third hour of brandenburg news network the astounded brandenburg and the twenty eighth day of september and a relected about my next fine of gas we have a rabdophoroi think it's due for gubat on a hunt says last name to show crack me grew up working in the sandy small business and ranch so he understands the need of visits and works tirelessly to advocate for the in a cost effective manner he's a zealous litigator having briefed argued in one various motions before both state and federal courts and engaged an ever stage of litigation including taking in defending depositions and argued at winning some re judgment he's got very long resonante very impressive and i i will i had posted this in the introduction to this this this interview and the ice i would encourage our ready to read that another gelonos and today is ambassador photoing the unique blind of skills and experience to the executive setanasso congressman fortune five hundred executive personation security international relations security marketing business development born in another ansonius to live the american dream throughout his career in business politics and diplomacy ambassador hooker has developed in demonstrated leadership skills and a strong bility to get things done currently chairs the advisory board for the serieuse policy works of the range of profit not for profit organizations and rights and speaks on national security issues ambassador hooker oppressed the united states as ambassador to the kingdom of the netherlands during this ten year the hagonies leaders the dutch precreated the american friendship group in his serene continues to aggressively effectively promote the united states foreign policy goals and objectives pete served in the united states congress for eighteight years representing michiganensis from ninety three to two thousand eleven and served as the term of the house permanent select committee on intelligence aithousa four until january two thousand or seven he's a member of the gang of eight from two thousand for two thousand eleven receiving the most highly classified information available in the united states government and i met him as a very nice person just as as a person to talk to in me you know he met people when you talk in you realise how nice they actually are jason cruises in associate professor in the automotive department located in the college of technology at paris state university and he is called founder of the nineteen mile of veterinary hospital and holds the chair on the costa environmental securelie board and this is why were all here to day is is to talk about an you know everybody's been listening to me beat upon the goose aspring it to the fore front because i'm telling you what every one is of their fighting for this is a rockin our nation welcome to readers not work i'm so glad so glad you're all here i think roborated here to pick you for having me has to tell me what's going on up there the entire state of michigan is absolutely riveted to what's going on there with goshen and what you what you guys are doing up the go hartson dasher nosegaysin can hear us here let's see her than evernot yorotov rve then jason is the chairman of our group up in in big rapids but ye were women fighting to chinese battery a plant here and michigan one affiliated with ford motor that is in martial we got great news on that on one day ah the the grass prudefot has been somewhat successes on monday for announced that they were pausing the project ah and then monday night late one day we announced that we were beginning the process and big grape initiating the crossest i'll set against the goshon for a potential threat to in agrestis in our area but the bottom line is in both big rapids and in marshal put together a wonderful coalition of folks who think plants subsidized by the state of michigan to the tune of almost four billion dollars or bad idea we've got local activists who said creed out what what they're doing to our communities your changing the very nature of our community communities we with these magazine are we brought environmentalist on board are they become part of our coalition because they're looking at it and say the environmental threats of potentiation mental threats are just two significant for these projects to come into our community and then you have now of us that initially in the project i because of the national security concerns of putting our economic and national security in the hands of the chinese communist party self again its grass roots wed ah and s were having an impact there there taking notice that there not welcome in these two it is absolute and astounding the amount of work that's gone into this and mastellar people that have stopped up not only to run for office but to fight this in have their voices heard and really i think the sassoon derful way to em an example look at for we the people on how to instruct those in government and actually if we don't want something were in charge now we the people are are the ones that are contracting realisation in government to carry out our wishes so be i must see that you are involved heavily with the law suit that i believe was just filed to the cot that is correct my law form a canaland represents me serials represent the plaintiffs of marshal i'm an we were the ones who with a help from our low o people on the ground including me said in the mornin to actives and critical citizens down there put together the was called a sixty day notification letter and went out to go chancing on now your vilatin a sooffee and state laws and if you don't stop we are going to plassans okay and we youthen will you filed the law suit then all ready and in a talk about that sure so he clarify we don't have the lawsuit active in revenge species act what you have to do as you have to give sixty day notice for as he had to send a letter as he saying here is how your vilendingr species act and we claim as well the michigan environmental protection act as every michigan ter has a constitutional right to a plain in healthygoing he said you are violating these your constructions and to violate these your development of your plants in a violent these operation of your plant is cantabile these and if you don't stop what you're doing within sixty days of last monday we will file in courts necessary first step for us to bring our lawsuit if goshon doesn't change her he he had communication with them if they responded in any way other are they still in me oh my gosh these people are actually serious monohan heard pete from goshen and they haven't been afraid to talk in an getthe positions out before ever some reason if you'll need to be required i know in to say down of that the point that you're making i think we've given strated to folks locally out to goshen to our state legislators it wore serious group he in november we will have a recall election against think five of the board members and the green township where this plant is going to be built were also going to be a building or also going to have a race such to recall the supervisor in green township and also another supervisor in an adjacent townships with and recalls our hartes nestletown ship after the election in november jason estepp put this in your absolutely right this shows what grass roots people can do and the power and influence that local governments can have any of this is david verse grass roots folks and marshal the grass roots folks and big rapids going up against goshen going at up against for moulder the state legislature the michigan economic development corporation and actually having a significant impact yet that miconinovi development a corporation is the complete and utter mass and i mean i've watched the stuff that they've done through that nominate you what we need estimates tigation and to that little girl rode there because i've got some serious questions jason's argo to you jason kinouge little riversite you can talk to no behaveyour me can yeh what's going on on well i'm the opeeenion that were doing now recalled that's going out conwell first thing that happened there in ages joined the conversation candlelight out late and in everything i was talked about i'll try to get into the on what in the happenings i began a low background to the so grieved a bigger up its tone shipped a meeting i don't know i guess it was about miss because we were and my daughters the school and a few of the people running in and out of the heart and on the fore and i heard about this goshen thing that was come and in they were working with this the rich the true working back and forth between the big grapestones on board meeting and trying to be with her is a christmas then after the board meeting obviously it all that although high pitted and this was like i said wrong cis now they said they have been very transparent the whole time with this project and that we had ample time to ah to chime in on on the development of package gail with projects but that just wasn't the case literally this is probably when the every body is hard as it did and the area a after that i was tired attending board men i'm just like most people did area and the information started to come out that day of just had been transparent in the the cornford has said green township in and work with his we had all been what he heard there was madelike eh we've got this all figured out where were you before hand and hand i just trust his well in when a happening is as a big rapids township started to look into the the affiliation with goshen they ask for sees now the reason why a degrades to ship in green tom ship come up in this san projects what they were proposed as as they were going to put the plant right on the site the county line between the grains and green town once a big rapids i interjected said he we wanted to his sees review of it didn't take long for goshenite tail and say well oh keep in rapid where ah we're not going to work but tigranes in more were just going to work in de now that's the reader's died just of it there's a little bit more there get the back store so he that podrian township at the epicenter of the the project and began to expand and they went from small a thousand square facility to almost one square mile and then now everybody was everybody in the township was woe actually in the whole command we want boon this or some as we voted on pot shops for example coming into her agentone ship and we had a pot on that soil naturally the constituents said he we want a vote said god the port said absolutely not you're not going to get a boat there is nothing we can go on and i have to believe there is some trust so we counted noses for a sorenson sort of in put on the plant like let's get a surveyed together the lessee of the people the township on this plan to come and therefore the boar can take up proper post the the isolation of this plane of pele so then what in the happening was is a port was an interested in doing that actually a superintensity superintendent the provisor had said board being that there wasn't going to be any vote and there wasn't any money for the boat and were just going to push this through and this was after some of the area townships actually offered to pay for survey so as forward to where were at now we added up recalling the board i'm sure i'm reiterating a little bit of wood hostricier but now just as on a dentical were called that board and we had one now on board member stepped out so he was that so boardreport ed and adventual take that officers so that person can't be recalled their just in their for the remainder of that officer ah we have just had another officer stepped down they have yet to reappoint in other person or individual take that of throats down this point in time the rest of them are bursts are still pericles supervisor of the treasurer in the clerk and so have we have a kerosene and place and were proposed all these can but so what we had done actually hissed earliest last we released the survey developed the survey and it was it was released by a third part to give a just for green charter township resistest the gentleman voice it's already been i done all the way from christmas all the way to this point we never had a chance to actually voice her opinions now the area dead they pulled their un serves right away and they had a high efficacy and turn out for there for their surveys and in lotoses while all the cases they were against absolute sledges courses show you where the green char chare township forest constituents and neighbors is really disheartening on all its definitely a government pushed down on its onslow to get back to the observant with i had no idea that we were going to be met with such uproar and there was from big rapids township residence a lot of pro goshon people at her out there and for the project and an obviously in the people that are against surprise they and amelia social media they were excited about it and obviously can imagine went the progression people were saying so ah they were obviously against at work on a particion but this was supposed to be a non on to get a good field for what oh what constituents in that area relieved think about the goshon plan project has rewatered we have put a lot of water down behind us he started chris all the way to this now we're looking at for weeks there were going to be at the old so it's so it's so as it's a good read on exactly where actually green township is and wee had we've got people coming back and just released i know it on voceferos ones said you know if you can if you can copy that serve in that went out ah if you want a vote or put out your safe place put it into us make sure your name your address is on there so we know your legere legitimate green township a border and we can count those salts we're going to get those dipple's results the people here probably in volto weeks he before we the pole shoreside about but that's it in a nutshell once again readers the well hang on a second i'm not you have year have been briefer back so you you whenwhen you not talk of it it's okay you you're doing great right now and so what oh what might the concern of this is that i really don't think that that a chinese communists company should be able to own any land in the united states of america what's elaborando le that are conant sisteren energen nonsense systemthe don't know anything about what the talking about am i one of the only female pipe line company orson the united states and i can tell you there's so many lies going on all there is not even any and it's like its like i don't know people realize if you have electricity if cause you're burning something you're either going to burn it in your car here or on a pereat making the electricity and that centralization of all over power is only so that they can determine who can have the power and who who doesn't have power and we do not have the infrastructure for it whatsoever so they're going to determine who gets power with this electric vehicles we ancestry much central is centralizing all of our actions and it's a problem all of its oralem it you you've got as much time to talk as you want on here because i have solesuppers what you guys are doing and you can you can get into as much detail as you want to so that people actually know the issue so they can make an informed decision on what's going on well having his head from the things that are we already covered the jason talked about that robbie covered are the environmental i'm packed the well beyond the initiation that we started on monday there lots of other reverberations one of the things your week we saw this coming down a we saw this coming ten years ago we saw it coming fifteen years ago what's one of the most valuable assets of of estate at his two peninsulas water water and in the it's frightening the statistics about how much water of the goshen and is going to take how much water it appears that the marshal he is going to take o this is number one the chinese want to come here for all other wrong reasons the other not coming the connect come in to go should for they're not coming to big rapids and marshal don rich and barricadoers and improve america's competitiveness that that's not why other using these as launching pads for other reasons and at the same time they're goin make us more dependent on them but they're also going to destroy one of the things that is so unique about michigan which is our special relationship with water a hand or environment and he there there kind of the tip of the spear of company's coming in here to do that it all this is this is why we've put together such a unique colton is not republicans it's not democrats its end of its not independence all of us a coming together in a non partisan way just say really really a bad idea on so many different fronts and on this issue we're going to come together and we're going to stop these projects at sisely a kind of exciting to see the grass roots offeringhow people at the local level can come together and stand up to preserve their commune it's it's astly wonderful and it's gives everybody not portunity to actually eh have discussion on this something i had never understood is i believe like isonicotine water i think they picked two hundred and fifty dollars for her met for them to pull millions and millions of gallons of water out of this state and not one person started up and said get the hell out of michigan or pay what you're take and it it shocks me cause every one sitting in the seat should be held accountable for this step where do we where do we let them walk out of our state with olive or shared natural resources and make a profit off of that word they were you know the people of michigan on the state we only ask such of this state and for any of these companies to walk away from it its astley criminal and the the fault lays right with our elected officials not not being able to think this through and in actually standing up for the people of michigan its shocking it's disgusting and it every very deeply with starving to me yeah i think the other thing that we can add ye at a grass roots level and jason and the board we've been instrumental and in reaching out to our congressional delegation ah and he so we now a then'twere having activity at the local level is very powerful at the congressional even washington congressman john molinar a congressman tim walber a leastcan they have been all over his high lighting the issue with the the special committee dealing with the threat from china they've been all over this and there there they've been very instrumental in helping us at the state level eye it's a little bit more difficult obviously the governor is totally weighed in on this in support of these battery plants mec has a and we're making progress at the state level but weaken weaken one on this with just the locals a hand the federal government oversight and this is also spreading to other states goshen is also trying now to build the plant in illinois a there reaching out i think all three of us to say aren't you guys are having some really good success ah in fighting what are you doing and how are you doing it so because we've got eight nine months of experience a little bit longer than that with marshal ah and other people are saying ehwe feel the same way that you do let's accelerate the learning curves so i think on monday night joe sell another and former ambassador and myself were going to be down in illinois atalking with the grass roots people over there who have many of the same concerns that we have up and big and to add to that you my firm we got starting this back in north dakota and twenty in early early twenty twenty one where the different plant ever trying to come in and is the exact same play book around the country they come into the small communities they have very serious national security concerns in environmental concerns and i think they can bolos the local people make a run over their rights and they can force these plants through and what their learning is that's not going to work any more you know i think i saw the intrito your show down as you have a big thing saying wake up of pure on the country of woken up there were of what has happened in communities now there where the beseeming and everywhere and now like pete said at this point i getting calls almost every single a people in different states saying hey we have a point coming into my community to have art wococon cils bull dozing us hay or governors throwing millions of dollars to his plans in not giving us to say and so peepabout right this is being led by the grass roots and the costa county for this action but their grassroots popping up all over the country you know for me personages very parings piring to see the station standing up and doing what their government should have been doing for them and it is david versus goliah the right you get the medes the governor of the state legislature and republicans and democrats yer worse support of of these projects early on a spending four billion dollars and he now ford suspends the project why as they who were not really sure that we can make money doing this and it's like ye you just announced you lost four bit four and a half million dollars i'd like to vehicles you announce that you are losing sixty thousand dollars on every let electric vehicle that sell there was no do jist diligence at the mid on this all process and why cause the nats bending their own sending the money your money and my money you had done a year in michigan held four hundred dollars of that here every person in your family his going is going to support these projects when government starts ending some one else's money they get careless aye we're on to be asking the question how much money is already been committed in marshal has already been sent now may be wasted they don't care it's not there one there is another i've got i'm bringing up something that there's a the michigan strategic found it prove sixty five million dollar grant tuesday september twenty six after ficials from the michigan economic development corporation emphasized the funny will be used to develop none for four parcels of the nineteen hundred acre a sight deemed the major canvas i've got some real questions there why are we why are we doing all this is public private pronesis when i see the amount of money that they throw into these projects instead of it going to american companies and you know the amount of money that for has received is been obscene through this current administration and they they have slept every single small business in the face for the state of michigan if they wore a decentralized this and spread etiudros the state they would creedsman more jobs and he keep talk and like two thousand jobs four thousand jobs thirston ability to them producing a and we seen over and over again how this amount of money gets thrown into these great these grants where there's no accountability they grab the money and they leave the united states go to mexico for gossakes this is this is really disturbing news or say maybe robbie or jason can help me on this i know that for the marshal ford required state legislators and a congress to sign nondisclosure agreements i did not credible incredible it hadidthat happen up with gold shooes well or not i don't know on we have one we have one officer then said that they did on the big rapids side when iverybody else die well there all the night at the hominy of these people side now desclose on the last two sham elections we had and you know it's like it's like the signing this now discloses they don't have the right to do that isn't employe of reate you know that's just protecting their they're criminality in my opinion and reminded i do not leave that this money is not going back into our communities and stead of these huge corporations which are by and large i don't know why somebody up there hasn't gone in there with like with like em you know boss power and started hitting these corporations like black rock tangastan street camp at arabella with antitrust suits against him because because even the legislation and i know how this all works you know i own a bunch of companies and how they've used regulation to legislate out a competition and centralize all this money through the corporations which most of our part of a gonfanone a one point six million dollar gainestand the electric vehicle i think i honestly think that anybody to does at his office her sorry but should be sitting in jail and all this ill gotten gain taken back to the state and given to our population that is really struggling right now whatever happened to allowing the consumer justifying the product so like what ever happened to all that he had only double standard comes out of lancing too if you were talking about a soonerer i is supported is small and who was against it well we know who was against a governor whither but she is really for discoosion plant which had taken much more water out and endanger the species there there even further denote runs through some of my property and bacolor brock's property across nineteen miles from the goshenite directly and then through some of these waters studies if they start to kick that water out of the ground on that of paper with they're going to be there to be on the same of prefer is good lower the levels that be creek in and all the troll and all the other wild life that are in thee in that creek is good to suffer and die you know and a lot of cases is so then you're going to kill that you're going to kill out part of the water shed that is even consider and we've had all kinds of information it came through the pipe line that i just havin just the five one of which but a throw the salad here anyways one of which was said that there were told some a personage was told that why are the he came not a lance him somehow that they were just cosmos supposed to to start building on top of a hill and when they got closer the creek will feel with the dam at were gold relocate the creek over to relocate the well holly col in there was there is really there is no conversation on this confiscation a couple other interviews i been granted when when they did the the deal the development yellownose they i mean green township and that in a green honchi just had gotten over the deal i don't know robe probably about when coupled to three weeks ago or something like that three for and here is my god you it was lee development deal at gotten completed and it was released i thought oilcloth exactly what they have here i was expecting sight plans and layouts all the all that stuff elevation very anything that you can think of it is it's a full plan and there was nothing of justo it was basically a probation there saying goshen will conform to all green townships requirements regarding a water or sewer or ibis very broad and if you look at gripanchors that what a difference they do have those things so exactly what they're going to put on that side in a great detail but oh this is just an open invitation before ioseph and in a comrade in torriano ledge not forget him both a national security taste why would you do bigger up it well i don't know i is thick look we have so forget fersaken to burgesses access satellites military satellites and their very interest in coming out with doctors that university and helped him develop severec rit and sonsothers programs i'm certain that would be a great little paring for them sure we're wordende miles away from cambray where we're training soldiers for tionary right now ah we are we are probably about twenty minutes way from the nathalieto gas actually we have a natural reserve both field over here i be the new york into chicago all over this toocountry and you may be familiar with some latitude ause you're his year of business dealings but i mean there's a lot here strategically for in an empty lake there to command not to mention the fresh water o ki they're going to take the fresh water all the ground to operate their how are you going to manage that water the after you after you pulled it out how are we going clean and oripoto or manage it how we going to manage off the politicheskoe off of hostility that am i really do belie that the retraction of the plant because we image earlier was one square mile stilty the retraction the plant to hundred seventy acres actually is just one to act yet the plant going in then expanded into the other areas that they couldn't obtain right and then to more business to be i would say here let's get the plans of whence the peoples are feeling threatened by the operation the plan we can push forward maybe we don't have to pay three or four times the valor the property that's thee may we can just push out and were pay or pay him last or whatever and we can start to penis property as we go along and i will go with thee comradethis we go along you're talking a company that as round or that has his overseas seen by the sea see pete are so is part of the seas he peter it and on they really don't have the plate by our rules and and we had lesse point to other developments that are or chineans or one which would be in a peephole how with this inhabited i haven't one a moment here ah don agrando and we have weel weel production facility down there loganhe production wise they have for her to the time it is an ofanleyte people seek for it company called oh i got a look it up again here i'm really not romermonate real quick quotations doingthat enforced have to hop off oh it's been relaxed on this matter having me penjon or a way or the experts on everything going on to masten i ever hope the will be lasting good hands by it you have so unfortunate so very thankfully he came on to the arabian i'd love to have back onto you know at any point time if you guys need to have a voice oh i started brandenburg news network cause i've got kicked off everything and so it's like i my decided that we had to have a place where people couldn't be heard and have their voices her without censorship and h and that's that's what i strive to do his so you are welcome to come in any time and let people know what is actually going on out there thank you so much and thank you for having me again the castle a north america dikasts north america west i cast well that's interesting i did not know that so it's really amazing how much a talk to everybody you can find out the nonsense it's going on in the state and people don't realize that go sheif it's a chinese company the seas pa claims ownership of those companies so this is the chinese communist company and in my opinion there using economic means to to invade the nation they just buy it there disbinded when i when i heard about how many people in office are getting big big poother and i think that this is this is how can they they theristis is the situation there are allowing this chinese communist party company to come into their nation with as much money as they want and they're getting big pass for their land the ones that are the decision makers to allow it to come in it's his tracking or what aboot i've got to say the man the depth of a deceit and corruption runs pete visayo marshal clearing the land and all that hutten seventy nine million dollars from the medes the strategic and no bed contract and he people who were heading the medes they have a producer e responsibility it's in their by loss to the residence of the state of michigan or giving out a hundred and seventy nine million dollar contract no it that's an interest o cherry act o i'm sure there's lots of people in michigan who would want that contract but it went no it that person is also now that come for the head of that company is now also working with the governor on another point i was not wonderful i'd like to make sure i find out what the name of that person is got to onesearch okay then you have the other right place in grand rapids what sixty seventy miles south the big rapids they're getting fifty million dollars for whatever in grand to do self up and big rapids as through her whatever i whose one of the big promoters of goshen the right white places they are so they're getting fifty million dollars is the head of the right place does he have an engagement with me desier the strategic fond o yet he does a fairness the university there getting money other and get money through this project the does the president of faires have a relationship with him is oh he sets on their board it's like well to its give me a job on that board and passed me a pass pass me in jason some of the money we will want to have it i had the like it's an organized crime structure when you see what's happening and our government and its notes in that one area this is what's happening across the board and our government that you know with this organized crime structure you know what the problem is is that there are some of us that will not be paid off i was offered four million dollars to be delivered in my bank account forthrere an issue and i told him not to know miss chance and how would i take it dimittat and there are some of us that would stand and not be associated with anything like that and in they can our lives go to expose of and see em all go down you know i think that the people that are are taking the money from china for the land or absolutely despicable and there traitors to the nation on what you've got here is they're all chasing huge amounts of federal money now there there saying one of the reasons that the ford may be backed out of the he slowed the project and marshal down because their waiting to hear whether those batteries will actually be eligible for seventy five hundred dollar credit from the federal government gem is on one side of it a fort is on the other gemissant four batteries should n'halini because her peeking made by a chinese company or others licensing with the chinese company so you got four and the m fighting not about building the best car but say you are cars should qualify for the credit and your shoes ah no i think fords also got in a in the billions of dollars for other plants that their building with other companies a i think in kentucky and tennessee but it's it's the federal government coming in in distorting a market place for vehicles that aren't ready for prime time yell you got a the presence for what it jimfarlan i don't do saw this done he does the road trip promoting the ah the one fifty folly electrical version a oregon northern california can't find charging state i thought that that for it's a total scale now whoever planned that for the sea i'm sure they're no longer working at ford because what was intended to be a public relations the nans ended up being a publicly public relations doses you have geni for grand home whose doing a promotion of electrical vehicles and what is she have she has her staff drive a gas powered vehicle in charging station so that when her car gets there they can pull that other vehicle out and back hers in in charge it and enimith holk what a junk she is sheer energy secretary she has even no home any barrels oil we use and a day i mean though the woman is totally unqualified for you know work putting people and wore were not putting people in places of selection process with there allselective who is in the positions and working together against the american people and they are not qualified they are not qualified in their not being attention to law the is two sets of rules and thesisthat in charge and we get the crumbs it's unfortunate i think the great thing is is that there's more and more of us who are stepping up and our refusing to be silent on this nonsense that's going on across the nation and i'm i'm praying for the day that every single one of all yet get charged with the trees and the thereulto and and paid the price because that's that's where tienne re running out of fossil fuels and here in the us it's the reason we're paying seven dollars a gallon for gas california because you there's a shortage of fossil fuels all of those types of things so we need electric vehicles sorry that's just the joke that's joliet's a long over going to were never going to run out of fossil fuels and i can prove it to everybody out there this is a great discussion to get into that came from that yonther day but yettman this is so much craft we were working out in colorado we got more anton that an end colorado then they've got all in sodathey they certified all the all the wells were empty they sealed them off ten years later they're all full how does that happen when you've got dinosaurs make in the making the the petrological that's not where comes from its liquor the dinosaur hearing sit's silly it's all in aslakeby believes that dinosaurs died in mass that many dinosaurs where do we get gessere we get oil it's under the bed rock if this rock were billions of years old there was nothing walking on that level of the ground i'm just going to tell people don't be so this is not reality it's a lie from it's a life from the rockefellers they only make money on transportation of patrolling products that's it it's everywhere the like i said that's a discussion for another day the that the sixties for that i think you're seeing here and big rapids and your seeing and marshal is the ability of david challenge and defeat goliath we're going to win i think ultimately in go should i think they can hear the footsteps coming grass roots america is alive it is well it may be needs to be reinvigorated but what is happening in these kinds of instances he is really fully activism at the local level preserved their communities a and to protect taxpayer dollars and sell ye danny ought to come and visit us and come to one of our meetings it be glad to come here the cross to want me there actually yet the cross section of people that are coming ah and uniting res absolutely exciting i ornamenting as i come ye i'm honored that they asked me to be a part of it to kay i mean i'm down in holland i'm i'm ninety miles away from big rapids the old we started talking and i said i interested in this and they said he if you can help us to please do work you're welcome to come and so i'm honored and said to be working with these grass roots the pouring the effort that there doing in provide them whatever guidance insight so that i can cause but they're the ones it's jason and his cohorts that are driving this message every day in their community how talking to their neighbors fate facing some ridicule ah yes and opposition from their neighbors he takes some guts to do what they're doing it to recall luctific als me i don't think we get a lot of support from the media in the local community or helps ipso things but yeh there standing up for a preserving their community developing their community but developing it in a way that the community had agreed upon and the community had never agreed upon magazines so what of the megapode do i tied to an area like ours in like i was talking on justinharkness rd and i i brought up this point let's say if you had to shed in an area like the so you can go then in an area like to trite populations larger a bigger tax base you can you can in cananor animations influence and an area like that when you take it o megast his slap in heart the heart of the michigan and small town rule area like once they come in they on you they'll have all the influence and you cause they have the money they'll be able to push whatever they want i've seen it in several different cases and even in my home to ah if if you espec now at her commonest element on to so you can't tell me that they won't use that influence in the township or in the whole area to push their agenda and any way they can because i'll have the money there most it will be a subsidized money our own money in the weaponis on money against us they'll have that money there and he'll use it against they have already this boards already done reputable harm your community too they never talk about the inflation that we're going to have on her property the property was sold already for about three to four times more than was supposed o is valued just like old obtain it and i now when that's all reassone capes or going up an there isn't there isn't too many area a people in my area that when i stay and this area effect ochampa comes in because the chemicals are going to be bringing into the area so they just want to leave and they're all looking at it sell their house so my my question from the start of this whole project of you tell me that your coming into our community because you want to get people jobs you want to keep people in the area i but yet the you know the constituents to the residence near i don't want to stay there because that project were you doing it for then where are you going to get to run that that plant if nobody wants to work there if you're lucking at on an average twenty nine dollars an hour for a job which came down quite a bit my man may i add from a when the first induced the project when oh when they say they're going to do that why why would he go on to work and a oriropetana worker started career that comicalthe mical when they can live ill work in a much oh help your area even like fast food for example that would be comparable which in some cases to to work in this gilitin on it i was i commented on do die cast lorier now die cast too you across that problem ah when they when they were put in and i granvilleand you talk to you the resisterant they had to import people to to run that facility and is a miserable facility to work it so i mean there's a lot of things and like you said earlier on a the there not committed to that twenty eight three or twenty porter jobs at the offer in a robe to be just erlisman honing that there is there a constant there's a continuous plan here when i look at what they told us about goshen twenty six hundred jobs a good pig jobs we're going to have a orginalis prosperity for the commune were going to grow the community if you look in illinois for example now they say the same thing and each and every time that one of these projects are presented to the community there is no hope it's just a constant push down on the people that lived there there portion in the people that live there out and taking the area from the pope and i from yes yet is there that's a well now communism doesn't exist is socialism case communism never worked right okay was his call marks this will come what they all arsinoeto know we've got queen gratch ah it her cerasque nocolin the court jester benson setting up there right now an they're all marks as you can listen to him talk and they have marked the city ology and in its very very concerning on you know on all levels my question on this too is occalilli to connect issues i m curious too with where the going to get that amount of people oh let's see let's look at this minichi is number the is been courted as number three in the nation for human trafficking i think it's closer than oneron there does not reporting it all and we know that the trafficking not just only kids with kids in adults you know i have my friends of general plantinar flinedare about the task for going on with that the traffic in people were the containers alloted their dog it over the roads their doing it their doing it all over the place and i would i would be looking in that direction right there to see what they're going to staff there is a number of years ago we had a child traumaticin ingannrsi might had a little bit something to do with the brain in front of the right people and they busted fourteen hundred chinese people that were being traffic across the united states and it went all the way from new york up to up to frontand it was a real it was a real big issue helden realize that there sitting right on your door steps and houses around you that you wouldn't even know that they're there if they can't get the people coming in they'll find a way because well got to do is look at that look at the human traffic and look at what they do with the wagers and china and all of the other things that are going on and it's the i hope nobody out there is just going to say ah i'm sure they're going to be fine it's going to be nice to play by the rules not half in and they haven't done it yet and they're not going to do and i would be very seriously looking into that issue and wondering where people are coming from and how there being placed and are they local are they bringing them in and where these are the eleven citizens or are they bringing and people that are you know i'm seen the busses all over the state of michigan tornado is a border jumping buss ye they just roll through it in fact we've got we've got a gun that works rosesthat ralie sitientia i remember when he legally at obtain citizenship and he was telling us that the border agents down there all have to do is pace somebody two hundred dollars on that on the mexican side in the american side just waves on through and so all you can see the borders are an if you're repentanceon you can see them around michigan and i will not believe that our elected officials don't know what's going on here and so it's it's there is a story a few months ago there is a girl that was in a party over in detroit a young gal she is in party her friend gets a fine fine o phone a massage and says i'm i'm is the somebody grab me and i and i i can't get out well they took the police over to the lettest ry is is that they took the police over and she was in a container the police refused to open the container they found her dead on the shore and africa about two three weeks later this is such a serious issue and people are not willing to have the guts confront the stuff that's going on right under our noses for men on tony's art looking in that direction well just really quick to add to that i had a cat i'm shaking a lot of hands and meeting people in the acounte and i had a conversation just the other day with with a neighbor just down the road and i see what do you think about this goshen and isis while you're running for supervisor and i so it doesn't matter i just want to know how you feel about it then he said well you know it doesn't doesn't his idol really it doesn't matter to me too much i said okay and he says really what are you going to do about it anyway they're all ready here and they ben your i think you're twenty years to lie and i i just can't take that posture because if you do that somebody's going to steam roll you if you were a you're a boxing ring and i and you're you're gettin beat in your losing your fight you're still going to fight to try to get up and move again right or let's just say for example using the analogy in this is kind of rollinat the most politically correct analogy but if somebody has a bayonet and you look at let's let's see if a guy's going to shop a man not in other guys that guy that's getting a bayonet in the chest to leto the stop for a second hapsley not you know i well we have to realize is that we're all americans and we have to protect what we have because a lot of people died a lot of people made terrible sacrifices still due to this day to keep this country to protect that pipe that lets are the so you have to rely dropped a lazy teriodide that oh all that stuff is done it doesn't apply to me and actually does then all the sun you wake up one day and they're point of a chinese battery plant extra and sighing ping is cold i be your neighbor i know that that's just the start what it isn't even the start we're like right in the middle of the worthy heat of it you know look at all the farm land purchases at or happening and in and congressman eisinga made a really good point then i was really happy to see this he was a question about the satius review and if the sepos review needs to be updated i mentioned to see his review both big rapids township when when gossiped back a green ran are bigger hape shortly i got on and said omission saying that we are going to submit our own i see fisove just to make sure that everything everything's we found out that a lot of the safes reviews of their using from a facility they have at down in alabama so chuck said he we're going to do her own see tis for view and will submit it will get this done it came back he well the interassantes prococious supporters said hey everything's greatly ah that type of cepheus review is very minimal ah an information that they have submitted the self re in when you have him in his apelleses to see he by the way from from a from a company if they are put in the seeseethey the company has to comply with all the newest much stringent as much tighter a process and so what ends of happening with doshin in this situate go thou back of they said they gave sepius ah to be gravestones his requests that gave them the information that they need however the jury allowed on a cold seivad that the information that you gave us this not does not all fit requirements that we ask as you have a year is so what has a happening as is this just kind of up in the air and safes finally came back and said he we don't have any jurist in so so why doesn't she is having jurisdiction a lot of people went to a went to thee a distance there you know like a bigger opposes too far from a military so therefore savisesha that church that's not necessarily true either in cepheus does have jurisdiction because we had to wait until they bought some property now as in that night so we can't do any we can't have any action or any say or any kind of review of these companies coming in until they go ahead and buy by piece of property so one look at for a second or farm land which is very dear to me cause i grew upon the cattle are not account cattle armed but i was merely her and when you have as you have these businesses and chinese place is coming in by an upper farland pentapolin is and for greenfield purchases there is in any review these people can comment and go ahead they could by this and i don't know about you but i can't buy a piece of land in and china or anybody else for that matter so i don't understand why we're able to lick his people comment just by this land they're goin to they're going to choke us solanothe can think in control they are the energy they'll have us a green energy they'll have us so the have our food source so i can shut her power off and shut her food off when they all come timendis there on her hands and boodhist and as thosewhat you have to be very very cautious about all this and really i believe that sekenes to be remarked they need a little bit more more rains though two actually studies in the need to be more robust and me we have hold land security but a lot of times womansee it his hands are tied right so how many how many government ages he is we have now i have i understand they all have different oh and i'm talking in an mister hoste's area now so pardon me but ye the fbi the sea and homeland security we still can keep our country save orborder the white notedwhether it fix said you're a racing this stalking about is that exactly right the process in washington basically ends up being a political process it's not a robust a process ah the process in lancing is not a robust process it's a broken process the threat has evolved it was on two years ago that congress voted to in a permanent normal trade relations invite them into the world order and sat cathy'll become more like us and what we seen is exactly the ops what they do to the weavers what they do with slave labor a what they do with selling body part what they do in terms of economic espionage what they're doing to build up their military and all of these types of things we don't have tools and place at the federal state or local level to the address massive that we phrased in china that we face from russia face from iran north korea cuba a we need to restructure and put and make them roll us or were going to be trod were going to be trouble the rohale most robust thing we've got going in goshen are the local people local folks there the most robust they've educated themselves on the threat from china they educated themselves specifically on what there from this plant economically and environmentally and national security they are and there on the front lines and like i said we're getting gray help from the federal at the federal level a certain members of congress at the state level the others not a root crossed i guess that i'm optimistic that would people like jason leading the fight a we're going to win we're goin to went on goshonn one of these days were going to read about goshen putting a pause on the plant in big rapids and it will be because people like jason and they're not going to let up yet we were were boy by what happened on monday and cattle i but when we got together on monday night ah it was kind of like okales have a glass o wine let's have our beer let's celebrate for what happened to the people with the people and marshal and then let's get back to work to make sure that we have the same kind of result that's great yet we the people are the answer here to fix in all things and it's really a shame because if we had better people in office we wouldn't have to be fighting these fights because they would be the first line of defence and there not there there there playing ball with these people instead of sending them soundly on their way and i think that i think that i that you know to get better people in office is going to be a huge part of the whole she would hear to the constitution and make sure that there being faithful to their oath of office to weed the people as a service contracts so to say thank you jason i think what you guys of their uninterestin and any time i can help you if you need her time on you know it any time if there's anything breaking in anything like this i do this olefres this is all just you know down as volunteer i have i own little company so so when i got kicked out of you too it was like fine were just going to replace him to do something different and give people that don't have a voice a voice so you're welcome to come on any time and i really appreciate both you gentlemen and robbias on this or the prayer so you don't mind i'd like to and thesisthe prayer and then we can go about our day dear how leather thank you so very very much for all the wonderful people that you are bringing forward to stand up for this nation which you gave us as a gift were so thankful for everything that a founding fathers dead to set us up to have a the perfect foundation going forward to have a republican sail of government of republic representation of all people that you the rights that you gave us would be defended by the consortthe constitution and we pray that more and more people would come into that knowledge of how you intend to godigende to be were thankful for your favor worth we ask your favor every one whose fighting to protect the area around goshenthe antigrisouteuse everyone who has bad intentions that the all the plans and evil would be laid out for every one to see and that you would confuse the plans of the enemy and hold those without a voice those that are the most vulnerable the ones that need defend to be defended that you had blessed our children with the legacy and a know the posterity that comes after us that we would leave them to the world in better shape than what we were had a hand to useand we thank you for your guidance and everything that we do the path ahead of us we know as yours the battle is yours and we we humbly submit to whatever plan that you have going forward knowing that your plans are always good you're always you're always loving and that you're always defending us and showing us about her way as we walk forward in you know walk forward as we're supposed to is one nation that is under you thank you so much for being our friend you've been a wonderful friend to us and we want to be a friend to you and jesus christ precious name and pray a man so thank you donal man so much for this day to have any clothes in words that you'd like to say well we are from the constant fire mental security alliance we have a place where you can donate for our effort if you are go to i cast the dog or here o the acasta door and then a debilitated there the reins if you feel so inclined to support our cause we have length there were each and we need to be clear i think ye when you done when you said that you're working for your working for free a snow was jason a sole i ah yes the legal we have legal costs and we've got obviously eh i don't know whether we can use the funds for the recall i think that's a different place where we need to go the this is primarily disport or legal efforts there's no salaries that go out of that pay some get paper and printers a printer in on those sides of things but other than that it's a as it is we would say and do is believed to rack it means it's love work i i love that to that that is how we stand gathers americans and i appreciate all the time that both you gentlemen have put into this because it's extraordinary and on behalf of america and michigan thank you for the efforts that you guys have brought to this because it is its estimating thing a selfless act that you're doing and i'm just so proud of you well thank you for your time to day it's awesome well this is always and it is in me here go for covert now brander for governor dat come because i'm still not conceiving the stolen twenty twenty and twenty two elections and i won't concede until i see this nonsense and without such god parting insect god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the merican make it a great day it starts with you it starts with me it starts with all of us standing here with pete jason and robe and a you know em and a you know all the wonderful people that have stopped up with their time because they loved this nanon that we love each other we stand together as family before god and we just we just want you to know that that we're standing here fighting for you and for all this and we need be fighting together and starts of mental toughness god make it a great day it's a choice be an example if you don't have one have a wonderful day to day and i'll be seein it tomorrowthen another anderlet's going to be on to morrow as well as as martial wilson who is running for governor believe and west virginia so have a wonderful day to day and elsinore there if you