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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/8/2023 - Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published Aug. 8, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the eighth day of august twenty twenty three welcome to the show to day we ah ah we have a once get a lot going on you know i think we could do a constant feed like canon only a truthful one not clinton news not were oreshooes not work isn't it john it is absolutely good morning here good morning and welcome too tater to his step where we exposed the liars the chiefs and the thieves and the shells every day religiously and without backing down saw you doing to day i i got to read re introduced this this is the or tuesday the moving edition yes it is a very interesting these last few weeks actually moving here back and forth trying to get stuff fear on and right now i've got people inside the building through on the toonwood floors so that's why not in the building an outside that's forceabout i'm happy with that's not half bad michigan and outside right now is textually pretty nice little bit backingbut not too bad why a morning a coat the little brush it's litenin the sixties outside right now seven yes that the sandistes three when i start i sobetter now what it was most sabering upheld in some also so well here lotinos of crop going on to day and john and i are starting and embarking on a process cause i such a i think it's trigonophora decided not to show off and or be in timeand when are one lawsuit decided to they decide to reject it some ironic judge and the comb of course either comorant county or to county where the biggest the biggest hacks in the nation seemed to live on any other dismiss lawsuit turn is gone by my own you bolted off the island once again so o my son i the block to some atelier a survivor show it really is you don't it's got to be almost a game for me it's like ike what are they going to do next you know and if so if to sit there and go home so go game is strategy you know and i just keep coming back at em because they're not altogether that smart they're just as so so upwere in so done is going to do some prosing law suits and in order to see where the gulls i did you see the the video it's going to be lothiniere to day gus because john outside and and these were going to we're going to be doing some different stuff and wanted to show you the jutish this viderant a baby there and i don't like the term grass roots any more that i do republications i'm in it i find the redones that location for me to be sitting to day given the eradicate ago i sat in this very chair right here in the erpinion on parliament and at that time i wore the world of what was coming during that conversation there was hoisted at the time by the green and he affanda number of the other parties of the european union a very representations we were having conversation on whether europe adopt the united states alice of allowing for the patents on biologically derived materials at the time i urged this body and i urged people around the world that the weapon ization of nature against humanity had dire consent tragically i sit here to day with that unfortunate line that i don't like to say which i told you so the fact of the matter is were here not for a reprisal on past decisions were here to actually once again come to the face of the man condition and asked the question ought to be what do we want humanity to look like and rather than seeing their is an exercise in futility washes very easy from timetotime when you're in the position i mean sees not as an exercise of futilise this is one of the greatest opportunities as we now have a public conversation o friend centerpoles mines when this was an esthetic conversation about biological nobody cared when the conversation came home he came something people can care about it grateful for this opportunity i think the members of parliament for hoisting all of the translators who apologised in advance i will use terminology that is probably very difficult to translate to my pologies he also like carnole ge the fact that many of you are aware of my involvement a martinet the omen i wondered a encouraged in the very early days of this pandemic again on front of the camera talk about all the information that i have been cheering among very small groups around the world and it was in fact turncoate ent that put me in a place where many of you have heard what i have dese ironically world that i came from the muse to be very popular i see of the senlumigita which were televised on stratemeyer on the world was an audience that i lost it in incontinently say covered diminished my fan so confidently say that i'd rather stand among which i am standing to day than any of the folks that were part of that previous world so this is a much better place to be my role today is to set the stage for this conversation in a historical contact this did not come in the last three years this de not come in the last five or six years this actually is an ongoing question the probably began here in europe in the early stages of the midnineteenth hundreds but certainly by nineteen thirteen nineteen fourteen this conversation started right here in central the pandemics that wheeling to have happened in the last few years also did not happen overnight testifiand teaches in christoforis began in a very different time will try to advance the slide he one of these things very ostreon know that coronatoris as a model of a passage was isolated in nineteen sixty five i definition there one of the first replicatile viral models that could be used to modify a series of other experiences of human condition of his isolated once upon a time associated with the common cold a particularly interesting about its isolation and nineteen sixty five was the was immediately identified as a passage in the could be used in modified for whole hosts of reason so i in isto it right there and maybe i'll play a little bit later when we go on but i wanted to get a get that out there a little bit because doctor martin is a did his done some wonderful work and great presentations and as usual there are always outsiders or people who choose to be on the outside sound the warnings for people round us and omental you what people are going to have to walk away from or the things that make us that we feel familiar with in order to go forward say political parties for example and the cuntentate that we have going i have never seen so many people so fast in my life putting down anything that has to do with either i don't know say criminal behavior just because they want to be part of the swamp and in its familiar you know i adopt a little little girl years ago and the problem with getting kids out of an orphanage there is one called orphan mentality they always grieve even if it's something where they were that was terrible they will always grieve the sense of the familiar in order for us to go forward just like doctor martin did we're going to have to walk away from those things that are familiar and not looked back like saul's wife dead so without sad i'm an lets you way in as we were talking about several things that are based on premises which are not true so i'm goin to let you go ahead and dive into this well let's start with it that you brought him up vetebrated doctor martin m everybody everybody in the public functionaries that allowed this to happen sandomic to happen to the people are guilty of tree you got there on they're guilty of treason because they violated the decorate declaration of independence which had life liberty and pursuit a happy if violated our life they violated our liberty and our pursued a happiness by the use of the scamp demic that they brought on for they then violated their oaths of office both on the federal side and the state so if they were public functionaries that list that worked in the public sphere and is vouchers apollon he is not just some he steps up and makes a he must have been brought on board in a the political so if he was he then had to take an old one if he took an oath of office then he guilty of trees of course we know that rand paul and others are going of but the point of the matter is public functionaries that allowed this to have guilty you bet there now david ike as you were talking stepping outside of your shell of your safe many people don't want to step out at their happy and the comfortable in here and david i did beautiful a video one of his first ones that he had how russisch are where he actually spoke about people being in an echo and he discanted step out of the egg shell because what would your mother think if you did something different what would so onso think if you did something it became a self fulfilling a jail salvationthere and because we have allowed ourselves in this particular egg shell area and can't step outside we are able to be dictated to told what to do and behave a certain way because we are afraid that somebody might think any of us or different ones and that's really not whom we are were supposed to be able to be the individual that's what america was all built in based upon remember this is not group rights like the rights of the alleged be te qu ex c people this is individual rights everybody in society has the same rights given by god protected by the constant that i have or you have and people need to understand that there are no individual right i mean there are no group rights and so you can have black rats and you can't have a gay rights and all the other nonsense that doesn't exist in a republic that may exist in a democracy but we don't have a democracy we have a republic and people need to wrap their head around them the anybody that claims group writes they have no idea what the as we don't have that would be the worst thing in the world if we had grouped rights than if we had a majority of women in this group for example in this society the women could pass a law to make men subservient to the women i mean that might be a fine thing for the women at that is the point that there is no such thing as a group right we all have the same right you have the same rights i have we got to get that squared away first and understand what there that's most bavon i nailed it and if anybody can get that copy of the there really a good video and is looking for a right now an see if i does almost twenty years ago that i and while you're digging for that then franklin once said that we're going to give you a republic madam if you could and what he meant was that out of the president that the people trump though he did make a mention in his first the nagral are that i'm going to return us back to the republic he can only do what's going on in b c we can't do what's going on within us person we have to have it in our mind we lepublic not in the market and sold there lies the rough we've been talking democracy way back in the thirties and even the twenties if you watch some of the old movies back then they talk about the democracy and never talk about the rich we accept for red skelton talked about there and there are other several other people that have talked about her but in general most movies talk about the democracy and if people get to him to what's going on with the with the movies with the with hollywood they would understand that we have been trained overcome to talk about the democrats we have to we have to restrain our thinking poses we don't have a democratic re we have a democratic reeled what that's really a democracy we really don't want even talk about a democrat we want to talk about it but a republic and we want we want to shun the word of democracy anybody he talks about a democracy and a public functionary that says we haven't democracy they need to be fired on stupid not and they don't know what to on the ceringas too that there confusing the issue is a problem that i see what it is when they start talking democracy democracy is mob brul and so the minority positions on anything have absolutely no rights so doesn't protect the rights of the individual it is basically like protecting the rights of special interest groups which is what we have right now within the political parties would then special interests in our elections as well as forming policy we we need to have every one has the same rights as do you want to apply this to a current situation that you saw yesterday the gentleman that was on your broadcast ah here you got on that john go had a lot to say this morning when we got on and is a fire away i don't answer he said some things that a really made nose for for somebody that's been involved in the political structure he really is missing the if you are a so called a republican or so called democrat or whatever party you affiliate with you have as much say as anybody who pays money to the anybody that don't hates anybody that has a thank you thank you then you sorry that wisigothic gegonotos none too see but anyway the whole argument here is the if we didn't if we were not part of the party i was not part of the republican party for example which i not but say say i will i've ciliate with the if i was not part of the republican party because i didn't pay douce and why what i tole for anybody in the republican but the republican party the democratic party in all the other parties that are out there public hardy you don't have to be an actual deepying member of that party to be a republican has which winter your awfully right if you did then we should never be able to vote for any political parties and in any of our elections because a cretopolis that are paying dues could vote at that time that's right they're the only ones that could go we can't go to mankato because we're not part of the republican part which this kind of store then it's kind of expuls extortion and paid to play that i isexactly what it is it's if that's the case it's it is its extortion and paid play by the political parties in that forthere doing with the other departy meetings as it's both extortion and paid a play so the waters the government was set off originally by her founding on what we have delicate the delegates were supposed to be in particular areas the ticular regions particular what every one a call jurisdiction and these people were supposed to tell somebody wanted to run for office they go in front of the delegate and the delegates would agree at yer good guide because we've done we've hated you we found that you're not a communist you're not a socialist that your really understand what the republic is and where we want you to run and now that i'm a gallegan and and i've got this political person that ran for office and got elected he should come back to the delegates and say he in nowhis what do you need delegates go to the people people tell on the delegates delegates tell that public functionary how serreres ntatives we got this thing so screwed up when i was a delegate for the republicans how many what during the campaign for liberty people when when randall or was trying to bring in the campaign for liberty i joined because we thought we could make so we went to the conventions and stuff like that happened is that the person in charge that was running the show he was actually doing the bidding for the police and the be bunch of people behind them we were raising our hands then we don't want this and he would slam his gabble down it said you're going to get it so that turned upside down then we had the public functioners that we put in office in one of the guys came up he don't get star struck a governor or because ye governor governor nites schneider governor schneider will be here to day don't get started astr the skies were often the scotch is got a one an election big deal he had a lot of money he made the he made the election just the guy like me he's nobody like all the other public functionaries and lansing there are nobodies they sip their pants up the same way everybody else ships their pants up they're nobody differ and but we have not before my god look at this his god is coming off to be and well that is with it's just like the just replaced hollywood with a quasi celebrity status of politics and now it's like watts the news and how much is going on in the news that surrounds it its crazy it's absolutely not so i'm i'm right there with an i'm a tried something here about it and then we're going to go to the chataubron out brandenburg live on this other see of the craterthe chat there what you're looking for that we are talking earlier about going after these public functionaries and that's what we have to do after we have allowed them to get away with too much blood and we have not for the bandit on no and young men now at this point have such a hammer it called these publications that we need to and people need to say in what to day's sunday i'm not going to do politics in my day off not as politics as you at twenty four she there is no day off for them we are in a war so as are in a war louis in ar prignon try i don't think this is where we say oh just to simit it i've i've got to go to something else i you know it's like i don't understand this because it if we are truly in a war which i do believe we are and i think most you would agree with that it's a war of a fifth generation warfare that's going on and it's all about capturing people and turning them into assets against each other so and you don't be an beltionos smart decide i think too really to really get a handle on what's going on out there because we have to be thinking and not traditional ways about how warfare is actually fought how are we go how about we go here to this one a man of because i think this is pretty interesting ah one of the girls in the chants and i may go there right eciton ht it was good it is cant county has been pushing through a multi million dollar scan with a canadian based by energy company that has already failed in california and is in the process of bankruptcy here it is the american bogas council do and they were the ones that have gotten a five million dollar grant and we need to take a look at this of an it's just for cant county so there's another place on the cacacomy for responsibile evel and thank you esther o turf for sharing that won me i love on peel share langtonie have my own but i will absolutely go and derail what i was what i had pulled up if we'd got something that needs to be a dress but let's look at this grand rapids and burl michigan in burlington and one catching a booterfly i will see a subsidiary of anna anna and argia and areghis been awarded a soissons as troubledly trained company has been awarded a five million dollars from the michigan public service commission in support of developing in a cant county bilineata a worldly project in partnership with a cancontent of public works teeth project is designed to increase recycling reduced counties dependent on landells create jobs redescendent assentand produced what what is it carbonatethat is nisard's of nonsense it's omissions of all it is as treading out or buying land to offset their plus on that their doing it i'll do it here or everywheres thank you bill gates for absolutely bring up a ton of land and the united states dakgis going down some day and so is anybody that participated with the sail of our land to foreign entities it is wrong it should be stopindian and people involved prosecute the total cost implement the overall project currently as mate to be three hundred and eighty million so with the telling as right there as they got a grant for five million but the and game is three hundred and eighty million which they're going to get from somewhere and let's let's look back up there and what is the promise of lore all of these wonderful buzz words that people stupidly follow i know in the climate change green energy nonsense and i bet you that the people that are running that that accompany and oh the people in office have got stock in that company too guaranteed just like grand home dead with her one point six million dollar gained from a stock trade in the electric vehicle industry these people are criminals is the crime syndicate this so so the going to have to bump this up from five million two three hundred and eighty million and it's going to come from where from the extorted money from the bad tax structure which has been foisted the illegal tax structure which often thrown on the people of michigan there the good extort the money out of us some michigan's low carbon understructure enhancement and development grants are given to projects that develop low carbon utterly infrastructure and help move the state forward to carbon neutrality this is bull crop there explainit's do it exactly what a monothelete did was selling those carbon chronothermal his money was selling carbon credit and i if it's it's a traitable resource just like you know their trading their trading carbon credits by a or a hitting that neutrality by buying up land which is john land somewhere else so that they can continue to pollute as much as they want that's all they're doing bang up glance they can continue to polowith impunity so a estrechar said it's money laundering you gouged as and the idiots also taken concannan's waist so there you go that's what they're doing there there allowing them to don canada's was here in the united states for dollars and polo michigan in michigan were in bad with the company that couldn't make it go i'll go a bit and come fornacht even as we speak so they're going to take the money they are going to wonder the money way then they're going to deep six accompany and declare bankruptcy so that nobody gets prosecuted and nothing gets done and they steal the money that's the process or nieve got oh sid you laugh even senamee that ordeineth shall set you free thank you maybe book not one think you on we can't we can maybe bring that of all still keep looking for his son he find it go ahead and put it in the chat somewhere a direct light to the vidostern for sherries here you go questions who signed this thing some one had to sign it absolutely oh and for what organization did and now we got to git back to norton verse shelby county are they a de jure organization is the constitutional authority for that organizes i'm not talking about the people getting the money i'm talking about the comet i gave away the one do they have a constitutional authority are they in the constitution or are they in the charge somebody has to do with deep diving to the ken come charter and see if this organization was it called the while there's a a what you see less yet does the probierbchlin works the directors name as darbas and ah he says that can't counting as a real opportunity to create a better world for future generations by building the cat county vile underivability and sustainable ses well he swung it he's won you put his name down on a sheet of paper because he's one that's going to get left dar boss the r b a a s dringelter him he were going to go after him just like we're going after nestle whitmer and bent yeah i mean i mean i think noses what we have to do it in that's cant colony department of public works we're going to find out somebody's going to have to do a deep dive into the kent county charter and find out if the public were and that are the what are the basis for this organization to exist in the charter how is it operated i mean they they lay it out they shook spressify we're going to have one boarded directors in and twelve members of the organization of they're going to get paid so much money a year there their functions are this and then the list you that's not in the charter there are the factor organizations i can norton verses shall be county they do not okes sadenego of commissioners meeting on eight twenty four at eight thirty room three ton three hundred men roll oh to so so now we get commissioners involved in this now this is exactly what oh what laurie brock and her team is doing up by gochis they had started to remove commissioners and people there up there that signed on with goshen and they took a two thousand acre supers facility up there right now they're gone to motto hundred fifty acres which is still on accepted you know because it is it is a foreign its foreign investment is a secco pany owning and operating land in a company within our borders get the how lot of michigan cease he go back home youready trashed or own come country you know you got it we got enough problems there why would we let a a hostile organization for an organization in to our state to do anything i don't get it i i really have lost commissioners that did that need to be brought up by letter by chopping block and lost in sowing of individually for stepping outside the jerer and if we stark doing that to some of these people that they're going to wake up well and he got and guys of their siliceous that are oscitantes a bunch of em that took a big money pay off for selling their land to a communist and that they should also be held accountable because they sold out the land american land and they took the money you know for for the land they sold to it for an antony every single one of these people is guilty it felt montecaragon on on telling you what while that part i agree with you not our law that's got that love for money but if you own a piece of property you really have the authority or the right to sell to whoever you that doesn't make it good or right or or moral but that is that is the law on our side if you own the property you can see while we shall however how do they were in hostile governments that are commonest we have to dig back a little bit and find out how did they get was it in their family for twenty years thirty years or did they buy it from somebody and then rest craziness the craziness continued so anyhow that's that's one of the things that i wanted to bring up here this morning and thought that was or there was kind of crazy so i think we can continue the ins mark about the the prose process because this is the issomething that needs to be a pursued when we were when we were on orson friday oh with loy bronson we were talking about his prose lawsuit which is amhanogan the supreme court and he used a title of lovenstein security so kind of an interesting and interesting rule in through well we'll see how it goes like the once again i say when it comes to voting according to octaves stay telegram on integram for verses oregon call states that political things that have to do with politics his part of the legislre and so the bronze and should have gone after the legislature and if the legislature didn't fix it then he should have gone after the legislature seeing the he would hand miles ahead for where he is now going to the supreme court the more light more than likely to say he has no standing because they do not do there is more then that's the first step to take cause like it about felt three days ago when i found out that lawsuit was dosed i was like fine what's to lester he hit on a prose so that's my called john and said here help me out here because we're going to start we're going to start what lodging some you know loansome ah motivation at them and or accountability of packages and on men by that is lawsuits we have to that's the the only way in its imnot talking nobody else to get stupid this is sonnino sending down the proper the proper lawful eh accountability packages to and fact removed them there they all need be removed the entire the entire group of them these removed i agree the politics in the voting strictly legs not the spring or talking not me telephone and telegraph for osorkon stating that all politics that is the right of all the weight of voter sonsfor its legs and it is the legislature that is supposed to be doing that never was set up that it won't we hear these legislatures telling us as we did a couple of days ago we were talking to one of the public fish and she had a an attorney that was on that was actually listening to us or fives he was making a comment that while you know because we asked him what what about this sir sixteen people that were picked up and he is well you know that's he nestles job and she does he in all the nemenians do anything about it i so wait a mint you are the legislature your more powerful actually in fact then the executive branch or the judicial branch you're the older set what do you mean you can't do that this gus an attorney and so i mean i don't know if i woke him up or if he if he's thinking i'm crazy or whatever but the legislature to go back in history when they had the articles of confederation and they had the legislature come together and the purpose of the legislature was to get each state to have the rights and so on so but they couldn't whenever they passed the law they couldn't enforce the so they threw the lad they threw thee a harticles confederation out and had a constitutional convention and brought forth the constitution where they put in an executive and the executive branch was the enforcement arm of the legs and it was supposed to do what the legislature tells him the ah when the president gets out and gives his state of the union his really giving a state of the union to the legislature not to the peace were televised and we can get it and that's not a bad thing but that's not the purpose of the presidential he kept together with congress because he supposed to be telling the congress going on with with the state with the state of affairs of the united states same with the executive branch in o lansing they the legislature rorethe executive branch way port directly to the legislre with perhaps no power wolmer only has enforcement whitmer has no power to make laws rules the regulation she only has power to enforce what the legislate so now if the legislature abrogated their authority to whithern segoya because we have this emergency action there the ones that should be brought on the in held cause what whitmer's just doing what the legislature gave her permission she has no power of his and we have to understand all of this that when a legislating executive branch issues some sort of a edict or rule or regulation that rest rule or regulation has no power is got no authority what's becoming really clear to me though is that the structure what is supposed look like very much a military type struck you know where where you have you have layers to in order to get things done and we've really turned into a free for all where everybody's nobody stand on the rails within what they're supposed to do with their jobs there there's the all the lines are blur but also the fact that we the people have to engage and we have to engage with our local representatives in order for them to engage selkethe think that they should be able to march into the governor's office and tell the governor what she's going to do and that's as first of all its absurd when you think about ten million people how how is that even possible it's impossible of forlegis tically for that to happen that's why it's set up with layers you go to your representative the representative goes off and in you aggregate information that way and i think that realistically the blame on why this whole thing is failed is because we the people fail to act we failed in old or local of oh responsible and accountable and tell them this is your job this is what you need to do this is how you're to do it and we don't want this so so this kikistop the chain here and had the governor in force at that that we want that's exactly what how it should have been approached they there they are not doing the jugs nobody is doing their jobs and or upholding their oaths of office you don't here's another one i want to kick out their fore you do to think about what about when a a public functionary let's just cease a member congress lies not only did they do wrong the by by less distick it with a safe as let's say or or or legislature first off they did not step up when they eat when the unconstitutional mandates were put in place right so they called failed badly but what happens as they get in front of a camera as they are conducting or under the title the function of a of an office with an oath and a lie to either other members of the legislature or they lie to the american people if their talking to them on a on the media what what do you do with that his perjury were see it's perjury but it's more than forgery it's a violation of their old on that's while ation of your love office and we have to get that drive out through the general public and especially the listening audience here that if they violate their oath of i am not sure of ever if it people can actually relate to that because it's such a a big term and it's a big term with big consequences but even if you start adding up the the smaller and fractions like perjury people understand that you know the perjury part of it is something purges themselves that that's an easy or fraud all these things our easy for people understand fraternidad i'm not even sure that they understand what what treason is fraud is as bad as violating your son his trees what is the doing something outside of your also that's in violation of the of our country and of our one and if they violate the constitution that there s of o woe taken oath of office you're not going to follow it i swear that i will uphold the constitution and in turn around it step low or like george bush said it's just get pieces that i should have been bolted that day of but we wish we have come up with this slogan that well old and therefore o ka no it's not no not several they are carrying a heck of a lot of money then in charge of a lot of money because their taxing the people and then they are using that for their own personal game no it's not it in and they should be dangling at the end of the rope behind i agree i agree and here's the question you know i i i'm always thrown it off there to get on with all of em you know they need that they need be held accountable but i i don't know o there is there was a point brought up in the discussion i was heavy that i don't know why we couldn't do the same thing out american soil you know say camp pendleton or something i know that it works down there forget all i think i think we could expand this just a little bit for treason because they can't tell you like i think get moll and on and i'm not sure of this this is my own think is coringsome semimilitary backed the fact that get on is a military institution of military helden and these are people could be brought forth on for trial in america but they're going to be brought in front of a military trick is not going to be brought in front of a local judicial system because look what happened to dropping to york a man on milestorite york he don't he is itanything although then a guilty eh anything but a guilty plea in new york not for going to bring one of those public functionaries up ottone york in front of a new york judge what do you need is not going to be a fair trial even even the public is been sold brain washed to live in as like new york is or in california to live in in a quasi socialist country over there those two and and expect the different result then to go after a person at wants to bring forth the case they wanted to stroy the cost they want us to go to war they want to wreck the constitution so we become a third world country people need to wake an what he for this is the this has been a long standing process over the years to bring us to the they have been trying to brain wash the public for years they have tried all different processes subliminal advertising repetition of the same thing over and over and over again all the same radio or television networks preaching the exact same news ah from one station to the next the trio and force this idea that where the mocracy that that we don't have a constitution that were not a republic that you don't have individual right only of cowries they've been trying to drive this home to us for years and if you're not paying attention then it becomes part of the ingrain bread part of your brain and that an that's all you know because you didn't think about it you didn't know what a republic was he didn't know what her sister was sent so this has been something that if as go on that's why they're going to get a fooledyes i get all the they free organized and built some buildings over there he can hold the military tribunal over there because the military for the most part a sworn an oath like i have twice or teacher in one says sworn in all to a colocasia ion of the united states i take that very very very sure and a lot of people in the military take that he so he there are few more on out there general milly at you an even call him a gentle is the general nuisance he is not part he's in the military quoting the military or retired from the but he should have had it he sure stripped of his rank and that may happen in he and up it did he'll take all of the stars oh on the point of the manner is the military is going all the military tribunal and if the evidence is there which it will be oswaldum as been working on all this the information is there they're going to be found guilty in their con end up a with rotheran trot the rightful president of the united states all you see my hadionyageono to say at least one john may be here your life your prop is the rightful president of the united st charles as i think we have a bunch of clowns and office not knowing their jurisdiction and they have no clue of judicial power or all other affirmation they should not be qualified for office will there not qualified for office we need to recall ye and prosecute them of and let's see a didput up the true social link and ellis loved tuesdays with tatoroes for eight nine three there working on we need to stop it what more health care at bill all residents of michigan including a legal treason for when i show you something amentet that that i am posted and i think i don't know if i got posttogether not if i don't it's on mactooles one of the american thinker this is condonantes ting and how many people are are involved in election fraud which is our most basic besides the the right for fred of religion of the rateros heard and run our country seems like every day some one is finding new types of election for this is no accident this is exactly how industrial at calorized fraud is uncovered and we call it spiraling are we call its piling to act when our team was hired by state farm geyco u s a a and other top insures to stop organized all fraid we find we found the easy stuff fast equivalent of phantom votes later or analysis spiral deeper deeper and a complex relationships identifying real times sophisticated organized frothing of doctor lawyer or rings modifying names organizing undergrounders with ethiopian nigerian victims ringing up thousands of claims when we crack evas online action we were dealing not with organized rings but individual crime on pensoso computer took the dog never delivered sons like the grants of their putting out there if i were kicked off be charged or are changed every identifier and rejoined eve one the same scamp never peered before online auctions it was invisible to all current technology except for i belissime force has at all i don't i think they do have the real numbers that is happening in election fraud space with new variants serve algorithms and shape shifter exceptional individuals find the stuff offering a laboring or often laboring for months in florida to gifted man chris and chris discovered contribution the alswo made thousands of donations often for a few dollars each in a short period to mostly to left i scandidas now you look at turicenses had a ton of five dollar donors from arizona salter's dines wonot agothis is concrete lots of five dollar donations deeper nails the shows tens of millions of dollars and illegal outside contributions coming at the being carefully registered but to left as candidates and right candidates we got syenite all over the country james of did a story on it so in the landforce ments term of art for this endeavour is faculty worked in florida boys down and the entire effec databases from two thousand nineteen anticurrent that's a quarter of a billion records it is not in it runs at silicon speed for every state so here we go for every state legislatures and legislators with one cruet quick we done in strait every contribution mule in their state individual legislators can show their palace during reelection to how much mule money is going on against them one would be obayed and atheotetes up so so this is another thing that we need to look into because there's there's so much of the stuff going on it it's unbelievable anyhow that's an american thinker and once again another for instance we found registrations all over michigan and wisconsin and wisconsin so it's period not only do we find a one hundred and eighty seven thousand apparently duplicate registrations we idente testified to their legislature about how the election commission inserted hidden collis into voter ide numbers so this is going on in michigan and i thought this was sparely significant a very significant and then one more thing i want to bring up here think his kind of crazy just news items and then let you weigh in on this because we are educated individuals who look at alternative sources such as canon on your shirt so is so his were not afraid and were not bullied into looking at other sources moody lowers credit readings for ten banks issues negative outlook on eleven others done quietly over overnight i care like the hell turranio show because ah that break stories much faster than a lot of other sources so we can see that firms that had ratings count were metebant corps webster finance grew becapian al court old national bank corpilice financial patterns and fulton financial corps a northern trusting comonfort frost bankers are all so under review and moody adopted a negative outlook for eleven landers including a these geyserite here pianciani services or capital one financial or citizens financial group incorporated fifth third bank or regents teansport elle a financial think o the k and huntington bank shares in corps it is coming my friends i hope you have prepared yourself mentally for what is coming because honestly we've heard it before nothing can stop what is coming and it's common there is no way out of that and it's good as you worse than then twenty nine it then asked lately can be worse so another contest present trenches for charlotte space force and him has it all election fraud coming out in the weeks to follow absolutely so that if we think that the good guys you know what i it is illogical to the guys are not in control certainly god is in control but we can see evidence all over the place of the good guys being in control and that we are in a systematic burn of everything bad that's what's happening and we can put our trust in that cause i do believe that the good guys are in control you you might it it's it's too controlled we were never have known about hunter we would never have known about big in all the estranged by now somebody would a clipston or concided all of us for speaking out even the people had in congress if the good guys weren't in control of this we've got people that are controlled i think nestles control i think she's an assises orderly controlled though she not rodorlicere of the witches of lansing you rather and he hopefully it's to motivate the or sorry behind to get off our sorry behind the do something which i should have been gone a long time ago so i think the pain is going to keep coming they're just going to ratchathani little that more and tell people finally gets sick of it into cide to do so it again its trunk and his team the white hats are whoverloc l em good guys those people are leading the charge but they can't do it alone as i said before ben franklin said we'll give you a republic if you can keep it we the people need to see we the people need to bring back the republic or forced the republic on the on the public functionaries that have violated or that's what we have to do and in it we are going to continue to sit back and wait and watch then in all the army isn't going to be there to to back up the white house we have to wear the army were out were the free were in the field we need to do so he will be erings me too taking a look at what we could do with nestle whitner with the three witches of land and how we can deal with them is number one we should go after him for violations spotswold skin to require several letters we also one to go after our own personal legislate if our own personal legislature has violated the one as folded for sixteen has not voted against the fight on the sixteen people that are being charge for some ridiculous crime by by a nettle and who have not step and said nestle your sea way out of your league in your way out way beyon you job you need the back of that's the legislatures if the legislature is sitting back and saying well we can't do that because she has a lot of power she doesn't have any what happens if the legislature gets mad ter what could the legislature do stop if the largest they can they can do with what ah the santos though i don't like to say in tastandolo and make him make her stop down de fonder department of attorney general no longer has any money we work in italy found in whit meraks them stop makes some step down these onward the fond state of michigan a secretary of state defended governor defended because who could control the money the legate legislature has so much power but their acting like their wet noodles all we can do this because we don't have enough people about for our sardotopolis agree with us no i no worry because if they do something what exactly what's going to happen is there going to get attacked by the political parties and the political parties the ore are helping to keep them in check with the system that is in place all really you're going to step outside of that your old macaire well guess what they're down acres the republicans and they all work together and you will not get the boat next time and you will be removed that's exactly what's happening he his heels were altogether to that's why we have individual legislates for that a representing so many people so many people if the so many people are awake and say in a light if we ask you to do this you didn't do that and you know when you tell one person that person tells ten people those ten people tell ten more people point of the matter is to get these people to wake up and say he were not going to tolerate this in there taking your pocket money that you have made you what when out in sweat in for the tax you and then he turned around and they send it for by research lab five million a year dollars which is going to be three hundred and fifty million in some time the come guess who's fan for the you are at your pocket not your swet that's where that's gone while even like local in error of with peggy sattler and byron township the nine may for for electronic poll book because she said they don't have anything here except for a few things on a flash drive and then i said in the necessity of the flash riches and now that's empty is that we all have anything and then she said that a brater for board elections told every one that was in the townships the clerk's office that they were not to talk about anybody about the elections and sent him to the board of leon so i think that's there's at least there's at least two in claws that were violated i think they're for by our township you don't you would you do not destroy that stuff said they did it before the time for him was up but more than that there keeping records back to the eighteen hundreds why all of a sudden are they so quick to want to get rid of all of the information and a local level now and why now are they taking marching orders from jonathan bridetown rather than you do rather than bottom up charlotte says as and supreme courts so them down i think we i think they need to be i think they need to be sowed i do while here's how we can do this first of all do we want to find out who's committed to so they should sense or the center of the activity in our organization in your bodie you should ask them to send you if they want to get involved their name and telephone or address sir e mail or however you want to contact there rep housedeserted ives person whoever that is the senator their names of the so you know that they did the whole work and they found out who the representative is and who their senator is the godthat least that on the wrong and then say there committed to writing the three letters and of course will give him a skeleton letter put together a letter and so they can just change a few words here and there or adjusted a little bit put their name on it but their representative on it and then it has to go certified to their representative three three letters that's called the administrative posts before we could even get the old after do the administrative posts and they have to reject administrative process that a right to redress here for the mendment it's also in the state constitution we have a right to rent they're doing that right off the bat and they give you that information and you i compiled a list of ten twenty thirty how many people we have i'll do the same with the group on wednesday night she whose well into do this because if you're not willing if you're not willing to go the nine yards then this thing is not to you know what i love one of the greatest statements that i hear is i got to think exactly how to say it it's amazing how many people called themselves patriots on till it's time to go patriots ship because then everybody runs home and he wanted to their own stock you know you have to add so lovely you you have to be willing to do something in york ah your worke yorkyou're come afore says how are you going to defend something that is funded by and all democrat legislature you tell that particular legislator whoever he is that is your representative regard to loring regardless of party yet regardless of party you but let's pick on the democrats s were talking about a democratic or it you you write your democratic legislator three letters specify his violation of his ole specify ah the funding that he did for this particular stupid organization if they in fact funded this we got to find out what they did or or if they're fighting against the sixteen people if if their weked start with that he does no matter what the issue was it's a matter that you get them the democratic legislator off is can an if he doesn't do anything and he doesn't write you back a letter boesen you pile lawsuit the letter that you're going to send them the three letters you're going to send them all already told them that i expect the letter from you in thirty days if i don't get it on in a worn you one more time and then we're going to go to your court ococingo and then you take em then you soon in court yet it's going to cost five hundred bucks at least i started and getting into the court system and then may be once we do one cookie cutter lawsuit and all the people pieces together and that one lawsuit we just changed a few things and we've got a lawsuit for any any one of the old if that doesn't take a lot of effort what you as an individual have to say i know what my freedom is worth five hundred dollars as a thousand on because we have these patriots at sea a patriot while cough up twenty bucks on i can't do it nonoii'm not going to do that you know i don't have money i don't have the time i don't let the energy write the letter i'll i've had a couple of our group that say john why don't you oh photograph why don't you video tape you you're discussion and i says why don't you come over and videotape and means i have been on fire at first you know ewerers nal effort by an individual oh my who would he thought so this is what has to be done people have to say that my freedom my country is worth in all to three thousand dollars i can afford it i can do that maybe you don't have to do three thousand at once maybe it's a couple hundred er in a couple hundred there certified letters are three dollars or four dollars a letter you got to do that you got to send them certified because if you don't set him certify their can say i never you can't send a email because he oh you know my computer was hack last week and i didn't get at so galeocerdo ied leonard because that's the proof that you sent the letter through the u s postals there's no other way that can be done and then when you go to court now you got three green slate that say the postoffice delivered and so now you have proof that you did do the administrative process and you were ignored now you've got a cat this public functionary for violating his own office for violating duties for example this public service comes does it exist is it a de facto organization or is in a discouraging de facto it doesn't exist and so these public functionaries than are paying this public service commission is five million dollars is sending money to an organization that doesn't exist so is that sound like money laundering herons in the reason that the reason that norton was brought forth in isis that it kept the government from making all kinds of organizations because they can make an er roman organization speaking in all they can call it what of hate speech organization i call a day ah they can call it a organizedthe can make an organization department of of truth a such as hitler called it and were not only going to low true or our truth to be public in the the public realm so they can make all of these little organizations on the side helping him service as elder care services chard protective services you name it all these organizations have no constitute they don't and then they wepen is in to go after people and dragged to otrante court for not complying with their ah illegal laws and mandates and all that sort of thing that's right and so that's why norton verse shall be county came up with this if a dozen have constitution will that organization is a defect organize and there all usurpers so now you've got this organization called ah public service commission which is a organization of usurped and they're not over reaching their usurping authority never that's well what liegewhat would he happening with with people that get into politics and the lack of fiscal responsibility that they have an end with lips look at say what's happening with the republican party right now the democrat party that there already domesticated as easy but it butfate's a dabster fire i mean even even okoyongs out with a lot of people that are of a mature age let's put it that way and of which a lot of them now my man is not this way but be the lot of them were where oyelets go by and write there so sick of the sky right now and his incompetence his idiocy has actually flipped older set of voters to complete disgust with a mat it it is an sully amazing but so so peoples opinions can be in fact changed now let's look at the republican party with what's happening with christina crome and i'm going to throw the out here john and i want you to help me think through this cai really think that we've got a real problem there there was a and i do county there was a ototiun alice that was a filed my lord by end laura not profitable apparently in such is about the same time that they came out with the good neighbor the good neighbor program which is all about day to collect well tell me this there is enough information out here for free people can yet their hands on within the republican party to be able to effectively session a campaign so why now are they weaponizing people against people to spy on each other to go into this ap to collect information to turn it on their therectly turning people against their neighbors espying the spy on them and and giving me information or probably compare so let's look at the financial questions that are out there within the republican party oh there is only two paid employees there and down is now gone and they pay fifty five thousand for benefit a very less of hobblegoblin organization are they are they the this is the mischief the store pinetop that's the idea so i is so we're going to look at this republican party of a republican party that was asa put in place or filled in on january twenty three and i believe that was filled by john ah let me think a minute johnny eh something collie okay and so at any rate we've got johnny colley there's another name in there jenny shepherd colley that that filed this asonian o kandie got some questions because we've got all sorts of things happening over notecontinued noncontact they're all friends together in its kind of crazy christianis taking a salary which he said she wouldn't if the party was in good standing which appears not they keep coming out with the nonsense about maconoise speakers worthy going at the money to pay him they don't have any money so we'll see if they could even pull this thing off in a very short period of time here because i have got some questions i don't think that within six weeks there going to be able to pull this thing off he will say well this see what's going to happen we'll see we'll see i carry a lake in gimbals in this and the and the thinker of the just go try to get people to buy into this and then a bail but at any rate my question is is the gathering the subset of information is this stuff because it originated i believe in a county and cat countenance seemed as some really crazy connections there mainly out of a county is this something that all of a sudden christina is going to know all we failed to can't make this work any more whatever where is that day to going it looks like it would be really easy for somebody to take that in so that day to because there's big money and day to and if you're if you're weaponizing the whole state of michigan with republicans that are trying to do the right thing by down a cats that are sitting on the top ronondra are progressives their marks the sitting on the top of an and running away from the jistiks like another money grab to me and i will see if it plays out but i've got some real concerns on this including the fact that that there spying on their neighbors and friends and family not exactly what this is about the problem that we have as the republican party is a in gedoogen ization that you and me are not members because i do not adduce paying member of the red i don't even call myself but even if i did call myself because i beloved believed and their functions or in there in their by laws still madetouching member that part so i really have no drink or power to to adjust or control or do anything or say yes or no with what the republican party still and i have no power because i'm not part of their organist so people just need the departing them when they came what i earned my marianne i'm an american yearn american or i'm an independent or whatever you want to call yourself but i'm not a result and actually since the republican party has been really trying to get trump out of all sure half the may be a new party coming on board called the magpie we don't know but maybe that'll have he trumps got more following than then ben then andrew jackson had in his time right now present trumpets at the tope keep as far as how many people are believing and following him the right order days hard isenhart the right and of the united states president dondero the open end of the th my my second or third time seeing that this morning but it sure looks like the republican party there are there's so much nonsense going on with her ball kicking meetings or slapping each other it's like jerry singers for her politics and then when you look at and i put a bunch of stuff out of my telegram channel's got to make you you have to question what's going on there and why they refuse to cough up the information how many counts do they have won were they opened when were they closed with one point nine million that disappear the fact that mentawa not getting paid but christinos you know they they said they paid a low is i believe twenty thousand dollars and i don't believe she was paid and then look at the money that went in to a safe for liberty for the website i don't think they're telling is the whole truth that because people are not asking for receipt how can you put your trust and you know people say oh we got to work together no we don't win somebody is doing something that is a red flag that there's a problem that there's an there's a lack of transparency there's a lack of accountability and then they re write the by loss to make the chair supreme commander of everything who cannot be questioned and then they remove anybody that wants to bring things forward to either quest have questions answer or anything this is this is exactly how occult works and it is exactly the same mechanism that brought hither and to power so we got both sides of a primarily two party system that are corrupt is all get out i mean this is this is so much corruption we don't have a voice that they give us their selection then they shall let candidates and say here so you must vote for you republican here so you must bolt for little sheepes if you're democrat because we we put them in place we approve this organization knows better than you as they hide everything they're doing behind the scenes categorically wrong you know you had a little experience his because you ran for one i've had experience with this because i ben a delegate in the republican point i seen the the shenanigans and then the lies and the corruption per i was a member of the libertarian party i saw the same thing on a smaller scale same exact behavior of the libertarians as the republicans the same thing not one and so the only reason i joined the taxpayer party was because of mark is now sky of that party who called me insect once so to run for his and i kind of the an or never had any negative about the u sexpes i've been to their meetings a few times i saw what they were all about they seemed to be up up and outside it ok how i'll do that i'll run for sheriff and you are steterint going to run any more i know what the system is all about it so why get stuck in the into a corrupt system where you spend a lot of time in energy like you and me running for office getting signatures doing whatever had the pannonian not a street corner putting your signs out and it's like for because you aren't going to get elected anyway because they selected somebody to be in that position and you weren't you weren't at because they've got people that are selected that will move the money around back into the things that pay them off its a criminal there are government is a criminal money laundering in organization and the only place people that will back them that will cover their crimes that will further their agent which is at war with we the people it's not about blacks and whites blacks verses whites or gaze verses straits it's about government fors absinthe half the wake of we have to see it not about the gaze in the people that are having purperen whatever it's not about that it's about the people against the government that's where the focusing and we shouldn't set of these a gay parades going on on down the street they should be parading against the government but what the parading for people you got it you're all screwed govern only asked got a figure out what it is that we're trying to do here you want rights you on freedom's you got em or you have to do is now how to use them in demande yet some i see how many people sign up and how many people are interested in becoming part of our campaign the legislature and the three almost slipped one three witches of lance well i tell not charlotte de side donna brandenburg for gonorille tenant john tator i'm i'm thinking that's would be a really oh assonanced ible a team right there just because of our no back down i'm on to play that period proto project again then he ment to caus i think is the samsthanagatah right to keep and bear the arms and while we hung to that of men and with oil the y to the right shivereth drown the right to representation echinspora selecting all the candidates sounds were hiding all the seed and in a very one and we cortesthe tonoose it here as on losesanother of that the wretch they came or lasts the river bed on trichotomous and menocoptes that they thenthat scortations on the banks of the isis for the villiers of bangeston forestallers or the other to pispoletta oraoraoraora on the other issues this colernies oh ectocoracoid set on and on acontecido that do do the onoto i share this fatherterence solaneas southcote and those of the assoupissement catch citieswashington washhousesomewhere to kowawese besides over there how you can have the corses how all right to get your creation at como the poor added nitriote is what you have in store and coptation is related to the the enceinte porch and no chersonesein rosenbloom esthetological dissertation no use so loving he all the answer now there's one sextonmartin wiseor of men of tercentenarian the waters stood on it's hard to soloprincess by the see this war was horderclogeth and heestate as a chaconne tell the faroes were i a tall eyes imeirontes as to for i will that he little truth yea i do i lack there i will the guy think he's too i think he's the absolutely who larios and eh it's it's nice when somebody will take the time to do something like that you know and a anoplotheres here go some you know it's it's amazing that it's so true but we have to get together some of it something out there on my telegram channel to day and i would like to ask everybody out then you know if if you if you wouldn't mind if you could even pass on some of the links that that we posefor this show and all their shows to your not worse share in what people so that they can also be educated for john and some of the other people that have got long histories of really studying and understanding the though the lawful process if we don't have that we got nothing because we don't have any tools than we just sit here you know bumbling around watching things happened hoping things will go right we need to take an active role in this speech the length and then i'm in to ask everybody out there to ah help me put this team together to go after to go after our public functionaries and hold them accountable i know that i've got several people that have already said yes to me o that i certain too who are who are rock stars there rocks stars in a incastellate to research so i think this will come together fairly quickly i would like everybody think about this since miners and are in office every single american halloran of this bird by so he ratheranother we all though he's a fake president you do not even in his president of the fake corporation the bankrupt corporation the rightful president of the united states is president donald j trump and on gonosan he stole in care so but with that such sons bien has been playing games with us we've lost thirty per cent ever single every single american is lost thirty per cent of our not value and accordance to the dock clock each one of asesinato about half a million dollars a peak i don't know if everybody has a grasp on this or really thinks so you every single person out there are in dat five hundred thousand dollars more than that that is your share of the nonsense of these that these criminals have saddled you with as well as losing thirty per cent of your not valued now with that sad when you talked about it john about putting an investment in doing some of this work if we had done this work ten years twenty years ago or whatever i don't think we'd be in this position to day we may would not because we fail to act and we think short turned oh i can't do a five hundred dollar a process here to remove some one and hold accountable well then you're probably going to have higher inflation because they're going to continue to steal from us and we're going to continue to see more and more of our of our ownership of america disappear our dot rays the inflations going to raise and these people are criminals they don't care they know what they're doing and they don't care they do not represent us they don't care about us they hate us they absolutely hate us we are just in their way one thing that i wanted make very clear that obama and his sixteen year plan to destroy america to get us into war and that war is on the horizon its trunk set to get us in the war so they can destroy the constant take away your ability to defend yourself by guns and then you become a debt slave just like in a australia or some of the other one were the government tells you what to do and you do it don't do it you become a non est shut your money system down you can't buy or sell in the market place he could be the final result if you'll just sitting back and waiting for this thing to a let's tell see where it goes oh i don't want to do it let my neighbor do you not john you are let down to do it we're not getting no anything cold john go down that's a bunch of crap everybody's got to get behind this and do something we can't sit there and it's it's not a spectatorsfor never was never was and we allowed it to be that way because a lot of people love just in id i was gettin signatures back to him for governor there were a lot of people coming up to me and saying well this is sunday and i don't work on i don't do politics where i don't do politics at all that i don't the politics said all you i'm going in the potent that an i been like going well ye are your subject to every single thing that these idiots and the seeds do so you are you just don't realize it may be i don't know that's right you're not hung yet you're not hanging from a rope yet then come loose and i get more sudden over here some sure i can kind o see your starting to look like a ghost and i can't even see the son well i don't he i think what less a good time to stop and say get involved ah my phone number anybody can go ahead and call her tax ten oh is a to let me know his six one sick for three zero four for one zero six on six four three zero four for one here taximeter and your name your phone number ah your representative your son nor what district or in what are you are in what town shop you're on that sort of thing so we can't we centare can start going after these people and holdenand there all guilty every one of em is guilty cause nobody standing up nobody on and in the parties republicans and just as bad as democrats as just as is that people the only reason why why they continued to do business as because people go but but but but republicans but disney buttoned his joshaphat institution as they take us right down the path of descent you know got it we got to get smarter serrate any well it save her thank you havenly father aerated let me give michel i gad why should you get all the glory not get i shan't go i can you know i've done when ron ron one for governor i wouldn't a had to run so make him do the work i love it seven three four nine six eight four seven one you got understand my happiest spot his shoveling horseman or you know pretty low bar for me so if i do mottodo it please dear god stop mean dear homely father thinks so very much for john and for all the information we discussed here and for leading us down the correct path to holding our public functionaries accountable your educating us every single day your showing us what's wrong but also what's right and we're thankful for the solutions that your providing i thinke so very much for giving us the your trust and placing us here at this time this place horse at times such as this were all here in this no mistakes and we love you for that we know that you are our friend and we want to be your friend thank you for every single person it's out there please motivate people to come forward to help that they won't sit in the wings that they won't stay in the in the cold system but that they will actually get into the activity system and doing things moving forward and doing things in a legal way to remove these people from office so that we can in fact a hold them accountable tell him what we want done not the money that's kind to the corporations but what we want to help us to know exactly what to do in or thankful that your leading us out of this bondage this captivity that we've been in for a very long time thank you so much for everything you're doing for us and we set you give everybody a good heart a light hearted approach to the day realizing that you are in control of everything and we have nothing to worry about because the battle is yours and we gladly give that and everything else over to you two to carry that burden and to win the sandeaters thank you so much in jesus name we pray there you so here we go john the ah there's her hands oh i got to do this first time meeting go to brand and bore for governor not come because i'm the best not conceder who has ever not conceded in the history of the world even i would say it will i will put that out there as a challenge to president the rightful president in nited states president don but at any rate of to so renals we love you you're not standing alone we are fighting all of us and now you need be quite with us too because we can't do it along we all have to stand together one nation and that's not man women black white purple spotted hoods you know this is all this is all of a standing together no designations we are american and that's where we're going to stand okay nor pollicens no domocrats americans that's it so with a sad it's going to be a great day to day find some to make sure happy celebrate being in americans celebrate living in god's world celebrate everything that god has made and given thanks and all the glory so it's going to be a great day to day make yourself it is a rle and i do the right thing don't lie don't cheat don't steal don't be like the politicians set the standard and your own personal life by thinking for yourself and doing the right things always some things to be in on here john stand stand up stand a line i'm an end the broadcast i see on the line and an we'll talk a minute i hear him i always saw and it with a little text here for the chaps in my four screens are out there there you so have a great day gus on out