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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/23/2023 - Laura Loomer & Janice Daniels

Published Aug. 23, 2023, 9 a.m.

9am Janice Daniels Former Troy, Michigan Mayor will be talking about the current political climate and solutions to fix the problems that we are facing. 10am Laura Loomer Laura Loomer, 29, is a Conservative investigative journalist and activist. Laura graduated Valedictorian from Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida, in 2015, where she majored in Broadcast Journalism and minored in political science. During her time in college, Laura served as President of the College Republicans. Laura began her journalism career working as an undercover journalist for James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas. Loomer’s investigations have uncovered fraud and corruption within the Hillary Clinton campaign, Islamic extremism on college campuses, the Las Vegas Shooting, flaws and loopholes within the U.S. immigration system, and widespread voter fraud throughout the U.S. Loomer has traveled all around the world for her investigations, and she is mostly known for her Guerrilla style journalism and often conducts ambush interviews on live stream, which is known as getting “LOOMERED”. Some of the people she has confronted on camera include: Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Huma Abedin, James Comey, Maxine Waters, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Michael Avenatti, Tim Kaine, Linda Sarsour, Alyssa Milano, and former DNC chair Keith Ellison. Because of her effectiveness, Loomer was targeted by the Left and Big Tech, and is banned on nearly every single social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Uber, Lyft, Uber Eats, PayPal, Venmo, GoFundMe, Medium, TeeSpring, and even Chase Bank shut down her access to her online banking! As one of the nation’s leading free-speech activists and an expert on big-tech censorship and big-tech election interference, Laura has filed numerous lawsuits against Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Apple, one of which made it all the way to the United States Supreme Court. Loomer, who is and always has been a loyal supporter of President Donald J Trump, has continued to fight for free speech and First Amendment rights for all Americans. In 2020, President Trump endorsed Laura, and he also voted for her when she was the Republican nominee for US Congress in Florida’s 21st District. Following the redistricting of Florida’s congressional maps, Laura Loomer is now running for US Congress in Florida’s 11th Congressional District. She looks forward to representing YOU in Congress. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the twenty first a twenty third day of august twenty twenty three this this morning on i saw now that i've got a four monitors going at once and on to given out dat time i friends out there my mom finally got out of ice so that was a i don't know if if everybody other knows what happened but she's out i see you and and yesterday we actually saw some improvements so that was that was a really good thing but anyhow i want intretis my guests this morning i'd like to know how he guys all like my new formal having a couple of different people on a day i've been meeting so many people oh it's creditable the doors are opening up and then credible incredible ways and i wanted to give more people a chance to toller's story educated on what they know because nobody nobody knows her where our strength is as when we all come together we stand gather we bring our knowledge together we share that knowledge and we help educate each other cause god only knows that the education system the indoctrination so in a good job with it so leaving solon the dark for a while i wanted to do the same i got my first castes ganestand holes in my second gaston o'clock as laura homer very excited to talk to these and laura is on the road to shall be calling in and we're going to do a short interview with her to day just a phone one and then probably next she got called out of out of town i guess so the next week will do a long er an interview with video and such but i wanted to do my first and i'm kind of of i the first time my talk to jane as i was really treed by her and i tell you what i like people who are not afraid to get involved makes some mistakes do you things write but i don't care all of us siestas i make mistakes constantly sosovery body else but at least were in the game and were out there out of their wings and the only one out there that's perfect is jesus christ and headed those however were that when we see corp ah i see a lot of people out there going after people on a very i don't think that's a good idea however when we see criminal behavior and we see cretaceous have to talk about the behavior and not to sweep it under the rough that doesn't mean we go after somebody say i don't like your glasses or i don't like this about her i don't like that about him or whatever whatever but look at the behavior that comes out of and then we can either help to correct them they may be made an error and we know it's a good person you know that's a recompiling side on each other and go to the for the bible said but if there's something such as can ophelia and or am a child that has had sexual relations with a coach or teach i think we need to put that out there she ah to let people know people aware that there might be a poet so on the keep on this path and end this important sonnini watch introduced to you janet and els i cissie's really done some amazing things and the more i've talked to her the deeper i find her amount of knowledge and her fight so were not worn in talk about this day ganestanders is worn many hats in the past decade she's a writer having been published in the oakland protests and online in siteold ng western journalism patriot ockipation elections tregetty force incurrent ly at the michigan conservative union that or west ancas a former mayor of troy mishgan having experienced a nation wide mediate that led to her recollectus she opposed the adandoned inspired try transit soner and she would not waver honor support of traditional merits she was instrumental in forming tea parties the tory area tea party the centre lent macomades and joshua's trail blazer and his founding member of the election integrity fond and force i liked the electioners sindicate you that ring there is still actually trying to expose the cruchon in our election process she's a former radio to choose having her own show called the james stanier she aired on w a a m to sixteen hundred ottanoonsis she is currently had a herd across the nation on such and shows such as the bee martins shell the alliatan show and the andreeshe on behalf of new america and the new american magazine and the john birds side and this travelled michigan making presentations on topics stituent guidelines for effective constitutional government like constitution a constitution or republicanism and on a series of election for and articles that she wrote warning about the frasini in the twenty eighteen intermelle tions and the risk of which she saw coming for the twenty twenty general election and with that sad i would like to welcome dance anesthesin so you doin he done i'm doing great thank you for inviting me under his show wonderful thanks for being here i preciate talking with you and and your perspective on things you know and what what can you tell spot what's going on right now we we talked a little bit about couple of things before we got on air but what what are you mind it well there's a couple of things on my mind first of all these alternate electors that are being weaponized destructive way by this tyrant attorney general tananas in fact these sixteen michigan electors ought to sue her for uttering in publishing false informed and for a violating their right my god this i first amendment to the entente i'm also looking at the legislation that's coming out of michigan house bill forty four seventy four forty four seventy five and one called by his excuse me did these legislators ever hear about the right to free it so they understand their violating their own of office our case in our country and our end a trying criminalize credible i'm also looking at what is called the ericson report and this is a very very interesting and very expensive so that has been brought to my attention first in an interview that i watched of petitely interviewing patrick byrne who i think is the a player of an extraordinary oh that's my opinion and i have the right to know that her there you know there's what this lot of people that we all know all there and oh you know it's like it's like a a good bad otherwise the information standso yet yet we have to discern though the kind of information that were able to get and an i know that you do that and i do that and together we may come various people in the movement represented are they with or are they against quite frankly done if you and i were going to subvert a cone we send in bores in the tasso the famous criminals spies from the rocky bowing show that are obvious criminals and spies now send in the night engaging people that we could possibly find that could then over all the efforts that were trying to take say republic quite frankly that's my opinion of sticking to it and i can share some information with you later about my findings but at this what they talked about at the end how long this interview was our or and he he talked about what is called the arch and there was a gentleman named or there is a gentleman named michael corey whose an investigative journalist exposing the fact that in a swete that twenty seventeen i then supposed president obama i call me usurper but obama brochisn obama i called the canyon he there he sighed over actually gave all of our eye poloor internet to foreign adversaries in the name of the ericson or entasis a company out of sweden that has a long history of supporting a so they are a foreign adversary and they now have control over the internet and obviously you can corns with that there's no oversight there's no forques that we can make on a foreign company to reveal their information or their data and they have the ability in real time because of same day registration this is what michael core explains in his report they have the ability in real time so sam day registration calculate how many balance are needed print them up certainto our elections without ever touch let e'oome play a little bit of the interview that would be great i would see what he has no when we are first of all in a process going on in this segment to letterless engadine tell cotocoto he carry like corn you're about to hear right now is to this not fear to her moeonides composite it's that let's go back just the wordtaste on one were cocountry sheriffs because the aggregate the lot the cock yourself he got all the stuff once a combined or voted an they know the moving oars it you location hours the sol phoning we know jackyo's going to be shown up to the personbolts we need a promise to that of pisces he star is can we by genii them through mine for his work stars showing on references to it president trumpetisto they are broad cofus no longer with them but carrisco portion care is the bombs for your five years through ericson report doctors consors intelligence research i don't find just come right coming right out said he goes were accused of aiding in the body terris international intestates of america in at supportive of the cherishers of all china and is where the pastoral days eight hundred a document colligating everything that has been contained the arch of record way about beyond anything i ever expected a hundred and sixteen pages deming operation demonstrates the the government has been corrupted for of the ah with carson corporation government ages these are on conover the countable and thankfully this filing of the report totally that igate bilbesworth of my calcarenite in the show right down now the scoliastae introduction to this legal filing into packs thing is going to literally require his work macon house is our god held that the michael for sure why i hope things are holmlock bouts where want you to do i'm an mostoles fearsthat in locals tinamidae following my interview with nanon showing ostream operation longstanding come back to how the discussion as to how we get this information out shorttailed in the united states district behoonuch of people that are really really import it if it do pacifiers is probably the mistressthe history of our nations noteshowever otis i didn't even i didn't even want to realistic was so disturbed by i i didn't know i couldn't i couldn't ever he can talk to anyone once i started believe me stilling one and showing other gorgoaricer long so it is homines honoris creamily es of the de the rough ericson especially lack of over and they use the technology that was actually united states technology and it was transferred to alaida the like a and so the reality of it is as senapti for very long so that's the most disturbing part of it even more disturbed in which to come to turn with control the night on one service the the back under the old cerceris diction of the and so when you trans information those date line i've somebody get on pipes there's no oversight for laugh measure is your kind of the others youwork or a long together they go that's that's a that's absolutely not it it really is and in the interviews he is done michael coreis saying what we is go to our scocon ress man go to her and ellis not oc you know if if if we did business with we wouldn't be able to keep our jobs we would get in a great deal of trouble why are these corporations allowed to get away with the why so you either with us or your against us is so as that will have the election in crime girls somewhat that we both attended when we finally got home alas miss i have not you before but i finally got to meet you that was very very nice i was very happy to me chandour so pretty and you dressed so well and you such a confidence to a present so i admire you a great many ways oh i would happen i was sitting back at the back of the room of charging myself i saw peace i went up to him and unfortunately i caught him in a bad moment he was putting a bit of food in his mouth on the fool dropped out in its lecthiring got him angry anne kind of waved at me as if i was just so one passer by her saying o hopes and i and i said no no pet i need to ask when are you going to bring my cocori back in and exposed the ericson report more and he looked at me and sees i'll get to that then a little bit later after light revealed his plan i ran into him in the hall way and i said plan going to be able to stop what's happening through the ericson corporation and he says i don't know but i like the plan and walked away from me so he didn't want to engage with me and that's fine but i thought that he might be interested some one coming up to him out of the clear blue saying i've read about the ericsson report i want to help expel he didn't and that's okay too i would love to reach out to michael core in fact and have you and i interview them at some point in the near future on shells incredibly that we have got into this point where our entire internet is owned and managed and operated by foreign adversaries i never sure you what i just did so i put in the ericsson report that come and this is what i redirected me yeah it you is very difficult to find the actual report i do have it i am i don't want to take time now that get getget off or that that is nowhere what you want to write well that's that that's what i really thought it was really strange because this is where it re directed me when i went to thee when the archer the ion no sericitic of the deep state that's how they roll every time you put in a name such as the new american magazine that that's the best conservative online and print media source of information that's available to us to day done and if you take in new american magazine you'll get sent off to a million different sites you have to take into then the moon american dalham knew american dace i i had an article of anybody wants to read about my time as the mayor that's the that's the sight that you want to get to but again the deep state has a bunch of different sights that if you don't put in the word thaw and just put in new american you'll get sent to a million different places and that's what they want in do they want to keep us distracted delayed they wanted to store they wanted the night and they wanted denegre and they do it very effectively but we the people are coming back with equally impressive skills and sights and talents that were use to save our republic quite frank if you want to read about my time as the mayor in the new american magazine edition of february thirteenth twenty twenty he senior editor rebecca to terrenate a she a four page article that is i thought really descriptive of what happened and what the consequence and what the real agenda is behind what they did to me in two thousand eleven two thousand twelve i had no idea what was shaped i thought because i had made a snarky comment on face book that i was going to be is literally destroyed but it was a nation wide they didn't care about my snake comment they cared about the fact that i was one hundred per cent of poles to building the trot which is a link to the agente twentieth thirty agenda style asportation mode that they want to push us all in there is the article that's what i used to look like back in two thousand eleven when i was shining faced now i'm i love a little different eedele years later that is the all of us and hid in the rear ina ah you know it's like i said to some of the other day be careful you polandsome that's got some battle scars pece not in and he yet willis meceration i was thinking about the fact that three old sayings that i like one was from vinebaldi said he doesn't matter how many times you get not down it matters how many times you get back up a sure you don't get out that's one of em got next one is the the strongest steel is forged in the hottest the second one and the third old maxim that i like to live by isis is better to have loved and lost i never have loved to she is where i lived my life in those says absolutely so yes sire you is so years was attached to the twenty third or twenty thirty one finis who realized after the fact that the time i just thought they were rule to me because i had been a volcano vocal ah adversary to the troisime most recent that they wanted voice upon the people when the toy city council was sitting on a boat load of money or the choice city was sitting up boat oto money and they were trying to steal get more money from us and they were using scared tactics were going to close down your library we're going to fire policeman we're going to do away with the nature serreggi lose our bond rating all those kinds scared tactics really offended me so i was on oisin to stop that tax a being as they put it on the ballot three times we the first time we defeated it the second time and the third time it's like the peoples yet just get out of her face as he know what i found out here in this little little township that i live and i think there's about fourteen fifteen people and in our township i'm not not a tremendously mostly world right now it's growing but it's rural they they i heard somebody say that we've got a thirty million dollars how in the world why are they doing this way of as many people are in senator doing their annotto this township building right now because of course they've got enough money and i sat there and listened to two reales talking about how they've got a span this money they've got to spend this money and what they're going to do you know to spend this money in the township in how about your return it to the people who paid into it and lowered the texas if you if you got a thirty million dollar in this town it is our tax or taxes are on a whacker unconstitutional letting hal but anyhow i digress no that's true in this perfectly in a lying meant with what i was saying back in two thousand ten when i was going so meetings and in as a proponent to this tax increased we didn't need it didn't need it and in course the liberals they just love to get your money and then we did vis always programs and plans and schemes and bells and is if you go on any government web site there is a just an extraordinary amount of information pages in their dealing with the senior citizens community centre and the little kids this and the that for the other people that's all unconstitutional because all they are supposed to do is there properly delegated authority generally to be found in the case of course michigan was passed by less than zero three is less than a quarter per cent of the people who actually went out to vote as that and they had to have a record get it to then that night sixty three constitution was unlawfully put in place absolutely and old powers that they themselves have given to themself and yet the people just say well its law it must be good that it was a comment from frederick bastien know if you've read his pamphlet to law dana if you haven't read it or heard it it can be found adiversis of i can be found at the mess that or in to m is as organs it is worth listening to again and again and again for dick base rode it in nineteen or in eighteen forty nine eighteen fifty it could have been written yesterday it he repe wrote it warning the people of france about the coming of such it can be written about america to day sure that with the post to my telegram channel later i would do that and everybody colder i think that that's a good portion of what we're doing is de on taking a look at the and thinking for themselves rather than him some one told them where to think we need to go to those sources that's right in his relay all we can do right now down and it's all we can do is educate the is in wake the wake them up to that three hundred million of us stood up and said no more i'm not going to red o fie your uncle no and by complying with it i tell you right now i'm driving round in my car with myself on in my head because they've made this ridiculous law that such a talk on the phone while you're driving the car i can mold tie task and unto i commit a crime i should be free to do what i know i can do and i can talk on the phone i can walk in the gum at the same so i'm actually i hold myself on in clear sight with both hands on the wheel and i'm waiting for an officer to stop me peace officer by the wages that's what our force are a force is not a police force not a law enforcement forces sir here they are to help prevent in s to reign in s upon yet the tyranny is just incredible and we all we have been hearing that there's going to be another very ant that's coming out october and there already planning lacking a stone i hope everybody's got their big girl and big boy panes on right now and said oh how now not doing this go and that now not next month not the month that not the next ten years we've already gone through there there lies and their manipulation and in say no to her and into a portmanteau this man is that god calls absolute be bold to put on the whole armor of god bold against tyranny we nevastation people like us we are the watch people on the wall were saying we see it something coming to our shore that is very dangerous and were revealing it to the end through in formation through meanings etc and you know if the people don't listen to the blood on their hands but if we as watchmen on the wall if we don't identify the problem and warn the people the blood is on our hands so that is why i will never give up i will never stop until my last breath and quite frankly i'm going from life to life i'm going to have and so i do what you have to i'm going to live anyway but i'm not going to deny my god my christ my republic my consent my friends or my family i'm not going denied them of the help that i think i can give them by speaking out it is incredible and you know something that's really struck me as how much our countries been taken over by nils it it is you know as you see we have been infiltrated and every every organized somebody some attacked this morning good to read it on line because it's like you know what if i if you don't want it to be said ah then then ah then don't say it because i'm going to put it out there so this came up this morning ennyhow and from the formican here and if you know her another what's that i do yes as she puts out charicles not sure lengths to brand and bergen the screw she and the other jack asked a rescueing division by spreading lies about good people and i mean truly good people though they do give some truth information what severs do mos so they spread lies into vision that is not what we should be promoting we can find those bits of truth from other multiple sources you don't need to listen to these calls not directed not direct others to get sucked into their web of de and the person sent me said that he that he's been blotted there he's got into it a few times with her she brought blocks and from the groups so when when we see when we see people putting stuff out there we have to ask questions i put out everything and let people let people make their own decisions instead of telling them you know don't go to that group bess with you're doing this thethething up teams and that's exactly what city holland is doing there in that post and i hope she because if you don't set up teams and true child people like children you put the information out there this is what i found let's have some discussion on this is my opinion and i and a lot o let him let him talk and in it seems seems on if you let oveto me you know quite honestly where we see the same thing with it the groups that on that are in the the figaros group seems like any time somebody disagrees they just get blocked and he runs away so i i'm always concerned to see that kind of behavior disappointed with that kind of a text message aired to anybody or in any group because what does that do but but cause further confusion further division and you know i don't know that god appointed sende hollandas the final arbiter of there you go if you you know like where is first certificate from god i like you i simply do a great deal of ease he look at the facts that i able to find i'm not the great arbiter of truth either but at least like let's put the issues on the table if you want to counter anything that you heard me or you say to day there's sand be out their sindian if you are listening if you want to counter anything that you have heard don and i talk about to day please have at it i wrestin i am sir i i think we have to we end my mind the main thing that i always say is that question everie you have that we have to quest at this is how we got i was in a meeting one time and got kind of like a viciously attacked by the guide that sounded up because ah you know i was you are it was the onetwothree and all of a sudden he jumps up like a savage and he starts yelling about somebody taken money from this that they have like gone i don't know where this sicanians came for residentee now these and he was trying to make a case that i was taken money will just overnow i never took any dark money pack money and only took small donations from a few people when i founded about ninety eight ninety for nine per cent of my my i governor's run i do and so it was kind of a stupid comment that was inserted and then he says sodhouse o why should we trust ye like that and i like so he was being the arbiter of truth and of the whole room is sitting there going watches half and i met was really and i despond at him on like i'll give you an a for for your gods do come out say whenever you have to say i'm not very very easily intimidated by thank you for asking our questions that's what we need to do and i like you shouldn't trust me you shouldn't trust any one that's how we got into this situation even good can make mistakes as all of us to lock arms like that and go look for that true and put it out there and and red silence or shot down or told what to think by a political operative that has definitely by political operates that have a goal of distracting dividing and shutting people down so that that there they're just as much of a censor as any one else when they jump on his sick say steplike that sense just under a direct that's right and you know ronald reagan said it most eloquently to but verified so you know you're right we can't blankets anything any more be grated etech nological not only we have other finger tips but our enemies are sworn and mees have the same technological tools available to them to distort troy denitrate distant and it is those de words often times because i keep sonnetsidney too comonialte but the answer isn't for our own side to circle the wagon as we always do should inward it happened to me and to thousand eleven twelve it happy its happening to you to day why were we doing this why do we always circle the wagon and shoot inward at our people that are the bold as because the poet there political operatives and they have been they have been placed there through infiltration to always divide and distract and instead of being able to go forward and i laura loom or set it very very well she's going to be on it ten o'clock and she was wonderful at the the the event that we were at the end alivelike shed sashes said what's the problem said the republican party is the biggest problem we've had and i like that he absolutely the would say that at this point absolutely as we all know that that the democrat party is a domterrasse believing these political labels but the problem is there all in so when we take or when we hit it or waggon to a label you know and this is what i have done if i went i i done ifis thus ridon if i would this good luck would that because they're all infiltrated the companies the corporations the political party in this is been in old for whelming down of the nation and it's going to take you and i as individuals to say ah the bessemer just got packed then i'm not going i'm going to dare to be an american standing for those principles which is the and defining the rights of all people and refusing to be divided that's right no no political parties were discouraged and in fact we were warned against establishing political parties by george washington thomas jefferson james madison but then those of the men who started capart right so there always talking out of both sides of their mouth it's like hell title in some more though we got horace we got to give george washington gray you know we got to give thomas jefferson some grace but the fact remains why did they warn us against political parties in informed political parties while various stop man whose associated with our mutual friend john taylor is colocinthis yes i love john cator and i love ronasick and their great men the great organ but a wrong said it's money follow the money back then they needed money as much as we need mine to day would of thought that they would devise the very thing that the vo and here we are two hundred and forty seven some iv years later and one of the greatest beings of our political exists his political parties i agree at one hundred per cent with you on that statement because they're nothing more than special intent funded by deep state mechanisms in order to give us a collection instead of in election there selecting it sort of like going to mass where there trying to futherington we heard cattley had heard live stock and can what you do it you'd get him to go and this direction then you might get him to go in this directly you get everybody in and then you slam the door ran get him all the pot that's what that's what the political parties are and i've been trying to tell people this too is that reed what benjamin franklin wrote he wrote how to take the nation down people become too power we we have to we can't have these these i even then they all have to be right no one is perfect nor active flow is and we're here to try to make ourselves warming to christ as we possibly cranial but he was compassion he was well he was bold but compassion at that's all i know but he descries i tell you what i think i'm i'm ready for the whips to be so come out and turn the tables over this point time ease you know we've got so far out of work and it's because the the main thing is the whenyou remove god from the schools from her society and you may get you make it a crime to be a christian or you make it you make it a crime to say things that are like de no gentle onedomination of children on enoughfor haven't six can't talk of or about that really how many people are this is all about them and you don listening to people talk about the heart break their godless sally and i thinking of the fact that parents went before school boards and once in to read the is from the books there in our school libraries and the school board members said you can't read that here your right me that pornography here all but we can have it in our schools there's just a disc there's a major s and i think that on the th the the golis have been very successful in their long term started a long time of the well at all starting on the garden of eden when no when satan's can be like gods but accelerated in the nineteen with and ten of the united nations which was founded by alger bound to be a spy for the soviet union and you know what they charged him oh a lying to the congress rather than treason the man's been seven years in jail he should a hung by his neck till dead for treason against the united states of america to saw america will be destroyed merchan's greatness will be destroyed by its good i believe that in my heart we are a great nation good people but we've got to wise up when the criminals get more rights than those who are innocent we've got a big and are our fate justice system which is not a justice whatsoever political pasture can get who off off charges when they're old and in its game to these people it's not about justice it's not about any of that it's just then you iholomoni and in fact the his cheery i have a friend junewhite who really focussed on uncovering the the crimes of the system that has been built so effectively the attorneys the judges the court administrators the media every one of those components are packed a machine that run like a well oiled machine and they sell justice as they see just as for the people for themselves for their bodies to viterbo and it's right there before our eyes but we have a problem because a people can't he of wishing may be eight hundred thousand could so again you're absolutely right we need to build a unified for we have this stop dividing ourselves i don't even want to be called a republican the division is between constant and globalism there's the real divide and until we all come together democrats republicans us taxpayer party so in parting we all have to come together under the monitor of our republic store let's re established the fundamentals of our republic which are so beautifully expressed in the if we had the holy bible the ten commandments the declaration of independence the scots than the first ten amendments called the bill of rights if that was the only laws written on a heart that would be all we would need anything beyond that is for as incense and be thrown into a fire pit and burnt to a crisp we don't need this in sing of our liberty in the name of the in a year as the right we wouldn't even eat any police en we wouldn't need anything if god was absolutely on each one of our hearts where we put each other in front of ourselves and always do the right thing and those choices have to start with each and every individual you know if he want to say what do i do to make the world about her place tried bellies ye know i mean live live a righteous life before god you've got to get you've got to get right with god or or hells away and i'm i'm i'm sorry but i really do feel that way you can't go out there and constantly oh without remorse people round you with with with impunity got guts out don't think it's going to give impunity for any of this if for any of this nonsense that's going on which is absolutely or against his people and just as he's done many times you know by by evidence of the bible when when i when it's time to be done with things let my people go it's going to happen and it's going to be biblecalled because he's not going to put up with it or either on his side or you're going to feel the field of a backside a judgement and every one has to make that choice to say you know what if i if i have if there's no good be one an hatsthat you can be one of we can stand against that tyranny we can decide that we're going to treat and every single action around us we're going to treat people companies are word the same way which now are going to go perfectly probably not even even paul said that he couldn't he couldn't do it perfectly but they trot he tried and and you know every time every day we can meet it with interest and put that put that on you know put that that a standard out there to do the right thing and i think that's the best we can do i think so too there's a couple of issues that i am trying to formulate action for one is to try to help them in elected i've ridden article it's posted michigan conservative union that or it's called the michigan ten verses weaponized democracy in the cicones a democracy in the petenecte cause that's what they want to build a democracy where the laws can be weaponized ah and oh i've had gone through the so called laws that they are saying these people violated and in every of law there is no law that these people have broken could not the news sit over underneath the logos basically there is my photo image of dana's who weaponized de mopes keeps crawling down the article itself we need to stand up to this time unfortunately what these sixteen people are going to do is there going to hire lantern get in that system that machine so the attorneys gonebefore thine offered the backs dana's dangerous democracy verses our great ropes raw articles i've written here's another one the rather hateful evolution shethers programme i'm trying to establish where we're going to send letters to our represented who have signed on to legislation that is so esthetical to our constitutional rule of law that it shocking they are violating their own offices i want to start a letter writing camping the hefifty nine house members that signed on to the legislation each one who needs to receive a letter from in their own area asking them to either rescind their support of that once a set of laws or resigned from office or be prepared to be then we had our developing law suits based upon what we find they answer or if they don't answer etc so that's another project that i've trying to launch it's very difficult you know let go five person army start somewhere down scotti start somewhere we've got a start taking one all see more understandable actions against what these people are led i agree with that i have agreed that we can't just sit in it by any more and let you know let the feel hopeless i mean that's when they that's when they get us they've got us if they get us to be to morrow less and that we feel like hopeless while you know about what's going on i mean we've we've got to say strong and we've got to keep going i mean there is no undato the until we won or until on to weave on you know were were six feet under something like that when at last breath and inly done a gate god has already won this war i believe that through hittle's already wanted he doesn't expect us to win the fight agreed to mortals stay in the fight and that's what we need to do in that's what we are doing were staying in the fight against all smears on our character by people like cindy holland again i want to see her certificate from god that says she's the arbiter of or how near her put that out on the very day that you and i are going to be taught why it's because because they want to silence us and set of say he listen to make up your own mind let listen list for these people if you want to you realiseand want to and if you dig deep and off then and you know i think i think this is the problem this is the problem with with talking about necessarily a people there is no specific in that it's just an opinion in what she said but but there needs to be specifics put out there in any real ones not made up once and a the ones that the ones that are we can all look at and make it good good assessment but everybody is going to be a little flawed i mean we're going to find that and got but the reality as this that the only hero we have has got himself and he can use the good the bad and he even says that things that you say means for for bad hers is for good so intaken my i'm taken everything right there i got almighty i think he's he's the one who you be listening to i've got a question for so laura lomeros going to call in here in about ten minutes she's on the road and she agreed to sheshal the way she was supposed to be on it ten o'clock oh i'm going to talk with her for about fifteen minutes if you want to hang on back stage when when i bring her on then you can come back on will talk some more in finding this to be a very interesting discussion quite honestly i like talking with you you you reely do know your stuffingthe people that are in the john tateri find me very very educated and this this is not just sitting back and non complaining about things this is about actually getting educated on the process of that you have the tools to do some and i really preciate that process very very much because half to not here said not teem building not anything let's get ourselves educated so that as individuals we can stand in that day of of a trial or temptation or whatever you want to call it because we we need to do that so i bigot he emitted an gonna pull something of and one of before she calls it a wanttake some time to read her her biecause was it that she was where we were at the indolent i know i thought for and i do too i i she was one of my favourite speakers the and his bold and so brilliant have i i really admired her a great deal i denied you through the dock to her as much as i would a want but yet i am to be a headliner for laura lover i'm good yes she she is some one that i've got a lot of respect for her and the things that she had to sail is like wow this is the god to galen i i you know i i can relate to that i like somebody that will stand up there and in call it out for what it is yesbring truth for it and i thought she was one of the better speakers on i wanted there was a a lot there was a lot of dynamics there i'm going to i'm going to say that every one and i can't say that all of them were got you know but i think that's where you go into a site and you have to you got to think for yourself this is a navigation process where we have to have god guiding us oh there is so much the you're not going to get away from it it's it is everywhere so i'm in to bring up her viol a minute and let's see if we i want to see what i've got here and i'm going to read her by all and let erybody can give her an inter a averybody that doesn't know who laura lomore as cause i know she's going to be callit in somebody get the send beforehand and then i'd probably have you go back stage for a bit then we'll bring her well well bring her bring you back on if you're okay with that i actually i don't think i'm going to be able to my schedule as pack this morning i prayed to city offer i really truly do in and let's talk again for sure because i look taking i love talking with you i love which you brought forward and i want to look into this ericson reports some more if you can help me get the the report out there i'd like to talk about this because if our elections are in the hands of terrorists by design we are the problem and this soreness or elections done it it's our inner internat or going on one emergency they have control over where we through time they can or you realize that i was at a meeting and saint cler how any while beck in the president of eighteen t was there not i was not a special fan of this but they got the entire cancontent for our nine one once as he once so and i did they sold it over to a foreign adversite eighteen tis in the air and reports again i haven't had an of time to delve into it because really detailed in it it is deserving of our further attention i will send you the report and also try to get hold of michael corey so that maggrebin him on i loved that maybe next week or to follonica love for you to come back on to get if you come in next week let's get at all and a slip for you to come on like a log in a clock or something like the cause i think this is so in poor and that we have to keep talking we've got it if we don't put the truth out there what's going on were in trouble you know where we're going to be a big tree now i do believe that we're in a series of discovery right now i believe that we've already won this fight assinegoes and control we are ready and be were going to have to walk this thing and hope as many people as we can along that path otherwise i don't i don't know what they're outcome is going to be but you know first and foremost everybody get right with god and i really preciate you coming out omitteret laura's are you ready to stay on for a few more minutes are you on a do you want to duck out for the day i i want sinpoilish one read that a menbecause i think this is really interesting laura lomer twenty nice she's twenty nine years old in when confitentes igate journalists and laura graduated valedictory and from very university and my omisos florida and two thousand fifteen were she major and broadcast erneis and minore and political sins during the time the college laura served his present of college republicans lore began her journalism career working as an undercover journalist vir james of keverest veritas lomer's investigations of uncovered fraud and corruption within the hillary clinton campaign islamic extremism on college came the lost beggars shooting flaws and loopholes within us immigrations and widespread voter frock throughout the us glomerous travelled all over the world for her investigations and she's mostly known for a girl is style journalism and often conducts ambush interviews on life stream which is known as getting lumor some of the people she has confronted a camera hillary clinton whom evident very scarce ewelme maxine waters i ilatama more care people here more sciropre wisheshe to to leave on aleaxandri ocaso cortes michael avenarius e's got the caste grew of of deep saccharates therphalites it sarsinesshe alan oneffort dance because of her effectiveness liber was targeted by the left and big tack in his band on nearly every single media plat form including face book twitter instagram ober left over eats pad paltanoke fondly medium chief sprang and even chased banks shut down her access to her online bank as one of the nations leaving free speech actives and expert on big tex and beg tack a lectione fair florist felt filled numerous lawsuits against facebook twitter gogel and ample one of which made it all the way to you at night set spree lomer who is always who is and always has been a loyal supporter of president donald j thorpe the rightful president of the united states might and my aunt has continued to fight for free speech first man rights for all americans and twenty twenty present trumpen door lore and he also voted for her when she was republican nominee for us congress in florida twenty first following the redistricting of floris congressional maps larlarus now running for us congress and florida's eleventh congressional district she looks forward to representing you i suppose in congress and that's that suffer my interogertories in wait for her to call and because i was so impressed with what she had to say it was it was amazing dona where can i watch your show after it is an archived because i'm going to have to drop off and i do want to listen to your interview more alomar i have listened to many of your er with john tater but i'd like you to announce where we can get well i put every other live links on my telegram channel every day and these links are good after i'm off lying to for rumble i've got two rumbled channels twitter faced book as well as brand and bird news that work doc com everything is our hived on that side got kicked off a hunch so decided to replace you too with something that his uncensored and won't be taken down and if the deep state decides to attack me we're going to come out in a like a thousand enchannel because we can do that they cannot entirely sensor us we just have to be ready to adapt and adjust so i'm going to keep going here and till they decide your tack me and i'm going to tell you what we're going to reincarnate in a thousand different ways popping out because we're not going to end this fight it's going to continue on over and over in and as far as lawsuits i keep getting my loss suits because michegan is probably one of the most sedate disgusting states on you know as far as for a he having any justice whatsoever i keep getting a to see as she of justice here it's impossible so i'm going to proseminare ed with a prose process because i don't think with all of the judges i don't think it is possible it is not possible to get a fair shake in the state of so it is i not posed oh i do i hadn't interesting call yesterday from the attorney john's office by the way and i now have a victim advocate in the attorney general's office i think there's some interesting things going on in the attorney general's office i really do be where denotare because they set up these seemingly good you're going to get justice in all you do is enter into an enother little room with another little gear that spinning a part of the muse and they will ultimately take your money take your time and come back to you and say we tried we did the best laughtered done that to me several times and so so it's like it's kind of interesting to me there were twenty seven pence against the the people that were that are there's letters a going onto attorney general's office and they've already been arraigned in such as twenty seven one twenty six on one end twenty seven on two that are seeming to have criminal prosecution happening within the tri gentles of i can only hope because the singing we haven't seen great performance from any one that sitting in the which tells me that we have hoped that perhaps the white hats are in control and are all right jump monkey's job were in control now and i'm hoping that that she we do we have to continue forward but i'm going to continue with a prose process you know i become friends with librndole that guy and then dan had dana hindman allen and may hang up then and oregon there they're doing prose there it's popping up everyone we just have to get educated on it and how to do that so it's a it's kind of an inter interesting process that we're in on right now so at any rate i mean interesting it have you talked to joh involved in the prose process sir and you do have you talked to her else say have to her now cause i think she's watching and i oh i thank you again so much donefor reaching out to me and let's do this against yet there would be great well thank you so much for sheringan sharing your knowledge and such and will be talking son o ka and so much donatives god bless you the okay guys so i've not to bring up laura lomeros website here as we wait for her call and a praying for her safety as she's on the road she's a tough gal and very much and in enjoy her and talk his good speaker and lots of fire so let's go head played the somnose i get her get her on he herodiasfor guys are raised that i mingling my might i can wish all so i found out mites the videos a part of this on his lord as i had in phariseeing widowed as planned for to do something nor toughening more theforests in the rushing now think of the section of my own against sinites and really orborne me because a lot had sistematica lly and pragmatical freeman architecton an the i militarisation of present all around conservative active for romorantin eulalie a crown of michigamies over to no sound the fortifications with the fronde i sentencesthere rowed me in quincaillerie hollering like to know what happened to her the three thousand he now he freeheartedness coloniespeople antigonorrhic toronto the silence from former apoderarse change come of see finally faces to it fisofoli he how is you as prothero the united states on an unverifiable and solacious cosier and how is it ethically chapter not tell him that it laclosian willeclichen gave for that of the pedestals having pervaded its fightingthe i had economised the notoriety you call for dehononariahens sanders nothing regular finisher you crudely by another granbythe hose darling her support for controversial moments more leader activist let osarsiph now through this avow hetherington or creates he is a thornless in servitour list by the name of moral cold up with machine waters of had a little chat with her her rconfortante are there not in one to be at the back of the boss and his son of the fascist he sermonspeculiarities and a solace this you can not hear the openingevery of minnesota if you a few foundator alice entered the in for at my corporal right in the potencies of the later uncharneling i manandhar thor patent they haven't taken any hoppers to really improve their security measures despite the fact that the worse fashioning and ochestra cession of their properties so ononoeomere osiaserresuelario onowenever these temper on the stone ostend the body here thinks that it is right for a share is recooping on nicholas gressoume sesicle to register to boots despite the fact that he murdered seventeen teble to numerous centres of the forefeathers westindeas insolentior one were you having cried ohooooooee money of you are of more we were of petersonnothing your pot and on other for pack ate my question by rearing when i know he is not ronaninhohonti whatever and i ii aotooroo he is for your going through a manhattanese to me that omoshiroya sons are forineering with long onomatologia incontinenter her brother you are bored you mariolaters what about asked how intolerantior fandangoes all who oleaster alonecertain tionontates the ortonesian polite rosie thomas comissioner going to go to for saying that as ushool that a concentration on the no why can't i why can't i as holocausts less than deity years ago right on mesa never concolored ring you are one brave young woman think you of your only twenty five years old yes seeing homepassing westhoove no better friend than more loerah he has bigger balls and at most of the men i know escopeteros who were quite too in the splintered look came in stepbrother so we got some time to take the lord he lordhood in he there not reaction casey can get to the volume up here a little bet yeh i i loved i love your mailone your gods enow at the lindelai thought it was really you were honestly probably my favorites iring conferences that my window i think that i was incredible the ether and electedit command give ably to activists and a great hand is made to wonder what our own or publicpart doing when like quite as the pillars salesmanhe oconostoto on party i very much like all the information coming out from the states and the way that they put together the information on on what has happened and i truly would like to see o some prosecutions come out of this i think the next step has to be prosecuted for committing treason i mean this is this failure in our elections is it is you know it's threatenin secure what what other things ah did you see and that are important you that's going on the united states rightnow we got in a country in the entire world thrale were walking i then outcomeone as an under ah by corruption and the cries in an effort to prevent him from being on the ballot as at this is the one in the ever bynes to be talking about his election interference and election brought out whether it's the machines who thermal indolence or other weapon athenaover nment against posidoniates are all techniques and methods to intervene or elections the legally and were not liver country if we don't care fighting back a where where are you headed for right now i know you're on the rod and you're late you're running for congress and ah yi rembercourt to have a file to run for the aton on the day i am on the road i am going to be upon driving lay in your ugsome having the door go where i'm gorgonizing the rally and sport in oideonton girl at this alsothat inland what's let's add it and to an osato president trump the rightful president of the united states of me so many people to expect there to day and let's talk about what's going on down in georgia with the a basically the targeting of present the concession to morrow the conconil and cortes and he not in politicianseven and dumb editor row and so and you've got to be professed and i'd organize the peaceful rally and support of asideconvinced to have the people show up to what i said rally and sothe support for president companie i merle's heart against the epinicion of government do you need in the extra help and mean what can we do what can or our viewers do to help you ah well or asteracanthion the george and are of an to be like i said driving a conploratio forspeak out you know everybody needs to start speaking out there's no more just being a silent on supporter everybody needs to help inspire others to be courageous by making their voices heard and letting people know where they stand earl stoical happen to all of us we could be knocked and president compassless that the only things standing in between on and on we astonished government and this corruption is is constructed and they can get away with a feeling bolden with doing this president consul to the call thus i i agree i loved to which you had to say at the lenaean and your your talk was was just full of fire it was fated and without the one thing that struck me was how you were really calling out the republicans and sand and you came right outside aicha's wrong with the united states it falls on the publicans could do elaborate on that for everybody what he's like as you said it will nobody the middies and in the cretisandum party with the compensation is to be directed to his how the unparity rise as unhandy ansano or about the uncompleted and allowing for the region of our freedom my poles and i his when president tromp was in the white house when he had control of the house in the center of the first two years concisely for the reason that the publicans never backed him up so in colgan's adjust one bit more forceful and direction and in worth the porteroient tromp and for working against them every step of the way even when we like i said as concolorous the house on the ceded the cobbly would again this messenian and i i think that in a wholecreating a iden vide in the economy and obsoletely elections have consequences when sonetos i am a lethal if people are trying to find out where withershins the death of our country it with the stone election of twenty one concording for people understand that the democrats of what an have eeble to get away with feeling the election in twenty twenty of the wootherspoons so when it confiding the last rite when fighting the i could na party then as thou asrealitas con onboth sides of the aisle and before we can fix it is with the democrat party i believe we need to be honest if it is our own party and the corruption in our publicans it is it's just its systemic failure in our government as well as in our elections and the political parties in everything it's all about the money from what i can it it seems like there all working with a george sorrows suckeberge and a clash waver there with a world economic or so it seems like you can always trace it back to an honest like a global crime send clintondale reconcave at those media companies and many points to an where there affortiati like henri because we know what the crimes on to get me knows more oniscin now now that in our own ragonnet and political actors on both sides of the aisle one with the oeconomiae and oh you'll inevitation the holbein ah you do onforchoonate company election everybody knew it ratatine magazinist after the twenty twenty election those wanhope it can scarce thessalonice crime i the most alpine moran yeah it's it's really disturbing and i i think god that you know truly that people are waking up to the truth out there what's really happened were they they planned to take a stone by infiltration but we can be real thankful that there's really good people still fighting like yourself do you have any other a law suits that are out there one now oonoothi laws is a moment i might reconcave and anglo nicely and it now is really focused on going everything that i can outcastsone elected that's that's just awesome or anything else that you want i want to be respectful to your time cause i know that you had a i'vegot to get on the linecommencing on that i know that we ought to longevity renan last minute locked when i tried wondering the latter nosefor ing a people long hind followers they can do so on my son stock at loreleisage and that's where they consentiant my independence ornelas oh they can also follow me on twitteration galenathe out morally mind and really i just incoureged to get in called don't wait around for people to organize right don't wait around for there to be disconnection on your own people assert realize how powerful they voices are on their own ones they actually find the courage on themselves up and doing the right thing what are some of the ideas that people cured cod explore to step up in an individual case opecancano ironfront other local officials on video ah you know board meetings an age again in coronellin what i do in these invideo that you could go to asking politicians and i represented imploring questions are nothing you olcan representing their hosts an comonwelthe not doing more to support and it showing up on getting the raiment and indictments and making her voice as her peace a scale getting involved in i drank i informed people about the coming olachin people registered to those i not of your day is an open primary there close by mary people are now informed about whether they can vote the primary holleboate everybody can be acted as and i think he got lots the sons great well i really preciate you coming on to the i'm going to play the rest of your veto so that so that everybody can i can hear what you have to say and i think that i think you your amazing an amazing per and i i preciate all the work that you're doing to support president trump and a and truly to fight for america and i just want to say thank you to you for for your words of encouragement your strength and your resolve to take you to help take the nation back into his very inspire thank you i recitation for into more longer long forerunneth again were going down all these here you are poor backabout look as conford he this sounds great you know anything you want to ship to me you can text me whatever it is you want and i won't he yoshitane sometime next he williangale and i pologize anybody was a longer interview to night in a elegances kinds and you got to be facilitated got at you got a deeptoned ston so you know you're going down there to adaptions as a good thing so thank you sell very much and and oh you know i rybody out there save her for her safety as she goes forward this week and and helping president tromp down there and reach out to her go to her substancias well as their web site and a helper get the word out there that there her message so any thank you so much for coming on to day and you have a wonderful day in it have you bote so as i'm going to go head and finished playing this video here for us sahoderiattons in heliodorus over ii millions and fresh and i sartain about on the the psychical that stop pergamopolis not stopping for the macousha my support he marschierten point in contact with even the goolanthooroong and towards refers do you help us mister prognat before it is too late because chap dorsey is trying to inforce the election to swage the elections on my edemitization equation is penetrated choanotaenia capocomicothe oondooroo i do gasesether possess ostasiatische otetaan yetalone people knowing the why a canter my heart of yootoosha i forward what then defendethe professesupon coelenteron people on the world's williams one comforttransport policeaccount have resolootion we have chanterelles lf to potencies and comesomething fort of gilfillan fees proved her there vaporesalternate menacingness oolooloo al was and hydeish and approach ore as sectionally went down politemore thanks i started to climb back on opatoro and more began when for lepers timeprotected and fell them down again no more one tonic an american twitter i believe number two talk that not now baby oh that's about masterbut i should as soon or right woman name lore alumroot band from twitter and that pencoose to twitter headquarters to frondescence one's got to get it so much stronger he and oootonoole seelenvolles what comfort party and you know him became all in a more olisiponense find or the solihoana wherever a caroline see i hen to stop here now to honour her herhor i hostattached he finds sortthat doesget itineris and from s of severities it so shaouonons willing and something to danger i felt that it was really important to a and it was for the fire was on censored by judge or the onto his strong to face to cotoner and were heading over to face chochocoles ever hoponthomases trainthese a girl in the marconino then she got and from put her pose which is in ironic now every one is saying it in that oonomoo works with no works with eriperent anotation i know now how every one sang it she called she called her on omarites setenario brother and now its nondistention to benoit knows on essentials working for her if they careered i do thetalassomene and he hate before you can forecast to be doing in the behring and i know that a lot of people like me on the last on the right airpeople free with my cassionly i see poore telenosis what has not been to be quit of the october left to cover is we had houston medium the cows oloossone i the i think she's a she's a really interesting person attacked to and i want to think more allumer for coming on to day and a speaking because we do have to have whether we agree without erything everybody says we're never going to agree with everything anybody says there's always going to be things that we don't agree with that's okay that's what that's what america's all about is to go ahead in a low people to say what i want to say what they need to it thaigong to go ahead and were not put something else up here right now eh ang and we will be right there so that we can remember that almost oliver organizations have been infiltrated at some well and are we we've got to be thinking you don't have to agree with what people say all the time but we we could sir gonstruction cepting andecen the ads noticethis guy all over your fee claiming the cunning horns is for whacking hearing were dining had and i'm going to play some scripture he when it comes down to it we all have to stand together as of is as americans as as one nation under god were never gin agree on everything one thing we do need do agreed on is the fact that god almighty it leads his the nation and put him in his principles first or is going to continue to fall into dark so so oh i'm not continue to bring on people that you may not agree with it you may not like everything if they say that's okay i may not agree the very thing they say or that they believe it too that's okay too what we need to listen to each other cause i'm i'm sure nobody out there breeds with a hundred percent on everything i say and i probably don't agree on to percent with everything you say but we need to talk when you have thus he to be able to work though so let's let's go ahead and listen to in scripture here and i realize that gods and control of all of us the hope everywhere we're going to go up through the optimes or while real now that if you don't your husband in the sand for while its time pull it out so ah and i moved forward listening to what god has in osgod we do not wrestle against flesh of one he gets no the cosmic powers i dare for to i too and and therefore nothing strasoldo to the rights as sires for you i put the gospel circumstant of the shield the second extinguish all the framing the boat of selfish so his operas god in times preyer in supplicate to the third with all persevering picking supplication and also for me the words an opening where now to proclaim the mystery of the case to which i am an ambassador the omelet as one ought to speak there are estop right there to declare it boldly let's say prayer right now dear heavenly father thank you so very much for each and every person that you have already won the battle cause the battle is to we pray for laura lomer and her trip down to george o that you would protect her that you had sent her people that would help her in her quest to support defend donal trump were so thankful for every single person who was standing out there fighting for the snake and ah and to restore this nation i i'm praying for to be restored under you is another year going to work unless we put you first and we all know thank you so much for carrying about a so much that you will never forsake us the old never leave us that you will guide us through rough waters that you will see us out of captivity and we pray for those people out there that our loss that don't know you and and your precious son jo this christ as her saviour we ask that you would open their eyes that you would that you would open their eyes and that you would come into their heart that you would guide us guide them in and and protect them and bring them home that we can all that we can all live in peace together we're just so thankful that you're always with thank you for the ability to get past some of the blocking that's happy down out there and we asked that you would confuse the plans of the otomis the sense or ship that all of us are experiencing would be no more that we get her message through that we would our orright that you have given us our and should be protected in our protected by the constitution stand firm in order to ensure the rights of every individual out there and hopeless too to see the things that you want us to do to day to be engaged in your work here the most important thing is trust to fill you and no matter what happens out there we can all stand stand without being moved no matter what happens if we keep our eyes on you knowing that you are always in the ah you know when thank you for being our friend we want to be your friend to day too and we just won't let you know we love you and jesus name free a man so there go guys we're going to hit out for the day and to do the things that need to be done without wavering no wavering to day and make good choice is so with that set on going to esteem get the hair at her hands up here he go god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the make it a great day at the choice oh i forgot the sonne im here go go to brand and per forgone do come i am not conceding the twenty twenty two collection i am the best non conceder who has ever not conceded in the history of the united states and they were going to keep fighting without wavering there's there's no back and out of this we don't oh in in scarlette curious threw little keep a strong that will move us forward give us words to say and the actions piece with that and do the right thing is a choice always a choice we have to start with ourselves and decide that were going to do the right thing and be and and begod i'm not be god but but be jesus endelline with jesus be jesus to this very dark world because we are his body the bother body of christ is the believer so let's go act like it and be an example of there for this world you know we should be trying our hardest to you now to measure up to the glory of god we won't will never do that cause we aren't god but we should try to be that we should try to act the let's make it a great day to day and set that example for the world and anna and approaching everything with pen and and i in truth and righteousness it's not out there is not then to be found from what i can see not a whole lot of it so it falls on all of us two to accord so anyhow see it to morrow i've got three wonderful gas on to morrow please check my telegram channel at brandenburg the number four am i there's lot of spoors going on in others since i been putting stuff out in about a certain fellow that's out there so it seems like the spoors of ramp of their games so no where i go on please pass it on to others see it marharete