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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/6/2023 Darrell Castle and Karen the Riveter

Published Oct. 6, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Darrell Castle is an attorney and founder of Darrell Castle and Associates law firm of Memphis, TN. He has held many leadership positions in the Constitution Party since attending the party’s founding national convention in 1992. While earning his JD at University of Memphis in the 70’s, Darrell met and married his wife Joan. The Castle’s daughter Joanna is married to Michael. Darrell served as a 1st Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps and trained under then 1st Lieutenant, Oliver North. He was stationed in the Far East for 13 months and his service in Viet Nam followed a family military tradition, with his oldest brother serving in World War II, another brother having served in the Korean War. Darrell’s experiences during those years contributed to his strong belief that war should not be entered into capriciously and, that the decision to go to war must be made according to the U.S. Constitution which makes it clear that only Congress can declare war. 9:15 News update and encouragement with Karen the Riveter Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenberg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the sixth day of october twenty twenty three welcome to our show this more oh kind of a kind of all i think darrell dear oldcastle's going to be on this morning silas care in the riveter and a darrell records the castle report before he comes on in the morning so sometimes i think not like anything else you have this is real news for real people buy repeople at hiacinthe things go with way they're going to go so we'll see i know i just talk you he'll be on in a minute in the meantime there is a couple of things that the i think are in port we have been i just want to talk or dynamics of things out there to day because there's so much news out there and i'm goin to tell you what a good majority of it is disinformation now i will post things and say time to question everything but on telese evidence on a lot of these all it is is being sold hoping and i think there's a lot going on that's just to try to keep us quiet so that we don't we don't get in the way of the plans that are going and i do believe that the good guys are in charge and we need to exercise a little bit a patience in some areas and in some areas may be get off of our behinds and do some but i wanted to read something and i am in fact going to bring my body care and on right now and what a dear old joined in amentet be how you doing this morning well i'm tired but a man a good mood on getting see my friend down on this morning and i agree that em we've missed you any time that coral you're not around and i'm glad to see yer you're up and moving sure other people are wondering how you're doing to day i'm doing good so like i'm a little i'm a little loaded up with to say that the hard drives a little a little full right now my mom went in the hospital again this week and you've got understand that you know we all have you not you personally but i mean all as you know we have to to realize that we all have lives outside of what we see each other in public in this that in the other thing and oh the ah the reality is my man went in the hospital again and she has been in the hospital offendono the years she's kind of fragile individual let's put it that way and she lost a the function of her legs so this is that not the first time this he happened she's broken her back twice over the years and we we all her care follows on me oh at this point in time and so she's she's in a wonderful place right now and there's some great people there that are helping to take care of her but she went to the hospital and i was in i was in the emergency room whither oneabout three in the morning on tuesday and wednesday i got up and i was like well i'll get up and i'll jump on board till more was not feeling good and so he was like isis he said find we're just going to take comedyone at it and then also my daughter is getting married i've got weddingtons going on outside of that besides just real life a business is now keep running which is always it goes early well and people will always wonder how how we do it with as much stuff as i have going on well there is kind of a way you know you kind have to have a trot but also have to realize that you can't be my cranage you have to know the people that your working with no their strength and all their weaknesses i've had to clean house a little with this folliatt a few people go because they were they were not able to carry on their work the way that they needed to and on any of us that are in are in business it can be from freemantle reasons but i'll tell you that the problem are country has with both drugged alcohol abuse is affecting us as a nation its effecting our companies now with that sad is it when when i when i see people that are having either a dagger and alcohol problem i see it isn't it inability to cope with the world it's just like suicide you know i'm the founder of grief and loss to day ah evinces and hostess advances and bereavement such so i did enough work over the years and in the past you know and might millions of pastlikewise a cat right and i just to coming back in different incarnations but when it when i see somebody who is committed suicide or ominosa accomplished a suicide is the better term for it or people who have draitons or alcohol problems my my mind sat in what the where i go with that is that i'm not as condemning of them as i am okayne to move them out of the way because they're going to be hurt to somebody around them and there they're falling down the they're not able to bear the load and moved forward so it's tsitselis and so ah this is a big problem that we have and in sitting in the sitting in the emergency room tuesday night a with an i mean they were almost passed out so my man was there their checking her out for her either stroke or heart probe and at being neither of them it was two and a half hour wait to get in an inner room in the emergency room and finally i was like when to the dusk and i said if you can't get her in and i mean in a quick period of time if she is as old as she is she's eighty seven and you can't get her in to be seen i am going to leave shortly and we're going to find somebody who can take care of em well by the cotison within five minutes of that point in time cause i wasn't in a in a negotiating point of view or mine set and what i saw in the emergency room was kind of chalking and this is the failure of entirely of the policy makers in michigan and across the united states in the failure of dealing with big pole and so when i got out and walked my car i secured guyrot walking out to my car we walked over human as hermes and the stair walls or somebody had clearly just pete on the wall in a couple o clockie it was absolute going out to the car and oh there's only one hospital that i would bring my mother too or any one too in this area because the rest of em are pretty well run by woke commies and this one actually his people in it that i know who actually care about so that's why i went there so anyhow we we walked out not asked this security guard because there were the police coming into the emergency room all night the guy and the room across from where my man was was handcuffed sitting on the bed in the emergency room and two cops stayed outside the door all night all night long it was a praefecto the hospital and escorting people into rooms and staying with them and so it is kind of a it's kind of a real tragic statement but the way it is and i said to suddentthey cause when my son ltosti about oh two twoandahalf years ago or two years ago and the mergence because ah he had perforated also and of only about fifty per cent chance of people make it through that and that's with em all the best medical care and how they shot the mergency down o well he was in the hospital because they had so many people in there and the problem was people coming in for psyche that's what it was and or when i was there there was as several people who were using the emergency room as a doctor rather than waiting till morning which he probably could up and they were going they were turning people round and not able to accept these with real emergency say hard attacks traumatic injuries anything i asked of the security garden walking now and the doctors were talking about it too i said do not feel really bad about this when you see people that are lying across chairs and the emergency not necessarily looking like they were in a dramatic or emergency situation in a course you can't make that deceptive of that decision but it looked mostly homelessly is one of seeing and he said he said we mostly are dealing with homeless people that are just trying to get out of the cold this is what our hospitals have been turned into because wholly the state the nation has not taken upon themselves to deal with the mental health as that we have so our police our baby setting people that are in suicide what they and where are the families i would say instead of taking care of business and being part of this and i know it's hard i've got a medley a h l l daughter so i don't i don't really give anybody any leeway for the sob stories of wanting to go on with her lives a part of what we do as americans and as people who actually have a heart is that sometimes we lay our lives down in order to take care of people and i understand it's a tough it's a tough thing but our states made it worse by the time that you and obtain care of somebody whose in older care i had two of them as well as my daughter ah most families have to work and it just sables a family member to take care of them so it's seven it's even on its unrealistic but but there is the situations were weakened actually be helpful in those situations too and in it a complicated it's a complicated situation but it could be reversed over night if we had a good governor and place that the only office that's going to be able to make any change and i said that from the beginning which is why that's the only office i'm really interested i want you know i ran to be governor i want to fix this ship and and you're not going to fix it you can fix the it a local level by bottom up making incremental changes by the time those changes are made right now we're lostor contrary because there's not enough good people they are stepping forward and government right now is a reflection of the population i wanta get how many people do you know who are actually honest and i mean be honest the under all situations would they cave or would they accept broad would they be with the fall what what would it take for them to stand on her all sites i don't know but a handful as i don't know but a handful of people that that would i that would put their lives aside for the nation and we were talking about before we got on em you know it's like right now i have i have a lot of people that dona do all the work down a pail the bills and all that sort of thing will you know what in a good work that way there's none of us that are big enough to fix this problem alone we have to get certified people that are honest and if if a person is not able to run behind them and i mean get behind them with effort not just with taut lips service later that it on how many people do you hear give lip serves and how many people out there are actually out there i'm ready to say to say what can i do let's get a pan and you know and in moved forward a right now the nation is so fragmented and and i've been on a little bit of a rampage here with an out only the the the political party but also the smaller group the smaller groups are part of the pole because there they think people want to get into these smaller groups in the think they're going to save the nation well by and large a lot of them are dividing the nation some more where where there on their own the their these rather than something that we can all agree on still dividing the nation by personal in instead of what can we agree on there's only a few things that we're going to agree on i don't need you agree on everybody but the one thing i will agree on as we have to get behind this nation is a constitutional republic which is fighting for each other's rights even if we disagree with and in this is this is the core problem we have going on we have got to clean out the corruption the crust in these to see it was its real easy to see in them my gope and we've got this i was talking to some one who has become a very good friend and i have great respect for the the snare and i know he knows who i'm talking about and i'm pretty sure he's watching right now but i love these he gets it he is not backing down anne throwing out a lot of information and and he said yesterday how we can't get people to wake up and say the problem is no no no we're in a like wells because the political parties are as they function the exact same way you either follow the long with the cold you fall in line because you're trying to garner either power or you get kicked off the island out you go bucky it is a you know it's an ostracizing process in order for them to to ah a low people to get on in and to stay in and to be part of the club got to be part of club right republican club am i gop clock the grande party all of these little clubs and it's happening everywhere the thethesmart out and sat the girl is simply is no different and there though in each one of them the information it's good and we need have people that are aware of the information in these smaller groups at a place to get educated and and i think that that's a wonderful thing we have to be able to get educated at all the issues you know i'm over on be to it behind around all of em and i get knocked all the time joe well got on the the week and put his comment out as look who bred of burghers talking about she's in with chapman and unlike going do you know what chap ben you're talking about she have the rock the last names uttered the same he doesn't mean or even related i'm not in word ball kicking james chapman the guy's got too many criminal counts against him in the back is that ground however when we listen to people we have to be able to talk to people even if we disagree with and listen for information were listening for information were not listening to build a little private rochester people go ry building is little private clubs of exclusivity these guardians of information well this person's approved sal taught for that that person's approves all talked to that you know what ladders i will talk to people who are gained lesbian i've got an kicked in the face over a head somebody somebody on accused me of and it was his exact words is brandenberg's got her little sodomiticus going on over there really really oh okay so i'm going to give you a big slap in the face as a christian for saying something like that who did jesus set with now was just going to say crossed the shots taxpayers you want to go sit in your little self righteous clubs and claimed to be a christian i got a problem with that and it's a big promenon pretty ship pretty extra sure that none of this nonsense is biblical we're here to help each and none of us can claim righteousness not one only one that is right in righteous the rest of us are a bunch of bumbling morons running around doing the right thing part of the time before close to god falling off the wagon when wore away from god for hoping to hope in in the name of jesus that somebody will come along and pick us up just like the drug ediction i'm a bringing around here sirach in the year just like the drugged son or the alcohol addictions or any of these addictions there's all kinds of were we to do you know it's like i am praying for christina coron because i think she's an over her head i've seen absolute em that it's the system that's failed i'm praying for dan hartman i'm praying for my cavity i'm praying for hillary clinton i am praying for every single person out there with whichever team there that they are a lining with you know what we have to dare to be americans and that means stand up we're not god god has people paths ordained for them even letting them get off the rails and do the wrong thing and if they don't learn something from it the people around him sure learning the lesson god knows the right path for all of us as he wanted to happen now whose fault is that if they fail probably are probably partly there certainly satans but ultimately god is letting us walked through i heard one of the best quotes that i have ah then i heard when i was very young you know when i was younger when i was in college i was trying to course figure out why everything was so wrong you know in your looking into things your figure an things out in right thru and there was the author that i absolutely loved and i still love its lebeson he wrote the book love my favorite book hands down that's the sort of in the in the poultrey areared anything any more other than bible really and then see what's on the news i don't have time for people self styled sage advice on things i listen everything i listened for for information that you know whether their information comes up but i don't specifically pick an author and go on i'm listening to this person or that person listen everybody ellis for information and there's wonderful wonderful knowledge you can get that way cause you're hearing from so many sources that that the cream always to the top and to bunch of people to a mental institution are right i've got aeneadae very mental and she's got part of a brain missing because of a train accent she was in with her mother was killed oh and it's complicated it's a complicated situation and they were watching that the kids that hee brought they were college student and he wanted to show them what the real world was work worked like and you can't get that without being immersed in you you can't sit there and start it and tell me that you know what's going on and tell your emersed and in that in every area of our culture we don't know unless you walk in somebody else she or we actually experience it twenty four seven three hundred sixty five with no breaks and no one to help you in note on to come to our rescue i figure it out and he he brought him in there and and and there like wire these people like that and he turned to them and he said a lot of because as because we refused to love and some of that love means make some hard choices and holding people accountable who are really really problematic eh i think that i've been pondering a lot of things lately and why do people go into the demand why do they why did they go in to of true evil in the spiritual warfare that were at well i think some of them just choose it because they they you know their god less and they just want the money and the power i think some people get into it because there's so sensitive that the only way to survive to know look like it take on the practices thereof because here surrounded by it they try to blend in and ultimately they might even they they fall and end up becoming what they hate instead of going in direction that they should fix it in you know but but some people are weaker than others some people are stronger than of were all so different but until we figure out how to get behind god one nation under god and realise he's the only answer to any of this were in trouble and the first are task should be too reaching out to others and and honestly bringing the love of christ to them and seen of the wake up give everybody a chance see if they wake up they don't they have to be moved out of the way and it's not a vindictive or hateful spirit it's in the spirit of protecting those without a voice those in are the most vulnerable those that though those that who are most at risk but we better start praying for these people and be willing to sit with some one that we do that we don't agree with their corps tenants in life and he don't care what side of the thiohero i had somebody who has a and i mean a hard core down that that i had a two hour discussion with his and and by the end of it we were we were really really talking about the very similar thing you know the corruption of the person brought up citizens united which is one of the biggest at the horrific tragedies that is half and to the nation giving corporations the status of a past and the things that we agreed on were were amazing because we got it narrowed down to the core and i mean the core issues that we need to be focused on and all of a sudden we were coming up with solutions to really fix the things that are a threat to humanity not the tissues in the headlines that are being pushed by political parties and it was it was really fun we got the we otophone in were like hales dark about this again does that make me a democrat now i'm not a democrat is a make me republican at this point time i'm goin to say i believe in the republican style of government which is republic representational government protect the rights of all democracy is mob rule and it it defends no one fifty one per cent of the population such we want no ah we want no oh i'm just going to pick up poor reekings into or we want no chinese in the as people not as a in ideology i think it's time to kick the sespe right on this nation and give him a terris on a a teresa designation just like santa marta it's that it's a it's a cult they need to be designated as terres terrorization just like anti and be a they are terrorist organizations and then in and corporations to boot so they used the corporate status to protect themselves and justified their behavior of being able to i do like me otooto billion dollars of damage on the nation right so it's not it's not that but if fifty one per cent of the people designate it any group that you're affiliated with an i mean every one of us has groups that they could say hey you know brandenburge went to the men whendespite o yah but i disagreed with probably ninety per cent of what i heard there in practice the information was good but there was a lot of stuff there that i very much set and in you know it's like i seen things out there and well i don't really agree with a lot of things i agreed with president trump's tariff policies that await was tipster i agree with most of what president trumps said and did most of it ee but it was not because of of anything other than looking at things for for information ah but we have to do that otherwise fifty one per cent could throw every one of our sorry behinds in jail and we never see the light of day we have to have representation even for for for smaller groups or were in trouble as so you know that there's donna's way too long of an inter with us uocarer talking if he had a lot of speakers on and to try dissentive sity and i think i'm goin to go back a little bit more to the people that have had on because they're not looking for money allowed the people that come on as speakers or half their own issues or in fact the trying build her on little king and i don't necessarily agree with that of are they pulling different parts of the population and yet they are waking people up on give that and it's valuable educated people that is also valuable but in less we get together and we and as americans and defend each other and that means with our lives are fortunes and our sacred honor we're done and that is as a nation and i will stand on that valuation what say you care well spare let do i respond to first i think i it all comes down to live in a godly life making the choice to have a nation under god and we may never have that truly ah because we have there there is so much evil in the red even even with the israelites go way way back they were i mean being led by a pillar and a cloud how could you not believing god and follow what he was telling you to do and yet they did eh people are prone to making mistake so we may never have a truly godly nation but we need to do better than we were doing right now and in ironbones i don't believe that we are at the bottom in gommerel just because what was described in the bible is not what i see in front of me personally every day i sure don't want to go there and we have worsted and maybe it's because it's hidden it it is underground it's you know that was talking to some one the other day who said that the human trafficking and west michigan is terrible and i don't see it that doesn't mean it doesn't happen mashoom of it yes and now that thesethere ality is speaking this is because a lot of what you were saying was on living in a godly way you know i tend to i want a feel sorry for somebody that's cures nature rather than just be angry you know you're stupid and you are evil what has put that person in that position and you're the things he said about a people who are addicted for example not capable of handling the realities of their life and coping properly if they had a christian foundation and i mean truly recognizing god or having faith in god it would be so much easier to cope with life it would be easier to take care of the mentally ill we would have a lot better eh mental health care system prison system we would have as many people in prison if we lived in a godly way as a society as the core if we were largely following god we would be able to solve these problems because we would truly invest in it instead of just setting it often side now taking care of when widows and orphans as a really really basic christian principle taking care of your elderly parents is a real basic christian principle but we move so far away from that that way of living that it's been really easy for the evil ones to separate us and divide us and make us forget we are and i think you know you dissent you on i see it i think i've always been saying that i think the truth about what has been happening to our children as one unite americans on the end like nothing else because we do at our corps care for children generally as you miss even if people don't believe in god they care about children it's just in an eight instinctive aspect for most of us and when see what it's been going on to them as a nation in the just you keep her in her recognizing it i think there is one to be some action take why can't we take action in all these other places in the meantime why are we still putting up with a party system though allows for corruption constantly why are we saying you have to write a letter to your congressmen and tell how you feel why my perspective is why do i even bother because it's corrupt they're not listening to me there listening to their bosses who paid them not the bossons the people that their supposed to be working for they're not going to listen as how i feel about writing them a letter is not doing something people that's not local action equals national impact you got to do something for your community one way or another that's going to make an impact you got a live in it in a godly way and i don't know what that is for each man or woman and i don't you know i'm not trying to sell tell everybody you've got to join the assembly or you have to fix the elections or you have to run for congress because those things are not for everybody but we all better find a way that god leads us and you will pick up that yoke we were talking early as morning about how the yoke is easy in the burden its light and i rode about that in the sub se the easy part means it not that he's lifting all of the burden that yoke is green of fit you personally it's like wear in a really good parochos you put that on and he will help bear the low with you but guess what he's walking along side you in your walking alongside him and you're headed in the same direction if you try to pull off the one side you are not working with jesus and it's not ben to go so well you have to be working with him in seeing direction for that yoke is easy and the burden is light to work and if we're working against the men who went around us instead of working with god to help them it were not helping each other and were harming each other instead you know be a part of the solution rather than part of the problem that starts with put on the oak and walking with jesus cause if you did that you'll find the way you'll find the place that you're supposed to be what is your roll the play they'll show you in it i've said before let some one said well i wish i could do what you are doing no what i'm knowing may not be right for you an it may be that just you be in the best mother at home that you can be as your rolled the play but if you feel like you need to do more then find something else that you need to do that seems fitting for you and get up and do it cause we're not then again anywhere by picking on the danes in the caons and saying okay you do it for us while i sit back and watch and yet i geneosode for donahoo goin to work for us this that absolute true it's like if he were also to be in this together and and we forward so i kind o you know it is the you know it's like walking away from things when when a sarah looked back as solomon i think this is kind av enters and she was turned into a pillar of sand i think there's another way to look at this too and i've heard this explaining couple different way did she turn into a physical pillersee now she could of but does it mean that she did or was it an alliteration and say that she was so solity because she wouldn't walk forward and walk away from her life that she never she she was she was bitter and she was unable to move forward in any dere in any way i mean there's a lot of things that we believe to be true because we were taught that like the three wise men were never sacristry wise in temperate it is reedwide there is only three gifts she had her pillar of salt is that an actual pillar of salt i mean charles teste movie you know all the movies tell us that the gennaroknow the way that it worked right but is that really the way that it worked or was it a pillar of salt like her corps was salty and bitter because she looked back and she wasn't able to go forward into a different wait to live did she did she love the things that she was used to so much as she couldn't move forward so i was it could be both quite often in jewish teachings there there is multiple there's multiple um ah ah definitions and i don't know her garrulous he just talked to him maybe yet trouble getting on i don't know or pulled away but at any rate i let oh you know what i got he thinks that its central time i think he's in central time maybe that's that's i forgot to at easter standard times so um let me see what we let what we have but in meantime i think this is really great janthinid as a really good job and this is to day's nigot this morning where it was set the broadcast up and i read this well this is a grouper as yet where one of the most powerful men in the world had no peace or joy he was miserable a miserable a miserable wretched man stolen had everything and was paranoid and angry proverbs twelve twenty one is no evil shall befall the righteous but the wicked will be filled with evil that word evil can also mean adversity fiction calamy distress grief misery sorrow and toil that's the nature of evil sin might have its moment but it will always and i making you miserable and wretched oh i'm going to gree and disagree with that with any role but in in nosinet but you don't have to take that mantle on can i say that you can be joyful and all situations sometimes will difficult but he does not make rocks but move somehow show evil people laughing maniacally but even enjoy alternately don't go together and hebrew is one of the words for blessing joyfulness is a way of saying righteous righteous enjoy alternately go together that that's the natural order you know absolutely god's people are to rejoice always why because only god's people can rejoice turn away from evil and temptation see it for one it is and rip off that the in a rip off of anything that takes away your joy pursue righteousness and godliness that way evil is for the miserable a way of righteousness is the way of joy will and it is you know if you're doing the right thing even if sin because sometimes send comes on the outside men nobody is is alone in this we get affected by the sin of others just like people that veil when they work with you because of either drag ediction or or or or alcoholates it affects every one around them and your family's all our families i there's not one first all there that's going to convince me that they don't have some one in their family and or in their circled influence that they love who is having a problem well it kind of makes sal kindsand it affects all of us but we can continue to pray put them in god's hands and have the joy of god going forward when things go wrong around us like things were valuating out there that there's some this really crape stuff out there and i got to the point where i'm like to come my back to day jess i'm kind of sick of this nonsense you know you're the only there the only right in that we can also have joy at the same time knowing that god's work in his way through and ah and it's going to be okay alternate but a cutlet i bet if you don't have god there's no way that you're going to your con experience that joy right i then the piece at surpasses all understanding in the joy that sin god the elm makes me think of he wrote about how he had been in how many shipwrecks floggings in chains those those prisons were as cosy as our ah oh clans of things happened to him terrible things over and over and over and he still in it he wrote about having done not only did he love it he wrote about and now that's impressive to me like will if you don't if he don't see it that way it's like i say that if you're not it blowing row back entercommon after this one frenetic autonoma every ah the laughter half one say if you andaoreon he tried no that's not just a you know i'm talking about a piece and a joy that comes through faith that no matter what you know you're talking about for example being in the hospital three o'clock in the morning and i pointed out the next morning when i saw that you had done you posted on face book not lowers me my mother in ossed you posted about the conditions of the hospital and what you were seen that and to me i appointed that out to my followers because i'm like dona is that's you you're talking about thinking about other people and their misery and what you need to do or what we as a whole need to do to help these people it wasn't a you were not so immersed in your own misery or your mothers your family's hardship in the moment but you were also looking at what is going on around you with other people that happens when you have we need more of that in this country if we're goin to climb out of all those problems that you're not so in your own life in your own misery or perceived misery that you can't look at somebody else and say well i can do something to help them to that i think that's relate that all thank you so much oh i think that's really profound because if we i've i've told this in business situations people are like how do you become successful you're never going to be successful if you always are working for your own goal the only way you're ever successful is if you have a different purpose none of us could not have as believe or care about her selves as enough honestly to make it in life a cavenry this and all changes the camera until jesus is enough for you nothing else will ever be we live in a temporary world that will not satisfy you god made you on purpose for a purpose all this is really got a god thing kiss i didn't expect it to sort o pop up when i was looking for something else and there it is that the success to life and i've told this one on a spoken of people is never about your own goals now you charge a goal like like i'm not particularly fond of money i don't really like money but i let haventhe built and only to fix but i hate money i detest it's a burden is it a burden it's a new sense right it's a complete nuisance people get stupid around it and i if i just don't like or you have to deal with it as a function of life but you will never ever be be successful in life unless your motivation is the people around you so like when when i talked to college groups in that sort of thing i'll say what you really have to focus on some one else that your working oh somebody that you love your spouse or something like that so you get up every every single day knowing that your purpose is working to make these people this person or these people's lives beter now does that come without risk no not at all it's a risk when you love people there is always risk involved in it people are a rational they're going to do on predictable things if they get in a bad situation they will make the wrong choice consistently not always expect because that's just the way that's the nature of the beast okay if our horse training or people train that you got what you got and that's all you got if you have a choice between getting up and building a business or going golfing and when you think about or going doing anything you like people will get up that there'll be able to hold the line to move forward on a very short term based where they'll say okay i want to build this business and in this is what i'm going to do and this is the outcome i expect and bobbo they won't get up and then it starts getting hard and it starts getting hard and his anything achieved gets harder and harder and but before you make it to the uneasy success it's usually so hard you are run away from it into anything but what it's going to take to get you over the top to make you success he got a run towards the fire so at that point time it's like i if a person says i want to build this business this has been my dream my whole life i want to do this i want to which cheeves you're going to get to the point where it's too hard and you're going to say oh screw it i'm going to go play golf to day mistake you ran away from the pole you have to run towards the fire and and the oka i'm going to stop i'm going to figure out what it is that i need to do and exactly what i'm going to do but but the problem is is if you think that yourself is enough of motivation or your goals or what you want of achieve gnafle single time but if you say i'm going to build this business because i want to leave a legacy for my children i see a problem out there that i need to solve now for myself but either for society or because something is a bigger issue than you you will and and i want to tell you the ultimate pere to do it because of your love for god you get yourself right out of the way there's no part of people in our ego in what we do you do it because you're serving god your serving if you can serve the one that you love them all the proper mind set you do it because you love god this is his creation is his sand both and his people said he served the least of me of these your servant me and when you find that purpose that you know if you're like all they've got a lot of money they're doing this really how do you know how much money i actually have is it conceivable that person who does not really like money would probably get rid of money on and on on and purposes that are believed at probably you know and in that stock pile some of his temper that means nothing no that's a stupid person that's really a sneiders on em all and ah it's not lasting there's no joy in it babican give you a whole lot other reasons on it in people get really stupid around money you want to have had a friend that actually on the lot of years and as we were talking about it she has my health started when i won the lottery and the reason be in her husband gambled it away her kids literally were just waiting for her to die so they could get their hands on the on the money and every single person in the planet saw her as nothing more than i need i need give me give me give me no seven per cent of the people you want to talk about people who have money will ninety seven per cent of the people out there if they perceive to have money there'll be standthartner hands out what you have it or not and they either one o use you to do favors for friends you i take what you have benefit from the things you have or they want to use you to do favors the storm to you you in it is an interesting dynamic but the reason why the government has the way it is as people are the way they are and tell me in hearts pray we're done this is distornelo meet like what you were saying earlier he even in the assembly the assembly is not an isolated bob noise they go from the great that it is a great thing to like you said this a great but it's not isolated congress is not isolate and in we always think of all mercies them attitude well yeah probably a lot of those people are there or because their corrupt in their it may be not of all of em but a lot of emer and practisethat or not god the they are safely of society they came out of our everything in the world so this isn't just an american problem exists because we don't lord it's a human in rhein problem it's not it's not all those people in congress is the problem we got to be angry at them and in doing you goin fix that government problem while i set here on my couch then for howers oh how many people i heard say with absolutely just sitting in my face while well i was running you work for you work for me you were for us to while i didn't didn't realize that was the case or i just had the stupidity to step up for for peter fulgore news to jump in and say let's do this is a team you you work for me you've fixed it all accent on parol when i lost a whole lot of money like like an both general flannan president trumped i lost a lot of money trying to defend this nation i don't know anybody at this point time besides down tramp who has lost as much money as i have trying to move forward and save the nation and that's the truth and want of somebody on ilse's taken crowd it for he well how much money you put into this i'll tell sasconia head of oregon a hypocrite who is just trying to destroy to kill flight yourself let's see what she actually did did you give up you know i don't know was a days are that i now sixty five or sixty six days had thenwas something around that was in a sixty sommer that my husband and i didn't see each other or were then actually fifty five days i can give you different times times man i didn't see my husband more than fifty five days and for while i would like every one to put that in the present i'm kind o wondering how often president trumps sees or general flynn his wife as i know he's moving all over the emplaced all over the time but these but people sitting in their homes every night haven't a meal in their home and set droving round and meeting with people who are absolutely hostile how dare you you're just on popleton i'm a business honor i hate politics that i am an equal opportunity political for there the it's what of the things that made you the best candidate because you hate politics and you hate money it too never been one of the job i didn't want the job by agreed to do the job because i was asked to do the job and the pet in the entity that asked me to do to run is given so and i looked at the military and people in the military who have given so much to this country and unlike you know what in the people lost their lives on like you know what it's time for me to serve because my whole goal was to train recruits recruits and replacements so i can get out of the way and grow something that's ethical has standards and has accountability and then go home i can vent want the job but i greenewho want this no i don't and then they put words in your mouth and one o i'm so glad you know exactly what i think after never talking you know and has no other thing don't show you sure know everything and that's what's wrong with his entire nation a whole nation full of pundits who have refused to get in the seats and do something but man they know everything and they're going to tell everybody how much they know when they don't have facts it's all based on opinion and part of the colt clubs the tell them how to think and clara is always interesting when people say we need to dot dot dot oh when you say with he exactly how do you mean then everybody will the people eh do you be when the people as in ere then elected people to do that for you but you're not go and i pay tention to his virtuous and who is and you're not going to invest yourself in researching their character in order to get to that place are you talking about how we need your good to step up with lead something are you saying we need to and you're you're looking around you to try to find your team we he just meeting me as ye you dot worodonow we who is we owe business and i do it for place personally i the aretines her eyes say we need to and on thinking how can i at the same time an that's a good way maybe i'll make a mean for that yeah that that that is a geanyou know it's like a wee a very small we effort is for people to pass on information because i had people removed from my telegram channel all the time they'll sign up for it and they think that the amens are that i took it out kellison here this morning yet they were not taken out i've had i had one guy who absolutely he was a real interesting guy case see that he worked for an organization that is a very good organization lot of people of died in this organization truly fighting for the nation and he kept telling me that why do i keep getting black from your channel on like i'm not black and ye i didn't even see that you were removed even though his his postmental of the all of a social media is an algorithm in were being blocked in censored even telegram all i love telegram it's probably the least sensor but it still there's people being taken off every day that i have not removed in the evidence have not removed it's in the get dropped and unless somebody had one hall understated oh my gosh he asked specially after i went after after you know phil phil godowsky i call gutowski the thinker then northing is the little god and i talked to the woman who he rate we had was fifteen at the time he was twenty six and worked in the in the school system who scanned my video and pretended that it was him that general plan was calling him out for ned and in no i was there he was not and not only was he not there he claimed something and to me was a tempted to disparage general fled and uncomforted and sailed and that wasn't what was intended and not i made a mistake but i intentionally misled people i'm going to keep the pressure on him cause i hate people like that i want in people should tell the truth and that's just the way it is and so and it wasn't that was not the cake he said fled out general flynn was given me a shout out there and as i now was that you weren't there he was talking about phil smith who is a pastor that was on was on the via he was calling out pasterful smith in if you listened to the video hear it and so i don't i don't like that he owes general flinging apology and so i have a big problem with that and he'll say well move on now because there's a lot of people that are getting sucked into its gold cos bunch and nonsense i've seen a lot of people to talk out my go have said they've lost their entire retirement do that at the green need to call the stuff out and warn people and be a beak with warning people on what's actually coming if we know that if if we know the step in front of the track and we say nothing were complicit with the track that takes them out and so in its net way with the government and operating else she said if they seagreat let's go in to discovery and see if i'm right or not because i think we will go find out a lot discovery and ah so i think that that's kind of an important part of life even the judicial system is completely cropped the judge is get paid off there paid off by my money judgments and a wet through this civil action jurisdiction i mean whole thing is wrong but we can also know that we know really kind of cool thing to realize that god knew that he wanted as here at this particular time and i find great joy in that that okay i'm going to put a soldier who is a true soldier or warrior in position at this point in time history to take a few hints and is in it because the purpose is a different purpose then the people that are i am always shocked every day at what i see out there and what people are willing to do you know i'm really shocked even the people you think you can trust i cannot believe the compromise i say is is you couldn't pay me enough to do some of these and and i mean it it's even a little stuff that they're willing to do if her enemy to stand over the little stuff you're going to sure his heck fall with a big stuff but just a little stuff that's out of onate you know i i was a like a teenager and i move to her now you back i moved back to michigan from another state and but all of the school year and so i have learned from all the moves that i had made that the critical thing to do is to sit with the right people at lunch time that's the most important thing and ah i added up selected the best for me to tie which was the quiet norty kind of kids cause i had already learned not to invest too much in these temporary friendships but there was a girl that it was one of those you the latest temporary friendship until we moved on from school and she she and i got along this fine and and we weren't really closes but we were friends and when they had discovered that she had lied to me about something and it was the most trivial fact and i ask her right to her face why do i about that like i could not figure out what it would benefit her to lie to me about such a small stupid thing and i think she said i don't know and it was just like i don't get it that that's not in my nature and it is so i just could not understand why some one would go out of their way to do something that wasn't necessary in order to be selfish to it then the ikon the rest of the world will go but much much much further and meets how i think we ended up with so many of these corrupt politicians because as you are before they even as are on the candidate crack they get cold then too well give me some money for this or that coarsen but then the idea of even involving pedophilia into the well i caught you on camera ah with a prostitute or was a child because we forced you to that position and therefore i own you and you will do what i tell you i think if it were me that spot i would hold that i would be like an i ain't doing that in old put a bullet in my head if that's what you're going to do i'm not doing that and i would hope that that would be me but the ages a kind of bogles my mind like you just said how easy people will turn toward evil rather than away from it its shot on to their eldest selfish interest it's not there's nothing on this world that is worth a compromising your integrity there there's nothing here you're better off to be absolutely a paper and you know it's like i grew up per very poor i mean i'd forgot sakes i dragonman re pile for worms and you know i had my little worm business is and but onethat there's nothing here worth compromising for like that there isn't and the the the slippery slope that people are willing to get on for oh for people to recognize them for people too to look at them to be a you know except it is is absolutely it is also shocking to me what what is that what is the draw i i never figured it out and you know and it's like it's like what what is the drug what's the drag that is so much more important to be part of an organization which knows doing the wrong thing that you so afraid to be alone you know i guess it's maybe i you know that that fear of being alone i don't know i mean this is kind of fun discussion i have actually but the fear of being alone will the hate yourself that bad will god loves ye you know it's like an ink with your failings because we're going to fail and forgive yourself you got to figure for give yourself too not just not just you know the people around you we have to be willing to forgive ourselves because i think it's i think it's a distraction you know the the don not for giving ourselves the strictions terrible stick and a it's just really it's really too bad it's like a or my husband is used in analogy of hetria row in a boat which he you haven't caught the anchor loose you know you haven't pulled it it it got stock sometimes you don't have to cut it loose so that you can move on if you if you're trying to continue moving forward while your dragon all this guilt or shame or sinful passed behind it it doesn't work really well and it just waits he down i think i'm finding some of a when i was showing was going to show you and clameran be most kind of going through something he hominibus i think this is kind of a interesting to her i was looking for is the call channel on a a a telegram they put some pretty rock stuff you got to be willing to to look at em ah to so a sort through the notes on sincenot that i approach gate or believe any of the stuff but i certainly look at it he had climbed the pale at once in a while with the with good stuff out there so this is one reason why carenses down a tec with you know short videos of horses or something from time to tipinbanola you're doing in your day but i think you need a little horse right now i do know that does that is helpful echoest there's so much oh there's so much out there that you know you can get out overwhelmed by the oof on the other direction he now that here this is a great one and with this one here for just me stop trying to fit and with wrong herd find other black sheep hang with you know it's like a it's it's okay if society if the city calls us black sheep boy badge of honor because i mean i'm pretty extra sure that's not always a bad thing and about you but in who cares who who says who poiteoin te you for what you are what you believe in honor thousandfor to her you know nobody has that right and that i never fed an no well i did i did didn't fit great moved to a new school and i think what it was is because my older brother was in a different school and didn't have the in pardon me it this school because he wasn't around i don't know i was in a as genitrice place this is in tennessee i like tennessee and as i had kensingtonian bore who got to sit next to me at once it was great atomic that's where that's where i did the or was it i think that's where i did the armed hang you had to do the presidential fitness tests back and looks day and one of the things that we had to do is a farm behind exercise and he had gravabantur chin above it for as long as he possibly could now in i was i hadn't yet peperit so i wasn't that much smaller than most of the other kids i was a year younger i hanged that sucker there were some viselike the one of the greatest athletic achievements in my lifetime i have two this is one of em i am also the kids were like sick seconds ten seconds and may be fifteen or twenty second i hung on to that thing for a minute in one second i think i othercrewel i fell off my arms like like the little tea wrecks whose arms he shorelike look at me in that latitat's so funny that some funny so that was before i was diagnosed as schoolhouses all my elettione first for most of my life or no haesitation of interesting nestlingly bottled spring water for over a hundred years and guess shoemach they mimallonian essai believe and this is one of those things that are wonderful politicians who are stupid and complicit has let them pull all this water off of the state of michigan that should be in a constitutional of the constitutional set of from this it should be pain a royalty to the state to go to each and every person in the state which would drop by taxes hey there's an notidanian the gas in oil companies of royalty as well as asolando to go back into public well we don't want to talk about that cause it would actually actually it would actually being makes him sence he all right come on i posted some means the other and night is starting to get the board foot what i was doing with training clean out my fan some and i found so many means i had forgotten about so i started the posts of thenspirit which was spent i used to do that all the time it be another day so again i used to post a bunch of means at the end of the day then the don i forgot about that but the ethernet i did a matter of oneplaced something a minute see if it's so if it's appropriate for pointing at one masorisori anthocerote orestes you old oh this is a good place to be a kind of an interesting video but if you want to see what's going on this is as miss carver or and narrow time shall we call it but it actually goes into what is really out there see you does not to see it i'll give you warning right now if you don't want to see it you might my leave gerally wanted also see the kind of some of the truth of the crap that's going on and grow up just witness that i indolciato the corregiosity of situation to ole is your father the and friends refused trans and one entering this what did i do to thee do asprement something nice remember jesus is the way we don't have to be sad about it we read to look at it and go he's lowing it and ah we've got we've got some work to do here back to jesus remember he's always at hand to help when in any situation this is good the rightful president united states accommoder in chief currently but rightful present the united states president donald j charmif they had actually run the election he that is more powerful than government and nothing is more powerful than god who in a they came antonio keep gin out ye powdered dry me take me a minute i know what i'm looking for here finding it is interesting enough that now to kill whose a traffic by our own government her people and to know what's happening at the border of police frequency does a lot that she nonterm does a lot of border folks so shall you veronetta about the drug is now in your dog do see more this is the arizona royal family i kind of kind of interesting how that goes you look at the re look at the crime the cronins with a the crime families that are involved in our inner government it's crazy chink of ship you cannot see finkstein don marie i'm going to have to do a little bit more lucky and i thought i could find this pretty quickly and i've thought here is a this is pretty some one start the toledo gateway start back here and see why why michigan is such in the cross hers now you remember the the the tattoo on on hunter biden he likes right it is a way to air and rail hobs and us and canadian highways or my greatness who were shot cities in human tricking for sex trade to lido and we've got an international bridge as well as an international port right there right delegate way two thousand ten two thousand twenty three cilia was found to be the third largest global gateway city for child sex tourism and america and two thousand ton but its rank was reduced to fortelace in two thousand twenty three because the efforts of government agencies not officials and into our non profits and individual the northwest ohio town is a port city international border through which young people are delivered to other cities against their will children as young is six months old had been sold for excitation he is once it was there but now its force so we can all just relax in that worry about attended better it's get better hoo whywhy should we look at his right people come on let's get with it why should we care about the government why shouldn't we why should we do any because pretty musset date to stand in front gonethat's going to be a real bad day and it's a bad day now and make good choice his widow become one of the tops cities for came trafficking sex trafficking the toledo has had the fbi innocence lost for searching for sex trafficking the consensus because they've trained professionals actively searching for runaway and exploited the youth they've been able to make more resonant city the d and the date reflect ah i'm not so sure where that i'm not i'm not so sure were that but it's a good good point to a to a point in but let's look at what the fbi's involved in the pole i'm so anyhow we've got all these cities we've got to lead all we've got detroit we got windsor and torano and the water corney the international labor forced the money legally acquired the human trafficking is estimated to be more than thirty five billion he departed and here we've got your highways the highways i ate i ninety the ohio turnpike and what i know is removing kids through the containers too i know that as a matter of fact from a very reliable source and in the state of michigan i ninety four going across the state is absolutely a it's a it's a human traffic nightmare inflation is out of centricity china russia ran and north korea formed together as in menacing dost coalition and a very dangerous one that our car she is crashing and will no longer be the whirl standard which will be a greatest defeat in over two hundred years if that happened we will to estatis you wouldn't believe how low we will the it won't happen with me not even a chance just like russia would never have invited you crane and china would not be even thinking about grating to won and we would have left afghanistan with dignity and strength and pride instead of our greatest comparishment in history we have kept baramthe bigger bespeakest her face in the world we had kept it not because of afghanistan but because pogram is one hour away from where china make should scriptores and we left in the dark of night we left the light showing a we left the doors those people had loved all say was seated they take the dogs now and if you probably know anything about the taliban and not then that dig into the world of dogs so you had imagined if you took the five words presidents and the history of the invaded states then and in them up they would not have done near that destruction to our country as crooked choke biting the bit tenor the stration of tone we are failing nation we are a nation in decline and now these radical e floated dickson to hit to fear with our elections by using long ford coldly correct and we won't let it happen that's why you must show up to vote in the california primary on super tuesday march penmarch fift that she first for when i tootooton bederiane set it on the toplica you know i like the mouth for came droppedhere tenecape to go remember i said makemake o marcerata american forest the greatest clestiner in the history of our country has never been a movement in no anguish is a great guy so last night it's it in nomination which has never happened on a country look at the crouch to get about the ground look out side thousands and thousands knowing they can't get in in the company was twenty twenty four or eight big probed with new gingres human after mat gates and i was kind of happy to see neck i met gates you know a kick or little body there right out of the red out of the seat of speaker so i'm i'm not not ok with new gig rector any or for that matter i mean i suppose they all do some good things athelstan things for shall filbon comes at my side was twenty tween possessed if you want so i wonder what you what you saw is on how a tramp is been responding pretty angrily when he's coming out of his cork takes days the count should be angry i mean my muse you molly work atillano the old key guys the entire group of these more on sitting in the seat have gone after my money they put out a a false of estimate for the value of malageer doing everything to lie at you you think that he who shouldn't be not you but i mean i said anybody he i would think he was insane if he didn't come on the matter than he his tedious let loose now and he's he's your they like in this speech here is is why asked cause in this speech this contained he will talk about how destructive by in his bed he usually approaches by ten as if he's feel sorry for him especially when he is on like ah send or talker or you know on twitter where he's got a larger audience he will be like all this kind of a sad guy but he's been coming out swinging and more punching in things more directly lately and i i just find that kind of switch interesting from his oh we'll see i just he had somebody that i love to such gingeon ought necks in the spot light for his misdeeds to be expelled present trump to endorse assises to be the process here and i don't know it's like i have no faith that anybody sitting in any one of these seats from top to bottom is for real cause they they had to get them in order for them to be setting in the seats i hope in your in turns out to be a good guy i mean we hope that all of them who are good guys that turn out to be good guys that are willing to do the right thing but only time can tell tell and asking questions we're going to have to see for what i can see i can't like him jordan i think he's contestantes ting person but that doesn't mean that we put him into a cult worship stay said you know stands on its stand on on all productivity from one minute to the next elsedon't or all the crops statutores sat out all packetboat twenty twenty four or is or great battle we have to win if we don't win that battle we will not have a country and i don't think we're make it there would you at my side we will demolish the deep set we will expel the when margaret from my cover will get him in these crepethe on mars and he replaced places that nobody ever heard of relessor goths we lose our money and then don't even want or in their charity we will try out to cocles we will cast out the communist marks fashes we will throw off the sick political class that he show country we will rout the fakeers median we will affect crooked joe biden from the lighthouse and we will finish the job and for all and i make his promise to you the great people of californ we are going to save your state the great silent majority is rising like never before and under our latyship he forgot lad and women that before god no longer with your help we are not forgotten unless we decided not to get in the game and help if we all stood together we would be a force that no political organization would would be able to compromise any more but it's going to take all of us the love in you on we will put america first and we will make america great again thank you call hortego lessoni love president the lottie present crop i love your words i think you're great i think you're for amazing and a thankful for all that he has done for this nation and i you know he was one that got us sotto all the wars and the sons bid engels in and i love it when the democrats virtonone say democrats are whoever i don't care not only whoever oh you know the democrats care their compassionate really you're you know though the head of the democrats bidentigeris day won tell me how much he cares tell me how about the dogs of the breton as they left behind and a in afghanistan and all his others have told me how much you care tell me about the babies had been shored and the talk a low ice attitude or very uniform he came like cities still talking about making america great again because in all we re talking about how people need to get together and stop seeing each other as enemies and you are talking earlier on the show about how you were having a great conversation with the democrat is your able to find values a principles that you both rely on and believe in and any move from there well we are all americans so that's a good place to target okay who were going i'm going through like a cone that a mary g or none almost that i groan through things and things that are saved in that sort of thing i'm not finding what i really wanted to show everybody but when i keep going so we can talked about some of the stuff because it's really it's really kind of it should be an is shocking to most people when they find out you know kind what were dealing with here i'm going to freemasonry right now and so on others at noon the stuff saved but anyhow it's inserting a a kind of easy toolinen we should go down that down that rabbithole on the on the masons i think it's inters they go quite it they've got quite a organization there let's go back and check out world masons the ohio grand lodge check that out isn't that interest not much of a fan a masons in case anybody wants to know i don't like the secret societies and i don't like the secret see an a in any of our in any of our areas see were got cremonas in ohio i can get there so it will in one scrolling through all my saved stuff that i can't seem to find in a very quick way wetstein talk about oh i don't know i echinopogon again about the video did you ever get to see the video that i sent you with the twittering which one he simulates it was this i wish ompai think i said to the on monday so it was about three minutes of an old interview with new transcripts over it there is maybe laugh really hard i don't think i saw that one well i see the granddaddy of of a human trafficking let's take a look at what's the water let's check it out less waxness interesting less warner the financier of osten and al brands owner in we one as well what do you see est crothog a few more of these alone make sure i don't put something out there that that i was for sale and become three point nine million dollars a new albany so he's got on more houses can looks like there's been some sails going on here on toothrough these because i don't an make sure that we're where a hut looking at things that are actually other some he oneschildren so he is his head from march th water i just want to show you this is she and that's on it in so actual his actual places that i like tunnels and such is kind of interesting and entrances to tunnel others is different people out there that actually kin go check things out and indisposed or well i'm an have to do some some low digging here so that we can i can i'll bring forward obviously god knows oneshot it to narrow and found the center but this is interesting not tossing his there goes honor to and and as we animals are the best that's pontiff i said not from time to althispanisch think you can i can feel anything with animals and animals conceal his end here venissero to my husband to see that it was not honoring it a shopping part good through like a lot o otototoi and in the fall where they put all their christmas decorations out in his age to three years old he probably more like one or two and he's never seen all the christmas lights its stuffbefore and he's just cool is mountains like an a perpetual or shape for olmedo as is making much hooting sounds i wish to send a eyes were really wide and it was just sweet and co youknow just makes you laugh and we are here to do that from time to time ho ho member remember some good things yet there's there's a lot of on he's a good one don't worry about anything instead pray about everything tell god what you need and thank him for all he's lipans for six and seven then you will experience god's peace which exceeds anything we can understand his peace will guard your hearts in mines as you live in christian now dear brothers and sisters one final thing fix your thoughts on what is true and honourable and right and pure and lovely and as and that were going to do now what a sight we also look at the bad things because you know there's a point in time where you got to be you got to be a little bit of a warrior and say i have no not as long as i am alive and and dive in and how you know when you see somebody is in trouble and then take no prisoners who when you get rid of the scum around them that that created the problem you know that that's that's some that's part of it you know cleaning out the cleaning out the trash that tscanicum many for in it the best way to do that is to ground yourself in joy and love and in your that joy is always happy joy it's that peace when you're grounded and faith it makes it easier to turn toward the evil and deal with it yeah i noonoon's ultimately control there's no fear i did hit is there's no fear where god is you know you just you don't have any fear you just walk forward and know you know he's going to give me what i what i need to make it through the day whether it's then a good situation or bad situation no matter kewaukee work and forward one which need to do and let god worry about the ongan and that it's the only way to deal with things that happen in life that are bad you know and i didn't it's kind of funny but i think some of us have been in crisis so much i was telling somebody about you know being in the emergency room with my mom and such and it's like i was onto first named basis with a freak in emergency room there for a while cause we had so many people that were going in and i actually it was kind of funny because i had one of the nurses say to me how are you dealing with and i like i don't know you have a choice when you get into you know you get into bad situations you don't really have a choice to melt down you just get in there you fix im and then then say well that was an interesting day or whatever and i don't come i look on becket her and say how are you dealing with no diddidn'the go there with that it was like i think they're so used to seeing the you know the the tram and such that they don't think that you know anybody else that comes in there they don't realize cause there's a lot of it abuse of people that go into the emergency room i mean i handed to of my neighbour wasn't emergency room years ago doctor and it's like you listen to the wild the belly of the beast walking and there on like that takes a special class of person it mentally in order to put up with the stuff that you know and you know that the destruction of the pure destruction of of human the one daily basis i have loved respected that get in there and do that now i don't have a lot er spect for people of force a jab on people but then our people that are there to help you know i i actually fired the the last time i am was in the hospital i had fired the emergency room doctor and the nurse and told him don't walk back in the thestor again or i'll see and they said a social worker to you know to talk with me and and he got his taste true before the five minutes before he decided that that was enough a hell to dion and you know the there's just there's a point time you know there's a point time where you just you just half to have to take a stand on things and you know what is it the hill to die out o you know a reason to make that determination the ye the night states of america is the hill to dion for me because i do believe that worthy united states goes the world goes and we have we've got a shot to actually change thing you know we have a shot to actually changed things called people to countable and i think that unless we do and absolutely a thorough job and this was back to the bible what is bible say what is god say is when you're taking over a nation which our nation has been taken over so we're just taken it back again oh you know you you do not you do not leave anything in plate so i am of the belief that any one sitting in the seats from top to bottom must be banned from ever holding a seat again because i haven't heard anybody ah any any appreciable way step up to defend the nation through the cold volock owns all the satellites the locked down she but i the it must be it must be cleaned out any ill gotten gain it has to be clad back to the state and given back to the people of mistegan and no one who has been sitting in the seeds of the legislature will ever be able to hold office ever again in any capacity or have have a right to say to have a son self governance because they are infiltrators they are traitors they have literally they have literally a the ones that were there that followed along go along to get along they have absolutely violated the prepubic trust and their oath according to the constitute entendant of policastro so i think i think that that's a i that's a point yes some lessons yeah i sink nobody that's holding office now should be in office again ah if if not you can even just just considering the elections they will lowed it they all allowed it and are not doing anything about it and one the comment about in rice who is excellent fighting this there is question in congress or the people are none being rhetorical and bettors i mean who is actually been fighting his i've only seen may be one too and are they really are they put on shell exactly in dorton out somebody told me t'other day that during the hearing for the signatures the signature stuff here don hartman was supposed to be representing me and i was told that somebody saw him having a conference you know here's the big anima between you know the amigo p and the grand new party the establishment here he's having a conference with at manor the same time that hearing was there by the person that was supposed to be representing me should call lot o things in a question and if if it is in fact true and i believe it to be true from the person you know one of em one of em is not telling the truth so it's the person telling me who i tend to believe is a truthful person and ah and that that brought it forward that said that that oh that dan was actually talking often another room in extended times with mamanock so fine that to be interesting to look through whose actually standing who with who and who is discovery good story eh and now who standing with christina cromo and ah who is actually there's so many questions i got to do is look in all the all and i mean all of the financial problems that i been layin em all in i am in a right out the financial problems that are ah you know that are a coming out that had been denoting the the bank statements in that sort of thing i think that's kind of import well you're you're showing people how to look what to look at ah a lot of what were experiencing now as lessons creatureas i forefix fix at least some of these problems and prevent them from happening were to have to learn what we did wrong and start practicing how to do things right were so far from doing right that on the go learning curve process learning self governess talk it is not an easy thing when you haven't been doing it for honor fifty years we yet we don't need know how to manage your own personal lives let alone it together in a community or state or country or the world ha this is had he for watch the water it's pretty simple no godly principles or pretty simple but we've moved too far away we allowed cultures we wallow in evil to pervade to such an extent that its isolation be cared we've moved away from godliness so much that it's hard for us to even function you are turned into a robot on me for a minute as to her casting testing testing one two three now let me see when ranchester stuff i got saved off and another device and see what i find here well i'm goin to keep looking for the stuff but i think this is might it be a good time too eh eh you know go go talk about i want to put some of this stuff out here cause i don't people may or may not be worth ready for it but i think we need to see it oh you know the stuff that's out there what's what's really going on i can jump into this channel and see if i can find the videos and vegetarian table divin cared i'd rather do it this way you know it's kind of fondest go on through stuff and then you know it's letting honestly letting god lead us into what he wants out there and this is a is a very important process because there are days that things are out there and on the congo person i'll just keep going on something until i hit the end of the rope and then once i hit the end of the rope then i'm like okay i'm done clearly he doesn't want the out here to day but i still have one more one more than you you know one more area tibichi that one now you just got to going to it i tell you can't you got to go i can't go in the more you know it's it's a great day and you don't even with all these bad things happening think about thus guys think about how precious you are that god placed you here such a time is that he must have thought a lot of you because he's not going to put the the though his problem children here he is going to put the solution makes and that is such an amazing em it's an amazing thing you know god with you here because he believes in and he knows that you're going to stumble and follow a little bit but guess what we're going to stumble and fall but you're going to get back up and you're going to do the right thing when you're called and he knows that he knows that i mean anybody that's what you my channel pay you in this stuck with me as long as you had had if you weren't in here for there and that's the you know because we do put out a lot of stuff that is very very difficult for people i do you know i bid you a posting as such and we you know to put out things that are really difficult for people to deal with and sometimes as difficult things have to be hit head on and start of just kind of you know kind of brushing it aside and going by headlines you don't get to the bottom of things unless you're actually willing to you know it wellington go through a little bit of have made and a that's he can in the way it is ah you know i know i'm willing to look at it i remember years ago when i saw some of be dismembered and a heart be caught you know jerked out of the kit alive am i said yet i did i saw that and i thought my heart was going to stop i really really thought my heart was going to stop and i gave it about a day and a half after looking into this and i prayed about to god nile ah what do you want me to do with this i am not prepared for this but clearly i wasn't but he was and that the answer he kept getting back was somebody is going to have to hit this thing had on and be willing to eh you know be willing to die in to some of this stuff and oh are they worth that now slike you know what we're going to have to look at some of the stuff and in the things that are unpleasant in order to bring back a rightful thing and a rightful rule and in righteousness on his earth we can't dissay you know have all this hope in but not be willing to do anything and i like cornwhat an i'm not goin to turn my my i'm not going to turn aside to this just because these people that are being maimed think about that transgender that is as mutilation sterilization of children and we cannot walk away from this and even to see even to see a people in videos i got i've got a pastor that wants to come on and i think i need to get him on because he played a video of a woman who had the surgery she had both her her breast caught off and she had the bosarde and she is like i have nothing and to listen to her sobbing and her testimonies should have just waited they she's like they lied to me and and she said i should have just waited and she said it sounds to me like he's got to take drugs every day she's scotch you know it's a herculean her task just to keep herself alive at this point he and people don't realize you put your kids in that i you're going to find out in a short hurry that you will have made the biggest mistake of your life by me lady probably sterilizing on you without ever being able to reverse this it cannot be revere and you're making choices for children who could be like you know that kind of stupid mentality well if they say they want to be pirates some day then maybe you should bring her in and hack a leg off and give him peg leg and poking ye out so they can wear on i patch i mean that's the mentality that's going on here it's absolutely insanity and ah i think we really need to confront this because there is if we don't stop it then you know or speak out against it say i think you better really we need to reverse this and quickly it's all about money and eagle to be in the inn crowd you know that the cult of hacking off body parts club ah then were guilty of it so we got to say something and we've got to be able to be strong enough to look at this sort of thing to be able to call it out when we see it and and say this is wrong in this is why well there you go again yes in that word we except you are actually doing it because you've been talking about it so that's that's an example what i was talking about earlier when you say we need to face it your actually do we we have to all of us and and who cares if people don't like you you really care would rather people like you or stop some somebody that grows up to be in a dull and say why didn't some one say that why didn't somebody say something why didn't they help me why why didn't somebody stop in front of the horrific abuse that i had had to endure that cannot be reversed you know i i really i really hope that we never have to face that and hear somebody come up to us in why didn't you stop this you could have stopped it i was a child why did you let them now like me i will never have a child i will never enjoy success with the girls said that had a you know the fake penis put on her and in they took they took the sketch showed her scars over forearm where they took the skin to create the fakes and she just he saves and sobs and sobs over this this is a real person people and what about the kids that our being currently traffic you know what what happened when we have to face the fact that we didn't do anything or we didn't do enough in and we have to face a sunday assonda there can be liberated because his people like me who are willing to go in there with swords of blazon to get him out or a military that are willing to go in or people that rescue children what what what are we going to say because we didn't do enough and we were uncomfortable we didn't want to feel bad we you didn't want hurt some feelings water were wrong what if we're right and the evidence is there that we are right and we don't do anything that will be a very sad day sides keep going you know where we're going to camp to we have to keep going we cannot stop this fight knowing that people are being mutilated there being traps there being sterilized there being deprived of their humanity there being killed there being trafficked for organs there being eaten i can prove it to you if you want to see it can be wroth thing but it is the way is and i you know all this seineand the stuff cause i'm i'm looking i'm looking through and i've got so much stuff save sometimes it takes me a little bit to find it i always do find it but it's it's a a i got to feeling god doesn't want me to show you some of the stuff to day may be i'm about to the point of exercised sizing my emex hasting your cesarine yes an exhausting my my resources to be all look the up i might have to do actual search some as some things when i on line is i can find it but it's not as quick as if i'd just go oh you know to a proper search i conocido visually find monerenematous i do same thing yet no i want to find that thing to show down on her recoover cigoi can to find that saintssome where and i had dogged when i want to find some yet it's crazy and then he can't find it so but miss in a ohio i think what i did show everybody to day that's a little pill ball you know not the real hard coarse stuff that i i'm done knowinglooked work that the hard core stuffed that that you know that those of us who have been at for a while you know have have faced and looked at and said ye i am not with us and i'm never going to be with us like never it's not o ke ah we do not we do not do these behaviours what we defend each other are individual rights in a lot of the distractions that there have a look at and that's all it is as distractions metheby us ah do will you stand and defend the rights of your fellow countrymen fell humans you know or are yet are you going to side with the neither people running the show and i don't mean that i don't necessarily mean that by lizard lizard people i mean that by people who have been bought off and sold off to corruption and everything sitric you know and we're being sifted i'll put it on next week i'm going to put some stuff off the nectosome the videos and see people can see exactly what out there and then they can then we can have a discussion is this what you want the world to look like if it's not and you just want to play games with a political parties and play politics and play you know a surface in crop that that is been sanitized for all of us to keep us on a reality be my gas don't be standin lot me because they're not necessarily because we have bigger issues that most of that dust of distraction and waste our time i actually on from the real fight and i think you are too current he the episode that's her that's where it is it's like a kassotis sat that the others say didn't get your attention what about the children when they see that you can't just like not do anything that isidore col what what can i do and we were hearing a story about a woman who was vacationing in foreign country and a little tocheswilla in about i do stop the camera keep talking for testament and i beg but do not in sornement she saw a little girl without sandals or shoes and she bowed her like a cheap pair of sandals just as she had something on her feet just to be nice and the girl asked her question like word you want to go and the woman was just like flames for a minute and then she realized this girl expected that the woman wanted sexual favors from the little girl in exchange for the sandals that she had fought her and the one man was like make was a guest in your shell were that's where i heard that she was like i have to do something what am i going to do i cannot i cannot go back home and just pretend like this don't happen and not do anything about it there children in the world that when if this sort of life like how can you when you experience that not god is pointing you here is something that you can do something about what are you going to do about it scant be in front of you you know the things that god puts in front of you on a daily basis is what defines and do we lay our lives down for each other or do we just want to go round for the surface um ah how do i say it the the the pleasures of life that have no gold for eternal are we are we in it too laporterie serving god for sir maneach other there is no time frame or schedule on on the planet that can't be moved around if there's some one in need that needs to have held and here the talk is somebody who has a had a wife crisis or especially older people though he lived a life and they looked back and they know what have i done with us or i could have died i didn't tell my love to one that i loved that and suddenly they live life more fully were they they don't talk about stupid little things so much any more now they're trying to actually make a difference and those of us who haven't had that kind of experience are free to disrobe her hold and just let a lively and i pretend like nothing bad as happening around us you know if you walk by his man on the street because you've seen a thousand of them before where you live it's a lot different then if you've never seen that before like you in the hospital i've never seen excurrent on the floor in the hospitals or on the walls of the stare well i've never been there i never done that ah that we jump out to me too and if it might make some one like that decided to something about it god puts in experience in your path to get your attention and if you just walk away from that it's like it's like the book a gift of fear i was talking to some one about recently we have the ability to turn away from our their innate and we're the only species if you want to use that label that turns away from the gift of fear you know a deer in a woods if it thinks it might have smelled something or seen something or heard something they're gone they move they take action in medially they don't wait around us in and try to convince themselves that oh surely there isn't a wolfer on the corner the ices ah i think i just you know heard the wind blow i'm all kay we had to do that i'm sure the gas just really trained it help me carried my groceries he seems like a nice man more the only ones that do stupid stuff like that just to convince ourselves of the th the world around us it is all okay instead of taking action when we can and when he throws something in your path and points her attention to it what is wrong with you if you turn away god's giving you a gift he's giving you an opportunity to say i ask you to take care of my widows and orphans to take care of the poor i gave you an opportunity to help some one i now turned away would it wrong with you and a etimano be the poor or hollis person it may be something that you don't expect but if your eyes aren't open to it because you live a life of faith you may miss a thousand opportunities like that and i hope that when we do have an opportunity that jolts joel us enter taking an action some of sobee there where they were like i just i don't know why i just feel like i should turn right here on almost always go off i just feel like to day i should do this and suddenly year in a position where you can help somebody oh yeah hal got begravelsen is it his quisical thing that happens ah what eyes give her tidelike that i tinoco's not harmful for me i'm just going to go with it because maybe magots trying to hint something to me there's my time to rig life or i thought i had a plan that god put me out of pass for this gold and suddenly one day and it may be years later clearly that was the goal that he had in mind it may have been that i needed some training while i was on that path for some other purpose is really hard to let go of that goal i literally and i've talked about it many times i friends physically dug my heels in because i didn't want to jump out of that gold and yet there is another part of me that was going all key good finally carried his listening it's about time because i there was another part of me that was paying attention and this isn't for you any more it's time for you to move on there is something else that you are going to be needed then i still don't know if if if there i thought maybe i picked that up but i don't know and so it you know how the stairway to heaven song has a line that goes through or two pass you can go by but there's still time to change the road or on and i like that because we can think that our life is going to go along this pathway with ex go at the end and you may never ever get there and you're going to go she's all over the place along the way because god has other gods for you he has other things he is other pass for you to take any of your open to it and you live a life of faith it's easier to make that transition to see the path change and go an got that's where you want me to go all right i don't know how and i think it's going to be hard and it looks a little scary but that if that's what she hoped for me i won't do my best it's it's not always easy cause i've been there but i feel like i'm constantly being trained by god for some other purpose and maybe i will never know what the purpose is but if we are open to following him trusting in him having joy along the way fitting into the yolk as best we can and walking in the same direction as jesus along the way we will find the piece suppresses all understanding and we will reach our goal which hopefully to help other people and not just ourselves get to heaven it is also easy to get stuck in a row of thinking i just need to get to my get myself to have it it's pendeen one of the biggest lies that was forced upon this nation that of sesmeuret had a song on that the most important person in the world to you as you and you hardly even know you eyeand they started that when kids were you know real young i mean that that was round with a it was between my brother and the in myself when that song came out you know and the problem would that is is it's like it's making people feel entitlement titlement minded and take care of yourself to cares of really you or feel better rohorse go takes her somebody else and you'll forget about all these things that you pity and yourself you just dishmore your focus other people and it's amazing how much joy that you find in forgetting yourself building things doing the right thing not worrying about your feelings and you know and things you know it's like what are what our feelings and emotions are highly manipulate and you know and they blow round to heavyhead hopefully were in good feeling world a good emotion were i were too reactive to emotions then or emotions drive our driver on our decisions that's not always right you know somebody says something to hurt feelings or something like that you could be driven to do really stupid thanks just cause you're you're you know really hurt you kind has to be met metered with with thinking so that and perspective so that your not blown around by the wind and it's like sosnovian texts but not being aroundgoin round by the wind you know and stable person keeps her eyes on god and refuses to be blown round by the circumstance that's really were more stability comes from oneside by every little berlin little body atencingo mation washed watch how quickly people are too accept truth that they say is true retatalis there for distraction there's so many distractions out there it's like you know it's like we what have we gone through liking the last ten seconds if you watch the news she it's all distractions and what what are we doing were trying to follow these distractions and studied getting any work done the case we and i don't know if it's because the the grasp of knowledge can you use the knowledge or is a do anything with it or does it just make you feel like you have an out you you i mean is as a a is a rhetorical term but does it doesn't make us feel like we have some control in an out of control world news flashed the world is on a control we don't control the world we don't control we we can have influence on it but ultimately it is god who is in control and in when we stop trying to control its screw things a lot and let him move things long that's going to be and be with his plan not her own from sargon away in the cart on away real quick repereritis in our lives it's not what you you know people are i have been taught also how much is that god is only a thou shalt and thou shalt not kind of thing that's mostly people putting themselves in a place of wanting themselves to play little god like they're the keeper of all knowledge no you know none of us are only defect i really may have different experiences but but there's there's a it's caneverything is common to all of us so i jesus came to earth and human in a god came to earth the form of the human body his you know he lived through every single thing that we did but yet he was also god and he was he didn't fail like we will and the rest of us were going to be modeling through things a little bit here because we are not god so with that sack appaloosa eleven eleven i like that number so the why don't we i i really enjoyed to day with you care and i've really been missing you on here because i can't get sick of two people that are just pushing a little thief tom rather than less just look at you now let's just look at what we need to to make individual est and a the truth will always stand if the truth is out there instead of a narrative we have to look at the fat that's where we need go south without without secrecy all this secrecy all the time now just get out there and speak the truth people resinate with the true thing know the truth when they hear it and a and that's honoring to them and believing in people to be able to hear the truth when things are said to them were honoring them when were truthful without instead of crafting a narrative in the inn we all know it when we hear the truth may not always like it but but i would rather hear the truth than a lie any day even if it's something i want to believe him could you can deal with that sending alice dear holy father think you so very much for cameron and hopper single person out there we hope that darrell castle as open that shore wrightington to night but we ask you to bless in me such a such a kind wonderful person and we ask that you continue to guide us as we moved through our day to day and every day bring out things to mind where we are in fact serving and have the opportunity to serve you that we would see that to make good choices and to honor you we want the nation brought back with withfirst things out of our mouth no one nation under you invisible with liberty and justice for all and we just commit to you to uphold your standard and a truth and honesty uphold thee gifts that you've given us to put things in a lawful manner because you're a god of of laws and of justice and doing the right thing there is a natural law here it's your lot and were thankful for that and we commit ourselves to living away you honest to live without regard to her silver the consequences of what we may face coming forward we know that your good all the time and that there will be a point time when all these lives follow way and it will just be us in you and that's a good thing help us to make our choices to day we can't do it without you were human and you know our families and and we are we are grateful for each and every person out there let know that you love them to day in a very tall help them to hear you i think that's the biggest problem with it we don't hear you really will some now help cut through the distraction so that we may hear year of voice and walk on this earth with you getting rid of all those things that are or distraction or hinder us from seeing you and walking with you in a great friend to us and we just love you so very much we ask for many people come to the saving knowledge of jesus christ that you do all work it's not us anderthank for that that secret you made for us because you loved us so much that you want to be with us and her relationship with us for ever and ever no so much and the medes christwere so with that sad you're ready to hit the day to day yes yes i thought this one shining i'm not sure how i feel about this chilly air kinda like it because it means there's a restful time a season coming but i also i hate the cold i love pitithesthai sees that cold magestoso pants on i got my i usually put snow pants on in october and i were snow pans all the way through the winter cause they could end and my caddedila like crazy and now they don't look ah miss landsaten one of my sons dispareri el some little visit with him for a while so with that sad you together in family or rats i make you feel better and then do something nice for them you all lay yourself down and put your schedule away and let's just get in the game of actually healing in the nation and doing something so it is said god bless you god bless all those whom you love god bless the marica make it great day sooppose choice and thank you god for caron he is a true friend and i'm i'm thankful for you every day you're on amazing person and ah got amazing heart and i wish everybody knew you the way that i know you as a true friend armed girls you know if we just love our families i try to do the right thing every day love you my friend love to