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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/30/2024 Tatar Tuesday-Lawful Defense & Real History

Published Jan. 30, 2024, 9:01 a.m.

9am Tatar Tuesday with John Tater. Know the law and use the law - defending yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar 10am Real History with Courtenay Turner - A weekly discussion on real history and the connections that were never taught in school. Courtenay Turner is the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast”, “WIM what is movement”, & her new show coming soon “The Right Voices”. She is also a speaker and aerial acrobatic performer. Having spent her academic career largely seeped in the world of philosophical and psychological texts and being a passionate athlete and performing artist, paved the way for the world in which she is currently immersed. Many today know her as the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast” where she boldly seeks truth, diving into a myriad of deep topics surrounding issues of health, fitness, medicine, philosophy, psychology, politics, geopolitics & sociocultural zeitgeist. However, she was born with a rare set of circumstances that has greatly impacted her perspective on life. “All human beings are designed to move and the ways in which we do are our unique creative expressions.” – Courtenay Turner X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and it's the 30th day of January 2024. Welcome to our show today. It is Tater Tuesday, Lawful Defense, as well as Real History with Courtney Turner today. I'm always excited to talk to everyone out there, so I hope everybody out there is doing well. This morning, I had a very good friend of mine call, and it was a well-placed call. She wanted me to go down to Florida, walk on the beach with her. I'm like, man, I got way too much work to do up here right now. And I have some stories to tell people of something crazy that happened in Byron Township. Once again, not only did they break the law by refusing my FOIA for election laws, now we've got another situation here, which I'm processing, but I want everyone to know what's happening. And I'm not sure when I'm going to come out with this, but once again, our wonderful elected officials are not following the rules at all. When, and you know what, I'm going to tell you what, if you get out there in the public and you are going to break a system that is highly manipulated and entrenched, you're going to be, you're going to be a target and they're, they're going to target you. There's no two ways about it. You've got to be prepared for this. So I'll tell you what happened. Okay. This is interesting. So we get, we get, you know, I've got, I've got a couple of parcels of property here. And I buy land to protect it from developers. OK, that's the reason why I buy land. so that they can't just cram things into every nook and cranny and turn it into a 15-minute city because that's what the scope creep is. And I am absolutely against developers, realtors, anybody having to do with property being on a township board or a zoning board. And I've gone after these people several times. So a couple of days ago I get a notice in the mail that says that one of my properties is going into foreclosure and I'm like, What? I have no idea what's going on. So our right hand guy, that is our CFO, he's our finance guy, decides to call the township and find out what's going on. And they're like, you're current on taxes, everything is fine. And he's like, but last week, so he made sure that everything was current on taxes and such. and trying to figure out what's going on out here. And I called him and I said, I think you better check on this again because there's something that's not right here. He calls down to the township again. Second time he called, went through everything. The woman's like, no, everything looks fine. And then all of a sudden she goes, oh my God. there is a, it was kind of hidden, something that we never got any notice on. The property was never posted and she had a hard time finding it. She didn't see it. Everything looked fine. And all of a sudden this thing pops up behind the scenes, no posting to the property, no notice from the township, no nothing. And when she went into her system, She didn't see it. It took her several tries to find it and it popped up because they were going to try to... This was absolutely intentional. There's no way that this was not an intentional action right there because there were too many fail-safes. If it was unintentional, then everybody in Byron Township better start watching their behinds because these people are incompetent. And to have somebody that you go and talk to within the township to make sure everything's right and they don't find... anything on two or three passes through to find the information, then all of a sudden there's something hidden that pops up. I have to believe that this was an intentional attack. And so it was, I have to believe it. And I'm going to tell you, I've got a couple pieces of property that, that people would, would, would love to get their hands on the developers. They call all the time that would love to get their hands on. And I'm like, nah, I'm kind of a farm girl. I, I like my community. I like my neighbors. I don't think you need to be packing this, you know, packing this thing full of every single inch that you can develop for your good. Because see, this is what they do, and I fought them several times, is they will buy up property, pack it full, run off to wherever they're from because they're not from the area. None of them are ever from the area. and stick us with higher taxes to have to build more schools, more infrastructure, more water, more electrical upgrades, all of this nonsense. And they run off with a profit and leave us with all of the problems. And if people don't think they're doing it, they're doing it all over the place. It's not just Bill Gates. The developers are involved in this too. You can see it happening, what happened in Detroit. There's a couple of guys over there that are in deep pockets and then they form the politicians behind it. It's what happens. It's all about their gain. Yeah, it is. We did get it resolved. And so attack foiled. And now I'm going to have to go back and address it with these people on their failings to try to grab property through hidden means. Pretty sad, isn't it? It is. It is. But they've done this everywhere. I mean, remember Poletown. Remember what? Poletown. No, I don't remember Poletown. What is it? Poletown was a community in the Detroit area around Hamtramck where they tried to, well, they didn't try, they did, where Coleman Young was reducing the taxes on the property or the assessed values to bring the property down in value. And it came to a point that They sold off a whole bunch of people's property and turned it into a Chrysler plant. So I know that they're doing something like that up in Port Huron. When I was up in Port Huron a couple of years ago, I talked to a woman up there who had a special needs kid and they changed the ordinances in order to stop people from parking on the street. Well, she had a special needs child and there was no parking in the house that she was living in. So they kept giving her tickets and tickets and tickets and tickets because she had to get her child in there. The city was so bold. that they came and they took one of her kids' special needs bicycles instead of coming there to help them and say, how can we help you? What can we do as a community to help somebody who was already struggling? She ended up having $5,000 in fines that she was never going to get away from. And I talked to another guy that he had put up a place to grow food in the backyard and such. And they started hitting him with all kinds of violations. Well, he should have the right to be able to have a little garden in his backyard. It wasn't a big deal. And he couldn't keep up with the violations. So he kept hitting him and he goes, I'm going to lose my house. And I'm like, I can see what they're doing here. They're trying to drop the value. I've seen it in Grand Rapids. I've watched him do it. I've watched him do it over the years, you know, and I saw him do it in Grand Rapids, too, where they would they would bring a neighborhood down through taxation, through through attacking through violations and fees and all of that sort of thing to kick the original people out who that was their homes and then drop the value of the houses. Somebody would come in there and buy them on pennies on the dollar. And the next thing you know, they've got a high rise put up in its place. It's happening all over. These developers are a bunch of parasites. They're absolutely parasites. It should not be allowed the way that it's going on right now. They're parasites. Well, they're a part of the problem, but they're not the entire problem. No, they're not, but they're not helping either. The entire problem is the government. Yeah. Well, when corporations tie up large swaths of land to do these great developments, and this is another thing that they do is that they'll develop it. And I've seen this too, where they'll put up a strip mall and there's somebody in Grand Rapids who has a whole bunch of properties here. He puts up strip malls, he puts businesses in there and his whole business model is to make each one of those businesses have it on a lease that becomes unworkable because I've seen people go under through it. So that he can take their stuff, not only the stuff in the business, but the stuff in their homes. He can literally seize all property. And then he just sets up a new business and it does it all over again, over and over and over again. And then he'll sell that strip mall to somebody else. Once it's up and moving and then he'll go build down the street and take all of the legitimate tenants with them to break the strip mall owner that he just sold to. It happens all the time. These people are so evil. It's incredible. But as long as we know that what they're what they're up to and that they'll even hide things in the records of a township. So you can't even have you can't see it even if you go and check on it. We've got a problem. This is what these people are like. So as long as we know, we can hold them to the fire a little bit. But unless we talk about this too and say, this is what's happening, somebody else is going to get caught in those traps too. That's true. And they don't know how to deal with it. They don't know how to deal with it. That's why we're here, actually. That's why we talk about this. A woman who had the $5,000, she should have counted out 5,000 pinto beans. Yeah. You know, that's where it goes, just like this idiot in the election finance group that sent me a $500 bill saying that because I didn't concede the election and I didn't close my committee, and he quoted me the law, showed me the law, says that I have to pay him $500. So I turned around and I put all of my laws together and I said, you quoted me one law, I'm going to quote you six. Here's your payment. Or here's the discharge. What is the response? I haven't had a response yet because it just went out Thursday, I think it was. No, that's funny. Just went out Thursday in a certified letter to him. So we'll see what happens. Well, that's funny. Byron Township, by the way, too, was told to me that one of the people on the school administration took a $20,000 payment to keep the masks in place. I would love to see that investigated to find out and have absolute proof on it, but I wouldn't doubt it. The source that I got from is pretty an amazing person. Well, that person should be able to give you something in writing or some sort of agreement or something like that. Yeah, so kind of crazy. But just so everybody knows, this is going on in this little town. This is another thing we had. We had a $30 million. I heard it in a conversation with a realtor and somebody else that was having. We had a $30 million overage. So what did they do? They added on to the township hall so that they can build a bigger metropolis here. Yep, yep. That's what it's all about. Got to get that tax base up so we got more money to play with because we're too stupid to make it on our own. That's what the deal is with elected officials. They just extort money out of everybody else because they are stupid. They can't make the money on their own. So they got to get in a position and then try to increase the tax base so they can feel real important because they've got big numbers. Big numbers mean something to these people. So anyhow. But we keep putting them in office. Yeah, right, right. We need to have a few people that are like shepherds. We need some firm people to just step up and say, nope, not doing this stuff. We need more people. That's another thing I was thinking about after our meeting. Let's hit that just for a minute. We had our taxpayers meeting this weekend, and it was awesome, wasn't it, John? John came from across the state. We had a... it was standing room only I i was I was shocked how many people came to this and we had a great time it was really fun and uh I think I'm gonna do some more events where we we were at the we were center shot and door they're wonderful please patronize this this business they were absolutely wonderful and supportive and if anybody else is out there that knows any other venues They never charged us either. They were just so welcoming and supportive and such. If anybody knows any other venues where we could go and have just for gatherings, meetings, like we used to do in the old Grange Halls and such, I would love for you to tell me who would be open to this. I think there's probably a few churches around that would probably be open or something like that, but not the ones that take the 501c3 money or whatever it is or C4s. But let me know options out there if you know any place around the state that would be agreeable to have us come in and just talk about the, we just talk about, you know, running the country. That's about it. And we don't get into the political crap because we all hate politics. We actually talk about stuff like John and I do, you know, governance, how to defend yourself, skills, how to serve each other, that sort of thing. So. Anyhow, where we go from here, John? Well, I think we need to go to the Constitution because I always have my ear out there and I listen to people. And somebody brought up the question, is the preamble part of the Constitution? And it absolutely is 100% part of the constitution. Okay. So I actually have it memorized and so we'll see how well we we'll see how well I do. Okay. We, the people in order to form a more perfect union established, but forgot of the United States, we, the people of the United States. I was going to throw it, show me up. In order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and ensure the blessings, secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity do ordain and establish this constitution of the United States of America. There you go. There you go. Now, Why am I saying it is part of the constitution? And that is, well, because it is number one, but what, why, what's the, what's the significance of the preamble? Well, it's like the preface of a book. It tells you the overall goals. I mean, it's like the mission statement of the United States is what it is, is the mission statement, isn't it? Yes, it is of our, is the intent of the Constitution. Because if you ever get into a court of law and you have to argue something, it is the intent of the law that is the law. What was that law that was written and what was its intention when it was written? Because otherwise our politicians and politicians, our public functionaries, twist the words and the meanings of the words in order to get their point across in order to get what they want across. Let's take a look at this, for example, if we break it down to establish justice. Now, we know that we haven't been doing anything like that in America right at this moment. In fact, we have a two-tier justice system. In fact, anybody that can't see that, needs to be watching what's going on with President Trump. Remember, if he wasn't in our way, they'd be coming after us and doing the exact same thing because they are evil and they want to bring this country down. They want to destroy America. They've been trying to do this since the inception of the Constitution. And the conflict of interest is so egregious in this case with the judges and the attorneys and they're all tied together through a law firm that they worked at and also Nikki Haley is tied into this. with her campaign and the donations with these people. This is what I think people need to come to terms with, that this is in fact, it's like an organism and organisms are made up of cells. So you have cells of people that are functioning within this big global crime syndicate to accomplish certain things. But when you start really looking at them, you know, you can say follow the money, which is true. You need to follow the money. But there's more telling things. It's part of the picture. But when you look at the connections, it becomes crystal clear. It takes it out of like a black and white TV into full color. you know in in seeing what's actually seeing the depth of you know or 2d it takes it from 2d and makes it 3d where you can see the connections that are going on there instead of you know the money the money money can be hidden and uh you know you can see some of it but these people are masters at hiding it and the fact of the matter is when we talk about justice it Why the Constitution? First words in the Constitution, to establish justice. And our public functionaries have failed miserably in that respect because this doesn't only happen with criminals that are hurting people as far as damaging property and so on and so forth, but it has to do with the Child Protective Services with the Adult Protective Services, those organizations that should not, number one, be even established because remember Norton versus Shelby County says you can't create a de facto office and there's no constitutional authority for those organizations. Those organizations should not exist and yet they are creating all kinds of problems for the people and probate is another one. the end of their life cycle, you got to avoid probate at all costs, at all costs. Probate is probably the biggest scam on the public that's ever been perpetrated by the bar system. It's theft. It's total theft. It's total theft. Yeah, because they're taking a part of it. And then whenever you get an attorney involved in anything, it's just, they'll sit there. I mean, we've seen it when we've been in lawsuits and that sort of thing. They'll sit there and they'll just bleed you dry. They'll continue. They do not want, it is not in their interest to expeditiously end a lawsuit. They will keep that thing going. We had one that was almost three years long and they want to keep that gravy train going as long as they can in order to feed themselves. It's a job for them. It's job security. as ron put it it's job uh how did he say creation no he's a works program for attorneys there you go the bar system is a works program for attorneys and so that's all it is I mean if you want to pay off an attorney or pay an attorney to do what you really should be able to do yourself And I'm thankful for those good attorneys out there because there are some good attorneys out there, but the whole system is rigged. The court system is rigged against we the people to keep us broke, tied up with their crap, and to be fouled up by unconstitutional laws, mandates, and such. All it is is it's its own prison for people. That's right. It's a time prison, money prison. So we go back to the preamble to establish justice, which they failed. There's an E or an F, I guess you could give them. I give them an F. We have no justice. We let the criminals run and the rest of us, they punish, you know. To ensure domestic tranquility. What is that? What does that mean? I would say peace. I would exactly what it is. It's peace in the communities, such as now they have the BLM and the Antifa and all of these disgusting organizations out there, they're not promoting or they're not ensuring domestic tranquility. These stupid politicians, public functionaries that operate, that are governors and mayors and tell the police to stand down because they want this riot and then the as the building is burning behind them. This is nonsense. Well, look at what, I played something from Ilhan Omar yesterday talking about that she pledged basically her allegiance to Somalia and using the United States from within. to, to support Somalians. And we're like, they have to listen to us. We're Somalia. And to supersede the law of America, the same thing with Sharia law, it has no place here whatsoever. The, the constitution is the law of the land. Sharia is not, is not a lawful thing. And they don't get to usurp what we have here in America. If you want to come to America, would be American. If you want to be under Sharia or be a Somalian or whatever, then go home. And, um, The thing with the Palestinians, the Palestinian protests, I've got a real beef with that one because not only BLM came here or they organized their little foot soldiers under BLM and Antifa and such, but now we've got countries, people that are flying the flag of foreign countries. Yes. And instead of the United States, these this is this is treasonous that they are literally attacking going up to the White House under a foreign flag. Every single one of these people should have been should have been arrested immediately. This is under a flag of another nation. This is not me. They're traitors. Yes, they're absolute traitors representing on American soil. another nation that's an invasion of trying to force our our government to capitulate to their little baby cowards cowardly fight they didn't fight it on their own land they brought it here in order to course and intimidate the united states to capitulate to their demands screw all of them they need to go home and fight on their own turf we know why they're doing this yeah they're trying to stabilize the united states so doing everything they can to get rid of Trump. Yeah, you fly another flag like that and go up to the White House, you would just become an invading army. Well, you see, Omar should be prosecuted for treason. Absolutely. Violating her oath of office, and it should be the Democrats, Democrats that do it. Well, they're all Marxists, so what do you say? You know, she's just expelling their organism. Yes. And so those people that that buy into the Democrat and Republican nonsense, the Democrats are the ones that have created this problem. They brought in Obama, who was not a natural born citizen. They allowed. Yeah, Kenyon, they allowed. Kamala to take vice president. She can't be a president. She can't even be vice president. She can't have the office. She's a natural born citizen. So what are the Democratic Party doing? What's their process? Oh, they're ignoring the law. Well, it's not only ignoring the law. It's ignoring the country. It's ignoring who we are. It's ignoring America. It's ignoring the Constitution. These people are traitors. And anybody that supports this nonsense is a traitor. That's all there is to it. And that's beyond my understanding as to why they're allowing it to happen. And the Republicans aren't doing anything about it either. Republicans are traitors too. They could have been pointing the finger and saying, Obama can't be a president. He's not a natural born citizen. These are the people that we elect to protect our country that swear an oath to uphold the Constitution, and they have failed miserably. Well, watch, it's like they virtue signal as much as any, you know, libtard out there. And it's like, well, I'm a Republican. I'm a Democrat. I'm a this or that. Well, you know what? I'm an American. And that means that we're going to get rid of these. We have to get rid of these labels and stand together rather than, you know, virtue signal our way through this. You know, it's from the Republican Party. I'm hearing nothing of any substance here. on calling out anything. And they put Hoekstra in, who's got a background with the Patriot Act, until he says, I made a mistake. At least Robert F. Kennedy said, I made a mistake on the border. And I don't, I believe, I believe that we should that the Second Amendment needs to be protected. And, you know, when you listen to what they've changed their their tone on and but then you got to hold accountable for what they say, too. But the Republicans, they say nothing, man. They're out there just, you know, talking about how great they are. And they haven't talked about election integrity. Most of them. They haven't. They haven't. I haven't seen hardly any of them speak up for. Well, Hoekstra has been speaking up for President Trump. So I'll give him I'll give him a score there in the positive in the positive. But that doesn't mean that we need to go back and look at the failed elections for the last two years, too, because the crime was committed. That's right. And that's where, I mean, to promote domestic tranquility is to provide peace and security for the public in our country. And they have failed miserably. They have failed miserably. And the COVID-19 nonsense proved that, that they were not interested in securing the domestic tranquility for our country. So that's two Fs they got. Provide for the common defense. And here again, for the common defense, they're allowing all of these people to come in off of the border that are military age. They are securing them, taking care of them, and getting ready for what? War. For war for what? Are they promoting the general? Are they providing for the common defense? No. Well, they sure as heck are providing to Raytheon and some of these big government contractors. That's who they're providing for. Providing for the common defense means everybody, we should have our militia. Remember the sheriff that was at the meeting. He spoke well about the militia. I was looking to see if I could give him a hard time, but he, what he was, his topic was good and he did a great job. So I can't pick on him. Yeah. I loved her. Everybody missed, missed what he was saying. He's got a common law dot. I can put it up on the thing, but he does classes on the constitution and he's got a new one coming out February one on the militia, which I think we should get a group of us together. he was talking about that is getting a group of people together for the books and such so that we can go through what he's talking about. And I'm going to give him a call today because I think that would be a really good one to study under his, because he's very knowledgeable, Dar is. Well, I think that's part of the promoting the, not promoting, providing for the common defense of is providing for the militia, giving the militia the time, equipment, and more important, the public knowledge as to who they are and what they are, and not the way the media has portrayed the militia in the past, like the Michigan militia, a bunch of bad guys running around in the woods shooting at people. No, no, no, no. That's not what this is all about. the militia I believe was to, to serve the people. And that, that came under the category of even meals. And, you know, it was, it was a service organization, not just, you know, guns and grab your torches and pitchforks. It's kind of, it was a little bit more intended from my understanding to be a little bit more of a, of a community protection, but also service organization. There was a, um, and I don't remember the name of the gentleman at the moment, it might come to me shortly, who talked about the militia that they had established in California years ago, and they were actually under black power. And they weren't the black power that we were, or that were portrayed by our news media, evil people. They were people that were trying to help the poor and help the underprivileged give them a step up so they could improve their life. That was what they were doing, and the government didn't like that. Yeah, they can't control people if people are actually being helped to overcome the challenges that they can't do on their own. Black Power was not an evil organization. in any stretch of the imagination. I'm not talking about the today black power, I'm talking about the past black power. In my understanding and readings of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and some of the others that were out there, they were there to help people and to do good, not to do bad and not to do evil. But our government didn't want, back then, President, or I don't even want to call him President Johnson, but Johnson, who should have been considered a resident because he was, didn't want the black people to have any power or any strength in the political system. It was the Democrats that were keeping the black people down, not the Republicans. And it's still the Democrats that are keeping the black people down. And this nonsense that Hillary came up with black, with the, uh, uh, black lives matter stuff. That was, that's just the slogan of jargon. That's not what she's, what she's all about. She's as corrupt as they come when it keeps the keeping other people down. And the black race is one, uh, organization, a group of people that Hillary was hurting and destroying in her earlier years. Well, look at how much burning they did in the black neighborhoods. I mean, when BLM was the burning and the problems they caused, how many minority-owned businesses did they burn to the ground? Yes. A lot more than, you know, the ratio is higher and that they went after. They went after the minority businesses. So this was a domestic terrorist organization, BLM is. And Antifa was too, both of them. They're domestic terrorists. The BLM actually have remnants of Nazi flags that they fly around. So people need to wake up. People need to really understand it. Do a little history, do a little studying, and they're going to have a totally different impression as to what's going on in the world. All right, provide for the common defense, another F. Promote the general welfare. Now, this is a really interesting thing because during the Johnson administration, Johnson decided that the general welfare was his welfare program. That's not what this says. General welfare is not a welfare program. The general welfare means everybody's welfare, not as far as providing money or food for them, but giving them the opportunities to stand on their own feet and become who they want to be, live their life the way they want to be. That's the general welfare. Government fails on that one, too. Secure the blessings of liberty. Now, we don't really even have to get into that because we have all of these thousands of people coming across the border. How is that securing our liberty? Right. And the usurpation of, you know, we've got so much usurpation going on that. you can't even say that they're securing anything from our laws to the borders, to, to anything they're out of process. That's right. So what is the purpose of the preamble of the constitution? It is the intent of the constitution and in, in legal, in, in the judicial system and the deal, whatever we want to call them, the, Intent of the law is the law. So the intent of the law, the intent of the preamble is the law of this country. So yes, it is part of the Constitution just to bring it out and make everybody very clear as to what it is. It's not just a slogan as to why the Constitution was put together. It is the intent of the Constitution. And it is the intent of we the people. All right, Article I. Article I, why do you think the legislative branch is Article I or the Article I is of the legislative branch? They make the laws and the executive branch executes the laws. And so the decisions, and it's closer to the people, the legislative powers are closer to the people. So the closer to the people you are, the better of a representation you have. That's right. And actually, and actually the legislative branch is the most powerful branch. It's more, it's really more powerful than the executive and the judicial branch. They should be. But right now you've got the Republicans and the Democrats sitting there playing ball with each other. And it's just a sham trying to make us think that that they're actually working for us and they are placed. They're selected. They are not elected. We do not have elections. All you have to do is look at the last few elections and the amount of failure, maladministration and fraud involved in it. And you can say this is absolutely a selection process. And I think that what we're seeing right now in both the Republican and the Democrat parties, they are selecting in nationals, the national party is determining The outcome of the and this is started with the precinct delegates where they said here you have we need more precinct delegates, blah, blah, blah. But the national parties are stepping right over the top of what's done, what's been done there. I think it was New Hampshire that Biden didn't even make the ballot in New Hampshire. So what they did is they ran a write in campaign and he won on a write in campaign. And there was another state that basically said, we're not even going to have a primary. Biden's got it. They tried to do it with the Republican Party and a couple of ways to try to do that with President Trump and said, he's our nominee. We're not even going to have a primary on this. And he said, no, it has to come from we the people. And I give kudos for that. But look at what these parties have done. They're just ridiculous. you know using a pattern saying this is who we want and it's just a few people at the top they're not representative at all it is so easy to control a group of people than the entire masses yes they have control of the republicans and they have control of the democrats sure The Democrats and Republicans that are playing ball with these people, they're the evil also. Let's not mince words here. If they're playing ball and they're allowing this to go on, they are as evil as the people that are pushing the buttons. We can't cut them any slack at this point in time. and we need to look at to who they are. Well, it's just like with the Nazi Party. When you look at the Communist Party, the socialist parties around the globe, They have to have people that back them and the ideals that they espouse, or they don't have any power. And the problem is, is that they're espousing ideals and telling people headlines, which are blatant lies. They don't support what they say. They're saying things to mislead the people in order to get the people backing. And the people are like, oh yes, that's what we want. But that's not what they're going to deliver. So the people that jump into this, you know, this fantasy land of headlines are just as guilty. And honestly, they're stupid. They're not thinking for themselves. They are following like blind sheep to the slaughter. And they're part of it. Because anybody that steps out of line and says, this isn't true. Look at their actions. Look at what's behind this. no we follow the light we follow the light and they don't they they don't think they're the they're part of the problem they are the problem not part of it they are the problem they are the problem and and you know there's here's another point the uh the people that become that uh run for those particular positions the elect the uh delegates what is the function of a delegate Talk to the people in their area, their constituents, and tell them, tell the people above them. It starts here. Find out what we, the people, really want done. And then represent them up to the next level. Who's the politician? What's that? Who controls that politician? Should be the people through the precinct delegates. Through the electors. Through the electors, yes. And it's not happening. It's top down. The parties are telling the delegates, these are our people. You have to back us. That's right. Well, what if my buddy Fred over here, whoever, says, I don't believe in that at all. Why aren't they talking about taxes? Why aren't they talking about the things that are important to me? Why are they just fighting for money and fundraising to pass that back and forth between these funds? They're not doing their jobs. That's right. Well, part of the money system has to change. We have to go to real money and get away from the, fiat currency, because as long as we have fiat currency, we have a fiat government. Okay, so I've got something I want to talk about here. So I was talking to another friend of mine who said, you know, if we went to something like what England has, now I'm not giving England a pass, okay? No, no, but we're looking at this for information, okay? We look at different systems, and we should be able to talk about them and evaluate them. I think what they do, which I'm not espousing or saying that we should have a – a another tax we've got enough friggin taxes and they're most of them are illegal right the majority of them probably about 90 of them are illegal at this point in time and they're just for special interests to line people's pocket but they they have a five dollar tax on the voters and that goes into a pot and they split that to my understanding they split that between whoever wants to run And that's all the money that you have. You have that. There's no in-kind donations because people are rigging these in-kind donations type things even through that to say, oh, look at how much money I raised. And we're going to put a value on in-kind donations of 60 times what they would get normally to show how important and how much money they can raise. It's crap. It's like, let's go down to just saying, all right, anybody that's running, you know, the government can put up one central website or something. You want to find out about that person, whatever they put on the website, that's what you, this is what, you know, this is what it is from videos or whatever, but they got to produce it themselves on a cell phone or something like that. Not this professional produced, you know, bullshit that just tells people what they want to hear, but actually what are you going to do so that a farmer or a, or a doctor or a secretary or a mom has exactly the same ability to be in that office. Or we can do it by a jury duty selection or something. I mean, there's gotta be something. And we have to test for competency, not just the words. How competent are they? Do they know the job? First thing that we should test them for is to know the Constitution. Yeah, or they're just going for a title. Had they tried? That one person, and I don't remember the name of the, that was running for the judge, running for judgeship, and one of the House of Reps asked him, could you explain the Second Amendment, or the Article 2? And that judge said, You know, I really don't have a handle on that at the moment. How about Article 1? Well, I really don't know that either. How about Article 3? Well, I'm not quite sure what that's all about either. She's running for a judge. Can you believe it? Well, in the process... The process is so convoluted. It's just like me running for governor. I didn't know anything about running for office. I got asked to run. I'm like, okay, I guess game on. We'll figure this out. I'm pretty good at figuring things out on the fly, but it doesn't mean that I'm the expert in anything. But figuring out just the process of getting in front of people with the current system is so manipulated and convoluted. from having to interact with the Board of Canvassers, the Board of Elections, the counties. You know how much paperwork you have to keep track of without having anyone to like shepherd you through this and say, you know, you got to pay attention to this, this and this. It is overwhelming. It's an overwhelming amount of you've got to have a campaign finance attorney. You've got to file reports on the campaign finance. You've got to be an expert. And I mean, instantly on all of these ridiculous unconstitutional processes and let alone cramming for the job. that what you have to know to put together the budgets and know the departments, how they run. There's 20 departments that the governor has to run. Having to cram into understanding how they work, it's a lot to process. It really is. And then on top of it, knowing the Constitution and having people, how are you going to structure this? It's an incredible amount. And it's made complex through the process in order to stop anyone other than their little puppets from getting in. That's right. What does it take to become a person in the military? What do you have to do? Do you have any idea? Yeah. I really don't know all of the requirements, but I know that I think they had to possess a college or a high school diploma up until recently and be a citizen of the United States. Yeah, not necessarily that requirement of being a citizen. They're actually telling them if you serve in the military for two years, we'll make you a citizen. Is that new or has that always been that way? A new thing. But that's not my point. When you want to go into the military, the first thing they do is they give you a battery of tests. And it covers, you know, can you read? Can you write? Do you know math? Can you comprehend? Can you do basic stuff? And they basically, by you taking these battery of tests, they can put you in a position. That's what the test is. mentally competent to handle a rifle and kill somebody, uh, which is kind of stupid, uh, because that's where the, that's obviously the focus. What can you do? How are you capable of handling anything? So the battery of tests is first thing you got to do when you walk in the military door, then they give you a physical, you know, you go through the physical, you got to pass and you got to be sure that, uh, you don't have, uh, You're not a diabetic or you're not overweight or you're not, or your eyesight is bad or whatever. So you have a physical and you have a mental test. You have two tests. What do you have to do to become a politician? Throw your name in the hat. Yeah. There's no, there's no, and then try to get through the Frogger game of trying to get the political people that don't want you there if you're an outsider from getting smashed on the road somewhere by them sending you something to take you out. I mean, that's what it is. It's like political Frogger. You don't have to prove anything. No, you can be as dumb as a rock and get in office. You don't have to prove that you know the Constitution that you swore an oath to when you get into office, that you're going to uphold the Constitution, and you don't even know what it says. So how this is a convoluted system. Now, to add to that convoluted system, I was a teacher for 31 years. Yeah, you should have made it for governor. I would have voted for you and I would have gone back to just shoveling horse manure. Well, during that time period in my 31 years, I had to go back to school or had to provide some sort of training that I went through some sort of training And I don't remember what it was, every year or every two years or whatever. You had to keep your certificate, to keep your credentials so you could continue to teach. So I had to go and re-educate myself. Now, a lot of professionals have to do that too, doctors. I don't think attorneys have to do that, but doctors have to do that. and other professionals out there to fix your car. You have to go and get tested and you have to get certified and all of this stuff. But what do politicians have to do? nothing. They've got to provide that they can throw money into the system for everybody else to make money off of. This is a money system. It's an industry. They've got to prove that they can be compromised. They've got to prove that they are willing to do what is asked of them by their parasitic overlords. That's about it. They will lockstep join in with those who are breaking the law currently in the seats so how can you expect them to understand the intent of the constitution it's not even part of the equation if they can't even read the and they may may never have read the preamble or if they did they did it when they were a kid and they forgot it they have no idea what the preamble says and what they're supposed to be doing So this is the part of the problem that we have in our political system. So first thing you should do before you can run for office is take a battery of tests and make that a public. I got a 90% on the exam that I understand the constitution. I have 90% of it. I won because there's gonna be, you're not gonna get everything, but you have at least passed some sort of an exam. that you could actually handle the office that you're going to walk into and that you swear an oath to uphold that you've actually read the Constitution. I'd love to see an integrity test. You know, something that tests for integrity. What would you do or put them in situations that they have to make a choice? And there's a lot of times that the choice isn't a clear choice. Sometimes there's a clear choice. But what if you have a task, let's just say like what I believe President Trump went through. You can go ahead and put this vaccine out there or someone else is potentially holding hostage an entire city. I believe that it was a very real thing that probably happened. So which way are you going to go? What do you know about history? What do you know about the Spanish flu? How was that created? What caused it? Did masks work? How about vaccines? Did vaccines work back then? No. Then why are we doing it again? Because they can kill people. History says these... Spanish flu, the Asian flu, and what was the other one? Swine flu. Well, there were many other ones. Did those flus, how did they come about? What caused those flus to happen? That's another whole story we can get into in the future. But let's jump because I see time is flying. Yeah, that's okay. You know what? We can hit it next week, too. But I think some of these things are still important to talk about, you know? But it is important that we understand what this Constitution is about in order to get the... Remember, the Constitution is the law by which government operates. It's their responsibility to do this, not ours. We're supposed to make them do it and force them to do it, but this is their requirements. and when they're in office. So taking a look at section one, and we could probably end with section one and then go on to section two next week, because that's a long section. But section one says, all legislative power herein granted shall be vested in the Congress of the United States, which shall consist of the Senate and the House of Representatives, two bodies. And we wanna talk about why we have the Senate and why we have the House of Representatives. Who are these people? Who is the House of Representatives? That's the easy one. The House of Representatives is supposed to be the closest one to the people. And so it represents, that's the people's house in my understanding. That's right. That's absolutely correct. And who is the Senate? The Senate is supposed to be appointed by the House of Representatives to equal out the population in representation. Which House of Representatives? Which House of Representatives? Yeah, who appoints the Senate? The state. The state House. Okay. When you say House, I would rather use the word Congress. Not as a Congress. The state legislature. Let's put it that way. State legislature. All power is supposed to be in the state. That's right. Just like taxes. Why are we paying a federal tax? We shouldn't be paying a federal tax. It should go to the state and the state chip in to anything that's federal that it wants to contribute to. There shouldn't be any federal taxes. Well, that's absolutely correct. That's getting into a... We want to open that door. Oh, let's just open them all, John. We want to talk about that because the income tax, as it's applied by the internal revenue and government, is a totally usurpation of the tax law. It's illegal. The federal government should have no power. We should be like independent states, independent nation states. And then if we want to buy into the services of the federal government through the state, we have the opportunity to do such. Well, the federal government has the ability and authority under the two taxing powers to And we're going to get to that. That's coming up and we're really going to beat up on that because you're absolutely correct. The 16th Amendment is a ruse to try to get the people to buy into something that doesn't exist. And the Internal Revenue is also an organization that really according to Norton v. Shelby County is a de facto organization because it has no constitutional authority to exist. So we'll get into that. It's the boots. It's the Nazi boots here because that's what we've got. We've got a Marxist situation and we've got the Nazi boots on the ground that want to tell everybody what to do. They're all in error. It's all stomping on the rights of Americans. It's all treason. It's fake. It's all fake. It's like the fake news. We have a fake government which has fake money. And so we need to bring that all out to the public and let the public really realize what's going on. Only there. Cause we agree to it. Yes, that's it. So, yeah, I like, I like going through this. It's like, you know, it's like, I've, I've told you many times, I mean, I've learned so much from you, you know, being, being a history teacher, as well as having the military background that you have. We had a great time. John came to the barn on Saturday and what's that? That was wonderful. You make absolutely fabulous pie. And anybody that didn't get there didn't get an opportunity to try it. Actually, your chili was outstanding, too. Thank you. Yeah, I don't know if we had people that said, you know, thank you for having this catered. A couple of my kids were there, and they're like, catered? They're like, mom made all this stuff this morning. I'm like, I was thinking about it. It's kind of funny. It's like, boys and girls, this is a farm girl. I could feed a ton of people, and it doesn't take me very long to do it. But, yeah, I made all the food for the gathering on Saturday and pulled all that together. You know what? I think they licked the canister that had the apple crisp in it. Yeah, I mean, I make it in roasters. Roasters is a great way to feed a lot of people. So I made a huge roaster full of apple crisp, and then I made pies for later, and we had chili and such. So chili in the head. Oh, thank you. Thank you. I do like to cook a lot. I really enjoy cooking. So that's, to me, that's fun for me. I was actually thinking about putting together gatherings. where we actually get together and feed each other, you know, and if people have a few bucks to chip in, you know, of course I, I, I provided everything, but it would be nice if everybody said, Hey, you know, I can chip in a little bit here and there so that we can, we could make it bigger. You know, it's a one little me that can't feed the entire state, but we could all do that in the different counties. And even if we had a breakfast once a month, that people could come to and we talk about those patriot things, we talk about God, we talk about the things that are interesting to us, not the issues that the politicians are arguing about because they're no win issues. And, you know, and maybe have things written up that we can say, you know, just like the Declaration of Independence, sign your name on this. We're going to send this up to these people and tell them, instruct them what we want done because the system is broken and we're going to have to retool this. And we're going to have to be able to put our names on this and stand for it and say it just like in Texas, you want it, you come and get it. and bring the fight to where it needs to be so that we don't run scared, but we say, yeah, you want to fight? You got to fight. And when I say that, it's the pen is mightier than the sword. We have to be out there talking and doing it in a public way. where either our voices are being heard. I guess that's the thing that I'm doing here is everyone that comes on this channel has been pretty well censored and trying to give people a voice. If we did that for all the people, come and talk, talk. You need to get your voice out there and not be censored. We put enough pressure on them to have to do something. But it's going to take numbers. It's going to take people. It doesn't take this ridiculous money fundraising bullshit that's going on because that's what it is. You go to big meetings and such where that's all they talk about is fundraising. Fundraising for what? So they can have another fundraiser? It's like you pay big dollars to go to fundraisers so you can go to another fundraiser. And it's not the way it should be. You know, you shouldn't have to pay to have access to talk to the president or the governor. And that's what's happening. You know, it's like it's a joke. People will say, well, if you want to pay X amount of money, I get you a meeting with this person. And I'm like, screw that. There's no way I was going to pay to play. That's fine. They can sit out there and greedy land all by themselves. And I'll be over here doing it the way it's supposed to be done, but shouldn't be done that way. You know, it just should not be done the way that's done. And the fundraising. Yeah, there's because people are so lazy. In general, everyone needs to get in this game and say, you know what? I'm not about a party. The parties have always led people astray in every country, in every instance. There's never been one instance where it has not been infiltrated by socialists, communists, Marxists. that they'll come in and they'll destroy the parties. And we had it at our meeting because there was a certain individual that decided to get up during the main speakers event and try to take the meeting over. I finally told him, you know, it's time for you to be respectful to our speaker. They do it every time. Somebody will come into the meeting and talk over the speaker and try to sell their latest and greatest little scam that they've made up because they switch. They switch from one scam to the next to the next. And it happened in our party. And the next time it happens, this person is going to be handed his tail by Donna Brandenburg in a way that it will not be recoverable for. So, so that just as a word to the wise, you know, and so, but, but we've got to get off these parties and stand as people, you know, we have ballot access, which is the U S taxpayers party is ballot access. That's significant because sometimes you got to use the weapons that are available to you to tear down the illegal systems that are in place. Right. That's right. But that's not that we believe in them. Everybody that I know within the Constitution Party really wants to see the end of the party because we know how corrupt they are and how corruptible they are. Absolutely. So you got any last words here, John? I did a lot of talking today, but it's our visit time. We had such a great time this weekend. I was so glad you were there. And everybody that came from your group on Wednesday nights and the people that you've been teaching. I mean, I'm telling you some wonderful, wonderful people. There was a wonderful family that came there and just absolutely adored that family that came with you. Yeah. They, Prinvera has been a, a go-getter fighter from the very beginning. And of course the others that were there too, always are, are all engaged. Yeah. Rick and Diane and, I mean, you know, Rob and Janice Daniels was there. I mean, there was there's so many of our friends that we've you know, we've made over the years who are incredibly, incredibly intelligent and educated. Paul Urban was there. I love Paul. Paul is Paul is such a a his intention is always. to be helpful and to bring people together. Paul Urban with Referendums of Michigan, I have a lot of respect for him because he just jumped in and decided to do something. And he's not a party person either, but we're going to be working with him, the Constitution Party, to try to settle all the counties to be there when this system falls. The system's going to fall, but we're on a crash course with it failing. You don't have to be too bright to see that. All you got to do is look at the monetary system. It's going to crash. Wow. and it's a matter of time by the way I wanted to make one comment and then uh I i think it's you probably want to bring on the other guests but uh we used to have when I was a few years ago I had a band that we used to play out and do stuff but we that was kind of the core of the group and of course I had sisters and brothers and we'd always have a event The event was a canoe ride or horseback ride or whatever. And then we would have what we called an Eden, just to let you know. We called it an Eden. Everybody brought stuff and We had a party, and that was kind of a thing. It was a great time. That's great. That's great. So, Lev, by the way, Lev said, I wanted to meet John in person. I've been battling flu-like virus, so she didn't come. Well, maybe you can come to the next one, Lev. And Charlotte's on here making lots of comments. Common defense, Whitnott has confused the NGO's rights and not the Constitution of the Republic. They have something brewing for 2024 election or lawmakers are passing some unconstitutional laws. Something's going on in Michigan. When they start backstabbing one another before the 2024 election and carbon tax is coming real soon, another scam Whitnott has come up with. And they're saying that she may actually be the one that will step in if something happens to Biden. Oh, that's a great idea. Not a chance. Not a chance. So, you know, so, yeah, that's like that's like Michigan would think that nobody else in the country thinks that. Yeah, well, you know, I'm hoping that everybody's smart enough to know that that's the poison pill right there. He's poisonous. And soldiers are, you know, you look at it too. It's the loyalists against the Patriots. The ones that back people that make those kinds of policies are probably most of them are making money off of it. Either they're on the, on being paid through the school systems, which became indoctrination camps. And I love teachers. Don't get me wrong. There's a lot of teachers that are trying to do the best they can in a bad system. But a lot of the people that are on the paycheck for this nation are the ones that are fighting to keep the wit, nut, and the rest of her nutty cast and crew in place because they know that they can muscle them to get more money and take it away from the working class people. It's really flipped. The Democrats have actually become, you know, the Democrats, the Marxists, they're not Democrats anymore. They're Marxists. And it's all about creating a slave class of people to fill their coffers and find ways to give their little foot soldiers more money off to the side or money laundering away. to get them rich and keep the rest of us who actually work. Somebody said that yesterday. They said, where did you get your money from? I'm like, I work. And they were like, kind of like surprised. I'm like, yeah, that's a foreign concept. So talk about your Wednesday meeting, John, and I'm going to move on to Courtney here. Wednesday, we're going to have a meeting on Zoom. If you want information or you want to be able to get into the Zoom, you can either call me, or write me at jtater2 at and ask for an invite. I'll be more than happy to put you on the invite so you can show up at the meeting and it's just clicking on it and you're there. So that's the easy way to do it. Okay. Sounds good. Make sure I've got that too. And if I can, I'm not, I'm not traveling right now so much. So the nice thing is being able to be, to sit still a little bit. I've got a little bit of time. I've got so many people around me all the time. It's crazy. And so, but there you go. Well, you have a great day today and thanks John so much for your wisdom and help and everything. You're amazing and really appreciate it. how much effort and consistency you have. And you're really a gift to this nation with the knowledge you have. And thank you. So, all right, guys. Have a great day. Thank you. Quick break here and I'll be right back. Thank you. Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. This is our second hour on January 30, 2024. And welcome to the show today. I'm going to bring out my next guest real quickly. Hey, Courtney, how are you doing? Well, thanks. How are you doing? Good. Really good. How's things going in Courtney land today? They're good. Yeah, we've been really busy. I spoke to the Senate last week. How did they go? It went well. They said they wanted me to help them draft a bill. I actually just spoke to the assistant this morning. They said they're doing, and I'm going to look it up because I don't know this term. What did she say? She said that they're doing a caption bill. And what she said is that she doesn't know what the language will be like. Caption bills are where you say a section of a code you're opening. But it has no real language in them. So basically a way to say we're doing something, but we don't know what yet. Okay. Yeah. So that's where we are. And I proposed two others to them. This one I think is going to be really in regards to the conservation easements. They're such a big push for it. And there actually was just another bill, and they're calling it agricultural easements. It's which is the same thing. So I'm I was trying to warn them about that. And I propose the property. I'm sorry, but this is taking private property. Yeah, no, that's exactly what it is. They're trying they're trying to take it through language no matter what it is that, oh, it's your land. But we all have an easement to it. You know, that's exactly what's happening. But with the NACs, it's through ecosystem management rights. So they don't actually have to own the land. It's just about managing and controlling it. So I told them, yeah. So I told them to look out for agricultural easements because it's the same thing. I suggested that they do limits, like term limits on the easements as well as... like buyback possibilities. So we're, but that they have to do some sort of like, right now, the valuation is all based on this voodoo economic system. So they need to do something that they, there was a senator from North Dakota that proposed a very similar bill. It didn't go through. It was a federal bill. And so it's wrong right from the beginning. I mean, the whole thing is scrapped. It is. But you have to figure out where it can be stopped, right? So I'm trying to get them to put sanctions locally, like within the state. So the conservation easements are one. The other thing that I suggested, that's the first thing they're working on. The other thing I suggested is to put... to stop carbon credits and carbon pricing. They don't call it credits and they don't call it taxes, but that's what it is. So people are getting incentives for carbon offsets. And so they're getting tax money. They're getting money off of their taxes. So they're basically getting tax credits, but they call it carbon pricing. That's what they call it. So I told them they need to do something against carbon pricing and carbon credits. They label it different things though, like carbon offsets. net zero or low yield or no yield on the land. So I proposed that, but they said that they only get 15 bills per month. So that has to be a separate bill. And now the new thing that I'm trying to push, I just found out, and this happened a while ago, but the SEC proposed a rule where all farmers have to comply with ESG. And yep, and it was in 2022. So we're looking, it was in March of 2022. So it's almost two years now. And then, uh, five months later, uh, they, uh, the USDA, USDA, so the, uh, U S department of agriculture, uh, announced that they were going to spend $3.1 billion on, uh, climate smart commodities. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Well, I think that, that they keep pushing it. I'm going to guess that we're going to have farmers that are going to go start dumping manure in Lansing. And, uh, you know, like they're doing in Netherlands and Germany and such. It's like, keep pushing the farmers. The farmers are your food source, guys. And that is going to end well. Yeah. Yeah, I know. But really what needs to be stopped is this accounting system. So the SEC withdrew the proposal, which is great news. There was enough pushback. They withdrew the proposal. But the Biden administration already has their, they've adopted the UN accounting system. They don't call it the same thing, but they've already adopted it. They did a whole white paper on it in January of 2013. And they already put an executive order to put nature on the balance sheet. They've done, they already put in their America the Beautiful plan, which is part of the 30 by 30. It was actually called the 30 by 30 agenda, but that didn't go over well. So they renamed it to America the Beautiful. So those are the things that need to be stopped, but I don't see much hope for stopping. We're not going to stop the UN, I don't think. I mean, I'd like to think so, but I just don't see that as being realistic. I don't even think we're going to stop the Biden administration, but I think people can stop locally. You know, they can get their state legislators involved in passing various different bills like the ones I'm suggesting. that will put sanctions against these things getting implemented and putting into full effect. They can even do it at the county level. You know, like your county can say, okay, we ban ESG requirements or we ban any kind of carbon credit or carbon pricing. And if you do that, then the whole thing falls apart. They can't go any further. So they can make up all the you know, white papers they want. They can announce that they're putting all the money into this technology, but it doesn't get enforced because they don't have the monetization component, the carbon credit and the carbon offset and the valuation. So that's really the biggest problem is the natural capital accounting. So, babe. even though they withdrew the NACs. So, yeah, I was very busy with that. And I'm going to still keep on them. I did another show on this climate smart commodities because I think that's really the next thing that needs to be stopped because that's the precursor to the NACs. I think that was laying the groundwork for the NACs. So now I think they're going to try and just go around because they withdrew the NACs. Okay. Well, they're not going to stop until they're all removed. So, you know, it's like my big thing is we got to vote everybody out. Top to bottom. Clean slate. Change everything. Vote every single incumbent out. All of them. Vote them out. out. Yeah. I think it's not just about the people though. I think it's really about the agenda because what happens is a lot of the people get corrupted. So they have levers of power over them. They bribe them. They blackmail them. There's incentives. There's social pressure, situational pressures. So I don't think even people who go in with very good intentions sometimes end up abetting these really sinister plans. And oftentimes, I don't always think they know. I don't think it's that everyone is corrupt or even incompetent. I think that they're sold something, they're sold a narrative, and they don't have a broader scope to understand what will happen. Well, there's a lot of blackmail that's happening. I listened to a testimony by a girl who was raped when she was younger by a congressman. And she said he sat there and just cried the whole time, but they had threatened his family. And that's... That was the scenario. And she was young. She was like, I think she said she was like 10 years old or something like that. She remembers him crying, saying he was sorry. And the whole time. And it's like, I'm sorry, you know, you know, I hate to say it, but they could threaten all they want. That doesn't justify. You know, sometimes you got to make those hard choices and God will provide. God always provides the way if you lean on God, even if there's a, this comes down to really trusting God and doing the right thing. Even if it looks like it's going to take you to the darkest place ever. If you truly trust God, you follow him and he will always provide a way. Wow. And it may be a tough way, but he will always provide the way. And that's I think that's really what separates somebody who's a true believer that, you know, that is committed to doing the right thing, even to the point of loss of something that you think you need to have or your ideals or your ideals. You have to follow that. you have to follow that and have trust in God no matter what. And the consequences be damned. Yeah. Yeah. Well, It was well-received. It was really nerve-wracking. I've never done that before. I'm so proud of you. That's awesome. Thank you. But for the most part, it was a congenial. I think there were two Democrats, and I didn't notice until afterwards watching that they were kind of making faces. But unfortunately, I didn't notice that at the time. So for the most part, it felt like I was in good company. They were not familiar. with what I was talking about, with the exception of Senator Nicely, who he was the one who invited me to speak. And he's wonderful. I mean, really, really wonderful. And I think her name is Janice Boland, who was sitting next to him. And she was really sweet also and very supportive. And so, yeah, I just hope they do something. You know, it's one thing to get like the you know, nice forwards and platitudes, but I really hope that they move forward. And they asked me to help them with the verbiage. And I said, I've been following up. So I'm very happy to do it. I just hope that it gets done. So I do think that's really what it is. You have to, you look at it kind of legally, like what are not, I'm not saying it's a lawsuit, but you know, that's, I think that's how kind of the methodology you have to follow is like, where are the roadblocks? What bills can we put forth that will stop this? Right now, they think that there's $4 quadrillion on the table. So they may have withdrawn the proposal, but I don't see that they're just going to leave $4 quadrillion on the table. How about we just go down the national debt and stop this nonsense? You know, I mean. Yeah, well, they want to use NACs to leverage it. That's what they put nature on the balance sheet. So they want to leverage natural assets towards the debt. Because they want to own everything. You will own everything or they will own everything. You will own nothing. You know. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. That's that's amazing. Well, good job on that. Thank you for the update on it, too. You know. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah. But I don't know. I don't have like I didn't have too much planned because I've been so swamped. But I started doing a little bit of investigation. I don't know if you've been following the Taylor Swift being a psyop story. Just just a cursory thing, because, you know, it's like most of our people that are in the movies or that are in Hollywood capacity, they're pretty much. Yeah, totally. They're placed. Well, and I think it's really funny because when you look throughout history, so I started like looking through the Tavistock invention of the Beatles and digging into that a bit because I just think it's really funny. We have all this evidence from history and then when it comes to current day and you propose like a suggestion on some of these characters and people tell you that you're a crazy conspiracy theorist I'm like so we have declassified documents and we even have just like mainline academic texts that tell us these things about you know pop culture not just pop culture but you know figures from history and suddenly when it comes to current day like that's not possible it's like they just stopped all of that which I find kind of hilarious. It's so next level that they've gotten more sophisticated at it. Yeah, I think it's just cognitive dissonance. People can't wrap their head around that that's what's going on right now. Oh, but we love this person or that person. They're a good person. I know they are because I've heard what they've said and their life has been so unfair to them. They've had so many troubles and difficulties, you know, and the the the on and on and on sob story. It's like, OK, you just got they took. Yeah, no, totally. Well, it turns out that she has like direct relatives to the Federal Reserve, to the creators of the Federal Reserve. She comes from a whole family of like banking presidents. like presidents of banks. Her father was the founder of the Swift Group and who is operating under Merrill Lynch. And he's been there for 40 years. Her mother's side does too. So there's a whole family of bankers. And I guess what they're saying is that the Pentagon and NATO had like a meeting to use her as an asset to sway, you know, voting polls and voting, you know, on the side of Biden, but also to campaign against disinformation and misinformation on the internet. Somehow she was going to be an authority. So. So that's what they're that's what they're saying. But yeah, so I started diving into some of the history of the Beatles. And, you know, I've heard this so many times that Adorno wrote the lyrics for the Beatles that Adorno was behind the Beatles through Tavistock. And some background. Yeah, I'll do that. Give me a second. But what I thought was really interesting, I've never heard of this group before. So I was starting to look into how Havastock has created several think tanks. you know, like the Stanford Research Institute was created under Tavistock, Rand Institute, Hudson Institute, I believe it's Hoover, the Institute for Foreign Policy. So these are all created and advised through Tavistock. And that's our money, our tax dollars, I'm sure. Exactly. And so before I get into the Beatles stuff, then one of the other think tanks I had never heard of, maybe you want to look it up. I just thought, and I have not had time to do a deep dive. Maybe next week I can do a deeper dive on it for you. But it's called the Ditchley Institute. And it's focused on American-British relationships. And they do, it kind of looks like a little Bilderberg type thing. I mean, I've never heard of them. It's called Ditchley. D-I-T-C-H-L-E-Y. And they had a whole virtual program during 2020. And they do... Yeah, this is them. They have a whole headquarters out of Canada. So I guess they're working with Canada as well. But yeah, they're I had never heard of them, so this was kind of... It's amazing how you find this stuff. Yeah. You're amazing at this. They look a little like... I don't know. I will do a deeper dive. I think that's what I'll do a dive on for you next week because it looks like they're very focused on, you know, the typical kind of like human potential type of research, but also a lot of transhuman stuff. They don't label it that, but they talk about, you know, converging biology. They've got governors, and this is crazy. I said, look at their positions and what they do. The heck is this? I know. This is amazing how you are able to dig up these organizations. This has never been a focus of mine to look into organizations per se. We all look in different areas, but I'm always interested to bring up. The reason I look into this stuff is because they're steering committees. So I feel like they're constantly doing research on human behavior, but then they weaponize it. And it's these meetings that are setting the, you know, they're setting the conversation for which public policy gets executed and implemented. And it's through these types of organizations. We hear about the World Economic Forum. I don't know that people hear that much about the UN, but we know enough about the UN that people will look into the UN, but they don't look into these offshoots. And these offshoots are working kind of underground and covertly I mean it's team that's wild the what team the estates team the heck is that I don't know the kitchen team the housekeeping team I like very sweet All right. So we should start listing some of these because, you know, I would love to see the list of them. And you know what else that I see in this is their websites are very similar. The websites that you brought up for... arc it looks like the arc website so there's a similarity it's just like the the patriot groups in michigan and such if I to for me to look at the websites the websites are coming from this exact same area because the same template yep every single time even the colors they use are dead on the same it's the exact same color I mean, if you had a thousand reds out there, it's the exact same red. It's the exact same blue. And I don't think it's just a template. I think the reason I say this is because they study human behavior. They're the progenitors of social science. So Tavistock literally created the social sciences. So they know the impact of visual mediums and the impacts that they're going to have on people, what will evoke certain types of emotions, what will make people more suggestible and malleable, and what gives more credibility. So I think that they craft these websites according to that. I think it's very strategic. They're master marketers. Yeah. Um, but I I'll definitely write this down cause I, that's what I was thinking for next week. I just haven't had time this week as we were. I was, I've done 50 shows in the past, uh, four weeks, so it's been a lot. Um, let's see. Uh, yeah. I'm kind of curious. What are your honorary governors? Kind of curious here. Yeah. It's like, you could really explore this and see who's actually, man, this is quite the place here. Yeah. I'll do a dive on it for sure. What, what is this place that they're, that they're occupying? Oh, we've got Sir Roderick, the Lord. Yeah. Well, it's definitely, uh, I mean, it's a British American Alliance organization. It's to, uh, advise on and educate on how, and it was created right after World War II. Hmm. Yeah, it was, I think, 1950. Some say 1957, some say 1958, but it was right around there when it was created. They got a lot of big names behind their name and letters and such. Yep. Craziness. See if there's anybody here we can recognize because they sure have a lot of them. Boy, this is like, you know, you could make a table out of this. Yeah. Yeah. connect the dots right there. This is the thing that they don't maybe understand is that there's some of us that look at this and say, okay, connect the dots to the deep state that are set against the, they're all Lords. Yes. A lot of them are Lords. Not my Lord. I won't even use the title for them. Sorry. Yeah. Fair enough. You're a Paul, Sir Paul. No, you're just a Paul. Sir Paul. What? What was his last name? Let's see. Let's look at Sir Paul here a minute. I don't know. I got to go up a little bit. Oh. See where Sir Paul is. Okay. Well, if it's Sir Paul Marshall, then I'm going to be talking about Paul Tucker. Okay. He's a research fellow at Harvard. Yeah. Kennedy School. Let's see. Sir Paul. Oh, interesting. Interesting. Yeah. I, as I said, I just came across it, but I will definitely do a dive on it. Wow. That's crazy. You, you come up with some cool stuff. Crazy. Not Ness. Yeah. So that was a, I wanted to bring that up before I went into some of this. They got some sort of a little castle going on there. I know. I want to see this. This is kind of cool. What is, what does it even call? Let's find out. Ditchley Park. Yeah, so that's where it's located. And that was donated by someone. I'm going to get Ditchley. See if I can find the... The American Ditchley Foundation, the Canadian Ditchley Foundation. Wow. And support us, of course. I want to see what their building is like. That's kind of wild. Private events. Let's check this. Oh, here, tours. Let's see what we got. Sorry, guys. I'll put it up here. What do the tours look like? Whoa, that's something. Right? Pretty. Beautiful. Yeah. UK's finest houses. So this is in the UK. Yeah. Yeah. But they just have different. They have an American one and a Canadian one also. But it's designed for American and British relations. Like that's what it's all about. Hmm. It was connected to Churchill. Churchill was very involved with Tavistock, with the Fabians. Kind of crazy. Yeah. And these organizations have so much money and trying to track the money is hard. So like today's Tavistock Institute operates a $6 billion a year network of foundations in the U.S. All of it is funded by taxpayer dollars. That's why you can't find like direct funding. The 10 major institutions under its direct control, 400 subsidiaries, 3,000 other study groups and think tanks, which originate many types of programs to increase control, essentially. It's like research. Under the guise of research, but it's control. Stanford Research Institute is one of their top brainchilds. And then Stanford, The Hoover Institute is in conjunction with Stanford Research Institute, and it's $150 million a year operation with 3,300 employees. And it carries on program surveillance for Bettshell, Kaiser, and 400 other companies. And extensive intelligence operations for the CIA, largest institution on the West Coast for, you know, mind control research. Which is what they, yeah, and that was where I found out about the Ditchley. Here they say it was founded in 1957. The American branch of the Ditchley Foundation is run by Cyrus Vance, who is a former Secretary of State and a director of the Rockefeller Foundation, and then Winston Lord, who is the president of the Council of Foreign Relations. Oh my goodness. Yep. Wow. The... Well, you know, and it's like, you know, we've got so many people running around the political arena. You know, I was talking about the fundraising and such. I think people don't have any idea. They don't care about our money. You know, they have so much money. Yeah. And we know how to manipulate people. They're steering this ship whatever way they want. And, you know, I think we're going to have to see this see this entire system is going to have to fall because there's just way. And until we cut the money, until the money is cut, it's not going to hurt us. You know, we talk about having a collapse. I don't know about you, but but I'd get we get something figured out. They are totally dependent upon us. It's like in that movie, the ants movie. Yeah, yeah. That's why I call it the parasite class. They are parasites. Yeah. They wouldn't be able to do a thing within 10 minutes. It would be total meltdown if the system fell. It would be a glorious thing. It would be absolutely glorious if the system fell. Yeah. I don't know. I mean, people, people say that, but you have so many people who are dependent on the current system. And I think you will see a lot of chaos. If it would be chaos. Yeah. But we come out of it. Yeah. It'll be chaotic in the meantime though. I always say, I think you should fight within the system while building parallel systems. Right. You know, I think that's really what needs to happen. And so that, that way you have a bridge. So it's not just like complete chaos and then people trying to navigate through the chaos. So yeah, let's see if I can find all of this information. So yeah, I can go into, so this was on Theodor Adorno. He was, so of course, he was a member of the Frankfurt School, Frankfurt, Germany, which a lot of people don't know, but Frankfurt School worked right under Tavistock. So it was kind of like where the Fabian socialists and the Frankfurt School socialists kind of converged through Tavistock. But he left Germany in 1934. It was during the Nazi... not the nazi era and he was residing in oxford new york city in southern california the books that he wrote that made him famous were the dialectic of enlightenment which he also wrote with max hormat horkheimer who was also his name again horkheimer Max Horkheimer? Oh, Adorno. Theodore Adorno is who people attribute to creating the Beatles or being behind a lot of the lyrics of the Beatles. And he wrote several books, actually, on music. The Philosophy of New Music, The Authoritarian Personality, which was also a collaborative project. Horkheimer was another Frankfurt School member. Minima Moralia? I don't know that one. I don't know much about it. And so in his writings, he would write about, you know, critiques of mass culture, the culture industry. And he went back to Frankfurt Germany in 1949 to take a position in the philosophy department. And he established himself as the leading intellectual and central figure in the Institute for Social Research. I think I've talked about this before, but to recap, there was a meeting that was called, and I think it was at the Comintern, but it was Lenin who called this meeting back in 1922. He was very concerned that the, you know, revolutions didn't spread throughout the West after the Bolshevik Revolution. And so he called, you know, he said Marx promised it would. That was Marx's whole manifesto. And so he called a meeting between Antonio Gramsci, Willie Munzenberg. A lot of people are not very familiar with, but Willie Munzenberg, I would argue, rivals Bernays as a father of PR. He had a whole magazine and a major PR company out of Germany. And so Willie Munzenberg, Georgie Lukasz, and who's the other one? William... And I said, Antonio Gramsci, I don't know if I said that already, but that's actually how I found out about it. So Antonio Gramsci's grandson had a bunch of memoirs about his grandfather. And in these memoirs was this tale of how Lenin called this meeting very concerned that the revolutions weren't spreading throughout the West. And it was Gramsci who said, well, the problem is you're looking at this as an economic revolution and an economic problem. And he said, this has to be a cultural revolution. As long as people are entrenched in their culture, You can't get them to abandon it. You can't get them to revolt. And so this has to be done through permeation of the culture. And this is where we get the long march through the institutions, through the five pillars of society. So for Gramsci, those were the legal, entertainment media, the academia culture. and religion, and of course the family. So those are the pillars, the five pillars of society that had to be infiltrated and deracinated. And so from there, they went and set up shop in Frankfurt, Germany, and they set up the Institute for Social Research. So when I say like, they're really the progenitors of social science. Social science, and I feel like I always have to qualify this, because I do get a lot of flack when I talk about this, It's not that I think all social scientists are bad people or that, you know, field of psychology and mental health haven't helped people. But when you look at the people who created it, you know, they were looking to control the masses. I mean, they were literally trying to figure out how they could create revolutions, like political revolutions and upheaval. And those were the people who those were the. the genesis of the field of social science. They were trying to study human nature in order to be able to control it. And of course, you know, they tell us this because they know better than us how we should run our lives and what's good for us. So it's under the guise of trying to- That's how we are. Yeah. And they do lots of experimentation to try and figure out how to breed compliance and make a sheep, you know, and they play this very long game. So the Fabian socialist, the logo was the, so their, their coat of arms is the wolf and sheep's clothing, right? So this is, This is part of the Hegelian dialectic. They always present an option that looks very palatable and pleasing, but it's really advancing the same goal. And their logo is the tortoise, and it's because they are masters of incrementalism. So they keep laying the foundation. And, you know, the analogy I use is like you're building a brick house. And so they keep layering all these bricks. And then finally they put the roof on top, but you can't see all the toxic sludge that's inside. And by the time the roof has been sealed, You know, that's where we are. So that was the, so those are the Frankfurt School members. And they started in Frankfurt, Germany. But then they came to the United States. And they first set up shop at Columbia University in 1923. And then I think the next one they did was University of Chicago. And I don't know the trajectory. There's several of them now, Institutes for Social Research. I believe there's one in Michigan, too, actually. But then Horkheimer and Adorno went out to the West Coast. I think it was in the early 50s. And this was because they were trying to infiltrate Hollywood culture, cultural revolution. So returning to Frankfurt, Germany in 1949, he went into the philosophy department as a professor and graduated. Then he founded this standard freestanding organization for Marxist scholarship. This was back in this, what I was explaining back in 1923, the Institute had been led by Max Horkheimer since 1930. It provided the hub is what is known to be the Frankfurt school. And Adorno became the institute director later in 1958. And 1958 is right around, it's really crazy how much is in that time period. Like that 1948 to 1958, that's the same time that the Ditchley Center was created. That's all up for the 60s. Yeah, which was the cultural revolution. Yep, there it is right there. Yes. You know, just everything. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. So he was just got to protest everything. Everything. Right. Well, that was the whole principle behind critical theory. So critical theory is all about critique. So it's you constantly critique everything until you get to essentially negation. And then, of course, through the negation, they can breed their their synthesis, which is their emergence of their identity. quote unquote solutions typically, but that usually breed more problems. Um, so let's see positive dispute. Um, trying to find where this, where did I have all the stuff on, um, on the Beatles? I wanted to give some of the backstory first, but, um, He wrote books on Hegel and existential philosophy, which makes sense because that's a lot of what the Frankfurt School model is built on, this idea of emergent. Hegel called it the concrete, the negative, and then the abstract. The negative was afheben, which was that oxymoronic term that means to lift up and preserve while simultaneously canceling and tearing down. And this is where the Frankfurt School came up with afheben de culture. And that translation would be, you know, cancel culture. And this comes out of the Frankfurt School. So these are the cultural Marxists who really lay the groundwork for so much of what we're seeing today. So I just thought when I was looking at, you know, like Taylor Swift, she's not the only one. I mean, I think we can look all through pop culture and we see so much of that, like literal assets, not just tools or cultural assets. steering, but literal assets being used to, uh, create psyops. Uh, but I think the foundation for a lot of that comes out of the Frankfurt school. So, yeah. So this is, they go on to talk about how the, the meme, you know, that Adorno created the Beatles and, uh, yeah. And he was famous for, it was a magazine in 1965 and his quote was what can be urged against the Beatles. Um, He's saying that these people have to offer something. So he was very critical of it in this article. And I think it was to try and dissuade the association, the connection. But he was scathing about the 1960s protests, music, arguing. And they have a link to the interview. But I couldn't find it. I think it's been scrubbed. Well, you know, what's really odd to me is, you know, you look back at the old videos of people going to the Beatles and watch the women just losing their minds and crying. I don't know. I'm going to put something up here because I think that this is something that it's like the emotional response that we see all over the place. It's not random. And hang on. Let me see if I can pull this up a minute. It was just absolute hysteria. Mm-hmm. Fetal mania. Here we go. Here's the pandemonium broke out. This is kind of naughty here. I've got to switch. No, here we go. I've got it. Are you ready? Not yet. New FanDuel customers pay $5 and get... It's like, it's like absolute there. They just lose it. They lose in their minds. Yeah. Which I mean, it's just not normal. That looks like it looks like trauma based mind control. That's really what it looks like. And that comes out of Tavistock. You know, that's the shell shock therapy. Demon possession. I'm telling you what, I mean, That's it's crazy. Just craziness. It's just like you see people, you know, screaming now and things don't go their way. The, you know, the, the people that lose it when they, it's like, this is not. Yeah. I remember, you know, there's, there was a, let's see what else. Cause I I'm sure the younger generation didn't, doesn't remember that. Here's Beatlemania. Let's see. Well, they were very involved in the Grateful Dead also. They were very involved with the Grateful Dead also. I love them. I don't care what anybody thinks. I love the Beatles for them, and I'll always love them. Even when I'm 105 and an old grandmother, I'll love them. And Paul McCartney, if you are listening, Adrienne from Brooklyn loves you with all her heart. I love you, Paul, and please come to the window so I can just see you. I saw you smoking before. I kissed the limousine. You looked at him. But I love you, and I want you, Paul. Please look at her. And Ringo, you can look at her, too, because I like you. There have been huge crowds of teenage girls outside complaining that they don't want to mob you, they just want to speak to you. What do you think about this? Do you want to talk to them? Well, have you ever tried talking to about 200 people at once? We'd love to, you know. We never... If we all wave and somebody always says, stop that waving, you're inciting them. Why do you like them so much? I don't know, there's just something about them. I don't know what they think. Are they as good as anybody else? No, they're better. Like the Beatles? Yeah, they're pretty good. Good as Presley? Yeah. What's a woman's opinion of the Beatles? A young woman's opinion, that is. I think they shop. He's gorgeous. He's gorgeous. He's got a beautiful nose. He's got a beautiful nose. Ringo has a sexy nose. We were told as soon as we got here last night. You can go on and watch that for a long time, but it's crazy. It's crazy. This is crazy. Just like people who just that are in the political realm that sit there and scream and cry and such. This is craziness. Yeah. Yeah. Well, it looks, it looks crafted, like contrived. It looks induced. It doesn't look like that's like a natural response. No, it looks demonic to me. It's like, I'll call it out for what it is. I mean, I do believe that we're in a spiritual war. I really do. And you look at that sort of thing and, and, you know, people are subject to so many different things that you either focus on God or there's going to be something else that's going to grab a hold of your nose ring and lead you around. So the freedom comes with God. And that kind of nonsense is, I mean, just really step back and look at this. It's crazy. Yeah, no, it is absolutely crazy. But I, well, I don't disagree with you at all. I think it's worth noting that there, there were very like strategic studies that were done, you know, and they were really trying to study human behavior and see how they could manipulate it. So I don't doubt that there's, You know, they're focused on, you know, demonic type of... things but we haven't really like remote viewing I mean that's been very documented is that there's things that they tap into that are not of the physical world yes no two ways about it and most of these psychologists are the other one who I get a lot of backlash when I talk about is Jung but both Freud and Jung they were very you know Jung was more of a open mystic but both of them were very invested and fascinated by and constantly studying mystical, magical practices, things like hermeticism, alchemy. Both of them were trying to figure out how you could read people's minds, control people's minds. Freud was a big fan of using drugs as well to study this process, but he personally liked cocaine, both personally as well as to experiment on his patients. Jung was more interested in psychedelic type of use and study, and also he was more of a mystic. But Jung actually was a double agent. He was a double agent for the SS and the OSS. His number was 488. Really? Yeah. I always learn so much from you. It's amazing. Thank you. Yeah. And that's a very well, I had a picture somewhere. Yeah. You can see his, you know, the number was 480 working for both as a, like a research analyst, but he was advising both. So it was definitely, you know, double agent espionage work. But yeah, he was very, you know, the whole concept of the collective unconscious was, about trying to tap into how, you know, mystical practices and mind control, mind bending. So they were, I hesitate because, you know, it's not, I don't want to, you know, discredit everything they did. It's not like they didn't add any value. I feel like Jung added more value than Freud did. Freud was very reductionistic. He, you know, the entire, like his entire thesis was basically the Oedipus complex. It really didn't go much beyond that. I don't think he contributed much more to the field of psychology. Um, and I think the Oedipus complex is kind of just, I don't know. I think it's kind of nonsense. Um, kind of a, a sexual deviant, you know, when you look at most of these people, they're there, they were into pedophilia and all, all sorts of, of nonsense. Yeah. Well, he did all these, uh, like quote unquote experiments, uh, You know, the time when they were claiming that the women had mass hysteria. And so he had them all come in and he would do like sexualized rituals with them to quote unquote cure them of their hysteria. Yeah, I'm sure he cured him. I'm sure he cured him of anything. His thesis was that they were stressed. Herbert victimizing the ones they said. That's the one thing that I've heard from somebody who was raped the first time. Well, I know her. She was raped the first time she was 10 years old, gang raped at 14, and the cops started passing her around. She was 18 in Grand Rapids. And she ended up being on one of Snyder's advisory boards and such. And when you look at that, she said, yeah, she said, any of these organizations that say that they're out there to help women, she said, I'm highly suspect because that's where the victimizers will go. Right. It's just like the UN. UN's there to help. No, they're not. How many people, how many kids have they, the 60,000 rapes of children that they were caught. Same thing with the Red Cross. Red Cross is totally disgraced in my worldview. Not only are they selling the blood, they're selling what people donate. And also down there in Haiti, they had like suitcases full of cash. These people are involved in a global crime syndicate. And just because the label looks good, when somebody comes in with a label of any kind, it's trying to get you to agree with them to see we're on the same side. Really? Are you really? Or is it just there to mislead? I don't buy any of the bullshit because most of it, that's all it is. Yeah. Unfortunately, a lot of the anti-trafficking organizations that We have documentation that they've been re-trafficking. I interviewed a woman who had been trafficked to the UK, and it was an organization. I can't find the name of it. I'd have to go back and listen to it. But it's something very similar to Child Protective Services here. And through that, they claimed they were going to help her and get her back to the States, but they re-trafficked her. Yeah, that's the MO. And, you know, it's just like all of these do-gooder organizations in the United States, like Catholic services, Lutheran services and such, they're getting paid, Bethany Christian services, they're getting paid to move people around. And there was an article on Bethany that there was 80 kids that went missing at the border. They all of a sudden show up in Michigan under Bethany's with no documentation, no nothing. These people, just because they say, oh, we're Christian, Christian, Christian, Christian, Christian, Christian. You know, it's like, I'm sorry. You can say it all you want. But, you know, some of us aren't buying this anymore. There's too much money involved in it. And all the everything that we know that we believe in has been infiltrated. Everything. They're going to go to the things that we trust to rope, gag and and take us. Yeah, I know. Yeah. And they're doing a lot under Christian umbrellas right now because there's been so much degeneracy. And so there's a lot of backlash against, you know, the cultural degeneracy. So there's a lot of, you know, pendulum swinging towards a more social conservative Christian. And so a lot of organizations are kind of working under that umbrella, serving similar goals. Yeah. And I'm a Christian. I'm a very committed Christian. And I know you're Jewish. You know, there's been a lot of crimes that have been done under the Jewish banner. There's been a lot of crimes that have been done under the Christian banner and the Muslim banner. And the problem is, is that we believe that because we hold our beliefs in God so close to our hearts, you know, that that unfortunately, that's real easy for Satan to walk right into those areas or his agents. And attack those things that are the most precious to us. And, you know, it's like I get rid of the labels because there's that's that's how they're taking us. No, I agree. I totally agree. I don't have any problems with my Jewish friends. It's just like the Chinese. I have no issues with the Chinese people. I got a big issue with the crime syndicate that claims the label because they will claim any label to divide and take that group of people hostage. And then they start screwing with their heads. It's us against them. We've been persecuted. We've been this. Look at how bad these other people are. And we need to huddle together. That's exactly what's happening. And it's under every mantra, you know? Yeah, I know. Yeah, well, we won't get me started on it. Oh, I'd love to get you started on it. They're just like, because they're doing it through the quote unquote right right now. I'm just seeing like the rampant anti-Semitism. I honestly think that regardless of what, you know, one's beliefs are on the origins of Q, I really do believe it was co-opted. And, you know, it promulgated a lot of psyops. And I think one of the intentions was to breed anti-Semitism, particularly through the Christian community, the quote unquote truther community, the MAGA freedom community, that those were the people who were parroting these tropes that were old, like known intelligence operations. And now they've resurfaced and they're using it to just to basically tarnish an entire group of people. And they've got to they've got to create an enemy. That's the best way. And the problem is it's like I have no problems with the with the Jewish people. I have a big problem with those in the government or in the ruling class that are no different than the elites in Britain or the elites here. They have an organism and their tentacles reach down into every single group on the planet. And that's the problem. They want us divided so that they can control people. But every single group has been infiltrated. And that's the problem, is that therein lies the problem. That is the entire problem. If you can point the finger at one entire group and that group happens to be a small portion of the population, then people feel like, I mean, I keep saying the only game people seem to have learned has been the tail on the donkey. They suddenly feel like, you know, they found it. That's it. That's the root of all the problems. And now we just eradicate them. Yeah. Look what's happening being white. You know, white privilege, white crime, white this, that, anything. The actual people who can be considered white is 8% of the global population. And people don't even realize that they're so uneducated. It's like they're the majority. They're the majority. Listen, people, there's 8% of the entire globe, which is actually declining. Yeah. And yeah, it's like it's like, you know, so so, you know, how can you how can you say that? No. And we have to be better at differentiating because there's either evil or there's good. There's there's evil. There's evil or there's good. You you you've got to look at it and say it's just like I know a bunch of people that are Muslim. OK, my doctor and I asked him one time, I said, you're pretty spiritual oriented. I'm like, what's what's what's your religion? And he was like, oh, well, trying to talk around the thing he didn't want to say, you know, that we're Muslim. But he's like, we're Muslim, but we're not Muslim enough for my wife's for my wife's family. They don't think that we're Muslim enough. And he really was apologetic. But, you know, I'm like, well, you know, it's like I'm not going to demonize you as a person. But the people that have turned the religion into a military operation, which has happened in every single religious conflict there ever has been. It has nothing to do with God. It's taken God's name in vain entirely. And becomes a very self-righteous effort. And I go back to Jesus. Jesus was the one that wouldn't have, if he emerged today in form, he wouldn't be Christ-like enough for most Christians out there. They would be like, oh, you're not. You couldn't possibly be the Christ. You know, you're not enough like Jesus. You know, I'm sure they would do that. I mean, he sat with prostitutes. No, they're better, right? Yeah. Oh, they're better than that. Yeah. Yeah. It's sad, but it's true. It's very sad. Yeah. It's very sad. Yeah. So I don't know. The other thing I wanted to just run through, I thought it was really fascinating. I know I brought this up before, but you know how the Rockefeller Foundation, it was under Tavistock, but they founded research into, they funded research into like different forms of mass media. And they created like a whole radio study. And I didn't know this though, but one of the first studies they did was on soap operas. they wanted to yeah so they wanted to see they said that they could learn like how like you know they enjoyed it that that's kind of you know not really all that fascinating but yeah and they how uh any individual movement like like whether or not they would be favorable, disfavorable. And this was a conduit for them to explore group research, which was really the foundation of the Tavistock. I have a whole manual on their group dynamics. They created organizational psychology. And why that's so important is because this is where we get like the public-private partnerships and this control via corporations. Because corporations were, because Tavistock was studying all this group think, essentially. They called it group dynamics, research into group dynamics. And there were, I mean, many of the Tavistock psychologists were invested in this. So Wilford Byen, whose work led to the A.K. Rice Institute, which is like the Tavistock branch in the United States. But Kurt Lewin, he had the foundation for research into group dynamics. It's not. It's not connected. Okay. Yeah. It's a Kenneth Rice organization and institute is what it's called. And yeah, it's not connected. I looked into that. You would think it was, but it's not. They're totally... This is connected to American University, a.k.a. Rice. I know. Yeah. That's not Rice. Rice University is separate. But yeah. So, of course, they did like three different studies. They... We're looking into, let's see, the first, yeah, so the first project was soap operas and they called them radio dramas. They also researched, of course, 1938, the Halloween broadcast was the War of the Worlds. That was the famous one that was based on H.G. Wells' book. And they found that an estimate of 6 million people who heard this broadcast, 25% of them thought it was real. And what's really interesting about this study is that it was done by Cantrell, who was uh he was roommates in Dartmouth with Rockefeller and so he was one so he produced this he did this he conducted this study and the Rockefeller wouldn't like he wouldn't print it he wouldn't publish it for I think it was three years And I think this is why, because of the result. I don't know why. I haven't found... I've looked, but I have not found anywhere in the documents why he didn't publish it. They just say that he didn't. And you can see when he did the study, it was 1938, and they didn't publish it until I think it was 1940. Some people say it was 1937. So it's two, three years. But they... Right, so 25% thought it was real. Most people who panicked did not think it was an invasion from Mars that was occurring, but rather an invasion from the Germans. It was later determined that because of the radio broadcast from the Munich crisis earlier that year, the masses were prone to it. So I think what they were really studying is trauma-based mind control. It's like how you prime somebody for a trauma and then how they're going to react later to future incidents. And then the third project was that of listening habits. Because of this, a new method was developed to survey an audience. This was dubbed as the Little Annie Project. The official name was the Stanton-Lazarfield Program Analyzer. They went on to set up a television research fund, and then later that led to the film Liaisons through different intelligence apparatus. So a film called Liaison? Yeah. No, no, to the liaisons. Like the CIA has a film liaison. Yeah, so through intelligence apparatus. It's a film liaison, and I'm like, what are you talking about? Oh, yeah, no, no. It led to film liaisons. So all of this because they're studying, you know, the impact of media. Yeah. Okay, got it. Yeah. So, yeah, so that's, I don't know, all the cultural impacts and how they study, you know, the human responses and then they later weaponize it. But I just think all of this type of research is what paved the way for creating assets, you know, like Taylor Swift now. And people who are followers. There's, you know, they want obedient followers. That's what the entire education system is turned into. They test the failure. They are not teaching, in my opinion, they're not teaching critical thinking. No, they explicitly said they wanted to eradicate critical thinking. They said they wanted to create mindless, obedient soldiers. This was a three-tier pressure model that was created after the Battle of Jena in 1807. They lost the Battle of Jena during Napoleonic Wars. They lost the battle. They lost the battle because the soldiers rebelled, and they decided they rebelled because they were critical thinkers. And so they created a three-tier model of education. So the aristocrats were at the top of this model. So it was more favorable to them, but it was still breeding, in their terms, mindless, obedient soldiers. Obviously, that's the translation. But they exported this to the United States largely via Dewey, although I really trace it back to Wilhelm von, who was known as the father of psychology. He himself had no formal training education, but he was the father of the PhD program. The first PhD was William James, who was his disciple, and he's known as the American father of psychology. But Wilhelm Wundt was training people at the Leipzig University, and a lot of his students were people like Pavlov and who was Stanley G. Hall. Stanley G. Hall was a mentor to John Dewey. They co-authored the Humanist Manifesto. And I'm trying to think who else I can remember. All of them. Wilhelm Wundt was directly related to Casimir Kirchenrath. Yeah, it was Wilhelm Kirchenrath Wundt, who was, he was known as a, He was a member of the Illuminati, and he was known as Raphael in the Illuminati. That's really, really interesting. So the question is, I'm going to take just a real quick break here. And if you keep talking, it'd be great. Because my question is, I'll be able to hear you in a minute, but I'm going to stand up and stretch for a minute here. How do... How do people make the break and why is it that it works on some people and not on others? Because, you know, some people are more predisposed to just follow, follow, follow, follow, follow. And others, you tell them to do anything and they're just going to say, screw you and go off and sit on a rock rather than buy into this. What's the difference? And how do people make a break with that kind of stuff? So I don't have like a direct answer, but I have some suspicions. I think a lot of it has to do with the divergent personality. So they've done studies on hypnosis, and it seems that this is where we get this codification of mass formation psychosis, which a lot of people became familiar with in 2020. But the research leading up to that is not new at all. In fact, Le Bon wrote a book on it in the turn of the century, early 1900s. So they have determined that it's a third, a third, a third. So a third of the population are divergent and they are not capable of being hypnotized. The middle group are, you know, they're malleable. So they're suggestible, but they're not necessarily completely like blindsided and they don't blindly follow. And then the other third are blind. very easy to brainwash and hypnotize. So I think that it has something to do with that. I think some people, these tactics that they're studying and researching, the social sciences was really all on group dynamics, how that impacted decision-making, how that impacted thought, mindset, and behavior. And I think that they've, the Frankfurt School was very instrumental in creating what we now call identity politics, but it was really all centered around group identity and and how to trigger group identity, how to create the groups and get people to strip their own individual identity in favor of attaching and aligning with a group. And so I think that there are just people who just are divergent and they're just less susceptible. That doesn't mean that they can't be you know, suggestible in any circumstance. It just means they're less likely to be. I also think that people have different responses to trauma. And so a lot of the ways that these mind controls, particularly through Tavistock, but, you know, this model has been exported all over. was through trauma-based mind control and so I think some people are much more uh suggestible under trauma like some people can dissociate some people can't dissociation is actually a brain self-protective mechanism uh for trauma it's a way of it's a survival mechanism so they dissociate they create another alter in order to protect themselves and to be able to endure and not everybody dissociates. So during Project Monarch, which is a subset of MKUltra, they were looking into what would make somebody more likely to dissociate. And they found that people with an IQ over 120 were more likely, people who had incurred intergenerational trauma. So they come from a line, a family line of, you know, trauma that gets carried on, people with in vitro trauma. So they would intentionally traumatize, sorry, not in vitro, in utero. So they would intentionally traumatize pregnant mothers to induce trauma in the unborn child. And then of course, childhood trauma. And there were a couple of other things they were looking for, like people who are highly creative, a tended to be more likely to dissociate. So they knew how and they were studying this. And I think that they craft these different traumas inducing events. I think they did all the study and run individuals and then they figure out how they can do mass scale trauma. in order to then create trauma-based mind control on the masses. And they have like a, I think they call it like the clamp down method. So it's like you basically tie a noose around somebody's neck. This would be an analogy. And then you loosen it a bit and they think they're free and they're relieved and they think they can go about like normal. And then you tighten it even tighter. And this is a really effective way of controlling most people. So this is kind of, we kind of saw this in 2020, right? They implemented all of these measures with the mask and the lockdowns. And then they say, okay, we're going to, you know, let up on the lockdowns, but you're going to have to wear a mask everywhere. And then they give you the hope, oh, but, you know, if you take the vaccine, then you can go anywhere, you can do anything. And then they, you know, clamp down again with whatever, because we saw some places locked down again. We saw some places with just, you know, fear porn. I don't know. I don't know if that answers your question, but I think it really boils down to how people respond to trauma and divergent personality. People who are divergent just aren't, they're not rural followers. They're just less likely to, you know, fall in line. Find other coping mechanisms. Yeah. So, yeah. I think that there's something to be said of going through huge trauma or hardship. You know, it's like, oh, you know, it's easy for people to feel real sorry for themselves. Yeah. But it can also be a great teacher if you reframe things and use it to help other people. It gives you a strength that you would never get. You would never get it otherwise. And, you know, that goes back, we'll go back to God again, where all things work for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to his purposes. All things, even the things that we think are negative can be, it's like in a garden. You got to have manure. You got to have crap to make the plants grow. You know, that's, it's the truth. It's like, if, if you always have things really, really easy, let's just say, just use a plant analogy, you know, be a farmer plants. If you, if a plant has it too easy, it's weak. If it has to struggle to put those roots down, you know, and you can see it, this is a great, great way to talk about it. Like in the, in neighborhoods, neighborhoods where there's all automatic sprinkling. Okay. The underground sprinkling and such. And you watch with the people that, man, they've got the greenest, most luscious ground you could possibly see. And as soon as they're in the drought, that grass withers up, turns yellow and dies. The people who make those plants put their roots down a little deep by not watering quite so much. They've got deeper roots and they can withstand some of the outside pressures. Sure. And so there's something to be said about that. You know, I would rather have been somebody who is abused than to be an abuser. And I think that there's... But oftentimes, abuse become abusers. Yeah. Yeah, they do that. But you can turn that around and decide that you will never be... and do what somebody did to you. You can actually take that and say, hey, I can talk about this, I know. I know what that feels like and go out and make the world a better place because you can empathize with people. You can talk to them and and you know what it looks like. So you don't get you don't get quite so quickly, you know, and so that's that all things work for good that, you know, to those that love the Lord. But I always wondered, what is it that's a differentiating thing? I can't answer that. I really can't. I do think the hypnotic responses are a clue, you know, that it's a third of the population can't be hypnotized. I can't answer that. Yeah, I can't either. I was actually talking about it and it was like, it was my first job out of college. I was a hypnotherapist and I quit because I couldn't be hypnotized. And I helped a lot of people, you know, it was mostly habit formation. So I would work with them on things like, you know, stop smoking, like sleeping habits. Yeah. Nail biting, that kind of stuff. But, but it didn't work for me. So I felt like a fraud and I quit, but yeah. Yeah. But yeah, I think there's a lot of people who, I think that's a huge part of it because that is what they, you know, that's what their techniques are based on. They studied a lot of mentalism, hypnotic techniques, and then trauma. I think what helps us to learn to ask questions and question everything. If somebody's saying something to you, why are they saying that? What are the, you know, human beings are really interesting because most human beings are always looking for a trade. There's always a trade going on. There's very few people that are spiritual enough to do it just because it's the right thing and doing the right thing is to pay back enough. Most people, there's always a trade. It's a transactional relationship on all levels. Well, when you get rid of that and you stop with the trade and you do it just because the, the outcome is just the, the, you do it because it's just the right thing to do. And that's where all of the payback comes. You're serving God, you're serving the world. And your payback is literally just knowing that you did the right thing. Right. Yeah. I think, sure, yeah. I think a lot of that goes back to trauma response also, though, because a lot of people have been so traumatized. They behave in very survival mode. It's a protective response. And so they're not operating, they're not connected intuitively. They're operating much more instinctively based on survival, really, because they're so programmed that they're somehow going to be in danger. I see it with, with kids that come out of an orphanage. I have experienced that because I have one and it's an orphan mentality. And when people they're, they're constantly looking to step on somebody else in order to have the recognition or to get something. And it's like, they see everyone as an opportunity to, To take, to jump above, to better, to best. It's always that's in their mindset. Instead of, I think a person who's really adjusted looks at life as an observer. Yeah. And doesn't, it's, there's nothing to, there's nothing to get here. You know, what are you fighting for here? And so, you know, you look, you can look at as an observer in other people's craziness and go, well, got a little craziness going on here, but you don't take it personally. And you look at it more as a parent does. Well, let's see, how am I going to bring peace to the situation? And then I'm going to go back over here and do the dishes while y'all kids over here make, you know, because I'm not going to play in the craziness. So I'll just be over here for a little while while you guys sit there and sucker punch each other. I'm not going to play the game. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, curiosity, I think, yeah. But I think not everybody is able to operate from that place. Not all people are curious. I'm always shocked by that. I would think that that's just a natural human trait, but not everybody is. That blows my mind. I know. It definitely blows my mind. How can you not be curious about everything? It's just nutty. Oh, I wanted to play this because I thought this was kind of cool since we were talking about it. here I'm gonna bring this up right now when you're launching a new product with a tight deadline two weeks grandmother's tone suggestions can let this be a lesson to all you ants ideas are very dangerous things you are mindless soil shopping losers put on this earth to serve us you're wrong I love this scene. You are not meant to serve grasshoppers. I've seen these ants do great things. And year after year, they somehow manage to pick food for themselves and you. So who is the weaker species? Ants don't serve grasshoppers. It's you who need us. We're a lot stronger than you say we are. And you know it, don't you? Well, Prince? Um, Hopper, I hate to interrupt, but, uh... You ants, stay back! Oh, this was such a bad idea. You see, Hopper, nature has a certain order. The ants pick the food, the ants keep the food, and the grasshoppers leave. I'm so proud of you, Click. Where are you going? They're just ants! Let's go! Bandwagon! Bandwagon! Come back here, you coward! Show me! Have a good life. Too fun. I love that. That's what we need to do to our elected officials. Yeah. Is get together in that way and stand together. They wouldn't stand a chance. Exactly. Yeah. There's the scene a little before that where the grasshoppers like warning the other grasshoppers and they're like, why are you so scared of like a little ant? And he was like, because they outnumber us. Like, know I remember the number but and he said if they found out then our whole way of life is gone so yeah yeah it really there's there's so much there's so much to be said about that and they need us we don't need them we never have you know think about going back to small farms and you know if you look at what happened before the bolshevik revolution and the farmers were they were feeding everyone and taking care of their communities. We don't need these social programs. We just need everybody to get in the game and stop acting like little baby birds. You know, I get it so often. People are like, Donna, tell me what, justify why you say this. It's like, not my job to feed you. You get out there and figure it out. You know, it's like, I do my thing. You do your thing. That's great. But I'm not under any obligation to help anybody. you know, understand things. I do it because I like doing it, but you know, but everybody's got to stop acting like a baby bird, you know, feed me all the time. Feed me. I need this. I need that. We'll go out and make it. You know, figure it out and find some buddies you can get together with. Start a company. Put these corporations out of business. You can do that. It's not that difficult. You know, it's more difficult now because of their rules and regulations that are designed to shut us down. But you can still do it. And more than that, get in with a bunch of people that are willing to just politically whop their tails and say, kick them out. They need to be removed. Everyone in office right now should be removed and stripped of their citizenship because they all have violated their duties, their oath of office. They've all been part of it, whether they were coerced or not. If they were too weak to fold to the coercion, out you go. Sorry, cowards. Stand for something. I really do believe that. Yeah. I don't know. Well, thank you. I love you. I just love you. I love you too. Let's say a prayer today and go on our merry way and then we can finish it up. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so very much for Courtney and John. And everyone that is out there who loves this nation, who is willing to fight for each other, who just loves your world and everything you've created are our fellow human beings. We don't have to agree with each other. You created each individual uniquely for the purposes that are in your mind. This is your sandbox. You get to do whatever you want to do. And we are your children. We are not you. We are your children. And we're willing to play by your rules, doing whatever it is that you ask us to do. Thank you so much for all of our Jewish friends out there that are willing to work with us for a peaceful for peace. And and and our Muslim friends out there who are willing to work for peace, not these in, you know, We ask that all those who are the infiltrating parasite class, who has infiltrated into all of our structures and tried to keep us divided, we ask that you would confuse all of their plans, that you put stumbling blocks in front of them, and that we the people would unite as one nation under you to serve each other, to have honest discussions, to help educate each other, to be there when somebody falls, not to rely on the government situations and the answers, but that we, in fact, are accountable to each other, that we are our brother's keeper, and that you are our father, one God, one God. We are so thankful for everything you've done for us this day. I ask that you would heal everyone's hearts who feels like they have been a victim in some form or another. We all have been. And we've all had things that, you know, that we can feel bad about. But we accept all of those things and know that you're going to turn it around to something beautiful and good. Every single thing. And thank you for the good in our life and the things that are challenging and that are not so much fun because you're teaching us, you're moving us, you're growing us up, and it's all to your glory in all things. May they see you. May they see Jesus through us and that we care, that we're here. to be the answer, not the problem. The sickness in the world has to go to the doctor, and you're the doctor for all of this nonsense. And please help people's eyes to open up and to turn every heart to you. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. You're such a wonderful friend to us, and we want to be a friend to you. In Jesus' name we pray, amen. amen thank you see is it wonderful see we can sit here and we can pray together and carl is jewish and I am christian and we love each other yeah and I never understand why people I mean how there's nothing like more beautiful like why I don't know why people get so offended I think people just want to like be contrarian about everything. It's, it's really ridiculous to me, but I see so much of it like, Oh, that's offensive. Like, you know, you can't pray to me or like, you know, I, I've heard a whole thing about Christmas, right? Like the, I think I told you about this, this is years ago, but I, I was at a Starbucks and I, um, I kept saying it was Christmas day, literally Christmas day. And so I said like, Merry Christmas, you know? And they refused to say it back. They just kept saying happy holidays. And I finally, like after I got my tea, I went to the barista and I said, so you're not allowed to say Merry Christmas? I mean, it's literally Christmas Day. And she said, no, we're not allowed to. And that's where you just do it anyway and challenge the system, right? Yeah. And I said, why? And they said, because people are offended. And it's the same thing. It's like, why would you be, if somebody wants to share like a prayer, it's the most intimate, beautiful thing. It's your blessing somebody. Like, I don't, I don't know. It's a gift. It's baffling to me. It's a gift. Yeah, exactly. You know, beautiful thing. Yeah. So I don't know why people are. And does this happen within different like sects of Christianity? Like, oh, you can't do your prayer. You can't. I don't know. It's just it's mind boggling. All of it. Well, it's like, yeah, watch. Watch how many people beat on the Catholics. And, you know, that are Protestant and the Catholics are beating on the Protestants and because you're not seeing enough Hail Marys or whatever. And it's like, you know, and it's like the Protestants are are are beating on the Catholics. And it's like, you know, it's like, you know, I look at I look at. You can't only God can judge people's hearts. And we just see where he has them. They are not our project. You know, we're supposed to be for as a Christian, we're supposed to be Christ to the world. And, you know, he came to give his life up. And what about people who are in tribal communities, in third world countries who have never been exposed to the Bible? They don't know. Are they somehow doomed? The Bible clearly addresses that. Yeah, I know. People seem to have forgotten that. I don't know. The Bible addresses that. And it's like, this is God's project. And it's not, you know, we're here to help. We're here to be Christ to a very, you know, Christ the Savior. I mean, even Jewish people believe in the Messiah. Yeah. Right. And so that God is our savior. You know, I acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah and the fulfillment of that. But but we know that God is our savior. God is our savior. Abraham, he was saved. Jesus and he was saved by faith. And, you know, it's like it's like that God would provide a savior. And you look at when people are born in a certain way there, they have a certain they have traditions. They were born into the way that they think and they believe. And, uh, there's, there's a lot of, there's a lot of understanding that has to come from all sides for each other, because you know what? You're God's daughter, you're God's child. And, you know, and it's like, he created you just perfectly the way you are. And he will see, he sees the end of your life. He has every minute of your life planned for you And he will guide you through this. We are here to help each other. And I do believe that. I get asked so many questions because people want to peel me out of something and to condemn things. It's like, you know what? They're here. People are here for a reason. And whether you agree or disagree with them, you've got to make the choices that God put before you. And they may have never had the opportunity to have those choices in front of them. Right. So, you know, it's like it's like. you know, there's a lot we don't know. Yeah, for sure. I do know that God is good. God is faithful. God saves, you know, God, God truly, you know, made, makes a way. God sent us in, in my belief, God sent his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him will not perish, but have everlasting life as a, you know, as a savior. But you look at it, the, the truths in the old Testament, you know, I, we, we studied messianic jewish for years so many things to learn that to sit here and for anybody to say I am the I am the bearer of all knowledge is a fool's game yeah of course so how much do you love right you know there's a question how much do you love and uh trying to get in it and figure this whole thing out. So how's that for an answer? I like it. Anyhow. So everybody, here you go. Go to I am ever not conceited. And with that said, I can never do the heart. Yeah, you do a great job. You're good. God bless you. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Make it a great day. Go out and see how many people you can truly love. And it's not necessarily what you know, it's how, how much you love and how much you love others. So there you go. We'll see you next Tuesday. Thank you. Bye. Thank you.