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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/25/2022 - Jason Jones and Karen the Riveter

Published Nov. 25, 2022, 9:10 a.m.

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good morning welcome brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and we are having some mass of computer pro problems again and i have no explanation i restarted in rebooted my computer at least five times and it's going to be a very short broad testiness jason jason to the same thing his entire broadcast his is entire computer so someone is incredibly messing with this is how many days in a roller we're going to have to get this thing figured out that i apologize deeply apologize for this but good morning i'm hoping that everybody's here and see what we got going on here in all right looks like it's going through an rumblin seen it on rumbling the my my a dance for is not playing this so let's see if here thanks reciprocate that i can see it i ruminated over here but in my dashboard i can't see anything in jason's night here yet so at any rate i hope to read a great thanksgiving we had a wonderful thanksgiving now a lot of people out of food of course i have more food they can feed small army but in so it's a wonderful day here in michigan we have somewhat to be thankful hopefully jason will be here so yeah michael said his computer has been working correctly this morning either is a so odd when in annette about a week ago where we really had almost an overcombe problems but you know what we're going to continue on it and see what happens ordinary ah let him in to read some comments good mornin michael good morning anne anne good morning very and said good morning here we go patience and coffee eagerly awaiting as in a day sphere there is so weird was it your doing that was dumb this is so weird i like when i look at my when i look at my dashboard it it looks like it's not coming through it all but then when i check over and rumble it is so we're going to pretend like going witches out everybody say something so hopefully it's just screen leg rather than a real leg here i do have to cut out about you and probably ten ten i could probably go ten after ten i guess some meet us here at ten thirty there by a bunch of havens toys but anyway but i'm glad we're here in the same joys i've got a bunch of toys and no no we are trying to get rid of this you do that we are no longer friends of telling you no illakaree friend are you absolutely not a heartrending cool we together were getting in fact we tryst away from toy thing and trying to do more so we're going to get a writing less coming up for no that only very cool wyatt's but the answer your question i'm oh you're welcome i was i had to shut my computer at down attentive times in a shop my computer down and tried to restart the to see if it would go in its still jumpy so all my book marks that i had out there i annoyed with right now because a whole bunch of mock marks of the nether and there i have i embrace yet that there's a lot of crazy sewed very good time i had a great time this morning on his heart line the popes he was one of our best ones because honestly you know we were able to hit a lot of subjects from how i feel and i mean that's a big one we're going to have to talk about all this kind of stuff because how pervasive it as we talked about the underground cities and and that sort of like i said before i was in the gypsies the great rapiers ago and how far they downwardtending the election being able to communicate with people i want unkind wondering how well people did very through the holidays with family because i heard a lot of fighting out there and people who who were having hard time getting fortunately we didn't have that problem with the whole giving a long a people is feeling little disheartened about what's going the elections i think everything is already solidified it's like old on that is it nothing is solidified yet nothing not certified their still the fighting on there there's an awful lot of others a lot going on and i don't think anybody really needs to lose heart in any of this quite honestly you know i got i got to say hang it on britomart i hear the i found them when you look at came back up and down so when you look at what's happened with that with the connective and i think this is where we started earlier the collectivity and say ah sucker boucher bird you know cause secouristes rockefellers grandson so you didn't he industris whole hope was botanised project with that started it was really interesting that life lock and in the day that face book started so he would he's basically just a place holder and the fact that this week we ended up having so many so many reference to how many tax systems were actually sucking up up their so this is really horrible i don't know how long i'm going to see on this morning guys because we're going to have to get this thing work a man he takes aboard there could you take a look at this same my computer is going crazy and just kicked off as of kind of not sure what to do right now is you can see in a romish can and both her computers for up totally it's not right now but we're trying to work our way through the we're going to have to down on this anisim going to go for a while here but but and hopefully jason can join back on but honestly what we had if we had the the others back i had to switch from a computer to the song as my computer started going it is a weird i there definitely trying to silence us and you know what calonice going to keep going and make it a difficulty for all of me why why make copulas week just started up so i was going back to the fact that that zabern is rockefeller's grandson and they put him in place after the lifelong started and then after after that you don't just stop life lock in one day and all of a sudden him heavy know fantosina like where it is i mean i mean they must see were released stupid right so then you look at all the tax problems and how how they were each or black was up or how they had a script for and to the program and i may have to ignore the screen right now because it's wrong i think but there they put a script in that was actually facing me up information to face book and their six there's about six companies that have been right out there with us and that they were part of it and i can't even believe that that this this so so crazily large one of an of an issue yeah i say one thing that i was getting kind of prey to yesterday during our conversation faces was about the whole bleating i've made up pronounced in that i was just on i said i want to touch in that more on the last i do you i saw something you posted something about words i was at gambler is a great great racial chameleon her affiliation with and her being part of the whole only a the kid right with them oh yes she was she was all over and she's in the cups so when when you look at that seen the pictures of these kids that their traffic the modeling agencies were literally trafficking the modeling and abstains island there's thousands of men this of the iceberg and when you go back in time and only just look at say ernshaw james john james perry barter's whole there's a whole progression of information and i started out with with arachotians people not works only one of them is called the wonderland network and there there was millions of people on these networks while the cups kind of unowhat the kids that they were keeping in positions on absence islands the security cameras and they were also tracking people cell phone so when when people are moving around they could see them by the patterns of their cell phone trench and reachable oracle chamber was in inannatuma the emptiness in these kids eyes it is just shocking so now you go to the new you know the blenching and watching his kids dressed up in positano know semaines your like are you kidding me i really think we're going to find out that a lot of these modeling that you know is people don't understand how this works through art through madeline agencies there literally selling children and trafficking and through these agents and it's right out there you want to look at it you can see it is right out there and you know just like going back to the fact john podesta and place right now working for who in an a capacity and bright garden said that he is a world class child trafficker hail and all you got to look to as look up look up the art work that tony potestates house that sort of thing and you'll see all you need to see without the actual what's actually happening with these dear yet it when erskine out or i start first knowing about you and you run for senora have you know done on and at first i was like the outgo of the nature of me bear of the michigan colorlessly you know we're very much about you know getting back to original jurist but a really kind of get away from that i would like him in an anabolic talk an interview with somebody said before i knew donated that was the fact position but then once they started realizing one thing i learned within the assembly is you know with michael clean he general in general the reason why they wanted badly another bodies are knows about the a and the b and the change that there's a reason why they did not want him out and about because about what they are doing he said connecting more dots and a picture at least started to any ways in on and how don is was the word i'm looking for not back by don endures but a general michael i started realizing like he knew so much more going on in the background and i think i realize that's when i can the prayer and god led he talked to her have these conversation the conversations are going to be playing pivotal pieces in the grand he now was the time the plain that god has for awakening the public there are people have no idea about what's going on with the i mean how there is even something i'm not even my i waken me to certain things that i had no idea about and i mean i'm seriously we all play a part in helping where the satanic ritualistic thou children when i started realizing how badly why they want norton i sir realizing there is a bigger plan going on not only for the the boltons of this in but a plan to help rest you know this really is the really huge complex situation and i think we find not just the military and but people in an onlike like dana and others out there they really are sick and i i guess we're anywhere i getting that with all this is just i really be able to follow god i think god will be doing the poncas by you know it's just amazing to see the plan how people come together and how we all play we are all tools and go to he and i were here to fix whatever has been wrong all these i guess just the honor is to be here with the one and i'm happy to in and i hope i'm going to be promoting the heck out of this because people need to be aware of what's going on starting up but yet it's just amazing that children and the sole sucking activities that these people are doing these children like a cat with the whole benighted believe it was seen with the advertisement so i who had done the he had these people are really sick i mean there they're really sick but you know and like i said before to is that you know when i when i got into this i really felt like we were going to need some adults that at that now what's going on in our willing to fight this with our last with our last browbeaten searching as i wanted to bring out my researches in the head off there and now i can't find unity remarks either so i would not right now so we have to be able to look at this stuff in order to may good decisions going forward you know we've been conditioned not to look o don't look at it this stuff because it's going to suck you and you're going to be a victim of it now you know you want to study the atomy to know what they're doing to you can you can recognize in it just like recognizing the padfield or see all of the referee and in disney that if we don't know what to look for it goes right underneath and we were in not to look at the sort of and and not to ask those while the questions have to be as and we can't back away from and so i think i think that prince all of this stuff racing at haddon as the only way to go i mean we're going to have to had on or we will always be able to and so you know we talked to about the fair that that when until to look into to look into what the enemy's doing to look into this and going what you we do have a problem doesn't mean that were part of the problem but it does me that we can be part of the solution to absolutely you know to fixing this problem because it's bad i mean who in the right mind would put a child up there in order to you know what are the solymean they're not they're selling bad stuff in who in the world is into this and doesn't question the lower i don't understand sickness it is you know like me as a man i love how my wife is fact i fieldwoman as they get older specially after they always say all you know i do i wish i had the body that i once used to have and i making a and i told me i the i like your body better now than when you were before gashouse you know your groom is the one and those stars of childbirth are bad toothacre it were pro think about the opposite i mean even looking at it sixteen seventeen year old much less a six or seven who the that is yet what is wrong with people it's like it's like what would surely what is wrong with that think that that's a good idea under any under any you know it's it's a sickness it is a that nationly thing you can you know all hereinbefore he thank you arickaree me something that i fontesecco clearly i need some jack so yeah it's like it's like um ah honestly that this whole thing with children if any one thinks that he started yesterday it's the same thing that they were doing a bible times with putting the children in the fire their passing the children through the fire there sacrificing children and and you know i look at that look at the night he shoots that they've got a drop of human blood and who did who was the one that did that and you look at this and go what is wrong with people what is wrong people that they think this is okay to seize children to gently mutilate these children to physically mutilate these children that's what this transit janet is it is mutilation of human being ah then what is this any different than the vaccines the vaccine as he is that you know it's an ramified it is a hacking unisono know you can look at that that crazy man hear that works for swab you know what would a crazy man and sit there go we we know what they're doing a little little as yet that's what he was crazy veneration the boat got got a cold give these people a pass just like parents that are involved this is a for profit practice to tranto transition no it's not the sterilizing them there packing their bodies in like this we atalanta with because i don't want people going to look it up in a i find it eventually but i in contribute to that but there is a music he did where part of this music made us having in one of his music video we yeah loman the craziness is unbelief absolutely on they put it out the right yes and there's there's no there's no so in the show that this is the hour black thing that face with me of collected some of your iris filing data to use only he sadly may have they did and they had a script in all were they they literally had thus in the in the their programming in order to share with a face look is just a great big vacuum of informal so ran dealer translator anton and think about how far this goes most of our transactions or water of our congo through into it so if you're boring things that in another company and they use into it you may not even know there using now they've got sisterkin activity with you and what you're doing with them and also you know there's back doors in so as far as we look at things like trying to hide what we're doing are you kidding me we can't hide anything we're doing they have the technology already and they've had it for years and years we we have no privacy but it goes back to it we can before like if you can't do what you're doing in an you know if you can't do everything out in the open you probably shouldn't be doing it in the dark because god sees what you're doing all the time and try to hide our activities like like god's not watching or rent being with every single thing we do every day is being watched the surveillant state we have is overwhelmed in so these are the companies i'm pretty extra sure that this is going to be like the haft crypto device we're going to find out that this is just the tip of the iceberg just like asses island the top of the iceberg there is so much of this going on their siwashes islands cannot there's thousands of these islands and there's probably hundreds of thousands of places in the united states and across the world they're doing in look at the petulance where people were literally take the case he tourism and they go to other countries in order to have access to we have solutions part of this well i guess that's a good question to ask because when when we look at when we look at the people that we've been taught to trust we better start questioning all of them from the church to the people that are in pain telling you this is so broad that unless unless you know unless you really get in and dig into the people are being loved to try i really believe that in this you know the filters come off my mouth a little bit but i believe that we are way north of or set of the people in in office in michigan that are actually federal agents i really believe that and i say that ninety five per cent of one or nintimate nine nine percent of our heavy tentacle or there are in some other bad activities so that goes back to looking at say you know people don't understand that select christian coalition in michigan while who can astarte that i think it was we look into that organ to find out that people that are the chairs or vice chair through republican party were in on putting this together and when we see the criminality that's happened within the republican party democrat parties a chip shot because they had set that up as a book yet but the republican party is involved in in crimes and we can see that we can see that in the usurpation of power and the the election are that was going on in the twenty twenty two election i mean i sought first hand but will anybody investigate it now were distant sweeping underneath the rug here and i'm going to go back and forth to the couple other this is these are different this finding out exactly what happened and being able to explain how things how things were sucked up by face and that there's a lot of articles out about it right now but we're talking about talking about a a very in a surveillance state so no matter where we are we are being servile and any point time afore me i'm like i don't care for seriatim they've already shown there there are two colors world and we need to really be aware of the fact that every minute of our day are fond are surveillance are surveillance or a computer screen or refrigerators that have like samson as has a camera built into the refiner's lot if you have connected it to the internet you are being servile and not only that you know you can go through just even even allies that's why they went to all the lintel short bursts and able to survey through through led and like i was telling you on your show yesterday we had frantic over they were talking about the the one brother had a heart well within the last week a friend of theirs called them and said said i'm really free outre now just got a call and somebody said we noticed that your heart isn't work you while they had had his heart set and then they put a chip in there for monitor i never told all the sunlight a call that says it looks like your heart is on a sinker there's a problem there like how do you know this they had met it that they may put a chip in for motoring and did even know that that was going on and they were all kinds of freaked out and and say at the good side of the same life at the bed side is is that they chipped down with something that was small enough in order to collect data and trans information on how his body was working in it like are you kidding me and without their knowledge so this is not the newbegin on for a long time and and the amount of information gathering is going to obviously free most people out when they really did their hands around this the i at a individual shot at forty the reason i ask that i thought if i the documents that anybody a shot like the in now be you basically are classified property or ownership of your bodies question that's the reason i asked if they got the shot are the a privy to that informs if they got the shot because if they are owned and out he shot i met at that we should the you know like i shouldn't say why should they that will that make it the to be privy to that information that's why i asked that would make sense by the insult a violation without now well look what luck with they did with montanto an montanto came out honestly there was the one that was producing the mustard gas in world war two and all the suffer the war the figure out what to do with their chemical the chemical warfare that they were laughing so that they went into a benefaction and so man santo whose working with amos decided to the merged with beer and such and there's a lot of stories about farmers who who never used your seeds but because because of the creep of the you know the genetic the genetic from their self into fields of they didn't all people showed upon farmed and said you have your protean your field even if it went through me through you know other means at the farmer put it down and actually charged them just crazy amounts of money for basically it's like a patent and he has put a lot of farmers local farmers out of out of business to think about that it's on the same principle if they can genetically modify a crop and they consider us peter then by that by the thought process yes the nobody's challenged you know it's a great you've got your produce in solitude if it if it moves in other fields rather areas you no longer on it and it has parts of the dana are the parts of the engineering that you've done the genetic engineering doesn't mean that you own it but that's what they do and people are not fighting this stuff hard enough and i and can contestant and you know it's like like for me with the governor's race you know i do not concede no one should concede any of this we should not conceive anything i'm not conceited i will not conceive and we should all be contesting the whole thing i am it has something ominous bring up to but but yet it i also read i was that even i've heard stories of getting ships in their fillings or rot in oh really i heard that too no knowledge you know they eventually go to a different that we the draw back into it and found these things again not seraievo dug in so preface to the validity of it but it's what i heard in it doesn't surprise me after your friends are he was kind of weird well there's something ere's an arc that came out and i started in the washbasin poisonous over stripes that is talking about the amount of people who are dying from the job not from covent in appears that there is like fifty nine in this this article i think it's what higher than fifty eight per cent of carronades in august in august alone were people who were vaccinated or boosted according to analysis i conducted for the washing to our two news letter by seneca vice at the kaiser family foundation illiterate not a foundation i am i am concerned because i want to dig into that little bit further because a lot of crimes are committed dilapidations but that the commons we can no longer say the pandemic of the unvaccinated case this is i think with all this died suddenly so you want to move in suddenly the audio channel notes and this is this is a real crazy this is a crazy time to be alive and and i think that a lot of us better make sure that we are well connected to god because i think we are going to see a concern and it was a concerted effort to kill people and lots of you look at the deep report but i think he has since died after that report that released by in his report was showing an estimated of roughly about two thirds of americans dying by twenty twenty five i basically what he was seeing as in our population will be right around under or just over considering where a population of what the gilberte that's a lot of the bother what how do you how do you spell deafer the deal report all i look at it and then naither if i can bring this so he seen trying to do some research outline because honestly you know all of us have been here searching for years and i know a lot of people of heard the term an and you know their those of us who have research kind of a notoriously trading out information i think that this is really it is so it is so important to research and as lots and lots of so i've got the deal report is that it delivered i don't think it the right i took it up to de repopulation i would doubt if there we have not charcuterie deliver per year on the information is available we've got countries equipment oration the suwanee website looks like its mostly weapons oriented and or a military missile missiles what day was it a man a came out oh i don't remember what day it was because and i okay what i searching ah so it was he it was basically what it is a population because what it showed what is the population of what it is he and what it will be predicted to be at my two and it showed just under just over trying to find it myself too it is so interesting how all the seven one yeah i have heard i have actually heard that number put out there many times and the hundred million military equipment like okay i wanted i wonder so death removed the twenty twenty five four cats here a dirty dogs you want to know why because it wasn't just america they removed it it was other countries too they had estimations of how many illegal the other countries of what their population reduction now it's isolation here that shackaye direct i'm going to share this i think it's a kind of cool to be able to do on line research and show people exactly what i'm looking at as we go through you know i usually find a good safe safe page rather than going off off somewhere because you know some even an don't even like the pop of a never know all remote view work first contents and given wonder to corporation is a minor branches military intelligence one of the ma secretive organizations is collected data for high level decision making purposes the seawold man it is a work of love from retired intelligent set deal is known for example who contributed to a strapper forth on north korea here that there is now that really she so they scrubbed that i had yeah because after the surprised he knows a you can do the research on the can you inclusion on that one of the the consider a fake american get the panda dearie i can't find it the crubeen that's it the resources are said as that they scrubbed it and that you know how you know how oh here is man is help to pamela's one of the population a street orders of the population i don't know about that house i want the big i want to beg that time by using breeching on yes i ah and i being legal estimated you as population i hundred million according to the resources one of the resources of socrates dash well miss that i do come and the population thus to drop from to only a hundred million and twenty twenty five while also budget a billion down from here i for in where mild to only ten inhabitants require mile in twenty twenty five or yet this is this is kind of a crazy and it's a crazy timeliness and a link graham something like that the links in her minute because or the something of in trying to do is grab links and but he soon fellow telegram after he done here but yet that's what i heard too is that we're going to lose that many that we will lose that many people have that why the one i just read sure to socrates socrates as well dissatisfied at a page were private information there's a bus back to safe up to cause that might be a dark wet thing so just as we i know your the dark web i don't i'm not all that and i don't want to open myself up to crazy attacks so i actually do not go on the dark limberest there's you can find everything you need out there without going on the dark way i think the dark lois you know about it i understand it but i think the fenian iredale and i mean incredibly dangerous situation to go to go on and i guess he would decide so the more darena you away we see he cared a water i been slavonian in you do frighten anitoo much turkey yesterday that's what it was a penitent you're going to be i'm going to pass i got some one coming over the house and the andante my toys i got it to but what eeeetoy you know i mean penholders stuff on to her nothing at our staff but what we talked about can report of the population reduction do you know much about it because the been scrubbed have you heard anything about that deal report were population of basically from millions amillion would say you linderman the eight million he'd be more specific now in america excuse me in america okay yet in america and they had ever what predicted to be at the guy i forgot his at last melted that came reporting care not too long after the dropping of the you know i wasn't sure if you yet we can't find this there i got on a bringing up its deg dash network dash do come do not really sure if they're just a sail sit here if they're actually our king a listless the latest you folks sometimes because at the end of the day were always learning for each other can as a so much to learn and kind of pop your head off your shoulders a little bit is like what the heck and my long one deals mysterious forecasts for twenty twenty five the white rose white rose i got imagine we're going to find it any words probably going to be or now like a rush website where they scrub i swear we are proud like china they don't want us they all around us the great wall of china round the internet for us because they are things they don't want us to see and a description let it later on potestate right old emended john peter on tuesday he was saying that there were so and the like he saved something and then like the next day or two when he went back to it like it was completely gone out he admitted i could possibly be userti's kind of ranald's there was a video that i had saved back during goliath's what it was it was a boma and boys they were all talking kind of like in a circle round table style but like an outdoor sitting video footage of it looked like imaging of obaa was licht was a city and i see that the show people and their now i did belitani say my boss the god it was out of my four of my but old that's where so acidulation from one here into the supreme technology is great when work it if doesn't work it's like so he got darnation products mass of global depopulation of fifty two eighty per cent like twenty twenty five historian and that the sky like was writing at it now he is no more looks like he died suddenly historically a change in the economic paradine deal prone a depopulation of perception you know and i think all the tontine or a two a true intelligence organizations for the us government predicts a mass of fifty to eighty per cent global deportation by twenty few people are familiar with the website even more say the organization does not legitimately exist by something like what the the black black out ah that don't exist yet despite the overwhelming removal of its significance likely that's not reliable by the way darteth was legitimately used as a reference material in stratford on the technological capabilities of the north people of was the day on that at and let me see may thirty one twenty twenty one and according to see according to his own website deal provided news information of international military aviation and advanced technologies the website contained articles for the thousand three but little is known about the real owners many online researches have mistaken latinus he sit with delton which is owned by adelaide stanton the secretary of defense secretary to the and the so but you know when you look at the stuff too i like looking at all this kind of stuff because i sometimes what you figure out honestly we have here i know states was what with the a or with all of these organizations a lot of times you find out that they are in fact a part of our or a lovely cia that's trying to drive people not relieve people not so they will they will plant information in order to it so just the main stream median stream media's just one part of it it's honestly it's in our intelligence agencies of gas so much distortion that you really have to get in there and look past the obvious the obvious is usually there is least you look for patterns the patterns will tell you because what they are good it is there not good at covering up patterns just too much in so you can you can look through patterns and really find out what's it is interesting very you know i just just just goes to show you i mean the the complexity of what's going on you know this pool i know sometimes it's just enough for me to just kind of almost for a week or two like i need the brocas is a sobering sometimes but then i have to come back right to it because we all have a mission and a responsibility that god placed on our heart that we have to keep pressing i keep asking for you know we have to keep an tooth armor to try to help wapple up back to like what you sent earlier done at the and what you said on his her life we have to be adult about this we all have different levels of tolerance a we have different lot holds able some of this information and some have a more stellamare of castanettes but this is kind of part of that awakening process and if we are ever and right there not only do figure out who things to be able to put forward to the american public in such a fashion to wear they can easily digest it but also be aware of the atrocity the that is not only talked about the still carries on two three four thousand later into modern daytimes people think that the bible very the old testament showed an angry garden and the book is read all the child sacrificing and the things that they did back in those days because it still existed a i in my what we and as they are almost running in parallel to what were living in modern days yet were we really keep going on that researching this rambling a thing bigging on the still father i mean it doesn't surprise you just like i said i had no idea about it till my wife and about it yesterday and i had to do in an of course i saw you post i think it was you are can about the lengthing and rachel chandler and a and then in the connection i shore arabistan okay i'm going to go down a thing so we'll see where this land and hopefully we won't get into some into a bad spot but i do think all right in time for people to grow up and so here's my luck comes here we go images for any rather molly magee heretofore i had a year good for upstairs the look out the window and were getting on there see what we have here this is the these these are this is the kind of stuff that is in these modeling agents i mean this is beyond belief i remembered this guy right here was in the huge pot and i mean if if you think that this is made any one out there i can't help you this is not money all was locked the look at what we have going on here i mean is this is what's really going on and i think we need to kind of grow up and face the facts of what of what we were really seeing there were affianced yeah it concerns us checking my boy tell go ahead the as she would have made from urania sturdy the result then it was a russian soldier that was towing a story about how they an they found a place where children had been trafficked for their organs and he described what he had witnessed first hand and they were treating them as if they were animals lot life stock and it was just so important to him he could hardly speak about it you can see him twisting his face around as he's talking about it because he does not want to think about it any more it was so horrific a yes so that that is what is going on in ukraine folks it's not just my labs there clean out sir really horrid thick things in ukraine and maybe it's time we start to see it there before the people can really except the fact that those kinds of things happened here too they are happening here and that's that's a real promise we think that you know we're fairly insulated and in wet from the rest of the world and thinking o that happens in third world countries that happens here but it doesn't happen here and i'm really sorry but this is happening in our back back and in right under our noses too and it's going to be an be something citadel with at your beautiful wife has done a great job decorating your house look so home he otasite's her well i tried to figure that foster yeah stratoides kind of guy de mariotic there is a christmas tree so let me read some comments here from the chap a good morning here we go patience and coffee really waiting for an michael my computer has as a been working correctly this man very good morning tim please come and supreme court decision not to hear the election case any thoughts a corrupt i think it's anything we can really say and here you go wormwood this more which case or later referring to one or to utah that i think it's the one out of utah is that creature and comment if you get it if you and reintegrate yesterday except for the stream burned i got on my arm or the steamer and that she got on her in no fight and no talmot down that's a good day michael medal is the powers that be that keep messing with their computers girl agreed michaelis i had a great thanksgiving gray a thanksgiving to you in every corinne heard that most children rescue did not make it because of the you know this is brings up an interesting point i had a discussion on this did you know that if you go back and you listen to two things that the original nato that were in we consider the native american the united states i don't buy a lot of the state american stuff because quite honestly i was born in michigan i am a native michigander i did not come from anywhere and so i am sorry but this is in my opinion most of this is just meant to divide us further but there was actually a people here called them the moon i people but they talked about in some of the old writings from the first people that the the travellers from europe came here to see he called them the moon eyed people a huge war their part and they were they had red hair and mostly lived on the ground because they could not stand the sudden and they were mostly it another was a huge war in the the patterns of their language were actually more closely tied to the welsh like so kind of interesting there's a lot we don't know about and a charlotte says the deathy sell little mass from michael bodletonbrae wisdom of michael boatin i think michael you remain surely as they are sentiment email last night letting them know what i think of these petals exactly what they are much of porfiry psychoanalysis charles canada far as something in prescription mason to know if you were taking them or not in a locomotive taking their mad as your doctor tells you well his arline while the god charlotte london yeah that's that's crazy there's a lot of crazy crap going on with many caster up there and in canada ever it relegate pitchers of justin true dog and castro that is pretty nearly similar in the a year and a history of his mother going down and be at castro and then bringing the mister back to to me but i am breadfruit what they are so she i am pretty sure if we check the probably have tails and such you know the end so charlotte says london controlled the money vaticinated side the religion was and military three it's the three city empire that we are being attacked from the inside oh good morning moreland shoes in flowers t watch garry's then shall thou be in the field two women shall be grinding at the at the mill and he to an take it that half the population is what the basically so revelation costumer she is awesome i can thanks for making my flight back to florida at graduation for my step brother he distributed from the air now he's moving on he's got nuclear weapons specialists as my so it's her family is all kinds of smart an amazing one hope monypenny and listening to guy hamantaschen so what else is going on are and jason i mean we could talk for a long time on all this and we acquitted discussion this morning i hoped it had been actually recorded it as it was good it was good i want to i'm going to make sure i want to make sure we can guarantee a very your voice how is your it yisterday we media shared a post by a channel and never heard of and it was really interesting post i went there and commented and said so in their laboring talking about latin now i got shared we the media turn out what i was reading was the end of three parts of a thread that they got from a specific individual and so they were really curious how i had come across it and i told him well like the other day i posted a long summer and i broke it into seven parts because when you post a single long post on telegram it will automatically break it up and then i tend to go back and it as part apart two part three because jesus done this before hills one alone and he'll be laissera post another but not realizing that there's more than one part to it so i went back then and shared all three parts of that thread what they were talking about is why is bitin doing things that seem against his agenda and i've been laughing for a long time about the student loan thing and also pointed at the emergency orders as another item of curiosity because he has had to continuously renew emergency orders of one trainer another there's always emergency orders by the way i looked it up once in the always in emergency state of some sort but he also has once again put a pause on the student loan repayment process until june of next year setting some kind of case and i didn't look at the details of that i just laughed because i've been watching this for a while in affects me personally to what is going on with the stunt long thing he's never for the last like two years there's never been a repayment process going on cause keeps extending it out and even though it seems like it would necessarily be something that he would support with his agenda and he has to keep doing it why and i reported that he does not have control over those two things and so his announcements of were going to keep doing this i starting to confuse people like why is this happening it does it makes sense or i think it's because he doesn't have control i don't know for sure why or how this is but i believe that it has something to do with the orders of men the people i think it is not half control over it i think the military has control over it and so it makes you wonder what other things he doesn't have control over because seems to keep does have some control of some things or at least he allowed to appear to have control we've got what we would call because i've been watching john's devolution series it seems there's a whole other discussion going on where the circumspection and i haven't a chance to look at it yet i'm not heard that term before so i went look into that too and see what that's all about it may be the same kind of process but in a grand scheme of things ministry in and he does not have control over what's really going on in the world we the people in lawful semble ne and our military does that the details i don't know i don't have to know i can just see it and i just sat back and let so that's something that was going on in my mind yesterday i yield by the way i just as no i just posted that pot i say the audio there i listen to it so that conversation to say the good do we better dead what's that and so later on that explains a lot at yes so so yet you can you can you can get all you got it off upon me in the maturity not going to lose because i was a great cone yeah and that was it really was yet this is a great thing is on massena's from again andrey is where the conversation to with the seventeen so australy to guess eyelike special ops but yet back to like a all the things that i in a back track like as brad it's got to be it's got to be the normans out there cause probably one go on it's like well we know it's gone on because we understand exactly that level of open in frustrating we all know what's get somebody like job the red bill and now he's looking retorted more and yet he about what he and for i tell you not that difficult to open your ears an expanding his robe and nobody wants to do it's hard if a it's hard when we have to think oh it's so hard to to think through things we will when i now but i know but you jason i know not what to smart for this but when i was a nice school when i was in high school there was a very common theme on a daily basis a how can we get our homework on faster and quicker and i get get back to playing in your games or whatever it wasn't there as a teacher that was even playing your games in the classroom wasting time how can we make things easier i had two teachers why in a third that would read to us and i appreciate that but i had two teachers that were teaching in collegiate level they were teaching a p classes he had too a becasse at once and at their at the end of this if you don't want no at that means you can take a college credit the best and so i did that for literature and i got a three out of five which is a passing grade personages free credit for college on that one but on but i also first say for master that same semester i had us history and then i went to a regular us history and that teacher missus art what is my teacher she man met marian and you better get to her class fast because when the next bell rings before class starts she had a quisante board and you had an answer that quiz before class started and hand your paper in and then it was every single day and you'd better not have gone and she she had the toughest questions that you couldn't just get the answers out of your class book you had to go elsewhere in this as before the internet roused a very very much if at all you saw we all have a i knew i had an adopted it for those questions do cases she taught me how do think bigger had to look harder how to prepare myself for a future as an adult but changing her thought process when i die out of her aptest clasp the regular history class were liners because they thought it was too hard on like you have no idea her applause even harder there were few out of all of them who really took things seriously and taught students to excel and not just pass and not just get along or do as donald say get along to go alone you ernestine you were near preparing for life they go along to get along on since he got a stop because are valuing other people's opinions over truth and over doing the correct thing they just they won't say anything when they see things going wrong they won't stand in the way to protect others because the value they value people's opinions of them and they don't want to go against the grain while we're going to have to go against the great you know and and do the right thing regardless that shagpat all so a patriot i just the thread and on my telegram page teach actually a couple teachers like that caring school that same it why you through class just you know whatever like i had a couple of one of them back to the like o are you better be in that class i had a that then if you not in by the time the bell rang in his class you're not but in he was called the monkey byron and the outside outside his the agathemer so what you had to do excuse me this was elementary school to high school it was the seventh and eighth grade to if you were not on byron and it's so basically outside of his emergency fire candor belin it i'm talking which is a better about i don't know i'm not going to a fair enough distance you had to make it run around in back to his same cloth he heard that he served in vietnam i believe he was a conservative minded individual but he always do soddisfatto not so no on that i love that i was very few the mount there but i served some time in a tennessee elementary schools and back then and there the veteran trouble a teacher could put out a paddle and they would go they would go to a nearby teacher and they would say i do i need your help to witness this and they would do it out in the hallway so that that insured the safety of the student there was a rumor that the principle had a had hold of his paddle to let the air go through faster albany gosh my teacher actually caught me one time i was i was clever then i waited by the door when everybody else was now doing a restaurant break and i snuck in and i stole back the little the little i don't know he had a fishing lowers or something that came were playing around with at that time it was really stupid but she kept confiscate oenotrian the dustoor well that was that as far as i was concerned so i was robbing hunting and that no back i stupidity pocket will she caught me in the room and she grabbed her ruler stick off the dock for and she walked me in my bar sight because it was hot had short on i rubbed that spot well my son read all the way home on the bus when i got home i told my she paddled me in the room and no witnesses the one you get now that i was challenging authorities from way access how well that i'm looking at a case that gary brought up in the chat about bronson universes ellen that's the one he's talking about it years potentates action he has to two were emanated it is an opinion mister bronson appearing presentiments the removal of his case two federal cord commendation identity on the second oh and it claims are based on the constitution of defendant sworn also office to support detentions tuition in the united states against all enemies foreign and i don't know enough about this case to talk intelligently i don't know if the two of you do um let me see you i could go back into my telegram she handled because i did share one post but somebody else had ridden they did not expect it to be dead nell what a lot of it is a lot of the lot of casaubon twelve said it's in the room critical election the supreme court is hers here here's the critical election second in action research in happening right before your very eyes at the kitchen table in front of the christmas don't oritoga got prayed with a is your god being he did she still stares i heard about the idea she oh yes she had her dog spread by a scar and did and well for any one so here's a question why now whatever you looking at quite frank with so down at the one question i know a lot of people are asking obviously going on with contending is anything to the people that if there's any type of little nugget possibly people could expect if anything can evolve anything i know that i told rising up in people's minds or what i mean what are your thoughts as anything you can might be wondering like okay i hear you what happening the drop in nuggets on something like that it is a supreme court he was he i did that are that vidette i can't take talk about a little bit but i think there's a lot happening behind the and we're going to do seein more and more coming out i was i've been meeting with the tones not only is my squire case two still active and i thought this was really interesting because we filed that that court case in september to worcester about because mediator it to talk about the fact that all that none of the ore that the the machines were not certified and the twenty twenty election so we cannot fix the election process unless we go back to in an anybody that focused on twenty twenty two is misleading you in any way shape or form to either stop the destruction of evidence or another ham people run around i heard of something that they were trying to start it and effort over in wanton and i was like a ellisland ended up somebody posted something that it was candle and a people that were going to fight the thing were the only ones that showed up in their protests from the other side to hold the whole thing was a set up it was you have to go back to twenty twenty election in order to fit the election to problems that were having you in may be may be further back than that so the the case that we filed and i posted that on telegram the actual documents posted or file to temper to the americas project designed as well as lectionary fund forces on that one and there are other people because they had to have a broad enough base that they couldn't be that that that i can't could be kicked out on the fact that people were in it that were agreed the people that are in it are great for many different makes it stronger so that was going up and then as last week i saw that in arizona there now finance it like the one that we find in michigan and it's very very telling strange to me that you hear about all these other state all bessarion and georgia arizona and george and you hear crickets about miss there is open out there in michigan and i like what that hack at work the most corrupt state in the nation why is it that there is no information of her why is it that the corrections are going on here and things are happening here in michigan but i never hear any it was late which cannot be named yes it is a state that cannot be named the governor candidate which may not be named i mean it's incredible so i have a feeling that things are moving behind the probably faster and michigan than anywhere else because there's some real significant things that have happened in michigan that i can't talk about that or from historical perspective that make the state the the several things that makes a state unique okay well one of it is is that were bordered by international waters and the men evil players commandeered all of the international water ices around the globe and turned it into a company or country called so when we went to go prosecute these people they disclaimed citizens terror and he is as a foreign entity rather than being part of the united states so they couldn't go to prosecution that some they don't prosecution so when you look at the waters on michigan their international waters and so were taken be you know lake michigan huron superior interior of the doctor with that the on i hope you'll have a good heat at morning we well and and just to have that if she's unity because dad got rid of all over toys i have some frolic them i will talk to you i have so yeah i think i think that there's a lot going on behind the tremendous amount and you know this is the difference but people that are going to stand though until the end you know jesus talked about to about the bible who will stand to to the very end and not lose hope still believes and and marches forward those who caught and underdone mind it where they are easily swayed to how do i say just not being faithful to the end of a fight this has been a long fight it's going to be a long fight it didn't happen yesterday this has been going on for a very long time and quite honestly i think that were being so we isolate how you know began behind all of this it there's a plan the plan is god's plans not man's plan i got and does in fact you know leading us through through this so all we have to do and yet when i was referring to that post yesterday last night i called it tells like an i a pogram he have somebody's face is giving you tell those things with a bidandari which i generally put quotes around they you know you can see things that just don't add up and no mean before the election i would say were whispered whitmer where is he without an all the time and people said well that's because she's just keeping her head low until the election will the election is over and she is still lagasse partake whatever but she is she is posted and things about rhetoric but she's not posting hay here i am at elocution talking to people about exchange to be seen why is she still in writing that tells me she still doesn't have control she still not she has no power she is i fear she's not herself whatever it is that he has me heart so when people look round look for the cows and then take heart in that while she ran away from me at the modern that was kind of funny she had a whole group of people that can surrounded her and wiser off out of the room it an they can't have any interaction between them the two of you get out into the media either to know that be terrible but a name which cannot be mentioned to standing there with whip miramon eration i would love to their people at so were laughing their heads up so i've got eventually on screen here i've got that video that put up her and this is the one that they're talking about i guess or playing a little bit he seen the one holding no it timoleon they say reaction provide this ten days little required the scratches except that i complain that three hundred forty plus the etourderie rest this is not saying callisthenes tention to look into that not i discharging the results of the election organises a hundred per cent come that it left it official fell and in fact locked i tenderly required in all three hundred forty plus government of of any status with fire in place that utilitarian to be arranged curtis expected the as the petition of national emergency this means that he faster want animated not have to do never with the petition of his reasons failed to do their legally bound i do not say the loser process frisco was scheduled one day brimacott nightdress determine the complaint the leader to the supreme court as intent a national iteration they are in the law as in the if they decide the order he brought the people in corridors to the us martial and see rise and removed three hundred forty in all that podocarpos of the democrats in congress as botheration of the the anterior to the supreme court when after reflection for a reasonable we the general accepted about watching it's a good godfrey card for the supreme court because if it was about lawton it is a hard rule the certain way you're going to have some certain in this country it absolutely intentional you know crazy it is a wiseacre when i really got to the tenanting that is while there so many things that they fell down one and all the elections that there's no word to describe it this is an example and if they can if they can hang it on this to redolent twenty election i could careless which way goes as long as we go back and we make sure that it's correct and that we do have free and fair election i don't think it's going to work but well i'm glad to stephen run are you d d is one of another new one that i started to follow along i don't always agree with everything along he i don't see what the hip as he says about that case the scots actually rejected the case in order the appellate court who dismissed it without prejudice to hear the case when the impelled court dismissed it without prejudice the complainant was able to file a case in scones so also to dead was dismissed the case and ordered the lower court to hear in the case the palate were district courts are ordered to hear this case in their given until the twenty third to respond with their answer this was posted on the twenty first so they could dismiss the case again or hear the case that's the next step for what we're waiting for now as i read the case file both for courteous dismissed this case due to lack of standing this means i as to their care get back there again i there i think we lost connected out there priorato that way has it so we see im in a good terence here in for her while there now yes i can hear you now go ahead and try said okay him go go over the other happened say so and so i can do both he says they can dismiss the case again or hear the case that's the next step of what we're waiting for now as they read the case by a butler or with the initial hear me now i assure good or the complaint in his allegiance the people are disfranchised and had our civil rights violated because bien she did and pence did send the ballots back to the states for an audit however the courts are saying the only one damaged directly was trampin he was running against bien so the damages would have to be that trump was damaged and therefore trump would be the one who needs to file the lawsuit not some guy though never ran a day in his life next trump would jump on a case like he did just lost a yaharigan okay i met there missus wully don't go anywhere else when i'm in the stream yard it doesn't want me to do any lookin around somewhere else it italy free her flat day but that's the gestapo what he said he thought it didn't look like they were going to have standing it wasn't going to be heard my guess is we have a completely corrupt government so i don't surprise me and the really interested to see what michigan does with your case castitas as far as i can see and i'm not a legal beagle but they can't i just don't know how they can deny it but the problem is you have at least two justices who were brought on to the michigan supreme court based on the twenty twenty election their ruling on their own seats yes i insisted yet there was a deficit up and now you have witmer taking the woman who who won third place basically in this fake election she's a pointing her next year when her her congressional term runs out she is appointing of thirty in the thirty four year old woman to to the supreme court like in what world i don't care what color she is what gender she is she is thirty four years old double or triple that and you've got some one who has life experience and law experience she's only been in the feline as an attorney for six are years but she had a feemale as she happens to be black so white is appointing her for political reasons so that would put a third justice on the court there legally if your case would happen to be heard next year manacure you would have to appeal if they denied it and i suppose technically it could be appealed on either side because the justices are out a half to be biased that after refuse them so the adequate haven't done that yet why haven't they done it yet they should have seen big one look in that case and said oh i can't run on that case we're going to have to kick this up to the supreme court cause we don't qualify serious it's it's kind alluded that's for sure this whole election process is so convoluted every day more and more stuff comes out and we just have just got to shake your head and but i still believe i believe that the good guys are in charge i really do it aint i just think that we're seeing more and more that information that with a better way and keep up for waking people of your as well as king every one so sick of the nonsense it may be full actually fight for this the year well i've got of game to play i get at this to do her that to do you know i guess maybe i should get involved a little bit and i was trained to be apathetic from the start and then when things get hard we just give up and there been a love of the supreme court cases and whether it's michigan or arizona or a federal and say well they're not going to do anything and if they're not going to do anything i don't have any power of yaada's called the grand jury get on it meeting if you join your county in your state as emily in michigan got into our county of sandy get those conies settled in the desert and then you got jerry because the jury the more proper lawful grand jury has more power than the supreme court and people have all their faith in a corrupt or print government which is what their seeing now then they immediately just beat when that doesn't work and that the last on the day is you've got to see don't put all your eggs in that basket folks because i don't think it's going and really well there i'm guessin i don't really know but i i have would not be at all surprised if your case doesn't go well if all the supreme court case is falbes people have to be moved their power back we have to take our powers we the people back but the man the grand juries because then we can have our proper checks and balances of our government in the proper jurisdiction we talk about jurisdiction standing now we got to get that in the right then appear if you're not in michigan go to national happiness semble tone if you're in michigan me can do the same it's the education arm of the assembly that's what we call the national assembly website but even as to omichand disorder to day you are to order michigan detonator and if you're interested look around figure out how to do this this is how how we do it we're on rebutted in michigan where unrebuked in alaska we have a growing number of states across the country who are a building or a samlet and if we get this job accomplished then we can then we can solve this problem the only way o goin to get done so i i am not worried about your case i am said come from where am i am irritated i'm irritable because too many people are still sitting on their butts and i like come on we can always problems faster but i can also be patient because we have to see you have to show them we have to see what's going on and i think you and i have talked about it before that i thought that the last straw will be the children and were starting to see that coming out in the main stream for example the case in michigan where a man tried to cross the magnolia sixteen year old girl that made the news he was trafficking of the new actually sake stated that michigan is the top than for trafficking a surprise in it not that right we went there at topping about but now they are they have to so now the nets starting come out even in the main stream media as people start to wake up and see that this is a real thing and is happening they're going to want to do something about it you think you think your local government going to do it you think that my time cherishing the problem i if he will working soothe problem we would be hearing about it on a daily basis what he's getting done he's not so what are the people going to do about it they get off you but you've got to take action you that research gave to learn about our true history because the miner not the one who is willing to sit on grancey to this a big deal it's a dog job is not for everybody here i need to know about it and now don arose it she's a researcher that i am learning there's a lot to learn he don't heathendom mis weekend guys you watch the football and i want to go now to me how be like in her research in a way that's what i do yet all kinds of so well i think that i am still having promised i would my streamer dan port here it is well disconcerting but i think i want to go ahead and get back to family life to day and let heroes get back to family like a chicken in cooking a couple of ducks to day is going to do it yesterday had turkey in the morally cooked at night but i decided to wait and go off my face and do it lacerate day of feasting and morphine and more pectinated when the now he belike gave like a half a dozen pies to some fire department the witenagemot or man more by other for friends not half doesn't bisanthe i have i think about anything i need to open a restaurant a tiresome i just making like all sorts of pies jason's not here he be saving now he was cause he wants my ample pyrus oh i know i wonder what he was going to do because surely would not be i saw clip yesterday a little idea of of trump going to a military base and he was serving the troops who and you know that's the kind of thing that trump that he took care of his people you know it of course it was pressed to but my men go to a fire department with a handful of oats in the senoritas times he goes with yes there's the odd number but mirabel says those pies you may regret i love making pies well i do i can say what i saw was at least a half dozen that's what the article said still sick in it a number variable tis so you like the apple pie i like the every hildemaller piatak a lot of it is a great he had the apple well gus let's go ahead sam for to day i mildly distracted kidahachi ridiculous desbordes not working correctly so i having to look after the side o the rise at the leg the lad had it gets to my head it's like i'm looking at going this is so but rules going good second so heavy face down in the everyone be blessed yes my every one be blessed dear happily father thank you so very much for the state that a head of us as an every day as you have the plan in your in charge and we will commit ourselves to day to your pure not our purposes not on purpose sir minerals are asking you to fill exactly what we want done but that your will be done on earth as it is an is always good thank you for caranina the wonderful people on the chatham in and share their wisdom in their heresiarch of their doing too and all those people that are fighting to bring this to write the wrongs that are being done in this world and there's an awful lot we thank you for each other person we ask that you continue it lead us were willing to follow you or willing to do whatever it is that you ask us to do and it's not for emselves it's not for material gain a service of you and see to our brothers and sisters this lovely planet that you made for thank you for for guiding us help us to realize that the relationships around us are the most important that yes we are on the old under your section however those relationships near us are the ones that were orally placed us and help us to be patient long suffering and realize that we're here to help each other not to teach other down not to have have bad communications but realize that every one fighting with something inside their own heads just to to make it through the day and that we all have our own hearts and our own difficulties in such an help us decater as you see as you see that we can be kind and patient and approach every day with joy knowing that your will will be done were and we just want you know we love you so very much a name very so are some americans inspired me to make pies yesterday hadn't done that no been years i saw so everybody i wanted to on the sea that others a lot of us fighting for all of you i bear every one is so mazing how many people are fighting to do the right thing and for this nation stand together so you're not alone i feel long you're not come join us because we're having a great time fighting bad guys is as wareshire actually actually and that will not fail and are any circle because our strength from god almighty and he gives us absolutely every thing we this day and every other day so at any rate just one letter body know that a god bless you god bless all those whom you love and godless america we will see you monday check or shares gone on monday tuesday as tartarin day we've got tom parker on thursday and by the care and her ill beyond the thurstons but you banish will not be sleepin in the will be no more consistory of not making the hattie so and forgot in pride it just that simple you it you had a nap priority to day it is that my late the astrakhan they owe it was just that simple i'm sorry well the afternoon a happenin or there will be the merit given i don't know what that would be to know that so janhavi wonderful day to day every one and who he he and i should be as a part of the show except rigstram yard thing isn't working right where we do go to bed and burton got com and check it out check it on our ritornare i tell e graham and maybe i can get ridiculous despard were next time in the lacy makes some of the inmates so many i have a great day love shall but everybody