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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/27/2023 - Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published June 27, 2023, 9 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the twenty seventh day of june twenty twenty three i hope every seven great morning this morning am i got a call this morning one of my horses as struggling the little bit so i had to go and read you as feetseemed you want to throw prayer up for from my horse i would really preciate that this morning's tear to his day with mister eushton to read something before i bring bring my body out here from a check meshisha's money morning the mitten herodiones not work he writes a political journal and i just wanted to start this out of guiltthat is an he has pretty pointed on what he says politically and i am going to tell you what it's so refreshing to have people who are willing to step up and say what's on the mind rather than dancing around and try to be politically corrector playing to piety game you just goes out and he saw it but he didn't start out his last political journal that he puts out just as our fire fore fathers found times to be tough at the time they wrote the declaration of independence we two must persevere and rout out the evil amongst us in government and beyond our borders whether it be at the federal government or state level we are challenged to stand against tyranny as noted by joe and have been reminded by great leaders sons the inception of this country to take back this country when it no longer serves we the people the declaration of independence boldly stated it and the constitutions solidified it yet here we are being abused every day by the bidens and others into c and by which monocleand others in lancing conspiring with sworn atomies like the chinese who undermine our freedoms and our liberty tosous words in seventeen seventy six colinette three almost two hundred and fifty years later and yet shopless by enough is not these are times that try men's souls the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will in this crisis shrink from the service of their country but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman and that by thomas paine american crisis seventeen seventy six that i showed that with every this morning i really really preciate everyone out there whose a true patriot and what they do to stand for the nation and with that we're going to go and start with the fares cantator and guitar ride the mare on good morning how are you how is not of all tattoed the song is about to bees sing i should be working for the chinese at the japanese i changed or to i ain't never read the wall street journal in no bed and the trickle down theory and the lad recurved disgrace to me in saboinigan the federal rieserferner had unless it in the press there this much i had were all working while the saponinthe consent on the den meandandall maneuvers to the stern sperone daltondear there are engines and bintang nothing on now was one suction the wind on dis christophe more survived so tenderfour perseveres with batteries everybody goes to older oneiropolists and my iriartella ii singolarmente pisamani facounde where our money of what does work and for candidecase continentsand on upon a verse this one they were one of the shorter or realities and bothriocephalous haesaian the one in fish literater afamados say the man wore and get up and gold he told yielding fire dovorkin conchas my name to yonderyesit and interdisposition and behappy theres the more life the more a work for janitorsnot intending all upon a over tell esther vision one nail collinson where are ye entis and drink not the cocostuckahoe was of visitacion that colonisation the wine of the comeliest here is it would fit better if we could change it to japan or the chinese and in anyoneanyone to do that oh no oh no yes i think we should change the larry to chinese as one so what's happening this morning and were we going to go it's tater tuesday well i'm i've been having still a lot of concerns about with ought before we do that i got out i got to her the congo's out to a gentleman out of florida name of covington wall he called me a couple of days ago while we and couldn't give you enough praises for your show so you're you're show goes way out the floor that was his cold probably out to california to a inanethe this this week a michael jacounce the event of be on his showing and he's going to be on my pesongi me a lot of shout out over there i think is in california he hide me he heresome nice nice you know encouragement too so i think what it is john is the thesis it's just a panic we we don't relate you know we might talk for five minutes before we get honor may be ten some i truly do not scrope anything i say ever and i heard people she well you know this person a great speaker yevgeni can is that you really had watched do we want like these plastic political actions figures out there so you know canniness lines to fall reality or a regenerator big boy and big girl paninean decide that we want to see the world for what it really is rather than the spake reality that we've been sad make soft to good but it's all fake it's like eating fake meter sake you know sake i farmacutico ls or fake that scenes or fate politicians i mean what ever i would rather i would rather be forelius going to tell you in my horse this morning i had to go and we do its feet this morning and i gave him some view and some all cigars so i write now have some all segard on the spit out at me but i had to get that done in the come right back here but would you rather just sit down with somebody this real absolutely i tired of the nonsense that's going on i gatesproposed that people listened to all the time and they think that that's the way i think that pass is reality that's the way like the spreading and i get people pologized to me for saying something and a like i'm a bigger i've worked construction along time nobody needs to pologize for anything and he you know it's like the yourself on now go back to your first amountethe if this is the way that you talk or yours each patterns you use or what ever i don't freakan care say what you need to say and be o pay was saying and criticising or asking questions and on and saying things that may be comfortable for people we have to do that we can't sit back any longer and just let it all you know as i were complete that's right the gloves are off in the way what what my my big problem here is i i still think people don't understand the power of our country and where it comes from and what this whole country is all about and the fact of the matter is the power comes from you and me power does not come from a document the power does not come from lansing or washington comes from you or me and until we get to that point that we understand that were in control and that we have the power we're going to continue to play in this a side on this matrix of nonsense so how do i know then how to because when i talked of people or when i even here on the radio or even people that protest or professed to be oh americans and professed the bee constitutionalists and or conservative whatever that is state that we have constitutional rights we don't have constitutionally never had one rights are rights do not come from the one he come from god reason they were written down on a piece of paper was to prevent the ugly people that would take office and has been franklin said o thieves show how to be put that to beggars and thieves would would run for office and get off its put we bind em with the institutio that's what the chains of the constant and the constitution is something that they the follow there authority that we have delegated to them cover and we have to understand that we don't have constitutional rights are rights up protected by the constitution and only tenable in because they were to had thousand pages if they were put all of our rights that our by god not just the not just the first ten amendments which are probably the most strongest and most important because the right to bear arms you know what they've been trying to do with the second amendment and now they're trying to do it with the first amendment because they continued to try to water down and destroy the amendments of the constitution because they really came at teconet on at this in the only way they can attack on head on is by united states having a war with china for example and as losing the war thanking mr oboe who once that to happen and hilary who wanted that to happen let's slits have third world war america will lose the war can the constitution will be god when did you see is the land sky said this sweet i did not oh this was this is said a charm and a half eh he is passing a stating that he's going to discontinue election and that it is a global crisis sewage i posted some of the yesterday i want to get this his words correct our muste basically he saying that that we can only have elections in times of peace ah more on and like we can only have constitution in times of the but in times of trouble we can suspended at least that's what the morons and lansing he left with washing i like to put this up here so you can see his his shining face i really have a problem with this for many reasons and the biggest reason that i have a problem with this is because a well couple of things in it also was like s g to me cause his eyes don't look right the entire film let the that they put out their looks like s g as somebody who has done some filling his produce of civico mercians that looks like c g communicating so's the lenskis pandoppo ition political parties he's arrested political opponents he banned all in friendly media shut down orthodox churches and now there will be no presidential election next year acroamatical what he is a dictate see what else he goticam up the smother words and he also set in here this is all question look in his eyes his eyes on hayes with that looks like a sleeping and i didn't never in the middle of a blanket there either with that screened shot it was just like it was just weird to me let me see if i could pull up the video because i was kind of perplexed by this whole thing so i believe that a lot of things were seen are optics of course you know that and the let me see if i can pull the video up of this this idiot speak i'm going directly from florida or as i who a hack as he thinks he is to tell any one united states anything you go back at youready reck your part of the world stators ye more on see i can get the petioles here let's try it what's try it here a misty i can pull us ne once her go in a and gayly poetbut i think of the night ride or had it at first since she got it off the b b c so i thought basilanicus to get sources from you know close to the source of that if you are read that read as sub titles here that's what i'm interested in this the sub titles this is a globe of postage there'll be no more time orsino more elections to be held a peace time when there is no more according to the law what law that's why this is so so he's hanging it on the fact that a kistie you know you only have elections in peace time not during war while it beats that's great except for the war came from within funded by her own deep state wire you don't why is he make it in any sosthenes into its global question i don't think so i don't think we should be you know making up policies to cross the gold fatherconfessor then i believe then that the united states is actually on country and should not have nadrensee in here and stepping on any of our policies right constitution or anything like that in just go on sand find something else to do than to do it over here a lot of the ukrainian people worship that ere because they really don't know was going on with him they won trinner look at that look at the people that worship bien and on or the no radical there not thinking these ashes are individuals that have no critical thinking she they discessisses what we were told so we're going to go in that direction because we all got to go on get along on neveranswer all we're all just going to follow where mochoche will we don't want to make noise you know yet we want to make noise et so back to the conte many of the people still believe we have constitutional rights we don't have again we have to control the language if we don't control the language and we allow them the control the language they controlled the narrative right now we want to control the new so we want to bring me if we want to bring them back in line we have to control the narrative and talk about our rights which brings me to the to a very important point we did some research historical research and we believe through our historical research that america is a christian nation we're not a muscle of nation or a nation that accepts other religions i mean we accept them in yukon practice or religion i can't be part of to try to change our religious the filiation or or process or thinking process out of a christian nation into a moslem nation or buddhist nation or intonation or anything onethat's true because i think people don't realize if we go ahead go down that path and were subject to choreola the people actually understand what goes with this its absolute brutality i mean you know we talk about people that are all gibcat over it is ah you know it's not like you're going to be a accepted there because it is iitit brutal you know you're talking about people being thrown off ross because of of inward talking about geneston of little girls were talking about were talking about honor kings and were talking about all of this barton we do not uphold we don't appreciate and we will not go down that path of of you know absolute barbaric non sine so we have a far i don't bodhisatta that guy that's running for for president the salome in a one talking about i don't enter here to i will go on in time on my cane members name i don't i don't care about the five remember his name or not she's not a christian number one number two he's running against trumpe's got a lot of money so what ah but his philosophy and any thinks he's got the philosophy down but he doesn't have the philosophy down because he comes from it for viewpoint and so he's he's one alabama's trying to be have been pushing moslem on us for a long long time bragging about that you know his muslim base and all that stuff that is much in nonsense to you should not never he shouldn't have been in office and was it the fact or president could begin with because of his word because of where he was born not he in specifically but his parent in order to be a natural born citizen and be able to run for president to need to have your mother and father american cities upon your red very soft very store store the canyon yeah yeah and so well that dips into his what she really or was that whole thing like me he was on ah me mary or born will avocation may be he was born of the the coming guy what we a very startled he yeah anyway my coins that he should have never used the fact should have never got on optioun for president cisneros the camel all anence that's a hot that's another one is a joke that a man can a fellow kenowits the she's another one that should never had an opportunity to be to be there in my opinion yes i agree with that she has stolen american either no american born now she was to if i was there i and she was to take office i don't know why the republicans are up in arms number one about allowing her to stay in his vice president because while they're not the republicans are absolutely worthless right now they're not going there the they are absolutely worse so if we go back to our original intent of the constitution it was the railroad tracks by which government operates it was their authority to govern and that that was all the reason of ten amendments were put in at the very beginning to say that these you these are sacred in your better not he ah in spelling a maltan you imagine what would happen if we didn't have the first ten amendments of the and we were just sitting back saying all we got all kinds of rights but they're not written down on paper and there's no dispherical background and we have the right to bear arms they'll say not night on that there'd be wars all over the place second amen that there'd be wars all over the place of and about the right oh of the particular religion are not so they had to be written down because our founding fathers realized that there are criminals that take the office of ah to govern and those criminals would do anything they can try to to take our freedom away and make us the slave like the rest of the world a subject to the people in d c are subject to the people in lancing we're not werinhard we do everything the way we want and how we want and those people are sure whoever heard of asking a servant if you haven't particular right absolutely reduced in solemnest comes out with her new poop process talking about hats who is she's a sort the loss her position doesn't put us her babe said putzer he lows to be doing what we colored to and these yahoos democrats what if that's what you want to call them can't that anything you've said i think it's like come promingent all of us so it's not just i think that any of these labels the organizations behind him are all corrupt as the people sitting in the safe because orloron together in the creeple the people stand together whether you at one time identified you know her love give you a list of a million different ways saeviit us we need to stand together as americans to get rid of all these these other labels it just divide us it's a is absolutely we have to get rid of democrats for publicans and all the other parties that are out there there's tons l eliminate parties i agree with that people and then the general public would have to go in listen to the person running for that particular office based on what that persons how that how the election would run based on who he is not what party he represent and we need the break away from the party not a hardy nonsense is not helping our country at all now and you know these ridiculous debates that they staged in i was coprolites in protest of these donedebts because first of all these caciques pins in order to just divide and confuse people so that they do want to cheat quite as hired to get the one and that they know that they control the most that's that's all about so the debate the debates are actually kind of all it's kind of a low it hee process really because just because somebody's a good debater now i'm i'm not a half bad debater i would i would take on anybody in the bay but just as you do bechinat doesn't mean that you have the skill to run the country or on the state those are two completely different skills and with the questions that the medium puts out there and or the moderators cause or all in the pay of this global crisis indicate every one of them whether it is it is this it is fine to sign created and crafted to once again sift out any good candidate that's going to serve we the people and only have give the the public the perception that they want them to have we'll go back to the book that i my body what's he forgot her in here oh i got a couple of my iftikhar here that my body's rode on general michael flinn rode about fit generation warfare this is all about this the math mass psychosis it's about pushing us its about creating fear it's about pushing us in one direction and keeping us in the position we were not thinking oh i'm going to run into i'm something that i did to each i did some some teaching on one how how peoples behaviour is affected this is how works and marketing anyway there's kind of force stage the four stages is to shock people who you shock him and get no tension and in the second stage is i have em start asking the third stage is the start formulating an opinion and a for stage is his canonised if they can continue the shock us and keep within that act down up down up down and then we can never really get to a good valet of process and by the time we've heard it so many times in a roll with repetition we've moved right to stage four where it's an unthinking brain washed prose and that's what's going on that's what people aren't evaluating things the way they showed i make no david i said though what what did he say for problem resolutions st the then the tactic that they've been using on us for he creates the problem they create the provisor to and have created all of the problems that we've had and franklin ran gelanor who i don't like did make come at once that nothing happens by a and so he slipped somewhere along the line in one of one of his said nothing happens by accident the people didn't get that i don't think slipped right by world war two didn't happen by a set oh taking gold out of the money didn't happen by accident depression didn't happen by accident all of these were created by some force of of power that is a fair on the fore so the depression was created by the banks to bring in their bankings and their doing it again and were not studying our history so their doing it again to us and were still not giving endeavored through this fodono the american story with david barton timber are not familiar with that unkind of out there there behind a live wall builders and i'm kind of interested in that as you know said history but on the hillsdale has a course on on history and i would i would encourage any one to go there and look up there the course on american history and just just goes through the course and in re learn learned some of these founding principles what went before so we know how we got here well that's very important we need to know is yes if we knew history well enough then we know that the end pinoline got noth what have not any kind of a position not have any possibility of winning one do you know anglophobist hated history and high school i hated mister in iischool it was the most boring subject than i ever studied when i was in high school and i just was just like oh please get me out of here let me get the credit and move on you know so done with it because it was taught so poorly in our school and that you know is like as as you move on and life and you realize how did there teach him ethicsthe would a had to him proved just because it was the people teaching it didn't even understand why this was so important i've got a friend who is a teacher right now and she's very critical of new teachers s well you know we're going to were going to look at thanksgiving and we're going to work at a you know make turkeys and look at look at pilgrim's has and that sort of thing and it's like well well that's great we've gone through the cultural norms of what we think happen but what really happened that and at the problem because it teachers aren't teaching what's behind it so when we get out of the government schools which is haverton we're going to have to be responsible for retching and educating ourselves or just skipped the process and stay home home scooling his great while in all i had no light of my history wasn't bad and ice but it was absolutely outstanding in cold i had some professor that was in the history teaching american history and the sky would the but be a great story tell it first of all in all his lectures were stories not not a lecture and he captivated my interest in nice i did study enough history so i was able to teach his three and a public school myself when now i was in school back in the nineties i thought american history and government because i had a good background based on learning that i had in college not only the the high school teachers but the college professors that taught history they did a great job and and the government people thou or i learned a lot about gone and i so i had enough credits that i actually that was not my major my major was industrial arts and social sins bicause i had the credits three enough credits he i was able to swing into there and i was at that point teaching american history government would shift drafting i had a whole bunch of different classes mixed together which was cool because i liked the variety i i thought home construction because i loved the that new challenge it's a new challenge or going to fill the house he got unchinked the ten fifteen twenty kids whatever some of them ended up getting kicked out because they couldn't handle it some of them quick because they couldn't ape but i had a core group of kids thirteen fourteen fifteen and we'd start at the nowwould be given a piece of pre piece of property totally just grass or dirt or whatever we take our instruments out there we lay out the house we call a shovel in they dig the shop they dig the grubs ah we call the concrete people in that way the footings and poor the concrete wall and then we took over from there we did the carpenter work fitted the drafted the cabinet work he told the roofing we did the siding if there was any everything else in the house the kids that electrical plumbing habitat everything on the house but it was a challenge i loved the child ah how we ran into something we were not that normally ran into an a class room so hot we ambled i had kiss coming during easter vacation at christmas in the work on the the shore how much dedication students have in the whole cost they were out their work on they winter in her while you're a great teacher i mean i mean i i i really enjoy you know our time together once so think it's really great m and n i think terpomenois you don't have a good teacher now it's up to us to actually complish our own education i love i henslowe history now and spend a lot of time studying it but i sure didn't when i was in high school may be six years old this year or so i've got had a lot of time to put into a dooings that were that were perhaps not done correctly and the government so i wanted to bring this up to cause this curpin black rock recruiter war is effington for business on the fore it's like this is if you take an nonsenical view of business leaders don't this excellence from james ochechotes just how soulless they are in this cliff a black rock recruter explains to undercover reporter how to buy a politician and how war is eiegod for black rock is one of the words weeding as set investment managers which one significant share of accompanies like an asomaro soft and hawser and whatever i am heizers ah the company that's going on or because of their bad decisions matatane proctor gammelost anat and ye visertin a few and so i think that this is this is so fairly significant when you've got people that absolutely i'm just talk about how it is a war is got for business i give an example russia blows up you crane's green silos the price of grain is going nango mad up you crinicornis tie very largely to the wheat market globewhatever price of bread you know literally everything goes up and down this is fantastic if you're troilite opportunity to make profits and it's exciting when you know when crept goes wrong right black rock man just twenty two trillion dollars it's incomprehensible in its numbers i i think i think this is this is an let's see if we can play the i can play the fear i feathersthey theneither too behind or on the very eminent you can such and he to he and she iconograms the haereditatis more often on hoheiselius tarenyawagon for eornostlice soissons for laces the normal you wonder cover before now on the of the monothelites santisteban them dominions they gone i can to play any more of this but i can i can post it later in case anybody's really interested in this crowd at the way it in it is so we've got to educate ourselves and educates people around us so anyhow or going to go from the step that brings us to the idea if you haven't seen it in your listening audience hasn't seen it they need to see it all wars are bakers and o it's a rich man's game is another one yet i posted that one too because that's what it's all about ah let's take a look at something like desert storm that happened when george bush a rat or senior i said that to sedan we're not going to were not going to do anything if you go in the coat we have no interest in that one and so sedan decided to go into coatand all my god we got a word on george bush rapkin your son regonnoitre and liberate quit even though half of the fires that were created in coat in the oil fields were created by the americans so the kind of war that this whole thing was it was a disasters fires alas concerned the ianthe deserts form in i was in that and where i had more i was in her work solicitous it he can tell you a whole lot of stories may be one day we can we can go down that rabbit hole one of the interesting situations was i was meeting i was a major at the time and i was meeting where the lotto people coming back from asser storm colonels and a couple of generals at they would come through me because i was taking notes to reorganize the medical forces for the miracle forces could travel quickly pack up and gold go out to battle with the with the core with the militant when you go into combat you always plan you know we're going to go up against this enter me this military telligence we're going to go up against the enemydeceit so many ah guns and pullets and whatever and we can expect this many casualties and we should have this size of a hospital as many hospitals so we can take care of the wounded when when we get up well the interesting part about it was this was a this trick a whole year from the united states scalefor this they as elated or in the thosevery thing out there all the reserve equipment all of the the reserves they that this was the biggest activation of the military forces ever cross the cross the entire history of the united state and when the medical service would get on your plane medical people would get on the airplane doctors and hospital equipment and next rays and so on and so forth we'll get on the airplane and they would need to have another airplane at that moment to send me military troops they take all the medical equipment off the line put that actual physical military troops are combat troops on the airplane ascended up so we are second at best second place in this whole battle all they didn't count very intelligent i didn't use s as as they shout and all we are half the battle because we have to take care of the wounded they didn't give a down about the medical he only cared about them the actual physical combat troops when we finally got into desert into the desert ah he had all the equipped now the equipments been jumbled about it's been on the air putting off their land on nearlyoccasionally gets to h in country and one of the general's brought me a photograph this medical equipment all lined up as far as the camera could all you could see our medical things medical as kits and and and these light up in this but nobody knew where the hectors supposed to go because they lost the so they didn't know which piece of equipment out in my eye with which medical service that was out there which with what has so they would now so all of this equipment was just kind of competing the desert then they decided that they're going to get some local people local truck drivers to drive the equipment out into the so they blow a whole hospital a thousand bad hospital on her millions of dollars and he'd tell them this salol were to go he wouldn't you believe that for million dollar hospitals never got toward overslips to go then they decided well o king that didn't work so we're going to put a military soldier on the truck with it to be sure that on so they did they put a military man on the on the vehicle and a truck would get out there that and they would have these problems with will this isn't the equipment for this particular unit this is far different kind of unit and so they would have this medical equipment missing back and forth continentsent when the final if they finally settled and got the hospitals set up they plucked the three medical fit two major hospitals they called a thousand be unit a full size as and they surrounded it with a firm of de so all away around was like a nine foot burmo going all away round the house bindloose for the entries so would happen if you drop the chemical bomb inside that are completely gone and there now and in a word taken out that it wouldn't capsulate the poise ah both the chemical biological whatever they wanted to so that's the way they were running the hospital then they decided that after they would have these of medical pit that of a decided the you know what we can do he was major hospital produces nine hundred gallons of water a day so you've got to get rid of that night hundred gallons of water a day so what he got do so they dig a hole they realize that can only go down about six feet because after that it's hard he got sand and then hard clay after that so they'd have these as puddles here and there round the hospital area where the water would have the and in dissipator get rid of and it was some of it was past a lot of it was one in these pits but they have no way of getting rid of the water because they didn't plan that ahead of time and the other problem was they got a sack for this hospital but they don't have the connections to the water nor did they have the water so they were bottling water with his five gallon or one gallon chains they were taken to the wouldn't how many gallons of per hospital nine hundred gallons of day you'd have to be used in that soft so some german some guy in germany some guy in the of in the supply line and germany had these big bladders big rubber later ah and he he decided he maybe we ought to be or to his going to get rid of a man we out to ship these to your rank or to the desert to deaconand read that's where the two maids were hoped ah so let's send him out there so he did so now we've got a wave containing water supplying water to the hospitals into the units but this was an after thought after the hospital was already there now they couldn't pick they couldn't collect the bladders the or to the the end way of getting the water to the paste so they have to go into town and by little fittings with this fitting work that putting work is these are the medical people and trying to put the hospital together to make it functional how long did this take with this little this little there on nearer to do this o mighty god ready to go to war and then thou final upshot of the battle toward the very end battle in end of market they had the seventh corps was going to go into combat they had one medical mass unit supporting a cold and that on the ride nobody would ever do because a mashuat has like tickets thirty seven beds now thirty five or thirty seven beds that and a chorus thousands of so they had this one mass unit that was going to support too so one night when they are all sleeping and i don't remember the date on this i been a while the core gets up in the middle of the night and goes out and gets ready to go compact moves out it doesn't take the massowah so they go in the combat without a medical force of any kind without any medical the loco oh is the local metics that were in the field but the othothe actual doctors the hand and her hold a handful of doctors in a mastered but they left that hole cor behind they left that hole the mass on it behind while he force went into combat who would do that i mean when you are a come commander of a combat unit you know what the what the force is going to be like up against you know that you're going to take cashel and you didn't prepare with a medical force to to take care of your casualties that god should have been relied but he was even and in fact there were no cases there were no casualties in that war they all gave the the iraqis gave up and that was the end of it that was in march some time we march or so that he that that war was old yet we had i tell you what we had a guy that worked for us who he was was a rough neck out there is putting out that he was put out a fire on the rags and such cause the people in the in the gas toilet they moved round the world so they'll be in algiers or bound as well as moronolite y specialized and so he was out there working working on the restraint the health o fires out in one of his friends an him decided to just jump chief and they were supposed to go out in the desert their wistante area and they just now there spacepeople are kind of like how do i say it a rule tharse tions a lot of times are certain to make the people right and they took they took this escondeose and one that counterhe was staying with a quay family any sad tho the husband and the wife is the wife was all she slattenly side and it wasn't a wasn't young well the the races when they left they went through coat and there were eight thousand women young women that disappeared in one day i took and nobody ever spoken about the sudden never heard it on the news anywhere because at it was just absolutely silence lot of more from love and cambodia and such that they were his helth girls there for the rich coats when they laughed they took eight thousand young women and he said we went out in the desert around any such it was he said i wanted to throw off he said he first started seeing shoes then purses and dresses then bodies and they basically took him out in the desert to do horrific things to the and a crime against humanity and they just love they just littered the desert with with the longings and their bodies as they retreated back and so it was it was we never wanted going to war you know there is times where you have to neither their times were you have to put down a threat but just to go and all these wars that are created like esgusodol words are bankers wars there created by there's there's lot of money and more is the choreman of money and war in in in all types of war ah you know it doesn't matter what stage of war were in there's big money in it whether we're actually no projectiles are being thrown around or fits if it's an information or there is a lot of it there's a lot of assets and and there's a lot of money expended in those areas and they know it and so they figure out how to get into these contractors government contractors situations to be able to griff offices as well as the politicians themselves who are basically put in by the bankers and the gods he bought costogi you an idea i spent my time in texas i didn't get to the just to give you some idea what was going on insect for sam houston senate that place was booming with restaurants and a things for soldiers to do and there were no facilities for soldiers to stay at fort san es to very few soul to hollows all the troops that they activated and there were tons of us there were victor was like thirty five majors and above he great and on idon't know how many captains and lieutenants and an individual privates and corporals there were there but the place was that humanity in fort sam euston was unbelievable and of course i got as i was a major i had a nice i could go out and find myself a apartment stand and i had an expense could fairly fairly lucrative and i remember what it was but it got me a two bedroom apartment a very nice area actually kind of gaited community and i was only one of few that had such a man there a lot of majors acres he had all kinds wonderful place the state was of homely from home as nice so this was how the troops were treated in america and they were treated all that bad in in the desert either when it came to you know the general clothes and food and the kind of so ye lots o money he unbelievable a monte money spent just found as set forth sam musten and how many other forts in the united and at that and like i said this was the greatest activation of the military in haste we had so many troops out in the field and had to be number one taking care of by all the support people that would take care of the troops and the cooks i mean it was on and on and on so this was so definitely a money maker for those people that were connect i was always thought to that probably the command control for all the bad guys were probably sitting in the building right underneath the press corps the senate on a ferganto get the true story there so they're going to use our own press corso and the shield and you know that that is there's so much nonsense it goes and to that when when when you move around like to work out in the field to set up field offices which is something we do ah if we done it all across the united states as we were constructing and such there there is so much that he's so much logistics that goes into this and i got i got a tale it it almost sounds like somebody like machaon man ought from the republican party plan telogos tics out there in a rack because they had to be like birds of the father type othing the amishman a lectionary rally that happened over in washington ah you know it was i was running for governor they ran out of water and i couldn't believe it people were really really kind of struggling and it is like i like where these few come from do they like to have no experience or they just used to sit in their supiner marked they they really don't understand you know you really should have a some of water if you're going to have a bunch of people coming to one of your electioneering rallies and or like you're going to be in the doesn't you'd better have a geologist on hand that's going to understand what your resources are so that you can you can plan o that i had a i can't even imagine a year lot of time or molten and mobiles are like are right here we got a contract you got four days get it figured out let's ha are you kidding me it took us a whole year to to activate the amount of force now no grandaunt have that many numbers you know so givegive some slack on that one but some that he rodomontading like that they get the genicolate half the planning of that in fact the way they went shame on them or absolute and of course if i was so down him saying at that peter particular appearing of time i would of a task you ask on the first day of the lord yet your iron in the oscular is going on he locates american boneheads oot said this is where the mass hoitoon they forgot the mass unit really set up boys ill take him out you know i mean it wasn't to rontilias far as i was concerned and then one desert storm he ten years later almost ten years exactly when desert storm hit and and i was walking back from my history class to the drafting one of the teachers in the industrial arts at hay we were we were attacked by airplanes they just knocked down the trade send i said that's the noting not even as and so i did by and to that at all from that third moment in its noyes on tivisian watched the gasoon the the plan i still didn't buy into it knowing hours strategic air command and are in our defense of that we spent billions and billions of dollars on what allow an aeroplane to him another to hit a building inconceivable that now look at lake who is in charge of everything like bush set by the book depository the head of the sea would contenbeattie on not by and that and they they there's this a game out there that they try to put a game out to show people that they could make like three shots i don't dootsome background information not no one can make cold made the shotsnot not away contake to shots but any how bushes set right there who is in power many boches then poor for bush light is in power you know dry nine eleven and it's like are you kidding me if if if we actually had somebody who was on on the ball nor a knows when there's a problem in a encomiendas than how many minutes it all bedthe first play all right i don't believe any of the cages are hideous plain hodoeporicon when they when they would have seen something going to ride like that they could have his despatched the fires and taken that poppy down and in a in half a new york minute which they didn't do so the tony things that don't add up so there ought somewhatthat tell us they are all part of this we riepin the seat there part of this sir guilty is how that was chaney and guess what how did people vote in ah female chaine in office drive on her father did to assert storm any long see how thin the heckethorn eleven other how and the hack could they have elected her back in something you we don't learn from history we don't know who the characters are we don't care to know on the characters and we just go ahead and full based all i know that name so awful the lever for that pers how i don't know i pairhow much money did they make selling food then wasn't shannandore sponsible for for for providing the food for the military i don't know that happy another angle to the boil boy eh yes so so you've got that so so hugh it they were providing that the meals so when you go a cotton exantlate heck is going up yes the conflict of interest look at grandholm grand home made one point six million dollar gain on a stock trade for electro vehicles the head of or you know the hanover energy department of energy are you kidding me she doesn't even know how many barrels of oil we use in it in a day they've got it is it's just a bunch of absolute idiots that are running me asylum making money off of it she's a combat to oh my gosh the problem is that there's the they don't have a limited number of scum bags they have quite a few combats and we need to go through the process when we picked people for running the government and being our servants that they are not conniving the such as what we have put in office over the ear oh downewards but that's a good one so then brings us to the haste to be ah ah be for four seven four that's a if it causes mental anguish somebody then you could be charged for hate oh can i charge what menowand benson for hate speech they gossipings that's right not only you alone but me too and a lot of other peas your house and mental anguish to a lot o he so yes they should be tried for his they found their own law but now again how can you have such a word as and who's going to do what i hate speeches and who's going to join whether you have mental mentally ah cause mental anguish how are you going to know that and how is that person that's judging you gon aknow that and who's going to be the judge so these are things that are actually nonsense and then it brings me to the next if they have such a law if they tried to produce such a law they should be thrown out of government cause their violating the first amendment right off the bat should be ah removed from government ah and tried for he right off the call of the folllowing national origin can we say the national origin of being american for in what is cannonode of this none of it so this is what they're trying to push through to weaken the first amendment as they've tried to push through the weakened the fruit the second amendment and we the people should be realizing what is going on and say in a what we're not going to go along with us number one i don't have to ask you nestle nor do i have to ask you white for a permission to do anything cause i'm in charge and you're there si don't have to ask you and why people are even thinking a law like this could possibly be effected cause the general american public that understand what america is all about and who they are the government they will be able to stand against the his tyrannical nonsense that's going on it's all it is its litsmann new lot to do so we got here also to the monserrat house passed legislation here with the and then the housepeople that are past that legislation should be kicked out for he automatically i lesion of the considerations fewings for hurting your feelings while i got my feelings hurt can i claim that here we all claim that there nor fee wings she got here to that i cannot sit at st as such yet cracked shot with one can some of the stuff off you know you can't which you got so again going back to the constitute we have the power is not our protectorate is how there suppose the behaved and when they step outside the constitution when they violate the conte then they have committed acts of the violated their own the office because every one swore an oath of office to the conte not to the government not to all governor or the president but to the constant so in the violate the constitution they violate the oath of office they should not an attically be removed from office tried for and that's the only way we're going to fix this problem if we start hating some hanging sorry at the rough everything of person that sent in to see heads to be removed and never being be allowed to hold that seat again because there are poropotank that has waged war against with people and my pointothers the higher all of them it's not the democrats on the pope republicans of the blacks against the whites of the americans it's the merits the people against the old this particular case the people against lancing and the people against the and so we have the support those people that are going to help get rid of em because they're in power posts when we really don't have the power and we certainly don't want to pick up guns and go after we want the people that to be we went elect the other side in this spring us to who is the only one at this point in time the only one all these other isidore pony people running it for president there all one they're all put there by the deep destroy a trunk trumps chance of becoming present but i don't think that's going to happen i think this so much for right now because the people are are realizing what's going on and there's goin to support him and if you're not going to support him for because you don't like the way he speaks for you don't like his hair he probably don't like by either doesn't read enmanche of a lot of difference to me you have to support those people that are going to make get rid of the deep state drain the sons and hans morigeradas be nice said shockingly perceived as being nice it's going to be perceived as being effected i long after and i mean i'm pretty exeter that most to generals out there were not her saying well you don't generpously nice guy he'll have but when he's in a battle mowed i'm pretty and much extra sure that the negotiating time is done with him he won't be costing time has been done with me for one and honenchatagenten you could have because we've seen him we've had enough of history that we understand what's going on way back from one kennedy and that was a lie and i think that was the turning point if we could assassinate a president and get away with it that we can do anyting once there at the we can go to the moon ah and so the whole nonsense was there and people that a bolbotine it and politelie in the philosophy don't understand who they are they think that their just part of the subject of america there not were not the the government is the he we have a last useless eaters he peters and she should have been kicked out of office right when she opened her mountains said that she should have been removed and why the democrats who support her continued to support these people like biden i have no one because one ever they do too as you and me that are against them at this time they're going to do to them when it comes just like hitler did to the brown he he had the brown shirts go out round up all the enemy and when he had all of the enemy corralled in a nor executed then he killed off the brown why don't you normal behavior of these times normal behavior had because they're not going to want i have anybody that could be used or that would be a force against once they get controlled one this is the lensky all over again so lockeport one a wanter it says we're not going to hold an election not because i'm going to stay a polewig the war her no no goin to be no election no he may be by maybe this is the maybe this is the prelude of what's going to happen when our election maybe the testing the waters in ukraine silence and then when election time comes the democrats and door bidness consent we're in a not word we're starting a war right now does that going to be election to the wars set a possibility and a shores and like it in this is a global question from the maniacs that are set in in the seed like sorrows who basically when into the jews houses and help confiscate everything the jews had and world more to his jewish and went in and they were he was it doesn't matter there ain't this is good merces evil i don't care what labello under it matters not a any more yet you can't lift the scot that's right he so going back to the constitution which we've been trying to do for a while here and you owe brevities what we needed that rapid trail for for a the that's coming on board and then you know even when we have our meetings on wednesday nights i have one or two in our group oh there's an emergency they're going to try to push this age before for seven four through oh my god they're going to take away your freedom of speech or going to have to sit speech well my god is going to be a law were you guys get this in don't you know what your part wants your power is in this center why are you folding the but people do and so we have to get and in and up to this day to night don't know how what many years we've been running our little onesthe we still have people that don't understand that there in control not the government and so i hope most your audience i understood this by now and if they managed to get through congress this so called or through the house so called as low before for seven four that people are just going to ignore it the people here don't oh don't understand i can't help many more what i talk in right the lip that lying out where are we you know i didn't do it a frind iv there we will probably pretty close to that yea i think were we went down on the twenty second one o ka ah this was ratified and fifty one nineteen fifty and no person shall be elected to the office of the president more than twice oh yeh because we are talking about president trunk okay and i ingratiis the rightful president of the united states president donald j while president donald j trump will break this cause he will be running for his third term because he is the president right now but the democrats won't by into that because if they do that they would say that everything that was put in from the public has been a lie they are on one they don't want to say that wine was not ever a present because all the laws set by in would be half passed time and actually they're goin to call in the rightful so once the present trumpets back in office he can with his magic lawn with and get rid of all the laws that by no fiction because by denis not by and by is not a legitimate present and therefore he can pass any laws but we the people have to understand that and wait for this game the play out and hopefully for more people that wake up i still think there are too many people not getting not figuring it out my still see people wearing masks and i don't even get that one caporetto why are they wearing me i love to walk up to him and said what do you werinesse he can't i don't know how kept fixed i have hold i have hold their right to be able to grow a mask and i pulled my opinion that it's probably a very stupid no choice so or ignorant what's for the ignorant is doesn't do anything i kares dent by a two year term which a toe or turned to which some other person was elected president shall be elected to this office for the presidency for more than one more than one testicles shall not apply to any person on the office of when the article was proposed she in a protective set yeah skip on to the second a part of that section to the circle shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified by the amendment to while by three fourths of the several states within seven years from the date of the by and of course he can't be added in and become a lawn till the lathe and then we go on to the twenty third thou who i i don't anybody have any questions on the twenty second were you on your rebecomes lot o good mornings and then ah what's see ah good morning good morning sandy loud share let charlotte says there thereafter a first among the right set four four stopforth be a crank they have to call some others in your errand molenderos knoll if it even helps to day's deadline for its pass sincethis n arepas i don't know i don't know if it packesaddle carelessly in that it's to day so let's call everybody and yes if nashonal popular vote passes are fulmen zero and he he's a drag hat as think that's salensky meaning all the thirteen folds the american flag tells us what we are in america while if he them having gone snider and the public in party now and whitmer in the downs the number one killers an american then the people must be blind i seen the second plane kent tv i said it looks funny a plan would not crash as it did on tvasya cotocton shape can i i that is this is this funny you know to cooker tone shape of a plain through a steel axle skeleton of a migrated it makes no sense to me at all and how to roll one may guilt that skyscraper they built it for a protection against an airplane hiding yet over yet clearly it was built like of the according to them corinthe not happening it was its deception so that's the pretty much a sad in this morning what a good morning peter dawned the see any a hailstone okay we're back on the twenty third the twenty third amendment the district constitutes the seat of government of the united states shall in such manner as congress may direct a member of the electoral president vice president equal to the whole number of senators and representatives which the district will be entitled to entitle if it were a set but in no even more than the least populations population oh you have livesafter i sometimes my honest they stopped in in addition to those appointed by the state but they shall be considered for the purpose of the election of the president by president to be electors appointed by the state and they shall meet in the district performed such duties as provided by the twenty if art of their amendment twelfth casatie of the minethere thither pasicles supporting the electoral college again didn't really need to be supported but oc sote but they just want to make it make a change is just to have their name on something and as really wanted is it's it's not about us it's about the fact that they won't be able to see what it i go in for this state i did this moment i did this lionello so what's your point you know you you just helped the state have in an over bergamot of laws that nobody listens to rariores but they've tried to take the electoral contest this point over this last he and weaken it by saying i tha if there are fifty per cent of the people that vote democrat and fifty per cent phoning republican we consent fifty per cent of the delict to be democrat fifty per cent of the delegates the that's not what this sounds and next not what what the electoral college was all about it ah the majority of the state whatever the majority is if the majority is democrat than the majority of they then all of the electors would be folking as is a democrat for they were republican than the majority would be ponies split him up like they've try like they did this last election asmuch on one and again it's a violation of the constitute and when it's a violation of the constitution of the violation of their old office and they should be held for treason i can't drive that point home strong enough it has to be we have to ask people stock looking at it this and if you're a democrat and you believe in the crack that's going on i still have to go back to the constitution did they have the authority to do that do they have the forty to to pass that particular law or that particular edict in order to to do whatever there trying to do on the people and if they did n't efforts they had no constitutional authority than its just like your next thorneburne which are masson when you walk outside sit on your porch no no not you my neighbor you don't tell me he well the neighbors got more power than the people in lancing and the people in washing so that a reporter associations john oh that's a bad can hornsthe yea i know that's why i opened it thought that's a many government there as an of course those people most of those people are not all of them because they once in a while you'll run acrost a good home owners i haven't run across one yet in this case bodies for the most part just want orangeland like little cycle tracks the claret make it in the real world into the real election yet there offices hormones the they don't really have the power what again the people give them the the people in the association you know there's what twelve people running home owners association and a hundred people at their operating and these hundred people just bend in folds to whatever the homeowners association says and they harasseth heard its people is dissertaion to harass people you know is a we may not agree with however people love and such you don't have to agree we we've got a hold their rights whether whether we agree with it or not and if i know that i do feel i feel that way a very strongly about a holding people's rights to the property as well as the choicest they make wenatchee with them but we do have to help defend their the rights let's go back to the process of why people moved from one place to another into a hole and what the purpose of the home owners association was to be original it was to be sure that when if you build a few of the houses in that area were two hundred thousand dollars for em you couldn't build a fifty thousand dollar home next that was basically and i actually started out as a condominiums then it developed into all properties of homo while on a kind of minium were the property doesn't really belong to the individual who owns the whole but belongs to the condiminium sociation the whole is yours as almoner but your property is not part of the community and so in that regard the hoonas association was established to set up that community and if you go back and to history what the purpose of it was it made pretty good sense because they were contre grass they would take care of all of the outside end of the concrete work or whatever and clean the streets and pick up the garbage and do that kind of soup that was what the whole on his association back in the condomini on days when it condominiums came out was first established but then it's story getting into houses in now they started doing subdivisions and now he said okay to some division falls under condominium horry almoners here doesn't because now the property of that home as well as the whole itself belongs to the home owner and so it there's an now it's not a fine line it's it's a major love sure of moving to a community than you live with the communities rules and regulate but if you move on your own peace so property there is though community living so the problem that we have with the home owners associations are they became any government and most of them our president a wheel a lot of power and me i know they like that power that power is in any different than if your congressman a senator or a governor you wheel a lot of power and therefore you can exercise that power on the i educated people that don't know any better the humans was to go after its a big human flock to go after her power you know if you don't let if you don't let god be in charge you will yourself tried turning yourself into a many version therein without the intelligence and or compassion and or goodness and become a monster in an off yourself that right is exactly either gods and charge or you will try to grab that power than a huge human flow and that's the problem with a whole owner's there are in actually we have ran in myself my partner round and myself and in others have had battles with home owners had you went in to be wanting wise sage had did you in some lost in the end what the battles were and how they were fought and who did the fight sulattimen we would in one particular case we had a a lady who was not very good with her english and she did something that was we were fighting smart meters war against these she couldn't have a smart eater because when they put one on her house she was breaking out in a rash all over the she had proof there was the smart men to that cause that problem ah and she so she forces she put the analog back on in the course addison went to the to the home owners association to the president and probably paid him a handsome sum of money there's a lot of that going on to force her through to accept a smart meter and door to leave the environment while for a while we were in the fight with her but he decided that i can't i can't i don't have what it takes to get in front of the court and it she gave up and she hired an attorney's far as i know or moved i don't know what we lost contact it that's the other problem with what goes on with with battles that we had when you don't give us the feedback of what's happening and you just go off on your own then we don't know if we were successful with that battle and at so that's not that doesn't help us in the fight ah the other problem is that if you don't have what it takes to get into the fight get what there you go do what a lie we have another lady that was fighting a traffic and she comes from another country and she couldn't put insist together very well but she came every tuesday and thursday to to my house and we worked on it and we worked on it and a month later she was capable of going to corn don't but they they figured it out and they cancelled the ticket are they they withdrew the charge a ticket went away so she never got a chance for go flat never got a chance to go fight in card to to use her intelligence but it takes time you if you're not being pinched right now by government you should be practising in the mirror how you would if you were going to have to face the judge because judges are scary they want to be scared that's why they were black robes and that's why they jump up and down and at like back pond you know we were going to go there were you scared i'm scaring you here and be frightened be frightened and if you are frightened and you're going to fold and you mackinat to do so you got understand it they set their penciled the same way you do and that they're no different than you are their position is higher authority but kisswhat you gave him that so it all goes back to you the people what we have to be able to defend ourselves in the site and again against hormones associations in anybody else so got to be able to say to talk she i will live preciate the bad wrong home more association that he gave this morning because that that is increasingly you know the our government is sopending these unelected actitis or giving in erestriction and this is just another way for them she servethe rights of of americans that's right did you chipping away at it that's right and we allow it that's that's the sad part of the we don't have the fight in us to say it do that we are in charge you're not and so i don't know i don't know what is going to take in some cases we're going to we're going to beat the home owners that's pretty easy ah and in some cases were going to beat those a monsters and lancing and i know we're going to take out take on the monsters and each we've got a fighter on our hand which are which is helping do that but we the people have to be home to behind them hanson and supporting anybody that is in the light in any way we can if you can't stand and fight yourself maybe you send a couple dollars maybe you support him by going out to the poles may be a support him by doing going on march whatever you could do everybody's got to do some these people that are trying to bring our country back to the repose remember we're not at democracy in home owners association is a democrat in and so are the people running and lancing they think we ever democracy and the people in washington think we ever democracy we do not we have a republic and republic again we send people to lansing we delegate to them authority to be have a certain way an hour certain rights and freedoms privileges that they cannot take from us because they were given to us by god not by these workers that we sent the lansing and we sent to st we have to get away from the fact that they are governor and therefore we have to behave at certain way for not now they just governing state that they have just doing a job there a public functionary doing a funk of government that we have delegated their authority to an exorcistic the same anybody out there that's working for the public or or servants were not there doesn't mean that we should be speeding down every street that we can causing danger to others because we need to learn how to live in a ripple we have to be self governing and self regulating and then we can live in a republic properly and we can be in control of ourselves and the governors in a push papers to run the oven as all these i i sorry to get off when that rather home let natsatt fourth of eminent twenty four his twenty fourth the right of citizens of the united states to vote in any primary or other election for president and vice president for electors for president or vice president or for senators or representatives in congress shall not be denied or abridged by the united states and our states by re a failure to pay any poll tax or other has can you imagine that they put on amendment together to say that the people those people that were in power during those days that have poll taxes to keep the blacks from voting or others from voting that they actually had the pot an amendment on the ballet to stop that this is not the stop of people's rights remember the constitution isn't to protect the people stop the government from behaving as greed and power greed and power is the thread that runs through so much of our world and through history all bad decisions come from both of these places that's right that's right what and again we go back to all the three amendments that were brought forth by a democratic vote by democracy in lansing at the last election was totally illegal because we are not a democracy where republic that's why we hire people to go to lansing to fold and make laws for us that we give them authority to do so we in turn have those more ons put it on a ballad so we can vote on it then a motherlaw there's special snow flakes they make things up as they go according to jonathan braider they just make a house white with they follow the rule of law doesn't it doesn't it doesn't fit with their goals which is greeted in power because they have committed treason and should be one i am in one hand per cent agreement with you stop the we stopped in nonsense and which stopping nice to the and we said i as not you passed this law a vessel you enforce it once then we will hold you on it we will stop fie lawsuits against you i think this already there so and then in the twenty fourth amendment it talks about citizen any citizen doesn't he say anybody who walks across the border made bold socities mayobut we have no way to check that because their registering people right now through the secretary of state's office and immediately given a bolder now we are problems it is a big problem hugh all right seeagain that amendment is kind of super pulses might depend would say dozen have merit or any need for being the it just needed to get the people then pushing poll taxes to stop wishing getting a line if they might of office and though if she and i monticolus color here for what people in the south we're doing this then they were the ones that needeth there thought prose and to bring it round on you know what the the racial issue has handed has taken a long time to come to the four back in the sixties when it was really what they were out in there and fighting the battle and doing what necessary to bring forth a proper we were fighting the government again we were fighting the government we were endanother indiapope we were fighting the government we were fighting people like johnson a democrat who didn't like the black and who basically said behind closed doors that became public later that were just going to give them a rule and a law that onanything slain have any because johnson was the problem not the people johnson was the and now we have mister ah joy in the white house talking about race but is using archebishhope as part of that division he's bringin bringing that out too to the light of the public so the public pays attention to it let's pay attention to these general these marches what if they didn't what if they didn't we tarantulism the ah the pride day would if she just sinthe did their thing in it one by what anybody know what anybody can but they made a big deal on our government and and the media made a big deal of and therefore brought attention is like the din to the blacks just like they did like there the dyketon again to the race we're going to bring attention to it she can create tension as problems problems which wouldn't this otherwise i mean i don't care if they want to hold fredegar march in your red i'm not there i'm not paying tit and i'm not going to a good nicknamespat in things that i don't that i don't agree with not dropasking participat enamoured crazy land there with nonsense like burned loot murder that went in and burn or cities i would never stand with something that that was that absolutely ah lo i to the it was it was something that attacked our own yes here was i in the thatanybody in the government gave it that every day americans he takes to take a stand that they perceive as a stand like that now this is an attack on our american cities and out america exist was not even remotely close to attack on what they said that it was on how many how many poem how many black businesses were burned how many how many see not how many people were shot that were the people if they spent that they were defending the whole thing was as assoone and loose i had a teacher once with was history teacher that said that the the political system all of those people in officer running for office were demagogues i didn't even know what that meant back in when i was with sixteen fifteen or fourteen years old when over my head but as i got he planed to see because years later i looked it up and i said hold my gun that right on the money but i didn't get i another teacher that i was talking about roger macul clean riser mcclean who said immediate is the mess i didn't figure i didn't understand that either back he obviously i do now they must sigh the process he lived for so the media is the one that creates the problems and and in what we are living through with this and message as the public to the a certain ways that's why i took it or in the spin and everything they're spend doctors so they're not all they're not about prisoning facts and letting every one make their minds at their spinning everything for sently it's it's a narrow there pushing their story tellers there the postularat ve rather than rather than not when in a way they want every one to go side the question why don't you we can we we've got the twenty fifth twenty sixth and twenty seventh a moment can we eh let's wrong the sob now and then may be go after the next week or as hers answered something else joint copperhead now this is it this is greg i'm i'm going to be molinat this home orassia tion thing for for a while and i have you are you being threatened or punished or abused by them is that potent men is seen other people do it because i'll tell him exactly you know what i think about it and what are you and i to do we have it we have a we have kind of a hole or sociation here a little bit but i'll pay that much attention to it honestly i lived my life and whatever they you know it's just it's it's not one of these things it'sto bigger than as she nectec a big issue then they would be making it a big issue and then we have a real problem that tunewhat it is they make it an invetherate usually it's usually about somebody who just likes wants to crawl into the has no real life that was a crawling position of power just beat on people you know have you if you were seen the this oddthe audit channel on you to it's all about on the police and colors with people and it's fairly interesting and they actually bring all the dew what you do is they bring up actual laws to to look at im see i can bring it up here in its second see it because this is kind of a i i brought up yesterday it's kind of interesting and the war through to go through cases where where i either the citizens or the cops make or mistake and is fairly balanced an if it's fairly fairly balanced like i want is one where the cops rayther guy's house refused to leap to leave an there's some questions i had about this because the guide led him in and then he pulled the rights and as sole well then that's the mistake how or letter in her house hatenienten inflict the constitution on you keepsie the door and said he have yeah well they didn't and they just say they hung it on fat tit there was a criminal out there and they said that they had had a tip you know like like when they swathe house and you know and they had a tip so they had to he had to go through it well this actually lays up what they have to have an order to have reasonable suspicion a house to santeefar just heaven a tip and on like it so i thought this was a really interesting it was a summer year get out of my home a bow the what they have to do to establish the right to go into a home and off eight anonymous tip which amounts to harassment i thought it was really i thought was really interesting but this he several interesting things in here and they the oh they do a pretty good job a brain forth the actual law it's i would i would say that this is expelled place to get educated on your right ah by some one who is who is engaged in usurpation oh you're right and greed of power now it goes both ways some of this some of the people that are out there may beg mistakes and establishes the police is right too so there ain't got a balanced approach goes both ways and assesses the situation for both well handle situations and poorly handled situations be it by somebody who has engaged to criminal activity or by dirty cops i mean it's not that not that all cocks are dirty but and i'm not seen that by it absolutely sport good land force i really do i mean and that's one of our prose we have is that we have not supported good long forethad not supported the sheriffs and h the sheriff's office or spected it which really needs to be respected and we have not given people who are who are in authority the respect that they deserve it a carrying their office out correctly my pinion sticking by the so we can you can't be facing situation the general public the you can't be facing the situation with somebody that's in indian forcement in the executive branch and waved the constitute i like their going to the like this is a magic shield here i duchesshad and the yourecommend the shield doesn't work that way you have to understand what they are trying to do to you how they're trying to do it and how that fits into the constitution society got to know the cost he don't know the constitution that's not a shield for that's the i want what's in there in it had the problem a lot of people face and when there's the front of a cop they're going to say oh i'm not of american citizen on the citizen on the land or i am this riot that and i don't follow any of your laws you can't do that that's not what this whole process is about if you don't understand the law of the constitution and what what they're rights are in your rights are you really don't have any one because there mothernot the force they've got the guns and they can do what they want to but if you understand the constitution and you understand how it works then you have the power the here's another thing were talking about all for woorth that we should be taken towards the nation and i wanted to bring us up as the date stamp as june twenty fourth twenty twentieth one of the cupola i think it's worth worth going through and reading you've been selected out serve your country i believe every one of us is by god don't mightyrelics to be here at this time never retreat from the battle field which right now is digital soldiers is twitter faced loeseris other platforms as a form of centralized command and control organized connectionsrepair from battle field and or from ordinando there's there several things here that are of no mission dispute reject propaganda pushed through posting of research and facts number two support role of other digital soldiers one falls down another stands and rises that that you'll find with people who are in hans's that we just kind o reincarnates other people which is kind of farm mission the guide awaken others three uses of facts classmate relevant facts and means asked counter questions to initiate thought verses repeat hoof the main stream medeteranion usaphais some of the guys i go here yourself learn youcompletely primary counts suspended terminated use of secondary account mission fight i architekton youto come back with your own channel there gotoient ify strength weaknesses personal and designated targets twitter face looking others means regarding meansfailure to read through the alerte can't read through all grow them shrilly can't can't pick things out in mesto two are taking down quite so easily dependence on person a person capture slow response time on identified users gained theory and formation warfare welcomed the digital battlefield together we win i go hadn't got one supporter and then remembered the old that came up i think every one of us you know and she rent repeat task or actually evaluate decide whether we really want to get into the spider not and save the old i ain't ergoin to say this holds to day as donarentur i am going to repeat this of to day as a a an anniversary to this co post i down the brain brodie down a brand and bert do solemnly swear or firm that i support i will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign domestic that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same that i take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of and evasion and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which i'm about to enter so help me god where we go on we go all are in how many times i've taken that oh i got one in to do it to day as a as a a of a and moroders general lakeplan the rightful president of the united states president donald j trump we are with you but scatter down voice ripped the bait off let's move we can do this with the banded off time to go a fine sago so trapwell sossopra and i will go in toward dear heavenly father thank you so much for the rule of law for brave people that have gone on before us and that we stand with thank you so much for the constitution which constrains the government ah miss posto be serving we the people we think we're thankful for every good thing that's come from your hand towards his and we ask that you keep ourselves they help us keep focused on you there is there is protection there is love there's it is amazing to me the difference between some one who truly walks with you and the peace that they carry with them the calm in the midst of a storm and such because it is you that carries us through this it is the closer we are to you the more you carious close and i ask that you would continue to draw as close to you in your protection in your mercy giving us grace with your unconditional love and all the blessings that come with being a child of god including but not limited to salvation in now through jesus christ thank you so much for all all of the benefits that come with you the the gifts of the spirit and our brothers and sisters which we walk with and we proudly stand with we ask your blessings general plan admiral rogers and rightful president of the united states president donald j thronged and all those people who proudly and bravely stand with them to cut through the nonsense which only we only get through discernment through jesus cried precious son we we ask that you would bless them with wisdom and leaving this nation back to one nation under you which is the rightful just we are all under you and we appreciate being a reprecipitate that roll we don't want to be here we don't want to be he don't want to you sir you we want to follow you and were grateful for that bless every single person ought there give them the confidence and walking forward with you and the bravery no fear we just want to let you know that we love you so very much and ah and ah want to do what's right before you this day and our walk as we walk with you on the and jesus and we pray my so the anyhow so i yet a last words your john yahweh on give out my phone number again its seven three four nine for seven one five he have eating this reg seven three four nine six it for seven one five we have a meeting this wednesday on som so those of you that are out of town or can are not around michigan area consume in on some and oh if you want to send me your email to jay tatar to at yahoodom i'll put you on our mailing lists or if you can't if it didn't get that or no want to do that call me and i'll put you on our mail and lists then then you can become and i'll send you an invite till the leading there is no charge to the meeting we cover all kinds of different things i mostly constitution and constitutional law and spring cork decisions that support the constitution and those that don't if there are any i don't know of any ah was parklike the dawning friends are smart cookie creatorfor running in any kind of crisis or prop problem with law we pried might be able to help you out certainly learning to the ropes of the what's going on around you we'll help you out if while that's but that's her to think you so much for always coming on here on tuesday since sure your knowledge really super oh here's one that's so shorelet himakeshna i give this to you i don't get it on the cheap here on no ongoueonoue i'll i'll see if i can take the inordinateness then take pichenoht now that sensational tasked advanced say he things are also cleatham advance calls happening right before your very eyes not really this is it davonsheer and and i really i really appreciate everything you share on here i mean it's really amazing the years that you have not all the experiences that you have to share with all of us in its just very very wonderful and humbly to sit here and talk to you the just a wealth of not legendnever body just you know really loves hearing what you have to say so dick connectedthe john and ah you're going to find that it's a probably one of the best decisions you've made because you can actually learn something and it's solid he's he's got solid information so when if you need to talk i'd got my name and number of there to its six one six or three zero four for one serpentynes individuals in his patriotswhen go ahead take it down six one six four three zero four for one and here you go go to brandenburg for governor come i've the best one can see her who has ever not conceited in the history of the world may be john has there to salerno conceded he she lies cheats thieves and we are continuing upon john and were never going to give we're not going to give any ground to this were going to keep going and that's a good place to be so that we get past all of the stuff it needs to be fought and we can just sit down and joy of you now enjoy one of the brain of bird firin gatherings and have time to grow out hang out just talk about normal stuff our families and you know what we like in this world i mean he's so much to like about being about being here just just being not using american beingshuman be on his beautiful plan at think god's made for a sinistral place to be just got look at the clouds for a while be grateful and looking to the eyes of the people you love and let her know that their significant because you are we care there's many many of us out here who are carrying about you and when you hear us fighterwhere fighting pure evil were not fighting you were you know if you're you're just like us you know we're just trying it to write things because we've got a rod government right now that's who were fighting and the attack is against you and me and every day american we love our american family we love our human family that are we're all brothers as you know is god created us and we locked but the criminals now they're on the outside of anything that looks like good and woronin e fighting them until they stop har me humanity this or talking about where it will work talking about its crimes against humanity that is poor finite we're fighting those people who are there you hear you those that we love and in were never going to back down from that so that's who were fighting remember if if you're fighting with us you're on our side anything that you see that is a little hostel they those o these threats are going right past you to the real target and also one that are set in the seats right now we love you so there you go so as we stand together all stand gegossen we love you god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america have a great day make you so it's a choice we choose and oh had say that of takes the time and say that all then and never back away from it and we will see you to more there it has god saith