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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/2/2023 Chuck Ritchard, John Tatar, Ron Sassak, Tom Howe

Published Oct. 2, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Monday Morning in the Mitten! Blowing the Lid off Michigan Politics with Chuck Ritchard 10am Current guardianship bills in the Michigan House. Tom Howe will be testifying at the House Judiciary Committee. Discussion with John Tatar, Ron Sassak and Tom Howe regarding Norton v Shelby County and the legality of guardianship. Twitter: Rumble:

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welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and its the second day of october twenty twenty three and i am joined by my wonderful phenomenal extraordinary guest chuck ritchard and carrying the river to regidors together this morning so help operahad a really good week on i had a great week on but i am exhausted talk about you know you know have a party and caron you can you guys can no chime in on this i know chuckin taranto the same thing we work ourselves in crazy ways and then wonder why were burned out right i actually clean it to we actually clean the tack room out the sweet can and i had my saddles on cars and i decided i wanted to mount it on the wall so we did that and carried out decided just to junk a whole bunch of stuff that was that shouldn't be there and so by the end of the night on saturday i was dying and then of course being the over cheerie had a barn gathering yesterday so i got up five o'clock in the morning to start making pies is a great envoltorios so so how it how's your we can gas oh good i am not i had a good week and did you and i ostentationis you if you're not laughing you're doing it wrong it's i i can't be held ponhaugh lately and i thought i'd tell down all about there's a video that i shared its a twitter like and i i thought i might not be able to find it again is like i keep telling people about this very hill i found it really fast so so glad i used the search or laugh in my telegram channel and i came i want even laughing so much it would going on her on the rest of the world and even here and if you're not laughing l'orrs a war it's a battle of good verses evil but there's still time to laugh it is resorthe's so the stuff is going on absurd if you take it as your will drive you have sloterin others obsolete right there's no doubt and i i astericola humor because of that but also i always use the reader's died your sassagerial section and laughters the best metis for years right and i love apples then that that laughter is a way to billahal and in these these types of tensions were able to you know life and like politics obviously his every day then in the world so you have to laugh and care you absolutely right on that i this agree with you that we need to do the lot more than he's fillover not i not hold people countable but to laugh at some of the situations that developed it is through okay sam and put up the thought i want to bring the suphis i did i did pull stoutnesse solitero can see the absolute sanity going on in the us dat de clock right now now over here you're going to see like some arrows over here on the right bottom corner and look at the dollars so py its negative billion seventy seven hundred ninety chenillion dollars and then you got you for come down here you've got we've got the a a silver dollar a silver rage rachel it is is it sanity i got dollar as to one in the chinese one yeah then it's the rain this is insane so at any rate just so you know you'll you'll hear her first we're broke the gopis grok everything's broke ever these completely and utterly brohchitis to this if this is the ah interwoven trouble if it's not it's it's a it's going to be one of the sigos that we're going to have to figure out a way to laugh through varieties funny i think got up what i just said is someone else earliest morning is very when we are well we offer this critical analysis this offer solutions to the star given solutions to this whole mass mutilation carry moved politicians that are too dumb to run the country and put us into the situation that we're in right now there solution handled boom i think that we need to start doing more and more and maybe what by discussing this solutions we will read the sinner dave tale to to offer a ultimation if you will because i think what's happened these what i've seen in the past has ed that i don't want this solution so let's give them solutions and may be together will work out a final solution that works to all of us that a compromise for sale but but a real solution okay my solution has removed all have a place because you know what if we give me solution there conscrit up there screwup everything over whywhatwhat any faith that these be largento do the right and hedingham sorry my feet i'm faith in them is completely gone on the rocks i got to give you i got to give it too for a different element give you for the man you fashionsabout problem came first all is declared you must clearly define what the problem is once you have it defined then you have to seek the otonacha should you can go in which one's the passionlesse say ocksreiders some new people oh yes what there's no tarantass now people are any different right and often times are not the following its same monsoon getting at is we need to do what they do in veneration which are called colchios or controls as peccastis ical process control that we allow a process to operate naturally but within confines well that's what we need to do in our political parties it is what a natural barrier the atherine within these confines if the glassite you're gone like the japanese will take save you operate out there on your god you ceresin on your own you'll wait for election are we for till you he resigned in and disgrace as for we need to get to that would be like all right chock that be like all the comeththe entire government talked about him needs to removed or resigned in disgrace i can i can get in on that on that and that the jack or when was the last time you heard any one of a reduction in oinoisi dot said i can't say that every fushionless orebody will cool you can't do that yes you can we have got rents more socialists to day than ever before ordering on communism will listen and we didn't need to develop the plan to passiebloemen deer like corporations feared the government why not we don't need all these ostendendo there does there never defined in the constitution to water we doing or the olegon to do this on that now we don't know we don't assotte purpose the government individuality yes but that takes we are freedom when they do that we wonder why why are rights and freedoms are gone will because of that rite there well i tell you what i think at one person sitting in the governor's seat with a very sharp pen that could start nullifying back to the constitution would about get the job done right there how many bills how many people proposed a plan to eliminate hills limitless hetherwards ticketless a covering giftfeorm a manufacturing again we know how an organization you have to review his part of your equalisers of a certification you have to review your policies and procedures or sterile now and come to its sandstone window right decades you should be rebellious laws over that time is to a canto it this epositone rid of some of them because when you charge guy on the river for swearing with by a night she eighteen ninety six law does that tell you to a something so miss her his epilating all in deeper ph d keep pilotes folcraft and it's just contabescent that is where we are and that is a rare so so there's there is definitely a lot of work to be done so i want to show you something let's see i've got red stayed up the article red state what it is that this is not an it's like it's all over the place it's crazy hiscre so hang out a minute i get real mad his fore people by roof people what attaches he saw that article from rude state he hevoseen thus which one rhetorical incoordinate but the more than one art of dat's why master is his caseformation as one gets tender so much happy every minute almost it changes like the weather right while i get to do his tone into the michigan republican party and you can see that the time in a failure happened right before your eyes with just over thirty thousand and the bank the funeral march has begun for the micanopeah i need one of those throughout has what is it is one of the grown dogs there this if i told us to his article intentionto notice now this is that this is a red suit that come and so the muttered repeated they might be repeating the cremators they get ya cried margaret ed old give craig maker who i'm not a fantastic news at all but you don't want for a while once in her while you know con un conto blind for unconfined to knots to the god he was on the eve followedhis way on nonexercise spinsters that's why we say i stand it they say that he was a way when he said a newish reporter and never writes an article that about the manticore so i've been to run a piece to day oh share that with you later but i alcanadas why i'm not going after cristini go i do i do i don't think prisonas so productions really for the leadership of this position i don't but that aside i also a clever knave linkinse don't take horses and illustrate and that means it in companon every one of us to get behind in this interierint i make it work and then get make a change why because we got a legion coming up in february that's important or life time and if we don't do that then these other guys have one as i said before many times poblaredes the way to control miscognizant rol what diffidence the grass roots and the tone that repeatedly how he saw so i can out on that because i don't think the parties work at all and i think they're nothing more than political cults right now and so so i'm like letter foguistas because ostrowo do you not out on that i'm not seeing that the political parties to work in what i'm seeing is it really the relator is who is called the strings behind the scene this is about money and power in both it has nothing to do with political parties to have to do with these people controltoo at refiner and that group can fred up it whether they do there over there i trollinson and about their money whisson my gory i mean that's the bottom line have you got rid of on down there with a with the management came of an wisedome megindult and rebuilt at hartwell you have but it was funny to the spot it rest and he gave the government back money that covered us money in there i'll probably not as the pocket that aside is what i'm saying it dehonter people the very people who who are going to see and power in politics in money are the ones to spritethe do come out against comecome out again in favor of ocraceous ridiculous so it isn't the political party isabel cowering money gino see now what do we see and this current in going as we cosentino the very people i see are the very people get in and then there they won i'm not sashes the best person not at all but i also recognized how people are being pulled as puppets almost like a pedonoeces people go on the attack because they're being paid to do so or they're doing it at there being a bit no i can go on and i name all of them tisidium so good i'm still going to have a little bit of disagree the cause i think party should be legal at this point case the structure of a political party will always devolve into a cult mentality and that's we have i don't think that they were and they centralized power because of the law is in human beings of needing to have control and have in power so when you get a structure like a political party all you have is a call to personality that that people will fight fight to gain the promised to be right and or to find ways of using money or gaining an i think they should be illegal i really do washingtonand us of it and i think at we need to flush these things from top to bottom we are never going to have an honest political system as long as there are political parties involved special interest we don't disagree down get we don't really discreet that as much as you think to do cause you mention the point about where humans dickerman they won't power they want money and that's what lord acton and in moncasket these people all about all about money and inower in politics and he in actressesthe talk about our lord glaciality the auto look at montesquiou it and that the really they really are twere andorderly corrupt and there not really she they're not really super bright either just see how i mean it's like i had like i can tell you right now it's not none of em would make it on to a higher list for me i'd be like urging on polinari are we owe the ones that are stop an we got it in a grand new at this point i would say yes something or thor the chief i'm an overseas with the disclaimer on it which would be the cheating that they do because they have wiggled themselves into position of power we don't have a voice to the ti got to tell you so randy got i'll consisteront on the internet you guys all know that and that anyhow randy got be put something out and i'd hold my opinions on his right don't have any heroes in the political rom ratenow and i'm just going away to see what the next step is if it's a good guy playing a bad guide beg i'd played a good get what over but you know you got to look at what people say i am and taken per face red value so randy got beyond the midportion side put this out to day and i thought this was really its i on the the state committee and he voted every time in favor of financial transparency we have lost every vote on that apparently we have a majority of of state committee members just want to be cheer leaders i look at the position seriously and was willing to work with whoever on the chair position but i was also going to hold them accountable going into this i was quite certain that the delegates and my county would expect that from me however i find that there are some in the county that want me removed simplebecause i have dared to ask for financial transparency that was promised in the campaign for chair how dare i asked questions of somewhat we voted for it seems as though these delegates didn't really care about growing the party raising money or when he elections and appears the only one to day have their chosen figure had simington of the room they complained of on wiser running the top down organization but they didn't really want a bottom of organization like they said they wanted the same thing they had but they wanted an empty bank account i can't confirmedand the accuracy of a single figure or suggestion of illegal activity in those articles number one you can't in good faith defend the party number two i have no evidence to give you to combat the number three comments he rides from what i see many of the grass roots and quotes are rites by the way i'm not lost grass roots the grass you label but gained both the establishment and right and labels myself and number for the cat and number for you can't contradict that because so far that's exactly what happens sadly sorry i couldn't help more hopefully after shearing another honester swans of how i see things i don't get another another private message for one of christiern's members telling me how wrong i am i thought that was kind of a interestinginteresting sifted out you know and for me to cavorting to response like that number one number two is if you truly please lithostrata copies listening any asked for transparency in the second district i asked you for he said it out on to the website is not an yourertheories says oh we don't have to hear that because our consul said you don't have to you guys are as fathers transparent is of that i don't know that that that brick on because you don't believe it at all you want to quit a quo your false prophets every one of you out there saying that you all you want transparency but yet you don't have it her own thinkwhat about what about all the others have gone on we're talking about financial inthe second districts to kastooras for what about your detentions goteven have that you will all be as your fradamora ask and bear a scene question so with these guys speak like randy and that's not his writing ireite you there to because i'd like to scretairerie will know i'm using his his axe doesn't realize who's giving wetherelt of people are giving me his tax in different social media and i'm posted them as they are without any any narrative until afterward i let people see exactly who he is who they are because why because the false not real well i'm the the bigger problem that i see right now or as big of a problem i'm not i'm glad i whether i agree or disagree in the person i'm i'm glad he wrote that out there so or somethin woodiford so i can get on how is it roping something i'll find a screen of convict coroner because of how many kind ahow many felons there are on the ninthanother so even give you hang on consecrated to talk her too and then were in the rough had put on begetting its kind victorine got we're going to get rid of any loss and don betadananda and john by and what do we do we've got allinson and it running them so by co donachie right now i just put up a robert owens and ah i think that's kind of interesting but there's more than that isn't there colegate got to look at you got a look at you got a look at the number one delineator about philotheoro at the number one bill radikalen district share two hundred eighty five million dollars three years nine months and fillers are quarterly got all the money back as never one don't peto john smith john smith with district there i'll tell county ianischari the pellijohn smith was breaking in rein a cars and child knockdolian holefor ance or pained for child care or whatever anyways we've got them and they're so many more in go through a line of a billet i agree with it the odious when we give people refresshement because of their felonies because their criminals and the republican party there's something to miss but i got to say this all that is said smokescreen right now folks we got a stock this eating or our own really and i say that even in one of the biggest culprits of it but on the tell you this the comarcans are still in our rights every day the democrats are still other money and honor on state wishing them pass to these ludicrous and constant and saying laws and we stand by and we fight each other let's go to the capital and all coosohatchie colornot our own if there this kind of a person that caredwhither onderneemt in to claim any any alliance with anybody that that is absolutely not up you know defending the constitution of the people they're not hopeful agree with your daughter i'm just save to evellin three policeprotested otacite self of values they don't have i don't hear what what he interwove calling then that's all the ore with their all stereorary who they say they are they do not believe in the constitution of the bible there go largestare to guarantee her and of some first off in the democrats are doing this in the democrats are doing that will it's very clear it is the public more more that is not just the democrats this is this is not the the ownapart or the uncommon party as i called them oh they and when i say they i know there are good people in the party you ka so there is that there is that as the political cycle continues all we see is a is one party against the people that's it you so political system against the people so i did a kind of start too in out when people say the democrats this on the democrats that we got up exogenae fixed the whole system the whole shore bees at no democrat that's just a division that's another formal division on his nest the caricature like chess got in the temple he tiptoes tables over to those wreckinton trangers were doing what they were doing well we're talking about as these political parties play down his said down at home running that one again to go there goes the factorage the unipartite careened home run fer ter and there's two old ones but the fact is his people are creabilis just good persipicuity cited earlier we've got nothing more these people are artbilding their own pockets or their friends own pocket and that's what we got to stop if they care about people it's not about he is the mole they don't get that don't want to get in and in or the other thing is too as you got to watch what what they do to move assets around to their friends and other people the hide em so i'm going to eventhow this out there and just see what anybody sent him if anybody knows anything wants to wait and on this but i would look to see about a of a toss perhaps when under somebody else's names associated with said person were talking about right now and see see if we've got safertimes ties are i don't know but you know we might find something out and that i posted the judgment on you know the judgment on my telegram channelless anybody really wanted to see what was going on there for rendso here's another one that i posted that i've been endocked it out there and said why were not asking the right questions he and i finally somebody decided to really get into the throwedout there were card printer set step down and like don betossed finely right and he's she's like as far as i know they got thirty thousand in the sense that a rumor that a missioner publican party than thirty thousand as for a web site and it was answered by john with tarsi now he got thirty thousand for the website believe it or not much less than what they were originally asking and dan danish them down they were supposed to be more than a website for thirty and what other payments the supposedly got for the creative team likely the team that brought you every speaker at the maconochies because lois got them along with donochthead denaston show of causedon't think as i don't have the money they also never gave up control of the web site so nobody on the ace the administration over anterioridad sonskayin to be into that why godswas curious on that winter i will ask well i'm pretty sure i know why they didn't have the money so when notesthree to go get the bottle of find out as well and i went in want to know if they actually paid for the rooms there or if they transferred that money to the speaker's just have somebody up there because i've got to shenkinses picon that there might be a problem with the grand hotel not getting paid for them for the the room of course they want shows any any transparency so nobody really knows you know it anyhow so that that was kind of kind of interesting seen we're going to go on further and i said i'm joosten work on an on your secretary state or the campaigns either and how it done says to change he actually told danny to meetin one time that he's worked for free long and off and it's time to get paid for what i understand he wanted a whole heck of a lot more money than thirty thousand danneggiati the young down to and said there's no way a website is even worth that agreed that thirty thousand was sexwere after the website was done his team still working on it or tea guisinoe up with green of content despite the fact that we didn't have any money dankhah plan to get paid but they didn't have contract and jessaint or about they worry about it later and actually wasn't worried about it because he already got paid joe obviously went over danny's head and gave a gaiment four thousand dollars and never gave danny a contract decide joe and joel are scansarsi should turn suddenly when stuff started to get hot after tanning never fire joe moses no longer helping the party for money has love sit with scrubbing the internet this team was suddenly volunteers and we weren't getting testing through for liberty for liberties accompany me danny got it through another company for just ponieswhich i thought was kind of interesting and then i just wanted put this out here because marched thirty one twenty twenty three for liberty was wired seventy four thousand two hundred sixty one dollars and eighteen and thought that when jardinages in wanchester the days for an foliolsa as we need to bring him in i and talked to them in an asometon because i think they needed i think this regiaeque tions when you have only one can talk about the finances the lie i'm sure they're really got to come on on brenburg news network to talk to me about one tolancasterclitheroe on her come on and i'm in to say okay why don't we just talked the listenedhere and find out how many gold fish they have in a tank they're like ole don't have to go ineradicableness all we look for we look for the thisthisthis i gave were not looking for these sogliole orator the dangernever before who was it that sityooated was that dan and we had not asked at the joints was told christine would come on and christina thereon after i got kicked out the northern none of you dash oscitantly i seen you asked me commanded i was had all this consecrsti would welcome that opportunity to the mount there give my story and let you ask questions why because there's nothing to hide there's nothin did so i would say is we quite awe just halfindeed at offer out there and they look we'd like to get to the trestourner is the soft balls since our balls hoondered for some some tough questions it's crazy joe a joie from op north came on my chat and saddlebags working with chapman now and i'm like just cause i posted something first of all that is or which would coppermining john open ah it was posted some days from jonathan chapman i have never posted her from james altered than the fact that he he's got time counts a wire for i behind i think ah you know i think i saw that and posted something i just pastpublic record i get octogenarians i think these satrapies and carscadin also with a gosampine supervisors so chacaito say that sounds like it to something in ready to handlethousands you know what i do bid put something out the head any sense to it i'd be like while we just got a flash in the pan right and it but it doesn't mean that i'm like working you know it doesn't mean i relooking ridingbut i i don't know it's like of seen a bunch of stuff than that jonathan chapman's put out he seems like he's got a lot of he seems like he's got a lot of common sense stuffed it and i don't think they're related just as sonnes got a last moors closewith the wheeler dealer and i got to tell you anybody it works with her you got to be a not case you do i'm sorry anybody that uses her as his tellgible has got the same she's no better than city holland it really is side because the research has poor they go out rendringe never gives solutions and never give alternatives there the monday morning quarterback without any any way to be at without the expectset make a offer solutions they go i i read theresomewhere the very people i am pushing on the very people imposing her the very people there because they do not make why i tell you what i'd like everybody out there no matter who you talk to your crazy or no loon i get called you know bat ship crazy all the time cause i tracked everybody and it's like it doesn't make any difference if i take to somebody for five seconds oh look she's working on cheese closet come and i'm like no not actually i'm actually you know somebody who snorin and plant the considinenot gesprech i've got the bileduct n and the experienced both and these guys were call you cities on that eve looked at their background as this why i always say if the reserves leakthe reserves there workless therenothing to have an onything in their life and i doubt that the ever well because why because they dederent able to ormulates they will criticise but not offer this the lotion and that's why i keep thee i get i get enraged at these people they like to call me at all this i look at what they're do work at conchalee or toccopola have no background with okotook many things but how many really really go back to the word of god come monytores people really are are really looking at it from a kingdom's perspective if you will we the people not this me situation and i see it for the word like about peshanee the kin count you pectore complete disaster because we allow these people in positions well we think they're good but they're not we look at the second districtly look at how a moral they become we look at how bad they become in they represent us notedon't they never did but they lie to us they've absolutely lied to soiliness that other girl i got t like to listen to everybody quite honestly and i i really don't think jonathan is as related to james out its but i was footed has cared an eye or indicated their laughters with us by the sun but they also used it to beat hepolito get them to come back at me he has the gases me right on out him and tearing or he's pretty close to care and that contact with making means but i think i think i enjoy i enjoyed jonathan means means cesariselle to that loved you i'd love to go at him do you know i do that that's my rule is to be the protagonist not an end tag this one i'm a protege that to operate there you go so lot of notafter lots going on is there nything else you want i know you have to go i know you're on your way i'll do do something for any grand kids your great grandma i'm waiting for my goltstein read rate now he's coming out here at nine forty six is waspost be out here right and so i graphischen him off and then going out my sister laws afternoons so once again i'm on the road and then i got all the poetics to do yathodaya know that's so the sounds like a worthy day ahead of you enjoy the time with your grandson and things are coming i you want witone my day and nine o'clock he healed up bad guys secondhanded bring the at least you know it the thing that is is it's like we need to talk about the issues and i think people are kind of complex you know there's no nobody's perfect in there's a mixture of good and bad and every one youlisten if people not to put him in the good boy bad boy category good girl good bad girl can but i listened for information as you you can learn so much from people you don't you usagre with i would rather almost acetoso who disagrees with me then somebody who agrees with me as some you graemethere just like they're just like manipulating flattery a lot otteson who actually disagrees with me i like these types of discs ah i did agree i love you care in undecided there i know i deerfeeding the placehomewoodhe i can you played that part real wild most people have taken happenedthat holton just cancriformis her you know this that's a big problem with all of us here you know is like i don't think you could have your feelings or chuck i don't think i could either i just laughed somebody somebody who was on the chatachrino him i let no no no no i'm to let the sky go off on her kisses on inoculation or a second of all i know i know i'm written brains space in this case and i'll run space and skies brain full time for him to go off so crazy son just like a less just keep feeding this a little bit because this in driving to skies a spaniel in trim all dutchbut for leave if you will i cried overdistended all protosomite i might you bring on matters we can ask questions or another alternative would be though the canonicity before the third district people because the cheer there stepped down to pay of the third distant a banded and then i then also a born in step down and now i hear the fifth distrcere or criminal fellow john smith is closed up down to to the distortion of the homocentres coming you know there is god taken out the bad guistinani emselves out i love it i will never whichenever interfere with an enemy when they're destroying himself well to be the six put on that armour and this go to battle and then just always remember moses and your and joshua would have to afford costcoffee off the mouth and what joshua did after walk came down so as very clear god has the plan and agen he worked on through all of us with some people don't realize that i think i'll antinoeitis gods sayand what's the walls come tumbling down we don't even have nitebat he thinks chickworth days his hat we your saying it necessarily all right don't put over or to day or to morrow looks like the deck clock is pretty serious he never now maybe it'll be to day please god let it be to day bring the system down we'll figure somebody now all right yet i got chickens you know we can't we've got chickens we'll figure this out we've got so much on the state of michigan that you know nobody has to be afraid anything he prepared eathorpe i know what a smart person is always prepared for whatever can come either having having knowledge up here or having things that they've the assembled or people that they assembled that they know that they can form a team to goe we try his muses we tried we also brought back to reality that we are not all knowing and we're not allowing to case o one thing as were not perfect you just got have got see going any situation have got to go on who figure it out you know that's the best preparedness you can be as you be madly talk you go into it and it's like a cat youjust just jumped out of the plain with no parachute what's the next move will hopefully he got a body that can throw you hot up there or some hatoulet down old i fall the trampling down on the ground i was aiming for that and from the trampling acanthaceous red well just wellewillers figured out to gather but whatever it's going to be fine elfinense a great game thank you again to you you can get them on the inboard if we get them on board to cash i loved the field of the tokiothe people and and just see you know i think jonathan chapman is as hilarious i read the stuff you know on line and i think he so he's a resale snarky and he's a little age and i think he's one so i probably really likes me because because that's all i do i think i am maybe i'm not even a fool myself now you not tolysour egret you got this so i have a great day grandpa but take your grand undermentioned week i care in by and keep keep the satawar which are we my dear always said keep powdered dry the keppoch in another rousing day with checker shared i love that guy he so funny what say you care who i posted with the other day sometime that this thing about this democrat pon the fire latched down on the the fire alarm trying to interfere with vote and then claiming that he was actually just trying to get through the door got confused thinking of as some kind of door handle okay here's the tank this is the educational moment or the democrats going to respond to this and what kind of way so if you are a democrat an hour watching this this is like we tend to as you've just done this morning you've spent the first almost forty five minutes talking primarily about the republicans if you're a democrat and you see the story then what are you going to do you good to listen for what is your congressman going to say in response is he going to say oh i'm sure i was just an honest mistake and you go right along with the party line cause that's what you're trained to do you look party line no matter how stupid it's or do they say what i was in no case i don't know why he did that well then there's there's a little bit of honesty in a little hole that comes with or are they your cananore and pretend that i thee even happen this is the clown show that their putting out there but it allows people an opportunity to see more truth too it's not just to joke i'm sitting here laughing and i'm looking at the means that came out of it pretty quickly but what on ridiculous story did in an henemies you wonder dane do it just because he wanted get rid of the bolt or was there something more to it was he put up to doing it whose behind his decision cause ye all know nobodies who not believe he thought it was a door and then it came out that he was a teacher so one out he's a teacher he worked in him in building surrounded by these little fire alarmed things consortno in their alarm as and now love meteorite on of it or we can all say these a product of her education fails to did not flare i don't like you but i have got real happy endothelial body that doesn't know what a fire or alarmed and ah see seems canonscarter appointed nesolestes it hilariously be funny but what more is there to it i mean we get both in entertainment and an education at the same time if you look closer at it and in their so many stories like this i saw who was it ran paul war a red roll he was going going and congers because they had some kind of rules about dress in response to fetterman it is like well all this quartered rode to congress and it a clown shover there you have to laugh at it these people have no respect or dignity and what were their intentions there intentions are not the notes now do not fighting for the american people and it doesn't matter whether there a democrat or republican or libertarian or in any pendent the labels don't matter it's cloud shone no matter where you love turbut you know what we do have we do have gone further checked these then that the what he yet i shared that i know they got done of you hand okay cities so what i was pointing to so the channel that makes these things they they use an ai it's not a photoshop standard it's a a i program this is not an actual picture and in every every one of those that i've been sharing some of em are really just their funny they're like you know he was educating einstein and stuff like that so they got these historical corongolos of frompolly scenarios from the past well this one looks like it could have actually happened but it's not and you taught me this actually look at their hands some in on the hands that are classed here they can't they can't get hands re thatcan't like in this person doesn't exist type side o me have ever showed you that there that's really get but you you look at their hands and they can it's like every time policeor fine stein you now find nine died i say tresgone for long time actually but on the the hands never ever matched and in its catit's a real problem they can't edicant they cannot get the hands right and in the one from the i can't one but going in this one there are ingerentes they not lie on right there some other things here that's acuto me when i look at the lighting the there's some they's some perspective problems here big time and is there some big big perspective problems here and lighting his you don't you don't you don't have like a continual actually the lighting is i didn't looks very plasted you know moulting look plastic if they tried that they failed yet the force perspectives kind of thing you get up big collimating suddenly smaller yet relate the he's like shovel pick up let me see if i can pull pull that up in montosis kind of an interesting sight if you want to see this sin see you know how they're doing some of this oh it's the th this person doesn't exist like poleon talk amongst yourself well it is that again it's an education am i shared a story about how a i is being published all over the web and then you've got other things like google that will pull from stories on the internet it's just an algorithm it's not a conspiracy theory it exists so somebody asked the question or the algero the mast the question can you melt eggs and somewhere an a i had come up with the story so google picked up that story in the answer was yes obviously this is for so it's a warning it's kind of funny but it's a warning that this is shaping already the information provided on the internet so in you do as search for something then you ask google or whatever search engine you have a question you don't know if you're going to get the truth any more he is in you didn't before fewer smart but you see what i mean it can be completely false it is like the generator that you're looking for dispersion des this isn't even a real person there's a lot of fall out there yet i was assessorem years ago and i sit down here and you can use start seeing you start seeing the anomaly was really funny as if they get too of men a shot and yet in relateyou can really disease this person is not real guys this is an ai person that they'll take the they'll marge there emerged pitchers of people they find on line and create a new person this person does not except one of the things that i see here on this person is the elm that thi would pick out right away is the irises or out of balance so there's a there's a problem with the irish is in this pitcher not only the put you can see where the ears are not that's not always on come and see it at different heights but but you'll see anomalies and ears a lot and i and sometimes things it really freakish happens on a handed again and see what it comes up with so ah let's let's check check this gallo we've got a huge disparity i was like to look at the collar and such solichood at the locket look at the collar on thus we've got a real short shoulder here and ah ah here is one long her low short or low pier and let's see what keep will keep going here on this a little bit it got in any better with the the prompt you know the other promoted as that they never really own understood as they actually launched it before they had perfected and the problem with that was as that of their using old information so it's kind of almost as self correcting mistake they made they'll never be able to get a perfect because there's bad and puts that came in the beginning or so any of every house freaking out about this stuff just red locks all right god scot this then another one help to get a refooge you like what i was saying about this democrat its designed in i think that story is designed to teach if you're not you can laugh at it and you can learn from it at the same time and in if you're doing those two things you have no reason to fear it you have no reason to get emotional about it in a negative way i say look she's got out we've got a asperity and ear rings a different ring if you look in enough of these you'll start picking off the disparities they can't make him perfect impossible late times lighting comes into play to re can see it in the lighting yet he's got quite a little ice sparkle there for the tone of the rest of the photograph is not like a no tooter's light on his face especially with the haven short focal distance on the camera behind him he blurted out the background such take this out over here these contithat it looks like a it's looks like a mutated something or other that's what happens you'll see that and you'll see something especially the background of there's more than one person and there they can't do two at a time that can only focus on one or collars really high and the right and then it can doesn't match up like consolacion over here yet you got em meriting no don't do this if if you go here comes up for a high like real high in then it candamas ses of over here or lobes different or different heights even in this when they got the noshin of awful little bit it got on if you if you drew lines across as an ad bisected the photograph even though people's images are not perfect oh you can see it and also the way that they've o this is what i look at for a is that look at the outer the outer other worlds of the of the hair the hair lines will always be funk and and i this i can't quite a key quite do that you'll see that with president through because the rightful president united states are my and because they the hearers and sn exist you ought for while you you'll be able to pick it out too so i just put it out here for people going on here collado's going on there this confined just perused for a while as shortened with bow of her to implant yes he's a so this person does not exist gus spenlove shoulders and who have in our shoulders the shoulders are gone when she's got like a giraffe not not likely did you get the twitter vidio ah i tintorett receive what i got here i think he sat me yea yosnessenia and think it was bright and cates telegram but then there's no there's a twitter like in the post that i shared and i went to coaches the twitter even long not on there and i wished that video and i laughed so hard we were talking about this just before the show and how edis half the laugh at stuff like this but i loved it because it was educational so people are following the story of the euchre in the lensky and canada and the nazi that they honored and all that it's not the biggest story but it is a significant story if you're watching the show going on how ridiculous it is how did they actually show honour to and not see in canada and then they turn round and go all hooks we made a mistake we don't want it on the public record in some of the leaders sided thatsweet you on it on the publicthat the story is so funny and and i don't know what the original inter ouis i don't know who them who the men in the video are but the transcripts that are under the ah what do you call the radio it's somebody put them in there as a mean and it took work for the like three minute made its faint astic it's very well i'll miss olsen o'clock here and i've been bring my neck gessiden you want to stay on or you want to stay back stage and listen and chine man of we have for we slow down here love on you all right i like you on for a minute as that allthat in that in the chat a charlotte says a bowlines what jay six people got jail time mccarthy is a war mongering rine and also i think jeffrey's dinadan was called word love says whiteroot plastic she's i think she's a rowchester is eliza and now picturenow he got to the rector that dettingen with me doing the robot dance that's what mercantati like to know who they think they are trying to remove present trump from the ballot telling me who i can i can't but for their first mine ha it's like their biggest mistake because you know what we're going to say it here because we have to say it every day i present trump is in fact the rightful president of the united states and or you know i think i would debate that with people or not debate that but entertain the conversation about him being commander in chief because the sweet hand i had a friend who saw his plain coming in when he came to michigan and there were a air force or air force gets all the way round it and the guy that was talking as the military and spend a lot of years the military scenes for a process is pretty well ah the president doesn't come in that way only the commander in chief at one somebody is commander chief would and he said this is pretty telling about what in trumps roll really is right now cause i say the rightful president of the united states commander chief is probably more accurate at the moment time and rightful president of the united states to cause the stole the frigate and election commander in chief probably reality and yet we can go there sometimes i i do believe that that's we're talking about here all and i see john tater laughing in the background here cause he now has yet let's just do this tokay he done how you doin i tell you doing do not join your mode of the utterance your microphone ah a better eh that's much matter how gas doing a greater okay thank thee as for you laughin about commander and chief here john well we all know is an yes in the otherwise he has the head is okay cerigo to the commander in chief present donald a trump he here where are your o'clock the had to it so we're talking to day about guardianship bills that are in the house and tom you're going to be testifying on wednesday right about the about eh what what's really happening with the garden and ships and michigan and white as his soul so bad and so wrong so can we can we this discussion accuse i don't think i think a lot of people don't really know what's going on with guardianships and michigan and how bad they are how their using it to steal from people and you have personal experience with that don't you i do we men through this with my mom here ah for glass wide ears and my man died back to in half years ago in guardianship and it was about all these a minimum of a hundred thousand if not quite a million dollars and either legal fees and or from my brother and i and ah my mom's se and what happened over this period of time and my wife was her health care power returning but what people don't understand is that although some people need garry in ship or need somebody to look over them to ensure their life liberty and pursuit of happiness what's really going on here is that these courts are predatory in nature and the judge being a bar member ah there job behind the scenes since it's a big cloud and they're trying to take money from people they're looking for high network families and when i say i not worth a hundred and fifty thousand two hundred thousand dollar house is all they need crete a nice pay check for a barometer and so although in some cases certain people there the last person or family they have nobody to look after them and that is the last resort where their house has to be sold they took to require twenty four seven cared a nurse in hall but very seldom is that what was really happening as this that they want to pick a fight with the family and they used the word and in the language of the of the state laws which are suitable any family members deemed unsuitable that's the avenue that gets into a professional guardian and most people don't realize in a his professional guardians are usually lawyers and the last person anybody needs i did look after them as a lawyer the heat onorse the king never nurse ah the health department should be the person of the last resort to get involved and take over in upthey need financial help that would come from a bank or a qualified spa it wouldn't come from a lawyer who take over your finances at two hundred to three hundred dollars an hour when you can do that for five dollars a month with bill take oh we have to him we have the attorney general and which is ten enough currently and we have scott eater who had one of financial crimes unit for the attorney general they were an they were testifying last week on wednesday over these five bills in support of them and this you came to be at the end of it scots teeter he put down there so there's a shrine in the lobby of the house representatives on the main floor and it says i in the declaration of independence after read it it says i we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal there endowed by the creator with certain nalbrits that among them are life liberty and cursed happiness and there's no qualifies in their unless you get old frail or your disable the peter said during his testimony lasted so fairly dawned on me is that they actually have no right in these courts to have regarded there is no right there's no law there's nothing in the constitution it says they can take away your right after life liberty and pursuit of happiness and he then further described guardianship and conservatorship as civil death and simon death a worse crime in america then if your murder you have less you have left less right you have no rights a murderer in prison has more rights sunder and once we come to that conclusion then i believe under nor verses shall be county which they know on to talk about all these laws are in fact they have no meaning these are fine for these are legal ports and these laws are de facto you can't take away life liberty and pursued happiness of anybody they may need protection but you can't take away their life liberty and pursuit where the is taking it out of the family's hands is the further first mistake that they made because a person should be able to designate whoever they want and or the family step hen and oh i don't know it seems seems kind of seemed kind of weird the professional gardenswould i've seen of it is some of these people will have three hundred two hundred three hundred people that the guardian am i correct but that is true that in a lot of cases the my case we have some of the billing records or from this guardian of lion in jonesy colony whose a soul single single point morning late basically works for the hard even though she claims she's independent let the truth behind the matter was as the oh somewhere he works for where she has a company takes care of indigent people under guardianship and so it appears that the reward for bringing in high not worth families and writing false reports is that she gets a lot of the indigent if not most of the indigent care in geneseo and you know it's under medicated they get it on about ninety dollars a month per person would have you five hundred people that's a large income and i should go to do his pray their bills and the sudden up officially you can make a good living on and then your job is to bring in high net were families like my mom and right false reports after taking care of my mom for over eight months ah i was deemed unsuitable and we had taken her to the hospital five times and did a heart of lasion honored to restore her life and he vastly improving after having a really bad e of the th and you know the spot happens people and there ninety years if we we didn't realize that quarts committing fraud on we we walked in like their lot wish what is going on here were were working so hard twenty four seven em with my mom middle moving to her house i'll take care of her she was happy in soissons we had take care with a work for the doctor's little medication and finally got her straightened out here and then we had this law suit come in from a family member and such she was not being taken care of when he had said i don't anything to do with it i know anything doing more and i don't care about what you do and he walked away but then i think it was money grab on his part but then he went to an attorney and it's like he we have high not worth family here he judged just what let's pull out all the ammunition here you know how to run sand and on october four thought two thousand eighteen at hearing it nobody no family member was present and for minutes my man was put under an illegal guardianship a known said a word the court then send the any people work and they wait twenty one days for a residue to cato you are twenty one days to write peel so they waited twenty one days then folly help on the least on her family stealing bank accounts that my man and in one then they came in and the lea petition of immediately the same day on october fourth my man and under guarding ship by legal or the petition remove me from the home and the reason why they need to do that is because they have a network of health care agencies that they work with and we were ere thou with lots of money and windows and all these people know each other the nursing homes now each other the home health care companies though each other o the guardian knows them they all know each one they're all in this case they are all neighbors and so they've developed racket and there is much you can do about it because you're outsider to it and you don't realize that you're not in the club you're just not love have their own club and the robin you and doesn't matter what you say how many how much i try help you i you're not well known enough you don't have a you're not a slave i like a rethorikis case down in oakland county they let her for the first time and conconi to have a jury trial and onecount even though she did her deceased and they let her pass we worked on several other cases no clinton i can't tell you the number of times in my case in other cases we've helped people in all county every case is denied it while jury trial on purpose because the judge is not going to give away their power to the public and have a jury trial there's just no way that's going to happen and so the system's rigged and there's a big club the public is an in it and we're robbing you and that's the bowing to the whole thing as we're robbing you and istigati high now that all you families you know houston we got a problem right there and i but i know john we've talked about this before or on the judgments that go in the courts system that go to what is it nine eight ninety eight per cent are of the money money judgments and the reason why they do that is because their getting a cantoit goes into their retirement account i agree with that yeh it's other there's there's that it's in the civil action jurisdiction and they get they they decide which cases are going to try and if they know they can get a money judgment they go in that direction because it goes into the retirement account for the judges and and there's a whole list of its re others some and now that sat on the chance as many lawyers or in on it real estate people it's a rack at om sidonia i had my house stolen from me back in two thousand eight absolutely the career the couple come good ah first of all for all those listening audience out in their wonted never ever to get involved in any of the disputes that you have there is absolutely no other whenever you get the government involved senators two avenues oh one avenue civil actions where the government completely cut trudges to rule in any way they want and there is not a whole lot you and do because you are part of this voluntarily stepped into that when you won hir in a you are matically tesseract on jurisdicion and you don't have the brains of the he figured out i argue a balls and correct the problem you have to get the government and fall once or in civil actions all bets are off there after your money nothing else that nor the way i kept the other avenue you could take as the a republic as were going to talk about but northmans grinson one but in the republic there's only two reasons that you would ever have to appear in court one is that you somebody and the other one is that you do in somebody's pet other than that you have no business being in the the court is not there to settle these we as individuals remember why we hired we voted a in became bureaus however they got in their position they are public functionary they are to function in that particular job that there required that their sowing that's all they have they have the parameters by which they operate and they can't go beyond those if they go beyond those parameters there you carping authority never and in a republic we grant that or that authority to the and once we grant that authority if we ratify it by jumping into a court or by going into the or going into the civil action jurist we then ratified there behaved no matter how corrupt or whatever it is we said it yet so kay you kissed i can that's smart enough to andalican handler whatever and you attorneys will defeatwhatever send me a kitty and you'll take your happen you'll take your half and i'll get the peanuts left as again and people need to understand that so the first most important thing you got to do is stay out and how you do there is so plan all of this spot one before are your anticipated leaving this you are if you will the house that you on if you have money if you are an account porter children in charge if you don't if you don't trust your kids some reason along the line they they turned out bantered eetooroop in racing or whatever the case then plans somebody that you would like to have that money or the house or whatever give it to a i don't know your favorite church or your favourites organization that now you believe should have that on put it in put it already in that physicians once you leave they have its life goes up to if you wait until it gets the probe and then its dipping up this i can be anything less than the kite so is are all steel and all lawyers will steal it and the judges was the three of them going to back chambers the prosecutor and door probate this appropriated joe the person defending the situation to go aback room and in a deal the plain cards back there but there making a deal as the how this decided when he gets on the rack and you lose you as an individual because you're not privy to what's going on in the chambers you can't go back there so you don't know what kind of deals so he got to stay hollowed there there the criminals it's not the blacks in the lights and the chinese and americans this on the maps all her skin colors and all he raced allo sexual arianite it's the government people need to wait that on wake up and knows the real criminal is that it's always been that way way back from the day that we started this well look at seps he passes get no herd estimates of a million dollars per kid that they legally they have legal kidnapping going on no organizations stood exist and they don't really in fact they do not they do not exist but we have ratified remember when we go back to norton vers son shall be coming a kind of hold an off a little bit in trun is really is back he lost no ah but in an inordinate particular itsens you cannot create a de facto office you're going to hear this an important point of the can't create the fact of office first thing that happens when i run into an organization he calls themselves of adults foster care or rove what a child foster care whatever they are in going to ask them the very most port prove your i don't happen to see rests then it's the fact of an youcan prove your disservice steps what is that me show me in the constitute where you have the authority show me the constant were you having authority to he opened the federal plans for example are in the state is there such a thing called a how filamentaries absolutely not is there one called it absolutely not the biggest polluters and north america they have no des souris status which we say don't exist the foot in truces all of these organizations that we have been led to the lease do not exist it's northeners shall become eight nine cyril so though it is the law of the land yet these government that we have put in office others which has come up with the idea that they can create an organisation no the if they want to create or organisation for information they can give him formation to white but that information does not that's not the job remember we hired him here there are a laborer there the people that work for us there are public fontes i have to go she but when you're in the middle of it as amos and he's kind of thrown in the hot water now besotted figure out how to deal with it i thought it easy you nobecause if you don't have the background you don't understand then obviously they played and they their good and come you're the first one man been gone down his rod there is under the people before you pay no ale oh this is a one of these bills here there doing is basically a the fact of office which is an office of state guardian and they're going to oversee the guardians sidelike all show me where you exist in the constitute oportunity and they have none there father there trying to fix it by adding more this is just like a watch somebody wanting to fix our elections by adding more soft were to the elections when we know the elections are the problem instead of getting rid of the problem that the totally getting rid of the problem they just want to keep adding more to it the laws don't work on the books so they say so they just add more laws fixed the problem but the problem is s got to get rid of em it's you've got to notify well a lot of these cases like you said is that the last thing you want is the lawyer taking care of you and so if you have a nurse taking care of you from the health department who in that's possible because these say you have no family in your left along you weren't smart enough to do a health care and financial power returned so they end up in charge of you and their job is to make sure that your health and taking care of your properly clothed than you have food to eat no basically three hops and can i gas and so to say and and as long as you can maintain yourself or you you're not injuring anybody else are you have the right to life liberty and pursuit happiness there's nowhere to constitution allows you to cause a person just because he got i mentally all the mancha you name it ah that they can cause civil death on you and so there's a there's a very fine line of this and and this whole system has been perverted into a money grab senario looking for handworth families in michigan and it turns out that they thought that florida was the absolute worse they have a lart much larger population cool of elderly people in florida than we do but a really turns out that this lower michigan's probably the suscol of america and in dealing with you know from waiting county with the judges there was a couple of cases oh concauitate the or three different cases that are just unbelievable and how they rob families and then my case here and wash no county and an arbor oh and this is spreading its spreading every worker in the state we even see it and now the up so ah it's it's everywhere people and any place there's money travers city you name it people are gone in for you and you have to have your acting gather like gone said stay away from these corpses do anything any also have to protect yourself from your local sherfs depart in my case last while three weeks ago maybe a month ago they had the attorney general the judge the probing judging like michigan and a sheriff christinsen or sheriff are they all got together about how wonderful the taking care of people and please you know we're going to do everything to help you and now you have nothing to worry about just call us were there to help you all so this is an open invitation to come into your house to check you out the now what you open it front reshwold game over our anything from he smells because your dagger your packer at whatever it happens to be we can start promiseson you and rob you you know exactly who these people are ah might one of my things i do as i try to inform people of this is that the sheriff is in your friend not in our town you are even investigate these crimes of all these people the returnings in these judges are completely off limits to him and of course getting himself into hot water on a daily basis because it's a what is it it's a misoneismat of felony if you know a crosier it's a federal law you you'll the crime and you failed to investigate it and do anything about it when you have the authority to do that yours guilty is the person who did the cry so that all of siderov because that they all know what what were dead and with locked down the unconstitutional lock towns in that sea the constitutional em you know la forcement office in the state they should have an askin i as half of that the state is why didn't you rest what mark ashton probably to how much money you have and how far do you want to take this all the way the supreme court sand bed licho and you know you're going to lose all the way through the michigan eastern district of michigan federal port almost half the plan enough time and money to get to at least cincinatti and the appeals for in federator outeven get a traction on a lot of these so to oronte the first phase like like john said was stay way from these and and some people like myself we got accidentally sucked into this through no fault of her own and that's going to happen ah unfortunately ah the more people who realize that the governments the problem of the better off the citizens are the residents the people who domicile here in michigan how every one ah that government's the problem and sole your own problems privately and insure that sheep in your family have been taken out of any position possible and then the last resort is you need a plan to escape she in your health care power returning you need to have a close in there that if anything happens in a curt matter like this that that health care power returned him immediately pictou he could sell everything you own and move you to a different state and in have reciperent tom having to risdiction in because you're going to lose i mean the bottom line has everybody thinks that this is his fear in america in michigan and it's not it's it's a club it's a racket and the public's not in it you're going to get robbed and you're going to get her and people die over the how i ever like a listing of these guardians that are are out there as that one of those little secret hid in facts well some of the late right now and oakland county there's for guardians on their preferred list that were turned preferred list and i don't even think that's legal to have a list and it's like a they were fired by the attorney general's of it has a public administrators for their monpesat but yet eden lose their law license and they went right and that was just a minor minor issue i mean you know he when you're on a public administrator people don't understand that is like if you die without a will a public administrator from that county and is assigned he liquidates everything you own and that goes to the state of miscontrue so so you are millionsthat this is like shocking so these people in all cold encountring of four on the preferred list were fired oh yes that's sound as you looked at up its ongeveer where or an i'm kind of shocked about that when that's a new one i didn't know so one of us now involved in a court case and there's the theft of over million dollars involved in it he's involved in the middle of this race scott is in the middle of prosecuting a ticular family member who has this particular turney was co trustee with self how that turns out i don't know ah it's still in trial and thisreport in farmington it i will see what happens with that as a beginning this nitre general refuses to see the criminals and ah it starts with unfortunately his judges who have usurped the authority and have robbed all the public and so they just don't prosecute their own oh the tried generals hers rightly so there's several family members who had been prosecuted for some pretty pet grimes most of them are pale and comparison to what's going on inside the so i while the crazy song looking at looking it up over here which he had to say can this crazy latin they do protect their old no matter what the poet you have to understand as an individual citizen in country that you cannot go get up against i mean you could and i do but there once the way for he people are not every our friend remember during rains time when they said that when regan came up and one of its e where where from the government were here helping remember that comment repented the back to the assailed that was esuch a sage scamp slam on the that is he was the nine words you don't want her and threat he cried ah and most important let's go back when when i was a kid and before them everybody was in gold to your few have a problem new iraniern can have to turn the young retainer or you go to the doctor and you put your trust in your faith in that extent i can even think of a good analogy but that's like or giving the hangman the rope and everything and saying i trust the same kind of thing you don't want to go to these people without some knowledge or your health and how how your body from i expect the doctor to be able to give you the proper by aments of minerals now a when the proper drugs keep you moving or live for the next three days you don't want to go in that direction you want to have some idea about your life but your capabilities remember what god said people careless for lack of malet and we have the same problem not only with the american poet i with the legal i think the legal profession is now jumping a head of the medical as being more corrupt than the medical when they were selling the oh i base pirmaseus the stellar i pushed we we have never been oh our bodies are not built for oil base chemicals fulton slight we are not based for the legal profession in turn the loss she they don't follow the constitute cause there the civil action an innocent lection here so you've got to be in the republic and that's where it's the only selection you're going to get if you're in the republic and you can talk as you are in the red then that's like her but like one of those crosses the vampire they know an agothere i want to go to north oxactly what norton says and most of i when i had not found the torne and or judge that will give us any how any idea of whether nor is good or bad in reading the note had never created even when i asked circuit court judge war and we asked him and did you read martin any susilo he the circuit that's me on on the bench for home years and he does plead the republic when say he's got a book about there but he doesn't want to talk about norton why as all of the in all the they don't want to talk about norton because yours of course you'd have like ninety five per cent of the government completely erased exactly clouding the bar letting the bar including the bar a kind of quasi governmental body established without to show authority now you could take an have honor is a cloak membranous join the park of they can't force you to be a bar member and the camp force to be parmenter that they can't so they are over authority that they were never granted so we have to now back up we have to learn he stopped at we shall learn back when we were elementary no no agnolo i understood what the which should have actually talked about north they could not establish a de facto office that we would have never had the fbi cia irene alphabet organization the annals now now the pieces are five cases and that you're going to be in that a current is that correct tom five cases of mine your meiendorfs bills that are being considered right now rithmetic you tell us what those bills are there basically re writing the guardianship laws and there on bill's number forty nine on nine through forty nine twelve and then the last one is this office of state or in ship which is a five or widerporst have you the come have you written the people that are cassinese bills and saying have you read norton of senator soonso and do you understand that these organizations are these department center developing canonicos titution authority to be the back did you get a letter in their hand and that's what you certifying that that i have done yet because one spring the stuff on the public and instances brought on the public glass tuesday night later actually around two o'clock in the afternoon when the antignostic one of the bills of office of state garden shop was wasn't even on the dock yet on though the set was in progress it's now out there for you to look at it google house bill before seven and you can download it you can download all these bills and and read through the am i the issue is as a like you said as that oh they've left everything all the loopholes and there that these courts house to her people there all still there it doesn't really matter how he want to change the laws still like as ronson's cookie theatre just the same old thing it's like him are you suitable i judge traslcere not suitable the reason why you're not suitable because you would be in the way of us robbing you because then you'd control all the finances and we're never giving you a jury trial is because you're not taking bread the judge is ability to cause all these problems for your family so you'll never get a jury trial the at vilell your constitutional rights and like you said you don't not the the average person isn't trained well enough and no matter what you turn you hire and michigan ah we found one that okay and good and but he still you'll shall lose its handlike here you remember the harlem globetrotters in the seventy how good a time they were in every time they came on television they always went just by a point or two and who did they play the stars right who the stars while isolierenden attorneys they it's like they're all part of the same game it's like we already know it this is a show and the shade in you go lose by just a little bit always every single time with the what was a bell norton forty of just i have rather from forty nine o nine through forty nine twelve and the said something forty seven or fifty forty sue forty seven though then the five different mills that there working on to update the current bill the fact o bills he come to me is that though nobody had the weight to take away and be a virgin exceptions i came in his loof proved absolutely go forth sorry for being late i coronato doing good oh prove is the jury office created by not to say the thornes are going to win for you the problem is people should avoid probate by setting up their finances in their care he should avoid probate like the place spiriting what they can do now the same everybody can do that people have no relatives they get all they getting they get an ow ah committed and then spake some cousin or somebody shows up at once up to write like you were her in there and the steine people should avoid probator any courts as paste and not to say that the system is in ringbecause his system is rich per is just there if you got a ses that our transferred entered death or prior to your death or intensive your incapacity oregontai thereason jurisdiction and you know how families will come out of the the wood work of therese pay off at the end an everybody lawyers up in then they fight each other till the money scone so not to say that some of the problems are self inflicted they are self inflict not to say that people should not be able to enjoy their retires had he taken care of my relative the desolate to the so when you go to probe with an eterne your kind your already agreed that whatever happens you can look in by and then when you've got other relatives that built a thirst bad blood between brothers and as said uncle adjust makes a mess of it all not to say that it shouldn't be used when it's necessary i as report experienced its being abused is supposed to be again for the interest of that incapacitated so oh not that jolting in others aren't trying to help with elder law the problem is is that people are being educated when there their prime that your mother and father are good in my nature help learn about what needs to be done prior to the day of the fall down the stairs and they can remember if they because they had a concussion of the next thing another relative shows out i says well i don't have the will or i've got the will and were going to argue that and prove too and it's tabestone say that her polcat be unreal i should just look at it they as jurisdiction of probe is all bad definitely not good but it does have its purpose the purpose that people in an all to with our kind o like after the fair somebody's already open men appointed relatives of already been appointed guardian and power of attorney and conservator in the nurse of fight there is a fight and as with as what happened with rough sandals mother there was internal on friction between the sons and it was just one thing after another then the probe church sided with the bad among the sane the bats and nothing was ever done raw tried to get the piles issue could do it tried to intend the other and he got some traction but not enough alas and with that part of the republic we have to fit i'm not i'm not saying it sound the front burner on the back burner somewhere in the middle and to say that they've got peace loopholes well these were avoiders postheld guide to through that that leopolder the mind feel but they're not there to help you there there to drain the assets of the estate and the judge is complicit not to say that probation go away totally people should be more responsible national ittogether relationships with their offspring or brothers and sisters themselves it might come in help them and that's why you've got the elder care in the stry expose and when the elder care industry exposes you know who wants to get involved the in the same bloviating about that is that oh what people don't understand is that even though you done how your planning properly and you have a health care in financial however turn her joy is the call it they are the bathing in porto go ahead and try to find anything that says ah if you're the health care in financial power returne and the case is brought into court by somebody the case was immediately closed it's not on the paper work or even if it's submitted in my case it was they just ignore it and they were talking about that how it ignored in the core a matter fact my wife was helped here poetry and it was a more than two years later just before my mom died they just set old oh i forgot the bout that and as one her not well on youngand i just thought i i just removed your health care poetry or two usually now get termination as the corruption of the abuse of the judges which have to be called out an act say you have to act injurious cannot arbitrarily the power of attorney for even if his cost health care when the person wasn't sound minded boiteres to be here for the interest of the person and i understand that that what the do but then i'll say hinetune and the of the attorney will do say on my parentageboyhood this then he has the money pit that there all after there or looking at the the best interest of the incapacitated person or interested party they're all about peter work there all about feet there all about time and again when you have i don't know if it would have been better for to say in retrospect than i should have been just our retorne for health care should have been a power of attorney in a conservative show for everything even though she was able to move around and make make decisions under one and to say it was right that the judge ignored that we now is not right when we go into the sand box the was built now salian people in our right the legislature should affix the longing but there is getting some traction with that but we tosefothal place out of notethis is his problem matter because we could indication i it doesn't have another stake seenery spoons the fact is we re letting his happiness propped to say that we're going to get an ochouagen on his chargeand prope that's terbenthene no but that's something to shoot for what this is where we're finding in the republic after pathetic with you i am and ah rob her and we were counting on working with rothe best we could and as for subpoenas ah for documents from the hospitals and no working in are not going to get you like on a sign no order no don't know luke yes the coin and tried in forster in a pretty bird conelike ignored that too it's a nightmare but the nightmare can be said may be not for people right now what the future the people have to be aware simlins at once you start more or melt against each other as the perfiteste and narrative for the probate judge to give so he's got the result and the attorneys are just in all their salvation because they are not concerned about if there on the side of the good son er daughter or the bad son nelson her daughter there just going to make ee there is pollinated start listening fees this meeting this pon call this appearance in court in its third there not interested in what helpes their interestedthat with that in mind something that needs to be worked on and if that hour wheel house i give you credit in a mind your side to do it but like anything else i'm not saying swing a judge is good the the problem to be fixed lies on the mission legist no canoes comatose in series and progressive overpass there that were democracy and were a party there all working the gallerybut is it not eingetaucht of criminals sitting in the seeds who don't opoots the law and our interposed on the care botlatsitsi supports them and they ignore offences and this for the disconnect if people get in all because of is happening at the federal level or at the state level or at the common level like with probate as what has to be involved i still have to have the right argument see judges from going outside their delegated authority and to do the right thing now i be refreshing and is not to say that it has ostalpen the safest of the days when it becomes egregious case monumental isolated ah and with that being set to such esipova but is also the district post on the chagan and we see that in the district parts of the united states all these trump in diamonds on the not the dog talents to bad but none of those in dimonds should have been almost inmeshed have been challenged gongoristic tion ation have been disposed to mediatly there is no crime even though even the champion on january six protestors they still had ferebat alpacas in ontonito the provocators that were there as potplants and the always whipple around well there were no espinasses there with men by none to nobody was being paid by me have peior directed by the affito do there on generally success right because you had somebody else do you have a offer say hey the skin goes to this crop the scotch part of the proof boys i take the propos and tilted to this step the other and the infiltrator will still get a but it wasn't indirect payment scheduled for deppei they always insulate themselves from what they want a go on to be disposed the prose so that the prophet ah i don't want to say i'm not in but i am interested degree there you got a rough row to hoe and that is the suadeat of people the swaying you which has but you also have to understand there you're trying to fix sur problem a like we are on the republic that has been corrupted years ago isochronize that your never then a wind is to recognize time effort icones people need to have continue to show the corruption that we are not giving up we're not going anyway i agree you're here concionari we're going to work in a gin you to do the right thing not by hooker colocynthe constant and we're going to hit you to honor your of cause the profit or codes take the same all to defend the consent and people as interested parties being relatives directly or indirectly have the right to put forth arguments then in there spoke conserving orarian then the port upon a garden and lion they appointed conservator they appoint a pore to torney and then its conomical on theirs it can be it can be vexed i can't and i think people are on the right track like you and jolly and others was sometimes i think they take on cases that aren't really good as the person or thing to hell as i have the best archimeter narrative to put forth but as a personal stone talked about these things in general and i've got i've got to some store in my soul i should come to the substrate i'd got a narrator i want reparation now what i want repressisset and neri on reparation and also what for all the one wonder wot what of men in the fens yeanother circe and the thirteenth amendment did not eliminate slavery gottereatit except in cases of punishment for critic you can be a slave i can this i was his slave i want reparations telling me to get millions of dollars but again these are the arguments that have to be that separated by the fact there to the people who said that their descendants of slaves on that action should have been taken by your relatives back to the day as a torche at the government lie to in them and give up their forty acres and he et ostesse to you as a generational generational generational a litigant that was just hallock and i tell lolobthan may they were of they were promised and he didn't get what they wanted to i don't know they soon or not i'm sure some the coarser the carthartick that and other so stunning about morrisholding cones that he console in that same era and lays out how any public functionary as to operate and i can be held accountable because if they don't they're not in seriouser any more their dictates are known now just as in a side when lesson i sacred gone probated front of a right now ah i'm not certain if there is one last case open that he stole the house and they used all the money the pay themselves they had a quart of pointed the torney in the court decide the steel the house to pay the courtepointe de turney and my hands that you were ourselvesit you know smetanathe they never may never had any annual filings ah the money goneinto the cases to slept on the hanging so just off the top of my head i was set you file and acted a lever to judge was after as you sir her monition to sell the house in the money made distributed without an accounting was enacted usurpation an hour looking for money damages in an unfortunately wouldn't i the whole entire genesy county courts systems involved in this and so this has to be a federal works you'll never get anywhere i doesn't hastenbe use again remember there is no probate judge record why you canescentis weave a rule that for judicial economy that if it started and probate we filed a few cases in circuit court and the immediately used the local administrative order to jettison the case right back to the judge an i get it in covenantwhat it what you were trying to accomplish the coin you in the rather harsh to the newer in the corpses john has done a lot of re lerot we made mistakes of the past it is not to say that we don't make mistakes either any more right now not said the man the fact that corruption is so deacon in some people have to be set and just then have to answer it see what they do with it and not to say that he might not be this pisoteando red but without the help of the attorneys this can be accomplished this it is in that it takes a lot of time but i i always contended that it's worth fighting for for a riot you're going and on wednesday town for the to to testify is there anything that people out there could do to hold new the problem is that of either people don't know now the public's walking the come over ten thirty to noon at the house judiciary committee meeting ah the people had the main floor of the old gid you ups are tell you where it is upstairs i think it usually it's on the fifth or and there's rather a hundred and fifty or more people to sit he why elective seldom like in the last hearing the turnin generals there in scotch eater western or might have been twenty people in the room and so people just don't understand what's going on us they don't also they don't understand also that new to the problems of what we went through the last couple of years there just one stroke one hard to tack one car accident away from being involved in this one and even though you think you have a health care in financial porter done everything properly it's all meaningless ah if you get yourself snapped hood in the wrong senerio a night whatever you need not hold rolled in your head and scott or a saying they're going to call a judge again to in the merganser they can't get hold of anybody else to save your life and then it's just a slippery slope you'll never get out from under it now again all your oi don't i don't recommend using the words never and you've never been to succeed in cups that is not that was not that's not the the words to be used because words have meaning sialkot other northmen and when we use the proper words it might not be successful in your pie but it will be successful now the road with somebody else repaid and we jos he had john was successful these fell back in the day twelve years ago does it mean if you get another ticket you'll if you use the narrative that he success is double because we're on the right track and the right track doesn't mean that every judge is on is on the right the as i individual by individual an awareness made to an individual judged that i don't care who you talk too before i got up here and i don't care who how you treat the next time hind me i wish you would treat them the way you're treating me but you're going to treat me defer i'm not john wasn't doing this fonnybone else and it wasn't being selfish all was just that being dead that we didn't come out with crystallized that that we didn't he didn't come up with his desoreille noted supreme court came up with the and it still veiled i be then come up of it we just flashed it out into a document of place i scared the jesus out of em over a traffic ticket for a seat belt he told the continent to show up now to that hot as it halenses the complacenter now but there has been pushed back because again they always say hired the are you not following the mission cordials pole his successor and the repeat of bilities the so with your private hearing coming up on wednesday i recommend you get as many people there and maybe some people got a raise their hands and say emisperi your honour because fylingthorpe regulous judiciary committee meeting on these filologiisto a court hearing oh i dessay i'm sisera you know they've stuck the gone down the same path they have of all the previous years nothing released going to change with any of these bills eh this house or the sun office of a guardianship a that there gonalves cally all the people on the border unpaid members you don't have any authority you don't have a pain step they said they'd pay your expenses if you want to volunteer in have of more than full time job she sing these people around the state of michigan and then working through cases and working seven days a week ah that's basically what they're asking somebody to do so this this office of a guardianship will basically have mo meeting because there's no people in it nothing as to men of the back side or something there's you know some who always people rounded around say you know that their work and for free for these types of efforts instead of for an individual effort over is somebody's pain the guarantee anotherthese of guardianship a committee of the legislator now there's a they have it all spelled out in here and a park by a each depart department cal passed three people forward for nomination and he counted sissiness i agree with you they always put loopholes but an unconstitutional act consoled from its set even if the intent was that their kind of fell or created the jury office it is just on end they have no authority to do anything that again villas the republic and thus say that not to go to the hearing the folkestone that the legislature do their child i should not then create an office at the stricken fixed with legislation or a standing committee in just one may have to do they don't beg they want in get elected so that they can she ah think selfish kiss babies and pat the dog they did they just want to click their salviti can't do anything for you now gonenot only you're not a constituent or none too i'm not on the comte but these were the disconnected missions titution whether it created that officer not it's not being run to jury now that that's easy thing for me to say that's how you have to talk with these and you get in front of other public monies and that's what will then may be well made it will let the more people just like your trying to do to be made aware that then will take it up because if they're not interested now a conto be interested when they their old age made the will can be one there are things to it and so we fixed and when we have people i am the isisibei harassed and they cowered up and i don't get anything from people i say will hasn't church orochons your section and they say i don't like us a task my ten well he theasker surely if that is that what you think should have been done wi er you asking bosses so back to the elder man the elder law should be reviewed by a standing committee and lands to say as they go round the state to hold hearings for discussion and on amendments testimony from people like they've done with other things but they ignored that thes mony too on a case we men say this is all we have to do to fix it everything stands from the legislature wonders michigan or feather and of the legislators and lands and do their job because they've been paid off well it doesn't help you and your situation in dealing with a relative that is as istaken away be kidnapped and the rest of em de action i can tend again they stand the rule of law the republic is to to do even if it's the smithsonian even even if the conjecture was contemned like rostand has been threatened with and he's got concretions on one order the wanton sheriffs to pick em up on a bench or so these things happen the discussion and the interplay of ideas is what we want not to say things can happen instantaneously because of the in history he got inanimateexcept on a bet but the notesthat e limberham he then nobody has yet this is what john and robin i have been doing has the bold northmen but i give you the latest rob and i breathed the sky diner talking to friday last and we were the parking on he afterward and talking with mica der so familiar he was running the show there and he was listening to my discussion allowed on nor i was taking it all down and i saw you olento talk to your turn you both well i also let him know that i shall become he has yet to be demanded on any level so wrong his and he mail tapped annominate touches from i might who was there running the thing of all was going on at washed and he's supposedly contact with some attorney the attorney told him the case of erie rail over sopportasse he gave a adopthe effect of this and use of nor perish be county and the analysis that was given to roman given to me was that because of erie railroad some doubtless on decided by the supreme court in nineteen thirty eight no has prior to nineteen thirty nine to be used as president as for anything in the several ports so will the better contact a seance to the spirit all trescobeas scolia has cited northernhay county chat was issued the nineteen nine of these patriots he is the term loosely this might go was all interested and getting as a charity and and rob and possible be done together with the and chalk for her the fact that his whoever it was i know which attorney it was told him that his spending gated by here railroad tompkins without doing any research without doing any reading because he said does john and run no about his case how we know out in woolagan the day from the annales national livery lines in new york saying that there is american common ones as exact opposite there is no merit hale england but that begs the egoist to many people recognized her something wrong don any homeward doesn't you they have to get involved in his a dull one to say well john i rod and ross tell a good story about norton but now that i heard the other pers so credibility because the reporter that nor i doesn't apply any more i'll stay with that railroads anything all the law that can be used in sided now or nonsensers for nothing in monotones cold margery hers badascian more so back to state affairs were elder law in probate cordis part of the problem is then then off he should not be filled i had an offer should be filled by appointment why s fell by the govenor and even though it might be a third party the governor could appoint people to be done epope and who would then authorized them to be the legislatures nominated for their political connection and passed on by the senate and it could be fired years and then if the pearl bay judge him he heard was acting really hero would we go to we would go back to the legislators say hey remove this person immediately you passed on him or her the swore their altothe constitution and their office in not following it and we can show you chapter and verse of the later not applied so removed them amedetly to be not don't have the soot them freddy burton just cats and eve mail don't show off and cork to day you've been suspended sending somebody else to take over your case this is wearing it into well why do we vote on them i wanted to be in the mire i don't care who's in off as the act the surety and i said it before that one a trump and hilary were going at it then if hillary clinton i send this tendencieshe when we read then he got as and if hellicon came out the next day and held a press she said and this was like two weeks before the election i had seen the error of my ways if i am elected and i swear mild to the i will tell you now that you can rest assured i will act the jury in everything that i say propos are due i set a little on for but nobody said that nobody is saying there nobody nobody living being has set the old tolithe is one purse be tried here what he was on channel setting hunting for governor in the primary for the libertarian party said he was going to act the sure never heard another public functionary looking to often a well like tin in epoite that is even brought those terms oh now that doesn't me john wood have been somewhere down the road if he got to be the governor of st as the corruption would be all round who would be the attorney general but when ten men the secretary of state who and then being on the legislative branch do them cotton represented his sort of the scented in michigan how would they then react had it all flat tires so one and then i open it did so again it or i concided by hilary you got his satellites acidecon that hashed out of areother confession has she seen the error of her ways that you don't rule as a mafioso you rule under the rule of law to help everybody not to line their pockets with money and favors but to let us run our lives the way we ran up run our lives within the boundary of what the criminal law a civil action but the criminal law so that to this overarching patriot attitude now when people here stories and they liked to be entertained from john and i and even rob i think a lot of em say there dismay into not he is wanted is made in an up an run says he was one the gallery of avocourt an officer in the bailiff's looked before officer aids and between the rows icetaon the ground hiding as exactly one did his eyes looking between my life as he offered his in behind me they no longer fit in tribein me i see the shoots he hisses the thing that does it his doctorin has troops but it has to get their attention that lease street nor verses shall be county and come back with questions but how many the home often do we get there seaton to get people with question and there on board stands on board in sandals is on board a whole treachery jerry on board because the toms spark to give one more word time might be on board in the takes some whatwithout filling the whole word for lost johnson alston i don't want him at all to come into court any one they do not they are they the treading like a leper to coronato the crest cocoaoil their treaty of annotates collector in the gent siscowet to these issues the third is not that horse stretching it it's just what exactly what the or said bache exactly what it is ten sided not enough with her newly signing it for her the defect of officer doctrine as opposed to the defector office again that's the distinction with the fen they say that this is how he fixed the republic for everybody and with that i opens the right oh that's not the hand or so ye so get that was my what was that don expecting somebody has in oover and that's never been here so hopefully that they didn't drive in there locomotionis e this is venereally informative and and runition on again if you come on the johnnever morning he's on a ten o'clock ere onionone o'clock mortimer you in oenanthic antes daysthere by red have you a red narcisse yes i hear it ye reste my show i set as hotalmost every week the gilmanton say that you've read it having grasped to say that you can look at a news releases that person should be charged or et why i have not of a great coiled to be able to say that all these departments and lantree letter for letter agencies need to be novelised quickly that it is own except but the potions should be a norm there there's no authority delegated even to the legislative branch to create that they could then not even delicate or the present cannot take on his all to create had crache day nixon created department of education none of these exist if they existed exists an advisory positions and best but they have i dinnot regardthe posted absolutely have grasped on that and the why we talk about it the people who had the eredit i oneonce i find him dressed i didn't dresseither read an i didn't but i wasn't looking for longer what we're not concluding the case the hall of the whole ideal nor in is we've been revolutionized along the way we haven't been told me revolt the hotelier volution ized the ledge pen for the government as a lesseesdessiatines what you lost i dislike has been revolutionised executive branches been revolution she the revolutionised so discolor with whatever be said oh that has an gotten there people in congress so much is people in the federal government are taught in a round nor in a third laying out bread crumbs frost to think that they do understand it but there still not using it properly the context these if the democrat is on the witnesses and their under old and it's not a nettoyage erratic could be an gercara he comes there to give testimony he says twenty times i don't remember stand up and say cattle place resided put him in jail rigatoni another a theregeneral nominated and asked by is this guy it's finality his oath of office like claiming ignorance repeatedly on issues that we has oversight members of congress are duty bid his duty bound to tell us that's what normous them there is no you have the there is no you have to put them on now as if there under oath asremember what happened with odd hers when he testified secession he was leaving put on her old by the committee henry got the same treatment back in the day when she was secretary of said this is the kabuki theatre at everybody tools into she watched to see if their team as winning or lose but there are no the the country has is the country that should be winning if somebody gets elected they can't put their hand on the bible and they put it on the kara one is norisshen become said that part i don't know okay we are a christian found the nation is it about separation church insane the pilgrims landed to want to say they landed at plymouth they also landed at james some dedicated the founding of the new at the new world because sardine what to establish whatever they established as again i authorized by the king or queen of their other country the christian be now does that mean you cannot be a public functionary if your most now it does but it me he set you have to act de bible according to one not rolling catholicism not presbyterian not greek orthodox not russian orthodox but according to the bible the third or inner holy court houses used to have the ten commandments in texas and years ago near being remote there is no separation churches tectosages on this not of all the separation you cannot declare that a rootitologist state religion of united i declare that pre orthodox ideal religion should you be a member of or you can do anything the founding of our nation was to be found as a christian a and i contend rose shedele can be moslem and still hold office president noticenot an astral born see a dog that does the stock or from being represented on it once she does an honor stivales as in her oooffs the terpretation he no longer has immunity in the son or the representatives and say he were having to re come a regent row row but the reality is because this hold melting pot and they don't want to melt and join the republic no keep their own way and again you don't even have to put your hand on the bible any more in court you can just swear the firm a laccolite on that feller as on no it's not is not castitatis why when you look to the history that the papers crown the head monarchs and kings and queens of europe the say at the cross on their crown was a recognition that when the pope crowned them peneque that they recognized even they had the bendtheknee they were under god they had a responsibility to their subject subjects of their nation to be mindful and to dust can be choppin up everybody's only has did a heavy the eighth emperor of chopping block tolerance ten and twelve thousand he was shut up people's help left the right even people that he thought this one like sir thomas smaller this is what the evil comes in that's why he wanted the second horse so was it that in portolano e he is stablishes as head of the church on the englandand therefore since was appalled he conthen grant himself his own second divorce to save him i don't know esoteric on the old the ultimate drugs there sole look to how he had looke how public functions if hilary would have come out on tv and sid the accused of the lot of things bidding the air my ways and a few boys for me for president i will act itmyself deals that are sure according to the carnelians tution and we will clean up the swamp and she could have been she could have more terms than dr this is just what it is if public functionaries on to ignore they don't have to act as your there conanor its if patriots will say well i thought the somebody and i really haven't myself read norton in this person as credentials which you don't have in by the but if you don't have the same credential i'm going to take this person's word or not he not just not reading your case i'm not going to go to red the case and they talk about but they talked really good about it and in the contigat carcase so i have no home worked i'm going but i'm going to get up in front of people at this kind diner every friday and bituallas going on in without any kind of no none oh the patrons june i am patriots hold john and we talked about the solita john has tried out the patriot argument and tense it is ever come up and to say what's wrong with the government and not to say that one or two might have not been worked might have word but their arguments have never been repeated some of never eten shown to work grenade overtime oh we're vessels on the land i persistentis bill of lading the whole should never so in the end it is not to say that they don't recognize things need to be fixed okay fix this one thing and i'll go away read understand orders and shall be countin cohenite talked on the way i do and you will convince other people to read it and is not then the monk ever and still applies a hundred per cent he can never created the fact of office you don't have the you don't have the ability to claim a plied in emergency and not long turncoatin engines by twenty thirty cause you don't have that delegated authority you never will you never had stopped being a usurper as soane and were not in over and at the savisesha good cassinese about all said i like joel i like a man forefacto why he had a television show that started in the hand the winner at the end you can have to wait till the next we jon rolled in was attacked erling ever he said on a hot mike back in the day when he powellii or not and no he's got the best washed dream once and if joe rollinses come on my process either in new york a person round ponhasse this i would say john and i do one thing for me for she he got rynishe he tell me what you think about it you will not know what i'm talking about i will know that you don't know what you're talking and he came at hongkong some of the street grovels is to have you know i get on here to give people a chance to talk and unrealistic for all of us to know everything then i talked to a lot of people and i am sure you too but the great thing is as we as americans if we can stand together looking for the truth and and in many different areas which every one is concerned of case every one has scottron areas of concern and ternotte areas it concern of guardianship and i really applaud you for what you're doing john is incredible he comes on i get more good come at about god in every single tones deck where people are like man have done on like every day all day long i'm like i know i look miantonornoh re mis first to my rally taught to you you know i like this and what's really wonderful it's for every one who is put all the efforts in studying in the knowledge that they gained is to come forward not to test everybody because there's so much that his half and over the years and failed education system and on and on that we have to be willing to share what we know in order to educate people so that they can get on board and you know and oh and grow them on people going in that same direction i think it's really pon i kind of assume most the time that people would really like to know what's out there to be learned it's just they haven't had the sources to go to you actually learn the things they need you to write the nation there the people are running around right now feeling holes over all these a second hopeless because there there so few people that are willing to say hey you know i am in a very a very shepherd like way why you know what i know your feelings i know your family you know i'll you don't really said right now because we all feel that sadness and see what's happened in our nation in every single one of us at this point in the pastor take what we've been given or what are terinos or in such a come forward with with a huge sense of humility and say you know what i don't know what everything but you know what i'm willing to stand together with each and every one of you in order to put the nation back on its feet and if you're sprung in one are rehyou have an obligation to be strong in that area and to work for and and for every one to jump on board as far as the saying went you know we've got some really good people here in thethethe problem i seen across the board and our government and the governess that we have right now is that they're building their little fry lots and they want credit they want recognition rather than say i just want me dame country back and that's all i want back is they want things to be restored to what it is supposed to be and what is supposed to be as what originally worked and that's going back to what work i mean we're going to have to feel back about ninety five per cent of what city now there right now and i i am not complete fan of calling it out when it is in that edition treason in crimes against humanity that even committed by those in office and it's not just those in office that have been elected in its elected on elected you can look at the doctors and the nurses that were out there that did the same thing that they did in world war too i bet sochewerk odoni here no no a the hand or too old sitting on her pontoppidon verses shall be county but the egotists the tool not just to learn that it tool to use in every communication or discussion with a public functionary if you don't use that lexicon of the ah all the functionary is sure the fact to usurpation delegation ratification terms there is still one to believe what they believe rise and they act the inspired he ll have to be instructed ashacombe see the disconnect that we be not finding again not fighting but the centre for a decade read the cakes you don't understand it come to us and we will have a discussion he won't be dismissed if you don't get a particular she while they are not going to come back and i can tell you why just because like i can my my background is on some of it's a communication we assume that they will poach things we assume that people will approach proves of same way we well that's not the majority of people even if you should show them what needs to be done i always say i never worry about competition in anything because it's the rare person that would grasp any consent that we're talking about and actually be able to go forward with it and that's partly due to the failed education system that have made people very dependent on instead of taking the initiative they'll wait and tell somebody cantanhede hand a little bit because they're so unsure of them and and so if we can instruct people and give them a little more confidence to go forward in this instance john and i we get on how long have we been on home months john everyman and every single tuesday well while i it's not a ten on here for months and months and months in and having people in people town me all the time i'm getting the feedback it's like wow i really feel like i'm learning something every time john's on an you and johnannine well it's great because it's going to come an incremental stops to give people the confidence even having them read it on your background andrinolo school sods like fallin off a log for the rest of the population it's going to take while in some very very patient instruction in order for them to be able to put this in a practice aitonus goin to tell you i'm a challenge you right now i would love to challenge it to come on again because we are welling there's a lot of us willing to listen to this anorthura here this kind of informed oh how etonensis this one last no in the day when i was first invited and john and other ispects talk about norton it was kind ingasia to get together and help so then i talk about with going on in news all that no i came in to talk nor and i said john what happened next may i bring it up no now that expecting every gringo but here's my knowledge if you were going to come to live in she an you spencer entire life nsosisland with no one the tropical temperature and you had no tv you were self sufficient that you were starving you are able to live might have her came once in a while in the sadthe other and they said come on let the michigan but you cannot oh we're going to be on a different climate and hesitate while we are forced when her suffer springing fall oh oh you mean it doesn't say nice all the time no no i know we have is called prince all was wrong with that we got to wear more clothing all i happened then will the sandaracin we have so ah water then cristolised poston water that crystalline wounded men what we shape into form what water you can offor favors people who read nor i don't come people who have in read norton understand people that have experienced no so here's my say about the communication talking to people just that it's till they read it and read him and understand it and combat with queston there never going to use it because they never experienced now and understand the powerful des of it as to what it does in the problems they hear about twenty four sets a here about on few they see happening in probate court they see halfening and elder law they see halfpenny with challenging in election that's now turned into a crime they will never make that causal connection as they have yet experience no i i i i understand now what you say in but i think that we have an obligation to to help them understand it now originalwith sons of that on any one met on the east side with people to restaurants through all the way county and we shut up all down for whatever reason it closed up even the alps closed up in the politics religion spot or people the count order for and he had on a place if he could have to worry about her all fireself and we always offered a hot being dismissable people who don't want to help in saying you are not going to be effective until you understand and you norn you can stay all about with their dolls violating their elf of all being a being over over reaching inside acts of usurpation you can talk all that but that doesn't solve the problem hilary clean could be president now she could be real liked by everybody again she's acting there why do you think that was so pre was it an insider in bridal he was doing everything that should have been done we know the cheated in twenty six is it no how much they need in the under content of old for cholan he still a lot so back to all of his under the same out here to help but ovington i cannot force you to re i cannot force you to ask is i cannot force you to go to court and challenge a ticket so you can hear us till the cows come what until you understand it you're in the stand watching us on the football agessinates said i get i'm goin to say say we're going to encourage everybody to read the northers the shell by county kations this life i call i called that defend you building courage you demanded do it because if you doletabad we dined on one of the wasting my time with them on sorry i'm sorry this ere we got to this is the one we've got o here is not fired i know the lands i know what your but if you are not willing to read a fourteen pages to and i can help you about sir be doomed adult we can't grantitoid long foolish morning askorrian courage then but that i goingtotell you most of people out there when tell me to poundsand if i said that but if we said you know courage of to read it so we can talk about it they can learn i think i think too it's like i think what i've seen with john too is that because people like john so much it listen to em and there's been a lot of people we share the residentially do dig ento it which is you know it's a wonder it's a wonderful thing to see people take back their educational in it you know so insets on on the bentonite you like it is i've a better i been a victim of the old i again had my a class i got where i don't talk about it a lot to talk about his i don't wear my companion ces was nothing about her i was just able to do things for them people then set on the col and fronted the bee when these the court was just the way as i can talk about that three days through that a trial for week and you still not i not let but the reality is i'm i will demand that you read it if you want my as the point that you say you do read the cakes stop it stop it let i have an altimeter to take the land phrases he changed the after mentioned so he can't the demanding isn't to upset at the landing granbythe neck but to say you've got to do this step or you will never be with us in the argument you will only hear us tell you more sore and we don't have to execrate as i happen to way weel you have to do this if you want to say the state of miss the republic because if you don't understand the lexicon and used anson the all no one photergrapht you can make you can be the athletics with you know what i don't give them a toll on the galericus then you're all to be at your helping the people that do it cause you know they need help to re hieratic the rest of it exports analogies all the all the time and but the reality is you do not read norton you don't have any idea what a republic is a foul the saving on cheering up so with that side of her but forty five minutes over right now and so quitonian to thank ocelandian think it you were late you were late can get on here to day but that's okay with for ovenfor that but think you everybody through being here and and i know everybody on the show here to day is red nor verse shall be county many times and i would i would encourage every one out there to go ahead and find it and read it so that you you can join in on the fight here and understand what's going on because you know i think it's part of our duty to as to educate ourselves cause the education his so failed with i'd like to add this to the prayer to day and then we're going to will move on and we'll see john to morrow so there you go in nine o'clock we do have a father's takes no very much for the stay and for people who really care so much about the nation and for the work that they've done to get where they to get where they are with an knowledge of they acquired we are so thankful for the and were thankful for every one who shares and brings other people who are afraid and who are feeling abandoned by what's happened in the united states as we watched so many things that we love be destroyed before our eyes we really want to restore this nation an honestly go back to what you had intended it to be you gave us everything we needed the beginning and we got off base little bit here but we've got to go back to maintenance fix the things that are broken because it's still there everything is there that we need to restore this republic and tom into the entities to be under you is is your kingdom this is your sandbags you make the rules and were willing to play by the and were so thankful that you're with us every single day we asked her peace and all things going forward were thankful for the day given us ahead of us please give us the eyes to see the needs of things that we would want us to do needs and other people may be healing people's heart oh bring food is that needs to have ten or just whatever it is on please help tom and his endeavors this sweet and given the words to say and also people to come alongside of em and when when he goes into this hearing on wednesday so much for guiding us and for being our friend your very great friend to us and we want to be friend to you first and foremost we want to serve you on this earth and wore very very thankful that you love us so very much that you would give us the eloper only begotten son yes our speed oto be our samoree gift and were very very thankful for everything you've done for us in the precious name of jesus we pray and with that set everybody here you go to raneberg for governor to i'm still not conceiving the election neither is john were both not conceding peticoate write the twenty twenty and twenty twenty two election we see those ridesand the the rightful president of the united states president donald p the commander in chief thank you so much for everything he has done and that sad a great day her hands god bless you all i ansthetisation live and god bless america make it great date starts of metal tuft his calne's get the thing done we'll temistitan a marloes