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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/19/2024 Fighting for free and fair elections - evidence and action

Published Jan. 19, 2024, 9:02 a.m.

9am Todd Buffington will be presenting irrefutable and factual information showing exactly what happened in Americas election. Todd Buffington is located at an undisclosed location in south, he was worked vigorously on behalf of Free and Fair elections, then..Entrepreneur, business man, MBA in finance & economics from a top school. Made a living using numbers/spreadsheets. I could tell right away we did not have an honest election in 2020 & started delving into election issues. Harry Haury has not only been fighting for free and fair elections he helped write the HAVA - Help America Vote Act. Harry will be presenting United Sovereign Americans. They are an organization of citizen volunteers working to ensure valid Constitutional elections that are fair, accurate and trustworthy. They also seek to hold citizens, politicians and officials responsible for obeying our election laws. Using black letter law (very clear and disputed law) they are doing a great deal of research to show that those states' elections should not have been certified, and they are going to hold those officials accountable and force them to follow the law through the legal action, they are taking. X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and it's the 19th day of January 2024. And I've got a very special guest who's going to be on this morning. So I'm going to get right to this and bring in Todd Buffington. Hey, Todd, how you doing? I'm well. How are you doing? Wonderful. Wonderful. You know what? It's it's it warmed up a little bit yesterday, but it's still it's still fairly cold and we have a lot of snow. And so, uh, so I think we're supposed to get down, uh, tonight to somewhere around 11 below. And, uh, yeah, it was kind of funny. Um, in my barn, I actually, when we were in there the other, the other night and, uh, tucking horses in and all of a sudden I looked at the front two outlets and they were covered with ice on the inside of the barn and it's a heated barn. So, so you know, it's cold out when you see that. Winter in Michigan. What's that? Winter in Michigan. Winter in Michigan, that's right. So let's talk about what we're going to be addressing today quickly. I have you today, and I think it's Harry Howry, right? Yes, correct. And did he start United Sovereign Americans? Yes, he's a co-founder along with Marley Hornick. Marley came out of Audit New York, which was leading and a big part of, and they started investigating the elections in New York following the 2020 election when they were locked inside and had a ton of time to do research and whatnot, and have found some amazing, amazing things, including an algorithm that was adding voters to the rolls. They didn't think about the algorithm. Wow. Yeah. There, there's so much wrong. There's so much just going wrong in the United States. I want to tell you something that just came up this morning here because it's not just elections. It's intimidation of anyone who decides that they want to talk about elections. So I got a letter this morning and this, or I think it was yesterday and I have a very, very disabled special needs daughter. So we bought a house right next to our barn so she could have a little bit of autonomy there and, And we come in and we've got a couple other caregivers that take care of her, you know, so that she can have her puppy. And she's right next to where our barn is so she can have the horses. So lo and behold, Byron Township, who denied my FOIA here for election in materials by the clerk, Township clerk, and told me that Jonathan Brader, head of elections, sent out a letter and told them to get rid of all of their election data, went to the county, went to the state. They've kept none of it, which is, I believe, in violation of four laws. They broke the law. So this morning, I get a letter that says, we believe this house is a rental house, and we're going to require you to to have it inspected. So my whole thing is you keep hitting away guys, and I'm going to be the biggest pain in your neck that you have seen in your life. And we're going to, we're not only going to go ahead and prosecute those that brought that, that broke the law, but we're going to go further than that. So stop harassing me because it just makes me just, it's just going to make me hit back harder. And so, you know, it makes me really bad. I mean, here is, I'm a, I'm a mom who has a guardianship over a very, very mentally challenged and disabled child, okay? Her mother was killed in a train accident by her side. And so now they're going after me for that, for talking about elections and what the city has done. And I'm going to tell you something else. I was sitting in a restaurant one day and there were two realtors in there talking about the city having a $30 million overage in it. And, you know, from taxes, COVID money or whatever it is. Well, lo and behold, instead of giving it back to the citizens or the people of the area for an overage, they went ahead and they added on to the township building there. And amongst other things, I don't think any of us were asked. They just are building these big castles in order to entrench themselves into this establishment thing to take away our rights. to take away our money, and then to harass us into compliance. Screw all of you. You just made me even a bigger fighter. People need to stand up and fight. It's now or never. So now one more little level of legal action is going to take place. And they're going to look so bad for this. You know, going after a seriously, she's 28 and she's about three years old mentally. And so when you look at that, I mean, this is how low these people will go. This is on, on, and, and I know that, you know, we know all of our neighbors, so they know who we are. So I know it wasn't a neighbor. So I had to come from within that. the township just to harass us because we'll not be silent on their criminality because that's exactly what's happening. So anyhow, do we want to go ahead and start with this? Can you explain this video? Sure. So in watching the results come in on 2020, I just knew absolutely that things were not right, that there were too many, you know, coincidental happenings in the swing states with thousands of votes being dropped in the middle of the night, the votes, we know the counting was supposedly stopped. And then all of these huge numbers came in, of course, highly, highly favorable to Biden. And it just seemed like there was no way that was all legitimate. So I started looking into it. I first got the Edison research data for Pennsylvania. and that was the only one I could download from the New York Times which published it and started looking at it and you'll see in the video it covers this that many of the ballot counts were almost the same exact percentage if not the same in Pennsylvania you know county by county and it was in the bigger counties where we saw this so we'll kind of tie all this together today but that looked very suspicious. So I started, I teamed up with some other people, got involved. Someone from Georgia had a contact in the DOD and started talking to them about it. And they offered up, you know, to share on their own the official CITL results that the DOD had received. And so She shared those and he shared those and I started looking at them and it took about 20 minutes. I did two calculations. I did the running percentages by batch for Biden and I'm sorry, each percentage for Biden and Trump by batch. And then I did a running total percentage for Biden and Trump. And you could see immediately, and that's what this video is focused on, that an algorithm must have been setting these results, because they start grabbing the total vote percentage and overlaying the upcoming batch percentages. So they set the results with whatever the preceding total vote percentages were. They apparently override the batch results with those numbers, and then they hold it in place at those points in the election, and then they inject high counts for Biden. So that's really what we found. put the result at the beginning. Well, it's important for people to know that these people are cheating in ways we can't even imagine. Spoiler alert. That's what happened. But now we'll show you how and what the data actually looks like. So there's buildup in the video just showing a lot of the anomalies and things that happened that make you start questioning more and more. And then when you see the results, they kind of make more sense. Okay, well, what I'm going to do, guys, is I'm going to pause this every once in a while, just go back to do the Todd and Donna screen, and then we'll go back. That's the way we're going to avoid getting a YouTube strike here, because we know that that's what's happening. I actually got my account suspended, the Brandenburg for Governor account. for whatever reason, because I talk about elections and everything else like that. So as long as we kind of go back and forth, then I think we got a shooting chance at going forward. So we're going to go ahead and play this video. There's an endless list of reasons and countless numbers and statistics that do not add up. Here, we will show you why. Oh, it's doing it again, isn't it? Remember how that happened last time? Yeah, it blanks it out. Yeah, and then why, because let me see. I'm going to go off full screen, and we'll see if we can go back, because it did the same thing on Monday to us. How did we get it to play? Because we got it to play. I think I played it on my screen, and it worked. Let's see what happens here. You know, we're just going to play. No, it did it again. Look at this. Okay, you want to try sharing on your screen? Because it goes black when I try it. That is so weird. So, so, so typical of deep state, you know, they're messing with us. That's why you can't get the message out. And that's why I get so heavily censored because we talk about everything and it's too bad. So sad guys. Are you seeing the image? Yes. Okay. Here we go. The food inside there is designed to last 25 years. That's because the food inside there is designed to last 25 years. Why do so many question the integrity of the 2020 U.S. presidential election? There's an endless list of reasons and countless numbers and statistics that do not add up. Here, we will show you why and expose the truth behind the numbers. Let's quickly review just a few of the many anomalies and irregularities of the 2020 election. Keep in mind, these are just the tip of the iceberg. 2020 saw the largest increase in voting between presidential elections on record. It also saw the highest voter turnout of any election since 1900. 66.8% of adult citizens voted, a jump of over 5% from 2016. Registered voters also increased by almost 2.5%. Now, let's take a look at the swing states. In Pennsylvania, a little over 1.8 million mail-in ballots were sent out, but nearly 2.6 million were returned, meaning there were over 760,000 unexplained extra ballots. 21,000 dead voters were discovered. There were over 1 million voters whose only vote on record was the 2020 election. Keep in mind, only around 300,000 residents came of voting age between 2016 and 2020. Over 300,000 voters were purged from the Sure Registered Voter database after November 3rd. According to data published by the New York Times, three of the largest Pennsylvania counties had matching percentage results for many of their vote counts. In Allegheny County, 13 of 18 absentee ballot counts matched with 1% and four other counts matched with each other. Bucks County had seven consecutive matching results for absentee vote counts, then three, then two, and two consecutive matching results. Philadelphia County had nine matching counts and eight others that matched in percentages for the candidates. Looking at Arizona and Pima County, there were a number of voting precincts that saw extremely high return rates for mail-in ballots. Two had over 100%, technically impossible, and 40 had over 97% returned, highly unlikely. Also, as the return rates went up, so did the percentage of votes going to Biden. These numbers should not necessarily move together. In technical terms, there is no reason for them to correlate. As you can see in this chart, return rates increased going from left to right. The blue dot shows that Biden gets a higher percentage of the vote as return rates go above the average of 87%. The share of votes was consistent below the average. Again, this would not happen naturally. What's even more odd is that as the return rate went up, Republicans went from voting 6% for Biden to 40% for Biden. there is no reason this should normally happen. Biden won Pima County by over 90,000 votes and only won the state by 10,457 votes. Arizona also saw a huge increase of 7.4% in registered voters between the primary in March and the general election in November. Arizona also had a very high 80% voter turnout in the state and over 80% turnout in six of their 15 counties. So not only did Arizona have an oddly large increase in registered voters in 2020, they also saw extremely high turnouts, especially in mail-in ballots. In Georgia, there is recorded video footage from the State Farm Arena showing poll workers pulling cases of ballots from under tables in the middle of the night, after counting had supposedly stopped, and after most poll workers and all poll watchers were sent home. Many large vote counts came in after there supposedly stopped counting, including one with over 136,000 votes for Biden. At 1.34 a.m., over 82% of the total count One million mail-in ballots were suspiciously ordered from the printer for Fulton County when no time remained to mail them out to voters. Once again, over 10,000 dead people voted. Over 4,900 people voted who were registered to vote in another state. And most interestingly, a mathematician named Edward Solomon signed a sworn affidavit stating that hundreds of ballot counts across various voting precincts all came out with 5.555% for Trump. indicating a fractional vote system or algorithm was in place in chesterfield michigan per grassroots canvassing efforts headed by michigan state representative candidate jackie eubanks 20 of voters had some kind of irregularity many voters did not live at the address of those who did many said that they did not vote yet a vote was cast for them many illegal addresses were found including incomplete addresses and addresses for businesses In Wayne County, Michigan's largest, 71 voting precincts could not balance their books because there were more votes than voters. Results showed over 170,000 votes with no registered voter associated with them. Canvassers also found that in Macomb County, there was a cumulative 170,000 registered voters in excess of the voting age population. Also in the 10 areas, that Michigan received the most Zuckerberg CTCL money, nine of the 10 went to Biden. Across the country, 25 of the 26 areas receiving $1 million or more in CTCL funds went to Biden. Defend Florida canvassing efforts reviewed 10,000 registered voters. Nearly 5,600 voted, and of those, close to 3,900 voted by mail. Nearly 800, or 20% of those, appear to be phantom voters, or voters who are deceased, don't live at the registered address, or the address is invalid. Also in Florida, as a test, 8,000 postcards were mailed to registered voters at their addresses on record. Of those, 1,200 were returned as undeliverable. In other words, either the person did not live there or it was an invalid address. Six counties had registrations totaling over 100% of the eligible voting population. Two more had 100% and 19 had 95% or more, all of which were abnormally high, indicating likely fraudulent registrations. In those suspicious six counties, Democrats increased votes by 45% on average versus 2016, but only increased registered voters by 12% during that time, a huge difference of 33 points. Republicans, however, increased registered voters by 18% and increased voters by 20%, tracking much more closely together as one would expect. Take a look at this chart. Democrat registered voter increase is in blue, and their voter increase is in orange. Republicans registered voter increase is in gray, and their voter increase is in yellow. You can easily see how much larger the orange increase in Democrat votes is than their increase in registered voters in blue. We looked at 12 of the states that track registered voters by party. This chart shows the change in registered voters and the change in votes between 2016 and 2020 for both parties. The first red column shows the number of percentage points Democrats increased in votes was larger than their increase in registered voters, an average of 27 points across the 12 states. Republicans had a two-point difference. In other words, Democrats somehow did 13.5 times better than Republicans in voter turnout versus registered voter increase. Again, one would expect these numbers to track together as they did for Republicans. Now that we've seen just some of the oddities that occurred during the 2020 election, let's revisit what happened on election night. How did Trump's substantial lead in four of five swing states disappear late in the evening on election night? How did Biden get just enough votes to give him these slight margins? How is it that all these states went for Biden in the middle of the night after counting stopped in many of the largest counties? And why did only the swing states take longer to count their votes and produce their election results? Do you need to take a break, Donna? in conjunction with Clarity Elections, handles the vote tabulation and reporting for the entire U.S. election system. Data collection teams obtained the official CIDL election results data, which we will now review. You want to stop it right now? You want to stop that list, Matt? For two of the swing states, Pennsylvania and Georgia, and show how it demonstrates Okay. Did you want to doubt that results were set likely using an algorithm? Yeah. So I'll just explain that in the middle of the screen right here, you see Clary elections based in Tampa, Florida, um, along with Seidel, which at the time was based in Barcelona and they may have switched around a little sense, but they are responsible for reporting out the results that come from central counting and go out to the media and apparently went to the server in Frankfurt, Germany, which again, why are our election results leaving the country? And then they also get reported out through the media. If we go back just a little bit, this former slide, this one too shows it going out to the media. There's others that kind of show how Edison research is tied in here as well. But I didn't include those in the in this video. So, you know, these are other people's charts just showing how Seidel is involved in producing our election results. That's not to say they did this. I mean, it could have been sent to them this way, which, you know, is highly possible as well. But why is a foreign country or a foreign based company handling our election results and reporting them? I mean, it's absolutely insane. It makes no sense. unconstitutional and it's against the law they broke the law and so i'm going to go to the core issue here is that anyone who had anything to do with certifying that election is a traitor to this country and that and the election certification comes from the legislature not the executive branch even so what but i mean it kind of it could be it could have been stopped by all of them anybody in a position has the right to stop this and they didn't do it. So top to bottom, there's criminality that happened from top to bottom. There was enough evidence and they turned their back on this and walked away. They did. And it would be interesting to see if the results that the states sent showed these same patterns or if it was changed after it was sent by the state, because is it up here in this box or is it, you know, under county system or is it here in clarity or, you know, you know, slash Seidel. It's a mystery. And it makes no sense that no one has brought this to everyone's attention and investigate, including Congress should have been looking into this. Well, they should have immediately, when this kind of question was coming forward, it should have been immediately not certified, refused to certify this, and then start the investigation to see who the players were that broke the law and prosecute them. And I mean, prosecuting them on the basis of not felony, not fraud, but a threat to national security as well as treason. Right. It's that level. I mean, you are- You are stealing a sovereign nation's elections right here. Yeah, it's overtaking our nation. And I have handed this information to various state and national officials and they just sort of like, you know, they respond initially like, oh, wow. And then I don't know if they think I made it up, but they don't bother to investigate it or they can find out that it's all right there in the numbers. So I'll keep this going now. Let me advance a little more. and I'll start it back up. Pennsylvania and Georgia and show how it demonstrates without a shadow of a doubt that results were set likely using an algorithm. These are the CITL election results for Pennsylvania, showing running total votes for both Trump and Biden, and in these columns, the individual count results for each candidate. On the right, we calculated the percentages of each count for Trump and Biden, excluding votes for other candidates, and next to that, the running total percentages between them. Right away, we see a number of large vote counts that were curiously between 66.6 and 94.4% for Biden and 130,000 votes that went entirely to Trump. At 1.36 a.m., Greenwich Mean Time, something even more curious happens. The percentages for the individual count match the percentages for the running total votes. This would normally be the case for the very first results, where the numbers are the same, but would only happen in extremely rare cases thereafter. As you can see by the yellow highlighted numbers, this occurs again and again. Not only do the individual vote count percentages match the running total percentages for the candidates to the tenth of a percent, we also begin to see many consecutive matching results. Normally, organic results are random. And I'll just pause it here for a minute. So what they don't mention is that that total vote percentage was pre-existing. so you see i don't know if you see my cursor but yeah i can okay good so you see this 54.1 and 45.9 um you know this is trump and biden so trump was had a nice lead at this point so they copy this percentage and start overlaying the next batches with that same exact percentage and you can see over here in these columns that you know even this small batch of votes was divided out by into percentages to match those percentages, you know, into decimal points, I mean, to match these percentages. So you see one vote divided out by those same percentages, two votes. And here, you know, you have fractional votes all the way down. And these are official election results. Just the fact that they have decimal points in them should have raised a lot of questions. And you'll see there are also a number of negative numbers highlighted in pink here. So, you know, why would you be reducing when you should just be adding new votes? So I'll start it back up again. But again, on the right here, you see that there are seven results in a row with exactly the same percentage. If I take this out more decimal points, it's the same number exactly out, you know, as many decimal points as you want to go. So I'll restart. As we see in the non-highlighted numbers. But here highlighted in yellow, we see there are many consecutive vote count results that have exactly matching percentages that also exactly match the percentages for the running total votes for the candidates. This is impossible without some type of manipulation of the results. By 2.55 a.m. GMT, 9.55 p.m. in Pennsylvania, Trump has taken the lead and outside of the yellow apparently set results. We see many results with a high percentage for Trump. However, as Trump gets to 57%, we see more and more matching results in yellow. Where results don't match, we begin to see some large high percentage Biden counts. And then at 408 GMT, we see over 17,000 votes switch from Trump to Biden. We also see several negative numbers reported for both candidates. Why would there be negative numbers when they should only be adding ballots? We then start to see matching results in yellow, and the high percentage Biden counts become more and more prevalent, and Trump's lead begins to disappear. As Biden takes the lead, we see 35 consecutive counts with the same exact percentage results. Note, the fractional votes are going to each candidate. This should not happen either, unless fractional vote allocation is being used. After that, there were only matching results with a few very high percentage Biden counts mixed in. After a three hour and 15 minute break in reporting, there were 50 large counts reported that were 70% or more for Biden, totaling nearly 620,000 votes. Trump had a 620,158 point lead before the break in reporting. Coincidence? Next, we look at Georgia. We see by the yellow highlighted fields that matching results started at 1223 a.m. GMT, 723 p.m. in Georgia, when Biden has the lead. But outside of the few matching results, Trump is getting a high percentage of the votes. Then, thanks to a large 81% Biden drop of nearly 59,000 votes... Biden regains the lead just temporarily. Trump quickly regains the lead and again gets to 57% of the vote. Just like in Pennsylvania when Trump reached 57%, we see more and more matching results begin to appear. Then we see high percentage Biden counts mixed in and Trump's lead begins to erode. At 6.34 GMT, 1.34 AM in Georgia, there's a drop of 136,000 votes, 82.4% of the total for Biden. After that, every count is either matching or a high percentage for Biden. There are 23 consecutive counts with matching percentages that also match the total vote percentages. Then 55 and finally 95 results in a row that are the same exact percentages. So you see how many impossible results there are at the 50-50 mark. And this just tells you they've beat down Trump's lead and they get it to 50-50 and they hold it there. There were 55 batches where the lead, the percentages matched exactly at 50-50. Can you believe that? No, I don't believe it. It's impossible. Absolutely impossible. And then after that, they, you know, It's ridiculous. They just get Biden over the hump with a mere 3,500 votes just under. And then they have the nerve to hold it there with 95 batches that are all the same exact percentages. So it's clearly, I mean, it's just, it baffles me that people aren't talking about this when it's so blatant. Well, it's like we were talking before that we're so heavily censored that if you're speaking the truth, they're going to try to harass you, shut you down. They will attack you. They will go after you. And that's the problem. I mean, your stuff needs to be out there. The stuff that you've put together, it's incredible. And I haven't heard anybody else talk about this. We talked about it after the last show. And And this is probably one of the most complete presentations and putting this together of anything I've seen. And I've been pounding this drum for a long time. So we're just going to keep putting it out there. And please, everybody, you've got to pass this information on. And you've got to get this. in the hands of everybody out there so that they can see this is evidence absolute irrefutable evidence that they have beyond a shadow of a doubt mathematically statistically impossible for this election to have turned out the way that it did and you know our videos uh have a total of views you know well over 10 000 and no one has offered an explanation as to why this could have been legitimate Because they can't. There is no explanation for this. I mean, I mean, there's no explanation. So the only thing that they can do is try to silence you and and keep this from getting into people's hands. And, you know, I just I don't know. I really think that we've got you know, I'd like to work on something with you outside of this to put the evidence together. And like, I don't know if you've done this in a bullet pointed format. Have you do you've got it in a bullet pointed format, don't you? um not exactly but i could do that pretty quickly well the presentation kind of does it doesn't it yeah it does well that's about something else the one that i showed you last time but uh we could quickly put one together for this okay but um i don't know if you want to keep going through the other states or if you want to just look at them in a spreadsheet it's up to you. This is your time. However you think you best want to get your, your message out here. I'm, I'm, I'm here to try to get voices out of people that have been censored and bring, you know, bring together people that, that have all been shoved to the side because they're speaking truth. Right. Well, we so appreciate it. You're a brave voice. Yeah. Now they're going to go after my daughter, watch this happen. You know, good, good luck with that. Yeah. It's good. You have a platform to get the information out there. You bet I will. And I'm going to start naming names of all of these people that are, are complicit in what's going on here. They're not about the rights of we, the people they're about using fear, intimidation, um, all of these things in order to shut us down, tell us to be quiet. They did it in J six. They're doing it with the elections. They're doing it with everything. And we cannot be, we cannot be silent. No, no, we cannot. Um, Well, let me, I'll start this back up again. And I'm not sure if Michigan is next. And then I'll stop. It would be odd for this to happen one or two times, let alone several in a row. What we see here is absolutely impossible without tampering. It appears the results were set by an algorithm that grabbed the current total vote percentages and applied it to the subsequent vote counts. Now let's look at the vote tally charts for Pennsylvania and Georgia and compare them. Look how closely the charts match each other. They start with the first reported counts and go forward from there, stopping at similar intervals and increasing in a similar fashion until Biden conveniently takes the lead. Let's next look at the other swing states. Starting with Wisconsin, we see a number of matching results in yellow beginning at 2.35 GMT, 8.35 PM in Wisconsin. They become more and more prevalent as time progresses. Note once again, the high percentage Biden results in orange. Wisconsin saw many consecutive matching results, shown in this chart. The results slowly inch in favor for Biden by one or two tenths of a percentage. The same results are repeated five to 16 times, which we see at 52% for Trump and 48% for Biden. And again, we see a large number of Biden votes injected in the middle with 143,378.538 votes. It's insane. 85.1% of the total going to him at 3.42 a.m. in Wisconsin, giving Biden the lead with 50.2% of the vote. Let's move on to Michigan. Again, we see many matching results in yellow and high Biden counts in orange. Trump reaches a high of 60.8% of the votes, but more consistently set results and high percentage Biden counts begin to take away his lead. Biden's share of the vote slowly begins increasing by mere tenths of a percent. Then at 11.31 GMT or 6.31 AM in Michigan, like we saw in Arizona and Wisconsin, there is a drop of 141,257.75 votes for Biden, 95.9% of the total, giving him 49.3% of the Trump and Biden votes. After that, nearly all counts are either set to match the total vote percentages or are high percentage Biden counts, giving him the lead. In Arizona, things were a little different as Biden had the lead from the beginning. I'll stop it there. A little different in Arizona because Biden had the lead all the way through, but they're still using... the total votes and overlaying the batch counts with those numbers. Oh, yeah, I can see it when you look at it. That's insanity. I mean, this is complete irrefutable evidence. Yep, it sure is. I'm going to stop sharing that screen, Donna, and come back. I hope all these people go to jail at the very minimum or are tried for treason, every one of them from top to bottom. And I don't mean just in the executive branch. The legislature is responsible for certifying our elections. Every one of them needs to be removed. and including, let's just keep going right down into the counties, the clerks, and everyone, because nobody stood up. Well, there's a few of them that stood up. There's a few of them that stood up and refused to follow orders, but most of them just said basically, Heil Hitler, and moved right forward with their little Nazi commandants above them. Marxists are Marxists. Yep, yep. They are going along with it and they are destroying our country. Um, so I want to share with you something else that kind of shows you how it was done. Are you seeing me page through this? Yeah. Hang on. I'm gonna add it to the stage here. So there you go. Yep. Okay. So this is a really brilliantly done, you know, simple analysis of all of this, all the states. And what they did is they, they took Biden's increase over Hillary. And then they backed out any increase Trump received in 2020 over 2016. And they called it the contrast number. So they looked at this by county in every single state. And it kind of shows you a likely scenario for votes being injected in the counties that are at the top of these charts. And here's Georgia. So guess who's at the top, Fulton County, with a contrast of almost 65,000 votes. And right behind is Gwinnett, DeKalb, Cobb, and Henry. And you can see down here, these are the numbers that Biden increased over Hillary, less Trump's increase. So how improbable is it that someone who campaigned from his basement that was very unpopular and really had no winning campaign promises aside from he wasn't Trump. And how is he going to get 64,000 more votes than Hillary Clinton four years before? I mean, it makes no sense, right? So this is where I believe they were injecting those votes that helped set those or back up what the algorithms did. Here's Hawaii, all above. The red line is kind of the baseline where you would expect it to be. If it's above that line, it starts to get suspicious. We go down to some other swing states. We'll look at Michigan. You might have some good input as to how accurate this looks. Here's Michigan. We talked about Wayne County in our report. And then the top 10 are here. oakland wayne kent washington and these are the the extra votes that appear to have gone you know to biden over what you would expect you know a normal increase potentially to be i mean i'm surprised he got any more than clinton anywhere so it kind of goes along Sorry, go ahead. I think you've got, you've got a lot of players in all of those areas that, that, uh, are absolutely tied into the deep state and big money type stuff. All, all of them, because just because of their proximity to, um, either, um, large city commerce, um, Kent County is where they had the, um, uh, the servers pinged here having to do with connect conic and, uh, And there's more going on here with that. You've got the DeVosses, which when you see what happened with the January 6th, Betsy DeVos stepped down on the 7th and $22 million was given to Pence to basically go against President Trump, the rightful president of the United States. So when you look into these areas, so that's Kent County. And you look at all the other nonsense there. Ottawa County, we've got a lot of DeVos ties there. as well as some no-bid contracts within the MIGOP that were awarded for nominating the chair of the Republican Party. I mean, this thing is like an organism with cells. And organisms are made up of cells. And this is what we have running this state. And the players' names are coming out and being tossed out there. And we're seeing exactly... Exactly who is involved and the level of criminality. And I think that's one of the best things that President Trump has done. He has exposed so much by being willing to stand out there and take the grief and the attacks. And he keeps coming back fighting again and again and again. He doesn't back down. He just keeps going. And no matter how much they attack him, he stands unwavering and he, you know, he's not beaten down. He stands unwavering. And just like General Flynn, he's defying them to attack, to even attack him. And through that process, he's dragging people out in the light. Right. Well, the legal attacks are... ridiculous. None of them have any grounds or any validity to them. And now you're seeing what's happening in Georgia with Fannie Willis. Is that who was giving money to her boyfriend to prosecute Trump? Yeah, I mean, come on. It's like, come on, man, I'm going to do the Biden thing. You know, come on, man. I mean, this has gotten so ridiculous. And, you know, if they aren't that criminals, they're pretty stupid, really, and not very good at it because you can find that stuff. The problem is, is because they own the media, the Marxist media, the fake stream media, you can't get it out there. unless you go to an alternative news source. And it is quite helpful, just letting everybody know, for you to take links and pass them on. Our little digital soldiers out there, pass it on and get this in front of you so that they look at it and they know what's going on. And we're going to have to face these problems. Absolutely, we are going to have to face what's going on here because the corruption, the criminality, and who they're tied into behind the scenes. is going to become absolutely important in the next few months, I believe. I believe that we're going to start seeing some things that are very, that will challenge very, very significantly our perceptions on how the world works. I think even for those of us who think we've got it figured out, I think it's much deeper than what we could even get our arms around. And we're going to have to be patient with each other as we work through some of this shock that is about to hit our nation. It's going to be an interesting year and I'm kind of gritting my teeth. But yeah, so here looking at Pennsylvania's results, you see things that kind of tie into what I showed earlier with the matching percentages were largely in Bucks, Allegheny, and Philadelphia County. And oddly, Trump did the best in Philadelphia, but it makes me very suspicious of the additional votes, Biden, Allegheny. Andrew Tucci, applicant to. Andrew Tucci, But yeah, you see that there are a lot there are a lot that stand out for Biden and very few that were favorable to trump aside from Philadelphia so. Andrew Tucci, That probably warrants a deeper investigation. Agreed. So yeah, there are many other anomalies. This kind of ties into what Seth Keschel talks about where he shows the increases by county across the country and does the heat maps. So this is kind of an easy way to see it in some respects. I actually sponsored three counties in the state of Michigan. I could probably pull some of them up if you'd like, that I got a couple of the maps back from Seth and working with Seth and Mark Fincham on this, but I could show you the counties and the information that he has for Muskegon, Ottawa and Kent because I have that information. Well, we could look at that because we could see how closely it ties into the Michigan Let me see if I can find this here a minute. I'm just going to take me a minute. You can keep talking if you'd like while I'm looking for this. Sure. While we're talking, I don't think our video covered something else we did to confirm these results. Edison Research published data for the election, right? They are the ones that report to the media. And something we did in our analysis was we obtained the Edison Research data as well. And we looked at the Trump and Biden percentages that were reported by Edison Research and published by the New York Times. And you can see here in columns R and S, those numbers from Edison Research, And if you compare those to what Seidel reported, they're exactly the same numbers. So when I saw this, I felt like, okay, they really have no argument against this because they told us, New York Times told us, that these were the results of the election. They've never published new or different results that would override those. And you can see in every state we analyzed where the percentages are the exact same. And every timestamp is exactly the same between Seidel on the left and Edison research on the right. So, you know, I see if I show and yeah, here's, uh, it's not like toggle the different pages. Do you see Georgia? Okay. So what I'm talking about is shown here. These are those last results in Georgia where they all match and Edison Research said the same thing. And it should have caught people's attention that results were being reported. And yet the percentages weren't changing at all. I mean, these were small batches. So maybe you wouldn't expect them to change the results, but when larger batches were reported you know the same thing was happening and no one seemed to recognize the issue so here on the in these columns these are the number of votes that were given to each candidate and they're broken down by these same percentages even though it was uh eight votes and here are six votes broken down by those same percentages here are three votes broken down same percentages it's it's truly insane that no one has raised red flags over this. Let me download this a minute and I had to get it in a file here a minute. Something else that we show in our video towards the end, if people want to go watch it, is they're reported um for the results from various states and for the ones we could find uh things we looked at we charted our result and you know they mirror each other perfectly um i can show you that more easily here just have to go Yeah, this is what we do. It's real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table as we go through this stuff, guys. And I think this is a really, really good process to go through to bring up things as as we're going, you know, because it's real. This is real, real time stuff. And it's it's for real. Let me let me see if I got the slides from the video. So, you know, if you wanted a bullet point presentation, this is So those that was a chart showing how Pennsylvania and Georgia results came in, you know, a little too similarly to be believable. And then we The chart. This was the gateway right on the bottom data. There's was But percentage and ours was by time or vice versa. So they're slightly different in terms of the scale, but you can see the same shape and, you know, how they are the same results in the end. It's engineered data. I mean, anybody that has ever looked at anything for fraud would look at this and say it's absolutely engineered data. There's no two ways about it. Here, I'm going to go ahead and put this Ottawa County map up that I have a minute. and uh sure here's the real gorgeous which was an exact match i mean you can see it very clearly there's that ottawa county map that i paid for you can see the precincts where the high probability of of fraud is and i haven't showed this to anybody yet so this is a map that we can take and and bring to our uh Let's see if I can get it so that you can see the whole map here. And was this one of the more red counties for Seth? I mean, one of the more, you know, yeah, right. So was this Otter County? This is Ottawa County, and this is right next to Muskegon County where the voter registration fraud took place that Nestle was involved in, who did not act on it. So Muskegon County is just above Ottawa County, and then Kent County is to the east of this. And so you can see the – You know, where the high probability of cheating and fraud is. This is a fraud map. So the red is high likelihood of fraud, strong, unexplainable divergence from the bend. Yellow is suspect, probable fraud, moderate divergence from trends. And then the green is low, no fraud, aligns with voter registration trends. and NA is eliminated likely due to redistricting. So that's another thing that came out in Michigan is there were areas in Michigan that were kicked out or that are in court because of the redistricting and how they did that. And there was no reason whatsoever to certify this election. And I'll go back to the fact that it's our legislature that that really needs to be called to attention because they're the ones that are responsible for for certifying the election. Every single one of them, in my opinion, needs to be removed for their failure because none of them got up and screamed about it. I mean, they could have actually got the people behind them and said, wait a minute, not one of them stepped forward and said, Houston, we got a problem here. They rolled it through, they passed it to the board of elections and they passed the responsibility off to them instead of stopping it when they could have. Right. Well, that's a perfect segue to your next guest. I know Harry Hari and working with him for Florida on the United Sovereign Americans effort. And they are looking at elections, how they were run, how they were conducted in Florida. many, many states across the country and they are planning to hold those accountable who certified illegitimate elections based on black letter law. So I think it'll be a great discussion with him and it gives people an avenue to actually take action and hold those people accountable like you're talking about. this is my new best friend. I got a feeling because, you know, I've talked to so many people. It's just, it's just like you, you know, I really hadn't heard about this effort. And I, and I'm going to tell you what, this is what I keep saying is that we want to go forward, but I don't, so many of us are like, we're, we're like this. There's so much stuff to work on that, you know, you don't really know the best path forward. So when you told me about Harry, I was like, now we're talking here. This is action. This is what we need to do. And, and, As the vice chair for the Constitution Party in Michigan, we are moving our party past the point of just sitting around complaining about things. We're working with referendums of Michigan and such to actually have work sessions. and get together and get something done. We have to get people moving, not to sit here and talk about political ideology because it's all screwed up. And both sides of the aisle right now are involved in this. And we need to hold both sides accountable in a very much an American way. And I mean, I always say this, I'm like, you have to dare to be an American. Because the labels are misleading everyone. It's like a ring in a bull's nose. You know, they're going like this with us all over the place. And nobody's coming up for air or has a chance to stop and get a plan. So I'm real happy to talk to Harry. So thank you so much for coming on today, Todd. I really appreciate you sharing everything. You're amazing. The work you've done is absolutely incredible. And just so everybody knows, the website is Enigma Intel on Rumble. On Rumble. Yeah, on Rumble. I will share that link. Excuse me? Yeah, Enigma Intel on Rumble. You're right. And I'll share that on my Telegram channel, which is brandenburg4mi. And if you need to reach out to me, anybody, that's where you find me because I do all the posting and I answer all the posts there. So anyhow, thank you so much. Thank you so much, Donna, for all you do. Appreciate it. It's great standing with you. I really appreciate you so much. So thank you. We'll have you back on again soon. Sounds good. Take care. Stay warm. Thank you. All right. Well, I'll be back in just a minute with Harry. This is going to be a fun day, guys. We'll be right back. Good morning and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. This is the second hour of January 19, 2024. Got to keep going. There's so many moving parts here, you know. So I want to welcome my next guest on, Harry Hari. And I think I said your name right. And good morning, sir. How are you? I'm good, Donna. How are you? How do I say it? How are you? Howie, Harry Howie. So it's such a pleasure to meet you this morning. And I wanted to share right off the bat your website. And you are one of the founders of United Sovereign Americans. And I am extraordinarily happy to talk to you. I was reading way down here at the bottom. Your statement here, we are an organization of citizen volunteers working, I like the volunteer part, working to ensure valid constitutional elections are fair, accurate, and trustworthy. We also seek to hold citizens, politicians, and officials responsible for obeying our election laws. And you're singing my tune there, Harry. So what would you like to talk about today and help? I want to know what you're doing going forward to hold people accountable because I love this. So... There are many ways to approach the election mess that we're in. I mean, it's open debate. I discuss all the various facets of this with people all over the country. I've been involved in the election contest, if you will, since 2020. I spent thanksgiving and christmas in washington dc at the westin hotel fortunately i left on new year's day and didn't stay around for the festivities immediately thereafter but um The fact that, yeah, the feds are action. So, uh, and you are familiar with this in Michigan, right? The initial trial run for the feds erection was with, uh, the fake kidnapping and all this other stuff that's gone on here. I mean, I mean, I, I gotta tell you, it's like Michigan is the poster child for, for a Marxist takeover of the United States central here. including giving land. It's for the, to the World Economic Forum to move their world headquarters to Detroit. Well, that'll be a great thing. We can see Klaus Schwab on the, on the streets then. Yeah. It's wonderful. But anyway, what I'd like to talk about is what we're doing, obviously, and our website, just for everybody to know, United Sovereign Americans is at unite the number four So, Please read and look at our content, volunteer either your time or your resources. This is an important thing. We are focused like a laser right now on what we can do before 2024. And we're basically in the process of putting the State Board of Elections on notice, state police and executives of government on notice that there are vast irregularities in the election and basically what we talk about, and Todd is one of our state directors of United Sovereign Americans in Florida, but we look at these statistical anomalies and we know that this is an indicator that something is terribly wrong. I mean, you can't have these co-linear complex behaviors across precincts. It just doesn't make any sense. But we have three ways of challenging elections. One is to challenge the outcome. Most of the 2020 effort and the few efforts that were undertaken in 2022 were about challenging the outcome. Unfortunately, outcome is governed pretty much under administrative law. And if you don't exhaust the administrative privileges according to the law, then this courts deny you standing. So this is a little understood fact of the way that the court system deals with this. There are emergencies that you can do, but you have to do them according to administrative rules. And it gets very complex. I'm not saying that it's fair. I'm not saying that it's reasonable, particularly given how messed up our elections are at this point. But the fact of the matter is that they use this shield. So what we focused on instead is not adjudicating individual wrongs. So let me give you an example. In Michigan, at Wayne County in 2020, you have these ballot boxes showing up at 2 a.m. in the morning or whatever time it was. Don't quote me on the exact time, but But this is a violation of the procedures and policies of the state. It's not that we can prove how those ballots were used. It's not that we have evidence. There may be whistleblowers or whatever, but the fact of the matter is that unless you get inside of that system, you can't really demonstrate uh proof except on a circumstantial basis and it's not that you can't try things on a circumstantial basis but because of the administrative overhead on challenging election results it's almost impossible to get through that process in a sufficiently timely basis to to have an effect but what you can do is say that the process of certification was wrong and and i was glad to hear at the end of your program you're talking about that because The federal definition of certification or to certify is to not only attest to the accuracy of some number or measurement, it's to attest to the compliance of that process. So what we're focused on, and this may sound kind of different to people, I understand that, but what we're focused on is the official misconduct. the fact that they went ahead and certified an election that was impossible to certify, both in 2020 in most states and in 2022, and they fully intend to do it again in 2024. If anybody is misled about that, I would be happy to have a side conversation with them. But the model has proven successful for them, you know, frankly, for longer than just 2020 and 2022. Oh, yeah, this has been going on for quite a while. Right. So the first election that we see these statistical anomalies at this scale is 2008, which might correspond to something else that's interesting. But we see actual indicators of this in several anomalous events. The biggest anomalous event that should have warned us about what was coming was when they flipped five house seats in California in predominantly red areas in, I guess that was 2012 or 2014, I don't remember. Maybe it was 2018, actually. But the fact of the matter is that we've seen this kind of thing repeatedly. So what we focused on instead is say that, you know, so the design of the elections is quite simple. And you say it on your own introduction to the podcast, you know, trust is earned. Well, actually, in elections, trust is assumed. That's why they allow administrative process to govern the elections, because it's assumed that everybody's going to have fair and open and honest elections. Nobody's going to cheat at scale, although we have a long history of election cheating all the way back into the 1800s, which... Much of the law that governs elections and election cheating actually come from the period between the Civil War and the 1890s, and people don't realize that. The cheating is not new. It's something that's venerated in the tradition of political parties, and it has to be stopped. I mean, every time that it erupts, we move to correct it. This time, though, they have essentially a monopoly over the mainstream press, and it's very hard to get the message out as to what's happening but so uh during the 2020 election i was working with various legal groups trying to deal with both election matters and cyber security matters i have a deep history in cyber security please don't throw any rotten apples my way but i used to work as is a senior information systems architect for the National Security Agency. And I retired from that some time ago, but the fact of the matter is a lot of people talk about cyber things in a nonsensical way. They don't understand what the risks are. They don't understand that things can be done quite easily to various systems, including the sad state of our election equipment. But I'm not trying to say that we have proof, incontrovertible proof of scale-oriented machine-based cheating. But the fact of the matter is we have to trust our system to allow administrators and bureaucrats to decide whether or not you have to follow the law is absurd. And so we're in this situation right now where the voter rolls are corrupt. as defined by the federal government. There are people registered that are obviously not real people. They've either been dead for a decade or two, or they're registered at empty lots. They're registered at auto mechanic shops. I mean, this is not okay. And the secretaries of state around the country know this. And in in New York, where we first started this kind of systematic analysis of election misconduct, you know, we've got indications of upwards to 6 million defective voter registrations. This just isn't okay. So how are you, you know, the fact of the matter is the Constitution, beginning with the Constitution of the United States, is that we have to know that people are eligible to vote and that they're U.S. citizens. I mean, it's clearly stated in the Robert V Jones, 14th amendment and it just needs to be dealt with directly, and so you start with that, and then you ask the question did the voters that were registered improperly did they vote and in New York. Robert V Jones, This this is three quarters of a million people it it dwarfs the margin of victory in most places so. And then when we look at the other issue, which is also nonsensical, and I'll explain why this is important in a moment, but in 2020 particularly, they were a little bit better about it in 2022 because they didn't have to deal with the Trump landslide, right? So the fact of the matter is in 2022, the deficits aren't quite as bad, but they're still there. There's a discrepancy between the vote count and the number of voters that were counted this is just not okay i mean the fact of the matter is in new york in 2020 they counted 338 000 ballots that have no entry that indicates where they came from we have the same thing in fulton county i mean this is part of what garland favorito is working on right and and the other great patriot groups down in georgia is that there's these huge discrepancies that you know that they've they're finding and and and they're inexplicable so let's talk about inexplicable does it prove that in 2020 that joe biden didn't win did it prove that trump did win actually that's not the issue it proves that our election system is not trustworthy they haven't earned our trust there's no reason to trust the outcome of these elections They're full of fraudulent registrations. They're full of discrepancies. They're full of errors. You know, they say, well, we can't match the voters in the ballots. Are you kidding me? How did you let those voters in if you didn't check the registration? Of course you can check and reconcile those numbers, and they don't bother. But that's against the law. So the issue is we are not trying to overturn the election anymore. By 2024 we are trying to enjoin them from the same kinds of non compliant behavior that leads to the non trustworthiness of the systems and so we're focused on voter registration we're focused on. What it means to count a vote we're focused on the reconciliation of voters to votes were focused on whether or not the machines are compliant. It's not that, you know, and David Clements, who's one of the bigger proponents out there of machine, you know, eliminating machines, there are many people out there. I'm not trying to just talk about my friend David, but the fact of the matter is that they should be compliant. So if they haven't done the chore of accurately and properly certifying the machines, they shouldn't be used. And you have to understand, I was an information assurance architect, which basically means that I was in charge of designing security for some of the most secure systems in the country. And I know a pig, when I see one, you can't just stick lipstick on it to make it something else. It's not okay. The current state of the election control systems the adherence to policy and procedure, the complete lack of process, the failure to certify the systems and the failure to maintain accuracy are all completely intolerable. And so what we're doing is after the New York work was completed and New York citizens audit was founded by Marlee Hornick and a great group of Patriot volunteers in New York. And it came together in conversations. I met Marlee at the pit with Through the Vote. We were both invited there. And basically, we struck up a conversation over a course of time. Through the Vote introduced me to what Marlee and her folks were doing. There's another person who goes by the nom de guerre of Art Zark. But Andrew Paquette is his real name. And he's got a substack out there that But they found interesting patterns in the voter registration rules that were inexplicable. They were obviously machine-made. They were deterministic, not random, like registrations would be. So we even see evidence, clear evidence, and it's been tested now in other states, clear evidence of injection of voters into the voter registration system. Do we know how they were used? No, not really. Were they used to, you know, to... throw an election maybe, or they used to expand the electoral representation of the state. Absolutely they were because the way that the apportionment and electoral college are allocated are based on biannual adjustments to the census using one of the primary resources is the voter registration rolls. So if you inject huge numbers of fake voters, you're increasing your effective representation in Congress, you're increasing your representation in the electoral college, and you're getting an increased apportionment of grants and funding that are apportionment related. So the fact is we have a very dirty system and nobody seems to care. And why is that? Because they're all incented in the system not to care. They're either apathetic. I mean, we actually use it. We'd say they're malicious. There's either malice, ignorance, or arrogance. Can I give you one more option that could be there? Sure. Is that they're all working together in order to overthrow this nation. Because when you start seeing the complicity and how they're working together, I had somebody on yesterday that showed a clerk up in Northeast Michigan, basically shared information on a case that they were named in with a judge from another area and to try to, to try to, to protect herself. And, and it, it's, it's so, it's so corrupt and you can see the collusion going on between them in order to protect, protect each other. And it's unfortunate, but I have this feeling that there's a lot more of an organization there or an organism with little cells around that are, that are kind of covering up for each other. But that's, that's my opinion and I'm sticking with it. Well, I share that opinion, actually. I mean, you can see the model work out quite clearly with Raffensperger and Georgia. Stacey Abrams sues the state. They make a big show of it. And then they sign that consent decree, which completely destroys the integrity of. And by the way, they lose all the lawsuits associated with that consent decree. It's not like Raffensperger didn't know better. He did. He did it anyway. So was he part of it? you know, look at the evidence for yourself. So it, you know, and I don't care whether it's, you know, arrogance, ignorance, or malice, it doesn't matter. The fact is, we have to have fair, open and honest elections that comply with the law. So our point is that, I'm sorry, and we do not at scale. So we found this in New York, then we went to other states where we've now, what we call the scorecard, which is a direct measurement of the variation at scale. And we've reported it in New York to the State Board of Elections. Their response is to forward a criminal referral to Letitia James. And now we're dealing with that. We've reported it as a result of that whole conversation. We reported it to the state police and the FBI as a variation because obviously they're trying to cover up John Vile- Whatever malfeasance they are trying to cover up whether it's intentional or not doesn't actually matter there's a Supreme Court ruling in 1888 that's still good law called COI and. John Vile- COI determines that a person has if you're a federal agent in charge of certain operations which election officials are under the law. John Vile- You are responsible for knowing whether or not the system was compliant with the law. You can't plead ignorance. You can't plead that you didn't understand the law. It's your job to know the law. And what's it called? 1888 Supreme Court decision called R.E. Coy, C-O-Y. And if you really want to understand what happened from a legal perspective, people don't understand this at all, is that election crime is something completely different than challenging the outcome you can you can prosecute people without administrative action at all for election fraud and and we get in trouble because of the use of the word fraud the word election fraud does not mean that you have to have intent all you have to have is you know for an official to commit election fraud is that he allows something or she allows something to occur that's not allowable and that they should have the affirmative duty to know that what was done. For instance, I'll just give you an example. The destruction of the records in Michigan when your Secretary of State decides to erase everything after the 2020 election was illegal. It was illegal. And she had no basis under federal law to claim that she was ignorant that she had to keep it for the period of time that's required under law. So when that's done, she commits a felony under federal rules. But did anybody prosecute her? No, they didn't. So the fact of the matter... Go ahead. Let me tell you, I've got somebody that I know who prepared a document, took it to the state police and said... based on his constitutional rights or the rights guaranteed by the Constitution were violated, asked them to arrest Governor Whitmer. And the police said, somebody from the police said, yes, everything looks good, but if you file it, we will shoot you because we're here to protect the governor. Well, that would be a pretty significant response, I would say. I would say that's a significant response. But I mean, when you've got that sort of stuff going on behind the scenes. So we see this intimidation everywhere. It's everywhere. Leticia James is going after New York citizens audit who all they did is they looked at. So this is what we do, just to be clear, we take their data, not our data, their data. We analyze it against the law of the state or the federal law and determine whether or not it's at variance. If it's at variance, it's against the law. So if it's a requirement under state law or a requirement under federal law and they haven't done it, it's illegal. Injecting that registration into the system, accepting it when it's known to be at variance, is defined under federal prosecution guidelines as election fraud by an official of the state. So you have the same thing with the ratio of the data in 2020 in Michigan as an example, because this violates the record retention law under HAVA and under NIBRA actually. But the critical one was HAVA because that governs how the voter data, the count of the ballots is regulated. The fact of the matter is that what we're doing now is we're taking this approach to what we call the state scorecard. We've got scorecards completed now and in many states, Texas, we're close in California. We are working on one in Michigan. We hope that it's done in a week or two. We are working on other states as well. Maryland is completed. Missouri is close. New York obviously was the first because they've been working on it for three years, trying to develop this model a little bit with my help, but mostly on their own. And then Marley and I went, I had developed this legal strategy because what besides being with the NSA I helped write HAVA originally and the reason is because I'm from Missouri originally and Missouri basically wrote HAVA attorney general who becomes attorney general Ashcroft and a guy by the name of Paul D. Gregorio who becomes the first chairman of the EAC basically were put in charge of writing HAVA. Why did I become involved? At the time I'm running a software company that does high volume item processing with scanners, right? So at the time we were running some of the largest item processing systems in the world. And so De Gregorio, a past associate of mine in the Quinney Township Republican Organization of St. Louis County, Missouri, comes to me and says, what can I do with scanners? And so I helped, I helped advise them as to how banks control ballot, you know, not ballots, but checks. And the process that you see embedded in HAVA with the, you know, the manual chain of custody, the batch control slips, that's what banks do. That's why they do it that way is to make sure that there's a cross-footing available. But then when we find in Arizona's audit that all the batches are corrupt, that the wrong ballots are in the wrong boxes, the counts don't agree with the ballot slips, this is all a noncompliant election. But instead of challenging the outcome of the election, we should have challenged the misconduct. and insisted that a reconciliation be performed. Most people don't understand in the year 2000, George Bush does not challenge the outcome of the Florida election. He challenges the conduct of the election in terms of how hanging chads and dimpled ballots were counted. He wins that in an emergency Supreme Court motion that was done on a timely basis instead of late. And unfortunately, Trump's advisors either were ignorant or malicious in this regard and did not advise him to take these actions. And I don't know how that happened, but it gets back to concern about the integrity of the Republican Party itself, or at least a lot of people that claim to be our leaders that are not necessarily working for our benefit. They go in bed together, both sides of the aisle to protect each other. And they bounce the virtue signaling righteous ball back and forth between each other to help each other. They do an awful lot of that, don't they? And they never come up with a solution. They yell and scream at each other about how terrible they are. And then they go to the bar and they drink together. Yeah, they go out to Milano's for a steak dinner and a $2,000 bottle of wine. That's exactly what's happening. I did a little bit of lobbying in my life. I know the story pretty well, unfortunately. Anyway, the fact of the matter is that we've got this situation where all the states have the same kind of variance. The bureaucrats have decided they don't have to follow the law. For instance, the Pennsylvania motions to change the outcome in 2020 is an example because of the ballots that don't have signature verification. It shouldn't have focused on the outcome. It should have focused on the procedure. And if they had argued that, then they might, I'm not saying that they would have succeeded, but they at least had a better chance of succeeding in front of the federal judges because they're not making the decision as to who won the election. They're making the decision as to what the proper conduct of the election is. So we're focused on black letter law. And the reason we're focused on black letter law is we don't want to get into arguments about this, whether this was the right way or the wrong way. We're looking at things that are clearly understandable and saying that this is variance with the law. uh the plain interpretation of the law or the or the you know judicial interpretation of the law and explain this you can't you can't certify an election that has millions of non-compliant entries in it whether those are votes or voters and you know the even and most people don't aren't even aware of this document but there's a document the eighth edition of the federal guidelines for prosecution of election offenses clearly spells this out. It's a DOJ document. It was prepared, you know, this edition was prepared under the Trump administration, but it's nothing new. I mean, it was the standard of what's called election fraud is clearly defined in that document along with all the citations of, you know, particular law. And the fact is these people are violating our civil rights. Most people don't know HAVA and NIVRA are both civil rights legislation. They're not election legislation. They're civil rights legislation. When they violate HAVA, you know, casually, they're violating the law. They're violating our civil rights. Now, will the state trooper from Michigan shoot me if I say that out loud? I don't know. Maybe. I hope not. They've got it. They're like Gretchen's little Gestapo out there now, you know, and that's unfortunately, it's one of her departments. And I can go into this and get into the weeds on this one, but she's defunded a lot of the, or defunded or cut funding for the sheriff's, which is the office that can remove her and put the money over into the state police in order to prop them up a little bit. And that's why the community policing in the state is not working so well. And we see this all over the country, actually. Sheriffs were supposed to be kind of the leveling, including the federal marshals, actually, which filled the same kind of role. They were supposed to be the independent arm that would, you know, deal with this if it got out of control. And the legislatures around the country don't like independent sheriffs. So they've John Vile- You know they've worked over the years to you know there's posse comatose laws still in state constitutions all over the country, particularly in the western part of the United States, but then the sheriffs have been slowly. John Vile- You know their power has been slowly taken away from them, so now they have to in order to get a subpoena as an example they can't. In the old days, the sheriff could just write a subpoena on their own and go out and enforce it under the posse laws. So they would organize a posse. The posse would go out and get the felon or whatever. But that principle of the posse comitus laws exists even in federal law. Under posse comitus interpretation, federal judges have the right to convene on their own without anybody else, DOJ or anyone else. a grand jury, but we don't see that because they've all been cowed into, you know, submission. So you're the second person this week that's brought the U S marshals up. So the marshals and the federal judges have immense power, but they don't exercise it because they're concerned about the backlash. Right? So, so this is the mainstream media, you know, uh, I don't like to talk about my intelligence community background too much, but I mean, this is a classic information warfare strategy built around propaganda being, uh, you know, to, to warn people off. I mean, you know, so why do we have to go out and destroy the J six prisoners? It's because we don't want this kind of behavior by the rest of the population. That's right. Why do we, why do we destroy general Flynn and Paul Manafort? It's not. It's not that I am supporting either one of them. I mean, that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the egregious weaponized prosecution of people when there's not a legal basis for the prosecution. And we're seeing it all over the place. And who can sustain an attorney general who has immense power and resources behind them attacking you individually. You know, who can, who can deal with that? I mean, you can be a billionaire and you, and you end up destitute. The first thing they do is deplatform you, right? They seize all your assets because you're, particularly if they accuse you of some sort of RICO violation, they have the right then to seize your bank accounts, for goodness sake, particularly if they're accusing you of having accepted bribes, right? So then you can't even defend yourself. You suddenly go from flying on private jets to figuring out where the nearest soup kitchen is. And this is what they're doing to people. But it's not just for millionaires. It's for the everyday citizen, too. If they're trying to silence you, they'll go after your family. They'll go after your kids. They will go after you. They'll find something. And unfortunately, we've got such a bloat of of nonsense regulation. They're not laws. There's there's all sorts of policies and laws that they hang things on. that have set itself up against we the people. And it's for the sole purpose of harassment, entrapment, coercion. I'll give you two precise examples of this. My good friend, Catherine Engelbrecht, is sued when she's by the IRS for certain violations, threatening to put her in jail over it. This is back in the Tea Party days. I don't know if True the Vote existed at that point or not. But she, you know, she wins. She beats them. You know, but how much did she have to spend? You know, and then you see the Mark Elias groups in Project 65 going after people, you know, The Truth of Vote people have spent millions and millions and millions of dollars defending themselves. You know, last week or the week before they beat Mark Elias and Stacey Abrams on their lawsuit against Truth of Vote over voter harassment. Is anybody compensating them for the millions of dollars that they spent? My business partner, Nate Cain, who's a cybersecurity expert as well, is a FBI whistleblower. He did everything exactly as he was supposed to. He turns over Department of Justice information on the Clinton Foundation that's been hidden for years, thousands of investigations that were stopped by FBI leadership. And what happens? The FBI comes after him. Even though he's an accepted official and immune, whistleblower endorsed by the Department of Justice and Inspector General. They come and raid his house. They harass his son's girlfriend's family. I mean, it's impossible to live in a free country where you have to deal with officials that don't care about the law at all. And this was conducted by the FBI. you know that and and so he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money as a protected whistleblower defending himself and he wins it all goes away he eventually gets all of his seized you know computer equipment back like three years later or four years later And some of it's been wiped clean with no justification at all, no apology, here's a check for your legal bills. And so just ask yourselves out in the audience, can you take a $500,000 legal bill hit to get justice and absorb it into your retirement savings? How many people can do that? Well, that's why I think a smart chicken out there has a dead man's switch ready at all points in time where you have your information elsewhere. And if they try to throw something out there, if you've got something that they can't find or can't release, that's a smart thing to put it in many, many, many places. They'll never find it all. Most people do that, but it doesn't clear you of the necessity to defend yourself in court. They still have you wrapped up in a litigation situation. And if they're going after you criminally, it becomes extraordinarily expensive. Do you know what happened to me in the state of Michigan with the signatures? I do. Yeah. And so so I never got I never got due process was absolutely violated and I never got challenged. I was ambushed three days before their little sham hearing at the Board of Canvassers Board of Elections with Jonathan Brader, director of elections, who is also on the chairman of the board of Eric. And I was kicked off at a two to two vote and they lost 10,000 of my signatures, magically found it after I sued in Supreme Court. and they wouldn't rule on it and then we got to federal court and they they determined that my rights were in fact violated but they refused to offer me any type of of uh relief and i was not put on the ballot so thereby completely uh eviscerating really my chance to win but i kept going because i told people i would be on the ballot and that's exactly what i did is i keep my word But they did some incredible damage was done. The first step was the signature gatherers, which the Attorney General cleared all of us of any wrongdoing. And we're in court right now. But the first step in this was the signature gatherers, the fraud that was committed by the signature gatherers. And that started the excuse and the role because they were the step that launched this entire thing. I completely understand. So to kind of go full circle there, what our intent is, is to throw sand into the gears, basically. Throw it in their eyes. That's what we need to do. Maybe so. I don't care where it lands. The point is to put them on notice. Yeah. Put them on notice that they need to conduct an honest election or we're going to try to put them in jail. Are you going for removal of people right now? I would love to see the entirety of the government in the state of Michigan removed at this point in time. and start over because there, there's so much, there's so much wrong with this. I mean, it's like, it's like, I do believe that every member of the legislature needs to be removed because of what happened with this election, as well as the governor, the secretary of state, the, uh, The Attorney General, even though there's a case that's going on that's to my benefit right now, I'm going to say right now that every single person that had one little tiny fingernail touching this election, right down to the clerks, needs to be removed. Interestingly, there's some pretty good law in Michigan. Jill Stein, a Green Party candidate many years ago, was running for the House, I believe. and she actually wins her federal lawsuit against Michigan. But by the time she wins that lawsuit, the term that she would have been elected to, which she wasn't, I mean, she obviously didn't have enough votes to win, but the term that she was running for was over. So the court basically says, yeah, they denied you your rights, but there's nothing we can do about it. That term is gone i can't you know i can't in equity put you into a new term i mean this is the craziness that we're faced and this is actually something that you know there's something that you don't that people don't understand not you understand it quite well very well but the but the fact is adjudication doesn't work you can't go through a regular court proceeding in less than three to five years And if you're trying to fight the current outcome that's unjust, you can't go through normal discourse. The elections were designed to be bulletproof. That was the design. And then somewhere along the line, we decided that it's okay to have lawless elections. Yeah, nine, like we've got election month now. And because we're so incompetent that we cannot conduct an election in one day, no. The only reason why we would do that is for cheating. And, you know, going back to your point when you were talking about the hanging chads and such, why is it? I mean, when my mom and dad, when I was young, I'm 60 years old, and I remember mom and dad going into the voting booth and pushing the little levers, right? And then they'd pull the... the lever down, you know, the little, the little ones and they pull the lever down and that, that registered their vote. Right. And I'm for paper ballots, just so everybody's a hand counting with a camera over the top. So you can count those ballots and that we can see what we can see the counting in public while we vote in private, the counting has to be in public. That's what's constitutionally allowable. But my whole thing is, is if we have any adjudication that's going on, we have a failed system because we should have an ability to conduct an election without adjudication because that's giving somebody else the power to determine what you really meant. And once we move that line, there's no stopping it. That line's going to be up here all over the place because you're giving someone else the power to determine what intention was. Well, I could look at somebody's ballot and say, well, you know, I know that they really had the intention of voting for Biden when it was marked for President Trump, the rightful president of the United States. It's actually worse than that now. What you're seeing is intimidation in states. The best example is when one county in Georgia decides they're not going to certify the 2020 election and Raffensperger threatens to put the election official in jail. I'm sure they are. The fact of the matter is what we're doing is saying that some state official that has the ability to override the intent of the electorate. The purpose of the elections is to measure the intent of the electorate. And the purpose of the election law is to ensure as close as possible compliance with measuring the intent. When you have this kind of flagrant ignorance or malfeasance or whatever it is, under the law and the certification of elections that flagrantly violate the law, this is not okay. You cannot prove. So what I tell people all the time is the chore in 2020 was not to prove that Donald Trump won, not at least the first step. The first step was to prove that I don't know who won. You have to investigate this. You cannot certify this election because, and the best example, the easiest example is the decision that's not properly argued, frankly, in my estimation. I mean, and again, I'm not, I mean, some of the lawyers involved are my friends. I'm not besmirching what was done. It was an emergency. It was chaotic. Chaos is the enemy of anything being done correctly, but But the fact of the matter is that the point on the signature verification is they could still have done it. They had time. The arbitrary limits on time were ridiculous. And so there's no requirement. If you haven't done signature verification, there's no requirement that you complete the certification by a particular date. And I will give you the perfect example. Are you aware of how long it took to adjudicate Bush versus Gore? 45 days. 45 days. So all this nonsense that we only have two days, we only have three days. Under state law, I've got to certify this by this state. No, you don't. Under state law, you've got to do what is proper under the law. You don't have the excuse of saying it's too expensive or I can't do it. I don't have the manpower. These are all complete nonsense. Or absentee votes. That's what they were saying in Michigan. It's like absentee votes have to be sent out by a certain date. Well, we had an open issue there that they didn't. So they just like said, oh, we're just going to forget that and move on. That's their MO right now is to just, oh, let's just forget the facts. Let's just forget the fact that a crime has been committed. And we're just going to go forward with this. And we don't have time anyway, right? And so I'm just going to decide it's okay. This is what happened. We actually allowed elected officials and bureaucrats, many of whom are just appointed, not even elected, to decide who won the election. That is not how it works. It's okay not to do this. So we're getting ready to file litigation all over the country. Like I said, we have We have scorecards in New York. We have scorecards in Illinois. We have scorecards in Maryland. We have scorecards almost ready in North Carolina. We've got a scorecard. We have one that we're hoping is ready within two weeks. We'll see. I would like to be part of this because I think- We'd be happy for you to be part of this. This is an amazing thing. And if I can put some pressure on by just putting it out there to as many people as will watch it and say, okay, guys in Michigan, let's get off of our behinds and get this information out here because people need to get behind this. Or if we don't act- We're guilty of being complicit with them. We can't sit here and do nothing. We have to- We want TROs before the election that says just obey the law. Our laws are actually pretty good. The fact of the matter is we have lawless elections. The election officials and the secretaries of state and certain governors- not naming any particular have decided that they're above the law, that they get to decide how elections are decided, which is the same as saying I get to decide who won. This is not okay. I mean, you know, we actually passed an amendment to disallow governors from appointing senators, right? Most people don't remember this, but senators didn't used to get elected. They were appointed by the governors. We said, this is not okay. The people need to have say over the government. But now we're allowing the governors, corrupt governors in some cases, to appoint the president of the United States. That's what we did. We did. We allowed governors and secretaries of state to appoint governors. The president. So, well, and so the political parties are involved in this, too, because they've cut out. They are telling us they've got way too much power and they're telling us, oh, these are the candidates that we are going to allow you to vote for. And I saw a clear election airing in the state of Michigan by the Republican Party. It was clear. It started right off the bat in Mackinac Island. And so another problem is these political parties. It is a centralization of power, which is part of the systemic corruption we have across the United States of America. And some of it's not even obvious to the normal person, right? So almost all committees end up with debt at the end of the cycle. And as a result, they need somebody to pay the debt. And who normally steps in and pays election debt? The parties do. So, for instance, James in Michigan is convinced not to contest the election in 2020, which he clearly was cheated out of, it appears to me anyway. Or at least the question should have been asked whether or not that election was run fairly. And clearly it was not run fairly. I got a lot of questions on James, so we can talk about that. I'm not pushing James as a particular instance of consideration. What I'm talking about is the fact that the election was nonsense, particularly in Michigan. Let me explain this from a cybersecurity standpoint. When you see that van pull up in Wayne County, And in unescorted ballots with clearly no chain of custody control and no observers, this is a violation of every principle of operational security. In operational security, there's a concept called total breach of control. That's a total breach of control right there. How many ballots were in those boxes? Were they even ballots? I don't need to know. It's not my job. It's their job. And the requirements in the election are, it's called a zero trust environment. I don't have to trust you. You don't have to trust me. The system is the basis or the anchoring of trust. But the assumption is you have to follow the rules of the system. They were not following the rules of the system. I'm not duty bound to trust what you tell me the election result was. That's not what I'm duty bound to trust. I'm duty bound to trust an election that was run according to the law. And when we enter this lawless state, it puts us in a position where people are no longer in charge of the democracy that runs and chooses the electoral representation of each state. The government officials are. And not to be silly about it, but the fact of the matter is that these people have a vested interest in the outcome. You don't put a governor Or I'll use the example of Katie Hobbs. You don't put Katie Hobbs in charge of deciding whether the Arizona election was fair or not. I mean, it's just not okay. You can't do this. The fact is that if they violate the law in the conduct of the election, the election should not be certified. And getting back to your original point, if you don't certify the election, who decides what the outcome is? It's in the Constitution. It's a state legislature. Period. Period. And it was a, you know, it was a fuse on the system, knowing that an election might not be, you know, able to maintain integrity of a decision, right? Can you hear me? Yeah. My daughter just, my daughter just came. I understand. I, I, it's no problem. I just, I thought maybe I, there was some sort of technical problem. No, no, no, no. I have a, I have a very special needs daughter. She's 28, but she's about three years old mentally. And she came into the room and, and this is, this is what I say. This is like real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table. And so this is, this is for real, you know, this is, But I'm going to go back to the point that if somebody stands down when they see a crime being committed, and I'm going to go back to the James thing, John James. If he doesn't fight this or if he didn't fight this and he knew that it was wrong, he's complicit. You cannot just see a crime and or not say something. If you observe a felony, right? And you don't do anything. You're complicit, right? And if people are seeing crimes being committed, we have to assume that there was something that interrupted that process. But you have to say something. And that's my opinion on this, is that people are going to have to step forward with this. And if somebody won't challenge in an election that they know was wrong, why would we want them in any seat in power at all? If they're not going to fight on that level, they're not going to fight on any level. Basically, we look at it simply, and you're absolutely correct. How many people are comfortable out there today, even listening to this conservative podcast, that have not stepped up and put their money or their time where their heart is? This is an issue everywhere. Basically, what we're going for is... If you're not a valid voter, you shouldn't be on the rolls. If you shouldn't be on the rolls, you shouldn't be voting. If the system can't count accurately who voted and correlate that to the number of ballots counted, there's something terribly wrong. if you have a system that's not certified from a cyber security standpoint it shouldn't be used period it's fisma federal information security modernization act and the declaration that election infrastructure's critical infrastructure requires fisma compliance i don't believe there's a state in the country that has a before using a machine has done a required fisma risk assessment under the risk management framework and if any any cyber security experts out there want to talk about it, I'll talk about it. But our objective isn't just to get rid of machines. It's to get fair and honest elections that obey the law. And so we intend to file federal lawsuits around the country. And we're going to try to get TROs basically to get federal judges. And some of them won't agree with us in all truthfulness. That's not the issue. We're putting them on record. And we believe we will win in some places and we'll force this to the Supreme court as fast as possible and let them decide whether it's okay to just disobey the law. And, and I believe that in the end, either the people or the politicians or the judges, and hopefully all three will mandate that we have fair, honest, open elections that comply with the law that are not lawless any longer, but actually lawful. Does that mean every law is fair? No, it doesn't. There's a lot of laws that are unfair. But change the law if you're concerned about it. Don't just have some bureaucrat decide it doesn't apply anymore. Well, like Jonathan Brader said, we're making up things on the fly. Absolutely. And it's like, this is what they're doing, is they're not following the law. They're just kind of like, this is what I want to do, so I'm just going to do it. So my good friend Marley Hornick will say we've turned them into referees, but we really haven't. They're like super referees. When referees make a call on the field, it's supposed to obey the rules, right? I'm going to give you a great illustration of this. This is like having a game going on on the field and all of a sudden having Godzilla jump over the top of the stands, landing in the middle of the field and starting to just kind of rip everything apart and watching body parts go everywhere. There's a dead quarterback under his footprint, right? That's right. Anybody that was for real is there. And he brings Rodan into this and everybody else. So how do you call that play? Let me tell you. They just squash everybody. That's what they're doing. So, well, this is interesting. So how do I get in contact with the people in the state of Michigan here? What do I do? so come into our national website unite the number four uh register on and send us a message we'll get it to the appropriate i'm sorry do i go to join the team here yeah join the team you don't have to make any particular commitment you just need to get in the message stream so that you can send a message saying that you want to help in Michigan or talk to the Michigan people, but you have to get into the system. There may be a way to email separately, but to tell you the truth, people that don't register, we have a lot of noise around the systems. It's better to register so that we know for real that somebody's, you know, who somebody is or what they represent. And even that's not complete, right? You know, in your case, since you have my email already, you can just send me an email. How about you just stay on the line when I end the show here and we'll just talk about this and get work done like in real time here. Sounds good with me. Cut through all the tape here and just do that. Well, I got to tell you, I've really thoroughly enjoyed the discussion with you and I would love for you to come back on. This is my number one issue, this and human trafficking that's going on because honestly, they're related. It's all related. The corruption is allowed by government officials that don't care. And or they're involved. Yeah, I know. I'll say it. I see all these things nobody else wants to say. And I just throw it out there and it's like, all right, go ahead and sue me. We'll just go ahead and put this into some sort of court process and bring all of you into the party during discovery. We'll see how those depositions go. Yeah, let's see how those depositions go. And let's see how therapy, I got, I was, I was throwing somebody out that was doing some human trafficking on the border, an organization that was down there. And oh man, that was a whole lot of fun. I got threatened in every, you know, in 17 ways in taiwan here i got i got threatened and i'm like that's great you guys just keep it up because i'm gonna get i'm gonna start reaching 50 contacts past you in layers we will be peeling this onion in layers and surprisingly they got real quiet real quick it's a it's amazing that's the way you know and everybody you can't back down to bullies and thugs because this this is like you know okay so our our nation has been taken over in gang warfare is what's happened here they're they're an organism that has got their little their little monster tentacles in every organization now do i think that the fbi is all bad no if it was all bad we would all be dead by now okay so we've got good guys in every organization the nsa They have a lot of great FBI agents, a lot of great DEA agents, a lot of great border agents. I think they're in there taking notes. But the leadership is terribly corrupt. Guessing they're taking notes and taking names in there too and working. Maybe they have their own organization that's fighting the monster organization right now. And the good guys are kind of winning because you can kind of see that. You can kind of see a trend happening there. But we still have to go through the whole process of finding out what was done to throw it out for everyone to see so that these people are prosecuted, eliminating from having any interaction, say, in society. Oh, let's say by military tribunals and the outcome of what happens when we commit treason. Yeah. That's my first that's my first option there. And then being able to never have this happen again. And then but but there's going to be a lot of work on the ground just with with we the people because. So we've done a lot of that. We've got 23 state organizations in operation. We intend to file as many lawsuits as we can. And I love it. That's the purpose of this. If you've got people you know, time on your hands or resources you want to contribute, we're ready to go to work. We are working. Nobody has an excuse. Everybody has time. Nobody has an excuse out there in Michigan, state of Michigan. We have 10, about 11 million people out there. I'm sorry, I'm not accepting the excuses. Everybody has time for this. I don't care what- Yeah, do you care about your children, your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren? I mean, what are we bequeathing to the next generation? This is a disaster in the making, so- Yeah, is our next big thing that we got to do is our golf game or is it this, that or the other thing? I mean, we can fill our time with all sorts of play, play, play, play stuff going on to amuse ourselves. Or we can actually get in the fight and take this nation back from these Marxists. who have really infiltrated every level of our nation. And I'm really excited. I love being alive right now. I think this has been an extraordinary process. I like all of our good guy friends that are in all of the organizations who are fighting for this nation. And I want to say thank you. hats off to all of you. Someday, I hope you're all recognized. And I'd love to shake every single one of your hands out there because I do believe in them. And I believe that in the end of the day, it's God Almighty that's taking this nation back. And he's going to continue to move us forward in that direction. I do believe that. I think Harry got locked up there. Are you there, Harry? Let's see if you can come back on again. If you're not, if you can hear me, come on back on. Let's see. See if I can get Harry to come back on here a minute. There we go. We'll see if Harry comes back on again. And so with that said, you know, we've got a wonderful future ahead of us. You know, as the rightful president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump says, the best is yet to come. And as long as we turn our lives over to God and we let God lead us out of this, we're going to be okay. It's going to be fine. But we do have to peel off the layers of the onion until we get down to exactly what exactly what it's going to take to restore this nation back to the foundations and to what worked. So with that said, I'm going to go ahead and say a prayer. Hopefully, Harry will come back on. If he doesn't, that's okay. I'll talk to him after I get offline. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for Harry and for Todd and for all the patriots out there that are fighting for this nation, for Admiral Rogers, for General Flynn, and the rightful president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump. We're so thankful. for people who are courageous enough to step forward and to continue to fight for this nation. We ask that everybody out there would pray that they would find it in their hearts to get involved on on some level of this to not only make sure that our elections are correct, but prosecute those who have subverted this nation. And, and bring, bring them to justice. We need, we need to have justice. We can say we can forgive everybody all we want. But when somebody has committed a crime and a violation of, of the systems that you have set up and committed crimes, like say human trafficking or, or, or drug trafficking and such, we know that we have to act. And the precedent is there in the Bible. There's been so many instances of your people who were the ones who stepped forward in the darkest times, were willing to accept the job, And whatever it is that you ask us to do, we thank you so much for everything that you've done. We ask that you would please be with Melania and President Trump and their family today as they come off of Amalia's funeral, that you would bless them with great comfort and that they would know that you're keeping their mama and their grandma safe and she's with you and that you're taking care of everything. We're so grateful for that, that we can trust you in all situations to take care of things to be there for us and to always walk with us in every part of our life. We thank you so much. You've been a great friend to us and we want to be a friend to you. We love you in the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen. And with that said, here we go. It's heart hands time. I got a present for Karen. You guys want to be in on a secret? Do it because I know she's not here today. but I think I'll do this and we'll see if Karen's watching because I don't think she is. So here's Karen with heart hands too. So we've got, now we've got hands for Karen. So Karen now has hands and I have hands. So God bless you. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Make it a great weekend. It's going to be one. Go to I'm the best non-conceiter who has ever not conceded to a fraudulent rig. Maladministration, malfeasance, we can put every word you want to this, but a all wrong on every level election system, which we're going to continue to just beat that drum like every day here and talk about the rightful president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump. and his beautiful family and all of us patriotic Americans who will stand together against this great evil we have and this nation in this world. So anyhow, love y'all. Have a great weekend and I will see you Monday.