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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/9/2023 - Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published May 9, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Tatar Tusesday with John Tater. Know the law and use the law - defending yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. We are going through the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the foundation that this country was established upon. We have rights given by God and guaranteed by the Constitution. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the ninth day of may twenty twenty three so we are approaching the stay and stator tostate live from the studios of brander news network which is actually mitchen table so real peril news for real people by real people and a one in invite or introduced by species container for what is it john dajuda as to how you going to day in doing good he yougot kind of quiet i make turned sod up i sound got quiet all right the screwing their computers again john couldn't get his computer to start this morning and but cannot then little better that's a little better see have you gaiters that's awsome nothing to couple more songs that you so quiet that is where you are potbefore we got on you were louder so i going adele that's where a right well let's see we can do if i have to see if i can adjust the sound somehow i'll see it here yet it seems normal here everybody out there he can hear john let out so all right so were to start or they to day with a song okay this is for the second amendment i got a name had for he conformation makes me feel all right erigone might go loosely bolderothe retiring no flanahan to shoot first the nass questionerperhaps everell you can't i got a constitution it rainedthe yet the comes or that the tolindoos outlook my ten man less indeed odotetaan good lesson costermonger at every day fragonard be yes sir figuregrettir federationare or poison tiger traversing her trierarch out possono long gone along way as i in the den the allies took him for the poor dark phrase not see again how i you have to go and get old man it was just a lousy flesh wound had won no contenteray for an hour at everett he is still a the same on my ride for yetlook the round better take to do the bentata i feel that adhesion of land you'll have to use some four of pennilessand before contregaitier aftereatage hand he is operating amphicrates so tigretier hand or by an figurativeness teatchotonch nononothing your hand and what have you got to do me we get a thicker oppetat anything then monotone even later siapa some one prize to break in here to night how lineolate in my strong better ask yourself to you for luck popeship arabertan oh that's my no can see the laughed out there the gun control people their leg losing her minds right now just they can't take a joke cried that's right it's right it's like it's like all right anybody out there with red flag laws just just go go get yourself or rope your cloth this is not tis not that's funny that is funny so we will go for more you want one more song on a there save it for next week we goliathnothing we should get through the montalto began potatoos thing you're out therious did you write that er tosode to some mayest it i stole he stole it amontons is that's fine everybody's got to be able to take a joke you know because the ones are actually doing the school shooting or probably set up by the colonies and in law first part you know for elnora will people do not think crazy increase terms we are all comfortof processes which is what the show is all about so so anyhow which we began called the amendments cause john otohime a wonderful document i asked him to put together the defendant defending yourself ah you know in court and what the protests are insolent be going through that but i think we should finish to a madman that we started to go through at least a dress that cause this provocatin ation so though that we know the law we stay within the law and ah and that we are now at right given by god and guaranteed by the consent so were we at listen in a republic if we don't have the rule of law then we have the rule of man and the rule of man is in the democrats where they can make and choose whatever they want to so we don't want to go there we've always had the rule of law in america at least that what we should i'm not quite sure that the people that are in the design the setter in the bar ah then o torneys understand that that we ruled by the lord we live by the rule of law because you can get into court and the judges can twist it any way they want and they do we hadn't no overload they want there averybody else to be attention of their bogus unconstitutional laws they can do whatever they want it is incredible totersten is just but i teweanihos against we will eventually how because the rule of lie is coming back we are going to have our republic that and we are going to have a lot of people swinging and it's for you all they made by swaying by news of unatoned anywhere i think it lays it out is a short drop sudden stop kind of thing that's right okay i think we left off in the fifth the mendment did we ah i think we jumped around a little bit but let's not a despot here i thought in ogenesis the mendment okay we'll go back to the fifth ohwhatwhat we jumped down a little that it will just go back up there and and there was if we did we could go back to where we left off it i don't remember caperun through let's run through the first death and like two cones so sin the first side of a moment to contenson each one and then we'll move very well you want to go back to the first again just real quick a quick son refers manet on your religion you insect we have eckeharts to that first amendment that the first amendment poet those most report remember that was ever written congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion that's the most important and the cook about bridge bridging abridging the freedom of speech and press and right and the right to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for redress the redress a grievance thing has been destroyed by wild the destroyed most of the first moments by their stupid laws by everything that they have come up with and now most of the politicians a public functionaries will not answer the redressed grievances tell them on the slats of the they don't want to do that is to the concomitance or home we're going to go rapidfire here with second amendment were amendment obviously is no can make any law bridging the rights to the second and right to bear an and that's all we have to save out that henryii one more thing and we should have a well regulated melicoth t needs every law abiding citizen should be carried i agree okay so they're a matter third amendment is no soldier's shell in pints of piece be quartered in anybody's house including yourself home surveillance for the for if the man man is the right to be secured your papers houses and effects against unreasonable seizures and obviously that sounds of that sense what it says a persons places and effects that cars its graces whatever they have no right to come in without a search warrant signed by judge and restriving where setoning the and life good father moment if the mendment a the most critical thing of the fifth amendment is bearing witness against your is not incriminating your the fifth amendment is bearing witnessing self remember control of the language controls the narrate so here we want to be sure we are very clear as to what we're trying to say in what we're trying to do especially if you an end up in a criminal case in a you don't want to bear witnessing all right that brings us all we were wrought working on the fifth had don't know if we ah remember all crimes of of criminal criminal crimes of any kind criminal indictments astifedon by grand jury and they have to give you that information you can't defend yourself unless you know what the charges are president trump they won't tell him what i was charged with when they over his place at milano when they broke in his old dilantin mahometan to my god we got so asenipoetes went off too i michelagnol for one of our roseness so i've got a redirect tell calls everywhere at three it's like knots you know his life doesn't stop because we don't we're all volunteer here so coming out problems sometimes and i i just keep going here i'm going to hosixteen criminal in all criminal prosecutions here the sixth time to have ah the accused shall be entitled to the right to a speedy trial president trunk right to a speedy trial right right out isn't the trial january said ah with an impartial jury of the state and the district where the crime has been committed and here we have the nonsense the name of the nonsense of everything that's going on jason i can't talk to you like now let me call you back yes meditande an emergency so were up minissimi tasking beast of a day had ororgive crying had to as i'd be calling all the policies adonising away or we go way ronbroke right now here here in this particular six the mendment we talking about criminal prosecuted right to a speedy trial ah where the information the nature and the consideration of needs to be brought forth and it be able to be confronted by your wise even though they say this is criminal this is in any kind of as you have a right to be you have a right to face sure witness even than i and even in a civil action although they tell you they don't the ordnance officer that gives you a ticket says what on have to tell you which neighbor when after he he called it you in on having this problem but that's he's not legally this is it this is a real problem because people are accusing other people of things all the time with no with nothing to back it up with you know how many times his you know have people accused other people wrong and in they protect that whistle lower sometimes the other there's got to be some parody and there because he's so many frivolous lawsuits and fig losses just for money right now and trying to disparage people's character and they can say whatever they want and then they walk away scot free after they have destroyed other people's lives i've got a real problem with that i do put added huge problem with it because that's part of the problem in our entire entire society they can frame people you never know who you're talking in there's no re precautions to the dolls at a that are that are other rosefootnote as in one accused to you consolandi that's what i would do but a lot of people in it don't know it's just been such a bad thing i don't want to deal with it and had that that's wrong you got you have to go after people if they wrong wrongfully accused now if they're run it's just like this whole nonsense with president trunk i mean i mean the the the amount of of a achares that have been brought against them and allegations from people like stormy daniels and and finally she does know he didn't do it all the southern masses was said glettuness is not my type there is a gal that accused him and it's like in the sense you know repercussions of like go after that and i'm like you know this whole thing is just nonsense i always figured that they that right now that matter in greater danger than women because women you know you get somebody that's set with man they can accuse them of anything and there automatically in a disadvantage going to court system and that's wrong you know i think i think any woman that accuses the guy of a sexual misconduct or anything like that in the girl's other and go boohoo but you all know that i that happens a lot and we need to have justice not not just just giving favor to one group over and other i don't i don't support any of that nonsense and there got to be retribution the person lies the charges as well as the judge no pity party for that they know what they're doing and they can ruin people's lives and the judge is that are part of it too need to be called accountable if they if they do a bad judgment there nesmith ee strike rule for for judges if they if they let to say repeated founder out and they go out they then murder some one you know it's like there's got to be some there's got to be a little bit of a back lash on the judges because there they paid their paid infiltrators right now with so many about pesos prosecutors yes they are prosecutors to all of them the like they let somebody listen that person goes i commit to crime i think they should sit there sorry buts and jail right there with em and the most important part of the sixth amendment says you have of the rights to heaven assistance of counsel it doesn't say bar torney and this nonsense that they have that you can't practice slow without license they don't have a license the bar is not a licence some beverstone yet my bersetzt so all those attorneys at lie and the judges that they you can't practise law without a license they're all practicing law without license not one of em have lit they have a bar members that is no that's not what the law said that should be to milor for every single person out there then that there just making a rules as they go that's the controlling the language of control the a narrative a few but may have people believed that it far license or at bimembri card is the license the practice you are wrong it's it's a lie like driving a car and you have to have it's no use on the word driving because we're talking about commercial and you have to have a license when you drive you do not need license when you travel but you do when you dry like when you go to coron commerce when you go to court you have to have a bar license the practice law because that's or a bar membership card to practice on all at but if they would have come out with that originally in a bar membership the people would say you can certiorate eyewitness are all in a prime were not part of that price and they protect each other their not one squeal on her own and so when somebody this is the problem with politics for from you know in an industries and the bar and it's just another industry the they protect their industry members and there they are cartels and in effect there is cartoner when you hold for judges or when you look at the ballads there are ten positions and eleven judges were yeah the there are or the there is only one preposition cause they decide who is going to sit in the seat and there's no true choice or competition we don't get a choice and the judges they declare the bar has say ah unwritten law i don't know that unwritten might be written but i was told it was an unwritten law that if you are attorney and you want a particular judgeship you can't run against a sitting or one that was sitting and re running for he that's why you have one judge one post can that we've bought into all these nobody that the quest why is there only one position for judge and one judge and hortator and that's the ring because you can't as he bore a turning have to be a bar tourney in order to run for judgeship in according to this yes to behave member of good standing for five years before he could run for it so after be a bar member for five years then you can run and become a judge the holding a current i'll think is a kind of thought it's all rank it's like they've got to make sure those judges are going to fall in stop with her there powers that be above them telling them what they want to have done in order to take over this nation cause they're doing it from the best oh that's part of it there is also economic warfare a man they've got so many prongs as the tack against the constitution and america it's it's mine body the irwinto go to simolachri diction they don't accept the constitution in their civil actions that's what got he plead the re if there is so crazy that you were even have to say that i believe the republic i mean it why why the they disoutation sum that is that they've got juristic so openeth that you fallen tear to be in the civil action when you walk in you follow her to be in a to to being civil action when you hire in ten slang is done she up by me if you dissensionand sailed the republic you've got no rosengrave got the other processes by which they hold you in contempt sarto penchants for you in all that you want to show up you want to be there but you want to be there in the republic and am prepared half some of these john sent me the case the outline for case of defending yourself in court that's or talking about earlier and how to do that in which laws are on the books too to the process ordinatis that some point time because it's not the judges are there involved in it you guys better get yourself on the right side of this i because i'm pretty exsurgo s going to end this is nonsense and it's going to be decisively under it some point time you know this is the cantons so okanedomo ah suits had common law where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars i don't know if this any court case nowadays as under twenty old you now but i can imagine them saying we were goin not just for for inflation you know some something stupid like that and lineis the not yet you can't just say he can't just make policies it's written you stick with the written word won't work the rootfast of the matter is the government brought on the branch called the ornate branch banking system inflate the currency tonal make everybody wealthy according to the internal revenue selectest more money from that whole system of inflation and the sea currency is so the colander their money and by their political favors and by countries and caused wars create all kinds of problems this was a creation of the federal reserve system and our politicians and i use that word pretty nasty leave the car a politician you're really slim what politicians use that money laundering is so they can inflict their their salaries are there their retirements or whatever but that will process is in so illegal posts and there still in from there was no one pentire nature and a debt slaves by by how their doing this and and you and i both know having run for office we both run for the office of governor and i'm not conceding in your not conceding the sheriff's raston and wicount that our elections are bought and paid for they are they are buying our elections of and cheating through the rest of the way so three and what what bothers me a lot are those people that are in wild me and there is in all an average running the show that the places were the comfortable the part of the he only wanted to have a corrupt sure do is no sense because i went wi crops for one side it'll corrupt for the other side and that's what they've done it for years and is i think the tiretaine control as what they wanted to and you know i hate to say it but most of them are used in the lord's name and vain and say and you know this is the christian thing to do and it's unfortunate but just because somebody sons it you've got a kind o look at the works and who other life and who there associated with you you can't believe what's coming out of their mills because they're a liar full time you know they're liars full time and so have to have to really understand who you're talking to and not just take things necessarily if these valois so here were saying that if the controversies over twenty dollars the right of trial by jury shall be preserved or talking about civil action common law here were not talking about criminal were talking about the civil action or the common law and so you have a right to trial by jury if he offences over twenty dollars but no courts will honor that so keep that in mind when you're going to court that if that's if you need a trial by jury you're going to really have to work hard to get that otherwise isn't going to happen they do not want to jury try the case when the judges there and the judge will rule a certain way of jury will not ah that or i at the moment excessive bail shall not be required nor excessive fines in poles nor cruel and unusual punishment we all know that january said the belt to the january january so they had now three had got a whistle blow or that is going we're going to be sharing video that's never been seen before on january set and this is this is going to be a i think this is going to be re pretty is opening and i were sitting down and putting it together in outline form plus having some video that they tried to toledo and didn't work for them and this his people in positions of power and i think i think this is going to be a little shock and the people when the salt comes out how how bad senex week oh keep your eyes open everybody because i think this is going to be really interest member what we said in down down says the os suspended down also towns also said downs versus bed while also that the laws do not apply to you and me because we are the authors of the low they applied to the government that's what keeps them in line so all the laws that we have been supposedly breaking do not apply to us the as we are the authors of those why are we the authors of those laws because in a republic we give those laws or those powers to government to operate and without the people the government would be out of his so we have to get back to whom we are and how much power we really have and get away from the nonsense of following these public functionary we've put in office to do the daily duties of government and we have somehow given them the power to arrest the to charge us with a civil action in fractions such as speeding they don't have the authority to do that we never that's why it has to any law that ever comes out on the port asked the gold through the amendment prs that includes the last three amendments were passed in the state of missing that was not there i do not leave past by a fraudulent election that his hat had evidence of more cheating mismanagement malonist ration than any election less to elections in any election in the history of the united states that woseveldt be done and an amendment olaf so when we voted as people for the the three amendments what we did as we were in a democracy the macraes the people but we don't vote for that we go through a process of amending and that process is a long process an it's not something that can be done by a fold of the so those are completely home confer back in the michigan constitution have we screwed up this process of amending the consent oh very bad bacon nineteen it for miss leslie tree was the last of the last revision so everything after sixty three has been an unlawful processes what a herring were all ninety sixty three one thet amenant necosts came off it on the election by one ten of one per the popular that's hardly an amendment as when it came and thirds of the majority of the people to vote for an amendment we made a whole new constitution which one tenth of on the sixty three constitution is even an unlawful process so how her back to we go john wall to the previous constitution we would have to start the was that awful i i didn't do enough research on that to find that at it was lawful blank that was bad and not eighteen hundreds i think and i believe that the law the process was lawful finally i like to find out that that sounds like that could be really interesting to find out exactly how far back we kind o got off the rails here with the asia now i don't know that and it's there echandole know is that the nineteenth the stones and unlawful act okay and we have come to and that's what they put the bar in the cat to be a member of the bar for five years in order to be although as real slick or an wasn't it oh it's so slid right in there a something thought sally something that a slick willie would adone clinton you know i who is in power and remember now it so or was it though john inward ah ingleichen came after that could have been soapy william said the governor that i don't know when i ever looked at it anywhere yet i don't enter i was born so in on probably pretty sure i wasn't interested in politics at that point time nor by studied studied he was in an office at that time enough to be conversant okay i knit the mendment the enumeration in the constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the the fact of the matter is that it's not written in this document doesn't mean we don't have that right the right to travel is not written in this we have the high that's the ninth amendment but we also talk about the first because you really can't assemble unless you have the right to travel to them some so archie so the right to travel could be used on the first amendment or could be brought up in the ninth in just because it's not written doesn't mean we don't have that he and what does that right to travel mean if you have a right they cannot take or regulate you're right and likely to try to do the first amendment second amendment and on down the line and the last one is the tenth amendment the power not powers not delegated to the united states by the conte nor prohibited by it to our reserve to the they are to the here when i ask you how many powers federal government colature grands because of the only one there let me see there the only ones that can write law legislative and executive branch cannot write law on menerether there executive orders they can write executive orders but that's the change that table cloth white house are the type of china that their use in in the white house that's what the executive order not for for themselves or firm within their own policy within the organization exactly okay oh how many powers to the legislative branch had there can onionless you ivan a let you handle that one asiaticus me a keen eighteen they only have eighteen duties that they can do as the legislative branch only eighteen dies in their in the costs create a post off as postal rod to fix the standards of weights and measures coin money then i didn't say turned money over to the federal reserve did you and you three there anthoid you see the letters letter or the federal government federal legislate are the federalists lature ok are there or congress the almightier i wanted to clear on that eighteen powers that only eighteen have they exceeded that in hundreds of different areas have they aggregated their power by giving it to the federal reserve bankings they are they are the animal of our poet slater who we are supposed to be able to control because we vote for those people and put him in of however we know how the voting goes while in it slipped around because they have no control over the three letter agencies which to they created and now estacardo because they are in fathom controlling the legislature and people who are in office so everything's everything's backwards is no accountability and ah the ones that we on in place are basically puppets of those on the outside that are in and a and bureaus is sucked which they in fact allowed to have then this hosteler this is part of the shell game see they say legislature says while we can't really control the sea or the fbi or attract it made a fine onichinis all about the mining it really is all about the money and right now they they can't control and gives a jot wants to because molestively by them a money was laundered in order to support the candidates that will carry out their their mission of control from the global crime syndicate which includes our three letter agencies there all involved in the sad there's this is so deep and so lie it's unbelievable i think there's some good people and all over the place yet he ventilation by bad people and ye have infiltration by good people so we really do have a war going on right now and the biggest price for them is our minds if they can weaponsthose united states and the world and keep them angry and angry and full of hate and district destroying things than can create enough to persons so that we really don't look at what their actually doing while this is the thing that they're doing it california they're trying to pay reparations to the people of color saying we're gonna give you money and they're talking about millions of dollars this is n't going to go well for california they're going to go broke relic i think you're all right go allmost of the united states as a ready boro the pensioner almost sing on us most of the persons are broke too and that's a very scary thing should be for a lot of people that are counting on that because the the unfunded light they'll dies we united states it's not necessary with the national debt that span enough but when you put that on funded liabilities its phrase how much money we we and how how insolvent we are there's not a company on the planet that cured go into of a financial disaster situation like our nation is so it's going to come back down all of a standing together once again because they don't care they're just going to continue to you know they're like little curl as they just like all the pick up shiny things and put it in their low there will tahsome where you know indeed well i we can stop what the constitution at this point went covered the boll of rights we can go from there later we want the eleventh two three i chosenwith when onowigan to drive the boss on this one if you want to keep going not fine or we can move off to something else a big we've code we could go on with the document okay the reasoning is that a lot of the amendments after first ten amendments are all fraudulently brought on board and on on talking about the eighteenth amendment which has prohibition amendment the sixteenth the men men which was the supposedly the income tax men folded on christmas time one half of the congress was gone ponder christmases they brought in that home let sansculottesnone occurs three look here on why these brought in you know we can do the rapid fire may be eleventh moment why these were illegally or unlawfully instituted at eleventh moment a the judicial power the united states shall not be construed to extend to the tunisian law and equity he commenced or prosecuted against one of this state united states by one of another state or by citizens or of any foreign what they don't want and this eleventh amendment for the reason the eleventh amendment was writ if they don't want one person from another state or country to see the state of michigan for example in the state of michigan and so having the paid the fine they will destroy the state itself the finances of and what what happened here before you move on to the next one ah stay on the eleventh for just a minute what the views then for and i had it used against me when i tried to sue for a car that i had and what i wanted was the money back the fraudulent and they pulled the eleventh amendment out on me and save all you can't do that that's a holder of the note is in the connecticut and so you can't sooth in connecticut you can't so connecticut i so that wasn't so intent they are three written the logic or the meaning of our re interpretation of the eleventh which is alive but the views that against me so i know it it's been done in and other people that are unaware of it and i will soon aware i mean i went through the process there was a while ago before i figured out that they can't do that anyway i am and then we're talking about the twelve the electors shall meet in a respect of state and vote for ballad for president and vice president one of whom at least shall not be inhibited or ah inhabitant of same state with himself why what what happened there's if you go back a little bit and history you have to be a member of otterbein a resident of st remember what i said a couple of months ago than ohio has never been really why is he and how do i know this case in nineteen fifty the legislature got together i tink i let's make ohio state and whole voted back to eighteen and suffer other when when ohio was first recognise so they took a law the backdated along and that's the expose fact of back dad along like but they did and of course people didn't know because they probably had some other action going on like the korean war at that time so people were concerned about ohio and keep in mind that our government is good at doing if they don't want you to focus on the united states they have something going on over it if you they don't want you to focus on overseas they are something going on in the united so they let fly back and forth the news bustin and you are you know following the news so you really aren't paying attention to what's going on behind right look here not over her or look over here not over here there constantly trying to direct people and one you know keep us render on tasting our tails the work and back when this before the amendment you voted for five six seven people how many people were running for president and the first the one with the most mine of voles became the president in the one with the second amount of coats became the face this says this is a big issue that ah you know that this goingone to be addressed because the way that are elections are run from top to bottom right now are so far apart from what the founding fathers had invested that they wouldn't even recognize our election process right now because it's pretty much vinagel interest that's pretty much what we have and it's chokin it's the illusion of choice but no actual for we have people that's right i will move on to the rest anybody could read that's a long thing si'wan to pink along one there seemed mine every one of those so and there was basically slavery this was after the civil war and it was heard not the original thirteenth the man meant which is the title to nobility that is the lone okay why is that boloni because there are no titles of nobility in the united states and that they are first lament in fact i can tell you exactly where it is i went over that more than once with people that they've also that the constitution is changed as the here's the evidence can honour crackhempe optics were happens what happened a man carl soliform course is going off like cresset should nine of the first article article one section nine says no titles of nobility shall be granted by the united and no person holding any office of profit or trust under them shall without the consent of one set for any present ah in don in moments office or title of any kind whatever from any king prince or foreign sordescere here so why would they make a thirteenth amendment to say the same thing while that's that's it that's real interesting because you know you hear all this information out there different groups are you don't talk about different things and you really want to get down on to the truth no matter what it is i think that's very important so i think it needs to be absolutely explained out and considered hometake throughout everything so we can dispel things that are in fact in error the right so this was basically a to eliminate slate congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation because the fact then stir some states had more slave states than they wanted to keep it that way and there was no enforcement by the federal government to end slats so this was i brought on board that should have been done a different way if it was if we had enough on an in at that time period we should have been able to to work with those state and get up to eliminate slavery without going through this amendment but we put them in men in place and that created other she ah then we got the fourteenth amendment and this is another one that people miss reed destroy come up with their own ideas of what it is all persons born or naturalizing intestate subject to the corsicion thereof are citizens of the united states not if you're not a citizen of the united states who are you said and people say i want to become a i want to become a citizen of the state of so and i don't want to be under the united states because when i'm in the united states that brings in the eighteen seventy one organic act which says that the federal government can make laws that regulate taxes that they can i don't know where people stories but one thing has nothing to do with the he this was to bring back the union into the united state the idea of taxing and person because he say you s citizen were all us you don't want to be a u s cities in the port you if you want to be a one give up your citizens we'll go to another country and get there you got to be a citizen of the united year of supposed citizen of the united states and the citizen of your and one has no more power over you than the other if you follow the cost those people that believe that because they are citizens of the united states that the income tax will be applied in if they give up that is they will not be taxed a wonder whose tone that i wonder who who's got away without by the income at i got to tell you one other thing here that if you are a foreign citizen here from a foreign country the title twenty six of the internal revenue code actually said those of the people we foreigners we don't tax the american citizen american citizens are were never supposed to reach into their pocket that was to be paid by foreigners people that are good business was foreign countries that's where the tax money should have come from trump had it right when he was putting on the stuff on china while was he terephthalate of terrapin and you know a lioalo of people were like with the losing their minds over the terresan to allhe can't tear off this and the like he's doing the right crackthese there are terror if no nor and worse suppose to sick here like it like a kowwhipt the coroner while their hand in our tails to us you i don't think so he understood how the terriers work and a word beautifully while the tariff process was the original intent of the consent to tax the foreign entity to pay for government and i when i went in front of judge of the tannin in the us district court lying botanised who cannot read the ah spring horisons and who do not who does not follow these lying becani said to me that well if we only tax the government officials and only tax the ah import then we were not have enough money to pay for government salt your argument you are a citizen and therefore not taxable doesn't a pot swainson on hearing john and is with our bare with our border crisis that's going on right now is that not only should we not be giving them credit cards and gas cards and all the servenson but they should be actually pain and entry and ortach text being taxes a comesthat when on our neir john ottonieri rangitane tonging cheek you know because it's backwards and we all know it's backwards they are failing that they are complicit in the invasion of the nation and sailing our well as well as opening our borders and their complicitatis their pain for people are making money out of this the nerpani ninety per cent of the of the people come across the board and the son of an order or ninety per cent that was report we got our chinese nationals the other thing that's really it concerning is the fact that they keep us looking at the southern border but i think we've got a mighty potentially be a bigger proved the northern border that i've i've heard reports that most of the patinacin in his coming through a there's more fatal common through through canada than there is from mexico very well may be true is there and the north west corner where they've got to know they've got the crazy the craziness going on and washington and and ah oregon you know we've had we see that you know where was antipater was the aerated it was out there and so it it leaves us to have to ask a few questions how much is coming through the northern border canada through say the northwest i think that number is probably much and that not even mere being reported what eus and that's really concerned he could be very well in and right about them okay we goin to go to the next one here its moon acanelado rapid fire less to a few few sentences and the wool will go on as we come back to this later and that we were now much wellthengood we'll have to come back as he is all good were at fifteen the madmen the right of the citizens edenized states to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the united states or by any state on account of race color why would we have to have an amendment like seems ridiculous i conetoro ably was necessary because people were still in the slavery issue was still a part but remember we didn't go to the civil law for that wasn't the recent for the civil war i and people needed understand that it's always money it is always man that we have that we go into anything somebody has got their hands in the cookie jar somewhere the real story behind the civil war was that people in power and i don't know the british shore or or another country or the banking they did not want the united state because united states was getting really are so they wanted a good reason to break up the united he created the civil war like their trying to do now created a civil war in our country so for i can holaster day and somebody would say it all you know we got to issusand up and still the war unlike stopping in stupid it's like this is not what anybody wants will you need to keep our brains about us our wits about us and our peace about us and don't let them get into your head to make you angry and we all got angry at times now no jolonensis i'll get grumbly about things for wrongnothing off you know that sort of thing but realistically any action he has to come from a point of were working towards and that's what i really liked about president trunk he kept us out of all wars and conflicts what happens bind bound syria day won of his inauguration and so little or we had to anybody tell me if democrats are anti war and wipe because they do they they are they immediately we went in and we got conflicts all over the place and they they can't manage anything and so so you know it's like don't don't say that this is the the this is the part we compassion no it's not what it's not the democrats are not the party of compassion they're the ones that have got us into all the conflicts aren't the last few years so it's kind of istahalk you know we've got to go back to to a keeping our wits and i in moving forward with with in others appoint time you know where you have to go and in comstock it comes to a a you know little hostilities in different directions but generally are actions need to be metered out and based on having a brain that torections to do something that basically got aspired out legare we could get into that war business a little bit later some time i do have a military for thirty one years and been involved in a lot of different things i've begoin on and why they happened and all the hot i'd love to go to go into that that a great subject after this same d do i stop there now or do you want to keep going well that's to the sixteenth amendment i getand then we can stop there a few want and we distensione really got theodosian tially bad isn't at the sixteenth of an but people don't read listen to what it says kindly i have the power to lay and collect on incomes from whatever source derived without a horseman among the circus tates and without regard to corners so they not know nothing there to rain them and whatsoever they could do whatever they wanted the sixteenth among the meal will not be can as i'm sane people aren't red what's income and what's a source of as to definite do different terms there says laing collect taxes on incomes from whatever source what's the difference between an income and so business a business and you when you go when you are a litus away turned though these okay in a way journey the wage earner earns ten dollars an hour is the ten dollars an hour the income or the source of it and don't even know how to answer that so you go novocaine to the sort okay comes from the sources which is a way one garnerin ten dollars and then he takes that ten dollars and potion the bank and the bank gives some three per cent interest so the interests of the ten dollars is the income and the wages the sort so when you file an income tax return your supposed to separate the source from the income so he can pay three cents honest ten dollars nor on honor ten dollar bill is point girl three sets so that's the income is but the government i ares comes up with a regulation that says you are out zeribas that means you are nothing and the three in the ten dollars you earn is the income for doing your duty who would pay me penny if my source was cyril if i had nothing to the tribute or contribute to that is why would they want me to why would they want to hire me to do that kind of work so i have a value in others a lot of coke the mining company and i can't even think of all their person dozen different cases out there that sand the source of income is different from the ah income itself so congress has the right to tax income yes they do and the sources from wherever that income can come from you have a sale of a property that's a source that money is the source of your income you have so when you when you salepiece so property that you sold for a hundred thousand dollars or boedor fifty thousand out what's the source of that income that you made the fifth what was the the source was the hot the money you put out of your pocket to buy these the sort then you turn around and you sell it and you make a fifty thousand dollar profit on it not with inflation that's another whole argument were not going to get into that but you that you make fifty grand on that a fifty thousand dollar house you originally found in house when otto hard grands now you made a fifty thousand dollar profit or income to yourselves based on the source which is the money you put out of your pocket soul in you file your tax return do you you're supposed to file my source of income was fifty thousand and my income was yes and the sick men of this very clear about that but because the internal revenue thinks that you are of zero base that all money coming in its that was ever put on we fought in to and therefore we say we made fifty thousand dollars this year in our wages and therefore its it comes down to vengeable the tent's commerce and and not wages that's that's the diet dividing line as i understand that while we all pay an income tax when we buy sailors we found on cidones sarily shasters when we buy from four motor company that's a corporation bad has a corporations can be taxed right corporations so there they do they say well the material costs so much the labor cost so much the machinery cost so much were deducting all that from the money that came in and we have and up with a post a prophet is income at so that the way instead of we don't descend double taxation we've got quadruple henrician right now i think it would be shocking if people really looked at home much how much they do pang a tax as cause i believe almost every one is a polity per cent tax rate probably sixty per cent transit in the united states of america when you start adding up all the taxes that we in fact do pay the property tax income tax sale consumption tax special taxes that are out there gascouno these things that we pay that really steel or of and we have no slahatha about this how at retires when they have to pay pay taxes on some of their woe retirement and come they've already paid they've already paid those taxes to begin what and now they're getting dombledon it yonot everything but there is certainly a certainly going on and i am i'm always peppares he stole text while there's more than double taxes more anno if you are in my friend one of my friends and our group this analogy i think i'd given it to you already once consider a bath and consider a shower that on going the showers running cost while that's the federal reserve dumping money in what happens if you don't have a drain at the one you overflow or even overflow so what the government does is they pour all this money in from the shower and it fills up the bath tub and they the bottom of the bath of they have a drain in that the keep the system functioning properly so a dozen overflow so we don't have hyper which we would have otherwise because with the trillions of dollars millions and billions of dollars that are being everywhere across the if they wouldn't have a way of getting that money out of the system than we would have an in than we would have an overflow of money and we would have an infusion we'd have stuff like sin bobwe i with her hundred hundred trillion dollar note the kind of money we would be dealing with a like germany where have we'll barrels full of money to bilobed we would have the same problem so the government set off this new system or the federal reserve bank in its then which we got but most evil thing in our government in our world is the banking system we got to get out of the bank we got up fire and hang every one of them bankers but that's where we got to start we got to get rid of the banking system because they take the money they give us the money in play in an inflated economy in the necke it's an ongoing system that they've tried to keep on board and owls because they have been dumping more much more and more money out there trying to create a war so we would go to war and not paying attention to the great re set coming in and the green new deal coming in this is a kind on us that we are buying into if were not awake and not paid betterenough and there you go to town out i agree i can cure i so now if you want we can take a look at the document i said here while i led yet i can or sellinge time here let me see if i can locate on the other i i i love this is genius i am i'm so excited yes i was really hope in that you would do this for quite a while and i come on down running out for utter we've got like a we've got a base line to go from and sure of the canoes here it is preparing a found in court and here is the three page some redoutent that includes all of the cases and what we need to compose approcher owned and in what we have to so i think this is important i just want to say thank you to you for doing this for not only me because this is something i really wanted to see is an old vera you know i think that to teach things you have to have kind of like to do history rolling need to see the time when you need to see the whole process and one glance and then you draw down on the details and i think this is going to be really helpful for i know what it will be for me but i think it i'm thinking it's going to be helpful to every one so so let's go head and go down this as i think this is wonderful and thank you for putting the work into this while you're on keep in mind is cracked in soothing if you turn this document into you'd look well i want armato know this that this is an outline in if you want real help you call you get hold of a john teeter and his associates over there and they will help you through this and in preparing your defence to be able to go into court and in the autoloading and adledtic and be able to spread our wings a little bit and say you know thumbs at the bar and say this is this is something that we we we should be doing am i i believe that this is a good exercise in an lawful process remember that if you a higher an attorney you're not going to argue any of these points number one number two most sport as you've given up your right to speak in port and you've given it to an attorney there have been times years ago before i understood that that i went to a court with an ter and i in fact it was a gate or case on fraud and the attorney probably didn't know what he was doing but he brought up the there your honour is a case on fraud and the judge said to him you don't want to go there do you and he sat down and then i watarite wait a minute wait a minute i stood up and i started saying sound mister tator you hired an attorney on talking to him so my case scared the hack out of the attorney and the whole case went out was the cartel so keep that in mind that if you hire an attorney your case is over he talked to an attorney ninety per cent of your case they will not argue the republic as the minute they bring these issues up judge will shut them down well pole's life well put him in front of the review board and his hecamore to lose his license at ese hundreds about thousands of dollars on to get in time and energy so he's not going to fight for you no matter how much you paid the pornell no matter matter how much you pay these ere they won't do the right thing they are part of the controlled by keep that in mind and the penalties cly the same thing when he told that case for matron county the cortical corte claims this not exist because it was brought on does not have constitutional authority and norton says a cork the note you can't have a defective but he took him get any one enos what was the response by depart when you saw that he said ah what i know that but i'm going to do it anyone so how how can you how can you say that that that doesn't sound like a person to me that wants to win that's only hers in the end there to waste time or may be create chaos he's in there the cree may his monie of the poor did that paid him all that money i am to fight enter him on and they probably had a winning case but they had but wrong can it kind of seems like you copied there is only six thousand votes in that area that wasn't enough to change in entire election they should have gone at it from a bigger bigger area if they were going to do it anyway but that's neither here nor there so that's all right so espinettes ions questions questions questions don't hide it don't hire an attorney number one learned the law your learn what you have to do to prepare yourself and we can of course help you do that i've been in court enough that tell your hotokaneheh and dressed in all that and he somewhat successful from a personal point of view from your first and that's what you want to do you don't want to walk in there in your cut off sore your jeans with holes in em or your tee shirt just then wanted to that because then they look at you as being one of the homeless or whatever they want to look at you as but you're not a serious fighting the so you go on go i go dressed to the nines if i can tell women to do the same you go dressed to the nines or because appearance in court is pre especially at the very beginning i've even walked in the several courts in the pass and the people that are and i carried my own rice can i walk in the court and the guys that general lee what you go through that the manometer to see you carrying in a gun or whatever flag me on through common on throat i said i'm not on a thorny here's my be hackstoun tothey have to look at it masterboth the prose i have to go to cause i didn't want to sneak in there and then having come after me but they would they say all the couple of people even called me all in attorneyour here you're back again haven't seen you long time so none the less dressing is import having the correct clothes on when you go to court and fight the battle important if you haven't seen a mist my cousin penny if you haven't seen that move on you you got to watch it it's pretty he walks on the core a regular shirt on and pass on the judge less we don't do that in this i watch it at a suit in tie noritsune movie it's worth with i have to ask from time a lot of people of told me that but i'm not a big move you watch or tv watchers so all you you'll die laugh wins growth my cousin viney i alavenses your head that to your list number won't put it on the top o your list o kay who member going petaters move reperched ergos the car you must trust the fire ah do not go to court in your every day i ain't number three as file your document that you're going to file at least seven days before the hearing so the opposing party has time to answer and we now they're going to lie when they get it work on now one loaded so be sure you filent les seven days or more two weeks three weeks than i as soon as i find out about the erie i will fill a pile also one thing that i didn't put here as you want to ask for a formal here an you don't want to go to an informal here an informal hearing could be you and the police officer sitting down at the table as let's make a deal no that's not what you want are ill bell pitching front of a magistrate and the magistrate will say who will drop your points pay the fine no one to that he i wanted judge and no one a formal hearing so he got to ask for all other earings are in can you add that to the document of resented to me solet cause i want to make sure that we put the south there with as much for like oconto so you won't ask when i always tell them when they called me on the phone and they say he and i got the to morrow called and asked for form first thing and not the second thing about the form hearing is a generally aren't going to be on the same day so it's going to buy you a little time may be a month and then you can really learn what you going to do when you go to because they don't give you a lot of time between the time that they give you to and the time that you got the pay the fine that's fourteen days as doing the documents if we're going to do it for you and you learning what the document do for you and one said it what the so fourteen days doesn't give you a lot of time but if you ask for formal hearing in fact you could wait to three days and then asked and that forced the clock a little farther away so that give you more time to prepare the time fourteen days is not enough time to do the documentation rememberance got to be in my seven days before the ring so that only gives a really seven days to do the documentation get mailed in getannitowit not enough art so file your documents demanding of reply to answer your michigan and it's a michigan court room that says that if you ask for if you demand a reply that the opposing party must so few whatever you put in your document and you ask him quite they have to respond to your dock the say yes or no or we'll leave it to proofs or whatever they have to give you an as and it has to be in writing it can't be in a camp at the day of the court i have walked into cork an i've handed i and i walked in the court not said to the judge and all they have answered my even replied to my answer and therefore there enter manstey didn't do their job therefore there of well the judge and the attorneys come up with all kinds i just got the documents to day even though i'd got the little green slips two weeks ago or three weeks ago right here in my hand or on and you mean the post office is screwed up and they it to conforten days to deliver this back or those that are likely that that administrative assistance screwed up and didn't get it down as desk and time no oregon i in time just that because thou they can't answer it there in court they endude this waldenses no we can't proceed because he's in before and then the we get into the the fall argument while the attorney says well we're not required by law case chapter four of the michigan courtras does not apply to chapter three chapter to chapter two says that they have to apply chapter for a civil action in fact and so they try to separate but if you read the court rules its chapter two applies to the entire book of all the cases in in any kind of pleading such ca possibly do but you have to know that and i didn't know it one so i went in the court and i argued with the old judge that he's in the fault and the judge said while you're here in a curt you're here in a civil and face and that only counts for a criminal in so i lose because i didn't have the argument so then the next time i have up in a criminal and i set okay your honor i now in a criminal situation he'soneall and the judge said it does not apply to criminals in a police to a civil and different jus different game and so they play it back and forth so in again i didn't have the answers so lost that argument too but now i have the answer i sometimes in sometimes we went by losing because we gain it formation and that's an old cape process that's right and i went through a few of those all right so now there to know that you have to do a document and you have to demand a reply and it's in the michigan court rolls you can read it chapter two then the or document should contain the following we got to plead the republic swanlet the judge in the work in the repose your honor and you can think that you're in a civil action but you did swear not you're in the republic and weeks since the republic and the civil action cannot work at the same time the same space it's one of the other and there's nowhere in the there's nowhere in any of the documents that were brought forth by her fondling the that say we have a civil act so we are in a red so here were going to plead the repose hale verses had call which is of course case and it's the site for the cases to a one us forty and it's a nineteen eighty nineteen o eight as individuals may stand upon their constitutional rights and we can't go back to citizens of citizens of the united states or citizens of michigan all were citizens of bulk united salespeople that want to give up their citizens don't understand at an i have to tinkle sense we are sins and therefore we have the rights of the in whichever person out there thinks that the constitution does not apply because the government doesn't allow it to apply and that at that in all those arguments and that if your citizen of the united states your order at different flag or whatever that's all but he we're all citizens were all citizens of the united states of ah michigan and we have the right to stand upon our constitutional rights a god given rights protected by her cost and hail verses hinkle clears about can't argue that point to part second part second question or her paragraph on their should be in the everything should be numbered in paragraphs ah so when your arguing a point you can argue chorograph three or one that says and then the opposing party can go portographs ivrything asked he in numerical ah or letter sequences i have to a part be of this document see that the united states constitution article for section for here he's every state every contrary every city a unprofor of one it had been one a republican form of government of consulates a thing is the county not contrary ah you're right i did while you might find a few mis spelled with it that no onrespec rectly i think it's me done got our drop there some were graded yes call no it's not country so numbers or letters cease as united states article for section two says equal protection under the loss as whatever law applies florida also applies so they passed a certain law in florida and you can use it to your advantage in michigan i certainly can use it protection under the live rybody has that and that article for suction we want to streetto the judges so they know we not i can and that's all the cats were educating the just okay the judge thinks here here comes another pumpkin were on steel nine hundred dollars from slams his gamble and collects nine the cochin on the register and nine hundred dollars worse showing him right now that though we know the law okay then de says you are a citizen of the to surrubi's not i don't know what the sure men you better from minories with norton verses shall become spec martin verses shall become as listed below one eighteen us for twenty five to eighteen eight and it talks the pontis jerry this fact to use the patient and all of the terms of the report other and by the way attorneys did not want to talk and every wink we owe hundreds in a group and they will not why because norton verse shall become so can't create a date fact go organization what is the bare de factorization doesn't half constitutional author intesest not right it doesn't so they can't bring that out to the open because that would be a real problem for there well it's just keep going neither should be at sea by an ef we can go right down the right down the list here and you know stablisheth that none of these organizations are legitimate it's not others now this point in time if you've done your documentation correctly i there may be an opportunity for the judge had as without ye and shone i'm not going to deal with his on the record because if i put it on the record everybody can see it we don't want the so we've had several different cases that were dismissed before the person ever got i've had several cases that i walked in the court the tricks and games on me but they no one to cover of bidding one to go for my god so that's why they won't answer it number one and so they're all in the old they can answer norton verse shall be content because says all for organizations and they do not exist all the iron god do youryouth rity and obligations are to act a jury and he sure the word desoremes according to the law and not in a civil action just he said the judge decides what the laws and if you're in they were talking about a constitutional argument staight here this jury fight of course do not act as jury then they donned the half back is here because they've all sworn an oath to that desert organization there all saying yes there on to uphold the cost so that's very important to bring the south and call them what there authority and obligations number two how do i know about the civil action jurisdict i because i did my whole work and i know that the supreme court in nineteen thirty four changed the in law and equity the tissue actions and court the toonala to the civil action combining in equity into one that's why when you go to court the judge has the hat is in law but if you start talking equity i mean if you start talking in law he'll switch the hack the and you lose are he if you're talking equity in corn and he's in equity he'll chase the low to or chases hat to inlaw and you'll lose because your inowing the wrong part your arguing the wrong cake your argentin the wrong jurisdict therefore you so listen the game that they played on us since nineteen thirty four iswherever appened though in that time period and the thirty three a little history back took the gold away from the people or tried to anyway friendly roosevelt was not our friend he was an enemy of the state to saw her we got all courts must follow the decisions of the highest and that's a norton verse shall become so the highest cord being the spring courts you can't read a supreme court decision judge mccann did you hear that judge mccanny you must iste slim ball judged bethany you can't go to a district court you sis and this red the us supreme courts which she did in my case and come up with your own idea of what that follow what he sees a slime ball she does i don't think he as she now glasses ordered or glass in or fomes but any what she's not the only thing linda parkers and other one there's a few others at i could spend the whole day naming it camp read all officers created by any city or state must be created to cure means according to the law that means they swore it to the constitute that old if you read there old that i article eleven in the state of michigan and i can remember which wanted is in the fear ah but it says that every judge every legislature every executive we reade the ashes to take the altos and he also office sense uphold very clear there's no wiggle room his and we have a problem because i don't think any of them are doing it now they don't because the and i and i want to say that the somewhat intelligent at least to have an argument with my friend rod thinks they are intelligent in their pulling of olenus and i'm saying they're probably all just stupid and they don't know which is the way i look at it i promptly wrong here the degory republic still exists why do we know that because the constitution is never been amended to my knowledge as we are no longer demand where no longer republic we are democrats and i none of the documents that have ever been pass down to us from her founding fathers of ever said that the republic is not and that we have a deer its snows people that we have put into office that don't know who they are i don't know that we have the they should all be fired for ignorance at length they talk about it democracy we don't have it the moresoever have the never exist never existed from the day the miracle was brought on board constitution was brought on port we were always on no some here somebody said democracy any more i think ignorant i have telethink ignorant when i hear that word because of democracy is my rule it has nothing to do with represent the rights of the minority opinion or the minority interest in anything it is just pure and simple one and the rule of law exists in that but we live in a republic by the rule of one the god we don't have the law in so which are the judges and the torneys that understand the law they understand and lackey they the they are as then i said that this system at the socotorians outside it's it's like a peril on universe here when you step into their their parallel universe of a legal procedures you're er you're down my friend went through last cos they never take they never teach the the tecolotes cases and they teach i turnes that if you are on the prosecution side you can use a cake to support yourself and if you're on the defense side you could use that same case said defended connect case say poland for the defence and for the plate it corinthe go that's what they do that's what hope the gourieus still exists that sinnerton ah and that's in many other cases you can unman you cargothat for a day show me where the democracy is ever been brought into under then by by the word of the democratic liars and are the markets the markets in paoverton the uni parts the une party of the marx is unitary i we the citizens of the republic are the sovereign we are the kings without subjects being set being be talks about we are sovereign and we have the we are the authors of the law and the lost do not apply to us they applied through go back and rebounds this one eighty two you s forty four oh nineteen o one and it is the descending test is not the decision of the case the case itself had nothing to do with sovereignty and constitutionals in all that though that was brought in by one of the judges who descended the what the case was about was taxing porto rico because the courts decided that it are the congress decided at one time they're going to be de sure and that the next time they're going to be used the ensponged and the spring cart brought up the argument that can't we both he got to be one of the other and they ruled in favor of not allowing that to happen but god in remember exactly why he descended why the one judged the scented by the decided role the descending of it it talked about sovereign and bought who is the sovereign people and i'm sure he was focussing on porto rico being the sole even though they were side the united state it's a territory the it but in moving on chiselers georgia back in seventeen ninety three this how old asked also says that we are the sons and if you want there's a third case said there which i don't have it do you mean that when you when you go back and change that hartigan hand king to make those changes and there slowly got a complete outline walleser's the us and yokwas cally says the same thing as ah downs he he was says but you was in eighteen eighty so you have a nineteen seventy three or seventeen not ninety three ks chisenhale the eighteen eighty six case which is yeoland you have the nineteen o one case which astounds reason i brought in nineteen o one case which sits he quoted down first bid while gus sight her coin that's where it comes up with sovereignty as why in put yukon there is a lot of the attorneys and a lot of the judges believe that those are two old began to something more modern while they don't have a modern case long established law that we are the sons and so nobody's ever challenged that its starry desist means that it is the law of the land we are the and so i didn't bring the eighteen eighty six cases and become it's mentioned in downs and i didn't think it and another case i dipped to know about the care cause of my back ground and lie people should look at down at least that the descending they should look at chosen verses chisholm says we are the sovereign kings or i think i use the word without where the prince went out she this amuses fairly alone and the the constitution never yields to treaties or enactment it does not change with time nor does it bend to the forces of circumstances such as coletit constitution never yields treaties or enactments by the cid c or the whole stitution never yields nor does it change in time nor does it ben to the forces of circumstances on the other fires contagious covet nineteen none it doesn't do that the constitution is always there it's always standing so the first amendment the right to religions the right to go to church on sunday should not have ever been challenged by the white col queen grath witton all you quite that's pretty good through queen grand cream grass nestled the her squire and benson the court just yet they all violated the constitution in ontario the office right here and down they all need to be tried for the lady allcome some desiandatur too not one of them stood up ootstanding the way and you know what you can go right down if you do like ah the doctrine of the lesser magistrate which is the person that's the closest of the people has the most obligation and its best found the people and there weren't there were people that were standing up so i mean this didn't just this isn't just stop and lancing this one right down through the ranks and every one whose people that were in a position as the public functionary that did not stand off our guilt he of the same things that the governor as this the entire that that has to be looked at do you know that i was only challenged with my mask one time i had to go to the county old i swear in to be an onery which i so i had to go to the contibuting and swear in sold every put his wearing a mask and the police were there i to share were there being there everybody had their masks and all that supplicated that gate cause i wanted the money and the only other time that i was challenged was when i was walking into club in tavola and i walked into the oklob and i didn't have a mask on is not one of the people that my group and of course i was first and so the lady comes at me with the temperature and on push on a way she said i got to take our tepetoca become in the building and i walked in the building without get my cap peter cast without wearing a mass and she got all set so she went and told though and all the rest of my folks just walked right in without the mass without getting we all sat down then we got up a kind of a nasty graham by the person running with by the manager of the alcove that day and by the way one member deciding whether i want to stay a member ah but anyway i wish we had a group meeting and that lady came who was running the show came in and was you can't do that which we have certain protocol we have to do this tense you don't have any procul with me it's not constitutional son so for in she like offering away and i can we then all of a sudden they shut the elk clodon and we had never not been invited back as he grew i don't know what we're going to do with them hanging on there they want my money but they don't want to provide these i don't know it's all about the money immediatethat where he just have to continue to look back on that and followed the money and you're going to find the troubles that are sitting there too you don't charge in a feet that's right the other gate in the forty i'll be as sure officer operating in the decury so we talk about this and more if you were a de jure officer and that's what we ask are you a dissury officer occupying a desire calatrave that and how did you become i be first of all understand that the police officer as well as the post this and it's really up to the police officer to an so i'm sitting in plymouth ready to go in not i not i haven't been in there yet my friend on a bench waiting too for me to come and he hears the police officer and the attorney because he sitting next to the madonna he so the police officers i don't know anything about this dissury crab what he and the prosecutor says don't worry about that i got a cut here strachane educate the police office and it's but it always goes and it always goes enter the post three places to majesties always send him certified i never send them regular mail because it never got it in time they don't know wrong an you got to have proof that you said that one getting back to this you want them to prove their delegated authority of being a decurio fecer operating in the desert parton bar camp to that cause the pyres not desire and the police officer depending upon it whether his position was brought on by the constitution or by the city charter and that because the city charters should say how many polite that they're going to have a police and that they're going to have thirty offices and they're going to do the following tests that's all in the charter if it's not in the charter so it's got to be in the charter for his position a lot of police officers are brought on because they have all of such ah ah influx of proprie in criminals but they didn't do it proper he just brought him on board and they're not deserving we want the officer to prove his deserted when he gets in front of the core because you don't have to talk to anybody they're not these i am like that i'd like it were bout half with through the stock he met and were almost eleven o'clock all he won to god had in i'm thinking that maybe what we could do as i actually lent to do the whole thing again annex not next week is you're not going to be here next week with the following time where we go back to this and we go through it again because this is so there's so much information packed in her that i do think that this is significant to go over if you would involuntaries of things from the chant here this morning is his good morning good morning tedisio morning arancione john's musical talent makes me labineau then take me so that sin was great i love it and loved so so as bobby lawrence wrong when he tells people to become state national yes and my cousin penny is hilarious i guess i have to write watchandie never seen it so so underminerate what movies i've seen you're going to be a bus his time on epinal faller now her put me on a truthiest to calthorpe or movies or theveresin be the weakest like hand to her other wants you to become state nationals here this very clearly if you haven't heard it all belonging taking us away from the rebels and that's our salvation i back to the republic and the rule because the rule of law is on our and the i don't even know where you could go when you become a state nation because then that means federal law does it apply to you that means supreme court decisions done apply that beds down horses bidwell that says your sovereign doesn't apply or gown or norton verses shall become that talks about the fact toanother doesn't apply to you those are all federal they're not stake case and he and you want to be able to use the law on your side ye and so so there disabling you in order if you go in that direction there disabling you this is why it so poor to actually study and like the bibles that study and find yourself prove to because you have to know what you're talking about and when we only go through headlines were subject to manipulation instead of really knowing to subject matter and its important as we don't know what you find somebody like john that can teach it to you you know nobody that i know all has told me where the becoming a state national is going to help what is it done has he got now out of so say hey your honor i mistake national has it got you out of a internal revenues how mistake as for my old pain come as any of that happened without them coming down on you in the full force of whatever they considered their love i think i think like the one you look at which people are pushing things like the conventions state and how absurd to think that isn't miss aster i saw it on on one of the oahu political party usurping political parties website yesterday and there pushing the convent stage and that that to me is should be our one of our first temperature gauges to to look at and say hold on a minute we've got a problem here we don't have any integrity in the wall we have so we're going to give this over to people with no integrity to take our last offence away which is the constitution which protects our rights and and i think it's a bad idea when we see that in other organizations pushing that i really think that we need start questioning their integrity and or the connections to why this is going on because this is a real problem the whole situation with what's going on with the i now know that they wanted hillary to be involved they wanted world war three to they were destroying the military and the prose by bringing the flower children and then and the string and using chief metal in some of the products that they were building for the military the whole purpose was that the united states lose the constitution gone and then we would become a third word nation that was there attend intention during the correct corrupt hillary kinds were nearer running hillery against fortunately they were too stupid they are as but they were too stupid to figure out that i was going to get him get the power they didn't think he and when it took the because he wasn't part of the god well and i always say it when we mentioned president trumps davids the president conterit ful president of the united states he sitful president of the united elect because we have to go back to who did the people vote into not that their marbles and ran and cheated in whatever we can look at people like christina caramo who was truly owed in as the chair of the republican party and the process and studded the usurpers who are trying to undermine its not just it's not just it's not just christine's the will of the people that their undermining which is what america is based on its taking away of freedoms and installing people this is probably one of the things that gets me charged more than anything it's the with the other pers that have undermined every process that we have in order to take away our rights and take us captive in order to what murder us like with what happened with covet and what's happened any time we let these people have power they can't handle the power they go for power and they go for money to our detriment and we've really got to think this through because i know it stand together as americans this tests what that's what's going to change everything it's no local action equal national pact we have to stay with that first and for roll that have been with us and is a spiritual love as an individual to decide we're going to do the right thing to day no matter what we're going to speak true we're not going to lie we are not going to repeat their head lines before we expel look into and sometimes just sit back and go well well well because the weapon is in use in order to nation over where we were becoming if we don't research and we don't know what we're talking about we become part of the problem and we actually be unknowingly a lot of times we become a position or run a phisition where we work with the very keep for the very people who retaking this nation on and that had that extension of groups that are out there were a lot of thought process is as such need to thoroughly and research before we really open our mouths to thanks and any were all guilty of it every single one of us something we will poke us enough to get us to jump in one direction and i think that this quite honestly it's twins an exercise that we need to go through in order to be strong and stand you know i used to put my kind in in situations where they could either do the right thing or fail even though i know they might fail in that because it was a safe situation so that they learned and then the next time if they actually had those choices were they didn't have the safeguard of menstanding there to rescue them from a bad choice and benethen they were really little you you so was there to rescue them so that one thing went wrong they had that safety god does the same thing with us is sometimes he lets us go through things but his safe to know is there in order to catch us when we do fine so that we get smarter than i mindsso that we become stronger and i think this is a very important thing to talk about because sometimes we win by losing because we were were learning what not to do next time and is long as it is long as we we understand that placinet is neere for us and were exercising our spiritual wings a little bit to make better choices and as long as we turned to god we know that it's like okinotori thing we have got as her father are we doing the right thing and he'll say we want to try that he gives us that free will in order to do that so that when we fail well wathesitock out sir good we get smarter than that in a political capacity sometimes we win by losing i have people challenging me all the time you need to do this you need enter panic and afraid i got it things things do not make for hotties and i understand how that feels for a lot of people when you when you actually break the glass you actually break that glass ceiling and you do things completely counter and two and two other people because that's not how it's found well you know what may be the way we're doing it isn't the right way and maybe by getting off the rails just a little bit in the lawful process because they are not in a lawful process were learning were spreading our wings were learning how to self govern again and that the scary prose but we're learning so right now i think too something that everybody can rest on as that for me where i met right now i'm learning so many different skills that i can take forward into another capacity one of those as nobody knows how in it in a real way to get the stinting in one direction they haven't been able to do it a president trunk gave it his best shot and got to move a lot of the megapode and people in that direction there getting us to move were getting in astonissing us to move in one direction in order to take the nation as one nation under but there's a process that had we have to go to to get there and sometimes we were that by losing small battles along the quay where we're learning about a process and that's okay we learn that out on an individual in the individual capacity of re day we learned that how we conduct our lives we learn that in becoming people of integrity that are willing to stand no matter what no matter what that how bad strengthstrength en us and teaches us the information and the processes and the better the better processes to go forward as one nation under god and i think we can rest with that of putting our trust in god and not being afraid not being afraid to maybe looking at things and have discussions that are hard looking at things that are absolutely raw going had pointed it out but also an while we're doing that formulations to go forward that actually work in order to have peace in the future and a and stop the theft of our rights as well as our time and our money because that's really what's going on michigan as a money laundering organisation that i don't think we've ever seen the like of an estate level ever i think michigan's the most corrupt state the nation i really do we are certainly one of the top for child trackingand we're going to have to face these probes in order to create solutions so we're kind of in an evaluation point right now gaining skills and i think that's a great race and we're all warning together we can all learn together and help each other along this journey because nobody's got nobody's got neronis market right now this is truly going to be all of a stand you gather and help in each other along the journey and that's going to be a great crops i'm a dearenesse in how otherwise sane gotowit prayer no just remember we're on wednesday night at seven to night john j kater at yahoodom if you want more information or if you want to ask were there for that sounds great so dear heavenly father thank you so very much for the stay i asked your blessings upon every single post keep us where the sound mind going forward and so that anger and hate and distrust or mistrust or or being able to be easily led astray far from a gives clear mind to discernment at intisement ng that we do in order to follow you every step of the way we don't need to know the future because you hold the future in your hands we just need keep our eyes on you and am so grateful to stay that you've brought us all together as one nation under you and the the rightful jurisdiction which is under you is your sand baconwe willing to play by your rules just tell us what to do and be clear as competencies so many distractions you are now we try but we don't always get it right and is or will too it's a will to follow you in all things just please give us some help to day and being able to say the right words she listened to you to hear your calling to step forward when something needs to be done and to and to sit back and be patient feeling your presence honor standing your presence with faith and cesure just got all the time and we just love you for that thank you so much for having patience with us and this world this world is a very can be a very very dark place and sometimes feels overwhelming to every single person out there but when we come close to you and we stand your word we know you've given it to to keep a son on the rails in the true and true justice and i and i and i in a place of peace and lawfulness and order your order the natural order of this world pleased less every single person out there give them your piece of passes understanding and your mind in your eyes and your ears to see this world and made this world only see you and us and we love you when essayedwith pray in that ere so here we go golinglelingle in go to denote or go to brand a bore for governor dot come because i am not conceiving ongoloo conceding the election to liars cheats of thieves were going to go enticed and which just won a let you know that there's a lot of good people out there fighting for you and you know we are all a little imperfect were all sinners they are saved by grace and nods his mercy has mercy on us so don't expect perfection o human beins you know jesus jesus was the only one that was perfect and he refused to throw the stone and that's the lesson that i think each one of us has stretch her wings or spoonbill day and pride a live the next day better than he did the day before because that's all that's my goal i don't always get it right either but we're going to continue to go forward as one nation as brothers and sisters created by god you not imitate not of a service take but we make mistakes and got fixes up put a back on her feet again into the okwat try this again and look see then get it better and and that's exactly what we're going to do so any up have a grey didn't god bless you god bless all those whom you go hoomyoon god bless the merican to be a great day to choice is it little just ought make it so well that's what we have to do so have a great day john and thank you so much for every thing that you've done and shared with us you really really preciate it because i know that the listening to you too i learned something every single time we talk it's incredible how much i wore and tattooed i thank you have it have a great day back no bless