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Published Jan. 8, 2024, 9:01 a.m.

9am Barbara Day is the National Organizer for Grammy Grizzlies, a grandmother group under Moms for America. My health & fitness website is: Barbara Day, M.S., R.D. is a registered dietitian with a Master’s Degree in clinical nutrition. She is the Chief Blog Organizer for Barbara worked as a research nutritionist with the military’s tri-service medical school & working as a performance nutrition consultant to Navy SEALS’ BUD/S Training Program and West Coast active Navy SEAL Teams. Barbara is the former nutrition performance consultant to the University of Louisville Athletic Department. She is the author of Fast Facts on Fast Food For Fast People and High Energy Eating Sports Nutrition Workbook for Active People used by the University of Louisville, University of Tennessee Lady Vols and the Tennessee football program, the LSU basketball program, the Buffalo Bills, the Cleveland Browns and by the United States Navy SEALs. The former publisher of Kentuckiana HealthFitness Magazine, Kentuckiana Healthy Woman magazine and radio show host of Health News You Can Use, Barbara has over 50 years of experience in promoting healthy lifestyles to consumers. Barbara is a former runner who walks, a spinner, hiker a mother and grandmother to 13 grandchildren. Maria Wagner will be talking about Mom's for America!! 10am John Stubbins - John Michael Stubbins is an Actor, Voice Talent (with over 600 character voices in his repertoire), Show Host, Writer & Producer. John was born in Little Rock, Arkansas but grew up mostly in Columbus, Ohio. After high school, John joined the United States Air Force, then worked in corporate America for several years while working on his degree in Accounting & Marketing. In 1998, a chance invitation to audition at The Actors Institute (TAI) in New York City soon became a life changing experience. John excelled in the audition and was offered a scholarship to study the Mastery of Acting full time at TAI. This completely altered John’s career course. After graduating from TAI, John quickly made his first four appearances in film (“Brooklyn Sonnet”, “Traffic”, “Blind Turn”) and was then offered a two-part mini-series on ABC. Rehearsals were to begin at 7pm on the evening of what we now know as 9/11. Needless to say, those rehearsals never took place that day, the project was cancelled and John’s career quickly derailed from the momentum it had going. John spent the next eight years working to recover from the blow of 9/11. With hard work, he recovered nicely. He landed numerous commercials with his repertoire of over 600-character voices, including Wendy’s frosty’s. He went on to become Lieutenant Frank Morelli in the highly acclaimed series “Aidan 5”, did a one man show, plus speaking events as Coach Woody Hayes. John also called play by play for FOX/BTN college baseball before moving back to film in the final installment of the Batman trilogy, “The Dark Knight Rises”. It was 2011 when John was introduced to Mark Koch. A family member felt strongly that they would be a great fit to work together as a team in film. Mark had already produced “Lost in Space”, “Black Dog”, “The Perfect Game”, “Running the Sahara” and worked with Mel Gibson on P&A for “The Passion of the Christ”. In February 2017, Mark asked John to become his Vice President at Prelude Publishing. In 2019, Mark made John, Sr. VP of Development for Prelude Pictures. March 2020, he was challenged by David Padrusch to put together a pilot for a new show. Over 113 interviews later, “INDIVISIBLE with John Stubbins” is growing very rapidly, building a strong following on multiple social media platforms and the show is now moving to television. X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Thank you. Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it's the eighth day of January 2024. I have to work hard at that because, you know, it's like I'm on so many days in a row and now we got to change the year out and update everything. It's amazing. So I want to welcome everybody here. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and so much going on. I'm going to tell you what the Republican Party in the state of Michigan. I got a lot to say about that right now because I'm under A massive amount, a massive amount of attack, which is really kind of funny to me. Because you know what? I just got to say is that we do not protect criminal behavior. And Melinda Pago did the right thing. They all did the right thing. And so now these people are fighting for their lives in the background. But you know what? We do not protect things that... that are wrong. I don't care if we're afraid to move forward in another direction. You can't just say, well, we're going to take the lesser of the two evils because evil is still evil. And if there's if there's behavior that is not correct going on, you have to go after it. As a CEO, that cut for me would have been made months ago. And I just have to say that I'm really thankful for Melinda stepping up. And it's just not Melinda. It was Melinda and everybody else that stepped up to address some of the problems that we're seeing. You do not have somebody nominate you and then all of a sudden give them $75,000 to $90,000 on no-bid contracts on something they would have never spent the money on. This is how the government works right now. And this is one of the things that we're fighting. So if we think we're going to do things differently by continuing that same behavior. We got nothing. Right. So congratulations to everybody who had the guts to step forward. You did the right thing. And and I'm interested to see how this plays out. And please, everybody, keep attacking me out there. I find it fun. So so you can attack me all you want. And all you did is just gave me a great day. And. And I'm screenshotting everything. This is all documented. And it's going to be more and more and more fun. Well, with that said, I'm going to bring my guests on, Barbara Day and Maria Wagner. And I'm very excited to talk to these ladies. So I met Barbara down at Mar-a-Lago. And we had a wonderful discussion down there about Grammy Grizzlies and also Maria Wagner. And so we're going to be talking to both of these today because, Maria, you're involved with Moms for America. And, Barbara, you're Grammy Grizzlies, and this is so fun. I love it. So good morning. Thanks for having us. Okay, so before we got on, we were talking about having a lot of stuff in common. So, Maria, you're starting a dog walking business or a dog, something a dog business. I'm into horses, you know. Well, I got a lot of horses around me now because we moved from the Chicago area to Tennessee. Okay. But it was back in Chicago that I had my own in-home dog sitting business for eight years, very successful business. And I had like five or six running around all the time. But there's nothing happier in the whole world, I don't think, than having your family around and your pets and such, because we just we just all of us love our pets. And it's just that's wonderful. There's a lot of people moving to Tennessee right now, which I think is pretty smart because you've got cheap energy down there. So it makes it a viable thing. So it looks like Barbara screen locked up a little bit here. Oh, you there, Barbara? Yeah, I'm here. Is it not working? Video is kind of frozen up. You know what you could do is you could leave and come back in and we'll see if it unfreezes again. How do you leave and come back in? Let's see. There is here. I can actually kick you from the studio and then you just go hit the link again. It'll bring you back in. Okay. Okay. Barbara's being kicked out already. I kicked her out already. So what a way to start the day. Okay. So she'll be back on in just a minute. Sometimes that happens. Technology is great as long as it works. Yep. And yeah, we work very hard at keeping it working. So, so tell me what you're doing down in Tennessee. Well, right now we, you know, we, we bought a home, we built a home here in Chattanooga. Oh, that's a beautiful area. Oh God. I'm my, my desk looks at mountains. I mean, my office, it's just, we love it here. It's a red state, but, you know, you've got to keep fighting for that blue not to seep in. So that's, you know, and then I'm on the executive. There you go. You're back. Okay. Am I live? Yeah, you're live. Just like that. Magic. Boom. Got it. I'm impressed. So, yeah. You know, have you been to the aquarium there? Not yet, but we actually had a car show, one free ticket. So we will be going. Oh, very cool. It's fun. I remember being down there years ago and we actually saw Chattanooga Choo Choo in one of the rail cars when we were little. Yeah, we were just there. They have gorgeous restaurants at the main level. So we were just there the other night. Very, very cool. So, well, what's going on? Where do we want to start? Do we want to start with Grammy Grizzlies or do we want to start with what's going on with your chapter in Tennessee, Maria? Um, wherever you want. Um, you know, I, I'm on the national team at moms for America as the executive support manager. And, you know, like I said, we moved to Tennessee, um, and starting, you know, I'm state liaison for Tennessee and, um, we're, uh, I don't know where we should go next, but if you are on our website, you will see that we are so excited to have our 20th anniversary summit. and Gala that's coming up February 29th to March 2nd. There you go. We're gonna have speakers like Dr. Sebastian Gorka, General Flynn, Tim Barton from WallBuilders, lots of live performance from John Rich. So lots of informative panels, live performances. I just, I can't wait. It's our first ever. So we're really excited and all putting it together. Oh, I can imagine a lot of work. So I was at your last event, and I really thought it was so beautiful and so well done. And, you know, talk about being with a great group of people who are standing for families and their children, both moms and grandmas. And it really – I had a great time there. I met so many wonderful people such as yourselves, and it was – It was just an awful lot of fun. And so I would encourage everybody to take a look at their site to go check out what they're doing. And can you give a quick synopsis of exactly what you guys are working on right now to fight for families in America? Because we're under attack. All of our families are under attack, you know. And I'd like you to explain how you guys are active in that. Okay. Well, as you know, Donna, there are so many fights and we are there to help wherever the moms are in that fight. So for example, if it's about, you know, human trafficking, it's an all encompassing, you know, whether it's the porn books in the schools or the underage drag shows, we held a conference on that to educate the moms. We partnered with Epic Times and they showed their documentary and we had a panel of experts. So that's one way we fight. Another way we fight is educating the mama bears right in their homes with our signature class called the, uh, cottage meeting. And it teaches parts of the constitution about our forefathers, um, what parts of the Bible inspired them to write our document, craft our documents. So we equip them right in their own homes. And then our 501 moms for America action, They can register to vote. They can look up their candidates. And they can also learn how to run for office. So they can run. We have a school board expert, Dr. Kelly Coles. She has classes on helping you run for office. And should you win, she stays with you and helps you to be a good steward of that office. I'm looking at your cottage gatherings or meetings and are they all on, is this online or is it all to have meetings on the ground where you actually bring people together? There's so many different formats. You can do it right in the comforts of your home with a group of friends. All the videos are pre-recorded. They're there for you to look at for free and We have a manual resource guide that goes along with it that you can purchase from our website. Or on a spring and fall basis, we do it live via Zoom. So there's so many different ways you can take that class and we have it readily available as you can see right there. This is just incredible. And Kimberly Fletcher has done such a good job leading this organization. And she is truly a sweetie and amazing what you guys are doing. How many members do you have across the United States? Membership wise, I don't know the numbers off the top of my head, but I know the network is about 500,000 mamas that we have in our network with Moms for America. That's amazing. And do you know how many are in Michigan? I'm kind of curious. I'd have to ask our membership and education, but we do have groups in Michigan for sure she's been working on. Oh, that's cool. I would love to connect with them because a lot of times what I'll do is I will get a hold of these groups. And then my whole thing is to try to give people a voice because we've all been censored so much. So if I can be of help to any of them, let your membership know that if I can be of help to any of them, have them contact me. You've got my phone number. Go ahead and give it to them. And then we can try to help them build their chapter here in Michigan. And I think that it's helpful if you have some video and the interviews and stuff. So that's what I do. And no censorship down on here. You know, they can come in and say whatever they want. Pardon me? We love you. Thank you. Yeah. And no censorship, Donna. Donna comes on and says that all sorts of things like I am in fact, a woman, my husband is in fact, a man, and we are not confused at all. And, uh, you know, it's like the, the horses aren't confused. Dogs aren't confused. Chickens not confused. Nobody's confused out here, you know, unless people who are pushing an agenda. Right. And, uh, I think that's important. And all of this nonsense, you know, with all of the gender mutilation stuff that's going on there, the infringements on parental rights, I just, we should all be furious about this. Because, you know, our children and our families do not belong to the state. or anybody else, and those rights that they're trampling on. We had one proposal that passed here in the state. It was absolutely unconstitutionally put in place, just like our 1963 Constitution is actually illegal. It's unlawful. They didn't pass it correctly. So are the same thing with the proposals. But of course, they just like write laws and rules on the fly, you know, to take those rights away. And they took away so many parental rights with this and they just keep chipping away. So we have to stand together and truly stand together for what we believe in. And I think this is extraordinary. So what's going on with Grammy Grizzlies right now, Barbara? Well, I'll tell you how it actually started. Way before Maria was part of Moms for America, probably about seven or eight years ago, I went to a conference up in Nebraska, the very first conference that we had, and met Kimberly and Sam Sorbo and just, you know, all kinds of great people. And when I came away from there, I thought, you know what? I'm really a grandma. you know and there were a lot of this all of this um exciting people that were full of ambition and energy but they were moms and i was like at a different level because i'm in the grandma mode and so i told kimberly at that time if you ever decide to start a grandmother's group let me know so last year uh she contacted me because she was wanting me to help her reach somebody to be a Moms of Influence. And she told me about this conference in Mar-a-Lago. It was last year's Mar-a-Lago, not this year's. And I said, well, how do you get to come? And she said, I'm inviting you. Come. So I went. And when I first saw her, she hugged me and she said, hey, about that grandmother's group, would you want to start it under Moms for America? And she called it something like the national director or something. I go, well, yeah, what does that entail? And she'll say, I'll get back to you. And then in January, she did get back to me and we started our first group and we've been working through, um, Z who is our, um, What is she education? What is it? Membership and education. Membership and education. She sort of, you know, it coordinates everything. And then we had Grammys. We had we started out with seven and we lost a few because our first project actually was to start the Facebook page. And several of the Grammys that started out weren't really Facebook people. I mean, they didn't really like Facebook and they didn't want any part of Facebook. But we started off with the Facebook page. So it's Grammy Grizzlies Facebook page. And it's a private group. So we have to, you know, you have to... answer some questions to get in. And then we just started inviting our friends and Grammys. And once we got to a certain level, Kim said, OK, now we're going to formalize a group. So that's the Grammy group. which we were talking about that you can find on the internet site. When you go to Moms for America under groups, you go to what we do and you'll see that there's groups and then you hit Grammy Grizzlies group. So I was interested in starting this because there's so many grandparents, grandmothers, that are involved with their grandkids. I have 13 grandkids, and I spent a lot of time grandparenting them when they're, and I got real close to them. And you can be instrumental when you're around them to help keep them on board with faith, family, and flag, or help them understand what patriotism is all about. So I feel real, interested in, in reaching as many grandparent grandmothers as we can. My background is my mother died when I was 10, my grant, my husband, my husband, my dad kind of didn't really care about us. So he sort of handed us over to his parents and they raised us. So, you know, I have firsthand experience of how grandparents can be instrumental in your lives at a very early age. And in today's world, there's a lot of grandparents that are actually raising their grandkids for different reasons. Maybe it's drugs, maybe it's death, maybe the parents are in the military and they're out of the country. But it's time for grandmothers especially because you know women we get it done uh to step up and and be out there and help to uh ignite our grandkids and just the whole country because we we as women and especially grandmothers i think that we can really have a good influence Well, it's biblical, too, that older women are supposed to be teaching younger women. And quite honestly, I don't think it's a good idea to just plan on sailing off in retirement into the sunset. It doesn't seem to be a very purposeful life to me. There's so much work that needs to be done. And parents need help. Kids need help. We need to build those strong community bonds as well as the family bonds. I mean, this is what it's all about. It's that It's the everyday life that we live that matters. The big things are great, but it's those small things that you just do every single day. That's the backbone of this nation. It always has been. And the families are always, that's the strongest, smallest form of government right there and should be nurtured and respected. What are your favorite memories that you had with your grandparents? Um, well, here's the thing. My grandparents were parents. It was definitely difficult. So, but prior to the fact, you know, that they became my parents when they were just my grandparents, I mean, heck we used to ride our bikes to my grandparents' house and my grandmother I remember from Marshmallow Squares. Oh, my gosh. Those Rice Krispies squares. I mean, she had those. And I love that. Now you're making me hungry. When we were growing up, they had a box up in their attic, which is where we used to play when they were watching us. And we called it the Box of Toysies. And believe me, it was not toys. It was like, you know, cans and just blocks and just little things. And we would make things out of, my brother and I, we would build things out of them. And I mean, that was, that was fun. My grandmother, she would take a little cart and we would pull the cart and go down the alley. and walk to the grocery store. I mean, some of those things is never going to happen today, but you know, it's like you spend time with them. And of course she's not in my face saying honor the flag, honor the family, but you feel it, you know, you, you feel a connection and you know, that family's important. And I, I just, I think we've lost some of this. Now I have 13 grandkids and I have three sons and each one of them, um, they, they have the same mindset as I do. And their wives have the same mindset as I do. No, we do. And so I'm not really concerned about my grandkids, but I'm more concerned about some of the other kids that are growing up so if i can just um ignite something into a grandmother who is either taking care of their grandkids or maybe their their daughter and son-in-law or son and daughter-in-law are kind of way out there, she might be instrumental in kind of bringing them back into the family first mode. Does that make sense? Yeah, stability. Grandmas and grandpas have an amazing ability to be stability in society. And kind of a nice, easy way to just spend time. I mean, what love looks like is focused attention. So there's all kinds of good things that happen when grandpas and grandmas get involved with children and care for them. So that's awesome. That's awesome. We actually lived in Louisville, Kentucky. And three years ago, we moved to a small town in Indiana to be close to our grandkids. because my husband sold his practice and we didn't have to live in Louisville anymore. So we're about a half a block from my son who has seven kids. Wow. Honestly, we... we're not in their face every day, but they have to come through our yard to get to their friend's house. And so now we have learned, we have met their friends and we met their friend's parents. And then through that, you meet their friend's parents' parents. So through, and there's a lot, I've got about, six friends who actually grandmothers who moved to Jasper to be close to their grandkids. So you know, it's all again, it's all about family. And, uh, some people say, why don't you, why don't you move to a small town? And I said, well, because it's all about family. And, you know, one of these days where my grandkids grow up, I want them to say, Hey, remember that time we went horseback riding with mama. Remember that papa was taking our pictures of us. You know, that's the kind of stuff that I want my grandkids to remember. Um, I don't know. if you are close to your, I know you have a few grandkids, but that's part of this Grammy grizzly, just help other grandmothers with, different problems that you have. For example, I have one granddaughter who lives in Pittsburgh. She graduated from college and two there in college. So, and then we, I have the five in Texas and one in Florida. So one of the things that we have on our Grammy Grizzly Guide, which I'll tell you, you can go to our website and you can download the Grammy Grizzly Guide for free. And it talks about what do you do if your grandparents are not next door? I mean, there's a lot of grandparents are at one place and their grandkids are someplace else. And we have, we have listed some things, uh, that you can do. I mean, sometimes it's a matter of FaceTiming. It's a matter of texting. It's a matter of sending them little gifts, uh, or it's a matter of taking a trip to see them. and taking them maybe to different historical patriotic places. And I will tell you, Donna, if you look on the website and go under, let's see, events, you can go to an area called Liberty Trips. Okay. And the Liberty Trips I mean, they spell out for you in each state where you can take your kids. Oh, this is cool. Oh, my gosh. When I was looking at this, you know, when we're working on this Grammy Grizzlies and we're talking about, Z told us about this one. I'm like, holy cow. I mean, you could go to any state. I mean, it's there for you to do. And these are the things that I want to point out. And we want to point out on our Grammy Grizzlies Facebook page and then on the blog. So if you can't figure it out as a grandma, we got it there for you. I mean, there are places you can go and there's all kinds of things that you can do, whether you're next, you know, live in the same town as your grandkids or whether you're, you know, they're in another state. But we all, we need to keep it together. That's extraordinary. How far are you from the border of Michigan and Indiana? Well, I'm. How many hours? Just tell me. Give me hours. Probably about five hours, four hours, four or five hours. Four or five hours? Yeah. I don't know because we live. Do you know where Evansville, Indiana is? Yeah, I do. An hour from Evansville. So there you go. You could take a trip up here. Yeah. take your grandkids up here. That'd be real. That would be a fun little, that would be a really fun little thing. Play with horses. Oh yeah. Yeah. Well, um, so one of the things I do with my grandkids is we go horseback riding and I just found out, um, I was interested that you rescue horses because the place that I've been going riding is, um, called the Wickham ranch and they have 26 rescue horses. And that's who we, that's the horses, the horses that we ride. And, you know, it's just, the kids love it, you know, and I love it because it's an, I'm more of a, I like to go and do stuff with them instead of sitting down and play checkers. I'm more of a, let's go do, let's go. So I play pickleball and I have a pickleball net and they come over and play pickleball with me when it's not so cold. It's just, you know, um, but these are the things that we want to talk about when we get to our blog space on, um, you know, moms for America, uh, Grammy group, uh, so that we can encourage other, other grandparents to be, to be involved. One of the things that, um, we're gonna be doing is putting recipes. I'm a dietician by profession, and my website is all about, I do lots of recipes. And a lot of the recipes are very simple. And most of the time, not always, but my grandkids have tested them, and they've told me if they're kid-friendly. Sometimes, you know, you got like this family here in town, there's seven of them, and there's always two or three that won't eat something. You know, so then you have to have plan to. Maria is laughing because she's I know you've got two boys. You're probably probably one this way. Yeah, they're 20 and 23 and they're still fussy. So what's your what's your dietitian, your website? Day by day living dot net. You know, my name is Day. That's really cute. And I'll do recipes or, you know, one of the things, and I think I put this on the Facebook page. Oh, this is nice. How pretty. That I was struggling with is I have two grandsons that play basketball and they're both on the thin side. And, you know, they want to you know, they want to be really good at basketball and soccer. And so I noticed that in my opinion, they weren't eating enough. And so, you know, in subtle ways, I would say to them like, well, you know what, you're growing and you're playing soccer and basketball, you know, you've got all these calories, you need calories for growth and calories to play basketball. Maybe you should eat a little bit more, you know, and so then it got to thinking maybe I could put, write a story about, well, how many calories do your, do your skill age kids need? You know, and then it's, and then if they do sports and you have to add that on, you know, and growth, you have to, there's a lot to it. So those are things that, you know, I thought might be good for grandparents and even mothers to know, uh, you know, because my own sons, when they were in the growth stage, they spent a lot of time on the couch. Uh, cause they sleep a lot, but then, you know, you have to, you have to fuel them for their sport and then fuel them for their growth. So those are kinds of things. And you know, when you, uh, when you educate, um, grandparents, um, maybe they're not responsible for the meals, but maybe they're responsible. for picking them up from practice. Like I do this constantly. I'm picking them up from practice or I'm taking them to practice or I'm taking them to games. And, you know, I'll say, what'd you have? What'd you eat? You got your water bottle. What'd you drink? You know? And so there's, but these are things that we can talk to our grandparents about that they could be instrumental in helping their grandkids kind of through the back door does that make sense absolutely and you know what's a really great thing is the older we get the more knowledge we accumulate over an experience that we can share with the with each other and that's a beautiful venue to be able to share a life full of experiences and ex you know and knowledge that you just accumulate, you know? And that's important. I'm into canning. I like to can and I like to do that sort of thing. So there's not a lot of people that are younger that know how to do that. And so all of these things that were maybe older ways that we used to do things, those are wonderful to share too, you know? And just the structure. I find that older people tend to have a little more structure than younger people. Well, you know, Donna, I met a gal we have a monthly pickleball luncheon. And I met a gal who lives in Jasper. And we started talking. And it's interesting that you would talk about canning because she has three granddaughters that live here in Jasper. And what do they do every year? They come over and they can. They can, you know, because the grandmother has a big garden And they come over, and that's one of the things. And I said, do they like doing it? She goes, oh, yeah, I feed them. We play music. We laugh. And I'm like, huh. So that, you know, we're going to be putting little activity days on our Grammy Grizzly Guide. And, I mean, how cool would that be? You know, but first, I would have to learn how to can. I'm just saying I don't can't. But then, you know, if you had, you could bring some of your grandkids over and you know what I found that I've got a son, a grandson who is in his last year of college and he lives in a house for the past years. And who does he ask for recipes? Grandma. me. Yes, because he's eaten, he's eaten some of my stuff. And my policy has always been easy, easy, easy, easy. And so Reese will, you know, text me and say, Mama, you got that recipe for that Southeast chicken bean soup, you know, that I can wear, and it makes a lot so he can freeze it or, you know, the other guys in his house can eat it as well. But You would think a boy, you know, a young man wouldn't be cooking, but you know, I don't know if I had anything. I was instrumental in getting him to think about cooking for himself, but he's doing it. I guess I could put a star in my cap for that, but I'm sure it's his mom. But you know what? That's a great thing. It's like family working together. You're keeping them out of the McDonald's food problem, the fast food crap that's out there. And that's a huge victory right there. If they're making their own food and they're focused on nutrition, that's just a huge, that's a huge, huge deal right there. I'm not a person who, the whole body positivity thing, I'm going to be the one to say it. It's like, I'm sorry. We can love each other for who we are. But when you see somebody who is so unhealthy, they're going to die young. And it's a tragic, tragic misleading of this country. Doesn't mean that a person is a lesser person. It's that It is a tragic lie that it's healthy. And how many people, I was just reading something the other day, this body positivity crap, that it's leading people down the path to destruction. And nobody wants to talk about that except I'll talk about it. You know, when you're very heavy, it's like I heard a statistic one time that if you're, you know, first of all, you're eating all junk, none of your organs, nothing's going to work right. You have to have nutrition. It's not just because it looks like food doesn't mean it is food. You need to get the diet down. And then also, I don't know about you, but my grandma was pretty raw with her assessment of things too. if things that were wrong and uh and she she was probably about 5 10 and on a bad day weighed about 128 pounds you know she she did some modeling when she was younger but very very educated and really into you know i spent a lot of time with my grandparents And really into healthy type things. And, you know, if somebody doesn't come out and say, look, all these people that are pushing this body positivity, look how long they live. There was a whole raft of them. And I just saw something on it recently. They all died because nobody had a chance. And they died young, too. They were like in their 30s and 40s. And you you people are being misled where grandpas and moms and dads, they're going to tell you the truth because they love you, not because they're pushing an agenda. And that that's that's, you know, hopefully by and large, I mean, how many how many ridiculous parents are taking taking their kids in? for gender mutilation crap. And that's like, you know, I look at it and it's sort of like Munchausen's by proxy when you see that kind of nonsense. It's mental illness to mutilate a child. And then when you look at the money behind it, I mean, I can't, I don't even know what to say. But the first line of defense to protect our children is the family. It's moms and dads. It is grandpas and grandmas that are willing to step in in this insanity that's out there and say, hold the phone. We're not going to be doing this. You're not going to be teaching my children, grooming them in school. Because that's what it is. It's grooming. And we need to be... flat out there. Uh, so many, some of these people are, are Marxist and they're there to destroy the kids. They're not there to help them. And, you know, parents and grandparents are going to say, man, you know, I love you and I'm not going to let you walk down this path because I love you too much just to pander to you, you know? And I think that's part of it too, you know, it's, it's a fun direction. A whole nother show on the food industry and the, you know, all what's going on. I mean, I could do a whole, how many days? Yeah, well, you know what? You can come on any day you want, and we'll talk about this because we need to talk about this. They're weaponizing our food. They've been doing it for a long time. And, I mean, even looking at, you know, I've got 130-some chickens that we just give our eggs away. Sometimes I'll let kids sell some of them and that sort of thing. But, basically, I just did it because I wanted to – have something in place in case the food chain went down because it's going to they're they're buying up our farmland and they've gone after so much of our food supply and they're all they're aggregating that underneath all of these big corporations they want to cut the food supply off they're going to do it and so if we if we look at a healthier option of raising our own and locally grown we're in so much better shape than pre-packaged, you know, eating bugs, nonsense. Well, I'm going to tell you about something that I'm kind of excited about. Okay. I could teach this myself, but it's called become a health investigator and take control of your life and health. And this is a seminar series that Moms for America is putting on. If you go under... See, we go into all kinds of areas here. This is like being on a, you know, going down a hill on a sled and never know where the next bunk is going to take you. Upcoming events. And you can see that become a health investigator, take control of your life and health. You know, I mean, how cool is that? for Moms for America to be forward-thinking enough to offer Moms for America and Grammys a series like this. I mean, I think that's great. So you'll find all kinds of things. But this is coming up at the end of January. And it's all free. That's the thing. It's for you. Wow. It's really, really amazing. So, so, uh, I mean, this real, it really, it really, this really is amazing. There's, there's so many resources here. Let's look at the classes here, the upcoming events. We've got kitchen table lobby, 5,000 year leap. I don't know what that's all about. That covers the, that's a book, um, I forget the author, I think his last name is Skousen, but it covers the 28 principles of liberty that crafted our Constitution. And our senior instructor, you see her with her husband, that's Julian and Alan, they do a wonderful job teaching the class together. Oh, that's wonderful. Yeah. Homeschool mom. Yeah. Homeschool moms. I homeschooled my mom, my kids. And that was when they were they were trying to lock us all up because we were still fighting for the right. And that that's kind of a big deal, you know, and I love homeschooling as an option. I really do. My kids did really well under that. In fact, one of my kids was graduating from high school at 10. Now, granted, he's got enough brain power for most, you know, for 100 people. But he started college at 12. Oh, my gosh. But it worked really well. Healing of America, Become Your Health Ambassador, Mommy Detective, Drama, Transforming Children's Behavior, and then the Gala. Let's take a look at this in a minute. There you go. Oh, that looks fun. There you go. All kinds of things there, people. We need to, you know, so that's the website's amazing. I know. And, you know, it was I just wrote a blog on Grammy Grizzlies about the website, actually. And I was talking about Judy Privet. She's a web designer. And I have emailed her and told her personally oh my gosh because it was just updated maria don't you think it's great we were chomping at the bit when she was going to release it but yeah she for our 20th she updated every facet of our website and she's an artist she just the content and the way it looks visually she just knocked it out of the ballpark she always does She just, you know, it's unbelievable. Before it went live, we were able to see it. And I'm like, oh, my gosh. Of course, I'm not a, you know, I'm just me. But I'm like, because it's so easy to get around. It is very easy to get around. The thing that I like about it is there's so many resources. Yeah. know for for moms uh that it you know it's just unbelievable and the one thing donna i was going to tell you about um uh that debbie couldn't be on you know because she's kind of on the sick side but she does a podcast and her podcast oh my gosh they are so good um And I try to get as many as I can, listen to as many as I can. And she actually interviewed President Trump. I'll just say that. But she, of course, I'm into the COVID stuff and all that because I'm a health professional. And she interviewed, I'm trying to think of, Wolf. Naomi Wolf. Naomi Wolf. That podcast is, is so excellent, but I tell Debbie all the time, I mean, her, her interview skills are very good, and she's, you know, got, I mean, she does a really good job, but I usually try to listen to all of her podcasts, because they're, they're interesting, and they're, they're really good. Well, this is, this is amazing, looks like there's a shop on there, too, here, let's, let's check out this I like resources. I'm like a resource junkie. So am I. I love to. Let's see what we have for shopping. What do we shop for here? Okay. We've got. Oh, Graham. There's that gray. Top there. I just bought it. I love it. I think I want that one too. Oh, and the Patriot pack. Go up, go up, go up a little. The Patriot pack. Oh, I don't have my glasses on. Well, there's a Grammy kit and then there's a Patriot. I think there's a Patriot pack somewhere, which is cool. I see the number, the number kit. Is that what it is? No, the Patriot pack is for children and it has, it's got a lot of, that's one of the pieces in there is the backpack and it's got all kinds of, it has the constitution written for children in it. It's really cool. Mm-hmm. Yeah, this is, you know, certainly you guys have hit all the main topics that are going to be of interest. Donna, you can get this Grammy shirt. Let me model. Okay. It's cute. I love it. Okay. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I've got it. Can you see the back? Awesome. Mama bears get promoted to Grammy Grizzlies. Yeah, I love it. That's so cute. And you can get that on the website. Yes, you can. And the Grammy Grizzly guide. I know. And you can download it for free. That's really cool. I'm looking for the, that's gotta be under resources here. Hang on. Let me, let me go back here to, I'm going to explore this whole thing here. It's under resources, MFA booklets. Okay. There you go. There you go. Hey, we got all kinds of stuff here to show people. This is cool. The great thing about this is that there's so many different groups and there's different things out there. If people know how to find the resources and the groups, they don't have to be alone. Part of their strategy was to separate us so we couldn't talk and we couldn't isolate us. It's kind of a predatorial tactic to isolate people. And one of the best things that we could do, I mean, that's what predators do in the wild is they isolate and pick off the weakest ones, right? The best thing that we can do is we need to stay together. And, you know, not let anybody, I think, you know, there's a lot of talk about some more lockdowns coming in. Michigan was the poster child for how you shouldn't do it. And, you know, we got to have some strategies sitting there. So if they decide to attack us again, that we know exactly what we're going to do. And these groups of friends where you are building relationships that probably will last a lifetime. When we build relationships around our families, those are some of the most, faith and family, and I'll say faith, family, and flag, as you said, you are finding purpose in life that's bigger than ourselves. And it's not about money. It's not about materialism. It's not about all these things that corrupt people. It's about flat out because you care for other human beings and invest in it. Just even spending the time like with your grandkids and such, think about what a huge investment in that. How many kids feel like they never had anybody that cared about them? that hit the streets and they're lost. They're lost their whole lives if they don't have that family structure. They'll go from one thing to the next, to the next, to try to fill that emptiness in their souls. Well, we got a strong family who's there for each other, you know, in good and bad times. That hole isn't quite so big in our hearts and our souls. So you guys are just doing an amazing job. That's fantastic. Do you want to talk about anything else that's coming up or that you'd like to talk about some more? Well, I would say that if you go to the Facebook page, Mom, Grammy Grizzlies. Yesterday, I think it was, let me see. Yesterday, Liz put something on called AmeriCorps Seniors Foster Grandparent Program. And when you were talking about these kids that don't have grandparents or their grandparents aren't involved, I was thinking about this program, you know, uh, wouldn't it be great if you, at one point, my grandkids are all going to be grown. You know, the youngest is 13. or no, 11 and the oldest is old now out of college. You know, there is a time and a place maybe to foster, not foster them and like live them. I had them live, you know, in your home. But, you know, there be like a grandparent friend to a child who didn't have a strong family. I don't know how you could jumpstart something like that, but she put, she has, it's a It's a program, a grand, a grandparent program, a foster grandparent program, but I'm not thinking it's about having grandkids live in your home, but maybe become a grandparent to some children and do stuff with them, you know, like read with them, take them to the library, go on some of these Liberty trips, play pickleball with them. Like a mentorship program. Exactly. Good. Even remembering holidays and birthdays. You know, I we had we had people in our church when I was a kid that didn't have that didn't have grandkids around them. And I'm going to tell you what, one of the girls names was Betty. And she remembered my birthday not only until the day she died. She remembered my birthday and she just always sent a card. And when I was at college and such, she always remembered. And it was one of those things that it's so nice. It's just such a nice thing. And I don't know. There's tons of things we can do, isn't there? Yes. Absolutely. very cool well i want to get in contact with it with the people in michigan who have the groups here and uh the moms for america groups um what is typical i'm going to take up a few more time a few more minutes here just because i want to know what's typical because i'm really pretty excited about this and so what could people expect out of a group that's that's a local group i think you know we always say the group is what you make it out to be i mean a lot of people will a lot of our mama bears will do the class, the cottage meeting class in their home. But it's also, like you said, Donna, it's building that community and that camaraderie. And, you know, when a lot of us show up with the purple shirts at a school board meeting, we mean business. So it's, you know, whether you're going to go to your state capitol, whether you're going to attend a rally, be in a parade, or, you know, just anything local in your community, have a booth at a fair. and giving out information about moms for america so you know but it could be overwhelming but zaida who is our membership and education director she will walk you through it and as you saw in our store we have the membership kit too which helps you get started but it's so easy now with her she just walks you through it and helps you start your group immediately Well, that's outstanding. That really is outstanding. So do you have a direct way to contact, like is there a phone number besides the website of Moms for America? Is there any phone numbers? Is there a way that they can contact you guys that makes it easy for them? If you want to call, it's 937-477-5200. You'll get me. Or it's moms at Wonderful. Repeat those two again one more time to make sure people have it. Absolutely. Our direct line is area code 937-477-5200. And then our email is moms, M-O-M-S, at Very cool. Now, the other thing, you were talking about the state. If you go under who we are, there are some state liaisons that are featured under that, Donna. And I was looking to see if they had the Michigan person, but I don't see a Michigan person. So is it the MFA team? Yeah. And then you go down to the very bottom and it says state liaisons. And it must not, I see Maria's name, but it must not have all of the state liaisons. It should be the amount we have at the moment. I don't know if there's any new ones popping on. um so oh there's a lot of people on here wow that's our that's our national team right there and at the bottom will be the state liaisons yeah you have to keep going there you go i was looking for you to see if there was somebody from michigan but i didn't see one but i do know i was looking at at something on the website um maria and i saw to my delight there was uh there's a state liaison in kentucky and before i moved from kentucky i was trying to get somebody to do it And I talked to a lot of people, but then COVID happened and, you know, all of that. So that was kind of that because I thought, because again, I was more grandmotherly and I wanted someone that was young and, you know, just really, you know, wanted to spend time, more time than I had. Well, knew more young people. is what I should say, and I did. But I saw it somewhere. I don't know why. When I was getting ready for this radio show, I was looking all over the place for different resources. So that was something that I was looking for. BETSY FISCHER MARTIN- A lot of ways we get our leaders from, Barbara, is the cottage meeting. When we do it live via Zoom, our education director, she keeps a lookout, and we raise up leaders that way. Well, that's awesome. Well, thanks, guys, for coming on today. It was really wonderful having you here. And anytime that I can help get the word out and and if you need some small videos, we can even do some small videos and then that would be great. And so I'm going to I'm going to move on to my next speaker here. Yes. Thank you so much. You got to make sure that John, John just disappeared on me. He was back there for a minute and now he's gone up. There he is. So we can go on your website and I can get this and put it on Grammy Grizzlies. Yeah, I gave you all the links this morning. And so so all of those promotion links will take you back on Brandenburg News Network. We're live on that and we're live on tour and some of the other things we added tour where we're trying to make sure we can get around a the censorship. And if the Internet goes down, I think we got a pretty good handle on keeping this thing up, even if the Internet connections go down, which I think is actually really funny. So one of those things that tech people, you know, and love doing is thwarting attacks and trying to get around it, keeping things up and running and secure. And so kind of having a good time with that. But at any rate, you guys are just absolutely delightful. And anything I can do to help you, you just let me know, okay? Thank you, Donna. And thank you for all the work you do. Yes, thank you. Well, you guys have a great day and we'll be right back. Bye. Thank you. Good morning and welcome back to the second hour of Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it is the eighth day of January 2024. And I want to bring on my next guest, Mr. John Stubbins. How are you, John? Hi, Donna. How are you doing? I'm doing just great. It's so nice to have you here. Thank you so much for being on today. Thrilled to be with you. How are you doing? I'm doing great. We're getting cold up here in Michigan. Yesterday I was on horses and riding in the snow, which is always a lot of fun. So we're getting ready for the cold weather to actually really set in. I'm just one state below you, so I'm feeling it as well. Yeah, there you go. We're all ready. You know, I look at the, you know what always happens when it first starts to snow? You can always tell who the people who have never been in a cold climate are because they're all in the ditch hoping that one of us with a big diesel truck or something like that will pull them out, right? Absolutely. I tell you, it was a lot worse when I lived in South Dakota when I was stationed there. Well, there you go. Well, it's nice that you're on today. I want to let everybody know that John puts on amazing, amazing events. And I've been to a couple of his events right now. And just a phenomenal individual. We were down at John Rich's and then at the President Trump, the rightful president of the United States. the golf course in DC. That was a lot of fun. And I always, I always enjoy what you put on there. They're just amazing. So what are we going to talk about today? You've got some movies coming out and I want to show people your website here a minute so that they can know where to find you. There you are. And let's go home here. Get the squirrels working. There you go. And you've got so much stuff going on. It's just amazing. And truly, truly an amazing individual. And I guess I just wanted to hear about what's going on right now. Well, you know, it's interesting that you brought up events, Donna, because events are probably the very last thing that I do. That's something that we just kind of added to our, uh, already busy schedule. Uh, and we have a radio broadcast too, don't you? Uh, we have a television show, uh, and, um, and we're just getting ready to expand that. Uh, we just added pursuit and pursuit up. So we're going to be on, I don't know, 150 million households around the country, which is great. But, uh, But it's funny that you brought up the events because the events were added last year as a way to raise capital for our documentary American Anarchy. But we're not really an events team. We're a TV show. We produce films. We've got a men's ministry. We conduct investigations through the show. I'm going to be going on Huckabee. this weekend down in Nashville to talk about one of those investigations and facts. everything but events i like i like thinking of first and foremost is events because i've gone to your events and i see the quality of events that you put on because you know like for me i've gone to so many events over time and your events are a lot of fun with some really amazing people there so you're connected to so many good people and give them a voice and bring the truth forward in so many different directions that it's just incredible. You can see people do things online, but when you meet them in person and you go to stuff like that, that's where it really shines. People really shine through and you're just an amazing individual. Well, thank you very much. And I tell you, if I had nothing else going on and all I did was events, We would be the very best at it. I guarantee you that. Guaranteed. So let's talk about your films that you've put out and what you have going on right now. Well, right now, we are in fundraising mode to raise funds for a documentary called American Anarchy. And American Anarchy is a story about A true story, unfortunately, that starts back in 2015 with the Trump campaign. And my friend Carter Page, who was a member of that campaign team. Yeah, you just found the official trailer there, which you can play for your audience at any time. Yeah, let's play that a second. Go ahead. there you go yeah pretty cool it's um basically it starts with um The whole thing starts with Carter Page. Hang on a minute here. I'm going to have to move out of this area. There we go. There you go. The whole thing starts with Carter Page. They used, and when I say they, I'm talking about Hillary Clinton, the DNC, Obama, Biden, that whole team. They used these fake, illegal FISA warrants to get inside the Trump campaign. That's how they started to spy on the Trump campaign. So it all started right there. And then it expanded once President Trump got elected and he moved into the White House. The spying followed them. So the spying didn't stop once he got elected. It continued. And you can see the damage that was done by a whole slew of people, whether it's Peter Strzok or Lisa Page or James Comey or, you know, Barack Obama, you know, John Brennan, Halpern, Stephen Halpern, all these bad actors. They all had a hand to play and trying to destroy the Trump presidency to bring it down to its knees and just allow him to get nothing done inside of his presidency as well, except fighting this Russia hoax. So this was the beginnings of the Russia hoax. Our documentary covers all of that beginning all the way through today. And when is the new one coming out? Or you've got a bunch of documentaries, don't you? Well, we're going to do a few of them that start with this one. Okay. And that carry on because you can't have people sitting in their seats in the theater for six hours. So, yeah, we're going to break these up. We're going to do several documentaries, but we're starting with American Anarchy. Okay. So what was really interesting is doing some research, you know, I was kind of in the research community for a while there and really following what happened to President Trump. And this is what I think people don't really understand is that this thing was a setup from the beginning to the end, just exactly like J6 was. and to strip him of his rights and to keep him from being president, which I think all of us need to say, why were they so afraid of President Trump getting in there? Because he's an outsider, and he was going to go in there and do the right thing, and he did. In my opinion, he's the greatest American president we have ever had, hands down. He and his administration made the most change. He understood everything from tariffs, which was a setup to be able to redo the unconstitutional tax structure and everything. I mean, there's so many nuances there that if you didn't really pay attention or follow it, you would have missed it because the other side was putting out so much propaganda. So to see what you're doing of actually telling the story so that people know what happened, how this happened, and what, you know, what led up to where we are. And they still haven't gotten him out of the crosshairs. They're still going after President Trump, which is going after all of us. You go after the rights of one of us, you're going after all of us. Well, and not only that, but you think, you know, when you dig into this thing, you find out what they did to Carter Page, okay? Because they used Carter initially, okay? But what people don't tell you and what most people don't know is while they did that, they destroyed Carter's life. So, you know, in the process of gaining entry to spy on the Trump campaign, they destroyed someone's life, okay? His name is Carter Page. And They violated his constitutional rights. And then once they got into the White House, then they went after General Flynn, right? Now, why did they go after General Flynn? Because General Flynn was going to conduct an audit which would have traced the money trail to the money that Obama and Biden and Clinton were stealing out the back door of the U.S. Treasuries. under the guise of the green energy incentives, the weatherization program, and they were feeding money to their friends, stolen money from us. It's incredible. You follow the money, you can always find out what's going on. There's so many people that have been targeted by these, they're Marxists. So many. There's so many people whose lives have been targeted and ruined. It began there. It began with Carter Page, then it went on to General Flynn, Roger Stone, and it just went downhill from there. And now, anybody, You, me, anybody that's a conservative or a Trump supporter or a Make America Great Again individual who believes in that, a Christian, a veteran, a police officer, we're all targets now. If you're white, if you have white skin, you know, if you're Caucasian, you're a target now. Hey, we just made the Southern Poverty Law Center hate speech extremist thing. I was kind of happy about that. That was like one of those things that I think I might frame it and put it on the wall. We're all on that list, I think. You know, and they're using so many things to, you know, psyops to divide us and to keep us divided, to keep us isolated so that we can't fight back and take our voices. You know, I think that that's the one thing, you know, that you're doing and I'm doing, too, is to try to have a venue to get people's voices out there and tell the truth. By the way, Donna, whoever dubbed them the authority. Not me. I didn't. I know I didn't. Who are they to say who's racist and who's not? I say that they're the racists. I got it. I got any time that somebody I've got a really funny story. There was a gal one time and she was selling the jewelry of her people and it was in a public place. And I was so disgusted by it. I'm like, who are your people? She looked at me and I said, were you born here? And she's like, well, yeah. And I and I'm like, well, then we're your people. You know, I could sit here and and play, play, you know, play the virtue signaling victim all I want to like the rest of us, because we all came from somewhere. but you don't sit there and all of a sudden, you know, divide yourself up as superior to anyone, no matter what, no matter what it is, that's not okay. No, no, it's not okay. And here's the thing. This really is just the beginning because what we're ultimately talking about here, when you get into the nuts and bolts of this thing, and you'll find out even more this weekend when I go on Huckabee, because we do investigations through my show and, And we take those investigations and expose them. And it doesn't matter what level of corruption that we're talking about. It can be at the highest level at the presidency, to a senator, to a congresswoman. It doesn't matter. If we find out about it, we're going to investigate it. We're going to expose it. And you're going to find out a lot more about Adam Schiff this weekend on Huckabee. Yeah, he's a real slippery guy out there. He's had all kinds of nonsense going on, Standard Hotel and all kinds of things that we should all be very, very concerned about. He's a scumbag. He's a scumbag, Donna. And not only is he a scumbag, but if you look at this, just the recent history of Adam Schiff, he's caused this country a lot of damage and a lot of taxpayer money thrown down the drain. Because of his evil, evil plans. Because of his lies. The things that he's propagated just with the Russia hoax alone. Forget anything else, which there's much more there. But just the Russia hoax alone. The damage that that man has caused. Now he wants to run for Senate. Okay. He shouldn't even be in Congress. Now he wants to run for Senate and we've got to stop that because that guy, he needs to be in prison right now. Yeah. Well, it's amazing how these people get in power and they stay in power and they never seem to go away. It's like, it's like a professional. It's like a, it's like a ruling class and they have no business, right? They have no business, but yet they come out with millions of dollars. Where'd they get that money? Yeah, it wasn't supposed to work that way. They're supposed to go home and treat it as a duty and then go home and make money. But it amazes me on really how ill-equipped these people are. They've never written a paycheck for anyone. They've never had to dig, really dig anything out of trouble. All they do is they show up, and if they don't have the money, they just have somebody print it or they get it somewhere else. Or maybe they're stealing it. And sealing it, absolutely. Yeah, and that's what we're talking about here. These people are desperate because they know that we're on to them, and so they distract. They throw anything they can against the wall to distract you from staying on the money trail. How did they get their money? How did Joe Biden get his money? How did Barack Obama get his money? How did Hillary Clinton get her money? How? How? Backroom deals and foundations. Oh, okay. I tell you what, if Americans believe that, I've got a bridge to sell you to nowhere. So, well, explain to me, because it's backroom deals and it's their foundations and they're flat out. Look at what's gone to Ukraine. Guaranteed, that's coming right back into the politicians' pockets, right? Look, I'm telling you right now, when you dig down deep and you find out what these people have done, not only is it worthy of prison time, but if you know what the word, and I guess over the years people have forgotten this word because we don't use it, I guess, anymore, but look up the definition of the word treason. And then when you look that up, look up the definition of the word high treason if you if you understand that definition of high treason that's what we're talking about that's what these people have done they have sold our country out to the point of high treason where we need to hold them accountable because if we don't they'll watch it burn They don't care. Well, what I see is it's like a parasite class of people who they just feed off of everything else. They don't do anything. They don't make anything. They're really kind of worthless. They just kind of fill a spot there, and they victimize it. They're a parasite. It's a parasitic species. mindset entity. And, and that's, that's the problem that I see when let's go back to now, not everybody out there will know exactly what happened. I mean, a lot of people will understand what happened, but not everybody does with the Russia collusion. Could you tell them? We're going to tell them. Yes. Yep. Can you, can you give people an overall right now of walking them through what happened? Because they were basing this on a Yahoo article, part of it that, I mean, they were pulling stuff out of the air to create a narrative from beginning to end. Yeah. They use the dossier from a gentleman by the name of Christopher Steele. Okay. All of this again was pre-designed. It's total nonsense. There's other characters involved like Stefan Halpern and, you know, many other people within the administration and in the deep state that were involved in this as well. But the bottom line is, is that they tried to blame Trump for this so-called Russia collusion. There was no Russia collusion. At the end of the day, that investigation has been done. There was no collusion. And that is why, even though they tried to impeach Trump, they couldn't successfully get it done. Does that make sense? Of course. If the evidence was overwhelming, then where is it? Okay. People like Adam Schiff said that the evidence was overwhelming. Okay. Well, when they held the hearings, where did that evidence go? I didn't hear it. Did you? Nope. I didn't hear any overwhelming evidence. So show me the overwhelming evidence because we all know it doesn't exist. It's a fabricated lie started by the DNC, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden and all their friends. Whether it's James Comey or John Brennan, or Christopher Steele, or Page and Struck, and I can go on and on and on. It's a long list. What's really disturbing about this whole thing, too, is how many of these people have ties to Iran and other foreign entities that we haven't even gotten into. What about Ukraine? Yeah, in Ukraine, all of these foreign entities that I don't know about you, but they sure look like proxies. I don't even know if they're actual real countries. at this point in time it feels like they're just a proxy government of the deep state and they use that that's what it looks like there's uh what what i saw was that there's there's a couple of them in south america central america there's there's ukraine we've got you've got iran you've got a bunch of them that really they they're not really standing as an independent country No. We're funding them. We're staffing them. We're telling people to lie. Biden goes over to Ukraine and says, you either do this or you're not getting the money to bail you out. We've been paying for pensions. What is it? 500,000 people. We've been paying their pensions in Ukraine. We are funding all of that. Let's back up for just a second because you hit upon something that's very important there. Biden said, you know, Biden basically threatened Ukraine. He sure did. And said, if you don't do what I tell you to do, you're not going to get this funding, right? Right. Well, guess what that thing was? People need to understand what was it that he held over them and threatened them with. Well, here's what it was. Ukraine had members of their government members of their legal community that wanted to come out and tell the truth about the Trump situation, right? And Biden didn't want that to happen. So Biden said, if you don't do what I tell you to do, I'm going to hold your money. That's it in a nutshell, okay? They didn't want, when I say they, Biden and his buddies, did not want Ukraine and their team of legal people to come in and testify the truth. Because it would have ruined Biden. And he knows it. And it would have exonerated Trump. So that right there is the crux of the matter. Well, and it's so outside of the norm for most of us of what we think is okay or what we think is going on that the criminality is amazing, just like all of the bio labs that are in Ukraine that we funded, the human trafficking that's been going on across this globe by the deep state. The unspeakable horrors that these people, these criminals that have infiltrated this nation, have done. There's only one option for the future for them. And you brought it up. I've talked about it many times too. They've committed treason and they're going to have to pay for their crimes. And that is up to and including The death penalty, because that's that's what comes with it. You play stupid games, you're going to win stupid prizes. And this is, you know, and then go one step further with the crimes against humanity. There's there's so much going on here. That if they make it through round one of anything, round two is going to be sitting there waiting for them. And there's no escape because they have committed so many crimes. And we cannot turn a blind eye. Even, you know, politics has turned into this cult of personality nonsense. It's like I've been saying in Michigan, it's like it's like Tiger Beat. You know, half of the state's looking at people and say, oh, this one is the most flirty. That one's the most flirty. And that's how they're voting. Instead of having a professional job interview and putting people in place that are actually OK with doing the job. We had a big shakeup in Michigan this past weekend and the Republican chair was removed. She had to be removed. The things that were going on behind the scenes, they're inexcusable. You cannot staff, if you're going to staff a Republican party with felons, I'm going to tell you right now, People have to be stupid in thinking that they're going to put people in place that are going to also be doing favors for their friends or staffing it with people who do not have the integrity to carry out the job in a governmental position. And we have got to look at these people and make that cut and say, I'm sorry. Well, here's the thing. We have to be better than the Democrat Party. Right. Okay. Not they're equal. We don't want to be their equal. We don't want to do what they do. What they do is they commit treason. Okay? That's what they're doing. We don't want to be that. Never. We need to set the proper example and nothing less. Nothing less. So we either do it the right way or not do it at all. What are some of the other problems that you're seeing in the United States of America right now? Because I know you're very well informed and we all have our issues that are really bothering us, that float to the top for each one of us. Election integrity, human trafficking is mine. If we don't have free and fair elections, we don't have a country. The borders, the same thing, the borders, this forced vaccination nonsense, the fact that the corporations are owning this nation. And they're driving policy through funding efforts in the political realm. What are some of the things that are really on the forefront for you right now? Yeah, well, number one is the border. Without a border, we don't have any semblance of a country. We don't have any semblance of a republic. We're not the United States right now. Uh, that's how bad it is. Do you feel past that? Do you feel like we've already lost it? Um, in some ways I do. I think that we can recover from it, but it's going to take a monumental effort to put things back in place. And, um, you know, we've lost our sovereignty. If people understand what that means, uh, You know, when you lose your sovereignty, what do you do? So, I mean, we're in real trouble. And let me tell you, the people that are coming across that southern border, and I'm just talking about the ones that are caught and processed. I'm not even talking about the ones that we call the gotaways. I mean, I work very closely with Tom Holman and Jason Jones and Border911 and down at that border i know what's going on down there okay and beyond and human trafficking and drugs are just two parts of what's going on it's much much deeper and it involves people in the united states it's a whole ring leader uh uh full of criminals right here in the us not even including the cartels and we're following them that's another one of our investigations Big tech and taking away our ability to have freedom of speech or anyone's ability to have freedom of speech. That's another big one. You know, you mentioned these vaccines and all the mothers out there that have been the mama bears that have been fighting for that. That's another issue. But look, if we don't have freedom and our sovereignty, you don't even need to worry about the next step because we're It's not going to matter anyway. Elections, you can forget elections. I mean, I believe in free and fair elections just like you do. But how do you get free and fair elections when your country is overrun by illegals and you've got a party asking people to vote illegally, right? And then on top of that, you've got corrupt courts that won't hear the case. Now what do you do? What's the answer from John's perspective? The answer for me, we've got to get a handle on it. And that means first, winning in an overwhelming election and beating them in spite of their cheating, which means getting out overwhelming numbers of people that have never even voted before. That's number one. Once we take back the White House, then I believe you have to bring the military in. Not only to get the illegals out, but to start arresting people for the high treason. I think it starts there. It is not a local police operation or a state operation. It has to be led by our military. They need to do the raids. They need to make the arrests. They need to hold the military tribunals and hold these people accountable. That is music to my ears. I love it. I absolutely love it because every single one of them has to be cleaned out and gone. And I agree with you. The only way to really clean this thing out is going to be the military. It has to. It has to because it's too big of a problem. Yes. And, you know, about the time you catch one, there's another 10 waiting in the wings there like cockroaches that want to, you know, come out and infiltrate and such. I liked what Tom Holman said about he's waiting to celebrate mass deportation day. He's right. And he's absolutely right. Yeah. And here's the thing. It has to be coordinated because – You can't allow these people to try to hide evidence, move evidence, destroy evidence. We've seen this before, right? Hillary Clinton did it herself. So we can't allow that. And the only way to do that, you're going to have to have overwhelming numbers to make these arrests, to hold these tribunals. I mean, it's going to be a big operation. And not only that, to conduct the raids themselves. necessary to gather the evidence that we need, that's a big operation. That's huge. Like never before. Well, I think what's kind of cool is that the deep state had formed all of these weapons and tools against us for surveillance. And the nice thing is, is that we've been able to use it back against them. Just like them coming in and taking documents from President Trump at Mar-a-Lago and such. One of the greatest things that President Trump has done is he is a great, he baits. He'll throw the bait out there for them. And then they'll attack him so that they can he can use it or that we can use it against the bad guys. He has set so much precedent for going back on the people that are accusing him. The man is an absolute game changer. master genius in using the tools at his disposal to take down the deep state and an incredible leader. And not just because, you know, some people are great speech makers, right? No, administratively and game theory wise, he is unbelievable. Just so smart. Well, you know, and here's the other thing that he has that's equally, if not more important, You've got to have guts and resolve. And he's got both of those. And we have a lot of people out here that have neither. Neither. They have no guts. They have no resolve. In fact, many of them have already been bought off by the Marxists. Yeah. They're bought off and they're quitters. Well, or they're criminals. Or criminals. Or they'll burn to the other side. They'll do both. I mean, look at someone like Mitt Romney. Okay? Okay. What does Mitt Romney do? What's Mitt Romney's purpose? How does he help America? He doesn't. I rest my case, Your Honor. Yep. There you go. But look at, you know, so look at the rest of them. Look at I was just reading an article on the new speaker, too, and what he has not stood for. And, you know, they go in there and you think, OK, well, hopefully this next one's going to do a good job. And bam, they fall apart within five minutes. It's it's my whole thought on that, though, is are they corrupted when they get in office or are they already corrupt? before and they're allowed or selected for that position. That's a great question. I think the only ones that get in office right now because the system is so rigged are the ones that honestly are allowed by the Uniparty. It's not just the Democrat Party, the Republican Party. They're all playing ball. I mean, this thing was corrupt. When you go back and you look at what was happening around the Bushes, the Bush crime family, that they were involved in this just as much as anybody else. They still are. They still are. And by the way, let's be real clear about this because I see this every day all over the country. There's conservative candidates that are running in all 50 states, right? And you'll hear from these candidates while they're on the trail and they have no access to to any help from the RNC, no help from the GOP. I'm talking about financially, okay? So the RNC and the GOP, they've already got tagged who they're going to help financially. You bet they are. And if you're not on that list, then you're screwed. And it doesn't matter how good of a candidate you are, what your message is, they don't care. You're not in the cool club. So if you're not in the cool club, they're not going to help you. Yeah. You're immediately voted off the island. I was attacked so badly. I was removed twice from the ballot illegally because you couldn't have Brandenburg there. They can't even say the name Brandenburg without, you know, throwing up a little bit in their mouths because, you know, it's like it's like, you know, that you can't can't say Brandenburg because Brandenburg might just it might just go ahead and and tell the truth and fire all their behinds and ship them off. I told General Flynn one time, I said, I need two planes. I get in there at some point in time because I'm not stopping. I'm going to be, I've got to testify at a hearing on Wednesday. I'm not stopping. It's like, need a couple planes. We're going to run those full time down to Gitmo or wherever we need to, to exterminate these people. And it's got to be, there can't be one of them that gets away. If they've committed treason, if they have, you know, if they're guilty of treason or sedition, they're out of here. They lost their right. And You know what? Anybody else that's standing there that hasn't followed a lawful process? I honestly think that all of these people that have the actual illegal gain, like Jennifer Granholm, who was involved in insider trading, when you look at the $1.6 million stock gain she made in the electric vehicle industry, we need to claw all that money back here. And I'm going to tell you what. That goes back to we, the people. It doesn't go to the politicians. And so bye-bye. They get to move on, find their happy spot. Hopefully they make friends with the worms or whatever it is. And their ill-gotten gain goes back to we the people and in a very humanitarian way. This is a problem because this is how they separate us too. They think that Democrats are the most compassionate and Republicans are just business and this, that, and the other. Well, you know what, guys? These are lies. They're all lies. They are. The open borders that started with the left and we want to be compassionate. They created one of the largest humanitarian crises in the history of Of the planet. And they used Lutheran services. They used Catholic services. They used all of these 501c3s. to accomplish human trafficking. And right now we've got a situation where they've got so many kids pouring into this nation. It used to be that they had a network of judges and doctors that would cover up for them. These kids would get torn up, the surgeons would sew them back up and the judges would cover for them. Well, they don't need to do that anymore because there's so many of them, they just kill them. Move on. There's extra people there. We're just going to keep killing. And I can't even stress to people enough, and I know you're familiar with this too. It's in our neighborhoods. This isn't a border thing. Every state is a border state. Michigan certainly is because they can make people disappear here so fast. It's incredible. Look, we've been talking about this for years. Gosh, year four? We've been warning people about the border issue and warning them and warning them and warning them and showing them video, aerial footage, drone footage, helicopter footage, live video of murders. I mean, you name it. We've been putting a light on this issue. And again, I work with Tom Holman and Jason Jones. Border 9-1-1. And it's almost as though I think the American people didn't want to believe it. You know, they just tried to put it out of sight, out of mind. But you're absolutely right. And I said this. And I've said, you can go back and watch old shows of mine with Jason or Tom. Look, we've been saying this for so long. You're going to care when it appears at your doorstep. And guess what? Take a big whiff because it's at your doorstep now. And you're only going to continue to see the increasing volatility that's caused by this in your life. And I'm not talking to you, Don. I'm talking to the audience out there. Well, it's to all of us. It's to every single one of us. To each and every one of us out here. When it gets to your doorstep and it starts affecting your everyday life, and I mean every artery of it, then you'll maybe understand what I've been saying. But I beg you to start caring and start learning because you're way behind and the damage is done. And we've got to clean it up now. And so if you can't get involved now, after you know what's going on, then as far as I'm concerned, you are part of the problem. Apathy is a cancer on this nation. That's right. When you know and you still choose to sit on your hands, you are now complicit. One thing I know about Michigan is we have the I-94 corridor, and that corridor is a human trafficking corridor that they take that they can run kids because we have an international port here. And not only are they using containers and semis to traffic kids, every time we go past one, I sit there and I'm like, I wonder if this has got product in it or if it's got children in it or human beings. You have to ask the question. Absolutely. We had a gal that disappeared in Michigan here a little while back. She was at a party and her one of her friends saw that she called her and she said, I'm in trouble. I don't know where I am. Well, she got the her friend got the police. They tracked her down to a container container. And that's where her phone, a friend or the find a friend function took her to. The cops refused to open that container up and they found her dead two weeks later on the on the beach or on a shore in Africa. And people don't realize this is a clear clear. When you start seeing this stuff like I mean, a lot of us that have gone down, gone down this path, and and looked at this stuff i i can't even imagine what you and jason and everybody down the board have seen i mean i saw somebody that was dismembered i saw a kid get his heart pulled out while he was alive this is so brutal people have no idea how brutal this is americans have no idea they're babies i mean they they have americans have no idea that this level of brutality could come to them because most Americans are going to say, well, that's against the law. You're not allowed to do that here. Well, who's going to stop them? Who's going to stop them? Every day I read in the newspaper how entire police forces and communities all across the country are just leaving. Where's the law enforcement? Everybody out there that wanted to have lawlessness left. and called for defunding the police, they're all getting their wish. So now what's the gripe? What's the complaint now? Now they care? Yeah. Well, I thought I saw something when Jason was talking about it, too, to his point about he brought up Santa Muerte and the clear and present threat, you know, is is is people that are, you know, people of faith that, you know, I'm a I'm a very committed Christian. And when we see the activity, the satanic activity of. that has infiltrated this country. If people can't acknowledge that that's actually happening, they think this is like a myth or something. No, we're going to have to come face to face with this because Santa Muerte is a death cult. And they believe in torture and death and that they're going to be rewarded for this. Yeah, but the problem, Donna, is that I'm a Christian man myself. But the problem is there's a lot of, and I'm going to say probably most Christians out there, believe that Christianity equals do nothing. Okay? That's not what Christianity is. Christianity does not mean do nothing. Okay? Christianity means be a warrior for Christ. Put on the armor of God. Step outside yourself and do what's right. Yeah, do something and say something. And we get criticized for saying things because it's uncomfortable. And it's like, oh, a Christian doesn't do that as they're looking at Gentile Jesus with a lamb on his foot. No, I'm pretty extra sure Jesus was turning over tables and calling them dens of vipers because it was all about the money. This has been going on for a long, long time. I mean, look, if we don't stop this, nobody's going to. So you can sit there and say that it's not happening or try to pretend like it's not happening. I'm telling you people, think about your World War II history. The Jews got led off to the slaughter getting on those trains, right? Okay. When is enough enough? What are you going to say? You know, we're not going to, I'm not going to allow us to do this anymore. Just make that simple decision for Christ. Okay. I don't know about other Christians out there, but We put on the armor of God. We're in a battle. This is a war. And so I recognize that. And I'm not going to allow someone to kill you because I'm a Christian. I don't support that type of God. My God's not going to punish me for defending you. That makes no sense. So we need to rethink some things. and on top of that if anybody understands uh the enemy within uh the church my friend trevor loud and he came out with a series on this our churches themselves have been infiltrated by marxism there is a split in the church i don't care if it's catholic baptist Methodist. It doesn't matter the denomination. The Marxists have gotten inside our churches. And that alludes to what you were saying before. That's why the problem exists. Because the Marxists have infiltrated our churches. They're there. That's why, look, let me ask you this. Who negotiates with God on abortions? Who negotiates with God on homosexuality or LBGTQ or trans or all these other topics? Who am I to negotiate with God? That's not my place to question God. It's his sandbox. We got to play by his rules. I mean, what are we doing here? What are we doing? Yeah. The whole trans thing is the gender mutilation. You know, we've had a lot of discussions about this too, is that, you know, I'm kind of a bring on the toxic masculinity right now. Come on guys, step up and let's, let's, you know, handle business here. And I, and unfortunately I, There's been such a push to silence men. I'm like, guys, I'm giving you all permission right now. Bring on the toxic masculinity. Be the guys that God created you to be. You know, I have horses and there's a big difference between a stallion and a mare. Stallion protects the herd. You don't negotiate it with a stallion. The stallion sees the herd being in danger. or threatened he would does not he he'll sit up and puff up and it's like do i kick your tail here or do i kick it in 10 in 10 feet but you're going to get your tail kicked we're not gonna we're not gonna put up with this and they're not gonna negotiate when they see their family and that's a good example to use right there yeah it's true and it's real and it's natural Yes. Well, it's how God made us. That's right. We are made in a certain way. And he knew what he was doing when he made us. And it's like my husband is a man's man's man. He is not going to negotiate. If he sees somebody that's going to hurt his family, watch out because there's going to be no negotiation there whatsoever. And I've seen him do it. And it threatened me. There shouldn't be. No negotiation. No negotiation. There should not be. And guess what? Make no apology for it. Yep. I've never seen him apologize for it. For what? If he's defending something that he believes in, and he will not apologize for it if he knows he's in the right on something. And it doesn't back down either. And it's funny. People always say to me, I've got a CPL. And they're like, you should be carrying all the time. I'm like, I got this guy. And he loves this stuff. So he lives for it. God bless him. I love him. Yeah, you'd like him. He's funny. So but but yeah, it's just it's it's just really an amazing thing. You know, when we look at it, even the Bible talks about the fact that no one is without, you know, is with excuse. All you have to do is look at the way that God made this world. We don't we don't have any other species that kill their children. They don't kill their children. They don't try to abort a baby. They don't do all this sort of thing. It seems to me like the only true inhabitants of this planet that actually goes out to hurt each other is people. And it's really sad. You have to almost wonder if people, when they lose their souls and they lose that humanity, they lose that empathy, they lose that ability. to step forward. And, you know, and you got to wonder, I mean, I've got a lot of questions about that. I might not know exactly how it works, but, you know, I do know that we're supposed to follow God almighty and that he's here with us every day and also walking through all these problems. He has the answer. We just have to seek him and he will show us exactly what we need to do to fix this. He's faithful. He will never abandon us or forsake us. And, you know, for anybody out there that's feeling really alone right now or depressed about how the world is going, you know what? You got people out here that are fighting every day. Look at John. John's out there fighting every single day and all the people that are around him. for lawful processes to get the truth out there, not backing down to anyone who is a threat, both domestic or foreign, either one. We're not going to stop. There's no stopping here. There's no negotiation with criminals. There's no stopping. This fight is going to end. We might run into some problems here and there. We just have to sit back and go, well, well, well. You know, think to the bad guys. Think through your next step very carefully. There's going to be there's going to be an action and it's going to be a lawful action. We're not we're not a band of criminals out here that that meet criminality with criminality. We've got the law on our side. And that's, that's the most beautiful thing is that we've got God on our side. We have the law on our side and we're taking this nation back and we're not asking for permission. Yeah. And not only that, but you know, the rule of law right now is kind of like hanging there in suspense. Right. Right. But if we're going to have a nation, we must have rule of law. Absolutely. If we're not going to have rule of law, then let's make the agreement that everybody is going to be on the same rules and we're going to be in the wild west okay because it's one or the other you can't have your cake and eat it too but if we're going to have rule of law then we've got to have it across the board for everyone and that means everybody that is doing bad things has to be held accountable that's the end of the discussion there's nothing else to discuss Beyond that, and if we can't agree on that, then we're going to have a problem. I agree with that. We just got to keep going. Well, this is really fun to talk with you. And I love what you're doing. And I'm glad we went off in a divergent way. We got to talk about lots of subjects. I love that. So here's John's website. If you go there, you can certainly become familiar with the work that he's doing with the investigation, as well as you probably have a way to donate here too. I do. And I'm going to try to get down here to her. See, there's our buddy, General Flynn. He actually is the reason why I really got into politics. Carter Page is in the middle there. Yeah, there's Carter Page. Yeah, he's right in the middle between Trump and Flynn. I actually texted him. I'd like to get him on the show, too. And just amazing, amazing people. But you know what? It's like you can go here and you can support. You can go ahead and support John. and and help get these you know one of the greatest things that we can do is is make sure that we help educate people and it's it's but we need to educate each other and filmmakers and storytellers that tell the truth the real story are so valuable if if we don't if we don't move into that area to get the message out there what really happened the criminals in the and the mainstream, the fake stream media are going to continue to lead this nation astray because they're not accountable to anything. They can say anything they want. And because they own all the airways, we've got a problem. So we really need to get in there and help people like John. We need to work extra, extra, extra, extra hard to overcome them because you're right, they own the airwaves. So for us to get a documentary made, You have no idea the amount of work and fundraising involved just to get the film made, okay? So I plead with everyone out there, please help us. We are in full fundraising mode to be able to make this documentary and get it into your hands, your capable hands, to make decisions based on the information that we provide you through our investigative work. So, you know, I'm not one to ask people for anything. I'm a proud veteran. But right now, we need your help. We need your donations. I admit it. Thank you for your service. Oh, my pleasure. My pleasure. Where did you serve? I'm sorry? Where did you serve? U.S. Air Force. Okay. So, yeah. But now is the time. And people say all the time to me, what can I do? We need you to donate. Put it in the hands of someone that can do something with it and help make a difference. And we can certainly do that. But we need your help. Yeah, that's awesome. And where can they find you? When is your show on for everybody so that they know how to find you and your show to listen to your investigations and to help be educated? Because the work you've done is just extraordinary. Well, our show is on every Tuesday night on Hutt Channel. And we're getting ready to add to that Pursuit and Pursuit Up, which are two additional networks. on digital television. So it's going to put us in about a total of 150 million homes. Uh, so if you have a smart TV, a Roku TV, uh, you know, an Apple device, it's all on my website. If you go to, it shows the list of the devices that will allow you. Show me where to go to find it here. Yeah. Scroll down. Um, I want to, I, a lot of times I'll go through this with people just because if they see the process, they're more likely to go. Scroll down a little bit. Keep going right there. Okay. There you go. Okay. So you can see, uh, the times that our show airs on hunt channel. Uh, and we're adding pursuit and pursuit up, which is going to look at all the additional, uh, look at all the additional, um, mechanisms that are connected with pursuit and pursuit up it just it increases our uh our level of of availability basically that's fantastic so it'll put us uh in a lot more homes and uh uh we'll be over there with our brother ted nugent and uh we're very excited i mean we get about a million viewers a month on hunt channel right now So, you know, every Tuesday night, 10 p.m. Eastern, we're on Hunt Channel. But we're going to add to that very shortly here. So we'll be on Hunt Channel on Tuesdays, and we'll also be on Pursuit and Pursuit Up. So just check back. We're going to be adding to this website information about the two new networks, Pursuit and Pursuit Up. But it's coming. And additionally... We're going to be launching a new coffee line with General Flynn that we just did a licensing deal on. So that's cool. Standing coffee. What's the coffee brand called? Well, it's called it's called American Anarchy Blend, which is our dark roast. Indivisible with John Stubbins Blend, which is our medium roast. And then a pound of coffee. which I like to call our Don't Tread on Me, which is our breakfast blend. So three blends that we're going to be offering in ground or whole bean, and you can get them in a pound or I think it's 12 ounces, either a pound or 12 ounces. We're going to be launching that within a couple weeks, and we're very excited about that because the coffee, I've taste tested all three blends, and I'm a coffee snob. It's amazing coffee, like really good. Oh, that's awesome. Well, I have to, you have to send me a text or something when you got it launched and I'll buy some coffee for you. Oh, thank you. I like to buy from Patriots and, and either local or Patriots people that I know so that, you know, it's another great way to support efforts by other Patriots to move, to move the bar a little bit for this, for taking this nation back. Don't be disappointed. It's really good coffee. Oh, that's good. That sounds great. Well, you know what? Let's say a prayer here going forward, and then we're going to end. We'll end today, and thank you for coming on, and I'd love to have you back on again. If you've got anything to talk about, if you want to talk about any of your investigations, I'm all about that because I find that kind of stuff to be absolutely phenomenally interesting. Well, I will tell you guys this. This upcoming weekend, so today is what, the 8th? Yes. This weekend, I'm recording on the 11th, 12th, 13th. The 13th and the 14th of January, I will be on TBN Network, I believe it is. Maybe also Country Music Channel as well. But I'll be on the Mike Huckabee Show this weekend discussing the Adam Schiff investigation. So don't miss that. That's fantastic. So awesome. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so very much for John and for Barbara and for Maria today, everybody that was on. And I ask that you would give them your favor in every single thing that they do, that you would bless them, bless their efforts, that you would bring people around them to help them, that you would open people's hearts, eyes, and minds to the truth that's out there sitting right in front of us. It's your truth. And we ask that you would guide us and direct us in every single thing that we do today and every day. We love you so much. And there's the beauty that you've created around us, the work that True Patriots before us or Founding Fathers and everyone that came before us who really wanted a nation that was reflective of your will and protecting the rights that you've given all of us as individuals. and finding ways, legal ways to guarantee that you've led us through so much. And our country has just gotten off base a little bit, and it needs a little bit of maintenance. And we know that anything is redeemable. Any person, any action, and any troubles is always redeemable when you are here. You fix the things that we screw up on and that we've let go too long. Well, I tell you what, we're all wanting to do what you want us to do. If you ask us a question or have anybody ask us a question, the answer is always going to be yes. Will you do this? Yes, we will. And help us to see the need around us for the people that are in our lives. Help us to show them that we care first and foremost by helping them if they have any needs or just sitting there quietly with them or just letting them know that they're loved and that they're not alone as, you know, as brothers and sisters should. We know that we're never alone because you're always with us and we're always grateful for our time together. Help us to always remember to put our relationship with you first so that we focus on you, that you're speaking to us because the world isn't so scary when we're walking with you because, you know, there isn't a threat that's bigger than you. There isn't a problem bigger than you. There's only answers. There's only love and there's only repairing things that we feel that we've lost. We've never really truly lost anything as we walk with you in this life. We just learn and get smarter and we're thankful for the lessons. Thank you so much for the beautiful day that's ahead of us. You're a great friend to us and we want to be a friend to you too. We love you. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen. Amen. So there you go. So this is where I go. Okay, here you go, guys. Go to because I am the best non-concealer who has ever not conceded in the history of the United States. And President Trump, he agrees. The rightful president of the United States agrees. I'm sure he does. I hope to ask him that someday. But at any rate, I just want to let you know that you're not alone. Don't feel like you're alone. Reach out to any of us. We've made it easy. So that you can reach out to people who care about this nation. And just to let you know, we love you. Heart hands down. We love you. God bless you. God bless all those whom you love. And God bless America. Make it a great day. If you don't have an example, be one. It starts right here. get mentally tough. We got a little bit of a road ahead of us, and that's okay because we're going to do it together. It's going to be a great adventure, and we're going to have a good time doing it. So have a great day. We'll see you tomorrow with John Tater and Courtney Turner, Constitution as well as Real History. Have a great day. Just stay on the line for a second, John, okay? God bless you. God bless you.