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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/1/2024 Liberty Essentials & Constitution VP Stephen Broden

Published May 1, 2024, 9 a.m.

9am Liberty Essentials with Bill Mohr and Ralph the IT Guy will be teaching their perspective on religion in government. The Mohr family has a long history in the study of the Constitution and lawful self governance. Liberty Essentials is a combination of current issues as we apply apply the Constitution for guidance. 10am Pastor Stephen Broden - Stephen Edward Broden is the Constitution Party's candidate for vice president in the 2024 United States presidential election. He is an American businessman, pastor, political activist, broadcaster, and former professor from the state of Texas. Broden graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts and then a Master of Arts degree in communication, and he later studied at the Dallas Theological Seminary, where he received a Master of Arts in Bible studies.[3] He served as an adjunct professor at Dallas Baptist University from 1990 to 1992 and spent 10 years in the private sector at Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) in human resources. He has been a business owner of several self-serve car wash facilities, and has also worked as a newscaster, disc jockey, and radio broadcaster, co-hosting Life and Liberty on KSKY-AM and presenting One-Minute "thought of the day" commentaries on this station X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it is May 1. Wow. 2024. So welcome to our show today. I think we're going to jump right into this because I have been out of it here for a week or so. And so it's good to be back. It's always good to be back and see everybody out there. But we're going to run right into this because I know Bill's got a busy schedule today. So welcome. How are you guys doing today? Good, good. What a beautiful morning we had this morning. Anybody notice that? Woke up and it was still warm. The sun was shining here in Michigan. How odd. Yeah, I didn't even get outside yet this morning because we flew in last night at about 10 o'clock. So by the time I finally got home and in bed, it was after midnight. So I'm still kind of like, need coffee. Yeah, the endless winter is starting to end. It's always so fun. It's always so fun in spring in Michigan if people aren't from Michigan. Michigan is a riot in the spring. Everything is just all kinds of color. And, you know, you've got you've got the purples, the bright purples, the tulips and the hyacinths and such. And so and the trees, trees are all blooming. It's beautiful right now. So so it's very welcome. Yeah, even the creation declares the glory of God. And I'll tell you, we just got back from our Constitution Party convention, right? We had that last week. And I was nutty enough to drive. I refused to submit myself to the TSA checkpoints and be deemed a terrorist before I even enter an airplane or a suspected terrorist before I enter an airplane. So I drive all over the country now instead of flying. I couldn't tell you when the last time I was in an airplane was. And I took my wife with me this time who had never been out West, never been out in the Rockies. So we took a few longer trips just to go see the scenery. And while I was driving, I'm looking especially through the later part of Nebraska, the West side of Nebraska and into Wyoming. And it occurred to me that, you know, I'm not the first person to make this trip, obviously. But who were the first people to make that trip? The, uh, the original settlers and pioneers that pushed, pushed farther West and, uh, the expansion of America, they did that. And most of them did it on horseback or feet. And I'm looking at this landscaping and seeing the gaps in the hills and the mountains. I'm going, you know, one of those guys probably walked right through there and documented and recorded everything that he saw, the landscaping, and laid it all out for us to do. And as we know, now that we have the interstate system, now we can just go from point to point, not even have to think about it. And I think that that really distracts from the glory that's around us. Being able to see all of nature in its natural environment and understanding the effort from the people that came before us to lay that all out for us. It's really incredible when you think about it. Yeah, we ended up seeing like herds of elk. And that was kind of cool. You know, of course, they come out at night and they start to graze and such. And it seemed like they went down into the valleys, which is where the highways go. So you could see them. They came down from the mountain for the green grass. And you could see that they were pretty happy to have the new spring grass out there. So it was cool. You know, we had that same discussion. And it was really... It's really amazing when you think of how tough those first people that crossed the United States had to be. You're talking about ambushes and you're talking through these canyons and such, just the raw effort it took and how did they purify their water? How did they move forward and such? It's really incredible. Yeah, it really is. At least they had buffalo, or more properly, American bison. Okay, so I became completely obsessed with buffalo and bison while I was out there. This was my third trip to Salt Lake, and we went up to Promontory, which is where the Transcontinental Railroad met. And that was that was pretty cool. And all I could see because there's quite a large area there where you're not like right straight up and down. So you've got a lot of pasture area as somebody who is a farmer and. has horses and such. That's what I look for. I want to see how much ground they can graze so you don't have to have all your hay there, right? And I'm like, man, we need to bring back the American bison, the buffalo. This place should be loaded with buffalo and cattle and such. And I was surprised at how few cattle that there really were out there that are open grazing. because they've all gone into commercial farming where they pack them into the feedlots and such. And I kind of have a problem with the way the big corporate farming is done because it's not good. First of all, farmers are kind to their animals. they value them, they don't just just put them in a, you know, three feet of manure to half rot before they're before they're executed, you know, and it's it's really it's not right the way that we're doing it. And I'd love to see buffalo planted everywhere. And you know, the insurance companies, they're gonna have to deal with their own problems of trying to mitigate risk. Yeah, and that's one of the big arms of the federal government. I know we actually spoke right before the show about one of those where the USDA, they want to regulate what an individual does with their own farm. And it's mainly directed at the corporate farms, but it has the intent of going after each individual farmer, whether or not you're incorporated or not. If you're just trying to raise cattle or beef or whatever, or dairy on your own land, they want to claim the authority over that to make sure that somehow you are not harming the public in what you're doing, right? We saw that with the Amish farmers and their raw milk. That's a constant thing that they keep pushing for, and they drive the narrative that if it's not regulated by the USDA or it's not regulated by the FDA, that somehow you're going to be poisoned because of it. And there is a natural risk to that. There really is. Um, life is all about risk. If we're not willing to accept it, then, uh, so be it. But, but everything we do in life comes with its own risk. You know, waking, waking up in the morning and getting out of bed. I just have faith that there's not a Lego sitting under there. And luckily my kids don't scatter Legos across the house. Right. But there's, there's, there's a risk to everything. There really is. And we were, we were just talking about the USDA wanting to test for bird flu now on dairy cows that cross any state line. You have to ask the question, Why are they testing for bird flu on a dairy cow? It's never been proven how bird flu is transmitted. It's never been proven that dairy cows contract bird flu. And the bigger question that lies in is if they are, how did they get it? You have to look back. And I bet if you look at the vaccination records of these animals, that you will find a common theme amongst them that the ones who have been vaccinated using the USDA guidelines are the main ones that they're testing for bird flu. It's the same principle that we saw during the convents. Well, COVID, look at COVID. I think we can all agree that that was a bioweapon and the vaccines were a bioweapon. The whole thing was to kill human beings. At this point, I mean, that's my opinion. And so when you look at the other vaccinations for the birds and such, so I'm going to go back to this whole buffalo coup where they killed all the buffalo, right? What this was about was starving out the Native American population. They were starving them out. I'm not sure that all of the people watching know exactly what happened there with the buffalo slaughter. Well, you want to go into that, Ralph, because I can or you can? Go ahead. No, go ahead. I mean, you kind of started on it, but it takes a little bit of background as to what happened there. Well, when you look at what happened with the railroads across the United States, they were built by the industrialists. And now you've got Warren Buffett that owns quite a few of them and BlackRock, which is the corporate ownership of UP. The UP is owned by BlackRock. I know that personally because that's one of the lines that our rail facility is on. And so when you and they were pushing the vaccine, they actually said to us, we will not deliver rail cars to you unless you're fully vaccinated. I looked at everyone and I said, shut her down. We're not going to force vaccinations on everybody. And they're all like, well, you can't do that. I said, watch me. And I remember looking at my husband and he's like, shut her down. Because we were in agreement on this. And I'm like, I guess we got about a week and a half here before everybody's out of a job. And they figured it out. There was loopholes, but you got to be willing to stand on wavering without... without fear of what you're going to lose. You have to stand on principle. So when you go back and look at what happened to the buffaloes, and there's mountains of buffalo skulls that were piled up out there. They went out to slaughter the buffaloes, and they said it was because of safety for the rails. No, that's not even possible, and I want to tell you why. The West is so vast that they could have they could have kind of kept it kind of clear around around the rail. But what they did is they exterminated the buffalo through the entire. So think about this. You've got a rail line that is maybe let's just say even if you wanted to protect a 30 foot right away or a quarter of a mile right away around. the tracks to keep the buffalo off it. And honestly, they had cow catchers. So the cow catchers would go through and go flip, flip the buffalo off. Okay. And they could have used that for food, but they chose not to. They could have used it for food. It's just like the moose population in Michigan. Same exact mindset. Okay. And I'll go into that in a minute. But what they did was they exterminated the bison in the West. This is a lot of land out there. They had to go through and just absolutely have people out there. They were dropping them. They weren't using them for food. And it wasn't just around the rail facilities. It was the entire or the rails, which is a relatively small piece of land. It was the entire western part of the United States. So why did they do that? Was it to protect the rail? Not a chance. It was to control the food supply to starve out the Native Americans. And that's exactly what they're doing with the attacks on the small farms, the homegrown farms and moving everything into corporate facilities and say, oh, it's for your safety. No, it's not. It is to do the same thing they did at the Native American population. It's to exterminate human beings. Yeah, there was a common phrase back in the 1940s. I'm sure you'll catch on to this where it was said by another nation, fiaras sikahai. That was told by the Germans to Deutschland, and that is literally translated into English for your safety. That is the cry of the tyrant to seize power in a crisis because everybody naturally wants to be safe. You want to be safe from threats. You want to be safe from disease. You want to be safe from other illnesses and harm. And that's the natural cry of a tyrant in crisis is they latch onto that and cause emotional fear amongst the people to drive whatever narrative it is that they want to push on them. And if the people don't understand that no one is tasked with their safety but themselves, then they'll fall right into it. Well, look what they did in the Bolshevik Revolution. It's the same thing. You know, communists, Marxists, whatever you want to call them. I'll call them Satanists because that's what they are. They do the same thing over and over again. Ten million were killed in the Bolshevik Revolution and the majority of them were farmers. And so they went after this food supply. That's what the bison was all about. They went after the food supply. And these were globalists. These were like the Vanderbilts, JP Morgan, Rockefellers. These were the people that were trying to exterminate the native population. And they did it by food. Now, what are they doing now? Bird flu. Okay, let's just go ahead and randomly kill a million birds in these facilities. That's our food supply guys. They're doing it. And I don't even buy it that that's what this is. We have no proof that what they're saying is even true. But what we do know is that I think it was 50 million birds have been killed. over, over, I'll have to look it up to give the exact timing on it. But when you start looking at taking the population of food down, they're driving the prices up. They're putting through Zuckerberg, Zuckerbucks, buying up farmland and China buying up farmland and such. What are they doing? This is an invasion and it is going to be for extermination of the population of the United States. I have a question too. How the... how this test of bringing them across state lines jibes with the, uh, the all powerful interstate commerce clause that gets used as justification for every other invasion of, of anyone's rights ever. How does this work with that? Right. Yeah. And that's, that's been their, their, uh, uh, their arm of force that they've used, well, my entire lifetime, at least since the fifties, um, the majority of any bills that are passed through Congress use that same clause. Uh, and they use that as just a general power that they have when in fact it is nothing of the sort, uh, their powers are few and defined. Jefferson said they're, they're listed clearly in article one, section eight of our constitution. And every time they use that clause, not every time, but the majority of times they use that clause, it is an infringement upon the rights of the states or the rights of the people to exercise their powers. They just reach out and claim authority over that. And the people got to put a stop to it. Well, I'm going to tell you what I'm going to do since we have chickens and I'm not going to have my rights infringed on anything like that. But not only that, I'm going to double down. I think I'm going to get a couple of cows, screw them. And, you know, and be able to provide our own. In fact, I'm taking the cheesemaking class here pretty quick. That's wonderful. I think what I'm going to do is double down on this and get a couple of cows and see what we can do with this because this is nonsense and this is something everyone needs to jump in on. You have the right to have, if you go to If you go to the right to farming, you got the right. They can't overstep this with local ordinances. You can go and you can keep chickens. You have the right to keep chickens. You have the right to feed your family. You have the right to have a garden on your property. They cannot legally stop you. The only way they stop you is if you agree to it. Now, they can make it a little uncomfortable for you, but that doesn't mean that you stop. And if you get a bunch of people in your area together to say, you don't get to tell us these things. Because this invasion of our nation goes right down into the townships and the municipalities. It's not Gretchen Whitmer and Nessel and Benson, who I don't even know if Gretchen Whitmer is even there anymore. It's just like with President Trump. I haven't seen him in two years, okay? I see what looks like him. But when you look at the latest pictures and such, we really have to be realistic about this. We don't know what's really happening there because we're not there facing off with things. I can tell you, My three trips to Mar-a-Lago wasn't President Trump. Not a chance. He's six foot four. This person had to stretch to get six feet tall. They're probably about 5'11". So I'm not buying what they're feeding us here. Not at all. But the point being is that what you can do locally can drive this into a proper perspective or a proper... What's the word I'm looking for? A proper... process by driving it locally. You have to resist. You have to take a stand and refuse to capitulate to these people. Local action equals national impact. Yes, and salute General Flynn. And honestly, you know, people were like, have you jumped ship on President Trump? No, he is the rightful president of the United States of America. It was stolen from him. That office was stolen, was invaded, was compromised by Biden, the cheater in America. and a commander and cheat that's all that's all I can call them because they cheated and so when we go back to what the people voted for that and we don't really know because we didn't have an honest election however when you look at when you look at how many people actually voted there's no possible way and you can look at what todd buffington put out there and some of the other people who showed them batching votes and flipping the votes for Biden. There's no way that President Trump didn't win that election. It's impossible when you look at the actual data. President Trump won that election. I stand with him because it was the will of the people. I stand with President Trump. He had some great policies that he put forward. If you can read past the headlines, if you read past the headlines and see what happened, he set us up for absolute tax reform and for breaking China. When we stopped, when COVID stopped, And things moving across the pond there from the Pacific, we were breaking China. That's exactly what was happening. There's some dynamics there that are very complex that you cannot discount. And so sometimes I think people are even willing to risk their reputation in order to put things in proper place. in a proper process. It doesn't mean that everything is right, but I'm going to tell you what, I'm going to stand with it that he's the rightful president of the United States till the day I die. Cause he was cheated out of that election. The American population was cheated out of their vote and I'm not willing to bend on that. And that's been every election since the thirties. I remember we brought that up before the presidents are selected, not elected. Roosevelt himself said that. And it's, Yeah, it's nothing new. We can continue to go round and round the mountain, but every election in my lifetime and everybody's lifetime listening to this, more than likely, they've been installed in their places. Let's put it this way. Somebody like Biden, we know those votes were falsified. Even his Twitter account was falsified. The followers there, including those in Congress, they're all the same. They want to make you think that there are more of them than what there are of people trying to do right. It's the same reason, one of the reasons, why they need more illegal aliens coming across the border. and they need to give them the same rights they think that we as Americans have. That's because they don't have the support that people think that they have. Anybody who claims that there was any significant amount of votes going to Biden is absolutely ridiculous in your thinking. You've got to process this. Nobody in their right mind would vote somebody in with the intent of losing more of their own liberty. When you think about that process, there is nobody that would do such a thing unless you're mentally unstable or unless you just don't understand what's going on, if your eyes aren't open to it. I'm sure there are some legitimate votes, but the way I see it, I don't see... I don't see 30 million votes across the country. 10%. I don't see 30 million votes across the country that would go to somebody who advocates for, uh, the death of America, uh, the death of our posterity, uh, the death of your Liberty. I mean, you name it. Yeah. And it's, it's been that way. It's been that way the whole time, but the narrative through the media drives it to that point. And the people, uh, You know, it's been said that 94% of people don't believe what the mainstream media has to say, right? But when we get around and talk with others, what's the majority of the topics that come up? It is exactly what the media is putting out there. Instead of looking at the deeper topics, the deeper things that are going on behind the scenes, the media continues to drive the narrative. And whether that's CNN or MSNBC or, or any of, uh, uh, the mainstream conservative news, you know, the conservative crack, I call it like Fox news. They still drive the same narrative. They play both sides to try to fill the seats, to watch the battle. Right. Even the alternative media is guilty of a lot of this, a lot of distraction going on. You know, you can see, see some of the influencers that are out there there. They have their, they're off their rocker. Yeah. And, I mean, you look back and it's been this way for so long that the people just accept it. The majority of people just believe that this is the way it is, not rightly discerning that we can change this at any point. The people can change this at any point. It only takes the repentant state of the people to understand that what we've been fed is not American at all. And that what we've been taking in is contrary to our own laws established in this country. And it's the people's right to enforce that law. And it's our right to take them to task and to hold them all accountable. So you want to know what happened last Tuesday at the commissioner meeting? I think it was the county commissioner meeting in Ottawa County. Ottawa County, okay? Ottawa County. I'm going to say shame on every single Christian out there or actual believer, not just in name, Christian in name alone, because this happens a lot. They had the leader of the West Michigan Satanic Temple come and give the invocation. And they wrote the rules that opened them up to have Satanism offering an invocation I would have turned my back on that or started praying or singing to drown that crap out. Now you got to go back a little bit farther because you got to have a little bit of a baseline knowledge of this before that was ever even brought up. And I watched, I watched the meeting where that guy actually came in and gave his presentation before he was even offered that position. But, The Ottawa County Commissioner's Board, the majority of it was driven by none other than Ottawa Impact. Yeah, there you go. A lot of us in West Michigan understand that. And who were the main proponents of Ottawa Impact? The Republican Party and the conservatives, so-called, that thought they were doing the right thing, all the while being driven by the same doggone narrative that The Democrat Party, the mainstream media pushes, they don't understand what it is to rightly govern themselves or to have good governance. If you read through our Michigan Constitution, let's say they were truly conservative or at least with good intent, okay? When they were installed into the Ottawa County Commissioner's seats, they swore an oath to our Constitution, both federal and state, right? And in our Michigan State Constitution, we bring this up again, Article 8, Section 1, religion, morality, and knowledge being necessary for what? Good governance. What is religion defined as in our Michigan Constitution? Article 1, Section 4, the worship of God according to the dictates of one's own conscience. That Satanist doesn't have a right to bring propaganda into our government, into our local entities with the intent of overthrowing laws. Because that's all he's doing. And they are too naive. They do not understand their rightful role. But it was the conservatives that pushed them to that point. Yes, they did. Yes, he did. And I think that this is another thing that people are not aware of is that it's like, oh, you know, they worship the trees and the flowers and blah, blah, blah, blah, whatever they say. And they do blood rituals and they do sacrifices and they consider abortion their sacrificial right to kill a human being. But it's not just the babies in the womb. It is human beings. In fact, I could show everybody if they want to see what an actual satanic ritual looks like. it would stop your heart. Hang on a second. Just one second, Ralph, because these are abusers of human rights because that's what they're after. If you look at the holidays, if you look at what they do, these people are involved in human rights violations. They say they're not because it's their right. But the problem is, is that they are literally violating the rights of other people, animals, animal cruelty, all of this stuff, all of this stuff. Go ahead. Go ahead, Ralph. So I got to say, though, I'm going to take somewhat of an opposition tack here on on this and that, you know, there are some positives to the Satanists giving the invocation there and that. It brings it right out into the open what the motivations of the people in charge there are because a lot of these people try and hide this. They're right out in the open. At least it's honest. Now that population there needs to take these people to task for this. Yep. And I don't know if you saw the video of how many people were actually there. I know Logic Roberts put that up as well. But, yeah, there were several hundred people. I mean, it expanded out of the room into the waiting area, the big entry point there, and even out the front door. There were enough people there. And that was exciting to see. However, the majority of people beforehand, when they were trying to put that all together in mass, the majority of them were stating that we just need a bunch of people to come and pray while this was going on. And I immediately jumped on that because that hurt, right? That hurt just to think that we can just go there and pray about this and not do anything about it. We're called to be salt and light as Christians, right? That means salt not only will heal, but salt also bears a little bit of pain when you put it in the wound, right? light shows things out of darkness that you don't normally see to just assume that we can go in there and, and just pray about it and not take any action is borderline anti-Christian to think that, that we can just leave that because God's called us to be his hands and feet, called us to be salt and light, called us, called us to be repairs of the breach, uh, He's called us to do, right? Faith without works is dead. So I was excited to see that many people there, and I was excited to see so many people speak out against it. But the rest of us, the rest of the people that are there and who didn't go need to stand up and start putting a stop to this. And I don't know what the end result was. I haven't got an update from that yet. So I'm excited to see what came out of it. But they have to get rid of these guys. They've all violated their oath in that manner alone to allow such thing. I mean, what would our founding fathers have done? They're giving the invocation. I doubt they would have even tarred and feathered the guy. I bet there would have been a whole group of men that would have grabbed him and probably thrown a millstone around his neck and tossed him out in the harbor. because that was righteous judgment for such criminal acts. Witchcraft was never tolerated. Satanism really wasn't even heard of until Anton McVeigh became the big head leader there and put out the Satanic Bible. There's so much that goes around that. If you haven't looked at it, look deeper into it because it is absolutely, absolutely disgusting what is being allowed in that manner. Just to throw away all of our American history because of it. Where's PETA on this? You know, where's PETA? PETA's out there yelling and screaming about everything. And they're like silent as a grave on this and knowing exactly what these people do. The thing about this is, though, is at least with this, it's finally getting out into the public enough to be so blatantly obvious that people can't just turn a blind eye to it. This has been going on so much in all levels of government, pretty much everywhere, behind closed doors. And at least with this, people can't deny it. It's right out there in the open. I think you should put out there sometime a satanic ritual for people to have to look straight in the face what they do. It will absolutely stop your heart for a few minutes because it's so unreal. It's horrific. And you can even start, Donna. If you look, I forget the guy's name that was over in Ottawa. But he is actually the head of one of the satanic churches over there. And you can actually pull up his Facebook and pull up his website. And they brag publicly about doing their blood rituals. You can see it right on there. They do the videos. It's not banned. It's not censored in any way. You can pull it right up and see it. Is it the West Michigan Satanic Temple? Yeah. Yeah, I've actually posted some pictures of that. That's one of the reasons why I think free speech is one of those things that needs to be a nearly absolute right because whether you agree with what someone's saying or not, you need to be able to see what they're saying and make your own judgments on what they're saying and doing. Hey, check this out. I'm going to go ahead and share this because they actually had the guts to plant or to put that meeting – on their Facebook page. All right, let's see. Here you go. Here's the Reverend Louis Pfeiffer's thoughts upon publication of this poem. I'm not anti-Christian, but I'm not anti-Christian. I'm sure that's what Satan says, but I hope these people learn to love their neighbors the way Christ, now he's going to use Christ's name in here, who they supposedly follow did. I don't know what to call this, whatever it is. It's not love. Yeah, you can just run right back to You know, here you go. So this is chaos erupts in the viewing. Let's see what they say here. Let's see what they say here. Yes. Jesus Yeah. There you go. Put it out there and like taking this as a, as a, uh, You know, they're taking this as a win, but this is horrible. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I mean, this isn't the first time, but it's one of the first times that we've seen it in West Michigan. It's happened in Kent County as well before I got involved. I've run across a few things there. But it's not only this, before they can make this work, for their narrative, what is it that they've been doing? And I know you've highlighted on this too, Donna, that they've been installing, what do they call it? The afterschool Satan clubs. Yep. All right. You've seen that. They have to indoctrinate the next generation to accept this. And if we don't put a stop to it, guess what? They're going to accept it. And there will be fewer and fewer people willing to fight against it. Yeah. So this is horrible. There's some really raw pictures there of blood rituals on that channel. And I think people need to come face to face with this and realize what they're actually doing and what they're actually doing, not what they say that they're doing. But Um, let's, let's, well, they failed Ottawa County failure of leadership, failure of leading, leading astray. Every single one of those people eventually God, God's going to come down on them. Like there's no tomorrow because you don't mock God. You don't bring that kind of crap into, into, uh, uh, into anywhere, or you're going to, you're going to stand in judgment for it. I, I, I really do believe it. Let's talk about the Constitution Party convention that we had, because there's another interesting thing that happened. And I was glad that we were there. We elected Randall Terry as our vice presidential nominee candidate, or our presidential candidate for the Constitution Party. And our VP is Pastor Stephan Broden, who's going to be on at the next hour at 10 o'clock. And It was kind of an interesting situation there. I mean, we were part of the platform committee and that was interesting. And then we had another situation there. But I'm actually pretty happy that Randall got the nomination. And I believe that it's our job to not choose candidates, which is clearly what the Republican Party is engaged in. is election interference, electioneering, trying to choose, take the choice away from we the people, and just install their puppet candidates. The Constitution Party absolutely put a stop to that kind of nonsense. And Randall Terry's speech, when he talked about it, honestly, that's when he got my major respect, was when he was just like, absolutely, what I saw here this morning was despicable, put it out there and he stood with a, stood with the way that, that, uh, uh, you know, that what we stand for as Americans, the processes that we stand for, the, the rules that keep us on the rails so that, that the nonsense doesn't happen, which I don't know. I could talk about, but I'm gonna let you talk about this right now. Cause I'm still, I'm still annoyed with it. So one of the things that I like about Randall Terry, and he came out and said this specifically, uh, is that we don't back away from fights. If there's something that needs to be addressed, whether it be a simple policy or it be something as wicked as what was just brought up in Ottawa County, we don't back away from that. We don't stand there and wait until it comes to us. You run towards it, right? And that was one of the things that he had brought up. He's not intending to play softball with anything that's going on. He's actually going to the fight, right? And that is the basis of a true follower of Christ. We never back down. You stand your ground, and when something needs to be addressed, you have to run to it to address it. Don't wait until it comes to us, right? Run right into the fire. That's right. That's right. And that's one thing I appreciate about him. Randall Terry has been more than four decades running Operation Rescue, right? Specifically going after this murder agenda that's promoted by our own government and being paid for by the taxpayers, right? If you pay a penny in taxes to the feds, you've paid into this as well, right? that has sanctioned the murder of our posterity, right? Upwards and over of 70 million that's been accounted for. I'll even leave that door open to say that many don't even know how many. And we know, and I'm glad that Terry brought that up in convention as well. We know that blood is what speaks to God all through scriptures, the blood of the saints and prophets, the blood of Abel cried from the ground. The innocent blood cries to him for vengeance. And that's where we're at in America. We have spilled so much innocent blood that we are reaping the wrath and the judgments because of it. So you brought up the point that he stood up against what had happened the morning before he was nominated. And I'll tell you this. If you look in politics, you look in the world, and anything that happens in the world, you will find will first happen in the church. When the church allows it, then the world will latch on to it. What happens in the church will first be happening in the families. It's the family government that is the root of everything that we see here, and the church is complicit by it and allowing it. which in turn allows the next generation to enforce it in our world, in our governments, right? And the same thing happens in political parties, okay? Donna and I have said this over and over. We don't stand on parties, right? We're involved in a party, and the intent is to destroy them all. The parties are the ones that are actually driving the... wealth of money behind the parties that are driving it, but they are complicit in the theft of America, the destruction of America. What happens in our government and our federal government is first being allowed. And you can find the same things happening in our state governments, which is first being allowed. And you can find the same thing happening in our local governments, which is first being allowed. And you can find the same thing happenings in the political parties. I want to lay that baseline down because it all stems from the people within the parties that don't put a stop to things when they see them. So on Wednesday, the start of our four-day convention, we were adopting our platform for the Constitution Party. And if you back up a month before that, as chairman, I received submissions for platform amendments, right? There were only two of them that were received and there are rules. Just for clarity, Bill is the chairman of the U S taxpayers party, which is the constitution party in Michigan. I'm the first vice chair of the taxpayers party in Michigan, the constitution party in Michigan. So we were there together. Yeah. And there are, there are certain rules that are adopted and voted on by the people of the party. Okay. That was last year. as to how things have to be done. It's simple procedures, right? It's not like the law of God, but they are procedures. And anybody that knows me, whether on this show or in person, should know by now I'm kind of a rules guy. I'm very analytical. I like things to be done correctly. And if it doesn't work, then address it and make sure it'll work better next time. But as long as this is the way we have it set, this is the way it's going to be done. And I'm not willing to bend on that. When it comes to people trying to drive an agenda through and enforce it. I wasn't even going to bring that point up. I will. I'll bring that up because they were trying to place their candidate and win at all costs, just like the Republican Party does and the Democrat Party, overstepping the constituents. Yep. So nonetheless, we had submissions that were put in there that were in violation of the rules. And I addressed that, I think, just two days after I received them, to which I got no response from. And not only that, once we got into committee, the same things were brought up. And this is just a committee. It really has no authority. It's a bunch of talking heads that we try to work through to make it easier on the people to adopt their own platform. But it was a fight. It was really a fight because the moment it was opened up, the rules wanted to be violated and I wasn't going to have it. So I said, I had to stand up, as is my duty, right? That's my oath to the people within the party. It's my duty to stand up and point those things out. So we ended up with a mild fight within committee trying to get this resolved. And to make a long story short, There are some people that don't understand how things work. And we're literally willing to suspend the rules in their entirety to force the issue to get it rammed through in the time lot that we had. Completely gutting what the committee is supposed to do. So I'm thankful for the people that were willing there to stand up with me. There were a handful of people. Uh, out of the, I don't know, probably 35 or 40 that were in that committee alone. Um, but then we, we get onto convention and the same things are brought up. Um, and it, it wasn't just a mild issue at this point. It was a battle. It was definitely a battle. And that's, I'm going to tell you what, that's really when Randall Terry stepped in front of everyone as the guy that's going to fight because he didn't care what anybody's opinion was of him. He called it out on what he saw and said, this is despicable what I saw here. And it was about depriving the states of their vote. And Randall saw it. He stood up and he hauled tail on everybody in the room. It was absolutely inspiring. And that is absolutely, he wasn't trying to say the right pretty words to get all the votes. He stood for truth. And I have huge respect for him on that. I was like, whoa, this, you know, he, he came out big. I mean, just like, like, you know, bring, bring the room to a, to a standstill there with, with lobbing the truth bombs out there. I'm like, I'm, I'm, I'm like huge respect for him. So let's go into what happened. And that'll help clarify things up a little bit. You're right. He was, he was the only one to my knowledge that would even address that issue as a candidate. But, So in a political party, for those who don't know, it's very similar to a normal democratic process. It's very similar to how things were done in the Constitutional Convention. The people elect delegates, right? They send their delegates in to do a job, right? They should have proper information. They should be knowledgeable of the rules, procedures, the bylaws, how things normally work, how meetings are operated, right? We saw a lot of that failure happen. going on there um but they they should be the ones wise enough to make it make it happen properly and strong enough to put a stop when it doesn't so but right before um before the convention adopted their rules because a convention is a sovereign body for you con con people out there The convention of states people. Convention is a sovereign body. It can do what it wants once it opens up. Okay. So when they adopt their rules, this is outside of the rules committee now. And on the floor of the convention, it was decided by a couple of states that they want to change how the vote was to be taken. All right. And this is not just a little issue. They wanted to change it from what it's been since 1992, at least, into what we would understand as the national popular vote. We have an electoral college in this union for a reason. And they wanted to change that to better reflect a national popular vote, which means just... those who are there will vote on it, not the states, and they will accumulate that and tally as a percentage so that the person that has the most votes out of the people there will be able to take it. And then the Constitution... where this fell down is that the two States that were heavier representative were the local States where the convention was being held. And so it was going to be Utah and Nevada that basically could install a candidate and the rest of us didn't matter. That's what it came down to. Yeah. And the argument was that, that they were able to fill more seats than the other States who, uh, may have had to travel all the way across, right? Like, like Michigan, for instance. Um, And which is true because we were in Utah next to Nevada. And it is also true when we hold it on the East coast, like in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania will typically have more people than Utah and Nevada. That's just, that's just the way it works. And that's why we have that process correctly to keep things free and fair amongst the party members so that all of the states are equally representative according to one, the effort that they put in and two, their size in congressional districts, the same way that we establish our House of Representatives. That's the same principle that we use in the party. And we know that both Washington and Adams, they scolded the American people. They gave forewarning that a party system, the greatest evil would be it becoming a two-party system that And each under their own leadership with measures opposing one another, right? It's the illusion of free choice when in reality, the two-party system has become a one-party system that continue to offer opposition to each other, right? They promote the fight. They try to fill the seats, okay? I can't reiterate that one enough. And the same thing goes oftentimes within a political party. There will be narratives and agendas that are driven by offered up in secret by only a handful of people or a handful of states that try to promote the issue, but they don't address it where it needs to be addressed. Instead, they want to make a big show about it and try to do it from a floor open to the public where they think they'll have enough support. And it's people like our 2016 presidential candidate, Darrell Castle. He stood up immediately, being a very wise man and knowledgeable. And the comment was made, all we want is a free and fair election. The way that it's been done, the way that's anticipated it will be done, and the way that the states are prepared to do it. And if it doesn't, he even said it, that everybody should just get up and walk out. And there were several states, including Michigan, that were in agreement for that. It was a potential destruction of a political party with the intent of installing a candidate because they knew he didn't have enough votes to get through. Namely, the candidate that promoted a godless platform to the Constitution Party. The Constitution itself had more references to God than this platform that was being submitted. All right. To eliminate God from our platform and from saying it because we don't want to offend anyone. We don't want to, you know, we want to be, you know, I don't know. We want the votes. And it looked to me like a pay to play scheme, too, because you would have had to pay to be in attendance to have the votes. So once again, the people that were pushing this put it into a pay to play situation. Yep, that's pretty much what that was. And so there were several states, and I applaud every single person for standing up in opposition to that. The people that promoted this, I do not believe that they understood the ramifications and the consequences of what they were promoting. Because had that gone through, it would have fractured and ended the party. And it would have ended the convention because Michigan was one of those states as well. And thanks to Donna and Ralph, these guys are phenomenal when it comes to tech and video and audio and microphones and stuff I don't understand. These guys just rammed it in there and set it right up, right? I got to be the chauffeur. I'll proudly take that position. I drove 3,300 miles round trip. With a bunch of equipment that most of which I don't understand what it does. So a lot of applause to you guys for pulling this off. But had we left, all of that would have been gone. Oh, we would have picked up our equipment and walked right out the door and said, fine, we are not going to stand with the same old, same old political nonsense that is tearing this country apart. Because we would have run our own candidate in Michigan and said, fine, if this is the way you're going to play it, we can still have ballot access in Michigan. And we wouldn't have stood with the national party at that point in time. And I think most of the states were about that far from picking up and saying, we will not tolerate this. We will not allow this party to devolve into what the Republican Party, Democrat Party have devolved into. We stand for something and we're not going to take part in this. And before God, first and foremost, before God, I'm not willing to win just at all costs. I'm not willing to compromise. The ends do not justify the means. And I know all three of us that are sitting here are the same way, is that you do things right every single time. And when I got up and I did my talk too, it was like, we follow the law. We follow the law because it's what keeps this country on the rails. this is why we haven't actually righted this whole election steal of what happened in the past is because I listened to everybody spouting all the information on how it was done how the cheat happened blah blah blah blah I'm we're up to here with us on how it happened we have enough evidence they stole the election we have two elections that were stolen the 2020 and 2022 election the evidence is overwhelming why have we not why have we not write it at this point in time? Because almost nobody except for Donna Brandenburg is quoting the law, okay? And like Tater's group is quoting the law. Mike Bambus is quoting the law. We've got Scott Ogney is quoting the law. Actually quoting the law is how we defeat this and turn it around. We already have enough evidence. We've got mountains of evidence of what's going on. We got evidence coming out of our ears that is irrefutable. But now what's the next step? You have to quote the law. That's what keeps us on the wrist. And as hard as they've tried to erase the law, erase the Constitution, they failed. It's still there. And there's stare decisis laws on the books that we can go back to and and just wham, boom, gone. and then start the nullification process and nullify this thing all the way back to, I don't know, I'm going to say before the 14th amendment, because that's where we need to go back to. You know, I, I believe it was John Locke and somebody may be able to correct me on this, but I believe it was John Locke that had said where the law ends, tyranny begins. Right. And that's exactly what we got. And what we just described is a mini representation, right? Just a miniature representation of what the American people should be doing at large. Within this political party, not only did we put a stop to lawlessness, we put a stop to violations of the party laws, right? The party rules. But beyond that, we also reelected a, or not reelected, but we elected a completely new guard. As our founders laid out in the Declaration of Independence, when the government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. What happened in the Constitution Party is what should be happening in our states and our nation. And that is, it is destructive. We see it. The violations are clear. They're defined. It's not being properly handled. Our petitions have gone with, how did the founders word that, with... with more injury, uh, forget the actual wording there, but, but every time we petition, it brings more injury upon the people, uh, more infringement, more oppression. And so everybody knows bill two is that our whole executive board was replaced. Yeah. Yeah. We, we elected a completely new guard for our liberties, right? A completely new executive committee. Um, I mean, not, not one, not one state. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, and it's not that all the people that were in that executive committee were bad or that they had a bad process or such. I'm not going to impugn anybody's character here, but we elected an entirely new board, which I'm really excited about. I was the one that nominated Justin McGill for the position of chairman of the National Constitution Party. And he's an outstanding individual. And I'm very proud to stand with him. So guys, it's 10 o'clock. I would like to go ahead and go into, can you stay on for a minute? I'm going to bring Pastor Brodin in here a minute. Can you stay on? Or if you guys want to duck out whenever you want, that's fine. I'm going to play the intro and then we'll bring Pastor Brodin in and talk some more. Okay. I'll stay on for a minute. Let's bring Jesus into this house. Let's bring Jesus into this house. It's time to move in the right direction because we can sit there and look at everything wrong. I love what Pastor Brodin was talking about. He is an outstanding man that was willing to step up to this with Randall Terry. I'm very excited about these two guys because I think that having a strong voice out there to stand up for human rights for the rights of children to end this this disgusting practice of of live organ trans transplant human trafficking these guys are going to stand up for those things that are important to I believe all of us out there which I think their voice needs to be heard. I'm not wavering on the fact that President Trump, the rightful president of the United States, had that office stolen. It was attack on every one of us. And I'm going to say this also, I'm not willing to fall into the idolatry that there's one man that can fix this. I've heard it over and over again. And you know what? I'm going to say the unpopular thing here, and I don't care. When we go to the point of saying one man can fix this, this nation is now guilty of idolatry. There is one that can fix that. That's God Almighty, creator of heaven and earth. Jesus Christ, our Savior, and led by the Holy Spirit, that we go forward into this. God Almighty is the only answer to this. He chooses to use people. and and I believe it but if we think if we think we're going to put our trust in in in a man in a man or a woman to do this we've fallen into idolatry and we got a problem so I'm gonna play that play the intro and then we're gonna bring in pastor broden I think this is an important discussion to have sorry if it hurts everybody's feelings I am a I have been an unapologetic trump supporter because I love his policies he put in place and I think that I think that president trump threw himself out there and exposed an incredible amount of evil and in in fact had his reputation trounced on he was a he was brave enough and strong enough to go forward to stand for this nation you look at the trump policies how the economy worked And what he did with that, he gave the choice to people with the vaccine, which I don't know, guys, God gives us choice, free will. And we need to be accountable for our own actions, but we cannot stand in an idolatrous, godless society. And with that said, I'm going to play our intro and we'll bring in Pastor Brodin. We are the champions Oh, no. This is funny, guys. I played the intro. It's the first time that has ever glitched. I have to say, somebody was screwing around with that. There's no two ways about it. That was an attack to make it uncomfortable. How many shows have I done? I've done over 500 shows, two hours apiece. And what happens today? Bringing on Pastor Broden, who is going to talk about the Word of God, I'm sure, because this man stands for God, stands for something. And the intro glitches. This is funny. Well, you know what? They can bring it all they want because I got to tell you what, we are not backing down from this. And we are going to speak truth. So with that said, welcome, Pastor Broden. How you doing? Good morning to you. It's a joy to be with you this morning. Yeah, thank you for coming on today. I really appreciate that. And we were talking about the Constitution. Congratulations for winning the vice presidential nomination for the Constitution Party. It's an honor to know you and to listen to you speak. You're just very inspiring. Well, I'm humbled and excited at the same time because I think the Constitution Party is the answer to the tyranny and the tumult that we're experiencing in our nation right now. And there are a number of Americans who are looking for an alternative, an option. And there's a need, a desperate need for us to get the voice of this party into the public square in such a way that people will see that there is a living alternative available to them. I love that. Bill, I'm going to let you talk now. I saw that he turned his camera off a minute and you too, Ralph, because you two were both there. So what questions do you have or what would you like to start this out with, Bill? I'm going to let you take this one for right now because I know you have to leave in a little while. Yeah, yeah, I've got a crew working around me right now hauling boards. So praise God that I've got enough men around here to accomplish the work so I can do what needs to be done like this. But, yeah, I do congratulate you, Pastor Brodin. It was exciting to see you. I heard a lot about you, and we've talked a little bit here and there, but it was exciting to see you in person. That really confirmed what I was expecting to find. And you've been in this fight for a long time. You even come from the same areas that I do, where you're at now and where you originally were from. We're basically neighbors. So it's exciting to see somebody willing to take the fight on to the enemy and not wait for the enemy to come and bring the fight to them. Both you and Randall Terry had mentioned that from the convention floor. And I applaud you in that regard. And I hope that during this video that you guys will be able to bring up a couple of the videos because I believe the videos and the ads that you guys are promoting and intending to push out in the public square for people to see, they're powerful. They reveal the exact evils that the American people should be pushing against daily. This was one of the things that we cannot flinch on. We cannot stop. And I thank you for that. Only by the grace of God can a man get up in the morning and be willing to put out such imagery and such instructional narrative to the people to give them the power to understand where we are at in the nations. Well, thank you for that. I think the hour demands that those of us who recognize the urgency of the hour take a stand. This country is moving rapidly away from the founding principles that made it great. America is one of the greatest nations on the planet because of the principles that undergird who we are. I think it was said that America was founded on a religious based heritage of liberty under law. and the constitution was written to limit the government, not the people. And what was happening is that we've enjoyed the successes of this nation and the benefit and the blessings that God has granted to us to the extent that we are now kind of passively watching from the sideline instead of engaging actively in retaining and maintaining that which God has given to us. And so I think you're absolutely right that there's a need for us to do that. I think Donna is doing that. You are doing that. And so many others who are part of the constitution party. are standing up and saying that we need to return to those principles that made us great in the first place. And that means challenging those who are out there who are deliberately contradicting those principles by embracing what I call doctrines of demons. That's what Paul calls it in 1 Timothy chapter four. He calls them doctrines of demons, the philosophies that are godless, communism, Marxism, feminism, Darwinism, human secularism, all those isms were created by men and women who hated God. And our country at this time is embracing those philosophies. Every last one of them, we're embracing them and pushing them into the public square and indoctrinating our children with such madness that we're having a generation of young people who are growing up who don't know who we are as a nation, don't understand the principles that made this nation great, And above all, don't know the God who made it possible. I'd love for you to introduce yourself a little bit and tell more about who you are, Stephan, so that people can get to know you because your history and the things that you've done is just extraordinary. You're an unwavering conservative Christian. I mean, we can use all the labels, but let's tell everybody who you are. I'm going to jump off a minute here. Brother Broden, I do not want any means to steal the spotlight from you. So you carry it on, brother. And remember that poverty has killed its thousands, but prosperity has killed its millions. So with that, I'll see you all next week. Thanks, Bill. Have a nice day. Good point, Bill. Good point. Good point. Well, I'm from the state of Michigan. I was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. And I went to the University of Michigan. out of high school, got in there somehow. I don't know how it happened, but God made it possible. And so I finished there with an undergraduate degree and a master's degree as well. Upon graduation, I moved to Dallas, Texas. My mother and father are both from Dallas, Texas, born and raised. And at the time that I graduated, the jobs were moving southward, southwest and in the south. So I followed the stream and landed in Dallas, Texas. While here in Texas, I got my call to the ministry. And I got that call under Dr. Tony Evans, who is the pastor of the Oakland Bible Fellowship Church. And I came to know Christ through his ministry. And out of that, I felt a call after years of being a deacon in his church into the ministry to answer the question of the dilemma that exists within our community. And I say our community, that's the black community. And so I believe the answer to the pathologies and all of the difficulties that are existing in our community is a right relationship with Jesus Christ. And so the first call, as I tell anyone who feels a call to the ministry, the first call is a call to preparation. And so I went to Dr. Evans and he told me that I could go to Dallas Theological Seminary as a way for preparing and of course, to sit under him and took the preparation that I took with him for many years. And so I rolled in the campus here in Dallas, Texas, called the Dallas Theological Seminary, which teaches all 66 books of the Bible and all the theology that one needs in order to process and understand the mind and purpose of God. I got my degree from there and planted a church in Dallas in the inner city. It's called the Fair Park Bible Fellowship, and I've been pastoring there for over 35 years. And my move into politics happened when I followed Phyllis Schlafly, James Dobson, Tim LaHaye, and Jerry Falwell into the Moral Majority. You remember that movement? Many, many years ago. The moral majority. I read a couple of books. I looked at what was happening in our culture and I saw that there was an answer that was coming from the Christian conservative right. And so I joined that movement, got involved in the pro-life movement right out of the, in 1978 and started pursuing turning Roe v. Wade over. and protest in front of mortuaries all over this place. And then 2008, I met a person by the name of Johnny Hunter, who is a black guy who was involved in the pro-life movement. And I talked with him about the need for us to start a black pro-life organization where we can address the fact that over 37 to 40% of all abortions were being exercised on black women. And so we got together and started what is called the National Black Pro-Life Coalition. And that was in 2008. And I've been on the circuit speaking about the slaughter of black babies by the abortion industry. And I have also got involved with the Tea Party in 2009 and 10 and ran for office as a representative in the 30th district here in Dallas, which was occupied by a long-term Democrat Eddie Bernice Johnson and I stood up against her and we had a lot of momentum going. And of course, the liberal left did an attack ad on me. and took a quote that I made from Thomas Jefferson. Governments were established to secure these rights, but when governments become destructive to that end, it is the right of the governed to alter or abolish it. And the question was, abolishment means revolution. I said, yes, it does mean revolution. I said, however, we're not at the point of abolishment. We're at the point of alteration, and that is at the ballot box. All of that fell on the media editing floor. And all you heard was me advocating for abolishment, which is revolution. So that was a hit job and it turned people off and it caused me to lose a race that I was winning. I had raised over $750,000. I think my opponent only raised 500,000 and I had media advertisement across the country because of who I was and what I was doing. And then that hit piece came out and then I plummeted because people became afraid. And so but anyway, I've been involved in this pro-life movement since 1978, been involved in Tea Party movement since 2009 and been on the Speaker's Bureau with them for many, many years. and I still champion and speak against child killing. That's what's got me involved in this political arena and this election cycle this time around. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris has announced that their campaign issue is forwarding, promoting, and pushing child killing into the public square and getting it legalized in every state in the union. So there's a need for us to stand up and push back against that. Let it be known that this is the cause for many of the reasons that we are suffering in America today is because there's blood crying out to God from the babies. And judgment will fall on this nation if we don't stand up as Christians who are conservative and let it be known that this is unacceptable and that we will not stand quiet and allow people to kill children in America. This is such a great message because we were talking about there is a commission meeting in Ottawa County here, and they let a Satanist do the invocation. And it's just been unbelievable. It's unbelievable to me that people don't realize that the Satanists are actually saying, this is our right. This is our religious right to sacrifice babies. It's not just babies, though. These people are into all sorts of things. It goes further from babies in the womb. It goes into actual adults, people, that sort of thing, if you really get into it and see it. And people aren't talking about this. They're not talking about the live human organ transplants that are going on. They're not talking about the trafficking of people. that are selling children. They're selling children into this sort of nonsense. It's not just children in the womb. It's our entire culture. And I'm really kind of happy to have you and Randall there because I know that you have the guts to call things out for what it is. Well, and so do you, Donna. I mean, what you've just articulated, not many people are expressing that. Oh, I've put it right out there. I've actually put pictures of what, like, especially the West Michigan Satanic Temple has done. I've published them of what's out there. We can't turn away from this. This is real. Right. I'm engaged and involved because I recognize exactly what is happening with this movement. this effort to kill babies. When you look at over 40% or upwards to 40% of all abortions being exercised on black women who only constitute or come from a community that represents 12% of the population in America, that's a staggering statistic. But when we recognize that the industry itself is taking baby parts, their kidneys, their eyes, They're taking their their livers and they're selling them on the market into scientific research centers. Those are the most of them are black babies. Yeah. And God only knows what else they're being used for. I've actually seen human meat packaged and, you know, packaged for consumption. That's cannibalism. Absolutely. It's crazy. There was a recent video I've seen recently that shows two billionaires talking to black women saying, we want you to get pregnant and we want to buy your children. I've seen that one. But that's crazy. But that's what's happening in America because we have abandoned our Judeo-Christian ethics. And there is a moral rot in our nation that stinks to high heaven. And there is not enough of us who recognize the deleterious impact of these kinds of policies that allow children to be killed, men and women to be sold, babies to be sold in the human trafficking market right here in America. And no one is standing up and saying anything about it. We're saying, oh, that's a terrible thing. Oh, that's so evil. But someone needs to stand up and say, this has got to stop. And that's what the Terry Brodin ticket will stand up and do. I just absolutely love that. And going back to what we were talking about or what you were saying there to your point, Margaret Sanger admitted that this was about to control the Black population. That was in her own words. That Planned Parenthood was created in order to stop the population, the Black population from expanding. And it was a direct attack. It was a direct attack. on our, you know, our I kind of I kind of I don't not only that. I mean, that certainly was the the movement in the early 20th century with Margaret Sanger. Yes. But it has expanded now to include all of what they call useless eaters. So there's an effort to do what is called population control on the part of this evil oligarchy who is attempting through the World Economic Forum to challenge their members to control population. Bill Gates, George Soros, and all who are connected with that evil oligarchy are seeking to reduce the population of the earth. Certainly it has been targeted on the Black community for many, many years, but now it has expanded to include all races. Mm-hmm. Yeah. And I don't, I was going to say that, I don't know if you've listened to me, but I, but I absolutely don't fall into the black white narrative whatsoever, because it's one of the ways that they're trying to divide us. I mean, you're either a person or you're not. And I don't care if somebody's black, Asian, white, whatever. I've never seen a truly black individual. I've never seen a truly white individual. I think we're kind of like all some form of of, uh, of tan out there, you know, and, and we just need to realize that there's a lot of, there's a lot of differences between even in these. That's a biblical position. I mean, we're all of one blood. Yes. We are the human race. Yes. And we have to stick with it, that we are we are brothers and sisters because we are children of God. God created each and every person here. You don't you don't just like materialize out of anything. I'm going to show you something I think is kind of cool. I bring this up on occasion, but but I'm going to pull this up the flash at the moment of conception. I think this is important. Excuse me here. I think in the interest of not taking up useless screen space here, I think I might jump off here. But I did want to say thank you so much for what you guys are doing. And your speech at the National Convention was wonderful. And I would encourage everyone watching today to watch your speech at the first opportunity. Well, thank you, Ralph. You and your mother are extraordinary people, and I'm glad to be associated with you in this effort to bring the Constitution Party to the public square. And I think we can do it through the 3-7-12 strategy for rescuing America. Well, have a great day. You bet. So I'm going to thanks. Thanks, Ralph. So at any rate, I'm going to bring this up because I think that this is so this is so important. Well, as you bring that up, I just want to announce that child killing is in the public square right now, and that's why Randall Terry and I are pushing that message into the public square. When you have Kamala Harris and Joe Biden running on killing babies, and then the Republican Party believing that killing babies is not a winning issue, that they're moving away from it, well, Terry and I are running towards it for the purpose of bringing to the attention of America that if we're going to get from underneath this tumult that we have as a nation, we're going to have to address the issue of the blood of these babies crying out to God. And God will judge if he's not already judging our nation. Right. So I like to show this one because, you know, so many people think that, that, you know, a baby in the womb is, is just a mass of cells. And I think this really highlights that the narrative we've been sold is a lie. It's a lie. So this is, this is one of my favorite clips right here. This is what at the moment of conception. Wow. there's life right there. You can't dispute that. That it's not- I've never seen that before. That is excellent. Yeah. And I've put this out there so many times. It's like every single person that's watching this, this is you. This is when God breathed life into you. There's not a person that's There's not anything that can create life. Only God can. So the attack on the unborn, the live organ transplants that are going on, the killing of people through the vaccine and through the, it's indisputable now. The evidence is out there. The fact that these people that are running this world are Satanists, they're liars, they're cheats, they are murderers. And Gretchen Whitmer in the state of Michigan, She's guilty of third-party murder in those nursing homes. And so has anybody else that stood with her and allowed this to happen. But let's play that again. This is how we all started. This is God breathing life into a human being. No human being can do that. That is God himself touching and creating a human life. The science is with us, Donna. It's really with us. And they're ignoring the science that 23 chromosomes male and 23 chromosomes female makes 46. And when these 23 come together, it creates life. And you and I have no more than 46 chromosomes today. And it never changes. Once you get those 23 together, 46 composes who we are, life. And that's why we believe that life begins at conception. Absolutely. Well, I think I think it's kind of amusing. It's sad. It really is sad. But as a woman, I'm just going to speak out on this. It's like, you know, bring on the toxic masculinity. And I mean that in the greatest in the greatest respect, because, you know, guys want to go out. Guys will protect their families. And my husband's a man's man's man's man's man. You know, he's he's. And we've never been confused. I've not been confused about it. I'm guessing you haven't been confused about it. But it's just a craziness. And when you look at, say, some of the things like the MKUltra stuff that they put into it, with the TV as programming, with the godlessness of Hollywood and what we've seen there, with the fashion industry, this whole thing is absolutely not a conspiracy theory. It's a criminal conspiracy to tear down the United States. Well, it's a fact. And anyone in their right mind who is examining this and observing it will recognize that there is a deliberate attempt on the part of the liberal left and the progressive movement in America to destroy this nation. And it's for one purpose, that is to move us towards a one world government. The Bible talks about that. At the end times, it will be that. And because the Bible has forecast that it will happen, it will happen. And it also says that every nation of the earth will turn against Israel. And we see the beginnings of that right now. So the only two nations that are standing with Israel right now is America and great Britain. And those two nations are waffling in their commitment right now to, to Israel. And, uh, we're, we're witnessing. a prophetic move of God. And here's what I often teach when I'm in my church, that we're on a prophetic timeline. This timeline has nothing to do with us. God has programmed what he wants to take place within the scope of human history for a purpose. These things are not exclusive of the purpose of God. All these things are because God is orchestrating or engineering a result that will lead inevitably to the eventual return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We're moving in that direction. But here's what we must know is that the moral decadence and wickedness that is evident within our country today is because of the failure of the church to be the salt and light agent that God called us to be. We're too busy being PC, politically correct, And we're ignoring BC biblical correctness. And God knows we have kicked CC constitutional correctness under the bus. So political correctness is ruling the day. And that's, what's happening right now in America, as we see. And I think, you know, this as much as anybody else that in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, New York city, New York state and California have already put in place or pursuing constitutional amendments to legalize child killing. That's what's happening. And the pro-life movement. Susan Anthony and all these other pro-life organizations are derelict in their responsibility to push back against this evil that is taking place in states across this nation. It's not by accident, it's by design. We are witnessing an effort on the part of the pro-death community to legalize in state constitutions the right to murder Babies. That's what's happening. And because of that, I think the judgment of God will be on this nation faster than you can say one, two, three. If we don't repent, turn away from this and embrace the culture of life. Well, and I think that the, to your point, I think that the line continues to get moved too, because there's several states that had, I've read language on that, that are either they passed it or they're trying to pass it and murdering a baby up to 28 days after birth and calling that an abortion by neglect or outright, you know, somebody could just leave a baby and let it die. And, or by outright giving them the ability to terminate a life up to 28 days after birth. It is shocking, but that's what happens when you don't hold to a moral code or what God laid out as a right. There's no other entity or animal on the planet that kills their young like what people are capable of. It's shocking. Well, there's a few predators that do that, and I guess you can call us predators. But the thing that I'm just sort of disturbed by is that the lack of responsiveness on the part of the pro-life community to challenge these directives that are being made in these states by Satanists. You called it right, by Satanists. These people are wanting to sacrifice children to Moloch. They're selling human beings on the market in order that their people might take hearts and livers and kidneys from people who are young people. This is crazy. And unfortunately, there is not enough statesmen out there that we can rely upon that will challenge these ideas and these philosophy. That's why I believe the Constitution Party is the best answer for the rescue of this republic. If it will be rescued at all, it will happen through the Constitution Party. That's a great statement there because we know that the Republican Party and Democrat Party stand for nothing. They can't even stand for J6 when nobody's talking about the election integrity and actually doing anything about it, both seated as well as the people in the parties. We're not seeing- I'll correct you on that by saying that the Democrats know exactly what they stand for and they're shoving it down our throats. It is the cowards who in the Republican Party who are right now are saying that this child killing issue is a non winning issue and they have instructed their candidates to stay away from it. That's why Terry and I are pushing this message into the public square. We want to remind America that the killing of babies will bring the judgment of God upon this nation. We may be seeing it already in the economy, in an open wide border, in the social issues that are strangling this nation right now, and the divisiveness that is permeating our culture at every major institution in America right now is divided either red or blue, black or white. We are a nation that is divided. And when we're divided like this, it's easy for us to fall. Well said. So what else are you guys really standing for? Because Randall got up and talked about the fact that we're not just a one-issue party or candidacy. What other things are on your radar? Well, I call it the 3-7-12 system. message that is the message of our party. Our party is to stand for three, integrity, prosperity, and liberty. That's an issue for us. And that means that covers every facet and every dimension of what's happening in our culture today. If we can return to those three principles, and then the seven principles is life, liberty, property, the family, The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, states rights and American sovereignty. We stand for that. We stand for that, just like our party stands for that. And then there are 12 issues. And of course, those 12 issues can be explained and go into details on our Web site, Constitution Party dot com. And you'll see those 12 issues deal with issues that are important to our survival as a nation. State's power, the power of the state. We are sovereign states. And we need to be reminded of that, that we're not attached to the funding that comes out of Washington, DC. A lot of us become subservient to those funding tentacles not realizing that the funds that the federal government sends out are funds that they collect from the states. And if the states had any moxie at all, They would say, if you continue to pursue these anti-constitutional policies, we will cut off our funding from coming to the federal government. But not many states will do that. But states power. We're standing against the UN Agenda 2030, which is moving our nation and our world into a one world system. We're for religious liberty. Religious liberty is one of the bedrock principles that is essential for our survival as a nation, for it has the capacity to inform what is right versus what is wrong. That's morality. It informs our families as to how to conduct themselves. Our religious liberty is important. Education. Many of our kids are going to these Luciferian institutions of indoctrinations called public schools, and they're being indoctrinated with a philosophy that is antithetical to the Constitution and to the Bible. We've got to take over education in a way that we disconnect from the federal government's educational department and amplify the right for us to homeschool or send to private schools that we affirm and believe in. Right now, that's not the case. Much of our funding that goes to the educational department comes from all of the 50 states. So we're funding this indoctrination. It's got to stop health care and Social Security. We want to take a look at that and revamp it to be consistent with what the principles are in the Constitution, trade and treaties. We're facing right now the WHO usurping the sovereignty of the United States in times of quote unquote medical emergencies. Well, who defines that? They define it. And right now, Joe Biden has given his approval to the WHO to take over this country, our sovereignty in a medical emergency. Most people don't know that, but that's in the pipeline right now and it's up for approval. The Senate has not taken its stewardship responsibility to affirm all treaties and trades. They have sat down on this and capitulated. It's treason. It's treason, there's no question about it. The judiciary, we're looking at a, Activist judiciary. The reason why Donald Trump is suffering like he is right now in the courts, because we have an activist judiciary, those who are pursuing a political agenda and not pursuing a constitutional limitation on what they do and how they do what they do. So we stand for that. We stand also for the problems with drugs. We see drugs are crossing the border right now. Gun control, we're for a second amendment, foreign policy and defense of terrorism. We believe that there needs to be, that's what the government is designed for, to protect us. That's its role, enumerated within the constitution. And then we want to protect our veterans. We want to make sure that our veterans have their rights secure and their funding secure. That's not the case today. They're in trouble. And then the last of the 12 is immigration. We have a wide open border. We need to shut that down and exercise the law as it relates to immigration that is already on the books. We're not doing that. Yeah, we just have to enforce the law. You know, I think that what the Marxists have done is continue to add to it rather than just enforce the existing laws going back to that. Absolutely. Yeah. So so but, you know, it's like. Does that make sense? I'm telling you, the Constitution Party makes sense. And our message needs to get into public square. I call it the three, seven, twelve rescue of our republic. And that's how I'm going to refer to it as I go out on the campaign trail and point people right to the,, where they can get more detailed and an explanation of what those 12 ideas are all about, what those seven principles are all about, and what the pillars, the three pillars that operates and motivates our party. What really impressed me about both of yourself as well as Randall Terry was the raw honesty that came out of both of your mouths. It was amazing. I was able to interview Randall a couple of times there in the forums that we did. And if he didn't know an answer, he's like, I don't know. And that was so refreshing to him to say, I don't know. He didn't sit there and try to create a distractive line of or a narrative he actually answered it and I thought both of you did a really good job with that and that's okay to say you don't know and just go look for the answers but that was wonderful that's true that's true what else do you guys have planned well our plan is to uh it's fundraising at this time we're trying to raise as much money as we can in order for us to buy ads I think the The ballot if we're going to be on the ballot of about 15 state 12 to 15 states We can broadcast our message across all 50 states and our message is one that will advance the idea that child killing is is a problem in America and that we need to resist it and The second message is that there's a viable visible alternative a credible alternative for Americans and that's the Constitution Party. We don't have to be stuck in holding our nose and voting because that's what I think most people are gonna be doing this time around if they don't know that Constitutional Party has an option for them. So we're gonna be out there championing the cause of the Constitutional Party, pushing people towards your website so that people can look at who you are and what we stand for and make sure that they join our effort to send a message. And by the way, John, I honestly believe this. I honestly believe that God is using the Constitutional Party as a voice through Terry Brodin to America to say, you better change. You better change. And we give an option to the public square. This option in the public square is the voice of God. Do you think the voice of God is coming through the Republican Party? No, it certainly isn't coming through the Democratic Party. No, it isn't. Number 45 has capitulated on abortion. People don't know that. He's backed up and is allowing up to 17 weeks, I believe, for abortion to be legal. Not only that, he has embraced a doctrine that contradicts the scripture concerning marriage. He has embraced same sex marriage and said in Mar-a-Lago in November of 2022 or 23, I believe that he will fight for the LGBT community to have its rights as same sex marriage. That's documented. That's not the voice of God coming from that party. The voice of God, in my opinion, is coming through the Constitution Party. And those of us who are Christians, conservative Bible believing Christians, ought to vote with the voice of God. I know that sounds like I'm causing problems, but I'm not. I'm saying that this is God's voice or message to America. Don't vote for killing babies. Don't vote for killing babies, for when you do, God will fight for them. And that's a fight that many of us don't wanna enter into, because you can't win. Well, and I think that shame on the news media for silencing anyone's voice at this point in time, because we need to have the ability to sort through candidates and messages and such so that we can make our minds up for ourselves. And I think that that's very important. So there's two websites that I want to encourage your listeners to visit. First one to visit, of course, is The second is and make a donation. We need your support financially. I think this is an opportunity for us to advance the voice of God in the public square like it hasn't been in recent years. This is an opportunity. And I think you can join that opportunity by making an investment into Terry Brodin. As we move the voice of God into the public square in a way that it has not been done before, we're going to challenge both parties, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. We're going to challenge them to back off killing babies, back off killing babies. That's what we want to say. Okay, here we go. Here's Terry Brodin. There's the website for you guys. And there you've got the address on there. So I think this is really important, though, for all voices to be heard, no matter who they are. It's important. And that's what we stand for as a constitutional party. We stand for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And the First Amendment is what? The right to free speech. free press, the right to petition for redress. All of that is in the First Amendment. And we stand for that. And that's what you're saying here. We believe everyone has a right to speak. And there have been silenced. I mean, that's what silence is. That's very one one sided. So are these are these commercials that are attached here? Yes, those are commercial. If you click on one, the one that has the eye, the black woman's eye, that those are the four that I have. that we're going to be sending out real soon here. We're going to try to buy some time in some of the major markets and in the battleground states and get our message out as soon as we can. Of course, 60 days out from the election, we have the right by the FCC, the Federal Communication Commission, to have our messages uncensored, unfettered broadcast on all stations that we can buy time on. We just need to have the funding to buy the time. And that's why we want you to go to and make a contribution to our campaign as we seek to bring a message into a public square that needs to be heard by all Americans today. Okay. So it's is where you're going to find the is where you can go to find their information. I encourage everyone on there. And so there's also a donation button that you can donate no matter what the size is. Some of you can do all 32. I think there's a campaign limitation of thirty two hundred dollars. Some of you can do a thousand five hundred, one hundred fifty or even twenty five. We'll take it all. You see the donation button there right on the volunteer. And that's where you want to click that button and make your donation to our campaign. It will help us to buy the ads required for us to communicate to America a message that desperately is needed at this hour. What what commercial would you like me to play if you'd like me to play one? Well, if you want to play one, play one of mine. Just click on the. The brown eye there, and I think one will come up and then you just start it and you'll see that commercial. OK, yeah, that. There's that start button there, the arrow. I'm going to see if I can expand this a little bit so that I can. A slaughter is happening in the black community. The systematic murder of black babies. Democrats and the Congressional Black Caucus are pushing death by abortion on black women and their babies. Our so-called leaders have sold us out. They have blood on their hands. blood from the murder of black babies. We must repent of voting for those who promote murder. I'm Randall Terry and I approve this message. Nothing like that has ever happened with a black person standing up and saying what I just said. I'm attacking the black congressional caucus for they are complicit in pursuing this death culture in our community 12 of the population at black women if you break the black women out of that 12 percent of population let's just say six percent six percent of all abortions are exercised on black women in america That's crazy. And the black community is electing these black elected officials to go into Washington DC and to support the culture of death. Over $700 million is appropriated for Planned Parenthood by the Congress of this great land that we're living in. $700 million. and they have a budget of $2.6 billion for killing babies. And the Black Congressional Caucus votes unanimously to fund that organization. There's something wrong with that. Somebody needs to speak up and say something about it. And that's what my commercial, my ad is doing. And that's what me and Randall Terry will do over the course of this election cycle is to make sure that people are aware of what's going on with child killing in America. Is there another one that you'd like to show? Let's show one of Randall's that the first one there with the cake. I think that's one great one. Oh, Miley Cyrus, wonderful. Right. I'm so sick of stupid celebrities. I don't see it on the screen. Oh, hang on. Morons. Thank you. Let's get this right. Yeah, this is what you get with real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table. I am so sick of stupid celebrities. They embarrass themselves. Hey, morons, this is a human being. Human being? Human beings. And these are dead human beings murdered by abortion. Why don't you fools shut up and follow the science? For those who still have brains, let's send Biden the baby killer packing. I'm Randall Terry, and I approve this message. That's powerful. That's powerful. That message will hit the heartstrings of most Christians, conservative Christians who voted for Joe Biden last cycle around. We're going to, we're trying to move them away from Joe Biden. Don't vote for Joe Biden. Don't vote for, you'll hear that on the end of all of our commercials. Don't vote for this child killer, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Well, you guys have really put a lot of work into this. And I mean, not just a flash in the pan type of things. You and Randall have been working on this for many, many years. So, and I appreciate, I really do appreciate you standing up for what you believe in, for what is for God's purposes and for life, because it's horrifying, I think, to all of us to see the degradation of And the attacks on our families, on the unborn, on on children with a with a human trafficking, with a live organ transplants and that sort of thing. And I really appreciate you putting your message out there. So we're connecting our wagon to yours. You are saying the same thing and you're doing it right here on your network. And it's necessary right now. I think the more we put this voice into the public square, the better opportunity we have to inform the low information voters as to the seriousness and the urgency of the hour that we're facing right now in America. If we don't get it right here and we reelect Biden and Harris, I think judgment is secure. God will judge this nation. Well, and I really appreciate you saying that. This is wonderful. And I'm really honored to know you. You're a wonderful speaker. I hope everybody tunes in and sees your acceptance speech and what both you and Randall said, because I'm going to tell you what, there's enough fire behind both of you to get everyone's attention. on, you know, with conviction and, you know, with conviction and such. So I appreciate it. Thank you so much for having me today. And I do want to remind your listeners and your viewers to go to and make a donation. We need your support. Hang on a second. I'll put that right back up again. So there you go, guys. If you want to make sure that the, the, uh, uh, the pro-life anti-Satanist, uh, agenda is addressed. I think these two gentlemen are, are, uh, well able to do that. So, and, uh, I, I just, I really do appreciate you guys anyway. Well, this is the part of the show boys and girls where we go to Brandenburg for because I'm the best non-concealer who has ever not conceded an election. And, uh, I would love to have a discussion with president Trump on that, the rightful president of the United States, but for, uh, At some point in time, I'm hoping to do that because we're not going to back down to the cheated elections by liars, cheats and thieves who have silenced the American voice, the voice of millions of Americans and had an attack on President Trump, a seated president. in January 6th, as well as the continued persecution of him. And if they can do it to him, they can do it to any one of us. So this is why we stand and absolutely stand. And I want to thank Pastor Stephan Brodin for being on today. I want to thank Randall Terry and all the people in the Constitution Party for everything that they've done. It's just, it's an honor to stand with everyone. So at this point, Pastor Brodin, are you still there? I am. We always say a prayer. I always say a prayer to end to end. Okay. Well, I want people looking at me while you were making your wonderful speech there. No, that's okay. So would you like to say the prayer today? Cause I usually. Absolutely. Absolutely. Father, we are grateful and thankful for your presence. You promise never to leave us or forsake us that you are never present help in times of trouble. We're living in troubling times in this nation. We know that your presence is the source of hope and purpose. We pray that as we engage in the exercise of our rights under the Constitution, that you would enable us to speak boldly and clearly about what is right versus what is wrong. We pray that the anointing purpose of God will rest upon Donna as she represents the voice of God in Michigan and through this network. Enable her in bolding her and encourage her father to stand firm in the faith and resist the devil I pray that you would allow your purposes to be manifested through the constitution party of america that you would use that party father to speak forcibly and consistently about what is right versus what is wrong and that the voice of god will be heard through through our party And then I pray for Randall and I, Father, as we step into this brutal arena. It's nasty, it's ugly, and it's vicious. We pray you're covering over us and that you would protect us from all harm and danger and our families, Father, who will sometimes be attacked because we've made a choice to stand for truth. And so we pray you're covering. and your blessings in the name that is above all of the names, the soon coming King, Jesus, our Lord, our Savior, and our King. Amen. In Jesus' name, amen. Thank you so very much. I wanted to tell you that my dad was a very godly, God-centered man. He died a couple of years ago, and he followed the Dallas Theological Seminary. Anybody that came out of there, he typically really had high regard for everyone that came out of there. And I'm going to tell you, you could see that in his life. He was an unwavering on his integrity and everybody knew it. The thing I know about Michigan, that there's a lot of conservative Christian believers in that state. Grand Rapids is a hub of Christianity, conservative Christianity. I got my my basis for Christianity right out of Michigan with conservative Baptists. And so it is an encouragement to know that you are holding up your father's tradition and legacy because you are a clear voice and God bless you. Well, thank you. Some people say that my bullheadedness is kind of annoying, but that's just the way it is. So with that said, this is how I always end it, so with heart hands. So just so everybody knows out there that we love you, that we're fighting. You've got to fight with us because this isn't a one-man deal here, one man or one woman. This is all of us together. And so saying this, it is us, we the people that are the answer for righting this nation. That includes you. and everybody else and all of us standing together. And it's important. Find something you can do and join in with us. So God bless you all. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Make it a great day. It's a choice. We can choose to be tough in bad times. We can choose to follow God when nobody else does. We can choose to be the example when there is none out there and we can choose to be the voice that stands strong. Even if we're the only ones, it doesn't matter. If we're the only ones speaking truth, we have the obligation before God to serve him on this nation to defend the rights of everyone. and to stand for the principles that God has set forth in the Bible. He created this. It's his sandbox. He gets to make the rules. We are not God. And the proper perspective of this nation is one nation under God. God is the top of this nation. God is the top of all creation. And we have to remember to stand humbly before him. and serving him as stewards of this nation. And that's exactly what we intend to do with an unwavering commitment. So know that you're very much loved. Come on tomorrow. We're going to have some interesting guests on tomorrow. It will be John Ferguson, who does the military drones, and a new person on the scene that I think you're going to really like. Her name is Regan Box. She's going to be on there tomorrow. And so join us tomorrow. You have a great day, and we'll see you tomorrow. Thank you for coming on today, Pastor Brodin.