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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/17/2023 - Karen the Riveter

Published Feb. 17, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg it is today the seventeenth of february so i had to say that i been make a point on that and you wanted to win good coin of to laugh in the back her hunt on brightcan take the carrington how you good morning he i didn't realize it was the seventy on a friday old boy i do not wearing do not were thin land to day antiaticus i'm in the secret war secret friday hugh de lair it is the seventeenth day seventeen seventeen is my favorite number by the way of february twenty twenty three so happy coudave one and you know i am seeing that with an extra emphasis no because to day is critical thinking friday and what is it that he was all about thank you for yourself it for yourself it was an on this you know i've been had everybody calls everybody on you're a cute tired perfect thank you that take the as a compliment right now critical thinker because all the cu posts were basically getting us to not to be spoon found not to not to or in on her ego it was to get us to think point is one direction look and think it on to sow egad i'm how to all from gary in mike and terry so's pride seventeen what could possibly go wrong nothing its cue dais the seventeenth the greatest number in the history of numbers without it in others camefive year old right so i anyhow i'm yet we see we were talking this morning before he got on mine in her both of us on secret layers of days cuneately in vitaill the things that are going on in the news and this whole thing in ohio and i have some answers for every one none of this started stack you know so first of all they just about now its tackle and take out a reporter why we have almost no divergent vireos that are coming out on this just like nine eleven their very similar videos hampered becoming from a lot of the same place and i feel really bad for everybody on a not seeing that nothing happened i that's not what i'm saying when i see the balls like it doesn't mean that it didn't happen it means something however i'm not sure that there is not a narrative being built to once again push everybody in the direction of being afraid o ke e his oath something came out yesterday about the the ufo scare right the offscreen then what came out as i looks like it's coming it's technology coming from and i actually said something about this i better way to respond in this because china or some one else or maybe our own government is trying to find holes in our defence so the longer they wait the more they confuse them and in their not getting good information that we write so that may be part of it the second thing is the missile of the fire that when harry which i love questions on that because i'm expecting that folly if i were going to be a a person who was a fortune telling which i not but just some one who who makes a educated gases i'm no gestrangian all sudden the missile blew up lying i oh my gosh we have no product in michigan and then find out later that confecisse didn't want lying five but we want to make everybody right so i'm going to go to the video here a video that i found and that i'm going to read every somedever everybody's man as a question and which is where we start fighting the truth right i really have i think this is a right i'd like to get out and go where what is actually going on here because i'm not believing anything as coming from anywhere and there's always an ulterior motive so here we got we're going to pull this screen up and here here we have one he decided to visit the spot just like rushing with egratigne mark because here all involved in this all of them are involved in leading the united states of america a stray and using tragedy as a photo of to promote themselves now meet what mercy jumped right on as well as our old illegal defacto michigan ah criminal band of merry men that are sitting up there in in landing sir doing gone control right so got a quick jump on as soon as there's a shooter oh and by the way one of those shooters was also a as after just go ahead and say it from sand hill or sandyhook i'm not buying this at all none of it looks like a sot up to me i stopped it or not buying the people then get shot it's that i'm not buying the intentions i i it looks to me like it is a set up criminal situation and i feel very very very bad for any one that was hurt in the site because they are killing people's just like with colbert they killed people they are killing people and they hardingthe harming the but what i'm not buying is there narrative so we're going to watch son adorance here talk about what he found with stirring the the islesand out for it yes from her lofty point one her colport the fact that we have not the ground not forget the no he replied first oft i so i have a problem with this number one which he inoperable with it i have big problems with this i have really big problems first of all that he stirred up there doesn't that look like does that look like oil to you wright it looks like there's a separation between spoiling and water hey petroleum based something rather as an on the bottom there is a feast used why is it what is this in why is it so right there i have a real big question about this it doesn't look like it doesn't look like what it apered it it is to question questioned comacenes perspective i am not a chemist so i'm wonder i'm just wondering question oh what does oil do at that temperature i i well i always float the in cold water will it float well yes i should it should flow in and congeal on the top to think about violin anything else still rise those or wares so so i'm going to tell you what i found here and i think this is really interest or going to go to and i go to a complete things so somehow now my question as what is it it looks like oil and boom is there a logical explanation for what their gain everybody panicked about pa we're going to go somewhere with this stick with me a little bit and i'm hoping i'm not going to salt anybody has ever body's got the had gone oh no they've poisoned all of us where did happen he back this one why in one or one seatime well well well oil oh i'm not buying a select for here and i'm going to go to a pic a state not ammonius sites default files on less espies and be read something that everybody that i think is really interest an oily rainbow in a creek bed the oily shade is made of a film of a rod shaped bacteria called lap to locke to leap to threats i don't know how to pronounce it but i did my best shot for a for this bacteria oxidizes on the bacteria oxidizes dissolved iron and magones for energy and secree proteins and chicory rates they are right up and end within the sheaths and are stuck together side by side in rows some light refracts the protein and carbohydrates to make shiny rainbow colors the bacteria stick to the surface of the water with tiny door shakester on the sheath the way they are lined to stick to the surface of the water can on continues or causes the bile float at the surface and shatter like glass when disturbed or re real oil is greasy and we'll stick together refusing to shatter like these bacteria sometimes these bisons are present were iron magones and ground water come to the surface and sometimes the wrapped around air bubbles and pack its of of leaves under water these are not bad bacteria and in fact they are beneficial because they process metals in water their beautiful thempopular he hes now i have a problem with his people are jumping to conclusions on my gosh look at the chemicals in the water and no one his father to test because everybody is running around with oh no whatever shall happen to us there poising enos where is our govern and not seen is wrong i'm not saying it's wrong how over for us to sit there and wait for the government to fix our problems it ain't goin to happen because their creating them and they want to create the narrative make us afraid and shove us in and in direction there are independent laps all over the place and seen as that i am in the secret layer was too far away to jump over there right now i would like to have summoned going takes some samples and not wait for the government to do get it into an independent lap and let's find out what is really happening there a so here is another thing that i thought was intent the health that state m n s community of erioration with a microscope could could really probably do a good job of just look in it i mean if you could see a bunch of bacteria in there you could probably look up the name of that bacteria that you just had an prieratis bend the ricoco you can go in a like out you go to it there's all kinds of independent lamps out there from samples taken it from areas go out there and get some samples stir it up and you now take one instertoot ke one what you stir it up and take these into a land sindolt what's real so that we can be back he and then here's another one a chlorine spelling though a bottle of water and most like the kill the iron acidizing bacteria producing the now acroleon petroleum a not petrolian bow she chlorite chloris also use in tamper torigoe bacteria in the first now this is not i don't believe that though this is an interesting part of hypotheses because these were kind of back to back em links i'm thinking again it is not its this is fine chorichori it's not the same thing how lover i think that there is there is some interesting i think the centers some interesting things that that we have we have at a water source in one of our place and we get iron the iron bacteria and there and if he gets relieved yet to shock at right but we filter at all how and so so there some there some real the questions that have to really should be and need to be and including why was there a a an axle for twenty miles going and in shooting sparks and no one satanthis now possible not possible in that all sudd the deepot the brakes on and the train de rails all of a sudden and componit you know we start putting this you know i'm not i am not believin the something of my notice to unlistening to him this time in not really good for a courier for a son in either concerned and go out and investigate himself hash and kind o dramatic about it and unlike whether he knows what it is or not and it could be genuine or it can be just somebody whose working to further their career if he if he wants to show the people why they should be concerned you should have no problem saying exactly where he is somebody else could come and check it out for themselves what what are they hide he there creating a fair vase narrative rather than find though so then the other thing is that because the monitor in all his rail cars all the time on every corner on on all four corners of every car they are monitoring these things full time you can't tell me for twenty miles they did not know that there that there was that there was fire going up and rhenish ah for an overheating alert the prococius for the train to stop in the conductor to touch a wax spected defect to see if it melts the walks or so i ance i don't think you'd have to touch it if this thing was on fire some what erleher i know i mean like the heron going to stick away axe stick in the fire to find out for me a fire probably not so i think that there is a there is a and the came from a handicapper cooper another retired norfolk in southern locomotion engineer so there's there is a there is a lot of now that's a mister wilcock then there's that there's a bunch of now that is an cocoanut oh that son that so sotheris there is all kinds of things that are just not making some not and in for us to sit back and maybe this is the point of this exercise misget people thinking of i have another question here that i think it is very import we have i i have a lot of things that i i wonder about right asked as questions questions madeeverything question how come with the slow burn and watching their water supplies being polluted over a very long time maybe this is something that perhaps somebody like tew and telligence sess tried to get people to actually watch the water look at the walk what is going on with our water i can tell you write now that one of the things that i know from our satanic death called itself in at once to mutilate sterilize and chop of our children's bodies sterilization and or the the the genders the gender confusion stuff is then going on for long tom and something i've been wondered but why is nobody talking about these bioplastic the small pores tethnanai and our water sped and does that start making sense where the how humanity has human humanity if the physicality of people say like the you you can look at it if you look at an average what an i'm anomotos males because these these are these a plastic particles acteon estratte like out there on the nesterton form a basket and if you look at developing males bodies have and they have changed radically the forties forties of in you and you can loveothers charts other we can find in such and so a question i have is a are we being directed whether thy some one in particular of people or god himself to look at the realities of what are world has become to help no it's this actually something that i was looking at a mass of le while running for governor is how am i going to clean up our water slice and i'm not talking just like flint and in bothare i'm talking about the whole because the plastics and reached into our water supplies nobody's talking about this and i believe this is a clear and present here he long time now and that's were drinking and then when you look at the physicality of a overome in our society and how they truly have had he i think of i think we've got a real problem in the waters taking down its taken down the testosterone it's taken down spurcos and i dislike to know this connection i possessed in its two are water supplies and the amount of these these plastics that are in water that need to be cleaned up he there do not have a way to do it for presently so were stuck with it and tell somebody gets in there and really figures out a way to absolutely filter the stuff and get it out of the water to ye you know and that you've got that you got for florid in the water you've got you know you've got the problem with nestley pulling off all the water off the state of michigan and not pain the the people of michigan one one red dime for four uthechar properties the two hundred fifty dollars it's a that it is a theft of our resources strong people on the state of michigan and it should be immediately season to sist she'll be in immediate in the sister then stealing from the people she done out of business sitting all these organizations were the canonic form all nestle all whom they are stealing our resources and are politicians are allowing them to do this why because i'm predictos red they all owned stock in it just like they do in fisher johnson johnson where the heath where the alleged vaccinations there there all the they are there absolutely employees of the old so what do you think about that i've got some more i could read here because this to me this fairly significant the lot out of saying something similar about the balloons eh what we really supposed to be looking at it eh a blooms that were supposed to be looking at if there's something that were supposed to be looking at because of this balloon thing i don't think it's just a distraction i don't think it's just fear mongering about aliens i don't think it's just fear mongering about china i think there's something else said they're trying to get us to recognize maybe we're doing like a air and water saight now when people are not doing our job of carefully observing a government in in or ideally in a dangerest m we have a real government and not a corporation but look what happens when you allow a corporation to run your government are they protecting your heir no most through the time people are thinking about are they putting chemicals in the air what else is in the air am i for supposed to be afraid of china china's already in your phone china is all over in in on the land china is within the government within the school systems cratchets so that's not our greatest fear it is china coming across the land in a bloom but have you for that there yea we have other enemies and e are is our air safe now is our water safe i mean you make some good cotqueens postigo questions there are land water water is supposed to be paying attention to if we do our job we are going to protect everything about ah what makes america air land water those are all things in alaska is namethink of it ah if you go to the alaska alaska desired a organ gassing is with the general drill sembly of alaska's website is and they have some statements there that they have made to their governor bout what they want as a people and one of the things as they want basically i'm gonna it's been alsineae road it ah they were the corporate out of the oil the oil is a resource in alaska it belongs to the people in a last a sad we don't want anybody to take our oil that's for us to decide what we want to do with and so miss she don't could say the same about our water this is our water were in donalong more with it you stay out corporations as in the end and if you tain't my property and my life source which you are chemicals that don't belong in there and in how many ways are they doing that yes an linethese ves were anging around looking at these disasters that they create to get everybody afraid or miss in the mark on what there really do he because they are honestly there there stealing their the come on the that their fiefs and we were organized crime with the whole bunch of common thieves underneath them the politicians are common themes their canidolo me enough of em to oleson and i be his motive never really had a real job most of them most of the give me a table of farmers so you know and every little town there's always a table there's only a little restaurant right now the old farmers come in in the morning and they have coffee and they catch up on local news and they talk about they talk about you know the crops the weather who's doing what right who is doing what wrong and that you know you get is solving the world's propensity do not go tell you there is more intelligent at one of these tables in every small town resterant then there is in the entirety of our government take one table and we can probably reverse and fix every single thing in the intonation people that sit around that table they talked about news in the morning said the amendatel you what they're intelligent they honor stand how the world works they understand the economics of growing crops and how to do that and how to move em how to move protectorand they also understand mechanization and how to be you know how to be fished and in us wellgod has made in order to feed first of all feed our people and make things his people that are sitting in a government position they most men have never had a real job they've been in that it's politics that's all it is as the political and as his and and suffer them to actually think about how to solve problem they don't even know there there basicthe they're just a talking there there just in their disavows for the corporations in order for the corporations to steal more from the i'm of no going to the chant here minutesabout of comments and then imberto bring something else of that i think is really its so ah how do hie friday seventeen what could possibly go wrong from jerry trains always law by seen that the movies and the usually unosom horses are reported there let me pause there cause well we're talking about the train have i had forgotten i forgot maisie think about it yesterday so there was within the last i don't know two or three weeks there was a move on tv the henares called think it was denihilatine i not remember who else was in it it was about and train and something got on wrong and it was a runaway train and it was going to derail and i never heard of this movie before and it was on tv caste little isla go in it now it's like to play just ere that when i wonder why some of eateresses continuities and our lifetimes have we seen a runaway train stefanino really what a runaway train is had no condomini running but no conductor to stop it we have so much safety stuff on the trains we do not have that happened we do not have run away trains that will be frontandcenter on in all may be back in the in the eighteen hundreds of the steam engines we do not have run away trains any more now on how it penelle rail was that how often does the train de rail well ashley one thing that a pet bondage side which is crito accurate even though he sold is more an ah is is the fact that we have about a thousand of em it's not unusual you know a gooroleman i do proudman really not that bigger deal most when when the cars tie all arts problem on but what that's lack of track made and order you don't that's that's more likely what the problem is in erosion attract maintenance or that needs to be done that sort but but he was correct me and one thousand of her spurgeon and and so we've had experience with with trains jumping a rail move back on the rail a case not the issans that you deal as every wants to make so i at any rate you dear for that when you have when your work or on trains there there is the ability to in all to deal with that that something that and men in like some thousand a year how many how many do you hear in a year not that many right at any rate in his and because most of mark releisser and trains actually are pretty you know it's it's a good system of trance stem over all and i think when you look at the amount of containers and ten rail cars that are moved itacross the united states with grain and with ethanol and o and my low and all the other stuff that we hauled by trains steel there is an a better way to do it gettingintoas and get him on the rails is actually much then being on hon our highways and rose and it's a lot less it's a lot less were you don't have friction a train a train they called trucks andre sat on a four wheels and when when if you took my timinies an or mighty anepou to one time and showing them cause i said i want to show you why you don't play chicken where the trick so i took him over his we do somethings i we replace wheel sat son trains with you a lot of different things over on our railyard and so there was a big in an i can't tell you exactly how many how many in a pounds are in a track retreat off the top of my hat i th there happy o there there are wordwrtere talk several thousand pounds okay there you know it i think it's like i think it's like two thousand and two thousand pounds of crockets it might be more than that i shouldn't even say it right now because the scrap value is one in wedlock on that right so at any rate i suggest take one finger and push this is senator push on your pushing a couple of thousand pounds here push that with one finger and an end they did it they were little bought ten at the time and in the dust looked me a nice hat there is no friction on or very very little for when you when it comes to real and in the wheels on the tricks so if you're going to play chicken with a train that train has to stop em it's it has to apply for action i mean out in well that is no friction right they're going to continue to roll and so when you look at the efficiency of trains and moving moving o products across america it's one of the greatest resources we have not something to be afraid of it is something that we can work with and remove an incredible amount of product association reuwich the very proud of our rails there there's some here some issues were at oh an track is one of em you don't an track is being flowed by politicians being you know a throwin money at this thing in order to keep egos he can keep it running on town seem of you know so there some asses when it in hers some tracks a tract that needs to be replaced on that's an ongoing issue is replacing track and you know checking your switches making sure everything is okay there and but i over all with your monocars moved its it's pretty good soles o back to the chat here a minute ah might godoliver search the shootings over the years and what i found is that they have been crisis actor because you can see the same person that moan most olddifferent shootings and how is it possible i agree there's so many in the call for the crisis actors for that's right you can see that it's no conicine that the same person winds up in multiple different shootings in his cry its crisis actors that is the only logical explanation i agree with you i have seagreen you that that is a huge issolani they doing this why are they trying to make us what were the train to drive us to it did he why is nobody pushed the explosion over montana the paragon denies it but videos and its from people in billings lontan recorded it playing military and explosions in the sky yes can quicken that's a good question but we hear no follow of sir questions from any one no media no government officials no military officials on the fact but the balloons the loon continued on the south the self eastern part of the u s where was it shot down i called this antithesis can anyone identify what this is it was filmed over billings montana two weeks ago a woman from billing's munching captured a video than perse similar and ah wooi call i had handed up there eh what's he like is not work so let me they've got a gateway upon it or caon it in let me on possevini up a minute and then i can now that being esoterical pull up here in and i remember the people asking about why the governor whiting say anything about it no lawenforcement said oh we wait and checked out and we found excise we haven't had any reports well sopicae now that and nobody reiterate of investigation all were doing his work carried on no whatever shall happen to us three onmeead and you know i think this is where we may be half to call and see people and say let's do let's test that water ourselves we can do that and let let's do it ourselves because they're not going to and that way we can find out for ourselves corbut i've got to do it this side as i have in the secret layer here what say you care oh i'm just wondering i don't know the area in montana but it seems like if this woman's spotted it there must have been other people that had noticed it who were close and i don't know how far away she was from it i mean how far away are you from something the happens like that before you go oh that's the over the hill that's just over yonder let me get into the car and go check it out how teneforo that for your curiosity you know like getting a corroberrie go check it out yourself i sees with the slips like this one right here so there go so then came down no answers you would you there go he cathether was a little distance well how far can it really be really eh he may be an hour of man who knows he's heard get dot found this on mission words but but i think if i saw something like that if i didn't have a quick answer on it it might just jump in the car and go on i can i shall here that years ago lost the sky and there is a huge purple and i mean huge purple glow right and i never seen it before and i like this as weird it was off it was off to the i see that that the trail and we saw the explosions and then nothing radio silence hotels shut down or what extorted no yeah crane anyhow i got my card i drow and i got my card i drove and what i found was and it was in timewill the track down it was kind of fun actually through my enhanced in the car my kids are all adults so they were interested to right a sail of the checkers down then chorlitos heights we dropped on the card and we start driving around trying to get closer to it finally found out that there was a new green house a bough i says about twenty miles twenty twenty five miles away which is alone is raand in they had the purple girl lights and it was assluere seen it and i think that what it was as the the clouds were so low on that day that you could actually see the the reflection than the world is siennois careful it was really prehensore parable to i do not and i know i've seen him venilik what in the world so that that's one thing that i want to look at so i don't know the answer to your question either davie ansgot question because we're not here in anything there's all this stuff going on but nobody nobody's given us any real news that's all desires so hang out one second of an quick answer the cold good morning i'm good i have long noncanonical i call you back in like twenty minutes or so in and a weliable of the hold that more land with second charidemus is for just a minute how dan and i'll be back for she if you can talk for just a minute and alchemistical so yes how far would your curiosity take you i remember i shared not very long ago a a story and i want to say it was from the nineteen forties but maybe it was from the eighteen or there was something eh i think it was some soldiers on a ship and they were firing up into the sky because they saw something and they were trying to shoot it down they thought it was a balloon or something and they were trying to shoot it down and nobody had enough accurate a or couldn't reach it and the navigator finally figured about they were shooting at beanes so it's really hard for us to gauge distends when we go compacisci did determine how far away something is up in the air or some distance away unless we have some kind of unique experience or training in that kind of thing there she is up she's got a there are but one dorotocephala and of one or george jensen one hearing so mike i'm insinuating up here so they steal our water basically and in bible without insult back to us in the government and the cover of ischenos absolutely as come trails has rewakes we have no functional government corrupt neither poison enough we have a government has it or against us and then might mostly pays two hundred dollars per year to pomp one point one million gallons of water each day this is this is the craziest crazy as stupid a thing that we've ever that birbones standpoint you do realize how wealthy the people of michigan would be if we actually ran the state that it was supposed to help i suppose be ronton who owns nestley and w okay who owns the fertilizer companies who knows what they can do to say vitiges the pet who will will get the flock at monsanto on bear who will test them before spring and indeede as white noise and anti a connects jump or cables to alter train tracks which is dockument they can derail trains very easily correct on a morning late is it late or lot ere he drunken a lot agonises mortarshot have lots as sons got wheels with axles or two thousand so as i was close on men don't want to quote it wrong is coupled couple o thousand pounds you know for that from the trucks which is what the wheels and the and the the wheels under the trucks i'm not looked at so one find out exactly what he does i should know but i don't roughand so content to a calm brave brows are filed provider inassre shot so geisengen i say a link there i'll have to put it in sertante the stuff and so on has something else so let that was really enters here so the jones and from cato and undeterred thus in this is a counter intelligence a counter intelligence a is called counter helen's global ever read the staggering one you can go down or you can go down and and read it yourself but i'm going to just read a summary here so here i go he got all kinds of one asher in i've not have not listened to the the listen this echecrates of nineteen twenty long justified on national security grounds as a means to bolster the us maritime into it restricts domestic shipping to vessels that are u s built us owned us flagged and hus crew however this law poscas by banning foreigners from competing and forcing americans rhasis that are up to eight times more expensive than those built in other countries the result is higher transportation col shipping oil from texas to the northeast for example countthree times bore the importing oil from e alternately consumers put the bill in addition higher shipping costs pushed prayed for ships on to other sources of transportation such as trucks more traffic in while this plant protection as sofas trailed to benefit builders of ships in the us whose production is less than one per cent of those of china itself core builders of seen over three hundred ship yards close since their herlinghen jones acted defenders claimed the long in shores adequate us ships during times of war the during the s deployment during operations desert shield had desert storm for and flagged commercial ships carried twice as much equipment and their u s counter for so as with so desperate for shipping that is twice requested the use of the cargo ship from mosco a request for a not so the cents actes failed to achieve its ship building a national security goals while driving up cast preconsumes for this how dates costly of ineffective laws to be repealed time to end the jones okay so that subsecari comes back on here and uncle in they are so so there you go and now i'm going to read it is to know injestion here to aleworth of this spy so there is always ways to find out information and to really look into what's behind behind in an what's going on okay so i'm going to read a onesif it here and look at our transportation in the united states of america and how they really moved production of of of american soil to foreign before a nation and guarantee are politicians are getting paid back from this guaranteed they are and the thererwort for in her foreign agents most so anyhow i ous railways and roadways are being pushed to the limit the siety of civil longhairs has estimated that fixing the country's surface transportation and forts would require an investment least one hundred and fifty five billion dollars perier which amounts to roughly twenty three per cent of the governments hundred and sixty six billion there's a weird number for house edinburge doneset and two thousand one meanwhile heightened reliance on trucks and free trains not only increase infrastructure and maintenance costs from wearing the terran bridges and roads but rail also generates greater environmental costs service provides or produces more carbonic ons than his and it's more intense use increases the likelihood of highway accidents and trained to romance bodyhas forests we related related time wasted and growing traffic congestion especially in highways ran parallel to us c length generates enormous opportunity cos from losswas in output so ah and go on in the little bit more on the gold but for her artificially plated water born shipping rates on increased to me and for alternators transite including tree trucking rail and pipe lines raising those mos rates and inflating business cost throughout the supply she deportation incur to move rawmaterial and intermediate goods to the next stage in the productions and final product to retailers and hausers compromise a significant portion of the cost of good soul so our or distribution networks elevated transportation costs effectively affect nearly every business in nearly apprehendest ry rippling through the supply chain squeaking profits for chanting business investment and disadvantagein u s companies relative to the foreign cocomers and depriving us households a savings to spend elsewhere any economy or to invest while the laws most dire counts consistories transportation cross which are passed down through supplied chains and ultimately reflected in higher retail prices it generates enormous collateral damage through excessive warranter on the country's infested that's what i was saying before rail is actually also you know we can look at we can look at the transportation and in or water transportation but rail is also takes the burden off of our roads and in roads are extraordinarily costly in its more costly than the rail and ornery there is no caste to the to a water transportation however there is a high cost to running his so in the end you have to be careful when you're translating office were you you have a knowthat has been really controlled that you don't let the water oh that's something else as be taken a generation was flattered emaster accessible internecine centistre time wasted and traffic in justin and accumulated health and environmental tolto caused by unnecessary coronations from handsome soterial spells on meritit administrator and retired maaramia mark h buzzy testified that over the last few decades the u s maritime industry has suffered losses as companies ships and johns moon over were not stopping pollution they're just moving it out of the country the only way to do that is stopperton sumption the jones act fleet is not only of a shrinking but rapidly age a typical economical useful life of a ship is twenty years twenty four yet three twenty years tintoret three out of every four us contained are more than twenty years old sixty five per cent or more more more than thirty years exchangers a ship's in the jones act fleet currently on thirty year old full eleven years older than the average age of his ship in the world merchant of other developing so i think this is really really kind of a significant thing and something else we should be taken a look at it it's not one for a transportation when you're looking at the transporte or the infrastructure of the united states your looking at a very a very un cordinated effort to get the united states working to move product across to be re across it we have have no translating of opportunities we've got a tremendous amount of the cargo of tractates and and we newehaven control of our ports to do you know that only two per cent of our port and we have in an international ports evergets is seems a little little love so dan'l when you look at scottpore said who was laying our lanmain hasten i own a company that controlled i think ninety eight per cent of all can chain or triumphant this ironmonger across the united states seems a little too coincidental and gives us the ability to move round people children and illegal materials and i think that needs to be i think that something that also needs to be addressed on on very person that he would have good intentions to get in the government to write it would have to take a look at all of these so and have a a thorough evaluation done on not just an notes short cross in the fixed on but the long term infrastructure caused an have a plan in order to keep this nation running safely number one is got to be said he is gone everything we do need to have forcesons spread out right out of the shoot every single action what are the the implications and what are the what are the amah strategies for dealing with it if something goes wrong what what happens what is the cant strophic failure at solicit will appears to me if there is nothing in all high they they are really doing a lousy job of this and they they you know they pstart the thing on fire and that very often to the air i have an awful lot of questions cause it looks like and and i'm not seeing the right questions being asked out there in the open so there you are there's down is a valuation indeed he comes back gallie just think of the dollars sent the ukrainia was put into a rails wright or you know the how many how many billions of dollars have we sent two of over there ukraine money landray pretty exarsere that's goin to fix a lot of ours there in all and it's not just going to you crane the stuffthey're throwing his money round across the globe like confetes like it's like money sadyo our checks of or tandolans and none of it is working for the american there go money petty eve never heard that turn before i just made that of i make worth old diriditur prise hishamites i ought i heard the ends at the creation of it is money that you go creek creed of new language from downherenear to know what is times the land sky comes over begging for money we should put him away those glass boxes and put some money in in their within with the air blowing around and he has to grab as sides were the five install lots in the little assaroehis on i mean is that part of this score i say we put a whole bunch of mosquitoes in the box where the two were to in wars little still lots in this little assonating and there in his little strip or garb and put him to the box and throw a bunch of his squitoes and there with money and seliger oh me that's the terrible ritual there's a me i'm not making folks mister can't michinski to see now it's that is shed then i have seen a couple of mosquitoes this year already series tenantand i have seen a couple of it yet to get some ensup there had no way pay for open to it potheinos have it heard if you haven't heard guineas you really should look it up or go somewhere or go to botosani experienced the guineas oh there too and you know what the great thing about him as they actually have their little happy whistle here all rossome often people can here they sound like this is your answer for ticks and mosquitoes and flies you know they have a they have collars that are supposed to help prevent roosters from crowing i tried it once when we had a rooster and it was not it was it didn't work out it i made one for him and it fed all right but it started to bruise him a little bit and lessayais enough that that doesn't work out a callosities medosads here because she liked the guineas i love and i love it when they go after things because they really they really they may can't they make a got the they've military use is on as he watched the inshore tack there should take profession program rather in the sleep or red sound program to the other propriet est le skip breakfast secreatlie of breakfast son and melito it she has how he roosters do you have to ah well i've got we've got a broken up in a flock o nosewe've we have a so anneperhaps for flocks and then then like a rose and then began long really well you know in sika it's kind of a on the beautiful you know and we we will trade them trade amount little bit here and there as as they are as they are go you know as they go on so with the new as sixty hands come in in em we've the the rooster poundle we'll get spread out through those spread out more through those hands cause we relate to elect the for lies so the love says i loved out as roosters she probably hears some too you know so but they get long only well you know i put think i think you're more men to them like what i was out there the first time i think what i get dark of course to get quiet it got dark a little bit but during the day i was like a new may be it's the means of ponia sang but i descant do rooster i just can't you got to come and see my soup now so that we've got the we've got the new hamishes and one oerther need there really need you know you walk in and and then took our time took my chick rescue program cause it was kind of a chick rescue program when you were there that cause my rooster got somebody killed my rooster i was relapse so i think i will thee stockinet incubators wanted to incubate out his saw then read up get into checks and then repent you do working is like them off and and grow carafla and then i decided i decided because my one son who really really likes the chickens you know he he spent a lot of time when he tasted her moan he trains it is he trains them to get along right and he gets it he is attached someone a work we can't have a more asters are we got the we've got the perfect of roosters right now so that he receave em a couple of the penns he thought he had a two esters and them what mystery root roosters and and the kind of like each other you know the rooster's actually like each other and there like a thereso many women in her let the head the hands are here to stay of a jackal you know the hands the hands of you don't have a rooster in with the hands sometimes the hands get to be a real pain if you throw a rooster in with a hands then the hand start fighting the rooster will cut like go side wasplike this like i'm goin to get shipand you don't girliego let me not screamed shop whestones literarhistor planoperation her to come off in there like goin along women even the caecinan have the roosters round besides that you know what else rosters really do why they're really and a lot of people have a problem with mistresse i think of the rosteins and that's not necessarily accurate what you really have with a rooster is your protection for the happy let if something comes in you you want roosters in with your hands that is toxic masculinity in its absolute best in names and i say that laughing way on one bring out on the tacks at maskinonge and so radiant king on other birds that cook homenot you get atikchick en on a hawk and a chicken will beat the snow out of the hawk a roster or hand or handled the too he is a rotenhan with her little chicks all around her old fool the ah the bird and know what pitithesthai if you get a rooster and we have had a couple of the the man gains that gave their lives rely to save to save the female guineas from coyotes and it was early it was really sad but that's what i hired the night time city hunter to come out and do some money you know because they went after they were going after our and there but but we had we had on two of them that really gave their life to protect the females and so it's a huge deal i mean you know to have those roosters in their because we have mike or around will see a mink every one a while and i make is a savage animal if legateship crew they don't kill for food they kill to col they'll go from one to the next to the next to the and in passelevation clock yeah they they won't staff until they kill every single one it's long so a rooster i go in there and give me good fight you know you got the spurs and ann were the hands are running around the rooster well the ostel handle business you know that's a like stallions to you know we have three three breeding stallions i love stallions and a lot of people are all on that opressing mail a gilding is a fixed mail and on producing mail and so a stallion is a for on testosterone you know you get the big necks and the big the big musculature and such when you're out righting if you're on a galleon a galling is a kind of pass really it's a good horse they're good horses for people who especially are starting with animals maoris get marry in a is the only way to say it the canoe get marry it's like teluck me don't touch me you know what to epicedio you know it's so sometimes a mirror is the most difficult to ride a horse but you can not a stallion whose really well trained and you go out on him and that's just like you know he's like standing at attention and like sargon and arms there they know what they're training is in a something comes to threatened them or the rider they plant their feet you watch em and they're neck brings they bring their neck out and they get puffed up by me they get puffed up their standing here like this and they're going do i take your tail now or in twenty but they don't spook they don't run they'll stand their ground in they'll fight and with that so just so that we we make sure we say to olive or dance brothers uncles all of our maker wonderful red blooded american mails out there we women love you we we love we love our guides for their bravery we love everything about you for your ability to lead and and be brave and put yourselves in harm's way in order to take care of your families and just going to work every day and make a sure that your families are fed and protected we are thankful and we just love you guys an and a real woman love roman and then i like and bring on the toxic masculine and he get out there and kicks some kicks on ass that needs to be kicked because there's plenty of it out there you know i were a share of radio arm about a it was a back porch security camera on a house and the wife let the dog out in the back yard and she's just kind of standing out there casualites d her phone out there's a shadow out there in one part of the yard well the dog came running around because there was a bear come out of the shadow and she started screaming and she's owen because the dog she wants the dogs safe an while i would have been the same way harpalion come back here the dog don't try the bear you know and i'm the husband come right and out it is as exactly how it should be the husband come round out and now the kids want to know what's going on and he yells at them to get back in the house and the bear came running back through because it's chasing the dog and the guy stands there a kind of half squats and has his arms out on each side and he goes off and the bear run away and the dog runs into the house the guy turned round and said something really caleshe straightens up and he's like e back in the house and if this popeyes matter we mean man i know it turns down when he needs that he is willing to put himself in harm's way even at a bear he did everything that he could with his own bare hands and his voice and then he turned it off when he was turning back to his family to techethe get back to secure and he had called monselice all i like that in the process is so fresh as it makes you happy you know so as with that sad of i think that were i go ahead and the seven last words for the day how about this old ensere and then thank you jesus for all the men in our lives we live and then ah let's say prayer minute and then on my like everybody to day to keep gregg and your prayers he to day with his first day for am injections for kemand ah were were praying that he doesn't get sick from it you know are yes timate thor own choice of what they hold they want to have their medical care can nowcarried out and this is where this is what they decided to do and so he's had radiation and he havena little bit of a problem with the radiation he's talking on getting flushed and but to day was his first day for it injections let's pray that he doesn't that he doesn't get second nice escorant won't want me his wife cherry is absolutely a doll and just just a rock through through the many years that they had that they that they've been dealing with us and so please keep them in your prayers especially to day with whenever time you think about it you don't forget that he doesn't get sick from the key on to day that he is well and now that he actually he so dere have my father thank you so very very much for the beautiful day we ask that you would come alongside of any one who said who needs your help whether the cold the or you know the floor or cold or whether they have cancer or anything of cone oh please come alongside of them and let them know that you are there walking through this we ask especial blessing on both terry and greg to day the gregwood not get sick from the key all that injection that he's got to day and that he would roll through this and and the antelope that it would not make him sick in that you would be there and divine way he him thank you for what you are leading us through with all this stuff with not only cancer the water the explosions the transportation system the or power systems and all of these things that we rely on to keep in our families not only safe safe and fed and warm and together that we can enjoy our times together we are thankful that your leading us away from the system which is controlled by the multinational corporations and empowering us to take our nation back as individuals not part of cults beat a death cold or political party or any other special interest group but its individuals who have the ability to turn to you and had you lead us into what the action is to be to day to day and every day thank you so very much for leading us and we ask that you confuse ever plan of the enemy to tow a for sickness disease for destroying and for comte amreading confusion please confuse the enemy camp confused every action that satan has in his demons we ask that you would leave any one who has lost to say the salvation and jesus c that you would that you and absolutely ah turn her hearts the hearts of the nation to you that we would acknowledge you your rightful place as the one who is in charge we will obey we want to follow you because you're our plans are always good all the time and we trust you we love you and were thankful for what you did for us on the cross through cried thank you for the day we love you and jo the same prey at miss owensford cared oh just everybody hanging there caring a riveter hasn't been on telegram quite so much lately eh but i'm trying to also when i am not to share everything under the sun but share the most more important things in my view anyway oh but you know everybody's got to everybody's got a hunker down and take care of yourself that's what i've been trying to do this past week not doing a great job of it so this week and one to try to take a little time and just plain relaxed and recover a little bit and get ready for battle you know what i leonidasto you the story about a friend of mine years ago who was going through some big depression rinover the were talking about this seether day right and i call i called her up in his sandal right none of this depression i said i'm going to be over there six thirty you better get up for him by jumping on your bad morganiaid up or get over coffee and chocolate right sigetvr there she sheolate boot of petesuchos the hand were going to go for coffee so tesoreto off and we went to weorce and so this is what you need you need a peppermint with extra chocolate we sat there for two hours laughing our heads off and then two hours she i can't believe how happy i am renasci this is the key to lie right there pray to god they get one really stupid friend of some chocolate laughter how of it they had the the craziness and life and things that make you happy and in you'll turn your hand to around really quick right so and so is his life can be really funny even the neatest rule you know you can watch people do and go people in lancing that this is almost some of these tragedies that are out there some of these false flags think about them there almost cartoon ask that if that openly put together then once you realize that they've made a big issue about the chemicals in the water on pretty exarsere of they were chemicals in the water you would be able to stir up in okay it doesn't make any sense it doesn't yes and so you don't know i find out it's probably a bacteria as creating the rainbow the rainbow oil slick appearances you know and they may or may not be there may be comical there but i'm pretty exsurgat to testifying them instead of just looking at it like that and plausible reasons for the stuff to happen and a crisis after so you know i think it's i think it's time for us to think our way out of it then jumping to action and not be afraid and then go for fort was more humor more faith less fear cogitasse some genesiac or laugh or single day seriously seriously menace of the bounteous to not give hooponopono go vitooperatin now and you can see how crazy car on as because goats oh there is one with wagging tail as if i can find i will share i will share a little goat kin pictures when we have babies clements month and a half there do and i will share i will share a little pictures of maybe even radio little goat babies pounce on around edification walkingfor here you got about a million tales just a waggon you know prophets great is of hordes their hilarious of adorable i've never experienced it in person but the valloitellessaan lastdescent hemicollin you see to the coming with some shade to gods i not mahooley's somethingnothing on baby god and oh yes i know this one i know this word then on understand her because she had a milk the doze and then feed the kids if she just kept begins with the bells she would have to do all the work he here they come what a riot the furious and by the way i worked in wild life free hab and the milking towns and very similar handel horse i i give a slur i've never milked fans i have milk fed for motor i met the go who when i was a little kid the printer asserius welcome the caran's life well i probably won't be won he bottle feeding hopefully the mams do the work and i hold sogoton yeah until you can bet four times a day every day and then you the gets old it has an insanitary in gorgona he has calistoga that's a happy day you he here so there now i leave you with that with baby gostel's dis to go off and i had her got rodeos and sure that is truly a go roothere go that was good in one fred all right guys so here go then leaving me to come in big bremerhaven that come i am not conceive so not absolutely not conceding so anyhow then were still in this when he sat at redenay of the other or so at any rate they go we love you god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the mer haven't great week and guys and get out there and laugh in one baby got tails and just laugh your hat off with the pewey think it she i have to that for a while so anyhow have a great week and careen at everybody else we will have you irreales and it's going to be okay