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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/27/2023 Darrell Castle & Warren Carpenter

Published Oct. 27, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

9am Darrell Castle is an attorney and founder of Darrell Castle and Associates law firm of Memphis, TN. He has held many leadership positions in the Constitution Party since attending the party’s founding national convention in 1992. While earning his JD at University of Memphis in the 70’s, Darrell met and married his wife Joan. The Castle’s daughter Joanna is married to Michael. Darrell served as a 1st Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps and trained under then 1st Lieutenant, Oliver North. He was stationed in the Far East for 13 months and his service in Viet Nam followed a family military tradition, with his oldest brother serving in World War II, another brother having served in the Korean War. Darrell’s experiences during those years contributed to his strong belief that war should not be entered into capriciously and, that the decision to go to war must be made according to the U.S. Constitution which makes it clear that only Congress can declare war. 9:30 Warren Carpenter, whistleblower on the financial and operational operations of the MiGOP Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the twenty seventh day of october twenty twenty three now on a welcome you to our show to day he an we got derection this morning of the casserepo and of course you know there times when we do i lie broadcasts that things not always go well so we're having a little tough i typtologically there but he'll be on the disseminate and then we have more in carpenter coming on at night thirty which i think is going to be really interest so on a place something will were getting things even now here just a minute and i think this is going to be really interesting because the castle report that darrel does it's pretty much happening across the world so check this thing out missis as this is as ornate solaced forty six and you can see all the countries the the the red lines are europe gloom is the moist green as latin america and words is as an what with half the started out the cave france jolyon the top in thirty is the only males country on the onomatopeiatic in up very quickly to he's going out to watch how the function or these of finance from our country his change and wrote years in potatoes and who it does not serissoides most of the taxes horseness going to interest israel comes in and watch hold fast that means of the charge it tinochores passementerie india and all the side editornow israel's nodicornis decadent insectator it never he in throwing estiennote roisterers still in the itinerant much displaced the other coniceine israel as on the top of our ford beatissime allantoin to all of tosho the distractions thorned nitescat has gone to foreign countries the otimimeoti be all about our interest and present comparable was really good outline satiate more men with homer to go angelsea she had to help now without a rattan two thousand chicks to rottinese toronto how much is religionnever it should be discovered with a rock hearing the talk why not being reporters ordered countries to the thatagree that we are told me have no energy in the pine and look at where you creamsandwiches pectine how much money that we have given to all of the other country and what we know is gone too to ukraine should be disturbing seriously disturbing to all of us so anyhow welcome my guest on he darehe you doin i am and do thank you then you go now we get sound all right so i was pining it out or a video on how you as for an aid has changed since nineteen forty six and it is beyond desert nos watching the i and in you know her so much about you crane but look at the amount of money that's going you know even the philippines the angrese italy packs france turkey india you k south korea aracena why are we finding all these countries to the degrees that to the greek which agree we are we've got two hundred and sixty three billion dollars that have gone to each o israel egypt has gotten on a hundred and fifty one billion dollars uranus thirty four million dollars nive heard it's much more than that sidon think th exactly accurate yet because i think it's much much higher than that but it's just disturbing so any o how are you to day and what's going on in the world you with the cocoleretur well i er i just recorded it actually in the it went out on the orse and about gaza and be israel and problems of the middle east and the potential for disaster there and so forth the subject of it and it's about how ah we have the potential to make a the classic mistake of causewilliam which is open the two front war when you can you don't have the resource and to fight on front let alone to so the gentle toward in the middest and ukraine and in the pacific has never been greater of it a since world war to end but we no longer have the industrial base that we had or were two to the to replenish although lost as it some that's by slaveset of the the quod while in encourage every one to sign up for the castle report because i think you've got a very unique active on world events and a cincincis communista communications are misinformation out there which i really preciate with what has the biggest thing that you're seeing in and out there ah you know i do rather if people go to your report but what other information can you give people so that they have a little better of us grasp on the situation people to day a most people if we estoracis icating to understand what propaganda is but they they always hostile succumbed to it ah and he all the stuff the propaganda the going out about supporting israel and i'm not saying we shouldn't i'll just saying that you see he gores we stand with his reeds constant bombardment to give us ready for what's coming so that we go willingly like lambs to the slaughter and the we never ask what's really going on here what a wire we really doing the and what the supporting israel me and under what circumstances with what limit according to american politicians of the lesson to there are no limits in fact i heard one of them say that were you would support to israel as long as we exist and so our grandchildren their grandchildren have allready been placed to this action even though they don't even exist in the world so it's ridiculously the extent that it goes to ah and the you know this is a bad one as to what could happen ah but i take a what i gets you can call a libertarian approach to it oh i i know what war is and the americans have been trained to think that it's just called by some for somebody else on some other side of the world doesn't really affect us but this one might be de so i tried to sound the warning think about this think about what you're doing ah before you do it and because those people watchinangoes think about it yeah i think o what's really disturbing is to see the amount of a non peaceful protests that are out there and the point that people need to stout participating in this nonsense as the i believe their funny both sides of this the badges are finding both sides of what's going on in order to start the war they want to ward they can get aside they think they're going to get us out of the financial collapse that were on right now you know with instigating some sort of a world war to try to get him out of trouble i don't think it's going to work this i think the american people of people cross the world are too awake for i and oh but but of course you know any time there's a financial crash eminent we're going to see wars pop up in order for them to try to save himself yes he makes sense or more likely than getting us out of it would be bringing down the american financial system that spin the base for now for fifty or sixty years on dead or accumulate more and more dead than spending without any regard you know where to reality cannot pay this back now it'll never be paid back but that's not the point just painting entered he mentally the piper weatheh what really shot one and that is the fact that they would never allow us to live under the same lack of constraints that they have oh you're absolutely right too the iris of dollar dekoneco in collected i'll tell you that right now even if they're mistaken you know they treat you and set you to prove that their wrong which this happened to me more than once i hoped to prove that to you know my law firm under threats from there by the toopeople to prove to them that i don't really of this money a both doesn't work the other way yes seems like they always go after the honest people in and let the let the criminals free i don't know about you but i am of the opinion that the iris of the un needs to be abolished both we need to get out of em but polish anything that's the three latter agency right now that is outside of the what is constitutionally allowable needs be gone stroke in the pan a good bye you guys screwed up away away will the concept is what the the original constitution party was based on the original the number was called the phone number to reach us was called when a hunter to betoires and it was started out of the movement against the iris and evolved into some of the a constitution party meeting less we can was a lot of fun i enjoyed it it was isinund joan again so so but had a lot of fun there it's that'snot note the people missed yesalways good to see old friends be putoavansa for while to get together with people of a like mind or at least simminses always he truly so what would also hot your mind for to day that's going on and that you want to either educate people about or or that because i think you're an if you don't know all out there darrell was the presence candidate for the us taxpayers party and a very very intelligent full of information kind of guy he's got a military background and i appreciate his perspective because it's not it's not chasing chasing unicorns as its tacked in a fact well thank you don that military people oh an i is still an'elec'tric with with several of general rank officers oh i goneeither an a that there retired down me no don't know me any active or generals but i do a lot of retired saidthey ah they do what their ordered to day and so as the military does but that doesn't mean they like it does it mean that can't think about what they're doing and think this is really insane but they are to be in any way the present orders or in the battle they will go but this one it just doesn't make any sense to make all this propaganda his disturbing a the american people are dustbeing the ticulate and driven through two and then every woe conclusion that anybody could see his coming and no one is well the sad way manless this less what we think about this when we really doing ah what this all this mean that all this propaganda ah is it all really true or you know with a hand everything one wonders o les pictures really true minotaure has any one been on the ground and seeing this an answer that apparently as yes ah that is but but they're all kinds of bad things had happened all the time everywhere oh you know a people across town on the other side of memphis become victims of crime but i'm not a police officer so i'm not under any obligation to go over there and get myself involved in ah so we are not placed officers either contrary to what people in washington think i guess when you run a world it carries sorcepans bilitis and we certainly act as if we run the work ah and the the that requires us to poke and hosen the every redesigned to his other the world to me its distance any pinkle voor this repeated keep going for p the keep doing that and you know they disgavelling up the semesters anyway a feeling that it sunclothed though that's that's so finished during that potestas i said it's as susprise that's the only course i can think of is simply cynically think it's truth false you get the idea that the whole world is wrong by willing is sometimes he sits pretty accurate you wouldn't a sane person wouldn't be making the decisions that are being made right now for she and now is it is it is disturbing but i really do believe that that there's no certainly god is in control and he is going to bring down these evil people with an i do believe that i believe that god is going to bring down these evil people and it's going to be a bad day for the by just like when when the israelites laughed the an egypt at ikipivin they were they were separated out now doesn't mean that it wasn't a tough time but there the wrath o god came down on those who were committing the major crimes that i think we're going to see that i really do i'm kind of positive ones is kennellike it's kind of like well it's going to going to be hard times but got i get is thought well done let me point out to you that you my wife she would probably say the out see there you you you see that you see the negative and all this you don't ever see the positive but you know god the god the when he sent the israelites so to babble on yon captive punished that entire nation they turned their back on him not all of em but they all suffered together for four hundred years he labored in captivity and an enemy nation so the rain falls on the just in the unchastitie and i it's a concern you know that the bible tells us to pray for the peace of jerusalem and i certainly been doing that i encourage other people to do that but you know we'll see what happens yea i will i agree with that i get called out for being a little negative a lot of times too because i say in the realm of problem world the lot that's what i like looking at the things that are wrong rather than things that are rich i never i never really like a when you wefused too much on all the positive things because you don't fix anything with the pausesif thinks you have to look at the problems and run right into the fire in order to fix them i'm i'm fairly positive that that we're going to go through some of times we've been through him before and it's going to it's going to happen again but there's there's reasons for everything so i guess i guess my faith is faith in god that he's going to see astronometer what happens and we potagre with two hundred personbehind about the problems i mean the both as a commentator on public affairs and as a lawyer i leave in problems since alas all the time ah and so yes it sometimes it gets to be a bit much but but i do agree with you that the god wins in the end what happens until the ones are a different story but we'll see what he hasn't line for well we'll call it behave your modification on liars chief and thieves that's i think it were going enright now and also the apathy you know we can't have we aren't we are never going to have a country that is truly free is self governance with the amount of apathy that we have right now and the lack of people that are willing to step forward you know it's so funny any more i'm just happy with some one brings a package of cook as to something it even even minimal effort going forward for a saving the nation some people want to show up the professional good con i i think i've got some feedback there these professional biting em meetings that are out there or people go on they just complaint complaint but they don't have any real goals and they don't have action will stop any i talked about that at the the constitution party meeting and how important it is to have actionable so and you know in a target there's got there's got to be a target for people to to work towards an him and going to going to meetings over and over genesisin republican party is that that and allowed the grass roots it's all about just sitting there complaining about things but there's really not a lot of actionable so happening within these groups other than shown up for ridiculous protests which do nothing except having laughed at the windows at us you know i think some legal action would probably be a really good plan with god in no i'm sorry about the poems to this the wellicome sure nicethat it seringa now you can alright thank you it's been a planter you thanks for being on daranatha few technical difficulties to day but thank you or i go ahead and go to the castle report and you can sit up for four or ohodthe casserepo dot come and you can sign up for dares news letter which which he does really good job i like listening and a good man very informative as so i wanted to show you something else that i posted it well in waiting for my afton i can pandareos for more years doctors had received bonuses for adherence to the latest drug therapy protocol dogs that are known to be dangerous such a state archie presence it's now we know that insurance companies are paying doctors to fully vaccinate your children sancho programme for vaccinating deities can be found in the blue cross blue shield doctor and sent in stressified good every patient under the age of two that receives the currently prescribed twenty four inoculations is worth a four hundred dollar pay out to that doctor for further motivation decoded by the hundred they have to facinate a certain percentage of their total patients or they don't get anythin cross to shield steatornis to fascinate sixty three per cent of their patients in order to pale the average american pediatrician as octigen hundred nations and would have to have at least nine hundred and forty five of them fully vaccinated in order to get paid any forty thousand for every hundred dispark out to three hundred and sixty thousand dollars this is why most pediatricians who provide care for families who doubt completely submit to the latest childhood vaccine to we were talking over a quarter million dollars which is more than the average pediatricians yearly salary research shows that it unvaccinated child risk of death increases by over five thousand per cent who they received the current accinse the doctors were down to going to use virtual reality to help them administer these poisons to children who instinctively know better you have winnerwas a cingitante or he sensation he versionspossibilitieshow i was on tootootootootoot tandemposition the appetence the protocol for which for his son from lockehaven onayotekaono i totengedchtnisfeier on their have made a feast to peashooters the men at was so professor now poor arsenosi heritage control potaters hiderto indeterminate though the spirit of onesicritus the sophistications the accretion cainotensis is gregory this is like just so crazily crazily criminal i can't even believe i can't even believe it were seeing here you know talk about bread and circuses this is like taking it to a hole another level and while at any rate i want to introduce my next gas warren carpenter he's a whist of lower for on the goandi love the skyes or his great out there with his information and i like people that just speak it out what needs to be such but whether or not anybody agrees with that or or not and i really the latter respect for people who are whistle blowers that aren't afraid to make a few enemies in order to get the truth out there some one a welcome worn morning wore an how you doing your mute yet yes sire it that no one more after good morning i'm so glad to your coming so worn and i've talked if you times and i've seen the reports that you made i was over in mccowen you shared that report and i really appreciate at your taking a stand and resigning when you saw something that was that was going wrong because you didn't want to get caught up in the criminality of what you were seen out there and o'er the impropriety that was happenedand i willowtree for that early to let's let's go through this and let people know exactly what happens in the ami dioicous all i'm seen are a whole bunch of felons in there they replaced people who actually have em who actually have a professional history as it were without committing felons talents of the or felonies and i'd like you to tell you from your perspective what you're seen what you've seen and what they are doing seacoal he starts way back in september eighth september up until this point i was a pretty staunch perescieramos on any one out there in the public that has seen me at any district meetings or i had conversations with me about the administration i was very sport ah you don't even of the point where i worked on a wire carelessly the tri to help get her elected and i carried a lot of water for these things that that happened on the administration that i wasn't happy with a right out of the gate oh he resisted and district niggerman you i was i was elected to the seventeenth of february and on a note and in others in others a lot of tumult even about that the factionism at that point i thought would die down and people would you know put on their helmets and run in and i take the bullets for the party and you know move the party forward by like the day from the onset ah there was things of our happening that was offering my support for her because she wasn't making decisions that were cracked two and a half weeks three weeks before mackin of pillow hower and asked me had up a team a kind of pull mack and i and right to to land it speaking last to so i got on a call on friday september eighth joel though the baker pand mcavity from the administration and then for my team it was a fellow hollanders bo myself deberos think carnegan was also invited to the colonies was timid and in the ginning of the call it was like an oculos stuff like illmated sound like you know this thing was in real trouble and then we got on this phone call and during the call their talking about like the promotional te right like you're going to love the program it's scott like you know the printer's going to do it for free for a sponsor ship your oar in a love this program in like okay isn't that her on fire experience i was et and then i got into a you know the run up show and we need greater and i i just said the whole lot like why are we here what's the and then they started talking about bookings to the hotels the contract stated they had selthe hundred and forty four rooms before the event they only had a hundred and twenty to a hundred and fifty may be spoken for a that's a big part of the dead obligation then we see talking about speakers em and they said at that time on the call it was both ways said to jim gives was alone jim kibes wasn't in condonation i think that they're going to find his shoes with that with a and then they said that you now carried like hadn't been paid oh you know did nechooshat n't been paid zuby had been paid one third of his speaking fed i sort o just doing the math in my head you know and without an here's a thing with the hotel suppose we dan horton was negotiating this contract and was going to get us back final numbers by tuesday jason for coupled but never got any information to that as well so what i have to finding out was with my easy math calculations they were somewhere in the hundred and twenty two and the worst case scenario a hundred and eighty in the hole at that time on that colin friday they told me the only had thirty hood i'm not a done man i can do quick mass and i know that they were charging the registration his he said they had over seven hundred and something registrations the early bird price was one twenty five i didn't monitor the website to see if it was increased supposed to be sometimes i did tamed up getting somewhere the neighborhood i'd thought closer to a hundred to hundred and fifteen thousand joel ultimately told me it was eighty five shuler's se question of that is is okay so if you've got more obligations on his right for an administration that says they don't want to deal in a but they only got thirty thousand dollars in the bank that sets off a red flag to me that money that was supposed to be the for certain things for the event sisily hasn't been paid because they didn't pay for any avian one he thought they were going to have to they thought it was going on fifteen grand initially then the teschall you can use our system moves so thin like everything was a fire sale to try to i got off that call that night i was a little alarmed i called jol soon baker rightaway said jo i got to have a talk with and it was in that conversation that you know we talked about okay well what can we move around how can we make i found out on the friday called two that they weren't going to do a straw cold i had even crossed their minds until i brought it up the following day i found out they know that nick presenthad called a couple of politicians i then like didn't receive a fall columns like you do sidestick calm is thinking myself like i where are these people and that's what i started when i saw realized in well how far along o how far back was loisset that was now sir six weeks this point something you myself why didn't you come we five weeks ago a month ago aren't you asking for help on these other situations and serosos this point time my mind i'm still like in the i'm going to help my friends i'm going to fix this thing out right we're going to come up with the throats that night i went to bed and i came up with a with a plan on reach out to president of melectanea local being michigan republicans who might be involvedinterests giving a sponsor ship or in pain for a speaking peace on his soforth owenites backed that one is on the whole that they had was silivaka approached them about coming and they were trying to get the fact to pay you know fifteen twenty five thousand dollars for a sponsorship but what they did understand as they needed him a free speak aches he was free entertained me they just didn't understand what they were doing with that of his thought in me it was it was really ate and so that night i go to bed and i'm thinking about the plan it's so first thing in the morning you know i wake up i set an i got a hold of poporokewa contacto anchorstone john campester its and i doing his sponsorship if we could pull off a straw polianthuses two weeks away and this this is not sprightlike who's going to show up like you know there's no these candidates there schedules are the there invanted yongeman this the really bad steel but i thought that we could get it right i thought that ah you know we came up with a thing called rightly lending and said hey riley like if we could do a scholarship program and pay for all your kids foods you know you got thirty grand for the will you both the rooms at the grand and will pay for to find a way to pay for the food to make it for we came up with the straw pole right that the altinate ly did and bidden raise money necesidad de is way i would have done it but he in elated that they are so so i call pon upnothing to put all these boxes and i had six things that six buckets that we had to attack he said something to me that cane rattled me a little it goremember earlier during one of the state committee meetings the filing came out right for the b c and in at that point time it showed that they had raised three hundred and seven thousand to others they had like a total of six hundred thousand rays or something like you know with mackinnon and fun that's what i was told but the truth of the reality is because paul cortes said something is very smart hen sets sunderwise widely on though and hope and generally have me at that time i might oh my god that means that this is hard money these are your campaign dollars that you would use for candidate engagement in voter outrage petate federal candidates for so now this event had to have a federal or and may these are things that i am unrealizing further down at the pont one with a pad i rallied the team they come to my shop right here i hear the herati now and on this board behind you i laid out the plan right that some people in the open the team took a picture and then we called em we called pristina after i went through it the plant of myne and we called for stingo and mike clabbawhen i on a speaker phone and i too it was to convoluted to do it that way so laurie set okay i'll send off a zoom link and as we sat as soon like everybody gets on and then christine gets on the sooans can't do soon because my calamity ah only does so like he's silkenhosed first of all this guy's nothing why she got to be in my call why do i get this is my call telling you but we're going to do why do why do i have to change my call for this guy he's not even he's not even pesochim right you just to go that was another red flag after that call i called joel again and said there is an you know some of his recollections but in that fall he told me that he and his wife were afraid they were doing things that were like he never said that on his rebel in maconoise beggar he said that what she because you i was told by game and like this is really bad like don't think you guys understand what you're doing is trying to like these are my concerns you know and then when he says oh like you know like worn said he was back in i was back into the point where when he told me that they had raised enough money to cover the reef and of all the registrations so at least they wouldn't be committing covers with that is no no no i lesserlesser hold back a second let's say that do you own a car you come to me and i'm the middle man i must sell your car right that's what am i to you peter the grand hotel in an the people paying for the room they're the middleman there supposed to take the money in and give the money to the hotel right that's that's what it is now what happens if you take the money in but then you don't deliver the pro you spend that money other places big perabout there will agree with me that's called conversion or those were my concerned so much so that i got more estibon braden jacobs e e good bye the young the old we called a recall that tone called by the general council that was for ordenied the time i just sent them the invoice so they've got a copy of it saying that i called with concerns and these individuals were on the phone they know and he said this is bad stay away and then my tender said all you don't know anything you don't have any fact that was enough to me to start to or that search for facts has got us where we are hereto it's incredible what has come out of this i had a home every time i think that that's it there's more in its work and everybody that comes forward says something different then when i believe not that i'll even so much this with any portaloon down be first administration i would try to send them emails or contact domino never get a response i now was like it was always told to me that like all yea like you know the competitor there this and they're that like you start to form an opinion based upon what people around you put into your head an that's what i thought right until i find out later on that not a besides is by this this ninety thousand dollars that we spent with for liberty we're after really descended the appropriate people she never got access to their mails so a christian is a roncadelle page were armed sorry god so when she is upon stage waving those evils is sent these he mans he sidenote ether what nobody got on and missus what you paid ninety thousand dollars for if people on this if you're watching this you're the body is your job this is an older i'm never going to an when i knows me i'll beggar myself my wife by which in oh when i resigned i resigned because i in the catwas morally crushing formate what was going on but be like an missings of me but i must i for to to get elected chair my family was down in florida as her one once a year family vacation else for days out of that smithers i on three old at a three of the five year old the other there are two and two and five there are three and six now i got ten fourteen old girls then i'll fifty i goes here moments like you know that i traded for this stuff and i believed in somebody never some one asked me she is the water you sort why are you taking this persons like you taking this et i am because i was like your head go because i was like you like like it like it if it didn't affect me what would that say about me if if i was just like all legsno big deal like now this this whole thing is a voice this whole thing is a lie nothing is a sham is the it oresteias one is heretieri usly sorry now that the one last part of one to say is like you got understand this is going to affect to point five million people's ability to cast votes for a party that they believe the responsibility of the hundred and seven people of that state comite one hundred per cent is reflective in the two point five million voices you represent this is going to be on your head whence all comin out i suggest that you that you at least get enough concerned to ask the just fall in line and said there's no way there's no there there everything tells you there's a lot of there there nothing they say ever matches right there's no contracts anywhere there operating in organisation of financial responsibility completely out of the guidelines and by laws of the th michigan station its alternative financial when you start operating like that and there's no checks and balances in any know i guess he explained this you know i guess they have to be authoritarian keep out the authoritarianism i mean like this that where we're at cause that's what is i don't know i ask inything you want to ironwill the thing that's really bothering me as you're saying that it's affecting to point five million doctor it's affecting ten mile arnot dallas canopeo le in the republican party it's affecting ten million people in the state of michigan this is why these political party it's not just a private club what they do affects the entire state the republican party is so big as like the democrat party is they are so big that they can literally capture our entire election and when you see how few people stood up for election integrity really stood up for they might have said a couple of little little know had line jabs and their but they weren't going after this in a legal manner to actually make a difference in he could have done it as an organization and they chose not now the letter when i saw when i saw thee on the problems were the with for liberty and the amount of nepotism in the republican party everybody's related that sitting on the top just about you know there's there's so many people that are related and no bed contrast and on all the toloman or ever the lawyers the column in lawyer out there in atowishcoste a million a half million noble bed legal contract represent where do you think that money is going to go i itanother you'll essonite good neighbor program right like the same to talk about the for liberty for the the computers and all that stuff that that the state committees nineand good neighbor program is owned by a company called playbook it's owned by john le duc who sits on executive committee was thrown a bayer moss and all these people isanother automicon thing ran with canby these eyes there's no contracts for this it has to be paid for in other doing what the otagos everyone there mining their data for less they're all thuserdoing sins there all taking your dad an this is a bad age is all the money this is about he you imitation these sorry i me to stop on yetsuch i said this from the beginning that this was this is the good name a program this is a spy program when when i've when i took a look at this and such an enemy was instant when they were talking when i got kicked out of that meeting over grand rapids christian is look at me as you're not a real republican i'm like i'm so sorry but but i wasn't on the ballet because you all were involved in kicking me out this was this is a whole group of that that refused to stand up for a leetle process due process as well as watching the only people that could stand where the ones on their fake straw hold that they had the twenty twenty one mac con i only conference that's exactly what he to look at to look at the amount of impropriety that is there the good neighbor pro there literally encouraging people within the republican party to betray their neighbours or family and their friends in order to put personal information into these dateless after they talked to somebody which they are going to use and and profit of i mean i saw right away and i've been i've an talkin about him like you realize that you're turning it you're turning every single person in the republican party who uses the or or who is recruited to this and to spain on their neighbors in like like i do even have to go that he the ravingyou got a whole thing if no honor one per cent but a committee on talking to people you see nothing wrong with this they think that how like people get data i said that techtheis rd ministration turned over no data to her right no less you understand his you buy that data you rent it writes what i did as i called sope and found out gave hood we get our data from where you get it so i called my clamity i gave him contact idriss i told christina i told phil i told lorry and debrosse so much so that i had depressiore on a call with that a touch that's what has its wind read organization and that houses all the republic can dat right nationally and you any rent those less that you can run it from people like i three six years so on and so far there trying to do as they're trying to scrub their data to get their own list to sell to other people in the future and not as am agohyas something as like you know for liberty or this or that and the good name of program will have this less so the naked use it to sell it and he's going out of the if you like the she lies she lies all the time about so many things the data is red the reason you don't have a list is the data is always been like that since tis or of you by olist what happens that list to aleshine good not now like good for that moment in time because it's a snap shot of your beliefs your likes your interest in your mode of your pattern of life at that moment right that's what these people pull all this matter data from all the things that you're involved and all the things that you respond to it's only good for that moment and like it's just a falsehood to say that all they didn't give us anything now listen he paid off almost all the day and i left to three hunder c and you borneit up now is there looking in the things you start seeing that the whole thing was all the way back in that as the personal point for that's why i met wort that's why i don't care how long he and would not on ofthings going on that other helping on the corona come i've got to say i does anybody out there see what's wrong with this entire system i mean i have a fundamental problem with this they are spying on americans in order to manipulate the most get them to vote a certain way this is all of how many people can you manipulate through your propaganda because his propaganda that heating tailored to the individuals in order to fit the elections so rock it should be run like a job interview with the risk to the people of michigan and the united states let's see what their weaknesses are or what will push their buttons in order for them to vote the way we want them to old it is that this is so backwards and so wrong and then i make one off of it in used to be massaging you ought i mean it used to be like hay that guy said things that i believe in you and me but but the reality is is that you know with technology campaigning is and in getting elected as in it takes it takes a lot of a lot of different things it's omni channel right you've got to be everywhere you've got to be you've got to be in an earned media you've got to be on television to television or you have have the appropriate ah so timed presence all to break through what is five minutes no cycles i even twenty for any more so even an hour it's a five minute new cycle i mean like that's why that's why i have to be solely i got a break through something every single i got to tell you something you every single nor for people to understand how this keeps compounding there's no end in sight and that's what i'm telling you there's going to be no end in sight because there is endless stakes and griffs along the way in these just getting when i give you one to day right this is all nabalantogui ottoman other one let it let let me give you something new right this is never an in the air waves so kay i just confirmed this because i called the i called the lancing the lancing parking gooright now has four open tickets he parking locked a second its after the sixth thicket or at issuance of the six ticket they bore now i haven't seen her driving very lately in a lot of the reports are no check the bank accounts he started now these tickets are from july some of them are even a little bit later these two of them are so pass do she was issued courtsone because she didn't pay her in now i take the lady she said the next two are going to some in probably the next week or so four courts of insight for not paying ten dollar parking tickets on time this woman doesn't even pay her bills in your trusting her to run your part at as when she's on the doctor hastened i don't even know to say thank you that hornet's a pattern of life i am my choice i do make good ones but on have checker and come hahiotionk i mean spect people to be with a set they were not belie piers i went promontories he's a liar i've got on a bunch what what all can you tell everybody out there i think people need to understand this money the money trail he tears with for liberty with and who is related to who here because in eventive been posting about it and that i believe that joe moss is involved with his sisters and is married to a common is that correct jolyette kind of i think the something by nature i think i think that joe went to school with a the council clensethe ride so one of the crones and joe grew up together and then the new attorney from calmazo called in who is now general council otto county with the no bed four hundred and eighty having formed an eighty c contract great job ah is he is a cousin or an or an uncle to to his friend but yeh is it's all this is incestuous thinking of the click that i keep posting as the one where in or she says oh you know were just going to not give all his money to all our friends and just haven't spend it all this out woronowo antheame clip when joel's giving his rebothites youkisser joe most dear friend of mine you know we wanted to business france is like pussycat it both ways that's sholie see that's a lie that's a lot we got to stop saying that's not that she's thought a liar that's a lot and i'm not afraid to tell people that i like was alot a low time norna watch the but of their tone every one i'm not and on this other an tell you who i am you know who i you got to souling so there you others your morality loss and for to day because you know we have to be bomb proof and telling the truth and all that were always on within that is is that we're all fallible and to act otherwise when i lie i promptly tried to admit it and make my wrongs right that was on oloroso might my arrest records right i'm fifteen years right my program tells me that when i massey the end of the night i got to make a man's uwatyo e if i were in among and i promptly said but but i say that people don't lie that's not true everybody lies in some in something in their life whether it's an action or it's an outward verbal lie eh you know we betray ourselves because we set we got to stop saying that we're not right and i know that there's there's a promise that makes that better for me but that's for me upon us his propaganda to mold minds of people to say that you know you got to trust me because i'm the force of god and good like your life that pot there's a lot of people that certainly are using god's name and in vain in order to garner favor that doesn't mean everybody is but there you have got to check things out that sort well what else is going on with i tell the people because i was at that first meeting in macon it were you were you were laying out the facts and i'd seen him before that those those documents right and so i kind of knew where you were going and it was kind of ridiculous for there was somebody that jumped up and said that well where's the facts i'm like are you stupid the facts are right in front of the itdidn't say that but i was thinking that because you don't console you laid out the source documents beautifully to show what we've already what we'd already seen and for lot of soalready seen the the nonsenses mingling on all their but i really do think that this this should be deeply concerning not to the republican party democrat party the constitution party the libertarian party and every single voter in the state including voters and non voters this is going to effect because what's the what's the and result of celesistile agree for the moment there's two political parties really right to majority political parties that basically of facts how were governed eh you know in every aspect of one so lord his care they work together for but but even if we don't even have to go there right let's say that they're not what say that there's one that's on others there's one here and there's one there so in order for it to work they both have to be about this same otherwise one is basically bigger the other and then they take all the ore so even the democrats they've got a formidable operation so andso what's the net result of a hand strong broke ineffectual republican then you've got the the missis what you're looking at right this is what you have you got your hands tied behind it you're not going to be able to get him voice you're only got this is how fashions et comes in to put you get one voice you have one choice because the new lord other opposition party kiss so ineffectual that these people are going to they're going to win everyting i am not talking even about state were in talking about your mayor's races some talking about librarian school county supervised as sheriffs all these people rely on one organization and in the way that were fractured by design i believe i's got to only have not positives for the democratic party in communist rule nor state if if you posee that you're not havin anostros as you know i have no working together that's what i think i think they're fined by the corporations and that it's basically a pay out thing just like the good neighbor programme this is all about money and control rather than doing things for the right reason system is broken from top to bottom and ped renick knowledge that because the way that it's running right now it's turned into just a circus there's no way within the current cthat were ever going to have true self rule and i think holding is an illusion i don't think that we've you i am sixty years old and i don't think we've ever really had choice so manipulated we just can see it now with the technology that's out there and people of woken up the little bed in order to see things not for what we want to believe but the way it truly is and i hope in that the go long to get along mentality within these parties it goes away very soon if people start thinking because if they're not thinking they're not they're just the that sheep to the slaughter the sheep to the slaughter there like lemmings and it's going to end in complete and disaster look at how the policies hypotecated or a risk for war right now president trunk the rightful president the united states capped us out of war and now what with him we got everybody that set going out prop probably start singing at us on american soil from every psyches we've let in invasion halfthen within our border we've got fighting in the face we've got fighting on the atlantic the mediterranean side we are fighting all around us and if it is it is were not isolated it's going to affect us i believe that it certainly were certainly the money crashes going to come they needed a crash in order to get them you know they needed war to get out of this crash that sonnet using the ausaye right you know crisis solution or such propriis solution oh no i mean you can now bidebent war planes to bompona factions and that's a hot like dotacion fuse it like do people do understand where we are in the story he like but they don't think they're looking out their feet the thinkers stand and on somatikou on sand people everything is different even the political process you even when i would talk to elected you know all the way up to now to reassociation with herne and i'm trying to explain to these people that the theydon't understand where they are all the old rules reckon i really believe that's the insurgency of people of activists you know i really think that i really think that we win because i think that were getting better and spotting the grifters the bull chitters and the criminal and i think in the long run we went but a call what i'm doing right now is the call for you to be read it's a call for you to stand up a call for you to see something says right not go along to get along see something say something right that's what they all want to tell you right see something say something so when you see something in you say someting you're going to put yourself out there right you in right now we're in that were in the face i think where people are starting to see what's going on and it's going to be easier to come off the side i created a an entity called the whistleblower fond that is going to pay for all the legal representation for everyone that came forward and is giving testimony in as about what they've experienced inside the administration we have boat loads and bolt loads documentation video recording hours an hours an hours of witness testimony to attorneys this is going to be as what i've been doing is out there barking and sending tweeds and being cute because it's a five minute new cycle they got to get these people directed in to the er air that the information when it comes out they'll be able to go back and say oh that's what he was talking about oh that's where that is oh this is what that means so it's i know this is in a running a run in two hopsthe same time right one is the de class op here's what i got here is what i know i can tell you what i can tell you minus what you do the attorney said not to speak about until her at that point ah but i can give you enough information that you know if you're you're a little save you should be able to figure out what that means in andwhereis we are not far down he telling people this and you should all be coming she be brave stand up so responsible is your party these are your beliefs in these people are trading in that in your name and you don't even realize the exact thing they accused prior people of being but worse ron wiser didn't have a five or one see four pending organizations set up in nevada to help democrat grass roots candidates he was not the president of an organization that was taking phone calls with robert kennedy junior and dennis cassini he was not partnering with other state chairs across the country to move up primaries in change calcis rules order to have all these presidential primary one all up in february beginning of march while parthenon as lettercase that matches on mere talks about on authorized one and who is that what is that what the five ones see threes called an that's a fine one he for the cute thing about that is is in one of the poncas manet armamental about how to long longer money and that one's out there in the telegram chacks and stopped what a what he says is he goes now were working with the frank caf knees the security police there are five of one set if you just give us a call call me that yours my number on the bottom this pothast in ten would all do as all call them and say hey i got a guy's going to make a big donation and then you can make it to them and get a tax right off and then they'll send us the are you talking about that's any longer the godlike here's nothing about this guy in a god love him he was a twenty year marine right good back round the guy come to find out his as it is not something tell guy he is supplied ossetic got right he's my peristeromorphae smith matt as i you can find a or mapa tide in mat mackanotin these got forty things he's always on fly over conservative he was on a couple other ones of s there's some does he's out there look on the reason one's cause that's where he's talking about either collision of an dot or a or unauthorized and she did get up and on stage and say that how i was part of that during the secretary of state race and i've stepped down but i checked again this morning she still on the register she still the president of the organization oh ever got mat mat yes as soon as he got out of the marines in february two thousand six torpedo for north with northern on that job in two and a half years he and based on his expense account two hundred and fifteen thousand dollars now had been convicted and sent to twenty one months and a federal so there's another fellow that's working with us he might as incredible somebody is somebody said to me the other day oh yet here we go somebody suddenly the other day there lake will whose he fell in and there on like sorry i'm not here to baby said you people we're here to put it sounds it sounds maybe a little bit a little better rough but it's like we're not here to baby said anybody's people have to get in get the stuff figured out for themselves first of all if if they start she does right here in an she's close of those desires of his organisation i go all the way to the bottom recordfor me if you can do you see the partnership on the private public pressessee the senator the center for security policy recientemente han side the red button storethat's frank offnes organisation that manachas talking about on the potass so they are partoristi on if you just send the money to them the nakasend in ototototoi and you can get taxed collocandas there she america project you american project was big and funding collision ocanides early on tap put in a a couple of hundred grand to them to get them off the of the ground and running in less than i've not saying that like tap is bad or these organizations are bad i'm saying that the people that i'm talking about are bad right the people that i'm explaining things too are bad to go gets up on a pocas untill you out o wonder money and if you do it in your some old grandma wanted to go hundred dollars now their assoro the effects might come to your door islike the perfect proof you know they're looking for you anyways you know tenantedthe tell you is so this one it's not that it's not that i think that these organizations themselves might be bad but this is what i will say he how did might lave an he get all this access to all so they do as they use these people for their access to give people like christina and joe moss and these other people credibility ay i can pull somebody in for an adventer this person could make a phone call and yet the pike did make that happen it was prose so you know there's different cures writing in politics he treated all the corn people got understanding who you know is as importance what's in your back on sometimes more because that's what can fill your bank count you land somebody to do something and the next thing you know that you've got credibility oh we've got to trust this guy he's giving you the right master no i think he was building a profile for her christian national extremeness of the fbi would elevatest cations in a people or say that's what i think the guns went doon this is crazy and gets crazier this when when when when you when you're perfectly pedigree amazing honest straight laced lawyer tell he wouldn't believe any of his for saying the et he said more damning than a spy novel in any spine alister people have no idea what betting on to sparking in that's fine impatient like the thick like like they were patient they were patient so started in to twenty one if let's talk about that a little bit the real interesting thing was and in a month o'mongo forward and then go back so increased when christina koromo was running for chair i got a call from his fireflame called me and said like are you don't know she's not the same person i remember by ladies of that guy all this stuff in anientice little bit and he i met christianwhen she came to my shop to do an interview during all the divorce stuff with hers oh i don't like that cried i am i sortisith her on that and so she so she was at my shop doing the interview and my claritas theresoon residue the office does tell me eh you traitor for the global ists of you now fight globeless in the un and all this other stuff lololala and i thought myself okay you know first of all an operator is en tell you her operator exposs younot that like the non operator in their outward can it be seesomething verse he said that christina cromwell asked when he interviewed and then an i didn't think anything of it this is back in like you know may be as i'm in on him like all yet whatever great you know how hot you must support of this time so let me go up into the nothe chair rays clamor says these things about might he's a bad guy and crisis in the first on that everybody knows i go a couple of the people said the same thing that were like interpoint you ought to be nestoris sir come out there in the chair as but because we were running this telegram group and we were running in opposaile we were shutting down any descent in the group right we you know we spanned the thread so everything would be buried and so on and so forth his potfolie her eye were don't i tell secrets out there for her selah so he span the chap we drop all these things but then jane glazes or comes up jeegler takes the ore a different point of view he said the worked with lap he worked under laity at michigan precinct first am i e now we can back up to that so we got we got the current stories of this guy's bad bobbed jane comes out and says that mike is running this thing like from behind the scenes and i called above the line so like that behind me here are no time lines as a time line and everything that happens falls below the time line because you can re the documents in facts and an information you know but above the time others alone and i'll not lie as my gladness to signed up for anything is not an email chains his names onontac he's not fund raised his not doing an the coronation of the i goes back to michigan priesting first rights let's let's take a trip back and twenty twenty one some time around i say march twenty twenty one michigan it's not necessarily even off the ground and running yet but what happens in april at end of march april is they have the meeting with coalition of candidates which to march latin all the peas to burn mitigarit sheeting the room he's making connections so nowhe's goin to use escochions forward as he right that's how he started to get credibility was in that men at this contests already being groomed to be the candidate for this when mike finds her members sensitised of he finds her in the time where she doesn't have a hole she got to this car accident she had haven cernech stories are coming out you know she's you know she has some mental health self going on and then he in scoring on through divorce let mother womanher dad stresses are what what make you manipulable right let's you say like that was it escaladed i think she passed off the charge for panetelos point or life or some one came and looked like a father figure picked see rebuilders as within i said that pretty fast not miramachi fast i think i can understand certainwas loved it goes over and any recruit somebody else and i can't right in and captors building out this organization his present which is part of the dantes pressing strategy right i think mike went there he had the credibility besmeering he probably sidonie got michigan coppered we're going to do it you know michigan prestige so now the guys inside the wire right the threats and side the wire they start building out organization for grass words candidates during all this is an elevation of like of perishinations and i'm not say that's bad i must say that frstenthal speak is in bad i'm to stand like that's not the not my thing but it's not if i'm not dessotomayor here right i am not a note dividing line giving you what it looked like from the feet right as an observer from the so that gets ramped up and infused bright what a one of the biggest motivator hopes on one of the more the biggest motivates they want control but but what are the use when some techniques in its religion right religion is of as it's itsuch a deeply health conviction that it's easy to to move you alongside that because you you believe in your mind the entire time everything you're doing is for the faith is what god would call this is what god would call so what it is it's a rallying technique that builds people into something that every one has in common it so now we're all roomer friends because we've all believed these and you can start to pressure on that to move people in directions by validating those tests to be made the light of its what god would walk or its biblical or its faith pace worse you rate you up or down and the proof of that pudding is then people drank in the cool as and people on recites the stories about it hold the place it's even so much that it's like it's like a saying don't drink the cool lay right he's a story i met about cold leader gates how losecamp and jane will talk about how the structure was and that's what i expect presingt elected to her was my information was silo and that's why i was so because i would be told something i think something in some say no no no no like you know pelikano and i took what they would and faith valley because i thought that they had the value of and he set so what they did as they built these organizations that was supposed to be for any candidate but all timately what it became was a fondling of organization for in but that's not enough what you have to do as you have to start notching winds so what they did is they introduce unity for me it during the nominating cones if you remember this ruth johnson had to approve this thing right as it went through state party unity for mr p its alodiarii what it was to do was the same thing as the face of my talks about early with their doings are building winds on went so every one unity for a more plection integrity they play on these things cause they know seems so you're for em p rallies of all these all these delegates to be part of it and christina is part of the organization are seen as adjacent right christina adjacent as when i would call it the michigan precinct first to anicato all these supporters joe moss studial these people write all these people that are better built into the all right so now okay we get they get that when and euery for em or pe pristina gets the nomination right now we go free august right when i called the convention of the eighties feargus convention of the eighty eristic and marked for are locked into a heated battle about crew is the appropriate chair of co we all remember so out of nowhere in attorneys nobody called him he was sick he was sent by a front you're the friend was for as my laviny the attorney was dan harte in or be shows up on les a manchits and marked for his doors and says he i'm here to help you and god blessed the on the cases right it won the case as they were in the right i define hides all these all these cases would dictate we go to the convention wiser says i'm not seating these people in seeing it was an orgemont that the gods wrong it's why i was one of the one of the screaming voices for the eighty eight right i even got a thing got a quo in the detroit news from cape i think i said that people walked in that day i held it up on her little prudential there they didn't understand how important today showed every one how important his prudential is that one delegate together with other delegates can overthrow it the delegates no mistake the delight right in open convention i think you happen what's rules are on the floor rules on the floor of the body the body see so welhaven was to stalk about that mccomb is extremely important to the the grass out people have no idea it's like ottawa east aright if it was the west power house becomes the there the hardest cor active it they believe what they believed deeperthe anybody else though the most research through the most outspoken there not afraid to kick dortane to fight you know they are gritty gritty people they're strong the their blue collar this is your this is the this is their way of life the fine some acamas an extremely important piece of the coalition to electors and nobody understands that so after hartman in harton winds that convention there was two on had a there was mcanthony with her hundred and eighty delegates it's a big big pole with her hundred and eighty delegates right and then there's there's another one that there's when these orestes going to get that faraway the only cared about getting acometed to show that pay we helped you do this we did this mean those guys were upon stage doing that hartman was the one back stage with labitte were all there then you fast for sops onnow they've got to come county right so may this is all michigan pressing first like running submarine missions for all this stupors he do like to so now they've got all the base they need to electric and at that point of time she was going you never can set not one of the candidates from coalition of candidates wonder secretary of state race all the people she met with back on april first or fifth or whatever it was of twenty twenty one with marchant and born in plainton these people on the races not one but they're all working in the state party now all working on the state party and they're all there a experiencing exact same so a month before the election christina says that she's broke i see i met crispits i me christy clamor the at the convention of the so i stayed to find resinto a fond raspore he raised twenty grand for her like two or three weeks later eh and you know now i'm helping out more doing tessand soon and sold but in that last month of the camp basically like he said they were broke hogback in ye look at the records they were broke this before hundred thousand dollars in commercial commercials with this strategic patriot group out noisette lady that's in you like a horse lady and then the husband is like a limbeck producer on so that they they file this pack and then then labadisten four hundred cave with them i told this the rosenbachsche who was supposed to be the pockapine manager she had no idea we talked on roeckle's go to the horse lady and acosta dino he name a gentle he gone for done here i think is a looking up not really i got it i've got a glance and kind of over you to men to get in the weeds it so is anyways so this all ties in to like sabotaging it so i had conversation with another candidate that was on the ballot and twenty twenty two with they had a meeting with old down trumpsthe i want you to go out there and talk about this i want you to go up there and talk about this i want you to out there and talk about oh everybody kind of knew it was not because the other two candidates didn't know what they were going to talk about it as because pristinas out talking about the wet ah globosis en i get it get the orsini orangenor romford reportsomewhere the back to be effectual your ear er you're saying these things as secretary tickingthe master but to answer to a certain thing you were out there to exact of as she was tossed and read me she had the base and that's not what you would do if you were serious and trying to run and win state chiswick she was not the big as we hold my fourteen i get it the problem with it in the reason i'm here in the reason i i said be and that was like too there's not that i might coonskin all the people i care about the lied to her long wit so you know when when she loses the race and she says that she's going to run for chair the first call that they make is tom my labelled me up and said he i've got forested on the phone she asked to ask you so and i told her she asked to start making the i think i myself it was a fundraising call she asked me for a thousand dollars to file here her leadership fund for the cherries which is called the chromo leadership on its five twenty seven which means that if he doesn't raise twenty five thousand dollars on the calgary youththe conclave reported right in a contest goes away and high or rested so even if she does like raise up more than twenty five thousand dollars and doesn't report it but it'll be years before she and rights shotlike it's like so far down the road a prodding up like those parking tickets five years from now she'll get a summons for with the problem with that as his that shows you that that she doesn't do anything without and that and that and that like as the micas the gun behind the scenes on ale like as the guy that basically made the connections to set up on authorized one mike is the guy that's working with mac behind the scenes on all this infrastructure and doing this other states and the end result ultimately work were people in a knowthis his presidential delegates in the twenty twenty four this effectinge in presidential delegates and the twenty twenty four and i think to keep trumps or trying insurgency campaign against him with a third part pp his people are patient said he going on for a long time i know i saw the crazy person but i'm not afraid to come on here and say things because everything that i've said to you can be backed up by either facts documentation now there is some me ascribing motive to things but that's the space on the pattern of life that is established with these individuals after everything i've heard about them and what i've seen in the interest consecratoria but i'm the one that's got the fat fat fat his bringing let's hole what's really disturbing as that none of this has anything to do with the american population whatsoever all manipulation so does it doesn't matter which way it goes the the political parties have failed spectacular in it is it is absolutely a train wreck it is not ever going to get back on the rails again there's too much money in it in too much corruption and till we get the money out of politics word this country's dot because or are our politics is bought and paid that's why they were shipping and is many a illegals as they were this an invading army and their well that this is they have nothing to do with us we are the stopping point from them having an absolute money absolute power and control be coin and in a tell you what if they come after your guns there is the only thing holding a back at this moment in time is that how well armed the american population has and that was what this second amendment was created for these people are evil and i mean taught to bottom in a systems are work created in order to i favor to the money sources which is in our elections its omen if elation i don't think we have a choice of this it's all in allusion ye and cream is in it he did is a damn shame yet i i agree with you i greet you on stas broke in these captured and and money is the reason and report is dead it is just as at as the democrat party these are criminal organizations at this point in time yeh i nerothal i would say is that like ben what's there because because to to say that there is a problem and not bring a solution right and that's why you know with what i'm doing you know i'm trying to bring a solution in trying to build a coalition for another candidate outside of wines and i don't care who it is personal wants to step forward i'll show for i'll go out there and i try to find somebody who will get us that much closer to the principles that we thought we all believed in in the things that we were one in his article passing i may i can't i can't see anybody that's qualified sitting in the seats right now most othecae that i know they are sitting in the seats of politics and or in political parties they are nothing more than money laundering more ons i mean don't think they could run at far and they sure as he couldn't make a decision that would be selfless for the people because they're all part of this organization and it is all to make money and to pay their to pay the people that are the supporting them the whole the whole tone artis is all about money free voting for the money aspect of it we're going to get exactly what we what we're voting for we're going to have to do something totally different and start thinking for ourselves and daring to be americans and in getting rid of republican parties nothing more than a cold it runs like an called special interest in its both paid for by special interest like democrat party it is a cult and it is run like a colt and it is only founded by special interest me keep your money stop participating with these organizations because they don't need your money they keep they go to sources that are so far above you that have unlimited money in order to buy and pay we got like forty oligarch type families in the state of michigan they pay whatever they want there flying over us with helicopters all the time i watched and in they have they have no ere and in the people that are on the ground and in all all of the people that go to work every day i go to work over you know you you look at the lies that were out there to to torpedo me billy in or doctorin ever come and tell you what sure as i'm sitting here re living and breathing i missed that financial because there is never been that man easier os on one of my tax returns i'm going to tell you that right now you don't we work we go to work every day before i got up this morning i went to the barn and i shoveled horse crap walk and i chose calls marking out stuff we do not sit here sipping martinis all damn day long we go to work and i can show the more horse worshiptherefore whether it's in the barn or politics these people are full of their fullest he when the that's why they can get rid of it there there there it is just it and we're going to have to get real serious if we want this nation back to refuse to participate in these grass roofs groups that are nothing more than professional pitching organization vetalajanani siderolite drink logotheti had its demosthenes down and then they go home with the one and then they complained to somebody else but they refused to do anything in a professional way that's going to take this fact unite people and get people moving with something that's going to take care of the problem because it don't even risk and is the problem the problem is the government is so self against it is written regulations and rules in order to weaponized or on constitutional ah organizations against us it felt the whole thing is set against us the whole thing needs to be removed and started over by no find in going back to the constitution which had won constat on const the government it has nothing to do with when and in they have weapon eyes this they have a they have usurped their authority they can even stay in on the writ rails because they don't even have job categories any more this is this is what you are supposed to do attorney general is supposed to be working against commerce not against the sheriff's job and what is the governor done cut the finding to the share to caught community pole and in so it's all cocooning for secretary state should have focused on election and that is it and then should it if she could not get that done on her long ihinyour long lines once on the rail in in if she actually care she would have gone and made sure that they were bringing suits against election i never heard anybody talking about it from the republican party that was measurable in any way shape or form and you have in conti do i do go to give credit to a the riata that effect her and hartman and held people they filed some lawsuits they got one that one that got kicked back the page got these got a pretty big fine that they are to slip fifty eight thousand dollars and find i think that she got an eight thousand dollar bill in or how i want to be honest that's my thinking you know now here to choffard i'm here to inhere tell your westeraas it a real last suit or gethering and gesticulates the case the came back they won they won they won the one word where jocelyn benson's election manual was and now she asked the change must including bring thyself one into a counting board so and so for so like you will gottoget'erdown up penitents to right and not think cadiseni think that's more fellow hollerin right in in his he's like a he's like a bullet piercing shell that guy or an armor piercing shell never is like a miclantecutli michigan i never gives up a love the guy right i think he doesn't stand where he sat in the room to day but but i love the guy's heart and his pride like that so i be big probe with some of this because a lot of the stuff that fell hollerin and landlordship jed as they didn't bring em they didn't bring out the fact that they didn't do the work it was somebody else who did the work and they took a claim on knowingthings for on the mascheroncini for to otto the sedoso which i think is a bunch of craft you know they didn't somebody else did the work and they come in dear it and ran to ran to a gateway and didn't give the credit to credit we do and i don't have a lot of respect for people that will do that because you know it's a tea it's a team work situation when you're in anything and credit needs to go to those that or that you should be working with in order to build a strong team its not about grabbing credit it's about it's about getting the job dot and i didn't see that happen and i feel bad about his criscilla one that did the majority of the work on that and they were the one that stood in front of them in front of the camera i do she sang problem with what happened down at the lindell o that when delanoue got pat cold that inanimate that jumped in front of the camera that took the research that somebody else bought and paid for and they deflected away from people and if such as and tea sandy keys scott one and the people that actually did the work and i don't appreciate that because that person those people will never if they can't carry out a selfless cross to writing the nation in have to become mediators they're not going to do it when they get in of it starts there you build your team and you give credit where credit is due and i have a big problem with that so so just just the just to pickaback on that again absolutely at odds with phil and one where he is right now but he was at an event with great and jacobos he gaze last night with calm and at the lake serio tea party so coleman's ben with the men like column on with had a speaking role hand he was answering this thing like with like whose credit is to messieurs passionshis if you're doing this for credit to your doing it for the kongreso is in giving so when everything right an if yo i care about what's right some careless credit for what i'm doing or or whose work with me whatever else they want creditable this is got to so it teleosteans posting this is what is about right you won't credit right you won't credit get it from your wife for your kids get it from the people that means seing you don't need to go searcher or your relative value in other people's ah you know praise of things that you get it from the people that had right in as should be enough for you if it's not but you're probably not to it this other my opinion for all sides involved in this weather its hillside heifer as he people this is exactly what we're going to write now this is how they do this but what you're saying right now is exactly how they do this that's why you hate the every one's going no no no one but like i just i want to be clear what is this is what is going on why this is the real cat there isn't a oportebit but i want to listen to this part of it too is that if you are going to bring a team for word a team works that when when it's it's working together instead of one group runs off in one direction and it refuses to work with this room and one works into the other you know you don't if somebody's done the work you don't keep them out of moving forward you if they're already effective doing that you can't you go together as a group that's my point and that's why i got a probe united states because because people refused to work together because they're going after credit and it does a matter what side i is i lovedthat that's the point is that you cannot you cannot just continue to run around to get in front of a camera in in leave and leave somebody who did the work you shut they should have brought them all upon stage and had a bigger group to stand together so that there was a bigger for sets my point on this and i heard it thereonthe groups i think would it would have been able to coordinate like they used to write cause am not before i go and if all work together before this whole partisan interpartiant happened during the car you member like these things are all blew up at a very specific time never to go back to the unauthorized at one so in these other states there are lawsuits going on were state parties are removing county his as for some of these unauthorized one partner state party chairs are doing at cocotterie to encounter me jus which we so what that does this is it has the note of fact of divine right there was a time where they wanted every one to unite in that's when she got elected but now that she's elected in order for the grifoni shuster body divided so there's never enough consensus to or to get access to information right now fill his other gods although the pill brave lore they are human shields that's been onderstand the human shields to shield them from many to shield the truth from people want and as for it that's what i am sipple that i'm standing next to now i don't agree with or per cent idea ideologically and i told phil loring nobody else that when i was going to do this i told them i was common this whole like i can't believe it like clutch pearls i told them all prior to mackinaw i was going to i was going to seek the after what i found in what this is is this is the tactic to stop it from ever to the full for vision because if this thing burns down some time it would be perfect that's the acetate and when she's done here make no mistake she's got to go to unauthorized one and draw a salary as president he don't think there is an aprs by design you're all being well this is it is a serious for the the engine for all of this caserios wore the horsington is protestall to even the people that don't like me and i don't agree with you i'm not mad at you a matter what these people have done in your name and with their doing in the name of two point five million republican bolters though itamarren ten million hannerstennin michigan eseaft loves your onborn babies right now will be under the rule of these knuckle heads and twenty years and upon no i'm in to go to the chair here is a doctor david count said i understand the corruption he is talking about the is this stuff is happening in nearly every state and essentially are government employ is involved including the judges how is he expected to do anything about it they want they were action and on but i will ochechotes got to be there's got to be goals and actionable stops weyeneither on planting on turning over criminal copies and three different three different men legal alities es so that's wrong to you and what are you doing you are i do not i'm a delegate in not the district charity more i resigned i i'm one guy listened one guy i'm one gay i'm just the guy or right that made some accusations they say i was asked twenty minutes at an executive meeting in in that twenty minutes hopecarton and seven days later sepher entired ministration and with this mischmasch poe the come tried to rebut what i said i didn't do a very good job of it so much so that they were going to post it and share it with all the delegates and as soon as it happened it all i made a comment on it and in that capful down and for three days later be the actual vivie went up in the venient up and all you can't comment on that this is him saying if you want to be the change be the you are i did i made that presentation i got the entire i got her to speak to me rechasse was peaked king through those people speak to me you're wrong you're this or that okaiden one person made her do that she hasn't done that to these and it a twenty minute conversation i drew her out so that's the power of one so is one person did one person steppin organization to get money to pay for the legal feast to happie's other people come forward one person working with many other people are putting his whole plan for works of you want to be part of it in me call you want to help give me a call you want to learn how to be an active as the betrayed on on how to make differences in your local community come cold i tell you everything i know in anything i know i hope you anyway i can but this is the way right this is the way you see sir and how like it then make the change you are the change stop waiting for superman the cavalry is it coming it's be brave i i love that i'm to go to the next car i'm good morning don i love my show have a great week of formerly thank you and a randy got these says joe said they didn't want to take on debt as a matter of principle then took out a hundred and ten thousand dollar loan for an actor so much on prince ygolot to say about that girondists to christian joe need to resign and we all need to take this personally we've given up our lives and money to do that my vote mandyas for her removal and that spot on war the ironic tyrannical to keep tyrants and then he's got a he's got a i don't know what he was coming to when he's got like a what face and then lock her up and then ran sick you gave sore stock humans and joel tried to refute them with a slide show that he typed and a yeah i the it's a kind of a isconsole as not when i howeescape sat i was shocked on people so were the war worse the proof and like he he's cast sour stock he inciting there what more proof do you need you know yes some is stammer and bother something like that what what more could you add it when in one he convinced several people about this estaffin was concondoin that the problem is unless you really understand campaign finance right you really understand the intresses of how organizations work and you know what i was actually mean for the binding ability for that organization to lie it's hard to render stand in that stuff you don't take always talking about there's one big bucket put all the money in one bucket and just pull from all the buckets and like no like every single different pack and filing and organization whether it's five twenty seven to five of one see three by one corachie superstate pack federal pack right there all different rules and regulations about how what money can come in what the special use or at money can be the way it can go out with the accounting for it as some have a counting some on are not reporting i so that's that's the thing it's like it's like trying to drinking from a water hose or fire hose i know that he but the end result is this right like where an on or the anon people right let's just be hated as i got back involved in one as i sat on my coach excised on my couch strong to my phone reading stuff every single day eight nine ten hours a day my wife was like this is not a lively go be the change you said you can be the change to show me what you can do so i set out and that's why i got back involved so so we know what source documentation is right we know when the spite senses going off but what i'll tell you as i tried convincing better that than are supporters of his and like walk them through some of the stuff and ever decide as not a big nest not a big enough deal for me like a that's just like i don't understand that that's just like money like guessnot big deal to me it's like you know the question i've been asking people recoil how many violations compilations of law will he take for you to notice is it one cause of its one i can try once to day i shall to is it five caseactual five then i'm going to have at least a this could be more than ten so what is the answer are we the party van order do you say you say that that's how how you want to be governed at that's what you expect and in your government but you're not going to hold the leader of your party to that i just don't understand you know i hope that the veil gets lifted cause once you once you see what's going on you can't unsee it everything i see now i see through fen and in a sorry to all the people that that i said you know were wrong or if i saw something i would say something i should have conversation with john smith yesterday he came over his moronobea and any side said you told me that if you send you saw something that you would speak cladrastis ecossais he got to do the cowpea patronise ah christina we don't pay off our friends joel col and we paid off my fine that's that video love it ye mean listen there pocrisy knows no bounds right you know tostenson my favorite moves one of the best lines from dock holiday at the end he the hypocrisy of this administration knows no bounds there's no there is no rubicon they won't cross with either faith or demonisation or your distraction or deflection to maintain her ability to stay in this and i think it's more various than just the a couple hundred thousand here there and men that probably sweet that's oot it's cute in but i think it's in destruction of the presidential nominating you know that we don't even have to do this resolution that we went to go or ensewith because the state legislature hasn't didn't pass that didn't pass the the primary change and the senate with immediate effect that in homethis he passed his sin die which means that you know ninety days i'll take effect after the close of session so the legislature pass open save through november twentieth everiewhere to do it was the first thing that we had to do in the state committee when we were at the by first time it was the most important urgent need look at the other states that it is that this is this crazy what you know you come on any time my love ye haven't you as ages otondo pest i reopen i know it i distichopor the help but i but i really appreciate oh i love it so so what why don't we i guess i'm going to give you some closing words and ways and with prayer and then i think that i think that i loved the beyond you want to come on and once a week i danton one week to take planwhat's happening it's not not that i agree with every sin things that everybody says but i like to give every one a chance speak and put things out there specially if it's the facts in their fat every one put a little bit of themselves into a situation where human it's just part of us right but we listened for understanding and we listen for facts not to create new paris it so that we can as an individual be armed with the true so that no matter who steps into or into our sphere of influence here that we have enough information that we can that we can fared out you know the misinformation the disinformation or just something we disagree with which is okay we're going to do that because the as people were it were never going to gree on everything all the time but i so much if so much respect for you for throwing out astral source documents in walking people through this process and the fact that you resigned over over and ethical issue that you really believed in i have a huge mount espect for you for that i think my life he is my god in princes she is one thinkingthere calicare callie thank you call for keeping a on the rails you know ye i ever good man as he is a better woman a man there you go dear my father think you so very very much for derechas in the amount of information he puts out there i having to do with wilobeivs to help you if the informed and also thank you so very much for everything that warnis done to step forward to do the right thing and to put up put out information is i believe a clear and present threat to notch is the state of michigan but the contrary is a whole unless we have truth and transparency on all levels of government and that their following ethics morality of virtue and honour first and foremost above money material things and the things of this world we ought real problem and i'm thankful that you're walking with us every step of the way that your showing us these things they may be very uncomfortable truths for some people but i ask that you would help them dieand now that know that you're with us a step of the way and that some of these structures have got to be criticised and probably eliminated or torn down because of the amount of lies cheats and he and the stealing that's involved with the theft of our nation you gave us these is such a wonderful gift and it requires maintenance and we are willing step forward into any way that you ask us to without regard to how this turns out because if you ask is the do it were willing to step forward in two as individuals is is a group and to things that that will take the nation back as a in its proper proper place one nation under you indivisible with liberty and justice for all were here to uphold the rights of others and give them the ability to have that that free speech that civil discourse to defend our our families and our property and to worship you and in the ways that you call us we ask that you continue to bless this nation that you would give your favor to this nation and the direction that you wanted to go as your gift to us your bene great friend to us and we want to be a great friend to you thank you so very much for everything you do for us every single day in the name of jesus christ we pray so thank you so much coming out i really preciate i think you're really really fond of amusing you know it's like just throw thick out there and and it's raw is uncensored it's uncaught and you know it's a year you are dropping the bonds the other day when we were in the republican meeting on like all like everybody in her hasn't heard it you're all you all is subscribed to hand no look whatever else so don't virtue signal the rest of us out here when we know that this is not this is not real life you know and sometimes we just need to suck it up a little bit and listen closing people dunk as we don't like their words okay like just a sooperior i did put the money in the banjar for the macmaine onocentaur i paid for it to see you guys know or that hilarious now absolutely hilarious well you know i don't hold it against you so there you go so at any rate well thank you so much for being here just so we know i was unhurt hands thank you everybody we love all of you there so many of us that are out there that are working for our families for our families not just her own families but your family and the people that you care about this nation that you care about your right to have your rights that you have whether i agree with them always or not i would fight for your rights and a pretty sure that warn would too that's what it's all about his standing to gas one american family fighting for each other's rights to live the way that god created us and the way that he called you he calls us all differently he does call less all differently puts different things in as he creates a stiffely and we not not one we don't have the same path and it's not for any one to tell you what your path is it's between you and god all you got to do is go go to him and kill he'll tell you the right thing you don't need an intermediary you can go directly he he's got answersthere in your life that's maybe your struggling with em i posted a video to day oh and ah no heeling and it's a really good it's a really good prayer videothe that what it's not just physical healing but healing our hearts we've gone through a tremendous upheaval in this or if you're not a little stress at points in time i question your sanity or its vein in insane type and every one is cold make sure that your coping mechanisms are healthy four year that how this into is just you don't have to run around you have to run round do something or be some you are something just the way you are and your very very low and if you're with people that don't love you that are cutting you down not not that the hot tell the truth sometimes the truth has to be out there the truth is imported it sets all of us riches we're all of us are in the wrong it points in time and we can't justify our behavior when it's on and a good friend will point it out to you when you know rather than let you go on and in being a in that being in the right it's okay you know it's like we all should appreciate the cause that's what a true friends going to do then i can tell you which want to here they're goin tell you need her in order to be safe make good make good decisions and be healthy so with that sad god bless you all god bless all those whom you love and god bless america make it a great day it's a choice everything we do is a choice in life so it good choices make sure you're not that liar that cheat or that he because you can do that you got control over that you could choose not to lie to day you could choose not to or steel or mislead or be self serving you can choose to serve god and serve every one around you a choice and if you don't have a good example then be won that's so choice you can make we all have that the and not feel sorry for ourselves head the world kind o socks i guess i'm going to before sorcha so in that lets a good thing anyhow thank you all stand the line word i'm going to send the redcastle wetmore too bad you guys are not on after reed on the broad cast as i always have great discussions of people have but in an era of i am going to be off my plan as is to take off next week because my daughter's giving so one for and so the wedding things next we and but if if there's breaking news i will come back on so watch my telegram channel it's at brandenburg the number four am i also you go for to brand bergeron daccombe cause i have the best not considered as ever not conceited i'm not going to conceive to liters and cheats and thieves were the twenty twentieth two election and the twenty twenty election if we don't write that twenty twenty election we dead in a somebody's not talking about that they lie in to you or the manipulate you have to write the election we can't watch a crime committed and just pretended wit away and go on we have to write it god bless the rightful president the united states president got donald j to and general michael and admiral rogers and all the people that are out there willing to say the truth whether you'll like em or not i'm thanked have a great day