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Published July 26, 2022, 8:07 a.m.

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good morning this is donna brandenburg with brandenburg news network and come with you to you a morning news this morning had had an interesting situation we had planned an eaten have noteworthy we're going to have to do that later in the day so to day i thought we would go over some ah significant things in the news that that i thought so normally what i do is i get up in the morning and i start researching and i pull things i'm going to try to figure out how here a sheer mynher so that we can share actual videos and such i saw really heart breaking videor about a gal who took the job and her life is pretty well ruined right now she was an athlete and not not doing not doing so well so i feel my heart goes out to any one who has had a vaccine interaction that the having problems with right into the china prove genuine biotech ib drug for covet any time i think we're seeing cover in the same sentence as his widow have a large problem i'm very concerned about this because we all know that this is benno exactly what we were told it is so china and money gave conditional rival for two a domestic fire a genuine bit a zopilote certain adult patients of covenant and in other oral treatment against the corners i am really concerned about that because once again we're going right back they create throats and then they give us they give us the the answers for that or the solutions for which means generally that they are they are using it to make money so another one if monkey pots asexually transmitted why our kids getting from national file margery tailor green is asking that question that's a good question to seems to be to be o child who had cases of the disease and it is spread mostly by through the scenes and pierce to be through sexual transmission with all the amount of pentelicon around and how many kids are involved in this we should all be extraordinarily once about this as a equestrian that are being asked to ask in my opinion are not necessarily the correct use questions are is are we are we actually tracking the town to find out if their sexual abuse happening within these children that are getting the monkey pots mirus seems to me to be a kind of one of those things that the tepees the sun sunrise the morning it was anstey beautiful i posted a picture of it on telegram was really price in in an of the beauty that was in that sun sunrise a more was as very colorful paint it was impleat ful january six dog supposedly was lead agency but in it was a department of and it looks like milly ran she more and more information come not every day one has the headlines were finding out exactly what is actually going on and these if the paragon was involved in domestic law enforcement including surveillance and intelligence collection they bore the low the issue that i have with surveillance and there seems to be an awful is going on there renting bridges it to two private companies in order to collect information with having to do with license plate gathering and information they can actually track you and track myself wherever we are in the teresina data to develop a file this is not even this is not just going to acted individuals that are suspected a commit a crime it's going to all of us and there really there gathering it through private parties private profit businesses and allowing law enforcement to also in other entities to also gather that information and put it put it in front of any one who is trying to make a case out the reason it is disturbing is because not only it is there is some up sides to it such as that we can use a technology against bad guys who develop the technology but they are in fact using this against americans in violation of the constitution because it's a violation of search and seizure they are going around they are going around collecting the information within our government using private industry to do it and then buying that information off of them so in fact there's brandon there start it with something called the five eyes alliance where they were soundeth bush administration where they expanded their abilities to collect information but using third parties to do that so it's it's really kind of it's really kind of speaketh way that they did this mc carthy my tale of that during the meeting they discuss requirements in support of c r the old designation from the white house to make the justice department the lead federal agency see and three the dods questioned as any one else need a poor because we could mobilize the entire guard mister mccarthy told us at the only request did received at the time was rife he said the u s s f stinted age asesino ask for the curse did not know which was my political designated in the late federal agency however general milly told us ambassador roberts opera security adviser or right as chief of staff mark made one of them said hatteras is the lead federal agency which was a right answer by the way the department of justice should be alive adage if a law enforcement it's domestic in nature and the federal level of justice department should be and they are normally on things like general milly told us that the department of defense initiated these interagency meetings even though the dog was the lead federal agency he said the reason the interagency meanings were happy was that mister mc carthy and mister miller the ted on coordinating the meeting so once again we go back to the fens direction issue of the tired thing was out of order in the process and the concern is as that the feds were involved in all of this concerning to me is that i have heard this quote in and i you know were the smoke there's usually fire that i had heard the romany people that they do believe in that sixty per cent of our government and the state of michigan actually the fads are if that's the case why would we think that it stops there i've been watching not only the the elected patriot groups onlie in as a christ their behavior suspect incredibly when when they are in fact targeting people and and bragging about about gittin on other people's pages and feeds for the purpose of her as men and tearing down other people's features pages instead of sticking to the issue my first response is is that's not the way that we be behaving we can present the facts and what we should stick to the facts and the issues for michigan but to target individuals like a gang stocking move quite honestly if it reeks absolutely reek involvement and federal agents involved in targeting and or subversive activities behind the scenes and when you see individuals who have claimed outright the theme of one hundred groups online every single one of us should be asking questions about not only themselves but the people that they are attached to and their behavior the more interested and going after specific individuals and either creating heroes or or bearing being the entire message in the art of getting the actual message out there so the theatre is about is about promoting or elevating specific individuals or parties credibly concerning and i would say that every single person should be questioned or contact with individuals like that because it reads it reeks of federal involvement in absolutely reads of it and in an i think that we should look into this and it's from that the abate hundred acres in north dakota twenty minutes away from a military base not only first the communist egregie all one hundred ninety two thousand agricultural a acres across america worth one point nine billion dollars and purchased three hundred acres in north dakota twenty minutes from a military base i believe that any for an entity should not have even the remote chance of owning any type of land property in the united states of america and anna in malaysia few years ago china was buying up property in malaysia they put this huge development at while trying to got or malarial smart and decided to to say call it out what it is that this is not in fact a a development by china its advent in invasion and ownership and property by a foreign entity is it should be classified as an invasion rather than a development some miles got real smart and sees the assets of that that were being developed in malaysia and so that for five cents on the dollar to malaysia with this amount of land across the united states which is basically being taken over it an economic take over by a foreign entity we need to call it what it is in all this back into ownership by in fact american disturb china base food producer a fontange fofanov plans to build a cornmill plan at its newly acquired three hundred acres of land in grand forks north dakota why are we allowing china to build a toby and bill food production off of our land in the united states this is an invasion to take over the land is twenty minutes west a great grand forks air force base where some of the nations most sensitive drone and communication technologies are based the air force major jeremy fox were remember in april characterizing the move as emblematic of chinese efforts to infiltrate sensitive us defense installations so not only is this a takeover of american land but they're doing it in precosity and sensitive sensitive information where we cutaneous why why are our elected officials putting up with a wilcote you why because they're all involved in it every one of em is involved and and they are not neither not are they to the tent stopping it not only there selling america off piece by piece to foreign entities and subverting this nation it is is is this is absolutely criminal so thin and russia have the largest gold mine reserves on the planet with taloo at the they hold the largest physical reserves of gold in their respective central banks globally there in case on the cost of creating a new global currency based on a basket of precious metals including gold which between the bricks they control russia is the large export of hydrocarbons and other major commodities on the planet china is now the workshop of the world finally bricks and pack it deals with the sea ran nigeria and others it now sits in a domino ition visitor oil production the key burleson ries are de dallying in enforcing payment for the goods and currencies other than global controlled cures but we knew that was fate because were on the brink of replacing the old guard which means the certain things that are going to have to come down and in minoret forward we need to tear down some of these old guards which i believe has happened right now so even though we see things like this that doesn't mean that that the world is melting down where were uncovering with actually going on boycott important to be that there they are putting out vancouver times we got to tim horton this is interesting but they scrubbed it from the internet said it was a satirical article pulled out when office more and share with you guys and now they scrubbed it which should be in to all involve i did the scrub regular new stories are not seen anything about it yet none of our sources proved this is any way whatsoever and obviously a fake so when we go through these things and you will will evaluate everything i quite often get criticized for listening to all different new sources and i am kittens i do listen to everything and i go through everything in the eventually it either proofs to be truer faults to just say pointblank we don't listen anything is a way of sense now a p nor pull on that two or three american city favour turns or a mandatory retirement age for the supreme court justice the poor also a sharp increase in the per cent of americans they have hardly any confidence in the court pulsatory three per cent no seeing they have hardly confidence in the court from percent for three months ago before high profile ruling stript away constitutional protections on abortion and expanding gone right about eight ten democrats and more than half republican support studies specific number of years the justices conserved instead of serving no have zero faith in the justice system right now because we are seeing we are seeing now a departure in fact we are under instead of a desideratum where under a de facto system so i think we need you to that on some point time because it seems like justice isn't mean serve in multiple nutful areas so it is very work that the u s is sending to twenty two hundred seven million more taxpayer dollars to the ukraine oh you be the gate they got a lot hesitated states are around the world because the old guard is in fact coming down to the united states government announced it would be sending another round of foreign two hundred seventy million to return on friday to help the war torn nation russian president latimer put in and frittered defense announced that binds ministration is such ukraine more than eight point two billion in aid sustains ration included in seven point three billion in russia invaded in february to day the dear department defense to hundred and seventy million nacional sister credo which now we find out i was in charge of the erection on january according to the previous and or the previous article sudden press release this includes president bids nomen of presidential grandon a security assistance value up to one hundred and seventy five million as well as ninety five million in ukraine security assistance miss let's just call this what the they are money laundering like crazy in the in the name of security this has been going on for a long time look what they did with the niemen patriot all the sudden plan we've got that within three days this is not even remotely possible to have this sitting on the desk of of everyone who clearly had no ability to read this because the time didn't the time didn't allow for it sort of sounds like what they do the absentee balance this year and kicking up actual candidates of all the after the ballot republican candidates of the ball and then running right to the rate to absentee ballots oh my gosh we can't have a hanaleel process so words going to blame it on anstells and ran the ruinous so they're doing the same thing he security is under security why all that is press release noted that the presidential down is a sheraton equipment from the dead and tories for you crane on now there there moving not only are they moving our strategic oil reserves but they're all so there also drawing down on our military equipment and inventories to go to crane i wonder why that is i wonder where it's actually to go into the rain they are moving at there in order to i to all the nations which are a threat to national security the indentation is clear and present to nature national security according to the pentagon ukraine provided with four additional high mobility artily rocket systems and additionally ammunition for him or as mimas for command post vehicles thousand rounds and five millimeter undenominational additional anti amapondas and other equipment as well as eighty phoenix ghost tactical on man aerial the row of eight comes to day after the u s government and the world bank announced that they were sending a combined one point silicates is not this is absolutely not a post stamp size country why are they having all of this aid and attention on your pretty extra sure because they launched a color evolution there before and in order to install the puppet government our government has been using are shadow government has venusian to weapons traffic human traffic heaven effect and world politics as we launched a we watched a crowther who is the largest who is the largest offender of it the united states government itself so we're going to keep an eye on that close close eye on it there is a wonderful i'm going to post a wonderful idea that i don't necessarily always agree on whose taking it as a source but the original source of this was revolver not work a belief in how they want color evolution in order to bert and and support a condonation to we're going to get tonometer so that we can talk about we can talk about what's actually going on with the width of his movie he's got a wonderful move out there america under fire and we've been we've been doing quite a bit of work following a chasing the money down a bunch of us patriots have worked on this work for a long time and at this part of the puzzle is very significant because what it shows is the tie into assets and the amigo who have that that he had in fact in fraternizing it with the enemy and money around in these organizations the foundations and what i've been looking at it to not only the foundations but through our education system and educational very very concerning here's an article terry late calls like penalver claim she supported there is so much information out there in the news and the news has been the news fake news master me has been weaponed as implicit actor in overthrowing the united states of america they worked with our elections to provide the news in this week we saw what fate news did by posting results of the august two primary election and they posted the lines in a post losers they have to dixon in the lead but i am going to go ahead and bring something to the forefront that i find is very important not only when he pulled us up here not only did they they they post that tenterden was in the lead at forty seven per cent followed by a ring tallentyre per cent cabin rakitin per cent are bad temper cent guaranteed seven per cent fact news posted another bit of yesterday that not only posted those to those candidates but they also included one james crag in the election recording how can they ran they include james crag after he was a a person who was removed by the board cases of elections illegally like the rest of us and all of a sudden it shows up on main stream media he shows up as an actual candidate randering for governor it's great this is crazy this is crazy let's go let's go back to this is from and it see its activity one one six of nineteen fifty four one six eight point nine three two prohibition conduct violation as a felony section nine three to a person who violates one or more of the following subdivisions is guilty of a felony a a person shall not attempt by means of bribery bribery made or other crop means or device either directly or indirectly to influence an elector or in giving his or her foot or to deter the elector from or interrupt the elector and give his or her vote at an election held in the state a person duly as by long shall not during the process of any election or after closing the poll and before the final result in the legion have been answered to break open or violate the seal or lock on the ballot boxes nor can any in the redstart the point but the point being as that is that any of this nonsense going on be it by official sources or unofficial sources are guilty of violation conduct prohibited in our elections as a felony i think this is very significant i think we're going to hear more about this so so we see these these leaks that have in this week i have a lot of questions about this i owe a whole lot of questions why how can they possibly how could this possibly even be i call complete and other otter be as one whole thing first of all if they proved that they can in foot numbers rather than in putting it at random coming from our news agents they all proved it and this not only when a cross one new source this wind of cross we up to about five or six of them now who are competing entities who lead this information and why was it the tutorial the first on the list is winning in to tell you right now i believe that the whole thing is a sham i believe that they are picking choosing in installing candidates who will be rubber stamp stamp candidates from top to bottom there's no integrity to the entire system in the maremma is absolutely complicity in all of this that the parties are complicity unparticipated so we're going to keep bringing this out we have a couple of lawsuits were going to be we're going to be breaking here that i believe we're going to be going forward with there are a couple of them that are going to be absolutely shocking an implication of actually find fighting fighting in our court system even though wholly not reliable were going to continue to go forward anyhow and keep lobbying loving these truth bombs and lawsuits and till we find the chink in the armor that's going to bring bring them down and bring them down in a low ominous we don't break the law they do so we're going to continue fighting this and exposing the truth of what's going out there please doesn't my telegram channel which is at brandenburg the number four aimest which is brandenburger gone or not and you are after governor got com i would ask anybody who feels like to please get in there and and contribute to the night because this is a very expensive fight and it's not like i'm a scuttering on piles of cash that's not real reality when the gateway ponderable is nothing more than a nothing more than a propaganda rag at this point look at the apron owns it jim how and his spouse completely conflict my belief were the with what we believe is a right relationship when you look at the age disparity there its incredibly concerning when you see some one mary mary or engaged nativity with very very young people it opens things up the questions and that that would be the owner or the the initiator of gateway ponder very concerning and then the heiress in the reporting when i watched the reporting also in the articles having to do with the leak with the alleged leak or the the the report of the winners and lute losers of august to primary il it questions even how they brought the story forward there some things that are very very very concerning when we got a kicked off the ball i could tell you that all of the candidates that got tied off the ball there was not one article that reported it correctly and honestly coming from not only the gateway poppet all of the new sources so we really have to get in there and look at the source document and do some do some investigating on her own not listening to any source that anticipated value but asking more questions and digging a little deep anyhow please please go to my website if you can content would be awesome because i think the way we're going to win this the best way always is too he continued to initiate lawsuits addressing the real issues bringing it to the public for front of that they cannot get away from this in a legal in a legal manner writing writing out castalian actually write the legal trust in an in or the legal legal standing of what we're talking about and continuing to fight this until it is said we find a chink in their armor and we take the old guard down so please join me i am in fact one branding for governor i am i will be on the beloved under the us tax perspire constitution party probably accepted the nomination on saturday a convention it was a very big day was a wonderful day and were going to keep ponchartrain so please please join us in the fight and what tabac michigan and red restore michigan to the people not to political parties but actually to americans to we the people in a government that is representation or republic a constitutional republic represented representative of the will of the people that's our goal a monkey punshon and bring truth to the forefront defending you defend in michigan and and defend the novel constitution the constitution and all fondamenti nation was was based on and in exposing corruption across the board well would it tonnelier day here and and put pushes moving to the forefront because he really does he have he did a really great jack putting together the america on her fire and tracing the money back in the neatly put it in to move for so its wonderful easy fall in its great it's a great effort on his part thank you the in the will be talkin to you later to day have a great day god bless you all and and dear god please bless every single person it's out there listen to the bride we ask for your protection your discernment in your guidance going forward with every step we that all of our words are actions are deeds would be to your honour and glory and service to your lambs your people in your creation we love me so very much and bless any one out there that having problem with depression the stay or concern or anxiety let us lay all of our problems your feet we that's what we were going to do to day we're going to lay them all at your feet knowing that your big enough to handle all of this leading us through disuse lad people through the desert and out of captivity through the past is proven out in your holy script we love you so much and all to all her glory for god family and country and in jesus name for men god bless you the stay and may have a wonderful day out of you and know that your precious beyond all belief there's a lot of people out there working for your best good we really do care we very much care about each every one of you out there and we will never stop fighting never never