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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/6/2023 - Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published June 6, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the sixth day of june twenty twenty three and welcome it is tatar tuesday to the where wegotisms tution the law and the innerligt of its welcome in welcoming over to here i started something new this morning i didn't instagram lie in order to just a tell tehawas going on here to day and i think i'm going to do this every day just jump in there and maybe give a hand on what's going on and may be talk about things the little bit i think it's kind of house anyhow i'm going to bring in my esteem to john terian welcome too in fact tate does day there you go it is inertia to daimonion a riding i can always serapion bright and brighten bushy tail my dad used to say that in i'll get for the morning be bright and bushytail like a score on my bed too i like it the time osteolite tell those dad all those dead things that they would say you probably have all these canines or my dad was a master of damp like some most o my can't say on by but he was he was kind of finding a man he would put things in perspective and in no one certain terms one of what every stock to line one of the savory things as is a hed better straighten out for your ass as grass and in the long more et notary go you know spookiness e the toughened did make it eh showing out we have a song to day right we do or the red yet serious thought i miss in the way but that's okay i'll i'll dance locate'll dance with pope papimanes gondoin is and confiscate one slice of dry toast no butter or no keeojan one just some letters the sales now here now but that as snow and enherdance chicken la royal not right to biscuits no grave no pietatis dieting dieting dining dieting she southway hinted so pass me a careless hic il me of proving one glass of skinny milk in that song turn off the tee for the pregnancies it's driving me straight on the wall i finkenerise and sossand waters egede and cooking in cases and he tinandra of charities scream and i'm starving to death where i windowfor your sake why your fine and the kids all those green plate potables span and water for me and you've got a lot on the roof ridge or lord knows where your hiding the key and while i'm starving for food laid at night a starving for loving from you but you say that when i can see mild what you want to look at it and supper to peces of colliflower wrong to be spake the sides of one a voice of tomato stalled as where i better in jail ready latescre ondermine of girl that's the least you can do in that town that candy bar while i am singing i'm starved in my shop then when i'm dan then the insurance is pain you can be made with the grand you say the boy try then he stared then died now doesn't he look to that is then so partly a caress he'll be a room one glass of skin milk in that's all you and jane fondatori hard seminarian me straight on the wall i'm thinking a fresh rose in what we getico and came and is no andrenopoly i screeve and i'm so in death when i win all for your sake yes i love your songs and so this is to dad sons one every day a on the plan it right now wishes they could play guitar like you and sing cases i enjoy songs of humor i like i like a weird now and i like the race race stevens oh i think rastedens is pretty fanny and others some really really talented on people that have made signs just to make us the laugh you know it doesn't have to be always serious all the time were all this is division on our things some is just get in there and have on and laugh about life you know people are fought we are hilarious we are to learn he abandons of those opportunities when we can yet we are hilarious people are funny so ye yayohi discolored my last waggon of hay and yesterday so my tales been draggin just a little bit because we montoliveto our hay within a matter of a week here and it was pretty pretty up pretty intense amount of amount stuff some ready to just lay off and sit back and the the a person again instead of a little he balinamona you know and a lot of the dorothe driving this year said i wasn't moving every day which normally i do but this year we had a lot of help that as so where we got it on to day john antinos big i think before we jump into the constitution which is what we need to do we need to understand yes from the gathered the we need to understand some very a very important he had to we talked about the republic and the pass as to what we are in this country different from every other country in the world and the people in this country for the most part don't get cause they talk about it the micros a democracy is marbeler who fifty one per cent can tell forty nine forty eight per cent of forty nine per cent what to do that's not what this country was all about never was never was on any of the documents that were ever written by our founding father said a republic from a republic means that we elect people to go to positions of government public servants there not public servants of public functionaries function a certain part of government so we don't have to do it our job is not to go run around and do the individual government running the government per saying that strays yes we hire people to do that we hire people to go and repent they're all represent the police the journey general the governor the mayor louisiana that their not well because we don't believe in it we were we don't get the people in this country haven't figured it out that's why we are going at this that's where we are replacing the republic what we still need to understand that we are in not that and if you go to the spot constitution which is the law of the land but the constitution isn't the law that regulates you and me it regulates count correlate one and we have kind of dropped the ball and so have i found our fathers and our great grandfathers have dropped the ball on our function why we are here what we are supposed to be and we have turned basically the whole ah duties of everything of life itself over to government functionaries government and that's where the problem while we have become subject we we are we are subjects rather than rather than the people owning this nation they have basically stole in everything for a month and you know what you listen to people's land being taken like you know what the trying to do with laurie back up there and she was on last week and big rapids as well as the sigave in a south south mashonas using a sledge on his farm and the there saying that he's got a high two hinchantin a peasel the they're not going back to what they should be which is where did that come from well are in it are deathstate treatment plants and such in also theirs so much plastic in the thesmothetae violastres and there so where did it come from to come from the farmer came from what espinck until we get to the source of what the problem really is and they're not doing that in so there is arsenitis excuse to grab or the land therefore it's not our land if they can take do you know that a bill shooting was age of this i don't know what figgers for but time periods an import you also know that oh he allowed do chemical a lot of self a lot of the passes when it came to what they were doing the pollution vironment do also know that docemena as it to bill shoot a little island so ran down there by abstain too there it's like it's like when you start looking into this islands you people think that the islands are just it's just abstain island and it's a worn off and he was doing something for a and he was doing something and was sore orach and is like no it's it is this is a glorified we need to look at all the one we've got three thousand islands between michigan and canada on lake huron and there is a lot to be suspect going on there because mishido the number third state the nation for human trafficking and we we paid most for kids of any nation on the planet but it's not out here it's going out there's that there's a pipe line of people coming into this nation into this state and going out and one of the quickest ways to hide up it's going through the water kinney's islands and having a jump off one right there as it's too easy to hide you know it's a proudthat's one of the reads what michigan is such a target you you've got is so easy when what ye i don't think people really understand how page the great lakes truly or whenever we get somebody knew here it's always amazing to me the look out of how it looks like the ocean were like yeah i merited i think it's kind of funny they think they're eventone able to look out and see what's considrons the lake here over here on this side like michigan no you don't see lake you don't see what's consent this is a big body of water huge and an huronand and a leper there there all he dare not looking across the lake to see the other side the other so ben franklin once an i'm not shrug up this cortright cliff on the enodon to say it anyway gereben franklin was asked were kind of government are going we are going to have in a basically son a republic madam if you can not a republic man if we can being the government bodied if you the people can keep this ere that's what we're going to have every pole and she said well what kind of people i will run for office and is what i'm not quite sure of he said a thieves and crooks and self centered men but we will bind them with the chains of the cone the change of the constitution haven't found anybody in over to do anything then they do not follow the constitution become as george bush junior said it's a ge d piece of paper yea i hate i hate the bushes on what they found what they did to this country but i hate all of you don't know the orisons he has a strong word got sanadon don't be hated letheon what the fight you know it's like this is to sift i can find in fine his cot here or kind was looking for earlier and i didn't find it it's there somewhere but he his hot lotenialoten's what microbes with him is that if you read his actual if you actually read his writing as he actually did some writing about if the people become too strong this society put him in check while i thought that's what we were trying to accomplish but apparently these got two sides to him that i think we seriously need to look at for the the other part of the everybody points fingers had the founding fathers for this and that is not what how they said and what they did in their behaviour but what they finally put on paper for ore because as time goes on you and i we learn no different we learned different things we hear different thorn our opinions a just and candor may and changed a little bit ah we may stay say stop that way that's not exactly what i meant and i'll bet massehearinge the text somebody gets text the message and a rotector wife and you say something it's not exactly what you said but she takes it the wrong way ya ah you can't get back to her and say wait a minute that's not what i meant by what you put it on paper i'll kisangani the salinometer came he got a clarify sometimes oh hang out a second i might call for one my businesses right now so this is what i do he caught go ahead so i'm basically saying that we get back to who we are and what this country is in if you don't know who you are then the government leads your round by the nose they come up with scamp themis and people run and hide they come up with vaccines and people run out and get him oh they come up with speed limits and or ordinances in your neighborhood and whether the right or wrong you follow along with that while there the one i've got the poles they got the pot while that's true to a deo eve doesn't all coletrough under control if we hold and once we get rid of that fear that we have in our and our own self s of whom we are in a who they are there the powerful and smother not in they're not very far in a republic we delegate authority if we don't delegate authority to then we don't ratify that afore if we don't ratify that authority it doesn't it that we don't have it while don't don't you love it when everybody says sathas i heard the silver and over when i was campagne is like you know he would look at me and say you work for us on like well tightened clei do not i actually took his fun myself to step forward and run you don't for for a for an office in order to help with this mass of amount of nonsense and criminality going out there but what what was really amazing and i've been a boss for many many years in business one if if you if you want to be self governing then you better be a good a good boss or employer because he the people of the united states are the employer of the government if we are lousy bosses because we want to sit and play all the time and just just point fingers at you do this you do this you do this there probably not going to do that and and like i said the only people were going to have an office are going to be criminals are going to be like endenantes so here you go back to his cot wolves and oh indade have a real problem but if you if you want to be in charge and you'd better know how to manage and you'd better know how to be involved in active and self governing you don't dissibach nd play like a you know a snow flake child you have to get involved i think it's important all all throw a couple of different incidents that happened i had a a gal who belonged to our group are called me on the telephone and she says she's having problems with her neighbor he was trying to clean up her a back yard and is evidently no fencing or anything like that that separates property lines and the neighbor came over to the person she hired and basically said a few crossed this property lying i'm going to see you so the worker decided on the constants to risks i started back and off and she called saidwhat can i do what can i do i as well before you bring out the big guns which is the government which is the ordnance officer which is the building depart go to your neighbor and try to discuss some cookies or cake or whatever sit down and have a discussion with him and save you can resolve because if you pull out the big guns right off the bat then you went up in em pater battle and you end up in court and then it's up to the judge to decide that we don't want to do that we do not want to involve government unless we had an absolutely no i'll go hostiatre are other options that we can do we just have to decide how to take care of his before we go into pulling out the big guns and trying to get that the work i says that's always there it's always available for you to use if you need so i was three actionary that's what a child does astronomersand trum rather than having civilisers and coming to coming to an agreement you know that you don't you don't just just run in with guns of blazing et me nestle failure to assess the actual risk at hand you know and in having a plan going in there having planned how to address this rather than just going in there absolutely nuts though and i end it doesn't work that way it just doesn't work that way that always as poorly not estremenian is too bet there's somebody running around the state wrington to mention his name in your riding around the satin and all i can say is if anybody comes to me an say now we got to get her gonegot to go in a storm than societies knockinoss there and i listened to these idiots do that it's the same thing they did january six were to go a storm to cerisantes a good idea that is not a good idea and it's not going to be changed that way and all these alleys people that are doing as i can almost carnoy that they in albeit trying to lure people into danger to see if they can incite some sort of violence to throw her vis behind and jail it's ridiculous so don't don't ride on if there's somebody from the southeast side of the state to socrates and pitch forks let's go at it how the gold pound sand because because there leering you in it is a trap and it's highly likely that these buffoons running around doing this or infect federal employees and or the fbi trying to catch you and set you up so what's the small remember we talked about how to fight a traffic ticketfor example a fairly simple and you can stop the fire you can stop the funding of government through the ticket pose fairless taking it the cord while we've already given a the hvolinsk leon is the hot to do that and we the loss on our side so we can do number one we there's nowhere in the federal constitution doesn't say that congress has the authority build or to create a private banking industry like the federal reserve and for them to print the paper money which has no value that's a violation of article one section as the they can make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment to det and it's in violation of michigan compiled law twenty one point one five three one five four so right off the bat facerent or they can't demand that from you but you got to know how fight eton she you can't demand not from you got to have the laws be you've got to have eugene lay or montgomery wordsforeign glasier for the the district or case that said he it's up to you the figure out what that he are you got to have article one section ten and you got to have em call twenty one point one five three one five four behind your argument now you have some arguments to go into battle into the judicial system and bess also that you are in a republic were not in the civil action jurisdiction to got to know these these things happen in that they have turned over the over time have used these their laws to try to bring us under control and they have done a very good job because a lot of people out there don't have a what's going on well i think we were teenagers prepared by failing to prepare your preparing to fail and that with the arsanes ding the law the constitution but also preparing for the fiat currency to fail on us cause i am pretty extra shore watching things were watching the bank failures we have to prepare and at all times and be ready for whatever whatever life throws at us in that part of is true there there's all kinds of things going on this is the first couple of years that we've had so many fires at our food production all of a sun have you seen more than up and up in grayling icannot a fires that are going on there that the chicken for now no no this is kind of crazy cause this is something that you and i hono'ably enjoy talking about here a little bit let me pull up my ntelegon channel it was posting at this the other day because and there there you know when you look at the tornado look at that look at the how many times grayling has been hit i fires we've got another thirty six hundred acre fire going off there and ride away to set this is from private and from a camp ye be ye thank you for saying it i like i'm like no no no no no no no no come on he be worse smarter than that we are was smarter than that and so so they had they had the a few rolling bad from the people up there because something's going on and i'm not buying a word of what the telling so i'll show you though the year see look at this map here eh oh of what this is thought this is the risk his fire as this is a a drive fires may you know to show the the risk of fire and such and cindered ctor but what in to look at this this is just really strange because you've got we're all dry and red here on the e side of lake michigan was coonskin by in a normal season but what that hackish happening to michigan we should have we more weymore o water falling here because the lake and lake effect in they have over there and all of a sudden mischans drying up like a potato chip up there and we've got thirty six hundred acres on fire well last year we had the same thing with the whole bunch of wild fires it's all round grey lang and then look at the tornadoes that rise through that area i got a lot of questions right now i got to tell yo what in the world is going on that grayling is such a target and i don't believe in coincidences at all i absently to tell you that right now is that i do not believe in any such nonsense is no substances coincident and so and when you look at a map like that you almost have to be stupid not to see a pattern and there that should be really questioning things and and seriously seriously alarming then the work of the world is not what we think it is at all government is not what we think it is but what at all i don't light you want to see that you on to see the the one of the craziest things that i came up with i'm sorry to get off on it on a rabbit to here you won't be good to fleeboth on the rabbit trail but it we we have to go that direction little checks this is from the head of peter came up yesterday to gormyle ram channel is for a minute here and then we'll get to the constitution this is not this peter president plant to dominate her flesh for sicily post off to embarque fried up with onion i'm not kidding you that this is how naughty hold craziness is got to be so now we're talking at least there talking about cannibalism cause we know what's happening here i mean i've got pictureof leode campereo s is pretty it's pretty damning some of the stuff is damning but it's happening and checked this out this is not in this as you ought to eat you don't you want to think that what is it the th i got to think that they were calling as something kiddies that they were they were trying to make it fichooke kitty so people would need fish even these two are not you know i'm not i'm not immediate but it's because of health issues i can't eat it but not that not that you know but but look at what she now she's talking about you know just going to have an make one of her legs into an umbrella stand it is done for elephant for he made into it umbrellastan as it is done for elephant sterner lessons new kirk an onlike unlike okay guys the nutty ness is gotten you know the craziness is truly got in to the point of being absolutely insanity but at least a common rate out until we can see what the doing because honestly this is he going on for quite a while s office music as we have to we have to understand again who we are and do we want to republic or are we we find in dandy with being a son yes wait but you can i'm not and i'm not a going to be subject to these people who have absolutely lost their minds and insanity you know craziness not got by into it not using the pronouns knockingno going to be doing any of the sons now that we've stablished who we are and that the government only function to carry out their delegated authority by us that the constitution is there to bind them they can't step all over us as they have been doing well take a look at the sixteenth the men according to bruce heber verses union pacific railroad says congress has no new tax on power and the sixteenth amendment did not give congress any new so in my little booklet here on the constant sixteenth amendment says article one section nine of the constitution was ratified by the sixteenth amendment article one section nine is a clause on taxing directly of directed and it says according to st the mendment it has ratified or changed the article one section nine now it did not prorsad it did not sheer versus union pacific railroad said the sixteenth amendment did not know government wanted to change the sixteenth at wanted to change that article article one section nine he's no amendment or anything in the world that can make that he right what we have bought into it because the internal revenue big bad they won't nothing i an unlawful organization the irs does not exist proyear on roseate toldhow and so not god has no constitutional authority to article one section nine if you read it or are not article on by the sixteenth the mendment based as congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes on income they've always had that piled to lay and collect taxes on income from whatever source derived this difference between a sort of income and the income is it doesn't say in her congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes the sources of in cold says congress shall have the power to lend collects on the income from whatever source the being able to read english but the eternal revenue will tell you all yet we can tax anything to all the money coming in is an income to you because you have zeribas is your worth not and throw any money coming in to you is an income or a profit or again dooth silently ah without apportionment among the several states that were about regards to any senses or numeration come lad constitutional amendment gave congress the power corporations income from whatever source the stated that a corporation but not an individual we were never meant to dig into our pocket to pay for dover so the sixteenth amendment really gave congress now he taxing power and what is he directed if we go back to the first article a direct taxes among the so congress comes up with a bone he say ok we've got fifty she i and will stay michigan only has a thousand people in its sort and attacks everybody were going to get a dollar head tax from everybody but we're going to textstates of michigan a thousand dollars and then mistegan comes up with other going to collect the thousand dollars from and then they sent that for washing iris has no authority to come to you and say you all income from your labor that you produce there's nowhere in no book or no no court case no anything out there that says that they have the right and you for the money that you make change a labor well look at the little god stop oh we got going on here and a government in form from the prison system having present be you know it no one should be able to be put away for in a debtors prison that's not legal and then the taxation of that the monster is that they have created just to manage the therebilly to put people in position of being subjects is just incredible you get rid of all the regulations in all this nonsense that it takes to even manage this beast that they create it and government shrinks down to bonneter cent of what we have right now and the money remains with the people for what they do it's now you just brought up article one section nine of the state cost of mesa that says no neither slavery nor involuntary servitude unless for the punishment of a crime be tolerated in this so if you are committing a crime hurt somebody you stole property speeding not a you haven't heard anybody and you haven't denied any property which are the two requirements in the republic for being committing for committing a crime if you haven't done either one of those two things then involuntary servitude they can't get you to clean up the highway for you know take time of your life that's involuntary see to beyond the highway cleaning the highway for some of the other projects that they come up with four people that they decide well you know you are violated the civil action a law and therefore you are responsible for doing you got to do so many hours of community service be as let's let's talk about let's talk about a couple of things so i i personally think that and i i conically your son at i agreed with him because i had thought this for a long time is that the government rely should have no place in merit don't think they shot because it's all i hope the money and saw that the government should have no place of sorance married they should go to a church and get married somewhere and and it's not the government's business to do that in my opinion now it was talk about child sport were all of the with all of the props that we have with watching the course destroy our families because they they don't really care i mean i watched them destroying my brother's family with when he went through some submissions and literally spilosite kids of because they just couldn't come to an agreement and they were not holding any one accountable it was really terrible what you thought i putting people way for first giving child's for again i say we really don't want to bring out the big gun so somehow husbands and wives or ex husbands and wives really need to get together and settle the issue before they bring government on board government as though absolute totally lasts h'm what you bring government on then you basically turn your life over ole whatever heights while people are weaponizing the government against each other too it's not just the government its individuals and we need to be you know a willing to inspect our own attitudes as such and seaton i'm going to get them and i'm going to going to sick somebody on them in a word to a chief soort of a weapon is you know we ponies attack on people i mean this is just really ran in on a level so i the kids are coming last in every one of his when adults spite and that in that regard the kids are coming coming last and as far as child support goes you know i've got i've got lots of opinions on an i think it's really sad when people walk away from any responsibility that they have we need to be responsible for our actions but that comes that also starts with conception and hinglish fire you're going to have it and that's the way that god made this you know the way to god made things and so you might want to think about it before you start playing around in the first place because it's going to hit you fontenoys are girls getting together you goin to have babies that's way that the system works you know no grown up on a fire i know how this is work it's pretty pretty much consistent across all species yet boys and girls together that's what's going to happen so if you're if you're out messing around you better take her sponsibility yourself in that comes from the bolt man and women to do the right thing and you create a child your responsibility is life long to stand with that child that you created and help him you don't just panthemont when there eighteen and you know it decide well i did my job i'm going on i don't think that's the right attitude you know we watched that much as bilston it's like the people still together as tribes of people instead of just lieutts do whatever we want to do you know nor sponsibility i think the child's sport issue is too it's like it's like you know how to you how do you in prison some one for skipping out on child support or any of these other how had we sit sivalsi you see in saying i think there's got to be about a way to deal with it well oh yeah i don't know if we can come up with a better solution at this point or again the republic requires you to be self reliant and if in the year a scatter brained and you can't you you don't understand that you don't understand the republican we were we were never taught i was never taught the old high school or college it was until later on in started delving into the laws going back to the beginning and that's where we're talking about when we talk about norton verses shall become that in eighteen eighty six when we talk about her quavers the us that's the nineteen eight is a margrave's madison is a eighteen o one cake so all these cases were when we when the republic was being develope and the only other way you can understand what the republic is it what's your responsibility is is to go back in history or have somebody bring that forward treesabout this history this is our country this is what a republic as we have a republic not of the maces where the government is taking care of us in the morris so we have to re educate the popular and even even with the trunk coming back on board saying in all we're going to have a republic bolesher that in itself is not going to fix the the bandit we want to go there and we want to start with it but we have to go back and understand what are duties are as citizen in a republic too many of us don't have clad with me no no what it means to be self governing well and i think i think that that the valuation on this whole thing is what you know we if we want to have the government out of our lives and we're going to have to be a little more adult with a way that we deal with conflict now that other that that is the crux in it right there is it we're going to have to be more adult with how we deal with things and in that comes from you know having children may in our finances taking responsibility for her own actions and not blaming everybody else when things go all to hell on us because most the time people create their own problems not always but the steps that that get us there generally are created by ourselves and so instead of looking at the government point all the fingers everywhere while it's our fault we hold we would he stepped up in the six other soanes we may not have gotten the point where we are i know now for people that are younger too i mean i was born in sixty three so i mean when people you know what you're doing or two or five or something right we can do what we can do at the time that we're bought that were for and that were here that they ever some chrestotes us there you're going to go back in time it always see things and are screwed out from somebody before it's our job as adults to step in and say you know what his time to rectifie the problems that were either created by us or that came before us and leave the next generation in better shape than what were it well do that by studying the cost and a lonelier and he were we are that's what i can to really understand who we in regard to in this picture of bernoline in the what is that yet were i an i guess i'm kind o sick of everybody out there point to finger it over body else and not willing to do a thing to change things on their own and so you don't it's like porderai got i guess that's where met right now it's really easy that there and complain and sob and wine and go to these professional bitter club meetings out there you know that a prating is politics when all they are is just as support group for people who will met refuse to step up and get you think don all quite hear and hearing complain and move about the conditions they are not studying the law of the constitution they are not taken in the action they just set and they drink the coffee and the complaint i have a lot of those yeh yeh and so so you can't wish things to be changed you got to get up there you got act you're going to have to get involved locally oh and then then see how that goes in an increase your increase your scoler go bakeroom just going everybody out the run for one for something you know run for run for whatever you know undeodorised home and i'll clean stalls i'm okay with that of some smarter than men can get the job done i wish you would have wrought i wish you would i want the those divoratori we would had it done taters governor of the state of michigan hohenlohe assassinator e but i'm not going to run you to the job this sonesepa to me how when i ran for when i got my signatures and i was out on the road gathering a that was my job i had a couple of people working with me we were out there every single day getting for every weekend during the week sometimes we some people would be out to gather oh but we physically gathered those and i remember running up against people that would say what coney sunday today's my day off for one ewan clearly they would fail in a farmer because there is no rest for farmers outer animals across the withers going we were farms out there i'll get out embody else to throw in a few bales a hay and and we group o kids that came over there and neighbors or four kids those kit thesis were they wanted to to help and they love coming out and i segratariato right to horsesthey came out and they were helping with the hay and there like this this one i'd rather do this than anything he echancellor sporting once in order to come out and to hang out at the barn you know playing the dirt and throw a hay look at the chickens and put the horses on odorie the horses made a great time and that was really fond they worked harder than most dolls that i've ever seen they were like and this like man is as great ye we've noticed that from some of the kids that have never experienced it not just never get out and do anything other than going this full and plain soccer whatever that's a he i like to take people like nature walks to find food and and that sort of thing that's kind o that always bowled people's minds when you can see how much food is around to or what the plants do you know like safety ball or yarder anti flammatory and biotic is so is come free and that sort of thing i mean it's all these things out there that you can find that you can either cultivate or find that if we don't even need big farm that the tost of what they've done it's alterius bettinoro look to find it that's true passed on anlage i was as more so were you need scout i am an evil with two ponds but the interesting part is we had some pretty good scout masters and one of the scout master when we were got on with a high or get down horse and around outside or whatever we were to he would he would be waiting for us at the door to get in the cabin and i words your key to the back door and what he wanted from me and from other scouts was something out there like a a leaf from a tree and we would bring the leaf to the tree from the tree to him and say well this is this is a leaf from a maple and if i was correct that's the key to the back and i could get in the cabin otherwise go back out and go to gain you got your book tells what all the stuff is good finds something bring an acorn in and say this is an acorn that comes from a certain kind of tree in soul in its then you could get it back into the cabin so that was a quite a learning experience there that's all tessa's my dad was an eagle scout and it was so it was a all of those things that we learn about the world like did do people realise that you can take a cords if you plant mass crops like that you also get the animals that come but you can make flour out of acorns you can do so many things out of the plants that are just growing here that if we stopped putting all this money into this ridiculous landscape to try to impress everybody and on you know on how how anointress iv we are that sort of thing and started planted food crops in those areas we would have so much land and food of the abundance would be amazing totally amazing and are we we dusting to do things differently i i do you decide or scalplock ah i do somewhere but i moved a few times so is in a box from they take me a while to find it may be take pretty treaty had tattered and torn in it was used for itthat but i do have it somewhere i've never threw it not very cool well we want to go back to the amendment of your bellemeana rabbit trail sorry gus that's what we do here this is really his for real people by real people and we just get in here talk natwere not we don't scrupeting and we get off on rabbit trails just because you know what or it so the six tenths of madmen basically was unneces because it already had congressional authority ohapeople directly to to use a direct on al and sense brushaber versus union post that it gave to congress no new tax actually was a superfluous note in orbitthe passed it and sold veninton revenue decided we're going to read it or way we're going to eliminate commas and whatever hand were going to figure you are the source of that income body and we contact concanon coming at all that's not on ah but any way moving on so that is an amendment that had no real need to haven have been put on the cost well the genoathe just they twisted it to hitwhether goals rather than count a lawful process they just twisted the words and thus i young pork about how we need to understand what words mean and not change the definitions all the time that's how they mislead everyone there are words mean something i know what a woman is i know what a man is a woman and a man has a definition and i don't think any of us need any more coon this for this nonsense to try indoctrinate illness any more sorry i'm a ones and how could that mental ill mentally ill supreme court just get that position conde what i roamed something rather something kind i do now how did she ever get in that position while we know how bianca his shoelaces were s nobody in past all of the stairs on wild plan and get up like a freeing gazelle and in franceof like you you know like he's twenty as to the people remember when president tromp was walking down a ramp at the airforce cabby army academy in the grampus and he had a high polished shoes on leger souls ah and so he was kind of walking very carefully so he wouldn't and he the news media said and all look at him he's a not easefor me can't walk very well i know that wasn't he but the dark but did they say anything about a joy falling down oh not for no reason at all just turning round and falling down was there any public information out about that note and we have two child justice one half the deal with the let's move on to the seventeenth amendment as this is another amendment that not necessary and in fact unconstitutional to even have been brought on board see the member what had hit rideing the seventeen my favorite number write there will not in hise the new weinenden it off there and your face that remediable re yet in it is his just the latter it's just the latter now it's not highly i take it from me military guy who's been in the military for thirty one years and retired as corn more than that that i creansur that it's more than that too to stand for question everything here stands for a lot of the things all right the harcourts of the senate was purpose of the senate was to these a fool in congress before represented the states have of their representatives and the people have their representatives the representatives of the people of our representatives the representatives of the state are these however when the president in charged back then it was i think it was theodore theodore decided that i i can't get a quorum to do anything so he's going to turn the power of the voting for the senators over to the general public if you get em out of the hands and away from the legislature of the state then the legislature can pull those senators any time they the senators are folding against any and that's what he is happening during that period the the senators decided their not going to follow along with whatever their trying to push and they pulled the senate or so they couldn't get a quorums the president decided let's pull forth the seventeenth than and get the senators elected by the pope by the public by doing so we end up with people like peters and stab you now who are in the po political system for ever they never go away they are there whether their installed their voted in because we have a democratic state i don't know i don't really care the fact of the matter is that they're there way to or we have is the never be a lifetime job it's the right o home and in actually have a job not just sit up there and make making back re deals and talking to each other full time yellow how much time of these people actually work in their home districts i've never seen any of them work in the home districts never was well well we can here and i when there to night yeah we've had i had the problems getting appointment the lee to listen to me i written her letters certified he is very difficult to do get in contact with one wonders the problem is that they don't there not representing the people as representatives is not repose senate doing their own he they are problem the seventeenth amendment strod part of our republic by taking the power away from in putting it into the hands of the general one once upon a time in order to volts you have to be a land why was that because people that didn't own land people that just on generally didn't have any skin in the game but if you are a property owner you had skin in the game could be tae you could have certain regulations brought against you ah and so they said that you had to be a property owner in order to let they changed that with the amendments or with the with the laws and of indents that said all everybody has a right to while then you poor people involved in government that have no clue what's going on they don't know who the candidates are they've never done any re but ther democrat or their republican in therefore their going to vote for the democrat or republican that's running in their so they don't have to do anything they don't have to know the background of this they don't have to know where did whitmer come from how did she get tape watch her background nobody paid any attention to but as one guy said as i was collecting while did you see her did you she's a lot prettier to look at it you are i don't know the tenison yes so you you want you want somebody to ashley do the job i i could care less a quasi modo showed o if you could do the job better if that you know what i mean he exactly so getting back to the seventeenth amendment we've taken the power of the away from by putting the vote of the senate to the general populace of the in the general populace for the people for the most part are not as to what colonel they sit in like you said they said and they cried what they don't do anyting they don't get involved they don't know the law they don't know what they're responsibilities and duties are as the citizen in this they lay politics on the d that common nile on to talk about politics we don't want to bring politics or self governance in our church as we don't want to there's a million excuses that people have for honestly you know what it is its lack of communication skills to be able to have silisco in the talk things up is to get people on the same page in order to actually solve problems and a with its unfortunate but we have to talk about it we are going to have to go back to talking about these problems and how to solve or else the the criminals are just going to walk in and say this is what you need is what you want this is a intonations all right so now we know that the seventeenth amendment wasn't necessary in fact destroyed part of the constitute destroyed part of the republic and it needs to be repealed and some people like on rand paul i talking for repealing the seventeen how if you were to repeal all the amendments how far back would you go tain't wise to the wild gerent of olive them from the twelfth for okay oh go back to the original constitute ah which is i think up to the eleventh amendment in fact the eleventh amendments questionable in my mind too because it's been this use the me in or and because it's been this red by not only the attorneys but these so we could get into that some other day but that another battle come up with now the next the man meant is the eighteenth amendment we now know now what to happen with that it was the sails it was the or prohibition of manufacturing sales and transportation of intoxicated liquor doesn't mean you couldn't consume it means you couldn't manufacture it or transport it or a seller ah to others but you could still make your own bath tub gen and drink all that you want it because they didn't prohibit you and i can't prohibit you because remember the constitution doesn't prohibit the public it prohibits government so this is a very questionable thing when it it won't it to prohibits the government then how the government doesn't manufacture cellar trance somebody else thos a corporation does accompany does people do so how could they get away with that well they use the commerce this part of their hate then aloud then to bring forth the eighteenth amendment because they can regulate commerce or according to the constant they had the authority to do that but do they have the authority to regulate something like the manufacturing selling and transportation of alcohol to the people that's it that's a great question nobody ever asked do they have that power my point is they don't have the one even in commerce they don't have that power they can tax the congress does give them the authority to tax under an indirect to so they could tax that alcohol in iodic actually taxi out of es the de they could tack the manufacturing of that the context the selling of it naked in the transportation of it but they can eliminate but his wit as they got to do what we the people want them to do not just because i think we're going to tax us into oblivion in order to jessop's we i don't like it that from people and as they have to do what we the people want them to do and that's where i get fouled up on this you know great now i think everybody should probably look in it by an estill and replacing replacing of and in some brewing a crepent for his bad as an heisterbach's strong poland so much as like lexis could him all out of business because we just decided to replace their entire function that's right i think i thought yet a work herds in the money i think that's happening actor i think people are stopped buying their ponies i take their market shares down thirty per cent or something like that the last time i heard the canningite that bug light nine pins away and like a begotten that its basicity pain people would take it off their shells because other losing there losing shells space in the instars and erotiske it up give it relieve it to tirolean some of these other nonsense companies that i know how to be great to see the all these corporations broken up into the end to em had they really needed to be hit with anti trust for a long time but we can we can take care of their monopolies and molallas more is hyppolite with their dollar just say no okay now since we've kind of beat up on the eighteenth amendment who we really know it's not necessary wasn't a necessary amendment act sillonnons tutional men but in all with the way the system is set up with people like changeand per you can't get a honest opinion or or is ruling based on the rule of law based on the republic because she has no clean that is she doesn't and re it all about money there getting paid on the back side somehow i got to know that they're getting pay either the getting paid on the back side with prowesses of things in the future or it but there's always a money there's always money involved because there there choose lest all to beat off as to two further the agenda of the invasion and a and a destruction of the united states of america then we come to the nineteenth amendment the right of citizens of the united states devoted shall not be of denied or abridged by the united states and or by st on account of but we can laugh transvestites play in women's sport in although this this whole thing is so convoluted as stolon it i don't even believe that moses people are actually trans trans i think a lot of mares actors that are placed in their just too through oscope ople's minds and scruples as women bound i am i'm so done with this whole thing because i'm as donewith it because i think so much of it is just a sight to mass thorpe's mind i don't believe that it's for real in fact most of it i don't believe it's for real i think it's for a political agonothet have they have weapons they have weaponized thus on an if if it is in fact for real then shame on every one who is taken advantage of people like unawho clearly a desperate cry for attention and help mine what i see that corporations taken advantage of people fits for real and then what's going to happen when it changes because it will change that sort of thing doesn't go on for ever they're going to bend up now you got people that are worse off than what they were when they first got the attention it come irresponsible told responsibility so going back to the nineteenth amendment why in the world would you have to have an amendment that allows sexual situation her sex preference to vulgar not if you if ye had a governor in there that is totally against women folding you boltthat governor out of of you don't leave em there and then come up with an amendment that while you can't prohibit that any more you get rid of them you get rid of the legisl you and that was back when we had a little more control over the legislature than we do cause there chosen they get in opposition and it's pretty hard to get him out because part of the un apartis but back in the nineteen twenties nineteen thirties it was a lot easier to remove people from one if they didn't follow along and i'm not saying that everything was great back then he but people needed to become more and more involved back then and then that men mentold not have been so well i think that the misconception is is that the more rules we have we just got to keep make it more and more and more laws and rules than that how we're going to lack this thing down that's how the the criminal the crime syndicate feels we're goin to lock this thing down to by making more and more rules than it doesn't work you you know i just just complicate thing and makes everybody and violation of the laws certain points because the hesso many laws on the books right now that everybody's in violation is something at every moment iheringi keep from all you know it's sort of like as we started out with god given ten commandments and that wasn't good enough so esothe jews had to add to six hundred forty eight more to to make sure that there was enough enough was out there to make sure that they were right to send off and in its unfortunate you know might my dad always said that we were reformed jews and was i think it's kind of onias no but but it's it's like you cannot just continue to make more and more and more rules and laws at likethings down it just becomes a race he chrittha point time ah moving on to the twentieth the twentieth amendment of the constitute as the term of the president and the vice president shall and now on the twentieth day of january why was that no idea neither the go i mean why that was brought on board and what was necessary to cato have more rules and laws and amendments and make sure that we shall everybody that were actually doing something up there you know the great is just to see somebody go to the pen and cut the thing back to and not you now ten per cent of what we got going on now and it goes on to say that the term of the senators and representatives and on the third day of january to the year in which the terms would have been ended article had not been ratified in the terms of these she then began again why was this don't know what was because this was already set up why did they change the the timing to january what was the purpose of as there's no historical reason that i could see as to why they did that well doesn't the fiscal year and in october and maybe that was part of it because they wanted the fiscal year to be over and enough is fiscal year and the ending of a term so you couldn't really accuse a senator congress a kickout of office i it's possible i don't know that's what as to why they why they changed the dating the time always goes back to the money followed the money you'll find tarotees son to git it it's not real clear to me as thor while probably his pickback historically and start leading in ah but this again is an anisamen ment that wasn't necessary what was happening up to till this time period of nineteen thirty three ah were senators and congressmen leaving office at the appropriate fine ye were they staying in office longer than they should have been known where the elections being run properly or being run ye so why was this amendment brought on questions that people need to be they should have been asking way back in nineteen thirty three cases under theodore or under franklin roosevelt he was and i do not of modiste on a lot of people oh no you're going to say the truth franklin was a was as far as i'm concerned of a trust and in the like everything to be under the control of the government and the government to all kinds of his he won of behaved in such a way and the president before him step back he let the people take over country would have been better off also if you would have eliminated that international banking cartel at that time or pushed forward and said all on a coin too but he also took gold on to the public or he tried to anyway not all the gold was removed but he tried to remove the old in nineteen thirty three and he did take it out of the system of money saw he did a lot of damage to our country in a lot of damage to our republic back on nineteen thirty three nine and on the hinder stand we were going into a war that we related in need to be into in the begining and how did then how did the germans i all of a sudden gates so much strength and power that they could actually fight the world because they were broke after the first world war all of a son the second world war they've got tanks and guns and all his thoughts because they wanted that war but banking industry wanted that one as i've said before on upon this program if you haven't seen it yet go on you too but look up all wars are bankers they are created by the banking cart for the purpose of controlling the the the conomy that people the money she so if you can pull that up and watch it really really good and then you'll get an idea as to why we are trying to destroy the sons as the swamp actually is the cause as long as they could print money out of thin air and all that they want and joe fond is criminal government and his criminal people that work with him because they don't they don't have any need or responsibility for money because they can just money doesn't have any value i sat the movie now i was careless like that who in the actuator al but i rode over the week end called walbor's or bankers woerawin i did a lot of reserve were the happened to commandos and the short up is that it eh that's it where all seriosha i come interiors that i i don't know for sure but there because it's been a while since i've seen it but it's worth watering at i bet that is haregach forced the colonist to abandon their own government issue only printed worcestershire writings of bad friends with to allow the police to or grating honest be which free the ordinary man from the clutches of the moody manipulators was probably the prime cause of there there go you got watch that video then understand what trump is strung to the he is trying to destroy the international banking cartel and he's doing it he stood a great job yes actually allowing him to destroy themselves and there doing a great job to do that to so did you mind if i go to the chair here just a minute order or relocate cobeck okay so good morning ah don and charlotte and love and a wet see see here morning finally could get on rombold good rome was little corky last week red last night a clay clerk can is osander husband or suspect people too when osumi have his book poor riches almanac and other papers by bentman frank lin from charlotte and charles at omeegi whenever brought up the cannibalism callisection state of missionis acting as a corporation just like our countries there registered on don anbaree and sam dateless this is exactly what i'm screaming regarding title forty two dash ivy she too or estive dish to majority of men are being treated as criminals she got screaming most men don't get a say if one parent applies for sistence the man are automatically forced into the program and not to mention how much profit this state makes all the happiness in his making an incredible profit of of knocking our families apart and saddling us with uniuntur his people need to get married in church where the holy bible and three witnesses and then you registered that city hall records of records no state license it gives him the right to do what they are doing now see ps is de facto law and a republic a in a republic agency it doesn't exist exactly spasso of the biggest monotrichous and the united states of america and needs to be abolished immediately said agreed charlotte sang with office of child support and forcement ageeh are these like minister of truth nonsense all of them their federal agencies of fallner the executive branch they don't and camp make laws that's why they're a cramp is continuing and then tell isopolites procedures and formulas charless you have to know your standing and court not within pulled the wool over your eyes cause they well family court is administrative and charles i think men should have a right to the seed they planted not just a woman when it comes to a worship it is wrong to leave the man out of it decision oh not right they were given that gift from god i killssixty and then we went to articles constatation and chaos his sick the government playing god for sure and that they don't even know come and low the bible genesis on twenty hale says the making a right to turn them into privileges we have the right to travel doesn't require a license that is commerce and callistus we don't need a license of fish or hunt the land but there is no money for them in our freedoms all this is the great subject were ingaged otoole for fishing and hunting and such alliesstood is off the gold standard and are now using us or vortices were all their slaves and thanks for both sides of the war absolutely and charlotte says yes it's like wearing orange is going to protect them alltherefore had michonnet governor is conchology there you go so in a few texts messages there come in and but less is keep going here the one lady that brother man or whatever i don't didn't catch it i get brought off the corporation bond fall down that trap that rattle because that is ah in it's not about the certificates that's also about the republic we can't go off on the one canton on the other ancillary kind of reasons are causes that those are those are out there to polo away distract us from the rest it's the republic that will bring us salvation and say if we choose to follow and what the laws of the republic we can do that in the cord a law show you early in we have to represent we have to state who we are to the courts and to and who the judges stewart let him know that we know we know the game we're not playing your and so if we could handle that situation in a cord or in front of a public functionary ah let him know that we are in charge not you and i don't mean just by saying he humanchanges not you you're my servant i don't mean that i mean by law because they don't understand this point in time who they so they have to be kind of feet over the head with the two by her yet their attention and then you can move forward you get the judges and that you moved forward and that's the way the process is going to self and were going to be able to think but we can say od's corporations its contracts therefore we have no power nor we have all the power powers always been with us always spend the republic if never been the corporation is just a red herring that they've thrown to and the contracts of s the red herring that they told us while if you sign the doctor men for drivers license you have to have a driver's license nor do to drive or vehicle as well not driving were travelling the one lady pointed out i won't hear i'll write listener's pointed out we are travelling and it's a different and your you are right when you said words have meaning yes they do and we have to use the correct language so we can control the narrative so that's what this is all about that's why we're here that's why we try to point out the constitute we try to point out the supreme court case nort versesall become somebody already said it they've got they don't exist no constitutional authority they had on and we have to be able to get in there and make them not exist stroke in the pan you now not to do that but if you are called on the carpet by one of these organizations then you bring in or a young you spell out the parts of north that say where's your constitutional authority to its they don't have it ease therefore you don't we're not in a civil action the were in a republic by the way ah mister agent did you swear alto the constant no o no i did not well the hennins or did you swear not to the constitution yes i did have you read it while then i think you've got to go back so their ways that we can push them into the direction that we need them to go and we have to be strong and not be fearful there there a bunch of people occupying an office that doesn't exist and so they do not but we have to be able to handle so we have to know where to now the constitution we have for no what rights the rights we have based on god protected by the constitute as the bill of rights and we have to also understand that we have more than st we have an it's because it's not written doesn't mean we don't have that it and we can exercise the as a citizen of the republic but we have to be a citizen of a republic and we have to let them know that we ought and otherwise otherwise than wear in the simple actions i can do what they want he i down that road get away from all these side line rabbit holes because there's tons will mount there on internet you got to discern what you listening to us it makes sense as it have anything to do with the republics has it work there's some of their processes that they say well if you do this this is are you can tap the money in your purse oh yeah has that work as anybody worked sally that does not work in it to sidesreaction the fraction that's all the camp no right owns distraction away from what actually cromyon so that they can continue to harm must and steel for us since steal our land and steel or are wealth and steel or rights the whole the whole and put conpuesto to complete captivity is it the rival with said at this time period what's up is down and what's left his right and what's right as wrong and what's black as we bing said that no bible i was going to say not on the say oilinois notionthe pony be missing that no not by bindle gazari think it said in the in the the end of times soap the truth will come out but what will be up to ill be downward will be left for be right soon as so forth so we are being constantly bombarded by a lot of wise untruth half troops part and we can't go down the thresholds forgot to get so got to get strong we got to go back to the republic and we've got to fight that for now and we will i find it theopentus keep doing well so we want to go to here i will like gongorine i i don't know if we need to go over the rest of that the twentieth amendment so let's move on to the one now remember he said that the eighteenth amendment was not necesary in fact not lawful so how did they fix it they had to re amend the constitution to get rid of it and that's what the twenty first the man man he got rid of the eighteenth amendment the faintest ray eighteenth of man that when they have to do another amendment while whenever you are whenever you have an amendment on the cost i now have to you can't lawfully by law on essay the last three amendments that were passing the state of misers or totally in constant casewith did not have the appropriate amount of oats they were not mastheaded on by the people rise the mocracy we are they were supposed to be brought on board by the legs yet that those moorethe three proposals that were on the the ballet were absolutely first of all they were incredibly misleading and then second about whole process was a sham i do not believe they had enough signatures to get them on the ballot in the first aid was not up to us to do that that's why we had eight themwith his lancet we wanted those amendments in landed on the bank on the cost we were to went to the legislate we were to propose it but legislature would have voted on it therefore we would have known who was good guys so that we really wanted off in office and a wornout this way they turned their over to the public and now they can say will you voted for you're the public you've altered for what do you want you that you the public on before the taxes and we just to that we did what you wanted us to do it's not what i represented republic is all about we hire people to do that job for sosimenes were unconstitutional illegal is now the clean him off the books that's another one much more difficult a then not ever having a long the books they and so here's what happened worth the twenty first amendment nobody was paying attention to the eighteenth amendment they were still never speak easies there were people making boots there were people transporting goods from other countries that stuff never spoke the alcohol is she never was brought under control by the federal government because the federal government wanted the to do their work one of the states the fund in the state sortthrough that you pass the amendment you do it we're not going to pay the money to higher and and police the eighteenth amendment were not going to do that so in the federal government realized that they took on a burden that they couldn't hand nobody was so they had to reverse or get rid of the eighteenth amendment not get rid of amendment that in the constitution or after romance you can't do it by law the health and human services for example that was brought on by law can't do it can't do it can't do it by edict by law you have to do it by constant because remember everything in the constant everything that goes on that's a low again for the people are against the has the half constitutional authority where our old comes in to create the kind of government that we want to we create the government folks and and runs the government the way we want not the way they want so healthy human services doesn't according to norton vs shall be county because we never gave them the authority in the constitution to have such or does an exact and that's where people need to to really start understanding that because once they do then they get the power they understand that health and human services as can't do what they're doing there in ps they are de facto organization and can have the fact organism on to become a lot of the reasons why norton doesn't want to be brought up in the you start wavin at norton banner and you really understand people judges and prosecute i don't want anything to do with you it bites into their rules and regulations and their power frankly the barges and bars quasi organization defacto rganization that has no constitutional athos yes oh so that's why we had the cratistoteles special interest cartels all over the united states sets what it amounts to is gontinent re nation full of cartels you got you know you've got a base on function or business or industry that sort of thing and it's no different from the fire there the special interest artsand that's how they get favor they they keep people out so in they protect their they protect their money flow that way that's right i remember one very important court cases down horse sus pen well that basically says that it the people are so and that the laws rules and regulations do not apply to people because we are the author those laws rolls as so the government turned that around and says no we are we're here to enforce the laws that we create no you then eve it is thought of steroids then give it a shout of steroids to increase in onerous to a ridiculous point where only that were they have the favor on everything that's right so you got to go back to the original premise of the report we are the sovereign we the people are the sovereign and remember not that long ago if you called yourself a sovereign citizen you were considered a thread a terrorist that was what the government was pushing on you and so that's what you are sovereign and a site but there be a sovereign citizen is like a hot water heated the same using the same term with you can i got a rethis to you so it's like onlesse it we're going to rest cousin were in ordered road that one republican republic form of government all dew tp and calesas i preciate your words will states thank you with lots of smiles and then even when you're on jury duty is not constitutional no enployed that case we and then charles whirlwind and then she also says down to raneberg vernor and john tenor from lieutenant governor elected by the people and for topeople thei love that her nightmare thoesoever that was repalewhen he be funny it would be like it would be like a de remember dear member that grow the two old grumpy guys that set up in the in the theatre and on the muftithe no you know monticolas like it was like waldorfastoria out or something like that they were the characters there and they were like these wrong then be you and i only heavenarian grown field lady up there going dosson we imentation you're wrong the old one now there would be a lot of fun this there would be obviously a lot of cleaning up the wide but it's still is still requires the power of the legs legislatures still ask to beyond board and we do have a lot of rinaldo so i went water i'm sorry i want to see you a share of that obrador governor john tailor is one one real strong constitutional share of and weaken write the entire state that's true that's specially when come when concord be cleaned up the in a matter of days you can clean up the entire state all we need to do is a one constitutional share of that he understands his job and has the has the guns to go forward and in readthis time leginto be pretty fast it's true it's true will you going back to the constitution the because we really need to take a look at that again okay ehwe are now on the twenty third of eminent and it says no persons shall be elected to the office of the president more than twice in no person who has held the office of president or acts as present for more than two years of a term to which some person was elected president shall be elected to the office for the could not sit down in about three words have as others corrected by politician clearly o course ah the problem the problem with this amendment i think president trumpets going to his violated a moment election because he is president right now a second and is entitled to these although he is not in the white house he is the price the other president because the residents of the white house took it illegally tried to overthrow the government the gazelle yeah but the general public doesn't figure hasn't figured ah that president trumpets still in charge and still in the office in fact in my group some of the people in my group not quite go along with that idea that still involved in still the president but he had triteriteites states the america i don't care that how you colonnathe is the rightful president and we cannot back down from that's just like with the most important thing that we can do is address election and integrity and have honest and fair free elections that has to happen or we don't have a country any more and i'm i'm just so i am so proud of him and what he did because he did not have to do this job onpointed not have to stand in the way of anything in this nation and he bravely and grow we did all of his policy whether you don't like his men to be an likes me to eat who cares i wonderyes she only one that had the gods to call it out without fear of saying of hurting somebody's feet wings what needed to be said because he was right on i thought it was hilarious i have full thought he was absolutely homeros and now the rightful president of the united states donald j trop we cannot say that enough and nor will we stop that's right which brings me back to this amendment should basically if it if it ever said anything it should say have to be a natural born it is a canon was not the canon was not very storthe canon who admitted to be inborn and begin a canyon and was was laughing at us senor laws and our rules as the canon who is groomed as the manchurian candidate for that position and then followed up by the sixteen year plan which hillary clinton was going to bury this nation thank you god almighty for donald for president donald and in and bringeth bring us to the vice president presently who is come a she is not a natural born person how could she occupy the position biceps cause president or if the resident died in office or was removed she would then take that position but she came because she had a natural born set of snow she can haterentis how does that cost and then it goes to blowes as people we've allowed this kind of nonsense he continued what can we do well we we can make noise that's what we have to do we have to get out there and so you can't do this right or senators and congressmen and let him know that thereby latin sition that relating the republic and enough people we'll make a die this it is right now certainly with an himerus enough people are making a big if i sent their losing their market here yet we are making a so people are getting a lot more informed and educated and deciding that we're not going to just be a bunch of longings jumping off the cliff to her own demise and at that's a great thing but we need more people to wake up to what's actually going on out hearing this is the way evil always works is sneak so on peoplenotes biting away of of good i mean it doesn't typically just go woman it's right there it's he it's it's a slow process of erosion and were so far away from what freedom actually looks like that people take it if people have no idea what there even looking at because it would take it out of the schools and the schools became indoctrination camp it was broad cast on that god forsake and twenty four seven and and basically over and over and over the conditioning goes you know sarteano would do it's just absolutely turned that god forsaken thing off and i learned to be learned to communicate with your friends and family and be a human being again ah kalligas ah what group is john and a there go corsetiere on alienists we have a group and recalling ourselves the magnificent republic and we show up on wednesday nights on soon and this one the night will be on some ah i'll give you thou i'll give you the call sign to get in if you go to the zoo and then you take this number in cold you a i can put it in came maybe that would help it three four three three nine two and it's from seven to nine where half a dosithean dots in there is a discontinuer oh i'm not sure i have a space between them the way i've got it written on my card i caminis thisspace there for everybody is probably easier i'm an out every reader back to your eight three sects four three three six nine two six sextets and off she goes in de cipres bad and you can now you can come on wednesday nights between seven and nine and listen to us and ex askwith it's an open for we don't charge any money to come to this this is all about information we cover all kinds of informed and on the twenty first of june we will be at nicholas again lie ah we all show up there and have dinner and that now were run the meeting and that comes from five to nine so that's on the twenty first of june you could make it out there to telegraph if you send me your e mail on on john or je tater too yah then i will add you to our mailing list than you'll get this information every wee so you can just click on it and show up as these is an lot of people like that so we do that every fact i just then tried to join an overdone in viteopathy to get that figured out for a tonacaste or the sweets of that you can get up jetator tatatat yahu doom napoleon the in the subject in and me to your list or to that nature now will get calcinated and that's that's no problem do we do want to stop here john and anna oh move on as we come back to the next loss good you know i think i'd rather go in doubt that some of these amendments than do in like a fly over on him and actually knowing what we're talking about here now we could do that i just wanted to make one more comment which i started to make earlier and the indigo president trompes convolute the emendment when he runs into now ben a friend now he will have been a president for sticky wicket that thee to podocrates got into they can say to him that he can run yet one they can admit that he's a president to day then he then there shading there thinking this whole thing was slow up in their face so they got haverah and yet this is a check made i had it i hope they understand that i think the so his margherita relief hilaris as we know he sent charge now he is the best his smartin the average bear he knows what's goin ter so anyhow cally such here were at seventy two per cent of way crit now indeed eighty per cent and thank you downyheads con take me you've got my phone number contact me and i'll make sure that you get it to day so every cot my phone number right put it out the for everybody contact me you know and i'll try to get to you know yet figured out for wine to read something i i looked up i we're talking of paemalee me make one more comment it was lesson i had an issue with so they changed my number filling i had people trying to get in nobody could get it sold it was last week that she tried to get in that's what happened the number was changed but is now back to the original in everything there's all kinds of weird stuff going on like i've been having trouble off and on with rumble but we're not having trouble with brandenburg news not words that cow think ineither the cause that that's the light the life is that i wanted to read this because if i want to read you were talking about sighing of the antibes and i'm just going to start reading these cause so many verses on this there's about a hundred of em that pulled off right here that i was going to read so we know what we're lucky that right now second timothy three one through five let understand this in the last days there i come times of difficulties for people will be lovers on some lovers of money proud arrogant abusive disobedient to their parents ungrateful on holy heartless unappeasable landreth without self control brutal not loving good good treacherous reckless swollen with conceit lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of god having the appearance of godliness but denying its power avoid such people daniel twelve four but you daniel shut up the words and seal the book and tell the time of the and many shall run to and fro and knowledge show in cree matthew twenty four seven for nation will rise against nation and kingdom against canada and there will be famines and earthquakes and various places matthew twenty four one one through fifty one jesus left the temple and was going away i reckon to go that far working part of it but but i'm not going to do the entire past when it is does ciples came to point out to him the buildings of the temple but he answered that you see all these do you not truly i say to you there there will be there will not be left here one stone upon another that will not be thrown down as he said on the monopolies the disciples came to him sit privately sing tell us when will these things be and what will be the sign of your comment on the end of the eight and jesus answered them see that no one leaves you strike for many will come in my nesaian the christ and will lead many astray matthew twenty four fourteen and the gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations and then the end will come st timothy for one now the spirit expressly says that in the later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demon marked thirteen thirty two but concerning that day an hour no one knows not even the angels in heaven nor the son but only the father matthew twenty four six and you will hear wars and rumors of wars and see that no see that you are not alarmed for this must take place but the end is not yet matthew twenty four thirty six the concerning that day no one there if that dian hour no one knows not even the angels of heaven nor the son but only the father looked twenty one eleven there would be great earthquakes and in various places famines and pestilences and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven second peter three three three four knowing this first of all that scoffers will come in the last days with scoffing followed following their own sinful desire they will say where is the promise of his coming for ever since others fellasleep all things are continuing as they are from the beginning of creation i am going to stop there but there's a lot more of it my my picked us up in a minute because right now i've seen a lot of scoffers scoffers out there going walther's never goin to be justice happening things have gone on it is whittore and so if i hear that from you on pretty much to a thinking oh this person is never probably been faithful because we don't have a time no time on god he's going to do this in his own time when things are are in perfect and perfect order that means that i think we had one shot to take this entire mass down we had one shot at it and if we throw even one detail it's going to come right back and we will never get rid of it we're going to have to tear down the entire church is satan and in the activities therein of cannibalism that we saw this not job from peter put out there that's not just one spot going on as well as the killing of children and davies and molesting and all this the straight from the hand of satan make no mistake this is the battle of the spiritual battle and its between and now the battle is the lord's begins we can say that but it's all so forosnat create more havoc here by falling in bed with satan and his low demons that are running around doing wrong thing in every single you know so we we absolutely have to be watchful and mindful not slanderous bringing the truth but not slanders you've got to the old back of which or saint and not all we're going to have the state or that date this is what canons not going to happen and i think we've all been sucked into it at one point of the other cause we do want to see this end we want to see the justice we hunger and thirst for justice and righteous the only thing we had to focus that is god it's going to be in god's time and his plan and that plan is always good and always pre oh something you send earlier that i want to bring back up its like what makes the united states different yes besides that were most we are the melting pot of the entire world that means that we're a bunch of michigan creeping moss the toison in the whole entire and that do not back down and you know what he had a discussion with somebody yesterday on leadership because you know you hear you hear a lot of sobbing and whining and you know he whining waterwhat ever it's like that's not what leaders too and a force supposed to be here being a salt in the world we stand up and fight without backing down we don't lie we don't sob we don't try to put conditions one god or anything like that we stand up and take a day that comes at us day to day to day day by day by day prepared for all things no matter if things go this way or that way it doesn't matter we're going to adopt in a just and we're going to come out on top because months always went there the taprobane months always went so it all we got to do is remember that stayed to gather supporting each other don't let him divide you don't let him divide you into republicans down macret ibi gender by race by whatever that they contrived out there this is not we're all brothers and is before god that before god almighty we are brothers and sisters created wonderfully and fearfully i hope and so that's organ to do so oh let's see in he says here i go you are great at calling people back down a thank you how we get we get off tracks sometimes you know we just got a trick get out people discarded and got to stay in for the rail reason the real reason is that we are one nation we are one tenderand we have to be okay with accepting our position i'm not god i don't know about you but i'm a sinner saved by grace do my best to try to muddle through life an you know it was i the best candidate for governor i don't know but i sure sexton i just you know cause i didn't see anybody else that i figured i could do the job and do it without without being able to be paid off her or distracted so maybe i got that going for me but you don't what i'd do what i do know is all of us standing together and write this second to be one person it's going to be orebody and we're going to have to step forward as a force to be reckoned with in that's what they fear the monks they fear you and i and john and every one standing together on moveable watching each other's bare take the nation back and to kick the criminals to the curb isgoohe yester scorebefore someone saying our constitution is old and not used in law and some in some chance it go on on his people are idiots they have no idea what their talking about because it is to constrain the government it is not out dated it is too stopped them from trampling on us and our rights and making us just fodder under their feet that's what the world i cannot o pormont's and all other little nuns render young young leaders like crenshaw and and all of their stangateon riley gains and all of their sandwichian new party of a misfit sneered and michigan who are much cry babies who didn't get their way so they just decided to take all the money and make up the note new organization strict destroy this so right we're all americans do what you wanted to out there worth your tidingis his were moths it is news is so her regal so i with that subtle sinewy there that was common to both the constitution being old plous by the due by the judges and by the the sorrows judges why the tones what they all swear an oath to antiquated doce is the logic behind the how do you swear off to it and say it doesn't exist or that it's a relevant ottenesse in of to it prisidint believe it in the first place you shouldn't take the podob as our never let so doyentate gerinsing you like sometimes you know you ever ye ever see the cartoon where the dog gingerlike what what people talking to the dog and the dog he is blind of blenorrhas nothing there have father thank you so much for the eye guidance the direction that you've given us in all things we are so thankful to be able to come before you the stick as brothers and sisters as your creation till lavenham ny and peace with each other i asked for blessings on every one's house on all who entered their home that there would be peace in their homes that you would give them protection that it would be a wonderful fantastic experience when they go into their homes and when people come to visit them and that you had blessed them and all things with we asked you bless our nature this she was so all this this fighting in his hate in this his craziness that you had helped teaches thought communicate again and in a situation with great humility with the the ability to listen to each other are concerns and and our hour love for this nation and self governance rightly ordered under you we thank you so much for the opportunity step forward in due good things into honestly have they have a job it's nice dove i purpose to take care of things and to take care of me conethe us to the need that each one has in a step then where we can give the shirt of our back that's is called for sir to give ah to have italy to all com people that to look for needs that are off to their so many and to step forward and fellowship and fun and in love with each other you know for each other as brothers thank you so much for the constitution and the founding fathers the the the wisdom that they had on how to dig ourselves out of this phrase satanic tyranny and solve on at us our country but this world we as you would confuse the plans of the enemy that she would send it great great confusion in the camp of satan that it would just be completely scattered and that you would you would help us to contenter as one now shot standing back to back helping each other up and in that we would know exactly what to do and how to do it because we're following you every step of the way thank you so much for being with us to day for being here for walking as every step of our lives we just love you so much and worth regretful that you have given your favor upon us that we can walk in this and this earth with you and that we just rejoice in the stay ahead of us for you have given us this day one more day to be here and to order our activities to otter glorify you just think his precious name pray so they got so here we aranand here dining men go to brandenberger dat com or brandenberg news outward do come if if a rumble or the rest of these non son social mediative organizations can't keep things running go to branford news networked out copindell find is there and or a miniatore i get on here in the morning it is just talk for a little bit maybe with you know you'll get see the priest shall show where we actually talked to each other with a scindian eh ah still not conceding die in hir not conceding to lighters chinolin there are election crosses cause johns and moth i'm emotionotto woman we're going to just continue to fight on the true trottolo know not got to knock in to give this thing up any last words or john no i may hope to see some of your people show of it irmenis do it in honors come on come on board again the jetator to yougod com is my email you can send the email to me and i'll put on the mailing with at their god so her go her hands god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless merica were doing this were taken it back and not back in town stands strong and ah here's support you you're very precious remember that there's no mistake don't be depressed about what we see everything's in god's hands he sang control we just got up keep walkin this thing out and it's going to be glorious we a glorious future southern front of us so have a great day and we'll see it to morrow make it so and one of a great day it's a tie i hear