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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/10/2023 Castle Report, Michelle Harrast, Warren Carpenter

Published Nov. 10, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Darrell Castle is an attorney and founder of Darrell Castle and Associates law firm of Memphis, TN. He has held many leadership positions in the Constitution Party since attending the party’s founding national convention in 1992. While earning his JD at University of Memphis in the 70’s, Darrell met and married his wife Joan. The Castle’s daughter Joanna is married to Michael. Darrell served as a 1st Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps and trained under then 1st Lieutenant, Oliver North. He was stationed in the Far East for 13 months and his service in Viet Nam followed a family military tradition, with his oldest brother serving in World War II, another brother having served in the Korean War. Darrell’s experiences during those years contributed to his strong belief that war should not be entered into capriciously and, that the decision to go to war must be made according to the U.S. Constitution which makes it clear that only Congress can declare war. 9:30am Michelle Harrast Michelle has been published in Psychology Today. She is a licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Michigan and work at Inspire Counseling and Wellness in Mt. Pleasant, MI. We have an office in Midland MI as well. Our motto at Inspire is: Everybody is welcome. Nobody is perfect. Anything is possible. Website Psychology Today: I often say, "It's hard being human!" In this journey of life, we all need support and compassion, especially during challenging times. You do not have to struggle alone! I offer hope for healing through effective mental health strategies. I use evidence-based therapies including mind-body techniques that help break negative cycles of stress, anxiety, and emotions. My goal is to provide a warm and supportive space to build tools and strategies to realize your individual, couple or family’s mental and emotional health. This begins in a comfortable place where you can share your story and begin to develop a roadmap to wellness. I provide in-person and virtual (phone, telehealth) mental health services to individuals who are experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, addiction, grief, focus, or self-esteem issues as well as individuals who simply wish to become the best version of themselves. My practice serves individuals from adolescents through adults, as well as couples and families. I value the trust you place in me and I look forward to working with you and assisting you in achieving your mental wellness goals. Additional info about Inspire: Our practice serves children and families as well but I specialize in adolescents through adults, as well as couples and families. 10:30 Warren Carpenter - a whistleblower on the corruption in the MiGOP will give us an update on the new concerning information from the MiGOP. Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the tenth or of the tenth of november twenty twenty three and walking show today we are first guess is the cancerous and after him we've got michelhurst on and this is going to be a real interesting she does she she was published in psychology to the and does work with trombas a treatment so people that she's goin to be talking about a new treatment for treating drama and it is real interesting to me and i met her when i went to see a robert of kennedy junior and we were standing together talking and she was very interesting signed by the heron the mare and then warren carpenter will be coming on it one thirty so without much further adieu good morning darrell how you doin on morning dollendis fitting i then we got a new set up here a new text out of so thank you to your lovely wife for for all the work she put into this said what's going on in the world give us the gives the little sneak predon the castle report well done as usual the world is at war worse they and of course i although it's only other side of the world from us we are righter the middle of it we can't have a war that we don't participate then who would on some the like that so yes you see selfinvolved and the this fact the without the united states the war would be very very difficult to cope because every time israel drops a bomb were right there to give him another and so the keep off it works the use collegian factory to produce war gods span that way seems like for forever but it's been a long time that's while they shared got himselves in a position right now with economic the economic nonsenses going on every time there's an economic downturn they save their bacon by by getting into another war and continuing on and the the nonsense and ukraine is no longer working so they had to move to the middle east i published a video from the son of the one of the founders of has in the middle east which was you know as we all know started by it most sad as well as the sea so i mean this was this is a created i i really have a feeling that most the territorialization are created by our own deep state in conjunction with globeless issue seems like it soon that way and the certainly if not created in but made worse that's in instigated how that so so well are you seeing going on there he he is a sneak peak on what was but your tolerances to day is about the war a little bit but it's primarily about epes jewish around the world a something that my family so because my wife for a jewish family and courses all their relatives so we ah we are very were always a tone to that kind of thing these these nonsensical attacks is to live and some of the country have nothing to do this war relief makes no sense and so much of it other college campuses in the benetsee's that the more prestigious the college the moor a length student body of the worship so those that those were things that i am missintis a report to day but i thalibi about the war and about how these jews and israel right now especially the ones torrun the is reecoverin ment are different than the ones that our college to friends may have seen the on their films for the juices keppeler in to go to the camp he of these jewish ah there are instigating back on the train so because they have nice weather ah so it's a very very dangerous also situation and as i think you probably agree a good situation for the united states to stay a long way from that the the too much money in war if anahen you ought to manipulations you know what what really got me was this whole nonsense in angasi which was absolutely you know backed by the state department which hillary clinton was involved and i met i met a guy one time of many years ago and he he had a teacher on its miller hold i friends and i like a iii can't let you get past and without asking his seat so we ended up having quite a discussion and with him and the other military guys that were round him on some of the nonsense created fire on government and he said he said he was actually a helicopter pilot and he said man we were loaded for bear he said we could have blown the whole area to smitherins and got in the hostages out christ receives stephens and we were told to stand down for six hours on that on that harmac wall they killed my free and and you know then you dig into little bit deeper and it's like of course they were trafficking weapons through libya assyria as well as they had they had and you know could office em you know his so ah independence from the iatan etcetera so i mean whole thing was much more complicated than it then it ever appears it seems like it always goes back to money well as a as a famous person once said about the sport so the answer of every question having anything that the sports and the the same answer is as your exactly right it's warmly about money a man doesn't explain everything but he explains mostly a foot out to the ossianite forty eighth birthday of the marine or in course i served it was a marine officer and the nothing that you you come to learn later in life after you finish your sharps those people don't care about it that's a hard lesson hard thing to learn in what you learn it and you come to that come it changed your life for those people of their serving and arms way many of them and very difficult st the people who send them the people who who command them don't care about them they don't care if they become case they don't care when they read the case this if there's a hundred or a thousand names on affect them it doesn't touch them and that that's so that's a hard lesson for people that the letter sent out there in harm's way no servant in ascidicolidae the the global structure is is in my opinion run by psychopaths the whole as they and they don't care about the military men and women that are they are sent there to or under the guise of defodiad its relatived because they don't care about us and that there is such a theresuch a a gap between what they say they're doing what they're doing that once you really get your arms around it it is very shocking and it's politics it's the people in petitions and and very very disturbing i have of i published a couple of vireos the sweet one was five son of the guy the creeds and the i did one by a arabian thought it was very interesting listening to him talk about the difference between the jewish people is the same thing that were dealing with with the difference between the chinese people had chinese the american people in the american government and the deep i have a feeling that all of these little divisions between countries ah there the the ones that are running at their all globes and they're all in bed together and they we have we have a a thought that china is a geographic location it's not any more china is the what we've come to know his china there's the chinese pe the people and the leaders that are in position are in every country all across the world in a truly as a one world government where they are just using people their using the heathmore systems as well as the economic systems as well as the military and they're all bad together i've been working with an investigator for the last little bit and we've been chasing down the back grounds of some of these people in it will be shocking to people to see what has been on cover well dole'somely happy here that there's somebody out there that at least as bad as i so in sir look at me like a crazy because i tell them the cone of things that you just hold you know talking about the chinese student history in world war to the chinese people sacrificed a great deal hundreds of thousands of them were helping japanese eradicated the murder to utter fifty thousand cape civilians because they have to do readers when they landed in in china shop we have history with childe have always ile hope that we could somehow he himself with those people and get past his constant silly but like you pour out ah it's not us in this not the chinese people this the leadership and healthsame everywhere the vice for yes so i look at these these i manjust say i look at these idiots coming out of our our education system when it comes to you know in the colleges you look at you look at the the type of people that were that were you know standing on their so box for below which is a territorialisation and a corporation thinking that there really there really defending something in which communities did they destroy the black communities these poor brain washed idiots that jump on board the and how it's its relish showing the amount of hate hate they have out that's been that's been taught into them to and they did the same thing in world war two with brown shirts it's a color evolution and they use younger people who don't have enough hise to understand what's really going on behind the scenes so they listened to their communist marxist you know instructors that told exactly what they should be doing instead of having a balanced a pro shouts and if when you start looking at the economic advantage of these universities have there laundering milk hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars through these universities in our education its shock the axe had of thee and of the michinipic party not only was there a donation of a hundred and fifty million dollars there to the university of michigan by this individual there is also connections his person sits on the atlantic council has made donations to widen and is connected to paris no there it then i mean there's so many things that we could talk about there was someone that was part of the u s taxster's party who committed a fourteen year follow and we tried we you know we trace this i tries the stone with the help of an investigator to the fact that this person is involved and the man the by trance trans community as well as swinger's miss somebody within her own ranks who was who was who who rashly was removed and a you know it's the i'm kind of hard line at some of the stuff on like i'm like that you either clean this party out or i'll i'll single handedly burn it to the ground you know we either stand for something or were just as bad as the rest of em and weren't we're not going to play that game you know but they're everywhere the infiltrators so these people have been removed from the from the constitution party the stearine we're not going to tolerate but you know you see you see the infiltration across the globe and to every system out there and we have the start doing background checks we have to start doing checks to see who these people really are or else were just thing the head line yeah i'll tell you what if you do back round checks on people in leadership you'll find some pretty pretty cherishing stuff you know something simple as hearing my city men occurring of everywhere a gust we had a very good post she will sir she prosecuted criminals it was her job and he she was he defeated in the last election by george sorrels find proctor who had a different attitude is it to his there aren't many crimes any more murder is still a crime i'll still prosecute that but you are mayor just tell this last friday in his weekly news letter that in the last to the year eighteen hundred people have been arrested for carthage the single one has done any time ah so you know the the purpose behind the vestipedes ruction of her city hallinger crumbling but the people had got in his person and then to offer hoping that he would leave some pathetic to their community or the ones being victimized by him thus it's hard to understand people sometimes just don't see their own best well i kind of wonder if they are actually voted and because of the unconstitutional war elections are being run you know supposed to vote in votive and count in public while the minute you put that valid into the machine your count their counting and private and we've already had people like cinturion that talked about writing algorithms to flip the votes for for people that asked in the recharge of the election down in florida its happening all over the so you know it's basically the fox gardinin the hen house there when our other elections and i don't believe that we've had an honest election in probably decades they they've been working very hard to take the vote away from the american people it's not just the twenty twenty two in the twenty twenty election that were that were riddled with forwithin at michigan is the poster child for it with an anointed on going to say it and registering voters in those and many of the other areas and now she's got a she's got a case again in the last couple of days that was piled to impeach her and she needs to be not only peach modest barred for hiding this and in handing it off the state police and then said i don't know what happened like a two year old that says did you take a cookie i don't know you know it's crazy i mean i menorotmenorot least make up a good one you can't even make him too there the domino they can't even make up a good lie right for the crimes that are committed but i don know well now that i can see that you are a a very dangerous woman in you ever what your back up there and missingtotal you strange things happened the yeah he had one vice or state robs come on my property to threaten me and he gave me a veiled throat and i just got right ness face on like i just remember i like i'm horse person that means that i have pitched for ex i can throw a metric ton of hay and take a kick for may altonia you will be no problem and then i chased him off my property and his wife goes you should run for governor i'd come to work for you so he lost his man cractice and ten men well that's what he gets for coming on your property and treat them you're trying to intimidate you sin works so good for him but you know how it goes you know i think it is this that we won't be to get a little bit more gods with our approach to think because you are not they they boffalo sometimes they don't bluff but i'd rather i'd rather you know a fight the thing with my last breath then then i coward to these more on as he got older with me i found that o sapplings scare me less than last goes i have less less ole yet you look at your days and you go you know it's like i know you just turned seventy this year and i just turned sixty and that you look at your days and go aviatorone here that's tomake odered it's hard to believe the noacolly just turned seventy five or seventy five okay i you don't want to die thinking a check or shard check her charges turned so side and mister burnleys now giantsone coffee in the star books that located so to my office building yesterday and i say there the two retired people sitting beside me talking to each other and the list of their conversation i thought that's not the life outen what they were talking about doing sillitoe s s and no i couldn't townsthere life not mine it's not what i'm looking for so i like to stay in the fire his long yeah i sed to there's the sure as the enoughtoo addresses but i really like your analysis of the overseer ah you know to the world the world stage and what's going on are you seeing anything else ah you know i seems like it's kind o died down all this rushing you crane on suns that was going on which we were founding and all the human trafficking up there i i hear anything else of there well sure i thee there sends to be very strong diplomatic outreached to elecutione say the united states won't you too to compromise in ah where were apparently telling those lensky in this pepe to to go to the russians and say ocelis work something out you know now a hundred and orsino hundred thirty billion dollars later five hundred thousand lives later i guess we soon went we need to concentrate on the middle east now so you ther war come to ah so that's that sings to be the way of it now but they're still sending people on me no sawest day for the germans were sending the sixteen and pilot stating the though ukrainian so in their talking of the both sides of the mouth but i think the us regime the storing to see that it's in the rest enters now if they try to bring into a close under some favorable circumstances one more that time i guess they finally concluded that even below biensances we could fight three at the same time reality is what it is he can't get two words out his mouth so i'm not taking anything he said you ever noticed the scathe falls up the stairs getting up plain and the guys over seventy years old he leaves up like a freak and get zonation the plain i'm going to tell you what i don't know many seventy year old the cold pop up that thus some going on to the sky i don't know i've probed me to fall three times and boom you turns and biting a gets i want to show omnisciently that a year delamater that the guy there come the son of the guide that he was one of the founders of homosipuoi and i think this is rule anderson we played the opinion on in the west angry the streets that some port themselves croats themselves free pies others say petion it ocupation or you do you mean in isre and give him as what they won i come with any territory sorters army so they can miss more with the globe security are you thought that i win how can you say thanks for common between the west and set and how can you see the fine the protonic of haman or is your head you have nothing to do with aretino just projected hatred and inflicting emotional pain of the jewish people as the horn moedeloos think this is how you held palestine there is no such a thing as aristomenes thine what yes and on opiniative be an old palace in bilestone commas palestine is clementehave aretine who pocono you have no idea i am teroumoto that i have the right to be one i speak on behalf of the children as a palestinian child as a child of the man i onie about the subject but you i have no idea what you linemen then you did not live the pain so without your foes or about the four look at the we grow the way we wanted to go your opinion even if you went on to childrenyou don't make not in this woman's love your best as against your pot editions in london in paris everywhere wherever want that's your best but in the middle east within with business the mileeshie the widest smile we are born of the harassed i would go to kill all of and nobody can get in the way these are criminals nor of those are ceterists they have lots of londontheir hands commenced prisoners in this rate prisons must be executed we are to have as in frosted the answer powerpotentia there is no where one i am not going californite and i would not be a comes only bring the rachis ra on i thought that was pretty interesting coming from the son of the founder of hamas you know this is this is the one thing that our politicians do not want to do they do not want to talk about the fact that these terror these organizations need to be designated as terrorist organizations and dealt with as like like let's go back to belloni's corporation this is a heavily fonded corporation so with anti so as santo where take so is hamasas has blue these are have nothing to do with the people they are heavily heavily supported by the globe the globules power structure and they need to be treated as the henchmen that they are that's my opinion on the and it's really sad because the people are suffering under their hands and and i thought he did really good job talking about this we have no more jewish people we have no quarrel with with any anybody that wants to live that wants a piece fully honest plant we have no qarl here otherforever bright god but that she can messed that the leadership is not wont to hear yet her for they like me so much too and you so much darrel we gonaguerati i got to get to i've enjoyed it thank you so much tell everbody where to find the cancel reports they can sign up for are the cases report and get real news cause that's all we do here on bean and real news for real people by real people at its castle report thought us they go goin up for darrel's report and as you'll be a head of the curve and when it comes to the news that's really going on in the world thinks lots here they're all have a great day and we'll talk to you later nor to the ooooeeeeeeeei good morning welcome to the next side men ah now brenburg news network it is the tenth day of november twenty twenty three and welcome next yes i must say er name wrong i know it's michel harassed i think it's his sadder i will have her reposewore en any of miss shelton published in psychology to day she's the licensed professional counsellor in the state of michigan and works at inspire counseling the wellness and mottled so we're in by talking about trama treatment for trama and god knows that all of us has been through trauma had been through tronador the last few years and i'm sure that there's so many people that are are suffering right now this is really amazing anyhow she was a i quoted in tocology to day as is hard being human and i think that you know we talk about all the problems in life but the reality is as that just as i was talking about in the last segment with what's going on in the middle east there is so much human suffering on the planet right now that part of the solution is looking at ways to help each other first and foremost whatever we do has to be humanitarian politics aside politics is the problem we need to go back to being family and actually carrying about each other made would be very nice to be able to this and have self governance which we don't have corsican or electors so on the ground what we can do daily as we can reach out to others and i want to welcome charles welcome mission i will thank you how are you i i'm really good so give me the correct pronunciation for your last name eh well i say it in harassed ever since i've been married but it's me i was say heresbachiso that joke is getting old lambethans it that's a good that's really a good aroplanes and probably if i wanted to if i could clarify so psychology to day as a platform and so the only thing published there is my might tell likely it might not like a magazine ah but it is a platform for a mental and there while this also is it it's a it's your validity to it actually you know you not not a self help person which you know i typically like his ah what will ye be lenback up i saw a problem in hospices ago and so i hired somebody who was a hymenanther coronator for thirty years and has also had a master's green social work and we put together grief and loss to day advances and hospice and advances and bereavement so to be in see people who who are making strides and in you know in actual treatment is kind of is kind of fond not not his things were it turns into you know ah how do you feel to day but actual ways of treating things you know i am not that i really preciate that i'm going to bring up in a couple of i've got i've got a couple of besides that you sent me some legswhich one would you like me to start on first so i i guess what i'd like to say yes um toma has changed quite a bit and this is a from other ope for blind its a long crazy name the four links version of flash which is of the considered an open approach to memory repress so a flash was derived from a bear so imber is in movement desensitization reprocessing which also works with tramacula his becoming its own and the coolest thing about it is that you can quickly resolve a very distressing memory choose ero from like maybe ten to zero in one so now without feeling distress which is our agreement we go in to orlik we are not then feel distress which is amazing and if the person doesn't want to talk about what they're subject is they don't need in an actually we encourage them not to talk about it during the therapist because you don't want to heighten the remembrance of it you're going to keep it very kind of lightly i'm activated so it's really unusual so i was trained by a thomas summerman and on he believes and he sent thousands of memory re processes an he bless the way one way we can heal from one and on i've an helped about twenty five memories from my clients i can train to go from distressing to zero and what a sound is that memory goes to her and also the behavior came so one of my clients one inert now offered he was quite dramatic in some of her experiences then she said you can share this with people as it was so different to know therefore things he couldn't do an yet this hour you can go to the brush restore by herself he could go to a gas station and anger very anxious craving her horse the all for this instant were related i merely that we re crosses to hero the indoor so she can get no shower no o no anxiety she can go to the grocery store she can get in her car with noinety and that is amazing how how does that can you explain exactly that's th amazing how how does it work i understand the basics of crossing the son or line of the of the brain and yet helpful is that is that part of it so on an the or as is so i'm open back and forth on and flash we just use so what we're going to do if i can just explain it briefly i hope it makes sense a you're going to have a memory and you're going to take that memory and slice it into tiny little like millicent so when i say reach into the memory dry it's distressing a millisecond of it and we're going to put in a container move it out of her awareness and then i'm going to take them to something called the calm scene and it's actually a video that they want to watch and there in a watch this video and i'm going to have them blank every five set and that's it this thing how does that work but it's how the brain takes a distressing memory and moves it into a place of safety my over and over reintroducing it through the blinking into a calm in our mind and body over and over suits is almost like exposure therapy but very gentle because we agree they are not in a field distress and if they do i i'll check him with masahor are you doing and they'll say on feeling of anxious in my chest or i'm getting nervous then we'll stop and went round and then as soon as they're ready we'll go back to but we don't let them get in that heightened place of anxiety any time during these brains are but the brain is that amazing is an amazing thing and we really i don't think we really understand me you know how really works of the power of our ileanett that is such a a i i was so skeptical when i first heard about the and so i reprocessed a memory to see how it worked a with tom's everman and i was like that word i have the memory it's in my mind i can can bring it back but i don't feel that visceral pelike sick to my son and so if i were to re process of memory with some one i would just say bring that memory in and then we're going a lightly activate it so it's like em you know it's it's called flash and so i'd be like a flash of a pit you just go to see a per a millisecond and then we're going to put it in a i make a container with them like visually and they take that memory put it the container and move it out of their awareness and um a part of the park and so we practised so those visualizations beforehand and then in the therapy after about forty minutes i'll check it from in with them and and i'll say we're going to do this until when you look at the memory there's nothing left that she got a hold of the emotion and o that there bled their able to get past the emotional part of it and that's that's amazing that they can go no how have worked the people have pets and no man yes or is it mostly that's what you're working with or i'm often it is often it is if they have pitesti and this person does cosshe had flashed back and that was something that we were able to resolve on so there's also internal family systems and i used that in tandem with a flash so internal family systems is a therethat was developed by riches and not forty years old right now and it's using our or personality and the parts that we have and all the parts have to be ready to do that there so there might be a part of it that holds on to those petisti memories and we might like squash it and save it smoking to deal with it and so we have to be relic careful with pete be it is on it such a violation of our the person who you know with pestis such a difficult a syndrome but oh be from informed means that you are going to be really compassionate really careful eh and we make sure i always make sure that they're safe and it's never confrontational with piacesti che et like on their own terms when you're ready and if you feel safe and will do it as long as you're ready to the flash is very compassionate because i don't have to know what their processing they don't have to talk about it they can at another session also they don't have to remember the whole memory they just bring it in but they don't have to reprocess it like as if there there it's just its really fascinated like you set the brain is such a a miracle is and so this is a one way that people can heal from trauma and this pretty amazed at a new at it on till morning but on i'm seeing it happen in my clients i've never had some one not be able to go from like a ten down to a zero who were done there have been a couple times when they weren't quite ready too to process it in so that we slow down and we you know checking in and if they're not ready then we'll say let's do that is so we are going to go there if they're not ready because it won't work and i don't want them to re live a memory that was the do when they link is it blinking with both eyes or is it going out or oh no good crest either actually going to blink a full blank sit lincolnlane twice it says for blinks on the website but he simplesta with four and now we just do a couple to its kind of evolving and if the camp like there's all kinds of ways to get around it eh i'll have them look as spot and look back at me so that makes them change their focus ah one time i have a story and i asked the man if if i could cheer it and she said sure cause it was so unique a she wanted her son the process something he was going to alotted difficulties and his teenager and and he didn't want it to any and she had brought him into their opinion you don't have to do anything we're only going to do this when you're ready so i had her process some so neither one of us now he didn't know she she didn't tell us what she was processing and i did it with bean bags which is a new form so i throw the bean bag on the arid on't have one with and in that in the moment that it's at the top think of the memory and the wonted so for maybe a children or teenagers i would use that just as a way of kind of access there creativity a they loved to move and so i had or throw the bean bag in the air and then when i dropped the memory was gone cut alice putting it a packet and so she professed her memory we didn't know what it was she went to zero and then she called me the next week and she and her son watched the whole time didn't say a word i said you can do whatever you wanted to just you are lax and he was watching the old time she said really interesting things happened she said i think he processed stop for we were doing our therapy because he did three things differently he came out of his bedroom more often teenagers loved to stay in the bedrooms right he started eating more which was a challenge for him and he apologised for some of the outbursts he had and she just said i don't know why he would do all that without processing and so i was just so encouraged by that it was it is encouraging to hear the that's really amazing so i have a little bit of experience because i have a mantle all very mentally ill daughter and she's twenty eight but she's about three years old nantanleod we've had a lot of challenges with her over the years if she gets a close head injury in sad sound with with seeing what a word were fortunate because you know we have the financial means to to actually take care of her and such and she goes to psychiatrists her at her age it is very expensive it's so expensive for us and i don't really know how other families and the pressure of not being able to treatment and organ how and this is one of the things as as a governor candidate who has not conceding the election because it was it was a lie that we're going to have to face when when in mestagan what i saw happening and you can help me understand this little bit better but what i saw he happening is when they defended medeleth in the eighties it has done so much to destroy the stability of this state and so my levels the police right now are spending more more time doing suicide watch than the inworking on some of the bigger social problems that we have there is an a good you don't the there's there really isn't good how for of all for a lot of people when they destroy community mental health as when we started seeing the home of almost population go up as well as so many other things if you are given the reins to his problem in the state of michigan like i've got some i do now he because i were talking about when what you're talking about its healing individuals in was that society needs desperate desperately we met these therapies too you know to help you i'm not talking about social workers that are in sips taking kids away and that's of themtaking about really helping people yet now what would you do oh that's a great question because i i a passionate about mental health of and i am i do agree that it comes down to individual healing oh so the challenge too is that we do have community mental health but we have funding for the very most desperate situations there founded but many people and then there's people that can afford it and have insurance and then there's a big gap between those two places one who can afford it insurance covers it and then people that are extremely compromised can get coverage but then there's a huge gap in between so oh gosh if i had my if i had my wish right if i had finding i am i think i would if i'm just going to go for like a fancy world versarier sly open on walking in where you know they would be funded with qualified on their pens who could help people that were ready oh the hard thing with mental health is personates too person their working so when i say a walking clinic sometimes people are afraid to get help and in how easy it is to go to loman urgent care when you're feeling you know so could we develop a way to go to urgent care for you know people go to the emergency he when their suicidal but we don't have a buffer for before that you know when i'm anxious and i'm not sure what i'm going to do to morrow about this you know anxiety i wish we had a walk in clinic for that rat i mean we we have gentle health care that we check him twice a year and i wish we had mental health care that we could check in with how are you doing you know that was that was covered and not everybody has dental care either but and would be great to have more acts qualified into it i think what you saw there is ah it is a key there there's got to be a trust factor there that they're not going to be like all of a sudden betrayed and thrown into yesthat that's the other thing is that there's so much overreach into peoples and are the way you talk about is so so incredible and respect you're you're so respectful to our people ready for it is on their terms not on the government's terms which as is never a good thing never ever got the you know and i've really i really thought about this because he trusts factories you i do horse orasce how and when you get a traumatized horse which horses are the most like people of any animal on planning how you establish that ere and have to be the same every single time cornering learned that there's a stability there you know what i would do as governor of the state of missethaten i would come into our opressing every single building and lancing which is nothing more than an insane asylum and turn it into a eoforrote then there are buds out into their own district and is it for actual um a health care services of the state he if if we had if we had programs that work passionate where they could go to find ohto find actual help in restoring that balance the end the world's crazy place you know it really is he were separated we are the worse it is it the horses horses are heard animals so are people we should together so that he could be really fond you i can see i can see are possibly if you could connect people up on a regular basis you know like you you go to your you try to go to the same primary care physician because they know you because they know your history that shows scare that we've seen overtime you know em and that's true for mental health as soon as you can have a trusting relationship you can make progress which are i get you know you don't want to tell your most difficult problems to some one if you don't trust like you said you don't trust what they're going to do with that and we have ethical responsibility as therapis that we will keep their everything confidential so you heard me say you know i got permission to share but you no idea what i'm talking about us i won't ever divulge up persons identity and that's part of my license or it's also pardon my ethical code that i keep everything confidential unless for educational purposes so one allows me to talk about their situation but its very private as far as there who they are and an also a bet i younot home some man who i studied with for flash oh he wants every one to learn this therapy and and he offers it and a very more ordible pricie's an anderhere piston traitor and he could make sousands doing that and he offers flash for a very affordable price and he he i counseled from ohio and he said oh if you need help getting coverage to take my course i will do what i can for the compassionate soul he's like is this is the way people heel let's make sure every one gets an opportune its recoleto have one wicked may be very madesome point time in talk than i in yet that would be fantastic he's a wonderful person and he was so wonderful to train with because i you know even when i'm making mistakes he's like michel i think that you know it's all going to work out because the brain knows how to fix it even when you make mistakes so that's his wetsell one of them he has multiplied at places that he he is also a serving under his and specialist but but ya he says flash is on the way to her from drama he uses i pass well internal family system cause of if we don't get all of the parts all four parts of ourselves oh in a safe place then he too will be too much for so for instance a client who is also said he on you can share my experiences that when its appropriate but i'm just have a lot of troa as a child and so we work on making sure that those younger parts that were injured oh that there safe and able to handle whatever she wants to so did you have to get enough training to know how to be cominform oh i feel like drama therapy is changed dramatically in the last ten years on that idea of felix iheled with tranais no longer applicable you know we would never want to drag some one through what they've already been through in order to heal ah at least that's my awareness now eh that's an old model so we would do everything possible to avoid any more time in the process of his yeah well it's it's his really it really sounds just totally amazing now do you need to be a license there pasted course or is it something that like said anybody could do it or i mean could there be small the groups in churches is or is that is that a little bit oh is that a little bit dangerous ah as far as i do not dereybe be used for bad ones for bad well you know those are really good on points because when a person starts even dealing with trauma in this very gentle way where were being very careful ah you would want to be with some one who is well trained and it has enough experience to know how to stabilize individuals oh because you don't want ever take some one to a place where they feel control or completely hope on casesdangers place so ah so i would recommend that if any one wanted to do this to do it with the licensed they are posted on to start off with em so they can learn how to do it themselves you can have eventually do this there pen with your own issues but if it's a deep issue that is really intense and possibly traumatic you would want to be with some one cause that's a stable izing for at a we don't want any one to feel alone or on in fact a research shows that a compassionate person with you is one of the most important parts of hens oh that healing by yourself as is somewhat difficult but to have another person like invalidating your pain validating your process and sporting you with empathy those are components that help a person feel that love and support they need in order to be so you know i just let worked to granite say you know a compassionate dog codroipo job or a horse a um nevertheless i they could be a comfort they ah there's a sounding board issue like a chubble to reflect back to you ah in that human qualities also critical but i know animals can provide so much comfort some day i want i have like a a theretogether po gosipeng especially because as you know a there so she they can feel things that humans may not be able to and on an i think that's a beautiful things he sat in edicion on my fire men identical love to you that in married mary findas a friend of mine as she asked me to write a acreciente use horses or for healing which in canonical thank his enowwe do it all the time i mean my daughter she had she was in a place at one point time that she hadn't smiled for almost three years and i mean we're talking she's missing literally missing half of a brain from the trama from an accident and i bought a pony and i thought well i wanted to get a pony sidebrought this pony home i have tony have many horses not totally psychotic you know it collisons are savitches you don't weary waterpone has it's it's a thereshort but if you look that where the many horse you can a pretty good pretty good body there so we bring her off at the trailer and sheered hornynesses and she say she would beat up all the big horses where she was than the pasture and take all the food so she weeded you an intervening eichenthal white right hand put her on the litsuch for any i bring this pony off the trailer and she was standing there and all was such as the car like this cos she's really little she's she's a really small person she smaller than i and my and moon ma'am can can we share that here stare that pony that i'm like how out if that's your your pony ah and just where he hath sesotho too is she smiled and she smiled and she first and rosaried three years and this though she's got quite a few disabilities is on that pony and be pony behind another horse let me hold the lead line and you you be you take the horse behind you on the line so that she's not she's not having to hold on to manage rains i consider on that on that point which is receding the talents and so in in your race right horse her mazy because you're so intuit of like like i don't even have to use the reins when i ride as the time cause they know once you once you communicationyou that sinister super healing for he i i believe there's so many ways the people can heal and working with them animals especially animals that are trained it is probably something we haven't done enough of i really believe that i've seen a beautiful programs in schools where children read to dogs you know and i see that that's so effective and so a great idea i nianians the children that are anxious about reading a dogges knocking a correct you or give you any anxiety usually and and sociabat ful program that we have in our area and and they noticed the wall he the kid's fell more relaxed so the others so many things we could do and edward you know we we say oh mental health is important but in we really you know sing on what is at oh and you know there's there's a balance that's always being needed with on getting a biological kind of analysis as well is there anything going on in their biology their physical body that could be addressed to don innichen where vitamin de deficient and there's a correlation between vitamin d and open and so a low wide indeed can mimic signs of depression so it's a great thing to check with your doctor what's my might if i do love you know because i caddiest with people then and kind o look at what they're eating a little bit to see how that affects them well what i do is i check in with them to see if they've had a reason on health check up and if there are any markers there that they addressed you know i like you checked on all of you you know be vitamins de three any hormones especially for women that they could address what their doctor we do talk about like syllabis like couchso is your daily routine are you getting some sunlight in the morning are you what's your diet like and i am not in your tritonian claim have all the answers i do go to research and i will provide a to them about and i'll say this isn't you don't not recommending this your doctor would you that but i am offering you information that is well researched and has datapoint about how this can help you fit physically toobetter im and our physical well being affects our emotional being to manly we do a lot of platinous oh i always encourage people to exercise and do whatever they love to move oh there's a beautiful a nervous system reset called yoganidra and its a meditation that you listen to and i used that a lot with people i might i oline yet if you are you know i followed doctor andrew huberman and he offers in a lot of fantastic therapis if in his pocastra the hero and parcas in he recommended yoganidra and you think he'll go you're going to move but you stay completely still so if you look up yoganidra i like em all gooth thread or lizzie hill and even a andehuaylas his own yoganidra but you can do it for one minute or six minutes or twenty minutes and its rider yet i try spring it out for soothed the sone yoganidra ye he here's a tea at time met monition the she got here where hander hug her man i listened to the wall grey so this is a neutral on t v okay yes to get through all that stuff first straight oh i aloofly forgot things like constipation answered some inordinatenesse thousands of dolestones tinling she also we don't send sensorischen inmenso how laxton advantage of specific forms of pre keep relaxation sowing our heart breaks takes advantage of the control our perception that is of and by doing so we can shift our brains planning to cipation of any kind paused even of pure pre want to do this protocols for lying down so if you are not already seated or lying down stern i also want to close your one our eyes throughout this protocol i want to prevent she one pattern of breath you'll be asked he inhaled the i dearly three or she can't do it three your nose in all three or try that now and then exhale all of your air the he's pretty fine ones in an i want encourage people to listen to several scripts and see which ones you like others a cople different ones i listened to oh i like andrews but i also lilieshis or ale botheringest you want to feel comfortable with the voice and his voice is very calming you can hear that eh and what it does is it resents your nervous system so you all must feel like you've had a nap but she don't get that groggy feeling it's like oh i've reset my nervous system focus on what i need to do and i don't feel anxious there's a lot of strategies that we could you know teach people on a daily basis that they could reduce their feelings of anxiety increased their feelings of well being and the pretty simple and that this pretching so had love for you son me some of that stuff in all posted on there and and oh also i think i want to bring out your the website here i think you i institute the tecolote no i i work for her of spire mid mission o this is the internal is systems of her other there that i use em in conjunction on that's richochets am so i use as in conjunction with flash oh in its of fantastic therapy and i found it super helpful with people it's basically em you know donna one of the most profound things about this therapy is that the belief that all of us have a coarse self and he calls it cor self leadership which i thought you would love self leadership is our best part you know it's has like these on eight seas that clarify it you're clear your connected your compassionate your courageous ah there's eight of em and all those components are your best self but then we have parts that come in like maybe some one has an angry part that shows up and they in takes over that course and runs the show and you can see when people are letting a negative part take over and their best part is stepping back and there not in control and so that's parts work here learning i you get to know your part you figure out how to help them heel and integrate back in a healthy way because you know anger isn't a bad feeling it soon portant feeling in motivates us to do things it protects it's home we get stuck in anger and when we use it in appropriately that's a lot and so if we have an angry part that shows up and takes over and does negative things that's these not so much the emotional feeling of it so i have passed something i used daily as well we get to know our parts try to figure out what they do for us how we can help them heal and into great and trying to get your website up inspire mid michigan that arm yes that's the company i work for the agency inspired with michigan it's not the works wits not coming up though i don't know how inspired michigan not come oh trite ah it is some we have an office it's called inspire wellness and count up counselling and unless inspired counselling of longus is one we can find that and then oh o is conachar or motto but maybe it's not going to let am i to ioine the sect now here's a link so i don't know i didn't like the inca put up there so once let's go head bring his yes there he that's our motto everybody is welcome nobody is perfect and anything is anchorets come yeah in and that's really it's a very positive place that's what we embrace we want people have felt welcome we also recognize nobody's perfect including us were all doing the best we can and and i really do believe anything is oh which goes back to the idea of an ashawhalla and mount pleasant offices right now and severely up peat grow we really tried to bring out the best in people find their strength on very strength fast lots are website um there or guides there is thought the weave help you know and and your feeling a little bit a little bed of unbalanced was put down and you know i like the belly nice reason a nice resource for thank you no i rowe can that we do the best we can for people so you know i want to think you got it was the group on his six year olds running around a play ground tied at the figure how to play and not to a rock that each other a nice with each other and not xactly right you know like ah when a person is acting out its typically a younger self rica younger part of them that may have been injured or on me never have gotten attention um in it tends to run the show so ah so we try to get to know those parts he'll no and help that person i allow that part to integrate and healthy way so the the the interesting something that's really interesting to me is that there is definitely a difference between people who are just trying to do the right thing and that are struggling and then you've got the insane asylum in lancing which is our political people who are involved in criminal and in truly and criminal behavior there's a big difference there and i think it's important for everybody to have the discern to know the difference somebody who has just experiencing life as a human being and you know not not perfect and some one who truly goes out in hurts other people and that's that's why say that you know that that's true and sanity when you have somebody who is type of heat on hurtful for others oh i i don't i don't know if we are even equipped to deal with that ah it's it's a totally different that's a totally different minds and it does take a great deal of discernment to understand the defence and to protect do that the most vulnerable in those that are struggling in most did work with a with understanding ah nurse we ran when we were doing a grief and loss way and how person who commits the just as damaged as the victims other crimes and such however i'm not sure that there able to be rehabilitated of or some some of the elder sircies to appoint or people can't get past that you know people who have who have done horrific crimes against human i'm not the there able to be rehabilitated at some point in time i don't know what your thoughts are on that but that's all part of having to right society men and ways that that need to be addressed hemanaran and that sort of people that do that sort of of criminal behavior or that are sitting in the office and usipetans her unjust gain and and really there really not in the human experience like the rest of us are in really desiring to be a help to people and actually ability i don't think they have the ability to care have compassion or apathy but i don't know yeah i those are the are to hartthat the idea that some people if they do have a certain amount of upbraid damage or if they are unaware you don't there choosing to be unaware of or sometimes people are it's hard to know you know is hard to know who is going to heal and who isn't oh i really try to stake curious i really do i hurly tried to give every one the benefit of the dog and he hopped to yeh find a way too to live in their shoes what is it about them that has brought them to this place no matter what it is i can't judge i all i can do is say i am here to help you i'm here to support you what goals do you have what what can i do to help on and its surprising sometimes the most oh it seems like the most callous person can have a place in their hearts where they realize i do want a change i do want to i do want to let go of some of that nigger behaviour that i've been doing my whole life i we you know we love to see every one get to that point where they could let go of maladaptive behavior and be that coarse self that is self led in the best way possible rat a that would be i just think human kind would be such a wonderful man rope people to be around but ah yes so so you know really being curious i always use that word like i'm really curious about why this have i ask you you why why do these people why oh why are they doing what they're doing you know ah and and i try to stay open and curious and an an that's kind of my approach ah to life and people i see it is a real encouragement for people when we do talk about these hard subjects becse there's so many there so many that are really suffering with am i a good person and i a bad persons if your asking that question your probably a good person who cradleyou know with the with human experience ages people who are psychopaths and that they are true psychopath they would never even asked that is they give they really don't care and it takes a lot of discernment to understand that you have to stop them from hurting others here you you can't just walk them you can't but but most people don't have that mind sought mont most people are really good but struggling in a very imperfect hurtful world and this there's a huge difference there and now people hear me talking about gecringan my torches and pitchforks are let in penantipode feel that way there are people that they have to stop the herding of others and he thither creating more their creating more problems of people that go down the same path that they do because hurrying people hurt ray in and healing each individual helping each indetal heel is is the best yes and no he enter i worked in groups and healing can happen and groups free there's also a lot of challenges with working with groups because of the dynamic of co so am that can be you know you you may not reach the one that really needs the in the group could take over so the groups can be great support but i may be not necessarily the best way to heal each on an individual basis out there i think we can all look at around us the people around us and take a few minutes to pause so lechwe listen to listen not to respond but listen for information so that we were don't respond or we just don't even have a comment listen for you know for that information and take time to process that or to look at people around us and say it really become invested in giving to know them you know might my definition of love is is a undivided ate i like you know you you experience that when you truly have gone interrupted or focused attention on some known think about difference it is when you talk to somebody truly is connected just in this etain to change you which clearly is what you do but you know your very loving you come across a very loving pers in now but some who truly cares about the care of somebody else's personality and we can all do that on a daily basis just like in the grocery store you then you know somebody who's dealt with people every day all day when i that's a tough job and yetyes know in a rapid rapid a lot of pressure a lot of resanitation why aren't you doing this for me that kind of stebenhithe amount of stress that a cashier goes through during a day so nice to think about how we could make their day better right how could you make their day better yeah i lowed he come at you in a los all his opportunities that vsinge one of us can hingame to make the world better i like that and if we really woke up with that intention you know how would our de day be better i am so things to think about it i know up we might want a wrap up i know what that you're busy and i sure appreciate this time that i've had with you in gratitude and autonomy are two areas and it was on a hybernates in gratitude for the things that we are able to have and do and be and men autonomy for being able to make decisions i that am that's such a valuable you know awareness i am choosing right and when we really get down to our corps values and were choosing well um our lives just turn into a beautiful ere even when its heart it can be a beautiful pet that theaterful amender little transition here because i warrant carpenter most common in amenthes not in the large i shanahuses state comeththe times when it oolossa wegeler when i heard goohooperay had so i think there beautiful are not i have and owing him wore round so on a gainsaying soloraefolia happy care carette oh she oh ye oh that's wonderful the sisters bertolomeo and i think to about gratitude and how similar we all are do not the he wore day that is gestatteten only a prophetess if you do nothing else not overdo truth intuitive and to this word the is to col of colors you and to so toosome really think of the better to weather it otakootaia worst good weather at a kind tonever story ever he once toistetaan presentation or o that my invasion so many places or as to foreson drink men the chest of on which done to so with you that you do or what every yes to is the touch the retort the to yeah i i love that apsley love that video as my abondantment rubbathan i think i think it's just anseatic and to your point start the day out with gratitude and lossing a thank you so much your beinton and for her had information ye ow evoheahevohe number against lee sure an you can reach me and other councillors at mid michigan well were it inspire counselling but inspire mid michigan tacomas the website and you know they are the full number will be there nine eight nine four four four or three those i am who thinks you some ashcolored night stays on a thinkeen oh and thanks to usfor all you do i am hoping to come see your horses some day and see the beauty there so like you for just give me a call and in it will be ponethey i'd love it or i have greythank you the thanks for by by all right going o introduced my next gast which is the amazing whistleblower warren carpenter had you doing i think you're our mere design yet can you meet i occorre name how you do in a noteshere thanks for having me back again you know what you are a incredibly good gas and i like talking to you kiss your wild man and and your passionate about what you believe in you tell the truth that's her my goodness we've had some more motion again in state of michigan and omental i termed the amigo p is convict con yeh i ah i think the putnam i came up with was a cane money in the in my onefouroneoo rock band right if they were like a rock and roll and they'd be came money in the falins i i i like that you know when we are never going to have the nation right and tell we get honest people in government and right now when you look at the financial improprieties of the amigo i don't know how any body ache can take them seriously the republican party the state of meshigan or the democrat presto unipar but it's like when you look at the mismanagement in the hiring of fallings and getting rid of good people i don't know how anybody with a conscience would even associate this is the thing is so far jumped the shark the there is no resolving it at this point they've already lost the election you mean you you know we can look forward into twenty twenty four and we could in spirit conspires can spiritualise nor whatever what we think might happen in twenty twenty four but we don't even need to do that we can look and see where was the party on tuesday night right if not there is a leadership there's no wonder there's no action plans or so goals there's nothing that you didn't you didn't hear i didn't hear about any congratulations of any guessed ah get any communications about on a where to plug in a in the election you didn't have any you know last minute voorbank ing for for candidates eh you know iniciales across these and an really you know the the party should be should have been using that as test run for things to tacoma twenty twenty four whether that be you know the new the new elections as a prop to or you know he trying a baloches i mean you didn't see the party anywhere in this election this last week and i think that certain people are starting to understand without a strong state party without that kind of bulwark in the back there left her what's provided at a county level or by candidate level that's just not a recipe for winning you know were with these these aren't serious people you i wot that i found it interesting that after tuesday night you know you started to see these calls for rana rondani to to resign right or for to her be fire or to be let go and and you look at you look at our state party and you hear the other the calls for resignation for christina and i think that that you can just jacopos those two things right yet one person who whose establishment you could quantify the masses and that in their disaster for your election it is ended the additional moneys needed in virginia to help young king keep at both the house and the that was communicated that you know she said oh well they don't need the money and didn't send the million dollars to blast you know phoned back anger or er ways or or or dornock in camp in those those things help turn out and then you see exact same thing happening here in our state so the party both locally and nationally is really under and i think that her the thing it were getting close he now to to having at least michigan's portion of this red yes so so a lot of what i saw with a cancan some more about the run ronny not of going on there there's so much information out there and a helike to hear a different people's perspective on it yet the the the the piece that a piece that really struck it home for me is the piece where the orontes reached out to by virginia go panske for a million dollars to continue the post for these elected both house and senate races in virginia which you know the house legislatures are extremely important you have a go you have a governor who is a republican so i know you've got that locked in em in the fact that that the party didn't come to save him o her'she the reason that the party didn't come and spend a million dollars i would assume his even the national party fundraising fund raising is an issue for the national party but for for a totally different reason with an inimigo you've got people an apparatus of the administration saying that we don't want we don't want rich people's money we don't want high dollar donors money we don't you know they can poundsand and the one or anselee a you have your people that aren't giving as well even from the grass roots level right so nobody is is it contributing money into into the grass roots level you you start to see all these people serve to say like you know her like well just give it to the canadatoronto just give it into you and into your indoor local things like that that then why have a party then why have a national party if that's the case right if we don't even need the party in in funds to them don't make a difference then then why are we what why are we carrying out with this experiment you know in you i think to have national parties in my opinion john adams in and president washington john washington he he said they both warned about political parties and they shouldn't exist because they'd become nothing more than a a money laundering organization bought out by special interest to me i have to do it i mean that's all of em look at look at a blue look at the nonsense going on there look at when rod and the money's going through through those entities and such there there by and large being funded by packs and big corporations the dark money that's going on this is nothing to do with we the people i do mooncontrast has a lot to do with we the people now that you brought up at blue and when redbright we just saw an expose that came out which james this week and it was a wind red exposed the right above the red woman who had given thousands on thousands of dollars i like now like maybe maybe a couple of dollars maybe a couple dollars so when you say it's it's packing that money doesn't come from packs that money comes from five or so for a insurance three that's that move it that's the arabella machine right that's what we were talking about last week with unauthorized out one in frank anne security for policy and how they washed dark money though these organizations and then alimentally in order to get you have to get the money in the hard dollar if you want to buy a political add if you want to buy and something on the paper if you want to in nowput in disclaimer on something you have to have the money in that hard money accounted some order to do that what they're doing is their smirking the money and both republicans and democrats he i guess my point is is patsy legal that's not the way right but the other way is also like not telling people at the door we don't want her in no there's got to be some one that's normal that has has no mo thoughts in their brain that like follow the law right tell the truth and then don't disenfranchise your coalition it because we don't win as republicans are as conservatives are as libertarians are as any of the things that we all comple together is our coalition right you can say on this or i'm not that or he's a rin or he's with this or that but at the end of the day unless you put all these ingredients in to bake the cake you don't get a w you don't get away right because why is there's no model left right we're not all limnings if you want to do that you can be it they believe you know in the collective and so forth i believe in big ideas i believe in a big tank and i believe that you know keep criminals out yes keep liars out yes special interest money that's pay for play out but i don't think that you disfranchised people that do it for all the reasons that we do even if ideologically and politically if we lined ourselves up you know we might not check every box on you know on each other's i but there's enough that i agree with and in the people in our movement in our party but i could say yet i can support that personal help that person get like to see a different system out there as far as gain they at my problem is as the whole system as it flowed and rigged and encourages encourages corruption at this point and i think i tell we deal with all those problems were stuck with these especial interest parties cause that's what they are they run like a cold and so were we you know it's sort of like you know if if if we going to fix it we need a fix it not just kind of camp in a long and it's good enough choosing the lesser of the two evils i'm kind of kind of down with that so i kind of more in that and that mine said of take the whole damn thing you know it's like it's it part but i wanted to show something else here i just copperfield in the in the amount of people that have resides such as ourselves the amigo p as well as on as well as a their hiring felons from the convict corner here into the magpies ah she resigned yesterday is that corset ah yes she sent in a resignation to the budget committee she still on state committee but she asked he removed from the budget committee and if you read the if you read the document says because where then can a put her hand jeopardy both now you know legally and then also on an moral hazard i believe that the organization is operating as yea and i think this went back to for my understand and you can correct me if i am wrong that they were talking about selling an a building in order to help dig themselves out a debt which they don't own might yes so you know this this kind of all goes back so so i think for me personally i think the building moved is as a red herring and in the reason i say that is case in the effort to vacate the chair really catching on with a lot of people the phone calls it a been make people that i've spoken to you on stake and people that were not in the whip board that were you know four big gate and you know now or are there or urges like you now give me one or two more things and i'm going to be there or or you know i got i got to think about this so pray about this so i think this all goes back in its insedition it but she's using it this way right she got into office by using ranuzer right the global its erogenous you got hit all the globes i got hit all the globes but like globalism is like come can any one define communism for you i mean honestly they'll give you maybe a text book is peterwaradin of power away from we the people come that that that would be that would be a but what if you ask marks what what communism is utopian society so i now everyone's got differance for it and somewhat say oh mowasis is different and you know stolonis communism is different than hochgall these all these different variations of what it is you start talking about like what is communism so so the global is term is basically the same thing that its uses escapelike the saint the same way that communism is it's a it's a trigger word that spots to a moat in emotion for you to to to know that whatever follows the globules price whatever alespee wrong wise this so that and i'm not saying that like you know an i'm not i'm not carrying water for these people i'm stayingto psychological technique is being used to you over and over if these people are the enemies and because i use that word were in the right right cause we're fighting these i'm so so it's us back that apsarases the globules right that's why you know he destroyed the party all these people in the past the big big rich people that don't need me they destroyed the party and you know that's an argument for or whether one to have it that's not heale i'm talking about so then she gets in a hare takes over his chair she has three hundred thousand dollars left by this global esky and about four hundred thousand dollars and that if she were taken all the globes money and paid off the dutch should be about a hundred came that she didn't do that she spent it ran it down so to people in her orbit and half an and friends in through contracts no big contract payments that budget committee still cans scenes from the beginning and she's been she's been a voice of trying to be reasonable and say you know we're operating out of horror so she uses his globulis this globales talk to to to push out of the message that were doing what we're doing as you know it is in the right what we're doing has merit what we do you know we're fighting were fighting against the constitimus lobster interchanging these things as you go on eating a bookman so what happens is she's got a hard dead line coming a right with for the presidential prime that the state has eat i know it's going to be somewhere the neighbourhood of order millions aske what it's going to take to pull it off and to have it be in she's in debt from mackinaw still comes out copis has not been paid back right so the hundred and ten thousand that we were told was paid back it's not been paid back came out on the budget calls well did his wife actually write thitherward up for itthough trust which is which is an interesting story when we get into the little bit further so you've got her basically jinning up the body right saying that like oh we got to sell the business because the globules won't give us the money but we told the globes to pound sand we don't want their money and you could pay for it if every one in the states and us or refectio the budget committee voted this down they said that their an animate or eminent forecloses right anybody knows anything about foreclosure and about a hope government works now that you're not an intimate foreclosure if you've made payments and last couple of months right takes up to before closed on an inn we were told at the october nineteenth meeting they had been served the sing its payments on a line of credit which is all you have to do for a line of credit yoncopin on the principle to line of credit if the pay down the principle of africathe interest in order to carry it so interest runs about forty six en you i that up in the twenty four months you're someone that naborhood of sixty cave that you'd have to pay over that time for for closing on on the line of credit would be because daydidn't service fifty thousand dollars worth of debts spread out over years twenty four months instead with the toe is tenant thousand dollars at roundwise left them gave it to joe in other in in other and other various things so so seizes a created crisis right in order to gin up fear by using the same trueword glow bless you know comminesthe bankrupt ring a party when you add it all up to the in three quarters of a million dollars in debt to a million old where we said agnew the quick mass he got five hundred and got five hundred plus cain the line of credit got a hundred and ten to confess right he got a hundred ten copies you've got mack in of which hasn't been paid right there's going to be an outstanding debt obligation for that i'm going to put that somewhere the neighborhood of a hundred k may be more and then you've got the speakers and a guarantee weren't eightethe because nobody's been paid these are all lives you got nother eighty there that takes you up to seven hundred and eight hundred thousand i think there is more still of standing that we don't know about or obligations that at the party has and in in contracts coming up and here's the thing we were supposed to have our december second meeting and franken right happens on frank with every year and ressonabill outbeggar i understand it's not a big deal or going to have it in church and on but the issue at that is is you're not having it a church from rockford they want to have a another persian revival which i'm sure that's probably although the the preface this they're doing it because they couldn't make a to bring in for the profit have the event there like they always have in years past make it a nice even everyone gets together you or you go out and you do some shopping you walk round frank and with that for word but we can't even he came in a ford to hold our state committee met how are you going to help a candidate what is no one in here further than that why would anybody put their trust in an organization that is going to back or even name and candidates they proven their abject failure in running anything that looks like it's transparent or ah financially that they're doing anything right of even done one thing right and it's not because the principle is because of ignorance and or stupidity in now i i just i cannot i can't even recoordinate than the gross negligence or months i think it's criminal i think it's i think it's on purpose in this westring party well look it let in so you got to wonder about the backgrounds of some of these people that are sitting out there and looking at how many people are foulons or have ten counts of wire fraud or like said given no bed contrast and who in the right mind and seventy five thousand dollars for a web website that as of to day if you go on in gowest do you know that there is no place for you become a member go on right now takinonimome a member you can donate no place to become a member of course give us your money so we can launder in round all right i got to see this shows just am i dope yes why you're looking that up i'm now just a pickaback on kind of crimes and felons in this e so as her something a missing as it yet another just no place for you to become a member and i do peacham it's goose place holder i may be it's not a work maybe the change it okay so's not to that town so i don't know why they don't that's like your squatter sighed as for oh the dark himapparently yet they were needsmore enough to get the dog come shake out both of em or kay once again another failure by for liberty so for oiermany thousand of the website these mirandolet the dock co arianisme for ninety day an they don't in it the dock come are you kidding so where do you sign of writes we got a bout we got platform we got eventswere do you sit up to become a member of the michigan of the michigan republican oh it is now it's about revival for while there it was like word the more the constitute really we not now at identity and liberty all kearton meat work now were makers and dreamers and believers done just getting started started what bankrupting the party how much erskine be yes so there's no place as no less than army but you was so kind a memory samaniego i thought that was funny so so further on if you go if you if you start talking about criminals and and ah in the criminality and i know as you're one describing some of you know robert owen's or things that have come out about him you know one of the other people that some things that came out about is jim come and i think that that kind of lens itself to what's going on with this if you if you look at the if you look at what's going on this building this is the precise the premisses let's start back mister back the so at a stake committee meeting for sin a chromo came on and said that the building was emptied that it had water dam manchet the basement was flooded right every one remembers her saying that she set it upon the stage henrietta to weeks ago held a campaign finance training there right because they had more people than the hat had room to go in so a lot of these delegates and people from districts came there to learn about camping finance but it was held in the wiser saibling and they went there and it was in the basement he had gone the basements these people to hold my god out the basement was trash they went down there s not trust orderly dried the smell of more no there is no water damage ah there was there was boxes there was furniture there was computers sprite there was documents then o that's a lot gone to find out here's another tid bit for you or break some news on the some one in the administer now that the wiser saccubuit ing is owned by and then the trust is the beneficiary of a corporation is on the trust on the corporation called seymour street right that's the ah what that trust does is every year they pay there building inside the prime and by doing so you know this i know this i consorts are home insurance we pay it all up front you sought a little bit of discounts and so forthe so they made a premium payment for the whole year of building insurance turns out somebody called the insurance on answered the building inside and then took the refund of the one the prepaid do we know who that went to i don't know that when ye i'm still working out but i ain got i do have the fact that it happened it that in itself so to the trust found out about this and what i heard my i don't have this to conrad and when i heard is that they fired the uncompany let somebody that wasn't on the policy and did let the police post behold as bindersand that their policy had been one even you got to be kidding me it's even worse than that so during this time were presentasen with little dietenhain stations stole the insurance propriater they cancelled at the false the manner it was two dollars it's rebellibus like this is the mentality right this is the when you were talking about the crime this is the mentality right it's i then another story is i got an electric pill was getting the electric for i never sent to her somehow she got him she didn't pay the electrical electricity got shut of the problem is is that they have magnetic locking doors electrical magnetic locking or so when the seven another thing of her not paying bills like parking tickets story we broke on her before i because they have a lectrical doors happens as the doorstone so there is a police officer who is stopping by from time to time to check on the sheathe the building to mere you know it was was being pandelis and so forth in one of the days the guy goes there the police officer sees the doors are wide open some one had been in and out of the bill so take her louder whenever i like there's documents in the there's this and that so at that point misses all back in march two by the way march as all this is happening then the trust retook the building back over a thing make sure that you know things are being stole it i'm sure they had to you know re upon insurance again and you know pay all these things o that's the kind of start about like the building and in what she said about all so then it came out that she the building was too expensive it was going to cost her twelve grand a month to run the building that by two hundred and eighty eight k he did twenty four months right so okay son cashthree hundred grants the funny thing is wrong wise laughter exactly three hundred cave right just around that number so she could have prepaid the building into a year and not had any right and still be in exact sense and to day right with the line of credit not being paid but at least we would have an or a place of operates instantshe says he's going to do watching an open up saddle it officers campaign promise i can do satellite officers and the stick mine told her all were understated office to settle it of she on of one office in landed is the size of shoe that is a far cry with the saccherifer building his rescuing nobody's ever in an no the sataroff ces had been opened up any where else the state is all on the heels of this woman in feenichin right during the the chair debates coming out and saying openly she was going to race fifty million dol he was saying that she was going to raise fifty million dollars a month and a half into her being elected he and we are not whose the fifty million dollars we've went the opposite way on the balance sheet were now on the red somewhere to the tune of i believe close to a million guaranteed at seven hundred and men minimum right now and they don't have enough funds coming in to even cover the cost of the burn rate for what they have to the interest elise on the building the newsthe new office they rented and lansing and in the salary of the treasurer plus whatever other things they have to pay for service saying you know software and i mean i can't imagine the bringing in more than twenty thousand dollars ten thousand dollars a month if that i you know there who is to beenough to give him fifty cents for sister this is harness or problem innever going to correct unless she's gone so the people that the people that stand idly behind let this continued to happen in their names are right cotsetle let this happen or name or going to be called if they were in a position where they could that's that's the real message i think that people are nested when you disfranchise half of the voting population of a ten million persons you're goin to you're going to look and that's what they have not so they be they've done and we've got we don't even have a year any more last time i was on this your pocasse had over a year right we had had twelve months and some days he wasn't quite the election but now we don't even have a year now we're inside the twelve months mark that the cooking timer is you know is one you know when you think about you know we know what he we get here and what happened or you know is she now she's not lying i just up pinafore lies to you and in five minutes i your pockets i do is all day long soon i think tatteeoong i think people need to know he you know so you one of the one of the other ones was you know where she said that she wasn't going to do deals with her friends you know that were not going to do deals the fronds were not going to you know take a million dollars just to give it to our friends handtooling ed thenthere's another one that these are their own words on that is isopurpurate coming on to your potashthe try to blow vitroil in some some in between the lines read right these are these these are that their own people with their own words and then matched up against what their actions are right and there's soft it is not working a back to the building so when you're talking about fellows on to get back to this real quick so i thought it was entered that the other going after the building the way that they are i don't know if you know this or not but jim cope background are you familiar with that at all so is background was an eman right heah he went to he went to last spoletto try to join the bar the bar turned down he appealed the barodetien him down they turned it down again a probably cause he couldn't pack past character and fitness right that's usually the reason the scores to get not that that you don't get in is carter jim copes's been involved in malt pilasters where where he was acting as an agent for a business that rise tryin to sell an asset like a building in he was most go take this asset to market and get money to get this asset either off the books or liquidated or saletas part of the murderer acts a pretty onpretty reasonable thing to do right i got building on to sell out the building is the elseyou know we want to get out of this ass that we're going to get some so what he would do as you would take these assets to the until the clients that he was getting you know all of these people in his younger offers in this and that but he would come back with these like esortment ly low offers and say listen i took it everywhere and this is all its conopsis all's getting on the come to find out some of these people found out that that wasn't true that there was offers much higher for the assets that he was trying to liquid so much so oftenfor for thousand dollars now there's there's quite a few places where you can find all of this a case law but right now don hominis send you over one just so you can pull it up a few wants here i want to bring him something else before we get off in this is where the an employee of outcounted just got paid four million dollars you eh with initialed this is another money fassination competent in the state of michigan they don't care about us it's our money it's not their money and they're just like a formello dollars as we screwed up ye and so so that's that's also nonforested one think i taxed it the time when i will wire gate so so basically it's it's flexionis in a national or penis then what jim copes would do as he would he would he would buy these assets in his wives so the conflict of interest there is he says that he spoke to take this asset to sail for a client he finds the perfect buyer and at an extreme discount says that i can't get any more money for this but i got this fire lined up i've got the cash come to find out it's his wife's taking a ford thousand dollar cutterand as she and he can probably turned back around reckemend rested he grips i got so long is the guide behind trying to sell the wiser sociabilit as the trying to do that they told every one in the budget that it was imminent foreclosure right be that they already had buyers lined up for the sale of the old and that they should be able to get enough to pay off the credit the line of credit and then have extra money to pay off the rest of the dead like jim copses long to his now the reason that that hundred ten thousand dollars has to be paid we talked about this last time i was on your show about in kind donations and and in loans if there's no promissory note for it it's an here's a thing he didn't write a check to am i go pas when he did this he paid a speaker's so it's like picking up the tab in a restaurant at an event let's say the donna hasn't even in a restaurant taps a thousand dollars work or presses down i believe in you i'm going to pick up the tab and at that point time donal's got to ask me sin in kind donation or this alone do i have to pay i say oh it's an in kind cause that's what we were all told for in in one and then after mackinder became a long as got to be cause it in kind donation you can't make a hundred and ten thousand dollar in kind donation in mackinaws ran through the fete counts of therefore that's what that's what perpetrates the holding on how it has to be one what can be so there they got themselves in these pickles so that the panic is what's beautiful right you've got christina out there like you know three i'm tweeting like every hour right now about the globe less and the communists and fighting for our country and all the it's beautiful i love it i wanted to keep going more panic more manichische bringing for two of you what and i mean this this is this nothing here i mean here's that alexiteric tonics verses copes irebound shows that the business they were trying to put it in right there as in all a jim copies wife little more his wife or the symphonie cynthia's zanella asinella alleging violations confluent and corrupts a ring out shortenedit as he in organization can't make this up whether it's whether it's unauthorized one out in avatarthe organization ramos president of it these birds anaineto e director out there being guilty of federal wire fraud and serving twenty one months in a federal prison for stealing two hundred and fifteen thousand dollars for northfork roman or its simcotes operating recompensare stickles from clients at a discount or can recall in oronookothe is all a robert owens who they hire to be the fond razor for mackinaw who in his divorce in the last year paid twelve prostitutes for bright the sky was telling you that he's here for god and that i'm a liar and that i'm the fruit of the devil for what i'm telling you this man was out there he sees a hundred and twenty thousand dollars in arrear in inchilde he's got babies in this man was out having sex with prostitute while getting up and proselytising the telling them that they don't know what you know about the globe as in the man and the and the establishment this that these people are all mister john burke's society italiment okay on so it's go back to ottawa in the payment for four million you call lemanaghan birds lie i did not know that i know we got osteotome home tromperois man their coming for your party oh my gosh i want what was he the company that this christina's own novanta on authorized to yet so about the about the sale of the building i did reach out to the lawyer for the and had a conversation with him and only validated everything that we saw you know we've got a document from two thousand eleven that shows that the building was put as a corporation into the trust it talks about how it can be used a you know jim copies out there saying that oh there's a negative a negative pledge against the building what a negative pledge means is that it can't be used for clateroit by a lender so like even using that statement you know dan hartman being the you know the the history that he is so understand that that's wrong i think with this is like i said it's a play to deflect from the fact that i got the boats to vacate this this woman right and we're going to take our party back and early december and she's going to get voted out and we're going to replace her with somebody else don't know who were going to place with that's the body's termination i'm only here to deliver what i promised to deliver which was getting her to so i'm i'm a little speechless it just gets worse and worse and heard can make it up listen that's why last week when i was telling your audience that when i talked to my attorney and all the things that were talking about to day and he would like you'd be like man come like that's not true like like that like the can't be right and then like and then he would call two or three people they would tom the same thing and then like you'd be like and in like he gets some sores tachndolo do to the boiler or the andes like i feel like i'm drinking and eating crazy pills it's not right like you feel like like there's no way it could be this bad in these people were this dishonest and hershe you have to take it from the point of view not where we are but everything that she said and she and that's the that's the real that's the real root revealed is all the things i was told she had my support recast he was an overpass from how men fifteen twenty minutes and it maybe it sounds like i don't right oh there was a time where i would have let forth i was out there actively pursuing volts both in a general election and in the caucus for her would be a le and i go for the benefit of the doubt i like less let's see what she can do here if we can save the state i don't care if you know if i alkalom grouch land can get in there and make it work i don't care who it is she has failed so spectacularly to succumbing yet no and you know i think that i think that your handersen correct when when you start looking though like this is of all sat like everything up till now has been and the reason i mean that is because amateurs like they don't play for right i played for so everything that we've lost up to this point i tracked up to amateur but the problem is after you cross over into twenty twenty fold that january now you're in a year or things and i mean a lot of things are going to be on the ballot and a lot of things are going to matter and infrastructure in an organization is going to is going to be determinative and you know you've got a presidential primary coming up you know looks like we might not be able to pull it off and don't there's a lot of people and state committe right now saying you'll give it back to the districts give it back to these what you can't you aren't a whine because you're locked into the rules that you submitted to the arc at the orense approved approved for your convent you can outside of the binding obligation that you put in for with them it's the same reason we had to move it up right we didn't know if they were going to go siniawan they did you know so now now the the twenty seventh primary will go on you had the plan for he what happens if you can't afford it wouldn't have this thing he think that they have enough jews the cant even pay back they don't ohwhatwhat i have you lose your presidential representate what's going to happen when one woman rose as the ability for you to have your voice given in the presidential one will that be enough for you i mean i've given you a lot of his i don't want it to get words ere right now we're still an amateur hour it's not the first of the year yet we got a lot of time on the clock we're all fighters we know how to get back in digger boots and and push forward and march for something we believe he but i got to get rid of her i don't think that there's going to be any because there's no way forward through this without her i don't how i don't see how anybody's going to believe in either side at this point time he gets the debt we already know the democrat party is completely sold out to the globes like world gretchen who whitmer with the world like an outlook for you've got nestwho was hiding who was hiding radinent twenty two election by recruiting voters right she had it she gave the state police and said i don't know and what way from and then you've got you've got benson the three of them she entire legs i i it's the republican party it's the democrat party it's every person sitting in the that has had a part of this failure of the state who are they going to i've got you know it's like at this point time you know i've got a handful of people in politics that that i trust there's not many and i think that when you start this is one of the reasons too i'm working with an investigator and actually looking at who people are so that we can put harmon we have to put truth out there on these people and so that people it would complete transparency to see what their in fact looking at now i don't mean people that make mistakes than a human level that's got to happen i'm talking about hard core criminality nomination exact you would see transpire to day we looking at with your own eyes in your own stay as her own party to day that's what he absolutely you and who's going to replace him because it's not it's not just christian a crime start looking down into the party and the people who are sitting in the positions of power we've got problems and they go deep it's not to it's great devaughan at the one who that that's what we had with the with the establishment or republicans they were the last bookemen now after have christina crome is the boogineese more than that who is going to replace even if we replace or remove donald tromp president trumped the rightful presented states had the same problem of reson wile he shut up he shot of whose going to replace them for for when the whole establishment is corrupt because they can't get there unless i can about it i do disagree with her he things me i'm just the guy right got it got a vest on on wet shirt on i'm working guy i'm here doing this i don't need to be doing this i might orittee to have thousands of people like you are not hoggishness my point though this my point though so so if you got a you got to get there with thousands you think that there's many people that could understand the things that we are we are able to put together in the shorter one time you think i think there's a lot of people out there in our party that could do what i'm doing right now to a i think that we honor and lord now but what we need as we need write good leader shout of weedsfollowing right we need when they are people too to be able to discern between a being being propagandized if it's so crazy we might be the most conspiracy minded generation ever in history that the i think that lesage that there was a right like never have we had so many people with their eyes searching for truth in a way and i see it's the exact opposite is i've never seen more people snowball by my people intentionally in our party in it what i mean by that is that they cast the gate at all these other people that these people are your pole when an actuality the whole time it was the people that told you they were the problem more the one well there are honentchanihi other people's pass motives and what happened in the past i can tell you that after i got back involved in an every one that told me somebody else was the problem i realized to day were the problem and were lying and that's all i can say because i only been back in bald tritons august may be july twenty one so i got a pet i guess my point here is as that there needs to be some inspiring leadership that absolutely as brutally transparent and then there needs to be a structure with stated goals and actionable steps and i'm not seeing it when when we when we get it figured out because you're right we have more awake and don't mean woke i mean we have more informed population than we've ever had in the history i believe if this as people we have the mechanisms to teach people and talk about it but what does holequite is non politics stopping up and getting in the gay that this is the cry for help this is the warning cry unless people that are local general flint as a best local action equals national impact we have to fill all these he with non politician and have enough honest people that may be now the process such as yourself stop in and help organize and inform and train people so that so that the career politicians are no more that the problem with that is the career they derive money people like myself that get in to try to overthrow the system it costs absolutely did me mine to tell you what hold might be you should see how much cost me but that's my point though donasse like you think that there's extra spare change rowing around and people's pockets that he likes to come take this fight on like you can have huge brass balls to get i can go on to have and you got to have enough to pay mortgage for at least twenty four if you might pay your bills for if lavater but twenty four months of and you're not that financially so then you can't weather he yet what you can do it like if everybody jumped in and even gave like like a half hour even an hour a week would be huatacondo was einacsingle people need to know everything that's in my head i want that in your head i want that in your head in your hand at that every everything that i would know her everything that i consult would know everything that a legislature i want every one to understand that much about the process and until that happens i don't think that we can have an honest intellectual conversation about who should be doing what because you have people that are ignorant telling people that know what to do it that's not what you're suposed then in it some point in time we just have to we have to be honest well i tell you what i love have in you honest aghast because you do have so much knowledge and you had the courage to resign and turn into whistleblower on it and i've a tremendous respect for you i really really dare because you know you're out there swinging in your trying at any rate and and you know just like anything else i tell everybody questioned everything you know and this is a good thing even even questioned myself in question war get in there and do your own research to find out if what were saying is true we need you educate it we all need to be educated to help each other we can't just blindly follow people any more we've got to get educated we have to be equipped so that we can carry some of the load and i think that that's the biggest thing that i have to say is that every one has to get in the game we have to question everything we've got to confirm what we hear if you hear something that warrants saysthat is go look it up go look it up yourself don't don't just don't just say oh yeah we're going to bite that hook right there even good people can make miss anne and so it's not it's not even against veoient onally misled miss leave people like the ideopsis clearly to nina and so as a democrat part they are clearly and intentionally with four knowledge hiding things and not bring things to truth and or misleading its happening because other people who are doing it unintentionally and that's what we've got we've got to continue to get in there in the fight and continued to talk together keep that dialogue open warren's going to bring i'm going to bring things you're whore is less in other your goin to bring things to the table is that we can evaluate and make the best decisions based on true transparency i'm goin tell you what working with this investigator that i'm working with oh man i'm going to tell you the mother lode of information is going to come out when you have somebody that committed a fourteen or felony in conjunction with a whole bunch of people who has a massive amounts of ilisitok about elias's right now this signorina perfect time i don't know if people would like me to start throwing out some of the aliases but there's a lot of one people are not who they scrapernot at all and you know you might find out that somebody may be had a real last name start up ones that are being out there we might find out all sorts of his the people that are in charge there not even the people they say they are they made up a character they scrubbed the internet one i do not have it i totin there that can actually look for and play the total one the effect card and throw it out there for every one to this person that what i know committed a fourteen year folony watched it in action being committed and was part of the result of this fourteen year folly that i am sure is going to get care smatter a time but sometimes you got to be a little i never tontawanto just just you know how off and jump into something you're going to go for the you're going to go for the grand slam you're not going to go to hit the ball and get on first base or suck it face you're going to go for the grand slam in it takes the news real past to do that to get all the information and then find out that this person who committed a fourteen or felony is involved in the trans this person who says here such a conservative individual has actually a registered agent of angers no i am not i am absentados the as well as as well as a a grashopper yet the bye graining and lesbian and i'm not even to see and lesbian a john a i'm going to say i i'm going to say this goes into things that would shock others tolerate persons which also leads struck which is how they move human trafficking vectes and all of this these are the people it and it's going to be shocking i i i'm going to have fun with us the itopatin and the net work of these morons that or in our tide into investment he holdings company and all of that if they're not sweat in right now they're not in touch with reality because you know i didn't get into this to make friends for i want my damn country back and anybody standing in the way is not going to get cut any slack whatsoever and i think we're going to find out people cross the state nor in this were or going to find out people and all sorts of things and if you're a little bit in i came from an ant on background if you're a little bit into watching things open atenshon you can you can find a lot of stolen and it doesn't matter they can try to take me out in any way they want i don't really care the stuff is going to be hidden and so many different areas regardless of who they go after they are and this is this is just then i got to tell you i love this kind of stuff i love i can see is for millionaire and i'm on to say that probably the swingers clubs i have the names for and who registered he was old is probably also tied in with the uni party which there all a part of and probably the clubs were kept open in lancing now now there then gretchen whitmer sitting right at the involved frontierwithout enleashed glory holes from the eocene there in the seats of our government where the rest was cold by american flag you see you gratings there on right you done to america for the trees in his axe that you have committed against we the people will cast what some of us are willing to die for writing the situation and so help me god we're going to get every last one so i in it in it in its funny because people like me enjoy this kind of thing it that it's not like you know there are some people out there that can be there is one from the shout here who live to fight this kind of sidonie it every day or ever cold i'll get like wells folia couple a couple of people that like you know no mere seeming working on this or what i held it's always the same and then i forced laughed i am i a hahahahaha what's going on sorting i like i would i would appreciate the call ified enjoyed bright like so like like like you now call me a glotoun shment calling or whatever we want to say like and i think we talk about last time like you know we're perfectly made for such a time oneand so like glassware like like are you kidding me i'm having an absolute ball taking this woman out right i think like missingwhere i thought day that have done you this all day long i want de and did in an indignant the things in the end when the hammer drops with all the and all the ways that their moving money around in this calistre all of them all the developers you can look at the developers in detroit you can look at exactly what happened with the universities and how they they launder money through the universities and you as those as a as a indoctrination machines to get their little color abolution going the how they are moving the money around and whose involved in what public face they put on behind all of their aliases that they have going on and in it you can see the misspellings in a very low love you can look at laura laura with all the wet miss sally me shin mershon mick shod whatever look under it's an fbi tactic to hide things by miss spelling that's what was the big thing with with james come they were then and why he was losing it is corny or in an and looks like an arm and scooperaboo defy for his by doing the work orders learned greek erthe go or black at once you get their tacketed out you can drop the hammer but i'm on to tell you right now i don't see anybody in the republican party how i dope any of them they have the god the resolve and the honesty so forward and not just try to re make the same system in the same craft we've had for years it's going to take some to decisions and hard decisions that are not going to be popular were the criminals who have the microphone right now you acroarrhen and we're not halting permission were taking a state back and there yet i agree with that you know i would i would hope that thirty days it the next three three halfe they were working on this a final whip count for the boat to to vacate ah now that the house and the senate are out of a commission right through the holidays they are all the forcible and set otherthreaten nice big break i would expect some of those people from the republican side of the in the house legislature to section hard look at the party at that they attached next to the end of their name during election the and start to be a voice to call out the one not over june it wellthis is this is me to day telling them all right you've got a six weeks vacation coming up all right before the holidays i expect you to to get in and roll your slee enjoined side by side with delegates in the constituents that elected you to help save your party you got a lot of exercise in your hands you in doing ship riverport's in the party i wanted to save the state and save the sanitates i know that's the needs they happened that he to call it up because they do not have a vehicle booster there in yoursis your mind you kind of diverge a little bit i've hurried for on to be renouncers party is the clean party going on right now because we're going to kick their sorry but right out when we see it wouldn't we see things like fourteen or felonies betterthat's fragantes yea but there they're doing it all over the place of just get a hiding and here's the thing until i look at them going at onliness down i'm just going to be real row about this i see them going after dan and i saw that's a great little buggy man to have you heard of finite joke nothing's going to happen you can't pinch her hook all of em it was a joke but go on are they going to talk about and hold the elections accountable for all of the fraud that went on and call out not blaming her because the legislature is the first ones that should have made sure they stepped the responsible for an deselection and they all fail so now they bring a suit against an enough what makes a very feel great great shot they're going after as my all that is all that is is a picture on twitter that his enfiamato power that's the amount of power that resolution had it's a picture on twitter that's that's what it's been a relenting he nowanother not their job was to not certify a fraudulent election and to call this thing out ontil we the people have our voice and none of em and i'm going to show the legislature the whole mess of her need to be set down the river and never come back again cause they all fail toastmaster at the separate the wheat from the hand portion of porto of high ministering to find out who's been good and whose men you know who's been nodding who's been nice so cokewheeler enterkine when you find a colonel the wheat let me know cause i'll hakinis chaff howson i know men and listen i am probably lionette loved these discussions without tooprobably lot the same way with you like now that like like i don't care what anybody tells me about a person like a knockin make termination or judgement till i know myself not give people kind of the benefit of the doubt but i don't even think i can do that any more every time i talked to somebody that's that's an elected i start from a position of sceptics and show me you and i mean motohamacho i based on their next action and with the fall of other consisting in a line he you know if they follow a line they've lost it right there i mean even with somebody asks me a stupid question i'll be sitting there doing oh okay where's this going to go on you know and i'm like i don't care who it is has some stepped out of line i don't care if i saw if i as much as i loved donald you know president trump the right for president of the united states if i saw him doing some that was over the top and its men a target eywas polly him out on that now it has to be impartial we have to have the blind scales of we have to have a blind eye none bias to what we see out there and have it have it go back to policy and go back to their actions and when somebody ottanford met moses that's that mistake mistake i get it but when but when you see somebody doing something that is a gregus is what we're seen out there they have to be removed you you cannot you cannot give him a path and that its remanebit we got a circle back to kind of what i'm doing right and his ornamental has now one ye i'm some circled back to this like you're exactly right but then you have to use the vehicle so how do you get rid of them either do it i'm doing in a state committee you rally your no and then you have a result same thing with politicians you still have to you still have to get somebody then to replace that in so half to have a candidate to will stop up and be forward to be put in with the appropriate i don't belief system that that you're trying to rally he i still have to have all the knowledge that you would need in the political process in orocovis that goal it can't just be borneo now the wooden actual plan and the edward on and never like concern is the is that i hear a lot of political posturing but i don't hear any actual solution the bravelybut yet of a theological stop it right here then with you who i met i'm glad you said that a solution okay so we are in the final push for this for these calls right so if you want to get involved and you want to help a hundred and seven state committee members of amigo p to vacate the chair i want you to send me a text message with your name and your telephone number and you know when you'd be available to have a fifteen minute conversation cause i'm goin to put you on our call team you can call these individuals will give you the appropriate information and in were not applied the appropriate pressure from the bottom up on the state committee members for in time now for the media bottom up with the state committee members with delegates in order to vacate the chair coming up in less than thirty days so you want to be part of fixing the problem not being part of the problem all me or tax me at two for nine three one seven and that name and telephone number the time i can call you back for a ten tofte minute conversation we'll put you to work on the phones were in a burn a mop and were going to war in to correct this thing the next thirty days and here here's another i'll give another solution join the us taxpayer's party if meschian and come i'll come over and say you know it's time to burn these political parties who have done nothing for our state right down to the ground and join us too you know you can join it's your choice on which way you want to go with this you have the right and you know what that's the that's the part of it is the constitutionalist we defend you're right to have an opinion even if we disagree with it it is that is what that is what the ousters is the constitution party that misconis about is to defend your rights and our ability to justegen not not even to argue with you about stuff you know like like i argue with woronoco this is its friendly fire here but you still have the right to make to make your own choices in this world and that's what america is about to dare not to be a pellicular to dare to be american choose what you you think is best in how you want your ass that manage and put the people in place that will honor that oath and commitment and honor that the financial responsibility for running the nation in your best in not in the interest of of the human traffic illegal aliens though it is that human issue that we are going to have to address we have to address human train i'm one of the most out speakspoke persons on this we have to interest the human problems that we have in this world there is no getting away there's no getting away from this but also we don't want to moneytries away the ourthe middle east trying to fight wars that are nothing more than propping up the military retortthe never going to go away and sell their weakening their weakening us we the people so we can't actually have a voice and fight back and that's not what we are but in ocheyedan and it to day i i were you before before you prayer i want to racketwhere said what donna said is this you have agents right and your agency is your power to make a die with whatever it is whether it's what i set him a call me to help out this sort somewhat thinking of paste about or joining the scars party like don assays that's your ages a free person in america that's what you get i rethory thing she and we actually with no money into our word party weeklies te that works that you can actually join on it on your notredame motorcycles if the galethe plug here is the use us tphoo does have a place for you to join onlike the seventy that what was the ninety thousand dollar antitheses to monteseoco in join us and you'll be you be welcomed in statesmen who who it really are its os really nice organization so anyhow dear only father think he's so much for all the wonderful beautiful people that you've put on this earth and her brothers and sisters that we can work together to serve you here on this whole planet we're so thankful for the constitute for the rule of law for the rights that you've given individuals that we can work to help uphold each other's rights and and acknowledge effect that they are created by you exactly the way that you wanted them to be you have the plan for their life there's nothing random and were so thankful for that were thankful for the beautiful day of given us here in west michigan as epegeus hereand for her for the opportunity to look into the people's eyes around us and know that everybody's herdin right now and find those opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others all the way around us every day in small ways and a big ways in ways we wouldn't even think or imaginable you prepare a path for us and you give us everything we need to accomplish the tasks that you set before us we can do all things through christ who strengthens us and we're thankful for that we are great friend to us and we want to be a friend to you and to your children here on this planet your sand bags you created at all your rules and were willing to abide by the rules that you ask us to follow your so gracious to and jesus christ precious name of prayed one oh there you saw and to end it her hands i can that was you all god bless all those whom you love and god bless america make it a great day it's a choice be mentally tough that the things that we see they are wrong in the world and may have nothing to do with you don't take a personally the world's most stop you know your beautiful you have you have beautiful things that god put inside of you you have things that you like in the things that make you special and talents and beliefs and a mouth to speak when things are wrong don't ever give that up that's a god given gift don't give it up so with that sad goodrendered because i'm still not conceit the failed and fraudulent election and i will not tell we re the twenty twenty two in the twenty twenty election criminal and heads to be righted anyhow and a so so just now and have a great day and realize that you're not alone there's a lot of us out here who believe the same way you do who are fighting for things that fighting for things that are right true and honest and if you don't think that anybody cares we care very deeply this is why we're here this is why i'm here every week day that it with there's very been very accept few it is to be here and know that he that everybody that's on the show they're out there fighting they're fighting for this nation warrants fighting he fought to the point of resigning and and became a whistle blow you had that right and that obligation to do that too to help us help us take this nation back we're going to do it and we're not asking permission as rahve a great day thanks