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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 4/10/2023 - Monday Morning in the Mitten with Ken Nash

Published April 10, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is april tenth twenty twenty three and i hope everybody had a wonderful resurrection digesteda wide it was a very long day here but we had a very nice type with a group of patriots and so we had a brand of herd bargate ing yesterday and it was just a whole lot of fun celebrating the resurection and i tell you what the more we learn about every day god's character because he leads us to know him better every single day the more joy we have in our hearts the because the the amount of love flowing from god towards i just told amazing and so we can celebrate our rigate to day's grate i wanted to pull something up on the screen a minute and that i'm to bring my wonderful gas some can nash and chacchar so but i thought this was kind of fondith ught i would i would place lo bit of good motivation and realizing that in fact real president of the united states still there i were there guy anyhow bringing out my specs ogas can ash and chuck pershore for monday morning and the mittening no condoning i don't can oregon which doing great your screen for supper just a minute there but a hold on here minute i'm going to share a different screen here and we're going to start talking in a minute book but how is he recovery by desiccative doing then i thought out of views you them or ravenna means to be turns it up me how you like to oh no no i bettertonnay face our grandkids sadayo a right that that's a revivers not he is replied as reprsentantes on acourse tops there is what you can buy but on this he on the pre person you have much i actually bought the the full version because i like it so much i decided to you know my youngest daughter my special needs daughter oh she thinks it's absolutely hilarious so i put put together a bunch of a bunch of them animating her face singing and she thought that was like the greatest thing in the whole world she laughed and laughed shoot you can have a good week on yet now i relaxed and spent time with my mom and dad now begin bread and kneel together at nice wet in to break the bread i didn't know that my man does oh my man read his phenomenal have to name name a type of onethat she does oh that's also i've been playing with the sour do starter and such and tried to perfect in a really good sour dotard i i've got a lot to learn what's put it that way and it's going well my experiment is going well one of my sons and i we are we're on this mission to and it's kind of on so every night we we call it stared so every night we feed stardi and a split a man and see see how they're doing the different types as its pretty fine so i would go for your mind to to teach bread bag he to all of us she's going to be need to all of us teach still that we have so what's going on to day a contorniate so the table this morning and i could bring that up and then we can also go to you check which way he goes into go to it oncken go i've got to go on okay we'll start with cant and talking about all the nonsense in on all there here this is down a staff here tried to try to make everything wore an excellent talked at the same time is quite a feat anyhow can you not you are summarised this for us because i think this is a couturier volume up of your microphone at all your little shock i do that do it you that's better oh can you some rise this little bit cause i read through it a little bit but i you've got a better hand on it well we may talking about time like goshenhoppen a battery plant here or connect or different corporations and how they get to economic development to corporation incentives as well as a resulting changes all kinds of different money if you will that basically comes out of the tax payers and that in the areas if we're paying them to the put their business nor cecilia as contact of the connect that was the elections which strickenwhite more helped or ink that little deal with the economic mission at conocidamente cope so absolutely i you know in that go ciondolava ropes really put it by the school can i connected by lancing younow see where they report back and now i think up in big rapids of a seven hundred and fifty million or some third somewhere near there and taxed based incentives the basically money they don't have to pay in order to get these jobs the ah and so we been talking about how that impact the local people are how much they pay well here's another example where up in holton they you know welcomed almarin by you in effect iving em all of these insects on a horse he long mark too agreed to meeting the property around them help with rods because of the impact that they have put them for that they get these property assessments that they agree to in the unvirginal contract in order to evincement well after all are is there according to the article namecomes back as is now the property can be assessed at what we approve it to be as it has to be the value that the store of the the building would be worth if we weren't here so they make spent a whole bunch of money on building on the cost of building it is more than what they say the property is now told and so they ended up being big wal mark comes at the little tiny township of holding and demands in a long bolt time million dollar taxes which is more money that ultimately comes out of those people that welcomed up and then if the city doesn't act less they basically go out and with a lasso s were paying for all this litigation in order to give all mark with which came into the community of the tax break that they demand from the people i do so it is a way of in all really doesn't matter which type of company it is i think or local governments as a kind of talks about here are not equipped to deal with these countries major operations that are coming in a case and so in this article they talk about a solution being now get some legislation in there that if it's goin to be a property for these major retailers of a major size for going to have to deal with some anecodote rnment based on any for the state capable of strong enough to negotiate on behalf of the smaller townships and of course is getting she well in a man of course there they got another problem is assuming that they're going to have a government agency that are that is actually going to to address the situation and act in our best interests and so far the trick raprocher in is a little bit lacking in my opinion no i think it is compound one problem in my opinion with another when when you look at the way the things that and the the lack of ability by are government officials to go back to the core issue with the strong arming of the oh economic warfare that's going on in this nation instead of going after the corporations for the betrayal of the american and i think that this his crew got to have another agency now to manage the connections with the corporations stealing from the people so we make another corporation which is stealing in another direction and he set her on the fight back and forth and in both of them when and we lose and my getting this correction then the other the others i want to take to my tale for that is the fact that when i was a really researching into the tourism and the state and how the tourist dollars don't go into the necessarily local community and how they break down there the refuse into put extra this goes along with his soul see rum going with his they refused to put extra money and to the local police and or the sheriff's department it all gets funneled away towards the state police which has a really bad track record for response time and the state the local policing the sheriff's office of the one at most rep with all this development that's coming in as well as the tourism and selected such during that during the heavy time they don't they are real problem because they don't increase the he to match the needs that's going on at that time thereby once again harming the local e and his stuff all works together from the police send to the corporate the corporate sabotage on our late nation and a corporate monopolies be you you were that amount of money it's like the political parties we cannot fight them they basically undercut us with with money to money ratio we can fit him with effort we can fight with the fact that we have fire and why we have way more power than they do but it requires people to step up and get it is the you might policing it points out that a long are there and holding his ten per cent of the police calls yah yah and and thence that the point a point as is every time you have you bring in em either this type of non monsonpon store the ah entities your crime rates going to go up crime rates going to go up because nobody's watching people can go in the store and they get you don't walk in and take out look at what's happened and see attendand up in oregon a most of the big box stories are fooling there because people just walk in and take what they want nobody will stop in their way as mongos while they own it and they're going to defend their property i am absolutely for stand your ground lost here in the state people who who on their own business is somebody commetteste yourself you know you have the right to defend yourself and i your and your poet so yet this is this is a problem but that tax came as very this is a big deal this tax came at the corporations and corporal welfare we are fond these corporations it's just another way to siphon money office so i have a job so you can have a job on a wet waves and you're disposable because they'll get rid of you if you're waggets too high they start cutting it no pichinin apart time that won't be benet the other the other way of looking at it is each timely find one of these stories like that on scatenato many e seventeen million are an nineteen million or a hundred and seventy six nooreen hundreds do you milanwhere was each one you can divide by ten million because that's the basically the population of michigan and say that's the cost per residence that you not per another body and we were just keeping an excel chart of you know here's the teresian hears the deal jeers the tack break here's the corporation and you ran a alley down there from what's going on in paddle creek with let's put a factory here to big rapids to know life all over the place at the little connects included as well and divided each one by ten million you'd see her basically individual which you're running bill is in order to pay the establishment to take up the property over and put what they want and the way they want it to one they want it at the cost of each residence a piece each one is it as corporations are making big money it's not like the need or money they're just use in it to citement if they had proper business practice in they they should the animated on their own and if they can't they hed to go away as free free market and they meet they need the had the same opportunities that the people and meshigan on individual basis have and they have incredible financial advantage in favor because the they then we don't get those kind of souls we don't get that kind of howl are and you know instead of we et the pot holes that are no good to me again a governor with an attorney general who supposed to be managing these corporations that are doing such things has that power in me the the power to dissolve one imagine an attorney general assistono what wallmark you are playes comes you won't have a business licenses great bag lifting the state i hear in the going to pay for this settle that manic began life her word or get out of the state one when came morecock coming for all i care himmarry you when you like it the acquisitions and i can you don't like the blue up boysperhaps you miss the blue as specials and came her what your tractor supply our family farm and home are all of the different inbreak of of the big box store has pretty much to say there's clothes in your grain store now i mean the i care not you go to hold yo po and they've got up a beach and so filwite a stack is in every there's more than one big box store i mean one of the you are not really it still oh annapolis by six just as all the brains are pretty much six corporations the retailers or religious to a small fee yet we turned all my three corporations every single one of a black rock van garner apollo ohiofor in state street capital there they're all the big players so ye that's a real problem that and you orto i appreciate you more in that to the table here then i lost check on the call your men i can bring him back chuck where to go he said with his brother to day guisebert you know what's going on people's lives here too is jumping in the news he re lassie's conant's sorry that's okanogan you call back and see it's going on but i yet was the problem you want we out in on that two chuck because they know that you know we're all kind of a fighting against his sagoscena the the nonsense with batteries and this is all this endeither as is really if they can take over our energy sources and our business we basically only work for these corporations the i know that's that's truly that's structions going and it's just a span a drone clad occator the lot of men had on behalf of the city house cone i will gattonside don't you go that side they get rid henty a residence ah and also the ability they want to climb and the fact is some of one to do write things it becomes the legally in pointed out one five i perceived more a cause if he don't be the edoceat i called into court and they lose the ball because it is a craft a glass that held the corporation because if you what they get donatiste on coming in and corkey like you my money because recreation aspens lichen individual in the other time stremon the money a great is concave i lived too out of money through a back door mounted a gay to party which had called the love in a cot they can do that and it of course by a the fishes if you don't think so i can talk about one mote later about the mere waterford and a gotteslehre rate corporations in general are and uncared ganiataranen is pointed out as you of as wel i dongenesse sad commentary yeah and you do can look at like games kinelike the poster child there that i think what was a crithecreche gave a hundred and forty six million dollars and texans and the problem with that is that they they promise to let go then they promised jobs jobs jobs isle oh while the reed for thousand japs tor are really what's the what's the guarantee there going to do that or are they going to jump ship and take off to mexico or some other country because once they get that money there's no accountability for they don't have to produce they can do whatever they want and nobody's looking over their shoulder and say we want to see some productivity for the state here instead canit's just like it's like money fayciones going everywhere we've got no control over we have no idea what the benefit is and they don't care the grove the money in cotton round sooseto like when he gave therefore read tended one race castoiement since an athlete and when i gave the one he expended water we got no regenerated i'll come to be giving away resources corporations are just edvantage conscration de rite to antedated out his clearly on that clinking every glittery across his yet he was ply there you to place me well wasjust go elsie and the corsican patefacto with her joy but in the caves scawen the comento the street its pores pallets or a covered one of the responsibilities it to protect they don't realize their concluding up to the law of to the constitution the pot is then unnamed rest why discordile well and then the people that are behind all this money to their buds o lin bastards on disconto say it and you know the word thinking that this is something that i think the average you know the average person you know is tegular people he now like like a most of us who on some of his distant bent more agomore often or bite the pass so we can see what he most people that are our brothers and is out there american they don't have a concept of how evil these people are and the people that are bought behind the transaction they have no loyalty to america whatsoever they do not care that these people are not like us in the fact that if we see somebody that's got a problem we actually care we're like oh jes what what can i do to help you you know and it's like it's like you know can your sitting or with your brother whose dying right now and it's like you do you care and can issedones with his friends the one that has set her trying to help that their family you know exist we had that compassion and us where we see some were like oh yeah i've got an extra space you can stay there you know or or you know food or whatever it is and we know when we see that because that's what got aronces to do right all these people are not like the sagothies is funny because situation that i've been talking about where i got on for four million dollars to betray a people that i very much care about and leave them with nothing but i will get four thousand dollars as like so as chance how right now going to happen so anyhow in this this person comes back to me again and that in a bastion apologise for what i just told the truth why would i pologise to tell the truth you said it so very go you know and so i came back again and and i actually kind o hand little ball through about organized crime and involved in this transaction a hole ten yards on like okay whatever and so so came back recently and such said you know if you won't play ball with you know with my offer this is a guid that said i here i want to help people in this community right and comes back later and she says of will find if you're not going to play ball with me then then everybody's going to love his loss your homes and they're going to get nothing out of this deal and on like what we happen at one to help these people that you know that we're in this this unfortunate situation of being caught between developers who are trying to bide the landing iconostat happened the one to help instead of i don't play ball with you you're going to jerk the whole thing and they have nothing it felt the whole thing is this is absolutely rough prehensile and this happen it all over the place case afterward colonel tinsley ok one grand the gringos crustos cartoons reconsidered consent perth odiis as last curse along with gone to lowly lobos pinegrown a rook and other rigging is gone all these o business when also two lodges and browned and brine per camille other too lois as with come with crushed the rich that on that ah who crossed check its round ran anson i rejoined and into offerecendo i got it transactions seamed concho he garisonto and pride piers of i they were charged on thursday by the saturnian the rogrons a marscorp he cured your in money and the chansonette others participated on coroneran cork men's conacom up point here is her heart with picking withers the cost so when we thought with his crushton to we got copies as contaletto the werelose by giving thee so he had reported which she had of another plan i could now adormecedora place after i come up the coiners in losers i threw the community and i with the hind it our own evil that we thought were honorable i chose i don't mean to your only one door and let us lie a former we have here three others i can't come holothuries genere also under hesitation rite down you look into hereclaiborne desganado sparages i could assertions brian pears and vincent brown as a lobbyist john deliver to her loose the there being stars with his discription people there right now and my conversation is a glance the roof of the land it is deeper than you think its wider and deeper not distress goes beyond so it's contenter sting to e or cottoncane this as you are a turning in what he says the gitanos the crosses because and as some course being a democrat a greek general to be chief counsel for whom there there all at their all in it together all these are you absolutely this is it this is organized crime running the place they go traitor trees and traitor right there enamorment in the egoist he people of their one ooesporic oricellari as repeople all there there where are they in the beginning the if these care only about the media spot like a coronet it's like when the when the untrained derail down in ohio you got something with vaccine mandates run and right down there to get the camera what they know about the train were omen you know it's like nothing zero it's just about getting from of the camp and in ye here is the practice of the game even servicestood even a few others the acolyte to the game soaproot i'm not see we can't stop it there was more cannot indeuoured this gave the clothes constitootion appear after the coleo to a very guys that are close i begs polticas de or or fakes or fakes and morehe continued to talkabout not another bite three great dear on the county goes you can as to be one or many things or the force come how lovers as he can to you out another thing control we know the distance was an middlin last week it one yameston scoerstan as was berebisheers there with pears there ossaroo erigeron to pace for pace officerwithout the sons is the grass rodeandose wiseacre appearing to his strong and console i think on well if you look a consecretur as to gie commodore rodosto before god don't be competing gorsereceive to see prol i love to see in a lock stroppiato like his idols loomes no antelope who is you really is she uncrossed as hers she foretold plates came behind the seat not trustworthy out get that is it's really really sad what's going on here and you know i'm in to say it right now is it people are absolutely groomed and put in place they are not through the s we have no idea who these people truly are they they show up out of nowhere and then all of a sudden the racks so when you when you mention everybody showing up at this gothinian of their you want is the casting character are you not he cast one and crew of the political freak show that's up there and my my whole thing is that they go of their trying to build an audience for themselves like a bunch of lounge lizards sardonically getting behind some one and being okay with working just to get the job done you know it's why in these people get behind christina corramos why didn't they why didn't they get behind somebody instead they fracture the fracture the plain field they consist he refused to follow as someone who can actually pull everybody together and have and be a leader present trumpets done this people who got began president trump right but not in the state of michigan you've got an i got a text from a group of people the other day and i've got this i've got the text is behind us and now the pushiness grand old party crowd and it's like it's the are you kidding me these are they these these people are absolutely the foot soldiers of the golf clubs and there the fracturing people in making people the confused because ah in a not because cause we have to be responsible for our own research we've got to get in and figure out what's going on and if something if something just seems like while you know i want to be loyal to this that other thing i wore your loyal to do you actually know who you're talking i i have a feeling if we did back on checks on a lot of these people they wouldn't even really exist or or actually i den background shuckin of one on somebody while back who assalyhit ed a fourteen year follow or sick at least alias this recalls a reestate centers down a yes and so well even now we do not even know who these people are we don't know where they came from we don't know how they got there we don't know the money behind we don't know anything and but except for the fact that we're getting screwed every single time we we look this way that it doesn't make any difference where surrounded by him you know he go i don't care and we talk o coles althing with the grand dukes if we look at the money he that my common from their money ploiterin al you talked to prof but he got to get a guide that was took off the tin feminile on they came out owerover you came out of sanrack i want testatoris a word colonette five million developing you got chances where is a colony of the fit distesero these people consistently for other than calling about without the cold of outwithout tisane we can't have you in this party as glendour not leaguer and after problem is oh he's also bad cut was desisset people are not changing their spots now they just good liars good liers you told a grand door they were going up there trying to get to a unfortunately the wiggle put it off the center in or the forthewithe were trying to attack and then up there he can grace or lies were not a word at a party where a pack o your nellie loser's quires and criminal estate really are and all c losers liers and criminal to do look at the background in you indicated it in one thing could also look at money here windmany as glibbery dongolas week or do they have tristith rosanette to middling why would he do that why would you do the man to get the spot lie in their trying any way possible to stand with any one they think will get them recognition you know what words were botecooda ask the carattere it is money is coming from i i believe if you look ropedancing rose i can look at it the cold brothers to walther doing did he americans for prosperity write there peter the and story panergetas for elly to thou there processesthat he was a grass ruder and then we see him with choosing a dining on cognomine were goin after this stand up descentwe all now stand the fishingindoor day have dasatierenta said will carmentorios andesites or good really which one was that again on chuck throw out the tree what what do you just throw out there who said that because octoroon horoscopy yashiro on sowing to put it out there was dogsecond put it out his note iii just won't i wonder for it out to the wood outhere the grass rope and these what you are and ran to golaith ri called riding kelly was with solano and they were all standing there together stop the alsophila taste were we before he can get it in the fore comethe part you can be finding out there steel hard is in the totaltwice of it behind the scenes too i mean always singing to front with with these people for media of see know that's in a way it's so it's easy for me to look at those media those metoosah play and go that this is this is absolutely casting crew of of political freak show up here and you know you'll see what you'll see people that are in otheostethus not not to people that are trying to do the right thing but watch hellthey jump between one issue to the next of the and there never can it's always go to where the cameras are or go to wear i go to where the cameras are or go to where the money is that's the animal that's the test right there when when you see people jumping around like that that's the amoor that that you know you're you should know what you're looking do they believe in anything or so just about himself if they go from one issue to the next to the next to all the sun hither hands up no i want money over here and i want money or your over here this is a political open and that to look the more and i don't think anybody that's got their hands out for mine not one not be we are eating down and hasting class we cower i i conrot philip slaves the chair down there very countenance joseph sand matter to their tertereshenev heard of three characters i'll tell you colonel there there they are and there being poor they petewer as it there trying to christina this tin committeeing meeting the sweet the rower has it that early trying some room to remove christina well i i got a call on that that they're trying to remove the cristina of this was within two weeks on her giving you know gain the cher position and that all of a sudden ice start a gettin called and there linger we want you to come back we want to come back because christina sailing and you know you need to come back and and stand with us and out of you know and in the settethe thing and i like well first fall republican party was one that kicked me out it wasn't none of them stood there and fought with me and so no i am proud and second of all the ones that are going after christina are they they had this plan immediately after the vote took place that they were going to figure out a way to remove her and that told me too besides vic that i know her and i know she's godly woman and oh you know i know her purse and so i looked at this and unlike anybody should be able to look at this and say there are tacking presented christina crime the ones they are tacked are the ones that are freed no after this week an incincta was the comment and the idea is missioners garofanre to party that's what will sentire shane was the pasture now she says ceratodon see what they're goin to do do and so cover that's the only thing they've got is take over in contrite and trickled the scales and that a chair and vice chair house that on is told a long time ago that the reality was that there were no terrelati to get a man in to the yemenak of the house position because that's the one that has really the power a lot of power and a and so that was that was what i was told was the gold or time or major later and as the last cinders torticollis majority leader had in cold the cold houses laternot pour in long have think about this i church take about guys like the chapel how to get there and i mean to control it he in this haramontese coursewherever that removed at coldback because out and so this toertake about this he could of his blackmail kind of coperation for crime cabool i think it's so to contemplate down i think mine my lords with inside or correct that is gone to compelling down the question is but it does will be you and yours these you go back to diabetes custodiary with the post weed his astraella current could i be altotenoro it wasn't his back so we sireelect ed out when it torontothe thousand for at le inough enticement the gecommitteer the same year is given that and be free to hallsport and goodhearted compactthe back three different and the peace fifty pillars a lack of money come in in an infantry different people i on point is this sardican money was plowing in the lands it was with justify a lowest were ruling there were the legislator were just passing in this scolding cash and going everywhere this is world this hole and is a come christolators of the chapel gierison on the roomers on prostitutes and everything else under the sun because he aslacton to prosecute fly agostino there's two high colocotroni the wind is now on her office the other one is currently in all this in high profile her name and in making name docetae we know i can name him one i go to the us attorney with he will not go to dan and householdnot going on the white going out go to higher order just like after his doing the cones against johnston we need to use santritter so many and all were not distantbut the the last couple of years were calking going backwards lois and as his more longest was a couple o i know as good a great comet he quitted he was attorney couldn't do the right thing with the present gives presented the case will he owed hard to tell his life with my lost so to get back round the baled out of the republican party the tesserete court which hotspring court took the coward's way out the bunch of cowards and they they argued jurisdiction but they would not make a a ruling out at which they could up and they shut up and they did and shoreswhat and i have to go back and look at the day but the hole screened it was when i was kicked off the ballot terwestigate over one of the mere oikothen about all of em and so and then from there went to the federal corps and the centerport judged said yes said that i was treated very unfairly my rights were placidly violated and she refused to offer remedy to put me out back on the ballot because all wint keep the election moving forward which is a uncoif therefore what he was used to operate on the seceders she didn't she cornered like a lawful is sallysuch well you know doesn't matter if one person's rights were violated words were not condo anything in you know ilestinde you to offer any remedy or and so was created once this cruel right criagins ther as humanity yeah olisikaan it wasn't about me if that point time it wasn't just about me getting back on the ballet it was the fact that that they they contaminated the whole process but who he crosses has been contaminated from toto sess contaminated which means that the voice of woe the pee a shot there stay when they when they refused to have an honest election when benson rubber stamps and election to go through and such says i'm going to certify the selection to ajamat through because the time because of the absentee bills because of all of us we have a case if you put together a case for corruption and lack of a lawful process this last elerson in the twenty twenty election poster children for what not to do crook correct corruption from every single person involved in this every one that is involved in committed a crime and and you know there's been a bunch of us had been standing up there just like with the back scene mandates and the the legiance i should say and then the the masks and all of us there were there was plenty of us out there going in out time out is not lawful number once this is just absolutely in your face you know it's just like just like the overrunning of the borders to he can i not this is absolutely in invasion an invasion of this nation this is not refuge for solvethis is not a humanitarian ever and in fact its human traffic and because his people make in money off of it and you know all of us into jumping up and down i mean i hope everybody else is starts surethere own broadcast or pokes in fact if you wanted to talk about it i probably give you space on ben if you are willing to get up and a yell from the top of the roofs that we are being invaded and this nation that the people of this nation which is america is under a tap give that it was going on of the teas going to mancetter or with comes take operations are doing do to american aligned you don't need your social got he has caught on their atkinson the monachal is as on the social i render values in her dinner in only to pretoria and grinning like mists ticklerized sister snaring person is unbelief and there supporting that combated on the confidenteven his open arms and the bowie reprint and as we scrope the shearwaters everiches in petals they have indeed the rightest see to his people but they do not have so grits and that is the thinker claiming their clinging to bright a boerboon and that is not allowed in averellthe thing that the other thing that's the real concern for me has that that this this is absolutely they are victimizing some one who is out there when you see mental illness this is maneless i'm sorry but when we see somebody that's out there that is the victim is this a general mulation cracked its other they are doing over profit when you watch how many of these sones of popped up so they can make money off of packing off forty parts and making money off of it an there's so much money behind is not even funny but what i see what they did to do on it is the fact that they are making money off of some one who when you watch when you walks behavior as a person with a i cry for help for and it started it started way before this you can look back i think he was on the prices writer something like that and this it is irrational behavior that he has and a rational need for this is a call for help and you know what's really disgusting to me is this kind of attention does not last the corporations jumped on and saw this person in sent hohoho we're going to make a cortion we're goin t make a circus coldwater as you other exact we're going to make a circus clown out of this is and to increase our profits and when we're done with gentle because that kind of mediates doesn't last he's gone to be left in the dust and you rulesthey don't care and all of a sudden when you have that flood of the tension in that all of a sudden you're nothing again this happens so often in and with what they do and entertainment they just use people for profit who coos going to be there to catch him when he falls from their little set up really concerning to me because i am sorry anybody can talk about men alec i have lived several cases of olmeta insanities of vermin on that talking depression depression can be very severe right no no no i'm talking about complete loss of touch with reality and in anno in ways that that oh it it's even hard to call around people that are that money ill words were talking stream mental illness and got the system does to people with extreme mental illness is absolutely criminal its its hold and so i'm an outright there where this and just in any one who jumps on to the sand is a victimizer somewhat who needs help and setting the sky up for a fall that he will never recover from from and they will not be there for he think they're going to sisterand me bear with us with his picture on it not a chance ere going to be gone escapade what there incredible and can believe we're going but we locate strong argaleon with as woollamaroo the softer ears whatever then since set houses i refused becollared does the bounderish of anywhere else that we just got sophists principles the quitistes also americanosthe wounds who decides the you want to go to like that you don't agethese this country comentarios is one who dis country is founded on these people were reporting the and i you know is his that we anyway at one for thing indeed to talk of tahatoo yet what her missooray your brother has severo's really concerned about your brother you know i mean we all have lives that are there were out here fighting in such a volunteer organization and you know the thing that is is that we all have lives it's not like we're just here knock in a part of the politics transfer it was going on in such foot anyhow go ahead you your subject and then i want to hear about your hotel yet in the governance in in he alteration there was an oracle i came out on the weelings and talk about techniques overseas against our allies in dark or enters when he makes the very and make them talking about are you in an american he can all know what possible well chooses take example we don't ichangensis weet know what they've done there we told the thing they followed others they have they done in the pitilesly they're going to claim other patriot act and all this in reality the argive to crosses or there there anything the government the very hectic and catabolism and infiltrate on her cocoeni's the doing with a stertoracious encountered dale you master a few long the way we continued the find these people that are clearly alcorne the that the infiltrated the to call a work can have to the one well that's the questionable one care which you say you think i look at it the corticinis question goes guys around us on recompassed i just can't help it any horse costs what glossin that is the way that they can work at this government is working on inceration despite some saspach arisethat the three hundred contoise wenongonet to tension otheroften de there onsett be one of the and just what i believe my phone is cooking cap and his being tapped on a higher order because in the generositee also the fact of there thenthenthenhe there contacted my fall i do have photos of it is a speculation reinike that i'm thinking people in all my wife in boring ceritoanother through brazil my daughters he loses greatly kercasoros evil a friend in was brought it through a stand discordination the crossed through noteless and my other sister in prophetwith light which trotted through in russia now you tell me a godersi every one of those and i asked why is it the one heritors an old tin like these sixty nine years old upon his small calllike cannotwe six tousand people and there following the an recordations water of these hot so you herodotean you do thou my painter enter they also cologne and he related countess i want that you're not friswith and entered your pet ogres i give the mails instead he will alessandrines someone's trying to enter your pet occount you legally or or other count so i am at a not complete i'm just aside little bits people these if he stories by come talking about the cover with inoltrato his fine all that half the somewhere else it's not have tintothe i got news andororanto are following me all the time i've seatold you and taking pictures and people follow me not that in one thing i did i told you that have the came to the yard and on and rather the homethe cantici cle drinkingbooth way of their cargothe went the other opposite there was inattention and through there and the cameras picked it up to send a shot across my po the world blinded to day for evil and now because we just have done when wind the for soldering eastern the strong hold way contabescence of about the tinkling eagle come all to her even portions where the cortical these people where he cleother bullies to be one kiss gastrostege i he raised the obesitas what we talked about me to do now on this evil breezing his healy had and that's what we're pace with these people are out there there eagle we look at we looked it was go on oh i don't know an talk little gopher go off little goton the sands was in town last week or in middle and still we have oocooloo think that so poltico angel regis his asheriston her face for paswindon to say this yet then she's out there you introspicere raised as she is the trump indoors and to the end to that information because you know what jesus to prince do you can get that the kind of legislature you want some one you cannot trust some one that swore again to seeing part of the grand departy where to access home because you come not on american and he deftly is not a patriot than i can say that i cried any time in longer to call your thospitall you don't know she would talk to me i i she cry out ran away from me in a restaurant one time and that was kind of fun she was there with she was there with john rose shaw and and oh they were set across the rose trant which confusing and and the said my husband i semesters john rocheid osowatomie moredock to us and his tahuantin the corner and it was kind of a funny situation of tell that story some time and i don't really think they want to be talked to that day here he was it was kind of it was it was an amusing site lodoletta i i go and her brother togo on different days some days that the his last day is there and then he got his socialist no more most of time his feet as one and i drink and as for the problem so you know is and he's going down there and we know that with this point never knowing when doc got decides the calls home so that's really were red and so i spent as much time as they can and i like preselected i can i came up in the morning i spent the toll like lovelock i came in take a lover when almendinger and spent time with a grand kids and keep back about to five glass like an ethereal night he is as you know he struggles to struggle for scranton but i have gone through is nothing compared to a escortso you don't when you throw it to you throw it in one and we know where it was in control as nanucaca just presteros criers said presteros understanding to sometimes do i the late or on the program that usually the case that has been dikastas side free weeks or for a godless you do you and put your brother's name out there for a very pray for him eserine es come in don't he he how he has consolato e the hereright get curiouslycoin thenthenwith soul of april so in a world pernitiosa tore and that onotawah while you yeah well you'll you'll certainly be held our hearts and in prayers that it's very difficult to lose even even when you know it's the time it's difficult for most people you know a lot linen on shore you miss me you know selvoso that's it will be praying for you too because you don't i'm sorry he has to go and be with jesus and as poor sampser left here to carry on you know it's like our prayers are with you you two chalk and and with garry and your whole family in fact because it's a it's a hard time to lose some one you of i got a run i got dragonshoops and i just wanted to see thanks for one grain beyond ken thank you too for that led in one eracame of and and you probably did as well tis sad to see how his men of pastries long way on evileans done yeah well tell harry that he'll be at all of our hearts and prayers and he's got a lot of people out there praying for him and for you too chockokee grechenko guys think of work the day came the green gray by that is a amazingly sweet time that he gets the spondees time with his brother at the end of life he now mongola all those a minutes counts there you go one even go to the chat here a minute just to read a few comments and that then we can move on here to something i'll take us can't believe it's so love good morning love and an moryangara good morning to all of you and charlotte ah love campbelieve in the second week of april already hey oh young harry has acharusian going here garry was here this week on as we had a brand on berkford galerien on easter and he had breakfast breakfasted the bark had a lot of fun yesterday at together and an pastor in sheer temper among other people and we do send a wonderful a hole in is in the up or hotand wake or holding lake wallmark amory was wondering from the article you remember if it was in the pier for it was in holding i been on doggerel not they kept on my holiness of municipality so as go on or so i go north oh charlotte is whiter can't put on but go sonomis again soil of the y warnings about trying also there as a house dog and progress of a foreign inamerican land i hope so as is going on all the united states charles those are my view ope is like the same party but two different views its crazy banded one man one on my trigger twere page caused their nuts and speriences ng to me this is the meaning i have to go to i think it's on tenseven and she did not vote for lucas i did not vote for reis so yesit's a crazy time to be alive but you know we've got to let more goin right than going wrong i really do think that there's a lot of pressentiment sat right now out there that we can be very thankful for and things are not always what they appear and one thing that we know can always fall back on has he got as a control so no matter how things go sometimes he got work through some some cleaning of the e of the cleaning the trash outbefore you can go forward and i truly believe that god in fact is and cleaning the trash on scott himself that is doing we none of us can come kin claim anything truly is god himself the so anotattho something else up here and read something i wrote yesterday ah too the people focused and be focused people fo fouche and one on easter im now i caught resurection so much to learn what is reserection really means redemption of eternal life his love for us to the point that he would give his only begotten son the only one to live a perfect life for as the only one to dive for us with no to pay the perfect tense for anything we have ever done or will do the only one who could i guess the rotation to be to pay pay the perfect penalty but so he had the perfect painment for penalty for anything we have ever daughter will do the only one who could be resurrected from the dead the only one who could pay for our son as proof of his perfection and majesty the lamb of god and takes away the sins of the world and reconciles us to head something that you know to remember as we go through our daily life is that there's a bigger plan here and i claim the kingdom of god over any government on this on this earth is the kingdom of god that we believe that we belong to so you know it's going to be ok we disyoke p going with with no fear no back down and no no no a turn coat on anything that's the kingdom of god that is so highest calling where wine why it going back to goschenen his cold of the season and everything else looking at in seven hundred and fifty million dollars they retired again somewhere around their nightand he was even larger i think the last thing that was to do some kind of appropriations of a hundred and seventy six miles of seventeen bucks of person it is cannot be appropriated to finish the deal off up there i can that oswald in it back ten dollars you know they were talking about twenty two hundred jobs and you look at the size of the the piece of dirt a few well that they want to take over a reverse to me the only thing really that human beings are ultimately slave too is there such and i hear a long grey on the back of my head off in the toad from workmen from people that i used to stay with that you know the seas the gustaverant it and one of them wish food was so plentiful that they thought peace was assured and were truly at that time women we have lots of food available through that infrastructure as long as that infrastructure can deliver but if he doesn't you know if he goes down with the power it if the infrastructure just doesn't again back to michigan and the environment of michigan during the winter time you not a friendly environment his in thinking about really helping her neighbors it comes back down to being able to fill your own stompin in potentially help your neighbors which is why again but the chickens and in back yards such a huge sierras of had seventeen dollars a person being applied towards twenty two hundred people working on a piece of property that large how much food could go through the state yes i mean and there her tight your talking in your singing my son here can because we have to learn and go back to feeding our own people and that means every one i think every one should be raising some sort o food to break these corporations we can do this and the there is there's a lot o fe methods of being a firm arm girl right on the farmer and that there's a lot of there's a lot of things that we can do in it doesn't matter if you live in an apartment it doesn't matter if you live in an a a house in in the city it does not matter where you lived you have the ability to grow there's there's hydroponics there are micro greens are all these sorts of things that can actually work in the way that we've missed managed all of our land in the state is incredible we we've got things even even the entry entrances and the acisalis they are manicured till it beautiful but they produce nothing their just a sock off and it is and that's a lot of land or state land all of it we could be feeding our own people instead of beating these corpore that ordinarie there with you we are a foreighers to that half property and have dirt and kate get out in work at a eglarose or citizen population there is a lot of acorde and you can pick any you know how are up in michigan which is so wonderful about it her we don't have cochons and factories in concrete on every corner and as the western michigan had an a lot of the north hack all over the picters the lot of deropoli can drive almost the same onetime he would spend going to the grocery store you can go to a rural neighbour that pass enough dirt and in work together with them in their garden teach your kids again and i hold platesthings the time and that's the other things if we as michiganders don't take in romish it followed what god put for us one that is that see now his spring we get out there we work our dirt we get our stuff planted a man we get things on the ground so that way in knowwhile can harvest father willing he on to make things scroll everything makes because of the later time if you will happen done to their cost nothing can be extortioner is too late to put those well and even if you even if you grow food in the somber and ordered two saviour money for having by things that are prepared in the winter that's a help because your saving money so i mean put in a few tomato plants and a couple of zucchini plants you can't stop those things from grcinius one of those things that if you broke it a farming community community you start watching eikhon your door stops people in god's songsuch son quand beams is such as icecap in the morning and you go look at your door you go oh kay how many socinian to land on my and my door stopped to day because people have some into the sherris stuff all the time and they'll drop things off at your house so it's itkind of amazing we last year what god can create in a small space is amazing did you know that in a hand i have agregatine about this i half acre garden two goats and thirty six will is enough to feed nine family that's nine families and that the half an acre of ground to me that's nothing and how we can you lie that in order to chew to grow and and you know you use them nor from the animals instead of buying the commercial firm lies are you don't waste anything you use any of the the greens that you cut off at your not going to eat to go to your chickens you you you can be self contained very very easily if you do my corespondent food you you make sure you get good good seats in which the antisian a chicken the age has all of the inert nutrients and all the things that needs to go in the eggs for twenty one days right some of some of them very you can go a little bit one way or the other with eggs people say that is when they have now it's kind of one where with the other you know like a horse just station period king thirty days either way and and it's not like a purse it is not like what we had come to believe as a person ah gestation period of her people it's different for animals but and i think a lot of ossineen sold a bunch o lies on a lot of this so that the doctors can get back to their golf games instead of being patient letting that baby to side when it needs to come in now to be born right and so they there want to push this in order to you know let's let's see section somebody in order to get back to her golf game because it's inconvenient for me to wait to see that when that baby come and so with a farm it goes either way will any assets of the same ways and g in and if you don't realize that see on this everything it needs to grow to sprout and when you what if you get good seeds it will take you to the micro greens time in in plants like which is when the plant has told and so you you grow it is a micro grain until it gets too leaves and then you go on and you caught it you know you caught it you can sprout you but i miaren is little different than i brought either way you're you're lying on water as well as oh churcheshave me up churches gave me a and on lincoln and pull up here in a minute oh you know you said you you haristos in it most of them sprouts you can have sprouted within when a couple o days you're spragiudti le and that's the plant itself taking in the nutrients to grow one you expose it to the sun as you don't necessarily want sun light on your sprouts or the microcredits you want to let them stay just and yet to think about how the world works and you think of firemen is every logical very like when when plants sprout seeds brought its in dark it's under ground so you don't put those seeds out in the light because it it messes up the way that god has things planned to work they stand the dark they stay covered just like a baby in the wood you you protect that baby when there's there's not enough mistruster like a tooutside to protect it from the elements it pisander ground in its sits in the dark and it gets all nice and warm underneath the underneath the the ground the dark ground which is pulling in the sunlight there eothe sunlight to warm it up to keep it warm to protect it from the variations in temperature or wind or anything like it and then all the sudden starts to grow at all a sudden to doorplane starts to pop up with the majority of it is still underground it's getting used to its hard ned off to the element and so with with micro greens you keep it in the dark you keep it covered until they sprout and the roots will go down to your water source a little bit and then after about four days then you take the top off and you put it in a light and all of a sudden the plant will just like that and you bought about four seven days depending on on what type of plants you grow for seven days is thought i would say average for any plate you have got a salad and i mean you're talking about probably for an to seven inch salad to go on to the others caught it off an you've got you get ethan you need to actually live up and most of our weeds in the garden we are so wasted most of our weaves were actually agricultural crops like personally lambs quarter all this more nutrients than anything you can buy in the store no i'm not said go out and start eating off the grass because there are certain things that you can and can't eat out there that are going to set your stomach we can actually live off of grass for a period the but it's a it's a a a gastrointestinal upset will come with that if you eat too much of it at the circassiani i know what you're doin right says to forts here food and i've grown just about everything out there i also put up over you know pretty much everything known mankind i've put up his food during my life because i'm old old geezer's now how to do this so if if you you know you can make flour on acorns you can you can an that's why we need that the plants have the mass crops but every single person should it be figuring this out and a to to what happens if the lights go off on omnino take a first gas as that with a lot of people the prime probably got to have my home wringing off the what do we do down a well at the let's get you up and run in here as quick as we can but it would be helpful if everybody you were prepared before in spewe don't have millions of people may be well at half a million of people come in looking at any rate we will be helps and no one gets turned away you know i just learned that some people don't even know potatoes the tales i rose o good and michigan the sandy soil is great for it and if he didn't i you can actually take the potato that's probably in your cupboard right now everybody's probably got that old bag of potatoes to where it started growing in all things out of the potato on a pretty much take that out of your pantry take it out into the yard and in buried under the ground and come back later and you'll have to multiple potatoes surrounding that are actually used to cut out each one of the little sprouts each eye is actually a seed to start it on plants on a single potato but actually turned into twenty or thirty different plans he had it agheyo every if you just took the jump potato you didn't get that you're got ready to throw away and you just lying to the long the back you will have potatoes growing in your back yard to see how easy it is in the hot to your soil is at it putting a year's you know your winter supply of potatoes that year supplied potatoes more ground you living vertical service is too as in other big deal if you can figure out how to use on only i'm i'm kind of fan of stuff that usesiege canlan als that's a really easy way to build a troller you can you can grow potatoes and lockets and i you don't want a a happy soil you don't even you want to lonno traditional dirt they lean so you can pretty much pretty much grow it and say and it is going to grow you know and just a little innerleven make like a manured tea to put on top of that which fort full of manure throat and pocket in water on it used that use that to water and you're going to have to tatoes coming out your ears that this whether in the potato boy in you know that that they the potato blight and in ireland what had become such a big deal you know there they went to tops for that the point being is that all of these roots root crops some of our quickest growing most nutrient crops like beads and carrots and potatoes and actually theodocti it bobs to so all that sort of thing kind of kind of functions to see you learn one class the kind of a man figured what kind of entered god let the lion grandma at yon growing something nowlike a water melon for the summer time is great and i'll certainly two such rain all her yes her oinopota toes on the ground helen tree but that is well as if things that you can can you mention the beats and the carrots you know peas corner ah then that you can basically can so you can have a supply during the letters oh i went and rode tastable textually keep in the winter time parilelly so if you got like a you don't used to be when i was kindoverheard salright a root cellar think about his it would be quite often you'd have it backed up into the domain house wall underground half under ground we had on it was a dirt its dirt floor and then you've got you've got you sheer wall with say basement and the outside so as intermediaries and it will be at least half way underground sometimes fully under grass and you through all of your stuff down there in the root cellar because the the the temperature would drop to above freezing but it would be cold enough to to alete stop any action down you we were keep all of our squashed on their butter not acorns scrashed my dad would make sober crop they crock down there and that would be down in in the basement he just go down there you know and skim it once so you don't give it once a day or every couple of days you don't be skaithed take that up but the tides keep in that bed serenoe in that carrots are got and almost it it will for the entire winter if you have a climate correct it doesn't go any you can pack out you can put you up even outside you can make likanos ure for our potatoes and just leave it in the sand and that old that'll professor epotato two if you don't i mean it's actually a lot more simpleton what people think if we did more of it i had to get back to it in all work s s s neighbors were spending an aged seventeen dollars apiece at a hundred and seventy six millions just on the last appropriation or be lookin a seven hundred and sixty million dollar that's seventy six dollars a person and we each time were paying out all these corporate opportunities to i was just looking at it this imagine of constable work putting that cain i understand the idea you go to work you know that keeps of corporation there that makes jobst people to detest the money from the shop till the store yes and keep back infrastructure owing in one can the back yard and food could be produced another way which ultimately isand in a host without purse i think i had tried my hand and fish fish farming this year oh yes i got some friends that do that they live along up a cold shock and there's a feeds on and springs there into these ponds rite there so they just you know basically made upon that they could empty at the right time of year and i used to go out there with them about to mother's day every year i think i labors and memorial like that the first one of begining and i help him gather up all the fish and they sold him to a local camp ground that had a lace so everybody would have fished others find the arostat in all the fish and all of our lakes and and we should be stocking the an absolutely doing that for the economy of set those lakes and i mean he so that people can go out there an we want to close down everything and license why are we not promote the growth in those ends now we want to rest we want as e so the everybody's in a pink they wetesin a pig pat and you know we we only get bad when the pig pan master is come and slopped the hawks and stood being able to be a free free and going out there and written around for troufles and all those things that you know that we could do if we were free and that stuck in the corpora so resimmering up this sort of thing that chucks settled so it is this came out solar powered plane prose recall attentiton ship supervisor in the skinan one went that's a tough roll township supervisors including offering up some bison property a township supervisor space in recalling his world including the offering of some of his property in large and a large controversial solereder project in north sancourt the recalled language aimed at white river townships serivice cockrell was approved by the miscitation commission of course the electric commission throughout croisette days to appeal the decision after which court herindeed within forty days determined language as appropriate the recalled sites of part alleged spirit by controlled bring a mass solar project to the for if for of a for game he's doing it for hunting and including to the township that he kept it also states he filed to dispose a financial interest pride why don't we go right down the rolls of all of these people who are seated in positions across the entire state and check out to see of you know check out to see exactly what the connections are to all of these projects goshenancient lakeside solariidae at national gradewable proposes savitar solar array in the township that initially had the backing of the township ward however following public backlash supported january and exotic month more torn on any new solar projects that fronted the lawsuits from lake side sollicitis sing very cold corporates coming back and seeing the municipality or the the the county wore was that the forest seventeen hundred acres yea and in the second darkest state magnesian another one of those things that these people are more on they don't work in this can in the meantime townshend phil it have drawn a zoning ordinance menthat would limit such commercial solar anergy project to fight hundred acres why our we putting the money in stupid these amendments will be focused on planning commission hearing an april night that this is this is so it's unbelievable owing to the prior to his twenty twenty reelection coroloni to with others to form lakeside cesement of the formation of light lakeside solar elseto bring a mass of solar pomfret to the township represents stand financial benefits to all founders in violation of michigan attics and sol fifteen three forty one he kept secret until at twenty twenty a super twenty twenty two as supervisor continues to township business presiding at board beds with access to all plenty and owing activities of outposting his financial is involved it is never been formerly disclosed to the public nor to refuse himself over his first two years at an white river township in act of his own ordinance governing solar energies then it developing collaboration with lake site solar the lasses s who was is involved the while there you go ah so the caresses there picked he's not as supposed to it they meant him no picuris moses to it used to work with them and then they fell apart and fell out and matterit's just five he's trying to save his own behind i gonopterin a waiter on i oppose this because why he is these probably going to go down in flames with them if he was with em they this is all this is all in my opinion i think we got to be a little concerned about optics of every single one of these players involved is i'm not with him any more i wasn't with them o shirt did your trying to save your own thought with this you know that's a lie thee's got it the scot to be some more as well rainfirst of all we got to probably go find how much economic development and venture capital type onoatoa centimes because they had approval from the board their trouble that holster in that were used to ohmic and funding and and now all these itnot where else does the equipment in the materials seventeen hundred acres of just solar panels seller and meshigan and edward's words with senescepte it's an mosciano itnot like if this was on the east side of the state they get a lot more seasoning the west side but because of the lake affect this is the dark part of the state and you read it have that much son to merit the his curious he's a township supervisor of that township and so i i don't know any ting have plowed his you know finding actual standing or how you on his wealth third something along those lines the part of this corporation that is talking about implementing you know a commoner one he's a found yet he went on pounders so you know to that deerthat you now he's he's a resource going into that as a township supervisor there is he and again i don't know about as well is he of such substance that he actually could found a company like that in abitable to fond if i can in your margin the expense the capital equipment epes of a seventeen hundred acres seventeen hundred acre farm of just metal and footpans with motors and controls and feed lines of ameniritis a huge expense outlying that before the eekole ted the energy and he just formed this company gwerddonan get the funding to be able to do all of what their even proposing to do were on and a paying for it because they put it under the green energy montera and then when those the solar panels i think it's a twelve year average life cycle for solar panel and so all of a sudden now this thing is going to be ghost city after the taking the money and ran because it won't go while you know we stoned to support this solar energy non sens and so you guys got to come back in three fondes again because we had a few miscalculations so it's only good to run in some and which were paining for can a grey who is an wictorie eoplacophora name in paganisme he created he as white river town shot and corporation as lakeside solar sea subside subsidiary of national grid renewable not there he gathers and other late national grid reowe should actually look that one because of his in subsidiary in wondering if he actually has a has a place in that or did they come to him and say hey boy we a this trecase we're all part of this france that sets trying to you know seaamerica so that swithin here and that he go down here so he's given part his lesseesanother making at least from his own personal property to this pressed his on hot is corporate subsidiary yes corpus subsidiary and it's like he even conspired to form th he was hard of the this is what their doing all over the united states gistheus how they do it to either and to their make money of her or by things or by american lands or whatever and so if you think that this is good to it's going to keep he's going to keep the least going probably not well see but my guess would be that he is going to be ventilators all you know what what i do a great big pay off that would be my gas we'll see to make a great big pit so they have shot more than one point six million on the project for of variety to spenses including land owner payments according to the losses so there's other people over there that's taken the money treason is activity having to have the subsidized by people he united states and robespierre to you that this is going to have to be the schatting is this then blossoms into a into a crashaw we're going to find out more layers than this because that's how it always works you find is the appeal back the layer is the indwellers yeah the water who renew it to have to find out who would know blessing is some lake side silver hesilrige y nobles your less mind out olgance i could planting out o that national god find out here peter so it's reside solder a subsidiary of national granaries less to see what nacionalidades excites i districtposen to i always allow it like to check this out before i throw up on the screen so i don't have somebody jumping on there with one you know click bad or something that shouldn't beyond there seq o here's national gredenes all my gosh there ain't a firingthere wind farms through to all this sort of thing what a wonderful wonderful green uttereth toilet we got going on there flesh or money people just flush they are so gerty knowables repouring americo and ragnatelo economies and reinvesting is so stable clean onetout re man this cameriano omaha firm friendly arm friendly community focused on national informed family mind behind port folio includes when solar adenystrae projects tachuite states which has waste of our money on all these green green or initiatives are cracked there is the biggest plotters in the nation all by his standing or orthe farmer were in a point show his farmer how great were going to build out his land now that we're going to do we're going to show him exactly how how great we are in what we're going to do here we're going to do everything we're i promised you the world as we steal american late ah but the farmer farmer can work round these windmills this organ to what's going to amperes when these windows sail wonders they put that in a contract failing wind mills and we will take those windows outer or it's like you know what the winds fail out we don't have any removal plans out in his so i nestle the only way to you get on this mister farmer is too ah let us tie your land and then we on your land so that we can do what ever that's then what i have experienced is there a older i think we should look into the slop it more i'm no look into the slow but because i'm going to guess that there is the lot more connections there than just deust what we're seen on the west go back home ceratorhina out here i betsabes you that i'm going to go out and i'll put the screen up so this is what i do so i i go there but that i found in laroche lakeside solar filling for for the corporation they have a sister of the prior true name intelsat is geronimite river solar loc changed on in december tenth two thousand nine oh my she had a different name and instead of listing the people and he you know corporate violins right you can have a red mistered agent go ahead and into your filing sportyou and thus not have yourself identified on the filing documents of course some one's gone and created a corporation just known as register agents in order to provide the service for people that would want a further shelter himself from being identified with their corporation of statics reported on lake side solar the name and address of the registered agent is the corporation of national register occasionswere got the michigan public service commission renewable energy i got a feeling is this popped up with what i put in here so i want was the i would want to see exactly if there are or what we have all her for the connections behind this and take me a little bit circling around the so we've got miser noble energy servicesin systems all yet the concertevery thing cause he had locked it down so that we don't have any in hastetoo a right so so we've got we got a lot to look down here on this to actually so aretalogi soldiers you you are a people over that research with that we research together with less champions thing and find out what's going on behind here because i guarantee you this is about this thing is probably about i think oh check is so okay i is sons look in that we can not deck that goes doctor so we hope the contado em we've got affliger we've got careers we've got impact there you go there their craft in the narrative don't buy but word but project by state as soothe is it so national great look at that they didn't got a neat little map so we could fill up exactly what they're doing out the one were re powering merica oh my goodness so here we going at illinois minnesota ohio self dakotas oconnor national grey michigan protects all my guests isn't it beautiful what a beautiful line up of the disposable failing solar panels we got going on here am i sold portfolio red renewable here and see what we have here you go and am i solar portfolio there's good by another neat angle to look at a yearnot coming to the vitiligo on onhow laws are made oh and a tactually a corporation like this i has a need and that is to to circumvent some restrictions that that would prevent them from putting these farms in that so in order to get these farms in there they need legislation ah i saw these companies basically go and call a wolfer and have the law firm crackle legislation that would be necessary to make it yet a to allow them i carry on with the plans that they happen like all looking to this thing is fearful all right yeah there there this is crazy so now we got a couple other names we can go down big him soler and tempered solar and look at what's watch when you when you watched their brandy a lot of times it's just like within the republican party i i yet i know it is that you'll look at all these poneropolis root scroops which are nothing more than than basically they're nothing more than tis a sham too put another face on fracture the nation i ka si here got national grigorios part on this thing big himsel or temperance all our men and we got a guy up in minnesota tellingis why what we need to do is wise such a great wonderful she so comprised of two missions some solar energy product jesting of solar and temperate solid located in claflin and monroe counties a combined for objects produce forty maggots of clean solar energy in the missal together affiliated congresso we've got the power purchase agreement with consumers energy he there you go we've got the there there are working with or one of our i organizations which is got a a monopoly in color in the state consumers owner and c is ninety per cent of this the energy compensate we have three points two million direct at conomic impactor the first twenty years of operation or repaying for this you know how is a hoss the million in new tack rosenever twenty years operation the sobs that's the question the promising something on what's the subsidy nighty construction of in operations jobs so one point you met her turned of carbon dioxide in i should offset over twenty years ah ye but they're not talking about the pollution that goes along with solder and what's the subsidy here i'm going back to that nine thousand of vesquirent number as removed from the road in one year i want you people to think about this no million cars or nine thousand equivalent cars were talking for the amount of money to talking ninety construction and operations jobs that is a and then that they should be put him there to just make thimselves est so the talking about a grand told of ninety construction and operations shops woonhuis that phenomenal not em you know not impress and then night thousand is equivalent number of cars removed from the road over one year where the population of ten million people in the state of michigan night thousand oars off of the road or an equivalent of energy of ethics of lunch of c because in out remove in the cars off the road and when you look at on the big their big notes are not big enough to and so ye out we're we're in everything all kind this i oh we got more projects who we could be clicking round here for days days and days upon i cannot dopinion see the connotation was she cannot a benefit for you see it the knight have guessed the ninety jobs ninety jobs i connorensi i i won't really see that because they're just it's she you're going to step from one er into another and that is you have actors owotling before i went to work decoration i worked for myself was solar world i am and terraced in organ solo world as a major manufacture of solar panels and many of these types of systems they've got a large factory in so therein i do recognize omnis even though i keep talking about these factories and these ninety year twenty two hundred jobs i ha doreo nize a caseating effect that there's count be installers and their men i can i see so much that his corporations are supposed to be there to provide that for us not us paying them to give us the ability to work for them yes and fentress erewe got to pay for the road to get to the job that we paid to have that yet i were going to tell you in forty hours to not be able to afford to ask somnolescent make sense i mean he out and work for them and into the work too late to see they have to have all the soil work out don or outside of us all the civil work is just like the wind mills the civil work outside of the windless amazing you don't you got to create the gathering systems gathering esenwein thirty per cent across of through the gathering is of the transmission lines and gathering systems on on a wind power right off the back we loosed approximately a twenty per cent of the efficiency in the blades just because a great and the air in two years as the fifty per cent loss on where we started i just come in right out of the shoe of of a law of lost so soon factor that that they never want talk about that lassesthat larry potts i love his last name is stay at him farmer relisais right got impostors i'd rather have cows in his yard for you can't even make others the of the mating of colles room forgetting about that as speaking speaking of all ill turned it iss ronniaha e to cut cut her innernot buying it on this guy with this pashitch ology is changing and growing i mean i watch a lot of textof and lately a lot of information is coming through on new battery technology or oweepeetcheesees you're going it because because this is where we're going with a sum people have an idea what we're talking about here you know we talked about the hydrogen and peel fell and she that and then he long at a tin as often the they were got never galors was sore i thought it very tre no tangerines of or i lost all i did this there were the reservations how notabsent better just use on letters of so he oudethese the challenge the vast the answers are failing lest coincide eisner this is where i will have visitorinto the they are dearie on nations i think we should go ahead and and watches all allppit that up there because we need be exploring all of these in the fuel cells the hydrogen fuel sells i'm really intrigued by the th because they they have a zerleder mission is a zero loss water is pretty much from you know the upper ones here always through in that the gain science just pointed out that we've got a layer of cost that is continentat absorbents and they met he actually absorbed water and silly figure this absorbent later of the match till actually has more water in it than our surface ocean layers i so work were water from a cross all the way to our ionosphere side organtino the corps composed of water i have a an orange the using water for fuel iphegeneia later why no lonesomethat the zero point out egiptians that that i cannot look into to it all it all of it i require some connectivity to the earth and water its kind of interesting actuality lovely in it all the but you know what the scary thing to these a to the saw global ma and this global global crises is all my goodness what if all of us had these action in order to decentralise and they could control it as we can do it on our own all my goodness what would happen this is where you and i gets to get a somebody targets you and i you know what we talk about the fact that there is actually other other onebecause this wild thissomeone pocket book right there is when nachancan trol our energy and we can in fact control it our sole when this is pretty well this is going to be this is of any of the this type of actual energy if not on call free one every one to talk three hundred to because you're going to have to have based components and such i mean there's a point time work you are going to get something or you want something you are going after work for it in there is no such thing as if relach it's it's a lie if you're taking a free lunch you're only being subsidized by on the back of somebody else whose working to provide that the that of their financial path there is no such thing as it is just as and so ureter doing it or somebody else is doing it have an carry you across the journey of life so if what even can we can have the local the more decentralized says from energy to so ah all erreurs insistedthere is the answer right who in politically you have a senate and you have kind of a congress one of a more contemporary one of the more conservative science and and where where this technologies are taking us kind of a doesn't seem to have that courtiers as liberal let's go give everything a gun no try a balance to and i passed this technology is changing as quick as were getting imponete halogi as were now you know turning higher gin into actual meaning that we watched that videamini only prototype the things with their now collotype the production only took me in on the cork of holiest as something from moliere that fit and then remarked the whole thing and reaches in the whole sand and there now you know building up for duckshooting the owl bees that half that motor in there so with all these changes of silk i think we should have find that conservative nature that the concept of sun it gives us when it comes to jumping into all these technologies of so solution and have crammed on our throat like the reading doctor legislation now is he been worse and the only so why should we be at marino rip of the crown to go battery sir or prop up solar panels all the way across the crown to be it may be destroyed by straight line winds tornadoes i estates what can we form of energy what we have isn't yet broke in but were also discovery so much so fast right now that it seems like we might have an answer like mad on mack to day but least the hour is right around the corner right and in anything that's a lector right now is making a more dependent on their sources at his centralizing our power grid which in is absolutely you know when you look at any of the petroleum products you egestan oil those can be delivered you don't get a gas can here in the dish you go get a gas can you know and keep your coronini somebody there gets you you do not at me sorcery a gas can and and help if you run out of gas if you're stuck his snow bank in the terrace i can at least keep the power and keep yourself in war or you know what i mean there's there's other isles well how can you what you also go with the concept of rolling blackouts still happening with an even that is a term as happened to reason how can you tell me that in a national level your solution is electrical vehicles will be still have this real crisis of the exhaust can people dying when all of a sudden you get a black out condition because of no or overcharging the electrical greenpart of the ardmachians does really go through that like our southern so it is and now she had turned to think about this we are our whole nation is the proximately on three different some to bring power and i mean and so when one goes down another path will be made to try to bring power in pretty much there was a black out and on eastside of the state there was one the one in texas which was absolute criminal and the gas companies that were involved in that for pocracy were the that was really the stone that or the snow ball that started the avalanche down there but you look at this he is a country have never ever gone through a black if we have a collapse of the power dread you you got it power even to restore it and so so to go to a black star a total restart of these power grows it's never been test and if it went down all at once we got a problem and it's a big problem as we have no idea what there even looks like to bring the country back up to have power and and i i i really think that the real sad thing she people have no idea the the the false sense security that we live under on a daily basis and thank god we actually got other sources petroniothe that we can spin up quicker than we will are electric great and my estimate to at least stop people from freezing to day and o'er half you know i mean how many people i know i actually know this because it's hot people that come to you know as we we've got i owned a bunch of real estate and a in when people come to run or living in apartment do you know that home how many people don't even know how to turn the water off or the that's even an option they went on you think about so power went on how many houses across the state of michigan the people in their wood even think in turn the water off broken bits men your house are writ you'd better know whether for your water shot it off is so that if something like this happens get get some water stored to bath tub in and something in the get your water shut off if the pilotone starts dropping cause prices are on broke in michigan of its is its free it's it's crazy well while you were gone to go with this worthy on the time here published shade sign off your charles said is impossible to social or mentally enslaved a bible reading e yes absolutely that's worse greenly and shells he said young my dogs are eating grass and getting sick for two days now i guess they want somthing you know a lot of times of animals especially dogs to eat grass because it helps him thropland when they throw up he cleans em in a hair balls or whatever else they have in their sore so that's that something that that of most animals that are predators to easton graphically hair balls up cause they things with hair on it you out there in the out there and the neck and me and the while her when you know even looking their own fur you don't need withdrawn fur and that that is that's a real thing and loves as i live straight up monk with clandon plants happened easily her yes you might have to get a little bit saif you're in a play or gas michigan geography is very is very reis were the where the glaciers jumped a lot of rock and sand and gravel in such we have the sand around the coasts the specially on to the west coast radically different on the east coast of and you have areas that have had a mock you know the pet the heavy where there was a old ancient probably while river bed that flow through her up they is great for growing salad like a celery and onions and anything he had that is a heavy water concentrated crops yet clay which clay is got its part in all of our soil but you got have the right mexicoits too happy nothing grows in it just hard packs like a and then you know the lowry soil and then sandy so will you get a little better at sandown hand to obeisand on hand even if you just want to try it with with some five gallon buckets and girlssome holes in the the bottoms you've got a little bit or drain and gone and start throwing contentos in there caught from holes in the side so that they can you light it with landscape far cut holes in the side and those potatoes will literally they will go out the side and of the plants will and then when you're ready too when you're ready to harvest and you done from over you can do it in a pretty much anything can actually use landscape are to make it and close your for them so it up each song as she saw it up then use that to grow plants on the alonetake knife and cut cut through the side when you ride it harvestand the tanos literally followed everywhere londonothers much so you got yo got soil like that here there's plenty of people be more than happy to trade your wagonloads to sayin for wagonloads of clay and in in locke his stuff like that said in all a jealous that it all heeralall send you away and losing one relates this some people begotten desirable yes it's a mix you know you need not stuff in your in your soil to hold the moisture and sand doesn't have enough oh he doesn't have enough or organic matter in it in order to hold the tsolepat water on it is drains right through you you got he got nothing there you can't grow anything or in beach grass on and generally i mean these things you'd have to have a mixed tatoes like a sandy and most row vatable's do as they can they can throw that root rake down through the sand looking for water so they grow bigger cistersian water and it was water on it keeps going down it's really farming is really interest while now now's the time to get out and prep the soil and he'll get you get you tortoise there at the tiller across it when it's adrien up to not stick to your legs tackthat's the clock it all the climes your boots says he i get out it's too wet but a hoyster broken because it may isn't too far away and in life for not the less in our food on the ground then arrowe known not only as sewerals yes i have enough to share that's so and i think that's the quite a wonderful bill go present because you know you look at at boas and aunt ruth and now ruth we go in and pick food round the corners and so farmers would actually leave in my dad had that when he was younger he talked about the farmers leave some crops in the corners for people and that's actually my dad stand died in so he actually went and he would pick things out of the corners the field and bring it home for my grammatin the deps and so they that was one of those unspoken things that people just dead so it wasn't up wasn't a charity thing it was and is in a leave these airs cause this is a biblical precedent i'm going to leave this old out there in case some one needs and i think i think it's very it'sit's important we need to plant for those people that need help and do it in a way that preserves their dignity and that idea biblical princes i see what they were doing yes it's first fruits to the lord no i don't need to take it all i can leave a portion of the crop for those people that need it i know that he's provided for me and i don't worry that he's not going to provide for me to morrow so that there is for those of his hastened seethat's exactly what they were doing and he worked out how then actually helpin a community but can't do that when she planned for it you can't you have to plan for those things you have to say you know what i am i want to i know several people that may be may be it wiste real helpful so then you plant for them and with it it within your mind that they may help but god should also send your hundred other people that need help too so what can you do the plan i had to know that whatever you plant your going to share with enough people to make their journey easier on this one planet no i like i like big roasters i think rosters are great because i can make a toneford for people with roasters i get but i do the seven rosters out there young people like confessit or seven rosters on it on account of somewhere some believed in this is also the bounty he of the land if you will of milk in and humming the promise of mortification in or you put that one little piece of of potato in the ground are that single pie were that one green being or the one pincietto one set in one turns into a plethora hendoo go out there and to dig up how many potatoes did i get like you said you cut the bag open they roll out your surprise i got sick and that i with weesie that one so justicefor with that little bit with that one turns into a hole moche i will go on i share that two once we shared tell things in plan for then the next stuff is actually contithat person how did we wet so that they now to have the knowledge to be able to bless other people and share from there because a it itsatsou that needs to grow any actin like that like you know like a plant it you want want to continue to grow this so that you know this is what corporations do they want to be the only source and the only answer for everything around him well it's not the way on our supposed to work he were supposed to and help each other so that we can grow with the amount people who are actually working in the field and look it i god send the intimes where all the workers we are you you know as you experience as once you start doing this all of a sudden his bounding shows up that one potato plot planted the dozen or those chickens all of a sudden people come by and it's like here take these eggs please because i need the room ah it was ditto many potatoes how about you take some of the enemy tomatoes we picked it cantwhether pickedest again the boy that just shows up it is always more than enough for what you pinto do with it and it's there to give out and pretty soon it's like i almost need people to come through to take the eggs because as sasonis just so prolific to have that potagen in all again this time o year knowing that winter is coming again and got to wonderful growing season heaters is what an opportunity it is the enjoy what rolling made before us an that's the place where we lived for we drink is yes resricted victory goring his victory and crisis victory the united states and everybody needs to jump into this and do things that create a wind for us and basically you know cut the cut all the strings to hamstring all the corporations and we do that by actually doing this sort now we can do this is not now to be you know we can handle anything that comes our way i'm not willing it all even any time they have troubles coming the warning was always filled the store house the the storehouse filled with herondale conomy is changed in the empress structures change because urgent space is so expressive that there is not stores any more everything is push from the manufacture directly to hear internet click order and this yeah if there's a problem along the way you're waiting for it and they've done a wonderful job at making us think that they've got all this stuff already well you click it's on the way what in reality almost be at the quick because of your ice yes oh that's because her grain houses are empty and our stores are empty just in time racethis nation sanrack this nation and so does the taxing of inventors we shouldn't you never be taxed on inventory in our business as the corporation are pain and i guarantee and that how can they tocan they tap you on personal property is your property they have no right as for inventory so much craft it's not even funny and a personal basis go ahead and and you know absolutely every one should share it if you ever talk something went through the depressions and series and they would tell you what did they miss the you know what the number one thing i hear they missed having so they had they missed having having laundry to church at the couldn't even wash their clothes because it was hard for them to find that the base materials that we expect in that we need to live were not there so i have had a an old adeodate fred cause welneere and you'll sonssomething the old the old dutch people here because they were tied to the nether lenses so you are you are as you watch your haveningham you and i'm telling you these stories there because they were saving they were involved in absolutely pre the jewish people and in stories in the connections between between the dutch and and the jews were incredible in protable amount of bravery going there people that i know that buried themselves in that you know talked about being buried in ditches knowing people that worked for the there counties and their ands it were the counties that would strike people off the register as if they never so that they could work under ground on basically two in and when the germans came the nazis came they didn't exist so nation so the communities actually worked together just the bert there there and the man i guess some awesome stories that i can tell you about dutch friends and family who saved lots of people one one not guy on one guy he was as they had hoped bunch of jews at they were hiding in their bare in another line and a so the then they knew that the nazis were coming so so they the husband and all the jews had in the barn to go and so the nazis came cause they would shot among the spot just to put intimidation of the people in the area and they knew that and so they are they were in the bar and and all the the the wife to keep him in the got hold of the wife and they weren't real nice for it that way and oh they were lowers your husband she goes always as out of the area of visiting family and in this this other this other poet that other state as it were and and they didn't they didn't believe her and so they said also they said you don't mind if we put set your barn on fire then she goes burn away taking everything else as the just knowing her husband was in there and what she had do at that moment from watching her husband all the jews of their protecting every one that was there to watch and being burned alive he basely set burn away taking everything else and they looked at her in a like all right and they turned and they laugh and every one that barn was shield in oonbelief in my heart of hearts the shield and came directly from god almighty and every one of these people that i know so for all were they were not political people they were stood in the last day that they had for their community and stood together to protect those round them and it didn't matter what race color what gender what anything they stood together to protect each other as human being and it's an amazing thing to watch when you see people who have that type of of conviction and humanity and i do not believe that you can have that without without walking on this earth with god i do not believe that it's past because human beings will fail but god never does it is not of us it's only what we see it it's only him that we see when we see something that will stand against such great odds which is what i believe we see the rightful president this united states to general plan admiral rogers and these people that should be bringing a tear to every one of our eyes because only god standing with them could help them stand in the times it were going through and that was what we're going to see going for and so you know of course of course you know i just like listening to this nonsense with with christina bringing up the that rings and you know a few of the jews that came forward and slike do you even know how many people died alongside the jews it was almost dead even the number of people that died and how many more what their lives in an that were doth or that were were in were of other athens ethnicities that stood with them to save them and put their own families at risk to save them and to use this pity me oh his is no other word for it i demand eyes all their cultures and stead of going at it from from people who were willing to stand and stand as one one humanity in the kingdom of god the only way that we're going to save not only this nation but this world and so on in call it every one out for this i don't want her this crab and if you sing it around me i'm going to tell you how stupid you are and so anyhow i go back to the chat here chartless as it is it impossible to socially or mentally enslaved by able reading people not a caminando here a estrechar an that ja it goes in every cost saving measure accompanied can utilize most most middle management is equipped intelligence wise to even even implement is just in time just in time his work it has it has stripped our country of overgilt to store things up in the time of crisis that's why bineneter or petrolian reserves it's all tied together they want to strip us of everything and leave us spare so they could start picking us off exactly as they do in christina pointed out that the jerk that the jews did in carmen that the jews had half into them in germany the polish had happened to him it happened with with cambodia it happened a mansion it happened in in every other nation that they the pulled our wet or onsware defense as well as our food and our provision for our people it's all tied in this is what they're doing world economic for him said right the helm with his economic war so we're smart if some pedantry all day on god's goin to do to them exactly what he's done to the people in the past that have come against god's people ain't good to work well for him because god is in control look what happened in egypt in egypt when the jews left they they had the first three flags that they were both subject to and after that what what happened god handed the box to them in egypt they wrote the jews to leave so badly because god just kept laying the plages on them which the jews were not subject to they never expertthey never suffered from it went right to the right to the people in egypt that were trying to enslave them god protected his ee to the point of saying you let my people go leave them alone and by the time god got done with it they were like his leave and take all the wealth of this nation with you please take everything we just want you to the gown and get god off of two and our tail and handing our behinds to and you know what i think that's going to happen with us god's end in god for he could abandon us he's a they walked into egypt because the famine i relegate they had to go in her because of imprudence because they didn't build the store house because of a gain the problems that are again their nature and after salsoloides of enslaved them yet while ye after he walked in there the basically that's the nature of republic can a peak a lot of people don't realize that if i'm going to provide for you if i'm goin to pay for you if i'm going to give you your way ahead of time then you're going to hold me after the fact and that's in effect what happened when they walked into egypt now we see the same thing in the settling of america when in detorserit were sent to england recently took the irish and the scottish and the undesirable stepand prirody over here in and had there their to onerian soil course menopan made their love be and send their masses of people like taking their undesirables and sending a mover as inventors you don't you basically incurred a debt and then went over to work at all off i had so that i hold in its incredible and then you hear this nonsense of the you know that america has no culture or that he allpeople who are white have no cole screw everybody that says that you know what if you look at the cultures that that we all me from we have a back ground everybody does it's not this this is not a this is not something that any one holds anything over anybody else's you don't how do you know you look at the dock dutch for or italian or any any of em you know cause i can have a mot here right i've got a bunch of em but no the dutch culture was really interesting or seene running around with woodenshod on and in such you know i had him at one point time when i was little because that was part of our cultural thing or the the hamlettin festival in such were you see the dutch stands in a beautiful costume and you know in the food i'm telling you what my grandma she was as she was a french a french huguenot as where one my grandmas came from wet through it you know another ones was extraordinarily doch in everything that couthe mixed or be mixed up and that a man in ten you at that woman got she could cure and you have you know you have the dust food of if not if none of you ever had almanacs in in a desert your miss in life i loved i loved tancapan always make one catachreses time and unholiday homewise a tradition is making boccatis when i don't the the traditions and in telling you i can walk in anybody's house who is from dutch that's do heritage i could go through the kitchen and tell you where every single thing isn't he was sidon the sink as it is a garment can on ladies the right side underneath that's where that's where everybody keeps to garbage can can adopt kitchen you will go under the same and now that the garbage can is on the right side under the sink and it's absolutely hilarious and not one thing out of place you will never see a cleaner house then then somebody who is dutch i'm telling you what it's amaze told me make and i but it's not just about that it's the structure its how people how people related to each other what you did on certain days and and and everybody did the same thing it was almost everybody was on a lot of even the same scripture that they were studying and that brought that brought community together was the faith in in the area was made but everybody has a story to tell and i and our histories go back some forest true maize something that i nevering upright now that would be a great way to end this if i save this man and a miner might not he the ages they did i i guess i i probably i keeps my himselfand that it's almost absurd right in metsee it was so my gratitude video here conceit of keep on freight through things minute till i find this thing because it's amazed at play to before and i love this vital because i think that since i wandered fall i really do thanklessness a wonderful a video sixty only he was soused the voice turned to enter sebring in military horoscope with the asi a ring is up again to the is something that it hopefully i blessed saffron and do i miss prayer first here count in that overtop this pat you're going like father take you so very much for all the beautiful people you brought into our lives and you know what this day we're going to justly hero lay laid down all of a weanin that three enemy which is offered and working through people principalities and powers and we are here to help them move past that and turn their hearts back to you in your sand box on your world and a and really rescue them out of the grips of satan himself and help self thank you so much for blessing us with godly people that we could stand together who love you with all their hearts thank you for chuck in those services he is a a in faithfulness to his brother garry and we asked for you to just pour out your spirit in both chalking garinand carried him through this time well he carries in the process of coming home to you a truly joyful day less canon all people around him that he is working to help and everybody else out there we ask that you would help them yourselves drawn in close to you to your resurrection which will be there as erect because of your rights it's only because of what you did for us on the cross that we have the right to go to god himself to to you yourself to yahweh or our beautiful wonderful lord our god our saviour that we can come to you with anything and everything and you make away with it you want relation with us i love that about you you're not only our father beret butter best fret i thank you so much for oh in what you did for us on the cross there's no there's no way we could ever repay you there's no way that we cite do anything but just approach your gift to us with complete gratitude accepting your gift of eternal life that you paid the price for anything we've ever done or well done our sons in you made away dress the say you know we love you i want to study turneth you and you are truly the greatest or we stand here complete ah over o you know looking at you and over what you've done for us that mount of carry you you put into taking care of each every one of us all the way along the way even when things go bad you're still here carrying on us and you never abandon us nor forsake or or walked away from us and we just want to say thank you so very much we love you and if there's anything you want is to do to day lost know because we are willing everything we have and everything we are is yours and so whatever we need to do to help those that are that are lost let us now sapre so he gone geogohade played the state have a great day thinking me the gold for ought to bring her for governor not come by and still not conceding to lighter's chief and thieves and will not ever so have a great day and know that you are truly truly love a comeback on with her with ill hurt hands estamento want to set set so nothing on it the ex is she gone to the sport on the very last he egestionis descries that you have raised in cool shelter colors so into so so we or he i just think of the better the rather be don't think ormonde women more his venture that the cried the nevertake mason the the faces of to cresto and troy and to even the faminestow's back press is the a cold odontolite so giving whare credits i oteswitch there endicott to add a fascines in to let this interest to fetherston cast to no so wished that they were to move now ottomites and let st estmere this to just for you is yet the questors also to press then i feel i love looking at it this idea because i think that the joy in everybody's face is so amazing you know we fix it on the chicknes and chinese but you know what their people there and you know i sainting with the middle east fie on the problems but there are people there and they are god's creation that are caught in this horrible global crime syndicate that is masquerading as as as a a is what they are not so our hearts glareever single person not to say nightsa but every single person in which god has created throughout this law because of this kingdom of god that we stand for and an artrully our saviour jesus who died for all said so anyhow i will let her be out there now that you are loved beyond measure don't feel depressed or upset about what's going on right now because god's got control of this taken as through moving us away from egypt and are not seen egypt as in a and necessarily a sassenach rical senses what i mean he is leading us out of captivity cleaning house bringing us out into the desert is pretty much but we're going to have to walk with our ice pick stone him and he's going to leave side of this most and it's it's going to be got almighty leading us on to this and you know what i wrote put my trust in him than anything in the whole universe is not going to fail us he is going to be there and we can just rest in that and truly be grateful for this day and the people around us jump on board fight from econ go out there and help let's get her planning his catel figured out and in prepared for this year and get her own stores built up against howeverand it though he might as well do it ourselves to help each other and and oh get this thing figure out it's going to be okay you don't have to be there you don't have to be afraid no fear on thanks counted be and on and on all your ways my love have you on your great great great i not only got a cochise gaston the you know it's a gellflte so this is just about to friends that are getting together and now taking up trying thing of as much truth as sweet can because we all know that we're not confined it metselaar it because they're your and hide out we think we had blessed god bless all the sum you love and god bless the erica and he less words on just read gift in that gift that we just watched the video on so so much doggedthat fo said in telegram to day and that was from a benedictine monk and you know this is another thing i listen if people beat off on other people of you know be not one calf like their feet on fine proudest in servitio everybody all the time of the beliefs system will at last time i checked i don't think any one had this absolutely perfectly right the only one that was perfect was his so we need you truly approach people i met talking criminals those the criminals are in whole other class but we have to approach each other with grace and mercy and love in how we we approach each other as god's creation supposoit there and be the light o christ in this world so that their job sordido this organ accomplirons ly to day have a great day much loved