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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/28/2022 - Live - Logik from Logik's View

Published Sept. 28, 2022, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg in a running to be the next governor of the state of michigan another day of lots of news going on with sabotage on piles over in europe ukraine and and i really think that this needs to be explored in a and i think we're going to do things may be a little later i do have a very special guest on this morning logic from logic view it is september twenty eighth wednesday at nine o'clock in the morning and we bring him out and we're going to talk about all things political because logic and myself of a noise other for a while i have a tremendous amount rest for him he is he i invited him to be part of a citizen journalist group that i started fall and we sort of got to go on except for once again it was sabotage a little bit by some book bad players with him but we're going to get the stone again as i believe we're going to have to get away from all systems that our own by not work rolling the message and the a big issue when it comes to the so let me what sommation in here this morning and and i want to listen to one of my heroes in life and but as a organism the taste motivated men and women insight and knowledge that help insure the security the nation as well as that that insight is generated within we are totally comte to a hearing to a very dense it goes to our very right think that that is well said and i have so much rest freiland thank him and every one of the brave people men are women that are serving the nice back from the communist infiltrates shall be tried for and he brought up a very good point and that is the legal process i'm going to change the wording to seat a lawful because our legal system is also not long for i know you can't get an honest representation in our court system in my belief system right now and i think that we're going to have to address this in a very decisive way bringing our processes back to seventeen style and returning to the constitution and perhaps more of a common law prove o how we run our court is that we have because it is not it is not legal and in making a policy on the fly and it doesn't seem a whole lot of accountability there but i do believe that we're going to work going to bring that back so bring in logic here this morning in time a microphone and the moreton well well come well go to moraviantown you today i'm dealing great i always so nice so nice to see you in the morning and talk to you such you and i are very similar and our thoughts and how we should conduct yourself in the world and that is foremost because we love a service to god and i always approve i am yes my love god got to have em a serious not i saw my service about a relationship not religion you know the relationship with the lords to priority the religious type of relationship doesn't matter what anybody else thinks you know in another get everything we the yeah as you be and and at an monegasques put almost spiritual or and get ready you know every day is a battle for and i think too that that really that really holds us to an accountability for actions when you when you are accountable to god and you know that that is your standard right there you conduct yourself regardless of what people do around you our conduct is first and foremost to stand before god regardless what anybody and i think that that very critical what an talk about to day you and i are both the merest in this political got radio that's going on out there with an incredible amount of disappointment and the behaviour of other people we can follow the money he exactly what's happening there deals that are being made there are deals that were being made behind the scenes that i am aware of it went only the current administration but also candidate as well as who is supporting who and this is really troubling her when you follow the money you can really see who is buying influence like i said you know we've got the best selections that money can buy which is what we really have to break we have to break this and get it out of the room of whoever he has the most money the most bateese elections yesterday i got offered another yesterday or the day before i got offered another position to get me to stop down from running for this happened over and over again well it's more money if you do that i am like not in this the the point is is that i want my state back and i want to do it in a lawful way has the accountability to wed the people not we especial interest or we the money or we be whatever i mean you can have a million different things there not happening it needs to be a system needs to broken down and we need to take that back to what was intended to that our forefathers her monastical yes boy arrantly found out that and all besweated unlimited dark money to be able to be injected into our lepelletiere and free for all for a lot of rich people who are loved to use the up at masters and a rich families michigan is just my constant ground where on leontopolis come and use their money positions and by political and do it around as much as they want macomer aloud voters northey they don't do their own reach and then we be off stifflike that who has been to their own reason and really be intaken advantage i said people like anatomies type of yes a lot of a lot of the patriots overheard i want to fill but they lacked the street smarts they lacked the wit him and knowledge they do know what were truly up against and then they both sides as in the paratroops as in the it's in the patrol dusante grass roots growths infiltrates are every where so disassembly has a label mean that they're who they say there i met with one company over in the skin it was a foundry company because honestly tutor dixon they weren't really in the steel industry as much but makes a sound shiny and beautiful to say the steeliest that's not exactly true they were in the foundry industry and from one at her to several people is that they ruin the foundry industry the north shore i met one man who they stuck with thirty five thousand dollars and and i heard so many other other really damning bits of information with people that were stuck with it stuck with a because of the way they conducted their business that i think that people truly need to do some more home work and find out who these people are it's not just there it's an all the political parties when you when you look into the background and find out that they've got exultant or they mortgaged their homes they are beholden to some one in order to be put in place in their lots of people out there that are willing to give you all kinds of money that they're willing to give you money but the minute that they give you that money behold into and they want to be involved they want to be pulling the strings all the time i had happened with me many times you know and we talked about before we came on a line and you know who this person is they're doing it to other people too where they say well we want to support you on a start support your campaign i'm willing to give you acrimony but i want to be involved in all the planning and decision making this is what's happening and if they want to take a campaign they will i appeal and you not early on a hot it out by the senate march to understand people have smiled in her face to allahabad interest and in her heart and in the integrity to not to fool you have the integrity not to fold pressure coercion threat or intimidate we do a lot of criminals we beaten people as well outside wedgelike amapakati or my fears spearwort about their self and i have somebody to the day so for rich men to get in the envisagement have as candles that money corrupts and black people and in the bed about only theirselves orter get more money or more power and its unfortunate that it is even corrupted one you know rotherhithe who plan to be good and nominated to me personally would osiander of black who started the rhinelander and sparsely hates the mop and you know i just recently discovered that he the one he's the one the same thing that the poetasters and the madeleine smart argantes trying to it is mine to control and candidate try to use it to control men and when i announced that i was running for a stay rational me not to and then he now donated to marital campaign which by that time i was aware of his games and didn't want him to anyway but and that you know people who claim to be fighting for god or maybe one word fighting can be combined in a corrupted by it lootenant power as you know i just discussed it with but that behavior and mother a lot of other similar behavior would yeah and you know you can see that there's not a lot of people who are really caught out pressure comes when you're running for there's a lot of pressure there when you get up to see people are there to attack you like i was i was at a meeting on monday night and of course i walked in the door and everytime this happens it's kind of funny there's usually at least one person waiting there to ambush a little this person came up to she kept getting within like a may be a half my face and i kept backing up a little bit and finally just put something between it and finally you know had to you know and it was it was an it was an intentional it was an intentional in a talk i guess is a good way to put it and did ask me to step down you know and down to in order to not split the vote on like not split the vote whose qualified here that we made reason a chance i'm going to stop down from this i is a quality is the qualification and why did they ask to tunisian to stop down she's completely on qualified to do it and any one else they can't stand stand the pressure for whatever reason they need get they need move on time to move on and put qualified people this is an a game any more this is not a game this is mighty first state or nation and and when we see people who do not that down or whose in the swamp or even move around to other two other effort that are out there you know you see people that are moving into different efforts other than what they started into the inn as the political game and so said the pressroom on now the parson upon just the barley slike what started out doing or you know try to do the pressure that the main stream mediator talk about but at the same time you can tell pinafore i now called out on it earlier this year we earlier when i noticed he kept have a you know i like you think i should have on the show you know who shot you should bring one more grass roofed have the money and the power to beloved the stay and get their oysters never have on a show another in life he had a thing of yesterday where he literally told every one to get behind toleration and a boat for about a brandenburg is a vote for white propaganda and quite honestly a real new source they would only time to be on there to retort or to have it now this is propaganda that's how propaganda works cramer's guilty of it from the from the detroit news the here and there so many the list is so long now when i was running on a candidate i made a comment on one and one in his lives a lot of people are santangiolo and is my life i again ver got to go on his shoes but the people get their voices be heard as well he classifies people ironstone we know how corrupt it ran on strong is just a awesome a researcher he should not at his well amelie you know she is she promoted at my telling people ask you know and her husband choked boudoir i went on her just in marklissa not at these people and antananarivo him i had a problem and to protect them they pretend yet a protector and he he let me talk about everything except and as father and i and not stand astro you know he planteth a crisis will you need to really put on our armor and go at the people who was really causing michigan mottisfont and deception and trouble and the failings you know i'm a call them he fell in a duel when these to be done yet it is not easy i don't like getting out unexposed people but we are told this stuff you know by and it you know you've got to do it you know and they hate they hate being ere if he did i cast no aodaisho uninterpreted some time i the finding and he clearly don't want to lose that or other parts and bastinado that he be called out just like everybody go or other whether on a few other names out there i am and politic in politics in general i mean i think it's i think it's good to just get out there you know i checked love chuck and i read his head face reposed my i was talking to him this morning because chucken mince words and he he threw a things out there and he has the back knowledge to know how all of these people are interacting together and i want to tell you what he's being followed i've been followed as some people in the use piers party had been followed and you know to try to intimidate us you know you see aeternitate that actually wore my four vehicles and rolled the car three times how you can with oreilles and and he still in a approver there you know these people are evil and they have criminal intent power structures in they're going to have a problem they can go after people they can change people's minds that can threaten agitation ate them i do not necessarily agree with using other people's pain in order to further a political career and that's what we've seen over and over sententious i attack last night she said to me her exact words were read it i ratelier let me read it to you and this is this is not a person who has any malice to me whatsoever personally her exact words were i gave her taxes you are in my thoughts and prayers god bless you in your precious family much love to you praying for god's protection over you in your little so back we with a smile i appreciate you because i refined it to be disgusting that people use other people's pain or throat and it's happening all over this nation there threatening people to get them to either step down or to change the political view and oratory to take out honest candidates they are doing whatever they can while course cramond and just in barkly jump right on this i said you know look at look at look at what happened even melissa trash down brandon i don't think that's true stone in order to the establishment in do i think that there is a difference there is a difference being kind and compassionate and i was to people never mistake kindness for a person that can truly be kind in a bad situation stand without being blown around or honestly you know jumping off on one you know in one opinion or another rather than finding out what is the which is a lawful process create stability the people can accomplish their jobs or not you have a goal you have a goal that has times are needs to be changed but you're going to marry professional person is going to go through the process it is a legal a lawful process but also will not use other people's pain for their own and i think that that it is much as i've heard people want me to react to them i will react to this when i feel that this is going to be the most stable reaction not based on popular opinion or being pushed by one person or another to have a a very a reaction can will then and bring those that are guilty the four everyone can see exactly what's been done and have a structure in play that is and that is my plan always that's how i react to things i do not go off on i do not go off on an on the crazy tree in my reaction and you got to respect that in onomasticon a year old miserly five years old and now we in we are have children who are nobly was at a low people who are fashionable rancher and did even if they have they did do it at this and with that they have walked in our shoes that don't know what we are going through you know or whether melissa ready or not she stepped up to the place and she she was to fight for our art our stay it's hard to run a campaign is hard to raise a longtree year old is hard to do a lot of his stuff but attempted to get up get into an and isolating my she said airily as to learning her he told her he narcosynthesis you know any time we get into anything serious it's crazy the computer start free and up and the jason jones and friday he started he was doing we were in the brand of her black hour and as soon as we started talking about certain subjects peter completely frozen of death and who know it like it's agitatores possible or no response whatsoever and he lost the entire broad came it at first it in a fifteen minutes that it recorded and then after that the whole thing was gone so you know he got on he got on in afterwards and it went okay but they are definitely there is something out there that definitely masses with it not yet to do i say the word china and wanamee we definitely been last and you know rosanna four but no more just put something out there in the common section and i agree with him i very much agree with this statement this is what i'm seeing there's a large difference between reacting to a site an action in the we are called to take a but not too emotionally react to any given circle and i agree with that whole heartedly and that's my process so we were going through the process make no mistake that that i have a goal in mind you know we have a goal of state go in front of us nothing is going to get in the way of that goal that and if something does changed or removed out of the way or whatever that action will will likely happen yes that authoritative meaning to catch up with her you know i work three to laetitia definitely want to catch up with you on your warrior and price i'm not your father a great great warrior and forgot a country and i can't wait to meet you as well tremendous for him and his family tree tremendous and antipas about to the shapers cried you people in the car people within that stuck it compared to the other other parties that are out there these people are true patriots that want to go back to the constitution and go back to what work they don't they there is you know i think of infiltration and any at there's no there's no way to get away from it but when you look at the managements ability to deal with problems that come up they are true patriots they have their eyes on the goal and what needs to be accomplished and i look at the integrity of the people that are standing with them and you know it's like the colour you know you've got a bill more and jerry van sickle and john teeter and mark is now and mark he and i can not say let us name right but every time he something or other and and i just i mean there's some really really good people there may people that are true lovers of first of all god but this nation and they are there on wavering patriot have served so many years and it as i say right past pete sound different than the pelotas i did an the trouble with that when i'm on a avise a night to say it over and over again like a hundred times i get it right and mark me crystal they're just beautiful beautiful family oriented people who who are and there they just amazing so i am i'm really proud to and anyhow it when i moved to the secretary i really felt like i was coming home you know it was that not so much as you know i got to do the shaba my by a large by myself you know and not knowing who the good actors the bad actress were within the republican party trying to that the you know you find out after a while that honesty most people that are in positions of power there are not good and they move around based on what they move around based on what they want accomplish richmond or protecting the i hear people that change their names within that party they changed their names and they the kind of like reappear an indifferent different forms of the self i don't know if you see that i have the converse is so corrupted and so on she sat so far and i don't i can be i don't think it could be fixed from the inside i mean they may give the people may have done a wonderful thing in lance the convention i really do but this election is too little too late and i do not believe this party from the insect there's too many people in it standing in the wings to take the point are also in the pay of these global so i don't know i don't have a lot of faith from the inside out o they might they might have the small gains or gains here and there but the big games to actually reform the corruption they are too well founded and there's way too many people that ar is like is like a larder yeah i think you know that even though an all the way isandhlwana the patriots will bear even condition the bonapartes republican party and had no object to corruption and downtrod mister testator certainly only a political be here and don't know what it means and i still trust in to i like these these are a people trunks talking about you know and a toast other states to work about fifty days the word about how can he know that was one of our state or in but how corrupt there now we have done we have to know his confirmation and we have to er we have to expose her and we have to do something is up to the michiganders about the corruption not continue to follow the corrupt and now it people if we have any percentage of creasing delegates you and rallied and with as and got out here good stick up the establishment and anatolian he would be proud that the michiganders woke up to the corruption and in a motion we know was more or but a lot of people just blindly is easier our people in the convinced them that they have been full so allowed people like a wet abolition trumpington and mismated and we do little you know put on your big hands and must get out here and do what needs to be done that's a fair illusive you been reading secrets yes but to jump back on caesar because i love now and is not the snowiest we minutes away from each other you know and every sense i met her sharp couple years ago i was out with into a local political meeting and i went off on one of these raoula that eyes lit up and he followed me and laugh at her i mean he just now that i was speaking from the heart and i was wise i was now in the local politics now i had to fire to to really call out the more forward and he was there with another man a local rigganite so somebody ran against him my house in he he arrived just so bad to get at the table and he patapatapan looking people but just trying to be seen to do some good things for the community but as for his own agenda for his political aspirations to move up and he was already on him and i the first time i met and he didn't rob me right first time i met cheschapah and i used the word and choked as well informed and by the same coincidence because chuck barty somersetshire and michigan politics normality sooner or so he was lithe like a entreating he helps me so many people smiled in a fascinated he knows he knows that history and he tells me from the gates personates or a true you know this person is back tamasese love our country but a hundred for dories you know and it might be serious also by order has station and is a couple of times where you know the true for always come people like anyhow you know she's that good deceive good she just example but it overtime robinson have out of pelides and the action being speak louder in the words that they can and you can tell the true or not and it is hard for a people who don't get to robots with these people and just here on the article things that they they have learned how to say to pester and a lot of caesarean hit the armoire historico don michaels and indians on his almost paper article on everyone does such a good job as far as an he does not care who mawhood he will put the truth out there and i love that about him i really do you connect the docks and connected here and this is the money problem here and the you know so you know and any one he's just absolutely unwavering i have a lot o respect for and i know that he was on i believe he was on the creates also a he is a rocket scientist you know he will say the rocket scientist will talk is you'se a very smart smart person and dies a lot of wisdom mothers awesome than doesn't that though they've been trained to norman like like in want to rethink about this there are times with he has received we all have received reiterating for the right on the right side of his and the the threats that that people receive that are standing up as the plant things ye you there they will plant things and and try to do things to hire your reputation and you can always believe what you see in especially becomes your main stream media which which is you are part of that that it may just be a character sassination on someone who is totally innocent in order to get them to capitulate but i say why watch out anything that comes towards jones he's a good man and it's going to be there as an if they do anything it'll be a character assassinate some one who is truly a good man in an honest you know i say the same thing if somebody came after you i would say the same thing and stand with you and say this is who lyrical assassination of character you know you know when you know somebody for a while you know what they like and what they capable of and what they're not i would never believe anything anybody said about you nor would i about to achard not not even not even remotely you know that's why i love to hear everything out of massilia because then they have nothing to sabotage with the unopen book apotheosis brought me so far and he still take me farther and tired and i know i know the tactics harmony we dilatoriness as the latter communists that we do where people who are down the dirt of our state and country and no i do woodisun we are behind the nicotian that i that there you know it makes it a lot easier to go at him and winona the black men run and on they don't want nothing to do with somebody who knows who truly are and alan it's an is kind of interesting i got black from a hundred patricians there are these patriot groups in at county and elsewhere that claimed to be patriots they won't they they wouldn't allow me to we're only going to let those republican candidates asenath being a party as and that they would not and this is before any of the nonsense they would even allow me and they wouldn't mention my name rising no those are people that look like part but their actually locks state and i believe that there's a lot of iron who allow these groups i mean let's go back and talk about stand up i and what what happened with round roar strong the first time i met him he came up to me and it was a thrive time last last fall i know how you're going to win and like how that i'm sure he's going to deny it but i don't really care you know people and then consist in on it you're going to run as a democrat and he he had all of those you know reasons for why anna like well i could not do that because it would be a lie no matter no matter what the stories my first impression of an arm and then watch you watch you know all of all of this nonsense going on and only are you kidding me who domino to jump on this crazy train of these hack politicians grass root patriot any he and i and i have some adverse would actually told me that before i he was all for manipulating to bethune to me i consecrate a word of seventy tranto hair if any way checkmate my society will i now am not i a democrat like i was never maisonneuve so acompanado en me from eton for one i right you know i don't know what that party as the patient lay with any of them because the you know the communist una party we've got there is it just to wings of the state same burden that bird is a premature against we hope he that however though they they do carleton for side or image just to further their what do you know what do you know about the of foliation tune in on my lives because he knows that threat is i know millions and millions of dollars from the michigan patriot with the top the still campaign to unraised forever and other efforts as well as just so that tatiana then the articles out there is one other michigan is one to do that on research lay minutes away one walton is only lack an action at executive committee and then away to come had marie the grass roots where grass room patriot had got nominated for the commonweal she was up for nomination for the composer he compelled the state ramonette senator were their ability said next to follow everything he said and if he tell her notified all the odometer previously an absolute committee it was a battle beside the grass roots on the way to consult he knew the meeting he noteworthy grass root as he's just that he will put use a tarantella pateley what to chattanooga yes what we want you know i i never noticed the call of my own dead lastly actually i seen him at the when i went down to see it in jeanrenaud he was there and undomesticated up he prisoned apotheosis ruth the no and i'm a arternoon you ordain that i undertake now wore and it is to me i know now all the mouth and her you know i can wait till posterior butler just example of what we have against people who use the lower to day far from the vote she used and whether it is not a question of whether she knew it or not she definitely now in one they got i tell people i can tell him a bronte i know you you know the brigadier and as one or other would a lot of these and you know the lord is not he the lord deals with people like that i say in description the hall of their friend and holier way what we could do compared to what the more narrator of people like that i think he got a bad future in front of a miniature themselves around quite honestly and you know coronation for fun of a million of dollars from foreign voters and i sat a lot of pensive know who you know who are completely unaware that his top now what do you know about about i heard that whitmore was being investigated for some connections down into the caribbean which puts my mind right there with absteen and what's been going on down there and may be a gentleman with the last name of cartagena and sort of thing so uncommitted votes coming from the british are coming from the but the virgin islands for the amigo i heard that he i think seven or nine in committed votes that come from there perhaps the earl looking bay for in order to you know in order to make looks like they have the votes with the literally for that i don't know that for sure but i'm kind of wondering how that work yet as is to me and i got a look more into abeyance or when i was researching in imitation talk it was well never indians and a million of dollars and how they would not theodore or some type of delineations diverging island to believe a big club day there are in it working together and i now michigan a prepossession for a lot of even heroic so it does surprise me in and people like us have to continue to day and expose it we can and i think i think some of these names like when i was talking to the cry and i too chief grit is my belief that he probably was some people around him that were maybe not in agreement with him and we're trying to manipulate in and it's unfortunate but i don't know it seemed to me that that john was pointed his campaign manager and such and perhaps there was a little bit of damage done to him some of these bad actors that were placed around him and that's really not you know it's unfortunate i think i think most candidates that go through the process and it being tested see how far they can be pushed by after intimidated or course i would have that probably every single one of us is experience that because the political machine is broad and wide and it takes a very it would take a very unusual person two in my opinion stand up to no but how and you know i know that you're one of those people also who will not take this is not a home here on temporary assignment no and i'm more concerned with with what with what comes next quite the third work here to work these and the creatures arch answered and oh you know i think he he was somewhat of a bad actor well and he tried to see how receptive the people be tournoire could have a spotlight or the but looking into his past and now he was fast around and think what i and the cat for and then came back to michigan einsteinian is like a political have or for i mean his corruption isabelle secretary i know i can goemon wandering beast the state is a money laundering michigan has the potential to be and in the top five and the man you know with all our resources would or would the tory industry and the water fresh water and our efforts the farman michigan cabinet no polite have so much corruption so we got the upper peninsula the lad the candidate ordered in contredire ways and it is all being used against us turn against and is so horrible that we are in the bottom on we have a bottom with the economy now in the country when we should be one in a bad political core and what a corporate with a corporate welfare that's going on into the corporate welfare look at thee i heard now i can't confirm the right now but it's out there i can at the exact source for the but that that nasty paid like a onoto hundred fifty do dollars for a permit in order to pull out water and are selling at all over the world and then and then seminarists are the people of this is not where we're allowing a large corporation like that in fact pull all of our resources away from the people of michigan to provide a viticella to us are you getting me so this is not when you look at this multinational corporate structure that really running the world they're the ones that are finding the dark money and their funny both sides of it the the they were absolutely funding wentworth same time they are finneside they were finding all that because it doesn't matter it doesn't matter with a label as republican dancers no matter they could care less who is in place because they ongole money they on these people they own their favor they own they own the things that keep them in power they own you know anything that they have to do with business or that they little you know good boy did good girl snapped treats it like generations and now there they just keep feeding these candidates keep a moving in the right direction and like like you know like train lap dogs as that's all the amounts to and then they might say something like a you know i'm going to and you know corporal welfare really i do when you were working in her he i really you're going to really and this how you going to do that when you already got kind of a track record there behind you in your family doesn't screwing people in your own neighborhood ruining the foundry and the same kind of look like like maybe a pail yeah that's the day otherwise they can make anybody who like a prize cadet with dinner on monday influence once you do some big be no we we can't we don't have trustworthy made a source people is dear and grandeur he realized how people are spread as they just they lifted me as a register democrat that i was registered as a democrat and then it went from democrat to arrive all and preassured that that i've never been a ride i have certainly never been a register democrat and i've never been what i would consider as a rain aether i think i would the award for being the most orison on the planet for corruption and if there is a word i give anybody to run for their money on that one because there's no possible the secret they don't even want to go in the same room or on the stage they only on a give you a chance to be heard because he now that you have the contention away people up and exposed their games and they try to i like that if they came if they came back a ramoosee downstream waterscape of bendigo keep them for as forwandered got all these tactics they do and rather as now but we will never stop our member early on when you told me that you don't want to you know want to play by erosion romorantin of camp an you don't want to be in an allotted there genialised it early on the loudest and it colour you know or at us to be peculiar he don't want us to follow the old prior to the way that a word or a waistcoat publican party and you know i know what appertained to me before i started to and you you did as well and you stick in opening to love looking who also on a talk about right now desolate people know the state of the state and i always kind of surprise they went up to bay harbor on the way back from a place and seated torn into a whole bunch of swamp creatures up there which was really funny of me and such and then after they realized that that i wasn't mad may be in the club and probably never would be the i gotta and you may not use my name or any images of me in your political campaign he ate i will ask them i thought make sure that it is any threats or coerce and or anything like that that there are people that are sitting up above that have every one of these people's names and if anything happens pretty extra sure the outcome is going to look really somewhere to get mules you do not threaten political candidates and if you do and somebody finds out about it they know because i pass it on so that the outcome is not going to be favorable to a long life the contractor anapaestic gander death we no shortage i might he was shadowed not man made i went back to river ran armstrong stand right you know this or all people who are destroying our stay are deceivers you know lying to the people and a lot of people who are unaware but without continue to expose them and you know it tattered a chapter and you know these people just lie and deceive in what you call em out the block you and a slander you the only blot on a converted by two because when you are a stand up christian or stand up warford self loathing to talk bad they don't even want to converse you know but these people are not here stop coming at these people and i enderby thence had passed her she got a pat it looked a morals with these types if the worst you know and whether she be a black man as he intoned to me it down the lane on erbout another teaparties they'll never take drinks from them but never hang out with their midnight because they have ways of drug nor compromise you or put you in to warehouse to black man you people who do know these penetrator and over and once they got you compromise or in a position where they can lucknow the autonous you and use you you other you want to be used or and now pass on a debt is being and it is so sickening the continued to parade around the gas choose the people one in the army rooster all with afternoon he got on to oletta because i was a lefthanded i just keep going and he rotella you know when she first met me as she might altogether such a careless oh with integrity were it in we were then to do this seaway she could use me you don't said and it was a whole lot of rope why armorican other people are ready carlotta melian aiders and in political arena was just in and on bring and feelingless going on foot and what are snorted so worried you talk about that she is not she a positive one great fact you know sam but was big and no when i first matter in the day her husband chopped out atlases boonesboro atterley and i have been exposed his labors would you not on sandiest them and are work in the grass roots you now and our lobscouse and so often valiantly i was his wife died and then i inevitably arsene i do not say i acted like a still was but a body winter when i called his contagious people who actually caught one in my side of the story as the back integrators let it run her out i said back and let her run her out and let her and then i had a romantic time and i disordered before after her she called me and i didn't answer at first as she laughed and she called me back to some time prosecuting she just got to for like almost hour she was just ran antenatal as a type of grass one recourse a record and then you thought the traumatic checks at a later so many people everybody that she mentioned you know i didn't i didn't at first i just planetfall the she was talking about she now what he was really up against it he demanded strategy for holding bakalahari there you are an accountability master it was beautiful alone harkaman that's what i call you know number one geislaer and an ever no a notion is slave were as mere aquitaine citizen journalism and is some mighty man people love it and our mitchellsville gatacre was done at a money without be happiness for and and then a deafening and really got menander in a belated shortly after that and i have outcries the belated in a tin or starting another and had two strikes with it like two months of my own gentle that one they just believed my face look at the fourteen years and now so you up you know that they're doing and they they are trying to shut all of us up that our out we will just go adaptation to push harder and now i think the borodaile things on a lot of our anatomies and and that's why you got your own has gone away you run in and you know me and chuckled maiyotte black and white as i love atchinson we have in that out to him he got his carcass to annette meant in the stateroom to mention it that on that too because he was he was the first paratime on us casper's part he was an i just love eateth he is a good good another reason to join the u s to exasperate or to go there as even has he is he is a warrior he is a writer he is a research or he has done so many amazing things to bring true forward some one that i very very much i mediatorial rally and and he montesinos although he came over and we met and i says then may we been like brothers in ornate is only one problem with it and you know what that is so stinking tar i feel like a two year old at the he is you know i'm not like a river very large person right but i'm i'm not a superior as my family you know things of meenie but at any rate he is he is so tall eh man he like a brother and i felicitate years old warehouseman the copies he has got such a bright career had a ham he is a no back down kind of guy fighting for the truth and and i just i just love him and he's got minds of michigan so everybody out there i'm going to get agitate a shot out there go go check out his his work that he's done and and i posted his he did that very hard hitting expose and i i have put that out to cause does adios he does break down princedown very very trustworthy man and inspiring individual yeah he definitely were i had in his growth and his piteous you know we made by the year and a half of the roman wonderful and you know and so many a maniple of the past couple years and i roused yes and the cost we just got a distracted intermission we have against a mighty emotion corruption but you know with god and with us it we we've been leading out fineries patriots are not polyhedron are you know like to rose and to the reason couple more right aristogiton they got exposed over time as to beautiful about time i can expose colors and you know we i inspired it here in michigan because unity that has been after the least people donohue a lot more people got up and started getting involved we see in and results and we just inspired it so is excited and promise not can you hear me i just rose up there and what's your are you in truth so among anticipation as pellmelli you into social and impose a come some of them won't let you put the pastor with the passage view eloges some of that by put a space so underscore or is just one word of which had intricacies at logic view allergy i can ask the idea of that true but for difference of amanuensis which but one if you tried that you should be able to search that on platforms attire let one way or other i'll put up with the other because i like between you and and there's some really outstanding he worked in the truth it community for a long time like you have in like a haven and that we are the news the news that is mainstream media absolutely is a pail beyond all belief we are the news the citizen journalist as people who are just sitting in the you know the diningroom to land and the annas that are out there you know i've got my little my little anna tribe of estate pit was aththithtanth the low place the war into we are the small not because the first plague i should have told them to stand out this is the second flag and in this plague of frogs is not plain yeah sort what the forementioned relating to bathe like a mask of fecundation had a it's a it's the comet now is he that was part of the extortion and attract me as i was to that any part of it alone the thing nobody tells me what to talk about or what to look at i'm to look at everything and it doesn't make any difference what it is and so i just double down we're going to go through all the post at some point time and find out i was so designed that was sure it was just read a post as i think this is in their faith a great he and trigger people like that of liberal of his life a grapelike a breath and read what it says so we're going to say one post that was from to day so to day old a unanimous it was november one and actually i was reading the post right from the beginning very much to them because it's not what they say necessarily what the cups around is to teach us to research and look for look for one answers it wasn't a eritana in any queen commenting on it to make you and on means nothing i mean like you know what i mean a aquinatis a term for people who are cups and then try to make commentary for it and as erectly research and as frogs and they should have listened to the first so any now posterity may be one day but it cannot go slow the initial wave will be fast and meaningful it will send a signal to others immediately in he'll see the tide turn not even the main stream mediate can hide some will be jail cover say i just cited to go out there were going to see what happens here is in my pay yesterday which i write every single word in your face to any one who wants to argue with me on it i what i want to and what i posted yesterday was a list of in fact coffee austen two thousand and eighteen and it says these reports and networks have been named in the wake folded with care hillary campaign during the election and there are many people in this down to you know you can go down to a cap bloomberg bugs feet busbian can daily best the b and c national journal new yorker and pa new york times who had a call for writers tina brown the hill universe vision vice why powell street journal at the end of the youths reporting what i see i he and i set the bridge which as the podesta group bridge between media i do why did the podesta group club charges question no use why clothes her start november question pieces whom november do they know question why did the podesta group close questioned why no leaks as who else now no at our cedarquist why quest i right here he and i disclosed evidence and pannikin case the closure last reports as why not a jury i every one open so what does this sound like a terror organization now if a does then somebody is definitely has an inability to do throat the men things that we should be looking into maybe searching for herself instead of listening to every idiot out there that wants to throw things out there like they know what's going on i interpreter herself in fact in fact right now i am inclined to let i will you here because i know you'll prove and your oromatuas your and we're going to start with a last the last post we're going to just see if this in fact sounds like a thin terrorist organization i don't see and i don't see them said anything i mean if we're going to compare this against me alone and anti and such no that would be a terror set the f b i organization and my opinion but asking questions and throwing things out there to get people as question dad doesn't exactly that my criteria for terror start so terrorist who are meteors to the kingdom of there however i did you know that putting on the armor of god appears in how many pots seventeen cost god forbid should retention the nettement en two or the new brandenburg anywhere you know and so anyhow for nine june twenty nine two thousand twenty two costers and now the question is what is it he has controlled questions in a surprise witness surprise question mark who will be surprised use your lodge an emotion to be used to influence question how do you control emotion how would you insert it can he motions be used to insert a plant question as the passion trust the plan they know there's my aversion to use emotions to make decisions or do anything i do not get manipulated by most but in an it's a waste o time i will sit back situation i have a plan that is somebody comes against me that is it has evil intention that's going to be a painful move for my motion louisiana as far alarmed years benilo politics now the lord detests and you know we have childhood no like as we can so you know we be we start to detest your stones or were not in the presence ineradicable bootle been deliathis and they were fellow and the same like abomination many here let straight out and just be overwhelmed i people like you townsend the imitators are people who during the lion they do nohow to attenuate the together to expose more but he lies to one you get them in tacoma idolatries a canadian we should read another post here displeased the university because we are in investigative journalist trying to prove whether he is he is in for nine five seven ten twenty five twenty twenty two one the latest to the so the i issaurat now we're starting at the end and going back through so four thousand nine hundred fifty seven post into the cup purpose so i starts out some one who's anonymous who was jane role question how do you control generations of a populace years of conditioning as the propaganda tears of lies protest question riots question summer of logreus what happens when you corner an animal and bracket usually mean that they're going down power implosion signed in that same anonymous establishing comes and then at the answer came back the stables for it five six two twenty four twenty twenty two are you ready to serve your country again question remember your old we will continue oh i'm going to go on more or for nine five five ten twenty four twenty twenty two anonymous throw a balance with all been waiting for what seemed like one turned the what's going on it had to be done this way since came up all night for about a day and a half waiting for him to pose to get for niafer june twenty four twenty twenty two the statement is shall we play a game once more with the question i malapert you know that you know you if you're out there listening which i was listening at a meeting this week and they said he is just software to is this i'm like all clearly some didn't read the copsewood that it a people three of them non military there's more to it than that because misinformation is out there however should be evaluating and looking into them for ourselves not believing what any one says or does not listening to whom their telling us to vote or not listening to you know somebody telling us how to think beginning and find out for yourself to this we get to do as adults friday first amendment he as it undertakes pradeline fire came so my explanation and my understanding in as far as you go and about five million ideals of one spirit alone in our habitation and i just give him my explanation because i sat tired to so many people ah i am formed and a lot of who literally the people some people who don't understand it hate and a packet and wanted and as you know i gave has been getting a lot of positive reviews and a lot of people made penitentiaries that toofies you know once you do your research you know the boasted at the same as somebody asks you a question you can give a reasonable and tell out of the mystery you know and you can tell what anybody has in their whether they know or whether they have or not i think you probably like to check that out traveling doing all your you know campaign and you might find i ran in anybody watersell notion i send me send me make sure i got the line unposted caused i think you do a great job but i'd love to get out o your self in front of everyone you know we're going to rebuild this crappy structure of news which is nothing more than propaganda in the way we do that is by having honest people that will throw things out there tell the truth and evaluate then powell in that well is there anything else you want to talk about it to day because i mean we can't keep going i think you and i could talk for ever but i think he actually wouldn't be a bad place to we ontario to day or erything else you want to talk about and i love to have an once a week because i think that the michigan politics between you and teresa some other people that are willing to step out and truth about fouled the money where the money's going you and and even to eat and have says another one that i'd loved him he's working during the day now he he took a different job otherwise i'd have him on all the time you know i just love i love so i like no more go more noise out there was two and i think no more as a great a great person we have onbeknown ledge able and i am in the bill more the more family and club i think i'm the biggest supporter and for that whole family so there the really good people honest people and and i think that that's that's another thing that people should look at is when someone stands alone it's kind of hard to whether somebody is for all or not but when they stand with her their true families see see the honest interaction and the commitment that rolls down through the family a little bit you know you can it's not that we're all perfect because we're not but you know you can you can see you can see the commitment to god even even if people are imperfect you can see that commitment to gain that they move forward every every day and to and i'm not saying it about the more the more are wonderful wonderful god fearing family there just as fate but we can look at every one and say well what are the people around and like a little better beat the a good thing to and we all have people in our families that are hurting that an see there's not one family out there i don't care what anybody says there's not one family out there one group of people that has the haven't some one that they love or fall victim to a band i don't believe that i tell thee lies that they said that he or that didn't escape at now all was in the bible talks about his all of us if allinson the glory of god tintoretto for hours every day you know i do under em we can talk about this next time as well but you know why i together a lot of people don't ask that question or do the research to figure out why but for their faith or whatever before the nomination by a trap and in the primary and then as she got the nominee and you know a defeated but their money up to get her to get her in there now i will bandersnatches noteworthy said maeandrina i have been cut off and the only one now just part of the play book and enemies to the just throw a wrench and grass roots of movement she got i believe she got it because she now but she would divide the patriots and they lose she could win the retreat he and to the assessor and go a you know i'm saying it for her and just waters to think that the will be able to wear or will be any different in waterproof for the establishment and if people really did and to the tapottes and how barradas and visitation destroyed my since we don't know what's going on we signed up first and as before rallywood just because nominated her when besides donated miles she had not she had never temper she wanted to impeach trout she heard you know that on both sides in a war you know is not a new and people that a start to research and nebeneinander stand we delaherche to think like a cretinous these criminals and addison have no trace you i entertain no i had got to his but as a moonbeam years ago i was living a street light and the lord came and brought me through all that parenteau get in here and have these criminals in the political arena as fat pastures and behind the pulpit or call out pastors of coronations and on the other by oral the time of throughout scripture with warm but these people and as lamartine on the war for country are dead and informed in people pompeo in the rag direct i love that and it's like with my background to and seen how the big corporate entities behave people so many of them that are so soles they are sure they will put they will put people out of out of business they will put them out of a job without a backward glance they know how its bankrupt companies in order to get their work done for they know how to to create contracts are the average person would not believe how evil they are and how they use attorneys how they use contract in order to manipulate lie cheat and steal and their dainty day there the most of men move and you know you get pretty good a sight not after a while but if you haven't to in the arena it if someone has a thought in that arena they're not prepared for what they are going to have to face right and etherealised me you see assassination like like we forecasting you don't take people as he sooperintendent is a dollar to go below have somebody it was but now i can was everywhere allow for no people tabuenca and exposed so much they have to handle people in a different way and a new financial dalton the reencounter different ways to shut you up or to your voice and now against some evil people and they ate and they go after the people around the ones that they really want to take out and that the case of what happened with mules you know it's like you're goin to go after some one around the person that you're really after to disable them and in that sort thing that that is definitely the and in business as they say is the same way in business you know it's like you deal with different people and different capacities i mean i mean oh you know we've been we've been physically threatened over the years multiple time and does it usually work too well for them because you know there's a certain amount of bull headedness you have to go into that with that no matter what they throw at you you still not going to bound it and i mean having said that yet you can you can threaten all you want the outcome is still going to be what outcomes got to be and between now and then i'm going to let you and everybody else that i know it and everyone your attack to that when the investigation time comes then and you know going then go on for that was funny my thing just when batata was funny that's funny it happens all the time the point being is that that it doesn't matter there are some of us that are going to stick with it nothing can stop what is weather can do whatever they want but nothing to again i shall say it again as the mist at the first time around to what that ambition i will be lacking to come there will be does that i can stop it not instant we got that we got the big guy that sit up there on a make sure that things are going to be working crackly at some point and time and pretty extra sure he's not coming back as gentile jesus will await not as honest ready he'll come back where he himself perhaps more angels and there might be some problems for those people who think i don't think he's going to be negotiating just to gas i'm pretty as that god comes back when jews comes back the negotiation time will have come to an act enter patties but are bathrobes that are tortures of children and adults says that do the wrong thing pretty excuse that you know that they sold out to the wrong person and they probably should fall on their knees before god right now before the time is now because one that's done to be an ego and i'll be done on our heads the old is half for all the way like i said and that imposture on you know unlikelihood olavides those and all that you know the lord had no knowing and people all right miletian rew bright barefoot he pointed out kanofelin and what has that they got them for it but he seen me many of the tapes with john podesta where there's one with a little voice screaming in these trying to get them to call and daddy screaming they oh yeah yeah there's all kinds of stuff out there where you can you know you can there's ten mistake going on out there with these kids and you don't have to call it piety to call anything straight out patala it's not we're not talking for year olds that look like there you know or sixteen year olds that look like they're twenty five were taken three month old or talked three year olds were talking sick and wrong beyond all belief so help me god i will not live a day without fighting this is the up the people the people is amissing always this and every state now we got a reconstitutes the local pictures poltavo the heated in a isaical mother on the road when i asked him batouchka now you see the interview with him well i had no order ropes he stuttered he never expect a lathe was gotten into inedited me into his and a brother who was a mighty warrior for the beeminster and couplers order and i he don't be involved in politics she watched them that any bromide he knew how do the lord's work and he said he seemed tame standing behind a matron and there you know a seven foot tall like this is the not a we onontio word for god and country i think i think it's amazing and to face you know the bible says when you confront evil it will flee from you you do not beat down you stand there planter feet where the righteousness you know in the armour of god on you and were told to stand for god to work for god and his it's his business how this he's number our days whatever however long he wants us to be on this earth to work for him that his business in the outcome is his business just like this last time the or at least one time in the bible when god's people failed to trust god and instead of instead of you know dis going half way into things he let them all die in the desert he suited decide you're not going to trust me that's fine for forayers they wandered in the desert till every last one of those without faith every last one they died in their disbelief when they could have walked right across the promise there's like a precedent that there you know i love ratters and there's definitely a precedence i i can i can pull that video of the somebody wants to hear i've got a bunch study everything you know study everything you know and even look at all even look at the news and then i start questioning at you know it's not that i believe anything i hear i look at it go on that's interesting nowlett's draw down on the little bit at more as i think that's import i can probably open to the one the satinlike so much clear was that move a rat he the glasses on and off i forgot the name of it see see the and alas but evil we ride piper for like to let even now big move with yes beloved well here we can run this show up at eight we can do this any time or we can go for hours and hours you know while god is in town and that's not going to change anything nothing can stop what's coming to keep this thing move and forward and were doing it for god almighty somewhere today it malaria there have father for it is a fortunate together and on and expose it equal doors i go where toto do or we left your name out we left you are what you are oftener what you and our hearts in our state and our nation and across the world for we know you are on the roman your will shall be done at the costobarus thank you for the passion and the passion for true the i what the word in straps to do more for those out there who are confused and may not understand or that they may begin to see more clear that the scouts of the section on for of more and more people are every day lord we pray that i pray to you for discerning when it comes when it comes to a their every day lives lower prior timore and more lord we pray for the children who have been and are and harm or we proportion who are being to see we pray for our enemies lord that they reporter wicked ways and wiles father stands for sailor pray so many things for and you know what sort herodotos who don't know that begin to pursue you for those who have been deceived and misled about or that they open up their heart and can to you for clarity and for truth for began to learn and understand in a reactionary forms that are being divided by the rise that enemy lord we pray against the plans of the wicket one and the evil one lord that yes loathe their plans not come to fruition or we pray that they began to themselves in order began to stumble in their evil plans and we know that you turn around was in bad you turn in for a good lord and we just love you and left you up more pray that armorel began to put in an hour or a familiar our minds are more we just think for your plan for experience in this journey lord and we just love you so much and thank you for what you are doing and so much and we go on and on but i just lift you out we lift you up for everything that you do and as i might now thank you so much so grateful to now and such an honored anointed with you you know and all my brothers and out there it's just amazing and we're going to stand strong so ill i want to let her really know how they're that you're not alone there's many many many of us finest a very long time we are we will never back down and we're here to fight for your best good and all those people that you care about were there to fight for the that you hold dear and were willing to stand together against anything that comes at us we are not going to back the last and that we have this opportunity to stand this this is the hell of diana for many of us and we are absolutely unwavering going forward so it has said we don't ever feel alone i know sometimes things feel like it's it's overwhelming or depressing or you know discours that's about the time that we usually went it's like usually gets dark is just before the light had the rise we're going to keep going every day and we're going to ask god to give us the feet to lot the walk the path that he's laid in front of us were not going to ask for a smooth path we're going to ask for the to walk that whatever comes our way and trust because you know what we're winning and were winning bigly we are winning so badly and they don't know how to track it they don't know how and why this is moving as they don't they can't explain it who can explain it is because god is with us we have his favour we do not be down retentive we walk in and got us walk in and the gates of house will not prevail against you against so without bless you your love god bless all those whom you and god bless the moisson because your your phenomenal and you keep up that work because i am so behind you thank you thank you and lakelike likewise nonconducting i offer one man and watch him i'll share them so you know we have to spread the message of fight the face now and get the truth out topple of our we love to the next time thank you