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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/26/2023 - Karen the Riveter

Published Jan. 26, 2023, 9 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the twenty sixth day of january the year of twenty twenty fetishes basing how fast how fast this year is alledging and i can't believe where the the undecennary ah but you don't what we got a lot to cover there's a lot going on and there's a thesis that i want to i want to really talk about to day we're going to have care on on with me but i wanted to play the because all the gloom in the spare and away on us stop it it's going to be fine we're going to go head and play the start the day with a wonderful tribute to god the father he a tooth oh and there you go there's sir wonderful wait to start this morning out carrying his here and now she's got to get lots if we bring her back here almesse ah good morning caranay doing the eveillechien the oka ether if the compare you're your roother and again but that's a thing i love you the way the river now so they go so is it a great song it's very catchy yea i like everything that is very is a very old song but i like everything that a rincon only puts out so it's like that it has got his able albumand it had that for all my gosh i hate to tell you at least these twenty years we five years mighty thirty years his i remember singing thus and the car with mice when when they were little and this rocket out to it you know it's spot he's he's got so many good songs about overcoming ah i do not turn to the god and overcome in the that nothing that comes against us comes against our silk sells will prosper that that we can stand firm knowing that god is always around us in see no matter what we do and i on i tend to be a little heavy on me on the one assessment of problems because that's where you start fixing problems you just don't jump in and none fixed problems you've got to do it thorough esse and so you know i i probably should a workable it more encouraging people as far as scottish it's going to be fine i did you see and what were the biggest things that you had on you not to open with that it that's why you have me on it tritonite cause there monotropa a little tarnishing the ray of sunshine here i want to go back to a post that i that i put out through this morning that i thought this was a good way to start the day besides after doin you know i started out with his and that i went into yours with the president trumps face looking at scrimmons herein stated with new roundelays and eat out we get we really got to talk about this i right we got to talk about this critical thinking thing i was watching everybody freaking that hack out yesterday and on like well well well a different turn and even but you go back to you have to go back to the one and once you make your decision on the one consistent and you settle on it and you stopped the double mind on things not view were anybody personally you is like or all right is that the rest of it just falls in place so first off who was in charge then began the and when you find that answer truly everything to matthew six thirty three thirty four his kingdom and his righteous and all these things will be given to you as well therefore do not worry about to morrow for to morrow worry about itself each day has enough trouble of its own we don't have to worry about it the bad guys better worry about us because i'm not closing down on this for nothing and i know that you are either a we are absolutely we are absolutely moving forward with you know in the power of christ in god or in him and not back and down so i minetaka post that you had from just human which i like i have several and one that i know i know him personally as good guy and what he wrote was trumps face look in in scriniis president trimp's face look in instruments to be reinstated but with new garden rails and placed the ter repeat of facts and then origet you let you go in in the summary that you went off in case i knew that was a thought you can i polititian here's the wisdom of carron the ultra riveter and what she responded the case i think that's well first let me tell you what happened was i saw his post after i was driving along and i didn't want to listen to the stoo pid commercial sapewic are farmerson on the radio and i was moving from channel the channel in i can on a channel a didn't know what it was and they were talking about the weather on the other side of the states is like one this is more a state wide a channel and then turned out it was n pr and so they were very am not so friendly to the president to trap anyway and i the froog oh those conspiracy he was supporting colcanon conspiracy theories and i'm so they were they were discussing what they might expect if he were to come back on face book or if he didn't because he spoke an out repeatedly saying he's has no interest going back to the other channels but he's not getting the coverage on trucial that he did with twitter and face book together ah that does not mean that he is not very popular but she also mentioned that he had been fond raising via face now i don't know about you but i wouldn't want to find raise anything through face book i am gooseanother rely on it it's like it's an out sat on but if anybody tries to contact me with one look at the air of honestly it's this sort of their wyisharte ban you they they take to down the band you and we've had to fight to get back on it so many times and that it's like this listless they should be sued for election interference cause that's exactly what their involved done no hap and they're just like twitter we just don't have a elasmos at the head any more than passbook too to help us fer that out but we can expect that everything that has happened on twitters happening on facebook and instaram and other places so it was that fund raising thing that got me into thinking it that's an interesting point a hat in considered that if tromp used to find raise on face and he's not getting the social media shares that he used to if he can pains for twenty twenty four what does that look like that was the precursor to that post yea there is it's a it's kind of a kind of crazy you know you really got to think things through not a face valleybut what's one two three four ten fifteen fifty steps away from what's being said the and i think that's where you find the ulterior motives in fact that was one of the subjects that i was really giving into this morning as the ulterior motives on good guys and bad is what are they really charming to accomplish and you can't take it at first face valleyby was freaking out over general you know indorseendorse sansome like is doing the same thing that president trumped it which is indoors some really questionable candidates that people need to dive into and start i've got it actually got a hole report the somebody put together on matterno and he is i would put in charge of worm farm and have actually spoken with him and in an he came to visit with me and i know that he would deny it i threw out their what he actually said he probably denied it i'm sure he would not but then you know there i was i was done with him sit in the chair there listening to that now in san that oh that nonsense i then actually actually caught i was in a restaurant where a couple of friends and his was wayway way back in the beginning and he was sitting down with stand grod and eric castiglia and there was i think it was or cesselot was it was stand brought and i got pitcher of all settingthere together and they looked like you know helook like basically dear cotton the headlights they weren't expecting me to be in the restaurant and i think that's one of those times and had the pole of going to cross the state and see things for what they really are not not as being as they hate me i'm glad i would take that as a double badge of honor is i wouldn't sit with i wouldn't sit with any one soovenir that is in fact subversive to the cost and against that the will of the people and all of merton and so you gapitche and sent there but it was like deer in the head lights time when they saw me walk in and a head at henares one that was very similar it was radio personality i walked in a neelik oh my gosh what she do it is it quashed on her stacking a veneration of beat your tail with some point i becausei'm not going to fall in line with the and he got kind of see you see how they react but i i there there is no there is no reason eh you know it's like decernis not raising any money i know he didn't raise the one it came from the gape and that's what it was with most of the candidates is that they didn't raise they struggled to raise money on their own and of somebody said at one point time i was actually head of the donations that to terdon received on an individual basis with people that were actually donated directly to my campaign that was east etonas and he looked at that and that the rest of the rest of hers was either of state or from the geopenian chantions that were like five dollars in in quick succession that were coming from arizona which makes thee go well well well why would a person have that many donations in five dollar in cement coming from arizona we as an oke so in arica to this why is it were in to go off sun or st why is it president hon who is very smart man who was not an idiot and i believe acts is a father to when he said he was giving this nation back to the back to see the people set right off the right of the beginning his very first speech to the game what about that would look like while you can't give it to a bunch of sheep then or thinking that are running around listening to this person or that person this person or that you have to get them to think first steps so let's endure some half cocked candidate who couldn't run and aunt far they pick up on how in up they are including the ties with global organizations and the people on the top of that ye my dope who are definitely with with global irisations ah doing the same thing you have bees into and for long time change names change its follies and in all by the way approaching down a grandeur multiple times i got pretty good memory for that kind of nose and then you know and then we have a general plan and endorsed peron i'm pretty extra sure that there's more to this than just say oh we should vote for departed on because because present trump and general flynn you know told us that this is he is was smarter than he they are leading us out of bond and that's exactly what's happening their teaching as to enhance question and to look at their point out look into their background confine everything you need do not met pastance i stand on the scrutiny it is just because he's part of the club out you go and and i think thee there trying to teach us to actually stop thinking in a colt mentality question everything make reminds yourself don't follow anybody don't fall what i say don't follow anybody and do you reason i'd find the called me yesterday and wanted me to know one meto say something there somebody out there that's been fashioned from the begining truth scope and they were like what do you know about cercopis like i i i got pretty good ideas is a group work nd and all you got to do is look into it you'll figure it out in that this is his most definitely um people that haven't a jonather s no twas smotheriness one from begetting not really do care i could care less bashaway whenever you got to say throw in hate because it it has a stop it's like if donabatur weren't a problem why haven't they stopped there getting informs trees and just like everybody else if they don't get their heads out of their you know all even even so on they were they were blatantly supporting a candidate which is fine but if you're going to lately sport candidate they don't sit there like a bunch of rats in the corner who were refused to put your name out for an overbeloved knowthat's like it's like their bunch of rats that hide behind matricar old coward who is trying to create a colt following and or and or a group of people to or follow doing working gather for a colt following and not to volley back and forth he watched and back and forth and who were they following i got de as look at who who were they pushing as a candidate cause they were pushing on cane one can be and the people that stood with a and now their pushing more people and their telling people how to think how do you know their actual patriots on pre exercer we can answer the oh i wouldn't follow anybody that says an i go look up yourself then and do the research as such i would not follow any one's advice at this because they're either good guys pushing you to figure a hot thank and research or the bad guys leading a strict that's all i think i think we really got we should do as i get em i'll get a local research team i gathered because i've done this i for probably i can't tell you how many years i've been in bali many research teams of marks of true and oot the hack ones that say that there he went on it's like you and on isis about making money and all right but aculnaoacatl put the research on like brine a scots just human carminecarmine carley bone which is midnight rider ah my old clandestinis another one that i like it you biplane as soon as more my favorite my favor was ah there's there's so many out there you know i potolili i like john i've met joan and i know john and it's there's so many out there that are true and and oh that that you can follow who who actually that is the news but it's i get so sick of it i know i've been misunderstood for this i get so sick of these these a half wit writers that come out and they say they possianno nownot notostomata joan it's like a sea of just putting a truth out there and then you know and then they make it all about money in the end you can always see spotting but the true anons who have been from the beginning that you know that i've either sat in chatwit or that i have you know i met recently or that you know we were all in there as people that were researched i know who each other were and it came out after time and it's like with those people make an make it money off of the stuff they out themselves and and there's a there was a aisnther person that's a true social and it's f f b i got to get the numbers behind it really good and on long proof and on a true social and i used to be in one of my research groups there is a a burn noticed that is another one that was in a research group for years and in that that our good good sir there is a there is a bunch of amount there that still haven't heaven discloses their names but she got a look and in their old their actually looking for sore stock i met sir not just eating necessarily what's out there there putting out really really good stuff and quite honestly i loved you and you know why i love you because co god is thady you know cut indon't you didn't get answers as much as and you know you might want to think about this love and he sent everybody throw what's find out what what were reimported to look at but never said necessarily one finger another but gave us the ability to research that's partaking this nation back and everybody needs to do that so now when we watch you don't general plan and i believe he has a very very very good man so starting with that with understanding whose in charge god o you've et you've made a termination on the care after that everything falls in line i belie asinelli assert flint is a jest player he is just part and so when you look at what he's doing you have to start with the fact that he's a good man and that you know in that he has put everything on the line for this i actually think that is the strategy there is that he was the fall guy of not only being part of the master minding of putting a station back together but he was also the one that's been followed it over and over and over and over and stand up in front take the arrows and don't back down on any under any circumstances and he did it and he's done it consistently and he's soundthese tacula the windowthe baconcured of if him in drop i hope the people if they don't acknowledge it now will eventually recognize that because it it may be harmed for em i'll say that normes to see it you're right what he had done historically eventually that will be easier to see i think right now it may be nor hidden because we've got some serious issues that we got to get through and then we can talk about things hopefully more freely from a trump is no dodo who either the in the two of em are they have so much courage and part of a really complex plan ah and i think it it does shift as things change they get matters with the what the public is recognizing and how we're adapting and overcoming what we're learning or not learning it what pace whereat i think it continues to grow and escalate ah i wish it would go faster he that's the frustrating part for me is you and i felt like things crossed a line long time ago and some people apparently half to wait until they think that we're going into a nuclear war before they'll want to get off the boat and do something about it so that's kind of fresh straining for me but i think there's a lot of good people out there reels handarbeit they just haven't been woken up and prompted yet or they just don't know what to do about it yet and but that number is diminishing as the number of people who are stuffing up is growing and that for me is exciting to see and watch i think that one of our problems is we have as a generation been so dumbed down and we have not learned our proper history you know is a lot easier for our founding fathers to start from scratch because of the knowledge that they had they were all so well trained in their youth and they as all her other young people oh yeah i mean eighteen years older there leading battles and writing documents that changed the history of our country so get you really really young people but they were much more educated than we then we have been and the older you are it can be harder to learn so we go have to get our young people trained really quickly in us and how can you teach them if you don't know that's why i keep telling people you got to get familiar with true history now because it's going to take time for you to learn well enough to teach it takes a lot of time and effort and for me it's something that ah i struggle with because it takes it takes time every day to the follow along which to what's going on in the world its securing the river gas and trying to keep an eye on what's happening all around so that then i can turn people back to work what's most important god and if you want to do something about it assembly and if the assembly is it right for you didn't you find your role to play but you get get working on it and everybody needs to learn about the true american and world history ye lee were not going to be able to find her way egotist if that the oscitancy and roger canoemates menesenoons that you are not sure where start magnacoro sixteen thirty eight fundamental orators come arcles of confederation the decoration of independence the constitution those kinds of things are good places to start to get familiar with that style of writing understand what those words mean ah it is the boy doesn't know it or his hard lying cod casts with jason garland he doesn't rule good job but so does eric white who posts a lot on brandfort news network john tater i mean there's so ny people that are due there out there with good a and their bad ones too there's no choice about it but there's a lot of good information out there i can i got throw something up here in serenitatis it has stilled him god aright had it put his othere you know a general flint right there look at that guy's face i loved that guy's face that you know it's like like it this is called perceptionsat define and now it's like absolute jaw look in it look it up i loisible no back down fight like the fling defiance you you know i'm like i like that my friends is inspiring right there that complete and other inspiration so with with that kind of a novena on toto with the you are and i have that job i don't have i don't have fins jowelthe are not i tried but then i searched on colony blow in all a cotrithe home of his side i'm afraid is potitare that he gets it to day i had if that one from seeing and where he's got shades he remains he on the a the typical and one son that the use dedatatenones keeps cool you i got to find the one of him dad and me said he bell his cold he is is a cool hand finn you never looks like he's afraid about anything you know he's always put together unlike the wise democrats in the rhinos as an example well you see what shift a shaft is doing lately i don't know who that guy is i think he's i think a lot of people are not who they say they are but regardless ohnesseit he's openin he tepanec great now oh lots he doesn't have in it in a either it now yet when jaw his fight like a fine savage to savagery sorry gus as on a beautiful way gives its like i don't know i think i like it like the fighters in the world that are only to stand for the there there's bet arcobugi can find the men in here now that's not will find it we will absolutely find it the men in looking for the one for the general plan with with city powell i mean that was on apprete every other and out thread for a while there you know i could memory i could draw out the outfits of both whom head on arealong for commons thyself omelettes going back aways isnt yeah well okay so this causation started with the postillas night and i when i ended on was isasking questions in like commisissetis interesting questions this is leading me to other questions i don't and i don't know where this is going but sometimes i'll do that i'll put it out there war were my mind is wandering all the sudden because some one prompted it in that case cramp can't fundase on facebook what does that mean it meant something enough to this woman on prose it well i think trampled probably do rallies cause he's mentioned doing the rally again ah sit wildurr se me at all if he did so ralli's what does he do in relies he tells the truth about what's going on repeatedly which wake up morton or mestoet used to to hearing him ah is probably a lot of trolling is very good at trolling and he fired up people that need to get a little more fired up and if he comes to us his she get again i'm not doing petitions this time they were round i'm going in officinis never been inside the rally of her in from materal when is doing what year i was that of the muskegon ally that he did ah but i was absinthin doing petitioning i must complete my spring my time sacrificing my billy did get in casket petition inside the rally froyoul i was i was working my mission and i got a lot of signatures that day but what a complete wasted i'm itwould have been better off but what you know i don't mind about it because in the end i learned something from that experience and heard a lot from the petitioning experience and it's one of those things where i learned first hand what does not work and i foppington this de facto corporation has made it hard for us to learn how to use our own power as we the people and then to apply it in some cases as with my township some press or from the people can cause change but in other places there's cistersians in a this political battle is just going nowhere am i am i mentioned on carnivore last night to anybody listened to what murder state to the state and jussit was nobody with sharing articles or videos or statements nobody had watched her there like what she said something nobody cares to wife anyhow i mean you know it's it's like why didn't you just you know all i can see is like you know ah schwab sitting there with his hand on the back of her haplochitonidae you know that's what we want wonota mantapas is so sore as not what whoosis me i would pass you the gate when you know it all mother that's afther doin sittin up there memberthe peanuts he had that teacher that was more romano she's got some boys hand and back i sonendowed make her child communicating down you know or she's the amati might ask to do search to day and find video of it take one for the team and and take some notes down to sechele ple horicos it was how can you can orator me and i won't i will save my the often rsumer got paring the river if you want to avoid growing up in watching what maroca go out you know caring the reverend shook give you a summary of what actually was that there yasotomono a telegram as commentary running without the republics yet haven't gone robotic on the show yet to day at a don't get here in casting so i want to i will apologize i did so in telegram but um lin told me that i want em i was talking over you when you were at the capital and i had no idea on the show when you were at the capital last friday and i i think it must have been a part where i could hear anybody at all i couldn't hear or see you and i was talking cause sometimes i'll do that when i when you disappear on this ap at first i thought well can other people see me or just keep talking and wait for you to come back and then i learned if i can't see you you're probably continuing on the shoal but they can't see or hear me i've dropped back not you if the crank musn't became surrender yeah it was different on that particular day so she said your talking over donna con did you realize it is like no though i feel that this is cannogan thing sighed meansit's i'm not that i neither founded or whatever i mean this as such so high takeomi the brain of ornes network studio here and it is as it small blind walking round like this in one of my foes this is done grenteburga here i'm trying to figure out where we go and not to over my feet o ko and but it was nice to or of the campine and i did see some things there that were fairly interest really really need and ah ah like nobody there wells to be here this is this is the observation that i met looks here i am there with tearing mccosky who the new people were sworn in on that before that and that was as the first to a session on friday and there was lekpriwicke there nobody there so my question is is how is it that we were there with terry mccasky ah it is a question i have he have an observation on the day when the new people are supposed to be there why did we have access and why was nobody quest right do not ever believe anything if face value because there's so much going on behind scenes right now and if it you know he will say oh what do i do how do i get involved star shaking the tree make noise share stuff i i don't care if people like carrier pigeon email text doesn't matter but we've got to get the stuff out here and start asking passed and those are those questions of well well well does not make sense two down a bread and in so you know it just there is just there's always things that you can look at and and start asking a bunch of question in the germoch of bodies together and ask oh because none of this is making any sense of you look at it logically so there's another logical basis we have to start for you know what i mean ii and so that that was that was my thing that was kind of found on me i'll try to have a datewith my foe on now showing people what was what was going on and i for some reason you know it's like i can't i did i couldn't figure out or i couldn't slip back and forth between the camera and tation and stream her sawwehone your conelike looking her old trying to show people what it is and if i look in the cameron could see what's behind me and we can't see it on and not i think it was i thought it worked out really good in you have several other people there ah we were kind of long the right with you but it was a until the part where i talked over you like cats that worked out really well considering you were not at home and operating this system that you have cause you're you're doing be anon and rumble and i don't know how many different avenues that you do the lives from which has its own particle so that there's there's a lot going on for you and when you were out on a road i'm assuming your son was doing it at home somebody was yet on the agamemnon's triggering an at home at the table and a hogs was driven the truck so so that was a fence where the estate and i noises that he afforded does by themselves and absolutely but i am going to be next week i'm going to be any secret location and another layer and you you might find palm trees involved in this and sand and sorrow there be found a belly down over the sand sonhando do i have not hit of the case than in two years what's fecation me i don't know either cause i don't filthinesses i'm goin to go down there and do be an as to sell me a warm location for a little while but ah so that's my this opinion in a secret war not quite at her table see how that works i began on i i've never been to a place my palm trees i've seen pictures of other people with palm trees so i have a belief that they are that they exist and that wonders are really pretty blue and clear oh yes it does exist i can testify to that for so there ye so do we want to get going on in hopenonenonethat i do tell you my chicken adventure so i don't know what her saw this i when somebody attacked my animal personally i have no promise somebody atacted okay go ahead and set poison my chicken up and things are going to get serious very and or allegedly poison what i really think is happening here though it is this is this is i'm going to bring this surrounded full circle this is ethnicos and not believing every thing that we hear when we see if i can amino gentlier from this screen and sent ah something up here minute because what came out yesterday yes going to go in i'm going i should put on put on the hallidon and curse ondeadas it oh carnac the grate and say i i believe that this is going to happen but we're going to see something because we all knew that there was something going on with the age lane and you and i were talking about before we got on on like here's gateway panantwich i've still got as to grind against them because they kept putting me off there as bullinger on down a brand and bird yet right i missed that rich more so you know all they blow their credibility with me without one mass but how but they get some things and they are very big their very bias this is a very very very biased and they do it with what the other one there involved it am i opapa here but then there's two of em in the past things back and forth but it's very much a spin doctor type she oh it's spending in one direction the direction that senonis not treacher's obligetion federated ly causing agolanto stop bored his ties to rollicking form and jeffrey obs which turns out to be true so implacido here mate and i were just come a lesson and then i'm going to tell you what i did yesterday with my chicken and he in nearly thirty something years of pleasing chickens i have never gone without a coin just one or how we i have not got a single egg till about a week ago and i switched he teased i no longer in feeding the it it the still can oats black sunflower seeds and goes sanders some then a something to the for and we oh sire in a girl from that and down the page and i think this essences so hans do lay fewer eggs were well know that okay but i have never seen a year like we've had this year in my own chick so you know i had a gun to fries we were all talking about it and for about two months now gracing i think the something wrong with the feet i think they're so even aberginian others changes screened this gross i don't know what it is but he so the others your sight that puts upon none of that misses sandals so anyhow the news come is chicken an egg prices reach store his so like i've seen you know i've seen him on mine for fifteen dollars a dozen or itaround her were getting about seven dollars a dozen and it's got to go off from what i've seen and right so am i isonicotine other feel like in by silver eagle round only by eggs are so expensive now to prop down his cot plant so at any rate were were no go down in that old hen layer feet seem to be effected and but there's the they're putting it out there that for supply which a lot of the whole ice oh razors used there their feets receets quick in its easy and so we're going to go down here complaints about their not and go chicken feed proude bad of glad of black fifty nine billion dollars a year poultry feed market and the truth is population foresail able and marketed two back or chicken hold severs are produces pride and by tractor supply and the de more brand owned by perena so here they and experiencing flocks of suddenly stopped lannes not ours did our stopped pretty well and ah i told her and we had a lot of father loss a tremendous amount of other less so planerthink you can't care were like to what they may need a little more oil and there food so we started augmenting their food with a with an oily with an oily and the their father's cartago kenistenos so up there she asserted so i was seeing is that that our softlings about october we were getting almost nothing and i just went completely gone right so you expect one you expect him to stop laying eggs or slow down we have never had a dead stop of lake but they've done to nothing and so we start and men in their food with more oil and such an wampolder their father start growing back pelike is so anyhow we had entered the troll in the yesterday when i saw of this article and was listening to what every saint on like an i'm goin to go on a rampage so i went up to epemelth we get upon to her feet from and ended up by in a bunch of feed that was produced locally and in looking into the sun how one bring us out of her cisternage round circle asking we're going to we're goin to do it john socking resistence back or not we're going to go back to your meter anyhow i'm they'll world i canonicos than widely cruiserenewed ly encouraging sitizens to eat voles in low of animal post first of all on the bold thing almost all bugs contain parasite all right or props that and look at that look at the tick probed with lines is which was engineered by some were nazi scientists on promised in that sort came from because that's where they originated from an i had to his looking up in so they are pushing something out of the corn to be be on carrying disease a guarantee spychow long basin nashvilletennessee is a publicly list to company with thirteen million dollars annual robed forty six thousand plots two thousand three occasions low and in their talings for life out here i don't know that means because clearly i'm all here so somebody else is the idiot so tractors solitis borderers composed of ten individuals one of them joy brown as a former executive for van guard others a surprise and in that ponfirio under maniement who along with black rocket sat street pretty much on ouverte three big index ponds vanguard black rod state streets of stantially financialists supported the world duckanoo form for the western world and sources say also that shanghai corporation organization before the eastern world so they're also behind the social credit nest left wing movements below the blas so i am i am a another word member is and andre hawks and former executive for conaglio has been criticized for using gmos to change the composition of its food causes it disservices say cases sterility so anyhow we've got some more and another shocking one is that board number mark a wake was the president of victorier from two thousand three two thousand seven becorse ret is owned by last lexer lesly wexer during the period three five as reported in the new york times jeffrey obscene had power turney document that allowed him to manage in higher fire all wabsters employes and magistiates anentis balyana asked mark at point point blank witherborne directly jeffers see not or deny or deny as publication ah they reached out tetractis supply and nor so i i have a lot of questions here but i've got more questions than answers so when an looked at some alternative fees and figured out because there there there leaving things out of the feet now are the things being put in the feet that could a fact absolutely there could be we don't have an answer on that yet and i'm old enough to remember the pennon sense that went on and michigan and had friends that were effected by the live ondary farms where they were putting a they were putting fiery tired and in the cattle feet which was going through the melk and everything to infinitethe that and people exactwas there was a guy out of by where we lived that went out one day and he knew what was hewas going on to state told the inspector's to shut their mouths and they were covering up and no one has ever thrown the south herswhat should be so this sky was kind of a hero he went out in a field with a anchorites and he dropped i don't know how many had a cattle jumped out a plain white to florida and loved them lane in the people i say oh that's terrible shame on him now he was a hero sydop those cattle in a blue that blew the whistle in what half then and what was happenin all the cross the state of michigan state was involved in the cover absolutely was involved in or cause i don't too many people who were basically told to shut their mouths as part of this and nobody's really have talked about it at length like it should be i will so anyhow is there a prod with a chicken oh what say you down i say yes and i think it's time to potentially move off sider but is it what they say it is i would say probably not and so we're going to have to look into this a little bit and i want to bring up a source and gofoloso from news news point because i think this is going to lead us down a rabbit trail that is not going to be soon forgotten greenup and news ponchard and while you're doing that i can attest that we had the same problem in about the same time frame i chickens stopped laying or had very few compared to what they should have we only have two or three year old hens and nothing was normal and i kept telling my husband every day knock dissent right we're not getting what we normally have but nobody was talking about it at that point so it was just well how many are molting well we had maybe too they were moulting about that time sometimes that happens as you start winter and they don't lay when they're puttin colsman a new feathers but it wasn't it and enough of a problem we didn't have feather lost like your reporting it was more of a normal seasonal moulting process but was it for entire flock and it wasn't until ma recently when i started to hear about other people having the problem and now all the chicken people are talking about it and get him of a speed feed the trackers supply feed some of them am fed the same fee without an issue so what is it i don't know where the first thing you look at is you go to the store and you tell me have a problem and then you find out he asked them to inquire with the producer and one of the first questions is naturally going to be did you change a source for one or more of your ingredients cause that might make the constantine all on the hall on the board of black rock then guard and i and o the thereconsisted while how do you trust him i don't well that's that's where i'm going with us because our normally now underdorfer first set of it of of reaction is maybe i got a bad patch of feed hays store manager report this speck to the company did i have a bad patch of feed you to replace inter replace my chickens if they die i mean that happens sometimes you get a bad patch that maybe there's moulds so they got wet or something like that and that's what people morally did but you and i when we start finding out this more to it we look at the ore and holes cochin the how that we start looking at go are these people a watterly really intending to do with with their money that all hope other story on these continue so okay so we're in going to newspeople scientist worn eggs now or causing thousands of people the suddenly block formed blood clots ah ah me not for to all you know what he so there's a reason why there's a term out there canary in the cold in because that if something is going to go wrong to birds again a die for there in and because they're so fragile i mean you can't even use certain cleaners in a cold because the air or slices particles will kill your check so so i'm pretty abstruser that what goes through a chicken is going to be a lot less harmful than what actually not that i'm saying and we should advocate but this kind of looks to me like a deflection of the problem which would be the marine ex and nation which is causing the blood clot and we're going to try to blame it on a hundred other sources however so if they changed if they changed the chicken feet in this is just a hypothesis i haven't i might be really wrong enough millin miles off base if they changed the it's no propionic and it's the self we found yesterday has pro biotics in it it's got all these good things there local or not go all onnontio and titian is that ere this more oil in it like god to have oil you got a celsitudine als in your otherwise they don't make the shells here you throw the throw the shells back in or the will eat the shells the leather on eggs if you if you're not careful i mean the the kind o like little rafters the like o well carnaruon lay or cotehardie and small philocrates they will make her an had a work the deer carcass it if you haven't seen us before i took a picture up when an onsanity but ah a rib cage he put out where we were put or egg shells and other stuff for them to we call it the pit it's here it's our source too eh throw all a rare extra feed and a in dark vegetables and stuff like that and the chickens as love so he put that carcase sat there in miss is in winter of course and they ate the meat right off that rib cage and essencelessness but yet it was fine for ithealthy form in the loft it he he loved in meat they are like libelos raptors and you if you haven't had chickens before you won't know that but and any they see a road and around it feet bill kill it yet if you get a rooster out there with your hands in a hot cups in the pan the rooster will hand that hacket's tail because they're protamin their savage they've got if they've got their spurgeon you know you've got you've got a test oster on latin or whatever it doesn't ah will killing machine out there that will do anything to protect their flock right and as to any when when started started seeing some of this stuff let me see if i've got another article this is this is not so let me see if i got another one here and i think that we're going to sit all no mister bill gates who has put so much money and fake eggs and baked meat and else eaten bugs and all this none such now we got to demonize and make people afraid of chickens and chicken eggs are you kidding me so what is that me next vexes why are they why are they trying to put a fear on to eggs what is it that their freedom it or what is it that they're trying to steer people too is it because they want us to eat bugs they want us to eat less beef they want us to not raise our own food and be more dependent on the government cause chickens are really really easy for anybody to raise all we can't have that is that what it is or is it poisoning of the people that their trying to do and not we have to ask those kind of questions what is the motive for creating a linelike that even tribeanother one co you lies out what clouding risks eggs meat collie is not in or though it doesn't make any sense i do it now that that whole line that had lines from really funny to me oh but then again it makes you ask that question why are they using eggs cause blood clots they think people are that stupid what is they could say well people are drinking too much coffee and that's causing myocarditis maybe that's the next head light so is it about then trying to distract from the injuries caused by the shots how that may oshayete or is it that or is the target the eggs well i could be bold really because oh you know i mean it really could be both they've got so much money into the sake meat and now we got a crate and other now he had a created another i could hear go his another now we've got our eggs so god it clearly did not creak as good enough so we're going to go after another shake god creates hears express it shouldn't be peter wow and so we got the slice blood cliding is a normal response to injury sometimes hollered to cramps pains welling of interessirt it or sisters so isn't let to a popular breakfast food linked to the condition here we go on clocks typically formed in the veins and arms and legs and growing it is when they break off the trail to the parts of the body smallerthe and then me dis theology in a small finding in one small study yes probably bill gates his kids and he and his assistant however implying that the nutritionists also creases the risk of blood clots cleveland clinic clinic does initial could make the blood more cronicle some may he sometimes sold in over the counter teditrup lements is deemed in the central nutrient the nowlet's concause clinically clearly then as widely recommended for optimal health and other going to go after the vidames and there's goin the a couple in frostis this tells me there was a couple of things going on one ah in a rate the second one down sorrel forget you have to take this into account with the story of bird flew quoted on i'm not sure about that one but i know a lot of people don't believe that it's real so they they killed off a lot of our chickens and what they could get in the slaughter houses they burned the slaughter house as eros firm right they and kill off wench chickens and in one way and when that didn't kill off and off now they're going after the age suplie they're trying to get the local farmers in some way so if if that's the case if we're looking at okay so bird flew a or the bird flew story was away to kill and burning some made farms was away to kill chickens and a rapid rate and now we're trying to interfere with the food supply based on a feeding gradient or some pipe of poison anger whatever that is what is it about chickens and we we were talking a lot last week about how anybody can produce their own food so that would be my first thought that they don't want the average person to be self sustaining or community to be self sustaining in their own foods the other thing that it makes me think about is by types of head lines like that eggs causing blood clots ah that sounds like a really pathetic excuse for a plan yes i on saying all along they really don't have a plan be trump sped everything and they have not been able to catch up and they're really not very innovative in creative and their plan be attempts have all been ridiculous and stand out the more people wake up the more people are thinking critically like you and i ah the more people are like plan be as reticularis people really believe this you know i and you know it ain't but desertesoun it's like that they really can't even though they savonettes you don't we talked about the other day that in in the the pet summitery there's a close to us through a chicken that wont to court case in his istabilit to exist in the city of hold so when you go back to stopping poe from producing their own food you can't do it and they will lose every time and in that you know some cities have well you can on two chickens or three chickens or whatever but you now think about it if you had if you've got three chickens you're you're talking then the lay an egg a day of peace at least if there intherfere sometimes i get two eggs a day out of a sick we've got to estate and so in the tone oh yeah yeah you can you can get you exotic redon but they've got to have superior nutrition and take and such but you know so so i which i find is really interest and so the trying to scare people at the saying you know we're going to cut your food supply you don't have any control you've got to come to us for all your answers we'll tell you what's best for you tanned n't question everything will take care of the very an clooath own us of the gas chambers or shoot is elpecr that's given us blood clots and stop in our hearts only not talegreen seriously right did you see the the thing that doctor come penny put out to a man did like panionion but that's in coffee and whatever were going to take this woreneed to go and you know right so as she i've got it it's something for the enonomy in the cheap for my old play which she's she's scott saying he and i saw doctor ten penny senex fires were shootable because of the way that they created and some that icy allows the insentiate of passenger against yeerselves and be replicated in coventry by the right of solace so you cannot get it out your body there is no detection it now can't you tetartemorion make yourself over all holster yes are you going to live in at the spy proteron the and bodied with spite proper in the stupid mind coolly out of companysat the eradicating no because he sometimes here and reninghelst and your besselaere there probably for ever now this one is really important the messenger rna aplace white sound tastris told my preceptor three seven and eight all are centers are like i can never heard my talk on told lifesuch a side low told like the senora light caught inside or body cried thor these little pesterers that are constantly pasilaly looking around and getting rid of my resistettero thisstealing there nor are natative what we are going with a munister these turnedest told irecento three seven and eight which is our pinery first line of defence making is more susceptible to getting colted and this is my on the people to get the shot suddenly resented and so your scale know the mechanisms and the doctors are illiterate and that reading it we know why people who get the shots or more likely to get sick and were likely to be hospitalized in the their in the host cell and they gave one consideration on the petalled than sprevere eighty per cent mortality rate we don't the mechanism number three wheeled the machinists too i proteins enters the new pleas of the cells and binds sartines watboo shows that it does irrepressibly mind your date are wrong in not reading the signs of the litterature and put it by sthete it blocks the word and he will have when vicetenens taking it into an abnormal cell and is that selfreliant will turn in the cancer and then a paris that there blocks the door and does the low our god given amuses to repair in sizes to come in and repair the thomases my protanus caused hence that allows concertofor and why we are seeing a doctor my colorabout the lot where we seeing this explosion of cancer and people get these shots you politenessin then treated the remission of the son they don't have campsores suddenly their exploding the ten to be choance all kinds of let answers lymphatic answers pressers from these shots and we know the meetin is not a guess splashes the owlets interesting isn't it it's very sad so i think there's answers out there for everything god got all this his answers out there no matter what and i do have a belief that when they create thanks because we know they create it the created by eleven and you know i think that you know going in that direction god always gives us an answer so we don't need be afraid we just set going be real assesses god and get back in the fighting figure this hung a hieranosos their foreverything gonenothin its later on de noive some go to the chat orinoco is there i think we need cortonensi tute that's going on i touched on at the other day because i think there is going to be more here in this this town of grand rapids then what we thought so but ling go to the chinamen and its like a good morning good morning fight like a flint from derry rock can't find race is a mocking bird bird topic might widerporst people we don't like because he wanted to see if we would think for ourselves the sad thing is a lot of patriots failed the test absolutely love i git carens emails the care anne marie i see a movement locally for people to get involved with our school and ask questions to get involved convincing them we do have the power as one jane ann as she threw his sheets she said she gets my mails yeah you do males onetree mils thus in pinnin i don't have bernrieder okay owing malesherhes set on what is i knew so i now have some back to the so i oversee other than that katheline so his hard wine i haven't done any one i feel like i'd mind silver eagle rounds when i buy eggs or so expense up leget el but he might have free men was to constat all his stop lane completely as well yet loved chicken beef turkey land are the easiest meats to night jest and mostly disease jason or maybe the fact that eggs are super food and promotes good health absolutely and marie a minefairy in the scioccone i'm fighting the school adopting is called alien eating lot seriously anatole about this adrianid out what this alien en love exactly his hard line it couldn't push the fallacy that eggs cost high cholesterol any more yet that one fell afraid on their face is right so his harlingas there camping in the night he trying it not demised eggs as they cluster all raising source actthat started in the soberest probably a little bit more again to effect i know it a lot of age on you jason but is started in the seventies and that's what the little fat diet started and that's really when heart disease started going up because we need these fats that the good onsnded we the good facinore they were deminishing all facts really contributed to the problem the real proved in these sugar case a scratch is the inside of your veins and so your body body do you want to ride do your body has to put a passion there so puts the path jonestoo to to a sort start hatching scratches in your vain sugar is proud love it's all bidactylate the world and marie then i ees when there was a big push for sartatia school creep creep cricklade is litten in rear remember the cluster or cribnthe eighties my ex mother in law's part the study that isora loved packs that shows the healing of colvin and other and or makes the symptoms were so now we lot of questions to ask here but i think a lot of it can just be caring with a a curator help through the really good diet so lots of lots of fruits and vegetables lots of good oils like avocado all oil you know that i icatol is got more on megas of the old meg threes the the higher you go up in the numbers of the omega oils the more flammatory it is so icatol is one of the least inflammatory oils because its it's a it's the do we go back for a moment to the a the shot thing there is a thing that went out the other day where there are the cabal is trying to demonize people who chose not to get shots by blaming us for not informing enough of the others and in warning them enough that they won't make a decision i posted about that in a like i'm sorry now eh everybody made their own choices we are aliens don't what mondemake anybody feel terrible for their choice i especially if you chose not to congratulations but they're going to try to deem he is people who are critical fingers and any way they can and is probably more about that then creating a divide between these two groups of people they're going to divide us in all kinds of ways by race there still trying to create a race as little climate change thing which is so stupid ah indeed religions oh you really is least or to fricassee separate from one another and discriminate for one another i am i think that's what they're trying to do with this just create more division and out in her the who were smart enough not to get the ships exactly it was destining which take the people not to get the shock have stars upon mars the soho must hate them you must not get the you must not listen to anything not keeping on the cot spirits see tiger its tense where i was thinking to find feoistic sat ye say and i'll say anything i know it because i say that i'd say i'd be he we we need be starts upon hers i mean that yeah we'd be speaking out though because and i really feel bad for those people that that made choices with bad information with the pharmaceuticals preen on that i really do and i think that the next stop is an isn't to say you know and ininatig the added the banks erinnenings the backs that is he really bad wataroa now everybody has the right to make the choice as that they want to make that's what it is to be free correct and if somebody makes a bad choice in life you don't sit there glowed over you and marathi or nan in than that it's just that's just so of sir and row you know it's like you did you know you he did the best you could at the time and in a thinkoncethat thats were red as that we we've all got stopped blaming each other a glow even glowing over the bad choice because oh you know it it's really really sad what happened in this world in now people want is accessible to every one within accessthe blame to the right e the blame of the rat rat when conseave deceived every one his entire glow shot him up with things that made him stare all shot him up with things that cross cans or shot him up with a setting of thing for a buck joythe guy on and a project bear itasho was he an a long over the gain of fust i only as they just changed i shall not make it all right we're all fingers is not what it was it it what was he that he set as it was the evolution he directed was it directed evolution i think so what me well up here a man may i as i think we should play thus you know why you're doing at this the idea of a where better than others because of our choice that they should talk i don't use the term pure blood very often at all because cause you know while your bragging about the fact that your blood is peer anybody on the opposite side that is fearful for their life or they should be and that is not worse gloating over it is not worth separating yourself from others it isn't not a godly way of looking at things to say i ain't a protected well you're not actually because i know myself i i'm sensitive to that spike protein in probably a lot of people aren't as don't know it when i go in to public i'm not as concerned about it any more because i've learned how to deal with it and i protect my body that's that problem for all of us it still probe for everybody and i would you coniongeno in when your family member is fearful further life or get sick and die on your leg well at least i didn't make the choice that you made i mean what a horrible way to approach any other man poolhow godly is that any or attitude check yourself folks because this is not the way we're going to heal our nation now we are going to come i i don't want to hear that pure but wanting any more because either because it's it's slowing over the demise of another and saint nanai knew is like i told you so like really gasai think that's about the time that god pinks's right up or pedestal and on do you know you know you can bring the truth forward and say you know oh i have been esselen trying trying to say people but in a way that is is there's a there's a a a true train to say people not just now making a feel bad for the choices that they may because the lot of a low people believe we weren't we were trained to believe these people who lied to us and i in everybody wakes up at different at different times as far as to take their you know to to not take what people say at face value i'm sure that some of us that have been the in the of in the community the research community for years truly say well you don't what i knew this sense the eighties or though you know something linger it's not the best way it's not the way to go you can say well dis or this is the the references that i base my decision on and shared that but i'm sick of this clipper blood glowed in nonsense too and no more startles egos or stars upon their anelephthe sky that's talked about directed evolution a share the sementeras this is the solace out from project i loved project there a task i think they have gone a reliance can you pose that forges the moment i want to go i want to before you change the topic a little bit here there's also the site of a and makes me think of the scene from shaler's last near the end where he says with this ring i could have saved a few more people i could have saved more looking back he realized that she could have done more in the people said no you really couldn't i mean the guy was lucky to have done what he did accomplish and the people were bliss who were saved by him ah but i don't want people to feel guilty because they didn't speak up more because that's real let real could we have may be prevented more people we probably could have we are in oscar shalish thews and that scene we probably more outspoken if we have or courage maybe maybe we could was that a responsibility to some degree i think you can say that's true im sunipol everybody and they don't have guilt cousin but for the repose may burn or on look i beg an it like a date about the petition think could i have been usin my time more wisely in that circumstance yet did i learn something yeh do we all learned from this do ye all have consequences for the give it to god and let it yet we all make mistakes and a glowed over mistakes or demise you know the other people have is patently wrong is so wrong i listened to another candidate at a one night speak up and say say you know like why i applauding every single person who walked away from the hospitals and didn't get the facts and he was really trying to divide people with that statement yes we we want to and he was in looked down on those people that are working in the hospitals and i get up there too and unlike what you going to do when you have a hard tack and there's nobody in the hostile this is right after my son almost i'm like if somebody believed that they were supposed to stay there to take care of their patients and it took a back scene to have them be an stay there i applaud whatever choice you make it was i'm sure they did it out of on the goodness of the heart and they did what they thought was right at the time now the rest of us whether you know an it wasn't fun i mean all of us were made fun of that didn't take the back such and pretty much refused to wear the the the masks and such you know that that oh you know that we did get ostracized in a dozen feel good defining on either and do you know what's if somebody makes a choice to ann's up in a bad decision we need to be there and help them and not glow sometimes it's best just to go say nothing you know and but if we can figure this out because the evil forces are common above the and just like everything i mean when we when we talk about the bible god lays it out clearly our battle is not with flesh and blood it's not with each other it's with principalities and powers and there are things here that we do not even now or here you know most people don't and in its its really said that or in fact plotting evil demise and we should never glowed over it when some one fails its re and pure bloods tiringroom calary because or get called out for because i'm in the call people out to its tawong tre let's oh it's a glowing cohosses you don't that's smart outturn that just like you ninanina in getting you i knew bar and you know despard with linton yet does it lead to love and compassion and kindness or does it lead to more division that's what you need to ask yourself what is your intention when you use that turner the forest talking about hay i i have i have pure blood at my like to stay that way please don't give me back stated blood if you're in a hospital that that might be a different usage then concepit riots had been using it lately i'm just wouldn't i just i didn't take that i don't want that kind of what in my body ah now the bible selene and i go back to that fat let your asbies and you're no be now drop it mike drop bright there look the easiest so here are played the steed here i ran so that a cot talking about gain of function which is now directed as if it be changed the title it makes it pay ages isonitrosoketones o liesnonsenseand apocoptona colony biologists swinejust noceroses we could not sonisibilance setsocrate or that the lenticulaires could imagine to be sure alien coltshire that is fire ohoserarete for so the one hanson come more scientific planning and pisans und like gate hunter tenasitine per sicedison fortresses on the coperation of collected other senesino the vision for her cotton he did like the like show it is rothomagensis so there cherootabad know how if he were you would not be more lproseries the gentleman seemed to have absolutely no moral compass at all other annotator to torontono entreats once as copperalso bartenders hobadahoy else is in the recess of the poetaster the shaping regulated or who more cold company with iris hartingtonites nesolestes is the quality of individuals or adviser that are beenthese huge decisions a brisk global public health its profoundly corrupt oowissera to line i guess the onteniendenchta doing no one pinicorticis asked walker how piers handling the fact that their callinga virus what he said is disturbing in it now you know the bostonians were so i why we just noncatholics weatherconsider i to wolcott is pretty much a repeated what he said but you can go on and look look up the directed evolution and pot what the work the project varicosis tone i think that protectorates doesn't really really nice job bringing out the truth behind things i applaud them yet the guy he is just a spilling a lot out his net why music when fired the poet they could sell more shots there ye go folks why don't you behave at this as he says later on in that this is a great business smile oh yeah okay so we're going to get working to hurt piebald in ways that we are engineering hurting people in the know it's like create the crisis then create the solution and in the way i know who that what did they they do you know what are they doing and how many here you go this he the the conflict interest here with how many of our seated public functionaries that owns stock in pisosta number six hands stock at least that i checked at last little mile but the number six held stock of congress so every time somebody gets sick and you know they're all heartless gutless worms that are crawling around up there it's like you know what if there is here doing if they're doing the wrong thing and we've seen the do the wrong thing over and over and over again takes the soft the table oh he's here good question right i mean if that it doesn't want it make you throw up this is a psychopath he sure is looking him lifethis he thinks this is hilarious that the hurrying people and ducking around the gain of function by just calling it directed polution thinks this is hilarious or discolichenes the the definition while we kill every one who make of sick in the give him a vaccination which ultimately leads to their devises so people are going to watch that and they're going to say we should do something about this and that they're going to go back to their regular daily patterned no we should do something means you and i should do something we the people need to take back our power and authority and do something we can and we will are you with us or are you part of the problem are you part of the solution or part of the problem make your choice if you want to bring power back to the people so that we can get justice and and sure that a writer and her health and her safety and security are protected you cannot do that without the lawful sembly so if you haven't done that yet and you watch video slake this folks and you thinking that you need to do something go to national hyphen assembly dos net and you're if you are a michigan michigan did you er de jure or find out who is gathering in your county in if you're the first then you start gathering people in your county if you're outside of michigan start gathering people in your state if you don't already have it assembly were gathering a lot of states who do have assemblies or or working on their semblis in states in all fifty states are working on this so there's no excuse any more if you can find that information through those websites you can email into those websites and and get connected start a sembly or you can sit on your bottom white and complain and it and watch more people be continuously harmed by psychopaths like this who deliberately work too harm your family so you going to be a lion and protect your family or your goin to walk around and not in the biblical sense be a sheep erna do something and be part part of the problem or your still part of the solution because you're not here partons compromise her in thought a guineaand on so fired up at your fire of hernedictated to care where i have on secession what you all make a choice are you spending time every day learn about his stories so that you could change it you are making a story his story is your story too we will talk about her founding fathers as if there is these em men on a pedestal and some other time and place as if they're fiction they were real people who had the same kind of problems as we have only they didn't sit around they did something about it and they would be run over in their graves if they saw a trampling on their work and pretending that it didn't exist we know there work agisted so where do you goin to do about it are you going to learn what they had to say they were more educated and more experienced than we are now we had to go back to to look at what they did how they did it and repeat the process or continue it and if that doesn't make sense reach out to me a telegram and i'll explain it to you privately ah this is not an easy thing for people to eat the minds around what you're watching is a show and it's it's hard for people to grasp that this corporate constitution is not our constitution the corporate government is not are lawful government it was put in place there by people who wanted to do their own profiteering and homer nation rather than benefit it they wanted to control everything this is pride this is sin there is nothing new under the sun but they were very crafty they hide it from us for a long time they knew exactly what they were doing but we can see it now and people like you and i are really interested in doing something about it we've got a little bit of that founder spirit i call it a new founder because my county settled we assembled and we settled out of the territory me she gin his plastreer the first once to do it i wasn't alone for that time i wish i could have been but i'm here now and mean my peeps we i might call us now founders because we're repeating the process that are founders should started a swift then in were lower not always you know perfect at it but we're on rebutted so we're working through it and and you know it's not always easy self government is not easy as we haven't been doing it we got to learn on the gulf and and that's a challenge but we can sit and spin on her hands the way that are quoted on quote government has been doing for years continuously harming of and pretend like we're going to change something as if it matters who is the chair of the michigan top or the national geop and does it matter in a short term may be they can make our lives more miserable or less but it still part of something which is fake and we want something that is real and so that is why we go from what's the story that project veritas as como with and what does that lead us too how do we find the true answer here what are we going to do about it is the question we should be asking ourselves but all this though you aren't healthy animals you want healthy food you want healthy bodies you ought to get rid of these talks sins that they're putting in too are bodies in a thousand different ways then you better figure out what the assembly is going to do to help you well and i soposse really trying to figure out who is going to fix your problem we have to fix our promnes and so like when we know that the global i supply is that work then we have to do things like forceson how do we grow wrong food how do we patronize and set of things locally and how do we cut their strings so that we are not just the prophets how do we cut their power you have to eat a decentralized if he do it locally we have to have a million new sorts we have to hear yet do not men is the disciple permission and localization of everything is the answer he cared what was that what that on video about the forms of thegovernment it called just while now what were copley this i think this is a indeterminate betio you do it oh my gosh all in getting his ah is the town's tetanine videos is the cancer is there a pilapians istaunton minute video i say that on while what was the next words constitution or government i don't remember i disremember the just wild part ah it might be one of the links in one of my pen posts you can't pull it up when i mind when i'm out here where you ah i can't likeloose stuff i don't i got within a horseradish hot enough if we can share it i'll share it again it just while if you look it up on you two guys it's it's on you to no one to be is not a working of like give me other words government inopinate me see a five can semicomplete words i'm going to look well this is crazy i this is his usually a better okay osages this is the assembly like me littlethere there's a u tube like a text a cow you were senseto you in the chaps dream or the high lofty oh carenton governor on the world of this so he reckoned to this one out by myself if i can then i've got a reliant here and coming back in a crawling in see this is really actually pretty interesting this so this is a good base line because we've got so much on some going on about the democracy were and and it's not a democracy i got here you you reckon yeah i when i went to telegram that he had done a software up dat recently and apparently when i go a telegram it kicked me out a stream yard which didn't use to be a problem but i taxed that you too blinked can hear his rime the title as might lead egan can hear me okay it's you do why oh you do you do be e backslash capital g g lower six capital of g oh gee eh for not yet not hang out a minute hold on a second here a textit as i think it is can recal thing on the u tubes just while the american form of government i think it's what's called arches it's the difference between the different types of government like democracy republic it goes through the whole definition of the spectrum which is pretty o god it what vengement triplet excellent because usial convention he was asked by a woman sir what have you given us his bedres onse was the republic man if you can keep it yet most americans to day have been persuaded that our nation's governmental system is a democracy and not a red difference between these two this essential and understanding americanism and the americans i all we discussed political species however its healthful to address the confusion that has been spread about the political set many of the latelie that the political spectrolised crops such as communion the far less fasces or dictators on the foreright that political moderates were centrescenters however a more accurate political spectrum will show government having zero power on the far right to having one hundred per cent power on the far left at the extreme right there is no governe the extreme last features total over one such labels as communism socialism naziism fashions princes potentates kings any form of coaloven those who claim that noses and fashions are right wing never defined their terms the most to spreading core then the bell of the political spectrum kept he found the type of government limited to its proper old detecting the rights of the that's where the constitution of the united states is those who advocate such a form of government are really constitutional moderates alice the bishop forms of one they are monarchy or dictatorship ruled by one oligarchy ruled by a few you won by jority croll by law and honeywhich is ruled by no one in discussing these five that there can be narrowed down to have looking first monarchy or dictatorship this form of government doesn't really exist on the practical side it's always a group that puts one of its members of front a king has his counsel of nobles or earls end ereditato has his dear acrates or commissars the men behind the scene this is a rule by one even though one person may be that this plot it's rotingro so let eliminate monarchy dictatorship because if no petrol obsist oligarchy which is ruled by approve is the most common form of government that all district and it is the most common form of government to most of the nations of the world and ruled by a powerful few therefore oligarky remind at the other end we find energy which means without governed some people have looked over history and found that many of its horse crimes were committed by governments so they decided that having no government might be but idea but this is a mistake because of the ancient greeks stated without laws and can be no freedom our founding fathers greed and held this some amount of government is a necessary force and any civilized orderly society the state atehee every one has to guard life the many of profiting and the lives of cameleers every one must be hard and movement is severely restricted because once property has to be protected at all kinds so as people have overtired some of the to the garden a sheriff a police force for some french of one what lawenforcement was in place before free they could leave their proctor in the fields and so on in short the proper amount of government makes there are some who advocate on echonever not because they want no government is because they don't like what they have use entertains a tool for revolutionary change condition of arc is very much like a vague tis something rushes in to fill it his calculating at artists work the break down the existing government with rioting killing looting and terrorism tragically the people living in such chaos often go to those best able to put an over and restore order he was spectable to put an end to the chaos the first people who started the other to secrete the problem that created government run by them oligarchy where they have total one this is exactly what happened in russia that led to lemon taking total power and in germany were headless brown shorts created the chaos the brought him to pose but at deresonable form of government sequestration from something that exists to something desired by the power under temporary condition and because it is in permanent real imitated as well the word democracy comes from torwards the most meaning people and crayon democracy therefore means the rule of the charge o this course sanscrit suppose the majority decided take away once hold worbis ness or children hobbisme there has to be a limit the flow in the microsis that the majority is in restrained if more than half the people can be persuaded to watch something into democracy they rule what about republics well that comes from the latin res beating thing and popecomplications the public thing the law a truly public is one with a government is limited by law leaving the people alone he merges founders had acquistato write on the corset up an olecranon fact there were some who wanted george washington to be their king but the founding fathers knew history and they chose to give us the rule of law the republic not the rule of a majority in a democracy why what's the astratte difference in the setting of the old west consider a lynch mock and at the morose thirty five busbeck riders chase one long gun as the old thirty five to one to hang the micros has tried him and this one less gone now concerned the same scenario in a republic the thirty five horseback riders catch the gunmen and both thirty five to one to hang but the sheriff arrives and he says you can't kill he's got right to a fair tribe so they take the gun went back to town a tory of his fears selected they there the evidence and the defence and they decide if he shall hang thus the jury even decided by majority re as to be unanimous or recased the rights of the government are subject to majority rules but to be this is the essence of a reply many americans would be surprised to learn that the word democracy does not appear in the declaration of independence or the u s const nor does it appear in any of the constitutions of the fifty states the founders did everything they could to keep us from having a democrisy changed matterson rightly known as the father of the constitution wrote an essay number ten of the federal spapers democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention have been found in compatible with personal security of the rights of prophet and have been general with in short in their lives as they have been violent in their best alexander ales and agreed and he stated we are a republican government real liberty is never found in despotism or in the extremes of democracy save you atoms a signer of the declaration of independence stated democracy of the last swung it soon wastes exhausts and murders itself the founder had good reason thought upon the mocracy with one because they knew that the democracies in the early greek city states produced some of the wildest excesses of government imaginable in every case they ended up with moral that anarchy had finally charity under an oligarchy during that very in greece there was a man named solon we creation of the fixed body of law not subject to a charge when the greeks never adopted solids pice counsel the romans they somewhat they knew solon's laws they created the twelve tables of the roman law and in effect herepublic that limited government power unless the people alone sic covenent was limited the products with the other standing that they could keep the fruits of their labor in time rome became wealthy and the envy of the world in the midst of plenty however the roman people forgot what freedom hated they forgot the descents of freedom is the proper limitation of on government power grows people freedom set wash the roman struck their guard how ersephori cians began to exceed the powers granted them in the roman constitution somewhere that they could elect politicians who would use government power to take property from some and give it to others agriculture substitutes were entered those followed by housing and welfare programs it evidently taxes rows and controls over the private sector were imposed soon a number of romes productions could no longer make gains me the well had petivit declined shorthouse that moths began rolling the streets to banding bread and circuses from the government many were induced to trade freedom for secured naturally the whole system can crashing down they went from a republic to or the montrose and it up with an oligarchy under a progression of the season thus democracy itself is not a stable form of government instead it is the gradual transition from living a government to the unlimited rule of an oligarchy knowing this we as americans are ultimately left with only two choices we can keep our republic as strange the editor and a wit an oligarchy while one who are pretty sat video nothing in the wantedthese on nothing is new and so you don't i think this is a good thing is to actually in spense en time educating people on some of these may be that's another thing we can do is grandstanding oh that they have been published with the assembly and some of some other really good sources like and how educate people on an things that may be we don't know because we grow up most is tropintoniam camps called education and i really be pretty impressed the fact that florida's calling him out as doctrinatis camps rather than the lately that's how the sandses and coming out with a lot on that night i preciate that you know very much and so i guess i guess so we might want to talk about this and if anybody else has a more to say you know i'm i'm open to do in whatever i really don't i just decided that i get in and try to do something doesn't mean i know everything or had it perfect and save him with care and were just doing trying oleomoto has the idea is through it out there in good with it so let's is my daughter has a new compromise proot all the shots as she gets sick all the time now onely sorry about that very very sorry and we've all unpeople who of hohenried really hurt by the lies that have been the believed by the people that we thought were telling the truth and were doing the right things and our best interest and they were so i think it's that's a yeah you take in a consideration and an approach to it compassion conderasto this is so the things that i ran anasarcin is childish out it will about more ah when we can replace that health care set with other approaches that are not there to harm us but are truly there without us we may find there are remedies for these is it may be we can't sup at the marina but like doctor centipede says we might be able to stop the sometimes that had produced as the result of it entretenerle to a general state of health still all these people who are worried about the shop he took or shots and wondering how are they going to be effected negatively because some people seem to be nathan ah i think we need the replaces hell carts in all things and emits the come upthey a very he but most people dostow cap any idea that it exists or use work good for people who exposed in it and if ere going to see a tall health care system bloom and blossom and plenigo to fight a way to get rid of big farm and we cannot do that in this effect of corporate controver ment system that is what i've been talking about worries an we are seeing our people be hurt right in our own family she talking about tanks but in crete this is a real dyer situation right here now from home and if you want to solve that problem i think that's one of the reasons what we should be looking at whether or not they fit into that assembly purpose and mission also on loosening to that video on long on its the jest that the documents i mentioned earlier as things for people to look too for true american history those are found on both the toastesses and undesired at work has a listing you can click on those leaks down load copies of all those documents and research them himself diseredit or another sinflood father senttheres papers you can get that in a paper book paper back book really easily and now probably orlast and oh and i let to re brionnet listened to and if you have pohoneechee for that what were our founding fathers thinking about as they wrote the constitution and then tried to educate the public so that it could be ratified we don't think about that very much any more but rate they had to convince people that this was a good idea it was a foreign document to them not for in literally it was a concept would was new to the people they didn't know how this was going to work out and found her head of riety of deference on that the federalist papers are great walnoot what was going on in their minds at that time which i find really interested they were arguing that is had radio berthen if it's a great good more as some man who was localises this is a wonderful videothe so much of congregants out there but this argument has been going on for a long time and it kind o got settled back at the beginning of our country they settled that we don't really ehreshoven wheel quite honestly the pattern is already there at any rate while eleven o'clock and i'm going to be doing another issues of the border or a special event tonight o'clock with people that are you know the researches that harvesting her talking with a last two special boats and so i think i probably should go get something to eat here ahint and i get to my day also but this a great show and i love the point to make her in your maizie and at every go check out carltheatre riveter on telegram if you don't know where to find her hollered my telegram and weston and i did a pole from her this morning so it's right there and he listened what she has a sakeshe doesn't lot of a break down to some rise of what we're hearing and that was oh very very much so with that sad we're going to go back to the fact that god is able i don't care something out of shot or that that it looks like things are you know coming down to a full stop around us often of probe on sometimes i've got a rope the bandit off in order to fix things and do a thorough hostilian i think that's where we now but at the end of the day god is able in all situations doesn't matter what thrown out he's he created all this and if he created it all he could it his vote dompshan and he's about as you know he he wants for best good so we can always put our trust in him no matter what and he will make a way when there seems to be no way it's amazing so stay faith well unwavering don't get you craned out o shape about the endorsements that you hear that are going on the wrong line that might just be here to speak up and help educate people in what's going on i think i'm to throw out got a report of couple reports i mean to show these reports out oh no on the something nose out there that shouldn't shouldn't be followed and were they that may be we want to ranavala and ah you know and and check out for ourselves o kirks rates disterminat one deserving die put out the check out corks long cours to i like her elotepec a talk with them and you know doing doing a little bit of a discussion backfor there i have on the show is not next week it's going to be soon because we're talking about i'm kind of interested in representing myself in a few cases i think that will be very intent so in looking into that little bit a cork case got filled in michigan here this week we'll have a number and a judge here should be by the end of the week to let all i'll publish that now now while court case and be once again remember most of what we're doing is not entirely obvious at first blush there's probably more going on around and ask some is what else is involved in are we trying to do it for exposure or week specking exposure oh yeah some so good to be counting on a curt kirk first second or his video from his monday night am on which caught it in a live video performance on monday night on the sixteenth he also did one on the twenty he third but i i am a listened to that hole minyo but on those sainted one which was venone am i listened to the couple o times because he he's been teaching about law for a while and he has the perspective of an assembly number so there's that he understands common law he understands where love people are above all of the other stuff what can we do in the defacto and what can we do in the desert and he's got a foot in both sides as i that's how i like to look at it but he has no way of teaching everything that comes out of his mouth he's teaching you vocabulary in a different way and a bloodbond has in your pencil flying if you're taking notes cause he's quick but you but you'll learn a lot she you'll learn all i like chalk he he can get on and roll he's very fast i was telling on adult don't speed up down and shuckund erionema estroict le now the originators of i guess he lets say a prayer for everybody and then we're going to get your days to day o ka derefter of the asevery green much for all these wonderful sources and fantastic people that have stepped up to the plate to serve this nation just like patriotic all through time press you were so thankful that you walk with us and all things in the thurston answer for everything out there and we can just trust you for the answer we s you give us prompting so we know what to do and discernment as to be a litigant perspective on what we see out there rest your blessings on a general plan admiral rogers and present pan all those who stand with them the patriots representing us and taking back the nation were very very thankful and we ask that and we ask that you keep our minds of positivity that we focus on you knowing that no matter what we see that you are in charge in all glory goes to you for old things we lay everything at your feet we lay down our preconceptions of pre precise notions about what is we lay down our work our hands and everything at your feet to use however you see fit were willing whatever you ask we are willing because we want everything here to be done on earth as it is please less every single person out there let them know that their very lock that we stand with them we we do not we do not and won't hold a mistakes over their head we were here to help not to harm and not to be read or belittle or anything else like the to those who are trying to do the right thing but the balance that is justice to those who have who have made they who have tried to harm the people that we care about that we love or our fellow americans are our people that just one to live at peace with you on this th and that a peer trying to do the right thing every day we esther blessed on every one of them in any one who's a criminal i asked that you would only so mighty warriors made warriors on them to put him in check and to confuse every plan that is that on herding your people in those you love thank you so much with stay how a us flood this flood this world in this nation with you with your presence with your spirit and we trust you for every solution that is is his out there comes from you and all goodness comes we love you in jesus name pray a man mesoplast worse here go heart hands god bless you god bless the all those whom you love and god bless america do you have any and words care in or good go were going how can thank you are you're welcome have great day everybody big love to all of you i forgot this go to thinning the friend bertragene brandeburg for governor do come i have not conceded on not one and how we've made everything right and out their puncheon and fight never single day for this nation will not stop don't know antequit won so they always stand gather to the end so that's love