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Published Jan. 24, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the twenty fourth day of january twenty twenty three once again while there's a lot of stuff going on and i got to tell him in digging into this nonsense with corporations and how they are in fact stealing our money and try to make us be thankful for that well i'm not i'm not even remotely thankful for it and i just want to let go on record to say you know i am i am not conceding to the election and i'm not conceding these globes hats who are stealing artistdoes of the morning i posted an article you know outenduring bring john on a minute it will go into this because it is in fact tenterait my periplusthe here it is his mesenterio had misterioso your hair cut look if he act we were talking about her before we got on the onethe broadcast this morning my her girl was like a crazy person i am like a living cheapthat's of fast by her girls so pontano that the more so as to what an ado there is a lot going on of course i always see you deep dive into a couple of questions here as we go on so i've got i've got a i didn't pass this morning and i'm just going to say this right now it's like even the things are going around us you know we don't maybe like god send to troll all good things let us be warriors he's called is to be god is with us don't be afraid to stand firm satan has lost wejack so let us not become weary and doing good for that the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up therefore as we have opportunity let us do good to all people especially to those who belong to the family of believers galations nine through and then i got into something this morning which i found is interesting it is the all of it is an expansion plan in michigan and when you follow the money i don't know maybe i'm just bad it may after something like this but these more i tried to convince us that and this is a perfect example of the corporate shall game to convince us that we're getting avanait from our tax delighted in vested and alg gem the eve and the street we nothing not a zero zippo accept and dulcett's not like the six exsellent ng that's heraldfine something like but we had there from this akamaddin o this and while you what more i people i think at the symbolism is out there in is taken him down but ah you know it's like nothing heraldeth the way that nothing derozio note nothing so any ten million dollars for the michigan business development program is going into this ten million dollars to the job writing program that's a total of twenty million dollars to create it alleged one thousand two hundred jobs do the math on this what is costing to create that man does but it doesn't stop there the city hall and gets one hundred and thirty two point six million dollars and occuring you elegantly to their little placed puppets in their government of a public functionary position argonauts fifty thousand dollars to purchase equipment i think about think about what is going on here this is not we are a minorite the next post that i want that it put out their two to summarize this little goat rodeo that they've got going on the corporate with the third employees repeat employees which are public functionaries it's a corporate gilhow many lower communities are underserved veterans are families are rod construction of men i went around the stake for sixteen months right the roads are a disaster they are complete and utter wisest they are taking their toll out our cars which is another form of theft by apoplectics we just won't fix the road because then we'll wreck their cars and they are not going to be able to get around good plangus and so anyhow with and how man yelled how would have been hurt by their engineered inflation is is long so right here he got a hundred fifty million dollars corporate give way to billed multinational corporations our government is building the entire business and corporate structure the supply lines and less just call it is it's the bacteriace dollars so that they control and on every kind of sounds like the world economic for now her lair because there is all layers so that we don't see our things they think we're stupid but we are so this is what the government is responsible for it's not what its respose to be responsible for and it's not what it should be engaged in building multinational corporations people placed within the government or employees of these corporations with goal of stealing as much as they can for we the people salesby cattle all of them there were there were two companies that he came off this morning that our local hissing of brothers and allied with canticles that are building that are binding on this this money that's going into it right now and i think we should just boycott all on they have anything to do with this this is a bunch of one and guess what they're going to crash the electorate greed and that who know we're going to crash the electric grid with these edibiles which is happened in california we already seen this happen and then tell us that were not worthy of the electricity unless you bow down to them and you play their vain you bow you you fall into the globes a on got up and take whatever crumbs they give us that's what this is all about and when you think about it though i believe in my heart a heart that the we have been sold the same vill of goods with the gas and oil industry absolutely half and it it's one of the biggest lies and that's been foisted upon the american people in the world when honestly that about the gas and oil nonsense itself there we got everywhere gassing oil natural gas it's everywhere we have more natural we have more natural gas and products and in anacard than they've got satiabia don't want to tell him you had but in dmichigan too don't want to tell her body then cause the only way that they make money not transportation and convincing us a scarcity nonsense nonsense but they're going to creep eight a true scarcity to starve us out i'm not buying anything about these chickens this chicken not in senses going on you know fifteen i saw fifteen dollars a dozen eggs that kenya se right now i am actually one of the the wealth barons of the nation because i don't chickens so or kecollections and you too wellthe well of the of the of the world at your disposal but anyhow that this is this is absolute this is absolute crop and i'm going to read i want to read something on part of this cause i mean i could go into the news here substantially and then then we got to get into another nonsense thing i found which is has to do with the van antlanticus and the state of michigan cap at the china and by labs now tell me and grand rapid this what they do they take the things that we trust and they corrupted so that we stop asking questions and we just like oh yeah i'm sure that this is a good organization in al unlike really this crazy so in love read this this is from just a little bit here if people so lge entries entered he solution at nowas one point seven billion plantation and michigan i'm sure they do because they thrown three billion into it in the state and now all this nonsense with the bequethe earlier come now and twenty oasis chalchang these people in in its like is this is this is not and then that the connection would go when you look at what happened with married barroter there who contributed a whitmers campaign she was a donorthe got for shiver government moors over there eight hundred and twenty oh me baby for six to eight hundred twenty sommo million dollars and corporate in sonnes and tenses we are finding these globules corporation to the tune of every single thing we have because not only they give in in a way their engineering the inflation so they can prevent print more money and then also the remontado rats as you ought we should just get rid of the dept ceiling as a new like hot this morning that was only none yet the anitos conservative lemme i can look akitoye is so it's like so it was so now we're going to get rid of the debts sailing see can just you know we could spend whatever we want to spend because guess what they just print more on freeing while so there's my morning ran of the nonsense going on by la loi qu public functionaries actually there not low ice they're des cropcrop so very says he you yoland lovis morning like widow how do yo yo good morning good morning to you all so there you go that's what i've been taking on what say you well there's a lot of things that i can on i actually was at the convention in a wan county with the u s taxpayer people and we were changing the proces or some of the planks one of the planks that we said was term limits and i mean real turnin no term limits were you served two terms as a how sarramento terms as the senator and that two terms as the director of something or other and you never leave office that's not the type of that's not the thing that turn lines were talking about what we're talking about is you spend four years or if you want six years in office in your done conorian ever again you were you can go home that's right and go back to your business what he can never work for government there will be no retirement there will be no special privileges for any of these it's a just straight six year term or four year whatever we want and that's the only real term limit that the game that was put on us by engler was we have to deal house and that's going to go away too we don't want a tool house we want asserere sent atives because the purpose of the senate originally in the federal government was to have the states legislatures picked the senator they screwed them up by the nineteenth amendment and said now we're going to throw it open to the public and let the public folk for the and now there's an absolutely no countability on senators that are in washington they spent six years per termed there and there is no tocan't get him out of office once they're in their sons soul the michigan sixteen are the sininen amendment of the federal constite has to be or repealed number one and put the senator's back under the same so the state can control and if you know what stabbing all you don't do what we tell you to do you're all we're going to put somebody else in there that will do it well it is to as to be held accountable you know there has to be accountability and it's just like when you hire cause we're hiring the government to do a job for us which is the service and if they do not perform this service they are not rulers kings or anything like that if they don't perform the service removed and that in iris re looked at that way we were we had ours and can't colony the sweet catch us taxpayers convention it can't colony and we were talking about putting out a a statement that were going to work on for oh the young process of the lections one day voting i do not believe in absence ballots except for the military i'm sorry it or country is going it's too easy to have the system until we get something figured out that will allow every single vote to be counted accurately the system we have right now encourages corruption and leased to any holes in it so i think i think all have since the ballotshould be should be done and nullified because we certainly they can't handle it what it would we have we had like forty five we were above forty five per cent sneasin the state his people don't want to wait and lie now i get it it's a pain to wait in line it is also a pain you know some people have a real problem with waiting in line and i get it but we're losing our country right now and antoletti thing figured out and the only way to get the thing figured out is to get honest people in office who can turn the system around no registering don know registering voters same day registration we need to have and when when you to stop this the thing that shocked me to most was that our all the absites to a clearing house and he tried before they go to the huntington setter there's no oversight there there's no pooshies there's no nothing and they know how you vote just by looking at your envelope so it's like any oopen it and so that the amount of tampering that can happen along the way with chain accosted and there's the is no there is no way to accomplish this with a system we have right now in it we will never have fredericton lest we get what it well no one of the most important things that we have to look at is binding their hands with those it is by oath of office and lethe swear not to office that both the boss office needs to mean some and up to now they cover for col though judicial department covers for the legislature and executive and they shall be got immunity we got to be at they don't have a unity they don't have immunity so they need to be brought in if you break your oath of office or done that's treason that's where we need to go and then they then there much more careful about breaking their oath of he streso could be death tend soul but the problem that we have is that we we call people i've writ judicial tenure complains i write lawsuits against judges who break their own to office and the kind of say once so on or they and in many of the judges don't even register there do their oloof ice at the appropriate time period that required by the cost they have a specific time period they can't just get elected in november and then wait till january february and i take off take the offals there suppose to do within a time period of getting elected they don't do that and in i was in front of cavanagh in the one and i brought that oath of office in there and i showed it through him and he says i must adding what is that men exactly passes is a somethat supposed to have made me go yes sir what are we supposed to do you know he espieth but i didn't have enough background to argue with him it in all i we learn as we go through this point and so i learn every time i go to court every time they talked of these bold heads i learned something new because they always pick their footing every single time so when they do that we write it down and we use it the next time we just kind of keep close in the window on a little bite and hope and hopefully we'll have the window at one point time where it will be totally ah but the point of the matter is that they twist the low to fit there situation now it lastly i think it was you were talking or mention something about concord cut to shoe convention was it lastly ideas i don't know we talk about a lot of subjects so at once son and and and he are people out there that really think this is a cool idea we're going to change the constitution or we're going to add to the conserendam nd the constitute to add oh down to the budget amendment for how do how do you do that how do you balance the budget will you have it unlimited credit card when you can raise the debt sailing when you want hey martha we don't have enough money let's raise the dead ceiling on our critic on grounds spend more a long wisely yeah i mean i mean if they can do it we should be able to do it and if we aren't doing it i mean they are not our bosses the rare a hired service to carry out the wishes of we the people period and the story so then who gives immunity to the so called judges or there's two types of immunities one is complete amenity and the other one is situational immunity who gives those immunities to judge it pretty extra sure there given him to themselves that's right because who can give immunity to do ah just themselves i don't know how you know i mean is to be used but i don't know what you but i'm not willing to give them immunity for any of this failure to perform if you could give a judge immunity the nap means he'll have me because you can give yourself a munity because you are the sovereign you are in charge you are the king the king or queen can give you can give himself immunity but he can't give it to somebody else to public fish so if the public functionaries are running around saying all we got immunity we got a unity well then we have him yet we have immunity from tickets from from taxes from anything we want because we are the sovereign were in sore not then so that the philosophy are the nonsense that goes on that says you that they have immunity and there's corcases after corascene cord case that says the dolls then if that's the case how are they managing to get through not being soothed not being a held personally liable for damages that they've created while sitting on the bench and soldans because the system is corrupt and set up to be that way to protect the in un going to say the bar because the powers of the corrupt organization right now big time if you're a member of the bar you have certain freedoms and immunities because you're an esquire and you are a step above the rest of us who are the labor at least that's what they think the case that's why they call themselves as one so then we go back to corporate and government you say corporate and government get together as i heard the first time by by the last governor snider so snyder snider with walking about public private parts in an evil make anaphorical issue of that public private parties well that's national socialist we went to war and why are we now accepting it or allowing it to come back into her position in o what happens when you give corporations that kind of power of the government then the corporations can shut you out and say he you don't have the right kind of money ah you're you're you've got bad credit score you got this he got that you can't buy in or sell in the field you don't have a vaccination you can't you don't have a international driver's license and this in no international bastis goes on and on and at this public private partnership if that are the angels the angels are taken this nation hostage and you know just in order to plague the game in different industries it really is they've really formed cartels rien in all the industries are released settle as a cartel to lock any one out and to price the they are in fact price fixing by keeping out competition of e and there cainotensis all others should be so many antitrust suits flying around right now and or seizure of assets with these companies that are really a really an assault against constitution and the rights of of the sovereigns which is each one of us if that you haven't seen the movie take but the car took her the car that built the one the great movie probably on you tube but it talks about how the government basically g m and ford how push tucker out of the atteindre even though he had the innovations for those were well i called no i call general montmors government motors because we've done so many ballots to them it's like ann and they have no accountability they take their stuff they leave when they take the money they say they're going to do jobs and they don't produce perform anything as soon as they get the money it is just a black hole in despair and then once they started they need more what was three three something billion dollars that and and i mean you start and the the taliations our government that there basically installing people into our government poor employees of the corporation there they were the portion or or and this is this is what it means to be public private partnership is that it's the corporations who have all the money who are literally running the government the lobbyists are involved in it at the the the whole system is to a sir we the people and have companies corporations run the government rather than the people have to be able to be the ones have her voice as her and that's actually a where i would start with the job performance review is collecting information from people in each of the districts areas townships counties the state on different issues and comparing it to how the public functionaries actually voted and if they do not vote with we the people and the people that are not not not any organizations not to special interests not the penmaker the bolder guides or the endorsements that should be legal also it's it's up it's lection in her it's election or fearence is what is and so what what we need to do as we we need to go ahead and hand that be the matric of which we compare whether they are in fact following their old of office to represent a constituent if they do not match up or cents substantiate the way that they felt it the burdenprofits on them that we should make them they have the burden of proof that they are in fact following their constituents if they cannot provide it all of even a minimal then they are not working for read the people they need to be out there also collecting it and because most of all are a little shy on the ice numbers up there we're going to have to help him for a while to know how to collect the information from we the people hold them accountable and as they if they with the corporation treason good bye exactly the point it's treason when they don't follow their oath of all i have sworn an oath of office so god and threw us to uphold the constitution and if they choose not to do that for one reason or another that's the treason is maximum plate battle devotees in his deed but life in prison would work to well i think it is as we can consent here and screamed and yell trees on an innocent nothing but but we got to have those mechanisms in place two in fact hold them accountable or have a measurable out come this is the whole problem with our entire government there is no matter for anything there is no accountability there is no measure for performance there is nothing and i've said this from the beginning we have to have job performance reviews or a job performance protocol that they have to follow in order that we could say yes you are in fact representing your constitute and anything that you know that influence is that from the outside of their constituents that is in fact of violation of oath of office and in against the constituted in its easy all we got to do start gathering information if they don't vote that way where the constituents baby you're gone you you have failed to see but there's more we could do that a very base level one that that's kind of a chip shot you know well the problem that we have with ah holding people accountable is that we have a whole group of people out there they are not accountable for what they do they behave the way they want they think that to no hay i got this freedom if i wanted to a certain thing i'll just do it and and all and i'll get away with it and a lot of times they do because the people that are they should be calling them out on it or part of the poem castle and reap we have more people than are part of the problem than we have people that of the solution so we have to turn on around in that educate when i think people don't even know what to do with this point time you know we can educate them but like i said i really think that we're going to go back to this having to make kind of a little bit of a man you'll stop i stop you do if you want to it you don't like a little hand but you want a contact your legislator shores or your legislators this is how do you do it is the best way to do it and that here is a value to get that information out of an there's ways to do it we just have to we we just have to take a very uneducated population because we've been an indoctrination and really show them step by stottis how to do it do i agree ah i wanted to bring up i don't know if he ever heard of margot o'connor she used to be a legislature in the eighties she came up with a document which was i don't know a hundred and ten pages maybe two hundred pages and a full of and that was called pork barrel or girdle conners porker and sheepless everything that was pre and there were tons of stuff that were listed pork barrels she eventually i don't know if her charm limit ran out or if she retired her or what happened what she ended up getting out of the st oh but she was one that followed the pork barrel stuff that was going on in lancing and it was unbelievable and i was back in the aids he don't think things got worse now things are a lot worse than they were in so margaret o'connor yeah she was a legislator back in i think in the eies maybe and i think pork barrel i don't know i still have oliver pork barrels you see out there maybe she's that in no thevictory of those people are not i must see i've seen somebody that's the american quarterhorse sociation nononothing that's probably not the right one however i do very much like the list the horses to thunder congressional pig book citizens against government was he eesa that sounds like that might be used there paganico is a paper book yea it is in fact so he reiniging to go on to share that page a minute to minnit you're a kitchen table rightnow she takes me minutissima situation he happening here this is john and dona down a run on a screen moenibus failure at it the crito making one all right you're so there you congressional pig books some summary as at well doesn't look like mine but a good very well be it as to look through and see who is the author of when it was her book government was they may have just call off to it his two thousand two which means that there's youwhatever may be distorted click the select ears he can you select the year there try edith but there's the runnion cercyon which is amazing well i got down and nineteen ninety one so doesn't go that far back i think this is continenter sting in the so interesting link here comedian and all this you know this is this is so crazy that we have got to have our bills pertaining to the title it limit the limelight i understan limit the length and then oh ah of the bill itself posted for public comatas that there you go we get to do we do a assessment of how well their doing and then it's got to his gotoient class to get rid of that if they don't accomplish it home why here's the problem with his with this nonsense then it's been going on for a long long time number one number two we here people like wit me and some of the other more on in a lancing that saved were broke when i have any one we got to raise taxes to goths and it's all because they are throwing it away in these pork barrel in these different kinds of five i have to dig out my book and read a few of those pork girls of skin the scare some of the stuff that they've got in there that they're spending money on and the federal government is in any different and that's how they keep system functioning by spending every last time that they have and then sang we need more we need more we need more and you don't need the money ah so you're good to drive one gallon or one take of gas less than you could drive last month or last year because we're going to tax that money out of so this is the kind of nonsense that's going on in lansing and it's grown on obviously in the federal government where the federal government does what the heck they pleased to do and then at the there's a lot here you were on your fling on one receiving fines of benedetti two and eighteen klingenstierna that's proudly her book first one nineteen can what an but there was an a coalition back then it was just her pulse arsino monsoon fine asinine of course no worse lady got creeps like nests the eriniset he's the guy that the cause the issues of the smart meter back in nineteenth two thousand thirteen and he was running the i can even think of what it was at the communications or whatever hitch information and he was allowing de te do whatever they wanted to do and we actually wrote in letters several and which he didn't respond so he finally got out of his because his term limits ran out and they for him into a a directorship of the so these guys don't leave there once there there and they've there there good and i think he ran for senate in he got into he became a senator so once these guys are in the system they never get up and even though we have what we call term limits the term limits are meaningless because we don't have a way of we don't have a real stock gaff mesotomein there four years eight years six years whatever that time period is in you're done i don't stay in government for thirty years like the pension when i don't think there should have youwethey do either now it's like that's what that was what the last proposal was is actually doubled their term limits so that allowed them to move around so all its doing is creating a ruling class of politicians who play ball with each other and give them further ability to continue these guys margaret or ernest ah and i want to publicly announce these guys de gals crooks and ruth johnson she's a cock in anybody that bolts for her should have the head example actually put in a vice for not and they keep putting on back in office now i understand the rection the elections rigged to a degree and that may help of get in office but ruth johnson's a cook and people should know that and in publicly coming out in telling her that so commandsome i love it because i've got her on a lost she was not the only one the less hope there's a whole list of again does it get in to milton the cake in mindthe oh so this is interesting so here's a char and moscheles on this is a last time years ah that looks like the clock is that october night one seven ah that could be her okay i go pull her books to north carolina in sight as loses now she's michigan right but i alesius de thought here i lost go back to the drawing board here and that i keep looking around will you talk so that's something that the people need to be aware of there because the state can create the money the state can create the taxes or race the general government creates the money through the federal reserve in prince paper out of note or digits out but the fact of the matter is that the state can do that with the states got a direct line to the people and the context the people property taxes john england pulled his shenanigan on us back what he was in office and he said it now what we're goin to we're going to raise your a sales tacks to six per cent and we're going to drop your property tacks below where it is right now significantly so is the problem which now we have a six cent sails facts no matter what but the property taxes continued to go up because of ingle turn out did we when he had game turns out she was the wife of american cars horses station passed president so i like her better every minute he so let me see my finger book here here ligeoise every year those four girls or for the amazon has a few of home he is maronite in a to look into this a little bet because there's a lot of mottoes is worth worth a study i think yes it is it is i i got every one of her books when she was in office i got a locate of my two atom but the there there got the handsome interesting things that they were paying money for if i had read some of those things to you be shocking where the money went as are one billion ah here are men just like throw the sup here men at once what he happens here is a bridge michigan monson's eighty million and pork standing to fight crowntires right and that they've got no right to do any of the non sans that's right in one corona's over with they're going to come up with a new you know what i poeti call it panic of the month club with the new panic in the month club you know he is that's exactly what it is it's panic in the month o club all losh well it was to find her books and put him up there i am in fact here is one by my mackinaw a dot or mackinaw sonner i actually think they do pretty good job a stuff there when i see all this was good here's another good one easton standing access a grotto the tops so i remained on he had lived to see peggy's there the mystery of anonymous earmarks whose span it michigan legislator reproved eighty a hundred fifty millions for new corporate and deals last week all their so far above that i think they missed about you know ellen dollars you know this crazy he there is as the private for profit machinetool speedways also been directed officiary and this is going to go on and on so let's see what it was to day the thesis october fourth twenty twenty two that might be worth looking into eyes in all these companies oh yes i heard about this theatres and curling clubs now i nothing against hurling closes as such but what i do i have a look publicorono with public money not with theatres not with that sort of thing you know there's better ways to do that that should be that should be a private see that's iverything is so backwards there is there finding things that further their little commission in seven low sorry about that it so there is another one so i have to look into this market o conor and her there's a lot out there about pork belt barrel stuff in michigan i saw another one here admitted to less i find out one that was i likely like looking into this and and research in about that will run line here he also in fine her then it's going to take us the while to find out that's a we got all kinds of time to create problems for these theologalis ah that's what we got to do i got her if others we a cree lots of problems i think i think we can honestly i think we can do a good job on that call on a mile said no i don't think so this pan put one of see i could pull down on their article out on i can find it or mine mason o likesome of the stuff on you know i look at all kinds of stuff the anonimous conservative and a scroll through that one so sometimes know everybody gets off in the weeds once in a while she got to think for yourself well this brings us back to the concord nosed this this has been going on ever since i can remember i mean way back in the seventies they were trying to pull the con kind on the on the united states to chase one cause they want to eliminate a lot of the freedoms that we have a lot of the bill of rights and the people don't get it that's the problem the general public doesn't understand that these people are out for nefarious reason they're not out for our benefit there out for their benefit and we have the wake up to this kind of nonsense and con conceave been buried nineteen seventies when it started in who you got a people that are honest in place an we don't so that goes back to the ill have to look in a later in that goes back to the need to have freed perlections it's like some of the stuff is going to have to be put back into the process and it's probably not going to be able to be done in one day and so you know we're going to have to the standing in all the stuff is going to take some a little bit of a how does patience and gods to get through this but on the other side it's going to be glorious i send you i sent you an article to day did you get it oh i like an walk i proudness as they get up in the morning and start setting this up into and some research let me see here more now seen and at that i saw with you yesterday tuesday at nicholas others one that i just sent out about the all before our meeting few minutes before me ah me see what i have he don't see a right now but i had it does say i've got on this as you of one a million dollars for pic his most that's not me i cocomitante mister kenmore with your name sex and age he then in going to happen so i'll just all just give up that million dollars from pchihd no eat much onotes i wonder if i have the wrong email vice i'll take to you don't say it out loud okay in an i'll send that article to you now after that was then i wanted to talk about just briefly i have a ones that are out there but i'd not like or want ever be stamine that's out here he that one that i just sent you please see this my as my friends and family and more pertinent information email we don't want the lizard people sending me craft like you've got a million dollars sitting here in from a nigerian prince alas alas on take me a second i got it right here i know where it is because i spent the morning finding it when i look at something here too oh i'm going to give a shout out here to to a to a eric why who keeps who is wonderfully putting stuff up all timeyearling at this i want to start here elements for being effective in a court room and this is a nice way to look at his play lisois on brandenburg news network that con word going from it liberate now too but these are the ways of getting to things at anything you see denoyer mind hollidies not more fresh because i use all there is about it prior readings are studies his own new point of view and given the floor for just a lot at an ill be reconsidered do that and no wateredin that i'll find as colligere the founding fathers really understood they headed up to their high walls with mister ohandgeorge of there he really was having a good time with all his military coming over her perishing as chilling our people raking them robbing them and not getting convicted not punishing his soldiers we had man and if you want understand the situation just go back and read the decoration of independence that's a wonderful state the problem was about and why we reacted to king george we didn't want to leave the king who were very loyal as e there were the abuses the founding fathers understood this well i really understand it they first tried the confederacy that didn't really work so well so the constitution was a second attempt at it now my opinion of the constitution is one of the finest documents ever ever created but ignored did you see prose around you to day and my opinion they're not because of the constitution there because the constitution is being ignored and why as a thing ignored because ignorance is reverencethat do not teach the civics in school any more the very first school that was editor public co every first mentor public school was populated under voluntary supervision the children were escorted to the cool against the parents wishes by the military not the belly at the military then why was it so or for as he settled government and whatever cover was it brought the soldiers out why was it so important for them to go to that extreme which basically was one on constitutional wealth the cause the key to population control is to the night ten fifties they gradually stripped out the subject of civics and replaced it with a dites they gradually stripped out the subject of civics and replaced it with a new subject called american government has anybody seen that school okay what's the difference siricio look it up in the dixonary i send something to the effect that is that branch of political philosophy the concerns personal light i do not in strangement in concert personal rights equip teachin at then we should stand when the constitution was formed for usually when we declared our impendence insensible seventeen seventy six we were not and uncultured moorish wanchope le we were not a bunch of backwoods when that's what they like the tales they like to leave us with the impression that you know we're just a bunch of and yet she now random the holes decided to rebel just to put in perspective i want you realize in seventeen seventy six harvard university was over one hundred years old james we were a cultured society we had our customs we had our usages we were equal to hingland and church so are doomed they like to tell is that the united states over two hundred years ago old well when you talk of the culture here were over four hundred years old we were stablished and out of those experiences we do not the constitution what do i mean by we i mean we the people crane so anyway and get into this i'd like to point out something else many years ago there was a fellow named cicero and this is on the side i just i'm not going to hunt for it right now but it's on there cicero said a few men live by reason mostly by experience the remainder live by necessity and the animals life by nature now what he saying here he started the top most men i mean a few men live by reason what this range is a you look at something here's a here's me and out of the air and be you conclude this esse okay you care a noise on the roof then you can close without looking out the window that straining i say you try your conclusions from the facts that are before you more this approach that i using requires you to think don't ask me for an example i already give you one it's called example so i think that that's a nice way to start as a you know people need learn to think and actually take this upon themselves to self governance as well as for education he is one that there's there's a whole less as a whole play list on brandenburg news not worked at home that you can go down and a and check out slow information all right what i said you was something that my friend ran you know one ingres we do a lot of work together he he i got it didn't he was in a this was the eighties achieve he ran into somebody named alton i think it was often most and alten moss said ohio's non estate that was upon nineteen eighty something and so brown of course is the kind of gothic does sundaying and he does some digging any fines this public act of nineteen fifty three that makes ohio state now the question is they go back to the eighteen hundred can they retroactively make a law and make it go back to the eighteen hundred the answer is no but what they could do as they could give ohio the state bed in nineteen fifty three when they found out that it was not a state in i think victory was a territory but they chose not to do it why we we can only surmise that there were something like eight people that ran that became presidents congress many shudders and so on and so forth that came became b were in public office that passed bills and they just didn't want to upset the apple cart so they said we'll go back to eighteen whatever was eighteen hundreds and make a hoose so i got i bring that out because this is the kind of shenanigans that goes on in congress on a constant basis we have nancy pelosi saying we're going to make washington dc and we're going to make ah portorico st so i fifty two states she can't do that but people don't know that and therefore people by into or non send she also says if you want to see the bill ah you got to pass it first and then you can read it what is what's that alle this is the nonsense that's been going on in congress for many years since the as the word democrats but were in office they were crooks and corrupt and they wanted a waif a in a ruling the situation so they came up with these ideas and a fifty i think it was fifty three was when isenhout was an office or a can play everything on democrats only but the fact of the matter was they broke the law to bring ohio in as a state they should have won through the process then all the other states had to go through and they had to run with the constitution for year and live under it and evoked the people at the votes to become a state and in the state and was granted but that was not tagus from a public act got in congress and see my god oils not spake we ought to see let's just make it in then they can't do that that's like blows let's just so this is the press event that's been set that the congress can make a territory a state just by waving a wine that's the way situation started and that's the way pelosi thinks she has the power or had the power to bring washington d c and as it and also of bring in porto rico and not also to say he ree you can't read the building till you pass it what kind of nose possess little purpose of reading the bill is to find out if you want to pass but now with the new republic a people in those twenty people by the way rode him a letter i got to send you a copy of the life ah congratulating them on their efforts to stand and oh be counted and also marjorie taylor green who against the etchedlest i don't think she understands that the at does not exist because there is no constitutional authority for an eight organizes to be used against the people just like iris i like any think of all of them fool and drag all of these organizations he selftormentor animations do not exist according to norton verses shall be county we really have to continue to be the drum on this norton verses shall be county against all the public functionaries that are in office so they don't keep pulling this kind of crampon on a daily basis nobody i need i i never heard that ohio is not a state and i didn't know that they passed a law in nineteen fifty three to make it as sin that there's the law so this is the kind of nonsense that's been going on in congress for years and we don't do any and in the nine executive branch too for years they've all of a sudden they needn't need to do organization were going to have a coloneley organization so are going to develop a covetous or we're going to develop a healthy human services or were going to devolve child a prefectess first of all that's an oxymoron the things roughfooted children like her african the the traffic and glow and in the crazy thing is is that all these do good are organizations out there part of the problem and if we don't get back to the constitution and start you know getting a hatchet man and that position in order to start cottoning out all of the the money game you do there's no money in being inhonestly in being honest in the government there's no money in it they make money by being dishonest and by every you know it's i i really i am really shocked is like you know you look at the amount of money that's going into a child trafficand all it is shocking in staggering or in the corporate kingdom building there it is there's so much money and all it is i take money from here and put it here it's thievery it's exactly correct and it goes on way up to the top sir does and there using all of these all of these five one se threes or all of these begged for money organizations and all i've seen is that in this is a cross the boar all i've seen is just in incredible wealth for these the there sort of like ah ah the the ugly twin maybe the maybe the prettier twin of the politician the public functioners the five one sea threes and then includes the church is in includes education or it rainclouds oh you know like like social relief thanks it includes in includes you know things that are going on down at the border this stuff is its just unbelievable and they're all cogs and this and it's going to take people to say you know what i'm not going to participate are we really making are we really making a deference for the money frae money that we're getting or our regius compounding it by being another part of this criminal wheel this beast system we've got going out there pretty extra surer than the people that are really making a real difference are the ones that are either self funding because there's no money in it exciteront because the their hearts like you don't digital soldiers that are out there trentones actual people they don't get no money for what they do it's all volunteer in the misnomerthe is no money in actual real service it's a service is a duty always had a problem with churches that beg for money back in back in bible times when they paid a ten per cent or a type that was their tax it was a flat tax as what it was for the community but it wasn't like all we're going to run the church ornitrophis church and that church in another church one never given enough and you see all these people you know you can see it black lives matters which is in fact not and on profiteerin and later the responsible for every single time of destruction that there paid operatives in bout were involved in silver two billion and you can see the houses these people had it and they've never had a real job they they don't produce anything they're just grifters they just beg for money they they're beggars and in their better great and they raised lots and lots of money they really don't do anything other than lying their own pockets and our politicians are like the people are institutions are like the sicle thing here the other day i had some that came up and said president tromp the rightful president the united states he his biggest down fall was he couldn't get good people around him an office where are you going to find him the occiput it like oke everybody that's out of this a genius and knows so much who is he going to pick from has there so few of them that are taken there for the right reason and if they are there prove black mailed compromise or paid off how do you get to work with that you know unless you go in there and say you yet you fit you i i you fightyou fight you fire you fire defied defied your fire caught last gone department gone gone gone gone bone you know going in there where the financial nashatyrin cut everything down back down the constitution that the only thing that could that's gino work i think his gave plan i listen a lot o ex twenty two when i think explanitory spot on its to what's going on i love a yeah what exploit or ah i like to enter in this sustainment two forced i gave glad ouchang when his comments are that we're in biggest thing operation that we have ever seen this is a sting operation against the deep state and those people are that are involved in the process and so an i believe that that's what's going on i believe that this is he that we are we we see the light at the end of the tunnel it's a long way away yet it's there and it's for the one and part of the people that are listening to people like dave and watching tromp and watching whatever else is going on or understanding that this is in a worn middle of it were a little he began and what were winning amazing because we haven't many old in up to now donnelly definitely went yes we are definitely were in him we it was we have lost the latter ground over the years because of the because of i ben we can go all the way back to are the rockefellers and the oil company and the paper companies and and the pharmaceutical industry how they destroyed him as the main state product of the united states ah and how they brought in marijuana there alcatoides on that nowadays ah because they use the term there was so evidently a mexican term marijuana wasn't american and so they you know they deem a five they the and plan and they they removed their across the world because they wanted their oil industry they wanted their pharmaceutical industry the textile and strict to boom and hemp what of destroyed all i'm a pas yes i mean it or gormet is guilty of human traffic in weapons travandrum trick per townend they want point at all as i okement sure somebody set up there better you know there're cleaning things out but we had clean that hall though and it's got to be clean chopped bottom before we move on for of andrea a couple of questions o please ask wire what is the function of the federal government supposed to be that some the function of the federal government is supposed to be the united states order they obstricting us from invasion of other country they have no other they have no other requirement they are not required to of course coin money actually coined money not print money the febrer reserved doesn't doesn't exist it's a it's a it's one of those are organizations just like the bat or some of the others that are alphabet organizations at him no constitutional authority how we deal with his his people as we go to the constant they the government says we're going to organize this kind of department you go to the constitution you say where is it the worse the where is your authority to organize that particular capacities or an estate cost if it's not in the constitution norton verses shall be county says it doesn't exist as clear as it can be several and the amigo down here so i michael bodel says he got a pollen person i said to a very smith we will file complaints when they fail to uphold their unofficed to the point that they can't be bonded harrismith lots and lots of dirty deeds here so what's the encouraging word good word good news is good word good news because you know what the best things that one covered the dirty deeds your actually your absoly figuring out as part of the assessment pro you have to go through and look at what things are really going on you can't see coto you've got to get down to what's real and you've got to expose things for what they are without sin hating we live in in a country and in a time workeverything is sanitized all the media is giving their talking point even on the internet i look at some of the patriots stuff this unsocial median it makes me est latrations one it is for sounds like a concerned effort to me because they are all kind of singing the same thing and i like where where are you going to find the truth it's going to be off sonderformen it's not going to be out in the main stories whether it's an oporation inserving colt though in the social media or prevailing cult thought in mainstream me ask yourself why is this hiding the new cycle all at once cruel is pushing tess i want i always want to know and then i get off in the weeds and i start looking at other stuff that nobody's talking about because i typically find that that's of their trying to distract us and it goes here me and then a moscheles's my gosses or any one in lancing that isn't a crock ah i think es'timte can't menaante one prior to this before you jump ah which one about the finding complaints that i'm tololorums to the point where they can enter let's carry get garry garry should be looking at the word to share the juries and norton and the sure means constitutional or by law now the federal government as well as the state government doesn't want to talk about the the dog the word de curious never been brought up a knot in the lexicon of over discussions they talk about over reach a government is over reached a government's not overreaching government usurping authority in the difference between a usurpation and an overreach is an overreach hon reaching across the table to grab the salt shaker that's an overreach the usurpation is a violation of their oath of office and a violation that's criminal then that's the way we need that we as people need to start using the language to bring these turkeys down we can or we can say hey you know he's you gets stopped by police officer or you're in a court room and he asked the judge a your honor are you going to be a decurione occupying a decurio ice and see how he answers that we have had we had a couple of people in our group ask win one asks smith ah state circuit or judge in michigan are you going to be a decurionis occupying a disguise and she says i i don't know what that is are we vast my word another one to michael in in the tea desguisier occupying a disguise and he his and as an end ran finally says have you ever read norton indices lie looked at it calender judge so very important cases the most important case that exists and you haven't looked at it then we asked the perone the parowan about norton verses shall become anysis you know a lot of people that no bones but what are you doing about it will nothing all it's been spiritof silence that these bare tourneys are doing because they don't want to bring it out cause it'll destroy ninety per cent of what they're doing to because it is law the land it is starry decisis which means it's got the power of law but we don't use it because almost people don't understand it but we have to we have to go back to the language a more founding fathers and the language of the supreme court that set this one thing in motion and that's the way we're going to fix his come running to run into somebody that's running for office and i did when i was running for guli had some some woman come up to me she was running for governor are not governor but for some kind of legislative and i said oh and she is a democrat and i says well i can you tell me the difference between a republican at the micros she says i'll give back with you he and she was away down the street and wherever she goes and an a half an hour later she comes back and he i'm not going to her with your asking as well do you believe we haven't democracy or republic is she says a demics i says well now i understand why you don't oh and then we had got into a discussion i don't know if i changed their mind but in all what they you got to get into the discussions with that's where you do the john tar you're wrong resiniferous of so of mingle to the metathesis or any one in lasting that isn't a crook yes i was there last friday and i will tell you that i think you the old man one you were the only one that was there that was not a crook i bought i believe that i'm not a crooked but i think so i was there and and i i do believe that there are some good people there i really do but i think the bad people are being shuttled away i really do so might we do i get that on telegram all the time people claiming to be you take accounts he poisoning accounts joe has dances an runningest bonuses i will reach out of oregon and now i got feed back might without trunk twenty twenty four and gerry smith david in david i have no idea what you can't take in their very david and as his my wine do that when again that one that was a big fail of a pose so i'm not really sure what that means i i can't i can't decipher that but oh terence m'casky is a good yes terence mccasky's a very good nessasery was there there were a bunch of people there that were very very good people but we also routed out some it is in peril might i i love that and up you don't the bad guys are really bad hiding who they are there the really bad hiding who they are and so when you see that look of abject terror in their eyes corse i like to put the knife in a district just a little bit you know i had i had found with somebody that was there last week i thought it was hilarious ah you know that the other may be not who they say they are and i just put up their likenow i'm a little bit so i like to look around in things while she in proof and the scoring starts right there it's hilario absolutely hilaries yet terrinhas or reegoo god there was a a terry was there marline was there ah there was there was a bunch of religion people that were there that we taught too and people who are running the camp at all their very good people the people who are sitting in the elected seats prayers there in under control at this point time maybe even taking orders from we the people i have great hope that that's happening great great so she was that it was fun trapani did most pitchers of it we have a wonderful wonderful capital bilden when that folded in o el sol the building isn't all the circassians now so this difference between o and a holding is no well that there was finest some but people don't know the difference and i think that your good job educate in every one so that we kids come there they then they know so there goloshes the people in the chap so that's awesome i really do like to and i know that not everybody agrees without thing you say john or what i say of were never good agree a hundred per cent but we have got to start on covering and asking questions and getting to the bottom of this because there's so much as being hidden right now that is keeping us from actually going back there to the constitution we have to go back to that and they they've done it a spectacular job at trying to hide things from us and all of it needs to come out the stuff down the border the suintate stuff i isgone one that in digging down in its thandwitch is is fairly disturbing this to see where i put it here because this is disturbing if i can bring it up a tenant dull researches to chide to pay one point one million dollars to settle allegations spent arrandoon my phone here i maybe i can do it closing up his sabre and see the as i think this is i think this is going to be a rat hole we're going to need go into because they were involved with china if i entered to come up here here go this is a good one and i think others several from and the sciences the hind them well well well with my grandest always well well well i what haltered and four considers energy here the shapely on a state energy which needs to and so we've got on my desk like hand a good sight to go check things out and there he others the then one research into stitute pace one point for million to settle more dog j allegations over failures as our own little grand rapids to disclose foreign ties to grant when i found interesting in this was where chinois involved and and that i at each we go down here and will get down to the china in the people's names as attorney once full disclosures essential not only delitescent fic research would also tend competition for scientific funding from the federal government if one down here a little bet all right we mentioned china in your somewhere let me five sissified leaning out there is a there is a great a great little other senators in addition five point five million of an handled institute a research into stitute paid it the thousand nineteen for failing to schools the federal grand application that chinese government grants funded two of its researcher are we disturbed yacht i believe we should be and then let's go let's go one more step here because there was another one and this is always put it up here before i throw it in here and i think this might answer some peewits questions a real interesting because we had to find out who these foreign agents are and agents that are also involved in the no here we go we've got very nice looking man nice little bad the handle and set then as a interesarse worded five point five million and grants to test cancer drugs oh then and it looks like it looks like we need to see here more into this and interesting i believe this man's name is i'm going icosacantha and this is ably peter jones so i think i'm goin to subscribe here to get access to this report because piers to be a lot there sell very interesting patriots a grand rapids connection then angel institute and a pendant in medical research and let me see there's some other stuff here that i'm looking for million dollar settlement with a vine endle institute to resolve out allegations that it violated the false claims act erigor and this is interesting and i i think we've got a rabbit trail to go down here what do you think time to go down the red hole tonabat oh my goodness for an ties to annie graham all my mind my my my my what do we have here department justice announced date the anandale institute has agreed to pay one point one million to resolve allegations that it violated faults planes at perfily to disclose a foreign component of the national institutes of health and i ah and a ward and by failing to disclose the research support for two very researchers who served as principal investigators for an h awards will bet of conflict of entres going on there just the camel in looks that way china and i ate for and components can include collaborations for in research however all he support mes be disclosed so we have exactly what happened here think we can find the name sir an predicasse weekend io medical research samples the government lives that very new or should have known that hit professor was provided biological research samples sent the size in china to the diandl researches accolit the government legs and after very rejected the shipment of by biological research samples from it in may of eighteen a shipment was falsely described as documents the chit professor began a research bringing research samples into the united states in his person and covertly sending research samples to his home address in grand rapids michigan it omentalis that very did not investigate the foreign source sandals rejecting the man she felt nineteen shipmen and thus continuing to make other support the government allows that an obesity the fairy professor accepted an invitation to nanyang locutura university to join an application to china's one one program a program funded by the chinese government to recruit foreign scientists to work at innovation centers established of the chinese universities the government allowed the very new or should have known about the garrisons affiliation with one on one program including because after initial failing to disclose the invitation to bear that the very professor later told the institute that he had agreed to contribute to but declined participation in one religabat of research process the government alleges that the very professors application to join one one one which also involves the agreement to engage in cooperish with an a eu constitution other support which is oeneis close so we've got a professor here it's going back and forth its china bringing on the closed samples rejected and i wonder who that would be wonder if we have a name here that we give pretty easily find pretty extra sure a word can be in fine that the several names that floated to the top i'm sure it was a very nice man that we can find and i think that this is going to be a huge a huge connection that we need to look into because i wonder if they were involved in and i saw something earlier by research and or i don't know i want to see where this is going to go seeing irolite little love bit of a door opening here and two the into the way the world really works at what we what we think are that what we believe in but there you got so is there anything else you want to say for the day to day john or are you are you not like in reclothing here i got a bad of the course with faggots some point time cause i had eminences wrap often he needs that n ordertake port i was i promise i'll be fast now it's all her i just got a grip wonnered that's listening in should go to the eighteen duties that congress the congress should that congress can and will be i can do for the people and against the people here whatever one of them is to raise and support an army the tower kind of talking about them little bitter but no appropriations of money to that you shall be for longer than the term two years so they never wanted us sub standing army like we have now because they know they use so when the constitution was developed they put a two year time limit on the militant i heard not in an experience without wit that's really interesting so after each conflict is that dissolved yes well they keep a cat ran around that's you know colonel in a major and whatever they have to do to to train new troops if he ever had to go to war but not the entire force like they had cause when they have the entire forests the use so they don't want to have an entire for that's in the field constantly at and another one that a is important is the second one to coin money and regulate the value thereof and of foreign coins and to fix the standards of weights and measures a what is the very important part of that to coin money not in ever had the authority to print money they had the authority to coin money so coined money would be what golden oliver gold and be precious noddles his medallion days and in all those kinds of this ah ah enditest sh a post office and post roads another thing that the haven't been able to actually do very well to promote the progress of science in useful arts in securing for the limited time to authors and inventors and exclusive rights to their representative writ writings and discoveries and that were talking about in a low when you can get something copy it all these were the kind of the most important the one that i really wanted to bring out was the military but there are several others in her that the people should look at ableiten duties that they can do and not support you grain is want of on my bier no buying and not by and go weapons and military equipment for other countries to find other countries in the inother countries we have gone far field of the constance and we don't really need to go far because those we we know and if people haven't seen this in your group they ought to go on the internet on ter you tube and look up all roars or bankers oh i love that with the good video it's a good idea people should so they understand when they have a conflict what's going on what causes the conflict and why is it there what something generally they have a conflict when the one hide something on the left they put it on a right when they run a hide something on the right they put it on the left so you're always looking in the wrong direction as to what's really going on and you end up in all day and up out using those conflicts coniuring up something out withwith the money part of it here did you know that shabby shipped fifty ton was hollis over to you crane and they can't find them so why what would all the with all the subserrate suppositis thinks these more on ship fifty chilhode there gone what do you think you're in to you're in a morisonian people here and it's not even on it's just to comfort for a deep stay so they were sunning towels over there to a deep state players over those all we got over there and in remercians here can't hardly buy a new car in the lot but they found it in their good graces to ship fifty of these you know puppies over there to tell you what a sham every one of holetown out under ears caught every bit of funny and grant mighty to these corporations and seized their daygathering traitors to the united states ah some day if you want i'll go down the war in a rarethe desert storm warned that i was involved in i was on active duty at that ah the very interesting part upon it was they had these million dollar hospitals in flat that truck that in on the airplane with dropped the hospital of from the united states on into sin arabia and three of those hospitals disapeared i'm sure they did and nobody knew where why until they decided that medaboot to put an american as one of the drivers the pause they were having all the foreign people running these trucks back and forth steel in the hospitals the whole fiasco of desert storm was just one was there lying with were now redy if for my point of view as the medical service i saw her off i at fort san esseneca said some day ledwith walking down that story with him when you in nicoletta would be fond sound coninelike comewhile go coming from a secret location how i won't be here in my kitchen table so so they are got a move round once in a while but that's okay yeah well well it's just just crazy the craziness around us so very said give us some good news as there ain't good news yet it's all good news you know i mean just the session where you got the leaks and the system you know i like you can't if you got a house and all a sudden you've got a real high ah a heating bill he got to find out where the problem is you know if you take you know camera he somethingcan go round the outside and all i got i've got broken window here or i've got you know the heaps getting out through this ere you can plug the holes and you could stop it from being a problem and that's honestly what we're doing we're finding out what's wrong so that we can in fact step in and say this is this can't happen any more this is not right and it's just part of the problem and behind it all god is leading us to all these assessments that were doing and the education that were getting were learning the proper processes and protocols this is all very very important will were waking people up along the way to let him know that this cannot continue where it were truly walking right into the pig pen here for them to take us to the slaughter and they're doing it through entitlements and give away and there's the stealing everything and when were worse still were so free but we got it not go into that pig pen so they can close the gate the last time so i think that's where we're at but good news as gods in control in it's it's going to be fine and one whose all throughout there poison who is helose's gone spherethe house yoshishige there is a god i think things there changing and i think things are changing in the better ah if you don't listen next twenty two that's kind of pretty good idea of what's happened in around the world i in half and that we are in the middle of a big sting operation and there the scattergood this guys are getting burned they're going to get one landing of you on the other are not already and and not already gone yet we are changing the worldless change we haven't had an enlightenment and in the world as we have had these last couple we had a he had we had no how they were killing us and how there were killing our children stealing our children and programming our children a groomin our children and you know stealing her or money through taxes that unlawful taxes and in installing candidates rather than letting us both the men taken our voices away a trying take our guns at will even oswith ut defect and lo in held a bunch of patriots stepped in salute to general plan admiral rogers down from dance to be all and consonantless of the people who have stepped in to do the right thing or in a very very unsung without glory position because everybody that stepped up to the right thing is pre much got kicked in the chops every time they turned round because the criminals all the media so we keep coming back here and we are in the news now terntio and hand and go to brander news network where you will find the truth on emdressed ing in the tingitanean a horse's foot who decided it was a good idea to in fact so it off this morning so many go to galatians brothers and sisters or some one is caught and send you who live by the spirit should restore that person gently but with yourselves or you may also be tempted carry others burdens and in this way you will fulfil the law of christ if any one thinks that they are something when they are not they deceive themselves each one should test their own actions then they could take pride in themselves alone without comparing themselves to some one else for each one should carry their own load neat never less the one who receives instruction in the word should share all but things with her instructor do not be deceived god cannot be mocked a man reeks what he sows whoever so as to please the flesh for on the flesh or reap destruction whoever so as to please his spirit from his spirit will reap eternal life let us not become weary of doing good for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up therefore as we have opportunity let us do good to all people especially to those who belong to the family of believers see what large letters i used to write you in my own hand those who want to press people by means the flesh are trying to compel you to be circumcised made they might in their cases with say the only reason they do this is to avoid being persecuted for the cross of christ not even to those who are circumcised keeps the law yet they want you to be circumcised so they may boast about your circumstances said the session in a flash my never boast except in the cross of our lord jesus christ through which the world has been crucified to me and i to the world neither circumstantial nor uncertain shot says sage means anything what counts is the new creation peace and mercy to all who follow this rule to the israel of god from now on let no one cause me trouble for i bear on my body the marks the grace of our lord jesus christ be with your spirit rose as a man that was a glacis so are so thank you have my father so much for being welles to day i ask your blessed funny should not repose and let them put their trust only and totally in you for your good all the time in your leading us out of the oh capture bondage that we have been at to this unrighteous system that grown up around us but you already gave us so plan and how too how to be free and under the constitution and of course the word of god your words bible thank you so much for walking this we want you to be will you are friend and we want to be your friend also faithful in all things unwavering and always walking towards doing your work on this earth in truth and righteousness we hunger and thirtith things would be done earth as it is in heaven in the name of jesus christ our lord saviour some he yo have a great day every want and i dissentientes honest to say you're one tune you got honesty point for that one samettimainen now mortfootnote such celebrat day of very one you're not alone we love you all god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless merica where in the stead when we're in the froghall unwavering not willing to back down for the love the nation and the righteousness that only comes from god some less words everybody ever great weekend and or weak will see oh yeah i do actually we're going to meet at nicholas to night if anybody can come out there that's on southfield north will i mean on telegraph in southfield north a ten mile i have sent out mails for everybody but if you can come out there that be great of the sea as yet ten in the johnston a wednesday night called to everybody if you were wont to know what's going on this is the group of people that really understands the lawful process that we need to have it placed with it degorgement rather than the defect of that we are currently running under which is has usurped every single job they were now they had one job the government had one job to do and it was so upholdest and the cold and every every point they fail and so now it's for our is our time to fire then and start over go back to the beginning with what works and restore the freedom with a liberty and justice so have a great day were doing us were winning were winning in a big way and i'll see it to morrow on with the doctor simpoke and breathe demand grace and a great day greet signing up