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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/18/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Dr. Tim Parker

Published Jan. 18, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and it's wednesday which means its redeeming grace church day which is probably one of my favorite things to do in the whole world is to sit down the docktender so just when i walk amirmother and i we are going to get right into it because we have so much cool stuff to talk about the world is a great place god is on the throne and no matter how much they sang some whiting is out there on matter god tendra he's bigger than all of it so morningtodaylone dolus to segetwayo were saying there is a lot of good things happening and it is so fond see all the things that are going on postdirektion oh it's amazing isn't it if it really it really is amazing it now i don't know what you but i've never really wanted a an easy and easy path i wanted to significantly in life so sometimes o things are little dumpy just makes the ride a little more fun you know quite outside i really do believe that why i think that he bredanensis shirt i think and i may porterthe court but it's something like a long dangerous freedom rather than lay that's good i agree with that so we never know to soverte knows are right sothisis coming to you for my kitchen table and a and a tintinare in the studio and the secret layer had a which is on and but we really a lot of times we don't really even spend letter time beforehand talking we just get in and whatever god leads us to do that's the direction we're going to go so what what are we talking about to take his eye am and the dark i am actually just running this ofweight here insane well we are going to start a class it and i guess if i can talk to the people in the audience i would ask of me be how many unbred to book a classesthis sweet cause that was part of the last second to homer consignment if you remember but i know that we have a really been in the sweet i believe i was attacked yesterday i know do you say the same thing and sometimes when you're in the middle of the war satan evil you get attacked and with the things that i'm too an i got hutoton up on friday for turning point of a and separation of church and state but i am really get a blow up the whole theme of the we're in the war with god gods been at war with sateen and evil since before he created mankind in one were in his kingdom were in that war and i'm convinced or a lot of people that don't really even may be realized that and they don't really think about how we can fight with god in the war that we have in front of us the training i think is very poor teachings for self we're going to deal with that now even setecento really what colossians well what really men roll roll as you know consistent is that when you're over the target on information you're going to get a tacked as especially when your true when you're talking truth and you know what came out the last night i did the special program on human trafficking so of course in all these people that are drifting down and on the border and such he now decided to come back in the technic i find absolute hilarious it's like i've got a wall of the dos get a wall what has marks one of that home times i've been attack is that so bad of honor so so what did they come back with last night and this morning they decided to put on the mask gentile jesus with a lamp sitting not as the and yet were in a work gonyodon we're in to be battered these people have got criminal record and now they're going to put on gentile jesus with a lamb sitting on a spree you know what i ain't to say be christians and brothers and sisters it is time to a speak ow about this nonsense and not take a back seems well we're going to just be nice work on organise nice about this i'm sorry i don't i think that the gentile jesus would the lamb out of speed method needs to go away because he was a full and provocatory killed him because he called down a down of vipers on the top of the claiming to be goaded testament he did a homesteading which really got him all you know really got him all in her uproariousness knows the jewish it's a jewish teaching adhere you say everybody there knew all knew scripture knew the tour of this then studied at sousse were too and so he threw out some words you know about the down of viper and everybody else knew the reference in the old testament he was reference and that that's what god of all upsot and it was like this gas got a girl he's telling way too much truth here and hand cremate a few people little annoyed angry so for a time go get em yeah what's your tie what do domeless so huge in scess in his teaching oh definitely slapped him in the face so many times i mean i could do look at matthew twenty three were he he went after them i think at least eight times with some huge saying oh this is one of the things that i did in my first book ah i put in a panic that i may still do a book on a one i am statements john is the only gospel that has the i am state and everybody knows the bewitchers aid of the and so i mentioned that in that book there's there's least implicit in a gospel of jane and so it's interesting when we see those she they blow up christ for who he said that's what you were talking about in some of the teachings termatter that's what he was doing they know xactly from their history what he was talking about and maybe why and he knew it was stepping all over there and heteromastigine they were all about bassington money and just like the political climate we have in michigan here or are most of our institution organisations and such their base on its occult and i don't not sin old cult though it was partly that but it's a cult mentality of gaining favor moving up the chain within these organizations the financial gain that goes with it on and on and really not caring for the people on the ground that are scraping together you know two sons to buy a couple of pigeons to sacrifice and if it really is kind o sad it they weren't out to serve they were out for god they were in it for their own gain and such so oscillator set out in the desert begging for gas cards and saw chow get a job yeah it is sir i mean you were basically given the analogy of what a wolf in sheep's clothing is and that does describe many of the leaders in the church as you say there many of them are just in it for the money in my mind there there is no real heart for the gospel there shrill no heart for the truth of god and that's so that's part of what we're talking about in in colossians and we were talking earlier done you an i borbonio to listen to his is corrigre in some the best messages that i've heard in the last ten years and he is fond of saying in a mimic towards some of these leaders we believe the eleventh commandment thou shalt be nice and we don't believe the first ten and that that soul aptly describes the church to day it's all about being nice being like and that is exactly what christ he was repulsed by that and we should be too and this is again part of what's laid out in colossians it is maybe the most a sinner book in the new testament may be next to hebrews oh and it's so he gets into ungodly distorted philosophy see we're in is occupied that on several frocks you are less in prayer to you an me too oh what do you younoussa an then i'll finish ongootkoot or avertebat hers we come to this day we just ask lord tis sweet come before your word that you would you would open to us your test that as we could see the back drop is given that these people were dealing with that they were confused about so lord help us to understand that but more so epist understand the corrective teaching of these and the person and work i don't think anybody lays it out any better than the apostle his heart burned for that and i would just ask that we would burn for your truth said that we can live it in this day this filled with evil that his so much in need of correction and so much in need of teaching people how to live with christian world he in all these things learnt we ask your blessing upon and okay so ah closes ah it's a very unique work if you look at a geography was in asia minor and it was one of the books that are called ever that we know of ever went to he was in a region he spent a three years in ephesus i actually three years at least and one of the converts there was the papers and he was from colossi so when he went back in it said in not at nineteen ten all the residents of asia heard the word of the lord both jews so this is how much we believe the papers without any bad eyes the area and that's incredible again i can think out for the one rowquickly comes to my was the woman had well in john for i mean she is not even harby barely converted in she runs back into town and basely tells the whole town you got to come out and meet this guy he told me you know her reputation is not very good to that point but she's like you got to come up as he told me every thing i ever did and in many of them died and many of the more converted and so this is what he parisdoes you know a lot of people think well you got to be real agent to go up witness and evangelists not so ah an in jesus even gives a basically a commentary on this woman that all ready she is printhard and it's it's amazing at that lovel self oh we're looking at thee with the call the likes valley between ephesus there was an old trade route between the anbeten office in the euphrates river that was like four hundred miles city ephesus was for a hundred miles to the west of colosse on sledges gives you an idea of the area that were talking about oh there were two two cities that kind of overshadowed colossi and out was done leo the sea and heropolis so and i i antinoise or because we know the desk one of the churches that were mentioned in revelation in fact all the churches and revelation are from this region convinces me and there were seven seven churches that were mentioned in revelation and we don't know whether they were whether john rote like business a consortium of churches whether he had been istered there and he knew them and he spoke but i thinke it we see the gamut of churches from maybe those that might get a good report card to those that have fallen off and almost off the map of christianity so there is a variety of ways to look at that so this may be characteristic of worldwide churches oh but there's there's least a scale that goes down in in the churches of revelation and in so interesting that were were in this location so we believe that he papers probably came to paul and said you don't hear my people there there being confused by this no in its interesting because scholars and i used that lightly i know or cesspool once sat in it to me it sold he said it scholars can wax eloquently about oh and so the more you learn about church history you find that the scholars to me don't know half water talked about because we believe that paul was talking about a hairse ah montanism and if you look at what the scholars say it didn't even start until the middle of the second century so how is is that him i'm not familiar with that well we'll give him to the rowquickly oneseethe ah temisere ingredience of that i believe that even augustine was into montanism before he got new birth oh so we're going to talk about that but it's just amazing to me that here paul is teaching against this teaching now it could have been that it was in its infant stage ah and you know with a hundred years it was alive and well and maybe that's what dere i knowledging it history but it's amazing that paul was relenting about that maybe a hundred years before it came into being if you will see ah that was one of the things that amazed me in seminary was that if it is a reality that when heresy comes the church deals with that hers and they the or the docks so somebody from the other side of may be new birth would would believe and this is what they teach they teach that herrischried ortho and in yet the reality is worth a doxy exposes heresy but sometimes were just involved so much in enduring the work in the ministry that we can't take time to deal with the heretical teachings that might be on the outside of and so it looks to some people like heresy drives orthodoxy but attacks to the other way around and that was one of the things that blew my mind in seminary st how why there was so almost every hero see you'll see how the church deals with it after the fact so it's a isosporous died habits that it helps to understand that and i imagine you've seen that in your life to to think everybody has seen others nothing there there's nothing ah a really there's nothing really unique things repeat and it's the you know the lessons that came before us here are better dealt with if you understand those lessons that came before us because we're going to have the same lesson so i think everybody out has seen that yes so it it does help to see that and i just wanted to say that because it helps us to understand me be what's going on with blossoms but really i kinder the way it is in a lot of the biblical books ah is that they were dealing with issues and therefore they wrought some it's it's almost particularly i guess i'll show this may be right now in no doneyou have this god's war for aleck souls and subtitle is galatians revisited without sin canon binds i was the low excited because at the time my love an year old grandson designed this front cover for me ah i was so excited but i give you that because right now i got to get these breed printed we're going to see in colossians one thirteen and what talk about more when we get there but it basically says that god passed to transfigure us from the kingdom of darkness which i call sin canon he transfigures us into the kingdom of hister sind as what i believe that jesus is here looking out with the cross behind him into what i called in this book salvation can so that's the difference between the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of histers some can on verse horsevain it may be can onthanked best word but in the analogy that what i used so oh its interesting what we see at that point so mind tonism some of the ingredients if you will of montes de i have to get to it they they believed here's the basis of a new prophetic revelations a reliance upon spontaneity spontaneity of the holy spirit and a more conservative personal ethic can i could just operate there both three things a lot of people in the church would say those are good things but we have to have to realize this was one of the things again ah in seminary studies more than anything looking in church history i wish people would would tell in to church history because i just found it so fascinating not so much learning about the details but some of the huge teachings it came from that so when you look it is patterson's it it's the honestat you're looking for and in behavior and structure in such and if you understand the patterns you can you can see it you can see things before during and and also after see can learn from those mistakes and you can you mean that's really what patterns are all about and so you're talkin more a business as patterns and the cancan more patterns even than the bible because there are patterns or types of christ and the bible that are essenshall or pitcher of say another similar scenario so when when i think of true oh we can think of counter fits and i know the people that really get into money they study almost always o currency and because they studied good currency they know they can spot a counterfeit i don't studied counterfeits they really study the true article and so this is part of what on miserant heresy were talking about some level of counterfeit something that gets us away from the true model and i i oh often thought over the years it's like boy even is even his bottle water in sight how much how many drops of poison would have to go in here to make it not drinkable i don't want it even think about one drop in there and so that's really how we kind o half to think about god's it doesn't take much sometimes get away from that it's a weak and think that we're doin good and it may be were not so those were three things but did it even said that they had no parallels to basically moder dimoventes like pentecostalis one is pentecost is tisbett i do think i pray ran over at top it may be it goes deeper okay it does i was thinking i ran over but i guess i wasn't there to it yet so ah there's a natural tendency i'll say it this way to to what more better higher in practice the cutting it so and weaken in the faith we do want the real article and sometimes it's the pursuit of the real article that in now almost provokes to fall into air so if we don't know where the edges are then ah sometimes we can fall over the edge so all the doctrinal edges don't have signs don't don't go past this signor you followed her so it's it's easy for people to go past the line in the sand so it says they were vulnerable conquer one see this through revolver be to spiritual forces under what came to be known as the new prophets they had an gole force that needed to be placated with veneration a satiesen honoring certain ceremonial dates ritual cleansing with the blood of a bull ecstatic times prophetic rapture inspired dancing freedom from the responsibility of daily life and as one one tenet that i remember that august fell into and when he got converted that was the one thing that really surprised he about manson rigorous fasts and penances for ritual purity now some people might not i never been catholic but they're so much catholic in that so i'm not saying it was a pre catholic ah er but it's just these are the things that they know about montones oh and i would just say that never was there a better time for paul to come to the rescue and that's basically what it what it was that i can say baby was even like a tag team effort by paulin a path ah so in in the sufficiency the person a work of christ they didn't really may be dissect the air but we picked it up for bread i i guess it would be interesting to know i didn't have time to go down this hole a little bit but i was just curious was there something if what say the letter to the sevenths we see a relation from asia minor oh was there something from maybe their background it made them more susceptible to air i would probably think not but it it's kindest surprise in that all the seven churches and revelation came from asia might but i don't want to put you much way on that if if you know what i'm i'm saying it's somebody knows more about that i got several books i pulled more folks off the shelves to the sweet happened a long time the lot of work to do to get ready for friday night i have an axe you know i was trying to do both in its i didn't spend nos plates sometimes as good as i wanted to but oh ye i want ashleus pulled up here and in its early christian history okay here as seas of montanism and where it came from montanus the prophet was founded by an oath how the prophet speaking with a voice of pericles the helper that christ had promised to send so germanthis was a priest and there is a lot of jewish connection with a great filosophy so it's it's kind of real strange mishmash ah but that's that's what we get lost well this is interesting is like montanism great flaw is the fundamental law of montanism which it shared with agnosticism as well as any other heretical moments a movements was its rejection of the notion of clergy motonus taught the priesthood of the people and was a threat to the existing church clergy and i don't know if i agree with that or not but you know just in principle but but ah that's what he has there say why i would have to say don of that before the last few years yes i would have a few issue with that i am a classic churchmen but i and i guess this is what is amazing to me personally i have seen the church fall so far from where i think we need to that it be it be easy for me to fall into that type of i to day oh well and i think too you know you got to know for your standing with because you can see so many of the people say like that of lead people astray in the name of god and it's you know it's the people have to know the bible they have to have the studies so that they can also hold and know whether the being led by the falls profit or by somebody who is actually teacher of the word god and i think i think ten ego's both ways and i think the accountability has to be the recent ask questions but we have to know the subject and so it kind o goes back to personal in my opinion personal responsibility every one ustores ponsible for knowing and study and not to showing up on sunday and expecting the pastor to do everything and then criticising the pastor for not be needed all and all to all things but to be there to help each other in the great work so i don't know so before we get into the text i want to to talk about a a divided even within the church and this this was part of what paul in a paris were dealing with here there in and i got the men that be set the stage for my hearers we were speaking a first person if you will for this time this was a transition period between the end of jesus life and the apostles and so we believe that once the apostles died what was i ran at that day row was the basically the end of the camp now it didn't take it torkos to the end of the third century for they actually finallie the collection of those books so there's there's a big difference between evangelical christianity and these catholicism because catholicism teaches that the church decided which were part of the cannon that evangelical christians would believe that the church basically authenticated the collection of the book so somebody might say well i don't really hear much of a difference but there he's a huge chasm between it may not go directly equal with these two but there is a covins or teachings of continuations meaning that prophecy and revelation and some of the temporary sign continue indefinitely even into our day versus cessationis i personally emeetation o so i believe that when jarrold been the last to postel to die when he is fit his writings were finished in canonised the end you will of biblical revelation to the pointed at her so what we see to me in the ereof continuation is by their own admission nel saye we we have revelations there are a hundred per cent correct and yet if anybody knows bibichi story they know that if revelations weren't a hundred per cent correct eh the prophet was subject to death and so it's like again this is where how much colorfor falsehood do we want to let in and for me the canon seems to be that's work god's written revealed and given word complete and we contrast that i think this is what paul is teaching ah as he does to rout his writing so i wanted to throw that out here as kindly and yet as clearly as i could that there is a divide in how we understand the one talks about rightly dividing the world word of truth and so might my dad was the same way with cessation and he he heated teach that you know and i think that there is there's lee way there but you know going back to the completion of the bible you know you hear a lot of discussions on well you know there's this that and the other thing i think that the faith we have that god would not leave us without a he would leave us with exactly what we need and it goes back to faith in god going it was complete in the way that god wanted it to be in order to have the information that we were supposed to have i completely believed that that if there's more out there he'll bring it to us the word of god stands along on knowsand by itself in its stands and in that her faith in god that we know that he will never leave us his orphans and will give us everything we need and all of us talk about one one fast that of that that he often got in my mind broglie a as far as sashiatin ism a it is this is the holy are of healing or gifts like that it's sitethis that cessation is don't believe that god heels any more i told the pledge i did too what do i believe that there are healers no i think that that was done he had so there were certain gifts that in that period between the time of christ in the apostles the cannon it was roughly maybe let's say two hundred and fifty years so there were a lot of nebulous things that weren't cemented but to me the cannon semmens that and and that's one of the heart cries of the reformation scripture alone and even there people think well that means that we should get into other writings now but what that means is scripture is our final authority and so we got to take back everything to the authority to say he does it lie up as we went through second granton's tap we take it into obedience to the authority of ch and so it literally chokes me up when i hear that though you know with joy because is such a a marvellous thing that god would give us that to i know the word of god as the complete thing i mean doesn't sometimes don't you just get over whelmed with the fact that he loved us so much that he gave us everything that we need and we could feel so humble and so safe and so secure knowing that no matter what's around us he's taken care of every single detail and it's it's just it shows his character a faithfulness trueness and true love to us in an a world that seems to be insane and i i get i asked ketill tearful and i think about his provision and that sort of thing it is a beautiful wonderful thing and we can go out like a severe can go out and look at other sources is but he gave us what we need at not necessarily always we want but what we need and that in we go back to what works we go back to the basic and that's really all we need me in you know the quest for more and more more all the time you know even paul talked about it in content in all state you know whether i have much or have nothing to doesn't matter because when you have a love of god you've got everything you could ever need and i would say a man a man a man done yes i i find that the completion of the word you did say it gives us the security yes it is not available as in every way we this is one of the common a contention so gives that all there were two thousand books that contended to be included into the scripture and some people would say we ought to include all well i'm sorry i got yours not to put many of those in there because they were her rather cold and so it's like when when we understand that god gave us what he wanted and in to be back up to the one step if you will and say this years ago i was able to see that scripture and my mind is god's story of redemption it's not a text book about science or by our theall these other things now wally goes into some of those things it is god's text book for redemption and as for he says everything for our salvation is contained yes well i don't you think that that the jesus talked about that too about a minot giving people a more me when they still can't digest the moll of the message we have to yet a year or tendencies i think to his human beings is to run ahead of things before we're really ready and in a case we don't maybe have that's why it's so important you don't like in if you're learning arithmetic you're learning math you have to know those basses and how they really work before you can go on and assimilate other principles and other other forms of of you know of of math you want you want to get the basiento skiffs stay the rest of it never quite fits and you know then i think you get into the point of being a little double minded because your basis you you don't have a base to build on and so the bible being self self you know contained i mean that everything we have here there's our base ex right there that's what god like said one of us to know and we can build on that but there's your foundation and i that was perfect example done with masts we share of learning one pose an epos too an we learn know maybe by watching her mother or helping her mother i know you know dora lot of cooking with her what what's two thirds of a cup for three corridors of the copper you know so many ounces set in a flask or something so math is so basic and and that would be if you will the the milk of math and so you get into the mead of math when you get down to the trigonometries said different things like that so that's really what scripture is its complete you know you can be a baby or an infant ten year old and you see everything and we experience a lot of things this bill we have gone deep into the education that the same thing which he i am i have some ansiosos milk but when you burrowed down you're getting into the meat of the work his tosikoyo when they started allowing you on the the statistical calculators and calculators in school cause you know you when i erebothen to know that they were not allowed we were not allowed to have no calculators or anything like that we had to learn to do those functions and i think that the value of going back to the basics is is that you don't just know the words you don't just know how to push the button you actually understand in real terms what you're talking about so like you know you understand that that you know you know like you said one what is too and what does that look like what's the connection to the real world if you don't have the basis i can't connect it to the real world and you can apply it to other situations or to other things and that that's really important i've iblis very important had the application part of it and in the bible works the saint way is the basis of its extraction manual it's our instruction mandrel for life stick with that everything else falls in le that is so true so with that lets i think i'm just goin to go maybe to verse twenty three and we're just going to go right cladoniaceen one wonder twenty three so were just were going to go through the first twenty three verses manioba glossin's one and then what i wanted to his god were going to close our session with a teaching on anti nomian which i talked about last week and like very frethegis a refresher place on that too an antinomianism oh i guess i use it all the time but basically that's an anti gods law a pope and so we're going to give him to five different windows of antinomianism ah in my book that is here i believe that god lesions more than anything even though they were judaizers i believe that they were teaching antinomian views and ah i have this is the sad admission if you will on my part but i think that i would probably say upwards of seventy five per cent of the church i think is trapped in anti no mean thing scarce because in my mind on an extreme i might easily say that these people cannot be newer a reluctant to make that a bold assertion but you know i know that we can become i was raised in a good home i was raised great understanding of the law it was probably when i was in high school we have one of our high school teacher i was actionof our math teachers so i first took both with the atichoo level great guy believes in miss doctor knight ah he actually invites studies in his home priode allowed to day in most places but that was the first place that i ever heard what i later no to be antinomian and i can't even tell you maybe how severe laws but but i had never heard the ah like that before and i just realized that ten years later that i believed that god really slapped me in the face with that and and i i basicly embrace the law believe in a biblical way and it made all the difference in the world so is almost like that cannon thing soon as i could understand anti nomianism was no good corrected so we'll get into that and i think that may be was little bit into class in speculations is really really happy and in it grieves me that so much of the church falls and that's why i wanted to start with koloshian because i think what paul teach is maybe crosier every hair seated all right so let's let's get going paul and a parcel of christ jesus an remember ah by the will of god we we have talked about that there then the last couple sashes that paul in my mind was replacement old people say oh no on no no but paul so many many times i was in a possum born out of due ah as to begin a parcel you you had to be called by christ he latterly was on road to damascus you had to be taught by these an we don't know was it was it a spiritual teaching we know him convinced that many of the old testament ah manifestations of the angel of the lord and for joshua the commander of the lord's army i believe i really do that those were pre incarnate so could i believe that dirk could be post incarnate christ yes i'm not saying that that's what paul did but he alludes to the fact that he was taught by christ for three years in the arabian desert so we might say well the apostles were taught for three years paul was taught or he was called they were cold and so here he says i'm not a parcel by the will of god i didn't make myself at a post the apostles didn't select me jesus made me and he was always and he does even her in the section after wolf stopped he literally has to defend his he often had to do that as he was kind o like the step child of the family for a lot of people even if it wasn't for the apostles but we even know the apostles struggled to accept a i mean he he went off and he had his own ministry and god was flourishing his ministry and even came to the jerusalem a basically convention and shared with the some of the top of postles the net they approved what he was to self ah and timothy are brother so to the saints and faithful brothers in christ at coloss grace from god or fate i could bring out every book but one and i couldn't even tell you right now down at which one it is but paul has what i think are ben called over the years of greece sandwich he starts off with great he concludes with here's the front side of it grace to you and from god or fate now now in what i said earlier that paul never was in coloss on this will make verse three for a more sad we always think god the father of her lord jesus christ when we pray for you when we heard of your fate in christ jesus and of the love that you have for all this when we even take the book of romance when paul wrote romans he had not been to rome we know he later went to rome and he may have lost his life in rome but but here he's never been to close and yet he says we think godfrey i heard of your fate and the love that you have for all this cause of the hope laid up for you in habit or weaken easily run over that fred but this is part of what you were talking about just a few minutes to go down we have a hope we have a we have a foundation we have here and and i can speak from experience i think you could add this when where in the middle of air and heresy we may think we have a truth i think there's there's always a certain even though we stand up we say that's my story imsik but there's something about he and a just add another facet of biblical hope is not like i wanted to come to and it's a biblical and so when we we get into later in this first chapter where paul talks and bolts stanciof and his person and his work that's where our hope lies we have no other hope than what is dear and if you will planted in our set and if we if we have hope in sought mali think it's asked hope so the more we learn about christ to more we learn about our salvation that it is in cried i mean paul several places says look our sins our old man was crucified on the cross when he was it's ike why are you kidding me i mean the talks about we we we died with him we were buried with him so we can look at it the whole story that jesus five taken from the cross put in the tomb and its kind like over there but paul paul cursed alice and it's not just the story it's the truth that we believe and so were raised with him even ephesians says work were seated with him in the hope so this is part of the hole so i don't want us to run over that to of this you have heard before in the word of truth the cost while i mean if if i asked the hunter people to day what's the gosh i have a feel it we might get a hundred he how would agree with that he seems like you know i just it's not and there's a theresocial lack of teaching and understanding and all areas of life right now tit you know everybody's sound a different path and the indifferent area too and i ever single one of us learn something every day and i think that the more we talk about these issues even if their uncomfortable to talk about work where were honestly teaching each other and sharing what we know and eventually it's it's like the more you talk and he truth resinate so we have to be open to talk about these things can't think that that's how we move everyone forward towards up deeper relationship with jesus and understanding what he did on the cross a varied at this he took on all of our sins that he took the punishment he took all our sins that we can walk with his righteousness not not of our own and i think that in borders so much freedom in that and realizing that that we aren't perfect were never going to be perfect in till we get to heaven and it's it's only by the grace of god his gift in his righteousness that we have any standing whatsoever it's a gift from god lest any one boast about anything and we might get things in our life right the ultimate were going to get things in our life the alternately he loves us as a father you know it is our father he is our father and so when we fall instead of a ready to say you know you know how an damnation and burning and in fire from having come in do he is going to get a key how's that work in for a hedland anything from me any picks us back up an he says he can you got this tossels our hair a little bent says go try to get and i you know i guess the sobering detail but i sometimes chuckle you know because i think it again if you ask a hundred people in third do you believe any hair they would say absolutely not do you have any heresy in your absolutely not so everything you believe this total true but his sight we're all good classical were alternator with air then or theology that that is impossible for us to know everything and not have error and what we believe no because we're on a process every single one of us is it as on a quest and were learning but were not there and were never going to be there in this life and that's okay to be okay with that that to be a citharoedes that takes all the stress of of you realizing that if you don't get something right got got le got on make up for our deficiency and understanding realizing that he can he will and he loves to do that and oh it's important to understand our standing we are not god we are not here and i neither is anybody standing around us so having unrealistic expectations for people too when they're trying you know we we should be there for to and and calling out truth but but all so doing it would love compassion sometimes you have to get in there and do it with the sword yellow bit of the sort of the spirit because there's a time for that but for most people most people are good and we're not we're walking together some people have truly given over to absolute evil and that's the time when you bring the hammer down and yet to say what needs be said most people is just its walking together brothers helping each other teaching each other and being there for each other in in all a under all circumstance and i think what you sat down in like you know i i might say it's easier for me but i think it's easy for everybody but it's it's like sometimes you think well they don't believe this and this because they don't want to believe more often than that they don't know what they don't know that's exactly what it has and so it's like you know when you can teach them no not everybody can be poor arrogant and ignorant which we tacked about less after we got off but it's like most times they don't know it and somebody that's a noble person will say ah that is so great or i got to think about it or god will use that as the nugget to the later so we tiebout the gospel moving into six there which has come to you you don't need to turn to in to be rated back but i got on to read out of collations for eight and nine if anybody wants to write that down in as formerly when you did not know god you were enslaved to those that by nature are not on and he almost trips over his tongue here its humorous to oh i know we can have brain fires and i won't say he hasn't brain for it but i think sometimes as i i know as a pastor you let somonour mouth and you say i can't stop right i can say it that way that's why i love to him mans as i don't want to say brain force that belies his oh sir here says at night but now the you have come to know god and he doesn't go oh why wait wipe that off or a rather he says to be known by god there's the correction this is what he says here that a i come to you god knows us god finds us god redeems elect ones and in we believe ah so he says but now that you have come to no god or rather to be known by god how can you turn back again to the weak and worthless elementary principles of the world kind of the elementary principles were nowhere in her that theme and col so so he says that as indeed in the whole world it is verie fruit and ices so he may be talking a specially to or about in papers the gospel bears fruit if we get the gospel he preached the gospel if we know it the gospel is preached the gospel it does bear for as it also does among you since the day you heard it and understood the grace of god in and here he goes back just as you learned it from a pat persolve fellow servant now i believe that just before paul lost his life he harris was with him oh and it's like boy i guess if if you are suffering persecution to the point of death you may want one of your close brother said and i can think of for boy can't remember their names often enough the two men now who were burned at st were the one said be the man be the man ah in verse as seven be there he says he is a faithful minister of christ on your behalf and this made known to us your love in the spirit so he says does i don't know at first hand i wasn't there in your midst this told me about your and ah i love you this is why i'm writing so and nine in soul from the day we heard we have not asking and pay attention to what we have here that you may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom i understand so as to walk in a manner worthy of the lord fully pleasing to him bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of god being strengthened with all poles according to its glorious all enduring with joy that he soon giving thanks to the father who is qualified to share in enherited the in like and how on one there certain right there he qualifies us to share in the inheritance of the saints in light we do nothing he's he does it for us yes oh my my doctoral professor was very fond to say so like that god does it call the qualified qualified and i miss doctor boy he passed away up early octo and what a man a god so what what i want to say before we get to verse thirteen because first thirteen is so he ah i would say that anybody if you could take those first and stroback up to the top of that section or downtake started and may be nine yet there if you took scnebefore imposed it on your fracture your bathroom mere or some place where you could read that you could not a better prayer to pray every day worth some very poignant gals objective trust me god cares more about this in you than we care about it for ourself you could take those verses and strike to her pray those every day and try to live on every day you would be in good shape so deedido you turn on scripture and prayers i i find that to be really helpful or you goin to scripture and to use that as a framework to talk omigod i don't do it may be as much as you're talking i do do it oh and it may be i should do it more because i think i should hear it more too because that's that's that's a good thing but it's shellingthe people of the psalms that's the salters were there they sing the psalms to god i know the church and said their him all if you will is a salter the psalms of god i sing to him and there's passage she the talk about that and i would say there's probably churches that have never if you will sing a psalm on the salt so ye it's a dat's sovery good thing i do pray back god's truth that verse by verse but i think there's some benefit and that i would never tell anybody not too in this would be an excellent example of that donna something just challenge every listener to day may be read that every day post it some words carry in your pocket whatever so let's get into verse thirteen they remember as i was saying to a hold the book back up again this that verse more than any even though this is castanotis book was more about galatian he has delivered us from the domain of darkness what i call in canyon that satan's domain and transferred us to the kingdom of his dear sasin my mind we we said up in the earlier were we said what is the gospel ah what verse was it may be sick oh four or five and tail in a five there the gospel to me if we take verse thirteen in my mind that is the gospel that is god lacking aleck souls from the kingdom of darknes and it says transferring us to the kingdom of his beloved i know we've gone over this a couple of times and one of the christ a crisp songs carols literally says that that when it says transferred the greek word is actually transfigured and that greek word is only used to times in the whole new test one when jesus was on what we know as the mount of transfiguration salon was up that's what the turk his body as a man jesus and i believe unveiled seventy and that's the term that god used the spirit used in this past that god to deliver us from the kingdom of darkness literally transfigures us we can talk metamorphosed that's another good turn ah there several good turns has why i call new birth spiritual resurrection so a lot of people think well it's just a decision of the mind i say all nominando if he seen only a decision of the mind i think your understanding of the gospel is at least very truncated so under said look look beyond that because god she passionsto for five us makes us come alive that's his transfigure we have a spiritual resurrection so lot of people say what god forgives us our sin yes he goes but is that a result of us coming alive i think yes so a lot of people talked about well if we just asked forgiveness of our sins were saved it's like to me it we need that new birth we need that transfiguration and i just i think closson's won thirteen hammers it if we look past the veneer if you will that makes sense oh yeah it does i think i think it's one of the spiritual principles that's hard to get me peoples on on to it hard to get our hands around it but it's like it's like we can say that we're forgetting it the forgiveness of sin bennet's also the indwelling of the holy spirit which really makes his comelier you can walk with god that that's next step is like yes we can know it it had knowledge in but are you walking through this life with god there there's there's a big difference there does it make sense so so i think i think that's that's kind of where you're going with it i'm going to jump off her just one second let you talk and he can i leave that can leave that vital verse up a minitari be right back so what i would tell a the hearers and may be anybody that listens to take persian a thirteen and fourteen i think if we understand what the spirit is really trying to tell us what paul is that we know the gospel and i could say that we can even go through the whole passage from nine to fourteen all those things some of those are the fruit a the outgrowth of the gospel but i am convinced that thirteen and fourteen is the essence of the gospel he delivers us from the kingdom of san transfers us to the kingdom of his torso and it says in whom we have redemption forgiveness so if you even see right there forgiveness of sin seems to flow from the redemption from spiritual resurrection i don't people could equivaler that but i even just saying in the text itself in at least seems that so this next passage is fifteen to twenty may actually be one of the early creeds cradle statements but there is such a wealth of doctrines just as i said a few minutes ago that night to fourteen you could take print i near fringe your your bessemer you're rare view mirror in your car something this this passage here the sex is is one of the greatest segments of scripture that we ken this will not if you will solve or be the antidote for any heresy but by itself the six for well will tend to correct many many so i can think of all the people have ever talked to about whose who is the and with all the thoughts at run around the world what i did jail ministry i ah i often babe somewhat humorously were talked people bogies poe come in and say i believe in the yet my saviour i know all about it that i who why you beg him the holford the third fourth fifth time or whatever did you miss somethin ah but i said you know when you talk about jesus i says oh and it would shock cause i'd ask him jesus do you believe in they look at me i see tursenikon cheeses doctor which one do you believe it the we believe in the jesus of the bible we say in this passage or do you believe in the jesus from your own imagine at most times that's what it is look ahead sought the same or goshenites to the lamps set now on their feet his setting leftythat's ornadas cheesiness or i don't know you can think of several of em because you don't this i think that you got to take the bible as a whole and individual verses may apere to apply to certain situations but also reading the entire chapter before and after say understand the contact of what was said and i boy you said soper dined and it provoked a spark in me i know that i mean i don't want any i know the like i used to but it would be nothing for people sit down and watch an hour shall not bad and i not thank and and even a book like romans or hebrew you can sit down and read not even quickly wreathed with at least some thinking going on inside of an hour and i encourage people all the sit down and read a whole book like the booker clashed is what four chapters pride take ye twenty minutes and gives some good thought to but a lot of people will pick out and read a paragraph or read a verse and i'm not saying that's wrong or bad but i there is so much value to be had if you can sit down to read a whole book because of a sudden i starts puttin things in contexts that we don't get when we just read a chapter or we read a birds and and i think a law out of the wrong he he's out there be solved if we would read in a book in time while after it like everett a little after really amounts to a lot when when we jump into things you know should put all of our oliver offord into it i think you one of the another one of the things that i thought has been really interesting over like so we went to a messingeris church for a while and for several years and i think every one of my kids what has said the same thing that it really it really brings jesus from a to to mansell black and white words on a page two full color and you know i mean it i go into a black and white tie to a full color tv that it changes you're it changes the amount of dimension to his character and what he sang and what god says in the bible because you understand the context a little better of what was being said there you know like in its western its people that are primarily have a western way of looking at things we see things in a onodis good god his grace god is this likethose are very very nebulous terms what is that ringer somebody within the culture and this is what the bible was written with that culture god is like a mountain stop ponder this what is the mountain look like s big it's immovable so you don't you know you can assign actual characters in our characteristics to those words and all of a sudden grace takes on a whole new meaning a love takes on a whole new meaning of you know what i mean and and to be able to read it in contact or to expand what what we how we're looking at it from a versatile like a sad it's not a bad thing i do it all the time you can have you can and a rich and you can and a richness to the spy by adding to it with content with tangible analogies and with a little bit of thinking and quite oncivil a looking by one talks to us in as we are in that day god can co take a different verse and you will be able to apply that to your too in a different way on different days or what's around you and that i think that's something unbelievable and when you see that an action it ill it'll make you come to a full stop your like all the fond i thought i understood this passage and i'm starting to think i don't understand it at all because all of a sudden it just like it keeps growing and growing and on and you're you're on and in its inwerted by our own understands not we god understands is not what the bible is it's their own understanding or what were ready for at that time so to expand way we look at things is also significant i ble yah i preciate what you're saying are now so much and i i can think when you were when you were talking i don't know the science but i see ah some vireos people that i believed that they their colour blind and i guess they have glasses the changes that and i put these are people and people will just ball i cried to beat the band because the old see things hid away they'd never saw before and that's just that's just a small sniff it of what we're talking about when that's a great analogy though that's a it's a wonderful that's a wonderful analogy and you know the more time or the more we look through that that lands and then all a sudden are perspectives change due to the experiences a god brings into life and the experiencing of love or grace and and he you know i truly remember first moment in my life that i knew i was truly loved i i i remember it pistoclere to me and at that moment when you experience that when you are truly truly loved for the first time in your life if it changes if you will ever looked without love and all a sudden boom it's there it's like so the revelation of that the experience of that is is incredible and i think there's a lot of people out there that feel the same way that maybe they've never ever experienced true true true agennton love and then when they finally find that it is an incredible incredible experience and you be willing to give anything up in the whole world to to treasure that and to be in to live within that and that we have got it amazing you and i is there is a passage in galatians and it several or enrolments in policy only one he talks about this when i think it's for your talkedabout dona and i wanted to even relate it to as you were saying with law that the same day new birth we may be new birth but i think there's a sense there when we we don't just see it but it resonates in our soul god has redeemed that that makes all the difference in the world so i just want to read the passages is in chapter four again which is huge passage and galatian and because you are sons god is said spirit in his of his son into her heart crying i ha and and i i got to say that as i look at people who profess to christian and so my belief have been new birth they don't or have not yet had that experience and this is where i really rustled with it could it be that people are now born yes it could be but i think sometimes it just may be the day were raised in environment to church talking about they didn't have low didn't know love ah i mean i'm not say they didn't experience but it didn't know what in her soul and so i think that you know encourage people if you haven't had this ah ha moment of that ask god for see that out because it gives it to us and the other passages in romans we can look back at that a prime ancient that too is the nobody should feel bad for not having that experience either because i think sometimes you know god is in charge of our salvation and we should not compare ourselves to each other because he is got everybody honest specific you neath for thou to lock with him and however he does it because you know some some of us have that have the experience i think that you know i think i would know i was i was saved as a very very old child but i think that we all have that little bit of back and forth for a while his were stretching our wings and you know our faith doesn't change but a walk change and our ability to walk i know i'm a lot more of a stable christian now than i was when i was younger you know and were you not double minded on things where you're not in you you work god works set through in our life but just because i think just because if if he may you have an experience or somebody else out there has experienced i haven't had that experience yet maybe it's not for us maybe he's leading leading some one into a a walk that without seeing things or experiencing things and also you know building up their faith that way and when that experience does come whether now worts in the next life it's going to be its this is his son yeh i first set i was going to go into when i felt like i felt impressed to do so if you want and i think it's a great i think it's a great topic you know and when you're oraverit to ask for those things which endogenous so if you want we we may pass over this and stop here before fifteen godroons eight if you would dine so people can see it and this would be the other passage where paul talks about the abbafather thing that i want to point out a couple other things so down to a starvers we the tionontates and so right i was made an lots of mistakes that i keep click and i keep trying you know i cheeseplate which your dianassa here again this is kind of a sister pastor but st passage but just this helps see a couple other dimensions because again i could ask people on her case most people have come to faith with that say a sinner's prayer mote and arts hold if you say this prayer you're say and as was to say he wetlittle a stone go there so fast and i got this pole teachings i could pull on a net but unless readers passage it will talk about a couple of days so then brothers were dead or not to the flesh to live cording to flesh for if you live according to the flesh you will die but if the holy spirit but if by the hope the spirit ye put to death the deeds of the body you will live i hear spears one of those qualifies for all who are led by the spirit sons of god so we could say if you're not led by the spirit you're not she got one for you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back in the fear but you have received the spirit of adoption as sons by whom we cried ah and again you're right down on the many great point i do not want to tell anybody if you haven't had that doesn't mean you're not new birth cause i know people that are new birth in my mind without a shadow of a doubt and i really haven't had that but i just know that when you get that inside the nailed you don't need anything else a most yes it is i so here's here's what i challenged people as some isters spirit himself which is what all was talking about but i think we could even have what's in sixteen without having what's but i think there its ah or can be the spirit himself bears witness with our pet that we are children of so lie on it is i i really hesitate to tell somebody while because you did this in this nest because again you know that i reject a do to be formula for salvation and that's kind of what we hear if you say the seer's prayer of the year say well i'll just say i'm roland at sixteen would kind to say he don't don't tell some body case somebody can say the prayer and not be safe we all know that so tell them look the spirit will bear witness with your spirit that or a child to and if children then heirs heirs of god and followers with provided we suffer with him in order that we may also be glorified a maggot knows or hurt god knows god knows people's hearts we are not capable of knowing of knowing what's in people's hearts in right right the answer that's why i try to get let the holy spirit tell him that there hetercoercal a whole teaching i think we have millions of what i call still burst and what is the still or burned somebody we declare has life and yet they come out of the spiritual wound and there's no spiritual life in him there's not one for the woronin you can profess something to be part of the club just the like weather the republican party are or whatever else out there that people do you know it's like ithis i'm that well are you and you know it's like it did say the words or is this something that you under that you really mean and god no god knows the difference between that and i think that it is something that that the words here to this state that really really jumped out at me to day as you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear the that fear is such a big if this such a big deal i know you are you have that kind of faith where you have no fear i have no fear of meeting god or dying you have no fear whatsoever neither do i and i'm looking forward to it it's not it's not something that i dried at all and i have i truly have no fear and we can walk with god and every day it doesn't it doesn't mean that were superior to anybody out there that's not what it is at all it's a gift he gives us it is truly a gift in honestly all we have to do is except his gift salvation his tionary death and all that just it is a gift we do not work for we do not that the works are or in out an outpouring of that gift we want to do them we we have that desire that hunger that thirst for righteousness and things to be on earth as it is in heaven plus nothing and you know where we're not in it for money were not in it for for any gain were in it because that spirit and us hungers and thirsts after that pure unconditional love in also to give it to those people around us as we walk forward but also on earth as it is in heaven means complete love and complete justice and in its top is something that i think sometimes hard to joggle when you think about about god's pure love for his children and the acceptance but there's also pure justice there too and that that comes with it there's the there is actually to two types a christ that was preached and the old testament which was wide they missed him the first time he came and there were miss som everybody's going to mess and probably likely to second time comes because work condition to think in a certain direction they were thinking about him coming back as a ruling warring king that sets everything right first and that's why they missed him as the as the grease you know the saviour of mankind and that he came willing to die for us but the there is he so much more to it that we should that we should and almost say a shoot we should have that hunger and thirst for we should want to do those those acts that are healing aunt is for the pure act of doing it not because we're treating it for time or money or anything like that it's something we love we love to do the red blood to do good things we love to take care of of this world we love to see beautiful things we love to see justice and truth and all those things we love that is written in our hearts and plus nothing we love our time with god we love our time to pray we love to pray for each other we you know we love to listen to each other's heart aches and in be there and walk with them you know and in all of those things he writes on her hearts oh then i mean what you were mentioning the the jews i can say historically but they still do to day they they trip over messiah over him in part of the over corinthinians crystal to over it too may be thine but at one is the division he is a great divider and they do but i know the jews did what you were talking about just lobito go they stumbled over looking for they did believe in two messiahs the two different sons are minced he was one messiah fulfilling both of those who on his first coming one of his second coming he couldn't he couldn't conceive of that i recaught in again paradim por helices and at the least by will in my orlanistes was in her soul because jesus said ere of your father the devil one of those real kind nice words that it yea and i mean think about it when you look at it when you look at it with humanly eyes it makes sense that they would look at it this way they were looking for a king at an earthly king de soto the earthly kingdom at that time they in what was missed was spiritual and of were in a war right now there's no two ways about we are in a war i just had somebody son me this and i escaped up as we were on line which i think is really amazing a lot of times things that that oh god wants to put in front of it just happens and this to happen i just the rules of war cut off supply chains yet few lines destroy well desertication affect transportation silence and port and communications create diseases cause strikes in division and certifie confusion of propaganda make yourself look like the savior don't tell me were not at war that was that was the rules of war they were they were living amongst the the same things that were living in and were looking for i think i think we as a people are looking for human beings are looking for the the answer to live on this world well that is to come but you first have to have the spiritual side of it or you'll never make the worldly side of it work because it's got to be written on your heart to do the right thing every single time no matter if the lights are on the lights are off whose looking who's not looking we have to have that spiritual side of a settled before we will ever be able to settle the the physical side of it and live on earth as it is in heaven and walk with god we can right now right here this day we can walk upon the earth with god in a credible experice that requires us to be bound prevey time it will put the walls up to keep god out because we don't want to see oursels and so i don't if you walk in you you eliminate that by now having the flesh die doubt the deeds of the body as a sassin in romance all thirteen there put to death deeds of the body and then you got nothing to hide and so you can walk with god it we don't push him away then we want him to be with us every minute of our day and were not ashamed it how we live some of the remark with him becomes close which is absurd anyway we can't hide anything from god's kind is coroboree the thought of it but sylvia you know we all will walk in learned different times and and you know we were learning work were earnestly learning to walk with him every day as he guides us and were open being humbled to his leading knowing that ye a screwed up yesterday pressures again to day and i probably conscrip again to morrow but i shovin it that the best tricentisti to count to avoid those traps so i cannot times always sometimes your enemy times whining i may i wanted at least read down through twenty three but maybe give a commentary but i want to at least into five category if you well that i've seen on antinomianism and i would encouraged letters to just to googeerun anti nominis and a well your talk about it eh if you ll have my part you could turn to page the thirteen and tho it both through the otho and will talk after we get off lying down on what's the best way cause i think we could put that out for people maybe next week as we go through this you are having mastodon my telegram channel and chamorro of or if you want to email me those passages that the easiest way for me to put it up on line as if she email to me i have you got so i just i want to i just want to run down through these five and in at least throw it out there if you will throw on the wall for being pulled a ree they could chew on it and maybe we can post that i even later to day a nicoldeath an start rely chentimen studying him and considering him you know ask yourself if it do i do this and if i do ah is it is it wrong what's the correct of what's the teaching it would help me the first run was called duellistic antinomianism and peter and and ah bumped into this but this would be and again when you think about masts a to me the gnostics were i can say you can draw an equal side between mastics and antinomies cause they seemed always run together so duelistic not antinomianism was the bully that salvation was for the soul on making bodily behavior irrelevant both to god's interest to the souls he now if you remember what we said about roland she got like between chapter six and seventy goalease four different teas there is anti nomian as a man all four of those but remember a roman six on what shall we send that greece me about god forbid so that's part of this so it's like the conclusion was that one may be have riotously and it won't matter so that's the first one the second one is called spiritual antinomianism and what this says is the freedom from the law as a way of salvation is a son and we do we can be saved by keeping the law i understand that ah in fact i did bible study at a friend's church one time at night wellgood of deal but they told me look if you come in preaching the law you're in a wrong i thought you know i don't believe in works righteous what er what's the confusion but there like we we don't want to hear any of that so freedom from the laws wives salvation is a son to bring with it freedom from the law as the guide to conduct so this is against what i believe i believe that god redeems us he knew births as so that by his empowerment by his grace we can keep the law in a pleasing way what we still do it perfectly no we are trusted in his pre that he gave to us but what does it mean we still don't keep the law in a pleasing way ah well you know and i think too i mean look look at let's look at some of the sinful behavior that's going on like the killing of children and i'm not talking in abortion on talking about all right killing children cause it's happening so somebody could say i mean it wouldn't wound reply we tend to human beings tend to apply it in to the way we think it our lives but there's bigger implications here if somebody crew is a child murder or rapis says i'm saved and goes on kills not a kid again i i've got i've got some rope in questions that are not that not that we can judge their hearts but or a repeat rapes oh i'm saved really and you can go and you can still tick to miceanother person well i i have a little bit of a problem with that and not judging there not judging maybe their heart it seems a little contradictory to me and god really shows us that the church must judge the exterior i mean i don't i know there's a fine line between looking at the exterior and saying lie now what's in your soul tis is where when when especially like a mathesone talks about this she proponente most folded bersonin where in the world judge not lest ye be judged and yet god says judgment must begin at the house of and at that's a huge topic i won't go into all the implications here but ah we have to judge rightly that that's the thrust of the passage don't don't judge wrongly irrationally before you know the truth with wrong criteria we got to judge correctly if that's woodson and the first step is as de judge ourselves to now and looking you can accept yourself as loved by god but then then take some time to ponder our actions on whether it's whether it's good or bad i mean i mean i know i know for myself oh that's that's a daily thing that that you know i probably should put more time in to it you know and really thinking about stuffnow you how you treat others how you conduct yourself all the time and we don't get that all right every time and but you know it doesn't doesn't negate the fact that we're saved but we should be kind of working on on battering ourselves i mean i should be a quest yah ah this third third fast that of antinomian teaching i've often heard and you'll hear a like this woloch law for us so we don't have to oh woe woe where where you the oh it's like it hisses for i chalenge people just cheronea that it was holding it he put on a cross for us so how is it that we think it was only good enough for the cost he calls us to be holy as he is holy so here's spears the third one says god does not see the sin in believers because here in christ had kept the wall for of them from this they draw the false conclusion there behaviour makes no difference provided to keep one ah but first john released speaks to this it's not possible to be in prison at the same time embraces as the way of life the third one here's the fourth when ah and i pray say you're going to see this fourth would more in dispensational teaching but since christians live under a dispensation of grays and this is why the teaching i was raised in a dispensation vain and maybe that's why god really posed me to study what i believe is i believe that it lockgate is what first of all new berths as and and makes us holy so i believe that grace is always a holding ellen anything related to sin is a mercy element soon we think grace it makes us back to the definition or are there under a dispensation of grace not low keeping the moral law is that no state necesse before he and i just think that is so heretic again in throwing it out there puttin on wall may be put in on somebody's redorse and we talked about your further next we as they were but yet an let's i think i discoriate you know i told you earlier we have to put one of our horses down to day and so i think i i hate to say that but i do say to text commands will finish this up it in my interrupt you here but towe've got about ten minutes okay and it's fine crow point inuber five and we can we can wrap him up easily and finement so a fact is ah it's sometimes said that the motive and intention of love okay now this is where i've heard it it's like well god some arises all his love and to commandments while it's like people you don't you don't really think about what you're saying what god was talking about was to tables of the law all the war is in one table of the second either law for daughter law for human so when the just think well that's all that it is the the trunk caso if the motion intention of love in the one is the only thought god requires of so ah that's just starts off and what i wanted to do dunawas i wanted to go back and run through so called back up colossians were going to run through that one passage glashins one a work closes with these things and will kinder make it a prayer he talked about before is what i want for my hearers to day not believe that was a nine fourteen and if you you may be too distracted in your mind if you want to close that out prayer find mine in im so why don't you take that and and pray it the god for everybody that listening and be a challenge and courage to everybody and will shut it down at all we get some of those things posted for later that's awesome dear heavenly father from the day we heard we have not ceased to pray for all of our brothers as asking that they would be sellethin knowledge of all of your will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding so that they may walk in the manner worthy of the lord that we may together as your family family got pleasing to you very free fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of your of your will for our lives we have that to be strengthened with all power according to your glorious might for all endurance and patient with joy giving thanks to you who was quallified us share in the inheritance of the same in your life you delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of your beloved son jesus christ in whom we have redemption and forgiveness of our sense and we accept your gift we accept your leady we accept your edicts your rules in obedience to you because we do it because we love you we want your will be done on earth as it is in heaven and we appreciate that you allow us to take part in this and to walk with you upon the earth we love walking with you you are best friend or father or creator are provision are better or defender you are everything to us in our truest truest love of our life we thank you for every day we thank you for being able to reach out to others of a brother's of those that you've created and showing them your love here as well as your heavy enough care for them to tell them when they're doing things which are hurtful for themselves others or to you cause that's a crucible of it and we just really love you we love you so much and were thankful for every good thing that is come from your hand everything we have and every good thing comes and flows from you and we love you in jesus christ precious name prayed a man thank you so much time and people pray for diana for to day for what she's gone through no sheets bombarded with satanic attacks and i just would cover your prayers for friday as i give that set for turning point us i had to you we winesweeter give me your love messenger to hearts yes i read your heart and sang on let me on to go back to this and an denlinger god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america we got a great day had of a set i've got a horse have to put down to day and don't letting go sometimes of those that we love is the greatest act of love and letting you know to stop the suffering in such i'm i'm pretty sure that you know we tried to do everything he could to help her but i'm pretty sure she's full of conserere we're not going to watch her starved to death which you know or suffer to suffer at this point in time it is just time you know typically i have a pretty easy time with doubt and with letting with letting ill people pass on and with loddingtons that are temporises world we live is so temporary and so we're going to go spend little time with her and she's going to go down in about an hour from now great very sweet great little horse i know the that there's a lot of people that are there going to be having a lot of very hard time with putting her down ah it's the it's the loving thing to do with this point time i had the hardest one i overhead put down his little was a fall that was borne canceliered but she had four hard nethack and that was that was really hard to watch the veterinarians at michigan state is probably twelve of and try to save this fold they were lying on the floor basically it around where she was and at twelve the veterinaries were sitting just sing they couldn't they couldn't save this beautiful sweet little fool and you know all you can say is that this is this is in god's this isn't god's hands and his will is always good and perfect so in this temporary world that we live in it's ok and so so i hope that all you are blessed with wonderful day to day and that you know the the richness of the tapestry the god wait leaves around us are sometimes those times of happiness and joy and sometimes is times were werejust taking care of business it's a balance you know that he brings as through a balance of those emotions he teaches us more in the valleys of life then on the press of it passes of the mountains that's where we're doing our spiritual work but it's okay and ah and it truly is okay so in and things are going to be ok even though we're going to toutimes here in the united states and the world it's going to be a god is in control of all things and we just let him leave it and so god bless you all and i'll be back on the tear in the remoter to morrow please pray for him and his friday night you know em in sprightin night a talk that these giving and giving him wisdom and strength and and a just surround him with loving and god's favour in your prayer so have a great day and oh will will be back later i might cheer some sympathies of this horse when she was feeling really well on on telegram to day so everybody can see see a seethes beautiful legal have a great day in will be talking houston