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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/3/2024 Liberty Essentials & BNN Citizen Journalist Panel

Published July 3, 2024, 9:02 a.m.

9am Bill Mohr II, Karen the Riveter, & Ralph the IT Guy will be discussing true liberty and the principles the Founding Fathers intended. Also we will be discussing the role of religion in government. The Mohr family has a long history in the study of the Constitution and lawful self governance. We will be teaching current issues and apply the Constitution for guidance. 10am 11am BNN Citizen Journalists Panel!! We are doing a weekly recap of what we are working on. This is real news!!! A panel of independant Journalists who have broken the cycle of Fake News, and want to get out the truth because of love for God, Family and Country Voice of the People - Daniel and Hollis Smeriglio The People's Pen - Joel Bevaqua Independant Journalist - Casey Whalen Thought Criminals - Christina Holbrook Behind Enemy Lines - Terry Newsome The Brewster Call - Jason Brewster X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Morning and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and it's the third day of July 2024. And welcome to our show today. We have first off, we're starting out with Liberty Essentials coming up to 4th of July tomorrow, which is kind of important to understand what our liberties are and such with Bill Moore and Ralph, the IT guy, Karen, the Riveter, who I know is out there watching is not able to join us today. And I'd ask everybody today, say some prayers for Karen today. You know, she's got, she's got a bunch of stuff on the, on the schedule today and probably could use some prayers. And so just for peace and happiness and things to go well for today, a couple of appointments she has made and, And then after that, we've got the BNN Citizen Journalist Panel, which I'm always very excited about, too. So we've got Dan and Hollis and Casey and Christina, and we'll see who else joins. I asked a few more people to join us that are citizen journalists, and we're going to try to expand this little operation. Tomorrow, I'm not going to be on Friday. I am going to be on. I'm going to introduce... one of my turning point interviewees, and we taped We taped one segment at Turning Point, and we did another one yesterday. So we'll be able to fill about an hour and a half on Friday with whatever we do next. And that's Jim Price from The Jim Price Show. This guy's really interesting. He's got a crazy amount of experience doing lots of stuff with energy as well as working. I'll let him describe what he does for you on Friday. But in the meantime, welcome to... Liberty Essentials with Bill Moore and Ralph the IT Guy. Good morning, guys. How are you doing? Good morning, Donna. I'm doing pretty good. Good morning. As Ralph pointed out before, you may see my screen shake a little bit because I've got one of my printers going here on the table. I did slow it down, though, so hopefully that won't be an issue. Okay. Well, there you go. If you shake, then we'll assume that it's not because you're nervous. So anyhow, so what a localized earthquake. Yeah. So I'm going to put this up here and give a shout out to our nominating convention on July 27th at Lost Arrow Resort in Gladwin, Michigan, 10 to 4. We are we've added another speaker to this, and that is I'm really kind of interested in this conversation. It's Brent Winters. And Brent Winters is a constitutional, I'm going to say, attorney-ish. But he teaches classes with Dar Leaf on the Constitution and the militia, et cetera. And he's going to be there. I think this is going to be really interesting. Anything patriot-oriented, Brent teaches. And I really like Brent a lot as far as his teaching style and such. And we've been talking about putting classes together through the Constitution Party, and I think that's going to be a kickoff. We're planning to start here. Let me bring it up here a minute, and I'll see if I can... We'll see if we can grab one of these classes a minute so you can see what I'm talking about. It's And... Let me show you what we're talking about here. So this is Brent, and this is his site,, and the classes that he has is just really, it's really amazing. So all of these things that he does, and we'll go up here to all courses. militia of the several states and this is where we're going to start and then is it is a group discount we get a we get a group discount on these classes and so when when we um Once we sign up for this and start the classes, what I think we're going to do is do them by Zoom so that we can all kind of talk. We'll watch the class and then have some discussion afterwards so that everybody else can, in fact, put in what they know. And I think also probably Brent will show up on some of these Zooms. I talked to his assistant, and I think that that could be a really, really good thing so that we get extra information or having questions later. answer. So that, that is, that is coming up. So it's normal. It's $175 here. It says $60 per person. It used to be 20. So we'll have to see, we might be able to negotiate that down a little bit, but we'll, um, we'll, uh, be presenting that that day. And then I believe we're also going to have a few resolutions and some other things that we're going to be looking at as well as, um, uh, There's a lot of people that are reaching out to us as the Constitution Party right now and wanting us to become part of their efforts, which I think is amazing because they can't get the other major parties to do a darn thing. So by calling us, they can actually get a party who has had the guts, the fortitude, and the stick-to-itiveness to stay there as kind of the underdog, because we have ballot access. And so that changes the whole metric of everything. So Sandy Kiesel reached out to us on something with the Election Integrity Group that they do poll challenger training. And so that's a big thing. And so we're looking at that. We're looking at a bunch of other stuff that would be probably pretty effective and pretty influential in making things very large changes to the way that the elections were not just talking about it. I mean, we have to go through the process of finding out what's wrong, but then you have to have action. And we don't tell anybody who they got to vote for. We put up candidates and such, which is the way it was supposed to work. But we invite every single one of you to in fact, join us. um in this in this journey that we have going on to try to save the united states of america we don't need a lot of people we just need really good ones and ones that are honest to be able to change quite honestly we can change everything just just through a few people not all people just a few people we're the disruptors yeah so I'm actually I'm looking forward to that um the uh nominating conventions are usually a pretty good time and especially During the presidential cycles, we get to hear from people we don't normally hear from, especially in person, being Randall Terry and Pastor Steven Brodin. As far as I know, they are both planning on being there. So it should be a pretty good event. I think so, too. Yeah. Be able to shake hands with a little. little larger people on the top side of the ballot instead of just those little locals that seemingly don't do anything. I think this is important, and I'm going to put this up here right now because Randall Terry and Stefan Brodin, they are beast-level fighters for sanctity of life. And I think that this is so important and we can't, we are not going to write this nation until we make peace with God and we stop killing his creation. And I really do believe that we are going to have to stop killing God's creation. It's his sandbox and he created it. And I want you to think about this. If you created something as beautiful as this world and you've got one group of idiots that constantly want to kill it off, I think I'd be a little annoyed. Probably mad. Probably, okay, you're going to disrespect life and kill other human beings. I don't think it's going to work out too well. This is a fight we can't walk away from. And it's important. But just so everybody knows, you know, this isn't just a mass of cells that, you know, that are something you can just get rid of. This is a flash of light at the moment of conception. And, you know, every time I show this, somebody says, I did not know that. Every time. And I think we need to show the commercials that he's put out showing what they're actually doing when they enter into an abortion. But watch this. This is all of us. This is what happens when the sperm and the egg join the moment God breathes life into a human being. Right there. Undeniable. Undeniable. You can't tell me that It's just a mass of cells. At that moment, the moment of conception, you're a human being, and you were planned, and so was everyone, and we have to fight for that. Otherwise, we're just murderers. Yep, that's right. The scripture is clear when God tells us that we're fearfully and wonderfully made, and he knew us before we were in the womb. There's numerous passages across that where it's clear that we are created. Anybody that can look at the anatomy of the human body and say that it was... It was just developed over time by chance as things tend to get better, right? Because that's one of our laws of physics. If you give it enough time, it will eventually become better. Is that right, Ralph? Yeah, second law of thermodynamics, right? Yeah, everything tends toward chaos. Let's get that right. Nothing gets better on itself. It will tend toward corruption and degradation over time. Yeah, this is Randall Terry. And, you know, I think that we can look forward to he's, you know, they're going to put all sorts of advertisements on. And this may be shocking to people, but I think it needs to get out there. I really do. Suck it up. This is what we've been tolerating. And if we don't face this, This is the kind of stuff that is real. And you can't look at that and tell me that's just a bunch of cells. And it's horrible and it's wrong. Well, and if they want to say the babies are just a bunch of cells, how do they distinguish between that and adults that are also just a bunch of cells under that definition? Which is worse, slavery or abortion? Slaves begged for mercy and ran away to freedom, or they fought back. All babies can do is die. Abraham Lincoln said, God avenge the blood of slaves in the Civil War. and abortion are abominations. We must outlaw murder of babies. Don't vote for Biden. I'm Randall Terry, and I approve this message. I think this is important to make people... You know, they used to run ads like that when we were kids, when I was a kid. And, you know, it's very... It's amazing to me that a lot of people don't even know the realities of human trafficking, of slavery that's still going on in the world. We've got these absolutely, how do I say it, self-centered Idiots out there going, I want reparations. I want reparations. Well, guess what? You weren't alive when this happened, but there's actual slavery going on in the world right now, but they don't say a damn thing about it. And it is really, to me, it is so infuriating. That that, you know, because, you know, I can pretty much guarantee you that that my anybody in my past who had nothing to do with slavery, in fact, fought against it and fought for women's rights and all those sorts of things. So you can't blame all of us for what bad people did just based on the color of our skin. It really there is there's white privilege nonsense needs to be cut off at the knees. because I'm sure none of you dug through a manure pile to get worms when you were a kid, just to be able to bring food home for your family. I did. And so anybody says that to me, I'm going to tell them to shove it right up their behind. But here's another one. Let's see what he's got to say with this. This is kind of fun to go through these. Let's see this one. It's Constitution Party. America acts like the world's policeman while our cities are plagued with violent crime. The U.S. pours billions of dollars into Ukraine while illegal immigrants pour over our border. Government spending is saddling our children with a debt they'll carry the rest of their lives. Inflation, regulation are a financial cancer. Public school children are told that white people are racist, that America is a fountain of oppression, and that they can mutilate their genitals for a sex change, which is a lie. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood traffics in human remains and the blood of millions of babies cries from the ground for vengeance. We are in crisis. And if we're going to survive this onslaught against liberty and justice and restore our nation, we must reject the status quo and return to Judeo-Christian ethics and limited constitutional government. And we must... Interesting. But anyhow, that's... Oh, it didn't play all the way through. That's real interesting. Okay. Don't know why, but that's interesting. So yeah, kind of one of those things that I think all of us are going to have to face. And I know it bothers people. They don't want to see that. It's like, this is horrifying. Really? Just because you shut your eyes and you stick your head in the sand doesn't mean that it's going to go away. I mean, when we see something wrong, it's time to jump right in and run right straight to the fire and say, this is what's going on. If you can't face it, you shouldn't be involved in it. And our tax dollars are funding this. You know, I remember when my kids were little, Um, we, we started raising chickens. We raised chickens and I wanted them to see the lifestyle cycle of chickens. Cause I'm like, if you can't either deal with the fact that they are killing an animal at you, then you probably shouldn't be eating it. You know, it's like figure out, figure out where your food's coming from. And if you, if you can't face what's in front of you, then that's something you probably shouldn't be doing. And so that's what we did. It's like you need to know where food comes from. You need to know what real life is, not the sanitized stuff that they're feeding us, but the real stuff. You know, you want to talk about what the gangs are doing and you get into the get into what they do and they're bragging about their crimes. If you really if you really want to man up, you know, that's the place to go right there is to watch these gangs are capable of. And they're in your backyard. They're in all 50 states. So there you go. All of that points to the duty of every American here. And a lot of people don't understand, since you played the slavery video that Broden did, a lot of people don't understand that the majority of what was going on during the time of slavery, it was not all of what was portrayed. The war of the states now being taught as the Civil War is completely backwards from what its actual intent was and what actually happened. And one of the outcomes of that was they, uh, they got rid of the ability for a person to own another person, right? Whether, whether just for ownership, uh, in a slave manner, or even if it was ownership to pay a debt, but they eliminated that, but they didn't eliminate slavery. That is still 100% active and 100% lawful under the constitution. A lot of people don't understand that in the 13th amendment. Um, The government said, and the people put it in there, that neither slavery nor involuntary servitude except as a punishment for crime, whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States or any place subject to their jurisdiction. That means slavery exists, but only to the government as punishment of a crime. Michigan Constitution says something similar to that. I say we take all the politicians that have lied, cheated, and stolen, and let's see how they feel being a slave to the population that they've been trying to enslave. Yeah. How's that for some raw truth right there? I think every single one of them needs to be stripped of their citizenship. Well, and that was one issue at our national meeting, Donna. And I don't know how much you knew about that. I was going around with David Gilley. I love David. We were trying to change the platform stance on Social Security. Because even as the Constitution Party, there are certain things within the platform that are unconstitutional. And the intent is good, but it's still unconstitutional. One of those things is the Social Security platform. And specifically, actually, I ought to just pull this up so it can be read. Specifically, the Social Security, as we know, is unconstitutional in its entirety, right? It cannot exist and it does not exist except in the minds of those who pay into it and accept it. So where is the- It's not compulsory. It shouldn't be compulsory. Yep. Let me pull up the platform here a minute. While you're doing that, another thing too is you talk about the Civil War and I don't think people have really read through the differences between the Confederate Constitution and the current U.S. Constitution and realize that the Confederacy was actually predated the entirety of the U.S. The Confederacy was the first to take steps to eliminate slavery in their constitution. It wasn't a full ban on it yet, but everybody knew they were trending toward that, and so they eliminated the importation of new slaves in their constitution. Yep. Yeah, there's all sorts of things. Oh, speaking of something that's done weirdly since we came out with the little truth on Axe My Tax... It appears that Carla Wagner got appointed to the board of builders association. And so I think that's kind of amusing because you watch these people move around and they move them around from, from one, the mayor of Kentwood had the same thing. He worked on, on highways and then all of a sudden he got a cushy government job over as mayor of Kentwood. You watch, watch what happens. They'll start in one area and then all of a sudden they get a cushy government job as a, a, as a way to thank them for whatever they've done. But I thought that was kind of amusing. And one day there was a bunch of people that moved out of the state of Michigan that I have some questions on what, what their actual intention in life is. And, uh, I'll put it out there at some point in time, but I thought that was really, really kind of incredible in, in like on the same day, there were two people that are moving out of Michigan that are fairly noteworthy. And, uh, um, It's interesting. It looks like Carlo is a realtor that sold Tammy Clark's house, who is moving to Florida, and it's kind of interesting. There's all kinds of all these connections behind the scenes that we need to be aware of because, I don't know, maybe I'm just like, I don't know, I ask too many questions, right? It's just kind of crazy. But anyhow, I digress. Go back to what you're talking about. Yeah, and I see a lot of that, people just up and leaving the state, especially here in Michigan. There are tons of people leaving the state, and a lot of them are going down to Florida. And it is incredible to me to think that in a state of crisis, that somebody would get up and just walk away from their friends, family, and neighbors and go somewhere where they think it's safer. And I'm telling you, Florida ain't any safer. That's the biggest honey trap there is in the union, right? Anybody who thinks DeSantis is a good guy better do some digging. Lines up a little bit. Yeah, yeah, there is no difference down there. They're just attracting people down there. And it's a giant honey trap. I agree with you on that. It's like wherever you think you're going to go to be safe, you're probably going right where it's worse. And, you know, it's like I don't know about you, but, I mean, this is you either stand and fight or you're just as bad as everyone else. And I don't mean like going to the coffee clubs, you know, that's prayed as like political entities. I mean, actually getting in there and doing some actual real work. I'm going to tell you what, we're putting together a group in Byron Township. And, you know, the fur is about to fly here is all I can say because people are fed up with what they're doing. I mean, they're literally killing this area, the ones in charge. They had a $30 million, allegedly, they had a $30 million overage in the city. Guess what they did? They added on to the township hall. And some other things. Did they decide to give some tax relief? Did they decide to have it go back to the people? Oh, no, they got to build bigger palaces. That's exactly what they do so that they can feel like they're really something in their little kingship sitting on the boards. What's that? Up the budget. Up the budget. They want to feel like they're real important by having real big money budgets that they never earned themselves. You know, they just take it from others. And then, you know, this is what's happening. And a lot of them are developers. A lot of them are realtors. Look at the contracts. Where the contracts go that these people sitting in the seats are attached to. They're all going to their buddies. I'm going to tell you that. They don't even do like real bidding processes. Not the way it should be done. And then when you ask questions, well, you got to talk to the city attorney. It's like, I'm not talking to that guy. Who is that guy? He's not elected. Why don't we talk to the city attorney? Done with this. Yep. So I have the Constitution Party platform pulled up now. Getting back to that. Yeah, the people in reference that we're talking about are, I mean, Thomas Paine clearly wrote them down as sunshine patriots, right? I'm hoping to get to that eventually, but. So anyway, we're talking about constitutionality of things. Even in the Constitution Party's platform, there are things that are unconstitutional. This is one of them. And even though it's good in its stance and it's good in its intent, it is still not complete as the Constitution requires. And that is Social Security. It goes into explain that we are endowed by our creator with unalienable rights, right? And that the U.S. Constitution is allowed to provide for the common defense and promote general welfare. However, Two things should be made, two clear distinctions should be made here. One is provide implies actively and financially supporting, promoting implies a more aggressive approach. For example, I'll promote that we put on a grand feast, but I want you to provide for it. There's a clear distinction in wording there. And general welfare is not the same as individual welfare, right? That's a whole nother constitutional issue that's addressed in another platform point. But general welfare would benefit the people generally. Individual welfare targets a certain segment of society to benefit, such as the poor. Like all these grants that are going on to pay for an equestrian park over by Detroit. Now, I like horses, but that should never have been paid for out of the budget. Yep. So Social Security is a form of individual welfare not authorized in the Constitution and should be repealed. I agree up to this point, right? However, here's where it remains unconstitutional. It says, we advocate phasing out the entire Social Security program while continuing to meet the obligations already incurred under the system, limited to the total contribution of each individual. Under the current Social Security system, we can reasonably, can be reasonably phased out. We propose that the tax not be a rainy day fund, et cetera, et cetera. Individuals be allowed to withdraw the funds and have them transferred into another, any sort of merger between the Social Security system and a foreign country be banned, and earning limitations on persons age 60 to and over be removed. Now, the Constitution Party also supports the right of individuals to choose between private retirement and pension programs. either at their place of employment or independently. So the most of that is agreeable. It sounds good. However, to phase out a system that does not exist under the Constitution is still unconstitutional, right? And everybody that watches the show should know BMI now. It's either all or none. I'm not going to play games on the Constitution, and I haven't in a long time. In this particular instance, a lot of people get angry. They're like, well, we've paid all this money. That's entitled to us. I have to say, first and foremost, anybody paying into the Social Security Administration, you are not paying into your own fund. You're paying for the people that paid for the people that paid for the people that paid for the people before them, right? Yeah, it's effectively a Ponzi scheme. Yeah, it's a giant Ponzi scheme. So, one, you are not entitled to anything. Two, the people that promised payment to you should be required to make their promise complete. But it's not the U.S. government, and it's not the rest of the American people that made that promise to you. The people that made the promise to you are the congressmen that have allowed it to continue. Those are the people, and David Gilley and I tried to get this changed to end at the word repealed, eliminate the rest of that platform, and say that any debt still owed to the American people by this system should be required in tort reform to be applied to the grantors of the Social Security Administration. That includes every congressman that has not voted for the repeal of the system. They are the ones that owe you the money. Yeah, that's right. Say that again. Start at the beginning with that last statement. The last statement. Yeah, so any debts that are owed to the American people by the government should be given to them by the granters, right? By the people who promised them that, right? Regarding Social Security Administration. It's not the U.S. government, right? And it's not the American people that have promised the Social Security Administration. It is the congressmen that allow it to continue, right? that have not voted for the repeal of the Social Security Administration. That's any past congressmen who are still alive and any congressmen sitting who have not tried to repeal it. They are the ones. Yep, I'm going to go to this because this is important, what you just said. You remember the first executive order that the rightful president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump, wrote. It was about seizing property for human rights abuses. Do you remember that one? I remember something about it. Yeah. Right after that, a Rothschild 14,000 acre estate was sold off in the Black Forest area. And so when all of us that were watching this were actually watching this happen in real time. And it was it was really super interesting. So there is already a precedent for doing some of this, which I thought was really interesting. And we both have opinions on the executive orders. OK, I mean, we both know that there and I talked to the guy who was behind writing all of those orders, which was super interesting, but. But I think that you're on to something there is that they should have their citizenship stripped and all of their unlawful gain that they have. I mean, what is Pelosi and Feinstein? How much do they have and what they've done? I mean, watch the watch the high speed rail that was going through California, all of the wildfires. They followed that path of where they wanted to put the high-speed rail because they were doing it as a land grab. Look at what Zuckerberg's second-in-command did. In fact, I can put some pictures up there for you. This is really interesting. Doug Burgum, who is the... Got a cushy little payoff job up there, in my opinion, because he was right-hand man for Bill Gates. And he was the one that was behind the software for tracking the red flag law violators, as well as selling property, fast-track the sales of land up in Dakota to China around the military bases. You think I'm kidding you guys? You think I'm kidding you? I mean, these people, he's nice. I met him personally. Nice enough guy. Super pleasant. Super pleasant guy. You know? Oh, yeah. I like him as a person. But then you do a little digging and you better figure this stuff out. And every one of these people that sit in office, bam, we should actually seize all their assets. Additionally, for anyone that thinks that there is no precedent for eliminating Social Security, number one, look to the Amish. who are exempt from Social Security because they have opted out of receiving the benefits for it. And number two, look into the FRA's Railroad Retirement Program, which effectively forces individuals employed by railroads out of the Social Security system and over into a parallel system that acts like Social Security but isn't called Railroad Retirement. I didn't know that one. That's interesting. Oh, yeah, that one is that one. Basically, once you have worked for a railroad as a railroad employee, you are forcibly removed from the Social Security program under FRA rules and can never again be on Social Security. You are permanently moved over into FRA railroad retirement. Oh. People need to understand that a lot of these government systems such as that, including the IRS, it's all voluntary systems. There's nothing saying that you have to be part of it. There's nothing saying that you are going to be attacked if you're not, though they do like to come after people who make that stand. But I know several people, personally, who are not part of those systems. and they are perfectly fine in doing so. In fact, I'm working to that extent. But there's a lot that goes into that, and we need to get back to the point of understanding why that is. There you go. This is what happens when you vote a nice guy in office and don't know jack crap about his background. He was right next to Gates. And then check this out, guys. North Dakota approves Bill Gates' major farmland. Who was behind that? Guaranteed. It was, in fact, Bill Gates purchased 2,100 acres of farmland, but there's more than that. There's another article. I'll put it up there because I posted it before on the land going to China and then the red flag law tracker. That was Doug Burgum. And so when President Trump, I keep telling everybody this, please listen, please listen, at least look into it. Don't believe me, but look into it, right? Whenever President Trump points at somebody, he's focusing your attention. That doesn't mean vote for him. That means look into them. Look into it. See what's going on here because he's never made one good endorsement, not one. It's for exposure. So the fact that a lot of people are missing the basics of who we are as Americans, I don't know how to address this issue. I really don't. There are so many things that we have to focus on on a daily basis, whether it be our own lives, our own work, the political scene going on and political schemes going on at the same time. But the base of being an American is the ability to self-govern ourselves, right? And we just talked about the people who, during the midst of crisis, here in Michigan especially, moved down to Florida. And that's just one of the spots I go to, but moved down to Florida. And their purposes, I don't know. I'm not going to judge their intents on that. But to get up and leave in the midst of battle, Because that's what this is, especially in the state of Michigan. We have an active war going on against the people here. So to get up and leave during that time just leaves your friends and family having to fight that battle without you. And this is something that I wanted to get to last week, and we didn't have the time to because things move along in certain progress. But I brought up Thomas Paine specifically. Most people know the quote of the summer soldier, right? It's in the American Crisis, number one. But Thomas Paine had an interesting life. He was one of the strongest proponents for independence from Great Britain. Though not necessarily one of our large political figures, he was a great writer. And a lot of his writings, including the American Crisis, were read to General George Washington's troops. Every time they got them. One of the things that Thomas Paine is known for in the secular world is the Age of Reason. The Age of Reason was the publication where he denounced religion in general, specifically targeting Christianity. However, all of his writings before that uh, divulge his beliefs in that manner. Um, you can read every one of them. He gives reference to the almighty. He gives reference to the creator. Uh, and he works through the process of what happened during the American revolution and the hand of providence that was in it right up until he wrote the age of reason. So I'm not sure what happened there. Uh, but because of that, uh, A lot of people don't know that only six people were at Thomas Paine's funeral. One of the strongest proponents during the American Revolution, and only six people showed up at his funeral. His last words that are recorded on his deathbed were, I would give worlds if I had them. If the Age of Reason had never been published. Oh Lord, help. Stay with me. It is hell to be left alone. were the last words of Thomas Paine. Every action has a reaction, right? Another law of nature. But he starts out the American crisis, number one, with the words, these are the times that try men's souls. And we use that a lot in the patriot movements, the organizations, political parties. We use that phrase a lot. That the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will in this crisis shrink from the service of their country. But he that stands by it now deserves the love and thanks of men and women. Tyranny like hell is not easily conquered. Yet we have this consolation with us that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap... We esteem too lightly. It is dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to set a proper price on its goods, and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated. Britain, with an army to enforce her tyranny, has declared that she has the right not only to tax, but to bind us in all cases whatsoever. It's the same thing we're at in America here. Keep that in mind. And if being bound in that manner is not slavery, then is there not such a thing as slavery upon earth? Even the expression is impious, for so unlimited a power can belong only to God. That's how he starts the American crisis, number one. But a couple of points I wanted to go over in this, and I'm just going to skim across the top of it. Whoever hasn't read this needs to look it up. Can you put it on screen or not, or tell me where I can put something on screen? Yeah, here you go. There's the link right there in chat. Thank you. I think it's more interesting when people can actually see what we're looking at, quite honestly. Yep. Keep going. I'll just continue on here. Okay. So he says the... In the third paragraph, he says, by every decent method which wisdom could invent. Neither have I so much of the infidel or unbeliever in me as to suppose that he would relinquish the government of the world and given us up to the care of devils. What do you hear almost always, I would say probably 80 to 90% of the time, coming from people who profess the same thing, that God will protect this country, that God has blessed America, that he continues to rule and reign. And then almost always, the number one thing I hear next out of somebody's mouth is, but right now Satan is in control. That is such a dumb statement right there. It's shocking. It is incredible. I mean, if you're going to claim the name of God, claim his power as well. He's given us the power to conquer over all the enemies, right? Satan has no more power in this world. Get it right. America is not under the care of devils. America is under the care of God Almighty, even in His judgment, which we have so clearly laid out. And if you come to our national convention, you're going to hear that reiterated. That if we don't take care of this, we're going to fall under the same judgments as all the previous nations throughout history did. Including here, Great Britain. We can make that correlation here. And this was written in 1776 by a man who at the end of his life claimed there was no God and then sat on his deathbed hoping for forgiveness for that one little statement, for that one little book that he made called The Age of Reason. These are the statements that he made prior to that. And he said, I do not, I cannot see on what grounds the king of Britain can look up to heaven for help against us. Knowing the enemy is out there, he says, they can't ask for help. Because we are doing what we perceive as God's will here. We are doing everything we can to do it right. And now it's come down to war, he says. It's like our enemy has no right to ask for help. A common murderer, a highwayman, or a housebreaker has a good pretense as he. The next paragraph, I love how it starts because this is what we've dealt with the last four years now. Good grief, four and a half years almost. It is surprising to see how rapidly a panic will sometimes run through a country. All nations and ages have been subject to them. Britain has trembled like an ague at the report of the French fleet of flat-bottomed boats. In the 14th century, the whole English army, after ravaging the kingdom of France, was driven back like men, petrified with fear. And having this brave exploit was performed by a few broken forces collected and headed by a woman named Joan of Arc. That is a fantastic story. But that is the same thing that happens to people. We get tied up in this fear when people come out preaching and saying that Satan's in control, that the demon control in this world is too great for the God that they claim. Right? They fall under that same fear. Oh, there's nothing we can do. Let's just keep talking doom and gloom. Let's keep preaching the end times that we have no duties on here because all we're doing is waiting to be taken out. That is the message that I hear over and over. And that has never been the message of the Bible. It's never been the message of Scripture. It's never been the message of the church. It has always been repent, for the kingdom is at hand. We need to get busy doing this, and we need to be good servants and caretakers of what God has given us. Remember the parables of the king and the talents that he gives his servants. Each one of us has been given a duty, a task, certain talents that we're in charge of. that God knows we can handle. And it's our duty to use those, utilize them here in whatever means we can to further promote the kingdom, the truth, right? The power to overcome. That is what we are at. That is where we should be at all times. And God hates cowardice. That is one of those things that is clearly stated. Yeah, read in Revelation 19, I think it's chapter 19 and chapter 20. There are two passages there, one of which specifically lists a group of people who will be cast to the bottomless pit. The first is the fearful or the cowardice, right? And Thomas Paine addresses this. as well in the American Crisis, where he says that not a man lives on this... Oh, I'm sorry, I started too halfway here. He says, I once felt all that kind of anger which a man ought to feel against the mean principles that are held by the Tories, right? The Englishmen. A noted one who kept a tavern at Amboy... This is page 3, down towards the bottom, last paragraph. "...was standing at his door as pretty a child in his hand, about eight or nine years old as most I ever saw, and after speaking his mind as freely as he thought was prudent, finished with this unfatherly expression, "'Well, give me peace in my day.'" That's like the cry of today. As he's holding a child in his hand, he says, give me peace in my day. Thomas Paine says, not a man lives on this continent, but fully believes that a separation must sometime or other finally take place. And a generous parent should have said, if there be trouble, let it come in my day that my child may have peace. And this single reflection, well applied, is sufficient to awaken every man to duty. It was about four years ago, four or five years ago now, where I made that same cry. And that is still the cry of this household, where I will go to whatever means necessary that my children may have peace. John Adams rightly said when he was in France talking amongst the government officials there – I don't know what France calls their people – but he was describing what he was doing in the Americas, and that was he had to study the arts of war so that his children could study the art of politics, and this is a summary, so that their children can study music and the arts. But he had to start somewhere. And if war was going to come, he wanted it finished in his lifetime so that his children could live in peace as well. That was the cry of most of our founding fathers. You look at the Declaration of Independence, the 56 signers that signed their names to that. Good grief. They signed their death warrants, people. Do we actually understand that? When they put their name on that paper and sent it to the king, they signed that they were all traitors to the crown. in the right, righteous manner, but they signed their death warrant and sent it to the only man on earth who was lawfully required to take it. How bold do we have to be in this lifetime even more so? Because our government has gone well beyond what they would have tolerated then. And this runs exactly what we're seeing today with borrowing and borrowing and borrowing and shoveling all that responsibility on our posterity. Yeah. Yeah. We are just taking from our posterity. That is exactly correct. I know Donna has brought up the debt clock before. You look at that. And you begin to realize on the debt clock, it's listed. I don't know how accurate that is, right? I take it at face value. I assume it's pretty doggone close. Somebody that's got a lot of knowledge is running that. Yeah, but on there is listed the debt per individual, right, or per citizen here. And you look at that and know that it's not just you that that debt is laden on. Because I'm pretty sure not every American is going to take that debt. What is it, $87,000 per person? Holy mackerel. That's $643,142. Okay, yeah, I know I'm not going to. That's what every one of us is on the hook for. And I want to show you something else that's been really interesting to watch. Look at the dollar to silver ratio now. And then in 1913. See, that's strange, and that's why I question the validity of what that is, because I can take a U.S. dollar. In fact, I can take about 35 of them and buy one ounce of silver. So when I see the clock there saying it's $236 per ounce of silver, that's why I question the numbers on this particular site. Well, look at the year. It's a year ratio. They're comparing it to 1913. which is when the Federal Reserve, I think what they're pointing to is the fact that the Federal Reserve and everything and how things changed. Yeah, but I'm just saying they're claiming that the dollar to silver ratio is $236 per ounce of silver, which is not right according to I mean, what I can actually buy. I buy silver occasionally. But our dollar isn't worth more. So the point being is that the dollar, that's what the dollar comparison would be. I believe that's what they're trying to make a point on is that what you can actually buy it for now because our dollar isn't worth as much as it was back in 1913 because of inflation, which is an undeclared tax. Oh, so what you're saying is they're actually keeping the dollar value at what it was in 1913 and showing you how many of those it would have taken to buy it. I think that that's what they're trying to point out here. What's your thought here, Ralph? Um, I'm not sure exactly what they're getting at there. Cause you look at the column to the right and that's more of the, uh, I think the conversion, but I don't know. Um, um, I kind of wonder, too, if I've heard this quite a bit, and I'm not sure the validity of this, but I kind of wonder, too, how much the value of silver has been artificially brought down to below its... Yeah. It's depressed. Brought down below what its actual value is. I've heard some stuff on that. I'm not sure that I 100% believe that, but I can't say I disbelieve it. Well, this is really interesting because when you look at the population, 336 million people in the United States too. This is just off on a tangent. It was 333 million just a couple of years ago. So we've gone up in population here. So kind of interesting. It's actually a good thing to see once in a while, though, because I do have a couple friends that between the two of us only accept gold and silver as payment for debts. They won't accept a dollar bill, and I won't demand it from them. So there's a handful of people out there still like that. And it's a hard way to live, don't get me wrong. But push comes to shove. When the fiat currency that we have in America today, when that all collapses, you've got to think, what do you have? Only the tangible things that you have are worth any intrinsic value. And as far as all the farmers and such that I've talked to and all the... The ranchers, they will continue to accept silver and gold as payment when everything else collapses because it's still the only thing that holds value, right? Food is always a good thing to trade with, too, in case anybody's wondering. I mean, if things were to collapse, I'm pretty sure that even the silver and gold is not going to have a whole lot of value, you know, if you can't provide for yourself or something. And that goes back to, you know, I really like some of the stuff that both the Mormons and the Seventh-day Adventists do. They believe in like a seven-year food storage. So most people who are Mormon, it's part of their religion is to have long-term, a seven-year food storage. So if you want to look for that level preparation, and you want to know exactly what to do or how much food to put away, those sources are absolutely valuable. And knowing your friends around you that are Mormon or Seventh-day Adventists and talk to them. They'll tell you they've got classes and all that sort of thing that you can learn to be prepared because I'm sorry, if I look at this over here, which is the debt clock stuff that I have up, I can look at that as a person who is, you know, is perhaps aware of some of it, I might not know all the subtleties of what's going on there. But But, you know, you give somebody that's a full-time finance person, they've got a lot more knowledge than I do. I get a cursory look, though. And a cursory look for every single one of us. You should be able to look at this and the first words out of your mouth should be, Jesus, take the wheel. Because this is unresolvable. It's absolutely unresolvable. That's another thing that people want to do unconstitutionally as well, and that's, well, we have to slowly pay back these debts that the U.S. government has incurred, right? Or we either figure a way out like that or everybody's a big loser, and people are going to have to get it figured out that it is our fault that we got into this situation. Our elected officials are in direct relationship to the moral decay of the United States of America and our population. It's not their fault. It's our fault. Because we could have stopped it. I wish that, you know, I'm 60 years old, so you guys are like off of this because I know that you weren't even born then. But if you look at 1972 and the crap that happened in 72, I keep going back to that year. That year, there were so many significant events that happened. If you look up the events of 1972 that changed the United States forever, It is shocking. It is absolutely shocking that the ERISA Act took place and some of the other things that changed all of these unfunded liability problems that we have over here. 72, there were traumatic changes and dramatic changes to the United States of America. Look it up. Study your history a little bit. But it was our fault. So in 72, I was nine years old. All right. you guys weren't even thought of at that moment in time. And I know you weren't even thought of that time. And and such. But the point being is that is that but the decay that happened, we're all going to see stuff like that and challenges in our lives, no matter how old we are, no matter when we were born. Doesn't matter. It's the way the world works right now. And until God completely annihilates Satan himself and all of his little punk demons that think they're all that in a bag of chips when they're nothing but a bunch of little pukes. That's all they are, a bunch of little pukes. When Jesus said it is finished, it was finished. And that's the point where we take it up, just as you said, to your point, and let them have it. And you know what? There's only two offensive weapons that we have. And I'm going to throw this out there. And I hope everybody grabs a hold of this and just runs like there's no tomorrow. Like your life in this country is dependent on it. The only offensive weapons that we have is quoting the scripture and prayer. You start quoting scripture and watch the demons run. They will run. And not only that, in claiming what God says in that word. There's so much more that surrounds that whole book. Why do you think that even all the mystics will grab onto that Bible? Because they know what's in that Bible. Why do you think that there's certain sects of people out there that want to grab a hold of the Bible and other ones that want to tear it down? Because they know that there's power in the word of God. You're having a bad day. Guess what? I'll give you the quickest way out. Get a hold of your Bible and start reading out loud. Scripture and the promises of God to stand with his people and to write things. They will literally run. And if you want to pray, pray for the biggest loss to Satan. Somebody who is absolutely a God-hater. Somebody who is not saved. If we started a revolution of that, we would be starting fires all over this planet. You want to talk about real warfare? Real warfare is in this claimant-framant crap. That's not what that's about. That's very selfish. It's all about a person. You want real warfare? Pick up that sword and start hacking away at the things that Satan has taken advantage of and start praying for these people that don't know God, that are having problems, and start fires for them. So many fires that they enter, you don't even know where to turn. That's how you fight a war. So on that note, I want to finish with how Thomas Paine finished the American crisis. Okay. It's the same type of principle. He left off saying, I bring reason to your ears. All the way down at the bottom. Okay. The last page. Give me a page here so I can follow it. Right there. Up just a little bit. It says, I bring reason to your ears in language as plain as ABC. Hold up truth to your eyes. And then the last two paragraphs. He says, I thank God that I fear not. I see no real cause for fear. I know our situation well and can see the way out of it. While our army was collected, how dared not risk a battle? And it is no credit to him that he decamped from the White Plains and waited a mean opportunity to ravage the defenseless Jerseys. But it is great credit to us that with a handful of men, we sustained an orderly retreat for near 100 miles brought off our ammunition, all our field pieces, the greatest part of our stores, and had four rivers to pass. None can say that our retreat was precipitate, but we were near three weeks in performing it that the country might have time to come in, right? Looking out for the brethren. Twice we marched back to the enemy and remained out till dark. The sign of fear was not seen in our camp, and had not some of the cowardly and disaffected inhabitants spread false alarms through the country, the Jerseys would never have been ravaged. Once more we are again collected and collecting. Our new army at both ends of the continent is recruiting fast, and we shall be able to open the next campaign with 60,000 men well-armed and clothed. This is our situation, and who will may know it. By perseverance and fortitude we have the prospect of a glorious issue. By cowardice and submission, the sad choice of a variety of evils. A ravaged country, a depopulated city, habitations without safety, and slavery without hope. Our homes turned into barracks and boudy houses for Hessians, and a future race to provide for whose fathers we shall doubt of. Look on this picture and weep over it. And if there yet remains one thoughtless wretch who believes it not, let him suffer it unlamentedly. That is where we are at. Join or die, as the Sons of Liberty once said. We either band together or we lose it all. Yep. And it's standing unwavering, you know, where there's a line, you've got to stand and hold that line. You can't run. It's so selfish to run when there's a fight there. And, you know, and for self-preservation, I'm sorry, but I've heard enough of that too, Bill. And it's like, it makes me, I feel nauseous at the thought. Oh, yeah, there's no hope in words like that. When people go around and say, well, there's nothing we can do, you know, the end is here. And they just completely deny the power, right? They have a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof, as James rightly said. I actually heard this guy up in Muskegon, his name is Zach Laring, say to me, well, you know, God's going to destroy the world. And so, you know what, I don't want to get into God's way. And I'm like, that is one of the most... The cowardly, gutless, godless statement that I have ever heard in my life, it goes right along with what happens in Hinduism. It's that, well, you know, they've got karma to burn off. It's like, that's what it sounds like to me. God's going to get them. They've got to, we got to let God get them. Well, how about we all band together and try to go help people instead of wanting and glorying in watching people pay. We don't want anyone to have to pay for anything that they've done. We want them to turn around and get on the right track and, um, and not, not, um, continue in what they're doing that leads to evil destruction of themselves and other people. We want them to be restored. We want only the best for them. But until they turn around, they're going to keep wallowing in the mud like a pig hanging out in its own crap. That's what happens. We don't want to see them do that. We don't want to see them continue on lying and cheating and stealing and murdering and such. We want them to feel that sadness that, man, I did the wrong thing. We've all done that when we come to Christ. We've all done that and had to look back and go, wow, if I had to do this over, I'm not doing that again. That was a bad plan and feel sad that we even that we were even there at one point in time. But even God takes that away from us. Once we learn the lesson, there's no punishment because Jesus takes it all upon himself. And we move forward into doing the right thing and standing for those things that are for his glory. It's amazing. And you look at it, and another thing James had said in 127 was true religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, right, and to keep himself unspotted. When we don't do that, we deny the faith, as Timothy said, right, in the book of Timothy. Not Timothy, but in the book of Timothy, it was said that if we provide not for our own, we're worse than an infidel. Well, who is our own? Ourselves, our neighbors, the widows, the fatherless, the orphans. That is the care. And to say that we can't do anything, that these evil powers are here, they're going to take over, and then God's going to destroy them all. What are you leaving the widows and fatherless to do? You're just condemning them to suffer through all this. If you want to see what really happens when a government takes over and becomes so tyrannical to where if you're a threat, they just eliminate you, People ought to reread through history. One thing to look at, see what the Romans did to God's people at that time. The nation of Israel. Go back and look at what the Romans did in the first century. See how they treated the people. And these were people who claimed the name of God. And we're saying the same things that people in America are saying today. While he's going to come back and fix everything, there's nothing more we can do about it here. Right? And then see what happened to them. Because there was some of the worst tribulation you're ever going to find in history, in any recorded history, happened to those people. So welcome to being in that point, Americans. Yeah, you are here on the map of apathy. Yep. So stand up, claim the power, and get something done about it. Okay, so let me put our... Oh, let's see. I hope I didn't shut it. I did. Donna, shame on you. Let me see. I'll bring it back up. This is our nominating convention. I'll actually blow past this. Oh, there it is. And there are two. For the people out there that think that, oh, I am incapable of fighting this fight, go to your school boards. Go to your township boards. You know, start locally. There are things you can do. Or the nominating convention. Yeah. Run for these positions so that you can actually take a part in the things that are happening locally, even. It's not that much of a, it's not an insurmountable task. Yeah. Okay, guys. Well, we got to head out because I've got my citizen journalist panels about ready to start. Thank you so much. Any last words? And they've got to be quick. No, no, that's it. Start local is a good way to end that. Yep. Sounds good. All right, guys, I'm going to say goodbye to you. And we're going to be back in the next hour here with our BNN citizen journalist panel. Dan Hollis and Casey are backstage. And we're going to go to a quick break here and and we'll be right back on. See you in a few minutes. Good morning and welcome to the second hour of Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and our second hour is our, our BNN citizen journalist panel. Let's see where everybody is. Hey guys, how you doing? Good. Good. Good. We're here. We're here. Where are we? Where are we? There we are. How are you? I'm doing great. My lighting's not very good here. That's okay. You look like you've got dramatic lighting in the background, Casey. Yeah, I'm not very prepared here this morning. Sorry. That's okay. We've got, let's see, I've got three of your articles up, your Substack articles up. So. All right. There we go. So I just got to start adding them here and we'll be in good. So how are you guys doing, Dan Hollis? How's your week going? It's good. We're okay. I can hardly hear you guys. I don't need to be in the picture. Okay, hi. Hi, your microphone is really soft today. Hang on. All right, that's okay. We're gonna try again. Better. Yeah, that's a little better. So I've got three of Casey's articles up here. And United Against Conservative Videos. We have North Idaho Catholic Rosary Walk Reported by Human Rights. Networks to Police and FBI. And United States Prepares to Target Dissenting Americans in Culture. You guys were watching all week the nonsense that went on with the... You know what? I think I can do this. That way we'll be in our larger area. You like that better or do you like this one better? That one. We'll go this way. Need more coffee. Yeah. We are a mess. We're finally home and trying to get our studio finished. But you got your dog there. That's cool. Yes, yes. He likes to be on camera. He's very photogenic. Very cool. So welcome this morning. What are we going to talk about, boys and girls? Where do we start? Oh, my gosh. This has been a crazy week. There's certainly enough to go into. I mean, I honestly enjoy seeing the destruction of the left and the destruction of the establishment and what's going on with the puppet regime. So I am liking that. If I'm going to keep it mainstream, it's fun. I like seeing them self-destruct, destroy themselves, basically cannibalize themselves. I think it's hilarious. And I think the Supreme Court ruling was fantastic. The Chevron ruling? Yeah, with the presidential immunity ruling. Presidential immunity. I like the Chevron ruling. It was amazing. That's going to change. and hamstring every single three-letter unconstitutional agency out there. They lost their teeth. Yep. It was back-to-back wins. We had our one little loss last week, I think, but I think the back-to-back wins were great from the Supreme Court. So that's definitely a plus. I just like seeing the system break apart and suffer, and things that were said many years ago are all coming to pass, and it's undeniable now. And it's one of those situations with no matter who they try to run as their puppet candidate, no matter who they try to put in, if they try to put anybody else in, it's too late. It is absolutely too late. It's not going to work. And I think it's hilarious. And that is by the grace of God. I truly believe that. So to hell with everybody in the establishment. And I like seeing them suffer and burn. And I like seeing the agencies feel a little bit of heat coming their way finally, long overdue. They knew what they were doing. They absolutely knew what they were doing. So let's talk about this. Casey just put this up. And I want to run this out here a minute. And then let's play this video here. You want me to set this up real quick? I have an easy job tonight. I speak in defense of free speech, the First Amendment, on the anniversary of Independence Day to a council that's contemplating the introduction of the concept of thought crime into our local ordinances. Ladies and gentlemen, you're elected to do a certain job. That job is not to monitor the consciences of your citizens. In taking on the stance that it is not merely action, which is the province of the law, but intent before any action takes place, you are joining totalitarians and theocrats around the world in deciding yourself what constitutes acceptable from unacceptable speech. And there is no difference between speech and thought. That is why it is the First Amendment to the Constitution. Because we cannot conceive of thought in our minds without words. I have no problem. In fact, I think it's a basic function of the law. to look at the motives of a person who acts in a criminal fashion. But to say that the motivation itself will now be criminal is to step away from laws from Hammurabi's time to now. From measuring objective behavior to trying to discern what lies in the hearts and minds of human beings. which is not something I think any of us have the capacity to do. I come from a family that was split because my dad's Cuban-Puerto Rican, and I grew up around New York City at a time when that mattered. I know firsthand the ravages of racism. I know what it's like to have somebody say of my sister, who is this dark person in my living room? Which one of her friend's fathers said. I understand what it's like to walk into a public place and wonder if somebody has noticed me as something other than what they are. I'll stand with anyone that wants to punish bigoted action. But to constrain speech is to take on a role that you were not elected for. And with all due respect, this community can forgive and forget the good intentions of you as you go about your righteous business of deciding zoning issues and city policy. But this community will not long forget you crossing a line and deciding what is and is not acceptable speech and thought. That's been done in Europe and people have been thrown in jail for being Holocaust deniers. And they violated the law right there with a timed and for giving him three minutes to speak. They cannot give you or limit the amount that you can speak in a meeting. And if they cut the microphone, they're violating the Open Meetings Act, as well as there's a case out there called New York Times versus Sullivan. And that absolutely negates their ability to shorten the amount of time. You have the right as their boss. They're not over us. You have the right to speak as long as you want. And in effect, it's a personal filibuster. So don't buy into this stuff. And then if the cops come in and try to quiet you down and remove you from that, now they're in violation of the law. Just so you know, everybody needs to know the law so that they can go in there and fight it based on the terms. As a stare decisis law, it has not been challenged. And they were in violation, cutting him to three minutes. Go ahead, Dan. No, go ahead, Casey. No, no, go ahead, Casey. No, I can't. Go ahead, Dan. Go ahead, Dan. You go first. I was going to say... They've been doing that lie and that practice for quite some time. And then Scranton, Pennsylvania, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Des Moines, Iowa, among other places back in the 2007, 2009 time I was kicked out of speaking publicly inside meetings like that. And that's why I decided afterwards to just go and hold a very loud protest outside of all their town meetings or city meetings and have a PA system better than what they had inside. And they basically were caught. They had no choice but to shut down the meetings or no longer announce when they would be, which was a violation as well, because I figured, you know what? And the cops had to remove me multiple times. I had fun with it, never got arrested, but. It's important for people to, yes, get inside when you can, but protest the hell out of these bastards. You have something to say, be heard. There's always going to be public land outside of any place they hold these meetings. Utilize it. Utilize the full scope of your constitutional authority and your rights because they're going to take it all away if you don't. And they're there for a reason. Utilize it. Drown them out. Shut them down. That's the best way to do it. Yeah, I've actually seen people that have done that. And the boards actually will walk out and they reelect new boards right there on the spot. Completely against their charters and completely against the law. It's disgusting. You know, they are just the antithesis of evil, really. And just, you know, true free speech deniers. Yeah, absolutely. Well, you don't even know the half of it. Last night, the city of Coeur d'Alene, what that person was addressing in that talk there, Ralph Genorio, he's actually a teacher. He's a solid guy in our community. And he was calling out the city of Coeur d'Alene because they were attempting to pass. Well, they did pass. an ordinance to address hate speech. So that passed last night. I was actually flying in from the event I was filming in Kentucky, the JP Conference. And, you know, on the way in, I had to try to get up to speed before the show today as to what was going on. So they actually passed a hate speech ordinance. And this is part and parcel to what I've been researching in Coeur d'Alene here. We are ground zero for the nation, in my opinion, due to, you know, the Richard Butler issue here in the 1980s. And actually, Richard Butler wasn't quite what was presented to people. It's a long story, but, you know, the white supremacist KKK thing going on here in the 1980s here in Coeur d'Alene. And so that's really speaks to what's going on today. Actually, the same people, the same types of people, anyways, the Marxists, the communists, the Bolsheviks here are trying to reimplement narrative from the 1980s and basically they're using it to drive and get put their political opposition in a box and so for instance we have our local Human Rights Education Institute we have our local Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations we have the North Idaho Pride Alliance we have love lives here all these different Marxists extremely radical left These people are bad news. Of course, they seem very nice and innocent on the face of everything, but deep down inside, they have an agenda, they have a motive. They're working with the ADLS, PLC, a group called the Western State Center out of Oregon, the Montana Human Rights Network, The IREHR, which is the Institute for Research Education on Human Rights. There's a whole bunch of a cadre of radical left organizations that are targeting North Idaho. And a sliver of us understand what's happening. They're working directly with the FBI, the DOJ, and they have carte blanche access to operatives within those organizations to report what they deem as hate incidences, not even crimes. They're weaponizing it against Americans. Yeah. And so and I'm just kind of like making this long and, you know, like trying to explain this so you understand. So last night, the same people were at city council and they they brought they brought their they brought their a team last night. If you go watch the city council from last night, they brought the major the major players, one of whom was a former mental health. person who I exposed and he lost his job because he said he wanted to shoot Trumper motherfuckers and a former New York police officer exposed that this person came into this gun range, this mental health, this person that works for our local mental health facility here, Heritage Health, goes into this gun club and says he wants to learn how to shoot so he can shoot Trumper motherfuckers is what he said. There's more to this I put this out. He lost his job because I exposed this person, but he was at this last night speaking to city council, and just to give you a flavor of the type of people that these Marxist-Bolshevik communists are implementing, and they actually got this hate speech ordinance passed last night, so... i can explain a little bit more background to this uh you know um but it's it's um it's really bad where we are because they're basically trying to set the standard for the nation and they have and now they're they're they're setting a trap they have set a trap where um you know I have uh this this this ordinance here that they passed last night um yeah as an example um they go through different aspects of this this public ordinance they passed um one is you know there's different aspects of it there's public nuisance a person is guilty of a hate crime if that person creates a and maintains or maintains a public nuisance as defined by idaho co blah blah because the victims perceive race color creed religion ancestry gender sexual orientation gender identity physical or mental disability or national origin and then it goes in different aspects of that disorderly conduct with that same flavor threat conspiracy if two or more persons conspire to injure oppress threaten or intimidate any person and the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by law because of his having so exercised the same because of the victim's actual or perceived race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity. So basically they're just setting the narrative or the precedent that you cannot How dare, you know, don't you dare like protest that aspect of someone's character. And that's not right. These people that are on our city council do not have the authority to do that. you know under the constitution of course the first amendment congress shall make no law under idaho constitution article one section nine all persons may freedom of speech all persons may speak write and publish on all subjects being responsible for the abuse of that liberty so these people are coloring outside of the lines and they're they're they're implementing things they're not supposed to as they have been here So I was very livid last night. I'm trying to not to swear. I was up a little bit late last night researching this and getting information, but I'll end here. I won't go on too much longer because I don't want to take the whole time. God directs how this goes. If you're supposed to talk about this, then you just keep going because short times don't usually get to the bottom of what people and all of us need to know. Well, and one of the interesting things is that it says here that this is an example of how they're trying to control the political opposition. Because we're having, for instance, these same Marxist, Bolshevik communists, and I'm sorry to... put people in a box but you know that's what it is and I'm tired of pretending like this isn't happening but it is um they they go on to say that uh um in addition to the punishment prescribed by subsection um A person found to have violated statute or ordinance blah blah blah. It's 9.23.010 of this code shall be ineligible for a period of up to three years for any city license, permit, or activity within the city. So that's a caveat. you know, if you're found guilty of of this, this violence ordinance, you will not be able to get a city license, a permit for an activity. So they're basically using the First Amendment against people here now. And if you violate this perceived ordinance, then you can't, you know, get a license or a permit. And then, you know, there'll be additional charges. Why do you have to get a license or a permit in the first place? it's it's so ridiculous yeah people shouldn't people shouldn't even entertain the idea of getting permits and all that crap anyways we don't work for these people they work for us so we have the right to stumble period yeah so it's it's really sick you know these people are mentally deranged um you know these our city council they're they're a bunch of commies um it is what it is and so people I'm hoping that people go city council go down to city hall today uh I've got my uh I got my box of chalk here, so I'm going to go downtown, go to the city hall, and leave these pricks a message. All speech is free speech. Who decides what is hate speech? Well, apparently the city of Coeur d'Alene does. The city of Coeur d'Alene gets to decide in the modern-day Bolsheviks. I'm very livid right now, actually. I didn't get much sleep last night. I'm very tired. Is it the city council or is it a township council or what is it? It's a city of Cornelain. So if anybody... I'm bringing it up so we can see who these morons are because I think we need to throw them out and leave nowhere to hide. Well, they're embedded. Many of them have been there for quite a few years. One of the city council people, Christy Wood, this is a very bad person. In my opinion, she's evil. She was a former Coeur d'Alene police officer. She was on the she was, I believe, the president of the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations. They are they are directly working with the FBI and the DOJ to report. people for engaging in constitutional activities if you're going to um okay let's do you want to get into more of the minutiae of this yeah I do because you don't want if we if we give them a place to hide they're gonna they're gonna hide like the rats they are it's just like biden I'm gonna just go ahead and say it the traitor in chief there if anybody looked at him and thought that he was going to change anything as being entrenched in the establishment for over 50 years. I got a lot of news for him. If he didn't change anything, this is where the breakdown and thoughts happen and why our education system has completely destroyed this nation and stopped critical thinking. If you think they're going to change anything when they're in that long, why haven't they? Because they're part of the problem. We need these people not to be part of an industry that keeps going from one department to another to perhaps being appointed to a building code or a building board, which happened here recently. Watch somebody go from a tax, an X my tax thing for property tax, had everybody roping gagged on this until we threw it out there. And all of a sudden this person got quiet and boom, she's on a board for building a building board. And I can bring that up later, too. But these people move around. Watch how she does this. Watch how Christy Wood does. And they move their assets around from one place to another so that they become entrenched in another area because they're all working lockstep like the bunch of Nazis they are. Yeah, hold on. I'm going to find a timestamp here for you. And you can play this from last night. That last YouTube link I just posted there. Yeah, you want to put that up there? Trying to find the right, the timestamp's about 7 minutes 43 seconds, I want to say. Give them nowhere to hide, guys. I'm sorry. These people are breaking the law. They've just broke that whole board. for quarterly broke the law by alleging thought crimes. That's some Nazi bullshit going on there. If you want to play, go to seven minutes, 43 seconds or so. This is Tony Stewart. Don't get me started. Back in the 80s, he was the president at one point of the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations. Basically, this is the Marxists, the communists. So you listen to him pitching why we need to implement this ordinance. That's, that's where he's coming from. Right now I've been having problems with YouTube. So I'm sure YouTube is like slowing us down here because, uh, This has been happening because they can get in. I've got some more. Bob Terry has been texting again and how they've got all sorts of crap on your phones, your computers and such, and they can go in and modulate, regulate. There's not just one way to throttle free speech. There's all kinds of ways. And don't underestimate them. Okay, seven minutes left. Yeah, so Tony Stewart was a former professor at North Idaho College since the 70s. If you can pause it. Since the 70s, 1977, maybe earlier than that even. He had a public access station on PBS where he would bring on people onto his show as a professor at NIC. He would bring on people like Morris Dees from the SBLC, people from the ADL, people from the Montana Human Rights Network. So basically he was acting like this professor at the college some ho-hum professor. Behind the scenes, this person is a master manipulator. Activist. He's a paid activist. They're social engineers. And this guy's an evil genius, in my opinion. He was able to co-op the entire community in the 70s, 80s, 90s, during Richard Butler and the whole KKK thing that was going on here. They were covering up for the Jewish mafia. There was a lot of corruption and bad stuff going on in this area in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. So they bring on Wayne Maness, who's an FBI agent. He was undercover in Chicago working within the mafia. They bring him in to cover up all the BS that was going on. There's an organization called M Prize that's from New York. It's a Jewish mafia, like I said. And how dare I say that, but that's what it is. And so they used Richard Butler as a way to cover all this up, and it worked great. There'll be a book coming out in the near future. Watch the ADL come after us, and it's like, that's okay. We're going to double down no matter what it is because – There are bad people that have been filtrated and are behind every different category out there, including Christian, Muslim, wherever they can capture, Jewish, wherever they can capture people who will not look into their deeds or hold them accountable because they're one of us. Really? I would stand with these people for no reason whatsoever, the ones that break the law and have killed their own people. Because that's what they're involved in. A lot of them are. So we can't go to labels. We've got to look at what people who are willing to kill their own people are, who they are and what they're willing to do. Now, I'm not saying any of these people are that. I'm saying that the label's got to go because that's what ropes and gags us and lets us go down the path of trusting people instead of making them prove it and earn their trust. So let's listen to this. Actually, can you go to the 7 minute 43, Mark? Because this is Tony Stewart. He was the president. He's now the secretary of the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations. This is the professor. He's retired now, obviously. It's going to jump. I can't get it to go that fine grain. So you're just going to have to. Oh, it's buffering now. Stop at the end of your three minutes, please. OK. I will open public comment. And the first person signed up is Tony Stewart. Is this the guy? Okay. Yep. Mayor Hammond and City Council, I'm here representing the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations, the board and support of your proposed hate crime city ordinance. Mayor Hammond, thank you for your leadership on this issue. have experienced an epidemic of vicious verbal abuse of people of color in our city that have included the Utah women's basketball team, young people of the Coraline tribe, a high school music group from southern Idaho, a mother driving into an elementary school to pick up her child, and minority students from out of state soccer team. And today I learned that they were from Nelson, Canada, and they have reported to the police. this behavior must end we are appalled at the suggestion that constitutionally protected hate speech can cross that line to say one can vocally berate bully intimidate harass and demand that victims leave our beautiful city and never to return let me be clear this must stop I want to know where the evidence of that is. He made a comment that said that they're supposed to leave and they can't come back. I'm going to call bullshit on that because he provides no evidence. That's just his opinion and it's what he said. He's a liar. Where are all these ethnic people being targeted and harassed in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho? I certainly haven't heard of that one. Well, there was a big issue a couple months ago. The University of Utah women's basketball team was here in March during the NCAA tournament. There was a tournament in Spokane, Washington. They were staying at the Coeur d'Alene Resort here. They went to a nearby restaurant a couple blocks away. The reporting party that reported this incident, Robert Moyer, released a body camera and a 911 audio call after this happened. He stated that the women's basketball team was on the way to the restaurant. Multiple trucks went by, revved their engines, were shouting nigger at them. They went and ate at the restaurant. They left after a couple hours of eating at the restaurant. They were waiting for them, and they shouted at them, blah, blah, blah. Well, we'll play a clip here in a minute the same the same guy I mean, yeah, we'll go we'll go there in a minute. Let's just let this play out Wasn't the feds that were trying to stir up like they did in j6. Yeah, I there's an agenda there's an agenda here these people okay here we go in that effort the fbi and the center for the study of hate and extremism both have alarming data of recent rise of hate crimes in our country and especially in american cities from the feds 49 states and territories including idaho have hate crime legislation at this time let's join cities across america who are taking a stance against hate with For example, 15 cities in South Carolina have passed such ordinance, with Somerville and North Charleston being the latest to do that. In Fargo, North Dakota, the hate crime city ordinance defines criminal mischief, harassment, and simple assault unlawful in that city. There is no question that the recent incidents in Coeur d'Alene certainly have been harassment. And such behavior can lead permanent emotional harm to the victims. For 44 years, I've listened to victims and the impact on them emotionally can last for the rest of their life. There is no question that the recent incidents in Coeur d'Alene meet this ordinance to be helpful. We must be a compassionate and loving people. Let me close by calling on all our good citizens to speak out and condemn this horrific behavior by quoting Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker in her column on April 17th. The Washington Post. Yeah. I quote. When we choose to remain silent, consider yourself complicit in whatever transpires. And I think that we should not remain silent. Except he's asking for people to be silenced. Yeah. They talk about double talk there. We can't remain silent, but we're going to silence you because you don't agree with me, who's probably the ones that are behind the harassment in the first place. Yeah, you don't have to play the rest of it if you want to, but... Typical white liberal asshole. The self-described hero of the world. Fuck that guy. You know what? These decrepit old pricks that go up there... Shut the fuck up. Honestly, you're all the goddamn same. And that's why Malcolm X said it best. The most dangerous person in the world is a white liberal. All right. And that's a perfect example. One event happened. Don't call black people N-word. Great. OK, there we go. We condemned it. Let's punish the whole people. You know, we should go there. I just looked up on the GPS. It'll take one day and 14 hours to get to you. Have a rally. Hopefully give that piece of shit. I wish him no harm. A heart attack and do the world a service. I hate little bastards like that. He mentions this University of Utah women's basketball team. If you want, I put up the Rumble post of their press conference. The last link there, Donna. You can just play around with that a little bit if you want to put that up too. This is a couple months ago. Tony Stewart, the mayor, the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations, the organization that he helped create. Okay. So do you want me to go to a certain time? I don't know. I can't remember. I haven't had time. I wouldn't have much time to prepare. All right. Rumble is way, way better than YouTube commies. So that's Chief Lee White there, right? They're all doing their powwow. I want to swear. I really want to swear. I'm going to try not to. Sorry. I had one of the sheriffs in our nation come up to me at something, didn't like what was said, and got over the top of me. He was like super tall, and I'm vertically challenged a little bit. He thought it was going to be real. intimidating I just thought he was an idiot and he's like some people don't know how to stay on their lane I'm like screw you sheriff you know who you are thank you so very much for being here oh no who is crawled out of the gutter again in order to be able to you just play this for a little bit just get the flavor of it hate crime he looks like a rat I want to make it clear that the information provided here and presented at the press conference was not obtained from any law enforcement agency or source or any universities So I can set this up. You don't have to play this because it's kind of painful anyway. But essentially what happened was that this, what happened, okay. I'll put both these on my Telegram channel, guys, so you can watch these gutless cowards. I filmed this press conference. It was at a shop outside of the Coeur d'Alene Resort, a shop that was owned by the Coeur d'Alene Resort. That's an important point because they're part of the Hanging On Corporation, which owns the Coeur d'Alene Press, which owns the Daily Interlake out of Kalispell, Montana. All the regional newspapers, essentially, they were there supporting this. The mayor, you had the Cooney County Task Force on Human Relations, all the, you know, really, you know, people that have influence in our community were there supporting this press conference. And so at the press conference, Tony Stewart, the same guy that was at the city council meeting, is saying how there was this white truck with a Confederate flag and people were shouting the N-word downtown. oh no well there's a there's a law in idaho called malicious harassment where people can be charged with a crime if they shout something at you know they're they're they're harassing somebody and they're using you know a moniker race religion gender whatever So they tried to charge this kid, this 18-year-old kid, Anthony Myers, who worked, who ironically worked at the Coeur d'Alene resort. A video came out later. It was not a white truck. It didn't have a Confederate flag. So Tony Seward is again proved a liar. That he is. It was a silver car, a bunch of high school kids in the back, and Anthony yelled out the window, just to sum it, I'm not going to say exactly what he said, but basically what he said was, I know you're a N-word, but I'd still... F you is what he basically said, right? So he gets brought in this FBI agent, Brian Gunnarsson, our local FBI agent and a Coeur d'Alene police officer question Anthony about this hate incident. I released the questioning of Anthony by the police and the FBI to the public, and they didn't charge him with anything because he wasn't threatening to kill this person or whatever. He was just a stupid kid. He was just a kid making a dumb comment, right? He was a stupid kid talking street talk like all kids do at that age, or a lot of them do. And he lost his job at the Coeur d'Alene resort. His dad disowned him and the Coeur d'Alene or the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations used this incident to basically try to garner prestige within the community. This ties into grant money. And so all these community players and these Marxists are trying to use every single little issue in our community and blow it up so that they can get federal grant money or state grant money in general any which way. They don't care. And it's way worse than even that because... This is what I've been researching the last like five years. So and I'm I mean, this is bad. And so I'm just using my community as an example of what is happening in your community because it is happening in your community. So if you don't even know what I'm talking about, you know, like you could use my example of what is happening here and you can apply it to your community because it is happening in your community. These local human rights organizations in your community are working directly with the FBI and DOJ. You can find out more about this by doing public records requests and just do, you know, we can talk more about that. But essentially, this is all because Biden was put into office. It's excelled since he's been in. And one of the main bills that came out is the uh this bill here s uh 1086 this is the genesis of a program called united against hate that is sponsored by the department of justice and so this bill here is known as uh this act may be cited as the khalid jabara and heather higher national opposition to hate assault and threats to equality act of 2021 or the jabara hire no hate act Now, many of you will remember Charlottesville. Heather Heyer was supposedly hit by a car, which is a lie. She had a heart attack. And so anyways, they used the Charlottesville. They put Heather Heyer's name in this. They claim that she was hit by a car, which wasn't true. But anyways, the point of this is that. This act, this bill here, allowed for states to receive funding to create hotlines to report hate incidents. And in this act, they talk about, where is it here? Uniform crime reports program and so essentially they're they're they're they're incentivizing You know the law enforcement and the and the public to report hate incidents essentially so after this passed then In 2021 the White House had their own program called the national strategy strategy for countering domestic terrorism and And in this it outlines a program called United Against Hate, which is launched in 2022 by AG Merrick Garland. And basically what it did is that it gave directives for the U.S. District Attorney's offices across the nation, all 94 offices, to take part in a program called United Against Hate. And the point of the United Against Hate is to hold is basically is to inform the public as to how to report hate incidences and hate incidences are, you know, a bias against race, religion, gender, et cetera. And so when people that these human rights groups or anybody can call the hotlines they can they can go to the all these these these uh these marx groups have reporting forms they're all fed into law enforcement they're sent to the sblc the adl a lot of these these these these marxist groups have their own research arms uh and they have a little bit of a different flavor and a different tact but they're all working together behind the scenes so essentially um you know this information is is fed up the chain to the fusion centers even Basically. So you have this this this this network that's working to report regular people. And I have a lot of examples of that. Sorry. Top of the top tier in this. Uh, I, it's, it's a globalist agenda for sure. I don't know about, I'm just kind of like following it where I can. And, and I don't, I wouldn't, I don't really, I don't know how to answer that, I guess. But I do know that. Top 10 dominoes are in this because. Well, I mean, ADL, SPLC. And, and Soros are kind of like puppets. There's somebody behind them because the ones that are really out there never hit the public eye. And I think they're probably going to be people that have been trustworthy. I'm going to tell you right now what we've dug up on DeVos's Van Andels in the state of Michigan should make everybody's blood run cold. Yeah, I don't know for sure how to answer that definitively, but I mean, I do know that it doesn't really matter. They try to have a group called the IREHR, and that's the Institute for Research Education on Human Rights. They've been targeting me in a group called People's Rights, which Ammon Bundy created since 2020. It's insidious. They're all working together, essentially. Can you give me the numbers again? IR what? uh it's called the okay you just go to and that's a group you definitely need to put on your radar they're just as bad as the sblc it was created in 1983 out of kansas city missouri by communist leonard zeskind he wrote uh a paper or he was part of a magazine or newsletter or whatever called the hammer if that tells you anything Um, so these, these are very, these people are, there's a Solowinski types. Um, so these are very, these are very bad, nefarious people. Um, trying to think where I was going with, with this, but basically it's just, it's a, it's a circle. Like we have this FBI agent, like I was saying, Brian Gunnarsson, he's, he's, he's holding these events. He's holding, Oh, He's holding these events called United Against Hate. And I've recorded two of these events. I can share them with you. But anyways, I'll have you play a clip here in a minute with Brian Gunnarsson. If you go to the first article there that I put up, United Against Conservatives. I actually called the DOJ. I wanted to report a hate incident because I want to understand how this mechanism worked because the FBI, DOJ, and our human rights networks were holding events locally, this United Against Hate program, which people need to go look at. Because they're holding events in your state. So look for United Against Hate. It's presented by the U.S. District Attorney's Office of your state. And they're informing the public of how to report hate incidences. um or hate crimes now the difference between the two is that hate incidences are you know perceived bias again against race religion gender etc and so the the when these things are reported I've been reported I'm sure many times here where I live but they keep a track of a list of these hate incidences. If somebody commits a crime that is similar to these hate incidences, they can then tack on these hate incidences as additional charges. So that is the game that is happening here. They're acting like, oh no, we're not creating hate speech. We're just trying to charge people for actually doing the act. But in all reality, These same people are reporting this to the FBI and DOJ. They're keeping a list. If somebody crosses the line and does something nefarious where there is a crime, they will be charged additional charges. That's the... That's what I'm really trying to stress here. This is very dangerous. So if you go down, that's the Unite Against Hate in Sandpoint there. And we don't maybe have time to go into that. But I want you to play this audio if you go down. Just keep going down. You went past it, I think. If you can go up. There's a little audio segment in there. Yeah, I saw that one. Yeah, that's what I want you to play is an audio segment. Because this is my audio conversation with FBI agent Brian Gunnarsson. So all these things are part and parcel. That flyer right there that you just passed is with the Coeur d'Alene Police Department. The local human rights groups reported a Catholic rosary walk to the FBI. So that's... I mean, this is happening where you are. What does that term mean? That's a good question, because I don't... That falls in... to what our DP guys look into. I don't know what, I think sometimes they have these statements, white nationalism, and it's just this overarching, I have no clue what it really means outside of these are people that are white, that are proud to be white sometimes, and sometimes it's, the Olympian people that are racist towards anybody that's not white. Well, I mean, what's wrong with being a nationalist? What's wrong with loving your country? Oh, absolutely. There's nothing wrong with being white. There's nothing wrong with being a nationalist. Correct. So I just think it's a tongue-in-cheek way of attacking Christianity, honestly. Okay. Yeah, not wrong with that one. There's like a five-minute conversation. That's with our local FBI agent, Brian Gunnarsson. So I basically was just trying to pin down while I had him on the phone what white nationalism is, and he didn't know. So it really just exposed that this is all a bunch of BS. They're trying to use this white national... They'll say white supremacy, and then in the same paragraph sentence, they'll end it with white nationalism. So they're trying to muddy the waters and For instance, actually, the last week, our local Chamber of Commerce tried to ban crosses from the 4th of July parade. Seriously. That's where we are here in North Idaho. It's crazy. No, you guys have been like, everybody should wear a t-shirt. They're so emboldened here. That's what I'm trying to stress is that they're now they're trying, then they pass this hate speech law last night. They passed an ordinance. So I like to ask the sheriff there what his thoughts are on some of this. Like what are your, is this happening where you are? Is there, are they, are they passing hate crime stuff where you're at? Oh, absolutely. I mean, this is extremely liberal state. Our universities are extremely liberal. In fact, I was just reading the Department of Justice, New Mexico district, and how this exact same group you're talking about and everything that they're doing. And they're involved with, I mean, all the groups that are putting on these webinars and these lessons are New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Department of Justice Community Relations Service, City of Albuquerque Office of Equity and Inclusion. They're coming. I mean, you name it, and they're working with the Albuquerque Police Department and all these groups. You know, and exactly, it's the breakdown of government. I mean, that's Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. it's the breakdown of government so uh being able to control every single thing that we do it comes right back to the uh the credit score social credit system and and and all of those things so uh no matter what it's all unconstitutional and uh you know we've we've got to step up and stop them from these actions absolutely before we have nothing left I think this is really interesting that's that that's the uh You know, they're going to, okay, sure, let's put the cowboy hat up there and go after all of us with, hey, I can vest that one here. I want this. But I suggest that people do a search for United Against Hate in the name of your state and find they do events through Eventbrite. You can sign up. I encourage you to go to these events and ask these people questions. Since I went to the first one actually here, they held at the Coeur d'Alene Resort or the Coeur d'Alene Casino, excuse me, on tribal land. And so I wanted to go record it. This is back in 2022. I was extremely concerned. I saw the flyer. It had FBI, DOJ, and our local human rights networks working with these people. And I was like, no way. Are you kidding me? It's that in your face. And then I went to it. Actually, before I went to it, I even emailed the U.S. District Attorney's Office of Idaho. And I said, hey, I'm a journalist. Is it okay if I come and film the event? And you know what they told me? They said no. because it's held on tribal land and it's at the casino and there's rules against cameras. But then I go to the event and you have people from the Coeur d'Alene press that are taking pictures and all this crap. And I still filmed it anyway. I brought a little camera and filmed it. But the point is they don't want this to be... They want to be public, but they don't want to be public. They want... they want it to be public in their own way so I'm telling you you need to go to these you need to film them you need to ask people questions they don't want questions they don't want the public to understand the agenda it's a very dangerous agenda they're they're creating lists we live in a police state and so I you've got to go to these events and and just put you know just put them in a corner just just ask them questions they don't like it and it's very effective and need to record it and and just put it out to your community Um, because it's happening where you are. And so I'd like, I want to help people expose this. That's a badge of honor, right? Uh, take note too, that, uh, when you're on tribal land, um, and you're inside a casino and most of these tribes period, they're all incorporated as corporations in the United States. Therefore, uh, they still have to abide by the U S constitution and they can't stop you from freedom of the press. They can claim all day we're a private business or we're a sovereign nation. Doesn't matter. You're a registered corporation inside of the United States. That's good. honestly I maybe I'm I'm a bit of extreme here but you know I heard somebody say recently I'm sorry I want you to jump in here but I heard somebody say recently that nobody was listed as domestic terrorist ever in this country and biden um espoused that talking point and it's been repeated recently and as somebody who was listed as a domestic terrorist in 2008 they wouldn't let me fly a veteran they wouldn't let me fly working as a cop at the time and having my clearances come into question and things like that believe me it's very real and um when I used to do the rallies and and some places they claim tribal land well I made a comment once I don't give a damn if it offends people you know what don't bring a bow and arrow to a musket fight I don't give a rat's ass about your tribal sovereignty okay you know what about money exactly if I were president I'd back tax their ass in 1776 and say you owe us reparations the country I have no sympathy or love lost for that because what's going on in Northern Maine, like Northern Idaho, it's the Native American land. Everybody's like, where are the Indians? Where are the Indians? You don't see it, but it's all Native Americans. They're the ones helping facilitate along with a Mexican drug cartel. They're the ones facilitating the drug trafficking, the human trafficking and everything in the land where nobody would ever suspect it. So you know what? They're all evil pieces of shit. All of them. All of them. And yes, it is beyond these lists. Well, I tell you what, I've got a friend who is Native American in Michigan. She's completely disgusted by it. She said, you were born here. You're a Native American. You were born on this land. And I really applaud her for that and the people standing around her. And she'll come right out and tell you, this nonsense is all about money. That's what it's all about. It's not about, it's not about anything else. Not about. Well, and social prestige, I think prestige, like prestige in the community, like these people, you know, the, the, the, the, the, so, um, the virtue signaling, you know, that's their thing. Uh, that's one of the things I noticed. I'm just saying, I don't mean to jump in, jump in on what you're saying, but I, uh, the, the social prestige is, is just as important, I think as money. And so, uh, that's one of the things I noticed was like like that's they're just trying to uh virtual signal to all their friends oh look at look at what I'm doing oh yeah I'm so good we're preventing hate in our community and and it's it's a sickness all this racial nonsense I had some of the best time with with all of the uh blacks for trump organizations and all that turning point we were having a great time and once they realized that I don't really give a crap. You know, it's like this whole racial stuff for me is nonsense. You know, I've been accused of all kinds of things. You know, when I stand up, I'll tell you one of the best ones is that I was fighting a development that the developer wanted to come in and wanted to make it all about racial. It's like, oh, you know, so they sent a camera crew out to my house and it was absolutely hilarious. This camera crew was going to come and try to nail me for being, you know, the white woman from blah, blah, blah. And I come out with my black Indian child on my hip and they didn't know what to do. You want to see an oh shit moment? That was it. And it was like, I'm like, go ahead and call me a racist because I'll shove it right in your face. Because, you know, when people say that to me, it's like, okay, whatever race you are, do you have a different race in your family? Do you have someone you provide for? Do you have somebody that you care enough about that it really doesn't matter to you? If you can't prove it to me, your talking points fall flat on my, you know, for me. And it's like my daughter is very dark. And she's 28 years old. She's extraordinarily mentally ill because she, in fact, died in a train accident where her mother was killed at her side. And so when somebody says that to me, let me hear your sob story and let me see what you put in to other people to prove that you're not a racist. because that falls flat on me. The words fall flat on me. You've got to have work behind it. You've got to be able to do the work and not just talk the talk. Cause it's bullshit. I can show you pictures of her. She's real cute. She's really, really, she's about three years old mentally because of the train accident. She's missing about half of her brain. And, uh, And it's very difficult. We've never taken any money for it. It's like I take responsibility for what I do in life. And people are like, oh, she's probably on public assistance. Screw you. It's like, no, we have footed the bill. Up to $100,000 a year for taking care of somebody. And people will say to me, where's her mother if I'm out working or something? Honestly, her mother, her original mother is dead. And somebody stepped in to help her at a tremendous cost. And it really is amazing. It's like I shove it right in their faces. It's like you're just proving how stupid and truly racist you are when you make a comment like that. It's ignorant. It's dumb. I could care less what color people are. That's about as dumb as deciding, you know, making a statement based on hair color or what. You can't get two people, no matter what group or subgroup they're in, that agrees with each other all the time. We all do things differently. It's not, there's not, you can't, you can see, I don't know, you get me going on this one. And that's a long thing because I've had this, had dealt with this for a very long time. And I just, I call bull crap on all of this. I mean, it's bull crap. Actually, here's a picture. I'll put it on my phone here. Let's see if I can get it up here. This is, in fact, my mom and Mika. They were hugging. And just giving Grandma a hug and such. I can put a couple pictures up there. She's real cute. And, you know, she's got a pony and she's got a puppy and such. And, oh, this is. This is kind of interesting. This is her and my mom. I'll put it on my Telegram channel. And this is, I think, pretty interesting. But my mom's in a wheelchair here, and I take care of my mom. I take care of my dad, too. And, you know, it's like when people make those statements, I want to know what they're actually doing out there, not just this say whatever you want crap. It's nonsense. There. There. You see my mom from the top of her head. She's in an elevator here. Hang on a minute. At the home she's in. Wrong screen. Hang on. Yeah. People can just save that crap. I mean, we had something that I was fighting and somebody came to another township thing and started talking about racism. So I threw that right in his face. So I want to hear about your crap. Don't come here and pander that kind of crap here because I'll call you out on it. So anyhow, this is my daughter. And that's my mom in the wheelchair. And they were hanging out and such. It's like, yeah. Good for you. God bless you for doing that. I think God puts things in our place. And you know that that's what you're supposed to do in life. And you just do it. And the blessings that you come with. that come with actually doing the work instead of talking about it, but actually doing it. I think people don't, they underestimate the part of actually just getting in there and carrying people who can't take care of themselves. And anybody can do this. I mean, I'm nobody special. It's just being able to look around you and see the people around you that actually need someone to to uh to walk with for a while you know even like getting things even when people are brokenhearted or something it doesn't mean that that you're creating a dependent or lifelong thing sometimes people just need somebody to sit with them and smile at them and get them over the sadness that we have there's so much sadness going on in the united states of america right now It's unbelievable. And just having somebody that will sit and listen and look at the things that, you know, we pointed out the hate speech, but look at all the good things that happened with the Chevron ruling, as well as the immunity ruling that happened. This is going to be epic. And I think the deep state is absolutely going down rapidly and isn't a panic that defies explanation. But I think the matter at hand is that there's such a lack of being educated in in the United States of America because they control it all, that what's the real threat here? Is it the bad guys? It's the American people and their reaction because they don't really understand what's going on. They've been roped and gagged by the media. So they believe and they listen to the headlines. They listen to endorsements. They listen to how they're supposed to feel and what they're supposed to do instead of going full stop. Just because you're telling me to do something or feel a certain way, I'm not biting. You can say whatever you want. I really could give a rat's rear end, and I'm sure you guys are the same way. They could call me any words that they wanted to and say whatever they want. They've got the right to do that, and it would absolutely, I would fight for their rights to say that. I could care less. It's their words. It has nothing to do with me. It has something to do with them, but it doesn't mean that they get to define you, and that's part of the brainwashing that's gone on. Oh, no, they hurt my fee wings. oh no I am this now because they told me to be that how stupid is that just because they say it let them own it you don't run any brain space to these morons somebody says something nasty go looks like you got a few issues going on there maybe you should go get yourself a root beer float and sit down for a little while and decide that you're going to jump on something that's worth doing instead of instead of just attacking people you know Go ahead, attack away. We do not care. Say what you want. Free speech reigns here. You don't like it, go hang out with the commies. I was going to say don't absolutely like brainwash people are so brainwash. We're on that topic of free speech. Obviously, we care a lot about free speech. Everyone here, I got a comment. I was surprised. I don't know why I was surprised. And then I was like, should I even engage in this? You get to the point, like some people are a lost cause. Do you even try? And what is your take? Or do you even try to explain? I had a girl from high school wrote to me, actually one of my best friends. out of touch over the years and this was literally just a couple days ago I had posted a video happy talking about you know voice of the people check it out free speech project all that and she wrote to me something and I knew right away the vibe was going to be like she just doesn't get it but she you know dan and I have done the free speech project where it's just kind of expanding on what we do with the voice of the people radio network uncensored. We're trying to do like, you know, a bigger one with the video, everything anyway, but she wrote and she, I knew right away. And she's like, well, I think what you're doing can be dangerous because who's going to be monitoring the misinformation. And I just knew right then it's like, do I even, I did respond. I just out of respect because I've known her for a long time, but like, Well, how do you guys handle that? Do you even bother? Do you know that they're a lost cause? Or is there because I felt I wasted my time because I knew she's gonna think what she wants to she wants to be pretending she understood and what is this about? But I know she wasn't really open minded. It was more like I don't want to understand but I want to fight with you or argue with you. I mean, do you even what is the point? Do you try to like? tell people like hey wake up or is it like look at this where are you getting your information I didn't know if I should engage in it and after the first response I wasted my time I feel obviously but how do you guys handle that I don't is it even worth trying to talk to people and being like wake up or I do because we don't really we can't really determine whether you've planted a seed A lot of times it's not about winning the war on the first time that you talk to somebody. It's getting them to think about things. I used to, when I was on my first Twitter account that got nuked off the internet with the Flynn's, which was really funny, I'd spend about two hours a day praying for people online and writing out prayers and such. I need to get back to that. And that's something that God's really been putting on my heart. But there was a gal that came on and she went under the name of Seatbelt. I ended up really liking this gal, but she was absolutely in your face, hostile. We ended up talking and over time, and it took a while, she'd come back and check on me every once in a while. And we ended up having really good conversations. So you got to think about it in an incremental, not winning to be right, But in an incremental way to help another person who's absolutely misdirected and hurting, look at it as a healing mission. So it's not about being right. It's about healing what's been done to them, either through... misinformation, because everybody's lying out there. People want to like, who do I trust? No one. Don't trust anyone. Get out there and do your research. A trust is earned. That's how they rope and gag you right there. It's like, do your own research, figure it out, trust what God's put in your heart. He'll walk you right through who's for real and who's not. But it's really, it's a mission of healing because when you listen to somebody like that, they're so brainwashed and They're afraid. I mean, you know, I do horse, some horse training and such, and I do horse rescue. People are exactly like horses. You could treat, teach everything about human behavior with horses every single time. They only react out of fear ever, ever. And human beings are the same thing. They never make a decision for the right reason. It's only because they're afraid and it's risk aversion. It's the rare individual. I shouldn't say never, but it's a very rare thing to ever meet somebody that does it for the right reason instead of for protecting their own ass. And that's the truth. And you can see it. They'll jump right to their death if they perceive a threat over here, even if they don't see it over here. they will do something that's really completely irrational and they'll do it every time. So yeah, I talk to everybody. I go, if I'm on, if I'm down somewhere and I see somebody who's trans and whatever, Oh, absolutely. I'll reach my hand out and I'll talk to them. And, and or people that are maybe misdirected because there are people that do absolute evil out there. No, no two ways about it. But I had somebody steal a thousand dollars from me last week. And that was a, that was an interesting thing. And the guy flat, Flat out lied. Flat out lied. He has no idea what's going to be coming his way right now because I actually know the law and how to fight it. And I was trying to help somebody. And this guy took $1,000 that was meant to go to a person who... really needed it, that I was trying to help. And so if you guys don't know Tuffy Service Center on 28th Street in Grand Rapids, start posting this because they flat out said they were kind of holding a guy's car hostage. And I said, if I give you $1,000, will you release his car? And they said, absolutely. Took the $1,000 and said, no, we're not going to do that. And I'm like, you just did a verbal contract with two people sitting there as we're trying to help this guy. And he sat there like the gutless coward he was. And I told him as much. I said, you know, there's some really good people out there that are trying to help other people. And, um, and you just, what you did is I said, I don't care what you think about him, but you flat out lied to me on, on what I was doing to help another person. So there's, it's just going to be a matter of time before we blow this up. And if we have to put them out of business for their lack of integrity, so be it, you chose the wrong thing. And I've been going back and forth on him and he's like, well, if he doesn't pay it, it's gonna, it's gonna come out of my, my, uh, my, uh, It's going to have to come out of me. And I said, well, I did it. I trusted. And I decided to take that leap of faith. And I said, you've become what you say you hate. And I'm like, because I'll always keep my word. And I'm like, you're a coward. And he lost his man card twice there. And I walked out and I'm like, sorry, I'll, uh, I keep my word when I tell somebody I'm going to do something. I'm like, because I'm not a coward. And Chris at Tuffy clearly is a coward because he said something. There was a verbal contract there. He reneged on it. And he not only screwed me, but he screwed somebody I was trying to help. We should call them. Donna, there's a gentleman, Mike, from the Upper UP that's watching, and he's new to your platform, but he likes what you're saying, so I just wanted to mention that. Oh, thank you. You need to have him on your show, actually, because he knows a lot about 9-11 and all that. He put out a documentary called 9-11 Missing Links. You need to have Mike on your show here soon. I love that because I've been obsessed with 9-11 since 9-11. Actually, I remember where I was. I was sitting with my dad. My dad was still alive at that time. And my dad died like two and a half years ago. And we were sitting in a restaurant. My dad was a really great man. He was a great dad. And we were sitting in a restaurant and watched the towers come down. And he's like, I think it's time to go home. And so I had the kids with us and packed the kids up, went back to my house and sat and watched the rest of it the rest of the day with my dad. And none of it made any sense. But, yeah, so we might want to take a look at Tuffy Muffler on 28th Street in Grand Rapids and Chris who reneged on letting – a cargo when he flat out said that if you bring $1,000 in, we will release the car. And I'm like, great. He probably doesn't know this, but if I had started something like this and the guy would have reneged on the promise, I would have gone and paid the damn bill. Because I don't start with something like that, tell somebody that I have a belief in something without making it good. You know, if I gave an endorsement on something like that or I started it down, I would have paid the rest of it. But he's too stupid to know that. And he lied, flat ass lied to my face, took the cash and refused to release the car and said, well, he said, then he comes back and I've got the text messages that said, well, he said, if you bring another two thousand dollars in there, we'll release the car. And I'm like, I'm like, you didn't keep your word the first time you lied. Flat ass lied to me the first time. Why would I believe anything you have to say now? I said, you're proven you're a liar. And an extortionist and a coward and would not make your words straight. And the guy whose car it was, was standing right there. He heard the contract. It was on the phone and he was there. And so they, they refused to keep their word. So everybody that's out there, I'm actually thinking about starting up a GoFundMe for the rest of this to see if anybody wants to jump on this. But what would be better is if everybody went ahead and gave them a call. We will. And talked to them. And get everybody you know calling them. Because I thought about doing like a picket sign out there on the road and do something. But I think it might be more effective to go ahead and just let them know what happened there. Because the fake stream media isn't going to cover this crap. Because I was willing to do whatever it took to help this guy. Because it's... I had given him a job and some other things because nobody else would have taken a gamble on. And if we're gutless enough that we don't take gambles on people to help them, burn in hell. And that's how I feel about this. I really do. We have to be willing to be tough enough to stand and carry people in their darkest moment or when it's tough. And, yeah, so that was Chris over at Tuffy. Go get them. Sheriff Joshua James has given them the call. And I don't mean that in a physical way. I mean, if their business is destroyed for lack of keeping their word and then coming back, I've got the text message for the rest of it, you know, for the extra $2,000 of extortion. I think we need to unmask some of these cowards that refuse to do the right thing. Well, I wasn't going to go there into that thing today, but that worked out pretty well. Sorry to take your time on it. That's great. Thank you for sharing. Don't worry. We'll blow them up. Oh, yeah. We'll videotape it, too. Yeah, I think this could be a really interesting thing. Anybody in Grand Rapids, I suggest you make it a we should start T-shirts. Release Mike's car. Do the right thing. So anything else you guys want to talk about? We can go down on other things or if you want to be done with the day, we can stop it there too. But I love you guys. I mean, I'm going to tell you since turning point and meeting you guys, I wished everybody would have been there as we were all leaving. It was like a God moment. It really was. And when we walked out together, I'm going to tell you what, I sat there and I was like, this was absolutely one of those moments appointed by God where where he brought people together that were instant family. And I was just, I was so honored to meet you guys because everybody here doesn't do it for the money. They do it for the honor and they do it for the love of country. And that was real clear. And I just, I was just so proud to stand there with you guys. So how many of us are going to make it to the RNC? Oh, I'll be there. Yeah. we'll be there. So I think what, what we've been talking about with Christina, she had to, she had an appointment today is, um, uh, I've got, I've got the passes to go inside. So I think, I think one of the things that Christina and I've been talking about, we need to have like a, a committee meeting here. But, um, I said, well, if we set up a BNN, uh, BNN stream or something like that. And, uh, if you guys, I don't know if I can still get anybody, if I can get anybody in, cause it was like the grace of God that I got the guest passes to get in anyway. And, uh, everything was closed like six months ago. So this was like an after the fact thing that we all met, said, hey, let's go to the RNC. This would be great. You know, reach a hand across and talk to people, not to hang them, but to get the truth out there and prove that we can work with people, no matter who they are that want to stand for this nation and figure out who the rats are And who are the really good people that we can band together and take this nation back, right? And so if I'm on the inside talking to people and giving them an actual voice that's not censored by the fake stream media that just wants to purvey their own. And the media is lying on both sides, okay? If they weren't, we would have all kinds of information that were coming out. So if we can get some of this stuff actually out, like what you did this morning, Casey, and if you guys are outside, I said, okay, we can set up something outside and then I can be inside and you guys, you know, take over here. And then when I can get to interview people on the inside, then maybe we could do it that way. But what I think we need to have a meeting on this and, I don't have all the answers to everything. I'm just willing to stand up and I hope you have, you know, whatever, whatever we decide to do, it's going to be all of us together deciding. Cause I can tell you I'm honored to know all of you. Whatever to make it work. We work together. That's how, that's the best thing. You don't plan it. You just do it. Amen. And we're, you know, we're going to find a way. And like I said, the same thing still applies when we're outside, you know, we'll have the whole, bnn rolling and then we'll have the vop network going so we'll just be doubling and amplifying that broadcast and that live stream to everywhere in the world so I think that's great there's gonna be a lot of people outside anyway that's where a lot of the freaking people are gonna be so weird you know and then um we're going to the believers the believers summit the turning point believers summit july 20th yeah in west palm beach I've never been there. She's never been there. It's really fun. I did the last one they had down there in West Palm. And I got to tell you, Turning Point does a really good job with their presentations and with the organization and such. I thought it was great. Didn't you guys think it was great? Oh, yeah. No, we had fun for our first. And again, just for the fact we got to meet all of you. That's what mattered more to us, you know. So that's why we're going to do it again. I don't know how the hell we're going to afford it, but we're going to do it again. And then hopefully get into the reawaken thing in October. We're still waiting for the callback from JT, you know, come on, or the text back or whatever. We just want to do the damn media row there. That would be awesome because I want to go to that. Do you guys know how to do a Give, Send, Go? There's another one. It's a Patriot one that doesn't take half the money because I know Give, Send, Go does, which I'm really against. I mean, if you're going to help somebody, help them. You know, I got a problem with some of these donation sites, but... You know, there's gotta be a way to, there's gotta be a way to, to handle this problem. I mean, you know, if you, if you see one problem that's in front of you, it's like, you can't handle all the problems in the world, but you can do something that's in front of you this day. Amen. And that's what we need to do. That would be helpful as hell. Well, let's start a PayPal. They're legit on the, on the. but um no I mean I don't know anything outside of one of the ones that don't take as much I don't know or there's one that was a patriot one and I can't remember what it is totally good man we know the owners of the company and they've been involved with reawaken and and as far as I know that they didn't take any money or like extremely very very very little Can you get me a contact and we'll put them on BNN and maybe they can walk me through this so that we can start seeing people that are really... Because the damn government's not going to do anything. It's up to us. So maybe what we could do is bring awareness to some of these things where people have been really hurt. And if that's... Tuffy Service Center on 28th Street between Madison and Eastern. That's exactly where I'm talking here. That actually absolutely screwed me over royal. Took $1,000 and didn't keep their word. Go get them. And I don't mean in a physical way. That's not what I'm advocating. Go talk to them. Explain them about honor. And about living a right life. And, you know, and I said to the guys, too, I said, when you do the right thing. So for there's a there's God will always bring to you what you need and you will be blessed. Even if you're doing it and you think you're going to you don't think I've ever been burned. I'm like, man, I could tell you stories that make all your the hair on the back of your neck stand up and make you sad. I mean, if you're in the game, you're going to get burned. You know, that's the nature of that. You got to be courageous enough to go for it and do it anyway, regardless, regardless. But yeah. So there you go. I can even get a phone number if you want. Yeah. Could be pretty. Do you have it? Do you have it, Josh? You had it up there on the screen. Can you throw a phone number out? Yeah. I was just reading all the, how we feel about them, their lack of, of keeping their word. I was just reading all the bad reviews and how they're trying to extort a lot of money out of people. Well, and I think they probably overcharged him in the first place for what they charged him for the car. It looks like it. And I think that he was so desperate to have this done to get him so he could actually have a job and have transportation. I mean, I think this is where this all comes from that. He was like, I need some help, and they promised to help him and charge him an exorbitant amount of money. Can you read it off? I can't see it. It's 616-458-8091. I think we should tell them what we think of him. Yep. Because you're right. You know, Donna, it's like, this is an example. This happens all the time and to so many people and people don't know what to do. And then that's why like people these days, what happened to customer service? What happened to morality? What happened to values? Like I'm not doing it because people get away with it. They're doing it. We had a horrible experience moving. They completely ripped us off and then they went out of business. We got so screwed by that, you know, but they do that to people. And like, because like, so something like this where you call and maybe try to say like, you know, nice at first, tell them why, try to like more, like, you know, talk them into why they're doing this bad thing, you know, but like, if people do this, maybe then that will get out. And another person might say, well, I better not screw my customer over. Like they might do that to us too. And then maybe people hold them accountable. You have to hold them accountable for it. Because people get away with it and it's crooks and it's just getting worse and worse. I say, fuck them. Shame the bastards into submission, scumbag. Maybe you start with one way and then if it doesn't work, get to it. I'm just a dick. Listen, I'm a hardcore freaking like, you know, I'm jaded. I'm a product of society. That's what I tell people. I used to be calm, but I steal the line from Natural Born Killers. I used to be like you, but then I evolved. What's your pronouns? um dick um or ass and hole oh thank you I i am sorry oh my god you guys aren't you glad you asked yes I embarrass my beautiful wife all the time I've been better I've been better in public right yeah his first thing is down a little bit that's right and I don't listen I love hanging out with you guys you're hilarious We love you. And listen, I don't like to curse all the time, but sometimes you have to dumb yourself down to get to their level, get their attention, and then you destroy them. Emphasize a point. Intellectual intercourse. Yes, it's great. Hey, Trump said it in the Art of a Deal. You have to speak at a certain, you know, sixth grade level. You guys should go and watch the video that I did. I even censored it. Like, this is how the people here are so offended. Now, you should watch it. It's the town manager video that I made. Well, it was a natural, it was a real-time reaction to we caught the media lying here. They were supposed to interview all these people. We kind of told you the story, but it's funny. Like, it's just this maybe a minute and a half where I censored some of the curses and all the people up here are like, He cares. Don't go. He's like, they spread all this. Don't go to the Trump rally. Danza, you know, They said I'm destroying their culture by exposing a corrupt freaking system and the sex traffickers and murderers. It was censored, literally. This is the video that caused, I mean, I think there was other things behind it, like they're fake Republicans, but the shutdown, the rally we did, oh, he curses, he curses, and it was censored. So it was like, these people get offended so easily. You sons of bitches don't even know the first part. You know they're part of this whole agenda, obviously. well I'm gonna give you a heads up because what Chris said when we came in there he goes I never talked to you I never I never talked to you I don't even know about the call I never did this and I'm like Mike was standing right there and I was he called me for help and I'm like and you're sitting there looking at me telling me that I didn't even talk to you and it might have been the guy that's not there that was sitting over here young guy wouldn't know what he's doing and I'm like I'm like, Mike, it was Chris. I remember you saying his name and it's like, I'm like, was it Chris? And he's like, yeah, it was. And it was like, so expect him to say that. Cause he's probably going to say that, but it doesn't matter. Truth is truth. So what was his reason for holding the car? Because he was afraid that if the other guy wouldn't bring in the rest of the money, which they said he could do it on payments on, he would be on the hook for it. But he told me we'd bring $1,000 in and he'd release the car. I would have made good on the rest of it if he wouldn't have, but I wasn't going to give him one word right at that point in time because he already screwed me and lied to me. And then the extra $2,000 he wants after he talks to his boss, I'm like, well, I'm a boss. I'm going to tell you what, I own a bunch of stuff and a bunch of businesses. And I don't, you know, if somebody says something, you know, on my behalf or as one of my employees, You know, I'm actually not a gutless coward. It's like, you don't just come in and take it and say, oh, sorry. I didn't, I don't, I didn't, I didn't know who, I didn't have that call. I didn't hear you. You know, bring another $2,000. Screw you. Is the car still there? Yeah. He's like, that car is going to sit right here and be parked until my boss comes back here from India after the 5th of July. Oh, my gosh. Yeah. So, I mean, that was an entire conversation. Like, you know, I don't know. That's not a way you do business. That, you know, flat out lying to somebody, taking their cash and flat out lying. If he would have asked me to sign something there, probably would, but not after he lied to me. Yeah. Because a liar is going to lie every time and they're going to always lie. They will never stop lying unless they actually turn to God and they get their heart right. But somebody who lies is going to always lie. Remember that. If they don't make it right or they don't correct it, they're going to turn right around and lie to you again. They will steal from you again because they know what they're doing. And they don't care. It's just like rapists or murderers. They know what they're doing. They know that it's wrong. God puts that in our heart. They know that it's wrong. And they do it knowingly. Is that car behind a fence? Well, I would not ever advocate anybody from just going and getting the car. I would say the best thing we do is hold them accountable. And that's the track that we need to take is hold them accountable on this. and one time a brake master tried to extort money from me like that I went behind the counter grabbed my keys right in front of them and I took my car and I left you want to hold my private property and and try and extort me good luck fight me on it yeah well yep I i uh I admire your uh your bravado and, and being able to do that, but I wouldn't give anybody else advice to do that and put them in danger because it could be not legal advice at all. But that's kind of courageous advice, but it's, uh, but, uh, I don't, you know, it's like, there's a couple of people that are politicians here that consistently put other people in danger by giving them bad advice and hoping to watch them be set up and, and, uh, charged for crimes. I don't, I don't, um, there's legal ways of doing everything. And I always advocate for that is to do it in a way that changes things permanently, not just a one-off and say, I want one, but, but there you go. Well, guys, let's save her and end up our day. I love you guys. Dearly father, thank you so very much for Dan and Hollis and, and Josh and for Casey and all these wonderful people out there that are fighting for your world. This is your world. This is what we're fighting for. We're fighting and we stand because you give us the strength to stand. You make the path straight ahead of us. You show us what we need to do. And I ask that you would speak to every single person out there and tell them what it is that you want them to do this day. We're willing to do whatever. And I mean, whatever, no conditions you ask us to do. And we will lay it all at your feet because just doing the right thing and being able to look at you and know that that you're proud of us and that we were willing to stand when maybe nobody else was, is the reward. We're not going for the claim it, frame it. We're doing it because we love you. And true love doesn't ask for anything back other than to give 150% all the time. Everything we have, we give to you because it was never ours in the first place. It's always been a blessing from you. It's all yours. And we thank you for giving us the opportunity to walk on this earth. And we ask that we would be helpful and help us to be helpful. And that we would always honor and glorify you, whatever we do, that we would be tough to hold people that are out there doing the wrong thing. to bring them to the knowledge of doing the right thing. And that they would ultimately not just do the right thing, but that they would know that they've met your people, your body, God's people. And that we want not only for them to do the right thing, but we want them to actually meet people that will heal their hearts from the hurts that they've had in the past. and show that there are people here who are really good because we follow you. You're leading us. You put your heart inside of us and the desire to always do the right thing, no matter if anybody else does or not. We love you so very much, and we just all honor and glory to you. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen. Amen. So when you go and approach these guys, guys, don't be like the crazy left. You're talking to people that clearly do not walk with God. The real win is when they learn to do it because it's in their heart for the right reason and to be held accountable. They don't turn to God. We're going to hold them accountable anyway, but we're going to give them the opportunity first. But to really know that what they've done is the wrong thing. and hopefully turn their hearts around. Pray before you talk to them, and God will give you the words that you need to have to address any of these bad situations. So last words, we'll start with Dan and Hollis, then Casey and Josh. I'm just going to say that we love you and we appreciate you all. And thank you so much. And we can't wait to see you again in person, you know, coming up soon. We're going to get there one way or another. It's going to be fun. We're going to kick some ass and hopefully we can talk offline and set some stuff up and we're just ready to roll. What he said. It's awesome. Like you said, it was a magical moment at the end because I think we knew it was the beginning of something else. It was like, you know, the beginning of the moving forward and the future. It was real. Yes. It was real. It's hard to find real friends and, you know, any kind of friends and support, especially, you know, so to find this, all the planets aligned to get us there at that moment in time, it's really a magical thing. Miracle. Casey. Casey. Yeah, thanks so much for having us on today. I really appreciate it. I love you guys. You're awesome. If you want to follow what I do, you can do that at Casey underscore Whalen. That's W-H-A-L-E-N. I'm on Substack, and rumble north idaho exposed and you can find if you just do a search on rumble on my rumble channel for united against hate you can see I put out actually three of these events one is from a school in I think it's in pennsylvania but the fbi and doj are now going into the schools and they're educating the kids on how to report hate incidences so it's coming full circle if people don't stop it I don't know it's um I'm freaked out, honestly, seeing all this. But anyways, thank you so much for having us on today, Donna. You're welcome. There's Casey's Rumble channel right there. He's got a lot of good stuff on there, too, just letting you know. Not only is he talking, he's doing a lot of foyer and such and talking to people. So there you go. Listen to all those interviews. He's good guys here. And Josh. And, man, thank you so much for having us all here and for having these open conversations. Thank you all for everything that you do to stand up for this country and for God. And, you know, I've learned to become a yes man. I think we've all learned to become yes men and women, which is what brought us together. It's that willingness to just go with the flow that brings people together. And I can't wait to see you again. And remember, if you don't know your rights, you have none. So, you know, God bless all you guys, and we'll see you here soon. Yep. So here you go, heart hands. God bless you all. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Make it a great day. And remember, if you don't have a good example, if the world looks like it's fallen all the, gone all to hell, you know what? That's the best time to do an act of bravery. I always told my kids when things went wrong, you know, like, God appointed me mom to the world, unfortunately. But it's like, or fortunately, it's like truly, it's like if you don't have an example, you've got to be one. And when it's dark outside and there's nobody that's doing the right thing, just think about a candle. Think about a candle in the dark. You're going to shine bright. It's like if everybody's doing the wrong thing, it's really easy to look good and to make a difference in the world. It's so much easier when things are really bad, actually, to make a difference. And so if you're walking in the darkness, if you're in a bad situation, embrace it. Don't be afraid of it. God walks with us in those times. And everything beautiful that he put inside of you is going to come out in those times. And it's going to be glorious. And all the glory will go to God. That is a beautiful time. I wouldn't choose to be born any other time because it's not about us. It's about everyone here serving everyone and serving God. So with that said, I'll stay on the line for a minute. Guess what? We have other discussions after we go offline. I wish you could all be here. Maybe we'll do a Zoom someday. But have a great day. Have a wonderful day. Fourth of July. Remember what the holiday is all about. And, you know, the independence, Independence Day and enjoy your time, your freedom, the people you love and the things that are important to you. Celebrate this. Celebrate it. Because guess what? We're taking this country back and we're not asking for permission. And we will see you on Friday. I've got an interview with Jim Price on Friday from the Jim Price show. I'm going to play that Friday because most of that's pre-recorded so I can get back to my family. But I decided to do that that way. So you guys have a great day and love y'all. Bye, guys.