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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/1/2022 - Attorney Dan Hartman and Karen the Riveter

Published Dec. 1, 2022, 9 a.m.

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good morning patriots welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg and it is december one the first day of december two thousand twenty two welcome welcome welcome so big news to day had an had interesting start to the day today youtube decided that they were going to violate my first moight and in fact took me down again for community violating their community guidelines partly and so what that what that looks like is that i believe that it was on the twenty fifth of november doesn't really matter probably violated every single day but anyhow they got me for medical distant formation whatever that means i thought we were speaking truth here but clearly clearly or truth and the truth is too entirely different things so what but we want to make sure what i'd like to ask him predominant to have an act of protest going on which i think we all should be protesting things all the time we need to we got going on here one more technical thing going on here go we've got that my room channel back up again at least that's there so what what i love to ask everybody to do as the letter pretty know that we're still here an we're still here were selifan running every week day at nine o'clock from nine to eleven and less i tell you that i'm not going to be on it by the same every day with our fantastic wonderful gas that we bring on it i mean some really great people that we bring the morning we adamantine gives leland we also have every one's favorite care in the river you it amazing how many people to me about carentan how many people just absolutely love love love in acarnania to so should be napoli i'd like to ask everybody to it your post and a lot of the comments on in the stream or danced for come from you tube people that are watching anuther going to assume that i'm gone and last most kicked off for a like a little over a week this time but a getatable scout poison this in three weeks that i'm kicked off a tube if everybody out there can go ahead and tell tells me people as she can do to jump over to rumble rumble a better better service way better it is kind of a failing lesser service you too was like watching ceanothus point in fox knows all because they're fine so they so anyhow i'm in a brain as she let me going on here i think i'm going to go ahead and bring karen and dan in a quick at guy saying morning the methuselah dan eatanswill driven dame a man have removed your right now are you a do you want to go out and come back in or what do you want to do it you good atsu okay let's sound good so there you are you got ten and i and good morning are you don't know how many people commit me about how much they love you like this is miss the constant as the constant as i i love car in the river i'm like i know right she's awesome so anyhow that you think satan alone in her anonymity he was cool and as some one had given my personal contact information to your radio talk show host and they reached out to me and wanted me to to do she just about me in a like no it is now about me if you are a talk about what i want to talk about we're going to go in a different direction and basically i declined desolate celebrity status i must after i know the troops in helping people to be encouraged in and talking about what was actually going on in the world to the best of my ability so they of an anight there you know to do it for the right restlessly for any any game personally and i loved that i think that's great so let's talk about news here a minute as we get going i'm looking down a couple of news speeds of course i've got for for different computers going this morning to see that that i should probably add my and my big screen here ah san bagman is a fighter free i am going to tell you that right now sam batman free it looks like he took the it looks like he pocketed the guy sold part of his the investors and pocketed three hundred million dollars to recompense to compensate himself for the shares this guy is a piece of work and i got a shoe the pitcher at me see i can add my screen is is is actually pretty the guy would forget i can get the in here i think it's kind of funny he is so here here we have a further article here said worth close to the as i overturned in november and banana fried in a comfit he estimated not worth of a sixteen billion better known as the of the founder of this cocoas predicted by some become the world trina now is worth nothing he i'm not buying it because this guy there using this alloo at the one not in quicherat in zurbaran exacerbated rockefeller grandson and i look at the sky and go there's no way there's just no possible way that he is smart pull that off you know hate i hate to say it but not in it not even remotely buying this and monsieur de got kind of interesting been watching a lot of stuff going on in china where the sitting down shutting down the armoring videos of people's phones there's a surprise let just move it off to take everything off the phone that we disagree with sounds like you people of the princesses mean the becase into be heard at once six of the setter we have brunson verses at like we may be seen that on being heard on but the supreme court case i think it was pretty interesting the brancas i want to talk to dan hartman about that because quite honestly i i kind of think that that would be a good a good law suit or something similar to the remote people are so i have i have got some other ideas too that i want that i want to bring up here when dan including i think we should have the clerk sign an affidavit that they actually served the election now that may not be a popular opinion have but oh how we need our elections i think the entreaty denying very go marian i doing tomorrow doing you ingrate dovery doing doing real great so looks like we got a lot of motion out there from china to two at trial of the green bay where used to be an albifrons somethin tampa we have there's another just a lot of stuff going on so let's talk about what happened on monday i've got some questions for you too about that bronson case frontiers adams as well as kind o got ideas of hampton discussions with is it possible for us because this is what was happening in the board of canvassers for orleans conan was their daytime there just sober to know as i was the only candidate that actually showed up except for christina cramond so christine and i were there i guess there are i take either couple of candidates or fall for people that showed up there were candidates therefore may be five couple from the state nobody from really either of the major parties which is not a surprise i mean why because there is a very footbiter in is that a member of legislate as automatic a was not a single not one the mishap did not send a lawyer the democrats had a lawyer to say what a great job the process and in the big patch of self on the back club moment and i'm an italian this i was like watching this i'm talkin i'm telling you that when somebody called the democracy that is a base level i and they were calling it a democracy for the board of cancers that one gonostoma then endeavor lawyer got up and amanda word count on him one of these how many times the word democracy it was nothing more than propaganda program it was to that in too i think that he paid for em retired may say it oh my gosh they have to be somebody's got a better the copyright of it somebody must counterfeit that is a copy raised weeding that stockholm is that the board of canvas was very much willing to say that they were just an empty roberta they had no power to look into anything that had done that happened at the county certification in the several speakers there they talked about how the genesee county one of their order can people had made a criminal refer to the sheriffs and yet you know everything stamp through a certified certified the other thing that's crazy as that they limited candidates and down the youth only governor candidate nobody from the attorney general's office nor the foxgloves masterhood from the rear and then christina was there on behalf of the secretary of state and then the other candidates that were there were all down ballad i would say that my carlo had been participate in for paring an objection to certification and so she had been involved in that portion of it but in general after they gave the candidate three minutes and then the thin listened over they were more worried therewithin the clock that cut them off and then they go to the next camp next they they and bother certification then they allow the public pavement counters so weird as like the they didn't even care they didn't want to hear from me the people at all they meditated democracies we want her theories right and so he was to what was to aneuthen searched soothes face off about threatening the candidate that everybody else i'm like one in absolute disgrace he as he sat there an he kinda well you know there's there's candidates here and there you know talking about all the distant formation and while alone who in that hackneyed i thought they were supposed to you know if we bring things forward there soother investigate it or take your words seriously and there was nothing it was just a threat and shutting us out the document which you you and which was the objection to certificate and i think it's important allegan perspective that everybody understand two parallel tracks and were still going on related to sort and i wanted a sure everybody understands the difference between to recount and a election contest so i recount only counts the paper ballots whether you re stanmore you do hand recount and interestingly enough johnson greater said that the recount of that has been filed will be a hand re however one thing i want you to understand is the statute gives to the clerk the ability to recollect the machines and then the board of canvassers has ability to recount now the meat they have to hand recount anything that they ran through their adjudication software at an absentee recounting board because they treated digital image as they too short they counted digital image and then when you do a recount they only have the original pair so they have to start over they can't figure out how they've altered the images they go back to a hand at let's be clear here a real only looks at whether the paper count correctly and whether human or machine error this miscounted or misrepresented what the bowata and it won't change if the ballot had been swamped out and it won't which happen in the marcobrun according to many people if i talked about and i want rest the issue of somebody who is not eligible to vote cast about to recount won't deal with a dirty roll foreign access to the border and baldheaded and what i just want you to point out is the way that the law deals with that is called a contested election we filed a request under mc one forty eight contest the election and in there it says and i want you to understand this it says in here that either party to the cause may present a petition to the court oh the sad case is to be tried selincourt other things torgoo reason to believe and does believe that one or more voters at the election out of which the causes name stay in their place to residents were unqualified voted such an election and so when you want to change whether there's bout that wasn't bound to be voted you have to do and so there are some apple david attached to our fill and i want a kind of run through those so that you and your owners now about the election i want to aware right away all election date after november one sealed until thirty days after sealed until thirty days after the action is certified we won't be able to use the debt that the analytics any of the information we won't be able to send canvas stout the only thing that we were limited the information that we had was the information gathered by poaching we had the information about the november for for they filed early returns of absentees voters and we knew that we had challenged some out of state voters who had moved away and were still under the national change of address were identified as still having the right to vote in michigan and had returned absent ball a lot of the information that is required to be analyzed which took us almost two years from twenty twenty they don't make available until thirty days after the election is set that's that's just one asiatic game oh yes however we have a affidavits on what happened was because the election integrity funded send an objection to thirty thousand voters who had reportedly registered a new address out of on on they had identified them and sent them out all the work there were spots on the secretary of state directing the course was not a sufficient challenge don't consider that seein clean the role so then we began to adapt the fine the andover first we requested acute and it had the absent voters who had returned the ballot because they had had sixty day of moaning wind before the election so we had the ability to identify it people would return their ballots from a list and i should tell this because now they he was we bouchere able to cross reference and in detroit there was four hundred fifty people that were identified using this massive and i who was the republican board of education personal finish third the top two so the two democrats wantons the he and a number of people from her team to detroit checked fifteen address at tenable nobody was five of them near what they found they found two people two of those addresses were the people at the redress were willing to the the person it moved in twenty twenty one just like the national change of address and were no longer in the but they returned to bolt third one the guy says oh that sounds like my daughter's name but he looks at a closer look at the agency there's no such person it was like a high bred of the daughter's name and the age was wrong and he's like a soulmate year old daughter that he says has no such that the to a bone were people who were confirmed to still be living there i the question was asked in anyway the reality was percent of these people that we had deified were check and were found not to have voted properly in this low but they were identified by name and are subsequently we found out as on the information cantonese the board of canvassers had identified in hopes in the city of therefore they had more ballads then they had voted so the books were going to balance so instead of saying hey our books to battle and try to figure out what happened grabbers name that had voted and attributed the extra ballot to that vote and one of the lords of canvassers became upset protested that with gold the place that made but now we have a care have the marillier there and there was a lot of other real interesting errantries in games and that coming out of deerskin is she was the mercadet and she is working with the panthers right now to try and bring some election integrity the so we filed a basically down in your one of the sides on this we filed an object a sort of cat the november election and we also discuss the fact that the use of the machine was not at machine prohibited and would do it got a chance to address the board of canvassers you did the primarily mount talking but i was able to get a question and my question was how do they get around and see how one sixty eight seven ninety five and for those you haven't heard about the statue see duty and the board of can to make sure that the machine is certified by an associate state election well the state election and they do not have a a set of stars but yet we have to have a machine that certified by the the entity does do what this everybody just as we will disregard instead of appearing or removing the statue attention the very unequivocally the machine shall not be used unless and yet we're using the machines and violation and so what i asked chris thomas about that to those you don't know him jannetella point of benson who is the director of the bureau of election time was that guy nineteen eighty to two thousand seven and then he is now a consultant paid by zac to run a detroit actions thomas who was thirty seven years the director of the mission election said always ignored that set he got just makin up policies on the fly again but when i basely tells me is that there's no way for a machine to be compliant till her they fixed the statue or they comply with the it's black and white and indeed nor the fact that the legislature expressive your democracy the legislature of our republican of government has indicated the business of pre requisite to use of the machine that's funny is the burden is and to baronesses to do that and yet they say we all her to do is rubber stamp is an two getherin of letting the public alessandro they will go away and feel like they had their day and and in that policemen was a joke because there was a lot of people waited a long time to talk and they were allowed to talk after the decision was made and that's not the way a public hearing his yet the public in put before you make the there was no hurry because they didn't hear anybody and the fact that this is what really i couldn't believe it it like this is a matter of national secure i have in a free and fair election we were able to have as a candidate three minutes make a case or to try to change their mind there was there was not its it just is just a curser cursory move i mean the there was no nothing in there their minds were made out before they got in there and the whole thing was just a complete sham and i'd say a lot of it looked like it was just going through the motion after us i think that guy that was protesting that they throughout i think he was an actor to i mean i said there i watched him he was i felt like bostonese pretty pretty legend that that is anatole i was like the foolish such a crazy but nonsense i want father that was pretty upset in he is a father and dearborn and when he found out what they were teaching in the schools or related to he's been stand corrected that because the whole thing was like it was a stage well he was hatefully at their buttons and yet that side of the magnetometer standing elocution of star pushing buttons because they let me you kind of rotrou and theodolite chiming and behind me ellen i told them all if they were being seen as the enemy of the people there's that motto but that yes he every question to the so that betray the figure in the southeast he anew eastwood the hetaera tayoga oh my there there shone let me see if i can ask my quick i think it were he i a anatomising comber horseleech of by reasonable men in your day incarnate state line here now dan where are go as much yet when you come from there from the you know the kitchen table here are off dan off everybody's off else for bacon there's there is care he often makes it back on here a minute so get a hold of anathemas he as can you hear me better so the geometry to figure out and and if he doesn't come back maybe you can help i was trained figure out between arizona and michigan whose laws are a consuming our probably similar exactly what authority the canvassers do have to what is their purpose because i've been i've been told by someone who least was trying to be the canvasser he's very knowledgeable that their job is basically tabulation so it's a mathematical it at a yes no answer doesn't have an investigative power and he yes and it over gentaro okay so what i've been trying to figure out is a campus or legal authority is it limited to basically a mathematical tabulation and if the if their data is complete if their data is correct that they've been given and the third thing being are the machine certifiable which you just address well so they don't technically have an investigative ability is what we've been told and i don't know legally are they confused or is that so that two big questions and let me let me by force that since i was pale i only standard separate federal and that is a lawsuit that diana's part of that we are still feodor in what the difference between that federal government follows twenty twenty or twenty two thousand a created at created the help american vote act of in that help american vote at established the in the united states election suppose he came up with the process called a voting system test lab he and the aversion the point of what a voting system test laboratory is in order to be able to be a credit laboratories get laboratory do he employed the foreign government or to the manufacturers of voting the voting system test laboratory be certified by some in order to be qualified his credit at they know the rules they are i think that the united states elections a united states election miss created these what are called voluntary voting system guidelines these are modeled guides i adopted that they become mandatory miss when we adopted our state adopted and made mandatory require there was a the government says we'll buy you were bought and began to be implemented from twenty sixteen to twenty eighteen were fully implemented by twenty eight government will give you money for the conditioned upon you except just so you just meant your microphone so i looked in my bad we took their money we were supposed to apply these in theory you have the voting system test labor your voting system meets the volunteer voting system guideline then they issue a certain evidence as a voting system configuration meets require in that legislate they put in there the minimum requirement a boarding supposed to have in order to in the federal elect he was an accurate he was a requirement that you have a on have to be me to a certain level formed the absentee otero of properly fill out their ballad the clear definition what constitutes a man voting system test laboratory as to insure that there is an audit and what an audit trail is something that the people then can go back he to make sure that the ballots are being counted as this added real requirement is also in our statue is in mc ninety five under section this requirement for this audit when i was confined with the stay a while ago she was telling them to delete the thumb drives a goin to the tabulate controlled all the security and access would feel very clearly systems are are connected to the internet during the conduct of the and it tells you who ah how the machines are considered at an interview whose in that election required to be so anyway back to the required in order to have evidence that compliance you have says the voting as in figure it has to identify the software the hardware processes he used to teach election or and the instructions they give orders part of the definition of in order to certified looking at all those as is to be looked by a certified a credited a lad so do as we started with asking is there a there is no document for yes and and when you look at the document heart interactive it is to the standard of one point of which came out in two thousand standard one point one they came out into a thousand whenever you open standard change the consideration you have to get reserved by the he and then to get to the home they also were certified to the one point of the problem with the dominion the laboratory that they use profane had allowed their credit at they had filled out the they didn't have people working for foreign government he had sold out to said they weren't tied to the maniac they hadn't gone through the process of man their own thrusting the if the dominion machines and what i will tell you in answer your question now the machines are cried faderland ard and they're not certified by the state the state standard whether being insensible it is a hard stare you cannot use a voting system unless you they don't need no you don't keep going on now it is an oil the time that i have to you but i d rather listen to it to somebody did scathe experts i know talk about for of a so let's start off by need to understand the import of canvas a legislative created branch a lot of people don't remember he sees class in saying this i want to break this done the very simple as that we have three branches in we have a branch which is supposed to be representatives of we would take a person from marianne them off to speak in our behalf a republican representative form of over second thing that you would have if you would have who are corporate it is written will apply facts to law to try to make a and then the third group is of executive exactly branch by design to in the time that we were found so what they wanted to do is make sure that the executive only granted authority given to it by the legs so when you get to a secretary of state like joslin cannot make rules or laws the legislator when she passed a rule it has to be a as to how something given the authority says should i die the secretary of state has given the duty and responsible to shove my drive so would she will do then he will set forth the process arouet of that we're going to be resolute stationed and will make sure that there's always somebody imitation to come out and and there he put the snow from her to so what happens as she makes the rules the legislature makes and so when you look at the board of a of canvases was designed to representative all her sight over the executive so it is supposed to have represented there was a belief that he would not have to apart the the and that you would have to man parties and a two party but i know this is hard for bounder but they a republican to people a democrat of course will point oversight isn't a plenty by the legs one by the over so now we have publicans and these two democrats we have this concerned about the republican name all and they made up this board of canvassers they are the representative the political and the voice the apostolic and their supposed to make in a tone it is modeled after the same way really one understand the authority of the border state canvassers or the border a we would return as an ritardando astound no yes i got ye somebody strange to call me on my soul a pole nor go back to the legislature forty and you really have to understand the board of state canvassers not definitely not a legislator what they are an independent commission that supposed to look in one of the things that happened with the board of canvassers and the county level we have allowed them to amend the and we have eliminated first of all villages to consolidate the process what they would like to do i have everybody sent an internet votin and they tell you i now we have the board of county and they have said that they perform only a ministerial in that they are supposed to make sure the stuff is tabulated or total doc a lot more to the all the way back to the election you looked at eight point talk about this board of election somebody is an article election they are supposed to be a republic or a democratic and i like to tell the story of how when i was in detroit i saw the lady with the behemoth was a republican now what a but anyway i guess for the party inclusion is a republican party don't so any way so the idea is that they will have representative both state parties there watching the election one of the duties assigned to this portico election and verify on the ballot envelope to the qualified voters they are supposed to be there to the call lochallen covered by our state under me once or even thirty the election challenges have the shall denials of a pet those up to vote at the they have eliminated the ability of the whole challenge challenge a person woodsias there is no process in which to do that but there are also allowed to point out violations of law or procedure rules are created by the secretary of and those rules have follow the law that can't change the love legislate it is born of election the third one a design of saying everybody who voted qualified electors and as good in the proper manner and their supposed to sign off the metal of the use a machine now to call the tabulator to calculate those so they are now just signing that because they're not do not check they have the power to over the the board of gamesters the snow ball rolling of a bunch of rubes the bernese state qualifications of the they are so the motor in her and you will find out that at the absent are teleport there not checking once this portable elections has done their job proper the check and balance on hand that is the board of county commission can so the board of county canvases supposed to be able to view the provision of ballots challenge he i love the issara sorry about that it is the real that's aeneas it's real that are going too near or let sidenote have thereby the people out of voters and the tone honestly the system is did not manfully doing the the man a deserted they are supposed to look at the provisional ballots look at to review makes challenges were decided that supposed to make sure that everything was brought to fielding balance than this all to as part of their function is to make sure how ninety seven thousand here in the pages of this is undertaken bosher and you have hundred ninety seven that have reconcile as they political look this over if everything is done right it is the proper but there is a problem they are the first line the no urgency to use present fifty election has brought them unbalance that they are allowed and you're out people from the board of lacheneur before them peter the teakettle could help in that they can't yes for for election he can do as they have a limited power to make sure that things are right when they cease the rubber stamp it they send up to the border state can more state causes as the legislature antipas and that in the event that but just come and petticoat but i can come comatose of father let and swithin step the house the time the state or campus erect in enabled to the sound one time argentine canaanite but able i see what i could do have i not but that the better and not a locally but its arterial so crackle to go ahead go ahead and see what can we do sometimes we got to make some changes how we go interesting process and my so correct in care i think it's a dance he'll be back in just a so what an interesting process right the thing i think that everybody can see you once we really look at this is that there really is there are supposed to be policies and those are not being followed at all what i heard there on monday as they kept talking about how her engine is in the dam what it was they kept talking about very all right that's better so what i said that it was really clear is that there are palaces that are not being followed i don't the the news the news that was put out there was basically seeing that i disagree with election law my response that is i never disagreed with the election law at all i disagreed or what my problem was as the fact that they didn't fall all the law or any of the policy that's what i noticed and yet so that was how i took it to as i do not following the rule of law so now this fortinate can certain powers besides the ability to step in when there is a lack of certification coming out of account the more of state canvassers must be a city body that is supposed to approve under seven ninety five as a machine to approve language for a potation and they are supposed to make sure that certain things are found when we give you an example we now had i think the number was to controllin voters voted as in then johnson greater said it was forty two per cent of general etwas that shocking to you i mean that we have forty two per cent of the votes coming in or absentee well one of the things that happened under the promotion and is that they wanted to change it to no excuse absentee voted easier to control the election right so great by the way any convention or a tale you're not supposed to have secret vales i know the michigan republicans hoped that at the last thing on the lieutenant governor's race supposed to have a voice well and then you can divide the room or there's a roll call on so you know how your representatives that be like having come erhalte ability to all at what end up happening as if you go back in our and people forget our we see the still an i i will have the candidates appear at these different events and then they slept through to one of the first changes that michigan needs to do a return to a pauper or our government passed a requirement that we participate in this primary by secret ball and that begins to select who your candidate on it there would have been a clock a situation yet he killed it because he did out and talk to real del if in real places and then they get to pick who they would like to do for acharnement the candidate instead we have this primary where you don't even have to campaign you to have to know who set the so that so now the next thing that ends the path is this board of canvassers is supposed to make sure they're the final check and balance and the approval of election there are the final check and protais process now remember for twenty eight that four years ago it's not that long ago twenty eighteen was the first time we had no excuse to absent ballots that was a fundamental earth quick change in our election what do we do for the security of a person who goes to vote in her show their identified or they have the ability to sign an affidavit that they don't have the delicate they still show their proof of residence and they become a provisional ball the provision of ballot provisional ballot means that if the race is close then the county board of canvas we'll have hearings minister really allowed to they will look to see if they lifted the the witgenstein's in theory this is way the legislatures foetor as the loose to work they will see if they've lived in the county for thirty days and they will thereby that that person who cast the provision of ballad legitimately entitled to vote and they will do that and that is a public hearing pro darius ask them to have a feature where your desk you should have them have a feature your guest in disabled people trying to call and another the astracan reach in the people's forms like that but i don't know to so the determination that that's one to get a norminster of function of accountants borders to resolve provisional balls so we have this identification so what's the identification of process by a ballad person goes into instead i would like to have an absentee bowed they have to show their idea but through the glass but i requested in winter the mail only one and you there supposed to compare that signature before they give access to the ball once they get the ballot and they return it compare the signal to do it initially and if he doesn't look right there to call the voter to give them a chance to but an election the board of election inspectors which is a republican and a democrat in theory are supposed to review the signature it pucelle independent and party full challenges she whether that signature now if you look at monte six seven says that if the signature is not being voted its annabel bold not to be this whole process of checking the security of who has access to our are ours distracted by saying he can malahide people can put on the ballot but the real question you have a ballot that is good enough on the signature to full account for and this word ablutions inspectors were unique you need to have somebody whose connected to your bodings it is able to see your qualified voter and behold connected reliable to state connected her it connected prove that and so now you're wondering why con somebody show up with an absentee ballad that's really a registered voter the persons injecting a bad and the person doesn't exist and where his people were running around and were looking and trying to find by two by going out and knocketh door and the person that name doesn't match my daughter is similar but she's not even old enough to vote no such person all that one well okay you got one and then you come in and then they say well the election was decided by a hundred and sixty thousand or three hundred sixty okay so you got one we're so you won't do it again there's no reuther's no real recourse and the other thing that they keep their own out is running on a time we didn't have time how many times do we hear that on monday that we didn't have time we don't have time we don't have time that to do up i mean did you hear that i heard that multiple time well i heard it then and i heard a lot more when you and i were to the bardesanes the first time yes when when they basically said well we're going to you know i wanted to point out what interest and roll of the board of state canvassers they voted to two not to allow the titian and third proposal to be on the ball they did so then a process by which language supposed to be presented to all of the voters that are signing the pot and it was missing in the ice and they had already previously said that the ideal laws we're trying to be put up by stand up michigan in twenty eighteen or twenty twenty of the congo the proposal as it did me they ruled and whether or not his language was of and when i went to the supreme court on a mandamus attorney general in a conflict of interests basically abandoned and did not advocate for the board of canvassers who had been in the two top it instead said well i think it's true oscar state these should go on to the poor board of commissioners faces should go on so you supreme court should go out and look at how many signatures there and the whole problem was it was gained by a voter who didn't have the correct information about what the proposal said a so you don't start counting the signatures unless they've been in for so now get into the deposal had been voted on and supposedly worn the circular that didn't cost telang age sixty days before so all these absentees didn't seem the language many many presents that dies he had not betrayed his pointed out that they went around and identified that at many pre they impose the language then you have deceptive advertising about it where they were the basic saying oh tis good to the cat turned on well would it really does is an extended the term limits that are already there and gives them more pain take take my body thing they want they get away with it the old is no akeepin unaccountable there's no one that's been kept the countable in this so the board of canisters they tried to make a stand the two republicans did about the proposal and and they got smashed down and now they're not going to get out the land and they're not they're not going to do any the patronization of miss bradshaw that hearing was don't realize that there were sophisticated people there red more election law than she has but he is not old pantomine of attaques ones for johnson greater she said the bantering down the field and she's trying to review the process and basically you are a enterance you don't know what's going on and let let us educate you for tom tell you that everything's all good up here and were now theosophistical we have all these checks and bound and where in their ain specific grievances we file a petition very thick attacked with a advised you can't certify the election tell us how everything's okay yeah it's imagery and they said to her parading themselves on the back constantly i mean the whole thing was a long fuse people that were working on the election which was a failed election to maladministration on all it should have been no but just based on the failure of woman all it was like a wanton as for something this person democracy in death whole thing was just completed uttered how are the one so let me get to straight i mean she's asking like she's an idiot for atheromatous eighty three pounds and of these ladies routes did at every one of the county board certified the election and mister breathe did will get thin you can i say to aspirant the very important role of the board of canvassers is now just jerry allen from the election integrity for sin reports of proposal to impart a proposal when he fired at the there's information about this sally get into too long the the person that he was there finette wouldn't accept the finish the right about of the checks that were presented they it was supposed to be about seventy five thousand dollars they doubled it to undeify three and the cat they went on when they were gone the checks that were red were three hundred and fifty three thousand dollars for this partial rest they now sent out a revised statement where they have back it down to like a hundred and fifty something still wrong because the reality is one sixty height one parent is real clear that is the hundred and twenty five dollars for a priest and they started him to drift dollars for alan had a lot of people worked on this recounteth i was pleased to be one of them and in that recount petition remember to denial with the fact is somebody voted that was in allowed to now the canny boards a canter have the ability or the preservation of records and materials including the thumb drives of the secretary of state ah i tell people to and they have debility to actually hand count the and if the board of county canisters does their job will see a lot more information it won't show about balloba but it will show if the are not counted as presented the atostor and go back to answer county which everybody thinks they know all about and the night of the election and to county had nineteen thousand six hundred votes and answer county when they are all set in one desten thousand nine hundred they caught in a recent that they had several thousand more ballots attributed that really did that they eldershawe not one present where one county township work comes in and says i i made a mistake but three prices they change the motto the machine had miss by the way that so violation of the accuracy standards from the help america both the one and i think the accuracy section it might be section four of the but anyways so be recoil tell us the information and that recount is important because it has the preservation of data and it also will tend to fit in in fact the machines have changed or altered the vault or their men human air good real every place because there was time done alone to say that or i was waited teetering out right while at all because they want more money they charge just unbelievable amounts to even the footing as falsity thousand dollars for information from a sheriff department at one point to this is absolutely not right in the arteries to be available for inspection for it shouldn't have to pay to be of no more benevolently for the outside and while the problem with that is if you do that they could say whatever they want or destroy whatever they wanted to because there's no proof if you just let look you don't take port i wanted to share with you a little bit more about what the portico they have the ability than to look at the real and during this reason they didn't got des because i am theano really would so they have a lot more power and if you look at the powers before they started hacking away at the power that abortionists has look at the recantation town this is ohaeawae but right now the board of commentators has the ability to issue subpoenas and inquiring to any matter and of the day the name is important so they have a lot of power we're hoping that act of his will get out in devolved in the board of county canvases as they begin to look at some other powers that they now have is not ministerial it's investigatory powers for we and so we wanted to trigger those powers by damis broad rachael so kept saying that we recounted entire state during jentham is not true the recount was stopped by a court lawsuit of before it was stopped they had already determined that of the price they looked at it antonie percent of them couldn't be recounted because they had failed to maintain chain of custody or had failed to balance their which by the way the board of county a canvasser is supposed to check and if the board of election present doesn't do it and then deep state board of camps to check it if the county board does triple check process the system is working you might have a reverse but when there are problems that are pressed ramisseram resolved to issue when it wititterly i want to get into the real import the real will not of whether our legions are we do have it people have votes attributed to them actual ballad looked in now as an absentee vote that are not real people in mind and unless we go back to and we look at so what is the signature safeguard and that's one of the contests of the election so he asked yourself what is the the rule is you have to be a registered voter and you have to reside in that area and were doing it on a and behold the republican party and the elegant county clerk and satisfies benson he filed the lawsuit before the twenty twenty elected the standard that said any signature is good if it has any redeeming characteristicness presume to that was the same he tried the elegant county clerk and the judge said we don't have time to look at it before tony however he looked after it in plenty twenty one and he's held the secretary of state had not created a standard because he issued a guidance in the law was very clear and if you want to look at where the laws attendance sixty eight point three one said he there is supposed to be a signature standard that is propagated through the administrative procedure as a rule making by the way this gives both the public an opportunity to come in on a draft rule and the legislature has to approve what she said he rules rome raise the hue and cry in penitent one said we don't like it in the legislature said no that's not a good rule retract it and participate in the political process what we went into the a we went into miriam up and down and others we went into this penitent to november and select without a signature and as ordered by the court of an benson to be purity two point two million of our bolts he sent the have a lawful signature standard and they did to the law with the board of election inspect vinegar would pull change and by the way when i soon in der what a candidate was black christina crime would a co counsel who was black alexander trailer at my wife as i was called a so raising the issue that detroit was going to adjudicate the election in the biggest city without a signature crass they called the rat and don't even address the issue of there's no signature and by the way you're using an illegal process to make the comparison but anyway will fight that day on the still fights in the battle but two point two million ballots forty two and i don't remember the exact number of the johnson greater said but that was my race you'll have to go back to what he said forty two per cent of our election was cast on bows where the signature standard insecurity processes i wanted just to dress this and i talked too much one terence more time there is a question of access to the if you have access to your house did you have a lot on your door people can come through that door if you left them right but there is security mechanism prevent you don't want coming through your so one of the experts has made the statement i do remember which one said this our elections does he ever door on the front when you have access is not only an entry point that allows people to participate in the republican or democratic processes of whatever you prefer to call it and i'll address that a minute but it is in fact a process by which you are green and silver so you only let those in that qualified and you remove those unqualified when you have an better at then what ends up happened not have a control of the late and if you have if you put the door out of you don't let people in that her intitle devote that's not good depend his only other way right now anybody who wants a mail in a ballad and in it it the odds are that they're going to be able to do one of the most shocking things that i heard at that board of canvas and i wanted to i wanted to jump up and but i now have had a few minutes to think about it was the statement that mister brander said was that they had absent county boards that had the same ballot number he in person precincts and he said that was okay once you understand that this is the guy who administer our election the low state very very clearly when the ballots are prepared and they released the absentee boss and the male the out there to do that in they do maintain an inventory that the board of canvassers suppose to make sure that they have the ballot return accounted for so let's say that you have a really big precinct and you have two thousand nine hundred ninety nine votes in us the macana in your let's say that you know that there are three different ballot types in their all equally divided and your post have nine hundred ninety five of this kind a thousand of another kind in the thousand of another reason you would have three different teletypes is because you would have school district or you would have down ballot issues so within your present you might have multiple many present only at one ballot what happens if you would start the first ballot at number one hundred the second ballot you might start at number four thousand and then the third ballot type might be started at three to but what happens is as somebody requests about on their prey you give them the water you record the ball have an accounting system of pure and when you're all done sending out the absentee ballots the last stake for i before the election had not allowed to give an elector whose registered an absentee ballots from that point forward so now on the morning of the election you start with the next ballot and i and you give that to the people coming to follow and when you're all done you know how many balls you've given you have the remaining ballots in new can account for the there is no process by which you can have two boats with the number one hundred and forty eight issue from a great don reader says dad follow the law and to my mind that means that there is a counterfeit but issued in for one forty eight crazier that i came in front of the he claimed he had no bias judge any down in the desert circuit court of wayne county that you would say that if i may on a ballot seven she returns bowfort one that ballot is not to be they do as they just write the ballot number on it they put palette change it and then they caroused they counted anyway that's the big do in detroit that's what they tested by the doing the trip it's what i observed during the august second primary and then they say there's nothing to see here so what i want you to be clear here is if there is a single ball in a single tree to loder numbers to the press until you found out which one was counterfeit and somebody had an cuts you would not certify that election if you had any outfit and if you are you would you and investigate that you would fare out how you had two balls with the same number and i am shocked in a pale the that was permitted to the last overdoing the hearing and nobody really is raised that hurry and diapason the torch to you so many target rich environment discretion fraudibus one is so before i get lost or before i let her in talk and i'm sorry to oberlin a ratlike a loose wagon over here i want to point out that the board of cane the level go and you look a chapter twenty five of the election there give road activated when the recount was filed our right and by the way that every county some recounts but enough of the dead some of those board of county canvassers have been activated in continuing to this should they choose to do and if the people are there demanding what i will just say with you is that this recount is important not only because they know that we can do it that we will do it will also be a deterrence in a resting people will just trample on your race and to you stand up and say he wait and so get a twenty twenty four election coming to by the way i have not moved down from twenty but i want to amonober very very clear while they were able to adduce some hand waving like miss broad sage i like winter doing we now have a lot of and i'm not even close to the smartest one working that notorious i know the and were watching the we all questions we caught them and nobody wants to do anything about it so we're going to watch this sad unfold and i wanted to say you know that great but in answer to your question karen of course they want to say that the import of canaster is purely ministerial about telling up and doing the he changed the law to make it that way they changed it through decisions and they changed the profugo back and you look at them election conduct in baiting twelve you would find a word of canvases had a lot more power and they didn't remove it from the statue to mainteen fifty still in place for the recent so to activate those powers we have we have put the wonder twin powers right we put the recount a we've activated those moroccans powers with the okay quick question that the state or even the county because of the suit that election integrity force and dana are an already before the election took place should they not have certified because they all and every precinct now about that that the election machines were not certified so far tannhauser ified on that ground they should have certified because of the color or they're going to do is there they're not going to listen to the objection and and in a perfect world the answer is yes they would have refused to certify unless they had had counted the mouth because the machines are qualified to be used in our late they don't meet the federal standard and then the standard but he had lost his entertainment allowed to have them well the lucientes dotted by while there you go i mean not the way that it did though i mean they should never have been able to go forward with election using the machines period rigor absent votes without a i mean the horsehoofs stuff and tell they tell the recitative and and they didn't they just keep push things through and pushing it through and talking about the absentee belisante time and the time and all the servian they just ramoth rough and then they then they once they ran it through that it's like a boy's already been done not do we do and sorties for forgiveness instead of you know asking for permission but the permission is the law that's written and they refused to follow it so the way the secretary of state has responded every time and even if you watch mister bredejord that hearing the way they responded they're not saying that the machines were certified because there's no document certifying them to the correct what they will say is that the soft war has been a or the other favorite distraction they will do as they will you say you can't use the machine because it's not certified according to the requirements of the help american boat johnson rather pass the preliminary and are yet so what they do as they distract you or they will say while the satire has been certified in other he meets the federal stand the problem is the voting system has everything from instructions to the elected of procedure used the configuration the ordeal your pack it is considered certified for and so what i wanted just point out also the point karandavas big pulpit here i want to say that those large and accuracy we're set up for a punch card we sat up and if you look at it when we passed the hat astute in two thousand and two in michigan it was passed in federal is adopted and is it took effect it had the requirements that rosa create for the new a rule passed the he's never gone back and revise the rule or tailored the man you can say well this was passed into two and we had republican secretary in appoint be the scenes were not mandated for use by the secretary of state until tonight hundred after maybe maybe a tribute retained regardless of they've never proper agency in logic test that really the man so i got real that real time quarrel sneezes real dane so entering now what would what the purpose of i wanted dead don and i were talking about reason she wanted me on the show was to let people know that there is objection to certification based upon the fact that there are voters who have votes attributed to the that are eligible to vote and those balls in the way you bear that out sailor are harry and i wanted you to be a word that this a recount you know at the end of the day we got a lot of work to and there's going to be lawsuit related to propose to me that will be dropping and i don't give up with were still in the do you give up no not even to my giving up i do have you see i will not concede to traders and to an unlawful process the that are sitting there like a bunch of fourth grader and red but the chairs that's a sort of looks like with you other canastos like unto forth greater choice in their chairs after they had a couple of cans the red ball well that analysis are teamster algonquin really have and now waneth they think the public were like another question some going ask it for everybody who's sitting at home screaming how long when does this can be this fight as we like to call it bisected to continue through this defect process because we are still fighting in twenty twenty so how long before you say or do if we would have to are our parents or grandparents would have thought every act it was the loss of our we would have never gotten to this what happened we fell asleep at the wheel i follow well entity years old and until penitent i didn't even understand i didn't even i didn't know what a tabulator was i didn't know what a qualified voter for i was completely at you know long in my life so what i would tell you and if you have a child that is a brand new new born is that that child is going to ask to understand the they're going to have to zealously guard against voting the first day that they are able to walk and until they are slipped into the grate in a matelot the fight will never be over carrying a soldier you're going to fight for war or your fighting for freedom with your speech your time your treasure and speaking out pretty clear the fight that we are engaged in them a daily as now don and i hear it a strong belief in the bible and we serve the risen saviour and what i would say related to this fight is that i don't know why i've been stirred into getting in the sight this country was founded based upon biblical principles one nation under god and it is designed to men and women and if we'd like to treat him go there will be no other freedom and we have been given blessing in this land we are wealthy tune we have opportunity we've been distracted to become lazy we become complacent and we have to go back and everybody needs to read them the bible then he desart reading the massanutten the teachings of of god in recognized that at people that have bellewarde will have a really good ah what really good country in really good freedom but we had an where at a cross road i believe it's a spiritual crossroad i'm not certain if descent and an times are yet another opportunity to a rise up in a reviving restored freedom but i will tell you that we have a significant amount of moral decay in this country and we have a lot of apathy i can remember between the pepperalls when i was a senior in high school where nobody showed up an nobody care fact that there was even a school spare when i was there and what ended up happening in my generation in sin the generation of apathy where we just didn't and we were going to lose this we can get people stirred up and back in the answer is karen we're going to have to fight every day i will fight until i'm done and when i am gone as lithe good lord call i think we're ever going to be done with a fight because you know that's the nature of the world we live in is that it's a fallen world and so if anybody thinks that we're going to get to the promised land by sitting here on our but on this earth i think they're pretty extra wrong and that's that's not that's not part of the deal will be in here you know we can expect a new crisis every day every day you're going to have a investigation to have to deal with and people look at that a lot of times i could a tragedy but you can have a mix of good things that are happening in bad things there happened and every single day of our lives than any looking at it as a questionnaire whereon that were on adventure and a quest going forward which means that there is going to be good times he's going to be bad than but but just deciding to lay down an stop fighting is not in never and it should never be now it's really should skill of how good a problem solver we are if we're good problem salvers would get out of trouble a little quicker if we're not the mere gainst there and that mask and what we're doing right now is were sitting and spinning on a bad election and the promises that there is not enough in the bible talks about the sereno enough workers out there that our honestly ready to shoulder some of the burden so you get people like dan and a few other attorneys that are out there just absolutely fight and as hard as they can there is not enough there is not enough people that want to fight for the country because it because people this this is what i see in general people want and this was the biggest problem my saw running for governor i hate people expecting the candidates or the political process to shoulder their weight the amount of people that were that our condition that to donate to act or again just expect the money to fall out of the sky as were used to have and that done by the dark money funds as that the other thing you know a fact was tartuffe was talking about that about how he was hiding the republican donations under dark money but they were doing the same thing it was come from both sides and the average person thinks that this that he the effort in the money to fight it is just going to just go to appear well that's not self governance and that's not that's not how work hospitality in somebody else's hand pretty extra sure it's going to land in the hands of those people that want take advantage of the and i after watching you now running for governor the supporters that we had were absolutely wonderful omnino going to take that away from any anybody there's not enough people that are just people that want to see this thing fixed in our ride to jump into the and in just start getting it done and i think it's hell we see that we're going to be we're going to be struggling but in that goes back to the biblical about it and it is a betrayal so then we're going to have to constantly be recognized in the people are going to want to try and so in the bible the lord bore a crooked scale and what i will tell you as i've never seen a more crooked scale in elections and you know what i will tell you is it's going to require a lot of prayer is of vital it's going to require that we everybody's got a civic responsibility and people should not be aiding going to jury duty they should not be avoiding participation the election tried to get the other candidates we have a lot of work to do because if we are to restore any semblance of freedom in america it's going to require many people to be involved and no more and no playing characters everybody's got to get involved in that stand in the side lines you know so i have another question for an all right and anna's case for the machines were going back to twenty twenty share the justices who were elected in twenty twenty have refused themselves from that case so dalmaine is filled in federal corps with his lifetime repent so it's not it's not in the state case so that but secondly i want to be aware that the case is about the fact of the machines are in certified one of the remedies i don't let it happen in the future and preserved the data on the already said well we're not going to preserve the dead they haven't ruled that water again to limit the ability to use the machine in the future unless it certified and they have it rolled upon what the effect of having an uncertified machine does attestation of a previous not that the cause of action became the controversy were using a machine that's not qualified and then the next question is what does that mean the first underlying basis said well you don't have standing to raise it or there's ladies or the raising all these arguments they're not saying you know if they could have come forward and said here is the set shows that a voting system as laboratory the crowd these machines for use in the twenty twenty election steven over an emotion for some red he can't bring that ford to the dozen so it were i don't mean the evidence that this machine that your own rules for while they had the day he reverberant last out of court they don't have that document so now they're saying well you don't have the right to raise the objection you lasting or even raise it in time there's a ladder in the recent everything that they can do to basically say love is a the monterey from the apple and say we talking about oranges and they don't want to get to the means the problem so to her as the sleeping that there's no one to hang the responsibility on either so that's one of the problems that corporate america and in the way that these words are set up because they can hang it on a board but nobody has a penalty to pay and in any of the snow there's no weight to hold any of this responsible because of how the whole thing is set up but that the great question and the answer is gather some requesting about how the michigan supreme court just were elected using this i i was just thinking that the case was going to the that was my mistake i'd forgotten it was filial or it does matter they're not going to roll on in any way there are the the supreme court michigan we already seen a bunch of coward rollinat that they wouldn't roll over jurisdiction and just kicked the can down the down the way hoping you know and that there going but that goes back with that responsibility and accountability and that justice strain the perfect example of that they don't want to do something they throw it to some else and say oh never and then throw it down an i mean cowards i totopostes court i got to be very careful as that i'll pay it let me say aforesaid very cartmell i don't that's not the issue i'm not speak truth if so we raised the ground batiste that you had the right to go to madame evergreen by the board of canvas and we raise that right the justice thought that that might not be the however the border causes makes a decision against these beautiful petitions that are well and popularly signed related to ah the old proposal three in the abortion of babies and the lack of parental rights change in the voting now they fill a red of mandamus and everybody says yet that's the right remedy in a by the way no objections from the attorney general nonexistence of state that the court dinner it and then the judge are able to rule on it but to really crazy as when down and drove the exact same care the he said you don't have the right to be yet when in the other issue they all say welcome everybody command and let let let let's make this so that's the first question that is really interesting as why they allowed him an damasippus questions and reservations by domestic to be that that's what i would call a double standard or the other the the other thing that that extremely important as this will the issue goes before at the mission supreme court they have they're not the final you have other absence and other remedies then i will tell you as i we recognize that we were time limited that's potatoes the rules you have no haverton to so let me explain a basic application of i have been a comment a rest i'm not going to come to their house by themselves and not on the door i will wait until they pull out of their house and they are unarmed away from their home away from their family support and then i will surround them what for captain overwhelming no opportunity to rest teach that and in that good law enforcement if you've got a dangerous person that's how you do that without having the comfort if you walk up to their house you might get into an arm stand up the reality is this the same applications of force are used against break her opportunity and wilter rest so what they do is overwhelm they don't get down a carnot she gets an adverse ruling then she goes to caracore don't have time to hear this and by the way you're not the right and you know all these other different issues that they can do and what what is very very clear was we already knew all the court of claims is going to rule we already know how the curtailing a roll in the states said the supreme court had nuther this remecourt a that give you a reason why we why you love the the descent a couple o judges talked about some of the judges but said that she lost the commandant three months later somebody comes in at madame the exact same she began into the fort to have a countenance and said in her all open in the isis good because we agree with what they're doing you know that's what the supreme court did right there oh any the way when tony down to the secretary as as you mentioned when he sued the secretary of state over the holding ropes that is called sensible he actually see them reach an agreement where she would claim the voting rolls prevented anybody else from having any real purpose of cleaning the voting rolls during the twenty one you know that is not something i should be taking credit for impatience on the back he soon an agreement where she was able to not only not clean the voting she stopped six hundred thousand more names and reef the elect bonneton your last good job such a patriot so glad you're there sat up in front you know what i want a destitute display of a antonio hard on a man i am but i bet they're goin to cry i was being mean to them i didn't that i didn't say thank you i wasn't thankful and i pointed it out that listening to their little patentable giving everybody a pass and all the clerks of hassindean and is there a way that we could require accountability say like the clerk design at personal affidavit that they certify that this that the election was carried out in their jurisdiction that wouldn't could we nail an individual on that so that that we could actually prosecute some it was not done right or required them to write it but let loose very clear he i tamely you're trying to hold accountable to run okay and let me be clear her i invite to top a man have ever been wore the arsinoe thing i mean so many should have to put their name on the one bottle at me give you an example of setting so tattycoram found she beheld a cony i'm not going to use these so what happened state goes in and remove her and doesn't let her do her job so now no other clerk is cagayan use these one look at what carnelians oh i can give you an innocent list all the patriot clerks at there but there are a lot of clerk but they are old listener told that they have to use the equipment or they lose their offices and there also told to somebody in the voting roll and they have a balloon and they have to count that bound michigan gestapo bad on its own each other in an easel the way to the the machine is not certified his responsibility as that well the the board of chances on the secretary of state right but they clearly said that that was gestation and the clerk i mean i want lisette that was lecherous passages no no word domesday better because we're over there with our pitchforks in their base well you made us but the county's picked the machine secretary states that creates man and then i mean that that i don't know if you know that louis recustomed some you go into the store you tryin to decide whether you lose dogs are ascribed his they came off the same assemble in the deseret package so when you realize that the voting system at the clerks have to choose between the three of them they all have the same god back smart tact in sequoia it is the lowest rigamarole picking one two or three and by the way you know who handles the bending of those machines to service and made a company called the election so it is like if you went into your copier store and you have a choice been picking a zero recall in you pick wonder the other same story comes out to see election or services all of the system doesn't matter which one of the three you by and by the way they will be happy to come out making a just but you see machine in the middle of the election after the actors but anyways i heard about that too happier every election he is that the heir coming out that they've got way too much action he and the other thing is that you know who was developing the standards i want now and on different levels who in fact twas the standard development for which we don't seem to have much of a standard but even if we did have a standard in the dawn ah here even that you know i took those talk about standards you know we talked about that not having standards but when standards are developed in this is what i know from the corporate world or from the bus when standards are developed is usually somebody that's getting something on the back side for those standards and you know there's not you know it's like it's to define the standards even defining the standards that we have who is defining the standards and and if because that not one process is being followed through the whole the whole election process she arter that they're not that they're not complying with the double horn of the dilemma and i am not a double worship or anything like this but there are two arts of this dilemma there's the voting system and the cuban this is the horn that we are struck so the botanist those standards were supposed to be adopted by united states election assisted okay and i commission they we're supposed to create standards transparency and set so that's one of the horns that were stuck these standards have been compromise this thus election assistance in the piano the standards is a separate but we have standards have some teeth and on being applied the opposite horn of the dilemma the other side of this part of the dilemmas the fact that we are supposed to have a signature to make sure that there is a signature that is being compared and that it is being checked by the election inspectors of representative from the republican and the democratic party with independent and wuchang supposed to be checked in the sign now i personally don't like voting if you're not if you don't care enough that you can show up to you should have a say in the process right i wuerben you get to the standards who's responsible for creating the signature stands well the secretary of state is supposed to propose it and there's a political process did she ran out used the election going to have a friendly democrat legislate i got to ratify your old standard which says any redeeming characters any signature is presumed all and she'll get what she wants which is no standard at all right because at the end of the day they want to be able to say okay look round its escritoire so evanthia's find and in my town ship you can't find the you know forty five per cent of the population supposedly vote democrat here and metternich don't exist it don't have yards they're not there they might be ten per the lection days the forty five where you know when you when you drive into small town northern michigan and there's no democratic party there's no democratic down party candidate hard to believe that percent would for the democratic secretary and when you do a yard side pole you drive round and you see that there are three houses an entire county that has science in front of them and there are while republican sides and another party candidate on a meriteth can see with your eyes the results don't match the community sees and they all know it it is an ocracy time for sure god i am late for my next appointment i thank you for coming on to the awaiting me have you explained indeed tail on what's going on what's been going on because there's so much confusion out there in an area good information i'm going to continue to stay on here and bring as much good informations pass and if anybody that wants to talk truth as welcome to come in here in order to get the soupcon of our there's there is no way to get any other information unless you're talking to somewhat i mean real information and less your talk is some one who is truly in the fight then they lie they ask it they twisted it is upside down i have not read one account of it borodaile that was actually accurate it upside down just like a hen done from right from the beginning right from the beginning of this everything has been poised and upside down there there is there is no truth to what we read in her snout there and then i really appreciate you comin in an answering questions i want to see there's a few people in the chat here because he picked up tu double edge ononhara when i came on the men but how can a jurancon to the right decision in the case what a lot of time there not general the facts and all that that's a good point of the in a purely adversary also you're supposed to get the facts that are relevant there will be facts that are deemed not to be relevant or that are being ended misable at ensued and a judge of a haven honest judge in the systems work judge will omit what the jury can hear and then what ends of happened in as the jury that as to make the decision based on the facts of our presented one of the problems that we have is you think we have we lawyers or two few lawyers fighting intellection integrity i don't think there we they're all heroes in the criminal system most lawyers are going through the motions taking people's money for taking the cup and there just then not even challenging the fact a lost their ability to critical sinking questioned things to require things to be proven as a criminal defense lawyer i practiced harris of trials a mere hundred jury trials and i will tell you that during that time period to doris tried to make a decision based on the best information they had what happens as if somebody looks you right they and says read my lips no new tax or they look you right in the said about a section with that woman you know you are limited at some point you have to make decisions based on credibility for i don't inveterately are supposed to be a representative the community and their supposed to hold community standards but our community standards are are evolving we can't even agree on what a woman's definition is any more or supreme court just could not define what a woman so we're in a dark time in these i know you but i've never been confined see and nobody can ever of that a farm is confused beclere's no confusion here preacher we all know now if we want to be honest herself whether somebody's playin trooper whether truly or a woman or not i'll talk about that at length in fact because it's always a that's a hat that's a hat had become because i'm insulted with it because you know there's a emollient experience that he happens to be a male and a female and to demean iron amonasro and absolutely insiniwate believe the true and accurate it is i love the people that are confused but i will tell you that there is no one and it is it is a camelot of sense in the bible i committed many that they needed forgiveness for but it is i that is that is not a godly and a holy way to while in a biological category to that i think we can all agree what to get off you know ordain about that weatherliness different subjects here you know so join to parker aided sometime were talking about the bible and godly governance and all that kind of thing we godsister day and such a talker the bible is now and i had been and in a timeless it is a timeless a book you know its timeless and it is roman my little bible study right now on a prayer or give the naether well the thing that i'm being convicted on quite candidly is how often oh pray unceasingly pretentious i ran on most was seen a lot of information about how a prayer is to be different types of prayer and what kicked me off on my little study of is that for many two one five first time too when the chapter to i otterford that first of all supplications prayers intercessions and given of thanks be made for all men came in for all that are in authority that we may lead in quiet and peaceful life in all godliness and that good except on the side of god of our savior so i started off with this understanding yet we're supposed to pray for canseau that's in authority including the board of canvassers donau it says it's supposed to be a god bless you too my manitoo supplications prayers intercessions so i wanted to go look at the greek word and use startin so that i could understand what difference between the supplication and entered a prayer or giving them back because it sounds to me first time i read that it was like oh yes we suppose to authority to get back for people in the story too let's bring for the board of canvassers and may thank you god for the board of canvassers but i'm not thankful for the lord detonation all right listen were to it this way to her helping you you would desire all men and women to be safe clear case that is good in pleasing or we would ask that as we go through this process and these people are put in positions of authority and power decisions over our life that you would lead them to a biblical world view and say do not currently have it or replace them with people that do have ability world or it was a too for order or society that we have no even though it's curly being limited we asked lord they would expand our opportunity you would revive them wake in more people to the love the judge he has as well as the decide if you are i understand that we are to live lives and holding this in lives of obedient pray for this and jessamy a mountain he not one taken in geeneral in perfect and most certainly it seagod thing so all good this so i get you not i can't hear the eye calling me because i'm late they keep calling me because i'm like some upon tell you go away goatherdess you guys do thank you and it was you that he so now your insinuation well that is good i i think he did a very thorough job of answering yet one great that was a very good because because they were they have done so much to complicate our election laws and prevent people from recognizing how the system is supposed to work and how we can use our power within it to oppose it if we really it's wrong so yeah there's a lot of confusion about what the canvasser can and cannot do because what their callings they can do and what they can't do is inaccurate but that was a question i posted yes here they before about a could they i mean every every clerk and every drastic ion should have failed to certify because they know the regenerated yes that was like oh well none of them in the whole state as they all know about your case yes she nemesho have not certified the whole the whole state should not have served yes that's the interlineation alleged that they know exactly what they're doing so that that's the problem that i have on it as it were really i'd love to see individuals have to put their name on it as i am that understand and i am put in my name on the line survey can't get anybody to sign anything or have any accountability from top to bottom in this then there's no accountability so they just do it the supreme court doesn't do the same you know he nausicaae and got to go there it's like what soongoora sponsible for and and i have not met one person that believes that we had a friend there election not one right how can we feel good about this i can i appreciate that he talked about this clerk stephanie scot from adam's township on believed bless her because she said i'm not easy to machines she was absolutely right and if all the clerks did that beninobenone good replace all of them how would that go over well i just like the sea the mast mandates of people stood up and just did the right thing and let the consequences fall where they may but then a recitative bravery of non compliance and you know it if it were in the midst of tyranny the act of uncommon compliance is a true act of bravery were you just say oh i'm done i'm not going to comply i am not going to be part of your non what we going to do you know he cried out something i want to come back to early on in the conversation or half way through he was talking about how we have three branches of gore the about temperament so we have an electric sick that is not using their power of properly and esteeming the public and in by that in referring to the executive powers given to the fort of canes there we have a legislative branch who is not doing the job to create quality laws and then we have a judicial branch which is not a holding the laws properly all three of them a failed we do have a force it with the people's grandsire so if we have a fore brace in a fact we can check and balance those other three branches they are supposed to be checking themselves the only reason that does not work is because we have forgotten that the force riches that is we the people and if far grander were able to be used when the people say hey they are going outside the scope of their authority or they're not doing their duty properly the people can object through the assembly so we do have an assembly which is growing it is his not has a grand jury not been used because we lack proper jurisdiction and and the people don't know about it enough so that's where carnivorous in play to be inveterate beasely gospel here national haissable do that is the education arm of the lawful peaceful assembly if you want to do something about all these problems we have got to bring back the true power of the people and that means we've got to assemble in a michigan we are a settled state in the tenderest but we have to reset people in those elected officers in the day in order to get that grand jury power back into effect we need more people in the county we don't have enough so that's the job and the people were looking for something to do now i'm not going to tell people not to fight the election in the de facto that's your role to play absolutely do so while we have to do so and that definitely a role that dominate play to but as for me and more a little more focused on the power of the assembly and hoping that we can grow that because then all of the other this well and i think that right now because the sideface as in place were going to almost have to have a transition time to transition some of these unlawful illegal these these organizations these bureaus and such that need to be eliminated because they by law they don't exist they should exist they have no right to exist and i think it's going to take a little bit of doing to transition out of what we have and be ye get all creditably and get rid of me like while a that's great and you can do that to some one but some of you can't use people's lives are inner and interrelated to and then the carline the first thing we have to think about is if this is a humanitarian a humanitarian cause to remove a de facto form of government and in all of the tentacles that have creeped into every part of our lives it most of it does not have the right to and we're going to have to go back in the constitution and to what actually worked in what should exist and the first foremost that we are all sovereign that we do not we are not under their just the government does not have the jurisdiction over we and a critical point to really understand it there you know it even the attorney general has no no authority over individual commerce and business such and that was the the power given to the sheriff and so the fort for the individual so unholy understand the actual separation of powers and what that really means that's real important issue somebody can't be not grow up in a n an officer something department or as a pucuna and just the sewage what i'm not going to stop here i am going to continue on and grabbed their jobs and their jobs and their dogs and their jobs and till we grow into this monster which has no bounds and that's really in my opinion what we absolutely mine as you said people don't understand all of the said and this is where i keep coming back to that curse you must show them because we have had to go through this experience as difficult as it can be for those of us who are aware of it that it doesn't work this way as it were for a long time but we haven't been paying attention and now that it's in our banks repaying attention to it now we have to figure it out i still find it really trusting that every one is talking about arizona but nobody is talking about mitigations why are they not looking at we have the same problem as arizona may be we have it worse and nobody is talking about michigan in any comedian and i think it's the itinerants the reason is the same reason they don't talk about don because they know that michigan has something going on the arizona doesn't quite have no unfortunate do have an assembly and we are established in a settled state arizona is not they got to get their fifteen counties but on dear and get their state settled in it assembled and settled and i know their seaforth do that so i encouraged that would hopefully they will do the same we have to become aware of the problem understand these problems so that we can in the future prevent the same kind of things from happening again that doesn't happen unless we learn through the experience and that's what we're going through now i agree with that i think michigan's worse and that's why they don't want they don't want to drag it up and like sobeide effect that it assemble but michigan i believe is far worse then george or arizona saw where is going to keep her eyes open and hopefully the picking criminals up and she and body here but i'm interesting to a chair right now if you don't mind that i surprise as combinations is and then we have the peoples who stand above all of the trust says other people play now who can fix these problems are politicians to there's a lot of us that are ninepins so yes there is a system there and michael a millisecond officials had plenty of the to answer a question there just refusing to do so absolutely down says it's up to us and marie where we go on we go off nilakantha is the good news we need people to hold over beatified accountable panama shared a new break article that i can't see the from the lake chaitanya liberals can win far nough i think this true down also the frequent recurrence to fundamental principles is required to maintain the republic to be as thank you down a cart entertaining up in the fight against evil is taken hold of our country god bless thank you john say how can a jerome to the right it into case or ever the day as seems to me there is a lot of not following proper procedure and form going on here maladministration altered i believe our trustees are obligated to follow proposer and form by law as media thank you danican god bless great down says he man an reckons meat be a whistle or a sign that would be an ideal and like a clerk that would be ideal and not sure however he myself sorry in a unnecessitated keep channing i really love that's really nice yeah i mean all the stuff it were working on danforth prayer after eleven saw i yet is there intestacy no good what a will see its more an you know tragabigzanda son and ananda so will be back on more side dance said the permitted dimming please go to brandenburg for governor got com i am still in the race i am a non i am a i do not conceive and i am contesting the election i signed a sign on to the catting election documents and several lawsuits i think we've got a couple more that are getting ready to fire here may be it may be next week already and wordsworth of other options also sooner there's a lot of people besides me out there that are fighting very very good so anybody that outer don't ever lose hope that there is not some what all their fighting and even if it weren't a fighting goddess fighting for us every single day and and i rather my corn than anybody else i know quite honestly i think if we have gone a quarter that's really all we mean so it's just titular that you are loved you not alone don't don't mean to press about this does get right where at a they were on a quest to gather and the quest is going to end himself governess because we're not a goin to get about we may have to meet face a few barons and trolls a set down the path but as engineer is going to get a bigger an bigger at weapon to fight a way so that when we take them down we get all of em and i mean all of them would present trunks we have at all we have it all and done jump the rightful president of the united states of america there we do not give it up oh charlotte says confection living ten levitated of five pain does by seven thirty to forever moved to eight thirty two on for chaffour hours how they don't do very good job but of carrying anything i'll have to give with that so anyhow i've got my tracks the sun coming in father's me so here's her hand seemed god but you god bless all those whom you you love and god bless america will see an smaland any less words can just that i love you rose i love the spirit that he represents the rider that met the crowd so so long and hard but he is about past out i went temperamental people i thought that i thought that was pretty funny and so in like coralie all were in georgette up again ingineer go unheeded now have a great day and and we got the scot going to be a