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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/2/2022 - Jason Jones and Karen the Riveter

Published Dec. 2, 2022, 9:02 a.m.

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hey good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and it is beautiful december day in michigan it is the summer two twenty twenty two and we have some amazing amazing gaston on today we're going we're going to load this thing up because there's a lot droppeth we can talk about on the tell you what people will think anything's happening i don't know how to help you there's so much stuff going on out there it's unbelievable heustis going on that at least which is shipston on my telegram channel and i think the were the two worthy to really divento a little bit as this so the asiamen out which i think we knew about this for a while about a speaker hostile chatfield i think we're going to get into that and bringing in at the hole sankara the riveter and jason jones here let me get everybody up there and here i go original where on gorman again there you go this you myself from you know even every time i look at you ever ever watch a coyote a chance of evil yeah i went backward you you remind me a flintlock wotteth wonderful wonderful honest and fantastic looking there doing this morning what forenoons coming all a lot you want a eriogonae pretty season the mind for a minute business is kind of crazy crazy timandra bitonto they came out to day so karen without why think you usually to what so with me i was in with you yet but it's ah the election stuff is all the chatfield thing was new to me last night i don't know much about that situation i have an awareness of it some time ago but like everything else it for anything coming out of michigan cabinetry quiet so i'm curious to learn more while then there what in tattooing on the donkey we'll go to you then what but the life situation which everybody knew everything that was going on within the various activities between the illegal funding and the obstacles and being so he round and everything that eorundem rad let's remind everybody that lichfield registered as a republican said since as the republican the democrat attorney general as miss dana mass has stated in his doing so to where they are not going to release any of the records regarding anything to do with leather public they claim that it is to the old any hit the investigation but this is now the third republican the danes as these do not go after first atlas atony do and they actually appointed tony donohoes the state of michigan and arredondo died on toyonari finelon secretary of state galivantin like and twenty i want twenty nineteen and i did not know though he did not go through a dense conceded and that was when she preached the huntsmen five thousand depeuple from the voters not as when she finally conceded to do in that was tony danelaw salesappeal it in the background and in two weeks after that was all seniority on to the board of election so adamantine and no hole but with unwise and the two hundred thousand dollars and so on and so forth with the money he had to pay a soothing and now jesuitism with leaded and like a panther i mean throw the sub to moresheth sure of four people on here cause i don't know if the work were going t give it a shot here insolence the article on the avataras it does wore i was so happy right now i'm ganskau the the article and in i did i said that right all of dido candour so noddy hoped say things like an you're goin to get bandoola's i've already been for you a jacobite that i think the oyster is the article and what did you find interesting in this article but what is a background on chatfield and the nonsense out there besides tetanus do i get a there's a lot of contact and orleans to teach the christian school but as concerning her not concerning in itself by e there's preeminence articles were drawn up in this happen my allegations from a family members of his of sensual misconduct against them while they were in attendance at the christian school and he was a teacher at the and then he began into a disconsolate he on the sea but he said i know and he is shut to all kinds of dirty money from the miner pathetically to the van annals to the open society foundation you name it and let bellassis no surprise to me why mistiness in light cover all this open as the article says just throw a bit oliver to eat noticeable a dog bouquet a season's it any more help is not that the tooting still presenting smeller and smell you by the day so you got some more chatfield stories here sister in law as a machine we careful sexual assault mesa ah well you know what we'll see about that some of these allegations too i really i really think some of them are just hippel i want to see and know that there is actually there there's enough there without having to throw nonsense and chaste other thing they found evidence of all this on gabilonda his brother in law's phone a rasonable brothers on things regarding the miscall the way to his brother in campania myoshin testicles and various women's houses and things to that nature it's very surprising but especially and disdaining sunset all but especially with all the harm or disrespect even that seems that this man has towards women the but dennison to stay not against this more so than ever yet you would think when he well what is your seems to me like they're doing an awful lot of hiding of everything they don't they don't want anything they don't want anything talk about is just like an theodose the font water that the flitter that went on there to the this is another thing it should be a large concern and i mean large concern is there a god together for the boar came on meeting the sham hearing which was a hearing because they didn't hear they literally let like for a candidate qualified to speak on a manner of national security and then they voted before hearing public come why would they do that because they want to shut down we the people that's exactly why they're doing it and so this this gentleman got there's a couple of them talking about then the problems and in infirmities dent it examples a mule unbounded pressings and the november election as michigan were canvases wiping asservation when wentilation officials wouldn't even an in certify it how they just jump over even the local governing body because they are not paying attention to the law they literally are running this as well kill do this to day and that to morrow it's like it's like you know decorating for it for holiday season were going to change at the fit will you want to have have happened so he i was go back to morocco alas around him that that is pretty much damned by association there is its you go deep and of the all masters began the mayor pack the miner pastime clear and speaking was mirpah here is money to illegality a the merest anyway and i jealousie the store and that they give money to the democratic senatorial committee of the democratic postulate the republican senatorial committee of the republican house committee these are the house committees be but these are like so every body knows this is how the game goes on capitol hill they played chess back and forth with all the money in canoes to beneath the most when you have these people to get directly to these committee fund and directly to these alcindoro campaign funds and this is direct this is done playing bull side of the face to race and then you get to people like time leonard tutor dickinson wentworth the legs on and on and on and on the gate got to do a little bit of connecting the gomarites yataghans fences that they're not always accurate so you you can look on her and and i spotted some anomalies in the things that they post so this is a sight in the osage place to start with then we have to dig deeper and look look further into you don't want to double cape that with open open secret stuff okay here we go there's the stuff to keep going on sorry you did it's basically down the rabbit hole you go how far you want to go before you stop and that it had some point then come back to the means and you get a belthorpe that i circle back to each other everybody from demosthenes to the bodily the rule over land he and all comes back full circle and into giving the even upon her on i go back and for thine through all these packs and you through all these people that are getting money through all these ages the gentlier le binjamin full circle to the same people time at chinaman in a bally pains of picture of who you can't trust around moscione of those sadly i was actually to i'll give her the opportunity to respond to me this morning there is a person i personally dressed very much and i know the grass roots of michigan dressed as a whole in the paseo i followed a lot at of on becoming money on her account as morning so we will find out if that is a strange baking will sartorius let em let see if we can throw out their boats of all not not this and i've got my curse or over this like at this this is a mere path newest gretchen whitmore did you so i think pretty much extra preassured that when you start in all of these names he got the word majority on that's the one of the biggest ones for me said wentworth the seeker and the house people there your republican speaker of the house in michigan and from the same people as grandidier what does that to eat like a tender campaign to a well worth we may all his and i i i think we can start asking some big questions here i actually like transfer to say but i do like to double and attack absolutely you can die nice and other nice one is the misconception finance database ronaninhohonti quest the mayor is it the same the same group that actually owns the grocery store my the whole tanyard so the one i'm done so well you know it inclosure to jason oh i want my daily to corinto you can't get away from everything but now it's so deep it so deep in it does even that don't santucho the devastated touched the devices out of the mirror the bananas are patterns it's so deep it was a damn dana gilbert oh they had to that to the one you know a hundred properties and detroit including the inland prize which is a copy in company that's right across the street from the warehouse that the wahconda's rented out two weeks before the election ah that there's a lot there's a lot to unpack the really bad that not i turn i did dad joe there you you mister daintily missed it respondentia it so is there a trotter sit out there that we should look at that i'm goin to pay postel what did you want some specific idea is an idea gilbert i give you some stuff as some i open secret to oregon there that's another good one the way you're talking about or that's another good one pack look up to as look out that's another good one you can look up a super bag by a where the money came from when they were established look up that or let me double content this is where these are the sides that i find a lot of my stuff he that's why because there's a there's a tax search through open safe the yes and i passed through them by the way he i have not a month old rehearthe had i got almost fifty thousand crowns state i did a lot better than i thought i was going to yet fifty thousand across the state no resounds totally unbelievable now but as probably not even i'm sure he's probably got oh yes it's an said you can't know anything in all of you you can't get down here to break taxes with anything that's going on this has got to go back to a paper and anybody who's listening in i did said he to a friend of mine yesterday remember these county these contracts had everybody is an into go down the avenue and get back to paper even in your county these the state of michigan is a sub contract when it comes to the countries between the invading a stone or whoever they may have through the biederman of elections these data megan is the sub contract your county is the contractor your bordenton the oracle this can be petition in filed for your county to be rid of these cases only way that you're going to get any kind of bareness whatsoever at all is it to have straight tamatave and by hand that's the only way it is a sign of everybody who i feel all that was in that your country is responsible for well that is another question then evan because as we learned yesterday there was a clerk who tried to get rid of machines and she got replaced by ben and in that is the end that's why i satanella murky and there to be continuations i got locked in the lot of stuff because i live up here in what i called the big red block and conservative us so i don't have a democratic or the love now he mister my college to do stay outside a right one lies about twenty five miles that way i hedemora right sixty miles around me so my boards of commissioners around here an a lot easier and some other areas might be here you can make or where you get a majority demi but that there's a lot of power in your county boards there's a lot of power invested in whether they do realize that her borealis it nother capabilities are there is a lot of power invested in them especially when it comes to law let me ask you the athenian to on did you see that whole photo and i forgot were derived from a saw integram but the whole constitutional free zone for aptitude miles off the coast the show like most of what that has that about i never had a is that all about what's going on with that that little were to see and i don't know anybody can shed light on yet that was the really crazy i think i posted it on telegram to they are no use makin fun an old but that cause the cup and basically two states that have better bordered with really international waters if you bored by international angelika and so it's really odd because and well you know the international port tiniest broad market a lot of people forget that missin i see the most coastline with another country of any state under the tea so marius unredeemed hearing to provide guitsand are operating procedure for searching her detraining and sharing information contained in computers tablets removable media destripes take moons came orus and other medlin any other communication electronic religion merely two out of three people live within the one hundred mile border on and so that with the sole so the constitution free on her predicated by fraudulent national security concerns tintore control and worn out of nine eleven while there is a surprise for us the dean bush administration and abounds bush and a bone of these directors of permit the confiscation of one cell phone without reason a warrant or any fourth amendment protection guaranteed by the us count direct and number three three four zero dash zero four nine i directed for dissipline one spirit one three three four or anchor nine states number one review this directive halberded is necessary at least even three years coleridge day january twenty twenty one means of this directed listened before during and after the stolen election twenty twenty by snargate twenty one no reason no more no fortune just he ended over how much important oration you ever on your device how important in point important formation to import people have on their devices how my people live in these dens at two out of three were as washing and in the middle of it all we live under the elision to anatomy in this pit i chestertonian gellibrand ear but of granular sir granulated abraised rage and bannack against so the about searches of electronic devices and what they had done honestly is it giving them ability to to watch a seal points in time whether knowledge or without our knowledge and i she little kids across the bareback and corn the whole purpose of why they pass the patriot act i mean that written by the way i don't know people really realize as i know you guys do the patriot act was written like what two three years before nine eleven even occur well in that how do you outside this nonsense you know all of a sudden the patriot is ready to go and three days and how many pages were in in this patriot at maria i can and the eleuthera are they berated it afterward and when it was for renewal the negotiator another ramo how much they know a canalling they do it for he does a constitution for his own really exist in america odalie to look at the links because you can see how their spending it in the search and so practically speaking i mean her in some of the videos coming out of china were they i was embarked a way and a bad retinosporas further on and had any idea or image from protest they stand there and deletion their form at this a shocking sort of thing dressed think of happening in america but at exactly what that act does so imagined if you're on a border and you see some kind of illegal activity and then the spot you and they know which you ought to they stop you and they say gives your phone and there not just gone dolly random things that they don't like they're going to take it from you and they could do whatever they want with it this is unconstitutional course congress passed the act that switch he get with this de facto government they don't care about the people they care about extending their own powers and criminal activities new world order and insecure up with more sorry i'm sure we could come up with more ideas as just to know a couple ideas from me but what that would at july accomplish for the about what else they do but real my mind doesn't have the practice to think of the kind of evil they can do but i'm sure that they're people who have come up with the lot we i think we're probably at the head of the class here for people that are proscribed otherwise show where the poster children ithobal there is a god among shot of all the care you i think you've got the best man shot there so other than i heard michigander florida texas gate no constitution are on the map as well border i can pull up a man i've got to go to a cold fine isn't it just is it just coming or the whole border he is pulled up here in and who who even in the fact of sin now grandall put in fact a sign of power is right now still let are clutching on to power but i want to know who the order a little stretch of land all round our coast line who deem that constitutional freedom i really would like how where that came well it's about an emergency it's about terror is a right the answer go ahead no i dignifiedly on some important well that's what they they will use emergencies to great government more power he i don't think they realize the cause i can not wait no wait the constitution can get implement we can finally have a true the paneling of the people's granary because these as so story eroica do the fancy stuff by donato this is not my show this morning but what that was the link here that is going to be this is one side that danseuse to my back yamagata all its meridian and i place no into that another to me ohioians probably hopefully the astrogation go to allay spaniards and action that they're giving away to all of these well this one particular very is very concerning a very important as number one to number that are current lieutenant governor goes is a member of the future future global leaders society and were canonicorum right which is a they help him this is the time to trot and renovation of the misdoing this is altering it tis an economic development corporation the enchanting what to me to me as on the land page dion the land he bade was scrawled down because my biggest question and i want everybody to have these phone numbers i want everybody to blanchefleur starting the next mountain would be monday keep going right there now why do they have such an obsession with ten female country dividing the ten sectors a new delight that they will dragonette ascendency for that moistened regions and the delicate wine bayagoulas it will tell you who is in charge of the fivescore o your area and how to reach the i would not to know what a doing who then accountable to convey answer to over sight do they have over wood des'pret substantial dishes through disengaged on a mexican dollar can take you to this website is well so this is like the once again in that you know but banana state level like with the money to the i commit this is but the lands with that state level the mignonne for the misconduct development committee was dissolved and this was put in its place and i i was suggest everybody to blow up these people's bones blow up their emails as an they are wise have whom they answer to and what they're doing in our state where an horseman i mean missus down oh and there's the address to it another unconstitutional agency they were finding with our ten dollars rookie up there and lance they actually had two website as well it is set to find the other one a michigan business doctor he was checked this before a pulsating up on lines the administration asininities to or will take you to another website where the almost key right up in the top left corner as masconomo development corporation to the actually had two website now as these are the things that really driver state these are the forces that are truly at work our inflictions matter and bonnie something because the little logotheti that dark blue color the layout is very reminiscent of a michigan go website so from the standpoint of an ordinary man or woman looking at that website they're going to see that as potentially a government oriented website not a door that's an improper website a platform if they're taking the bar money it's a dog they now see little tap now they've got more reticular there leather done with the collar so this is what i see to pinerolo hello hello blue the walls and he so this is the the he maintained now to to see the i am the ocean nothing to you were too think about the political sins that you saw there that were to too because there were candidates that had to in their campaign i noticed that because i notice colors and i noticed that on a lot of them a lot of the candidate paraphernalia that was out there it it wasn't like they went to a camp eteinte resting that you say that because i where this color well when i used to analyze as i used to analyze a lot of the crowd scenes i spent i can't tell you how many hundreds of hours analyzing crowd scenes would be all on mentions i mean i go through a frame by frame by framed by frame looking to identify people as well as how they were how they were organizing this and what i found is that in when antivari ions were out there are working round i i and i've got i've got saved up i say over and what i noticed is that they had teams behind the scenes that they were running and they would they would push people back and forth dependent on what was needed to be done but but it's all color coordinated and that's how they communicate that another way that they communicate to each other across the crust operations all to say operations talking about pere mignon rechlet me put it up in the light and now grant its wikipedia but i double sorts i like this description that the missing i concealment corporation or an eden here's part of where the problem start is a public private piersey as that part of it an economic development corporation dedicated to jobation in the state of michigan prayers where you guys are going to bust a gut laughed operating under the slow and pure michigan and it attempts to encourage the tourism potential of the state and foster business re locations to michigan the moonagoona development corporation is the successor and interest on the michigan jobs commission these created in nineteen ninety three the commission was translated into the development corporation in nineteen ninety nine it's grand operations during the following ten years reflected the urgency of moving away from misconceived standing as a one industry state depending on fluctuating conditions in the modern vehicle once again the day is pitaties part of the problem the first satellite private partnership begin to see not a politician said i but when they do when they can get something done legally or through congress to form a public private partnership what sin or some where you were you sort little bit of that will not the history of a macalister of the michigan economic development corporation which can policy network so once again this is the patient and never well i santilly when you think about it proof in the plain he said baragat so he got the romantic fingula leaders who funnels money into the mision development corporation who works in an end with private enmities and state of meat so he can essentially stay say simply based on fact there are state actually cut panted into the global about in we want to own everything it will be kind of thing yea and one of the the things that we hear so much from the democratic candidates as croatian job creation job creation so tis into that same process if that's what they want us to believe their doing but really their deserting us up for more control the putting a hay we're going to create jobs free but really we're not we're just going to make you more slave but you deeper in the slavery but what you do and i think this is great on then in even a great help again because once again were showing your viewer ship or those who are listening how to research because in this process your showing not only how to be searched but also what research for and what we are half fit and as jason is pointed out we can't fix this within the same system because it so corrupt we have to get this the state organized his settled counties and a proper lawful subsist that granger has the power that is supposed to have to be that checks and balances to put this thing back in order so we don't have this type of corruption but if we don't know what the corruption is we can't properly address so we all have to be aware it may be not everybody can see the things that evans going to see maybe the seating atostors cadences or carin a riveter sees it everybody's got a role to play you've got to have your eyes open and your ears open and paying it and in a chariot eleben so apathetic and so blinded for so long that were more like toddler stumbling around in the dark but we're having to learn the hard way how to do all this stuff and thankfully we have some people who have been practising this to show us how how to do that i that's the biggest thing is getting because people always tell people you can't do something about what you don't know if you don't know either gabrone into every day when you go when you leave for work or not going to be able to buy an alarm system to make sure that somebody don't break into your house to are you are you working up refutation or are you off oh i am in and often many parts we need me yet as i think that there's so much that you get into your like in a way and like their several people that that i go to for knowing the end and out behind the scenes what's going on and and you're one of them that i trust for a good information that your research is and you and karen and jason all all three of you i really i really know that you when you do research you're out for the you're not out to push the gondar again of any kind you like you know honestly all of us just at our country back we want our state back we want a country back and we want to we want to get everybody pullanius so that in the only way you really can do that is by you know by truly by putting the actual truth out there and honestly that's what i make continue to with benvenuto and so an you know any and all times that you guys want beyond here i think you should be because all of you are absolute excellence stellar your stars of honestly being able to rear searching and reliable research but you said you you don't go to the store sooloo at it and then find other things to cook to corroborate what you're saying so that it's not just a a well i heard this oh i heard that none of you guys do that and and i really appreciate your ability to have a an unbiased ability to research most kind to have to you have to be biased because we've had too much bias politics as a whole and with all these other truth there isn't you know that claim to be true there is what we all know who they are there paytriots right they're the ones that are just you know that they're to make a buck you're not there to really truly get truth out and even if they do put out truth they you know let the house sat at work great he puts out ninety ninety five percent true just to slip in that five to temper cent line i know it i try to do my best to make a pocasset his heart line sent around god first she's the one that actually pushed me to do it but on a whole other not i like you eat an i'm working constantly i saw it can only do like every other friday but i would love to have you the because i love the conversation as he is a matter etearchus like karen like i said to nights ago i had tom sykes out of the floor to general girls down there who was a water where it comes from an old treated at your local municipalities man as kynoch about what you know some of the acts at her in any way like you said don everybody's got a it everyone has things that they really do you know really have a passion a big further into and ethan i wanted to extend to invite to you i know you're workin man like me so it's really really hard to kiowa you know what everything personalize that you got going on but you're always welcome at his hard lines show on a knoll eye mail to number whatever you know so you always walking then anon we all get together and we share stuff in her and how each other and i absolutely love this i'm so honored you know all of you yes absolutely this has been assigned to it did not by his sin we have to think like they do and what i mean by that he yet everybody he said here with the left and ran everything these people don't see that the overland he wants to set about to do get into all that so i should why should we be in something that we know is nonsense why not go to their plain level and go to the field that that's what they want for i say yes to sit in that box and to be edited and aggravated and now be focusing on posterial enemy as our government they are the enemy of people there absolutely the enemy of the people we've got in its dirty from top to bottom is the compromise we have compromised on every level of our government and i i kind of decided that i'm kind of pretty much lost in the optimism that that there is anyone in there left there's very very few that i haven't been compromised in one form or another i really do believe that when you you talked about somebody who has come campaign tire you willing to talk about that a little bit as i think i got a feeling i know who that you're talking about i i might as well say because artie all them jamie thomson i would love to know why there is so much division your campaign finances and why there's so much money from jason went mind at all and all these people who have directly timorous the biplanes well how giving the gave money or to granmother democrats so ailment is still redolent to me if this was to be a snare like to do something about it mason the part of a campaign manager or something to that age it can be understood can be where doubt epanow you were with her you know only don't know sometimes so i forecourt or to reach out i mean is she wants to be like my holy and just not answer in that answer from the dirty money that gaytenby will know that to a i would hope really hoping there is some congenial because i know a lot of people who stood by in dame a lot i transmigration they and we would all be severely lie down on that was the once he and deliberate it is what it is and i have done the case then that's what it is the one to be another enemy to the last i hope it's not i know the noisome case like a it is a man went whatever name is it amoret's why it was different than we then went on it's what more is yes i knew it was like and very well can be a case like that and you know i'm always open to possibilities on anointment to all bitter day with a protegee overtaken so my whole line of thinking but to reduce germinate window coach it was unfeminine always open do different lines of big that comes back around to i don't people you have the right to vote but your other responsibility of knowing what your body for in cherbourg the matrons by around the right he now for the longest time yesterday and he of that existed don't know a coronation sir what the case was i may i seeing arcadians dangled be to him for a while i don't know but i was sad to see a lot of that this morning i don't do it don't i did pleasure in going out you bad people i really told i think it fine minting the atomical for all mankind amidon always take i don't always take pride in things i mean that ridin bimetallic dirty money in an take prizefighting john rosanella rises while backin self was gone and i didn't get along dependencies are people i believe i could go into battle with to morrow this is always discouraging in every way shape or form when somebody is lost to the alienation to think that calcination or a pickpole orthocarpus i've heard that so much i packtrains because i want to be a republican no corruptions as corruption does and if we're not all drop we have to do every single others lifted right at then i'll reservation on the show we called it all out grunted wetmore way to jason went to talk about this jonathan chalky a little bacon and her things about him all that my no more than i do i actually do not resting but that other my delineation gathering with the might be something to look into i would adopt he said in giving this candidate an opportunity i think you for that because it's important to keep an open mind like you said also when we're looking at candidate and howard a monias coming from and we have talked about this before seleko back to it for a moment when a candidate sees how much money the opponent is receiving there is pressure there for them to raise in order to have the same level of marketing and so on if i don't have enough money i can't be successful is is the mantra and it's not actually true i showed up a case of that one of my followers should actually tip me off to there was a kanaats not receiving even half i think it was the amount that the poets were making but they were very successful because of the people there's this constant pressure that money is what gets a person elected so then they feel like have for more average it and even if that means taking it from so unlike the devas family as an example now that all the sudden you are now beholden you you're no suspicious in the eyes of the people you may have to make a decision that goes against the will of the people because of the money that you contracted with an asset if we took the money element out as dana has suggested a few types the elections could immediately be made more fair and free for the candidates as well as that for the people to see more equally what the candidates have to offer completely agree in before the action and one not have been in everlastin and starwation campaign manager and i had told him then want to deal as with the device money and bobby the lady and i was like he has made a will but he recommend his life blood you are my biggest recommendation she might want give the money back i i i she wants to say and any chance i had not been thus seen at whatsoever and he specifically told me that's not going to happen it is one they had well that's not going to happen and then the day i could maybe even understand people to money that frost whether people found out about it and said he aviatik i could even understand that to a degree to a degree it is the people to to tioga money where they come to try to get a light and not the people find out and the like had no he don't give a back and will still be behind you even more so in you because i gave i even in even now as far as one was than that by the situation of lincoln and once the man i parted with the man campaign with the man he had specifically told me he had had an nothing concerning one over and i found out that he did and he did answer me after i confront it in about a deluded him by me these partitions like orifice that i had your own number and now my nummorum is bad as well that is the material when he alienating coming out about it when he is on a answer for it would do an to have an explanation for and when you're in and to riches dishonesty doesn't go very far but i like you said he to the right side i wanted to before back to what you were saying the setting of he how it i perceive is like going after republicans people need matter if there's an hour or he or whatever corruptions neither realized it so ill he got a deer and individuals you know what the going after you done in it in like i have on the pages well that you really the rarest that because this is an avenue i'll be honest with this is a i don't really various reasons but you know i like to a lot of the national assembly and stuff like that and things of that nature formation no matter what right you know we to really what's going on on all like you like dosewell have our we all have the yeah i value exactly every yaverland i nicholas well and michigan satet you in there as well towering another we're going to seethe patriot power the great that again well that he like you have this money you go your own operator panel this morning tolerably good sir why unfortunately at the jump off but have oh no all good etoo morning yes thank you so much as never great day and and i got an today or you but do no i got another one i traced down its indian day and scottie with i think it's an i've got a pull it up at a and i see that no i have a monologist be the last one for me as well as i have some stuff laetitia of in town this morning and it's a lovely thought i will use aagot what he got well i was that that a train to find the source indianlike heartenin because it was it was it kind of every but insatiable grew tis i mean and i mean to all over the and he for decided to step down for leadership and then but this isn't like in a nice little business that's over at northcote is a very globally collect collected or connected organization and i'm trying to find the man and i know it's the headquarters at the nape i can bring the thing out as i believe it is seen something look different than what i found before and in the other some other idea would want to know if you are a republican or even if you are a democrat really because i should be concerned about it gathers what he is said not even enough people to fill a classroom to sadden starboard acamas meaning oh it was it was confirmed an older will grow but honestly i would see only of its casino a couple other people from the tears start i i you want to know what i really believe i really really believe that the people there were actors and after says i really do that their people it's just like when you look out in across the new when i am seeing as i'm honestly seen people that are playing a now some of those people that looked bad may actually be infiltrating to do something that's a bigger deal to expose other some few that look really good or headful really really evil and you can't get to that unless you really really did and this is what this is what is this is where an show you cause a member of this time a minute my biggest thing for people was will you go as your county chair why they weren't there he takes to all these gains and all these people and all these republicans and all these democrats as everybody should be concerned about it your fiance is her fear at this so hard in all andalusia way where are you the anastacia the republicans who intestate again saw his were as any republican than on the sea why when the there by one of the chair of any gopher so i want to show you this because i think this is merely significant because we look at these people we think all this is a nice person is as satanic person instead of looking into their background look it may be nice people but we start getting a picture of the connections and talked about you know the devil might behind and in the global the the global dickson comedian ready i escadrille close to read it so i didn't want everybody havelok up my nose okasaki manahatta and he is strategic adviser for falls river group he was he was involved and he was involved in this and i believe i read somewhere that he stepped down by intestine about this because always here we don't get in behind these things very often and it does take some time to do that which i like i like red but i want you i want you to look at this and not only to the numbers are jumping out at me when i see a tailor for patterns right some researches looked for facilitate so he serves as are invasion and you know god bless the family and everybody involved there i don't want to i don't want to disrespect any one or round about the the we need to look at the connections that we have there because the connections are import in a pain a bigger pitcher then then o gosh you know we feel sorry for people you know what it's really amazing how much i heard about to your nixon's dad die well my dear did last year in the middle of the otaheitan too and nobody said squat not that i was looking for anything but you know when we throw these things out to manipulate people emotion you know bat over cancer or dad diner something this is not something that should be thrown out as a job qualification it proved not and i mean i could talk about both subjects that link but i won't and so i think it is this country is so important and in it a the ship shot to throw that kind of stuff out for for pity point and and i'm done with it we're looking for somebody who can manage job so organette this and listen to to advise says i turnin a false grotesquely the president of one case remember that name in the cast all of michigan steamboats and president of advance casting technologies consulting camping for the metal casting in but is also farmers of the seven hundred million dollar companies i can even produce to the railroad industry and general commercial i want your career and became a road supply industries is one of the most regressive corporate management experience which includes the visibility of thirty three factories with more than the employees in ten countries world wide gate while in a thirty three and six hunters will bositi's in the air of international business growth and development not to get international market their highest his technical experts and developing mistrial made infection fossilia directing operations like to these is unsurpassed in the industry serve a board member of steel foundry society in america ninety one through nineteen ninety seven in this president up to set the society nineteen seventy six nineteen currently received a frederick laurence made a hanecdote guy is connected in now he refused himself from that from the position in havelok up those numbers but what i want to do is connect this and show that here go now here's falls overgrow and you can monothelite and none looking at what is it say reporters were talking public private partnerships which is what that family as well as demons family is involved all right and in most of these people that are in proven or try to get the trustees of proven at its global global benefits and advisory closing over two hundred transaction but with what this is about really about we're going to get involved in industrial computer retail life sienite henology forever group recognises the importing of understanding client industry differentiator crossover lovers challenges for these across five keys is about information so signally quick that indicated as why what i have to do why is it listed as a foreign limited liability company there you go and and so this is a global as this this this tells me everything i need to know right there about why they put tutor in play and he actually there it's their brains is actually an illinois a case because this is a naples florida alone is a nourisher and the mail address is it not inshore that's crazy that when when you go through all of this too and you can start looking there's a bunch of things that point back to locations but look at this so here we got full pulse group naples is the first on the case that the main street as the naples florida and you want to know something when i stumbled into the bay harbor area up there i got talking to guy and his like oh this is where every billionaire on the planet has property in michigan up and bay harbor came right out with it and unlike unlike ocasion people will give up broke the allans and starts name ananas of all these people that have placed upon a harbor and said yes and the key to what he said in the stalking to yet were all on our way down to naples we're all on our way down to naples and that that he gave me a day but that they were all going down there in that included in a silent rage next door to wise's bar thought is most expensive glass the wine design of i sat there because this is and seen how the globes partition an economic level across a crust you know we got we've got naples why do they have naples listed for he located that he and the lad naples one too paris new york toby the lawn the palo all monica i begin the drollery and moscow look at this and this is somebody who who a was absolutely involved in and i've got other screen shots when you go back in the way back machine to show exactly how the torot passed on and it was moved and so when they say when they say you know as we listen to everything we listen to here listen all things because things do information or make us ask questions and different difference by why do you think we're always told at the wife the family the globes work through family wealth they are all connected and to move people around in order to increase their scope it's almost like it you know when we think about kingdoms in the past in historical they married with intent with a mere kingdoms to merge their well right so i i hate to say it but look at the marriage between you know say the devices and prince or he suggesting i use suggesting that to dixon was so like absolutely this is a nice little this is not a little organization ah you know family owned and from what i see maybe i'm wrong you know help me i think we should investigate this but but i'm certainly going to say that there's an awful lot of global connections there that never got brought forward that may be we should be talking and then how did all of a sudden what is it that of the luminous comes up what that woman news yet luminaries as onions and all that sort of thing which has this to bill gave a bemoan when you start seeing connections that are this large and in a solenoid come you know that sort of thing and then all the sudden we papwith luminescent news which was funded i look at the funny noise funded to a ridiculous amount and so i'm just kinda i'm pretty extasie that we should be looking into these connection but this is not just going in that direction i mean everybody we should be looking at weenowau of us and an out there who are digging into this kind of stuff and putting it out for people to actually because because you're sure as how art going to get it from mainstream media i do have another address for you as well to do not you editor not we'll go back to the water address three nine four photo dry which is the prado drive down ray betford and in this of gaselee and there you will find register to that address me care and associated and associates incorporated and as the old technology all one of them being active the other one being enacted and those are connected to omniscience constantly as at the sight of us a corporation like hang it ties all filed to dornoch the low gray toothing everybody anybody who's listening in or watching it is like i said before this is what really anaemia is is everything this is in clematis is what makes everything go well it's big cannot still from george careering but that's the way the so i'm trying to the carnesford as the one they got me yes under thing again you is all i must go i must get to sound but it was great bennett in trying to find the on is exactly what we show to her this morning and this is how this is how we stop this is how it is another plan and by everybody accumulating as much knowledge as humanly possible in a loupart why something obviously he has reason i don't want to go in for it i highcourt everybody to look for it but at least i one was an earlier this morning eyes and ears open and a lot of times your own mouth shut how does this delay of flat out there a lot of the times we have to put our own opinions and our own thoughts to the background for him in injustice once in front of us having no matter how had no matter how impossible it may seem one aeronometer how unlikely so they may seem once got eliminate the impossible what the and that's all we can help to do with while we are doing right now every single you got some given to love her little alabaster henriette chair require it leboucher smith good morning so far to day i can't hear it now that i can hear investigating every one my god bodoeri get rid gathered yesterday we went up a horseback ride it was they're all in this together so unapt good morning from jason mike italian police turn yes that is true consternation so he slid his settling in and might before we got here we run jason's poesies hard line he pay posted your legato put out there it was really nice and a mere good morning i die for three seven night good morning love i knew graniani on a social level they were discarded democrat a votre then and rioting last night jason where he there yes my state national corner yes one other present a florida that it applies to a smith hearing the revelers monotone similar to carry lakes they were do i find the information for the only meeting case are you a member of the de in the and he more on that directly to her for she and general carleton and she's got it you after be a number of sponsored by someone you know to be a emerge involved in that what can are you an we gotelint this he diane as harry i love the discussion because we have to identify the enemy and prioritize our campaign the man a man eater garrison it's called seeing your soul is called selling your soul to do is wrong the matter how righteous cause its failure to trust god amantha console when danites but also i did ask my county cher why he was at the fore canisters median head no answer and no show of it's just a rubber stamp you know go road and carry but hormisdas love at the season and marie says thanks for your information et and god speed doctor david can do i you that should join the tour cassate hope revamp the minories all people do in the research you guys totaling about today some thinks everybody for comment there and thank ee so i let come back on again we should we should throw the end of the mix on fridays onorata working but i had to give my confidence if this friday if i asked to work i will get a hold you and we will go to set up again my michigan a markhor oscan people find you rome rumbled out kind of toy old sol desert base by two social getter on local almost everywhere because confined and it's mine old michigan right in becoming a michigan because he had technical stuff so also take so much for being antedated the no problem what is enjoying the rest of you do gouverne thank you to okay so karen mister ever what say you and then there were two all throw out there for any one listening to miss yesterday show that was a great show if you are really interested in the michigan election process and the selection process that we had again the dear and your confused about the laws and what can reserves have the authorities and duties to do that is a great show where dan really covered a lot of territory and help explain those things so i highly recommend it no i just really think highly adan he is an awful nice guy and i just packed with information of it in fun when it on when people that really know their subject matter in and a variety of directions because nobody can know everything so really not come together and you know you you share pensive knowledge here there and everywhere and that it makes a really good team you don't want somebody who knows everything you want people that really rely on each other and say he you know this and i know that was pitched the same together and he was able to explain it in enough of a simplified matters that elisha can get it so i hope but there can to a man like i said yesterday it's really hard for the average michiganian to figure out what is what though i so say but legal way how it's supposed to work anyhow it's really supposed to where is not how its satanic salaamed that carefully he has enough knowledge base and the ability to explain it in a simplified manner that we can grasp it because if he were to try to explain in two hours the process in detail by the and he had those codes at his finger tips so i was i was scrambling writing notes if i ever needed to come back to it i knew where to go but so to know that collar inside and out is a rare thing most people are not capable of doing that or willing to put in the time to do it and that's part of their purpose is to confuse us so that we just give yet it is hard to take people down when they for when they are in like a pack like a wolf pack you know of survive in a pet because they work together and one will give a nod to another one who will give no to another one and all of a sudden you've got a very coordinated effort for survival and really this is really really how we need to function and dan dandily to know those cosy think about this so as he's my attorney to think about this i go in any situation and i look at him going okay here's the oorakin of pitcher and he starts to ideal you're you're it's like it's like it's kind of cool or you know you pass if i think about being on a battle field and everybody has different weapons right so maybe you know to think about or on any of the electronic games for that matter for people who are younger and may be play to all the time that actually there some value in that there really avalon that in learning to go on a quest with each other we go on these class and we help each other or maybe somebody as a sword bearer may be somebody as you know i do i mean maybe somebody has the different gifts come to gather we pass we as a team somebody as good at defeating this kind of anatomy whether it's legal summing the good economic semitico piece in this together is analytic some no health care somebody that knows corporate torture or whatever i mean there's a there's so many canoes just like having a skillet say be beat me wilder or mechanic or you know some of us in a bothersome know what i mean a nurse at some or all of this sort of thing we have to make sure that these the everybody he has the respect and it when somebody is better than us as something back away let them take it let let him take over with what they do best in them when they're tired of the fight somebody else step forward and fell in that place or carry them this is such a basic basic mimical concept you know not everybody is meant to be a hunter or gather maybe manus got somebody who is really good with make it horse shoe and then he helps those who use livestock to farm the fields you know and so he had said by everybody else in the community this is this is part of that biblical body where you have a hand in you have a foot in that hand can't do it the foot does in the foot it do with the hand does and i see in the assembly a lot and any time you have a well functioning organism of people you can see that where you have people who are really skilled and one way or another and there's a balance the more people you have who are focused on the mission the more balanced you have so you can have a group of people with a variety of personal energy levels skill set focus but where one person might be of putting to a number there some one else who could bear it that who understands that and has a different personality that contrast it and keeps everything even killed so that that one personality that may be doesn't get along also is a blessing and other circumstances so if you take it like you said if your patient with one another and recognize the blessings and gifts of each one you can go up with it like any family you can put up with some one that drives you crazy on one hand because you know that when you have a certain situation they are going to be your number one ally for that situation six day a goatlike even the eerie watched the two of you research that i'm not a deeper research or as you are and your skill said as much more practice than might and you can see because of your business experience things that i would not see so i would go shallowness i am here i don't know where else to go but i noticed something that maybe you already know something about oh you do i that you'll take sometimes sometimes and and i have to remember that because of how many years of research and in actual experience that i have sometimes i have to remember that that i take it for granted that people know some and so all be so far past just even the basic knowledge you know on an on an issue and i have to stop and then break it down this is this is going to be to overwhelm me for because there's no basis is like trying to treplin you know me or you know montepoole you have to start out with understanding what a number is and understand what the basis of that number is what does one look like what a three look like what does a thousand on like before you can move forward to you know addition some trace occasion division and tell you get up to defend and you know you don't you don't pass can coculus your edifice and you've got a good grass with you can't just say oh yeah he will this is don't you know this is the the you know the race show her this how how these how these things in actuality work not just not personage but this is what it really looks like a pin all practicality i and it seems like you might tell esau go back and he said well what the saying is yeatton to pick up in some details and such but it seems like i've been blessed by god with a skill set of simplifying things i can i do mediator sometimes and so are the have a bank at grasp i can then share that with other people and a lot of one of the challenges that most people have it they are working hard all day long and then there focused on their family and resting from work and they don't have the time to observe what's going on in the rest of the world and come to any kind of conclusion for it so because i'm not working there like matter and at last when i tried to be it is gathering formation and put in a simple way where i have any kind of interposed and so like to from the wall when i started out doing it just as a group just because i was like you know i'm taking notes about what's going on if so much going on like two years for i'm going in a face book group of people started say i started getting people telling me they were coming to back roup to look for my post at the end of the day for their daily news and people were begging me to share it outside or private group and that's where parenica from and a lot of people started cheering it i was an asking people share they were just naturally doing it and some people again were showing enough of appreciation that that feedback kept me doing it and they still do know it i feed off of that positive reinforcement really really well i like to be told occasionally tied all needleson hay i really like what you just did there thank you because now i get it more now i understand what's going on now i am feeling more informed okay then i've done my job that is my role to play you know what i use your post for honestly because i go back and i read her now as is of the information that that not only myself as putting out there but other things and things that you research yourself and put up you will put it in a very ordered in a very ordered ways you can go from one to the next to the next but i i read your analysis of the things that i have put out their too in order to see dinomenes idea or what i found clearly or did i do the normal things where i'm pressing a million things and i lost out ebody because i'm already on the you know a whole bunch of subjects passed wreaking about because i have already made to connect and to hint i find out because i have already i been doing this for so long that i've already made these connections and so is some everybody has the connections and then when i read your posts or some doesn't analyse the of what what i've written or what i've done or said i am like okay i need to make you make it clear for them but you also clear it up for me so that when i go back and like okay i got to remember it this step so that its connected the next time i talk about something so i'm not leaving everybody behind who is going howdidoo to this conclusion when you started here he that that something that i that i typically i'll jump to a jutting where the action needs to be taken rather than may be always the complete explain you know you might do some time this would be kind of fun with you you've been doing with me a man shows lately is starting to show the process of research in real time maybe well it would be cruel to do is when you get on a rabbit trail as we like to call it a do a map of it if you can share it out whether it's in written form or in a chart for somehow i was curious about tudor dixon's father yes i had to look up and find out what his name was how did i find i didn't know it his name wasn't you posted that if you were putting her in their fine so how do you go from step to step to step where you were interested in something and you decided to look deeper to the next step where did you go what did you see how did it take your curiosity what was the next step that might be a really interesting thing for other people to see in informative as well yet the answer protestant a skilling get better at it over time because the aerostat with something and go well let's take a look at this and then you start look at it you don't why and the start asking questions you don't look at it for this is what i want to know it's like canister here now i'm looking at this and i'll start does make sense and or i've seen several connections of the size of them that i start putting them in all and all run downtown actions to see how they connect back to the that to the first issue of your literally building an old your own will you have all connections of connected information i i think that following the money is the easiest way to connect to make a picture suffer example i did a real deep dagon receiver years ago and i posted that on my twitter a cow and other places that have big to ida big twitter count i had i put it in a louder different places that i find i have it and i have an odd one of the bogs i used to write because i used to write logique a few people that would follow my blows every day because i would literally just put up all my research that i did during and when you research and you accept of her you know like every last is that i was sent six eight or day right but some days it's much more in the summer i just don't sleep by stamp all night when i get out on a path that i wanted wean't want to lose that and is so intense into it you know intention good word for me i miellyn very focus verites if i'm talking to somebody i had some retaliate other day that they said it was his really crazy said when you talk she said i went home and told my husband that and i didn't realize this as she said that is like your looking through my soul and i like well tension all it's like with somebody's talking to me and i have tellement trying to slight somebody but i'm listening so intently to what they say that the rest of the no i've noticed that with firestone before a police officer or a i got in a minor accident ran and i ended up because of my back i got tabooed six days after i bought a car and the guy had come to a stop but he just pulled out me and i was mad but because of my back a head a little back paid they put me out a board and took me into the hospital and the doctor leaned over and alooking into my eyes and like you said looking like into my soul to determine what was really going on whatever was going to come out of my mouth wasn't enough so i understand that you mean about that intensity i also saw a article years ago about how to find the right job free and one of the comments in the article i remembered all these years do something that makes you forget to eat and poop tayiari now generating in it only the targeting i have well i used to do that with the art and now my onset me like i've lost my mind because for much little as two years i've been sitting here i'm gaining weight because i'm not as active because i'm intensely focussed on this stuff and he's like why are you so into this politics stuff it's not like me i'm not doing any art work i'm not going outside issues and the confusing for him why am i so intense on we i feel like this is an important time in our nation's history i'm doing it for our country and trying to save our country in my own little role to play so that's where the dedication comes from and i also find it interesting like you so you're doing nor rolled the play because that's where you have your great interest well in my nose makes across the board of for while it was i was investigating the child tracing lines and what was happenin my embark as my ear was a microcosm of what they had planned for them for the whole world saw go down in a separate i'll go into certain areas or certain things that interest me and then i start trying to dig up all the connections of people involved see if what i find in money see what i can find whitecoats an the entities that are involved in such so for example when when when i went a went to i started digging in a wet were so did i big day in white and i can i can post some of this stuff as i've got it i've got it all on the pass float to every single day and all the screen shouts the documentation to it said and so wieringen to forest hills or when to school in retracing well her dad were skipped forward a little bit we're going to go to the connection to her dad her dad was in charge of blue cross blue shield at the time that snyder was governor so this is where you guys start suspecting the political labels as you go back through time go back to the book the bushes were finding both sides a world war two the bush family dynasty which a standard oil they weren't taken sides i didn't care they're just like rothchilds i don't really care who wins it as long as i control the money it doesn't make any godfrey don't care who wins or loses their funny bodies of the problem because they make money on the things that hurt us so every one he daddy withers day a derider a stout there and he's in charge of blue cross blue shield will while snider is it was inconstant and moving and siders also important because of the chugen girls and so we start making connections while they turned somehow blue cross blue shield from a beneficiary trust which was owned by the people of michigan into a mutual which is which a significant direly really significant and so he was replaced by a man named dan to elope so i started going down that dan low was the one that was really responsible for bringing whitman the position to be governor of the state of michigan dan who replaced her dad and boros and he got a huge and i mean a huge pay off and two thousand nineteen so then i went and i started following the white silent to his wife there whiteman and i looked at her i think that i proclaim and she has she has several trusts set up so then you look into trust foundations how are they sheltering the money and that led back to trust let me make the assumption and say that you can almost always if you go and you look for connections with organizations say their helping children have you got a problem because most of these organizations are where to criminals go they go into areas where they have easy that where do people that traffic children go they're going to go to organization that have children whether it be in school whether it be in i don't know adoption age whether it be in a fraudulent adoption agencies or misleading whether it goes through the church organization they're using these as a front just like political operatives used turns like like a grass roots grow grass roots rises a big one in the most most of people that i know who are kind of in the research category who want the nation back plus they tell you the same thing that i'm saying is that you better start questioning those people that talk about grass roots grass roots grasses his another way to divide us well as to honestly hid behind the label confused and at the they split the suite conceptive this not knowing what to focus on and then the grabski grassroots person i got that person the tension and we can keep him busy there now we're going to persons attention an we're goin to send him over here it's just like honestly i've been asked to run for the republican chair at no last then seven times i had no one that came through last night after a like a thank you denise i mean to bring monometer that to you how stupid beseeming or you have more money you could you could either while chairman of the i've got the the current one now to they asked me to run with christina cromford the republican chair i've been asked said a lot and then in its it's more money that's always what but a more money not much of a draw for me i have the ability to make money by myself and not be a blood sucker i fell a human and then that occultism speaker of the house i see that that's what funny they are so focused on money and their mission that they have no common sense because number one dan has been speaking out against the party system why would she watch jump right in and lead it and the bitter amelia yeah and number two do you think that the people who had been paying any kind of attention whatsoever when old wat to support diantha position not because we peasant people are going to support you there because they know when we who you are and if you had slipped in that way nobody would trust you well i do very well if they even think of that even rolled but considerately after inquisition to some one who who it may be they think that they can slip you into an holy because you're such a dangerous opponent it doesn't make any set these people this is why these people just they violate corroded over and over and over when you see somebody who does something that doesn't make any sense that's that's what i see is a pattern what are they really after like had who was he really what is his purpose who is behind him as he dusted idiot or is he an actor and if he's an actor who is he playing for i haven't figured this out yet i mentioned last night on my channel i'm disgusted by him regardless because i don't like his attitude of a like his ego i don't like the way he speak does he have a role to play with apparently he has he certainly had a fact which are perhaps helping their country whether he's doing so with that in mind i don't know i have figured that out you got to think about this too that if people have done the wrong thing they may be got having a chance given to the to actually do the right thing so like okay you screwed up class a lad so you can dine now or you can die later or you can run prison the rest of your life in your choice however if you're going to go in and side you want to live in and limping take the chances with that then you're going to have to play a part here and convince the people that around you the kind of an effect terminable double agin or something and is re insert them into the organization just like when blackfeather was out there burned and anti people felt like they were really out of control do they really think that the us military is full of only idiots out there which was shown to us when they were training these irgens in the school geminos i am so sure work fifteen i had i have trained that won't do old what capacity but i have trained with inforcement and that is not how he got no i mean i mean i am so sure that the military had people infiltrating in intelligent infiltrating into those organizations while they were going to cross the nation in order to expose them finnams and numbers of such an unstopped but were what were seen it isn't necessarily the cobras the career not going to see the cotton press they know what they're doing these cerinthe standing back shoot from the show they're going to be out there making every field good that we know what's going on are you kidding me i am so sure it sounded there not desperate in desperation is remarkable some of italicising out a really proving that where you've got you've got all the sudden you've got massed admitting things that we've been saying for quite some time but they may be adding a little trip to one of the lines that is a kind of got me wondering as pensioning up in a lot of interviews i watched a whole interview i took notes on i still haven't i thought may be i'd write a subscript isom tacit but sure where he's going on i believe he did exactly what he needed to do on january six and i don't know why in a more motivation i believe it was a what was necessary for the country i suspect he could have been and are there's a lot of rumor about his personal life but again that her say in a lot of it was prompted by some one who has to been true men to be not reliable and share again by someone else who was proven not be reliable so i don't know anything about his first do i i don't know i don't care at this point did he do what he needed to do on that day yet what is he doing now i think he is very carefully describing his relationship with tramp is he trying to position himself for twenty twenty four i posted this last night under the possibilities in so if he is just purely being political he knows trump more than a latter candidates to it let's run to santa but no tramp probably as well as my census he didn't have for years with him he was allandale from the beginning a cold have been and from which side i don't know but i might does understand how trump works i think he knows that better than runs and that's why i say that is because of how he's behaving now you don't make them in any by stating in an age up against him in the next election you know he is very carefully in his interviews he kind of described trumpeted way i wish he handled january six better the kind of approach he's taking on that he does not state trump as an enemy or a bad guy but he also does it totally support him he'll say good things about him he'll say i think he could have done better this is of very carefully craft approach to media that he is making and he he was very quiet in the media for a long time so suddenly he's got all these interviews why why are they interviewed why isn't mainstream media interviewing my pet what is his role to play in is he in the politic ing or is he setting up a narrative of some sort and what is that narrative i don't think we i don't think we've seen it quite yet i think there's some came across too and i don't mean to change so to give up to adumbrations of six thousand plus asylum this is our texas at work now my question about the state done and this is something that you know to question were who is involved in such a slice pens going after the same mistawassis really you have we have to ask these the datas erroneously posted to italianate mistakes like that i'm sorry for practically five hours in a cloudiness and other personally identified olinto mation along with immigration information of approximately six thousand non citizens and ice cut statement that upon obligations immigration customhouses action to immediately rectify the air though unintentional discreemeenation is a breach of policy and the agency of investigating in and taking all cracked actions now going back to a weak like better who's who in the world of things that going right my first question is on this is or these people on the united states not looks like they were legally and lawfully they were lawfully seeking asylum here why would they do a hit job and people like that and put them out and so that they could be identified whether they are in their own country or there in ours we don't know we don't know where these people are we don't know why they leave we don't know if it was more or less to throw other like they did on or are spies that were in china that was now we've got her election workers information a fleet and set on service in china and now they're going after lawful asylums not knowing where there that a train be part of the process and putting their information out we there's always there's always more to chase down and and really to look at and say what really happened what is going on here we don't know but we can ask a lot of questions in the nest starts a stone the the rabbit trail the rabbit the rathole to try to find what the answers are in that goes to my pen so one thing that i was disturbed by him with carapana ties to child care in indiana melammed ately sets off red flags any more doesn't it conditioned seicheprey body to work and child care no but a telemetering in child care should be blown whistle all over the place just the same thing with low enforcement you have bad people laforce ment or in an university situation or in in a non profit situation if they're not it there not blowing a whistle when they see a crime their complicity in a guilty the gooroo and i don't hear you job lot i once got contacted privately by a telegram with someone whom i think it was a daughter was a west michigan hospital a nurse and she was describing so early awful things they were basically purposefully murdering people by not providing them thinks i if this say they wanted to have some vitamin c during comether that by the man second be helpful it very cheap it's very easy they were the hospital staff was deliberately instructed do not habit to them do not let them have it and she knows that by domenico help these patient that she was taken care of she wanted to give it to them when they asked for it or because she felt like it was appropriate but because of the job her hands were tied she could see getting out of it but at the same time she was one of few who might be able to provide some reasonable care so she felt like she was in a really terrible place do i continue to help people even though i can't do what i really wanted to or do i just back out altogether and blow the whistle and i say i i said well i can't make this decision for her of course but because when she blow that were so here i mean if she were to do that and clearly she hasn't because it hasn't come out publicly so as far as i know and if it took just one who had the guts to stick out what it would take to be a whistle blower and i mean that could be a wife altering choice a life a threatening writers choice to do that the effects could have effected a lot more than the few patients that they serve but most do not so whether you're talking about nursing care in a hospital or in a senior living facility or child care or line force meat or even politics it takes a lot for one person to stand up and say this is really wrong and we have to change that i want to incoming here that i think i credible since we're on the subject if i had been seen among so i've done a lot and i mean a lot of research and actual experimentation on marthel options alternative options okay on matador algodor if it's my last my last course but but animation the past a decided i was just going to take it myself or i so i've i've done an awful lot of experimentation as well as you know trying things than i can i can talk pretty intelligently about the fact that the things they tell you you're going to die of you can probably get this figure if he said and you just say what i did i was like i got think my way out of this and canadian things look so that this is really interesting man name is is alan smeared a shower here and there's a couple of video on if you want to see a really interesting video i would say fine this fine video on alan and the ability for violence and you have to use like some and so i like the similar of livid with some bits and locomotive as soon fight as they took it down but on post alike but this man was dying and his she had a white he had white wolf and his wife finally got them to agree to hide osirian ointments in the hospital and they were going to pull but they were going to you know take him a life support and made or in wife and talk the men to it while within a day he started doing better and then it may decide to take a man and she started giving him you know tavender from you know the idea and that she went to the they took him off and again and he assists wife started bring it in in such they transferred him and lonely as a cat show just so now they eleutheria somebody's cinesias they didn't want to have vandenabeele yet ready to die and there's a big big deal on long pure bloods as opposed to vaccinate bloods and yet in a mental you what i think we are just going to work seeing the beginning is a unrecoverable problem that that we are going to have to deal with and it's going to be a big problem to okinawa as appearance wanted pure blood rather than a vaccinated and in museums and zealand is a communist crashaw so anyhow they took him back to the took him back to his home town and he ended up going back while in the process they fought out that he in fact had leukemia and the high doses of lucania with him going back to to luke well there's no other explanation didn't dismally disappear but at any rate i think this is something that the the the doses for my experience and what they tell you about what it takes to get rid of things like said cancer or what it takes to get the witches a huge huge industry and if you ever had any experience with it you'll find out real quick they don't give a rather and about any one this is about put on a treadmill to death single time and it's about money they can get out of a just putting people in the hospital for coatis is a huge money manumitted and so anyhow and you can make you can make life a salmon you can make that yourself and i can show him ready how to do i can show people do a lot of this if i for for food and i like base materials and harpings together so noted it and you just got to get it in the south and so that's that he is the carrier that matters that that's what really really change things if the carousers taking bites love as they were one day away from pulling it off a life support get rid of all the infection as long and then all of a sudden you know they find out that he's got lucania and he goes home continues to take idolises and all the sudden he's alive and no signs of leukemia what it does that to should we may be investigate this more should we say that it cured him probably not but we should certainly say why is it this is not being out there in the public why is this what are they hiding why are they highly information that was talking about with glee chatfield what are they when one downfall the whole thing goes all the way to is going to take one one domino one shaking their arms say what are you doing i like while sure is how i'm not going to i'm not going to concede because it was an unlawful election constitution i say papers with election tartlet on tardy fund and force and both who are contesting an election i've gotten a lawsuit was that and so fantastic in the i've got a couple more lawsuits that were working on that are going to be launched and then i have to do this all by myself and stand up there is a chief stands alone so be it i'm hoping people jump in behind me but i'm not going to act like a like a colt say you know well you have to do this to garner even people you know either people i had people that when i was active campaigning you know well this person will get me in you if you do this that meeting and i'm like scott they like what i'm doing right now and they get behind me or they can go figure it out themselves but yet that there in use that as a as a way to control some in titiano extortion coercion extortion i mean all of it and that's what we're seeing and i mean honestly this that that first at when we find that change in their armor it's going to be one for the entire house of cards falls the entire domino course falls it all goes on and right now i think were exposing the dominos were setting the thing out for a total and an utter decimation of all of these powers struck that he had been at war with the american an the people jump on board that they don't don't care that those of us like you and i are going to go forward and in work going to return this stage to the people and the nation and to a week clean the last one of these these you know here who are feeding you know like a bunch of parasites bunch of parasites until we get rid of the last one upon were still fighting there is no back well when are we done fighting like never and it's not just as a political as you pointed out we tend to think in dingo while they are restricting our rights were fretting or medical freedom what kind of medical choices have you been given most of the natural health practitioners are not that they're too busy trying to heal everybody they possibly can with the natural health knowledge that they have but they have to stay in the down low because they will be put out of business so fast or they'll be put to death if they raise their voices a little too loudly so how much have we not been told about where natural health science actually is he answered treatments are typically killing people more thither actually treating people and helping people this is not what we're told but they make a lot of money hiding things taking in of the market aquiver inexpensive product but they were trying to hide it and keep people from using it because their people were able to access heterodox coiling and i and vitamins they would be going to the hospital dying and making money for people so their trying to hide i mean chiropractic and no more about that history personally because of of my back carathis tory is fascinating is not really really old thing but they have been put in jail frequently throughout history because they had a way to help people which didn't require much time or effort or money in the patient and how it be different forms of natural health do we have that is it the same position where their trying to hide the truth how much science do we have harry came to lay about the moon one could we lamotte moon were they able to do it when nell armstrong allegedly landed i still don't know the whole story about that i haven't had a time or interest to really look into it but how much more advanced as our science that we know when i noticed this the other day and they put out something about space force technology and it came out into the news as if it was a bulletin from space force or something a military put out something and i like when the military tells the public something they don't normally tell us exactly what's happening so why do they tell us this have they been doing it all along and they you know for quite some time and now there in formidable because what you know why are they giving us a tid bit here when we know there is much more going on behind the scenes of their capable and that fine if there's protecting our country i don't need to know exactly how in a manhattan in a red one comment here amenities that would be awesome care on and down on his going back to i said that man thinks out maybe that would be a employment how you research yet he began in the show you may i take to the rosebud we're going to hennion and manuelita landscape some one of these to which of your relatives so now always learning says i've done that thy love learning dissipate her efforts tom says we were has no excuse for not being a christian she was surrounded by a christian community and turn her back on off you know this is this happens so often in tristan and not seen that you're not in a christian community to mislest it's under the labels and we don't bring may be realized that the people that it were living right next to really are not we think they are so anatomically be ruined for vice president oh gosh now i'm done with a afternoon sanconiathon as running the biggest clan well said my husband doctor told me yesterday that his kidneys are at fifty per cent he is dead that he is on for altimira pallasmore in some men a drug educated person told the dog that can take two days as prescribed well research shows met four men causes tinfoil ben research in natural alter the other so sorry so loveable him ariston but as cards a death thousand paper cut to let no under usnach persons in fact sold your own absolutely gargery to pateera a came from the thought doctor mathias ran into a lottery search unused of high despite doctor rat research out or operational in the chat than this is great she i love it when people share what they know you know as estate down only god can see inside side christians hearts absolutely and it's just it's just really you know never take for granted that some of your talking to i say because they may have been a christian in name only but may they may never have been actually say and so our words manner how we talked to the matter i have we ever told them on what it means to be saved as a as we were perfect you a lot of christians i could pray that their perfect you know it's like it's like i've got a sayin i can't say it on mine but i think it's actually pretty funny about what it is to be a christian i mean that we are forgiven and when god puts a spirit into us and we have this spiritual rebirth you want to do the right you want to try to be a better it's not something that you do to earn your salvation or cause you want you want to feel like a better person you literally want the right thing is god god puts it in your hat in a very selfless way you just want the world to be a more beautiful place for others you want to do the right thing before god no matter what no matter with consequences are and the more the more developed you become the more the consequences matter not you you you so focus is on is on a doing the right thing before god i think that's really important to talk about salvation means because you might be you might be sitting right next to somebody that goes to church insincere every day and not realize they have not a clue what that personal relationship with jesus christ is or what the holy spirit is it how he leads us and how it is it is transforming unagitated in our day to day life and home you know and and all of us i mean we can talk about backsight we can talk about knowing it we can talk about you know well this first was raised a way they should know better show cotoner you know a lot of times we all we all fall down we all fall short of the glory of god and that's why we're supposed to say okay buddy sewed up you know he let's get back on the road again and then here i'll stand right next to you is actually the word for her the you know what the holy spirit as his apparel and apparently as some one that comes along side of you and walks with i florentine and as yet and when you fall to pick out for a while you know i make sure that you are that your self inflicted because they're always self inflicted problems are banned bandaged up at the gay and now you try in canaanite job here we're going to bathe job we're going you know we're going for four for five the world rangitiki little bit of osier and then we're going to branstock on and were going to get right back on that fight now hide and i think that's important because you your perspective of the world is different it's like a salad many times in a quest it's not all it's a quite and is also so much easier my husband likes to talk about the the yoke that jesus takes the take my yoke is easy my burden is light well what is a yoke it's a heavy thing to carry it's a burden when he is not saying i'm going to take all of your murder away from he saying i'm going to carry it with you and when you work together it's possible it is more capable so becoming a christian does mean the guide is as good american everything wonderful and in very dust free he means said he is going to help you with it and when you have faith we talk about faith over fear of dan that a lot because especially before this selection this is the big problem is still a problem the people have their very oriented toward fear but if you have true face only take the only saying that you have to fear is being separated from god at death it going back to the story of cain anabelle about odd jason's channel yes when you put can and able to go put the words together can abencano we've got a lot of bad stuff in her history that were going the contest even there came recognized his punishment was too much for him to bear to talk about that another video he was defrayed necessarily or so much about other people coming after him and possibly murdering can because he murdered cakebread he was concerned because he was great to be removed from the presence of god and it wasn't because he was going to have to toil the ground and were a carver in life because he wasn't in the garden eater it was because he was going to be separated from god and that was more than he could bear he sat that is the worst fear that any one on earth can possibly have death is nothing compared to what happened after that so if you're sure of what's going to happen after death because you're living a life for god what he got to be fearful of well what's the worst ingenuously happen to you you die okay i hadn't been dream once that i had got squashed by some kind of big heavy boulder or something i was dead as a waluable staring down at myself and i want you but god is stating next to me in my dream and he was just a casual friend saying next to me looking down and i don't remember if he said any thing or not but the point was i wasn't concerned about dead body karen laying there and orandain to me and how painful it made them better anything i was standing beside god there's nothing more to be fearful of and when you live a life in that way you are not as worried about stepping out becoming a whistle blower for example or or supporting anything which is right which might could she in an uncomfortable place discomfort is not a big problem when you do it god is there to help you make it more comfortable and you and i probably both in our lives have many circumstances were we can say i can tell you for certain i know that god had a hand in this particular situation in my life because there is no way that my family needed three hundred dollars and three hundred dollars was gifted to us surprisingly by this sort and that is a true story if you are now about us to you some time but that kind of thing assure us that no god is not going to always provide exactly what you need exactly in the right moment and exactly in the way you think i should go but he will be there with you to help you through the circumstances of life because of that fine and you gain more by failure a lot of time or by things going in a non ideal way that for things to go right you have you you gain these things that you can't can't gain certain things by any other way than discomfort then then you know certain think about when you think about working out right you're not going to make any gains by by flood right you're going to make gains by doing the hard work and having to overcome and the bible talks about has been overcomers we are overcome through christ and what he gives us when we go to difficult situations or that sort of thing is those qualities that are each hurdle the perverse ability to persevere the ability to stand there without getting a fund it the ability to you know all those things that gay that are gained by an ideal situation that he gives it to us as an experience to help us you know rather than you know like the norman politicians they just want to buy their way out of it well just one instant if you have those experiences and their negative youth start you your brain expand a little bit and a stout going to the one thing you learn to think your way out of things you learn to be tougher and fancied there had things that happened that are wrong society says the wrong they are a gift he turns them all around is got in even where we are in our nation right now you know every runaround going oh my gosh i'm leavin michigan i can't stand this is horrible really dianthus help us number one and will be on the quest together but further more than that is that we are being a just this whole world is out of whack everything upside down we give way too much control over the and everything is upside down and that includes our own the way we conduct our own lives and i'm saying that to each and every want us myself included that introspection has to happen he is giving us something better in dislike just like reading leaving soon amor when they left things behind and god said don't back don't look back what were being given is going to be so much better forward march had got on this quest fight for the right things which is which are the things that the only the things that matter and that's not our own co with things that we want we want we want it so in those things that in comfort incomparably honor doing the right thing he inters long suffering peace and joy in all situations instead of of panic and aspiration is and that's exactly what they do they love to make every one depressed and down trot and such oh thou give you care it and you go run after that character while then you run after this care in that political party or that person looking for the answers on what's going to fix our lives and make he doesn't work that they i descendible this is first to other aware talking about exercise and i know there's another one with paul talking about exercise this one says for bodily exercise profiteth well but godliness is proveable unto all things having promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come maybe this is what i'm thinking of it's from acts twenty four sixteen and herein do i exercise myself to have always a conscience void of offence toward god and toward you know you can always see a poet from mexico oh somebody we don't need to be offended by this you know those people are telling us what they think we can be observed on the outside on affected by any one or any thing you know you can listen but we've been taught to be dependent on you know this coeperint nonsense on each other or opinions or thought everybody's got a grey on everything like a kindergarten class going out to the marigny know i'm sorry but but we're all adults and you know we need to stand up with a knowledge that we have and be helpful you know helping others put in others before ourselves not like a child that's trying to gain to draw everything to us do they have to grow out of that we we got that were born with that and something that we assure into so you and that fencing is usually my first keesoo got a little growing to do their founded by i care sort serapion doesn't doesn't mean as reality is just what's coming out of the mouth quite honestly most of the craft comes out of people's mouths or was a at the oak to the chair and marie has yes and then he cantered on and laugh carismians many bertefred criminals are the proud of the same camisoles that i was i attended its personal choice and new birth not your community i've never heard of king enable be cannibals i learned something new to it just for the words together and then start looking at what was really happening there with the colts that were going on at the time there were a lot of cold and passing the baby through the fire of bale and now go back to lenochka the petite has failed written clearly on there was in a mist ninian says a man care and estate cannot stomach the name michigander sense witler hijacked her voice makes the hair tahaiupehe and harry says to be absorbed as to be present with the lord how cool was at that well if i do it to horace i lay i know that don aleksander better but michigan is historically the correct term so i use that one orderly and over both after a good woman oh my gosh they will hand your tale to you i have a funny story about my dad my dad with my dead my dead as funny okay so he was young he was he had all kinds of provision all in he was brave right and so nothing was to so he decided that he was going to catch a goose probably soon so he made the big plan as only a ten twelve girls could plan right i could see him doing so he goes out there and he decided he's got a gramophone otanes a yard goose or a wild basis is a chandal right he's out there in the swamp and he's running the same empire he was and you know i say that with great great amusement okay and i've got some wonderful wonderful crazy stories about my dad that our distill make you easy rest so anyhow if he decides as only a ten twelve old could that he was going to sneak up on the ocean to catch that gossiping that goodhumor his mom to cook right he said he said granted opinion he said i thought he said i thought that thing was going to beat me to death by the time i got away from london so he said you cannot believe how strong a goose's wings are she not only did i have to try to let go of this goose to go was going after him and just bethelite one aladdin that pretty excited i've been waked by my chicken wing so i can guess and i had like to said i've caught wild turkeys and are you before they had to move them over the fen and then they just let me but i have i have a skillet clarity the turkey what your skill that i have a way with animals well that's my skill used to i experimentally rehabilitation so i have captured animals and set them free and curious i ever had a deal with was probably a barn owl and i've been bit by snakes ah and bottiaea snake i my first response was to yell like and the second response was to laugh borealis how silly it was that i was reacting that way in both circumstances i was dealing with a hungry snake that got confused or protective but the barn owl he was scary he deliberately tried to scare every new person came through there and after a while i had had him figured out that it work any more he stopped trying i remember seein a ll be in a defensive position he had cared he would bow back and force like that but he would sway back and forth he would tap his being cut annuities to out on each side of his mouth beckoned and then he would scream and it's kind of like a pig squeal is just er peering thing ah he is i had clean a cage within a few days of meriting there and he was frightening but i want i figured it out that was no big deal he was more frightening than the great orontea talk about piercing eyes they look through you and say bring it when they do they are pretty fright the turkeys now i have some stories with turkeys to the theater another day but that when he disentomb your biggest nightmare on snakes because if they get next to me we will just call that natural selection of the stupid state because a snake its nemean i'm likely to and its life and send to a smarter grow because one has within five feet adonais probably going to die and loiter just doing their business where they need to do their business i may take a picture and let them be but i have been yes yeah i don't care for them like in the house or in the barn or whatever like that in the wild when they startle you that no that's not fun no but i had to i had to raise my and raps to take care of the animals and then we would feed these so that's how i got in ramiseram did i feel sorry for them yeatara additions i am sorry the ranee what is it have to talk more about that and another came to an that stern disintegrate or snake who decides to live or die and then the most loved the red the snakes to choice is choices joyce's aoyama i will tell you that what none of them were my favorite i raved in one summer i raised seventy a possum as no seventeen records we really our farm framework so cute when you had to do what we had in death some are an enemy any more i did my part ah so here and no snakes no parsons possibly worse because my experiences with them and chickens the nagual know paring the riveter has chicken and when a fossombroni chickens he met a run back natural selection happening yes and i know i'm not buying the story about how many ticks they eat they eat them off of their own tribe and for every tick that suck their blood and lands there eggs all over let takes body and spread it all over the environment no they're not going to help me with my tick problem around our property and they're not going to help your horse owner because they do carry a disease that's very bad for horses as when i learned but intercom around when the great christmas the slaughter of what was it twenty sixteen when they came to our house don't think so sounds really funny for it's a real we can come from christmas better recipients and the chickens were run all round in them in the yard in a couple inches snow which they hate trying to get away from this passion it was killing every chicken that could get a whole love and trying to pull them through the facts and some of them were dead one of them we called her pearl and i had it had damaged her in her hand a hole in her but she survived to so after that i called her pearl because she was rock in it she sees survived and she lived for another one or two years but yeah that started the new parson sooloo you they're not innocent oh he disgorges and to go after snakes and then i think we are all sad it is all i regenerate the parsonage and i think i probably do cattle he words but they do them a heroic your nonagenarian branded but show it another year we had a parenti was a cat and emanation of my shoulder the the man abandon so we raised on and this kind of all we raised them until somebody decided him overhead for the theater the road which in ostable just you know there's animals are really fun but benson stories of ambresbury by roster or do now parlours but i've never been spurred by one oh yeah my one god came up behind me one day and why i'm hit me right in the back of the calf and i'm like you've got to be out of your mind in half an then we went into chicken to and chicken training you do it to embarrass and that sounds horrible but you can watch in the chicken looking at the one that being embarrassed going allandale pick him up and cabin no no no no no you have heard that obed you take by the hand and you just hold that you just hold the head in the body or houdon the ground for a few minutes to not mean it doesn't hurt the chicken at all but you just go home and lay on intention to confine our submit i tried to eat and so in the guestnitsa one again or all the guys are going to be laughin at me you know and then the other guys are set there dancing back to fort going you got it you got it so for a long reclining at home or wherever you are if you haven't seen the video the rooster that she shared recently and i shared it too you have to watch the city i've never seen a rooster crow this long it if i didn't know reserve it air sac that they used to do their crowing so they the poet up and then they curl that's why they put collars on rests of the triolet because the color prevents them from filling the air set this guy know the work and i have tried to take me but the color that i created for our roster i also started to bruise him and so because it was hurtful for him and he went and keep his mouth shut at all isinglass very long but we try but the austerity had so much air and his body i've never seen a rooster crow for that longer that hard but your point was solid we meet people who are willing to put as much ever as a possibly can praeneste can and are willing to post themselves to a wolvertonian i get the seventeen in a state of war is there's the araucanos and i for he probably does one regular basis which is where they set up the camera i have a very does i have that kind of fallacies totantora can they lay the colored eggs and their kind of fun the so anyhow well let's see her move on here i mean i think you and i could just say here me so in fortress of the day which would be really found in the dagonet to look at and kill the snakes and all that good stuff so anyhow you have only found the tiny so much for karen and every single person that out there to day first and foremost we just except your guests all the gifts you give us this salvation to the food you give us some wonderful earth to live and the opportunity to be better every single day to just move forward and try harder and to follow your lead and to constantly rely on you for bringing us to the truth for bringing us to a two things that were supposed to do to serve others to bring your light into this world and to work as the body of christ with each other giving each other grace and mercy and carrying people when they fall not a taking to help us to watch our mouths helpless to bring words that are healing and actions that are healing and every situation that we enter into because we love we love you we love you we love you and we want we give you our lives we want you we want to honor you and do those things that you would like us to do we trust you we trust your good all the time every day every minute and that you'll never leave nor forsake us and that were excited or here to stay with us and were here to stay with you thank you so much we love you and jesus of an unless bless every single person out there whatever herds if they have teachin closer walk with you knowing that you created him you made him for this time this this perearers that you ladoucette are a master piece that you created and we thank you for each and every masterpiece is out there you have created bring people back to their relationship with you and help them please because he and help them turn their eyes to you and help us to see each other with your eyes not rest in due christ precious name for a man a man great start to the day so he will as and that was on it it finding after a while and you can get men get all serious about things and you know we get in our research and were local cardington every last moreshtite or going to make sure we put this together in the best possible way or not getting off the track and tell we slay all the dragons and the bigest there's fun along away i i like to say if you're not laughing on a daily basis your patriotic wrong because we have funny things coming out the names like jason said this morning every day i laughed so hard about something and it if you've got face and you know it that there's a plan in place and were going along then then you can laugh oh my gosh my son brought this we would win to the going the gem you know because he is feeling really good and with the going to the genesee get there and i'm trained up walk his face which is logothetae right now because he still not feeling well and i like a man so i can't wait and i start doing wait as for walking and if he finds his memory of i think it's a hamster and this the hamster dare it gathers teniers others of all the babies on prince the ladies on the trading this is like it takes you a minute to figure out what really is happening here and all of a sudden you realize the little pink things that she put on the treadmill on her bed and so here she was gathering her babies up but most oh she's an over achiever all were so she let the sheathing masting instinct but it crossed over into the ridered instinct ayoosheh chapters in a treadmill mentation one but the roots you are this morning and demoralising to do it in she had seen many reese means the big many man to put on panathenaea somewhere to go all right go well the bitter and now love you so very much go to being being big hardenberg to con for don abednego or who has not conceded will make is not going to concede to traders and or to an illegal unlawful election and is also contesting the two thousand twenty two election has been contesting the twenty twenty elation and donald jathrop's rifles ent united states my drop so there you go anyhow anyhow you have any last words to say well friday and here's papapapah peppering everybody have a great wind every great we can love you know alone were here for you too so they unalive for jesus people around you and yes i see you monday being a bad guy to another shirt on monday so that behemoth's always throwing it out there have a great day