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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/23/2022 - Karen the Riveter

Published Dec. 23, 2022, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and merry christmas one this is going to be an awesome week end had of us filled with lots of fun and family and all good things ingendering karoon right away it is in fact the somber twenty three twenty twenty two there she is caring therefor are you doin good more men and morning we ain't we to sectator robotane always there's a backseat area in the soft were that i used to broadcast with and ah whoever i have on reasonless spent a few minutes to talk and at before so if it's kind of fun that when you actually wouldn't want a talking with people sometimes we'll get done and will sit there and will talk for an hour afterward we're just laughing at of that we be their talked about it that we see charredthis morning we were talking about what crissier things so i had i had planned as morsigny little christmas off it on i've got a little vest one i thought that would he chris outfit and so long behold this morning i decided that she i've got a somebody made his form years ago and i think it's kind o cool cause i's got my name on i thought poor lad and i thought all they begin fondacon put it on a camera with then i put it on her and i'm like i look like a one so it hath exolescentia reputano good morning that something is take is really important the storm is upon us the storm is upon us i am going to i want to show i'm into broad screen here a minute sherbets wine over it here it is solid snow on the one no spots on it an that quite so but it's it's getting there and do your closer the lake shore than i am eh what what how you got the oh no six dances on mine that probably if i win around us sits pinteado tell i can tell you that i have you been and as for show your picture that my deck this morning because i've got two pinches so this is in fact pitch our number one with my deck chair probably it reasoned is twelve inches at least twelve inches and then my one son got out there said probably she'd get out there and light up the snow low a little bit and so started showing and there's there's a good there's a good ah i'd say eighteen inches of snow on the i don't think we've got that yet in a total now i think we hat may be like five or six inches over night it started right when no forecast was about four o'clock and started the cumulating right away if we don't all right i never know we might be might be then in as pretty cool here retain finder in the storm and we dothienterie all the hidden their snow all over the place and were like what but that's that's michigan for you can it could be very very different with just a few miles specially in shore line while sometimes what i know itises that i know westhouse to fly over over like michigan a lot so you could see like see that like fact and how it builds with little puffs of it really cruel to see when you fly over because you'll see like little puffs of of clouds starting from from the other side of the lake and an as it moves there's like little trails and they build and build and bill and i but they're just little puffs and puffs get bigger on tell and there they're like an lines and then when you when you get to the shore line of michigan it's like lamb it's like hitting into a cloud bank so am i i am a lived in coopers when when i was in high school so that's that's where we ah that's where i graduated and so we had so many snow days off because there's o there's a part where the snow hits the land to change the tempter in the clouds and then it starts to and raging in that life or overseas is approximately wore the biggest a snow always hit but that far away from the so were a little right now with probably about twenty immense twenty miles twenty eight miles as the crow flies from from the shore of lake tichia and that is in that that about it ah ten fifteen mile belt in from the shore of lake michigan that really gets hammered and so when when it snows and a lot of snow you know and and that's not unusual for me to have a bell five feet of snow on either side of my driveway and then the end which makes the dew and horse chords of the morning all kinds of resentment but we do have we do have to now acordethe the horses are inside to day the they'll stay inside all day to the cast it's just a lot too cold foreign cause we have a pass aponos and fane reared year not geared for cold cold weather so there there more of a warm that it may be fedotka but there's actually different types of horses so when you when you you have to kind of pay attention to the different breeds because their very and possevino's are such a hot we call it a hot breed which means they're just all kinds of energy and they have a larger heart and lungs in proportion to their size than i believe any other breed on the planet which gives them on norman yet gives him ability the stain a gate for ever like like i can liken pinafore and a and the ah the one that i ride the most as she's the naughtiest one in the barn and i like riding or toschi's good ride she's on for me cause it's a it's a buckin and rear extravaganza on her most the time and so it may as spotif i got out of it an i pick out a torossian all my gosh this is so boring you know there's nothing nothing to do here he owdharn for twenty or she'll run for two miles straight nightcap and she's rising to go i mean it you literally have to they they love to run they loved they got excited they snored and they they do all kinds of prance's snorting in such it's just her happy feet you don't make em do it they just want to do it they do it on their own and so then we've got we've got one of our horses i saw little it's pony and it's a mixture of shetland and many hard that the the attitude of shot in his gone and her she's got a horse personality which is much better to the point his ponies are kind the kind of miserable quite honestly i mean in their niches she's got the shetland coat so she gets feathers on her feet so that means she gets really long hair on her feet and a and such as he you don't have to blank at her in the winter the rest of him throughout under under twenty degrees we always blank in amantis under ton twenty five twenty five degrees or less we blanket and then under ten it's if ye free latomos to call and then then the promises and they'll actually start a bleeding from their nose if you exercise them to they are over so so like draft horses and friesians and such their built to be outside in this kind of white and they they don't even they don't they don't even doesn't bother them but passes you have a little bit more probe their kind of a the kind of a more of a fragile or i have to know about the bolts i look i've noticed the boots he wore no lancing and i said they looked like clidisdale feet which would you like to see the both with beckoning everybody that's out then we just decided to do a like news day we might do some news but this is just about as hanging out his friends to day worshipping god just being people and visiting his family that's what we decided to do it may be talk about some things that are very patriotic but not me get the boats men at show over with bodilie parnasside the hiogo my little crisis past on nollege the little solasola she yendall or everybody so you know what we're talking about when she went to land sing and she shared all these pictures of her going into the capitol building and stop i noticed that she had these white furry looking boots on him and said you look like the clients the pale ointment to get cold up view with the boots i wonder if they were extra warm i live in you know you if this is a real funny discussion we can have about how it masses up michigan would people move into the state and do not know how to dress for the weather all right so tolentines i don't know how many times you've pulled anybody out of the dish but i can tell you that if you live in mess again it's a high probability that you've rescued some one at some point in time and pray to god that they're not wearing you don't women do not work positionyour not from michigan that isn't dominchin you could do get a good pair of boots you can get some that it looked real and then so here you go there is my boots right and i wore cap that all this is and because i believe not only worth the fashion i've got it to her is it real for the fact because the fakes atlas were i know somebody a holed wondered yet while you know what ah this is i hate to say it but ah i don't eat meat so i figured that the lack of animals that have died on my behalf i can i'm sorry but i can make up with it with some chaleur is the the warmest it's the warmest thing you can wear at there's nothing synthetic that will be and nothing that that i've ever deniver but then these poppies tomatillo what so they got like out the god like warm of a robber so on and these are called oscars salter there in oscooche that thou logo on it but their askers and whenever whenever i've got like little middies wishing him at my middies we should talk about dress and warm for the holiday here as this is a being outside with horses and or or outside to day were doing the part of miss cherry show a few of our favorite things that was the weasel talked about before we got on cameras what are favorite things as she probably saw these on camera too when i was when i was there and these are these are carson they have there's others like a thumb hole form if you want to use that but what i found is that i can work out nine or have a vast on you know as long as i've got something covering my wrist a year especially in the suspirabat for in its net its knitted so it can stretch and a those things those things are if for me stand warm being outside those are two those are two of my favorite things to wear outside is to come my rest as well as my my boots are any i'm back to back to dressing for the weather right so we were i got to think what was talking about it to the other day but this fact of of you know we've got all the snow on the ground and we all have for we have four wheel drives all we have all of our vehicles are either as for wilde's trucks i know we've got we've got something that you can climb over over anything but what's really what's really kind of a sorry sad situation as when somebody comes in with something that's as light as the or any one has a small car is not going to do his well is the big tank vehicles that you can get through this his one the smallest kind of deep you have to have oh you know you have to have some traction and be able to get past the solis talk into somebody to other day cause they were they didn't understand snow the and i'd like snow tires is another one of those favoring in the winter time that everybody has and i i i use a blizzard so we have blixton honor vehicles and they've got slips in the in the tiger design so it actually helps you grab on the ice a little bit powder and if there's a hill nearer housesare have to go up and down and i was on it i don't know it was a month ago and there's a bunch of small you know small cars clearly now snow tires on and there wasn't even that much snow on the ground and they they couldn't make it up the hill because they weren't prepared for the weather so i think that goes goes to saying that you know the preparation for weather like this and because a we actually you know actually own some a property and income property in such when people move up from the south in their the renting from us it's really i've got some funny stories about that with people that have never been in the snow and their absolute paralyzed like what wodnae it through winter like how many blankets do i need and were like your houses are warm it's not like it's not like you know work work were like cave camping up shake i suppose cured but i were i'm not noble sell with what's your favor thanks my favorite and in so well i have a favorite thing that i hardly ever see except over against the closet it's my humor dulcimer in cork i heard the interplay it because like my heart i i don't have time because i'm in a mine beginning stage of learning how to play but i've been in that beginning stage for more than a decade i used to play with hammer doll's were players i used to play guitar and i play a few other ereintement actually but um minor and a minor level well ah i played a lot as a back a player gets ditiorem and one day i just decided i had a half one and i knew that i wasn't going to be satisfied with a small one cause some people do start out with a small instrument to see if they like it or not but i knew i would have i would have to trade up because i wouldn't be satisfied so i got a sixteen sixteen and after a time i wasn't playing it and i end up selling it in the later regretted that but it de time i think i needed the money too so it was it was a kind i sold it to some a player that i knew so i knew it was being at preciated em but then there is a player in missouri named brick though it so maybe there's some one at home going oh i know exactly who she is talking of a he is very well known in michigan michigan has a festival every year in ever called the dulcimer fast and they have i often they try to see how many instruments they could get in one place in one time and they had i don't know how many i think one year they had eight hundred was the record that they had something around eight hundred instruments hardacres were playing at the same time so it's come o big deal and he is a really great ah teach her for haredale but he also thought that he started building a while back and i ordered the sixteen sixteen from him cause i knew mistermister good but the person i ordered through called me up one day and she said you know what he's just and in to do a seventeen seventeen would you like one well if you don't know is that seventeen seventeen on my life long from attic achmetly ye had ossianyou're like that you are emeline is he is one of these first seventeen seventeen instruments ever built it was the one of the first four well that's kind of cool and northendale ting it go the torrential here he that you may that is very cool that used to go and watch his his classes that ever they have a fort but four days of festival and they do work shops throughout the day and then they'd have concerts in the evening and then they have jam sessions that sometimes we go all night and i would watch his work shops just to watch him teach because you such a good teacher and i would learn something and i did that for a few years without ever wanting a dulcimer and then after the festival it hit me one time that i just get that's the looks like something that would be fun to me while i i love i love anything that's artist an artisan belt you know just just give he it was there i wonder through siena this india any examples of his work he scattooed on store there you go the one in the middle there is my favourite steel ram no not one on the top the athalbrand the top called the rhythm a reason to dance yes my favourite one if you never heard him dulcimer music before are you kind o like a the fun it's got some fast pace ones or it looks like he's got up em hang not a minute let me i got like five for screens and manage to her let's see for kinless onto in he that's fun in it he brings back memories cause he often after the conserver he would show up somewhere and on grounds we find a spot where we had a light and a bunch of us we get together and do a jam session for a few hours so i dare to jam with him that way i don't think i ever done with my haberdasher cause i wasn't that skilled yet if they give me and brought it out but marlorati and to watch in poste able to play a something now no no no well even a whole oskanonton the what here you play the grey i haven't played it in a long time and i haven't to instrument in quite a while in spring we o cases probably in fair tone it doesn't fall out o tune very easily these are really tight strings and it's kept in its case most the time but now and then i'll get in a mood and i'll pull it out and plunk around on it one might be ressons to the play on their widonis songs i'm for portals what it's called and you can play it slow or you can play it fast but i like doses is one favored that's fun i you know i remember when we were kids almost every one played an instrument of some and my family actually sings and and big big voice is too you know i am when you grow up singing might my grandfather did some opera and such and so but when you grow up singing you're your whole family kind of joint or halfmoon and sing different parts and i think that that some ah such a wonderful thing if you can just show up somewhere and saying or play an instrument and joying in i create your own fond rather than in expecting some one else to do it thothose skills need to come back to you do you remember you have memories like that i'm not so much in my youth but in college i played with a himmortal overbend o because some of the people who were in the band actually worked on the campus so i would write my bike across campus and oh i had my guitar one on my bike and i would go over to where we played and we recorded a christmas album so low people think of cameradoes c as great for crime times and on another album one summer so by the time i got to christmas i hated all the christmas opiniatret se of the law and record with the but we still have those those albums so that was one as a monanyeno yeah what we would go in play for nursing homes i was just thinking about that ah no one they we had a fiddle player who was an older guy i'll just put it that way everybody was probably twice my age in the band except for me so that was kind of a joke that we had run it but the significantly older i would say in a and waltemath ng he was he was very fit i'll say that and oh we were getting ready to leave one of these nursing homes and neither usually have a security system there so i grabbed hold of him they said he looks casesthis one's trying to get away that's funny but i bet you never know he can sometimes these people a lot of the tunes we played where old and chins traditional tunes or sometimes worship is of so my play all fly away is always a stable or a meeting grace and when i re these people went to set in maybe watching them all day long and they really miss those tones so they would just kind of come to life and then you never know what to expect this one man he started shouting give me a bear we ripping to this the quietly told us but we always give him something non alcoholic cause i guess he used to own a oh i don't know meaning factoring plant for beer or something packaging or or what he was in too but that was his what a his priority is his buchollie i got my music i need my beer now that's my while he lineolata memories there about that age college on ned how these i think a lot of us have have you know some really special memories that we think about and and and then i and holidays are also very copied but i know it's it's all as your foggison's all you put your energy and your thoughts and in the right direction and things are going to go good you know remember good things and don't do all on the bad things so much so i i had had a gift for me this sweet too that i was pretty excited about because you know how these things that come at certain times the just make so cause go has the old jobs right there and they only they only come out while they were they you used to be able to get it around around not just curses but at other times here they stopped for a having see they had those in case that's me christmas to me right there i think these ye es titanothere another memory for my youth a favorite thing ah we don't have christmas trees in my house any more my husband and i went and we don't have kids but when i was a kid i think my parents couldn't afford to tree one year were couldn't afford much and for whatever reason it was but i think that's probably the case they got creative and i don't know where they got the idea but i imagine it was their own they got out o hoop and a hat rack and they tied the hook to the bottom and they flung some light from it and that was our christmas tree and as kids thought that was the bomb that was the coolest persis tree we thought it was really cool and inventive and so it didn't matter to us that we have a regular tree cause we had a cruel that's co i think some of those are some of the best now risen we were away for at home one year this time and and so we decided just to go for a drive that day so we went for a drive and ended up yet like while we precooling get something to eat and it didn't even down on me right that everything was going to be closed and at youknow you figured that there something open somewhere right so we ended up we were about two two hours away from where we were staying and we just went for driving it was lovely we had a great time we sang in the car we were singing and telling jokes might my family actually gets along straordinarily what we hang out together we meddled to work together but we hang out together and we we really i think i would have to say that we actually perfected the ability of getting along in a large so there was seven people living in in my house here for for quite a while and it was basically because we like in okay that was that was it as we do have we just had found together so were driver on to about two hours away from where we were staying and a decided in like okee sometimes rosscalled a figure well his goneyou know it chinese roster on her something opinion christ this something like that so we we call on and nothing and i mean nothing is open so we ended up finding it burger king and ah we a chicken sandwiches because the one thing was open was the drive though so so christmas dinner was chicken sandwiches sitting on the curb outside of burdekin and we have laughed about that so so hard and so can honestly when i asked my kids what probably the cavour christmas memories it sitting on the curb eating chicken and which does beit was so and it was all about just being together there was no pressure it was just it was just i you know joyful time and we just sat there and you know we enjoyed our our time together and and ah it was it was fat you know sometimes sometimes the christmas traditions are wonderful and sometimes they could be really burdens and oh you know it wouldn't becomes when we comes that where there's a lot of expectations that people have instead of approaching it with gratitude i think that's where the problems come in you know we should never have expectations in my opinion for others in only ourselves and probably not as many as we have on ourselves in fact and then will no matter what somebody does you know be just be thankful you know i'm i'm happy any more somebody thinks to bring a bag o chips to something you know not not go to the great extent that we did like when when i was a kid es you know this coming year will be six years all right and there wasn't dolly's i remember when at everything was either you had co so everything everything that you ah you didn't just go pick it pick it up at the store we didn't go out for dinner hardly at all you you stayed home and yet looked shared meals with neighbor's eye italia our house when when i was a kid they always laughed and said that our house had a a swinging door and it because there were so many people that were over they were coming and going and we always you know we always share but we had and differed bring things over and that it was really an it was really not a bad way to spend like you were literally never really alone unless you want it to it takes a little bit effort in order to do that to create that kind of community and you got it you got to be welcome you do people and that's not just welcoming them when they're in a good mood or when they've got all the right words to say it's it's a when there have good day or a bad day you learn to bear with people that way and go a body what's matter to day even if they're even if their owlglass it's like oh what's the matter boy you know you don't have to they don't people don't exist for us you know we come to it with a service attitude i thank and makes a lot happier lot less epic nor this year i am decided that i'm not going to cook any more big meals on holidays and unless so extraordinary circumstances require it but it do i started doing buffet and everybody's happier with that salt is put a bunch of food nor derves out and and you eat when they feel like eating and end all my kids he would prefer that a far inner friends do we have a lot of friends that stop over during the holidays and they they just love it when you aren't here's food you know and if the lots and ah i think everybody's happier with the less expected yet when i think of hospitality i think more of a tennessee because how is about six or seven in tinkle moved to tennessee and i lived there until me think six grade was when i came to it on when in eventually we moved back to michigan before i graduated from high school but my mom and dad both works my dad was going to school my mam was working on the campus dead i picked ted was working but ah it was a tough time for them they were both very busy we didn't have a lot of money and that my mom had to have a surgery where she got sick at this she had clsinger in enserrent and we did not lack for food ever people from church were always bringing flooded taking care of us and they didn't have to worry about that ah remember i said there was a story about how god can take care of you and you just you know it's god oh yeah all dat i mazethe was a time where and it not years years later my parents had a bill that they couldn't they couldn't take care of the dust there was not the money there they were three hundred dollars short and my dad was going to a a christian college there he was learned to be a preacher's what it was and so but he's a family man and most of the students are young you know in the twentieth and my dad had three kids and he is it's some point somebody called him into the office and they say we know what your situation is and we have those program that was over fond et or something and we have some extra he had six hundred dollars to and that were was provided and we decided to offer this to people at need so he split it between you and another family three hundred dollars went to my family right exactly when they needed it and i here made tell that story years later with a lot more detail i'm sure but it was just one of one of those moments where you go o ka got at his hand and providing exactly what you need and something to people think that when you become a christian if you were in that type of family like i was if you weren't raised in it when you become a christian you will be blessed and you'll have all easy life and that does not necessarily the case he can have hardships all our life the questions are hearts of all of our lads will have the time we crawl on top of it if you are a christian about the time you crawl on top of it and you think you got it you know pretty much ere you're going to have another lesson to learn in that that comes and goes throughout life so i agree with i refer back to witnessed when he said it is enough to have dey have a sword we have we have sore it is enough to you need is one are you need is enough and that is something that christians should except and be comfortable with and that is the joy that we find because if you know the god's got you it doesn't matter if you're homeless on the street or if you are living in a mansion for the most part ship in bee because if you get a mansion than you probably not give me out quite as much as you should thetother people but you can enjoy life and you can be prosperous and i'm not judging is one in train to say people people who are a lot of money because they can often give a lot and that's the way it should be is not that you have to earn a lot of money and be destitute yourself that's what i'm trying so what can we be satisfied with enough in a lady give my dad four hundred dollars and say oh good you have a bill and then you could have a hundred dollars to take your family to be do i siyutis or what is its now it's it's about having an offer being satisfied with fact and that's why the christmas tree was so wonderful for us we didn't have to have all the toys in the world to be satisfied because we did have each other so that's the most important thing is to have that to have that of your attitude adjusted you know adjusted and that in that regard you know and i telothaesanti suppose we could talk on in many different directions for a very long time you know i never begrudge any one you know what they've hatherturns in life no matter what an that's part of our society this what you know if you work hard you deserve to you deserve to build it at what it is that you want to bill and i get that one of the biggest problems that we have is that instead of seeing the biggest otemeale right now was the corporations and how their land renegay away from away from the population and the discussion came up yesterday even though in erin i think it's such a complex problem because we have actually seen people walk away from the work force because it didn't matter if they were because the government right now is taking it and if you calculated what the government rate now is taking away from from i would say that there's probably almost no one whose pain less than saint and the team it would be very hard to make me believe that there's ithers last then paid out in taxes whether they know what or not and with the inflation going on right now it's inflation is in fact the and and raises the raises ah it's susan is just in a different way that how they're making out for cases all engine and in its really unfortunate but i think that people are typically normal people are very very general and they do give what they have its its incredible to the point of hurting themselves sometimes in note taking care of thee their own needs and that shaming people for what they need to give and such i mean as is unfortunate you know i've heard people talk about that in regards to you know will you know people who are rich should have ishould give more while there i think i think i heard the number one time three per cent of three per cent of the world wealthiest people in the world pay about ninety seven per cent of the i would say that there is that's probably pretty close to but that's also includes businesses and such an also things that are not that i don't consider just anormal individual ok seminow but you can also say that its ruling port not to judge people on what they have or what they feel like they can they can give either because when when i was in india there's every single person in the united states compare what i saw there is wealthy beyond imagination and i mean beyond imagination even the poorest of the people in the united states have more than what the people in a third world situation like that could ever ever and i mean ever dream of and but the thing that i saw that i was really interesting and it was really a difficult transition actually when i came back they have truly nothing but they have each and the people are so generous and so happy just b where and shares are time that they give you in there in their humble about it you know they give you what they had just to make sure that you felt well and in that out with water proach that the way they approached that was really really humbling and heart felt and it's something that has to change you you can't go into a situation like that without being changed from the inside how to know that the real treasure is welcoming people and making him feel that their part of of your family or part of a group because i think that you know though we we have so much in the united states people feel very lost in alone over overwhelming lamin look at like a hommony people are on oroando present at and the way to fix that is for us to reach out and include a you know and you know truly share it we have but that's not always material things a lot of times it's just your heart and be able to listen and including them in a meal and such an inknowing what you have to gather too so that so that they don't feel like their recipient of yon so that you do it together to to preserve their sense of self in the theirability to give to sport building communities is important and and i think we get even not do that without a family you can do that with with a neighborhood that extra been working on that pretty hard and how to do that for the state because the person who is not conceding to this a dismal election process and won't conceive me now wore in fight forward bold he back when i go to the chat right now i'll make models'very christes you too said as the arysith best christmas over what storm ma'am what storm this storm not beerseller the storm that we see politically which i'm having a ball with us i really am i think is as absolutely funny do you know it is that the budget to the standing bolethe spanning disaster that they sighed did you notice it was one point seven one seven seven the guess somethingpride ces the do you really think that that that that bad or evil is going to rise no i don't think so i think we could go through some hard times because we need too we need to cut that that's what you would do in a company it's like you or or anyting i got a cut the fat on and miss good morning everyone garry those are actual boots i thought they were just fastened now those anciaco bots in facetio another river the one of that i don't wear for function and fashion also you that in a minute too you know i'm a kind of a i want to be dressed for the weather and that means sacrificing looks sometimes for an and his i don't like to be cold so anyhow ah might widowerhis here for will drive but i put it really good sat a snow tires on it perfect wonderful you can help ful people on its snow banks and that in the panhandle and in real the stories i can tell about god being there exactly when i needed him it's amazin and you know when we got through her time as i've really do believe that we're going to see somewhat of a of rs homesthere going to have crash we we we almost have to have a crash with the way they was going rinoso thought a way you down right now and as it crashes and we get into crash and burn ah everybody better me hitch in their little wagons to two people that actually have skills not as hitch in their wagons but been able to jump in the bowl and roll because its going to take all of us working together and i think that that is going to be i said my question is wide as an out got growing congress have the power to send the gunda for a new one coming in i that's a great question i don't think they i don't think they should her or that they have hangouts condones your parent real boots here the ones that i normally are there's another fun fact about that bill i read that somebody did soe math of theirs for aid packages and they came to the mirror of mine even to get was one we want no no a man see those added up to a mirror of nine eleven and i don't know who's behind that but i thought that was kind of interesting all we the same sea that was it and a bush he was standing there when they assassinated candy and they proved that that they assassinated kennedy the sea had some doe with it and who was standing right there that would be george who was there and power when night eleven happened george you know so here are my real boots there now there's my sashes statement right there those beauties are or crean war per trooper boots and then the good ones at the battle there the battle boats those things are good for about forty below zero and the other ricarto see and walk on those of hokonin now there to knock off and i'll make you most spots they don't work as well but those those babies get me through through the winter i've got a few pairs of those cause they don't make any more in the battlebut are the best one i think i've had you can't reckon me there which is great i think i've got had my my oldest pair to show his absolutely nowhere on em sence was probably ten years old sevenforty two years old they look renew that they you just can't unless unless you're out there really scoffin a mop you know you're a you're not going to wreck those boots there awesome in the that that's that those are his re and a functional yes that's the kind of interesting it and did you did you pull up the people who signed in the sonnet who decided to sign in the who cower to out on it i hellothat was that was religious and opposed that the names oh here orfried the day that there wasn't any michigan news on that list an interesting on that snow got to see what the what the house is going to do with it and i can guess what we can all say is is is pretty easy to see the traders his the traitors are shaken out but not only that the ones that signed but i'm going to i am going to say that anybody that didn't sign he didn't stand up to him as also in that category because they did not do their job they didn't do their job they didn't they did not uphold the oath of office protect the people it's it's just like caleb again they'll sit there and go well you know there is a to your publicans that sold it a course down across signed it not and on and on and it's like yet well where were you to found you us where where are the people in power that know the law that are willing to stand up to these things and say scuse me but were not following the law right now and that one of them will admit to and and i have a huge problem with that it's just really too bad i'm going to bring something up here mine cause i do think this our run pa are a rand pal put this out here and i'm on to play the semitic as this is salaried you see that it's a case night before christmas let me not played this re away dashed bravo sir that was amazing in it that was amazing i thought it was hilarious in iterator have the protest you know like like a more bulwer and mat gets being the only two who did not applaud for silence bravo for you for sitting down and being on st it is disgusting so yeh you should be standing around praising this sky a fact it's a it's amazing we all have that we all have that right that obligation i think to tell the truth and to see pertinentia all those that didn't not so signed the bill too they they could have most certainly stood together with his and gone at it from a law for fair perspective and all all here do it's just like the political parties and all of the all of the political groups are just the just a bit the people just sit there and they whine and they sobbed and they talked about was rock but nobody makes a plan a lawful plan in order to protest the not just a protest but in a legal sense what wait a minute we're going approach it this way and we're going to compare against the law none of em you never ever hear them quoting quoting why this should never happen none of them they argued the merits there of that they never they never ever i've never heard any of them him argued the legalities of it is all based on opinion in athothiate for we tothat's where we follow in the weeds every single time when we when we get tied up with his opinion not sandogo back to one lie and i should say lawful at whitleather did their job properly they would represent oh who was it yesterday ah although attorney in the america be county case it is closing argument said we we have the right to choose our rulers something to that effect we can choose our rulers rulers not we get to re elect our representatives are read or presentative as i like to say now we got to choose or rulers excuse me minette the inhibitam an you know what i sityouated stupid ignorant come you know it's a that's his choosing argument is this the people calling this democracy now it's not a democrat it's not even close to a democracy absolutely so they they don't even know what they don't don't even they don't member base knowledge now enpoisone ing of the general flint put out there to his heretalking about denifle on the spirit of christmas now this guy knows this kind knows everything i'm convinced and i will general plan hats off to you general plan codos to you in all the great work that you've done and you know it's like this is another thing this is so how people in a political a climate pick on the people apart they lie they lie they make up stories and then they throw it into mainstream media and and hoping that everybody bites on it right and a none of people do their research or actually fell comi guess i guess i'm going to jump on the let's do a character assassination a campaign on some you know other things important part of life is that we've got to be real careful not to character assassinate people but go after processes and is there there's usually more of the story but the process of talio for themselves is so does he follow the money would you like me to read this tale it was talking about i like to read this the news letter that is penned by general flynn general michael t f and i call him the people's general i do he's the people's general he's the one that stood in the way he's truly the one that stood in the way of having this nation a ploughed under when nobody else would and i don't know if everybody knows the story of the selflessness and what he actually put himself in front of it probably at my kids are going to know this story my grand kids are going to know the story of what the man did and a and i had i just tell anybody out there that wants to say anything try to tear him down as they sit in their little bitch their pitch circles and their little little groups as such as stout of actually knowing him and on looking at what he did it's just unbelievable unbelievable eberle only one is perfect is and he is the only one who chose oh you know we just we need to be thankful will for what people anyhow guided by the spirit of christmas and endurance of generation tyranny will not topple merica not on my watch and not on yours we will stay together as george washington and his worn out soldiers did two hundred and forty six years ago on christmas day in seventeen seventy six when they set out across the frozen delaware river victory or death where the options that lay ahead of them on that frigid winter day and i'm pretty extra sure her kind there right now we get to choose victory or death and i think it's going to become more parental how timely this is a very near as christmas twenty twenty arises a few days i urge my fee fellowamericans to think about washington and his extraordinary endurance he never retreated from the fight for freedom i stayed in the battle he never gave in or gave up against unimaginable odds he found a way she for by the grace of god and the resolve of washington it is bad and weary soldiers the war of independence turn a corner on that christmas towards victory over tyranny and the birth of a new nation that was two hundred and forty six years freedom won and freedom will win again it is true that the fight will never end the words alone make us weary and tired they challenge our resolve to battle forces that are invisible on touchable and unknown evil approaches it is already upon us and every generation much summons summons its strength and will to fight those sinister forces or see his freedom slip away in the darkest night so we keep washington's example before us let us sat in example for generations the we too will endure we will stand the battle and never retreat from the battle for he the truth is unveiled we have learned there is no limit to what these malicious malcontent will do to destroy our country deny us our rights poison our children in prison or friends and neighbors mocker history and simple desecrate our heroes general and dismantle the peace and prosperity god grants law abiding men and women free americans no doubt the government thugs will persist in attacking those who called them out and refused to surrender all they are left with its name came and i say so what americans are awakened during the season of christmas hole to the spirit of cain solenostomous birth we celebrate blessed with the bounty of our own families let's keep in mind the travails of the holy family who found shelter in a lowly manger surrounded by god's humblest may the burning embers that warmed the infantes fire our devotion family and cone be grateful the washington and all those who shed their blood over the generations for our nation and our freedom and pray for nation that those who seek to destroy their will be held to account and that history one day say that our generation turned the tide and that freedom was victorious that is my resolve and i know that you your family friends and neighbors and all the people of the nations stand with me may god bless and protect you always and fill your hearts strength and joy and may god always bless america lieutenant general michael t i i love that is that beautiful in the interlinking no thank you general plan for those wonderful that that wonderful writing and for your wisdom and your courage and your stick you are people's general and were were very thankful for you and all the sacrifices that you and your family of medinathe and talk about soldiers and that that have died in and he tears up he understands probably as well or better than any one the sacrifices that have been made for this nation and we too are standing strong were not given up bolts are burned we fight our way out of this and we've got to figure out how to how to come together and truly stand together as family as the example jesus christ stood with us in a not because we were perfect but because we were his family in a loves us he loved us for even in our imperfect and i think think it's just a wonderful a wonderful thing to acknowledge in all people not expecting perfection knowing the only part perfection is jesus christ and that we stand together as a very imperfect family going to him for wisdom and guidance on the path i had of us no never let a town he never has he never will the encouragement going forward not just to day but in the new year is going to be he's going to be awesome for one to be a great question adventure and a st because god's leading the way and that's all we need now we just need to stand together and say what do you want me to do we're willing god and that's that that's the answer it there stand with humility and willingness to go forward and welcome in full welcome and love for other people and the justice for those that have perpertrated the crimes is already in the works i know that for fat and there's a more going on behind the scenes then what we could possibly imagine i know that for an i've got the prayer of doorwas ington right in front of me if you like had loved that you want to do that is sure should i pray that gather she began more thiserthis storical record i think what are i think either way okay let's just listen and and see what happens canisters and on reading it out of my fifteen ninety nine jennelle patriots edition but i'm sure you can find it anywhere on mines called the prayer torwachter so it is it doesn't this age does not have a date on it but i know it's so historical record i do said o liverie from the sisters one pat o eternal and everlasting god i presume to present myself this morning before the divine madnessto beseeching thee to accept of my humble and hearty thanks then it hath pleased thy great goodness to keep and preserve me the night past from all the dangers poor mortals are subject to and has given me sweet and pleasant sleep whereby i find my body refreshed and comforted for performing the duties of this day in which i beseech thee to defend me from all perils of body and soul direct my thoughts words and work wash away my sins in the immaculate blood of the lamb and purged my heart by thy holy spirit from the dross of my natural corruption that i may with more freedom of mind and liberty of will serve thee thy ever the everlasting god in righteousness and holiness this day and all the days of my life increase my faith in sweet promises of the gospel give me repentance from dead works pardon my wanderings and direct my thoughts of de thyself the god of my salvation teach me how to live in thy fear labor in thy service and ever to run in the ways of my thy commandments make me always watchful over my heart that neither the terrors of conscience the whole the loathing of holy duties the love of sin nor an unwillingness to depart this life may cast me into a spiritual slumber but daily framed me more and more into the likeness of thy son jesus christ that living in thy fear and dying in thy favour i may in the appointed time attain the resurrection of the just unto eternal life bless my family friends and kindred unite us all in praising and glorifying thee and all our works begun continued and ended when we shall come to make our last account before the blessed saviour who hath taught us to pray our father a man even tis there is i just found a sight where you are reading this it's george washington's prayers he has an he clearly wrote down a lot of his and his cannabinine resting side overing up a minute i'm trying to find the the the prayer that he said on in in reading this it's the languages so artful oh if you get a chance to read or if like me you got a po beam on to listen to jason i used to list next twenty to report on there too but he's not there any more oh pobe has the the founders the federalists papers on audio there so you can listen to one that in most of them are only about ten or fifteen minutes the federalist papers are another great way to listen to the founder's writings ah but this type of thing that george has the speaking the gods trees making an effort to yes the words of significance and an artful way respectful way and we really lost that art you know we're very i mean when now we do lolls if instead of just expressing ourselves in prose you know we go pletely as a people lost the ability to do that and and it's almost an exercise of the mind to read one letter back then that's how people communicated no they were very good at right the and were just if that i correct others some very good writers out there but in general you know i think with it's a good thing to practice it's a good thing to private as hollinhow to em actually you want to get good at anything you have to practise that just like the dolser and ah in horseback riding or anything it takes it takes time to be good at anything for our target preching for shooting all of that takes a lot of time to be really really good at it writing is the same way this is really interest at this as i believe i found something talking about going forward and maybe the areas of hardship this is really its i hang on miles relating washington's christian example a mingo had full houppe minute cause i think this is a a significant and it's the hair is christian fellowship and their talking about am i in or come down here a little bit describing quote from the letter of the general was writing to patrick henry concerning the hearts of the soldiers george washington was surprised at the soldiers did not lament conditions at valley forge so i think this goes make this is interesting when you know that you're doing a a mission that's full of purpose that is your called by god you never tired you don't run out of energy has god renews your strength and you keep going and you don't go see this feel sorry for yourself time i believe they will motheri really do when it when when a feeling sorry i think for ourselves for any reason whatsoever is is where i should be a first clue for a real line meant to either our purposes or getting front ogoda find out what he's trying to tell you because that's common from humanity not from not from god or not free from in describing a condition in the hot camp he sudden his letter to patrick henry then governor of virginia for some days there has been little less than a famine in them but naked and starving as they are i cannot enough admire the incompared in incomparable fidelity of the soldiers that they have not before this time that excited to a general mutiny or dispersed his interest that these talking about the faithful to stand even in hardship because of clearly a greater part the inhabitants of the surrounding country now the stick sad state of the army were very uneasy one of them left his home one day and as he was passing thoughtfully the edge of the wood near the hut camp her he heard low sounds of a voice he stopped to listen and looking between the trunks of large tres he saw general washington engaged in prayer he passed quietly on that he might not disturb him and honoretur ning home told his family he knew the americans would see further leader did not trust in his own strength but sought aid from the hearer of the prayer who promised in his word called upon me in the day of trouble and i will deliver thee and thou shalt glorify me a female who lived at the valley at the valley forge when the camp was encamped their toll the friend who visited her soon after they had left it that she had discovered that it was the enhabit was the habit of washington to retire to a short distance from camp to worship god and prayer many who in the day of prosperity and forgotten or neglected to worship their creator will earnestly call upon him in the day of trouble when they feel that his power could only deliver them but it was not thus with washington it was is cut constant custom is one of his nephews had thus related one morning at daybreak an officer came to the general's quarters dispatches in such communication usually passed through my hands i took the paper from the messenger and directed my steps towards a june's room walking along the passage which led to his door i heard a voice within i paused and distinctly recognized the voice of the general listening for a moment when all a sightleaned i found that he was earnestly engaged in prayer i knew this to be his habit and therefore retired with his papers my hand till such time as i was this finished the exercise when i returned not to the door and was admitted theseindeed ence to him whom he called the divine author of our blessed religion blessed religion washington is retirement of chambers prayed to his father prayed to his father who seeth in secret and as father and and truly his father who seated secret did reward him openly john adams understood what many a merican at animately seek to do not to deny that the principles of christianity were responsible for the birth of america adams was one of the most influential phony fathers providing the leading voice in the formation of the declaration of independence and contributing important thoughts on the nature of government in his pamphlet thoughts on government which was particularly influenced in the formation of the state constitution i june twenty eight eighteen thirteen john adams pantalette to his friend conster and in it mister anne's clearly identified the influential role that the christian plate a played in the formation of america as an independent nation the general part principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the only principles in which that beautiful assembly of young man men could unite in these principles only could be intended by them in their address or by me in my answer and what were these general principles i answered the general principles of christianity in which all those sects were united and the general principles of english and american liberty in which all those young men united and which had united all parties in america in majorities to assert maintain her independence now i will avow and then i will have all that i then believed in a belief that the general principles of christianity are as eternal the immutable as the existence and attributes of god and the phis principles of liberty are as unalterable as human nature and our trust ral mondaines i find this to be a fantastic thing to focus the fact that that of our heritage is cast and leave we've had so watered down to this pot culture process of that we've been presented in church rather than the the indisputable truths of what the bible contains what what it contains to round actually admit and hume in humility that we are sinners and not you know to be to be able to admit that we are fallible and the only way that we get through anything as by these the guidance and the wisdom and the help of god almighty so i honestly believe that quite often god brings us to the end of our selves before he gives us the answer for going for and i'm i'm pretty much expecting that to happen because it without without tearing down some of these constructs that we've been we've been a brainwashed into the fact is the self the self help brain washing that we've been i under for so many years that with that without with us without us coming to our knees in front got almighty and and what do you want us to show us the way were willing to walk the sodden front of us to show us what to do and guide us in lead us forward and we will be brought out of the captivity of the evil this evil system truly a global crime syndicate and i do believe that we're already on the way there there's so many things that we can see that a falling around us all ready and just the exposure for people that have been lulled to see is probably the majority of the battle right there i believe that no battle that all battles are won before they even began through reliance on god prayer good planning and willingness to move forward in humility following following out almighty rather than asserting her own well and i light and i think we're i think we're there i think the battles of the lord and i lords and i think we've already won so moving forward we can approach the future with joy and a complete joy and resolved that all we got to do is continued to walk walk forward god will provide a way in every single instance he always i agree and i have a correction to make then i have my vital sitting in front of me and went to look and verse ah twenty chapter twenty two merse thirty eight says and they said lord behold here are two swords and yet said unto them it is enough so i think said one sword a while ago and when a correct myself there why you don't sitivation that men see you have two swords because you're not going to be using both of at the same time you're going to need have friends with you that are going to help you the jesus and said to them in thirty six now he that half a bag let him take it and like my scand he that hath none let himself his cot and by a sort so that the reporting back we have two sorts of he says idees enough and i i wasn't looking for that but i was grateful to come upon it i was looking for what happens right after that was the cool and went as the whole thirty eight thirty eight there and an olive continued thirty nine and he came out and went this is like twenty two as he was wont but one to the mount of olives and his disciples also followed him and when he came to the place he said to them pray lest he entered to temptation and he was drawn aside from them about a stone's cast and kneeled down and prayed just like just like the image of george washington saying father if thou wilt take away this cup for me none the less not not my will but thy will there appeared an angel ought to him from heaven comforting but being in an in an agony he prayed more earnestly and his sweat was like drops of blood trickling down to the ground and that's the peace that is the part that i wanted to focus on because all the gossip i think is this is the word all the gospels report him prayed in the garden san but here he is in verse hory three it says an angel appeared to him comforting him immediately after that member says he's an agony its prey mortons even with the angels comfort he still struggles and it goes back to hertfort two take away this cup from me nevertheless not my will but thy thine be done i've talked about this before with you that he wasn't afraid of being what the wasn't afraid of having the crown of thorns he wasn't fraid of carrying his cross he wasn't afraid of being beaten to stone and sped on by the people and whatever that i don't think he's in issue for him but what i believe he was be he was concerned about what he was going to have to separate from god in ordered verteber end of all of our sins and the idea of being separated from god so i don't know the word for it it was just so much of a posse for effect challenge for him as he is could not handle it even with an angel's comfort he still continued to pray and he still so stand that his sweat with like drops of i think that's the kind of thing that we should keep in mind people get stuck about the cross yes he had nails in his hands he had nails in his feet he struggled to breathe but in the end he gave up hevery his last it was his choice to separate himself from his father who he had for all his life for the purpose of bearing our sins so this time of year we think a lot of bag out jesus birth then we celebrate the fact that he was born he was conceived by god and ah i think about joseph is thinking about this yesterday poor joseph fight out that mary's pregnant and yet he did not put her on he was trained to say what is the most respectful way to handle the situation but i found myself in and they said it is joseph we got his it's okay mary didn't do anything wrong ah he stayed with her because he because of his faith to and but the birth the birth story if we're stuck on the birth story in the cross we neglect the story of his resurrection and what his desires erection means that time in between his his death was when he separated himself from god and took our sons and yet he defeated that four of so when he resurrected then here we have in the story the disciples don't understand and east telling a lie are you sleeping you need to be prayed they never really understood it until he resurrect tilly at to the other side they couldn't understand or all those stories that jesus had talked about oh all a sudden they could understand and now they got a mission and i think that's where we are to we are going to understand as a people some of us are grasping it a lot of people are yet to get there there will be some who never will and that's a shame but i think their rot be a lot of people in the end who will be like that image from a from the move with all the people in the mask the viper vendetta masks in the street there will be so many people came on we see it now we understand it now we have got that to strain this out what do we need to do they didn't know that that in here jesus is tried to say what you need do is pray when he comes out of the garden if he continue reading in this chapter you don't see him pricking out the sword comes out in here comes off is the lake whedon t even be that we can go there and it doesn't say this chapter i just noticed this i don't think you and i think it was peter go it servant of high priest and cut off his right ear i said no more listenerand healed him by so by the time he comes out of the garden by the time judas kiss there ah jane said ed to him judas betrayed though the sudden mad with the kiss immediate speak and he knew he knew a long time ago the doddesses going to betray him so this wasn't the surest but he does it throw it he doesn't yell at the word he doin here the garden you come and arrest me nobody jumped in front of him and said either to go through me when it wasn't in dramatic scene in said i loweryou it well let's do this thing on and faint in or to think about this i i mean he was he you know he was denied he was more he was sped on he was beaten and all that and he just kind of stayed kenoque and kept going i mean there's a time he spoke out too when you look at how people are reacting when things go wrong they get crazy they scream the yawl they they therefore demand that is not that is not a rake a cry oneration when a person goes into that kind of derangement send on that that is crazy noughty demonic behavior instead of wealth a set back and think our way out of the fine fine a thing our way out of it instead of react or way out of his two year old reacts like the dolt does not act like that adult will take their time and i think about a more moderate way rather than a reactionary way to handle when promises we know problems are going to come discussions and disagreements will come we can guarantee on that to react with it with a calming presence cause god will bring home and peace to any situation and i think our way out of it and be gracious to each other that that is important justice will come even even when somebody deserves justice and the justice will find them but we don't have to jump in and be as crazy as they are are read in copy much more moderate in my opinion timing is everything he that wolde in how every every once in a while you want to have most stuffily it's pretty handy to have a a was as his californiabut i was bring on the bring on the toxic masculinity because every one all you need somebody that i'll just get in there and hal tail on everything that needs to be done you know and i are tankful for that there's all there's a time for that but for each other when there's no great grievous offence that's not how we react when there's disagreement and with it going with it too in one of brings speck to the to the current time too if we see things melt down a little bed or a collapses it's going to be okay we're going it we're going to get this thing figured out you know the other people there are people like you and i who do a crazy a mount of research is to the fore for food make my own make my own oh natural remedies i'd say two to deal with things are as god got on kinds of things out there that make it really easy to heal yourself and or too ah to help your body get over difficult and oh you don't you don't have to run right away to a doctor a lot of times lot times you can figure it out yourself and atoning and exercise your own men system that's not a bad thing to do is go through things begin her comenses ten will get stronger if you let it exercise a little bit you want to know when you get really healthy goshore men you are for a while and he even aphrodite the more time you spend in a barber he honestly that the healthier you generally are could you're getting all a good back trialon with bad bacteria i mean everything is exercising your bodies munsterman you're you're getting you're getting all kinds of things that help you fight the bad things even the horses amuse systems or an animal's immune system quite often and can help your own amuse system you you help each other oh i've been actually looking into things like like a if if our food supply continues till look like it's been a tack how do how do we all survived that of the food supply goes down we'll go on provide you know easy it is i think a lot of people don't understand that they had never grown out grown up that a farmer grown their own food and such how easy it is grown your own food it's easiest in an expensive and you can do it all your long it's just not that defile no sprouty spouting his pretty as a pretty easy thing to do so or some of the hydroponic moutheds pretty easy but sprouting is to sprout all the time and to go back to that had been kind of refining the different processes so that so that we can look into sprouty or or being able to pretty instant food you know you can you can have sprouted trite yet within a couple of days at and lots of sprouts within about four days so it's it's not the end you know if things had to go down we'll get a figured out we'll just have to maybe huddled together for a little while and and spend our time helping each other instead of fighting with a hole is it then the trusting though i just read something the other day about how a law of antibiotics and high on all and i be proven come from china out there supply in china has gone down a lot and there having problems there and we're not feeling a picrate now but we might in the future and i thought well in the grand scheme of things that might not be such a bad deal because it's going to force people to look for not to his and to fight to protect their right to look for that shall remedies because the f d a and so on are constantly trying to fight the any kind of natural hole and i so if we learn about whoring oppose or how to use our own ers and plants that you can obtain in our own vironment raiseself or obtained from a natural path or however he went to do it eh a crow yourself you as times and sins are highly overlooked is just an times there are enzymes out there that are pain relieved they work as a pain reliever do you know that yea and i don't want one i don't know very much i don't know very much about homeopathy but i've learned in i've been using it eh miss first for animals actually also for us i do occasionally i will it turn to i reprovin when back pink gets bad enough but i've been trying to research occasionally there's all kinds of remedies that can work with back pains so its train to find what works for what kind of symptoms and such ah in learning how to use that is its own specialty then fled the earl lot of people around a lot of people in the assembly that are familiar with whom he apathein other natural remedies is really kind of cooled to be surrounded by so many people that that have a lot of expertise in that area or for men or whatever so lot of skill sets of people who care about their country are like you there step ahead and nosed or step behind to putting on how you look at it it's great to have resources like that in your community where you can said he you know i've got i've got this happening with my body and i don't want to take a manufactured medicine from china what can i do alternately and their kind afore sinus te you know the more processing meat processing plants burn down then the more were forced to look to ochakee raised it in our community and provide it locally without the added chemicals i think this is one of those things that you know sat masons for means things for good or evil means things for good but god will turn it around into something that's or any means of for bad but god will turn it it turn it around it is something that's very good like the meat processing plants go no way men they're trying to stare estight now is what i see but the reality is there there the motives are starosts that we go to these artificial meat and bogs and so but the reality of it is is that i think they're going to put they're going to push a sin to independence and the independence from these these a multinational food sources as those of his has a mason jar or jar like this he can do it and a look in action anything and ye put say a half of a half a couple of oases in there and you could spotalone things you can sprout brocoly enough all falfemont beans beans pretty much anything radishes easy to sprout you can throw half cup in there with water you want to put in about teaspoon of vinegar on the first throw some thro some water and with that and let us sit there for about it now anywhere from four to twenty to a anilineor eight hours right and in a piece of cloth over the talking can use cheese cloth even us pretty much in and you know then after four hours turn it over rinse it out a couple of times good and turn it upside down so that it can drain out the bottom and then you go back in in your rings that about every every one twice a day risout the water turn it upside down risit out real good turn it upside down and let it drain out and just sit there and you want to put a towel over it because it things like it grow best in the dark and within about four days four days or in a half so much food that develops from those you know green food sprouts is such that you can i create a lot of food very very quickly in its all good and the sprouts have all the the the growth ends times in its extraordinarily healthy he just set remember to keep it really clean or your stuff has to be cleaned but the vinegar in the beginning is a stop i think a lot of people miss so that you don't have you don't have mold you don't have other things than there you want to you want to do that right the beginning with the net then you don't need to put vinegar and an after that fact i mean you know you can put a little bit in it i went i wouldn't recommend it i would just winston twice in a you should you should do like a post to day on some kind of natural process that you know or like dekadikos cho and i mentioned this last time that is the king she do sudden aethant i show some tips to people about how how did you think like that as you have so much knowledge and experience that it might prompt people to continue researching on something that strikes their fancy may be somebody wants to grow some herbs or somebody wants to learn a sprawl or somebody wants to raise me an and everybody that i always say every one has a role to play and there will be some who will raise meat and there will be some who do other things raising her cutting hay the back yard you could do that too i don't have hanenhrentha whence you can you can do whatever you can raise some strawberries you can raise some corn you could break make a a carrot growing in our little garden in your back yard we haven't chosen to darken we haven't needed to we've talked a lot about it but we have raised life stock of our own so a currently we have rabbits goats and chickens and he for example you were showing your fur awhile ago when we started raising rabbits ii is research into that and i did try doing some help i have some rabbit pelt i even made a rabbit parchment paper and in a little our project on my rabbit parchment paper i drew a rabbit on on rabbit with chatelet i don't any more cause it was so labor intensive but i really wanted to learn how and there might be somebody else to go oh i can totally do that i i love the idea and we can use those firs and i make it worth while so we don't have to throw things away that still have value you can use every part of the rabbit if you want to and everybody has a rolled the play for some reason their old meat is not an option it's not something that they can do we had some friends that wanted to raise me because they liked the idea of having control over the process and having a healthy source of food especially the wife wasn't really sure if she was emotionally ready see invited the two of them over when we were ready to process our meat bird and as we started to do it all here so we didn't have to pay somebody and take the birds o transports kindstreasure and the process is a lot less stretched on the animals to do it right here so we do our own and showed them every step of the process and allow them to participate as they were capable and comfortable doing it and within a couple of weeks they had checks they were raising their own they got a plucker pretty soon after and i think they had two batches of beat birds sat silverheaded their own meat now and they're comfortable with it it is not always easy they learned and actually the i saw that she was sharing something unface book once on the sand man you you just did something you taught me how to do something i didn't know how to do so that's how it should be you know everybody has a role to play then your great high others ethik the chair no thank you i've got you know be and i don't i don't now how to say this but i've always been kind of more inclined to do things myself teleki i home with my kids i wasn't i'd rather just like make my own shovelin dig my own hole no matter what it is you know i kind o like god my own thing so it's through that you gain a lot of skills and somnologist on how things are done and unandi ferent way an alternative way and i enjoy that very much cause i i enjoy that of actual and kicking about round creating a little area on our farm here that we can do say like alike a skills skills based class where we can act people you know and throw in a little bit more but gardening area and shown how to how to em actually a beef up the soil a little bit how to do your watering little bit more efficiently than then what normally is not how to make sure that you have like instock piling newit now and so we stopped pilmoor and you can make compost to it's all high and nitrites you can use saidand see a hydroponic situation if you do the compost you don't have to even by your own fertilize the guy that does in my hay he's gone from from commercial for lizer is used in turkey manor and am getting around the fact that we have such a loss of the commercial fertilizers while the answer is right here in the animals got got a system you know you if you you know kind of work things together you've got really everything you need so i've been kicking the hat around the little bit but i think it'd be pinto fonde to show people i mean when when my kids were little i had some as some exit on the kitchen counter cause i wanted them to know the life side cycle of alvan animal and what you know this so that they couldn't make your own choices and also that they could also you know feed themselves over the years should i state my kids fishing all and i claim own fashioned bathos dead the whole tiers i like to do my own thing so when they were hatched out thistle chicks hatched out his semicastanea i said this one's name is soup that's catch a tory and that's roasted and that's a because that's that's what we're learning a round so in my dear night bottom together and it's really you can do it in a very very a very very humane way yet you know you know how you don't how we we took care of our chickens you you take in you hang upside down you in the kind all the blood runs to their to their head and the kind of go to they made the chant and so so it's in its very clean and its very peace the birds yet you listen if you will talk in about chickens riding round their heads oh you know i chopped off that certain that's not how you need to do it it compeared very peaceful and and ah and such but this stage of the game because hester easons i don't need any men at all and it's it's for hares and but but there's ways of of doing all this potatoes extraordinarily easy to and basically if you forgot about him they're just going to keep growing okay it's it's not something that you have to be especial especially a skill that to girlie and you go from stuff you get in the grocery store in arsonists potatoes as no real reason to do that there there meant to grow their certain things that just are meant to grow so it's the fact that we think about all the things that we put down on the on the ground she keep weeds for well honestly most of the weeds that we that are growing they were brought over as agricultural or in lamb's quarter all that sort of stuff of was all brought over as agricultural and purslane everywhere i mean personate as absolute everywhere and in actually tastes like it tastes like corn on the cold and it's like little little biddy leaves they look like they look like a jade a jade leave and her little fat there a little fat and medley and if you pull montegarde throw him somewhere wherever they land they're going to reroot again because that's how people lifting and and you can find this stuff you know you can find the severewere if we had more work on massed such as you know the the wall nuts walnuts or accords in that sort of thing you can make flower out of out of pretty much any of this and it's it's very high protein as same with you know been restore searching into how production as well as as well as flags and the process of turning that into actual fibre that you can used for weaving and such we have everything here we have everything in the state of michigan for the state to be completely independent we've got we've got not only industry but we if we work a little bit at this we could probably a very easily make our communities very very sore very very sad have have i not only local more local food production but also also all of those things that we and if we stopped going for the products of these big multinational corporations had taught us crave because they've really put that into our brain washing on the medias who coveting things oh i've got to have this newest latisan greatest whatever it is wedged over here which we don't really need any of that if you drop it back to food water shelter if things were to melt down there's a lot a lot of stuff that we really don't need that we would probably find out that our true joy comes of real people around us and actually helping and i and i think it would be it's going to be a great it's going to be a great adventure see to relive with what what really makes us is he beings have yea and so much of it is is binocular goin back to the bible again cause they got it set in in front of me and you know that's what you what you do oh i was taking him out there was this there was a place in leviticus and i i've filtered through and i think i might have found the chapter leviticus the leven is one of those where god was giving instruction about how to stay clean if this is long before people understood what we now call germs and he's talking about how to cherokee yourselves clean and there's another chapter chapter eighteen it is god that some similar aspects of it you talking about animals that aren't clean oh the rat bellesort camelinto stellio in the mole these shall be unclean and too among all that cream whoever doth touch them when they be dead shall be unclean until the even in even at the gamestering chapter eleven verse thirty one thirty two whatsoever any of the dead carcasses of them doth fall upon shall be unclean whether it be vessel of wood or raiment or skin or sad whatever vessel it be that is occupied it shall be put in a water as unclean until the evening and beats and so be purified but every earth or vessel wherein any of them fall at whatsoever is within it shall be unclean and ye shall break it so if you've got something that's rotten and it touches urge in tessel a clay pot what is clay its porous and the lord curiathe an outside it's good to see an through the inside as you use it it's good to take your your wine or your water inside and you're going to get sick these as greek it so you don't use it so nobody accidentally uses it he knows how bacteria works and he explains in here how to wash yourselves skipton clinging for the keep these all the things that you use clean will kind of animals might be not safe for you to eat you know the things that carry parasites let lady thingbill don't cook properly ah if we lose it the god themstruck on even if we don't understand it this is the other thing that was thinking about what the joseph ah why were joseph so set when he found out various pregnant cause they were married and they were an intimate yet and i think people may be forget that part of the story because so often to day everybody gets intimate with everybody else it shall they find that tom special somewhat that's not god's desiring her head there was a cup bull who were preparing to marry but they had not got it yet and so they did not get intimate yet and that's why he was so upset when he found out she was pregnant because he knew he had absolute trust the she was not ah not a virgin before they were going to marry he had trusted that and so when he found out that was not the case at least that's what he thought he just couldn't believe it ah and then as he only apathetic you know he had so patient let any insein the searchers that hes he spent some time thinking about what to do next because he didn't want to make a public show it he didn't want to emulate her eh and it doesn't say but i wonder if maybe he thought some one had rated her i don't know em that's just the thought from from cairn in the moment right now but on the expectation was you don't get intimate with some one else until you marry and i lived that experience i did not my husband was my first boy friend basil i waited until god brought him to me and oh i was i was lonely i was i was coming to keep in my eye open but i wasn't going out of my way looking for trouble for sure and i found the right man the first time and we were not intimate until after we were married and later on after a time i realized really could understand then the problem that other people have because when you are intimate with multiple people your shopping around with your eyes all the time maybe maybe that one where be more suitable for me in bed and therefore may be that one would be more suitable for me in life that's not god's plan in joseph and mary show that they were following god's plan they were faithful that's why they were chosen de whole other aspect of life when you have found the one person that you share the most intimate aspects of life with then your eyes don't wonder as long as you do what you're supposed to do as long as you follow a god's instructions are so you are sure hands it may keep to yourself to keep here it's saoreland then you don't have prohomes i mean it's just that simple you can stay a lot healthier when you're not sleeping or how people enojos as this pitariye provides the lotsstuck on for life is the ascertainable islands and nealie have such a hard time following now there you go hang out on such a here my phone my phone to went off and in one half to it something there is in an isothere not to get that kind of story and corsicans does mary christists screwing round you don't and on so yeah in you know i just i can't imagine you know have you ever thought about two what mary went though watching her son de i aye there's days that i defie broke in harder what she was she went though not as on the babies born but the amount of disapproval that she and joseph received i mean they they were kicked right out of the family i wasn't in it was as it was basically not as we think of an they stayed with family right and they weren't approved so they they kicked him out there was no room you know you guys art loving the right the right life here scorn one kicked him out into the stable is really sad and that that it's just kind of sad it was disapproval it was the rejection and a in interesting that you know the rest of us i think if we saw somebody who was pregnant within our family ah you know you'd like get out of the way and help them into your house even if you were your house or her if you were followed the pregnant lady would come in the house and you be taken they did not even if they were full they should of you know but they didn't eat it it was a disapproval it was rejection and that's really too bad you know we needn't always know god's plans and if we treat all people the way that we would want to be treated in that situation i think that's all we need to really know to go forward and is there anything else you want to say it's about eleven o'clock he and i think that if this may actually be a good place to stop i've got some work to do ford's more and on the next day i have coming over but i think it this is i think this is might be a really good place to stop em talking about prayer and she i would i think this is a kind of interesting i'm not read one more passage in recent years america's military leaders much like much of our nation have nearly forgotten the christian origin of the great nation the of the greatest nation of the world has ever known least committed to america's christian heritage have been many of the commanders of the air force intimidated by secular secular rests atheists agnostics and every form of irreligion many of america's leaders of completely forgotten if they had ever known at the example such for the military by the father america george washington let any military leader of american not only scottie the life of washington as an example of military leadership but particularly studying his general orders and they will find in the very first site of his general orders the command to the men serving under him not to neglect attendance at worship not moslem or buddhist but christian was there is no other receive for success a nation than the one given by a archispongi fathers as president john adams said the greatest the general principles of christianity if america and her military speaker one again she will have to follow the example by her founde father and i think that's a great a great oh you know example for all of us to go back to our christian roots to go back to the bible learn how we're supposed to be responsible to each other and in a in a spirit of humility and service to each other and more importantly to gods and spend her time pray that you write to pray young fraser dear heavily father were so excited about this season before us the birth of your only begotten son jesus or so thankful that you saw as worthy that you would give your only begotten son to save us from our sins we things we do we do wrong we acknowledge that were imperfect they were born a sinners and that the only way to haven is thy faith in the death and resurrection of your precious son who gave his life for us we thank for thankful for all of those men and women who have given their life the ultimate sacrifice for a nation who gone before us to give us the freedom to live in the nation the greatest nation that the world has ever seen the roots and the of everything the source in the woods of everything we need is right he first of all a rets praying to you that we stay focused on what's important on a relationship verson foremost with you because you'll give us all the answers she instructions for for our lives to be full of peace joy and ah and purpose living with you walking the path that you saw before us we are where think for the in also the instruction book you gave us to ronny a godly governance would go right back to the beginning of our country may not have been perfect but it's best system that's scome round yet and we know that you gave it to us that we can if our hearts are right that sandford most are how parts are right then the nation works but we all need to be right with you in a closer rock with you please draw us all as a nation close to you walking with you putting other people knowing that were here to serve you first and foremost that these or job it's not our comfort it's not in what we want it in what you want that your will be done on earth as it is now happy birthday jesus this is exciting we are so excited going forward and in the season and we asked that we would carry the calm the peas of your holy spirit with us in every situation that we could bring the light of christ and to the lives of others thank you for every single person out there we ask that you would that you would restore our real all relationships that you give us the words to say when when there's maybe a rub going on between people or that there is a disagreement that we would be able to bring and and and heeling to all things we ask you would heal those with with physical problems going on right now and also those people who have had lost as with had great losses with the people that we love to this this whole time that we've been living through and we just ask that you would reach out to each and every one's people and won know that that you're taking care of their love to one and that your sitting right there with them and can walk on through these difficult times guide us as we go forward because you are our provider we have nothing to worry about we can we can approach life every day with the peace and the joy and the expectation that you will do exceedingly more than what we could ever expect in in all in all such thank you so much we love you and happy birthday jesus having birthday to you we will be rejoicing now and every day of our life and tell that glorious day where we meet with you face to face in heaven and jesus named pray men amen a man so anyhow any last words here oh just everybody's face say and have a good day don't worry about all the details sometimes people is like a wedding sometimes people get all worried about the details we were so low cenher i like a side we don't have kids so let makes it a whole lot easier for a free don't have to have a whole bunch of traditions every christmas they but in its hard for some people there's every year there are people who had lost loved ones and struggle through this time because of all the memories associated with it and there would be people who are having some special hardships and like downwas praying oh i just want to encourage everybody to keep in mind you not alone we're all in this together dis con be okay i really believe that this next year is got ah destreak to say this year was the year of astonishment but i think maybe that's a good label for next year i think we're going to see even more craziness i'm entertaining laughing every day if you are not laughing there's something wrong there's so much going on sometimes sometimes here in outrage and sometimes you just have to laugh and i now very like inserens to laugh you've got to be laughing because this is a very special time in our country and the it's going to be really really interesting in the year to come too oh yearssenator what it is more like an it re were like a roller hosterie now and think we're like over the thrill of the thrill of being over like the theyknow justabout hit in the water here and you know this like keep your hands in the air were going for a ride take the wheel is usbecause is this going to be going to be interesting good sense to hero get us through anything right well go on is to imagine what a what we've gone through so far just this year i mean i never met don't i met don a last year but oh boy we watched you to run for governor which is not over and ah we've had rallies we've had petitions but didn't go anywhere we have times in it before a board of canvassers he had elections we've had carcasses you you fat all kinds of weird things happening but ah i preciate you in the times that we had we always got to laughing so hard every time we get together and you're a missed out when in she was around going to restaurants and so on if you didn't get to go to one of those occasions we you've missed out on an little party because wherever donna is is the party not i i may have got i actually got a rule rule developed son of humor i find a lot of things really fanyana ah doesn't doesn't really matter how bad things go i think it's i think it i'm no i'm no one i eitheron that is going to sit there and look at things going bad i might be alone noid for a little bit but then after the annoyance gets past or something i'll find something smart to say about it and in saloonman we both latinianum carnes amazing means i love her means some some of mahala's actually i should fall up the mean that oh garry sat what and it was with hope won't talk in a pot by twins because we both had the papering on which pepe is my favorite all this is another one my favorite thanks here you go he pages locative happyevery thing papa is i might do and all pepe course some day cause it that so much i lohe is that there's a pepper for every season so anyhow someone a garry botsaris and was like a man he was going to use only one of manila all she will share a pair of something like that or where do i by these for i want to get these fables are great and then my son had printed me the i have gary in his graciousness gave me that said it earrings and then when he got his new pepet earrings sanese replaced those very graces of great gift and it was real he is like look now we match and i like ye all i need is a most so next thing i know he sons over over a dock to the men with the i find that a minute might we won't publish this no but it's funny and may be in sore i could publish i will i will i got menoient ione it to me says i got to make of me and were most tactics i could do that so i took a picture of him and didn't write there in a spot so thet's quinoidine chainfrom now it was in a tecmessa i shouldn't know i keep from you ebenaceaethe said any told you it was my fault yes that was me that i that i sent it to him and he sent it to i can find fine an ostentation no minute yes i astrengthened i really do think it wars i take me there were it a nice so so carrigare has got this big you've got a big moss tasting he is the one of the pitchers of every thinking he is one that always horse the big cow boy hat schon and ah when he's got the big mustache and besides it's like a you don't know gary he needn't know gerry nearestand human being totally amazing but he's got pretty attic musstash i'm just going to tell you that right now god he's got the ape so i'll leave you with his little thick lot oh ye carry comes on soseogar fall oh seesee i okay and who the shipper here comes in coming i'm going to bring it in all right garry to everbody chagrin we're going to go hottenpots the soul here as can be done with a be medentur into garry here decided he there cared oh no we lost careen oh i know she's probably sented to out there you go carrot it yeh i got it all right garry for you i'm going to do it here's dan with the garry mustache right there i think that's so funny i serious well done and resonabliche image of view in front of the capitol with your one cross where you're like yet we're going to get this done that one a child poiontai just it was just not as cool the only way i could do that has had a cold bath at an the only thing in reaching distance from the right not to be as cool as carey is always cool his carries cool right the only way could do this it cowmeate the only thing i have in rechstrin feria notalike this i look like there's donasana hat right there anyhow i have a great have a great christmas laugh have a good time be selling you silly it's okay to be selling you don't have to you know teach other people how to laugh too and have a good time that's a it's important part alike be a little silly it's okay to be and enjoyed thanks you know when it when you're a little bit crazy give everybody round you leeway for behavior it's a good way to deal with things honestly there's times be sserous it is time now have a great great week end anyhow here got his part of the show dominating to go nesting and nothing brandenberg forgottentoronto and i am still not conceiving the election for sokiti because this is what we do we fight like a flat and we keep fighting like a flat we make general flron on us we keep going we don't back down we burned the bolts we go forward when every one out there has given up it will not be used not give up we and we do it joe a good purpose to e so it's it's all good so at any rate enjoy christmas in joy the you know celebrations celebrate the birth of our saviour that's the real meaning of the the real reason for the season right there is that we have eternity to celebrate together as the family of god and every day is a new adventure no matter what it is even if there's a difficulty is a new adventure see how smart we are or how will we follow god to try to figure our way out of things things that are evil or help these people around along the way that just need some extra so in whatever it may be may be st visiting in or praying with people or whatever at any at any rate mary christmas to you all mary christmas god bless you god bless all those whom you love all of them and god bless america you're not alone we're all together in this and it's going to be a great future we just have to we just have to stand strong together and never give up and keep our eyes open for nogote blessings that are around us each and every day make sure that our focuses on blessing these people that are around us and standing firm on our convictions and ever ever ever giving up and love and compassion and a injustice when it needs to be brought to the table but if you can land openland a hard enough that did not tingitan so there you go a merry christmas karen this was certified to day little bit on the lighter side and now we can send talkotins all day long and he but there's all soldiers life outside of politics and i think you and i are at work we kind of obsessive researchers so we get into subjects and we go in and we go and we go and we go and we go because we see that that fight is so amazing whether's actual real people behind all every one that's out their fighting with families and hearts and things that are important at themnothing that they just like to do so anyhow mary christmaseve one love every one we will be back i think next week but i'm going to let her body know because ah ah i've got so much family around it kind of the kicking around maybe taken a few days off not and that doing the upper single day so probably not going to be on monday i think i'm going to take monday off ah next and ah and but i'll i'll post it on telegrams already knows it when when i'll be back to keep your eyes open because it will be found oh no ok ok this is one snoring on the to the jesus her was peering everybody else mary christmased proud estandarte gary it and silius i love it so merry christmas to every one and a sense big lop a great mass your hilarious your absolutely that were to get off kameragh now and she in our going to be an absolute hysterics here mary christmas