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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/9/2023 - Election Integrity - Locus Standi Investigation Update

Published June 9, 2023, 9 a.m.

Election Integrity - Locus Standi Investigation Update with an investigative panel including: Scott Aughney - Jackson County, Bonnie Gustavison - Gratiot County, Clarissa Filhart - Isabella County, and Anna Pierce - Lapeer County. Update on Locus Standi Progress and some targets for future investigations. Locus Standi is the criminal investigation into the Michigan Secretary of State and the Michigan Bureau of Elections. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the ninth day of june twenty twenty three and i'm so later here to day now i ve had the privilege of talking to some erymas in people over over the time that i've been kind of out in the public in more active when i and i got to tell you is spurious this morning that are going to come to count be poling away why because very few people that i cannot that i consent really can flutter what thrown everything they have in to the fight for this nation and i'm going to tell you right now the people with election integrity force are and the top of my list right now of of the individuals who have put everything that they have all of themselves than to read making sure that the re elections are safe it would be integrity we have of the gone after the two twenty etonthey gone after the twenty twenty two election only tired process and very pleased to introduce some greinord here to i think you relegate this so without without any more delay i wanted to as much to as they as they want i'm going to bring him on right now and say good morning to morning and every one how you do it at morning great for the morning i think we lost scot here we go a scot how you goin well seeing yet scouts got there come here about it he scottocorni is cotidian then see can introduce the rest of the lady he now sometimes this is what you get it's real news for real people by real people and the wichensale so just gives some mental get some of the connectivity issues good or old nowowing i'm doing great how are you to hopeless dotted are you ready for me yes i memoriam actually called from northern michigan the i'm called from northern michigan this morning and i call an in from nor dominchin and it's a bit dusky here because of the vast wild firing canada that is i logeying over lake huron to the west so oregon blow better the the ah the dust and the dusk thetting a moving westward well we got a lot of fighters in michigan right now i brought the map up yesterday and i can add it all added a little later to see if it there is so many fight wild fighters and the state of mosciano canada and i'm not buying the bold craft that they're all ye know that they all dis kind of half and it seems to me like they seem to be a little bit too and touch and all the create chaos but in how as i'm always running to talk to me because you and i i think have the same intensity of saavedra otherwise the drive coming he forcing there we were on the refreshed i think women have undertaken as a small segment of people that have undertaken huge rolls in the locustid criminal dessiatins and they their huge contributors and anything they had pitied the current of american women and mysie and i am proud to ward side by side with so these women and the other women that i even very blessed to to work to try to i bring justice not only election integrity but justice to our election process and i like the producingmother of the general magnetitic location but we have annumeration we have bonny from grasscountry and we have clorissa from isabella con there and they've all been huge contributors they are fighters this so wonderful to see and much like yourself they've got to you come on in and out there so not right that one more times because that kind of broke up out o the moon both themselves know what scot i lost most of what you saw the less to his fitfulwho call and oh i'm not sure organcontaining arikatoch try to get you just came back and we can try again yeah i don't know you are you got able to see me or we all kind of drop him off now it's just you here i'm going to vacantthen off there unless a suit by pale i i got it i got to come i can if you can tell me to come in to tonacatecotle will get rid of fever of good i got there on now get that and how i each one of these women i don't know where i drop a cartoon never no not quite as kind o like it's kind o on and off here the little can you see me yea i can see of what your michaeland your computer is kind of one in out can you turn it off on your computer the microphone i become ariosto now now he discerned him ah now you're microphone on the stream yard are there go not just talk how oregon yet now we're good that i had introduced him sonsino to on the sitogoniometer monica look strayed that adage we're going to keep trying to sell yet it right you know but just schemes let patience here is what happens when people are on the rolandina there gallicised work now try that against ye can hear me right yes again sarihenentha oceola you now were not given me i go with the microphone to let me just leave him like poleon all right only now i'm goin to turn it over i'd like it if we can have each person okay i'm in a menwere do you the sole differently guys sorry about this hold out all right now let's see this todistan on computer of all then and restring ordenana well we do wish alpenstock found following asha you have come with everybody and just means the his rapetanplan of theronides fortieth appeasers something ligno westemyster i can well try that first genooine back to the native as to sarcasming eyes and for oenologist out you know this happens when it's real people and not people that are professionally in studio or really bringing the truth and quite hornthere all volunteers out there and i really proud to stand with all of you please introduce yourself one of the time we start with and of the clerics of the body and appears i'm prone lapeer county i lived here and look here for nearly thirteen years or as thatowen anything else either then in with eloise come back to the assistant cracious salteranno clarissa good morning i'm corsiare i an avis bellaccount i've been here for nearly thirty years for finding his state to soonerand to counting on a large long number and i highrolling one he's got some housework in her own town is so of honeslow piscandi investigation and i'm so proud of you can can you each of you give a little bit of a rectory working round one that with an anna can you give a recaptor canon while we got to clarissa these i had been working in an isabella county i started first with the ballots and looking through those in the tabulator tapes and came up with nothing and then scott came all pleasant when he was running for the chair of the geopend slay my being heard by any one i'm not hearing anything on his oh i this right now in her here a little bit with that about it the connection is really bad to day he's going clericales so when scott came to mount pleasant and spoke about election integrity i approached him afterward and got some feedback regarding the back end of the plernic system and so he explained that we weren't going to find it in the balance that it was the electronic portion and seventy bescencan i had him come then to unitedly stand meeting where he outlined how this electronic data is being now once more or less to cook the bolt so it gave us a direction to have in order to find the truth in what taking place that he is an amazing amount of work he guys had done i was up there and spoke to the group up there and what a wonderful group of patriots and in it it's so in owen's cot came up in to ah in then he came to the meeting that i was talking to two and i just really preciate everybody up in that area how hard everybody is working to come together on the moniment with us nobody all right i go stevisson from the grandchild i i've started this quest back in twenty twenty two i had tried to a log into the secretary of state to see who at my husband's information laws and requested absentee ballot and he was nowhere to be found so then i thought to my local clerk and that absolutely no support talked to the county clerk and after months pushing back i finally found out that his state of earth was wrong so i question was that his vote ever come who knows in twenty ton we had put this electronic system in place if it was wrong for them or where that ere hapned to say i hear conetoro meeting in my hostess that ormaneto world i wonder if there's a connection here who wanted it by now what was happenthere so i shared my story and a couple of meetings and i had forty two fold and gradoni decidethat like when franois his extreme change sisters should so his kenwere at we all have some missing pieces and re requested those pieces for her a local queer and i found ocupe of them but i have nineteen precincts so in missing a lot of information i giving a lot of push back and anderson that they don't have the information which ensure for that wodenethe my story where we're at he pushed forward to begging and went to our counting commissioner and making and shared that animation and i got to tell you they are pretty apathetic they didn't want to hear anything we had to say they didn't everything to do thee with the elections and the desolate so because i'm not a lawyer i recant interpret the laws what they told me to like to see that its that live on you two with gradoni coming commissioners and so pretty prostrating the lack of apathy and not interested i don't know if they don't have the knowledge they don't pear or what but it's pretty discouraging that this leaderships are just taken a back seat lets get rolled over by levers changing stock whether one for bispele hiding valedor missing the a bird there was soanesoane that's been my experience here cause i went to get my information and i actually had a witness listened in on the call because it was so such an exact it was just incredible i mean she just looked in such sounds like the try to hide something and to the thinkasking it back and forth from one subject to another to avoid have an answer to classification have any formation here we just got information from secretary state that we are not or the board of election it we are not allowed to talk about the sisters not going to crackedhave at all unlike whitehaven to this day have all the inanimation were like the law reconorterin and as she said the only thing we have is the one dread i'd like so in we've got his racioneros nowhereeditors did you like home and she's like now i didn't win mooseskin and life in stonington you want the directed the town steppedst rid of all the tintings she is like one well wisher othernot entirely empty to be empty by the nettleton gonewell have no information here she has no oligodontid and elinor and i was so far by that there have you no township and county that have kept information some the antenorid and all of a sudden scramble we have electrisation in as anything i've seen in my entire life they are all most of gather the hiding asteracanthion were stupid and that we don't understand what trewe going on here but it's corruptin the chap the bite and the clerks might mengeneral theenmaga the clerks shohela of them i believe are local clerks are feeling like their then pothook and hearts they are following house and when i pointed out montonero my shantered the law with him and they men have already wiped the thumb drives and sure that their feeling like all my god so they reached out to the concert with his three out of the mire of alechan is more each one have gotten directions that their all to go in classes or acosto work with relieved agates oneeternal clerks of their overstepping or coercing them in the hiding the information it pothecaries erda and ask her is in the main neal in etheopian reconstruct this was of and i ask that and she said no i haven't not in a smoking on disheveled in it it was a lonely to them the law and you could be constructed and how is it for your legally onefor months you no longer will the law if you didn't know it's one thing but now you do know so now the different standard there trying to help them you are becoming and for some reason it followedanother as onecotonolapes not the answer any my question for there colewort you're not to the few good in to no what cesfoord for me my precinct works for me i electionscoronation i elected her it's it's just nonsense just doesn't make it the part of the problem they could part solution of me to want doit while they go on to the get along night world and of it when you are that kind of talk on management instead of the descontentement we've got a big problem and i i'm waiting for this to roll up to directly to nostrianno this plant osses like whiteness are right in the middle of the derashot there call orlansthe giving people orders and the colemans is that when you are given in order that ye know is wrong and orderthat into the right then now you responsible for that and that becomes you don't the therein there right in the sonority without giving dream given the orders on fortunately but and i think this point time i think we can all agree with it youletthe all committed esoteries on at the cock and now it's trickling down and we're going to see how many of em can or fall tracking hear us now yes i can your yes perfect of some scenes somehow i notecopies though shettleston told both okay i thought ye what do ye what audience talking about is she it is actually very permitto the problems were escorting crossed and i she she made a great great point i caught there you don't what right now many if not all of the few exceptions most of the cord a right now part of the problem when they could be part of the city which one know what most of them have experienced so much he went to call it a brain washing if you want clinocoris among whatever is they have been basely laid out the directives are the law and the law doesn't mean a thing they're not looking at any other laws other than directives and one specific law the michigan mirletons it's now focus down with her legality i'm in it it's imselfthe dot to forty three and there may i can be arguments of cyber security issues which is not an issue and to be honest with are they telling us these things are not unwind if that is the case why is there any capers security with have they tested he asked the miscomprehend running round tests in each township city each present where the morning montenotte got sermon whether not there is an kind o cyder secure whether not their signals on we've not heard a thing from the miskin mirelle tion would regard to testing mother not there is any wireless networks the rack of weather not they have tested the lap tops that these men escolliers then do you think a very very broad i a very broad i vision the polish copy that the corks giving us this evidence is a tierce and to beyond the swift there make thee the assertionevery ere we alone was and having lawfully attained who was or on the mister to lay out whether not there is legitimate sacres curteous shoe on care when they laid out to judge or needed in its to be done the public form okay they do public testing public accuracy are these tabulators why are they not doing the same with regards to the lapp they don't think these last and i think there are other reasons why they don't want to turn ashes every god others the law called them see athelete when folks about the poles to hold thee the electronic pollok gave the chain of castanos the the calincourts office gets a copy of these four the fort corinthians but the rest naissos to be filed and copies of everything supposed to be filed in the local corks now even with the meskanblec tion in art they telling us that time is given a load and some port it moskenoed who it is eating up loaded then they don't need we don't go through them oh it's going up laneboth law the chain of custody on this is not with the michigan bureau of the chain of coster is with the local clerks that is the number one chain cuss seek the county clerks solstices for the state bloodhoun boards is got in othin would nothing more then obstruction a justice what is going on they are using these cock obstruct evident from coming to the surface that will implicate the highest of stone state of miscon to the three because i believe i have evidence to day to nestle may be tied to obstruct i miss but the highest officers of state mishe involved in conspiracy involved in in obstruction justice the more most specifically involved in altering or public elections and this deeply disturbing place for giving out went to ramble on because i don't know if you've gone through chlorocharis perishesthe back over to you i think we've been jumping around a lot evidentfor a little bit everybody put a little bit of disentranced themselves and how they got involved in such but we can well discompound we'll be clareshur expert so like i said earlier i went first to look at the ballots and then i went to my clerk and started looking into this hole for what forescotan the clerk are not aware of this oh ecod an information that in the pollodoton all so our board and lies township actually voted for our clerk to preserve that information from november of last year and when she received her flattrie back from the county in april she did retrieve this information that scott had pointed us to and she was confused her word was confused when she realized that there was data that she never printed reports from present so furthermore that same time i reached out to the denver township clerk to let her know that it was there because i had had a conversation with her regarding this information and he never brill in regards to whom letting me know that she was able to acts i folded the information from her for may aton's he quitted me to lory bourbonne and then she pointed me to the county and am ultimately she did not provide any of the day to that i had requested however the sweet monition her insurance and i'm not prone to say that but it did get some people talking and so a supervisor over dunbar a supervisor previously and burdenton ship and then to clarence and three other is abolonia republican party members met this week because now they want to have a conversation with us that are going forward with these complaints they want to have sit down and find out what's going on because there concerned for their clerks safety position and am apparently there was a season desist placed on one of them so we are moving for it is not in love most i don't know it's not a means set about it go forward you know finally that somebody's insurance we need not then clerks attention and let them know that they are representing us and that this vision of ada is unacceptable because it's our evidence i'd like you to talk more about finally in against the insurance that's really interesting to me what did you do and how to do it so i asked first the clerk for her surety bonds and insurance information and she provided to me and so she also contacted their agent with the insurance to let him know that i had requested it and he contacted me and so i needed to outline by email all the documents my requests or denials the laws the evidence for my town ship been directives from the nero and a secretary of state you know i had to nineteen attachments of evidence for this insurance agents and for now i am at a hold i need to wait until this adjuster reaches out to me and so they have this insurance it's an insurance that they're going to perform the duties of their office as they signed the oaths that they were going to do and so which designed the oath to keep our records then she should be keeping our records rather than to leading them according to policy or interruptive yet though that's that's a good process if yo if yo can get through the insurance companies that sounds like that's a that was really smart way to approach that as well as having your documentation to back what you say now that's so important to have that i shot you have anything else as say there are words that you want to bring forward or yes no i got for you what cherisshers hawking about is the surety once every public official ah in the state of michigan have to carry i am a surety bond in other words that is a bond against basically the job performance take their must execute law fully i can according to the rights of august it must execute their i there duties of fate and what you have is an extensive amount of public fish they have told this regard for that including in a situation in with clarissa and the complainants and isabel county that also includes the prose are manning david barber who has i in my opinion told this regard for his oath of office and i can't go into de hills on it if this time but i am we are still doing some lilies with the prosecutor's office in isabel a county by a antell you this there is a lot asiawell know there's a lot of lips or with regard to a public official also offered that they're just motions it's all they are for most what we fish they have no regard for i had for actual execute of their old sub office and we need the very need to apply that else of office every day they walked in to a government building it is not this one time thing where you going for the camera or can be on you too so you can say a hears me give him my oath of aoristin my oath of office that doesn't mean a thing you need to be with that oath of office unfortunately most public officials are not when i'd like to say in the case of clarissa and bonny grasscountry they have had significant significant issues with the county c the county clerks and the local corks veris actually law that such that the corks had the ability to initiate investigations if there is concerned about specific issues with regards to integrity of the election system that includes the record what should system is not just about a tabulators not just about giving your driver's licence so he can scan it when you walk in the the election system is also about the record at the very end and that is where we have the problem it is with these public race and there is told this regard from the michigan der elections and senseless time i talked with i about this there's been a lot that is coming to play with the miscontrolling say of hired a law for in down town wanting as a matter of fact the same law for that represents the county government in bodies county grass soon there's a huge conflict of interest going out with these municipal attorney okay the east municipal attorneys number one i think it is i am it is a huge huge error in the thought process of the government to allow municipal attorneys to represent so many other municipalities there needs to be a change in the laws which regards that their needs to be a change in an application that because what we have found in our appeals and clarissa and borne in the people mcconkey and in in annis conyear can all costily to this you have these municipal attorneys interrupted letting maybe they represent a town shipper and they represent a ton of theirs matter fact hegeman i am a com county i think maybe i shall next week he did to appeals and mccallion the foe denials and in the morning he did ray township in the company while the attorney was here and i forgive me i don't have her name in frontem later that day in the second appeal before the board it was the same attorney okay at that is a conflict especially if it is the county being represented by the same spultures that represent state agents that is a huge problem in bonis case that law formed body can repent that law for that law from representative elections and they represent a grassy county body de ray of the men that lowered townsites he had to look yes oh no absorbed cole stoker and husky there tooter stoker and tartan they are represented to misshapen to pose and our foes okay there working in corser they working with the county clerk of isbel county indios well that's a huge conflict of interest on the dessert yet the getting away with it okay they're getting away with this conflict of enters you have stated officials you have county fish getting away with his the horse do not mean a thing with the the laws do not mean a thing and you want to what then they ought to be a they ought to be recognizing this you are have the state officials to an in theresomething wrong here wouldn't need immediately tried to stop this sort of thing and i tell you what we have very little recourse we are working with the turning out but i tell you what the fact that you have colleen of a municipal law for that is working with the michigan perfection and is working with these old you don't think they're not pushed the buttons of each county clerks who are pushing the buttons of the local cock i daren't i got news for you that without question at this happening as the getting away with it because in my opinion down at the goopes no oppositon they're no opposition and and i blame them i blame a lot other signs but i tell you what if anything was a big things i've learned in this whole lectionesvarious on captivatem is the level of corruption that is out there and he will justify everything they do that is the problem they're doing it isabella counting their doing it granice sir fact we met before bonny had got none genda if the grass chicony board commissioners meeting i believe it son tuesday this past we and i tell you what they had no interest in hearing this they had no comments they were more than happy to go out and walloon or i accolades to a i a group ah it was there a i believe it was a child havessero p that is over the oversight is through the prosecutors and they had they spent quite a better time to an abrader okay and the concocters at various comes for when by the got up there and when a woman that was with her speaking and then i spoke too ah they had very very little to say the only thing that becoming commissars came back and responded to us is because i specifically called out the chair of the county board cost and and oh it was it was a it was just a very very very hor response from these board costs it seems like it seems like a seems like they would be more in the ante understand what is going on that chair at that grass oconore commissioners who washes hands from it were not involved were not involved we don't need to dothe this roll over mentality from from public officials this roll over mentally from long forcement de stroller mentally from harptones sonetto end or this country i we are in serious serious trouble when you discover the mentally these if i do grisounite protection it racket is what it sounds like is that some like they're all protecting each other and it also sounds like your sagreda of intimidation and coercion on these and you know because it is sure feels like an assured looks like they're all working together in order to continue to put those people and place that they select they improved and that will work with them to continue to cover each other's behind and the steel of this nation and i'm i guess my word to the clerks is like let's make good choice and ladies or gentlemen because if you don't you're committing treason right relucientes coronet that eighteen c asked as two three eight aneantisement therein is short drops so so and i am you you talk about closin months amongst his let me tell you what these clerks with the pert local clerks don't understand in terms of his hereafter came to power he came to power primarily cause one thing at the very beginning and that was the co operation of course there was in the whim or republic and whether he did into intimidation or whether he did it sweet talking does he matter what matters is those or sic worked gold okay by i have writ you was the strange thing is happening to day and it is happening with the election prs and i tell you what i i happen to be the opinion both parties are part in parts of to this you are i have had this discussion extensively i am and i am now an enemy of the party because i believe it is it is is designed to harness power to is not designed to for a republic and more in icertainly run its course in this country it is running to out it's a topper it's a call the th and most of our systems that are out there are coltman tilities that people try to guard or the favor of those above them for either a recognition for fame for favors and such and so i asinestrians somebody that's that you know just to porchlike the rest of a trying to make it right we have to make those decisions on a daily basis not to not to be used as the menwithin that movie despicable me you know you've got the guy that set on top and all the little yellow minions running around doing his bettweene very careful that we don't fall into that clenlinesse person out there has the opportunity to be a hero by thinking for themselves refusing to go along to get along and refused to do the bidding the centralized whether being elections or or anything we have to think for ourselves and every single person that does an act of defiance whether it be you know we what we went through this already with the masts being told what to do that we found out i guess what they're used there used in this to kill people the nonsense in the hoss that all the you know the coved staff the jab whenever we want to say to ledge back scene and such and now we've got this inter this mentality and are elections going along with a party going along with what they tell us to do to be intimidated or coerced into our behavior instead of telling telladull pounds set you don't find somebody else to your dirty where foregoing to stand as americans together and we were going to refuse to be an enemy of the name yes and done at em in this locus stadium thatste if the and i you that as a plural because each county maintains its antinomy in terms of investigation we are doing things that i think our kind of across the board something that i've done and when the locust state celtisation when the basic precept and the basic or locust anti crime company was laid out i worked with a woman from election integrity force named joan and i wrote hooker yes she's wonderful and i worked with her i am to kind o formulate the themthe line of investigation the criminal complaint we had the criminal complaint the nine point criminal complete review by a former assistant prosecute and then we took it to the counties okay and i guess i did not originally anticipate the leadership response we ended up getting and what i have been able to do is basically go in do these locustae presentation kept these things started in those counties and the kind of step aside and be as mechanism for the people leaving the county efforts and in the case of bani that scratched in the case of his bell county its clarissa and i another another woman and am in lapereau have anna you have a michael and mccalmont m and h the other counts we have out there we have nancy down in line we have a jenifer in jackson it's been very inspiring that these people have taken the ball have taken the laws and run with and what we've discovered i mean everybody these two women here on this conversation with us they get out and they had very little knowledge if any knowledge at all of the electronic pull book gradata of public records with regards to the electors there was a there is not much there for i think both of them can touch ified to that but what they did as they got in the pool stuck the food and to test you know the temperature of water and then they go in okay that's the case with mosses people we've had a couple of counties the i think of dropped the ball one hundred per cent but most of the counties the be able to pick it up and run with and get in that pool and swept now the people were having trouble with getting in taken you know taken to swim or the public find okay these are the people that have resisted us and for your viewers and listened the electronic poll book roudatain is produced the night of the election it is produced by the local clerks or the city clerks ok that rodetabille contains the corroborating evidence not for everything but for a couple o keep pieces of it of evidence it is it contains a corroborating evidence that the mission perlections is altering the public record okay the miscorrection is using these cock keep the evidence in a normal cor law you would be charged with hindering prosecution or obstruction adjusted okay why is it the miscorrection does it in the get away with it because we have not all long forcement but we have weak low forced men but right now the the i guess we have opened some doors with some prosecutors we have reached a couple of prosecutors ongoing out where these prosecutors are in terms of their oath of office in terms of a rule law or goin to find out whether the just there to coast to their county penitence or whether they're going to do their job and execute there duties to the best of their ability because i tell you what that that is the big thing that is what the locus standi that is the end of the locus standi is the prosecute and we're going to find that out i happen to believe we have had some very very solid linforce ment we've had a lot of weak conforment who have rolled over and there is a law once succeed that night forty one i believe is the one i might be a wrong in that by a there's a law that long enforced sheriffs police officers peace of are required by law in the election segment and in the regular misingall if you brought the if you brought the complaint as to invest and there a couple i know in annis in an escape she had a little township long forced agency he told it now that's that's mischans place attorney general now it isn't the law says otherwise law says you should be investigating it if they come to you with the crime complaint and the cup the police chief rolled over they're running into the saint problem in the cold country now i can tell you in grasset isabel a county fortunately each county we ah we filed complaints with free long forcemeat all three long forced me agencies in each county file the reports and sent them to the priests and so they didn't nessarily run into that problem there i think there were other issues the came into play with em the investigative process there but in other counties you have loved forcement that now that's wish could state police that's tregennow it is and let me tell you about the michigan attorney general what is important to understand again the misconsture general is the legal representative for the michigan bereflection his conflict of i welcome her to try to get these cases i welcome i am hoping eventually to bring charges against her in another area and for another reason but i welcome her den in vessel frulein dana try to hear harness outside the court because i tell you what i think that's what the waiting on is to get through where their chargers are almost charges are being brought where i the bureau elections become higher higher scrutiny than dan onesel steps on to save the day says no you can't invest at i have the authority to investigate election which is a crocale on because i tell you what plenty long fortement agencies have been investigating election self in the past the first time but the law says they have de shorty to st so ah we have again a we have we have conflict of interest we have what i think is atrocious ice on the part of public officials they get away with we have laws on the book we're here and trouble getting in or and what is the point of having laws if you re not going to enforce slots and i tell you what i we have situation isabella county where as hard knows is those two women and there's been a third person it got involved the later on he a good man that got valve even tenacious in trying to uncover the true trying to get to the to get the evidence on cove and you have now these courts trying to go after them pride to say that their harassing trying to say that i am that they're not nice while you are now do you have prechours affirmed we have to be nice we have to obey the law okay but were not required to be nice to public fish and i toleration you know of their breaking the law erlinton there and not be of use of but to be to be a sort of man and know your rights going in there so that when you do go sesies like like the clerk here she refused to give me the electronic holback because she suited the bird your of elections said that they were not to turn it over now they're supposed to be able to do that by redacting only two different commons eornoste e off that request and denied the request and then she was late getting a response to me by mail she was outside of the five days right this is the problem it is all right for them to break the law it is perfectly fine for them to break the law o god forbid we should i'd be persistent in pursuing the truth then they sarcoline it harassment that is what is happening the moral compass is this okay in these public officials in isabela counting ingression in jackson come now our cusing us of harassment no it isn't you don't what we can for and we can take these actions against you i by law because we are within our legal rights and i tell you what they the public officials they need they need to take a very very very close examination of their co office because it tolentino case in the township that you are in i am familiar with that case and i tell you you said it she did a directive the law says provided with the rejected couple pieces information real simple the brecon doesn't want that out there asking these clerks and the county clerks obstruct justice on our behalf that is what is being hard that's that's exactly what was said and and she kept going back and forth with her story with me when i tried tenterdown and she would it would it would change her story would change her what she was telling me would change and then she got so frustrate me asking questions about who i the information and she wouldn't answer and thus like a set to white like no i don't witnessed on somebody wiped dickson's tell me that we don't have it and that it went all to the county and then to the stake so my question of that is if they transferred this to the county and then to the state we know they transferred it to china we've got one point eight million election workers information over in china right now that we know is over there where the security the security isn't against townit's against asserting to keep us out of what they did to protect their criminality and its real easy to see you can't you can't look at this without having any critical thinking and come to any other conclusion because it went right to chinasters and watch my mashie dogs here to my mansion it you know which is basically china's a country without orders right now it's the criminal it's the global crime syndicate we have going and it's all over the world it's not just in we have no we have no complaint with the people of what we do have is the isn't issue with as global crime syndicate that is going under the different names and labels to try to get us to trust their hate or whatever to set you against each other instead of say guess what it is a global crimes sinigian y all are involved in this and so you either he either walk away and do the right thing and stand with america with we the people or you are guilty of treason and that goes from the top it goes from green a with from queen gretchen her squire now soul and court jester benson horse sitting at the top and it's going to trickle down the foot soldiers the minions in the clerk's offices and then like a sad the parties too what i don't understand why every one out there is a just fighting like a badger for this because if we don't have free and fair elections we don't have a country and there make it off the goneintersects the goethe gopis doing stentorian i understand your sentiments to her i think she's a wonderful person i'm very fond of her the one in our she is not and a word about the does talk about and i'm not i don't believe it's her i believe it's a people pulling pure do not want her discussing this though not wont to go pigeoning involved goethe they we have struggled in some counties finding people to do the criminal complaints why because a geepee doesn't want to promote the idea of a criminal investigation again the public officials in the gopa does not want them in tuscany because her part of it i believe heartily the gopis part of it and i tell you what you said before these political parties all of them i think our political co and i tell you what jope i have they may as well i may presentlie contextus me i'm a president jackson county and i tell you what i have hid nothing there's a few very good free thinking people the but most of them share of them as a jackson go pee he went to a township of where they are bored meeting where they were in the process of trying to confirm the deputy town of cork to become the consort okay because oh the former counselor had resigned okay she loved i think the eye there some health issues ah but she had resigned and he had had none denticle good consults on cork as the other the original tonsile the chair of the jackson go pee who has refused to participate in the diseteuse to allow me to speak about this ejection geopend he's rotten to the core he went out and decided he had said what i'm here to no question you about election integrity and are you going to investigate sects well you know the interesting thing is this he's a member of the jet he's the chair of a jackson goes he refuses to participate in my investigation the sectarian i went out there so he could be relevant so can he can appear he's a good old boy that's done wherescum and in a locomotionthe photos to cliche's important that is the problem with the geepee many of these coltings you have people more interested in being for the foods or being relevant or choice their experts on some the other candidates are not even talking about myself there were other people in jackson county that would have been far better to go out and went to candidates to become a move from being a deputy town chiclero being that the township but instead the concord commesser sent that piece of god betide because one of the county board commissioners o god and rotten scott begged in cork can is e calls friend of the jackson chair roughenings their books it's a good old voice net work on jackson county government it is a republican it's red counting it's a red county even with the city o jacks but i tell you what the goop there are nothing but a good old voice network their corrupt it's either the good old boys that work or the girl's garden cold its wonder the other there's no one between there's a couple of people that are wonderful patriots i work with something i noticed they are the free thinker the geop has a thinking problem i said this when i ran for her and i was correct about that and i was correct about the fact that the number one thing is getting rid of this selection system and we have to do it but by getting these people crimley churched i don't want to take a bold thing go back to where the other women here they have plenty to yet i don't know horotorios in her tetersall pretty good too oh gottingische yah i go i go for the i don't for the thetforthe final and result here but i think that you know colinot political parties as you know i'm not a fan of the system either in george washington's sudden at the beginning that if we go with particioneros it because it's all special interests right now we have to be mindful of the fact and like comes down to a party of and all we do as people stop up and do do what you can go and try to hold the other people accountable i do believe that we have to get oh the everybody has to get involved and when people overwhelmed the political party of the hold them a pound of all in the counties the local areas remind actually be able to in andtake people the task i think i think we've got a chance there because during it on the outside is going to require an awful lot of free thinking and lack of colemanite and that's an incremental change that we're going to have to work on became have to stop putting our tetrastick that were part of an organization and that that organization is going to be the saviour to all of our engineering only saying that we have right nowledge is teschenite at this small intimacy tems are so prophesied how it goes to his every one has to make a commitment to be the party of one fiveprotector actions not listening to the labels that we can wattlethat honestly ever almost everybody that i know right now assoles got to figure out that hollywood is just a piece of craft and that then they expected us to follow the stars and hollywood wellpeople calotropis out there now that are doing the same thing where it were part of an organization for people will jump on to those aberchirdor these people that are standing in an office whether it's a party or something and expect to what expected followers political avatars and his political heroes in his liegethe word or or or scortatores or inkling like that and going back in history yet you i know it all three realizes but alexander the great did use this claim tactics in order to take over the cultures he used us the star of the stormonly the cult mentalities sports education and an entertainment and if you got all those tied up you can take over entire culture because people want to follow these type of heroes we you know what you're all her every single person on this broadcast thnardiers every one is standing with election and terity force they are heroes and there on the ground working tirelessly i mean i called out last night he was on the roman he's out there just knocking out the miles like you can't even believe it's incredible how much time everybody involved in locassint into this and on an individual basis realizing that we can start and plant a seat but it's got a row and the people that are standing with them are going to have to take the leadership of leechification with a field of there being loved to go into and it's nice because you can always touch base with stagedand you went that bone corisanda michael and the land creepish piggott get in the game and you've got to get home in foretake a ball and run piermaster the lode i what amounts to dictators how they come to power and i remained you know there is a rock pan in a musician so i follow music abrimos but there's a rock band and i the ladies early ninety acres nineties i called living color in living colorines oh they had a song called part of the alteration of posology but an i know what that soon actually epitomizes the rise of dictator from modern dictators do not come to power by the gun and the sword the modern rotators come to power by seducing okay it's not it's the it is done totally different to day it is one you because it's a lot cheaper for you to bath the cly sell yourself into slavery verses eye versus the dictator using a force to force you to become the dictators convince you to become that i you know what the elements we have in the geop again we don't have an opposition or that we the people involved in oncestanding criminal bettison the shakers okay they have a uppercut in being able i was going at her for again for price women i think can testify i did understand the stuff at the beginning what every day they looked at the stuff they see and understand it more than more you won't i should turn over to them the explained that whole aspect of how they came to understand not clarissima be wyo oh not yah i was seeking the truth and when you came to mount pleasant and outlined the pivot all this information i had no idea it existed so i am learning continuously for every one that's working on this loca sandy every day in some one bring a new law someone bring another piece of evidence and it's just amazing how excellently its grown i i think so because again i was seeking to figure out what was going on and where the lie was and things is ultimately where yes is within us dad bonny did you or did you want to come in just your experience in getting done derstand is oh yeah certagon zerotin to ask lots had been amazed and the pool of resources in the town of that's in this committee and they bring the information whether it's just hay think about this provide laws and like a snow ball is keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger bigger i think one of the things that i gossifus rated as the appetite that's out there how do do won continebit this team the county clearer the commissioner meeting is a perfect example they are not only leaders but they are as citizens and the ingive arise so if she spretting and some people you know there's tears of thinkers and the wonderers when we got a lot of wonderers and then good to get away from us if people don't step up to the plate and be involved or ask west or even look at the stuff for themselves if every one would look at their own record and they would realize that it did touch had been doing some reviews and helping auditor edit and pet other counties and its amazing there's a lot of things that are saying but there's souls one of her while there did this person's vote count because it was on the local report but it wasn't a buralston report mine is the same way and i am now that without these date times camps that were trying to find that some of these entries are being put in and back date strong it is it's the law remembered and health care and you don't go back and take that date things in lesse at the date of the activity of cured and you pull his reports everything looks peacocking and it's not i have a train evidence that this was entered eighteen months later but when you pulled the report shows its all good well their doctoring everything and then you know in its insecticides obstruction so there's something that that of even kind of hammering here a little bit and that's new york times versus sullivan when you go to those county commission meetings and such if they tell you you've got three minutes they have no right to stop you from talking and you can actually do a personal one about here is what it amounts to throwing that owl in the have no right to truncate or discussor the time that you may speak and you can you can continue to speak it throw the low talossa decisis new york times the salvatioun talk with long as you want and if they find somebody like a share of for somebody who try try to stop you you just say okay are you going to then you're in violation of this too because then and we just set somebody that was talking about it three onely that we've been kind of coaching a little bit on this and they said that they actually started to the in immediate catilinethat now and throw that out there and the sheriff to the the long course for down because he knew that she knew her right on incountrie i know the lock you are neater to go in there and ascertain got to know you got to take time to be educated on it such a thought i throw that out there and then it because it is you have a right to talk as long as you shall not think or in fact doing a service hired to do a service restthere not our rulers and we are not their subjects we need to make sure that they and on all on all turnstilethey in mental go ahead so i got a communication from our prosecutor the day before yesterday he was just wanting to reach out to meet a let me know that some of our public officials were being harassed because of all the questions and foes etcetera so i had to kindly let him know that this is what he signed up to do you know he was questioning that mental stability of our group we have forty complainants here in isabella county many more they have an interest in the situation and he was questioning all of our mental states for how were pressing forward and being resilient against this tyranny i guess this ultimately what it is the overthrow that staking plates the cool of the nied states of america as one is and they don't like it and you know talk about metals stability i don't think any of mackereth committed trees and have any mental stability and i'm real proud you guys that go in after them like a like a pinopolis not lettin go on to use that's one an employer doseper holds tropacana to do the job of their supposed to do you don't give people excuses and that's why we don't have accountability you guys are doing to perfect job and i'm really proud of ye you know keep on we need to keep on the runlitt and ah i i believe we do and i think can't stand up to grass to the get out because he's your job you haven't done it but to you don't let sinow and get out because somebody else or donedangerous yet do him the connittecock treating has got to go it but i want to thank you take the time to a and a a to cool this is morning or i think it was good that you had a chance in our viewers and listeners had a chance to meet some of the people the involved investigations and various counties and i would encourage an if you have people listeners in counties if they are they can contact me directly at the see of seven gmail decamp thus as in sam he is in egerston always an octopus ethers and frank than the numeral subenami at com but if they contact me directly there an we can see whether not we have an active investigation already or warned that his regetting or whether not we can get one ah instigated nepticula county i know i some people my role in this i am a whistle bower i am a whistle lower i only have locust made legal standing in one county mine jackson co i i may wilson all these other countries it is on those people in those counties to file the criminal complaint and hopefully or make other prosecutors it's some point a list in thank you very much for the time i may have to drive off and had to my next meeting by or on my worker or iserninus saying is that with brain of her news network i really want to help you guys in the way that i can't if you guys want to come on and do a shawl on brander news network you name her time at all sanded off and you can come on and have the have the air time to get your message there any time and use the bodyalter or the snow cross to achetoient to support you in any way that we can so you just thought me know and we'll make that hiero thank you you're all here thank you so much o thank you happy every blessed weakened on you two scot thanks the same it had delehaye anything else that your annotated to thee a mixt you wanted informed everybody out because i think you're wonderful hand and really preciate really appreciate everything you've done the body no boy no legislated thank the since that have been silent background other leaders for me and clarissa has been a wellformed loring in working with her as well as some of the other ones really helped keep yer moderated because it's hard hit the wall at that will you see this opening and bespeak in and then it's like what of all every time you poke your head up here somebody bobs she back down and i think that the team work is just incredible as we discovered things ye keep pushing forward and we got some brilliant people that are out there writing skelwith prides ovaries and you submitted and it helps expedite this process of exposing this non sensatamente sure and through enough clarissa so i had exposing the nonsense we had a man come mccanleses me county clerk ask glorie verbena for some answers on some of the duplicate bolderien ification numbers and the reason for the time stan differences and somebody commented that it was like a word salad so this director of the bureau of elections comes back with the nonsense about the necessity of tubular idees is because their identifying numbers for different pieces of let me you just couldn't make the stuff up staying was pulling it out of the air and it had no real explanation of twi the people that we have found in three different jurisdictions here how one license number and two or identification numbers tached to the same nor was the explanation in voided in so if you want into the election poor back and scan your license or long in it is pacific time the burials reports come back with all this zero time stamps her response was in part the election runs all day that's why the zero time stand and these clerks are believing this information i mean the deputy cleric herein is about a county sat listened on the phone to these pieces of information for moreover one talk it didn't understand it believed it and then goes to other business just like it's a normal like i assuppose to understand his information i'm not going to question it any further there's a problem with that mentality if it doesn't make sense it probably isn't sons icel so why are we doing it why are you am making us the enemy of our clerks when you know that this information does not sit well within yourself yet there the nervous too it's a queen you talk to him it's kind of interesting to know hunt to see how nervous they really are but i sure am proud of you guys to do an amazing and amazing jet d giunte contexts besides the tascott gave see see of seven ant jemal domingothe context that we could throw out their for people to contact you my of your scotch yet that might be a better idea by all easy one to say ye now i'm going to bring something for her just for it are you familiar with this the albert plan to restore election integrity i am now at the cordoanier i've had dan albert on my shell here and i got to tell you this is probably you know we've got two part we've got two parts of oterton that we go through on branger news network we always go in now we got all these problems and we have to deal with them in order to bring this to justice because there needs to be criminal prosecutions involvedthe election should never inserted we needed to nullify everything at least until twenty twenty and probably back farther than that there's so much that on the th we broke apart every part of law and order we haven't they have cause it was an invasion it came now from the inside the theodolite crow against the people america we are america it's not the government its ash and i so anyhow to go forward we need to have solutions we need have prosecutions and then we're going to have to rebuild the system that actually works and i really believe that is probably one of the smartest books for o for ah dealing with election integrity and so dan albert is got his work on this requited rogagua now and messessagen his picter of the that stand over and what he's done here to create to create freedom selves in order to have more local action paper ballads countability and one devotes done in amazing job of bringing things that we can have civilised talking things through so i encourage you if you'd like me to get connected with an a little betsthat you can you know you can have some hold that there is actually something that will work it's not as the problems we men you gas are just trudging through all of this knowhicthat it is its criminality is feldherren each other from prosecuting cause they know where other on guilty all there the guilty and so on the train i think the tri to save their lives as they know what the result the treason as like a sad before short drops on stop em and so so as a as a counter to all the bad stuff that you guys are doing i want to give the guys a little bit of hope to day because we're all going to stand to gather going forward and one we have these prosecutions i think that we have a wonderful future i had of us beccalte to help out the you know the corruption and hold people account of all and the next step is what we do not to continue one mesself governance and really go back to what the founding fathers had intended you know and in respect to the constitution and an individual rights given by god guaranteed by the constitution for every one and i just want to thank you so much and if there is anything that i can ever do to help you you know gelogedon here and my area and a trying trying to help some and i got down to the detetective of incanton handed off the open and there for foreknow what we pulled together here and i discolithes part is not even an it's not in close to what you ganodont i have so much respect for all of you somethingso much for coming on and let me know if you want to have a time spot you know veinations to twin to gather to flock a little bit for the people that really are committed to election inter and we have very oh you can waste contact in people but whatever recondite to select me now oh dear don't think any last words fear i'm here in wits took place in conponat was the receptivity of long horse yeah well what i did as i went down to the i went down to the the clerks that township clerk and i asked for my personal history the the the voting history and such the history and then i i foedefoe poynson for the electronic col book and eiderdown courses just getting the freak it out and blamed the clerk who wasn't there because clerk wasn't there at least two times when i was down there convene a little bit concerned that maybe maybe there is a reason why she was not accessible but i did get a phone call later and it was filled with excuses that the day before the board election sarkolactic tion so the they were not to basically answering questions or have any information that's going outer interaction with us and it was to go through the board of board of lenwold be learight to jonathan writer i've already had some predications with this man and this is the one that said he they were making up policies as the qon the plot meaning and so i'm stuccoes me to hand and said the only thing we have is the tungrian what then you have something well but the anti so freely and so i said well who white on well i said to do within you know i will i'll pretty good pen people down kind of person you know as she's like well no i didn't like him nightintimating theresewho liked ut there were in your hands to like well of drink from each moment to the colony and then went to these what brought it to the county and who goes to the state was electronic enow and so all these questions i was asking her and to god she got really she was pretty annoyed with me and i because apparently she didn't want answer the quest and she like well now there's the the the the town drives well they will be emptied by the next election and like others to something out and now you have something in your possession as she admitted to that and then it was like no and ownto the county so was jack ports we have information we don't have information the county has it all we have not we had distretti don't know who to strateusimon destroyed to cause it's not there but then it went to the county but it was it was it was absolutely none and it was it was just out and then then i kept penning her down did you do apparently you did it then or somebody did it there who did it and then she started a gaslighting which is exactly what's happening going after every one who wants holden able all were in stable really i i call that being an adult holding people accountable for their actions and not not in stable that is de billy right there and so she talked over me for a few minutes when i had her in speaker prone so haven't i haven't witnessed what was exactly so there and i tried to talk over me in this she hung of as he is pontorson to my cot my foil which was in person within five days will she missed the deadline so that's the automatic denial of my request besides the denied it she denied it in person you know or on the fall she denied the request for the poll book even though they should be tolomeo in reducing information so am i she absolutely and i think give one law that she violated on is he the destruction of evidence hang out a second when he gieseke sure get right though that you s s c fifty two section two of seven oh one for habits with destruction of all election and she admitted to it on the fond byron township and admitted to it on the old actually that's the federal one it requires some to keep the data for twenty two months missionens more stringent so there's another law that requires them twenty four months oh okay so there you go so it so wrong on both counts and and oh i love talking to you guys because i'm spread i'm spread on as so many different different issues right now that i love heaven people that fine grain that are specialists and in areas and no orphanand i try to keep up with you guys nschiges are amazing so good to keep keep coach and me i'll get out catch on her inner olate i have a lot to learn so but i am certainly willing to and i think that the election integrity are a flawed elections are this the number one issue that we have to resolve and we have to resolve it at least by no fication back to twenty twenty everything needs be none in all the actions because it was in a legal election should never have been certified and now we watched the little rats when i don't mean you know rats like demorats on talking all the rats that are out there in both poles in marti's letter pleaded in ancocas as you know it's the polite as you know it's the it's those that are seated that are covering their tracks because they are all involved in every one of a and soulscot honking out like a legal problems but we all know the truth because none of no not more get up in screaming this from the rocks that are seated there you know same thing happen with covet not one of them stood for the constitution they all fell in line they never questioned whether they they were not they were not fighting against the the ssault to the constitution it was a legal shot down and sowed thereby they are all guilty so there you go so but it mooltan yogis can talk well have you don't amongst ourselves a little he wanted do just as in heiahohohohoho i won't you knowsitting you guys into that round whether and you know help connect with people and really get on and help you what's going on because they they will ask with my they will be motomichi's cially through somebody they don't want to hit off out there you walk the tight will don't i coltes and care will tell you the after about twenty minutes if they go away to think that they've lost in most of the old man at the beginning of the shell so somebody gets in there an screws around with it through through say like rumble or some watering and then after twenty minutes it's like clocking it'll come on and we'll have her no more technical prodestans i pay try not you know then we have made a proud one but up to that might we have so if you guys want to come out we just keep getting in there just keep chipping away at the you know and eventually we're going to find that the florishing your armor that the that they put out there in woronake on so because i know the criminals and a southern selves against united states and america and god himself now can work well for my opinion so i thank you so much for coming on to day god bless you bold for everything you do and just let me go on you to help him here for he and appreciate your time think thanks have a great day thinking some had come back on her meta and then i'm going to add in creon who is sent back say i don't care on the praetulit these some taken down his hodsonthe now in this election stuff it's it's a heavy burden on assistant you know on its it's a place where we can be significant i want to place something amantecas they did bring them up and i think this is kind of cool because i actually think the song is great because this is what we're going to have to fleming call or we are going to have to start thinking for ourselves and doing what we need do is set off by an indoctrinated like this cram the they tell us exactly what they're going to do right there the karen so so he got freeway from this non sono there montgot the chair rail cock here and then morelli says i the old to office for what moroseness on if any one looks so let me know the bores corrupt wirent we finally a writ of coranto on these people good question what about in a ninety one for there was election issues and grayling there was lectureshis all over the state essaying enforsith said i didn't realize indeedthe information i knew your transfer sostenuta ks of sharing it will be using these and we can find to be not on this i it's started my first brush with figuring that it was with john tater cause john is one with me on tuesday and he goes through so many standing laws that we can use to defend erselves what we've gone to have to get educated to know them and i mean you're wealthiera to careen so i mean i mean how you brought it forward to and so so we just needed to spread this out and the help educate each other now the interesting that it comes from different angles but that's that's how it works sometimes what are the things i picked up on from mere conversation earlier was that as he was saying these women didn't have any pre train for this at least what we think of it in in the to the real world don't say but in the spiritual world they probably have because there being successful so they have had some training in their lives that is helping them to process this but they didn't have any civil or government training of any sort that that they expected to be able to know how to do what they're doing now what their learning along the way you shall then a book they haven't heard of and maybe they're going to go look into that and fool that now they've got a fool other set of information this is how it works if people seek it formation they shall find it you can test and on withoot know and we don't have to have any special skills that we we just got to be willing yet it's a matter of being willing and the stuffing out of your comfort on and just said i can well we got a problem here i guess i'll be the one running into the burning building here in order to see what i can do to help doesn't mean we have all the answers and i think that this is of a principle that god's been trying to teach over every one of us requeryng time it's that you just follow him step by step because we do that he gets all the glory it's not about us it's about him and we're heed leads us it's going to be the perfect outcome not our out comes we will messeguer single time you know we're like the many the many version of the government in hit's like we try to help and we can do that but god's help is perfect with government steps and they scroopery thing when we get in in front of god's plan we screw up everything we've got to be willing to go what do you want me to do next take a step and you know that's that's really what eh it's been taught over and over again just trust god truscot with you know with all your heart and leading not on your own le not on your own understanding but in all your watshaledgh as and that's what we need to do and he'll tell us every step of the way other right here alleges not here not lichoter this conversation or knows what we need a head o time an me he always knows what we need had a time he prepares it for in all gonodontis be willing to take that next step not be afraid because he's going to lead us and if we fail it's probably just a redirect or we need it to learn some and so you learn something here in gol calesses shift here a little bit and he'll kino you kind o navigate your right down the river until he's got you right there you're always in his hands and he just got to trust him and keep going and it's a wonderful adventure it is it's hard sometimes because i in booneinto it where you you wish the god would just whisper in your ear he cared i want you to do this at this this and it doesn't always work that way there are times when in my life i've had in decision placed in front of me that didn't seem to come from me in a way it did but i wasn't acknowledging it and there there's a particular decision in my life it was a very big decision and there were i talked to you about this privately at one point there was a part of me that fine that knew all along and if it was months long where are the rest of me was like no no no and one day it finally smacked me in a forehead so to speak and said hi karen you know i got to do now right yes finally fontinella year hearing me there's like two parts of my self conscious working and why adonis that was so bad i might be as like this like the devil in the angel on your shoulders kind of thing but i felt like i had two sides of me directly and contrast with one another god is so patient with us he'll allow us to do that i had to just kind o sit back and nora for a couple of days and on the third day said all right i am going to take a bath with no other distractions the sick quietly when i take note book in on a right down and plushes and minuses what what is going on all in my head and it then became very clear what i needed to do and it still kind of didn't make sense but it was very clear what i needed to do and i had no idea what was coming next i knew god had something else in store for me and i was in a very tough place in my life ah just with everything going on around and i said okay i needed just take some time to think about myself i just work on myself here for a little bit just rested relaxed and months later god did put something in my lap and i knew that's what he would do i knew that god had something else in his plan for me and i could think about it and be open minded to it but it wasn't something i was going to seek and find he was going to make it reveal it and i think he continues doing that on a regular basis if if i just do what i really feel as the best thing to do if i just if i just make decisions based on a godly approached the life even if i don't know em technically speaking what should i do on this or that decision though they're all earthly decisions so he is traded do what's right that will work with that in his plan he knows what i need more than i do he knows when i need it and how i needed and so all i can do is to say i can you trust you i'm going to pray about this i am going to open myself up to your will i will try not to stress about it i say try because sometimes it is it is rough ah but if whenever i let go when i really let go oh the burden i i just wrote about this recently about this the scripture my yoke is easy and my burden is light so this is the team effort that jesus was talking about there a yoke is a heavy thing itself that's works just carrying a young but he says his is easy and light and he's talking about what he's talking about burden but he's also talking about participation you have to choose to put it on stick your neck in there and were with him yes indeed in my little analogy i said i was like a little miniature horse galloping along dis trying to touch my nose to the oak to pretend like on participating i'm trying a trying lord and and he's the big draft horse alongside me doing all the work and he had another analogy cos i've done this before where i was tasked with carrying a canoe it was part of a team effort and how not to gestochen i just got it inject this so let we can make a full pitch there pain is the size i that much smaller than you are upon a jolly been okay she taceresays all first notepathetic er here cohering a canoe into me rather funny it's idiotic because i can see one guy on this side and one guy on the sad pitching out the canoe carried on here and holding on to the canoe being basically carried with the kindentirely you know and and it was really funny because on that day i joked about jane i love that move because of the part where she shakes her head and bois one of to do that but i like i can't economy holds went on let me do that it's just that's freeing asked peck anyway and i write a book written by navy seal about the navy seal process in the movie they all carried their boats on top of their heads and then they also get thrown out of of a boat a motorized inflatable and then they have to try to climb back in welges what i had to try to the door motooha to leave out of a boat while it was moving and we did not amorwe did i did crawl back in but we had to swim together first before we could get callback in so i was joking about that not knowing that that was coming up and then it did because they go mad but i so carrying the canoe i had my arms up and i had my hands on it and i was pushing against it but the bird and was carried by somebody else but multiple people the case and we dadsisas is talking about he says get yer hands on the work you will be part of that plough you will be mary you will be carrying that yoke but i'm going to make it comfortable when it says em easy and light that easy is one of the definitions of that word is that it perfectly it's like a good pair of shoes if you have a pair shoes that costosos is just a little uncomfortable it will ruin your day he says it will fit you perfectly and it will make it even pleasant if we trust and when i have truly trusted my burden is i'm just sitting here i feel like i'm along for the ride and yet i'm participating but that is what we should be experiencing the life god doesn't always tell is exactly what to do and i'm earthly scale but if we try to do what is right repeatedly and and when we make mistakes admit it repent a lover haloor tell the truth how differences this is as being the tell the truth do the right thing tell the truth man out horesons ble take the sponsibility yes and an is not always a pleasant thing to go on is time really made a mistake it's not a doesn't feel good but when one we do that and we met it it just let it go you know let it go and move on and you move forward and you you take whatever kind of consequence is to get coming to you but the god that's a godly principle and it keeps us humble well i want to go back to something that we talked about a few minutes ago about seeing things that are wrong and trusting god because i think this is real important eh when when i started watching things god pieces what like to look at what's going wrong because i analyze it i'm trying to figure out the strategy or what's really going on the cause i look at patterns when when they when they closed down all of the shipping coming across the pacific in our res freaking out were not going to get a good and services i was like well well well this is kind of interesting were breaking china right now because i and i i did hear anybodyelse saying it but it's like you know they're not going to pay for those goods and services and tell they get delivered right and we had how many cargo ships out there the container ships they were floating around on the pacific for how long was a general a flens a general michal plans brother in nomadic for the book of her charlie found general charlie flint it was out there in charge of the the pacific complicate and so on like one o this is great how exciting as this we can with do you know we can get rid of some of our our junk that we buy and we clutter or houses up with and such a we can just wait for a little bit and watch and break china i think it's great so when things go wrong the critical thinking part of us should be kicking in and and swell what's actually happen you i keep hearing about the the food shortages and the end food supply being taken down on like bring it tsonecas we're being poisoned by these big corporations may be we need to learn to rely on ourselves a little bit and grow some of her own food not in the big farm the commercial far men applications smaller localized and decentralized so i think what were his early seen with a lot of the offthat's going on as the decentralization and if we're going to have take the soveren back and we see all these things going wrong with elections and such guess he's falled is it's ours so if we want self governess we goin to have to take the reins of this thing and we're going to have to step up and get involved and not wait for that cult to personality persons step for and take from us now we do need good leadership we pretty much had none up to this point in time except for a president help but a of a leader that really makes no apologies for writing a ship he's he's going to write the ship and he's going to say say ship's got to be righted and if your feelings are a little hurt along way oh well i'm not in a lot the ship sank you know we're on other get to get the ship righted and then then we'll we'll give you some money for therapy or whatever takes you to the continent his recasts really need i'll buy you up you know something like him were going to save or going to save the shoo and i think that not every message that's out there right now is not for each person each one of us because we're individual and some people need their here certain messages while some of the rest of us are may be passed that message maybe we've heard it or renew that for you know a long time but regardless there is usually more to what were seen going on than what immediately obvious and it's okay you know that's asnothing i think watching the election system fail as badly as it has watched you know the the resident in the white house minewhich i do not believe in any way she reforms in charge he can barely make it up you know a satisfais across the poem now falls down three four times or something like that i jumps up like a gazelle and it now and it prances off across the stage or of the otlati don't believe in any way she formed that a hesse i don't even think it's he i really do not grant you know there's no way that seventy seven or seventy eight year old carcomer alias jumps up like that and you know in secret service is centister and looks settecento like laughing he did did you see that last twenty fell on the pony the guys get hot himdown were sitting there snickering and there just kind o like you know there are just just laughing being amused by i'm pretty exeterhe was really the president or any one of consequence they would all be coming around him and go omigosh what creedto help now that was as at all and he now codlike a gazelle and prances off in like he's going cross the serengetti wine on his tail right now i don't think so there's a lot going on that we don't know and all we really have to do is put our trust in god and realize that it doesn't matter what we you know to what is the cosimoyou what god puts on your heart dead involved but it's going to be god himself that's going to lead us out of out of the captivity just like he always has a bible there is been very clear about walkstooping back as its familiar don't know feel a loss of it just keep walking it's going to be fine he replaced it with something better and if it comes from the hand of god it will always be so were didclose to eleven de any last words here and then i think i have to get to my seat project which is finally coming to a conclusion here and a few other things that are going on to day big day thrust to day am i i'll i'll have more pitchers of it that in such going on to day and tomorrow which i find is really amusing in a lot of fun so but deventer words trowis dom rent your mazing you do really good job of annalising things complicated situations or principles in a very severe easy to understand personal experiences and always appreciate that from you you well i think that we should also keep in mind that god has allowed his people to two i should he has allowed us to accept consequences i know i mean he has look at all the bible stories where people were in captivity or wandering in the desert there's always times when people lived very uncomfortable lives for a long time sometimes in far worse experiences then what we are going through were actually very blessed were very bold can we continue to go through some really bad a kinds of situations absolutely we are experiencing the consequences of the world's decisions and so there may be more of that but again this is an earthly round word talking about so how you bear that burden in those consequences is what god is looking at are you going to live your life in a godly way no matter what what is happening around you this is a blink of a in the grand scheme of things so counted all joy as the scripture says we look all way through in scripture he talks about how many floggings and imprisonments and how many times was he in a ship that crashed and me this is your reticule hope he gets sated so really me now this is nothing what we are experiencing but it's hard as it can be another thing that i got out of what you were talking about is there seemed to be of a rough mental state in a lot of people there is there are few and i think that number is growing who are willing to step up who are seeing things clearly and to me that's a real big one that there are people who see and people who don't and it's really frustrating for those who see i count myself in that group i don't see everything i know but i see a lot i am not caught in that state of mind of what we call oh that phrase i lose it all the time were ye cognitive distance yes i got it as lookout come nichomedesse it that is so frustrating for people to be outside of the matrix and see people in the matrix and go come on you've got to open your eyes up slapping you in the face i'm throwing water on you and you're still not seeing who eolhstede the men of the th prince tried to wake up cinderella and there's care in the river said in more like what you wake up already and he's got the air horn and she still just lying there like whorl what is wrong with you so just to know that there are a lot of us for those of you were sitting at home going yet i know that it's a terrible thing to watch these other people it so frustrated but now that death you're not alone i see the numbers growing and every day what i'm seeing him the news i've been going through usually in the evenings going through a telegram and seeing what's going on i see so much desperation and the more desperate it gets the more ridiculous everything seems to be the more i go ah this is good sight it's good and we're getting things they were getting things put together in order to move forward and i think it's really asinese had it we had we could not continue on the trajectory that this nation of this world was on and so if it's a little uncomfortable it's time to rend the band aids of sir helen and just kind of stuck it out then as a girl grinchionch big girl panesone let's get let's let's do this thing ladies and like we were saying what you cannot control you'd have to give to god and when you do that that man that yokes easy and light it's so much easier to handle all this stuff the more desperate i see these other actions the more unheartened because i feel like we're winning you know i see that in coignoles all the time we're waiting were winning and god wins that's that's very very true the more desperate those actions become on those behaviors on the other side so to speak when now i is it it is just a ladder it's just to the land compels indiesfever this you know it's the latter so it's been for men dat we can you that letter too mean though was the coatrooms there you don't as the people grow and learned and rise up which is happening and it's happening more moreover day its happening globy as the the people who could now could no longer control the majority there so desperate to retain that control that their actions are starting to become wild and crazy and ridiculous and the nonsensical and in bloomy mind how it blows my mind the kinds of things they're doing in its like that tells me you know you no longer have control the people are gaining control it's about time but the people have some girl in up to do to learn how to do this and that's what we are seeing over here and in what i called the fact on land where how can we do elections properly how can we solve these problems that may be a lot easier in the future when we've got to plan laid out in front of us but for right now you have to learn what doesn't work so that she can learn what it is going to work as the listadoes i have slatesand the sod the prayer here and a ehelicher thank you so very much for all the people in election hegarty forces in the locanians investigation assassinsthat you had opened doors and for all of us set are working on election integrity that we can in fact have the that we can see prosecutions of those who have who have committed crimes and that we can restore this nation as one nation under god under you indivisible with liberty and justice for all so that we can defend those without a voice that we can stand for you and that we can watch every single evil planets the out there set itself against you crumble before our very eyes whereas a son a great confusion to the to any one who has plans to do evil that you would give charity to all your children who really just want to live at peace in this land with each other taking care of each other's brothers hands oh versefor most in your kingdom that your kingdom come honores it isn't haven't we love you so much thank you for walking as through this and being our protection though a thousand might follow our side ten thousand and are right hand we can walk right through that knowing that you are with us leaving us every step of the way we trust you this day we don't know necessarily always know what to exceptand that's okay because we know that you know what it is and that's good enough for us we love so very much leechand every one know how precious they are wonderfully made that you know them you know every thought they've ever had every action that they have ever done and you love them help them to turn their eyes and their their attention focus on you alone in all things we give you the honour and the glory and jesus christ precious name we pray a mat so and here lord please be with deb and garry to day doing their nests help them to find true justice with the truth and honor and dignity and grace be to them protect them much over them and guide them this day and i pray these things in yours on jesus's name as a man yes thank you for helping me remember do there's so much now we could do a whole so just praying for people you know we did for a whole day you know they'd be at extwistle so maybe we will do that some point in the future dishapproval in and do like a the national day of prayer where people like like switching and out and we can just continue to pray for all those people around as it need prayer so with that sad i've got to mount my day you're going to move binders and we will see you money with chuck or short and and lots youshould see my contact an toasts nuts i could probably have this channel going twenty four santander half our pomona we would not run out of people that have something important to say including all of you who are other so he go go to bring over for governor doc come i am the best non consider who is ever not conceded in the history of the world i probably will give this sky a run for his money here's a note best non con seer and arete i give my good ravenspore in it and going for ebitinous let you know that we love you were others lot ospiti for you out there give scott an email and get in touch to this people the need they need some more help but anyhow god bless you god bless all the sooyootee god will america we're going to do this thing and style were the were the months were the toughest jogs on the pack now given out no back and down and spent till we get this nation in the proper perspective of what i supposed to be which is you know all of us standing together is americans we are america you and i and carinal we are american we the people have a great week end god bless you and will see an exile