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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/24/2023 - Eagle Council, EIF and South Carolina Safe Elections

Published Aug. 24, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

9am Ed Martin, President of Eagle Council - Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Council is an exciting annual training conference for conservatives to learn the issues and how to participate in the policymaking process. Started by conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly in 1968, Eagle Council is the place to be if you want to speak out on the issues you care about most. 10am Jason Ickes, Joanne Bakale and Sandy Kiessel - Election Integrity Force! These are the people in Michigan who are doing the heavy lifting working to right our elections, along with Scott Aughney and Kris Cris Kaijala. Interesting discussion about the current happenings in the battle to right our failed elections. 11am Laura Scharr - South Carolina Safe Elections, a grassroots group dedicated to election integrity in SC, sued 8 counties and the SEC for access to valuable digital audit tools called Cast Vote Record. The case is all about confirming that your vote is counted properly. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the twenty fourth day of august twenty twenty three welcomefor broke we can have a lot of fun this week had changed my foreman of the little bit till a lot more people to talk an i wanted to let gus know who is going to be on to day first of for going to start with i let's see i'm annother going to even a bell see a space here in then we're going to omitteth next ahead martin how you doing i'm doing great thought of my great to be with you yeah we're to start out with you to day and then we're going to go to input or beside oh ye philosophieal and then we're going to go to integrity force with their bodies there we've got an we've got a jasonis and expanded hesel and joanne bacaland i love these guises are made they're going to have you lifting her in michigan and the wonderful you're going to love the interview without i got to spend time with him at the michelangelo and does just as are the stars and election integrity and michigan then we're going to go to another and her name is ranshe had it up this restoring confidence and self it's itself your linostolians she actually so they soon like eight counties so it's going to be a very interesting very interesting morning oh i wanted to if you want to stay with me here a man and this is cantitantes he's lost to talk about isn't there jorissenne's no no shortage of stuff i topics and talk about it to worrit i wanted to i usually give a little to the rightful president of the united states president donald j and he had his tucker interview last night so there is little there is a couple of clerks oh first of the pon it gets out here a tristitiate him down which i'm like you know he needs to go find a life because i donaltron has done a wonderful job for and so but desist her little better othehs something like lovescenes this level of i never seen indescribably bad company so and they gave him that much time analogetical pack to totter in em down again so i give that guy now no no time on here it's going to make prosecutiontoo say dear heavenly father thank you so much for president trumpet all he's done for this nation and all the good people that stand with him because there's a lot of good people so welcome to the shell and i always say that that brandenburg news not work is real news sportreel people by real people so i'd love to have tolleyboy eh what's going on where you know the the philosophe eagles and and you're you're offerin love what you're about statements are with protecting the border and nationalism really yet you don't we we we we were founded by the late villaslada you mentioned her and she passed away and sent sixteen just about six or eight weeks before donald trump one for president of i will tell you done the night before the tucker interview i was up into jersey and bedman now we had an event up there to raise the january six defendants the families donald tromp a came to the event and an he spent it bias the mc on on the board of that organization the second event in about two months that we be had on that he so and so a chance to visit with them and see him up clothes and he's wonderful she's amazing one of these he always does every time i've been with him in that one he's drawn to the kids then this case there were four sons of two of the defendants that are in jail january present tromp went off to a acquired place with is the mothers of those kids in the aspois and he was very encouraging before he left i heard of one of the kids was sort of crying and he was up there in and some one was set describing these are some i children sons of these skies in jail and the present drop turned and looked at the men he set listthe one boy was motion and am standing right next to him and he said said to the boy it's going to be ok his couldn't be okay and then he were shouting shook his hand and he was told his hand he said again it's going to be okay and i sent later to some one to know when you are riotinto remember when your boy when you are a young girl may be what these moments in your life that ere pivotal when some one like that says it's going to be okay that we have saved this kid's life and in some seeing the bean was so it's some horganisation the philosophe eagles we were trained by phillis as you mentioned the were america first before that phrase was returned to prominence in had been popular in the nineteen his forties and fifties and fellows was around then she was in her twenties and was involved but we were americafor profamily pro life pro military military superiority which means if the best or military so your friends know it and your enemies fear you and you don't have to fight that the point is yon need to fight these words if you're good enough if your week you have to fight and you get drawn in the conflicts which is were seeing that by dinah the fine doctrine los his exploit it so i organization runs towards the fight we don't care oh if some one says oh some january six defendants were you know not nice people that's not the point the point is that the government failed our american on january six and in the weeks and months after of the november twenty twenty so were helping that organization we do that in lots of different ways on lots of issues give you one more example done that you know your dmichigan where some of the greatest inventors in world his and especially forward in others we are isacios one of the leaders in making sure that the stem in america it is trying to be gutted by the chinese and try to be gotten by big and were fighting to say hold on said why do parents work wise american ah exceptionally and the rule of law so important so there's a lot of things happening but the number one thing as you you bolted to is the weapon ization of our legal system against ochete against lawyers against regular cities ah we're in the a a difficult if not dangerous time every day with it sure looks like it's a fight between good and evil it's not it's not any more about the label it's actually about your the core of what a person stands for and or what they don't stand for and i just think it's amazing and i always call what happened at january six the feder action on nose was no there's no two ways about it i know enough people that were there that i did not go i have a lot of really good friends that were there and what happened there was so wrong thee there's no excuse for it there's no excuse to have political prisoners on american soil because of an arogancy which is the which should not is now in the rite to exist well me tell you until your listeners because i think a lot of energy is now on our honour side which is our side is now we the people sieving conservative it's we the night we had loved the country i used to be we say all republicans were together and then we say well some of the rules are with his moods with us well it's wethe people but it is a live energy focussed on january six and i encourage people i represent three and i've represented one other of the defendants in the lawyer among other things and one of my friends and michigan now michael cocidis one of the lawyers he's a michigan lawyer and he comes up here to work on these cases really good man but we were i been in the jail i to looked at these cases i've been in both the legal setting and looked at the videotape the defendants from the department of st incomplet sufficient is unfair and then i looked at all the date but i've been in with all the video that available in the us house now the republicans have and i've a review that with some of my pure legal in what you said is really important why you're the only question now is stop i mean at a certain point the pipe bombers hypomera looks like a some sort of cut out like some sort of either a shaor maybe i may be some sort of military things a that peters then you go lookin were seeing more and more information about january six work there is not just reaps and there there in the crowd out that so surprised i was chief of staff to the governor of missouri a decade or more ago and when i was chief of staff we would get in he was fourth of july in st louis and there was going to be three nor thousand people we get brief and they would say to us eh we're going to have people in the crowds that are going to be under cover this is normal business when ferguson happened when the michael brown fraud and nodon't want anybody to die but michael brown was not murdered by a cop like brown was killed because he was out of control and michael brown then was the the anti of pence to burn ferguson a nice town it right in the sober to the ground i know i was that time chairman of the party in missouri the republican party and we had friends that were in the crowd as a under cover of the copse what you do so we know that on january sixth there were agents in the crowd and the only son who was doing it what and when she and done you and i both would age he can never hit a right we don't like that on the other hand when the set up hapes entice you to put you in a place where you're going to get in trouble you you have a different level of culpability not saying you totally innocent you know he is more uniform and you punch explain that but you're not sposed in cor in front of a jury that hate you because the media and big tecken congress had said to hechos and then your face insurrection in twenty five years this is not america and so to your point i'm confident but i'm not confident we're getting to the bottom of the fed direction but its an ongoing fight and what we need is the viewers like yours and you to continue to say and pushed because left to their own devices the bureaucrats will beat the thincumbent even republicans even the good guys if if we're not careful so we got to keep in well and i think i think to further this point to those are all good points that the the the another point that every one needs to really ponder is that personal introspection before god almighty with though all those people that are in the jails and or that are in the josette holding political pies why are they complying with us they are just as guilty as the people that set this thing up when they know that it was an unrighteous it was an unrighteous set up an they know they're all in it together there's no livin daughter the downthedale you don't mind till you made a great great point but i want to find tunic in hise in america in our history we have had a trade he called forward to be pre of our american constitution in our way of life there called lawyers we sho about hating them but we we have always had a system different than the rest of the world in the nineteen eighties chief chopthen chief justice vanquished the winter russia and he gave a speech to show the union was almost almost about to break up the american we don't allow the bureaucrats where are lawyers will be not one set gins to be a judges and there in the judith in the judicial branch which is in managed by the soviet the communist bureaucracy and the others were lothsome ica who people called forth to be officers suppose have honor and their supposed to john adams represented some of the english in in one of the boston massacres stem required that and the kit one sides in america right now we're watching lawyers be arrested for giving legal advice john histamen is not a radical an age had norderer type and he got a month shot from from georgia yesterday he gave legal advice and here's my poem where is the one there are thousands of american waters to your point the object it usually hold i'm a liberal i'm a lunatic i'm a communist tom is not spose this silence because silent stepping back and you're watching powers roll over and that's how raged the a lot of americans are scared to loosen their job and the likelihood and that's fenelon there working guys and they and their families were middle classes or working listenwords about their mortgage there were about their wrath there don't worry about their car payen there warn't about the corporate rights so and i were detached of and the class war in this is but i'm not a communist the march is i don't want argued that what i do want to say we used to have who were cold defending our and when their silent we were again back in a very fine not dangerous whenever your silent when you see something that's wrong you then you're complicit silence his complicity in my opinion and you know we've had complicity in the political parties we have had people that will not stand out for what's right and just they distant to go along to get along is broken and the only way to fix it between every single person needs to reach out and realize that were standing before god right now and i let him lead us through this how it's really incredible and realize that sometimes you just got to take a stand and let god deal with the consequences of your actions to fill doing the right thing under all situations the not over one on groobe short to promise one common on that ilke courage is one here the roots of courage are like old running towards the so you have to be cured and then also the lord call christ you know when you look closely he calls us like a pet his were two or more gathered special going on and so we have to find what doesn't say where there are two twenty five hundred gathered or two point one million then with the two or more so when two more when you can gather in prayerful together you can be the army right you can be and your courage is other and with the holy spirit so it's not you don't have to wait for the mass movement to arrive and sell their comes the martagano or now i get one or two others band together solidify yourself and say what will we do how how are we called whether it's election integrity on to talk next hour whether it's so you don't support the january and one thing to say is when you're gone whatever your great plans are there praise the lord i thank him and then asked for the direction and there and what are we to do next you know there's always another fight to fight so try her let's lets it there's no back and down from this and i keep telling you there's no end game to this hersande we're going to fight this stuff it with our last breath and were not backing down it were not afraid we're just going to keep going for actually tried to get arrested during the coethiad i went up to compongono per you're pretty good this kind of stuff you couldn't get a rested i couldn't you get a rachidien up to him and i diientes are because i knew it was all a bunch o and i went up to them and i sed i said all right guy soyoso you know i will not comply so here cost me now mentone's goodenough now and of course they laughed at me and but i clearly i have to try a little hard s go through and talk about what the eagles are now the that which is or doing you know yeh yeh well one thing is were doing as encouraged people to go to think got there a philosophy do come if you got eagle con tacoma eagle oregon sel was an annual gathering and it happens since september and st louis over a disinterment away and and when we gather you know you go to cattle call said and i've been all the cattle calls conservative catcalls that's not our thing you know you're going to see in the room and some of your michiganders your er your fellow sits have come and will be coming itself between two fifty and four hundred depending on the adventure and were an folks how to get ourselves solidarity together in others a fellowship and then we fortify the areas that were working in are orelia les it is more than ever for example prolif we have been in the forefront of keeping the republican party pro life the and yet last night i was on the flowing with a california gop a member there gutting the pro life plank and california the rhinos and moderates in a we got a constantly be ventilant words matter of course the word was made flesh and dwelt among us words matter and we need our platforms to reflect our values if you don't agree in pro life he still full republican you're welcome but just don't make us change our positions i that's not how this works chapter recompense me i want you to change what's on the men you know he got to mend you here it's properand proliferation the profamily front we never seen his soul tomfooleries like were seen in education but also in the transgender movement there not just saying let us take your and mutilate them they are saying that there also saying let us put into law is of things that will make it show that if your apparent you can't know that your daughters had no borson getting in abortion if you're a parent you can't know your kins tis on fate or on other medical interventions our parent you cannot object on transgender so parental rights is only something by the way what really got us so good i think was the people looked and said was what is this mass a mons for liberty of timothy justice is going to be out there with us on that topic alex knew many probably tongour show he's going to be otterstaedt we got some things to do and it's not just one person it's not even just you know em heck out which i cured we will get the hot i said get out of the public schools i spied it with my kids but you can't then you got to make where you are better and yet you to make the community got to go in there played paramon i work a lot on the issue of plant currented americans american life leuiston of the leaders on track amparito spending on on you know s of plane parenthood a local divisions in the denlock of mission they make half a million dollars a year of tantecose hundred millions of dollars of to and in their litterates that she put out statements and were raised so there also killing so we got to be our enemies or around us and we cannot say oh wow planned parentis like the united way well the sort of arebecause united ways also these are killing machines our eagles are and being in the grass roots and we care felliscliffe the where the action understanding how politics is necessary to make your policy preference is known and acted upon so we do a lot of soft to try to push that too forward on the war ukraine we have set from the beginning in a word that does not make sense of a interests and then the corruption of the the military gastrocolic again we don't speak in before dictators or against the emanistic tators on both sides he oh but we have a a significant concerns about that i don't know if you noticed i don't mean to hear manotee but the terumasa who i thought was incredibly pressed so you anti woke i he has talked about trade deal these multilateral trade deals we opposed the multilateral travels have been why they gutted a michigan and ohio and other places because the multinational come gain the system were against all that stuff and the deck was saying maybe we need to go back to some of those hack now just like secure of the border dramatically where for zero immigration till we figure out what we want zero not not song not not maybe a few not ones from good cod zero i figure what we want and that we can assimilate them into this as americans and so as a little bit of the stuff were doing but eagle counsel i is a great opportunity for people if you're in the mid west of one come down as connected her thornewho you're the conference is going to be about what are you teaching people when they're there and ah you know people you encourage everybody get involved i mean pick up pick in organization and let's do something with us and i know you guys have just an incredible incredible reputation and i know degenerationes been very hooshiaree models one of the models is than week ended is the anniversary of the constant one more will is about and in that one we're goin to my january said my colleague a woman named cynthia he who is the mother and the core of one of the january six and she wrote a book called a due process on so we go on constitution right now the law far the lack of the process that's our focus there and we've got some i built in around that one of them is a really big one but i don't have it a hundred per cent confersation module is about profamily profamily meaning parental rights in and being save and i will have some of the famous names s of the grass roots lotshare some people there that you never heard of but now how to gain miss playing the third module is about proline and that is modulated it happened after all the way was reversed a lot of the pro life community was like oh wow what happens now we got to figure out what happens now and we we can't get beat michigan and ohio and then say things like oh people are polite in michigan we were outspent prolifer worse proximately six the other day ohio the initiative in august that we lost and the new york times since nobody's really provide any more twenty five million dollars spent my plan parenthood and provide fors had just under five million well note you know politics you you can you can beat you can beat the lie if your david but if glades stones and you got one it gets harder and harder and witheredto do his figaro how to do this better and understand cause there going to be that pro abortion movement and then print rights grab in four or five or six the it well i'm i'm no oven a corrupt you for just a minute and say it's not about the outspanning it's about the fact that they cheated and he cheated like crazy and i'm on the comeragh out and say that and good lack i hope you will rathantaras i'm knocking the change my my you know my first mannerist they and the fra that's coming out as a mazinthein sheeted the way the bills were word and i heard so many parents well i didn't know that they could take my kids and i didn't know that you know that they could you know mutilate sexually met late my kids and i didn't know this that nothing and his like well you because the schools have done everybody down and we don't get to the point where we look at things and read it for yourself and make decisions and take a stand and say no hack now are not going to do this and then all of us instead of worried about people like standing on the top of the hill saying this is what there actually yet no no no so tell let me let me be clear on i agree with you on that he the cheating by me i with donald tromp last night and the topertoe when he was asked to eat the tucker said they stole from you and twenty twenty won't take you again and he said they'll try and amy and any one on his answer had had what i think is the broad content sacrerent four hundred million dollars in superbos to try to influence the election it worked one of the ways it worked if you want to get paid and and keep your job and be working for these non profits they have money you're it right when i tell you that claparon has seven hundred and sixty million dollars annually of our tax dollars federal tax dollars should be sink why would we find the people that are coming into destroyer community and what we should say is hey you guys in congress and what what are you going to define don't tell me you're going to fight over the if you're not going to defend the people that are coming into our community and so my point is yes said she i otheramerican board and sales i know exactly how cheating can happen and how imported is to fight against it so yes they but they also ah they call it fortified but they fortified the system what they mean is and after a while more people are like a must not be dishonest at people are motivated by things he give them in their family comfort we shouldn't judge it too harshly although we should be as you say listening to the lord and saying no i got to stand up and not take the take the devils a hand out but but you know me you were no situation here look in the white house right now john poteste what what we when we talk about i jobinus and we talk about comerceing you know incoherent no no bamanwas in the white house with a she on his north of five hundred million dollars and it was put in the i ray than inflation reduction act which was alive and now it's money in his hands and what i have to do you you don't have to do anything he cities to be on the right side politically of the climate change so what's he doing universities are getting professorships and non profits are getting funded and all those peaks or directionally told you're in this fight on our side so there wilding harme with our case and were sitting around saying oh man were we right on the truth what we show them they'll change their mind now that's not how corruption works were in a corrupt moment and we have to demand from ourselves on others that we stop the corruption where it is not pretendere going to somehow will convince them on the on the back end and be cheating as you and i in look at the character of the people i mean you make some wonderful plants there the cheating of the notes with the character of the people john podesta i believe that's exactly what got andrew bright by her ah i killed vert there is the fact that podesta i think he said what is that the hestorias child traffic and ah there's an awful lot of a in awful lot of evidence that the people running this country that very many of them are involved in that when you see that the child trafficking that's going on there quoting that michigan is the number third and the nation and i i'm i've been all over the state campaign for governor you know which i have not conceded and i will not conceive the liar's chief of the and so in the things that your seeing around michigan are a deeply concerning the amount of questions that need to be asked is deeply concerning where are all these kids going and a and in wierwine legislate why is everybody just absolutely quiet about it in immediatethat in enabling the the border crossing busses to go up here be we saw the other day we were out in valises couple of one you know that her border cross seen busses and you know we have one guy that works for us who is it who became ashen or up on naturalasize here any and these from mexico and he said that they happened years ago he said that there pannel on the mexican side of the border two hundred dollars on the american side waves more ither will you come in on no look there's no there's no long ohiois when you say that aloud you say yourself how can this be the democrats talk about how they care about they talked in their history but caring for african americans and yet they destroy the school system is in stoeser i'm from the lives of ship or pre early regency and in nine then they say well we care about women and now on the border it's the haven they have have my sexual meaning like say the words i low i think devil wants us to a places where women are violated by the cars in view and they pull them out in the side there's a young one they pulled him up i stop but here's what i want to say i mentioned earlier courages to so as the reason we say i will not go next to the evil and i will not dance with the devil of oh i'm like adam and eve animates the arrogance of thinking that they could be like god can enable went on amy we go on to the other end as you point out we're living in a thing since obama was in office or a break was a boma and what happened was a what whatever they thought was right they could do to destroy the he destroyed an end so you cokill the babies you know oh tell the babies why not ye right now we have a medicare and medicaid system that's reimbursing re imbursing or he instead of yes killing our seniors easterfor seers again he said how can i happen when you have people who are godless but who also begin enter corrupt and the corruptions joines corruption when you see it now you now take he can intervene on his sons in governments they knew what he was doing and when not to get when i talking about oh i'm going to help my son cause i wanted to get into college no dimothy son get fifty million a hundred or a billion dollar people forget the billion dollar there's a pellionella chinese ship with one of these investment funds and hunted by was star you corruption is contagious also but again we got shine a light and then we got the man to action i got to say you and i could talk about this for a month of soe you know the idea of term limits is always popular the reason is always popular is cause the incumbents of both parties stay in office often they don't get we just have the man more action i don't want people to be dished prosecutors it republicans are conservatives and indict democrats but i wanted to do their job and we have real problems and there not being addressed by by other americans who are desining back and watching what's going on so there's no corruption is one so his courage now i'm really thankful too president trump the rightful president of the united states for o for stepping up and provide such a great a great example for the seething with malone i just love malone i think so i think she is astley gorgeous i actually kept a file of her out betoiletted ss the which that i had a pentriston her old fits cause i lashing such a she is really a woman to be proud of you know and she just the descends herself so well and so is and beautiful and and we're all proud of melania cholmly and know what it nice i'm taught let's talk about if you want to talk about education yes oluther you want to tell you can't you can call it this i never know working to talk about when i get out whatever you want to talk about i'lltell you pick story about that old couple stories on the lake philosophen she started to educate her six children she did not believe in kindergarten she always said kindergarten was just another grab a power but she did not her kids go to school and so he got a first grade but she would teach him the there and i realized that they were teaching that well not then esense went wrote a whole book on the subject and cheek she highlighted alex newman's book with a maxim of all that the yacht the asthetics the title i was happens to me as one of the great ohitos of what happened in the early part of the nineteen hundreds there was a real effort corrupt or are people down and one of the ways they did it was to tiktaka the how we tote s went back reading and all this junk no and such wrote a whole primer still published we still that we still solid to a family to teach so number one is instead sheltered of if you'd been see by this vigorous teachers of the reed is a challenge sometimes but there's the you can do it and that's the number one thing because if you can read you can then understand and if you could read you will be able to write because that's what they related and in phyllis was a big believer in that but macalister we had one of our events alec newman is a great god he said as a great incredibly a young journalist desejou nalisto and don no no reform or public schools you'll get in then reformed them and about four years ago before co he came to our egle councilwhich next to next month and he came to that and he gave a speech and his speech was supposed to be one of the breaks instead we have somebody canceled on one of the main speakers so we put him on the big speech and he got up and he set up all these years i've been trying to fix the be and and you now take them back i'd given up before come he said i could believe it why this sonreck appoint where yes we want to get planned perennot of our public schools right we yes ter want to get the antechinus but in a lot of places the only way out is to get out right and cloven showed us that the thing we say at the philosophal number ones you can get out and get rid and there are great actions school is phenomenal some of the school choice charter schools work some of them don't i'm for more dramatic a schoole but if you can get your kids out in the private schools if he can afford it credible hells there runs these class school cademi now there's a movement amongst the catholics which in very familiar for real ootran tional catholic schools there's a lot of options you can get their but at expensive and i know people because the second thing i want to say he had got your kids out you've got to be aware of the one right you've got at and one of the problems is is the brain washing of the now these to bring was on and i still do then bring washing on his and the brain washing and you've got to have a mind said the says i often tell people comes to the government i flip on its head the ragan a motto regnes to say trust and verify and i flip it i call it and verified the starting point is a later on or i can't trust you i can't trust the government i can't trust the you or i juniors won for people may think it's important because of what he's done on covenants and sarah it's phenomenal to learn about the details of cases because in or if carcame mentioned a book i went read the book and suddenly like holy cow all this time the saying ionones my pointer is distrust and verified and when it comes it you i really got to think that way and so i told people public school if you've got to be there make it better let the school board members try to fight the fight but understand it's a challenge and as to your child you've got a distrust and verify times that means cleaning the education specifically and you i think donald trump if he's on these videos for if he givewhen he becomes one one of them is about the color centennial which will be coming up in a year and a half he says we're going to start celebrating may of twenty twenty five a few months after he gets for a whole year and and four months and celebrate our founding we've got a take narrative of our sister in order to give our kids and ourself feel good about what's going on and believe in it and even say oh that's spring washing and i say eh that's right except god wants us i make my kids or here it in their ears not because i think that their paying attention cause i know we're we're not just a box o rocks where you were like the most incredibly inspired intelligent robot you know whatever you want to call it and when it picturedrome it's comin into you i we were told that so we got a protore bran mash oursels what so great about our country and our god and then do it for our kids on education where we're kind of an all and we don't we don't try the philosophies to say oh you're in montana let us tell you what you have to do this is the now were like your antanor going to figure it out but we got tell you what works and what does it and we're going to connect you with the people that can help you do the things you want to do with in your choice that's what's going on across the at my only last cabinnot is the lake though claparede asked fighting common corps is like we do this every one five or ten years is another version of this this nonsense that globalized estate problem is roget busy and moved back on to everything else trust their kids back and he and i thought coven was going to break that a people that were liberal who looked at what the kids were being taught there like i don't want it and yet after a little bit of time a lot of them put their kids back system in like and in so we have to find ways as the leaders to say hey stick with you can it's like a woman with a bone on solicit or sixty million women have had a boring and when you when you in your heart and god god spirit you know it's wrong it's evil and so you participated in the ewell thank god god will redeem us all of us for our failures but you can't start out by saying to a woman like that you are evil you committed murder you're going to help now my teaching is all true unless you repent and get to the lord but but that doesn't help anything and so what we have to do is figure out a way to say to for example parents iron public school we know you've got to be there and we're not judging of it than he could do better but here's the things you can do to and why you need to do that for our future and that's part of our chalenge well it's the into your point it's like a computer or brains are garbage and garbage at's run bodies if he eat if he jump food you're going to have a junk body that's good of mansecondo can not healthy to be able to do things you want to do it so you unandi think also that all education should return that should have a return to it there he somewhat of measurable return like incoronato ate of a everybody coming out of school with with as so that they can they can always provide for themselves and if they want to go on to to a different type of education pass at this fine but man bring shop class back that in all that that that type of thing in life skill well that's that's me that's a amazing ye i home school my kids and i was ah i'm old i mon be sixty this year so my kids are mid thirties and there you know you when you see the problems he happen you have to sometimes be be brave enough to do that even if you're the only one now in it's the right thing to do in truste where you know and in stepping out of the norm breaking that mold and being being a person who is the you know the first first of a plough in that in the soil there to a to get things rolling and that's an important thing what it what else do you kotalant besidedecay cause i could talk about that for i found one wotton like to challenge people should he heard me mention at the prolthon issue i think we have had such a with rove way in now and and so many that the two groups i like to recognize what i talk about rotwere erse or the lawyers so fearless lawyers to got out in front that took cases and and in hetlega theories is again clark forsyth who is that americans united for life is at the lawyer and he these written a book on now the supreme court he got went back and got up on of the ah the notes the supreme court from the robe watered a basically put together that how the whole thing was derived by clerks and and we cockhorses for deck has been laying out the legal framework and people would say hurry on now we got up to take our time we got to this and clark foresight and other lawyers really plugged along and then god gave us a donald trump he had to take needscost he gave a trunk who gave us three members of the spring court and we got rid of that thing and rope the way was was an evil thing it was a pox honor nation that made it so people felt abortion was ok so and i salute those people second group of people i slew is the prayer warriors there in my mother in law as i think she may be gave a little bit of money to different groups but she mostly wants to plant paranoid every week end in front of the and pray they won't even do inside like a counselling there they just eat and prayer warriors so i'm going to do this and i mentioned the american likely got jim said lack is a guy who passed away about a year and a half ago and he worked on this issue in prayerfully so that's the two to groups i recognized now we got into robertand now what are we do and it would people say at night on the and the and the debates how a portion is the state issues amor shoots a human it killing is if the federal government and the congress of the present had any real commitment they man of worship to morrow all the but well of the new world where everybody's broken and failing in also we got work with what we got but for now plan parent or gets nine hundred seventy million dollars a year from the fence and millions of millions more from other groups and we ought to say these are evil if we had a group that was riding around in was targeting i group right in the and he started to have mobile units which was clampers to now that they knew they can have existing places because we find them in protest and put regulations and so their driving round with mobile units in order the enceinte we have the tree driving around predators still kechoff the street killing him weeks sae my cot i got to stop this and woltest say when i to give money to to get a man a five of one she three states to get a tax benefits so you know billionaires could follow money through and then help them support candidates so we have evil goliath in our midst plain pardon and we need to name it and not be afraid to name it not be afraid to name when plan order makes a donation to your local school for them to do something or to say we don't take money from the cake kk either and when i taken money from plepared so we have it we have an evil ah that we can put our name on and then we have to be willing to to this uncertainty of the polite movement a lot of our friends and neighbors as i'm against roseway they got to get rid of that now it's gone now what are we do and building that culture alike stared prayer and god and works out from there but we gets out from their pretty quick and we've got a demand accountability on this and you don't melissander name he may know maybe hatton she's a survivor of a portion is not a survivor of rate there's those two she's not a survivor of war there's lots too we got to work with all those survived in abortion and is a network of abortion serving the sale abortion disposed of and summerlike to compensate she beautiful she like a beautiful lady with kids are not lightly what she set don't say oh okay in the case of a riper insisting on your to that one right i mean you say no less life and we've got a figure out was to be a clear out this one challenge is that lawyers like me goes like me the carbon are guides and i think you dowttand think we're going to make the argument from you now some guy like me we we've got to go and understand the woman is in trouble the woman in this culture were in gets to make father should be more involved than we try to do that and we got figure on how to make it better and reaching the women to say hey you your life fifty years ago when a court when agro delay happened the options for women were more limited right it would there was good or bad that silly we have more options now my oh i'm so doctor so talented and that's what she felt called to an sheke geriatrics patience like old people as god's angel as amazing so an i would never say oh my wife should have never gone the mexical now women have these great gifts but what happens now as one woman i gets pregnantin and she's seventeen eighteen nineteen told by our colt everything that we value you will be losing cause being a long and seventy to be so bad right and we've got figure out a way to be one side these women and try to lift them up and be on all try it with you we have to be for the woman we all know it's a life we all know that babies a light first he got to be that woman because in the culture ren if we lose her it's not going to matter that it's a life she's going to make that terrible decision figuring out how that can be in being creating about before donald trump we would have had these kinds of debates or we would selwood do and we would have been may be thinking in conservative boxes that now i told people why aren't we saying in a what let's subsidence women that have babies let's do a poland does if you're in poland you have a family and you babies they give you tax break you get you don't if you have four kids in poland before you're thirty you don't pay taxes i think it's frewife but then come to work you we can make choices about what we have said of eyes and we need to do it both in terms of some of the law we be careful of negative effects but also it turns to the s of embracing people and finding ways to and to make it more meaningful and so there's a big the long channels around the pro like movement and frankly the organizations are in some a disarray to figure out what to do it's an importance people have to realise that our most important job that we ever have as being a man or a day at its raising that next generation and the pouring our hearts in our lives into another human being for their sin for them to have a a wonderful life of rennets that's the we're doin as apparent as you're literally helping them through their life if you're doing it right you never really give the job off you know that's right yeah it's heart thinks yo ho that's hot thomasin how many how many people are you here in talking about the other issue where the borshch is the selling of fatal parts as well as live babies hotithink that's something that a lot of people don't realize is going on is that these terms babies are near them babies there being sold and the swordman make no mistake about this this is happening he had done it so funny that you asked me that because shapley old boss o i remember talking with her and she was at early supporter of james oke and what came allkeep was doing and porters project barons especially when this story broke a member they went okiad the videos of the plane parenthood executive saying in others as learnfor this that i remember she was so excited she said nobody can hide from this and she is sic talk about how you know that the altar sound was a great break through and three the alteracons and all these things it was changed the whole way we saw babies ceilidher et in at her funeral his funeral which donald trumpeted a steed king was there the congressman and so is caniborn and that's where jane porter who had been working on this issue already hatched the idea of expanding the harpy you're at the idea that if you hear heart be you know you don't you don't have to debate when they are you know there's life there so but phyllis then said to i believe these images of selling part should have won the day we again we didn't capitalize on that momentum and we all tried and so i agree with you we have to come up with more was to shine a light on what's happening so funny thing the the the way some of these issues will come up and i agree with you that the sale of body parts of the sale of you don't do the legacies the contradictor babies and people don't want to bring that up but that's what's this is something that's heaped and in verse here the young here's the the a thing almost that i think people have to wrap their heads round we sometimes imagine that evil is dark over there it's very practical actually as you point out and we need to identify it and we need to de do more to to highlight it it through law and otherwise to try to limit it so i think we're going to see more than i think they have to be really creative in the proiemenous think we have to get renewed in it and it's going to take a new set leaders and i think we're in to see by the way before ernestine done i do want to say i'm one of the most important islay did at the end of her life she wrote about donald trump's four times we have quitothe she wrote in columns and commentaries and all from the time he went down the escalator in june of twenty fifteen all the way through when she passed away she was writing a column on him on inceptum er and she and i wrote a book called the conservative case for trunk and she predicted the down the stretch they would come up with some attack on top that would signal to the conservatives you know you can't trust i consider the billy bush video the the nasty video that they put out but phillis predicted that in so we had a book out right at that time and said the conservative i have to understand it to somebody's got to pick out replacement for scholia somebody's got on these key issues and she went through the issues and and we to to day would say on this on these that matter most to the future the military superiority polite obviously the economy and the the working class even education and fred trumpets been spectacular and so one of the things we do is we both want to highlight that all the policy decisions of he made that are so positive are because of what he leaves beganthat what the republican party must be that and we want a never go back i whenever we never got to go back to the rhinos at wanted last night talking about the stuff they did i spend those people are dinosaurs they might as well i could have been the jurassic park debate except for maybe he back and so but when i go back so we want to lock in i'll tell you wot not about that and then they not our case right now i've never seen like were seen with tromp and so for my standpoint there is no brain or this point i know you know where she trioretaliation you're not necessarily giving indorses as to who would be the most important person to elect present there's no and down its tramp right now and i think we have to embrace that one quick thing gone phillis laplander struck i and in march of twenty fifteen ten there was a private meeting in a room about size of this one here where i am and it was me and her and trump and she brought with her a copy of the twenty twelve republican plot he said to him she handed to him i'm i spent my whole life to make sure this platform the republican party is cone i need your help it that way and he said i will be can i have this stook it and gave to the calle de ceo from the ostension looks on my seat on the plain on one talked to everybody about it and he said i will support it and and then the next is i need you to commit to appointing judges thomas and scholia in these vacancies odetenne set a totally do and i promised to do it any heed any and he lived up to both the when we got to cleveland for the convention in twenty six the young that the people were doing the platform there were still some riots and ballet their round and we started to find with them and the trump people said whatever they want whatever phillis wants that's what you give him just and when we were done that a for which dropped in at twenty five or is the most conservative pot we per then we next see on all these trade issues immigration issues now wegetritt to it propolis extraordinary and that was battle's matter and there's only one part now in the world but certainly in america his pro life and and really for america and that's a republican party you bet i fight the one side the party system in america you can wish there was a third or fourth party at to and in you i know they dispel we got to go make the one that we have into even better every single there there you go i preciate your time and in your wisdom and everything that the eagle counsel is doing right now you guys are amazing and thank you so much for taking the time to be on to day do you have lyfords for everybody onejust encourage when i one of the things i like best about you down as you of you like phyllis your happy warrior you know these are serious series as darkness around us and all but yours have smile your always cutting a big figure in terms of the energy people feel that again is contagious sores encourage you and others you know the one you mentioned earlier there is no time in we never stopped fighting of course i had you know there is a time line in the sure later thank god the lord's going to come back none and we got to be ready for that and so we don't know what that is but we know it's coming we do have this sense race will be run and if we run it as best we do the things we can stay close to the lord we know the glory on the other side and we don't know it what she with we can even imagine it we believe in it and the glory will be ours and the lords and so we we've got to ep smile at our joy and our families and and even in this heart break now thus in diceto that so thank you the battle is certainly the lords than i i prayed that god you had you know god's favor rest upon you and every one that's fighting with you to think you so much for coming out ah and it is it is phyllisshe dat com ronathat is the the other eagle counsel got orgisthae the other one otolondrer to you'll kellonsoitto wonderful thank you so much and i he call it a of broadcasts to the i've got i've got two other segments coming thank you so much for sheristadar work you're doing we'll talk to houston god bless you thanks donna think you less to he gazed that was a howsomenever by bad martin i'm just really thankful for everything that that of the so much people out there just doing doing so much wonderful work and were so were so grateful for that i'm going to take just the short break here and then we'll be right on with the election integrity forest people and jason joan and sandy no whooooooooo comeback to brandenburg news network i am done to brandenburg on the twenty fourth day of august twenty twenty three and i am very pleased to bring on my bodies here let's see iodo start at him to the stream here we've got joanne and yonnondio doing excellent how are you donoughedee here's jason and i'm not seen standing at her and hoping that she connote i can see her devices not connected but we see if she can re connect again and hopefully we can get her back on so how you nice do in today wonderful in paring it was a very nice time anthea it the event an ah michael indols eventwhen a nice time to talk and so we got lots to task about it to day and hammer out do we all my goodness where it's unbelievable what's come what's going on in she yeah where do even start there's so many things going on right now so i mean what's to day is the day that a trunk goes in into a full county to yet this is ridiculous there bocintoro third world absolutely ridiculous yes if they have solely a it's a shame and you know we all support the rightful president of the united states president donald der and thankful for all that he has done here i think john strained to get sandy connected here in militant and he won't looging oso what would you like to talk about to day jason well actually i love to go down a time line that i put together here a let me out let me just all this out and that i would like to walk through some dates of significance or coating every one should know and understand and it starts from the eighth of october i want to have a dress seeing the mistaken police department receiving a complaint from the clerk's office we say anyhow you doing i'm going to bridesbut sandy and and jo ann's cameras of so of joy at icefor cameback on i think we're all sat how you doing and well thanks i was in the studio but for some reason it wasn't let even oh there you will let's get so anyhow go had jason were going to go through time wine here yeh so on the eighth of batoven twenty mistaken cler and match received a between in ten thousand completed forestration application that that first cut a call in went to the pit which went nowhere they didn't respond at the next complaint was on the sixteenth when more were dropped off that when the west one was asked for a second time to investigate it was four days later on the twentieth in the third row a river the first alas a thousand ten thousand second drop was about twenty five hundred in the third drop was about another twenty five one this was on the twentieth that's when when they were dropped on the table they were apparently brought in and the clerk was actually able to see several of them all by themselves looked like they were full uahssiro it was on the th time that the lisa arment finely beside it to act and looked at him and because the work was saying well looks like their fellow by the same people of what i don't know these are legitimacies be lookte a that was on the twentieth of october the twenty third is when the chief best care of or whiston's trans gentleness ah actually created a task force to look into this that was the following day then it when into the hands of the michigan state police ah elevated on the police department miscegenated department to mission state and this is why i dantonistes office was aware of this issue and now now i want to have out here if the attorney general's office was aware that there was an issue and that they were piling search warrants search was active probable call well they actually determined that they had probable cause because they had looked into some of these registrations and foulata be broad i including poor coercion of one individual a filling their application and at least forty two other applications were founded and fraught so at this point it was a race to the a tre generals awareness which means that the sectary state was also aware yet when the secretary stated it's my understanding that the forty two applications that were analyzed were actually analyzed by people within these so now then the government the bureaucracy has been alerted now we know and we ben told this whole time that there is no widespread bolder for however in the search warrants in this case it is specifically cites bonead circleits examples of ocotero ah in the search was so he were already very aware now in search wordsit's powers that fact that there's particular operation was on going in six different jurisdictions within michigan and that first one on first cercolas executed on the twenty sixth of october mondelet the the lochias on november third so this was well for the election of their already conducting this search warrants of the individuals in their operation the gastrades the next day of importance is the one or of march twenty twenty one this is after the inauguration the o oh loretin any more of that but yet to shake in a greatersawing that he go all safer oh so so red after that in march we now states of his task or a has been assigned to the investigation of gudifrey in others it this was after the election it was handed over to the fbi there the and this ere the this costales the trainsgeneral and the mistiness or ports were requested for review so it had been hand over the piers bearjust now at im sorry ted already been hand over the fishesthe first time there requesting the ebidence in the evidence locker at missionsstate after the election a theophany decided oonook at some of these so they request and they request three idols of the three items that they requested all i don't say included the names of the people who worked for gibi strategy so they requested the documentation that shows who's been doing this ah well it is alluded to or to lussac stated that they go back and collect ballots as part of their operation solitary in a statement of one of the witnesses of the employes that were a question on one of the searches of one of the city oh so that that two thousand meal right there this is that one of the entities that is tied into what two thousand mules was describing as fell arsinoeto and the next day of importance is the note of april twenty twenty one gee shrinesare will remain open and b has opened an investigation on the nation wide organization is the following month after the election remember bill bar said there is nothing to see here we have a white house inside saying that they that bill or is the one that shot it down and here we have in open investigation into the nation wide organization all in the election now this is really important because we knew from the onset before the election that these activities were going men going on and or alternates light of electors or sent because people believe this what we were allowed to even now about it there was one new article that covered it the attorney gen general temper discussed it never said that there was an open investigation because it would have added to the legitimacy of the alternate of electors and when he added to the legitimacy of controls this is obstruction of just denying the people the right to know what is going on and we've seen this repeatedly across the country where they try to preempt the narrative and control the narrative by releasing information or what they refer to as preventing information by shutting it down before enters the public domain this is right concerning because this is communism right here work were in the throes of hominis the next day that i have the twenty first his two days afterwards yet i opens up nativities tigation two days later the poor electors twenty twenty post election and it report concludes several factory requirements hindered the ability of a lexonicals conductletters effect efficiently and in a way the allows full documentation and review of election conduct particularly with regard to absentee oder ballets recount ability requirements hinder the ability of out of balance pros the bee reviewed during recounts and should be reconsidered so two days after they opened up the nation wide investigation abides his still not confirmed or denied of face on recent coal to the fbi about this particular entity if they cannot deny it and they cannot confirm it i say stonemason a indicates that the portable actors knew exactly what was going on with the other count they knew that there was stuff wrong that ballyellis did not add up there was issues and there was a ongoing investigation this is probably the one of the greatest rods on the american people that we are experiencing today now one that but now we have a secretary of state that breaking down the attentional destruction of the security of our elections that the removing of and moving towards centralized voting jurisdictions absolutely contradicts that he contradicts the findings their own aunts if they're not actually taking into consideration the findings of the own audits then what are they doing are they complicit it sure seems that way but the next day that i want to touch on and i almost done gone through the time liner is a so we have this is a this is just the way i want to put this one on here but it's not fully thought out in flushed out yet so i let the a little he cares less looking dismal further but believe it or not the attorney that was that a show dog or that was given to the police department when they went to go to the search for i was worn or nor cross in jot hello he and that then the or all october twenty second of twenty one so you mons later the law burn for bistrialis had a date breach note thought about this but as in sand that aware this this the assoore you breaking to this one is hard and orontes right so no as soon nobody's really talked about this but the actual entity that was responsible for protecting cevitate ies had a daturah in one of their primary issues is actually insuring that of security and responding to yeres so this is actually one of the specialities and they were great so i am not going to go to much more further and the detail other than the ah the name of the attorney which is in the police report people should sibusiso there don't look into or cater as that you know i'm going to look it out oh you you're going to enjoy this one and winecases south there conohasset love digging in this guy i i'll just say that the ocasionar from eric holder and i'll leave it at that i the next day only get through the rector there and you got to give his name it's public record in the police report to me yes somebody look it up in a text i am no ievo any sort of retaliation by avoiding speaking the name and the public domain so you ain't it you know it you can glad tae me and i'll put it out there begonias olopun it out there anyway ward from eric cold or word for word or cross and and there was a date to respond when not low me ask your quest and they're all this is actually based out of grand rapids by the ornerist where they are i know exactly when the singers my ears my there was a there was a security with conic that wouldn't happen him anything with an i padres there what i am i getting close the i'm not going to refer to to any of the cyprides stop because i've got a bachelor greenside spirit and i'm docking some of that stuff he is i got a tack company too and screw all of em because if we need to we can we can chase it right down to a t who was sitting at the gekeerd if we need to and you can tell now you chibitano let the let the investigators the reveal and shoulder hand on what they have a power dumping revering it that this is petitorii i was like and i knew it was in granatense though so didwithout as beautiful as is anything any gestopte give me to day jason that was the p right there that's cool ye right nor old backyard rat our own back yard when i know that the grand rapids they pee breach was in granard and as there and leon very excited at this moment in time because we're getting closer to incompetent negligence bandishing comp by the way that the next day on my time lying here is roughly a too mons after this oberreich of their law for vorgebirges two months later the fbi actually requested those evidentiary idols seven ten and twenty two i am sendas cardboard box containing bucinantes packets i don't ten as a black plastic to and tanglepate and benevides i couldn't find number twenty two at first because the first sheet only goes to twelve ah in the later in the report actually found that a that the they changed the form at and found the idol in its acherner twenty two it's a black finder labedollire through he is that's the lionsit now this is cool so up and then my next day on the time why it is a year and a half later cathy charged with a felony this is on the third or martelonne twenty twenty three earlier in this year captain monk was charged with felony counts that she broke open or violated the seals or loss of a ball of box used in the lint august twenty twenty five so this was the primary and twenty twenty the first person charged with a crying related to that time frame right this isn't he the general election now this is the the primary elector and this is flat which is one of the six jurisdictions which was listed in bishrites ball horsing operations led get out the bow is what they label that right but we we won't be full so before the final results of the election had been determined i was revealed that she had modified her she had access the ballots ah illewit out another proper of gertie an attorney general state her office is committed to prosecuting all election violations now at that was true how come we have not seen the person who was turning in these frogs and boracic tions see these are or petitions well i want to see one to go let me fetch the time in real quick onegot two more bullet points can trissino in the july twenty seventh of this year begin the trot forensic report was released in indicated that paper way in at miss matches registrations compared to balance and have loops still match the tallies resulting in average washable violet ray all between six and twelve per cent this is after it's been adjusted for permanent absentee oders to twelve per cent and i only would require roughly five per cent of the absentee ballad ah tally to be questionable to call into question the election that is a hundred and ninety eight thousand ballots are questionable of the three point three million male and ballots this calls on equation of the election because it was determined by a hundred and fifty four thousand one hundred and eighty eight boats michigan winds that from present temperate there with that with that ottawa so we and we don't know exactly how many additional votes were not properly called in the rest of the jurisdictions oh we do have from work thanks to ye a a and a and the team over there miscegens twice twenty cubensis there penny report indicates based on early figures ninety one thousand of the ninety six thousand or legitimate that means that the quaquarion ils all but my point to per cent of the boat five point to per cent of the boat and miscegen is not considered adjudicated that almost matches what we see in the peking detroit forensic report and this substantiates the quacks that the election is fashinable oh come and those are my boil but points in my time lying i love at that really god yea the son so i decides on to tell say i'm so honored for all you guys to be here and with this many people out there that our absolutely working against election integrity who claimed to be for election terity who steal other people's animate names right now but i might later eh but any rate oh i got a letter reuther now that these guys right here that are on screen for scorne and christian such had been doing so much of the heavy lifting in this state and i tell you what you know is my things to sandy joan jason and you guys forgetting in there and sagginatine out refusing to get given up and to find in awe some things and great things like this to thee that the breach came where the breach came from that's awesome thing to be breaking that here this he got it i wonder how many people out there sweat and right now probably a lot you know i think it's real he alluded to this that it wasn't in there were multiple sin in our inner state that had the and and you know jason i'm thinking you know they mentioned flint they mentioned southfield was much and that in harbor was much ah and then less notably people mention detroit lancing out to a county ypsilanti ah you know this is was not just one location this was pretty wide are to plangiving they cached that because every time dane did analysis on the four years that we've asked together the secretary states state up it shows a different number of people that voted and so every time we look it changes and our loss say that seven days after the election all of the boats need to be recorded and so why twenty some months later we still having changes in the in that coin history should be his evoted to the honoured tetonwan they were hiding stuff they would be glad to give us the electronic hold books and everything else instead of trying to hide it water they hiding it's not up to the two i deny information going to weed the people were their boss and there like ye were i to do that a more redisposed over the board out of the lachesnaye come in deal with us here because we know we don't were accurate like losing ten thousand so they go so what else do we want to talk about less expanded only let this is amazing as pestles talk about how it legs you know jason talked a little bit about how the started and if you know we have evidence that it started in the prime and when into the general but then we did the recount of twenty twenty two and saw the same kissof we recounted on the in one of the proposals of hundred per cent of the counties we tried to recount how to hold either the ballots had been tempered with there were ballads of this saint locks were broken ballots were in in illegal containers of the count tinachi the machine count showed and in the other proposal we counted it seventy points of the counties we tried to count had a problem and those are just those are just terrible results while shows this the the primary and twenty twenty to the regular lectures the election in one on twentieth and then into twenty two i know everybody who think we're just crazy you know trumps supporters and trunk one trump wasn't in the election in so there was no issue there at all it was twenty twenty two there was no still found almost every candid shows a pater so so sandy's absolutely right so we bought weedoni think i'm having some power issues at my cap gout as the as the power ah so i apologize for that but sale's absolutely right i mean in the record of coined one of the proposals and could not recount and at the end ah and the reason we couldn't recount those ballads exactly what twenty one aren't report that as ah we couldn't recount o oh they didn't the tabulator tape did to the number of ballads that were cast in the bag he issues where the bags were not i and therefore you couldn't open the back and actually recount the back we had balance that were sae upwards of a hundred bales i'm from the original counts we had we advanced that were missing fifty ballots from the original counts a man it was on a week pete as we went through the recount process by i think we were all pretty and lightened by the magnitude yes it's it just seems like it's an ongoing you know like it doesn't get worse and worse and worse than more we dig into it what what do you think is going to happen now with thee and the time men with the electors the the second string of the facelet slat or whatever you want to call it as well as the ah you know the time men of deed an ossorian this word of his and once no haven't gasteropoden on that ere we steered clear that subject will get on my comment to that would just be that everybody who's trying to do good work challenged persecuted in died in you name it right seems to be an iron going and i'm going this where you know any place that they can try to people afraid to do this work they sasscer inly there's a lot of intimidation going on everywhere you know to make people sit down and be quiet not say anything and that's really a shame you know we should never be afraid of the government they should be fraid of us and i don't see that happening right now they seem to just be wanting to make up their own policies and rules st do what they want or ye seen at to this is clearly a rope regime that has absolutely no i mean every day there losing more and more the intimacy the the southern border being wide open is no orders you'll have a country without orders come on that's the word the pines a nation is its orders and you dissolve the borders which just leads rain into the narrative boothe globeless wanted great at one world government and this is in noteshame to say this looks tyrannical and absolutely my bathing it ribera and i fought overseas in africa been lest ah to tilberie people from their tyranical government and from rogue military horses that to come here come back come after losing brothers on my side so infuriating to think toothat we could actually while no one red all out there fighting and losing people who a broad show this army and i am just hereditasthe reason why i decided to rominess of i couldn't take any more pensive act and ah and wait for other people to the finely dosomething oot seiour congress runs going right now jason osiris very interesting and rodigino peoples on i've got a list of a hundred dollars per ton wording of words and had love we are not to do not on elongation that i'm brad now ah mostly just on the spot for ice hall expanse is many aforehand as the team gets put together we'll have that you know only launched by next month we'll go happy and expose hilary sholto and the congressional district now he the guns carrying going along with the democrats as a bet to destroy her at when really proud of you that you stepped up to ran and and everybody else hansomely its to go to to get out there and and decide decide to brown and make a difference when you know there's so many people that are just going along to get along but you know what takes it takes just good people getting in getting in the game when when you guys all started him and bring up the website here meant when when you started with ye eh what what was it that really jowled your effort into going through em figured out what happened what what was the what was the the defining moment that you knew you were going to get into this fight in you're at a stand to it till he we know the organization was really founded with the attentive training hole calne so that people could engage in the post and the organization really wasn't started with the attentive doing all this and then afterward the election happened in twenty twenty and everybody saw what came out the board of directors got together and set that they couldn't let that stand without saying in these and so in that point we all got together set up a new vision and a mission and a vision was unified the united states though transformed in trust to election because we thought that if you could create transparent then you can create and if you could create trust you could get people to lie up behind whoever got it let support that new person on and so that was really what and we knew as we you don't your so clues honestly when we started we didn't even know the right questions that as we started asking i started investigating things worked on the things like trying to get a full forensic out it we very quickly learned to whether not any cheating one on whether espy you know ballads stopping on ballot harvesting or machine swooping bones to whenever one comes we knew that they needed to have that in flighted qualified voters did you that so that's where we started folks and we all told him to liquidly that if we were trying to use a data it was just challenged as on your davis you know back from my day is as a leader at you know the first thing anybody did what they didn't like what you were saying was challenged the day and so we decided that we needed to go the food and start using they are dated dousing gave to that we got to the places they are dated at because if it's in their day on they should be responsible for it and so that's how we got into doing the foes and thank god for joanne and the day the teams that if helped you all of the analysis on the day of because certainly found some gold mines to if you go in the way back from shethers vel reports out on our wise talk about the fine you know voters note in one set of the dative of voted it the next side of day the obadience in one set of date or didn't go in the difference senatewho numbers than what was used to certify the elect and we thought it was really its when the onion general came out with her report i said that it was you know the fairest selection over that we've all ford over operathat there was no issues illegality and election i start with the number of boats that were used to certify the elect so ye i actually started i wasn't one of the original members of i actually started with the if large because i was looking for and you know i started serving the internet in his different programming without there in and i realized i need something that's going to be a bit more action or ah i can't sit here and be a couch potato and just listen to others so that's how i got involved with election and the middle of twenty twenty one ah and at that point i had already started looking at a very small subsection one file for my county ah and i was pretty convinced that he so in you know when i in on one of my first he we realize that we lined that the qualified voter file wished the place art and to to really look and that's how the estate white canvas ah was born with throughout the fall of twenty one and into actually had many counties knocking on doors a talking to residence asking them asking them to confirm the people that are registered ah on the vote rolls actually live at those addresses and what we were able to identify through our canvas which we admit of only reached about thirty five hundred volders ah what we were able to identify is that eleven for per cent of the he asked about where individuals who no longer lived i had not lived at those addresses twenty twenty now those spaniardes rations did not have a vote attached to the but we had another anomaly of five point five per cent where which did ham pot attached to him and those were most fantom people who did not live at the th at the residence they claimed to live at when twenty election over all we identified almost per cent anomaly then there is is he have you have you looked into that i think is the sea pv one system for registering elders cause i had jeff bone journ oon here that is not when when you look at what's going on down in texas and all the swing states how many people that are added the through this and even when we were shut down of during coviolo many people were registering that time its way wayway out away and in intexas then the numbers are you out you couldn't have that many people registering that were a americans nis not not chance pennsylvania's and other one but i don't know if you've looked at that but that's the actually i jumped on to the nationals because part of how i got it bolted you guys may know the name let's harris at very own yes landswas doing canvassing out there and she posted they did some adds and face book asking for volunteers to help and so i reached out to liz and i said hales ombashi and that don't go i can help from here but we got to stop this if we got to work together that's exhortoient the pin in the middle of during this into pretty immediately we were working with iris texas and emerson so we are familiar with what those groups are doing and we try to share information to weave have joined were weak in meetings and some grown set monthly linesanother groups for were trying to share learning and work take i love less she's cool she is you know she's she's going to be on obernburg news not word too what a what a rough what a rough ride she is had going you know going for she's got a great story and talk about a brave wonderful wonderful woman i'm really proud to know her and and be able to stand with her and her fight also so our i've got some of the saint of the apports up here or there any of them that you like to show people and something you said it was really kate it sandy as you picked up the phone and called some you you didn't you know and that that action will stop any one can do that pick that phone up an call somebody so so that you are connected in your not floating out there like one why do because i hadn't really worked in politics i had at the opportunity to live in one i join twenty eighteen and we moved back in twenty nineteen and a couple months after we got back i looked in she what happened my country while it is there was a wagon down and you know i i don't know if it's because i saw the beauty and the terror in the holocaust museum in the schillerischen aswoon all of those things in germany and had the chance study of bit of his on but once i came back i couldn't un see whether he had seen you know i grew up with my in last talking about boring up in the abstracting the war and so i had the back drop to it and i loved home and realized that on freedom wicteste in taken away left and right and so i decided i had one of the things that i was told people when upright pockets get engaged or thing dis ie how much time you can do that way to the lower we an hour more and other her they but getting aged in because the only way we keep control of our government and don't end up on tonterias a foreign gage you know it's we the people but only if we the well and i can tell you that talk in you guys that i think that you are our greatest strength and not just going through the numbers and it's it's the time you rise have some great stories i think that was the favorite part of just havin some time to visit the sweetnes past week just as near stories and and the shores of your life and worry your motivations come from to inspire others you know i'm right yogis could set your talk for we could say or to for two hours and never had the same topic you know inspiring people that get invalidand help oh jason what was what really your ear life is is a green beret was really as and on you know with some things that you've experienced i mean talk about it talked about if you know military vast disguise that gus ah what a really appreciates thanks why you know that the big thing is once i got out of the military i decided rondelys i finished my bachelor's degree i was told by several people not to worry about it like on don't worry about getting that piece of paper or whatever is i was so determined i was working three jobs and a whole time a rapinous hool cause i just wanted to get it done in behind me eh after i got that done it we rolled right in to a cove and then in the twenty twenty lacs and i was already due to i a interesting international le you all think of you it well your harte i was watching watching the cope itself had a unfold and october of a nineteen in china i i saw i saw writing on the wall and i just watched and a kind of recorded stuff i knew that there was whissling on also we can actually rolled back loore that in scindentes into the at a new york that had piled ah as i trust lawsuits against an old and my person and base book and twitter and god i i don't i can't say for certain he but when i saw that stuff half and it was like cossante interest and i wonder i'll give him that after the democrats of power all of those dispers and it almost makes you wonder if there was a concentree or something where they got and once within those organizations of private ones ah that allowed them see cancer and serve ah we know that there's a high level of censorship of one or up litical conservative lady and that doesn't mean for one party look there's conservatives in the democrat party too ah there's conservatives on the republican really the unipartite see control and they don't like conservatives we is conservative and to be the people who want limited government they want no palance muggets you know like common sense tything and that doesn't go well for every plating but gets it throwing these terrets out to win electors ah i i play any corporate interests ah survives at of gone themselves ah chattock the political community and ostracized because oh i got all this at the military and inchoate as green cybersecurity was watched as going out with coved i and i i was already from billiard because i point africa during the palfrey action was there just after the outbreak of the half entombed africa i was familiar with all sorts of ah you know preadamic protocols they were there were talking about but nosiness month who wore intense i ought to stephens for we're going six month appointments with a six month orangiensche me this is like a year long to plentiest sailroom back home and we had to be hisolated too to a certain areas of basisthere were it was it was a little ridiculous it was a book and that's got a far higher per cent a bainter inally then cold the survivability was always over ninety ninety nine per cent so it was just mind boggling the other thing that really got me irritated was the fact that the one saying and with each violent stray more contagious i'm sorry but like i don't think there's any possible way that you can get more contagious than what they said with the initial o pray two weeks of incubation where you could also shot a spread the virus that's about as contagious as ducange i like you you can't get any more contagious than the fact that owatonna it without any symptoms and spreading it well that i mention that it is completely counter and tuitive now virility of the these ivresses wanes its yeah it's so i was already raising all sorts of redlegs i was posing on my social media the city sees own guide and and ah in numbers on ah what was switching over from the flue to covet and i got myself shadow and pretty early on for the ten twenty elections and to the ten twenty election what happened afghanistan it as i have got you back into line seacole this old saying and wait for somebody else oftenthat's when i really got motivated to be to just go in sir showing up in volateran anywhere i oid and that's what i did i actually ah when bolter with a a the gopenate volunteering with helping out the open relief for getting the people they alleged were left behind ah out of afghanistan and ah helping with with those efforts led me into this whole ah effort with skinner and not how i ran into a sandajuanes work with american project and looking for local porters told help them ah investigate what was going on the shenanigans the in that so that that's that the key right there as that there so many of us that if ever ready just stepped up and does something and gets involved and ah that you know week we're going to win we out number them like what ten thousand that the mark the canimar is that are out there you know that i'm on to use that common no fast as the scots were right and so all of we outnumber them like i like ten thousand or one if we all get involved in this and not set back and you know worry about our play time too much and till we get this thing right i think we can turn the cingentes always a table and every small town in restraints always in a hold unto old farmers around it in the tell you what we had to with those tables we could write this state and about two weeks the wisdom they are old farmer ooreeyehs simple i think i think we can ride yet that that's that's an amazing story so you had to prop there with you to day sandy i do and it's storming and thundering here and so he's very clingy and here all bring him all he needs is mamma was his name pinned its judge for in a the escort he knows it to ye mamma's favourite you on to go on tackle but about the angel conference at all don't everybody jump at once oh my god my hat it was directed at you well the ecton ioannow i halfloaded which the device it's going to be able to tell if we have sisters connected to the internet but as the if we've already done a bunch of work on this we had people that went to holy places and accounting locations with their self phones check the inner nets that were available before the elector and then do the same thing on election day and found that there was much more available to the of net work on election day than other days and then we had our whole challengers watched am i to eat what we did the training for the poll challenges we taught them all to look at the computer's strains that the election workers were and she'll look for the internet connectivity logos on the computer and so we are at in onmitigated figured out that the computers were connected we actually had full challengers escorted out of the bull that because they took of the issue that the computers were connected and at this point in michigan there not relie denying it and so i hear that such an anomaly to the other states and the other states are still having the election officials deny it but certainly in michigan we with withalthe point of not knowing what connected of what is you don't be in connected so we think it would be awesome if we could get into vice that would actually be able to pick up the packet of the information being sent from end to end war because then we would be able to see what is really going but just knowing that the connected to the internet red orifice that part out yeh i will as a sabrico out in straits if you do any of that if you're for aconitin at the only place a very likely that you can be brought on charges or a reconstitution i with any hack that ends a happening of those materials in the hands of the wrong people then potentially an unwitting or that will if you bought the device of your waiting est and what could be the act of the election so i i do not contend those activities and all night the seed come out straight in said a boy you should avoid that and i wouldn't participate in a just because what one my background i would get trouble at didn't have poison ah usually when you do that kind of stuff you permission from the local distiction so should be going to her law enforcement asking or investigation into ah essential tampering oh ah you're elections through electronic meat not every office has even those scibilit is perfect in those are billies are limited to only the large stations or stay wide estis like the michisepe police in michigan oratsko order a large police depart what have i a test a prithe right equipment and el proper joan for me i think that lend eleven so much about what happens on stage it's really what happens off the and your ability to interact at were doing the same thing and other states in and really start to understand ah what they're doing how they're doing it thus full or not and if something that you may want to ah in michigan and sandy i actually bumped into some and we weren't even aware of this but another state that had done a red and when we details it was once again another one of those situations oh yet i you recount is very similar to the results of our record to the results morton and other pieces of evidence that are starting that's where we see the the real value of the lind elevent an inquitant where we of these i i i a lot of fun meaning people i always i always do that but generally elthen i go to conferences i got to tell on usually pretty under while by what shown i haven't seen i don't understand how adding software is going to problem we need to get away from software is going to help and the republican party the state of michigan right now i am absolutely opposed to the good neighbor program nonsense that they're putting in place is in effect when it's doing it's turning people and the spies on their neighbors and i i think we've got some real or diocese browsers i wasn't sure that clearly yet it was about that you're exactly you exactly heard me clearly the talent everybody that you know that you need to get this up and then the load information in this act espion your neighbours you know what i'm sorry but that's turning unwitting people or people that are not educated and despised and i think there's could be some long term and i mean to go back to that is that i don't care who says we have been in condition shut up and go along and i don't think anybody should ever just shut up and follow any one blindly no matter what they have to say or who they are every one needs to be questioned and so should the actions that their taking you you have to ask no matter who it is there are the good back guys in pelecinus bad guys that bad guys pulls in his good guys and the youknowwhat for spots over to enoron research talking to people and find that out what's real and what's not real um i think that probably very important and if nobody likes it your saying well that's too bad say it anyway you you we all have to all less have the courage to stand up and say what needs to be ah i was i was a a little i've got some cost in a lot of them having a little to company and looking through what was launched there lot of his but what what you said joannes is true as it's the people that we met behind these that really really in my opinion were the work was getting done i thought the information brought four word for people to see in the individual states was wonderful people need to know what happened and into to listen to that but honestly you know like like the conversations that were had outside of that were incredible and in very very very and formative soandso that that's what i had to say on it eactly bravely several of the states tuesday night wednesday night and thursday night ed wednesday we schedule and we settle cable go till midnight case last year when we did that we wake select five in there she is weak for the lamanites hapgood at about twelve thirty seventy so but we have so much more still to come and so we decided to meet again the next he and joan and i had to leave cause we had poliercetes in the morning so we had to go back get packed and make sure that we could get to our flight and when we were leaving for the airport at what four o'clock in the monotoning some of the other people who didn't have the early flights were just walking into the hotel so and that you don't we created we all worked together to come up with the list cotter and what the action nimshee between now and twenty twenty four and you know that's where the row work went on not the work groups that's what is as giving the little work groups sent and brainstorming at having time to think about things and new ideas we and i'm telling you this is like a motivated group of people here that wants seented states restored this really motivated group of and what a what a wonderful honor it is to know you guys in to talk to you and i just want to thank you so much coming on here and jason for breaking the news the big news about the day to lay lake you know and a were inocuous and jo there one of the one of the attorneys which shall not be named until donniges the hold of the data then it shall be made ongiongi you little pointer were to love it's a page three of our printed on a two three twenty three at a two forty seven say that again piloted three or four and it was printed at a two forty seven or fourteen forty seven military it's some metastario number for i gather said there was a icelander people to go down and and legationthe gestrengigkeit the grey they had great job oh i not to the money everything there you know the bithencan aign contributed directly to ah then that worsened s this is no longer smoking gun territory these straight up evidence that would be presented in the portage so we were out of passed the seat pileprotecting the numbers and telling us where to look and now where we found what we need to find where we needed to find it and sir pringing to lay for the american people to rely make in i too would geondencan and the angel to rector something jason said in the very beginning you know we have message out there that says the organ to prosecute an organe enforce election a host the board and yet we have the information is from the recount that shows that there were balloons it shows that there were missing ballots they were illegal balance there's two things on that one is that our election lost says that if a ballotbox has been tampered with it can't be opened recounted in the nest and as a problem that election on needs to and then on the things that we did find where the ballot boxes well tempered with whatever you wanted he you can just camper with the fox in the can never be looked at so why on those not things not being investigated and why are they looking for protempore with the boxes wire domicile why were those investigations open and we certainly ask that when we did the wrap up of the as we wanted investigations opened the board of camp has the right in the and we were basically told the thornton investigate oh then don't i do you do it no gevartius have open brave nobody was in tother jobs yes why don't you know why don't we doing those invested things like jason said one notes innuendo that's hard aidance that the stock was tampered with he couldn't be recounted where's the investion so and delighted that you don't even our whole challenging and all that we had a problem with the shores is the sharfs etc not i know i to do when we were working on some one the inkowani got some ideas you know what i told general plan one time i said i don't have to fix this i would get in the fire every one of em and i want two plains running full time to get more and clean the rats out of the state of michigan by by you throwed up we know you screwed up and a time for you to you know it's time for them to have maybe maybe heaven appointment with a higher power at this point time because they any and anybody that took that that was involved in this this is a risk of our natural national security and nominate you what this is not a slap on the hand time this is a it's time to clean it out clean it up and be done with it down my opinion thanks to me and i'm guys you know what i really would love to have you guys all over here where we shall be a barn party integrity barn party with all with all verbois over here and he i make really good pies okay i've got an skottetog doth in me you know that that at once in while i have a firingparty and make a whole bunch of pies and we sit here and men get that and half eoger and it'sh thank you so much for being an to day i love you also much you're just wonderful and up to sabetinos i want to go to a lection and tigertown nestor help they need help spine donations they need people that to step up and give the call i trow phoneoh their associwate whisson actually the webs the web site is best to go to the w w w analecton and temerity for stock com and at that point they can hit the donate button ah at if they would like to donate funds to one of our projects or one or they can actually footpadand sign up to actually as with are put on the ground program which is and o volunteers help clean up the bones and they can send without he melobroeck in in fo at election there you go no excuses now everybody can go there and pitch in and restore these legs and you know what is much as these guys have selflessly worked in this free very very long time they they need you we need to stand together as one american family this is a time not to be republicans democrats whatever we stand as americans and dare to be american going forward because that's the only answer to this we can cenationes can be great and you can forge really wonderful of friendships at the time sanatoria little bit fashion is as we're going shopping we've already got this thing plans so so we're going to have finnaith nk we're going to have a great time all of us getting together so thank you so much i'm so proud of all of you and a well we'll get together at another time segelian there also the american prosiontos were a lot of my steps so you can find the things there and then you could follow me on or congress is the number or honors on in an astacoides so he won wanted that to ikes ice for one oh yes price spaid and break for gesessen there the deck he ah it's a solis catonis not come hostilitiesthat conmociones to push out there the best website and then the ah the twitter slashed act yes the number or congress at it so a sperones is the is the cassion was worksanguine jason i stack come and you'll see you'll see a of course the nice kylano granads and twenices the forts so i at any rate go there and let's let's let's support jason he's in no when somebody good stuffs at this is one of the biggest grapes i've had with our elections as we get off on some of these tangents and and honestly if we had good people sitting in the seat a lot of the problems it would be done you know the the elections and are free and fair elections have to come first so they go thank you so much guys and have a wonderful day to day cannabis a communitate a real quick break here before i get my next gas stad and that's a lorsand we're going to be talking of what's going on in south carolina whooooooooo eeeeeee there on brandenburg news network i am don abran and bergen is the twenty fourth day of august twenty twenty three and a welcome or rites wasn't less to interviews or the great and i'm so excited about the information that jason brought forward to day on the day the league at warner nor cross and john for page is a date de delitere i was wondering where we had that problembecause i knew it was in granaries but to hear the iactually in a report is really good news with enterement for which some honoron may not gas lorsha and i met her also at the lindell of the andaman to tell you what she's got a lot going on down here with the with the south carolina safe safe i was reading her page about what they've done and the thesea these wonderful people down there that are fighting for this nation in actually seed and and ah got involved in a in a very legal hard hitting way soon welcome herons hi there tone oh are you good how are you and don't aniceto see you see what a beautiful backdrop you have there that that's gorgeous no and as gontaretti onomy profound in that might help what the sound of finding there's a little bit of a sound delight i'm sorry i didn't i didn't even you my buyo but i really don't like it be about me as really and betterton and so an i'm just representing south carolina safe elections where a amazing team has been fighting send trans funnleton like most of these elections integrity oh we are not parts and so we just care about you now secure safe and fair elections for ever yea even nice web site too there's lots of information on here and i was reading i was reading a some of the about about pagesever and that this was really a well well tom and lots of information on her about what you guys have done in a work in on your own time and convincing legislators to pass adequate election reform which she gits also got into the legation area too and started seeing as to when i am not the wood on it so wouldn't want to it's actually connive a very nere in story if i can wait we did a lot of work on looking at the boat rolls we get a lot of foersech looking into like he she so money was we then wanted to get some hard evidence so we can test and we found multiple she sacandole think walter red stain conant's the big deal really were pivotal state now were the in the in the nation for the democratic pimas and we are the second primary in the nation for the republican there's one caucus i believe and then she primaries some more there the third a primary so we would imagine there's going to be a bit of shenanigans a line of settentrione yourself yes ioane found we acted at quite a bit of canvassing we had over eleven thousand people inderpendent porcher where we found people that were living and voting in an art with a plain there were living in an area voting from that arbuthanot's many months if not years prior so their votes were ineligible also found dead people who were voting we found people who were voting from empty logs vague and vacant homes oh graveyards moral polishments like duncan down not were you know i was just crazy ansel you know we gave all the information to slat or south carolina long force mention and it was like just seems like every time we find something they just don't want to deal with it like we become the problem right when your questioning things you're this and we de poopers and we found that there were multiple issues there they were not finding their oaths they hadn't been following them for years which so after the pontaining the managers and the worker they were not inspecting the obstinate bolts at the right one they were we found on shingles were people vote and it would slip the boat to some one else and they sometimes had to pass we found missing seals missing temper sistance on the machines such as a number of his shoes and his all documents and on awallowed see and we also had made or cierges i mean i i so blascus i have this amazing so tiny team but it's amazing time plus me a volunteers all across the state of a help to sober the years but we have these incredible saber professionals who came in and reviewed the machine said oh my gosh ther's hundreds of venerabilities here you only need one and here's here's a white paper and they even presented it to lexington i be happy to come in and i be happy to consult with you and help you understand these issues or so i got it a month no and no long makers integrity betwene one instituted the cheeks of or livoni see some the people about that nice oh no one really wants that it's not going to happen and sure enough they they did instituted that we know that's where most of the fraud occurs or could potentially with the early voting because they have a heads off they know what the results and so they can potentially affected by its himilisgon is a lot of money and i won't have a lot of money on running against them will they can afford to campaign toto votre sway the boat because they know them down a little bit that's one way they can do and another was they just if they want it from the forties person who could potentially go in there and hark flip the votes because now they know ahead of time what the since sae batterleaving is actually it to press had a counter into but they did it so then we started sing we sort learning about his they are not people know what those are but is basically a lactone of a voters and we tried footing those december of and were told no no no repeatedly cause and we weren't responding to like wandel's called action we weren't responding to geoffrodon we were researching what jeff odonais doing in das we were just for curious we knew it was one soonthere from drawnabout it i thought that's great i'd love to learn more about it and see we found out was back in box story to this his the vote of and confront and so they immediately sent a letter to our turning general i know we have these new machines and on about what everybody was getting cast for people were getting cosford workers all the sun this ere confortation is one stores primary and then that immediately are this reaction from our luxury commission director to the attorney general and we don't think it so pertly identifiable information and you could tie a person back to the vote and andand and there's this case from nineteen thirty something where someone could tie it that mean it was just willie the tane generals office set o we have to go on what you are telling us we have to rely on your facts were not going to go matter if you sign that the case nobody can get cost this happened in le just part of the twenty twenty so we actually went to her legislators we went to the ages to alison or agents there is no person in faons on seven twenty eight other states cettes possedisti of cole francisco has among their website you can download april and oh we just don't understand because there's obsolete no evidence like if you look at him baled holds on the one and then they are inch prince out people you voted there's nothing on that that identifies the other than may be how can you tie me then as alcestis a few people could have opticular bounty on so let say you and i were neighbors and we were in a small area we were separated by bounced iles in our neighbourhood like i was peter vote for one so we happened about for another but in that case where you have time of people without styles like a tiny number where everybody voted for these lily finger how how they voted does anedoctes out of the record a tiny amount of people we just did understand where they were coming from so we asked him to reconsider the one and we also legislates to write some boat some notes you know memos and birch of them did to the ages office to say he can to reconcile asiaboth they were not over now and the only said the only way you're going to be we say they said we don't think this is even if we do sinito reverse our opinion we don't think for goin to give it to you said the only way you're going to work is his came on facing the freedom of information we asked for this report you wouldn't give it we are a number of people that requested and we we crossed this rate prior to but we had all long since december twenty one we did a few more right before we were consent and the reason we suited the late august of last year was they were going to remember september third one two they were going to get rid of all the agonised so wanted to see then to number one make sure that we got in the courts and rectified in got the casket work or number two before they destroyed the soon a year ago like literally discover her go and we are still in the course is it iseined ble anything that we've done up here in michigan it seems like there's been ihanat least one case it was on one with jason that was on before and they dismissed that case instead of dealing with it oh the spring court which i sued and they kicked the can down the road they refused to make any decisions on it because they're got less cowards and i ended up going to the federal courts to to sue and they they determined that my rights were indeed violated but they did not do anything to make it right it's on thinking that it to one of us they can do it to all of us and all i can say is that when you see behaviour like that what are they trying to hide ohionensis he you know and he's not great political and unto aside from willie voting all always voted that was not eropolis cally octave in inconsidered myself and summoned his cares about her lee like the whole time to an unjust they all cured deeply about here that's a hard and the thing is the more they thought we'd go and we we know that elections we had stronger yet her fruherer body that i know that in this fight not only did did they think they're going to moralize and take us down every time they've hit us with some you know that down the kiss a little bit more steel and its like and we've just got in stronger and our resolve i plookik their sorry butts to the hero makes her the prosecuted and take our nation backs the time to lay down this is the time when they start it in you could open your charge right up the metal and you're refused to back down or waver when i'm going he hasteth your kind my warrior moses on browns the issue here a force carlin orfila a real pose to be handled ithin must be her thin and now we're going on a year and this is as a lot of money and we're just aggressoris we've been we have a good son go a count we've been raising his on her own all monopoly sons of thousands of dollars or cross the years but right now at least eleven thousand dollars of great vnchargit sun go down at button i love it and so costly because we got a pay lawyers because it is tough to it really is you do that if i think that you have a far less chance of getting through and you're more of a chance getting to miss presi give a lot of credo the people do do so and i can do i don't have that this is not and so we met not in as sureties i he got kicked out well and here is the thing we find is lowered so an encore the winner with the doing right they do one o they want to make sure they want you to go away but we're not going so i and i think what we're seeing right now is like you just saw that the last segment with jason and jason his body mine too and there's a lot of stuff coming and in fact in that report in that report that ideasstrange were they mention self carolina when they when they were looking at the evidence when the police went in there and they raided that room there was something on the white board that talked at some troubles or some roots from columbia so they were working of carolina yes yes and i had like to get to the bottom of that but but the whole point is that we just want a public record and when we see them they countered suos now we were successful it dear brandon and chose said that that day and need to be preserved and that was a huge wind for us is that the means the judge thought ultimately we and so that was a goin we've won pretty much so far every motion that we've had on they tried to dismiss and they first allowed to sese the election commission to get out and then we did motion for a consideration and the judge walton or fable and now we have several motions coming up in october they delayed to sir and here's about his mother on one one sothem because we want in a record just afore you challenge to suit they sot up what did they see you for i thought the caution so here's what the counter plans it is retrodont one shoe to ever as for for for anything regarding the twenty twenty election again and we don't want you investigate kittie that i know it's a joke i mean this is absolutely satiny i feel like on living in a andreolite reality where everything's upside so is that this that case resolved then or as it still going as formations that can be heard of terminite it was supposed to be an along i think for judge saw everything in it a big we find or is like this for as whereas you know and it because when we went through discovery with sancho you know de gree that this is a definition of a seer do you agree that this is of per cent and five one i don't really know what is cetiaris there is not a in and we don't know what you mean by what's kinyanko they point done right but then under oath they clearly said that they had didn't fate and o but there never used them they'd never used to doesn't they didn't do it in twenty twenty they did a test i think in charles to clear out just for virtual they're not moving it so verify the election i saw that was developed in mid two tons for election officials and the public alike verified the vote how do you know if your vote is counted so what i like to say she cass for record is almost and more of what's happening in the tabular during the count it gives you the progression of the vote of if there was giving us the end count i tell if on congo order at an account about don't look at the ending balance no it's got a million dollars in it contorno what the inflows on the outflows in a certain time period look at anything weird that's what the ether is look at what's going on in that one tabulator where we put our final valid and and the counting what a lot of people say as well are votes are to be secret but in south carolina arose they shall its real yet it's unique i think only lies from what i understand and ourselves at least as watered out from the lines cause they mentioned that that we have that cause it or goshenite as they are the condensers of the thought of you know so we can we can say that we don't we know how there being counted he does we haven't herethe people have to realizes i take that put it into the as it now the point is they don't want to be hovering over you or intended and you will you're going once you put it in that black bill we have a right to know that it was come reasonably and that it was and that now the other thing that she or ballets and out know about you guys on michigan we seasonsthe used to mine we have a bare cot what lots of our coats are the and so we really got tabulator is said ermine how we so even if we look at it and we got yet looks good which by the way most and when they do not there of the errors he the so in my poor yet joshekan martin blame but we carried the ark i don't know what that word cosas they won't let me se sophonie not low but they won't let you excell you the one so there's outshone no way for me to verify my vote even before and they won't let me her fight with the casts for records the total vote and word the government and were here to help trusta he roadwork and rolf us that no duchy one talked to em i think a good person for you to interview too causes in case coming up that related in organs there's arkansas voter integrity group and they have a big case and at november leven there going to have a hearing and there actually sewing is sonabes there saying a voter cannot bear fither vote because they don't know what the barcos we don't know what that tabulator was programmed to read those works i don't know so there's so nastiness and if they prevail that means or machines micro o that would be an amazing i i'd love to talk to him giving connect me with them that be ostentat what's room fond as to is you know one person is connected to another in this just to whole huge network of people out there that are working across the united states to write this a lection or election process is totally out of control have you seen even one thing done correct i have not you know we did you something's rises i can't be really terrible maybe the disgust really jaded that mensoginto spring time but it seems oneliable processes corrupted is flowing in complicated by design and they just don't have the standard operating presides rilling nailed down they don't follow them messe messe messe you know we in south carolina we don't have mail in balloting said that's good now universal i eridge a ballet because you're registered voter um so that's good they do have voter idee law we do not have we have laws that try to minimize ballotades ing but i hear that there's was to get around it legally only a person can only bring in five balls on behalf of so you can't a wave no drop box there are some things we do right and what swish like if we could get our legislators on board and really i i don't think they want to get rid of the chaneses he may be maybe i'm wrong but i believe and this is my faith and my just based on my intuition in my listening to the tealeaves as well listening to the ground and watch the tele i truly believe we cannot have another election unless it's done paper ballots one day possibly military i agree with you it completely with that we we can't have any the machines we will never have an honest let as long as we have machines cause their connected to the internet and any time that it goes across the internet and we have a potential for it being hacked there's no other's no way to see i i believe that it is so complicated when we we can't even redress our problems because nobody's listening the legislature and michigan here passed off their their duty it was their duty to make sure we had one selection and such would they do the kick it right over to the board canvassers and said what what what ere they ate their abdicating their responsibility all the way from town to bottom here in thish in my opinion it was a complete and utter disait it is a shame and i feel badly for the battle ground states but i have to say that you know a restates have the issues too because i speak to them and there they have we all have very similar issues right listen right these machines are probably all connected the visit everything thought in centralized right we have corporations who now own our election and we have a government in the back door of our election and it's really not even just then shines it also was the dirty rowers but you know there connected to the internet re omits it's the the dirty voters the fact that they don't clean them in its timely fast even one you listen some one could die and you could the only way you're going to you an get them off the old then on one move them they make them in when i all that you but i'm not if i die in wokingmade i'm i'm hoping now i'm hoping that i that i've got my you know my walk and papers and i've set up there with jesus you know that's the have you heard about the ericson red i had but i haven't delved into it and i know that that's tied at the pandora papers the law is that the first neck the issue with the the it you know the back more to back door getting the bacteria looks like arson basically on the internet and there a whole bunch of questions we need to ask about the ties to terra storiation so in dorotheenstadt going on right now then then absolutely in any in almacenes have to go right set to the tree in the opera over with present level reporting only paper ballots i like the one day boding i like i love the military oversight of our elections that's the only way sono no and not into any one but just to make sure that stonecastle to have really good shame of costs in order to do the paper boat system rank you have to have a good share of custody and you have to know have a ballot reconciliation press you have to know how many boucher start off with how many ballots were were actually voted on and make sure that that's done properly and i like the idea about live video feed in that well you can do in instante a mastoidectomy onewould women staring not at the summit i thought it was a fabulous of method of course the three three methods i think that were there on italian others you know hitting it with a marker that also i tallieth d but not with tally and then there's the counter method that has the video she is all thought there were all fascinating essentially you know you need to have a good chain of custody so ex here's the out about that one her you don't extrabat flung his you reconcile them at the end everybody's signing off it's maybe videotapes the whole thing and you know how many are spoiled and you don't how many are left and so there's no choice and the one day part of it you cannot people bringing trucks and two days later dropping no and announce were people go oh abstention is so venant and wild you want convenience or do you want select yet we we have to choose one or the other we either have or or votes count or we should stop all if we can't do it honest luchon whose and the only way to do that is paper ballet and a there is right now there's an awful lot of selection in the scowling on within or within her or election process and i really do think that there's way too much money involved in in elections in tremendous amount of money i know is running for governor and i'm an equal actually on an equal opportunity political hater i ain't never wanted to be involved in the ideally i really have i mean only it's like i figured that there is a liars cheats and thieves and politics and you know what i must write and so it's kind of amazing to go through that process as a nonpolitical one of the first things i was told by my ah you know they have all of these political consultants and such a comond and basically they have their hands on fig for ways to make money off of a candidate and the thing that i was told is your grafter raise fifty two million dollars to be a candidate or opener in michigan yes that that that i would have to resist it you million dollars in that consultation i'm going to walk away with one point five million and to my nipalensis came hurried out and sat it and this is the way the ar elections in our political landscape his being taught it is not about the united states it's not about about the american view it's all about the money and mightily money that comes in to give the one on the proper up and then it's like okay what are you going to do for me emaciate part of the question that's why i think the meccan fine gold was a joke of a bill or i agree i fonded about ninety eight ninety nine per cent of my campaign i have written not take the dark money or pack money or any of that i did small donation from actual but that the problem is as all of these things on the outside to look at how much they paid for dominion at the amount of money there pain for these electronic systems of polite all it's going to cross some orofena er battles are you canny how much as we caught every spent fighting this thing for home when he hears now and we still haven't got resolution and that look at all the people that make signs that are the the tv commercials all of this such it is bought and paid for election i relieve i really think the whole thing the whole system needs to be oh of running for office the whole thing needs to be i rinover again and make it very simple and treated seriously like a job interview wall be everie now is jerry springer politic i wouldn't do the debates because oh you know i was like i was i would have done debates even though he kept me out i mean i mean it was it was absolutely i was denied in the in the the debates of the and there because of one of the candidates since she would pete debate me because she knew that i would decimate or in about about thirty seconds but of the event he is one thing one that okay so first of all i've i wish there were no party by sitoto much power much in they they control the whole post sin therefore really good grossos counted it to there footing the door i don't get the finding they mean they don't get her mind in pasteur yeah yeah you and then secondly don't you think people on both sides of the ile all the different parties don't you think we're all waking up to nothing even interview on my own website with a democrat i ran against jim climbed a black man from a orse and is on the rich leary and it is such an eye opening experience become in one of the same things that i want it he wanted one day of voting paper vogoride he you know he at the elections of definitely woke up i i think it's no it's it's i always say dare to be american and will get rid of these party labels because they don't mean anything it's the unparity and they're working together to basically screw america and keep themselves it's it's an inde that the politics in america is an industry that is pr or per perpetuate if it is it is there to it people do in french what would always blow my mind its boding and by now have been in politics for how many years fifteen year old it in for ever if he was good to do anything he would of that in its tansy ridiculous to think some one who's been in there that long it's going to all of a sudden be the answer to it no they're part of it and that's the you know the rightful president of the united states persons and he was a true outsider they did not want him in in any way shape or form to the one that he had no they hate him and i anybody that's been attacked by the political establishment guaranteed their probably in the in the same camp that president trumps they aren't going to be bought paid they are giacoppo mise there going to blow the whistle on these criminal politics who have been drifting off the system forever and probably be helpful in tearing this thing down and i think we need to go to notification we needed to go back with the penance you gone you gone had more the itinerancy of and they be better than what's in there are rangoni don't understand and i know i jason we've got rid the plumber the baker the dry grandesti maker of the street joshi would trust him more than any of these people that had been there for ever who were like fossils by the way that there there there they venorating on because it not it out an thrilling with it and your older you can be an office come on this people but an office for forty years the dear some of them is like trees and and they go in and there in office for all this time making what one thousand dollars we there making may be a hundred thousand nothing not loth six figures wolde for many many years how do they come out as molte molte vigilant the right rice that is interpreting that we should all be saying we it's a that these cries and they have tophole the leader themdifferent medical care like week up in frantic there the honor forebore i get special hope total about water we know it like really being a little pet yeah where we all weren't we all having the same opportunities that they have the set themselves up as a is a little little kingdom up there and in its them and then there's there's stonerow then up here a stone here and it really is it worse supposed to serve them they act like kings and queens and we're the subjects is instead of we're all the same we should all be the same with the same opportunity in or not not all people are going to be the same but we should have some opportunities and i've always wondered why is it that our police and our fire men and first responders why aren't they on the same type of a programme they're not and why are we not paying these people like you old pajuri short for work you get paid you don't show up ter work you go home and you don't honestly get em out to landand get em out of the capital and make em go home and work let's get rid of the offices there make him go home and work from from home instead of sitting up there where there is now a thing if they connived cleaning against how they're going to get more dollars you know it's it really it really is a a a a terrible thing you know and and i think i think we need more people that have horses like me than our good it shoveling crapple my house was shoveling out strolled and everet atone thing i'm great at it like i'm a great stone s and pressed because i know that's really stingy and i noticed handle the smell i mean that's the problem that we're having with her savior low so too and the whole point free eheform tion i am extremely concerned as i think the last us the freedom theinformation act has no something that is not respected in the nation and that the people are seen as as and what what were you asking you questions they don't send them they don't espressione little people they don't see themselves as truly public servants in they have the power you are not spies shut up and sit down and do what men we saw this listen colet was all about the plain this sit down and shot up on to control you you can't go into business you have to wear a mask you have to do this you have to do that don't ask hasten it's my aginsome that there still people out there that are cold and i just feel like more people are saying are you getting like one they talked about bring those masses that last week they cannot sit asked and by the way the air lines might on light amitie if they are if i the astformen i have not told in some picturetaking flight lessons i was like screw you i want to learn to fly otosclerosis i was like so done with us and i'm like i'm in search taking flight lessons and and you know if we have to do something different we can just waken get rid of them and start flying you ow help in each other ousted of going to these air lines that that did you know that all the air lines are actually of functionally broke all of them do you know that if on have loved harrison that the pantomin deep do do as the same with amanthis and you know percy it's set the only thing that the air lines are worth is the frequent flyer of mile programs because they're tied in with kickbacks to the credit cards so when you look at the actual balance he the frequent flier moles a turned it into an alternative or i go with over that with you some time to get his gold that sounds long as they now honorabout that but it is youngerthe grown to like a currency ha yah there there were there worth not it's all in the frequent flyer programs and the a the fillet programs that there that there are tied into cause that's where they make or morning this passing while it's in some hot hot my son god his pilots licence when he was seventeen and he now owns a plain he owns a moony and his wife fell so as point and as to that was the one thing on the side that they do but you can do is one yet the moon monisher our kind of cool pit i do osterpoole i think the good and that the loss of his ability ah that well this is really this is really cool so i'm so we've got to we got a few more minutes left what's next and what would you like to say last words and then we're going to say a prayer together and all love that he was great we not hers oi think what i really want to do as i want a son in my sage out so every one but people in the same soft horn no no all of us and like you would set in the previous no protesters we if we stand up is more of us than there are not we outnumber them completely we just let them know that letter voices so i would say to everybody out there you have to call your legislator and tell them a few things this is companies that can do sontake a lot of time it doesn't take a lot of money call our legislatures in sight i don't trust the election i don't feel my vote is and then say please pass stronger election integrity bills that are one day of one he counted him marked pe and make sure this transparency that people know and can see what's happening in all phases on the election and then get out there and maybe work with somebody like myself and election integrity person in yoursis spring the word about a hand counting talking to the people about hay and we don't we just tell them like you know the machines your star they don't work there's issues they get him canonore but many people are bodies and they just don't know like worse so entring with it we have to spread the word something simple that people can do doesn't call the lot of money and then of course supporting people like your last guests and need because we're just regular folks that are trying to make a difference and when you help even like an everybody out there just gave a little bit o road kept were weakened we can go to courts and fight these boers and wind and make sure that we do a transparency that frya is respect that's a horse is its faith that this should have been done monsoon hopeless i won't let them intimidate me and put me down so when all would like to stay in south carolina is the legislators say how you know what we're going to do right things for the people were going to make it that they trust their elections people one that would be my my little spiel and you know people want to get involved in south carolina contact or brute go to her web site as sea say elections stated work please don't please you now ask how you can volunteer in your community and will put you in charge of you know talking to your local group about what's going on we can give you a little you know talking points you can maybe you know helps in count you know i think there's a hand count petition going on you can help sign that there's a lot of information on or whips what so so for numbers idol three nine nine eight or nine o two go ahead in and give laura help there and and her team she needs some help two down there and jump on board let's get these lections righted so race say a prayer yes sam hope dear have only father thank you so very very much for the wonderful day that you put before us in that any day and every day can be wonderful no matter what difficulties a challenge is that we that we face were so thankful that your leading us through the captivity to an unjust and unlawful government who is not who is not committed to liberty and justice we're thankful for what the founding fathers did for the constitute for the rights that you give within the guarantee by the consent were you were open people's eyes that they would they would see the world not for the way they want to see it but for the way it truly is that we can find out where all these monsters are in go after on in order to write this nation is a beautiful gift that you've given us the nation and the world where america goes the rest of the world goes and you know what you've given us the the patriotic wonderfulthe hearts of warriors here in the united states and were thankful for that we will we will stand by our by your leading putting you in charge of this entire nation one nation under you in all this please give us your favour give give the people an election terry for a favor please your favor please give lord her team your favor also admired and the the pilisilla grouped to please give them all your favor and help them send them the help that they need open the doors for them give them on the ears of people that can also help them and in multiply all the efforts that they put out there and a doing finding for your good purposes ends i just as here in the united state thank you so much for read a great friend to us our saviour and our lord were so thanked we we are very thankful for every sin on single thing that you do for us in our daily walk things were we become makethere ference and that you would guide us in to be in helpful in the in the large things and also in the small things you're a great friend to us and we want to be a friend to you too we love you so merit so very much his cries preciously we pray a man like you so much done and i want to be in body to the forepart in when you haven't maybe when he sellerswomen of these maybe there's got to be something to celebrate there's going to be a great party some day because i am completely convinced that all of us with his now back down not going to give up not back on to no fear added cementite we land one so i'm on a gong here this is loistamaan go to brandon bird for governor do come i am the best non conceder who has ever not conceded it will not cost to liars cheats and these and i saw not conceding the twenty twenty two election and til we write the twenty twenty and the twenty twenty two election and we have honest free and farleton for each and every one of us if any one of us have our rights violated they violated them and and we have to stand together and dare to be american and just stay in that fight set don't give up when things get to be the darkest use that's when god steps and we will step in and give us the help we need but right now i think he's set i think he's going to see who is going to stand up and who is actually in the game to win instead of just being in the game for themselves or for an easy path im anything worth fighting for is never always an up hill slog in that how you get the that's how we get the glorious winds and the ones we lay jesus feet because honestly only through god almighty in this fight this fight it is against it for for good and evil this is set this is a mitigal love fight going on here when you see how much is gone on that that this this world is as don't die de straight out into being controlled by by saints while traffickers those that blaspheme god those that would kill babies and and i'm i'm i'm we're done with it that the children of god are done with this nonsense it's time did not give an inch any more and it's to take that the miles of they've taken for most nets or going to do so these they were yes to there is he i was to heart hands that the odd so anyhow otherbetter dost remember that we all love you and that there's many of us fighting for you don't get to moralize there reach out to one of us were very very accessible for it for you to find and a just see now god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america make it a great day it's yet mentally to stay in the word of god stay in god's word it will give you he will give you the strength and knowledge the the guidance and the provision that you need in any and all things just turned to him and watch him work it's nothing do with us it's all about him in what he does for us it always has and line were man and broadcast to our men and a and will talk sonia make good choice is no lying cheating or standing out there do the right thing and be an example to the rest of the world and will see you to morrow i've got pallateable and oh let's see and oh ah marylin the aunt matesthese are going to be some great interviews to morocco we've got some really good ones coming up a tin of peters a mark finchon and emerald robinson the argot becoming on next week so just hold on to your hats herebecause we're going to work in to be we're going to be motoring one great day