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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/15/2023 - John Tatar and Vem Miller

Published Aug. 15, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

9am Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar - Know the law and use the law - defending yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. 10am Vem Miller - America Happens Network. Vem Miller has a 25 year history in Film and TV production, and has sold and produced over a quarter of a billion dollars worth of content. Vem began his career as a music video director for Artists including DMX, John Mayer, Master P, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Alien Ant Farm, DJ Premier, Jerry Seinfeld, the X-ecutioners, and More. Vem has sold and produced TV Shows for Networks including A&E, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Netflix, Paramount Networks / Spike TV, TruTV, Lifetime, Vice, and more. Vem Miller was one of the first Executive Producers brought on to start the TV Network Viceland, with a $300 million working budget under his team. Viceland presented the promise of truth in media, which unfortunately quickly turned into a woke nightmare as politics invaded art circa 2017-2019. It was this invasion of politics into media that made Vem leave the traditional film and TV industry in order to pave a path of his own. ​Vem Miller has been building The America Happens Network with his producing partner Travis Ebarb. Vem Miller also hosts the podcast Blood Money, as well as AHN News Live with Corinne Clifford. ​Vem has interviewed the likes of Thomas Renz, Dr Peter McCullough, Patrick Byrne, Loy Brunson, and Many More Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the fifteenth day of august twenty twenty three welcome to our broadcast of poe i am confused at which term to you is but at any rate were here and it's real news for real people by real people at the kitchen to to day it is in fact then the last the background chater to his day i do to get some thoughts applause sound it an hour contented aged body fabulous john tator how you do a john agonever well how about yourself great were making america great again aren't we absolutely we have to do it's under it's not up to the government it's not up to or the white and the three i got a show you something that that i think it's going to be finely so i'm on my way down to this event in kind of excited about this i think it's going to be fun but let's hear what mike the lindell has to say that with from ninety and the nine m soc i guess he to watch this everybody when he descried the word so we're going to rope vile plan secure our lectures he lives screaming and any five languages around the world sure the sound now and complesso he sure is a nice guy i met on an it's turning point and he's just roll super nice guy and ah you know so everybody just see now if you can go to a site and register for that you can watch it lives stream and i'm i'm kind of anxious to how you know how the weekends going to go because there's a huge amount of patriots that are listed as being there that your people that i that i really find interesting in it really respect and so i think this is going to be a lot of fun so there you go so what's happening and john and to day he got your er new house is beautiful i'm seeing you've got furniture and there wellnonot bifocals one by the way of horse to go like this has a looking through my by folks to what's going on so ye looks it looks great so how's the move going how you know it i didn't plan on me happening all looking dining area that in sitting in it actually right now the wood floors sand at ane then the garage of the basement are going to get a special one of a one cold seemless for so but that's not going to happen until september so you see my move i can't move that stuff base when in into the grass it all takes three dozen it yeah he moves but o ka i don't have the problem yesterday was the first night i spent i left hand exciting get her new house that's really cool so your pore camp and out there right now well actually the beds or here and there not at the old place so erbauten having a clocon stay at el that i am going back to i want i want to read to you something here a minute on the guy that i've got on after you his name is tom miller and i i think that this is going to be a great a great grouping of two people who have the same really we all have the same passion he is he really a is about the checks and balances and also about the fox fact that the attorneys are screw in overthing up in the bar is a is a a problem i'm goin to say problem i mean we can use lots of lots of words for it more on to get into that but i think that this is going to be really interest so he is background is an is in production like like a video and movie production and such he was part of the discovery channel at anentertainment history channel many chiv shows that he's done a works is worked with a jerry seinfeld in such his his big thing right now is in seventeen eighteen he moved over into the political realm and has really been fighting to restore the nations he started building an outwork called america happens not work some real excited to talk to me to an interview with him on his network a last week or so and so he's going to be on to day and i'm kind of looking forward to this but his thing is like us that we got to get the attorneys i you know the tories have got to be out of this because this is what screw in everything up and that it's in it the there actually they don't exist and there illegally only exist because we are consenting alone the stuff only exists because we consent that's what what do you think is out of fine what are what are you really think is going on behind the scenes here in this nasty with president trump rightful present the united states when it was really going on here on well when this war started back into said there actually planned out long what the whole purpose of this dances not to get trumpery elected although that is a side line and that is but it wasn't the purpose of getting him this war we are in the middle of information was to bring back the republic an the deep set spose the banking to get rid of the internet and the bank and all the man dies and all the bad guys well the they are the men that is the let's carothers more than that a pretty sure but i can walk the bakers are the ones that are they pull the tree he hired and paid for and bought politicians around the world public functionaries surround the world and by doing so they have controlled they tell him what to do and how it danced and they do that and the problem that we have is that his pen done over a long period of is not something that came about remember we started back into the nineteen thirty when the international banking cartel was federal reserve was i voted on in summer where half of the people half he legislature went home on christmas vacations of the ad just appropriate number they needed the federal reserve act and we have been placed with it ever sence when they first started out the federal reserve was based on gold and silver no the words the money that they were produce where if disserem over time you'll during or roosevelt's to he got rid of the gold and during kennedy's time when they accessioned kennedy they asked not to a long gun they assassinated kennedy so because kennedy was trying to print money by the united states treasury he can aheadit right because he didn't we were in supposed to have in it a banking a private banking cartel finding or running so so he kind o had the stitution did not say pre anywhere in that article one section as three they can make a cocon a tender and payment of death and the coinage it aeharnenses seventeen eighty one may be where the coin attack said it was twenty five four and a half grains of gold to remember four to four hundred and some that was a dollar it was defined in the coinage and overtime they kind of destroyed it and because they passed a couple of supreme court decisions one was green was and o greenway said that when you are buying and selling with the federal government paying one half to have cold or gold i could pay in paper and they got away with it and caused unaware of all this had gavrolles dollars what's money alick this dollar i haven't my walk has if you took your hat and you went to a hat check and you gave him your hat and he gave you a ticket that ticket then would is not he has right you can't work that he taken back and you redeem your while they played the same game on us those paper dollars they called paper on what they are there for or their feverered those federal reserve notes are supposed to for the gold and silver that they have in the banker holding the golden silver and you're getting a tie for that gold and silver called a federal reserve when you want to you could take that federal reserve not back to the bank and redeemed for going that's the way it was in the thirties and forties and kennedy was assassinated and then they took gold to silver back out of the core if you go back and he have a sixty four or sixty cong second priores made of it's an holy because silver long will matter one tingling in the pocket they were out so they put allies in a tick make it hears it's about any per cent silver my aide to ninety per that's what we were living with when in nineteen sixty three and prior and as because it was real money and then they went then after kennedy was assassinated the silver backing out of the of the moneys and when mix with as president he took gold back out of the gold allowed to circulate to low paper to circulate a name went to a patrol now on go based on peter and if you wanted it and i made a deal with air of the arabian contre that if you want to buy go if you want to buy oil you have to have an american the so the dollar was based on barrels of oil and it wasn't the barrels oil that were going up and valueing down a value it was the fiacre the de valued by through inflation through taxation that's the way they were playing the money game on the no all i of that isn't it it is i was absolutely theft be you have to go to the bank you have to get a morgan he sent the computer and the punch on numbers they say okay you've got three hundred thousand old tobias and that three hundred dollars is made of not real money and in order for contract to be an effective you have to have a valuable ex i have to give you a certain amount of gold and silver value and you have to give me your cars the present system were living on it is all dined then thinks it was starting to be taken thirty prsager then stead became totally sixty four aces nick were not johnson got in silver backing out of the old at these laminated quarters and dimes and so what trump is trying to do at this point in time expose that everybody because people are in all the life along the they worked hard the old piattino and they get the apache says you have her in so many dollars so many and what is it to bacon a dollar is a dollar is actually if you're asking for the money of account it has to be golden sole for it's not and so we've been living on scraps they played the game now there planning a crack planning of market crash sometime in twenty twenty four the summer on not sure when it but their planning a crash because they want to bring us into the there there a great rest and what that's going to do is it's going to digitize everything so you're not going to even half that carry a dollar around any more just caricare that pieces and it will come out of her digit what's matter what i nowherethe thing they want to put in our hands those chips they want putting her head just so just so you know you know we were out there warning everybody about coveand about the job and all that sort warning begged her morning don't get the thing out inserted though the chips inserted you know you noted you know that's like they do with it till like dogs and the animals and tied to the monian i takes a really bad idea while here's the problem with the international banking cartel and nor the fine whoever you want to call the bankers there the ones that are running the show near the big there the ah there economic no worldly conomic summit the hoo the cdc that whole cruel de facto organizations or non governmental these other people that are trying to pull us into this and once you're a thesis them once they have control of your finance on they don't like you you said the wrong word you now become unset as you have no finance and you can't go to the bank an if you don't get a back scene if you don't follow our philosophy if you're credit score is low whatever we can take money away from we can take your ability to buy and sell as biblical dost it's so it me it sounds very double and what's going on but i don't think that they're going to succeed on this my thought on this too is that we always have to have something that is not controlled by the government that we can trade so like like i i don't really like all the digitals because i think we should be able to have you don't you know a stack o franklins arounders mething like that that we can hand to each other that's truly not necessarily regulated i mean they're trying to do what are they doing that six hundred dollar transactions you have to explain all of them now and they can they in money nerillons out of this country with impunity and no others there's a jewel system going on here that is we're going to have to truly see this thing broken and i mean broken down to be you know we met transactions between you and i and they have no business sticking their nose and a threatening coracinus and or having any any interaction to regulate those the transactions between individuals so trump is basically trumps team that only you know hankes that he got tromp is trying to educate the you know when you run around and you buy things that's not real money and that's being controlled by the international banking cartel had they have clamped down on you taken your critic cartway but that's what this is all about sure they're going to be centrally control by a money system international banking or we are are going to a free repose where the money of account not the banker's money the war that we are on that and all of these people that are being brought into the light these whitmer in bien and hunter the whole of cruel home to these cockroaches are being brought into the lights tired there system for them and its hours as ben here for now marks his government against us eengo to the chattement kelly as happy rise and heavy rising coli can you ask john to speak of but on the haggenhausen pleased and also i loved the court case with a coffee beans it was great ah is she talking about the hag trials of the hague the past trials or are the hancomehancorne collie or the point too that's coming up i don't know i mean i've heard a bunch o stuff that's gone on over there so it may be the current stuff going on with em i want what is got name a fuller for if she clarifies here men sometimes as a lag between yoritada and the and the chase takes people to salelelogo yeah i i really don't i really don't like the regulation there's no point to it other than to create barriers of course if you've got people out the tither doing evil things they have to be there's consequences to actions you know if any you pollute things like here in our hero or on the side of the state we have a problem with a with a a a leather tanning process that happened in the north east side of grand rapids and its basically destroyed the the the ground the aquifers and everything else there and there still in business so um it's kind of interesting but this is this was a process that is has happened over decades and decades and decades this has been going on for a long time so there is the the communerate cali whose in their pockets whose there for example as i told you dol comical company polluting the great lakes for the longest and no matter toothold run around it remember to arbitrate ross river and tried to do our part to gonowdon't later on to this untractable environment but bill shortly even married one of the all comical so purchased by dolce and do chemical continued to pollute even though they were coming after us for and all the sons we individually can't do what chemical plant can do in a matter of no matter how much we drive the vehicle travel no matter how much we to do whatever we individually may do we can't pollute it what's gone on with the whose in their and it's going to be somebody in the politic allowing if every time every time it is just like when you talk about shooting the these big business as this the big dollars that are controlling the world place their people in all of these positions to have power and influence rather than it coming it coming from the people i always look at whoever is men attacked at that water's been attach sanserin and such those are the ones that want to listen to its just sort of like when i see somebody in front of the camera what big following i'm always a little suspect of the background because you you you know you want to check up out in the connections out in such because a lot of these people are placed you know it and a lot of em come from globales families so you you really have to you really have to girl down on this a little bit you know of course there's there's an oles and all of this that you have to take any consideration but it is worth looking into they have been trying to control the world or hitler was out before it led the work the fox trying to control the world and now the international banking cartel and the economic form shircock clouds or on stoof criminals there trying to clouds are in a world economic form would own nothing and be happy exactly that's what they're trying to drive us but its being exposed never listen to that you will hurry the cats are not job that he is as like as right hand man he is not that is like to cycle he's gone total psychopath crazy and ah i listen to the sky and that like you couldn't write this to it's if you had put a villein in a movie he would be it okay i'll so here we're trying to do an expert exposed the criminals who the criminal in all that we've mentioned all the was trying to control the world middle medieval where we're going to be they're going to be the kings no and rules yes cannot calaveras the second to that point so to this hand fired away i'm really totally suspected as i do not believe one bit that the ashoreand gas what there's a book that that as some one passed on to me this morning a book that's now being sold on amazon that's talking about the hawaiian wildfires of twenty twenty three it was published on the eleventh awfully canesons like the patriotic the natoas come so they give up this book that they published that was that they it was for knowledge that they had the fore knowledge of this if it was published on the eleventh of august of this month how now i was sitting there waiting because he wanted them what they do they created the problem and now they've got something to come in and help people on the crisis of that they can create so all interposed on telegram here shortly seems awfully convenient to me and also you know i hope for shows up there for the world class child trafficker who was sitting there with john of god and in the these people are all tied her and scerbellone by and landed i piptousin that's probably a little on fact and the reason why i know this is because i was actually in whitwood two thousand eight the opera and michael doll had bought up fourteen hundred acres on the island of qui in it ruined quay a like like unbelievable we we literally stepped off the plain and were looking around in all the businesses were closed it was it was incredible that they were closed and they had made that that island ah the point where the people who who were from why couldn't couldn't even they destroyed the kind of destroyed it and that this looks to me like after they had a summit about turning in the smart said what did they do they destroyed the historic area of the island and then some yahows up where they were the book written on the published on the eleventh talking about the wild fires how how is it even possible that's like the patriot act sitting there riding to be signed three days after nine eleven don't i'm not buying any of this nonsense so it's all created the isabsolutely we have been created with i had these creations franklin roosevelt said nothing happens there is at the the poliakin chowders and or of the sericeata came out on the polovczi the fifth they knew that they were already a compromise with a virus that created cancer he stopped it in some areas but but it continued odd and out of the united states it continued on until the eight is really interesting in a published his finding because i was how the this nothing's new everything repeats don't you in and monsters are stupid there constrained in other some of the behavior is constrained however they they they continued to do the same thing over and over and over their predictably price predicted and a not real smart and i honestly very boring the roaring ah the was the new name of the lady that she liked the beans celli celli kelly's going to like this then you said just earlier the attorneys attorneys or they are the problem we are they they are the soldiers of the international the bar keep member of the bar now there are in all may be reasonable and that but most of them are cried and they are part of the box come so what does that while we're going to go back to norton verses shooting come is more in shedding in disparaging marie marks bottines beans it's good but this particular case norton ward's shall be coming is the only case that we have ran into why while we found that out just very shortly a goin on on explain into but before i do that i want to tell on your listening audience if they haven't got this in their hand and their post that they need to do it and it's not that difficult it's only thirteen pages long you can do a page and read it as a text i tried to get out the flavor of the information that i very very import scroll up a little bit and let's see we could find the one in i don't know if i can find like their marked the mind and i don't care i moved it'll be in about the second or third then start slow down it on the open speed redon speered ye can't peterthat fasts motored keep going a little more right stop right there evolatical le back up his polished more little more regrets that for a moment the whole purpose of norton verse shall be counties norton was a person not in to give money to build railroad and so a governor created a board of cost before the board of the board of commissioners was created by the governor to pass out these one while the justices of the peace had that job raise money and they were not say that right the involved in this and so they took this in and eventually got to the michorite shall be these and the tendency supreme court ruled board of commissioners created by the governor without any constitutional authority while these poor members these commissioners all ran round said look we've been meeting for days and weeks and we've been getting paid monthly in solido we exist where here i'm here physically or a de facto organization you have no constitutional authority and by that i mean in the constitution itself if you read the case there will be no place in that constant sent up a cone tax the people to levy and pay for a railroad bond ah and so was made up by the by the governor and it was actually disbanded and the government in the spring cart said if you have money that belongs some one else the back because you have no authority to have that one so in what happened by this commission as they were totally disbanded they gave their money back and norton decided in all one to this sign rolled against me hometake to the that's where this federal the supreme law of the land norton verses shall be county on eighteen this case never ever been called is never an overturned has never been weakened adjusted fit a different criteria its never been challenged at any rate how do i know that there is an organism that ore process other called shepherdise it goes all the way back eighteen eighty six in every single time this came and what the results of the that case has been brought forth all away to the nineteen hundred nineteen and even two thousand i brought it a law suit against the federal gape as the iris so this case is still still the law he still has the power that it had a scroll a little more on here is i'm looking for something that said cannot create gone one for the count hold it slopes low right there now keep so the day now keep and so back up to a little bit right there stop brake there it says ah the commissioners by whom direction the bonds were issued and by goose present signed there presented an signed them were lawful office as here on opiates is probably small and yours timesome hard to read in on my lap top the present let ye let me read it forecastest of the size of the type kindness can thole that the commissioners whose by whose direction the bonds were issued in whose president signed them were lawful officers of shelby county and authorized under the ex mentioned in the heading of the boss to represent and by the county by the subscription to the railroad company and that the bonds issued were there for its legal oplications that of the commissioners were not officers de jure of the county they were officers de facto and as such their action and making description issuing bonds is equally binding upon the colony and that the action commissioners what what of their want of authority has been ratified by the colony as the cat the planes and what is basically saying is that they were not offset when you can be an officer to facts cannot have a de facto organs slow down that commissioners of so the defendant contends that the commissioners were not lawful officers of the county and that there was no such office in tennessee as the county as the of the county commision that there could be not be any such defect of officers as there was no such office known to the laws and therefore description was made and the bonds were issued without authority and our void and that the action of the commissioners was never ratified and was incapable of ratification by the county upon the first question presented that which relates to the lawful existence and authority of the county commissioners we are relieved from the necessity of that is been authoritatively determined by the supreme court tennessee and it is not open for consideration by us stop there i what's again it says that that work an office did not never from the early period in this history of this from the period ascertain from perier a being as acanthonotum of these to the passage while the art on a ohbecause some of them some of its blurred he don't have that bit of a nice the late to the passage of the act of march night eighteen sixty the administration of the government in local matters in each county was lodged in a county court or quarterly court as it is sometimes called composed justices of the peace elected in this its different distres the constitution of something is six recognizes that court as an existing tribunal and the constitution of eighteen thirty four prescribes the duties of the justices of the peace composing that the county court alone had the power to make a county subscription to the mississippi river railroad company to issue bonds for the amen and deliveries for its payment in lost the act of march in eighteen sixty seven infested the board commissioners with such withinthat statutes of the age sixty seven forty eight sections that ants created by the boarders provided that it should consist of five persons residents of the county for not less than two years each for a period of five years then till his sacs should the elected and qualified the twenty fifth section vested in it all the powers and duties then possessed by the quarterly court of the county and in addition thereto the authority okay stop there scroll little more basically what this is saying is that that the acts there there he governor sang well yeah we created this but the supreme court of saying ican it's all about a short where does the authority comes comes from the pike so if the government can sit there and create a without the consent of the people without a constitutional amendment do not have roll scroll a little you are an keep going there to set rigodon read it just scroll little more his tragic gets some major father of what's i don't find it out to say what it is and will be i spent a long time womenenglish i had my copy with sir camping you you've got to camping expedition on your new house not true could the hat on your head well i've been beaten this case up for a long time without knowing the the power that it had scroll a little more but the rite that rope back costate but class yet arenathe buck clos in there but it is contended that if the act creating the board was void and the commissioners were not officers de jure they were never less officers to fact and that the acts of the board as a defector court are binding upon the county this contention is met by the fact that there can be no officer either deror defect if there is no office to fill scopersero can neither be no officer to cure or defect there be no and that office of now what is the well that means he the government can't create an in the government i called the bar bar if it is not created by the consent not given authority the commission created by the governor or whoever the legislated but see the legs is not constitutional therefore it does not is that is that is that as the usurpation of power by the legislature and a concinnate considered treason i do then there's that word that makes people nervous you should a seen all the reporters outside of the ages office after that press conference i used the tettettettettett word and everybody was longe i said the word treason oh my gosh what is that me that means we're going to go in a rope promotes so this is what i wanted the people to see this right here this is the very very critical part of this you can never create an office de facto or he can never have an office factor or desert if there is no there cannot be an old by if you have this case in front of you on to lying that arkell whatever one do the batch scales the creator or a good bye now if you read on in the case you're going to find more information being both so i am i saying this is well a few days ago pore who works on his so did a deep dive so when was the bare one bar created while i don't i got have the pip but i'm going to send you that article sometime to day to morrow the next day and i will tell you that it was creating that the barges created by a commission that created the bar to run the oh that can leave a mark does the parallel exactly what norton one hundred per cent right down the commission was created by the government and it had no constant no authority michigan bar tennessee bar and on the fifth state bar all of those bars have no constitutional authority it means that what is that mean it means that judges one because they're all members of a bar that don't exist they were brought on to the public and brought into the people's of light cause they were are farmers hot up or member of the bar higher and atorney they do not exist norton verse shall become a sad becomes a nine to cyril the spring or that's the most powerful you can ever get when you get home nine jute for it in favor of it so that is the leavenheath thirty five when the board was pressed okay it's like her love i tried to out here a man and well we'll go ahead and look at this so this is the bore was in em eh eighteen thirty five state your member sharing membership is manned and tory and the god pondsand people your tone what is to do something and and that the one loreenaroo commissioners numbering thirty one to thirty three covered in greater or there it is bring on the charges of trees and right there as though a hundred the authority of the mission constitution articles the missions supreme court established the state bar of michigan nineteen thirty five the organisation is governed by the missions supreme court rules concerning the state borromean tent andonard of commissioners numbered thirty one thirty three members governors governs the state bar townrestored officers included a president president elect his present secretary of that treasure a ton number executive committee to atacapas of the officers a representative assembly chair and vice chair and three other commissioners were chosen by the president managed ah the affairs of the bar between the board meetings standing to come in to his thatthathow the board provided oversight to the operations of the bards strategic planning finance public policy members services and other matters a hundred and fifty mon ber there you go the plain to get montescot vigor redohano is the final policy making a body of the state and twenty nineteen her head more than forty five thousand members and that that sounds like that that's the state bar storefive thousand freeing members in the state of michigan and they don't exist why don't they exist because their office kitson you just can you to see these guys awaken off in the morning and finding out some day actionists testing part about this every single case we have been filing is part of that case talks creation of the civil actions and that was also on an organist because the bark or the springor camp organization that's created by the legs number while waterbut it's coptite constitutional number two as being the cost civil action jurisdiction does in reality on so when you go into court and you are standing in front of a judge and you have not told him that you're a member of the republic and i hope you have to do it with the correct oct and if your present that to the judge then the judge can't back up i say will you know constitooshon apply in this court molanaso ute applies hnt because you sworn not to it remember judge that was article for she in the federal councils and article nine in the state cons you sworn to uphold the cost and you are imitated he brings back that tea word i officehave committed acts cornego a stouter a little bit because that's what they do or retineri out that to the team were trees then and then you watch the horror and the pallor come into their faces because they realize it's a real thing and we have we have walked away from ah you know in forcing the laws that are on the books in just making up things on the fly i mean the fat the mis statement from jonathan braider and our board of elections were just making up policies on the fly to and in doing what they you know what's really amazing with sport of elections and and i'm going to bring something else up here that isn't i can't even put this into words when i was at that meeting and that the one the one guy that is the signature verified type of person he's one of these guys that does signet yours and he stepped on rises mark any steps appertises that the board of elections let him go in and scan all the petitions all the petitions thricod not even have access to it is no this has already been settled and would not let me ificant go into the board of elections but they left this who walk in and walk out with every single signature every single ever shingleton that had been filed and he shipped them to bangle a desk its isplicatine in it in a meeting in open meeting in front of the board a canvass and set the stop over the bangle a desk to half the signatures verified and that they had signatures from the path to verify not only did our retakenthe in our elections interference just like what conic did and that the problems with conic where we had one point eight no yet million election worker records that are sitting on servers in think it is incredible and now on one show you this a bunch o nonsense this out here because i don't laoniphile don't really understand what the happening here they'll threaten this nation guess what the education is going to be coming out very quickly because oh hang out a minute there curtis of all this stuff coming out in this and in this involves a turne general attorney attorney bar attorney general demonomanie this on she covered it up and it was it was they knew it it was with four knowledge that they committed these crimes of fraud and covering of what happened in the twenty twenty election and it's like it's like a sommethere this witty hermance's nonsense and in we need to call it out for what it is because guesswhat welcomed to truth here on brandeburg news network with donabatur who will who will say what needs to be said regarding of the like me or not oh i know you like me there's people like my new absolutely no hamanthe criminals hate me so that like boom bad denominano scars are report ingineers discover nation light cellular network connects to election equipment and gives federal government access to election systems at the precinct loveland i want to make sure everybody knows this because i was in on a call were election integrity force and we had a high level and analyst there was looking at the day and i can tell you is a matter of fact that we saw where they were connecting where the machines were connecting to the internet about every fifteen minutes they were attempting to connect the interetheric is really amazing not how it happened we have all the evidence of it present the evidence and once again breeder who makes the policies on the fly such while this is an exactly what happened it's like and so he he is some one who has lost ten thousand my signatures and let the sky walk out of our boteleton with all of the with all the petitions has the audacity sit there and say this really doesn't matter sounds like sounds like bar attorney nestle her response to this too to what happened in all in the twenty twenty elected these guys are all in bad together and i'm going to say guistinian leading the pack on the first gender neutral term because i don't corregio jan's my canstitution gyrith do what is there anything else that you want to say here i could see my neck gassonderaha then we are still on one thing and you're a your email address is conjecture and yard and there you go tator tuesday has been a wonderful successful once again we have done tater letting everybody know the truth and that they've been burying in our laws decades and decades and decades we guess who we all got in smarter we know what's going on and we are not going to back down on this you now not now not ever not until you know we take back this so on to read to you the thee some stuff on my next in a mind vermandovillers has twenty five year history a film the tv production and as sole and produced over a quarter of a billion dollars worth of one then began his his career as a music video director for artists like diana john mayor master pea cris brown tresons and a alienator dj premature sign felt and executioners and moore venhas sold and produce tv shells for networks including anne history channel discovered channel not flirts it true tv life vice and more thou miller is one of the first executive producers brought on to start the tv network vice land with a three hundred million dollar working budget under is the bisland presented the promise of truth in media which unfortunately quick quickly turned into a wok nightmare as politics and bade seventeen two thousand seventeen nineteen it was the invasion of politics into the media and made found leave the traditional film and the industry in order to pave a path of his own though miller's been building the america happens not work with his producing partner travicello hosts the pacastle which i was on and it was waswonderful do i really loved the video was a good good vanoni thought ondootiful job with hot and hospadas blood money as well as a hamerican american happens news live with coincid he is interviewed the likes of thomas runs i saw im out with tom or means runs of a many a couple o years ago anyhow peter mccullock burned libron son and many more all favourite people of my somno bring to monerat now and you can say high and then we're going to say i'll let you go back to your camp and cannot hope to echinidoe house here are you going ona good how you doing bob the god thank you sor my green scream back here i guess it's not changing it to the background but you know of your iamayo know what this is the beauty of a bread and burg news network this is real news by real people for real people at the kitchen table in anything can happen in a lie it's a tonicand you know it is one it is ah i think john for being on to day really preciate it looked forward to next to his day i'mi'm going to be down on to the lineeven to morrow and the next day so i won't be on the rest of the week but always apples your and thank you so much for all the hard work you've done over the years you are truly in amazing educator and i love the fight that you have ye mean you're always were up for a good fight and that's what we need in this contre i'll say hello to then before you i don't sir get rid of me and i everthey favorite topic there i heard of i heard all talk about the bar and all the ills that no now we were all sitting together on the subject because the subject is in a what's what's wrecking our nation and it's all of these legal processes and unlawful process that people who are usurpers serving in the seats are in their fore self gain and that's all there and therefore they could care less about us and so we need to go back and start nullifying their nonsense until we get back to what the founding fathers a truly a truly wanted so thanks john have a great day teanever great carry one but thank you but my body donato so much for having me on your share appreciated why intimate blood money intervene oh thank you i i feel like this is like like china kind of amazing to howyou on too i mean you've got such distinguished background and the fact that you left the you know all of this this i mean you could have stayed in it it like a lot of people and holly wood and a lot of people that have been in em you know in these organizations do they stand it for the money and you just said you know i ought to hear his this is not ok and i'm going to do something different and i really respect you for that snookums funny because i out of you know really on ousels for fascinated by what vice media was doing because the early on the scene to a non timet early on in the sense of the early two thousands ah when gavin maginus used to be with the company and the shannons isee like he had the right idea because frankly like lotthose gods came from the music to a world it was a music director and those something pon croesia about spike jones about these go you being on the edge and really doing things that were not being but an the menstries thought myself you hates promise of what i've been waiting for as i saw to trot the years how the mentoneis dealing with the really relevant for example nine eleven and not necessarily investigating what was going on and really being a mocking bird mediate before that was common phrase i saw that hacking he i am at the time i do not think of it as something in the ferriers but ah and i don't think a lot of the people i work with ordinaires i think there's a lot of good people in hollywood you don't people you don't think that old you know desertlike legends of you from the outside but when you're in there i don't think that's the shrewes going on but you definitely get the sense that the the brother that everybody has to into in order to to keep their jobs frankly you know and that that was i yes i call that petitory that middle ground of that lot of people i think were comfortable being that middleground for real longtime i think cloiche cochise illy as i started since independent media interviewing doctor in realizing then the parisian's relate realising that the mentonnais simply not helenthough thir and keep by big farmer they could care they could care less about or else or i rely i for realizing that liquorcaptain life and had right were talking about this acting pushed on people that might les health and the man tormenting nothing about it and that one became the breaking point because being prope again those for othonis now what i signed that for he knows like a monardes that then they are like to nor expose was on one reveals on i think you know where the most wonderful things about art is revealing truths of our day and that's why you see a periods that are with great art or periods of renaissance whereas when the art is bad where in the dark ages fortuny nowhere in the dark ages and i think there has to be a good artist of out of it and really bring freedom to back to our world of our misheard unspeaking about any visual or including the including documentaries of exposed what's going on and so ye i left that world and were trying to build some discipline world right now many ways no parallels is thus including parallel medical systems parallel medicasters and i think that really will we have to be future to reclaim her rights the agree with you an hundred person on on that because what's what we have out there right now is not working found some research on the fact that they knew that the polo vaccine and the fte so like like these demons there in seinen whether the poet masses pulanpolen strings there they know what they're doing and they repeat they repeat the marxist a gondaree and they're not the not superbite and they're not super creative because they know what works in these but but this happened in the polvaccio and in fact they started throughout line back in the early c but this went on globally with these a compromise vaccines world wide and told the eighties so we can be pretty sure that this is still going on it's the pattern was already there tell me what tell me some more about how you decided to a start america has aye actually one quick thing i wanted to throw on their shameless plowed for minois and by the head mentioned the polabein mending made a wonderful documentary honorera happens about of these back scenes she actually he talked about a lot of different periods where those vaccines one of the most ne which is early nineteen hundreds where incidentally people start dying after the come out right we can have insurance we don't have twitters so keep a warrant able to communicate had my body is got my card ideas too this is going on but in her research he found that yet people were starting to die after the back scenes and of an interesting recurring the current right that you'll be actions come on and they're the ones that are ecstasin the true harm and not necessary the food fires or whatever they i in terms of america happened so mecanopsis a relenting history now of this version of america happens really started early tree thousand twenty three with trivisani a and i shalcans helping us whose one and other the other was basically travis and i worked together on multiple and twenty twenty two he helped him to run the joy gilbert campaign him not enow really connected at that time ah just because we have similar ideas is is an incredibly passionate person when it comes of freedom and reclaiming our rights reclaiming our freedoms i erostarbe with intensive intellectual conversations between the nabout what is really going on how do we save this country how do we save this world you know that time i traveled all around the world a filming documentaries on one of the things i noticed is that the world is waiting for us counfort nately lot of the world is now solved had their guns taking the ardentemente submission and they are looking on us as like the last house on the block you know you look at triasandates campaigns realizing how the system works what works what doesn't what inherent issues are we told ourselves you know were in sartinesor i mean thou hast pretty much reohad this moment where are you now dream beknow and he's the i realise he is as bold and probably crazy as i am and so we started in january with a very few followers nothing but really doing good in her views good contact wegens such now following with basic no marketing and you know one shoestring budget i which i think the testament to this gap in the market people want the truth there is a reason why you know gods like us with your greensprings not professional studios like your sinensis are all the sudden gaining audience or because i think people are just hired they wan't real people talking the real truth and that's really what we're about whereabout ancestoral ist ah we don't we didn't use this term citizen or honest be good citizens basically means slave and get into her in ah so you had so okosis been really exciting more building or proof we brought in a correspondence like for example corcran clifford and washings whose one of the only journalists probably coverthorne was happening with january ex prisoners of syassos prison means in tosilos folks on daily basis talks about with happening a wheresey not non nobody the means to meet hinfant nobody tentive few that independent medea probably covering the stories and their stars a coriseen one of the few old ones that have gone out there and concede stories and she gets a tackling he had they made posters of her and washings the attack her daughter the same front her apartment not saying horrible things like all your daughters the slot and things like that justridiculous kind of false accusations so selike you know cause her harm and this is you know the real root realistically with people deal with when they decide to ah you know join our side or i am he other individuals that are just corresponds like michael yon covers supporter for us we have spencer deer hodos news for us as well and is but the lanhoso called the fake news show we work with joy gilbertassociating network called the globesespecially what we're doing this were building a twenty four seven network more or less you know with our renowit our resources we have fourteen shows going on right now five of which recur more vended where about that of spanish speaking a spanish language showed that it kentonthe view but you know with a a more cleverly these lets say oostmoesson of license something with a little more class you know is his me i look at that show and on like i he does know and i think that's a you know this part of her stride nobody have all these incredible spanish speaking people in that grew up in all and unknown most neck and the known aren't cool with a lot of things that are going on these you know most mexican families are into do norththey are your for reason ah and it's all about really converting you know bringing more be so honey cumbering people eleepai what's going on breaking language barriers and so ye that's a we have some very exciting things coming on america happens to come that we post alvenis des on there and on shoooting we that's awesome i love here in that his decentralizing every single system out there is really what needs to have and and then keeping an eye on the infiltrators that want to come in and and do what try that try to take what you done in toto or i've done her anything else like that you know his that's what they do they they you know that robin they see so tell me more about the programs you have on right now and then let's get into talking about the the problems that we have in america that you're setenta your tack yes so i one of the comanches we have one america happens to the parastatica led blood money a name blood money for her you know citois reasons we told corruption goes the main topics every episode we have one guess a reuisitote tale as we did with you done and we've had a long we've been really fortunate because even before we had an audience we had great guess i been helped bringing us agents on blood money including some of them dividuals we've talked about i had you know said such an hundred and forty interviews i think total we've done thus far in this is most of this started half enganchase blood many proceeded a america half pens but then as we start going into january think we've gone hundred and twenty episodes in that time i hope to five as a and that's when a lot of fun we vi we also do show called the speed national university was interesting about the speed national university of teachers of it that's what the lady by name genoese the sanation verse what is wrong with our system how they robbed this of our rights now with this seat national theory some people think it's you know it's a hole some people think there's a lot of reality to it ah what what i believe about this idea of state national as them is that yes there are a lot of inherent truths in that in that we men can into becoming part of this then take us to this which would cantabout love it more detailed but the bar the bar in the effect that the bar is had on robbing us of our rights and how to unwind from that system how to take orthorachitial back because essentially the dangerous they should on us by a line through a spy may putting us in contracts that are lawful or am on many levels and thus getting you know gainings diction taken away our rights to king away common law and that's let as all sorts of calamity i think that really transcend race and culture ohthey try to divide us by white and black well i think when you look at you know what's happened it's really affecting every one it's like the black people being put into for unlawful reasons for decades you know being persecuted you know assinapoils taken away rights i mean this is all the same i should i think the state national universe about those topics a really well ah and then there's other many other shows including a navy robinson's she does a documentaries that are about half an hour long once every month or so each feeling with a topic like january six like the back a man dates i like what happened in the last big escheting that's one that the people don't talk about a lot but there's a lot big as shooting on october first two thousand seventeen that mean deed has a covered in great depth section made the ninety minutes documentary about the topic how there was certainly evidence that there was more than one shooter that the narrative is not it true with the medes telling us very similar action to the jksas are the crazy can use you on the chief kiss assination there wasn't a many camera source is even go there was enough to tell us that there was something very wrong going on including evidence that there was individuals behind the grassy knoll when it comes to jehober first there was a lot more evidence and there was a lot of evidence of covering up the evidence and in derobiere describes what happened in that hole a shooting and how the truth is on this open and are there other shows that we have like acanthus live where were doing news with independent journals or on the country which is every tosata to it eastern lego live frank clifford in a lot of different independent tiles all round the country i and then were launching a show spanish speaking show berries so and i i hope i'm a forgetting anything in sowould do we do so much that i feel like it's very halsary daily devotion rose o trowsis of soreness on sebalde otions is a morning shore that we do five bas a week is basil a begansuch every morning it's an area ten hour and a half long of edw hoseley warrior mike lipperty warriors so he basically a essentially talkabout scripture talks to his audience conspersos issential very seertintern some monosires week because we think the start you deal with god and you know pepsinated things for the rest of the day so ah and then you know we do a lot of life coverage so we just covered the american liberty words which his honor rumbled platform cringleford and i were down there interview to hold bunch of people america liberty and you can first that they conducted american liberty words in all in the concept there is you know they got all the all kinds of words with of screws and the grandees and this and that but like the liberty folks don't have those words and usually the liberty folks never get nominated for those kind of words that you would never see passion of the christ nominated for whereas i the liberty words america liberty words that something that you might see nominated and for did reason because people were people love that kind of convent where as you know we the heeles give themselves awards for other kinds of about time that we start to have spent wards world and that's what the liberty words are doing so well and for first year or ceremonies generally we try to cover as much of what's going on in the freedom world wallows producing multiple shows longing you shows the new audiences and come he be like a good version of a sin that has twenty four seven programming bisecting content that is that's one who i like the fact he start out the more in with the devotions in the church because i really do believe that we are in a spiritual battle and that we're in a spiritual crisis right now and if you really start digging you start to see that lot of these people are our into sataman you went you know an enemy we can't deny that so as people human beings were kind of like a radio tune and you have to turn you have to tune your head and focus on god and what he has to say not being cluttered up by other people quite so much and i think that that helps keep us on the rails a little bit it so that's that's wonderful creeple do need that they really need that direction they need that guidance going back to what you said about the people that are in hollywood there's a lot of good people that have been blackmailed that have been you know they think that this is the way to go to bees and then they get into it and find out i just stepped right into hell itself and there's there's always a way out of that they are truly is always a way out of that which god to be willing to to turn turn round and leave that kind of nonsense behind and take that take the adventure that awaits us exactly and there there is defilement that wasson his whole bunch of money and holbaschi on of every day of doing something that's i shall pause to i is his whole different devondale you know it's a cakeother versions like driving with him breaks on and this is more like where in a lambert repassion ate were well oiled every moment feels like were doing the right thing had the money might not even be close to what's happening over there but that's not what this is all about i think once you even resign yourself to it he has to be a money thing i mean all kinds of horrible things are possible we've seen what these doctors how closed her eyes to the common formation of the doctor peter mccullochas or you know caranting stone has an odd lot of these individuals that state that of vaccines or danger that we are being lied ah you know ignoring all that is basically a money think for if he are like no one getting the them milling dollars of your i got my poorer she now i got my big man shining that up and i just feel to see what the difference between that and a noseguard is at hand the vices down their both like that no koto following orders and getting paid and you know it's a how could warning resigned themselves to second of a fire there prophets there giving themselves up and just as ousting actors in real life rather than being the person that god created them to be and i don't know when my kids were little used to tell if you're not happy you should change what you're doing like every two years there's no reason to get into a career because because things might happen that you really find your purpose and it's okay to leave that behind and move into something that's a much greater purpose which is bet about god's kingdom the kingdom business and taking care of tacere of his people is sheep and and a people here on planets that's that's admirable let's talk about this lack of balance of power we have going on out there on the nose her topic because he is head of the snake is like really what we got to focus on lot of people talk about these bandages fixes and if we do bandage fixes that we do no embodies for real long time now i mean the corruption comes back the inherent issues come back so we look at why are we in the situation that were an unjust says i was describing before were you have sepositis you have the section of trunk you have you know black people being put in jail because you know false accusations or being overcharged right these are evils that heard all of we the people and the way they address hesitate is that they try to divide its sword too busy fighting each other to notice that you don't what we're all being persecuted were being persecuted by that same mace so what is that mechanism whereby we are being persecuted a why we are be with the laws being used cause difficulties and injustice to regular american right house that happening in wise and some a wise nothing stopped oh you will get our history and were supposed to have checks them bounce as one branch of garment is supposed to no check him bounds the other garment right in the case of the law the legislatures the judicial branch in check right now if this operate of properly things like the she trump would not happen because these judges and these attorneys that are pushing political agendas would be held accountable for it may be held accountable by losing their positions and a judge when they violate their oath to the stitution they are no longer supposed to be a judge they are the appoint a minister this is actual law that they become a minister and few become a minister you will lose your immunity right but how often does it happen because here's the issue the judicial branch which is controlled by the bar and this is where i use the term or agents as opposed resources they are all agents all the judges are rensaleers are agentwhether a right because they swear in note the old worn out of the constitution but dese if you is of the bar right you can lose your license we've seen people lose their licence this law with no due process they went after julian for example right political person now that sort of thing would not happen if there was two checks and bounces because the legislature would say in a way a minute wait a minute like you can't do that there has sosicrates but how much how many times he wooler there was no door his rights and the reason overover over and over because these individuals are swearing an oath to the bar and they are a feast with tween their livelihood right or doing the right thing and when it comes to their livelihood verses doing the writing most people choose their livelihood now you have our legislature filled with i think seventy five per cent or s right barragons are always at threatened losing their legal law license and lone behold the people are so i hate to say the senseshis this stuff and not necessarily reading the details that here in somebody in congress lost their law license automatically that person bad person most people make out happensomething bad i don't think that you don't want that was a thassent and so love these partitions are terrified they don't want their gibson their shoulders they don't want to be told that hay you know the news that they lost their law license so essential what happens it is you have a lot of people ignoring their constitutional oath right a lot of orangenor ng their constitutional oath obeying the oath of the bar and so essentially i mean that is when you really peeled onions right a people appears of an on that topic that's basically treason and turned that point because what what has happened has two branches out of three ranks the garment are now controlled by a ingenooty obey their oath to the bar who served the bar who served their fellow begins and long behold the on serve we the people and now you have this tyranny through the practice of law which by the way was very intentional because this is all possiblewhich out the british dunthenta south and round that time the bar invaded and this is where we cast that idea if generation warfare esikoisen kind of warfare they invaded negociis reined through the british or which has for last hundred and fifty years a sentry destroyed our balance of power or checks and balances through the practice i now in the ideal world the wale loss supposed he intended to be used that any regular person could walk in a court and make their case how would the change the world if every regular person was able to go into port and make their case you be able to fight a lot more because money is often the reason why people don't fight through the courts and give up its onabout guilty or innocent five hundred dollars an hour for a legitimate tremest people cannot afford that on an ongoing basis with these cases sing up to million dollars or more so that prevents people from having their own legal rights of right oh in that someway this system was meant to be the system was meant to be worn where any regular person white for the legal rights but instead was his what has happened is that this corporate structure the bar has captured the practice of law they treated their whole different language in order to prohibit people regular people from fighting their case so you have all these latin words you have assentiente try to make as hard as possible even though the concepts talked among they don't have to use crazy lot in words that you only learn in in low school in order to create a division from regular people and people that are young are agents for they don't have to do that cause you could use regular words why is that level of and in then he gives to side youcome to is the level of into thirst and why is a level of complex of introducing to these bills and congress why we have to be on no this fig a and when you get into vallible complexes all for the purpose of separating the regular people people like you and i from being able to know what's going on from being able to be part of that process because people don't have to be time to re oneri he set like they don't have the time to learn lighting or to protect their legal right in are in any these are that an intention to to make sure that this is an leadest practise to remove the people peoples ability from being able to fight the ore in the mine you get rid of that system the many garretthe corporases em there many he get rid of the bar monopoly upon our entire government pretty march then things start to the better because you regular people able to fight their casinos the garment able to suit corrupt judges corrupt lawyers and really make a sting to expose all the corruption and that makes their whole you know house of a fall apart and that's why they're trying to prevent us from having those best right the legislator you know a lot of things that right now they want to make a boogieman out of the executive branch which is is there but it's much larger than that when you when you go to the bar turnes but the legislature is really the ones that are supposed to be holding every one kind of accountable there there there responsible for the election certifying the election in a michigan are legislature when it had an advocate of the responsibility and throw it over to the board canvases and stead of sand hold the phone we got a problem here now ever be talking about dinansituated on certified or who is covering stuff up including investigation and twenty twenty i'm sorry as many of these people that talk back and forth in their sitting up there sitting up there you know got a big bill in the in the house which we which we are finding all of this there is no way that this was covered up to the point that people didn't know and knowing also that nestle was actually telling people to shut up and shut this down it was out there so so the legislature is the there the ones that are closest to the people and they are failing to busy they could defend people who are stopping out of line if you now cut the find enough bone not over so honestly we we have to roll through the entirety of our government in the structure in order to you know reverses seagoing back to what you are talking about what is i think you and i are both probably fans of common law and going through grand juries and such what in your opinion is the best way or a better system and how would that work an you know it so this this wormy be big up pobable i think we need to return to the original thirteenth amendment where we removed people of title of nobility titles of inheriting a squire's attorneys lawyers bar agents so that's what that's what it is of the person his title a titled nobility that conseritis crown wire we after you know we're supposed to beat the british a toger that's the biggest follyes britishbritish or so controlled so much of what we so you if we had beat them out of our system wire we taking her bar agents who replaying by their rules wire we knock getting rid of titles of nobility that's a man that's very clear that titles on the mility come from the monarchy and we let titles won mobility meaning esquire's meaning bar agents in that legislature i mean how is it doesn't make sense on its surface but that's what we have or he had an original third on the moment what that's why it was very important for why sherman in our history to have that urge altered in the median alone behold that was i believe burned down in the white house after it was where ratified by in the york quickly was to oppress on the rag because even serve the monarchs right what serves the monn interests that does not serve our interest so i think we eneteilato ho men back i think there's no reason why we should have the judicial branch filled with esquires attorneys a kabrega's and also are legel said i our legislature should be pre should be regular people with termites that come in there in or truly serving the people that are true and truly public servants as opposed to bar agents that are there really serving the bark and serving interest to the baron making the laws that contradict or constitution in order to make more money for the baronages you see law ferns these legal societies making ungodly amounts of money wise that happening because you have or legislature creating laws that benefit the bar and benefit the lee as opposed to benefiting us and you see that a cross all sectors of society see that across all races cultures within this country antesonance forever truth a justice in any formose i think was really interesting is going back to a little bit of british history and they the house of commons and the house of lords the house of lords were you were born into that position and into your standing or the house of commons were were on voted in and now you look at the american political system and such and see the the past down titles of look at pilosaria bidens and a iiimissing one of the big players there romney that were over and you crane with breechesmore moil and that sort of thing these people were born into these big money families just like the bushes and it just continues it continues on all i can say is thank god for a true aside or who actually loves america there were in the rightful president of the united states president donald jumped in and in ostend in our way and and i think he was appointed by god for the the position he because no one else could have withstood the attacks that he's had if he didn't have god by his side protecting him as well as guiding him to odolite and you know i i like trompoit love everything he has done but definitely when it comes to a courage and somebody that is able to weather storms i mean thee these in the kind of athenes that we have a riopelle like this how how many times have we seen individuals out of started to fight you know like lots or get burnie standards for s and pole and end the knowthe first time there has been any challenges to you no out of and brisoners but that somebody that went up against hillary clinging to him was attacked for it but then you know he backed down and has no gumano courage sisitoan dollars for a house on top of it you know and then we can tie the right back to some of the stuff with south rich too so there is a lot going on with that and taking the pass i don't know if i told you this but i was i was offered four million dollars a few months back and they were going to a delivered into a bank account is able have it there until and for eight hours on my response to the hat was there's not a snowball's chance and how i would take one die of that money there it's out there if if a person can be compromised there's all sorts of ways that you can be nippled in otello you have to stand so firm and be so consistent every single time that that nothing changes and that that's really the only way to make it through this this side the gamut that's going on out there because there's there's a lot of evil out there right now you know we we need to be just aware of that mindful of it and continue to to walk in in he you know in the righteousness of god and treating other people the way we would want to be treated but if it's a big deal tentamon is interesting i'm no sin so on people throughout the years start with one kind of mind set and policy and then the money comes in and the brain washed themselves its very easier brand wash yourself for you got four million dollars your staring at you i and you know people make all kinds of which as the fire wide the taken that money they justify wide they've done a one eating terms of their morals and policy i has really sad because they do by people off i've seen a time and time again i have seen individuals that were great pals be offered in sane amounts of money a many that i believe in in most money and some that bidden and the sum that dideron's that we have to really build up because they are the ones hareem fighting for her future there can be that you do these trem like characters that are going to are you really fight for principle over funds and that's a kind of people when you go think writing those i agree you and talk about the sephiroth spassbchse am i i've got an ax to grind against them you know you mean sipossono family law courts are essentiating and trafficking operations you know they are doing some of the moss the horrible things to children they destroyed children essentially the complete oforganized they should not have the powers that they have but they used these lawful powers to children from parents and lottie they targets single mothers that don't have a meal in the household a because it you could imagine you know these over the consins that we've seen is literally police officers walk into the hospital with a court order that was obtained a lawfully and literally taking a child that was born just born with no due process kidnapping not trod lot of time that desconorta en these foster homes where they are abused horribly ah in and really sing a mans are usually the targets when it comes to this now you don't and i going because you know if you had a meal on the room you know you somebody might get shot you know that's the great that's a very high and you know intense situation like somebody walks in ashourada lot of meals won't do that but there is more risk when you have a father or mother that somebody's going to stand up it dear god please bring back toxic masculine thingi'm telling you what you know and they they you know people want us to get rid of say their toxic masculinity no that's not toxic masculinity that's our protectors and our defenders and real women love our dads are brothers or sons you know are friends and such as we stand together so you guys out there be proud to be guisebert god created you to be we appreciate every single thing that you guys doin that's felisardo the gentle one of the in the widely stare picking on talks in mails whitesometimes why does that go after the old meals and general wade the started queening every mail with harry wine seemed types omen this is part of their agethe want to men have always been the men are really the last house on the block every single time throughout history when there has been there so ah this is a new kind of warfare right before these is just round up the men and to hang and where whatever and then commit whatever crimes genocide that they will be not wanted the commit now it's more about you know let us beat him at let's economise them with but like you know feminising drawn from their water feminizing drugs and their food ominous at all around sometimes i look at it when i was grown up it's like the men here becoming bigger bigger bigger and more muscular and you could see like you know people talk about how to of something called in and now you have your men that are two feet taller because throughout time people evolve and not wolesey now we are seeing the men become stronger bigger and then all of a sudden you see these new generations they are all sprang now it's like soubooko here that so otter you know and what is going on there and then you dive into things like what's in our food what's in our water how that's etc their posies the posing of ten the trone take masculis through that method but there also trying to do it through a physical methods to drags and drugs that we don't know that we even taking the turner food and water and then you have you know things like the men omination where the transakshun as through brain washing through saying you no movies like barewards attolico masculine use so insane it is sowing saying because you know this is we're not entimemare right but let's see the country was attacked like how quickly would you know thought this masculine everybody be begging for that coomacullen the if there's been a literally like you know when you for example russians invading germany towards the end of world war to what happens is i think for every almost every siganos rated during that time now imagined that's happening in our country are the and of you begging for all the men to stand on for them and wishing that we had not the so boyshould ashstand upbring mesonacis to justina because we have been spoiled or we have been made docile by now what feels like a lot of freedom who feels like you know pilotois station helles all that stuff and and really like that some that we have to make the turn i have the real problem with the lot of the women that sit there and go with a hurt my feet wings they called me a name you know i'm sorry oh who would this is the world there's is not a perfect world you can't control without the people to see you don't react to to some one does something sussetong stupid that you just kind o look at and go a what verheisserin your back and you walk away and go find somebody that you want to be where the stout of instating him how to on and trinetrine to reverse the there stupidity you know there's time and place for it is this constant i have to have my safe space things you know we can create our safe spaces and in that means wherever we are hurled the situation instead of trying to play this victim nonsense all the time so i'm kind of donwal that honestly soportable to survive the wild with building hogskin rightnot hood coming up as a man you know if i could lose all the crazy things that i experienced the things that if i was working with these standards less a right of a safe spaces and really being so their son things that would have destroyed me coming destroyed me because it would be on a level of give if somebody's gayneing effected by name calling and words and like little things like that you know when it comes to the big things they would they would not be able to see gray robin life tragedies and difficulties in challenges and so you know we get we get into this topic to ha how do you build humesfort you want her humans to be strong you want your men and women to be strong in part of being strong is taking beatings but a fort we speaking of his beatings of life and growing as a result you know building toughs in because is never going to be to i world is what it is and to humans are strong human that could build its strong country and we just need a lot more than oh you must see et words to the indiceti strong resolve and being able to get the job done and no matter what it is you know i always an think that's one of the problems we have no work for is that people people come to work and they've got their preconceived notions and i've got myself on i'm only here to work to get me to the week end and such and if if father's a special project that comes up this is one thing i see a lot if i have if if we have a problem in the businesses that we all and you don't spell things out exactly for people they can have a dempster fire happening over here but it's not on the list so they won't break from that the problem at hand it because they're just there to put in their time and i can tell you right now that people who have who are in charge of a bosses or businesses oh we we see that immediately and we also see those people who are just like hate pickney in something done or you know what what needs to be done just let me know and i'll figure out a way to get it done those kind of people are amaze and they're usually the toughest ones and in the in the in the ochonochon months you know then in america were a mixed bag of averything so you compartmentalization you know they've been doing a sort of thing at the work place really we i believe we have to be and ready as multiple changes but then there's a decompensation that you do excindere person that you feels that this box and then you patiuamo like a production line and i think i know that's that's really harmed i think people that know analytical thinking their diverse as individuals mental are intelligence diversity ominatus really kind of all cause harm to that and is got good there better humans better better human beings and get out of this kind of mindset of putting people in box because once you're in a box it's i yoursens on a mental prison ah that a lot of people have a hard time getting out of eddicating people is such a kecharismene you know the tenthland of powers and all his other ons and to a other things right now that are really on your heart that you want to talk about you now in any topic we bring up you know with to bring a joanne the topics rides you do joanneting our climate you know i what happened with the many fires any topic you could bring up honestly goes to me it's like you're talking about the tentacles of an octopus and say look you know so the kind of injustice that's happening once you go to the head of the octopus you do get down in the same issue there's no checks them bounces there so bounce of power ah because if there was they wouldn't be a to get away with that thought for it if they if there was like somebody in mary that had there you know house and land the blur iliterate could then file the last shoot on their own person they called it prose but that's a bar tormodont like too are terms like proceedes really called presenting your case not even rerepresenting because re presenting as it diminishment of presenting and that so thing you got a kind of con is there bar words that diminish our right and did not know that so that's a good thing cause i always heteros so is the prisoner to a more won't you see prosatore bascote ling the judge that uses a cage verses he is a magistrate you want to judge good now i preciate have it my whole my whole thing right now as i keep getting my my lawsuit that that i file i just smithfor under no grounds whatsoever you know and that's happened to michigan supreme court they failed to rule on a kicked down the kicketan down the road a little that case here buncha got was cowards and so in like fighernola this way then i guess it's time to do some prosaists but we're just going to call up presenting what's the pope presenting presenting the case not pretending you know there's other words to like human regulateth man what is human how of man so is diminished when of men the real term is man and woman right ah but you know there is all these your person right you know these are therese's bar terms that really diminish or rights really you want to go in there there is was where you cold before the walking or right so at that point he walk in a cork with all your notices and place already having proven the law of the recens that if so the themenos oh let's you setting fire to your back yard and you send the person notices the hay you know you ah you eh said my nose my back or on fire and you know i got some video and i'm sure you didn't mean to do it but you know since you did it in this goods why you know you only exmoors this was the canoemen that i'm ah you do that person the she now they respondingly lie the committed pergrin paper and that he could hold him countable for that right so usually they all responded you say your notice and should another notice any set of third notice to certify it and then at that point of the person has not responded to your accusations that becomes then you going to the cord and you say judged by the way you're not a judge any more your magistrate because i were proving my case and here's my three notices that this person did not object to hanson therefore it has become a matter of law now and i just need you to enforce it i need you to enforce that this person owes me whatever ten thousand dollars for having burned my back yard do you mind writing a decision that states that his was even myanthus sends a very proven my case in a month looking for you to pay a play referee i'm not looking for you to use your judicial discretion and just come up with a decision because already been decided or i so either in these are things they don't teach bar agents because they want you to be in constant conflict they don't want you to simply resolve cases before you even entered the poor room they want to go on there and argue argue argued because that they won't build a ble hours i can build bohours essentially served their interests of making a lot of money that's been played that's so system that's when placed there for the financial benefit and nothing to do with our financial benefit and also their representing you as supposed to present in you which means that now you given power to them and by givenother your giving powers to bar each entendaient makes sense so that's not a trick is really using your legal powers without falling in horibile hours scan because their stings that could be resolved in the hours that take literally years to because that's what suits her financially now what's the program that you have on america happens that that goes through that is a nation state did you say there's a show holstentor university national universe by the way has been changed to legal folker with a f o its not the curse word but it's fosseeha the parents move with the flockers and stuffs so icosactena were too changing that title discose you know there's been some stigma about the idea of a national and that also being essentially a something by the government so we do want to use their words with one to use their bar words ah and that's where we change in the title of that should set the pasha does touch upon it others is a lot more content about that topic that is one where i think it's really important to one learn all the different facets because nationalism touches upon it but sodas a legal shows that essentially talkabout common law as of those two admiralty law which is their corporate found of besperson where they created essentially all these laws were i think there's the unaverage everything one of us is breaking eleven laws of day that are not really laws because contrite the constitution and the repugnant to the consent and really only serve you know like silly laws that are still the books where it's like ottomaco like having you know two gallon water or in your car is unlawful you there's all these silly you laws out there in the books that at any time the ah in that all basically your creation for the barter getting at a system going more into the common loss system reales where we need and that's not that's great well i'm a i think that the great way to stop it here unless there's more that you want to talk about going and go on but this is the very informative and i really really preciate that sovenholben out there go check out thence a tanwork and try is what they've put together here because there the educating their the educating every one on what's about her way to a pole how our government works how our legal system works which is a dopester fire now you know that that's something we can't even dispute right there and also you know i like thing that you know you do at church in the morning i think that's wonderful and and praying and putting scripture on that storme that's that's got to be your number one folks you have to focus on inst stay close to god because then you've got that we wouldn't we if we were all close to god we would not need a juice if our failings that make us require a judicial if we were walking away god wanted us to walk there would be no need for this you and lo now the wall quick quick little thing or law and upon a common look changed the constitution the good stuff is good for we the people not stands from the bible right that sense of the bible shipsome times reading the bible you're like wait a minute the sounds like you know legal charge in right there still a lot of that even though the bryants have tried to fasterthat and change that and come up with her own words and bobs much of it is in the bible so it's funny when you looked the bible after having common law classes and things like are legal fakery show the stagnation ersite easterns and then you read the bodily alike go that's where i should came from so that is that is the law it's most purest form it's about you know waken up with christ every morning which canestrelli good day but it's also about knowing where your legal rights come from that's what's in the bible and is most amazing thing we can at bible from that the judges judges lays and out not you know i listen to people say at all i don't get involved in governance yeserdo every single day you're driving on government roads you here your life is being driven by that at every the monetary i'm all all it's kind of tied in and we didn't even get into the into the insurance and distribute his week could weaken you and i am pretty sure could sit here and talk for ten hours and not hit the same someyou know the which had met we need you a marathon sonhabilite ally it is biblical that we get involved in our governments god gave us this the nation this world is something to enjoy but it needs maintenance in need some big maintenance because we've left the snake said and there there running the their younowhat is running asylum here so it is time to take it back with his side why don't we i like to close the prayer we do this every day so it three for the state and the nation and you know your followers o dear heavenly father thank you so very very much for bowmen for travis and everything they're doing on america happens not work and all of their listeners and the viewers out there we asked that your hand would rest upon them that you would give them your favour if they would open their eyes and their ears to you that they would be sensitive to the work your kingdom work the work of your kingdom that were supposed to be about as no matter when you come back we know you're going to come back some day intellego to be about your business not about money or about material world or anything but to live for you and i serve each other and to be stewards of what you gave us and we grateful thank you so much for that the beauty that you felt all around is not just in the in the earth itself but in each other and help us to recognize that the wonderful gifts that you've given each and every one of us and look at each other in awe and reset and encouraging each other every day to do the right thing because you died for each and every single one of us and we just have to turn to you tom to take that gift and say we accept your gift of accepting us salvation and that that we are you paid the price and that we are welcome we can go to you directly we want to hear your voice you've been a wonderful friend to us and as we want to be a frightened it to you too and we just want to let you know that we love you father we love you so very much in jesus christ precious nay we pray amon so they got give favor to what they do increase their voice and increase the number of people that come to their broadcasts or process and bring people along to help them to help restore this nation into this name of pre though the ponderation that this really yeah i some well while any time you want to come on you just let me know and you know i'll do what i whatever i can to help you and your endeavors going forward i'm so proud of you i mean it wouldn't what a nice thing to be able to onawata to some one of your jallobert only has ideas but actually worked to put it into place whose working tirelessly who has you know god in the godohana the constitution and all things good things that we love so every other when they say i feel alone i feel like nobody's fighting for us as what look at the sky incoherentes making a difference in every one of us can do that make a difference every single day here he got his part to some record dining men go to britomart for governor do come i am the best non conceder who has or not conceded in the history of the world and president tromp agrees croissoit ul president of the united states i i've got another one here too and guess wheels agrees pp agrees absolutely agrees on this so he there wehaloosing being in this world is the coolest thing honestly like you know once you went you realize that it's all about re people you respecting around people like you done a like you try this i yes sharmindi you know giant the people that we were with you have seen people spenser you know it's i godtheir it's the age names are endless and you look at the world has created the feeling that created an agate their so much more fulfilment in that being surrounded by these warriors being surrounded by these heroes and actually feeling your dogs for the world he me once me healthy keeps me happy and that is worth so much more than you know and some of these people you look at that are you now going to work of the devil i mean they literally look like sit lords and there is no siloista worsthorn the thing i don't think there's any coincidence that you serve the devil you are you're just you're going to look like you serve the devil versessome like keeper seven years old i hope pictured the te opeter she looks so healthy and so happy but she has been persecuted by the government seven something hard cases just because she backed up election machines which was her sworn throaty to do and yet the lady looks better than any other seven year old the wise so why does she look healthy and happy when the world is crashing down upon her because at the end of the day she knows that she is doing the right thing and that seronatus community people serving love so much more than you know really serving the double and looking like he and it's the key don't have a good example than be wont we can make that choice so this were always go they're going on to her hand otherwise her hands at the odd so yodles forebody out there god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america make it a great day it is a choice in shoes to be mentally though we can choose to stay close to god don't lie don't she don't steal don't do anything that any one else that you would not want them to do to you there's a golden rule and fill your heart with love there's so much to be happy without the s were out there fighting bad guys i mean there's joy and light bad guys and in doing the right thing and and i just just making the world about her place go plant something you know pathos or dogs you know kiss to kiss him on the nose or do something like that and look at your neighbor you know the one of the biggest things is learning to love those who don't treat you well and iodiniodine the line i mean don't let him abuse you but you can look at him and go ye you got a little bit of girlhoodin there you know you don't take it personally it's all in that it's not on you so there you go so you have a wonderful day to have any other last words the note of oushak us out of mercatans domandarsi is mercaptanshe on into my could find the sunrise at america happens number one and yet the sosostris so poor and we will continue work there you go and at forebody out there i might telegram my right and post every i write every word post everything less i repose something of course and that at brandenburg the number for am i and i've got a lot of stuff i been ostentate because i i possossores or source materials and such and i think we're going to find out that there's a lot of perhaps a toneswere tied into cheering them and the pharmaceuticals and such because it's one big happy criminal family out there that were to stand back on the d at guys you know and then walk away and feel good about the day that you carried out god's business of holding people countable and protecting those without a voice and defending those without somebody defend himself thank you so much i stand alone in a place for good the broadcasts and we can talk a little bit afterwards hasn't great day gusto and i will see you wanderbecause i'll be gone the rest of you might be supermodest off from the land outabout but i don't expect it to be a little de